Anti-Business Obama Claims Nation’s CEOs Don’t Have the Right to Complain


Talking to The Economist, President Barack Obama has said that corporate CEOs have nothing to complain about. Under his leadership, corporate America has done exceedingly well, and it’s time for them to show greater social responsibility and stop complaining about regulations his administration sets forth.

“If you look at what’s happened over the last four or five years, the folks who don’t have a right to complain are the folks at the top,” Obama said.

The news report from NBC goes on to claim that Republicans have “sought to portray Obama as anti-business…” Well, what else is there to portray him as? I mean, yeah you can get into some other adjectives: incompetent, un-American, impeachable – but one of the hallmarks of this presidency has been the president’s disdain for corporate America.

Excuse me, not just corporate America, but literally anyone who wants to make money under his regime. He has taken to the podium numerous times to discourage students from going into profitable careers, pushing them instead to go into low-paying healthcare jobs. There’s nothing wrong with going into a low-paying career, by the way, but for Obama to make it seem like there’s something evil about making money is angering. Especially given that the man is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 million.

Acute political students will remember the 2012 election cycle when Obama rushed to make sure America’s business owners knew that they didn’t build their own companies. His whole M.O. has been to redistribute wealth, campaign on income inequality, tax the rich, and force new regulations on companies that are already suffering under a weak economy. If the president could snap his fingers tomorrow and put the government entirely in control of the means of production, does anyone doubt that he would do it?

Now he’s telling people in high places that they should just shut up and be more like he wants them to be. So, they don’t have the right to criticize administration policy, but he’s more than free to get up there on his bully pulpit and demonize the individuals who create American jobs?

Corporate America isn’t fooled by this guy. People who have risen to the ranks of these CEOs don’t need a lesson in social responsibility from this Johnny-come-lately. But they are listening. Oh, they are listening carefully. And it is because of what he’s saying that we’re seeing all of these companies looking high and low for foreign partnerships that can hide some of their money away. It’s the amnesty thing all over again. When problems brew, their rotten core can usually be found in the White House.

  1. Joe Kepshire says

    impeach this ass NOW!!!!!1

    1. Sam says

      The Liberty Tree’s roots are waiting for some blood to nourish it and allow this country to become GREAT again!

  2. HardnoseMP says

    What do you expect with all of Obama’s radical liberal policies and high taxes, more new regulations on every business in this country than ever before !!!

    1. jetmagnet says

      More bullshit!! Baggers never read anything just watch misinformation 24/7

      1. brianjconway says

        Got any facts or positions to advance? If not, STFU and go down to the Socialist hall and whine.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Most of you don’t even know what socialism means. So tell me, what is the definition of socialism? lol

          1. brianjconway says

            I’ll tell you where to find the definition of asshole. It’s on every mirror in your house. Half-wit.

          2. jetmagnet says

            If I wanted to hear from an A$$hole, i’d Fart! Sobe?

          3. brianjconway says

            Keep a civil tongue in your head ya foul mouthed pea brained moe-ron. Little kids read this.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, the newly established alien kids shouldn’t go near a bagger website unless they want to learn form the worst of what america has to offer.

      2. Harvey Melton says

        here is some for you:

        Current[edit]CountrySincePartyHead of partyHead of stateHead of government People’s Republic of China1 October 1949Communist Party of ChinaXi Jinping
        (since 2012)Li Keqiang
        (since 2012) Republic of Cuba1 July 1961Communist Party of CubaRaúl Castro
        (since 2006) Lao People’s Democratic Republic2 December 1975Lao People’s Revolutionary PartyChoummaly Sayasone
        (since 2006)Thongsing Thammavong
        (since 2010) Socialist Republic of Vietnam2 July 1976Communist Party of VietnamNguyen Phu Trong
        (since 2011)Truong Tan Sang
        (since 2011)Nguyen Tan Dung
        (since 2006)

        Former[edit]CountryFull nameFromUntilConstitutional
        statement AfghanistanDemocratic Republic of Afghanistan27 April 197830 November 1987Preamble: “In the present stage, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, as the initiator and coordinator of the policy of National Reconciliation, actively carries forward together with other political, national and democratic forces this humanitarian policy.”[1]Republic of Afghanistan30 November 198728 April 1992 AlbaniaDemocratic Government of Albania29 November 194411 January 1946Section 1, Article 1: “The People’s Socialist Republic of Albania is a state of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which expresses and defends the interests of all the working people.[2]People’s Republic of Albania11 January 194628 December 1976People’s Socialist Republic of Albania28 December 197622 March 1992 AngolaPeople’s Republic of Angola11 November 197527 August 1992Section 1, Article 2: “All sovergenity is vested in the Angolan people. The MPLA, their legitimate representative constituted from a broad front including all patriotic forces engaged in theanti-imperialist struggle, is responsible for the political, economic, and social leadership of the nation.”[3] BeninPeople’s Republic of Benin30 November 19751 March 1990Legally a socialist state BulgariaPeople’s Republic of Bulgaria15 September 19467 December 1990Section 1, Article 1: “”The People’s Republic of Bulgaria is a socialist state of the working people from town and village, headed by the working class.”[4] CambodiaDemocratic Kampuchea17 April 197510 January 1979Legally a socialist state from 1979 to 1989, ruled by a communist party from 1975 to 1989People’s Republic of Kampuchea10 January 19791 May 1989 Congo-BrazzavillePeople’s Republic of the Congo3 January 197015 March 1992Presidential oath: “I swear allegiance to the Congolese people, to the Revolution and to the Congolese Labor Party. 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        Bessarabian Soviet Socialist Republic (May – September 1919)

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        1. jetmagnet says

          What a waste! all you need to post is your funders The Koch bros daddy got rich from Stalin.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Soro got rich from the Nazis. Tom Styer was also involved in a 60 million dollar Ponsi scheme in the 90’S. Got anything else, Jetmaggot?

          2. jetmagnet says

            Who’s soro’s? There is no manipulator like the koch bros. and their outreach organiations. Does soros have a americans for prosperity, heritage foundation, cato institute, mercado institute and hundreds more? Did he promote voting rights laws? Did he send poll watchers. Does he fund 150 college universities?
            How much pollution and and fines for it does he get? The little i know of him is he’s a hedge fund manager, providing wealth to his investors. Your comparing a hedge fund manager to oil comglomerate? lol

      3. Harvey Melton says

        next time google it your own dam self loud mouth prick!

        1. jetmagnet says

          Do you know jacksheeet or are you Jack?

