Anti-Immigration Group Yanks Their Trump Endorsement


A major anti-immigration group is dropping their endorsement of President Donald Trump, heralding the first of what the group predicts will be a sea of defectors. ALIPAC, which has long been a significant force fighting against amnesty and illegal immigration within the conservative realm, announced this week that they were withdrawing their support for Trump in the wake of the president’s broken promises.

In an open letter to ALIPAC’s members and followers, William Gheen explained that it was not Democrats – or even liberal judges – who were keeping President Trump from fulfilling his vows on illegal immigration.

“Many people are trying to make excuses for Trump claiming that Congress is stopping him or the courts will stop him,” Gheen wrote Tuesday. “On the issue of DACA Amnesty, only Trump could end that program as he promised to do day #1 and there is nothing Congress or the courts could do to stop him because DACA is not a law! DACA Amnesty was created by Obama out of thin air using memos!”

Gheen said that Trump also had the power to immediately and “easily end refugee resettlement programs through memos and Executive Orders but he is not doing what he promised.”

“Donald Trump’s continuation of Obama’s DACA Amnesty and his support for dangerous refugee resettlement efforts that he campaigned against makes him both a hypocrite and a politician we would oppose instead of supporting,” Gheen wrote.

Gheen, anticipating blowback from Trump supporters who are accustomed to seeing conservative groups criticize the president, assured readers that ALIPAC was in no way aligned with liberals or NeverTrump Republicans.

“We are not anti-Trump socialists,” he wrote. “We are Trump supporters who are reducing, ending, or revoking our support because of Trump’s broken promises. […] Donald Trump has violated his campaign promises, the U.S. Constitution, and his oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution by giving DACA amnesty to illegals without the corresponding legislation that would have had to pass for that to take place.”

Well then.

No one can criticize ALIPAC of being soft on immigration or of trying to undermine the president from a left-wing standpoint, and the group has every right to complain about Trump’s failure to act on immigration in the areas Gheen outlined. That said, there does come a point where it is counter-productive to oppose, oppose, oppose. Withdrawing your endorsement from the least immigration-friendly president (100 days in!) we’ve had in our lifetime is probably that point.

If Trump conspires with the GOP to pass some form of amnesty-related immigration legislation, then we can start talking about a revolt. But right now, this makes about as much sense as cutting off your head to cure a migraine. Fact is, we are never going to find a presidentially-viable politician who is further to the right on immigration than Donald Trump. Is he going to live up to every one of his campaign promises? Gee, has any politician? Ever?

Regardless, the man deserves more than a three month honeymoon before the purity tests begin.

Or perhaps ALIPAC would be more comfortable with a Democrat in 2020.

      1. gotabgood says

        All true but the Wiener thing..

          1. gotabgood says

            And YES! that is exactly what the Russian hack was suppose to accomplish… to get low IQ voters to back Trump. Example. Trump said it stopped raining as soon as his speech began…. so his supporters put away their umbrellas.


        1. RockinOn says

          All garbage just like your statement and Hil- Liar-y, she has been caught in so many lies, that she lying when she standin up ! You’re apparently one of the flakes who can’t see the light of day while standing in the Sunshine!

          1. gotabgood says

            By the way…. you are not a Christian… Jesus told Peter to put up his sword…. you want to fix bayonets.
            You are not a Patriot, you would just as soon kill a fellow American as you would the enemy.
            A Marine…?

          2. RockinOn says

            Christian Marine is a warrior for American values and morals, willing to take out a traitor is not un-patriotic, has happened in all wars, and we are in one, we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. Satan is attempting to do all the damage he can before the end of the age! Apparently you are not sure which side you are on, I am and willing to do what is necessary to halt the onslaught toward Christians around the world and here at home. Standing by just allowing the evil one to do his dastardly deeds is not in my blood !

          3. gotabgood says

            Matthew 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
            Providing you’re Christian as you say.. do as your leader says!
            As the old song goes….. “Trust and Obey”
            Your job is to spread the Gospel not spread the blood of whom you think are enemies. You do not know the hearts of those you are so angry with.
            Never know who your neighbor will be in heaven…. could be a Muslim..

          4. RockinOn says

            Can’t be a Muslim, if they are executing Christians, there is a time to heal and a time to kill. We are not supposed to lay down and watch evil take place!

          5. gotabgood says

            2 Chronicles 20:15 King James Version (KJV)

            15 And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the Lord unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

        2. RockinOn says

          You think that someone that allows their emails to be disbursed like candy at a parade, knowing that some documents contained classified info is worthy of the presidency, excuse me, are you daft Sir? She is a liar and always will be, just like Billy Boner!

          1. gotabgood says

            Trump’s staff is using a private email server, and that’s totally legal (????)
            So what is the difference here?
            And you call Hillary a liar??????????????????? And Trump????


          1. 1loyalamerican74 says

            The Victim is a lying bitch.

    1. Gray2Hairs says

      Separation of church and state is not in the constitution. It is based on a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to a member of the clergy and it means the opposite of what people today think it does. It was referring to the the state being unable to control the church, not the other way around.

      1. Mustafa Curtess says

        Be That as it may – the Constitution does guarantee religious freedom – and does NOT establish a “state religion”. (Nice try tho -now go do your rosary, or speak in tongues, or something, and you won’t feel so butt-hurt).

      2. gotabgood says

        Argue with the founding Fathers…
        be sure to go to the website, they have their statements there for your reading pleasure. It was more than just Thomas Jefferson, although I would put his word far above Jeff Sessions.

        1. Gray2Hairs says

          A few statements out of context is interesting. Perhaps you should read the original documents written by the founders to get a better understanding.

          1. ABO says

            I can assure you Gary that gotabgood has absolutely no interest in learning the truth as said truth is a completely foreign concept to him.

          2. Gray2Hairs says

            I know. That was an attempt to give him a chance to learn. I was like him once and believed what was pushed because I trusted parents, teachers and the press. Once I found out that I had been lied to I started to research. It is embarrassing to discover that I was wrong about so many things. is a great place for those who are interested in learning about the founding of these United States of America. Take a chance and try to find the truth as it is amazing to find out what lies we have been told.

          3. ABO says

            You differ from gotabgood in that you were inclined to seek out the truth whereas gotabgood is perfectly comfortable simply accepting the lies and propaganda from the far left as fact without ever attempting to verify any of it.

          4. Gray2Hairs says

            Unfortunately many of us have to have something in our lives that forces us to realize that what we believe seems wrong. Maybe gotabgood will take a chance and look up the original documents. Until I saw something that I could prove was a lie I had to trust what I had been told. gotabgood please take a chance and look up the original documents so you can find for yourself that much of what we were taught is distorted. The distortion is purposeful and is meant to get you and me to not understand the truth. The lies go so far as to have a speech from George Washington rewritten to make us believe he was not a Christian. This rewritten speech is in the text books that kids read today.

          5. ABO says

            Unfortunately Gray, my point was that over a number of years now, gotabgood has shown a consistent tendency to blatantly ignore the truth even when that particular truth has been solidly established over time and it’s detractors have been roundly debunked. I fully realize that it has become extremely difficult to acquire the truth in today’s deceit filled atmosphere but it IS out there for those who care to expend the time and effort to acquire it. gotabgood is absolutely not one of those. He readily accepts whatever liberal propaganda he is fed, without question and spreads it like the foul fertilizer it is as if it were indeed truth. I believe that you are a truth seeker and I appreciate your efforts but gotabgood is a well established lost cause and not worth the effort of trying to show him the light as he is happily gullible and not the least interested in changing.

  1. jgfsmf says

    Quick President Trump! Drop everything! Everyone needs their stuff done first.

    Geez people. Give him a chance.

    1. ForeverDeplorablyRed says

      It would go faster with Priebus (Trump WH CoS) out of the way.

      1. deerflyguy says

        It would go better if a lot of his picks were out!
        The foxes are still in the hen house!

        1. PatriotGal says

          Preibus, Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Hatch, Graham, Sasse, Flake, Murkowski, Collins, Kushner (as advisor), etc.

          1. RockinOn says

            Just to name a few, there are many more in Congressional positions, working against Trump ! I say to Trump concentrate on the “Swamp Drain Plug” and then clean up the muck at the bottom ! Let the government shut down and see what the Non Essential Group really looks like !

          2. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Agree with you one hundred percent

          3. Retired says

            Start with Schumer and Pelosi , then go to the Clintons and Soros .

          4. lovezion says

            YEP!!!!!!! THEY’VE GOT TO GO AND THE SOONER THE BETTER. They already did so much harm to our President’s work and to America!!!

          5. Retired says

            They made sure the Gov. workers got a raise and the hell with the retirees .

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Yea. You don’t want the government workers to quit do you…

            Hmmmmmm Wounder how to give them an across the board 15% pay cut. ,,,Naaa wouldn’t work, they still wouldn’t quit. They have seen what it’s like to work for a living and want no part of it.

          7. glorybe2 says

            The White House and Trump are the swamp.

          8. marshmil says

            You are the first to be fitted with RockinOn’s repair kit. Incidentally the collar is adjustable…one size fits all.
            Saddam Hussein wore one of these.

          9. lovezion says

            HAHAHAHA!!! Actually, those trolls aren’t worth our spit!!!

          10. marshmil says

            You are referring of course to gloryb2 as one of them. 😀

          11. ABO says

            The words of a fool promoting his folly. You seriously need to grow up and learn to think critically as opposed to simply accepting ridiculous political rhetoric as absolute fact as you are so inclined to do.

          12. RockinOn says

            Only to a Troll Like You Libertards !

          13. Rodney Steward says

            There’s one in every crowd aren’t there! 🙂

          14. Rodney Steward says

            LOLOL, GREAT Brother, love it!! 🙂

          15. marshmil says

            Neat kit RockinOn.

          16. zizi Newton says

            In that sense, how about his daughter who is advocating for Syrian refugees. I am deeply disappointed and afraid that she may influence her father.

          17. James Higginbotham says

            she needs to stay out of the white house NO ONE ELECTED HER TO DO ANYTHING, and this CRAP IS GETTING OLD BY THE DAY.

          18. Craig Vandertie says

            Exactly what I said when the reports of her being appointed to an official position, but then the criticism began, oh Ivanka is such an intelligent woman with many ideas of how to make the overall quality of life better for the Common Good, then the truth about the ties between her, Jared, the Clintons and of course George Soros both Jared and Ivanka need to be shut out of the Inner Circle ASAP.

          19. Richard Manley says

            That’s funny we said the same thing about Michelle Obama

          20. Craig Vandertie says

            That was/is precisely my fear, people do not realize that Ivanka and her hubby Jared are as thick as flies with the Clintons and George Soros and should not be within Mr. Trump’s Inner Circle.

          21. Katia says

            And who do you think the Obama’s were thick with? You must read the Engquirer

          22. dux nobis28 says

            They like Soros are elitist Jews!

          23. lovezion says


          24. berg1928 says

            Thank you – and I’m not Jewish.

          25. Mathew Molk says

            Name one.

            And the all caps is hard to read

          26. dux nobis28 says

            Jews cannot be trusted with security clearance Rememjer Pollard!

          27. Chiefbuck says

            Whoa big guy, I worked with several of the Jewish faith while in the Navy and would have trusted them with my life. All of those involved had top secret clearances.

          28. Mathew Molk says

            I know and work with a lot of Jews and have 2 guys that are very close friends that happen to be Jewish. So What? — I have had to take a few Jews to court to collect debts too, but I;ll also give that a big so what.

          29. truth beknown says

            Sieg Heil
            Go crawl back in your bunker, shweinhundt

          30. Rodney Steward says

            But Obama trusted muslims with it!

          31. lovezion says


          32. dux nobis28 says

            178 nations have banned Jews in thier history I wonder why? I don’t care what you think or accept as far as I am concerned Moslems and Jews are different sides of the same coin both of you should return to the Middle East and kill each other you are both parasites!

          33. Mathew Molk says

            Didn’t even bother the read your post. – Learn to type,,,PLEASE

          34. berg1928 says

            Ugly comment!

          35. Doris Simonis says

            All advisors have a right & duty to voice their opinions to the President. That is why he has advisors. Don’t expect him to give her opinion any more credence than any other advisor.

          36. berg1928 says

            You’re kidding, right?

          37. BoTexan says

            if we are talking about Christian refugees who are being slaughtered by all sides ,I’m for it!

          38. happygranny says

            Ivanka and her husband are both New York Democrats that should have no business in government.

          39. Oscar Pearson says

            All need to go.

          40. Rodney Steward says

            True madness!! 🙂

        2. Greg Swank says

          Think, for a change, eh. It would be nice if 95% of the population could be killed off by chaos, disease and starvation and the natural world returned to the times of pre-mechanized, immigrant infested agricultural domination of the economy. The ag bastards call themselves the “stewards of the land” while they rape the land, spreading poisons and modifing crop genetics to satisfy their greed…and they kill anything and everything that gets in the way of their profits. Millions of years of evolution and natural environmental change created what we humans have destroyed in a few hundred years. Let that sink. Ever seen the movie Soylent Green. As with 1984, its time is coming and the elites know it. The bumper sticker that says “thank a farmer if you ate tonight” would be more appropriate if it said “thank a farmer for the population crisis we’ve created – Soylent Green.” Oh yeah, the “Elitists” will starve, too. Who’s going to mix the Soylent if all the rest are dead? LOL.

          1. deerflyguy says

            I don’t particularly want to glow in the dark proving you wrong!
            I wonder how long radiated earth takes to become humanly inhabital again?
            Forget soylent green. Even a corpse has a shelf life!
            They need a gradual die off for soylent green – not all at once!
            These mountain hideaways are fairly self sufficient, thus they will have real food anyway.
            What I would really like to see is who will do the menial tasks when everyone underground thinks they are above that sort of thing! Can’t you just see Hillary making sandwiches for everybody? Or Bill, unplugging a lunker clogged toilet? Do you really think anyone would take orders from anyone else? Maybe for a few days, but that would soon end! They wouldn’t last as long as Fletcher Christian did on Pitcairn Island!

          2. Craig Vandertie says

            Try 5,000 to 10,000 years, weapons grade Uranium is far more radioactive than Radon and that is a health hazard.

          3. Craig Vandertie says

            Self sustaining, specifically how long is that 100-500 years at best?, it is not limitless, eventually they will run out of supplies, what if something happens to their food supply where it is no longer suitable for consumption?, there are always unforeseen circumstances.

            As soon as they poke their wicked heads out of their hole they will be within the sights of those they betrayed, so the question is, are the evil elite that despicable that they do not take such circumstances into consideration and do not care,or they do and realize how self destructive the entire plot would be.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            You guys watch too much television.

          5. Craig Vandertie says

            I watch very little television, I do not have cable or dish no news what so ever , so you will have to come up with a far more clever reply.

          6. Mathew Molk says

            What’s the half life of whatever you have been irritated by?

          7. Craig Vandertie says

            Gee Greg does 1 of the few survives mean you, I myself would most likely 1 of the 1st to parish, your do not find your scenario very appealing.

            Yes I recall at least 4 of Charlton’s Sci-Fi genre movies:

            Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Omega Man, and Soylent Green

            Actually I believe 4 Sci-Fi genre movies was all he was ever cast in as the star actor.

            In Soylent Green the bodies were not radiated.

          8. rfrichey says

            I remember the Sc-Fi movies also, but they were for a different generation of movie-goers. Ben-Hur, El-Cid, The Ten Commandments, The Agony And The Ecstasy and The Greatest Show On Earth are some movies Heston made in my prime movie going years. I was never into the Sci-Fi genre but did find them watchable unlike some of the crazy stuff Hollyweird puts out today.

          9. Jack says

            OK, Ted, or do you prefer the pseudonym “Greg” ?
            I wasn’t aware that the inmates, er uh guests, at the Florence B&B were allowed
            access to computers and the internet but here you are.
            At the risk of offending you, I must say that you don’t make any more sense today than you did back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

          10. glorybe2 says

            I think you have it backwards. People cause population growth. That ever larger population requires food and the farmer simply meets the demand for that food. If we had mandatory birth control we could reduce the population without being cruel to anyone. Suppose you have a high school with 500 girls and five hundred boys. Simply give both academic as well as physical tests to allow only 250 girls and 250 guys to remain fertile. That way you would get a quick reduction in the number of babies born. A girl who married a sterilized male would lose the right to reproduce. As those physical and academic tests are competitive no group can feel slighted. The kids have up to grade twelve to prepare for the testing and know full well that half of them will have tubes tied etc.. Naturally every person would be limited to producing one child for life.

          11. Mathew Molk says

            Eugenics anyone….Sig Heil?

          12. glorybe2 says

            You may call it eugenics but in a world with very limited choices what alternative do you have that has any chance of preventing the population bomb from destroying human life on this planet? Doing nothing will cause far more agony than taking action. Right now the planet is having overwhelming problems with a seven billion population. In twenty years we will be looking at 14 billion on this planet. In 40 years it will be 28 billion. Food, water and breathable air would cease to exist. It is almost impossible for science and technology to save us from a very dire fate.

          13. Mathew Molk says

            If I got through (which I would) I would re-mechanize so fast you wouldn’t have a chance to miss electricity.and running water. Strong, self sufficient will survive and the snowflakes and pencil necks,,,,well,,,,,,,, Remember The wolves eat the sheep.Pitty those that depend on the nanny state, or even those that can’t change their own oil.

        3. Craig Vandertie says

          Bunkers, decades down the road if not them their descendents will need to go outside because they have run out of supplies and their lives will come to an abrupt end, that is if they can survive that long without others waiting on them hand and foot.

        4. dux nobis28 says

          Neocon Jews like Kurchner must go time for Ivanka to move out and go run her business !

          1. truth beknown says

            dux numbnuts…..a regular contributor at Stormfront

          2. john says

            Truth Unknown – This is you!

        5. Garys_opinion says

          Nobody will survive. What will the elitists do when they come out of their bunkers, find out that their money is worthless, and have no survival skills.
          Steven King wrote a good book,the latest version, entitled The Stand, about that subject, only it was a biological disaster.

