CNN’s Fake News Rollercoaster Comes to a Spectacular Crash

Well, you didn’t exactly need a crystal ball to see this coming. CNN isn’t necessarily the only mainstream media property which has made fake, biased news their calling card since Donald Trump began leading in the Republican primaries, but they’ve undoubtedly been the worst. At least when you’re talking about their competitors over at MSNBC, you know what you’re getting. Rachel Maddow isn’t pretending to run a square game; she’s doing a show for raving liberals and it’s obvious. That’s different from what CNN is doing, which is to put on the façade of hard news while engaging in one of the silliest, fact-challenged political wars we’ve seen in a generation. Their ridiculous “feud” with Trump may have helped them in the short term, but, just as we knew would happen, it came with a steep cost: Credibility.

Now it’s time to pay the piper.

According to Vanity Fair, the cable news network is shedding up to 50 employees from their digital business efforts in the wake of falling ratings and sliding ad revenue. The bloodbath will begin in CNN Money and other online ventures, but if this round of cost-cutting doesn’t streamline the company enough, the employees of CNN proper may want to start looking for another job. This is one ratings rollercoaster that’s coming in for a crash; the results will not be pretty to look at. Though, we admit, we may not be able to stop ourselves from gawking.

“CNN missed its target by tens of millions of dollars, according to a person with knowledge of the numbers,” reported the magazine.

There’s no question that the outsized interest in everything Trump has allowed CNN, Fox, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and every other political news entity to soar on wings of public fascination. But everything comes to an end, and we’re quickly approaching the point where we’ll separate the wheat from the chaff. Who sold their soul to maximize their profits? Who used this period of opportunity to demonstrate to their larger-than-usual readers/viewers that they would call balls and strikes right down the middle? Who turned themselves into World Wrestling Entertainment clowns, slapped a news label on it, and embarrassed journalism while searching desperately for a buck?

Those who chose a moderate path will be rewarded. Those who put imbeciles like Jim Acosta in the White House will now have to reckon with the consequences.

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