16 States File Support for Obamacare Lawsuit


Three Christian universities are embroiled in a lawsuit against the federal government, trying to gain exemptions from Obamacare mandates on contraceptives. Houston Baptist University, East Texas Baptist University, and Westminster Theological Seminary want the Supreme Court to exempt them from the HHS mandate forcing them to provide insurance coverage for contraceptive options that violate their faith. Now these schools have major support in the form of 16 state governments.

Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Arizona are among the states that have filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of the three universities.

“This strong show of support for HBU and ETBU (and Westminster Theological Seminary) demonstrates just how important it is that the Supreme Court address the impact of the HHS mandate, particularly on religious groups,” said plaintiff’s lawyers. “It is especially significant that the 16 state governments are supporting HBU and ETBU at the Supreme Court.”

The case addresses a decision by the 5th Circuit Court that ruled the schools must abide by the mandate. The schools hope that the Supreme Court will take up the case in the next session, providing them with the same exemptions afforded to a number of private businesses. If they do not receive the exemptions, say their lawyers, they would be subject to millions in IRS fines.

At issue are two intrauterine devices and two birth control products that prevent pregnancy after the fact. Opponents to these contraceptives claim they induce a reaction indistinguishable from abortion, putting them at odds with their religious beliefs. Businesses, churches, and schools led by people of faith insist there is no way to provide insurance coverage for these products without violating these beliefs.

HHS, which is the organization responsible for enforcing the insurance mandate, argues that these products should be covered because they have been federally approved. This is a nonsensical reason, but that’s what they have. They also argue, of course, that women should have access to all forms of birth control on the market. Which is also nonsensical, because women are perfectly capable of buying insurance independent of their employer.

Hopefully, more states will file support for these universities. One of the hidden downsides of Obamacare turned out to be its heavy-handed infringement on religious freedom. The Supreme Court has already given limited protection to certain businesses, but it is time to make sure every business owner, school, and church enjoys the same protection. And until Obama can find The Right to Abortion Coverage in the Constitution, the judicial way forward is clear.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    What would anyone expect from a Gestapo court. They’re ALL mooselums now and sworn to destroy America AND religion, just like the UNDOCUMENTED HTNIC that hates us so openly! STAND UP AMERICA!

  2. Croco Dile says

    “….The schools hope that the Supreme Court will take up the case in the next session….”

    People act like the issue of whether something is “unconstitutional or not” is something that “egg heads” discuss on Sunday talk shows. People think like this because that is how the government WANTS you to think about the issue. They made you think like that in their government indoctrination centers and through the mass media. They don’t want people thinking AT ALL.

    The final piece of this laughable and shameful puzzle is the idea that once the Court rules, the only way that the people can reverse it is to get new people on the court and have them over turn it.

    1. Reta Mae Cherry says


      1. Croco Dile says

        Hello what ?
        What is it that you want to tell with this foto and the propagnada lie written on it ?

        1. Reta Mae Cherry says

          Yes, democrats bite, but not at the truth.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Cherry, what is going on in your head ?
            Both of your posts are propaganda and nonsense !
            Are you one of those ?

          2. Blackjack6 says

            Just wondering, Croco…. are you one of those who deny the holocaust of Hitler? What does it take to convince you? The finding of another “Diary of Anne Frank” and the soldier who looked at it and tossed it back on the floor? I met a survivor of the camps. He wore cufflinks with the date of his liberation, the day he was born again, and the tattoo on his arm as reminders that this can never happen again. I had other friends who were some of the first people into the camps and witnessed first hand the condition of those being “retrained”. It wasn’t just Jews who died in those camps, and Hitler was a piker compared to Moa, Pol Pot and Stalin. When we encounter the kind of oppression that is going on in this country, or in others, it is time to stand and fight. The small minority of nay sayers such as yourself are quick to point out injustice when it meets your agenda but claim persecution when it does not. My last post to you, and I hope others will deny you the forum to show your hypocrisy.

          3. Croco Dile says

            I have no idea how you have come to all those conclusions !
            Yes, we were all fed those horror stories…….. The reality whas somewhat different.

            It is easier to believe, than to reason, and people prefer the marvels of romances to the simplicity of history. – Charles Francois Dupuis, 1742-1809, a french professor

          4. crystlfire62 says

            WITH stupidity like this liberal, Hitler will be reborn again and again and again. Liberals are born with no common sense. They believe every lie told them cause they sound so much better than the truth. THAT is why obama keeps laughing and loving his job. We have so many ignorant idiot liberals in this country and it is getting worse by the minute!

          5. Croco Dile says

            Not just liberals. So many idiots of all colors and shapes in this country…..
            No wonder America is in this state…..

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Agreed, Obama was elected twice by you stupes.

          7. Croco Dile says

            I never vote for anybody.
            And definitely not for obvious liars like Obamao.

          8. usmc354 says

            There is no way I believe you are that naïve and ignorant naturally. You had to practice to get that FKD UP!!

          9. Croco Dile says

            I’m practicing just for you, 00234.

          10. usmc354 says

            Therefore, you admit you do practice to be that FKD UP!!

          11. usmc354 says

            UPDATE!! To all that read this post, Croco had posted, in response to my earlier post, he” was practicing for me” admitting he DOES PRACTICE!! However, as all cowards, he deleted…similar to HRC.

          12. OSAMA OBAMA says

            We were told the denying would start soon. Of cousre it is the pig vermin leftists doing the denying!!

          13. Jonathan Brooks says

            Blackjack, Crocostuff is just a troll, getting giggles by saying things aginast the flow in comment sections. He will waste your time, but does not care what you write, but gets laughs from triiggering rage.. I have dealt with this whatever in several news stories, and it is the same oppositional garbage.

          14. Reta Mae Cherry says

            O shtup and eat ur crabs.

        2. phyllisjmurphy says

          German citizens did operate in complacency not thinking Hitler was a threat! Tough lesson!

          1. Croco Dile says

            I know your knowledge of those events is very limited…. But I wanted to know why she pup up this propaganda photo with the propaganda lie on it.
            I’m still waiting…..

          2. phyllisjmurphy says

            A few alert German Citizens saw the handwriting on the wall and escaped but left behind much of their wealth!

    2. crystlfire62 says

      The stupidity of the liberal has just grown two fold. When the democrat Gruber who obama hired made fun of their stupidity and how easily they are manipulated, liberals laughed at themselves and said “oh well”. So what if we are sheep and destroying our future. It is our choice right. Liberal idiotic beasts are unbelievable! Many STILL kiss obama’s feet when obama has shown over and over and over again that he is for everyone BUT the people of this country. Look around you liberals. Our unemployment in REAL terms is 25% NOT the liar obama’s numbers.

      1. Steve Huntsman says

        I just shows how well Gruber had the dimocraps and libs figured out and they still don’t know there the stupid ones he was talking of.

  3. MAHB001 says

    I don’t know about you, but I have lost hope in the Supreme Court.