      4. Backlash says

        Hey take obozos penis out of your mouth!

      5. chamuiel says

        Gays never read anything? really? why is that?

      6. 1LTLos says

        How are you benefiting? Idiot, your issue is that you dont read anything
        I had this prick moron hero of yours figured out in a week in 2007! You have
        stuffed your head up his ass for seven years now – So who are you to say anything?

        1. jetmagnet says

          You had him figured out in a week..your a f++king genius! I let some one like you run the country….wait…we decided fruitcakes were to stupid and voted Obama in , thank GOD!!

      7. danny kimbrel says

        You are a treacherous traitor and need to pack your bags because we are going to hunt and kill every anti American piece of shit when this is over and you will be included in this hunt for your treachery

        1. jetmagnet says

          A loser like you? You are traitors. If you don’t like the president and the government start your own country and take two fruitcakes with you lol
          We don’t want you here, ok?

          1. mac12sam12 says

            You define the word troll. You go to a site where you know no one will buy your BS, you try to aggravate people and try to cause arguments. The University of Manitoba did a study on internet trolls and came to the conclusion that they were sick and unhappy people who should seek psychological counseling. Were you also bullied as a child, Jetmaggot?

          2. jetmagnet says

            The question is, when are you going to wake up from the horseshit you’ve been fed? I mean you people are brainless robots. Nothing is real unless it’s what you learned from being programmed. As long as i get emails from these websites i’m coming on here and shoot down every assinine belief you have! How do you like that sir?

          3. mac12sam12 says

            You’ve accurately described yourself. NPR? State run media.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Your an example of a living Brain donor, sir.

          5. greenjavlin says

            “Pot calling the kettle black.” Of course you probably don’t know what that means but intelligent readers will.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Intelligent readers? That leaves you out, hymen.

          7. jetmagnet says

            Intelligent people have an independent point of view and don’t go through life reading a script word for word. I don’t follow ideology or stupidity.
            This is what the Koch bros and rupert murdock want you to believe and follow and you do it very well.

          8. Kameron Krause says

            Being a patriot by definition is love of your country not your government.

          9. jetmagnet says

            What country do you know of that has no government and survives? Name one!
            If you don’t like the government you can try another one. Let me know which one is better than the US. Also, the government isn’t going anywhere as long as millions of americans can vote, and we like it exactly the way it is. So get use to it.
            I’ll tell what a freakin patriot is… it’s a veteran that puts his life on the line for the country he loves, not some fruitcake who stands on a soap box and proclaims it.
            I spent 4 years in Vietnam fighting disgusting conditions, watching people getting blowm apart so some teabag can claim their a Patriot? Give me a break!

        2. greenjavlin says

          I think you may have it wrong

      8. grunion says

        I am so tired of your TROLL ass.

      9. Karen Gaddy says

        Are you one of the idiots paid by odumbo to watch conservative sites and call the posters names? Baggers? What is that? Is that your sexual position? I recognize you from other postings. If you are so offended, please feel free to leave without posting.

      10. Steve Thomas says

        I am proud to be a bagger. It’s a LOT better than being a commie!!!

      11. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

        Are you gay? communist? or just a MORON?

      12. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

        I got your bag right here you asshole! I guess Bathhouse Barry and you are lovers,huh?

          1. Cynic says

            The Daily KOS? After criticizing us for watching FOX, you flip that on us? Oh yes, that’s an objective source. Not.

          2. jetmagnet says

            I’m not a democrat,i’m an independent so the source doesn’t matter. I’ve even posted Fox links before when they are fact based and that’s usually an independent writer who writes from them. Right or left it doesn’t matter. Rightwingers have an objection to any news whether it’s factual or not if it doesnot fit in with their ideology. What i’m asking you teabgags is to diprove it if you don’t agree with it. If you want to use one of your sources then do it. Then i’ll debate it. But just to blow it off shows you have no gunpowder in your rifle! lol

          3. brianjconway says

            Don’t waste your time on the bugwit. He’s a Media Matters paid agitator here only to disrupt meaningful conservative dialogue.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Meaningful? WTF is meaningful here? How many people here are talking about their freakin party and what they like, no one. It’s the rightwing echo chamber- blame the guy in the white house because we want to put a communist twinkle toed fruitcake like cruz in the white house.

          5. brianjconway says

            Take another bong hit you welfare barsidge.

        1. jetmagnet says

          The little rightwingies can’t take that it their party sucks and they are controlled by a script produced by Billionaires! Tell what your party has done besides waste taxpayer money? These bagger clowns should give back their salaries!
          Somebody should sue teabag congress for not doing their job!!!

      13. LastGasp says

        Scum troll.

        1. jetmagnet says

          another LOSER!

          1. LastGasp says

            Eat it and die scumbag troll

          2. jetmagnet says

            typical response from a Wingnut! lmao!

      14. jetmagnet says

        Hey baggers! Please list the accomplishments of your party!!!!

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Here’s obama’s legacy, 50 million people on food stamps, that’s more people than women in the workforce. One in every four children live under the poverty level. The first president with a net jobs loss and the first to get a credit downgrade. Those are obama’s accomplishments, Jetmaggot.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Where did you get 50 million? some fruitcake website?It’s $47 million. No actually it’s Bushies legacy and Gop policies that haven’t worked. Where’s the jobs for these people? Welfare is peanuts and several people have tried living on it and failed, so your argument is silly! Also, raising minimum wage to $10, still peanuts it would remove millions off welfare. So baggers like foodstamps and people on them. They want to make Obama look bad anyway they can,because they want to be elected so they can destroy the economy and start a few more wars.
            Baggers do everything possible to create welfare , like right to work states and bust unions, so they create welfare…they also have blocked 13 jobs bills and created none, again baggers create poverty and welfare. Dems create jobs. Also, baggers have no interest in putting people to work for government as their policies cut 2 million public sector jobs. Those people that were terminated created jobs with thier spendable income, now that’s removed from the economy and creates job losses and small businesses to go out of business. Just like when a military base closes, the entire surrounding economy is hurt. baggers give tax breaks in hope they create jobs! LMFAO!! hasn’t worked since reagan who was a total failure and increased the deficit like all republicans-
            So your the brilliant example of someone that does no research and believes the bagger script word for word. You don’t need a brain fella. Just watch fox news or listen to rush or some other garbage.
            Hey genius, here’s some math for you silly fruitcakes. There’s 3 million jobs available many of which take training, we can add maybe 3 2 million more minimum wage jobs to that. Let’s say 5 million which is high. Then divide 25 million jobless into 5 million genius. What’s the math? There’s seniors, disabled, children and families living on food stamps, so what’s your answer or solution? Incinerate them? setup tent cities with signs that say “Pleas donate”
            You people are about as smart as a rock!

