Army Cuts More Than 500 Majors In Response to Budget Reduction


It’s always disheartening to see the U.S. make cuts to the defense budget. From its Constitutional beginnings, one of the government’s most important reasons for existing is to provide for the national defense. In true, traditional terms, protecting the American people from enemies foreign and domestic is one of the only reasons for the government to exist. Yet we see the military taking extraordinary budget cuts under the Obama administration even as our enemies around the world multiply and grow stronger.

Working towards those budget cuts, the Army this week announced that they would be cutting roughly 550 majors from their ranks by next spring. Vice-Chief of the Army, General John Campbell told reporters Friday that communicating this message to troops in the middle of a war zone was no easy task. These are soldiers, after all, who have sacrificed a great deal to be a part of the country’s war efforts, and now they’re being told they are out of a job.

The primary story, though, isn’t one of a humanitarian nature but one of national defense. It’s natural that the military make some cuts in the aftermath of its budgetary explosion of the last decade, but many wonder if the reductions aren’t going overboard. If Congress isn’t able to put a stop to automatic cuts in the next few years, it is feasible that we could see the Army’s numbers dwindle to a little over 400,000 total troops. At this size, the Army may not be able to wage even a single major campaign over a prolonged period of time.

There are always arguments for cutting defense spending. The U.S. is one of the most secure countries in the world, relying just as much on a couple of vast oceans for protection as it does on its own military. Its political power throughout the world makes it an unattractive target for many, and we are known to have technological weapons that can flatten a country in minutes. At the same time, many of our adversaries are weaker than they have been over the last 100 years.

The problem with the current budget cuts is that they aren’t based on a clear, logical assessment of our current threats. How could they be? We still have fires to put out in Afghanistan. Iraq continues to be threatened by the forward march of ISIS. The situation between Ukraine and Russia may call for U.S. military intervention at some point. North Korea isn’t much of a pertinent threat, but you can’t ignore their saber-rattling altogether. Then there is the ongoing war on terror, a campaign that is more about keeping our heads above water than it is about winning.

We should be doing everything we can to shrink the government down to size, but the military is the last place we should look when it comes to making cuts. It’s easy to get complacent when war is in the background. If we’ve learned anything from history, though, it’s that new threats can pop up in an instant. We need troops to be prepared and ready when that day comes.

  1. Joyce A. Luna says

    Send the illegals home. That will pay for our troops. We need the Military, we do not need those
    people from other countries, cannot feed house and cloth them and redo the prisons for them to live.
    What is the matter with Congress.??????

    1. tom cook says

      Don’t blame the Congress, blame the coon.

      1. jkthomas97 says

        Careful Tom. Keep it clean

      2. Seldena says

        Be careful TOM Uncle Sam is watching and reading!!

      3. EMIRCITNA says

        CONGRESS IS TO BLAME!!!! ~ They have the power of the U.S. Constitution behind them to STOP Obama in his tracks, BUT due to Communist infiltration of the Democrat Party over the years along with their corrupted RINO ‘plants’ within the GOP they AID & ABETT him instead….thus are TREASONOUS TRAITORS in majority rule!!!

        1. delbertballing says

          Congress is suppose to control the purse string, and I just heard that Obumer gave the Hamas terrorist millions MORE of our money. I have also heard, or read that he has giving millions to other terrorist, like the Muslim Brotherhood. If Congress is controlling the purse, what is going on here?

          1. EMIRCITNA says

            SIMPLE EXPLANATION; if a gang of criminals steals money from their victims (tax payers) they are obligated to share it with their fellow ….GANG MEMBERS!!!

      4. justdooit says

        Do you mean the 7% of him? He’s 43% Arab…what the rest is is probably Indonesian…

      5. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

        You mean zebra,don’t you?

      6. Lou Ann Strozyk says

        Stop being a racist, Tom. Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson would be the better choice for president. Their skin is darker than Obama’s. The former are far more intelligent than the narcisstic president we have now. He is also arrogant and that is a very bad thing for anyone in public office to be.

      7. squeak says

        I would blame both… Congress could have pass Republican bills, but neglected to do it, could have stopped obama on many issues but FAILED to do it etc, they are on the Traitor’s side & will follow his orders regardless of taking the Oath, so i believe they are All traitors… they were Chicken not to stand up to him, let him know from the beginning this will not be run YOUR way… of course what do we expect from Communists holding office … we have learned so much about so many in office from 2008, til now ! This is the worst Administration then Carter & Clinton !

    2. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

      This is all part of obama’s plan to weaken our military so his “civilian” army can put down the coming uprising over the dictator obama’s amnesty plan,aka “transformation” of America into a socialist third world country!

      1. Seldena says

        He wants ISLAM to take over the United States! Think about all he has done to bering America down. Has he done anything against ISIS?NO! Who idi he help bring to POWER in egypt? Muslim-Brotherhood and HAMAS! Sends them millions of dollars to support them and even has some working in the wh! Think about all this!

        1. billy miller says

          That failed.

        2. delbertballing says

          This is true, and very disheartning.

        3. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

          I agree,I think it will take a military coup to get that pice of shit out of the White House!

    3. Seldena says

      The GOP bills close the border and secure it! But do you thinkl bo will sign or the communist in the dem party willpass them? So who are the ones against the Americans? The dems LIE and dsay the GOP. Not true at all. In the debates they were all for the American People–THe dems called us stupid and to get out of the way! enough said!

  2. Mike Lynn Motschman says

    Obama knows nothing about the Military he is weakening our Military on purpose it’s time to put this jerk in his place

  3. edward says

    Odama is deadly afraid of the military…..he has done everything in his powers (and so) to decimate our fighting forces, yet he is giving Africa billions of tax payers dollars and billions more to illegals….?????
    Why is this SOB still in the white house and oval office????????????????????

    1. Elizabeth Miller says

      All we can do is pray the African visitors brought Ebola to the whitehouse and that will take care of all of them and we can just burn it down

      1. jkthomas97 says

        Bet BHO doesn’t shake hands with any of them or they with him

        1. mperkins2 says

          Yes I’m sure he is far from the madding crowd. He has probably been in a safe place since before this viral attack on America. He knew it was coming since he is the one who let it happen.

          1. Elizabeth Miller says

            The moron had a hundred Africans in the White House for his African summit.We are going to rebuild Africa not America but we are most likely really arming the Bokaraton in reality.I prayed they brought Ebola with them

          2. Elizabeth Miller says

            Ive been so pissed I just noticed Im repeating myself from yesterday.Some scumbag has been sicking the Demon Rats on me.Putting up with such ignorant lazy ticks with foul mouths knowing they are sucking us dry can be overwhelming

          3. mperkins2 says

            You are right, he seems to care more about the well being of Muslims and illegals than for the American people. This president has done nothing to help our citizens yet will spend billions to arm terrorist (“freedom fighters”) in these extremely radical Muslim countries and wants to spend billions to take care of the illegals invading our country. I guess that is for combat pay. All he has pushed for us is an anti-America agenda.

    2. Merle Dickey says

      Some of those military will fight along side the American people if it comes to that.

      1. Seldena says

        Look, have you not read about the military having to sign a paper now that they will SHOOT AMERICAN CITIZENS when ordered to do so? I know this for a fact! military members do use code to talk to family members…

        1. glm 3914 says

          It also says they will support and defend the Constitution…

          I’d love to see this “paper” they have to sign..

          1. Seldena says

            Impossible to see but I know 10 that have realted this to me so, I know it is true! Do any of you have those in the military that will tell you about this?

          2. glm 3914 says

            There has always been a clause saying they will defend against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

            My son and I did 4 year enlistments… my son just finished his.. he says he does not know what you are talking about…. unless you are referring to the above listed clause..

          3. EMIRCITNA says

            IT’S PART of their OATH…..not an ‘added’ “clause”, my friend!

          4. glm 3914 says

            Take a deep breath there tiger… I think everyone figured it out.

          5. EMIRCITNA says

            I LEAVE NOTHING … ‘assumption’, my friend!

          6. justdooit says

            I even took that oath when joining the Navy…

          7. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

            What the …………..Part of our Oath? Really? I missed that part! To shoot civilians or to defend our nation against domestic terrorists like Obama~

          8. Seldena says

            Now, that could be but that does not sound like these guys and 2 women were saying that. I will have to ask to be for sure I am correct about the paper they were asked to sign said these exact words. I do not want to get this wrong. I always want to have the true facts! I will save this site so I can get back to you. Thank you and your son for your service!

          9. Laurence Almand says

            Domestic enemies of the Constitution? Look what is sitting in the White House!

          10. Seldena says

            Google-Obama ask military if the will fire on U.S. citizens. There are 5 or 6 there.

          11. Elizabeth Miller says

            Yes it is true and it shows how stupid the LIAR in chief is

          12. delbertballing says

            Maybe a year ago, or a little least, I think it was Newsmax, or WND, had a copy of the contract on the web. So it does exist.

