Another Democrat Pushes Unconstitutional Gun Platform


Not even the wildest gambler would put any money on Martin O’Malley becoming president of the United States, but his (limited) presence in the campaign gives him a national platform on which to expound on his vision for the country. And since O’Malley’s gun control proposals are fairly typical for the Democratic Party, they are worth taking seriously. Well, as seriously as you can take abject lunacy.

On September 14, the former Maryland governor unveiled his gun control plan. It’s a doozy. But according to him, taking a sledgehammer to the Second Amendment is the only way we can restore the “American dream.”

O’Malley claims that these policies will cut “all deaths from gun violence in half – homicides, suicides, and accidents – within ten years.”

That’s a big statement, so let’s see what he plans to do to make that happen. Among his propositions:

  • Universal background checks, extending to every purchase “whether from a licensed dealer, online posting, or private sale.”
  • Fingerprint-based licenses, obtained only after safety training and a waiting period.
  • No immunity for gun sellers whose customers use their purchases for crime.
  • Manufacturers required to implement microstamping technology.
  • Mandatory gun safes with expensive technology.
  • A national firearms registry. “All firearm purchases would be recorded and registered at sale, and re-registered when they are resold or transferred.”

O’Malley comes to the table with a gun control record of his own. He presided over new laws for Maryland in 2013, a point on which he is apparently proud to hang his hat. Good for him, but it doesn’t change the fact that Baltimore remains the 7th most dangerous city in the United States. And at the rate 2015 is going, it might move up that list before the election gets here.

Stop the Insanity

O’Malley’s gun control laws will certainly not restore the American dream. Now will they improve on the culture of violence that thrives in our major cities (the vast majority of which are governed by Democrats.) To counter that violence, we must address the root causes, not the symptoms. Guns are a tool. Without them, violent criminals will still find a way to do violence. Of course, even that caveat is unnecessary; these laws won’t do a single thing to get guns out of the hands of violent criminals. They will, however, go a long way toward disarming their victims.

A vote for O’Malley – and any other anti-gun Democrat – is a vote for a country where criminals rule by force. If he or any other enemy of guns has a way to make sure that NO ONE in America has anything more dangerous than a baseball bat at their disposal, well, now’s the time to let us in on the plan. That would at least be a proposal worth listening to. As it stands, though, these crackpots think taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is somehow going to stop the violence. That’s not restoring the American dream; that’s inviting the American nightmare.

  1. supergun says

    martin o’malley is just another roach that thinks he knows what is best for the PEOPLE of this great Nation. Look at the other clown has done to our Nation the last 7 years. The Founding Fathers of the Nation knew we would need the 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves from the dictators like o’malley in high places and thugs in low places. It is the responsibility of every American to be “ARMED”. Anti-Americans need not apply.

    1. alfie007 says

      omally is a traitor. Know who the enemy is!

      More dangerous are the Catholic traitors. They now control the USA and are keeping the borders open.,

      Boehner (Catholic traitor) head of House. .
      McConnell (Catholic traitor) Head of Senate.

      These two control all of the agenda for all laws considered by the USA!
      This is control of the USA!.

      McCain (Catholic traitor.) Secy of Defense. Kerry, Catholic traitor Secy of state. Ryan (Catholic traitor). Finance, No-piano (catholic traitor). Homeland Security followed by Jeh Johnson (do nothing). This is the top positions for the entire USA and held by Vatican traitors!
      Call it like it is. Political correct will get us all killed.
      This is the top of the entire USA government. they like ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS.


      1. muskat antonopolis says

        now wait a min…will ya….I just read the other day where some goy…I mean guy….said
        that it was the jewish agenda that was taking over the world……and then! some other
        guy said it IS the muslim agends that is taking over the world…..and NOW you are saying
        it is the Catholic agenda that is taking over the world…ok..ok…I get it….NOBODY knows
        which agenda is taking over the world but you all are hedging your bets so that which ever
        agenda it is that REALLY is taking over the world you will not look stupid and unknowing
        in the final result…….I mean those who post here know what they are talking about…

        1. alfie007 says

          Look south of the USA four feet, then the next four thousand miles. A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the entire lot. Sorry, to ignore history is to deny the future of what is coming to you. Pelosi (Catholic traitor) proudly announced that there are over 60 million [illegal alien Catholic invaders] in the USA now. they came by INVITATION from the Catholic elected!. the methods have been the same for a thousand years. Destroy from within. Ignore history, it will be coming at you.

          1. muskat antonopolis says

            now hang on there alphalpha000….I do not want to shock you and don’t tell
            anyone about this……swear?… is what I just got from my ex-brother -in-law…3 times removed…he lives in Mississippi down by the long bayou…and catches catfish and grunts worms fer a livin..his new wife, darlene, my 2nd
            cuzin who was the one what won the hog callin contest las yar in Alexandia
            Luzianna, she done heard from her step- momma, that its the MOLE people
            who is*a gonna take ova tha wuld…yup…..and sooooon….no foolin alphalpha,
            and if*n ya done believe me…I*ll give ya my ex-brother-in-laws telephone
            number an you*ns can call an find out fo yo*self…it*s BR54……

      2. supergun says

        You forgot the pope. He is the biggest traitor.

        1. QUASAR says

          Oh will you people please quit’ there are far worse people in the world than the pope’ OBAMA’ PELOSI’ REID’ BLOOMTURD’ ROTHSCHILDS’ BILDERBERGS’ to name just a few.

          1. The Apache says

            You have the right attitude, the right views, and have named just a few: Catholics are such a minor problem, that I never heard of it before this blog. Throw in the Mormons, Jews, and a bunch of others and none compare to the political structure called “Muslims”, ISIS, and the rest. Muslim is not a “religion” but a political structure designed to act out on the “night of the long knife” against heathens, (also known as Catholics, etc.) Hey: Maybe Sept 27 blood moon is the night?
            I only view that we will be facing “Marshall Law” in the near future. I hope you prepared with water, food, toilet paper for a long time… Good luck, and keep the faith, keep your powder dry and your air speed up… God Bless you and yours…

          2. QUASAR says

            I’m as prepared as I will need to be ‘ when it goes down I really feel for those who have not stocked up but I gotta take care of my own first .GOD BLESS YOU ALSO.

          3. supergun says

            The pope is the biggest fraud of them all. He is bought and paid for by all of the above plus a number of others morons in the World.

          4. QUASAR says

            Whatever .

        2. alfie007 says

          Is the pooopie Catholic?

      3. Herb Branch says

        Your anti-Catholic rant has several factual errors, as well as a faulty premise. Mitch McConnell has been a life-long Baptist, for example. Most Catholics I know are quite patriotic, and are upset with the current direction of our nation and the world-wide chaos that has resulted from a secular oriented president (who prefers to give excessive deference to Islamic nations and Muslims in general).

        Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News (Irish-American Catholics) are both on record as being very opposed to our current national policies that have caused so much chaos in the world, and also such terrible division here at home. Sean and Bill differ in degrees of faith and degrees of opposition to Obama, but they are on the same side of those issues as most Americans (about 72%), and as most of the various TEA Parties (four major groups having combined memberships totaling over 100 million voting age adults).

        Please, I do respectfully urge you to reconsider your basic premise. I am not a Catholic, but I was raised in the Presbyterian Church (before they drifted so far away from the plain teachings of the Bible), and have affiliations with Baptists and Evangelicals and Messianic Judaism (Jewish believers in Yeshua/Jesus). In closing I will say that I know a few charismatic Catholics that are powerful prayer warriors and faith healers and great in the practice of intercessory prayer, like that revealed in Scriptures.

        1. QUASAR says

          Alfie blames everything on catholics ‘ easy way out of a complicated conversation.

        2. alfie007 says

          Regarding McConnnell He did his junior years under a Catholic. If it smells like a skunk, walks like a skunk, associates with skunks, does the same thing as skuunks, then call it a Catholic traitor.
          Please join join MY religion…My religion is the USA. My bible is the Constitution of the USA. No other religion is compatible, and ALL others are protected by MY religion, and ALL others are in opposition to MY religion. ALL other ‘religions’ have some other book which is ‘superior’ to my Constitution. thus, ALL other religions wish to destroy MY religion. I protest!.
          Please go to your home, upon entry, bar the gate. Go to the door and lock and bar it also, Shutter all the windows, then pull the blinds. Go to a private room and look at your graven images, recite the fairy tale called the bi-babble, then celebrate the 40,000 Philistines that were killed with the jawbone of an ass. The reason for the secrecy is to protect innocent children from the horrors that are practised by the ‘religious’. MY religion does allow you to do all these horrid things! Then go out and do not disturb MY religion, which I also like to not be defiled.

        3. alfie007 says

          Do not take lightly ‘god before country’. this means ‘Vatican before the USA’.
          This puts the Vatican above the USA. This puts the bi-babble above the Constitution of the USA.

          This is defiance of the USA and is treason!. This is denial and rejection of the
          Sanctuary is Catholic and defiance of the Constitution and all the laws in the
          USA. This is also Anarchy and treason. There are more than 500 ‘sanctuary cities’ in the USA now!.

          The Vatican is within and destroying the USA!
          The Catholic traitors have been at it for a long long time.
          Look south and see a hundred nations, a thousand years, and not one success story in the entire lot. One dog is a good pet. A pack are killers.
          Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a traitor.

    2. QUASAR says

      With you brother ‘I’m gonna go out and buy another gun soon.

      1. The Apache says

        you might spend some of that money on more ammo… jus sayin.

        1. QUASAR says

          Oh I got that covered believe me .

      2. supergun says

        Funny that you mentioned that, I am doing the same thing. #14

        1. QUASAR says

          this will make no.16

          1. supergun says

            You make more money than I do.

          2. QUASAR says

            I doubt it ‘ I probably started buying them earlier .I’m 47.

          3. supergun says

            It is good to chat with Americans that have many guns. They are good investments. Bullets are like gold and silver. You may need to trade them for bread and water one day, so stock up on a box once a week. They last forever. Have different calibers. Never know when one will be shortage or no more. Make your own guns.

          4. QUASAR says

            Yes to all these ‘ when the SHTF ammo will be like gold .

          5. supergun says

            UROK~Long Live the 2nd. If it ever goes, then all the rest of the Amendments will fall.

          6. QUASAR says

            TESTIFY BROTHER.

          7. supergun says

            Yeah baby. America was born with the gun. America has stayed free with the gun. America will die with the gun.

          8. QUASAR says

            You damn right my friend ‘ come hell or high water I plan on keeping mine .

          9. supergun says

            There are millions of Americans that feel the same way you and I do. When the heathens outnumber us, if that ever happens, then hell and high water will come our way. Lets hope not. It looks like we are still in charge of this Nation. Now if only we can elect someone worth a dam to be President.

          10. QUASAR says

            Yeah ‘ if someone who the people could trust to steer us back on course would only come along .

          11. supergun says

            And have the guts to do it.

          12. QUASAR says

            That’s the problem ‘ no one seems to have that rare comodity .

          13. supergun says


          14. QUASAR says

            I really wanna believe he is GENUINE cuz anyone else is just a paid for puppet .

          15. supergun says

            Time will tell.

          16. QUASAR says

            yes it will ‘ i’lle still take a chance on him if he seems like he actually wants to turn things around cuz all the rest are just socilaist thugs.

          17. supergun says

            You sound like me. Where are you from? I am from GA.

          18. QUASAR says

            Northern minnesota’ beautiful up here ‘ trees will be turning real soon.I live near a little town where people still don’t always lock their doors and everyone knows everyone and look out for each other .

