2014: Jewish Voters Pulling to the Right


The 2014 elections showed Republicans making inroads in quite a few surprising demographics, but it is their growing popularity in the Jewish population that has Democrats concerned. According to Tuesday’s exit polls, 33 percent of Jewish voters pulled the lever for Republicans while only 65 percent voted for Democrats. While it will be a long time before Jews identify with the Republican Party, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this marked a 30-year low when it came to Jewish support for the Democrats.

It’s not a new trend. Though Obama has undoubtedly hurt his party’s chances with the Jewish voter, GOP support in that community has been steadily rising since at least 1992. That year, only 11 percent of Jewish voters marked their ballots for President Bush. In 2012, 32 percent voted Romney. With a slight uptick in the midterms, the trend seems to suggest that Republicans are slowly but surely winning over what was once thought to be a monolithic liberal voting block.

The Israel Factor

Over the last year, Obama has made it clear that he does not stand with Israel in the tradition of the American presidency. He has slammed Benjamin Netanyahu with increasingly strong language when it comes to civilian deaths in Gaza, and liberals as a whole have condemned Israel for fighting back against Palestinian terror attacks. While Jewish Americans do not always identify with unconditional Israeli support, it’s clear that at least a portion of the community has been turned off by the president’s biased approach.

A poll earlier this year showed that only 31 percent of Democrats supported Israel’s actions in Gaza this year. 65 percent of Republicans supported those actions. This provides a stark example of one issue where the two sides could not be further apart. Liberals believe Israel is engaged in an illegal occupation, and some have even compared Netanyahu’s military force with the rise of the Third Reich. Conservatives, meanwhile, have strongly condemned the terrorism of Hamas while supporting Israel’s right to defend themselves against attack.

Could we live to see the day when Republicans capture the majority of the Jewish vote? Most analysts doubt it. Obama has been careful to express strong support for Israel even while his actions seem to indicate otherwise. Many Jewish Americans are almost unbelievably liberal, and it might take more than a single issue to turn the tide in a big way. While the GOP can continue to chip away at the massive disparity, the chances of seeing a strong foundation of Jewish support anytime soon are slim.



  1. Seldena says

    Why would the Jews support the Democratic party that hates them? They do not support Netanyahu or the state of Israel.Jimmy Carter sends money to Hamas. Obama supports Hamas. the Jews need to understand the Republicans DO suppoert netanyahu and Israel. That is who the jews ought to support!!

    1. abbeyc says

      They also need to understand that Christians are the best friends they have ever had! If it were not for Christians, they wouldn’t be here!!

      1. cochise1 says

        Ditto. It looks like the last defenders of Israel will be those of us on the Christian right. The left has deserted Israel and thrown in with Hamas and the rest of the Muslim murderers. Activist blacks hate Jews a la Jesse and Al.

        Of course, the left also hates Christianity less a few naive, liberal bishops and pastors. We are under daily attack and will need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish state.

        1. Shannah says

          Hmm, I seem to remember an entity called GOD! Israel doesn’t need any other defender. Christians are nice and all, but I’ll depend on HaShem and Yeshua HaMashiach.

          1. abbeyc says

            Except that God works through Christians to save you. Which we do. Willingly. After all, the Messiah is a Jew. Oh, Jesus IS God.

          2. Conservative says

            Read the Old Testament. God has always worked through people! Starting with Moses who led the people out of Egypt, etc………

          3. RobertNorwood says

            Gotta love the folks who think God is this guy up in a smoky cloud waving a magic wand. “The Lord works in mysterious ways”, and unless one understands the mystery one has no idea.

          4. stephanie wilson says

            gotta love the folks who love to insult the very one who gave you life.

          5. RobertNorwood says

            They’re just angry and trying to get attention…

          6. stephanie wilson says


          7. RobertNorwood says

            the folks who love to insult the very one who gave you life

          8. stephanie wilson says

            i see. thanks.

          9. billdeserthills says

            Yep He sure did thank Moses real good too

          10. Sue4477 says

            Moses disobeyed God, that’s why he never entered the promised land.

          11. billdeserthills says

            Moses was a good servant to G-d and he served well & long. He did not deserve the treatment rendered upon him by G-d. Ask Jesus if You don’t believe me.

          12. Sue4477 says

            Are you saying you believe that God made an error? That Jesus doesn’t agree with what God did? Pretty hard for God to disagree with himself, don’t you think? God is all loving and all wise. He doesn’t make mistakes or disagree with himself.

            Moses was a great man who did many good things. God trusted him greatly. But Moses was human with human frailties and the propensity to sin. He made a serious mistake: Moses disobeyed a direct command from God and took the credit for what God did unto himself. For that reason, God penalized him and let him look upon the new land, but he would never arrive there.

            Here is the 1st site I came across that explains it. There are others that you might like better. http://www.gotquestions.org/Moses-promised-land.html

          13. billdeserthills says

            It may be an explanation but I don’t accept it. This is one thing I have always found unfair about my religion & G-d. Moses was obviously angry at the israelites who did not believe in his G-d and allowed his anger to become misplaced, I still don’t believe moses was treated fairly. If that is the lesson to be learned, that once in G-d’s employ fair treatment is not to be expected, well that answer comes across real clear, for me.

          14. Sue4477 says

            You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Where can I find your reference to Jesus’s disapproval to God’s treatment of Moses? That would help me better understand what you’re saying.
            In the 1st Commandment God tells us he is a jealous God and will have no others before him. Moses’ altering & disobeying God’s command & taking credit for God’s miracle violates this command. So I can see this as an important problem. This is the very reason satan & 1/3 of the angels were sent from Heavenly service and became demons, to be defeated by God in the end. The same reason man fell from grace out of the Garden of Eden and we now live in a messy, fallen world. I can see that God’s sovereignty is an undisputable fact. Something he doesn’t take likely.
            Since God is perfect, I have to accept his actions even though I wish they weren’t so drastic for Moses. While I personally would maybe have handled it differently, I find I must accept God’s sovereignty and decision.
            God is always fair in his perfection and wisdom which are far above our human understanding. One day when we are with him, we will better understand his actions and thinking and more clearly see why he did what he did.
            For now, we can only puzzle why this happened.
            God bless…

          15. billdeserthills says

            As a Jew I am not to know personally, of Jesus’ gifts, however his easy forgiving nature tells me that he would never have treated moses in such a shabby way. Your G-d may well be a forgiving and fair G-d, however the G-d of the Jewish people is, as you said, a cruel & jealous G-d. I do not wish to worship such a being and have not, in many years. Perhaps it is true that Your G-d is perfect, but I can see a marked difference between the two beings.

          16. Sue4477 says

            I respect your opinion & viewpoint. I propose that God seemed more angry & punished more often in the OT because man was so very disobedient. The Jews, like yourself, are his chosen people, yet too many were so very fickle and constantly moved away from God and offended him (sinned) so much in the OT. Even the Pharisees, who should have been trustworthy, were often not. Jesus called them to their faces ‘whited sepulchres’. The faithful Jews were honored and protected often.

            By sending Christ to fulfill the law and teach how it was meant to be followed, we see a more gentle, loving God. Maybe God was tired of all the disobedience and punishments of the OT and sent Christ to show us the way God intended us to live. Jesus teaches that God desires an intimate, loving relationship with us. But we must show our love by keeping his commands, but also in many other wonderful ways. If you are willing, you might want to learn more about this NT teaching of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, who redirects our behavior and points the way for us to live our lives in a way you may find more acceptable. It’s also the way God desired from the beginning.

            I have found so much joy, peace of mind, security in his protection and much more. I will never give up this precious relationship. Not even if I am threatened with beheading!

            May the Lord bless you and guide you in your life’s journey.

          17. billdeserthills says

            Thank You for your patient discussion, I wouldn’t feel right becoming a Jew for Jesus though. Hopefully one of the magical red calves will be someday located, indicating G-d’s interest in reviving the burnt offering. Not that the folks in Israel will have the slightest idea of what to do with it.

          18. Sue4477 says

            Now you’ve gotten me interested about the calves! Can you explain about the magical red calves?

            Our Christian offerings, instead of burnt offerings, are good things we do for others, fasting & prayer, and a contrite spirit for sin (offending God).

            You seem discouraged with parts of your faith, yet loyal to it. That puts you in an uncomfortable place sometimes doesn’t it? Not that it doesn’t happen to many of us at times. Some people ALL the time.

          19. billdeserthills says

            I think the last burnt offering took place while Jews still retained the Arc of the Covenant, all I know is a perfectly red calf was required to be located and it was sacrificed via fire. I know since then the rabbinical leaders have always found some deficiency in whatever red calves have been found, and it has always been decided not to hold the burnt offering, due to the possibility of angering
            G-d. I cannot understand how reverting to an old custom could anger Him, but I don’t understand the whole Moses incident either, so I am obviously lacking somewhere.

          20. Sue4477 says

            Thank you for explaining. I wouldn’t have found the scripture passages easily. I would think a perfect red calf almost impossible to find. Maybe if the calf is imperfect, the offering is imperfect and not compliant with the law? That could mean an insult to God by offering imperfection, not perfection? Just my guess.

            Why not ask God for wisdom? In Proverbs and the story of David/Solomon wisdom is highly prized (for good reasons) and may help you with the things you don’t understand and find discouraging. If you want to understand the scriptures better, you also could study them with someone more knowledgeable, couldn’t you? That’s if you really want to study.

            May the Lord be with you always and bless you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and bring light into your life.

          21. gin says

            Agreed but not always. Remember GOD do send the so call ‘nature’ disasters. When HE worked through people, it is a sign of warning and if people do not repent, misfortune follows. When we provoke GOD too much, like obama said, his patience has limit so does GOD. So I rather provoke human than GOD. I believe there is hell and I don’t wish to go there.

          22. Sue4477 says

            I don’t believe God SENDS natural disasters, for he is all good. He allows nature to take it’s course, while still helping those who love him, and those prayed for by those who love them. What would be the point in creating all the natural laws that govern our world if God jumps in constantly to alter these same laws?

          23. gin says

            First, Who is in charge of nature? Is it not GOD? That been said, GOD is by all nature good, loving and forgiving. It is us human race, HIS own creations abandon HIM and do all sorts of crime.

            Quote : ‘What would be the point in creating all the natural laws that govern our world if God jumps in constantly to alter these same laws?’ Unquote

            Like saying, what would be the point in creating the laws of the country that govern America, when obama and his administration jumps in constantly to alter these same laws. (which obama did)

            GOD don’t change. HE is a GOD of HIS word.

          24. Sue4477 says

            I agree we abandon God and commit all sorts of crime. I agree with your analogy about obama. You made my point.
            God is the same today, tomorrow and always. You haven’t made a case for our all good God to purposely decide and act to create a natural disaster which can be very harmful or bad.

          25. gin says

            As said, we serve a patience GOD, 1 day to him is like a 1000 years and vice-versa. If you were to read the history of the Bible, how the Jews rebelled and how GOD punished the Jews.

            Jews have many years of good lives in egypt (I believe many too have forgotten GOD) until 1 pharaoh decided to mistreat the Jews. Jews then remembered their GOD (GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and they cried unto the LORD for help. What action did GOD took? Is it not a natural disaster that befall the pharaoh and her people. Moses warned the pharaoh to let the Jews leave otherwise disasters will happen. GOD had to sent 10 plagues to destroy egypt. GOD intervene to save HIS people, not because we deserve to be save but because by nature HE is a loving GOD.

            All of us will meet our maker one day, no natural disaster is benefiting to anyone but every prophecy from GOD will be fulfilled and whatever man-made disasters or natural disasters, it is all gearing towards GOD’s plan. There’s no way to escape Judgement Day.

          26. Sue4477 says

            I agree with all you wrote. I know about these things.
            I asked why you would think our totally good God would purposely decide and act to create a natural disaster which could be very harmful or bad. I should say I had in mind avalanches, heavy snows that kill or maim, falling rocks, car & bike accidents and all the everyday things like these. You wrote about the disasters that God specifically made to happen to the Pharoah & Egyptians in order to push them into allowing the Israelites to leave Egypt. Certainly God does this, but I asked why he would do it CONSTANTLY.
            He doesn’t stop ALL the natural disasters. Nor does he personally act to produce each car accident, avalanche, etc. He lets plenty occur as the natural result of his design of our physical world & physical laws. The answer is: God doesn’t CONSTANTLY change his own physical laws. He will AT TIMES create disasters as he did for the Egyptians, the burning fire for Moses, the storm that led the Jewish people on their journey out of Egypt, and so forth. He always has that privilege.

            I find your writing is not clear, not well put together so you can be understood by all. You misspell and use some wrong words to express yourself. If this is a 2nd language for you, then you’re doing okay. I must say I’ve had trouble understanding you correctly. I think what we are saying is very much the same. We’re just not communicating well. God bless…

          27. gin says

            Sue, thank you for your patience and understanding. Yes english is my 2nd or 3rd language. I am a malaysian, i try my best to understand what you are writing but i fail, sorry for that.

            Never the less, let me give a last try. To me, things that happened, which we call a natural accidents. We have to ask, How sure are we, that we ourselves are not the contributing factors that causes everyday accidents and disasters. The way we dress, act, drive, speak and the crowd we hand out with, is it proper or inviting. Yes we could be at the wrong place at the wrong time. GOD is not evil, devil is the one who causes evil and bad things happen. if we were more in tune with GOD, maybe we wont be at the wrong place at that right time. or could it be the devils who are causing all these pain.

            and sometime things happen for a reason that we will never know, until we meet GOD next. GOD is always looking out for us, when HE decides to have a natural disasters, it is bad to human and will never understand why GOD allow it to happen. But GOD did for HIS own reason. GOD is reminding us that HE is still in charge and HE has the authority to command disasters to happen when we stray too far from him. For the innocents, who are godly, who knows they could be in heaven with GOD rejoicing and the evil is burn in hell.

            9-11 happened. was it a natural disaster or man made? Ebola is it man made or GOD sent? Can GOD stopped that, Yes HE can, but HE did not. Reasons, we don’t really know, are we straying away from GOD. Is GOD reminding us like HE had to remind the Jews. Or is HE letting us to choose between evil and good. Because whatever happen, natural or man made, the war is between GOD and the devil and we are their battlefield. And we have a choice to choose whom to believe.

          28. Sue4477 says

            Yes, again I agree with your ideas. Sometimes we make mistakes and trigger a series of events we didn’t mean to. But we know God can bring out good from any situation for those who love him. We can’t see the big picture, but God can. I give all of me to him, trusting that he will make the best decisions for all. I don’t need to be worried with him in charge of my life.

            I’ve thought about these drastic changing times and your idea that God may be allowing this to show us the weak areas of our country, Constitution, laws, etc. I’ve had to think about what I would do in several possible futures. I know I will not accept the dictator obama as ruler. For a Muslim takeover I will declare myself Christian and die, if I am fortunate. To live as a slave is not so easy to do.

            Do you live i Malaysia or the US or where? It makes a big difference to what you are going through in your life right now. That’s why I ask.

            I think God is causing us to face the unimaginable and be ready with our answers. Who do we follow? Will we support the things we’ve always said we believed and support others who believe the same? Will we be kind and share with those who have little or nothing? Will we fight the enemy at every turn? God’s enemy is our enemy. It’s our time to be counted as God’s people and put our faith in him. Christians have faced horrible odds before and won, and many in our nation are silent, good God-fearing people who may be forced to make some very tough decisions.

            May we all be washed in the Precious Blood of Christ; on the outside for protection, on the inside for correction.

          29. gin says

            I’m in US, thank GOD for HIS perfect timing, I’d would have died in M’sia if not for HIS constantly looking out for me. Yes is bad in M’sia and Americans are so fortunately for been able to see, read and learn the truth, yet majority reject truth. Like the Arabs world, news are censored and they’ve to published according to government guideline, otherwise the media is in big trouble. Sad, black become white, lies become truth. Everybody is so mess up and beginning to doubt GOD.

          30. Sue4477 says

            So glad you are happy to be here. I fear you’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire. This country has changed drastically in a relatively short time. The process for change has been around for a long time, but the highly visible, crazy changes, especially of the President’s are more recent. The major press outlets tell only the democrat/liberal view.

