A House Divided: Republicans on Iraq Intervention


Even the most casual observer can see that we have a problem in Iraq. The dream of training a bunch of troops, installing a democracy, and wiping our hands of the whole dirty mess is no longer a viable future. It never was. Now, with ISIS threatening some of the country’s cities and the deadly specter of all-out sectarian war on the horizon, potential Republican 2016 candidates differ strongly on the right approach moving forward.

First there’s Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the man who stands at the forefront of the Tea Party movement, and a likely 2016 Republican candidate. He fired the first shots in this particular political skirmish by penning a column that ran in the June 19 Wall Street Journal. His commentary regarding ongoing American involvement in Iraq makes a lot of sense.

“Many of those clamoring for military action now are the same people who made every false assumption imaginable about the cost, challenge and purpose of the Iraq war. They have been so wrong for so long. Why should we listen to them again?” Rand said in his column, and he makes it extremely difficult to disagree.

The Iraq war, in retrospect, was the costliest and most egregious mistake of the Bush administration. Leftists at the time, truth be told, saw the mistake for what it was a lot sooner than conservatives did. But that doesn’t mean we have to go back and make the same damn mistake again. Certainly, there’s no one waving around phantom weapons of mass destruction in 2014.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, a man who has been very vocal in recent weeks over the president’s handling of the border crisis, took to the Washington Post on July 11 to disagree. While it makes sense that he would go out of his way to bring Obama’s attention to a problem that directly affects the state of Texas, his comments on Iraq are less the musings of a governor and more the talk of someone eyeing a second run at the White House.

In his retort, he says, “Ignoring the growth of the Islamic State and events in Syria and Iraq will only ensure that the problem will fester and grow. The United States needs to take seriously the threat this presents to our nation.” Of course, Perry is talking about terrorism, the fear of which forced Americans to make some tough choices in the years following 9/11. Perry has spoken in recent days about the potential for ISIS militants to cross into the United States using the border between Texas and Mexico.

Make no mistake about it, we doom ourselves to a repeat of history if we grow complacent about the threat of Islamic terrorism. That said, I tend to side with Rand Paul – at least for the moment – that this is a situation that needs to play out with limited American involvement. We did the job we went to Iraq to do, and now it’s time to put that unfortunate war behind us. It’s tempting to look at the money we spent, the lives we lost, and the worldwide trouble we faced as reasons to keep fighting, but that plays into the sunk cost fallacy. Those costs are paid. Throwing good money after bad (and more good lives away) is a economic and moral failure. The situation in the Middle East is bound to change significantly between now and the election, though, so it will be interesting to see how promising candidates react to the climate.

  1. tomw says

    Anyone want to send our troops back into Iraq, to fight the Islamist, that our government funds? Any takers?

    1. proudtexan62 says

      We couldn’t send troops anywhere now because Obama has stripped the military of it’s troops, it’s leaders and most of it’s equipment. The equipment went to the Middle East to arm the terrorists!!! You RHINOS in Washington have taken a turn that I do NOT UNDERSTAND. What I want to know is the Republican Party turning liberal or has the Obama Administration threatened you and your families and all your heirs for the next 100 years with death or is the GOP, the party I have supported for over 50 years, gone to the dogs? I would rather believe you’ve all had death threats but I’m sure that is not the case. I will NEVER support the GOP again until the party of Reagan returns to this country. You are all a bunch of useless traitors and are the biggest reason Obama has continued to be successful in the destruction of this country we all hold dear. I don’t care about your elite status, your beltway cronyism or your lifetime pensions. Actually, right now, I don’t care about you!!!

      1. chelseachablis says

        I think it’s fair to say that a 2-party congress just don’t work. We really need an independent in the house. They want us to believe that one opposes the other…but in the end…they’re all in bed together. It’s a sad, sad day for America.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I would like to see a 3 or 4 Party system
          None of the 3 parties stand for my principles. Heres how I see it now:
          If we want to keep USA Jobs in USA and earn a decent wage, we have to give up our guns. If we want to keep true to the constitution our jobs and wages are in jeopardy. Its like a loose loose situation.
          The last presidential election was Mr. Marxists versus Mr.OnePercent. The American People lost before the first ballot was cast. It also seams to me EACH PARTY finds the most incompetent candidate possible.

          1. Guest says

            Liberals hang onto ONE party for strength. Different levels of conservatism are what causes the Republican party to split, thus losing the strength they need. The only way to beat the Democrats is to coalesce, then move on to the compromises needed to right our country. Every offshoot of the Republican/Conservative party has the same goal. To Save America. Grow a pair. Gain control. Then get down to the real business of saving America.

          2. stephanie wilson says


          3. Merle Dickey says

            We give up our guns and we will be a socialist country before you can turn around.We have a constitution and if you are one of those that feel it isn’t anything then there is nothing more to say to you .

          4. Mark Clemens says

            I’m all about the constitution but the political climate moves farther away from founding principles. The Republicans will let you keep your gun (for now) but are hell bent to outsource our jobs. The Democrats seam to want to keep jobs domestic, but they wanna impose outrageous gun laws. Why can’t we have a party who will protect both?

          5. Merle Dickey says

            That would be nice wouldn’t it?

          6. Mark Clemens says

            It should be a requirement not just a jester.

          7. Merle Dickey says

            I agree

          8. rhondareichel says

            The CONSTITUTION PARTY is where people like us are headed…..the 2 party deception can no longer be denied

          9. ricktenny says

            Mark, We do have that party. It’s us. We The People. We have all the power, one vote at a time. It may not happen fast enough to make us happy, but our votes count and eventually change the course of the ship. It’s a big ship to move but it happens. I don’t think we have to worry about any idiot changing the Constitution as it would bring the old Silent Majority, that’s us, out of our arm chairs and into the streets with our arms. I pray none of us ever have to do that. I served in 1966 as a Rifleman with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Viet Nam. I have no qualms about serving in the same capacity to save my Country from itself today. However I believe cooler heads will prevail and there will be an orderly transfer of power in in January of 2017.

        2. lha says

          There is an independent in Congress,unfortunately,he[they]vote with the communists every time!

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Yea but he was a democrat long before he became and independent.

          2. livefree1200cc says

            Bernie Sanders the Communist???

        3. ricktenny says

          I would like to see a NO PARTY system. Just let their votes be counted. Why give them any kind of team to pit against team. And allow me to say this again. Term limits are in our hands, not theirs. No Congressman or Senator is going to take himself out of office. It’s up to us. So keep track. First term, think about allowing a second if they look like they’re doing well. End of second term bring in the replacement. Remember they serve at our pleasure. Keep track of these people, make them serve us.

          1. jmortensen says

            I certainly agree with that plan .. BUT there are too many bottom feeders to make it work .. when they gave Obama his second shot at killing the Nation, they took away any POWER the People had ..
            Now it is up to GOD .. Lets see how HE handles this situation ..!

          2. livefree1200cc says

            If you think God is going to save you – you are a bigger fool then the sheep that thought Obama was going to bring us transparency from the White House

          3. jmortensen says

            This Country got Obama for a reason .. and only GOD knows the answers .. so be patient, because time is nothing to GOD !

        4. Merle Dickey says

          I don’t see that happening for a few more years.