          13. michaelcain says

            Go to truth or fiction . com

        2. Merle Dickey says

          The government might like to believe that but as many as this administration has gave the pink slip and retires . There will be many with hard feelings and will stick up for the American citizens if things go bad. As for the paper , I have not seen such a paper but if they are no longer in the military it wouldn’t be effective any more.

        3. EMIRCITNA says

          SIGNING such a paper is ONE thing; abiding by it is ANOTHER!
          Bottom Line; IF you knew you would lose your job, rank or never be promoted if you DIDN’T sign…..would you NOT sign, with your fingers crossed in your mind?!

          1. Seldena says

            And that is exactly what they were up against! They would be discharged if they did not sign.YES! I just did not make that point about them actually going to carry out that order or at laest I know 10 that are not!

          2. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

            You are a mental case!

          3. chamuiel says

            yes, you are.

          4. marlene.langert says

            You sound like a little kid, “Whatever you say bounces pff me andsticks to you” kind of thing. Can you grow up just a little?

          5. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

            She is [probably one of Obamas life long welfare monkeys~!

          6. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

            And you also dippy!

          7. Pegasus0 says

            Uh oh, your accent just came through on this comment. LOL
            Busted, where are you? NASA in Jerusalum? Things getting out of hand
            so now the big push??? Too bad, too late.

          8. ATOMICDEEPSEA says


          9. delbertballing says

            We can only hope!

          10. EMIRCITNA says

            IF they were raised right by a Christian family than it’s a no-brainer!!!

          11. justdooit says

            Well…history shows the devils disciple on earth..the roman catholic church threatened millions with death if they didn’t join them and denounce the 7th. day which God said we should observe…Justins Martyrs is a book that tells of those who stayed loyal to God…ie: they DIDN’T SIGN UP…AND…I WOULDN’T SIGN !!!

          12. Lou Ann Strozyk says

            Where do you get your information, justdooit? Catholics observe the 7th day and have for many years. It is true they are committing a mortal sin if they skip attending mass, but it is allowed to attend on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe the book you refer to is a fact-based work of fiction.

          13. Harvey Melton says

            maybe you are the only one here interested, it is Foxes book of martyrs is what was mentioned.

          14. chamuiel says

            the seventh day of the week is saturday. sunday is the first day of the week.

          15. Lou Ann Strozyk says

            I know this. Read my post again, I said Catholics may attend mass on Saturdays or Sundays. If they go on Saturday evening, they aren’t required to go on Sunday.

          16. Pegasus0 says

            Under which calendar? If you look at the original calendar, that was in existance at the time, Sunday is the seventh day. By the way, folks, if you bother to read the Protocols of the elders of Zion, they state right in there how much they hate the Catholic church and how they will use it to blame for all they do to us, and so far that is exactly what they have done since the protocols were written in 1897.

          17. EMIRCITNA says

            I have a copy of ‘Foxes Book of Martyrs’ in my library and indeed MANY people were burned at the stake for not recanting their sins against the church! ~ Horrible!

          18. STEVIETEES says


          19. EMIRCITNA says

            OF COURSE NOT! ~ To ignore past history is YOUR prerogative, my friend!
            SINCE WHEN has discussing history become….”living in the past”???!

          20. michaelcain says

            Only when you seem to use it as a measure for things that appear to rub you and then blame others for your mis understandings

          21. Angry American says

            Those that do not remember history are doomed to repeat it, or so it goes & I am finding that to be true

          22. Merle Dickey says

            I believe we should be concerned with what is going on today and leave history over 200 years ago to the history books.

          23. Pegasus0 says

            History is good to study for many reasons, but no one should be condemned for what is happening today just because of something they did so long ago. After all, the people who did it are long gone and dead, so they aren’t doing it today. Having said that, the Church has been infiltrated as evidenced by the khazar’s early pagan religion that they are incorporating into the lower levels of the church in the field. Pedophilia is part of their ancient pagan religion of worshipping the phallic symbol.

          24. STEVIETEES says


          25. michaelcain says

            Appearantly you give pleanty of credence to fake information therefore you are hereby disqualified.

          26. danny kimbrel says

            Not only with my fingers crossed but with a promise for my countrymen that if the chance arose , I would get the criminal out of office one way or the other without thought of consequence to my own life or well being. why would I be truthful to a known liar ? But he wouldn’t place himself in front of any military men with weapons on their person and ask them to sign such a paper !

          27. EMIRCITNA says

            LEST WE FORGET that during his inauguration parade, it was the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY that our U.S. Marines marched ….WITHOUT BOLTS IN THEIR RIFLES!!!
            ALSO, when Leon Panetta addressed out troops in the war zone overseas, he had all of them leave their weapons OUTSIDE the meeting hall !!!
            Bottom Line; apparently they know that our troops know they are internal domestic enemies, thus are SCARED AS HELL !!!! (OooooooRaaaaaahhhh!!!)

          28. Angry American says

            He wouldn’t lead any of them from the front either, maybe that is what he meant when he said that leading from behind BS?

          29. jag57 says

            We can pray that they abide by the paper they signed, the same as Obama abides by the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

          30. STEVIETEES says


          31. Alaskat says

            Calm down, Stevie, JAG57 is being sarcastic. That means he is knowingly stating the opposite of what Odumbo is actually doing as he tears our nation apart piece by piece. The entire Congress, with a few exceptions, is derelict in its sworn duty to protect us, the citizens, from a tyrannical, over-reaching federal govt. Recall them if they are not voted out.

          32. STEVIETEES says

            Sorry Alaskat and JAG57. I guess I jumped the gun too fast!

          33. leewacker says

            Maybe I did, too, but, in one way I was agreeing in my expansion of what he has done.
            Sorry, guys, but, like you I get so frustrated and angry, I don’t stop to think!

          34. Angry American says

            Glad to see you got it!!

          35. chamuiel says

            it did not sound like sarcasm.

          36. Angry American says

            Yes it did, I got it immediately

          37. marlene.langert says

            jag57 was beinf sarcastic.Couldn’t you see that clearly?

          38. chamuiel says


          39. marlene.langert says

            Maybe you need to open your eyes and your brain. BTW, were you one of the contestants on “The Voice”?

          40. Angry American says

            Go back &N start at the beginning of the posts not just with the sarcastic comment by JAG57 it will come easier to you if you do. Also learn to keep up it is to your benefit

          41. Angry American says

            Go back & reread it he said that he hopes they obey like obama obeys the oath he took when he swore to uphold the constitution. I hope so too that they obey just like obama does. Maybe if you start at the beginning it will come to you

          42. chamuiel says

            hussein obama? you must be on some good stuff.

            it has made you delusional.

          43. marlene.langert says

            It ousnds like you do not know his present name is Barack Huszsein Obama. You didn’t know that???

          44. jag57 says

            I had to laugh at the comment you wrote, because you didn’t read what I wrote, as to what it means. If our military that signs a paper saying they will fire on Americans, wouldn’t you want them to abide by that, the same as the occupier abides by the oath he took, to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If they did, we wouldn’t have to worry about them killing us, because they would be honoring the oath they took, to defend and protect the Constitution, no different than the “Oath Keepers” do.

          45. leewacker says

            Many of us who have worked in defense plants or in some kind of governmental office have had to sign “loyalty oaths,” and other “legal” papers to not expose any company secrets or anything else to competitors.
            I think there are many who DO give secrets out, some unwittingly, but still they do.
            The point here is that they don’t abide by their signature, so why should any military person signing a paper saying he/she would fire on citizens?

          46. Angry American says

            I prefer to think the military would be shoulder to shoulder with us

          47. Merle Dickey says

            I take it you are just making a joke.

          48. leewacker says

            I have a lot more faith in the military members abiding by their oaths than that faux president of ours! He hasn’t abided by any law whatsoever in this country since he appeared on our shores on a foreign student’s visa! He has denigrated our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, made fun of our Founding Fathers, and has empowered our enemies! He doesn’t abide by any oath but the Koran!

          49. Angry American says

            Do you remember a few years ago when the democrats wanted to change the constitution so the president didn’t have to be a natural born citizen? It didn’t go anywhere, anyhow I think they all ran Obama as a ringer just to show that being natural born didn’t really mean anything, of course it did back fire on them didn’t it? I can hardly wait until they get his records opened some day & may even take up religion if it would make it happen sooner than later I would love to see this POS get what he deserves, a lengthy time in some place like gitmo or better yet someplace like the south pole as I want him to suffer the most like they do there from the cold & he would be required to play out side for at least 8 hours per day or until he shivers uncontrollably lol & ROTFLMAO

          50. squeak says

            Exactly, we know if it came down to the nitty gritty, they will NOT abide by this Madman’s orders… Isn’t all these executive orders, by passing the constitution, doing this with the military & MORE, enough to bring him to justice, charging him for Treason ? I would think so, but what do I know !

