Atheists Give Us Their New 10 Commandments


In an attempt to prove that the 21st Century has no need for such dated concepts as religion, a couple of atheist authors – Lex Bayer and John Figdor –  offered a contest. The “10 Non-Commandments” contest implored atheists from around the world to send in their alternative to the stone tablets spoken of in the Bible. 13 judges announced the winners on Friday, just in time for us to celebrate our new humanist beliefs around the holiday tree on the secular calendar date of December 25th.

Let’s see what they came up with.

1. Be open-minded and be willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence.
This goes for all you racist white people who don’t want to believe that Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown. It does not go, of course, for the protestors who continue to hold up signs that read “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” long after the evidence destroyed that narrative.

2. Strive to understand what is most likely to be true, not to believe what you wish to be true.
This one goes out to all of you ignorant folks still claiming that evolution is a lie. Idiots! It does not pertain to Rolling Stone or the radical feminists who want desperately for us to believe that all men are rapists-in-waiting.

3. The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world.
Indeed. And since you’re too busy to conduct scientific experiments on your own, we encourage you to read about them in your favorite liberal newspaper where the findings will not be twisted in any way to fit an ideological agenda.

4. Every person has the right to control of their body.
But let’s be clear: you’re not a “person” until you’re out of the womb. You may, however, be a person if you’re an orangutan, according to a recent ruling from Argentina.

5. God is not necessary to be a good person or to live a full and meaningful life.
It is necessary, however, to vote Democrat.

6. Be mindful of the consequences of all your actions and recognize that you must take responsibility for them.
Of course, if you happen to live in an oppressive, racist country where only the “privileged” can succeed, you can disregard this one. Instead, blame your problems on the patriarchy, on systemic racism, and on the Republican Party.

7. Treat others as you would want them to treat you, and can reasonably expect them to want to be treated. Think about their perspective.
But if you feel like littering the Bible Belt with signs mocking Christianity, that’s okay. After all, who would want to think about the Christian perspective? That’s icky.

8. We have the responsibility to consider others, including future generations.
That doesn’t extend to doing anything about the skyrocketing national debt, of course. In that one instance, it’s okay to think only of ourselves.

9. There is no one right way to live.
Some people like to strap bombs to themselves before blowing a few hundred innocent people to kingdom come. Some people like to play video games. It’s all good. As Sheryl Crow told us way back when: “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” Except if you’re a gun owner. That’s bad.

10. Leave the world a better place than you found it.
And that means erasing any remnants of religion you might find as you walk around, living in whatever way makes you happy. Except Islam, of course. That one, we must protect.

I don’t think the traditional 10 Commandments have anything to fear when it comes to this crowd-sourced crop of secular philosophy. Progressives are unlikely to ever see it this way, but sometimes the old wisdom is worth keeping around.

  1. Sylvester Jones says

    Atheism is a belief system based on nothing.

    1. ihatelibs says

      Exactly . But then how can they Ask for anything , when the don’t Believe in anything . They believe in Nothingness . So GIVE them Nothingness , then the have No bitches Or Gripes

    2. BlueMax372 says

      Dynamic Nihilism.

    3. Faye Hayes says

      Christianity is a belief system based on stupidity, fear & wishful thinking!!

      1. CA Loser says

        Just like your comments?

        1. infadelicious says


      2. Blanche R Payne says

        So you say.

      3. Nellie says

        Faye, you already said that several times. Can you please come up with something original? The words stupid , fearful, wishful thinking and several swear word are worn out already. Why don’t you go for a long walk while we try and discuss this without you going in the gutter all the time just because you can and no god is listening to you. We get it.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          No, you don’t get it. That’s why you’re still Christians.

        2. infadelicious says

          I know right? And she got through an entire post without using the F bomb. The cheese is slipping off her cracker fo sho’

      4. infadelicious says

        THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS. YOU!!! (splashes holy water on Fay)

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Your comment shows your stupidy & it’s not very amusing , whatsoever !!! Atheists don’t believe in satan. So why would you choose to quote a line from The Exorcist ? You think you’re funny but your not . You’re just a pathetic human being!!

          1. infadelicious says

            Oh, you believe in satan alright. Have a good night you little clusterf*ck of sunshine and lollipops 🙂

      5. Cletus B Neckbeard says

        Not like statism, thank G*d. :o)

  2. countryfarmlady says

    they are some twisted minded ill persons with their 10 comandment’s nazies islamics they should have read what they wrote and thought about it while ! yes I know I misspelled a few words !

    1. crustyone says

      Merry Christmas to you too.

    2. infadelicious says

      Pressing 1 for English now

      1. Cletus B Neckbeard says

        ‘Looks like six people agreed with her, though. :o)

  3. Mike scott says

    Atheists are dicks on a good day.

    1. ihatelibs says

      Do they Ever have a Good Day ???

      1. Mike Scott says

        Only when a Christian dies,,,, lol

        1. Faye Hayes says

          You got that right!! LOL!!

    2. mtj3134 says

      Really ? you have no respect for clean language, even on Christmas Day ?
      Really, your mom will be so proud of you

      1. Mike Scott says

        You missed it. I do not feel that way. This is what happens when people assume certain things…..

        1. mtj3134 says

          I missed you writing ” dicks ”
          Really ?
          Oh well, if it works for you, deNile that is LOL

          1. chamuiel says

            And still laughing about it. How is it so funny to you?

          2. mtj3134 says

            Seems you’re having a slow day ?

      2. chamuiel says

        Really? And you laughed about it? Really?

      3. Mike scott says

        you are a loser

    3. Faye Hayes says

      Christians are DICKS every day of the year!!

    4. infadelicious says

      Oh dear. Someone’s in a mood. 🙁

  4. Jeff Johnson says

    They say, be opened minded, and have the responsibility to consider others. That is as long as you agree with their beliefs.

    1. Paula says

      They are phony hypocrites.

  5. Gustavo DiGiovanni says

    Who really cares what these zeros think.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      Who really gives a shit what you brainwashed & delusional Christians really think?

      1. Nellie says

        Oh my poor ears. None is TRUE. GETTING VERY, VERY, VERY OLD.

  6. Chasalz says

    Of course this was written tongue-in-cheek. A bit humorous in places. But sadly, a lot of which is being pushed for truth.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. MARYSWEET says

      Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

      1. crustyone says

        MARYSWEET–Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. God bless all of us.

  7. 4bills4 says

    Tell the atheist to take there 10 commandments and stick it where the Sun does not shine!!!

    1. Faye Hayes says

      You Christians should take your ten commandments & stick them where the Sun don’t shine!! Right back at you!!

      1. CA Loser says

        Just like what the gays do, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

      2. mrmsjb12 says

        try it sometime

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Sounds like you already have. It’s called sodomy, you know like what The Catholic Priest do to the little boys. Are you gay or just like it up the ass now & then? Remember, your god is watching you. He would not approve of the chocolate highway. He might prefer The Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard Of Oz, which is just as magical as the highway to heaven. Or should I say the highway to no where?

      3. Nellie says

        Another insult. BORING!!!!!!!!

    2. mrmsjb12 says

      the chocolate highway

    3. Faye Hayes says

      You think you are so fucking smart ? Atheist should be plural & there should be their, you dumb christian !!

  8. country boy says

    The only reason atheists won’t believe in God is because God’s commandments don’t utter one commandment of thou shall lust after anyone ( male of female ). It cramps their lustful lifestyle. sodomites and lesbians are an abomination it the eyes of God. PERIOD

    1. Laura Marie Croft says

      And your a prejudice as hole atheists have rights the same as Christian do and you Christians are being the prejudice one and your sitting in judgement of another you need to read your bible again! And I believe in god so what’s that tell ya ? I’m not ignorant nor do I chose to be I treat others as they would treat me and guess what there are alot of wonderful people out there that are not christians! I hate extremists in any view they are the dangerous ones they are the violent ones they think that because someone has a different oppi ion then there own that they are abominations not so and sure as hell don’t believe in religion ! And I never will so I guess I’m a abomination amongst your opinionated prejudiced assessment and that goes for all color and creeds I hate people that hurt others both mental and physical human or animal! Thus the extremists- such as yourself! Perhaps you should remember the reason for the season if I dare to say such a thing!

      1. Jerry Holloway says

        Well if you had not conjurdicted yourself the way you did what you said mite have made a little sence. first god tells us not to hate that means anything then you say you dont believe in religion but also that you believe in god and you dont think you are a extremist so you must be the ignorant one or just lie a lot.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Your spelling is horrible & I guess you don’t believe in using periods at the end of your sentences, because all your words just run together. So, who is really the ignorant one here? YOU!!!!

          1. Nellie says

            Is that the best you can do to criticize his grammar? Jerry, it doesn’t bother me. This is an informal writing area. I can write and read in 4 languages. Can you, Faye? Also my IQ 164. What’s yours? I am sure Jerry can do lots of things you can’t. GO JERRY!

      2. MARYSWEET says

        If you believe in God then you are not an atheist so what is the problem.

      3. country boy says

        We all have inalienable rights, given by God, not by governments or any other human being. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be specific. sodomy, lesbianism, lust, greed, envy, jealousy etc. are not given by God but by the devil and satan. We all have a carnal spirit and a Godly spirit within us and they fight constantly. when one surrenders to the carnal spirit he rejects God. please put your brain in gear before you engage your mouth. it works. semper fi

      4. country boy says

        atheists have rights under God. you can accept God or deny God it’s your choice. the government isn’t God they think they are when they try too pass laws that support lustful sins of the flesh. semper fi

    2. Faye Hayes says

      The reason we don’t believe in your god is you have no proof or evidence to back up your ridiculous claim, country boy!! And what makes you think that just because we are Atheist, we have the desire to lust after everyone? You know nothing about Atheism . You are talking out of your ass !! Sodomites & Lesbians are an abomination in the eyes of god ?? No, you are an abomination in the eyes of your false god, country boy!!!! If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it The Catholic Priest who are still raping little boys & are being protected by the Roman Catholic Church? I would call that lusting after little boys. What would you call it? You are an idiot!!

      1. MARYSWEET says

        Why do you refer to your God? There is only one God no matter what you call him. You are contradicting yourself because you sound like an atheist but you say you believe in God. You can’t be both.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Boy!, are you dumb! I refer to him as YOUR god because I don’t believe in him, therefore he is not MY god. I am an Atheist & Atheist don’t believe in god or any other gods, so how am I contradicting myself? Your comment makes no sense , whatsoever!!

          1. BlueMax372 says

            Faye, you seem to be seriously disturbed. Are you off your meds again?

          2. Faye Hayes says

            It seems to me that you’re the one who is mentally ill, for believing in some invisible monster in the sky. I guess you stopped taking your meds. I suggest you get back on them as soon as possible before you start having hallucinations & hearing voices in your head.

          3. Lyndau123 says

            My guess is that you will one day totally regret what you have said today. And it might be too late.

          4. mrmsjb12 says

            yes may god bless her

          5. Faye Hayes says

            WHAT GOD?

          6. Faye Hayes says

            You Christians are so good at telling non-believers that if they don’t believe in your god, that they will be sent to burn in hell for all of eternity. How loving & merciful your god is. Really? You worship a god who is evil, sadistic & totally without morals. If this is your choice, knock yourself out!! Your god sucks shit!!

          7. Bruce O'ryan says

            Here it is three months later and she’s still at it. This is an amusing thread.

          8. CA Loser says

            That time of the month?

          9. Faye Hayes says

            What is wrong with you? That time of the month? Are you a man or woman? or both? You are one sick & disgusting human being& then you wonder why Atheist get so angry at you? Look at the vile shit coming out of your mouth& then you have the audacity to call yourself a Christian? Unbelievable!! Your name suits you well- LOSER!!!

          10. Nellie says

            Not again! Yawn. Same old insults. You are running out of steam. They say when a person has nothing important to convince they start to insult. You started that on your 1st post. Go away.

          11. Faye Hayes says

            No, Why don’t you go away, far, far away!! You bore me to tears with all the Christian bullshit that comes out of that stupid mouth of yours. Have a nice day, Nelliebelly!!

          12. Nellie says

            So now you are repeating what I say. I am not a phony and never have been. I have been never self centered, judgmental, holy, nor a poor excuse for a human being and please don’t feel sorry for me because my God has been good to me. I have tried to help people all my life not only because of my beliefs but because there are millions of people out there of whatever faith who need help. It was silly of me to get into this stupid exercise of fighting with those whose minds will never be changed and will use me as a target. I know what is right for me. You sort yourselves out but I will continue to do as much as possible to give of myself and by words and deeds and will keep you from not allowing me to practice what I believe. Insults don’t bother me. I was a victim of racism all my life and I feel nothing but pity for the ignorance of people who don’t know any better. I am a very strong woman and have always defended the weaker who are victims of the malice you and your friends seem to find so amusing doing day in and day out and for what? For the right to keep us from our beliefs: Today the insults Tomorrow our Rights. Never!

          13. Nellie says

            Not the insanity accusations again. Getting old Faye. Running out of things to say cause we are bored of the same old same old.

          14. Nellie says

            Where are getting your information because we don’t believe in a monster. You don’t even know what we believe.

          15. mrmsjb12 says

            give her a joint

          16. Nellie says

            Remember what I said Marysweet. The same old thing.

          17. Faye Hayes says

            Hey! , Nellie Girl, you are about as important to me as a pimple on somebody’s ASS!!

          18. Nellie says

            At least I have a purpose. What is yours?

          19. CA Loser says

            Are you a man or a woman? or both?

          20. Faye Hayes says

            Are you an ASSHOLE or A DICKHEAD ? Or both ?

          21. Nellie says

            At it again. Ha, Ha, Ha, You are very funny.

          22. Faye Hayes says

            You’re not funny& you make me want to VOMIT!!

          23. Nellie says

            Yes it does when you call him out God you acknowledge that we have a God and you don’t believe in him.

        2. Faye Hayes says

          Where in any of my comments did I ever say I believed in your false god? You are as dumb as shit!! I am an Atheist & I don’t believe in your god or any gods. I also don’t believe in that piece of trash that you refer to as the bible. Can you get that through that thick head of yours ? He is your god, not mine & never will be. Do you really understand what I’m telling you ? Has religion warped your brain so much that you can’t even comprehend a simple explanation ? If I remember correctly, you did say you were a teacher at one time ? Very hard to believe!!!

          1. MARYSWEET says

            I have never been nor have I ever presented myself as a teacher. I will not answer your tirade because you have a closed mind. Bye Faye!

          2. Faye Hayes says

            I must have you confused with someone else. Now that I think of it, You’re too stupid & ignorant to ever be considered a teacher, whatsoever!! Bye MARYSOUR!!

      2. Lyndau123 says

        Faye – Talk about hate-filled. Aren’t Muslims cutting 5 year olds in half? And beheading women and western journalists? And obviously, you DON’T watch any news or you would know that the new pope has cleaned house so your vindictiveness is unnecessary there. Calling people idiot. Yea, atheists sure are sweet if you are an example.

      3. CA Loser says

        But it is okay to to poke the but hole? The priests are wrong, so is gay marriage.

      4. Rocky says

        And so are the God hating atheists! Will they run out of heads to chop off?? May they burn in hell with all anti-Christians!

        1. Faye Hayes says

          There is no such thing as a god hating Atheist, you dumb twit!! How is it possible to hate something you don’t believe in ? Atheists don’t believe in hell either, so stop with the threats of burning in hell. There is no hell, but for you I will make an exception & say that I hope that you will be burning in hell for eternity!!

      5. says

        Please Faye, be a little softer. Thank you. I know you can do it!

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Please don’t tell me to be a little softer. Have you been reading what Christians are saying about Atheist? Not very nice things. Are you a man or woman? or both? Must be that time of the month, give her a joint & so on… all this hate & anger because I choose not to believe in their god? Are you kidding me? I say fight fire with fire, & if Christians can’t take it, that’s their problem!!

          1. Nellie says

            So if it is or isn’t true why do care? Most people can’t remember what they read or heard 5 minutes after they heard. Move on. You are going to have a heart attack and then you fought for nothing.

      6. Nellie says

        Since when did you become God and judge everyone. God is the final Judge. There are sinners everywhere but should be held to a higher standard and they weren’t. There are millions of men and women not connected with the church. Why don’t you pick on the Muslims on this topic who do unspeakable things to girls and women. I think you would a lot more material if started picking on them for a change or are afraid.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Why don’t you pick on the Catholic Priest that rape little boys up the ass& then the Catholic Church covers up it up, sends the priest to another church so he can rape more little innocent boys? These priest never go on trial & are never convicted. So, don’t give me this crap that it is only The Muslims who are committing these disgusting vile acts on children. Religion poisons everything!!!

    3. Nellie says

      But you haven’t read the Bible. They are all there but God greatest Commandment is that we must Love everyone regardless. God is the only judge and he merciful more so than people here on earth if you ask him for mercy.

      1. country boy says

        I have read the bible and understand it. you have eyes too see and ears too hear but you can’t see or hear anything other than that of your own ideology. God does not forgive sins. your sins are covered by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. If one reads the bible, they know exactly what sins are and what they must do too achieve redemption. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who believes in him should have everlasting life. God does love everyone, but he hates sin above all else. God is the judge and he will judge the sinner. if you will not repent, you are still in a sinful state. I don’t hate anyone I hate what people do to others and themselves. semper fi

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Another Christian Crackpot!! We have enough already. Do we really need another one like you?

          1. country boy says

            that’s what people like you say when the can’t deal with the truth. the slander and falsely accuse. grow up

          2. Faye Hayes says

            What truth? That your god exist ? You brainless dickhead!! You grow up before it’s too late!

          3. country boy says

            there it is again, the first word out of your mouth is dickhead. that’s the only thing on your mind. get your mind out of your panties and grow up fast

          4. xsqueakyx says

            Faye, you rock. I’m so glad to see that there are some other critical thinkers around here. We need to call out the cult members that do nothing but drag this country down.

          5. Faye Hayes says

            After all the bashing I’ve been taking from these hypocritical & hateful Christians, it’s nice to finally get a reply from someone who supports me & is a critical thinker just like me. You Rock!! Thanks!!

          6. Brindle_Catahoula says

            You think he is as bad as the athiest crackpot Mao?

          7. Faye Hayes says

            You have the balls to call me out on my spelling & you can’t even spell the word Atheist ? You fucking moron!!

          8. Faye Hayes says

            No, You are!! Brindle, the Christian Crackpot, who belongs to a religious cult called Christianity

          9. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Buzz buzz buzz

            Better now..

          10. country boy says

            who is we? do you mean sodomites and lesbians. America doesn’t need sodomites and lesbians whatsoever. America wasn’t born out of lustful sins of the flesh. it was born out of a love of God.

          11. Faye Hayes says

            Fuck your god !! He doesn’t exist. Only in your mind.

          12. country boy says

            the only way people with carnal lusts will ever believe there is a God is when they are burning in Hell and then they will curse him. SAD semper fi

      2. Faye Hayes says

        Oh!, please STFU!! You go on & on & & it’s becoming so boring !! You have nothing new to say. It’s the same shit over & over again. God this & god that !! Blah, Blah, Blah !!

  9. Van Hamlin says

    I am writing this on Christmas morning. The first thing I did after waking was say a prayer. I thanked God for all that he has given me; including the sacrifice of his son Jesus. The gift of redemption through Jesus Christ is the greatest gift that could be given. A most difficult gift to give. God bless everyone, including the aesthetes. Peace on Earth and goodwill toward mankind. Merry Christmas!

