As Heat Intensifies, FBI’s Andrew McCabe Runs for The Exit


FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is headed for early retirement, and there’s no mystery about why he’s decided to call it a career. Still at the center of controversy over money his wife accepted from Clinton donors while he himself was overseeing the investigation into her emails, McCabe came under harsh scrutiny in recent weeks after his name surfaced in anti-Trump text messages that made headlines.

FBI agent Peter Strzok, in one of thousands of texts he sent to his girlfriend Lisa Page last year, mentioned an “insurance policy” he was cooking up in case Trump was elected president. In the text, he casually remarked on things that had been discussed “in Andy’s office.” Congress wants to know exactly what Strzok was talking about, and McCabe was reportedly grilled by lawmakers behind closed doors this week on Capitol Hill.

And now he’s heading for the exit. How very interesting.

President Trump commented on McCabe’s retirement plans in a couple of Twitter posts on Saturday. “How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?” he mused.

In another, he mentioned McCabe’s retirement specifically, saying he was “racing the clock” to March, when he will be able to hang up his hat and retain his full pension benefits.

As one of the senior-most officials in the FBI, McCabe had his grubby hands all over the two most politically-charged investigations of 2016: The one into Hillary’s emails and the one into the Trump campaign’s supposed collusion with Moscow. Both of those investigations have been hopelessly tainted with partisan influence and bias, and Republicans are calling on the Bureau to make some massive personnel changes to address the problems. The FBI’s public reputation has never been lower, and people like McCabe, Comey, Strzok, and others are a prime reason why.

To move forward and regain the trust of the American people, the FBI needs to clean house. That means getting rid of these partisan investigators who let Hillary Clinton escape scot-free and the ones who used a phony piece of opposition research to ignite an inflammatory, baseless case against the president. Rarely have we seen two back-to-back cases screwed up so monumentally by the nation’s top law enforcement agency – a clear sign that there is an infection inside the Bureau that needs to be cured. McCabe leaving is a good first step towards a healthy FBI.

  1. Bill O'Neil says

    The right wingers will grasp at any straw to deflect attention away from the “liar in Chief’ in the White House.

    1. Retired says

      It’s called the rats are abandoning the ship before it sinks ,and it won’t be Trump sinking no matter how hard you left wingers try . Just look at all the left wing nut job Judges you have trying to legislate from the bench .

      1. chucky001 says

        We left wingers don’t have to try. Dolt45 is doing a fine job of sinking himself. But an even better job of sinking you. Take your head out of your butt and observe how the GOP plans to cut (they call it “reform”) YOUR social security and medicare to pay for their tax cuts for the 1%. One can only hope Mueller is able to flush the orange turd before this happens. If not, you’ll have to change your handle from “retired” to “Walmart Greeter” in order to survive.

        1. Retired says

          You will be at Walmart greeting people way before me . Plus you will be begging on the street corners while I am warm inside my house .

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            That is classic!

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Hey,,,,I’m retired too but the phone keeps ringing with people wanting me to come back to work. Why didn’t we train people to be millwrights and electricians instead of getting master;s degrees in urban studies?

            Somehow I don’t think these snowflaakes will be doing that well after we get done gutting their nanny state.

          3. Retired says

            It is very simple the Unions destroyed the Apprentice ship program along with manufacturing . There was no money in it for the University’s and Tech school changed away from adult education .Companies started out sourcing your type of work just like computer control repairs . Back in the days one could find repair parts to fix things and even that has changed to throw away .

        2. Joseph Carrilho says

          Orange? You’re color blind as well as being an idiot.

        3. Mike W says

          Keep trying Chucky maybe one day you’ll be a real boy and have a real thought.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        You guys never agree with me, but the NWO Marxists and RINO elites are on the ropes and on the way out. It may take a while but they are going down.

        1. Retired says

          The biggest problem is McCain !!!

          1. Bob Morton says

            Maybe not for much longer, one way or another. It appears he is very complicit in the dossier scandal as more and more info comes to light. I personally think that he was never a true Republican but is instead a Democrat, planted to spy. I think it goes well beyond just being a Trump hater and more like being a Republican traitor. This is Bob’s wife.

          2. Retired says

            Hey you come out of hiding , Happy new year .

          3. Bob Morton says

            Happy New Year to you also. I read the comments on several sites, including this one quite often but I don’t always respond. There is so much negative crap from unwanted “visitors”. There is absolutely no use in trying to argue with the know-it-all leftists. The truth could hit them smack in the face and they still wouldn’t admit it. The “Russian collusion” crap is getting so old and zero proof, but the Hillary/Obama scandals are mounting everyday and the left are still crying Russia. They want us to drop the Hillary charges because she’s not President – she broke the law, PERIOD (as well as the Obama Admin. and Clinton cronies)! It gets tiresome to argue with the dim-witted. SSDD. It’s good “talking” to you though. I hope you and yours have a great and prosperous New Years! This is Bob’s wife.

          4. Retired says

            You got it right and thanks .

    2. sluggo says

      After eight years of the Clinton Crime family…and then eight yeas of the racist, America hating, Kenyan born muslim obama, it’s amazing that anyone can criticize President Trump for anything…especially “lying”.

      Guess you’re one of the “lucky ones”, eh, who liked your healthcare plan…and got to keep it…or who never noticed the “smidgen of corruption in the IRS”, that they America hating obama claimed wasn’t “even” there….HIS list of lies is almost endless.

      1. Mike W says

        You forgot the 8 years of “W”. Clinton and Carter gave North Korea nuclear capabilities. “W” did absolutely nothing to slow them down. Bath house Barry whoever the hell he really is – gave Iran nuclear capabilities and aided Hillary in providing Russia with 20% of our remaining uranium – all the while trying to reduce our own nuclear arsenal and take away our guns. Now we are learning he also assisted Hezbollah in trafficking cocaine into the U.S.. “W” and Barry ran the national debt up the the 20 trillion dollars mark – Now all of them have joined forces to blame President Trump for the mess THEY left behind.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Man you sure got that right.

        2. sluggo says

          I totally agree with you Mike…and I didn’t forget “W”, he was NOT one of my favorites, but, the lying liberal democrats spend plenty of time criticizing ANY Republican while totally defending ALL lying liberal democrats no matter how bad their anti American behavior and crimes are, so I don’t spend any time talking about the failures and disappointments…and there are PLENTY… of a Republican who did NOT live up to expectations…but, no matter what…is NEVER as bad as ANY America hating, lying liberal democrat!…EVER!

          1. Mike W says

            The left has long held that there was a conspiracy cover-up of 9/11 and that the Bush’s were a part of the towers coming down etc. They have blamed the Bush’s for getting us into the war in the middle east in the first place. Now because the Bush’s are kissing Bath House Barry’s ass the left wing loons are fine with whatever the Bush’s may or may not have done. Hypocisy is their motto. The Clinton’s – the Bush’s – the Obama’s – or whatever the hell his real name is – have all made lots of money from being in government.

      2. Bill O'Neil says

        More drivel from the Russian Troll Farm.

    3. sluggo says

      LOL…”grasp at any straw”…what do you think your lying, radical leftist, liberal democrat mass media has been doing for well over a year now to try to bring down President Trump, you moron?

      If the racist, America hating, Kenyan born muslim obama had had even 1/1000 th of the negative stories written about him, his family, or his disastrous economic policies, he would have folded up like the cheap, arrogant, dictator-wanna-be he is, and cried like a baby.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Even more drivel from the Russian Troll Farm.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Isn’t that what he and the cackling witch did? And the whole rotten NWO Marxist Party is right behind them. Broke with a shrinking membership.

    4. Mike W says

      You must be a total moron. Open your eyes try to focus and take a good look around. Maybe climb out of the dumpster lay-off the wine and clear your head.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You are projecting.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        You got to be kidding me, Mike. Snowflakes never venture out here in the real world where the wolves eat the sheep. WAY to intense for them out here.

  2. gotabgood says

    He won’t reach the exit for another 90 days… relax, he most likely will be there to see Trump fall…

    1. Deby says

      oh he’s done troll boy-and it’s the other way around-Trump will be watching (and cheering) McCabe’s retirement or incarceration, whichever comes first.

      1. gotabgood says

        We have 90 days, we’ll see if anything we stated will come to pass. Although I did leave some wiggle room by saying, “Most likely” While you said it like it was written in stone already.

        1. Deby says

          Face it trollboy, things just ain’t going your way anymore, McCabe is just the first of many to go down, and go down he WILL. It appears Congress is finally getting some cojones and is going to get to the bottom of this democratic house of cards that is about to topple. MAGA. Oh yeah, it’s happening.

          1. Bob Morton says

            McCabe had it made in his cushy corrupt role in the FBI. He wouldn’t be retiring if his corruption hadn’t been made public. There was never any hint of retirement before now. This is Bob’s wife.

    2. sluggo says

      In your dreams, obama boy.

    3. Mike W says

      I hope you are holding your breath waiting.

  3. MAHB001 says

    Sweeping this kind of corruption under the rug is a specialty of the Elites these days.

    I am all for dishonorable discharges for all Federal Employees caught lying to the American People.

    1. Retired says

      Fire them and take away all benefits .

      1. RockinOn says

        I am all for that version of him leaving, as well as the rest of them that have been committing crimes, all the way up to including obummer !

        1. SD of AZ says

          And that is where I sincerely hope this is all heading.

        2. Deborah Pratt says

          Wrong direction! All the way ‘down’ to ‘Oh-Bummer’!! LOL

          1. Deborah Pratt says

            I think the English ‘nailed’ it when they said, ‘the leach on the underbelly of a worm’!!! Does that ‘picture’ fit? LOL!! Of course, worms are very ‘useful’ creatures, which ‘O’ most certainly isn’t! Nothing much ‘lower’ than a despicable human and comparing one to any of the ‘natural’ creatures on this planet, is an insult to the ‘creature’!!

          2. RockinOn says
          3. Deborah Pratt says

            OK–‘RockinOn’, I confess that as an avid ‘organic’ gardener I’m very grateful to the ‘tiny’ life in our soil!! Without them, the human race would not exist long or any of the ‘other’ larger life forms. So, I tend to be a bit ‘defensive’ concerning them!! I’m aware that ‘snakes’, even rodents (ugh) have a useful place in Nature and need to have some respect shown to them. The one ‘thing’ I can’t find any real ‘use’ for is the new ‘race’ of Liberals or the ‘over-population’ of the ‘aggressive species’ of Muslims!! Just can’t figure where they ‘fit in’ as an ‘asset’ to life on this planet!! Can you?? LOL

          4. DAlnB41 says

            True Democrats will toot their party leaders horn regardless of how it sounds!

          5. PatriotGal says

            I have a problem with the nematodes in FL soil….really ruin our root veggies.

          6. Deborah Pratt says

            I’m sure this isn’t the ‘site’ to address that but, I couldn’t resist!! LOL Try planting ‘FRENCH Marigolds close to your root crops. They produce a natural ‘chemical’ that attacks nematodes. Also, ‘Gardens Alive’ has a product that will naturally address that problem!! I even ‘shred’ those Marigolds, when the season ends, and turn them into the soil. I know–‘we’ have ‘seasons’ and you don’t, really. My brother lives in Florida. Moved from Maine because of health issues. Gardening in Florida has proven to be a ‘challenge’!! Best of Luck!!

          7. PatriotGal says

            Agree, Deborah, not the site but your reference made me think of my gardening woes. Did try the marigolds, no help. Soil is sooooo different here from LI, NY, where it was rich and dark. But we can grow luscious citrus and yummy pineapples. Thanks for your suggestion and for your kind response. Happy, healthy New Year ~!

          8. DAlnB41 says

            Try this and see it it makes you feel any better; The Democratic party leaders (and I address it as party leaders as I do not believe the majority of Democrats accept what their party leaders continue trying to sell to the world.) have yet to say or do anything that in anyway helps fix the mess Obama left for Trump (or anyone else that might have replaced Obama).
            Schumer and Pelosi have a lot of absurdities and accusations they spew out on the radical left leaning media BUT they have yet to offer any advice, assistance, suggestions or help of any sort THAT MAY help fix the problems of our nation.
            I have been voting in elections since 1962 and I have yet to know of ANY political candidate that was elected and sent to Washington to create hate, discontent and anger like we see in Pelosi and Shumer. AND, from 1962 to late 2013 I was an active Registered Democrat, voted twice for Obama (worst mistake I ever made) – I finally changed parties as I grew tired of being expected to say, do and act as the democratic party leaders dictated! I appreciate hearing the GOP argue with each other instead of just being another “follower” as the Democrats want.

          9. Deborah Pratt says

            Thank you for your post!! I love hearing from people like yourself. Look, we all make mistakes in some candidates we vote for. Much more in the ‘past’ than now. We have so much more information available to us these days. Granted, not all of it to be ‘trusted’ but, I appreciate it anyway. At least we have the opportunity to use our intelligence and experience to decide what we want to do. I resent ‘others’ trying to make those decisions for me. I, too, voted ‘O’ in the ‘first’ time! (Had a ‘liberal’ mind-set back then!) I was truly ‘shocked’ when he was ‘voted’ in the second time!! Couldn’t believe people didn’t see his first term as a huge ‘mistake’!! Now, I’m convinced he only got in again through ‘crooked’ voting practices! It ‘worked’ so well, they tried it again with Hillary! As the ‘information highway’ grows more active, I hope people will learn from one another and make better choices. This is all contributing to the ‘panic’ our corrupt government members are experiencing–with the help of Pres Trump to lead the way!! It’s not easy and it takes ‘time’ to turn a ‘runaway train’ around. These people have enjoyed ‘pulling the wool’ over the eyes of the public for so long, they can’t quite believe the ‘party’s over’ and resent it!! Hillary’s ‘famous’ quote–‘keep them uninformed and unaware’ (meaning ‘us’ the public) rings ‘true’ as the ‘mantra’ of our past government members!! That age has passed thanks to our technology of ‘tweeting, Facebook and sites like this one. I’m grateful!

          10. Andrew Molina says

            Sorry fellas but you can’t trust a converted anything except converted Christians

          11. bobails says


          12. ernldo says

            Not “one of”, hands down THE worst.

          13. Tomas says

            O.B. is at best a disgrace for this country. He has given this country, its values, and its identity away.

          14. DAlnB41 says

            DId you hear the comments on this mornings (12/31/17) talk show where Obama’s past media director (Chuck Todd) stated Trumps successes in getting the economy moving, getting people back to work, opening up jobs, finally getting a Tax Bill passed and moving America onto the right track was due to Obama’s efforts?
            – * – * The only thing I can see that Obama had anything to do with helping Trump fix the messes Obama created IS – – Trump would not have had to FIX much of anything IF – Obama had not made such a mess of things to start with!

          15. The_Domo says

            You are 100% right Ma’am.

          16. ernldo says

            The low thinking demotards will NEVER see the truth, we can NEVER trust them in important positions making important decisions again…that includes voting more than their fair share!!!

          17. Andrew Molina says

            How do we keep the dead from voting?