    They have proven to me that words no longer matter, and we are not being ruled by laws anymore. Just an Ideology.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      And corrupt idiots !!!!

    2. Tony says

      As one of the signers of the declaration of independence stated, as he set his signature to the document, we are sick and tired of ignorant and corrupt judges being sent from the mother country to try our cases. Guess what. They are no longer are being sent from the mother country Or are they?

      1. MAHB001 says

        The enemy is within us now… Liberal Progressives (Socialists) have taken over our Schools, Both Political parties, Unions, Many Big Businesses, THE MEDIA, Churches, and the Supreme Court.

        These scoundrels have abandoned the truth, and morals, to follow a socialists ideology.

        They are following the 45 agenda items called out in the book “The Naked Communist” that were designed to weaken Americas institutions. Simply put, they are slowly injecting socialism into our society to break down capitalism.

        Once Socialism takes over, it will fall to Communism. And we will no longer be living under the Constitution or with the liberties and freedoms that the Constitution provides the common folk.

        Do not give up your guns. Once that happens, it is slavery/socialism for us all.

        1. Margaret Khan says

          Not only that but they are pushing vaccines that weaken and kill our children. This sounds way out there but it is a reality. We even have to protect our children from those abominable criminals. It is not enough to dumb down the schools they are poisoning our children with vaccines. Autism is now one in 50. Among the unvaccinated it is one in 25,000. This is a deliberate attack on our population. We need to wake up and see that we have a real enemy

          1. MAHB001 says

            Home school your children and grand children. Especially the ones you really like.. 😉

            If 10% of us took our children out of the schools and kept them at home the Government system would collapse.

            Common Core must be stopped…

          2. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Here is who hates Trump:

            The Washington elite and establishment shills

            The liberal media

            The socialists

            The communists

            The entitlement mentality crowd

            The racist Black Lives Matters – type groups




            The Chinese

            The Russians

            The anti-Israel nations and groups

            Those who hate Christians

            Those who hate America

            Those who hate the Constitution

            Those who want America’s borders open to the world

        2. Mark Lahti says

          With you as always my friend. I will follow the lead of one of the great original patriots when he said: “Give me liberty or give me death!” We will go down fighting together or win this all back again together. Either way I have your back my friend.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I thank God for friends like you, my friend. God Bless you…

      2. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

        Obama the liberal

  4. peter says

    The supreme court does not support the people’s overall rights. they are as political as Obama is

    1. Obie Miller says

      It appears to me that “mandating insurance to provide contraception” itself, violates the constitution. The supreme court is supposed to evaluate laws as in relation to our constitution, and not to adjust the meaning of our constitution to our popular way of living.

    2. pmbalele says

      Why can’t you go and cry your eyes-out at the Supreme Court building? I know you were raised to despise Blacks as ‘jungle’ people. You compare Blacks here to those in Africa. Blacks here have acquired the same training and education as yours. I got a job not through Affirmative Action program. I ranked highest among 200 Whites. When I showed up for interview, the hiring officer thought I was chauffer who had driven the candidate to the interview. He did not hire me. I sued in local federal court. The federal district judge asked how I beat 200 white candidates. I have reported her to US Judiciary Committee. She is old anyway. Her name is Judge Barbara Crabb. Please call her and tell that I told you this story.

      1. Pamela says

        the disdain for Obama has nothing to do with being black, but by being a hater of the Lord Jesus Christ and the American people which includes you. What has he done for you, to make your life better since he has been in office. Notta, nothing. If you can only see color because of all that ails you, then you are part of the problem and not the solution. My husband is black and I am white and he cannot stand Obama for how he has run this country into the ground. My husband is a God fearing Christian who had wonderful parents that taught him to love everyone, just as my parents taught me because God is no respecter of persons and so none of this that is going on has nothing to do with color, although Obama has stirred the pot that way.

        1. pmbalele says

          How many times should I write about Obama achievements. The problem with is that you were raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to you as a White person. Here again are his accomplishments; Do you know President Obama thinks about other people’s problems and tries to solve them? But Obama has those morons in both houses who want to continue hurting Americans. Look at what Obama has accomplished despite the opposition. Where is Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons? All are now decommissioned. The unemployment is 5.3 % in my county and businesses cannot find people to work. Gas price is now 1.98 in my county. Stupid TPs and Repubs want entitlements to go beaches, drink and enjoy heroine which kills them instead of working. These are same people who call Blacks as drug-pushers when Whites are dying in the rich suburbs. Where are the police in the suburbs to catch White drug dealers there? Police are chickens to catch white drug dealers. Police go to Black neighborhoods to make their quotas. People are enjoying life again because they can find jobs now. I am enjoying life again. You remember in 2008 –this country was like Greece. Rich Repubs and TPs had shipped their money abroad leaving banks and the country penniless. Thank Americans of European, African, Latino, Asian and Native descents for electing and re-elected Obama. Life is back again as it was during Jack Kennedy. Compete in the economy; but still love one another regardless of race. And you –stop whining and go to work. If you do not have work- come to Madison Wisconsin and you will get a job the next day. This despite we have an illiterate Governor Walker who is giving Billions to his contributors.

          1. Phyllis says

            Sorry little kid, I was a young married women when Kennedy was in office and there is no comparison to the Obama mess…As for Obama thinking about other people’s problems and trying to solve them??..That is not what he was elected to do on a person to person level…I was born before WW11 and this is absolutely the worst this country has ever been in…as for jobs going out of the country, I believe NAFTA was signed by Clinton…

          2. Mark Lahti says

            I have seen this troll all over the internet. I was sure she was a CA fruitcake. When I just read that she is from Madison WI that explained a lot. She calls others illiterate and yet she can not compose a correct sentence herself. She impresses me as a WI school teacher. Especially in her criticism of Gov Walker. As with all other liberal trolls she does not have a clue about the real facts about her hero. It amazes me to no end how pathetically blind or ignorant or just plain wrong about all of their insidious comments or so called facts. My practice has been to direct my comments to those who try to reason with her. We here in WI refer to Madison as 60 square miles surrounded by sanity.

          3. pmbalele says

            Wait a minute Gran. The shipping of jobs started with Reagan and then the Bushes. You remember your friend Mitt Romney had shipped billions to Swiss banks and you voted for Mitt. Obama has brought back 90% of jobs. That is why in my county employers are bidding for workers. Thank God we have illegals who are filling jobs. The locals are at the beach sun-bathing. I have a neighbor who has been posting jobs for 2 weeks now without success. And please stop thinking you’re smarter than Blacks. You’re too late for that now.

          4. Phyllis says

            Sorry little kid, I didn’t vote for Romney…You are really batting zero…As for that 90 percent job increase, even Obama doesn’t claim that…He wouldn’t have to be impeached, the country would laugh him out of office..

          5. pmbalele says

            You don’t have a job-come to Wisconsin. Employers are bidding for employees. That is why we need illegals here. Those born here are mostly Repubs and TPs who want government handouts to smoke cocaine. They voted for Walker to give them free money. We need illegals in Wisconsin.

