Arrogant School Librarian Too Good for Melania Trump’s Donation


So you’re the librarian at an elementary school in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a card-carrying member of “The Resistance.” Suddenly, one day, a shipment of books arrives on your doorstep. Look at this: You’ve been selected by the White House to receive a donation of 10 Dr. Seuss books as part of National Read a Book Day. Your school, out of all the schools in your state, was chosen to receive this special gift from First Lady Melania Trump.

So…what do you do? You’re in a quandary. You could accept the books with a polite “Thank you,” but that would go against every bone in your leftist, RESIST TRUMP body. Sure, it would be the normal, human thing to do, but you turned your back on those ways when you marched in the street with a pussy-hat, didn’t you? No, no, this is too grand an opportunity to pass up. Forget about the students. Forget about professionalism. You’re going to use this moment as a chance to show off your liberal snobbery, turn your nose up at the gifts, and teach the Trumps a thing or two about the real world.


We can only speculate on the motivations of Cambridgeport Elementary School librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro (or whether she has, actually, ever worn a “pussyhat”), but we suspect we’re not far off the mark. Soeiro embarrassed herself and her school this week when she refused to accept the donation from Trump, instead writing a pathetic blog post where she explained how dreadfully WRONG it was for the First Lady to send THESE books to HER school.

“My students have access to a school library with over nine thousand volumes and a librarian with a graduate degree in library science. Multiple studies show that schools with professionally staffed libraries improve student performance,” wrote Soeiro in a needlessly self-aggrandizing explanation.

Besides blowing smoke up her own behind, Soerio also had some choice words for Dr. Seuss, who has apparently been deemed “problematic” by left-wing academics.

“You may not be aware of this, but Dr. Seuss is a bit of a cliché, a tired and worn ambassador for children’s literature. As First Lady of the United States, you have an incredible platform with world-class resources at your fingertips,” she wrote. Seuss’s drawings are “steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes,” she insisted.

Gee, a simple “No Thanks” would have sufficed.

But of course this isn’t about refusing the books, and we doubt seriously if it’s really about Dr. Seuss. This is about one lonely liberal librarian who saw a chance at the spotlight and lunged for it, absolutely clueless about how she would look to the average American. Or, maybe we’re wrong about that. Maybe she’s just fine being scorned by the “average American.” Probably she is. She probably harbors quite a lot of elitist disdain for the “average American” and their “cliché” Dr. Seuss books.

In a year that’s been filled to the brim with some of the saddest, most pathetic displays of liberal “resistance” we’ve ever seen, this one might top them all. Suffice to say, when your worldview puts you against Dr. Seuss…you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

  1. jgfsmf says

    How sad.

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    Why worry about whether some lady wore a “pussy hat”? You should be concerned about the low moral values of the “pussy grabber” occupying the oval office.

    1. Retired says

      Did you talk that way about BJ Monica and Bill Clinton in the Oval Office ????? Has Trump dome any thing like Billy Boy while in Office ????

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Perhaps you don’t know this but there is a difference between “consent” and “sexual assault”.

        1. Retired says

          So you support what Billy Boy did in the WH , it has nothing to do with consent . Just like what Hillary did to the women that spoke up . I guess you support the immoral life style .

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            I guess you don’t want to talk about Trump’s sexual assault lifestyle.

          2. Retired says

            You did not answer the Question ???? Why . Trump has not shamed the WH like Billy Boy and Obama with his lighting .

          3. Bill O'Neil says

            You are kidding, right? Trump shames the WH every time he opens his mouth. That is why he is known as the “liar in chief”. He is the biggest national and international embarrassment this country has ever seen.

          4. Retired says

            Media guppy >>> You still have not learned Trump plays the Media and that Congress is the one creating all the problems . They knew repeal of the ACA was not going to happen and wasted six month playing with it .Why haven’t they acted on the appointments .The Biggest lying SOB was Bill Clinton ,Hillary ,Obama with their henchmen in the justice Dept.

          5. Bill O'Neil says

            Moscow would like you to stick to that line.

          6. Retired says

            There is no proof of Moscow being involved , that Communist bots are could be from any place and even our own Cia . It could have even come out of the Ukraine after Kerry and Biden went in there . You ought to pay more attention to what is happening in the far east like the weapon shipment from NK to Egypt and Russia selling arms to Turkey after the US gave those
            Counties Billions of Dollars since WW2 .

          7. Mathew Molk says

            Tell it to the UN, and France, Germany, and even England. – They are running scared now. A year ago every country in the world was laughing at us. Now the fear us.

          8. Bill O'Neil says

            Any normal person would be afraid of a madman (Trump) with nukes!!!

          9. Anne Latella says

            Dumb-Dummer- Dumbest!!!!

          10. Bill O'Neil says

            You are projecting.

          11. mac12sam12 says

            The biggest liar to ever infest the WH was Hussein O. How many promises did he keep? He didn’t keep any while Trump has kept all of his promises.


          12. Bill O'Neil says

            Like Mexico paying for the wall?

          13. mac12sam12 says

            LOL! I send you a whole article about Hussein the liar and that’s all you have? There’s a lot of ways to get them to pay, we do have a $60 billion dollar deficit with Mexico as well. The welfare parasites cost the taxpayers $150 billion a year.