    1. Terry Rushing says

      Well said and amen.

    2. Faye Hayes says

      Before you feel the need to bless Atheist, You really need to learn how to spell the word correctly. Typical Ignorant Christian!!

      1. Edward J Baker says

        Keep searching for your next trivialization. Typical ignorant religion hater.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          I wasn’t talking to you, Edward , so shut the hell up!!

          1. Edward J Baker says

            Typical intolerant and close-minded relgion hater.

          2. MARYSWEET says

            You got that right.. That’s why our country is in such bad shape – we have a Christian/Jewish hater in the WH.

          3. KatRob says

            Now there’s an oxymoron, Christian/Jewish/Judeo/Christian. And who says brainwashing doesn’t work? So the jews have gone from the murderers of Christ to according to the Catholic church, our brothers. The wonder why jews rejoice at SINagogue every week, no shortage of useful idiots who don’t even know who the real enemy is. Christians have more in common with Muslims than they do jews, at least Muslims recognize Jesus Christ, the jews in their so-called holy, hateful book the Talmud say Jesus is in hell burning in hot excrement, the Virgin Mary is a whore. Shame on your Christian zionists and prepare yourselves for God’s wrath!

          4. SidSpeaking says

            The Bible draws a distinction between those who are real ‘Jews’ and those who are of the ‘synagogue of Satan’. Much like every religion, there are multiple versions of Judaism, some of them wholly sickening in their practices (racism, pedophilia, murder, infant sacrifice, etc…).


            These practices seem to be well documented in esoteric Jewish documents, such as ‘The Jewish Encyclopedia’ and the ‘Talmud’. Some of these practices are the very things that Jesus railed on the religious leaders of His day for. The presence of the counterfeit Judaism in no way makes the true Judaism (in my opinion Messianic Judaism) void. The first Christians were Jews who rightly recognized Jesus as the awaited Messiah. I doubt they would have exalted the Judaism that is today, but instead viewed their brethren as sinners in need of the true savior (Jesus). If it so moves you, I’d urge you to pray for the scales to fall from the eyes of the Zionist Jews, and pray for the ‘Christians’ who are under delusion to be brought out from under it.

          5. KatRob says

            Thank you for such an articulate analysis, Sid. I do pray that the Christian zionists see the light. I’m thinking being naive and brainwashed will be no defense when it comes to the wrath of God. They actually believe that israelis and Israelites are one and the same. The israelis who stole Palestine were atheists, judged by the fact there are over 200 strip clubs in israel, ecstasy is manufactured there. Christians who go to visit the Holy Land are spit on. They have defiled the Holy Land and far from embrace religion of any kind. The majority of jews today are interested in one thing, world domination. You are a breath of fresh air. I wish more were as informed as you.

          6. Jim Simmons says

            When you write “naive and brainwashed”, you are talking about the believers in god, right?

          7. KatRob says

            I’m talking about the Christian Zionists who have fallen for the crock of matzo handed to them about jews being the Chosen, etc. How do you go from God referring to them as Children of Satan to them being the Chosen? It’s nonsense! They rewrote the bible until it was favorable to them. They’re Satan’s Chosen!

          8. IowaFalcon says

            Forget all of that nonsense. Here is the only thing that you need to understand about the Jews according to the Bible. It comes from Genesis 12, and is referred to as the Abrahamic Covenant. It is perfectly clear, and should not be confused with all of this Zionist junk.

            The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

            “I will make you into a great nation,
            and I will bless you;
            I will make your name great,
            and you will be a blessing.
            I will bless those who bless you,
            and whoever curses you I will curse;
            and all peoples on earth
            will be blessed through you.”

            God calls the Jews His chosen people, though he does not give flattering reasons why. He has a plan for them that is different than the plan He has for us Gentiles in the short run.

          9. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Actually, the reason is very straightforward. The Almighty G-d makes it crystal clear what our Divine mission is. The Jews whose families have survived and are still here, are those Jews from families who have always been devout Jews, and loyal servants to the Almighty G-d. Jews who opt out of their divine mission are not guaranteed preservation.

            The irony is, that I posted this answer not very long ago.

            The word “Jew” means to admit, to testify. The Jews are a witness people who testify that there is one and only Almighty G-d of Israel. The Jews are hated for this testimony, for living with virtue, and for giving people a conscience. This was the purpose of the glorious revelation at Mt. Sinai. The Almighty speaks about this in several places. One of them, I posted hereinbelow.

            The Almighty, through his prophet Isaiah, said it best: Isaiah (43:10-12)
            “You are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “and My servant whom I chose,” in order that you know and believe Me, and understand that I am He; before Me no god was formed and after Me none shall be. I, I am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior. I told and I saved, and I made heard and there was no stranger among you, and you are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “and I am

          10. IowaFalcon says

            Well said; I do get where you are coming from.

            That said, there is some stuff being written in Christ’s name that must be corrected. I am trying to end a general notion of “Christian” antisemitism here. In this case, the writer was referring to Jews as if they were some homogenous group that all were responsible for a litany of wrongs, including murdering Jesus and personally doing whatever wrongs they claim against the Muslims who chose to exile themselves instead of live in peace in Israel. From a historical perspective, the Romans killed Jesus on the insistence of some Jewish religious leaders, not “the Jews”. From a theological perspective, Jesus killed Jesus. While people popularly say that they might as well have driven the nails due to their personal sin, that is not the case. Jesus chose to die for our sins, and nobody “killed” him. It was an act of grace, and the Bible is clear that we did nothing to deserve it and to claim credit or assign blame is to deny His role and purpose.

            Without getting too deep, I want Christians to remember two things of our faith. First, we are to respect God’s promises to the Jews and recognize the reality of what that means. The Abrahamic Covenant is still in play, and Western history seems to have a pattern of nations losing their prominence following the betrayal of the Jewish people within their scope of influence. I am afraid that too many Americans are getting a hankering to add our nation to the list of those who made this mistake.

            Secondly, I want to remind them that we Gentile Christians are sort of adopted (without getting too far into Christian theology). There is a mountain of scripture in the New Testament that explains how Gentiles are loved by God, justified through Christ’s atonement, but are not Jews. We are more adopted into the family by Grace, but still remain Gentiles. Antisemitic rants are by definition anti-Christian, as being a Christian means to be as Christ-like as possible, and Jesus was a Jew in every way.

            We have a popular notion that anyone who claims to be a Christian is. This is simply not true. Someone simply can not make up theology, believe anything that they want, then claim that they are Christians. They must first accept the God of the Bible, repent of their sins, accept the grace given by Christ, and accept him as their Lord and recognize his death as payment for their sin as their justification. This is different than your perspective on things in that Hell is not some purgatory. You are fully justified and saved the second that you accept Christ, and salvation is simply no longer an issue. Christ acted as the perfect sacrifice, giving His life and separating from God (for a while) as payment in full for the sins of mankind. Anyone who repents and truly claims Christ can claim His grace.

            Instead, the Christian spends the rest of their life trying to better understand God’s word, and strive to be more like Christ’s example. We all still sin and have our issues. Admitting our imperfection is sort of the first step into the faith.

          11. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Thank you so very much for that terrific and informative posting. It is a joy and pleasure to correspond with people like yourself. I really thank you for taking the time to post to me and gift me with so much information. 🙂

            You intuitively, understand alot about the history of the Jews. You slammed the ball way out of the park, when you mentioned how many nations made the mistake of betraying the Jews. That is quite correct. If you think about world history, you will notice that every single nation who tormented the Jewish people were severely punished. The Almighty made it quite clear in Jeremiah and issued the following warning: Jeremiah (2:3) “Israel is holy to the Lord, the first of His grain; all who eat him shall be guilty, evil shall befall them, says the Lord.” This is in sync with the Abraham Covenant that you posted.

            I have been blessed to study the Bible for about thirty eight (38) years. The Orthodox Jewish school systems have a dual track; Orthodox Judaism and secular studies. As much as I have learned, absorbed, and been engrossed all these years, I consider myself very blessed to come across Rabbi Tovia Singer and his writings. He has an entire website “Outreach Judaism” and wrote a two volume masterpiece “Let’s Get Biblical” (which I devoured from cover to cover). You would truly appreciate it. He delves very deeply into Christianity and its roots in their entirety. He also explains in depth why the Orthodox Jews did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Rabbi Singer is the world renown expert on, what is referred to as “The New Testament” and “The Old Testament”, and is a very masterful and charismatic speaker. He takes the listener (and reader) step by step and explains with using extensive proofs from the Bible the points he is making. He is extremely respectful to the Christians, agnostics, Messianic Jews, etc., etc. who come to hear him speak and debate. He is also frequently invited to speak in theological seminaries and is famous for spending hours patiently answering questions.

            Rabbi Singer has a radio show in Israel twice a week (Arutz Shevah) and has 24 classes you can podcast and download for free. I listened to every one of them several times over. They are all informative and very moving. Rabbi Singer also has a great sense of humor and is so enjoyable to listen to. (Many gentiles have accepted upon themselves the Noachide laws after immersing themselves in Rabbi Singer’s writings and classes. A number of gentiles have even converted.)

            You are quite correct in that the Almighty has a place for the Gentiles in this world. You really get it! The Almighty G-d, indeed guarantees a place in Heaven for every gentile who adheres to the Seven Noachide Commandments. This is very crucial to understand.

            Judaism does not encourage or recruit converts like other religions. It only accepts people who are extremely sincere in their quest to become an Orthodox Jew. (Any other kind of Judaism is a bankrupt Judasim and does not follow the Torah as given by Moses at Mt. Sinai). Most other religions condemn people who do not accept their faith to eternal Hell. Not so with Judaism. G-d loves the gentile as well. An example is in the book of Jonah when G-d sent the prophet Jonah to Ninveh to get the people to repent and not be destroyed. Ultimately (at the Messianic Age, which is almost upon us), the Jews will be the teachers of the Torah to the world. This is described in the book of Zachariah (8:23) “So said the Lord of Hosts: In those days, when ten men of all the languages of the nations shall take hold of the skirt of a Jewish man, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that G-d is with you.”

            I do not know if you are familiar with the Messiah that is described in Judaism. The Messiah, who will be from the House of King David, and King Solomon, will bring a lasting peace on Earth after the Almighty takes vengeance of all enemies of Israel and Himself (which are one and the same). The goal of the Messianic Age will be so the entire world will recognize the one and only G-d of Israel as is only recognized by the Jewish people today. In fact, we say in our prayers three times a day “Hear O’ Israel, the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is One.” It is on the lips of every Jew before death as well. When the Messiah comes, the entire world will know, because it will require no faith whatsoever. It will take just looking out the window, literally. This is described in several places, but it is collectively in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 37.

            The miracles of the Messianic Age:

            1. Universal knowledge of G-d

            2. Universal peace on Earth

            3. The ingathering of Israel (we will be brought back from the four corners of the Earth to live in Israel, our homeland, once again.

            4. The Resurrection of the dead

            5. The building of the Third and final Temple

            NONE of these events occurred during the time of Jesus. That is the main reason why the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus had nothing in common with what was promised to come about at the Messianic Age.

            When King Solomon built the First Temple, he asked the Almighty G-d to answer the prayers and requests of the gentiles who came to pay homage, so they would recognize the Almighty as being this world’s sovereign lord and master. This will indeed take place as well with the Third Temple. You, and other gentiles like yourself, will be very graciously received when this takes place as well. Zachariah (8:21-22) “And the inhabitants of one shall go to another, saying, “Let us go to pray before the Lord and to entreat the Lord of Hosts. I, too, will go. And many peoples and powerful nations shall come to entreat the Lord of Hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the Lord.”

            The gentiles, will be loved and received by the Almighty G-d, as well. The Jewish people are going to be the teachers and princes. Exodus (19-6) “And you shall be to Me a kingdom of princes and a holy nation.”

            The bottom line, we will all serve the Almighty G-d together in everlasting peace. I cannot wait for this day to come! 😉

          12. IowaFalcon says

            You know, it would be really cool to trace your heritage back through to Jacob, and I sort of envy those who can. My heritage is mainly savage celts. They may have sacked Rome, but they did not keep good records.

          13. Proud Conservative Mom says

            It truly is a very cool thing to have!
            Many Jewish families had family trees that were traceable back to Moses’ time. Most us tragically lost our documentation (among many other things) in the Holocaust.
            I know many of the famous Rabbis that are from my family, but tragically cannot trace them back for this reason. The names, however, continue to be passed down (that is, the names that can be recalled).

            The Jews that we know of, today, are from the tribes of Benjamin and Judah. We do not know where the Ten Lost Tribes are, but we will be reunited with them at the Messianic Age.

          14. IowaFalcon says

            You see… that is cool. I get to think it is pretty cool when I see a guy walking around in a kilt.

          15. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I know what you mean! 😉
            I always used to think, and still do, that it takes alot of self confidence to pull it off graciously.

          16. KatRob says

            Okay, let’s assume this crock of matzo is factual? You don’t really think the atheist jews who stole Palestine and currently inhabit israHELL are the same israelites of the bible?


            i beg you to get enlightened before you receive God’s wrath for your treachery.

          17. Faye Hayes says

            The lord said to Abraham- I will make Israel into a terrorist state & I will curse you!! I will make your name stand for evil & you will be a curse over this earth. I will curse those who bless you & whoever blesses you I will curse & all people on earth will be cursed through you. Fuck you & your chosen people!! Just a bunch of religious bullshit!!

          18. MARYSWEET says

            I’m talking about present day living people – not historical events. We need to stop living in the past and go forward to make life better for everyone. That’s why the protestors are out there looting, burning, etc. It’s because of what happened a hundred years ago. We’ve come a long way since then but events like this hold back progress. I have ancestors who were discriminated against too but what good does it do them to destroy and hate people today. We are all God’s children and he must be crying buckets of tears for our lack of learning from history’s mistakes. Where do you get that Jesus is burning in hell and the Virgin Mary is a whore? I have never heard that in any church I have ever attended. I am married to a Jewish man who has offered to go to any church I wish. CHRISTIANS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH MUSLIMS. They teach hate of anyone who doesn’t believe as they do and want to kill everyone who doesn’t convert to their form of islam. Stop living in the past and try to make life better for all here. I have friends from catholics, jews, baptists and none of them agree with islam and they are kind, charitable, loving people. Sounds like you are very bitter about all religions which is your right but it is a little twisted. I;m sure that’s what you were taught. Hitler was a Jew and look what he did to his own people.

          19. EDOMS THORN says

            If you are married to a “JEW” how does that make you an authority on the FILTHY Babylonian TALMUD and what it says or does not say? Most so called JEWS. are Talmudic, and hate Christ and CHRISTIANS! But I have the sense that you are a liar, pretending “IGNORANCE”. The truth is what liars hate, and can be found by those that truly love the truth. BUT there are those that DEMONIZE the truth and truth tellers, counting on the WILLING ignorance of the SHEEPLE. The Qur’an was written by the same VIPERS that wrote the Babylonian TALMUD! They both have the same ‘STENCH’ to them.

            In SHORT! You are a phony! I have been dealing with your kind for many years!

          20. MARYSWEET says

            Yes I am married to a Jew. I do not pretend to know that much about his religion. Actually, his belief and mine in God meshed perfectly and it was a love of God and all the treasures he has given us There is no difference in our beliefs. We both believe in God and try to live a good life. He has passed on to a better place but his spirit is still with me. I do resent being called a liar. My husband was a very special man and the best human being I had ever met. He certainly did not hate Christians In fact, he bought a bible and read it cover to cover and offered to go any church with me. He was always the first person to help others who down on their luck. Everyone who ever met him respected him and treasured his friendship. Maybe he was the exception to your concept of Jews.


          21. Faye Hayes says

            Your husband passed on to a better place? You mean he moved to Florida to retire? What a ridiculous statement to make! And you know this for sure? How is that possible? His spirit is with you? How would you know this to be a fact, when a spirit is invisible, unless you are having hallucinations or visions. If you’re seeing ghost & spirits, you might want to consider getting a brain scan. And then you Christians have the balls to tell Atheist that we are the ones going to hell for not believing in such nonsense? You Christian have it ass backwards.

          22. MARYSWEET says

            When I say my husband is in a better place, he is with God and I know when he is with me in spirit because I can feel his presence. You being a non-believer will no doubt make fun of this but have your fun. I know what I know. You need to stop drinking the Kool Aid and being so verbally abusive to everyone. I will not respond to any further digs from you so good bye Faye and have a nice life.

          23. Faye Hayes says

            I am making fun of you , because what you’re saying is so absolutely ridiculous!! So you’re telling me that you know for a fact that your husband is with your god? And you have come to this conclusion how? You just know that’s it true because you say it is. And if someone like me or any other non-believer asked you to demonstrate this with evidence, how would you go about doing that? If I told you I had an invisible pet dragon in my garage, would I really expect you to believe me? I don’t think so. You would want proof , would you not & if I took you to my garage & said here is my invisible dragon, don’t you see him , I guarantee that you would not see him. You would think I belonged in the looney bin, right? It’s no different than with your god. You know when your husband is with you in spirit because you can feel him ? Maybe YOU should take up drinking. It might help with Those strange thoughts & feelings you’re always having. If you claim to be so secure in your beliefs, then why would you even give a shit about what I have to say? Why do you take offense so easily? Could it be that you are having some really strong doubts about what you believe in, but are too afraid to admit it? I know what I know ? You are one whacky Christian!!!

          24. Shauna says

            Faye, normally I don’t jump into these types of conversations, but you are one angry woman….back off her, she has done nothing to you. If she wants to believe in God, why is it such a issue for you? I have been reading this thread and your attacking everyone…Why are you so angry?

          25. Faye Hayes says

            Well, you can just jump right back out of this conversation. It’s none of your fucking business!! I didn’t ask for your opinion & could give a shit what you have to say. YOU back off & get lost too !! Little Insignificant Shauna!!!

          26. Shauna says

            My my such language from a shaved head, patent chuck boot wearing bull dyke. You just made it my business. Are you angry cause you haven’t come out yet or are you just too ugly and fat that no one wants you? Life sucks for you because you don’t have the grounding that only good religious foundation provides..You are lost and I only hope you find the proper meds needed to fix your anger or find peace….Either way, you have made a complete joke of yourself on this blog, I guess that makes you, in your own mind, significant, eh? By all means, carry on twinkle toes, it’s fun to watch you froth, kinda like a rabid dog…

          27. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Thanks for that outstanding posting.
            You nailed it absolutely perfectly!
            It is a pity that Faye cannot self destruct from her own vile hatred.
            Truly only the Almighty G-d could have mercy on such a blackened and deranged soul.
            My best wishes to you and your loved ones always.

            Most sincerely,

            Rebecca 🙂

          28. Faye Hayes says

            It’s a pity that you can’t self destruct from your own stupidity. Screw your god!! He doesn’t exist. He only exist in that brainless head of yours. Go screw yourself, Rebecca .

          29. Proud Conservative Mom says

            It really takes a low life to attack anyone like Mary Sweet. Her name truly suits her and she seems so very sweet and kind.
            The only conclusion that I can possibly have is that Faye has some kind of psychosis going on. That is the bottom line. She sounds like a rabid and raging pitbull!
            Imagine living with such hatred every day! SHEESH!

          30. Faye Hayes says

            You are a festering boil growing on the ass of an Atheist. Imagine living with that every day !