          19. supergun says

            I live in the middle of GA. Just a few hours from the prettiest mountains in the South. Just a few hours from the prettiest beaches in the World. Was up in Niagara Falls a few weeks ago. Very beautiful in North America. I bet your place is beautiful place to live. We could leave our doors unlock 40 years ago. Now you have to wear a gun everywhere. Take care my Northern Friend.

          20. QUASAR says

            Yeah that has not reached here yet but I carry concealed everywhere I take my family just in case ‘ It is so terrible now that I pray the good LORD comes back soon and straightens all this crap out so my kids will have a bright future and a FREE one.

          21. supergun says

            I carry everywhere. I have a gun for each place I go, like when I go to Church, I carry my Sig. 238. When I am working in zombieville I carry my XDs 45. I will stop right there. It is not the odds,,,,it is what is at stake. What we are seeing, the pope and obumer together is fraud to the first degree.

          22. QUASAR says

            yeah ‘ something is not right about that .

  2. CCblogging says

    The Fascist Democrats are far more dangerous than the common criminal. Keep your guns, buy tons of ammo and practice often.

    1. alfie007 says

      more dangerous are the Catholic traitors. They now control the USA and are keeping the borders open.,

      Boehner (Catholic traitor) head of House. .
      McConnell (Catholic traitor) Head of Senate.

      These two control all of the agenda for all laws considered by the USA!
      This is control of the USA!.

      McCain (Catholic traitor.) Secy of Defense. Kerry, Catholic traitor Secy of state. Ryan (Catholic traitor). Finance, No-piano (catholic traitor). Homeland Security followed by Jeh Johnson (do nothing). This is the top positions for the entire USA and held by Vatican traitors!
      Call it like it is. Political correct will get us all killed.
      This is the top of the entire USA government. they like ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS.


      1. CCblogging says

        I am not a Catholic, I am a Protestant and I agree with you somewhat. The new pope is a New World Order Communist. The pope is meeting with another NWO Communist named Barack Obama on Sep 23rd. The 23rd is also the date of the last blood moon. Both Communist Obama and the Communist Pope are pushing for UN Agenda 2030, formerly named UN Agenda 21 to be implemented. It has been renamed because the globalists at the UN say that 2030 is the year that is the deadline to fully implement their world government. The Communist Catholic pope is as evil as Barack Obama.

        1. Anthony Miller says

          I certainly hope you are talking just the government Catholics,because there are a lot of other Catholics that don’t feel the same as our F–KED up government.

          1. CCblogging says

            I do not include rank and file Catholics in my post. However, the pope is a NWO Communist. There is dissention in the ranks at the Vatican right now over the pope’s agenda. Don’t believe me? Google it.

          2. Conservative says

            It was a very calculated move to get Pope Benedict to resign. According to Catholicism, the Cardinals meet and pray for the new Pope. The signal from the Holy Spirit is indicated by the ‘white’ smoke. Apparently the Holy Spirit designated Benedict as his choice. He was just too saintly for the Communist political agenda and they could not convince him. They blamed his ‘health’ and got rid of him to install Francis to bring forth this ‘New World Government’.

          3. CCblogging says

            That’s what I perceive also. Strange, sudden resignation. Someone wouldn’t fall in line with the plan.

          4. ipsd48 says

            As far as I know it’s the first time in catholic history a pope ‘resigned’

          5. alfie007 says

            Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a traitor.
            Know who the enemy is! The illegal alien Catholic invaders come by
            invitation! Conquest knows no limits. Treason knows no bounds.

            The Catholic r traitors do not like Roe v Wade.
            The Catholic d
            traitors do not like guns.
            Neither Catholic r nor d traitors like
            the Constitution of the USA.

            Do not take lightly ‘god before country’. this means ‘Vatican before the USA.
            This is defiance of the USA and is treason!. This is the Catholic Bi-babble over the Constitution of the USA! This is an openly stated intent to destroy the USA.
            Sanctuary is Catholic and defiance of the Constitution and all the laws in the USA. This is also Anarchy and treason. There are more than 500 ‘sanctuary’ cities in the USA now!. The Vatican is doing open revolt and conquest! The
            Catholic traitors have been at it for a long long time.
            Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a traitor.

          6. QUASAR says

            Again you blame ALL the worlds problems on catholics ‘ why not look where the heart of the matter lies ‘PEOPLES TURNING AWAY FROM GOD .When you take God out of the home and schools the DEVIL enters and that is exactly what has happened .

          7. alfie007 says

            First, I will dispute that there is a ‘god’. the bi-babble is full of nonsense.
            Physics says that matter cannot be created.

            Mt Ararat, 17,000 feet high was under the ‘flood’. (That is where everyone is looking for the ‘ark). Where did the water come from? It was CREATED!. (it
            was a ‘miracle’.)
            This more than doubled all the water on the earth. (remember another rule in Physics is that water does not ‘heap up”.
            Then, Where did the water go? It was DESTROYED! . Over half all the water on earth was DESTROYED! (It was a ‘miracle’)
            Physics says that matter cannot be destroyed. Well so much for the Noah. Now, if you have taken geometry, then the closest star is so far it is not
            possible to use a star for triangulation. Until GPS it was IMPOSSIBLE to use ‘heavenly bodies’ (stars) to ‘navigate’ to any place on earth.

            the Egyptians used geometry to plot farms after each spring flood. Three fools wandering around in the desert had no means of knowing where they
            were let alone where they were going by using stars. (Well, there might be an exception if the earth is flat).

            There is another reason for the difficulty in three fools wandering around in the desert. The earth is rotating at 1,000 MPH. Flash a light on something going 1,000 MPH and then you can see the difficulty of using stars to navigate!. Thus the ‘navigation’ to a place in Jerusalem is blatantly IMPOSSIBLE. OOPS, it was a ‘miracle’.

          8. alfie007 says

            Please show me one successful ‘religious ‘ nation. One where the bi-babble is in the Constitution!. I am waiting.

          9. QUASAR says

            that’s what I just said too’ making a blanket statement like that just shows a persons ignorance .

          10. alfie007 says

            One dog is a nice pet. A dozen or more and you have a killer pack.
            Look south of the USA four feet, then the next four thousand miles. A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the entire lot.
            The task for you is to find a successful Catholic nation. I am waiting.
            Until then Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a traitor.

        2. Herb Branch says

          Your heart is in the right place, but the last “blood moon” lunar eclipse of the present “triad” of “blood moons” will be on September 27th, which is also the first day of Succot (the Hebrew “Feast of Tabernacles”). The event will transpire over several hours (about 8:12pm EDT to 1:22am EDT), and the blood red appearance will be during the middle 2-3 hours of that time period. This is also in the midst of a Harvest moon that is a Super moon (at a distance that is 31,000 miles closer to the earth than when the moon is at its furthest from earth). The result is the moon will appear 14% larger in diameter, with about 30% larger surface area; so it will look very big, as well as very blood red. Awesome sight.

          The last blood moon I saw like that was in Jerusalem, Israel, for Israeli Independence Day celebrations on the evening before that day. That was in 1996, as I recall. We had gathered for a scheduled fireworks display, which eventually did take place. Pictures of the moon were in the Israeli papers the next day. The moon arose darker than normal, and quickly turned very dark red as it rose up over the eastern horizon of the Old City. Everyone was in awe of the sight. None had seen the moon appear to be so large (double normal size) and so thoroughly blood red. It was a very eerie sight. Many gasped with expressions of awe and a bit of dred as well.

          1. CCblogging says

            My apologies on getting the date wrong. I would have loved to have seen that blood moon over Israel.

      2. muskat antonopolis says

        i bet a whole in the donut to a nickel that I have this saying correct as it concerns you
        alfie007…”of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.”

        1. alfie007 says

          Show one item that is not factual and great apologies will be made.
          The one liner sidesteps do not an argument nor a rebuttal make.

          Please go back to your pervert in the black sack and find another on-liner that will do a rebuttal with facts and then come back.

          Until then, know that the Catholics are simple to create. .. Remove brain, insert
          dogma, never think again. Go to the pervert in the black sack, purchase a one-liner and a candle …

          1. muskat antonopolis says

            oh my alfie007…you sho gotta lotta anger built up in there ol buddy…..try to
            calm down a little and give the heart and vessels a little rest…..udder wise
            un*s might jes bus a gasket…….my my how da time do fly…….

          2. alfie007 says

            Ah yes, the wonderful sidestep. Indoctrination and dogma win every time.
            Perhaps in the ‘next world’ you will find something out about science.

          3. muskat antonopolis says

            hey alfie…don’t you get it…I do not wish to correspond with you any more..
            enough is enough…bye

      3. Conservative says

        Don’t forget Pelosi, she too is Catholic.

        1. QUASAR says

          IN NAME ONLY ‘she does not follow it;s doctrines or laws so she is no CATHOLIC in the sense that she actually believes what the faith teaches.

      4. QUASAR says

        these you listed are CATHOLIC IN NAME ONLY’ they don’t adhere to the faith that millions hold dear so don’t go blaming all the catholics ‘ BLAME THE F*****G MUSLUM IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR STARTERS.

        1. alfie007 says

          Those I listed are AINO (American In Name Only). They are also listed as being Catholic (well except McConnell, and he runs around with traitors, smells like a traitor, looks like a traitor and votes like a traitor,so call him a Catholic).

          The only difference between Muslim and Catholic is the continent they destroy.

          Looks south of the USA four feet, then the next four thousand miles. All Catholic failures forever. You cannot claim that all the billion ‘down south’ are CINO!


  3. ZACAL says

    Gun control will never control people and guns. Did prohibition control alcohol? Did the war on drugs control drugs? Did campaign promises control congress? Has law school controlled judges understanding of the constitution? Think about us humans ability to control anything.

    1. AWB2 says

      LOL A reality check in progress.

    2. The Apache says

      Ok, everyone, a few revisions:

      Let’s get working on the real problem: Criminals. How about a universal new
      federal law: Any criminal committing a crime with a weapon (gun, rifle, shotgun,
      knife, instrument or substance that causes death) receives a life-time
      sentence, no parol. If anyone is killed during the crime (including one of
      several criminals, their victims, police officer), it is mandatory execution of
      the remaining criminals, a presumption of a mandatory death penalty. Solitary
      Confinement until appeals run out. Send
      out a clear message: If you are a
      criminal don’t use a weapon.

      Second federal law: If you are a felon from previous gun-totin crimes,
      on probation, and are caught with a gun of any kind, life-time sentence, no
      parol. Then we may have to work on criminals’ next weapon of choice. The attack
      should be on the criminals not on the gun, (or other weapon) and certainly not
      on the law-abiding citizens.

      Third federal law: Any law-abiding citizen who uses a gun to stop a criminal
      conducting crimes is exonerated and has at least a limited immunity. In the
      event a law-abiding citizen should kill a criminal during his crime, a thousand
      dollar award is paid as a bounty on criminals.

      Fourth federal law: Adopt the Colorado “make my day” law.

      These laws would certainly start reducing gun related crimes in the US.

      Any supporting comments would be appreciated.

      Fifth federal law: Get rid of
      all signs that promote “gun free zone” which has shown the criminals it is the “zone
      of choice” and only idiots promote such zones for attracting criminals to a
      zone where law-abiding citizens are unarmed.
      Allow and encourage teachers to carry concealed weapons after taking
      weapons training classes at recognized facilities such as “Frontsight” in
      Nevada, where anyone can get training classes for $200 bucks. That way, teachers can protect their
      students, rather than huddle in a corner and be killed because they obeyed the
      gun free zone laws.

      End any debate on the second amendment, as it is the supreme law of the
      land, and there is no debate.

      “If you are for gun control laws, or against gun ownership, then don’t buy one.”

      1. William Homolka says

        Common sense and puts punishment where it belongs. I like your proposl.

