Afghanistan’s Day of Violence: More Than 40 Killed in Deadly Car Bombing


If a clear sign was needed that things in Afghanistan are not going according to plan, today’s car bomb in Paktika is about as clear as it’s going to get. Killing at least 89 people and injuring dozens more, the suicide bomb exploded as a vehicle loaded with explosives passed by a busy market on Tuesday morning.

Mohamma Raza Kharoti, the district governor, told Reuters news agency that “the number of wounded will rise to more than 100 and the number of those martyred will also increase.”

Though it is one of the most casualty-ridden acts of civilian violence in recent memory, it wasn’t the only bomb that went off in Afghanistan on Tuesday. In Kabul, a remote-controlled roadside bomb killed two people and wounded five others, drawing condemnation from President Hamid Karzai. The victims of the Kabul bombing were members of Karzai’s media office. But while the Taliban readily took credit for the Kabul roadside bomb, they deny having any part of the one in Paktika, claiming that violence against civilians is outside of their M.O.

“The truth behind this attack will become clear after an investigation, but we clearly announce that it was not done by the Mujahedeen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban. “The Mujahedeen do not conduct such attacks…”

These attacks, of course, take place at a time when the United States is gradually withdrawing troops in a segmented process, leaving many to wonder what will happen in the country once the Afghan people no longer have the support of the world’s mightiest military. Already, those looking at the ISIS attacks in Iraq are predicting similar instability for Afghanistan. And so the question must be laid at the feet of the administration: where are we going with this?

Obviously, the ideal outcome in the Bush years was to somehow transform Iraq and Afghanistan into Middle Eastern beacons of freedom, creating solid allies in the region that would be every bit the friend to the U.S. that Israel has been. It seems abundantly clear at this point that dreamland version of peace is never going to happen. There is a deep and bitter resentment among many in the region for U.S. involvement, and it is enough to create a fervent and dedicated new generation of terrorists who want nothing more than to see American burn while remaking the countries in the most extreme, Islamocentric fashion possible.

But if creating democracies isn’t going to work, then what is the endgame? Obama has promised to withdraw all but 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, but if today’s violence is any indication, we aren’t going to leave behind a stable government. Obama’s troop surge a few years ago seemed to promise a turning point in the war, but as more time passes it seems clear that there is no turning point in these wars. We’ve simply traded one corrupt, oppressive government for another. When the “freedom fighters” get done with it, it’s hard to say what will be left.

  1. cmjavier says

    Leaving 10,000 troops Afghanistan will not be enough to sustain a stable government.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      We removed the stable government when we went in, creating the resentment that incites these types of bombings – plus – we brought them all the materials they needed to make the bombs. These camel jockeys didn’t make these rockets themselves, we brought them. Remember a few years back when one of our explosives depots over there was discovered to be missing 300 tons of bomb making materials. Everything that is happening over there is a direct result of us being there

      1. Connie Alsip says

        Mas basura from the evil liberals. Hoping to see all of you become irrelevant. Oh, wait! You already are.

        1. livefree1200cc says

          Me liberal? Surely you jest. Why would you insult me like that?

      2. Francie says

        They haven’t had a “stable government” in Afghanistan ever since Islam became dominant.

  2. Francie says

    There are too many people in Afghanistan with death wishes for the country to survive without “overseers” of some sort. They should be left to their own devices so they can find their own way-it is not our job to be their guardians.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      We have unloaded hundreds of tons of depleted uranium in the form of bullets and bombs in the area. What you call their death wish – they call protecting their country from US – WE are the invaders – WE are the enemy – You are correct, WE do not belong there, we have our own oil

      1. Connie Alsip says

        Sorry, free, but you really need to stay on your meds. You are insane to think that we put uranium of any sort on the ground in Afghanistan. You need help!

        1. Francie says

          @livefree-WTH? Unless YOU were present and took part in so-called dumping of uranium(highly unlikely) you are OUT OF YOUR MIND! Dirty bombs are not the US’s style-but I’m sure there are plenty of Muslims that would plant something to use as propaganda against us and kill their own kind in order to rile support for their cause. Problem is-we are out of sympathy. All of us with functioning minds, that is.

    2. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

      thank you. they are what they are (whatever that is) and we should forgetaboutit.

  3. Philip Beck says

    With the FBI and heavily armed police, how do we control “America’s gangs”? ……Never mind.

    1. David in MA says

      The Obama’s in government (Islamic Marxists) do not want to control gangs, terrorists, illegal immigrants and the like, they are using them to say, America, you need more government control then these bad guy’s will go away…..what the bad guy’s fail to realize is, the government will exterminate them once their usefulness is no longer needed.

  4. Philip Beck says

    But we need to know this; what we leave behind will soon be on our doorstep. Pay me now, or pay me later.

  5. justathought22 says

    pull the troops and stop wasting lives on people who have sanctity for life.

    1. livefree1200cc says

      ‘no’ sanctity?

