At the Corner of Liberal Racism and Climate Change


Here’s a strange story. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Environmental Protection Agency has granted $30,000 to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship church of Boca Raton, FL. This is what they call an “environmental justice grant,” and it is supposed to provide the community with education and training they can then use to protect themselves from the dire effects of global warming.

In other words, they’re just blatantly throwing our money away at this point.

What’s more troubling, though, is the nature of the church in question. This isn’t your average church, you see. This is a “liberal religious community” that regularly preaches against the evils of…wait for it…white privilege.

“I want to be a White Ally in the struggle for Racial Justice,” said the church’s pastor, Ms. Harris Riordan. “I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t know how I will need to become different than I already am. I just know this is the path I am on. This is part of my covenant, with Life, with myself.”

That covenant leads Riordan to regularly address the subject of white privilege with her congregation. The church even took parishioners on a “privilege walk” recently, so that the white congregants could wallow in their own guilt. According to the church newsletter, the walk was highly illuminating:

In the first 2nd Hour Class On Being White led by Rev. Harris we did a privilege walk … and learned visually where we stand in terms of privilege. Most of us fit squarely in the middle group: Neither Highly Privileged (the million-billionaires of society) nor among the impoverished locked out of society folk.

There’s a term these social-justice folk like to use when discussing privilege and discrimination. It’s “intersectionality.” Through this concept, they can figure out precisely how oppressed or privileged a person is. A white Christian man, in this ridiculous theory, would therefore be at the top of the pyramid, experiencing only privilege and not experiencing any oppression. A black woman would be more oppressed than a black man, because she stands at the intersection of two minorities. An obese transgender Muslim would presumably be the Champion of Intersectionality.

But there is apparently some intersectionality when it comes to liberal causes as well. If you can find people who believe in these absurd concepts of racial justice, they probably believe in climate change as well. And so the federal government rewards them for their obedient ignorance.

A hell of a racket. Too bad they’re using our money to keep it going.

  1. MAHB001 says

    The only reason Politicians like climate change is that it is just another word for:

    Big F–king Stupid Ass Tax that we can get the morons to buy into…

    1. jim says

      You are correct

    2. IgnoreTheFools says

      Thank God you are so right

    3. senior74 says

      This is an excuse to push UN Agenda 21, soon to be agenda 2030! Ted Cruz is only politician to speak about it! No reporting is being done. This is a plan to make America part of a Communist one world government! See Even liberals hate this when they learn about it!

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Same story has made the rounds at lease 50 times since I have been alive.
        It has never happened.
        The Cold War ended a long time ago.

        1. Cotton says

          Some people still like to wear their tin-foil hats. Fear-tactics are very effective.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Paris’ officials preached the same thing. Europe is waking up. Too bad so many innocents had to die first!

          2. Cotton says

            Many more will die if they are not let in.

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Are you talking about the Americans slaughtered by UNVETTED REFFUGIES ??

          4. Cotton says

            Americans are more of a threat to Americans than refugees, friend. Especially with your type. Like that one guy that shot up a Planned Parenthood just today. Your type is inciting violence in this country.

          5. JB Wright says

            It is not the refugees we are concerned with, it is the terrorist who have/will inevitably come with them. Your senseless drivel about refugees is nothing but a stupid straw-man argument that has no basis in any facts whatsoever. That make you a liar

          6. Cotton says

            Maybe you should read to what I was replying to and realize I was responding to the BS that refugees are slaughtering americans before calling me a liar. Good try, but you completely missed the mark. Maybe you are trying to troll me.. and if that is so then go back under the bridge!

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            DNC Blather!!

          8. JB Wright says

            First off, “un-vetted refugee’s” WILL no doubt contain terrorists, with no way of sorting them out, we won’t know who is who until it is too late. Secondly, we have been flooded with “refugee’s” from South America and Mexico for years, and yes, some of those “refugees” HAVE slaughtered, robbed, raped, etc. Americans.

            Just because someone is not specifically a terrorist by terrorist standards, doesn’t mean that they are not criminals capable of murdering Americans. Again, with no way to properly vet these refugee’s we have no way of controlling who comes in. We do have a way of “Knowing” who WILL come in; By sheer numbers, there WILL be both criminals and terrorists entering our country as refugees if 10,000 from Syria are brought here for refuge

          9. Cotton says

            The US vets refugees through a process that involves multiple federal and international groups and that typically takes one to two years. Refugees undergo security checks, interviews, medical screenings and other steps. If you think we just let all of them in without checking them you will be sadly mistaken.

          10. JB Wright says

            The problem is that there simply is not sufficient documentation available for proper vetting of Syrian refugees. Blowbama has been repeatedly warned of this by DHS officials but he is too damn arrogant to listen. Hell, Blowbama can’t even define what the enemy is, how the hell can he sort them out of a crowd of 10,000 Syrian refugees with little to no documentation?

          11. glorybe2 says

            Anyone with $50. can get all kinds of documentation from Haiti. If you want a birth certificate claiming that your dad was King Arthur and your mom is the Virgin Mary it can easily be had straight from governmental offices.

          12. MAHB001 says

            For about $10, I can get a illegal CA drivers license and I don’t need any proof of birth or citizenship.

            And the appalling thing is that each illegal license comes with a voter registration application on the back side.

            With instructions on the front side that says it is against the law for you as an illegal to fill out the back side.

            And the voter registration office does not ask if the applications are from illegals.

            And the voter registration office has already admitted they will not prosecute the illegals that “do not understand, and fill the app out by mistake.”

            So what is happening here in CA is that illegals are getting their licenses, Democrats are filling out the registration forms and sending them in for the illegals, without the illegals knowledge. This give the democrats plenty of ballots for stuffing purposes. Nobody will question, nobody will prosecute.

            Just this last year voter right advocacy groups forced the CA voter registration committee to drop over 30,000 dead people and 35,000 duplicates off the registration ballots in LA county alone. LA is the epicenter of corruption..

            We are all being disenfranchised by these corrupt activities.

          13. ringostarr1 says

            But the Democrats only want one corpus one vote!

          14. MAHB001 says

            🙂 did you mean one corpse per vote?

            The Democrats don’t even care if you vote anymore. They control the voting process. They control the media, the media controls public opinion. So this is how it will go.

            The MEDIA will call it close. (This sets the public’s expectations for something close)
            All democrats run out and vote for Bernie (The media still calls it close)
            The media announces that Hillary beats Bernie by 52% to 48%.
            Hillary prepares for the coronation.
            All the Democrats blame it on the stupid ones that voted for Hillary.
            Nobody questions.
            Nobody counts the votes.

            Hillary and the Liberal Machine control the counting of the votes… We assume that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, but what happens when the Republicans are Democrats… Are the Democrats keeping the Democrats honest?

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          15. ringostarr1 says

            Your ignorance is showing. Do you mean to tell us that the Democrat Party was in charge of counting the Florida vote in 2000
            If what you say was true then why or how did the Republican Party manage to over come the vote counting handicap in the 2010-12-and 2014 Congressional elections? Of course the Democrat leaning Tea Parties cost the GOP 3 Senate seats in 2010 and at least 2 Senate seats in 2012 and I say 2 more Republican Senate seats went to the Democrats in 2014 because the GOP had to use too much of their resources to hold the un-electable Tea Party candidates in check. Don’t forget that the Tea Party failed to nominate even one of their candidates to run for US Senator last year, no not one. Ever in Mississippi, one of the most Conservative states in the Union. Ask yourself the reason for this failure of Tea Party Candidates to gain traction. The fault lies with the Tea Party.

            Your post is designed to depress the Conservative vote in 2016 and hopefully (to you) help elect Hillary Clinton.

          16. MAHB001 says

            Who knows what was happening in 2000. I think the powers that be had a different arrangement back then, perhaps they played Rock, paper, scissors to determine the winners, perhaps it was a give an take arrangement with an intricate balance of power that we were not privy to….

            I think the tit for tat still goes on today, Soros and Barry haven’t invited me to the party… That is until the Republicans were infiltrated by the likes of Boehner and McConnell. Those two have done more harm by folding and caving in than any loss of seats have been.

            My post was designed as a WARNING to all. The elite are not who we think they are… Politics has moved past serving the people to controlling the people.

            A vote for a Republican is a vote for Capitalism and the Constitution.
            A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism and slavery….

          17. glorybe2 says

            Nonsense! Stop being a fool. Right now you are probably a wage slave. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. And then to make it worse you are a tax slave. Being a tax slave is fine if you get a great deal for your tax dollars but you probably get next to nothing. So just how is a tax slave and a wage slave freer than a person in a socialist state?

          18. MAHB001 says

            Wage slave, tax slave, debt slave, 0bamacare slave, And soon I will be an global warming slave… ALL are steps towards socialism… You are correct, none are any different than being in a socialist state…

            All the money that goes to the Government is wasted, except perhaps that which is spent in the defense of the Nation… (Which is the primary purpose of our Government) All the rest is fluff.

            Other than the percentage of what we earn that we keep for our own use, we are slaves to the Government… The Government wants us to be 100% slaves…

          19. glorybe2 says

            No! Being a 100% slave doesn’t get it. If you were a 100% slave the government would have to take care of you. As it now stands many people can get no help at all no matter how bad off they are. My county has zero, emergency, housing for males at all. That is not only public but private sources at all. If you are a drug addict or alcoholic they might have a rehab for you if you wait a year or two. Really the only people who seem to get help are women who are beaten up or pregnant females. Even the Salvation Army accepts no new male clients in my county. For the overwhelming majority of people there is zero welfare available here under any conditions. If a family gets so poor that the kids aren’t being fed properly the county simply takes the kids away. Then they make it unusually hard to get the kids back. By the way our local government is very conservative.

          20. MAHB001 says

            What you are talking about should not be under the Governments responsibilities. I think part of the problem is that those people have become dependent on the Government instead of themselves.

            It should be a hand up, not a hand out.

            And BTW, that is why socialism will never work, because people will stop working and expect the Government to take care of them.

          21. jvaljon1 says

            “A government BY the people OF the people and FOR the people”… Socialism has nothing – zero – NADA – to do with ‘people stop working and expect the Government to take care of them. We don’t at all have the kind of government that we’re told we have. Who does?

            The Scandinavian countries do. At wages of $20.00 plus per hour, you bet that everyone works! Finland, Denmark, Norway – everyone works hard. These are Middle-Class economies. Guess what the lifespan is in these lands? 85 plus – for MEN (traditionally everywhere else including here, men die faster than women).

            Oh, BAD me! I forgot to mention – college is FREE as well! Everyone goes. That’s why Capitalist countries like this one and the Eurozone (some of it anyway) never mention Scandinavia. They’ve made a huge success of socialism over there. Needless to say, they close their borders to people who have heard of this wonderful system of Socialism that they have over in Scandinavia. A matter of room – those countries aren’t that big, and the Scandinavians are, understandably, not going to let go of their most successful brand of Socialism.

            It’d sure be nice if WE in America could have a system like that! A system where every human is valued, and valuable – (not just politicians!) We won’t have it in our lifetime. Maybe for our children?

            We have to get rid of the lot of YOU, first.

          22. MAHB001 says

            We are told to purchase health care. We are well on our way to socialism…

            Scandinavia might be just the place for you….

          23. jreb57 says

            “Being a tax slave is fine if you get a great deal for your tax dollars but you probably get next to nothing”
            What do you mean nothing? Have you not noticed all the laws and regulations and government agencies (some of which are duplicated) we now have? We get more government than we need..

          24. glorybe2 says

            If the republican party drove out the radical right completely they might actually gain a bit of power. But as long as they shelter the lunatic fringe they will remain weak and powerless. If ever an enemy agent infiltrated the republican party it is Trump. Anyone who has actually listened to Trump can see that he is tragically impaired and unfit to lead.

          25. MAHB001 says

            You post is so far off that I know not were to start. Suffice to say, you have bought all the way into the liberal propaganda, which divides the nation.

            Don’t speak from ignorance, educate yourself outside of your normal liberal “sources” as they are making you look stupid and uneducated.

            It took those same crack pot (or should I say crack smoking) sources that you quote above milliseconds to incorrectly tie the San Bernardino Terrorist activities to the NRA and “guns” for obvious ideological reasons.

            And you quote the same idiotic sources with your misleading and false statements. Do you even want to be considered credible?

          26. glorybe2 says

            At this point we do know that the two individuals were terrorists. Apparently they are Muslims. It is also seemingly true that a work dispute set off the slaughter. Obviously guns did play a huge part in this slaughter. But as far as i know the guns were all rifles and the chanting about banning hand guns has nothing to do with this incident. Since they had numerous explosive devices at home it is obvious that they intended to blow someone or something up. But it is only now that we have knowledge of these things.

          27. MAHB001 says

            My point is, the same people in the media that were so cautious to get your facts right, came out before the bodies had stopped bouncing off the ground condemning the NRA and guns violence, pushing the obvious infringement of the second amendment.

            Those people have no objective credibility, have abandoned journalistic integrity, and their right to freedom of telling the truth for a liberal agenda.

            Those are the SAME people that wrote your fallacious talking points that you puked out about the radical right.

            They are obvious liars for their ideology, does that mean you are too? Or are you just too lazy to verify facts?

          28. glorybe2 says

            So when Donald Trump said that he would confiscate 14% of the wealth of the rich and distribute it to the poor you somehow do not see him as a socialist but as a conservative. That is an interesting trick. Why do you not rail against Trump. there is no way in the world to call him a conservative. Obviously he will tell any lie to get elected. He is a moral disaster.

          29. MAHB001 says

            I have not decided about Trump.. I will vote for him over any socialist on the Dem side, moral disaster or not. But you know my feelings about my vote being counted…

            I am not sure what you mean by Trump saying he would confiscate 14% of the wealth of the rich and distribute it to the poor. Kinda sounds like he was trying to get Democrats to vote for him… That is one of the things I do not like about Trump. He sounds too much like a politician.

          30. MAHB001 says

            I’ll make one more point.

            Eric Cantors loss in 2012 was probably the last time the elites will leave the election results up to the people on both sides of the isle. Recall that even 0bama was stunned. I believe that the election was not fixed due to the arrogance of Cantor and the elite politicians.

            McDaniel’s loss to Cochran in 2014 was about as corrupt and dirty an election could be with the elite Republicans stabbing the newcomer in the back with every dirty political trick in the book. That election showed to what ends the elite politicians will go to keep the power they have. Over 55% of REPUBLICANS voted for McDaniel and the elite figured a way to fix it for Chochran, their chosen candidate.

            Now you may be putting the Ron Paulers into the Tea Party, but that would be a mistake, they are a voting block all on their own.

          31. ringostarr1 says

            You force me to renew my accusation about your intelligence. Eric Cantors epic defeat occurred in I believe June 2014, not in 2012 as you seem to think. And Cantor lost for a very good reason, he like many Congressmen believed that his place was on the floor of the house voting on resolutions like the “Little Bo-Peep Remembrance Day” or funding “Jumping Frog Competitions.”

            If your Congressman or Senator is mired up to the hips in the muck filling the halls of Government you need to call him or her back home so that they can get acquainted with the voters who sent them there and land a real job..

            One of the greatest Americans elected to the Senate in the 20th Century was Jermaine Denton. But Denton was a Carrier Naval officer and being in the Navy and a pilot too Denton had never learned how important it was for the troops or else the voters back home to see him. So a young and ambitious Democrat Congressman from Tuscaloosa, Alabama named Richard Shelby (who soon switched to the GOP) knocked Denton out of his Senate seat in 1986 because Denton was a no-show in his state. Every single year since Shelby’s win he makes at least one appearance in all 67 Alabama counties to meet and shake the hands of the voters. If Cantor had done that he would still be in office.

            Politically Cantor and Denton were two-of-a-kind. I predict that Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump both will fall into this politicians’ quagmire because both of these gentlemen are in love with themselves instead of with the voters.

          32. MAHB001 says

            You are right about the date, but I do not see how the date makes a difference in my statement or intelligence. Nor do I see how it proves my basic theory wrong, that the elite control election results and are picking their own…

            It seems all Congressmen and Senators have forgotten who sent them there.

            All you have to do is look at CA to see my theory in practice at a State level, and where CA goes the rest follows…

          33. glorybe2 says

            On a state level many people hold jobs due to political favors. These minor characters can cause a lot of disruption without those above them knowing a single iota of what they are doing. For example ballots being hauled for storage or counting have wound up in creeks or vanished from the face of the Earth. I noticed the shocking theft of votes in Florida and how it was supposedly investigated. A big show was made in investigating Palm beach county for voter fraud and the like. The real fraud was in the sending of the votes to collection points in Florida where the totals were altered. The computer programmer who was paid to write the code that rigged the Florida votes did testify that he was paid to write that code by the republicans. He thought that at first it was being asked for to show what might occur so that staff would no what to look for in tampering cases. He was under oath before a senate committee and the testimony was buried so deep that very few people even know it existed. I suppose that the government feared all hell would break lose if the public knew what had happened.

          34. MAHB001 says

            And we currently have numerous examples of Soros owned voting systems doing exactly the same thing for the Democrats..

            Bottom line, liberals control both parties. Boehner and McConnell have done more harm to Republicans than to Democrats.. Why? Because they are liberals in conservative clothing.

            We have seen the same liberal partisan antics within the IRS, NSA, FBI, and the judicial system.

            It is as if, the politicians no longer serve the people, and the politicians have turned the Government around from serving the people to CONTROLLING the people. BTW, that is what Socialism is….. hmmmmm

          35. glorybe2 says

            The problem is you seek to see control in a perfectly out of control universe. Seeing conspiracies that do not exist is not healthy at all.
            I’ll give you a huge example. In my area all land is unusually expensive. A postage stamp lot big enough to hold a small home can cost big bucks. A commercial piece of land, where one is allowed to own a business is ultra expensive. If you want to have a business on a major road or highway that is zoned for business you had best be rich. So you find almost all retailers unable to purchase a good lot and they are forced to pay huge rents. That means that every little thing that you buy, like an order of French Fries costs a lot more than in most other regions.
            Now in the past we allowed a lot of bright neon lights. That actually enabled a lot of businesses to do well on smaller roads where they could afford to own the land and build their own buildings. Without those bright lights those businesses can no longer get by. Worse yet we have set back ordinances that force all lighting to be quite far back from the edge of the roads. That means that these businesses are forced to buy much larger lots.
            Now we could believe that some evil genius put laws in place about set backs and the use of attractive lighting and very restrictive zoning laws so that he could own the land that the major businesses are forced to rent for very high prices. But in reality it was just the way things worked out. And the really bad part is that once you put policies in place it is usually almost impossible to correct the problems that those policies impose upon us. Frankly i do not like paying $15. for a burger and fries.
            I am sure that there are people in Arkansas who would consider south Florida as absolutely insane. They would be struck silly with the prices we pay here. Right now new homes seem to start at about $300,000. Mobile homes are now illegal to install in the southern counties here due to wind and taxation issues.

          36. MAHB001 says

            Excellent example of Big Government out of control. I have fought the expansion of Government for years now.

            Suggest you do the same and we will be on common ground fighting for the same thing. The reduction of Government control, and getting them out of our lives.

            Big Government sells out “favors” to big business for the benefits of those businesses, you probably call it crony capitalism. If you look at the definition of socialism/communism, you will see direct similarities between crony capitalism and the collusion of the elite political rulers and big business (socialism).

          37. glorybe2 says

            One way we can gain control is to severely limit lobbying. Appointments to see the president should be set with a random method so that the poor and the rich will have identical access to all of our politicians. Further both film and voice should be recorded and made public so that no sneaky deals or requests are made.
            Then we should fund each candidates campaign so that each candidate has equal funding. We can bill back the expense to the party that each candidate represents.All contributions must be total exposed to the public. Businesses are not voters and should have no access to our politicians at all. each individual should have an equal chance for access.
            And in every case of wrong doing a business should be forced to pay back far more than the sums wrongly acquired. in other words if Microsoft steals 20 million dollars make them pay back 200 million dollars. The same notion should extend down to car wrecks such that the person at fault pays a far greater sum than the loss to the offended party. And the shared liability junk needs to be illegal. A guy runs a red light and t bones your car and claims it is half your fault as you had a green car instead of a safety orange car. Or maybe he claims your car ois too small so your injuries are half your fault.

          38. MAHB001 says

            I am all for getting rid of lobbyists. But remember 0bama has as many lobbyist in his admin as anybody has in the past. He was just kidding about not using lobbyist.

            What we need to do is impose term limits on all politicians. That way they do not have as much time to get cozy with the lobbyists and will think more about their constituents.

            How about the POLITICIANS paying back far more than the sums acquired? Or even holding the politicians accountable and fire them, without benefits.

            I would like to see all politicians caught lying fired and stripped of benefits. That would make them think twice about saying shit like, “you can keep your dr..”

            It takes two to tango, both sides are guilty… Both should be held responsible.

          39. glorybe2 says

            The problem is that people constantly misuse the word lie. A candidate does not have the same access to information as a person who has been in office a few weeks. With the best of intentions, leaders often find out that they must change their decisions or promises as there can be side effects to actions undreamed of when a so-called promise is made. No president or congressman has ever done exactly what they said they would do while in the campaign mode. it is not because they are all liars. Votes are traded and compromises reached so that congress and the senate can make progress rather than be forever stalled and useless. Georgia may want funds to build a large museum in Atlanta. Florida may want to build some really large bridges. In order for either to get funding the two states may cooperate in order to put pressure on the administration to release funds and for congress to appropriate the money. And Florida might approach the military and promise to build those bridges in such a way that strategic materials can cross those bridges. Nobody in government can get anything done without the cooperation of others. And make no mistake, the right wing wanted numerous programs to do badly, and by deliberate budget slashing they turned fruitful programs into disasters, in hope that it would make the president look bad. Your tax dollars paid for programs that the right wing sabotaged. And just why does the right wing want power so badly? They are not patriots. The real issue lately has been that the right wing simply can not tolerate a black man being above them. It has been disgusting behavior on their part.

          40. MAHB001 says

            I KNOW the difference between a lie and being wrong…
            And you are correct, MANY people call someone a liar when that person is simply wrong, and vise versa.
            I am also accustomed to giving the person the benefit of doubt until proven innocent.
            And do unto others as you would have done to you..

            These are common sense morals that I live by. And with all due respect the LEFT uses against conservatives.

            It is hypocrisy that pisses me off. For instance, if someone have been provided enough information to think Bush LIED, that same person, using the same set of standards MUST conclude that 0bama and Hillary lied as well.

            I have been asking for YEARS now online for PROOF of Bush’s lies about WMD’s, and all I have been shown is proof that Bush was Wrong. You haven’t and nobody has…

            There is a double standard that is at play right now and you can’t even see it.

            You know what I see when I think of 0bama? I don’t see a black man, I see HITLER…. 0bama is charismatic, 0bama is a liar, 0bama is EVIL, 0bama uses every opportunity he gets to go after guns….

            Am I a racists for seeing the similarities between 0bama and Hitler?

          41. jvaljon1 says

            Finally something that I can agree with you about! YAY!

          42. ringostarr1 says

            You seem to be unaware of the true nature of politics. Thad Cochran merely used the election laws in his state of Mississippi in a legal and appropriate way.

            No one is registered by Party in the State of Mississippi therefor everyone who did not vote in the Democrat Party Primary in 2014 was eligible to vote in the GOP Run-Off Primary later that year.

            God the Tea Baggers are a head strong and ignorant lot.

          43. MAHB001 says

            Enough of you, you are an arrogant bigot. The only scum I know that uses the term Tea Baggers are trolls and liberals…

            You have been outed for the ass that you are.

            You are just another liberal hiding as a conservative in order to pretend you have some credibility…

          44. glorybe2 says

            Actually i would much prefer Bernie for president. Hillary is way too conservative for me.
            Baby Bush had a brother as governor of Florida and the votes were rigged for the republicans. It is sad as if Al gore occupied the White House instead of allowing Bush to steal the election with sabotaged voting results our nation would have been far better off immediately and long term as well.

          45. jreb57 says

            “Hillary is way too conservative for me.”
            Hillary is way too incompetent for me. I will give you that Sanders is more honest than Hillary.

          46. jreb57 says

            “Do you mean to tell us that the Democrat Party was in charge of counting the Florida vote in 2000”
            The voting districts that were contested in 2000 were Democrat districts. For whatever reason, they expected tp win those. They lost both the original count and the machine recount. They sued and lost in court for another recount. I guess they wanted to keep counting until they won as they did with the Al Franken vote in Wisconsin. Gore still thinks he won that one.

          47. jreb57 says

            “Do you mean to tell us that the Democrat Party was in charge of counting the Florida vote in 2000”
            The Democrats counted the votes in their districts which they expected to win. When they did not, they pressed for a recount. After a machine recount gave the same result, they asked for a hand recount (which of course, takes longer)

          48. ringostarr1 says

            Just like I thought, when the Democrat Party failed to register enough fraudulent voters, and after the Democrat Party failed to stuff the Florida ballot boxes sufficiently to secure a win for Big Al Gore, the Democrat Party called on the corrupt Democrat controlled Florida courts to pull their pork out of the fire. Just like the corrupt Farm Labor Party in the State of Minnesota did to turn legitimate defeat into a corrupt win for Senator Al Fink*


          49. ringostarr1 says

            But the Democrat Party did win the Florida precincts that they were expecting to win, But Bush did better in the districts he won than Albert Gore Jr. did in the precincts that he won.

