A Murder That Should Have Never Happened


The taking of an innocent life is always a tragedy, but there lies greater tragedy than usual in the death of Kate Steinle. Steinle, as you may know, was shot and killed on July 1 while walking along Pier 14, one of San Francisco’s busiest tourist destinations. Only an hour later, police had the alleged perpetrator in custody. By Friday, immigration enforcement officials revealed that the killer – Francisco Sanchez – had been deported back to his native Mexico on five previous occasions. Any way you look at it, this is one murder that could have – and should have – been prevented.

The murder draws a harsh spotlight to illegal immigration, deportations, and the controversial program that allows San Francisco to act as a so-called Sanctuary City. Even though the city had Sanchez in custody earlier this year, they declined to honor a detainer request given to them by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Here’s a jurisdiction that’s not even honoring our detainer for someone who clearly is an egregious offender,” an anonymous ICE official told Fox News.

Foul as this is, you’ll be aghast to realize that some liberals are afraid that Sanchez could trigger “political fallout.” In an op-ed for SF Gate, Carla Marinucci expresses her fear that incidents like this one will “fuel congressional calls to cut funding to San Francisco and other ‘sanctuary cities.” Well, um…duh! It’s a sign of how backwards and twisted the left’s philosophy is that they would not also be calling for such a thing.

Sanctuary cities cut ties with federal immigration authorities, preventing their law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE unless there is a warrant. Proponents say this will give illegals more trust in the justice system. Because that’s the important thing here.

Inevitably, presidential candidate Donald Trump used Steinle’s death to reinforce his argument on illegal immigration. “This senseless and totally preventable act of violence committed by an illegal immigrant is yet another example of why we must secure our border immediately. … This is an absolutely disgraceful situation and I am the only one that can fix it. Nobody else has the guts to even talk about it,” Trump said in a statement Friday.

Trump has taken a hefty financial hit for his outspoken remarks on illegal immigration, and he has become a political third rail in the GOP. But while Trump’s approach is probably harsher than necessary, his priorities are beyond reproach. Unlike most of the leading candidates, Trump understands that illegal immigration is one of the most persistent and defining threats of our time. Does that make him the best man for the presidency? Not necessarily, but his fellow candidates would do well to heed his words on this issue. Instead, they are distancing themselves, hiding behind “compassion,” and following the left’s playbook down to the letter.

And the real citizens of the United States, natural born or not, will be the ones to suffer for their weakness.

  1. Skyhawk says

    The head of the snake is Obama, then we have the AG, Homeland Security, ICE, the Mayor of San Francisco and a whole bunch of other brain dead liberals all complicit in this murder.

  2. Patrick henry says

    If I were the father. I would get a lawyer and have obama, the AG, Homeland Security, ICE, the mayor of San Francisco and the 11 members of the council charge with contributing to this murder!!!!

    1. RMCSRET says

      You better have lots of money since the ACLU will not touch this case with a Fifty foot pole because
      they believe in the same things as the people that you would prosecute. What needs to be
      done are folks like Duncan Hunter of California to bring Impeachment charges against not
      only Obama, but Loretta Lynch and Jay Johnson for not doing there jobs.

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    This is most likely just the beginning of a crime wave by Mexican criminals deliberately dumped in the United States by the Mexican government, Mexican gangs recruited by the American regime and La Raza, the Bloods and Crips and the Black Panthers. The coming spree of murders is aimed at demoralizing, despoiling and decimating if not exterminating the native-born English-speaking Caucasian population, especially heterosexuals and Christians, who are inconvenient and possibly hostile to the creation of a one-party socialist Mexamericubazuela, under the suzerainty of the Chicoms and United Nations and subservient to a nucleat-armed caliphate.This is Reconquista, they mean to take our country and we have a government that intends to help them do it.

    1. RMCSRET says

      Miles this is not the Beginning this has been going on for years. The Public is just now hearing
      about this because the Governments does not want it made to public. MS-13 which is a
      South American Gang has been operating out of California for over a decade. The Sanctuary
      cities like San Francisco have been around for over a decade and the issue with that have
      basically been covered up. In San Francisco this is the Second High level Murder that was
      committed by and Illegal Alien. One was when an Illegal Chased down and Shot a Father and his
      two sons, Then you have this one, with this young lady being gunned down for no reason
      what so ever. I would be willing to bet there are more.

  4. RolandF says

    San Franciscans should be hanging their heads in shame, after this disdainful act was committed with their support and exculpatory permission. What a truly. sorrowful act that you allowed to take place in the city by the bay! No one can say they have left their heart in San Francisco with any warmth now. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!! How proud of your ACLU and city are you today?