        2. LastGasp says

          Patriotism, you commie scum.

          1. jetmagnet says

            You people aren’t patriots your fruitcakes with bad ideas that don’t work.
            Patriots don’t trash their president and the government. Your about as much a patriot as my azhole. You azzholes don’t even honor vets like myself and my brothers. We hated fake patriot azholes that rip the country we served.
            We dislike all your pundits like hannity, limbaugh, ted nugent and the freakin fox and fruitcakes none of which fought or served this country. Most of em’ avoided the draft like poison. My ancestors fought the british and they were partiots you people are nastyazz dirtbags. I’m talikng to you not the others.

          2. LastGasp says

            You’re no patriot, just commie scum. Your ancestors would disown you if they were patriots.

    2. Evermyrtle says

      Obama is diligently working to the point where nobody will have any rights are he and those he chooses to have rights, the rest of us will be peons doing obeisance to him, the hell you say, I’d
      druther die and go live with JESUS.

      1. brianjconway says

        We’ll have civil war before that,

      2. grunion says

        Now, just convince his voter base…Oh wait, they’re too stupid to understand an argument. Bring the Kool Aid and the promise of free money, perhaps you’ll have some luck in gathering a crowd but that’s it.

        1. Steve Thomas says

          Let’s try to get businesses that have TVs for public viewing to switch from CNN to Fox.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Fox? Try marketwatch, business weekly, the wall st journal. If you depend on misinformation go to fox. lol

      3. MARYSWEET says

        AMEN – I agree with that wholeheartedly!!!!

      4. jetmagnet says

        No lady that’s your party! The koch bros!!!

      5. jetmagnet says

        You peeps are anything but christians. You hate kids and babies, old people, poor people and disabled people.

        Christian Republicans:

        These Republicans are hypocrites. They do everything in the name of
        Christ, while simultaneously acting as un-Christlike as humanly
        possible. They support the right to carry assault weapons, are pro-war,
        and completely ignore the fact that the Bible depicts Christ as a
        Liberal who was opposed to capitalism and violence. They sincerely
        believe that this is God’s country and that God loves us more than
        anyone else in the world. They think that anyone that is not 100%
        pro-Israel is anti-semitic. They hate everyone that doesn’t agree with
        them and think the Bible tells them to, and they hate Gay people because
        they think they are sinners.

        They do terrible things in the name of their Lord. They think that
        anyone who doesn’t agree with them is damned to hell or hates America.
        They believe that we are a Christian Nation even though the Founding
        Fathers made sure that they did not brand this country as a Christian
        Nation. The Founding Fathers wanted a country of religious freedom, free
        from religious persecution, but these Republicans will never admit

        1. Nellie2 says

          Number one you have to read the Bible. Christ never said some of you can sit on you butt and some have to work hard and give the lazy what you earned. I believe he said give to the poor and we are a very generous country. I didn’t know that Democrats didn’t go to war to fight people like Hitler and evil in this world. I could go on and on but I am not speaking as a Republican but a conservative who will not be lied to by those posing as pious people in government like Pelosi and Reid who lie on a daily basis not to mention the President. You need to recognize the truth and see what is lawful and constitutional not what you are being fed as as lies. It is difficult to find the truth but it usually comes out their own mouths. I don’t want to live under their vision. I want to live in this wonderful that was once a lot freer and more just. Now the president and the media pits every group against each other. He doesn’t want the harmony he promised and it is Reid holding Congress from passing anything by not bringing things to a vote that the president doesn’t like which is just about everything Congress wants and with the President’s approval rating in the 30s he isn’t doing the will of the people. Read and be enlighten and instead of blaming one group find out the truth.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Yes, and what is it your bagger congress want, I ask rightwingies this all the time.
            Cut the bullshit talking points-
            List the bills they want and then tell me how they help Americans lol
            I know what those stinkin bills are, they for pork for the koch bros and their funding machine. List the bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. j0e cave says

            go stick your head a little farther up harry reid’s ass

        2. greenjavlin says

          I’m too old to fight this battle but here is something you might find useful especally the last line

          Good luck

          1. jetmagnet says

            Good article! I like these two posted replies.

            is it class warfare when arguments are made for going back to the 1990s
            tax rates and closing loopholes? Why aren’t bonuses and golden
            parachutes for executives that brought on our current economic disaster
            considered class warfare? Why aren’t offshore sweatshops and tax havens
            consdered class warfare?

            I think we deify the rich in our society, and so many people truly
            believe that the rich deserve to be rich, that that’s the American
            Dream. The rich are the ones ruining the environment and taking
            advantage of the country and its populace. I am often reminded of Elton
            John’s Burn Down the Mission – we need to take the fight to the rich and
            wrest control away from them. We will not have a candidate in 2012 who
            represents the people. We need to raise those taxes and raise them high,
            and we need courage to get that done. I think the courage is all bred
            out of our political morass.

          2. Kameron Krause says

            Raise taxes for what? how about politicians stop spending money on bullshit first being giving non citizens benefits. And stop sending aid to other countries when we are bankrupt. Why the hell should we be penalized for their stupidity. You are a tool

          3. jetmagnet says

            Non citizen’s have been getting benefits, this isn’t a communist country. I haven’t heard turkey and other countries crying about taking in millions of refugees from syria and Iraq. Everyone welcomes people in need and it’s been our policy since the constitution was written. If you don’t give foriegn aid governments will fall that are friendly to the US and won’t support our bases and intelligence outpost in thier countries. I don’t see russia whining about people coming into their country. They also see the the strategic advantage of putting their resources in other countries like Ukraine and other niegbors. We also have a trade deficit and these countries have agreements that help our businesses. Baggers like isolation- so start your own country, don’t deal or trade with anyone and see how long it last.

        3. Kameron Krause says

          Anyone that disagrees with them, that’s pretty funny coming from you. Im not a Christian so don’t even got there, Im just reading your hateful posts claiming other people are intolerant while you seem to be the most intolerant of all. And where does it say Jesus opposed capitalism? So if someone works hard and makes a lot of money while someone else does nothing, the person that works hard is obligated to hand money to the lazy non worker? Ok Mr money bags according to you, how many people have you given handouts to today? You are unbelieveable. And how did you make all your money? A socialist society? I don’t think so.