          51. EMIRCITNA says

            PROBLEM IS that the people that ‘We The People’ have entrusted with the POWER to bring JUSTICE to this criminal are….CRIMINALS THEMSELVES; by direct ‘aiding & abetting’, or through dereliction of their entrusted duty as per their oath of office!

          52. michaelcain says

            Then with hold their pay checks muntill ,they do their job.

          53. michaelcain says

            The conditions for doing so are in hand but the politically correct theme is very heavy in the big house.and too many are afraid of the finger .

          54. Angry American says

            Being the POTUS gives them immunity from most laws both national & international

          55. Laurence Almand says

            Such a paper is a form of blackmail. You can bet all the Socialists would sign!

        4. Leo 6 says

          Not one of my 3 active duty infantry sons have been asked to sing any such paper.

          1. Seldena says

            I am going to getback to the 10 I know and make sure of this . I do not want anything to be wrong that I post. I am all about the truth. I will get back with you, I promise!

          2. Seldena says

            I found the articles on Google.Type in Obama ask Military leaders about firing on U.S. Citizens. there are 5 or 6 there. I do know the ten told me they were made to sign.

          3. Elizabeth Miller says

            May GOD BLESS your sons and bring them home safe.We need them.We have an enemy within

        5. oaking says

          Remember WWII and Vietnam – the INDIVIDUAL Soldier being held accountable for following illegal orders even though they are required to obey their superior officers. Being required to sigh an illegal document, or signing under duress (you will be fired if you don’t sign) is not legal. My worry is the group that will follow the orders regardless.

          1. Harvey Melton says

            under the ucmj it is legal not to follow a unlawful order that would bring grievous harm to you or your unit, or is immoral in any way.research it.

          2. oaking says

            Yes Harvey, that is true, a tough call to go against orders. The winners choose to decide if the order was legal or not, Look how ‘immoral’ has changed, what I have called immoral is not accepted practice.

        6. Laurence Almand says

          Also, check out EOAC STUDENT GUIDE – POWER AND PRIVILEGE for some of the malicious anti-White-male propaganda they are teaching young military people.

        7. Sam says

          Sounds like obamy’s contract with the armed forces to take over the USA and install a dictatorship….!

        8. Btty says

          It’s a piece of paper. You can wipe your butt on that piece of paper. When it comes to firing on your own I don’t think most of them would do it. Maybe some but most wouldn’t. Having said that I would be much more afraid of your police. Dear God if it really comes to this I hope to He!! our Politicians and their families are the first targets. Want to stop a snake you cut the head off!

        9. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

          Look you quit spreading rumors…………..There is not now or has there been any contract,document,agreement to shoot U.S. citizens troll……… I served from 1980 to 1986 and at our AFFEs station we were given a physiological battery which had the question on it. Would you fire upon citizens if order to do so?not the exact wording yet close. If you answered yes to the question you were more than likely denied enlistment!

          And maybe in your retarded disillusioned family you use code which is way strange but is not a fact nor a practice! Seek help!

          1. Seldena says

            Go to google and type in Obamaask military if ordered would they fire on U.S.citizens. Read about the bill.

          2. squeak says

            Are you reading between the lines & coming to a different conclusion ? Not hard to do !

          3. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

            Again you are wrong……………………….

          4. USA Lover says

            First thank you for your service ADS. But 1980 was quite a long time ago and in this day and age good is now bad and bad is now good. So if you answered no in 1980 good, if you answered no from 2009 to 2014 bad. Stay locked and loaded though we may need your fire soon!

          5. Elizabeth Miller says

            I thank you as well and I trust you will defend America from the evil forces that be today

          6. ATOMICDEEPSEA says

            I am also a contractor so no worries!

        10. Elizabeth Miller says

          JetMaggot must have signed it or he is just a liar DEMON RAT

        11. jetmagnet says

          Lady you need to see a pschiatrist!

        12. Edwin Kaplan says

          Prove this to me!

        13. Merle Dickey says

          I have members of my family and they told me they did not have to sign any such “paper” maybe you are confusing their enlistment papers they sign ,but they do not say anything like that.

        14. Rhonda Warmack Houston says

          Seldena, You need to read this….and think. Those who ever used code to talk to others were the Native Americans Native Code Speaker who helped win the war against Germany…..WOW!! What imaginations you have…..

          1. Seldena says

            I know very well about the Native Americans and deciphering codes. I stated our FAMILY has code words we made up for certain things that cannot be spoken outright. Our own words. I think you misunderstood my comments.

        15. leewacker says

          I haven’t seen any sign of that, but, asking our military to fire upon American citizens just might be the last thing Obama should have ever done!

        16. Baddogg5 says

          My son is in the US Army and he hasn’t been asked to sign something like that and we do not talk in code and he has a security clearance and I was checked out same as him….he has been told that he will be going to Iraq.. Obama is not in control of the Army like he thinks he is

        17. Laurence Almand says

          Does anyone have a copy of that military agreement? I do not know if it has been verified, but such a contract would not surprise me in the least.
          Also check the Internet for EOAC STUDENT GUIDE – POWER AND PRIVILEGE – for a malicious, anti-White-male piece of propaganda that is actually being taught to young military people.

      2. yaki534 says

        Obama is trying to get rid of all he can that fit your description.

        1. Merle Dickey says

          Let us hope not!!

      3. Holy Joe says

        A Post Obama Government should re-instate all those military careers cut short by traitor Obama.

        1. Merle Dickey says

          I sure hope your right Joe!!

      4. Rhonda Warmack Houston says

        Merle, I doubt that….you too, must still be under the age of 25 and have never served your country, with that comment. You really make me smile.

        1. Merle Dickey says

          Actually, I am over 60 and female in case you thought I was male but I am glad I made you smile whether it was maliciously or in humor.. No I didn’t serve in any military but I ave volunteered with the salvation army for years, But I do believe many of our retired or laid off military would step up when /if Obama makes his move . i have faith in them.

    3. anAmericanByChoice says

      Because the majority of Americans voted for him? Want to dance with the
      devil? Pay the price! He won’t stop until he is stopped. That simple.
      Sue him, impeach him, make him step down. There are laws in this
      country, there is a Constitution and Bill of Rights that has not yet
      been completely destroyed. There are checks (and no, I am not talking
      about the fat checks the useless politicians cash in every month for
      destroying this country!) and there are balances! Vote them out of
      office! Vote O’stooopid out of the WH with all his minions and with his
      b**ch! Get someone decent to be the Commander in Chief and get the
      military back on its feet. Russia and China continue to build up! Why is
      America unilaterally reducing its military power? Stop feeding every
      single rogue department in the gov. the billions of dollars they burn
      and for doing what? Harassing good citizens! Stop all forms of inane
      spending and abuse (why all the ammo, swats, guns, armored cars, etc.
      being distributed around America? Totally agree: why the billions for illegal immigrants, and “help” to countries who turn around and prove to be nothing but enemies of this country?
      Use the billions being wasted to help the unemployed VAs! Give them jobs
      along the borders, so no more illegals enter this country, regardless
      of age. Get rid of all traitors.

      1. delbertballing says

        Also all the fraud votes that he received. Let us hope and pray that they have that fixed for the next elections.

        1. PassGas says

          I was wondering how he got elected. I surely didn’t vote for him. I was thinking maybe he paid his way in.

      2. justdooit says

        Dr. Carson owes NO one…He may be our countries saviour…

        Joe Joe BEE and Hilarious CEE…will simply continue O’s agenda…because they’re BOTH STUPID COMMIES…and MUSLIM LOVERS…

      3. lha says

        A large number of those voters voted many times,and many were dead at the time!!

      4. Elizabeth Miller says

        This boarder situation is an act of war and DEMON RATS are the heads behind it.Put our military on that boarder after they remove all the traitors including the fake Rebublicans that help them and shoot to kill period no exceptions

    4. justdooit says

      Because those who should take him out….either have been bribed…or have been told that the PTB have something on them…OR…their just a bunch of worthless libs…and RINOs…

    5. JoAnn Dolberg says

      he is in the white house because Satan and some really stupid people (plus dead ones), put him there. he is cutting the military in order to weaken us to the point that we have no organized effort to stop his muslim brotherhood advance.

      1. danny kimbrel says

        Don’t count the Americans out , we refuse to lay down and die for anyone but of our choosing, and a true blooded American would never lay down and die for the liar in chief, no matter how nicely he asked, but we would shoot the hell out of any idiot dumb enough to try taking us over, and there are a lot of us that know how to shoot long range and we know camouflage so we won’t be an easy target !

        1. JoAnn Dolberg says

          Not counting anyone out….just giving Edward an answer to his question of why o is still in the White House. I am amazed to see my comment posted under anAmericanByChoice’s comment though.

    6. Marilyn Stern says

      Don’t forget the millions given to Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood factions. And why do we have Muslims training on our Military Bases via the United Nations? And why did Obama refer to Homeland Security as HIS Homeland Security?
      SMoke and Mirrors, Folks, Smoke and Mirrors.