          50. glorybe2 says

            The right wing has no excuse for not owning networks other than nobody cares what the right wing thinks or believes. Why does it not dawn on you that there is an inherent flaw in the right wing in that they are unable to do such a simple thing as invest, own, and operate their own network. These are the same lunatics who claim they can stage a revolution in the US. Building a network is one heck of a lot easier than having a successful revolution. The vast majority of the public sees Fox news as a bad joke.

          51. MAHB001 says

            It should not be a matter of who OWNS a network. The truth is the truth, right or left, up or down…

            Do you think what Goebbels did for Hitler was right? How about China? North Korea? That is what is happening with our media.

          52. glorybe2 says

            Is paranoia a hobby or something? Now i’ll add the ruling elite to the people that I must fear. If you want propaganda watch Fox news. Nobody else would even bother with the use of propaganda, There are two people I can name that were far from elite at birth. Both earned elite status by stellar academic performance. One is Bill Clinton. The other is Obama. Lyndon Johnson was so poor that he slept on the steam pipes in the tunnels that connected the buildings on campus. He could not afford a room in a dorm. Have you seen the pictures of Jimmy Carter working behind a plow horse as a youth? These people were born to humble circumstances and yet rose to the number one spot in government. Somehow you seem to think that they were silver spoon kids and they were not. On the other hand the hero of the right wing, the clown, Trump, was born a millionaire. And surely you must admit that he is a buffoon.

          53. MAHB001 says

            I’ll remind you that being wary of things (you call it paranoid in an attempt to degrade what I am saying) is a healthy thing. A sense to run away from things that hurt you is ingrained in us all. All animals use it to stay alive.

            There is no doubt I am wary of the ruling elite, because they used a Capitalist society to gain their status, and want to change that capitalism to socialism to CONTROL that very same society.

            We have no idea how smart 0bama is as he has uniquely sealed all his transcripts and lied about every thing else he has done to get things passed. No doubt he is smart, but he did not get were he was on his own… YOU did that.

            I’ll take your deflection as your agreement that the news should be the news without bias. And the bias that I am talking about is bias by omission which is the most egregious form of bias because it leaves nothing but propaganda.

            And Fox does not practice bias by omission… Please provide proof or take back your propaganda comment about Fox.

          54. glorybe2 says

            First a capitalist can make a slave out of you a lot easier than a socialist ever can. The problem with paranoia is that it leads the sufferer to fear the wrong things. Picture a man smoking three packs a day and drinking a quart a day of whiskey to control an imaginary fear that some person is out to murder him. All the while the smokes and booze he uses to calm his nerves are his real enemy.
            Fox News has been to court over their untruthful news. Fox claimed that they publish entertainment and it is not really a news outlet. They actually admit what they are.

          55. MAHB001 says

            Not paranoid, and if you think that my fears are unfounded you should be able to come up with something other than insults to refute my comments…

            The fact that all you have is insults makes my comments that much more viable.

            I am talking about Bias by Omission.

            Like not reporting the lies of 0bama and Hillary on Benghazi so that 0bama could get re-elected.

            Or editing a 911 call to make George Zimmerman sound guilty of being prejudice when he was not prejudice.

            Or Not reporting the longest protest march in US history year after year, that attracts about 800,000 people to DC because the protests are for pro life causes.

            Or blacking out the reports of Hillary Clinton lies about her email server.

            Believe me, the Liberal news creates propaganda through the use of bias by omission for you to slurp down every day.

            Fox even puts liberals on the station so that they are fair and balance, they do not suppress stories just because they may be hurtful to conservative causes.

            The Liberal media sensors your “news” and that makes it propaganda.. Guess they just don’t trust you with the facts…

            Pointing a finger at Fox to justify the crap coming out of the liberal cabal is simply stupid.

          56. glorybe2 says

            The use of lies does not help you. For example the 800,000 people that supposedly march to Washington is created by deliberate misuse of words. Washington has millions of people who visit every year with various beliefs. But never, has a group of 800,000 abortion protesters marched in Washington. And that 800,000 has not marched year after year.
            As far as Zimmerman is concerned he never should have been put on trial in the first place. It was a self defense situation pure and simple. But here is the catch. Local police would not arrest him. The county prosecutor refused to indict him. But our radical, right wing, governor, Rick Scott stepped in and claimed state jurisdiction, appointed a special prosecutor and sent in state troopers top make the arrest, The puke, governor is a republican. Mr. Zimmerman was persecuted by the right wing. As far as police tapes being altered I don’t know anything about that claim at all. Scott is a very evil man.

          57. MAHB001 says

            Google “march for life” and you will find estimates between 200,000 and 1.2 million people marched in the protest… At least I did.

            Never mind I’ll do it for you.

            If you go to this site, and look for the history tab you will find that the March for Life has been held EVERY YEAR since 1974.


            If you go to this web site you will find that YOUR left stream media completely ignored the event…. Leaving you woefully under educated.

            So it looks like my quick search proves you right and that I did exaggerate.

            ONLY 200,000 to 300,000 people 2015 actually marched in DC, and the higher numbers that I used were based on a national scale( people marched in every capitol in every State.) Or perhaps an earlier year…

            You are right, my “use of LIES” does not help. But on the same vein. The estimated crowd numbers for 2013 March were more that 500,000+.

            AND your explanation of the estimates being “Visitors” is completely wrong.

          58. MAHB001 says

            Zimmerman was persecuted because of political correctness and pressures put on the system by an uneducated public.

            That uneducated public was because of the corrupt liberal media using bias by omission to push their agenda..


            You stretch to blame it on Republicans. But that is what Soros pays you for.

          59. jreb57 says

            “The use of lies does not help you”
            He is saying the use of mlies helps you.

          60. glorybe2 says

            Boy did you get the Zimmerman thing wrong. Local police refused to arrest Mr. Zimmerman and the local prosecutor refused to take action as it was a good shooting. Then out awful, far right, republican governor, sent in state police to arrest and appointed a special prosecutor to try Mr. Zimmerman. Despite that rigged trial the jury found him not guilty. But it was not the left that tried to hang him it was the radical right wing. With healthy, stand your ground laws intact, we could have far less need for police officers. To the right wing that represents change and they never want change.

          61. MAHB001 says

            The ONLY reason the governor sent in the state police was because of the civil unrest created by the left and president 0bama.. Recall that 0bama fueled the fires by saying if he had a son it would look like Travon…. The other KEY factor was the liberal bias in the news reporting.

            The system, fell prey to political correctness.

            You are correct, the police and local prosecutor refused to prosecute.

          62. glorybe2 says

            There was no civil unrest. There were numerous phone calls to the governor. However it is not part of Florida history to have the state come in and over rule local police and prosecutors. The obvious questions are how could a jury be asked to find a man guilty when those that investigated the death said that no crime took place and on top of that the county prosecutor also stated that no crime took place. Reasonable doubt existed in bunches just on those to facts alone. Governor Scott certainly knew that, and he simply persecuted Mr. Zimmerman,hoping to acquire a few more votes.

          63. MAHB001 says

            Nonsense, there was tons of civil unrest. Probably not local civil unrest but the MEDIA had just about every anti-gun nut in the country up in disarms….

            You and I both know the local people had solved the crime already, but NOT the National public, including 0bama.

            The MEDIA wrote their own version of the story, and used their influence to “brainwash” their unsuspecting followers. Including 0bama…..

            You are correct, NO crime was committed. Yet the corrupt liberal MEDIA crucified Zimmerman in an blatant to create a crisis of which 0bama would use to justify tighter gun controls and deeper slashes into the Second Amendment.

            The command for special prosecutors came via pressure from a misinformed Public that reached FAR beyond the state of Florida.

            That same MEDIA sentimentalization created the whole “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” movement.

          64. glorybe2 says

            Yet it was the extreme right wing, conservative, republican, governor who was in control of the situation. He was the one causing the bizarre arrest and trial of Mr. Zimmerman. The media only picked up on what the governor put into play. Make note that federal prosecutors also looked into the case, for civil rights or other violations and found no wrong on Mr. Zimmerman’s part. As I live in Florida I surely saw a great deal more news on the subject than other parts of the nation.
            And lately, it appears as a consequence, of Mr. Zimmerman’s persecution that he is a broken man and now has incidents with the law that he never would have had in the past. Another victim of it all are the Neighborhood Watch Associations. The condominium was sued for allowing the Neighborhood Watch to operate and they settled in fear of a large loss in court. Many communities now have shut down Neighborhood watch groups in fear of civil liability suits. It is as if we get mixed messages from the system. Now, everyone in power says call the police if you see anything suspicious. But if we organize and actually do that we can get sued.

          65. MAHB001 says

            Anything but blame the MEDIA and 0bama eh? Fine This is what the EXTREME right wing thought of the circus. I have no clue about your current Governor, and his extreme views, but what I do know is that it was not the right wings fault. Whoever told you that, or if you came up with that theory all on your own, because you need to blame the right wing for the fiasco, it just isn’t going to fly with me.

            The George Zimmerman fiasco was caused by an over zealous MEDIA trying to push a liberal anti-gun agenda so that 0bama could enact tighter gun laws.. The administrations main attempts were to attack the Castle Doctrines nationwide.

            What you are saying about Zimmerman being wrongly persecuted is correct, but I know the source was not within Florida, it was a “crisis” that 0bama and his cronies could not waste. Regardless of the collateral damage that you described.


          66. glorybe2 says

            Look at the chain of events. I am certain that governor Scott did receive a lot of phone calls, but that is no excuse for him triggering the arrest and trial of Mr. Zimmerman. Scot was CEO of the largest health insurance company in the US. When the scheme collapsed he was put under oath and took the 5th amendment over 50 times to help make prosecution impossible. This is the same governor who has promised to fire anyone mentioning global warming or rising seas. Being that public jobs are civil service what he has openly done is promise to break the law and fire people under false pretenses. He also has bragged about keeping certain benefits a secret so that members of the public who are eligible can not apply. We have a criminal in office as governor. The same people that put Jeb Bush in office as governor here put Scott in power. Make note that what I have said is clearly recorded and fact and not part of some suppositions or fantasies about what others might be doing.

          67. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, Zimmerman should never have gone to trial…. The Governor should have stood his ground, and taken on the Politically Correct crowd.

            Our politicians are corrupt, ON BOTH SIDES, and no longer serve the people, they serve themselves. But this is more indicative of socialism than capitalism.

            Both parties at the top smell of control, not service to the people.

            TERM LIMITS.

          68. glorybe2 says

            Keep in mind that politicians live and breath due to contributions from big businesses. If we disallowed lobbying perhaps politicians would have better opinions and legislation would be of better quality. Capitalism infests politics.

          69. jreb57 says

            “Keep in mind that politicians live and breath due to contributions from big businesses”
            That is crony capitalism. Communism is the ultimate example of crony capitalism where the state and the capitalist are one and the same.

          70. MAHB001 says

            And that infestation is closer to socialism than capitalism. The politicians control the assets, and the playing field via laws, fees.

            Capitalists will not give up money on something that does not benefit them or unless absolutely necessary. I think in the case of politics, it is more necessary than for their benefit.

          71. glorybe2 says

            In a way you are advocating against capitalism. Capitalism is amoral. That is what you point out when you say that capitalist will only give up money for self benefit. The problem is that many times being amoral is more deadly than being immoral. In a way a burglar is only doing what he perceives to be in his best interest. It is the same type of thought pattern that occupies capitalist. But capitalists can and do more harm than burglars ever do.. For example the 2008 economic collapse cost many people their pensions or life savings. South Florida had numerous condominiums go broke when some people suddenly could not pay their shares of management and maintenance fees. As the costs got transferred to those who were paying their bills the costs of staying in their apartments got so high they had to walk away from their homes. That caused more banks to go bust. So what do we get? The feds take over Fannie Mae and protect the banks at the expense of the condo owners who survived. The courts are severely slanted towards protecting Fannie Mae. Justice is unavailable. The excuse is that if Fannie Mae went bust it would take down even more pension funds and amplify the issues. There are still 12,000,000 homes in the repossession process. That is what capitalism can do for you and your home even if you own no stocks or bonds at all.

          72. MAHB001 says

            In a sense you are correct, Capitalism is amoral. Because the definition of Capitalism is, “an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit.” and has no mention of morals attached to it.

            But, to say that all Capitalists are without moral standards is stupid. Your attempt to tie being amoral to immoral misses the mark. But it is revealing as to how liberals are trying to vilify Capitalism.

            I see NOTHING wrong with looking out for yourself first, then looking out for others after that. I would say that even the most ardent liberals are guilty of doing the same.

            When the banks took over Fannie Mae, was that just another example of what I have been trying to say all along, Big Government, colluding with Big Business, is simply a form of Socialism, not a form of Capitalism.

          73. glorybe2 says

            In a way you have a point, if the business is small and run by a good person or family, without investors, good things can happen. But people never agree on what good a thing is or what actions to take. When you get many people involved and sell shares of a company it rapidly goes to the worst standard. That means only money will be considered and the harm done or the lives destroyed mean nothing at all. That means that one way or another society must pass laws, rules, or install systems that enforce more enlightened thinking. Many will call that socialistic. Here is an example: A county in California required companies who sought a business permit to build low income housing of a certain quality to be built and operated properly, in order to get a business permit. The number of units was assigned according to the size of the business applying for a permit. And if a company failed to keep the agreement their business permit would be revoked quickly.
            You can imagine the yelping and howling that went on at that time.

          74. MAHB001 says

            Why is it that you assume that Big Government is helping people?

            And Big Capitalists are hurting people?

            I don’t see big Government helping anybody except themselves…..

            CA is so socialistic that businesses are moving out faster than the people are.

            Happy New Year….

          75. glorybe2 says

            To start with we would not be alive if it were not for big government. In WW2 we were not ready when war was at hand. But we did have a rail system with standardization established so that we could move troops and materials quickly to our port cities. We also had ports that were regulated and designed to dock large, ships of war. We also had communications systems established. All of these systems were controlled by government.

            Today you have the support of your most urgent needs by government backed systems. Ambulance services, police services, fire services, public hospitals, your military, your electrical supply, your food distribution networks, are all established and regulated by government. Even your basic, disability insurance as well as your basic old age income are governmental programs.
            You get quite a bit for your tax dollars. Although you could get more if politics were made more distant from these services.

          76. MAHB001 says

            Protecting yourself is NOT BIG Government….. It is the first and primary reason we put up with Government at all….. The protection of the people.

            Again, you give credit to the Government for things that happened and would have happened even if the Government were not protecting us.

            Are you saying the Government forced us to build roads, rail, and ambulance services? And that we would be cave men without it?

            I think not. The Government took (stole) our money and created basic disability insurance and social security. Then BIG government stole the money out of the coffers and spent it on the influencing of votes.

            Those programs are collapsing, they are lies…. They are examples of why we should not be supporting Big Socialized Government.

            Look at it this way, our Government under 0bama has spent more money in the last 7 years than since its inception.

            Are our ROADS any better?
            Are we more SAFE?
            Water delivery any better?

            Just what was improved by 0bama’s spending?

          77. glorybe2 says

            Let’s judge a thing by its effects rather than some dogma. Here is an example. White people are seven times more likely to take medications for HIV than black people. Once a person knows that they are sick you would think that taking the HIV medications would be a top priority in their lives. After all, who wants a full blown dose of AIDS? But second rate schools as well as the affordability of HIV medications cause black folks to not take the medications. The effect is that HIV spreads into the entire community and the epidemic reaches into homes and families who normally do not have to deal with HIV.
            Now, without any regard for any monetary theory, the smart thing to do is get all infected people to get all of their medications and treatments, without cost or inconvenience, in order to stop this plague. Not doing so, in order to support anyone’s political or economic beliefs really does murder people in great numbers.

          78. MAHB001 says

            Do you know for a fact that second rate schools and affordability are the reason blacks are less likely to take HIV drugs?
            So what you described is already done, just look what we did in Africa with regards to Ebola. I am not sure what your point is.

          79. glorybe2 says

            Yes I think we can take it as a fact that poor education and lack of money cause people to not take HIV drugs. Not taking those medications enables the disease to spread throughout their communities and even come back to haunt their own family members. But even more than that, not taking those drugs clearly leads down a path to a very nasty and painful death that rob them of the rest of their normal life span. In a way it differs from suicide in that people who kill themselves almost always seek a painless and quick way to die. AIDS is far from painless. It is a nightmare type of death. And it takes away dignity as loss of control of the bowels may go on before the final days of suffering.

          80. MAHB001 says

            So you are saying that white Americans that oppose socialism are withholding education and money from blacks so that they will die of HIV?
            Highly illogical, the school system is controlled by liberal socialists, the Government has been controlled by liberal socialists for seven years now. If they wanted to focus on AIDS they could have.
            I would say that it is more likely that these kids are growing up in broken families without parental or moral guidance.

          81. glorybe2 says

            Evils do not travel straight, like an arrow. Sometimes evils are constructed in such a way that the end effect is evil. For example the notion of school districts, constructed so that local taxes go to local schools in such a way that boundaries exclude poor areas keeps school resources low in poor areas. School districts could be county wide or state wide or even nation wide such that the same sum is spent on every student in every school.
            And here is how you get that way. First you must cause, by hook or crook, economic inequality. That in turn creates certain wealthy neighborhoods that cluster together. That can be done easily with zoning laws. For example, building rentals units can be zoned out and in some cases a minimum size and cost of a home can create the same isolation of the wealthy or upper middle class. These areas are then arranged to set up a school district with taxation of the homes in the district paying fro the very local schools. Meanwhile the poor are excluded from those school districts. It is simply segregation of students by wealth and inevitably race. There are even entire towns that are designed and regulated with a wealthy class of life as a model. A symptom are the walled in communities with guard gates. In some cases even the merchants can only sell to people living inside the walled community.

          82. MAHB001 says

            “Sometimes evils are constructed in such a way that the end effect is evil.”
            That is something we can agree upon. But, the rest, the Big (One) Government would treat everybody equally stuff is off the edge… Look into your Communist countries and see how that one Government stuff is working for the one “class.”
            It ain’t…Different areas have different needs. What is needed in Florida is not needed in Death Valley and vise versa.
            There will always be poor, pathetically struggling. Until EVIL is removed from this earth, there will always be classes. If you want to see walls, visit a communist country.

          83. glorybe2 says

            What I am pointing out is that the right wing types on this thread babble on about the constitution. Yet the constitution requires equality before the law, which they clearly deny. The fact is that if you reject equality you reject the constitution. That is why the center and the left both consider the right wing to be liars and pretenders.
            And yes, sadly there will always be poor folks we do not help because we can’t approach them or even find them. But that is no excuse for all of us making a major effort to help them.
            A few years back when getting an SUV was all the rage, someone commented “What kind of SUV would Jesus drive.”. The public reaction was loud and furious. The reason why was because the public knew it was exactly what they were doing wrong. When Christ came upon a suffering person and healed them on the spot, we did not hear Oh, i won’t heal him because he will gamble or drink or consult with whores. Yet when you talk to these “I, am a Christian”. types, they quickly will tell you they do not give to panhandlers and the like because they will probably spend the money on alcohol or dope. In other words instead of doing exactly what Christ did they do exactly what Christ never did. Now we see Sara Palin cheering for a massive war in the Arab regions and Donald Trump quoting from second Corinthians, not even knowing that it is not 2 Corinthians. We have John McCain always wanting war with just about everybody. Yet we still have people wanting to put the right wing in power.

          84. MAHB001 says

            The application of constitutional equality is not a right or left thing. As the last 7 years has proven. Hillary, Lerner, Holder, are not in jail, Planned Parenthood is still funded, and Patraeus, DSouza and some unknown video producer have already served time. You turn a hypocritical blind eye…
            The fact that I recognize that all are not equal is not a rejection of the constitution. It is a logical recognition of the fact that life is not fair. After all, my wife does many things far better than I do. Is that equality? No, it is just life.
            You attempt to paint the right wing as liars and pretenders, only to draw attention away from the lefts huge extremisms and hypocrisy.
            You have created this false bull about Christians and the right that is nothing short of fantasy. In the same vain, attempt at creating a this false narrative about Christians being the only people that don’t give to pan handlers is just some lame attempt to justify your socialistic need to force others to do what you do not do yourself.
            0bama could have made every poor person rich just by handing out the money that slipped through the cracks in his fingers over the last 7 years, why didn’t he do it?

          85. glorybe2 says

            First I am not against Christians one bit. I am against liars and false Christians. I did not imply that only Christians failed to help the poor.

          86. MAHB001 says

            You have no proof of people that you speak of. You are against false Christians which are just a figment of someone imagination. This whole thing about the person that does not heal him because he will gamble or drink is just crap. As if giving money or denying money to a panhandler makes you a Christian or in your words a false Christian….

            What you are saying is that you would force that person to give their money to the panhandler. I would say lead by example. That is what Jesus would have done.

          87. glorybe2 says

            Actually Christ forgave people, fed people and gave up his body to save people. He asked all of us to do the same. Few listen.
            What astounds me is that people read the NT and have no clue at all as to what the words mean. People either ignore that which they do not wish to see or try to interpret it into the dirt.
            Question of the day: What kind of AK-47 would Jesus buy?

          88. MAHB001 says

            Christ lead by example. He was a far better man than I could ever be.

            Jesus will not need an AK-47 when he returns.

          89. glorybe2 says

            My point being that how many people on this thread are so upset about gun rights when Christ would never use a gun. The very idea of being a Christian is to live a life similar to the way He lived, with the same values and actions.

          90. MAHB001 says

            Gun rights and the Right to defend yourself are indistinguishably tied together when it comes to the Second Amendment. Because the Second Amendment acknowledges the citizens rights to keep and bear Arms as a balance of power between the people and a tyrannical government.

            Are you suggesting that Christians have no right to defend themselves, their property, and loved ones against harm?

            Jesus Christ was sent to earth for a purpose, and that was to give his life so others could live. I am no theologian but I do not believe that Jesus Christ would say hand over your rights to the Government.

          91. glorybe2 says

            And yet that is exactly what Jesus Christ did. He released all of His rights, including the right not to be tortured and murdered. And when early Christians were swept up, to be fed to lions, tortured or made a spectacle of, they went without violence to the most horrid deaths as did their wives and children. Remember that Christ did not tell His followers to run and hide but to pick up their crosses and follow Him.
            So just where did people get the idea, that somehow, in modern times we are excused from doing less?

          92. MAHB001 says

            Perhaps none of us are worthy of Christs forgiveness.
            Perhaps the teachings of Christ are too far removed and forgotten.
            Perhaps Jesus never meant us to relinquish our will to live as he had to.

            At any rate, It is not in my moral fiber to turn the other cheek and walk away. I can not sit by idle and watch the lefts verbal abuse and lies cover the truth, especially when it hurts others.

            I know you would prefer that we just accept evil and give up without a fight, but I do not think that is what Jesus would have us do. Again, I am no theologian, so I have to go off my gut instincts.

          93. glorybe2 says

            I confess that i have the same conflict. I might be the first one to gun down a burglar as that type of crime offends me so greatly. But I do know that I would be doing wrong. Where I have a problem is with most of the Christians in what is referred to as the lower church, who not only promote violence but seem to go out of their way to be contrary to almost every teaching of Christ. It is not my right to judge these folks but they surely should not call themselves Christians or try to use the faith to acquire power and harm others. Make no mistake. The right wing is dangerous to the people as well as to the faith. Right now 62 people have more wealth than 3,500, 000, 000 other people which is one half of the population of the world. Any doctrine that leads to that kind of imbalance is in itself evil. And it is not just the US but many forms of government such as dictatorships, communist and socialists, that have allowed this to go on. The right wing in the US actually encourages this, radical, lack of balance. That is where Ronald Reagan went with his crazed notion that these very few individuals would somehow promote the general economy. The reason that that is a nut job theory is that once a person reaches a certain level of wealth and power there is little need to buy anything at all or even invest in anything much less create jobs for others, We saw this in 1929. The rich simply sat on their wealth and took advantage of the poverty that ran rampant after the collapse.

          94. MAHB001 says

            Why do you look at the negative side of the right and the positive side of the left? Capitalism and the United States has also brought huge amounts of good to the world. Christians have helped far more than they have hurt. At least from my world perspective.

            Those 62 people with all that wealth are helping others, or at least some of them are. Have you ever looked into those 62 people to see what they have done, and what side of the isle they are on? While it is true that power corrupts and wealth is a form of power, those facts will always be true, and no Government can or will change that.

            You seem to be saying that the right wing which encourages personal freedom is responsible for that imbalance.

            Freedom is NOT the enemy here.

            I think quite often both sides gets caught up in semantics of words, quite often both the left and the right are fighting for the same thing, only they say it in terms that neither side can understand or agree upon. I think that our common enemies which include those that want to control us use semantics of words to divide and conquer.

            I don’t think that all the rich simply sat on the wealth and took advantage of the poverty in 1929 nor do I think all those rich were on the right….