      6. Nellie2 says

        I would think about that. He thinks he is Jesus.

  3. Seldena says

    obama hates people that worked hard and were successful! he hates the FREE MARKET and Capitalism. He thinks everybody should have a share of everbone’s success. This is PURE SOCIALISM! We in the United States do not want this kind of society. We are not a Communist country. We are a FREE NAtion with a Constituion! Vote all the socialist out, in other words, VOTE ALL DEMONCRATS OUT!!!

    1. krscmbs says

      you are right on the point obama was raised too lazy to wipe his ass much less than work a job like many many students do because their parents were not able to send them to the most prestigious schools(they are overtaxed payting for demograt for entitlements fop the lazy self pitying overbreading trash 0 those whom went to school studied at the public library. skipped nighttime basketball and succeeded should be rewarded as they will show the futrue people the path to success

      1. jetmagnet says

        Sounds like racist bull!! and bunch of other garbled nonsense.

        1. greenjavlin says

          I agree

          1. Kent2012 says

            like that african pretender, well he will be out there in the world soon and when you find out where he will be golfing next you might be able to fawn up close….

        2. catman says

          Would also help if he/she could spell and construct a sentence that made sense.

        3. Kent2012 says

          sounds like a kenyan boy lover..

        4. Kameron Krause says

          because someone believes Obama is lazy that means they are a racist? if he was white and someone said that would they still be a racist? If someone is of color or a different backround then white, are you not allowed to criticize them? I believe that is racist. I don’t look at people ethnic origin I look at their work ethic and character. That’s not racist. I also believe when a person has no intelligent way to respond to things being said because they are usually the truth that the person defending them will throw out the race card instead of having an intelligent debate about it. Because they have nothing to back their point up. So keep throwing it out there, just makes me know you know youre wrong

          1. Philip Meadows says

            I also agree with this one.

        5. helen sabin says

          NO it doesn’t. It is the truth which you do not want to hear. And guess why we don’t know what his actual achievements were in College – he has his records locked up. WHY? We don’t actually know where he was born as his birth records were locked up. WHY? We don’t actually know if his mother was married to his supposed father as there is no marriage record. WHY? We don’t even know if the man he claims as his father was his father. And if so, then Obama is NOT black he is of ARAB descent. Further his mother was white so obama is as much white or more so than black which he may not be at all. Ever wonder about that? Hmmm?

        6. William says

          That Obama’s line. lol

    2. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

      I call them DEPENDOCRATS!

      1. Kameron Krause says

        love that. Im gonna use it

      2. helen sabin says

        OOOOh I like that.

    3. jetmagnet says

      Where the hell did you get that from? Do you only listen to rightwing media? You people are just plain ignorant. To say he hates capitalism is ridiculous! Millions have become wealthy under Obama including myself. It’s freakin GW that cost everyone their life savings and homes. Obama has given millions of people their homes back. We help people refinance through his programs. You people are the most uninformed ignorant people i’ve ever encountered.

      1. PatriotGal says

        jet, ummmm, are you aware that it was Dem Clinton who signed the bill to loosen mortgages so that minorities could get mortgages without any investigation into whether or not they could afford to repay it? Look at the banks that were sued for racial discrimination and lost. Then all the industry was coerced into giving mortgages to anyone – no investigation, so the greedy, selfish decided to buy homes way above what they could afford. That’s what caused the housing industry to burst – look at Dodd – Frank, NOT GW. You have no idea how economics work and the length of time for actions to have effects. As for OWEbama giving millions of people their homes back – baloney – that’s the TAXPAYERS’ money, not OWEbama’s. Again, you have no idea of how economics work. As for uniformed, I suggest you do some true research and not listen to the lame-stream media and the party rhetoric.

        1. jetmagnet says

          No clinton didn’t do that…get your facts straight. Bush
          signed two financial deregulation bills. Although Clinton legalized
          interstate banking in 1994 and commercial/investment banking
          combinations in 1999, that had nothing to do with the meltdown.Andrew Cuomo, current governor of
          New York and a likely 2016 presidential aspirant, accelerated
          easy-housing policies and inflated the housing bubble, setting the
          stage for its collapse.
          The meltdown was the consequence of a combination of the easy
          money and low interest rates engineered by the Federal Reserve and
          the easy housing engineered by a variety of government agencies and
          policies. Those agencies include the Department of Housing and
          Urban Development (HUD) and two nominally private
          “government-sponsored enterprises” (GSEs), Bush embraced a governing philosophy of deregulation. That trickled down
          to federal oversight agencies, which in turn eased off on banks and
          mortgage brokers. Plus, let’s face it, the meltdown
          happened on Bush’s watch.
          when President Obama came to power, he inherited a budget deficit of
          $1.2 trillion. When Bush came to power, the country had a surplus of
          $300 billion.

          How did we get a $1.5 trillion change in our fiscal condition during Bush’s time in office? here’s five factors:

          1. We cut taxes.

          2. We spent $2 trillion on two unwinnable wars.

          3. We doubled discretionary spending. Some conservatives originally aimed to “starve the beast”
          by cutting taxes in order to force future cuts in spending. But
          spending grew so out of control in Bush’s term that no beast was
          starved, Roubini said. In fact, the beast was fed.

          4. We added entitlement benefits like the Medicare drug benefit.

          We entered the largest economic and financial crisis ever, which caused
          a huge increase in the deficit through the “recession deficit” and the
          cost of bailing out the banks and financial institutions.
          “We destroyed our fiscal sustainability before [President Obama] came to power,” The repeal of Glass/steagal didn’t cause the mortgage crisis or any other policies from Bill Clinton…inacted to deregulate.
          George Bush himself explains how he crashed the economy!

          1. Kent2012 says

            no get your facts straight lead head….the democraps legislated the CRA in 1977…at least GWB tried to change the legislation to stop the housing implosion, but the democommies that you support would not let the bill come up for debate…oh and the meltdown…that was someone who I think is a real traitor…Paulson….GWB went through with the TARP to try and keep from having the SHTF when a new president was coming in….oh and that TARP money was repaid…if you can believe anyone in DC anymore…..

          2. jetmagnet says

            Yeah right! Like the Affordable Housing Act. when GW stated would allow immigrants to buy $400,000 houses! lol He said, I believe anyone should be able to buy a $400,000 house!!!! The fact that the GOP hates regulations even now makes your argument silly friend. As we speak they’re trying to unwind Dodd/frank so banks can get back to gambling with taxpayer money, Try reading for a change. Do read what;s going on or wait for The Fake News channel report?