            I’ve heard dramatic lies on their stations. You may learn more at different sources of sites like this one. Here we must stand up for God to the Godless and become more visible. We Christians are being persecuted by our government and democrats/liberals. Dems/libs are especially loud mouthed about their agenda as if louder makes “righter”. They get very emotional, sometimes rabid, to try to push their opinions. I don’t know why they do this. This group STRONGLY supports the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender 2% of the population. Obama has forced us to pay for everyone’s abortions and trans-gender operations. All against our religious beliefs.

            I guess you’ve seen this for yourself. We have a tough job to determine truth from fiction. May God keep you close to his heart…

          31. gin says

            Thank you Sue, I’m glad to have met you here. May GOD bless and protect those who trust HIM. You have a good day.

          32. sandraleesmith46 says

            Absolutely, and He has stepped in more than once even since forty-eight, but how we as humans view and respond on issues concerning Israel are also a test for us, because God tells us more than once in His Word, that those who bless Israel He will bless, and those who curse Israel He will also curse. So will we be obedient to His Word, or follow the path the world has chosen in this matter? Our leadership has chosen the latter, and that, I fear, bodes ill for this nation as a whole; but what we, as individuals, choose also matters. Yes, ALWAYS God first, but He chose Israel, and hasn’t yet finished with them, so we, as His followers and children also should be standing with Israel. Many don’t.

          33. kNOwJUSTICE says

            Yes, that’s exactly what the Bible says. I, also, fear what this nation is coming to. If we don’t, as a nation, repent of our wicked ways, God is going to take His hand off this U.S. of A. Lord, please have mercy on this country!

          34. sandraleesmith46 says

            He already has done thhat. Did you think it was an accident our own government has turned against us? Or that we’re seeing frequent weather events more destructive than usual? Much less that prophecies going all the way back to the early prophets are now unfolding before our eyes? The Church is under God’s coreection now, and what follows will not be fun for those who fail to take heed.

          35. RobertNorwood says

            Fine, we’ll take our guns and go. Good luck with that, we’ll keep the light on for ya.

          36. Shannah says

            Good! dont need you! really would like to see your face when Israel prospers without you!

          37. Amy Thomas says

            Humm, where was your God when the U.S. and other countries had to save you from concentration camps of Hitler???

          38. billdeserthills says

            He was taking a nap?

          39. Amy Thomas says

            Haa, does he nap??

          40. jerrycollie says

            G-d does not take naps; and neither do Zionists.

          41. Shannah says

            Ok, Amy, time for some education, since so many of you resist doing it yourself. back when the Israelites agreed to be the Chosen People of GOD, they did so prior to knowing what the Laws were and they did so because they loved and trusted GOD with their lives and the lives of their descendants. The MAIN promise other than that HE would be our GOD and protector forever, was the promise of a “Home” for our people, a land of milk and honey, a huge area of land that the current Israel only occupies less than 1/10th of today. During the Diaspora (Die-ass-pora) which means the time when the Jewish people had migrated out of Israel due to being thrown out by other groups, one of which was the Christians. One of the most widely known theorys about why that happened to my people is that it was allowed as a punishment from GOD for not seeking to return to the home land that GOD gave us and becoming too comfortable in other countries such as Germany, calling such countries “Home”, which they most decidedly are NOT. “Home” is ISRAEL, none other. And, by the way, your comment seems extremely gloating. Isnt that what America does? Isnt that part of the American system of JUDIAO/Christian values? Rescuing those in need and helping those that are persecuted in other countries? And do you think, as your comment/question suggests, that the Jews should be thanking the American people for all time for the help and rescue you HELPED provide, the British were our rescuers as well. Some will be blessed for that rescue and help, others like yourself, with so much arrogance it stinks, I’m not so sure.

          42. Amy Thomas says

            First of all evidently you have a reading problem.” the British were our rescuers as well” !
            TAKE a good look my post which indicated just that ” U.S. and other countries”. Also remember God helps those who help themselves and those who refuse to do so and count on others to rescue them are fools. The truth is not gloating it is the facts and one wonders why a people who for years has been double crossed, refuses to defend themselves and continues to put the people in office who hate them, like Carter , Hildabeast and Obooombo ..When the Jews established their own home Israel, most Americans thought that the lessons they learned after millions of their people being destroyed by Hitler had finally sunk in and they were ready to stand up for their own, but the American Jew is still supporting those who hate them. Had any other religion been attacked by these same so called politicians they would have made it their goal make sure they never got reelected, yet the Jews simply do not seem to care and support them. Your remark that I stated Jews should be thanking the American people is something you posted NOT ME!
            We fought a war to remove a dictator and a monster to make everyone safe from him, and not for any certain group.

            Certainly in certain cases history is doomed to repeat itself when the Jews refuse to remove their enemies from leadership and continue to support them. Obama staff called your leader in Isreal a idiot and yet the Jews continue to vote for him in this election.

          43. Shannah says

            OK, I get it, from your point of view, ALL Jewish Americans are liberals, WRONG we run about 35% Republican, and lets see if we can push the line of thinking….ALL non-christians, except yourself and anyone that believes exactly like you do, are _____________ (I’ll let you fill that one in). You need to stop lumping people together! We are all individuals. And getting angry at me only makes you angry, not me, because to invoke or causing to invoke that kind of emotional reaction, you have to have an emotional investment, which I do not, not in you. I do not know you. I choose who/whom I let affect me emotionally. You seem to think I like Obama, I dont. I simply pray that he isnt allowed to destroy America in the next 2 years or longer if proves able to place himself in a position of higher authority due to martial law. If that is allowed to happen we are all in trouble. When are you going to stop seeing others (regardless of who the “others” are) as “THEM” and start seeing them as “US”? By the time most of you get around to realizing this, it will be too late. But you keep on arguing and dont bother to stop and even try to see things from another person’s or groups’ point of view. And when you finally stop and look up, I pray there is something left of OUR country to salvage.

          44. Amy Thomas says

            Better learn how to read. In no way did I say that ALL Jewish are liberals. I was writing about the liberal Jew who continues to support Oboombo and the rest of the liberals who attack their own people, calling the leader of Isreal a idiot.Jews should have been up in arms when that was revealed, yet they did nothing. If you are one of them so be it. Furthermore I am not a non Christian (whatever that is)and I do not lump anyone, most intelligent people understand what i have posted and my direction to the liberal Jewish voters who continue to support the worst leaders. I think it is you who has jumped to judgement and one wonders why?Again, history is doomed to repeat itself because of liberals who refuse to stand up against dictators.

          45. Ben Name says

            “You need to stop lumping people together!”
            that sounds like bigoted behavior.

          46. stephanie wilson says

            ben is a troll. watch out

          47. abbeyc says

            Ben sounds like a two year old.

          48. stephanie wilson says

            that’s true! hahaha! i wanted to give you a ”heads up” b/c i dealt w/ him b4 & he likes to annoy people.

          49. stephanie wilson says

            i think you may be right! hahahahaha!

          50. Ben Name says

            “…since so many of you resist [educating] yourself.”
            that about sums them up.

          51. stephanie wilson says

            He was there. He is everywhere. He used us & other countries to free the jews. i’m sure He wept.too. remember we have free will. He could have made us robots.to automatically love Him & do His will, but that isn’t love.

          52. abbeyc says

            That is too deep for Amy Thomas.

          53. Amy Thomas says

            Strange remark coming from someone who cannot even seem to read any post correctly…

          54. abbeyc says

            You are right….sorry….Its not that I don’t read correctly, rather I responded to the wrong post and poster.

          55. Amy Thomas says

            No harm done. Happens to everyone at times.

          56. Amy Thomas says

            God gave humans the ability to think and reason, he cannot be responsible for those who chose to condemn themselves to slavery. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. and unless you can think for yourself and not continue to think you have some special person to protect you no matter what, then you will find yourself the victim time after time.

          57. Shannah says

            Amy, not true. (side note: a non-christian is a Jew, a muslim, an atheist, an agnostic, a Hindu, anyone who isnt a christian!) the whole point of faith isn’t just faith in Christ, but Faith in GOD. Enough faith in HIM to trust that he is in the lead and he is in control. You, just like myself, seem to be a type A personality. We find it hard to give control over to others. And yes, He wants us to help ourselves, but not like you mean. “He helps those who help themselves…” You help yourself by giving over control of the WHOLE of your life, without worry, without thinking, “I’m really worried the money isnt going to last the month, so this month,week, whatever, I just will not tithe because I need the money more than GOD does.” ALL belongs to him. So many Christians have it totally backward, you do not tithe to give GOD 10% of what you earn and expect HIM to return it to you 10 fold, He gives to you, and you in turn give back 10% showing that you love and trust HIM to take care of it all.

          58. Amy Thomas says

            Amazing you are blaming Christians for what you THINK they believe and object to any comments made about your religion.You evidently are not reading what i posted as your post ignores my reply. Are you telling me that God tells you to vote for dictators and those who would turn against you? GET REAL! Voting is a decision made by everyone and is free to do so.

          59. Shannah says

            I didnt realize I was talking about voting at all. I’ve been talking about the fact that I trust my GOD in all things. He doesnt “speak” to me and tell me to do anything. He works in my heart and teaches me right from wrong. Sometimes the teaching is painful and scary, but sometimes it’s joyous. Amy, be still let HIM fill your heart with love and calmness feel the quiet relax pray HE knows your heart, HE knows what you need, emotionally, physically, financially let the frantic leave just TRUST HIM

          60. Amy Thomas says

            READ the top of the article, this is what the comments should be on,” 2014: Jewish Voters Pulling to the Right” 65% of the Jewish voter supported the Oboombo administration even tho he has clearly attacked the leaders of Israel.

          61. KamonSence1951 says

            Shannah, you said ” he is in the lead and he is in control”. I keep seeing contradictions all over this board. So, if god is in control, then humans don’t have free will because god is, well… in control? Okay, so if one gives their control over to god, “You help yourself by giving over control of the WHOLE of your life, without worry, without thinking” as you said, why would god put a person who does that in a situation that would give them no choice but to either burn to death or jump out of a window 40 stories in the air?

            Let me get this straight; god creates you, but god wants to be loved and trusted so good things will happen? Did god make humans so god could have play things that he could punish if his little toys don’t do as he demands? Again, so much for free will. If all belongs to god, as you say, what does god need us for other than to be subservient, pitiful slaves who must tell him how wonderful he is everyday?

          62. Shannah says

            Guys, your’e not getting it, I’m not talking about each and every
            mundane thing you do everyday. HE doesnt expect you to be stupid! If there is a fire, get the hell out! It’s about understanding that what happens in your life is part of a plan. One we do not understand and wont until the Messiah returns. Here is an example. I used to watch those tv shows that showed people with huge, gorgeous houses, people that didnt earn their money, possibly born into it, whatever, but I was JEALOUS! to say the least, and ANGRY. Why didnt my family have some of the luxuries, what did I do that made GOD so upset with me that I and my family didnt deserve that too? The Rabbi brought it home to me, “There are no punishments in Heaven and no rewards in hell”. Think about it, most people arent evil, most try to do some good in their lives and decent people for the most part, even if they are non-belivers in GOD the FATHER and the Messiah. Blatent sinners with no remorse what so ever, but not evil. GOD still loves them, so they have to have their rewards on earth, their “punishments”are to come. Others are trying their best to be faithful and trust in his mercy and his plan, but we are all sinners, every day. GOD loves us, but just as a daddy has to punish his children to teach, so does GOD have to “punish” or teach us how our sin hurts us and others, especially HIM. We can be given rewards on Earth, a healthy, long life with happiness and surrounded by the people that love us, but far more glorious blessings and rewards await us in Heaven. Rewards that far outweigh that huge pretty house and all that money. I learned a lesson that day and have never forgotten it. Stop focusing on the minutia and just TRUST HIM.

          63. KamonSence1951 says

            I am honored to be speaking to someone who knows what their god thinks, who knows what will happen to those who do not believe or follow her god, and who knows what punishments people will receive. You seem to know everything about god and all people on earth of all the thousands of religions, life and death. You are amazing!

          64. jerrycollie says

            Speaking of jumping out a 40 stories window, the other day I found the cat out on the window ledge wanting to jump. “Cat,” I said, “you have to think this through; you will have to jump 9 times!” 😉

          65. KamonSence1951 says

            “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”? Really? How does a child help themselves? How does a fetus in the womb help itself from abortion? How does a 5 year old help themselves from being beaten to death by her mother? Did slaves condemn themselves to slavery? I didn’t know that.

            Is god only responsible for good things, but surely cannot be held accountable for the not so good? It must be gods will. Praise the lord!

            You said, “and unless you can think for yourself and not continue to think you have some special person to protect you no matter what, then you will find yourself the victim time after time..” Are you saying not to rely on god to help you? If you mean god, then why do people pray? Or do you mean not to rely on another person to help you?

          66. Amy Thomas says

            Lets go over this one more time. GOD gave humans, the ability to think, reason and make judgement calls, something no other animal was able to get. Certainly a child or a fetus cannot help themselves, but God had given humans special ability so it would be up to an adult to protect that child or fetus. I am saying quite clearly you CANNOT BLAME GOD for man;s sins and evil, God did not stop the murder of his own son, leaving the decision of humans to stop evil which they failed to do and have been paying for it ever since. There are times in our life when we can only count on ourselves and should be able to do so. Somehow we have left the subject matter of Jewish people who continue to support Oboombo even tho he has turned against their people.

          67. jerrycollie says

            Being a Muslim, we cannot expect 0bama to favor Israel.

          68. Amy Thomas says

            Exactly, but it seems the 65% of the Jewish population does not see it clearly or refuses to defend their own people in Israel.

          69. stephanie wilson says

            the statement ”God helps those who help themselves” is not in scripture, many believe it is, i did too, till i read the bible all the way thru.

          70. Amy Thomas says

            YOU ARE RIGHT, Question: “God helps those who help themselves – is it in the Bible?”
            Answer:”God helps those who help themselves” is probably the most often quoted phrase that is not found in the Bible. This saying is usually attributed to Ben Franklin, quoted inPoor Richard’s Almanacin 1757

            Read more:http://www.gotquestions.org/God-help-themselves.html#ixzz3IlkWkcBD

          71. stephanie wilson says

            oh, he’s the one who said it! haha i know i have heard it many times but couldn’t remember from who! thanks a lot amy. i now know.

          72. Amy Thomas says

            No problem, I had forgotten myself who these words came from!

          73. stephanie wilson says

            i guess i ain’t alone! hahahaha! it is so easy to forget stuff. i have no idea why either. lol well, i appreciate it amy.

          74. Amy Thomas says

            i appreciate your comments also. In today’s busy busy world it is easy to forget things quickly.

          75. stephanie wilson says

            you are very welcome. you are so right about that. it is hectic today.

          76. Sue4477 says

            What nonsense. Loving God doesn’t mean you’re a victim. Trusting in his love and care for us doesn’t either. You do everything you can to help yourself while asking God to do everything he is willing to also. It’s teamwork, a joining of the heart and mind and a willingness to be faithful to what he holds dear. It’s insurance AGAINST victimization. It’s strength, wisdom, knowledge and courage beyond your imagining. And such joy.

          77. Amy Thomas says

            Better take a reading course, nowhere did i make any victim remark. God gave you brains use them.

          78. Sue4477 says

            Quote from Amy Thomas: “…unless you can think for yourself and not continue to think you have some special person to protect you no matter what, then you will find yourself the victim time after time.” I’m not the one who needs to take a reading comprehension or memory test for my own words.

          79. Amy Thomas says

            Lets make it clear for you, the choices you make are YOURS and no where did I suggest that loving God means you are a victim. it is clear the choices are yours and to assume if you make the wrong one God will protect every human being who makes a bad choice is idiotic. God gave humans the power of making decisions for yourself USE IT. No doubt God did not make the decision of 65% of the Jewish population who voted for Oboombo who has made it quite clear his hatred of the Jews.Does that mean nothing to you or do you simply believe that voting for a dictator has no consequences? Again, this is NOT AN ARTICLE about religion it is a political article only.

          80. Sue4477 says

            So thankful you chose to clarify your previously vague words.

            In the Bible you will find many people who made wrong choices, even the apostles, yet God did not abandon them to those choices. His love caused him to reach out to those who loved him, even some who did not, and help them back onto the right path. Not always, but very very often. He came to find the lost, and to set the prisoner free.
            Of course there are consequences to each action we take. To me, that’s a given, a no-brainer.

