Air Force Vet Stands Up to Flag Desecration


Even before she decided she could not stand idly by and watch protestors trample the American flag, Michelle Manhart was no stranger to controversy. The Air Force veteran has courted criticism for posing nude in Playboy and for PETA, her uniform in evidence in the former case and the flag as her only clothing in the latter. But while some may argue that Manhart is misguided in her patriotism, few would doubt the patriotism itself.

“I saw the flag,” Manhart told a Georgia news station. “I walked up. I picked it up and I walked away.”

After being notified by a Valdosta State University student that protestors were demonstrating against racism by walking back and forth across an American flag, the former military instructor decided she needed to see it for herself. Upon arriving, she was disappointed to see campus police doing nothing to stop the desecration. She took it upon herself to confiscate the flag, a decision that finally spurred the police into action.

“They said, ‘If you release it to us, we will not give it back to them,” Manhart said in an interview with Air Force Times. “I disagreed with that wholeheartedly. We drape that flag over many coffins…if you’re walking on that flag, then you’re also walking on their caskets and you’re walking on everything they stood for and you have no respect for the freedom that they have fought to make sure that you can have.”

When she refused to give the flag back, campus police put her in handcuffs and hauled her away. She was not charged with any crime, but she was banned from the campus and all Valdosta State University events. VSU president William McKinney wrote in a Facebook post that the Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have the right to disrespect the flag. “While I firmly disagree with the actions of the protestors, I understand their right to protest.”

Certainly, no one can disagree with that. It is the law, even if some might take umbrage with that law. And the right to freedom of speech should not end at the point where it starts offending people. Conservatives should not get so attached to their sacred cows that they start sounding like the other side.

That said, I have less than zero respect for anyone who desecrates that flag. Not because it fills me with abject horror to see it trampled, but because you have to be fundamentally stupid to see America as an oppressive, evil land. Walking across the flag not only means you’re unpatriotic, it also means you’re simply not that bright.

That flag doesn’t stand for the current administration, the Republicans, the war in Iraq, slavery, police brutality, homophobes, or whatever pet cause you’re railing against this week. It stands for liberty. It stands for a nation. It stands for a grand experiment that began long before any of us were born. And that grand experiment, to any objective way of looking at it, has brought the human race farther in the last 200 years than the previous thousands put together. To trample that flag is to deny that reality, and to do that requires having little or no knowledge of American history, human history, or anything else.

The name of our country is not the Perfect States of America. We have stumbled along the way. We have made mistakes. We will continue to make mistakes. We will continue to stumble. Even if this country stands for another 2,000 years, it will never be perfect. But until something or someone comes along with a better set of founding principles than those written into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, this country – and the flag that symbolizes it – deserves the respect its due. When you deny it that respect, you’re not shaming America. You’re just shaming yourself.

  1. highwayman says

    That lady did exactly what was right. I would have done it to and did it exactly the way she did it. There is blood on that flag it is blood that gave those slugs the right to protest, it is blood that msde it so they were even able to walk on it. The tears, the pain the suffering and more is all over thst flag. I have a large one waving in the air here at the house. There us a small sign at the base that states ,” least we never forget” when i walk out the house and look up at it , i can see the blood on it. The pain all of it. The love of country is like loving a good woman , you do not treat her wrong at any cost. , the ones who’ s blood is on it did not shed it nor spill it so someday it would be walked on and used in a way that spits in those that have all there blood on it. I do not care what the Supreme court states, just because they say it does not mean it is write. You have what is I call what is morally correct and what is called legally correct. It is up to each individual to decide what is correct and not correct. As far as I am concerned . when it comes to my flag, to hell with the courts! They are becoming just as twisted as a steel cable. When I was a small boy we stood every morning at our desk we recited openly the pledge of allegence as well as the lords prayer . when I see anyone debasing my flag it violates that pledge of allegence I used to take and I swore even as a boy that I would always do certain things you not just not patriotic when you walk on it , in my eyes you no better than ISIS and should leave this country if you do not like it. Maybe we can get you a ticket to go live in Russia or North Korea. Thank you for what you did.

    1. xsoldier57 says

      Way to go girl!

      1. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Hi, where have you been I thought we would here more from you. We would like to know more about our people. we have so much going on. It is always good to have another persons point of view. please come and join us.

      2. ELAINE MARZANO says


    2. Tom Cotton says

      Very well said. Thank you !!!

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      Couldn’t have worded it any better myself.. A Vietnam vet thanks you!

      1. MAHB001 says

        And thank you for your service!

      2. ward says

        HANGING them in a public square for treason would be their deserved justice … !

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          The AIC should be done just like they did Saddam. Hang him first, drop him head first into a hole filled with pig’s blood and take a whizz on him before you fill the hole in..:-))

          1. Becky says

            Now THAT would be true ‘Justice’ for these spoiled rotten thugs.

        2. jetmagnet says
          1. OWEN jhonson says


    4. Irish Love says

      I actually sobbed when I watched the video of her taking the flag and the ending results. Flag Code is clear about what should be done if someone “burns; desecrates; tramples; lets it touch the ground; etc, etc”. Highwayman YOU are correct, I would have done the same thing as she did. This has NOTHING to do with race or the right to protest ~ this is about OUR Flag and what it represents!! I recited that pledge every day in school and I still recite the pledge of allegiance to this day! TY for a great post!

      1. PatriotGal says

        Irish, sorry to say, schools no longer have a daily pledge. and they no longer teach respect and love for our beloved America. Just look at the textbooks to see what Common Core has done to the values of education. There are none, except if you value moslems.

        1. azsequaya says

          Unless you value muslimes or Queers,,,,

        2. grandmanita says

          Heck, CC didn’t stop at not teaching patriotism, they’ve re-written history! They’re leaving out some of our presidents, some of most trying times and some of the times that made people remember the morality that made this country great!. We should trample written texts of the Common Core (In)Doctrin…ation!

          1. tinkerunique says

            The Quran even tells how to have sex with a pre-pubescent girl. Common Core has sex-ed in grade school and “How-to” in high school.

          2. pineapple says

            “Commie Core” would be a better name for it.

        3. LastGasp says

          Our schools do.

        4. OWEN jhonson says


      2. Rick Rogers says

        Irish Love.. Here is your Heroine You can see on the Right hand side how she is honoring the Flag while dragging it across the Ground For A PAYCHECK from PLAYBOY.

        1. Edward J Baker says

          I agree there are characteristics of phoniness in the woman, but forceful responses to these America hating idiots are to be commended.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            I give you a prediction here and I have not even looked yet but am willing to bet that if there is not already a crowdFunding campaign for this Former SSGT that there will be one before the week is out. And don’t think that was not going thru her mind at the time.

          2. dwa209 says

            Rick, what is your problem, did someone drop you on your head when you were little?????

