Animal Rights Nutcase Wants to Kill Republicans


According to left-wing looney Roland Windsor Vincent, the only good Republican is a dead Republican. In an essay filled with the kind of whacky reasoning you can only find among American liberals, Vincent makes his case for the extermination of every conservative in the country.

“The enemy of animals and the environment is capitalism,” writes Vincent. “And capitalism is the status quo. It is defended by Republicans and conservatives.”

Ah, that’s interesting. Have Democrats officially turned their backs on capitalism, then? Is that part of the party platform now? Someone should update Hillary Clinton’s website so her supporters know exactly what they’re voting for.

Alas, even Clinton would probably scratch her head at some of Vincent’s off-kilter ideas. She may be deceptive, manipulative, and full of secrets, but she’s not certifiable. She would not, for instance, probably support Vincent’s contention that “the animals need a massive depopulation of the human race.” And although her life would be a lot easier if she didn’t have those pesky Republicans to worry about, she would likely not say something like this:

If we were to start shooting Republicans, we would likely not harm a single friend of animals or the environment. Of course, such a course of action would be inadvisable. It would land us in prison and galvanize public opinion against the movement.

While it’s good to see that Vincent has at least considered the folly of mass murder, it’s disturbing that the only thing holding him back is the harm it would do to his “movement.” Apparently if murder was made legal and he could garner some political support, he would be perfectly fine with wiping out half of the American population. More than half, probably, since Vincent seems to consider anyone who doesn’t practice a vegan lifestyle to be “expendable.”

It’s hard to get too worked up about one random lunatic, but one can’t help but wonder how long it will be until this kind of sentiment arrives in the mainstream. Because that’s always how these things happen. When it starts, it’s just a few fringe kooks. Ten, twenty years down the line, you have presidential candidates casually dropping these ideas into their official platforms. It may seem a stretch to imagine a mainstream Democrat calling for the murder of Republicans, but it’s easy to see veganism become a moral imperative for the left. Sin taxes on meat-eaters? Yeah, that’s very easy to imagine.

What Vincent doesn’t get is that hunters and fishermen – a largely conservative population – are among the best friends wildlife and habitat have in this country. One random hunter has probably done more for conservation than a hundred PETA members. Instead of targeting Republicans, Vincent should consider tackling overpopulation a little closer to home. What could be more admirable, after all, than taking your carbon footprint down to zero?


    He is going to let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird behind .

    1. says

      i believe you are right Douglas,with the exception that the ship may have already sailed!

    2. Juan TwoTree says

      Right-On Douglas!! Beautifully put!

    3. Krazeehors says

      Excellent comment — I used to use that one on my students in the USAF all the time!!!

    4. Bobtrhn says

      Now that’s a good one Douglas. I’m still laughing. That guy is an idiot.

      1. edward martis says

        an o so typical radical-leftist-progressive-liberal-Marxist-socialistic-pathlogical-psycotic-sociopath-nut case——–California is overflowing with them—-Welcome to my world; especially san Francisco, Berkeley and surrounding mental hospital cities

        1. Bobtrhn says

          Edward good luck to you if you live in California. Seriously.

          1. edward martis says

            thanx—-seriously thinking of moving to the Show-Low, Snowflake, AZ area—-The 3 states that border CA should have guard stations; forbidding entry from CA……All of CA is an insane asylum ——and should to quarantined

          2. Bobtrhn says

            I live in S Texas and we have a few nut jobs here too.

          3. edward martis says

            if you see any cars with CA plates on them—-run them off the road.!!!…California is a loony bin—–and will infect TX if allowed to do so…..As Michael Savage; the radio commentator said ‘liberalism is a mental disorder”…so true….I, unfortunately live 20 min south of SFO and KNOW how much damage they have caused there

          4. Bobtrhn says

            I was in California once. I promise I would never go back. The word is now “GO EAST YOUNG MAN.”

          5. edward martis says

            once is more than enough—–in looking to retire, Show-Low/ Snowflake, Pinetop AZ are beautiful—I have a friend that lives 5 mi west of Show-Low—hi-timber/ 87o dry summers with lots of t-storms/ 2 ft or less of snow winters——-the best kept secret in the USA—-it is well worth checking out; if are in the area …St Johns is like Switzerland………..

          6. Bobtrhn says

            Enjoy your retirement Edward. I know am.

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            It WAS the best kept secret. You must have a real estate business there.

          8. edward martis says

            actually, my buddy; who worked for the PHX F.D. his whole life, knew about the area and had been up there many times…the area really took off when the ‘baby-boomers’ started to retire——-before that Show-Low had a pop. of about 3000 souls—-now it is 10,000

          9. Dave Phelps says

            I was stationed in California back in late 50s, early 60s, it was fun then, would never cross the state line to enter again

          10. Bobtrhn says

            I never had the chance to be there when it was fun.

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Marxifornia is a quagmire of libTURDS, maggots and tax and spend pukes. A veritable cesspool of human sewage.

          12. k9maiden says

            Never been to CA and don’t want to go there now! I used to really want to go to CA, and even live there back in the 50’s, it was so glamourous. Now it is nothing but a crap hole of illegals and left winged nut cases. Sad how these people move in and ruin a once, beautiful area.

          13. glorybe2 says

            Sorry to inform you but California was the legal property of Mexico which the US stole from them by acts of immoral violence. It is the white folks who “moved in”. The brown folks and red folks are the rightful and just owners of the state.

          14. Bordeaux11611 says

            And that is why all you illegal aliens think that you should be here. And you are very wrong! You do not deserve “reparations”, aka destroying America. You are not entitled! You are NOT special. You are not better than us.

          15. Rosech Levy says

            Tell that to Obama because we already know it. Moonbeam, the governor, is a brainless liberal as well. He is the cause of our water conditions because he and his environmental idiot friends blocked his father, Gov. Patrick Brown, from doing something for the water several decades past.

          16. Brenda Robinson says

            We are all equal. All children of God. We want PEACE. Not hate and war.

          17. Rosech Levy says

            Golly, I am a historian and you are wrong. The whole West Coast belonged to Indians who were conquered by Spanish Conquistadores. It was lost from Mexico to the USA just as was the Alamo. So, officially it was taken from the Spanish. Mexicans at that time were also natives and many tribes (and they still have many tribes in the mountains that don’t even speak Spanish). Lived there for years so I think I know a wee bit more than you.

          18. David Hansen says

            We already know that, you’re not exactly letting the feline out of the burlap.

          19. proudtexan62 says

            Why don’t you go back to Mexico where you would be happy. If you brown and red folks (I don’t think you can speak for the red folks) want to succeed and return to Mexico, I’m not sure you would have too much opposition but be sure and take Jerry Brown with you.

          20. Brenda Robinson says

            No room for racism here. There are good and bad people. Please, judge by character, not skin color or race or religion.

          21. glorybe2 says

            Brenda you are pointing to a current problem. You may have seen the gun store owner who refuses to sell guns or ammunition to Muslims. Like most of the people on the right he can not think things out. His thinking comes due to the recent dust up about a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. But how will people feel if they can not shop in a store if they are Baptists? Imagine requiring people to declare what religion they follow in order to buy a meal, a gun or gasoline. And make note it is the right wing over and over again that wants to install racist policies or other policies that deny basic freedoms to the people.

          22. proudtexan62 says

            Brenda: I am not judging anyone except the person who wrote this post which was a totally erroneous statement. You check history and you will find that he is very much off base. I am not a racist by any means. I have many Mexican and Black friends and have had for many years, since I was a child and I’m 71 years of age. There are certainly good and bad people and this person is one of the bad because his lies are meant to try and convince people that it’s okay to kill people because of their political position. If you want to tell someone there is no room for racism here, you need to direct your statements to him.

          23. glorybe2 says

            Actually my white family has been here since before the US existed. Matter of fact if you wish to know my last name stop by TCU and look at the name of the administration building. You see there are certain paths to being an idiot and one is to assume that you know things that you know nothing about at all.

          24. proudtexan62 says

            Most of our families have been here since the US existed. I am 71 years old and know much more history by living it than you will ever know. Just because your last name happens to be that of the person whose name is on the Administration Building at TCU in Fort Worth, it is not in any way to be presumed that is your branch of that family. My family name is on a lot of historic markers and documents in Texas and Georgia but, in checking the ancestral websites, not all of them are direct descendants of mine. That is very likely the case with you. A last name means nothing until you trace your ancestry.

          25. glorybe2 says

            Gee whiz i’ll have to wait three months to be 71 years old. And McGruder Ellis Sadler was my grandfather’s brother. He was usually simply called Mac Sadler by the family. He was also the president of the National Council of Churches as well as being a founder of the International Council of Churches while still being the chancellor of TCU. His only brother the Right Reverend Sheridan Lee Sadler was a prominent minister in Virginia and also Dean of Christ College Lynchberg,Va.. Rev. Lee Sadler had two sons. One, my father, dead in combat two weeks before my birth at Anzio. The other son named lee flew fighters in the Pacific despite being the only surviving son. He came back broken and passed about six years after the war ended from what we would now call traumatic stress syndrome. I am “First families of Va.” and can trace an ancestor dead in combat in the Revolutionary war. Some families have paid prices you can not imagine for freedom. And we will not throw that freedom under the bus for an uneducated and immoral right wing. We do not worship money and will try to do as our Lord commanded and be good stewards of the earth and its animals.

          26. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            Mexico owned California a total of 21 years before losing it to the United States of America. The previous 52 years the Spanish claimed it after taking it from the Native Americans. Like it or not, it’s our state now.

          27. glorybe2 says

            It may be impossible to resolve past sins committed against other people and other nations. That does not mean we should not try to do something good where we have done harm. I think our Lord will not forgive us for what we have done. How do we repent?

          28. Brenda Robinson says

            You people are giving no teeth to your statements, give facts please!

          29. Brenda Robinson says

            Why, exactly?

          30. Rosech Levy says

            No way East because they are just the same.

          31. Brenda Robinson says

            I love it there!

          32. Bobtrhn says

            I guess everyone has their own favorite place but sorry California is not mine. lol

          33. Rosech Levy says

            And we stopped going there to Xmas shop and eat at Scoma’s. They are as dumb as New Yorkers, and have to pay a lost of their citizens’ money for crimes committed by illegals. They don’t love them, but use them to their ends. Stupid is as stupid does. They are so up to date on wind, CO2, solar, etc. they just can’t sit down and think how the whole thing will end. Good thoughts, lousy logic and no idea of the results.

          34. edward martis says

            your last sentence—–(good thoughts etc) is admirable——just replace ‘good’ with ‘demented’……………………….

          35. Brenda Robinson says

            Give examples please, you are just ranting hate right now, holds no weight.

          36. Dave Phelps says

            and most are from California or New York

          37. Bobtrhn says

            You got that right.

          38. glorybe2 says

            When was the last time you heard of a liberal running into a theater or shopping mall and gunning down complete strangers? It never is a liberal. It always, always, always is some right wing nut. Even the taliban and ISIS are both right wing organizations as is the KKK, the American Nazi party etc.. Why is it that Americans are gunning each other down, driving drunk etc.?