            Not about religion…AMY THOMAS: “God gave humans the ability..” “…he cannot be responsible…” “GOD HELPS THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES…” “God gave you brains use them.” (poor grammar)….”God will protect every human being…” “God gave humans the power…”
            Hmmm…you need to listen to yourself more often.

          81. Amy Thomas says

            So you think that your God will protect you no matter what decision you make whether right or wrong? And when does he allow you to take responsibility for yourself? Grow up! I only used references to religion in reply to your religious remarks. You need to take a real lesson in reading and debating. God is to busy to help your ignorance. Quit wasting my time. Anyone who supports a politician who hates them and their people, is either a fool or brainless.

          82. Sue4477 says

            AMY”S COMMENTS TO SHANNAH: “…where was your God when the US and…” “…remember God helps those who help themselves…” AMY T. TO STEPHANIE WILSON: “God gave humans the ability to think…” “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES…”
            This proves your statement is FALSE.
            Your other guesses are FALSE.
            YOU keep WRITING to ME, WASTING MY TIME, except for the entertainment value which is priceless. I have only to quote your own words to show your foolishness, lies, and hopeless confusion.

            AMY’S FOOLISHNESS: “obama staff called your leader in Isreal a idiot and yet the Jews continue to vote for him in this election.” Israel is the correct spelling. ‘An idiot’, not ‘a idiot’ would be correct writing and debating instead of ignorance. AND THE REAL JOKE: Thinking obama staff know what they’re talking about!!! :0) :0) :0) hahahaha! No wonder you’re so misguided and constantly in conflict with your OWN statements!!

            A REALLY FUNNY ONE by master reader, writer and debater AMY T.:
            “Furthermore I am not a non-Christian (whatever that is)…” A double-negative makes a positive: not (-), non(-) = +. Therefore YOU ARE SAYING YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN. You are also saying you don’t know what you said. You are very confused here. Quite the debater!

            The insults you try to apply to others just boomerang back to you over and over again.

            AMY T.: “Anyone who supports a politician who hates them and their people, (ME: no comma should be here) is either a fool or brainless.” Exactly why it’s no mystery why you support obama and exactly why I don’t.

            Reading, debating, punctuation and grammar lessons: $60.00/hr. with a BIG smile. Anticipating a good time!!

          83. Ben Name says

            what use does God have for being gender specific?

          84. jerrycollie says

            Our G-d was busy sending American troops to storm into Normandy; and sending Russian troops in from the East. I think H!tler lost, if I remember correctly.

          85. Amy Thomas says

            And your point is???????????????????????? Humm, How many times can you beg God for help when you continue to support those who are your enemies? Grow up!

          86. Shannah says

            AS MANY TIMES AS WE NEED TO! HE is our FATHER and our GOD, HE committed HIMSELF to us as a Nation until the end of eternity. That is how many times and how long.

          87. Amy Thomas says

            Really? are you stating that God tells you how to vote?? Get real. its a decision made by you with the brains God gave you to make decisions. Now if you think voting for those who hate you is God’s will, you better think again.

          88. Ben Name says

            are you saying that if Shannah had voted for Obama and not as you wanted God did not give Shannah a brain?

            That doesn’t seem like the way God works. God doesn’t do your bidding. It’s the other way around.

          89. Shannah says

            Thank you for you positive and quite frankly, uplifting comments, for me anyway. Sometimes I just dont understand why I bother with those that refuse to SEE. But as a Messianic Jew, I just cannot help wanting to share the extreme joy and delight in the new things I’ve learned and how sweet it is to be closer to GOD than ever before. Do me one more favor please! Check out a new movie available from a Christian Production House based in Nashville. I think they are the same ones that produced “Heaven is for Real” and “GOD is NOT DEAD!”. The movie is called “Let the Lion Roar!”. It is a very educational piece about Replacement Theology and how we can combat and hopefully change this misconception that the Christian church has replaced the Jews as GOD’s Chosen People. Our world, our lives, would be so much MORE! If only Martin Luther and John Calvin had a better understanding of the Bible and Christ’s teachings. Shalom my friend and may HaShem smile upon you and your house!

          90. Ben Name says

            thanks. all smiles for yours too. keep up the faith!

          91. Sue4477 says

            As Christians, we should know that Christ the Jewish man/God said he did not come to change (or abolish) the law, but to fulfill it. God’s chosen people, through their priests, had added too many of their own laws, or misunderstood some of the other laws, which is a failing of our human natures. Christ set us back on the path he wanted us to follow, which ended up being named after him—Christian. Also God included people who were not born Jewish, which was a great thing for the rest of us.

          92. Amy Thomas says

            Do you have a reading problem? My question is why 65% of the Jewish population would vote for Oboombo when he clearly has attacked their leaders in Israel and has made it obvious his dislike for them. God unfortunately gave humans the brain to make their own decisions, right or wrong, so we have no one to blame but ourselves whatever decisions we make. Religion has nothing to do with the 65% vote for Obooombo.

          93. Ben Name says

            so you don’t say, “Now if you think voting for those who hate you is God’s will, you better think again.” My bad.

          94. KamonSence1951 says

            Amy, where was ANY god when the Jews were sent to the concentration camps to begin with? Where was ANY god when millions of men, women & children were murdered? Where is any god when a bomb goes of that kills and dismembers hundreds of people, or gunman walks into a school and kills a dozen kids? Where is god when a women shreds her child to death in an abortion? Where is god when thousands of children throughout the world die from disease, starvation, neglect and abuse every year? Any answer, if you have the balls to attempt one, will be bullshit.

          95. Amy Thomas says

            Blaming God for the evil done by man is idiotic. God gave humans the brains to think and if someone uses their brains to commit evil, we can hold no one to blame but the evil doing it. Since you think my answers will be bullshit then you are wasting my time with your idiotic posts.

          96. KamonSence1951 says

            Amy, I was not blaming god for the evil that man does. That was your interpretation. I asked you where is god when these things happen, and as predicted, you did not answer my question. Why did god create an imperfect creature like the human, capable of sin & capable of murdering other gods children? Why would a god who is supposed to be perfect, without flaw, allow those who are innocent to suffer and/or die because of someone who made a bad choice of behavior? What kind of a perfect god would allow children to starve to death? There has to be a reason such horrible things to happen to innocent children every day. I want an answer! Why is it when someone asks real questions about god that well deserve real answers, the usual answers offered are that we are wasting your time with idiotic posts? Thank you for making my point.

          97. Shannah says

            The only real answer is FREE WILL! You may not like it, but there it is! GOD doesnt enjoy watching his children hurt each other, but it is neccesary for ALL to have FREE WILL so that only those that come to HIM freely, willingly are brought to be with HIM. I dont know how some people , Jews or not, feel or think about reincarnation, but I do want to think that the innocent, from embryos to young men and women get another chance to see if they come willingly. I sometimes wonder if we all dont get many chances to learn and grow in wisdom of HIS love and teachings. To me, that would fit with a merciful GOD. IF not, then there is a reason for it and I just dont understand it yet.

          98. Amy Thomas says

            Yes you are blaming God for the sins of man. God gave man the ability to think, reason and hoped he would love every creature on earth.Remember his son Jesus suffered under the cruelty of man . Certainly you do not believe he would have ignored his own sons demise?Had God stepped in to every murder, starvation and etc on earth he would have had to make puppets not those humans who think for themselves. God did not allow children to death, or promote horrible things you describe. He left man to make choices in life and seems the choice some of them made were evil. Those who are evil will suffer for eternity in Hell. That,my dear, is Gods punishment for the evil. The choice is yours.Why is it those who are atheist use the evil in the world as their point to prove there is No God?Man has chosen evil above God and will be punished for his sins as God has written.

          99. KamonSence1951 says

            Oh paleeeeeeze! There you go again..CHILDREN DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE! It so easy to regurgitate what you were brainwashed with to the point where you won’t even question the possibility that history & science might show you something to ponder. If you were born into a Chinese family, a Jewish family, a muslim or hindu family, you would be content to continue to believe as you were taught. So now you claim to know what god hoped for as well. You must be very special to know what is in the mind of your god. How do you know Jesus didn’t put someone else in his place and slipped off into obscurity? YOU DON’T. Right, god loved his son so much he let him suffer. Do you know how many other figures had almost identical stories to Christ? You are a laugh a minute lady. By the way, you may be aware that Jews do not believe in Jesus. And, I am not your dear. Like I sad before, when good things happen, it’s by the grace of god. When bad things happen, it’s because man has free will. Moronic.

          100. Sue4477 says

            Jews believe Jesus was a prophet, not the Messiah. Messianic Jews, Christians really, believe Jesus was the Messiah. You don’t seem to know much about religion. I agree with you that when people are born into a certain religious belief, they tend to follow that belief all their lives.

            Can we agree that we are not living in Heaven or Nirvana, etc. right now? That this is a messy, fallen world with plenty of misery along with the beauty and enjoyable things? My thoughts: if God were to intervene with all starving children and see that they are well fed, would the rest of their squalid surroundings make their life good? Would their hungry parents not distress them? If God fixed everyone’s problems and pain then we would already BE in Heaven.
            Instead we are in an imperfect world STRIVING to become more Christ-like and prepared for Heaven. Or whatever one’s religious belief calls for. This is our time to do for others, to grow in our life’s journey, become closer to our God in as much as we are able with his/her grace & blessings.
            If you take a pinhead stuck in the ground, circle the world’s circumference until you arrive back at the pinhead, the circumference still would be lesser than the size of eternity and the pinhead a mere lifetime. What a gift eternity is!
            Every time I think of a child dying of starvation or abuse, I think they’ve lived less than 1/4 of that pinhead and are now pain-free, so very happy and well-loved in a beautiful place in Heaven or whatever you want to call it. It’s a great gift. Forever is a long time. Life is short.
            Work on your destination. Most major world religions (NOT Islam) are very close in their teachings of how to treat their fellow man, what makes a good person, etc.

          101. Amy Thomas says

            I am quite aware of the fact that the Jews do not believe in Christ. It is their choice, I am also aware that i am dealing with an atheist (you) who believes in no religion i am also aware that children are taught by family beliefs in religion, but sooner or later they grow up and make their own decisions. I am sure there are many religions that repeat the same story of Christ but again, are they simply repeating the same story with different names according to their religious beliefs. Religion has been around for thousands of years, one has to wonder why if it is so moronic according to you. Again, I will repeat this article is NOT ABOUT RELIGION, it is simply asking why 65% of the Jewish population voted for the Oboombo klan when it is quite clear Oboombo hates Israel (homeland to the Jews) and favors the Muslim countries. Do they owe no loyalty to their own people? If you hate religion that is your personal problem but to attack others who chose religion shows how uneducated and bigoted you are. Grow Up!

          102. Ben Name says

            God created opposition. If God hadn’t then there would be no evil to base goodness on.

          103. abbeyc says

            I don’t believe God created evil. Think Lucifer.

          104. Ben Name says

            ahhh, God created Lucifer knowing that he would fall.

          105. abbeyc says

            You are fucked up, Ben. Go study a little religion sometime and try to think a little deeper. You are as shallow as a puddle.

          106. Ben Name says

            that’s a very christian response. God must be proud of your vocabulary and how you chose to use it.

          107. KamonSence1951 says

            It would behoove all of you to study history, science and archaeology. Or are you afraid you might find the truth their, that you have all been brainwashed by fables? Learn the real history of how Lucifer and hell came to be. Eh, you wouldn’t believe it anyway.

          108. Shannah says

            Yes, Ben, he has his part in this play and GOD knows how it ends!

          109. Shannah says

            NO, actually, think MAN. Adam and Eve eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in chapter 1, the angels do not fall until chapter 6, so therefore, the creature in the tree couldnt have been HaSatan, it was just an animal, Eve had been incorrectly taught by Adam, the law was that if you eat of the tree you will surely die (not necessarily that moment, but at some time in the future, you are no longer immortal!) Eve believed that and was taught by Adam that on the day you touch or eat of the tree you will surely die, so when she saw that the creature was in the tree and not dying, she thought Adam must surely be wrong and was tempted by her own urges, curiosity, whatever! After they were removed from the garden and the family grew, quite larger, men made sin look fun to those 200 angels. The 200 angels were angry and wanted FREE WILL as man had! They were angry that MAN was set above them! Angels are not to be worshipped and stacked all over our homes! They were made for particular jobs, there are several types of angels and each has a specific job to do. Lucifer, second only to Christ in GOD’s esteem was one of the 200. However, he will still be required to do his job! He is basically the first attorney for the prosecution. At judgment will stand on the left hand of GOD and tell all the horrible things we did and if you are smart, from the right hand Yeshua will say, “this one is mine”. Back to the lesson: they are basically workhorses! Servants without FREE WILL! The 200 wanted it and they wanted human women and wanted to sin! Man taught angels to sin, not the other way around! By the way, for any so called satanists out there, think about it, HaSatan is NOT the leader for HELL, he will be the second main prisoner! The main prisoner was thrown into the pit by GOD for trying to teach man about weopans of mass destruction a few centuries too soon, before we developed it for ourselves. All of the 200 have names, I do not know them, but the list is in the book of Enoch. All 200 will never repent before GOD as they made a mutual imbrication agreement, if any one of them even so much as thought of repenting the rest would kill him. They are immortal and can only kill each other. Goliath was the grandson or great-grandson of one of them. The sons of the angels were monstrous beings, hideous to behold. This intermingling of DNA is what caused diseases in humans from then on.

          110. Sue4477 says

            I disagree.
            I think you are referring to the Nephilim (fallen ones, giants), which are the offspring of the “Sons of God” (theorized to be evil angels who supposedly lay with human women, not necessarily willing women). They are again referred to later re:the giants in Canaan, like Samson, when the Israelites were there.

            There are other angels, too. God created legions of them, probably millions at least. He created both angels and humans with FREE WILL. This was critical to God, as he wanted both groups to love him w/o being forced. There is no value in a friendship or love when it’s FORCED. Fully a 3rd of the angels chose not to love, obey or serve God (sin). Lucifer, the most powerful & beautiful after God, thought himself worthy of godhood, which is self aggrandizing and blasphemy. Lucifer lost his standing, 2nd only to God, with his “No”, lost his beauty and any place in Heaven. This 3rd of the angels rebelling are called evil, demons. Some of these had sex with human women, sometimes as the women themselves were asleep. The other 2/3rds of the angels said “Yes!” to God and serve him and us faithfully. They also had free will.

            I believe God and God alone judges. God tolerated satan in his human form, tempting him in the desert where he fasted for 40 days, as all humans are tempted by evil at some time. Since his death & rising, where God is, satan cannot bear to be. God does not desire satan, the condemned, who rejected him, anywhere near him. Nor does God need him to judge humanity.Just the name of “Jesus” will send a demon away. In no way would God allow satan to be part of judgement. satan has already proven his poor judgement. Yeshua, God, already knows all there is to know about each of us. He’s omniscient. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him the sins or the good of an individual. As we stand before God, there is nothing TO say. He looks at us and we know he knows all and there is nothing more to be said. No excuses, all facts are present. Even our love for him is known.

            Neither the Torah nor the Biblical books are assembled in chronological order. Some books are grouped together in order, like the Pentateuch, the 1st 5 books, but not most. The angels were created 1st, and made their choices 1st. Then God created man. How else could a snake (1) speak to Eve, (2) with the intent of causing her to disobey God (as he did) which is sin? How else could the angels say “I will not serve” to God, BECAUSE he made humans capable of being higher than the angels through their love, obedience and the grace of God? The angels HAD to come first.

            Where in the world do the weapons of mass destruction enter into Scripture? These are fairly recent developments, not from the Torah or Biblical times. I find this part kind of wacky.

          111. Amy Thomas says

            Great! you continue to miss the point! we are not discussing religion we are discussing why 65% of the Jewish population would vote for the Oboombo party when it is quite clear they dislike Israel.

          112. Ben Name says

            we are? I had no idea you all could speak so intelligently.

          113. Amy Thomas says

            Play your childish games with someone who has nothing better to do. I have neither the time or patience to deal with morons. WE ARE ALL DONE !