    1. RMCSRET says

      Maybe when people stop visiting the so called fair city of San Francisco as a Vacation spot then
      Mayor Lee and the City Council will start to learn a lesson that breaking the Immigration laws
      of the land have ramifications.

      1. RolandF says

        That is a very good thought, vote and speak out with your wallets folks no CA. vacations especially to good ol SF. No sports memorabilia etc. etc. and on down the line for all things. Just stop spend good dollars on lost idiots.

        1. RMCSRET says

          There also needs to be letter and emails and calls sent to Congressman
          Duncan Hunter stating that he needs to institute a letter of Impeachment for
          Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch. Jay Johnson, and the Head of ICE for not
          fulfilling there duties under the Law of the country. Primarily in what the
          Constitution states what there PRIMARY job is and that is to Keep the
          Country and the People safe from external forces.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ha! You and I must be sharing the same DREAM !

    2. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Scum libTURDS have no shame! I’m sorry that this ILLEGAL ALIEN didn’t target one of FRISCO’S learned, scholarly vermin councilmen / women. My disgust can’t be put into words.

    3. Lynn Todd says

      The saddest part is, is that many do not even know what a sanctuary city is, much less know they even live in one. They should be ashamed.

  5. molly kennedy says

    I certainly would sue the mayor, how do some of these people sleep at nite and I notice our great leader did not light up the white house in red, white and blue on the 4th. Did he call Kate’s parents and offer his condolence the way he called the gay football player and congratulate him. We now live in a sick society.

  6. Carl Smuck says

    If I were the father of that girl and had a gun or a crossbow I would have killed that illegal alien. Also, if I were the father of that girl I would be tempted to hunt that illegal alien scum down and kill him and I would try to kill whoever got in my way of doing so too. Under the laws of this country it should be easier to put on trial, convict and sentence to death an illegal alien who murders or rapes an American citizen or even another illegal alien.

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      That type of action would be illegal…although I like you would relish doing the same as you have suggested…Best approach would be, to hire an attorney and sue the city of San Francisco for a billion dollars…not millions but billions…make em pay for being a sanctuary city which they wholeheartedly support because they believe it’s just not a nice thing that illegals be locked up just because they have committed some type of crime…San Franciso only locks ups American citizens…illegals are free to beat up on someone, steal, rob, rape, and even murder while the city of San Francisco turns their backs on the safety and security of its own citizens…Absolutely disgusting…Sue the city and sue em big…make em pay dearly for their policy of turning crimnally involved illegals back onto the street once they have been caught committing a crime…Sadly.. San Franciso illegals are given a safe haven and a place with which to further commit crimes against American citizens…The Mayor and his cohorts of San Francisco have no shame for allowing criminally involved illegals a free pass to commit further autracities against it’s own citizens…
      Shame on the Democrats…Shame on San Francisco.

      1. Karen says

        All “White” people living in San Francisco should move out along with all tax paying industries and see what happens to this city!! You white people, move out! Sell your million dollar homes and move elsewhere, heck you could probably buy the same size home you paid a million dollars for in another state for a third of the price and retire on the investment of the remainder! White people move out while you and your family are still alive!!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          I take it you’re a black person, eh??

          1. Joe T says

            Michael………..it’s Michelle Obama in her spare time as power behind the throne.
            Best regards, Joe T

          2. Karen says

            Why in the heck do you think I am black? Did I say Black people get out of SF and save yourselves? Really??!! Are you black, eh?

          3. elmcqueen3 says

            What a “stupid” assumption.

        2. elmcqueen3 says

          My brother and his family did exactly that…they sold their old house in San Francisco and made a tremendous profit…they moved to Beaverton, Oregon…paid cash for a new home and haven’t looked back ever since.

      2. Abacrombee says

        That’s a very good idea on the face of it, but it’s the taxpayers that would be forced to pick up the tab. Remember the gov at all levels only has the money it steal from the taxpayer.

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          It would be the taxpayers of San Francisco…”They deserve what they reap” or the lack of it for being a “sanctuary” city in their support for illegals aliens who commit criminal acts and go unpunished for it.

    2. MAHB001 says

      You would be in jail, but I would be supporting you.

      CA has draconian laws that protect the perpetrators of crimes and not its citizens. I know, I live here.

    3. Karen says

      The illegals have more “rights” and “protection” than any native born “white” person! White people are the reason these other people commit these heinous crimes!(sarcasm) Maybe when one of the “elite elected” are hit by one of these illegal where it hurts them or their families, they MAY think twice about this HUGE MISTAKE that our idiot OBUMMER made!!