      2. Aunt Dot says

        I love this solution!!!! It is concise and gives both sides a win!!! How can you not want it??? Sir….. YOU have the solution…. well thought out and good for both sides!!!! You KNOW the demon-poops will reject it because it is sane and fair!!!! I would vote for it in a second!!!

        1. Eman says

          Would have been the same with the war on drugs, if you’re caught in possession of more than 14 grams of cocaine, meth, etc, your automatically charged with intent to distribute and receive an automatic death penalty. If the penalty is serve enough then the incidence will decrease. In a very short time the criminals will be eliminated, drugs users would be reformed and productivity and general good feelings about life would abound!! Oh well, I guess we can’t all agree on that one!!

          1. Dolores Wieland says

            Most people are not for the death penalty although it is warranted. No wonder crime keeps escalating. I’m for it 100%..and you’re due time crime rate goes down

        2. erineclifton says

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        3. Gordon Miller says

          || Aunt Dot || I don’t see the notation. Please tell us you just forgot it.

          1. catman says

            Some people still say the death penalty does not work……..Tell that to the guy that just got the needle !!! He’ll never do it again !!!

          2. QUASAR says

            Always had to laugh when they swab the soon to be a cadavers arm with alcohol before injecting the stuff’ OH GOD FORBID THEY SHOULD GET A INFECTION.LMFAO

      3. Conservative says

        Gee, you gave a clear, sane sensible solution to gun crime but don’t ever expect a liberal Progressive to acknowledge anything sane. Maybe he thinks if we disarm all law-abiding, responsible citizens from protection, the criminals will have no more guns to steal.
        Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

        1. Al says

          I dislike that term “common sense gun laws”. I’m keeping my guns.

          1. QUASAR says

            Yeah ‘ the only common sense gun laws I wann hear about is that I can have as many as I want .

          2. Al says

            I can’t seem to get enough. I ‘m always seeing something I like and get it.

          3. QUASAR says

            Yup a gun is like FINE SEX ‘ you can never get enough .LOL

          4. Al says

            Getting both would be fine. Obama wants to put an end to sex also. Oh, does he HAVE to go.

          5. QUASAR says

            That will be the day ‘ f**k that asshole ‘ he can go straight to hell with all his bullshit ideas

          6. Al says

            His BS ideas is his jihadist plan to destroy our country. I’m drawing a cartoon of Obama sucking Muhammads azz.

          7. catman says

            He’s not my type…His plumbing is all wrong, so you can have him if you so desire !!!

          8. QUASAR says

            No thanks ‘ I like females.

          9. DaveM says

            If the SHTF they will be used!

          10. Randy Smith says

            Keeping your guns is a common sense gun law. Don’t let them confuse you with their switched meanings of words. Assault rifles are still assault rifles and semi automatic rifles are not assault rifles.

          11. Al says

            Right on Randy. I had a lib call my revolver an assault rifle.

          12. You ARE Dumb wow. says

            lmfao that is classic lol

          13. Al says

            The truth friend. The antis aren’t always the brightest.

          14. The Apache says

            Hello to all: AR-15 is a spray and pray assault weapon, while an AK-47 is a battle weapon. Wheel guns (revolvers) are best for assassins since they retain the cartridge, and semi-automatic hand guns throw out the cartridges, leaving evidence behind. People with small hands and arms should not be using .357’s, as their accuracy degrades considerably, and a 9mm or smaller will do just fine. Hinkley used a .22 on the president and almost got the job done. Reagan said as he was wheeled into the operating room: “I hope none of you are Democrats.”

            You can take excellent gun training, (pistol and rifle) at the world-class facilities in southern Nevada called “FrontSight” for $200 bucks and learn what anyone who carries a weapon should know regarding safety, deployment, and legal ramifications of discharging a weapon in self-defense or legal offense to protect lives that matter. You can say that “the Apache Warrior” sent you there for training.

            There should be a $1,000.00 bounty on criminals, and the hunters should be everywhere, having a duty and responsibility to do no harm to innocent by-standers. The first Bounty Hunter to get to $100,000.00 should also get a Congressional metal of honor, and a trophy for his/her wall.

            Send a clear message to all criminals; “Don’t use a weapon.” and “There is a bounty on your head.”

            And to all liberal communists: “If you are for gun control, or against gun ownership, then don’t buy one.”

          15. Randy Smith says

            My baby brother highly recommends “FrontSight” also, he was very much impressed by them.

          16. SNuss says

            While I don’t own an AR-15, I suspect that they are much better than a “spray and pray” weapon, as they are the most popular rifle sold in the U.S.. Most gun owners aren’t that ignorant of the performance level of their equipment.

          17. Kelvin Hoffman says

            i have NO problem hitting a 20 oz. bottle consistantly at 100 yards with a .357 mag.i use small targets to check my guns NOT HUGE targets alot of people love to use…………………..and i can consistantly place 6 arrows inside the cap off a 20 oz. bottle also with my bow……………………

          18. alfie007 says

            357 is way more accurate than folks think! Yes, coke cans at 100 yards not impossible. Mexi-cans easy at 100 yards.

          19. SNuss says

            “Common sense” and “Liberal” are mutually exclusive concepts.

          20. Al says

            Exactly correct amigo.

      4. fred says

        Repeat violent criminals who have used a gun in a crime, get lifetime work farm not Prison for the rest of their lives! Without deterrents they will comeback to a life of crime almost everytime! Psychology 101 folks! they can do the grunt work for Public Works projects on roads, etc…and if they fail to perform, execution is the next step!

        1. Randy Daniels says

          Build the walls at the borders!!!!

          1. fred says

            yes, exactly! as long as they are only doing the manual labor, not the skilled work on the integrity of the foundation or fence design! That is the type of “public works” I’m advocating also! lots of electronic monitoring should be in place over and UNDER the border areas…most of the drugs still getting though tunnels believe it or not…also Canada is their other choice for crossing, and they should be racially profiled there when they try to enter, face scanning software, and a dna sample everytime!

        2. UpstateNY says

          I have long advocated a return to hard labor, a small hammer and a large rock. The amount of gravel you produce determines how much you get to eat tonight.

          1. fred says

            I think you’ll agree we could return to those times of a severe deterrents if we didn’t have so many lawyers with their hand out to get paid for defending convicted felons! Lawyers and politicians should not be the people creating laws, it should always be the people who have the veto power over the narcissists in DC

          2. pineapple says

            Lawyers enact laws that enrich lawyers at the expense of everyone else.

            Shakespeare was right!!

        3. DaveM says

          Hard labor on a chain gang!

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            It works for sheriff Joe in Arizona. But then Arizona is run by real men and real women, not vermin like Gov. Brownshirt.

      5. John Williams says

        The only thing I would add, all teachers who chose to take the training and carry a weapon for their own and the students protection, pay them accordingly for their extra effort.

        1. kassa1 says

          Amen to that brother!

      6. tinkerunique says

        There used to be a MANDATORY (NO parole) 5-year sentence for ANY crime involving a firearm, whether it was used or not. That was above the crime itself. Whatever happened to it ??? Gun CONTROL is an issue about CONTROL alone, it does nothing but make unarmed victims. Some places have a mandatory lock-it-up policy where crooks can bust in, and the victims have to ask permission to unlock, load the weapon and persuade the crook to leave, OR just run away and go to a neighbors house to call 911.

        1. Everett Conrad says

          The democrats did away with that law because it was inhumane and not fair to the criminal…

          1. QUASAR says

            Typical democrat ‘ punish the victims and feel sorry for the predators.

        2. Al says

          Massachusetts; Have to have gun locks. (sucks)

          1. DaveM says

            Only if caught!

          2. Al says

            I have ’em Dave but I don’t use them on my guns.

          3. The Apache says

            Screw that law. Keep a gun handy, loaded, ignore that law for your own safety. If you have to shoot a criminal, make sure he is dead, even if you have to reload. You have no chance with a gun lock. Then you have a choice:
            Let the cops come for you, or dump the body in the garbage across town. Wait for his back-up man and take em out too. Replace carpet, paint walls. We have the desert in Arizona, Coyotes finish the criminal as a nice meal. Vultures take the pickins. Ants clean out the cavities and skull. Hikers find the bleached bones several years later. Some hikers keep the skulls for a trophy. Looks like a plastic one on your desk, or mount it on the wall. Get outside, take a hike, and look around. Criminals’ remains should be all over the place. Have a nice day.

          4. Al says

            LOL Very good. I do have speed loaders (3) and my gun locks are in the bottom desk draw and there they are staying and not on my guns. Mass . has a ten round magazine limit too. That sux.

          5. catman says

            I live in Arizona too and have been an advocate of dumping the scum bags bodies out where coyotes and other predators can have a free meal….

          6. William Benton says

            Gun locks are ok if you keep the locks out in a garage and only the locks.

          7. Al says

            LOL.. RIGHT.

        3. Eman says

          It seemed that an overwhelming percentage of people that receive that punishment were people of color. Seems that they couldn’t afford lawyers that were able to convenience a juries that when they were robbing that liquor store that realty wasn’t a gun in their hand.

      7. Everett Conrad says

        You are contradicting yourself. First of all in your first law you said “all criminals caught committing a crime with a gun receives a life sentence, NO PAROLE.” In your second law you say ” if you are a felon from previous gun totin crime and on probation and caught with a gun of any kind” well you see where I am going with this? How can he be out on parole if he received a life sentence with no parole in the first crime. Time to re-think your laws….

        1. QUASAR says

          Must be nice to be so perfect you say exactly what you intend every time .Go away troll.

          1. DaveM says


          2. QUASAR says

            I don’t go around pointing out little speach mistakes when the message is so clear and easy to understand ‘ why be a grammar freak.

        2. The Apache says

          Hello Everett:
          Clearly, there are felons out on parole already… Just making it permanent put away if they obtain or have a weapon in their possession – make em think twice of where they are going for their second, third, fourth etc, offense so they either don’t repeat, or if they even have a weapon, they go to jail for life. All the new crimes after the law is passed is mandatory, no parole… Jus separating the sheep from the goats…
          Trying to cover all bases. There is no contradiction here.
          Have a safe and sane day out there.

        3. DaveM says

          How about you coming up with something instead of shooting down his! People like you make me sick! All correction and all talk with no action! Your absence of action is like a liberal!

      8. joe says

        How about the damn government stay out of my buisness NO MORE LAWS period they only affect law abidding citizens. My right to carry a weapon is NOT GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT so they have no right to do ANYTHING that affects that right PERIOD!!

        1. QUASAR says

          With you all the way dude’ they are not getting mine either.

        2. DaveM says

          Bet on it! I was in the military for twenty years and honorably retired! Now I can not stand the FU government!

        3. Randy Smith says

          But we’re dealing with sociopathic behavior from people with mental improprieties (to put it nicely) who tend to gravitate towards positions of authority over others. So we have to always be vigilante and weed out those with defective thinking when they reveal themselves with actions such as purposing gun control.

          1. Kelvin Hoffman says

            the government IS A MENTAL DISORDER……………………..

      9. alfie007 says

        Sorry indian. No banana. ANY ‘use of a gun’ which results in any harm to anything or anyone will be grabbed onto and appended to by the Catholic gun control nuts. (try to find a Catholic nation that allows guns!). Try to find a successful Catholic nation!. Case closed.

      10. QUASAR says

        beautiful friend’ with a head like yours you should be making the laws not the govt stooges we have now.

      11. william lee henry says

        no jail, execution is the real answer

      12. John Driggers says

        well Apache, this sounds perfect, now if only we can get it past the crying, wimpering liberals, without them i think 90% of all our problems would be solved

      13. John says

        To zacal, you couldn’t have said it any better. what you said would be the fix, to the means. The only reason they want our guns, is to make it easy to control the masses. Just look at every country’s government that has done this, Germany in the 1930’s Cambodia in the late 1960’s , and this is just to name a few, this isn’t about gun rights. It’s about tyranny. and tyrants wanting control, nothing more.

