4 Things Every American Should Know About Amnesty


According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, President Obama will definitely “make good” on his promise to take executive action on immigration by the end of the year. Obama’s original deadline for unilateral action came and went by the end of the summer when the White House decided it would be best to wait until after the midterm elections.

Despite all the polling that shows that the majority of Americans are opposed to illegal amnesty, this president is clearly determined to do whatever he wants. And the reasons are obvious. The more “oppressed” minorities populate the country, the more voters there are for Democrats to count on. With dramatic action on immigration, Obama thinks he can ensure that Democrats remain forevermore the party of Hispanics. And the votes come at such an insignificant cost: the only thing at stake is the future of America itself.

While Obama may be promising unilateral action, he’s not alone in his desire for “immigration reform.” GOP leaders in the House of Representatives are willing to play ball when it comes to amnesty, believing that they can’t afford to lose the Hispanic vote for a generation.

Amnesty is one of the worst things that can happen to our nation. Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons Obama, Boehner, liberals, RINOs, and Latino leaders are leading us down a dangerous path.

It Encourages Lawlessness
At the heart of this country’s strength is the rule of law. Without respect for these laws, derived from the Constitution, we are a country in perpetual drift. A presidential pardon for millions of murderers would be grounds for impeachment. Even a pardon for millions of shoplifters would be universally condemned. So where is the line drawn? Which laws can the president choose to ignore?

It’s an Invitation to Try
When we have a tight, heavily guarded border and strict deportation laws, immigrants will be forced to think twice about trying their luck. The road to the U.S. is already fraught with peril; if these immigrants knew their chances of success were slim and none, they wouldn’t be willing to take the risk. Widespread amnesty sends the opposite message. “Give it your best shot,” it says. “You’ll probably be all right.”

It’s Unfair to the Legal Immigrants
Emigrating to the United States legally is difficult. Politicians who believe our focus should be on cutting some of the red tape have it right. By rewarding undocumented immigrants with amnesty, a path to citizenship, or suspended deportation, the government sends the message that legal immigration isn’t worth the time and effort. Just hop the fence.

It Won’t Solve a Damn Thing
This isn’t the first time the government has provided amnesty to millions of illegals. Roughly three million illegals qualified for legalization in 1986 after the Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed into law. 28 years later, the immigration problem is worse than ever. It’s worth noting that the law passed on the promise that it would be a one-time-only event.

Illegal immigration costs our country untold billions, weakens the strength of the job market, and creates a generation of foreigners dependent on the federal government. If we want to really fix the immigration laws, we need to take amnesty off the table and focus on border security, hiring laws, and legal immigration reform.


  1. Standandfight says

    Hispanic vote my @$$. What vote bunch of social parasites living on handouts from a government that robs the working class. Why should we sellout our heritage to accommodate a bunch of illegal’s anyway? They should be paying us to put up with their whinny minority bull. It is not like the blacks don’t whine enough about how the whites are holding them down. Now we are letting the country be over ran with the next bunch of I been done so wrong by whitey aka. Mexicans.

  2. Jesus is God says

    I live in Louisiana. About 1 month ago I had to go just south of Beaumont, Texas for a meeting. The person I was with accidentally took a wrong turn and guess what we found! Hundreds of illegals just walking around like they were perpetually waiting outside a Home Depot in Phoenix. My fellow countrymen and women, if we let this filthy Muslim, homosexual activist force this illegal amnesty down our throats, we might as well just all commit mass suicide! You don’t think so, every stinking one of those illegals converted through this Obama stinking absolutely illegal amnesty will then be free to sponsor another person to come to the country and sponsor them legally. So then, you are not looking at 12 to 15 million illegals now citizens, you are staring close to 30 million in one fell swoop. 30 MILLION, that’s I for every 10 existing people in the USA right now! I, for one, am totally sick of this satanic, parasitical, racist son of a muslim traitor who some people were stupid enough to vote as President!!! It’s damn past time that we insist that this bastard be impeached! He is a filthy, anti-American traitor, who hates Christians and who hates our leader, Jesus Christ, who is God Almighty. And guess what, he despises you White America. He absolutely despises you and wants to do all that he can to destroy you, your children, and heritage, and any legacy you had ever hoped to leave your future! Take 10 minutes out of your busy lives and just check out about how Islam was founded! St. Paul condemned the founding of Islam 600 years before Muhammad was even born. Just study to see how Islam was founded and then read Galatians 1:8. Jesus Christ came in the flesh to save us and He is Lord God Almighty! Repent or perish!!!

    1. Conservative says

      Read all of Daniel and keep in mind that Persia is now known as IRAN. You probably know this but I had to look all these countries that were renamed to educate myself.

      They hangout at Home Depot because that is where the building contractors, etc. to pick up day laborers. Seems to me it would be more constructive to unemployed blacks but the illegals would probably threaten them and drive them away. Perhaps that is getting a few dollars until they
      pick up all the benefits Obama is going to give them.

      First the Socialist/Communist Democrats had to expel God from all public life in the U.S., this followed quickly with legalized perversion, then persecuting Christians who held fast to their faith – and then the end will come.

      For those who actually care Google ‘what does the Quran say about lying. I googled this and found many things that apply to our President, namely lying for the sake of Islam is good, declaring you are not at Muslim or other religion is good as long as you don’t mean it when you say it if it will further Islam. I’ve paraphrased this but if interest you’ll get the message.

  3. Conservative says

    Looks like Obama is going to be keeping the Supreme Court busier than usual with all his divisive, unConstitutional edicts.

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