      2. Robert Dalton says

        I couldn’t agree more. Due to timidity, fear of losing their jobs, RINOs have thrown America under the bus. McCain, Graham, Boehner have been talking tough while fawning all over the imposter who is using the Oval office to his own purposes. America needs a hero and I see Dr. Ben Carson as the most viable candidate. Rand Paul is an establishment whore and Ted Cruz can’t beat the GOPs.

        1. Laurie Milligan says

          Amen to that!

        2. rhondareichel says

          I’m not so sure Ted Cruz couldn’t win…..he can make hash out of Hillary in debates and with all the trouble brewing now it’s going to be a free for all by 2016

          1. Robert Dalton says

            I agree, he can beat Hillary. I’m not sure he can beat the GOP. The “Civil War” that “the establishment” has declared against the Tea Party and any candidate whom they support is going to, again, lose elections to the Dems. Look at the Mississippi primary. Remember 2012.

          2. govogue says

            You are correct, and it’s a shame “the establishment” is so stupidly stubborn!

      3. Ralph Delahuerta says

        To Proudtexan, I agree with every thing that you are saying. Why else would Obama, the worst President ever to have the power he’s been abusing thus far. Obama is and always will be a bad thing that has been perpetrated on the U.S. He is now and always will be a Muslim prick.

        1. rhondareichel says

          The GOOP gave Obama powers that no president should have.
          Patriot Act

      4. Wayne Thorson says

        Do you think you would be happier living in another country?

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Maybe it is you that should go to another country. You were nowhere near Iraq and I was there…..for five years. What is happening now is when you liberals fail to continue the war on terror. You elected a terrorist to be president of our country and you are truly reaping what you sowed., Did you really vote for him twice??? Bush and Cheney tried to save America. This scum you have is the one that is bent on destroying our country. If the fact that the Shiites and Sunnis were destroying each other and the Kurds, that would be beyond our control but Obama is bringing them to our shores. By the Wayne and drthomasedavis, the Shiites and the shia are one in the same. You might have known if you had been there. They are all here and with the last assault on our southern borders, there are even more of them. You will see when they come after you like they do their own. It’s much more barbaric than just a shooting war!!! We won’t be going back over there because we will be busy defending ourselves within our own borders. Our military gave their all to keep all that over there and then the MORONS of this country elected this socialist, Muslim piece of garbage that brought them here!!! That is a slap in the face to the US Military that Obama has now reduced to the size it will be difficult to defend ourselves. The senior leadership of the US Military has now been reduced those loyal to the Liar in Chief and the good ones have been “retired”.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            If you are having trouble deciding which country to move to I will help you. I suggest Iraq. The war is over there and Obama is bringing all the troops home. Have a nice trip. I think you will fit in there nicely.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            Wow you aren’t too bright

          3. rhondareichel says

            He hasn’t brought them all home. Still plenty in Afghanistan plus all over the world. He’s a false messiah….a Judas goat.

          4. Wayne Thorson says

            Who is your perfect messiah? George W. Bush? Thanks for the joke. I needed a good laugh.

          5. stephanie wilson says


          6. rhondareichel says

            War on Terror? If that were true why have we had open borders all these years?
            Bet you can’t answer that.
            If there were really a fear of terrorists attacking the U.S. we’d close our borders.

        2. stephanie wilson says

          i’d be happy if you & your beloved marxist would move to commie china.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            You make it sound like you don’t like me. I really feel bad.

          2. stephanie wilson says

            all i know is you love obama. cant say i dont like you, but i know i dont like your views.

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            Obama has attempted to do more for you and me and the less fortunate than any other president in recent times. You aught to tell him thank you. Can you tell me what any Republican politician has ever done for you?

          4. stephanie wilson says

            wrong again! what ever you are smoking, better give it up.

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            I would like you to tell me what any Republican politician has ever done for you? I have asked this from several other far right t-party Fox addicted pinheads and no one has ever answered me. Tell me, an inquiring mind wants to know.

          6. Wayne Thorson says

            I would like you to tell me what any Republican politician has ever done for you? I have asked this from other far right T-party Fox addicted pinheads and have never received a response.

    2. jmortensen says

      No way ! Not with obamas rules of engagement .. we would be bringing our troops back in body bags

  2. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group says

    To agree with the Left is the ultimate betrayal. Iraq was lost by Obama,make NO mistake about this. Now….to say leftists were right about the whole situation that is going on there now, is a total misguided perception of what could have transpired with a GOOD LEADER. Unfortunately, we will never know because now there are no good options. Just goes to show how even this libertarian site can be swayed by the Left. Very unfortunate.

    1. Wayne Thorson says

      Just where do you get your information? We were in the longest war this country has ever had. We were there because George W. and Chaney led us to believe they had inside information that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. What were we to think? That they would lie to us? We know now that they did. Obama campaigned against invading Iraq. I hope he brings all our troops home and we stay out of the middle East. We were attacked on 911 because we were sticking our nose in their business.. A 911 won’t happen again if we don’t stick our nose in their business again. Get out of there and stay out. Let them kill each other off and don’t get involved unless NATO wants to get involved. Let other countries sacrifice their young troops also. We can’t be the police force of the world.

      1. Merle Dickey says

        There are those that would disagree with you myself being one. I don’t believe Bush lied . There was a satellite picture of a truck caravan going from Iraq into Syria. Iraq smartly got their weapons out before we got in and invaded . And if you will remember Syria has been said recently they had the largest supply of wmds in the east. So think about it.Obama was nothing more than “present ” man he never gave a real vote on anything.As for 911 that attack had been planned clear back in Clinton’s era ,Bin laden said that himself.So you believe after the attack that Bush should have just said, So sorry ,and let them get away with it. Well, by now we would have been attacked at least twice more with possibly even more casualties.Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq and look what has happened in a few short months. Not only are the Christians being killed and terrorized , the ISIS is throwing threats around they are going to attack on our shores now.So if (when) they do , what do you suggest? We sit back and cry and do nothing? Then plan on them running our shores over and we will be branded cowards (those of us they don’t behead).You are a very naive person if you think it won’t happen again. And now Obama has made us weak as per his plan.I don’t believe we need to go back in full force like we were. The Iraqis have to stand up themselves but a few good strategically dropped bombs might give them a better chance.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Merle You just can’t explain stupid. My friend you were replying to dead between the ears. You gave great sound and quite logical reasons as well historical facts . Frankly to whom they were directed; It all want right over his head or through the hollow cavity between his ears.

          1. livefree1200cc says

            Both you and Merle are dead between the ears. The problem is that you let the Jewish owned media fill your heads with mush.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            Just waiting to see how long it took for the race hating bigoted moron in you would come out. I dare say when one pricks a progressive idea-lodge the evil just simple spills out on its own. Crawl back into your cave you unenlightened moron.

          3. livefree1200cc says

            Your ignorance is monumental. Your racist comments were expected. Its how a true leftist debates. Your drivel is lost on me

          4. Peatro Giorgio says

            Review your previous comment , of an hour ago. Your racist comment refereeing to media own by those of Hebrew decent. I must say you fall right in line in that most racist do not claim to be racist bigoted jack asses .Hate mongers all. It was with the KKK. of the democratic Party then as it is now with the Progressive left white trash of today.

          5. rhondareichel says

            People don’t hate Jews….but they do distrust the Zionist govt. for good reason

          6. rhondareichel says

            He’s right you are wrong. We are Israel’s attack dog. Americans had no interest in Iraq other than hegemony for Israel’s sake….and the war profiteers grew their profits insanely….those are facts that none of you mentioned.

