Congressman Links Black Injustice and Min Wage

According to America’s first Muslim congressman, raising the national minimum wage is the first step towards solving the problems that plague minorities. Appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison cited Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray in a weak attempt to link the Black Lives Matter movement with the minimum wage.

“This is gonna help the issue of racial justice,” he said. “Huge percentages of black and Latino people are making below the minimum wage and I believe this is fueling part of the problems we’ve been seeing in urban America with issues between bad interactions between police and community.”

There’s no doubt that there is an economic element when it comes to black crime rates, but it’s tough to understand how a higher minimum wage would have changed anything in the examples Ellison mentioned. Of course, when the facts don’t match up with the scenario, liberals suddenly claim that the specifics don’t matter. It’s only when those scenarios play into their dystopian vision of America that they are worth talking about.

“If you raise people’s pay, give them a livable wage, they are not gonna have all these negative reactions,” Ellison insisted.

This is like the State Department blaming Arab unemployment for the rise of ISIS. Or calling climate change a women’s issue, as one California Democrat has been doing for years. Given enough time, they can link any political issue to any situation in the news. None of it makes any sense, but they throw facts and figures at the wall until most Americans just shrug and say, “Ok, if you say so…”

In truth, raising the national minimum wage to $15 an hour will likely shut many low-income workers completely out of the job market. Wages are paid based on the value an individual brings to the company. If a business owner can’t afford to hire workers at the mandated wage, they will have to make one of three choices: One, they can close up shop. Two, they can raise prices until it’s affordable. Or three, they can replace those workers with technology, an option growing more likely with every passing day. Assuming that a reasonable number of companies will be forced to choose either the first or third options, we would see unemployment on a massive scale.

Of course, Democrats don’t care about solving the economic problems plaguing minority communities. Their party would shrivel up and die if they actually brought minorities out of poverty. Their continued existence depends on keeping their own supporters down. Until Democrat voters figure that out, they will keep compounding the very problems destroying America’s minority neighborhoods.

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