          39. Bobtrhn says

            Now that guy was from Alabama. I doubt very seriously that he was a republican. I don’t know where you get your information from but I can assure you that you are completely wrong. By the way. KKK originated in the north. Not the south and I bet you anything you want that you are completely wrong.. By the way I’m from the south and I am a republican and I don’t drink. You must really be on some badass medication. Check with your doctor asap.

          40. glorybe2 says

            I have no clue as to what political party he supported but I am certain he was a conservative. He is young enough to have had no party affiliation at all.

          41. Bobtrhn says

            Age has nothing to do with it but most of these young idiots are liberals and don’t even know the meaning of it or even what’s going on in this country.

          42. glorybe2 says

            So you think that being a liberal is something sort of like a pit that one just falls into by accident.

          43. Bobtrhn says

            Now is that what happened to you?

          44. glorybe2 says

            No, it is not what happened to me at all. After a great deal of formal education combined with a great deal of study I became aware that only socialism has any chance of success in this world. Capitalism has actually never existed anywhere at any time. If you want to debate that name one nation or even one primitive tribe that was free of regulations, laws, taxation or taboos. No free market has ever existed and never will. Therefore we can conclude that capitalism is nothing more than propaganda. Try and name just one free market anywhere in history.

          45. Bobtrhn says

            It surely did work here for a hell of a long time until communist like yourself are doing everything to change that. You won’t win I promise you that. you are very repulsive and ugly person. You need to be hung by your balls.

          46. glorybe2 says

            Try to think. For a long time we had a tiny population and old ways worked better. But as the population grew things started to not work well at all. It isn’t political theory at all. It is simply an undeniable fact that denser populations and modern times mean less and less freedom for all of us whether we like it or not. Would you like me to live next door to you and build nuclear bombs. Of course not! You would want regulations on building bombs and selling them just as much as I do. That makes you a socialist in every since of the word. You want laws that protect your and yours. You really do not want freedom or you would have to agree to let me build those bombs. My degree of freedom is your degree of freedom. To limit one is to limit all. Really think don’t just spew stupid trash.

          47. Bobtrhn says

            So if you think a thinly populated area is best then take something for it. That would be one less. But it’s ok because he’s bringing in millions of illegals here so that sort of shoot the hell out of what you are saying.

          48. Rosech Levy says

            No, that makes us good citizens who care about our country, our neighbors, etc. You, however, only care about yourself and want everybody else controlled – but unfortunately that control will wrap you in its claws just as well.

          49. proudtexan62 says

            We do think, it is you that doesn’t have that capacity. What are you talking about “you living next to me and building a nuclear bomb? ” We are trying to keep anyone from building a nuclear bomb and your nutcase in the White House is trying to give that capability to the #1 Supporter of Terrorism on this planet. Your degree of freedom is something that you have on in your dreams. We don’t spew stupid trash. You are the one who wants a Socialist/Communist government to control your every move and keep you dumbed down into submission. We were a very successful country until that trash came into our lives and we will be once again. Pack your bags and go with Obama when he leaves. He will take you to the socialist paradise you dream of.

          50. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            If you have the resources to build a nuclear bomb , I doubt you would be living next door to me. I have actually been around nuclear weapons, so I have some knowledge of them. I doubt you know how one works, never mind how to build one.

          51. Original Rebel says

            Is that why it has been such a success all over the world, wherever it is instituted? Surely you need glasses and a severe learning adjustment.

          52. Rosech Levy says

            You are really an idiot. I lived and worked under socialism and it ain’t fun nor equal nor free, nor anything else a normal American would like. If you think it is so great, pack and go to England, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and see how it works for you! Our America is a Republic constitutionally granting us liberty, right to life, and pursuit of happiness. I guess your idea of happiness is socialism so go and live under it. Stupid is as stupid does and says. By the way socialism is just one small step down from communism – meaning only the elite are the elite and the rest are just occupying space until the money under socialism runs out and then they have to face reality. Healthcare is lousy, jobs ain’t the greatest, can’t take much money with you when you leave the country, they take half your salary for the layabouts, etc.

          53. David Hansen says

            Good job. That a good reply to glorybe who is still trying to figure out why the round peg does not go in the square hole

          54. David Hansen says

            Where did this formal education happen? It too bad you were not awake at the time. What book or books did you ever read that suggested that Docialism was a superior system?

          55. proudtexan62 says

            Ylicou might have done what you call studying but you don’t have a formal education if you believe socialism is the only way for the future of this country or this world. If you have had any “formal education” you have been brainwashed by Socialist, Marxist and Nazi educators, many of whom, have infected this country in the last decade and before and are destroying us from within through our children and our public education system. You have apparently not spent any time (probably have never left the state you were born in) in any country on this planet that has a socialist society. You need to go visit one. Don’t just go on a vacation, Stay there for a period of time long enough that you can see what socialism is really all about. You will learn quickly that you have lived in the best country in this world and you have no appreciation for what you have. Why do you think the “socialists, Marxists and Nazis” of this world are trying to destroy America? They despise America and Americans because of their success and power. We need to turn the world into our world and not allow this scum to take us down. We are the Leaders of the Free World and will get back to that position as soon as we remove this scumbag from our White House.

          56. proudtexan62 says

            It’s a pit for sure and if you fell into it by accident, I guess that’s what it is. I know one thing, there are way too many of you still left in this country. The Democrat Party used to be “the party of the people” and had a place in the politics of this country. It has evolved into the Communist Party of the USA and that is what all our ancestors fought and died for so that this would never happen to us.

          57. proudtexan62 says

            That’s a fact Bobtrhn and they were all suckered in by Obama when he first came into our lives and this nightmare started. I know many young people in this country who once supported him who had the intelligence to see through him very quickly and are now fighting with us against him. It’s mostly those who have become addicted to those freebies and monthly checks that still support him. Most of them don’t have any idea what he stands for and don’t care to know.

          58. proudtexan62 says

            You are certain of nothing except that you are in a drug induced coma at the moment. When you come out of it why don’t you do some real research instead of running you mouth with information you have no idea is true or false and then you might have an intelligent statement to contribute to the conservation.

          59. proudtexan62 says

            That’s one of your most glaring problems, you have no idea what you are talking about but you interject your opinions and your suppositions anyway.

          60. Rosech Levy says

            And the KKK was definitely Democrats – think about Robt. Byrd one of the biggies in that group. So definitely not right wing.

          61. Bobtrhn says

            That’s right.

          62. Westy34215 says

            Where did you get that wack info. They have all been Democrats and Liberals. Add to that every Presidential assassination was carried out or attempted by some disgruntled left winger.

          63. glorybe2 says

            JFK was killed by the CIA and sought after by the military industrial complex. Even the mafia was part of that loop and none of these folks are liberals.

          64. proudtexan62 says

            You have no idea who assassinated JFK nor do you have any idea about any of the other dribble you have posted on this site today. There are plenty of socialist utsocieties you can go live in. You don’t have to live here. The UK is the closest to our shores. Go live over there and take the train under the channel to France while you are there. Live there for a time. There are trains all over Europe. Take them all and go visit Spain and Italy. Try them out for a while. You will then learn what living under socialist domination means. You will be glad to come back to the USA after a few years of that but unless you have really gotten a “formal education” in what socialism is versus capitalism and have learned to appreciate what America is and what Americans stand for, DON’T COME BACK!!!

          65. Westy34215 says

            I would put Fascist in the same group as Liberals. They put up a Communist as a the Fall guy. Lyndon Johnson gave the orders to kill Kennedy. So a Democrat was pulling the strings of the other organizations.

          66. glorybe2 says

            I don’t know the Garfield killer’s politics but in his ear it was most likely a right wing type seeking to eliminate all government. Lincoln was killed by a conservative in that Booth wished to conserve the earlier way of life in the south. JFK was murdered by our own government, CIA, military industrial folk who are notorious right wingers. I believe that covers assassinated presidents or did I forget one?

          67. OldRockerguy says

            I guess you also think that the Nortenos, Surenos, The Latin Kings, MS-13, The 18th Street Gang, and the Mexican Mafia are all good upstanding citizens that never commit any crimes

          68. glorybe2 says

            There has always been crime among immigrants whether legal or illegal. obviously not every immigrant can adapt, change, or succeed in a new homeland. Go back to 1890 and the Italians and Irish had big gangs as did the Chinese. Naturally we would expect some degree of troubles with any immigrant group. But we also get a lot of good things as well. Imagine food prices taking a 30% jump due to more expensive field workers and packing house workers.

          69. OldRockerguy says

            I have extended family that are both Irish and Italian. They came here in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. They ALL were processed through Ellis Island in New York City. They ALL registered with the U.S. Immigration and entered this country LEGALLY. None of them had a problem with following the immigration laws of that time. There were no welfare or free healthcare benefits at that time. They did not “sponge” off other American citizens. They all got jobs. They had to learn English – nobody printed anything in BOTH English and Italian for them and they didn’t ask for it. My Italian uncles all fought in World War II as proud Americans even though Italy was part of the Axis. I have total respect for anyone that desires to become an American citizen and respects America enough to follow our immigration laws and takes all the necessary LEGAL steps required to become an American citizen. I have absolutely NO respect for someone that sneaks across the border, thumbs their nose at our immigration laws and then demands rewards and special treatment for it. Those that do that are criminals – they have broken our laws. Check out the laws and the punishments that Mexico doles out to people that enter their country illegally. Why is it that it is ok for Mexico and virtually every other country in the world to enforce their immigration laws but it is not ok for America to enforce ours?

          70. proudtexan62 says

            Where would you like us to start? All those people who have “run into theaters and gunned down complete strangers” were liberals. There is not an Obama supporter anywhere in this country that is not a liberal and all of them were. There are Democrats who don’t support Obama but they have been threatened, along with their families, and they are saying nothing at this time and doing what they are told. I really don’t blame them but we would like it if some of them would step up and support those of us who are trying to rid this country of Obama and all the scum that support and surround him. I know there has been a long trail of “suspicious deaths” behind the Clintons and the trail is getting longer behind Obama but freedom and liberty isn’t free. The US Military knows the risk when they go into battle (I was with them providing their life support in Iraq 2003-2008) but they risk their lives everyday they are in a combat zone for America and Americans. It’s gotten to the point now, with Obama at the helm, that they are losing their lives in recruiting stations. Obama only wants the rainbows and transgenders in “his” military. We are being controlled by the axis of evil in our country today and we have to stand up and fight to remove it. ALL of US!!!

          71. Texas Woman says


          72. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            Liberals have supported the killing of 60,000,000 American babies of which 21,000,000 were Black. It would take thousands of years of theater shootings to match the infanticide the liberals have done to us in the last 43.

          73. Bookthief says

            Ah, I see now. You’re one of those… Tell me Doug, did a liberal hold a gun to each and every black woman having an abortion or was this the woman’s idea? There are real problems facing black communities. I suggest you concentrate on the things you can do to actually help the living and keep your nose out of the personal affairs of women. Women, as a hole, can be trusted to make the correct decisions for their own lives without your misguided judgment reigning down upon them.