          31. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I would pity your poor parents for having had such a gem like yourself, but I would have to draw the conclusion that this “apple” did not fall far from the tree!
            I pity anyone who lives on your BLOCK, forget about your family, that goes without saying!
            You obviously have no comprehension or understanding of satire and/or irony if you are calling ME the festering boil! What a pathetic and sick joke that is and YOU are!

          32. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Mary Sweet, you are a class act in every single way!
            In all honesty, I do not know if I could wish such a hateful, nasty, cruel and vindictive person like Faye, a nice life.
            Your name suits you completely. 🙂 !!!!

            I know what you mean about feeling your husband with you. He certainly is. There are indeed things that one just knows to be true!

          33. MARYSWEET says

            You have made my day! Thank you for your kind remarks. It is something I learned from my husband. Just be yourself and always try to do God’s will and life will be good. As for the name, it was the name I was born with (and always teased). I don’t worry about Faye except I feel sorry for her. I know other people like her – they are so unhappy and want everyone else to be the same. Again, I thank you Proud Conservative Mom. You sound pretty great yourself.

          34. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I know that you slammed the proverbial ball right out of the park!
            Truly I cannot even imagine what my life would be like without the Almighty G-d!
            Knowing that He is always here and running the affairs of the world, helps keep me sane and happy in a world that seems to be going off of its axis at times, so to speak!
            I too believe that people like Faye gnash their teeth when they see happy people like you and me, surrounded by loved ones and living happy and productive lives.
            I am blessed with a wonderful husband and we have five terrific children together.
            I truly understand how those blessings enrich one’s life.

            Being happy is a person’s choice, I firmly believe.
            I am gifted with severe chronic pain from a very rare illness that has no cure at this time (global diffuse adenomyosis). I thank the Almighty every day for my smile and great sense of humor. My mother is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. She survived CML (a very deadly type of leukemia). We almost lost her three times. She is and always has been a living inspiration!

          35. Edward J Baker says

            Must you pretend your juvenile questions represent honesty rather than the exact opposite?

          36. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Thank you for your beautiful posting. I am so sorry that your husband passed away. It sounds like he was a very sweet and kind man. I hope he didn’t have to suffer for a long time.

            I am an Orthodox Jew and Reaganite Conservative. I have NEVER hated any Christians (or any other groups of people). I grew up with some Christians on my block in Brooklyn, New York, and I have a few on my current block in Passaic Park, New Jersey. We all get along very nicely, look out for each other, and wish each other well.

            Historically, the only Christians that Jews did not “get along with” were (and are) the ones who tried to evangelize Jews against their will.

            I would not be surprised if Faye never came across a Jew in her life. (There are many states where Jews do not reside in, for logistical reasons only.) No one that I know would even dream of acting the way she describes. It is utter nonsense!

          37. MARYSWEET says

            Thank you for your kind words. Yes, my husband was a very loving, compassionate man. He was always helping someone who were down on their luck. He was such an easy person to talk with and he never betrayed a friend or a secret and his family was most important to him. Pete was raised orthodox. He was respected by everyone who knew him. He was diabetic and had hear disease which are family traits. He was scheduled for second bypass surgery when he passed. He was the kind of man this country needs more of and I guess it is true the good die young. Again, thank you for you kind remarks. I have had so many bad replies it is nice to have such a good one. God Bless you and yours and our country.

          38. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You too! 🙂
            Try not to let the creeps like Faye get you down. I know at times it is very hard not to let it get to you. I try to concentrate on all of the wonderful friends and Patriots that I met on Disqus.
            I hope you will meet many more nice people, and not get such vile and hateful postings again!

          39. Faye Hayes says

            Who the fuck do you think you are, calling me a creep? Just because I don’t believe in an invisible being in the sky , that makes me a creep ? Fuck you!! Who are you to judge me? You are nobody. You don’t matter & neither does your evil & wicked god.

          40. Shep Schultz says

            I’ve yet to meet a Jew who has given any indication of hating Christ or Christians.

          41. Faye Hayes says

            According to your bible, wasn’t it The Jews who decided with The Romans that your Jesus should be put to death? That is in your bible , is it not ? Or did you skip over that part? If The Jews loved your jesus , they had a sick way of showing it.

          42. Shep Schultz says

            I am an agnostic. I really don’t care beyond the fact that the story has relevance to Western Civilization.

          43. Faye Hayes says

            Just because a story has relevance doesn’t make it true.

          44. Shep Schultz says

            Thank you for making the least valuable comment in this three week old thready.
            That took real work!

          45. Proud Conservative Mom says

            AMEN AND AMEN!!!! 😉

          46. MARYSWEET says

            He didn’t say it did. You are so full of hate that I can’t help but feel sorry for you. Have a good day Faye.

          47. Proud Conservative Mom says

            AMEN AND AMEN!!
            Very beautifully put! These haters do not comprehend that they hurt themselves so much more. There are studies out there as to what constant hate and anger does to a body. It is not pretty, to say the least!

            Please do not ever change! We need many more like you in this world. You make it a far better place.

            Most sincerely,

            Rebecca 😉

          48. Bruce O'ryan says

            Feeling sorry for a rabid dog is counterproductive.

          49. MARYSWEET says

            I can feel sorry for a rabid dog but I don’t feel sorry for faye hayes because she has made the decision to be who she is – whatever that is. The dog didn’t have the choice. Besides I have a soft spot for helpless animals but not stupid people.

          50. Brindle_Catahoula says

            What makes you think he’s a Christian?

          51. Faye Hayes says

            What makes me think you’re normal?

          52. Robert E Boltz says

            try to be a little kinder present your case being nasty wins no supporters .

          53. Brindle_Catahoula says

            If your herd mentality makes you normal, I’m happy to let you own the term.

          54. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Thanks for that terrific comeback. It is truly smashing!

            I hope you and all of your loved ones are well. Reading your postings always makes me smile. 🙂

          55. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            You are missing a major point of the story.

            Grow up. Read up. Come back when you can stop making yourself look like a dumb little kid with a new toy that it only partially understands.

          56. Faye Hayes says

            The only thing missing is your brain!!

          57. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            -Which just goes to show that with my brain supposedly missing, I’m still miles and miles ahead of you.

            That public service announcement should be a real incentive for you to get with a solid educational program. Ask yourself, why should you languish for the remainder of your life only amounting to the intelligence level of any of my peer groups’ fingernail trimmings when you could work very hard for the next two decades and bring yourself up to the level of intelligence of my middle toe on my right foot? Granted, that is the one that was broken nearly thirty years ago, but it is a grand goal for you to aspire to. Work hard, Faye! You can do it!

          58. Proud Conservative Mom says

            That has got to be one of the best postings I have read this week (and I have read quite a few).
            There is nothing sweeter than watching a Liberal sputter, helpless to respond or make a comeback. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Faye read your posting.

            Moreover, you truly smashed the proverbial ball right out of the park. Thanks again!

            Best wishes to you and all of your loved ones always.

          59. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            -And to you and yours, my dear fellow conservative!

          60. Faye Hayes says

            I wish you were a fly on the wall. Then I could take a fly swatter & swat your ugly jewish ass !!

          61. Edward J Baker says

            No, the Bible explains the sins of humanity, including yours and mine, put Jesus to death.

          62. Faye Hayes says

            So, I’m responsible for putting your jesus to death? Listen to what you’re saying. You are insane!! I don’t recall being alive in biblical times, unless I had a past life that I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it was The Romans & Jews who proposed the death penalty on Your savior. Didn’t your jesus claim he was the son of god ? That’s what got him killed. I had nothing to do with that & I don’t believe he was the son of god. It’s possible he was a prophet & preached to many people & said a lot of nice things. But he was not the messiah, He did not rise from the dead. He died & was buried. End of story! There is absolutely no evidence that he came back from the dead. I don’t know of anyone who ever came back to life. It’s all a made up story to make people believe that jesus was someone special. He was just a man. That’s it!!

          63. Edward J Baker says

            Were you not so shallow, you might understand metaphysical suffering and death and how sacrifices can be made in advance for transgressions. Have you ever sacrificed yourself for anyone else’s benefit?

          64. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Hate to burst your bubble, but the Jews had NO POWER during this time period. It is a sick lie that the Jews “killed” Jesus (not that I could ever understand how one could kill an all powerful G-d, but we’ll let that sit for minute).

            The Jews did not believe in Jesus as a G-d, Man-G-d or son of G-d. The Jews knew him to be a mortal of flesh and blood. Period. This is because the Almighty G-d of Israel made it crystal clear in our Bible that only He is the all powerful G-d, who existed, continues to exist and runs the world, and will forever continue to do so.

            In fact, the first Two Commandments (of the Ten Commandments), specifically spell this out. The Second Commandment states that you will not have any other G-ds upon my face. That means that we are NEVER to add or create another G-d to worship along with the Almighty G-d of Israel. It is like being married and taking a lover. It is NOT acceptable to say the least.

            The Almighty mentions this concept many, many times throughout the Bible. I listed but only a few examples hereinbelow. How much clearer could the Almighty G-d of Israel have made it, that HE is the One and ONLY and ALWAYS WILL BE?!

            ALWAYS REMEMBER!!!…

            “G-d is not a man that he should lie, nor is He a mortal that He should change His mind…” (Numbers 23:19).

            “And also the Eternal One of Israel will not lie nor change His mind; for He is not a man, that He should change His mind.” (Samuel I 15:29).

            “Do not put your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no salvation!” (Psalm 146:3).

            “You shall know that I am in the midst of Israel , and I am the Lord, your
            G-d, there is no other; and my people shall never be ashamed!” (Joel 2:27).

            “So said the Lord, Israel’s King and Redeemer, the Lord Almighty, “I am the first and I am the last; apart from Me there is no G-d! Who then is like Me? Let him
            proclaim it. Let him declare it and lay it out before Me…Do not tremble, do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any G-d besides Me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one!”
            (Isaiah 44:6-8).

            “You are the ones who have been shown, so that you will know that G-d is the Supreme Being; and there is none besides Him!” (Deuteronomy 4:35.

            “Know therefore today, and take it to your heart, that the Lord, He is G-d in heaven above and on the earth below; there is no other!” (Deuteronomy 4:39).

            (I would like to thank Rabbi Tovia Singer profusely for all that he taught me from his lectures and writings of the Bible and the New Testament. He is indeed a masterful teacher and incredibly special human being. I encourage any person searching and seeking G-d to look up “Outreach Judaism” on the internet. It can be “Googled” quite easily!)

          65. EDOMS THORN says

            Your comment lacks any credibility! You ignore the facts, and talk of ALL of the so called JEWS you have met? What a pathetic comment!

            The Jewish writer Bernard Lazare said, “it is certain that there were Jews even at the cradle of Freemasonry — Cabalistic Jews, as it is proved by certain existing rites . . . The Jew is also a builder: proud, ambitious, domineering, he tries to draw everything to himself. He is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judases; he destroys the Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference, but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals, and of life upon whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task — the annihilation of the religion of Christ!”

            …they are the enemies of God and Jesus Christ … in their daily prayers they curse the Savior under the name of the Nazarene; they build new synagogues as if to insult the Christian religion…. In brief, “there is no wickedness in the world which the Jews are not guilty of, so that they seem to aim at nothing but the Christians’ ruin.” “Their activity was such as to give rise to the existence of a secret society sworn to the destruction of Christianity. Bernard Lazare, 1903

            The hOLY book (TALMUD) of the so called JEWS says everything that was pointed out in the above “KatRob” comment and more! This is nothing NEW! I say you are a ‘pretender’.

          66. Shep Schultz says


          67. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Shep, please forgive my ignorance, what is “TLDR?”

          68. Shep Schultz says

            (T)oo (L)ong (D)idn’t (R)read
            Not to be confused with:
            (T)ough (S)**t (D)idn’t (R)ead, or,
            (T)oo (S)hort (D)idn’t (R)ead.
            Nothing pierces the soul of a Statist waxing garrulous more quickly than being told he isn’t worth reading.
            If you see a friend has written TLDR, you should respond to that same
            lefty with your own TLDR. It makes a Democrat shake like a dog pooping a
            peach pit when he realizes several people have decided not to read his most recent masterpiece.

          69. Proud Conservative Mom says

            As usual, thanks for that outstanding posting!

            There is nothing like starting the day with laughter!

            Also, I want to thank you for not only being such a great friend to me, but to my Jewish people. Responding to the vile lies said about my people, helps to educate the people out there who really don’t know the truth. (An example is what “Ace Delighted” wrote about George Washington, as well as a plethora amount of other things).

            May the blessings that the Almighty G-d promised our Patriarch, Abraham, be fulfilled for you, all of your loved ones, your friends, and the few like you in this world, who make it a far more beautiful place!

            (Genesis 12:2-3) “And I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will aggrandize your name, and [you shall] be a blessing. And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.”

            May it indeed be so!

            Most sincerely and appreciatively,

            Rebecca 🙂

          70. MARYSWEET says

            I will always be a fan of Jews. My husband was Jewish and he was the best human being I had ever met. I felt it a privilege to know him much less be loved and married to him. He was proud of his heritage and I was proud to be a part of it as his wife.

          71. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I cannot thank you enough for your very sweet and kind words. They literally brought tears to my eyes.
            I only wish I could meet you to shake your hand in person….
            I will gladly have you in my prayers.
            I pray that you stay well, live a long and healthy life, and always feel loved.

            Most sincerely,


          72. MARYSWEET says

            I must give my husband credit for bringing out the best in me. He was such an open and honest man and I could only wish to be as good a person as he was. Consider this reply as a hug and thank you for your prayers. We all need those. God Bless you and yours and thank you for being such a good person and the kind words.

          73. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Right back at you, my friend.
            I will NEVER EVER forget you.
            I pray you will stick around for many years to come in the best of health.

            I am so happy that you are blessed with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren! My grandmother used to always say that grandchildren and great grandchildren were the best dividends that money cannot buy! 🙂
            How right she was! I can only just imagine. My mother agrees and calls it “unconditional love.”

            (I am turning 43 on January 23rd. My oldest son is 21, my daughter is turning 20 on January 24th. She missed my 23rd birthday by 47 minutes. I have four sons and one daughter. Realistically, I could be a grandmother in a couple of years. I will never forget how funny it seemed to me to be called “Mommy.” Chances are being called “Bubby” (that means grandmother in Yiddish) will make me want to burst out laughing for the first few month, as it was for my own mother.

            May you all bring out the best in each other always in good health!
            I thank G-d for people like you in the world. Truly!

            My best wishes to you,

            Rebecca 🙂

          74. MARYSWEET says

            You are a real youngster. I am 79, have two sons. My older son will be 60 in March and the younger one will be 56 in September. I have a grandson and a granddaughter. My granddaughter has one daughter born last March and is expecting a son in April. I also have five stepchildren – three female and two males. I’ve only been in contact with one male and two females the past couple years as their mother had remarried and changed their names and my husband could never find them even with a private investigator. Unfortunately, my husband passed away almost 23 years ago so he didn’t get to know them and they didn’t even know he was their father until two years ago when the son obtained his REAL birth certificate and saw his name on it. Then his mother had to confess what she had done. I was able to tell them know. that their father NEVER stopped looking for them and he loved them more than anything. They had a little problem with believing he loved them. They had been told he had abused them physically so there was some confusion. I hope I was able to convince them how much they meant to him. Fortunately, the two older females have been in touch with the younger daughter and she was able to tell them what kind of father he was. They have become quite close and I know my husband would be so happy about that.
            You sound so nice, like someone I would love to consider a friend. Thank you so much .
            God Bless you and yours and our once great countrry

            Mary Kaiserman

          75. MARYSWEET says

            I forgot to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more.

          76. LongRodVonHugenstein says


            You are a wierdo.

          77. Proud Conservative Mom says

            ….and perhaps an escapee from the psychiatric ward. Hope the little men in white coats find her soon!

          78. LongRodVonHugenstein says


          79. Robert E Boltz says

            do you know any Jews? I doubt you do, I have met many Jews over my life time, and I have Friends in Israel, can not say regarding what my go on there, but I doubt the Majority of Jews are not as you think of them. They are Gods chosen , read the bible.

          80. EDOMS THORN says

            I am glad you had the GUTS to comment! You have nothing to offer but “claims” while I have presented facts> Your kind hate facts, and make up crap to support your claims that can not be substantiated!

            In other words, your are a liar that can not back up your weak claims! I do not care if you ‘know’ any “JEWS”. the facts that I presented tells me you ARE a JEW! You and your kind do hate the FACTS!

            Let me ask you, Do you know a COMMUNIST? How about a subversive MARXIST? Your question to me, tells the TALE!

            This site is infested with intellectual cowards, PARROTS and TROLLS! None have the intellectual courage of a little ‘church mouse’….

          81. Robert E Boltz says

            first of all you are not too smart I am not Jewish, so if you are wrong about this you probably are wrong about a lot, do I know a commie , yes you for one , Obama , all liberals that pretty well cover the one I know from their actions

          82. Jim Simmons says

            Boltz, Maybe you should learn what the word “commie” actually means before calling people that name.

          83. Robert E Boltz says

            Jim , Thanks for your reply, Have a nice day

          84. Robert E Boltz says

            Jim Thanks for your reply, have a nice day

          85. mrmsjb12 says

            And I thought It was someone that writes comic strips

          86. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Actually, Mr. Boltz was quite correct in the usage of the word “commie.” Obama is indeed a Communist, and was educated by one of the top Communists that existed in this lifetime: Frank Marshall Davis.

            Obama’s entire ideaology is Communism. That is the bottom line. Communism is a further development or “higher stage” of socialism. What do you think wealth re-distribution is?! (In the good old days it was known as stealing!)

          87. MARYSWEET says

            Thank you Robert. I was just thinking the same thing.

          88. MARYSWEET says

            I think you’ve been drinking too much Kool Aid. You sound like you are full of hate.

          89. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You nailed it, right on the bull’s eye!
            It is indeed a miracle that such vile people that are so filled with senseless hatred, don’t self destruct from their tremendous hate and anger.

            I thank you for being a loyal friend to my people, the Jewish people. I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year (I know it’s a bit late, but it is very heartfelt meant). 😉

            Most sincerely,


          90. Proud Conservative Mom says

            To which Edom are you a thorn to?

            The only one that I ever heard of was associated with Esau, Jacob’s brother, and the Roman Empire (which are Esau’s descendants).

            The Almighty G-d of Israel, surely kept his covenant to Abraham by decimating Edom (and all other nations who tried to destroy the Jewish people).

            Just a friendly reminder. You might want to pay extra special attention to whom the curses will fall upon.

            (Genesis 12:2-3) “And I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will aggrandize your name, and [you shall] be a blessing. And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.”

          91. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You are positively spot on!

            And may the blessing of the Almighty G-d of Israel fall upon you as he promised our Patriarch, Abraham:

            (Genesis 12:2-3) “And I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will aggrandize your name, and [you shall] be a blessing. And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.”

            My best wishes to you and your loved ones always,

            Most sincerely,


          92. MARYSWEET says

            Thank you Shep for your kind words. I have had the same experience with the Jews I have met.

          93. MARYSWEET says

            My husband is Jewish but I don’t consider myself an authority on any religion. I just know what I believe and fortunately my husband and I agreed on our beliefs. He didn’t hate Christians or Christ. In fact, he read the bible from cover to cover before he died. He said he wanted to know the truth. I believe he found the answers he was looking for. He was a very good man so I would appreciate it if you would not demonize him and his religion. Thank you!