          7. Peatro Giorgio says

            Ah to use misdirection or deflection, When speaking about another’s ethnicity to Divert away from ones bigoted race bating Hate filled hearts. Which no longer leaves any doubt as to where your heart is ! And that is a very deep dark Hole. What does corporate profits have to do with any portions of my Comments .You sound like a bottom feeding troll. Whom by the way is also A racist bigot. Crawl back into that dark hole.

          8. dmttbt says

            I want to know if the Karan was written by 12 wine drinking cave dwellers. Was their Islam religion first set up by man or God? Why are the Christians so eager to give up on Christianity and honor another line of theory?
            If I am shot in the head between my eyes will I be less dead if I am a follower of Jesus or Akbar? At that point it will not make a difference.
            People think we go to war over religion , but we go to war over money.

          9. Merle Dickey says

            LOL Yes, I have found that out but I think some are still wet behind the ears so i can ignore them . If they get too cute I remember names so I just won’t open their remarks back.Thank you for your sensible remarks by the way. I have been reading and enjoying your posts.

        2. rhondareichel says

          OK…if they had that satellite photo showing the weapons were moved why did we still attack Iraq? Why not go after who had the weapons instead? Bush lied.

          1. stephanie wilson says

            no he didnt.

        3. TORO says

          Merle you are absolutely correct, the fact that it was the previous administration (CLINTON), the UN Security Council and our European allies briefed Bush that there were WMDs in Iraq. Liars will never admit it and lazy people will never take the time to research the truth.

          1. Merle Dickey says

            I’m finding that out!!

        4. govogue says

          You, Merle, see it like it is. It’s a shame that many others don’t.

      2. stephanie wilson says

        you are full of crap

        1. Wayne Thorson says

          It is obvious that Fox News has your brain all screwed up.

          1. stephanie wilson says

            its obvious, you are brainwashed by mslsd

          2. Wayne Thorson says

            I would like you to tell me what any Republican politician has ever done for you? No other far right T-party Fox addicted Pinhead has been able to answer this question. Would you give it a shot?

          3. stephanie wilson says

            you may want to check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self, fool!

          4. Wayne Thorson says

            Couldn’t think of anything huh. Don’t feel bad no other far right T-party Fox Addicted pinhead could think of anything either.

          5. stephanie wilson says

            i can think of plenty. problem is i don’t want to waste my precious time on listing them to you. if you hate him, than nothing i list will change your mind.

          6. Wayne Thorson says

            The liberals got Social Security, Medicare and Obama care for us. That’s you and me. I know you can’t think of 1 thing the Republicans have ever done for you and me. If you could think of something you would mention it instead of dodging the question.

          7. stephanie wilson says

            soc, security. huh. right, like medicare, is going bankrupt. bush protected us after 9/11. he is a christiian. he protected my freedoms, the very ones obama is now trampling.. obama has now put more people on a system which is going bankrupt. go ahead. see if you get some.

          8. Wayne Thorson says

            Bush protected us after 911. Where do you get your information? Bush invaded Iraq and they were’t the ones that were responsible for 911 We lost over 4000 young troops, over 20,000 were maimed for life and there were over 100,000 dead Iraqi’s. It was the longest war we have ever been in. This was the biggest waste of money and lives ever. I can’t believe that Bush is your hero. He certainly isn’t anyone else’s hero that I know of.

          9. stephanie wilson says

            i hate to break it to you but you are wrong.

          10. Wayne Thorson says

            Don’t just break it to me that I am wrong. Tell me where I am wrong. I am with the majority of the people in this country that feel the same way. They all don’t live in a dream world like you. You keep saying I am wrong without any explanation. It is obvious to me that you don’t have an explanation.

          11. stephanie wilson says

            i have explained it lots of times. you don’t pay attention

          12. Wayne Thorson says

            I would pay attention if you ever try to explain it. All you have ever said is you are wrong. You said Bush was your hero. You must be his only fan.

          13. stephanie wilson says

            whatever. you dont care to hear the truth. that is obvious. bush has lots of fans, btw.

          14. Wayne Thorson says

            Only in your mind. Bush lied to the American people that he had inside information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We eventually found out that was wrong and you know what that cost us. Nobody but you says he is their hero. Obama must be your hero also. We haven’t had a 911 in the last 6 years.

          15. stephanie wilson says

            you are indeed a moron. i feel sorry for you.

          16. Wayne Thorson says

            Bush is your hero and you call me a moron?

          17. stephanie wilson says

            yes you are. bush is a hero.

          18. Wayne Thorson says

            I refuse to argue with an idiot. Because some people can’t tell the difference.

          19. stephanie wilson says

            look who’s talking! you are an idiot!

          20. Wayne Thorson says

            Yea but this idiot didn’t vote for George W. Bush

          21. stephanie wilson says

            too bad,

          22. Wayne Thorson says

            Too bad for who?

          23. dmttbt says

            Let us assume that is the truth about the unnecessary war. Mr. Thorson, what did you do about it? Did you run for public office and oppose those awful people? I say when people were saying we were only doing it for the oil, I was pleased with that possibility. On the WMDs our intelligence department and Brittan’s intelligence department came up with the same story on that and we didn’t find them there, they shipped them to Syria. They had used them against two of their enemies before that.
            you can live in the past if you choose and you can cry about what you think might have happened, but that is still not going to change what is happening now. You cannot reverse what has happened, but you need to wake up to the present.

          24. Wayne Thorson says

            I feel that someone like you that is afraid to sign your name to your foolish comment shouldn’t be allowed to make a comment. What does dmittbt stand for anyway? Is it dumbbat? I don’t know where you get your information but I would guess it was from a far right pinhead named Bill O’reily.

          25. dmttbt says

            Sir I feel I must remind you that bush has not been the president for 5 years and still he gets the blame for everything that has happened under Obama’s rule. I am so amazed that now Obama has been able to blame Bush for the illegal immigrants crossing the border now. If someone says they are against Obama, that does not mean that they are for Bush. When a woman on the national news stands up and says she voted for Obama six times in one election and the justice dept. lets her go wit a hug from Al Sharpton and you honor the man you have to be on some type of drug.

      3. rhondareichel says

        Congressman Massie read the 9/11 classified report and he was shocked. It appears our allies were involved ….particularly the Saudis and probably Israel too would be my guess. That was a false flag in my opinion to justify the war and you are right if we got out of the middle east we would be a lot safer at home because most people are starting to wake up about how we were manipulated and lied to.

        When you ask the question WHO BENEFITS you can determine the players.
        American’s didn’t benefit…..a trillion dollars and thousands of lives P*ssed away.

        1. Wayne Thorson says

          I agree with everything you are saying. You are chewing out the wrong person. Just like George W. Bush invaded the wrong country.

          1. stephanie wilson says


    2. stephanie wilson says

      got that right!

    3. rhondareichel says

      What exactly did we lose in Iraq? I wasn’t aware that it was anything but a drain on America to get involved there. How daft of Americans not to notice that Muslims battle each other if we take ourselves out of the equation. This whole thing is being supported by us not hampered because we want to get Malachi out and get a different puppet. That’s obvious..
      Let Russia and Iran deal with ISIS…..they have a stake in this country we don’t.