    7. Ronald Hagler says

      Because there are BIGGER SOBs in the DNC who lie, cheat, threaten, intimidate our Senior citizens into voting more Demos into office.

    8. jetmagnet says

      Bullshit!!! You peeps have no freekin clue and none of you have served. Obama has been great to the military and we support him.

      1. Elizabeth Miller says

        Well god bless you.He has not all my family members who are in the military maybe you could get him to take care of them and all the others who are homeless,who need medical care to repair their young damaged bodies rather than a jar full of pills they have sense enough not to take.We know our military and they stand with the American citizens not the bastard that turned his back on them

    9. jetmagnet says

      Because baggers SUCK!

    10. tlc1532 says

      Tax dollars that we have to borrow. Taking money and experience from the military and giving it to illegals. What a guy! Not. To him, our military is only good for his photo-ops, a captive audience.

    11. tlc1532 says

      Pink slips while in a war zone. That’s appreciation for you. The General who was killed in Afghanistan this week, still has not been mentioned by this unappreciative jerk, and our marine WHO SERVED TWO TERMS IN AFGHANISTAN, is still sitting in a Mexican jail, WITH NO MENTION, or help, WHILE THEIR ILLEGALS POUR across the border, UNIMPEDED. Isn’t it great to have a president who does not represent the country???

    12. michaelcain says

      Because we have not found the right snipers position to allow for his removal from office . we need a motor cade parade to get him in position.Of course Michelle must be with him. Maybe his personal helicopter could crash oh ! my ! now we will have to pay for their funeral and the childern will get some kind of payment

    13. Rhonda Warmack Houston says

      Oh, lets turn the mirror around so you can take a look at the House of Republicans who have taken so many things from the people and THE MILITARY…..why would we need so many military officers if all our troops are home now…although not (in Irag again) all but MOST are home. You need to educate yourself on what other corporations get taxpayer money….and in what year would your family genealogy begin here in the US….all those who walked to the US need to be fed, housed and educated and stay in a safe haven not a prison. You sound like you need to readdress your opinions into more educated facts. Try digging for them. Have you finished high school? I ask that question because if you had, you won’t have asked your last question, because you’d know why.

    14. Laurence Almand says

      Because the stupid voters voted him in. People get the government they deserve.

    15. setemfree says

      And yes… Now he is going to give Social Security to illegals.

  4. Elizabeth Miller says

    We need them home to protect us from the enemy within Barry Sotoros

  5. James Andrews says

    This is sad, and wrong.

  6. donl says

    I would like to see all the senior officers get together and discuss a military coop.

    1. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

      Amen to that! I think that is our only way to get the lil’ dictator out! The so-called democrats have voting fraud down to a science!

    2. Seldena says

      The Senior Officers are afraid of obama and they do exactly what he tells them to do.

      1. billy miller says

        You are wise but not as wise as you think.

    3. jkthomas97 says

      Be careful what you wish for

  7. Wayne Thorson says

    We spend more on defense then the next 13 countries under us put together. It is about time we start cutting back on what we spend on defense. We have to stop sticking our nose in other countries problems and let them work it out for themselves. Every time we do they just hate us. They don’t ever thank us. I want to thank whoever it was to decide on cutting back on the military spending. It’s a lot of tax dollars wasted. We should be building up our Guards and Reserves and cutting back on our full time military.

    1. Merle Dickey says

      Good we will send all invading armies to your house to start! And maybe you can suggest where all the veterans can go and find work when they get home as most of the jobs will be going to the illegals Of course after he gives amnesty they won’t be illegal anymore will they? But they will be democrats voters!!

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        That last name of yours is that a slang for dickhead? If we stop sticking our nose in other peoples business they won’t bother us. I don’t know why those far right Republicans can’t get this through their head. Stop and think how much we can save if we can cut way back on our defense. This is a lot of money wasted. Did you see what I said we spend more on defense than the next 13 countries do put together? This is ridiculous.

        1. Merle Dickey says

          Well, if you could see. I am a woman so your crude name blows right over my head.You just sit there on your lazy butt and see what happens if these cuts in our military does not stop. He may use some of them to boost up his personal army he is organizing but you will have something vile to say about that too. So go ahead so we get, good laugh out of your respnses

    2. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

      You really think we are outspending Russia and China? We need to enforce the immigration laws already in place,stop giving illegals all the freebies that draw them here and get the traitors out of theWhite House!

    3. 1Shot1Kill says

      You are not very bright are you? We need the military. As one who proudly served I can tell you that the main place we need to cut back is the congressional pay scales. And the for life pensions that they receive. The military is always being asked to do more with less. The real solutions though are really simple. Charge the UN money for the property that they reside on. Charge all the countries that our military is in for our services. Make those countries pay for every bullet we fire and every bomb we drop. Otherwise pull out and let them fend for themselves. If the world wants us to be the parents and spank the bad kuds. Then make the world pay for it. But for you to suggest that we shrink the military makes you some kind of special.

      1. anAmericanByChoice says

        Get out of the UN! Stop funding the institutions and mechanisms that are set on destroying America – and the UN is the first one.

        1. Seldena says

          Oh how I agree with you on the USELESS U.N.!!!

      2. Seldena says

        Thank you sir for your service! I love the military and hate to see them being brought down in number on purpose!!

    4. Seldena says

      Are you UNAMERICAN? The Military is the BACKBONE of any country! Come on get serious!!

    5. anAmericanByChoice says

      Yeah, we should get out of most other countries, no doubt about that! But that has NOTHING to do with cutting on defense. Should NEVER cut on defense. China and Russia continue to build up their military power. Why? Because the time will come when they will be strong enough to take over and the USA will be the first target. Wake up Wayne! Don’t get all mixed up! You throwing away the baby with the water here!

  8. drthomasedavis says

    Robert McNamara did the same thing in 1959.

    1. artarlo1 says

      That was 55 YEARS GO AND I DON’T REMEMBER THAT. Now if it was a mistake DID WE LEARN FROM IT?

    2. Seldena says

      Different enemy to fight today and different times!

  9. Seldena says

    STOP sending money to the muslim brotherhood which includes HAMAS, eygpt,brazil,iran, and then there will be enough to build our military.Folks, this is all by design.obama follows the Islam religion, he worships allah.He supports muslims, ISIS and remeber what their message was this week–“We will not stop until the FLAG of ISLAM flys on top of the WH”. This is the agenda of the obama and his administrtion and the Democratic Party is backing him. This is the whole truth because they want ISLAM to take over all governments. I do not see our GOD allowing this, but I do see everything happening toward tis reality. Just think how obama has not done anything about ISIS or PUTIN. Pulling all troops from the Middle East. Think about all this! Then you come up with your own conclusions.

  10. junkmailbin says

    Rather than give out welfare checks to young males, the draft would help them learn actual life and ob skills. The worst of the lot will, of course, get to enjoy the Marine Corps.
    Cutting the EPA, Dept of ED, and Dept of Energy will also help the budget. Since these are lazy civil servants, they could use a few lapse around the obstacle course

    1. John Freeman says

      Your idea of reinstating the Draft is agreed with, but one exception. The Marine Corps does not need draftees. Only the best, the most motivated even consider enlisting in the Corps and that is exactly why we are THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES.

      1. billy miller says

        Rave on John, you are not so wise either.

        1. John Freeman says

          It’s obvious you never served in the Marine Corps…..sooo………kiss MY ass troll.

          1. billy miller says

            No. I didn’t but I had a lot of Friends that I met in Hue Phu Bai that were in the Marines. I spent 20 plus years in the Army.

  11. Kent2012 says

    we have to economize somewhere, why it costs a great deal of moolah to fill up AF1 and get to the next tee time….not only that we have to budget for 5 to 15 years of welfare payments for all the south Americans that think this is the place to be….oh and the increased cost of police and detention facilities for all the criminals that we hope the authorities find in that group of leetle cheeldren escaping from the “burning buildings”….

  12. M.J. Marsalek says

    Members of the US military hav repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to fight and even die to protect Americans and American freedoms. On the other hand, the Department Of Homeland Security exists to protect and maintain the continuity of the government as it takes away American Constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms.

    1. Merle Dickey says

      And the director of Homeland Security is a muslim brotherhood!! Imagine that.

      1. M.J. Marsalek says

        So say or do something constructive about it.

        1. Merle Dickey says

          Oh, I plan to try .

    2. Seldena says

      Backbone of our country and it is being broken into pieces!!

      1. M.J. Marsalek says

        You’re preaching to the choir. Try informing your friends, relatives, neighbors and associates while you still have the freedom of speech to do so.

  13. Oneeta says

    Yes, we need to shrink the government, but lets start where it will do the most good. Start with obama then pelosi,biden,reid,and holder. If you get rid of them, problem solved. I know I did not start their name with a capital letter but they are not worthy of a capital except CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.