          74. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            Did a conservative tell crazy people to shoot up churches and theaters? Every time there’s a shooting, liberals such as yourself are quick to blame the NRA and all gun owners yet believe your active encouragement of killing unborn children doesn’t mean you had a hand in it. I’m not calling for laws to outlaw abortion but I damn sure ain’t going to pretend it isn’t what it is. Black people are still 15%of the population because of abortion . Also, when planned parent hoods gets 500, 000,000 dollars a year from the government, your damned right I’m going to say something!

          75. Bookthief says

            “Did a conservative tell crazy people to shoot up churches and theaters?” A simple answer, yes, although it’s complicated. Every time there is a shooting gun-lovers quickly turn it into an abortion debate, just as you have, leading to nothing being done. These are two separate issues but people like you refuse to face them in an adult manner and play “tit for tat” when you’re actually comparing apples to broccoli. Or the ridiculous stand of arming everyone from Kindergarten teachers to bathroom attendants. Does it ever dawn on you people that many people don’t want to be armed?

            I blame the NRA because they’re not what they once were. A ‘civilian’ organization dedicated to gun safety. Founded in 1871, they were PRO-gun control and dedicated to our nation’s government as producing a highly trained citizenry back-up should the need arise. The emphasis was: “Firearms Safety Education, Marksmanship Training and Shooting for Recreation”. About 100 years later comes ‘the paranoid libertarians’ hostile takeover’ (History of NRA) Add the Black Panthers, a terrified Reagan, freaked out white libertarians and out pops Harlon Carter who successfully took over the NRA and changed it to what we have now: Uneducated ditto heads who hate our government then vote for people who hate our government, over and over again. Make any sense? People who hate people with different ideas, hate Libs, hate city people, hate blacks, hate latinos, hate abortion, hate children, hate, hate, hate.

            “yet believe your active encouragement of killing unborn children doesn’t mean you had a hand in it.” MY active encouragement? You know nothing of me. I’ve never encouraged anyone to have an abortion. I believe in birth control but even birth control isn’t 100% safe. I don’t believe in telling women what to do with their bodies. I don’t think any man should tell women what to do with their bodies. I don’t know every woman’s story and life. It’s not my business to judge, and BTW, it’s not your’s either. You talk about 1/2 million $ going to PP. Big deal. 3% of their clinics handle abortion, the rest of the money is for pap smears, breast checks, pregnancy tests, skin cancers, well baby checks, etc. They even provide prostrate checks for poor men. Yeah, be sure to punish all those people to kill the 3%. You do realize PP is for the poor, correct? Middle class and the wealthy have other options that won’t run out no matter if you ban abortion or not.

            ” Black people are still 15%of the population because of abortion.” You have a picture of a black man as your avatar. Is that really you? Are you telling me that blacks are too stupid to make up their own minds? That they happen to get pregnant, see a PP office, and instantly decide to turn in and have an abortion without any reason? I’d be willing to bet that each and every abortion is a difficult decision for every woman having one. You think it upsets you? Think about a woman feeling that she has to make that horrible decision. You won’t help poor woman, you cut their safety nets every chance you get but you’re more than willing to enrich the military. Look how you vote conservative. It’s all laid out in statistics. And being black, how can you vote GOP. You do realize they are doing their best to keep you and your people voting. What about the treatment of Obama? Are you gonna tell me it’s not racist?

            Let me end with this; the parents of a 24 YO girl who was shot 6 times in the Aurora massacre tried to sue an online ammo company for selling 1,000’s of bullets to James Holmes without any checks whatsoever and failed miserably. They weren’t suing for money. They were suing to force online companies to do some kind of background check. The Judge turned the suit back on this couple who’d just lost their daughter to murder demanding they pay the ammo co. $200.000. This is fair? This is right?

          76. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You don’t belong here as evidenced by your fraud thinking and outright lies. Nice try Obama leg humper!!

          77. Rboo says

            I live in SE Texas, I think the nut jobs came from California.

          78. Bobtrhn says

            I’ve been there once and I swore never again to set foot there. I’ve kept my promise. lol. Are you familiar with laguna vista, tx?

          79. Rboo says

            Down below Corpus Christie?

          80. Bobtrhn says

            Yes. about 20 miles north of Brownsville.

          81. OSAMA OBAMA says

            That is truly God’s country. I love the Mogollon rim area!! Very few libTURDS there.

          82. edward martis says

            Absolutely—if any libturds lived there I would have heard about it by now—-did you ever make it to show-low, pinetop, snowflake, taylor or st. johns areas ?

          83. OSAMA OBAMA says

            My mom had a cabin at Hawley Lake! Summer family reunions were held there until the Apaches stopped renewing leases. SHHHH! don’t tell anybody about the White Mountains.

          84. edward martis says

            I know–I was there 6 mos. ago—the Apaches ‘promised’ 99 (?) yr leases and then kicked. every body out….leaving a bunch of hi-dollar homes behind….of which the apaches moved into-very quikly——some of the former owners burned their houses down—–forest fires ? you bet !!! arson ? you bet……nobody was ever caught……..the apaches fucked everybody; sooooooooooo the folks fucked them back as best they could—–a lot of the hi-dollar homes remain; but are slowly deteriorating, unkept, broken windows etc.—-most are uninhabited——being to big for an apache to maintain——a lot of the local wildlife have taken up residence in them—foxes-hawks-skunks etc and live very comfortably—-and are very happy; especially when the snow comes——–sort of like buying a house in Mexico (good luck) —that you can not ‘legally’ own—–in the first place……..

          85. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Kinda can’t blame the Apaches after what we did to them. That is one of the most beautiful reservations ever.

          86. edward martis says

            yeah…your right——-as far as I know (?) the apaches/ white mountain tribe do NOT have any ‘casino’s YET…..I am probably wrong….there are about 5 (?) different tribes within the apache res. and they get along; sort of…………..the casinos around PHX have made millions—–but along with a heavy instant , influx of cash there came the problems… greed, infighting, etc……..the tribes never had $ 2 between them and all of that money was like a SHOCK to them…..they did not have a clue as to how handle so much money……….so they sent there brightest kids to college (for MBA’s) etc. and need less to say, things are ‘better’……..but—the tribal LEADERS still have to be watched—VERY closely—–It is very easy to steal a lot of cash—- I had a friend (of the Morongo tribe—Palm Springs, CA) who was getting $10,000 per month—–from the casinos income——he lives in Tiberon (north of the golden gate bridge) and is retired–forever—at the age of 30 years———

          87. OSAMA OBAMA says

            An Indian security guard at San Manuel (he was not a member of the tribe) said the members of S.M.each get $200,000 PER MONTH! Small tribe to divide up a lot of $

          88. edward martis says

            that is best story yet , and I can totally believe it !! where is the san manuel tribe located-?—–think I will have to find a female member of that tribe and MARRY her——the tribe(s) deserves every single penny—–of course; considering what their ancestors had to go through—-the state of CA tried to force the tribes here to pay CA State Income Taxes—–I do not know what happened; but will find out—-typical scum bag CA politicians ——-

          89. OSAMA OBAMA says

            San Bernardino. Yup, those tax and spenders will spend every dollar they extort out of us, and of course more.

          90. edward martis says

            thanx–for the san manual thing -I called the local indian tribe Brooke, CA (Sacramento area) and asked about the CA state income tax thing—-There admin office is closed on weekends and the ‘operator’ told me to call mon.—which I will………….and getting back to the Disney “alice in wonderland’ thing —-ocrap= the Cheshire cat Pelosi= the ‘ red queen of hearts’ biden= the ‘mad hatter’—etc ——if you ck out that CD you will see AMAZING parallels in those folks you listed–previously———the dems are nothing more than cartoon characters——especially 0moron/The ‘ Cheshire Cat-‘ —big white piano key two faced smile—disappearing into thin air etc—-to quote the CC—“-We are all quite mad here; why are you here” (to Alice)——-do ck. out the parallels—-it WILL make you chuckle and SOOO true…..

          91. OSAMA OBAMA says


          92. glorybe2 says

            In a way it makes sense. In thinly populated areas there is less need for regulation of the people and the way they live. In densely populated areas the need for close control of people increases severely. That follows closely the conflict in life styles as we saw in colonial America. The frontier was law less whereas the colonies had law and order. The larger the town the more regulation existed both then and now.

          93. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Rule of law is one thing, telling people how to think and what is P.C. is another.

          94. glorybe2 says

            I have no great urge to tell people how to think. But i do want them to start thinking. people do not want to take responsibility for their thoughts or beliefs and that leaves the rest of us with no good way out of the mire. We can be certain that we must ban the use of coal for example as coal is an ecological horror story. Yet what will we do with the poor people in W. Virginia in which coal is the only real job creator in the state? You see some people have said for many decades that coal must be shut down. While others said no way. Coal is just dandy. But now that we have reached emergency levels and know for certain that coal pollution kills tens of thousands of people every year where are those that said we must develop coal production? And we have had scholars given us dire warnings about over population for many decades. Some people resisted any form of birth control. Can they now pay for the consequences of spouting their beliefs? The niggardly among us want exemption from all responsibilities.

          95. Rosech Levy says

            Start thinking? It seems you have no ability to do so.

          96. Rosech Levy says

            Too bad you did not take a class in plain old logic!

          97. Brenda Robinson says

            You are so wrong Edward. What exactly are you basing that statement on? Wanting to ban plastic bags, ban leaf-blowers, save the ocean, save the whales, what exactly are you basing this opinion on. Give us, for examples please…..

          98. Dawn Panda says

            Believe me, Edward, Oregonians have been trying for years to keep the CA immigrants out. 😉 It’s so ironic…they claim to come here to escape the restrictive laws and “nanny” gov’t of CA, they move into farmland, and the first words out of their mouths are “there ought to be a law…”

          99. edward martis says

            CA is like a malignant syphilis cancer—–As Michael Savage (the radio commentator ) once said—‘LIBRALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER’ and will infect OR—-Watch out ! Communism; which is really what it is; will swallow OR , if allowed to continue….The first step is to let lib. teachers into the K to 12 grades and then they will (lib professors) infect the colleges—–After that; you folks will have had it—-As a former American Communist Party member (I joined the ACP- Berkeley just to see what they were all about; for 4 months—-a trip through a sewer- filled with rabid sewer rats) and LEARNED a lot about these scum-)——–This is how they ‘destroy’ cities; on step at a time—Notice SFO as a prime example—-and are very good at it—-America is to ‘busy’ watching ‘dancing with the stars’ which Is EXACTLY what the ACP relies on; while they eat at the foundation of the USA—-Look at how much the ACP has accompolished in 50 yrs——Starting in SFO in ’65—–I know tons of info about the ACP——I ill get back to you shortly with some info.; I know you are not aware of—involving a lot of dems.—–it will amaze you; as it amazed me; in conversations with my fellow ACP members…….get back to me when you get a chance

          100. k9maiden says

            My son is in his third year of residency at Loma Linda and cannot wait to get out of CA!