        6. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          Lets hope the little fat guy in North Korea gets his crap straight! I don’t think he has the balls to drop a nuke on the USA! The devastation to North Korea would be total, and I don’t think any such retaliation on our part would lead to a world conflict. In case it does happen, everyone make up with family and friends, buy lots of canned goods and water! See you on the other side!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            That;s not his problem. It’s getting FedEx to haul it over here.

        7. George Matyas says

          I think your wrong, the elite will die because they only know how to use cell phones etc. they have no idea how to do anything else, only the resourceful will survive, but the world will be changed forever.l

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Kind of like that now with the snowflakes coming out of collage with massive student loans to pay off over the guys that did a 5 year apprenticeship looking for their second house.

            Only the strong survive.

        8. glorybe2 says

          I don’t think you have to worry about survivors from a nuclear war. Our weapons have gotten past that point. There might be some remote island with a few people who will be suffering radiation related issues and taking in more radiation with every breath they take and every morsel of food that they eat. So some will die slower than others. I doubt that anything larger than a virus has much of a chance at all. A virus can be dormant in mud or ice for many centuries waiting for a day when a host becomes available.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            WAY too much TV and movies there my friend.

      2. Pat Robertson says

        Could be… too many still picking up pay checks from lobbyists

      3. zizi Newton says

        No, faster without Paul Ryan.

        1. ForeverDeplorablyRed says


          And w/o McConnell. And McCain. And Collins. And Murkowski. And Flake. And Graham … I’m tired now …

      4. Retired says

        You just don’t get it that Schumer – Pelosi and Soros are the biggest problem, then come Clintons and the Media hounds.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          You forgot Sore-Ass and his pups.

          1. Retired says

            Public enemy number one .

    2. richard says

      Are we there yet????? Sounds like a bunch of kids.

    3. Craig Vandertie says

      It has been over 100 days, he’s heel dragging.

      1. jgfsmf says

        Let’s see. How does that saying go? Oh yeah. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and truthfully, it wasn’t built in 100 days. Fixing Obama’s fups, can hopefully get done in 200 days, but I doubt it.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          How ’bout 400 days? 3 years? on his last day. (Which at the rate he is going will be in 2020.

          Like the buzzard said to his pal. “Patience hell. I’m gonna go kill somebody”

          1. jgfsmf says

            He’s doing fine. If it weren’t for every liberal idiot opposing him at every turn, he’d be much farther along.

    4. NobodysaysBOO says

      Tell this CRAP to his JEWS!

    5. red110306 says

      I am a staunch Trump supporter but even I am skeptical about his stance on DACA since he took office. Allowing anyone who came here or was brought her illegally to stay, is not acceptable under any circumstances. What we all have to keep in the front of our minds is the fact that ALL of these illegals will be Dem voters if allowed to do so in the future. Anyone that is Okay with that, is not Okay with me!

      1. Doris Simonis says

        Remember his adversarial liberal judges? Pres. Trump has to slowly review all laws so these liberal turds can’t stop his EO. I will refrain from judging until he has his house in order. Three months isn’t long enough to rid the employees loyal to obama and get his own crew to work. There are hundreds of items on his agenda and he is, after all, only one man. Without advisors he would be ineffective. Back off and give him time to work out legal details. So far he is swimming up stream that is filled with sharks. Some of them pretending to be friends. Paul Ryan is the worst.

        1. red110306 says

          I am giving him a chance. But I will not ever accept the DACA program as being something that this country either needs or wants. As far as Trump goes, I will wait and see.

          1. marshmil says

            I agree. That dumb idea of Obama, DACA, has to go along with any regulations that allow Mothers and/or family to become citizens simply because Mama laid eggs on US soil.
            The Congress needs now to come up with an Amendment if needed to clarify who is actually an American citizen by birth and also clarify who is qualified to be a US President. In 2009 some un-Americans allowed a scoundrel born in Kenya to take the Presidential Oath of Office then allowed a repeat of the same in 2013. In the 18th. Century the Founders dealt with a totally different world than we have now so we are in critical need of more specific guidelines about citizenship and who is qualified for the Presidency. I urge all members of the Congress to make this a priority.

          2. red110306 says

            I am in total agreement with your statement. But he needs to tread carefully on issues of illegal immigration. Outside of jobs, illegal aliens was his battle cry during his campaign. And he did say that he would rescind the DACA EO.

          3. marshmil says

            I’m for stomping, not treading carefully, on the illegal immigration problem. We have enough problems already without other nations dumping their lawbreakers into our front yard. Sorry but the USA has become the Little Red Hen of the global arena. After we established a great economy without their help all the others want to come plop down at our well spread dinner table.

          4. red110306 says

            What I meant by Tread Lightly was that he has to tread lightly with his voter base when it comes to illegals. If he changes his position on illegals, his base may change their position on him!

          5. marshmil says

            Excellent clarification red110306. Thanks. It makes great sense. We have to “play the game” with very careful strategy. Maybe I should read THE ART OF THE DEAL.

          6. red110306 says

            Not sure about that but I am sure that he has to follow through with his promises to all of us that supported him on his positions on illegals.

          7. marshmil says

            The Donald seems to have integrity. I think he’ll follow through but on HIS schedule that’s the way it should be. We have to avoid being screaming brats like the Leftists have proved to be.

          8. Debbiejwinchester says

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          9. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

            Pathological lying is NOW a sign of ‘integrity’???? You should write a book and inform the world!

          10. marshmil says

            Don’t need to. I’m letting you Leftist liberal Democrats prove your rubber stamping of everything as “lies” to be a sham. Suggestion: move to Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela or China if you don’t like it here.

          11. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

            The typical ignorant reply!

          12. DOGTOWNE says

            When someone Disagrees with you and your Ilk, it’s Funny how you use the word Ignorant. Hope your Burka fits you..

          13. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

            So far, Don the Con hasn’t been very good at ‘deals’!

          14. marshmil says

            He’s better than that Kenyan-born foreign student imposter we put with for eight years. The Donald is a genuine American-born citizen who is not sending millions of dollars to our enemies while he dismantles our Department of Defense in order to weaken us against Satanic forces.

          15. DOGTOWNE says

            What did Obomba Accomplish in his 3 1/2 Months when he had the house and Senate? Went on an Apology Tour..

          16. marshmil says

            Thanks DOGTOWNE. What could expect from a non-American Muslim sympathizer who was illegally whisked into the White House better known now as the White Mosque complete with Crescent Office and staffed with anti-American Muslims.

          17. Mathew Molk says

            Yea, Those of us that voted for him to get this done will be leaving if he fails us.

          18. red110306 says

            As long as he makes the effort to reign in the illegals and fix the problem (without granting amnesty) I will still be in his corner. He is only one person against the entire establishment. These rinos have been in power for so long, they believe they can impose their will on us underlings and just do as they please. He needs to make sure he drains the swamp and exposes those that are against enforcing our laws that are already on the books.

          19. DOGTOWNE says

            He Exposed the Fake Media and since they have been Exposed you can see the Hate that they have Not Only for President Trump but America.

          20. marshmil says

            Yep! The Donald called their hand on their unAmerican activities. Now that their masks are yanked off they are mad as hell. The Guy Fawkes have been caught, identified and revealed. They stand naked like nudist colony members. They secretly want to do away with religion in general and with Christianity in particular. Keep them under surveillance. Guy Fawkes was hanged in1606 for his hatred of King James I who ordered the famous Bible version of 1611.

          21. red110306 says

            You are right. That is why we need to shun them and their “Fake Polls” about President Trump’s approval rating. All BS!

          22. DAlnB41 says

            Our nation suffered the greatest invasion of illegals during the Obama Administration.
            Millions upon millions of illegals were flooding into this country and approximately one out of 3 had any job (Obama said of the estimated 12 million illegals here at the time, there were appx. 4 million illegally working) the rest were living off our social programs; tax payers supported programs or programs set up by churches and the programs millions and millions of American workers out of work had to rely upon as the illegals took their jobs!
            Obama and his Secretaries of Homeland Security, starting with Janet Napolitano, forced the Border Patrol and ICE to turn their backs on the failing immigration problems and allow the illegals to come and stay here. Obama and DHS added more and more requirements on Immigration courts that resulted in illegals being apprehended I the U.S. would be legally released back onto out streets for anywhere from a year to two years while these “courts” decided if they should be allowed to remain. Most of those illegals are still in this country – – in spite of what our federal laws and our immigration program says – – !

          23. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

            Sonny, this country didn’t have a ‘great economy’ WITHOUT immigrants. What planet do you live on OR how much history have you failed to read? What a sorry bunch of no-nothings!

          24. marshmil says

            Like all Leftist, liberal Democrats you change the subject to something unrelated when we back you into a corner. By the way, improve your English grammar. How many spelling lessons did you miss? Or can you figure out that to which i refer?

          25. Paula says

            Ridicule is Rule #5 in Rules for Radicals. The commie-liberals are very good at it…and make sure they include all the Rules in their scripts for their trolls.

          26. 8true8 says

            let him move to the borders and the wall and immigration … healthcare and lowering taxes are #1 priorities … from which everything can be accomplished.

          27. EH says

            Remember, he does have an adversarial group he has to deal with, in both major parties. These are “behind the scenes” people that throw crap at him and through which he has to tread, if he wants to get done what was promised. Yes, he is the President, but unlike the prior jokester to whom both parties bowed to, they do not feel comfortable with him because he is NOT one of them and does not always abide by the Swamp rules!

          28. marshmil says

            Thanks EH for your note. You said it eloquently. Yes we finally have a genuine American citizen in the White House replacing that anti-American Kenyan-born Jokester of the past eight years. We are learning a lot about our Congress with The Donald not being a “bedfellow” with them.

          29. lovezion says

            LOVE YOUR THINKING marshmill! He needs both time and to be reminded constantly about his important promises!!!

          30. Mathew Molk says

            Time Yurass, All he needs to do is write it down. The 9th dist. will rule against whatever he signs anyway but that is the first step to the subprime court and the completion of the action. The sooner he starts the sooner it will get done. Foot dragging only helps the bad guys.

          31. DAlnB41 says

            He needs to stop talking to the press and talk show hosts; spend his time with his staff and just getting things done. I can not remember ANY president being so inundated with the media always hanging on and any president ever having to sit with so many media jerks.
            AND what does it get us; more wasted time on the media; more hate and discontent, more twisted information and fear mongering from the media.
            The best thing that can happen to America and our society at this point is keep the media out of government facilities, stop giving them any information, and let the Democrats keep talking their nonsense!

          32. llkenney says

            Children born on US soil of foreign mothers are automatically US citizens and that goes way back to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution on July 9, 1868.

          33. marshmil says

            I, for one, would like to see that changed. Things are very different now than they were several decades ago. Our economy cannot handle things the way it might have done 150 years ago. Too many freeloaders trying to jump onto the USA bandwagon who have not contributed.

          34. llkenney says

            Agree!! 100%!!

          35. marshmil says

            Recall the nursery story THE LITTLE RED HEN.
            Fits the USA today with all the freeloaders.

          36. DAlnB41 says

            Most Americans will agree we need to change the laws (based on our constitution) that says these babies born in the United States to a mother illegally in the United States automatically become U.S. citizens. It is an obsolete and absurd law that is far past any thought of
            However, even allowing everything to remain as it is, it would not be the problem today that it has become IF – – IF – – Obama had done his job and enforced our immigration laws and the Immigration program.
            Through his decision to ignore the immigration laws and program he open the gates and allowed anyone that wanted to just come into this country In total disregard of our laws and our constitution.
            Under Obama, this nation experienced the greatest invasion of illegals than at any time in our entire history. He claims he deported more than any other president before him – – – that means nothing – no other president has ever had as many illegals in this country as Obama allowed. IF OBAMA DEPORTED ten times the number, he would still have a far smaller percentage of illegals deported than any other president. Obama lied, twist facts, and ignored our laws and we are expected to sing praise for him? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

          37. marshmil says

            Obama absolutely qualifies for an award we can call
            PROFILE IN DISCOURAGEMENT. He is the greatest scourge ever to walk on American soil. He, along with Hillary R. Clinton is a classic traitor. He swore to protect and defend the Constitution. He violated the Presidential Oath of Office. because when he swore to protect and defend the Constitution he was not qualified to take the Oath of Office because he was born in Kenya. I doubt this Nation will ever experience an equally villainous person than Barack Hussein Obama unless it would be Hillary R. Clinton.

          38. DAlnB41 says

            I do not think I will ever know the truth about where he was born or if he was or was not truly eligible to serve as our president. He will, without a doubt, as time passes, become known as one of the worst presidents as far as dong his job and living up to his oath of office; likeable but untrusted.
            Maybe if he had been more truthful and could be trusted it may be easier for people to accept the idea he was actually born a U.S. citizen. However, he became so well known for lies and half-truths it is difficult to take all he says as truth. His comments such as keep your health insurance, Americans support immigration (A Half truth he used over and over again NEVER separating the legal from the illegal immigrants), – will deport any illegal immigrant committing a crime in the U.S., suggesting the federal government would manage the immigration program (but never did), deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in history (No other president ever had as many illegals in tis country at one time; his number of deportations , based on percentage of illegals here, is actually very, very low – -and most of those deportations were conducted by the Border Patrol at the border!- as usual – – – another less than truthful statement he loved to repeat!) ; so many things he said and never lived up to them. He left problems he inherited from Bush but never did a thing to fix them then left those problems and a long list of his own problems for the next president to inherit and the Democratic party leaders to blame on Trump!
            Now, we not only have to live with the mess Obama left but put up with the sniveling, whining Democratic Party leaders complaining and lies! It must be a party trend to lie, point fingers and blame others for failures and problems – the Democratic party leaders all seem to have the same weak mind-set!
            I will never understand what it was, other that a great speaking ability, that people were (are) so impressed with Obama!

          39. marshmil says

            Thank you DAInB41. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, was born in Kenya. He was a foreign student at Columbia University in New York City. He had his school record sealed. Why? Is he afraid we’ll discover something illegal about him? We are told his law license was suspended or revoked. Why? If he was born in Hawaii, or somewhere else in the USA, then what’s the problem with providing his lawful Birth Certificate? Forensic experts have proved the alleged Hawaii certificate is a forgery. So unless Barack Obama can produce a genuine official Birth Certificate we have to rely on the video statement of his elderly aunt (?) who stated that Barack was born in Kenya. It would have been much better for her to claim he was born in the USA but she did not. She said she was present at his birth–in Kenya. Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya until proved otherwise. Presenting a forged, fake Birth Certificate, and sealing college records by a foreign student is prima facie evidence of a coverup. Barack Hussein Obama was never legally a President of the United States of America. He is an imposter. He therefore does not qualify for a Presidential “pension” or Secret Service protection for life. Neither does Michelle Obama, his alleged wife. Question! Why has not the FBI investigated Barack Obama’s unsubstantiated claim to have been born on US soil?
            *****Mr. President I, as e pluribus unum, of We the People of the United States of America, being an American citizen from birth, respectfully request that you order an investigation inquiring about the location of the birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. Thank you. *****

          40. Sawblade Stainless says

            Yes, but if the mothers are illegal that should make their children illegal that should put an end to this problem as such.

          41. marshmil says

            Sawblade you are using common sense logic. Keep in mind that only the “choir” will accept what you said. And there are people to rationalize that since some people have expensive homes and cars then therefore EVERYBODY should have them to make everyone equal. That’s swine fecal thinking right out of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky.

          42. Shawn Sapp says

            The mother is still illegal. When the child turns 18, it must choose between the mothers country and the US for citizenship. I’m pretty sure that is the way it is supposed to work.

          43. Sawblade Stainless says

            All illegals must leave one way another. If they use the proper legal channels great. But if you commit a crime in America as an illegal you should forever be banned from this Country.

          44. marshmil says

            But those snakes will slither back in. They are caught over and over and over.

          45. lin says

            That amendment was written and passed to protect freed slaves and their children, it was to force government to make them citizens. Like many laws with good intentions it has morphed into something else.

          46. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Again, most references to the 14th are in error. You are entirely correct.

          47. marshmil says

            Time has a way of doing that lin. It’s called Social Change by sociologists. The Founders were brilliant to build into the Constitution a means for upgrading and accommodating because of changing conditions. We have the greatest Constitution and the greatest Nation this planet has ever known–except maybe for God’s Holy Land, Israel. Yes, there are some who will disagree and go ballistic over that comment. Go ahead, make my day!

          48. llkenney says

            Yes correct, just pointing out that is why they are citizens.

          49. Herb1949 says

            People have changed the meaning of the words. Under the jurisdiction of, did not include people that are not citizens.

          50. marshmil says

            …but the Amendment XIV does state, “…nor shall any State deprive *any* person of…”. No mention is made here stated or implied about citizenship. But that is unnecessarily splitting hairs as far as I’m concerned. Word meanings do change over time. Compare the wording of Wm. Shakespeare and the King James Bible with wording used today…same language and it’s understandable but sometimes requires checking with a lexicon or language expert.

          51. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            A mis-reading of the 14th which was meant to apply to slaves.

          52. llkenney says

            No misreading. Pointing out that is why these kids become legal if born here. I’m quite aware of why it was implemented.

          53. Mathew Molk says

            Don’t look like it. And LOTS of legal schlocks do not see it your way either.

          54. red110306 says

            Please site the wording to back that claim up?

          55. marshmil says

            red110306 read US Constitution, Amendment XIV. Section 1. Ratified July 9, 1868. I’m for updating that Amendment to clarify and define citizen birthrights of babies born of US citizen parents residing in the USA. It should exclude babies born on US soil of one or both parents who were not US citizens one year prior to the birth. Congress can appropriately word it mainly to block US citizenship to any person born in the USA whose parents were not US citizens for a period time prior to the birth which time frame will be determined by the Congress. I submit this to the Congress should any Member happen to read it.