          95. glorybe2 says

            I am certain that not 100% of the wealthy did nothing to help others in the Great Depression. But way too many did nothing and simply made things worse by using the depression to capture ever more wealth.
            And freedom can be the enemy when one fails to consider economic slavery as a consequence of capitalist dogma. That bottom 50% of the human race that has less wealth than the top 62 people exist as slaves and beggars. Notice that huge corporations operate slave-wage shops with harsh and dangerous conditions without concern for even the ability of the workers to stay alive. In the US the Pullman company was the largest company in the US and they actually had workers die of starvation while working. Pullman was making big money and yet was so vile that any reasonable idea of pay to workers was totally absent from their owners and managers. We even saw US soldiers use machine guns on workers who refused to work at what coal companies wanted to pay. These miners were in tents, making no offence what-so-ever, other than saying no to a contract. They had even dug shallow trenches for their wives and children to sleep in, inside those tents. When the soldiers used the machine guns through the tents they walked up and looked women and children in the eye and and murdered them. That is what capitalism in the US has been like. The only progress against these horrors has come from laws restraining capitalists. Even now there are right wing politicians seeking to void child labor laws and minimum wage laws. If conservatives want any respect at all you simply must divorce yourself and your parties from all of these creeps. No more sheltering of Nazis, skin heads, human rights violators etc..
            Tonight on CSPAN2 there will be a review of the Supreme Court’s Row vs. Wade decision at 6:30 PM East Coast Time. Many should watch this show and its explanation of why the court ruled as it did.

          96. MAHB001 says

            Freedom does not come free. Socialism is even less free as it costs you your freedom and you get nothing for it. Far less than if you had the freedom to fend for yourself.

            Pullman WAS the largest, no longer. Ford treated his workers well without the Government telling him he had to. So did many other manufacturers. Your comment about the ONLY progress is bull. Your Capitalism bigotry is showing, and your conditioning will not allow you to see the good that Capitalism has brought. Many millions of lives have been uplifted by the prosperity of the United States.

            I don’t think you can say that about the current Communist Countries.

            For a “Progressive” why do you have to go so far back in history to vilify Americas Capitalism, and justify socialism??? Those stories do not apply today. But with the Governments misuse of their power, we may regress to that level of poverty some time soon.

            Many should do that. They should also watch the Planned Parenthood sting operation videos had decide for themselves whether or not abortions are being misused.

          97. glorybe2 says

            As I have said before, I am not a progressive.
            The Planned Parenthood films were altered and have no use at all as it was a forged film.
            The horrors caused by capitalism have not ended. They are compounding in negative effects. How many towns and counties in the US are striving to attract ever more population? Over population endangers the survival of the human race. Capitalism seeks more buyers. Think about that. Is there no sane limit to population numbers or density? What do you think the US will be like when we triple our population? That will occur in less than 40 years. How much surface area must be covered with asphalt and roof tops? Zero nature, zero health, crime, poverty, addictions and disease all become greater issues with more dense population. Seven large ships cause more pollution than every car in the US combined. You live in a system that will not challenge the cruise ship industry nor limit freight hauling vessels, even though the pollution caused absolutely causes deaths. Whether it is rich folks playing lookie-loo on cruise ships or a pile of Hoola- Hoops arriving from China it is capitalism behind this immoral mess.

          98. MAHB001 says

            With all due respect, your comment shows your conditioning. You accept information from a group of people without question. Those sources are misleading you and filling you with half truths.

            While the Planned Parenthood clips were edited, that editing did NOT alter the content and were no more a forged film than any other They are useful in exposing the behind the scenes world of the abortion industry.

            You will have to watch the films in their entirety and make your own judgement, but then again, you will not do that, as you have already made up your mind with the information, or misinformation that you have been spoon fed.

            Ironically, those Planned Parenthood films show some of the horrors of capitalism. The bidding and haggling over the price for human body parts, the greed and desires of those at the top of PP. That is capitalism at its worst, yet you do not condemn it?

            And then you go all the way to the other side and use the same arguments that I would use against PP to state your case against Capitalism in general…

            God put us on Earth to be fruitful and multiply.

          99. glorybe2 says

            God did not put us in this world to perpetually and irresponsibly multiply. We are charged with being good stewards to the earth, not over populate to the point of the extermination of mankind..
            As far as the “editing” of the PP films, they very nature of editing is altering what was actually filmed. Massive editing can create lies out of whole cloth. There is nothing immoral about selling fetal tissue from aborted embryos or fetuses.
            Looking towards advancements that really do good things try looking at universities that provide knowledge, science and technology, and do so because they are not for profit, socialized, environments. Keeping capitalism locked out, as far as is possible, of our universities is why they can do research, that saves lives.

          100. joe says

            NO JUST A LIAR

          101. joe says

            Yes he would he told me so, they just did not invent them yet and he did not want to use his magic to make one

          102. jreb57 says

            You are correct MAHB001. The left was agitating for a trial and a conviction. I know the police chief. He was made a scapegoat and lost his job even though he did everything right according to the stand your ground law. Zimmerman had a lot of right wing support. Ironically, some of the most violent protest were in California, not exactly a bastion of right wing conservatism. Florida Rep Frederica Wilson (D) surely did not help matters when she proclaimed “Trayvon was hunted down like a dog”. Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor and Zimmerman was found not guilty. Trayvon’s parents were of course interested in obtaining justice for their son and remained impressively composed throughout the trial.

          103. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for your post.

          104. jreb57 says

            “First a capitalist can make a slave out of you a lot easier than a socialist ever can”
            Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung say you are wrong.

          105. glorybe2 says

            I don’t know your income bracket but chances are you spent about one half of your productive hours enslaved in taxes. And unless you were born rich you had no choice but to labor for your daily bread. It is forced labor and the consequence if you say no to the system may be jails or prisons or god knows what. The problem is not high taxes. The problem is in what we get for our tax dollars.

          106. jreb57 says

            “The problem is in what we get for our tax dollars”
            Too much government is what we get. I did not mind laboring for my daily bread. I found a job that I liked and was productive at it and well paid. My goal was not to be rich, but to enjoy life. My problem with the tax structure is that too many businesses are run with a major goal of tax avoidance. This is bad for business, bad for employees and bad even for the government in the long run. It discourages new business enterprise and encourages crony capitalism. It is a contributing factor to exporting jobs overseas. We need to simplify the laws (lawyers will not like this) and change the tax system from a tax on productivity to a tax on consumption (accountants will not like this). We need to eliminate many regulations (bureaucrats will not like this)

          107. glorybe2 says

            Stalin, Hitler and Mao really had no power compared to capitalism. Their nations reformed and their doctrines failed to stand. But in the US capitalism has had two centuries and more to hold power over the people. people did not notice so much when we all grew our own food and were self sufficient but as industry developed the power of the iron fist of capitalism was held over all heads, ready to crush anyone not playing the same game.

          108. jreb57 says

            “Stalin, Hitler and Mao really had no power compared to capitalism”
            Their power came from a gun barrel and economic oppression. They kept the people standing in line in order to get their “entitlements” Under communism, you own nothing. Socialism is just “a good first start”.

          109. glorybe2 says

            Yes, Hitler, Stalin and Mao knew how to b bully but they had no staying power. Capitalism does have power and it is on the verge of destroying the planet. Capitalism makes a homicidal, dictator look like a whimp.

          110. Cotton says

            Pfffff, don’t try, he is too stubborn to ever change his twisted view on reality. As far as I am concerned he keeps his eyes glued to Faux 24/7. It is probably better off that way.

          111. MAHB001 says

            Still waiting for you to produce an instance of Bias by Omission by Fox…

            If you ain’t watching Fox, you are being brainwashed…

          112. Cotton says

            No you flat out denied them on BS claims, such as Fox manipulating footage was good of them to do. You are definitely too stubborn and brainwashed to ever change your view, so say whatever you want, but you are just a wingnut.

          113. MAHB001 says

            They didn’t manipulate the footage, they actually made a mistake in leaving that footage out because THAT FOOTAGE CONTAINED 0BAMA’S ADMISSION THAT HE WAS GOING AFTER OUR GUNS.

            Face it, I challenged you to come up with EVEN ONE example to support your bigotry and stupidity and you FAILED…..

            Now you want to blame your FAILURE on my stubbornness?

            What a looser.

          114. Cotton says

            I love how you even said it was close, but not close enough. Talk about excuses, wingnut.

          115. MAHB001 says

            That was just a stupid attempt by me to encourage you.

            Yes, I did a stupid thing… And that was try to reason with a demoralized cupcake.

          116. Cotton says

            Your first mistake is to think that I am trying to justify the left’s use of bias. Your second mistake is the failure to notice your own hypocrisy. You are a biased person trying to fight the biased media, while at the same time defending biased media. And last time I checked it was the conservatives who are more likely to be labeled as bigots, but you can say whatever nonsense you can come up with, because that is what politics has degraded into. I am not in the wrong here, you may have good intentions with fighting bias, but your execution is poor.

          117. MAHB001 says

            So did you hear 0bama’s speech tonight? All he wants is tighter gun laws on Scary rifles. That pretty much proves Fox’s reporting dead on and 0bama as a liar, AGAIN….

            It is commonly known that when a Liberal cries Racism, it is to cover his own racism.
            When a liberal cries bigotry, it is to cover his own bigotry.
            And the last time I checked it was liberals calling conservatives liars without any proof, and liberals calling conservatives bigots without any proof.

            There is nothing hypocritical about my assessment of Fox News or the Left Stream Media…

            You have not been able to prove your point, and it seems you are too bigoted to see the truth.

          118. Cotton says

            Common sense gun laws? Oh you know so people don’t go into public places and unload on a mass of civilians? It is too easy for some guy with a death wish to acquire a high capacity and fully automatic weapon.

          119. MAHB001 says


            So why do you think that 0bama proposes laws that will not fix the real problem of mass killings but will disarm the American public?

            I know, because 0bama sole purpose is to disarm the American public..

            BTW, 0bama just made a fool out of you by proving me and Fox news correct. When are you gonna get it.. 0bama is not your friend.

          120. Cotton says

            Obama this.. Obama that.. Obama is not going after small-arms like pistols, even those they are the ones that are doing most of the killings. And he is definitely not trying to disarm the people of all of their weapons, only a delusional fool would believe that.

          121. MAHB001 says

            0bama is going after semi automatic rifles…. Which is EXACTLY what he promised NOT to do…

            He lied in that speech, he is lying to you, and you believing that he will not go after pistols or other semi automatic guns is just foolish..

            0bama is in good company, these guys disarmed their public before exterminating their oposition as well.

            Josef Stalin
            In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Ottoman Turkey
            In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Adolf Hitler

            Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

            Mao Tze Tung
            China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Idi Amin
            Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Pol Pot
            Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            All these dictators were popular before they killed all those that opposed them. 0bama and the liberal elite have the disarmament of the people in common.

            But you are WAY too smart to fall for that silly trick aren’t you? BTW, I am being sarcastic.

          122. Cotton says

            I’m sure Obama’s evil plan is all coming together than, oh wait, he is only a president, and he does not have the power to do those things. Let me remind you we live in a democracy.

          123. MAHB001 says

            YET, 0bama has not finished his evil plan, YET…

            One of the big stumbling blocks that 0bama has not accomplished is the removal of the second Amendment, and the disarmament of the good people of America.

            0bama will use unconstitutional executive orders soon. Will that convince you?

          124. Cotton says

            Yeah, probably.

          125. MAHB001 says

            Then there might be hope for you.

            I just hope it is not too late to stop the bloodshed. Civil unrest suits the socialists goals just fine, they do not care how many loose their lives.

            But, I do.

          126. jreb57 says

            “Let me remind you we live in a democracy.”
            No, we live in a constitutional republic.

          127. jvaljon1 says

            And just think – most people here (as well as around the world which I know in your eyes doesn’t count) would say that we live in a Democracy. For that is what our constitutional republic was trying to become, before the uber-wealthy stole our country from the rest of us.

          128. URKiddinMee says

            Our country was founded as, and intended to remain, a REPUBLIC. Liberals like to use the term “democracy” as if it’s the same thing. It definitely is NOT!

          129. jreb57 says

            No, our constitution is supposed to protect us from both government overreach and a despotic majority. Democratic principles are supposed to apply in the equal protection concept.

          130. MAHB001 says

            Your a looser, nothin but a looser…

          131. glorybe2 says

            You do understand that a Harvard Magma has graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. Surely you understand that being president of the Harvard Law Review is about the greatest honor that Harvard can bestow on a gifted student. With that information in hand, as well as the fact that Obama has a Ph.D. from Harvard should tell anyone that he has a stellar academic background. Realize that just getting in to graduate school at Harvard is an extraordinary honor in itself. You pretty much need a straight A average to be admitted to graduate school there. So exactly how much more does anyone need to know about his academic achievements. Keep in mind that he was not from a rich and powerful family although his father was a Harvard graduate.
            Another interesting character is Henry Kissinger. Kissinger wrote a 403 page doctoral doctoral thesis to get his Ph.D. from Harvard. No doctoral candidate had ever written that lengthy a thesis before in that schools very, long, history. Imagine trying to proof read and fact check a 403 page thesis. It must have taken the professors months to judge that tome.

          132. MAHB001 says

            I don’t believe a word of it.. You have zero proof of 0bama’s brilliance. 0bama does not deserve the benefit of doubt anymore…

            SHOW me proof.

          133. jvaljon1 says

            Barack Obama TAUGHT Constitutional Law at Harvard – AFTER he graduated with his degree from that same institution! Are you going to still insist that THAT does not constitute “proof of Obama’s brilliance”???

          134. MAHB001 says

            You have proof of that? All I have seen is a picture of 0bama teaching Saul Alinsky’s methods. Everything else has been sealed by the most open and transparent administration in US history…. If you do not get my gist, that was sarcasm.

          135. jvaljon1 says

            I could point up at a cloudless sky and tell you that it’s blue. If you don’t want to see that the sky is blue, no pointing fingers of mine or anyone else’s, would tell you differently. And when clouds DID come, the pointing finger would be yours and you’d be saying “See? I TOLD you that the sky is GREY, NOT BLUE!”

            If you doubt President Obama’s credentials, just write to Harvard and tell them that you:

            “…don’t believe that Barack Obama, current US President, EVER went to Harvard OR taught Constitutional Law there – and where could I find verification that, indeed, he has done both?”.

            Do that, please? Harvard is very proud of having first matriculated, then hired as a teacher, the current President of the United States of America – Barack Obama.

          136. MAHB001 says

            Proven liar, sealed records, 0bama does not get the benefit of doubt any more.

            Except from fools.

          137. jreb57 says

            “Obama has a Ph.D. from Harvard”
            Then why does he not understand that the constitution means what it says and not what Obama would like for it to say?

          138. glorybe2 says

            Apparently you are not aware that Obama is not only a lawyer but his specialty is in constitutional law. He understands in great depth what the constitution requires and he has always met the requirements. Keep in mind that when the Supreme Court has ruled on cases involving the constitution that meanings of various phrases and words has been hammered out and recorded. That is why a Ph.d. in law is needed to deeply understand the constitution.

          139. jreb57 says

            “Apparently you are not aware that Obama is not only a lawyer but his specialty is in constitutional law.”
            I am well aware of Obama’s letters and degrees. Lawyers do not seek justice, they seek the best outcome for their clients who in this case are people likely to vote Democrat. Obama uses his knowledge of the law to find ways to circumvent the constitution. Of course, this is a violation of his oath to uphold and defend it.

          140. jreb57 says

            “We have no idea how smart 0bama is”
            But we do have an idea how smart the people who voted for him are. Read the post by Ariana Huffington after Obama was elected. It essentially said electing Obama was a good idea because he was black (of course, he was half black and half white). What is far more inportant is the influence of self described communists on Obama’s policies.

          141. MAHB001 says

            You are correct, we do know how dumb the people are who voted for 0bama.


          142. jreb57 says

            “There are two people I can name that were far from elite at birth. Both
            earned elite status by stellar academic performance. One is Bill
            Clinton. The other is Obama.”
            Stalin and Hitler also had “humble beginnings”. Both were socialists willing to use whatever power they could muster to advance their socialist agenda.

          143. glorybe2 says

            But Obama and Clinton are both quite conservative. Neither are socialists.
            What has happened is that the right wing went so far of the tracks into radical right wing nonsense that they think that other conservatives are liberals.
            So what exactly do these right wingnuts fear? Obviously it has nothing to do with taxes as people on this thread could spend the hours that they spend on the thread to make extra money. Yes, people are stressed. That stress comes from over population. It also comes from wrongs done in the past. Many people fear being attacked by other races. People who have been mistreated or are forced into a second or third rate lifestyle sometimes strike out and get really violent. Sometimes they really don’t mind selling really nasty dope to white school kids. The sins of the fathers have many ways of visiting the children even unto several generations.

          144. jreb57 says

            “But Obama and Clinton are both quite conservative. Neither are socialists”
            BS, Obama and Clinton are quite different. Clinton is a pragmatist. He will make a deal and take whatever he can get (as he did with Gingrich). Obama is an idealogue. He believes in wealth redistribution, never mind what may or may not be constitutional. He has a phone and a pen and never mind congress. They both advocate government give aways to get elected and high taxes to support it.

          145. jvaljon1 says

            (Obama) has a phone and a pen and never mind congress… This same Congress that swore that they would NEVER EVER ALLOW ANY ONE of President Obama’s initiatives to pass muster with them? That’s the “Congress” that you’re talking about?? LOLOLOL!!!!!!

            President Obama has lasted exactly twice as long as these teabagging idiots have. Obamacare is a FACT – though Mitch McConnell swore it would never pass Congress. Now millions upon millions of people can afford Medical care! I know a few people whose lives have been saved by Obamacare!

            Now President Obama wants to do something about the Environment. A couple of months ago he went to the northwestern-most point in the United States – a place called Kotzebue, Alaska – where the daily ground temperatures have risen FIFTEEN DEGREES. The hypocrites in the Republican party now are blaming the President for the global warming that he WARNED us about!

            The scary part, isn’t that the self-serving NeoCon pieces of rot in the Republican party are saying these things – the scariest part of all, is that they believe it!

            Americans had better be very careful in the voting booth this coming November. The gang of lunatics who call themselves the Republican Party, have nothing to do with actual normal people. This batch has been proven wrong on all of their fronts, and it’s done something to their minds. Normally when people have been wrong about something, they shrug and try to see just where they went wrong – but these people? Republicans? They just get crazier and crazier.

            And we – America – isn’t at a point when we can afford these fools, any longer.

          146. glorybe2 says

            Again, you live in freedom. If you feel that TV is biased you can open numerous TV stations or radio stations or magazines or newspapers. If the right wing had any following doing these things would be very easy. So why does the right whine about the media? Confront that notion. You should find it disturbing. You will be forced to admit that the right wing does not have a serious or dedicated body of backers.

          147. MAHB001 says

            The right whines about the MEDIA because it is corrupt. They have formed a cabal of Goebbels…. The whole lot is lying to you and controlling you.

            Fox News STOMPS all the other media outlets combined. There is a reason for that.. The people crave the truth…

            There you go again, believing a corrupt and lying MEDIA.. Your MEDIA tells you Fox is bad, and you blindly believe them. They tell you to not believe anything they say, and you blindly obey.

          148. glorybe2 says

            People rarely agree on what is true. My point is that if the right wants to be taken seriously then they should have a serious and respectable right wing network up and running. And no, Fox is not serious, and is not respectable. So just what deficiency exists in the right wing that they can not do such a simple task? Is it a lack of serious scholars or a lack of money? Is it a lack of support by the people? Is it that businesses will not support the effort?

          149. MAHB001 says

            My point is that the left liberal press decides what is true for their viewers. They alone use bias by omission to influence their viewers. Goebbels did the same thing.

            Once the Left Stream Media has decided what they do not want YOU to see, they suppress it. Then the sensationalize what they want YOU to see.

            They control YOUR opinions and thoughts that way.

            Why should the Right have to be brainwashed the way the left is being brainwashed?

            My point is that the act of brainwashing is WRONG.

          150. glorybe2 says

            You have a right wing that tries to brainwash the uneducated with continuous lies. For example denial of global warming is a deliberate lie. You have a right wing that constantly tries to brainwash people with the notion that growth is good. The right wing also wants to deny all responsibility for pollution and loss of environmental quality. Then you have even more absurd lies such as claiming that Obama was not born in the US.
            Now just how is it that you think the left is telling lies about anything at all. Go fix your own side before you ask the opponents to fix themselves.

          151. MAHB001 says

            I have asked this before and will yet again.

            What lies, provide proof with your statements.

            Your comments prove exactly what I am talking about. The Liberal media shows you ONLY the negative side of growth and you accept it without question. They will never tell you the positive side of growth because that does not fit their narrative. That is bias by omission, omit the positive side of growth, sensationalize the negative side of growth….

            I happen to believe that we should be fed ALL sides of the story so that we can make an educated decision FOR OURSELVES…. Which by the way, is what I have done on the subject of “Climate change.” It is promoted by politicians that want to tax the crap out of us, and scientists that abandon their principles for a small portion of those taxes…

          152. glorybe2 says

            The logical outcome of growth is the extermination of human life. What can be balanced against that? Yes growth does create jobs. Growth enables some people to get rich. Growth enables the irresponsible to procreate without concern for the ultimate consequences.
            There came a time when we began to get a very real picture of the Earth being a sort of space ship that travels along but with a very fixed amount of resources. The more crowded the space ship gets the worse life gets for all inside. Every human problem becomes much greater in its impact. If one person gets a cold then everybody in the crowded ship gets a cold. Population density is a negative for human life. Nature begins to be destroyed when populations reach a certain point. All lives are in danger when crowding occurs or when industry reaches a certain point. Yet humans do not rethink their entire belief system as time and population density change. Ideas and operating, social policies do not change as nobody wants to really noodle out entirely new beliefs and laws. To conserve does not imply clinging to old ideas. In order to truly conserve our nation and our world we must change our values and beliefs.

          153. MAHB001 says

            EVERYTHING GROWS. That is what we were put on earth for.

            So what you are saying is the logical outcome of LIFE is the extermination of human life….

            That is EXTREMELY revealing

            There is a God, God does provide, yes there will be a judgement day and NO your politicians TAXES will not have any impact on climate change.

            I suggest your politicians that are pushing your climate change have their own “monetary” survival on their minds…

            Climate change is no different than common sense gun laws. Politicians have a completely different goal than what they sell you on.

          154. jreb57 says

            “For example denial of global warming is a deliberate lie”
            The lie is that man is causing it. If you understood physics you would know this..

          155. jvaljon1 says

            That, coming from an obvious Fox-er like yourself, is AMAZING!

          156. MAHB001 says

            You have been told not to trust Fox and you do so with utmost faith in what your handlers tell you to do.

            You are a victim of ideological subversion….


          157. jreb57 says

            “The vast majority of the public sees Fox news as a bad joke.”
            Having said that, you are going to have a hard time explaining why their ratings are so good.

          158. glorybe2 says

            People enjoy watching the idiots on Fox lie and make blunders, one after the next.

          159. jreb57 says

            “People enjoy watching the idiots on Fox lie and make blunders”
            Based on that line of “reasoning” the present administration should be supremely popular and will not need the votes of illegal aliens.

          160. glorybe2 says

            That is the type of blunder that Fox would make. You see, our president needs no votes at all. His term is ending and he can not be re-elected. And that is why people like myself watch Fox News. It is humorous to see such spastic minds trying to influence the nation.

          161. jreb57 says

            “His term is ending and he can not be re-elected”
            Now all we have to be worried about is which idiot the Democrats will try to replace him with..

          162. jreb57 says

            The people you constantly complain about (the rich) own the networks. They are not socialist, they are crony capitalist of the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” variety. They are probably why you think Obama is conservative..

          163. ringostarr1 says

            To answer you question, “….but what happens when the Republicans are Democrats…” The answer is, then you have a Tea Party win!!!!

          164. MAHB001 says

            Not exactly the conclusion I would come to but maybe you are correct.

            After all, EVERYBODY is “Taxed Enough Already.” If the Tea Party stuck to that original mantra, the Dems would be 10% and the Reps would be 10%.

            My answer would be that the Dems are watching the Dems and nobody is keeping them honest… The Dems count the votes…

          165. ringostarr1 says

            Do you mean like that alien born in Canada who is running for the Presidency of the United States this year?

          166. glorybe2 says

            Who are you talking about? Can you offer proof that he was born in Canada. Obama submitted two different birth certificates that were normal and valid and even that did not shut up the right wing, chronic liars. The reason there were two is that Hawaii had two different forms that were common at the time Obama was born. Both certificates agreed in all details.

          167. jreb57 says

            “Who are you talking about? Can you offer proof that he was born in Canada.”
            He is not talking about Obama. He is talking about Ted Cruz.

          168. glorybe2 says

            The rule book stays the same. Who proved that Obama was not born in the US? Yet Trump to this very day claims that Obama is not a US citizen. If the right wing has to prove nothing then neither does the left wing.

