2014: The Year Feminism Jumped the Shark


In truth, feminism as espoused by the 2nd-wave forward jumped the shark a long time ago, but things reached a fever pitch in 2014. This was the year that the cave-dwellers usually confined to websites like Tumblr and Jezebel made a break for the mainstream, making us all dumber for having listened to them. Feminism of this stripe is like a particularly bad infection; even after a good round of antibiotics, it can still come raging back. A year of blunders is unlikely to rid us of this far-left philosophy, but we can at least appreciate how it fell flat on its face.

The UVA Rape Case
Rolling Stone, for the first time in decades, was relevant again in 2014. After running a shocking expose written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the magazine was responsible for putting rape culture on trial. The details of a horrifying gang rape at the University of Virginia had many wondering if it wasn’t about time to shut down the fraternity system altogether.

Unfortunately for them, it all turned out to be hogwash. It took only a little effort on the part of real journalists to expose this story as the fraud that it was. The writers who had used it as an excuse to rail about the patriarchy maintained that the “facts” of the story weren’t important, but anyone with a brain left in their heads had already stopped listening.

The Hobby Lobby Decision
Feminists went ballistic when they realized that the Supreme Court had chosen to rely on the Constitution rather than the writings of Andrea Dworkin to decide the Hobby Lobby case. Ruling that the crafts chain was permitted to refuse to pay for abortifacient birth control, the highest court in the land drew the ire of angry liberals everywhere. They couldn’t understand how a right guaranteed in our founding documents trumped a woman’s right to abortion pills. What kind of a crazy world is this, anyway?

Let It Go
At first, the blockbuster success of Disney’s Frozen was heralded as a step forward for strong female characters. Feminists, of course, weren’t satisfied. Instead of acknowledging the movie’s subversive characters, they went on the attack. There’s no “roster of female supporting characters,” whined one article. “They have ginormous eyes,” wrote the Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik on Frozen‘s star sisters. Another feminist decried Princess Elsa: “Are we really so frightened by the concept of the empowered feminine that we are unable to even entertain the possibility of a rational and constructive woman who also exhibits great power and authority?”

Ah, feminists of 2014. You made us laugh, you made us…well, mostly just laugh.


    To paraphrase an old Navy saying, “A bitching feminist is a happy feminist!”

    1. markypolo says

      Could not say it better myself.

    2. Kathy W says

      Even we non-feminist women are bitches. It’s the hormones. Thanks for putting up with us.

      1. Clint McInnes says

        You’re only bitchy one week out of the month … and that isn’t even ALL of you. Frankly, you aren’t that hard to “put up with”. Reasonable people are like that, regardless of the presence or absence of a Y-chromosome.

    3. Jerry Holloway says

      Thanks Doug the truth is up front but if dont open your eyes you cant see it and this is the best laugh ive had in a while

  2. MILES E DRAKE says

    In so many respects the current progressive ascendancy resembles the Nazis. Like the Berlin media in 1945, hysterical fabrications to prop up a collapsing dictatorship are the order of the day (hmm, just like in Orwell’s Oceania). The rape hoax, now traced to an Obama staffer, was clearly orchestrated in hopes of reigniting the “war on women” which had so obviously flamed out in the November elections. As with the Allies 70 years ago, we must now push on to total victory over the enemy.

  3. WhiteFalcon says

    Beyond equal pay for equal work, feminism never has been other than a fraud, much like global warming or Obama.

  4. b glad says

    Because we could not, for one minute, take them seriously, it made uslaugh. Those who did take it seriously for more then a minute, it made sick.

    1. Masculist Man says

      I wouldn’t be so dismissive. They do have power and they have gotten a lot of anti-male laws passed. They were insturmental in getting SB 967 passed in California which criminalizes men in “he said/she said” cases. They’ve also gotten rape shield laws pass in a lot of states which prevents defense attorneys from questioning the motives of rape accuser. Laughing at them is one thing underestimating them is dangerous.

      1. Trisha Holmeide says

        Agreed–they took over the state of Washington in the 1970’s and there wasn’t a court in the state any man had a chance to win anything in for many years–along with the man-haters “women’s shelters” and education outlets, our state became one of the first to officialize eunichs as the only males allowed to gain public office.