          114. Ben Name says

            If you had something better to do you wouldn’t be commenting on nor reading this website.

          115. jerrycollie says

            Well, I may not know where G-d is; but I surely know where the Devil is.

          116. gin says

            Amy, we can ask GOD when we see HIM next. When one is successful and too comfortable one tend to forget GOD. Instead of praising and glorifying GOD for our success, we praise and glorify ourselves, thus putting GOD away in the box.

            Jews were punished for their disobedient and GOD scatted the Jews. I believe Jews were doing very well when they were in foreign land until most of them have forgotten GOD. In order to remind the Jews, that HE is their GOD, something had to happen. GOD promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that HE will be their GOD from generation to generations. And GOD is keeping HIS word but not us. But GOD did said, in the end, HE will gather the Jews to return to their homeland.

            And as HIS creations, who are we to ask ‘where is GOD when we need HIM’. We should be asking ‘where are we when GOD wants to have a chat with us’. If you read the Bible, you’d know that we serve a loving GOD and HE is thinking of us all the time even before we are born. Read Psalms 139 : you will know GOD is so good and great.

          117. Shannah says

            Sigh! nicely said. Shalom! Check out a movie called “Let the Lion Roar!” and no, I’m not shilling for the movie, but I just think it is awesome and everyone should see it! 🙂

          118. Amy Thomas says

            Again, you are attempting to make this a religious subject when the article is quite clear 65% of the Jewish population voted for democrats irregardless of the fact that the Oboombo klan insulted their leaders in Israel and has made it known he dislikes them. Religion has nothing to do with the ignorance of man.

          119. gin says

            2 days ago, you posted: Quote “Humm, where was your GOD when the U.S. and other countries had to save you from concentration camps of Hitler???” Unquote.

            I responded you on that remark!

          120. Amy Thomas says

            My reply was correct. Those who put GOD in the middle of evil created by mankind are fools. God does not create evil, he only created man giving him the ability to know and reason. Meanwhile you continue to quote God instead of the answer for mans inhumanity and stupidity. The point of the whole article (which you seem to have missed) was WHY WOULD 65% of the Jewish population support a fascist like Oboomo who clearly dislikes the Jews and Israel.

          121. gin says

            Yes, it is clueless, many time I ask myself that question; why majority of the Jews preferred Democrat (party that hate Jews & Christians). And will the majority of the Jews vote the same in 2016!!?? Yes agreed that GOD does not create evil and HE give us the freedom to choose. But when you bring in ‘where is your GOD, ….that’s where you start the ball rolling.

          122. Amy Thomas says

            Glad we can find something we can agree on. My remark ‘where was your GOD” was done to make others stop and think before they simply sat around using God for their reply,because they have no intelligent answer as to their stupidity to support a politician who hates them. They let it happen and then think somehow think God will save them from their ignorance. Unbelievable!

          123. billdeserthills says

            Sleeping? Maybe He was taking a load off?

          124. jerrycollie says

            Jews are crazy to support the Democratic Party, which supports Hamas and hates Israel. Look at the bad time Kerry gave Israel this past year or two.

          125. Shannah says

            Please, at least say “some” Jews, not all Jews are Liberals! We may be a minority, but we do exist! We run about 35% Republican or at least Conservative!

          126. jerrycollie says

            Yes, my bad. I stand corrected. Thank you.

          127. gin says

            As a non-Jews and who love Israel so much, I say a big thank you for not supporting those who wishes to destroy Israel. I wept each time I see these young soldiers who had to go to war to defend and protect their country and loved ones.

          128. stephanie wilson says

            you mean most. there is a jewish republican party

          129. jerrycollie says

            Thank you!

          130. stephanie wilson says

            you are very welcome!

          131. KamonSence1951 says

            Another reason many Jewish people also run from the “Right” is not because of politics, but because they do not want to be associated with the more radical bible thumpers of the religious right, which can be arrogant and obnoxious in their beliefs and desires for a Christian nation. When you have a group of people who believe that you don’t turn your life over to Jesus, you are a heathen who will go to hell after death. Go to any conservative facebk page and you will see these wackos interjecting their overboard idiocy like this every day. It’s a hard blow to conservatives of all faiths and believes because these idiots hurt the average, reasonable conservatives. It’s a guilty by association situation. Not much different than why the libs took such a big hit last week – because most of us saw and Democrat guilty by association to Obama.

          132. stephanie wilson says

            you are full of hate. i feel sorry for you.

          133. KamonSence1951 says

            Haahaahaaaa!!! You feel sorry for me? That’s very funny! I am not full of hate. I am a well lived, experienced, educated person who has an opinion just as you do. I base my opinions by talking to people & from science. So you must be full of hate as well by your own theory. It never fails that when someone cannot discuss the issues, cannot present facts, cannot clearly defend their words, they resort to name calling. People like you make my point all the time. If you want to feel sorry for someone, find a mirror.

          134. Sue4477 says

            I think you made some very good points. You were overzealous with some of your wording, but the points are still sound. There ARE some pompous, self-righteous people on the religious right who go so overboard with their fervor they make religious, REASONABLE conservatives look bad by association.

          135. stephanie wilson says

            really?? you are a laugh riot. next time you should do stand up.

          136. Shannah says

            Unless you ARE a JEW I would resist the temptation to explain their motivations for anything they do! That goes for any group that you do not happen to belong to!

            And excuse me, this is the first time I have insulted anyone on here on purpose, but you sound like an Idiot!

          137. jerrycollie says

            That is a little extreme. Try to tone it down a little next time. Thank you.

          138. KamonSence1951 says

            I AM a Jew & I am probably much older than you! I was not insulted either. I have way too much life experience to be insulted by someone as ignorant as you.

          139. Shannah says

            Too bad there is no way to prove that, any of it.

          140. jerrycollie says

            Yes, you have a good point; but I do need to clarify that while the extreme Christians may condemn us to H@LL, the Muslims will actively send us there.

          141. Amy Thomas says

            Thank you. Finally some poster who gets it correct!

          142. billdeserthills says

            You are absolutely correct, some jews, perhaps many even have forgotten the faces of their fathers and what is worse the easy way soo many were butchered by the third reich. Stupid people who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

          143. gin says

            Right, Israel has to depend on HaShem and Yeshua, but she must be a willing vessel. Hold on tight, the steering wheel is in GOD’s hand.

          144. abbeyc says

            No. The steering wheel is not in God’s hand. It is in ours. That is why we are careening down the mountain and the driver , who is us, , is asleep.

          145. Shannah says

            no the steering wheel is still in GOD’s hands, but the countries are making huge mistakes and so are the churches. But, then again, wasnt that the plan in the first place? to weed the wheat from the chaff?

          146. abbeyc says

            Guess you’re a ‘goner’!

          147. KamonSence1951 says

            Okay, “the steering wheel is still in GOD’s hands”. That makes it simple then. The world is still raping, killing, stealing, cheating, starving children, lopping off heads, flying airplanes into buildings, abducting women and children into slavery and prostitution, aborting, polluting and fighting because “the steering wheel is still in GOD’s hands”. Whew! Good to know it not the atheists fault anymore. Free at last!!

          148. Shannah says

            Yes, the major plan is in HIS hands, however, as you so willfully forget, FREE WILL is a gift, not a liscence to do bad. And while the major plan is in HIS hands, your own personal, individual salvation and how you choose to live your life is in YOURS! You are so desperately willing to place the blame elsewhere for YOUR mistakes. I’m not talking about your day to day crap, I’m talking about your “forever”.

          149. Shannah says


          150. stephanie wilson says

            you being a wise butt? were talking about people. not God. everybody knows the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob will defend the Apple of His eye!

          151. AttMore says

            DITTO!!!!……..God Bless!!!

        2. RobertNorwood says

          The left deserts everyone and often, each other.

        3. stephanie wilson says

          a humongous AMEN to that!!!

      2. Shannah says

        No, most Jewish people appreciate the Christian religion and it’s rights to its own beliefs, but we don’t need you to exist. As long as GOD wants us to exist, we will. Which from my Torah and Messianic Gospels, is forever. The Christians have NOT replaced the Jews as GOD’S chosen people and never will!

        1. abbeyc says

          Except that we saved you from extinction. God wants US to save YOU. Which we do. AND, nobody goes to the father without going through Christ first. Quit waiting. The Messiah has come. Jesus IS God.

          1. billdeserthills says

            Yeah, well I doubt if You saved Me, mebbe some ancestor of yours saved someone and that’s great news from the long ago. What have You done for me lately?

          2. abbeyc says

            Well, I know you have done nothing for me except maybe try to diminish Christmas…(doesn’t work), however, I vocally support Israel, which is probably more than what you are doing. You sound like more of a ‘take’ sort of guy than ‘give’. And actually, anybody with your kind of attitude shouldn’t have anything done for them at all. No doubt you are on welfare and EBT cards. Same mentality.

          3. billdeserthills says

            There you go talking out the wrong “hole” again, I never tried to diminish Christmas, even though I celebrate Chanukah. I certainly don’t accept welfare or your ebt cards, so no worry there. I also don’t go around telling everyone how great I am for supposedly “saving them”. And lastly I didn’t do any fortunetelling concerning Your superior attitude. I would wonder aloud “Can’t we just all get along?, but your democratic sounding talk makes me think “Probably Not”

          4. abbeyc says

            Just remember…it was Christians who saved the Jews from Hitler. That may be hard to swallow but it is true. And no matter how you want to believe Obama when he says America is not a Christian nation, he is wrong. We began as a Christian nation. Most forefathers were Christian. Christianity was practiced in the public arena and at every political event and it was America that saved the world from the Japs and Nazis. Christians. I am not talking ‘superior’…I am talking FACTS. So go blow it out your a$$.

          5. Shannah says

            Oh! the arrogance! GOD used you! If you hadnt been around it would have been someone else, but we would have been saved! GOD would have made sure it happened if had had to use Peter Rabbit and Superman, you just happened to be handy and the generation of that time is 10X more everything than the American people of today!

        2. Conservative says

          Yes, the Jews are God’s chosen people but we Christians are also Children of God through the saving power of Jesus Christ.

          1. Shannah says

            Yes, I never said you weren’t. Please check out a new Christian film from the company In Nashville called “Let the Lion Roar! ” it’s a fantastic film from the same ones that filmed “God is NOT Dead! ” and “Heaven is for Real! “.

          2. WhiteFalcon says

            It is my belief that God wants Christians and Jews to be one in the same. Were it not for Christ, we hethans and gentiles would have no chance at all. We need to quit this stupid bickering and get along in this world. We need to stand together.

          3. billdeserthills says

            This is definately truth, We can all find something important to agree upon, like the greatness of Our Nation through the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Quibbling amongst ourselves only gives our enemies strength.

          4. WhiteFalcon says

            That is my point.

          5. KamonSence1951 says

            Through the centuries, the Christian godman has been made and remade. The image of history’s greatest superhero has morphed from Greek god to Roman politician, from youthful shepherd to Renaissance prince. An imaginary paragon can always be in step with fashion. Look at the history of Egypt and you will understand how early Christianity actually regurgitated the fables, reused the symbols, and recycled the sacred space of the Pharaohs. When the Patriarchs of Alexandria came to write much of Catholic theology, they recast an ancient religion, copying rituals, ceremonies, and demonology.

          6. Shannah says

            You speak of the Catholic leaders, not the Jewish Nation of Israel

          7. KamonSence1951 says

            I was responding to “Conservative” regarding “Yes, the Jews are God’s chosen people but we Christians are also Children of God through the saving power of Jesus Christ” because I found the statement to be rather ridiculous.

          8. Shannah says

            Then I feel sorry for you.

          9. yachty says

            Jesus is a old story stolen from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Really Jesus never existed. Christianity is a basic sect, offshoot of Judiasm, like Chabad (Jews all in Black) they have only been around 300 years or so.

          10. stephanie wilson says


          11. yachty says

            It is all true! Christianity is a false religion. Jesus never existed and if he did he was no Messiah!

          12. KamonSence1951 says

            Christianity took most of it’s original rituals from pagans, from the Egyptians and the Greek gods. Whether you like it or not….it’s history.

          13. jerrycollie says

            What evidence to you have that Jesus never existed? You have a right to question His holiness; but to doubt His very existence is stupid. Perhaps you think the Romans never crucified any Jews?

          14. yachty says

            What proof do you have that he existed? Time Magazine even said they could find NO proof he ever existed. The story in the Egyptian Book of the Dead is the same exact story, written 1000 prior to his supposed existence.
            If he did exist he sure was no Messiah!

          15. billdeserthills says

            Yes, Yes, youse are all special and needed for something

          16. KamonSence1951 says

            Study the cult of Serapis, Constantine the Great & The Council of Nicea. I think most people remove history from faith and either cannot or refuse to separate church history from actual history. Even the so called place of Christ’s birth have been proven wrong by archaeology which shows that the settlement of Nazareth did not come into existence until the early second century C.E., well after the time of Christ. There are hundreds of Christian bibles plus the foreign language editions which vary. Every group that has ever claimed the title ‘Christian’, from gnostic sects of the second century, through countless ‘heresies’ of the Middle Ages, to Mormons of the twentieth century, has had recourse to its own version of the holy testament. This fine tuning of God’s word, which began at the very inception of Christianity, continues even in our own day. Though this plethora of bibles share a common core, many contain material omitted by others, and vice versa. Even where the content is ostensibly the same, verses have been removed or added, words transposed, rearranged or rephrased. Evidently, god as the ultimate ‘author’ is endlessly searching for that fine nuance, that pithy turn of phrase.

          17. Shannah says

            Here again, names are a problem, as well as intelligence for this issue. HE was born in Beit LeCheim (Bethlahem to you), He moved to Natz’eret (Nazareth to you)after returning from Egypt at the age of about 5 after the death of King Herod the Great. And both cities have existed for long before, during, and after the life of The Messiah. And for the Traditional Jews reading this, he fullfills the prophesy of the Messiah being born in Israel because as we know, HE wasnt born on Dec. 25th he was born sometime in the middle of Tishre, about September 14-15th of that year during the Feast of the InDwelling, also called the Feast of Booths , more commonly called Sukkot. Which also happens to be about 6 months after Elishava gave birth to Yokanon the Immerser, born on Passover. During Sukkot as all Jews travel to Israel and set up their Sukkahs, they extend The Holy City as far as the eye can see. During that time of year, small towns all around Israel are swallowed up as part of the city proper. HE came to Dwell among us, was born in a Sukkah, not a barn, cave or anything else, but a Sukkah, during the Feast of Indwelling.

          18. stephanie wilson says


          19. Shannah says

            Stephanie, Dont know if you saw the movies “GOD is NOT DEAD!” and “Heaven is for real”, but the same film company has made another one titled “Let the Lion Roar!” It is about teaching how the wrong doctrine of Replacement Theology came about and how we as a world under HaShem and Yeshua need to go about correcting it. Check it out online! I think that might be the only way anyone can purchase it right now. Happy Viewing!

          20. stephanie wilson says

            rewriting history is typical for you people

          21. KamonSence1951 says

            @ Stefanie: Who are you talking to? Who is “you people”?

          22. jerrycollie says

            you people = us Jews

          23. KamonSence1951 says

            Do some research, it’s not being rewritten because it was already a fact. Prove the historical, archeological and scientific information is wrong.

          24. Shannah says

            Where does the Torah fit into your theory?

          25. jerrycollie says

            I think that is silly to say Nazareth did not exist until the 2nd century. How would archaeologists know for sure when Nazareth was first settled? They may have evidence that Nazareth existed in the 2nd century; but that does not prove it did not exist before that time. It could have been wiped out by the Romans back in
            70 AD, during the diaspora.

        3. Robert says

          Who do you think built and arms the Iron Dome system that keeps them safe? Seems not too long ago(during the most recent war with the Terrorist Hamas) they were running low on missiles and the USA had to RESUPPLY Israel with more. The Palestinians may not have “wiped “them off the Earth, but if not for America being their only ally(true), Israel would NOT be here today. Regardless of what you think about “only needing God”. Better learn more about the way things really work. We (America) have kept Israel safe(up until O-blow-hole took office and just maybe a little bit during O-blow-holes rein) And where did you get the idea that “Christians have NOT replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people?” The Bible(new and Old Testaments) has spoken, with the New Testament for us and the old Testament for the Jews(whom don’t want to fight; refusing to serve in the military?)