    1. M.J. Marsalek says

      So let’s share ideas and suggestions that could make a difference. So long as we waste time on things that won’t and can’t work; they win and we lose.

  14. John Freeman says

    This SOB Obama should be dragged out of the White House by We The People and thrown to the wolves, he, the bitch and the little moochlings.

    If we as a nation have a government content with passing out billions of the taxpayers dollars to hostile countries and those who have absolutely NO intention of paying us back OR assisting when we need an Ally, then we as a nation have become blindfolded and stupidified.

    Obama shows more concern for illegal immigrants, wetbacks, border hoppers……even if they are criminal elements. Let us not forget he was a bum, pot smoking piece of shit himself. And his records are sealed…………WHY…………..because he is totally ineligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    Our military protects us, yet Obama chooses them to reject and cut forces. What a total incompetent ASS.

    And FUCK the NSA if they don’t like my message. I repeat FUCK YOU, Obama and his commie/marxist piles of shit. Now take that opinion and shove it up your collective asses.

    Obama, I pray for the day when justice is done and you are incarcerated, tried and convicted of TREASON and suffer the maximum penalty….and YOU know what that is. Take your choice, a rope or a post.

    1. billy miller says

      John, your level of intelligence is showing. we don’t understand gutter talk.

      1. John Freeman says


        Of course you understand gutter talk. Why else would you reply.
        My IQ is 128 – – 120 – 140 = Very superior intelligence.
        I am not a genius but higher than most.
        How about YOU Billy. I am willing to bet you’ve never ever had an I.Q. test administered to you so STFU.

        Now Odumbo…..get out of OUR White House. You are NOT a natural born American citizen as required by law. You are a forger, purger, liar, fraud and a sad excuse.

    2. PassGas says

      I understand gutter talk. Me and my friends are gutter people. You make good points. How about having an army base on the border. They can protect and serve right there.

  15. C K Johnson says

    The last thing a leader should do is weaken his military might. The problem being Obama is not a leader. He is a MUSLIM COMMUNIST. Obama hates the strength of our military. I believe Obama fears a Military take over. He did not seem concerned that a 2 star General died yesterday. Obama was so excided that he Illegally negotiated the release of a deserter. Who committed Treason and was AWOL. Bergdahl is a Muslim. We have a Veteran rotting away in a Mexican prison. A hero who fought for the freedoms we once held so dearly. Regan would have said release our Veteran or we will come and get him. And I assure you that Mexico will pay a steep price. Obama never says one word. God Bless America

  16. Bob Riker says

    Obama promised that he will fundamentally change America. Well all of the Anti American Socialist/Communist Democrats are surely getting their Wish. Shrinking the Government is always a better choice than to gut the Military. General Amos Commandant of the Marine Corps recently suggested to Obama he needs to get into the Fight. Obama is making the United States a Laughing Joke of the world.

  17. Lorraine E says

    Wonder if the Majors who were culled from the ranks said that they wouldn’t fire upon the American citizens. The top brass who were recently fired all refused to shoot Americans. So this administration is arming federal agencies, firing high ranking military brass who refuse to fire upon us, and is regulating every aspect of our lives, irrespective of the cost. The future doesn’t look good for us Americans serfs.

  18. Traci says

    The communist Muslim Obama is decimating our armed forced.. and you can bet he ill replace them with snakes just like himself.

  19. Wayne Thorson says

    It is obvious all you far right pinheads need to be educated. The next war will be a cyber space war. Every plane will shot down with a beam that will dismantle all the computers that the plane needs to operate. All the tanks will be dismantled with all the computers it needs to operate. This country is run by computers.. Your car is run by computers. They will be able to shoot a beam at your car when you are going down the highway at 70 miles per hour and you will lose all control of it. Wake up. We don’t need to be the police force of the world. Bring all our troops home and get the hell out of the Middle East.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      “PIN-HEADS” …….we know who ‘your daddy’ is!!!

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        You are obviously a pinhead. You didn’t say one word about my cyber space comment.

        1. squeak says

          Yea, we remember” Star Wars Comic Books ” ,Movies… If that was to happen, we all will never see it, maybe our great, great grandchildren, etc. and that is a big ” IF ” !

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            You must be a turn of the century old because that technology is already here.

          2. squeak says

            And YOU sir ARE a PINHEAD, not talking about Star Wars, Mr, know it all…you come on this site & take over like you really know what you are talking about, YOU surely did not impress too many of us… what you really need to do is take that stupid cowboy hat off , put your horse in the barn, forget about looking or being a Cowboy as it does NOTHING for you, in fact you look STUPID ! Try all of us again, YA ALL !

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            Who are these US? Do you have a tird in your pocket? You think you are so smart then tell everyone what happened to those planes that disappeared over the ocean if their weren’t shot down by a beam of light.

          4. squeak says

            One thing you need to do is catch up on your spelling… your comment does not make too much sense, tell you where the planes went over the ocean, Oh Please ,LOL !

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            Well,. do you have an answer as to where those planes disappeared? All their computers where knocked out by a beam so they lost all communication and they went down in the ocean somewhere. Give me a better explanation. Cyber beams are already here. They can knock out the computers in your car as you are driving down the highway. If you don’t think the next war isn’t going to be a cyber space war then you are living in the stone ages.

          6. squeak says

            I do not care about your Cyber Space BS, okay ? No one really knows for sure about your curiosity for the planes, whatever you believe , just go ahead & believe it, I could care less what you believe, PERIOD ! Do not reply !

          7. Wayne Thorson says

            Go back and read my original comment. I think it ties in with that plane that went down by Australia. We spent a lot of tax dollars searching for it but never found it. You must have some other reason than mine for it to not believe that cyber space isn’t here yet. Give me another opinion if you can. I doubt if you can. That is why you don’t want to discuss it anymore. You blasted my comment first. So don’t ask me not to reply because you don’t have an answer.

          8. Wayne Thorson says

            I have obviously an answer to why that plane disappeared down by Australia. You have no imagination or you would have a better explanation. You came on my comment and blasted me first. So don’t tell me not to reply..

          9. Wayne Thorson says

            I have news for you squeak. Those days are already here. The technology has arrived. Can you explain those planes disappearing over the ocean? If you can let the rest in on it because we are baffled.

      2. Wayne Thorson says

        Type of answer you can expect from a pinhead. There is no comment about my message. But made sure he attacked the messenger.

      3. squeak says

        Just like a Socialist Democrat Pinhead come out with BS such as this ! LOL !

  20. yaki534 says

    Obama is getting rid of the soldiers that would refuse to fire at American citizens as he can because he is planning on declaring martial law.

  21. EMIRCITNA says

    THE SMARTEST THING that our military could do when confronted with such a question as ‘will you fire on American citizens if ordered to do so’ is to say….YESSS SIRRR!!! ~ That way they will retain their jobs, ranks, and promotion potential along with being our best allies should such an order be given!
    Bottom Line; IF their Commander In Chief can LIE….WHY CAN’T THEY???!!!

  22. Karen M says

    More military purging. Only when we are left with a bunch of gays dancing in drag for protection will the American people realise what b.o. and his regime done.

  23. joe haire says


  24. gary360 says

    Simple logic, you can not fix this nation until you naturalize the problem. You can rant and rave all you want, I know ’cause I do it too, but unless those a-holes on ‘the hill’ get off their a^^ the problem will only get worse. Next step, full dictatorship. For those who think I don’t know what I’m talking about…..WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. Every one’s talking about 2016 election…..lmao…..there will be none. Agree, disagree, this is still a free country….but not for long.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      NEUTRALIZE, not “naturalize”, my friend.

      1. squeak says

        LOL, Oh my, i had my laugh today, too funny !

  25. FloridaJim says

    As our world becomes more and more unsafe thanks to Obama cutting the military makes no sense here are some cuts which do: fire 50% of all government employees they are porn-watching dolts who say “we have nothing to do”, fire all employees in every department and agency and take our time to determine which if any are worth rehiring, rid our government of all unions who rape the taxpayer and cause more costa and chaos in Government s wherever they infest. Start with these and get back to me I have many more ideas on government waste and efficiency.

  26. therealstory says

    His master plan is to reduce the military to zero eventually as he increases the number and weaponry of the federal employs like the IRS so he essentially has his own federal army only obedient to his commands. This is why i believe he is building a dictatorship, not socialism or any other system where people have any say. I believe he got this strategy from Chavez and it is absolutely brilliant genius because this is the one task I could not figure how he would accomplish. This should be the number one thing on all Americans minds right now and I believe is the number one threat we face over borders and money and everything else because if he controls everything, nothing else matters anymore. For this reason, defeating the 2nd amendment is paramount to this plan so he can take over without a civil war. Barring this, he will use some national crisis to implement martial law, enforce all executive orders actually signed by BUSH, use the federal goons now armed to the teeth and the MRAVs to take out any resistant Americans, and achieve the same end.