          56. red110306 says

            I did go and read it after I made that comment. I believe it could be open to interpretation. But there is no doubt that the language has to be cleaned up to reflect that it refers to anyone born onto Legal Citizen Parents of the United States.

          57. marshmil says

            My preference is that babies born of parents both of whom are US citizens shall be considered US citizens even if born outside the USA. A baby born in the USA having parents or a parent who is not a US citizen shall not be considered a US Citizen. A baby born out of wedlock to a US citizen Mother shall be a US citizen provided the Mother was a US citizen at least one year prior to the birth. No more of this coming here to lay eggs for US citizenship. We already have enough freeloading as it is. Suggestions anyone?

          58. red110306 says

            Nope, you covered pretty much everything.

          59. marshmil says

            Thanks red110306. Shall we now submit it to the Congress for consideration? Har har har.

          60. red110306 says

            Nawwwww. Let’s just take a vote on here and pass it!

          61. marshmil says

            Good idea. That way we won’t waste months of gibberish from Nancy, Diane, Chuck, maybe Ryan and a few others. And BTW we don’t have to pass it to find out what’s in it. We already know so we don’t need Nancy’s brainless input. Thanks for your wonderful recommendation.

          62. red110306 says

            Glad I could be of assistance. I just wish that common sense would make a comeback in Washington, DC. As much of a joke as that sounds.

          63. Marion E McKenzie says

            Likenney Please read the 14th Amendment AGAIN…

          64. llkenney says

            Again, not misreading. I’m simply pointing out that opened the door to any foreigner crossing the border that has a child here, the child is auto a citizen.

          65. Mathew Molk says

            NO, NO 1000 times NO.

          66. Paul Puebla says

            Then why did my grandfather, father and my mother’s mother have to wait until the June 1924 Indian Citizenship Act? It was because they were Apache and no American Indian could be a citizen until June 1924. Most were not granted the vote until 1948 and some not until 1970. Notice The act nor I said Native American. I have 2 granddaughters born in the U.K. when their dad was stationed with the U.S. Air Force and DNA shows 14% “Native American” but they are not as Native means where you were born so they are Native Briton. American Indians on Reservations were to be excluded but in the end all were excluded no mater where they lived.
            When Senator Jacob Howard (R., Mich.), the amendment’s sponsor, said “foreigners” were excluded from citizenship.
            Two years before the 14th Amendment and largely the work of Howard and Senator Trumble, began with this statement: “All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power . . . are citizens.” That clearly excludes aliens. But that phrase was replaced with the more ambiguous “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” in the amendment. Why? Did the amendment mean something broader? It would seem so.

          67. Mathew Molk says

            Don’t you know the snowflakes twist things to suite their agenda. They write off Indians and accept stinking moslems(sic). No body was EVER screwed over more then the American Indian and no body served this country better. (I was in Vietnam with two Navajos and one Apache and I never met more loyal Americans or better patriots)

            And, “Subject to Jurisdiction” is a stronger term then “Subject to any foreign power” – Think about it. If a refugee denounces his citizenship and goes to a 3d country and then to the US they are not still subject to a foreign power but neither are they under our jurisdiction unless they get a green card.

            And BTW, This white eyes is smart enough not to screw with an Apache. God bless you, and thanks for letting ME live in YOUR country.

          68. Franie says

            Again, that was a different time. It needs to be changed, especially since these people are welfare grabbers and refuse to assimilate.

          69. marshmil says

            Exactly Franie. The Amendment XIV needs an update to clarify WHO we actually mean to be citizens of the USA. As it now stands it’s grossly vague and open to too much reckless interpretation. That’s why we have women crossing the border to lay their eggs to establish US citizenship for their brood then argue they need to become US citizens themselves to take care of the brood. That needs to stop! I posted elsewhere on this site a recommendation for wording change for the Congress to consider. Hopefully we can get a “revised standard version” of the XIV to protect us from invasion of unwanted “squatters”.

          70. Herb1949 says

            It was never meant to be that way…

          71. Mathew Molk says

            The jury is still out on that one….Must be” under the jurisdiction” and according to most legal ragles that means a minimum of having a visa or green card.

          72. Brenda Sinclair says

            read your bible in revelations it speaks how the anti-christ came into high office out of no where with no past, everything obama gave as of info about him were made up lies. how were we all so fooled, because satan sent a strong delusi9on to blind us to truth about muslim obama, he was not liable to be president

          73. marshmil says

            Thank you Brenda. It’s interesting the things you mention. I’ve always seen Obama as a mystery who appeared out of nowhere with little or no traceable history. He literally hoodwinked some of our voters into supporting him. I think those of us who are spiritually inclined can see through the smoke and mirrors. Satan is the father of lies and the Master of Deceit. Proof? …Garden of Eden activity. Satan can assume the body of a person and carry on as if he is a real person. Notice–sketchy history of Barack Obama. Nobody claims to have known him during school years. A fake Birth Certificate had to be fabricated to show his birthplace. His ancestry is sketchy. He was whisked to the pResidency without qualifying under Constitutional requirements. He supports Islam which is a cult invented by a false prophet. Oh well. Let’s keep watching. We are in the End Time. Things will speed up as we get closer to the culmination and the return of Jesus. [ This ought to give the skeptics a lot to laugh about.]

          74. rdells says

            Don’t expect the corrupt, incompetent Orange Hemorrhoid to accomplish anything beneficial to you. He couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery.

          75. red110306 says

            Awwwww. Are we mad that “Hill Jung Un” (Hill=Hillary) lost the election? Don’t fret little one. The adults are back in charge. I’m sorry, does that mean you will be marked for deportation? Probably!

          76. marshmil says

            Well said red110306. Thanks. I urge these sissy little anti-American draft-dodging pissants to renounce American citizenship and move to Cuba, N. Korea, China, Syria or the Middle East. After eight years of Barack Obama’s pussyfooting around with muslims we now have a real American-born MAN as CEO of the US Government. May the God of Abraham, King David and of Jesus of Nazareth Bless our great Nation.

          77. red110306 says

            They won’t. Instead, they will just cry and moan as their welfare benefits are eroded. None of them have ever had a real job.

          78. marshmil says

            How did this feculent thinking ever get into the minds of some of our people? … I reluctantly refer to them as “our” people. It’s an embarrassment to the Nation’s existence to consider them Americans. They fit better into Vladimir Lenin’s arena of October 1917.

          79. red110306 says

            Or Barack Obamas arena of 2008-2016.
            First and foremost, I blame the Conservatives for allowing our education system to become an indoctrination grounds for the “Liberal Think” brainwashing over the last 30 years! We have had Republican Presidents but they did nothing to change what was happening. I am not into conspiracy theories but I have to say, the whole thing reeks of a conspiracy on both parties parts!

          80. marshmil says

            There’s a saying that runs something like, *The greatest threat to freedom is for good men to do nothing”. –or something like that. If genuine freedom loving Americans don’t wake up and get serious about the national scene the scum supported by the likes of George Soros will spread like cancer and take over the nation. The Russians fell for that crap October, 1917 and it took them 73 years to get rid of their shackles. When a faction of greedy thugs are heading the government (Politburo/Presidium) you can get shot for shouting “I got my rights!”. Do our whining crybabies realize that?

          81. red110306 says

            All they realize it what they are told from their Anarchist friends during their protests/riots. You are spot on….. If something isn’t done immediately, it will be too late. As it is, Trump has his work cut out for him with the mess that was left to him by Ovomit!

          82. DAlnB41 says

            The ABSURD justifications by those opposing Trumps efforts to fix the problems developed over the past 12 years that are hurting this country today is continual, non-stop efforts by the Democrat party leadership (not the democrats themselves) to do everything they can to see that Trump fails; they care less what impact it has on the nation and the country!
            We have had two presidents in a row who were at their very best only marginal; we can not afford a third one.
            Trump did not create our national problems but he volunteered to do what he can to fix them. Instead of having the help of BOTH PARTIES, there are those (from both parties) who object to anything he tries – – – – like if you don’t like him – he is wrong. Like or dislike Trump (or anyone else) has nothing to do with getting our problems fixed; IF that was all there was to it we would not need congress or the senate or televised media to tell is what they think! .
            Instead of coming up with their own efforts to fix our problems and arguing/debating them on the floor of congress, they want to stand in front of TV cameras (with their squad of head bobbers standing around them) and bad mouth Trump, and anyone else, who tries to get the mess he inherited in order and get us on our way to recovery.
            ……………………………………………..# # # ………………………………………….
            We ALL need to make our voices heard – it makes no difference what party we belong too, it makes no difference where you live, what your bank account looks like, how much education you have or who you work for; America is ours and we all have a need to see it remains our country; not the property of the Democrats, or the Republicans, the Hispanics or any other group of illegal immigrants, CEOs or wealthy conspirators.
            WE ALL MUST DO OUR JOB – WE MUST ALL INSISIT THOSE WE SENT TO WASHINGTON DO THEIR JOB; not in front of TV cameras but on the floor in congressional discussions and debates, not in small committees that tell others what to say, do or how to vote but do as we expect of them – – get on the floor and represent us, not the party leaders; give these problems the attention voters sent them to Washington to do!
            — – – – – -No one in Washington was sent there to bob their heads behind party leaders; any FOLLOWER can do that!
            If your representative is standing in front of a TV camera they are wasting your time and tax payers money – – tell them to go back to the office and earn their pay! Tell them to talk to you and listen to what is being said – tell them to shut their party leaders up and force them to be the representative you elected and expect them to be; – – you don’t need to be polite, they smile at you at you anyway to make you think they are listening and doing what you want them to do – BUT, if they were doing it right we would not be in the mess we are in!

          83. Mathew Molk says

            It starts with “For evil to triumph” – And it looks like we are a few frames behind.

          84. marshmil says

            Thanks Mathew. I now recall the first few words and I suppose checking google will reveal who first made that statement. It baffles me is that with all the historical evidence about socialism, communism and collectivism we have people today who simply “don’t get it”. All they want is their “rights”. They are like the “business as usual” folks in Noah’s time. Today we have the faction interested only in the candy and ice cream benefits they a promised with no thoughts whatever about basic nutritional needs or how does everything get paid for. There is an abundance of evil today in the world in general and in the USA in particular. With the former eight year administration we were headed for another Venezuela/Cuba existence. Praise God that Satanic page of American history is turned. We Constitutional citizens are obligated to right the wrongs and get our great Nation steered away from Marxist socialist icebergs.

          85. marshmil says

            “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke. And quoted by John F. Kennedy.

          86. DAlnB41 says

            The “conservatives” are just as much t blame as the Democrats. They all turned their backs and allowed Obama to do pretty much as he wanted.
            When it became obvious Obama had no support from conservatives in carrying out his personal agenda Obama elected to just do as he wanted.
            Conservatives did force many of his “presindetail actions” into court but in spite of that, Obama continued with his personal agenda, keeping the flood gates open for millions and millions of illegals, pushing our national debt higher and higher, and BUYING THE MEDIA so regardless of what anyone tried to do, the Obama Media was buying and molding the minds of the American people!

          87. red110306 says

            Here is the whole thing in a nut shell:
            This past election saw approximately 125 Million Americans cast ballots.
            There are over 340 Million people in the USA.
            That tells us that a lot of people that could have voted, didn’t!
            Here is the catch…. Does anyone really know how many of those that did not vote are leaning to the left or to the right, as far as their political beliefs go? Absolutely not! We can guess all we want but no one knows for sure what the mindset of those that didn’t vote is.
            All the liberal snowflakes will eventually have children that they will indoctrinate to be liberal. Those children will eventually have children and so on. It is a never ending cycle. But what if the Right leaning faction of the non-voting people is a small minority? If that were to be the case, we will be in serious trouble as a country in about 30 years. Can you imagine this country being fully controlled by the same snowflakes that are out in the streets rioting for illegals to come here unchecked so they can take their jobs and rape and pillage their families. By the time they realize their mistake, it will be way too late to change course. I fear deeply for the next generation.

          88. Mathew Molk says

            30 years ????? Like we are not in serious trouble right now. WTF, Over.

          89. Mathew Molk says

            Vote more mealie mouths on to school boards. Give the worthless teachers contracts with tenure and pay raises. Vote for every school tax levy in…And when you see the results they have produced,,,Do it some more.

            We are reaping what we sowed.

            No schools at all would be better then the cesspools was have now.

          90. DAlnB41 says

            A promising generation turned upside down by lies from politicians promising them anything and everything they may want.
            Free college (with the parties and days and days of fun) that Obama said our students come out of unprepared to meet the nations needs for workers. So, instead of making these kids earn their way throughout society, they were promised about anything candidates for office wanted to promise but could never provide. It worked for the Democrats in drawing support from supporters of millions and millions of illegal immigrants and it worked for drawing votes from millions and millions of young people
            Our young people, seeking “A BETTER LIFE” , were being promised by the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns, a life of about anything desired without having to earn it , just vote for them and everyday beyond will be a party day!
            We will now pay for the mind changes Clinton, Sanders, Obama and the bought and paid for media brought to our society!

          91. Mathew Molk says

            Vote for me and I’ll set you free,,,,And the Band Played on.

          92. Mathew Molk says

            At the rate things are going if Trump signs the NWO Marxist/RINO spending bill the snowflakes will be fat, dumb, and happy for some time to come. No erosion in sight. No need to get a job.

          93. red110306 says

            I am sure he is going to sign it. He came in while this bill had already been in progress for some time. Although I am not happy about the bill, I will reserve my judgement until the Fall, at which time he will be in on the particulars right from the start. If we get another Liberal Budget at that time, I will be angry to the point I will consider withdrawing my support for President Trump. This has to change.

          94. DAlnB41 says

            I grew up at a time when kids were taught by parents, aunts and uncles and the social settings we lived in. The majority of us did; ouor personalities, our desires, our mindsets, our loyalty to our nation, church and family was the foundation of who we were.
            I attened a seminar some years back where we listened to a presentation about the difference between egneratons and their attitudes. I am a baby boomer and I will always feel we were/are the greatest generation. But, a lot of emphasis was placed on he melenilanls suggesting they were seeing Amerinac from a different point of view. The attack on the UNited States was allegedly a major turning point in the pattern of mmindsets. It was suggested that the millenielas were far greater at volunteering to help ot. And I belive for a time that was correct.
            Our nation suffered a blow that hurt everyone from coast-to-coast; regardless fo what kind of job you were in, your worth or level of education. We had a social set back but one that also resulted in some renewed strength in our values and patriotism. It did though, open up doors for greed and poor policiacal actions.
            I believe – – what we see today, is due in great part, to the ridiculous promises made to so many people, especially our young students. Promises that could never be kept but the millennials took as serious; – we now have to pay the price for false promises from those who even had they been elected could have never supported!
            Free college, free meals, about anything they want seemed to be within reach;– all they had to do was VOTE for the right person and they would allegedly be given silver platters to collect their rewards.
            Today they can see it is not going to happen. They will still have to earn their way, there will be no “free everything days” and that upsets them.
            They started out as strong Americans’ ready to do their part to show that American was, is and will always be the best country in the world; how proud we were of our young men and women.
            But in recent years, they have been brainwashed by those in society who have personal agendas they value more than American values, our constitution and our laws.
            Hillary said, “America is just fine!” In spite of the millions and millions of Ameriacn workers out of jobs, a national debt that was growing higher and faster than at any time in our history, a massive invasion of our country by people who decided our laws meant nothing to them and they could come here and do as they want!
            Our communities were transformed into communities of men, women and children living in cardboard boxes on the outskirts of towns that once provided work, homies, schools, churches, hospitals, parks and recreation for families that now fought for survival; all from a government that had turned its back on the people!
            These kids, the millennials then, who started out with a feeling of national pride, were now seeing a different agenda coming from the White House; an agenda that told them yesterday is gone and today we are going to take care of your needs – even those things you don’t need and those things you do not deserve UNLESS YOU EARN THEM YOUSELF!
            Our government suddenly felt they were the “New Robin Hood” of our country. No need to work, no need to try to care for a family, no need to get a good education from teachers who had for years and years done their share on bringing up America; our government was going to give them everything they WANTED – not needed – but wanted. ; and above all, a president who turned his back on America and the American people.
            Today we pay the price for allowing a failed leader to ignore his duty and his oath to America, we are paying for the price of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintons promises to our kids that they will get about anything they want if they will just vote one of these into office.

          95. marshmil says

            Thank you DAinB41. The socialist gravy train has proved again to be a wreck and The Donald is having to waste valuable Executive time collecting the parts and reassembling them correctly. Comrades Bernie and Hillary promised more candy for the kids on Barry’s yellow brick road which they have now discovered to actually be a mud path leading nowhere. They are mad as hell and throwing tantrums in the streets because they didn’t get their candy. On November 9, 2016 they woke up to the real world which lacked the glitter they were promised. They lack the education that would have taught them to look around at Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, the former USSR as examples of results of socialism and communism thanks to Godless warp-minded instructors in classrooms.

          96. Mathew Molk says

            We (Boomers) are likely the worst generation in the history of the country.

            We were busy going to work and living the American dream and let the liberals take over the country. The situation right now is 100% the result of us not being involves and allowing it to get this way.

            Our parents handed the best country on the planet to us and we left a socialist nation to our grand children. Think about it. In 1966 would ever have believed the country could have ever gotten into this mess? We just stood by and let it happen too,

            Now I am a coordinator for the COS and have been a Tea PArty PAtriot for years now but I fear I saw the light too late.

            President Trump is our last hope but frankly I am not at all happy with the way he has been caving in over the last 2 week. Only God can save us now but doesn’t God only help those that help themselves.

            We got an awful lot of work to do.

          97. marshmil says

            No problem rdells. That foreign fecal mass was booted out of Washington January 20, 2017 at Noon. We now have a genuine American part made in America. He’s doing an excellent job amid squawks and screams of college age brats out in the nation’s streets. By the way, you left out the other six colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo and Violet–the seven make up the RAINBOW we got rid of. Have a great weekend.

