A Rebranded GOP – Which Philosophy Will Win?


With the nation centered on changes in the Senate, smaller changes are happening within the GOP ranks. The Republican Party, which once stood on a central message of social conscience, individual responsibility, and small government, has seen fractures appear in recent years. As we head into the two-year fight for the 2016 White House, those fractures are likely to grow even more apparent.

Leading the charge to revamp the brand is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Taking over where his father left off, Paul wants to see Republicans move into the 21st Century. Only a couple of days before the midterms, Paul went on CBS’s Face the Nation to say that the “brand is broken.” One of the things that concerns him the most is the barrier between Republicans and African-American voters, with whom the party has – to put it mildly – struggled. Paul’s revolutionary rhetoric has kept him among the highest-polling potential 2016 nominees.

Though he isn’t polling nearly as well, Texas Senator Ted Cruz also has a vision for where the Republican Party should be headed: to the right. He has been one of the most outspoken conservatives in office, never afraid to slam establishment incumbents if he senses weakness in their philosophy. Voters who think moderate presidential candidates are keeping the GOP from the White House see a lot to like in Cruz.

Then there are those moderates. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush fall into this category. Bush is currently leading the pack when it comes to 2016 favorites, although it took some strong “I’m not running” language from Mitt Romney to finally allow Bush to displace him at the top. Both men are consummate professional politicians, and they both have gubernatorial leadership records to lean on when asked about experience. If history repeats itself, one of these two men will likely emerge to face Hillary Clinton.

It’s Still Early

But a lot can happen between now and then. The next two years will be interesting. At any time, Christie could implode (or explode), and he’s still carrying the unresolved George Washington Bridge scandal around on his back. Many conservatives – Rush Limbaugh chiefly among them – have bristled at Christie’s willingness to concede respect for the deeply unpopular Obama. And Cruz is vibrant enough to make big gains once the primary season kicks into gear.

If Cruz and Paul are to make an impact in 2016, they’ll need to do so by recruiting young conservatives. Both men – particularly Paul – lean heavily to the libertarian side of the Republican Party. If Paul faces challenges, they will come largely from the foreign policy side of the debate. Paul is not quite a pacifist, but he does believe that America needs to place greater importance on what’s happening at home. That may be a tough sell, depending on what happens with ISIS.

And then there are the spoilers. Dr. Ben Carson has many conservatives calling him the 21st Century’s answer to Ronald Reagan. Texas Governor Rick Perry isn’t faring well in the early polls, but he could easily make a big comeback once the wheels start turning. And there’s always the chance, slim though it might be, that Romney will decide to throw his hat into the ring after all.

We’ve still got more than a year before 2016 politics really kick into high gear, but the direction of the Republican Party will be fascinating to watch in the meantime.


  1. jamesbolin46@gmail.com says

    Republicans appear to be about protecting the wall street money. Only difference between parties I see is the line of BS they feed the public. Politics is like a soap opera. The old good cop bad cop routine. The democrats seem to come across as old style gangsters. They work together behind the scene but not for the people.

    1. sarcoq says

      Your perception of Republicans is the very reason that they should embrace the Tea Party as an influential part of GOP. Include those principles of smaller government and fiscal responsibility and then you see a distinct difference between parties.

      1. jamesbolin46@gmail.com says

        Agree. Been watching them and the constitution party. Tea party not a legit party. Constitution party is. Check them out. Pleasant surprise maybe.

  2. fred says

    We need to focus on the rights and freedoms in our Constitution and to hell with all this PC stuff! We should operate a bare-bones gov’t with strong defense that makes sense, not the star-wars overpriced weapons systems some idiot dreams up when he’s doing drugs! We need to EXPORT all the indigenous enemies of our state, and protect pour borders from illegals just like Mexico does, with guns and jail time to the violators! we need to make our own steel and building products and bring quality back to the products we sell in stores, not this crap from third world “partners” like China that do nothing more than steal OUR technologies and replicate our production of new products!