    4. Texas Belle says

      If the authorities in San Francisco have their way this scumbag will be back on the streets in a few days. There are no words to express the outrage that I and others feel for some of the lawlessness the Administration and a lot of city and state officials engage in. Did you hear the Sheriff? No remorse; he believes the sanctuary the city provides illegals makes the city safer. There is no cure for such stupidity.

  7. 83ragtop50 says

    First let me state my sincere sympathy for the family that has had to endure the end product of gross negligence by both GOP and Democrat leaders. Of course, the current President is the pinnacle of lawlessness when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws. But my true hope is that this tragedy will shine an unquenchable light on all the deaths, injuries and hardships; physical, economic and emotional, that the lack of border security wreaks upon Americans. My wife has been hit by illegal, unlicensed and uninsured Mexican drivers twice. They simply disappeared into thin air. But that is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the literally hundreds that are killed every month in car accidents involving illegals. But each individual car death does not have the impact an out and out murder like what happened in San Francisco does. It is time to become extremely vocal and persistent in calling our Representatives and Senators, both federal and state, to clean up this mess by sealing our borders and deporting the lawbreakers that are already here.

    1. MAHB001 says

      The MEDIA will use bias by omission to black out this story and any story that hurts the liberal socialist cause.

      We are fighting bias by omission with a boycott that will work.


    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      The loss of ANY life is a tragedy, but you and I both know, the HTNIC is hell-bent on destroying this blessed country, and ALL the politicians, no matter what side, are following right along behind him, counting their money as they go.

  8. Joe T says

    Everyone is WRONG about CRIMINALITY of the ILLEGALS entering the USA….that is except the” all wise” POTUS! Liberal lunacy is rampant in the Democratic party……with LIARS AND LIES, LIES, and more LIES
    told to the American citizens. (Google just the LIES by POTUS Obama; must less Pelosi, Reid, et al)

  9. Joe T says

    Why isn’t the Rule of Law(s) being adhered to by City officials……simple…..LIBERALISM….ANARCHY.

    an·ar·chy ˈanərkē

    noun anarchy

    a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

    absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

    lawlessness nihilism mobocracy revolution insurrection disorder chaos mayhem tumult turmoil

    Web definitions

    a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Joe, all the people in authority are far too busy checking their bank balances to be bothered with illegal and what crimes they’re commiting. In my own way, I’d hang the bastard by his balls in the middle of nowhere and let nature finish him off!!

    2. Gerald A. Reason says

      The life cycle of all past democratic republics is as follows: Tyranny to revolution to freedom to complacency, to anarchy, and back to tyranny. This cycle is being fueled by failure to remember and stick to the rules our founding father’s set up in the Constitution. The idea that our Constitution is a “fluid” document is only partly true. It must be adaptable to conditions which did not exist at the time of the founding of this nation — i.e., An Air Force is constitutional because our founding fathers required the federal government to defend the nation and at the time, flight was not a part of life — however, it is not fluid in the fundamental areas of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The amendments were written to protect our rights but not to give more rights to one class of person over another. The First Amendment clearly provided for the right of a free press, free exercise of religion, freedom from the government dictating what our religious practices will be, freedom to assemble PEACEABLY and freedom to express ourselves in speech, as well as the freedom to petition our government for redress of our grievances, without fear of government retaliation. Today, our activist judges have, and are continuing to, ignore the will of our founders and to use the Constitution by making their interpretations fit the liberal agenda. This leads to disorder and removal of freedom. This, with this administration especially, seems to be designed to create conflict so that the government can remove the rights under the Constitution and return us to the same type of tyranny our founding fathers faced under King George. .

      1. Gary_L_Thompson says

        Just as a note, Benjamin Franklin in fact witnessed a balloon launch in Paris while he was the United States ambassador to France, and predicted that someday entire armies would travel by air (a pity that Gen. Billy Mitchell didn’t find men of that kind of vision in his superiors in World War I or the 1920s).

        I think it’s high time the term “activist” be dropped. If they were truly being active for a cause, they would be organizing grassroots and campaigning electorally, they are not doing that but rigging the system to suppress all other views than their own. The proper terms for them are “corrupt” and “despots”. An honest referee painstakingly gives an accurate count of votes in an election just as he painstakingly gives an accurate history of the language and intent that went into a law in a court case–if he does otherwise, then he’s only a criminal usurper.

  10. MAHB001 says

    The MEDIA will blame the guns. They always do, as it could not possibly be a liberal policy.