      14. Gregg the voice of reason says

        I salute you Sir , You have hit the nail right on the head.
        To many bleeding heart liberals in this world..

        Molon Labe as a famous King once said.

        1. DaveM says

          Waiting…bullets in pig fat already!

      15. kassa1 says

        Obama is more dangerous to the people of this country than all the weapons in this country

        1. DaveM says

          And nobody has done anything! People are the problem! We need to charge his sorry ARSe with treason!

      16. Roy Fredrichsen says

        They wo’nt do that, It might violate THEIR civil rights. It MIGHT constitute cruel and unusual treatment. A lawyer might find a “loophole” that they could escape thru to go out and commit more crimes and go through the same thing again. WHERE are YOUR rights?

        1. DaveM says

          If they skrew up they should have no rights! Sick of politically correct BS!

      17. T. VOGT says

        would only up the exicution till one appeal is lost the 10-15 yrs of appeals is crazy too.. and re-offenders not life in jail.. at hard labor, I mean come on we have a lot of roads that Obama called shovel ready and manure was all he shoveled..SO make em sweat.. or deportation to a federal island where survival of the fittest is the law, no corrections officer to harm, you eat what you grow kill or catch.. have a barrage of missiles trained on said Island, incoming crafts etc.. and any attempt at a jail break just bomb em.. let survivors deal with it themselves, they want to act like animals treat em like animals.. by the way I have know a lot of innocent loving animals put down for a small scratch of a tooth in play.. if you wanna kill an animal for doing something it doesn’t understand is wrong, then double down on humans that knew they were doing wrong..This disease of being POLITICALLY CORRECT is acid eating away at the fabric of every strand of our nation.. time to neutralize it..

      18. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Rather than innocent babies, let’s sell off these vermin’s organs. The money made goes to fund to supply arms to the border patrol.

        1. alfie007 says


      19. Randy Smith says

        You’re missing the point, they want the majority’s guns, and then they’ll work on getting the rest. But for now they can and have used the violent armed criminal minority, for their ability to create carnage, and then use this carnage to terrorize voters into supporting their assault upon our 2nd amendment. Heck, they’ve even been going so far as to facilitate carnage with their gun control laws and “soft target gun free zone” schools and cities, along with refusing to enforce current laws that would remove violent offenders from society, all to aid their quest to disarm the majority. If you don’t believe it, examine the history of gun control and the repeating results from gun control, the arguments against gun control and their ignoring these arguments against gun control, and it paints a pretty clear picture as to what these anti gun leadership are. But oh no not here in America we’re the good guys, not all of us are, and never forget that monsters are always only a few legislative mistakes away. Planned Parenthood being a currently very visible example of this truth.

      20. alfie007 says

        Well done!, Now, how about a few extensions that are completely logical. Jaywalking is in that category of suicide. If someone jaywalks, then life in prison to prevent more attempts at suicide. Alcohol has been known to be addictive. No Alcohol!. come to think of it, I am addicted to something. If I do not have a drink of water for a day, then all I think of is a drink of water. I am ADDICTED to water. If someone has a unstoppable desire of something, then they are addicted!. Life in prison for all addicts! Water is the worst!.

        1. kotoc says

          Just out of curiosity, why are Catholics traitors? All that other stuff you said makes sense, but I’m confused about how if you vote for someone who is a Catholic is a vote for a traitor. What have they done, or what are the beliefs, that you find traitorous?

          1. alfie007 says

            Do not take lightly ‘god before country’. this means ‘Vatican
            before the USA.
            This is defiance of the USA and is treason!. This is the Catholic Bi-babble over the Constitution of the USA! This is an openly stated intent to destroy the USA.
            Sanctuary is Catholic and defiance of the Constitution and all the laws in the USA. This is also Anarchy and treason. There are more than 500 ‘sanctuary’ cities in the USA now!. The Vatican is doing open revolt and conquest! The
            Catholic traitors have been at it for a long long time.

            The Vatican has controlled the USA for 75 years. Proof;
            Biden (Catholic traitor) VP.
            Boehner (Catholic traitor) head of House. .
            McConnell (Catholic traitor) Head of Senate.

            These two control all of the agenda for all laws considered by the
            USA! This is control of the USA!.
            McCain (Catholic traitor.) Secy of Defense. Kerry, Catholic traitor Secy of state.
            Ryan (Catholic traitor). Finance, No-piano (Catholic traitor). Homeland Security followed by Jeh Johnson (do nothing). This is the top positions for the entire USA and held by Vatican traitors!

            This is the top of the entire USA government. they like ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS.
            Call it like it is. Political correct will get us all killed.
            Do you want to know how they got there ?

        2. catman says

          You were doing just fine up until that last line !!!

          1. alfie007 says

            Then you must be one of the Catholic traitors.

          2. catman says

            No Alfie I’m not. As a matter of fact, I am a member of the “Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints”. If you have trouble with that it is the MORMONS…..Now you can find fault with us I’m sure !!!

          3. alfie007 says

            SAMEO SAMEO Hairy reed the Catholic wannabe sure did a lot of damage to the USA. He was a Moron — oops Mormon i.e. wannabe Catholic traitor. Are you one of those that live three miles out of town with a few ladies to escort? Are you one of the relatives of the one that was chased down to Mexico for a while by the Feds?
            Why not read the Constitution instead of fairy tales?
            My religion is the USA. My bible is the Constitution of the USA. It is not compatible with ANY other religion. ALL others have a ‘better’ answer than MY religion, so I complain.
            Yes there is ‘freedom of religion’. There is also freedom from’ religion. So, if you like ‘religion’ please go to your home. Bar the gate. Lock and bolt the door.

            Shutter all the windows. Pull the drapes. Go to the farthest corner of the house
            and do your graven, unwholesome unsavory things which Witch Doctors do with such gusto. Revel in the worship of things with blood, torture, maiming, and finally killing! Have many graven images which can be worshipped above the value of human thought and achievement! This is your right!

            The reason to do all the preparation above avoid horrifying young children which will be mentally scarred for life after seeing such horrors.
            Also, Please do not force these mindless doings with those that are sane.

            Remember that there is a Constitution of the USA!
            This protects YOU and allows YOU to do these perverted things.
            This does not give YOU the right to mandate these horrors on

          4. alfie007 says

            Two strikes! Someone who likes cats and a Catholic traitor to boot!.

      21. Gregg the voice of reason says

        I stand with you Sir.
        GOD Bless America

      22. Victor Archuleta says

        Also to be addressed is the drive by shooter. The automobile is as much a tool for violence in this case.

        1. William Benton says

          I guess the next asinine law will outlaw car keys.

          1. Victor Archuleta says

            You’re probably correct. But I was thinking about the driver who controlled the car as the gunman fired the shot(s). The law generally states that when a person’s conduct aids another in committing a crime that person is also guilty. And speaking of asinine law, can you imagine the uproar if the gun control freaks would begin to accuse car manufactures of contributing to criminal activity because their vehicles were used in criminal activities?

    3. kotoc says

      SPOT ON!!! That’s the problem with Democrat thinking… they forget that one little detail of fact… CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAW!! Control of the general public won’t deter crime, only make the innocent less capable of defending themselves. I hope this guy, O’Malley, doesn’t have a gun or any means of protection, because if he does, he’s a hypocrite and should be exposed as one. Some of the background checks make sense, but it would be as easy to do that and stop criminals from owning firearms as it would be to find a lit match at the bottom of an ocean.

      1. Conservative says

        What kind of insanity would compel anyone to vote for Loser O’Malley?
        Oh, that’s right the criminals who roam the streets with murder and crime in their hearts.

        1. kotoc says

          There’s a commentary (about 5 minutes or so) by Bill O’Reilly that pretty much says it all. I doubt that Disqus will allow this link to appear, so if it doesn’t, please understand that those of us who are concerned HAVE been paying attention. Well, here goes…….

        2. QUASAR says

          Dead people who voted for obama in the last election.

      2. Robert Smith says

        O’malley doesn’t need a gun … he has a security detail to protect his sorry ass!

        1. Everett Conrad says

          Calling all snipers….

        2. QUASAR says

          I’lle bet you he would not give up his security detail as a show of good faith .

          1. Robert Smith says

            Of course he would … NOT! ;-P

        3. DaveM says

          And no functioning brain! I would love to meet him after his two year stint!

    4. John Driggers says

      ZACAL i agree with it’ll be another historical mark in history, the gunrunners will start making better profits along with illegal gun manufacturer…..that could be a solution to unemployment

    5. OSAMA OBAMA says

      ZING! Excellent!

    6. pineapple says

      It is ironic that Democrats want to ban guns in the U.S., while, at the same time, they are providing Iran with the means to produce nuclear weapons with which they can destroy the U.S., as they have threatened to do.

      What is wrong with this picture?

    7. David C. Telliho says

      To much logic in your comment. No politician will comprehend it.

    8. Mary Green says

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  4. alfie007 says

    Omally is not a ‘d’! omally is a CATHOLIC.
    Conquest knows no limits. Treason knows no bounds.
    The ‘r’ Catholic traitors do not like Roe v Wade.
    The ‘d’ Catholic traitors do not like guns.
    Neither r nor d Catholic traitors like the Constitution of the USA.
    Do not take lightly ‘god before country’. this means ‘Vatican before the USA. This is defiance of the USA and is treason!.

    Sanctuary is Catholic and defiance of the Constitution and all the laws in the USA. This is also Anarchy and treason. There are more than 500 ‘sanctuary’ cities in the USA now!. The Vatican is taking over! The Catholic traitors have been at it for a long long time.

    The Vatican has controlled the USA for 75 years. Proof; This does not happen by ‘accident’. It also takes a long period of time for this war of conquest to be where it is.

    Biden (Catholic traitor) VP.

    Boehner (Catholic traitor) head of House. .
    McConnell (Catholic traitor) Head of Senate.

    These two control all of the agenda for all laws considered by the USA!
    This is control of the USA!.

    McCain (Catholic traitor.) Secy of Defense. Kerry, Catholic traitor Secy of state. Ryan (Catholic traitor). Finance, No-piano (catholic traitor). Homeland Security followed by Jeh Johnson (do nothing). This is the top positions for the entire USA and held by Vatican traitors!
    Call it like it is. Political correct will get us all killed.
    This is the top of the entire USA government.


    1. donl says

      Sorry you are misinformed, I am a catholic, i have guns, I do not vote for democrats, I don’t always agree with the pope, I believe in Country First, I’m not a traitor, I am 110% all american, I think Boehner and Mc Connell should be replaced, I like John Mc Cain but I dislike Coward Kerry, I agree with you on Jeh Johnson, I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of rights, Oh yeah, you for got putrid Pelosi a catholic. In my book, Country and Family comes first. Got a problem with that?

      1. florida3guy says

        I agree with you except for the part about McCain. There is nothing to like about him as he is the worst kind of RINO there is.

      2. alfie007 says

        If you are a Catholic then look south of the USA four feet, then for the next four thousand miles. Be happy! This is what the Vatican brings to every nation they invade.

        Do not take lightly ‘god before country’. this means ‘Vatican before the USA.
        This is defiance of the USA and is treason!. This is the Catholic Bi-babble over the Constitution of the USA! This is an openly stated intent to destroy the USA.
        This totally negates your statement of 110% Catholic …oops American.

        All Catholics are AINO (American In Name Only) and traitors. Catholic… remove brain, insert dogma, never think again, and go to the pervert in the black sack, buy a candle, get a one liner and spew it out.

        there is not one successful Catholic nation on earth. Vote for ANY Catholic and vote for failure and treason. Got a problem with that?
        Education and indoctrination are not compatible You can have one, or the other, sorry, not both. Try to find a successful Catholic nation.. Indoctrination kills all.

