Trump Inauguration


  1. tCotUS says

    I noticed one thing……Clintons have more Security than Trump does…Wonder why ???

    1. David Stewart says

      Because they are crooks!

      1. roberg griggs says

        The clintons nor the obumas are special. They are crooks and should be sent to the worst prison in he world.

    2. Justin Seine says

      Because a lot of elites donated millions to her “can’t lose” campaign and walked away with nothing! Word on the street is that there have been many contracts put out on her.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Boy you nailed it there.

      2. tCotUS says

        Pay back is a bi**h….Can hardly wait..

        1. barnjoer says

          And she is to!!

    3. He is the World's Larget piece says


      1. tCotUS says

        Unfortunately…You are Correct

    4. gotabgood says

      It is called “value”…. more security the higher the value..

  2. tCotUS says

    Congratulations Donald Trump on becoming our Next President of the United States..
    ..May God be with You & Your Family. Protect & Guide You.

    1. DenverKitty says

      tCot…you just earned “Comment of the Day!” Gratz!!!

      1. tCotUS says

        It was from all of us Denverkitty.

        1. DenverKitty says

          tCot…that’s a “million dollar comment”, right there!! I watched the PRIDE and COMMITMENT of both President Trump and Vice President Pence as they were sworn in. It was AWESOME!!

          1. tCotUS says

            I Agree …Commitment

          2. Tiger says

            You bet and I saw the Fire in Trump’s eyes during that speech when he let out on the Elites. I know when a man means business and is not taking anymore stuff from nobody and that was Trump.

            He is going to move like a Tsunami on the world.

          3. gotabgood says

            “…not taking anymore stuff”
            That all depends on what you mean by “stuff”
            If you mean Money, Constitutional Rights, Healthcare, Dignity, Means of making a living….. I disagree that will all be gone!
            He already demonstrated what a GREAT NEGOTIATOR he is with Carrier.
            Ok Carrier, we can keep 800 jobs, but you must send 1300 jobs to Mexico and to help you with your expenses, I will you 7 million dollars of our tax payers money, PLUS.. no border tax… they both agreed… DEAL!

    2. Tiger says

      I confer and double down on it.

      1. tCotUS says

        Thanks Tiger..l’m glad to see you still beating the Drum of Liberty.
        Keep up the good work!
        We will not forget,we will not forgive.

        1. Tiger says

          Welcome and glad you are in the band also beating the drum and in the army of all of us who love our country and what it stands for.

          We love our history and we love our Freedoms.

          No we will not forget or forgive, the Democrats never give in, they go full throttle for their agenda and we must do the same.

          1. tCotUS says

            Parriot Sisters & Brothers with one common goal, making America Greater than ever before.

    3. gotabgood says

      And us…. We are going to need a lot of God’s blessing and protection.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica says


  3. Jacob says

    I hope the bikers for DJTRUMP r getting into fights with the protesters

  4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

    Pure class in that photo. No America hating Muslim who refuses to take the oath on a bible any more. GOOD RIDDANCE BARRY, now get comfortable watching all the treasonous policies you implemented being undone. Not too comfortable though, treason charges and Gitmo await.

  5. Tiger says

    His speech doubled down on everything he has said all along and he stomped O and the others into the dirt. Now go Trump and get those 200 EO torn out. Love it.

    Peaceful transfer of power just for show there is a war in this country and it is just beginning.

  6. Gary Smith says

    God bless our new president and good bye to our worst president ever. And all the media should heed The presidents words and start broadcasting the news not their biased oppinions

    1. movingwaters says

      Amen! Did anyone else think Obama looked like he was sucking lemons during Trump’s WONDERFUL speech? Loved it when President Trump said our money had been “redistributed” to build other countries.

      1. Debraadoi says

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      2. roberg griggs says

        I do not know if he was sucking lemons. But cathy the mail person who delivers mail to my house sure suck a lot of lemons since I started stopping junk mail. Her attitude should get her fired but for some reason her boss keeps her on.

        1. movingwaters says

          Why would she care if you put a stop to junk mail? Are they on piecework now?