    Fight the Media:

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      It’s ALWAYS that vicious gun’s fault. Somehow, it sneaked out of the closet and went on a rampage, killing people. No human’s fault, just the “un-registered” gun’s fault!! DUHHHHH!!!

      1. MAHB001 says

        I believe that is because the guns are smarter than the liberals. The liberals are brainwashed by the guns subliminal suggestions and they simply can not resist the brainwashing.

  11. MAHB001 says

    Kudos to Trump for pointing out the obvious!
    It is kind of refreshing in a Presidential candidate.

    1. Joe T says

      Hi Mad as Hell………
      Let’s play a political card game…..TRUMP a SPADE with the ACE of Hearts….
      Keep giving ’em Hell…………MAHB001……..
      Best regards……Joe T

  12. Michael Dennewitz says

    BLAME THE HTNIC FOR WHAT HAPPENED! The Velcro head may as well be standing at the border, handing the whole package to them as they come across. Thanks a lot mr communist wanna be!!

  13. MAHB001 says

    This goes to show you, only black politically exploitable lives matter.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Yep….and nuttin’s gonna change!

  14. dridata says

    California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a former San Francisco
    district attorney who is running for U.S. Senate, cautioned that when it
    comes to immigration, “our policy should not be informed by our
    collective outrage about one man’s conduct.”

    Really Harris? This sanctuary policy is a magnet for illegals and in
    that most liberal island in one of the most liberal states you actually
    throw the victim of the shooting under the bus and defend the murderer?
    When will you liberals wake up and see that your direct and willful
    choice to ignore the immigration laws is wrong? How is the crime rate in
    your city since you became a sanctuary? How is the homeless rate? What a
    bunch of dopes! And this sad excuse of an AG is running for US Senate?

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Hate like hell to be defended by that bitch!

  15. junkmailbin says

    the mayor, council, sf sheriff, dhs, ice, and bath house barry should all be charge with civil rights violations and also removed from office for violating their oath of office

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Good luck with that DREAM !

  16. thebearded1 says

    Australia has their collective heads on straight here. They don’t allow new citizens willy-nilly; they have to have $300K in assets in order to emigrate. They might take in the desperate but they demand ‘love us or leave us’. No gray area. That is how a country thrives, when the citizenry of a nation come first. Otherwise, it isn’t even a nation. Maybe now that this horrific case highlights just how screwed in the head we are about giving what we earned away to people who have no rights to it will get us all behind the restoration of our own preservation and heal a fractured union.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Denmark did it right !!

  17. WC Fisher says


  18. Kortiak says

    It is incredible that we allow things like this to happen. This has been going for a long time, I can’t blame only on Obama since George Bush had a chance of fix it and decided to listen to his brother rather than clear messages from people.

  19. Michael Skok says

    What an animal world we live in! That poor girl is dead just because some man took a gun out and shot her for no reason. An animal might have a reason–like for food or to protect the young ones. But this was a senseless murder in a godless society.

  20. Paladin says

    San Fran… what a lovely city, steeped in beauty and history. I have never understood how SF succumbed to the queer/weird/drug agenda, when Oakland is adjacent to Berkeley which harbors the seat of radicalism, UC… I travelled there in the early ’70’s and was enthralled by the many lovely venues. I often stayed at Stanford Court, the HR Embarcadero & the Hyatt on the Square… The coffee at the Hyatt on the Square was outstanding… drank a pot at breakfast… was ‘wired’ for two days!!!

    I enjoyed the wonderful meals at Fournos Ovens & Scoma’s… Coit tower was always fun after an intense day of negotiating loans & terms… and the Carnellian Room @ the Bank of American Tower was the final stop before a business supper…

    There are many more memories which I will keep to myself… however, I’m enraged at queers trying to destroy our society!!!

  21. NoRINO says

    This isn’t the first in S.F. the infamous illegal sanctuary, the Bologna family killing made national headline in 2008.

  22. Bruce Wayne says

    DONALD TRUMP HAS THE BALLS TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Shauna says

    If that were my family? Nothing and I mean nothing would stop me from seeking revenge. You would have to put me down…but not before I make sure those who are responsible are held accountable. I’m so fed up with this govt..I have nothing but pure hatred for this administration. pure hatred. grrrrrr

  24. George Cahonna says

    Our deepest found sympathy for the families. But don’t think for a moment that this has been the only family stricken by illegal alien criminals. Not to long ago, a Policeman personally known to my family was gunned down in Phoenix. Rape, murder, drugs continue flowing from Mexico. And as I see it, as long as our “Worthless” political leaders sit on their hands, & do nothing this crime spree will continue! At this point in time all we can do is let our wonderful leaders know they Are On Their WaY Out!! And that’s Both sides of the asile!