          1. Shannah says

            You need to do some research before making such statements! Each and EVERY highschool graduate MUST spend time in the Israeli army !!! Men -3 years, women- 2 years. If they don’t, they lose the rights to vote in elections! and a few other rights Americans take for granted! I think every person in America should either serve in the military or pass a test If unable to serve in order to VOTE! Everyone on here keeps telling me to think about the reality of American and world politics! , seems I know more than most of you!

          2. Fedup says

            I know it’s a requirement for the Israelis to serve in the military but do you think he meant American Jewish people? Not ever serving myself but being the wife of a service member, I never paid any attention to any of the others in the unit.

          3. Shannah says

            In America some Jews serve in the military, some don’t, just like any other religion or group. But with the Jewish Nation as a whole being only 0.5% of the world population (last time I looked it up anyway) it seems only natural that it might seem as though we don’t serve in the American military much. Actually, the American military has kosher rations for Jewish field service personnel and go out of their way to acommodate Jewish service personnel.

          4. Fedup says

            I’m not sure what he meant by his comment because I thought it was common knowledge that the Israelis have to serve in the military. That’s why I questioned if he was talking about our military.

          5. emag says

            Its just not an American jewish thing to do to serve in the military. And that’s fine. What bothers me is their leftist liberal agenda, their total support of 0., their many leftist financial supporters of this regime, and their stand against Israel.
            The real jews are in Israel, American jews are just socialist/commies, who don’t like Netanyahu (a war hero). Remember Saul Alinsky, (je wish) wrote “Rules for Radicals”, that 0. and Hilarious live by.

          6. Shannah says

            Please dear, dont drink the Kook-Aid! It isnt true that ALL Jews are Leftists! In fact a study, not a poll, has just come out lately showing that more than 35% of the Jews in America are Republican and more and more are waking up to the Fing thing in the white house everyday! Their are crazy people on all sides of the aisles, so you cannot blame all Jews id one or a few decide to be stupid! I am a Republican, well Conservative at least, Jew and I know hundreds more, even Tea Party Jews! And the Tea Party are not crazy, they simply want to go back to a style of government that we had in the beginning of when this country was founded! Please, everyone, there is a great new film you can purchase online,
            made by the same Christian film company that made “God is NOT Dead”, and
            “Heaven is for Real”, it is called “Let the Lion Roar!” and it explains
            how and why the Christian church has persecuted the Jews for centuries
            and taught that the Christians have replaced the Jews as GOD’s Chosen
            People! It is about “Replacement Theology” and how we must reverse that horrible teaching that has kept so many
            Christians from knowing the truth and missing out on so much joy and
            knowledge about their Jewish heritage.

          7. emag says

            Of course it isn’t true that ALL American jews are leftists. However 35% is still a low number. But there is hope.
            And to Fedup: Israeli jews are totally different from American Jews. yes I know they all serve in the military. I love Israel and its people, have been there twice. I admire Netanyahu, wish we had a leader like him.
            I was talking about American Jews in my previous post.

          8. RobertNorwood says

            And why not, they are intrinsic to our history. I was in the military and there were Jews along with everyone else. Look across the graves in Normandy for the Star of David, it’s there. Jews have served in the military since the founding.
            We are are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian priciples. Obammi tried to tie muslims into the fabric of our history. That made me ill; does he not look in the mirror and see an ass? It’s there, big as life…

          9. Shannah says

            I agree whole-heartedly with that. I see our country being defiled as we have never allowed in the history of our nation and It sickens me. And scares the daylights out of me! O is going to destroy this country as much as he possibly can in the next 2 years and my biggest fear is that he will refuse to step down or set up some kind of martial law issue that allows him to remain in the seat. We HAVE to come together and have a PLAN! We cannot just wait till it happens! Yes, we are all being monitored and watched in many ways, but we have cars, word of mouth and homes to meet in. Yes, I am advocating an uprising, but only if O does the unthinkable or tries to take our guns away federally.

          10. Francisco Machado says

            America cannot afford to have everyone serve in the military. Israel can’t either really, but – unfortunately – Israel cannot afford not to. War and armies are expensive, economically and in terms of man-hours. They are destructive and they kill otherwise productive people. Unfortunately, it is part of the nature of man to have wars, so – if God has a grand scheme for man – I guess that’s part of it.

          11. RobertNorwood says

            You know some things, but don’t get ahead of yourself.

          12. Shannah says

            I know I am not perfect and dont know everything, dont know much at all really, but some of these people are so arrogant! America’s arrogance is going to be her downfall! Along with this Fing so called president we have currently! I am an American and I love her, cherish the values that created her and hate to see what is happening to our country! All I want these people to understand is they have been taught their Christian doctrine incorrectly! And as I have said before, you cannot blame the feet for what the head is doing! All good Christian people that live their lives according to what they are taught about Christ even if it is wrong arent the ones in trouble! It is the Head of the Church, any church that does or should know the truth and doesnt teach it because of MONEY and POWER that is to take the blame! You are told ALL 613 Laws of GOD have been done away with by the coming and dying of Christ for our sins, then why are told you must tithe your 10% each week? Guess What? That is one of the 613 laws of GOD! IF they have been done away with, why are you being asked to tithe? Why not simply ask for donations to keep the church going instead of cloaking it in a religious practice that they say is not longer valid?! Please, everyone, there is a great new film you can purchase online, made by the same Christian film company that made “God is NOT Dead”, and “Heaven is for Real”, it is called “Let the Lion Roar!” and it explains how and why the Christian church has persecuted the Jews for centuries and taught that the Christians have replaced the Jews as GOD’s Chosen People! How we much reverse that horrible teaching that has kept so many Christians from knowing the truth and missing out on so much joy and knowledge about their Jewish heritage.

          13. RobertNorwood says

            You’re trapped between a lot of doctrines and dogmas. No one is “chosen’ by God unless chosen for a task. God’s not some deity choosing who it likes and does not like, who gets a front row seat or jimmies on their cone. If Christians and Jews vie for first place then so be it, let that be their mistake.
            Scripture, history, it’s all there to be made sense of. God is a search. Some would like God all wrapped up and on their side. The folks who think God loves them more have yet to have that conversation with God.

          14. Shannah says

            Have you read the “Old Testament”? It is still very much relevant in our lives and the history of this world. And if you have read it, did you understand it? My guess is No. Even the KJV gets some of it right!

          15. RobertNorwood says

            Yes I have, and I have read on others as well. Quit guessing, it’s worse than presuming.

          16. Shannah says

            you admitted to reading, not understanding. Obvious though, or you wouldnt be talking down to me.

          17. RobertNorwood says

            Oh, I’m sorry your highness or whatever, I understood as well. As for my perceived talking down to you, you are stuck with that. I see it as addressing you in a direct manner, either way your air of superiority has not sufficiently impressed me. Anything else?

          18. Shannah says

            No Sir, I give up, I throw up my hands in defeat as I knew I would in the end anyway. You are lost in more ways than one and it is not my place to make sure you find your way. I’ll let the Ruach HaKodesh continue HIS job and I’ll go back to mine.
            Have a good day

          19. RobertNorwood says

            Thank you.
            You are not defeated unless you were trying to win something. One can only lay a premise out, other than that what are you gonna do…
            So the Holy Spirit is a guy. Myself, I would have preferred a woman, you know, the wisdom part and all that, seems a better choice but what are you gonna do…
            Shalom Aleikhem

          20. Shannah says

            I’ll agree with you on the wisdom part!

        4. charles says

          it seems you have no more understanding then most of what the scriptures say.

          Jews are not called chosen because GOD sees anything special about you. fact is, GOD chose Jews because he saw the most stiff necked(stubborn) people in JEWS. it is more a testament to GODS ability to continue to stay true to his word. because of what JESUS did I am as accepted as any person can get. as David, Moses or Abraham. no one including Jews cannot be adopted as GODS own unless you are born again.

          1. billdeserthills says

            Really, then I wonder why G-d didn’t instead save Ishmeal’s people, for the muslim are far more stubborn and will stare into the sun until blind, if neccesary.

          2. abbeyc says

            Because God doesn’t play games. We have free will.

          3. charles says

            Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

            MATTHEW 26:41
            How do you walk in
            the Spirit? The way you do this is through living by, conducting your
            actions according to, and following the leading of the Word of God as
            quickened to you by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God
            agree perfectly because the Holy Spirit is the one who inspired the
            written Word of God.

            Denying the flesh will not result in walking
            in the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit will result in denying the flesh.
            This may seem like a subtle difference to some, but the difference is
            truly profound. As a whole, false religions teach that as we overcome
            our flesh, there is a noticeable increase in the presence and power of
            God in our lives. That was what the Pharisees of Jesus’ day and the
            legalistic Jews of Paul’s day taught. Just the opposite is true. As we
            experience more of the presence and power of the Spirit of God, then the
            influence of the flesh is diminished. Victory must come in this order.
            We don’t walk in the Spirit as a result of overcoming the flesh, rather
            overcoming the flesh is the result of walking in the Spirit.

            similar to how you fill a dark room with light. You don’t shovel out
            the darkness and then light appears. No! You simply turn on the light
            and the darkness flees. Much of religion preaches to stop sinning (get
            rid of the darkness) and then the Holy Spirit will come and empower you
            (the light will come). That’s not the way it works. Man can no more get
            rid of the power of the flesh on his own than he can get rid of the
            power of darkness without light. We have to receive the work of the Holy
            Spirit in our lives by grace and then the union with the Holy Spirit
            breaks the power of the flesh. The key to breaking the dominion of the
            flesh is to appropriate the power of the Spirit through faith, while the
            flesh is still causing us problems. Those who are waiting for the
            Spirit to manifest after they have subdued the flesh, will wait as long
            as the man who is trying to get rid of the darkness so the light will

        5. RobertNorwood says

          Chosen for what exactly; an ice cream sundae, a day at the beach, front row seats? No, it’s not what you think. Chosen to bring the word and God’s light into the world is more like it. God does not behave like a human and determine one people of all he created are better than others. We are responsible for our condition. God provides the way and we are free to misinterpret the word, ignore it or choose something worse and corrupted like islam.

        6. billdeserthills says

          Don’t argue with the christians, if you don’t want what they are selling just say, “No Thanks.”

          1. Shannah says

            Not trying to argue, trying to inspire them to become a bit more educated and open minded to the truth of the roots of the christian faith, nothing more. There is so much more to learn and be surprised and happy about.

      3. emag says

        Good Luck with that, they haven’t so far. At least not the American jews.
        33% is an improvement, but unless its over 50% I wouldn’t call it leaning right.
        Most American Jews are not religious at all, they are either atheists or Buddhists. Sure they might go to the temple for high holy days to be seen and make connections. But that’s about it. I was married to a jewish person, I know. What was really strange when going to the temple how people kept talking during the service. Could be because attendance it was just for show.

      4. Ben Name says

        how’s that?

        1. abbeyc says

          You mean how you would not be here if it weren’t for Christians? Your ancestors would be dead and that would void and nullify you, nitwit. Yes…it was America that won WWII, along with Britain….two CHRISTIAN countries!

          1. Ben Name says

            You mean two countries with christians in them and governments with some christian values.

          2. abbeyc says

            No. I mean two implicitly CHRISTIAN countries. And the United States, regardless of what the fool we have for president says, is a Christian country, founded on Christianity, Christian values (although there are those who want to change it, which of course will diminish us as a country. Oh, surprise….notice any changes in the last 50 years? America is CHRISTIAN whether you like it or not little boy. Isn’t it your bedtime? Because I have no more time for you.

          3. Ben Name says

            oh, there are no other people in America and England than christians? har har har har har!

      5. Sue4477 says

        And let’s not forget that if it were not for the Jews’ Messiah, there would be no Christians here. We are inextricably bound together.

      6. Doris Wise Montrose says

        Actually, if it were not for the Jews, Christians would not be here. And Jesus. That being said, we all who are not Muslim or Islam sympathizers should stick together. In the eyes of the Muslims, Jews and Christians are equally hated and considered enemies. BTW, abbeyc, your attitude is not helpful for relationships.

    2. Green Eyed Lady says

      Yes, I have wondered this for years.

      1. ihatelibs says

        me to , never could figure that one out

      2. RobertNorwood says

        I remember my dad’s friends from when I was kid and I remember the Jewish folks as being conservative. Like my folks they voted Repub and had fought in WWII. They understood the world we lived in.

      3. emag says

        American jews are leftover bolshevics, immigrants from the eastern blocks. Their view always was far, far left political. And they raised their kids that way. Look at Axelrod, Emanuel, Soros, Steyer, Weinstein, Spielberg, Bloomberg, Schumer, many, many. The real jews are in Israel. Although we do have some brains on the republican side like Dr. Krauthammer, Mark Levin, who got mugged by reality. Great people.
        I was married to a jew once and all the family and friends were like that. They put up a good front, but in reality they did not like Christians at all, very, very paranoid in that department. At a bar mitzvah I attended a grandfather made a speech and mentioned how stupid republicans are. Got a lot of laughs and applause. And yes, Christians are the best friends of Israel. But you see, many American jews are not exactly in agreement with Israel.
        So now maybe some common sense has taken over, we’ll see. 33% is not a large number when you think about it. But I hope they are waking up.

        1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

          A classic example of the Communist leanings of the Jewish members of the Democratic Party would be the mayor of Chicago, “Ram YeManhole”….

          The only Jews that I have ever met who had their heads on straight were the ones who were born and raised in Israel. Every one of them were soldiers, so they understood just exactly what kind of war is being fought there against the psychotic, inbred, muslim Barbarian Savages.

          You will notice that ISIS talks a good game against Israel, but they haven’t dared to attack Israel directly. That is because they know what the Israelis would do to their bearded, goat-shagging behinds.

          1. emag says

            You are exactly right. I have been to Israel and really liked the people and could relate to them. So different from jews in the US. I was very impressed.

          2. palehorse58 says

            The idiots in America forget what it was like during world war 2. Maybe they are starting to wake up. We all should support Israel. They are our best ally in the Mideast. Maybe even more so than the British.

        2. gregsmom says

          Not necessarily. My father was Jewish, and voted Republican all his life, as did his father. They’ve been in this country since the 1870s, and possibly even before that since my Atlanta relatives were still angry at Sherman for burning Atlanta during the Civil War. I’m a conservative as well. I agree that many Jews

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Many Jewish brothers fought right next to me in Vietnam and to understand them, one really has to sit down with them and hear their viewpoints. Of course, some have been misguided and raised to believe something other than the truth, but I for one love the Jewish people and there’s still hope that the “truth” will be manifested to many…

          2. cochise1 says

            A lot of Jews sided with the Confederacy. There was an artillery company from Macon composed entirely of Jews plus Judah Benjamin served as both Secretary of War and Secretary of State for the South. A brilliant man, he escaped the Yankees, fled to Britain and became a top-ranked barrister there.

          3. gregsmom says

            Interesting. I didn’t know that. Thanks for the information!

          4. RobertNorwood says

            It’s fascinating stuff. And on a strange but interesting note I was looking over the headstone crosses of British WWI dead and noticed one with a Star of David and the name, Lt. Charles Frankenstein. Amazing, but true.

        3. Robert says

          Maybe the “Republicans” aren’t the BBF of the Jews But we conservatives Christians usually 100% support and stand with the Israeli Jews(Not talking about the “American” Jews getting our support as most are Liberal Jews like Soros, Feinstein, Axelrod, Emmanuel, Schummer, Bloomberg, Spielberg etc.) Just look at where Israel is? SURROUNDED by MuSlims and they ALL want to make them extinct. Jordan and Egypt want to live in peace, so they keep their terrorists in check in regards to Israel.

    3. CCblogging says

      American Jews consider themselves to be a minority and they don’t want to be seen as being bias against any other American minority. They therefore support the anti-America/anti-Israel minority touting Democrats. American Jews are politically correct fools dancing with the devil.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        They tried that in 1935 and look what it got them. Schit don’t blow over on its own.

      2. Seldena says

        I have never considered the Jews a minority. I am a staunch Conservative that supports the Jewish people 100%. They were Gods chosen people and Christ came from the jewish lineage of David. Do they know how much Christians support them? Deomocrats and Obama are supporting everything against the Jews! This is really mind-boggling to me!