          3. LastGasp says

            It is a paid troll, bobbing for nickels.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Yep that is what I thought. Someone that can”t Support they position with facts ready to insult. Get this thru your head DWA209. You are not allowed to interfere in a peaceful Political Protest. Did I like what they were doing no.. But it was their legal Right to do it. and To interfere with it is Depriving them of that right to do it. So I thought Y’all were all about Protecting the Rights of American’s Because the second you put a piece of Cloth above the Rights of a Citizen you just pissed away any Claim to being a Good American.

          5. Ellen says

            If they hate America, why don’t they leave? Maybe they can go south of the border and see what they can do there. Or anyplace else, but here.

          6. tinkerunique says

            The freebees are better and bigger here if you support the prez and his give=away programs. Illegals (criminals) get more/better stuff than our military families.

          7. donemyhomework says

            You’re definitely right about that and I hate it.

          8. LastGasp says

            “The whole point of modern Liberalism is for Liberals to feel good about themselves!”

            -George Will

          9. LastGasp says

            R.R. is a paid troll. It gets paid per response. It will say anything to provoke a response. Ignore it and it will go away.

        2. Victor Archuleta says

          Thanks for the photo. Two things. First, If my daughter had posed like that, her mother would spank her. Second. that photographer’s backdrop covers the back wall, and extends downward to cover a large area of the floor under foot. The flag is protected, but most certainly is not cherished. Just as certainly, the flag is not respected by the magazine’s staff. This push for a career amounts to loading the enemy’s weapons. I , however, am still hopeful she has learned several life lessons from the experiences.

        3. dwa209 says

          Rick if you have something to say why don’t you just say it.
          I don’t see her dragging anywhere it looks to me like she’s standing still?

          1. Ellen says

            At least she acted to protect our flag. For sure there were a lot of people there too that did not do anything.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            NO.. She interfered in a Politican Protest. Or let me put it another way.. WOuld it be ok for the Police Department to decide to turn Water Cannon’s on the Next Tea Party Protest because so of the OFFICERS don’t like what they are saying?

          3. Mark Clemens says

            ……Only if Newt Gingrich is the speaker. Hit his pie hole, and shut him up!!!!!! It’s the American thing to do!!!!!

          4. Mark Lahti says

            You would never see a Tea Party rally that involved anything like what is being done here. To make the comparison is just a ridiculous conclusion. I hope apples and oranges makes some sense to you as to just how ridiculous that statement is.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry There Mark but I have seen plenty of Tea Party Rallys with offensive Signs so its not a Ridiculous Conclusion.

          6. pineapple says

            Probably offensive to you, but does make them offensive to every one else?

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you for making my point there Pineapple. People Protesting in a Constitutional Protected Form of Free Speech is not might be offensive to you but not to someone else.

        4. Mark Lahti says

          So let me see if I understand you correctly here. You think it is far worse to stand naked behind the flag and get paid to do so than it is to drag the flag on the ground, walk all over it, and urinate on it?

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Yes Mark.. Because the protesters were making a Political statement that is covered by the Supreme Court Ruling. SHE was doing it to make a buck. That is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. AND much worst.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Well the really sick thing here is that you don’t seem to understand the difference. Just because the sicko supreme court makes a ruling that allows that kind of desecration legal doesn’t make it right. I really hate making assumptions but my guess is that you probably never served in any of the armed services. If not then you will more than likely never understand the significance of those actions. For the most part most Americans understand these values. It does appear that many Americans today have no value system that compares to the values the rest of us were brought up with. One of the things I notice about most of your posts is that you have no respect for your elders or betters. Betters being those that have had the experience to learn the difference between an emotional reaction to an idea or a thought out conclusion that has some merit.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            What you don’t seem to understand is that the Freedom of speech and Expression is more important than a piece of Cloth.

          4. Mark Lahti says

            No sir, what I tried apparently in vain to explain to you is that the symbol of that freedom is more than a piece of cloth as you call it. It’s typical liberal ignorant BS that it is important when you object to her holding it in front of her supposedly naked body yet it is just a “piece of cloth” when it is the symbol of freedom to most Americans. You liberals have such a warped sense of right and wrong. When the actions of a rioting group of thugs tramples on that “piece of cloth” and that offends a great majority of patriotic Americans. You get all 1st amendment and it’s their rights BS going big time. Yet a simple albeit stupid action of posing with the flag (hurting no one) then you get all dewy eyed and crying about desecrating the flag. That kind of warped sense of right and wrong is what will always separate you liberals from the rest of us. This is the kind of thinking that convinces the rest of us that liberalism is a mental disorder and that there is no cure for it.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry I just don’t care about the opinions of people that have been Wrong on every major issue in American History. Conservatives have YET to be on the Right side of an issue.

          6. pineapple says

            “Conservatives have YET to be on the Right side of an issue.”

            Are you implying that liberals are the only ones on the right side of an issue?

            BTW, who decides which side of an issue is “Right”? (Hopefully not you.)

          7. Rick Rogers says

            History does Pineapple you want to go down the list..

            Conservatives (tories) were against breaking away from england
            conservatives were against the Louisiana Purchase
            Conservatives were against the abolishment of slavery
            Conservatives were against Social Security, Medicare, Child Labor Laws,
            Conservatives were against Labor unions that were fighting for things like 40 hour work weeks and Fair pay.
            Conservatives were against the Civil rights act.. oh and before you go waving your PARTY FLAG on that one let me point out that the ones that were against the Civil rights act in the DEMOCRATIC Party are now Members of the GOP and Are STILL Against it.
            Conservatives were against giving Woman the Right to Vote.

            So yea I would say pretty much every major event Conservatives came down on the wrong side.

          8. jetmagnet says

            Why is the tea party flag a a serpent? Don’t tread on me,but i will tread on your rights and freedoms. The snake or serpent is Satan according to the christian faith.
            The same constitution allows the burning of the Koran, the flag is no different, and i’ve seen it disrespected many times, people using it for everything imaginable.

          9. OWEN jhonson says


        5. pineapple says

          Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Well if there were Two Wrongs here I might agree with you. have said it before and well say it again. They Students were preforming a constitutional Protected form of Free Speech. I would not be involved in it but that does not make it a wrong. the Supreme Court has ruled its protected Speech. Droppping your Panties and covering yourself with the Flag to make a buck is a form of protest it is degrading the Flag for a profit.. And please don’t tell my the dollar signs did not flash in front of this bimbo’s eyes when she Grabbed this flag and thought about all the Conservatives she could hoodwink on a GoFunding campaign.

        6. jetmagnet says

          She probably did it not for patriotism, but to make money off it. How many paid interviews will she now get? You can see she’s a whore for money with the playboy pick. She’s a whore for profit.

      3. snowyriver says

        This is what happens when the current resident in the white house does not respect our flag. Thinking back a short time I remember when the missus O said.. “all this for a damn flag”

        1. pineapple says

          Meanwhile, Ovomit gives our flag the “Crotch Salute”.