          14. Pat Murphy says

            2 really dumb uneducated jerks who only believe what their handlers tell them

          15. Mathew Molk says

            All guesses, no hard evidence. No avoidance at all here, but it what it looks like you are envious. Since you seem to not be able to score with women maybe you should turn queer, if you haven’t done it already.

          16. Bill O'Neil says

            Typical gutter-rat response from a “deplorable”.

          17. Anne Latella says

            Bill O’ Neil-Another lying left winger!

          18. Bill O'Neil says

            Is that the best response your Moscow handlers can give you?

          19. mac12sam12 says

            Let’s hear it Bubba, I’ll give you Clinton’s. The democrats have the kings of perversion, Clinton, the Kennedys and Anthony Weiner.

            there once was a congressman named Weiner

            who had a perverted demeanor

            He was forced from the hill for acting like Bill

            Now congress is one wiener leaner.

        2. mac12sam12 says

          How about the women that Bubba raped and dropped. That’s not “consent.”

    2. mac12sam12 says

      You’re a pussy if that offends you, Bubba. Ever been in a locker room? Did you rat on the guys who talked like that? So sensitive 🙁

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You must like those “golden showers” like Trump participated in!

  3. gotabgood says

    Puerto Rico is non-existent? You feel if you ignore it, it will go away?
    Trump attacks San Juan mayor over hurricane response
    What is the difference between Katrina and Maria, (besides the spelling)?
    He graduated from play ground bully to the world bully… (mentality the same, actually after listening to the very short video, he has the same mentality of bush too…

    1. Retired says

      Still out spreading media BS . The Roads were blocked , ships and planes had to be loaded and things gathered . With the storm going up the east coast ships were not moving and if you were ever on ships you would know the military sends them out to sea and away from the storms ,so that means leave port – return and load up before leaving again . You Bitch about things without knowledge just like the media .

        1. Retired says

          Yes ,that describes you quite well just like the Media !!!! You did not see the reports as to how the outlying areas are getting things via helicopter did you . Didn’t see how they are having problems moving things either . All mouth and no action ????? Maybe you should try a different source for real news of what goes on in real life .

          1. gotabgood says
          2. Retired says

            You see people bitching ,but not working to clear the roads where there are no utility lines down . Its just like our inner cities cry like a baby but won’t lift a finger to change things Now where are the reports of the problems of moving things to the people .

          3. gotabgood says

            Show me the reports….
            You being a heartless, compassionless rightwing hypocrite, I can understand why you make such comments.

          4. Retired says

            Can’t help it you watch just the left wing news , even they showed the problems of moving material and food supplies sitting on the docks . But you only remember what you want and not the whole picture of what is really going on , typical Media GUPPY .

          5. gotabgood says
          6. Retired says

            Yup ,that is where you belong ,in the trash bin . More than likely you live in a dumpster like a good rat .

          7. Anne Latella says

            gotqabgood-How is it you know how to file but not read? Oh! I know. Just dump it in a box. Typical liberal nutcase. Also you have nice language in your vocabulary.

          8. Mathew Molk says

            When you going to stop by and pick up the saw, snowflake.

            Talk about hypocrite?

          9. gotabgood says

            Shall we go together?

          10. Mathew Molk says

            So when are you going to saddle up and get in there and start picking up tree branches? Stop by here and I’ll even loan you a chain saw and donate 5 gallons of premix fuel and a gallon of bar oil and a saw file and spair spark plug and chain. — Let me know when you want to pick it up,,,,Or are you all mouth? (or do you even know how to even start a saw? 20 bucks says you never did a man’s work int your Marxist life)

          11. gotabgood says

            Consider this a free lesson… never bet more than you can afford to lose…
            While living in Pollock Pines, CA, we heated by wood stove, we had to cut and split logs for our heat. Also when a little younger, I worked at Clark Equipment, had to shovel steel into a furnace…. hot and heavy…. and I might add…very dirty. You lose….

          12. mac12sam12 says

            So far the administration has dispatched 140 helicopters, 28 ships, 6 army field hospitals, 5 Army engineers, two nuclear submarines capable of generating 2.8 gigawatts of power, 300,000 tons of food and medical supplies. The road structure for the most part is destroyed and there’s a lack of truck drivers.

            You’re just an old party hack and no matter what Trump does you’ll spin it with your hack lies.

          13. gotabgood says

            First I see no references…
            Second… not bad 2 weeks after the damage.
            With Trump there is no spin… you wait 4 hours and he will spin it for you..

        2. Anne Latella says

          gotabgood- You need to learn to read and think for yourself instead of like a Donkey (jackass) Democrat!

          1. gotabgood says

            Anybody that voted for and follows a known liar as Trump has proven before God, country and TV…. has no room to talk about being a jackass..
            and in his own ‘locker room” talk… is a pussy grabber… and you think that is ok???

    2. Mathew Molk says

      You would be one of the Mycheks sitting on a pile of rubble next a bunch of shovels with your hand out saying “my check, my check” — I know you never heard of this but the deal is I will clean up the mess WITH you,,,,but I will not do it FOR you. There is no more nanny state, you Marxist snowflake.

      1. gotabgood says

        I don’t know about nanny states but I do know about the welfare states and who they are…. the color coordination is remarkable… don’t you think so too??

    3. evangelinebrabant says

      Try reading up.

      Trump got aid there faster than anyone on record has ever seen. The word from P.R. is that the mayor is a disaster, and at best, incompetent, and at worse, has ulterior motives and wants to divert the money.