          94. Faye Hayes says

            Your husband read the bible from cover to cover because he wanted to know the truth ? That was his first mistake. There is no truth in the bible , whatsoever !! Whatever answers he was looking for it didn’t change the outcome, did it ? He did die. Why couldn’t your god save him ? Because there is no god, that’s why. Not that hard to figure out if you really think about it, using reason & logic.

          95. Nellie says

            Marysweet, These people are preaching evil to make feel like you are in the wrong but if they could see themselves through our eyes they would know how pathetic they are and that they are wasting their time. Those who can’t convince belittle others that only makes them look smaller in humanity; believer or non-believer.

          96. Faye Hayes says

            STFU !!! You self righteous, Judgmental , self centered, holier than thou, poor excuse for a human being & a phony Christian at that. I feel sorry for people like you . You all have brain freeze- nothing goes in & nothing comes out!! Edoms Thorn called you a phony & he nailed it perfectly.

          97. Brindle_Catahoula says

            I guess I can understand your grammar errors. There is no grammar-check on Disqus.

            However there is a spell-check, which you keep overriding. What am I to conclude except that you are deliberately stupid?

          98. Robert E Boltz says

            you are an nasty person you give no basis for your nasty approach to any one who does not agree with you , leave ff the nasty reply that also goes for those who dis agree with you

          99. Faye Hayes says

            Disagree is one word, you fucking moron. You Christians are so intelligent when it comes to believing in your god, the bible, satan, heaven & hell. But we all know it’s complete bullshit !! Most of you Christians on this forum are constantly criticizing my spelling & then you make the same mistakes as I do. Goes to show you’re not as smart as you thought you were.

          100. Robert E Boltz says

            Faye you have proved beyond a doubt that you are not a lady but  A LOUD MOUTH, When I die if there is no God as I believe , I have lost nothing for believing , but for you when you die if there is you are in very deep trouble , Have a nice day

          101. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You are so very spot on!
            I always wondered about athiests who die, who virulently hate the Supreme Being. Wonder what happens to them and where they end up.

            Remember, Hell is a purgatory used to clean sins so one can ascend to Heaven. There are, indeed, souls that never get to go to Hell as the Almighty never wants them to be in Heaven!

          102. Grammarist says

            “You are spot on! I have always wondered about atheists that have died, who virulently hated the Supreme Being.
            I wonder what happens to them and where they end up?

            Remember, Hell is a purgatory TO CLEANSE THE sins so one can ascend into Heaven.
            There are indeed souls that never made it to Hell- as The Almighty never wanted them in Heaven!”
            Here’s your comment corrected by me. I’m a grammar patroller, not a religious fanatic. 😉

          103. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Apparently, you do not comprehend what a “religious fanatic” is. If an Orthodox Jewish woman (and Reaganite Conservative) can be referred to as such, it speaks volumes about what kind of a person you are.

            In addition, do yourself a favor, do not even attempt to grammatically correct my postings. Au contraire! I have been blessed and graced by the Almighty G-d, with the ability to know how to successfully advocate, and to write persuasively and informatively. It has always served me very well and I thank G-d every day for these gifts. That does not make me arrogant, just very cognizant of the great gifts that G-d has given me. False modesty does not become anyone.

            I do not need or seek your approval in any way, shape, or form. In addition, I will not even reply to any more of your nonsensical responses.

            Good riddance to bad rubbish!

          104. Nellie says

            You thank God for these gifts but you don’t understand His teachings very well. His gives gifts to help people assist mankind not to commit the sin of pride. Your faith may be less than those who don’t write as well as you do. In fact my grandmother didn’t know how to read or write and she was the most faith filled woman who didn’t stop and ask people if they deserved her help or not. She was born deaf and did more than any person I know to help her family and so many people. She was given the gift of LOVE without judgement. Two generations later many of her grandchildren and great children who earned some of the highest degrees have followed her example. I am taught in poor neighborhoods for over 30 years for little pay. I taught two languages and speak 4 languages. Love was also my gift and maybe my writing is perfection but I have always done my best and any language. My children are also following the same path. Pride has stopped you from His lessons. I may be mistaken but I doubt it because if you disagree with someone His lesson is not insult but uplift your beliefs. Feel free correct what I have written. I won’t make any excuses because English was not my first language though I was born in the U.S..

          105. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I am probably one of the least prideful people you will ever meet. That is a fact. Anyone who knows me even slightly, can substantiate that. I know myself well enough to be cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses.

            Being cognizant of the great gifts that the Almighty G-d grants a person does not make them ARROGANT! That is as long as the person fully understands that it is the ALMIGHTY G-D that gave the person the ability to use his or her gift. Without G-d giving the person the ability to have these gifts, the person would never come upon them on his or her own!

            I have a friend who is a very talented painter. He knows it, and sells his stunning paintings. (He is a Christian). That does not make him any more arrogant or uppity than you accuse me of being.

            Moreover, I use my gifts to help other people. That is what G-d wants from a person, and for him or her to comprehend that all gifts come from HIM and HIM ALONE! PERIOD.

            You are very sadly misguided, and you very grossly misunderstand so many things. Your posting to me speaks volumes…

          106. Bruce O'ryan says

            No offense, but I would imagine God would prefer you write “God”. No idea who G-d is. Otherwise great posts, unlike the vile ones from the one calling itself Faye Hayes.

          107. IowaFalcon says

            I am going to chime in here as I have had dealings with PCM in the past,and believe her to be one of the nicest folks I have run into over the years. That said, she does call them as she sees them, and does not confuse love and being nice.

            There is no such thing as love without judgement, and no place does the Bible tell us there is. I am going to say that as a Christian, you can not believe in such a thing and still believe that Christ’s death was necessary. We are all sinners and deserve Hell. God must judge that sin. Christ took the punishment for that sin, cleaning our slates of not only what we did, but what we will still do. Every last bit of it. It is all judged, and the price for it was paid by Christ. In showing grace, He showed love. Without grace, there is no expression of love.

            Quite the opposite, the Bible calls us to understand people’s sin, yet show Grace as He does for us.

          108. Nellie says

            If I am wrong about PCM, I apologize. She sounded rather harsh and I thought she placed herself above others but I may wrong if you say you know her so well. I will probably never meet her but what you wrote about I agree with. You are a true friend and reminded us of some very important information. Thanks.

          109. Faye Hayes says

            PCM does put herself above everyone else & thinks her shit don’t stink, I’ve never seen so much arrogance coming out of one person. I think your jewish friend needs to learn what it means to be humble. Her people are the chosen ones. God this & god that, quoting scripture after scripture, over & over again. She could drive a person to drink & become an alcoholic. All she does is rant on and on about her sky daddy, how her god decided that the jews are the chosen ones & how special they are. I think PCM missed her calling. She should have become a rabbi. She is so good at preaching so much religious bullshit!!

          110. IowaFalcon says

            You come across as a very rude person, and it is hard to hear your point over your profanity. People will simply not listen to a thing that you have to say so long as you are making personal attacks and being so vulgar.

            You are also displaying both a foul bigotry and are being hypocritical at the same time.

          111. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Very beautifully put, my friend.
            Thank you very much! 😉

            Most sincerely and appreciatively,


          112. Faye Hayes says

            Do you seriously think your opinion really matters to me? Don’t flatter yourself. I could give a rats ass what you think of me. Have a nice day, you hypocritical piece of dog shit!!!

          113. IowaFalcon says

            I could not really care less what you think, as you make it easier for people of my perspective to influence people. I am not trying to be rude… just letting you know why people don’t take you seriously.

          114. Bruce O'ryan says

            She is attempting to have a battle of wits but is completely unarmed, as all can see.

          115. Nellie says

            If you hate reading this about our God, just get off this site. The world won’t come to end without your input or your foul language. You are offensive to everyone. We all get it your points period and insulting to get those points across by calling us vile names if offensive. We get it. You don’t believe in God now get through your head we DO and no amount of insults and reasons why there is no God will NEVER change our minds so don’t frustrate yourself because you we are not listening nor agreeing with you period so go to another site. I don’t know why you enjoy doing this so much. You enjoy making people angry and appearing less Christian. Christians are not perfect so if that is what you are going for we all admit that. Whether you believe in God or not anyone with as much hate as you have must be very unhappy. You sound like you have been a victim of something and are lashing at God and all his those who believe in Him

          116. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Very well said.
            I also agree, that no mortal is perfect, and if we all did the best we can, the world would be a far better place.
            One of the wisest Jewish sages who lived in the past 100 years used to say, if you want to change the world, you have to be the best person you can be. Through that, the world will be a far better place.
            To that, I say Amen and Amen!

          117. IowaFalcon says

            Don’t be overly concerned, as I am sure she has thick enough skin. It is sometimes hard to have conversations in small blocks of text.

          118. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Iowa Falcon, I have not come across you in a few weeks, but suffice it to say you truly made my YEAR!

            Your postings are so beautifully written and touches the heart.

            I am so happy that I went back to this forum. I also want to thank you very profusely for coming to my defense.

            You are spot on about me. I am known as a very nice person, and truly never had an arrogant bone in my body. One cannot be a loyal servant of the Almighty G-d and be arrogant. It just does not go together, to say the least.

            I am very much my maternal grandfather’s granddaughter. We were two peas in a pod and the best of friends. My grandfather Abe, was a very devout Jew and very proud World War II Veteran. He always said that it is “not wise to beat around the bush, and does not accomplish anything to do so.” He taught us all tremendous love and awe for the Almighty G-d of Israel, tremendous love for this country, personal dignity, self respect, and very strong work ethics and morals.

            You and I, (and so many of my other friends) are proof positive that Jews and Christians can get along very nicely. In Israel it is the same way. I was blessed to go there twice and cannot wait to go home permanently.

            As far as sin, judgment, and atonement are concerned in Judaism, it is very different than Christianity. To quote Rabbi Tovia Singer (who is the world renowned expert on what is called “The Old Testament” and “The New
            Testament”), sin is not a person, but an event, and that event happened

            One of my favorite passages in the Bible is from the Book of Isaiah which speaks of this very touchingly. Isaiah (55 7-9 ) “The wicked shall give up his
            way, and the man of iniquity his thoughts, and he shall return to the Lord, Who
            shall have mercy upon him, and to our G-d, for He will freely pardon. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts [higher] than your thoughts.” In addition, “As the sea is
            always open for anyone who wishes to cleanse himself, so are the gates of
            repentance always open to the sinner!”

            What this means is that the Almighty G-d is not like a judge of flesh and blood. When a person confesses his sin to a court on this Earth, he is condemned. When a person comes with a sincere and contrite heart before the Almighty
            G-d and repents from his sin, the sin is forgiven and forgotten. A person can feel that his sin is too big and ugly and that HE would never forgive such a sin, let alone forget. He would surely nurse a grudge. But G-d tells us that I AM NOT LIKE YOU! I FORGIVE! And when I forgive, I forgive, and it is truly forgotten.

            In Judaism, a person is told that He should NEVER be afraid to come directly to G-d. In fact, in Judaism, one is ONLY allowed to pray to the Almighty G-d of Israel as this world’s sovereign lord and master.
            (If any of my brethren, for example, would say, let’s pray to Moses,
            today, the greatest prophet that ever walked this Earth, we would honestly send
            for the little men in the white coats, so to speak). When a Jew prays, his eyes go in only one direction. He looks up to the Heavens.

            I want to thank you so much for your friendship. It is very much appreciated. May the Almighty G-d bless and protect you and all of your loved ones always and fulfill what he promised my Patriarch Abraham, Genesis (12 2-3) “And I will
            make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will aggrandize your
            name, and [you shall] be a blessing. And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.”

            May it indeed come true for all the friends of the Jewish people…

            With much appreciation and best wishes always,

            Rebecca 😉

          119. IowaFalcon says

            Thanks for that. Keep fighting the good fight, and know that your wisdom does get through, at least to some people. Of course, we have a couple of generations running around America these days who hate wisdom and think that it is pride and arrogance when someone gives it. Worse, they have convinced otherwise good people that wisdom has no place in the public square.

            Nothing new, of course. Some cat wrote the following on the topic about 3000 years ago:

            The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
            but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

            Fools have not gotten any smarter about such things in all of those years since.

          120. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You continue to hit the bull’s eye dead center!

            You took a page out of the book of the wisest man and prophet that ever walked the face of the Earth. That quote is from Proverbs, written by the great King Solomon. Proverbs (1:7) “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

            I agree with what you wrote. I also really feel that one of the biggest causes of this country’s tragic decline is the fact that the Libs are trying to remove the Almighty G-d from every facet of this country. They refuse to comprehend that the Founding Fathers were Judeo-Christians! They would have had no problem with a Nativity Scene in the public square or a Menorah, for that matter.

            Without G-d, as you know, there is no virtue, what is considered right and wrong, is then up for debate. A prime example is the latest tragedy and travesty. Politicians are trying to push for allowing abortions to happen to full term babies. I just heard it today on my Podcast from the Mark Levin Show (it was on the January 22nd show. I am a few shows behind, currently). I could not believe what I was hearing. These people have more humane laws for animals than for people (and as you know, I positively support the humane and loving care of animals).

            I feel immensely encouraged reading postings from people like yourself. It helps to make me feel a little less alone.

            PLEASE continue to always post. You are a powerful voice for liberty, religion, and G-d. 🙂 !!!!!

          121. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Thank you, most kindly.
            Iowa Falcon is positively correct. I have thick skin.
            Best wishes to you.
            Most sincerely,
            Rebecca 😉

          122. Faye Hayes says

            You are a religious fanatic. You are also very arrogant, so full of yourself & you think your shit smells like roses. Get over yourself. You are not special. I know this for a fact. Your god whispered this in my ear & I believed him. Your God would not lie, would he? False modesty does look good on you. You where it well!! Have a nice day.

          123. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Typical, brainless Lib with a toilet mouth to boot.

            The Almighty G-d will take care of you and your kind very well, in his own time.

            Deuteronomy 32:39-43 See now that it is I! I am the One, and there is no G-d like Me! I cause death and grant life. I strike, but I heal, and no one can rescue from My Hand! For I raise up My hand to heaven, and say, ‘As I live forever.’ When I sharpen the blade of My sword, and My hand grasps judgment, I will bring vengeance upon My adversaries and repay those who hate Me. I will intoxicate My arrows with blood, and My sword will consume flesh, from the blood of the slain and the captives, from the first breach of the enemy.’ Sing out praise, O you nations, for His people! For He will avenge the blood of His servants, inflict revenge upon His adversaries, and appease His land [and] His people.

            NO ONE DOES IT BETTER THAN THE ALMIGHTY G-D OF ISRAEL! You can read the ancient Papyrus from Egypt which testifies to the Ten Plagues and splitting of the Sea.

          124. Faye Hayes says

            STFU, you brainless twit!! You can’t even think for yourself. You keep quoting scripture after scripture. This Deuteronomy is a very violent& disgusting piece of trash!! I thought your god was a loving & merciful god ? He sounds more like a sadistic serial killer to me. I cause death & grant life. I will sharpen the blade of my sword ? I will bring vengeance & repay those who hate me ? My sword will consume flesh ? I will intoxicate my arrows with blood? WTF ? From what I’ve read so far, your god has a morbid fascination with revenge, swords, blood , murder & so on… I think a better title for your god would be Jack The Ripper. So much violence from a book that you call the holy bible. Nothing holy about it. This is some sick shit!! And you are one sick bitch for believing in such an evil monster. You god is a fucking maniac & this is the god that you want to spend eternity with ? You should seriously consider getting on some heavy duty medication to help you with your delusions, before you have a complete nervous breakdown.

          125. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Actually, my friend who is a Christian Social Worker, thinks you are a raving lunatic, as I do. He thinks you would make a fascinating study indeed (which is why I had sent him your ranting and raving postings).
            He, also, marvels at your sick postings about the Almighty G-d and is astounded at your sheer degree of hatred towards everyone and everything.

            You, Faye, are nothing more than a vile piece of trash; lower than toilet paper.
            It is a tremendous pity that your mother never took a toilet brush to your mouth and bleached it!

          126. Faye Hayes says

            No one does it better than that invisible sky daddy you call god. You can read the ancient papyrus from Egypt which testifies to the ten plagues and splitting of the sea. Then you can wipe your ass with it. It may be a little rough ,but it gets the job done. LOL!!

          127. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Go ahead and laugh. The Almighty G-d always has the last laugh.

            Psalms (2:4) He Who dwells in Heaven laughs; the Lord mocks them.”

            He will deal with YOU in His own time. I pity the poor, vile, fool, like yourself who has no comprehension of what to fear.
            No matter. Pharoah was the same and he got his just desserts.

            You are like a child who puts her hands over her eyes, and thinks that if she does not see what is in front of her, it does not exist.

          128. Shep Schultz says

            You are an anti-religious fanatic.
            I’m still waiting for sources from you.

          129. Proud Conservative Mom says

            They will never come!
            I honestly sent a copy of Faye’s postings to a very wise friend of mine, Jason, who is a very experienced and religious Christian Social Worker. He was frankly amazed at her postings, and told me in layman’s terms that she sounds like a raving lunatic with tremendous hatred at everybody and everything.
            Jason, said Faye would make a fascinating case study.

            Without having that expertise, but just commonsense, I say it is a tremendous pity that Faye’s mother did not use a toilet brush to bleach out her mouth. Honestly, a toothbrush and Crest would not do it for this vile piece of filth!

          130. Bruce O'ryan says

            Never gonna happen. She comes across as a narcissistic sociopath with a vile heart. Haven’t seen a kind word come out of her flap yet, and likely never will. A true vexation to the spirit. Her parents must be so proud.

          131. Shep Schultz says

            My guess is that her parents have always been minimally involved in her life.

          132. Nellie says

            I don’t know about the rest but I don’t fit the description of a religious fanatic. I don’t go around trying convert people or telling them what to think. The only fanatic here is you in trying to convince us that we are stupid for not being Atheist. You truly a fanatic with a capital F.

          133. Faye Hayes says

            You are a religious fanatic, in the true sense of the word. You & PCM could be sisters & I don’t mean that as a compliment. I’m not trying to convert anyone or tell them what to think. If you want to believe in nonsense & bullshit that’s your problem. You are the STUPID one with a capital S. Your religion is nothing but one big magic show & your god is a truly gifted magician. You should be very proud. He is right up there with David Copperfield & Houdini. LOL!!!

          134. Grammarist says

            “Faye you have proved beyond a doubt that you are not a lady, but A LOUD MOUTH.

            When I die, if there is no God as I believe, I have lost nothing for believing; but for you, when you die, if there is (a God) you are in very deep trouble.

            Have a nice day”


            Compliments from me, the grammar patroller. 😉

          135. Guest says

            Do you really think I give a rats ass what you think of me? I could care less. Have a nice day & go screw yourself!! You call yourself a grammar patroller? You are out of your fucking mind!! Have a nice day at the looney bin. That’s where you belong.

          136. Faye Hayes says

            Thank you for correcting these ignorant people. These Christian are always criticizing me for my spelling & grammar. They make the same mistakes & say it doesn’t matter for them. They are all hypocrites. Have a nice day.

          137. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I do not think Faye is even capable of NOT being viciously nasty!

          138. Faye Hayes says

            I do not think you are capable of showing any humility. You are just a POMPOUS & ARROGANT JEW!! Go back to Israel where you really belong, among the chosen ones. LOL!!!