          1. snowyriver says

            Sounds as if you like him almost as much as I do.

      4. jetmagnet says

        What this
        veteran did was wrong, and illegal. You cannot trespass on someones
        property and take what isn’t yours like that. The old US Flag Code was
        nullified a long time ago by the Supreme Court. She and others have a
        poor understanding of this, or just want to start trouble and take away
        others freedom of speech rights when it doesn’t match her views or
        opinions. This would make her a hypocrite also since she draped herself
        nude in a porn shot with the US flag and allowed it to drag the ground.
        Typical tea party logic here.

        1. pineapple says

          “You cannot trespass on someones property and take what isn’t yours like that”

          The I.R.S. does it with impunity. Also, “no knock” warrants allow it, even though they violate the Constitution.

          1. jetmagnet says

            The IRS is a government institution and should be allowed to collect taxes without restriction. As it funds the sustainability of the nation. This chick violated the constitution and attacked an innocent citizen for exercising their rights. The teabag nation are hypocrites and only abide by their own made up laws.

          2. pineapple says

            The IRS is a government institution and should be allowed to collect taxes without restriction.” So are you not in favor of due process?

            BTW, why hasn’t the IRS collected $4.5 million in taxes “without restriction” that
            Al Sharpton owes? Is it because he is an Obama adviser?

            “This chick violated the constitution and attacked an innocent citizen for exercising their rights.”

            Obama has violated the constitution umpteen times and nothing is done about it.

            “The teabag nation are hypocrites and only abide by their own made up laws.”

            The Tea Party people are the only ones who are trying to follow the Constitution.
            All the rest are just trying to line their pockets, including RINOs.

            Speaking of “made up laws”, how about all the laws that Obama has made up with his executive orders? Also, how about all the regulations written by bureaucrats that are defacto laws?

    5. Lawrence Proctor says

      Isn’t it rather peculiar, The constitution gave them the Right to trample on “MY” flag, and it also gave me the right to be disgusted with any indiidual that tramples on our FLAG! “If you don’t LOE IT, Leave it”

      1. DivineEncounters says

        All Americans should attack anyone who does this. Time to stand-up and be accounted for.

        A few people getting their backsides kicked might discourage them. In Jacksonville, Florida when funerals of Vets are planned there are groups of bikers and many vets in uniform standing side by side along with civilians on the road to the grave site and I tell you now the weasels keep their mouths shut.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          how about the ones that do this DivineEncounters.. Just so you know its the same woman.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Lol, after she stole the flag she desecrated it , herself.

          2. OWEN jhonson says


          3. jetmagnet says

            You Peeps think anyone that doesn’t agree with your stupidity is a Liberal,Bu we’re just smart people, laughing at stupid people.

          4. OWEN jhonson says


        2. Becky says

          Now that is some good news Divine. We see so little of it.

        3. Ellen says

          And the freeloaders should also keep their mouths shut.

        4. Mark Clemens says

          ……..How does walking on our flag prevent racism? I’m black, and their pissing me off. Want to walk on racism, get a big picture of Sharpton and Jackson. Then walk 100,000 miles over it!!!!

    6. Victor Archuleta says

      And I, another Air Force veteran, thank you!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Thank you for your service.

    7. Jane Spaulding says

      Thank you. I could never allow anyone to debase our flag. I really like what Canada has told the Muslims that wanted to move to Canada. He told them that Canada has a set of values and if it doesn’t meet the Sharia Law, then feel free to go to any 57 Countries in the World that adheres to Muslim Beliefs. Its too bad we don’t have a President that stands for the same thing.

      1. edward martis says

        Do NOT let Muslims into Canada in the first place——–Why would any country let in Muslims ? They are f—-ng useless ……………….and MUCH more trouble than they are worth; which is nothing. …………………

      2. tinkerunique says

        America’s POTUS, has said that he supports Muslims several times. He has (indirectly) given guns to the Mexican cartel and the Syrian (Al Qaeda) rebels, given tanks to his Muslim Brotherhood and PAID the Taliban $5M in ‘exchange’ for an Army deserter. THEN, he bragged about it on national TV

        1. pineapple says


          Sharing Some Historical Facts.

          To: Obama:


          was you who told an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”


          was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”


          was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build

          foreign mosques.


          was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the



          was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a



          was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi king.


          was you who sat for 20 yrs in a Liberation

          Theology Church

          condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.


          was you who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us

          have to pay.


          was you who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from

          your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.


          was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while

          repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.


          was you who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.


          was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the

          building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of

          the World Trade Center.


          was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to

          host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.


          was you who ordered both Georgetown
          Univ. and Notre Dame to
          shroud all vestiges

          of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast,

          you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.


          was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.


          was you who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.


          was you who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to

          Muslim communities.


          was you who as an Illinois Senator were the ONLY individual who would speak in

          favor of infanticide.


          was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the

          WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.


          was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.


          was you who refused to condemn the Ft.

          Hood killer as an Islamic



          is you who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women

          throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of

          hypothetical human-rights abuses.


          was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of

          radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that

          is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.


          was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.


          was you who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new

          commemorative stamp.


          was you who directed our UK

          Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim



          was you who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to

          overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.


          was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar

          schools across our country.


          is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during



          is you who departs for Hawaii

          over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating

          in seasonal WH religious events.


          was you who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim

          Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s
          Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s
          strongest ally

          in North Africa; but, remain muted in your
          non-response to the Brotherhood led

          slaughter of Egyptian Christians.


          Was you who attended school in Indonesia
          where your school records listed your religion as “Islam”.


          Was you who, while living in Indonesia,
          attended the Mosque with your stepfather on Fridays.


          was you who appointed s your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett , who is a member

          of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

          It was you who allowed Valerie Jarret, an
          Iranian, to negotiate a secret treaty with Iran
          that would allow them to continue developing nuclear weapons without fear of
          further sanctions by the U.S.


          was you who freed five Muslim terrorists from GITMO without giving Congress a

          thirty day notice as required by a law that YOU signed.


          Was you who brought hordes of Muslim refugees
          to the U.S.
          to be supported by taxpayers, while ignoring Christian refugees who were being
          slaughtered by Muslims.


          we really need to go on?


          you may be a lot of things; but, for certainty, you are no Christian.


          who refers to himself as: “A man of Africa”,

          is precisely the type of ‘divided loyalties” individual that our Founders

          attempted to prohibit from ascendancy to the presidency when they constructed

          our Constitution.

    8. Rick Rogers says

      Sorry Highwayman but what she did with the Flag in Playboy was alot worst then what they group wanted to do. SHE was doing it for MONEY.

      1. Karen says

        You sure are hung up on her pictures with the flag! Do you have them hung all over the walls of YOUR bedroom or what? Enough already!!