  3. denniscerasoli says

    I didn’t vote for Obama but to blame him for Iraq is just not correct we all know about the WMD’s that didn’t exist and the poor leadership or maybe even worse then that belongs to Mr Bush.There was never a real plan in place for an exit and Johnny you blame Obama?

    1. gmhunt4 says

      You need to keep up with the NEWS………you need to read………..
      “The weapons, more than five thousand sarin gas artillery shells, six thousand gallons of anthrax, and two crude nuclear weapons, were located on Sunday in a previously-undiscovered bunker on the Syrian border by a pair of Iraqis who were using the structure as a makeshift toilet.”

      Read more: http://www.duffelblog.com/2013/03/iraq-war-retroactively-justified-by-discovery-of-saddams-wmds/#ixzz381AjHU8u

      1. livefree1200cc says

        any weapons they have – we provided – its really quite ignorant of you to think you will get the truth by watching the Jewish owned news media

      2. denniscerasoli says

        You have to be careful when you read anything on our networks,who knows for sure.But it does seem strange to move everything when you know that you are going to be invaded by a mighty army and move all your defense.But its over and done.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          EVERYTHING you see and hear on the Zionist owned networks is a lie. Lies meant to perpetuate our false sense of loyalty to Zionist run Israhell.

          1. stephanie wilson says

            you lie.

      3. Merle Dickey says

        Plus don’t forget the caravan going into Syria taken by Satellite. Syrian may have put those there after they were ordered to get rid of them .

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Until it is you taking pictures with your own private satellite, don’t believe a thing coming from the Zionist owned media.

      4. livefree1200cc says

        ….and your problem is that you LISTEN to the news. News that is owned and perpetuated by the Jewish (Zionist) owned media. Let me ask you this… If it was you who owned all those supposed WMD’s, would you let me just walk in and take inventory without touching off some of them to kill me?

        1. stephanie wilson says

          anti semite. bigotry gets you nowhere

    2. Robert Dalton says

      You can’t be serious. You just supported Obama. You are part of the problem. Read gmhunt4′ comment below.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        No he didn’t – he just stated that Odumbo didn’t Start the wars which is true. Odumbo did however escalate the wars even more than Bush did. (which he knows but didn’t say)

    3. lha says

      The WMDs did and do exist! some were moved to Libia,and Quadafi gave them up to the US. They were moved to Oak Ridge Tn,and many more were destroyed in Iraq. I know this from the son of a member of my Sunday School class,who’s Son returned from Iraq, She had repeated the mantra of the libs about how”Bush lied,people died”,even though what he said was that according to British intelligence,the Iraqis had the WMDs. Saddam Husein himself showed the world his weapons with videos of his Scuds,surface to air missiles,etc. If that’s not good proof,what is

      1. denniscerasoli says

        I didn’t vote for Obama and I never would vote for Obama.I simply said that he didn’t start the war in Iraq period.Quite frankly we fought for Israel and very few Americans know that.We sacrificed blood and money for the lobbies in Washington the ones who really run America.I wouldn’t cast my vote for either party because they don’t represent my interests.I could care less about the Obamas and McCains because ultimately they all work for the same people.America is nothing like it used to be when I was in high school in the 50’s.the fabulous 50’s they called it but its over.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Very good comment

      2. livefree1200cc says

        Every country has WMD’s – WE have more than ANY other country. So does that give them justification to attack us as well?

        1. stephanie wilson says

          you cannot compare us w/ saddam. shame on you

          1. livefree1200cc says

            You again? You know nothing about politics yet you still post, revealing your ignorance to the world

    4. Peatro Giorgio says

      So biological and chemical weapons are not weapons of mass destruction.” Wrong “. As far as non existence The best intelligent sources ,those of Great Britain, Israel, U.S. Even the Iranians believed Saddam Hussein was producing Nuclear weapons. So to had nearly the entire democratic party in both the house and Senate.. What we the people have never truly faced is what is it that we want from our Government ? Do we want cheap oil or do we want energy independents, Do we want the E.P.A. shutting done refiners and oil drilling. Do we want our economy to collapse because we prefer to live as a forth world economy. ” Not even third world.” With really no gain’s in the environment through all the E.P.A.s destructive rules and regulations. Deceiving our selves into believing we can control nature .That fake ass threat “global warming is man caused “. Because a large number of Government sponsored environmentalist or other wise scientist, say it’s man caused . When on the other side of that equation 38,000 other scientist Say it’s a freaking Lie. No the majority of we the people continue to lie to our selves believing government is the way and will solve all of our problems. You all keep electing the same morons expecting different results. While winding up with less opportunity ,much less freedom and more enslaved to your own self serving,self enslaving. stupidity. You want free health care free phones free houses, free meals .You want your government to protect your families. Well jack asses your getting exactly what you all ask for. And Now you have much higher taxes with only 47% of the people paying those taxes 53 % pay nothing,. Zero real health care, zero eduacation we are number 27th on the list of nations.The dollar it’s real value at what was 25 cents 30 years ago. Wages at an all time low. More illegals entering this nation taking those government welfare programs ,That I and other hard working Americans pay for. More world wide terrorism,More world strife. More violence in the inner cities. Vastly larger numbers of corrupt police and public official’s. This is your welfare socialist state that is what you all voted for that is what you got. Maybe some day when all the white trash,racist, Progressive liberals Re-puke rhinos and dim wit democrats get off their ass strolled down the halls of the dumb downed school hallways, walk the violent streets of the inner cities. visit the father less homes ,visit the prisons ,Maybe their eyes might become opened to what they Have down; What we as a nation whom have allowed them to lead have done.Kill the unborn but save the pedophiles, save the rapist, save the murder, save the drug dealers, pusher, the mule, the trafficker, the king pins. Let the sack of crap judges the lying, prosecutor’s, the dead beat teacher, the dead beat dads, The dead beat moms let them all walk away from responsibility there all just victims MY Freak-en ass.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        I suggest you move to another country.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          I would and did expect that type of remark from just another dead beat king of free bees and the welfare state. O and I would beat your just another victim of circumstances right. Or is it that your either feeble minded or simply just to stupid to grasp the depth of this nations destruction. Which quite;apparently you’ve contributed toward. As well you are the very dim wit whom refuses to look one self in the mirror and ask Have I help to build this nation or have I succeeded in helping in its demise. Have I voted for the benefit of the next generations or has it been all about my greed needs and wants. Have I served my nation to the full extent offering up life and my own personal wealth to advance the freedoms past generations fought and died for .Or was I the weak kneed coward that ran to Canada or was giving a deferment. On like what I suspect I have served My nation for the benefit of the next generation in the advancement of those freedoms never asking once for anything in return. having served in Both the US. Navy as well the US. army, Never having missed the opportunity to vote with self researched back ground an information on those choice’s, followed by serving my community as a volunteer firemen,and to this vary day serving in my church for the benefit of that community. Never ,Not once asking or taking something unearned. What About you Wayne Mind less Thor son. Or has ever word written gone completely over your non discerning head.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            That’s quite a resume. You are my hero. What country did you decide to move to?

        2. Merle Dickey says

          Is that all you can say? He has a lot of truth in his comment

      2. livefree1200cc says

        We sold them the weapons – now we start a war to get them back? Hmm – makes sense to me – NOT. However you are mostly right about everything else and the global warming nonsense though.