  27. Jerry Weiblen says

    The usual solution when we are led by a venemous snake is to cut off its head and replace it with a normal one…

  28. DogWithoutSlippers says

    A real C-in-C would not do this unless they were the real enemy!~

  29. Jerry Weiblen says

    Sorry, we will have to search for a person who loves our country rather than himself.

  30. Arizona Don says

    What the hell is going on with this purging of field grade officers? They are the heart of leadership with a military force. There is a reason they are field grade.

    There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind obama is preparing for some sort of take over. No doubt that is to anyone not blinded by his color or memorized by his rhetoric. In other words thinking Americans.

  31. eddyjames says

    What chaps my @$$ is that there are thousands of homeless Vets on the street and fearless leader wants (no, he demands) billions to house illegals on military bases. Somehow that doesn’t seem right to me.

    1. EDWARD MIKAN says


  32. 2001CPT35E says

    I wonder how many of those separated from service Captains and Majors were registered Republican voters or had an affiliation or offered support for the Tea Party. May be this is the other reason why Louis Lerner did not want her e-mails confiscated. If such a selection is going on in the military to remove officers who support and voted for an opposing party, then this would be a clear violation of the law and it shows that perhaps there is a systematic process in trying to ensure certain officers in the military are removed before they make challenges based on the U.S. Constitution – which is what they took an oath to support and defend from all enemies – foreign and domestic.

  33. oaking says

    While I do not condone the foolish cuts, it is better than being cut by ‘friendly’ Afghanis, as the Major General the other day. What a load of Bull they spewed. When the people you are helping do this, it is time to leave.

  34. Laurence Almand says

    You can be sure that most of those dedicated officers are competent White males. Just how many Blacks or female officers will he cut from the military? Another example of the Demo/Socialist incompetence. How about cutting 5,000 illegals from the welfare rolls?

  35. barb patton says

    Since the Pentagon is full of the muslim brotherhood, the white house crawling with the muslim brotherhood, this last bit of disgusting behavior from the muslim in chief does not come as a surprise. Soooo we have 500 honorable and upright men without jobs – what a bloody disgrace, yet none of the slimes in congress or the senate say one word!!!!

  36. Yehoshuafriend says

    I suspect that Obummer is looking for ways to cut cost, so he will have money he can reallocate to be used towards harboring his unlawful aliens flooding our borders. Shalom!

  37. Robert Freedom says

    obama is a replay of Hitler

  38. FLBuck says

    At present, there is a growing morale problem within the infrastructure of our Armed Forces. These fools are carrying out a foolish endeavor that will in the future have dire consequences.

  39. pat ange says

    Obama despises our military. We see proof constantly. Ft. Hood, Benghazi, Burgdaul. supplying weapond to terrorist; and the list goes on & on. He knows they will not help him steal America. He has gotten rid of every Great comander in every branch and replaced them with incompetent trash like him. Destroying our military, but giving raises & bonuses to fed. employees who watch porn 6-8 hrs a day on the job. He has done everything to hurt & degrade the military; from denieing religion freedon to leting homosexual rape without concequences.He is flying homosexual flags under American flags in our emasses and instructing ambassadors to incourage these countries to legalize homosexuality. An evil embarrasement to the US.

  40. Raven Catherine Feher says

    This happens with every drawdown after every war or US “police action.” Sad that our soldiers are so badly used…

  41. ToniStimmel says

    I would bet all of those Majors have some mixed feelings about their situation, on the one hand they’ll have to find jobs and possibly relocate their families, while on the other hand they won’t be under the musloid commanders including that a*s*o*e in the WH.

  42. Harvey Melton says

    all that experience can and will be very helpful when needed to train and lead others.and they can be useful in many other ways such as recruitment, if they truly care about their country then why not?yes obama is counting on even your local police shooting americans who are in opposition to this rogue out of control lawless govt.oaths and original laws mean nothing to these people, they will follow obama into the pits of hell, but at least once they are there there is no getting out.

  43. Sam says

    Instead of anymore defense cuts; maybe ALL vacations, trips and golf tournaments for the sitting fake president should be terminated. NO more use of AF1 for vacations and obamy should pay for his wife and kids to vacation outside of Washington DC!

  44. dinkerduo says

    This is shameful but not surprising–after all he’s already gotten rid of over 200 Generals and high ranking military personal—that’s what letting in all of these ILLEGAL ALIENS is about–they WILL join his little army-if he gets that far-and especially the 68,000 criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS who were recently just let out on the streets after they served their sentences INSTEAD of being DEPORTED which is against the law–THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DEPORTED! They are letting in MS13 gang members plus all of the mid-Eastern men who are getting in who are probably terrorists–people from china–India– Somalia and from all over the world! Letting prisoners out of prison is to join his army is what Hitler did!
    He wants as many foreigners here as possible as they will NOT fight as hard for our Constitution as a born here citizen will!!! The foreigners WILL fire on U.S. citizens–especially the criminal types!

    1. Neal Avery says

      The left wing weenies won’t do their own fighting so they are letting the guys you mention in.

  45. Paul Stewart says

    Instead of cutting the military, cut DHS CIA EPA and Obama’s vacations, plus his golf trips. Some rather large cuts in aid to our enemies could also be made.

  46. Btty says

    If our own Military did turn on us it would be a blood bath because at the same time that happened you would see Terrorist, illegals, gang members and God only knows what else attacking at the same time because of our weakness. Our government would have way to much to loose. Although, I’ve always said I never trusted my government.

    1. Neal Avery says

      We have what you mention now. “At this point what difference does it make.”

      1. Btty says

        Oh, I didn’t realize we had our military firing on us while Terrorist, illegals and gang members were doing the same thing. Where the hell have I been? Please Neal, let me know where this is happening so I can be on the lookout. What area of the US? Either I’m misunderstanding your post or your misunderstanding mine. I’m not sure which.

  47. Ronald Hagler says

    This is a prime example of what having cowards and liberals in Congress can lead to. All Congress has to do is get 66 Senators to sign a bill refusing Obama’s orders to reduce these ranks, but they refuse to do so. This is exactly why the President should, above all else, be former military. At a time when we need to the strongest military presence in the world, our fearless leader has chosen to reduce our numbers, our strength and our experienced leadership. If that is not an open act of treason, then nothing is!

    1. Neal Avery says

      1812: Millions for defense, but not one penny for tribute.
      2014: Trillions for welfare, but not one penny for defense.

  48. Dana Davis says

    These are career soldiers who expect an eventual pension. How do you cut career soldiers?

    1. Neal Avery says

      Just like they just did!

      1. Dana Davis says

        It just puts that many more on the nation’s unemployment lines. Tell me, has Obama done ANYTHING good for this country? Is there ANY group, other than hamas or the illegal alien, that he has NOT persecuted?

  49. RobGoetzSr says

    For all the money we are wasting in the middle-east, we could easily place a few Divisions of Troops and Armor along the southern border. This way; (a) we keep our military employed and active, and; (b) we bolster the strength of an already overburdoned Border Patrol. We can have a secure Border at last! I’d wager the Mexican Army would soon cease shooting at our Border Patrol from their Humvees!

    1. Neal Avery says

      When the Third Cavalry Regiment (Air and Mechanized) was at El Paso, TX about 30 years ago, there was not a whole lot of violence, drug smuggling, gangs. When the 3rd Cav moved to Colorado the trouble started. I wonder why?

  50. danny kimbrel says

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the military hasn’t figured out that the liar in chief is the domestic enemy they are talking about when they take the oath. And I don’t know why they haven’t gotten rid of him, because then they would live up to their oath.

  51. John Flaherty says

    When I read an article like this, I cringe. America may be a large nation, but we should know from last century that having two oceans between us and most aggressor nations does not guarantee that we’ll be safe. That comment about our Army being eventually drawn down to 400,000 troops really scares me. Did we not learn anything from history? We managed to throw Hitler out and force the Japanese to only occupy Japan only because we instituted a draft, put literally millions of men on battlefields and on planes and ships, and spend huge amounts of money to win.
    We’re beginning to resemble America just before we suffered Pearl Harbor and/or North Korea invaded the rest of their peninsula.
    We could easily be setting ourselves up for a desperate need for manpower with arms.

  52. Mathematical certainty says

    Ah! transformation is going well! You morons voted for this POS twice and his minions, now you whine? Have you not learned anything from history? Or is American History no longer taught in our government run schools of mis-education? Wake-up America! Continue supporting the left-wing-liberal-slugs and the only military left to defend this country will be a population of LGBT degenerates. See how that works for you!