          18. sluggo says

            Well, on “The Walking Dead”, they use a bullet to the brain, a sharp blade or pointy stick, or even a skull crushing blow with a blunt instrument…

            Works for “Rick”….lol

          19. littlesmoke says

            The lowest is beneath the Whale shit on the bottom of the ocean!

          20. PatriotGal says


        3. Andrew Molina says

          He will have committed suicide in a couple of days with 2 shots to the back of the head – in Clinton speak, it’s called being “Fosterized”

      2. Mathew Molk says

        It’s a crime, guys. – Indict, Arrest, Convict, and Incarcerate.

        1. The Redhawk says

          SHOOT the TRAITORS to the REPUBLIC

          1. Andrew Molina says

            public stocks – if you have a bad day, dance on his carcass with your device of choice – mine being a 34″ Louisville slugger.
            “What difference will it make then anyway”

          2. The Redhawk says

            As much as I appreciate a solid piece of KY ASH….It would mean getting to close to “THOSE” and risk getting CONTAMINATED

      3. Pat Carter says

        Office of Personnel Management needs to revamp pensions for nefarious agency people. Will the Feds Indict McCabe? There’s the question. Making him run to his pension is ZERO penalty for malfeasance in officr.

        1. Retired says

          Problem is he could open doors and lots of skeletons would fall out . the old game of cover for each other and it goes on in both parties . That is why Trump has such a hard time and turns to twitter .

          1. PatriotGal says

            Yup, we call it CYA (not really nice, but so appropriate). PRESIDENT Trump must use twitter to get his message out without filters and those who don’t like it, TOUGH!!! The libs/meida don’t like it because they can’t filter it – so they do all they can to “spin” it.

          2. Retired says

            Trump sure does have the media going nuts .

          3. DAlnB41 says

            What a salesman he is; gets the media, Pelosi and Schumer talking for weeks on end – – – even when they have nothing productive to say!

          4. Andrew Molina says

            Yup – this is what happens when you place a libturd in a round garbage can and tell them, to piss in the corner

          5. DAlnB41 says

            It is not the fact he uses it – it is the way he uses it.
            I supported Trump through his campaign and I support him today. Not because I like him but because I like what he is doing; there is no requirement we like anyone but we need to have respect and appreciation for those we send to Washington AND THEY DO THE JOB WE ELECTED THEM TO DO!
            I do not like Trumps name calling in his tweets or his challenges to the media; it only gives his opposition what they are looking for – a reason to spend several more weeks complaining about what Trump said. We hired these ALLEGED representatives to manage our nations business – not stand behind TV cameras,whimpering, sniveling, complaining and pointing fingers while they blame everyone else for our problems; always blaming someone BUT NEVER offering solutions that may help fix our problems .
            Chuck Todd this morning displayed a chart that shows Trumps approval rating to be the lowest of several earlier presidents; he neglected to point out that at no time in our history has there been the ability or even a desire to spread hate and discontent so easily, so often, with or without facts to support anything – and – never in our history has any party ever done more to create problems within our government than Pelosi and Schumer have done in the past year; – – – maybe Todd just has not got the message yet!

        2. DAlnB41 says

          How about OPM doing something about the ABSURD (Tax Payers Paid) retirement Obama’s baby sitter for his girls (some relative of Obama’s) is receiving for her eight years attending to the two Obama teen age girls. It is something like $139,000.00 a year – – almost twice what a mid-manger in federal civil service gets with 20 years service!

      4. Concerned says

        Like I said previously McCabe should be fired immediately before the American people have to pay for his pension. All the other scum bags should get the same treatment as McCabe. It’s about time we get rid of all the communist politicians because that is what they are. Liberals is just a watered down statement for them.

        1. DAlnB41 says

          The Amerinac VOTERS NEED to insist Recall Authority is returned to them and not so restricted as to make it nearly impossible to recall a lazy, failed/failing representative who is not doing their jobs.
          We have been told for years and years recalling a representative is to costly – letting one stay in office until the next election is just as costly and as the representatives know they can get by doing nothing, refusing to properly represent constituents, ignoring our best interests, etc, we are left with no recourse but to let them remain, drawing wages, benefits, retirement and gaining wealth while doing nothing, until the next elections!.
          Restore Voter RECALL RIGHTS –
          – – The BIGGEST FEAR – – ANY POLITICIAN – should ever have is the fear of the constituents who voted him/her into office!

          1. Andrew Molina says

            You can’t get past the form letter responses when you write your congressperson

      5. ernldo says

        ….and assets, then exile the trash and revoke citizenships!

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          How do you revoke citizeu?

      6. Terry says

        Amen to that buddy! They got away with (it sounds like) illegally escaping the “curse” of taking Obamacare, so now let them “Pay” dearly and not see a dime when they flee the swamp “they” created to torture the rest of us with!

      7. The_Domo says

        I’ll drink to that and haven’t had an alcoholic drink in years.

      8. The Redhawk says

        BULLS EYE !!!

      9. The Redhawk says

        LOCK HIM UP as another Domestic ENEMY COMBATANT along with Many other from HIGH posts in DOJ/FBI/IRS

    2. gotabgood says

      Is Trump and his administration considered federal employees? That would be a good starting point.
      You know what they say about stuff rolling downhill….. get rid of the rot at the top and might be able to save the rest.

      1. Dennis Key says

        Hey gotabe you treasonous M f er why can’t you read and see what is going on oh I get it you’re too fuck%€g stupid these people not only deserve to be in jail they need to be swinging from the gallows and people like you need to go to Venezuela worthless p o s

        1. Rob D says

          Gottsa-B-an-azzhole is a brainless zombie troll. Just here to agitate. Block & delete.

        2. Wendy Mantooth says


      2. PatriotParatrooper says

        If trump is such a problem, according to you, where was your big mouth during the corrupt Obama years? It’s obvious you drink the kool aid.

        1. Rob D says

          Nope, drinks her/his/it’s own urine. Isn’t that obvious? LOL

        2. MAHB001 says

          Nope, Gotabot is a hypocrite.

      3. sluggo says

        Sounds like you’re standing at the bottom of “the hill”.

      4. buddman says

        You are correct the biggest rotting pieceofshit is obama

        1. gotabgood says

          Boy you really are a dumbass…. his name is Trump!! Obama severed his 2 terms and is now enjoying life… Shhhhhhhhh…. he is not our president any longer…. the guy doing all the damage to America and our allies…. his name is Trump!

          1. C Johns says

            At the risk of you understanding (or reading) facts, let me give you some of Obama’s accomplishments:
            1. National debt to record high, Obama more than doubled (add all debt previous administrations created, does not equal what happened under Obama).
            2. Benghazi
            3. Fast and Furious
            4. ObamaCare – biggest “job killer” in history of U.S.
            5. Record # of people unemployed, 93+ million

            Since Trump took office, 5+ million of these 93+ back in the job market. Economic confidence at record high with stock market hitting 24,000. But I suspect all these facts will be ignored and I will receive a “hate mail” reply.

          2. RLK says

            No hate mail from me C Johns…..during his first year in office President Trump has set records to bring our nation back from the brink of destruction….love the guy…….next year we will see even more progress when he starts to fix our nations infrastructure and inner city’s……..and pay down our national debt with the increased money flowing into our coffers because of his and the Republican’s tax plan; manufacturing company’s racing back to America along with their jobs……..all thanks to President Trump and the Republicans!! And…a resounding “no thanks” to the Democrat’s who can’t stand the idea that the Citizens of America actually own the money in their wallets!

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Correct on every single point, especially about the manufacturing.

            MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train.

          4. Deborah Pratt says

            OK–a huge ‘movement’ is happening here!! First of all, we don’t have enough people to fill all the manufacturing vacancies. As the illegals are removed, that will become even more critical. So–business are becoming ‘creative’ as well as ‘innovative’!! They are beginning to educate our ‘young’ people about what is available in the manufacturing sector even before leaving High School. A college education is greatly over-rated today, anyway. Our ‘liberal’ professors have really destroyed any quality in ‘higher’ education. No longer are our young taught to be the productive people we need in our society. They are simply producing kids who think they are ‘entitled’ to the ‘finer’ things in life the moment they walk out of their college doors!! The ‘stigma’ of working in manufacturing is being eradicated as salaries and opportunity are becoming so much better. The businesses themselves, are beginning to ‘train’ from with-in their ranks!! Again, better positions and income being made available!! So, unless your goal in life is in the ‘medical’ profession, including dentists, or the ‘science’ fields–college isn’t necessarily the best option for many young people. So much improvement is necessary in this country, like farming practices, that the ‘sky’ is the ‘limit’!!

          5. Andrew Molina says

            Anything other than a technical, medical, legal or accounting/QBA degree has always been a waste of money going to college unless you were there for the Mrs. degree wherein education to become a teacher was usually the noble pursuit. I am steering my underlings to technical trade skills such as welding & electronics, electricians and plumbers where they will always be employable and productive.

          6. jaybird says

            Not only the great tax plan, he is cutting wasteful programs and cleaning up other programs Look at what he cut from the UN, we will be out of debt in no time!

          7. Retired says

            It took 16 years to create the debt , so how long will it take to clean it up ????

          8. Deborah Pratt says

            If done ‘right’, probably Pres Trump’s first four years to make appreciable difference!! That, and that alone, would be enough to ensure his second term.

          9. Retired says

            Congress with their add on Pork to a bill is the biggest problem !!!

          10. Andrew Molina says

            1 year – they are taking on welfare this year

          11. Deborah Pratt says

            Well, Germany already ‘hates’ us for no discernible reason other than their hatred of Pres Trump!! Now they have a ‘real’ reason to hate us!! Their manufacturing companies are moving back to the USA and jobs with them!! So, now Angela Merkle is really in a panic!!

          12. RLK says

            The cost for energy in Germany is the highest in Europe and their electrical grid is extremely unstable (lots of brown outs)…because of their reliance on solar and wind energy. The cost of electricity has made manufacturing in Germany very uncompetitive…..hope we in America will learn from their mistakes!

          13. Deborah Pratt says

            We tend to learn very slowly! Especially when the ‘lessons’ are from Europe! I put it down to an incredible ‘attitude’ many Americans hold, of being foolishly ‘arrogant’! This ‘need’ to be ‘better than’, gets in the way of seeing the value of lessons we could learn from Europe’s experiences!! I really am counting on the ‘adults’ in this country learning from them! Those who count themselves as ‘environmentalists’ need to carefully examine the ‘results’ of depending on solar and ‘wind’ energy!! I’m all ‘for’ preserving our environment–YES! But we need to focus on ‘better ways’ including using our energy more frugally and intelligently. Stop making all the children’s toys dependent on batteries, for instance. Let kids start using their imagination!! They are the generation that will ‘imagine’ better ways to produce energy!! Do we really ‘need’ leaf blowers? Then we run to the ‘exercise’ machine? ETC. ETC. Good Grief!!

          14. Andrew Molina says

            As soon as Trump throws out the formula for making liberal Kool-Aid. We are now an energy exporter causing Saudi to rethink their future to become a producer of something other than oil – and you thought Chinese goods were shabby. With the tax bill and infrastructure funding, we will be consuming our own energy which may require China to buy their own goods – with 1/2 of their debt insolvent, watch how many they murder to balance their budget in their quest to replace the petrodollar with the yuan – maybe we can send our libturd commies there to stabilize the communists in china or at least watch true communism in action – you reap what you sow

          15. Andrew Molina says

            She can always relieve her frustrations at the animal sodomy farms they are setting up to appease the Mohammed’s

          16. freedspeech says

            You missed some other amazing accomplishments:
            IRS was used to target tea party, churches and things Republican. People were exonerated after their lives were ruined.
            The biggest accomplishment was the Iran deal . paying millions of dollars to help them build nukes meanwhile having our DEA stand down while they brought millions of dollars of drugs in to our country.
            But…. remember he is no longer President so this doesn’t matter. Unless something good happens then it was because of Obama, if it’s bad it was Trump. Hillary lovers say she is not President so leave her alone……
            Here is the lesson, if you rob a bank and can spend the money before your caught… go free !

          17. Mathew Molk says

            I am one of the active Tea Party Patriots that mysteriously got audited. Never before or since, though. ????? It didn’t smell good, for sure.

            BTW They found I had OVER paid by 200 odd bucks. Yet another rotten NWO Marxist stunt that blew up in their rotten commie faces.

          18. cv says

            Herman Cain got hit a couple times. And numerous others in the tea party or just guilty of being conservatives. I have never understood the vile accusations made of Tea Party members. They only have one real issue, as far as I am aware: handle the money in a fiscally responsible manner. But according to the media and Dems, they’re spawn of the devil! I guess that makes sense, come to think of it….

          19. Chris M says

            They specialize in name calling and demonizing. Most lefty’s gulp this nonsense down and regurgitate it back up over and over.

          20. Ischgabibble says

            Without the constant flow of our money and all their vile hype the Demoturds are nothing but a big pile of ____!

          21. cv says

            Sad to say, it appears that in principle you are largely correct these days. Maybe the few good ones in Congress keep a low profile—and for good reason. Their own party would tar and feather them! I speak as a former Dem who saw them decay into a back-biting, petty and now seditious far-left group of arithmetic-challenged Demagogues.

          22. Ischgabibble says

            Only if you are a Demotard.

          23. Deborah Pratt says

            No ‘hate mail’ from us who love ‘winning’!!! So far, things are looking up!!

          24. buddman says

            Boy are you in for a BIG surprise after the Dems get butphucked in the 2018 midterms LoL i believe the GOP will pic up 14 congressionsl seats and 8 to 10 senate seats Keep smoking crack Libtard

          25. Mathew Molk says

            And a few RINOs will be looking for work too by this time next year. 2018 is going to be a really great year.

            Question for everybody. Why is MS O’Donald not either in jail of out on bond awaiting trial? Where is Jeff the inert Sessions on this one. Do we have to make a citizen’s arrest on this one? Attempted bribery of a congressmen is a felony and subject to citizen’s arrest, you know.

            Even without the above arrest next year is going to be the best year for us since the end of the Cold War.

          26. Rex Whitmer says

            I suspect that even with the dem’s doctoring the poles that there will be a loss when the votes are all counted. We definitely need more scrutiny at the poles. Having illegals voting along with unregistered others, needs to be exposed. In my state we have a great influx of snow birds every fall. Many of them have permanent addresses here and register to vote here and vote absentee in their home state!

          27. jaybird says

            Complain to your State Representative or District Representative or both.

          28. Retired says

            It is not just them , the ACLU fights Voter ID and registration laws .

          29. jaybird says

            Virginia had their voter books audited last year and found illegals in the northern part of the state on the books and had them removed. ACLU did not get involved. Laws were not being changed , they can audit the books!

          30. Retired says

            Last I read Texas is still a battle ground with voting laws , and the ACLU is involved . Right now you have your own battle going on with the tie vote .There have been other states that have tried to pass Voter ID laws and the ACLU came in and fought them .

          31. Ischgabibble says

            Fight back. Vote all the scum bag Demotards out of office.

          32. Ischgabibble says

            The American Communist League Union are for undocumented Democrats and against Voter ID.

