17 States File Suit Against Obama’s Amnesty


If Republicans in Congress don’t have the political backbone to take on the president, then maybe the states will have to take matters into their own hands. That’s the philosophy behind a new lawsuit that is going to challenge Obama’s executive action in the court system. Spearheaded by Texas, 17 states have signed on to the suit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court. According to the plaintiffs, Obama went beyond his constitutional authority, violating the oath he took to faithfully execute the laws of the land.

Those who continue to support Obama’s actions would do well to look over the Texas Attorney General’s bullet points defending the aims of the lawsuit. In their reasoning, even bleeding-heart liberals can see why Obama went too far when he issued his muddled decree asking for deferred deportations. Included in the bullet points is the argument that the president violated the Take Care Clause of his constitutional duty, that he failed to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act, and that the action itself will cause chaos along the southern border.

Waning Republican Opposition to Obama

Meanwhile, only a handful of prominent conservatives seem willing to stick to their guns when it comes to stopping amnesty at the congressional level. Steve King of Iowa, Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, and Jeff Sessions have been amongst the most outspoken opponents of the action, and they are among the few that still have some fight left in them. Speaking to reporters this week, Cruz said that he doesn’t want a shutdown any more than establishment Republicans like House Majority Leader John Boehner.

“Let’s be clear. I think we should fund virtually the entire federal government. We should however, not be funding illegal amnesty. Now the funding for that occurs in the Department of Homeland Security — so we should attach a rider to the funding for DHS.”

Cruz, like many of his fellow conservatives, thinks that funding illegal amnesty even in the short term is a violation of what the GOP promised to do in the run-up to the midterms. He thinks Congress should do everything in its power to deny funding, including refusing to put through Obama’s Cabinet nominees unless they are absolutely essential to national security.

Beyond the obvious dangers of allowing the president to unilaterally change the law, the fear that amnesty will encourage more illegal immigration is one founded in the data. After Obama declared his first round of deferred deportations in 2012, there was an unprecedented boom of undocumented, underage children heading for the border. That boom was, in many respects, the very reason Obama seemed pressured to do something more. Now we have to wonder what effect this latest action will have on future immigration. There’s very little reason to think it will be slowed.

There comes a point when we have to decide how we want to move forward as a country on certain issues. And poll after poll has shown that the majority of Americans want to see an end to illegal immigration. When our leadership goes against the will of the people this flagrantly, what options are we left with? Hopefully, this lawsuit will see the citizenry prevail against White House tyranny.

  1. pmbalele says

    We knew all along TPs and Repubs want to wipe out Blacks from this country and in Africa. They are hiring racist cops to kill us and then impanel racist jurors to dismiss murder cases of Black people. They discriminate against Blacks in school, work and housing. These TPs and Repubs have sent Ebola serum to Africa to kill all Africans for oil. And then the same TPs and Repubs tell us they are people of god and preach using their racist bible to lie their god authorized them to kill us. I will never go to their churches or read their stupid racist bible.

    1. craighardy says

      The same old racist crap from you. Shane you’re not smart enough to figure out that the only abuse you Blacks suffer is at the hands of the Democrat party that takes your votes for granted, makes promises and then makes thinks worse for you. Obama could give 2 *&its about you. He’s giving all his attention, money and jobs to illegals.

      1. 58 Squarebird says

        And only you would say that the Democrats are the bad guys.

        If the Republicunts would have worked with him from the beginning .. We wouldn’t be where we are now. But they didn’t. They vowed to obstruct everything. And he’s at fault for this?

        I think you need to take your meds before posting.

        1. William Matthes says

          And I believe you need a course in reality. Are you REALLY that oblivious to the destruction YOUR king B.O. the Terrible is?

          1. LastGasp says

            He’s a troll/shill for Obola. Gets paid by the response. That is why he provokes us with nonsense and ignorance, knowing someone will respond.

        2. Libertarian Tom says

          Why should they have to work with a man, who is hell bent on destroying this country? They didn’t vow to obstruct, hell they didn’t vow anything, that’s your democrats lying to you. The man breaks the laws, and violates the Constitution and because he’s black, they should work with him? They should impeach him and imprison him.

        3. chamuiel says

          Yep, we would be completely down the toilet.

        4. craighardy says

          Obola had both houses of congess during his first term. He got everything he wanted. What programs did the Republicans obstruct? The Republicans were powerless to stop him and now they don’t have the will to stop him. There is supposed to be a two party system, and if the oppostion party disagress with him that is not called obstruction unless you’re defending an imperial president. I think Squarebirdshit is the one who needs his meds. I and half the country oppose the marxist, America hating demoCRAP party.

      2. pmbalele says

        You TPs and Repubs are feeding these racist cops with ideas to kill us Blacks. Read the 7th circuit decision and see how cops and prosecutors frame Black males to get promotions. And we have TPs and Repubs racist federal district judges that quickly judge against Blacks. As I said that is why God is cursing us with so many hurricanes and tornadoes. It is these Repubs and TPs God is angry with. So you did not know Ebola vaccine was sent to experiment on poor Africans. God will punish you.

        1. chamuiel says

          You have a direst line to GOD? Really?

          1. pmbalele says

            Yes, I am. God has been fair to me and I am not whining about what he has given me and what he has not. So please change your life. Stop being a whiner like TPs and Repubs. These are whining why the WH is occupied by racial minorities.

        2. LastGasp says

          Does stupid hurt?

          1. pmbalele says

            So you must be a Repub or TP not to believe in the Creator of this World. You’re further responsible that we don’t have enough locally trained doctors and nurses and other professionals. You were afraid if you gave training to Blacks and poor Whites, this country would fall. We had to import doctors and other professionals from foreign counties. You did not think a country run by foreigners is dangerous. Reagan brain-washed you to believe nobody should be helped by the government. Reagan believed in the trickle-down economics which Greenspan later disowned.

    2. Einar_Petersen says

      Did any of your mother’s children live?

      1. 58 Squarebird says

        Your’s obviously didn’t.

      2. pmbalele says

        Did you really have anything to say to your fellow American? That was a insult. I can see you a white male and may you need power in you. Well I have female relatives that look young, that is without wrinkles, like you. They will give rejuvinate your brian and work again like a real male.

        1. chamuiel says

          Did any of that make sense?

    3. JIMBO says

      pmbaslele The only racist you should be concerned about is YOUR president. He could have done so much to advance the cause of all people. Placing these people under the control of the government through welfare and other social programs has nothing to do with helping you or anyone else, It has do with giving YOUR president more power to control the courts and every other aspect of your life and mine. The only thing stupid about you slandering religion and the word of GOD is your stupidity. Did Obama make you this way or have you always been a Muslim?

      1. 58 Squarebird says

        Obama should have … Obama shouldn’t have … Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You righties make me laugh. If he does something you jump his ass. If he doesn’t, you jump his ass. Y’all are crazy.

        1. chamuiel says

          That’s blacks for you.

      2. pmbalele says

        That is a good one-“Did Obama make you this way or have you always
        been a Muslim?” No. Neither I nor
        President Obama is Muslim. I am non-practicing Catholic and Our President is a
        good Christian and Family man. (From John McCain). I urge you and other racists
        in private and state governments to stop discrimination against Blacks. That is
        the only way to stop welfare. Also tell those racist federal judges in the 7th
        circuit to rule cases per law. Would you believe a white district judge
        wondered if I ranked highest on test beating Whites? This woman from Green Bay
        Wisconsin was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to Whites.
        She could not stand it -a Black male beat Whites on exam. Please call her and
        tell her to stop such nonsense. Her name is Judge Barbara Crabb. Thanks God she
        has recused herself from hearing my cases. And that goes with old Repubs and
        TPs. They cannot stand to see Blacks are smart as they are. So please let us
        work together to stop racism and bigotry. Then you will have cause to blame
        Blacks for being on welfare.

        1. chamuiel says

          The only way to stop welfare is to cut you sucka’s off the public tit.

          1. pmbalele says

            Did you really mean what you wrote? If you cut welfare almost 2mil Blacks will die, 3mi poor whites will die. Is that what you want. God will curse you. You won’t go to Heaven.

        2. LastGasp says

          You will go to hell for lying.

          1. pmbalele says

            Watch FoxNews, a right wing media. They know and believe it’s harder for Blacks than Whites to find jobs.

    4. willieyumm says

      You seem far to intelligent to believe your own words: America has supported Africa with aid & Spiritual needs for centuries: JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN –ALL THE CHILDREN of THE world RED & YELLOW,BLACK & WHITE, THEY ARE PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT:
      LIBERALS: Support Planned Parent Hood, Which kills more BLACK BABIES( by abortion) than all the wars. All the racial upheavel would solve itself–Whites & Blacks both that die at the hands of Police– have refused to obey the law– obey the law & you wont be in the position to recieve
      harsh treatment–BLACK or WHITE.
      There is but one GOD and one day EVERY-KNEE shall bow before him. Get your heart right with GOD and you will know peace!!

      1. pmbalele says

        Excuse me. African and Africa did not need TPs and Repubs stupid spirituality and religions. They had their own religious and had more spiritual observations than you. TPs and Repubs religious teach racism, bigotry and right of TP and Repub hired cops to kill us Blacks right and left. TPs and Repubs hate to see Blacks have caught up with them in education, housing and money. I believe these cops then go to church and pray; “Thank you God-I killed two Blacks today.” No doubt this country is getting hurricanes every year. These hurricanes are curses by God to punish us for sins committed by TPs and Repubs.
        Please do not vote for TPs and Repubs in 2016.