        1. oaking says

          So True Trisha – I got a divorce in Wa 2001 – Didn’t make any difference that there is no Alimony in Wa – I got to pay ‘Long Term Maintenance’ instead, then, 15 years later I was layed off, I was able to keep up the payments for 6 months before I ran out of savings – the Arbiter said I should have saved more and would give me no relief, not only that, I had to pay my ex’es lawyer, all while still out of work, Then when I was working again, well, let’s say I am still trying to catch up

          1. Trisha Holmeide says

            oaking: All those women who “burned their bras” and went off leaving husbands and children to “do their own thing” migrated to Olympia to get work in state jobs. Over time they naturally became heads of their departments and gained a lot of political power. At the crux of the “lib” movement almost every post and department in the state was headed by a femininst if not a lesbian femininist or an outright, irrational “man-hater.” Any man staying here had to submit to the process of being “neutered” denying his natural instincts and god-given ability to think for himself. Thus, Washington has a preponderance of outright “needy wimps,” limp wristed but, politically aggressive homosexuals and “scaredy cats” who pee their pants when they encounter anyone who might expect them to stand up for themselves, their families, or the US and Washington state constitution. Eastern Washington has a little different demographic only because of those fiercely independent “meth” dealers who couldn’t care less about the political agenda from the left or the right and the few remaining independent “salt of the earth” farmers we still have.

  5. Marilyn Stern says

    Anything divisive is, and will be, pushed by this administration. Destroying the fabric of this nation is a priority.

  6. ONLYJB1 says

    And then there’s hillary rodham clinton! You never read an article proclaiming that this movement is the cause and effect of the disposition of many of our kids and young adults today. So many today have no business even having children and this is especially true with the hollywood scene! What, pump them full of psychopathic drugs and go about your make belief world?

    1. catman says

      There wouldn’t be so many kids being born of these feminists if they would learn to keep their legs crossed and not hop into bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along.

  7. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Feminism…..it’s caused more erectile dysfunction than old age.

    1. catman says

      Now that’s funny !!!!

  8. Brooke says

    “Are we really so frightened by the concept of the empowered feminine
    that we are unable to even entertain the possibility of a rational and
    constructive woman who also exhibits great power and authority?”

    HA! Isn’t that the very definition of Sarah Palin?
    Feminists are scared to DEATH of her!

    1. Masculist Man says
      1. Jerry Holloway says

        Hell yeah

    2. catman says

      I know a lot of Democraps that are too.

    3. Becky says

      Excellent point Brooke!

  9. Masculist Man says

    Tired of feminists? So are we. We’re MRA’s and we are opposing them. If you are a man who is concerned about his rights please feel free to visit my site: http://mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/

  10. Conservative says

    I’ve lived a long time, worked with, socialized, had relatives who were feminists and never met one that was happy. They talk A LOT about how equal they are but they never seem satisfied. Why anyone would ever want to always believing they have some ’cause’ to fight to ‘feel’ equal and this also includes those blacks who feel ‘someone out there’ is trying to oppress them, therefore, they have to fight. It looks a lot like shadow boxing to me. They are all worn out, miserable and never satisfied. They never take responsibility for their own lives and whatever situation they find themselves in. If they didn’t have something to fight about they would shrivel up like the wicked witch of the west.

    1. Jerry Holloway says

      Well they call this libs on roids

    2. susan says

      You people are pathetic.

  11. adrianvance says

    All well and good, but at today’s rates the last elected man and the last male CEO will both die in 2060 and then women will be in every position of power they will really be unhappy as they will have no more beasts of burden to ride.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  12. adrianvance says

    All of this only proves that the struggle is never over, never.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and good sense.

  13. Ferd321 says

    If you want to see a feminist cringe, take her around your home (or walk through a city) and ask her to point out any item designed or constructed by a woman. If that fails, ask her why the most acclaimed chefs or designers of women’s clothing are all men. If she claims “those nasty men keep putting us down” point to the fact that their feminist “liberation” agenda is now 50 years old.

  14. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com says

    Miles-pf course Progressivism resembles Nazism:Hillary denying she is a lib styled herself “more an early 20th c. Progressive-her hero?”Margaret Sanger!” guess who read Sanger avidly? Adolf Hitler.

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