          33. Rex Whitmer says

            Our voter auditing methods are among the best in the nation, but there are persons here whom live in Barrios and police whom goes into their stations, which means that illegals are given and legal white American are not allowed. Then we have a whole slew of northerners whom come to Arizona in the fall. Many of them have permanent trailers or houses here, so the have a legal address. They also vote in their home states by absentee ballot. We try to catch them. If we go into the polling place and are not of their race or district we are escorted out. They do have political reps there to supposedly monitor, but they’re mostly older people, and not apt to make a fuss.

          34. jaybird says

            What is a Barrio? Our state is divided in Voting Districts.

          35. Rex Whitmer says

            A Bario is an area that is made up of close to one hundred percent persons of a distinct foreign decent. Most of what I call Barios at least in Arizona are nearly all Spanish speakers, many whom are illegals, many cannot either speak or read English. They have unofficial leaders whom run the business of the Barrio, and a sort of police, altho the actual police do police the area, they don’t have the influence of these persons. If you’re white and speak Spanish as I do a bit, they’re a bit friendlier, but you’re still an outsider. This isn’t an unusual thing. New York city was and still is set up this way. Different heritage and or religion as well as language. With the current unpoliced immigration it had been strengthened by the fact that many if not most are illegal.

          36. jaybird says

            Interesting, I guess that would be almost the same as all illegals or one ethnic group settling in one of our Districts. I think that might be in our districts closer to the large northern Virginia cities. I am 50 miles away from the large cities and don’t notice it here.

          37. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I live in AZ and you are so full of it! Where are these off- limit barrios other than in your mind?
            You must prove you are a resident to vote, just owning property doesn’t count. If you get an AZ licence your other state licence is defaced. I have lived in several states and this is always done.

          38. Rex Whitmer says

            Next election Robert, take a stroll past the election points In central Mesa. People there have trouble with Englsh. Then take a trip to south Phoenix, south Tucson, Nogales, Douglas, and I’m sure there are other places as well! Oh don’t forget Tolleson. If you’re anglo, and tell them you just want to look, you’ll be kept out some way or another. If you make enough fuss they’ll say you were trying to cause a riot! Remember when Trump came to talk, how the roads were blocked so no one could get to where he was speaking. I was born in this state and have lived here excepting for the time I was in the Service! When I got out the service (I had tried to get an absentee ballot, and they didn’t send me one) I went to our local JP and registered. He did everything he could to try to get me to register Democrat. Now you live in AZ? Well I’ve live all over AZ!

          39. Retired says

            It is the same with University students . What is needed is a national registered voter data base .

          40. jaybird says

            Everyone in a state that will have mid term elections needs to work in some way to help the Republican candidate win.

          41. Retired says

            The only way would be to shut down the fake Media .

          42. Rodney Steward says

            Yeah right, he’s having as much trouble his Tramp didn’t win as she is and he’s still living close to the White house just for the smell of his swam, and still going behind Trump to ever country he visits and making speeches and still apologizing for stuff we’ve never done! Only dumb down Millennial’s still follow this loser!

          43. Ischgabibble says

            Ah ha! You speak of the Demotards.

          44. Deplorable wizard says

            If he’s gone,, why are you still defending him?
            The POS obamanation was one of the dirtiest presidents in history, if not THE dirtiest.
            When the liberal media is done savoring the after effects of their repeated falatio on the kenyan barry sotero, much like they so quickly tired of orally cleaning swillery’s sphincter, it will definitely come out that the obamanation did more damage to the United States than any other enemy in our history.

          45. Mathew Molk says

            Check it out,,,,Even CNN is starting to cave. The NWO Marxists are headed for the last round up and the Trump Train is gaining momentum by the day.

            We Won, They Lost, and we are getting stronger all the time. They have spent almost all of their money uselessly and their ability to fund raise is getting weaker all the time.

            MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train.

          46. Deplorable wizard says


          47. Deb says

            “There was scandals during my Presidency”🤣💣😂

          48. Deplorable wizard says


          49. Stephen Pettine says

            Allow me to use your vulgar quote “Boy you really are a dumbass” to implicate you as having lost the ability to understand what fabulous progress is happening now because of President Trump. Unfortunately, even punks such as yourself will benefit from it. Amway, thanks for proving that ignorance is indeed bliss.

          50. Mathew Molk says

            Maybe not. As we get better we are going to demand an immediate end of the nanny state. – Good year for us, Bad year for the snowflakes.

          51. SNUFFER says


          52. Rodney Steward says

            He’s a dumb down Millennial and really knows any better, but he will, that’s the reason for the FEMA camps, can we say a real life Hunger Games!! Great commit friend!

          53. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Nice story, your scenario has been going on for years and has nothing to do with Trump. People have been earning a living, retiring and buying pushers for many years.
            MS 13 members have been being locked up before you even knew what they were. Your bigotry is really showing when you talk about BLM ghettos. In my travels around the USA I have seen many white neighborhoods that would probably qualify as ghettos.

          54. TGD3 says

            Obama spends his time following Trump and pretending he is still in charge.

          55. RockinOn says
          56. MAHB001 says

            Fight the Liberal MEDIA at:

          57. Rodney Steward says


          58. Karma says

            I can tell you got blinders on and earplugs in…most idiots do.

          59. Retired says

            You know better than the BS you just posted . Hillary and Obama are still pounding the pavement about her loss .How much has Obama cost the US in his Travels this year spreading hate for Trump . If that had been Bush you would be screaming so the east coast would hear you .

          60. Bill O'Neil says

            These morons are blind to the truth.

          61. Retired says

            Yes YOU are very bling and nothing to think with .If you don’t like it here no one is stopping you from leaving. Remember all the Hollywood people that were going to leave , all mouth and no action . You and Rosie O Donnell would make a perfect couple .

          62. MAHB001 says

            Actually what we are blind to is what you fools think is the truth…

            We are actually using our brains and reasoning to Make America Great Again ..

            Just wish we hadn’t let you fools make America suck in the first place…

          63. says

            The former fraud in white house is going to the big house, just wait and see, his Hezbollah Iranian traitor is about to be fully exposed, and I can’t wait for him to be sent to Gitmo. And this is why he wanted to close Gitmo, he knew he would end up there. lol

          64. Rex Whitmer says

            Yeah, wish you’d let your Democratic friends, and maybe yourself, that, that’s the truth. Quit crying over the milk you spilt when you put a non citizen in office, and nominated a crook to take his place!

          65. Andrew Molina says

            Are we now becoming self-emolliating? Take your meds

          66. gotabgood says

            There we go again with the meds… I showed you your Xray and it seems you’re needing a transplant. A rat has enough sense to gather food, so we’ll start you out slow with a rat’s brain.

          67. Rex Whitmer says

            No, that is your philosophy. Tell a lie, long enough, hard enough and maybe people might believe you! Except we see ever more clearly whom it is whom lies! Unfortunately it is thee and thy kind. It wasn’t bad enough that the libs wanted a lying president. The people saw through the situation and voted Trump into office. Not being very good losers, you’re crying foul over and over again as if that would change anything. I wasn’t happy when your Kenyan lied and won, but I I didn’t run about crying over spilt milk. Now that the Kenyan is gone and your liar didn’t win, you seem to think we are blind and can’t see the truth, but we do! Lies don’t stack up too well, and after you’ve told them for a time, they have a tendency to fall. Accept it like a man, maybe you can find a good honest, non lying, accountable person to run in four more years, but this behavior will only hurt the libs. We do have memories, and while the Libs may present an acceptable candidate, we will remember!

          68. Ischgabibble says

            Me tinks you is wrong dar duffus.

          69. gotabgood says

            Sounds Russian to me..

          70. Ischgabibble says

            I guess you’d know Mr. Putin.

          71. mac12sam12 says

            What damage has Trump done Cletus? The economy’s booming and so is the stock market. What damage has he done to our allies? You’re like AK who throws crap on the wall to see if it sticks.

      5. cv says

        Gotabegood, think about 142 trillion in Federal liabilities for a few minutes. Your share is a cool million bucks. You’re like a man at a topless bar, ogling the dancers while their accomplices ply you with drinks and pick your pocket. And after the show, they laugh about it. I used to be as clueless, I admit. Get informed.

        1. gotabgood says

          If you went through all that… you were/are worse than clueless, you don’t have a brain.
          Your figures… your story, doesn’t make any sense to me..
          try again… if you must.

          1. Rodney Steward says

            How much more proof do you need that you’re dumb down!

          2. JoeM says

            Of course they make no sense to you. You have to have sense to understand what common sense means. Those figures were accurate….you understand nothing except the dreary leftist rhetoric: “Never Trump”, “Bad Trump” “Impeach Trump”. Sadly your people bring nothing to the table except to excoriate the opposition. Reminds me a lot of the “Palestinians”. Don’t try to get ahead by doing the right thing…..just try to pull the winner down.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            You mean TRY to pull the winner down.

          4. cv says

            It’s worse than that: They try to guilt the winners into surrendering their gold medals to those who never wanted to try. And the comparison to Palestinians is apt. Decades in “negotiations” where their only open “offer” is everything for them and termination for Israel. Lousy negotiators.

          5. Andrew Molina says

            The only time the Palestinians negotiate is when they are out of ammo and need to crawl back on bended knee to Hezbollah and await resupply.

          6. cv says

            I’ll try again. 142 trillion in liabilities includes the debt, guaranteed derivative products, guarantees on home and education loans, promises for SS and Medicare payments, etc etc. These are huge numbers. If the mortgage derivative market were to collapse, it would be a disaster for the country, which is why Obama listened to Jamie Diamond at Morgan Stanley and prevented certain new financial rules from taking effect. BOA has some thirty-five trillion dollars worth. And there are many little money games going on, such as the Fed keeping interest rates near zero, which picks our pockets in terms of bank interest, and printing money, which devalues the money we have, both of which help the government borrow more. As far as not having a brain, I am a mathematical physicist with several advanced degrees and am published around the world in several languages. But you only have my word for it! I guess I’m creating all this high level work with my liver, which recently was tested and rated by my doctors as “almost too good”. I suggested I could take up drinking, if that would alleviate their concerns. But I need a good liver to process all the bile produced by the media, our politicos, and even some well-meaning people like you.

          7. cv says

            As far as people laughing about the uninformed voters, think about Gruber and you realize I was not exaggerating.

          8. says

            Exactly, but these liberal losers probably don’t even know who Gruber was or what he said in public, most Americans are too stupid to know they were getting screwed by obamacare.

          9. cv says

            My wife is a medical chief. I know numerous medical people, techs, physicians. Many are unhappy and they can’t wait to leave medicine, thanks to the ACA and the growing myriads of byzantine government regulations. All these are very technical and you’re right, most can’t begin to grasp even the general outlines. I am a mathematical physicist. I can grasp it. But common sense works, too.

          10. Andrew Molina says

            The younger generations are brainwashed into thinking that socialism is the only fair way to treat others in the world as they have been denigrated for being individuals whom strive. Those older than in/about 45 appreciate the silent majority and its patriotism and success from self-determination and unwielding effort – the younger generation not so much. So, the NWO has to eliminate the free thinkers and a healthcare system that was pre-ordained to be insolvent results in meting out healthcare as decided by a bureaucratic death panel whom believes that the end justifies the means which means you do not get the critical care you need as you age b/c you are too great a risk for the return since you will not be working anymore and the medical care goes to the younger set. This was realized when Oshamo increased Medicaid at the expense of Medicare. This accomplishes the socialistic thinking Agenda 21 desires. This kills 2 birds with 1 stone – gets rid of the patriotic free thinkers whom have aged (baby boomers) and provides a vacuous promise to the socialist leaning snowflakes whom have been brainwashed so that everybody receives a trophy for showing up.

          11. Andrew Molina says

            We see you do not support the 1st amendment either rebutting w/character assassination which means your getting close to the edge of the bridge – take your meds before you jump

          12. gotabgood says

            He can talk and say whatever he pleases, but at the same time I have a right NOT to believe a word he says. and you pretty much fall into that category, even though you say less than him…. you have meds on the brain….
            well your xray came back and it doesn’t look much like a brain at all..


        2. Mathew Molk says

          Welcome aboard the Trump Train CV. No fools allowed. Together we will surely get er done!

          1. cv says

            I am happy to no longer be associated with the tattered, sordid remnants of the Democrat Party, which has built itself into a bastion of unreason and contributes mainly vitriol and bitter, false accusations to the body politic. JFK got me into that party long, long ago—but today he would be called a conservative Republican, or far worse. “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” What an attitude for a Democrat and a liberal! Today he’d be tarred and feathered. But it happens to be what I believe and practice. Trump has his faults, but he is sincere and courageous, and what’s more, neither major party owns him, nor could they, nor could the media. That is why so many of them detest him. He’s a great president.

      6. Bonita Beach Babe says

        You’re just pissed because we’re showing the American public what fithy corrup people there are in the Democratic party. If Hillary won we would not have know any of this crap.

        1. gotabgood says

          OH… You are so right!!!
          There would not have been a tax cut for the rich.
          There would be a plane to IMPROVE on ObamaCare
          Half the world would not be pissed at us.
          She was talking about a raise for SS… NOT A CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          She was talking free college or a reduced tuition.
          We would still be involved in green energy.
          Regulations would still be in place for coal mines.
          Our National Monuments would still be intact..
          The pesticide that made workers sick, would not have passed.
          Keystone would not have spilled 210,000 gallons of oil in SD.

          1. Bonita Beach Babe says

            There is no such thing as “Free” education. We would have been taxed out the ying yang and talk about colluding with the Russians. Shes hip deep in everything she touched. She is an evil dishonest person- no wonder you liked her! 😉

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Free to the snowflakes,,,,who intended to make us their wage slaves. …. Sorry Charley. Aint gonna happen now. Like Jesus said. “Those that do not work, neither shall they eat”

          3. Andrew Molina says

            Yup – that’s all we need – more psychology and African studies degrees to stoke the engines of manufacturing – s/c

          4. Andrew Molina says

            She is genuflecting the crimes she has committed in attempt to place the onus on Trump and get the scent the hounds are chasing off her back – always remember that in their world, the end always justifies the means

          5. C Johns says

            Trump gave us (those on social security) a 3% increase for 2018. How soon or convenient we forget Obama gave us a .3% social security increase for 2017. If I am doing my math right, Trump delivered a social security raise 10x greater. Sorry, can’t change facts.

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Don’t EVER use math on the snowflakes,,,,It’s WAY beyond their ability to comprehend.

          7. Rodney Steward says

            And she promised to follow in Opey’s foot steps and bring in 5 times the immigrants Obama did! Their plan was to make us like Europe, just look at them, UK and Germany have actually opened up animal Brothels for these gutter rats! Look on the bright side, if Hellary had went in you might have actually been placed in one of these Brothels!!

          8. Deplorable wizard says

            So you call 70% of the middle class rich? Small business owners? You don’t know what’s in the bill, you just spout liberal rhetoric.