    5. livefree1200cc says

      Obama picked right up where Bush left off with the wars – he even escalated them – hard not to blame him for the last 6 years

    6. proudtexan62 says

      Dennis, you weren’t there either and the WMD WERE there. Saddam Hussein moved them to Syria just after the bombing of Baghdad and immediately before the US Military ground troops arrived. We found remnants of them in bunkers all over Iraq. We used those bunkers to store our equipment. Yes, THEY WERE THERE. The Muslim President of Syria just recently used some of those WMD on his own people. Check it out and you will find the truth. Syria had no WMD until Saddam Hussein gave them to Syria to try and discredit Bush. Bush definitely did the right thing. Obama has done nothing since taking office but try to destroy America.

      1. Merle Dickey says

        Thank you proudtexan62. I can’t believe folks have “forgotten” about the bunkers and the caravan and then syria showing up with this enormous stockpile of WMDs

        1. livefree1200cc says

          You are both brainwashed idiots. Any weapons of mass destruction these countries has was sold to them by US

          1. stephanie wilson says


    7. livefree1200cc says

      You are correct in saying Odumbo didn’t start the conflict. However, Obama took office and escalated the fighting. He even invaded a few countries on his own. Pull your head out of your butt and do some critical thinking that doesn’t come from the Zionist owned media

      1. denniscerasoli says

        You evidently didn’t read my comment closely.The first thing I said is that you have to be careful of the info that we get out of our networks,what do you think I meant? I am opposed to Zionism,AIPEC and the rest of them,i never listen to FOX,MSNBC,CNN,ABC,none of it because liberal or conservative the entire thing is bought and payed for,you have me all wrong friend.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          You are correct and I thanked you for clarifying below ↓

      2. stephanie wilson says

        the islamo fascists started the war. moron! remember 9/11.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          You stupid, stupid woman. First of all no ‘country’ was responsible for 9/11 and even our own government admits that. We have never officially declared war on any country for 9/11 and rightfully so. A handful of people pulled it off (no matter what fairy tale you adhere to). You don’t even know what an ‘islamo fascist’ is you brain dead twerp. Does your mother know you are posting on a ‘grown up’ blog?

    8. stephanie wilson says

      obama abandoned iraq, fool!

  4. junkmailbin says

    Since ISIS has minimal antiaircraft abilities, an international air campaign could be brought forward. The adjoining Islamic nations know they are also in jeopardy. Big Daddy is the Caliph and the House Saud is not going for it.
    If ISIS move a car blow it up, blow up every last item and person they move or can be found.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      ISIS is just the new buzzword to keep the sheep in America scared and pro-war.

  5. Paul S says

    Let it go!!! The people over there are hopeless all they understand is blood and violence. Let them kill each other for now. In a few years revisit the problem. If they are a direct threat break everything and send them into the Stone Age. Wait a few years revisit. Was rinse repeat if necessary. I don’t think that that ceselpool is worth one more America drop of blood

    1. lha says

      Read Winston Churchill’s comments on Muslims. He went as a reporter,then as the Lord Admiral of the British Navy in WW1. In WW1 and 2,the Muslim countries took the side opposite the US. Look at the Military of countries like Syria,Egypt,the “Palestines”,etc. They have patterned themselves after the Nazis. We defeated Nazi power by doing what they did,bombing them into dust!

  6. lostproton says

    These ISIS Islamic activists are hiding among the people as shields just as their ancestors of the Mamluk Dynasty did. You cannot bomb their supposed pockets of fighters without killing more supposed noncombatant civilians in the process. Although any civilized race would deplore the killing of children in a military attack, but we have to review the oldest history book the Old Testament of the Bible or the Torah for how a civilized race dealt with radical extremists when entire tribes were wiped out to stop the advancement of such an evil. Today when these Islamic extremists stone a woman to death in a public square for only the accusation of adultery, no formal trial, just an accusation we are seeing that evil advancing. Recall what Jesus said to the crowd that was going to stone a prostitute; Let the one of you with no sin throw the first stone. And they all went away. Then Jesus said to the prostitute: Where have your accusers gone, then neither do I condemn you, but go and sin no more. We rose above those pagan ways two millennium ago and Islam has returned to them. Last week in Michigan an imam and another Muslim dragged another Muslim out of a mosque to another building where the attempted to cut his hand of with a machete for nothing more than the accusation of stealing from the collection. The disease of Islam is no longer just in the Middle East and Africa, it is here in the United States.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      What a hypocrite! You open your bible to justify killing civilians???? Do the world a favor and jump off a building

  7. Mynickelsworth says

    I agree the Terrorist threat from the middle East is real. However, I oppose US intervention because we are bankrupt. Why get involved in a war with no money to finance it? Better save money and get ready to protect ourselves from terrorists.

    At the present time we are doing NEITHER. We are disarming AND wasting money we don’t have.

  8. lha says

    the liberals “rules of engagement”,which ensure that we’ll never win any war again,unless stopped. When a Soldier has to wait for permission to return fire,they’re sitting ducks!! I lived ON the Tx-Mex border,the Rio Grande,outside Brownsville Tx for 20 years and can tell you that there is no Border”patrol”,but “control”. They can’t stop anyone from crossing the river,as they have spotters following the Border Patrol’s every move. To make it worse,they harass citizens[me,a white,blue-eyed man],on the way to work. They stopped me at least once a week,knowing that I live on the river. I think this was because they were criticized for stopping Hispanics,though my Wife[A Hispanic]never got stopped in the 20 years that we lived and drove along the river, This is pure PC in my opinion,like everything else that the libs do to supress free expression.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      we haven’t declared any wars so winning is not an option. Installing central banks and oil and gas pipelines was our main objective. All on behalf of the banking criminals who run the world

  9. Ted Kornblum says

    Can’t see going back to the Middle East in any of the countries mentione. Our administration
    with Obama and Hillary, John Kerry and those below them in the State Dedt. have got that entire area in a mess, because we sleep with the Muslim Brotherhood. All Muslims are wacky, but these are back stabbing
    terriosts. Obama has put all his cards and our money behind this group. Most of these countries have
    thrown out the Brotherhood because of previous problems with them. Egupt has partiality corrected their problems by AGAIN putting them on the forbidden list. Obama declares a leader in a country that he doesn’t like and sects the Brotherhood on them with our guns and money. Congress needs to get tough
    on these secret operations such as in Bengazie,

    1. rhondareichel says

      You need to start reading Veteran’s Today. Those terrorist are run by the CIA. It’s always been that way. Our allies fund them and give them weapons too. Where did all these weapons in Libya go? Straight over to Syria to the “rebels” (ISISI

  10. the redhawk says

    As much as It paines me to see what is going on… The USA Must stay out of it and Let it be another one of ODUMBO”S CREATED DISASTERS!!!.. and Clean up the Dem Dimwits Stable of Cretins in the FALL!

  11. wildeagleone says

    The republicans had better stop the in fighting or this country is gone and they will be in the sights of those they didn’t protect and work for as they were hired to do

    1. Merle Dickey says

      The republicans aren’t the ones in the current administration making all the deals.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        The Republicans aren’t trying to fix anything either. They are just as complicit in our countries demise as the Demoncrats

        1. stephanie wilson says

          not true!