        2. Mary Blomquist Gurka says

          You go PatriotGal – you got your facts right about Clinton – and Jet does not have a clue what he is talking about – but then again the UNINFORMED that listen to the lame stream media are idiots!

        3. Kent2012 says

          you are speaking facts….lead head would get a hernia lifting the truth…like the 1977 CRA….

        4. Philip Meadows says

          PatriotGal you are so right on.i couldn’t have said it better myself if I had tried.

      2. Kent2012 says

        sounds like that communist piss ant that I heard raving in Wal Mart the other day….nothing was free and GWB was responsible for his continued brain cell loss….

      3. helen sabin says

        You are NOT wealthy or you wouldn’t be spending your time blogging. Of course having thirty dollars a month in your pocket might be wealthy its all relative isn’t it? PROVE that you are wealthy…then we will stop laughing so hard it makes tears come out of our eyes.

    4. Philip Meadows says

      you are so right it’s not even funny

  4. James Maxwell says

    Business across the nation have struggled to stay open under the tide of regulations that are senseless
    as the occupier of the White House. As a result of the over regulation business have closed their doors,
    put millions out of work and on the extended government dole called UNEMPLOYMENT. With o’socialist
    care rolling out even more businesses have shut their doors and put even more out of work. Those that
    have been able to stay in business have had to lay off employees, cut back on hours and make major
    change in their operation to stay open. When o’socialist care is fully implemented no one can predict
    the full effect on many businesses. One thing we do know is that cost of goods will jump significantly
    to compensate for the additional expense companies will incur as a result. That cost will be passed
    on to consumers or the other option will be for the company to move more of its business overseas
    to maintain a lower product cost. NO matter how it goes the cost of doing business will increase.
    This does not even consider the cost of electricity rising as a result of the closing of many of our
    power producing companies due to excessive regulation by the EPA and the stated goal of
    Obama to break the power producers in America at any cost.

  5. itsfun says

    Every time he opens his mouth, he makes a fool of himself. He doesn’t have a clue about business or how to operate one. He is nothing less than a Marxist. He hates success and individuals that work hard and earn what they have. He wants to take away from successful people and give to lazy do-nothing people.

  6. Sam says

    What a crock of human waste. We are doing so well????!!!! Is he still doing drugs? Didn’t Hitler start going insane at the end of the war? Well, ITS time for CHANGE. A new leader in the White House! Not this imposter!

    1. CVASN says

      In case you missed the memo, the stock market is at an all time high and businesses are flourishing as the economy continues its five year upward trend. Time to toss your old talking points, turn off Faux News and Rush, and take a look at the real world.

      1. LastGasp says

        Time for you to get your head out of your ass and realize that Wall St.isn’t Main St. The Market is manipulated, you moron. All the feral government statistics are false just to keep people as stupid as you happy.

  7. jetmagnet says

    The GOP has disdain for the middleclass and the poor, many of which are conservatives. The GOP has given tax cuts to billionaires and billions in taxpayer subsidies to help their funding machine while they debated and finally caved on giving 168 million americans a taxcut. They are the biggest hypocrites on the planet!

    1. James Acre says

      You cant give tax cuts to the 50% of people who are not paying taxes… duhhh?

      1. chamuiel says

        jetmagnet is obviously not much on facts or truth.

        1. carroll wood says

          he is a dumbcrat, did you expect more????

      2. ipsd48 says

        But the IRS can pay out billions in EIC to illegals who claim dependants who are not even in the country

      3. CVASN says

        And what 50% of what
        group would that be?

    2. brianjconway says

      How do you give tax cuts to the 47%ers who pay no federal income tax. Ya half-wit ya !

    3. chamuiel says

      Well, the Democrats starting with hussein obama are the biggest liars on the planet, and you are right there with them.

    4. bpr1122 says

      According to the wsj, the rich paid a record amount of taxes under the Bush Tax cut. There are less than 150 million people working so how can 168 million people get a tax cut especially when you consider a large percentage of the people who work do not pay Federal income tax. Under Obama the middle class is the smallest it has even been.

      Not only are Democrates the biggest hypocrites on the planet, but also the biggest liars.

      1. CVASN says

        Are you nuts? How can a tax cut bring in record tax collections. Use you brain for someting besides keeping your ears separated, for cryin’ out loud.

        1. bpr1122 says

          Wow!! What an ill-informed person you are! Firstly, I said the WSJ article said the rich paid a record amount of taxes under the GWB tax cut, not that the tax cut brought in record amount of revenue–it may or may not have, that was not the point of the article. The article was responding to the claim that the tax cuts were only for the rich. Two reasons the article mentioned the increase in tax revenue from the rich were the tax cuts allowed the rich to make more money; hence, they paid taxes on a higher amount (for example, 10% on a $100 is more than 15% on $50) and instead of putting their in tax shelters, (0% of something = 0) they just paid the taxes.

          Secondly, historically, if income tax rates are high, then decreasing income tax rates have increased revenue. In 1924 Andrew Mellon, the Secretary of the Treasury, argued

          The history of taxation shows that taxes which are inherently excessive
          are not paid. The high rates inevitably put pressure upon the taxpayer
          to withdraw his capital from productive business.

          His plan had four points, the first one being

          Cut the top income tax rate from 77 to 24 percent – predicting that large fortunes would be put back into the economy.

          The result of the tax cuts was an increase in revenue.

          From Wikipedia: Mellon’s policies helped reduce the overall public debt
          (the national debt skyrocketed from $1.5 billion in 1916 to $24 billion
          in 1919 because of World War I obligations) from $33 billion in 1919 to
          about $16 billion in 1929

          When Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts went into effect, revenues almost doubled.

          There have been similar results in US history; for example, tax cuts under JFK.

          Thirdly, a lot of small business owners pay income tax rather than corporate tax for their company. The more money they make, the more people they can hire. Therefore, instead of the government paying money to people via welfare, food stamps, and other subsidies, the working people are paying money via taxes to the government.

          Fourthly, do you really believe if the tax rate went up to 100% for everyone, revenues would increase? Do you really believe people would spend money to work for free? If not, then you would have to admit there is a point where you lower taxes, revenues will increase. Simple math formula: assume x < y, x% of something is greater than y% of nothing.

          I can go into more detail, but you are not worth it. I just want to respond to your comment so that anyone who is as ill-informed as you are, will have the opportunity to be better informed.

          stay benighted

          1. CVASN says

            All I can say to rebut your right wing talking points is to point you to the disater that has befallen Kansas, and to remind you that after the Regan tax cuts, a round of tax increases followed that lasted for most of his adminitration, as he tripled the national debt.