        1. willieyumm says

          Please forgive me for mistaking you as being intelligent, I have made a mistake in judgment for which I seek your forgivness

          1. pmbalele says

            Thank you. We don’t want fake religion talk in our Black community here and in Africa. How would you trust people like Pat Robertson, Swaggart and Graham and others preach Africans. These are fake preachers.

        2. chamuiel says

          TP’s and Repubs?

          More infantile name calling
          Is that all you have?

        3. LastGasp says

          What is your problem with the Tea Party?

          1. pmbalele says

            All these racial tensions are caused and perpetuated by old TPs and Repubs (conservatives) who think this country should go back to the 50s and 60s when Blacks were 2nd class people with no equal rights as you. TPs and Repubs are ISIS living in this country. We have to be careful with TPs and Repubs and cops hired by these people. They love to divide this country into racial lines. But I am telling TPs and Repubs that we are not going back to the 50s. We shall use all laws on the books to ensure we have the same rights as Whites. Thank God the next US AG will be a Black person too.

    5. 2399molly says

      Have you forgotten the words of Martin Luther King. One was marry and multiply. Instead you have let the radicals invade your mind. Your ethnic group has more abortions, less marriages and listens to radicals who want to keep you down. You should listen to your ministers and people with black pride as the bible was meant for all not just whites.

      1. Sam W says

        You might want to exclude fast Al sharpton in the minister ranks…..

        1. 2399molly says

          I did not include Sharpton because he is no reverend or not a man of the cloth. He is a rat who owes taxes and only got away from prison by ratting on the ones he worked with to save his own skin.

      2. pmbalele says

        God will punish Repubs and TPs for encouraging Black women to have abortions. These are same people who tell women not to have abortions. But when they bring kids to the world the same TPs and Repubs call them names such as “baby-factories.” So next time these poor women decide to have abortions. I am sure the Creator will send all Repubs and TPs to burn in hell. This is just a warning before they crop. They should come to terms that they bigotry, racism and greed is not worthy it.

        1. chamuiel says

          TP”Sand Repubs is not name calling?


      3. pmbalele says

        I know and Repubs were good people at that time. Repubs thought Blacks would remain as janitors, cooks, plantation slaves. Repubs thought Blacks could not learn to be pilots, engineers, doctors, nurses, highway construction workers; high rise works Attorney Generals and above all their Presidents. Now they are fighting to go back to the 50s to restart their thinking how to treat Blacks. It’s too late now. The next USAG will be a Black woman. I hope Hillary is going to re-appoint her when she becomes president in 2017. We have had up to here with Repubs and TPs. they are disgusting.

        1. chamuiel says

          Amazing how you know what other people think.

          Are you a mind reader?

          1. pmbalele says

            Gift from the Creator. Once you’re at peace with yourself, God will guide to help others. I am now trying to help racist Repubs and TPs. Remember not all Repubs are racists -Example is John McCain and the governor of Arizona.

          2. LastGasp says

            God will punish you for being a bigot and lying about the Tea Party.

          3. pmbalele says

            You’re the bigot and racist. If not why don’t you want unemployed Blacks helped by the government. It is harder for Blacks than Whites to find employment.

    6. Randal Davis says

      talk about raciest, and you saying white cops are hired to kill blacks. Hmmmmm ok, dude you do not have a clue to what is really happening with this so called race thing do you. Let me re cap for abraham lincoln done away with slavery, and there for the race card years ago. you need to caught up to speed here. the KKK is no more, if there is they are taken a back set and have for years. this so called race you want to play, not good. why you ask, only because the race that you say, blacks, they stay in that stereo type, only because of the things they do as a person.

      you want change and they want change . well then CHANGE from inside one`s self, sure there buddies may not like it, but once they see that the person has changed from inside and walked away from the old like, more and more will follow. Do not believe me, then ask ANYONE that has changed there life, hell go ask any one that is setting in jail, why they are there, and ask those that have gotten out of jail and changed there life, and now have a clean life style. once you walk away from the bad things in life, the good things will sure follow. think im wrong, then change and see, you dont have to look toward god if you dont want too. but change stop what you have done and are doing, pull up your pants use a belt if they wont stay up, clean your self up if not just dont follow in someone else foot steps make your own tracks. start doing what you KNOW is right. and stop siding with someone that think Slavery is still alive, only because they want it to be alive. see this is what keeps the blacks in the stereo type, because you have one, or a good of idiots, that want to keep it alive, and the idiots that are keeping it alive are the ones, that protest it . change comes from with in, not from out side in. you want chan=ge then change who you are not what you are ….

      1. Randal Davis says

        yes i know there are some type o`s in there, but see not everyone is perfect. and not everyone is alike. but we all can see eye to eye. on what i just said and for those that get up set, please dont, just try to understand that change is from with in one`s self not from the world around you. when you change from with in your self, then the bad things that was there are gone. make a change from inside and not from out side, once the change from inside show then the out side will follow .

      2. pmbalele says

        You sound a born-again Christian. Good for you. But please don’t listen to dummies like Pat Robertson, Swaggart, Graham etc. These are liars to get your money. Now please next time you write make sure you convince Repubs and TPs to stop discriminating against Blacks when they apply for jobs in private sector and state government. State government headed by Repub governors are encouraging private sector employers to discriminate against Blacks. And also start reading federal appeals court decision and see how some racist federal judges behave against cases filed by Blacks.

        1. chamuiel says

          Who do you listen to? Al Sharpeton?

    7. luvzforplay says

      Where the hell are you speeding to scooter , I saw cops here in Daytona Beach get permitted ahead of white cops and they were so stupid they had trouble writing thier own names. You people had the world by the butt for too long with that equal opportunities and reverse discrimination crap ! Anyone that is a citizen can get any job they are qualified for Hell there’s one of your people in the Persidents office and he has done nothing right even committed more treason then Benidict Arnold and they are afraid to throw him out cause they are afraid of being racist Well Obama is screwing your people too just like 200 years ago when blacks sold blacks to Dutchh traders to be sold here as the slaves your own people wanted you to be. So tell me how we wronged you it was your own that turned you out , you are free to go back home whenever you want !!

      1. pmbalele says

        Did you say: “You people had the world by the butt for too long with that equal opportunities
        and reverse discrimination crap? Well, thanks you for getting your hate out of you chese. I love people when they tell the truth. Well, here the solution for your rant: Go and tell those Repubs Governors who are encouraging their supervisors and private sectors to deny Blacks jobs. That is only when you can whine. You people thought Blacks were inferior to you-not any more.

        1. luvzforplay says

          So you think is is quite ok to have a cop that cant read or write ? Or a doctor that was permitted to go to medical school , not because of scholastic ability’s , but because they were black and there were too many white applicants, ? Well fine , how about you let your student work on your injury’s and I will let someone qualified to do so work on mine . If you get a job because you are the best at it , I don’t care if you are green in color , then you should get the job , but if you are in idiot , or for some other reason didn’t pay attention when you were in school , then you should only do what you are qualified to do , Another words no one black , white, or any other color should get a promotion or a job of any kind because of the color of their skin ! That it what I said and I still stand by it . Also I am not the one seeking public forum to whine about anything , other then the fact that I an I believe the rest of society are tired of hearing about something that happened over 200 years ago , had you lived back then maybe , but as far as I know there no one left so quit blaming white folks for problems initially brought on you by your own people that raided your villages and sold you into slavery , Our ancestors may have purchased yours , but if your own people hadn’t sold you to the Dutch traders then you would still be hack in your homeland instead of sitting in your home criticizing something that happened 2 century’s and imitated by your own people !!

          1. pmbalele says

            You missed what I said. I am not blaming white folks for current problems of Blacks. In fact I have more White friends-actually white friends than Blacks. I am whining about racist powerful Repubs and TPs in state Repub overnments
            and private sector. These are causing troubles not only to Blacks but also to
            Whites. I believe I have told you my story. I took state written exam and ranked highest. This was a supervisory position. So I expected to be hired. Do you know what happened? As soon as the supervisor, who happened to be White female, got report I had ranked highest, she rushed to state attorney. Along with the head of the agency a white male, they vowed to fight my appointment. These morons had expected, I as a Black male, to rank below Whites. So they refused to hire me in the supervisory position -although they gave me a pay-raise. I sued in local district court – Western District of Wisconsin. Do you know the first question the federal judge, who happened to be a White female, asked me? What was your rank? I told her I ranked highest. This white female judge could not believe a Black male had ranked highest. Well, I have disqualified her hearing my case. But that goes to explain Black males are still treated as though are 2nd class humans. And here you’re whining
            why I am whining. Tell these racist morons to stop bigotry.

          2. luvzforplay says

            Well then we are on the same page , if you read my rebuttal you will see that I stated the job should go to the most qualified , no matter what race or (I forgot to add gender) but then you gotta remember Hillary Clinton is hard at work breeding a whole new class of the repressed which is women . I do not agree with different pay leavels for the same job , if you do the same work then you get the same pay , but being as they are the new minority , look out !!

          3. pmbalele says

            Now, can you write to federal Judge Barbara Crabb to explain why she doubted that a Black male, that’s me, beat Whites in a written exam. Just google her name and call her.

        2. LastGasp says

          If you were as smart as us you would realize the Democrats are keeping you enslaved.