      2. wildeagleone says

        That is very true but if they don’t stop the separation of the party within the party, they will be defeated at every turn. They must become one party and take care of their differences in private and not in the press. I have been a republican for 54 years and I am disgusted with the boners that Boehner is committing and the name calling and shoving the new republicans aside and stating they don’t know what they are doing/talking about. He is as feckless a leader as Obama and his inability to glue this party together as one unit is destructive, at best.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          The Republicans have sold out to the same forces that the Democrats sold out to. This became obvious to me when they railroaded Ron Paul

          1. wildeagleone says

            that is why it is so important to have term limits but, the congress will not pass a bill that will take their welfare checks and preks, away from them. If we the people had the opportunity to throw them out at the end of their terms they would act more like Americans for Americans then the spoiled thieves they are today

          2. stephanie wilson says

            the 9/11 truther?? yuck!

          3. livefree1200cc says

            Are you smoking crack? Because your comment has nothing to do with what I said. You just revealed your complete ignorance on the subject of politics. God I hope you are not old enough to vote.

        2. Merle Dickey says

          I’m sorry, after reading your post again i realize I took it a different way than you meant it. yes, your are correct. They do need to unite and work together. They all have the basic conservative ideas so they should be able to negotiate between themselves . And I agree with you on Boehner. He is an embarrassment to the party. I was hoping they would get rid of him and instead they put him in again!! But I have faith that if the voters will get out and vote we can overcome the illegalities of the other party and hopefully get this country back into a respected place on the globe. And build the military up so we will be strong again.

          1. wildeagleone says

            Merle it is easy for we patriots to think that the country is run by the DEMONCRATS, as they continue to stir the pot and keep all of us stirred up as well. We need a strong turnout come November and we need a Strong leader in the Republican party. We Republicans need a leader the will pull this party together and accept all the members ideas and suggestions, not just what the OLD GANG thinks is best, because they have been there so long. Their longevity is what has ruined the party and the proof is in the DIS- likability of Congress at this very time. I hope with all I have, that Boehner is defeated and, if not taken completely out of his position in congress, at least as leader of the house.

            I believe he is a narcissistic as Obama, and believes he can do this alone. we need the entire party to defeat the DEMONS, not just One with the title of SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, we need a SPEAKER OF AND FOR THE PEOPLE

          2. Merle Dickey says

            Well, we have the power of our voting pen don’t we?It is a good time to think positive for the turnout that will hopefully get the US on the track again.

  12. Wayne Thorson says

    How can these far right pinhead Republicans blame what’s happening in the Middle East on Obama? When George W. invaded Iraq France and Germany wanted nothing to do with it. Fox News and the Republicans held this against France and Germany for a long time. Obama was campaigning against getting involved over there. Now who are you going to listen to? Get out of there and stay out of there. We don’t understand them and they sure don’t understand us and never will. Let them kill each other off. If there ever ends up to be one victor over there than we will know who we are fighting. By the way can anybody tell me what they are fighting for over there anyway. I doubt it anyone over there has any idea. All they know is how to hate and how to fight.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      I agree we don’t belong there – so why did Obama pick up the Bush war torch and run with it?

      1. Merle Dickey says

        He has brought them home .Cut our military to the bone and gave Hamas 47 million dollars All just to make us weak.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          All of our troops are not home, we have just as big a presence in the mid-east as we ever have. We have troops at bases in 140 countries. We have never been weak. We are the enforcement arm of the International Banking Cartel. Plus for every troop that comes home we have sent a Blackwater type mercenary in their place (which is costing way more). Our country gives everybody money – money we don’t even have. You say we gave Hamas 47 million – but you fail to realize we gave Israhell over 3000 million (3 Billion). War is a racket run by the bankers who control our government. They fund both sides of conflicts to keep them going. Why you ask? Because after the infrastructures of these countries are destroyed the banks loan the money to rebuild them. Money that they printed out of thin air that they ‘legally’ reap interest from the loans. Anything you hear on the news is bullshit perpetuated by the Zionist owned media. You really need to learn how to do some critical thinking on your own

          1. Merle Dickey says

            In Iraq most of the troops are gone. there are 300 advisors but they aren’t fighting . I believe their are 300 more that are capable of fighting if needed But I doubt their bodies would do much good if the Iraqis are going to split and run.And i am aware we have troops in embassies around the world.Yes I do know we have gave the Israels billions of money And since they are still our ally we will continue to especially if the Dems are voted out in 2016. I was just stating that he had sent 47 million to Hamas. As far as the ” every troop that comes home we send a Blackwater type mercenary ” is not true As I previously said There have been a total of 600 “bodies” sent over to replace several thousand troops. Now if they sent some this week I have not been informed. You really wasted a lot of your time writing such a long address to my small 2 line statement and you unfortunately didn’t tell me anything i did not already know. You might want to check your figures on exactly how many “mercenaries “were sent, definitely not as many as have been brought home.Have a good one.

          2. livefree1200cc says

            Correct there was not a one for one replacement of troops, but we still have a presence over there, and as you know, in 140 other countries. I do have a problem or 2 with your last statement though. 1) You obviously are not a high ranking official in the US or Iraqi government, so there is no way you could know the exact count of troops or advisers. I am also quite sure you are not informed daily about the goings on in this ‘transparent’ administration. Even if you were in government there is no way you could prove or disprove any information fed to you. 2) What on earth could possibly warrant 300 advisers? Are they all complete invalids that it takes 300 to do the job of a half dozen? Even our own government is not foolish enough to leave 600 civilians over there with no troops to protect them. That would be absurd. As far as me replying to a 2 line statement – it may have appeared that way but really it was in response to most of your silly comments on this thread. You be sure and have a nice day too. Just remember, we are all on the same side, looking out for the interest of our country (at least I hope you are). Don’t let the small unimportant details (which neither of us may have right) divide us to the point that we don’t stand together against the wrongs of the world.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      Your question which you have asked is the very essence of ignorance .I’ll answer Though Religion,an power, as it has always been. Power comes from land holdings and land holdings comes from the profits of Oil. Then the political power which is in bedded within their false Faith.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        I must be very ignorant I have no idea what you are talking about. Could you put what you said in plain lay men language so us idiots can understand

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          “Your Question ” Can anyone tell me what they are fighting for over there anyway.? I have a suggestion think about my reply and how it relates to those whom we are fighting, What is our rational for fighting them , what is their rational if any? for them bringing the war to our soil.? Clue the answer has many Facets. To find and or see the reason’s and logic require’s ones mind to think in many dimensions. In other words beyond the ability of some to think past their own foolish whim’s and desires.
          To some we are fighting for the profits of mega Corporation’s. To other’s it is to maintain our national security. To a few it is because we as a nation are bigoted racist. For many other’s it is to nation build. still to other’s it is to offer other people’s the same opportunity for that freedom this nation once possessed. To a very small minority it was because George Bush sir. Hadn’t finished the war. This gives some of the reasons and beliefs folks have for the war on terror. Which makes quite clear to me; how freak-en short of memory some folks in this nation have ! No one seems to want to remember the fact the G.W. Bush had clearly stated and defined this war as an on going event that would not soon be over. .He was talking in reference to 25 – 30 years or longer . Be cause your lying sack of crap O blow hard Obama said it was over Surely in no way means it was. In fact one need only ask your self this question.? Was there a declaration by both side’s made and a treaty signed by both sides. Answer ( NO.) Now having given you some of the reasons some folks have. Here is my personal belief. I would much prefer; we fight them over there. Then allow our citizens to have to deal with the terrorist treat over here. Which By the way to all you coward ass anti war fools;you to shall very will soon be experiencing. My pray is it happens to those whom are and have been unwilling to sacrifice for the next generation. I am no one hero Though my desire is to leave my Grandchildren and great grand children and all whom follow a much free much better nation and If that require I to once again take up arms then so be it. No matter if the enemy is from with in. or foreign >