            That “plane” to fix obamacare, the estimated $400 billion plus to bail out a complete failure, for one year only! And the money going to the rich you hate so much, big pharma, the insurance conglomerates and politicians like Schumer and Pelosi. Schumer said; “the reason obamacare is failing is because Trump won’t fix it”. The fix is called repeal!

            The coal industry was shut down by completely un realistic ideal based on fake science and made up propaganda, designed specifically to create a larger unemployment rate and dependence on the government.

            The only things that have happened to national monuments is as a result of the divisive left, bolstered by the obamanation and his constant attacks on unity of the nation , his need for racial separation, causing the destruction of history and monuments dedicated to it.

            Free college? You are so stupid to think it would be free? First of all nothing is free, to pay for it our taxes must go up – a lot. Second, free college becomes as worthless as a high school diploma. If every body has a college diploma then nothing sets you apart in the job market, AND the quality of that “education” (indoctrination) goes down.

            We are still involved in “green energy”, your liberal media is too busy on fake news and the feds are not tossing billions at companies like solyndra, but it’s still there.

            Your pesticide scare is bogus, and the alt lefts sabotage of the keystone pipeline in your own fault. But lets not forget the obama epa causing the chemical spill at the abandoned gold mine that damaged crops and killed livestock and put people in the hospital, threatening the health of hundreds of thousands down stream.

            You are a progressive parrot, repeating lies and falsehoods ,hoping something might sneak by. NOT HERE, BOY.

          9. Mathew Molk says

            Hear hear, Every word true. Especially the fact about actually killing livestock and making people ACTUALLY sick. Not the typical pencil neck BS of “If we don’t close the factory at the North end of town, and put 85 out of work, somebody MIGHT get a runny nose.

          10. Andrew Molina says

            The clown from the liburtard Commonwealth of Masshole whom penned the Obamacare act even indicated that it was an insolvent proposition which would then require meting out the medical care according to a bureaucratic death panel.

        2. TrueAmerican says

          we would have know but we couldn’t do anything about it short of an armed Civil war

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Hate to say it but the odds of thay are better then average. – No need to worry about that any more though, thank God and Donald Trump.

          2. Andrew Molina says

            Don’t be so sure about no civil war – the Killiary is trying to amass a nationwide protest in all their trash funded cities based upon Mueller being fired which is similar to the Clintons offing their useless idiots when they decide to turn states evidence, i.e., get rid of the truth which is not the case in the Mueller investigation against Trump – they will then have snipers whom will murder a few of the protestors whom will call foul that Trump’s stazi conducted the shootings and really act out causing city wide damage claiming that Trump is a neo-fascist eliminating the word of truth – (Did you really think that they were going to let the angry white man shooter in Las Vegas crisis go to waste which provided the mental conditioning that white man has no issues murdering the opposition which is the pot calling the kettle black in Killiary’s case). They have patent pending experience from Soros as to how to plan such activities since they have been doing it since bussing voters to the polling locations in Chicago in the 30’s. Unfortunately, Killiary etal have no issues with murdering their own useless idiots to assume power.

        3. Michael Dennewitz says

          That’s because ALL POLITICIANS take kickback from each other, especially with the cliton cartel!😣🤔

        4. C Johns says

          Your comment “hit the ball out of the park” 👍

      7. MAHB001 says

        For the last eight years, you had your chance to get rid of the filth at the top.

        You failed. This failure also proved that your judgement is lacking and can not be trusted.

      8. MAHB001 says

        Trump is the newcomer, he is the outsider that is surrounded by the Elites.

        I find it fascinating how you apply your bigoted double standards. As if you can’t even see what you are doing….

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Surrounded and still kicking NWO ass.

          MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train.

          1. MAHB001 says

            MAGA all the way.

      9. Rodney Steward says

        America did, Obama is GONE!!!

      10. JoeM says

        We got rid of all the stuff rolling down hill when Trump beat Hillary and started eliminating all of the Obama job and business killing regulations. When someone in power knows nothing about business they shouldn’t tinker with it.

      11. Karma says

        The rest of the rot was there long before trump and his administration troll..

      12. Rex Whitmer says

        Come on gotabgood, you know and we all know, that nearly all the crooks in the Fed are Democrats! The Democrats are always trying to say that the Republicans are as bad, but we know, and you know, and the Democrats know that, that is a lie!

          1. Rex Whitmer says

            Or you could quote Goebels, Tell a lie often enough and long enough and people will come to believe. This represents both you and the Libs.

      13. Ischgabibble says

        Sorry but they are elected officials not employees though they are subject to the laws just the same.

      14. Ischgabibble says

        Only stuff rolling downhill lately have been Democrats. They smell just the same though.

          1. Ischgabibble says

            Try the ones who got burned with sexual harassment charges and being pedophiles. Just for a start. Next will come all those who did not pay their taxes. Just for a start.

          2. gotabgood says

            You mean Trump, Moore, who you still defend… Franks, Farenthold, Conyers had the decency of quitting, Franken, also quitting.
            But the whole republican party was behind Moore… WHY? Because Trump another sex offender backed him!!.. You say nothing was proved…. neither was there any proof in Franken and Conyers… but they didn’t LIE…. we have a confession of Trump with an eye witness to the authenticity of the tape, plus witnesses on Trumps behavior patterns from teenagers to a 10 year old…

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Bill Clinton and Weiner actually do date 14 year olds. Then there’s Podesta the molesta.

          4. Andrew Molina says

            Libturd judge planted by spineless Oshamo whom washed Soros’s feet

          5. Ischgabibble says

            The only reason your friends in the DNC resigned was that they are guilty and they would be facing charges in congress if they had stayed. Now they have to worry about going to jail and wearing orange jumpsuits for the rest of their worthless lives. Trump has not been found guilty of anything including collusion with your friends in the Kremlin. So get a life chummo. The only pervs so far have been in the DNC. Moore and Trump are not in that anti-social circle.

          6. gotabgood says

            We have a confession from Trump… and witnesses to testify.
            Except we have a VERY uneducated group called the deplorables..
            and lets not forget the KKK, White Supremacist and the Nazis…
            Fine group you have attached yourself too…

          7. Andrew Molina says

            Your subconscious is polluted with dogmatic mantra – time to increase your meds as their is no hope for you to become a self-determined free thinking creator of his own destiny.

          8. Andrew Molina says

            And you believe the MSM – BWHAAAAAHAAAA – I have a bridge you can buy; just name your color – take your meds and back in the basement

          9. gotabgood says

            I believe MSM over you any day.. and over any rightwing alternative facts outlet.
            If there is no news for them to share with you… they make it up, or they cut and splice videos so you can say you seen it… James O’Keefe, Bill O’Really, Sean Hannity they are good at it….

          10. Ischgabibble says

            Dingbat if you ever ran a company you would know that any choice you make to hire someone is based on their Resume and what others tell you of them. Sometimes they turn out not to be compatible with your company and they must go. If you had listened to your teachers and parents you would have gleaned this and realized that not all decisions you make are going to turn out perfect. Seems to be a fault of the left. Proves my point that the government has too many departments and too many so called bosses. Downsizing has got to happen to make the government more citizen friendly.

          11. gotabgood says

            “Dingbat if you ever ran a company you would know that any choice you make to hire someone is based on their Resume and what others tell you of them.”
            Is that why Trump hired Flynn? Obama fired him and TOLD Trump about Flynn, if that wasn’t enough Sally Yates told him…… right before Trump fired her!!
            Seems the right can’t do anything right!

    3. gotabgood says
      1. Deby says

        You are a real special kind of moron aren’t you? Actually you are just an ignorant Soros troll tool. Your lies are redundant and boring as are your ultra liberal opinions-but hey, thanks for all of your adorable little charts and videos, sort of amusing at times-but this one makes no sense at all-but then again, I remember who posted it! LOL

      2. MAHB001 says

        I don’t see how the Unions fit in. And I see the corruption eminating from the Legislators NOT the corporations.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          In the skilled trades the leadership might have supported the cackling witch but the membership overwhelmingly voted for the President. – Of coerce, unlike the snowflakes, in the skilled trades we all wear long pants and have to be smart enough to lace up and tie our Redwings without mommies help. – Not so for the NWO Marxists.

          1. Andrew Molina says

            Heck – they took away their scissors when they were small for fear they might cut into Mommy’s meds – place them in a round garbage can and tell them to piss in the corner

      3. Andrew Molina says

        So happy to see that you can generate a .ppt slide – you may not be as useless an idiot as your puppet masters deem you to be

    4. Michael Dennewitz says

      LOL I hate repeating myself, but: As I said MONTHS ago, when he was finished being sworn in, PRESIDENT TRUMP should have turn around and said, “YOU’RE ALL FIRED!” 😁

      1. gotabgood says

        Excuse me….. but all those that have come and gone….. he put there.
        That is not draining the swamp.. that is cleaning up the critters you put in the swamp…. still a lot more to go

        1. Rodney Steward says

          WE put in the swamp, you don’t vote, if not you have no say of anything! And this trash that has departed is most of the brown clowns hold overs, you have to rid the bad to get the good! Are you going to ever get over Hellary’s lose!!

          1. Retired says

            Worse than Hillary , Sanders boy . Both wanted to eliminate the Student loan debt which sits at 1.5 trillion and that would have been our next financial crisis In 93 they formed Sallie for student loans which is just like Freddy and Fanny ..

          2. Rodney Steward says

            Bingo, yes I remember when Obama even mentioned letting these student loans slide, anything to run up or debt!And Sanders is a sick POS!!

          3. db says

            what are you talking about Sanders like that, for? Takes one to know one!

          4. Rodney Steward says

            I take it db is short for dumb, if you like socialism as Sanders wants for this country, just look at Venezuela, they’re now starving and fighting over Dogs, Cats and Rats for supper at nights! This is what living off the Gov. gets you, first you brainwash the kids by dumbing them down and getteing them depending on the Gov. hand outs, and then before you know it, you’ve run out of other peoples money then you have Venezuela!!!

          5. Andrew Molina says

            The Gen-X’ers and millennials are for socialism b/c they know the generations to precede them built the tax base they are living off of and realize that when they get to be up in years, there will not be a tax base to mooch from b/c they already mooched it all – hope they enjoy having their fate if they live or die to be determined by a socialist bureaucrat – ask the Russians how that worked out during Stalin’s reign or how the Ukrainians faired under Tymoshenko – asswipes

          6. Rodney Steward says

            When it’s time for them to run the country, it’ll be gone and they’ll be lead around like cattle, from one FEMA camp to another, let the Hunger Games begin!!

          7. Ischgabibble says

            I think we should cut the student loans out and let their parents pay their way if they desire to go to college. Most ‘students’ are liberals anyway and they go to university just to party and get a simpleton’s degree in basket weaving.

          8. db says

            yes, amen, we need to stop all this nonsense of college loans, period! All it is is a programming institution to turn our children against our own country by the liberal communist teachers they are allowing to teach these days! We need to clean house there, too!

          9. Retired says

            Why do you think they set up Sallie other than put the tax payer on the hook like they did with the failed Mortgages !!!

          10. Andrew Molina says

            Academic institutions have a prime affect on the society since they are the supposed experts – most college instructors, other than those in STEM, are in academia b/c they are not worth their salt when placed in a productive environment.

          11. PatriotGal says

            As long as there are guaranteed student loans, the colleges/universities are guaranteed to raise their tuition, fees, etc. It’s a wicked feeding frenzy.

          12. db says

            there should be no such thing as ‘student loans.’ If you don’t work to pay you way through college, you don’t need to go there. That is a business that needs to be nipped in the bud right now! This is ridiculous.

          13. Retired says

            Like Professors teaching one class a week and getting a full years salary .

          14. PatriotGal says

            With benefits and some of those salaries are humongous depending on the university/college and the area…others are at the bottom of the heap with only high five-figure salaries, whereas others are high six figure to seven figure salaries…look at law, medicine, or even football coaches in the BIg Ten…huge salaries.

          15. Retired says

            Believe it or not many of those are your democrats .

          16. Andrew Molina says

            Medicine and law (puke attorneys) make contributions in society – football coaches simply promote steroided animals to the NFL (No Fans Left). BTW, next football season it will be easy to dress the football players – they will all be wearing a cardboard sign that reads “NFL Player – Will work for Food”

        2. Retired says

          There is no excuse for what you post , you are not that stupid so why do you do it ???? Just to create more hate in this country , don’t we have enough from your friends in Congress from your state of Ca. ????

          1. Rex Whitmer says

            Sounds pretty good to me. They all have cushier jobs than they could get on the street, and I’ll bet others who might not have been part of the plan, still knew what was going on and kept quiet. That’s what is known as collusion! As Federal Employees it was and is their duty to report things of this nature! It’s gone on long enough to be an accepted illegal policy and no one fessed up to it. That makes everyone of them as guilty as the actual participants!

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            ‘Some people’ are so incredibly bored with their own lives they are compelled to disrupt the lives of others!!! I found ignoring such idiots has a wonderful effect! After awhile, they just fade away—like fog!

          3. PatriotGal says

            I block them using the down arrow at the far right of their post. Works great for me!!!

          4. Deborah Pratt says

            I do!! I do!! LOL

          5. Andrew Molina says

            And 47% are obtaining sustenance from the Govt. teet – that is a lot of tent cities coming to a town near you when the welfare and EBT programs get revamped in ’18.

          6. Andrew Molina says

            Filter the troll

          7. Retired says

            No they have to be hammered into the ground or put into the trash bin like gotabegood has , he owns 12 of them for his own BS .

        3. Ischgabibble says

          Too many chiefs and not enough Indians if you ask me. We need to reduce the size of government and these departments need to be cleaned out of the swamp critters, toads and snakes all.

          1. Andrew Molina says

            30 years as an engineer for DA – you could get rid of 50% of them – speed bumps and impediments to progress in most cases and the soldier is the one who suffers.

        4. Ischgabibble says

          When Trump finds a Demotard useful idiot was put in place or is still a hold over from the Obummer admin he tries his best to rid the cesspool of them. But as you are aware it is hard to drain the swamp when you are up to your @$$ in swamp monsters. He needs to remove all top echelon swamp monsters in all departments and move new people into place.

          1. gotabgood says

            Sorry you are so wrong most of the time….. The people Trump let go was who he brought with him, with the exception of two people who at first told them they could stay, until Trump found out they were investigating HIM!!!!
            My first impression of you was correct… Russian!


          2. Ischgabibble says

            Your parents should have named you GOTABWRONG!!! You constantly are. See any Russians in your closet lately? I know Hillary has. It was her boy toy Putin.

          3. Retired says

            Putin would have rather dealt with the witch than Trump .

          4. gotabgood says

            Thanks for the website..
            At best it was a lot of speculation and it was written in 2015, most of the sales and whatnot were before 2007.
            Even at that, the printing was in 2015 and at the close of the writing, 2 corrections were made..
            Correction: April 23, 2015
            An earlier version of this article misstated, in one instance, the surname of a fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is Peter Schweizer, not Schweitzer.