    1. The duck says

      Most of what you say has a lot of merit. But referring to star wars over priced weaponry a some idiots dream is nonsense. Star War weaponry is very effective as support for ground troops. Don’t be trying to down grade exotic weapons as toys, they are not. And those who can engineer them are not on drugs.
      But on the other hand boots on the ground are required to win and hold gains. Obama’s bomb and run will never work as their is no gain and then hold. He thinks he can control ISIS spread by bombings. Total nonsense and idiotic. We won WWI and WWII with state of the art weapons and boots on the ground. Never forget that Great Generation of innovators.

      1. fred says

        It’s the PRICE they charge us as citizens that i object to, if they can make a laser weapon circling the globe in low earth orbit that can explode a russian ordinance of any nature I’m all for it, but how much does that protection cost? And if idiots like Clinton and the kenyan GIVE that technology away for free to our enemies like China and Russia, then nothing is gained! I also agree with you that bombing is a huge waste unless the actual ground is secured by troops or armor or both! The kenyan gave back ALL the gains in Iraq bc he’s NOT on our side, he is a Muslim and wants us gone! So in this case BILLIONS and many lives were sacrificed for the kenyan has been engaged in economic warfare to weaken us and let the criminals in ever since he took office illegally!

  3. Leo Klaudi says

    The Govt. needs to stat protecting & defendind our constitution, enforcing our Imigration laws and protect the borders from infiltrators, drop all amnesty plans and stop these bullshit gun laws that endanger citizens and protect nobody. The 2nd amendment is the only gun law we need. And congress, you’d better get rid of your appitite for pork, deficiet spending, ans above all above all curtail this Presidents travel and bring the White House under control or face a real revolution. The expenses of this president and his family is obscenely excessive and must stop! This past election was only a warning. When Harry Truman was President he paid his staff, bought his own stamps and used his own car, a 1947 Ford. Oh, and BTW, think about putting IMPEACHMENT, back on the table.

    1. Florence says

      I’m big on INPEACHMENT also, otherwise the incendatory actions of the present Pres will continue he has no respect for this nation that he swore to protect and defend.

  4. David C Kelder says

    Internal fights could set the republican party back. Keep our disagreement in house and seek a unified external image.

  5. ralph says

    We do not need politics in the white house. We need a man that thinks about the God our country and the people and in that order. I support Ben Carson because he does not get offended about attacks on what he believes he just reply’s with facts and they are mostly correct, and he also brings God to the table but he does not make GODS judgement calls. It is not his job to judge people for who they want to be that is GODS job. The job of the government is to enforce the constitution that made this land great till jerks in office and greedy people decided they new better. I think Ben Carson will do that and I think that Ted Cruz would help him not to get off track which can happen when you get in the mix of things. The government also needs to keep its ear to the people at all times. Then from what they hear they need to make a choice about how it fits to our country and our constitution and just do what is correct for the country for that will take care of the people. But also the people need to know that this vote was not a one time thing. We still have a lot of bad people in government that need to be removed and a lot of clicks that need to be removed and that is the job of the people at the voting booth. We have to follow all the people in office and remove the long history of not running the country by law and replacing it with there personal laws. We have seen for years were that has taken us. We did not get here over night we came here because the people have not did their job and get involved and to understand that it has nothing to do with parties like it is now. We listen and learn and we follow the vote and watch government decrease out of our lives and anyone standing in the way of that need to go. So lets do our job we can get the information on how they vote and that makes the true story of what they are doing for us. then we can surely see how big the government is and how it works to control all area’s of our lives, well that is not the way it should be and we can all see and feel if the government is reducing in size and if they are getting out of our daily lives or not and if they are defending our country or not. Defending are country does not always mean war it means that we work smarter and truer in most cases but some times you have to take action that we wish we did not have to. If we do the smarter thing then we will find that we don’t have to make calls on the doing what we rather not have to do. But our country will only be here if we the people stand up for not what is good for us personally BUT WHAT IS GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN AND THEN ALL WILL FALL INTO PLACE AS IT DID IN THE PAST. the change to this poor state has come when we the people stopped doing that and turned our fate blindly over to the self serving scum that has grown in Washington. The people need to put Government back in its place and we need to remove anyone no matter what party they call them self’s and reduce the government back in size and out of our every day choices and start making them choices for our self’s and them that make bad choices need to account for them not take the whole country down for one person or group doing wrong. deal with the wrong by the law not personal judging by the government. there should never be any thing personal between the government and the people