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Nope Karen. But they say a picture is worth a Thousand words so thought we would let the picture do all the talking of this “heroine” .. I am ashamed I served in the Same Air Force as she did.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          I’m w/Rick, she should take the flag off, then lets take some better pictures!!!

      2. Mark Clemens says

        ……Well she’s one for one
        The playboy shoot was wrong.
        Stopping the flag desecration was right.
        She’s batting .500

        1. Rick Rogers says

          So Mark the next time I see a Tea Party Protest would it be ok to turn a water Cannon on them. I don’t agree with that they are protesting so its Ok to give them a Good Soaking then Right? or would it be wrong of me to interfere in there Right of Free Speech..

      3. highwayman says

        Hi , you are correct in that comment . try to remember though that what she may have done was wrong but it is clear that from her conduct in this matter she has spent some time repenting for it . maybe to her, this was a small effort of that repenting . at least she was there and stood up for what was just and right when someone needed to. That is just about all anyone can do. I did enjoy your reply.thanks

      4. LastGasp says

        “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
        -Sam Adams

    9. S Boles says

      Indeed well said, another Viet Nam Vet Thanks you….I pledge alliegence to the Flag of the United States of America…And to the Repblic for which it stands…One Nation Under GOD….with Liberty and Justice for all. …Justice is when you get what your deserve…Mercy is when you dont get what you deserve, and Grace is when you get what you do not deserce…..We are all receiving one or all of these.

    10. NavyFlyer1325 says

      Agree completely. Campus Police should’ve been slapped shitless for interfering with and detaining her.

      1. Ellen says

        The campus police should have stopped those idiots that were desecrating the flag. It represents our country. And the police should have not allowed that.

      2. Rock J. Dueck says

        what can you expect from a “rent-a-cop” ?

    11. jetmagnet says

      So why don’t you peeps stand up for all americans? You jackasses won’t stand up when an innocent black is murdered by police. You peeps are flag waving idiots. justice for only you creeps!

      1. highwayman says

        I feel pity for you. You best thought on has absolutely nothing to do with what that flag stands for. By your very words you show that you either b
        Need to spend time reciting the pledge of allegiance or speed a little time in some far away battle field sitting by some man you do not even know holding his guts in and him dieing right in front you and there is not one dam thing you can do about it. Your entire comment has absolutely nothing to with what. That flag is about. Since you seem to not know, I will try to help you along some . that flag represents every good thing that is good, and descent about America. It reprrsents courage, honesty and valor . it represents good triumphing over evil. I see by your remarks that you like to call people names as away to make your point when you only show how little you actually know. When a man is in a gun fight and hell is every direction he turns let me assure sir you do not give s dam what the color of the man’s skin is standing or squatting next to you. That. Flag by the way had only one color or blood on it. Red. If I have to remind you of that fact then. You are in worse shape than I thought. So sir, you have my pity for you. Learn something then get back to nd.

        1. tinkerunique says

          THAT brought back a few memories of the “Southeast Asian Wargame” that we “attended” for a few months. I left a few ‘brothers’ there, and just missed “Desert Shield” by 3 days. For what it’s worth, “Can Do”.

        2. jetmagnet says

          Listen you twerp, I served in Nam, I did my part for assholes like you, that wave the flag, then piss on it with you’re rightwing views.

      2. tinkerunique says

        You posted, “… innocent black is murdered by police.” What about when a black thug beats up a white kid, or when black thugs rob an old white couple during a night “break-in”?

        1. jetmagnet says

          What about it? Why are most blacks convicted of the same crimes whites get away with? Maybe if they stop busting their balls so much and gave them the same opportunities, treated them as equals things would be different. See you’re another racist bigot that only thinks about white people as the deprived race.

    12. jetmagnet says

      What this
      veteran did was wrong, and illegal. You cannot trespass on someones
      property and take what isn’t yours like that. The old US Flag Code was
      nullified a long time ago by the Supreme Court. She and others have a
      poor understanding of this, or just want to start trouble and take away
      others freedom of speech rights when it doesn’t match her views or
      opinions. This would make her a hypocrite also since she draped herself
      nude in a porn shot with the US flag and allowed it to drag the ground. LOL
      Typical tea party logic here.

    13. Rick Rogers says

      Yes Highwayman and the blood that gave them that right also give them the Right to protest in that manner. You may not like it. I may not like it but I served in the Military to protect that right of theirs.

  2. Liberty says

    Sorry, but this woman–veteran though she may be–wrapping her naked self in the American flag shows a mocking disrespect, too. PETA? Really?

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      If it never hit the floor and no one stepped on it, I fail to see any disrespect! I’d say that she honored the flag if it was draped around a beautiful body.. Perhaps most of us should vent our anger on issues such as the koran in our schools or teaching transgenderism to grade school kids.. Our blessed flag has been thru much, and as a Vietnam vet, it will endure much more, IF we get off our cheeks and rebel against what is coming.. GOD HELP AMERICA ! ! !

      1. Liberty says

        Still stand by my comments. NO to anyone wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, but I am in full agreement with your other points. And any of us would have picked up that flag.and am glad she did.

        1. Victor Archuleta says

          Doesn’t Manhart’s action redeem her? I agree with you that “Any of us would have picked up that flag”, but of all the people in the area, she was the only one who did.

          1. Liberty says

            Redeemed? She doesn’t need redeeming. Served our Country. Getting back to my point: I don’t like the thought of anyone wearing the flag. I doubt if Playboy had anything patriotic in mind when she lounged in it. Sorry, fellas. I just don’t like it. That picture up against the iconic Iwo Jima photo? I didn’t like 70’s clothing at the time either, shirts and shorts cut from flag fabric. The flag is The Flag.

          2. Victor Archuleta says

            Thanks for the clarification, and I agree with your explanation. I was simply recalling Someone saying, ‘You’re forgiven – Go, and sin no more.’ Maybe Michelle Manhart’s experience has taught her a life changing lesson. There was risk involved in picking up that flag. The IQ of a mob equals the highest number divided by the number of people in the gang. Furthermore, great journalists can report current news without dredging up a person’s past mistakes in judgement.

          3. ward says

            The risk is letting these insolent, asinine, punk, idiots get away with their treason against the U.S. Patriotic Citizens that protect our Constitutional Freedom & Rights while not being arrested for their crimes against the U.S.A. abusing true Freedom !

          4. Victor Archuleta says

            Not having seen the video or an article about the woman, I was referring to the risk of female participants in the travesty attacking her. I agree with the sentiment that the protestors should be ushered out of the country, their citizenship revoked.

    2. R.D.WYLIE says

      I rather her rap her her naked VETRAN BODY IN THE FLAG than them walking on it!!

      1. Liberty says

        Yeah, I guess that’s better. Still not great.

        1. hangem'high says

          I used to wear the flag on my uniform! If it was big enough I’d wrap myself in it. We do wrap caskets with it, so I have no problem with it draped over a person. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there, or it would have been the start of world war three!