            An earlier version also incorrectly described the Clinton Foundation’s agreement with the Obama administration regarding foreign-government donations while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary of state. Under the agreement, the foundation would not accept new donations from foreign governments, though it could seek State Department waivers in specific cases. It was not barred from accepting all foreign-government donations.

            Correction: April 30, 2015
            An article on Friday about contributions to the Clinton Foundation from people associated with a Canadian uranium-mining company described incorrectly the foundation’s agreement with the Obama administration regarding foreign-government donations while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Under the agreement, the foundation would not accept new donations from foreign governments, though it could seek State Department waivers in specific cases. The foundation was not barred from accepting all foreign-government donations.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            The Clinton foundation and the Uranium One deal is going to be investigated by the DOJ and that’s good enough for me.

          6. Andrew Molina says

            Meds run out again or is the basement cold

          7. gotabgood says

            Meds again… we need to find a rat compatible with your genes in a hurry

          8. Deborah Pratt says

            He’s working on it but it takes time to sort it all out. Especially when you’re under attack from ‘all’ sides. The ‘media’ needs to ‘zip their lip’ and do some ‘real’ reporting. I am seeing more of that lately ever since they’ve been exposed as ‘biased fools’!!

          9. Retired says

            Blame McConnell and congress for not moving faster on the replacements as they all have poop in their pants of getting exposed as swamp creatures with their lobbyist and Gov. contractors .

          10. PatriotGal says

            McConnell, McCain, Graham, Sasse, Flake, Portman, Heller, Ryan, etc., all have to go. They are obstructionists- sot in their ways who refuse to enter the 21st Century.

          11. PatriotGal says

            See what happened when he fired traitor Comey…all lies, corruption, and more festering disease oozing from the DOJ and FBI. Amazing what has come to light despite the treacherous “insurance policy” of the Demonazis.

        5. mac12sam12 says

          This is the same FBI team that let Hillary lie to them and to congress committing perjury and destroy 33,000 e-mails. They’ve have a 100,000 pages and yet they have nothing. The longer it goes on the more you see the Trump bias at the top of the FBI. Think the democrats are going to do well in 2018? Think again.

          1. Retired says

            They will be out in full force with lies like what happened to Moore

          2. PatriotGal says

            Amazing how they all disappeared….just as they did after Herman Cain, Justice Thomas, etc.

          3. gotabgood says

            Comey said no problem
            Trey Gowdy said no problem
            The emails was sooooo much true to what Hillary said that Trey Gowdy took matters into his own hands… why is he not in jail??

          4. mac12sam12 says

            They aren’t done with Hillary and her Uranium One scandal, then they’re going after the clinton foundation #LockHerUp

          5. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Why do you call it her Uranium One scandal? Did she somehow bribe all the other cabinet members? And just what is the scandal?

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Because she was bribed to sign it and bribery of a government official is a federal crime.

          7. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You’re really reaching on this one. Do you really think the Uranium One deal will be anything beyond political theater?
            I’ll make my usual wager, a donation in your name to a charity of your choice if anyone is charged with a crime over this. Ill wait 6 months for your donation to United Way.
            Happy New Year.

          8. mac12sam12 says
          9. Robert Dostoevsky says

            First read the Time’s article all the way through, it sort of softens in the end. Second, and you know Fox News, there are lots of accusations hoping for proof. You and I have communicated about this before and you know the yellow cake was sent to Canada for further processing.
            Anyway, my wager still stands. How about $25 to a charity?

          10. Robert Zraick says

            Right so it could be sent to Russia from Canada instead of from the U.S.

          11. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The sale happened in 2010 and so far nothing has been shipped. Why would it, Russia owns the world’s largest Uranium mine in the world and it’s not in the U.S.

          12. mac12sam12 says

            That’s what the so called Russia investigation is all about, lots of accusations and no proof after 100,000 pages and one year.

            Hillary is a criminal. She lied in front of congress and to the FBI about not using a private server for classified information. That’s perjury. She was also told to turn in her e-mails and destroyed 33,000 of them instead as well as 13 devices. You try that and you’d be in prison. So you think that some people are above the law? You are the perfect example of a party hack.

          13. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Now you’re changing the subject, we were only talking about the Uranium One deal. I never said anyone was above the law and as for being a party hack where did that come from? I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a registered Republican.
            Do you want to wager about the Uranium One deal or not?

          14. bklsz#flp says

            Hillary is a criminal
            When was she tried and charged…I musta missed that.

            Have anything with substance or are you just looking for attention?

          15. mac12sam12 says

            Hillary doesn’t have obama and lynch protecting her now. If you had done what lying crooked hillary had done you’d be in prison. #LockHerUp

          16. bklsz#flp says

            Yer a sicko. Elmer

          17. mac12sam12 says

            If there was nothing there the FBI wouldn’t be investigating it. Law professor Alan Dershowitz said that as soon as she took the money she should have recused herself from signing.

            Save you $25 big spender, that’s a big chunk out of your SS check.

          18. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Don’t try and be cheap, you can send the payments in $5 increments.
            The FBI is not investigating the Uranium One deal and Dershowitz has opinions on everything. Besides, Clinton didn’t sign the deal, a State Department rep. did.
            My wager is nothing is going to happen.

          19. Robert Zraick says

            what a load of BS!

          20. Andrew Molina says

            how do you keep the dead from voting?

        6. Drberlat says

          After eight years of a fraudulent administration led by an American hating ineligible muslim lacking bonafide credentials while aiding and abetting our enemies, namely his muslim brothers in a nation like Iran, all the while destroying the very fabric of our one nation under GOD, is criminal! The very fact that he is free having received and still receiving huge sum of dollars is to my way of thinking without question the most egregious crime in American political history! We finally have a real qualified President cleaning house and donating his salary! There has never been a more criminal, anti-American administration in our nation’s history than the fraudulent one in place the past eight years!

          1. Robert Dostoevsky says

            And yet it was 8 years! All this BS about ineligibility and Obama being a Muslim is a rather tired theme.
            Do you really believe all that or does your bigotry prevent intelligent thinking?

          2. Drberlat says

            The tired theme is your inability to live in the real world where the evidence supports the premise that we were had by the democratic party, an anti-American cadre of loons like yourself! No documentation was ever submitted certifying eligibility and his preference for Islam over America, citing the muslim afternoon call prayer being the most beautiful sound in the world while surrounding himself with muslims in and around the White House calling them czars! My NAVY SEAL son in law will take issue with your bigotry comment! The tired theme is your disconnect with reality! At least I served my country drafted into the Army in 1965 and honorably discharged with commendations in 1971! BS is the image you see when you look in the mirror!

          3. jrm55 says

            Look at his other comments. He hasn’t a clue what’s going on. He doesn’t know how citizenship is revoked. He has no clue about the uranium scandal. He’s clueless and brainless and is one of those sheeple being led cluelessly to the slaughter. He’s not worth the time to reply to.

          4. Drberlat says

            In some small way those of us with the ability to separate fact from fiction where reality is the overriding theme have a hard time not responding to these looney liberals who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them broadside! Our nation teetered on the edge of the dustbin of history for eight years being led by a gang of traitors who by all rights should be in orange jumpsuits awaiting their treasonous fate! The penalty for selling out our nation, profiting from the myriad of lawless acts undermining our sacred Constitution and sovereignty is not walking away with millions in ill gotten gains! To the contrary, I think we all know the answer to that……!

          5. jrm55 says

            The one thing you said, “looney liberals who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them broadside!” is precisely the reason to stop commenting to them! You can tell them 100 times the same thing, and they will never get it nor understand nor admit you’re right. So you’re wasting your time trying. Your time is more valuable than to be wasting it on people who are dead from the neck up!! Isn’t it?

          6. Drberlat says

            I don’t disagree, it’s like singing in the shower expecting an applause! The old saying,”you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink is the issue in this situation! So I’ll take your advice and not validate their existence by responding to their mindless dribble anymore! You just can’t fix stupid!

          7. jrm55 says

            Amen. Now you’re being smart. Most of them just want to be acknowledged for the attention and be argumentative. Not worth the time buddy. Happy new year. Spend your time wisely. 🙂

          8. Drberlat says

            True, you just can’t fix stupid! Happy New Year to you as well!

          9. Andrew Molina says

            You can’t fix stupid,
            You can’t argue with ignorance &
            The arrogance is overwhelming

          10. Andrew Molina says

            Quit confusing libturds with facts – it makes their IQ go into the negative numbers side of the equation

          11. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Documentation of eligibility? Just what is that?
            I’m not sure what cadre of loons you are referring to but I am a registered Republican and never voted for Obama.
            Just what group of Muslims were in and around the white house?
            He did not say the evening call to prayer was the most beautiful sound in the world.
            I’m confused why your “at least” comment. I have two honorable discharges and I volunteered to serve, I was not drafted.
            Getting your information from highly edited YouTube posts is risky at best. I would suggest you research beyond the inflammatory edits.

          12. Andrew Molina says

            The woman who was requested to review the fraudulent birth certificate he provided worked at the Hawaiian public records agency and determined that a stamp that was on the certificate was not in use at the time of his birth – not even a well researched fraud – unfortunately, her commuter plane from Oahu to Hawaii went into the ocean before she had a chance to testify – sounds like suicide with 2 shots to the back of the head. Not sure the FAA and US Navy pulled that one out of the drink – not in the NWO Govt.’s best interest at the time I guess

          13. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Who? I have read the hundreds of debunked theories about the birth certificate but somehow missed this one. Who was the woman? Why was she flying from Oahou and when did the plane crash? What is the public records agency.
            I’m sure you have the answers since you surely wouldn’t post something without some proof!

          14. Andrew Molina says

            Further – he has donated his salary to maintaining veteran monuments and perpetual care of veteran cemetary’s. The same cemetary’s that Oscumbag made off limits to veterans to honor there comrades when he let the Govt. shutdown

          15. Drberlat says

            Spot on, you are absolutely correct! As a veteran those a actions carried out by President Trump is what we veterans and would hope the American people should love about our current President! He is truly living up to his promises and MAGA! GOD bless President Trump! The military has your back!

          16. Drberlat says

            As a veteran I have great respect for President Trump and his love and appreciation for our military, lacking for so long under the previous fraudulent Muslim loving administration! To my way of thinking, this was the most important election at this time in our nation’s history as President Trump has stated time an again, to make America Great Again!

        7. Andrew Molina says

          These are people whom cannot be bought which is much more reliable for the interest of the people than the current attorneys whom failed in their private practices so ran for CONgress.

      2. Karma says

        Dead on the money m.d.

        1. says

          Dead is the operative word for sure, they should all be hung.

          1. Andrew Molina says

            public stocks – if you have a bad day, you can go dance on their carcass with your device of choice – “What difference does it make now anyway”
            I prefer a 34″ Louisville slugger

      3. Robertfantelli Fantelli says

        Awesome comment. I have wondered that ,too. Is it at the point that it is “too little too late?” Hope not.

      4. Deborah Pratt says

        I still believe there are one or two among them worth ‘saving’!!! Not good to paint them all with the ‘same brush’!! In the crowd–there are some decent people!!

      5. PatriotGal says

        So wish he had – would have been a great way to DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          They’re ALL getting sime kind of kickback, dumbasscrats and repuklicans alike. This will be the biggest “can of worms” in history, by the time Trump is finished with them. GOD HELP TRUMP AND AMERICA ! 🤗☹😢

          1. PatriotGal says

            AMEN, Michael. We desperately need Him to help our beloved America and OUR PRESIDENT. Here’s to a blessed, healthy, Happy 2018 with OUR PRESIDENT at the helm!!! #TRUMP2020

          2. Andrew Molina says

            Unchained Trump in ’18 – when driving in DC this year, try not to run over the bodies being purged from Capital Hill

      6. Juan Carcao says

        While I agree firing is the correct and quick decision that should “normally” be done, the unwinding of the deep corrupt cabal requires a slower dismantling to assure a “complete” and “assured” purging of these deeply imbedded creatures. While appearing to take a little bit longer than normal to purge the swamp, President Trump most likely wants to assure he takes appropriate steps (as his enemies look for mistakes in his decisions-aka:Justice Dept./etc.. to wiggle out of their messes)….. as this cleansing requires that certain laws and policies are adhered to, to assure everyone a “fair trial”, both through legal courts and through the courts of public opinion……

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Agreed.. 😁

        2. Andrew Molina says

          You just described the art of the deal playing whack-a-mole – I have plenty of quarters to contribute until it’s “GAME OVER” for the swamp creatures

    5. Eric Pearson says

      If lying is an offense that results in immediate discharge, Trump would have been fired before the end of his first day in office. Remember “biggest inauguration crowd EVER”…And it’s been a constant barrage of lies coming from Thrump ever since.

      1. boone1 says

        You must have voted for the murder killary Clinton the biggest lying P.O.S on earth like you.

      2. MAHB001 says

        Your post shows that you do not know the difference between a lie and being wrong. And you put zero weight on false accusations. Which is no doubt a sign that you are a bigot.

        I am willing to bet that you and your kind still believe that 0bama was merely wrong about 0bamacare, in spite of all the evidence that shows he and his cohorts were lying.

        Your quickness to label Trump a liar about something as stupid as the size of his inauguration crowd, shows the double standards that your bigotry allows.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        You are truly full of shit. And where did the President make that statement. I never heard it. — The only promise he hasn’t kept or is not in the process of doing is us winnin so much we will be getting tires of it,,,,I’m quite happy with the way we are exterminating the royal exalted boma’s legacy and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

        Stop watching CNN and get out in the real world and you will quickly change your commie tune.

        1. Andrew Molina says

          Molk – as long as it pisses the turd off, let them drown in their own pathos & pettiness – maybe their heads will explode before they max out on entitlements and save us some tax money

      4. says

        Another fine example of, you can’t fix stupid. Do you want to really ignore all the huge blatant lies of the previous fraud in white house and then point out a crowd comparison as a lie? Egads, that is so stupid it defies logic. The crowd comparison was fake news BS which that picture was purposely shown way before speech, never mind the crowds who couldn’t get in, and you use that as your comparison against the biggest pathological liar in history. You can keep your healthcare plan, PERIOD. LIE, you can keep your doctor, PERIOD, LIE. You will save $2500. LIE. Benghazi murders were motivated by movie, LIE, IRS attacking conservatives was a rouge agent in OH, LIE, it was lying Lerner. Ransom denied, turned out Kirby got caught and admitted it was, LIE. Fast N’ Furious gun running deal that got agent Terry killed was the fault of agent in ATF screw up, no, it was Holder, LIE. How about Iran deal, and now turns out the fraud was supporting hezbollah terrorists. ALL LIES

        1. Deb says

          The crowd was bigger during when cspan panned the crowd live. There was no white in sight.

    6. Karma says


      1. MAHB001 says

        And that would be KARMA slapping them right in the face…. 😉

        1. Rex Whitmer says

          It’s what is needed though! The Federal Government is too easy on matters of this sort! This is why civil service was formed. Previous to that when a different party won, everyone was dismissed and the incoming party hired persons whom they could trust. Each of these people take an oath of office to remain non partisan in their work! Since they didn’t and chose to attempt to destroy the will of the electorate, it should be, “goodbye, it was nice to know you!”