          1. pmbalele says

            Democrats did not send me to school and college. You must be a loser to call Blacks people ‘You people.”

          2. LastGasp says

            Can’t read English, eh? Nowhere did I say “you people,” did I? I know the stupid game you’re playing. It’s why you’ve been banned from other sites. You are a stupid troll/shill, a useless loser who provokes other people to respond because that’s how you get paid.
            If YOU that’s YOU, whatever your real name is, were smart enough to understand what’s really going on, YOU would understand what the Democratic Socialist party has done to the Negroes of this country. But you aren’t smart, are you? You probably aren’t even Negro are you? Anyone that lies for a living will go to hell.

          3. pmbalele says

            Yes -It’s why I have been banned from other sites. Those sites that banned me were afraid I would expose their stupidity, bigotry and racism. Those were hard core bigots. They could not stand challenging them. Now they can brain-wash
            you as they wish. There is no one ridiculing them.

    8. Libertarian Tom says

      Pmbalele, I’m so sick and tired of hearing that racist crap, and if you disagree you’re called a racist! Well then call me a racist, it no longer means anything because of your beloved democrats. Here’s a few idea’s and facts, first, teach your children that if you attack someone, you may get killed! Attacking a cop will almost always get you shot and killed. Next, stop looting business and burning down your cities, no matter how angry you are. Next, stop make hero’s out of low life rappers and gangster athletes, teach you children that they are not roll models. There are always going to be cops that are corrupt and bad, but for the most part, they are good men and women that only want to make the areas where they patrol safer for everyone. The black community needs to start taking responsibility for itself. Stop all the black on black violence and all the drug dealing and it would go a long ways. As far as the insane idea that Ebola was sent to Africa well you need some help if you really believe that, no amount of advise will help. There were almost 3 times as many white people killed by cops, then black people, how many times did white people act like those in Ferguson did? None. Stop blaming white people for all the problems in the black community. We have nothing to do with it.
      Now some history lessons, white man never took a black man as a slave, your own people did. Owning another person is wrong, but guess what, most cultures have been enslaved. The Jews, the Irish, the Indians, and the Slav’s. Hence the term Slave. Most black people can not trace their roots back to slavery, you are aware of that right? How about black on black violence, why is it, that wether it’s here in America, or over in Africa, black people keep killing each other? Look at the warlords, or the gangs here, nothing but black people killing black people. The reason I’m saying this, is because obviously not all black people are violent killers, but just like you did to white people, I lumped all black people into one group. It’s not right. Not all black people are killers, not all cops are bad, not all white people are racist. If anything, those stereotypes are only a small minority. Stop being a victim, and maybe these kinds of things will stop happening. Oh, and I am pissed that the NYPD officer was not being brought up on charges. He should have been, along with the Mayor and a few others.

      1. pmbalele says

        I can’t stand counsel from a Libertarian. These want USA taken over by foreigners. I believe Reagan got counsel from Libertarian to let this country free-fall. Reagan was willing importing foreign professionals such as doctors, nurses, professors, engineers than training local smart kids. Reagan did not believe the government should give grants and loans to train local people. I believe Mitt Romney and Bush got such dumb ideas from Reagan which caused the 2008 meltdown. And here you are trying to counsel readers about what these stupid Libertarians believe. Thank God Obama was elected and re-elected. Jobs are now coming back from foreign countries.

    9. Shauna says

      Ironically, the only racist babble is coming from you….I feel sorry for you. Living in this mindset must be exhausting….

      1. pmbalele says

        I am not whining about my life. I am quite content with what I am doing. I am trying to counsel you and other racists and bigots not to waste your time. We found your tricks. You laugh with us when we are together but then back door you call us “these people. You remember Sterling who told his mistress not to talk to Black people when she was partly Black. And so you want me to leave people like Sterling, Bundy and NY police alone. These are dangerous to Blacks.

    10. chamuiel says

      There are a lot of delusional people out today.

      1. pmbalele says

        Does that exclude you? I doubt.

  2. Abacrombee says

    17 down 33 to go

    1. Dan says

      I don’t see why the rest wouldn’t follow suit. It is economical suicide.

      1. Sam W says

        Would much rather see obamy deported along with is mate and receive NO annual salary after he vacates Washington DC.

        1. 58 Squarebird says

          Deported to where? Chicago? President Obama is a US Citizen .. Just like you. Or maybe you aren’t? Show your birth certificate!

          1. William Matthes says

            I sincerely doubt that B.O. is a U.S. citizen. Why are all his past records sealed from public-view then? What is he hiding? That he’s a Muslim, a racist, a socialist, and a fraud. His actions and words say he is.

          2. The redhawk says

            I still wonder how he travelled under an Indionesian Passport???

          3. ittlebite says

            He received foreign student aid when he was in Cali. How do you explain that?

          4. Deborah G says

            You can’t because you aren’t high on pot

          5. richbach says

            Squarebird, you need to learn about what is and what is not considered a natural born citizen. Being born in this country to just one parent who was a citizen, does not make you a natural born citizen. You really need to look at Minor vs Happersant to see what is considered a natural born citizen. Just to let you know, none of the Supreme Courts that heard several of the case that were put before them have never been struck down by subsequent courts. So you need to actuall learn about the natural born portion of the U.S Constitutiion before sppouting off!

          6. david says

            Take the doors off of all our homes and curtains off the windows let everyone else in and see what you are doing …president obama has the same rights to privacy as the rest of us !!! Stop your crybaby shit about his birth certificate we voted him into office now let him do his job…Mr. President Obama, Sir I Salute you sir and proudly!!! Keep up the good work….nobody has ever been happy with our presidential elects . God bless you and you’re family great job.

          7. cumiadom says

            BS by the truck load. Liberals have never respected privacy rights of any conservative president. Why this mf pos must be different. He uses a photoshopped birth certificate and more than 2 SSN. He got financial aid as a foreign student and there are hundreds of reasons to prove that there is at the very least, reasonable doubts that he was born in Hawaii as he claimed. Not with a Connecticut SSN and with the head of the Health Services Dept. in Hawaii, recently dead in extremely mysterious circumstances on a plane accident where she was the only victim. Too many coincidences in a row to be coincidental.

          8. Hal Flagel says

            58 Squarebird::what rock have you been sleeping under? Deport him to Kenya, His birthplace. Ask Mr. “O” to show all those documents he has sealed and protected by
            several lawyers at the cost of millions.. He stated that he was born in Kenya and Michael backed him up.. It is on You Tube ..Do your homework.

          9. The redhawk says

            Well we can always hope for Congress to Write a new LAW ..If bathhouse Barry can so can We The People.. You think???

          10. chamuiel says

            Why? obama has not shown his.

          11. LastGasp says

            You have no proof of that. Why can’t he pass eVerify?

          12. nrev52 says

            There are even news articles (Yes from reputable sources.) from when he was running for the senate that state his Kenyan birth and background. Enough money can bury almost anything. We’re looking at “BILLIONS”.

            And I do have a “REAL GOLD FOIL EMBOSSED SEAL” birth certificate from the heartland of the USA. Which is more than most can state.

          13. cumiadom says

            Obama’s Birth certificate is good for nothing. Photoshopped copies shouldn’t be valid. Only because a huge conspiracy he’s been able (so far) to get away with it.

          14. Crown Drinker says

            HE IS KENYON!!!!

          15. ittlebite says

            How about we just deport him out of the White house. I don’t want any dual citizens in there and certainly not a non citizen. do some homework. It’s out there for any to see. You only have to care enough to look.

    2. The redhawk says

      only 7 more to include all of Barry’s States!! hahahah :0)

  3. Joan Steele says

    Like to see obamacare & illegals being able to work in the usa taken away from the dems!

    1. 58 Squarebird says

      So how are you liking your Health Insurance now? Cheaper and better .. right? Yeah .. we know.

      1. tax man says

        Actually lost my health insurance and Obummer care is much more expensive and not accepted by my doctors.

        1. Deborah G says

          No doctor wants to accept the pittance they pay them. They can’t pay their staff or for their expenses much less live. OBAMA is a f-ing dictator. No Mr Gruber we are NOT stupid just piss raving mad

      2. chamuiel says

        More delusions on your part.

      3. Deborah G says

        I just redid my insurance. It cost 20% more for less, lousey policies with crappola networks NOT one good advanced care Hospital on the list. I got the best of the worst Higher deductible, lower choices 20% more. State exchange because where I live unless you have employee provided care you HAVE to buy ion the exhange. Even Inurance agents have to go to the exchage.This is Obamacare 101. He sux , his Gruber plan sux and I actually hate the bastards for destroying my healthcare.

      4. Fedup says

        None of my 3 doctors accept it. That’s not “better” if no doctors will accept it. Thank God I do not have Obamacare.

      5. nrev52 says

        I know someone that tried to enroll and was told they don’t make enough
        to sign up?? (Construction job) When tax time comes he’ll get penalized
        and the fine that gets imposed will take the tax return though and he
        still won’t have ins.?? So, “You don’t qualify but we’ll take your tax
        return for the fine because you don’t qualify and leave you w/o ins. so
        we can fine you again next time!” It leaves a lot of working people
        totally abandoned and more with massive increases in premiums and higher
        deductibles. Some may have benefited but it is not the deal that was

        And raising min. wages? If you can go to work at a fast food joint and make $15 an hour I’ll go
        back to work for exponentially the same and make $50+ an hour only work 2
        or 3 hrs. a day and go home. $15 for dumping fries, crap!