          6. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Obama my Liberal

          7. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          8. noelspaid says

            Kool-Aid; unemployment# deliberately leave OUT those that have stopped looking, true figure is upward of 13%, ISIS was 10,000 strong and now over 150,000 – because Obama WON’T fight them- they are muslims, black hatred/racism is up because Obama and his gang CAUSED Fergusen and Baltimore riots and people are sick of being told they are racist for not enjoying a good riot and copy killing. Obama is worst president in history – done nothing for his own race other than make them the source of ridicule for trying to make heroes out of thugs, Travyon., Brown etc.

          9. pmbalele says

            You’re beautiful but a liar, racist and bigot. If 13% is unemployment, where are these people getting money to pay rent, mortgage, travel, expenses at the beach? Republicans refused to extend UI benefits; ISIS is George Bush baby when he killed Sadam. We are not going to send our soldiers there again. Last time we gave Iraq democracy, the leaders married 5 virgins each. So the other small people became jealousy; that it why we ISIS. Sadam had wiped out all ISIS. Further please tell me what your exit strategy is after we send our troupes there and kill ISIS. Are you going to keep our army in Iraq for good? You’re accusing Obama as Muslim – But George Bush let Bin Laden loose – for oil. Obama went and decommission him. You’re also a racist. You still think you’re intellectually superior to Blacks because of your race. You’re too late for that. What did you want Obama to give people of his race, whatever it is? Obama is both African and White. Did you want Obama to hire only Blacks and not Whites? He is not a racist like you. Both Obama and his wife have both White and Black genes in them. I know most people of your kind still want the 50s back to dominate Blacks – it’s now too late. Blacks have caught up with you.

          10. Bob Ware says

            You just credit George Bush with ISIS then you said Saddam wiped out ISIS. ISIS formed under and with assistance of obama & hillary when she was SoS. Does Benghazi gun running ring a bell? obama is muslim. he has stated this many times. The Kenyan ‘became Christian’ to increase his chances of getting elected. his policies fund and support muslims. Middle East Christians being murdered daily by ISIS (the IS) are denied entry except for a few tokens to the U.S. for religious freedom/sanctuary under obama. Muslim terrorists are here in all 50 States because of obama. The FBI has active investigations in all 50 States on ISIS cells per their last PR statement a couple of days ago. Obama is either an enemy agent or a traitor. This is citizenship defined in this case.

          11. pmbalele says

            The problem is you’re brains are frozen to hate Blacks. You are under hypnosis; you need to be woken up. I told you if Bush II had not gone therefore WMD which did not exist, we would not have ISIS today. Now you want to take our soldiers there some of who will die. Tell me what your exit plan is. Obama’s father is Kenyan – does that bother you? Why are not talking about Cruz who was born in Canada to a Cuban father. You’re a racist. Please go and see your doctor to wake you up.

          12. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says


          13. Bob Ware says

            True and she won’t see it.

          14. Margaret Khan says

            Whether Obama is black or white doesn’t mean anything beyond a trick to get his policies passed. And those policies, destructive to the people, are not his but belong to the collectivists, the gradualists who want to enslave all of us using our own laws and government to pull the wool over our eyes. Their mascot is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is Obama to a T. The scary part is wondering what their real objective is. What do they intend to do with their absolute power after they have destroyed America?

          15. pmbalele says

            You think so because you were raised a racist and bigot. You were not born to hate Blacks. You acquired such hate listening to your parents, uncles and friends. You seem to wonder why Black people are living in the WH when they told you the WH was for Whites. Somebody lied to you that you’re intellectually superior to Blacks. Stop that and live like regular Americans.

          16. Phyllis says

            None of the things you are ranting about was mentioned in Ms Khan’s paragraph…Get some help from a shrink…take copies of the comments on these pages with you and your own responses to them and then come back and tell us what your shrink told…I am talking psychiatrist, not a psychologist or a school counselor…You need the real thing..

          17. Phyllis says

            Where did you learn your racism and bigotry where whites are concerned?..parents? uncles? friends?

          18. Margaret Khan says

            Somebody wrote this for you as a handout for trolling. They pay you to respond and give you a script for what to say. You don’t have to think it up for yourself. Script doesn’t fit but that doesn’t matter because you have done your duty you have responded to a critical remark and your masters will pay whatever is the prescribed rate. Never stop and think that you might be selling your soul.

          19. pmbalele says

            Let’s pray Trump wins the GOP nominee. Actually I have met a lot of white women who said when called for survey, they are mentioning Trump just to increase his polls. They want Trump win the GOP nomination and frustrate the rest of those bigots and racist on GOP line-up.

          20. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Yo Crooked Hillary can play the racist card like you!

          21. pmbalele says

            We won – Trump is GOP nominee. We won GOP lost the WH again. What a day to see Hillary get the torch from President Obama! I cannot wait!

          22. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            You will get Crushed like the Liberal racist low energy you will. Crooked Hillary will never be President!!!

          23. pmbalele says

            Pease start crying now. That way you do not have to after November elections.

          24. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Only way Crooked Hillary can win is like Obama did see below sista.

          25. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            I suggest you sit down and watch President Trump take over you racist low energy liberal. I fee l sorry for your ignorant low energy racist mind! everything is racist to you I suggest you seek some white, Hispanic, Asian friends loser!

          26. pmbalele says

            I am racist? You’re the one raising the racist card. I am just asking you to vote for Hillary. Nobody is perfect in this World. But Hillary did not dump her husband for whatever happened. There are very few women in my county here in Wis that will stick to their husband after such whatever happened. That is why women of all colors are voting for Hillary.

          27. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Women of all colors are voting Trump!!!!! You sound like a liberal racist low energy puke with all your hurtful comments on these boards I have data on you . Anyone who disagree’s with you low energy posts are racist to you! So you must be a racist!

          28. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Crooked Hillary

          29. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Crooked & Lying Hillary!!!

          30. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Here is who hates Trump:

            The Washington elite and establishment shills

            The liberal media

            The socialists

            The communists

            The entitlement mentality crowd

            The racist Black Lives Matters – type groups




            The Chinese

            The Russians

            The anti-Israel nations and groups

            Those who hate Christians

            Those who hate America

            Those who hate the Constitution

            Those who want America’s borders open to the world

          31. pmbalele says

            I am none of the above. I am Catholic and believe people should compete and live like human beings. Did you read what I wrote about a lawyer and federal judge. I was served a summons and complaint for harassing the department of correction. Do you what I did? I took a managerial state exam and passed it. So the Dept lawyer file temp injunction to stop me from taking those exams. I went to the hearing. This white woman lawyer almost crying: “He is Black; he cannot pass these exams.” The judge let her talk for some time. Eventually the judge had it up to here. He stopped her. I have sued the Department and her in federal court. The judge there a White federal judge also wondered how I passed those exams. I have sued her in US Judicially for such an observation. I will update you what happens in federal court. Now you see who taught me that part of life – racism? I was not born that way and I intend not to be a racist. It’s not worth it. I have friends of all colors.