      Sorry, but Trump,. the business man trumped everything on this.

      Your complete bias toward the left and fondness for ludicrous statements, and llinsky tactics makes you too easy for those of us on this site.

      1. gotabgood says

        Every where I have seen or read it says quite the opposite… so why don’t you share your information with me..
        It is not so much of me being bias as it is me against this natural born and life long practicing of holding on to the title of KING of LIARS.
        I think Eisenhower was a good president.. Bush Sr. might have done better if he didn’t have to clean up the mess Reagan caused..
        I am going to confess something here.
        I found the Lord in 1980.. I was newly baptized when Reagan started running for president. My pastor would say anyone that supports abortion cannot be of the Lord, ( little did I know at the time that he had signed that into law in CA while governor), My thoughts and everything about me was for Carter… but my newly baptized brainwashed self….. voted for Reagan.. they say confession is good for the soul… but I helped in defeating Carter which leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.
        Now years have gone by and my eyes have been opened.. those pastors that preach the word of God.. should practice what they preach… most are hypocrites, all are sinners and no better than you or I, they need Jesus just as bad as I do. And people like Trump… he needs your constant prayers….He is a LIAR, a RACIST, a RAPIST, did I mention he was a liar? How about King of Liars?

  4. gotabgood says

    Your racial hatred is like a cancer, it keeps spreading…
    Trump Effect: Biracial 8-year-old boy lynched by teenagers in New Hampshire

    1. Retired says

      What does that have to do with Trump in a democrat part of the country . Where is the story on that ???? What about the BLM and Cop shootings nation wide , where are your comments on that ????

      1. gotabgood says

        The hatred… dimwit… the hatred….. and there has to SOME rightwing idiots living in NH.. you thought you won the state…..REMEMBER?
        And you will have to supply information on BLM and cop shootings…all I here is unarmed black people getting shot in the back… stuff like that… some cops like it up close and personal… so they strangle their black victim… but the other way around? and how often.. you will have to supply the information..

        You can’t search for a non-existing story.

        1. Retired says

          Like a good troll you did not answer Dimwit . There was even a case of a Black cop shooting another Black Criminal running away from him , it made national news . Just like it made National news of Blacks shooting cops . There is a high percentage in the BLM group are pure racist just like there are Whites in the BLM .

          1. gotabgood says

            I will repeat for your benefit…
            And you will have to supply information on BLM and cop shootings
            You did read that didn’t you?? I even said it TWICE

          2. Retired says

            The troll bot to lazy to look it up , now I have told you that often . The Majority of the Blacks shot had a warrant out for their arrest and running away after being stopped look is up in all major cities where it happened .Is it your turn to Monitor the site tonight ????

          3. gotabgood says

            Nope… nope…. nope!!!!!!!!!!!
            Not letting you get away with your bullshit!!
            You going to make a statement…. back it up with references.
            How am I going to prove something you made up??

          4. Retired says

            The biggest Bullshiter is you ,crawl back into your dumpster .

          5. evangelinebrabant says

            Awkward try, but most people know how your side distorts fact, and lies for your own purposes.

            You know that “Hands Up, Don’t shoot” never happened, right? Even Holder, and your messiah, Obama had to finally admit that it never happened and that Michael Brown’s blood was inside the police car where he tried to grab Wilson’s gun.

            Sorry, but facts are never on your side.

            Go ask Soros for more money.

          6. gotabgood says

            I guess I will have to call bullshit until I see your source of information..
            If you read it… copy and paste the web address.. in a news paper name and date of issue… TV… station, time and date

        2. desert fox says

          It’s people like you the create the hatred.

        3. Francis VanDevender says

          You know their was a lot less hatred in this country BEFORE OUR Black PRES. showed up..He created most of the present day hatred.I so dam tired hearing about the poor black people..BULL SHIT..I have black friends that are doing well! WHY? Because they got a education and bettered themselves.They didn’t lay around and make babies and expect the democrats to take care of them.Yes at one time the job market was bleak for uneducated people of all colors,but who’s fault they didn’t stay in school..I guess it was Trumps!!!!!!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            The half honky was only a very small part black. Even that was a lie.

        4. Mathew Molk says

          Yea the hatred of the American way of life by BLM. You got it backwards again snowflake, But then redirecting is a basic tenant of you Marxists, isn’t it.

        5. mac12sam12 says

          I’m from NH and we have a very low crime rate and also have constitutional carry.

          No one kills blacks more than other blacks and you cherry pick one incident. Cops aren’t the problem, black criminals are. Black males are 6% of the population and 50% of the prison population.

          You keep talking about hate. No one has more hate than an emotional liberal. You nuts try to kill Republican senators and shoot up schools and movies theaters.

          1. gotabgood says

            “Cops aren’t the problem, black criminals are”
            Maybe… but the solution is not more cops with bigger guns… the solution is jobs with bigger wages.
            I am sure you have heard the old saying, “An idle mind is the devils playground”

        6. evangelinebrabant says

          Actually: in the U.S. in a given year, twice as many police are killed by blacks as backs killed by police. This, you BLM liar, is a provable statistic.

          Meanwhile, the ratio of the black population to the (ALL) law enforcement population in America is:

          12-13 million blacks to 477,000 law enforcement officers, including black law enforcement. That would be metro police, Border patrol, HS, FBI, Sheriffs. All law enforcement.

          Statistically, the ration of all police to blacks: the numbers of the police population is about 0.37% of the numbers of black population.