          1. ward says

            Veterans paid the ultimate price to be in a casket draped with our U.S. Flag for the respect from the U.S. Citizens that they deserve with the highest honor of valor… ! These college punks do not deserve the freedom of the U.S. & exile would be the least punishment, where execution for their treason would be true justice for every damned one of their insolent crimes against all U.S. Patriotic Citizens Freedom..!

    3. MAHB001 says

      I saw her explanation of that action on the Kelly File. I believe her.

      I think those pictures have been taken out of context and are being twisted and used by the left.

      At any rate, I approve of the act that she did NOW, as compared to what she did 8+ years ago.

      People can change.

  3. rog363 says

    As a veteran I salute her and personally believe our country is going the way of all great countries before that began giving to the Liberal factions the idea that they are entitled to what many of us have worked very hared to obtain. What these fools seem to forget is the fact that the people are supposed to be the governing factor and the damned politicians are voted in to do as the people will them to do. What I am trying to say is, if the people are really the government then the people should begin depending on themselves as we all used to, not on others. We must take control of OUR country once again. Please people study the background of anyone running for a political office before you vote for that person. People voted for the president for what he was saying not for who he really was and the country is now suffering for it. These officers that allowed OUR flag to be trod upon should be taught what a Patriot is because they are definitely not patriots. The law says these students did nothing wrong by trodding on OUR flag but I beg to differ, the law of Common Sense should have prevailed and these officers should have reacted accordingly.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Unfortunately the police that were there on duty to keep peace during that protest can not interfere with the protesters and their disrespect of our flag. It is up to us the people who have a greater respect for our symbol of freedom that to disrespect it in any fashion. They should have kept their nose out of her right to protest the protesters. Unless they viewed her taking the flag as theft. Hard one to judge there. However, I would have done the same as she did. God Bless the USA and our symbol of freedom the grand old red, white, and blue.

      1. rog363 says

        Your right Mark, the law is the law and as I was once told by a Justice of the court, there is no common sense in the law, because the law is exactly that, the Law. We may not like certain things but I have to agree with you, the officers were there to keep the peace and to protect those rights of the protesters but, like you, I do not agree with her being handcuffed and taken away because of her beliefs, which I and many other veterans agree with. Political Correctness is ruining OUR country.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Thank you so much for your comments. I spend a lot of time at our VA MC here in Milwaukee. I see a lot of vets that have been through a lot of pain and agony as a result of their sacrifices. It stirs my heart every day I go there. For me to see or hear about fools that think they are doing a service to some unknown individual for some ridiculous reason just gets my ire up in a heartbeat. Yet as I stated earlier, the rights these men and women suffered to defend have to be respected. Even if we don’t agree with their stance on that topic. Yet here we have an example of the wrong message being defended and the one who disagreed with that message was the one arrested. I believe she had the right to defend her beliefs just as they had the right to demonstrate their beliefs. PC has caused all kinds of up side down rulings and actions. I really hate to start talking about Bible messages. However, it does say in Revelations that the time will come when black is white, up is down, right is wrong, etc. We are in those times. I’m not sure if I want to be around for the end of days. Yet that is when all of this mess will be corrected. Until then we have to maintain ourselves in a right frame of mind and a just purpose. This garbage will not turn around but only get worse. Keep the faith brother and know that we are in Gods hands and we will be the beneficiaries of his coming and salvation.

          1. rog363 says

            And I thank you also mark, it is always a pleasure corresponding with anyone who shows themselves to be of an intelligent nature. We are going through a very difficult time now, to many have either forgotten or have no idea what so many have done to give these people the rights they now have and as a veteran it really riles me that many of my friends and family gave so much and some gave their lives so that these young fools can trample and walk all over OUR flag. Many who have never defended OUR country now believe it is their right to walk all over what so many have fought for and many have given their lives for. I ‘m sorry, but I do not condone what they believe is their right to do…

          2. Mark Lahti says


    2. John McGowan says

      I am also a vet. 20 years USAF. I cheer the young lady and she is one of my new hero’s. As for as Obama, i understand he was not vetted prior to any elections. The only thing he does well is speak. As long as he has a guide. I also agree with highwayman, run across him before. Truth be know, Congress has given most of their powers away, this allows them more time to plan re-election. And the Democrats are still running the Senate. They will some how shut down Trey, let Hillary off with a very soft hand slap. And how did they manage to delay Trey’s investigation? I was under the impression republicans had both houses.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        So are you going to boo the same lady who was Demoted From Staff SGT to Senior Airman because she posed Nude with that same flag and was Busted because of it? Oh and she got paid by Playboy to do it.
        So its ok she descreates the flag as long as she is paid then Right.

        1. John McGowan says

          I just re-read my post and I didn’t see a boo in there. I know about her Air Force history. It isn’t the same as walking on the flag for 3 days. Her feeling for the flag was still strong and it took a brave woman to do what she did.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            John McGowan.. what she did was actually worst. A member of the Armed Forces decided to use the symbol of the country she has swore to defend in a PIN UP SHOOT. and she was paid to do it. Which in my mind makes it 100 times worst then someone that wants to make a political Protest that is covered by supreme court Ruling. I thank god she is not a TI any longer becasue I hate to think about the recruits she was in charge of. It would be a case of do what I say not what I do.
            Or to quote a good movie America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can’t just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the “land of the free”.

          2. Victor Archuleta says

            Rick, I’ve read your post twice. Did I misunderstand you? Are you saying that “Whazziname” is exercising his right to dismantle the U.S. Constitution and obliterate the Bill of Rights because he is guaranteed his right to protest? Because that is exactly what he is doing. And are you saying that we should “sing about the land of the free” as his lackeys affix the chains of socialist slavery around our necks? And what “good movie” can be measured against Patrick Henry, who asked, essentially, How will any American get his neck from under the galling yoke… what has he to oppose this force? What is the means of defending our rights or waging war against tyrants? By means of such passionate questioning, we have today the Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Atta boy Victor. I refuse to acknowledge RR. He is a liberal troll that jumps on sites and posts his ridiculous liberal BS just to piss people off and stir the pot. To give him any credence at all is just a waste of time and feeds his already enormous wacko liberal ego. I truly believe though that your response was just the smack up side of his inflated head that shut him up for a while. (I notice that he has not responded, which is his tendency to do.) Anyway, excellent post and it’s nice to know that there are more of us on these sites than there are of his. By the way, trivia moment here. Did you catch which movie that quote was from? Michael Douglas in The American President. It was a feel good liberal movie. I really did enjoy the movie but the liberal message was plastered all over it from opening to closing credits. Hang in there my friend and keep up the good works.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            The only one trying to Dismantle anything is the Trolls that are trying to Dismantle The Voting Rights act and make it harder for Citizens to cast a ballot. But I understand that. There are more Democrats then Republicans so to make sure they have a chance to win an Election they have to make sure they keep the Turn out LOW.