  5. HankBar says

    This may be the only issue that will get an ultra liberal democrat voted out of office. So keep shoveling your dung dems and see what happens.

    1. QUASAR says

      Kilary is doing a great job of f*****g her party ‘ keep up the insanity dems ‘ people are waking up to your shit

  6. Davard says

    The reason these nuts want gun control is so they can more safely control the citizens. These measures would require an unrestrained police force that would make the thought police in “1984” look like crossing guards. Is O’Malley a dedicated autocrat and would be dictator or just an unrealistic fool. Did Maryland elect him because they were vying with Chicago for the most gullible electorate in the country.

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      I forget who said this but, “They will take my gun from my cold, dead fingers”. I am holding that, so, if you want my gun, COME AND TAKE IT!!!!~

      1. Laddyboy says

        Charlelton Heston. He is now deceased. He past naturally.

        1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          You are right, Thank You!

        2. QUASAR says

          Great man and a fine actor ‘

      2. Conservative says

        I like this one: “If they outlaw guns, I will become an outlaw”

        1. Al says

          I will. I’m keeping my guns.

          1. QUASAR says

            You’re not alone buddy .

        2. QUASAR says

          Millions of us will friend ‘ Good ‘I always wanted to be above the law .LOL

      3. QUASAR says

        Charleton heston said it to bill clinton when he was NRA president .Loved him as a actor .

    2. QUASAR says

      I highly doubt he was ELECTED’ more likely ‘ voter machine fraud.

  7. MARYSWEET says

    He must be smoking some good pot. This will do nothing but make illegal guns easier to get. This is where they should be going after the guns – from the criminals. He has just proven his plan will not work – just look at Baltimore.

    1. The Apache says

      Ok, everyone:
      Let’s get working on the real problem: Criminals. How about a universal new federal law: Any criminal committing a crime with a weapon (gun, rifle, shotgun) receives a life-time sentence, no parol. If anyone is killed during the crime (including one of several criminals), it is mandatory execution of the remaining criminals, mandatory death penalty. Solitary Confinement until appeals run out.
      If you are a criminal don’t use a gun. Second federal law: If you are a felon from previous gun-totin crimes, on probation, and are caught with a gun of any kind, life-time sentence, no parol. Then we have to work on the next weapon of choice of the criminals. The attack should be on the criminals not on the gun, and certainly not on the law-abiding citizens.
      Third federal law: Any law-abiding citizen who uses a gun to stop a criminal conducting crimes is exonerated and has limited immunity. In the event a law-abiding citizen should kill a criminal during his crime, a thousand dollar award is paid as a bounty on criminals.
      Fourth federal law: Adopt the Colorado “make my day” law.
      These laws would certainly start reducing gun related crimes in the US.
      Any supporting comments would be appreciated.
      If you are for gun control laws, or against gun ownership, then don’t buy one.

      1. Dave says

        Agree we must get tough on criminals, but mandatory sentencing often catches innocent people. There is a lot of collateral damage when government does anything. Government cannot/will not ever protect the private person, it is not their job. It is up to the People to protect themselves. Our money would be better spent encouraging private gun ownership and training.

      2. MARYSWEET says

        It is way past time we start concentrating on disarming the criminals instead of the legal American citizen. I like your thinking.

  8. RAYAKE says

    IDIOT he is !!!

  9. MILES E DRAKE says

    This dimwitted party hack is responsible for the rioting in Baltimore because of his mismanagement of the police as mayor and his encouragement of the craven pro-criminal left as governor. His only accomplishment in the later post was selling the contents of the governor’s mansion to himself at fire-sale prices. He deserves to be delivered rapidly to the sub-basement of incompetent obscurity along with Webb and Chaffee.

  10. Davard says

    Just remember Democrats and dictators both begin with “D”. Yes, Republicans and rulers both begin with “R”, but rulers are not necessarily tyrants.

    1. ipsd48 says

      ………….and poly-ticks is still many bloodsucking insects

  11. zrevtom says

    When they had riots in Ferguson the only stores left untouched were stores who had the owners and friends on their rooftops with shotguns. When you have hundreds of people rioting, burning, looting etc nothing stops them faster then looking at the barrels of shotguns aimed at them. No guns for the rioters but their weapon was the numbers of them willing to destroy what others had built. Criminals will always get guns and taking guns away from responsible citizens is giving a free pass to criminals. These politicians have their nice quiet safe neighborhoods to go home to, the poor do not.

    1. AWB2 says

      Plus a free pass for the government to do whatever their collective agenda may be. They become the master, and you become the servant. Just the opposite of the prime principle upon which this nation was founded. Now we are locked in a debate as to which personality will be our new master.

    2. allen goldberg says

      And are disconnected from reality

    3. Al says

      They have body guards paid for by us too.

      1. wildeagleone says

        Would you really give your life for some filthy rich politician and leave your family without their father and Husband? Who is it worth more then your life and the wreckage of your family as the Politician continues to damn the citizens of this country in their safe havens and pursue the idea of stripping away your freedoms on a day by day basis?

        1. Al says

          You’re right friend. Vote all these scum out.

          1. QUASAR says

            Vote hell ‘ throw the bastards out on their asses with a march on their office building and demand they leave and never set foot in the state again.

          2. Al says

            Great idea.

    4. wildeagleone says

      They haven’t thought that far ahead. If all the guns are taken away from the honest citizen, their neighborhoods will no longer be safe as the criminals will know there is no opposition, just as they know when they see Gun Free Zones posted

      1. ipsd48 says

        They will, of course, exempt themselves from such ridiculous laws.

        1. QUASAR says

          Oh of course ‘ they will say they are responsible enough to own one but the rest of us are not .

      2. QUASAR says

        These parasites don’t care about JOHN Q PUBLIC ‘ they all live behind their gated secure houses while we live in harms way .

  12. George Cahonna says

    It’s called People Control…..Not Gun Control…Communists/Liberals/ Socialists within our Government must be stopped.

    1. William Homolka says

      Amen, George. How about domestic enemy registration? No socialist/commies and Muslims in Congress or U.S. public office. Islam is not a religion, but a facist political movement. Socialism/Communism is not better.

      1. George Cahonna says

        Your right on target William!!

  13. allen goldberg says

    Another dumba$$ democrat, acting like a tyrant and demanding the law abiding citizens conform. If he were attached to reality……..he would be concentrating on the criminals and those who would violate the law…but he’s not about reality.

    1. QUASAR says

      But that makes sense ‘ instead they go after people who just want to have the right to defend themselves and keep their families safe.

      1. allen goldberg says

        Careful….you are accusing me of making sense….:)

  14. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    He is a jerk!! He was no better when he was in office. We Marylanders found this out while he WAS in office and are HAPPY he is GONE. Thank GOD he will not become our next President. He would be no better than Hillary and we ALL know what we would have if she made President 🙁

  15. Rock J. Dueck says

    Famous quote: God made all men. Sam Colt made all men equal.
    A disarmed society is a helpless society.

  16. Jr1776 says

    This guys dream is a nightmare

  17. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


  18. Wyatt says

    Democrat , long used name for a communist . Violent crimes involving guns will still occur as criminals do not frequent firearm retailers to purchase their weapons , those weapons are stolen from legal law abiding citizens via burglaries of homes and sporting good dealers and gun shops then sold to street punks who seek them for prestige and or power among their fellow criminals and punks . Making it difficult to purchase any firearm , be it for hunting , home defense or just plain old target practice will only make people targets for the lawless who do not obey any gun laws . It also makes it easier for those in power , those elected to public office to control those who elected them . Dictators and WannaBe Dictators are born every day . Someone always has a plan , a better idea , a dream of a Utopian Society . Well sorry folks , I will tell you that no such place exists , mainly due to people like O”Malley who believe they know it all and what is best to solve any problem . Here’s an idea , make it mandatory that every adult receive firearm training . This could be done during their high school years , and upon reaching a pre determined age , say 21 , they are required to purchase a firearm that would be worn and or carried in plain sight . After all , and armed society is a polite society ! Street punks would not carry out any crimes because their basic trait is that of cowards , they do not want to be shot . They much prefer to prey on the defenseless , . You know I have a cat whose name is O’Malley , If it weren’t for the fact that he is so much brighter than this Democrat , I’d change it in a heartbeat . I might anyway so he would not have to face the shame of bearing the same name as this idiot in Baltimore .

  19. Bruce True says

    He is another patsy for the U.N. and this man is dangerous, more dangerous than the guns themselves and doesn’t know the first thing about history all this is another socialist way of being in control of the people.

  20. Halftrack2 says

    Send him a copy of the 2Nd Amendment….He apparently hasn’t read it…..

    1. Laddyboy says

      Halftrack2: He REFUSES to obey and protect the Constitution.

  21. Laddyboy says

    ‘o’malley’ is a socialist. He thinks he knows what is best for OTHER people. He believes in BIG government. He has “cooked” the books of Maryland. When he was voted out of the governship of Maryland, he left Md. with over $800,000.00+ in debt. He “stole” money from other departments to make himself and the DemocRATs appear good. He is a “GUN-CONTROLLER” / People CONTROLLER. Do not trust this man. He is not worthy to be in any Offices let alone be the President.

  22. Al says

    We don’t need him.

  23. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    This is an example of an idiot. There is nothing they will not do to violate and destroy the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights! Gun control is AGAINST THE LAW! I am a proponent of open carry ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY!

  24. SeeThroughYou says

    There is no constitutional basis for Gun Control. The 2nd Amendment is a Civil Liberty and penalties must be based on punishment for misuse not prior restraint.

  25. Paladin says

    Another liberal moron masquerading as intelligent; thoughtful…

  26. downs1 says

    Martin O’Malley is a great fool! What this idiot is really saying is, “We will disarm the good guys! We will make it impossible for people to protect themselves!” There will always be people with sick minds who will murder others! Good guys have difficulty obtaining legal weapons; however, bad guys always seem to be able to get guns! There are always people who will make a business of selling guns to bad guys! You cannot legislate morality! If you could, half of the politicians would be “out”! Wake up, America!

  27. TexRancher says

    Hey O’Malley,


  28. Evan says

    Absolutely no more DEMOCRAPS in our government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lizard says

    Guns are here to stay if you do not like guns get f–out of America

  30. papa doug says

    And Mister O’Malley just how many criminals do you expect will follow your plan? Will they require background checks on each other? Do you think they will require fingerprints? Maybe you think they will just walk into a gun store and on the application form write “CRIMINAL”?
    This stupid plan shows that neither O’Malley nor the Democratic party have any interest in reducing crime. The Democrats have become the socialist party and need to eliminate guns from the law abiding citizens in order to take over our country. THAT is the true purpose of gun control.

  31. paulrph1 says

    Is this guy a loon or what? Does he bother to look at his own actions–the actions of his state and see what is happening? And he wants us to follow him and his state. Some people have been living in a cesspool for so long they do not know what fresh air smells like. Oh, what is the peculiar smell? You say it is fresh air, I do not believe you.

  32. POPPIE says

    Another liberal asshole !

  33. VanceJ says

    LOL, and this luney tunes wants to be President

  34. Sgt. York says

    I’ll just set back and see how he gets the street people,thugs and illegals register Thiers before we people get kicked in the ass. Never gonna happen

  35. Albert L Biele says

    Demographics; States with the toughest
    gun laws have the highest gun caused fatalities. States that adhere to the
    second amendment (with back-up-checks only) have the lowest number of gun
    caused fatalities. So, what’s the logic behind tougher gun control laws? It is
    just another necessary step toward changing our political system from a
    democratic-Republic to a totalitarian socialist regime, where 5% of the
    population controls 95% of the population. This is exactly how Hitler was able
    to convert Germany from a free nation to a Nazi regime in a single day. (He first disarmed the people
    to eliminate resistance). Freedom is worth fighting for!!!!!

