At Long Last, the Real Donald Trump has Returned


By hiring Breitbart chief executive Stephen Bannon and longtime friend and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump is finally embracing the only “pivot” he ever needed: The one that lets him be who he is.

In hindsight, we can now see the absurdity of trying to turn Trump into just another mainstream presidential candidate. With Paul Manafort at the helm, the goal of the Trump campaign was to present the Republican nominee in a new light. Oh, all of that incendiary stuff from the primaries was just hype to fire up the base and garner the lion’s share of the media coverage; now that only Hillary Clinton remains between Trump and the White House, he’ll show the American people that he can be every bit as “presidential” as Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, or any other Republican you might pull out of a hat.

That effort was doomed from the start because it was so painfully transparent. Trump proved he could deliver a well-polished teleprompter speech, but his carefully-chosen words and heartless endorsements fell flat. Why? Because no one who voted for Trump in the primaries wanted another establishment shill. At least 14 of the original 17 Republican candidates would have been more than happy to embrace every word – every semicolon – of the GOP platform without the slightest hesitation. Voters didn’t choose Trump because they liked the way he combed his hair or the way he presided over Celebrity Apprentice; they voted for him because he embodied a type of conservatism almost entirely absent from the national Republican Party.

A Return to America’s Interests

That version of conservatism has no tolerance for the politically-correct nonsense that celebrates illegal immigration, embraces Common Core, and lays down in surrender to the worst of the Democratic Party’s liberal agenda. It views the ongoing struggle between Washington Republicans and Democrats as little more than a distracting circus meant to obscure the true nature of what’s going on. It sees both parties as public arms of an establishment cult that is not even superficially concerned about the American people.

Before Trump arrived on the scene, that conservatism could only be found in a handful of places; chief among them, Breitbart News. Former employees like Ben Shapiro have blasted Bannon for turning the site into Trump Central, but how could it have ever been anything else? Trump was – finally – the living manifestation of everything the so-called “alt-right” had been talking about for years.

For the first time since the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton has something to worry about. After all the talk of a metamorphosis, Trump is returning to the true essence of his historic campaign. Once again, we set sail for uncharted waters.

Win or lose, Trump is going to finish this thing on his terms.