  5. nancy says

    This “librarian ” should be fired !!! She is using her own prejudice to dictate what she views as unacceptable for the school. And she is a BIGOT ! SHE was dressed as the Cat In the Hat a few years ago !! And whatever happened to being gracious?? Weren’t we taught to say THANKYOU when we receive a present ? And ESPECIALLY have RESPECT for OUR FLOTUS !!! HOW WAS THIS IDIOT RAISED ??? SHE does NOT BELONG with OUR children !!!

    1. Allan Scott says

      I believe she was fired. School spokesperson said she had no right to either accept or reject any books offered to the school. What a bozette, huh? Does she have any brains?

      1. Dan Williams says

        I have noticed that many of those indoctrinated with advanced academia have sacrificed a good deal of common sense. It is like a liberal Kool-Ade infection.

        1. Robert Whitney III says

          Well psychiatrist say rather than Kool Aid it is an absolute Mental Disorder! Imagine this 130 million of them with this derangement of the mind! Not a pleasant though in my view!!

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Would that be why they call them “SHIT FOR BRAINS?” 🤔

      2. barry1817 says

        Does she have any Brains? sounds like a rhetorical question for such a liberal who parents best beware is a first level indoctrinator of your children.

      3. nancy says

        Ok Thankyou Allan for the update. I did not hear about her being fired , but I am SO happy if she was !!! SHAME on her for being so ungrateful and rude to the FLOTUS and for turning Dr. Suess into a political “racist” !!

      4. Jeannie McCall says

        She has “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and cannot help her pathetic response to our FLOTUS. Her hatred drives her to do stupid things, and she sees everything in life through a veil of hate. Plain and simple, she is mentally ill because her “queen” – Killary – didn’t win the election.

        1. boaz says

          well said!

        2. Retired says

          Have they found a treatment for the syndrome yet ?????

          1. Jeannie McCall says

            Some people think that a dose of lead might be a cure, but I don’t think any conclusive studies have been done yet.

          2. Robert Whitney III says

            Well lead poisoning is a sure FIRE fix!

          3. AKLady says

            Incitement to murder is a crime 😉

          4. AKLady says

            es, it is called impeachment.
            By the way, the First Lady is Communist born, raised and educated.

          5. Retired says

            So was Soros and Schumer’s Family as well as Mark , now what ???? I know a lot of people who lived behind the Iron Curtain thanks to the USA not forcing Russia to follow the war agreement . The USA kept the people from becoming free .

      5. Rod Carveth says

        She was NOT fired, suspended or otherwise sanctioned. Please get your facts straight!

        1. Rodzzz says

          Please post your documentation. I’m hoping she was fired.

          1. Rod Carveth says

            Rodzz — That’s not how it works. The person who makes the claim comes up with the documentation. It is not up to me to prove a negative.

          2. Rodzzz says

            You posted a negative. All I need from you is the site so I could check it out.

          3. Rodzzz says

            Thanx but I already checked it out and couldn’t find anything about her getting fired. I guess you are right.

          4. Mary Brumley says

            More’s the pity!

        2. Bob Seawright says

          She should have been put in a furnace.

      6. Bob Seawright says

        Visit Cambridge, MA. There are others like her.

      7. moma says

        No brains are required in many of our schools today. Only thing required is to be a dumb card carrying liberal demo.

      8. SD of AZ says

        No, she had her brains in the butt obviously since that was what she showed off.

    2. Gary Smith says

      You insult idiots

      1. Robert Whitney III says

        So Gary admits to being an IDIOT AND INSULTED!!!😁

    3. Kenneth Cole says

      thank you well said

    4. Marlena says

      I agree with you totally

    5. AKLady says

      Respect for the Racist and his Communist born and raised wife?
      You are kidding, right?

  6. Daniel Graves says

    This action by the Librarian and he the about dedicating the golf trophy to Hurricane victims show how low the Liberals will go. They have nothing of substance to complain about so they use anythinh.

  7. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

    So…..if this librarian should suddenly be buried alive in an avalanche of books…….paraphrasing HildeSade…….”who would give a shit?”…….just sayin’

  8. desert fox says

    This ignorant no-class bitch should be fired. I pray that she gets what she deserves. She is a typical demoncrat that should go back to the gutter she came from. How about a review of the school.

    1. boaz says

      she will get a job working for hilary

  9. VirgoVince says

    FIRE the ugly arrogant bitch and replace
    her with an AMERICAN HUMAN!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Replace her with a couple of high school kids. With all the computer stuff out there now they are far more qualified then this commie bitch, anyway.

  10. hoosier46 says

    The sad thing is that she (and others like her) are having a significant influence on the minds of society’s youth today. On the positive side, they have gone so far that many, if not most, of the young victims of their narrow minded teachings will rebel against what they are teaching when they get a little older.

    1. pineapple says

      And that is why the voting age should be raised to thirty years of age.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I’m with ya. And I spent my 21st birthday on Perimeter guard in Vietnam before they lowered the voting age to 18. It was because if you were old enough to get drafted like me, you were old enough to vote….Yet at 18 they don’t think you are smart enough to drink a beer. I’d say 24,,,but even back to 21 would be better then things are now with this moronic snowflakes running around.