          32. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            My Obama is Gone 7 more months!!!

            PRESIDENT TRUMP 2017!!!!!

            Get used to it it’s going to happen u can’t do a damn thing Lol!!!!

          33. pmbalele says

            Did you really say “PRESIDENT TRUMP 2017” I believe you don’t know Repubs and TPs are campaigning against Trump. The main reason is that Trump is now singing Al Gore song-Ozone problem. Trump duped you- not me.

          34. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Sit down and watch in November President Trump is here! We takin America back, restore America whether you like it or not! MAKE AMERICA GREAT VOTE TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          35. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Trump will win I know it hurts your liberal racist hateful low energy feelings buts it’s inevitable that Trump will WIN and be our Next President!

          36. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Obama worst President Eva!!!!

          37. pmbalele says

            Obama worst President! That is coming from your house and your neighbors. We know you have been hurting so much in the last 7 years that many of you had at one time rushed to ER. Obama was rated the most loved and competent President after Jack. Now we are waiting for Hillary to show her cards.

          38. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Obama was rated #1 divisive, arrogant, jive talkin Presidents of all time! You had your time its over and he made America weak, divided people, lies, incompetency and arrogance is what he be! Real America has spoken get used to it President Donald Trump is here and you can’t do a thing …let Crooked Hillary rot in jail where she belongs lol

          39. pmbalele says

            What a joke. we know when Obama appointed African-Americans in jobs you labeled him as dividing American. But when he appoints White people; he is good boy. Screw you. Obama is the ideal person to be President of USA. His mother is White and his Father is Black. Perfect.

        2. champion2211 says

          I have a lot of friends that are black. When we are all together race never enters my mind as we all are friends. when we get someone else in our group that starts to bring race and racism into our group it depends upon what color they are, who straightens them out. There have been whites and blacks and hispanics all in our group and we click together to get things done. All helps one and one helps all. We are a tight nit group and has respect for each other. Is that the way you would like it?? I do. I am sure they do also but I don’t answer for them and they not for me. I don’t care what someone’s skin color is so we all can get along with the other. Try it, maybe it will work for you to meet a community goal so you both can make friends.

          1. Pamela says

            I have said this before, but guess I will repeat myself, haha. My husband is black and I am white. We have been together for 25 years. I often forget that he is black because to me he is just a God fearing loving man and that is what I see. I have mixed grandchildren that I love to the death and the church building that I attend is owned by my son in law and middle daughter as they are Pastors there. It is called the House of Freedom. There is a mixture of black, white and Hispanic that attend my church home and they are a wonderful family. God Bless

        3. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

          Ignore the Liberal racist puke shes a moron!

      2. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

        You Low energy Liberal Democrackhead racist loser. How dare you attack people ,,,you are worse then this jive talkin fraud President! We will Sue you for Ignorance and deport you!

    3. jreg9304 says

      the illegal pres’ is their God.. they would follow him too hell if he went there..it would be nice if someone shoved a stick of tnt up his shaft and lit the fuse…

    4. TAM44 says

      You hit the nail square on the head, they are a pitiful lot. Some of them that were appointed were dead from the neck up already, can you say john roberts.

    5. bobangelo says

      That’s what happens when the Lib-tards take over the SCOTUS. Just wait till all the members are Lib-tards.

    6. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

      ere is who hates Trump:

      The Washington elite and establishment shills

      The liberal media

      The socialists

      The communists

      The entitlement mentality crowd

      The racist Black Lives Matters – type groups




      The Chinese

      The Russians

      The anti-Israel nations and groups

      Those who hate Christians

      Those who hate America

      Those who hate the Constitution

      Those who want America’s borders open to the world

  5. BuddyBoy53 says

    The Supreme Court has lost all credibility…

    1. Jarhead says

      Basing decisions on perjury indicates corruption or insanity…….fire those guilty! Set Term Limits, demand drug testing.

      1. phyllisjmurphy says

        Amen! Term Limits should have been instituted at all levels of government 50 years ago given the disposition of absolute corruption and illogical thinking of the ignorant self serving politicians..Time to pass a lot taking the vote on such important matters as this stupid supreme Court decision, catering to less than 2% of the total population of America..How insipid and one would have to assume gays lurking on the Supreme court showing their biases! Drug testing is an absolutely at every level of government and employment in America. A former career for years in crime and drugs assured me years ago that everyone should have periodic drug drops throughout the year…I think citizens would be horrified at the positives at all levels of humans in America!

        1. Margaret Khan says

          I don’t think term limits are the answer because we lose good people. It is such a shame to see a real fighter in the State Legislature have to leave and go back to private practice when the criminal bankers can bribe the new people so easily. But Judges are another thing. The criminality is so deep, they should all be fired. The good ones are probably all gone already. Justice John Roll was about to investigate Fast and Furious when they killed him.

      2. Bob Ware says

        The Convention of States is drafting rules for the Article V Constitutional Convention and Term Limits is one of the permissible items for amendment. Check their site to see where your State is on this. You can get State involved also.

        1. Margaret Khan says

          They had one in 2009 and nobody even heard of it. All it did was to draw attention from hyper defensive government to young activists, like Schaeffer Cox, & got him thrown into prison for 26 years for being suspicious of government. He didn’t commit any crime so they made some up and kangaroo court convicted him illegally. Doesn’t matter because they control the courts and the media. They can and do get away with any crime because our government is owned by the criminals and they have an agenda

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I am totally unaware of such an action. Are you sure you have your facts straight? If so, would you please provide some sort of direction for seeing what actually took place? A COS is a very serious and very large undertaking. I’m pretty sure I would have heard something about it.

          2. Margaret Khan says

            Continental Congress discussed here and plight of Schaeffer Cox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFf4bZfsVOM

          3. Margaret Khan says

            Any effort that comes from our actual government to amend the Constitution will be a fake, designed to deny more of our natural rights.

          4. Bob Ware says
          5. Bob Ware says

            Also: Michael Farris, co-founder of the Convention of States Project, is going to appear on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Monday, August 17th, at 7:45am EDT.

          6. Mark Lahti says

            Thanks a lot but my question was to Margaret Khan who said that there was one in 2009. I am fully aware of the movement to have one that is ongoing right now.

          7. Bob Ware says

            You’re welcome. I just didn’t know how current you were. Maybe others will take a look.

          8. Bob Ware says

            This time the word is out and things are different. We cant cower to the Feds. Especially this criminal gang of Feds. State Gov’t’s are involved too. This is being run at their level by people who know what they are doing. 38 States have a serious interest in making this happen. 37 are the minimum required. 4 or 5 States have completed the process. There has been the 1st meeting already to draw up the Article V conditions to reign in the Fed. Gov’t.