          98. llkenney says

            As usual you can spot a liberal by their nasty language, which many in their convoluted perversion embrace the persona of being “nasty.” Those like you, Colbert et al are sinking society to new uncivilized lows. “Congratulations” for your contributions to the country.

          99. Mathew Molk says

            If you think that is nasty you should come onto a jobsite. Not a liberal in sight either,and you should have hear what was said about the royal exalted boma and teh cackling witch. – Maybe you haven’t heard. PC is is dead and we are all speaking our minds in plain language punctuated by “them words”.

            We want to have no doubt about what we think of the liberal snowflake son of a bitches and the bastard politicians.

            Welcome to the real world

          100. marshmil says

            Mathew do we ever find liberals on a job site? They are too busy at their mob site. ….bitching about not making $15+ an hour as they scream, yell and throw rocks while they create no wealth by their tantrums.

          101. Mathew Molk says

            Another full of shit snowflake….There is a massive shortage of skilled trades in Detroit, Toledo and all over central and NE Ohio where they are building and rebuilding factories. – Both my sons (Electrician and Iron Worker) are working 6-10s and the halls are trying to get me and a lot of others with industrial skills out of retirement. Anybody true skilled tradesman (not a Bob Villa Kitchens and Bathrooms guy) who is not working does not want to be working.
            You think they intend to abandon the places that all this work is going into or call laid off people back and hire others to man thee plant? Naaaa. They are just going to leave them there to rot. –

            Get back to your safe zone and make something with the Play Dough.

          102. DAlnB41 says

            Trump has taken on a huge mess left him when Bush left office and when Obama, who failed to take any action to fix the Bush problems, developed even more and greater situations and left office dumping both the Bush problems and his own onto Trump!
            Trump did not cause these problems; he did though volunteer to take the job of fixing them. I doubt he ever thought he would be faced with a group of objectors who regardless of what he says and does they will make an issue out of it.
            The truly sad thing is these men and women were elected and sent to Washington to represent their constituents, NOT to become their own little gang who has turned to mob actions to interfere and stop any efforts to fix our mess. They complain about what Trump is doing BUT they never go on the floor to debate or improve the efforts to fix our problems. They seem to think all they need to do is go in MOB FORMATION front of TV cameras and complain like te caemera man or the audience is going to go do their job for them.
            As long as Democrats allow Pelosi and Schumer and their “mob” to do nothing but snivel and complain we will get nothing done.

          103. red110306 says

            The Dumba$$crats will never change. They will continue to be elected by the left wing morons in their respective states and they will continue to obstruct President Trumps agenda. All President Trump can, and will do, is to present viable solutions to the problems we face and expose those that obstruct the solutions to these problems. Obama made the worlds problems a whole lot worse when he and his cronies, negotiated the terrible deal with Iran. Then he turned his back on our allies, in particularly Israel. They destabilized Libya and did nothing to protect our ambassador and his team when they were attacked and murdered. Obama totally ignored the threat of N.K and made behind the scenes deals with the Russians. Remember the hot mic during the 2012 elections? Men in the little girls bathrooms. Only a sick pervert would even think of such a thing. Yet he mandated the schools to do so under the threat of losing Federal funding if they didn’t. When NC fought it, they were attacked by the likes of the NBA and the NFL and threatened that they would pull out of NC and not have any special events in their State. I believe that we should boycott the leagues that did that. It is the only way to hurt them.
            The last thing I will say is that I hope the RNC is taking notes on this level of obstruction by the Socialist party (Dems) and return it in spades if and when the Socialists ever get another one of their Socialist party members in the Oval Office. The Republicans need to stop turning the other cheek. Fight fire with fire. If we keep letting them get away with total anarchy, they will continue to act out!

          104. llkenney says

            I read that he was genuinely surprised that the Democrats didn’t try and come together after the election, and was even more perplexed by some Republicans who openly obstructed in the beginning.

          105. Mathew Molk says

            NWO Marxist and RINOs that are in bed with them. They all need to go right along with the illegals.

            Come on President Trump. I couldn’t cares less how you do it but get the job done we sent you to DC to get done. No prisoners, and more important no excuses. Get er done.

          106. marshmil says

            Way to go Mathew! Thanks.

          107. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

            He does have a heart. I’m sure one way or another he’ll find a way to make things just for everyone. Not to stereotype anyone, but what would we do without lawn services and those that work in the hot sun, while others don’t need to.

            It seems if these people can assimilate and take the jobs no one else really wants, it should be OK. Document everyone, go through the process of other people wanting to come to America. We ARE suppose to get a lot of jobs in the future. Hopefully enough to help those that want to help themselves and not hurt Americans. Just put them last right now and keep Americans first.

          108. Paul W Baumgartner says

            your wrong

          109. red110306 says

            Listen, I have a neighbors son who has a lawn business. He is forced to compete with ridiculously low prices that are being charged by illegals in the area. Having a heart has nothing to do with the solution. The solution is that everyone that has come here illegally needs to return to their country of origin, apply for citizenship (like everyone else does) and wait their turn to enter. No amnesty should ever be considered for those that broke our laws to come here. That would be rewarding people for being criminals. That is not how our system works.

          110. Mathew Molk says

            My 61 year old brother in law works for a landscaper and they are always bitching about the wetbacks raiding their customers. They ALL have to get thrown out. I don’t care if they never come back either.

          111. red110306 says

            I agree with you entirely!

          112. Mathew Molk says

            Get off your dead ass and cut your own grass and shovel your own snow instead of going to the Gym…Since I got drafted and stopped cutting my FATHER’S grass I have NEVER had anybody cut MY grass and I still do at 70 years old.

            Illegals are NOT in any way a necessity in this country. Totally undesireable PERIOD

            Not to stereotype either but pencil necks make me sick.

          113. lin says

            America has a LEGAL system of worker’s permits to allow non-citizens to hold jobs here. We have a LEGAL immigration system that allows well over one million people annually to move here with the goal of assimilating and becoming citizens. Allowing illegal aliens to stay is a slap in the face to those who cared enough about becoming Americans to do it legally.

          114. DAlnB41 says

            DACA is another of the things Obama forced down our throats; he had no solutions that were consistent with our federal laws and immigration program so just did as he wanted! His handling of the immigration mess highlighted his personal agenda as it fits into the same categories as Beer with the ex-mayor of D.C. who got a traffic ticket for DUI and Obama set up a party where he told the world the police were wrong for giving his friend a citation, like saying the police were wrong in having the “tools” to enforce laws and safety, wrong in dealing with the killing of the Florida boy by a Neighbor hood watch,; Obama turned the nation against our criminal justice system, Obama reversed fifty years of improved social attitudes toward minorities and Obama turned his back on the men and women of this country while catering to illegal immigrants and continually increasing the numbers of legal immigrants on work visas into this country!

          115. red110306 says

            Right on all counts. Obama was an anti-American POS that should never have been elected to anything. Let’s not forget he attempted to force men into little girls bathrooms. So he is a pervert on top of all of his other faults!

        2. lovezion says

          You speak like a sage! Both sides in this thread (so far) are totally right! 🙂

        3. Brenda Sinclair says

          yes fir all of mooslummie obamas staff , they will never be loyal to president trump, obama pays them to spy obama wants to overthrow our government so the muslims can take over america and him rule as their king, it will happen bible predicts there will be a one world government with one ruler, the muslims who are satans children from generations from cain and his sons

          1. COMPU-TRON says

            So you support world government?

        4. Gary says

          Agree about Ryan. What a lowlife POS.

      2. jjmcl431 says

        i agree with part of what you say, but we have to give Trump time and a chance. he can not get everything done in just three months. it might take a couple of years. remember that that Moslem loving White people hating Obama had 8 full years to screw up our country. give Trump the chance to make things right again.

        1. red110306 says

          Apparently, you did not comprehend my comment. I said I will give President Trump the chance and time he needs to right the ship. But what I will NEVER do, is accept DACA as the norm in the USA! ALL Illegal Aliens and their offspring need to go. Period!

          1. marshmil says

            I’m with you on that point red110306. ALL illegal aliens and their offspring by me are not welcomed. The “handwriting is on the wall”. We have been weighed in the scales and have been found overloaded with criminal activity generated by non-Americans. Our own thugs create enough as it is.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            People are jumping off the Trump Train now. No matter how much you want to do the PTA thinking he is out of time RIGHT NOW. Shit or get off the pot. We will be jumping off the train in hoards if he caves.

            And if you face reality it has been over 6 months since the election. If he didn’t get his ducks in a row by now why do you want me to give him a free pass now?

          3. red110306 says

            His time started tolling on January 20th. Not in November of 2016. I am not jumping off the wagon and I still support President Trump. I do, however, expect him to keep his promises on illegals…. Including DACA!

        2. Mathew Molk says

          He signs the budget bill and I’m through with him. It is 100% all Blow-See wanted. The time to stand up and be counted is right now. There is no “time” left.

          Shut the government down – No make up checks this time either,,,And don’t give me any bullshit it will give the Marxists the congress in 2018. The last shut down ended up with a Republican majority (although useless) and the democrats got a sound drubbing nationwide.

          If they want this budget let them have to do it over a Trump Veto. He will have no support at all by September if he caves now so it’s now or never.

      3. glorybe2 says

        They will only vote if they become US citizens.

        1. red110306 says

          Which, if the Dems have their way, will be exactly what will happen under the guise of “Immigration reform”. That is the PC term for “Amnesty”! Once they become citizens, they will become registered Dems. There are already enough idiots in this country. No sense adding illegals to that mix!

        2. lovezion says

          Are you kidding? I know for a fact they steal or buy Social Security cards so they can do anything an American can, including, unfortunately VOTING!!!

          1. Rodney Steward says

            Exactly, many voted in this election for the Hill. !!

          2. Retired says

            They no longer need to steel them , Democrats made sure that they get special SS cards also Obama made sure there was plenty of Green cards to go around . Then he also allowed replacement workers. The swamp is so big that it would take many bunker bombs to eliminate it .

          3. lovezion says

            That’s right! For a moment I forgot that we live in a giveaway country!!!

          4. Retired says

            You are allowed one senior moment a day , does that make you feel better ?

          5. Shawn Sapp says

            Obama invited them across the border and told them when they got here to vote and don’t worry if they got caught because nothing would happen to them. I’m pretty sure that makes him guilty of voter fraud , especially when he said this on public TV. I want him and Hillary procecuted, otherwise the swamp monsters will never stop their evil ways.

          6. Retired says

            Deport Soros and family , take their assets away and investigate the Clinton foundation income and that will solve some of our problems

        3. marshmil says

          Deport them before they become US Citizens. We don’t need their ideas in Washington and in our state houses. They mean more socialistic leanings.

          1. lovezion says

            I wish they did deport them once and for all AND forever – none of that stupidity that after 10 years they can come in again. Or, as someone very cleverly here said: none of laying their eggs here so when they’re deported their brood can claim them back. GRRRR!!!

          2. marshmil says

            Good post lovezion. Our Congress needs to wake up to reality. By that I mean get tough with illegal immigration and immigrants. We don’t need more thugs from the outside; we have an oversupply of our own already. I fully agree with you about the “egg laying” on US soil to hoodwink us and get family moved here. That needs to be addressed NOW.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            No prob. deport them and they will be right back. The Blow-See/RINO Ryan budget blocks the wall and supports sanctuary cities.

      4. lovezion says

        I’m with you a million percent!!! Either he completes his promises as thoroughly as possible (it’s true the dems disrupt his work) or he’ll be considered another hypocrite….Yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw in the news about the refugees and the immigration reform….

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Me either….How bout pulling this knife out of my back.

          He better get his act together PDQ or he is going to be a one term guy.

      5. DAlnB41 says

        Without adding ANY additional authorized numbers onto Legal Immigrant authorized entry into the United States; ANY DACA immigrant allowed to remain in the United States should be subtracted from the authorized number of immigrants allowed to enter and remain in this country as a temporary or permanent resident or non-resident immigrant! If that DACA is later removed from the United States for any reason the slot could be returned to a legal immigrant who RESPECTED OUR LAWS enough to comply with them. Better yet; force all DACA people to leave with their illegal parents and apply to come back legally; why should we all have to pay the consequences of the parents of these kids indiscretions and illegal activities? The DACA know they are illegal; they know too that their parents are to blame – why do they think we should ignore our laws or them; they have the ability to leave and they have the ability to leave and apply to come back legally – do the right thing and earn their right to be here!

        1. red110306 says

          While I understand your intent on the total numbers of immigrants that should be allowed to remain here, I disagree that any DACA kids should be allowed to stay here under any circumstances. Their entry into the US was illegal and therefore should be nullified.

      6. Pete says

        Red110306 OK, bail on him…get a Democrat in power in 2020, then you’ll REALLY have a reason to bitch. You’re no better than the liberals, don’t get your way and you bail. Don’t worry, the Libs will welcome your Democratic vote.

        1. red110306 says

          Where in my comment did it say that I was going to bail on him? Who are you to make any assumptions on my behalf? Take your act somewhere else. I will expect the promises that President Trump made to be fulfilled. That includes illegals leaving this country. I will never vote Dem!

        2. Mathew Molk says

          I said I’d bail on him. – No stomach for cowards, But I DIDN’T say I’d vote for a Democrat, you dunderhead. The “moment” is still here and still strong.- I’m even thinking about Laura Ingram.

          Here is the FACT..,If Trump caves on the budget he is done for.

      7. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

        Wooooooooo! “Dem voters” Those scary, intelligent, caring people – wooooooooooo! This country could use some new blood, the old blood is stagnated and worthless. Take a look at the con’s ‘celebrations’ on TV – all you see is old (many senile), white, dried-up fossils! Just what do you think they know about the youth of this country and what their needs are for their future? Got any answers you racist/misogynist?

        1. red110306 says

          There is no such thing as an intelligent Dem voter. You may be right, this country could use some new blood. It just isn’t the type of blood that you and your illiterate, ignorant, snowflake friends would like it to be. You spoiled brats use the Racist/Misogynist label for anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with your flawed mindset. You loot and pillage schools and neighborhoods to stifle free speech every chance you get. Guess what piss ant……. you and your type are in for a rude awakening. The Conservative faction of this country (the “NORMAL” people) are sick and tired of you and your kind. You are a socialist commie that is hell bent on subverting the laws of this great country. Tht is why Mr. Trump was elected…. To put you sissies in your place and uphold the rule of law within this country.

        2. red110306 says

          One more thing Moron… You are either an illegal alien or are married to one.. Which one is it?

      8. 8true8 says

        He has not reached immigration reform yet … give him a chance! He has big battles … like staying alive! Why do conservatives just pile on … beats me!

        1. red110306 says

          Apparently you have a problem with reading comprehension. I stated that I am a supporter but I am adamant about illegal Aliens and their offspring being deported from this country. That was one of the main campaign promises that President Trump made during his campaign. So it is something that he needs to follow through on. That is not called “piling on”. That is called “expecting promises about deporting illegals kept”!

    6. 83ragtop50 says

      Baloney. His minions write the EO to end DACA and he signs it to much fanfare. Could have happened the first week in office.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        First hour.

      2. jgfsmf says

        Hahahahaha. There’s a reason why it called an ADMINISTRATION. Look it up as see how it works. They work together. Get it?

        1. 83ragtop50 says

          No, I do not get it. What are you saying? That Congress must act or something? POTUS can rescind an executive order with the stroke of his pen. DACA was a nightmare of Obama.

    7. roger dodger says

      We have heard that from the RINOS for 21 years,
      It’s time.
      If the only way we can get rids of the fing RINOS is to destroy the republican party, so be it.
      This crap with immigration and the insurance rape, we don’t have to vote republican to get that, we can get that feces from the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.

      1. rfrichey says

        I had prepared myself for the end of the GOP when hell-ary won the election. I had told my wife that this would be the end of the Republicans seeing as how the elite of the party were all against Trump and giving him hell at every turn. Then out of no where the silent majority in more states showed up to tell them elites we were tired of the political correct police bull s—. Trump saved the GOP, taking them from total demise to turning the tables on the lib-o-crats to where they are now in limbo.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        It’s not doing too bad of a job self instructing on it’s own.

        1. Chi Sam says

          It’s is a contraction of the words it and is. Embrace English, stupid.

    8. marshmil says

      Thanks jgfsmf. Those throwing all these fits are simply not connected to reality. Where were they when Obama was pulling all of his stunts. We never heard them screaming about those things–and he was not even qualified to sit as a President having been born in Kenya.

    9. pudge1 says

      Fake news?

    10. Rodney Steward says

      And to put up with the Dems. and Rino’s fighting every move you make!

    11. chuckkel says

      Implementing mandatory E-Verify on current employees and proposed hires, would go a long way to get illegals to self deport.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        And trhowing those in jail that employ of harbor them. (Hear that you sanctuary mayors?)

    12. Obie Miller says

      jgfsmf , I agree! I do, however, think he now needs to start moving quickly. Under obummer our immigration policies quickly became “invasion”policy”!

    13. disqus_Hczv3TBKdY says

      Hey jgfsmf … give him a chance you say…… Why do I feel you will repeat this post in 9 months…..1 year after that………..another after that………….and another after that……….?

      1. jgfsmf says

        Nope. I know that you say the same thing to everyone. So feelings mean nothing.

    14. mrpoohead says

      What fup’s. President plays cards dealt by Congress – they don’t make policy or law. That’s why we won’t be getting a ban on Muslims, repeal, wall or mass deportations. President not that important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. jgfsmf says

        Every single one of those things is most important, along with fixing all the other crap Obama fuped. It’s all you liberals saying that he hasn’t done enough in his first 100 days. Freaking whiners.

        1. mrpoohead says

          What Obama fup’s? The President is still not in charge of anything. Duh!

        2. mrpoohead says

          Still waiting to find out what Obama fuped – President plays cards dealt by Congress. nothing more – duh!