          139. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Posting the word of the Almighty G-d is not arrogant. You obviously do not comprehend the meaning of the word. Being proud to be a servant of the Almighty G-d does not invite or breed arrogance; au contraire.

            As far as going back to Israel where we really do belong, that is the only intelligent line that you have posted on this forum. That glorious day is rapidly approaching. It is known as the Messianic Age, and is tied into the final war that will end all wars and bring an everlasting peace to the world. This will happen, after the Almighty G-d destroys all of His enemies and that of Israel’s which is indeed one and the same.

          140. Steve Duncan says

            I personally like Eccl. 10:12-14:
            Words from the mouth of a wise man are gracious, while the lips of the fool consume him; the beginning of his talking is folly and the end of it is wicked madness. Yet the fool multiplies words…

            I believe she has vaulted over folly and straight to wicked madness.

          141. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You positively nailed it beautifully! Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the Bible.

          142. Edward J Baker says

            Given your hysteria, do you appreciate the irony of casting holier-than-thou invective?

          143. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Libs have no understanding of satire or irony. 😉

          144. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Very true and very well said. Thank you! 🙂 !!!

          145. KatRob says

            I told you where I got the passage that Jesus is burning in hell in hot excrement and the Virgin Mary is a whore, from the most hateful book on the planet, the jewish Talmud. I have never heard a Muslim say such things about Jesus. I don’t hate religion, I hate organized religion. So many versions, who’s got it right? Baptists say Catholics are going to hell because they don’t baptize properly, Catholics are off track, going from jews being the murderers of Jesus to now they’re our brothers, because the Vatican has obviously been infiltrated by jews. jews are responsible for all the unrest in the world. They have sucked the U.S. into their battles in the Middle East and their war against Muslims. Hard to forget the past and what the jews have done to the world, beginning with the Bolshevik War when jews murdered 60 million Christian Russians and then declared war on Germany and now declared war against Muslims. How can you blame Muslims for being so bitter against Christians when it’s the Christians who are supporting the jewish cause and supporting the holocaust against the Palestinians? We had no problem with Muslims until the creation if israel and they desire to dominate the Middle East. I’m happy for you that you married a decent jew, but doesn’t mean the majority are decent. They are the most racist, hateful people on the plant, go to israel some time and watch them spit on Christians who came there to tour the Holy Land. It’s the jews who are trying to destroy the Christian foundation this country was founded on. Through their commie organization the ACLU, they never miss a chance to take religion out of the public sector. No Ten Commandments allowed, they want Christmas plays referred to as Winter plays, they object to any Nativity scenes, etc. But believe what you want, I will be validated someday.

          146. Jim Simmons says

            “I will be validated someday.”

            More like you will be committed someday.

            “I told you where I got the passage that Jesus is burning in hell in hot
            excrement and the Virgin Mary is a whore, from the most hateful book on
            the planet, the jewish Talmud.”

            That is NOT how you quote a source. If someone knows what they are talking about when it comes to what is in the bible, they will say “Deuteronomy, Chapter 4:3” or “Proverbs chapter 25:1” and then maybe quote it.
            If you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t be writing what you wrote.

          147. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Very well said. Thanks so very much!

          148. KatRob says

            I love getting yarmulkes all in a bunch. lol Shalom!

          149. Edward J Baker says

            There are so many layers of ignorance, only a book could set you straight. What you call the “Bolshevik War” was waged by atheists, most of whom were former professed Christians. What you claim about the Catholic Church blaming the Crucifixion on Jews, is a blasphemous slander. VII only emphasized what it always taught that the sins of humanity killed Christ, not merely those who created an instrumentality.

          150. KatRob says

            You are the one who is the poster child for ignorance and denial. The Bolsheviks were predominantly jews!!!!! The jew leaders demanded Jesus’ death!!!!!!! The only true supremacists in the world are jews!!!! The Talmud is the most evil, hateful book on the planet and should be burned!!!!!!
            If you’re a jew, nice try at damage control. If you’re one of those Christian Zionist fools, you will receive God’s wrath for embracing the enemy. Shalom!




          151. Edward J Baker says

            Wrong. The Bolsheviks were atheists, most with a pseudo-Christian background. And the people who called for the death of Jesus was you and me by our sins, It is your sins of hatred that helped hammer in the nails.

            Were you not an airhead, who treats the internet as a source of information, you might actually read a few books.

          152. Proud Conservative Mom says

            WOW! So much to sort through…
            Let’s deal with Myth Number One. Please give the exact book and page number in the Talmud where it states that “the Virgin Mary is a whore?!”
            Inquiring minds want to know….

          153. Nellie says

            Don’t you know they treat ALL their women and girls like whores. The males have all the power to owe them like cattle and kill them for many offenses. There is no trial just a corner stoning like in Medieval Times.

          154. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Yes. I do know that. I also know of a very devout Muslim, who owns a construction company, was a client of my law firm, and treated his wife with enormous respect. I will never forget them both.

          155. KatRob says
          156. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Pity your mother never took a toilet brush to bleach out your filthy mouth. Crest and a toothbrush would not have done the job where you’re concerned!

          157. KatRob says

            Pity there wasn’t a real holocaust instead of that fairy tale you filthy cockroaches like to whine about. Don’t worry you pigs are safe, no guts to take you on, you will go on to destroy every Christian country! Whoever you can’t bribe, you murder.


          158. iowaheretic says

            Sanhedrin 106a in the Jewish Talmud

          159. Faye Hayes says

            You are a fucking crackpot!! Your god is crying buckets of tears ? WTF!! Does that explain what is happening when it rains ? You are out of your fucking mind!! Hitler was a Roman Catholic & believed in god & Jesus. He prayed everyday to your god & asked for divine guidance. He also had close ties to The Pope & The Vatican. Hitler was a devout Christian & look what he did in in the name of your religion. You should be so proud!!

          160. infadelicious says

            OMG!!! How appropriate. That is funny!!! I actually laughed out loud. Thanks Jed.. “the cheese is definitely slipping off the cracker” with that one.

          161. Proud Conservative Mom says

            AMEN AND AMEN!

            You are positively spot on! It is indeed hilarious and hits the bull’s eye dead center!!!

          162. Nellie says

            Love, love, love it and it says it ALL. Thanks infadelicious. I’ll be singing that tune all day.

          163. Faye Hayes says

            I find your humor very boring& not funny at all!! This is the best you could come up with ? You’re probably too stupid to actually write a comment. So you had to use a video ? Can’t come up with any original ideas of your own ? It’s probably do to all the funny papers you read. You’re probably too fucking stupid to pick up a book & read it. Take your stupid video & shove it up your ass!!!

          164. Jed says

            You probably won’t believe this, but my intention was not to insult you, but to give you a wake-up call. Now I’m certainly not without sin myself, so I may be completely out of line here, but please bear with me. Do you think about your comments before you post them? Go back and read through them – they are rude, insulting and demeaning to others, and are filled with profanity. You spew vitriol and hatred and then wonder why you are criticized. Are you incapable of making a point without such tactics?

            In your earlier comment you said, “Hitler was a Roman Catholic & believed in god & Jesus. He prayed everyday to your god & asked for divine guidance. He also had close ties to The Pope & The Vatican.” Please note that is historically inaccurate. While Hitler was raised in the Catholic Church, by his early teens he came revile it, much as do you. Nor did he have “…close ties to The Pope & The Vatican.”

            Consider the following:

            In political conversations it develops that he [Adolph’s father, Alois Hitler] ‘can’t stomach the Prussians’: he is of extremely Austrian mind, a witness relates.

            Not so his son [Adolph Hitler]. He was not Austrian, he was not a dutiful son, he was not loyal and obedient, he was not even very conscientiously devoted to the Catholic religion of his country; a persistent legend relates that at the age of fourteen he spat out the Host at communion in protest. Though this sacrilege has never been proved, it fits into the period and its passionate atmosphere, and jibes with the human type, enraged against the gods of his fathers. An embittered rebellion against the authority of Church and State was simmering among the intellectuals of Austria, particularly in the country sections outside

            ~ Konrad Heiden Der Fuehrer – Hitler’s Rise to Power (1944)

          165. Grammarist says

            IMHO- your reply to Faith was polite and sincere. Quite refreshing, a rarity I seldom see on forums.

          166. infadelicious says


          167. Grammarist says

            Infidel, Go to bed if you’re so tired and sleepy. LOMAO

          168. infadelicious says

            i think you’re the one that needs to go to bed. A little bored are ya? Trolling around looking for people to swear at and replying to posts that are days old. Loser!!!!!

          169. Grammarist says


          170. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Way to go, Sister!
            Thank you for always hitting a home run, so to speak.

            What a pathetic loser Grammarist is! Who the heck died and made him “Grammar King?” 😉 !

          171. Faye Hayes says

            What a pathetic loser you are!! Who the hell died and made you the queen of the jews ?

          172. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Why, Faye, how very kind of you to nominate me as “Queen of the Jews!”
            You should have given me more advance notice, so I would have come on time for the coronation!

            You are one delightful person, sweet cheeks!

          173. Bruce O'ryan says

            This thread is months old for me, I’m having a ball helping torture Faye the dipstick

          174. infadelicious says

            She’s still around waiting to attack. She’s like the killer rabbit in the cave from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Shep was ‘chatting ‘ with her today. I am gonna make popcorn and watch you guys. good times !!’

          175. Paul says

            Now where did Shep put that Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch?

          176. Jed says

            I’ve got to say that I really feel sorry for Faye. She is a very disturbed woman.

          177. Bruce O'ryan says

            Don’t feel sorry for a rabid animal…..

          178. infadelicious says

            Ha ha! Holy hand grenade of Antioch. – perfect.

          179. Paul says

            I had that movie memorized at one time.

          180. infadelicious says

            Bring out your dead !!!

          181. Shep Schultz says


          182. Paul says

            A timeless classic 🙂

          183. Shep Schultz says

            Glad you feel that way. We’ll be seeing that one again and again.

          184. eric collins says

            Keeping the photon torpedoes in reserve then…

          185. infadelicious says

            LOL. Shep’s been busy

          186. Bruce O'ryan says

            Yeah this is getting good. She’s a trooper alright, or should I say tripper? I’ve run across some pretty demented people in my travels, but she’s ahead of the curve and currently in first place. I have to wonder, who lit the fuse on her Tampon.

          187. Shep Schultz says

            Droll on, wretch.

          188. Grammarist says

            GFY Shep shizz

          189. Faye Hayes says

            Fuck off, ASSHOLE!!

          190. Shep Schultz says

            Clearly you win!
            After all, you resorted to cussing first…

          191. Cletus B Neckbeard says


          192. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Very well said! 😉

          193. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You bet!
            She surely proved to be the “lady” that she is with her “sweet” tongue.

          194. infadelicious says

            Thats so cool!!! Can you spin your head around again? OMG! Is that pea soup?? 🙁

          195. Jed says

            And yet it is to laugh!

          196. Faye Hayes says

            Can you get your head out of your ass? Holy crap!! Is that dog shit coming out coming out of your mouth ?

          197. infadelicious says

            Talking in the mirror are ya?

          198. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. She’s a lover, no?

          199. infadelicious says

            As you can see, there’s a cornucopia of ‘lovers’ out here lately. LOL

          200. Bruce O'ryan says

            lol, no

          201. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I almost wrote that Faye reminds me of a rabid pit bull, but then I realized that I would be greatly insulting that species. 😉

          202. infadelicious says

            LOL… She does bark a lot doesn’t she?

          203. Proud Conservative Mom says

            🙂 !!!!!!!!!! You betcha!

          204. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Why are you so racist, Faye?

          205. Proud Conservative Mom says

            It’s probably some sort of genetic defect, a mutation of some kind.
            One can only hope that it is not something contagious! 😉

          206. Faye Hayes says

            YOU are a genetic defect. Definitely, a weird mutation of some kind. YOU are contagious. Hopefully, with the help of Science, they will be able to eradicate the filthy virus you have become, before you infect some innocent person. Have a nice day, BITCH!!

          207. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Actually the only “BITCH” on this forum thread is YOURSELF. It is quite apparent for the entire world to see.

            I would definitely name you Queen of the “BITCHES”, but I would never want to insult the species!

            Why don’t you just crawl right back into whatever hole you came out of?! You truly have one of the filthiest tongues I ever had the “joy” to come across!

          208. Faye Hayes says

            No wonder Hitler hated being half Jewish. Need I say more?

          209. Grammarist says

            You tell em! Where do all these religious sheeples come from? SMFH at their hypocrisy.
            They fail to see the irony of their ways. “It’s God’s way, or the highway!!!” with them.

          210. Shep Schultz says

            “Fuck off, ASSHOLE!!”
            “…shove it up your ass!!!!”
            You know, Faye Baby,
            You could easily win the war of videos.
            With your strong predilection for sexual imagery you could use any of the mountains of homosexual p*rn*gr*phy available to make your points.
            Perhaps you could pick up some tips from DGBJ. He really seems to enjoy the Dillards-men’s-room genre.

          211. Shep Schultz says

            That does it Faye!
            We’re calling in outside help.

          212. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Thanks for that outstanding video and posting.
            There is nothing like starting the day off with bouts of mirth! 🙂 !!!

          213. MARYSWEET says

            Faye – you better go back and read your history. Hitler was half Jewish. He definitely NOT a Roman Catholic. You need to clean up your language too. There is no need for that.

          214. Faye Hayes says

            You need to go back and read your history. Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Google it or go on YouTube. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing that someone like Hitler was a Christian just like YOU!! Who are you to tell me that I need to clean up my language? Did I offend you ? Too fucking bad!!

          215. MARYSWEET says

            Yes, I do find the language you offensive. It tells me a lot about you. But you need to look up your history. Hitler may have been have Roman Catholic but he was also half Jewish and he hated being Jewish.

          216. Faye Hayes says

            So, you admit you were wrong about Hitler ? In your earlier comment you were so sure that he wasn’t a Christian. You’re not as informed as you thought you were. Before you decide to make statements that you can’t back up, I would suggest you do the research first. That’s usually how it works. Hitler may have been half Jewish, but it doesn’t change the facts. He murdered millions of people because he truly believed he was doing it for his Christian God & his savior Jesus Christ. He wasn’t all bad. He loved dogs & children & designed the VW car for the people of Germany& made it so that everyone could afford to buy one. He could have gone on to do great things, but along the way he became a Christian. This is why religion poisons everything & makes good people do bad things.

          217. MARYSWEET says

            I am right about Hitler. He was half Jewish. I don’t KNOW what the other half was. That is in the history books if you would just look it up. Go to a library or a school library and it is all in there. And no he doesn’t change the fact that he killed millions of Jews. He was an evil man and maybe a little insane.

          218. Faye Hayes says

            Your god is a very evil monster who killed millions of people, according to your bible. I’m sure you have read The Old Testament. Talk about an insane & cruel god. Why would you choose to worship such a tyrant? Because all you Christians are fucking insane!!

          219. MARYSWEET says

            Hi Faye – God is not just my God. He is everyone’s God whether he is accepted or not is up to the individual. Also, God gave man free will. Unfortunately, man has abused that privilege to no end and God does not condone it. Everyone’s sins will be theirs to answer to when they meet their Maker.

          220. Faye Hayes says

            He is not my god & I would never accept a god that is so wicked & evil!! There is no such thing as free will. How is that possible? Your god is all knowing, is he not ? If he already knows what you’re going to do before you do , then how is that free will ? Your god has your whole life already planned out for you & millions of other people who are stupid enough to believe he really does exist. Your god also knew that planes would hit the WTC on 9-11 & that 3,000 people would be killed on that day & he did nothing to stop it ? Why? I thought your god was all knowing & all powerful ? And yet he just sat there & watched it happen ? He could have stopped it but chose not to. Think of all the lives he could have saved & spared all that suffering the families had to go through. If this is your idea of a loving & merciful god , you need to have your head examined.

          221. Edward J Baker says

            Your venomous hate is proof of free will. Your belief in your willful superiority to those you regard as engaging in willful stupidity is proof of free will.
            If God isolated us from the consequences of our evil actions, free will could not exist. Life for humanity would not exist beyound stimulous/response reward/punishment contingencies. There could be no such thing as love, sacrifice, and heroism.

          222. Jed says

            Nicely said.

          223. Nellie says

            God doesn’t kill people. He gave people free will and what is done on earth is done by people. There are examples in Old Testament of what he did to those who were evil many of them can explained how He did it. I suppose if He wanted you do something He could but right now Satan has control of your tongue and you let him into your heart. It’s not a very pretty place to be .

          224. Faye Hayes says

            Your god did kill millions of innocent people & is still on a murderous rampage to this day ,according to that evil book you call the word of god. LOL!!! So, when your god created the great flood & wiped all the people off the face of the earth, everyone of those people were evil, including babies & innocent animals ? And you expect me to believe that crap ? And Noah & his family were the only people worthy of being saved? And then you wonder why Atheists think most religious people are mentally insane ? And , then you go on to say that if your god wanted to do something to me , he could do it right now, but satan is preventing him from striking me down or punishing me at this very moment. I thought you Christians believed that your god is more powerful than this made up satan character ? So what’s stopping your god? Nothing really. Because he really doesn’t exist & never has, only in your mind & every other Christian’s deluded mind. I feel sorry for you Christians, because when you die, you will be in for a big surprise & the joke will be on you.

          225. Nellie says

            If you knew more about History Faye, you would have a better understanding of why Jesus can to us. Besides bringing the truth and forgiving our sins, there was a lot of politics involved both from the Romans and higher Jewish and the misunderstanding of the masses who wanted a king to rule over them. There is so much more to Jesus’ mission even if you don’t believe he was the Son of God. I have read many books other than the bible who only reinforce the Truth.

          226. Edward J Baker says

            You have no idea what you are talking about. Hitler was a self-worshiper and religion hater, like you. He referred to the Catholic religion as a filthy Jew religion. Take a step beyond Google and read a few books before calling anyone ignorant. And why would you take offense at Hitler in the first place given your near identical mindset and value system? Reading your commentary is like reading Mein Kampf.

          227. Nellie says

            You are wrong Faye. I taught History and he was part Jewish the very thing he hated. Maybe you hate yourself as well because anyone who hates that much must be very unhappy with herself before you can hate others. Wonder what happened to you to be so mean because people are only reacting to your hatred.

          228. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Amen and Amen!!!

          229. Faye Hayes says

            STFU!! You are so boring & so insignificant.

          230. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            I’m sure everything Hitler did is adherent to Christian teachings.

            You’re an idiot, Faye, but to your credit, you are the worst I’ve seen.

          231. Faye Hayes says

            Hitler did everything in the name of Christianity, your so called peaceful & loving religion. You’re the idiot Cletus & you are the worst I’ve ever seen.

          232. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Most would-be tyrants appeal to emotions of those they would compel to do their dirty work. Religion is a construct known to have a strong emotional appeal, in many cases, stronger than an appeal to one’s nationalistic or patriotic sense. See also you and every other ardently pro-feticide worshipper at the altar of rgressivism.

            Your Pavlovian desire to redefine what Christianity is aside, Hitler was not a Christian. There’s no doubt in my mind you can’t tell me what Biblical teachings Hitler’s reign of terror followed.

            Please quit making my eyes glaze over with your unbridled stupidity.