    2. champion2211 says

      All they do is what Obama wants or tells them to do. It was a wonder that there was 4 out of 9 that didn’t go along with him this last round. That only shows who we need to get rid of. They think they have this cushy job with tons of money every month but not for long. We will get Trump to throw them out. Put term limits on all, I repeat ALL politicians. The name will change also. It will be known as The End of it All. Because the Supreme Court isn’t a court at all but just a bunch of people making a judgment. Or maybe the End Judgment! or Final Judgement!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Two of the justices should have recuesed themselves from this hearing. That along would have turned the decision around 180 degrees. This SC is a sham. They are not following the dictates of their jobs but rather more interested in making new law. That tells me that their egos have gotten them far abroad of what their job description entails. Pretty much like the HNIC in the WH. With having been said that just leaves the congress. They can’t do their job much better. We are all in serious trouble now. Our government has ceased to operate as it was intended. What do we have left as a recourse? It is in the constitution. We not only have a duty but a responsibility to take up all necessary steps to take our government back and put it back the way it was intended. We all as freedom and liberty loving American Patriots have that responsibility. Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you prepared to take the steps necessary to get this job done?

  6. MILES E DRAKE says

    It has become increasingly clear, particularly since the homosexual marriage decision, that a major goal of every Marxist initiative is to marginalize and weaken the “opiate of the masses”. This is of course what the old boy wanted all along, and why the first thing communists have done from the Paris Commune to the Kims of North Korea is to shut down the churches, imprison the believers and execute the clergy. Every piece of Obammunist legislation contains at least one mandate that would bankrupt religious institutions or is impossible for them to comply with and in turn triggers repressive legal consequences. The goal is obviously the replacement of religion and particularly Christianity with an official cult of secular humanism. Since this country is rapidly descending to the depths of the Roman Empire at the time of Suetonius, it makes sense that, as in those good old days, once you get the Democratic nomination you are officially divine, which is their plan.

    1. phyllisjmurphy says

      Hitler hated homos and methodically murdered as many as he could in addition to the Gypsies and mentally ill Germans!

  7. Edward B. Levy says

    tHEY BEND TO THE WAY OF oBUMA as an example, they ruled in his favor on Obumacare. If they were not political we the people would see overall majorities, instead of liberal/conservative votes. Appointment to the courts by any given President to their politics

  8. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says

    The so called supreme court or to be more exact obama’s supreme court needs to be replaced.

  9. syntex1@comcast.net says

    Hurry up and get all fifty of them

  10. We the Sheeple says

    Obamacare? The nerve of this man playing god with this sad nation of born losers…

    Hell, even this term alone i find most offensive too we the sheeple….

  11. MAHB001 says

    The supreme court has lost its supremacy.

    Impose term limits on the corrupt Btards.

  12. James Maxwell says

    O’muzzie care is an invasion of State into Church and that if forbidden by our Constitution. The U.S
    Constitution clearly states separation of State from Church which prevents a State religion. It does
    not mean that we cannot have to two working towards a common goal. In this case though the State
    is trying to force its views upon the Religion and that is not acceptable under any standards.
    We have a Tyrant who is trying to force his anti Christian beliefs upon the citizens of the United States
    against the will of the majority for a few.

  13. fred says

    Shouldn’t the number of States be 50? If there is any sanity in our country ALL states should kick this Socialist “death squad law” to the curb! The scotus is a socialist entity, that does nothing to follow the Constitution as they all swore to do! Remove and replace the criminals on the scotus and start healing the damage the illegal criminal born in kenya has done to us!

    1. Rick Rogers says

      I love it.. The court is packed with Dishonest Conservatives and you all complain about them. Maybe you could start eating your young now.,

      1. Rattlerjake says

        The term for a dishonest conservative is DEMOCRAP or LIBTURD!

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Strange.. If my memory serves me 3 of the Members of the GOP Field for president are under investigation for corruption and one is going to have to stand trail for abuse of power. Sounds like the term for Dishonest Conservative is REPUBLICAN.

          1. Rattlerjake says

            You’re really are a troll! Just because they are a GOP candidate doesn’t make them conservative. Just because they are in the GOP doesn’t make them conservative. Considering that ALL demoncraps/libturds are corrupt/liars, it’s guaranteed that a few got elected as Republicans, like Boehner, McCan’t, Graham, etc., that’s why we call them RINOs. It’s also obvious that you fit that same bill, with the lies you’re telling in your comments.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            You like the majority of the Tea Baggers are a joke. I going to start making a list of all your screen names so I can laugh at you all on Nov 9th 2016. Don’t you find it just a little bit strange that when you add up the TOTAL number of votes for Republicans Vs Democrats for all offices Republicans always come up Short. If it was not for dishonest Gerrymandering you would not control Either house of congress. The bulk of you had better hope the Democrats don’t start using the same Nasty tone you and the Tea baggers have used the last 8 years. Because if we do there will be a Run on Tar and Feathers with your name on it.

          3. Rattlerjake says

            It’s interesting that you mention Gerrymandering, considering that the only politicians that have been in the limelight for dishonest gerrymandering are demonturds, and it is that gerrymandering that is the only reason that many demoncraps are elected! It’s also interesting that you claim you have more votes, yet it is ONLY demoldturds that have been prosecuted for voter fraud in the last two elections. The only way that you win is through the lying and cheating that you are noted for!

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Tell me Rattlejake what your smoking.. Cause it should be sold in Colorado.. Florida has been taken to court 3 times in the last 3 years for how they drew the districts and evidence from emails showed it was Gerrymandering plain and simple. The state of texas (yes used small t for the small minds there) has been taken to Federal Court for redistricting. In Arizona the Republicans Fought they independent Commissions that were assigned the redistricting and the Supreme Court threw them out. In North Carolina there is a lawsuit waiting for its day in court because of how the districts were Draw. All those states have something in common. A Republican legislature and a Republican governor. The worst Voter Fraud has been by Republicans Sending out false information that looked like it was offical information on where and when to VOTE. The koch Brothers and Thom Tillis did it before the 2012 election and targeted it in Miniority Areas. And thats not the only state they did it in.. Now The picture below is my congressional District. Its the NC 12th.. In someplace it is only as wide as a Highway Lane and almost stretches form VA to SC border.

          5. Rattlerjake says

            Of course what you libturds always forget to include is that the previous districts were gerrymandered by the demoncrap party, North Carolina has been controlled by scum libturds for the last 100+ years and now that conservatives have resumed control you can’t stand that your empire is crumbling. I don’t agree with it from either side, but until the system gets rid of the demoncraps buying votes through entitlement plans, rigging voting machines, and their continued voter fraud (multiple votes, dead people votes, and cross state votes), gerrymandering is a minor issue and does nothing but distract from the real problem.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            All the work up to this point in the NC law suit had an independent commission Redraw the lines based on on population and not by Race or income. When that was done.. ONE republican would have one election to Congress and Romney would have LOST North Carolina.

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Got a crystal ball there (p)rick?