      3. Tiger says

        Loved everything Trump said and with all that nicey stuff prior I feared he was going to be all about unity but he came out strong, loud and clear and pretty much shoved it up all their snouts. They were huffing and puffing and I saw O close his eyes, most likely praying to Allah all the God stuff and love for America was eating at his heart like drops of acid. He and Michael and Hillary and Billary looked like they wanted to run to their safe place.

        1. movingwaters says

          I know. It has been wonderful to behold. I think Trump has more of what it takes to drain the swamp than anyone else. But Christians better keep him, and his administration covered in prayer, daily. Soros has already declared that he will take Trump down through taking the economy down. Most of the globalists are hopping mad, as it was God who foiled their plans. They are going to fight him, as will much of Congress. The people behind the scenes who really pull the reins of government are not going to take this lying down. It is a spiritual battle. If you are a praying person, please pray every day that God’s will will be done in this administration. Thanks!

          1. Tiger says

            Great and powerful post that I am in full agreement with and I have been one of the millions that Franklin Graham spoke of who prayed daily many times in huge prayer groups assembled to cleanse this country and get the Almighty to send us someone. Never dreamed it would be Trump. But like Graham said on FOX it was Divine Intervention right up to the rain that fell on inauguration day just as Trump spoke and stopped shortly after. We have seen these demons spoiled at every turn.

            As to Soros he can’t do it. He incited riots and we have laws on the books for that. I think Trump knows the main players and can make sure they are stamped out. Soros also has warrants for his arrest in Russia and other countries for interfering in their governments. So hey who knows.

          2. movingwaters says

            It is GOOD to have a Tiger sister in Christ. Every Christian I know wears that special grin that says God was all over this astounding miracle, and it was an answer to the prayers of His people. Here is a URL to something I think you might like. It would take just a few minutes. Good ministry, URL:


          3. Tiger says

            Thank you I am sure I will love it.

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica says
          5. Jemma Wiggins says

            May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

          6. gotabgood says

            Listen to what one of the biggest sponsors said about Trump and God…


          7. Jessicaabushway says

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    2. roberg griggs says

      I thought jimmy carter was bad. However we the American public was fooled and we let a muslum get the top office in our country. We need to be much more careful in the future.

      1. Tiger says

        He was so confident that Hillary and his agenda would go on until we were living in huts and refrigerator boxes like those in his beloved Kenya as he and all the Elites continued to live high on the hog.

        Our Revolution and the most important one since we won our Independence because they fully wanted us in Stalin’s Russia.

        1. roberg griggs says

          Hi Tiger. It’s me Robert. Friday was one fantastic day. Now we have a President that will work for our nation and its’ people. We must remember to pray to God that Trump will do what is needed.

          1. Tiger says

            Hi Roberg what a wonderful day it was indeed and Trump already taking care of business. Ignoring the protests and he will follow through. Indeed we must because those against Trump are pure unadulterated evil and they are powerful.

      2. Jemma Wiggins says

        Obama is not nor ever was a Muslim. Some of you speak of God and asking for prayers and is spewing hate. How quickly you forget the thorough mess our country was in when Obama took office. We may not be out of the woods economically but we are in better shape than we were eight years ago. Stop being blinded by misinformation and your bigotry. Love the Lord thy God with all thy strength with all thy mind and with all thy might and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. We will give Trump 4 years thats all. GOD BLESS AMERICA

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica says

        Another ignorant liberal!

  7. MAHB001 says

    Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA

    Just got an eviction notice from Washington DC……

    1. tCotUS says

      Well Stated..!!

    2. gotabgood says

      Capitalism = GREED/POWER/CONTROL = Communism/Dictatorship

      1. MAHB001 says

        Wrong again buffalo breath.

        Capitalism- Free-Market System
        An economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit.

        1. gotabgood says

          Explain to me why, since 1980, wages have gone down and where CEO’s use to make 10 times the employees wage, their wages have gone up to 300 times?
          Is that capitalism??
          Buffalo breath……. really??

          1. MAHB001 says

            There is no explanation that you would understand or accept.

            It is beyond your comprehension.

          2. gotabgood says

            I will call that “Alternative Facts”.