          169. glorybe2 says

            Even if i believed that data, which I do not, would 65,000 votes have changed anything at all? After confronting the fact that such a problem would rarely effect the outcome of an election do you actually believe that democrats would conspire to make an effort to get illegals to vote all the while knowing that in all probability it would have no effect on a national election? Nobody on the left is dumb enough to waste their time on such nonsense.

          170. MAHB001 says

            Believe it or not, it is real, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

            I reject your “fact” that such a problem would effect the outcome of an election… Local elections are far more tight, McDaniel lost to Cochran by 6,500 manufactured votes. (Mostly Democrats that crossed the isle to do the Republican elite a favor.)

            Yes, the ruling elite will conspire to keep the power they have. The illegals will not vote, it would be illegal for them to vote. The Democrat party will fill out their ballots and vote for them, and stuff the ballot box with illegal votes. The court system will not persecute the illegals, the voter of registrars will not verify that the person has the right to vote…. All the Dems have to do is get the votes into the system and nobody will question it.

            What do you want to bet that 100% of all Democrats could vote for Bernie and Hillary will win the nomination? Your vote will not be counted.

          171. jreb57 says

            “Nobody on the left is dumb enough to waste their time on such nonsense.”
            Not only do they (the Democrats) meet the intelligence requirements, but this is history in Chicago. Acorn was under indictment in 11 states for just such nonsense. In the 2012 election Melowese Richardson served time in jail for voting 5 times for Barack Obama was sentenced to 5 years, released early and embraced by Ohio Democrats at a voter registration rally. No one can say what the effect of fraud had on the elections. Maybe we can agree that it should not happen

          172. glorybe2 says

            I do agree that zero voter fraud should ever take place. Baby Bush would have never been elected without rigged voting results in Florida.

          173. jreb57 says

            “Baby Bush would have never been elected without rigged voting results in Florida.”
            The results were challenged only in Democrat districts with Democrats counting the votes. When a machine recount gave the same result, the Democrats wanted a hand recount which was disallowed by the court. Obviously, the Democrats wanted to keep counting until their guy won. This happened in Wisconsin where Al Franken won after several recounts and extra votes miraculously appeared giving Franken the win. To this day, Al Gore thinks he won Florida.

          174. jvaljon1 says

            No, it was Katharine Harris – Republican Secretary of State – who insisted that she hadn’t tossed Democratic votes. To this day, most people – both Republican AND Democrat – know that Al Gore did indeed, win Florida.

          175. jreb57 says

            According to a massive months-long study
            commissioned by eight news organizations in 2001, George W. Bush probably still would have won even if the U.S. Supreme Court had allowed a limited statewide recount to go forward as ordered by Florida’s highest court.
            Bush also probably would have won had the state conducted the limited recount of only four heavily Democratic counties that Al Gore asked for, the study found.
            Harris did what the law required her to do and that is run the ballots through the counting machines again. The results said Bush won. There was no provision under the law for a hand recount.

          176. jvaljon1 says

            None of that is true, jreb57. Acorn was an organization that found housing for Black people in the lower- and middle- end of the economic scale. It was successful, and it was shut down as soon as it was found to be successful.

            I remember that story about the 2012 election. It was found to be one big lie. Of COURSE your precious Rush (he of the Limp Bough) disseminated that lie far and wide, as he does with almost everything and everyone else who isn’t Republican.

          177. jreb57 says

            “Acorn was an organization that found housing for Black people in the lower- and middle- end of the economic scale”
            Apparently it was also involved in improper voter registration, fraudulent voter registration and improper handling of ballots. Acorn was under indictment on these and other charges related to the 2012 election. They disbanded because of this rather than face the charges.

          178. jvaljon1 says

            Oh PLEASE, MAHB001! …”Just this last year, voter right advocacy groups forced the CA voter registration committee to drop over 30,000 dead people and 35,000 duplicates off the registration ballots in LA country alone.” Then you add, “LA is the epicenter of corruption…” No, it is not.

            The epicenter of corruption, remains the replacement of President Gore with the unelected “president” George W. Bush, in 2001 – with the thousands of Florida Democratic votes tossed into the garbage, and the Fla. Supreme Court DEMANDING a recount of Florida votes, but the Supreme Court saying, “nay nay, a recount in Florida (of Democratic voters in Nov. 2000) would NOT be in our favor!”

            Now, tell me some more, about voters being disenfranchised! C’mon…I really want to hear how you thought that was OK!

          179. MAHB001 says

            Kind of hard to believe eh? Why just because the MEDIA doesn’t report it?

            The MEDIA is in on it. Nobody benefits, right or left, from this corruption. The Government gains control, the people lose control.

          180. MAHB001 says

            Oh foolish one. I said CA epicenter of voter corruption… But if you can see how Bush and the Republicans can do it, you should be able to see how the Democrats would do it.

            After all it was a socialist/communist that said….

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            You are aware that Hillary is counting the votes and she will not leave this next election up to chance……

          181. ringostarr1 says

            You just made my point about SEAL Team 6 ‘VETing’ the Refugees.

          182. Justice says

            In Syria, women have been abducted by pro-regime forces, to spread fear in the population, and there is a mass of evidence involving rape, arbitrary detention, torture, “disappearances” and summary executions. In Libya, rape has been employed as a weapon of war, and the victims are stigmatized into silence. In Egypt, women demonstrators have been sexually assaulted by male protesters, and several women dissidents were detained by the army, and forced to undergo “virginity tests”.

          183. jreb57 says

            “Anyone with $50. can get all kinds of documentation from Haiti.”
            And that is the problem.

          184. ringostarr1 says

            People like Cotton and glorybe2 are the equivalent of the NAZI’S Abvwher or else the Sicherheitsdiens (secret police). They are attempting to enforce a politically correct mindset on every living breathing American. People like the above are America’s real enemies, not Syrian refugees.

          185. BTeboe says

            I wonder why they continue to live in the United States if they hate it so badly. I have never understood the juvenile mindset of liberals. They really are like children. They’re self-centered and egocentric and believe they are entitled to everyone else’s hard earned pay. I bet both of these guys have no life, are not retired, not married, no job, loser people who get their jollies by posting anonymously.

          186. glorybe2 says

            So sorry i worked for 50 years, am a widower, am retired, and have a girlfriend 40 years younger than me.

          187. ringostarr1 says

            Well it is good that we have so many aborted infants otherwise we would be dealing with even more like yourself.

          188. glorybe2 says

            I am glad that you are pro abortion.

          189. ringostarr1 says

            Oh, I don’t think that we have near enough abortions, it is my belief that abortions are preformed for health reasons. So ever Democrat woman who seeks an abortion results in one less future Democrat voter and that results in better average mental health for all Americans

          190. BTeboe says

            Yeah, right. Sure you are. Like I’m going to believe anything you post.

          191. jreb57 says

            “the juvenile mindset of liberals”
            Being altruistic with someone else’s nickle.

          192. jvaljon1 says

            Here’s something you can try, BTeboe – look up “liberal” in the dictionary. Actually, liberals do believe that they are as entitled to a job, as anyone else is. Capitalism is the belief that only SOME people are entitiled to a job. Under what we had before Reagan – what I call ”- EVERYBODY WORKED! Everyone.

            What you don’t understand, BT – is the promise of a country governed BY the people, OF the people, and FOR the people. Every time that happens in America, along comes a bunch of people such as yourself, BT, saying: “Nay nay, THAT’S not what our Founding Fathers meant!”

            Look – you can own as many companies as you want, on my dime. What you can and will never be able to do, is to convince most Americans that that is the right thing to do. Maybe if you start paying your taxes, we’ll start listening to you a little bit better.

          193. BTeboe says

            Really? Really. The communists/socialists/Marxists have usurped the Democratic party and you’re screaming about Republicans. Both of them can go by the way side as far as I’m concerned And you, you must be bipolar.

          194. Cotton says

            Having a different opinion = being a nazi. Good to know.

          195. glorybe2 says

            Oh yes, here I am trying to force people to think. I must be a bad person.

          196. ringostarr1 says

            No worse than the little “special needs” weasel Joseph Goebbels. Who taught Obama and his minions that, “The most effective propaganda is propaganda masquerading as enterainment.”

            But the Nazis were always a Left wing origination.

          197. glorybe2 says

            Goebbels was not alive when Obama was born or perhaps Obama was one year old or something. That being the case it is absurd to suggest that Goebbels taught Obama anything at all.

          198. jreb57 says

            “Goebbels was not alive when Obama was born or perhaps Obama was one year old or something”
            Goebbels had been dead for 16 years when Obama was born in 1961. Obama’s guru was Frank Marshall Davis a self avowed member of CPUSA. Communism shares many values with Nazism including absolute control of the economy. Which brand of socialism is worse? I do not intend to experience either one.

          199. glorybe2 says

            Neither communists or Nazism are part of socialism. Yes Hitler did use the term National Socialist Party but that was propaganda. It is rather like the USSR claiming to be a socialist republic. They were not.
            As far as Obama associating with someone who may have been a communist I would say so what. Communism has something in common with the capitalists. If not corrupted it can work but it always gets corrupted. Communism is interesting in that it formally mixes economics with its political system. In the US we have no official economic system in the political sense. We could be socialist or capitalist or a weird mixture of both, which in fact we have always been.

          200. jreb57 says

            Both Communism and Nazism are socialist; Communism more so than Nazism. Hitler was said to have “made the trains run on time”. You can’t do that unless you control the railroads. In Soviet Russia, there was no private property, the government owned it all. Thats socialism carried to its extreme..

          201. jvaljon1 says

            Who made the trains run on time was Mussolini. If you were in Italy, wanting say to go North (or South) you would take Tuesday’s train in that direction. Trouble is, (up until Mussolini) WHICH Tuesday’s train? Day after tomorrow’s? Next week’s? Next MONTH (first Tuesday)? Yeah, you bet Mussolini controlled the railroads! I don’t know what happened in Germany….but I do know that Communism isn’t the least bit Socialist. Communism doesn’t work, any more than capitalism does.

          202. jreb57 says

            You must have control of the trains to make them run on time. Both Hitler and Mussolini were socialists. Hitler called himself a National Socialist. The Soviet Union was also known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Go argue with them. I think they knew what they were better than you

          203. jvaljon1 says

            Capsolism…that’s what I used to call what we had, before Reagan and the rest of the Radical Right destroyed our country…

          204. jvaljon1 says

            And here I thought that Obama’s ‘guru’ was the Reverend Wright, a Black minister! Oh me, oh my, jreb57 – where DO you get all this BS?! This can’t ALL be Rush!

          205. jreb57 says

            Frank Marshall Davis served as a father figure to Obama during his younger years. Look it up. Obama certainly shares communism’s avowed goal of redistributing wealth. Capitalism has worked very well for most of us.

          206. jreb57 says

            Hitler reportedly said “What good fortune for governments that the people do not pay attention”.

          207. ringostarr1 says

            I differ with you, you in reality are trying to stampede everyone into adopting an anti middle class agenda, one that is cleverly intended to turn the American dream into a nightmare.

          208. glorybe2 says

            Between Ronald Reagan and baby Bush the middle class was beaten into the dirt long before Obama was elected. The middle class is now sort of on the poor side. They can thank the right wing for that.

          209. jreb57 says

            “Between Ronald Reagan and baby Bush the middle class was beaten into the dirt long before Obama was elected.”
            That’s BS. I remember getting bonuses when Reagan was president. Congress was still controlled by the Democrats though and they spent more than Reagan wanted on social programs. The cause of the 2008 debacle began in 1977 with the passage of the Community Reinvestment Act and the repeal of parts of Glass Steagall in the late 1990’s.

          210. glorybe2 says

            Yes, you may have gotten bonuses. It did take a bit of time before Reagans policies started to destroy America.

          211. jreb57 says

            It took from 1977 to 2008 for the CRA and the repeal of Glass Steagall to create the 2008 financial crisis. The CRA was a bill passed by a Democrat congress and signed by a Democrat president. It impacted the middle class the most because most of the middle classes wealth is in home ownership.

          212. glorybe2 says

            No, I am not anti middle class at all. I am anti all classes. I can live just fine without being in a pecking order in which I am higher or lower than others. It is called equality.

          213. jreb57 says

            “It is called equality”
            No two people in the world are equal. You must mean equality under the law. That would be social justice..

          214. BTeboe says

            Evidently you don’t live in a border state. There is absolutely no vetting for those who cross illegally and are not caught. Nice try though, but you are deluded about what goes on with ICE.

          215. Cotton says

            I’m talking about refugees, not the mexicans.

          216. BTeboe says

            I’m talking about all types of people who cross our border illegally. They have found Korans and prayer rugs along some of the suspected routes. The terrorists are already here and it is not a question of if they will attack, but when.

          217. Cotton says

            Like that one terrorist that shot up that Planned Parenthood clinic! I guess we all have to watch our backs.

          218. BTeboe says

            Yeah, just like that guy and possibly you.

          219. ringostarr1 says

            People like the above are quick to jump to judgments about the motives of others. However when it comes to stocking the mountains purple majesty with folks capable of killing Americans it is, the more criminal aliens, the merrier.

          220. glorybe2 says

            Oh, the founders had all kinds of native people in those majestic mountains eager to take the lives of the invading Europeans. We are the immigrants.

          221. Cotton says

            Weak comeback.

          222. BTeboe says

            LMAO – you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Loser.

          223. Cotton says

            Keep trying.

          224. BTeboe says

            You’re too stupid for me to keep trying.

          225. Cotton says

            So weak..

          226. Tony Donaldson says

            You don’t read much or either filter what you read through a liberal brain. The man wasn’t a terrorist.

          227. Cotton says

            He has a domestic terrorist.

          228. Justice says

            YUSUFALI: They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks;-
            PICKTHAL: They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend nor helper from among them,
            SHAKIR: They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.

          229. Justice says

            Brendan O’Neill in the Telegraphrightly described this as an “explicit conflation of racial prejudice and political opinion, a mashing together of what we can all agree is irrational hatred of Muslims with what is surely just criticism of Islam. Now, you may agree or disagree with the idea that Islam is repressive of women and gays, but it is an idea nonetheless, a view some individuals have arrived at after thinking about various issues. To lump such an outlook together with abusive terms like ‘goatf**ker’, as if they both come from the same spectrum of racial hatred, is a see-through attempt to demonise certain political ideas by branding them racist.”

          230. Cotton says

            You can stop copying and pasting things from pjmedia because you obviously could never come up with anything in your own words. Good attempt at trying to look smart though.

          231. Justice says

            Everyone, regardless of your position on global warming or the environment, must take into consideration the solutions that we are being given, as well as the forces behind them which seek to create a global system of domination and control.

          232. glorybe2 says

            Do you see any problem with a term like “forces seek”? The Paris treaty was signed by nations that often severely dislike each other. We have a world wide, urgent, emergency. If we fight,tooth and nail, to limit the effects of global warming we just might prevent some of the tragedies that warming is causing. If we all put our backs into the effort, and dedicate all of our efforts to the fight we may still be doomed. And warming is not a future problem it is causing havoc already.
            Today the west and center portions of the US are way too cold. Yet the east and southeast are way too warm. We are about to have a sudden clash of very hot are meeting very cold air. I would not be one bit shocked to see tornadoes breakout in the next three or four days. Economic loss is already obvious as the ski resorts in the east have no snow at all and in the west there is so much snow it is hard to get to the ski resorts.

          233. Justice says

            Many people are unaware that Hitler’s extermination policies began with the large-scale elimination of people with disabilities. Hitler stole most of his ideas on eugenics from publications originating in the USA.

          234. glorybe2 says

            Actually the exterminations started on a very small and secret scale. Nice looking homes were set up to deceive families. Families were asked to bring in retarded, mentally ill, or crippled children to these “homes”. The families were told that the individual would be sent to a facility most able to treat their illness or disability and that the family would be contacted after several months of therapy. The reality is that the individuals were killed on the spot and the bodies disposed of and when the families eventually made inquiries they were told that the person worsened and passed on suddenly and the remains were disposed of for sanitary safety reasons.
            As the problems with small operations were studied the Reich went to larger modes of extermination including the execution of mental patients, the execution of convicts, addicts and drunkards, homosexuals and at that point large camps had been established to deal with the Jews as well as many Roman Catholic priests and nuns and gypsies.
            This horror was Hitler’s greatest idiocy. If he had romanced the Jews and gays and the like he would have had a much more able military and been much harder to defeat. His second idiotic decision was the invasion of Russia. If he had not made those two errors he might have won WW2.

          235. jvaljon1 says

            glorybe2, how about it! You only had to wait TWELVE DAYS (after your post 15 days ago to “Justice”) to see those tornadoes you mentioned appear – up to and including an EF4!!! I live in between Dallas and ArlingtonTX – thank GOD, not Rowlett or Garland – and the pictures coming out of there are nothing short of terrifying. I’ve been a tornado chaser most of my life – God be thanked that my car was down, so that I missed these!

            Everything we said, you and I – EVERYTHING – is coming true, big time. Ski resorts closing in the middle of WINTER – not even their snow-making machines can keep the trails full of snow! Now THAT’S terrifying! But – not as terrifying as these things with closed eyes, who we try (sometimes on a daily basis!) to reason with!

            Climate change is occurring here on Earth, more and more rapidly. People like “Justice” who revel in their own ignorance do so at their own peril, we like to say. No – now it’s OUR peril that the ignoramuses like “Justice” play with.

            However, President Obama recently (a couple of months ago) recently took a trip to Kotzebue, the Northwesternmost part of Alaska – where the temperatures there were in between 15 degrees F by day, and 7 degrees F by night. Kotzebue USED to be the coldest part of the USA – not anymore! Now (after 30 years of determinedly IGNORING the threat of Global Warming), there are places in the USA where it’s colder than that! Montana – the Dakotas

            The President once more tried to sound his warning, and it looks like the rest of the world is finally listening to him – all except jack-offs like “Justice”, AND others (“Justice” is by no means the most paranoid of the lot) who must be writing from some mental institution (probably here in TX) or other…

            Clearly, we’re all now in for a rough bunch of years. We can thank the Evangelical cults for much of what we’re about to experience (further than what we already just HAVE experienced)! I won’t lose hope until this next November Election Day. After all, the Republicans are feverishly working to disenfranchise every Democrat – indeed, every non-Republican – that they can. Let’s see if America allows them to get away with it – now, when huge numbers of people’s lives will (as we have, quite literally, just seen – both in Rowlett and in Garland, TX) depend – on firmly kicking Republicans out of power and keeping them there, for at least the next few generations.

            Anyway – and to repeat, glorybe2: Your tornadoes came, right on schedule.

          236. glorybe2 says

            Yes, I did know and tell people it had to happen. About the 1st. of December i noticed a large area of snow laden air over the west that was getting closer to unusually warm air and when they met tornadoes were sure to follow. If I had spent a few minutes more I could have easily predicted the floods now taking place as well. After all, cold, wet air striking warm air usually produces quite a bit of rain. And if warm air manages to push a bit over the frozen areas then rapid snow and ice melt occur.
            In my town it was 87 two days ago. Then we had 85 degrees for two days. Tomorrow should be decent but two days from now the weatherman says we will hit 90 degrees. I have salt water on three sides of my home so it is humid as well. We have been breaking high temperature, all time records almost daily, near my home. We already have Malaria here as well as Dengi fever and now another mosquito born disease has arrived. This new disease causes babies to be born with tiny brains and wrecked bodies. The damage is permanent. Warmth is causing tropical diseases to enter the US. Another nasty item is also near to being a problem. The awful Fer De Lance snake is now close to the Mexican border. The snake has an unusually awful bite, and if one lives it is usually in a mutilated state from large masses of dead tissue requiring serious surgeries or amputations. In the Past the weather here was cold enough to keep this snake out of the US. It used to be found only in S.America. It makes a rattlesnakle look like a whimp.

          237. jvaljon1 says

            Yeah. Dengue, you used to see that with Vietnam Veterans, Microencephaly is what you’re describing, with the babies? And here in TX we have a lot of snakes. I know all about the Fer de Lance, more and more people are getting bitten. I think that rattlers are going further North, it’s getting too hot down here for them. Luckily we have a good snake-control practice, but that also requires tax monies to be effective. With Governor Greg Abbot in Texas, who firmly avoids interviews and all contact with interested parties, I wouldn’t bet my life that the snake-control practices that we USED to have, are even still there.

          238. glorybe2 says

            Yes there is now a third mosquito born plague. It is not Dengue but it does cause infants to be born with shrunken brains. We’ve had Dengue in Florida since the hurricanes in 2005. It blew over from the islands. That year we had three major hurricanes here in one summer.
            I have worked in a situation in which rattlesnake bites were a constant concern. The Florida diamond back is a separate species. They get much larger than other diamond backs. I never had that much fear of them as treatment tends to save most bite victims, if they are intelligent about what to do. But the Fer D’ Lance leaves a man in a wicked condition. Not only the pain must be dealt with but the tissue damage is so severe that many surgeries often must take place and you can be off your feet for several years trying to recover. Way back in 1950 I distinctly recall news broadcasts about armadillos appearing east of the Mississippi river due to our climate being warmer. Now they are common down to the tip of Florida and often seen in the suburbs. Iguanas and monitor lizards are now established here and in my lawn at times. And we have an abundance of pythons in south Florida as well. We even had a Comcast Cable guy bitten by a green mamba here. He was so lucky as anti venom was available and he was saved. From time to time we even have cobras discovered here. I don’t think they are established but have simply escaped from zoos or other facilities. On the funny side we just had a burglar killed by an alligator. The guy went into the back yard of a home on a canal seeking to break in a back window. He stumbled upon a sleeping gator and that was the last stumble of his life. Authorities killed the gator and got the burglars body parts out the next day.

          239. glorybe2 says

            I have known people that lived in west Texas that had to use a broom to get rattlers off of their front porches as a normal routine.
            You have to see a Florida diamondback to believe it. They can be unusually large and quite heavy. They are a separate breed from other diamondbacks. They really can get better than 10 ft. long and they can have an 18 inch girth. Finding a really big one like that is quite rare but finding one 6 or 7 feet in length is not all that uncommon. Our tropical grasses and brush can make them very hard to see and when you hear those rattles you have no clue as to how many are around you. There are some fields here that you would have no chance of walking across at certain times. The snakes seem to follow rabbits so in some places when tender grasses bloom from rains the fields draw snakes seeking the rabbits.

          240. glorybe2 says

            Although it is a bit off topic I think we need to warn people that the mosquito born Zika virus must already be in Florida. We simply have too many tourists from S. America and the islands for that virus not to be here already. Any woman who just might be pregnant should avoid Florida until a vaccine can be created (about two years). Having a baby with a lethal degree of brain damage is just too serious a risk. The southern portions of Texas are probably also already involved as well.
            Southern Florida gets a double whammy as we have so much swamp and lagoon like areas that mosquitoes are always a big problem here. This is a problem actually caused by global warming. So we have dengue and zika as well as malaria as real issues now.

          241. glorybe2 says

            First, there is zero evidence that any global control is coming. Next ,if global government is coming it will not come in our lifetime. Third, if one world government ever does occur it is foolish to fear that conditions would be made worse by it. Things just might be better.
            This falls into the same dust bin as being frightened by terror attacks. I doubt that you sit around worrying about a lightning strike. You are far more likely to be killed by a lightning bolt than to be killed by a terrorist unless you work in an abortion clinic, where mentally ill fanatics are very likely to kill you.

          242. Justice says

            Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist at Liverpool John Moores University who monitors studies and news reports of asteroids, global warming and other potentially apocalyptic topics, recently quoted in his daily electronic newsletter the following from a blog called Strata-Sphere:

            “Global warming on Neptune’s moon Triton as well as Jupiter and Pluto, and now Mars has some [scientists] scratching their heads over what could possibly be in common with the warming of all these planets … Could there be something in common with all the planets in our solar system that might cause them all to warm at the same time?”

          243. glorybe2 says

            Ok, suppose he is correct. Isn’t that a warning that we must all make a serious effort to reduce man made, global warming? If we are experiencing solar driven global warming it is urgent that we stop man made global warming.

          244. glorybe2 says

            Jupiter is so distant that warming from solar radiation would probably be quite tiny.

          245. JB Wright says

            I would go so far as to say that the fact that radical Islam has declared war on us and swears by Modumhead that they will destroy America for who we are, places them firmly in the “racist” category. As for those Muslims who remain peaceful? Well only time will tell but if they are truly dedicated to the Koran, they must be dedicated to killing the (alleged) infidel. Getting “radicalized” is the equivalent to following their bible more diligently. Peaceful Muslim is the equivalent of a Christian being “lukewarm” If you disagree I would certainly appreciate knowing what you are basing it on.

          246. glorybe2 says

            Since America is composed of every possible race and racial mixture the language of radical Islam is not about destruction of a race but about the destruction of a nation. After all, if you destroy America, you will be killing many Muslims as well.

          247. JB Wright says

            “Since America is composed of every possible race and racial mixture the language of radical Islam is not about destruction of a race”

            Good point! I’ll recall the “firmly racist” remark and go with “huge murderous assholes” instead

          248. glorybe2 says

            “Radicalized” is a really strange concept. It seems to be used like it is a disease that one somehow catches. If one’s beliefs diverge from the bulk of the herd,then one is somehow considered a radical. Revolutionary is another, similar term. There has never been a person who was as radical as Jesus Christ and He was the ultimate revolutionary as well. Yet we rarely see those words applied to Christ.