  53. Eric Joshua Wilkinson says

    As a member of the Military I will point out that this article is a bit misleading. A reduction in the officer ranks is a complete none issue to our country’s defense. The reason for this is because our military has been swollen with officers since 9/11 to the point that we had to literally start making jobs up to give some of these higher ranked officers something to do. Another area which needs reduction –and has been in the spotlight recently– is the perks of the top brass. Some of these perks have included ridiculous entourages –all of which the military needs to pay to transport to wherever the Admiral or General travels– many of these entourages include many different pointless officer billets, adding to the overpopulation problem. This is before we get in to all of the other perks that these upper echelon officers get, all of which cost a great deal of money. So, this was a long way of saying that this is not a problem. If they can go through the Navy and kick out a lot of very good enlisted personnel (which happened recently, but never seemed to get this sort of reaction) then the officers can lose a few from their ranks as well.

    1. Upaces says

      Thank you for explaining. I had no idea!

  54. barbarakelly says

    with what this country is possible facing , the bimbo is going to decrease majors for budget cut. We can cut obama spending bill and all is vacations. Tell me why are we paying for is daughter jam rally or what ever it was that see went too. It is obama’s daughter not ours. He should pay for her outing. This country needs our military. We need to call obama and have him retract his statement. By doing what he is planning will make our country weak and ready to invade or attack.!!! He has got to be STOPPED.

    1. Neal Avery says

      It’s OK, Obama has his Special Security Force ready to mess with you and your family!

    2. volksnut says

      ever stop to think – THATS WHAT HE WANTS?

    3. I Seigel says

      And he WILL be stopped! In about 28 months. Hang in there!

  55. Neal Avery says

    Army cuts 2500 Captains, 500 Majors, Thousands of NCO’s but not One General!

  56. STEVIETEES says

    obozo, the commi and traitor of the US, has been systematically purging our military of all conservative,Christian officers of all branches of the military since he has been in office. He has cut the military budget more than any president in US history! Yet he will not cut any of his social welfare programs or programs that repeat themselves over and over in other programs! There is no doubt he is making our country weaker but for what? When you see how this administration has functioned the last 6 yrs, their plan is to create chaos which creates more opportunites for him and his demorats to seize power in this country where they can push their liberal agenda on the rest of the country!

    1. volksnut says

      i agreee

  57. volksnut says

    ever stop to think this is exactly what barry wants to do? to remove this country a s a world power – we WERE – the planets LAST super power – thats just about gone now thanks to the ” trojan horse ” in the oval office – What NONE of these morons seems to realize it takes DECADES to acquire the kind of REAL TIME real world experience these officers represent – you don’t grow these people on trees – when the next altercation breaks out – it will be too late we’re going to be in a WORLD OF HURT –

  58. itsfun says

    One way to destroy a country is to destroy its self defense. Obama is do this and getting away with it.

  59. jetmagnet says

    This is what the GOP supported by allowing sequestration. They’ve been screwing us vets while Obama has helped us. The hyprocrites didn’t even support us in their republican convention in 2012 and had the balls to take photo ops vets during the shutdown. The GOP is anti-vet anti- service member.

    1. Elizabeth Miller says

      You so have it backwards.The LIAR OF THE YEAR says something and you suck it right up.Ofucker shut the government down with the help of his Dirty Reid.Congress keeps trying to do their job and that old pervert Reid shuts them out.He and Ofucker have stolen our government and you suckers can not even see it.Be careful what meds you take because they have to be planting brain control shit in them

    2. cowboy541 says

      Sorry jetmaget, YOUR poster boy BO is the one that came up with the whole idea and pushed for the “sequestration” and he is the one that signed it into law, so how can you blame the GOP?
      BO is also the one that told everyone to make sure that all of the cut painful to everyone and as many as possible. He did not care one bit about cutting the waist.

  60. edward says

    Dear jetmagnet – I served 26 years in the Navy. Odama has screwed up military pay, military benefits for me and the family, and is now screwing with my retirement medical. WHAT FREAKING KOOL AID ARE LYOU DRINKING?????????????????????

    1. Elizabeth Miller says

      He is just a liar everytime he opens his mouth he proves he knows nothing about our military or our government and how it should work.Just a big old nasty whoppi cushion.Blows out farts when activated

  61. Sam says

    Here’s a thought; why don’t we cut the presidents pay and expenses by 50+% as well as his retirement pay?!! That might give him some incentive to do a better job and get this country rolling again!

  62. squeak says

    Budget Reduction, Obama? Why not trying,{ you & your wife}, to stop the Elitist spending of OUR money for your enjoyment & think NOTHING of it… STOP the Campaigning, has anyone told you what it costs to fly all over hell with these planes, for your self gain , are you worried your nose will be clipped if we Republicans, Conservatives take Control in 2014, couldn’t happen to a better Traitor…You want to cut our military to the bare Minimum, want them to be caught with their pants down, be Weak, and to think the Military is saving your rear, family’s rear, hate to say it, YOU, SIR do NOT deserve it ! By the way if you are up on the budget, you should know the spending you & your family have & are doing, would light up like a light bulb , telling you must stop the spending… Obama, who in hell are you kidding !

  63. Frank Delano says

    Get rid of the Congress and Senate . All they do is collect taxpayers money . They are
    both useless . They should have put OBAMA out of office a long time ago .All Phonies .

  64. JuneUSA says

    This has got to be stopped. He is leaving us defenseless and filling the spots with muslims and islamists. Doesn’t that make anyone nervous but me. I know he does not care what we think but I want to know what he is thinking, and I know I won’t like it when he turns his personal troops loose with all of our arms of every kind aimed right at us. Who is trying to stop him and why aren’t we hearing from those let go in the military? What has he threatened them with?.

  65. david b cordick says

    i wouldnt really have a lot of confidence about having two oceans protecting us anymore, some countries are more than well equipped to launch attacks right over the top of them. not to worry, obama is closing down plenty of ours silos, he is firing the officers that man them, and replacing officers that will obey his illegal commands.

    1. Jim says

      The oceans haven’t been much of a barrier for many decades now. As far back as WWII we had Japanese subs patrolling off the West Coast and German U-Boats off the East Coast. As a country, we have NEVER been invaded by a foreign army. The reason can be seen in a statement made by a high-ranking Japanese military official during WWII. He said that if the Imperial Japanese army (or anyone else, for that matter) tried an invasion of the mainland USA, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. That’s right, our privately held firearms are our FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE. Every adversary we have ever had has known this, from the Japanese and Germans to the Soviets and even through the modern day.

  66. Lary Breeding says

    One question I have is how many General officers will be fired? Obviously, with the lower ranks being cut they won’t need as many Generals. Also, I have to wonder particularly for the officers in a war zone, why they just don’t walk away and stop risking their lives for a country and a military that thinks so little of them. I also have to wonder what the military will do when they finally have to confront ISIS in Iraq and they don’t have enough of a military left to get the job done. Confronting ISIS will happen but will we be ready? For the first time ever we will not be able to confront the bully’s of the world and that means they will end up her in this country. The World Trade Center should be a good reminder of what happens when they come here.

  67. badger says

    First he fires the Generals, now the Majors. What’s next. The Sergent’s? Don’t tell him that the Sargent are the back bone of the Army. He doesn’t know that yet.

  68. Marilyn Stern says

    An ongoing weakening of our military while more and more muslims are training on our Military Bases via the United Nations. Then there is what he called “HIS” Homeland Security. Maybe because the Head of the Homeland Security Council is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  69. Paul Brown says

    I would not want to be an officer in this Army under this muZlim pig, he has no use for the military because he has been building his own army of storm troopers to take down the American people should we ever decide to move against his ass.

  70. Peter Pan says

    Obama is not only destroying the army but also destroying this country. The time has come for we the people to do something about it. Even if it means picking up arms against this regime. This is what the founding father’s intended to stop tyranny.

  71. badger says

    If Obama will stop giving our money to our enemies in the Middle East and Africa, than we would have enough that we would not have to cut and waken our military.

  72. Jim says

    You’re JUST NOW noticing this? As far back as obama’s first year in office there were many senior officers being “retired” early. The ranks are being thinned for two main reasons. First, they want an Army of “yes-men”. The current regime can’t afford to have a bunch of senior officers who will question certain orders. If the order is given to march on the American people they will need cooperative stooges in the highest places. Second, the end goal is to neuter the US Army. As any veteran will tell you, when you join the military you take an oath to support and defend the CONSTITUTION. Yes, you also agree to obey the orders of the president and all officers that are senior to you, but your first allegiance is to the Constitution. By diluting and weakening the military, obama can pretty much prevent an attempt by the military to return to the rule of law in the event that he gets too big for his britches and decides to issue unconstitutional orders. The democrats have been stacking the deck against the people for a long time now, going back at least as far as Woodrow Wilson. Obama is merely doing his part for the total dismantlement of America so we can move toward that new world odor that the libs are so in love with.

