Company Yanks “Boys Will Be Boys” Shirt After Feminist Complains

A pajama top for sale by one of Australia’s most popular clothing companies has been pulled from the market after complaints that it perpetuated a sexist message. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the jumper, which reads “Boys Will Be Boys,” offended some parents who think it’s a slogan that should be left in the dark past of patriarchy.

The top irked Melbourne resident Bridie Harris when she saw it for sale in a shop in late June. She immediately took to Facebook to complain about the sexism she was forced to witness while innocently minding her own business.

“Boys won’t be boys,” she wrote. “Boys will be held accountable for their actions. I hate to see an Australian store, who makes such great pjs, put such a sexist statement on a t-shirt intended for young boys. Excusing boys of their behaviour is not a step in the right direction. It’s 2018.”

It wasn’t that long ago that the proper response for a women like Harris would be to refer her to a good surgeon who could remove the giant stick from her ass. Unfortunately, those times are apparently behind us. Now, Harris was joined by a chorus of uptight feminists who were shocked – SHOCKED, we tell you – that a company like Peter Alexander Clothing would ever put such a horrible phrase on the front of their pajamas. Do they even KNOW about the patriarchy? Do they even KNOW about male privilege? OMG, has anyone even told them about toxic masculinity? You cannot and WILL NOT celebrate the male gender in 2018, or you will answer to the shrieking chorus!

“I was shopping in Peter Alexander for a gift for a friend, and she saw it and we both just were a bit taken aback that that was something Peter Alexander would do,” Harris told the paper. “It was not something I expected to see from them. I got home and I kept thinking about it. I just think that it allows boys to do whatever they want because they are boys. It gives them an excuse for inappropriate behaviour. If a girl hurts someone or does something, you never hear someone that says girls will be girls.”

Exactly. Girls NEVER, EVER get away with bad behavior on account of their gender.

Naturally, instead of telling Harris and the other complainers to get a life, the clothing company immediately removed the pajamas from the market.

“We do not tolerate the behavior that is being associated with this slogan,” they said in a statement. “In the light of your feedback, we have decided to withdraw this item from sale.”

Like, there’s corporate cowardice and then there’s this. Do we really want our society to be run on the basis of what offends some bitchy feminist with nothing better to do then dwell on the evil messages of the patriarchy? We realize this happened in Australia, but it’s not like we haven’t seen similar examples over here. And we definitely have a country full of Bridie Harrises just waiting to be offended. Are we going to give in every time they complain on Facebook?

Should be great fun…

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