          5. Victor Archuleta says

            Now I’m beginning to see your meaning. I am acquainted with six people who voted for “Wazzizname”, They do not admit it any more. As for winning an election, the lovers of liberty and the freedom that this nation promises will have to turn off the TV, participate in the political process, and that means attending meetings, getting to know the candidates, and “hitting the bricks”.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Maybe we should pay the military more, and people on welfare less?

          1. LastGasp says

            You should know r.r. is a troll and a dickhead, to boot.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Maybe we should pay the Military a living wage that can be used to support a family and cut out the Tax cuts for Millionaires.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            That’s a damn good place to start. We are really fighting for the big global oil corporations. They should pay for this mess. If they desire Arab oil so much. They have enough money to raise and pay an army. Also we need abortion clinics closer to public housing, instead of passing laws that put extra burdens on the mother, and clinics. The harder it is for poor girls in public housing to abort a unwanted pregnancy, the more Michael Browns (hood rats) there will be in the coming years. If we don’t quit supporting these people. Their breeding habits will produce offspring, that will become dependent on the welfare system…..
            We need to break this cycle..

        3. Mark Lahti says

          She did wrong while in the military and was busted and paid the penalty for her actions. What should happen to the protesters? What should be their penalty for their actions?

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Well Mark Lahti Since their Protest was Protected expression of Free speech then NOTHING. The Young Lady as a member of the Military is not allowed that Option of Free Speech. You and I might not agree with it but their protest has passed the Supreme court test.

  4. Ronney says

    You have all my admiration young lady. As a Marine, I probably would have been draping that same flag over their dead bodies. This DAM country and the scum that is being raised in it. I just do not understand, And the so called campus police are no better screw you assholes also. And they want us to respect the police what a joke.

    1. Btty says

      I love our Marines! Thank you SIR for your service. Marines are the first into battle and the last to leave. You’re God’s Warriors. I shudder to think where we would be without them. I remember during Vietnam Nam when my two brothers came home one in a casket and hippies were spitting and yelling at our soldiers. When a guy spit at my brother I got into a fist fight and kicked that little hippies azz! He was probably on drugs but I didn’t care. I would have kept going but my brother pulled me off him. I was raised with 9 brothers and I can fight with the best of them. Don’t disrespect my brothers, my flag or bad mouth my country in front of me or you will have the wrath of hell on you! I’m also packing and if any POS tries to play their knockout game on me or tries to attack me? Your momma better get prepared to plan your funeral! This is one person who is afraid kids! I say that as a warning. There is nothing more dangerous than a scared, cornered animal!!

      1. Ronney says

        Thank you, I know very well, I was one o them returning.

      2. LastGasp says

        Thank you! Coming home was traumatic, to say the least. Those people that spit at us are in the legislature now.

        1. Btty says

          You are so right! Just look at the POST that’s leading them.

  5. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

    protesters can have the right to protest but should not be allowed to trample WE the peoples flag as it is a symbol of everything AMERICAN. Thank you Lady vet. we need more like you instead of the weinies we have for men. I am too old to help but I can thank those who stand up for our country God Bless you!

    1. Mark Lahti says

      They have the right to trample the flag in protest, says the SC. I also have the right to rescue the flag in protest of the protesters. I would also do the same thing and when confronted would tell them exactly that. You have the right to protest and I have the right to show the proper respect.

    2. Rick Rogers says

      thats not correct. it has been established by Supreme Court Ruling that burning a flag is a expression of Freedom of speech. I don’t think anyone was getting paid to do that but this Young Lady did get paid by Playboy to pose nude with that same flag and let it drag on the ground.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Then you must also feel that using the flag as clothing or vehicle decorations or any other misuse of the stars and stripes is a similar violation. The flag has been used in so many ways that it is impossible to try to penalize everyone and every company that does so. However, the intentional desecration of our flag to symbolize a protest should be in some context. If you are protesting racism, as an example, what has burning or desecrating the flag have to do with it? I believe there are many ways to symbolize the essence of a protest. Desecrating the flag takes things a bit beyond my comfort zone. That doesn’t mean that I deny anyone’s right to do so. It just means that I don’t agree with it. That is my RIGHT. So the discussion goes on and on and no one gets to resolve it to everyone’s satisfaction. Such is the life we live. Such is the status of our American way of life.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Mark I would never burn a flag Except for the Method listed in the Statute. But This “article” was trying to make her a Hero.. She is not.

      2. LastGasp says

        Get over it, already! What kind of a pervert are you?

        1. Rick Rogers says

          I am the kind that hates hypocrites.

  6. d66cmorris says

    So if I go up on the steps of the WH and take a dump to show my disrespect for the scum bag that currently lives there I shouldn’t get arrested for peacefully protesting and disrespecting the POS living there. Just saying I mean it isn’t any different then scumbags walking on the flag.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Good luck getting that close to the WH that you could dump on the steps. I think that anymore it would be impossible to get past the gate.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Didn’t you hear about the gyrocopter that got over the fence, under air observation, and near to the WH?

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Yes I did and it started with the guy that got in and ran around inside the WH. All I was trying to say was that now that so many attempts are being made that security has to have been reamed by now. If they don’t have their S___ together by now then they never will. The gyrocopter dude was apprehended immediately. I’m surprised he wasn’t shot down. Of course if the security is really that lax then perhaps it is that way intentionally. Maybe these attempts are to see if getting at Obama could really be that easy. If so, then maybe we won’t have to worry about his desire to declare martial law and do away with the next election. Lord knows no one wants Biden in charge, not even the dems. However, I do believe they would still like to see the big O taken out. I’m actually totally amazed it didn’t happen 6 years ago.

    2. kotoc says

      You don’t HAVE to get through the gate and go up to the steps….. have you ever heard of a slingshot? Heh heh… It’s not a gun, but it could deliver your message to the POS in the White House anyway. (Be sure to wear rubber gloves and wash your hands afterwards.)

      1. A natural born American says


      2. tinkerunique says

        ALSO = the “sling-shot” used to launch water balloons, or a crossbow…. Other means…..

        1. LastGasp says


  7. Dolores Adams says

    If these protesters don’t like our American flag, they are free to leave the country and go to where they want, but get out of America.

  8. ydroustan says

    “Walking across the flag not only means you’re unpatriotic, it also means you’re simply not that bright.” That is an understatement, it means I additionally that this person is not educated and immature, and unaware of the history and the fundamental and universal principles of the United States of America.

  9. noel1234 says

    As a veteran i see this individual[ who may be or not an american] showing disrespect to me and my fellow veterans and i would practice my rights by making her demonstration an experience she would never forget.