          2. bpr1122 says

            1. What I mentioned are all facts that are easily verifiable
            2. I was addressing your comment/insult about you not understanding how reducing taxes can increase revenue. Most people understand that if you price something too high you will lose revenue not increase revenue. There is even an economic term for it called elasticity. So the concept that if you raises taxes too high, you will lose revenue, should not be that hard to comprehend.
            3. Debt = Revenue – Spending. Yes, the Democratic congress under Reagan spent too much money. Just image how worse the debt would have been if it were not for the Reagen tax cuts.
            4. You have proved yourself to be a typical liberal hurling insults (are your nuts & right-wing talking point) and not able to address the topic, which was how reducing taxes can increase revenue.
            5. I have wasted too much time with you; consequently, this is my last response to you.

    5. mac12sam12 says

      Bush had a thriving middle class. Obama and his policies have hurt the middle class. Gas is up over 100% as is home heating oil, food and healthcare. The billionaires you OWS freaks complain about are the job creators. Obama whines about corporations moving overseas but keeps it’s corporate tax rate the highest in the world. Switzerland’s corporate tax rate is 17.5%, half the corporate tax rate in the US. Go clean your room for mommy, Jetfaggot.

      1. CVASN says

        Bush had a thriving middle class when he took office. Check what had happened to it eight years later. Before Bush left office, gas prices crashed. That’s because the speculators left the market. After the dust settled and the money men got back on track, gas prices predictably rose. And no, the billionaires are not job creators, people with money in their pockets are job creators. And, by the way, the president doesn’t set tax rates, the Congress does. And do you really have to resort to Jr. High insults to prove your lack of tact?

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Things went downhill in 2006 when democrats took both houses turning bush into a lame duck, that means democrats have been in charge of the economy for eight years. When gas prices rose under Bush he opened offshore drilling and before they even started drilling gas prices went down 13% and continued to go down until they are half of what they are today. Open Keystone, drilling on public lands and offshore. Low fuel prices create a booming economy. For people to have money in their pockets they need jobs, and yes, billionaires are the job creators. That’s correct, the president (I use the term loosely) doesn’t set tax rates, congress does. When congress sends bills to the senate Harry sticks them in a draw and doesn’t bring them to the floor. He has about 340 bills in his draw. As far as my high insult go, have you seen the comments that Jetmaggot makes? I treat people the way they treat me.

    6. ipsd48 says

      One of the biggest powerhouses of job creation in this country has always been factories.They provide good jobs and products sought worldwide.
      How have factories fared under democrats? Between 2006 and 2012 166,000 factories closed in the US. Estimating an average of 250 job per factory, that’s more than 40 MILLION job lost……..FOREVER.
      And what have the democrats done to stop the bleeding, to reverse the trend? More regulations. More govt investigations. More govt interferrance.
      Take a closer look at who is attacking the middle class.

    7. LastGasp says

      Commie scum troll.

  8. jetmagnet says
    1. chamuiel says

      Please explain what you have against gays.

      1. ipsd48 says

        You seem to be the only one here obcessed with gays

  9. John Howard says

    In my opinion, the anti-president, and his administration is a freak show! It’s a real “Cluster Orgy”, represented by all the anti-American value and anti-culture activists that want to force their perverted values and lifestyles upon the citizens of our nation. This includes Obama’s favorites like his gay, homosexual, allies that he is preoccupied with. America, it’s a SNAFU of the first order, and on display for all America to behold. I think Obama’s hatred of historic American patriots, our super-power status, our military, veterans (not providing VA care), the Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and white Americans is definitely FUBAR. The deployment of the Obama EPA Gestapo is a fine example of his use of this agency to chase industry, corporations, and jobs overseas! I think anti-President Obama is the absolute worst thing that could happen to America. I think that any way Obama, and his unGodly administration could expeditiously be removed from office should be taken seriously! What do you think?

  10. Jerry Hughes says

    This man reaally isn’t rational, is he?
    We have aavreaged the loss of 607 businesses a day, to bankruptcy and offshore since the day that this inept lying oulaw took office..
    According to the Federal Register, the number of the rich ceding their citizensahiop and leaving the USA has risen 700% since 2009.
    I’m not sure that we will be able to completely recover from this megalomaniac

  11. neo rambo says

    bho just wants people to punch in present as he has done all his life. then the little pinko commie wants to suck all the money from the folks that work and keep the country afloat by paying taxes. bho has always thought that the slackers should be supported by the workers as in spread the wealth

  12. Harvey Melton says

    obama is a lot of things, just place a ”anti” in front of it.

  13. brianjconway says

    Obama worth 12 million? Yep and not one penny of it earned by productive work. The bum has never had a job prior to this misbegotten presidency.

  14. grannie says

    We have no right to complain…we have no right to know what congress is doing…we have no right to own guns…we have no right to our God-given freedoms…we have no right to criticize the federal government period. Well…that’s what the democrats and the fraud president want us to believe anyway.

  15. John Galt says

    When you impose your will with legislation induced with the stroke of a pen you dictate. What does that make Obama?

    1. CVASN says

      Or any president that uses executive orders or signing statements, right?

      1. John Galt says

        That’s not what I said, but any president from any party that instills legislation by circumventing congress, then yes.
        Proper use of executive order does not make one a dictator. No president, should circumvent or use executive orders to defeat separation of powers..
        There may be examples where someone has abused executive orders like Obama but using them and the number used does not constitute abuse or overstepping constitutional authority.
        Sorry weenie

        1. CVASN says

          John, please, weenie? Ayn would rebuke your peevishness.

          1. John Galt says

            You mistake me for being as stupid as you. I’m not.
            My evaluation of you is just an accurate observation.
            Go pick on someone with an IQ of ten or less where you might stand a chance.

          2. CVASN says

            I don’t think my remarks have indicated what I think if your intelligence, John. But if the best you can do is cast insults, it can’t be too high, can it?

          3. John Galt says

            Yeah, take a cheap shot and run to the high road like you didn’t. I have your number.
            I don’t mean to insult you. My evaluation of you being a dumb weenie is just an observation. (spot on too!)

  16. junkmailbin says

    when Barry the Gays squeeze has GE paying its actual tax load than I will believe he is fair handed.
    no matter what it is, Barry will take care of those who get on their knees in front of him

    1. hankthetank says

      IF they don’t, they end up dead!!