        1. Michael Paul says

          I too spent my 21st birthday getting ready to leave for Viet Nam but I came from New York where the drinking age was 18 but was stationed in Virginia before I left where the drinking age was 21. Most of these 18 year old kids are just starting college and imbued with the liberalism of their mentor left-wing professors and have not lived life long enough to know the real world. The proof of the pudding is the tremendous support that a liberal moron like Bernie Sanders got from this age group. Pie in the sky is the way you describe the mind of most 18 year olds who are just not politically astute enough to vote. The handful that are mature enough and intellectually capable enough are far outweighed by the daydreamers.

          1. evangelinebrabant says

            We did lower the drinking age to 18 for a brief time – he carnage from auto accidents prompted legislators to raise the age, again, to 21.

          2. Stan says

            You are correct sir, bring a Jersey native at 18 my friends and I would either take a ferry to Manhatten or cross the Gothels bridge into Staten Island filling the coffers of the bar owner and the state of New York on a regular basis. I spent my 23rd birthday on 15 January 1971 at the Splendid Hotel BEQ in Saigon. Damn, seems like a different life.

            When I was 18 I was a liberal, even up to my early 30’s I was a liberal. Once I started my own business I began to see the light and understood there is no free lunch and people who tell you there is will only give you crumbs. Since my mid 30’s I have been extremely conservative.

        2. Stan says

          I was 20 when I received my draft notice, enlisted for three to get what I wanted, turned 21 after the election in ’68 and 23 while in Saigon.

      2. Rod Carveth says

        Good luck with that. You would have to amend the Constitution. There are not enough votes.

    2. PatriotGal says

      Look to the teacher education colleges to find the basis of liberalism, progressivism, socialism – take over education and you can destroy from within. It has all to do with colleges/universities who teach those philosophies then send their proteges forward to schools, thus the indoctrination begins now in pre-school throughout all of education. Years ago, we never sent kids to school before first grade, then they added kindergarten, then not too long a go as a “way to help working single mothers” they started with 5-yr-olds; we are now all the way down to infants – yup, tiny infants under the label of VPK – Voluntary Pre Kindergarten. Parents are opting to “send their babies there” for TAXPAYER funded daycare. Oh yes, we pay for it!!! We are paying for babies to be inculcated into the progressive ideology.

      1. evangelinebrabant says

        On top of that, one of CAIR’s goals, in their plan for a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of American is to first, take over the public school system. Everyone should see this film.

        The Left has been in bed with Islam since the 1920s.

        Christopher Hitchens, the beloved Liberal whose writing was revered by Conservatives as well, was one of the few Liberals who supported the War on Terror.

        (He also wrote: “No One Left to Lie to” about the Clintons – still a big seller)

        Anyhow, there is hope:

        Hitchens predicted that the after the Muslims have used the Liberals in their drive to take over the world (America), the Muslims will come for the Liberals and kill them, because said Hitchens, the Muslims secretly despise the Liberals because they do not believe in God.

        1. boaz says

          I thought the openly despise them… and the Liberal join in being as brain damaged as they are!

      2. The Orangeman says

        Another factor one should look at and ask the question: Are the protester Mexicans who have secretly vowed to take back certain American States claiming that they belonged to Mexico in the first place, Roman Catholics, graduates of any Jesuit University? A warning has gone out on a British radio broadcast that these people always had a particular agenda in mind and are determined to see their dreams fulfilled making a Jesuit Pope the leader of a N.W.O church. Learn the horror that N. Ireland has been through these past 40 years. Look up the Jesuit Oath taken by Jesuits on the internet and you may understand why.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      We did, didn’t we? – It’s a function of youth, at a cretin point to rebel against all authority. Maybe these Marxist snoweflake teachers are doing us a service ?????

    4. evangelinebrabant says

      I don’t share your optimism, and I am in the trenches

      The American Public Education system, and the union thugs who teach our children – and who cannot be fired – is the government institution most responsible for the decline of patriotism, and love of country of any entity.

      It starts in Kindergarten, is embedded in the curriculum, and the lies, distortions, and propaganda is mind-boggling (and, mostly illegal).

      Some teachers stayed home from work the day after the election, they were so upset.

      Funny, I remember after the monster Obama was elected. We knew it would be bad, we just did not realize how bad the traitorous, U.S., military-hating communist Obama would be, we knew it would be bad. We just went on, no one stayed home, no one formed parades, and no one attacked people as the Leftists do on the Berkeley campus.

      By the way, I work there- the press is not telling you how bad it really is at UCB, or how dangerous it is for Conservatives, moderates, independents and Libertarians – anyone at all who does not kowtow to the dangerous Marxist rhetoric of the Left, supported by the administration.

      Major theme of U.S. public education, from K-12: America is a flawed nation, responsible for all the problems in the world.


  11. Kimmy84 says

    Ms. Liz Phipps Soeiro may be a well qualified librarian by education, but she must have missed a few classes in psychology along the way. A special class with Dale Carnagie on “How to Win Friends and Influence People” seems to be imperative if she is to continue in her current position. In my community she would be fired on the spot for such immature response to a well intended gift for the children.

    1. PatriotGal says

      Did you see her latest “table of recommendations” in her library/media center? Lots of signs with RESIST – kneel for the anthem, etc., etc. Look for the pix, they’re on the net. There’s also one of her wearing a Cat in the Hat hat from several years ago when Michelle sent them Dr. Seuss books and she loved them then. Guess because Michelle’s a Demonazi it was fine.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Isn’t hypocrisy a cornerstone of “the ends justify the means” the leftists?