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      STATISTICS mean nothing to Communists whose main goal is to DISARM THEIR INTENDED VICTIMS!!!!
      “In order to overthrow a nation its people must first be disarmed”
      ~ Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto

      1. Albert L Biele says

        Taking guns away from American citizens
        is a progressive, far left, democratic strategy to assure terrorist, and the
        criminal element, that it is now safe to attack an unarmed America. We have
        idiots running the country.

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          “IDIOTS”, or our ….ENEMY?!

  36. EMIRCITNA says

    DEMOCRATS have mental problems or they would NOT be Democrats!
    COMMUNISTS have mental problems or they would NOT be Communists!
    Hmmmmm, maybe that’s why most Democrats are Communists and most Communists are Democrats!!!

  37. Dudley DoRight. says

    He’s playing: Follow the nigger.

  38. Kent2012 says

    another fine example of a commie candidate that will please the parasites and inspire the coward pseudo intellectuals…

  39. DennisofRockyMount says

    The USA, founded by geniuses , run by idiots.

  40. Russ says

    this communist prick can suck it!!!

    1. QUASAR says

      He can suck on the end of the barrel of my shotgun if he tries to take mine .

  41. EMIRCITNA says

    ANY POLITICIAN that ‘infringes’ upon law-abiding U.S. citizens right to bear arms is in violation of their oath of office which requires them to UPHOLD the U.S. Constitution …of which the Second Amendment is part thereof thus should immediately be REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!!!!

  42. ZO666 says

    I never go to a safe gun zone unarmed….MOST DANGEROUS PLACES IN THE COUNTRY!

  43. Jena Smith says

    All of these liberal, communist politicians have body guards who have guns. Why don’t they start with them?

  44. liberaldisgust says

    This just shows how ignorant and shallow Leftards really are , they are stupid enough to actually think laws will effect the criminals in our society and all of a sudden they will disarm , all this will do is make law abiding citizens victims as they already are in Leftard run so called gun free zones …….

  45. ZO666 says

    How many Syrians are coming? How many violent criminals has Ubama invited in from the south? And he thinks giving up our right to self defense is a good idea….This guy needs to crawl back under his rock….

  46. ZO666 says

    What’s Ubama really afraid of? His real program is to make all gun owners criminals in the eyes of his sheep, Then it’s just a matter of filling his happy camps. After all White lives don’t matter.. Has any one been held accountable for the hundreds of thousands of VA murdered Vets?
    Never mind impeachment..Handcuffs are in order!

  47. Raphael ben Avraham says

    I hope someone uses a gun on him. Dead democrats can’t enslave the people!

  48. Bob Stewart says

    Why give weapons to criminals and leave good decent citizens with no way to protect themselves and their families? Democrats have always been fools who rush into idiotic grandstanding when they are trying to dismantle the constitution.

  49. William Homolka says

    No!!! Outlaw Democrats!!

    1. ZO666 says

      Communists Same thing…

    2. QUASAR says


  50. jimwilson81 says

    Nothing new here. What Democrats refuse to acknowledge is that human kind is basically violent. They do not take history serious, but instead try to lay down laws that can not and will not work in the end.

  51. ZO666 says

    I can’t figure it out Does Ubama hate Patriots more than Christians?

  52. ZO666 says

    My prediction with the Ubama’s turn America into a Muslim Sharia law country is the disarmed will not survive…..

  53. Ted says

    These are the kind of people that create city violence. The bad guys could care less about his plans. Their plan, by a firearm from a Merchant of Death and shoot anyone that gets in their way selling drugs.. I would be willing to bet that this guy has never been in the inner city of Baltimore, yet he is the authority that is selling this nonsense.

  54. Herb Branch says

    O’Malley is a traditional corrupt Baltimore Democrat. He arose within the local political ranks by espousing the standard Democrat political mantras as they evolved decade by decade. His core beliefs consist of saying whatever he thinks will get traction among the Left-wing of the Democrat Party. Democrats in the past claimed to be the political heirs of Thomas Jefferson (my grandparents were all what used to be called Jeffersonian Democrats). Both they and Jefferson would be appalled at what has transpired in the past 80 years in the name of democracy by the Democrat Party.

    Mr. O’Malley is a very corrupt and slick politician. The acquisition of Governor’s Mansion furniture under very suspect circumstances is but the tip of the iceberg of O’Malley corruption. And his wife, a Maryland judge, should know better than to have participated in that and several other shennanigans. That suggests that the corruption of the man has pervaded his family as well. In my opinion, O’Malley deserves to be investigated for gross corruption in public office in regard to multiple matters of law and public policy.

    1. kotoc says

      WOW!! Where did you get all this information about O’Malley? It isn’t that I don’t believe you, but how is it that the general public hasn’t chimed in with things like this before today? I don’t doubt that he’s a corrupt and slick politician for one minute, but I’m curious how you got all this information.

      1. Herb Branch says

        Some info was from Tom Marr at WCBM-680 both recent and from over the past 10 years. Also, from state delegate Pat Mc Donough over the past 5 plus years. Also, met a few people who went to college with him and had tracked his career for many years. Their info proved to be as reliable as anything else I have found. In due course it will all unravel on OMalley. He wanted for the past 4 years to be the next “Big O” in the White House. He has the necessary ego to follow in Barack’s footsteps, but I do not believe that he will ever get there. Like Hillary, he has too much bad baggage. But, unlike Hillary, he has too few in the “mainstream” media to give him the necessary cover and protection when it all unravels.

    2. Conservative says

      He is an ideal candidate for the corruption in Maryland.

  55. lieberalschism says

    This guy is more dangerous than any firearm

  56. Dave says

    I agree that we should be tough on criminals, BUT, as in the “war on drugs” innocent people can be swept up by the zeal of police and prosecutors. Like the 3 strikes rule – life for stealing a donut? Or the girlfriend of a drug dealer getting more time than drug dealers, because she has no information to bargain with. When has the just us system done anything right? Most thug are cowards and love to gather in groups to abuse unarmed people. The Best solution is to encourage people to own and use private weapons. The worst thing I can think of is condemning people not deserving the punishment.

  57. Nikita63 says

    The idiots who are advocates of total gun control somehow continually miss the fact that it is rarely if EVER
    legally compliant gun owners who committ crimes; always illegally obtained or sociopathic personalities who either steal the weapons or are able to con authorities doing the investigations into believing they are fit and competent and allow them to be purchased or otherwise acquired. No one will EVER be able to stop this type of happening short of a technological mind scan which we are not capable performing at this time. However, Making schools and military bases and other areas where crowds gather is insane because it makes those crowds attractive targets to terrorists and other sociopathic or psychotic threats. We would be better off with universal open carry than what we have. Any criminal will think twice if they KNOW the intended victim is armed and all statistics point to places like Kennesaw, Georgia or where policy has changed as in Detroit, bearing this out.The crime rate is much lower than in other places without such laws, especially crimes in which guns are used! Liberals are not interested in freedom; they always want to MANDATE how others will live in a manner of do as I say, not as I do, because one need only look at the record of the past 7 year; especially the first four, to see the TRUTH of that contention: they are CONVINCED they are better than YOU mentally and just generally superior; which is as far from reality as one can get!

  58. Conservative says

    This is further proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

  59. Joyce White says

    Another brainless Democrat politician heard from. They just crawl out of the woodwork every time guns are mentioned. I don’t know how our forefathers survived without gun control.

  60. wildeagleone says

    This is another ash hole that doesnt get up in the morning and thank God for our inalienable right to protect ourselves and our families as well as our country against the tyranny of government. He is evidently all for the idea that we Americans are to dumbed down to be able to think for ourselves therefore need Big Government with people like him taking care of us. Germany was eventually relieved of all their weapons and look where that got the honest people. Syria has been relieved of all weapons except for the tyrannical government and look where the citizens are today. Scattered all over the mid east looking for a place to lay down their heads without fear of execution. Screw you Omalley and the party you belong too

  61. Bill Dukeman says

    Why aren’t anti American politicians arrested and thrown in prison for trying to trash our Constitution, especially the 2nd amendment, which is the most important amendment of all? As usual, it is a brain dead commiecrat doing the trashing.

  62. STOCKBOY says

    The last paragraph is playing right into the Dumbocrats’ hands, a baseball bat is a GREAT weapon and has been used in many crimes.

  63. fred says

    O’Malley has chosen the wrong position on this topic! if any candidate doesn’t support our Constitution they deserve to be removed from office! I understand this guy is the governor of Maryland, one of the worst states in the country because it has all the criminals in Baltimore, but that does not excuse him for trying to take a citizen’s right to protect themselves from these thugs! My Question is, how are you going to keep the criminals from getting guns? do you think a criminal is going to get a background check? think again, gun grabbers only want to disarm as a means of “command and control”- (Marx)… forget any future elections once the second amendment is gone, and remember they fear us because we see through their constant BS on this topic and so many others!

  64. R. T. says

    GUN CONTROL It done wonders in Chicago !

    1. QUASAR says

      LOL’ good example

  65. US Army Retired says

    We will achieve the American Dream when anti-Constitution people like O’Malley are gone.

    Thomas Paine of Pennsylvania:

    “Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and
    preserve order in the world as well as property…Horrid mischief would ensure
    were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” Thoughts on Defensive War, 1775

  66. EdStone says

    O’Malley is just a baby obigears.

  67. Linda Shelton says

    Gun laws are not about disarming criminals, it is about disarming the general population so they can sweep in, declare martial law, take over the country, establish a dictator and they live happily ever after while the rest of us slave for them so they can live happily ever after.

  68. G.Mann says

    Mr. Omalley, I will support all your proposed “gun control laws” only if you will support my “Law of Equal Application” to the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights proposal.

    In that proposal, You and all your liberal communist friends operating under the name “Democrat” would be subject to an “Exactly Equal Restriction” on your First Amendment Rights.
    To whit:
    1. If you would require a license to own a fire arm, you would also be required to apply and qualify for a license to speak. A waiting period would be required to obtain that license, along with a full and complete background check, which would investigate all previous uses of your right to speak. A fee would be charged for this permit to speak, equal to any fee you would impose on the Right to Bear Arms.

    2. If you would require a limit on the size of a magazine which limits the Right to Bear Arms under the Second Amendment, then an Equal Limit to Free Speech under the First Amendment, would be imposed on all of your specific class of Democrat, ie… a “10 word limit”. Equal to your suggestion that your class might “create some violent act against citizens” by misuse of the First Amendment Right.

    3. You must support and fund the creation of a Federal Agency, on par with BATFE, which has absolute right to arrest you for violation of any of the regulations which this “Department of Speech Control” might write, and then put you in fail for an equal time for having “Spoken more than 10 words” or some other violation equal to having “Unregistered Speech” without a license.. or speaking in a “Speech Free Zone”.

    4. Upon the report by a concerned citizen that you violated this “Law of Equal Application” the new DSC [Department of Speech Control] can make a no knock raid on your place of work or abode and seize any and all items that might be used by you to exercise your First Amendment Right.

    The right is reserved to extend the rules for this Agency at will, without review, to Equally Limit your First Amendment Right, which would then make your proposal to limit the Second Amendment Right on par with this proposal…

    Since you are a known repeat offender already, it is proposed that you, and all who fit in your specific class of persons must wear a locking muzzle when you are in public, and that muzzle must be paid for by a special tax imposed on your class of persons to ensure you do not exercise your First Amendment Rights to harm the greater good of the state or the people thereof.