  6. Paul_A says

    if either Bush or Christie become the Republican candidate, you can count on me to sit out the next election.

    1. sarcoq says

      I think there a lot of folks with that sentiment. GOP, pay attention!

  7. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Republicans were not elected to pass watered down Democrat lite policies. They were elected to change the course of this country back to it’s origins. Jobs, sovereignty, Religious freedom, Constitution, the American dream. Not to sell out to those who would bully their way into the country and demand to be put at the front of the line or to those who would use them to propel their Socialist dreams!

  8. 7papa7 says

    If the republican party returns to their conservative roots they will be victorious. If they go with RINO’s like Christie or Bush or Romney etc they will lose, We have to elections worth of history to show that RINO’s won’t cut it. They are presenting a totally confused message. They are trying to out liberal the liberals because they don’t believe in the conservative values of what the republican party use to be. We needed committed conservatives who can clearly deliver the positive message of conservatism. If they do that they will win. They have to show a positive difference between liberalism and conservatism are at opposite ends. They have to go to the black community and remind them that it was conservative republicans who freed the slaves and brought freedom. It was republicans who made every gain that the black community has. If this message is clearly presented we will pick up many black voters. It is in the hands or these republicans that were just elected along with those that are there. The question to these republicans is simple will you continue to fall in line with obama or will you start leading the country back to it’s greatness? We don’t need weaklings who won’t take a stand. Start passing legislation that will return America to it’s greatness. Every time obama vetoes one of these bills scream it loud and clear from all the roof tops. Make sure that the people know for an absolute that it is obama and nobody else stopping progress. Every time he signs and illegal EO DON’T fund it. Draw a line in the sand and don’t let it be crossed.

  9. WhiteFalcon says

    Internal fights can do a lot of damage and they should be avoided at all times if possible, and if not possible, it should be kept totally internal. That being said, I am as much a conservative as about anyone but I also realize that if we don’t get elected, it is all just theory, therefore, at least on the public side of things, we are going to have to have something that the more “moderate” people in the population can vote for or else we will always be on the sidelines. One thing that we should put forth is always a message of hope and a bright furure, but we have to produce. We are going to have to create, on the Government side, an environment where business can thrive and where jobs will be available for our citizens. Part of this is going to have to be the deportation of LOTS of illegals whether they move north or south I don’t care as long as it is out. When most of them are gone, we need to start cutting back on welfare in order to encourage those folks to get jobs. One thing that needs to be done on that front is to limit each couple to one child and to offer one free sterilization proceedure if they want it, but the second child and all after that will be financed on their own, and there will be no welfare if both the mother and the father are not on the birth certificate. The whole point here is that those in DC need to do what is right for the country, not what is good for this or that special intrest gorup.

  10. adrianvance says

    The GOP needs to become an educational institution. Our greatest problem is ignorance.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for fascinating facts and ideas.

    1. sarcoq says

      And use better messaging.

  11. gmhunt4 says

    Then there are those moderates. Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush fall into this category and if they are the GOP pick as their nominee, then Hillary Clinton will be the 1st female American President. because the Conservatives will stay home again………………..

    1. Michael Clemente says

      A nightmare.