          8. Rick Rogers says

            nope.. its based on research with the percentage of vote one in one area at a time and the number of votes. Then they redraw the lines and see how those numbers would have gone with only the districts changing. Not hard to do.

          9. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Did they factor in the multiple voters, dead, illegals, Soros paid??

          10. Rick Rogers says

            Keep believing your made up bull.. Majority doesn’t and your group has to Supress the vote of Real amercians to get in office. And don’t give me that crap about not supress and not pulling dirty tricks.. OR do you think it was a fluke that Romney’s son bought the company that provided the majority of the vote machines in Ohio before the 2012 election? That pubic record there Assholema

          11. ed28 says

            And does your memory recall the gerrymandering done by Democrats which created a voting district in NC that ran along the I85 I40 corridor and also was in some places barely wider than the highways.

            Both sides take every advantage possible. As your hair brained leader stated, “elections have consequences. YOU LOST!”

            SO take your sour grapes and shove them where the moon don’t shine.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            SO glad your proud of election victory that only won 19.28% of the eligible Electorate. Because with a 39% turn out and the Republicans only winning 51 percent of that means that 19.28 of the total eligible REGISTERED voters Agree with the Republicans.. That makes you the Minority not the Majority. And with the numbers of new voters registering Democrat at a 2 to 1 pace versus Republicans you will be the Minority for the rest of your life. Oh and by the way.. MAJORITY RULES in this country when things are done fair and above board. and Fair and above board are something that should never be used when talking about Republicans.

          13. LastGasp says

            If majority rules you would not be here, skidmark.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            So you have a problem with people exercising their freedom of speech do you. .and here I thought all you Tea baggers were bill of Rights fanatics

          15. LastGasp says

            No, I just have a problem with ignorant trolls like you.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Speaking the truth does not make you a troll..Believing every lie Faux News and the GOP tells you .. That makes you a Troll.. Just like you think Reagan was A fiscal Conservative and yet he tripled the Debt and started the Raid on the Social Security fund. He was the Governor of California that signed the Abortion bill. But you all seem to forget that. He came out for the Ban on automatic assault Rifles but you seem to forget about that as well.. And all of you want the laws to be based on the bible but forget about the part about feeding the hungry and caring for the Sick. So That is the definition of a TRUE TROLL. oh its also the Definition of a Hypocrite but I am sure you know that. Conservatives Conserve NOTHING CCN on facebook.

          17. ed28 says

            One of the guilty pleasures
            of many people is laughing at other people whom they find haughty, arrogant, or
            absurd. Thanks for the laughs.

            Don’t worry or feel bad because I am telling you that this conversation is over. It’s just that I have nothing else to do and that is more important than playing with a troll.


          18. Rick Rogers says

            My Pleasure I feel its a duty of everyone to to try and enlighten the Mentally Challenged that believe the crap this website is peddling. Glad to have been of help.

          19. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Gee! ol (p)rick sure is full of himself, full of shat that is!

          20. ed28 says

            DING DING DING! WE have a winner. Give that man a cigar!

          21. ed28 says

            I think he is not Rick Rogers, but he is in reality Dick Rashes.

          22. Margaret Khan says

            Enjoy your money while you can. The “dark side” will destroy you soon enough.

          23. Rick Rogers says

            The “Dark Side” already Tried to Destroy us. But we Survived Him

          24. Charles Malcom says

            Rick: you are just full of statistics, aren’t you. Yes, the dems are really registering a lot of people. The only problem is, a hell of a lot of them are registered in two or three different voting precincts, and a hell of a lot of them are registered but do not vote; somebody else is voting in their place. You guys have it all down pat on cheating and lying.

          25. Rick Rogers says

            Peddle that manure some place else. there is about as much truth to that as there are to the claim that Voter ID laws are to protect against Fraud and are not Voter Supression..

          26. Tony says

            Majority rule didn’t win on proposition 8 in calorfornia,now did it.

          27. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry I don’t live in California (I think that was what you tried to spell) So don’t know anything about it. And don’t really care.

          28. ed28 says



            2001 district 12 under Democrats is nearly the same as 2001 under redistricting.

            Quit your drivel spouting and whining

          29. OSAMA OBAMA says

            It’s what leftists do best, whine, snivel, complain…

          30. Charles Malcom says

            Yeah, Ricky, the dems in NC are suing because the Republicans, when we took over the legislature and the governs house, we redrew some of the maps that the dems have been drawing for years and getting away with it. Now, they are crying foul for the very same acts they performed time, and tiem, and time again when they were in control. What goes around comes around. Cry, baby, Cry.

          31. Rick Rogers says

            Not to worried about it.. All you did was fire up the Democrats that had not been voting and the Bell will be tolling for a lot of the NC Gop Party come 2016

          32. Margaret Khan says

            You are not only a troll,you are probably in the military as well. They have to feed you guys jobs to keep you busy. Wait until they don’t need you any more.

          33. Rick Rogers says

            So not only are you one if the Faux News Walking Dead (Mindless Zombie if you don’t watch the show) but now you think because someone choose to serve their country its a BAD THING.. Yes I spent 8 years in service but it was under Reagan and boy if the stuff I read is ever declassified are y’all going to be surprised. Never has there been a group that had NO CLUE about the rest of the world. Well never until Bush Jr. And Cheney came along.

          34. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You sissies CAN’T / WON’T do a thing! Talk is cheap (p)rick!!LMAO

          35. Charles Malcom says

            Your one candidate for Prez, The Dishonorable Hillary Clinton has committed so many breaches of law that she would make up for the entire Republican Party, not just the ones running for office. Of course, Bill and Hill have had decades of practice in lying; I hear they now have their own University of Lying. It’s called the Clinton Foundation, and they are supported by mostly foreign donations that are made in exchange for favors bestowed upon them at huge costs to the American Taxpayer.

          36. Rick Rogers says

            NAME THEM.. LIST Them In order that you have PROVE of.. I will Be happy to wait

          37. noelspaid says

            ONE WORD – Hillary, most corrupt politician in America – Bill is just as bad.

          38. Rick Rogers says

            Still waiting on the list of convictions or indictments or even better Proof.. So far have not seen any of you come up with anything but the same Crap the GOP has been spewing. And Sorry but an administration that has had just Short of 140 indictments/convictions during their term of office would be have to be considered the most Corrupt in America.. Oh.. and your for got old.. BLOCK THE BRIDGE Christie

          39. Margaret Khan says

            You really are a troll. How do you live with yourself? You would never make these arguments unless you were paid. So many people get their income from spying for the government. The jobs are gone. It’s either sell yourself to the military or be a pigeon for the corrupt Nazi system

          40. Rick Rogers says

            Hmmm Interesting I see you attacking me but not the arguments? Is that to tough for you?

      2. fred says

        Just want to replace the criminals who are Socialists/Communists, Mr Moore, not those who believe we still have a Constitution, you moron! try reading next time troll!

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Hey Fred? can I ask you a question did you go to Public School when you were growing up?