  6. barb patton says

    I have hardened my heart towards these people. I only care about our troops – bring them back home NOW – and let them sort out their own troubles

  7. livefree1200cc says

    We should have never gone there to begin with. The only reason we are there is to protect and secure natural resources for International Corporations, Pharmaceuticals and the International Banking Cabal. It never had anything to do with our ‘National Security’ or defense. It had everything to do with the greed of the elite class who already have more money than they could possibly ever spend. Our involvement, like it always does, has created a power vacuum that gets filled with extremist religious types. We went in and bombed cities that previously looked as advanced as our own cities. We took out leaders who were rightfully in power. We destroyed water treatment facilities, hospitals, schools, and bridges – only to go (more) bankrupt rebuilding them. Meanwhile our own infrastructure is crumbling and we allow our country to be overrun by criminal illegals. The sooner we get the heck out of the Mid East, the sooner we can start protecting our own borders and rebuilding our own roads and bridges. This never was and never should be our problem to ‘fix’ – and when I say ‘fix’ – I mean screw up beyond imagination

  8. David in MA says

    40? That isn’t violence to a terrorist, that is pre-breakfast warm-up.
    The violence for America will start when that POS in the White House turns loose all the muslims being housed on military bases who came in as Mexicans. THAT will be violence!

  9. trugrits says

    This fighting is just like fighting against drugs. For every one you catch or gets killed there are more to take his place. Yeah the war on drugs is going so well also isn’t it? Vietnam went real good also didn’t it? Irag is just such a win also.
    If the people themselves will not pick up a gun to protect their own then screw them. They get what’s coming to them. Sorry to say but that’s exactly what’s happening here in our own yard. The same hidden groups keeping us at war in the mid east are also taking our country without a single ounce of lead used here. We are to stupid to see it. Wait till “WE” are hungry and living in our cars.

  10. Mark Clemens says

    We need to go from the Middle East, and North Africa. These people have been trying to kill each other since the World began. In all honesty what can we do or say, that hasnt been done or said? Jesus preached PEACE over there 2000 years ago. The West took the message to heart, the Middle East chose Islam’s philosophy over the Prince of Peace’s teachings . If Jesus Christ cant fix the problems, I truly dont think our government can either. Also if we withdraw our Troops the Taliban’ s weapons cant reach over here. The only way the Taliban can kill the American Infidels is only if we keep sending them over there, the Taliban cant set up military bases over here, now can they?

  11. pistofftxpyr says

    If a people is not committed enough to the concept of freedom to be willing to do all that is necessary to eradicate tyranny and terrorism, we cannot ever hope to deliver them from their oppressors. The cost in American lives and treasure is simply prohibitive.

    1. Dr. Ron says

      We can never bring democracy to the Middle East. They don’t know what it is and they don’t want it. They have never had it and their religion doesen’t allow it. The Koran preaches dictatorship. One ruler over the entire region. We are only fooling ourselves if we think we can bring something to that religion that they know nothing about and are not eqipped for, and the religion doesen’t allow it. Besides, they would raher fight among themselves than fight us or Israel. So pull our troops out. Prfotect the US and Israel, and the leave the muslims to fight each other.

  12. C K Johnson says

    You see Obama does not have time for these things. Obama is busy fund raising, And planning his golf vacation.

  13. the redhawk says

    Well Chicago had ONLY 22…. So they are dong much better than these Butchers!

  14. chylene6599 says

    Connie and Frannie, you little Trollings, I can always tell when you accuse people of mental deficiencies when they don’t agree with the ‘party line’–Iraq has been littered with dirty debris for decades; its a fact and why so many of their children are being born with birth defects. Worse things that that were done; GW Bush and Schwartzkopf buried 12,000 Iraqi soldiers alive who were returning home–under their white flags per a Geneva Convention agreement that had been negotiated between two duly agreed upon representatives. First, they called down aircraft to strafe the troops, and when they tried to take shelter in trenches, Schwarzkopf called in bulldozers and buried them all. Alive. Why? Because it was fun, I guess. HW was a psychopath and its no wonder Georgie is such a freak.

  15. chylene6599 says

    By the way, what they are fighting over in Afghanistan now doesn’t have anything to do with Islam; it’s probably what was the major draw of the worthless hunk of nothing anyway: the opium fields. If the Islamist s get hold of the country, they’ll burn them all and shut down a billions-and-billions dollar industry. That’ll put a crimp in the CIA’s beer money fund.

  16. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

    why can’t usa learn, even belatedly, from history? NOBODY can do anything to make afghanistan any “better”. british tried twice to use it as buffer against russian incursion into india. check out what happened. ask russia. or ask alexander the great or the barbarians from the asian steppes. in the beginning, usa should have bombed everything to oblivion and left. period. now usa should get out before its people are taken prisoner, flayed alive, beheaded,etc. (probably after gang rape of men and women alike). get out. keep them out of here.

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