          233. Faye Hayes says

            Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Do your homework, you JACKASS!!! He did follow the teachings of the bible. It was called Genocide & he learned it well from your loving & merciful god. Hitler was a very good student, although he didn’t murder as many people as your god did. Your god takes first prize on that one.

          234. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            I will assume you got your name right. Better luck next time with everything else! :o)

          235. Jed says

            Faye, please provide a citation to support your claims. I have given you factual data and a source that completely refute your claim; you have done nothing but repeat the same inaccurate rant. Please read the entire article referenced below. It’s from Wikipedia, but it is well written and well referenced. Here’s the first paragraph:

            The Roman Catholic Church suffered persecution in Nazi Germany. The Nazis claimed jurisdiction over all collective and social activity, interfering with Catholic schooling, youth groups, workers’ clubs and cultural societies.[1] Nazi ideology could not accept an autonomous establishment, whose legitimacy did not spring from the government. It desired the subordination of the church to the state.[2] The Nazi leadership hoped to dechristianise Germany in the long term.[3] Aggressive anti-Church radicals like Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and Hitler’s “deputy” Martin Bormann saw the kirchenkampf campaign against the Churches as a priority concern, and anti-church and anticlerical sentiments were strong among grassroots party activists.[4][5] Hitler himself also held radical instincts on the Church Question, but was prepared to restrain his anticlericalism out of political considerations, seeing dangers in strengthening the church through persecution.


          236. Jed says

            Sorry to butt in, but I can’t resist. Faye, you say, “Hitler did everything in the name of Christianity…” and you are wrong! Hitler was not a Christian, he persecuted Christians, especially Catholics. The Catholic Church worked against Hitler as much as she could, and in fact saved thousands of Jews and others even while fellow Catholics were being persecuted.

            Perhaps who’ve heard of Rev. Martin Niemöller, a German Lutheran pastor who famously said the following:

            “In Germany, the Nazis first came for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me.”

            Niemöller was arrested by the Gestapo in 1938 and was interned in Dachau and Sachsenhausen concentration camps from 1938 to 1945. He was freed by Allied forces in 1945. Many people, ignorant of the history, believe the concentration camps went first built for the Jews. That is not true. Himmler and his SS started them as places to put political prisoners, which included a great many Christians. By 1938 Himmler had destroyed virtually all meaningful resistance to the Nazis.

            When you make a historical reference, please take some care to make it reasonable accurate.

          237. iowaheretic says

            Hitler did everything FOR the Catholic Church. I don’t know what history you’ve been reading, probably the christian revisionist history the Catholic Church put out to distance themselves from Hitler when he lost the war and the world found out how bad he had really been. Or maybe you’ve been listening to Bryan Fisher, one of the biggest story tellers and LIARS in America, next to David Barton. The REAL history of Hitler and Pope Pious (who orchestrated everything) and the Vatican and also Mussolini is all there for anyone to read. And the HUNDREDS of actual pictures the Nazi’s took absolutely PROVE everything. Hitler was considered the ‘Son of the Catholic Church.’

          238. Jed says

            Sir, what you have posted is absolute nonsense. Please cite supporting evidence if you have it.

          239. iowaheretic says

            His book ‘Mein Kampf’ is a start. Then you could just go on the internet and start looking at everything he did and said to the German people. It was all about Traditional Christian Family Values, and of course killing Jews, which all the pictures the Nazi’s took proving it are on the internet. And all the pictures that were taken with Hitler and Pope Pious. And if you go on YouTube all the videos of Hitler himself giving speeches are there.

          240. Jed says

            You have moved from absolute nonsense all the way into complete rubbish.

            You have posted no citations. Do your own research.

            I will interact with you no further; you are too hopelessly committed to your ignorance and bigotry to engage in this format.

          241. Faye Hayes says

            What you have stated is 100% true. I have gone on YouTube & there are so many videos about Hitler & his strong association with The Roman Catholic Church & his close ties to Pope Pious. It’s all there in black & white. These foolish Christians are too afraid & live in fear every day that it’s possible that they are the ones that have it all wrong. Their foolish pride prevents them from ever questioning or criticizing their own beliefs, especially their false god & their false religion.

          242. iowaheretic says

            I know, and the sad thing is, these ‘Traditional Family Values’ Christians want to take America down the EXACT same path Hitler took Germany. Look how that turned out. And they already have been going down that path. Everything Hitler preached against Jews is what these Christians preach against Muslims. America has already invaded more countries than Hitler did. And all the Christian stuff like preserving traditional marriage, stamping out the Atheist movement, outlawing abortion, putting gay people in concentration camps and prisons (and killing them) and putting the Catholic Church in charge of schools and even his soldiers were blessed by priests before they went out in battle. Hitler did ALL that just like these Family Values Christians and Dominionist Christians want for America. I just can’t understand how they can’t see the exact same similarity. But then again, maybe they do, and that’s what they’ve wanted all along. Hitler also wanted to ensure the superiority of the ‘ superior ‘ race remained that way, and so do a lot of these far right white Christians right here in America.

          243. Steve Duncan says

            ‘Do you really believe the masses will be Christian again? Nonsense! Never again. That tale is finished. No one will listen to it again. But we can hasten matters.
            The parsons will dig their own graves. They will betray their God to us. They
            will betray anything for the sake of their miserable jobs and incomes’

            – Adolf Hitler

          244. Shep Schultz says

            Faye, go make yourself a nice St. John’s Wort salad.
            If that doesn’t improve your mood, try a little adding a few Nightshade fruit.

          245. Shep Schultz says

            OK Faye!
            You asked for it.

          246. Faye Hayes says

            Look at what The Jews are doing to The Palestinian People, all in the name of their religion. Hitler was a Jew & look what he did in in the name of Christianity & his belief in his savior Jesus Christ. I don’t see a difference , do you? Religion poisons everything!!

          247. Michael Dennewitz says

            I sure hope you can live with what you just said. Come judgement day, a lot will have to account for their blasphemous remarks. I won’t resort to any cruel dialogue. Only say that many will pray for your misinformed soul..

          248. Faye Hayes says

            There will be no judgment day, only in your deluded brain. And I won’t have to answer to anyone, certainly not to your god or jesus. Don’t do me any favors. I don’t need or want your prayers. You are the one who is so misinformed & it’s pretty pathetic!! The only place you’re going to when you die is in the ground to decompose, like every other living being. And if you really believe that your soul leaves you body & It goes on this great trip to that wonderful Amusement Park in the sky you Christians call heaven, I think you’ll be sadly disappointed. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Hell, even Atheist need a vacation every now & then. The only problem is, The chances of it being true are so far fetched &you Christians have totally convinced yourselves that it is because it sounds amazing& gives you a warm & fuzzy feeling. Damn , I wish it were true. But , unfortunately there is no evidence to back up these claims. So, until that happens , I’ll choose to live in the real world.

          249. Ghost Rider says

            Have you ever read the Bible? If you had you would find that a lot of people have set out to “prove” the Bible is “just a book”. Have you heard the news that “King Solomon’s Stables” were found and they had the gold handles on the stalls like the Bible said? Have you heard that they have found the “Walls of Jericho” and they fell exactly as the Bible said they would? Have you heard where they have also found King Solomons’ copper mines where the Bible said it was? Read how many human authors wrote, the period of time they were written and how they all blend together. NO OTHER BOOK OR BOOKS CAN MAKE THE SAME CLAIM. You WILL have to answer to God just as the rest of us will.

          250. Faye Hayes says

            Do you really think I give a shit that Your bible says that theses places were found & this is your proof that your god exist? Don’t make me laugh! That’s like saying that if New York City disappeared & 100 years later some person from the future came across some ruins that showed at one time The Statue Of Liberty had existed , that would prove that Spiderman or Superman had to be the creator ? Do you know how ridiculous you sound & your statement makes no sense , whatsoever!! I don’t believe in your false god, so I won’t have any reason to answer to your god or any other gods , period!!

          251. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Faye, you need some quality time with Mr. Buzzbuzz to relieve your ‘hysteria’.

          252. Faye Hayes says

            Is that the other name you use when referring to your god? It’s his nickname, right? Mr. Buzzbuzz- Did you just make that up in your head, or it could be his user name for his email address? And I’m the one who needs some quality time to relieve my hysteria ? Maybe you should consider getting on some serious medications, before you have a major meltdown!!

          253. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Does your paranoia dictate that all Christians are out to get you?

            We’re all very worried that you are having a major meltdown.

          254. Faye Hayes says

            Does your paranoia dictate that your god really does exist & all Atheists are out to get you ? That’s your problem.

          255. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Those who don’t agree with you do are not choosing to be your enemies.

            You repeatedly make the choice for them to be your enemies.

          256. Shauna says


          257. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            I’d be glad to chip in to the fund for some new batteries for her.

            Maybe the ’emergency response’ contribution would be tax deductible…

          258. Brindle_Catahoula says

            We should get her a corded model.

          259. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            That’s right! Don’t want to skimp on the power to deal with her frustration…

          260. Shep Schultz says

            She asked me if that thing had a hammer switch.

          261. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Interchangeable attachments too!

            Nothing but the best for Faye…

          262. Proud Conservative Mom says

            🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

          263. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I somehow missed this before. Thanks for posting it.
            I thank G-d for people like you, who are very strong in principle, and yet have a great sense of humor and know how to make people laugh….

            Laughter truly is the best medicine! I can speak from personal experience. I am gifted with severe chronic pain from a very rare illness. NOTHING makes me happier than being able to laugh at a good joke…
            Thanks again!

          264. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            Hehehe I suspect that there will be a price to pay for my being such a rascal sometimes, but it sure has been fun. Glad you liked it!

            I hope that you can find relief, and will certainly attempt to keep the humor flowing.

          265. THEFUNKenSTEIN says

            hi babycakes!

          266. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            How have you been Z-man?

          267. THEFUNKenSTEIN says

            got id? hahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          268. Barack'sGotYourBack says

            Freud is so last-century.

          269. Bruce O'ryan says

            Think that will be enough?

          270. Edward J Baker says

            Calm down and discover elevated minds not as disposed as yours towards hatred. Read one book, any one book, by someone like the late Richard John Neuhaus for example.

          271. Edward J Baker says

            In the real world there is nothing but evidence to the transcendent nature of being contrasted to a metaphysical materialism.

          272. Faye Hayes says

            Show me your evidence or shut the fuck up!!!

          273. Edward J Baker says

            Show yourself the evidence. (And I know religion haters are intelligence challenged, but can you refrain from the infantile vulgarity?)

            Metaphysical materialism is refuted by every day experience. It is in the very nature of science and the scientific method that it cannot at all address or understand free agency. The chief problem with a materialism of the mind carried to its logical conclusion is that it ignores contrary evidence to its “we are just a pack of neurons” interpretation of existence. If our mental life is nothing but electrical impulses, then we cannot explain the realm of abstract concepts, including those of theoretical science. Nor can we explain the human mind’s openness to truth, the foundation of all thought, nor vain attempts to deny truth. Materialists cannot explain why anything should go right, even observation and deduction, why good logic should not be as misleading as bad logic, if they are both chance movements in the brain of a bewildered ape. Materialists exalt reason, but they can not account for reason. Neither can materialism account for consciousness, free will, value judgments, and the existence of a unitary self. In a purely material world such things cannot exist. Matter cannot be free or have a self. Neither can matter venerate the sacred or have remorse for personal failures. Matter can not sacrifice or have compassion for the suffering.

          274. Faye Hayes says

            You are so full of shit!! So many words that say absolutely NOTHING!! Blah, blah, blah, blah!! It’s pretty obvious to me you know nothing about Evolution & Science. Educate yourself. You might learn something that makes more sense than this thing you call god.

          275. Edward J Baker says

            As a micro biologist, I suspect I know more about evolutionary theory than you.

            It is obvious that your attention span can neither grasp nor emotionally cope with any idea that potentially undermines your need to conceive of yourself as a superior human being.

          276. Faye Hayes says

            I am so much more superior than your god could ever be. That only depends on the fact that he really does exist, which I highly doubt.

          277. Edward J Baker says

            You are not the superior of other human beings, especially those who value humility. Everyone has serious faults.

          278. headonstraight says

            Do a little research and climb up a few rungs on the information ladder. For example, it was the apostle Paul who characterized some Jews as being of the “synagogue of Satan.” Is it “blasphemous” to assert the same thing that he did? Or are you fully convinced that nowhere in the world are there any Jews who would fit that description?

          279. KatRob says

            Look who’s talking about blasphemous remarks, a jew! In your filthy Talmud you claim Jesus is burning in hell in hot excrement, the Virgin Mary is a whore. It’s jews and the traitor Christian Zionists who need to worry about judgment day. God’s wrath will be harsh and swift on the murderers of his son and their supporters. Shalom!

          280. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I am still waiting on that exact text where you allege, for example that the Talmud states that “The Virgin Mary is a whore.”
            Do you live in some sort of bizarre, alternate reality universe? (That was a rhetorical question.)

          281. iowaheretic says

            The virgin Mary was a whore in Sanhedrin 106a. And Jesus fornicated with his jackass, and after he was put to death he was brought back from the dead so he could be boiled in semen while being choked with a cloth being pulled by men from two opposite sides. This stuff is all in the Talmud, but my question is, why would ANYBODY in this day and age believe ANYTHING from any ‘Holy’ book from thousands of years ago? Use some common sense.

          282. Faye Hayes says

            That’s the problem with Christians & Jews. They have no common sense. They are also unfamiliar with reason & logic. They believe what they believe just because they do. They really can’t tell you why or show any real proof or evidence to back up their claims & when a non-believer dares to challenge them , they go on the defensive. The only resource they have to use as evidence is their fictional bible, which was written thousands of years ago. If that’s the best that they can come up with, they are in for a rude awakening. I have never read The Talmud. From what you have described , I don’t think I would care to read such a disgusting & revolting piece of trash & then The Jews have the balls to call this their holy book? Nothing holy about it. You can say the same about The Christian Bible. It is also a fictional piece of garbage!! It ‘s hard to imagine that any person in their right mind would choose to use these books as a moral guide to live their lives by? That is pure insanity!! Religion Poisons Everything!!

          283. Nellie says

            You are crazy. The Jews recognize Jesus as a prophet and I only go by their Old Testament that is their Bible and they don’t recognize the New Testament. I am Christian and don’t hate the Jews or anyone. What is wrong with you people? You worship nothing, you care about nothing except what you want and what you believe. There are tons of books written by idiots but that doesn’t mean all Jews believe them and now the fad with no proof every non expert is trying to rewrite the Bible. If it isn’t there, you can’t make it up and say it must have happened that way. Too many people trying to find something that Christianity if false. Maybe a lot more should have been written but it wasn’t so you can’t just make it up and say in those days this word meant that or this. We just don’t know but we know what is written to the best of translation so I will go with that because it teaching good not evil.

          284. KatRob says

            There are two categories of jews, those who deny being responsible for Christ’s murder and those who say, “How could we have murdered him, he hasn’t come yet?” Believe what you want. It’s just possible that the people who support jews may receive God’s wrath. We’ll see.

          285. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Actually, if I have to choose between believing your postings, and the word of the Almighty G-d of Israel, I will stick with G-d, thank you very much! He always keeps his word!

            Moreover, You might want to read what He says about people who curse his chosen nation, THE JEWS!

            (Genesis 12: 2-3) “And I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will aggrandize your name, and [you shall] be a blessing. And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.”

            You might want to mind your manners….

          286. KatRob says

            Go ahead and worship israHELL, when you receive God’s wrath you will be sorry.

          287. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Actually it will be your sorry a$$ on the receiving end.

          288. KatRob says

            We’ll see, don’t count your shekels yet! 🙂

          289. iowaheretic says

            Why do you always write G-d? Are you ashamed to write the word ‘God ‘?
            I’m just curious. But I know that if I had to pretend to believe in god, I’d be so ashamed of myself I would blow my brains out with a shotgun. I know a lot of christians ALREADY wish I would.

          290. iowaheretic says

            Don’t you realize it was the same kind of people thousands of years ago that wrote all the books that are all contradictory just like the people of different opinions on this page? Everything was written by humans, and if ‘ god ‘ was inspiring them back then on what to write, he’s inspiring the people now on what to write. Look at what an asshole ‘ god ‘ is!

          291. Robert E Boltz says

            The Jews are Gods people, guess you have never read the Bible.

          292. KatRob says

            God refers to them as Children of Satan in the bible. Plus the jews who stole Palestine are not the same as israelites in your bible, their atheist scum who opened 200 strip clubs in the Holy Land, manufacture Ecstasy, are involved in the White Slave trade. God’s people my ass!


          293. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You are insanely sick with jealously, aren’t you?! You sound like a raving lunatic.

            Time for the little men with the white coats…. Then again, I doubt if even they could help your psychosis!

            I’m not worried about people like you. The Almighty took down EVERY nation who tried to destroy my people. Some examples are Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Spain, Germany, etc. etc.

            Happily, the Almighty promised that the Jewish people will live FOREVER. An example is found in Jeremiah: (31 34-35) So said the Lord, Who gives the sun to illuminate by day, the laws of the moon and the stars to illuminate at night, Who stirs up the sea and its waves roar, the Lord of Hosts is His name. If these laws depart from before Me, says the Lord, so will the seed of Israel cease being a nation before Me for all time.”

            And this one: Jeremiah (2:3) “Israel is holy to the Lord, the first of His grain; all who eat him shall be guilty, evil shall befall them, says the Lord.”

            Choke on that, you Jew hater! The ones that G-d will bring his wrath down on, are losers and haters like YOURSELF!

          294. Faye Hayes says

            You think you are so damn special because you refer to yourself & other jews as the chosen ones? All you jews are nothing but terrorist, stealing & occupying Palestinian land that never belonged to you in the first place. What your doing to The Palestinians is no different than what Hitler did to your people. You are just as evil as Hitler was. But that’s not the same thing , is it ? You are justified in your actions because you are the special ones & your god says you will live forever. And to think The USA supports such an evil & terrorist state such as yours. This country needs to wise up & stop supporting you with tax payers money & weapons. You won’t be happy until every Muslim is wiped off the face of the earth. How dare you!! Stop occupying other peoples land in the name of your religion. I’m sure you can find a patch of land to live on somewhere. You have no humility & your arrogance is disgusting !! All you’ve been doing in all your comments is quoting scripture. After awhile it gets really boring. There is nothing special about you!! Get over yourself !!

          295. KatRob says

            lol Insanely jealous of what? People with hooked noses and in dire need of adnoidectomies to get rid of those annoying nasal voices? Beady, close-set eyes and slovenly bodies? Yeah, I’m jealous of that. Been thrown out of over 200 countries, some twice. God is not destroying anything in your name. When the wrath arrives, you’ll wish Hitler really did commit a holocaust against you. Keep telling that fairy tale.
            Choke on one of those cardboard-tasting matzo balls or this article, take your pick:


            And choke on this as well:


            Every time you comment I will post something that will awaken the shabbas goy on here. So bring it on, I’m a wealth of information. Take that star of david/star of satan and your stupid screen name and shove it.

          296. Steve Duncan says

            You are an absolute idiot.

          297. KatRob says

            Mind your own business, you traitor. Stop trying to earn an honorary yarmulke! Shabbas Goy.

          298. Faye Hayes says

            You tell her, KatRob!! This woman is nothing but a fucking liar. She is arrogant & thinks her shit doesn’t stink. Her people are the chosen ones?? And the Moon is made of cheese. LOL!! Keep those great comments coming.