  17. Combatvet52 says

    Because he’s the only evil person that can complain about his lousy GOLF game.
    VOTE ALL DEMONCRATS OUT!!! that sounds real good.

  18. 1LTLos says

    The entire nation has the full right not only to complain but to protest and to oppose this economic morons ridiculous domestic policies. He has accumulated wealth by working with Mexican and other cartels in their drug smuggling and human trafficking operations – He is wealthy and the crappy economy that Obama is attempting to say he is not responsible for does not harm him as it does John and Jane
    Q Public — We all have the right to see this idiot hang by his neck at a gallows. I am sick of this worthless, lying, incompetent sack of POS!

  19. pysco says

    Obama is full of it, He’s has never run a business, where you have to show a profit, or its dead…. He’s ran this nation into 7 trillion more in debt. Businesses can’t print more money when their broke, a community activists always worked on somebody elses dime… He has absolutely no experience in a profit making business… He needs to shut up and go away,

    1. CVASN says

      Sorry, the Congress is the ones that spends money and puts the nation at debt, not the President. And where is it that any politician has to be a businessman? Have you ever looked at what the Congess did before they became politicians?

      1. pysco says

        Please, quit trying to justfy, this idiot you voted for: Everytime the House cuts off funds you liberals cry like a baby, how the House is wrecking the nation……….. And the 7 trillions still comes under his administration, and is still rising..

        1. CVASN says

          I’m not justifying anything, just pointing out a simple fact that you seem to have forgotten from Civics class. Otherwise your response is unintelligible.

          1. pysco says

            Come on: You Psuedo Intellect ! You’re not even man enough to admit that you are a Left Wing, LIberal , Iv’e read youfr posts before…. You use Propaganda 101..

          2. LastGasp says

            Saul Alinsky 101 Rules for Radicals.

  20. pysco says

    All this is just a prelude to another tax on businesses, and he wouldn’t know how hard to be in business, he’s never run anything that has to show a profit.

  21. Ron says

    do I ever get tired of listening to this fool—he has this country so screwed up,and instead of just shutting his mouth,he goes on and on about things he knows nothing about

  22. Bob says

    All taxes are paid by the end consumer. When you purchase a product the manufacturer has included ALL taxes in the selling price

  23. KayO says

    Does he really believe that we don’t see the ruse? Does he really believe that we need his permission to call him on his manipulation? He’s just a talking head with absolutely no business sense. He would know how to run a copy department for a one-man shop much less a business.

  24. danny kimbrel says

    Well I must just say to the inept liar in chief , when you are taken out and getting your neck stretched , just shut the hell up ,you have no right to complain about anything, you created this bullshit mess , so deal with the consequences moron !

  25. 1Shot1Kill says

    Well my fellow Americans. It looks to me as though We the People are going to be screwed for a long time coming. However, there is a way out of all of this. I call it Progression through Regretion.
    To explain this I will make it simple. Little things that will change this country and make it what it once was.
    First a flat tax on businesses of 20% and on individuals of 10%. Second disbanding big government. 3rd shrinking the pay scale for the politicians. 4th Twp term limits across the board for all members of congress. And 10 year term limits for members of the supreme court.
    5th get rid of the life long benefits and secret service protection. Once the man or woman is not president they don’t need protection. 6th mandatory service enlistment for all Americans for atleast 2 years. 7th close all borders remove all illegal immigrants. 8th Mandatory drug testing for anyone receiving welfare. 9th tax and tarriff all imports to bring prices up to the same cost to produce in America. Then you can compare and get the best quality and prices for the same item. 10th if you are on welfare. You must work for your money. And it will be taxed. You can clean the streets. Clean up the parks. Plant trees. Clean out ditches or any other menial tasks. You will also work 8 hours a day. Like everyone else. These are just a few of the ideas that if they are implemented can reverse the course that we are on. Unfortunately neither party wants this type of thing so it will never happen.

  26. JuneUSA says

    They can complain as much as they want. We live in America. Evidently obumbo has never caught on to the idea of what being an American means. We can complain, sass, tell someone to go to hell, smile, frown, and lots of crying with a president like we have.

  27. hookemowls says

    You have to be a liberal if you think it’s greedy to keep the money (and spend as one sees fit) that you studied hard and worked hard to become successful BUT IT’s NOT greedy to want to take from those hard earned tax payers and give to those who didn’t earn it. Liberal logic on display.

  28. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

    Leadership? Obama? Don’t make me PUKE!

  29. dwalk says

    IF the regulations and taxes he wishes to impose on american businesses were REASONABLE, it would be different. but…BO is NOT reasonable. if someone does NOT agree with him he blames them for HIS shortcomings. how many times has he blamed the “Mean ole GOP”? how many times has he scolded congress for not “Doing what I want” (underscore ‘I’)

    this nation is suffering “Buyers remorse” from electing this, pathetic, POTUS.

    it’s very difficult to understand how he was elected once, but TWICE…IMO…there was “Something rotten” about those elections.

  30. CVASN says

    I guess the writer and the morons commenting below have missed the memo that the stock market is at an all time high, and that business has been booming for the last five years. And as far as taxes to, the President doesn’t impose them, Congress does, and it’s been slashng taxes like crazy at every turn, making our debt even harder to pay off. The debt that has, by the way, been shrinking every year for the past four years.

    1. Wayne says

      Joseph Goebbels lives inside you !

      1. CVASN says

        You’re pathetic, Wayne. Is that really the best response you could come up with? Jeez, get back under you rock, will you?

        1. Wayne says

          The truth hurts don’t it! I don’t expect you to change your brainwashed ways. You like other people’s misery!!!

          1. CVASN says

            Back under your rock Wayne, back under your rock.

          2. Wayne says

            You’re the one that’s under the rock, It’s always dark there!

    2. LastGasp says

      Prove that business is booming. Prove that the debt is shrinking. If you can’t, stop lying and supporting the present regime.

  31. adrianvance says

    The only man that could talk that way, given the facts, has to be an idiot or incredible liar.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

    1. Wayne says

      He’s given us six years of both!

  32. John R Pyles says

    phuq that socialist ass

    1. Wayne says

      You mean the half honky donkey!