  12. John Stratemeyer says

    The GOP must first unite behind a Conservative agenda, then worry about picking a candidate to oppose Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make?” Clinton. Then tie her to the liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD) disaster that President Obozo and his LSD Myrmidons have imposed. Make her squirm. She supported it.
    Mr. Obozo proclaimed that all of his policies were on the ballot in this election, and indeed they were. At yesterday’s Press Conference, the President seemed stubbornly oblivious to the fact that We, the People, soundly rejected them. He is determined to see them through, and if the GOP does not stand in his way, and offers no tangible alternatives, they’ll lose in ’16.
    Let them start with these, and go from there:
    1.) Repeal ObozoCare. Return Healthcare to the professionals in the Private Sector, where it belongs. Indeed, get the Government out of the Private Sector. Period!
    2.) Secure the border. Build the fence. Hire more Border Security personnel, and give them the tools to do the job. Refuse to fund amnesty.
    3.) Get behind American Energy Independence. The Keystone Pipeline is a good place to start. AEI will create high-salaried jobs across the board – from accounting to sales. Explain that AEI will put a dent in terrorist operations across the globe, put Vladimir Putin back in his coffin, and enable us to tell OPEC that, for all we care, it can drink its oil. We don’t need it.
    4.) Forward any bill that the ever-constipated Harry Reid has kept on his desk rather than sending to the President for his signature. Dare Mr. Obozo to veto them. Force him to take a stand.
    5.) Demand answers on Benghazi. Fast and Furious. The IRS and VA scandals. Contrast the cruel apathy that the Obozo Administration afforded Sgt. Tahmooressi and the treatment he received at the hands of the Mexican Government, and the hero treatment that it gave to deserter Bo Bergdahl.

    1. Fedup says

      Well said! I agree with everything you said. By the way, what was the conclusion of the investigation of deserter boy Bergdahl?

      1. John Stratemeyer says

        If I’m not mistaken, the case was postponed until after the election.

        1. Fedup says

          That figures. Playing politics as usual. He’s already been tried and convicted by his peers. It will be interesting to see how this turns out politically. I wonder if Obama will pardon him..

          1. John Stratemeyer says

            Megyn Kelly interviewed a group of 5-6 guys who served with him. So did Sean Hannity. To a man, they agreed that Bergdahl is a deserter. But, like you, I think the fix is in, and the case will quietly fade away. The Obozo Administration does not want him convicted. Bergdahl is a hero to them.

          2. Fedup says

            I find it interesting that the last thing we heard was he was well enough to be questioned. Not a peep since then that I can find.

      2. trueblueam@yahoo.com says

        Last I heard, it was being dropped by the Pentagon and admin. I also agree with John’s assessment of next steps.

        1. Fedup says

          Are you kidding me!!!??? He deserted his post in time of war! That figures with this administration. Damn Islam lovers! They all need to disappear from the face of this earth.

  13. Maria castro says

    if what the GOP does is to compromise with Obama, we are lost. I hope that we stand firm with those we elected and if we see the slight move on trying to compromise with mad man ideas we get ready to demand from them and bombard them with calls, faxes and demonstrations. We cannot allow them to become part of the team and hurt this country. Obama’s ideas are unacceptable. He is pro-muslim and a progressive with communist tendencies. it will be our death sentence.

  14. bygeorge says

    We won! That was two days ago and now we have work to do. We can only hope the Republican Party leadership are now over the ‘sugar plums dancing in their heads’, over the results of Tuesday nights election sweep and begin to review their limited options in the light of the grassroots contributions and recognize the real danger that lurks at their backs.

    The advocates of smaller government, the energized Tea Party, were essential to this 2014 Republican victory and they’re still out there, now just waiting to see what the GOP does next. There are simply too many of them to be ignored. The new GOP winners will either keep their promises, without interference from Mitch McConnell and company, or revert to congressional collusion with a political party that was just handed their heads, and end up losing all.

    To dismiss the Tea Party, en toto, and their major contributions to this years blowout election victory, labeling them as a bunch of extremist crackpots, as Mitch McConnell has done, is to inevitably seal the fate of the present Republican Party (not a bad idea, really) while real American conservatives, those no longer content to feed off the broken promises of their conservative candidates, snatch control of the party from the hands of big government advocates and commence the process of making America whole and useful again.