        1. CCblogging says

          Politically correctness defies common sense. The Israeli Jews know that Christians are their greatest supporters. I support Israel with contributions to Israeli orgs. I stay away from the liberal Jewish orgs.

          1. Michael Clemente says

            I can’t understand why the Jews and the blacks support these commie, MUSLIM anti Jews democrats.

          2. hankthetank says

            Be cause they think there going to get something free!!

          3. Robert says

            I get it NOW. You hit it squarely on the head. You see, the Jews have always worked hard and made something of themselves instead of putting their hand out for free stuff. Guess it makes the blacks and low-Info democRats look bad!

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Mindboggling as it may be my friend, the holy scriptures have ALWAYS promised – NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE DOWN ISRAEL !!

          1. Seldena says

            You are 100% correct!!

          2. Robert says

            Because of America.

        3. hankthetank says

          Because he is Islam!!

          1. Robert says

            Whom is ISLAM? O-Blow-hole? Yep.

        4. Robert says

          I also have never understood why the DemoncRats hate, yes,HATE the Jews in Israel. Almost as much as they hate BUSH!

    4. Virgil Ferguson says

      big business and money.

    5. palehorse58 says

      Don’t forget that the bozo in Washington is in secret talks with Iran. He is going to drive us into one hell of a war.

      1. Nice_Cat says

        Obozo is but an unwitting tool of unfolding prophecy. When the war comes, as it will, America will side with Israel and God Almighty; the outcome is not in doubt.

    6. Michael Dennewitz says

      Hey folks – – Give it time, eh? The lil sumbitch in the big house already has the rope about his neck, in time, the lil halfbreed communist bastard will hang himself. I’d much rather see his mooselum ass go before a firing squad tho, and know that they dipped their bullets in pig’s blood.

    7. Sharon Brevik says

      The Democratic Party respects Israel 100 times more than the Republicans……….But, recent activities bombing the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has caused a lot of questions…….Children were targeted on the beach playing soccer, school were bombed……….this is ridiculous.,,,,,,Netanyahu is walking a very thin line and I don’t approve of what he has done…….especially of taking more land……I have traveled there for 35 years on a regular basis and have seen little by little how he has stolen the land from a lot of my friends,,,,,,,,,,,There is no need for this….It is a Crime………to displace people who have lived there for thousands of years,,,,,way before the Jewish people appeared on the scene.

      1. mallen11 says


        1. Robert says

          So true. Some people only believe what their handlers tell them. I wish and encourage Israel to take back Gaza and The West Bank on the very next “War” that those turd Hamas terrorists start. If the “Palestinians” want a Palestinians “state” then maybe one of the MuSlim countries will carve it out of their homeland. Jerusulem is not the capitol for MuSlims.

      2. Seldena says

        You have a lot of your facts so wrong! Jews have always been here! There never was a Palestian state until they started a war and lost.All the land belongs to the Jews! it was given to them by God Almighty.!!!l

      3. charles says

        it seems that Obama believes that if he just says words they are considered as the only action required and can be viewed as reality. this is all I can bring to thought after reading your words. THEY DO NOT MATCH REALITY ! AKA YOU AREA LIAR
        oh, the democrat party ended with JFK. IN reality IT IS THE SOCIALIST PARTY.

    8. RobertNorwood says

      Like so many folks after WWII they just wanted to give their kids everything they never had like a higher education, also because of the trauma of the holocaust a liberal mentality slowly developed in their children many of whom became involved in the civil rights movement. All fine but, move forward a generation and these ideas have gone completely left and off the rails.

    9. stephanie wilson says

      my question exactly!

    10. Ben Name says

      Jews and israelis are not necessarily the same thing.

    11. Yadja says

      Let us hope that the Republicans will go for healing with Israel. O is still sending or tax dollars to Gaza and Kerry is not welcome in Israel. He went to all Israel’s enemies to get a peace agreement with Israel during the last fray and Israel was shocked as was the world.
      O is no friend to Israel for sure nor anyone in his party or administration.
      O needs to Go.

    12. william couch says

      Well look at the black community, ospook, has done nothing to support them, but they still love him & his lies.

  2. abbeyc says

    You mean they are finally figuring things out? Like Obama doesn’t like the Jewish state and aids and abets the Palestinians and Arabs? That he insults Netenyahu and his cabinet members time and time again? They couldn’t have figure this in the first go ’round and not have helped elect Obama for a second term? Why are they so slow to learn?

    1. Randall McCarroll says

      liberalism is an ideology that trumps all else Catholics vote Dem and they are not supposed to be able to take communion if they are a democrat so at doesn’t surprise me that jews vote for the people that hate them its a religion more than any thing else

      1. abbeyc says

        Catholics are not supposed to take communion if they are a Democrat? That is not true. Where in the world did you ever get that? I am a Catholic, a Republican too, but that is just not true.

      2. Lynn McCrann says

        Catholics cannot receive Holy Communion if they are in the states of mortal sin. Has
        nothing to do with being a democrat.
        I for one would like to see our priests
        refuse to give communion to those like Pelosi, Biden and so many others who
        claim to be Catholic but commit mortal sin every time they advocate and support
        abortion and homosexual marriage. They should also be excommunicated. But as it
        happens many hypocrites who know they are not permitted to take communion and do so knowing they are committing another mortal sin but do so
        as a political image and not a religious sacrament.

        1. Robert says

          At least one of them were told they could not participate in communion. I think, but not positive, that it was Piglosi. She really calls herself a Catholic? I think that if you are a DemoncRat, you should be banned from communion as they are “Pro-death-abortion,and Pro-Homo. Both are against the teachings of the Bible.

  3. CCblogging says

    American Jews would vote for Hitler if he was around and ran as a Democrat. Barack Hussein Obama is a wanna be Hitler and the Democrat party is comprised of Jew haters. American Jews are the ultimate fools for supporting the Democrat agenda.

  4. johnanaguski says

    Really hard to understand their connection to the democratic party. With Obama hating Israel they are fools to support him.

    1. Lynn McCrann says

      Understand that for generations Jews linked to socialism and because of that even if a candidate has one iota of socialistic thought he/she would get the benefit of the Jewish vote.
      Today many of the Jews are seeing themselves being used much by the democrats as are the blacks. They also are beginning to see the light of truth in that it will be they who will be the next ones being tortured, raped and murdered as is now happening to Christians by groups such as ISIS. The seeds of the holocaust are being replanted all over the world and the informed Jews are seeing the buds of that tyranny rising from the ground up reaching unforseen heights even in the United States.
      It is terribly hard to be weaned off the socialist tenet passed on through the generations but the Jews who once thought the holocaust could never happen again are beginning to see that it is already on the horizon, especially in the Middle East and even a rebirth in Europe.
      They are also recognizing that the attack on Jews is not a local one but an insidious infiltration under the banner of extremists like the Muslims who have never been tolerant of Israel or the Jewish people as a whole. They gave proof of that in the alliance with Hitler during WW 2 did they not?

      1. emag says

        You got that right.

        1. marlene.langert says

          One trouble may be that many of the older Jewish people who remember the bolshevics treatment was even worse than the czars are nowgone. My grandparents and my parents lived through that until they escaped to the USA. OUr family never was leftist. My husband’s family was leftist and neither one of us could understand why. Why would anyone love leftism when they escaped from that and came to the USA to make a better life for them and their children? MY grandmother always longed for the old life when they had a house, a good income, a shoe store and lived a good life. The bolshevics took all that away as no one was allowed to own anything. My grandmother never got over it. She died in her forties from a broken heart, but thank God, they were in the USA by then.

  5. bobby says

    The Republicans are putting way too much into this mid term. Only 37% of eligible voters went to the polls, the Democrats stayed home, that is not a mandate by a long shot. The 2016 election will be much more telling, the main reason, there are 33 senate seats up for re-election, 23 are Republicans, plus there may be a couple of retirements, John McCain for one.. By 2016 the Republicans will have shown their extreme right wing policies to America which will motivate the Democratic base McConnell better enjoy his 2 years of fame, it will be short lived.

    1. poest says

      When Democrats don’t go to the polls what do you think that says? Do you for one minute think that they are in anyway supportive of the POTUS? Of course not. This is their way of tallying a negative vote for the POS that has dug us a huge hole in the domestic and global political, financial, employment, business, and economic environment. They did not vote Republican, but they did not endorse failure either.

      1. bobby says

        You are right, every single American should vote, regardless how they vote. Republicans did an excellent job on negative campaigns this time around, that in itself turn voters off but it energize enough of the right wing base to win. Democrats were not the only ones that did not show up, the 63% that did not vote were not all Democrats. The Republicans were able to paint the President’s policies as being bad, let me give you a some facts. When the President took office on January 20, 2009 the Dow Jones Index was at 7,949, today it is at 17,390, a record. When the President took office Unemployment was at 7.8%, today it is at 5.8%. When the President took office the GDP Growth was at a minus 5.4%, today it is at a positive 4.6%. When the President took office the Deficit GDP% was at 9.8%, today it is at 2.8%. When the President took office Consumer Confidence was at 37.7, today it is at 94.5. I could fill a few more pages of the Presidents achievements but I think you get my point. I can understand why 2% of voters would vote Republican but the 98% that are voting against their own interest is unbelievable. Not to worry, we have your back. By the way, history is the greatest teacher of all, they say this is the largest Republican majority in Congress since Herbert Hoover, let’s see, what is Hoover noted for, I remember,The Great Depression. I hope this majority took a lesson from 1930.

        1. poest says

          Statistics are good. Here are some others: Over 92 Million working age Americans are not working, the most since 1978, while 2 Million are added to the work force each year just from population growth. In addition, your employment rate of 5.8% includes part time workers. There has never been so many part time workers! $7 Trillion added to our debt by Obama, “all by his lonesome”, more than any other president by at least double. There are now 50 million on food stamps, many using the $$ to buy lottery tickets, cigs, gambling chips, booze, vacation trips, etc. In 1998, the last year of the Reagan administration,16 years ago, the median household income was $51,681. In 2013, the Census Bureau tallied the median household income at $51,939! That’s an increase of $258! In 16 years! In addition, poverty under the Obama administration has increased: elsa.berkeley.edu/~saez-UStopincomes-2012.pdfhttp://elsa.berkeley.edu/~saez/saez-UStopincomes-2012.pdf
          95% of income growth from 2009-2012 was captured by the top 1%! The bottom 99% captured 0.4%! Even the liberal Huffington Post agrees: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/income-inequality-obama-bush_n_1419008.html The only place one can now invest savings is in the Stock Market, there is no other place. Obviously this only helps the upper percentiles. So, don’t paint a rosy picture of an economy wherein interest rates are so low that the lower percentiles are screwed from the interest they used to rely on. Don’t tell me its raining when Obama care is pissing our income away with its unbelievable “tax” burden! Your statistics sound great, but you forgot to sight the most important ones, income, poverty rate, and the real employment rate that includes all of working age.

          1. bobby says

            The problem I have with your stats, they are not listed anywhere at the CBO, mine are. I will agree that there are many people that are not looking for work so they are no longer counted as unemployed, that has always been the case, there is no way to calculate that number it is all speculation, it does not only apply to Obama. The problem with jobs is outsourcing and that my friend is the Republicans claim to fame. Now that they are in charge maybe they will do something about it, hold on to that dream. Why do you think right wing donors like the Koch Bros gave millions to get Republicans elected in this mid term, it wasn’t for their health. People like the Koch Bros, Walton’s and many others look on employees as a necessary evil, you go ahead and support the attack on the middle class, I will stick with the side that will fight for them. Just as a side note, do some research, Reagan started the war on the middle class Millions of people now have health insurance, I have not met one person that was complaining about the coverage they had through the ACA, only the right wing is making a big deal out of it, if you think for one minute because these Republicans got elected they can get rid of this health law, think again, it won’t happen. I do agree with your one figure, 95% of the income was capture by the top 1% but that was taking place long before Obama came to office and if you are against the 1%, why are you supporting them? Not smart. Banks were never a smart place to keep a lot of money, the stock market has always been the place to prosper, that is where the 401K go, believe me I lost a bunch of money when Bush was President but since 2009 I have recovered all my losses and made a really good profit. Some advice, talking points are OK for campaigns but when it comes to debating, facts play out a lot better. You have a nice day.

          2. charles says

            yea, I just love my $6500 deductible, many have there policies paid through the tax credit. but are finding the policy unusable because that deductible is so high. many policies are due for renew come jan and have already been informed that a increase will take effect. much of what you have stated is in error.

          3. bobby says

            I lost your other comment, the one where you used the F word. I thought there was a posting policy on these web sites, guess they don’t enforce it. Recessions are not uncommon especially after a war, that was the case in 1920-21. This was caused by returning troops causing a surge in the civilian labor force, a decline in labor union strife, changes in fiscal and monetary policy and changes in price expectations. What caused the Great Depression was the policies of the trifecta of bad Presidents, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. The same obsolete policies Bush used, thank God for Obama or we would have a repeat of 1930. With health insurance you get what you pay for, it appears you don’t want to invest in your health, you could go the other route, use Romney’s plan, if you need medical attention show up at the ER and let the rest of us will pay for it. The trouble with today’s economy is training, people like yourself don’t have the skills to land a good paying job. There are thousands of jobs out there but employers can not find qualified help. You have a great day..

          4. poest says

            The CBO? The CBO is not the same as the Treasury Dept. which reports on the facts! The CBO is an estimating tool. You know, I don’t really care if you agree with anything in my reply. What I care about is that I counter your biased use of stats and your BS.There are no bogus facts in my reply to you. The Census Bureau good for you? In any event I gave you backup which within each is more back up. All of my facts can be reliably vetted. Just use this tool we call a PC, etc.!

          5. bobby says

            The Congressional Budget Office is a Bi-Partisan fact gathering organization. I am really surprise you were using the Treasury Dept. as your reliable source, for you to use a Dept. that is under control of the Executive Branch is mind boggling, usually you would be saying the President is fudging the numbers to make him look good because the Treasury Dept. Secretary reports to Obama. I think Paul Krugman hit it right on the nail when he said, ” The biggest secret of the Republican Triumph surely lies in the discovery that obstruction bordering on sabotage is a winning political strategy.” In other words, the Republicans broke Washington. Then, they spent millions of dollars of secret money running against a broken Washington. You have a nice day and please get it together.

          6. poest says

            The Treasury Dept., Census, and IRS record the actual numbers. Secret Money? Obama knows all about secret money. He got into office in 2008 on secret overseas money. Furthermore Republicans have just now caught up with the Democrats when it comes to clever and studied strategies. Sorry you don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

          7. bobby says

            I guess you never heard of Citizen United,. That benefits the Republicans by 3 to 1. Obama never took overseas money, you have got to stop getting your facts from Fox News, Rush, Glen Beck. If he did and it was secret, how did you know about it?

          8. poest says

            I guess you never heard of the ill named ‘Democracy’ Alliance, financed by shadowy millionaires and billionaires. It is off limits to scrutiny and the press…and since you’re getting your facts from Media Matters, channels 2,4, and 7? You have nothing to sell. You’re bankrupt in props.

          9. bobby says

            Of course I have heard of Democracy Alliance, as a member of the DNC we have a network of Progressive Donors, that is one of them. Let me get your other point out there, you didn’t mention it but it is the first thing that comes out of a Conservative mouth, George Soros is a major contributor to that organization. This is an American based organization and not offshore like you suggested. About half of the funding is independent of. the Democratic Party. We believe in oversight on both sides, secret money should not be allowed on either sides, Democracy Alliance accounts for their money, they have about 21 donors and it is no secret who they are. On the other hand the Koch Bros will not tell you where their money is coming from, they funnel through third parties in this mid term about 500million dollars, Democracy Alliance spent around 350 million

          10. poest says

            The Koch brothers money comes from their earnings from their business enterprise. Soros on the other hand is a criminal foreign born insidious financial profiteer. Just the type of individual you like to get in bed with. Hypocrisy is your game.