      6. cumiadom says

        Even many radical DemoRATS are throwing Obamacare under the bus after realizing how much it has affected our economy. Only the freeloader parasites with full subsidy paid by taxpayers funded Welfare Dept. are happy with it. The DHS published numbers are full of lies and cooked figures. Counting dental plans as medical, not counting drop outs and cancellations and counting people who registered but never paid a dime.
        You are a Gruberized prime example.

      7. craighardy says

        This loser (SquarebirdShit) doesn’t even know that millions more lost their healthcare thanks to Obozo’s scheme.

  4. JIMBO says

    I have no idea what Boehner is thinking about. I totally disagree with him constantly going along with Obama on all of his Amnesty orders. If he knows something we don’t, he has an obligation to let us know. If he does not have a logical reason he should be relived.

    1. Sam W says

      Bondhead boehner is a demoncrap in Republican clothes. He/it should change parties and align himself with the party he most wants to be part of…..

      1. 7papa7 says

        The sad thing is that he got put back in as speaker. Doesn’t say much for the entirety of the republicans in the house.

        1. WhiteFalcon says

          The sad thing is that he won the primary.

          1. 7papa7 says

            Very true.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          The saddest damned thing right now is the fact that the repooplicans have tucked their tails now and turned traitor. The GOP has announced now that they’ll “accept” the HNIC’s amnesty program. So I guess it doesn’t matter which party we voted for, in the end we’re still SCREWED! Man, my asshole is really hurting!!

          1. 7papa7 says

            That is why people need to wake up and vote conservative NOT republican. We do have a few good ones like Cruz, Lee, Gohmert, Gowdy and a small handful of others. It is time, I fear, for a 3d party, one that is truly conservative.

    2. 58 Squarebird says

      Perhaps you might go back and reread exactly what our President wrote?

      There is no amnesty in it. You’re being disingenuous.

      1. The redhawk says

        and you still Believe that the LYING manure Spreading Machine aka LYING Barry will not change his Politics about AMNESTY?? are you SERIOUS ? Delusional or Just another GRUBER STUPID??

      2. otoman says

        YOU are being NAIVE. What does it mean when he told them “You do not have to worry about the law”?????

      3. nrev52 says

        Perhaps you mis-interpreted “deferred deportation”.

      4. cumiadom says

        Like every thing Obama says, it’s not the truth. He puts 1 inch (figuratively) now and another inch next week plus a few other inches little by little. Then in 6 months or so you realized his whole 14″ are inside your ass and you’re moving your hips with ecstasy.

        1. david says

          Congrats to Obama and his 14 inches! You the man president obama ! cumiadom learn from your own words no matter the size you don’t just ram it all in . well maybe your size you can!

      5. craighardy says

        He’s not “our President.” I don’t support any president that does not abide by his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” It is the duty of every American to oppose that tyranny. What in the Constituition gives him the power to “fundamentally transform” the country?
        He is an imperial president with a “pen and a phone” but most certainly not my president.

    3. jmortensen says

      Why ? is it only 17 States who are suing the crook in chief .. where are the rest of the States ?
      Has America now become the communist States of Amerika ?

      1. david says

        Stop with the bullshit! Mexicans work!! immigration reform is not just for Mexicans, the Latinos should sue congress for lying and discrimination! WTF get our stores and gas stations back, how many store’s and gas stations due the Mexicans own? even motels….Are we blind like Custer? we are fighting terrorism and majority of terrorist are Arabian. And they’ve been surrounding us for years! Yes secure our borders, and stop deporting our families, I have been married to a Mexican and we have been married and living in the United States for 48 years. She came here as an illegal and we married and I have seen our country go down hill and it makes our family sick to see that our pride in the United States is gone and we are stomped on for our beliefs and if we speak out against what is truly a wrong in the eyes of most Americans and God! we are sued and thrown in jail and people tag us as haters, then a bunch of idiot’s that has never worked a day in their lives “Not Mexicans” that take everything you own and worked all your life to get..I pray that God doesn’t judge like the majority or we will all be in hell!!!!!
        If we throw the Mexicans out Who’s gonna pay the next generations minimum wage of $20.00 an hour????

        1. chetohimler says

          @David …so I take it that you are pro-illegal immigration? Where are their countries? Our country has enough to worry about, as you mention. Part of your comment sounds like your “patriotic”, but contrary to your belief, illegals DO NOT WANT CITIZENSHIP! They want to be and work in this country, but they will never pay homage to the U.S. Their heart is with their country. You should know, especially since you mention you are married to a Mexican Lady. Our problem is that we don’t stick to our guns and deport All illegals, regardless if they now have children here. If we did, we would never have this continuous flood of illegals in our border’s. Listen David, you sound like an o.k guy, but this chit has to stop! Understand that the days of manufacturing, automotive, oil, agriculture and industrial revolutions is over! It’s been over for decades. Farmer’s of today are paid by our government to NOT plant crops, in California they’ve stopped the water rights for farmer’s. Most of our autos are now imported, manufacturing is dead…everything is manufactured in Korea or China. So what are those illegals going to be working on? Fastfood? Those jobs are for our teenager’s. And please don’t be one of those that say people hire illegals to mow their lawns, wash their dishes and babysit. I don’t know of any middle class family that can afford the luxury of paying for a maid or a gardner. Illegals should stay in their countries and bring up their issues with their own government , not ours. Ya Basta! Enough!

          1. david says

            You are so far out in the rain I hope you have an umbrella..American teenagers are 90% of the work force in fast food restaurants and all they want to do is pile up on top of each other like turkeys and 80% of the time screw up orders.
            And see your just like I said immigration reform is throwing out Mexicans! What about 75% of the Arabian population here in the U.S forcing there beliefs on us building there temples and wearing their country’s wraps and face mask in our stores!
            You said that the Mexicans don’t want to be citizens WTF do you walk down our streets the Cisco Kid and poncho a TV series was aired on our TV s back in the 50s both actors were here illegal and died here Americans! What about all those great movies with those don’t want to be Americans illegals that stared in movies with a great Americans like John Wayne Jimmy Stewart Ronald Reagan!! It seems like we are giving our Mexican friends a free ride to the elbow! My wife said to tell you she loves and has loved America her entire life and is dam proud to wave and salute the american flag And says further that we are a country built on the word of God and if you don’t want to know God then those are the people whom truly need to be deported! There is forcing being done in the United States and it is being done by those people that doesn’t want to be an American just like you said…..they don’t worship in our churches we Americans let them raise their churches and wear their countrys dress and speak there language and say nothing as we all sell out to them! We are still stuck on Obama’s birth country we must have a ignorance app installed in us for free! Walk out on Sunday and see where a Mexican illegal aliens attend church and then ask who it is that wants to be Americans! My plea is wake up America!!!!

          2. chetohimler says

            Well sure I agree that 90% of the fast-food restaurants “might” be teenager’s, and if that figure is correct…Great for our teens! But as I mention, in what other working force would you put illegals? Did you even read my comments? Farming products are now being imported, Auto’s are being imported, clothing is being imported….(get the idea?) So, where would you place so many illegals? Now as far as your Cisco Kid comments….I have no idea where you are coming from, seriously. But, I know it was a weekly t.v show that appeared during the black & white T.V era. It was a fictional t.v series, where the main actor was Stanley H.Dunn and at one point William Robert Dunn also playing the part of the Cisco Kid. Again, I have no idea what your point is. But moving on, I live on a Border City, have almost all my life and I can tell you that folks around here don’t care much for Citizenship, just like they’ve never cared to learn the English language. Perhaps you misunderstood me regarding illegals. I personally don’t care if they are from Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador, China, Korea, Kenya, England, Paquiamas…etc. If they are illegal and are caught, we should have the resources to ship them back. And before you get critical let me tell you I was a farm boy. No work was ever to heavy or to embarrassing for me as well as my other family member’s. Work is work. And that B.S you hear about Americans don’t want to do is B.S. I’ve worked with Anglos, Hispanic’s, Asians and Black folks toiling the soil. No shame in that. Don’t forget what I mentioned previously….farming is almost non-existant in our Country. But just to be clear one more time…I does’nt matter to me where illegals come from. If they are here illegally, they should be deported as soon as they are caught so we won’t have further problems like anchor babies, or whatever new idea they come up with. Just like America should not police the world, we should not be the milk utter to peoples of other countries. We have our own problems to deal with.

          3. cumiadom says

            I agree that the Muslims must be either expelled or exterminated. No doubt about it. But that does not make the case or justifies to grant citizenship to all Mexicans that jump the fence.

          4. david says

            Mine didn’t jump the fence We actually paid like all of the other illegal aliens have paid good money to cross to your crooked boarder patrol guards as high as 10,000.00 now get in on the action like they have and start busting their ass’s and put them in the jails and we wouldn’t need fences! Our immigration system is like cancer the will never be able to fix it because it makes them to much money Americans wake up!!

          5. cumiadom says

            Prostitution may be the oldest profession. Treason is also as old as prostitution. An American that hates America does not deserve to live here. Traitors have always been shot or hanged. In every civilization since 4 or 5 thousand years ago. It’s the right thing to do. Always has been. Always will be.

          6. Lisa Driggers says


          7. Crown Drinker says

            Take the whore and go.