          101. Bobtrhn says

            I couldn’t wait either and I was only there for two days. lol. I wish him all the luck k9maiden.

          102. Brenda Robinson says

            People in California are enlightened. They know. They care. They are trying to make things better. Listen to them.

          103. Bobtrhn says

            I bet they are enlightened with all the rainbow colors you have there.

        2. Original Rebel says

          I’m still waiting for California to break away and fall into the ocean!!! Maybe God is waiting for any good people to pack up, leave and get out of the way….

          1. catman says

            I told God that if he would break Kalifornicate off, I would volunteer to swim under and pull the damned plug….

          2. Original Rebel says

            That’s good. Thanks for the chuckle!

          3. edward martis says

            remember that ‘the rock’ wane Johnson movie “Quake” (?) when Ft. Point and the Golden Gate Bridge were tidal waved ? people in the audience clapped when it was wiped out—–(I live 20 mi’ south of Feces City SFO)—I clapped too

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            FRISCO loves to harbor illegal alien murderers.

          5. edward martis says

            I live near there—-I see it all the time—my niece had her purse snatched by one—-these illegal ‘bugs’ are a plague (of many) ills on SFO—-the first plague is the SFO city govt—-the second is Pelosi—–the forgoing have totally wrecked SFO

          6. Original Rebel says

            That’s because with the exception of a few decent folks – the majority of SFO citizens are leftwing lunatic lugnut holdovers from the 60’s and the gay population that have found that city to be so “tolerant” – except, of course, of conservatives. If you’re nuts, queer or lib you’ll be “welcome there”.

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            The escalators in the BART stations don’t run because of the homeless folk crapping on them.

          8. Original Rebel says

            Oh ickkkk! I could have gone through my whole day without reading THAT!!!! What is it that keeps good from triumphing over evil. This must be the time the Bible says that ol’ Dace is walking the earth devouring anyone he can.

          9. Original Rebel says

            I didn’t see that movie, but I did see the previews so I do know what you are talking about. I’d say you better start planning to leave that area soon!!!! 😉

          10. edward martis says

            I was here in ’89 and that was a ball buster——remember the earthquake advice–to get in a doorway (frame) etc.?—–the only thing with that is; you cannot GET to a doorway-frame —I got knocked down; so I decided to try to crawl—and was thrown left/ right /foreward/ backward—all at the same time——-Basically; I was a rag doll in a washing machine—-tel. poles with transformers were blowing up everywhere—–ALL plate glass windows were history—-I know you saw where the Oakland Bay Bridge collapsed down to the lower level—-when it was all said and done—-the eastern side of the OBB shifted 2 ft. north—the golden gate bridge was like a puppet on a string—-bouncing all over the place—I plan on getting out soon to Snowflake AZ (area) =====and let the Third Reich of CA destroy itself—–(reich meaning ’empire’)—-the sooner CA (Sodom/gemmorah) is destroyed ; the better off the USA will be……CA IS the worst state in the Union…

          11. Original Rebel says

            I remember watching news footage of the Northridge earthquake. Not up on my geography lately so is that near the SF area? I recall watching as a car and driver drove off one of the broken sections of a huge bridge. Someone told me later that that man had died in that incident.

            I have never been in an earthquake; I come from tornado country myself, so have not had the “pleasure” of being tossed around like a rag doll. But, you survived, so you must have had a guardian angel looking out for you. I spent about 6 weeks in the LA area back in the 60s’. You couldn’t give it to me then, so I sure wouldn’t take any part of California today either. As far as I am concerned, it is the anus of the country (and no pun is intended) and NY is the armpit. Certain other states are other decaying body parts; so, all in all, I’d say the Bible is accurately concluding our world, or it will be so, soon.

          12. edward martis says

            yeah; that was the Oak BB—another car went into the sea—Northridge is 3 miles due north of downtown LA——SFO IS the anus and gets ‘pumped’ regularly and often-; if you get my ‘drift’ and meaning……-gang infested -LA is 360 mi south of SFO—the only thing that separates LA from San Diego is USMC Camp Pendleton …. Show-Low, AZ is very forestie and 85o summers —6500′ alt with a foot or 2 of snow in the winter——a great place to retire—-lots of t-storms and rainy in the summer also—a VERY pleasant place to retire with a pop of 7000 or less–folks—–No drugs, no shit bag gangs etc——to the north is town of Springerville with 1 black person and 250 latinos (ranch hands) (demographics)—John Wayne had 2 ranches there—–the Apache County Sheriffs have no patience with gangstas and make life so hard for them (constant harassment—constant traffic stops etc) the gangstas go back to PHX Luv it ! I highly recommend show lo–pinetop-snowflake-taylor——st. johns looks very much like Switzerland—absolutely friggin beautiful !!

          13. Original Rebel says

            That’s quite a colorful description you laid down. I know what you say is true because I come originally from a small clean, “Leave it to Beaver” kind of town in the upper midwest and most times I wish I was still there. It’s getting bad all up and down the west coast. I grew up playing until dark in the neighborhood and everybody’s parents watched out for us. Those were the good ol’ days when gays, perverts, pedophiles, gangs etc, only existed in the big cities and none of “US” were about to go there! Too bad our parents didn’t pay attention to our political pimps when they should have! We wouldn’t have what we have today. However, some day our kids/grandkids will probably say the same thing about us UNLESS we make the “buck stop here”!

          14. glorybe2 says

            And yet the computer industry surrounding San Francisco is probably the greatest economic force that ever existed in the US. If that region ever had a serious disaster I’d bet that the entire US economy would go into total collapse. Our national defense would also be in dire straights as we count on the computer industry to keep us free as it deigns and powers most of our weapons of war.

          15. edward martis says

            I would be very happy to see SFO sink beneath the waves—-the ‘Silicon Valley’ is 60 miles south (san Jose) and for whatever reason has never had an earthquake—-very weird; but true—–maybe tomorrow—who knows–so far; so good——I live in Mt. View (12 miles due north of the San Jose airport) and we got busted up pretty good in the ’89 quake—

        3. proudtexan62 says

          You have our sympathy Edward. Come on down to Texas. We’ll welcome you anytime. There are nutcases everywhere these days but some states (most states) have fewer than others and Texas is one of those. We have a lot of Patriots here as do other states.

          1. edward martis says

            thank you—–I have my eyes set on the Show-Low, AZ area (Pinetop, Snowflake, Taylor, St. Johns—which in particular looks like Switzerland) —show-low has 87o summers; with lots of t-storms–6500 ‘ alt—lo humidity–and -10o to 45o winters (daytime) with 2 ft of snow—which doesn’t stay long and 98 % dust free air—-very, very clean air and is hi-timber country——no crime–no gangs (the Apache County Sheriffs harass any gangstas they come across …constant traffic stops—constant non stop harassment—-until they get out and go back to PHX——AZ and TX are political “twins” and absolutely despise libtards…I live 20 miles south of SFO (the AIDS/HIV capitol of the western US ) and have seen what libs have done completely; to destroy one of the most beautiful cities in the world—-feces everywhere–the smell is overpowering—highly aggressive IN YOUR FACE crazy, drug addled homeless—7000+ of them—rampant drug dealing/ crime–“sanctuary city” and all the shit that accompanies ‘illegals’—–SFO is referred to as “Pelosi’s Perdition”—-Why SFO has a police dept, is beyond me—-nobody is guilty of anything//it’s not your fault/it’s your parents fault/ it’s societies fault etc. etc.—–the 60’s are alive and well here—a true communist, socialist state—–if for whatever reason you find yourself in SFO bring rubber booties for your shoes and a can or two of MACE—–I have nailed 6 homeless so far DEMANDING that I give them money; almost nose to none–yelling point blank in my face….I just step back a little and zap them; and just walk away—-MACE is very, very effective !!—-leaving them writhering in pain etc.—the effect wear off in 10-15 min——and so it goes; life goes on…………..

        4. Brenda Robinson says

          You got it wrong! The people who seem crazy are speaking the truth! Open your eyes, listen to what they have to say, then judge them. Check the facts, and read the headlines. Not good!

      2. Original Rebel says

        Yeah but, these are the kinds of idiots who gradually influence more idiots just like him. Look deep into what is happening in America right now, today and since the 1960’s. It’s all come home to roost (to quote an idiot preacher who influenced our idiot president).

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says


      3. Brenda Robinson says

        No, he is not an idiot! Get your head out of the sand!

        1. Bobtrhn says

          Well if you want to be ugly about it fine. But at least I come up for fresh air sometimes because my head is not up my rear like yours is. He is an idiot and he always was from day one.

    5. Dave Phelps says

      great post

    6. John Meiners07241944 says

      You go Man.

  2. Patriot1955 says

    I guess all those drugs you have been taking have destroyed all your brain sells, so now all you are is a DUMB ASS.

    1. runing says


      1. QUASAR says

        Yeah I am a republican ‘ bring it bitch and see how you make out ‘LOL.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Best to just define him as
      . SHIT FOR BRAINS !!

      1. al.k says

        Yeah and no shit, that CKsucker was schooled to bankrupt us as Henry Kissinger stated he was put in to get the NWO going and a few yrs back the closet queer jimmy carter stated we were just about ready to elect a homosexual president who was being schooled to do it and now that vermin said he has failed to disarm us so Beware that will be the final push, just like NAZI GERMANY, look at the mass shootings, they are all false flags by the CIA.

    3. Jr1776 says


    4. chamuiel says

      He sold his brain? To whom?

      1. keithbreedlove says

        Whomever it was needs to ask for a refund, no matter what they were looking for.

      2. Jarhead says

        A buyer of $hit perhaps? Since he is a classic $hit-head.

      3. cmi says

        He’s got $hit for brains, no doubt!!

        1. cumiadom says

          That’s some of the consequences of protein starvation. It stagnates the brain activity.

      4. 63Marine says

        He sold his brain to oblameo….

    5. OSAMA OBAMA says

      20 plus maggots …so sad!

  3. James Maxwell says

    Poor Dumb SOB doesn’t seem to know that there are many Socialist Democrats who enjoy hunting
    to provide food for their families and for sport also. He is proof that vegan life style is detementerial
    to mental ability and stability. I wonder what he wears since if he wears shoes they were made
    from Leather which comes from animals,

    1. ilovemygoats says

      Please don’t label all vegans as dumb. I have a tested IQ of 164 …clearly, I am no dummy. Making a statement like “proof that vegan life style is detementerial (by the way… the word is detrimental) to mental ability and stability” is absurd. It’s people like lunatic Roland Windsor Vincent who give other vegans a bad name….please understand he is only one out of millions….it’s ludicrous to assume we’re all mad like him and.those who ‘assume’ are the ignorant ones. There are bad people in every group…Democrats AND Republicans are no exception. Just as there are plenty of liberal hunters as you point out, there are plenty of conservative animal lovers (and YES…even conservative vegans!) I am one of those vegan conservatives, who happens to LOVE animals and has had an animal rescue (farm animals and cats) since the 70’s. Just to note, most vegans try to eliminate all animal products from their life…there are plenty of vegan food options, loads of alternatives to leather shoes and leather materials, plus alternatives to most all animal based products or products with hidden animal ingredients….but there are animal ingredients in a few products where there is no alternative available (yet). Car and bike tires for one….as far as I know there is no vegan car ‘tire’. Even to computers, although I read an article that because “Steve Jobs was a fruitarian and major animal rights activists, Apple products strive to be as vegan-friendly as possible, down to the use of vegetable-based ink” and another one that states they use “recycled plastics, recycled paper, biopolymers and vegetable-based ink to develop products.”