          11. bobby says

            Wrong again, their money came from Daddy, they spend a 100million dollars every election cycle to put the party in power that will best benefit their personal interest, the Republicans, you know why I would hope, the Koch Bros don’t believe in any benefits for their employees, no health insurance, no holidays, no vacations, no 401K, no overtime pay, just straight time, they would like to pay their employees what they want, no regulations, if they want to pollute our lakes and rivers that should be their choice, they should not have to match Social Security deductions and the list goes on, these are all the same thing the Republican party believes in. You were right, George Soros was born in Hungary, a poor child he was educated in England and came to the United States (New York) in 1956. The Conservatives like to say he is a Communist but the fact of the matter is, he was instrumental in transforming Hungary from Communism to Capitalism, is that the same thing we believe. Soros donates to progressive causes, he gave a million dollars to a Super Pac backing Obama in 2012, a far cry from the 50 million the Koch Bros gave to Romney. He has also given $25,000 to Ready for Hillary. The Conservatives never mention the 35million he gave to the state of NY for underprivileged children in 2009 or the millions of dollars he gave to human right causes around the globe. His main function is not as a Democratic Donor but should be as a philanthropist, he did not get his money from Daddy, he is self made. By the way, unless you are an American Indian, we are all foreign born. MY Dad is a first generation American, my Mother’s ancestor came here from the West Indies in 1759 and rose to be a member of George Washington Cabinet in 1789. We should all be proud of our heritage regardless of where our family originated. The face of America today is not what it should be, it is run by greed and our leaders only care about their own agenda, this is not a red or blue Country, this is one Country under God, there are no winners or losers, if we do the wrong thing we all lose. You have a great day

          12. poest says

            You are wrong again, Bobby. Fred Koch, founder, died in 1968, At that time the company was an engineering firm. Koch Industries, however, was developed by the Koch brothers. This is the basis of their money. Soros is another story. His money comes from currency manipulation and is known as “the man that broke the bank of England”, and the man who brought down the Malaysian currency. This is the character trait Democrats are attracted to. Reminds me of the Marc Rich story who president Clinton pardoned via Eric Holder in the last day of his presidency. Marc Rich was another huge Democratic and Clinton campaign contributor, and an indicted commodities trader that had illegal dealings with Iran. The pardon was a naked quid pro quo! The Koch brothers employ tens of thousands of Americans! The Koch brothers pay tens of millions in taxes. And the Koch brothers are American success stories who give millions to hospitals and charities. The Koch brothers are on the up and up and don’t hide from view. Soros and his sordid ilk hide, within the ‘Democratic’ Alliance, and for the most part can not lick Koch brother’s shoes, or their integrity!

          13. bobby says

            I am much too busy to insult my intelligent by responding to your fabrications, I have tried to put facts before you but the old saying is, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I think I will follow my College Professor advice when he said, “Never waste your time debating with an idiot.” You have a great day in fantasyland. One more comment, The senior Koch was a decent man and he made millions in business, regardless how he made it, he passed it on to his two worthless sons, The Koch Bros greed and their manipulation over weak minds is not unusual for kids that inherit family fortunes, another example is the Walton’s, Sam Walton claim to fame was making everything he sold in America, I challenge anyone to find the label, “Made in America,” in their stores today, Sam Walton must be spinning in his grave, as I am sure Koch Dad is. A good friend of mine just passed away, Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A Restaurants, it will be interesting to see how his two sons and a daughter handle that fortune. By the way, Truett Cathy, was the most Conservative person you could find but he was one that always follow his Christian beliefs, that is why he kept all of his Restaurants closed on Sundays, I would never fault a man for that.

          14. poest says

            Bobby, you live in denial. You represent the party of deception, euphemistically economical with the truth, and talented at fabricating “facts?”! Remember: “You can keep your doctor, period!”

          15. bobby says

            You could keep your doctor, the only miscalculation that the President made was the fact of so many people having junk policies, the ACA set certain standards that had to be met, if those standards were not met the junk policy were drop, some doctors did not adhere to the new standards and they were drop from that system. For example, pre-existing conditions were not covered by many policies, changing jobs were not covered, under ACA both of those had to be met. I listen to Rush for about 45 minutes everyday to see what crazy he is talking about, I can promise you that the next day a lot of that crazy talk will be coming out of his followers mouth. He does have about 15 million listeners every week but that is only 5% of eligible voters, a drop in the bucket if 100% of Americans would vote the crazy talk would soon go away. You have a great day.

          16. poest says

            Bobby, you must work for Jonathan Gruber!

          17. bobby says

            No I don’t work for Jonathan Gruber, I do, however, take responsibility for my family health, the Government will be responsible for your health one way or another., If you don’t think you need health insurance, the only options you have if you become ill is to show up at the ER. Who do you think pays for that, the answer is the tax payer. The point I was trying to make is most policies prior to the ACA did not cover most of their customer with basis things like pre-existing conditions, that my friend should be a no brainer. By the way, Gruber was one of many advisors on healthcare, many of these people worked with Mitt Romney when he passed an almost identical law in 2006, MA. You have a great day.

          18. poest says

            Romney Care does not = Obama care. My insurance just went up 80%, or $7800 per year. You and your boss, Obama, are responsible along with all the other Democrats and the advisors they had on their payroll. It has been a very ugly experience and dog and pony show! Nothing you have said, none of your jaundiced facts, no salesmanship can ever pull you, your acolytes, and your victims from the hole you collectively dug for us! You should be ashamed of yourself. You will not be vindicated. History will show you to have been charlatans and hucksters, “experts” without portfolio, manure slingers and cheap empty suits. Your arrogance precedes you, is first to walk in the room, followed by pretense, deceit, fabrication, treachery, perjury, and finally people like you, Obama, Jonathan Gruber, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of your criminal gang.

          19. bobby says

            You are right, Romney Care does not=Obama Care, The Affordable Care Act is much better, the foundation for the ACA was Romney Care but because there were mistakes made in Romney Care, they were corrected making ACA more user friendly. Over 10 million people that never had insurance are now covered. If you are truly paying $7800 per year or $650 per month, you have several things that are not on your side. If you live in a state control by Republicans and they did not accept the Medicaid Expansion your insurance could be more than twice as high as it is in states that have accepted it, like Kentucky. The ACA put the Medicaid Expansion in the law for cost containment purposes.. Premiums also are based on personal situations, like income, you would have to be well into six figure income to justified that kind of premiums, Price is also based on how many dependents you have on the policy. Right now you are in the open enrollment period, if are smart, shop around, get a better deal. Contrary to what you hear, ACA is not a Government program, the insurance companies like United Healthcare, Cigna, Coventry One, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many more are all making record profits, is that not what the Conservatives like, private markets, the only roll the Government has is oversight to make sure people like you are treated fairly. The Republicans are the ones lying about the ACA, this has been a useful Campaign tool that they will attempt to carry into 2016, it won’t work, a certain group of people, like you have bought into it, those are the voters that showed up in 2014 thinking this law will be repeal, wrong again, Republicans don’t want to repeal ACA, they want to keep this alive to use again in 2016. I won’t end this post with the kind of verbiage you use, I have more respect for all people than name calling.

          20. poest says

            I am paying $7,800 ADDITIONAL per year!!!! And I am not alone!!!! You have your head where the sun don’t shine. You tried to force a square peg in a round hole. And I am only one of millions being screwed by a law unethically passed using the CR under Reid’s direction, aided with lies, bribes, and obfuscations to get lawmakers to vote yes, all without a single Republican vote. Democrats disenfranchised all who were opposed to this bill, and those were a majority of Americans. You will pay in spades and many years to come for what you have done.

          21. bobby says

            I can’t dispute what you are paying for health insurance, I can tell you this, if you are paying $7800.00 for insurance, you are getting screwed by someone but it is not the Government, the middle man is more than likely the culprit, your employer or more than likely an agent. I will tell you what I am paying, $2496.00 per year for 6 dependents, including myself. I am in a high income bracket, my deductibles are very modest. I was curious about your situation so I went to ehealth.com and put in a hypothetical situation, I have no idea what yours is, I took an income level similar to mine, around 100 thousand a year, I gave you 4 dependents including yourself, with very low deductibles, coverage included prescriptions, a modest vision and dental. The absolute highest premium I came up with was $3,000 a year, $250 per month. With a little more on deductibles and only two people on the policy, I came down to $119.00 per month. The ACA was passed legally by Congress and signed into law by the President, to say that Reid committed fraud with lies and bribes is unconscionable, give me a link to where you came up with that one. For what we have done, the same statements were made when FDR passed Social Security and Johnson passed Medicare, try to do away with them now, George W Bush tried in his second term to privatize SS, that went over like a lead balloon. I feel bad that you are paying $7800 for insurance, take my advise, shop around before this open enrollment ends on 12/7. Have a great day.

          22. poest says

            There is no middle man! And you are a fraud.

          23. bobby says

            I tried to give you some good advice, you don’t get it, your policy is issued on the free market, not by the Government, I an afraid your thinking is the fraud.

          24. poest says

            I told you, $7,800 is the INCREASE because of obama, you and your acolytes. Your advice is on a par with pissing in the wind. Unless the Un-Affordable Care act is amended, no one will save anything. The poor have to go on Medicaid, the middle class and lover percentiles can not afford it.

          25. bobby says

            I am sorry, I thought your total amount was $7800, so the total is what? I am not disputing what you are saying, I don’t know your situation. You may have a policy with no deductibles, you may have 100% coverage on prescription, vision and dental, you may have a membership to a health club included, I am not sure how many people are on your policy, I don’t know what your income is, like I said before it also depends on the state you are living in, if your state legislature and Governor are not pro-active in healthcare you would be paying a higher premium than in states where they are. Even with all those things factored in I could not come up with that amount. I live in Florida, this Governor did not accept the Medicaid expansion, people here are paying higher premiums because of it. When I was campaigning this year I did not talk to anyone that had a bad word to say about the ACA, most never had insurance, the average premium for a decent policy a couple was $150.00-250.00 per month. My friend, you are getting ripped off by someone, all I can say for sure, it is not the Government. If you have insurance though your employer that may be something you might want to look into. I have a decent income but quite honestly I would not want to be paying what you are, that would be taking away from my family. You have a nice day.

        2. charles says

          recessions are a natural occurrence in a capitalist system. although democrat policies caused this one and democrat policies prolonged this one. the recession of 1920 was natural but under republican policy it only lasted 18 months. democrats like to cause crisis. it was democrat policies that caused the great depression. like this one a republican was in office when the shit hit the fan. oh, you are a fuc*** idiot!!

    2. Seldena says

      Booby–the only reason the GOP has not gotten anything done is because obama and Reid blocked and put away their bills they passed! Americans found out and know this was wrong. Most blacks stayed home because Voter Fraud was being checked so much this election and they could not get around it! Republicans will get this country working again and on the right track and away from socialism and stealing like redistribution.We are a free market. When the blacks realize they need to get to work,educate themselves, and quit wanting entitlements; they will realize which party really supports them for their American dreams and it is NOT the Democarts!!

      1. bobby says

        You have got to turn off Rush Limbaugh and get your feet on the ground.

      2. bobby says

        I forgot to mention, there is no voter fraud coming from the Democrats, I am really surprise you would even bring that up. usually you bring it up when Democrats win, like dead people voting is the reason they won, you guys are so full of it I bet all your eyes are brown.

    3. jondarmes says

      Don’t feed the troll, maybe it will go away.

  6. empty pockets says

    My in-laws are Jews. Three in the extended family are conservative while the remaining ones are liberals who consider themselves in the “center” yet are actually pretty far left. The three conservative ones and I are as disappointed in the willful ignorance of the majority of Jews as those conservative blacks must be at the continued willful ignorance of the majority of blacks.

    How many more lives must be sacrificed on the altar of progressivism and globalism before critical mass is reached and they say, “enough”?

    1. RobertNorwood says

      The chickenschit liberals are looking the other way, ignoring islam and the horrors it brings. Enough will be enough maybe when they find themselves swinging in the wind, literally…

    2. Seldena says

      The ones that are liberal–do they understand how much Democrats and obama are against them? How much they hate the state of Israel and Netanyahu? Do they not care or what? I cannot understand this at all. I do not understand the blacks.The liberals enslave them all over again just for their vote!

      1. empty pockets says

        They are into denial as deeply as any leftist progressive. It’s a very big river with room for many sinking boats. Yes, the majority of the Jews (outside of Israel), the blacks, single women, hispanics, etc. seem to be like the lemmings.

        If you have a definitive answer that explains it …wow…don’t keep it a secret! Theories I’ve heard include mental illness, mass hypnosis, a variant of Stockholm Syndrome, a combination of two or more of those or maybe it’s either a test from God or a joke of the devil’s.

        To anyone who sees the truth in their willful ignorance and willing bondage it’s inexplicable.

        1. charles says

          we know that the best way to combat lies is by knowing or communicating the truth. often times some lib will say something that is a lie on some conservative talk show and nothing is said to refute the lie.

      2. gregsmom says

        One Jewish cousin of mine and I also do not understand how Jews can be liberals now. We just don’t get it. How can they vote for someone like Obama? It’s a mystery to us as well.

  7. RobertNorwood says

    Hello my Jewish friends…there’s a reason your parents or grandparents were conservative. Liberals won’t get up and fight for anyone…they only fight for ideas – mostly bad ones, and by making noise. Push come to shove – like someone trying to push you into an oven, who ya gonna call? Who ya gonna call?
    You’ll end up on hold on Obama’s phone, and the UN don’t answer.
    Conservatives won’t sell you down the river, or up…you need help, you know our number.

    1. Robert says

      Here,Here. How true.

  8. fred says

    The kenyan has shunned the Jewish people all this time, and they are getting a clear picture that he may actually hate them and they don’t support anyone where the possibility of loss exists. They only play for the sure win, so look out demonrats your whole party is in trouble when the MSM run by these the Jewish people turns on YOU! It may be OVER for you after the kenyan gets convicted also! How embarrassing is that guy that YOU elected by fraud!??? It’s absolutely disgusting how evil he is and he’s only going to get worse/more abusive as his power slips away!

  9. American says

    I have never understood this. The Democrats bash Israel, support Islam, Obama, in particular, has shown his true colors against Israel, while the Republicans have always been the strongest supporters of Israel. It’s like they like to be persecuted. Just can’t understand it. The other one I can’t understand is the LGBT community staunchly Democrat, while the Democrats favor Islam and the Muslims, who want all LGBT dead. It’s just incomprehensible.

  10. Jim Miller says

    I am a Jew and been around the block a few times and since the first day I noticed Muhamed O was not playing with a full deck when he went to bow before the King of Saudi Arabia (on tape) I lost trust & respect for him and Jimmy Carter should move to Teheran with his Muslim friends he is another traitor as well.
    Republicans have demonstrated to be good allies with Israel and I do vote and hope the new Majority in Congress will do something about getting Muhamed O out the WHITE MOSQUE

    1. emag says

      Thank you. A man with common sense.

    2. marlene.langert says

      I realized who Ozona was before he was elected. I read his book “Dreams from my Father” before it was reedited. That told me everything. In addition to his being educated by communists, he is still trying to please his dead father who never was a father to him. Pitiful, isn’t it? To bad he had to share his pitifulness with us!

      1. Jim Miller says

        Muhamed O’s actions are totally unacceptable, starting with TREASON.

  11. m g says

    I can not understand the Jewish Democrat allegiance when the Democrat Administration is taking the Arab/Muslim side on the International scene. Obama last year asked the lines be returned to the previous 1967 borders. This means he asked Israel to give up Jerusalem.

  12. millerstwo says

    I simply don’t understand why American Jews continue to support liberal Democrats especially Obama who has shown nothing but contempt for Israel since taking office! I find it rather odd that Obama always seems to support anything Islam…do you ?

    1. Nice_Cat says

      Odd, no. Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim through and through. He even stated in his book that if push came to shove, he would side with them. He’s not a traitor to America, because he’s not even an American. See to whom he bows in obedience? The Saudi King, leader of Islam. Last I heard, the Kenyan-born BHO was adopted by an Indonesian and he has never become an American citizen, much less was he a natural born citizen. His election was a complete fraud, as was his re-election. But never mind, prophecy will play out; Israel will defeat all her enemies and America will share in her victory IF we stay allied with Israel. Bye-bye, Muslims.