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Oh, how clever.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Because Fred if you did your a socialist.. Welcome to the club

      3. Raul says

        Please name the conservative majority on the supreme Court. “Eating your young”…no you libs just kill em and sell em.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Anthony Kennedy: the swing vote; considered a conservative; sometimes votes with the liberal faction

          Samuel A. Alito: consistently conservative

          Chief Justice John G. Roberts: consistently conservative

          Antonin Scalia: extremely conservative

          Clarence Thomas: extremely conservative

          1. ed28 says

            Based on his performance at SCOTUS, Roberts is another Kennedy. They are both CINO’s (conservatives in name only).

          2. Margaret Khan says

            It is important to correct a troll. They are paid to spread official lies & to make sheeple doubt what they see. Can’t let their lies stand.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            No one pays me anything to tell the truth on a site that’s so twisted I sometimes am surprised I don’t see World War II German flags flying on the header. It’s a patriotic duty to stamp out racist and bigots and anyone else that dies not understand what “We the People” really means.

        2. LastGasp says

          It is a paid troll. It gets paid per response and will say anything to provoke an answer. You waste your time and energy replying to it. Starve the troll!

      4. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Here we go with the prick rogers show. Can’t wait to read “Bush’s fault”, “two wars”, “Our first black president”, “our first cankled woman president”, “global warming”

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Oh the nameless coward is back hello again Assholema

      5. Charles Malcom says

        I beg your pardon, Rick. The supreme court is composed by a majority of liberals, two of which your current president appointed during his first term in office. You liberals just never seem to be able to get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Sorry charles but that is not correct. It’s simple to prove just go to wiki and look at who appointed which justice

      6. Margaret Khan says

        Like PP isn’t chopping them up and selling their parts. You get them in Pepsi flavor and cosmetics, also in vaccines

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Anymore propaganda bullshit you want to spread. At the rate your going you should have one hell of a rose garden

    2. crystlfire62 says

      I thought it was 57 states. That is what our president told us and liberals believe him. History books are liars but obama is the whole truth. Obama can tell liberals a lie every minute and the liberals will bet their lives on it that it is true. THAT is how ignorant and stupid these generations have become!

      1. fred says

        Good one, there are so many ignorant trolls here that probably believe the same thing! I unfortunately could believe it when the idiot born in kenya spewed that inaccuracy! It makes me sad more people don’t know about this criminal potus, he is the biggest criminal in dollar terms in our history! Nobody has ever wasted our tax dollars and spent our tax dollars on himself like this treasonous narcissist and his horrible fake wife!

      2. LastGasp says

        There are 57 ‘states’ in the muslim caliphate.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Hmmm…Caliphate…California……..both disgusting, cesspools of vermin puke!

    3. crystlfire62 says

      I’m still looking for the other 7 states. Do YOU have any idea where they could be….LOLOL.

    4. crystlfire62 says

      A president who ran for the presidency of this country without a birth certificate. HOW did he ever make it into the senate. For your drivers license you have to show your birth certificate. He most likely had his KENYAN birth certificate and the liberal nonsense went into hearth attack mode since they pumped him up so much and hid all his negatives. HOW can it take FOUR MONTHS for the PRESIDENT of the USA to get a birth certificate??? UNLESS they had to find a good enough forger to make up a believable birth certificate from “Hawaii”. FUNNY thing about that, Obama only spent his teenage years in Hawaii. As a child he spend it in Kenya and Indonesia!

      1. Margaret Khan says

        And the woman who approved his fake birth certificate died suddenly in a freak plane accident that didn’t kill anyone else. She was murdered. But same-o same-o our system is corrupt and everything gets covered up.

    5. Tony says

      Guess it stands to reason that some of the supreme court justices appointed by a republican president would be RINOs. They are certainly not conservatives.

  14. pmbalele says

    These religious institutions and governors of those states are hypocrites. I am sure if we look at the background we will find them as wife cheaters and the leader of those religious institution as sexual predators; therefore their lawsuits are hypocritical and fake. I will file an opposing brief to deny those institutions exemption. They are giving the Supreme Court headache for nothing.

    1. hangem'high says

      I’ll never get why people that hate America and Americans Want to move here and bring their old government fetters

      1. pmbalele says

        I am Christian, but I hate to impose my belief on others. In fact what right do you have to say ” why people that hate America and Americans Want to move here?” You must be a racist who think others of different race should not live here. You’re late.

        1. hangem'high says

          If judging people by their action is racist then??? YEAH! I’m racist!
          If someone says they hate you and your family and you all must die unless you change your way of life, or you must be eliminated. Do you in your right mind invite them to say with you?? I would like think not, but then who knows; maybe you have enough faith to change them? I’m betting that you don’t!

    2. Bob Ware says

      I heard a guy on the radio this morning complaining that the insurance rate increase he just got hit with yesterday for the next period exceeded his pay raise for the entire year. Yes he is on obamacare. My States largest insurer announced yesterday that the 26% increase granted now needs to be raised to 33%. The reason they finally gave was that there are not enough healthy people buying into obamacare to absorb the losses. obamacare does not work.

      1. pmbalele says

        Please do not buy those TPs and Repubs lies. These morons always want to replace Obamacare with what “Nothing.” Republicans and you hate Blacks to be treated in your clinics. You want Jim Crow and George Wallace to stand before white owned clinics to stop Blacks from entering. How can Boehner, Mitch and others think when they goal in Congress
        and Senate is to get elected and cheat on their wives? Think and join me to vote for Hillary or Biden next year.

  15. Albert L Biele says

    Before we take the case to the Supreme Court, we have to fire the 5
    judges that are ruling strictly on party lines, and not the rule of law! They
    are turncoats and deeply involved in an effort to destroy the very fiber this
    country was founded on. They have broken their oaths to defend the constitution
    and the laws of the land, and should be immediately removed from the bench. They
    openly show contempt, and disrespect for a judgeship that was once viewed with
    impeccable honor and integrity. What we are up against is tyranny at the
    highest level of government!!

  16. Goldbug12 says

    This Muslim, Communist illegal pResident should be arrested for TREASON and sent to Gitmo to be with the rest of his terrorist friends! He’s the worst thing that has ever happened to our country! Just goes to prove how STUPID the American people are!

    1. Lee Berry says

      I do not believe that he ‘won’ the election by any means. There was, at first, evidence of voter fraud being exposed – and now silenced. I believe that the Electoral Board was either bribed or blackmailed into its final decision to re-elect him – – meaning yet again, the popular vote does not decide if a person actually wins. Without the voter fraud, he would have lost – hands down.

      1. hangem'high says

        All they have to do is fix the election one more time, and Hillary can run the country from inside federal prison.