  33. Ronald Hagler says

    According to Obama, no one has earned the right to disagree with him. We do not have an employment issue, because, as he sees it, everyone is lining up where he wants them. When people who have lost jobs and applied for “unemployment benefits” have run out of time to find employment, thus losing their “benefits”, they are dropped off of the books. Obama drops them from his “unemployed” list and his figures on unemployment improve. Never mind that these people are still unemployed, since they are no longer “officially“ listed as unemployed, there numbers are not “officially” counted. As for Corporate America, it is bad enough that they must find ways to keep their products/services moving against a sea of foreign competition, now they are fighting stiff taxes, regulations and healthcare costs issues, brought on by Obama and his DNC cronies. Even with these “Governmental Handicaps”, CEOs and CFOs have found ways to keep profits up and investors liquid. Yes, King Obama, these people have earned the right to criticize you and all that you stand for: for it is not democracy nor capitalism that you support.

  34. Lary Breeding says

    We should not impeach Obama. He is providing Republicans with nails for his own coffin. Many Democrats who have blindly followed him are now running away from him that is actually a good sign of what a failure he is. He is helping to defeat his own party so I think he is more valuable where he is. Republicans should not take it for granted that they will win back the Senate so they need to keep running hard.

  35. William says

    If I have worked hard and my neighbor has been lazy not going to work or anything and for him to share my success that is so stupid only a fool would come up with this idea. I am wondering why he has not been assassinated for his phony leadership. It is totally unconstitutional as well as his presidency. By our Constitution he can not be president of this nation to be a natural born citizen both his parents have to be citizens of this nation only his mother was a citizen his father is or was a citizen of Kenya. That is where Obama was born he was not born in Hawaii like that false birth certificate was fabricated. When all this comes to light everything this fool has done except for the debt he has piled up will be done away with. All his executive orders are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Never should have been allowed to run for that office in the first place. Who was in charge of checking should be brought up on charges also because Obama is a fraud.

  36. hankthetank says

    Why is this Muslim, complaining, he is at the top! he says the Republicans wont work with him! HE is the one that won’t work with them! HE tells the democrat’s what he wants, & they go behind closed doors & does it for him. he is a punk;

  37. Marilyn Stern says

    Obama worth 12 million? Really? He is now a billionaire.

  38. Dawn says

    Obama is an evil and backstabbing jerk…He’s a president by a small letter, not with a Capital ‘P’…He is nothing behind the Real title….

  39. Carl Smuck says

    My parents act like they think Obama is the greatest president ever since FDR or Harry S. Truman. They think that Obama is a better president than Ronald Wilson Reagan was.

    1. suzyshopper says

      Have u asked them, what it is, that he’s done,that makes him so great???

  40. Carl Smuck says

    My parents think that congress spends all of its time blocking Obama from doing anything good for the country. In reality republicans in congress have tried to do some good things but the senate and Obama would not go along with the good ideas.

  41. Higherstandard13 says

    Obama is just any other criminal, thief, robber…. they feel those from whom they loot have no right to complain. This is just like the Clintons…. remember it is not them or their children at risk so they say things like Hilary’s statement…. “what difference does it make”, after all it they are safe from all.

  42. Paul Brown says

    How in God’s good name does this jackass think anymore? What does he think that he made them all rich under his corrupt government. The companies are in business to make a profit and make money for their shareholders, if they can’t they will go somewhere else so they can save money for those shareholders. This terrorist pig doesn’t give a shit about big business because he feels he is not getting enough money from them or anyone else for that matter.

  43. Sheila says


  44. joe says

    Every day this traitor proves himself to be an even bigger piece of shi7

  45. Richard Tebaldi says

    That’s vert interesting coming from the President! Frankly, the only thing he does with conviction is bitch about the Republican party. there are many other D’s doing the same. New inductee Elizabeth Warren, a very smart and capable person, recently wrote a book, which I read. She talked a great deal about the poor and about the middle class, and about the banking industry. She complained the Republicans get their money from Big Business. Upon researching what she said, I discovered that The D’s, including MS. Warren herself, outraised their competitors recently. Seems like Republican bashing is right down Ms. Warren’s line too! The problem is both parties spend more time bashing one another instead of passing taxpayer assisting legislation. We need to take back our Country by changing election rules and making it a taxpayer funded event. We will make the rules, we will hold you to your promises or fire you for not doing what you said you would. Taxpayers are getting legislation that’s so watered down it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. It was the D’s who allowed this financial fiasco to occur…it happened on their watch with their people presiding.

    The Republicans didn’t do enough to stop the spending either. They just talked about it. Bah to both parties. A taxpayer revolt is in progress as we speak. They won’t know it though, because they won’t believe it! Their vanity will disembowel them!

  46. PatriotGal says

    Folks, be wary of the posts below by jetmagnet – sounds to me like he may be a paid blogger who uses pejoratives, along with hate-filled posts. He is out and out nasty, thus I believe lacks credibility. I had started to reply to his posts, but have decided it’s not worth my time. As said before, he sounds like he may be a paid blogger: useless. He claims to be Independent, but his rants are obviously not Independent. They are just there to foster hate and misinformation.

  47. Libertarian Soldier says

    Why would business be allowed free speech? Even if the “Citizens United Decision” should have put that to bed, this despot continues to rail against the decision with every action he takes, every divisive comment he makes, every appointment he perpetrates, every partisan government employee that is used to advance his hatred toward American Liberty.

    1. Shep Schultz says

      “Why would business be allowed free speech?”
      I think you forgot a word.

      1. Libertarian Soldier says

        You lost me!

        1. Shep Schultz says

          It seems that people who decide to organize themselves into corporations would still have free speech. Certainly people who organize themselves into unions believe they still have free speech.
          The word I think you forgot was “not” between business and be.

          1. Libertarian Soldier says

            Not everybody gets me, all the time, it seems, lately. It was an ironic, rhetorical question. I wasn’t trying to be too clear.

            I figured Citizens United covered that.

          2. Shep Schultz says

            Of course CU covered that. It read as a contradiction, so I asked you about it.

          3. Libertarian Soldier says


  48. itsfun says

    Obama has proven he is the south end of a north bound horse.

  49. C K Johnson says

    Obama they have more right to complain ! Than you do to lie.

  50. Combatvet52 says

    But he likes to BLAME everyone else for his screw ups…..what a guy pure disgust.

  51. adrianvance says

    Don’t fight der Fuhrer citizen!

    Google, “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

  52. worldwatchman says

    A Socialist Illegal President shouldn’t complain about anything. If he does then he should return to his birth place.

  53. Philip Meadows says

    face it people at his core he is a socialist. and communist.

  54. helen sabin says

    Obama has NEVER worked hard in his life. I can’t wait until his records are released and the lies and he Michelle tell are opened to the public. There is a cartoon of him standing outside an outhouse with the words Obama’s library printed on it. What a legacy this guy leaves behind. His kids are cringing now.

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