        The stinking moslems(sic) are into it too.

  12. Francis VanDevender says

    fire the stupid bit-h! A bigot if I ever saw one..I would not want her around my children ever, with ideas like that..the dems can’t get over the fact they lost the election..They need to get rid of their Hillary way of thinking! Time to join the country not tear it apart..The left is behind all the riots and turmoil going on now.They have given our tax money away for so long to lazy bums ,they don’t know how to live any other way..their aim in life is to crap on the USA and try to blame Trump for every thing that’s wrong in this country. Guess what we aren’t going to sit around and take it anymore..We are fighting back.

    1. PatriotGal says

      What can you expect in MA where lefties are king.

      1. Elena Bowman says

        And the Teachers’ Union shuts down and threatens any teacher who disagrees with them. And there are many who have left teaching because of the radical, leftist, Teachers’ Union

      2. EL says

        Massachusetts = anti Constitution.

    2. evangelinebrabant says

      People have no idea how bad it is in our schools.

  13. AE says

    gotabgood Its always the liberal who claims the high ground while living in the gutter. Just as in Puerto Rico everyone is getting helped with the only complaints coming from the lazy gutter trash liberals. As in New Orleans and Mississippi where the Mayor walked away from helping his people and a Governor resigned in disgrace, Congressman William Jefferson is sentenced to 13 years for corruption while also using the National Guard who were sent to help people of his district as his personal escort to recover $90,000 in his freezer.

    The Mayor in Puerto Rico is complaining while being absent from helping his town, its easier to play the superior liberal then actually do anything to help.

    Perhaps the other Mayors, many who are Democrats and helping their people would be a better example of what is happening.

    When asked about Yulín Cruz’s “genocide” comment, Perez took his
    criticism a step further and revealed that Yulín Cruz has been absent in
    many meetings with FEMA and other agencies. He said:

    I don’t know why she is saying that. What I can tell you is my experience. She
    is not participating in any meetings and we had a couple already with
    the governors and with representation of FEMA and of HUD, of these whole
    federal agencies that have given us help and she’s not participating in
    those meetings and some mayors from her political party have been
    participating, so I don’t know why she is saying that. My experience is very different.

    “Some [mayors] would like the help to be faster but we also know that
    FEMA is dealing with what happened in Houston and in Florida and now in
    Puerto Rico,” Perez said.

    Liberals do not like to get their hands dirty, criminals never do, Trump visits and helps can be counted on to do the right thing. Obummer was famous for making statements from the golf course on the latest tragedy to hit the country, Hildabeast is famous for doing the crime then passing the buck while framing complete ignorance.

    1. PatriotGal says


    2. Mathew Molk says

      Kind of off topic, but you are right, When the Mississippi folded further North by the time FEMA got there half the work was already done. Same when a tornado flattens a town in the heartland. The people just jump in and “get er done”. The Mychek tribe never got into the productive areas of this country but it looks like they have made it to Puerto Rico in force – You know the Myceks, They are the bastards that sit on top of a pile of rubble next a bunch of shovels with their hands out saying “my check, my check.”

    3. evangelinebrabant says

      Don’t forget how the Gov. of Louisianan lied about Bush, and got away with it until she was caught speaking with an open mike – unknown to her.

  14. Ron Dapo says

    Miz librarian, due to your foolish,,grandiose selfish ideological behavior, your racist butt is fired, as to not influence any of our young people.( your tenure, free ride has been cancelled)
    Sincerely, the legal citizens of the UNITED STATES.

    1. Gary Smith says


    2. evangelinebrabant says

      Good news! There are two law suits headed to the US Supreme Court, challenging tenure.When they hit the Liberal judges with which Obama saturated the Federal Court system, they get shot down – but no matter, they keep going.

      I would like to see erratic Kennedy off the bench before it gets there, because the point of these law suits is that teacher tenure is unconstitutional, and their law suits detail just why that is.

      Teaching is the only job where you cannot be fired for not doing your job.

      Until recently, in California, a teacher who abused a Special Needs child (or any other) could not be fired

      After a well-publicized case, the all-powerful teachers’ union had to go along with changes in the teacher-firing process, ONLY FOR ABUSING A MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CHILD, because of all the publicity and public attention. Now, it only takes about a year (instead of about ten years) to fire a teacher who is abusive to a handicapped child, but it is still open season on other children. If you don’t know what bullies tenured, can’t be fired, teachers can be, you are not paying attention.

      Every one knows who the bad teachers are. My theory is that when (if) they fire one teacher from every school, education would immediately improve education in our country – by leaps and bounds.

      1. Deby says

        Also, the teacher’s union needs to go-they are done.

        1. Carl Small th says

          Thank you for that! Organizations like CTA (Calif. Teachers Assoc.) are some of the most powerful, and corrupt, organizations that influence legislators in the US.

          Im not sure if they’re still doing it, but awhile back there was alot of controversy over them compelling their union members to vote only along union lines under threat of sanctions by the union. Also, they are compelled to be members of the union. NO FREE CHOICE!! NO DISSENTING OPINIONS PERMITTED!! That dog don’t hunt in America.

          1. Rodzzz says

            Correct. All those idiots in Sacramento have to go..

      2. Ron Dapo says

        Maybe we’re finally heading in the right (common-sence) direction,thanks evangelinebrabant

    3. Rod Carveth says

      The librarian was NOT fired. Administration had a discussion with her about her exceeding her authority in returning books, but that was that. She has had wide support from parents.