          249. JB Wright says

            Has never been a person as radical as Jesus Christ? What have you been smoking? For starters Jesus never threatened to murder everyone who didn’t agree with a false doctrine. If you can find your way past that one we’ll consider others

          250. glorybe2 says

            Christian doctrine changed the entire world. If people simply looked at Christ’s own words the world would have changed even more. The usual powers that be were destroyed by Christ. entire nations fell and came into existence due to the spreading of Christian doctrines. Being radical does not imply that one runs about killing people. Christ, by his doctrines was the greatest power that ever swept the Earth. He was the greatest revolutionary that ever lived and he was radical beyond most mens’ imaginations.

          251. JB Wright says

            “The usual powers that be were destroyed by Christ. entire nations fell and came into existence due to the spreading of Christian doctrines”
            You say that as if Jesus set out to destroy the “usual powers” Show me a Bible verse that backs this up. Entire nations did not fall or come into being due to direct followers activism, conversely these nations that disappeared self destructed and/or were destroyed as a result of their trying to banish Christianity.
            ISIS is actively attempting to build an Islamic State, which requires crushing anything anti-Muslim. I doubt even the most twisted of “Christians” ever thought of having their own state, much less one that kills everyone who does not convert

          252. glorybe2 says

            Part of the fall of Rome is attributable to Christian doctrines. How does one raise an army when the nation converts to Christianity. Remember that Roman soldiers were paid by the loot stolen from those the fell before them. In England the Picts and Celts were diminished as Christianity grew. In Germany the tribal beliefs were beaten down. The Vikings were driven out of business and sought to flee Europe as Christianity took the day. When the New World was discovered the first action of explorers was to claim the land for Christ and their monarch.
            The list of nations vanished by Christianity is long and well documented.

          253. glorybe2 says

            “I have come to put the sword to the Earth. To turn brother against brother and father against son.”. Now tell me that Jesus was not a radical or revolutionary. Look the quote up in your Bible.

          254. JB Wright says

            Well technically that would have been God the Father making the call,
            God the Son merely fulfills the will of his father, but point taken.
            However it is obvious that you missed the qualifier, that being
            “murder everyone who didn’t convert to a FALSE DOCTRINE”, an integral part of
            my statement. Christ does not preach a false doctrine, Islam does.

          255. glorybe2 says

            During his life Mohammed insisted that Christians and Jews be left alone to practice their own religions. The radicals are not following his teachings. Very few Muslims are radicals.

          256. JB Wright says

            During his life Mohammed didn’t do well as a religious leader, it wasn’t until he started out on his political agenda that anyone actually gave a shit what he had to say. I guess abusing women, raping little boys, and killing people by the score appealed to his political followers

          257. glorybe2 says

            The Arab nations have been invaded from every possible nation from every direction for many centuries. Somehow I suspect that they have learned to dislike all outsiders due tto unending pressure from aggressors.

          258. JB Wright says

            Yes, we all do have to watch our backs, there is danger of violence in any given moment, why increase it to even higher levels with un-vettable refugees? Rhetorical question, there is no good reason.

          259. Justice says

            YUSUFALI: Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan.
            PICKTHAL: Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is ever weak.
            SHAKIR: Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the Shaitan. Fight therefore against the friends of the Shaitan; surely the strategy of the Shaitan is weak.

          260. glorybe2 says

            Allah is a low life and who the heck is Yusufali? That name sounds like some reaction to eating bad seafood.

          261. Justice says

            And that political and cultural correctness comes to us courtesy of the political and cultural establishments, which to various degrees all traffic in terrorism denial, and whose influence shifts down to silence any dissent and enforce what they consider to be normative opinions about Islam. There is no mystery as to why the cultural establishment aggressively promotes and distributes terrorism denial memes through every organ of its influence from the movie theater to the novel, from the evening news broadcast to the standup comedy routine, from the university classroom to the music video.

            The cultural establishments throughout the First World tend to lean to the left, a development that is hardly new considering that academia and the theater proved to be refuges for radicals going back centuries before the establishment of the United States, let alone the existence of Hollywood or the east coast’s ivy league institutions. The difference is that the university and the theater have never wielded as much influence as they do now, there is no measuring the gap in power between the 17th century playhouse and the 21st century movie theater and television set combo. So too there is no comparison between the influence of a 17th century university and a 21st century college. While the blooms of the present were sown with the seeds of the past, in the present they have become the gardeners, pruning and snipping the public consciousness by virtue of their universality, sooner or later just about everybody passes through one of their classrooms or sits down before their screens.

          262. Tony Donaldson says

            Call it “conditioning.” It’s been going on a long time. The communists perfected it. As you see by what goes on within our institutions of so called higher learning. I’d fire and deport any college professor preaching communism, socialism, progressivism, secularism. Our nation doesn’t need such people. Round them up. Send them to live in a communist country. Siberia would be fine.

          263. glorybe2 says

            Would you round up and fire the same professors for advocating democracy or capitalism? So what you want is mind control and book burnings. That sounds like that short fool with the mustache to me.

          264. Tony Donaldson says

            Anything is better than the Politically correct bullshit the liberals spout. Look where the free love and “If it feels good, do it” crowd have taken America. Communism and socialism are failed concepts. Yes, I would round up any one spouting communism or socialism. and send them to the land of Siberia. You talk of mind control. You dare to do that after all of the indoctrination your professing idiots have rammed down the student’s throats? You call making slaves out of taxpayers to feed and house the lazy, inept, thoughtless idiots this indoctrination spews out year after year. I’d say burn every book that has communist leanings. I say get the hell out of America if you want to be communist. We aren’t communist. Take your collective, mind numbing idiocy out of our country. You don’t deserve the right to live here. Your definition of democracy is majority rules. Chaos with idiots at the helm. The iron fist of the republic where everyone has rights guaranteed by the constitution. Go look for your free stuff in Siberia. You are part of the cancer that is eating away America’s values and traditions. Take your socialistic ass out of my country. Communism and socialism are not welcome.

          265. glorybe2 says

            McCarthy would have loved you in the 1950s. But he was full of beans. The US is now number six in per capita wealth in this world. Numerous socialist nations are doing just fine. Paranoia over communism almost ended life on this planet. So just why would you want to create an atmosphere of fear and hate? Go wax your car or something that might be of some benefit to yourself.

          266. Justice says

            For decades, Egyptian Muslim women suffered because divorce was not easy for them to obtain. But the right of women to initiate divorces in court actions (“khul”) was established under ex-president Mubarak. Recently, however, an independent member of the Egyptian parliament suggested limiting women’s right to initiate divorces. Mohamed al-Omda, deputy head of the People’s Assembly Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee has submitted a draft law that would abolish the prerogative of “khul.”

          267. glorybe2 says

            In a society that allows a husband to keep a woman in a house as if it was a prison just how does she file for divorce. And if the husband can beat her into the floor at his whim you can bet she can’t file anyway.

          268. jreb57 says

            “Paranoia over communism almost ended life on this planet”
            It was the paranoia of the communists that produced the Iron Curtain and produced communists revolutions all over the world. The objective was clear. The world would be dominated by a loose federation of communists nation states. Everything would be controlled by the government. It appealed to so few people that they had to build a wall to keep people in. We are talking about a wall to keep people out unless they follow immigration laws.

          269. glorybe2 says

            If the majority is socialists, the socialists rule in a democracy. There is not a single mention of free markets or capitalism in our constitution.

          270. Tony Donaldson says

            Thing is, We live in a REPUBLIC! Not a democracy. The majority does not rule here. Laws rule here.

          271. glorybe2 says

            Yes we do live in a constitutional republic. But the public, through their elected officials can rewrite that constitution. Worse yet, as a fact, the government itself has not usually followed the constitution. We have so many laws that the government can pretty much do as it likes. For example, we have withheld funds belonging to American Indian tribes for many decades. Apparently our government remains free to violate any treaty it wishes to. And we can change definitions in the twinkling of an eye. One day a black person is not a human being and the next day he is a US citizen. We also use fancy concepts to cover our violations. For example the draft was a form of slavery used to fill the ranks in our military. And public domain is a nice term meaning we take what we want to take. To suggest that we live in a nation of laws is naive.

          272. jreb57 says

            “Apparently our government remains free to violate any treaty it wishes to”
            As does virtually every government on th face of the earth. You are talking about whether two wrongs make a right. I am talking about whether the government needs to be compelled to follow the constitution or not. If the government will not follow so basic of an agreement as the constitution, why would anyone believe it is likely it would follow a treaty which is unenforceable by the weaker party?

          273. Tony Donaldson says

            You forgot to read the part in it about commerce. Do you know what commerce is????

          274. glorybe2 says

            Commerce exists in all forms of government including socialist and communist governments.

          275. jreb57 says

            Yes commerce exists in all enterprises. In capitalist enterprises, it is either positive or the enterprise goes out of business for want of clients. In government enterprises, it is usually negative (as it is now) but the enterprise persists until the government wrings the last bit of wealth from the clients (citizens) as the Soviet Union did in 1990.

          276. glorybe2 says

            According to your mode of thought the American tobacco companies must be positive. After all, they have persisted over time and paid dividends to their investors. The fact that they have murdered millions of people seems to escape conservatives. And I am very sure that the folks in Flint, Michigan would love to thank industry for poisoning their children with lead. And allowing the concept of corporations is just so wonderful as it allows investors to walk away with millions and no responsibilities for ruining the regions.

          277. jreb57 says

            You are talking about things you know nothing about. For a time, my father worked for Philip Morris selling cigarettes. Every one understood there was a health issue with cigarettes. No one thought it would happen to them. In a free country, you do not tell other adults that you know what is best for them. You just may nor be the smartest person in the room. My father died in 1970 from lung cancer. I wish he had lived long enough to see his grandson become a star pitcher for his college baseball team. He made the choice to smoke and he would tell you that himself. I chose not to smoke and my father had a lot to do with my decision. As far as responsibility goes, did you ever hear of class action lawsuits? Lawyers love them. They get rich on the proceeds while the plaintiffs get little because of the numbers.

          278. glorybe2 says

            Yes we all must have enough concern to disallow others from harming themselves, particularly when there is no upside to an activity. And if you grew up in a home with a smoker it did permanently damage you. Your physical ability has been limited by that environment and it is permanent. Tobacco now is known to kill people in numerous ways. It is not just lung disease anymore but a host of diseases. So now that many Americans refuse to smoke we are exporting tobacco in greater amounts, to nations which have large numbers of severely uneducated people. We also know that soda causes numerous health problems. And guess what! Coca Cola does research and targets inner city people with soda ads. They get more bang for their buck as inner city people tend to be less educated and also often can not afford healthier products so they tend to buy a lot of soda. Coke wants to get them before they get used to some other brand. In a way it is a conspiracy to commit murder. Liquor stores also target ghettos. Get the picture?

          279. jreb57 says

            “Get the picture?”
            I get the picture. You think you are one of those who knows what is best for others. You do not belong in a free country. BTW one of my friends died of heart disease likely as a result of smoking cigarettes. He made that decision on his own and was glad he at least had the freedom to do so. Actions have consequences. So do elections.

          280. glorybe2 says

            If your friend had any notion of right and wrong he would not have felt that way at all. Should we allow heroin to be sold on street corners. We know full well of the awful death toll that heroin makes of its users. So why is it not the same with alcohol or tobacco? How about this new drug they call flacca? I hope I spelled it right. People on flacca go completely insane, display super strength and the high can last for five days or more. They tend to get very violent and attack others for no reason at all. Obviously the decent thing to do when people are hurting themselves is to intercede and use whatever means available to turn them around. Crystal meth is another thriller. Have you seen what a few months on meth can do to a young girl? From your point of view pulling people out of a burning building is wrong because you take their freedom a bit while you carry them out of the fire. And lunatics sometimes believe this junk. Right now we have armed people taking over a public lands conservation building. Frankly they should have been bombed out of that building immediately. But due to absurd thinking patterns of some citizens we are supposed to spend weeks or even months trying to talk them down. It looks like another Branch Davidian
            situation waiting to happen. These nuts insist that it is their right to raise cattle on public lands.
            By the way the guy that tackled a stranger and ate his face completely off was on bath salts. Sometimes the crime exists before it even happens in that some people are so irresponsible that they drink too much or use some kind of dope with the magical belief that they will not be the one who suddenly goes insane and strikes out. But if you ask them before all hell breaks lose they claim it is about freedom. Then in court they beg not to be punished as they are drug users or alcoholics and they can’t help what they are. Funny how they pull up opinions as needed that are totally contrary to the other opinions they utter. The truth is that cowards can not face the world and get high as a result. There is no reality when one is stoned or crocked.

          281. jreb57 says

            “Should we allow heroin to be sold on street corners”
            I am not promoting cigarettes. I am not promoting heroine. Cigarettes are still legal. Heroine is not. I am promoting freedom from the government taking over every aspect of our lives. There may indeed be good reasons for some laws but congress should make them and they should not conflict with the constitution.

          282. glorybe2 says

            We do have a highly trained body of experts who decide if any action violates the constitution. It is called the Supreme Court of the United States. What you really want is for any mad, half educated lunatic to be able define what the constitution provides in relation to the Bill of rights.

          283. jreb57 says

            “any mad, half educated lunatic to be able define what the constitution provides”
            No, I do not want the Democrats to declare the constitution “a living, breathing document”.
            Neither do I want the Supreme Court to make law by judicial fiat. The court is supposed to interpret laws in the light of the constitution rather than change the constitution.

          284. jreb57 says

            “the socialists rule in a democracy”
            This country is not a Democracy. It is a Republic with a constitution which prevents a socialist government from stealing your money and giving it to some one else.

          285. glorybe2 says

            Actually the hippie movement, in the late 1960s, did help to end an unjust war.

          286. glorybe2 says

            I have a friend who is a hooker and a college girl as well. Another female, in anger, chastised her for being a hooker. My friend looked at her and said “Lady i get paid to do what you do for free. So who is the dummy?”.

          287. Justice says

            Tawakkol Karman, is a member of Al-Islah, the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has benefited most from the electoral aftermath of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt. Her position may therefore be considered ambivalent: she is a female rebel within a revolutionary movement that historically has emphasized the subordination of women according to alleged “Islamic” concepts. The “new” MB has followed the model of its current Turkish patron, the neo-fundamentalist Justice and Development Party (known as the AKP), in emphasizing an ostensible commitment to modern principles of equality and citizenship. But in practice, AKP has left its “moderate” promises behind as, recently, it proposed an educational reform that Turkish parents fear would encourage girls, in particular, to quit school after only four years.

          288. Justice says

            Hanaa Edwar, head of the charity Al-Amal (“Hope” in Arabic) has said, “Iraqi women suffer marginalization and all kinds of violence, including forced marriages, divorces and harassment, as well as restrictions on their liberty, their education, their choice of clothing, and their social life.”

          289. glorybe2 says

            There is no doubt that women are treated badly in the Arab regions.

          290. glorybe2 says

            Every play performed in England in the 1600s had to not only have every word approved in advance but also approval of exactly what actor would play each role. In Shakespear’s day it was Lord Burleigh who held sway over what actors were allowed to say and what parts they could act. It was a major crime to reference any current aristocrat or official or even those from the recent past. They had total prior censorship which is the exact opposite of what America is supposed to be about.

          291. Justice says

            No commentary on human rights in the Arab world would be complete without mention of the outstanding example of denial of women’s rights: Saudi Arabia. The kingdom is so flagrant in its violations of women’s rights that one article cannot encompass all of them. A Saudi journalist, Dr. Khalid Al-Nowaiser, wrote on March 21, 2012, in Arab News, “Saudi women urgently need equal rights.” He added, “There are always men who want to control women’s rights in the name of religion or otherwise.”

            Many Arab women want emotional and intellectual liberation, including free participation in public life. These are not new demands. The United Nations Development Programme’s 2007-08 survey of Middle Eastern women’s status revealed that the rate of education among Arab women is the lowest in the Muslim world – in societies where we believe that educating one woman is like educating the entire nation.

            Resistance to the establishment of women’s rights may be blamed on self-appointed male caretakers of Muslim tradition, who feel threatened by the appearance of a significant number of women in a public space, considered reserved for men only, and who say they see emancipated Muslim women as negative exemplars of Westernization.

          292. jreb57 says

            “They had total prior censorship which is the exact opposite of what America is supposed to be about.”
            So then why do the Democrats want to censor political speech (hate speech)?

          293. glorybe2 says

            Hate speech has no place in America. People are totally free to disagree but they are not free to verbally assault someone and bait them with fighting words with impunity. Nobody wants to live in a nation of creeps who are free to insult one’s race or ancestors or make remarks about having sex with their family members etc.. In days gone by one could simply shoot or run a person through with a sword for bad behavior without penalties. There were cases when people were at their dinner table and were beaten into the streets and ordered to fight or die. sometimes the supposed, offended party was a paid killer. Assault was not even a crime taken seriously in the US until a congressman was beaten into permanent disability in Washington D.C.. That was somewhere around 1880. Prior to that period you could punch somebody unconscious or beat them with a cane without fear of legal consequences. Now instead of allowing that sort of thing we prohibit violence and to make that stick we prohibit speech designed to anger or enrage others.

          294. jreb57 says

            Democrats censor speech by calling speech that contradicts their agenda hate speech. What is next; hate thought?

          295. jreb57 says

            “we prohibit speech designed to anger or enrage others”
            Like the speech Al Sharpton gave in Ferguson MO? .

          296. glorybe2 says

            I did not hear that speech. I would have liked to hear it.

          297. glorybe2 says

            One reason is that we now have numerous, barbaric Americans who are devoid of education, civilization, and any morality at all. Right now we may have one third of Americans who think the meaning of life is getting high or getting drunk on a regular basis. In my area, it is sort of rare to find men involved in heavy labor, such as construction, who do not blast down a six pack or more after work and again on weekends. Do you know how many men who do not pay their child support, spend their pay in strip joints? Or how about the guy who spends $50. a week or more on booze or pot that does not pay his child support? Yet I know one fellow who works 16 hours a day, seven days a week, and only gets to keep $20. per day after his pay check is docked for child support. He is an honest guy and tries like hell to take care of his kids. There are few like him.

          298. jreb57 says

            “Right now we may have one third of Americans who think the meaning of life is getting high or getting drunk on a regular basis.”
            Thank you 60’s hippies.

          299. jvaljon1 says

            jreb57 – you call political speech HATE SPEECH? No…we just want to censor the speech that calls on members of various organizations to rise up and KILL those who disagree with them!

            Did you perchance, forget about Timothy McVeigh? He blew up a NURSERY FULL OF BABIES, back in the 90s or late 80s… I guess that Timothy McVeigh’s speech is what YOU’D call ‘political’ but what I’D call ‘hate’ – and yes, there’s a huge difference!

          300. jreb57 says

            McVeigh made no speeches. He took the same sort of action that William Ayers took. He blew up buildings. I have no use for that kind of action. You have already proven you have confused action with speech. What else are you confused about?

          301. glorybe2 says

            I have seen a host of things considered as the enemy on these threads. Now you would have me add Ivy league universities and the entire theater industry to that list. Next you loonies will have me in fear of Popeye or even Olive Oil.

          302. Justice says

            The first Arab woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Tawakkol Karman, a Yemeni journalist, recently said “My dear women: You have revolted from all over the country of Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria in order to construct a dignified life and a better future. Therefore, there is no way that we should bend down or go back.”

            Many women hoped the so-called “Arab Spring” would bring changes to the Middle East to help them realize their dreams and secure a better life for the next generation of women through peaceful transitions away from dictatorship, and collaboration between men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims, government and civilians. But, as Tawakkol Karman also pointed out, “One of the necessities of partnership is for women to obtain their full rights. No dignity and no liberty for a nation which oppresses women and takes away their rights.”

          303. Justice says

            Just as disquieting was Jonathan Freedland’s Guardian piece, in which he decried hateful speech against Muslims, describing it as “racism, of the crudest kind,” and then added: “but the subtler ones are not much better.” For Freedland these “subtler” forms of racism include attempts to “dress up in progressive, Guardian-friendly garb — slamming Islam as oppressive of gay and women’s rights, for example — but the thick layer of bigotry is visible all the same.”

          304. glorybe2 says

            Does it not occur to anyone that many Muslims are snow white and blue eyed? It is not about race.

          305. Justice says

            Islamic extremists raise money, often under false pretenses, saying the money is to help children or build hospitals, but it is used to buy guns, bomb ingredients, and combat training. People in America who have spoken against these groups have been assassinated, here in the U.S.

          306. glorybe2 says

            Who was assassinated and where and when?

          307. Justice says

            Quran (9:73) – “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.” Dehumanizing those who reject Islam, by reminding Muslims that unbelievers are merely firewood for Hell, makes it easier to justify slaughter. It also explains why today’s devout Muslims have little regard for those outside the faith

          308. glorybe2 says

            Realize that Christianity does the exact same thing. ” No one comes unto the father but by me.” are words spoken by Christ. The normal reading of that sentence implies that all Muslims are to be sent into the pit.
            Further the west has a 2,000 year history of considering Arabs as less than human.

          309. Justice says

            In 2011, unrepentant Palestinian terrorists, responsible for the brutal murders of civilians, women and children explicitly in the name of Allah were treated to a luxurious “holy pilgrimage” to Mecca by the Saudi king – without a single Muslim voice raised in protest.

          310. glorybe2 says

            Israel continues to allow its citizens to steal land from Palestine.Unless is Israel is prepared to remove its people from these illegal settlements, and firmly keep it from ever occurring again violence against Israel is justified. The people of Palestine will continue to fight back by every possible means. The idea that a nation has the right to grab another nation’s land just because it might be better for national security is evil. Israel should return to its original borders. This situation is very much like what the US did to Mexico.

          311. jreb57 says

            Palestine was the name given by the Romans to the area including Israel and Judea when they conquered it. So how is it that Israel is stealing land from Palestine when Palestine has never been a sovereign state?

          312. jvaljon1 says

            For GOD’S SAKE, “Justice” – THINK! Bomb ingredients can be had at anyplace that sells fertilizer! Ammonium nitrate, a big ingredient of fertilizer!

            I think that Islamic extremists need money so that they can help people in need, THEN recruit them. That seems to be the pattern that I’ve seen. And after all, if your head’s in the barrel so deep that the bank’s gonna evict you next month, you won’t be asking if your (saving) mortgage payments, come from Muslim or Christian hands. You’re just going to look around and SEE WHO SAVED YOU AND YOURS.

            And that’s ALL you’re going to see. Guaranteed.

          313. Justice says

            hadith goes on to recount that Muhammad personally demanded one of the captured women for his own use:I drove them along until I brought them to Abu Bakr who bestowed that girl upon me as a prize. So we arrived in Medina. I had not yet disrobed her when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) met me in the street and said: “Give me that girl.” (Sahih Muslim 4345)

            The prophet of Islam and his companions used war to collect women for personal sexual use and for trading. Unless she was arbitrarily declared as someone’s wife, the woman became a sex slave. In no case was her fate tied to anything that she had personally done, nor was she given a choice about her future.

          314. jvaljon1 says

            In all fairness – many on this board have not seen the Muslims of Croatia and Serbia to whom you are (likely) referring, glorybe2 – and even the Muslims of Great Britain, who are also ‘snow white and blue-eyed’…

          315. glorybe2 says

            It is a shame that some people haven’t seen or read enough to know about blond and blue eyed Muslims. Frankly we all have certain academic responsibilities, that we should expect of others. A great deal of the former USSR is occupied by Muslims, and has been for centuries.
            I do find it remarkable that Arabs can be sold on the notion of a return to the caliphate. Turks are Muslims, but they are not Arabs. They tend to have a strong dislike for Arabs and treat them as second class humans. The Caliphate was run by the Turks. In essence, many of the Arabs now strive to live as an underclass in the new caliphate. They actually do not know what they are seeking. Worse yet the Turks are not known to be merciful in conflicts. If the Arab nations offend or irritate Turkey the slaughter that results will be spectacular.

          316. glorybe2 says

            Mexicans that cross our borders are refugees. They seek escape from poverty, drug cartels and corruption.
            A friend of mine who lives here now, told me that the quality of life in Mexico, compared to the US was identical. Her opinion was that in Mexico, money was a constant problem whereas in the US social misery was so rampant that people were as miserable as they are in Mexico.

          317. Cotton says

            I could disagree, Mexico is not having a crisis such as some of the middle-east countries that refugees are coming from, they are escaping from war and terror.

          318. glorybe2 says

            Deep poverty, hunger, and a lack of medical care, can be as compelling as an advancing army with bad intentions.

          319. Cotton says

            Maybe, but they are not necessarily being forced out of their homes from it.

          320. glorybe2 says

            Why would you say that? In the Great Depression millions were forced to leave their homes even though they owned the homes outright. It was simply a matter of being starved out. My grandfather’s brothers left rural Virginia and went to Chicago in hope of getting work. You have no notion of how repulsive the idea of living in a large, northern city, was to those southern gentlemen. My grandfather was lucky enough to have a job with AT&T so his pay check continued throughout the depression. He was able to put all four of his daughters through college on that tiny pay check and we had a large home with ten or twelve acres of lawn in a decent sized town. And we were lucky enough to have a good car. Our car had lasted through WW2 and about 1947 we brought a brand new car.