  17. Lee Berry says

    The Obama-submissive-compliant slaves who don the robes of the Supreme Court will most likely deny the request of sanity of those approaching their thrones of injustice. The first move would be to removed them and replace the system with scholars that have taught and studied the Constitution for over 30 years.
    This case should also combine the other unjust and illegal actions of and by the current administration.
    1. The Department of Education taking over the curriculum of all levels of school. They are not given this power in the Constitution. They may not govern higher institutes of education, nor rearrange their system by inserting medical and insurance mandates.
    2. Marriage and medical is not theirs to set mandates in accordance with the current administration. They are there to consider if the subject aligns with our Constitution – and not create laws accordingly.
    3. Aligning to the current administration’s agenda is tyranny or even treasonist.

    If all of the states do not get behind this current case, it will flounder and fail. Everyone should be calling their governor and representatives – demanding they immediately get off their overpaid arses.

    1. ZO666 says

      The elite that are running the country and the world prefer us as slaves, Cutting off the head of the snake has to be the goal….

  18. ZO666 says

    Waste of time until we get the Dictator out of power…

  19. John Q. Public says

    You have to love the Dbags who have an imaginary friend in the sky !!! They will lose , Again !!!

  20. Rattlerjake says

    Why do you post an article about 16 states that support a lawsuit against Ovomitcare, but don’t name the states?

    1. ed28 says

      The Becket Fund identified the 16 states to FoxNews.com as: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia.

      1. Rattlerjake says


  21. 83footsailor says

    PETER IS SO CORRET IN HIS COMMENT ABOUT THE Supreme Court not supporting the PEOPLES overall rite – – The SUPREME’S FIVE ( 5 ) of them – – have proven the court is not on the side of the people or on the side of THE CONSTITUTION – – but on the side of this TYRANT FRAUD OBOOOOMA. /////////

  22. crystlfire62 says

    There is a war in this country against our forefathers and what this nation was build on. This nation did not become this great by removing everything our forefathers fought for. The new four generations are narcissistic beasts that want to destroy everything they do not like. They want it all without working for it. They demand things for free from the government. This only works for a short time till the whole country runs out of money. These spoiled rotten narcissistic liberal beasts are destroying this once great nation. If they do not get stopped, we will wind up far worse than Greece. But maybe that needs to happen!

  23. Josie says

    Well I for one am sick of these set the bait articles. This brings to mind a few years ago all the hype about 16 states that were not going to let Oboob include his name on voting ballots until he proved his elligibility! Then what happened zzzzzzzzzzzzz…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….zzz – waiting, still waiting. A bunch of BS!

  24. crystlfire62 says

    WHAT always surprised me is how someone running for the presidency of this country does not have a birth certificate. HOW did he ever make it into the senate. For your drivers license you have to show your birth certificate. He most likely had his KENYAN birth certificate and the liberal nonsense liars press went into hearth attack mode since they pumped him up so much and hid all his negatives. HOW can it take FOUR MONTHS for the PRESIDENT of the USA to get a birth certificate from the USA??? UNLESS they had to find a good enough forger to make up a believable birth certificate from “Hawaii”. FUNNY thing about that, Obama only spent his teenage years in Hawaii. As a child he spend it in Kenya and Indonesia

  25. peter says

    The constitution means nothing to these criminal misfits, Obie Miller.

  26. rick says

    Another socialist government dishonerable lawsuit in the works. Land of the free, home of the brave, and in God we trust. Sadly, words of patriotism and christian values mean nothing in this country, or it seems not to be……. we the people, righttt..unless critical changes are made (immeadiatly) we will be saying, we were the people….start with obuma and cleanup our country,,, republicans, do your job for reasons you were elected……. what a bunch of nonsense……politicians need to go to work and earn your pay, no more recesses till our country is back to being a great nation….impeach, fire, term limits, do something. Depend on supreme court? Those days are gone….socialist have infilltrated, like it or not.

  27. Francisco Machado says

    Why should this mandatory insurance compel those upon whom it is imposed to pay for elective procedures – for any elective procedures? I could except some reconstructive procedures for victims of disfiguring disasters, but why should we pay for procedures not critical to health or survival? These things drive up the individual cost of insurance – as does requiring insurance for things the insured party could not possibly need.

  28. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Everyday we are being FORCED to do things that offend us, but it’s okay, we are white, or Christian, or male, or……………

  29. Korean_Vet says

    Immediately–Send a Contribution & Enter Your State into Convention of States Action-PO Box 1203
    Merrifield, VA 22116 (This will be the Only Way to Handle a Hostile to Citizen Govt.-) It can also Cut
    Laws against the Supreme Court-with Citizenship Actions & 33 States have gathered over 100 state
    Legislators who recently gathered in Indiana to prepare for the “Convention of States” which used
    ‘Article V of the U.S. Constitution’-! Alternate Address c/o Convention of States Action–100 Congress
    Ave, Suite 2000 –Austin, TX 78701 (Plan is to Recruit 100 people in 3,000 state legislative districts-)

  30. peter says

    Wow pmbalele. You must be one smart liberal a-hole

  31. peter says

    jreg9304. I would put a case of tnt up there and hope to get some of his close friends too

  32. Phyllis says

    I really don’t see why the tax payers or universities have to pay for this kind of stuff…If people are going to s—w around, why can’t the women get birth control pills on their own or have their parents buy them and gee, those things guys used to buy for themselves and carry in their billfold????…both worked for a long time without a President, Congress, Supreme Court aiding and abetting the sex lives of these people…Perverts…sounds like they are closet voyeurs by caretaking the sex acts of people they don’t know…and Obviously the tactics they are supporting isn’t working as there are so many abortions that it is unreal, but then again it must be big money selling baby parts…

  33. EdStone says

    The “republican” justices on the court are as crooked as boehner and mcconnell. Neither one of them deserve their names to b capitalized either.

  34. TAM44 says

    Why is it not 57 states? pardon me I just had to throw that in.

  35. Mic says

    The fact that this lawsuit is necessary speaks volumes about the decrepit lack of morals and vile twisted intellect of Obama and his fellow communist sociopaths not only in the government and the judiciary but in many areas of our nation. Sadly given the dominance of amoral liberals who despise our laws and freedoms as well as the underlying principles that our country was built on The Supreme Court who knows what the outcome of this lawsuit will be ? For the degenerate leftists Kagan, and Ginsberg their fellow radicals Sotomayor and Breyer it’s all about the furtherance of the morally and intellectually bankrupt radical agenda, not about truth, decency, or the rule of law. And the “moderate” RINO Anthony Kennedy has already displayed a complete lack of moral grounding and principle by his opinion on and support for the perversion of marriage and unwinding of our society and not enough upstairs understand, respect and defend our constitution. At his best he’s an unreliable twit.

  36. Margaret Khan says

    We have to understand that the Supreme Court system is broken. The founding fathers set it up to be above popular opinion but that popular opinion should be used to counter the effects of their corruption. They are corrupt. There is no more justice in the Supreme Court than there is in a Department of Justice that only enforces the laws they like, both are pushing the policies of their collectivist masters. We the people have lost our government. The criminals took it over after JFK

  37. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    Will this be enough? Will anything be enough? As long as liberals have enough power to blatantly ignore the law, what can we do?

  38. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says


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