          1. jgfsmf says

            So congress nominated Hillery to be secretary of state? So congress lied about Benghazi? So congress slept while our people were killed there?

          2. mrpoohead says

            That’s it? Benghazi is an unfortunate set of circumstances and dealt with poorly – did the Secretary of State create it, hardly. Were resources poor – tax income down everyone makes cuts – suck it up! Nothing else huh? Thought so!

    15. big KAhuna says

      Roger that. Who has done more in his short term in office— No one ever in history. Anyone thinking Trump will do it all on his own is dilusional. We all must stand tall and help him by contributions, speaking out, writing our congressmen, volunteering our services to the RNCC in our areas. Remember the Evil Demonrats are using every dirty trick in the book and had Clinton got in office our country would be reduced to a Banana Republic ripped apart by a one world order ( Dictstorship). Count your blessings and instead of complaining
      Do something to help, we don’t need fair weather supporters. Vote his opposition out of office. Getting rid of Democrats ( Evil) is the best way to help him.

    16. DAlnB41 says

      Based on Schumer and Pelosi, there are no priorities; just complain about everything and if it changes, do a 180 and complain about the changes. They make no sense at all – how can they even be considered “leaders?”

  2. Ron says

    3 months into a 4yr term, they are dropping their endorsement. What took them so long???

    1. PatriotGal says

      Idiots. Total idiots. Did they REALLY support him? I think not.

    2. Mustafa Curtess says

      What difference does it make? They aren’t trying to sabotage him (like the Libocrats are) – they are just expressing their disappointment.

  3. carolat538 says

    Really! didn’t give President Trump a chance….
    They have the Right to be WRONG!

  4. caesar says

    It’s about time someone tried to get Trumps attention. Good for them and hopefully more to follow!

  5. joe palladini says

    More FAKE news

  6. deerflyguy says

    This guy’s position reminds me of an old Burma Shave set of roadside signs:

    “He was right, dead right, as he sped along, but he’s just as dead as if he was dead wrong!”

  7. Walter Flatt says














      1. Retired says

        Should be on the top 10 most wanted list.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      Thank you soo very much for bringing that to the front!!! I believe everything you said is the trruth and that is what scares me to death!!! God Bless us and God Bless America

    2. zizi Newton says

      Good for you, sir. People today are blind. There are too many signs showing Obama is either a Muslim or a Muslim enthusiast. He declared that this country was no longer a Christian country; he established a national payer day for the Muslims; he praised the Muslin and Islam highly, He wanted to turn the country into a Muslim nation. That was very clear. If we had a another person, not Donald Trump, as our president, nothing would change.

    3. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

      Soooooo sorry for you. In your 86 years you’ve learned nothing. The fear based ignorance in this country is disgusting. But, I am happy that you are 86 and you wont have to worry about all these non-existent fairy tales too much longer!

      1. Estell Newton says

        so what’s the left so scared of that they have to keep rioting?

        1. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

          Apparently you don’t know that WE have the right to protest (for and against). Try reading the news (other than Faux) and you will find that the ‘rioting’ is done by the Cons. Protesting is NOT done by the ‘scared’!

          1. Estell Newton says

            Apparently YOU DON’t know there’s a difference between protesting and rioting. YOOU DO NOT have the right to destroy other peoples property nor do you have the right to keep other people from speaking. WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH TOO. What are you idiots so afraid of? You threaten to riot every time some who doesn’t agree with you is asked to speak at Berkeley. Why can’t you idiots grow up and let other people talk? Did it every occur to you that others might want to hear what they have to say? Probably not because you are so self indulged you don’t care about others. Only about your own selfish wants.

          2. ABO says

            Typical liberal twist and spin, Estell. Mary Ellen does of course know the difference between protesting and rioting but being a good liberal demands that she twist and spin the facts in order to promote her agenda.

          3. Estell Newton says

            I’ve gotten to the point where all they have to do is make one statement and I know which side of the fence they’re on. I say send all the illegals to California and let worry about them at their expense.. That way the rest of us can live in peace.

          4. Shawn Sapp says

            Protesting should be done with your own money on your own time. This violence by these protesters should be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Soon these protesters will get the violence they seek, and it may be very bad. You see, the rest of us have rights also. It is called the right to beat you to death if you hit me.

          5. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

            Absolutely! Guess you haven’t read – most of the violent protests are from the right. But then, guess you only have Faux available.

          6. Shawn Sapp says

            Are you crazy. I don’t know where you get your news. I have not heard of a single violent protest from the right. I don’t even know what the right would be protesting. If we did try to protest, all of us would get arrested.

          7. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

            One example that you undoubtedly know nothing about: The Hate Watch Group knows all about Kyle Chapman (who beat a leftist protester in Berkeley). Chapman started the ‘right-wing street fighters’ called the ‘Fraternal order of Alt-Knights’ dedicated to ‘confrontation in the streets’
            Maybe they are friends of yours – they are quasi-fascists on the tract to full fascism!

          8. DAlnB41 says

            This is the kind of uninformed left wing , brainwashed person that wastes everyone’s time! Instead of learning the facts they prefer t do/say. believe and follow party leaders! Totally consistent with the party trait of twisting facts around when he/she has no idea of what they are talking about.
            It was the Hillary Clinton’s campaign that was caught hiring groups of protestors to create disturbances and block people from appearing and voicing their opinions at Trump campaigns, it is the continuing right wing groups that push against freedom of speech while insisting they have a right themselves to speak, to march on our streets and destroy private property, it is the right who wastes tax payers money as they stand in front of national TV cameras with a squad of head-bobbing followers (elected officials) complaining about what someone else is doing (but they themselves never do a thing but complain.).
            It was the Democratic party leaders that were caught “tappg” nto tier own party candiates and working to setroy
            I have not seen, or heard or, one incident similar to these that was instigated or manipulated by the right wing.
            It is people like Aquirre and the leadership of the Democratic party over the past ten years that encouraged me, after almost 60 years of voting, to switch from the Democratic party to the Republican party!
            I still vote for the person and the party makes little difference t me when it comes time to cast by ballot. I can not stand idiots In politics regardless of their party; I only trust those who are ready to fight for what is right for the country and the American people; there is far to much threat from those who -blindly fall in behind party leaders- and without consideration, study or common sense, repeat and do what party leaders tell them to say, to do and to believe. There is just FAR TO MUCH threat in a nation where people allow others to think and believe as they are told to do by party leaders and the media!
            We see the waste of tax payers money almost daily as Democrat party representatives takes to the stage and complains about someone or something else BUT NEVER adds any input as to how to fix the problems. threat in a group of “followers” we see in the Democratic party leadership – – or people like Aquirre!

          9. Mathew Molk says

            You been in a coma. or what? — John Burch members are the student body at Berkley? Go back to your doctor.

          10. Chi Sam says

            The name is ‘Birch’…just like the tree. My God, you are stupid.

          11. Mathew Molk says

            The guy with the flag proved that, and even though he was outnumbered they beat a trail away from him as fast as their little commie legs would carry them.

            Notice to snowflakes…It can turn real so suddenly you will not have time to say ouch before you look up and find out you are dead.

          12. Mathew Molk says

            Look like despite useful idiot snowflakes in full panic mode to me.

      2. James Higginbotham says

        and YOU Mary are just ANOTHER GULLIBLE FOOL.

        1. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

          Right! I happen to be a ‘gullible’ retired physician.

          1. James Higginbotham says

            and GULLIBILITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS, just like FOOLS, are STILL FOOLS.

          2. ABO says

            No different than a gullible retired janitor or construction worker, you simply see yourself through the glaze of your elitism to be better than the rest because you are a retired physician. It’s just how things look from your ivory tower.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            nother guy that puts tradesmen down, huh?

          4. ABO says

            You know better than that Mathew. Try actually reading my response and that to which I responded.

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Is this AK Lady with another handle?

            Nurse, Vietnam Combat vetran. Teamster Truck Driver, Union organizer, Collage Professer,,,Now a Doctor.

          6. Chi Sam says

            A ‘collage’ is an artwork comprised of varying materials or shapes, and ‘professer’ is not even a word.

            You’re stupid.

          7. Chi Sam says

            A collage is an artwork comprised of varying shapes or materials, and professer is not even a word.

            You are a very unimpressive man, Mathew.

      3. Kathy Diaz says

        i hope your older family members that you love, die in front of you. They don’t deserve it but you do for your disgusting comment. What goes around comes around.

      4. john says

        You are a communist brainwashed bitch from hell ! You can be the whore at Gulag 7 to service all the prisoners ….and be the barracks cleaning lady too!

        1. Chi Sam says

          You hit women, don’t you? You present yourself as a predator.

          1. john says

            Chiink Cocksucker – Once again , fuck you and fuckoff !

          2. Chi Sam says

            Your brain doesn’t even consider ‘Chicago’, let alone arrive at the right conclusion.

            By the way, stupid…you cannot say ‘once again’ the first time you address a person. Who raised you?

            Life-long forklift driver, or store clerk?

        2. Chi Sam says

          You hit women, don’t you? You present yourself as the sort of easily-frustrated dummy that can not control his emotions like a man.

      5. Mathew Molk says

        In my 70 I learned freedom isn’t free (And shed my blood for it too) and I learned that a full time job is not 3 out of 5, 2-with a hangover.

        Think GenX, and the Millennial snowflakes understand that?

        1. Mary Ellen Aguirre says

          I am a few months away from 90. I lost my father at a young age – thanks to WWI, I lost all but one of my male cousins- thanks to WW!! and Vietnam. Since then I have lost most of my grand nephews. Thanks for your service – I wish you DIDN’T have to serve in THAT manner.
          As a country, we have lost our way. The greatness of any country ISN’T their military- We have squandered the opportunity to be great!

    4. Mustafa Curtess says

      BS ! Self-destructive, Chicken Little, bigotry – and way off-topic. The more that reasoning and responsible Americans are hearing this garbage – the less they are falling for it. Give It A Break! Muslims damn sure don’t need “friends” like Obama! (In case you didn’t notice – two more Muslim countries were destroyed on his watch.) The man is just a sociopathic pervert – that betrayed EVERYBODY – and every damn thing he said about ANYTHING was a lie!

    5. Allen Rogers says


      Here is a post from a person that left Islam.

      “I was born and raised as Muslim. My whole family is still Muslim. I know every genetic code of Muslim. I know [the] Islamic brain. I live and breathe with them. I am an insider. I left Islam when I understood that Islam is a sick and evil religion. The following are the Islamic message to the West.

      To the infidels of the West:

      The Constitution for the new Islamic Republics of EuroArabia and AmerIslamia is under construction.

      We will fight the infidel to death.

      Meanwhile American laws will protect us.

      Democrats and Leftist will support us.

      N.G.O.s will legitimize us.

      C.A.I.R. will incubate us.

      The A.C.L.U. will empower us.

      Western Universities will educate us.

      Mosques will shelter us

      O.P.E.C. will finance us

      Hollywood will love us.

      Kofi Annan and most of the United Nations will cover our asses.

      Our children will immigrate from Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia and even from India to the US and to the other Western countries. They will go to the West for education in full scholarship. America is paying and will continue to pay for our children’s educations and their upbringing in state funded Islamic schools.

      We will use your welfare system. Our children will also send money home while they are preparing for Jihad.

      We will take the advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion. When time comes, we will stab them in the back. We will say one thing on the camera and teach another thing to our children at home. We will give subliminal messages to our children to uphold Islam at any cost. Our children in America will always care more about Islamic Country’s interest than US interest.

      We will teach our children Islamic supremacy from the very childhood. We will teach them not to compromise with Infidel. Once we do that from the very early age our children won’t hesitate to be martyr. We will take over the Europe first and then US will be the next. We already have a solid ground in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, and now in the US.

      Our children will marry Caucasian in Europe and in America. We will mixed with intricate fabric of the Western society but still will remember to Jihad when time comes. Who are we?

      We are the ‘sleeper cells‘.

      We will raise our children to be loyal to Islam and Mohammad only. Everything else is secondary.

      At the time of the real fight we will hold our own children as our armor. When American or Israeli troops shoot at us the world will be watching. Imagine,… Imagine the news in the world ‘Death of Muslim babies by infidels‘.

      We know CNN, ABC, CBS are broadcasting live. Al-Jazeera will pour gasoline on the fire. The news will spread like wildfire. ‘Americans killed 6 babies, 10 babies’. ‘Jews killed two women’,

      Keep your Nukes in your curio cabinets. Keep your aircraft carrier or high-tech weaponry in the showcase. You can’t use them against us because of your own higher moral standard. We will take the advantage of your higher moral standard and use it against you. We won’t hesitate to use our children as suicide bomber against you.

      Visualize the news flash all over the world, …Moslem mother is sobbing, ….crying. ….Her babies are killed by Jews and Americans, the whole world is watching live. Hundreds of millions of Muslims all around the world are boiling. They will march through Europe. We will use our women to produce more babies who will in turn be used as armor/shield. Our babies are the gift from Allah for Jihad.

      West manufactures their tanks in the factory. We will manufacture our military force by natural means, by producing more babies. That is the way it is cheaper.

      You infidels at this site cannot defeat us. We are 1.2 billion. We will double again. Do you have enough bullets to kill us?

      On the camera:

      We will always say, ‘Islam is the religion of Peace.’

      We will say, ‘Jihad is actually inner Jihad.’

      Moderate Muslim will say there is no link between Islam and Terrorism and the West will believe it because the West is so gullible.

      Moderate Muslim all over the world will incubate Jihadist by their talk by defending Islam.

      Using Western Legal system we will assert our Sharia Laws, slowly but surely.

      We will increase in number. We will double again.

      You will be impressed when you meet a moderate Muslim personally. As your next-door neighbor, coworker, student, teacher, engineer, professionals you may even like us. You will find us well mannered, polite, humble that will make you say, ‘wow, Muslims are good and peaceful people’, But, we will stab you in your back when you are sleeping as we did on 911.

      There will be more 911 in Europe and in America. We will say, ‘We do not support terrorism but America got what it deserved.’

      Muslims, CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and other international Islamic Organization will unite. We will partner with Leftist, ACLU, with Koffi Annan, and the UN, and if we have to then even with France. Fasten your seatbelt. The war of civilizations has just begun.

      We will recite Quran and say Allah-Hu-Akbar before beheading infidels, as we have been doing it. We will video tape those and send it to all infidels to watch. They will surrender – ISLAM means surrender.

      We will use your own values of kindness against you.

      You are destined to lose.”

    6. James Higginbotham says


    7. rfrichey says

      Walter, I’m only 75 but it’s easy for older Real Americans to understand where you’re coming from. You see this exactly as I and all of the friends I grew up with see it. If only we could get all of the kids born in the late 60’s and on up to learn what we took in naturally by just being there.


    Most important things first people, there were far more pressing things that needed to be dealt with first so that even more people wouldn’t lose their jobs, homes, lives…..etc. The DACA will expire on it’s own even if he does nothing, so, not that damned important. He has ICE back on the job full time and they are working like crazy to enforce the laws and get the worst out pronto. We are all very under whelmed by the knee jerk reaction of yanking your endorsement in such a petty move of petulance. Your just joining the crowd of whining cry babies out there.

    1. zizi Newton says

      well said.

  9. Garys_opinion says

    One thing for sure, nobody stopped Obama from doing what he wanted to do. He just ignored the laws and did it anyway.

    1. PatriotGal says

      But that’s Demonrats – laws mean nothing to them; whereas, we obey laws. VAST difference.

      1. Bill says

        Definitely! As a kid, I was surprised to learn that there was such a thing as unjust laws, fully designed to hurt some people in the guise of creating justice for others. I had been taught that laws were for the good of a nation, and should always be followed. It was the Disney story of Ben Turpin (as I recall it), whose family was starving, but he couldn’t hunt because the wildlife all belonged to nobility. So, we have to watch our laws and sometimes be suspicious of them. Still, if our nation and its leaders refuse to follow laws with the meaning that was given to them at the time they were written (what other interpretation could possibly be legitimate?), then we are back to “Rex Lex,” or “The King is the law.” Then, there are no rules for society, and tyranny from anyone in power, including thugs on the street, will prevail, and no one can be sure of the rules for the next day. Obama demonstrated this clearly, where even the institutions of government were turned to ignore the law, and commit and cover up crimes. We have long stood at the edge of a cliff. With all that, though, will Congress ever come back to responsible leadership? Or will they continue doing whatever it takes to satisfy the loudest demands from those in our society who do nothing but demand and protest? Will this continue to get them re-elected? Please say, “No”! Even Mark Twain considered most in Congress to be useless, petty politicians, and now we really seem to be stuck with them. Whether or not we can hope to see it happen, it certainly is time for some decent leadership, instead of our continuing descent into the mire and the undeterred growth of a Socialist cancer. Freedom means that we respect differences in opinion, but we all, together, seek to ensure laws that benefit society and all people, without abusing anyone. Instead of this, many people who should want a healthy society keep trolling for partisan interests, and of course elected leaders listen to them, since that is where their bread is buttered.

    2. zizi Newton says

      No one dared. Obama is black.

      1. Retired says

        Get it right he is half and half .

    3. James Higginbotham says

      and the President already has the Constitutional Authority to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION,
      AND DEPORT ALL OF THEM, and he also CAN IGNORE ANY FEDERAL JUDGE ON THIS ISSUE, we DIDN’T elect Judges to govern our Nation we elected PRESIDENT TRUMP TO DO THAT.

      1. Allen Rogers says

        Sorry, but we are a nation of laws.

        1. James Higginbotham says

          and as such like i already SAID, the President ALREADY has the LAW ON HIS SIDE.
          you NEED to check the FACTS AND LAW.

          1. Retired says

            Trump is not Half and Half so he does not count in the eyes of the Demon Rats or Media .

          2. James Higginbotham says

            right on Brother, nor is he WISHIE WASHIE ..

        2. Retired says

          Laws protecting the Minority and Illegals .