    Politically, America is at another crossroads. The Peoples Socialist Democrat Party (PSDP) were just discombobulated. They are in disarray and in retreat. Now is the time to destroy them, completely. The only hand to be extended ‘across the aisle’, would be to welcome back into the Constitutional American fold those poor souls who were truly fooled, confused and uncertain, hoodwinked as little children and brainwashed by Progressive educators and willing to change.

    Other than that the PSDP should at least be marginalized. Progressivism, of the Marxist variety, simply cannot coexist in a constitutional American. It’s a foreign philosophy inimical to our Bill of Rights. More than enough pure lawlessness has been created in the Obama administration, that criminal investigations and prosecutions should commence immediately. Our government will never prosper so long as criminal elements remain in their bureaucratic positions in agency’s that bedevil us with asinine rules and regulations. Government employee unions should be eliminated as well.

    Neither should the GOP miss the many positive signs that are emerging from this election. The percentage of Latino’s voters, for example, who voted for the Republican party, while still small, almost doubled from two years ago. Video’s of angry jobless blacks suddenly realizing how the Democrat Party (PSDP) has kept them economically enslaved, have gone viral and the black vote for conservatives (GOP) also rose appreciably. Let’s go get ‘em all while the iron is hot!

    Right here in Georgia, our triumphant senatorial candidate, David Perdue, among his many other pledges, specifically addressed the illegal immigrant problems, made it a constant point of his campaign promises and lost all support from the National Chamber of Commerce. How cool is that? He stood his ground and will be free to be a thorn in Mitch McConnell’s side.

    Yes, changes are coming and we must be ready, as grassroots conservatives, to keep our newly elected politicians between the rails. If we constantly hold them to their campaign promises, the reversals of this corrupt government should begin. No longer can Americans ignore what goes on in politics. It affects us all.

    1. sarcoq says

      Lengthy post, but worth the read. As Sarah Palin reminded establishment GOP: “You didn’t build that”. The TP was instrumental in this winning wave and establishment will be well advised to recognize that.

    2. trueblueam@yahoo.com says

      Extremely well said! I for one, will be calling, writing, emailing, etc. to hold them to account. I am sick of dysfunction and liberalism…and moderates saying we need to give in to Dems. The newly elected need to show us some respect and some real conservative governance.

  15. TadhgMcLir says

    The GOP NEEDS to focus on National defense (close the boarders, deport illegals). They NEED to focus on the Economy – Create Jobs. And they NEED to get off their high horse of ABSOLUTELY NO BIRTH CONTROL OR ABORTION. YES, abortion is a terrible choice, but as one example I know a woman who would -and I mean this literally- die and/or the baby would die. She has a chronic condition that requires very strong drugs to combat. Drugs that she has nearly died from not using, and that would severely damage the developing baby. Add to this the fact that doctors tell her “No, I won’t surgically sterilize yoou, your husband (when you get married) might want kids.” This has been reason enough for several women I know to vote for Obama even when they knew he was destroying the country. Yes, restrict abortion, but DO NOT make it impossible. Teach sex ed in the schools. My wife and I have both talked with our daughter about this, giving her our views, and straight answers to her questions, but a LOT of her classmates are not getting this! When people know about reproduction and have contraception available pregnancy rates go down! And finally, as women go to a clinic rather than assuming they are there for an abortion and shoving horrible pictures in their face, try to “love your neighbor as yourself”! Help her, maybe help find support for her and the child if she gives birth. Yeah, maybe she is a sinner – but so are we all, and God still loves all of us and told us to do the same.

    1. Angry American says

      I believe in birth control, why bring a child into the world that is not wanted? It is not the right way to raise anyone with out love & family support it is very necessary for a healthy adult

  16. Greg137 says

    The Christians are the backbone of the Republican party and the Tea Party movements.. We are not backing down!!! Moderates are a selfish bunch who need to learn the value of LOYALTY!!!! No one is more selfish then those who arrogantly assume that they can cross the divide between opposite philosophies that are light-years apart..