          8. david says

            I don’t want to screw your mother anymore!

          9. Crown Drinker says

            So, you will give up Necrophilia? Good for you! Scumbucket.

          10. Crown Drinker says

            You paid someone to bring you here illegally. YOU JUMPED THE FENCE DUMBAZZ!!! You didn’t do the paperwork. You are here illegally. You and the whore should be shot and brought in to the police for a $50 bounty.

          11. david says

            Go give your mom some more cock you inbred son of a whore! And just because you hide behind relatives while screwing your own daughter you will be exposed!

          12. Crown Drinker says

            I’m exposing you for the illegal immigrant criminal puissant that you are. Ingest feces and rot.

          13. david says

            Up Yours!

          14. Crown Drinker says

            Tongue punch my puckered starfish you disgusting transsexual.

          15. david says

            Said thing is you didn’t even get to meet your real father!

          16. Crown Drinker says

            “Said thing”? WTF is that? Learn to converse in English if you want to stay in my country you scum sucking idiot.

          17. Michael Dennewitz says

            We need the return of the mafia!! 🙂

          18. Anne Marie Bradley says

            The terrorism is not = to Muslims, Cumiadom! These terrorists are killing faithful, loving Muslims! In very barbaric ways, also! They are terrorists, just like the KKK were terrorists on our soil, yet claiming to be Christians. I suggest you go on the 911memorial.org website and search on “Middle East History and Security”. It is very informative. Happy holidays. 🙂

          19. wired says

            There is no such thing as a moderate MUSLIM they only live in your DREAMS !

          20. al.k says

            I am against all muslims coming into this country, but they never did 911 it was pulled off by the bush dynasty, still busts my balls by the fact that Col Tim Osman was not the push behind 911, it was an inside demolition job, the planes were a ploy so bush could go supposedly after Saddam Hussein, wars are very profitable for the Bankers who run the governments of the world. The 19 skyjackers are alive and well, as far as them wanting to learn to fly planes, that too is a hoax, pilots learn to take off and land, not just fly, then there is navigation, night flying, not just fly. I took pilot training myself so I know, if any of you want call any pilot training place and ask, too many people believe the mainstream media without thinking! Look at the alien in the WH, they checked everyone but him, spent 2 million creating an identity for that cksucker .

          21. Bullfrogman says

            So basically David you want illegal immigrants because your Big Mac wasnt cooked right?

          22. Michael Dennewitz says


          23. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I agree, chet. Health issues for Latinos are exhorbitant. They get Medicare and can get orthopedic shoes, but if you are almost killed by a 20-ton sander truck head-on, which causes you to have a 1″ leg descrepancy (I had major surgery on both legs, was in traction for a crushed femur for 3 1/2 months and crutches for 3 months) – forget it. Medicare won’t pay! You have to be a diabetic! Additionally, I settled out of court just to have peace in my life. I was told my medical from the auto accident was covered for the rest of my life, aka LIE. They changed the AT-Fault insurance to No-Fault!!! Completely fraudulent! I hope the Feds bite them hard in the axx!

          24. chetohimler says

            @Anne…so sorry to hear about your accident, I sincerely hope your copping with all your troubles and worries. You are oh so right when you mention that our government does more for illegals than it’s own American people. Like you, I have lost some benefits on my medicare. I also have to pay higher prices for medication. But you are right, illegals get the best service in town and they don’t pay a single penny for it. American Citizens should stand together and debunk the theory that illegal immigration is good for us. Good luck to you Anne….

        2. zookeeper216 says

          What..you need cheap labor to clean your toilet? You didn’t have to marry her for that.

          1. CA Loser says

            You are an ass

          2. zookeeper216 says

            My thought is that you are a bigger ass and a stupid one at that. Just because you married one doesn’t mean the rest of us has to love them.

        3. cumiadom says

          You may disagree with the rule of law. Specially for personal reasons. But that does not exempt you to comply with it. Immigration in the US must be only legal allowing the government to screen who enters and who is sent back. It’s the right thing to do.
          It may be true that some Mexicans work. Also many of them don’t, live off welfare paid by the American taxpayers and many more are criminals of every kind, gang members, rapists, etc. who are not welcomed here. We probably need to establish a guest worker program where the laborers without criminal background are offered temporary permits to work the fields. GW Bush proposed something similar to this and the liberal Congress didn’t want to approve it. Anyhow, unlawful executive ordered Amnesty is not the correct solution and it’s repudiated by most Americans.

        4. NOSOYMARIPOSA says

          David, you sound a good American, but we are in 2014. Illegals from all the world are hurting our nation. All the countries have inmigration laws and we Americans have to respect and obey them. Why they can not do the same here. You are right, the most dangerous immigrants are Muslims (note that most of them are NOT ILLEGALS). It is also true that most of illegals are Mexicans. If they were like your wife I’m sure everything could be much better. Unfortunately, many people come here illegaly or legaly for freebies, the main help are anchor babies. You are talking about something different. Immigrants today are not the 1940-1950. In that time we had not freebies, but a lot of jobs. Today we have a lot of freebies and not jobs. Don’t feel ofended because your wife is Mexican, if she loves this country and lives here 48 years married with you, she is American. And we, all Americans, have to resolve first our problems and take care first of our people, our vets, our children. At this moment, with 18 trillions of debt, our budget is not good to waste money in illegals or legals receiving freebies.

        5. Crown Drinker says

          You and your illegal whore may both leave my country.

          1. CA Loser says

            You are a bigger ass

          2. david says

            Its not your country stupid you don’t even own your home why are you even commenting! Ass hole……..

          3. Crown Drinker says

            Toss my salad little girly man.

          4. david says

            Its funny how much you can learn about a person through electronics

          5. Crown Drinker says

            You can’t learn squat you dumb wetback loving freak of nature.

          6. david says

            Slip of the lip will sink your ship!

          7. Crown Drinker says

            Does your illegal wife do glory holes for extra income after the strawberries are picked?

          8. david says

            You keep drilling holes in the bottom of your boat! Its not your fault your mothers a lot lizzard! She had to keep the rent paid in the trailer park

          9. Crown Drinker says

            The only drilling I’m doing is your prostitute wife. Lots of illegals hook to make ends meet. I love it when she yells “Carumba” while I pound away at her.

          10. david says

            Now I see where your hate comes from a Mexican lady wouldn’t fuck your small dick ass, go figure! that’s OK there’s a lot of your kind out there. Your family blood line runs back to the slave days as well but then it was easier for your family to get by with rape and after your family tried to get rid of them too burn in hell you racist bastard and may yo never reproduce….. People like you don’t last long.

          11. Crown Drinker says

            I have reproduced time after time. We will be here forever. For 400 years we’ve been sending you out to the fields to pick vegetables and such While your women service our needs in the bedroom. It will continue for 400 more years. You silly oaf. Now have your whore fetch me some coffee.

          12. david says

            I am so glad that you are vanishing breed and your kids will truly be cursed and you have done it to yourself and them anyone who reads your last statement will see and read for themselves that you have stated that you and your generations have all been Deadbeats!! Wow I will have to say no more! And I’m sure if investigated you will prove to be a rapist!!!

          13. Crown Drinker says

            Watch my penis vanish into your illegal wife’s mouth.

        6. Lisa Driggers says

          YES ILLEGAL immigrants are being given first dibs at the very precious FEW employment opportunities America has left to offer NOT African Americans not returning veterans and not even white folks GET SOME SENSE for those who choose not to work they live free on taxpayers dime in GOVERNMENT housing get free medicine and free health care and free food stamps courtesy of yep us LEGAL TAXPAYING CITIZENS such as myself who pays more in prescription medication for a chronic illness who doesn’t qualify for ANY help even though I’ve paid taxes since the age of 14 and am now 40…. I weigh less than 100 pounds because mostly I don’t have enough FOOD to keep weight on I can’t afford to be overweight that is a luxury reserved for the straight dependants of the United States Legal Citizens and their tax money feeding, housing, medicating educating incarcerating, providing lawyers and otherwise completely supporting ILLEGALS.

          1. david says

            American why are you crying, what have you realized that you slept through Jimmy Carter s welcome all to American! just in case youve forgot we then welcomed only Cuba’s jailed prisoners not just one but hundreds of thousands American is the best country in the world but it has forgot that we are a county built on the word of god. But we give rights for preferences instead of people I know people who want to be married to more than one woman but do they have that right? NO but two men or two women YES!
            We’ll, what else can we cry baby about enough to get our way? We’ll stop crying about the Mexicans we have to steal monies from the other hard working PEOPLE to pay for the next generation not wanting to work

        7. al.k says

          No need to worry about that, when people get hungry they may change their idea, the problem I see there are too many that don’t have time to work, takes too much time out of their day to show up at work and then put in a shift, since we have a welfare state that furnishes all the freebee’s for the illegals, a lot of people won’t work unless they get big bucks for it.

      2. ljcarolyne says

        That is my question as well. After the debt alone of 18 trillion, Obama should be fired, arrested for Treason, and causing nothing but trouble. Kick him out and back to Kenya, or on a slow boat to China, maybe they want him to ruin their economy like he has ours. China has passed us now, is number one. All Obama’s fault, the liar in chief.