      1. Ron Dapo says

        I was speaking figuratively Rod, l have fired her!

        1. Rodzzz says

          Ditto Ron.

      2. Rodzzz says

        Is this true?

          1. Rodzzz says

            I was hoping you were wrong. The education system warrants looking into and drained.

  15. Richard Row says

    I wonder if Michelle knew that when she was photographed reading Dr. Seuss to some children when SHE was FLOTUS?

    1. Gary Smith says

      She did not know it was racist

  16. ray2hill says

    Who is so desperate they need hooker $$$$$$$

  17. Mathew Molk says

    Since when does a grossly overpaid grade school librarian have the authority to turn down the donation of valuable property? Love to see her job description.

    Also to impose her communist views to express on the policy of the school system the signs her checks. – Did she get authorization for here actions or just act like the royal exalted boma and that cackling witch and act like an early 20th centenary dictator?

    News flash, You are a grade school librarian. Your function is to inventory books and check the 5th graders library cards. NOTHING ELSE. – They could have a kid from the high school do your job.

  18. cdansreau says

    i saw an interesting photo allegedly of this librarian in a costume for last Halloween. she was dressed as the seuss cat with a top hat holding a cat doll. if true she is really pompus, insane and a liar. she should be fired for refusing gifts to the library based on her personal preference of donors. would something by karl marx be OK but the bible is not.

  19. cdansreau says

    i saw an interesting photo allegedly of this librarian in a costume for last Halloween. she was dressed as the seuss cat with a top hat holding a cat doll. if true she is really pompus, insane and a liar. she should be fired for refusing gifts to the library based on her personal preference of donors. would something by karl marx be OK but the bible is not.

    1. Deby says

      Well then by her own definition, she is a flaming racist. She needs to be fired and possibly lobotomized.

  20. Anne Latella says

    Their loss will be some other appreciative schools gain. That school has one stupid librarian!

  21. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    That librarian of falls into the Skank category !

  22. Tiger says

    We now live in a totally divided America, we see it daily everywhere. There is such a wide divide that I don’t see it being bridged, there is NO way to bring together the Ult Left, Liberals, Progressives and Conservatives and the rest of America, it is like attempting to bring a prostitute home to meet your mother and expecting her to have something in common with each other.

    Won’t happen.

    1. billdeserthills says

      So negative Tiger, all one needs to convince a lib they need a gun is a good
      scary situation, a call to 911 and the subsequent wait that usually occurs.

      1. Tiger says

        Negativity has nothing to do with the Reality we have seen across America since the elections and up to today. Facts are we are Divided and won’t come together what does oil have in common with water? Nothing they won’t mix.

  23. Rummy C says

    Amusing, but in 2015 this librarian dressed as “The Cat in the Hat” to promote Seuss and was photographed in the costume. The photo has been circulated around the internet and on the news. So, two years ago Seuss was fine, and the librarian made a fool of herself dressing like a Seuss character. Now, Seuss is a cliche, tired and racist, and the librarian looks the part of an even bigger fool. If she has not been fired, now is the time. We do not need people like this around our children. We do not need people like this in our country.


  24. GrizzMann says

    She did look cool in that racist outfit. I think she also slammed Michelle Obama for reading from the racist Dr. Seuss.

  25. mary ann Romero says

    You don’t need to go to School to have manners and Respect. .Your taught as a child

  26. Grassroots says

    Speculation, not facts. Don’t get your panties in a twist over a made-up issue. No one knows why she made the decision she did, other than her words, which make sense to me.

  27. Dan Williams says

    Confirmation that liberalism is a form of insanity!

  28. Elena Bowman says

    For a graduate in Library Science she obviously missed the class that promoted common sense and the ability to be gracious. Since her attitude is to push her own liberal agenda on the students in that school, she showed herself to be a radical idiot who doesn’t have the sense to accept a gift from the First Lady of the United States. She should be fired immediately and not allowed to have any contact with children of any age.

    1. Gary says

      Elena, I remember reading an article not too long ago about the ten “most useless” college degrees a person can strive for. Of course, Liberal Arts would be the TRUE #1, as it is a degree in “generalities” and truly good for nothing. But of the “specific” fields, I will give you one guess what sits at the top of the pile. That’s right: Library Science! The people that get these degrees seem to feel that they have been granted some sort of “license” to shape and mold peoples’ “attitudes” (especially young people) and that they are to be considered above reproach. I have a brother who manages a branch of a county library system, and he thinks he hot sh*t as well. What they don’t realize is that government employment is about all they can hope to obtain and if the government decides to start “cutting back” on “non-essential” services, you can bet those hoity-toity librarian jobs will be in the crosshairs!

  29. barry1817 says

    and this writer misses the delicious irony that Moochelle was reading Dr. Seuss at this school and the librarian was all so happy to dress up in Cat in the Hat attire to celebrate.

  30. Dolinda Balch says

    I strongly suggest this
    “librarian” take a lesson in diplomacy. Her rotten attitude filed with hate is a HUGE disgrace.

  31. Deby says

    Well, apparently everyone who isn’t on the Soros’ paid bandwagon is now labeled a racist-even Dr. Seuss. The entire left has now passed the point of no return-they better start reorganizing a new democratic party, oh, wait, they did that, it is now called Black Lives Matter. Good luck in 2018 with that

    1. MichaelZZ says

      It’s not the “democratic” party, it’s the “democrat” Party.

