Come On, NeverTrumpers: You Can Admit That You Were Wrong

No matter what the liberal media says, President Trump’s first year has been a hell of a ride. And while we don’t expect many on the left will come around to seeing Trump for the great leader that he turned out to be (since much of what he’s accomplished is diametrically opposite to their nation-killing agenda) we do wonder what some of the biggest NeverTrumpers of the 2016 election are thinking these days. Because if you’re a conservative of any kind, how could you not be doing cartwheels about Trump’s first year in office?

Remember, these people – your David Frums, your Bill Kristols, your George Wills, and your Evan McMullins (to name but a few) – didn’t just want someone else to win the Republican nomination. When they said they were on the “Never Trump” team, they damn well meant it. And they clung to that line even when it was down to Trump and Clinton. Literally, they wanted to see HILLARY CLINTON be President of the United States, so inflexible was their opposition to Trump. And yes, you can include McMullin in that category even though he mounted his own local run for president. He knew he was, at best, acting as a spoiler for Hillary.

We don’t know what these jackasses were thinking at the time, but we KNOW they can’t be so blind as to miss how much better off we are that they didn’t get their way. Sure, they may still be turned off by Trump’s mini-feuds with LaVar Ball and CNN, uncomfortable with some of his overtures to Putin, and irritated at the “disrespect” he’s shown to his fellow Republicans in Congress, but can they honestly say he didn’t deliver? Can they honestly say that it wasn’t worth it? Just think about all of the things that Trump accomplished – things that would have NEVER happened had Hillary won the election.

Things like: A conservative Supreme Court Justice confirmed to replace Antonin Scalia, the demise of the Obamacare individual mandate, a massive tax cut bill that will have enormous repercussions on the economy for years to come, the destruction of ISIS, a slate of conservative judges confirmed to district courts across the country, a move towards a sensible vetting process for U.S. visitors from dangerous terrorist havens, the end of our involvement in the Paris Agreement, and much, much more.

And we’re just getting started! This is only Trump’s first year!

Not only must this list of accomplishments make the NeverTrumpers feel absolutely foolish, it doesn’t even account for the many things we AVOIDED by keeping Clinton out of office. There’s literally no telling what kind of bizarre liberal agenda she would have shoved through Congress, especially if the Democrats had taken control of Capitol Hill on the tails of her victory.

We doubt we’ll ever see the majority of these NeverTrumpers admit they were wrong, but it’s solace enough to know that they were…and to know that THEY know they were. Because they do. These aren’t dumb people. They see what Trump has done and they know that Hillary would have been a disaster. And they know they backed the wrong horse in 2016.

Perhaps some of them will own up to their mistake. Eventually.


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