  10. joevet says

    These aszsclowns protesting “racism” in the US have not the first clue how much they take for granted, nor how good they have it here compared to 90% of the other people living on this world. They need to get over themselves and realize that they are only held back by their OWN hangups. Racism may exist, but it’s not as rampant as they claim, and they don’t have to use it as an excuse; they can show the world who is boss if they are so determined. It is not possible to make the “playing field” level for all people in an imperfect world. All that determines is your starting point, and they should have left that behind years ago if they were going to amount to anything. Until they get over their victim mentality the Liberals have been drumming into their heads, though, they are never going to amount to squat. As for the veteran, she may have made some mistakes in the past but I, as a fellow Air Force vet who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, am proud of her and support her. Her heart is in the right place!

  11. Monte R Stamper says


  12. jimwilson81 says

    Sir, I completely agree with your assessment.

  13. OSAMA OBAMA says

    This is how things are in Oblame-o’s transformed Amerika….The slime that desecrated our flag go back to their state funded classes and the hero that saved it gets handcuffed. Those campus thug rent-a-cops are no better than the vermin students.

    1. R.D.WYLIE says


  14. fred says

    High praise for this true patriot, wish we had about 300+million more of her in this country! There was a time when it was against the law to knowingly walk on a flag like the black guys did in the video i saw of this incident. If they don’t want to be here, please leave, we don’t want those types here, we are PROUD of our country and pour flag and the millions that have given their lives and injured bodies for the right to remain free and have a Constitution that means something. I only wish I could kick those people in the teeth that desecrated my flag in the video, they are just thugs and criminals.

  15. R.D.WYLIE says

    They need to take it back to the SUPREME COURT they shouldn’t have the right to disgrace the flag send them to another country and see what happens. The flag was draped over my STEPDADS coffin during his military burial along with a honor guard. They should be jailed and lose all rights!!

  16. John Stratemeyer says

    It’s ok to desecrate the flag, but as soon as a few Muslim students whine that they’re “offended” because “American Sniper” is to be shown on campus, the University of Maryland, among other “bastions of free speech” cancels the screening. It’s quite clear that, in the world of “academia,” the sensibilities of some are taken far more seriously than those of others.

  17. DivineEncounters says

    Not questioning her Patriotism but questioning her motives. She was on Playboy……we were warned not to defile our uniform or do such a thing. She was on FOX news and is getting much publicity from this.

    Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.

    I believe any American rather they served or not should do the same thing across this country. Time to stand-up and be accounted for.

  18. dondehoff says

    I am a retired USAF major/pilot. At age 83, I have been “around the block” a few times, America exists as this great (not perfect but great) country today because of two very simple and straightforward mottos; “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” and: “Without America there is no Free World”. History has documented that this country has been the greatest social and political “experiment” in the recorded history of this planet. That is evidenced by the continuing great number of people that want to migrate to this country. I advocate this “greatness” be “revered” by the display of our flag and those who trample either of them should have to pay a significant penalty, perhaps even banishment from the country. I also believe all school, sport and other group functions should begin with a standing recitation of our “Pledge of Allegiance”, by all citizen attendees (and expect non-citizens “to stand” out of common courtesy and mutual respect). I also agree it would be acceptable to substitute the words, “under my (or our) Creator”, as opposed to “under God” (all of us have had a “creator” of some kind). For those who do not have a peaceful religion to follow, I recommend they accept the “Natural Law” of the Planet—-“Rational human beings do not go around “willy-nilly”, killing each other”, which carries the creed of “Do no harm, except in self-defense or in defense of others in imminent danger”. And, that creed, has many “pre-supposes(sic)”, such as equality, love thy neighbor, fairness, do not lie, understanding, and forgiveness (and I am sure everyone can add to that list)—and we should not tolerate any among us who believe their culture, ideology and perhaps religion, advocate the killing of any who do not follow their religion. It is “ungodly” to believe death is warranted for those “who do not believe”. An “All Knowing God”, who can do anything and everything, would have the resources and abilities to convince any and all, of their power. Also, accepting this “natural law”, would fill at least some of the “void” created by not having a religion upon which to lean—and would also apply to those who have :”doubts” about any religion that has been imposed upon them—those Natural Law “pre-supposes(sic)” include far more “laws if the land”, than the ten Commandments.

  19. organic girl says

    That the quthor refers to the flag as a “sacred cow” that citizens should not be too attached to….that speaks volumes about what is wrong here.

  20. ed28 says

    Americans stand up for America, those who disrespect the flag should be shark food.

  21. Carl Showalter says


    1. Victor Archuleta says

      Humpty is not broken; Humpty is diseased, and can be cured. Treatment demands great human effort.

      1. Carl Showalter says


        1. Victor Archuleta says

          Whenever you act as God commands, you are the majority. I believe and obey the Word, and He ordains the outcome, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  22. Carl Showalter says


  23. Rick Rogers says

    hmm You realize this is the same woman that posed in Playboy wearing nothing and holding the flag to cover herself? And who was letting the flag Touch the Ground. You know that right. That was a lot more offensive then any political protest will every because she was posing with the Flag to GET PAID.

  24. Rick Rogers says

    So is this ok with most of you? FYI I cropped the picture but she is dragging the flag on the ground.. Oh and just so you know.. The woman is the same one your glorifying in this Post. Difference is she is desecrating the Flag for A PAYCHECK. the Flag for A PAYCHECK.

  25. Rick Rogers says

    Michelle Manhart
    Michelle Denis Cross-Manhart, better known as Michelle Manhart, is a former United States Air Force Military Training Instructor who was based at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, and held the rank of Staff Sergeant. In January 2007 she was relieved of duty and placed under investigation for posing nude in Playboy magazine. She was subsequently demoted to Senior Airman, a move which caused her to leave the Air Force.

  26. 2riotous says

    “The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans can disrespect the flag.” Is that possible that the Supreme
    Court of the United States of America doesn’t care if we disrespect the American Flag.? I am proud of
    this lady. This great flag represents all the wonderful and brave people who have died to keep us free!
    It represents all that is good about the United States of America.

  27. bjack says

    She was exactly right. These protesters have been protected and given their liberty because of the men and women who fought and died for that flag and their freedom. I guess they want to really be oppressed and have a communist flag hanging. To protest the flag against racism is just plain stupid on their part. They need Jesus and they may have peace and not be racist, because their demonstrations are racist. For them to think we owe them for what was done years ago by our ancesters is the same thing as one of them killing someone and his parents being held accountable. No one in America today had anything to do with slavery, and no one black in America was anyones slave so how do they think we are racist? If they are talking about name calling, everybody gets called names at one time or another. I believe that everybody is equal and Jesus died to save us all, so my prayers go out to those who do not have understanding.

  28. Larry Cowden says

    I would have joined her! As for those protesting by walking on the flag, is there really any reason for them to continue their actions in this world? None I can see.

  29. Joken Joe says

    I support her actions, as for the demonstrators if the don’t like the flag let them go find a flag they like say the Isis flag.