          321. Cotton says

            You may have a point, the US is taking immigrants from Mexico, but to my knowledge they are not calling them refugees.

          322. glorybe2 says

            Here is another point of interest. One reason there is resistance to the close of the prison at Guantanamo, is that if these prisoners are placed on US soil they are subject to all the rules of law afforded anyone else in America.
            So just how is it that Mexican immigrants are not treated the exact same way? The same would be true for Cuban and Haitian refugees that frequently arrive in my area. All three of these groups are treated entirely differently. Yet supposedly we are a nation of laws. Our laws have turned into nothing more than a semi- organized, combined prejudice of the community and have nothing to do with logic or justice.

          323. jreb57 says

            It does have something to do with logic and justice. They are not citizens and they have already violated the law by their coming here.

          324. glorybe2 says

            To be logical choose one sentence that does not void the other. If Arab prisoners brought onto our shores are entitled to full benefit of law, then you must admit that all others who get here must have the full benefit of law. Haitian immigrants that arrive near my home in the wee hours of the night are almost all sent back to Haiti and they do not have full benefit of the law. Cuban immigrants are divided into two groups. If they are standing in one quarter of an inch of water, which is on American soil they are sent back to Cuba. But if they make it to dry beach sand they are held and usually, eventually allowed to stay. The law is supposed to treat everyone, exactly the same. Plainly put our laws are lies.

          325. jreb57 says

            “If Arab prisoners brought onto our shores are entitled to full benefit of law,”
            They are not. They are enemy combatants and are not citizens. They swear no allegiance to this country and are not entitled to the protections thereof.

          326. glorybe2 says

            Apparently the courts and congress see it differently. They insist on the continuation of the Guantanamo prison as they claim that bringing them onto US soil entitles them to lawyers as well as all other benefits of law. With sarcasm, the ultimate benefit of law is the death penalty.

          327. jreb57 says

            “Apparently the courts and congress see it differently”
            Apparently they are wrong. A non citizen can be deported and a citizen cannot. So they contradict themselves. Some one who can be deported is not treated the same as some one who cannot. Of course, if the constitution is a living breathing document (by now it would be on life support) you can do anything you wish.

          328. jreb57 says

            The farmers actually did better than most during the depression. They could at least eat.

          329. ringostarr1 says

            No he is not deluded, he is merely trying to delude America.

          330. glorybe2 says

            In my area refugees arrive in the dark on our beaches daily. Some are from Haiti, most other are from Cuba. They rarely have been a problem.

          331. JB Wright says

            Perhaps, well that is unless you don’t mind your tax dollars paying for their food and housing, and your doctor/hospital bills reflecting charges to offset bills unpaid by those who have no insurance/taxes being higher to supplement for said bills. I don’t pretend to know exactly what or who finances such things but I do know that the cost is higher for those who do things correctly because of those who don’t

          332. glorybe2 says

            We do not pay for food and housing of refugees here. Only if there are small children involved do they get any form of aid at all. They can, however, use our emergency rooms.

          333. JB Wright says

            I disagree; “How much financial assistance do refugees receive?

            The Federal government provides $925 per refugee to cover the costs of
            housing, household goods, food, and pocket money for the first 30 days.
            Beyond that, refugees may qualify for other public assistance programs
            such as Match Grant (an early employment program), TANF, or Refugee Cash


          334. glorybe2 says

            You are probably right. However the people secretly crossing our borders are not classifies as refugees. Many should be. Undocumented people who enter the US receive nothing at all unless a child is involved. And as you can well imagine the undocumented folks avoid contact with all branches of government as they fear deportation. There are probably a few cities or counties that do help the undocumented but I can tell you that in Florida the only thing open to all people is the emergency room. That can turn into a serious problem as they often require follow up care, medications etc. and the only way they get that care is back at the ER, over and over again. By not supplying medication and a follow up clinic the expenses of ER admissions goes through the roof. It would be far cheaper to give them medications and doctor visits. It’s your tax dollars that get wasted by these policies.

          335. JB Wright says

            “By not supplying medication and a follow up clinic the expenses of ER admissions goes through the roof”

            Point taken, I’m sure you are correct about this, there are no simple answers as to what to do with these people. The first and most important step is to stop more from coming here while we figure it out.

            If there is no language in present legislation to narrow down “cannot refuse service to” in the emergency room, there should be added that one must have identification to prove they even belong in this country. Obviously this could only sensibly apply to those who are not in a life-threatening situation. I don’t know how said legislation reads but I would not be surprised to find that the spirit of the law refers to Americans, or at least to those who are in America legally.

          336. glorybe2 says

            Imagine an undocumented worker in NYC who simply gets a cut on his thumb. By the time he somehow got back to mexico that trivial cut could become a deadly wound without treatment. I have no idea how Mexico would treat him if he had no money to pay an ER down there. The Hubert Humphrey Act is specific. Any medical issue requiring treatment must be given unless the problem is not urgent. Sadly in Florida this often turns into rejection of a dying person in the ER. The public hospitals will claim they are there to treat and not keep people with conditions beyond treatment. If you are lucky they send you by ambulance to a nursing home. But if your death will be in two or three days you can be put in hospice which is much better. There are a few people who hang on somehow that are sent home from Hospice and told to come back when they get worse. I suspect they go back to the nursing home through the ER path.

          337. glorybe2 says

            I think you refer to official refugees rather than the undocumented refugees that occur in my area. I can not blame people from Haiti from trying to get here just as I do not blame people who flee from Cuba. You should see some of the pitiful boats that Haitians land on our beaches. They travel over 700 miles of sea, and run a US blockade, trying to get here. When near shore many use an inner tube or swim for it. I wouldn’t trust many of those boats even in a tiny duck pond.

          338. JB Wright says

            I feel bad for these people but the hard truth is that we can’t save the world, we simply don’t have the resources. Then there’s that nagging fact that too many of them want to kill us and we can’t/won’t sort them out. Right now we need to take a step back and take a good honest look at the big picture. We still have room for foreigners but we need to get a handle on who gets in and who doesn’t. We can’t take them all and many of them only mean us harm, lets figure out how to sort out the kind of people who made America great in the first place and concentrate on getting them into the country

          339. joe says

            the navy should sink them all, by the way jesus hates you

          340. jvaljon1 says

            Yeah, I remember when Reagan let in all the Cubans. What’d he say: “If you have ONE FOOT ON US SOIL and you have come the hard way – we can only say, WELCOME!” And those Cubans are good hard workers,. and so are the Haitians.

            To BTeboe, ringostarr1, and others of your ilk – it would have been great for America if YOUR grandparents had stayed where they were.

            And let me tell you – having survived Conservatism, NEO-Conservatism, and other Right Wing droolers – America could use a nice, healthy dose of Socialism. You people are failures, and you’ve dragged America down a miserable path. Now it’s time that it ends, and America take the laxative this November that leaves you flushed out of our political waters, forevermore.

          341. Justice says

            Despite this constant bombardment of brainwashing, common sense generally guides the majority toward the truth, even if they are unlikely to speak it in public or be heard if they do. In some parts of the world such as Europe and Israel saying it is illegal. In the United States it is not yet illegal, but risky, particularly in some contexts. While Nidal Malik Hasan, while working for the US military felt free to express his sympathy for the terrorists, had any of his American colleagues stated that Islam itself is a terrorist ideology, they would have been shown the door, no matter how desperate for medical staff the army might be. The same political correctness that necessitated ignoring Hasan’s hatefilled ravings toward the United States as another uncomfortable incident, would have snapped its jaws shut in an instant on any straight talk about terrorism

          342. glorybe2 says

            I don’t want to burst your bubble but so far terrorism has not put a dent in the US. Our nation is so large that we could have a 9/11 every year and hardly feel endangered at all. The way the British were driven out of the Arab states and the French as well was a continuous series of small incidents happening like clockwork such that the total losses were great enough to exceed any financial benefit that Britain or France might garner through the occupation of Arab lands.

          343. ringostarr1 says

            Yea and Jimmy Carter took in Castro’s human garbage and we are still housing many of them in Federal Prisons even though some of them as of yet has never as much as spit on the street in America.

            This action on your President’s part is an attempt by him to poke his finger into the eyeballs of the same middle class that he claims to love out of the Left side of his mouth, but who he in reality mockingly detests. The only vetting that many of these refugees need should be administered by the First Marine Division.

          344. Tony Donaldson says

            So the logical thing to do, with so many sucking off the taxpayer as it is, is bring in more uneducated leeches to suck us still drier? Twisted logic for sure. Quit peeing on our leg and telling us it’s raining. Keep them over on the other side of the pond. They either fight for their country or die in it.

          345. Cotton says

            Because for a conservative, you can kill as many people as you like in war, but don’t dare try to save anyone from it!

          346. BTeboe says

            Too bad someone like you will never volunteer in the military. You’d probably find yourself the victim of fratricide on the battlefield.

          347. Cotton says

            Do I care?

          348. BTeboe says

            Probably about as much as you care for this country. Nada. You’re only interested in yourself, much the same as a pre-schooler.

          349. Cotton says

            Boo hoo, whine more.

          350. BTeboe says

            You should really quit talking to yourself. It’s a sign of mental illness.

          351. Cotton says

            Your anger feeds me, give me more.

          352. BTeboe says

            You’re the one with anger issues. Like I said, you’re just too stupid to have a conversation with.

          353. Cotton says

            You can say whatever makes you feel better, but it only feeds my superiority complex.

          354. BTeboe says

            See I could tell you are mentally ill.

          355. Cotton says

            Feed me your hate more. Please this is not bait I swear.

          356. ringostarr1 says

            Ok big boy, save infants from abortion and prove your carrying chops.

          357. Cotton says

            If you want my take on abortion trying to stop it will never work. Even if it becomes illegal people would still attempt it. Sorry pal, it just won’t work. Not to mention taking away freedoms from women, I would never support that.

          358. glorybe2 says

            And the rich could still fly anywhere in the world and have an abortion so in effect we could only eliminate abortions for poor people. Then the right wing would stick them in state orphanages and deprive them of care and nutrition and unleash anti-social zombies upon the public when they hit 18. There is no bottom to the evil of being a conservative. These are the fiends who would dig up graves and eat rotting bodies in fear of paying a penny of taxes.

          359. Cotton says

            It’s not that bad, but I see what you mean.

          360. jreb57 says

            “we could only eliminate abortions for poor people.”
            Abortions are already eliminated for the poor if they are required to pay for them. People who believe that abortion is murder do not want to have their tax money used to murder babies.

          361. glorybe2 says

            A fetus is not a baby.
            But more importantly there were millions of Americans that did not want one penny of their tax money spent on the Vietnam conflict. None of us get to pick what our tax money will pay for. Vietnam violated my morality. Abortion violates someone else’s morality. But here is the catch. If you do not believe in abortions then simply do not have one. But for those that did not believe in Vietnam there were prison terms or flight from the US. Young men were given zero free choice. In effect they were slaves forced to fight no matter how people try to color it or bundle it in patriotic tripe.

          362. jreb57 says

            A fetus is a baby that has yet to be born. Vietnam was an undeclared war prosecuted largely by the Democrat party.

          363. glorybe2 says

            By the way, i might be wrong but I believe Planned Parenthood does some free abortions for the poor.

          364. jreb57 says

            There is no such thing as free. The taxpayers pay the freight.

          365. jvaljon1 says

            And WE’RE paying YOUR TAXES, FOR YOU! So ‘the taxpayers’ are paying double freight.

          366. jreb57 says

            “And WE’RE paying YOUR TAXES, FOR YOU”
            I wish you would. I’ll send you the bill and you send me a check.

          367. jvaljon1 says

            Planned Parenthood does diagnostic services – like finding cancer – in the bodies of poor women who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance of knowing that they had cancer at all, before it was too late. I don’t know about free abortions, but I do know that if you have cancer, they will help you even if you have no money.

          368. glorybe2 says

            I believe it is Georgia that is trying to fight abortions by pill at this time. The Supreme court so far does not agree. Apparently it is as simple as a woman getting a prescription for two or three pills and taking one pill a day. That is driving the anti abortion crowd nuts as there need be no abortion clinic at all. Just think! All those protesters and no place to go! And the privacy part is perfect. The pharmacy can not release that information nor can the doctor. This is an example of technology rapidly changing society.

          369. jvaljon1 says

            Glory, you just described Romania to a “T”: There is no bottom to the evil of being a conservative. They make US pay THEIR taxes.

          370. Tony Donaldson says

            Yes. There are many who need to take the dirt nap. May I remind you that liberals and democRATS make good money manufacturing and selling things during wars. Things that kill and save people. Industry wins in all wars. We save many people on our side. That’s just what we try and should do. Just call it thinning the herd of the insane. When war comes to your little circle, run and hide. America doesn’t crawl or bow to anyone.

          371. Cotton says

            The US contributing to the wars in the middle-east is the reason why we have terrorism in the first place, it is not as good as you put it out to be.

          372. ringostarr1 says

            Tom, the uneducated leeches are intended to take the place of the infants that those like glorybe2 and Cotton kill or encourage others to kill. Without even addressing the morality of abortion it is a poor national policy. .

          373. glorybe2 says

            There is no way to address the morality of abortion. Just why should a woman not be in control of her own body? What is the morality of allowing the public to vote on her having that right? And what is even more wicked is that the right wing does not want to help new born children in poverty. They only care about the baby being born. Worse yet the American rate for still born babies is so high there is no industrialized nation to compare us with. Rah, Rah Rah! Shish boom bah! America has the best health care in the world but the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Learn to recognize propaganda when it is used against you. Obviously we do not have the best medical care in the world.

          374. glorybe2 says

            Wake up Tony. I know you can’t face the truth but human labor is about to be an historic oddity. Jobs will vanish due to advancing technology. Really how can you deny it? For example Tesla cars do not need dealerships at all. Dealerships hire an awful lot of people. People who drive for a living will soon cease to exist. Numerous companies already have robotic cars running on roads in the US and in Europe. Delivery jobs will fall to drones. How can you ignore all of the reports about this happening. The Air force is moving to get pilots out of military aircraft. The Navy is working on robotic war ships at this time. Foot soldiers will quickly be replaced by drones and robots. Robots are already performing surgeries and in many cases doing better at it than human surgeons. How about all those guys that used to climb telephone poles for a living? Cell phones have already replaced most of them. Seriously, please expose yourself to some decent news sources. This stuff is happening all around you.

          375. glorybe2 says

            If you want to know who is ripping you off look at the large corporations.Look at companies that supply our military.

          376. Justice says

            Another international organization, Women Living Under Muslim Laws, has identified anti-women policies as a danger sign of spreading fundamentalism. These practices, whether they involve limitations on freedom of movement, on the right to education and employment, or imposition of discriminatory laws, under authoritarian and theocratic rule, represent a challenge for women to organize and act together. As Islamic fundamentalism is misogynistic, feminist input in debates about the future of Islam and Muslims is considered “provocative.” But Muslim women’s ever-greater political leadership in attaining freedom and gender equality is indispensable to defeating fundamentalism.

          377. Justice says

            After dismissing concerns about jihad and Islamization as “fearmongering,” Nathan Lean in the Daily News offered a strikingly statist remedy: “Society has a responsibility to counter these individuals with overwhelming overtures of pluralism — and to systematically push the fearmongers out of public discourse. … Judicial systems must absorb the true scope of the Islamophobia industry’s rhetoric and rage.” How “society” was to go about identifying “fearmongers” accurately and then “systematically” driving them out of the “public discourse” Lean did not explain, but since he envisioned “judicial systems” being involved, he seems to be calling for the arrest and prosecution of those whose opinions about Islam he dislikes.

          378. JB Wright says

            You are sadly mistaken, or perhaps I guess you could just be a liar, I’d like to assume that you are mistaken. The problem with that is this, it is very well known that there simply are not enough or no documentation to verify who these people are. About all we have to go on is what they tell us, that is insufficient to say the least.

            We could help them with refugee camps not far from where their homes are, there is no need or good reason to bring them here. The vast majority of them would no doubt rather stay as close to home as they safely can. They don’t want to leave their homes, they are only doing so to save their lives. Keep them where their homes are!

          379. Justice says

            YUSUFALI: Let those fight in the cause of Allah Who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah,- whether he is slain or gets victory – Soon shall We give him a reward of great (value).
            PICKTHAL: Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.
            SHAKIR: Therefore let those fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world’s life for the hereafter; and whoever fights in the way of Allah, then be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward.

          380. JB Wright says

            And they are doing such a great job so far, right?

          381. kbfallon says

            Hey JB–these turds are paid trolls who come to these sites to disrupt our wanting to keep America safe for the citizens here…and not wanting to support the immigrants coming here and having to pay for them forever. They belong where they are.

          382. jvaljon1 says

            See my above post, kbfallon: if you wanted to ‘keep America safe’ you wouldn’t have fought so hard against President Obama, who (unlike Your Precious Bush) didn’t take but TWO years, to have Osama bin Laden sent to his celestial reward.

            You and JB are the turds, and we are the Toilet Paper who’ll get you flushed. Thank GOD you’re not reflective of all Republicans.

          383. jvaljon1 says

            kbfallon – if you and JB Wright were really “wanting to keep America safe for the citizens here” you would never have voted for Your Precious Bush. 9/11 was waiting to happen since the Clinton Administration, yet Bill Clinton managed to stop the fatal attacks on our soil – the very same attacks that happened less than a year after Bush was chosen (by Supreme Court fiat) to be President, in 2000.

            And yet you DID vote for Bush. Or at least, you said nothing about HIS monumental failures to ‘keep America safe’. So much for your “wanting to keep America safe for the citizens here”. That’s nothing but baloney from you. Of course, we’re not the ‘turds and trolls’ here – YOU are.

          384. glorybe2 says

            Name any ethnic group that did not have some bad apples when they came to America. The Italians brought the mafia. The Irish brought their gangs. The Chinese brought in organized crime. And the Russians are notorious for their criminal elements. No matter what race or group you belong to none of these groups do any evil compared to those who deny global warming. They murder millions while crime murders only a few.

          385. Cdreeder says

            Really? you like your crap extra crunchy? that is the biggest load of liberial garbage I have ever read.

          386. jvaljon1 says

            Maybe if you opened a dictionary and learned how to spell “liberal” (you’re welcome) you’d be more than, simply, somewhat strange.

          387. Cdreeder says

            OKAY I have looked it up; I D I O T ! Hows that dimwit? Wanna be a hero of spelling fat cow?

          388. jvaljon1 says

            LOL! You’re funny! Hey – you can spell “fat” and “cow”! Three whole letters in each word! I notice you weren’t so sure about “Idiot” – you had to capitalize each letter AND put a space in between…but keep trying, surely you’ll learn how to handle the English language decently, before you’re 90!

          389. JB Wright says

            Name one person who has been killed specifically by global warming. Hell even if you can, and you could prove global warming is actually happening, you sure as hell can’t prove that man is causing it. There simply is not enough history to draw on to make any such claim

            Should we take care about what we send off into the air we breath? Sure we should, but to make such an outragous claim as:

            “none of these groups do any evil compared to those who deny global warming. They murder millions while crime murders only a few”

            This claim is utterly asinine and you are foolish for making it, What are you, twenty years old? Twelve? You don’t know shit and you aren’t afraid to show it.

            The Mafia? Irish gangs? Chinese organized crime? Russian criminal elements? Okay, how many people have these fuckers killed? Now is that a good enough excuse to put thousands more at risk? None of these groups of criminals have an underlying idealology that anyone who does not strickly adhere to THEIR “religion” must die.

            These Islamic terrorist are not simply out to kill a few people that didn’t pay up, do you understand this? They are out to annihalate the West as well as billions of others. These fuckers aren’t going to drive by and pop off a couple rounds, they will not stop until either they have total victory or we wipe the bastards off the face of the Earth. Lets keep as much of the fight on their filthy soil as we can, don’t invite the murderous sons-of-bitches over for free rent and food stamps

          390. Justice says

            Why all of a sudden is the sky falling? “Global Warming” didn’t exist 30 years ago. Today, it is being used as a pretext by the global elite (i.e., the New World Order gang) to gain more control over the populations.

          391. glorybe2 says

            Actually global warming was a problem 30 years ago. We were just in the dark as to what was happening all around us. Anybody that thinks progress can occur in any nation without a certain amount of suffering is foolish. One would have to be a fiend with an ice cold heart not to feel bad about what will happen to the mine workers in W.Virginia as we shut down coal burning in America. But the health of the world is at stake. Who is not aware that there are people who live to tinker with gasoline engines who will be devastated when they can no longer operate gasoline vehicles? But you will soon see it happening.

          392. Justice says

            The UN’s climate panel, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), also fueled the scare when its bureaucrats, after the scientists had submitted the final draft of its 2007 report, inserted a table that had not been in the scientists’ draft, in which they had ingeniously right-shifted four decimal points so as to exaggerate tenfold the supposed contribution of melting ice-sheets and glaciers to sea-level rise:

            Metres per century 1961-2003 1993-2003

            Thermosteric expansion 0.042 0.160

            Glaciers and ice-caps 0.050 0.077

            Greenland ice-sheets 0.050 0.210

            Antarctic ice-sheets 0.140 0.210

            IPCC’s sum of lines 1-4: 0.110 0.280

            The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley earned his share of the Nobel Peace Prize by writing to the IPCC on the morning of publication, demanding – and getting – a correction of this maladroit and unscientific attempt to lend support to the unscientific fantasies of Gore.

          393. jreb57 says

            For the socialist/communist/progressive agenda of world government, a useful lie is better than a harmful truth. The harmful truth is that there has been no correlation between CO2 and global temperatures. Another harmful truth is that the planet has been warming more or less constantly since the end of the last ice age some 18,000 years ago.

          394. jreb57 says

            “We were just in the dark as to what was happening all around us”
            That has not changed. What has changed is that thirty years ago some of the same people were predicting an ice age. I guess that is why they changed it to climate change. That covers whatever happens.

          395. glorybe2 says

            Yes, an ice age will eventually take place and we don’t even know when. We can even have man made global warming and an ice age at the same time. If nature had determined that the average temperature on Earth was to be 38 degrees and human activity causes it to be 40 degrees that represents global warming.

          396. jreb57 says

            The amount of solar radiation that makes its way to the surface is what determines the temperature. That is influenced by many things not the least of which is solar variability. What nature “determined” the average temperature to be is an approximate guess..

          397. glorybe2 says

            The sea is rising in south Florida at one inch per year at this point. Our canals and rivers connect to the sea. That means that salt water will intrude further into our interior. Most of the land in south Florida is about two feet above sea level. So don’t get comfortable. Are you aware that south Florida is about the only place in the US that can produce food crops in wither? Being that Miami is a major metropolis the amount of trash and toxic materials built up over the last 125 years is staggering. That material will end up in the Atlantic ocean and Gulf of Mexico. That alone may mean the end of all seafood production in the Atlantic and Gulf areas. We would also easily have more than one million embalmed bodies mixing in the stew as well. If current sea rise remains at the expected rate this will only take about 24 years before it becomes an overwhelming and world changing issue and that is just from one corner of our nation. Imagine the industrial waste from the oil refineries in Louisiana and Texas. Those refineries are near shore and just above sea level. Matter of fact there is a nuclear power plant right on the beach only 8 miles from my home. I suppose that most days the technicians could reach the plants by boats as the only road to the plant is right on the beach and will soon only exist at low tide.

          398. jreb57 says

            “The sea is rising in south Florida at one inch per year at this point”
            Not so.

          399. glorybe2 says

            Yes it is true. The city of Miami Beach is now installing a 500,000,000 dollar pumping system due to ocean water flooding the streets frequently. Florida is not sinking. The seas are rising. In Alaska islands and exposed shorelines are vanishing. In the Pacific there are island nations vanishing.

          400. jreb57 says

            “The city of Miami Beach is now installing a 500,000,000 dollar pumping system due to ocean water flooding the streets”
            This is laughable. If the oceans are truly rising, pumping the water back into the ocean will serve no purpose. If the flooding is temporary, it will provide some immediate relief. By the way Florida roads frequently flood because Florida is flat so a small dip in the landscape becomes a lake any time there is heavy rainfall. But if the oceans are rising, Miami Beach has just wasted $500,000,000 dollars of taxpayer money.

          401. glorybe2 says

            The pumps actually work. The flooding takes place when they get high tides, some of which are higher than others. By rapidly pumping water out of the city streets until the tide backs down they can keep the street flooding down quite a bit although there will still be some standing water on the streets. An inch of water does not force the city to shut down but a foot of water does. We get two high tides here every 24 hours. There are cities on the west coast of Florida that have weird tides and they have more than two tides every 24 hours.

          402. jreb57 says

            The pumps may work but if the seas are really rising, there will be no point in pumping the water back into the ocean without first building a levee to keep the water out. I guess Miami will have to learn the hard lesson New Orleans failed to learn “don’t build on land below sea level”.