  10. ReaperHD says

    I myself are tired of TRUMP CAVING on HITLERY and her CRIME FAMILY not being brought to JUSTICE and the DACA and ANCHOR BABY rules still in tact, these are issues that don’t need Congress approval to go through but the President can end the BS himself.

    1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

      Broken promises, but nothing is Trump’s fault.

      It’s Obama’s fault. It’s Hillary’s fault. It’s Bill Clinton’s fault. It’s the Democrats’ fault. It’s Congress’s fault. It’s the The House Freedom Caucus’s fault. It’s the fake media’s fault.

      Nothing is Trump’s fault (though he is a great leader and negotiator.) As Trump said (direct quote): ” “I could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose a single voter.”

      He understands the intelligence of his supporters.

  11. Mark ramos says

    I think he’s surrounded himself with swamp creatures, and he likes it

  12. AmericaWakeUpNow says

    He’s barely been in office 100 days, give the guy a chance!!!

  13. Camille Gaven says

    My God, give the guy a chance!

    PresidentTrump has 4 years to accomplish his promises. Why in the hell would this group act so hastily in such a short period of time? It is obvious to me he will keep his promises. I trust him in all things but one….he must stand up to Paul Ryan! Ryan is not an ally of our President.

  14. Pat Robertson says

    They are jumping the gun on this

    in the REAL World you have to give up somethings ( temporarily) so gov. can move ahead

    Had Trump not negotiated leaving this out.. gov. would have shut down… this was the last of the Obama budget requests…

    Trump managed to get some big things included … $20 B for military , funding for next 5 months an amount of over $600 M to start redoing the wall

    Come Nov… Trump can negotiate HIS bill but all this stupid non votes from Republicans, groups such as this leaving his camp makes his ability to negotiate from strength… THAT is essential if you want to help bring about change

    These people are weakening Trumps ability to fulfill ALL his promises…

    Waken up folks you are being played by Democrsts

  15. Rusty Britches says

    I have news for these people dropping their support, President Trump has been stopped by all the dumb judges that the Obama admins put in place, Obbama has even gone judge shopping to stop him, and if you are that petty that your willing to do that then maybe you need to talk to the people who are afraid this might cause more trouble than its worth he is working daily to get these people out of the United States and so far he has the best people on the job doing just that, When the dreamers get in trouble he gets them deported Obama set him up so that he had to have several Groups resettled in this country after he left office, and President Trump went to the mat with the Austrialia prime minister about taking anymore.. The day he put the travel ban in place The judges stopped him and there was hundreds from those countries who flooded into this country and there was nothing he could do, He told the American people he would FOLLOW THE LAW AND That’s what he MEANT HE HAD TO FOLLOW THE LAW AND DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY, THE TRAITOR Obama DID EVERYTHING AGAINST THE LAW AND that’s a true fact… I am so sick of listening to people every day that says Oh he broke his promise, He has not even been in office 3 months and already people are abandoning him in Droves and guess what This is what the people on the left want to make sure that people like this group do. I too have my doubts but he Is doing all he can he is only one man and from the looks of things he has no help in his own party and with the Dems and the lap dog media against him what the hell do you expect.. I think to day there is no one more disgusting the JIM COMEY HE IS A BOUGHT OFF MAN AND A DIRTY COP AND SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THE GOVERMENT

    1. Glenn Carroll says

      Rusty there are many Republicans in Congress that do not support Trump and that is one reason it is difficult for him to get bills past. They want him to fail because it would be a embarrassment for a outsider to come in and get something done . Also they are afraid of losing power.

      1. Rusty Britches says

        Yes, I know and they are more at fault than this group its just hard to accept that They are just doing all they can to bring him down and that scares me because I don’t know where He will be able to turn in the end..

  16. zizi Newton says

    The president has not broken his promises. He has so many things to do and he is doing them. I feel dizzy just thinking about them. Give him a little more breathing time.

  17. kingwenz says

    Okay, so he’s bringing jobs back, getting a Supreme Court justice, fighting two different “wars” on two different fronts, fighting for the 2nd amendment, socialists & RHINOs as well as hollyweird and the media, all while never holding govt office ever. Since he took office, with minor effort, he’s decreased illegal boarder crossing by some reports up to 74%…without the wall. If you’re THIS QUICK to dump the Trump, you’re worse than socialists & never Trump neoconservatives…YOU ALIPAC, are looking a lot like a traitor. Will you volley back and look like a cheese, or just make a respectful suggestion to Pennsylvania Ave. as grown ups often do.

  18. richjack4 says

    Not say their arguments are not without merit. The president just needs to remember who and how got him to where he is.

  19. MasterTheDream says

    This is BS. Who else will they endorse? Duh

  20. Larry Brule says


  21. Rose Weleski says

    To give he President the benefit of the doubt…..this is not a Monarchy! He’s not a king and everyone does not rush to his beck and call….It is a democracy….with lots of Red Tape….lots of others input….a lot of thinking things over before making a call (not jumping the gun) which is not a bad thing. I really don’t think he has changed his mind at all concerning illegal immigration, after all (though some may doubt this) he’s a tax payer too. Things take time to get done sometimes.

  22. Randi Amundsen says


  23. Magik says

    I concur .

  24. reallygettingtired says

    Have you people not noticed the difficulties President Trump has been presented with?? President Trump has been blocked repeatedly on issues he promised to get done but keeps get blocked by his own people, particularly that dingbat Ryan. He needs backup not defectors!

  25. N Ortiz says

    Obamacare = funded
    Sanct cities = funded
    P Parenthood= funded
    EPA = funded

    It looks like Obama never left and trump is just a figurehead!!

    1. 1loyalamerican74 says

      D.A. blame it on the Liberal Demo Judges. Trump will win when these lawsuits will be before the Supreme Court.

  26. reasoning with facts says

    Hell its` not Trumps` fault ! He`s having to fight the liberal socialist democrats face to face , the bias` liberal print media & liberal TV , and last but not his least his most dangerous enemy , the damn swamp dwelling Republicans in Congress ! President Trump is having to work like a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest ! I think all voters that are “Registered Republicans” should immediately switch their registrations to “Independent”. A great way to let the bottom feeding Republicans see that we aren`t asleep at the wheel. Once the donations from us start drying up and the Republican voter rolls decrease by 15 or 20 Million voters then they will know , get to work and pass a Conservative agenda like you were voted in to do ! Otherwise, when the plug is pulled , Republicans will be the first down the swamp drain !!!

  27. BlueWarrior says

    Hey, Obama had eight years to get this country in a mess. Give President Trump at least eight months. OK?

  28. disgustedvet says

    Obama had 8 years to screw things up and now Republicans think Trump can undo the damage in 4 months. With friends like this who needs Democrats ? I have decided that IF the GOP doesn’t start supporting our President I will no longer vote for either Party .

  29. Daze Inde says

    I hope he begins to push back against the swamp and the appointments. I believe Donald Trump began his presidency with breakneck speed, keeping campaign promises and writing orders to reverse the crappy Obama agenda. Things have slowed down as the swamp reptiles move to detain Trump’s agenda. That does not necessarily mean his agenda has stopped, just slowed.

  30. Craig Vandertie says

    I understand their reasoning as far as Trump whimping out and making lame excuses for doing so, there is nor has been any way that judges, politicians whether Demoncommiecrats or RINOs can stop him from pursuing the agenda he campaigned on and which got him elected.

    I as 1 of those that voted for him because of his campaign promises have become quite frustrated by his lame excuses as to why he is incapable of enacting his policies.

    Just stay the course Mr. President and follow through on your promises.

  31. Craig Vandertie says

    The true masterminds at undermining Mr. Trump and what we thought was his agenda for making America great is Jared Kushner and Ivanka 2 close friends of the Clintons and George Soros, boot them out of the Inner Circle immediately.

  32. Craig Vandertie says

    People’s Repair Kit, just add traitor, this is my idea:


    Notice the 1 with Old Glory painted on the blade.

  33. jwalters51 says

    maybe this group should have been more out spoken when Obama was in office. President has only been there for what a little over 100 days and they expect everything to be done even with having a bunch of a hole for democrats and put some of the republicans in that category too. I always say Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is what President Trump is going to get done. Remind me that for all of the so call groups who is not going to support our president that I don’t want to have anything to do with them, their products or their promotions. Let see how they like to be boycotted.
    Just saying.

  34. NobodysaysBOO says

    Stop doing GOOD things for BAD people simple, just HELP US CITIZENS and NOBODY ELSE!

  35. Tasine says

    Astoundingly MOST humans, I sincerely believe, choose to NOT think and reason, especially when demands are not met within 10 minutes after the request for something, whatever. As the author essentially said, to withdraw support from the person who beat out Hillary Clinton (and the DNC) deserves support AND respect from all who know what Hillary Clinton IS, especially since his ENEMIES have been hammering, hammering away at him. Some people have NO FAITH, and NO PATIENCE about ANYTHING, and while I too want the illegal aliens STOPPED ASAP, I am not so dumb or innocent that I think EVERY promise MUST be met within such a short time. I consider myself extremely conservative, but I do have some degree of patience when the going is so very negative as the democrats have imposed on all of us. I’m an old lady, but I am no wimp. If an illegal alien hurts me, I’ll certainly try to hurt him in return……but, then, in all of my 78 years of life, I’ve never been handed my wishes on a plate.

  36. Austinniceguy says

    That bunch of idiots thought Trump would be able to make everything happen overnight? I wonder how effective THEY are in getting things done? The fact is that there will be much more of a fight in the future over stopping the flood of immigrants into this country. What I find funny is how even Mexico is tougher on immigrants moving into their sewer of a country than we are and no one seems to want to acknowledge that. There are laws in place that are COMPLETELY ignored and that doesn’t seem to matter to the libturd idiots from the left.

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      No President has ever achieved what he hoped to accomplish once he became President…just ask Barack Obama.

  37. donl says

    I think he’s trying, but there are a lot of road blocks from both sides.

  38. Gammi2Anna says

    All the faint at heart need to jump off our train to success since you do not have the ability to withstand the time and effort it will take for ALL of us, working together with OUR President, Donald J. Trump to turn this country around. Obama and the Demon-crappers had 8 years to destroy this country while we sat back and did nothing to stop them. NOW, with just over 100 days in office, the weak minded selfish people are angry with President Trump, getting their panties in a bunch because their one particular issue has not been addressed and resolved. Wonder if any have bothered to call their senator or member of congress, demanding they get on board with President Trump’s agenda to “Make America Great Again”?

  39. Bill says

    Twisted fake news!

  40. elmcqueen3 says

    “Impatience knows no boundaries”.

    1. ABO says

      As does gullibility.

  41. sluggo says

    I love President Trump.

    That said, Mr. Gheen is right…”candidate” Trump said he would end the lying, America hating muslim obama’s DACA program on “day one”…yet he has not.

    Also, the phony muslim “refugee” program is still going…just like the muslim obama wanted it to, and much to the approval of his global caliphate seeking, muslim “brothers” in the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Michigan, where I live, recently got ANOTHER load of 1000 potential jihadists dropped on us in the little town of Waterford, Michigan…without any forewarning or agreement of it’s citizens.

    Unless YOU also want to be suddenly surrounded with loudspeakers wailing out the murderous barbarian’s “call to prayer”….FIVE TIMES A DAY…without a “peep” from the anti American, anti Christian ACLU, then I would suggest you call and email President Trump to let him know he SHOULD KEEP HIS PROMISE to stop the flood of invading, barbarian muslims…AND the DACA program of illegal mexican aliens.

    I don’t want them anywhere near me or my family and friends…you shouldn’t either.

    P.S. Why do Mexicans in America celebrate the Mexican holiday of “The Fifth of May?”

    1. bttrap says

      trump has tried to stop the muslims coming here, but the damn democrap judges keep killing his actions , we need to start getting rid of these idiot judges and start putting term limits on them would help a lot

      1. sluggo says

        I agree, President Trump HAS tried to stop these potential murderers from getting in, BUT…WHY isn’t it being pushed harder to move this fight up through the courts?…This is a serious issue, not just because a lying, liberal democrat judge has overstepped his authority over the immigration order, but the jihadists coming in are REAL people…and the innocent Americans that might/will be killed are REAL people too.
        The Republicans have the White House, the Senate, and the Congress…yet the lying, liberal democrats kept the taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood…kept taxpayer money going to sanctuary cities….kept the DACA program for mexican children brought here illegally by obama, as emails clearly show…and, didn’t give an inch…as they never do…and did not allow a single cent for “The Wall”….
        Boy those Republicans…they sure showed ’em.

        Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE President Trump…it’s the rest of the snakes in “his party” that I can’t stand.


  42. BigJohnny says

    Did you really think all would be done overnight with all the Rino’s? Stop getting you lunch at McD’s or BK. It’s like building a house. The foundation goes in first before the roof. BO had 8 years. Trumps hasn’t even a year. And with the moss grown rocks and Rino’s in the House and Senate! It’s going to be a long 3.5 years!

    1. bttrap says

      we need term limits to help trump get rid of these morons

  43. SouthernPatriot says

    Barely 100 days. Everything must be done yesterday. it is not enough for Trump to reduce a huge amount of regulations, stop the “war on coal” and fossil fuels, open up the Gulf and Arctic and federal lands to exploration and extraction, approve the completely stopped XL and other pipelines, stop the unwelcomed Michelle Obama effort at being a school lunch nutritionist, restore relationships with Israel, and numerous other friends who during the Obama Administration were estranged and offended, stopped the insane perverted edict to force elementary school girls to accept boys and men into their restrooms, stop TPP, force re-negotiation of NAFTA, lower procurement costs for military jets and other high cost vehicles, save jobs by encouraging businesses to expand here rather than in Mexico or somewhere else, no longer appease and pay blackmail to the fatboy pervert communist dictator of North Korea, turn over the wars we are still in to generals and admirals who know how to fight wars, removed many of the government persecutions/prosecutions of Christian businessmen and women of faith and conscience, and numerous other things, including the elimination of ObamaDoesNotCare and begin a new program which covers those with pre-existing conditions and need for catastrophic healthcare without raising the premiums, co-payments, and deductibles, Gorsuch is in the SCOTUS and will bring originalist views to the court as did Scalia, because of his strength of conviction and many speeches, reduced the influx of illegal felon invaders by 80%, will soon pass the largest tax refund in U.S. history and tax reformation in almost 40 years,,,,and numerous other things.

    Give this businessman we elected as president, just more time. He already works for us up to 20 hours a day, and donates his salary to charities. He has done for FOR America in 100 days than Obama did FOR America in 8 years. Come on, folks be patient.

    1. AntiGOP says

      stop the “war on coal” and fossil fuels

      What a Dumdass statement…only a fool would make.

  44. furiousvet says

    He is getting the job done. Haven’t you noticed he is useing the ” 2 steps foreward, 1 step back ” method . He immediately got the attention of Mexico and Canada that way . Would you rather have Hillary with her lies and threats to bring in thousands of Muslims without vetting them ? More of O’Bamas stunts like illegally bringing in a trainload of illegals ?

  45. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    ALIPAC is just sending President Trump a message and not dropping support. When President Trump actually does kill the DACA memo, then ALIPAC will be back with bells on.
    But, congress is still an impediment. We need to give congress an enema.

    1. bttrap says

      and term limits

      1. OldHighlandGuyOne says


  46. dux nobis28 says

    Must do everything possible to keep his word on immigration ! No more refugees and all illegals must be deported! At once!

  47. capnjack43 says

    Sounds like a bunch of snowflakes to me. I’ve made a mental note to ignore any further BS your group chooses to put out.

  48. susmart3 says

    You voted for change, you got it. Now you get to be the ones disappointed by who you voted for.

    1. bttrap says

      I would be more disapointed if hitlery won, give trump a chance, after all he has the last 8 years to clean up

      1. susmart3 says


      2. AntiGOP says

        And clean up what??!!

  49. Patsi Moffatt says

    Shame on them, actong like Democrats ( not getting what they want in their time frame) Give our President time to resolve the issues, Please. It took Obama 8 years to mess everything up so badly and Trump has more issues than one to resolve. Stand with our new administration and work to resolve this situation, not become a part of the problem.

  50. Garys_opinion says

    I don’t understand why, Trumps done a great job so far. It’s congress and the courts that are holding things up. It takes a while to get something to the supreme court. Have a little patients for God’s sake.

  51. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    The immigration issue was a major factor in my voting for Trump, though there were others. I am not trying to rush him, he is a busy man, but I hope to hell he tackles this resettlement problem next. He can undo obumas DACA with a pen, I don’t know why he does not do it! Anyway, it will work itself out, and it will be what it will be. I am still not sure that the opinion or the desires of We the People are playing a role in the decisions that Trump makes, but I will watch him while I am able to do so, and keep my fingers crossed!

  52. remuda says

    Gosh, DACA is not LAW? Then what’s the problem ALIPAC…and all the other “do my stuff first” whiners and shiners? Did you think that idiot in North Korea would be sticking his dirty little finger in our 100-Day POTUS’ pie chart? He’s gone after the coyotes and criminals they push back and forth across the border like ‘gangbusters’…and in every state. Oh yeah, and how’s your healthcare comin’ along? He’s been wearing out his pens and phones on that “Resolute” Desk and keeping NY streets open by going to FL. National Security and refugees? Top of the list and ALIPAC must not get their ‘morning briefing’ for ‘risk assessment’. He’s done it all and continues the ‘good fight’ but ALIPAC has put the blinders on. Now they’ve had their fifteen minutes…so…STFU!


  53. Ron C says

    well heck…who you going to vote for in 2020 Bill Gheen? Pocahontas….???? Or maybe Maxine is more to your taste…why don’t you guys try contacting the president, before you pull the rug out from under Trump?

    1. SouthernPatriot says

      So, so, So True. Bill obviously is impatient and may well have blinders on. If Bill is really for less immigration, it would seem he would be encouraged that because of Trump there is now 80 percent less illegal felon invaders coming to our southern border. Or does not matter?