    All in favor so signify by voice vote. Aye, in agreement… Nay, opposed.

  69. Patriot( retired Navy) says

    Just another idiot who has no clue, or even knows how to read statistics, we have to remove these dangerous politicians from spewing their unconstitutional feces. the Second Amendment is there for a reason as is, these libtards see it as an obstacle to their overall plan to subjugate the people of this great nation. If they do not like guns then move to England, or Australia, but leave our country and its’ constitution alone.

  70. Pegasus says

    The man is an idiot….. O’Malley is delusional!

  71. Deby says

    No wonder nobody has heard of this moron-if this is his platform-he is already done. The dumbocrats are scattering-as of right now-they have NO viable candidate.

    1. QUASAR says

      Yup’ GUN CONTROL is a dead issue ‘ the only ones still pushing it are these liberal idiots that actually think they will ever get them taken away .NEVER’ NEVER’ GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS .

  72. Patriot( retired Navy) says

    The Apache: After reading your post, (which I liked), I am heartened by the fact that people who understand the constitution and its’ guidance for all to follow give us the tools to stop these idiots in office. The innocent are always targeted by both the criminal and the politically elected idiots, who fail to listen to the facts and the people. Great post.

  73. Landshark says

    In the all that was necessary first vote on O’Ba’Malley’s Second Amendment violating gun law the Demoncraps were one vote short of passage. They took the democrat who would not vote for the insane Bill into a side room and made who knows what kind of threats to him to convince him he should change his vote and it was a done deal, as un-constitutional as it is. O’Malley is a Communist through and through. A vote for him is a vote for tyranny, as with any Demoncrap running.for president. Or Congress. Or local government.

  74. millerstwo says

    Are ‘Dumocraps’ really that stupid? Have you seen the statistics regarding the crime rate in Australia since guns were outlawed ? Every aspect of violent crime has increased since law abiding citizens were stripped of their ONLY protection! There is no RATIONAL reason to take weapons out of the hands of law abiding citizens especially since we in America have been granted that right by the 2nd amendment.
    There is only one reason why a government would want to confiscate it’s citizens weaponry….to leave them helpless! The 2nd amendment was written so that we could protect ourselves from a tyrannical Federal Government not some common foreign enemy!

    1. QUASAR says


      1. millerstwo says

        DITTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. wmagg says

    face facts the only way for the people of this nation to secure OUR freedoms and our rights is
    to pass an amendment to the constitution that requires the people to ratify any “LAW” passed upon the people by “the Government” prior to enforcement or enactment. And an amendment that removes the courts ability to overturn the vote of the people.
    This puts the laws back in the hands of the people and forces all levels of the government to comply with the constitution and the will of the people.This was, I believe, the original intention of the founders of this nation. that is why at the top of the CONSTITUTION it says

  76. Phyllis Schultz says

    O’Malley is a fool. He passed gun laws in Maryland and they have one of the 5 highest murder rates in the US. Criminals will always have guns. The only protection citizens have is criminals knowing that many of us have guns. Without guns it would be open season for those criminals.

  77. ccannon says

    Another nitwit Democrat with a totally stupid idea. It is a shame that they can never come up with anything even the slightest bit worthwhile. Need to vote most of them out before they totally wreck the country!

  78. 11cowby says

    I think take a sledge hammer to the stupid ass

  79. MRHapla says

    So to reduce violence, fight crime, you PCLibDemCraps are willing, EAGER, to violate my civil rights, in order to protect those of the ghetto/barrio dwellers.

    I remind you that your Democrat PCLibStupidity on the “Great Society” Affirmative Action BS is what got us in this mess.

  80. hangman57 says

    You never hear a Democrat ,talk about going after gangs who are killing all over our nation . Never hear Democrats going after their guns . But you always hear them talk about going after LAW ABIDING CITIZENS , who have legal guns and CCW permits . People who don’t have any felonies , who follow the law . Instead of going after Illegal guns that gangs have . Obama and Democrats go after law abiding citizens. They go after Christians ,Churches , and legal guns .

    1. kotoc says

      Well, that pretty much says it all. The question is, what can … and what WILL we do about it? It’s about time for a revolution….. and not one against our enemies overseas, it’s the one against the evil that exists within our government, our easily persuaded (government controlled) media, and our welfare recipients that would allow our country ship to run aground, so to speak. It’s time to not only KEEP our arms, but to fight for our country. I’m armed and ready.

  81. ipsd48 says

    Just as the Narcotics Act and the Gun Control Act of the 1930s did nothing to address the problems and everything to ‘create’ a new class of ‘criminals’

  82. Dick Ellis says

    WE the people will decide what we want not these pig headed fart blowers of progressive destructive crap to our country! TIME to send NASTY e-mails to each one of these pigs reminding them who really is in charge!

  83. Conservative says

    Hillary……………………………corrupt, lying crook
    O’Mally………………………….corrupt, lying, anti-American, stupid man
    Sanders………………………..Stupid Socialist/Commie wanting to waste another $18 trillion a year to the Nat’l
    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder and the mentally incapacitated never consider the harm to themselves.

  84. patriot carpenter says

    When are they going to realize they are why they will never take our guns. Laws on this matter are of no consequence because in legal fact they ARE elegal. ” and shall not be infringed apond ” These words have meaning. If politicians push this agenda, know they are corrupt. No opinion accepted.

  85. joe says

    F OFF Omalley you POS

  86. ramrodd says

    This commie gun grabber was terrible in Maryland……….

  87. daveveselenak says

    It should have read … another COMMUNIST, when is the Right going to ever find the balls to tell it right-ly?

  88. ronpaynter says

    How can anyone ever think about supporting this idiot O’Malley? What a kissup. He is the idiot who said “All Live Matter” which is a truism and then turned around and APOLOGIZEDfor saying it. Just an attempt to placate and suckup to the fools that think that only “Black Lives Matter”. What an ass!!!!

  89. Veteran says

    If gun control stopped crime………..There would be no crime in prisons! Fact is that criminals cause crime NOT guns, cars, knives or heavy objects! For example what if we banned cars? Criminals couldn’t drive to the bank to rob it! They’d walk to the bank and rob it!

  90. faturism says

    The day we stop the PC BS is the day the dimlibs MIGHT start to get the message, although I’m not holding my breath. Call a criminal a criminal, an illegal alien an illegal alien, call a crazy a crazy (and re-open the insane asylums) and call an Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist. Really, a criminal has NEVER purchased a gun LEGALLY. Bathhouse Barry is such a criminal, Islamic terrorist…..anyone remember Fast and Furious? The ignorance of the left is astounding!!!!! And all the biggest mouths espousing gun confiscation are either armed themselves (Diane Frankenstein) or have armed security…..can you spell HYPOCRIT , dimlibs?

  91. Obie Miller says

    Criminals will use whatever tools or weapons they deem best to commit crimes, and passing laws to keep good honest people from defending themselves will have NO effect on the actions of criminals.CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS–(DUH?)!

  92. Alleged Comment says

    YOU must warn O’ Malley he is committing a CRIME himself by overruling the 2nd Amendment which he swore to uphold and it says it cannot be infringed upon. And if worse gets to worse he can be HANGED over it, but I hope under Hillary where the no#1 and no#2 will drop on him.

    What a sight that would be.

    And that by doing that what he seeks to prevent will multiplied many times over with knives, bats, fist, instead, but he will NEVER ban those so this means he is seeking to de-arm and make defenseless the population so that HE can rule with immunity over them.

    He is the latest Demoncrap desiring to be a tyrant over you and misuse the Constitution to bash you over the head with.

  93. Laurie Czerwinski says

    Now that shootings are in the newscast Big Time..whete exactly is Logical?? In the plain old 2nd Amendment. The nd Amendment was written when an attack against our rights as far as Another far away country can Overly Tax us when we were dirt poor here is concerned..What on earth is Logical about free firearms Now?? He’s got my vote; It Does Have To be re-written. There’s a more serious reason, those with their gu s are Not speakung up or Doing Anything when we hear like, rumor of a stolen child..I hear Nothing from anyone but “Yes, Sir” when there is rumor of abduction here. Then, ‘print’ them all because their scarex to even speak to defend anyone. Then, they can go ahead…and, it’ll be logical.

  94. Allan Stark says

    It seems likely that the national democratic party honchos assigned O’Malley to be the next one up to take potshots at us, in their neverending war against traditional Americans and our constitution. Dems keep throwing themselves at us in this way for the same reason cops fire rubber bullets at unruly crowds – to keep us back and controlled and preoccupied while they continue their other war against America.

  95. Jack says

    Some adages,,Outlaw guns,ONLY outlaws will have guns*******Don’t blame the trigger Blame the finger,,,****Whence you place yourself in hams way,be prepared to pay/suffer the consequences. .A law that reads(?)”you can’t be tried twice,for the same crime,, I wonder why that person is allowed to appeal and be repeatedly tried for that same murder(??) charles manson was found guilty of murder,intermittently,he goes before the”board”seeking parole,,I wonder how Sharon Tate feels on those days…Bring back the death penalty,,See my third(3rd) quote above ..I’ll bet the guy featured in this article,,is”WILD” about the NRA

  96. US Army Retired says

    We will achieve the American Dream when anti-Constitution people like O’Malley are gone.

    Thomas Paine of Pennsylvania:

    “Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and
    preserve order in the world as well as property…Horrid mischief would ensure
    were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” Thoughts on Defensive War, 1775

  97. Randy Daniels says

    Once again not one word on how to take the illegal guns from thugs and gangs, just legal guns.

  98. Proud Liberal says

    In a powerful challenge to conventional wisdom, the separation of church and state has no historical foundation in the First Amendment. The detailed evidence assembled here shows that eighteenth-century Americans almost never invoked this principle. Although Thomas Jefferson and others retrospectively claimed that the First Amendment separated church and state, separation became part of American constitutional law only much later. Separation became a constitutional freedom largely through fear and prejudice. Jefferson supported separation out of hostility to the Federalist clergy of New England. Nativist Protestants (ranging from nineteenth-century Know Nothings to twentieth-century members of the K.K.K.) adopted the principle of separation to restrict the role of Catholics in public life. Gradually, these Protestants were joined by theologically liberal, anti-Christian secularists, who hoped that separation would limit Christianity and all other distinct religions. Eventually, a wide range of men and women called for separation. Almost all of these Americans feared ecclesiastical authority, particularly that of the Catholic Church, and, in response to their fears, they increasingly perceived religious liberty to require a separation of church from state. American religious liberty was thus redefined and even transformed. In the process, the First Amendment was often used as an instrument of intolerance and discrimination

  99. walt says

    O’Malley is a shill for the Clinton not be fooled.

  100. kassa1 says

    I think this one should be made in example of the American people or are special forces to take him out and hang him his example to the Communist Party we will not be treated as the German people were the Russian people or the Chinese people we know what the so-called Democrat party is about Destruction of Christians, conservative, people who speak out against their attorney in the fifth or money you wonder why they want to guns founding fathers put these assholes in the beginning

  101. kassa1 says

    If you want to fix this nation you got to get rid of the Communists in office so we need a political cleansing starting with this guy and go to the court systems as her more corruption and bought all people than there are in the prisons.

  102. kassa1 says

    This man should be arrested for murder! The Democratic Party has murdered more people in this country that all the guns in this country through murdering of the unborn and like the morbid communist that they are sold the body parts before some of these babies are murdered these people are despicable ! This should not be going on the 20th century but these people are control freaks they want to go and tell you that it’s a constitutional right to be gay in your face and be married to one another is constitutional right they want to tell you that murdering the unborn with a heartbeat is right , But the number one human rights and without that right you have no rights at all is the right to defend yourself your family and your property and they know that what they have for further dastardly deeds to put on the American people towards their enslavement so they must have the guns to protect their evil selves! Do not think that history will not repeat as it always does men are basically evil at heart and we have the most evil political system to this day in the world from the White House through the halls of Congress through the courts all the way to your city holes as I seek further ways to take more of your hard-earned money through theft you mean using humanism as their spring board! it’s up to you America it’s your right to protect yourself and your family and your propertyfrom Tyrney!