        1. Anne Marie Bradley says

          Obama’s father was Frank Marshall Davis, African American who was a communist from Chicago. Seduced his mother when she was 18. Most likely to “grow a U.S. President” since his mother’s father was an undercover CIA agent. She probably spilled the beans. She was not an obedient daughter most of the time. Watch the film Dreams from my REAL Father. And look up all the material that the creator of this film has written about Obama. Also, Dr. Dinesh D’Souza created a wonderful film on America – how great our country is. Guess what? Obama got him arrested – claiming fraud on political donations. Dr. D’Souza denies the fraud, yet pleaded guilty to a lesser charge BECAUSE he needed to get out from under it. Obama nailed former Gov in CT for a similarly-situated charge. Guess why. He and Gov Malloy were exposed on the radio. Only on SOME of the many things we all know Obama is guilty for. Yet John Rowland is facing MANY years in prison – not because of justice – but because of Obama’s “Just Us” policy! John Rowland has made some mistakes when he was governor, due to his mixing so much with criminal democrats and wanting to be part of their dynamic, since majority are dems in CT. They forced him in prison for a while! Disgraceful, when politicians walk away free committing murder, even! Adam Lanza’s face and hands were painted green and he wore a green outfit (I was on a blog where locals were listening to their police scanners and sharing what they heard from police as it was all unfolding! There was also a pile of ammo in the middle of the corridor!) No doubt this young man who loved his mother very much and was dependant on her, was murdered by captors, as was his mother – and they costumed Adam Lanza as they were – they all thought he was the same person, when these thugs shot up the place in less than 10 minutes – over 250 rounds – yet media keep harping about Adam Lanza being the thug! Impossible for any one person to fire 250 rounds in less than 10 minutes! NPR just interviewed so-called experts emphasizing Adam Lanza to be brutal, when they did not even consider the facts! I was so angry I messaged NPR in Fairfield, CT! I don’t have internet at home right now so cannot get on internet that much, until this problem is solved. I refuse to be a Frontier customer. AT&T sold all their Uverse service ONLY IN CT to Frontier. I smell a rat, for sure. The company has a dishonest reputation. Happy holidays. Oh, P.S. the United Way is under investigation for stealing millions of dollars of donated money meant for the Sandy Hook families! Experts estimate $26 million or more, yet all agree that all will probably not be recovered!

          1. Yadja says

            The country was not ready to listen to many of the facts you posted but now they are ripe for the truth of this dastardly O.

          2. ittlebite says

            was her father an agent? Maybe an asset.

        2. Yadja says

          Nobody has the guts, the grit or the integrity to stand against the first Black man in color only in the WH.

          If he were Hitler, and he could be his twin in his thoughts and actions, the people would let him get away with murder because he is Black in color.

          1. badger says

            He has already gotten away with murder. Several murders to cover his true identity.

          2. Yadja says

            Indeed but still nothing.

        3. badger says

          Yes, this is his plan to bankrupt our country. Why can’t these so called Liberals see this?

      3. guest says

        I can tell you the reason my state isn’t in the mix. The gov is a liberal democrat. Obama’s wishes first, citizens last.

    4. The redhawk says

      Let the States SUE… They have a stronger argument due to the Financial Issues that Odumbo is Creating for these States.. Higher costs of Law enforcement…Education… Health Care.. ETC… at this rate they just might add enough for a cONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to Severely LIMIT the POWER of Self proclaimed ROYALTY of the US..now and for the future..

    5. chamuiel says

      Relived? How many times?

    6. pmbalele says

      John Boehner is now a born-again Repub. I believe he quit drinking TP and Repub John-Walker. That is why he coming to his senses. You and Sam W are still trapped in their racist and bigotry upbringing. You don’t know you are living in a new Century with new Americans in America.

    7. William Burke says

      RELIEVED. I would not want to live through him again.

      So the headline says, “17 states”. Silly me, I thought we still lived in an Information Age. Did it ever occur to you to LIST THEM?

    8. setemfree says


  5. adrianvance says

    Yet another measure of how far we have fallen under an unqualified, Affirmative Action President. When the Hell will we wake up?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and great one liners.

    1. 58 Squarebird says

      Google “I’m an asshat Republican” for more one-liners

      1. LastGasp says

        Worthless troll.

        1. pmbalele says

          Thank God Obama was elected and re-elected. His policies are
          working. On the day he took office in 2009 unemployment was 8.9%. As of writing
          this posting unemployment is down to 5.5% which is almost full employment.
          Obama made it easier for small business to borrow to refurbish their
          businesses. People who want to work can now get good paying jobs. Of course TPs and Repubs are lazy. TPs and Repubs want government handouts. In fact in my home town employers are bidding for workers. Therefore wages are going up. Gas prices are now $2.27 per gallon compared to $3.40 in 2008. Obamacare is working for me and many people in my neighborhood. We can go to hospitals and clinics of our choices. We have more Americans locally trained doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals than during Bushes and Reagan combined. These GOPers wanted only kids of the rich to have college degrees. That is why we had shortages of processionals. This country had recruited processionals from abroad. TPs and Repubs did not know it is dangerous to have a country run by foreign professionals. You remember the Chinese national who was caught with US secrets trying to board a plane to China. Now we have a Saudi national trying to sink our sailors. Why did this country hire a foreigner for sensitive duty? Did we not have an American locally trained professional for such secret military duty? TPs and Repubs are to blame. I have told you Repubs and TPs are dangerous. No doubt the majority are high-school drop-outs.

          1. craighardy says

            The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims it’s now 5.8%, not the 5.5% that you claim. Secondly, we are no where near full employment which is considered 4%. Thirdly, thanks to Obozo’s healthcare scheme most new jobs are now part-time jobs where workers work 29 hours or less so that businesses can avoid paying for Obozocare. This is the sad state of affairs in Obola’s marxist USSA.
            Gas prices at $2.27? No one can believe your Marxist lying propaganda.

          2. pmbalele says

            Did you say people are working 29 hours or less so that businesses can avoid paying for Obamacare? What is wrong with that? But remember you can work 29 hours at one job and then 29 at another and get all the money you need. I did that once and I was okay. Further you will get free Obamacare. Do you know the country was bankrupt in 2008 because Reagan and Bushes trickle-down stupid economics? And here you are talking bad about our President. You have hidden racist agenda against people living in the WH now. Cool it.

          3. craighardy says

            People who work don’t get Obamacare for free. Working 58 hours for fewer benefits than one 40 hour job is okay in your screwed-up Obozo paradise. Obamacare is overpriced and many more millions have lost their healthcare because of it.
            I responded to you before about the 2008 crisis in another article months ago. You do not have the ability to learn: you’re just a propaganda machine. Google “2008 sub prime crisis” and learn that it had nothing to do with Reagan and Bush and everything to do with Carter and Clinton and the democrat “Community Reinvestment Act.” That act forced banks to give mortgages to people who couldn’t repay them. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (democrat supported )played a hugh role in the crisis that became worldwide. I suspect that tomorrow you’ll be on some other website spewing your stupid Marxist, garbage propaganda.
            Calling me a racist won’t do any good. Anyone can see through your stupid-ass tactics. You call everyone that disagrees with you a racist. Do you really think people are that incredibly stupid? That idiocy says a lot more about you than you will ever know. I don’t give a flying f$#% what your color is. But I know you’re a leach and expect government handouts for nothing. From the makers to the takers.

          4. pmbalele says

            You are lost soul. It’s hard to deprogram you.

  6. Peter B. Duran says

    There is needed all the Republican Governors to join in the Suit again the Obama’s Executive Order to keep in American 5 millions illegals delinquents to the expense of the American Tax Payers and with t he
    burden imposed in all of the States.

  7. 2001CPT35E says

    This is easy… states should pass laws that directly reflect the laws of the federal government over illegal aliens. Then when states enforce those laws, there is nothing the federal government can do to stop it or even challenge it because the states can say – we are only enforcing the same exact laws in accordance with the federal government. How can the federal government argue with that? If they do, then I would question their motivation – but I would remind them that states always have a responsibility to enforce their own laws (that do not exceed the law of the federal government) and states always reserve the right to protect their own citizens – even if the federal government refuses to do so.

    1. 58 Squarebird says

      Yanno .. there’s this thing where State laws can’t trump Federal law. Maybe you flunked Social Studies?

      1. 2001CPT35E says

        That’s why they should copy the law exactly word for word and put it in their state law. By the way, my GPA was 3.67 and I also aced the courses on federal law when I became a Special Agent.

    2. Shauna says

      It seems the states stepping up and taking action, will be our last hope, before a full on revolution…I can feel it brewing…

    3. LastGasp says

      That’s how Arizona got sued by the federal government.

  8. Marilyn Stern says

    This administration is the most foul we’ve had and has set some things in motion that will not be easily overcome. They have been exacerbating race relations since day one. and this administration has not just opened the door to illegal immigration, they’ve put up a welcome sign. Most illegals want to establish their own little country within the United States. They fly their native flags and do not honor our country and it’s traditions. But the Muslims, millions here illegally, AND legally, thanks to Obama, will not be content to establish their own little country, along with prejudices and customs that sicken most Americans. Instead, they want to take over our country, and Obama has given them an amazingly complex foothold.