          403. glorybe2 says

            Back in 1850, when Miami Beach had it’s first European settlers, there was no issue at all. But as seas gradually raised there is not enough elevation on the south end of the island to avoid flooding.
            My home has the beach to the east and a large river to the west. When a hurricane hits, if there is a storm surge the surge rushes down the river and slams over the banks , in such a way that the surge comes from the west rather than the east where the storm is. Twenty years ago my home was safe as the highest surge was about 1,000 feet west of me. Now that is no longer true. Due to rising seas that same storm surge might put a foot or two of water in my home. Obviously those a bit closer to the river could have fifteen or twenty feet of water, quite suddenly surge into their homes.

          404. jvaljon1 says

            Global warming absolutely DID exist – back in 1985 when I was in college, it was considered that there was time to stave it off, at least its worst elements. That was when people were told that, unless we quit burning fossil fuels for all our energy needs, we’d be in real trouble after 2010.

            Gee…..GUESS WHAT?! Oops – now the RESULTS of the past 32 years of inactivity on the subject of global warming, are making themselves felt. Here in TX, massive tornadoes leveled two towns – Rowlett and Garland, TX – just two weeks ago. Tornadoes do NOT usually show up in the middle of winter – they wait until Spring and early Fall.

            Buddy, in Rowlett and Garland TX – the sky DID fall! BIG-TIME! Ask THEM if “Global Warming” is a fact, or not. Ask THEM if: “Oooh….watch out, the New World Order sent the tornadoes to ‘gain more control over the populations!!!”

          405. MAHB001 says

            If global warming exists, why doesn’t the satellite data say so?


            First it was global ice age, then global warming, then climate change, all supported and promoted by our Politicians that see the ONLY solution to the problem, whatever it is, is more taxes and more control of natural resources….

            Now fools such as yourself will accept bogus test and survey results from people that will profit from the sale of “climate change” to the people. But you are just as naive as the German people were during the rise of Hitler.

            Keep your head in the sand the temperature is more stable there….

          406. JB Wright says

            Actually, rumor has it that the unprecidented drought in California does not appear to be going away any time soon. Something to do with a high pressure point off the West coast that is diverting rain from southern California. Generally a high pressure point only last’s a couple days at best but this one has been stationary for a couple years now.

            I don’t have documented proof of this but if this is true, we may have a serious shortage on food soon. While this is not “Global Warming” it does have the potential to be a threat. Of course the libtards will continue to lie/blame it on “global warming” as a tool to further subjegate the people.

          407. Justice says

            That women’s rights continue to be usurped and that women continue to be dehumanized by Islamists is a reality and a horror.

          408. Justice says

            YUSUFALI: Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the Fire: And evil is the home of the wrong-doers!
            PICKTHAL: We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners, for which no warrant hath been revealed. Their habitation is the Fire, and hapless the abode of the wrong-doers.
            SHAKIR: We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, and their abode is the fire, and evil is the abode of the unjust.

          409. Cdreeder says

            That is the price you pay as an American. Let them kill, rape our children, and repeat. We are ponds in a socialist game of idiocracy. The more unintelligent, unbelievable and ridiculous ( see climate change) the more liberials become unbelievable themselves. I do NOT believe ANYTHING this government (see communism, dictatorship) says about anything. especially those that prefer to eat all this crap like it is gospel.

          410. glorybe2 says

            We have plenty of white, home born, Americans who commit acts of terror and we have no way of vetting them either. We have quite a few cops who commit murders as well and they have extensive background checks. The reality is that there is no good way to predict who will become violent or some sort of crank, religious, lunatic. Half the time we make mass killers heroes. How many movies and TV shows focus on Billy the Kid or John Dillinger? Those guys killed a lot of people.

          411. JB Wright says

            You just made an excellent argument for NOT allowing 10,000 or 10’s of thousands of unpredictable “refugees” into our country.

            As for “white home born terrorists” these losers are but an extreme few and they are difficult enough if not impossible to track. We don’t have the manpower to track the home grown terrorist, why the hell let a bunch more in? You can argue until your brain self destructs and you will not come up with a reasonable argument in favor of letting in thousands, hell not even hundreds of unknowns. What part of “these people have no traceable documentation” don’t you get?

            You don’t honestly think that ISIS isn’t jumping all over the opportunity to send some of their own in amongst the actual refugee’s do you? The Blowbama Badministration couldn’t be making it any easier for this to happen. Add to that, the overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT WANT REFUGEE’S BROUGHT HERE! This has been made very clear but Blowbama don’t give a shit, he thinks he is a God-damned king or something. Well he isn’t, he terrorist sympathizer/enabler/supporter from the depths of Hell. The bastard president needs to be convicted of treason and executed, right along with his bastard policies!

            As for “Billy the Kid, John Dillinger? Have their stories being praised as hero’s contributed to violent outburst’s by weak minded American’s? Perhaps. But do you know what will have far more influence on these weak minded fuck’s? A president who in actions promotes terrorism as his flapping mouth tries to say differently, the latter something he is not very good at.

          412. jvaljon1 says

            You HAD the manpower to track homegrown terrorists, you didn’t have the WILL to do it! Your racism and disrespect of our (unlike Your Precious Bush) DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT, is evident in every word you post. If anyone was a terrorist sympathizer it was Bush. Osama bin Laden was a personal fried of the Bush family for many many years. After 9/11, President Bush did a little skit entitled: “Looking for bin Laden” – wherein he looked under the blotter of the desk in the Oval Office, and shook his head “Not here” and then looked under the desk itself and shook his head, “Not here either”…and so forth.

            It took a REAL President to find and have Osama bin Laden killed to avenge 9/11. YOUR piece of cr@p – who wasn’t even ELECTED – let bin Laden go.

            It takes a special kind of weak-minded racism, to write the post that you wrote. You’re pathetic, actually.

          413. JB Wright says

            “You HAD the manpower to track homegrown terrorists, you didn’t have the WILL to do it!”

            Really? Who the hell am I, the U.S. army? I have the will dumbass, but I’m one person, one person does NOT equate to “the manpower”. But thanks for thinking so highly of me.

            What the hell is this “Your Precious Bush” bullshit? You think I like Bush? The Bush’s are assholes too, but I’ll give them this much, I never felt like the country was going to collapse when either of them were in office. But don’t act like you know what presidents I like or dislike because you are obviously incapable of accurately doing so.

            “It took a REAL President to find and have Osama bin Laden killed to avenge 9/11. YOUR piece of cr@p – who wasn’t even ELECTED – let bin Laden go”
            Seek professional help, you are fucking delusional, did your parents have any children that lived?

          414. jvaljon1 says

            Your post – this recent one especially – speaks to all the points I made (even better than when I did make them) about you.

            You say: “The Bush’s are assholes too, but I’ll give them this much, I never felt like the country was going to collapse when either of them were in office”

            The people of New York City would take great issue with that statement of yours – We still have people with silicosis, from digging in the rubble of the WTC bombing way back then!

            If you really never felt like the country was going to collapse when either of them were in office – let me remind you that ANY BUSH IS NO GOOD. Even the one who was President from 1988-1992 – (and HE was the LEAST BAD among them) did our economy so much wrong that there was no way that he was going to be elected. At least, not legitimately!

            Bush HAD the manpower to track homegrown terrorists–he was simply too busy sending OUR NATIONAL GUARD to fight in his stupid war against people who had never hurt us (FYI, Iraq is the deadly enemy of Saudi Arabia, and the SAUDIS committed 9/11. What’s that, about “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”? By that light, Iraq was our best friend, and BUSH KILLED THE WHOLE COUNTRY, rather than have any of his best Saudi buds (this includes bin Laden) done in.

            Now – WHO killed bin Laden? Wow, it must really grind your guts that President Obama nobly shouldered the burden of finding and killing the world’s most notorious terrorist of all time – Osama bin Laden. Let me remind you:

            It fell to President Obama to track down bin Laden, the WTC NY murderer – and he who also sent planes to DC and other places –

            Rather than being proud that our President – (way UNlike Your Precious Bush) you refuse – in your hatred of President , and I’ve spoken to enough of you – to even see what’s right there in front of your blinded eyes.

            President Obama doesn’t deserve your disrespect. President Bush most CERTAINLY does. Bush disgraced the White House, and everyone except you and other racists, are sure slow to acknowledge that. Bush disgraced us, and Obama avenged us.

            The main difference between the two, is that Bush is White and Obama is Black (well, half-white, but people like you don’t see that). And on that basis you hate him.

          415. JB Wright says

            What part of “I don’t like the Bush’s either” didn’t you get? Because you have wasted much time telling me shit I already know. No, I didn’t feel as though the country was going to collapse under either Bush administration, as both of them assholes took action and put the war back into the middle east, and out of middle America. At least we knew that the Bush bastards would stand up and defend America with the kind of force our military is actually capable of. Even if the Bush bastards were talking shit, they were talking the kind of shit that let the people feel as though someone had their backs. Obama is a God-damned Islamic State sympathizer who gives arms and money to those who wish us dead. The Saudi’s haven’t been our friends for quite some time now, whatever the case, Bush was at the very least a good enough bullshitter to give the impression of competance.

            “Wow, it must really grind your guts that President Obama nobly shouldered the burden of finding and killing the world’s most notorious terrorist of all time – Osama bin Laden”
            Nope, not at all and why would it? This is an utterly baseless and assinine assumption.

            There is a very long list of bastard presidents/administrations from both sides of the isle and Americans has had about enough, this is quite evident in the current presidential race for the White House as we see both Republican as well as Demoncratic voters rejecting the “establishment” candidates and opting for the likes of Bernnie and Trump. Never thought you’d see this happen did you?
            You are at least consistent, consistently wrong! You are the only one here putting race into the argument, I sure as hell haven’t interjected even the hint of racism, it is all you. But as long as we are on the topic of the the guilty accusing the innocent, Obama has done more to destroy racial relations in America than any other ten presidents have done to mend it. Only fools can’t see him for what he really is, perhaps if you’d get over your false sense of racism and look at facts insteads, you too could see reality. But you will continue in your state of mental fog, assuming you have some magical ability to know the motivations of everyone who disagrees with you.

          416. jvaljon1 says

            Thanks to Republicans’ hold on the public purse, decent police forces in America are now few and far between. There’s “NO MONEY” you see – this, from the people whose President REVERSED the tax laws (he did this on 9/12, so you know who I’m talking about).

            What about our own home-grown terrorists? The Bundy family up in Oregon, and all the assassins (in TX) who have every mother here praying when she kisses her kids goodbye at school in the morning – that she’ll see them alive at the end of the school day?!! And you have the GALL to talk about SYRIA? When we have both criminals AND terrorists, HOMEGROWN, right here in AMERICA?!

            Who committed Newtown, CT? A HOMEBORN, HOMEGROWN AMERICAN!

            And just before that, who stood up in a movie house in Aurora CO, and slaughtered movie-goers, just a few days before Christmas? Oooh…wuz dat a Muzz-lim? Oooh…. Oh HELL NO, that was a HOMEGROWN BORN & BRED TERRORIST!

            JB Wright, you and your other absolute disgusting PIGS, are only fearing the loss of your ill-gotten (9/11) political power. Which you had for way too long already – the American People being too apathetic to vote you swine out of power in this country.

          417. JB Wright says

            First off, FUCK YOU! Don’t ever put me in the same category as those murderous lumps of shit you mentioned. How the fuck is it on me that these sick fucks committed the mass murders they committed? Stupid delusional bitch!

            “ONE OF YOU” you direct at me? I haven’t assassinated anybody so shut the fuck up! You spew nothing but psychobabble. You must be fucking retarded, you think just because I don’t like Blowbama that I am a Bush fan? I don’t like them two assholes either, so shut the fuck up!

            I am not pointing a finger at innocents you dumb cunt, I am pointing out the simple fact that we have no way of keeping the terrorists seperate from the actual refugees. You clearly are retarded in that you can’t parse this simple distinction. Crawl back under your rock and shut the fuck up!

          418. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your puke, Obama’s F.B.I. and his related “security” agencies have stated that they cannot possibly vet every “refugee” that your idol Oblame-o is inviting. I realize that the Boston thugs, the Ft. Hood muSLIME, the 911 “heros” of yours, the Oklahoma beheader weren’t refugees, the……………………………………………………

          419. Cotton says

            Who is the fool that told you we do not vet refugees anyways? They have misinformed you. Recently Ben Carson made a false statement on that, if that is what you are referring to.

          420. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Attorney General Loretta Lynch insisted on Tuesday that the Obama
            administration has the ability to run effective security screenings on
            Syrian refugees, despite testimony from the FBI last month indicating it
            may not be possible to run these security checks.”……LMAO!, Ocumstain’s latest A.G. leg humper??

          421. Mark Lahti says

            You are exactly right. All the major alphabet agencies have stated that they can not possibly vet these people. There is no government agency in Syria or neighboring states that have any credible information about most if not all of their population. Trying to argue with cotton about this is like trying to nail jello to a tree. He has nothing but cotton in place of gray matter between his ears. My motto when it comes to liberal/progressive trolls is simply Please Don’t Feed The Trolls. You give them any attention and will blather on with misinformation, lies, twisted data, and then the name calling and slander.

          422. Cotton says

            Except that they are vetting these people, do you not know refugee admissions process? I’m not a troll, just someone that is not misinformed, someone that actually takes time to make sure things are true before falling to confirmation bias, like yourself.

          423. OSAMA OBAMA says

            OKAY leftist jackal, tell us exactly how!!

          424. Cotton says

            Not going to type it all out myself, so you can read the basics here:


          425. MAHB001 says

            You make me laugh… 0bama says he is checking them out and you nod your head in acceptance.

          426. Cotton says

            While there are challenges to vetting these refugees, that does not mean they are not vetting them at all. But you can say what you want.

          427. MAHB001 says

            You know refugees used to be held in camps and returned to their countries when safe… That could be done in the area a whole lot easier than bringing them here and giving them a permanent home…

            What makes me concerned is that the same people that warned 0bama that pulling out of Iraq would create ISIS, are also saying that we have no way of vetting the refugees,

            For me 0bama has zero credibility, for you,, his word is not questionable..

            That is what makes me laugh.

          428. Cotton says

            What makes me laugh is your a extremely biased person fighting bias in the media, and how you think bias is good if it is on your side. But foolishness asides i’ll show you something that the American media would never dare to show. America’s intervening into the middle-east goes back farther than you think, and because of this we have contributed to the extremism by giving them weapons and helping them fight wars. It may be satire, but it is based on facts, hope you don’t mind reading subtitles:

          429. Justice says

            While terrorism denial is not nearly as prevalent on the right, it is not only the left that deludes itself into believing that it can make common cause with Islamic terrorism, because they imagine that “Abdul the Throat Ripper” and “Ahmed the Head Chopper” share their concerns over global warming and factory farming. Some anti-federalists on the loony fringes, such as Ron Paul or Le Pen have embraced terrorism denial wholesale, imagining that the terrorists share their resentment of their federalist systems. Often isolationists, such politicians imagine that “If we leave them alone, they’ll leave us alone”, foolishly refusing to realize that they don’t want to “leave us alone”.

            But such “enemy of my enemy is my friend” attitudes on the left and even the right in regards to terrorism are not unusual by politicians who assume that if their country’s government is the enemy, than the terrorists must be the enemy of their enemy, and therefore their friends. This viewpoint has widely insinuated itself in the left, which has always been opportunistic enough to champion rebels of any kind, believing that any revolution against the established order can only clear the way for their own ascension. And with the aid of a cultural establishment that adores “rebels” because its members fancy themselves as rebels too, despite their generally privileged lives, terrorism denial has become painfully ubiquitous.

          430. glorybe2 says

            I don’t think the US could house and feed the many millions of people who are or need to be refugees . In addition to the millions of civilians trying to escape war we now have millions of refugees fleeing coastal regions due to rising seas while others flee drought and flooding due to warming.

          431. ringostarr1 says

            Currently in Germany, Germans are being turned out of their homes by the government to make room for Obama’s Mohammedan refugees/immigrants. Step up like a real woman and turn over your home to a Syrian family. There is still plenty of room under the Interstate.

          432. glorybe2 says

            You post lies and are ignorant. And I am male by the way.

          433. MAHB001 says

            That is just utter nonsense, millions of people are not fleeing coastal regions due to rising seas.

          434. glorybe2 says

            One odd fact is that 6,000 German Americans were held in internment camps during WW1. We here all kinds of garbage about Japanese Americans being put in camps during WW2. Nobody old enough to know much about the American public during WW2 would think that putting Japanese in camps did not save them from mob violence. So many Americans were suffering in the Pacific theater that mob violence of Japanese citizens was a very real threat. Putting people in camps is never a good thing but in WW2 putting Japanese in camps was a very wise and kind thing to do.

          435. MAHB001 says

            You are correct, the Japanese that were put in those camps understood the reasons they were put in those camps and the did everything they could to PROVE that they were Americans. Many are American Heroes now.

            They did not play the victim card.

          436. Justice says

            The modern day left sees Islam as a wedge to upend the Free World through immigration at home and insurrection abroad. The end result is supposed to shatter free countries and allow the left to remake them in their image, as they did to Russia and nearly did to Germany, and so many others. Their common mistake though is that the very forces they rely on to do the shattering, Nazism and Islamism, are quite difficult to put back in the box. Nazism might have had socialism in its name, and Islamist groups may run social services centers, but their only real common ground with the left is that they want absolute power on their terms. And so the lefty politicians who rely on Mohammed to take care of Pierre, Bob and Avishai, so the men with the red flags can safely nationalize everything and rule over a nation of unprotesting serfs have a surprise coming.

          437. ringostarr1 says

            Pretty good Justice, buy never forget that at its core that Mohammedanism is quite Fascist. ie. A political system in which a shared or common religion becomes the state and supplants or destroys all competing faiths and religions. The state-ism involved with Mohammedanism is attractive to the Left wing and because of this our left wing countrymen are drawn to the followers of the Prophet. The main difference between Mohammedanism and the competing Marxist faith is that the state never withers away like Marx claimed that his religion would.

          438. glorybe2 says

            Paranoia is like cheap. Cheap has no limits at all. Paranoia has no limits at all. The last thing liberals want is anything to do with terrorists at all. But to a person suffering from the disease of paranoia it seems that conspiracies between extreme, right wing terrorists and the left wing makes some kind of twisted sense.

          439. ringostarr1 says

            Cotton, how much longer do you Left wingers intend to allow the travesty of free speech?

          440. Cotton says

            I support free speech. I’m not an authoritarian like some crazies out there are.

          441. glorybe2 says

            Free speech works well for the left. We give right wingers every opportunity to make fools of themselves. Trump is now clown like and acts like a circus barker rather than a real candidate. Donald Trump is wonderful news for the left wing. He is destroying the republican party. I wonder how many republicans will vote for a democrat in order to insure Trump is never put in office.

          442. Justice says

            The ideological left view Islamic terrorism as a misguided protest movement against global poverty and imperialism that they can accompany as fellow travelers on the red brick road to a socialist utopia. Accordingly the ideological left is one of the most fervent traffickers in terrorism denial, insisting that the real fault lies with the imperialist countries that the terrorists have targeted. This sort of reasoning is not particularly new to the left, which in the early days of WW2 supported both Hitler and Tojo on the grounds that they were victims of Allied Imperialism. When German tanks invaded the USSR, the left suddenly switched sides, and the anti-war protests became pro-war protests, but the stench left behind of the willingness of the red and yellow to collaborate with the red and black, should be adequate reminder that the left will ally even with the most unlikely of bedfellows in the hopes of fulfilling their revolutionary fantasies of a Marxist world order.

          443. ringostarr1 says

            Come on Justice call a spade a spade and a club a club, don’t false card. The left supported and encouraged Nazism as long as it wasn’t a threat to the USSR or other Socialist countries, because in the eyes of the Communist Party USA, Socialism, even National Socialism was good.

          444. glorybe2 says

            Right Wingers like Henry Ford were very much in favor of Nazism.

          445. ringostarr1 says

            So was FDR, in fact FDR carried on a fawning relationship and correspondence with Mussolini that Mussolini returned. So forgive me for reminding you that Nazism, in fact all Fascism is at heart a Left wing ideology.

          446. glorybe2 says

            Let’s see, Admiral Perry pulls into Tokyo harbor and points cannons dead at the city. He demands trade or he threatens death to Japan. Japan was closed to all trade prior to that event. Could it be that in fact we really were imperialists? That forced trade was a way of inserting the US into Japanese economics. The notion that a nation could be free not to trade with foreign nations seemed to overwhelm US morality. By the way although it took many decades to actually happen, Japan decided that eventually they would go to war with the US.

          447. ringostarr1 says

            Japan went to war with the USA when FDR cut off Japan’s oil. Such an ignorant statement on your part that there is nothing else that I can add.

          448. glorybe2 says

            I know you don’t read well. Japan had decided to go to war with the US about 75 years before WW2 broke out. The problem was that the entire political structure of Japan was ruined by forced exposure to the western nations. The problem was in firearms. The Samuri class had no edge when pistols came to Japan. That in turn wiped out the feudal system and put Japan into turmoil.

          449. ringostarr1 says

            Keep it up glorybe2, every ignorant statement that you make only further marginalizes you. The World is not the last Samurai flick. Which reminds me Glorybe2. Samurai is NOT spelled S-a-m-u-r-i but Samurai.

          450. ringostarr1 says

            Yea yea and President Herbert Hoover ordered the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings in 1929. A astonishing feat since these skyscrapers were not even completed until 1973. Put your fingers away glorybe2, its poor form to count on them.

          451. ringostarr1 says

            No Japan was not closed to all trade, the Spanish, the Portuguese, and the English all in their turn enjoyed closed door trade with Japan, mostly through the port of Hiroshima. Which also reminds me, the Shogun outlawed firearms because firearms made it more difficult for the Shogun to impose his will on the Japanese people.

          452. glorybe2 says

            Exactly! The shogun used the Samuri to control the population. That is why foreigners were to be kept out of Japan. But capitalism, being the disease that it is, could not tolerate anyone who did not want to trade with European or American people. It seems that the shogun would tolerate priests from other nations as they had nothing to do with armaments and did not threaten to overwhelm Japanese, traditional, culture.

          453. jreb57 says

            “Japan decided that eventually they would go to war with the US.”
            Japan went to war with the US because we embargoed them (refused to sell them oil and scrap iron), not because we wanted to trade.

          454. glorybe2 says

            The plan to go to war with the US was hatched while Perry was still there. Think of the outrage! Under what theory of international law does any nation have the right to force commerce and visitation upon another nation? Obviously, Japan did not feel that trade with the outside world was to their benefit.

          455. glorybe2 says

            Yesterday I learned that 400,000 people from Puerto Rico have moved into the area of Kissimme, Fl. which is a tad south of Orlando. They are US citizens but they can not vote. A man has many choices. I could whine that jobs might be lost due to their immigration. On the other hand i could open a restaurant that serves traditional Puerto Rican food and make a fortune.
            Interestingly, one thing to expect with global warming is unusual amounts of immigration. The smart thing to do is find the best way to live with what exists.

          456. ringostarr1 says

            The goings on in Kissimme, Fl. have more in common with Obama’s 51 state declaring bankruptcy than it has to do with the waters of the Atlantic lapping at the doorsteps of Puerto Rico’s homes. Get it right.

          457. glorybe2 says

            I do not know to what degree the climate changes in Puerto Rico are causing economic losses. The losses in Florida are already severe. For example we have a problem with a disease called citrus greening. We have a multi billion dollar citrus industry. Our groves are now being plowed down as citrus greening makes a loss of investment inevitable. Our farmers are now planting some kind of new hybrid pear that has a skin tough enough to withstand tropical insects. Citrus Greening is due to global warming. Southern Fl. has shifted from sub tropical to tropical in climate. Greening could never exist here before. We also have iguanas, monitor lizards and other exotic lizards now thriving in our climate. We even have a few anacondas mixed among our numerous pythons and boas as well as flocks of wild parrots. These conditions never existed here before warming reached a certain point.

          458. ringostarr1 says

            Citrus greening is caused by a Bacteria that is spread by a tiny fly. But not to worry glorybe2 there are two cures. Cure number 1 is to spray the oranges endangered by citrus greening 15 or more times each and every year with pesticides. Cure number 2 is a new GMO orange with a small snippet of spinach DNA included in its genome. I just brought home a 46 ounce can of organic vegi juice today and it contains spinach juice [?]. So tell us, are your trying to make us believe that spinach juice mingled with orange juice will kill us or else a pesticide found naturally in marigold flowers? Your argument is like a monkey slinging its own manure against a wall to see how much of it slides off.

          459. ringostarr1 says

            I feel sorry for you. Your mental condition is truly sad. Folks, here is 200 years of Florida snow falls. I don’t think that but 2 snow storms happened in Southern Florida between 1800 to 1999

          460. Cotton says

            Might just be a correlation for global warming and immigration, but you definitely have a point.

          461. ringostarr1 says

            That is a lie, a blatant lie. If they are US citizens all that they need do to vote is to register. Are you telling us that all 400,000 of these US citizens are convicted felons or under the age of 18?