      Thank you,


  32. mjmaf says

    A librarian takes in books and posts them – plain and simple. They assist those who need help, do not editorialize and occasionally says shhhh to keep the place quiet for all users. That’s it. This leftist drone overstepped and proved to the entire world she is not qualified and can’t abide by a few simple rules! On top of that she greatly respected one of the best and classiest first ladies we have ever had who came from very modest means and appreciates everything she has! Recommend immediate firing and replace with thought-neutral REAL Librarian!

  33. zookeeper216 says

    They banned Mark Twain, stupid people.

  34. Kenneth Fichtl says


  35. WhiteFalcon says

    There is absolutely NOTHING in any Dr. Seuss book that has any hint of racism. It is the librarian that is racist. She should be fired on the spot, period.

  36. stoth says

    You can not embarrass a Democrat, they live in their on false world. A glass house that is deemed to self -destruct.

  37. CombatBoots says

    I wonder where she bought that graduate degree? Her vast ignorance is showing. Apparently, she has never read Dr. Seuss’ volumes that introduce children to acceptance of someone “not like them”; e.g., Starbelly Sneeches. Maybe she’s not bright enough to understand the symbolism?

  38. CombatBoots says

    I can’t find anything online about her being fired. I doubt it. Liberal academia will usually just bump them upstairs.

  39. Junie says

    Have any of you wondered where in the hell all these nut job professors, this stupid librarian and the communist running the Democrats? How and where did the take over begin to occur? So sad America.

  40. SUZANNE M. says


  41. will says

    This person should be looking for work in a prison library

  42. Sloughfoot says

    If the tables were turned and a conservative librarian was “protecting” the children from Dr. Seuss” the left would be yelling about freedon of speach rights and Dr.Seuss would be their new hero. Do they have a plan other than whining about Pres.Trump and Melania? They make themselves look so crazy.

  43. Pauline Kasper says

    Her brains are probably in her boobs! Unfortunately, they are not connected! Apparently, she either skipped class, wasn’t paying attention, or slept through the class the day her library school professor discussed the importance of public relations on the job. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

  44. woodenshoes1948 says

    Fire that disgusting idiot now.


    Sounds to me like another college graduate that learned stupidity, no common sense and her way is the right way. I hope the school board has the common sense to remove her from the district as she should not come in contact with children.
    Janitor is where she belongs, maybe she could learn a new way if thinking while looking at commodes.

  46. Allyssa says

    I was a little surprised to learn that she was fired by the school district. Apparently, even in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the school district valued the gift from the First Lady more than the services of a “librarian with a graduate degree in library science”. Maybe Ms. Phipps Soiero should have read up on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and a few other important items that ought to be in her library, before she chose to judge the President and his wife.

  47. Bonita Beach Babe says

    Another liberal from MA who probably thinks Warren and Hillary are the cat’s meow!

  48. Karen Fiori says

    Reminds me of a, “nose in the air” librarian I knew. She is total, ‘APE SNOT”. Holler than thou POS. All of their kind. Good thing my kids don’t go to that school.

  49. RG ODOM says

    DID SHE MAKE YOU PROUD Cambridge, Massachusetts

  50. SD of AZ says

    Been waiting to speak my mind about this uppity librarian. The whole point is she is JUST A LIBRARIAN. She may be a degreed one, she may be the top librarian but that is all she is. And she is publicly voicing her own opinion as though it was the last word for this library. How embarrassing for those who are truly in charge. It is time to fire her for her actions. She has overstepped her authority. I am sure there is someone else who can manage this library. Though it is obvious she thinks it is her domain solely. Time for a new face, a new attitude and a lot less ego!

  51. Not So Fast says

    Jealous lib psychopaths one and all!

  52. John Abel says

    What the vast majority of parents don’t recognise is that our entire educational system is absolutely rife and inundated with screaming liberals just like this woman!! Try sitting in on a poly-psy class at any university and if a student tries to voice a conservative perspective, that student is usually ignored, berated, or castigated by the teacher and even some of the student body!! For that parents and students are paying a fortune for their degrees. Most of these same professors couldn’t make a living on their own and they are nearly impossible to fire!!

  53. AKLady says

    The librarian should be given a medal.
    The books might have been acceptable in their day, but they are tools which teach bigotry,

  54. George says

    If the books were sent by Michelle Obama, she would falling down to her knees and blessed her for sending the much needed books to her library. Of course they would have been the Black Cat in the Hat series. These people are so phony.

  55. cg says

    This liberal chic shouldn’t be touching any book in the library. Nut job!

  56. jimdarnall says

    Just as most all liberals this woman showed her ignorance. She had no position to turn down this offer in the first place. Just think, our educational system is filled with these people.

  57. Raymond Hudson says

    How do these people gain these positions of “Trust and Authority” to begin with? Who is making these decisions? What type of Supervisory person allows an Attitude like this to influence the young minds being molded in our schools? Start at the top and work down. This is embarrassing for all of us, for us as a nation.

  58. William Gordon says

    She should not only be fired–but stopped from getting any job with the government –for the rest of her life—-Which means –The shool she attained to get her education should also feel the problem – and if they continue–taken off the school registry for hiring for government positions. This is her fault and the college she attaINED–WHICH MEANS THAT SCHOOL SHOULD ALSO RECEIVE THE PUNISHMENT.

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