  54. Tiger says

    People understand that the advances Trump has made is outstanding and that he has done more in 100 days than any president in history. That having been said, what they are saying is true. I myself and others know this. We are all concerned. Then today we hear that CAIR is going to be allowed to look at our Terrorism Training Program in the Pentagon because it is offensive to Muslims. Excuse me? During WWII did we allow the Japanese to review the training of our men? This under Trump is inexcusable. Too boot CAIR was deemed to have terrorist ties in a Symposium called: “Connecting the Dots Two Years After 9/11.” Senators Schumer, Kyle and Durbin along with King and others deemed CAIR to have ties to terrorism. The FBI said they were tied to terrorism and senator Boxer had to take a reward back she was going to give them. Obama stopped all investigations on CAIR. Also Paul Ryan is stopping Cruz’s Bill to name Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, all our allies in the ME already did that and to get them out of our government, six Muslim Brotherhood have high positions in our Homeland Security. I feel betrayed and on these most important things Trump has and is failing us.

    He also now is not pulling us out of the Paris Accord. His representative said we are going to renegotiate our payments because they are way too high and he was talking about our friggin Carbon Footprint. So folks go ahead an blast me out, yes we don’t have anyone else but no Trump is not doing all he can on the very promises that mattered to us.

  55. daveveselenak says


  56. MichaelZZ says

    August 24, 2013

    PROBLEM: Unauthorized visitors

    DEFINITION: Unauthorized visitors are those persons who enter a country without legal authorization and those who overstay their authorized period.

    CAUSES, REASONS, AND PROVENANCE: The main reason for unauthorized visitors is that people want and hope to improve their lives and the lives of their families and will gravitate to those situations where the economics provide the incentives to make the change.

    DISCUSSION: I think all would stipulate that anyone has the right to attempt to better his or her conditions insofar as those efforts do not infringe upon the rights of others.

    Each nation has the right and obligation to establish immigration laws for the orderly and rational assimilation of authorized immigrants.

    Do the following comments provide justification for unauthorized immigration?

    1. Unauthorized immigrants are looking to better their situations.

    2. Unauthorized immigrants provide inexpensive labor and are hard workers.

    3. This Nation was built upon immigrants.

    4. It is virtually impossible to find and deport 12,000,000 unauthorized immigrants.

    The answers to the above four should be an unequivocal “no”.

    If anyone disagrees with that, I will appreciate his or her reasoning for a “yes” response.


    A foolproof system must be devised, implemented, with substantial penalties for non-compliance that will verify a person’s legal authorization to work in the United States.

    The concept of “anchor babies” should be eliminated, either by a pragmatic interpretation of the 14th Amendment (displaced the disputed Civil Rights legislation of 1866, which was passed by Congress over Andrew Johnson’s veto, and which was proposed by Congress six months after the 13th Amendment had been ratified), by Congressional legislation in accordance with Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, or by a Constitutional Amendment, that could and should be passed by the House and Senate and ratified by the requisite 38 states within a year.

    There should be a $4.00 (arbitrary) per gallon increase in the federal excise tax on gasoline and diesel, at the pump.

    A tax credit would be allowed any U.S. taxpayer (who possesses a valid driver’s license and submits proof of vehicle registration and proof of insurance) in the amount of $2,000.00 per year (10,000 miles @ 20 MPG = 500 gallons, thus, 500 X $4.00 = $2,000.00).

    Ancillary benefits would include that this federal excise tax would be collected from all visitors, authorized and unauthorized, and this would stimulate purchasers of new vehicles to demand more mileage efficiency, i.e., there would be no need for the government to force manufacturers to increase mileage efficiencies. The marketplace would be effective.

    Federal legislation should be passed that would eliminate all minimum wage laws. The “minimum wage” concept should be replaced with a massive expansion of the EITC regulations, which would cover all U.S. taxpayers who are older than 25 years of age.

    Another benefit would be that labor costs would be shifted from “above-the-line” to “below-the-line”, making our industries more competitive.

    CONCLUSION: If the above changes were legislated, a substantial number of unauthorized visitors would conclude that it would be better to end their visits, since the economics of remaining in the United States, without authorization, would be substantially diminished.

    After a year, the situation should be reviewed and adjustment should be made to further the resolution of this serious matter.

    It is logical that a newborn should assume the nationality of the mother, regardless of the venue of the birth, therefore, the strategy of a mother, who has no authorization to be in the U.S., giving birth in the United States should be of no consequence.

    This is a nascent effort at offering a pragmatic and rational solution to this serious matter.

    NOTES: This will be a process, i.e., not an overnight solution. I will appreciate all comments, critical as well as supportive, with the former being most appreciated if rational reasons are included.

    Representative Sherman is aware of this article, has promised a response and has failed to do so. We, the People are begging for leaders, not pure politicians who have embedded within their DNA the need to withhold the truth.


    Last modified: July 24, 2010

    Last modified – June 29, 2013

    Last modified – August 24, 2013



    (modified on August 24, i.e., not included in original response,)

    June 13, 2013


    Thank you for your comments and perspective.

    My comments should be and are meant to be the beginning of a serious “problem-solving” discussion of this extremely serious matter.

    Most respond negatively to the excise tax with the perception that they couldn’t
    afford $8.00 per gallon. Apparently, those do not understand the tax credit,
    until they stop yelling at the idea long enough to have it explained to them.

    Additional benefits would be that all visitors would pay the $8.00 per gallon,
    which would benefit our tax receipts, AND purchasers of automobiles will demand more efficient vehicles (the tax credit would expire within 5-10 years).

    The EITC would substitute for minimum wage laws ONLY for American citizens and those with legal authority to work, here. The rationale for the 26yo requirement is to provide a disincentive for high school students to leave school early.

    The lack of a minimum wage and increased expenses (gasoline) would make it difficult for those visitors who decided to stay rather than go back to country

    of origin. All “visitors” should be welcomed to come and enjoy activities…., then go home and live happy lives.

    Again…., these thoughts should be discussed and “fine-tuned”.

    At a Townhall Meeting a couple months ago, I gave a copy to my Congressman, Brad Sherman. Before I handed it to him, as I walked up to him, he shook my hand and exclaimed that I want to change how our government functions and have 17 different causes. We have had a number of discussions and he has NEVER disagreed with me. At a “coffee”, last year, he came up to me and whispered that he was closer to my ideas than any one else in Congress.

    The unfortunate factor is that he is a politician. Mr. Sherman is possibly one of our most intelligent and knowledgeable people in Congress and I like him, but he does not appear to be that which We the People are begging for, a leader, and, as with almost all politicians, he has the DNA embedded within that enables him to withhold the truth, at best.


  57. Patriot47 says

    President Trump – keep moving forward and ignore the detractors.

  58. Oscar Pearson says

    Just make sure that President Trump does not turn on us that supported him.

  59. HarryTC says

    Rush Limbaugh, says “why vote Republican ” and I agree!
    I have been saying this for years, that “We need a third Political Party for the working legal citizen”, but now I am saying “we need a SECOND Party for the taxpayer, the legal citizens”!!!! Why, isn’t obvious to everyone? ?
    The Republican candidate gets elected, we start pay higher taxes, or the Democratic (Socialist) candidate gets elected then we pay higher taxes, YOU ARE SURPRISED?

    Any Agency that declares itself a Sanctuary Agency is by the act itself is committing a Un-Constitutional act/use of taxpayer money. This act is a “Gift of Public Funds”, and everyone knows this.
    Even Progressives know this, but they stand to get taxpayer dollars themselves so they fall into in their “bitter clinger stare” at this point.

    But, as of late, our Federal Government is being controlled by un-elected and appointed people. They are making the decisions for the legal citizens that benefit the illegals. Recently a Federal Judge that ruled that Trump cannot take funds from State, County and Cities that are creating Sanctuaries for illegals. This is an appointed Judge, and ignorant to the Constitution.
    Additionally, the hidden “one world government”, that we always felt was a conspiracy, is out in “open and notorious”. Yet we all stand back and glare. Even the United Nations has ringed in on free healthcare, stating that Americans can not repeal the ACA because it would violate international law. Do we need any further reason to drop out of the United Nations?
    Allowing the United Nations to continue its pursuit of American rights, pushing the migration of illegals & muslim refugees into America will only reduce the money Americans have to support the United Nations which will hurt third world Countries. So to protect those people we need to eliminate their activities within the United States to protect the United Nations(use their own strategies against them). Get it?

    They’re also stating that a Wall is “Un-Constitutional”, wow! The UN is all knowing about our Constitution?

  60. jim jones says

    No matter how the Trump dogooders try to justify it, the bum is just spinning his wheels, man without a plan.

  61. marcus johannes says

    In a way I agree , It was the Executive Branch that created this mess , It is the Executive Branch that can undo this illegal alien Amnesty Scheme ,Not to mention stop the invasion of RefuJihadi`s , The flip side of that coin is that the RINO Lying Weasels like Paul Ryan and John McShame have much to do with our problems

  62. Mark Brickey says

    How long has this group been in existence trying to correct this issue? 100 days? I doubt it. Wife’s a recruiter and pharmacy companies don’t even let a training rep into the FIELD for 45 days, then expect almost nothing but getting their feet wet for the rest of that quarter! Heck, they don’t even offer bonuses until 2nd quarter!
    I’ve seen no evidence that Trump’s changing stance on this, but it’s not priority yet…
    After a tear, yes, we express concern… 2 years, um, yeah,,,, but 3 months?!?!?

  63. Kirke Veeder says

    I’m sure Schumer and Pelosi are pleased. If you’re lucky, they might let you contribute their PACs.

  64. papa doug says

    ALIPAC in my opinion is revolting far too soon. There has been a lot on Trumps plate so far so he needs a chance and time to unravel all the evil things Obama did. ALIPAC is jumping the gun and shooting themselves in the foot. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s much harder to tear down and rebuild than to simply build. So lets give Trump a chance and time to fulfill his promises.

  65. BD says

    I’m an original supporter, if he does not stop this deluge of illegals, deport the criminals and get rid of the Sanctuary Cities then I’m gone !!! This would be the ultimate betrayal . I very difficult to believe he would do this.

    1. rocky says

      seems that his just being in office, and due to his comments in the past, that the ‘deluge of illegals’ has slowed a lot… without actually doing much. I am told that the hiring of border security has gone forward. Now, if we can just get the courts to do the job of protecting us.

  66. Linda says

    I would remind this group that President Trump is taking on Washington DC by HIMSELF WITHOUT ANY HELP, except for Mike Pence. Try getting something done when all democrats, half of the republicans and the media are totally against you. I don’t know how he has survived this long, so give him a chance. Remember, you gave OBama 8 years and you got nothing but migraine headaches and lies!

  67. Rick D. says

    The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly. Patience is the key word. Considering the vast amount of resistance offered by the elitist left, it’s amazing how much he & his administration have accomplished during the first 100 days as POTUS.

  68. mary says

    This group is full of crap. Sure the President can issue an Executive order only to have it stopped by some loony judge. Evidently this loony group has never heard of trying to be diplomatic. Did they think Hilary or Bernie was going to do their bidding , how about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio since Rubio was part of the gang of 8. How about Jeb or Carly ? not on your life. We need to revisit how one can come to this country and it should not take 20 years or more and it should not divide families. Then take it case by case on those who came in illegally. If they are criminals and have committed crimes then they are on the first bus out of here for the trip back to where ever they came from. If they were brought here as children and had no say so in the matter it is time to look long and hard as to what can be done. The adults if they have committed no crimes other than the way they entered the country then we can also look at their situation and see if there is a way they can stay. We must insist on that they learn and speak English. there should be no press 1 from Spanish. If they need medical care they must bring their own translator and pay for it them selves. they cannot collect welfare while here illegally. If they have in any way committed a crime like identity left then they are deported.

  69. Ronnie says

    I am going to take a wait and see stance, it is still to soon to tell, the moron we just got rid of left a big mess it will take time to clean it up.

  70. Wes Tipton says

    ALIPAC who? Never heard of them, nor do I subscribe to foolish people who are unwilling to give our new President time to do the damn job. Fools.

  71. Joe Pewter says

    Trump is a sap..caved in to weak punk dems..thats the GOP future..ur getting doubletalk again..USA citizens have lost the constitution.. better get that thru ur skulls

  72. Kendall Stephenson says

    I din’t vote for Trump the chump. I found him disgusting on the campaign trail. I din’t vote for the bride of SATAN queen Hillary either.
    Sense Trump has been in office I have been extremely impressed. He has been able to get thing done in spite of the oath breaking dumassacRATs and treasons RINOs fighting him at every turn. He seems to have grown up a little. Will have to see how this new fiasco Obama care #2. I believe it will be the ruin of our nation. Then the one world/new world order demons will come information the kill.
    I do hold THIS TROUTH to be self evident, as proven by history, that any and all nations and people can flourish, prosper, and have more personal joy in there lives if they will fallow the principles put forth n the our Constitution, and Bill of Rights as God inspired our less than perfect founding fathers to bless us with. In order for it to work though you have to have a moral society. Most religions can help with that. But, religion aside, morality can be described quite simply; Treat others as you would be treated, always teal the truth, don’t take other people’s stuff, if it is not rightfully your’s leave it alone. Obey the laws. Can any of our politicians truly blame to be moral people by this standard?

  73. John says

    Name a president in the past 100 years that did this much in the first 100 days. There may be some but not a majority. He has lots of balls to juggle and being in the real estate field before as Trump, I can tell you that to be successful in that field, one must be able to think fast on their feet and deal with many issues. Running the country has that similar issue so give the man a chance to get things done and drain the swamp as well!!

    1. AntiGOP says

      John >>>> Name a president in the past 100 years that did this much in the first 100 days.

      Your joking or delusional…

      Exactly what has he done…that benefits all Americans

      1. John says

        Trump has done a lot from having Gorsuch in the Supreme Court, got a lot of jobs opening or back to America, stood up to troubled regimes such as in Syria and North Korea and there are many others but I see you are one of 2 people trolling either for pay by Soros or the like or just have a lot of time on your hands. I won’t respond to trolling much and most everyone on this discussion thread will recognize what you are trying to do and for what it is.

    2. Joe Pewter says

      not one person has been drained…in fact trump /ivanka/kushner have jumped in the swamp wallowing in it…seperate china deals for ivanka and kushner

  74. shamu9 says

    Illegal Invaders! Targets Of Opportunity, if caught in the act of a Criminal Offense!

  75. rick meek says

    Dear Moron – I’m giving the man a chance to get’er done……HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE AN ADMIN IN PLACE AND THOSE THERE ARE TRAITORS FOR THE ELITES……

  76. j0e cave says

    it congress won’t build the wall Trump should ask the American people if they will be willing to chip in to pay for it i’ll bet he will get more than enough money for a wall

  77. big KAhuna says

    Our current Immigration approach is lame thanks to OBama and a few anti American
    judge rulings. Since Trump has taken office he has tried to shut down immigration
    To a stand still yet these judges have used the legal system to obstructed the actions of our president. Shame on those who are bailing out of supporting the gutziest POTUS to ever
    Stepp up to the plate ( with no Salary), against the most hostile media in our history, from a POTUS ( OBama) who almost Completely destroyed our country, dismantled our military, and gave huge amounts ( Billions) of taxpayer Money to empower our enemies ( Iran, Hesbulah etc). With an enormous workload and having accomplished more that any other POTUS in history and ALIPAC wants to join the ranks of the anti Trump supporters like McCain etc. We don’t need fair weather friends Supporting Trump – we need understanding and those willing to stay the course and be part of the fight. Unrealistic pressures do nothing to support our POTUS. ALIPAC is loosing support by Americans after this stupid/unrealistic demand. Get a grip!

    1. Rodney Steward says

      Totally agree!! Seems that everyone is just hunting for excuses, only been a 100 days and already accomplished more than most any Presidents before him, and more than anything Obama did in 8 years, just wait on the next 100 days!!

  78. Charles Smith says

    I have been a staunch supporter oh Trump since the very beginning but I too am edging away from voting for him in 2020. I would rather see the VP run.

    1. Rodney Steward says

      Not yet Charles, we must wait for a while and wait and see what the next 100 days bring! Everybody wants it NOW, and he’s having to fight and please a lot of people! But if he stays the course with this immigration bit through a lot of his term, I’m with you!

  79. silverbackV says

    I don’t think it matters, DJT is President of the United States of America. I too was disappointed at the funding of PP in the budget that runs until September. Then two days later they repeal obozocare, defund PP and EOs us out of the Johnson amendment. DJT will find a way to circumvent the activat judges on immigration, I just is going to take time. They should blame themselves more that Trump. Trump isn’t the one that lulled this nation to sleep so we could get steamrolled by the left and lazy for 28 years!

  80. DianePenn says

    I am totally opposed to those entering this nation illegally being give any forgiveness. If Trump falls for this travesty then he got my first and last vote for POTUS.

    1. Joe Pewter says

      foregiveness…trumps aiding in giving them ur familys money as well now..,. signed it today bragging about it..doubletalking punk

      1. DianePenn says

        Please be specific, what did Trump sign that gave those illegals funds contrary to his previous statements?

        1. Joe Pewter says

          the 1,1trillion budget bill…continuation of sanchuary cities multi millions federal funds that are used protect illegals…ya mean u really have to be explained that genius?no wonder its so easy for them to get away with it

          1. DianePenn says

            The sanctuary cities issue is not directly attached to the federal budget per se. It definitely has nothing to do with individual illegals being protected in said cities. In time as AG Sessions has stated, federal funding for those cities will be affected. And please know that this budget is NOT Trumps but one he was handed after coming into office. The next budget will be more telling for that one will be his and his alone. OK?

          2. Joe Pewter says

            this budget?his and his alone…says who?the exact same people are gonna be involved in the next one..AG Sessions making comments ..actions of nothing..there is direct funding heading to the sanctuary cities..the reasoning u state = there is no such thing as a sanctuary thing some will be saying ….well this is trumps first term…everything will be straightened out the next will be his and his alone..corrections need visable proof now… aint happening..wheres all the talk about winning lately…disappeared..just like trumps backbone

          3. DianePenn says

            I do wish you had responded in a manner that I might understand but it seems not to be your forte.
            Perhaps you and your ilk need to return to the womb of your mama socialist, Hillary the village queen.