        2. gotabgood says

          You’re wrong.
          The ONLY way capitalism will work is under regulation.
          I tried to explain that to you below. why does the employees wage stagnate or go down while the CEO and profits reach for the stars?
          and you give me “Alternative Facts”

          1. MAHB001 says

            Buffalo breath, that is from the Microsoft word dictionary… and you call it wrong?

            Come on… Just another example of how you can not accept any data that goes against your ideology….

            Perhaps old Yuri was right, once demoralized you will not accept the facts if it goes against your ideology regardless of them right in front of you….

  8. Jamie says

    Just waiting on lady Liberty to show up with lies and trash talk at any moment,if we are lucky,maybe she committed suicide.

  9. Jackie says

    PRESIDENT TRUMP, what a beautiful sound. And a bonus, no more Muslims in the Cabinet or White House.

  10. Jacob says

    I know that @realDonaldTrump will be the BEST president.

  11. Justin Seine says

    His Speech = Music to My Ears

  12. agrosuramerica says

    He is GONE!! He is GONE!! He is GONE!! Obamanation is GONE!!

  13. Rose Weleski says

    It was a great day for EVERYONE in this nation today….some just don’t know it yet. I only wish I could have been there. My husband and I celebrated by going out to lunch – which we rarely can afford to do…but what the heck! Trump and the Republicans are going to make America great again!

  14. will rodgers says

    America is once again under the protection of God. As a nation we asked forgiveness and pledged to listen to God. May God give strength and wisdom to Pres. Trmp

  15. Tiger says

    Magnificent speech that we have never heard from any president ever. Back to the people. Government for the people and by the people not what under this bunch of prune faced old bags and badgers and the O and Hillary mob almost got us into, they were on the way to Government for the Government and ByeBye the People. They learned and thanks to what I believe to have been Divine Intervention from the Almighty, since every single filthy word, deed and plot they hatched failed and nothing stuck to the wall but that is because it was watery crap. Russians, FAKE news, Trump a Racist, Bigot, Woman hater etc.

    They showed the real Divide when the Main Media, FAKE news called his speech hostile, yepper boobala HOSTILE to Progressive/Socialism/Communism we are indeed still a People who will stand against Tyranny and the Tyrant and his Tranny learned that. They also had pushed down their throats, God, God and more God and love for America a Christian Nation boy what a bitter pill for them. To sit there a listen to all this good stuff filled with blessings for our country and praise for God. Franklin Graham was forbidden at any events even the prayer breakfast well O got an ear full of him yesterday.

    Am I GLOATING????????????????????????? Hell Yeah I am. Bout time they got a fist up the kazoo although I think O likes that from what I read in Chicago newspapers when he was a Senator. What a bunch of horrible trash we have had to put up with for the past eight years. Tables are turned. Democrats NEVER COMPROMISE when they own it all they get what they want done and to Hell with what anyone thinks and Republicans best to throw PC out like O and Michael out.

    Take no prisoners and to the ropes with KO’s all around. Do it. Or you won’t get re-elected.

  16. gotabgood says

    I guess the only thing missing were friends, supporters and HIS MISSILE PARADE!?!
    Have we already joined the league of dictatorships?

    Military refused Trump’s bid to parade missile launchers at inauguration

    What on this God’s green earth was
    Trump thinking??? All dictatorship have
    a missile parade, I want one too just like Russia, China, North Korea….

  17. gotabgood says

    1 photo = 1000 words.
    Never a truer phrase be said of the photos I give you today.
    Lying has its effect on you. You know in your heart what you are saying is wrong and then to defend that lie is worse. Look at the before and after photos of Kellyanne.
    The lies in front of TV and people taken its toll on Kellyanne.
    The joy is gone from her face.
    She looks tired, her face drawn… maybe lost weight?
    Even her hair has lost the shine of life.

  18. GODBlessRealAmerica says

    GOD BLESS OUR GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. roberg griggs says

    I just found a statement saying obuma is not nor ever has beem a muslum. I am sorry to say but ob you will googlr “obuma telling george stephnopolis that he is a muslum. It will show you all where obuma stands.

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