      1. IMPCALGI says

        I don’t think he’s dumb because he’s a vegan, I think he’s a dangerous madman that needs to be locked up in the nuthouse before he tries to put his looney theories into practice. I would also like to point out that if ANY defender of the 2nd Amendment, any conservative or libertarian or patriot of any stripe said what he said, every “progressive” media tool in America would be on their hind legs baying at the moon about it

        PS My IQ has also been tested extremely high, but I stopped listening to the test makers years ago… they just seemed awfully full of themselves and were trying to use me to push some other agenda

        1. ilovemygoats says

          Impcalgi…I wasn’t replying to you, sorry if you thought I was and took offense for some reason. And you are so right when you say if this had been anyone other than a Democrat, you’d bet the liberals would be all over it.
          Ps. My IQ was tested for my job. There was no other agenda but to test my intelligence.

          1. IMPCALGI says

            Oh no worries man. Personally, I couldn’t care less what anybody eats; its just that I can remember not so long ago when I used to run veggie sandwiche orders over to some of my classmates, these same self righteous turds who gave me crap for eating burgers wanted the nickel back from a 6.95 sandwich order. Because its OK to shit on the working class as long as you do it in an earth friendly fashion

            As for IQ tests, I got heartily sick of them during child hood. If I wasn’t so deferential back then, I would have said “yes I’m smarter than you, now stfu and lemme have a childhood dammit”

          2. ilovemygoats says

            Yes…there are vegans who are overzealous, in-your-face, loud, obnoxious, holier than thou assholes. Frankly, those are the ones who have given the word ‘vegan’ a bad taste in other peoples mouths. I don’t identify with those types of vegans. These days I usually say I am a very strict vegetarian….it seems people are more accepting, and more importantly, curious. I’ve helped many people go vegetarian….then transition to vegan mostly by example. If they want to know more that’s great and I am more than happy to show them the information, research and data. You know the most often question is “where do you get your protein” and they are surprised to find out there is protein in every food….even fruit and vegetables and it’s protein which is more bioavailable than meat. On the other hand, if I say I’m vegan, it often turns people off at the onset and that basically ends any discussion.

          3. IMPCALGI says

            Personally, my response to those vegan Inquisition types is to say “I love animals, they’re delicious”. Just to piss ’em off. Because I know that trying to have a gentle debate with them is never gonna happen.

            Btw, I too understand that there are only 8 amino acids not produced by the adult human body, and that they can be gotten from a variety of non meat products. Which I try to have a bunch of on hand. Mostly because if we ever get a serious hyper inflation in this country and meat goes to 50 dollars a pound, I’m not quick or skilled enough to go hunting for it in the woods.

      2. thebearded1 says

        Sadly the GMO-laden mind can’t figure out anymore what is real and what is poison.

        1. ilovemygoats says

          thebearded1….you’re preaching to the choir! I don’t EVER eat anything that has been genetically modified. I live on a farm and grow my own food…all organic/heirloom/heritage. I, like you, vehemently oppose and fight against anything coming from an agrichemical and biotech company like Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Dupont, Syngenta and BASF. (Love Jeffery Smith and IRT by the way). Unfortunately, money talks and these companies have bottomless pockets. Also what is unfortunate, is that too many in congress are their bought and paid for whores. GMO’s are not only killing our food supply, but are destroying the biodiversity of the soil and the beneficial microorganism within. The overuse of glyphosate not only kills the soil, but also vulnerable aquatic wildlife due to it’s high water solubility. In addition, I feed all of my livestock organic feed and hay since GMO’s adversely affect every living organism. Most of the population is unaware of the dangers of GMO’s because multi-billion corporations like Monsanto have the funds to suppress any legitimate research data… and attempt to destroy the lives/careers of reputable scientists who dare to oppose them.

          1. thebearded1 says

            Oooh, good…thought you would jump on board. Thanks for being true and wise to the nature life cycle and the food quality cycle!

          2. ilovemygoats says

            For sure…I will fight Monsanto and their ilk to the last breath. They’re killing planet earth for the almighty dollar. To me that’s criminal and unconscionable. The sad thing is our government is allowing them to do it. It’s akin to the corrupt FDA being in league with Big Pharma and their agenda…people die….but apparently that’s OK when there’s big money to be made. Morality and ethics go out the window and all these corporations see are $ signs, not human lives…but you don’t want to get me started on Big Pharma and our FDA…..

      3. randalpeterson says

        I am not a vegan and could never see myself becoming one, but I like your attitude and the way you express your beliefs without disparaging those who disagree with you.

        1. ilovemygoats says

          Thank you for the kind words. I try to respect everyone else and their opinions. Responding to someone who has an opposite view with contempt or scorn accomplishes nothing.

          1. randalpeterson says

            You’re welcome. There was a time in my life when I would let my temper get the best of me. It never changed anything, except for the worst. Now, very rarely do I respond in anger.

          2. ilovemygoats says

            I too, try not to respond with anger even though I’ve been tempted to often enough….what I do let slip on occasion is the use of some ‘*F*rench’ and other choice words….

          3. randalpeterson says

            I would like to say I never have, but….uh…..

      4. James Maxwell says

        I will partially agree with you, I’ve know some folks who have a very high IQ and are
        a bit eccentric at times and some are a little short on “common sense”. I have
        met others that just plain out “over the edge”. I had one lady who was a little
        “Nutz” but a very nice person. She showed me some of her research she had done
        on different products and what they contained. It was eye opening to say the least.
        I hope thing have changed since then but as long as they make profit it is doubtful.
        As good as plastics have been in some ways they are a blight on the landscape when
        improperly discarded as we can see in the ocean. In the world there are many
        different beliefs and lifestyles, some are good other not so much but we have to
        try and live together hopefully in peace.

        1. thebearded1 says

          Amen to that brother.

        2. ilovemygoats says

          It’s true James…high intelligence doesn’t always = common sense……..but having common sense AND intelligence is a formidable combination!

          1. James Maxwell says

            Now if we could just get the two together and find someone who loves our
            Nation and would be ready to run for office we might get something done
            to clean up the mess we are in currently. Take care be safe and have
            a great life.

    2. catman says

      Probably wears canvas shoes made in China….

  4. peter says

    Another intelligent democratic imbecile

    1. Rattlerjake says

      Libturds just don’t understand that it is capitalism that feeds their tax machine, and without that their entitlements dry up. If every conservative STOPPED paying taxes, our problem would be solved, the libturds would die of starvation or from by being shot trying to steal food!

      1. Krazeehors says

        So the military, being government employees, pay NO taxes?

        Bet me and LOSE!!!

        Just because I worked for (was OWNED by) the government while I was serving, that does NOT mean that I did not pay taxes. I paid into Social Security for two years and got ZERO credit for it because I was under 18 years of age. I paid into Social Security for over 20 years — a TAX. I paid Income Taxes, Medicare Taxes, State Taxes, School Taxes, and Property Taxes.

        How DARE you minimize the contribution WE make to serve and protect your sorry behind!!

        1. Niki says

          You are wrong !!!! He did not include the military ! Read ! Learn to comprehend ! Be informed ! Geez !

          1. Krazeehors says

            Excuse me, but HE SAID — “government workers!”
            No mention of the military — I DID read, and I DID comprehend.
            And, in case you have your head too far up your ass to understand, I AM A VETERAN, AND THAT MADE ME A “GOVERNMENT WORKER.”

            This conversation never started and is now OVER, so stuff it!

          2. Niki says

            You my simpleton friend are splitting hairs ! Grow up fool no one is buying your rhetoric!

          3. Rattlerjake says

            Some of these people never engage their brains, of course it’s likely they don’t have one in the first place.

          4. Niki says

            Well stated !

          5. Krazeehors says

            Well, I had BRAINS enough to SERVE MY COUNTRY in uniform for 7 years!!!
            Did you??

          6. Rattlerjake says

            I guess 7 years is all you could handle, considering I served 25 total. People like you think that military service makes you something special, IT DOESN’T. Thinking like that shows that your military service was for the wrong reason.

          7. Krazeehors says

            I had BRAINS enough to GRADUATE with HONORS from two colleges!!!

          8. Rattlerjake says

            Every comment you make is about trying to justify your answers by you supposed “accomplishments” instead of the facts. There are thousands if not millions of people like you that have WORTHLESS DEGREES! If you think that graduating from college somehow proves you have brains or intelligence, you’re a fool. All college proves is that you were able to memorize enough of the information presented to pass their tests. I not only have a degree, but I graduated cum laude, which means nothing if I can’t use that knowledge effectively. So tell us some more of your bullsiit accomplishments so some libturd will pat you on the back and make you feel good!

          9. Krazeehors says

            1. I am NOT a “troll.” I am a conservative Republican woman.

            2. I also graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with cum laude honors.Cum

            3. I graduated from Rend Lake College with Summa Cum Laude honors

            I guess that means that I am able to use the information I learned effectively, also.

            4. I was INJURED in the line of duty in the military.

            5. I left the military after 7 years because I had a family to raise, and they needed me more than the military did.

            6. My son is now a soldier on his third deployment, married, with 3 children.

            So, I guess that means that my service also means something.

            And I NEVER “spout my accomplishments” to make myself feel good. I am an American Patriot and an Oathkeeper, period. I have FAR too many other good things in my life to worry about jerks like you.

            Seems to me the ONLY thing you have accomplished is the ability to be rude.

          10. Krazeehors says

            Go away. I’m a disabled veteran — not splitting hairs, you are just being rude.
            Like I said, this conversation is over.

          11. Rattlerjake says

            You’re disabled alright, and it was a considerable HEAD injury!

          12. Niki says

            Just another Liberal idiot pretending to be what you are not.

          13. Krazeehors says

            NOT. I don’t have to prove anything to the likes of you. People who know me (and you don’t) — and I am talking about people I regularly talk to on these threads — know that I am a staunch conservative. Always have been, always will be.

            They also know my veteran status — and again, I don’t have to prove anything to the likes of you.

          14. Niki says

            Dah! Dah! Dah! Libtard go back to your basement loser!

          15. Krazeehors says

            WHAT, pray tell, WHAT on Earth makes you THINK I am a liberal???

            Don’t answer that. I can’t stand reading any more of your obvious lack of vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

          16. Niki says

            Because you are a Libtard ! Duh !

          17. Krazeehors says


            I suggest you look up the meaning of the word “assume.” I have said nothing to indicate that I am a liberal.

            Wow. You must be the world’s worst psychic.

          18. Niki says

            Do not insult the people here with your lies ! We all know you are a impostor!

          19. Krazeehors says

            You are a total nutcase!!! You know absolutely NOTHING about me, yet you have decided that I am a liberal.