          1. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, I never would have thought that Americans would become so morally bankrupt so as to see partisan people running the IRS, DOJ, FBI, etc.

    7. jaybird says

      I thought only Military has Dishonorable Discharges???

      1. MAHB001 says

        It is true, Civil Servants like our elected politicians can not be dishonorably discharged, but that is what needs to be done when they are caught lying to the
        American People.

        1. Pat Carter says

          Reduce federal pension significantly. Guy/Gal has to be found guilty. Where is our AG??????????

          1. MAHB001 says

            Unfortunately, I believe Sessions is part of the problem. His actions are protecting the Elites.

          2. Pat Carter says

            I agree; Sessions is too damn soft, and slow. I think Trump will find a replacement first quarter of 2018. An aggressive AG is needed and soon.

        2. jaybird says

          Fired for Dishonorable Conduct on their paperwork! New employers will ask what they did!

      2. Ischgabibble says

        Remove them without recompense. That means they get no retirement or benefits. Just get back what they paid into the retirement system.

        1. Robert Zraick says

          Let them forfeit every cent. Call it a fine or an assessment against the damages they have caused.

      3. Deborah Pratt says

        Yes, but it can be–and ‘should’ be–changed!!

    8. Deborah Pratt says

      I’m also all for ‘capping’ their pensions at $200,000 per year! That would also mean they need to use the same insurance resources the ‘rest’ of the nation uses!! No ‘special’ government funded insurance plans–unless they’re available to the public, as well. This, of course, would be available to any without a ‘criminal’ back-ground. That would certainly cut the ‘budget’ by a whopping percentage–guaranteed!!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Good idea, how about capping their pensions at Social Security levels.

        1. Deborah Pratt says

          LOVE IT!!! My husband worked for 45 years and I worked for 25! We can barely ‘make it’ on Social Security ‘benefits’!! We certainly aren’t collecting $200,000 dollars a year!! I’d like to see my SS ‘capped’ at THEIR level!

    9. ernldo says

      Trump should have canned every hussein holdover in EVERY gubmint position on day one….In lieu of that, indictments should be flying right now….

      1. MAHB001 says

        No kidding, the entire system needs to be flushed.

    10. DAlnB41 says

      One Hundred Percent behind you!

      I keep hoping the FBI is actually investigating the Hillary Clinton CRIMES and those people around her, along with the crimes the Democratic Party leaders were involved in that got so many party thrown out of their positions just prior to the elections when they were caught -hacking into others internet in attempts to influence the outcome of Hillary’s campaign by destroying Sanders challenge (same thing the democrats claim the Russians were doing – – AND, with Obama’s knowledge remember him saying he told the Russians in early 2017 to stop doing it and then he ignored the problem!) ) , and that these people will come to trial BEFORE statute of limitations runs out.
      Problem is – the FBI generally does these quietly without a lot of publicity (as it should be) so we do not know if Hillary is a thing of the past or the FBI is in fact working to fix the mess Comey made of the Clinton Investigations and the millions and millions of Tax Payers dollars wasted in Comeys cover-up! BUT – as Hillary has always been able to slip out of her crimes, I have a fear she will again Buy Her Way Out and get past her releasing of highly classified secrets, her ignoring her duties and responsibilities when she declined to put security at Benghazi, her voting on bills without reading them – AND HER CONTINUAL lies to the entire world.

      1. MAHB001 says

        We are not living in normal times. We can no longer trust these Government agencies and let them work in the darkness.

        I don’t know what the answer is, but there should be a whole lot of Elites that need to answer a whole lot of questions…

        Where is Eliot Ness?

    11. LARRY PUCKETT says


      1. Andrew Molina says

        Public stocks – if you have a bad day, choose your device and dance on their putrified carcasses. “What difference does it make now anyway”

  4. Justin Seine says

    “…In another, he mentioned McCabe’s retirement specifically, saying he was “racing the clock” to March, when he will be able to hang up his hat and retain his full pension benefits…” – Why is it that the taxpayer always ends up financing the retirements of bottom feeding corrupt elected and appointed crooks? Many of them have committed crimes against the American people! – Put McCabe in a cell with Clinton and Comey and they can all live off the taxpayer eating prison food, wearing prison duds and doing what incarcerated bottom feeders do.

    1. sluggo says

      Yep…and make room for Lois Lerner, too.

    2. theking says

      clearly those at the top of the FBI ladder (most of them) are corrupt and violated their oaths of office. USA CItizens MUST demand congress enact laws if none presently exist) to change the rules for retirement. If an individual is guilty of corruption then they forfeit entitlement to retirement pay. This law must be enacted before March so that the FBI violators do not get retirement for being corrupt.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      We still have a few weeks left to arrest him,,,,If Jeff the inert Sessions would even try to do the job he swore an oath to do.

      1. says

        Exactly, fire his dirty ass, deny any pension, this guy is as corrupt as Comey and both should be indicted. But the wimp Sessions will let them off, just watch.

  5. bill14729 . says

    Nothing but Corruption on the Democrats Part

    1. sluggo says

      Always has been…always will be.

      1. PatriotGal says

        sluggo, years ago there were good Dems – the Blue Dog Dems, but the past two decades they’ve all disappeared evolving into the power greedy Communist/Fascist/Socialist/AntiAmerca Dems.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          The democRAT party is the reason that CPUSA quit having a candidate in our presidential elections. They commented that they could achieve all their goals through their hijacking of the democRAT party.

        2. sluggo says

          I don’t think democrats were ever “good”…I think they were just “less bad” than the America hating, lying liberal democrat/socialists we see today.
          “Two decades” ago puts the time frame at 1997-1998…Bill Clinton/Crooked Hillary, NAFTA, “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell”, nuclear equipment given to N. Korea which allowed them to build their nuclear weapons program presenting the MAJOR problem we face today…giving top of the line Cray computers to China which helped them develop their missile guidance systems, becoming the modern day military challenge to the USA that they are today… creating banking policies that led DIRECTLY to the financial collapse of the housing market in 2008… failure to address the muslim terrorist threat presented by Osama Bin Ladin, and take him into custody when he was offered to us by the leaders of Sudan, which led DIRECTLY to the 9/11 murders of 3000 innocent Americas at the World Trade Center…
          Before the Clintons, Jimmy Carter, Iran hostage crisis, Desert One fiasco, giving away the Panama Canal, allowing Fidel Castro to empty his prisons with the Mariel Boatlift, bringing hundreds of thousands of Cuban criminals to invade southern Florida, starting the major cocaine problem we still have to this day, skyrocketing crime problem in southern Florida, and, basically turning a once clean, quite, “paradise” for retirees and tourists, into a dirty, violent, crime ridden third world, Spanish speaking latino culture “Northern Havana” on American soil ….
          Before Carter, Lyndon Johnson, who totally screwed up the Viet Nam war, and gave us the “Great Society” permanently making the negro race in America a government dependent (democrat party), food stamp/welfare receiving, broken home, permanent underclass, ghetto rat culture, who never accept responsibility for their own failures, and blame white people for everything bad in their lives…
          Before Johnson, JFK…an actual “war hero”, America loving patriot, and lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, and who may have been the very last “democrat” worthy of voting for, and, if alive today, would probably NOT be a member of the democrat party and their America hating, open borders promoting, illegal mexican alien loving, perverted homosexual agenda pushing policies.
          Just like Ronald Reagan switched parties, JFK probably would have also…then, before JFK, Truman and Roosevelt, both of which had KNOWN communist spies working in their administrations, as pointed out by Senator Joseph McCarthy, and proven with the Alger Hiss conviction, then later, proven again with the fall of the USSR, and the Venona Project/papers being made public…yet the democrat party, and the lying liberal democrat mass media “big names” of that time period, like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and all the rest, vilified Joe McCarthy, much like they do 24/7 today to President Donald Trump.
          Nope, I disagree…I LOVE dogs…but the myth of the so called “Blue Dog”democrat as being a “good” democrat is just that…a myth.


  6. Barbara Johnson says

    I think gotabgood is absolutely right why should the American tax payers be on the hook for retirements for people such as McCabe and the many cronies involved in dishonoring and actually committing crimes during their tenure in office? I say let them know that we want honest government bodies leading America not a bunch of puppets for political and financial gain and transparency of actions taken by these governing bodies and the accountability for any actions taken during their time in office.

    1. sluggo says

      You need to read his post again…he is equating President Trump with obama, the Clintons, Comey, McCabe, etc.

      If President Trump had not been elected, NONE of these total lies, and clear crimes would have been exposed…NONE OF THEM!…because, as President Trump has clearly PROVEN, ALL of the lying liberal democrat propaganda pushing mass media is pro democrat…ANTI PRESIDENT TRUMP, ANTI CONSERVATIVES, AND ANTI ANYTHING CHRISTIAN… they are, as President Trump so aptly named them, totally dishonest, FAKE NEWS.

      gotabegood is just another butt-hurt liberal democrat that loves lying liberal democrats, no matter what…unfortunately, his mug of obama Kool-Aide…just like “The Swamp”…has NOT been drained yet.

      1. gotabgood says
        1. sluggo says

          Shepard Smith is an obama loving, butt-banging-homo, who has criticized President Trump since he began his campaign, while spending eight long years spinning obamas’ lies, and making excuses for his America hating, disastrous policies.
          Smith said President Trump was lying when he said that he, and his campaign members, were being “wire tapped”…President Trump was proven correct, but the whiny, lying, obama loving Sheppard Smith never apologized for calling President Trump a liar, or for LYING to the viewers and telling them there was “no wire tapping”…
          Sheppard Smith SHOULD have been fired immediately for his deliberately false “reporting”…but he was not.
          Sheppard Smith, like Geraldo Rivera, and the racist Juan Williams, is a lying liberal democrat employed by Fox News to continuously lie and criticize ANY Republicans, but especially President Trump.
          You believe anything negative about President Trump, and nothing…no amount of actual facts…will change that.
          Put your pink “pussy hat” back on, and keep drinking your Kool-Aide.


          1. Deby says

            EXCELLENT COMEBACK!!! and all true-Smith doesn’t belong to a real news network like FOX, he needs to go to CNN and come out of the closet once and for all-on every level.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            CNN is on the ropes and is starting to change it’s tune,,,,before it evaporates. It’s impossible to paint the President as being 100% bad 100% of the time to anybody that ever leaved mommie’s basement for morre then 2 or 3 hours a week. Just WAY too much evidence of all the good the President is doing out in the real world

  7. Don says

    Why can this POS even think about returning? He needs to have his Ass in prison!!!!!

    1. David in MA says

      Still possible, and I understand if found guilty could loose all retirement and benefits.

  8. PatriotParatrooper says

    We need to pass a law that federal workers are not allowed to retire if they are under investigation, until they are found innocent or guilty. If guilty, no retirement, this will stop , or at least make them think twice about using their position to influence politics. This should include elected people too.

    1. PatriotGal says

      Like Lynch, Lerner, Sebellius, Holder, etc..

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Make it retroactive and require repayment of all funds they receive while retired if found guilty of any crime they committed while in office. Suspend the statute of limitations too. If some liar can cause Roy Moore to loose an election by accusing him of something that never happened 40 years ago I see no reason we cannot charge and convict politicians in a court of law via a fair trial regardless of how long ago it was.

  9. sluggo says

    McCabe should be fired immediately, NOT allowed to retire, and prosecuted for his participation in the possible assassination plot, i.e. “the insurance plan”, of Strzok, Page, Comey, and others. All of these people are traitorous individuals, and should be prosecuted and jailed.

    The same can be said about Lois Lerner and her cooperation with the Kenyan born muslim obama to target conservative groups by the IRS.

    No government employee who breaks the law, or “pleads the fifth” when being questioned by congress, should be allowed to retire and keep their taxpayer funded benefits.

    Drain the swamp…and kill or cage the poisonous critters that wash up.

    1. David in MA says

      I just thought of something reading your post. How can a government employee plead the 5th when they took an oath to defend the Constitution which might make the 5th moot for them, also, when questioned by the FBI, I thought ling was a crime….

      1. ggrdr05 says

        depends if you are a demoncrat or republican

      2. sluggo says

        I agree with you, David…allowing a criminal that has lived off the American taxpayer, while they are committing crimes against our country, or American citizens is simply NOT acceptable, and they should NOT be allowed to hide their actions in any way.
        No one forces these criminals to take those high paying jobs…so, if they take them, they should be forced to live up to an even higher standard than is expected of an “ordinary” citizen who does NOT work for the government, and, any penalties for breaking the law should be at least TWICE what it would be for NON GOVERNMENT paid people.

        Kind of an “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” scenario.


    2. Deby says

      Totally agree!

    3. says

      Exactly, agree entirely, except the swamp is really a cesspool called congress. Swamp is being too kind. lol

  10. Marieoo says

    All these people connected to Obama and Hillary should go and also with No Pensions !!!! Why would they qualify for a pension when they should be in jail!!!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Because of one man who will not do his job,,,,,Jeff the inert Sessions

  11. John Williams says

    Run for cover, just like the cock roach he is.

  12. PatriotGal says

    Hold back all benefits – allow him nothing not even salary, no vacation, so “sick” days, nothing, even if he retires, until this entire horrific anti America underground is found, tried and destroyed. If innocent, then, it’s his retroactively. If he’s guilty, every penny of it is ours and we take all of his savings, stocks, property whatever he has amassed on the government dole as he worked against us as a treasonous, seditionist.

  13. Jerry Cox says

    Mueller should be asked to step down from his appointment. In any court of law all the evidence he is accumulating is clearly tainted based on his position when some of the action was going on and he chose to ignore it before and he appointed these guys to his witch hunt committee. He is clearly knowledgeable of who these people were and he wanted them in on the witch hunt he is on.

    1. rivahmitch says

      Another candidate for RICO charges along with other members of the Clinton crime syndicate.

      1. theking says

        President Trump can expedite the cleaning of the swamp and persecuting the guilty FBI persons by firing Sessions and appointing Congressman Trey Gowdy to the position of AG. Many of those who committed illegal actions would be in jail overnight by the judicious actions of Trey Gowdy.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Get rid of Jeff the inert Sessions,,,,With out a doubt, but replace him with a guy that has done nothing but a dog and pony show for heading towards 4 years now without causing one single indictment or arrest….I have no use for the guy. What is needed is a guy with a track record of putting politicians in prison….And believe it of not there is a Democrat (Swear to God) that fits the bill. The former district federal prosecutor from the Southern District of NY. You can look him up here.

          You will see he is thought of an apolitical dog of war and would lock up RINOs as well as NWO Marxists.

          Check the guy out, It’s well worth a look.

  14. Bonita Beach Babe says

    No they need to reopen Hillary’s email scandal, Uranium 1 deal, Clinton Foundation andput them all under oath, get someone to sing and put the screws to them like the Democrats do to us!!

    1. rivahmitch says

      as a minimum … and, if McCabe was involved in a coverup RICO conspiracy charges should be brought against him… or just disappear the SoB and its wife.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        With ya 100%

  15. Valor says

    McCabe’s pension should be suspended until he has been thoroughly investigated.