    1. Shauna says

      Marilyn, your so right, I never thought in my life time I would ever see this type of corruption…It’s mind boggling…Every time I read yet another criminal act, I feel the need to shower to remove the stench of the slime…I’m so sad this country is being ruined by people who hate it, and ironically, it is this very country, that gave them the opportunities….( makes me want to cry)…

  9. tax man says

    Simple Solution: Deport Obama back to Kenya where he belongs. Send him packing, put all the pressure on Biden who will cave under any pressure. Just do not fund any of Obama’s crap. And probably time to remove Boehner as he is totally ineffective when it comes to stopping all of Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional BS. Postpone all actions in the Senate until the new Senate is sworn in. ALL of their actions should be null and void until the new Senate is fully in force. Perhaps they all need to go home for the holidays and return for the swearing in. Happy New Year!

    1. 58 Squarebird says

      Our President was born in the United States. Perhaps you weren’t?

      1. tax man says

        Actually NOT! I was, and I have a real certified birth certificate to show I was born in the USA in addition to hospital records. Obama has none, and his family agrees he was actually born in Kenya and merely “arrived” in Hawaii later. Obama is an imposter and a Traitor to the USA. He needs to be dealt with accordingly, perhaps executed publicly. He has never provided actual proof of his birth, school records, immigration records, social security records, law license records – why not? These are public records he should never have sealed. Simple solution, unseal ALL of his records and publish them for all the world to see. What is he hiding?

      2. chamuiel says

        Lie often? Lie much?

        how long have you been delusional?

        1. cumiadom says

          Like in all retarded liberals that’s a congenital disease.

      3. Deborah G says

        Which state? The one he forgot to count?

      4. nrev52 says

        First lie, “BLACK”. You’ve never seen his all white mother? He can’ even be honest about his race!

      5. cumiadom says

        Repeating a lie may change its perception but it won’t change the fact. He wasn’t.

  10. ONLYJB1 says

    That’s all well and good, but report the REAL STORY! Obomber has never signed anything! NOTHING! Yet!

    1. 58 Squarebird says

      You should go back to school. Reading comprehension is an important part of your studies.

      1. chamuiel says

        For you, you would have to have a brain to even go to School.

      2. ONLYJB1 says

        I read and also comprehended the article. I made a comment about the truth the amnesty deal. It is not being readily reported and I want people to know the truth. He signed no executive order! I know, I know, everyone thinks he did and this is the bait and switch he loves to play on American. Check it out! He signed no order!

    2. LastGasp says

      Two memorandum as a smoke and mirror show.

      1. ONLYJB1 says

        Finally, another American that reaches out for the TRUTH! So far that’s all his executive order comes down to is smoke and mirrors, just like his entire presidency! Never signed!

  11. Grinling Gibbons says

    Well at last some Americans have the common sense & balls to stop this Bas—d who has taken the lives & liberties away from the people who he should be helping, & americans should know that the Name United States Is A Public Company & Registered As The United States Ltd America Has No Laws To Answer To As They Are Americans & Have Nothing To Do With This Company Owned In Part By The Rothschilds & Crown Properties, America Will Soon Take Back It,s Own Selt Government & Possibly Under The Name The American Republic, This Is Next On The Agenda & More States & The Public You Now Know That You Are In Your Own Country America & The United States Company Is Registered As In The District Of Columbia & Thats All The Are Allowed To Govern & Not The Whole Of America It Has Been That Way Since They Changed The Wording To Include The District Of Columbia Back In Approx 1886 So Look Up Everyone You Are Free Of Obama Now & Free Of Debt As Well 2014 Is Going To Be The Best Year Yet For All Americans & America, But The United States Company Must Now Sort Out There Own Mess , Christmas Has Come Early For America .

    1. 58 Squarebird says

      Loon much?

      1. chamuiel says

        Thanks for admitting that.

  12. 58 Squarebird says

    There was no amnesty given. Are you all losing your collective minds? Even Meghan Kelly said this was a dog whistle used by Right Wingers .. So you are all obviously too .. stoopid, to see it.

    1. nrev52 says

      “stoopid” isn’t a word! If you’re trying to express that you are an intelligent person and belittle others for poor language skills you may wish to use “REAL WORDS”.

  13. tinkerunique says

    The (alleged) president is NOT supposed to make law, he is supposed to enforce the EXISTING laws

  14. treebird says

    When Obama defied the Constitution he sent us all a message:

    1. pmbalele says

      Well, He is the President Of this country and the most powerful man in the world. Do you have problem with that. Let me know.

      1. Perservation says

        I have a problem with that. Obama is the least powerful man in the world. World leaders laugh at him. he’s a joke to the rest of the world. Only and other blacks can’t or won’t see that because of his color.

        1. pmbalele says

          Then you must be a racist. Recent poll show President Obama as the most powerful man. You must be reading the SPORTS section only.

          1. nrev52 says

            SOME authorities seem to believe he’s in the running for the least influential class. Not believing lies doesn’t make someone a racist. It makes them a thinker. BTW he’s NOT BLACK! His mother was nearly an albino she was so white. He was outed as being Kenyan when he ran for the senate. There are tons of documents that support the stand there are so many things wrong with this situation it’s unfathomable. Get off the racist track and think for yourself please!!

          2. pmbalele says

            You must have been listening to dummies like FoxNews anchors Sean Hannity, Bill O, Alan Keyes, Allen West, Cornel West and Herman Cain who filed lawsuits that Obama was born in Kenya. So you think Obama was born in Kenya and
            then born again in Hawaii in anticipation that he would run for the WH job 40
            years later? Are you really educated or went to a bush school to believe such garbage?

          3. nrev52 says

            I did not say Obama was born in Kenya. I stated that “He was outed as being Kenyan when he ran for the senate”. The Arizona sheriff that tried to prove the birth cert. was genuine wound up discovering, through certified tech’s, it was altered and layered. You appear to be blinded by your bigotry, paranoia and racism. Please look at things with and open mind and don’t be blinded by preconceptions. You seem to be reasonably intelligent.person. Emotion need never be used to make rational decisions nor the opposite.

          4. pmbalele says

            I am comfortable with Obama as our President. President Obama has
            accomplished what all other president failed -Obamacare. Reagan tried but
            failed; Bush 1 tried but failed, Clinton and Hillary tried but they failed.
            Bush 11 tried and he too failed. Obama came in and did it -ACA is law of the

  15. fred says

    god bless Texas and the rest of the States trying to do the right thing….try going to mexico and ask for “amnesty”, they would laugh you right into a prison cell and you’d be doing HARD labor before you knew what hit you….

    1. yshaw1 says

      Why anyone would go to Mexico now is beyond me l would be afraid of being robbed on my way to the hotel. It used to be a lovely place with nice people, all pre-druggie.

      1. Deborah G says

        I boycott any country that sends illegals from my tourist dollars and I refuse to buy Mexican products of any kind.That includes GM cars made in Mexico

      2. fred says

        I totally agree! Mexico used to have good security at their resorts otherwise the whole country is run by criminals top to bottom. It used to be a fun place to visit, now it’s not really safe anywhere. They are the textbook definition of “third world country”! They are run totally by the “five families”, and maybe Carlos Slim and cartel guys….

  16. Shauna says

    At this point, I wouldn’t fund a damn thing! nothing! Let em squirm and slither and squawk! Harry Reid wanna play reindeer games, I say give them the freakin antlers….Oh and God Bless Texas! I’m so proud of our representatives!!!!

  17. William Walizer says

    I am glad Gov. McCrory (NC) has joined to file suit against this RENEGADE Obama! Congress has failed US Americans. WE, American citizens, will NOW take matters in our states and do everthing in our power to slow, if not stop, this illegal Kenyan from destroying the United States.

  18. thorhasgardson says

    “Yes, Virginia…” the American people do have standing to question the alleged “executive authority” of a transparent usurper, whose identity records remain sealed to the public.

  19. Jim says

    I think Republican leaders better realize that they weren’t elected to work with Obama. If the voters someone to work with Obama, they would have elected more Democrats!

    They were elected to STOP Obama. If they fail to do that, then I see a very bleak future for them.

  20. rchguns says

    This amounts to about the same effectiveness as what the Chinese supposedly trying to do 10 or 15 years ago. At a given moment in time all the Chinese people were supposed to jump up and down thereby throwing the earth slightly off its orbit.

    Legal interdiction by the people and by the states will do absolutely nothing to change the direction of the federal government. They no longer work for the people here no longer give a damn about the people. Those elitists who go to Washington with the idea of living there for the next 60 years and living the good life will not voluntarily give up any of that power.

    The tree of liberty is slowly dying and many of the young people are even the majority of the young people in this country could care less! If strong action is not taken within the next 4 to 5 years there’s not going to be enough older Americans left to do a thing because the current generations have been taught absolutely nothing about America and is not on a videogame they don’t care

  21. otoman says

    It has been clear for 6 years that Boehner needs to go. The RINO voters in Ohio stuck us with him again but the wienies in the House that voted him leader again ripped us even more. They know we are fed up with him but they ignored us. BOEHNER MUST GO

  22. oaking says

    And the Republican party swirls around as it is flushed away.

  23. Phyllis says

    i gave up on the Republicans as soon as I saw the smirk on Pelosi’s face, and saying the dems would go along with the repubs as long as they met their demands…Someone on one of the blogs suggested that the American people start a petition for recall of all the newly elected that caves in to Obama’s illegal moves.

  24. TAM44 says

    My state is control by the DEMONCRATS so there will be no law suit by those in charge, ass kissing obama ass they will do 100%.

  25. Deborah G says

    I personally think the midterms spelled it out CONSERVATISM is what changed the Senate NOW do something we told you to do. NO AMNESTY

  26. jscarano7 says


  27. joe joe says

    someone better do something before the American people rise and rise we will against the entire government not just obama!