  25. Mister Vice says

    The family should sue the federal government and Obama for not enforcing the laws currently on the books that would keep scum like this butt wipe out of our beloved republic. Obama is trash and he invites all his trashy buddies to come join the party in our country…at our expense. His policy is to not deport any illegal UNTIL they commit a heinous crime> That means someone must die before that bastard will do something to protect Americans from THAT ONE SINGLE felon!! I think that policy should be used by the Secret Service: do not stop intruders (even those with weapons or a criminal history) until AFTER the assailant makes contact with the Bozo in Chief! Mr President how would you like that, Loser?!!

  26. Alleged Comment says

    Our leaders should be HELD DIRECTLY responsible for this MURDER since they did not uphold the law as their DUTY. Aren’t people PROSECUTED FOR THAT???

    Who do you think your leaders are? GODS???? No, they are LYING POS up there and the people must call for their prosecution and not be afraid of evil!

  27. The_Random_Sample says

    Well, it is certainly good to know that the Obama administration did the right thing by requesting that San Francisco turn this guy over to them if and when he was released from custody by the city. The folks who released him without turning him over to ICE should be prosecuted, not to mention sued by the victim’s survivors.

  28. Dee Ward says

    Yet ANOTHER American suffering at the hands of an illegal alien. Our government has completely failed us on this issue. Can anyone seriously defend the “sanctuary city policies” Please explain how on earth these policies are good for America and her legal residents? We must demand action. I realize some illegal immigrants are good people BUT they are ALL breaking numerous laws and rewarding them is plain stupid. Since our country will not deport all of them let’s talk about a “fair” way forward. Some of these may seem distasteful to some but it is time America stop bearing this burden.

    1. PROTECT our border!!!
    2. Stop birth right citizenship to illegals and tourists
    3. DEPORT criminals, no immigration hearing just deportation. We should use Canada list of crimes they do not allow for people coming to their country. If their country doesn’t want them back TOO D@mn bad!! Send them anyway even if we have to parachute them out over their country of origin. NO COUNTRY has the right to force America to keep THEIR criminals.
    4.While we work on deporting criminals the non criminal illegals will have a year or so to prepare to be vetted. They not only will have to show they are not criminals (In our country or theirs) but that they are self supporting. NOBODY in their family can be receiving ANY form of welfare. Remember they will have a year or so to get their act together. If you meet the criteria and pay the fees for vetting you will be given legal status. Not citizenship. People have waited in line, paid and done it legally and it is wrong to let law breakers not follow laws and then receive special privilege.

    Americans should not be forced to be victimized financially and criminally by people coming to our country illegally. This plan is fair to everyone. Those who are productive members of society stay and others leave.

  29. MichaelZZ says

    Whoever is responsible for the establishment of SF as a “sanctuary city” should be Impeached, massively fined, given substantial community service, and never allowed to serve in any public capacity that has even a modicum of authority.

    The mayor, city council……………


  30. eva says

    Read that this was a law officers gun he used but cannot find details????! What was he doing with someone else’s gun????

  31. MaryLipchey says

    Well as I see it, San Francisco, and all Californians,are people
    who never stand up for anything, or against anything, they are half baked from the sun,and to high to know what’s going on in the real world.The way I see it
    most Californians tend to be a little queer, in the way they think..jus sayin.

  32. Michael Dennewitz says

    THIS is what the HTNIC wants! Create enough disorder, cause riots, do anything to bring this country down. . .then execute martial law and start setting up his mooselum kingdom.. My bet is, now that he has mooselums strategically located right where he wants/needs them, his next move will be to abolish term limits. After that, he has all the terrorists in the country to elect him a dictator! WATCH AND WEEP…

  33. Tomcat01 says

    This is outrageous!!! The easiest way to get SF to start honoring federal laws is to stop ALL federal funding. Cancel ALL federal contracts followed by the possibility or removing all federal jobs from SF and I mean the ENTIRE Bay area. It’s funny how they want all the federal tax dollars but do not wish to enforce federal laws. Then just as others said, file federal charges against the SF City officials. This also means CLOSING FAA and seaport facilities as well.

  34. Michael Dennewitz says

    The Head Terrorist Nigga In Charge threw open the borders, what would anyone expect. And now with all his sadistic, goat humping, child raping mooselum buddies, I’d say you haven’t seen shit yet.. Don’t be surprised when you hear of a 5 yo child being sodomized by some pervert whose name you can’t even pronounce.. It’s coming, thanks to the HTNIC!!!

  35. Joe T says


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