          299. KatRob says

            Thanks so much, Faye. Finally somebody who took my side. 🙂 I believe a lot of people agree with me but too chicken shit to voice it, rather stick with the majority like most sheeple do. Glad you see the truth too. Why would God choose people who are ugly inside and out to be his chosen? What a crock of matzo!

          300. Faye Hayes says

            Your very welcome !! Most people can’t handle the truth. They may be thinking along the same lines as we do, but are too afraid to speak up. Or they are so brainwashed by their religion, They have lost all their ability to use reason & logic & to become critical thinkers. The Jews are not the chosen people. It’s just wishful thinking on their part. Christians are really no different than The jews. They all believe the same bullshit, without proof or evidence to back up their claims. This is why religion poisons everything. Have a nice day!!

          301. Jim Simmons says

            “the jews in their so-called holy, hateful book the Talmud say Jesus is
            in hell burning in hot excrement, the Virgin Mary is a whore”

            Can you give the exact place in their “hateful book” where I can find that passage?

            Otherwise, you made it up.

          302. KatRob says

            “Jesus was a bastard born of adultery.” (Yebamoth 49b, p.324).
            “Mary was a whore: Jesus (Balaam) was an evil man.” (Sanhedrin 106a &b, p.725).
            “Jesus was a magician and a fool. Mary was an adulteress”. (Shabbath 104b, p.504). and they have printed recent version WITHOUT ref to : Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement.” But as us in Israel, we agree the Goy are but dogs.
            Anonymous · 5 months ago
            Right from one of the Children of Satan’s mouth.

          303. iowaheretic says

            Sanhedrin 106a in the Jewish Talmud.

          304. IowaFalcon says

            Wow, that is deep. Jews are the murderers of Christ? Other notable Jews include: Christ, Paul, Peter…
            The Romans crucified Christ on the insistence of the religious leaders who saw Christ as a threat. The first followers of The Way were Jews. Gentile Christians are the ones that were let in, not the ones who somehow accepted some Jews into the faith.

          305. KatRob says

            Yeah, and who were those leaders?

            According to the Bible account:

            The Jewish religious leaders ‘ordered’ his death.
            The Pharisees of that Sanhedrin were all complicit in plotting his death.
            The High Priest actually ordered his death (Matthew 26:63-66; esp vs 66)

            Pilate ‘filled’ the order.
            John 19:10,11 (esp vs 11) states that the ones who delivered Jesus to Pilate, had greater sin.

            Why do you christian zionists continue to embarrass yourselves? No wonder they laugh at you every week in SINagogue! Shabbas Goy. You get the honorarary yarmulke of the week.

          306. IowaFalcon says

            I don’t even know where to begin with you. In one post, you are excusing your bigotry by saying that the Jews of today are not really Jews. Here, you are excusing your bigotry by discussing the sin of the leadership who had Christ put to death due to their fear of losing the people to Him. You seem to miss the fact that Jews were the original followers of The Way, and there was dissent within the Jewish leadership at the time concerning what to do with Christ, if you are to believe the Bible. I suppose you accept all that anyone did as they called themselves Christian as acts that are to be owned by Christ and all Christians?

            I don’t know what faith you are claiming, but I can tell you this as a Christian. Jews are set aside by God, and not because they are deserving. It is an act of Grace that he has used over time to demonstrate it to us. They stray, and yet he shows them grace. We stray, and he shows us that same grace. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with Hosea.

            To place the blame of Christ’s death on anyone other than Christ is to deny His sacrifice. Did he not plead with God to forgive His executioners, as they were simply not aware of the role that they were playing in the greater scheme of things? Christ willingly went to His death for your sin and mine, and to blame someone else for that death would unravel the Gospel to its core, leaving it worthless. You argue against Christ, not the Jews.

            The current state of Israel was foretold in Scripture, and was one of the reasons that many people rejected the Bible before it happened. It was considered to be a preposterous notion to have Israel restored in say, 1850.

            You have an issue with your heart, friend, and your hatred is seething from your writing. I will be praying for you. I could not care less what people are laughing at me. I have come to my beliefs and knowledge appropriately, and I do not care to allow myself to be more swayed by feelings of anger or vengeance toward those who disrespect me than those beliefs. I will act as my Lord asks of me as much as I can manage it.

          307. KatRob says

            I don’t need your prayers, you are the one who needs saving. You don’t even realize the bible has been rewritten hundreds of times until it was favorable to the jews. If that were not true then God is a liar because in one testament he calls the jews Children of Satan, in the other testament they are his Chosen? You don’t see how ridiculous that is? Why would he choose people who were responsible for the murder of his son as his Chosen? Why would he call them Children of Satan and then change his mind? Put your bible down and use your head. That’s the problem I have with you religious fanatics, if you ever had an original thought, it died of loneliness. Stop listening to those bought and paid for christian preachers.


          308. IowaFalcon says

            Or, it could be that you are reading into the text something that is not there. I can only guess that you are talking about John 8:31-47. Read it a bit more carefully. Jesus is not calling “Jews” anything. He is discussing those who are trying to kill him, and their unrepentant sin. He is suggesting that they are turning away from what Abraham would do and to a sinful nature.

          309. KatRob says

            I think the bible has many interpretations and we are all free to interpret it as we see fit. I think Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is a good depiction of what went down, putting aside the fact he feels the same way about the self-appointed Chosen as I do.

          310. IowaFalcon says

            The Bible is not meant to be interpreted any way that you want. It is to be understood. You go to it seeking understanding, not planting whatever you want into it. I do not write it, and neither do you. When there is something that we do not understand, it is due to our lack of understanding. My experience is that over time, God reveals to us His meaning or the reasons for His words.

            The Bible is not an anti-Semitic work. If you are concluding that it is, you may want to take a step back and ask how that makes any sense. There is complete consistency when you find the right perspective, which is one that includes putting your own worldly desires away and instead pursue God through Jesus Christ. We are all sinners, equally filthy and deserving of Hell. No particular group of race is worse than any other. It is only through the acceptance of your own sinful ways, the acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior, and the repentance that we can be saved. Bloodlines, family history, genetics, and the like do not matter. God loves all, and He gives everyone the same grace if they simply accept it.

            Please read the Bible again, and seek deeply the truth of it. Hatred is not at all a message of it.

          311. SidSpeaking says

            In the words of Alexis de Toqueville, “Men have forgotten God…” This is the reason that America is in such ‘bad shape’. The Lord is pouring out his judgement upon this nation as a whole, because just about everyone has in one way or another forsaken Him, or taken up an idol and called it by His name. I’ve bee to church after church over the past decade, and repeatedly witnessed/experienced unGodly doctrines play themselves out, in God’s own name. Some of the most prevalent were open racism justified by ‘Calvinism’, the doctrine of ‘Grace = open license to sin’, the doctrine of ‘Christians don’t need to believe the word of God concerning the creation’, the doctrine of ‘the church leader is always correct and anyone that has a real biblical complaint against them is delusional and needs to be outed from the congregation’ (this one is my favorite… this one puts the church leader above the very Law of God… I guarantee you that those who routinely follow this one will wind up hearing ‘Depart from me worker of iniquity… I never knew you’), not to mention all of the ‘New Age’ garbage that’s been propagated throughout the decades, and let me not forget the matter of adultery masked under the guise of the Holy kiss, the doctrine of replacement ‘spiritual’ parents, and church approved polygamy. Those in the pews ignore the warnings and even ridicule those who are sent forth to warn them of the satanic practices that they are all involved in. Yoga (a Hindu practice used to worship and ‘yoke’ the practitioner to the pantheon of Hindu deities), secular music (the connection of rock, rap, country, etc artists to various forms of satanism is not that hard to see), movies, transcendental meditation and even drug use is tolerated and accepted in some so-called Christian circles. Most of those filling the pews never speak out and address there concerns. Those who do are told to pack sand. Beyond all this, it’s evident that the true essence of Christianity may have been lost when the Roman Catholic church was formed at the behest of Constantine. You don’t find any mention of denominations in the book of Acts. There is one church of Christ, that Jesus gave His body for, and it knows no denominations. It has one head and one means of salvation, that is the truth, the life, and the way. That one head is the lead, and all who speak against His commands are liars, most of whom repeat the devil’s designs, and repeatedly take God’s word out of context, or in other ways cleverly and systematically butcher it, in order to lead the flock off coarse. It’s not possible to hold to one part of Christianity and reject other parts. Jesus didn’t leave that option open to us. The nation has benefited from the church and Judeo-Christian based laws and ethics. The ‘Christian’ church in this nation is in disarray, and I would even go as far as stating serving an idol that’s been lifted up as a false Jesus (rings true of Jesus predicting that false Jesus’s would come in his name in the last days). Whether this nation faces REVIVAL or DESTRUCTION, it will start with the church. As of now, all signs point to destruction. And all of this, because men have forgotten the true God and put in His place an idol that tickles their ears and hastens their steps to sin and iniquity. May the Lord have mercy on the inhabitants this corrupt and adulterous nation, and may the Lord protect His remnant from the judgement to come. – Amen.





          312. hobbit says

            Dude u need to get off the drug’s

          313. mrmsjb12 says

            he hates everybody and he really, really hates republicans and Israelies

          314. Jim Simmons says

            And what bat-shit crazy right wing website did you get your information? Or did you just make it up?

            He’s a christian, just like you claim to be.

          315. MARYSWEET says

            You certainly can’t be talking about obama because he’s a dyed in the wool born muslim and is determined to make America a muslim country.

          316. Jim Simmons says

            At first, you bat-shit crazy right wingers claimed he was learning everything from a radical christian preacher. When that didn’t work, you started lying about him being a muslim. Damn, pick a lie and stick with it.

          317. MARYSWEET says

            You’ve been at the Kool Aid again. obama is a Kenyan born muslim. Wake up and smell the coffee. He hates Jew, Christians and anyone who doesn’t believe in the islam ideology.

          318. Faye Hayes says

            Why are you Christians so damn brilliant when it comes to your false religion, but can’t spell for shit? Maybe you bought a used computer & the i was missing. Moron!!

          319. KayO says

            Are you talking or writing?

          320. CA Loser says

            You are an A hole. Are you gay too? sounds like it

          321. mrmsjb12 says

            yeh thats what his wife says

          322. Faye Hayes says

            And you’re a DICKHEAD!! Are you Gay? That’s ok. Your God still loves you!! Not to worry.

          323. catman says

            Hey Baby Faye. Be nice or daddy will take you over his checkered apron and paddle your big fat butt. OOOPS, my bad…You’d probably like that wouldn’t you ??
            Do you get your “jollies” writing tripe like this on these sights, Hmmmm???

          324. geekyhumor says

            gays are all atheist..

            if your going to believe in a false ideology to justify your guilt of stupidity for
            being stupid…

            at least know what your stand for

            as an atheist you are in bed with the fags, gays and love to suck cock like they do because you believe in them and their false beliefs..

            by defaults all atheist are gay
            are gay lovers

            stop being an idiot
            to your own beliefs

            accept it your a fag

          325. Faye Hayes says

            You are one sick M. F.!!

          326. geekyhumor says

            you gay devil worshiper

          327. MARYSWEET says

            What has gay got to do with anything?

          328. Bruce O'ryan says

            Sylvester pushed that button and Faye went off the hook. Must have hit a major nerve or hit on the truth….

          329. TAM44 says

            Heard she was a muff diver and went down on pelosi and feinstein .

          330. Faye Hayes says

            Maybe your god is gay or does he go both ways?

          331. Faye Hayes says

            I heard you were a cock sucker & blew Obama & Biden? Did you enjoy it ? I bet you loved every minute of it. Good to the last drop!!

          332. TAM44 says

            I don’t associate with your damn kin you ugly piece of obama waste from hell. Now go munch on your granny , she’ll love you for it.

          333. Sylvester Jones says

            Hells not shut up its waiting for you fayegayblade

          334. Faye Hayes says

            Shut your dirty filthy mouth, you Christian hypocrite!! If there is a hell, I’m pretty sure you will be going there real soon. I’m sure your Satan has a special place set aside just for you. You will be his favorite. He loves people like you. The kind of people that go around using such disgusting language & calling someone a gay blade. When you get to your hell, I’m sure your satan will have no trouble finding you. All he has to do is look for the guy who has PERVERT written across his chest. LOL!!!

          335. Sylvester Jones says

            You poor delusional fool, you chose poorly, satan over Jesus, hell over Heaven, you will spend eternity in outer darkness with never ending torment and suffering.

          336. Nellie says

            Don’t reply to Faye. She is sick or something.

          337. TAM44 says

            All atheist are sick.

          338. Faye Hayes says

            I could say the same thing about all Christians, but I would never make such a foolish statement , because I know better. Your god gave you a brain- use it!!!

          339. TAM44 says

            I’ll stick my words, you’re sick.

          340. Faye Hayes says

            I’ll stick to my words, you’re a Nut Job!!

          341. TAM44 says

            Never voted for a democrat in my life, and I’m proud of it B—H.

          342. Faye Hayes says

            I read somewhere in your bible that jesus was a democrat. Is that true ?

          343. TAM44 says

            I never claimed I was a Christian, I’m a sinner and need to change my ways. Question for you, how do you get off listening to obama run his lying mouth you pice of $HIT.

          344. Faye Hayes says

            You call me sick , but then it’s ok when your Christian buddy Sylvester refers to me as fayegayblade? And that’s ok with you ? And then when I get angry & defend my non- beliefs, I don’t have a right to do that? If your Jesus suddenly appeared on this day & heard all his followers using such disgusting words & saying such hateful things to people just because they are non- believers, he would be very saddened & disappointed, would he not? Have you been reading some of the comments that are coming from your fellow Christians? I’ve have been called a homosexual, asshole, Asked if I were a man or woman or both. Read what catman said, be nice or daddy will paddle your big fat butt, that I would probably enjoy it? And you wonder why I get so angry? It’s pretty obvious to me that Christians despise Atheist, just because we choose not to believe in Your god or any gods. We have that right, but when I try to explain why I don’t believe, you Christians go on the attack, accusing me of worshipping Satan, being a homo , assuming that we believe in nothing & then with all that Christian Love that you claim comes from your Jesus, you & Your god condemn us to eternal damnation. I suppose I should just turn the other cheek ? But doesn’t that pertain to Christians also? I will never apologize for being an Atheist & why would I ? It’s who I am.

          345. Nellie says

            I meant you have a problem because you are so beyond angry that in my opinion is sick. All those names you have been called you have first called everyone else first and then you expect to be treated without negative reactions. You are obsessed with hating Christians and it makes no sense because no one is stopping you from believing on no god. You sound like possessed woman trying convince people that we are the crazy one and you are the ONLY sane one. This is not normal behavior and should seek help before you have a nervous breakdown because people will believe on whomever God they please and your ugly words makes their faith stronger but it does not excuse the name calling nor yours. We don’t deserve it because we have the freedom to believe as we please. You are an Atheist but you are not at peace with yourself and everyday that goes by you waste hating instead of getting on with your life. Sometimes I have felt God has disappointed me but later on I see the purpose for those tears and how I grew as a person. I know you will take offense at this but it isn’t written with malice but you get insulted at everything a Christian has to say.

          346. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Well, if the purse matches the shoes…


          347. Faye Hayes says

            You are the poor delusional fool!! Making such false statements without proof or evidence to back up your claims. You need to grow up & stop believing in such nonsense, you brainless zombie!!!

          348. Michael Dennewitz says

            You’re one really sick person Faye. I cannot read any further……….

          349. Faye Hayes says

            You better get on your knees & ask your god for forgiveness for calling me a gayblade. If you don’t repent & you died tonight , you would go straight to that place you call hell. Christians say it’s very hot in hell. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been there. You might want to ask your Satan if he would be kind enough to supply you with some nice cold lemonade & a really BIG fan!! LOL!!!

          350. Faye Hayes says

            If I’m wrong & there is a hell, I’m almost certain you will be going there ahead of me, you fucking asshole!!!

          351. Patriot043 says

            Or, WHAT? Gonna MIND-MELD him? HA HA HA HA! 😀

          352. Nellie says

            Faye, you just broke the 7th commandment of your atheist group and I think a few others and your only consequence probably is that you will not be liked all religious groups including your own atheist group. I know you don’t give a fig. You just want the attention your foul mouth brings but we are use to it so fire away no one is listening anymore. If you were somewhat intelligent maybe someone would but all you want is to get Christians angry and call you names and show that we are as stupid as you are. If you want attention join the circus. I understand they need an act for a person who can’t control her mouth and can curse and insult. You need no one and want no one so why do you want us to hate so desperately? Why do care so much? You don’t. You desperately need attention and the shock factor but that is getting very boring. Only ignorant people belittle others for their beliefs. Nothing and no one least of you will ever change my Christian beliefs so fire away. I don’t care what you say.

          353. Faye Hayes says

            If you don’t care what I have to say, then why do you replying to keep my comments, DUMBASS!!!

          354. Shep Schultz says

            Talk like that in Church much?

          355. Faye Hayes says

            You are aware that Atheist don’t go to church & why would they even feel the need to go? To get on their knees & worship to nothing? Only insane people would do that & that puts most Christians in that category. What’s with the picture from South Park? What point are you trying to make? I see no connection with your stupid question & this picture, unless of course this is one of your favorite shows to watch, which would then make you a hypocrite!! No surprise there, as most Christians are ignorant hypocrites!!

          356. Shep Schultz says

            You didn’t get the significance of that pic?
            Well, in the name of keeping it real, I’ll give you another shot, with a different picture, conveying the same message.

          357. Cletus B Neckbeard says


          358. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Next time you drag our your dictionary, look up ‘sarcasm’.

          359. Faye Hayes says

            Next time you drag out your dictionary, look up the word ugly. You should find the name Brindle right next to it. Is that enough sarcasm for you, or do you crave more? I’ve got plenty more where that came from!!

          360. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Your hatred consumes you.

            Did you learn more hatred at school or at home?

          361. Bruce O'ryan says

            I looked up “ugly” in my dictionary and GayFaye’s picture was right there……

          362. Brindle_Catahoula says

            I’m sure the poor bastard who made the negative took his own life in a horrible way soon after.

          363. Bruce O'ryan says

            You’re probably right, I didn’t think of that. Paints a horrible picture.

          364. Michael Dennewitz says

            Don’t “cast your pearls” Nellie. You’re wasting your precious time!! :-((

          365. Faye Hayes says

            Another false quote from your bible . What would you expect from a dusty old fictional book , filled with so many made up stories & utter & complete nonsense!! You Christians really need to have your heads examined & start living in reality!!

          366. Sylvester Jones says

            Can’t shut up hell until you’re there.

          367. hobbit says

            This idiot just trying to argue .

          368. OldPatriot32 says

            Perhaps you should zip it; you’re outnumbered here at least 10 to 1, A T H E I S T !

        2. Jim Simmons says

          Eddie baby,
          We agree on something. “Ignorant religion”. Yep, you finally get it..

          1. Edward J Baker says

            Yes we agree on your ignorance. The phrase consisting of a compound adjective, a noun, and a reflexive verb was one directed entity. Got it typical ignorant religion hater?

          2. Jim Simmons says

            Looks to me like you used the word “ignorant” as an adjective describing “religion” to a “T”. I’m positive that’s what you meant.

          3. Edward J Baker says

            That’s because your ignorance can not even comprehend rudimentary grammatical usage.