            Wow. I’ll have to tell my 88 year old mom about that one.

            Are you sure your mommy isn’t calling you in for supper??

          20. Niki says


          21. Krazeehors says

            You are a nutcase.

            And, on election day, I will be voting for Donald Trump while you will be waiting for your meds in your padded cell.

          22. Niki says

            Total nonsense ! No one believes your Liberal B.S. here! Your saying that on election day that you will be voting for Donald Trump is the equivalent of my saying I will be voting for Harry Reid .

          23. Krazeehors says

            You are a nutcase. You lost this argument the very first time you typed a word.
            Go away.
            TRUMP 2016

          24. Niki says

            Fake loser !

          25. Krazeehors says

            You know, I am a lot of things, but “fake” and “loser” are not any of them.

            It’s sad that you have such a limited vocabulary. I am probably old enough to be your grandmother and have forgotten more than you will ever learn in your sorry excuse for a life.

            If you think I will be bullied by you, you are sadly mistaken. Have a nice life.

          26. Niki says

            I’m intelligent enough to limit my vocabulary to one word related to you. FAKE !

          27. Krazeehors says

            Given that you couldn’t be more wrong, that isn’t saying much.

          28. Niki says


          29. Krazeehors says

            I have NO problem whatsoever. You are a nutcase. I accept that.
            Moving on……………………..

          30. Rattlerjake says

            YOU ARE NOT A GOVERNMENT WORKER! YOU DO NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT! YOU WORK FOR THE NATION AND PEOPLE! The defense department and budget is totally separate from all of the other bullshit that the government spends money on.

          31. OSAMA OBAMA says


        2. Rattlerjake says

          Wake up you f-cking dumbass! The military is a CONSTITUTIONAL job. The Constitution provides for there to be a military to protect the nation, it is NOT a government job. People like you assume everything because you know nothing. Read the Constitution!
          99% of government jobs are unconstitutional. They are jobs that if provided for by the private sector would produce a product and/or profit and would require no government support.

          1. Roger says

            I have to say that since the Korean War and still today the POTUS tells the military what they can and cannot do. Especially with the Bohemian Tree Swinger we have in there now. The military I believe is a government job and ask any politician and they will say it’s true. If the government would stay out of the military conflicts and let the generals run it as they see fit our wars in the Middle East would have ended a long time ago. That’s the way I see. Marines 1972.

          2. Rattlerjake says

            Actually that isn’t exactly correct. The President can’t just tell the military what to do (That is why the military and it’s personnel have the right to disobey an UNLAWFUL order). When there is a perceived threat to our country, the Executive branch notifies the legislative branch, and they both receive recommendations from the military leaders. Congress has to approve any action taken, that includes both wartime and peacetime. Only when Congress approves or disapproves does the President give the orders, he’s nothing more than a talking head that passes on the order from the Congress. It is also why the Constitution gives Congress control over funding, it is another way to keep the executive branch in check. The problem is that since after WWII, the government has “taken” the authority to use the military for their purposes and not the nation, and it looks like the POTUS can simply tell the military what to do.

          3. catman says

            One slight suggestion there Rattler. The Constitution only authorizes a Navy. Our founders were very concerned that a standing army would be the bane of the people because it would probably be used against the people. Hence, the Posse Comatatus Act was enacted to partially eleviate that threat.

          4. Rattlerjake says

            Actually it does. And it also says,

            Section 2
            The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States

            If there had been no provision for an army, they would never have made him the Commander in Chief of the Army, they would have made it militia.
            Later, because the founders were reserved about having an army, they established that the army could only be funded two years at a time.!/articles/1/essays/52/army-clause

          5. catman says

            I stand corrected Rattler. BTW, that’s Article 2, Section 2. Damn, I had to look that up too.

          6. Krazeehors says

            Sorry, but we DID and CONTINUE to pay taxes. I have read the Constitution, and please do not call me any of your disgusting names.

          7. Rattlerjake says

            Your problem is you can’t read or you can’t comprehend what you read, I’m done with you TROLL!

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says

          It’s your beloved libTURDS that abhor you!!

          1. Krazeehors says

            I’m not a liberal. I’m a conservative Republican.

          2. Rattlerjake says

            You wouldn’t know conservative if it was tied to a bolder and dropped on your head! Every one of your comments is a diatribe followed with patting yourself on the back.

      2. patrick says

        Hey Rattlerjake: libertards are too lazy to WORK! Too STUPID to STEAL!!!!!!

        1. Rattlerjake says

          If they were “too stupid to steal”, our prisons would be empty, and congress would be poor!

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LMAO!! Good one !

    2. John Doe says

      There is no such thing as an intelligent demoncRAT !

      1. Dave Phelps says

        excuse me that is demoncrap!!!

      2. al.k says

        Hey, while i agree, is there any such thing as an intelligent Republican?? Both parties and the mainstream media are all owned and operated by the powers that be, they instal who they say won, Guess they are smarter than us look how they have sold out the country while we the people argued politics about which party was the best!

    3. joebabe says

      I hope he can only vote once! If a conservative republican said that, the Feds would be knocking at the door first thing in the morning. Do you find it puzzling that lib tards want to kill everyone that doesn’t go along with their ideology? Do they not read world history texts to see what happens under their regimes? What fools these mortals be!

  5. John Q. Public says

    Much easier way to get rid of republicans , ban Nazism !!! That is the best way !!!

    1. marah natha says

      Leftists are far closer to Hitler than Conservatives. Conservatives ridicule liberals. Liberals want to kill Republicans!

      1. skipsart says

        Nazi stood for the Nationalist Socialist Party

        1. George Montpetit says

          totalitarian – total government – far left – communism – socialism – progressive [ incrementally progressing to the far left ] vs. right wing – freedom – free choice –
          individuality – free markets Only useful idiots and ignorant dupes fall for leftist ideology – which is evil.

  6. conservgirl says

    Why is he not being investigated. Mass shootings have been caused by lunatics such as these. What’s to say he won’t act on it.

  7. marah natha says

    Never mind that we are also the animal lovers and protectors!


    democrat imbeciles added to the Christian democrat imbeciles and you have substantial number of imbeciles now the majority of the voting public, you ask, are we all in trouble ?

  9. Sir Dirty Harry says

    No, Roland, a Republican would turn you into worm food.

  10. Bob Stewart says

    His parents should have supported abortion.

  11. Rich says

    I see a lot of hate for the middle class. Remember Stalin 21 million. Made Hitler look like a Boy Scout. Socialist coups are always messy Never say it can’t happen here.

  12. scott says

    murdering liberal scum calling for murder of americans that dont share their communist evil views.the only good liberal is a dead liberal

  13. johnanaguski says

    Guess when the next civil war starts he will be one of the first shot.

  14. txbadonetoo says

    Why doesn’t this Left Wing Idiot A– Hat go research the political standing of Capitalists such as Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and hundreds of other hard-core Dem/Leftist Capitalists who make obscene salaries (and for good reason based on their performance).

    I guess if you’re a leftist and you donate millions to Hillary et al.. then it’s ok to be a Capitalist.

    I swear.. today’s Leftists NEVER think thru their arguments – if they did – they wouldn’t type them as they make no logical sense. Wait.. I just insinuated that Leftists care about logic. Forgive me.

    1. MAHB001 says

      The socialists have made Capitalism evil.

      I say socialism is slavery…

      1. txbadonetoo says

        Everyone I listed above.. plus hundreds of other Leftists Capitalists (the Elites) are all in favor of Socialism. They know they won’t be affected as they are part of the Elite Class. The leftists such as this idiot who is out to kill Conservatives is signing his own death certificate by supporting this process of Socialism.

        1. mallen11 says

          Why they want socialism for the rest of us is beyond my comprehension. They may be the elite but they are nothing but low class self serving self righteous arrogant creatures who serve self hungry for power and wealth. They will be our dictators as long as man puts their trust in man and not in God.
          Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD
          Psalm 118:8-9It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.
          1 Cor 2:5…so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God

  15. MAHB001 says

    So, this is the logical end to Liberalism….

    When they point at a conservative and say wacko, they are really pointing at themselves.

  16. thebearded1 says

    Uhhh…Hillary IS a capitalist, remember her many ‘holdings’ and ‘deals’? And how many in business say they’re ‘conservative’ and have benefited wildly and supported Democrats? We have to get over ‘label fixation’ and get down to two things: what is the truth and what is the point of a story. This story is absolute ‘fluff’. Implosion will happen long before extermination, and we had better change that course and fast. The sharp divide between Americans is the rapid deceleration in our lives, culture and fortunes, and all are in jeopardy – and we’re talking about one idiot who (like other idiots from both parties) is a loose cannon. Give this cannon no airtime, geez! He’s a hater, big deal. Hold accountable those who are fostering the hate and division on BOTH sides, for goodness sake, the ones who are making decisions ‘for our (THEIR) own good!’ NOW is the time to be a union and stand our ground against EVERYTHING – cronyism, deceivers, thieves and thugs – wherever, whenever.

    1. IMPCALGI says

      Hillary is not a capitalist, she’s a fascist. Fascism is what happens when Big Government shakes hands with Big Business and free enterprise and the middle class gets squashed i their grip

      1. thebearded1 says

        I do stand partially corrected for what you say about Fascism is indeed true. But now, look at what the business climate is based on my original statement and find the capitalists in the room that are separated out of hand-outs, bail-outs, international protectorates and cronyism. We live in an age where principles are compromised and too many adopt the schemes of thieves to prop the bottom line, and everyone in the middle and below falls victim. Simple rule: if people suffer because of business conduct, it is business not worth conducting; people are to be served by agreement, not fleeced.

        1. IMPCALGI says

          And ALL the suffering you mentioned is because of the heavy hand of government interference. Those goddammed “too big to fail ” banks on Wall Street were propped up by government, as was General Motors. This is to say nothing of the WELFARE showered on Big Business like ADM, or the judicial interference on behalf of juggernauts like Monsanto. Remove the crushing power of the state, and these so called “captains of industry” would have to answer to we the people

      2. QUASAR says


  17. niko says

    I belong to PETA , People Eating Tasty Animals.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Ovomit belongs to PTAD. Preferably tasting…(you can finish it, I’m sure).. heehee

      1. niko says

        You are absolutely right thanks for the laugh. Enjoy the weekend man.

    2. QUASAR says

      so do I ‘gotta love those delicious GMO FREE critters.

      1. niko says

        Hell F#$%ing yeah, chomp chomp

  18. Tasine says

    ALL leftwing nutcases want to kill republicans, or at least all conservatives. It’s the conservatives are in the leftists’ way of doing exactly as he pleases and getting his way on every issue. They are sociopaths…’s all they have.

    1. RMCSRET says

      Gee why am I not hearing anything from the left wanting HATE CHARGES brought against this
      individual. Where is Loretta Lynch when you need her.

    2. QUASAR says

      They are all hot air ‘they talk but won’t do shit cuz if they tried all us republicans would take out our guns and they would be f****d and they know it .

  19. says

    I would agree if he wanted to Kill Democrats!