  103. Lee Lewandowski says


    1. Jeanna Green says

      Because they think they are better and we had our eye on something else when they gave themselves the right to name their own pay, retirement, raises, immunities, ETC. I say we need someone in office that will remember their place and get rid of such laws and entitlements.

  104. marcus johannes says

    Martin O`Malley knows this , He is merely pushing the Marxist Progressive Democrat Agenda , I read an interesting article recently ,Freedom Outpost News – When did the Democratic Party become Socialist ? I found it to be accurate and true ,Very interesting reading for the useful idiots that still support The Communist Party formerly known as The Democrats

    1. Jeanna Green says

      What was the name of the article so the people who have not had a good read in a while, can check it out. I need a good read right about now.

      1. marcus johannes says

        When did the Democratic Party become Socialist ? – Freedom Outpost -News

        1. Jeanna Green says

          LOL. Thank you and would have responded sooner but I could not understand what the answer to your question was. Thank goodness, I read things over again once in a while. Now I know that is the title of the article. Guess I better start eating more brain food and slow down when reading. And they say old dogs can’t learn new tricks…LOL

  105. Roy Fredrichsen says

    If I read History correctly, ALL of the mass shooters recently ( 6 years) have had mental problems and had NO business with a gun to begin with.When are the ignoramsis in Congress going to understand creating more gun laws WILL NOT stop stop criminals or “Crazies” from using guns indiscrimantly. All they are doing is causing innocent people NOT to be able to defend themselves in such a situation. GUN FREE ZONES are an invitation to violence because a criminal will know he will not be opposed by his victim..

    1. Jeanna Green says

      Whats so sad is that it seems the American People like you are the only ones who even know what common sense means. Now how do you teach that to those we put into office and who instantly became stupid.

      1. Roy Fredrichsen says

        Well, Jeanna, I , as a kid spent my summers on my grandfathers Missouri farm where I learned what he called “Horsesense” It takes a while to look a horse in the eye and understand what he’s thinking. Some folks never learn that trick.

        1. Jeanna Green says

          I to spent some time with horses and even owned one for a year while I was in a foster home at 15. I know you can see a lot in their eyes and their stance. spent my whole summer building a fence around 4 acres, but it was worth it to say he was mine for a year. Loved the experience so much that got lessons for our youngest son. I know he learned a lot over those 2 years. To this day he loves and rides when he can. Not much lately since he joined the military. So yes, I know what you mean.

  106. Ray Heffley says

    Over 50 million tiny human beings were slaughtered with doctors using specialty knives and scissors and other baby shredding tools. FIFTY MILLION. Liberals need to learn not to complain about the splinter in another mans eye while they walk around with a wooden plank in their own eye,

  107. DaveM says

    What an ASZ! He is not upholding the Constitution and needs to be charged with treason! I hate idiots like this! Up yours oMalley!

  108. joebabe says

    Omalley’s lack of common sense is quite apparent. Criminals,by their very nature,will continue to purchase weapons on the black market or from greedy,criminal arms dealers ,or off the back of a truck……..and without background checks,finger print registration, or whatever. That’s what CRIMINALS do. What part of Duh, doesn’t he understand. He is one of the reasons voters are fed up with career politicians.They think they are smarter than the citizens they are supposed to represent.

  109. John B Taxpayer says

    Another delusional Ass-Hat

  110. Victor Archuleta says

    The only good information in this story is what I had hoped God-fearing Patriots would have understood months ago – “his (limited) presence in the campaign gives him a national platform on which to expound on his vision for the country.” By not recognizing that duty to politics is a duty to God, believers have lost the opportunity to expound on the Founders’ vision for America. All politics is local, and the problem of criminal activity is addressed by the educational system – God must be present in the classroom, and in the prisons; and the IRS gag must be removed from church pastors’ mouths.

  111. Proud Liberal says

    Americans never invoked monkeys to eat hamburgers on trains. Although Thomas Jefferson wore nipple clamps in public restrooms, he did believe in the separation of bathroom stalls. He also liked to waltz nude in front of his slaves while they ate watermelon. In the process, the First Amendment was often used as an instrument of intolerance and discrimination.

  112. kassa1 says

    Let’s just look at how the Democratic Party worse than mirror the Nazi party first off their shelving down in a free country people’s throat gay marriage unconstitutional, abortion murder of the unborn with heartbeats now in your face Dyess Soechting that baby well it’s legs and arms are moving this is morbid and sick, and you think if Obama takes your guns that he won’t go after Christians conservatives people who speak out against them as they will pretrade to the youth these people or ruining what I’m trying to create a utopia ! Hitler did the same thing he preached he was creating a master race! This is how the evil from the White House to Congress for tray they’re trying to disarm you and if you give up your weapons you will deserve everything you get!

  113. erineclifton says

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  114. Dolores Wieland says

    Is that all we have running our country? Idiots?

    1. Jeanna Green says

      Yep and it starts with the BIGGEST Idiot of them all… Our so called President “Obummer”.

      1. Dolores Wieland says

        We agree with the majority

  115. ne14golf says

    O’Malley and his ilk are exactly the reason I moved out of Maryland. Not only does he NOT like guns and those who own them, but he LOVE taxes, including the absolutely asinine “rain tax” that made MD the laughing stock of the nation. I’m sure the MD legislature is now working on a “sunshine tax” for those days that it doesn’t rain.

    Gun control is using two hands and hitting what you aim at!

    1. Jeanna Green says

      Never heard of the rain tax. What is it if I might ask. I think I need a good laugh right about now. New tax laws do not surprise me from any Democrat. Thanks for sharing. Would have never heard about this from our so called Main Stream Media. Thats why I get my news else where these days.

  116. GlobalThinkTank says

    There was little to no real crime with gun sales to Mexico compared to the potential threat we’re facing with a Million Syrian and like-minded Refugees that will flood the U.S. if another Democrat is elected into office.

    Absolute Trojan Horse — Obama to Let in 10,000 Refugees — But only one family needed to harbors just one member to recreate another Boston Bombing.

    U.S. constant attack on Russia and failing to cooperate will no doubt be a real cause of concern. John Kerry wants to carpet bomb Syria back to the stone age and set up a new U.S. controlled puppet ‘democratic’ government while Russia is only attempting to secure one of their Naval Bases in Tarsus… all the while ISIS, ISIL, or whatever the heck they are are taking control and causing undue widespread terrorist cells and refugees to escape and fee into the EU… soon it will be North, Central and South America, and we need to do something about this very soon. I’d rather have Russia on our side than have both Russia and China against us.

    The U.S. needs to put aside it arrogance and hatred toward Russia and start acting Diplomatically toward Putin and put aside their differences for the sake of our country’s safety.

    “Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe”

    The Only Threat to U.S. right now is 10,000 Syrian Refugees… and there is a petition floating around from Raymond C. Offenheiser, Board of Directors of Oxfam America Advocacy; he is looking for signatures to hand over to Obama demanding that he do his part to Bringing In 100,000 so-called refugees into the U.S.

    Again, the petition is asking to bring in 100,000 Refugees into the U.S. We only need just one Refugee or son to become the next Boston Bomber. Is it worth the

    Why is it that we see droves of ISIS members driving in parades in broad daylight and yet no strafing runs to irradiate the pests? It would seem like a pretty easy job; there’s little here now to hide under… just a bunch of sitting ducks; unless they’re all now in Europe with the rest of the so-called ‘refugess.’

  117. Scott Henke says

    As if I needed another reason to not support a Democrat.

  118. Rich says

    How about some controls on liberals gone nuts

  119. David C. Telliho says

    Hey , OMalley ! Ain`t them guys with guns protecting YOU ? How about a deep backgrond check on all politicians ? I seriously doubt any could pass, including o malley

  120. e111w says

    Pay extreme attention. These are the intents and tactics of your future dictators. Our freedoms, through our government, were given to US. If they are lost we have only one place to place blame – and we all know who that is. And no, stupid, it isn’t O’Malley or Obama.

    1. iamcurious says

      Wrong! Our freedom’s and right’s come from our creator. Governments are instituted among men to secure and enforce them. When governments become destructive to this mandate, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish and replace them.

  121. Steven Kaspar says

    Just another in the long list of democrats that have no respect for our Constitution and should be run out of our country on a rail!

  122. herman flippen says

    This moron can suck on the barrel of my gun

  123. Gordon Miller says

    I just heard that a gun has never been put on trial for murder. Could this be true?

  124. iamcurious says

    A gun is only a tool. It has no will and no conscience. Therefore, a gun cannot bear responsibility.

  125. e111w says


    Make note: freedoms – given to US – through our government. Yup, it’s ours alright. The right of the people to alter or abolish – yada, yada,yada,yada. Operative question: When was the last time anyone saw any of that actually happening? Here’s an interesting tidbit to learn about: Find the most you can about the realities and reasons for the Spanish Civil Guardia. Speaking of no nonsense!

  126. wildeagleone says

    This is becoming a joke and no one is laughing as they will have to kill every citizen in this country to rid it of guns. Guns down’ kill people but a$$ holes like this guy do by coddling the gansters

  127. Amy Thomas says

    Ask this moron ( O Malley) how many ARMED SECURITY GUARDS does he have protecting him and his family. Ask his moron who the hell gave him the authority to change the Constitution which we are all (including idiots)govern by. Gun Control is another word for Communism, Dictator, Fascist pigs which no doubt includes him. Beware of those in politics who attempt to take away your constitutional rights while they exclude themselves from any laws they pass.(like obama care) Wake up America, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and the rest of the dictators started the same way, until their people had no rights at all and were slaughtered like sheep. The so called Americans who live in Maryland should be ashamed of putting this moron in office.

  128. William Benton says

    Martin O’Malley does not have a clue about what it takes to control crime.

  129. TAM44 says

    Guns don’t scare me, idiot democrats are more life threatening then all the guns in the world. Whit guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects. I don’t ever want to be one of the corrupt governments subjects.

  130. Patriot( retired Navy) says

    Just another libtard traitor to the constitution and the oath he took. These idiots keep pushing the innocent public, yet overlook the copious laws already on the books, they do not get that the criminals do not generally buy their tools at a gun shop or gun show, but rather through back street deals or other naferious means. They should get their heads out of their rear ends and see the real cause of the issues.

  131. Porphyry says

    “A vote for O’Malley – and any other anti-gun Democrat – is a vote for a country where criminals rule by force.”

    And/or the government.

    And, as I find happens all too often, every time I see “universal background checks,” I think: Universal term limits.

  132. PayTheMan says


    Now that terrorists have figured out how they can easily use our own lax gun loopholes against us… who, except wannabe terrorists (or other wackos intent to do harm) would disagree with O’Malley’s commonsense, safety-conscious approaches?

    After all, NONE of these ideas stop responsible people from owning guns. NONE of these trample on the second amendment.

    small print: of all of his ideas, the only one i am unsure of is the mandatory safes. i understand the idea… but don’t think its viable.

  133. icetrout says

    learned a few things from the last mooslim terrorist attack… U can buy PIPE BOMBS @ the Home Depot… FedCoats Banning Home Depots ???

  134. carlosandrews says

    I guess the next things will be hammers, nail guns, staplers, razor blades, knives forks, spoons, pencils, pens nail files etc, etc, etc. Where did they come from, China, Russia, India or Cuba.

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