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            You have been so brainwashed by Fox News. If we bring all our troops home and keep our nose out of their business we won’t have anything to worry about. We were attacked on 911 because we were sticking our nose in their business. Fox News uses so many scare tactics to get weak minded people to believe that they know what they are talking about. I can sense this fear in your comments, Stop and think about what you said. Give it some thought. You will realize how foolish you are. I watch Fox News for my amusement. I would suggest you do the same.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            II would like to say I hope they attack in your town first but I hate to think of all the innocent folks that would be killed because of you so I can’t say that and mean it. So, I can only think you are a coward and refuse to admit the danger that the middle east is presenting to the whole world.The ISIS has said they are going to attack us on our own soil. Are YOU ready?If Obama had kept some troops over there instead of bringing them all back we would have been fighting them on their soil not ours.

          3. livefree1200cc says

            GOD you are stupid. No country dares to attack us from outside our borders. Our biggest threat is from within. We have 535 traitors running the country from DC and we are allowing millions of potential terrorists to cross our Southern borders unfettered. If we had indeed brought all of our troops home we would have been safer. But we haven’t and we aren’t safer

          4. Merle Dickey says

            I will be nice and I won’t say you are stupid but I will say if you think that they aren’t going to try to attack us on our own soil you are extremely naive and maybe very young. So, I will not read any more of your self induging comments that you obviously need to make to build your self up.

          5. livefree1200cc says

            I apologize and will replace ‘stupid’ with ignorant

          6. Wayne Thorson says

            Merle my boy my boy, You still believe Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It is obvious that you are so brainwashed by Fox News I don’t know if there is any hope for you. We spend more on defense than the next 13 countries under us put together. The reason we do this is because we have our nose in everybody’s business all over the world. We were attacked on 911 because we were sticking our nose in their business over there. We have enough problems here at home that we need to deal with. We have to stop being the police force of the world. What we have to do is cut way back on our full time defense and build up our Guards and Reserves. This would save the tax payers an enormous amount of unnecessary taxes and the rest of the world would look up to us with respect instead of the fear we try to put in their heads. So try to be a problem solver instead of a problem maker.

          7. Wayne Thorson says

            Are you trying harder to prove how much you are brainwashed. That fear that Fox News has put in your head has made it so you can’t even think rationally. What you don’t understand is if we keep our nose out of other countries business we won’t have anything to worry about. We can’t force others to respect us like Fox News tries to make us believe. We spend more on defense than the next 13 countries put together and it hasn’t done us any good. This has just been a waste of tax payers money. They need to cut down on the full time active service and build up the Guards and Reserves. This would save the tax payer a humongous amount of money. We have enough problems here at home to deal with. We don’t need to get involved in other countries civil wars. You say the Middle East is presenting danger to whole world than why isn’t any other country worried about it. The only way to get involved is if NATO wants to. That way we are not doing it alone. Besides that the next world war will be a cyber space war ware planes are shot down by beams that knocks out all their computers so the pilots lose control of their planes. Think about this the next time you decide to fly somewhere.

          8. livefree1200cc says

            You are half right – but we weren’t attacked on 9/11 by another country. We were sabotaged from within our own ranks so we could START these wars for profit in these other countries.

          9. Wayne Thorson says

            So what you are saying is George W. and Cheney were responsible for 911? Is this what you are saying?

          10. livefree1200cc says

            That is exactly what I am saying

          11. Peatro Giorgio says

            Wayne your absolutely clueless I do not watch TV I read and research history. It is the weak kneed coward ass fools such as your self whom lack the intestinal fortitude to both step out of your false word of security. We did not win the Revolutionary war by our selves alone, Think about that for one min. Had not France joined with us we should still; be under British rule. And if in fact Brit hen had come to the aid of the south during our civil war we might very well be two totally different country. Your the very type of isolation nit wit that would have preferred us to have stayed out of world war one and world war two. even if the Japanese had not attacked us .You like many in the past had giving zero thought as to what those out comes might have lead to. It is to the past and the future one need’s to look to for answers, Not to this moment in time. Which is exactly where the cowards hearts and minds dwell. You speak of fear as if having a sound strong military presents world wide is a weak thing. To me the just proves you are of a weak feeble cowardly mind set. I believe when it comes to national security a strong defense means using those forces to avoid greater future conflicts. As has all of both ancient and recent history proves. One need only look to Europe to see what I mean by that. They choose to reduce below any reasonable margin of defense and national security their military’s. For a greater social welfare state status. Now the have to eat crap from Putin the Russian dictator. ” No Isolation is a losers prospect.” When wisdom over rides cowardice our nation is stronger. When the people once again except the rational behind each of us have a responsibility, to our selves our families our Communities and our Country. And hold these very words deep in our hearts ( Ask not what your country can do for you but that which we can do for our country ) Then maybe Wayne you to shall think of the past and look into the future. Then maybe you’ll also get off your ass and contribute something greater the mindless, thoughtless verbiage your promulgating.

          12. stephanie wilson says

            you were brainwashed by mslsd!

          13. Wayne Thorson says

            What is mslsd?

          14. livefree1200cc says

            You my friend are a brain-washed moron. The biggest terrorists in your above yarn is the US military. WE have not declared war on any of these countries so don’t expect to see any treaties …DUH! And our biggest enemies are indeed stationed in Washington DC

          15. Peatro Giorgio says

            No the biggest terrorist reside in your progressive parties hate filled racist bigoted heart’s. And your absolutely right they reside in the sit of power in Washington D.C. presently. But not for much longer

          16. stephanie wilson says


    3. stephanie wilson says

      how can you be so damn idiotic?

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        I don’t let Fox News screw up my mind.

        1. stephanie wilson says

          it aint fox news, its you. go seek help.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            I watch Fox News all the time, I do it for my amusement. I don’t let it mess with my mind. Think about it.

          2. Wayne Thorson says

            I go to MSNBC to get help. I suggest you do the same.

          3. stephanie wilson says

            no wonder you are twisted. God help you.

  13. chylene6599 says

    None of you can face the truth: The terrorists are in Washington DC. The Patriot Act was a joke. 9/11 couldn’t have happened without the knowledge and cooperation of the highest echelons of the military, civilian and governmental branches. That 9/11 was the best thing to happen to the Bushs’ since Auschwitz. That the CIA and the “Justice” Department are responsible for most of the drug and arms trafficking as well as the wars, insurgencies and criminal trafficking all over the world. Any time they wanted the cartels defeated in Mexico or south America–they could have stopped funding the CIA and started busting the asses in the Justice Department. They didn’t. If they wanted American kids to be smarter, they would have shut down the Board of Education. They didn’t. This is the truth: The government and what runs IT is OUR worst enemy, not the muzzies.

    1. livefree1200cc says


    2. stephanie wilson says

      than you are insane.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        says the lunatic

  14. drthomasedavis says

    The USA has NO problem in Iraq. We did our best, sacrificed several thousand great men and women all in the cause of Islam. The Shiites of Al Maliki and the shia are dead set on annihilating each other and establishing their own Caliphates. Let them kill each other and diminish the world population of that false religion of murderers, pederasts, and wife beaters. Better they die than our military.