  17. Robert says

    We have to push the Republicans to do what’s right, Help business create jobs the more people who are working and supporting themselves and family the better off this country and its people will be. Stop with the Amnesty Bull Shit we don’t need more people to enter the country Illegally and take jobs American Citizens should have. Demand that the Republicans Put America and Americans First, do not let up on them
    or they will slide right back to business as usual which is to squander our Tax Dollars and get nothing in return. Call them, Wright them, and support groups who support America. Tell the US Chamber of Commerce to stick their open border policies where the sun don’t shine, I believe the Socialists have taken them over.

    1. Michael Clemente says

      We need to fire all the bureaucratic and destroy the unions and start over.

  18. OldVet1969 says

    When we see a HINT of any PC compromising, we will need to FLOOD our Republican Representatives with our dissatisfaction by email, letters, faxes, and phone calls. If they start more of their s#!t, and don’t hear from us, shame on US! If they don’t align their behavior at that point, we need to start processes of “no confidence” and remove them. Some states have done this and were successful in the not-too-distant past. If a state doesn’t have the legal process in place for it to happen, push them to pass the bill to make it so. When a representative goes rouge on conservative principles, it doesn’t cut it to have to wait for another election to get rid of them. One or two instances of removal proceedings will bring them all back to the people’s will!

  19. The duck says

    The Republican Party needs to get their act together very quickly. They have a few people that think just like the Socialist Democratic Party leadership. The mediocrity of ‘If large is good then huge is better’ type thinking has to go. After spending three terms in congress it’s time to let go and bring in newer minds. I think the minimum age requirement needs to be raised some and an intelligence and history and constitution test administered as a requirement for all three branches of government. Even the state governments need to be tested the same way for competency for elected offices. Might improve the IQs of those who aspire to elective government offices.

  20. Lizard says

    Maybe we need to put Black people back work picking cotton and then maybe it will help keep of streets and welfare .. Just sayin

  21. Florence says

    Dr Ben Carson is not a spoiler, he is a fixer, a winner a healer (a nuerosurgeon and the first to successfully separate siamese twins cojoined at the head.) and he is a leader. He is not a corrupt politician which is what a lot of people, me included, like about him, we are tired of the professional lies. Ted Cruz is another man of integrity.

  22. Becky says

    Christie and Bush are both RINOs. In other words, Demonrats, without declaring their allegiance. We’ve had ENOUGH of these leftie, overly polite dudes. GOP, put up a REAL candidate this time or it’ll be time to go third party. Even for us die hard Republicans. You can only crap on us so many times before we return the favor.

  23. Florence says

    I would like to edit my comment that Obama should be impeached for sending our troups Africa where they can contract the deadly Ebola Virus and bring it home to the America he hates and disdains, but long before he did that.

  24. David Gearhart says

    We have immigration laws, just because Obama refuses to enforce them doesn’t mean we need new ones. Obama needs to start enforcing the laws instead of just ignoring them and writing his own. He and the socialist racist minions in his administration have been out of control for too long. We are not owned by the Obama socialist regime, they seem to think that we are working for the as is in socialist society. This election has told them that the American people don’t agree. We are a capitalist and they work for us. Congress needs to inform Obama of this he has yet to get the message, he is still talking that his pen out weighs them.

  25. MAHB001 says

    There is an elite ruling class within the Republican ranks. One that should not be there. One that no longer has the peoples best interest in mind, but their own best interests in mind. Their votes are more about CONTROL and furthering their careers than what is best for their people.
    That elite ruling class has been corrupted by power. The power in DC Politics is so corrosive that no matter how good you are when you go in, it is only a matter of time before you will be corrupted. Some are corrupted before they enter office, others over time.
    That elite ruling class with their power grabs is what insulted and turned away the Ron Paulers in 2012, which in turn cost Romney and the Republicans the election. Or who could forget what the elite ruling class did to McDaniel in Mississippi. The elite used money and tricks to force their choice over the peoples choice.
    That elite ruling class is what Rand Paul means when he says, “The Brand is broken.”
    Term limits for the whole lot, if they are not corrupt now, they will be…