  73. Bob Clarkson says

    Officers take their oath to defend our Constitution agaist ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. Members of the military should obey all LEGAL orders given by those appointed above them. They have a duty to refuse to obey an illegal order issued by one in a higher rank (and they should arrest that person and hold that person until they can remand the traitor to a higher authority).
    My younger brother is a retired Marine officer and I am a retired Army officer. We both have plenty of back-channel contacts and not a single person has seen any “forced signing of treasonous documents”.
    I tend to believe my active duty friends because if any member of the media was able to confirm such a claim, either liberal or conservative, there would be a fire storm of incredable magnitude.
    One of the reasons the current adminisration is so touchy about the military is that the majority are Conservative to one degree or another.
    Additionally, neither myself or any member of the military who is retired had to forswear our Oaths. Almost all of us consider that oath in effect until we are released from that oath by God.

  74. dhwilson58 says

    Obullshit is cutting down our military, starts another war in Iraq then goes in vacation. What a bucket of maggot pi$$ !!! He is starting a war with ISES because it’s a terrorist group he can’t control like he does with the other ones. WHY IS THIS COUNTRY ALLOWING THIS MUSLIM TERRORIST TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY?!?! Don’t tell me no one else see’s what he’s doing, if I can, everyone else can as well! IM SICK AND TIRED OF WATCHING OUR OFFICALS SITTING BACK AND DOING NOTHING! He’s not the president as he was never allowed to run for that office! He’s an African for Christ sake! Remove that maggot immedeitly before the Muslims, Mexicans and the Terrorist move into our country and take over !!! It won’t be long, they ‘re already here !!! All you congressmen/ women and our military needs to get together and rid our country of all these Cockroaches and NOW !!!

  75. gangbuster says

    The only thing obama is doing is leaving us wide open for a attack something like pearl harbor.

  76. omega2 says

    How about cutting 500 of these CONGRESSIONAL MAGGOTS out of the GOVT.! They are wasting our tax dollars and doing nothing for this country worth while to improve it better than it was yesterday! BOZO is definitely out to destroy our way of life and saftey against FOREIGN ENEMIES! Turning this country into the PIG STYE of the 7th century and back to riding CAMELS! Wake up AMERICA and demand the removal of this ILLEGAL KENYAN!

  77. DustyFae says

    Time to Cut Officials Salary and freebies..

  78. Libertarian Soldier says

    This may be one of the most egregious assaults on our country and our national security, to date. Let’s see, this pResident has deliberately opened the borders to any and every enemy that poses a threat to our country, even after the 9/11/2001 battery, from within, by foreign nationals. This pResident has been systematically proving to Israel that he doesn’t like them and despises Netanyahu, in deed and in word, only doubling back when pressured about his anti-Semitic actions. This pResident has incited, instigated, funded and backed the muslim brotherhood with the overthrow of 4 allied governments, beginning with American paid trolls to manufacture the “Arab Spring” in Yemen and Egypt and funding, arming, providing intelligence, military advisers and in the case of Libya, providing cover fire, bombing and Air support without Congressional approval with a bull$#!+ explaination, after the fact of a massacre against the people of Libya when obama and clinton ii were in bed with al qaida and were bankrolling and arming them. They had to pull out of their funding and arming of al qaida and the muslim brotherhood, in Syria because the point of contact for shipping and funding, in Benghazi, Libya, his bodygard and two other former seals were murdered, there, by the same people they funded and armed to overthrow, rape and execute Qaddafi and his family.

    This pResident, much like his father should have done pulled out before the job was done in Iraq and Afghanistan causing the issues in the middle east, today, including the routing and genocide of Christians in the region, with American weapons by the creation of this pResident, ISIS.

    You can’t grow these great men! It takes decades to grow the experience these men possess and while some are better than others, we should never be made to decide which are to go. This is another assault on our national security, at least as significant as the others.

  79. zrevtom says

    after 23 years in the Army and a student of history you will find that the first steps in taking over a country is to kill or decimate the military. Malaki got rid of all the generals and senior officers when he was elected president and replaced them with his own people from the Muslim Brotherhood, you see how well that is working out in Iraq when these incompetent generals can’t lead the troops desert. Now we have Obama who has already fired over 100 experienced generals and colonels, now 550 Majors are slated to be fired. Obama has no military experience, I don’t think he has any experience in anything, he lives in a world of delusion and ignorance. He is incapable of any sort of leadership except maybe being a girl scout leader, that is about his level of leadership. If this was England his party would have been out of power in the first two years when the people learned how insignificant and ignorant a leader he really is. Obama won’t fight Muslims, because he is one. Help us take back the Senate and put this clueless child back in his crib where he can cry and pee himself when confronted with a problem, don’t worry Vallarie Jarrett will clean your butt and put a diaper on him before she tells him what to say I mean lie to the American people AGAIN.

  80. geneww1938 says

    They are being ousted but I bet there is a very strong correlation between their field officers assessment if they were will to follow illegal commands issued by the CIC [the POTUS or Commander in Chief] or commands from foreign officers to kill a fellow USA citizen to quill a riot or insurgency to protect the USA Constitution.
    Do your research. If it is your first study on the subject … you will not like the results if you are a patriot.

  81. michaelcain says

    This is all a part of obamas concentrated efforts to be able to support his muslim brothers factions . He has dedicated things to them such as having all the blacks under control. all the latin movements in control and all financial matters in hand . with this they can just march in and take over. they do not that he will lie to them as well if it suits his adjenda but the military personnel are still here and could band together at any time.

  82. pat ange says

    It’s time to cut out federal jobs. We are paying big bucks for federal imployees to watch porn 6-8 hrs a day ON THE CLOCK. Clean out this crap. He wants to destroy our military because they will not help him take America away from the tax-payering citizens and make him KING/DICTATOR. A Demon from Hell.

  83. Laurence Almand says

    How many of these majors are females and Blacks? Probably none of them.

  84. pat ange says

    giving raises and bonuses to gov. employees who watch PORN 6hrs/day on the clock while he destroyes our military. NEWS for Obama…They maynot be on the payroll; but they are still Patriotic American Military and they will protect us from you and your criminal forces. You will never be King of America.

  85. James Seidel says

    Reduce our military budget, give money for toilets in Kenya, spend 100,000,000 on vacation to Kenya. Laugh at taxpayers while planning FEMA Camps for everyone. How does he get the energy to play golf after all his hard work?

  86. leewacker says

    The first place cuts should be made is to the Senate, House and Presidency! I understand Obama’s income has increased about 383% since he has been in office! WHY? Why should he make so much money? He is privately wealthy, therefore, why should he get any taxpayer money? JFK gave his taxpayer paycheck to charity, why can’t Obama? None of the Senators or House members need more than $50,000 a year, why should they get more? Time to cut in Washington, cut the extended government agencies, and the overpaid government workers–who have gotten pay increases while the private sector–the true driving force of our country–gets pink slips! AFTER all the governmental groups are cut, THEN consider looking at the contractors supplying our military–far too many of them overcharge–but DON’T cut the pay, benefits, equipment OR personnel of our military forces! We need them too badly!

  87. Robert L. Rice says

    Merle,YOU ARE WRONG,MOST of our US Military will fight on the side of the American people. There is nothing a fighting Man or Woman will listen to,that will make them take up arms against us, when obozo had his last inauguration parade,the marching US Marines,had the bolts and firing pins removed from their guns,thats because the Govt (obozo) was afraid he would be asassinated,and probably rightly so. we have a lousy govt here, vote all these bastards OUT..

  88. Laurence Almand says

    Note that all of the officers are competent, experienced White males.

  89. John McGowan says

    I recently talked to a member of the National Guard and they were asked if ordered so would they fire on Americans. If you say no you get in trouble. One young man told his CO that he would not and put his rifle on the ground. He was put in jail and will be discharged. The CO’s will get in trouble if their companies say no. Why would the military even be asking a question like this. Why has Obummer fired so many military leaders. Only 15% of the military supports Obummer. People had better wake up and stop the Kool-Aid. We are headed for a show down with Obummer, and a lot of blood will flow.

  90. auhunter says

    We had a reduction in force after WW II, Korea, and Nam, but I surely hope that DOD and Congress doesn’t think this is all over. The war with ISIS and the Taliban is just beginning, and we are going to be fighting this one for years to come. Bush declared war on Terrorism, therefore we are at war with any terrorist group, regardless of their name. Anyone taken alive is a POW and remains incarcerated until the end of hostilities. Not released as the King did or given special treatment. Prosecuted for war crimes, etc. And the war is fought on an action basis not a reaction basis as we have been. Bomb them into submission, or until they are wiped out. Recently while doing some research on another porject, I found there are 14 different versions of the Koran/Quran in a museum in Istanbul. It seems that every Imam since Day One has written his own version to meet his needs and control the people within his his Fiefdom, and every time there is a change of power the Book is rewritten again. Maybe that is why we have such a radical group now, and the head man, whoever he may be has visions of grandeur like Adolph did in WW II.

  91. hangem'high says

    Sounds like a good way to purge the military while replacing them with obummer’s liberal progressive/ Muslim Yes men. Funny that the rhinos just sit idly by and let it happen?

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