  30. Becky says

    Fine. Okay. So anyway. Let the ungrateful pukes trample OUR Flag. Then WE should be able to send their lousy, stinking, ungrateful butts to somewhere that might appreciate them more. Like N Korea. Sans American money or goods. I will volunteer to collect the funds for the scumbags’ one-way ticket to nowhere.

  31. Irvan says

    Funny it took a woman to get the police to finally take action during a protest. That doesn’t say much for the police force as a whole.

  32. K. Q. Duane says

    If they have a right to desecrate the flag, Manhart certainly had the right to save it!! She should sue the college for denying her constitutionally protected right to free speech as well, because they obviously are wrong in thinking that this a one-way street.

  33. Mark Clemens says

    If you walk on our flag, not only are you disrespecting our Constitution, Freedom, Military. You also walk over the freedom of independent thought. That means you disrespect Ben Franklin, Eli Whitley, Goodyear, Edison, Bell, Einstein, Hawkins, Hubble, Morris, Carnegie, Ford, Jobs and more people who have had the freedom of though, to improve this world. Those people are just the tip of the ice burg of American innovation. Lets not forget some of our literary genius’ Poe, Foster, Twain, Rockwell, King, Tarantino. These people couldn’t of accomplished their works with out the freedom of our country.
    What in the hell are they teaching in South Georgia these days????????
    Old times are gone, but not forgotten. Look away, look away Dixie Land…………

  34. Ellen says

    Why desecrate the country by trampling on it’s symbol while it is the people they are protesting against? There is nothing wrong with the land. The people that inhabits it are the problem. And that is where their protests should be directed against. Racism is a 2 way street. Both sides have responsibilities and duties to minimize it.

  35. Sam says

    I met a WWII veteran , open the door for he and his wife to exit a restaurant this week, he thanked me. I replies : “Thank you, sir, for service to our country”. He asked my name and I got his. His reply was: ” It’s nice to know someone remembers.” My REAL thoughts about the flag tramplers both in the streets and in our gov’t cannot be expressed here! So: quit your bully aching .b-t-ching, whining – get off your butt and go to work to make our country what it once was – A LEADER! That or just vacate!

  36. Paul Brown says

    I am a veteran of the war in Viet Nam and has fought for what that flag stands for. This country was founded on the principals that flag stands for. Many veterans across this country stood proud before that flag and took an oath, the same oath this dictator took when he walked into that office illegally I may ad. When you disrespect the flag you are disrespecting the country and that men and women who fought for what they believed in. This Islamic terrorist pig in Washington doesn’t give a shit about the flag or any oath of office he took many years back now. He would be happy to see it fall and the Islamic flag waving over that house, because he and that transvestite pig he lives with has no respect for this country or the American people. The court that made the ruling, that it is OK to desecrate the flag must have been a demoncrap pig who never served and has no respect for this country or the men and women who fought for his filthy ass. I applaud this lady for taking that flag off the ground and away from these little punk bastards who were brought up like pigs by their filthy demoncrap parents who show no respect for anything either. The day is going to come when all service men and women are not going to serve this country and will say ” Kiss our asses” because if you need someone to fight for your ass, call your nearest terrorist to protect you and see how far that will get you. If you disrespected the flag in any other country, they would put your ass to death without thinking about it.

  37. j. adelman says

    Maybe they should have Handcuffed the people who burned the Flag too,and hauled them away too.That way they could have used the excuse that they thought there was going to be a Riot,and they were just there to keep the peace,and were just making sure the situation didn’t escalate more. I would be willing to bet that if ISIS ever came over here in doves and started stepping on,and burning our Flag,the Supreme Court would rewrite that Law,and fast.

  38. Patriot47 says

    Not sure I would have been so calm. I wouldn’t advise flag desecration in my presence. My exercise of free speech may leave marks.
    RVN 1969 (medivac)
    Lifetime VFW and DAV

  39. tinkerunique says

    The “politically correct” thing to do is for the whiney minority to force the moral majority to do as it wishes. I thought the “American Way” was majority rule. NOW the minority get whatever they want because it “offends” them. I get offended when anybody disrespects my country, my family or me. Does that mean anything ? Apparantly not, unless I’m a minority, Muslim, or a crook.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      It is far easier to arrest and prosecute a law abiding citizen than it is to prosecute one of those PC minorities. That is the way things have progressed in our country. Not until the “moral magority” gets off it’s collective ass and takes to the streets will we ever get the sanity back.

  40. crhoads62 says

    the flag is trampled on every day with the words that come out of most of the professors that are teaching in colleges all across AMERICA. this trampling of the flag is causing more damage then walking on it could ever do. it is a sign of a greater problem. poison is being fed to a whole generation.

  41. Randall says

    They need to give those people the boot right out of the country. No one has the right to desecrate the American flag!!!
    Check out the awesome song “THIS IS FREEDOM” by Justin Unger, it’s about the flag and what it represents!!

  42. LastGasp says

    Excellent!!! Thank you! Please pardon me, an old man is getting a little misty,,,,,,,

  43. Mark Clemens says

    I’ll tell y’all what is worse than the walking on the flag, and some nudity pictures w/it. I bet you’ve seen this too.
    Flags that are ripped, tore, faded, tattered, flying after dusk, displayed in the rain, still flying on people’s properties. This is clear infringement and disrespect for our banner. Most VA. Outposts have a proper place, and way to dispose a worn out flag…..
    If you are displaying a tattered flag, please take it to a proper disposable place. Then buy a new one. You will be helping American workers (Yep, we still make Old Glory Stateside). My Grandpa used to buy a new flag every year. So people wouldn’t talk about us………

  44. daveveselenak says

    Sadly but honestly, it is the conservative women of this dead Republic that have more courage than the so-called men of this nation, especially the women politicians!

  45. WC Fisher says

    This Lady did Has MY Highest Respect for what she did. I’m Retired Navy and I would have done exactly the same thing that she did! And As far as I’m concerned there laws in AMERICA for Desecrating OUR Flag Why the He-ll haven’t these LAW breakers been charged. “GUTLESS COP’S, Attorney’s and Judges” NOT wanting to follow the LAW’S of OUR Country and Enforce OUR Country’s Laws because they might unset some Dam_ned Rich FAT CAT or a WOTHELESS Politician or Party that “THINKS that They are Special I FOR ONE say to he-ll with them all !!! THEY ALL NEED TO DO SOME JAIL TIME AND ‘NOT’ O NE OF THE COUNTRY Club lock ups either …

  46. Patrick says

    Thank you for your service, Michelle! Then, and NOW!

    One question for the drunken and dis-orderly protesters:

    Would any veteran family members (yes, you have them!) condone your acts of dis-respect for their sacrifices?

    Actions have consequences, you are on internet video, while some of you are in the public record.
    Employers will know. You have “screwed the pooch”!

  47. OWEN jhonson says


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