  28. ward says

    There is no legal or compassionate reason for granting amnesty to illegals who have already proven they are criminals by border crossing into the U.S. illegally .. ! They are costing the tax payer millions and that is stealing by it self plus the crimes & murders they have committed & have been proven in court…. ! No amnesty or visas for legal or illegal foreign criminal aliens that are daily destroying the U.S. internally by their selfish greed to steal from U.S. Citizens by welfare, taxes or criminal theft ..! No more freeloading ..!

  29. MAHB001 says

    “For Alinsky, the revolutionary’s purpose is to undermine the system and then see what happens.
    The Alinsky radical has a single principle – to take power from the Haves and give it to the Have-nots. What this amounts to in practice is a political nihilism – a destructive assault on the established order in the name of the “people” (who, in the fashion common to dictators, are designated as such by the revolutionary elite).”

    David Horowitz:
    “Rules for Revolution”
    I do not need any more proof than that to say that 0bama is an Alinsky Radical.
    We must ask the question, does 0bama divide or unite?

  30. jscarano7 says


    1. ward says

      McConnell is as questionable for integrity to represent the U.S. Citizens as Boehner & bo but both House & Senate have the power of choice if not abused for their own whims and ways …! Reid is a total waste & does whatever bo demands but we can hope that “mac” isn’t the same when he does takes over the Senate in 2015 …! Boehner is probably promised a bo cushy job if he sucks right …!

  31. MolokaiAdvertiserNews says

    Just delete all federal welfare funding for everyone, and ARREST illegal alien from usurping the Office of POTUS to which he is not even eligible. Defund ObamaAmnesty in the next CR or shut down the whole corrupt system: 17 States File Suit Against Obama’s Amnesty; and, Congress can put a stop to ObamaAmnesty immediately by simply putting a provision in the next budget that says “no federal funds can be allocated towards paying employees [1000 already being hired !! ] to implement Barack Obama’s amnesty executive actions.”

    Americans have no lawful contract of any kind with the illegal alien criminal Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro who is not even eligible for POTUS, because FRAUD vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, elections, and even judgments.

    The elections of Obama in ’08 and ’12 are based on Obama I.D. Fraud, etc., therefore We The People have no valid contract with Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro to allow him to occupy the Office of President of the united States of America, because

    FRAUD vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents and even judgments. United States v. Throckmorton [1878] 98 JU.S. 61, 70. The illegal alien Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro is criminally by fraud I.D. impersonating a Citizen of USA and he is usurping the Office of POTUS. He must be ARRESTED as a criminal, as an illegal alien, not impeached as IF he was POTUS. Put Obama et al into prison and stop federal welfare programs, and the illegal immigration problem will wither to nothing.

  32. supergun says

    What is wrong with Florida and Tennessee. Where are the citizens on this in those 2 states.

  33. THOMAS says

    I personally am against everyone that has supported Obama from the start. He has never had any authority to do anything he has done.I will not follow a law or a government that go.es against the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION .
    I would like to know which States are involved in the court action as well as ask where are the other states an why they are not onboard.

  34. 1 Fed Up American says

    Boehner is first unqualified to hold his position that has been proven many times. His can now be officially classified as a RHINO with the BS he has said about supporting OBAMA’S Un-Constitutional Act of Amnesty he is only supporting OBAMA’s continued drive to become a Dictator and the total destruction of this country. Except for a few GOOD POLITICIANS most of what’s in Washington are too damn afraid to go after OBAMA because he is BLACK. If he would be white his azz would have been impeached a year ago . In reality this country is screwed.

  35. Jackie says

    The scales of Justice at the top of the page are Not really equal. Under obama Holder Jarrett etc.. One side for Govt is tipped way down in their favor. The people’s side is way up in the air.
    This election did not fix anything as Boehner and other rep are caving still like a wet suit.
    Only doing minimum for looks and temporary.
    Boehner is a Dem trying to fit in Rep suit and it’s getting a little tight. Going against ones nature
    Is not easy and eventually truth comes out Boehner is a Rhino as is too many of the Rep

  36. Lizard says

    I think its time to show up on White house lawn and demand Obama to leave NOW!

  37. uptohere says

    DHS should be defunded in its entirety!

    1. The duck says

      DHS directors and Secretary should be jailed. DHS does have a mission and should fulfill that mission in its intended way. Defunding is not the way as it harms those who need the help.
      Now I did say there those that need help and yes there are many who should not be getting help. Such as druggies and able bodied who could work in the harvesting that Mexicans migrate into the USA to work at. And other public works to earn their keep.

  38. The duck says

    I Object to calling these Illegals Immigrants. They are invaders. They have not come here under lawful means. As far as these children are concerned, the humanitarian thing to do for them is to reunite them with their families back in the countries from which they came. To keep them here is not in our best interest nor theirs. Every one of them are not in anyway endangered politically by returned. They have no voice in their communities from which they have come to be of any concern to the governments there.
    Why keep these for more time than it takes to air lift them back? It is stupid as stupid gets to keep them. And yes Obama should be impeached for his unlawful action.

  39. Yadja says

    Let the Governors do what they have the right to do according to the Constitution and let every state in this country that is not Liberal fight with everything they have until the voices come together in such a cry they shake down the Walls of Congress like the walls of Jericho tumbled around them and the outcry of “We the People” shock them into doing the “Right Thing”, RID US OF THE TUMOR OBAMA.

  40. Wilbert Jennings says

    Don’t just file suit file separation notices that continue government under obama and we will leave the union and form our own country. Maybe the Confederate States again but this time the real reason for the war will be not slavery but to not become slaves to obama and his muslims.

  41. Sarah Schmit says

    Many Republicans like Boehner want Amnesty and fooled the American people. They fear Obama and cave in to his demands every time. They do not have to have a govt shutdown to defund Amnesty and actually enforce the laws on our books. Boehner will betray the American people and will fight Ted Cruz and Sen. Sessions instead of demanding that Congress sit down and pass a bill that the American people can accept. Jeb Bush will be a disaster in 2016 if he is the Republican nominee.

  42. Ervin Schrader says

    When you say no back bone about Congress, you should say they are outright snivelling cowards who only care about their re-election!



  43. marilyn says


  44. WhiteFalcon says

    I hope that about 30 more states join the lawsuit.

  45. Givendoly says

    Go Cruz!!! The best ideas I’ve heard lately!

  46. shafawn says

    Disappoints me that TN didn’t join the lawsuit. Corker and Alexander will be hearing from me about that.



  48. Elizabeth says

    18 States File Suit Against Obama’s Amnesty:
    Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Arizona.

  49. draftinging says

    I believe I arrested her in Wichita, Kansas, She work for a hood by the name of Vic VanGunney(sp) for prostitution & drugs and doing a complete strip act. She also like black man with large tool. Frank Marshall Davis wrote a story about Ann who like wild sex. It was published by Kansas University Press.

  50. Larry Wilson says

    I think that Obama should be in jail…..right along with Eric Holder. For accessory to murder! That sent guns to Mexico knowing they would be used to kill people there and they were used to kill American as well. If that is not a crime, what is!

  51. guest says

    You go, guys! Wish my state was in the mix, but our governor has his nose so far up O’s backside, it won’t happen.

  52. Yadja says

    Every single state that is not Democrat should be onboard with this. The entire country, that has a brain, needs to stand up and be counted for against everything O is doing and has done.

  53. dude says

    I would like to no the states so if my state isn’t one of them maybe we the people can vote out or get our state added to the law suit cause wv is again’st any kind of amnesty an illeagles

  54. Kathy Andersen says


  55. badger says

    Sleeper cells alarm clocks are now ringing. They have waken up. Some are advising O and some have been elected and appointed to political office by O.

  56. wired says

    Boehner is thinking about his pockets as he is a Progressive Rhino pig ! Old school GOP want this because of the money involved for them ! The sell outs they are !

  57. joe joe says

    Boehner and all rep. congress are a bunch of ckickenshits!

  58. LeonS9671 says

    An Act of Congress is required. Notify Congress with a 24 hour compliance period. Inform them that if each member personally does not call for Barack Obama, Obama’s Cabinet past and present – Hillary, Biden and Holder absolutely included, Obama’s State Department Heads and every one of Obama’s Appointees to Government Positions of either Power of National Influence including all Supreme Court Appointees be Immediately “Impeached, Removed from Office, and Federally Incarcerated” for a period of not less than 25 years without Possible Parole or future Presidential Pardon. And the removal of all Federal Pension Pay or Government Recompense for services to our Country. The immediate Removal and Incarceration of all above mentioned responsible parties will be removed by our “U.S. Military Personnel”. The above listed parties are to be removed on the grounds of “Treason & Sedition” as “Enemies of the State”. And for this suggestion I will hold back the laws broken and acts of failure to uphold their “Oaths of Office” and the U.S. Constitution and have put every U.S. Citizen in Harm’s Way, Financially and Literally.
    That a grassroots petition drive will be started in every state and county to recall all non-conforming Congressional Members. Remind Congress and the current Executive Wing holders that the Citizens of this great Country hired them and we will fire them.
    Or you can do it by a national petition drive for an emergency national vote that would need to by signed by a majority of U.S. Registered Voters demanding the immediate Impeachment, removal and incarceration for acts of treason and sedition against the United States of America.

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