Colorado’s New Gun Laws Failing to Curb Gun Violence


Colorado residents may be pleased with the economic boon provided for by the legalization of marijuana, but they may not be quite so happy with the effect of new gun legislation. Laws that went into effect last year spurned considerable controversy from the start, but it is only now that statistics offer hard proof that these tough gun-control measures have done little, if anything, to stem the violence.

Colorado Springs-based News 5 has done an investigation into Colorado’s new gun laws, finding that this legislation does almost nothing to affect criminals – the very people they are aimed at stopping – while penalizing those who were already operating within the confines of the law. Pulling crime statistics from around the state, News 5 realized that gun crimes actually went up following the implementation of the laws.

The laws included mandatory background checks for firearm transfers and the banishment of magazines holding more than 15 rounds. Unfortunately, most gun criminals don’t pop down to the local gun shop to pick up the firearm they intend to use in a bank robbery or a gangland shooting. They get their weapons on the streets, steal them, or find some other nefarious way to keep a paper trail from pointing back at them. This would seem to register as common sense to most people, but no one ever accused gun-control advocated of having much of that.

“The law enforcement I’ve talked to aren’t going to enforce this because it’s stupid,” gun shop owner Mel Bernstein told News 5.

Who could say it any more plainly than that?

Of course, this news from Colorado comes hot on the heels of a scathing report from the Washington Times demonstrating how gun crime prosecution has dwindled under the Obama administration. Can you believe this? The guy shouting from the loudest bullhorn that we need new laws, the guy crying at press conferences because Congress wouldn’t push through his ridiculous gun legislation…this is the guy that won’t even enforce the laws we already have!

According to the Times:

While President Obama decries gun violence and presses for more laws to restrict ownership, his Justice Department has prosecuted 25 percent fewer cases referred by the main law enforcement agency charged with reducing firearms violence across the country, a computer analysis of U.S. prosecution data shows.

Federal prosecutors brought a total of 5,082 gun violation cases in 2013 recommended by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, compared with 6,791 during the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency in 2008, according to data obtained from the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys.

The next time Obama decides to get up on his high horse and complain about the need for new legislation, I hope an enterprising reporter has the guts to call him out on his own hypocrisy.


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