    1. QUASAR says

      With you there .

  20. says

    i like that last sentence

  21. says

    he and Ward Churchill should hook up now that gay marriage is legal

  22. Michael Dennewitz says

    It’s funny, I thought I saw his face as I flushed the toilet yesterday!! Dayuumm.!

  23. MILES E DRAKE says

    As was once said wrongly of an excellent speech by Pat Buchanan about our coarse and violent popular culture, perhaps this screed would sound better in the original German.

  24. Gregg the voice of reason says

    Vegetarian is and old Indian word .it means crappy hunter.

    Just kidding

  25. kotoc says

    I say the only good Roland Windsor Vincent is a dead Roland Windsor Vincent.

  26. Francisco Machado says

    We’ve got guys like this – he’s far from alone – and Obama unnecessarily continues a program of importing homicidal fanatics? Another case of displacing domestic talent with foreign nationalists that are willing do the job for free – and some of whom will even self-destruct, which is even more economical. In France, the imported crazies are even taking over the job of rioting in the streets. At least Americans are still taking care of that here, but I can see it coming…

  27. Bill Moon (Blackfoot) says

    He should start with himself and set the example and let the believers follow!

  28. Randy G. says

    Liberlism running amik. This man is a nut case. I am right or Republicans and do more for animals then he ever will. It goes to show you how truth means nothing anymore and words meanings mean what the demoRATS what them to mean. He believes this crap he is spitting out.

  29. Kevin Irwin says

    Such hate from the party that preaches tolerance and acceptance, what a load of bullshit.

  30. bill sexton says

    The light is on, but no body’s home.

  31. MAHB001 says

    YES the Democrats have turned their backs on Capitalism.

    Democrats = Socialism.
    Socialism = Communism.
    Communism = Dictator
    Dictator = extermination of all dissidents who oppose.
    Extermination will mean the deaths of 100+ million in America.
    Democrats = Death of 100+ Million dissident patriots in America.

  32. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    He needs to get on a long boat right along with Obama and sail off into the SUNSET

  33. Patriot47 says

    one more looney out of his bin

  34. MingBucibei says

    vincent needs to perform seppuku on national tv!!

    ming bucibei

    1. Jarhead says

      What day, channel, time….I would pay to view!

  35. hankrbradley says

    Locked and loaded Vincent, come and get it!

  36. Allan Stark says

    Love that “..taking your carbon footprint down to zero.” Much cuter than “..assuming room temperature.”
    Still, why be surprised that this guy is a Liberal Democrat?

  37. dcfla says


    1. IMPCALGI says


    2. Pam Dirac says

      I tend to agree with you. That old hippy’s pilot light went out sometime during the Summer of Love.

      There are a lot of conservative Republicans who are actually on his side (I’m one: long time donor to PETA) and a lot of whacko Lib-dems that kill defenseless critters. Want proof? (WARNING: You’ll need a cast iron stomach to watch this. At least between meals.) There’s *lots* more where that came from.

      Where is this occurring? The Democratic Socialist Peoples Republic of Vermont! Yes, THAT Vermont: the one which sent the Senate’s one and only Communist to Washington: Bernie Sanders who thinks Hillary and the Big O aren’t “liberal” enough.

      So why isn’t this old burn-out working with his ideological brethren to get this outlawed in the *one* state where he’s likely to have his best chances of success? If he did, I’d be on his side. There are certian species who, having attained a definite level of self-awareness, should be off limits. Especially when there is absolutely *nothing* you can get from them that you can’t get somewhere else. Nobody eats gray foxes, or otters, or raccoons — all should be “off-limits”.

      More proof that, when a Prog says he’s in favour of something, it’s really all about pushing the Prog agenda. That old hippy leftoid doesn’t really give a rat’s you-know-what about protecting critters.

  38. keithbreedlove says

    Two things: 1) these idiots NEVER look at the environmental conditions in non-capitalist countries, and 2) read Tom Clancy’s RAINBOW SIX to understand the mindset, ultimate goal and potential means of the Earth First movement and its minions.

  39. DustyFae says

    Over half the money going into protect our wildlife ends up in the Politicians Pockets, and that is a FACT

  40. Gary Stuckey says

    Roland Windsor Vincent, Please get some professional mental help!

    1. Jarhead says

      And smash your crack pipe.

    2. QUASAR says

      Better yet do us all a favor and put one through your brain .OOPS make that ass cuz that’s where your head is .

  41. JOY IN TUCSON says

    don’t you think the title of the article was a bit dramatic?

  42. pineapple says

    “the animals need a massive depopulation of the human race.”

    His position might be more credible if he simply led by example.

    1. QUASAR says

      Yeah if he is so sure of his convictions let him hang himself first’ i’lle supply a stout rope and a tree.

  43. IMPCALGI says

    Its amazing how so many clueless asshats out there are always jabbering about how there’s “too many people”… yet THEY are never in the “extra people” category. How convenient. In any event, any time this tinfoil hat looney toon wants to try to harm a hair on the head of me or my family, he will find what it means to be on the losing side of an extinction event

  44. MidwayBill says

    This is a result of not enough mental healthcare facilities.

  45. Roger says

    Look real close, that looks like John Kerry in disquise.

    1. Jarhead says

      LURCH II ?

  46. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Time to Lasso this Loonie, throw him in a cage, sedate him, and have him neutered.

    Then we can release him back into “the wild”, preferably naked in Siberia.

  47. bobs33hotrod says

    I think he belongs in San Francisco with the rest of the Fruits and Nuts.
    BOBBY ~!~

  48. stadalberts says

    Wow, what a dick!

  49. junkmailbin says

    how many liberal schmucks have you seen that has this stereotype look. He wears a thong and gives lip service to anyone that WILL LET HIM

  50. Americalost4ever says

    He’s just another control freak communist like Hollywood types. Hell, in Indiana we can’t, or dare, question or challenge the powers and cliques of special interest groups like PETA or HSUS. Animal control or “Code Enforcement’ has more power to come in our houses, property and out buildings on a mere demand, no warrant or charge needed. Think not? Especially when neighbors are libtards or those that don’t want involved in our corrupt politics, ruled by a town totally full of Demoncrat-Marx-fascsit pig globalist.

    Like the idiot above we can be threatened, attacked by any assortment of libtards, silenced at meetings, warned about coming to meetings after them, etc. all with the support of our local and state officials including the media. Not bad how entire portions of state can be cut-off from the world and censored so bad we can’t post on local forums, Topix, or make honest comments on news sites without deletions and then possible home visits at before dawn, because they know who the usual stand-up people are until they silence them finally too. Welcome to the USSA

    Oh, and the global plan that few have even heard about. We can’t discuss these topics either just like animal rights fanatics, Agenda 21 or the United Nations. IF it isn’t allowed or support the communist it’s not allowed in Indiana.

  51. Americalost4ever says

    I don’t know what I did to post pics, sorry.

  52. 0331Tap says

    I had a pimple on my butt that looked just like him…Just a puss bucket…

  53. Warpaint says

    I would love to snatch this assbite up by is scrawny liberal neck and shake it til it snaps,

  54. Independent says

    Why does he stay in a country that has so many Conservatives? He could move to many countries where the majority thinks as he does.

  55. cmi says

    This SOB has lived a “vegan lifestyle” so long, I think he has the brains of a vegetable!! What a G.D. stupid idiot!! He’s GOT to be a liberal!!!

  56. David Nichols says

    The only “movement” this nut job has is in his toilet…!

  57. Robert4709 says

    There you have it – Another “tolerant” liberal fool

  58. cmi says

    He is the kind of IDIOT that no “sane” person can ever reason with!!

  59. rayhause says

    You can spot a worthless Democrat just by looking at them.

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      Some by smell also !

    2. QUASAR says

      they verify it by opening their mouths and speaking .

  60. Jon's On says

    Maybe this nutjob should be locked up for his threats. Certainly take his guns away if he actually has any. It’s people like this that make the argument for open and concealed carry.

  61. wabbitno2 says

    These idiots just keep coming out of the wood works, is it ever going to stop. Put them all away for God’s sake

  62. rmwayne says

    Hey I love animals and I think we need to make sure the environment is taken care of, but this Vincent character needs to be put in a rubber room.

  63. cal3301 says

    What the animal rights activist fail to realize is that the Democrats only use animals for land grabs, not to save them. Case in point are the endangered desert tortoises the Democrats killed because they didn’t have the money to care for them and their land grab failed, whereas they should have released them back where they came from.

  64. SheriffJon says

    Although this guys’ attitude is extreme to say the least, it is certainly not a singular case. Somehow, I doubt he and his fellow animal lovers would be happy before all consumption of meat became outlawed. Were that to ever come to pass, I wonder if he would be ready to defend himself when the “Friends of Plant Life”. came banging on his door. As for his hatred of capitalism, I wonder how he would do if all commercial manufacturing, power plants and the importing of goods were shut down. After all, they are capitalist ventures. He should try joining a tribe on some far off jungle island for a while to see how he would like his “ideal world”.

  65. peanut butter says

    First… lock this man up for terroristic threats. How does he plan to kill us? With a gun. I thought the libs were all about NO GUNS. He doesn’t even know how HE is supposed to feel. Straight to the nuthouse.
    I’ve always been told that there is one certain woman who is waiting for me. Since I never found her, I always figured she must be waiting in the nuthouse for me. So if you see my ONE woman that is meant for me in there, tell her I’ll probably be in there with her pretty soon.

  66. ZO666 says

    Where can we find this guy?

  67. Obie Miller says

    There are alternatives to capitalism.I would suggest that Mr.Vincent would be happier to live in Equador, honduras,China, or Syria for a while. I have heard it said that “the grass always seems to look greener on the other side of the fence”. I believe, however, that if he were to actually experience life there, he would very quickly change his way of thinking.

  68. Irvan says

    Just another demo with sh*t for brains.

  69. Steve Huntsman says

    Come and get me. I’m only one but I promise you will probably get me but your going to leave with a lot less than the one you got fool………..

  70. J_R_K says

    The scary thing is that Roland Windsor Vincent was probably de-educated right here in America and his common sense was amputated in the process of creating the Roland Windsor Vincent that he has become.

  71. Lizardlouaz says

    Where’s LawEnforcement. Nuts like this need to be prosecuted for threats.

  72. Johnny says

    Who let this nut bag bag out?? We will see if the FBI will make a visit to Vincent home, if he has one. Making threats to Federal Republicans senators and representatives is no different than the FBI sending agents to a person house that threatened Obama.

  73. Niki says

    Vincent is a very intelligent intellectual who expounds Far Left & Socialist views which many Liberals agree with. It is simple ! They are all very sick people!

  74. Texas Belle says

    Obama probably agrees with him.

  75. MJB says

    He probably supports Planned Butcherhood though.

  76. James in Texas says

    He makes me think of something my Dad told me when I was very young. Mr. Vincent, “There is nothing holding you back but Fear, and very short legs”! Step up to the plate and give it a go.

  77. LittleintellectbigGod says

    When he opens his mouth, you know he has more hair growing on the inside than on the outside. This guy is to be pitied, but watched closely. Hair brained.