          4. Joe Pewter says

            maybe u need a color cran version to simplify to your comprehension??
            womb/mamma?wording shows a typical left leaning canned response..the village queens womb is already over crowded with the confused…U there?no interest or room for me fail at trying to be over thinking bright..stick to reallity..if comments are difficult for u to understand….read em twice..think that may help u…Good Luck Stay Strong For USA and Trump…Trump enjoys the internet media and listens to it..cuz it reaches the true thoughts of USA Citizens

    1. Joe Pewter says

      well the GOP has caved in now as well…trumps turning out to be a punk whimp…George Washington had the right idea

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        The whimp and dumbass is you and liberals and the jive talkin fool dumbass!!!!!

        1. Joe Pewter says

          caint wait the the skull crushing starts

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You will do nothing you liberal racist thug…..
            You cowardly internet tough guy…I lol at you


          2. Joe Pewter says

            i am not a liberal u stupid f/ck..U.S.Army Vet…easy to find people can talk to me in person..stay on your knees to trump/ kushner they are laughing at u trump now has jumped in the swamp draining going on

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            IF you talk like a liberal, act like a liberal, support a democrackhead then you area Liberal fk………..PRESIDENT TRUMP BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DEPORT yourself, protest, riot, leave the country u Liberal stupid Moron…

  81. Stealth Fighter says

    So What???…

  82. Richard Bagenstose says

    how long does it take to sign an executive order, there are several things causing me to rethink trump, especialy the democrat funding bill

    1. Joe Pewter says

      not much to rethink trump has turned his back on ‘us” the people that got him elected

  83. BH says

    Just by the fact of his tough talk, the number of illegals even trying to come in has dropped drastically! I mean, he doesn’t even have most of his appointees approved. He can only do so much with a handful of people.

    1. Rodney Steward says

      I know what you mean friend, it feels good to see some changes made for the GOOD !!!

  84. Vincent Marcantelli says

    OK, and I agree, lets give the new President the time he needs to fulfill his promises, but, he like ALL politico’s must be watched and directed to stay on “track”. Granted these first few months have not been the best for Mr. Trump, but, since these items are not laws, just something that Obama and crew made up, he needs to get on the stick, and toss these things out the window and get back to keeping his words……2018 is not that far off.

    1. Retired says

      Get rid of the ACLU and their bought federal judges so the USA can get back on track .

  85. lin says

    Democrats AND REPUBLICANS have ignored their promise to secure our borders since amnesty was passed. President Trump is fighting Democrats and the spineless Republicans while trying to get his agenda going. It’s only been three months. We need to give him time AND hold our Representatives feet to the fire. Instead of dropping support for Trump these organizations need to get their members to flood the offices of their Representatives with protests over their inactivity.

    1. bonni✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ❤️ ✝ ? says

      True – blame the Rino’s not Trump.. if things aren’t done yet..

      1. SD of AZ says

        And vote them and dem wits out at every opportunity. We have to help drain the DC CESSPOOL! It is far worse than a swamp.

  86. SD of AZ says

    The author is right, it is way too soon. I can imagine Trump is less than impressed with their patience. Especially when you do consider he is the first president in decades to suppress iillegal aliens and the NWO open borders agenda. Bush, BO, and before them Clinton and again the Bush father and before that Reagan and before Reagan the Carter, etc. administrations were all willing to give illegals aliens a free pass and they had already opened up the public spigots for them. I do remember! Amazingly short memories with this particular bunch! Give Trump time to accomplish some of this and while you pout, pour some efforts and money into dislodging the dem wits and rinos against him in the DC cesspool now. Rat Ryan would be a good one to REMOVE! That is who needs the attention and harrassment from a group who is anti illegals, anti refugees, and anti HB anything, etc……

    1. bonni✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ❤️ ✝ ? says

      True – it’s not like Trump isn’t trying.. Immigration – who know some low judge could stop a Presidential Order? and the Rino’s in office that won’t back Trumps agenda.. And it has taken the 100 days to get ‘most’ of his cabinet in place..

      The Dems and Rino’s are blocking as much as they can.. being real jerks.. blame them..for any new crimes and deaths since they are letting refugee’s flow in..

  87. Joyce White says

    There are SOME extenuating circumstances. A lunatic leader of a country threatening to launch nuclear missiles at us, might take precedence over deporting illegals. Also, rounding up the criminal element of the illegals should also come before the DACA issue.

  88. GW says

    ALIPac is not anti-immigrant, they are anti-illegal immigrant and so am I. Why do you liberal writers always leave the illegal part out?

  89. Gooyoung says

    All the nay sayers, if you think you could do better battling the Dems and RINO’s over this issure and get it passed then why don’t you run for office! He is trying his hardest to accomplish what he promised in his campaigning and at every turn he is thrown a road block. People like Waters said that no matter what he says or does she will not support him and Waters isn’t the only one that says that. The vote in the house on Trumpcare showed that where there wasn’t a one dem that voted yea.

  90. Krazeehors says

    So, Donald Trump has been in office a total of 106 days and ALIPAC is pulling their support??


    He is trying to GOVERN A COUNTRY, you a**holes!! And, he is doing it with almost NO support from Congress, with constant protests, with idiotic judges filing lawsuits for issues they have absolutely NO STANDING to file, with people bitching their heads off every single time he goes to Mar-A-Lago on the weekends, and the list goes on and on!!!

    He is learning ON THE JOB!! He is doing a great job, so far. NOBODY is going to agree with him every single time he makes a decision, and I am no different.


    And, if ALIPAC and others cannot do that, then perhaps they need to move to a third world country to see what Trump is dealing with day in and day out.

  91. Charles Smith says

    Rodney: I hope you are right. I will wait another 100 days to see how he does.

  92. rdells says

    As far as I’m concerned all immigration (except for the very gracious Mexicans, yes!) should have been stopped 60 years ago. Corporations kept lobbying for “more – more” cheap assed labor, nearly wiping out the American middle class. How’s “trickle down” Reaganomics working for you?

    1. Retired says

      The only Middle Class left are Gov. employees from city workers up to federal workers .

      1. rdells says

        Well, the wipeout wasn’t quite 100% effective then.

        1. Retired says

          With the Democrats blocking every turn , how can it happen ??? Just give it some time .

    2. DAlnB41 says

      Until roughly 12 years ago our immigration laws and immigration program was doing a -fair job- of handling the immigration system. It was not as good as it could have been but balancing the costs, the results of our immigration enforcement and the negative costs and results of the small numbers of illegals that were slipping into or illegally remaining in our nation; it was not a major problem and did not really warrant a lot of tax payers money for increased enforcement.
      BUT, in the latter part of the Bush Administration there was a sudden up kick of illegal immigrant numbers. Bush seemed to be ignoring it thus stetting the opening events of the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants into this country in our entire history. It was passed on to Obama as he moved into the White House; that was the event that opened the flood gates as democrats saw an opportunity to mold these illegals into strong democratic supporters, worked to get a “pathway to citizenship” that would make them voters in spite of their illegal entry into the U.S.
      When Obama was elected, he became the “cheer leader” and master of ceremonies for all the illegals who had any interest incoming here; he all but put out the welcome sign for them.
      Obama ignored the federal immigration laws and our immigration program; the same laws and programs that had worked fairly well fro numerous past presidents and the nation.
      Due to Obama, tis country lost control of the invading forces of illegal and our society has been paying the cost ever since Obama enter office; a major part of our out-of-control spending and the highest national debt is due to the massive number of illegals living off our economy, taking jobs I the U.S. (which Obama himself stated there were 4 million illegally working here but he did nothing about it), crowding our schools and hospitals, and then demonstrating on our streets saying they were going to take this country back .
      While favoring the illegals and doing everything he could to appease the demands and desires of them Obama pampered and defended the illegals; he turned his back on the men and women of this nation! He always had some excuse for the illegals and why he should not take action against them; to him it made no difference what the nations laws and programs said; to him, what had worked for years and years with numerous prior presidents, was unworkable; unworkable because he had no leadership, no program and no project management skills – – America will pay the price for his failures for a long time!

  93. rdells says

    And don’t expect the corrupt, incompetent Orange Hemorrhoid to accomplish anything beneficial to you. He couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery.

  94. wll says

    He campaigned almost primarily on the fact that one of the first things he would do would be to “relentlessly” attack illegal immigration as well as illegals in this country. He gets shot down twice, and have heard nothing since. Being in the building industry for thirty years on the east end of Long Island I took what he said very seriously. He needs to act on this every single week until he is successful less he will lose an incredible number of blue collar private sector supporters.
    On a separate issue (aca repeal) yes it needs to be repealed and rebuilt. But current form should not pass in the senate. Way I see it Trump has not protected the pre existing condition portion of this current draft. As a husband of a breast cancer survivor, no insurance company should exploit a cancer survivors condition as well as any person who finds themselves diagnosed with such. That was one good point about Obama care. If he blows this, both he and those who vote for it will pay…and rightfully so regardless of party affiliation.

  95. RDB says

    Although the two judges are wrong, they still temporarily stopped the wall. Trump said he is going to the supreme court. Executive orders can be done way with the next time another president takes office, hence maybe Trump had rather get a law passed. Give him a chance! And recall ;what he has already done!

  96. charles becker says

    I am already considering revolution if Trump does not deliver.

  97. George says

    It is becoming more obvious that Trump is more interested in keeping the labor market flooded in order to keep wages depressed.
    One can’t lower corporate profits.
    The establishment is alive and well.

    Is this not a country of laws?
    Another broken promise.

  98. Grandma Dorothy says

    I don’t know the truth of this article so I’ll have to check it out before I back off.

    In the meantime I think everyone should take into consideration what Trump has done in just over three months and compare it to whatever good (?) BO did in all his eight years in the oval office. Comparing month to month, Trump is way ahead.

    I say give the man a chance and the time he needs to prove himself. Take into consideration all the irons he has in the fire and the vase number of things he has yet to undo that put us/America in this fix in the first place.

    If he really has gone back on his word, then pull out your support, if that’s what you’re hellbent to do. But don’t just give him another headache with all of your “demands.” Who treated BO that disrespectfully after just 100+ days? But you’ll do it to someone who is really trying? Thank about that, If that is you, then you don’t deserve anything better.

    It’s starting to sound like the democrats again have a hand in the pot and trying to make it boil over. Everything Trump does for us goes against them, and all the improvements the left credit to poor ole BO are slowly going down the drain.

    Please don’t be a naysayer too quickly. That would be playing right into the democrats hands. We all know they want to take Trump down and that they deceive and use whoever makes their gullible selves available.

    This is the best we’ve had it in eight years for goodness sake or doesn’t anyone realize that?

  99. Seeking only the truth says

    An Obama appointed federal judge has blocked every one of Trump’s executive orders. It not that easy to break through the far left socialists still in place from Obama, Trump is indeed trying to do what he promised. I suspect this article is fake ie libal news.

  100. bleedgreen says

    i have supported Trump from the beginning but now i am not as crazy about him as i was too many flips and trying to please Ryan are taking him down

  101. borecrazy says

    As others have said, come’on people, how fast did you think everything was going to happen? Instead of rejecting the greatest chance of policy change we have, why not unify against those who keep slowing down the process? Trump has been tirelessly working to accomplish or laying the foundations to accomplish, everything at once. I think he has accomplished a lot considering the adversity he faces from all sides, even from within his own party! The allegations about most things against him seem to be disproved one after another as time goes on. The latest charge that the left has hung their hats on is the Russian/Trump conspiracy to control the election. It has been said over & over again, when top people in the investigation are asked, that they have no conclusive evidence-NO PROOF-that there is any truth to it! But still, the left persists in continuing to perpetuate the lie because they have nothing else! They have actually convinced many that to illegally enter this country is okay! Worse than that, that we OWE them a living at our expense because it is the American way. It never was, we have always said we have welcomed the World’s people to come and share America’s chance to make a better life for themselves. Teddy Roosevelt carried it a step further- to pledge allegiance to our flag, and work along side of all American’s to make our country even greater. Instead we are made to feel guilty if we allow their first step on American soil illegally. It is not right, it is not the deal we offered, and it is by no stretch of the imagination lawful.

  102. Gary Von Neida says

    Please BUILD THE WALL using Our Army–and do it NOW. Hillary and company can be put on trial later as can Obama—BUT, the WALL needs to be built before getting further into WAR of any kind.

  103. Laurel Gulley says

    Hey, give the poor guy time………He is not superman although close………….

  104. brucefandrews says

    It’s going to be a hard chore to write an E.O. that can’t be sidelined by some liberal,
    democrat, communist, muslim, Mexican judge. Not to mention all the ignorant
    RINOs and professional politicians. Now he must put up with these wannabe
    coward republicans that jump ship if things aren’t done according to their
    unreasonable time table. I say get rid of them. Stick to Tea Party members and
    short term Republicans. Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump do not fall
    for or give into the weak proposals that allow for ANY amnesty what so ever. All
    the illegals and their children, relatives and friends that gave assistance to
    them are guilty of harboring a fugitive. The illegals and their families must
    be deported with an order that they can NEVER enter the U.S.A. or any of its territories,
    “EVER” All those that are convicted of harboring or giving assistance to
    them must be given “NO “LENIENCY”.

  105. Hillgirl19 says

    President Trump is trying his best amongst the sea of Libtards and RINOS. He knows that we Trumpsters will support him on most issues and if these RINOS stand in his way, we will take action to have them removed in their next election.

  106. J.B.Jacobs says

    I dont think Trump or anybody else expected the opposition from the Democrats and liberal thinking people like the news media when he took office. I think if Trump really wants something to pass without opposition from these people is to come up with what he wants to do and tell everybody he does not like it and thinks it’s the wrong thing to do. He would get the support of all the Democrats and media for it 100%. Talk about Bi-partisin support. They are against everything he tries to do because it will make them look like the idiots they are if he passes something that will be good for the people and this country. That’s why it is taking longer. If the Democrats were interested in what’s best for the people, they would get behind him and back what he is trying to do.

    1. Matthew G. Zatkalik says

      There seems to be a strong similarity in Obama and Trump stories: he’s black/he’s republican; everyone is against him/everyone is against him; ‘If the Democrats were interested in what’s best for the people, they would get behind him and back what he is trying to do’/if the Republicans were interested in what’s best for the people they would get behind and back what he is trying to do; etc. There are too many “ifs” going around! If I was president – he is! Don’t tell me, show me how things are changing.

      1. J.B.Jacobs says

        From your comment, I would say you don’t want to understand what’s going on. I wont waste my time trying to explain it to you.

  107. Arthur Ittus says

    He don’t care what he promised, he got elected, just as the shitskin did~

  108. 8true8 says

    Thanks to President Trump – he is focused! to make the changes we need, healthcare and lowering taxes are priorities … as everything else will evolve from there. thankfully President is not a weak about implementing the changes we need … republicans are ridiculous to not back trump as the left tries to destroy him and our successes … the entire world is depending on Trump. Just giving him a year to wrestle these crazy libs isn’t difficult …

  109. sherri palmer says

    Verry disappointed in Trump for not ending DACA; for not fighting to keep Syrians out of our country…he has the power to do this and he didn’t! I am waiting, but he has until the 10th of this month to end DACA or it is too late! Trump, you cannot be more supportive of these, now adults who are in DACA than for your fellow Americans! This will be the continuation of Obama the traitor’s policies!

  110. DOGTOWNE says

    10 seats just opened up for President Trump can fill them with Our People, they currently were held by the left. Let the President fill the Vacancies (which Obomba filled fast and the Liberals and Republican Traitors are keeping President Trump from doing) and Progress on his Promises will be Fulfilled..3 1/2 Months to give up? Really? Someone got to this Group and Good Riddance.

  111. EH says

    If you have ever worked in D.C., you would know how difficult it is to meander through the mire laid down by the “all-party” crowd. It’s buddy-bud time games these people play together. Trump is an outsider for all practical purposes and the “insiders” do not like that, even if you happened to be a foreign born, pedophile, or communist with lots of money. You are still an outsider!

    It is obvious, too, that this attitude also affects the rest of us “outsiders”, commonly known as the citizen voters. It really does not matter who you are, an outsider is just that. What makes it more so for President Trump, he can go to church seven days a week, throw personal money at people to help them, but the bottom line to the insiders is he has Jews in his family!

  112. Robert says

    They need to go back to how it was a hundred years ago. You go to a country they don’t give you free housing and medical and food stamps. Then how many refugees and immigrants would you have.?

  113. Rick D. says

    Considering that every attempt to control the influx of immigrants has been thwarted by liberal federal judges, what do expect Trump to do? The only option left is to pursue this all the way up to the SCOTUS. And, that’s exactly what he’s planning to do. He can’t do all of this w/o some support.

  114. Mary Anne Zimolzak says

    Why would anyone want illegals to stay, first they came here breaking the law now they want to stay and break the law. Do it legally like my grandparents did and yu are welcome, otherwise you are not paying taxes you are not adding to our living conditions and you can’t vote go home

  115. says

    Boo hoo you will not be able to get everything you want unless you want to suck some bodies balls, anyway why don’t you try the lying democrats as they are the only one’s left but you won’t get anywhere with them as they are corrupt and crooks and liars all of them. Anyway you won’t be missed so why don’t you just pack up and go back to the shit hold country you came from and good riddance.

  116. Cheryl Heberle says

    Give the guy a chance!

  117. Kat says

    Criminal, non-criminal, if you here illegally, time to go home unless you can prove European ancestry since this country was founded for you, then you can seek the road to citizenship, all non-Europeans get out! And E-Verify needs to be enforced, hire an illegal alien, you get fined. Dry up the jobs and they’ll self-deport. How many busboys and landscapers do we need?

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