      1. millerstwo says

        What bothers me more than having an illegal alien Muslim for our President is the size and scope of the conspiracy which was required to get Obama elected.
        Think about it Nice_Cat, something this huge would have required conspirators at the very highest levels within our own Government and most likely key foreign governments as well. This entire fiasco was conceived and orchestrated by very powerful and very rich individuals and groups within the private sector, i.e., George Soros and his buddies.
        Obama is a dolt, nothing more than a figure head doing the bidding of his handlers.
        So you see Nice_Cat it really doesn’t matter what happens to Obama or his cronies because the real culprits are still out there and will never be found out anyway!

  13. cathylovesyou says

    If Jewish voters are pulling to the right come to New York and look at our recent elections. They are Democrats and it is ashame as the live and work like Republicans. Their vote doesn’t help the country so much but in the big electoral states they do. They say they are tired of the crap and are going to vote Republican, but freeze at the voting booth and pull the lever for the Democrat. Someone said they make money like Wasp and spend and act like Democrats. A great people wish they would move more right

    1. emag says

      You have described it perfectly. They cant bring themselves to vote republican. There is a deep psychological problem with them.

  14. chucklc says

    I have often wondered why they took so long. The Administration has been anti Israel from the beginning

  15. gretagarbo123 says

    The Jews need to start putting their faith and Israel before just blindly voting the Democratic Party. That party does them no favors, as it has become something very different from what it was years ago.

  16. Milton W. Lowe says

    It’s about time the Jewish voters became knowledgeable about the Progressives stance with Israel & lack of backing the Country of Israel in the scheme of things in the Mid East. I have a problem with the fact that this hasn’t happened much before this & the GOP is missing the boat on not capitalizing on this potential for the future.

  17. David Gearhart says

    Obama is pro Muslim, where as Israel is like the USA anyone with any religion can live there and be protected by their laws. The Muslims exclude and destroy anyone not of their religion. Obama gave Hamas $259 million for their attack on Israel’s civilian targets. Kerry is talking $5 billion more. As a Christian, we believe in the same God. They believe in the Old testament and Christian’s believe in the old and new testament. They are still waiting for their savior. Our Bible says that they are God’s children and woe to him that try to destroy the Nation of God. We are a Christian/ Jewish nation our constitution is based on the Christian values of freedom of choice. You have the right to choose and that makes you responsible as well. Obama will pay for the evil that he supports.

    1. gregsmom says

      After the election results Tuesday, I vowed to start going to church more often. It seemed like God is tired of the immorality and racism of the Democrats. I sure hope David is right that Obama will pay. There is only one thing that would make me happier than knowing Obama’s in Hell, and that’s seeing him working the grill at a fast food restaurant for the rest of his life, and his disgusting wife as well!

      1. charles says

        that is a dangerous way to think. that it would make you happy to know Obama is in hell.
        GOD hates sin, but he loves Obama. GOD does not want to see Obama go to hell. he finds no pleasure in that. one time GOD was going to punish a nation and Judea(n. Israel) was celebrating at this. GOD punishment Judea worse for celebrating. my advise is to get your heart lined up with GODS heart.

  18. WhiteFalcon says

    Jews voting democrat is like Jews voting for Hitler, or mice voting for cats. It is totally STUPID. What have democrats doen for the Jewish people? Nothing or less, yet they still vote for them.

  19. JosephDygas says

    The American jew has had a pacifist streak in their culture since WW2, and the Democratic Party has been pacifist ever since the Vietnam war was mishandled by Lyndon Johnson and the democrats. Democrats have disliked the jewish culture because it is generally high educated and successful in life unlike many democrats. Hence, democrats are envious of the success of the jewish culture. What both jews and democrats fail to understand is that often the best defense is a good offense. Use of military means to achieve political ends is a well known and well used tactic.

  20. Jarhead says

    Better late than never!

  21. jondarmes says

    I never understood why American jews are mostly democrat and anti gun. The democrats love moslems and the reason there was so little resistance in the ghettos was because the govt. had all the guns. If your relation had been slaughtered because of big socialist govt. why would you not want to be armed??

  22. Robert Freedom says

    Why do NY and Hollywood JEWS vote for the communist (democrats in the USA)
    The vary people that are out to kill them. see http://www.commieblaster.com

  23. gmhunt4 says

    I have never understood why American Jews vote Democrat. I belong to and financially support the “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews” and most of the people I know vote Republican

  24. Combatvet52 says

    It’s about time their waking up to the fact that the democrats hate the jews I’ve been telling this to some jewish friends for years and their finally coming around to the daylight.

  25. marlene.langert says

    I am a Jew who fully realizes how much support we are getting from the Christians. It is my belief that more Christians support Israel than Jews in America do. I do not understand why so many Jews cannot get it through their heads that being liberal today is NOT what it was years ago. THe liberals in power now hat Israel, hate American Jews, hate Christians and do not believe in God. I am afraid that many Jews no longer believe in God either and so they remain liberal. We Jews are, as a whole, very intelligent people, so why can’t they get it through their heads that liberalism is no longer good for the Jews. My parents, who escaped from Russia and the Bolshevics loved FDR. Information was not like it is now and they did not know about his turning back the St. Louis and other anti-semetic things he did. These libs nowadays also prefer low information. THey do not want to hear any of the facts against Obama and his henchmen. When I have asked them to tell me why they supported Obama, they never answer. Preferring to be uninformed is not good. Let’s hope that with this election, more people will realize what havoc they helped create.

  26. ZonieGal says

    I’ve never understood why a Jew would vote Democrat. The Democrat party has never really been pro-Israel and it has become blatantly obvious under Obama’s regime. Obama obviously despises and disrespects one of our closest allies. Jimmy Carter, who claims to be a Christian, has made is clear that he is anti-Israel yet Judaism is the foundation of the Christian faith, Jesus’ race and God’s chosen people. I have also tried to figure out why Catholics and Hispanics are predominately Democrat. Both of these groups are typically pro-life yet they are part of a party who we should have a right to choose to eliminate the small life of an unborn child. What is it that the Democrat party offers you them that makes it okay to accept murder of the unborn? The time to be pro-choice is before a life is created not after.

  27. SallyE says

    For years American Jews saw the Republican party as the WASPs who discriminated against them and kept them out of country clubs and excluded them socially in general. Old habits are hard to break. Plus the Dems have been good at portraying themselves as the party of the minorities. We know this is untrue because they have done everything they can to keep African Americans dependent on them and on the government. Now we know that they hate Israel. Most Jews have a strong social conscience and they believe in helping their fellow man. Republicans need to communicate to them that we are not all about taking food out of the mouths of children and throwing old people in wheelchairs off a cliff. We need to show everyone that we have good ideas for preserving a safety net for those who really need it while eliminating waste and corruption in our welfare system.

  28. TOM P O'DONNELL says






  29. RicC says

    Face the facts Jewish people, Obama is a Muslim and they hate the Jews. Obama is a phony American and is doing everything he can to help the left and muslims destroy this nation.

  30. Wolfman says

    about time

  31. blackhawk132 says

    It’s about time . Obama is a twin of Hitler and needs to get out along with all his liberal scabs .

  32. blackhawk132 says

    Some Jews will march lock step along with the dispicable liberals . Hey fools ; Look at Israel today .They have made a paradise in Israel . Obama and his ilk will turn Israel into a black spot in the desert .

  33. Mike Slaney says

    The wars that many are fighting now, is over Ideologies Good vs. Evil. Although for centuries, the battles have been back and forth, some winning and some losing. However, the climax is coming to an end, The WAR that ends all battles in this age. Some call it the end of the world, the Apocalypse, and Armageddon all are the same, Satan VS. Jesus Christ. Satan will have his victories but Jesus Christ WINS! Up to this battle, there will only be two classes of people in the Gentile world, those who have Christ and those who receive the antichrist. In the Jewish world, 2 classes, Those who have Jesus Christ and the Testimony of Moses, and those who receive the antichrist. These are the two Ideologies that are clashing today in the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness(which possess) many variables of deception and corruption to enslave much of mankind eternally.

  34. Dennis Davis says

    The Jewish state is the most important ally we have, for the life of me I do not understand why American Jews support a democrat party that is out to destroy Israel by supporting Hamas.

  35. badger says

    It took a long time over many years for the Jews to realize that the left does not like Jews. I have seen many Republicans and Christians wearing American and Israel flags joined together showing support for Israel.

  36. sandralisella says

    Slowly but surely the Jewish population is pulling away from the democratic party they are not stupid people. As some have said they have been democrat supporters for decades. Well the last few decades the democratic party has shown their true colors its not the party of forty or fifty years ago when it was for the good of the people. Since Carters reign it has slowly changed to benefit only themselves The Jewish people are not in an illegal occupation of the land they fought for and won, as a lot of liberals would like the world to believe

  37. jak says

    Bravo. It’s about time more Jews are getting more conservative. Especially, in this climate with Obama at the helm. Now if only we could convince the main stream media to report the truth about the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

  38. Sharon Brevik says

    The Jewish People would not know what to do with a Right-Wing Conservative if they found one in bed with them,., Give us all a break…..They only believe Jesus was a Prophet, not the Savior of the World. How could they have any opinion that really amounts to anything substantial…….We live under Grace NOT Law…….The Old Testament is so clear on prophecy……..and everything came true……..What is the matter with the Jews? Jesus was a Jew and would be heart-broken to know that his own people have rejected him………….That is the truth………

    1. charles says

      you do understand that GOD blinded them to who JESUS is until the end times when he will open there eyes again. there has never been so many that have accepted JESUS as in the last few years.

  39. USCBIKER says

    Because most American Jews are spineless and hate Israel, seeing them as war mongers and Arab baby killers. This new found love of the GOP sure as hell didn’t show up in Fla. They still reelected the witch DWS and the disgusting Alan Grayson. The Jews I talk to who are liberal (most) always have some wussified excuse and tell you they hate how the Dems stopped the Holocaust ships and returned those Jewish refugees to death camps in Europe but are willing to forgive them. They are pathetic!

  40. Mike J. Hrivnak says

    Democrats have been extremely good at portraying themselves as the champions of the underdog. Jewish people, in spite of being an unusually successful group of individuals, still identify with so called “victims”, people who are somehow held back or discriminated against. Perhaps they’ll begin to acquire a more realistic view of what works best for everyone.

  41. Combatvet52 says

    They are finally waking up to the fact that the Democrats hate them.

  42. WhiteFalcon says

    It is simple. Ovomit is a muslim and therefore he hates Jews. Also, he is a liberal and hate is what liberals are all about. They create and spread hate, and they live off hate. Without hate there would be no liberals or commies or Nazis or fascists. They are all the same things and those things are hate, violence, non-tolerance, non-diversity, and total tyranny. Unfortunately that describes today’s so called democrat party.

  43. DustyFae says

    After the way the Democrat are running Jews down and turning on Israel, it is about time Jews woke up against the Democrat criminals…

  44. marihia says

    I really never could figure out this one, the Jews were mauled in Germany, yet they like this socialist/marxist garbage, one would think they would have learned from history, obviously not, 65% is still high, particularly for the %$#%$#@, we have now.

  45. Amy Thomas says

    Either the Jews are the dumbest people in the world or they don;t care about their freedom. It is evident they have learned nothing about FREEDOM and support the commie , fascist democrat party and its leaders, Oboombo and the dumborats they have made it quite clear they hate the Jews and yet they support them.

  46. badger says

    Why did it take so long for the Jews to figure out that Democrats are not their friends. Thank you our Jewish friends for coming over to the right side. Your real real friends. The Republican Party that stands with Israel.



  48. Becky says

    I used to think Jews were ‘smart’. At least THEY certainly think they are. Not any more…..

  49. HankBar says

    Jews, a stubborn voting block. Especially the rich ones. They know the Dems are easily bought. The middle class Jews may be waking up to the fact that the Reps are the only political party that gives a damn about them.

  50. Ben Name says

    “The 2014 elections showed Republicans making inroads in quite a few surprising demographics…”

    That about sums it up. we were all surprised by those demographics.

  51. gin says

    I see posting debating about GOD. We need not have to defend the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We can argue until the sun goes down, that is exactly what satan wants. Hey, we forgotten the bad guy which is the ‘devil’. Don’t you think, he is the cause of all terrible things happen?

    1. Ben Name says

      so Satan is controlling this website?

      1. gin says

        i did not say that, u did

        1. Ben Name says

          In a general sense I “said” that but more specifically I asked it. I prefer the specific because it makes me accountable for my actions. Being general only allows a person not to be an adult.

  52. runnindeer says

    I have never been able to understand why the Jewish community seems to identify with Democrats in America more than Republicans? I would really like to hear the explanation from Jewish people who actually do know the correct answer and not just an assumption? Anyone?

  53. Joann Holmes says

    Because the Jews are dumber than a box of rocks.

  54. Joe T says

    All throughout Jewish history both B.C./A.D. they have made deleterious choices for their race per se’ e.g. JESUS….and, pursuant to their great propensity towards avarice…they suffer for same to a fault !
    Although biblically…GOD will redeem them at the end…….e.g. 1947 Israel, but will they really “ever” have an open mind to life and what it’s about……whether one is rich or poor…..it’s about MORE !

  55. Peter B. Duran says

    The Jews should understand who their Friends are instead of voting for a party that doesn’t go along with the interest of Israel. The Republican Party has been always watching and supporting the interest of Israel and its rights to exist. It is hard to understand why a majority vote for the Democratic Party.

  56. badger says

    It has taken the Jews a long time to figure out that the left does not support the Jews. Most of the Americans on the right are mainly true Patriots,Christians,and Republicans that are in support of Israel and stands in support of them.

  57. Nan Perkins says

    I am a Christian Conservative who supports Israel and the Jews. I support through the Christians United For Israel. (CUFI) – I will never understand why Jews would be part of the Democratic party unless it has to do with money. The only people, however, that get rich in our country are the Democrat politicians. Obama went from a net worth of $2mil to $12 mil wile in office – Reid pulled off a number of crooked deals and he is a billionaire; Pelosi gave her husband a sole-source bid on wind farms and he netted billions; Feinstein gave her commercial real estate husband a sole-source bid to sell the closed post offices and he sold them at an 8% commission mostly to his own partner at basement prices. They made BILLIONS. Biden set up his son to be attorney for a firm that Obama had just given $250million of our stimulus money (a Canadian firm) and his son is paid $2 million a year – the list goes on and on – it’s time the Jews here realize they’re getting the shaft. Join us and get your money honestly. We’re a force to be dealt with. Plus Netanyahu has been insulted by our faux leader. Netanyahu can think circles around Obama who has treated him so badly.

  58. Yadja says

    Well this is about as amazing as the huge win by the Republicans. Maybe they are waking up also.

  59. Richard Nicoletti says

    I agree with Seldena. The Dems do nothing but criticized the Jews in Israel, while the Repubs support them. It’s very curious.

  60. badger says

    It’s about time the Jews got it right. Jump to the right side and join those that have always supported the Jews and Israel. Christians, Patriots and Republicans.

  61. Florio Vino says

    Seldena! You are so right! I have a couple Friends that are Jewish and have asked in the past why they voted for Democrats! They told me that their parents were Democrats. Lately however they both have supported more Republicans as they felt THEY were more supportive to their views and needs than Democrats! They do not feel Obama and his ilk represent the values and traditions of OUR Country, but they started leaning right when the best President of My/Our time became President, realizing that the RIGHT WING pesented more opportunities for all, when persons are willing to work and contribute for ALL?

  62. Alan says

    This article does not reflect the core of Jewish voters. Yes we were once liberal Democrat voters but this administration has turned that tide. Now in our Synagogues we question the Obama agenda and huge blocks are turning towards the GOP. Even our representatives are turning away from the Democratic party. I would not be shocked to see 66% or even more vote for the GOP in the next election.

  63. farm kid says

    the jews are destroying our country. it began with Louis Brandise giving him a seat on the supreme

  64. Girlie58 says

    I am so glad that most of the Jewish voters are realizing that it is the republicans that care about them and their plight. It has always been the republicans because of the Judeo Christian connection that they have. The modern day democrats have shifted to the extreme left that they have become the modern day socialists and communists, not believing in God, condoning everything that is against God’s law and the constitution, which is the law of the land. I hope they continue to support the republicans up to the 2016 elections and for always so we can once again have peace and prosperity. The repubs are no saints but they are the lesser of the two evils.

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