  78. Lance Lucius says

    Well Roland you advocate murdering humans to protect animals. This doesn’t sound just a tad insane to you? I am a hunter, we pay for licenses which improve habitat for animals. We control overpopulation of certain species to prevent their starvation and dying of disease. I just wish there was a license to hunt you, but after skinning and removing the shit, nothing would be left of you. Go back to your nice padded cell and draw little cartoons you lunatic.

  79. Jack the Rooster says

    I volunteer Roland Windsor Vincent for immediate execution to decrease the human population by 1 Progressive kook for all of the animal’s benefit. Ours too.

  80. sox83cubs84 says

    Interesting. Comments like this by conservatives towards liberals are virtually unheard of. Yet, comments like this by liberals towards conservatives seem to get published every week or two. That sure is a goofy brand of “tolerance” that left-wing bedwetters are practicing.

  81. don lavrich says

    lets start exterminating liberals because they want to keep aborting babies in the womb. what do you think of that Vincent! lets start with you a##h##e.

  82. Seismic4 says

    Mr. Vincent: Agreed! If you would start your depopulation program with your entire family and yourself I’m sure everyone else will follow your example.

  83. ittlebite says

    By Liberal standards isn’t that HATE SPEECH? Sounds like it to me.

  84. Steve says

    Mr. Vincent should be advised that human depopulation can be achieved legally via mass suicide by democrats and other left wing. In fact, my beloved greyhounds would undoubtedly favor this approach since I will give them a special treat when I hear of his demise.

  85. adrianvance says

    Crazy as this may be it is in keeping with much of the left rhetoric, which you quickly learn if you go on the air in a left-leaning community, as have I, where you will get death threats just for being conservative.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  86. David D says


  87. Carolyn says

    Senility combined with constant anger can produce a very committed democrat.

  88. Jackie says

    This guy is a real wacko! I love animals as much as I love people but there are some animals that God put on this earth for sustenance of the family. Go peddle your communist attitude somewhere else.

  89. says

    Since Liberals are the only ones who practice abortion and gay life style, they won’t reproduce as fast as conservatives, & they will die out.

  90. Tuco Carrera says

    If you met this little Maggot Mouth in Person he’d be begging you not to Curb-Stomp his Punk A * * !

  91. UnalienableRight says

    Mark Levin describes those folks and many others as de-growthers, a movement that started in Europe and is now here.

  92. Alleged Comment says

    YOU cannot reason with a guy like this.

    You can only hang him upside down by the big toe till dead. But be useful, throw his carcass where the lions can eat him because I sure don’t want my vegetables feeding on him.

  93. pysco says

    Stupid SOB doesn’t realize there are actually more millionaires that are Democrats than Republicans, which means the are Capitalists, or has taken a lot of bribes…. At any rate anyone that call for the killig of other citizens needs mental evaluation..

  94. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Hey Roland!! I will now purposely swerve to hit errant animals, shoot birds and squirrels, strangle cats and dogs, poison the rest. Or, you can stand in for them!!

  95. thomas says

    The World never runs out of these Wack-Job Loonies , shouldn’t the CIA investigate this fraud ? might be a demented Democrat? ha ha idiots !!

    1. edward martis says

      you must realize by now that all dems are demented communists—-the american communist party (Bzerkly) absolutely luv and venerate hilly,omoron, Pelosi, Bernie sanders——-I know; in that I joined the ACP (Berkeley) for 4 months, just to check them out…..It was like a journey through a sewer filled with sewer rats—–These folks are pure evil and very scary…….I know these commies only TOO well….

  96. runnindeer says

    This man is obviously mentally ill and should be encouraged – by law if necessary- to get mental health treatment . He is encouraging other loonie tunes to commit acts of murder toward people of a political party. In my opinion that go’s far beyond freedom of speech.

  97. CharlieZ says

    I could say that about Dems, but Planned Parenthood is already doing that.

  98. k9maiden says

    I am a strong Conservative and this makes me very angry! I know plenty of Conservatives that are animal rights activist, so let me get this straight, just because you hate animal abuse of any kind, because you love your pet and treat them as part of the family, the way it should be, because watching a baby seal run for his mother, the mother trying her hardest to protect him, while a Neanderthal beats the little guy to death, all of this makes us crazy leftist. This is ridiculous, I would bet there are more like me on the right than the left. If anyone doesn’t shed a tear when an animal or child is brutally abused, and doesn’t want to do something about it, there is something very wrong with them, it should not be political. Obama didn’t want a dog, but got one because he was forced to do so as POTUS, MUSLIMS HATE DOGS, PIGS, and a number of other of life’s greatest pleasures. The Bush’s, and the Reagan’s, adored their animals, and shed tears when they finally passed away. So stop with the Animal Rights only be nut cases. Not everyone, especially on the right, is going to commit domestic terrorism over it, but if we belong to animal rights organizations, don’t fault us for wanting to protect God’s most vulnerable. Especially when liberals are for protecting all these Muslim Terrorist and heinous criminals crossing the border like ants to a picnic and they are abusing our animals.

  99. Paul Pray says

    Rain on the brain. They wouldn’t know common sense if they came across it. If it wasn’t for Capitalism, they would be able to talk and think the way they do.

  100. Dennis Derstine says

    As long as he kills RINOs I could give a rats ass……lol
    Seriously, shoot a conservative?? How can he be a REAL liberal and carry a gun?? Isn’t that TOTALLY against liberal rules? He must be a true whacko, no real liberal would go against their anti gun policies. Poor guy must need for real help and some SERIOUS medication.

  101. teachersaide says

    Actually, independent studies have SHOWN that those “wacky conservatives” have done MORE than lip service when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is. AND, FTR, Teddy Roosevelt who was a Republican, is the ONE who started the National Parks service! This includes National Monuments, Seashores, Grasslands, etc. The “conservationist” NEEDS an EDUCATION!

  102. Wapitiman says

    God seems to have made ten times as many horse’s asses as horses!

  103. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    That photo of him explains it all! I wonder if he thinks the cows used to make hamburgers at McDonalds committed suicide or died of old age?

  104. Cooleemee Edd says

    I think that since Liberals hate us so much, and since they love killing babies so much, perhaps they should perform late-term abortions on each other, then sell their body parts to finance PETA. Personally, I think those operations should be done with a chainsaw…but it is SO messy! Keep Reloading, America!

  105. Wayne Thorson says

    He forgot to put a bounty on them.

  106. Mark Clemens says

    Wanting to kill people because of political beliefs is a hate crime. Why is this dude not in jail, before he guns down a bunch of Republicans?

  107. glorybe2 says

    Actually Mr. Vincent is spot on in his beliefs. In effect we have never had any real conservation at all. If so we would not have oceans with 1% or less of the fish we had prior to 1492. We would not have global warming and rising seas either and we would not be drowning in pollution. As far as capitalism goes the standard or living in certain socialist nations is now higher than in the US which is only partially capitalist anyway. Capitalism is a road to death and misery. Human population is already a disaster and we watch people worship science as they suppose that advances in science will stave off the coming breakdown of the world. Frankly science is wonderful but it can not toss out a magic bullet time after time in order to hold this ball of wax together. America with 20 or 30 million citizens was a nice place. But with 375 million people we are a mess. Yet our political system is such that no politician dare mention mandatory birth control. No matter how urgent the need a tiny mention of birth control is enough to ruin any public figure permanently. Frankly the US citizens are too dumb to stay alive.

  108. Judie K Kopfman says

    Oh poor Vincent, he appears to be one of those ‘troubled folks’ that would go around shooting folks and then get out of it because he has mental problems and doesn’t remember killing folks. Bout time we start locking them up before they create another problem in our society.

  109. adrianvance says

    This is what “liberalism” has come to mean.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity and brevity.

  110. kbfallon says

    A good old fashioned ass whooping out behind the woodshed for this asswipe. He needs to learn some manners and respect for those he opposes, he’s more than likely worried about his welfare check, and food stamps,and obammie phone, and disability money, his heat assistance, his free health insurance, his free cable,his free phone access, his free computer line, his free lawyer, etc……………………etc…………..etc……………

  111. yachtnutz says

    I have a perfect solution put him and any animal up against a wall and tell him ok here’s the deal the animal dies or you die you decide right now . Then we’ll see who’s a real animal rights (nutcase) activist is !

  112. Mi Li says

    Don’t put it past the loony left to start killing conservatives. Almost all mass shootings are done by the loony left. I think the lack of people eating tasty animals has screwed up the loonys minds. Also if the idiots don’t know the left are the worst for carbon footprints and worth more financially they need to do some research. They would lie though if they knew the truth. Bottom line liberals are useless liars.

  113. Follow Me Boys says

    Don’t ask for something you do not really want is something that comes to mind when threatening someone without the will to back it. What a world

  114. Laurence Almand says

    What about all those rich two-faced Hollywood capitalists, who hoard money in offshore accounts? And the rich Socialist do-gooders who likewise pile up money while talking about “equality”? Look at Two-Faced Feinstein’s deal with the Postal Service properties.
    This jerk is just another effete Leftist. If you expect to be paid for your work, you are a capitalist.
    Send this moron to China and see how he likes living under Communism!

  115. Anna K says

    With all the ‘gun’ propaganda I am surprised that this man is allowed to speak publicly about killing anyone!

  116. Patriot1955 says

    Come get you some you cowardly asshole.

  117. David Hansen says

    Douglas, You’re right on target but his brain may be the size of the humingbird.

  118. Brenda Robinson says

    Yes, it sounds extreme, but “WE”, the PEOPLE, are being “slowly murdered”, theoretically, and “legally”, day by day, by the people in government who do not care about our health, the health of the planet, the health of our food, tainted drugs and food (recalls), or, animals. Slaughtering every animal that moves, not right! So, his comment is really not so extreme after all. He definitely has a point! We would be better off with many people OUT OF POWER. And the RIGHT ONES IN POWER. I hope you people get it! If you don’t, please, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

  119. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    One of the core beliefs of atheism is that the world is billions of years old. This leads to the belief that there can be no big, sudden changes in climate unless they are man made. This has led to the idea that humanity is the enemy of the Earth and must be cut back by any means. This does not just equal killing conservatives who date to stand against this insanity, but in killing off enough people for the world to be, in the words of evolutionary doctrine, “sustainable!” Unless liberalism is curtailed we will all suffer and many of us will even die of it!

  120. Rboo says

    I’m a Conservative and an avid animal abuse defender, I’m not a vegan and I don’t support PETA, because they kill more healthy, adoptable kittens and puppies a year then most KILL shelters. My husband is a deer hunter, I understand hunting, my problem is abuse and cruelty towards innocent animals and the killing of Wild animals that are close to extinction, like tigers, lions and the senseless killing of elephants. So I guess this whack job would “kill a friend to the cause” but ALL animal defenders are not whack jobs! Some of us just love animals, they are God’s creatures.

  121. veganpilotmarty says

    Idiots on both side of the aisle. This article wasnt worth writing let alone worth reading. Keep your standards higher. This guy doesn’t represent anyone but himself.

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