          462. glorybe2 says

            US citizens from territories rather than states can not vote. The Samoan islands as well as other US territories also are citizens but can not vote. If you look back into American history you will notice that people living in places that were not yet states also could not vote. Arizona and other western states were locked out until they were admitted to the union.

          463. ringostarr1 says

            If they are American citizens all they need do is establish residency in Florida. Are you telling us that California residents can’t vote in Texas once they establish residency in Texas? Come to think of it maybe all California citizens need to be sent to Syria.

          464. glorybe2 says

            I don’t know if US residency would alter their status one bit. Their passports make it quite clear that they have limited citizenship and can not vote. I live in Florida and if I moved to NY I believe there is still a waiting period before I can vote in NY for local elections. It used to be six months a few decades ago. But I believe it is another matter if you buy land in NY. At that point your residency is immediate but not if you rent.

          465. ringostarr1 says

            This required only 3 minutes to find and down load. It is taken directly from the NYS Board of Registers. You could have educated your self but i enjoy watching you make a fool out of your self.

          466. ringostarr1 says

            In your incredible ignorance you have confused a state with a territory and you do not want to learn the difference because then even Cotton could see through your deliberate dis-information.

          467. glorybe2 says

            Before Arizona was a state it was the Arizona territory. And the people could not vote until Arizona became a state.Puerto Rico is a territory just like Arizona was a territory. The Samoa Islands are also a US territory. Check it out. You are as usual ignorant and making false statements.

          468. ringostarr1 says

            Oh they could vote just not vote for Obama, a.k.a. for an elector who would translate their vote into a vote for President. But because these areas are not part of the USA you don’t have all the rights of citizan. next!!!!

          469. BTeboe says

            Exactly – trying to knock somebody out on the Internet is like trying to kill someone by throwing packing peanuts at them.

          470. ringostarr1 says

            Not so my friend. He is very sharp, but just as evil.

          471. Cotton says

            Don’t matter – conservatives said Obama opened all the borders back in the day and anyone could come here anytime they wanted. They also said he took all the guns, banned them, put people in fema camps, banned wood burning stoves, kids doing chores, said the stock market would crash and gas would be 10/gal.

            So if you want to not believe someone – look to conservatives – the same people who declared a war on terror and said invading Iraq would make everyone more safe.

            Always wrong the right is.

          472. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Pure DNC blather with no facts to back them up! Sad!!

          473. Cotton says

            I think this is what they call willful ignorance. Do you not know the failure that was the Iraqi war?

          474. OSAMA OBAMA says

            1. I will have the most transparent administration.
            2. I have Shovel ready jobs.
            3. The IRS is not targeting anyone.
            4. If four Americans get killed, it is not optimal.
            5. ObamaCare will be good for America.
            6. You can keep your family doctor.
            7. Premiums will be lowered by $2500
            8. You can keep your current healthcare plan
            9. Just shop around, for that healthcare I claimed you wouldn’t lose.
            I am sorry you lost your healthcare, (you know the health care you have
            to shop around for, ya the same health care I said you could keep, yup,
            that’s the one).
            10. I did not say you could keep your health care. (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)
            11. ObamaCare will not be offered to illegal immigrants.
            12. ObamaCare will not be used to fund abortions.
            13. ObamaCare will cost less than 1 Trillion Dollars.
            14. No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime.
            15. It was about a movie.
            15A. I will fundamentally transform America.
            16. If I had a son.
            17. I am not a dictator.
            18. I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
            19. You didn’t build that.
            20. I will restore trust in Government.
            21. The Cambridge police acted stupidly.
            22. I am not after your guns.
            23. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. The BO of (2006)
            24. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics.
            25. I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.
            26. The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk
            27. It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line.
            28. Whistle blowers will be protected.
            29. We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.
            30. I will close Gitmo.
            31. The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t, but she is a typical white person
            32. I am not spying on American citizens.
            By, on, on, by, Friday uh afternoon things get a little uh, uh
            challenged uh, uh ( when left to think for himself without a
            34. I am a Christian.
            35. I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
            “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”.
            “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”.
            “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”.
            “I will remove earmarks from PORK projects before I sign any bill.”.
            “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”
            “I will bring ALL of our troops home within ONE year.”
            “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”.
            “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”
            “I’ll close Guantanamo.”
            “I’ll resign if I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.”
            “I’ll unite the people of this great country.”
            “I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
            “I have Shovel-Ready Jobs.”
            “Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.”
            are absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim
            faith. (youtube search “my Muslim faith” 12 second clip)
            “I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”
            “I am a Christian”
            “If you like your health Insurance you can keep it, PERIOD!”
            “I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”
            “I am not a dictator!”

          475. Cotton says

            Nice copy and paste job, a lot of these are right, but a lot of them are wrong as well. If you are trying to prove how terrible Obama is we all know that already. But this is exactly the kind of thing people said during Bush’s presidency, so its nothing special.

          476. Cdreeder says

            He has been so very wrong on EVERYTHING to fo with this country!

          477. 1American1st says

            Osama – There’s some you missed, but that’s a good start. I’m starting to believe Obie is a bigger liar than Hilary Rotten Clinton & that’s no small feat.

          478. glorybe2 says

            Twisted facts don’t bother you at all do they? Yes, people could keep their health care. And yes, in a free nation companies can decide not to sell health care. Obama spoke the truth, as far as the government is concerned you were free to purchase any health care that the market offered. What would you have him do? Perhaps he should have sent armed soldiers into the insurance companies to make certain they kept selling policies.

          479. ringostarr1 says

            Like he sent heavily armed troops in to seize the Gonzales boy and reunite him with his father in Cuba? Oops, sorry about that, that was the wrong Democrat President. Bill and Hillary Clinton were the duel presidents who organizes the raid to seize Elian Gonzales.

          480. glorybe2 says

            So when a president obeys the law then he is a bad president in your opinion.

          481. ringostarr1 says

            The LAW that you claim to care so much about states that any Cuban fleeing Castro’s workers paradise who makes it to America’s shores is entitled to remain. The problem that you Democrat Socialist have with little Elian is that he was too young to take the job from a middle class American and he was to peaceful to rape, murder, and rob any Americans currently living here. Therefor in Democrat Party eyes Elian Gonzales did not rise to the level of a proper immigrant.

          482. glorybe2 says

            The courts decided the case not the democratic party. Courts in Florida tend to be quite conservative. Elian’s case had to be resolved with considerations for American children taken to foreign nations in violation of US law. We could hardly expect a foreign nation to respect our laws if we disregard their laws.

          483. ringostarr1 says

            You mean like the courts in enlightened countries like Iran? I don’t need or ask you for a break glorybe2, but please stop and think how disjointed and illogical you ravings are to the Americans who may be reading your diatribes for the first time.

          484. ringostarr1 says

            Elian was brought to this country by his own mother, not by her girlfriend or even Rush Limbaugh as you likely think

          485. glorybe2 says

            The father had legal custody. If Elian had been kept in the US we would have no hope of the Cuban government sending back American kids taken to Cuba against the will of the parent with custody rights.

          486. jreb57 says

            “The father had legal custody”
            Under Cuban law.

          487. ringostarr1 says

            Cotton, your ignorance is certainly willful. You must stay up nights dreaming up your willful flights from cold hard reality.

          488. glorybe2 says

            The right wing is an intellectual disaster.

          489. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Did you read that off of your teleprompter? 57 states and all! LMAO!

          490. Justice says

            Recent legislation in the United States attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in…

          491. glorybe2 says

            Much fuss over nothing by the right wing again. During an emergency the president can suspend the constitution, declare martial law and put anybody, anywhere he wishes. That has been true since the day one in the US. One example is in the circumstance of a nuclear war prisoners in jails and prisons would be shot in their cells as it is expected that things like food as well as the ability to guard them would not be available.

          492. ringostarr1 says

            From your above post it is readily evident that the Left wing is a humanitarian disaster of the first magnitude.

          493. glorybe2 says

            com writes:Located between Hawaii and Australia, the Marshall Islands are made up of 29 atolls and five islands with a population of about 70,000, all of whom live about six feet above sea level. Now Story Hinkley writes in the Christian Science Monitor that another 10,000 Marshallese have moved to Springdale, Arkansas because of climate change. Because this Pacific island nation is so small, the Marshallese population in Arkansas attribute their Springdale settlement to one man, John Moody, who moved to the US in 1979 after the first wave of flooding. Moody’s family eventually moved to Springdale to live with him and work for Tyson and other poultry companies based in Arkansas, eventually causing a steady flow of extended friends and family migrating to Springdale. “Probably in 10 to 20 years from now, we’re all going to move,” says Roselinta Keimbar adding that she likes Arkansas because it is far away from the ocean, meaning it is safe.

            For more than three decades, Marshallese have moved in the thousands to the landlocked Ozark Mountains for better education, jobs and health care, thanks to an agreement that lets them live and work in the US.. This historical connection makes it an obvious destination for those facing a new threat: global warming. Marshallese Foreign Minister Tony de Brum says even a small rise in global temperatures would spell the demise of his country. While many world leaders in Paris want to curb emissions enough to cap Earth’s warming at 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius), de Brum is pushing for a target that’s 25 percent lower. “The thought of evacuation is repulsive to us,” says de Brum. “We think that the more reasonable thing to do is to seek to end this madness, this climate madness, where people think that smaller, vulnerable countries are expendable and therefore they can continue to do business as usual.” Meanwhile residents jokingly call their new home “Springdale Atoll,” and there’s even a Marshallese consulate in Springdale, the only one on the mainland US. “Its not our fault that the tide is getting higher,” says Carlon Zedkaia,. “Just somebody else in this world that wants to get rich.” The above material is posted at this very day. here we have an island chain in the Pacific ocean that is already going under the waves. And on this thread we still have people so messed up that they can not accept the truth no matter how overwhelming the evidence becomes. No! The beach is not where it used to be.

          494. ringostarr1 says

            The Marshall Islanders are moving to Arkansas to take the jobs from illegal Mexican Immigrants who once were the mainstay of poultry processing plants like Tyson, Conagra, and Purdue. So tell us glorybe2, what is your point if in fact you have a point?

          495. glorybe2 says

            They are leaving because they know their islands are doomed. The government of the Marshall islands has complained loudly that the islands are already submerging and some are kept alive by building a dam around the islands.

          496. ringostarr1 says

            By using your own information the Marshall Islands are about 4 feet or 48 inches above mean high tide. By using the misinformation that you provided along with the FACT that the yearly rainfall in the Marshall Islands is 144 to 180 inches. My God glorybe2, if those people would just breach the dams around their islands the rain water could drain naturally back into the Pacific Ocean.

          497. ringostarr1 says

            I think that answer is Zimbabwe or maybe North Korea.

          498. ringostarr1 says

            It was not because of Obama that most of these bad things did not immediately come to pass but it was in spite of President Obama that they did not happen.

          499. Justice says

            So while it is no surprise that the cultural establishments swing to the left, it is the accompanying political culture which traffics in terrorism denial, constantly reassuring the public that everything is alright, tightening and loosening security measures according to the whims of their political fortunes, but without ever actually addressing or acknowledging the real problem. Islam.

          500. ringostarr1 says

            I know Mohammedans who were admitted who happily admitted that they lied on the admission forms. These were easily verifiable facts. This lie was about the number of brothers and sisters this immigrant had.
            He claimed 6 sisters when in fact he had 5 brothers. This is an easy fact to verify but our entire State Department was unable to verify it.

          501. Cotton says

            Sounds plausible but it would be nice if I could see something on it myself.

          502. ringostarr1 says

            If you were to develop a personal relationship with some Mohammedans then you would understand.

          503. Cotton says

            That you would implying you have had relationships yourself, but I guess you can say anything on the internet.

          504. Justice says

            The general public in nearly every First World country is bombarded by a steady stream of cultural propaganda indoctrinating them to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion with only a few ne’erdowells spoiling the soup with the occasional suicide bombing and that holding any opinion to the contrary is no better than burning crosses on a lawn while wearing white sheets. Specific terrorist incidents are watered down in news coverage, which attributes group terrorist attacks to the repressive policies of First World nations, and lone attacks to mental illness, as much as possible.

          505. ringostarr1 says

            44% of the Mohammedans living in France state that in their opinion that Suicide Bombings are justified. Now Cotton, lets see you explain that fact away.

          506. glorybe2 says

            If I lived in Palestine the idea of suicide bombings inside of Israel would be reasonable to me. Israel refuses to stop expanding. That justifies any level of violence. I am not one bit anti Jewish. But allowing one’s nation to invade a neighbor by constant expansion is unreasonable. Home built on Palistinian land should be turned over to Palestine

          507. Tony Donaldson says

            I wish Cotton was a monkey.

          508. ringostarr1 says

            But he is, he is a monkey.

          509. glorybe2 says

            It is the very nature of terrorism that it can be limited but never completely stopped. Fortunately the US is a large enough nation that most terror attacks can be shrugged off. The recent event in Paris is a tragedy and people are upset. But keeping things in proportion compare the less than 150 lives lost to some of the plane crashes in which 400 people are lost that do not involve terrorism. i don’t walk about worrying that a passenger plane will smack me like a huge fly swatter. So why would I feel uneasy about shopping at a large store or eating a pizza someplace, dreading that some nut job would blow up the pizza joint.

          510. Justice says

            The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in psychological harm or suffering to women.” Prohibitions on participation in the political, economic, and social decisions which will affect oneself and one’s family are a form of violence. Decisions about women made without consultation with women create psychological harm and suffering. Refusing women the right to support or oppose laws concerning them is a violent act against them.

          511. JB Wright says

            And I wouldn’t argue your point at this time, however I don’t doubt that ISIS will pursue their threats to destroy America/kill the infidels. It will get worse and it will get worse much quicker with terrorist sympathizers running/ruining our country

          512. glorybe2 says

            Notice that the Taliban is quite silent now. ISIS will fade away. Terror groups tend to fall apart in time. Do you recall some of the terrorists in the 1970 era? Most were never caught or killed but still faded away.

          513. glorybe2 says

            Over the decades there have been many groups that ardently aspire to beating down the US. They have all failed. We have had as many internal foes as external foes. Remember the Moonies? They sought to take over the US by spreading their beliefs. The American Nazi Party wanted to take over the US. The KKK aspired to leadership of the US. These groups spring up and fade away. In the nineties we had a number of nut job militias seeking to overthrow the government. Now they are thought of as sickos playing in the woods with M16s.

          514. JB Wright says

            So how many countries exist today that weren’t some other place before? Here’s a little clue; Borders have been changing since the beginning of civilization, no country is immune to being overtaken. The most powerful empires ever have been toppled, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that America’s time will come… er end! You may not see it but Islam is NOT like the other wacko’s you mention, Islam believes it is their god (idol)-given destiny and there exists prophecy from centuries ago that back up their eventual (temporary) victory.

            Sure this isn’t the first time Islam has tried to conquer the West, but they will at some point succeed. If this eventuality can again be delayed it will only because of our being diligent in fighting against them. When our White House is full of these bastards the time may be here that they succeed, this is not a good time to let down our defenses based on Islamist (or others) past failure.

          515. glorybe2 says

            I do doubt that Islam is a valid faith. It seems to be a Johnny come lately type of faith. When the Semites divided and Judaism arrived the rest of the Arab world took a “me to” type of stance and that seems to me to be the real root of Islam.

          516. glorybe2 says

            I would not bet upon Islam taking control of the west or even of Europe. I suspect that total war would occur before such a thing took place, with an unlimited use of our most horrific weapons, eliminating the Islamic region entirely.

          517. JB Wright says

            What happens when our president would rather sit back and tell us its our own fault than defend against the threat? Can congress declare war without the approval of the president? Are the majority of them even on our side anymore? There isn’t much comming out of D.C. that is very convincing they are on Americas side. We have to have the will to even go to war in our defense not to mention the need for the will to win

          518. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “GUN”..”BOO!” LMAO!!

          519. 1American1st says

            Good one! Cotton is probably peeing down his leg.

          520. OSAMA OBAMA says


          521. OSAMA OBAMA says


          522. 1American1st says

            Like the 427 already killed in Chicago this year, mostly blacks (Democrats) killing blacks.

            2015 DEATH TOLL : 427


          523. Cdreeder says

            OH NOOOOOO! You went with FACTS! Shame on you!

          524. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Gov. Brownstain is sending them more “GUN FREE ZONE” signs.

          525. Cotton says

            Very true, I’ll assume most of it comes from gang violence.

          526. ringostarr1 says

            But in Chicago those dead Democrats still vote.

          527. Justice says

            The most common form of denial in the free world today is terrorism denial. Terrorism denial can range from its most extreme manifestations which claim that America, Israel, etc are the “real terrorists” or 9/11 Trutherism, which is a more conspiracy minded variation on the same theme, to more moderate forms of terrorism denial, that believe Islam is a religion of peace, think terrorism only means a few extremists hiding in a cave somewhere, and lone terrorist attacks are the product of mental illness.

            While the range of people who hold such ideas differ widely, they comprise a loose minority of the general public and a solid majority of the political leadership in the free world. The former is no surprise and neither is the latter.

          528. glorybe2 says

            If a person seeks to murder other people that person really is mentally ill. And if a person is willing to die while killing other people we are talking about a full blown lunatic. Muslim terrorists have really gulped down the Kool-Aide and have a laundry list of false beliefs. What else is insanity than having false beliefs?
            The recent Planned Parenthood murderer spouted the entire right wing diatribe by the way. He thinks the commies are taking over, the government is out to get him, and he had to murder people to stop abortions. The lies told by the right wing actually effect the minds of the mentally unstable.

          529. ringostarr1 says

            Suicide bombers in the Mohammedan world are tribal avengers out to right some wrong visited on a clan or tribe. The closer the bomber is related to the original victim the greater the honor that the bomber receives. Because Mohammedanism is a predestination religion one can only expect eternal salvation or life at the whim of Allah. In no small part the blast from a suicide vest is kind of intended to call Allah’s attention to the self sacrifice and remind him to transport the bomber to the halls of Paradise where he will own all of the unbelievers that he has killed in this life as his personal chattel slaves for all of eternity.

          530. glorybe2 says

            The Muslims are a sad lot. It is odd that they have produced some great scholars while doing everything they can to keep the public as illiterate as possible. It is as if the truth would set them free of Islam.

          531. ringostarr1 says

            glorybe2 oh glorybe2, The time that you pine for was close to 1,000 years ago, before the Ottoman Turks first took control of the Mohammedan World. This tragedy can only be compared to a Klingon hostile take over of a Mexican drug cartel. A perfect storm of greed, savagery, blood lust, and cruelty. Perhaps the Mohammedan word will recover and thrive once again like the Christian World did when it came out of the Dark Ages. However don’t count on it.

          532. ringostarr1 says

            To help you better understand why conflict in a region is called Balkanisation, when the Turk Sultan decided that one area of his empire (the Balkans for instance) was becoming too powerful or successful, the Sultan would issue an edict stating that ever 3rd family would be required to pickup and leave their home and extended family behind and move to a new location of the Sultan’s choosing. Once in their new location the expelled families had to displace the original inhabitants too make room for themselves. This weakened the tribes by creating warfare among different ethnic groups. It also served to weakened both the immigrants as well as the original residences. The result of all of this is that the residents of the Ottoman Empire tended to hate and mistrust their Mohammedan neighbors more than they did the Sultan. Now every one in the area hates, fears, and is suspicious of everyone else.

          533. ringostarr1 says

            Believe all the fairy tales that you want but the Mohammedan Society can not even create an accurate calendar. Without firing up my browser I think that there are about 330 days in the Mohammedan year. But hey, it’s a good excuse for a husband to forget his wife’s birthday or overlook the couple’s anniversary.

          534. Justice says

            For the average politician, raised not on leadership, but on delivering pork and staying on the safe side of the polls, the prospect of fighting a billion people is a scary one. It is very tempting to simplify the problem and to minimize it. To treat lone wolf attackers as mentally ill and large scale operations as the product of a few bad Muslim boys living in a cave somewhere like renegade suicide bombing peter pans who refuse to grow up, become globalized and participate in UN sessions on the plight in indigenous peoples.

          535. Tony Donaldson says

            There’s a little profiling in your life. There’s a little profiling in your life. Putting labels on people makes you part of a bigger problem. ENVY is one of the worst of the seven deadly sins.

          536. Justice says

            That the mainstream media leans overwhelmingly to the Left has long been known; that it shares the hard Left’s taste for authoritarian controls on the freedom of speech has not been so widely noted, but is becoming increasingly clear. Last week both the British Guardian and the New York Daily News published pieces equating truthful and accurate reporting about jihad violence and Islamic supremacism with “hate speech,” and calling for such reporting to be placed beyond the bounds of acceptable public discourse. That restrictions on free speech might come to harm their own profession is apparently something they haven’t considered.

          537. Justice says

            YUSUFALI: “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”
            PICKTHAL: As for those who disbelieve I shall chastise them with a heavy chastisement in the world and the Hereafter; and they will have no helpers.
            SHAKIR: Then as to those who disbelieve, I will chastise them with severe chastisement in this world and the hereafter, and they shall have no helpers.

          538. Justice says

            Islamic supremacism likely poses a multi-generational threat to the existence of Western civilization – perhaps the greatest threat it has ever faced. As members of American society, Muslims – most of whom were undoubtedly fleeing abuse, not trying to bring it with them – should of course be treated with respect, and their religion afforded the same deference we extend to other religions. But our civility should not blind us to the potential for extremism in the Muslim community – a concern shared by 60% of Muslim Americans – or to the religious connections between Islam and terrorism. Considering the magnitude of the threat, we can no longer afford to entertain the naïve and dangerous premise, which argues that all religions are essentially the same: Islam is different.

          539. Justice says

            Islamists seem to use at least three different methods: 1) the initiation of legal proceedings, known as “lawfare” — i.e., frivolous or malicious lawsuits which often do not even hope to succeed in court and are reluctant to reach discovery to avoid disclosing information, but which therefore seem intended, on charges of hate speech or defamation, to harass and financially crush the defendant; 2) threats of violence, or violence itself; or 3) pressure applied based on political correctness, as with attempts to smear reputations by alleging “racism,” “Islamophobia,” or other epithets. Sometimes the Islamists use only one of these methods — sometimes two, or all three. Regardless, the assault is often successful.

          540. Justice says

            Most of the violence carried out by Islamic supremacists has no direct connection to Israel or the U.S., and little or nothing to do with economic and political oppression. If both Israel and the U.S. were to disappear today, Boko Haram (the name means, “Western Education is Forbidden”) terrorists would continue to slaughter Muslims and Christians in Nigeria and burn churches to the ground. Islamists in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh would still persecute and kill Hindus, as they have for centuries. The Janjaweed Islamic militia would carry on its genocidal slaughter against Christians in Sudan. Iraq’s Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish factions would persist in their violent struggle for power. The persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt would press ahead uninhibited. Oppression and violence against Muslim women under Shariah law would most likely increase. The Taliban in Afghanistan would keep on poisoning and shooting Muslim girls for attending school and affirming their right to be educated. The cadence of misery inflicted upon the world by Islamic extremists would not miss a beat. As Robert Durie Osborn, a British major who served in India during the nineteenth century, put it: “They are strong only for destruction. When that work is over, they either prey upon each other, or beat themselves to death against the bars of their prison-house.”

          541. Cotton says

            America aided in creating the Islam we see today. We intervened for oil and control, and because of this we created a botched middle-east.

          542. Justice says

            The right of Westerners to speak freely regarding Islam-related topics — radical Islam or Islamism, Islamist terrorism, and Islamist terror funding — is in jeopardy. Islamists and their sympathizers try to silence any and all questions possibly critical of Islam with a vicious, multi-pronged assault until a critic is silenced, punished, or made an example of for others.

          543. glorybe2 says

            They are so dumb that they are blind as a bat. For example Russia clearly understands that they can not have a serious conflict with the US whether by military conflict nor by arousing internal strife. What they know is that if the US goes down they will go down. It doesn’t matter a hoot if it is by political means, terrorism or by outright war. If the US feels that Russia or communism is the problem they are dead meat. China knows the same thing. So far the Arab nations have failed to grasp that fact.

          544. jvaljon1 says

            You cannot tell me, Cotton, that the tin-foil-hatt’ers have anything (effectively OR otherwise) for Americans to fear – except, for their own nutty selves!

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Putin is bending Ohussein over, Ohussein is importing unvetted “refugees” and you TURDS are still humping his leg!!

          1. Cdreeder says


          2. jvaljon1 says

            Uh – you A$$WIPE, Osama – President Obama had you killed in 2010, so why don’t you stay there! Pretending to be a lady from Arkansas, when you were really an enemy of our country, all along?!

        3. Conservative says

          Oh whoopie, the Cold War has ended and now we are at war with ISIS. We are also on the verge of another Civil War. These are wars instigated by Obama, the traitorous President of the U.S. Wake up, his actions show he hates everything about America, our Constitution and our freedom. Tragically, we have Socialist/Democrats in our Congress who know this is happening but they do not care or they have the same disdain for all that America stands for.

          1. glorybe2 says

            I know, any decent person is a communist in your eyes. Anybody that has a belief different from yours is a traitor or socialist or some such nonsense. And any man of good will must be a thief. And you wonder why the right wing is such a failure.

          2. 1American1st