    1. Wayne Thorson says


  15. Richard Tebaldi says

    Obama ain’t stupid, he’s ignorant and arrogant, of course, but not stupid. He has Sorros and others of his ilk “guiding” him. I might believe he feels the Dessert wars wasn’t HIS, so he bails out and leaves soldiers to die there and starts his own war. Guns and butter! It’s historic. It worked before. This time it’s O’s war. Let’s see if the left support him so he can win or talk his war to death better than his predecessors

    1. livefree1200cc says

      I agree that Odumbo is a puppet. But we need to withdraw all of our troops from other countries and start taking care of our own problems. Our country is falling apart

      1. Richard Tebaldi says

        Yeah, but do you think O is capable of solving our problems? I think our Political parties are so into infighting, or maybe they have a master plan together, to keep voters occupied with their rhetoric while they control the country for and by themselves.
        Between the 2 of them, I wouldn’t give a nickel to either party until it becomes a taxpayer paid election. We don’t have a chance at big business and lobbyists because big business is using their earnings (our money) to control the country so as to benefit them. They don’t go to wars and put their lives on the line. All they care about is “how much will they get paid at the top of the ladder. They pay lobbyists to buy Political influences and Taxpayers wind up paying the freight and winding up at the bottom of the pile.! BAH ON POLITICS as usual!

  16. Janthony132 says

    The Problem of course, is the President. He is crippling and destroying our military and then considers using American Military to take on “hot Spots” in the world arena. Totally Incompetent!!!!

    1. livefree1200cc says

      The ‘problem’ is that we went over there to begin with.

  17. jimmy johnson says

    If congress and senate would’ve worked together and not been afraid of this tyrannical,dictator and IMPEACHED him, then he would be Out!! Instead you acted like children and had your republican against democrat wars and that’s as far as it got. Never left Washington!!! I think they all lied,but the idea of a few bombs in the right places is quite a good idea,in my view, to give the Iraqi’s a better chance,but who’s gonna do it? Obama isn’t gonna do anything!! He never intended to!! He Lied!! He’s a Traitor!! I agree with Merle and proudtex to a point, but they All lie. America needs to waste ISIS as much as possible,but there is no one that to make that decision, sad to say!! We have NO president!!

  18. stephanie wilson says

    i will always support the taking out of saddam. obama effed up the chance to continue relations w/ iraq.

  19. rhondareichel says

    WTH? If we weren’t supplying weapons to these terrorist in Syria then we wouldn’t have this problem.
    No more blood and treasure in Iraq
    quit meddling in civil wars

  20. Marilyn Stern says

    Saddam was a brutal sadistic monster that had to be removed. Congress, including Hillary, voted for that one. Why? Because our intelligence services, under her own husband Bill’s administration, said there were weapons there BEFORE Bush took office. Then AFTER Bush took office the Brits, the French and the Saudis also stated there were weapons in the country.

    The Bush Administration let the United Nations delay, delay, and delay. This gave Iraq plenty of time to move all weapons out of the country. By the time we came in it looked like they couldn’t even defend themselves against a small army much less attack anything.

    1. rhondareichel says

      We gave Saddam those weapons to fight Iran remember? He was no threat to us except for the fact he wanted off the petro dollar. We arm them then we attack them. Same thing in Libya they talked Kadaffi into not pursuing nukes and gave him planes and missiles too. In 2009 there’s a picture of John McCain slapping him on the back declaring he would try to get him more planes and 2 years later Obama attacks him for no reason. He said Kadaffi was killing his own people when in reality he was killing al Qaeda who were trying to overthrow his govt. Libya used to be the most prosperous country in Africa before we stepped in. He was certainly no threat to us except he wanted to introduce his own gold currency and the Intl. bankers weren’t going to stand for that.

    2. rhondareichel says

      I am of the opinion that other countries have a right to SELF DETERMINATION of their own governments. We had a revolution to overthrow our tyrant so why can’t they? George Washington famously stated in his farewell speech “NO ENTANGLING ALLIANCES”…..he spelled out why. Maybe some of you should go read that speech to understand our true role in the world.

    3. rhondareichel says

      Ha ha ha….who trusts the French and the Saudis?

  21. rhondareichel says

    Most of you don’t know the real history….I can tell by your post that you are parroting talking points. You need to really do some research because you are under the mistaken impression that any of these countries would dare to take us on. The real threats are the Chinese/ Russian alliance and nobody sees that clearly yet. They have joined forces and are formidable.

  22. jeffbwillis says

    Perry has two things that Paul doesn’t have: “Executive experience and military experience.”
    Obviously, it’s good politics here at home, to play the isolationists’ card. But Paul has never run a small state, let alone a large one! By the contrary, Perry has been Governor over the second largest and one of the most diverse states in the Union. Texas shares a 1200 mile border with a foreign country. There are 20,000 Texas Rangers under his command.
    Nobody wants immediate involvement, especially sending ground troops to Iraq. But there are other ways to counter I.S.I.S.. Paul’s background is frighteningly similar to Obama’s, in that he is a junior senator with a thin resume no military experience. Like Obama, he is perceived to be a “dove,” a man of rhetoric with little punch behind it!
    Perry is perceived to be the exact opposite. Whether it’s true, remains to be seen! Perception does become reality. Ronald Reagan was called a “war monger” by Democrats in the 1980 Presidential election. Yet, America enjoyed eight years of peace under his watch. We went from “being scorned to being respected.”

  23. dmttbt says

    The problem I see is that when people who were complaining about we were just in it for the oil, I was saying I hope so. Why wouldn’t we be opportunist in that situation? Why would we want to risk all the lives and injuries and get nothing other than a thank you. As it turned out we didn’t even get the thank you.
    I f we are going to send our people in to a war we should not worry about the collateral damage. Our enemy doesn’t worry about that, they catch us and cut our heads off we catch them and humiliate them in prison and we are terrible. I have been in a war and I didn’t like it. When people say we shouldn’t do certain things to combat our enemies, I want to put them in the circumstance that our military is in. Fighting for their life and wondering why our government is supporting the enemy.
    What I am trying to say is that we have resources in our own country and I don’t mean solar. We have wind but that has really proven to be to unpredictable and storable. The price of green is too high. We should drill but we can’t because the government will not give permits on government land. I say the government shouldn’t own that land in the first place.

  24. dmttbt says

    To Thorson: No I don’t use my full legal name because I don’t want it to be easy for certain forces to locate me. I am not fooling myself though, I know they will locate me just as they will you. Did you not hear that the government is collecting information n everyone in the United states? There is nothing like someone who is headstrong defending what they think is right, except when they are wrong and you can’t convince them of the truth. Speaking of truth, I don’t have to or need to defend George W. Bush, he is no longer president. If you think you get truth from Obama, I feel for you. By the way, why do you want my name? Are you going to look me up and shoot me or just beat me until I can see what you think is the truth is.

  25. Mama Sita says

    All of that are true, but i dont know what reason had iraq to do this. I dont think that’s a masyike, a good leader do what he think that’s the best for his team (people). agario cheat

    This is an old news but it s actuality that iraq didn’t do what is the best for every body.. he’s thinking only at his future.

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