  16. Donald Lindsey says

    Washington needs emptied and start over, get rid of the dead morons

  17. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is now clear that McCabe, a lifelong partisan democrat and husband of a democrat ward heeler and functionary, was the point man in The Mongrel’s scheme to turn the FBI into an agency of political disinformation and espionage, and to consolidate it with the CIA, the NSA and the IRS into a domestic security service of which Beria and Heydrich would have been proud. We just barely got the kinky-headed quisling out of office before he and his marxist and mohammedan minions flipped the “on” switch of the apparatus of dictatorship, and last November we escaped a full-Indira-Gandhi state of emergency and the forcible re-education of deplorables only by the skin of our teeth. All Americans who hate and fear Obammunism must remember that we are still only about 100,000 votes away from Venezuela, and that the traitor and wrecker fifth columns of the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred are still at work, led (for the moment) by McCabe, his deep state homie Comey and democrat hack and Clinton uranium bagman Mueller. McCabe should be investigated and prosecuted, as for that matter should be the incompetent Comey and the odious Lerner; as for the Grand Inquisitor of the Resistance, he should be fired and disbarred, and replaced with a legally-appointed prosecutor who will investigate actual crimes of America’s true communist party, ranging from obstruction of justice to espionage and treason to the murders of Ron Brown, Vince Foster, the Hawaiian health official who faked the “birth certificate”, Justice Scalia and Seth Rich.

  18. Larry Brule says


  19. Michael Dennewitz says

    Hasn’t anyone blocked gottabedumberthanshit yet? Sheesh!!😣

    1. KKmoderate says

      Blocked a Long time ago. What a fool!

    2. jimdaddy says

      I blocked the nasty 3 including aklady

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Me,,,,Months ago.

  20. David in MA says

    They think if they leave government service they cannot be prosecuted for crimes they might have committed, but, as slimy lawyers they should know better, and probably will when the sheriff comes with a summons….. LOL, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars: GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

  21. John Adams says

    They should use one of Obama’s systems he used on the military officers to see if they were going to be loyal to him and that was give them a Polygraph before being promoted. A lot of good officers were retired early by him. If they refuse give them the boot without benefits.

  22. Bob Pante says

    He knows he caught and is running for the door.

  23. Allan Scott says

    Forget letting him retire in March. He should be fired immediately!

  24. Barbara Harmon says

    You mean to tell me that if they are guilty of what they have done that they can still count on retirement benefits? Really, that should go back into the treasury where it came from to help with the national debt – not as a reward for being guilty of criminal charges. This just doesn’t make sense!!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Not a bit,,,,but we live in the real world where it’s if-then (IF you do this, THEN that will happen) Since Bubba got away with lying to congress the rules of the real world stopped applying to them.

  25. JC says

    Rosenstein at the DOJ should be next

  26. Harold says

    If I committed crimes went I was working, not body would stop looking

  27. Tins17 says

    Wherever you see tainted leaderships look no further than the
    Clintons. Two rotten bad apples if not
    removed initially will produce more
    bad apples thru bribery, lies and
    voter fraud.
    That is why Trump won. #MAGA.

    1. KKmoderate says

      Truer words were never spoken. The criminal element in Washington and all the alphabet agencies is simply stunning! Payouts from OUR taxes for legislative branch and Congress accused of sexual and other harassment in the millions! See Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 Section 415 and section 305.

  28. See Janus says

    McCabe is merely the tip of the iceberg. The FBI is 90% worthless, overpaid bureaucrats. No one at the FBI will do anything about public corruption. No one at the FBI will do anything about civil rights. The FBI is the stinky/nasty part of the Swamp. Terminate the FBI. We don’t need a DHS, FBI and other Congressional investigators (GAO and the like). We don’t need 50% of government employees, which constitutes the biggest welfare in America.

    1. Rodney Steward says

      And don’t leave out the muslim filled CIA !!

      1. See Janus says

        Yes, like the Muslim filled DHS and every other federal agency. You had/ have to be a foreigner and usually Muslim to even get a job (at least under Obama). Obama made sure all of their travel expenses were reimbursed as well as funding for new housing and cars and all the regular perks.

        1. Rodney Steward says

          Yes, Obama loaded these organizations with OUR enemy, like John Brennan the CIA Director was a muslim, and the Las Vegas shooting was also a terrorist attack, and is why it has been totally shut up! The accused shooter Stephen Paddock DID NOT do that shooting!!

          1. See Janus says

            Yes, when the FBI announced they would not discuss the case for another year, it is no surprise that they would be hiding something so explosive. The few eyewitnesses whose words were originally printed have been hushed up and gagged. What concerns me most more recently is all the signs that an assassination of Trump is under way. Trump would be wise to stay away from the White House and have his own security detail.

          2. Rodney Steward says

            I noticed that also, and if anyone in the world needed killing it was Obama! The major plan was to make America like all of Europe, and this is part of the NWO plan to flood every country with muslims and let them keep constant chaos going and let them do the dirty work so the elites would have other to blame! But yes, Trump really saved this country for a while and stepped on the toes of the NWO gang, but if something were to happen to Trump, it would be a war from he$$ my friend!!

          3. Mathew Molk says

            I agree with that one,,,,and what would they gain,,,,Pence? Not much of an improvement in their eyes.

          4. See Janus says

            Obama has always been very transparent to me, and I do not understand his “hold” over anyone. Yes, NWO plans. Brexit was a step in the right direction. The EU is scary, and has been the written goal of the NWO since the 1840’s. I agree with you that the explosive population of uneducated Muslims is meant to destroy and dumb down the rest of the planet. They destroyed their own scholars, esp. the Sufi wisdom, and refuse to educate any children beyond the Koran, if at all. By forcing Muslims into all federal agencies, they have total access to Congress and the White House. Look at what has happened throughout the UK and Germany!

          5. Rodney Steward says

            Have you seen where Germany and the UK has actually opened up ANIMAL Brothels for the refugees, this is no joke, they prefer animals over their women, but this could be that there were so few women that actually came with these made up refugees! Europe will be destroyed within 3 years!!

          6. See Janus says

            Interestingly, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, SRI (Stanford Research Institute) tried to bring Arabs along into the 20th Century and had programs for them which were sabotaged by their intense need for animals (sheep and goats mostly), and then, when SRI paid to have the families arrive, they had nothing but a huge mess as the Arabs beat their wives and children and the police were endlessly called. Yes, Europe took in 99% warriors and soldiers, not refugee families. It’s all Fake News as part of the “official party line” as you know.

          7. Rodney Steward says

            Of course, they would never publish such a thing as this sickness, it would make them look bad,:-), everyone but the Trump administration is trying to paint these gutter rats as a beautiful picture, and why, these are some of the most butt ugly creatures in the world! See, they’re going to try their Jihad here before long, and I believe it’s going to be a mess!

          8. Mathew Molk says

            Sorry Rod. Aint buying the Vegas thing even a little bit. Risk to gain was not there and even the stinking moslems(sic) arn’t THAT dumb, and if they did it they would be gloating about it for years. No sale there GI.

          9. Rodney Steward says

            Why do you think our military is now training in the Florida swamps and in parts of LA., right now in the Philippines the muslims are running terrorist camps that our military is training for to take out!! The Philippines have gone to he$$ my friend!!

    2. theking says

      make Trey Gowdy the AG and watch the quick exiting of the onboard crooks in the FBI, CIA, DOJ etc.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Unless Gowdy would be a completely different man then the one that has been the ringmaster at a three and one half year dog and pony show with no results what so ever, you are looking at the wrong guy.

      2. barbara says

        I sure wish Trey Gowdy representated my state of Virginia all we get again is another Demorat Administration

    3. Mathew Molk says

      I said it many times. Abolish the FIB(not a typo) and turn over their duties to the Federal Marshals. Expand their detective bureau. Ruby ridge should have been their last atrocity.

      1. See Janus says

        So true! Good points!

  29. ggrdr05 says

    fire MCCABE NOW so he can’t collect full benefits

  30. Mike W says

    McCabe knows he is guilty so he is bailing. I wonder what he said in that closed door hearing that they allowed him to stay so his retirement benefits can kick in?

  31. mlstephens says

    PRISON !!!

  32. Deplorable Lanie says

    Fire McCabe immediately! He does not deserve his full pension!!!!

  33. Ron C says

    And again another bunch of corrupt government employees will get off scot free with taxpayer funded pensions…WTF. Abolish the whole lot of them, they don’t fallow their oaths and the don’t work for the taxpayers…They are nothing but knob polishers for their globalist’s handlers!

  34. Rodney Steward says

    It’s it amazing at how much Trump has really exposed our system for what it really is, and it wasn’t really his fault, it was Hellary, who still can not except Defeat!! No wonder most of the world hates us, the war we’ve been fighting now for 13 years was over a LIE, that has cost us so many lives of some of the best people in the world so a handful of people could get rich!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of us? – They still buy our products and Natural Gas and Oil.

      MAGA , my friend,,,,,and the Prez is doing it too!

    2. barbara says

      and to think when Mr. BO said in his first term “my Administration will be the MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION EVER” HA HA HA HA

      1. Rodney Steward says

        LOL, I love your comment, and it’s so true, MAGA is dead on!!

  35. Big Ed says

    Letting the criminal retire doesn’t seem just. He is a crook and needs to go to jail. If he can’t get deposited in jail in a timely manner, at least fire his ass-don’t pay him for the rest of his life for being a crook. It is definitely a good first step to get him gone, but for God’s sake don’t give him a pension. Make him live out his life on Social Security, like the rest of us would have to do if we were fired for criminal activity.

  36. Oldchopper says

    What’s the big deal with the retiring? Does it magically exonerate him from wrong-doing? In that swamp I imagine it will. Full benefits, no charges, no more questions, no responsibility, etc. etc. After all he’s a civilian now! The swamp’s deep. I sure pray President Trump can pull the plug.

  37. SD of AZ says

    Great a lying sack of Shi! gets away with a large retirement. It is time these traitors like this man be investigated, charged and prosecuted. And everything they gained while committing treason and breaking our laws must be forfeit. NO PENSION. This man is a traitor and a criminal.

  38. leslie says

    Why should he get benefits? He should get jail

  39. Mathew Molk says

    Arrest him before he splits….You can complete the investigation while he is awaiting trial.There is no chance what so ever he is not dirty. With all he stole there should be no problem at all coming up with a two or three million dollar cash bond. If he skips the country we will at least have SOMETHING to show for it.

    And just for the record, a 21 year old kid just out of the academy could get enough evidence on this dirt bag to put him UNDER the jail.

  40. DonRS says

    McCabe MUST NOT be allowed to skate!

  41. says

    Retirement will not absolve him of past criminal conduct if he was so involved.

  42. Douglas L Fautt says

    Fire and take away all benefits.

  43. just me says

    The American Government,,, The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH….

  44. computerguyks says

    Shouldn’t receive any benefits or retirement! He needs to be fired and answer to charges. Enough of letting these communist off the hook!

  45. William Von Huben says

    He has actually did crimes against the citizens of this country and he should not get one cent of retirement and that is the same as all the people working with Mueller including him. They should be fired and not one cent of retirement from the citizens of this country! That should send a signal to the federal employees that you commit a crime and you will loose your retirement and the chance to go to jail

  46. Billdorich Gmbooks says

    Trump should fire his ass and make sure he goes out without a full pension. That would send a message to others of his like-minded ilk…

  47. lbokarius says

    It shouldn’t be “an exit”. This bastard should be sued and jailed for all the crimes committed. By the way, together with the whole gang of fbi criminal anti-trumpers (starting with mueller)

  48. Ischgabibble says

    If McCabe fails to answer question put to him by congress he should be jailed. NO ONE is above the law. Not even the FBI or DoJ staffs. NO ONE.

    1. barbara says

      only the demorats are above the law ha ha ha ha ha they can get away with everything

  49. sandsgrandmother says

    This is where I feel this administration (knowingly) is doing a great disservice to the American people, this is a crime and none of them go to jail, they keep their assets and their retirements. It also does not stop the individual to keep working in another capacity for the government.

  50. says

    Fire McCabe and deny him full pension, if any pension at all. POS fraud.

  51. Michael David Callahan says

    Why isn`t he just being fired and tried as a traitor so taxpayers don`t have to pay for him to live in luxury for the remainder of his life. Even better prosecute him as a traitor.

    1. Retired says

      To save his skin and many others it will not happen just like lying Clinton .

  52. Donald Byrd says

    I wonder how much we will give him in retirement. How much is Loretta Lynch taking from tax payers?
    Is really bothers me that we as tax payers pay people like these two and many more and they did not do their jobs. We as tax payers get screwed again.

  53. whoda guy says

    you want to regain the trust of people, throw these people in jail along with obama and clinton and their ilk. not only will it earn trust, but a whole lot of respect.

    A couple of executions for treason will also help earn trust and respect.

    Extreme measures for extreme actions against the State are needed to curb this type behavior. The hand slapping and careless admonition for classified data just doesn’t work anymore.

    The FBI should grow some nads and prosecute the real perps that committed these crimes against the people.

    I think the CIA should get involved and clean this mess up

    1. gotabgood says

      Out of all the crooks in the WH… you name two that are not there…. why?
      What did Obama do that he deserves jail time?
      Same with Hillary… keep in mind she has had the best investigate her for decades..
      So do away with the “I think” and give some proof of their wrong doing.

      1. barbara says

        lying for a starter to the American people Uranium One etc

  54. Deb says

    Don’t let him retire in March with full benefits. Let him go now! Any other job he would of been fired for incompetence by now.

  55. Ischgabibble says

    If McCabe is found to be lying to congress and the American people he should be denied his retirement and benefits.

  56. Gammi2Anna says

    McCabe, his crooked wife and her accomplice, Terry McAuliffe all need to be frog marched before the court, tried for their criminal activities, and sent directly to prison. Every dollar they have profited from their crimes and every possession they gained from the commission of the felonies should be confiscated, with the money returned to the American people they duped. If that cannot be determined, then the money should be distributed to Law Enforcement and Military causes. It is my opinion that these are the only persons who would be deserving, since they are the most neglected by all of us. Donald J. Trump and his group of Merry-men soldiers could become our modern day Robin Hood story of taking from the crooked rich trolls, giving back to the poor and needy. Who knows, Rosie No-class O’Donnell, Whoopie-pie Gold-tooth and maybe even Hillary nuttier than squirrel poop Clinton might want hire the sex addicted pedophile/rapist Harvey Weinstein to produce a modern day Robin Hood movie. Don’t worry folks, this bunch of butches will be safe from the possibility of a Weinstein sexual assault. I think somebody has slipped in and replaced his Viagra with salt-peter tablets. Now if we could get that done in the Senate and Congress, it might get their minds back on the reason they are there and maybe we could begin to get some legislation going that will Make America Great Again.

  57. ReaperHD says

    Need to fire this CSing POS before his benefits kick in.

  58. db says

    he and his wife need to repay the monies they pocketed that were meant for her election, not her personal use.