  26. Michael Clemente says


  27. Juan Reynoso says

    By: Juan Reynoso, activist – voteforamerica@gmail.com
    http://anticorruptionact.org/. STAND FOR AMERICA http://www.teaparty.org/
    must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not
    Seek the truth and expose and prosecute corruption. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/350358.Who_Will_Tell_The_People
    Open letter to the Republican politicians of this
    United States:
    We the people have work hard to place you in
    office to represent the people. This is your opportunity to correct all the wrong
    done by the Bush and Obama administration and avoid a revolution in our
    country; the people have enough of the Washington culture of corruption and the
    blank disregard for the rule of law and moral leadership and authority in our
    country. Our country has been run by a small army of political sycophants that
    believe that the end justified the means, and through a system of corruption,
    lies, deception and betrayal have transformed our nation into the most corrupt
    country in the world. The world’s predator, killers without values and remorse
    that kill our own people to get what they want.
    Our Judicial system, under Alberto Gonzales and Eric
    Holder give the Bush and Obama administration the ill tools to kill thousands
    including our own soldiers in illegal unlawful wars, promoted by lies and
    deception and supported by the news media that fail to expose the truth and
    avoid this crime against humanity.
    We all know now that the wars are all about the
    control of the Arab oil reserve; and the wars and the so call war on terrorism
    are made by the United States under the Bush and the Obama administration. We
    ask The Republican Party to restore in our US Government, moral leadership,
    values and most important our US Constitution, the rule of law and our God
    given rights to freedom and liberty; We voted for you and we expect that you
    serve the people.
    We have some political and corporate criminals
    that the Bush and Obama administration have given amnesty and impunity for
    crimes committed against the US people and humanity. This United States was
    founded under the rule of law and justice for all, no man is above the law in
    our country and we all must answer for our crimes and actions and no man have
    the power to give impunity to anyone for crimes committed against the people.
    Any person that believe that he got the power to dictate who will be prosecute
    and who will be protected and given impunity is guilty of violating their oath,
    our constitution and the rule of law and most important the trust of the people
    in our government, because if we cannot trust in our own government why do we
    have a government in the first place. American wants a government by the people
    and for the people. Please do not betray the people, avoid a revolution, the
    people will not be suppress by government corruption.
    Your agenda is simple and should be an agenda to
    restore the people’s trust in our government.
    We want for you to take the following actions.
    Prosecute Eric Holder
    Prosecute George W. Bush for crimes committed against the American people
    Impeach Barack Obama for failure to stop the wars and expose the war crimes
    committed by the Bush administration and used the Bush administration foreign
    policies to continue the war crimes.
    Prosecute the director of the NSA, CIA, FBI, Home land Security, The Bush
    administration, the Obama administration, The IRS and the Director of the FDA.

    To share this please clicks
    here Share
    Eric holder crimes
    Bush Crimes against the American
    people. Part one- June 17, 2014
    Bush crimes against the American
    people. Part two- June 17, 2014
    Obama administration crimes factsheets. 1
    Factsheets 2 of Obama’s crimes.
    Obama’s corruption and crimes cover-up.
    NSA Spying on Americans.
    CIA- U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners. 1/14/2014
    CIA and DEA crimes against the Mexican and American people.1-1-14
    CIA and DEA crimes against the Mexican and American people.2-25-14
    CIA-DEA-ISIS and Mexican drug cartels 8-22-14
    The Betrayal of the American Dream
    Political corruption


  28. Mark says

    None of the above, if the Reps don’t stop Obama’s Amnesty Crusade. This is their test, don’t pass it, and the party can kiss the collective American ass. A new third party will evolve by Americans, for Americans. We’re all tired of the same old BS from Republican whimps…stop him now, or else.

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