      2. MARYSWEET says

        I was always taught that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. You need to take that advice under consideration and not criticize others. You are not perfect either.
        Merry Christmas

        1. Faye Hayes says

          You should take some of your own advice. You Christians have a lot to say & most of it is hateful & not very nice either. You call it criticizing, I call it challenging your beliefs. I never said I was perfect, did I? Happy Holidays!!!

          1. Lyndau123 says

            Faye – Please read what you have just said here. Fact is, YOU are the “typical ignorant and not very nice one”. Get over yourself!

          2. yaki534 says

            Oh and what you say is totally nice/. I see.. gain, Faye, God bless.

          3. KayO says

            Didn’t you read the commandment about having an open mind?

          4. mrmsjb12 says

            he has an open mind see the pie whole in his head

          5. Sylvester Jones says

            Nothing hateful just truths from God’s Word to humanity, the Holy Bible.

          6. Faye Hayes says

            Your holy bible is a piece of fictional garbage, made up stories, no different than Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings & Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. It’s not holy , by any means & it wasn’t written by YOUR god. I would rather read ” A Christmas Carol ” By Charles Dickens anytime.

          7. Sylvester Jones says

            Well faye when your at death’s door, you will begging Jesus Christ not to send you to your eternal destiny, HELL.

          8. Faye Hayes says

            I won’t be begging jesus for anything. He won’t be there. Don’t you remember ? He was crucified, died & was buried in the ground . His body decomposed & he did not come back to life. End of story. It’s all just one big magic show!!

          9. MARYSWEET says

            What do you believe in? I hope you do have some kind of belief or life can feel very empty.

          10. Nellie says

            Marysweet, Faye was on another site and this is all she does. All she wants is attention and most of writing are vile to make us angry. She is pathetic. I think she must look for sites like these and she says the same things trying to make us angry. Even when you try and explain your position, she insults you so just give up. I said she wants attention.

          11. MARYSWEET says

            Thanks for the 411. I’m sorry to hear that. She must be a very bitter and unhappy person who wants everyone to share her misery. I know a couple people like that and I just steer clear of them. They are only hurting themselves. I know you can’t reason with people with such closed minds. Thanks again for the info.

          12. Faye Hayes says

            Why would you even care what I believe in? If it doesn’t pertain to your god, then it’s unacceptable, right ? So, why do you even give a shit, you phony Christian?

          13. Patriot043 says

            Yeah, but YOU ALL seem to have a problem believing in a God, because THAT would mean that you would have to SUBMIT to Him and change your sinful lives. It boils your skin that those of US DO believe in 1 God and when HE speaks, we do our best to LISTEN. But, you DON’T have a problem exchanging gifts in celebration of His birth? Three wise men came to Jesus when He was born and left 3 gifts for Him. THAT was the beginning of celebrating His birthday by exchanging gifts to one another. If you all don’t believe, then WHY have I witnessed athiests exchange gifts during Christmas? You all have problem with God telling you; “DON’T” or, “DO!” But, it DOESN’T matter if you choose to believe or not, you’ll ALL know soon enough.

            “You believe in one God? GOOD! Even the demons believe that and SHUDDER!” (James 2:19)

            If THEY believe and are TREMBLING with fear, looks like THEY know something that YOU ALL BETTER PAY ATTENTION TO?

          14. MARYSWEET says

            You talk about Christians like it’s a dirty word. Sounds like you have had a bad experience and I am sorry if you have. Not everyone is evil. There are some very good people as well as very bad people in this world. Look for the best and you will find it.

          15. Faye Hayes says

            I have looked for the best in people, but haven’t found any here. Have a nice day, MARYSOUR.

          16. Nellie says

            And you are not perfect. Most of agree.

          17. Faye Hayes says

            You are not perfect either . Only your god is , remember ? I think most Atheist would agree with that also.

        2. Sylvester Jones says

          Another wrong marylemon, I’m spiritually perfect just like all Born Again Christians.

          1. MARYSWEET says

            Nobody is perfect except God. Happy for you to be a Born Again Christian.

          2. Nellie says

            Try it Sylvester. When was the last time you were nice to anyone that you didn’t want something from them in return.

      3. bobclaville says

        And we still thank you for showing us how tiny your brain actually is, worried about spelling, rather than addressing the subject. How liberally intolerant of you. And the ignorance comes from you when anyone attempts to emulate, or copy your techniques. Merry Christmas anyway. Hope you choke on what you don’t believe.

      4. Dexter L. Wilson says

        Speaking of ignorance, the above first commandment for atheists seems to work both ways, correct. Well research the following and I would start with “Cracking the Bible Code” and then getting the book “Theomatics II”.
        This email
        explains the scientific methods that were used to demonstrate that our
        Creator was the only one who could have written the Bible through 44
        inspired writers. Scientific and Statistical research says that if a
        scientific experiment can be repeated again and again it can be
        considered a scientific fact. Therefore I present this evidence as

        The Bible, with the Hebrew Old Testament Text and the original Greek
        New Testament do things that no other religious text of any other World
        Religion does; demonstrating that only the Creator could have, through
        44 inspired writers, written this book. The scribes who copied the
        original Hebrew Old Testament text copied carefully every letter, jot
        and tittle. As they read the copied text, if a single letter, jot, or
        tittle mistake was made, they would destroy all that had been written
        and start over.

        Ivan Panin, a Harvard Hebrew, Greek, and Mathematical Scholar
        researched the numerical values of the Hebrew and Greek letters. He sent
        43,000 pages of numerical research to the Nobel Research Committee in
        1900, and they could not refute the fact that God through 44 inspired
        writers wrote the Bible.

        Del Washburn has written two books expanding on the numerical values, “Theomatics” and “Theomatics II”. (See ).

        most amazing proof that the Creator of the Universe wrote the Bible
        through the inspired men of God is the Equidistant Letter Sequences.
        The NSA tried to duplicate such coding and failed. Harold Gans, the
        lead code breaker for the NSA, before he died, satisfied himself
        that God wrote the Bible, by using a mathematical formula to determine
        the probabilities involved in creating codes throughout the surface
        text of the Old Testament (
        ). Through the code, the multitude of information reads like
        yesterdays news–you must know the names, events, persons involved,
        locations, and/or the dates. For this reason it can not be used

        The original text of the Old and New
        Testament with the letter numeric values and the multitude of
        Equidistant Letter Sequences should be enough to prove to anyone that
        the God of the Bible, is our Creator. There are thousands of words,
        names, sentences and locations encoded in the Old Testament. If you are
        thinking that some super intelligence wrote this book other than God,
        God reminds you from Numbers 23’19”, “God is not a man that He should
        lie….” No human or computer can duplicate anything resembling the
        quantity of ELS coding in surface text like the Bible does. There are
        even codes between books, God knowing which books would be canonized.

        In Ezekiel 36′ 25″-27″ it describes God’s way of salvation–“I will
        remove your stoney heart and give you a heart of flesh (being born again
        and receiving Jesus as your Savior), I will sprinkle you with water and
        make you clean (water baptism), and put my Spirit in you to cause you
        to walk in my laws and statutes (receiving the Baptism of the Holy

        The Bible is the Manufacturer’s Handbook for Planet Earth!

        Post Scripts

        Sources: “His Name is Jesus”, “The Genesis Factor”, “The Signature
        of God”, “The Writings of God”, “The Mysterious Bible Codes” (book and
        DVD’s), “Cracking the Bible Code”, “Bible Code Bombshell”, “The Torah
        Codes and Israel Today”, Computorah/The Bible Code I, II, &III,, “Yeshua”, “Jesus Is My Name” ,, and there are so many more.

        Ivan Panin corrected an Exhaustive Bible Concordance using what he
        called the Bible Numerics. He said if there were 2 words found in the
        Greek New Testament in a sentence and you wanted to know which word to
        use, the word that harmonized with the sentence numerically was the
        correct word. He provided a Greek Numeric New Testament. Example of
        Bible Numerics: In the first sentence in the Old Testament, Genesis
        1’1″, every verb is divisible by 7, every noun, and more; there are
        over 34 features of the number 7 in just this one sentence and these
        type features are consistent throughout the Bible.

        a few of the codes found: Hitler, Holocaust, Eichmann, Fuhrer,
        Meinkampf, Berlin, Germany, Belson, King of the Nazis, Crematoria for
        my Sons, (for statistical purposes only-there are more) 66 names of
        Rabbis-the cities in which they lived-dates of death, Anwar
        Sadat-1981-parade-shot-gunfire-Chaled (his assassin), Yitzchak
        Rabin-Israel-will be murdered-date born-date of death-location of the
        assassination-assassin’s name-Oslo Peace Process, both Wars in the
        Gulf, George Bush, Saddam Hussein-America Schwarzkopf-the missiles will
        terrify-Scud B-they shut the door-3rd of Shavat-empty the gas, Murrah
        Building-Tim-McVeigh-slaughter-desolate, (in Genesis 38′) all the
        ancestors of King David, (in Genesis)25 trees are named, (between
        Isaiah 52′ and 55′) Behold the Blood of Jesus-Let Him Be
        Crucified-Mary-Joseph-Jesus is my Name-all the disciples
        evil Roman City, (in Zechariah 9’13”)Jesus, (in Zachariah 11’13”)Jesus,
        (in Daniel 9’26”) The Peace Offering, (in Micah 5’1-2″ Mary, Joseph,
        and Jesus(Yeshua),(in Matthew 24’7 through 48″)
        Jesus-Nazareth-Mercy-Lamb, (in Mark 8’9″ through Mark 9’2″) Jesus-
        Blood-Son-Innocent-Lamb, (in John 5’5″-13″) Jesus-Nazareth-Lamb, the
        name of the person most responsible for all the satellites circling the
        Earth and their names—–and on and on and on and on. I don’t think
        all of the codes will be found. Who knows, the Old Testament in
        the original Hebrew may have the list of those whose names are written
        in the BOOK OF LIFE.

        1. Nellie says

          Most Christians have heard or read these things before. You can dispute and dispute but the Bible was written by many men not just one and I find it impossible that throughout thousands of years these men kept there mathematical codes all that time. As we all know know we can pick and choose what numbers work and don’t work for our purpose. Many people find all kinds of different things that they believe are secret codes of some kind as for me i just read it for it’s literal meaning. I am an avid reader and have read many things written about the Bible and Jesus. I will stay with my original beliefs because it works for me. I am not a Bible thumper . I just follow the way as Jesus preached.

          1. Dexter L. Wilson says

            You have no idea what you are talking about. The codes were placed there by God through the inspired writers without their knowledge. The Old Testament was and has always been carefully copied letter, jot, and tittle. NO VARIATIONS. Also the writers had no knowledge about the numerics that God did through them with the fact that Greek Letters were numbers and so were the Hebrew letters You guys really should keep your thoughts to yourselves until you at least understand the impossibility of someone being able to do what has been done. Read up on it because you do not understand any of this. I wanted this information so that I could argue from a scientific physical proof to Atheists. Yes you have to receive Jesus by faith, You must receive salvation, you must be baptized, but you who claim to be Christian remember there is one most important Baptism, the Holy Spirit. Even John the Baptist said that He baptized with water but promised there would be one who would Baptize you in the Holy Spirit. I was a Presbyterian, met a man who was baptized in the Holy Spirit whose peace flowed off of him which I immediately picked up on. I want it and I got it. My life was never the same again. I figured God gave physical proof that He was who He said He was. I asked for it. I Got It. Ivan Panin’s research, Del Washburns research, and the equidistant letter sequence coding. To explain to a noviscient: Let’s say you write a letter to a friend and you don’t want someone who might read the letter to understand it. So, you made arrangements with your friend telling him to circle every third or fifth or whatever letter and that is the true message. Well God has the surface text but for us he gave us the ELS codes as well. For you Christians remember II Timothy 3’16”, “ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God, and is PROFITABLE for doctrine, for REPROOF, for CORRECTION, for INSTRUCTION in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect THUROUGHLY FURNISHED UNTO ALL GOOD WORKS.”. So some of the Word of God is hidden in an equidistant letter sequence and if you will receive it, I promise it is consistent with the surface text. GOD WAS THE ONLY POSSIBLE PERSON TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bible is the only Religious (although Christianity is a relationship, not a religion) document that does this so I can show that all the other religions in the world can’t do this. Only the true God did this.

          2. Nellie says

            I didn’t misunderstand your meaning and I appreciate the education but I don’t know that any atheist would care. I have gone to lectures on several of these topics but like I said before I prefer to live by example and while you can inform those who believe will continue to believe and atheist only listen to their selfish souls. By selfish I don’t mean they don’t do some good things but they have no higher power than themselves.

      5. yaki534 says

        Oh, a happy atheist.Gos bless!

      6. KayO says

        “To bless Atheist” or “to bless the atheists” or “to bless an atheist”? Does he really need to learn how to spell it before he feels the need or before he writes the word?

      7. Hudmar says

        aesthetes=One who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature. For your information.

        1. mrmsjb12 says

          must work for the EPA

      8. Eddie says

        Just what I would expect from a Liberal Atheist Socialist Democrat!!

      9. mrmsjb12 says

        “DUH” whats up doc.

      10. Sylvester Jones says

        Your wrong the Bible mentions you and your kind, Psalm 14:1 & 53:1, the fool says in his heart there is no God.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Fuck your bible!! A fictional piece of trash!! If I ever run out of toilet paper, your bible will be the first book I choose to wipe my ass with. At least it’s good for something.

          1. Sylvester Jones says

            May the good Lord give you what you deserve before the day is over.

      11. Michael Ruocco says

        ignorant is not how you spell the word Ignorant is who points it out but no worries someone will still bless you for it..

      12. Patriot043 says

        “The fool says in his heart; ‘There is no God.'” (Psalms 14:1)

        Typical ignorant atheist. 😀

        1. Faye Hayes says

          “The fool says in his or her heart, There is a god”

      13. john robel says

        Why ain’t you aesthetes got no sense of humor? I thank GOD, I ain’t no aesthetes!

        1. Faye Hayes says

          Atheist have a great sense of humor. We have to have one, to put up with the likes of you. You’all take prayer out of schools and then try to give a speeling lesson? WTF?? You sound like a redneck & write like one too. It’s spelling, not speeling , you Christian dumbass !!

      14. says

        Please Faye, speak kindly of all humans, including Christians. We atheists need to get a better HR going!

        1. Nellie says

          Told you she is here for attention and probably needs help. I have Atheists friends but they are not like Faye. They respect me and I respect me. They do not insult and we work together.

          1. says

            Atheists are people and, like all humans, they can be nice or they can be feisty. Faye just needs to know that we all love her, deep down inside of our hearts,

      15. Patty Howell says

        Well, just out of curiosity, how do you know he wasn’t blessing the aesthetes since atheists appear to have no need for a blessing?

      16. Edward Ebersole says

        Its the thought that counts, nobodies perfect, and God speed to you.

      17. Pops says

        Faye, your crude reply is exceeded by your personal attack

        1. Nellie says

          Look who is talking about crude.

          1. Nellie says

            no, I meant Faye.

      18. TAM44 says

        You’re the idiot, STFU and ESAD.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          YOU ARE ONE SICK BASTARD!! If there is a hell, which I highly doubt, I’m sure you will be going there. I’m willing to make an exception in the belief of hell when it comes to you.

          1. TAM44 says

            You are one huge ugly pile of rotten flesh with a very bad case PMS. I cruse your drunken dad for not using a condom, and your mother for being easy.

          2. Faye Hayes says

            It’s amazing how strong your belief in god is, but you can’t spell for shit!! Maybe you need to put down that phony book you call the word of god & pick up a dictionary. Maybe you Christians might consider adding an 11th commandment to your 10 commandments- Thou shall not be allowed to talk or act in a stupid or ignorant way.

          3. TAM44 says

            Look in the mirror and see the 11 commandments B—H.

          4. Faye Hayes says

            Look in the mirror and see a freakin IMBECILE!!!

          5. TAM44 says

            You have Zackery disease, your face looks Zackery like your ass,

          6. TAM44 says

            You have a bad case of Zackery disease, your face looks Zackery like your AZE.

          7. Brindle_Catahoula says

            Hate consumes you.

          8. Faye Hayes says

            Religion Destroys You.

          9. Brindle_Catahoula says

            You immolate yourself from within.

      19. Michael Dennewitz says

        Always one in the crowd somewhere. Your life must be a miserable one for you to vent your anger on believers. But trust me Faye, and I know you weren’t speaking to me, THE MISERY HASN’T YET STARTED FOR THIS WORLD! Hopefully, one day, you will be able to rid yourself of your misery and be able to stand up and be “counted!” GOD LOVES YOU FAYE!!!….

      20. hobbit says

        Little smart a

      21. headonstraight says

        Maybe Van had this in mind:


        noun ˈes-ˌthēt, British usually ˈēs-

        : a person who recognizes and values beauty in art, music, etc.

      22. Cletus B Neckbeard says


        1. Shep Schultz says

          Aint she a peach?

          1. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            I’m an aesthete so… I don’t judge or… sumpin’ like that.

            I’m laughin’ my butt off. :o)

          2. Faye Hayes says

            You are an Idiot & that is not my opinion or judgment. It is a fact, fucktard!!

          3. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Thanks for weighing in, Faye! You have brought me the closure and the attendant mental peace that can only occur where all doubt has be removed!

          4. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            You’re angry, and that’s… OK. People have a tendency to get hostile when they’re repeatedly proven wrong. So, please, don’t hold back — tell us how you really feel.

          5. Brindle_Catahoula says

            DGDC, izzat you?

          6. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Please forgive me for being such a stickler but… do you have a link to that?

          7. Shep Schultz says

            Oh, don’t ask her for a link to fucktards. It is ugly.

          8. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            ‘Guess it must be another of those gratuitous-assertion thangs. My quest for self-awareness is continuously frustrated… Gloom, despair… and agony on me…

          9. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says


          10. BrotherCanYouSpareATrillion? says

            The quest for self-awareness never ends. :o)

          11. FreeBornPatriot says

            You’re sexy when you curse!

          12. Bruce O'ryan says

            Fun isn’t it?

        2. Faye Hayes says

          A Christian- someone who believes in fairy tales & magic. Sounds like a cult to me . If your god ask you to drink the cool aid, will you obey him? Which flavor will you choose?

          1. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            Faye! Meat in a loser sandwich!! Where have you been for the last 70 (mad-dog count) days?!

          2. Faye Hayes says

            Your reply makes no sense , whatsoever !! This is what religion does to the brain. It turns it to mush!! You’re the loser, you pile of steaming dog shit!!

          3. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            You noticed? I spent hours at the fuglicians and was afraid I’d wasted my money. Thanks!

      23. infadelicious says


      24. mrmsjb12 says

        I’d rather be a ignorant christian than a ignorant atheist

      25. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

        You too. “Ahteists,” is the plural you needed.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          You too. Learn how to spell the word Atheist before you criticize other people’s mistakes, you stupid brain dead ” Christian “

          1. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Or get new glasses. Thanks.

            I couldn’t help but notice how repeatedly you did that, indicating you don’t know to spell the plural of “atheist.” Mine was a physical problem, yours is an ignorance problem. I can fix my problem. Will you do anything about your particular shortcoming, soon?

          2. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Yet “braindead” knows to put a period within the second quotation mark. See how counter-pettiness works?
            Let’s review: You really are a sociopathic moron. Seriously… I checked.

          3. Faye Hayes says

            Let’s review: You