  59. popeyebud says

    I worked my ass off for 25 years for a $335.00 per month pension. Just goes to show you, I should have been a full time crooked Government employee. I was even a member of the United States Air Force from Dec. 1968 to Dec. 1972. E5 Flight Line Crew Chief !&2 Engine Jet Aircraft ..Viet Nam Era
    Best of all I’m Proud of everything I’ve done

    1. Deby says

      Thank you for your service!! Hopefully things will change drastically in the next 8 years so our heroic vets get the recognition and respect they all deserve-oh and much better pay and benefits!

      1. popeyebud says

        There are a lot of hurting men and women from all branches of the Military who are still paying the supreme price for all of us to enjoy our way of life. Who aren’t even in the Military any more, They have more standards than any of these kneelers will ever have Make room for your Hero boys Obama will kneel with you….
        A lot of these CRY BABY PIXIES on the So Called PROFESSIONAL Sporting Teams will never be man enough to put on a Military Uniform, To tell you the truth sports are just were they belong I wouldn’t want any of the Cry Babies watching my back.. But then who would???

  60. John D says

    McCabe is corrupt and should not be allowed to retire. Fire his sorry azz and put him in jail.

  61. higgy01 says

    For what McCabe, Comey and possibly Mueller allegedly did there should be a complete investigation and possible indictment. In the meantime any and all perks should be suspended including pensions even if they are already drawing one.

    1. gotabgood says

      For, “allegedly did” We raise hell, bring heaven down, burn bridges, board up the barn……..
      But you totally over look the recorded confession of Trump with an witness to its authenticity.
      You have 2 guilty pleas and 2 under house arrest and 2 subpoenas to two banks for Trumps banking records..
      And you want to yell at someone because of a rumor!!
      There are things happening and you want to look beyond all of that!

  62. Gerry Costa says

    Retire — my a** !!!!! He should be charged and prosecuted with ZERO benefits. This lying to Congress, lying to the American people and then just running off free as a bird has to come to a screeching halt.

  63. OldSilk says

    Grabbing fists full of cash on his way out the door.

  64. Maynard says

    Don let de dor hit you ass as yo leaves, turkey!

  65. Martin says

    If McCabe and the rest are guilty they must lose all retirement and benefits. They also must go to prison. No plea agreements. Obama and Clinton can go with them.

  66. William Von Huben says

    He did criminal acts and should be fired without pay. This is the only way to clean Washington up, fire them without any benefits and the message will get out there to the millions of government workers.

  67. Calvin King says

    Don’t let this crook retire with full benefits. Indict, try and hopefully convict him of conspiracy and other crimes and misdemeanors. That is the only way the stigma can be removed from the once sterling reputation of the FBI.

  68. Name says

    He is heading for the door so he can keep his benefits and retirement. If he is fired he looses them all.

  69. Marianne Bernard says

    McCabe should pay a price for his crime not get paid for it.

    1. gotabgood says

      What crime has he been indicted for?
      What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
      But you totally over look the recorded confession of Trump with an witness to its authenticity.
      You have 2 guilty pleas and 2 under house arrest and 2 subpoenas to two banks for Trumps banking records..
      And you want to yell at someone because of a rumor!!
      There are things happening and you want to look beyond all of that!

      1. Marianne Bernard says

        Trying to cover up when a wrong is done? You are okay with what he did?
        What recorded confession of Trump are you talking about. When he made a remark about what he could do to a woman? Egregious as that is, that is not a crime to just talk. Did you say anything when Bill Clinton put a cigar in the vagina of a 19 year old intern in the Oval office and then lied about it?? Did you? Was that a rumor? The tables are turning on the libs and it’s hard to take isn’t it.

        1. gotabgood says

          You stand on one side of a giant and ever growing gap between the right and left and if you are a radical the distance is greater still.
          It is easier for me to talk about anyone on the right as it is easier for you to talk about the ones on the left.
          I have a chart that shows the candidates and their frequency of lying… and the least one is around 25% and we brag on the fact he/she is a liar.
          That is one thing…. but your cigar in a vagina, which is the first time I heard of this… but you are quick on the bandwagon to call him a liar and she is telling the truth… maybe so,but this is something that you or I DO NOT KNOW… unless you’re the woman. In this case this one woman is telling you the truth…. But in Moore’s case where multiple girls are involved, the girls are accepted as being the liars and Moore telling the truth.
          There were no reporters at either of the events we just told of, and you and I was not present at either of those events…. but we formed opinions and soon those opinions gave us the right to call them out as LIARS… or PERVERTS.
          Two people in congress on the Dems side, are stepping down for sexual conduct. But there are two on the GOP side one was trying to get elected with the full support of the GOP party and the Dem party is the one that ask their members to step down… can you see the difference?
          The last one goes without saying, Trump, is in office with the full support of the GOP party, not even wanting to investigate to see if true or not.
          But the tape IS a confession to what he does, his attitude towards women, apologized for saying those things, that it was just locker room talk… then later denied it was him… why apologize? Anyway we have a witness to the authenticity of the fact it was him and his voice! The we have 20 women coming up and saying yep the tape is true, that is how he treated me… But we also have his campaign and tweets to fall on, like Megan Kelly. Or Mika Brzezinski. The list is long and ongoing like with Rosie O’Donnell.
          Why did I write all this? To show you the difference between the right and left attitude towards sexual behavior. The religious right was backing Moore up instead of condemning him. The Dem, ask their defenders to step down. I am not saying the people on the right or left are better and commit no sin. I am saying the ones on the left are MORE just.
          The people on the left will not be back… people on the right have and are coming back.

          1. Marianne Bernard says

            Lookie the liberal who didn’t hear about Clinton and his cigar trick! Imagine that. Guess he is more than a little out of touch! When Bill Clinton was asked about the cigar incident in the grand jury, he had to take an hour break. Liberals always on the side of evil.

  70. 3indigo13 says

    Indict him, Comey and everyone else who has broken the law

    1. gotabgood says

      Trump too
      Trump university
      Cuba embargo
      Breaking contracts
      Lying on TV, campaigns, tweets to the American people
      Money laundering
      obstruction of justice
      Manipulating the election, even instructed Russia when to act on releasing of emails.
      and on and on..

  71. DannaStevens says

    Right! When someone is guilty of “mis-conduct” in the private sector, or the military, they are discharged from the position and LOSE any benefits. I say tell him “Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? Don’t let the door hit you in the rear!” NO BENEFITS out of the taxpayer dollars he’s already mis-used!!!

    1. gotabgood says

      “Right! When someone is guilty of “mis-conduct” in the private sector, or the military, they are discharged from the position and LOSE any benefits”
      Does that include Trump?
      We have a recorded confession with a witness to its authenticity.
      Plus 20 women to testify that the tape does describe how he treats women.. and even in his campaign and tweets he showed great disrespect towards women.

      1. DannaStevens says

        I would challenge you to find 10 men ANYWHERE, even in a church, who some women could not accuse of touching/ hugging, etc, or who have not “bragged” to their buddies about doing MORE than that-even though probably 1/2 of them never got that far-but they don’t want to be “out-done” in front of their buddies. Now, IF several came forward and said a man had actually raped them-NOT “TRIED”, & it could be proven,that would be different. I don’t recall ever having more than 1 or 2 dates where the guy didn’t “try”. If you are a male, I would bet that some woman, somewhere, could say the same thing about you. Being a normal “male” and raping a woman are 2 different things. ALSO, doing something when you were younger, or flirting, or hugging (there are men in our church that I hug every time I see them”. Some people are natural “touchers” others aren’t. Bill Clinton didn’t do those things “when he was younger” (on second thought-yes he did!) but doing it IN THE PRESIDENT”S OFFICE-NOT just “touching” or “flirting” is totally different in my viewpoint! I had a guy try to rape me when I was a teen.He DIDN”T, because I managed to get away. But am I still out there trying to ruin him today (he is now a minister), because of his acting like a typical male when he was young? NO-he changed his life, I’m happy for him. i don’t know of but maybe 1 president, who wasn’t accused of the same things-Dem or Rep! Pearl Harbor was bombed because FDR didn’t bother to answer the phone, or whatever, because he was in bed w/his mistress. Dwight Eisenhower had his own. Most of them did-as long as they aren’t OUT FRONT w/it, like Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton and some others, and they do their presidential duties-even though I don’t approve, I didn’t elect them to be my minister. And if THAT is what you would disqualify him for, you better not vote to put Biden in office!!! He makes Trump look like a school-boy in that field!

        1. gotabgood says

          had a change of heart…and after rereading I see you are a female….. I am hungry and don’t feel like writing… I know you got the first message in your email.. it is all true except I didn’t know your gender then..

          1. DannaStevens says

            No, i was NOT implying there is anything wrong w/church members hugging. There are some who are like brothers to me. One particularly who had to have a kidney implant a year ago. My husband and I visited him in the hospital before the implant and I was there the whole time when he had it, to be there for his wife if anything went wrong. I don’t “hug” just any man at church-some because I don’t know them that well, some because they just aren’t that kind of personality. My husband was a minister for many years, and his 1st wife was his first, but, as he says-not because he didn’t try! I just had a class reunion, and I hugged/exchanged hugs w/most of the guys and most of the girls-that doesn’t make any of us “weird” or out to lay somebody-or get laid! Have I ever had a fellow employee try to grope/ pinch me. Sure-most women have, but for crying out loud, GROW UP and get over it. All of this stuff about how it tramatized someone for life, when nothing even actually happened, is ridiculous. Don’t try the tear bit on me-they’re just out to get some money or get even-possibly because they DIDN”T get hugged or groped. There are women out there who think they should be the whole center of attention of ANY and ALL men, and if they don’t get it (especially if someone THEY consider “inferior” to them in some way) they will go to all odds to get even. If you’ve never been on the receiving end of one of them-you’re fortunate! One of my best friends was one of those. She never could figure out WHY most guys either never asked her for a date, or dropped her pretty quick. She had a miserable life, married one of the weirdest guys I ever met, and was in an affair when she dropped dead at work. Wish everyone out there was “normal”, but unfortunately, that’s not the case and what is normal to you, might not be to me/vice versa. I find very few politicians–normal, so I look for qualifications! So far, Trump still has my vote, especially considering the alternatives!!!

          2. gotabgood says

            “Trump still has my vote, especially considering the alternatives!!!”
            So him scamming the students with his fake university is ok?
            Him breaking the Cuba embargo is ok?
            We will find out shortly what else is ok with you..

  72. wapitihunter says

    Why is he off the hook once he retires. If he’s dirty bust him. Sessions need to do SOMETHING or replace him.

  73. Deplorable Lanie says

    Fire McCabe immediately. He should not be entitled to ANY benifits!

  74. tCotUS says

    Our wonderful FBI….
    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
    -Marcus Tullius Cicero-

  75. zookeeper216 says

    Who didn’t know the FBI was in the Clintons pocket? We’ve known that for years.

  76. Angelswatchingoverme says

    McCabe needs to be fired now…he needs to lose his pension…what give him a right to hang around until March for his full pension…he should go to jail.

    1. gotabgood says


      1. Angelswatchingoverme says

        He’s a crook.

        1. gotabgood says

          Again… Why?

          1. Angelswatchingoverme says

            Didn’t you watch him on the stand? I did….I didn’t like the way he answered questions, it was one big cover up for the behavior of this FBI. Why is he running for cover? at the same time he wants to make sure he gets his full pension.

          2. gotabgood says

            So… He is not really a crook, you just don’t like him because he didn’t bow down and kiss Trumps……………….er………… ring.

  77. The Redhawk says

    This DEEP State Bureucratic Piece of SCUM should be FIRED w/O nay BENNIES for being a Traitor to the HONEST members of the FBI

  78. Dirty Daug says

    MaCabe was not the first to go running away and won’t be the last. Things are getting hot for these crooks in out Government as they know they have done been caught and need to get out fast.

  79. David in MA says

    I believe Andrew McCabe is as guilty as Comey.

  80. Ted Paine says

    McCabe can attempt to run- but he can’t hide. Gird your loins ” Andy”..we’re coming for you.

  81. anolesboy says

    Why is it no one who is a Federal Employee ever gets fired ? These people I last checked, are employees of the American Taxpayer. The problem is the people that we elect to run this country of ours is not doing the job we elected them to do for us and that is the people in Congress. I hope our President see this.

  82. littlesmoke says

    McCabe needs “bounced” before he reaches his retirement dat. Along with the rest of the Deep State.

  83. kassa1 says

    No running , prosecutions only and no country club prision and no retirement benifits! If the above don’t happen, then they’re really not interested in cleaning the swamp and prosecuting those who think they’re above the law.

  84. Asperger_Gal says

    As long as these crimes are finally addressed one day in the not too distant future, then I guess I can live with it. Sessions needs to get busy. Based on recent articles before Christmas, Sessions supposedly had some bombshell investigative results coming out. And we’re still waiting.

  85. lrr1 says

    I do not think he should be able to leave and get full benefits. He should have been kicked out and get nothing. He has proven what he is—nothing.

  86. Warren says

    These Rats have be Fired leaving without any Benefits along with Prison time.

  87. teachersaide says

    Well, I used to trust the FBI- NO LONGER! James Comey, McCabe, Strzok, et al are ALL partisan CROOKS! WHEN will Comey be facing charges for LEAKING classified info?

  88. Gammi2Anna says

    Why are the people who have dishonored their oath of office, their promise to the American people and failure to sufficiently do their job correctly and by the law being allowed to take ‘early retirement’ with full benefits and stellar performance record? That is unfair to those of us that do not enjoy such generous benefits and actually must abide by the same laws that these corrupt government employees break as if they are not obligated to practice what they preach. It is time that WE, the People demand no more benefits paid to those that have broken the law, abused their oath of office or participated in any type of illegal/scandalous activity. The money they are paid comes from our tax dollars and I personally do not appreciate having to give my hard earned tax dollars as a lifetime benefit to an admitted criminal. As a matter of fact, maybe WE, the People need to start demanding some of our money back. If nothing else that money could be designated to go the members of our military and their families who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms that people like Mr. McCabe and his wife have abused in order to enrich their own lives.

  89. Andrew Molina says

    Upon being incarcerated for crimes against the state, he will be spending the monies he has accrued in his Thrift Savings Plan to pay lawyers to keep him from being placed in general population

  90. Ed Price says

    Why is he leaving in March? Why are we not demanding his resignation now? It’s all about ‘ you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’. The swamp is taking care of the swamp! He needs to go now and get what he gets in the form of compensation when he walks out the door. If that means no full package so be it. They are letting him stay thru March so he can get his full benefit package and that is bullsh*t!!!!

  91. R.G. says

    Make changes in the FBI????? Reform it AGAIN????? One of the biggest spies in the history of this country was very high ranking FBI official. They completely missed all the harassment of conservative groups by multiple government agencies. They completely missed a ton of illegal domestic spying. How many government cover-ups like Fast and Furious and the Iran-deal drug-running operations did they ignore? What about all the Hoover-era corruption? Why is this agency still in operation? The corruption is endemic. Maybe it is time to close it down.

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