Bad Week For Michelle’s School Lunch Program


Few things as seemingly innocuous as Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative have attracted this amount of political scorn. While conservatives support the idea of getting America’s children out of this obesity spiral, it’s obvious that the Democrats are going about it the wrong way. A few stories this week have shed some light on just why these programs are so bad for the country.

The first, and perhaps most important, news comes from the School Nutrition Association. According to their numbers, the cost of meeting the new federal nutrition standards will triple in 2015. The USDA has released estimates that puts $1.22 billion worth of food, labor, and administrative costs on local school systems over the next year. This is after all the subsidies and grants are spoken for, meaning these standards are going to cost the states a fortune to keep up with the program.

These numbers are in stark contrast to the way it’s been sold by the White House. Going by federal propaganda, one would be led to believe that these initiatives will cost school districts nothing out of pocket. They will, in fact, be a boon for local education, as participation in the program is supposed to unlock federal dollars. Now it appears that it will be a net financial loss all the way around. Who would have thought?

These costs might have been excused if we had any proof at all that the programs were having the intended effect. Unfortunately, all they seem to be doing is turning kids off buying their lunch. A ruckus was raised in Pleasanton, Texas this week when parents responded to a lunch picture from the local school district.

“They hardly get any food at all,” one parent told the local news. “I was outraged when I saw that picture – I just didn’t even know what to say.”

Other parents complained that their teens were heading straight for the snacks when they arrived home from school, trying to make up for the calories they weren’t getting from lunch. Under these programs, of course, it isn’t just the obese kids being force-fed salads and carrots. At a time when the majority of kids need a surplus of calories just to keep up with their busy lifestyles, athletic requirements, and normal human growth, they are being restricted like adult dieters.

In North Tonawanda, NY, the school district itself is unhappy about the mandated changes. Tonawanda School Board President Colleen Osborn says it’s a “broken system.”

“We have students of all different shapes and sizes. Some of these kids have lunch at 10 a.m. and then they’re limited and can’t buy other things.”

Debating the merits of the program in a public meeting, one parent in the audience hit the nail on the head. “Michelle Obama put these things into play, but her children go to private school and they don’t have to follow these standards.”

Liberals advocating programs they would never follow in their personal lives? Say it ain’t so.


  1. tom cook says

    The first Kenyan is a stupid arrogant pig, just like her supposed mate.

    1. alfy says

      amen and evil too!

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Plus she has teeth that could scare off a sasquatch!

        1. WVF says

          Wow! That’s were I’ve seen that look before!

          1. Kay says

            Plus a face that stop an eight day clock

          2. Cranky Steven says

            On it’s first day! 😉

          3. taliesin319 says

            Her supporters would use the euphemism “makes time stand still ” or if describing her latest fashion statement ” she was a vision ” ( apparition ). No truth in advertising when it comes to FLOTUS.

          4. diverjimk says

            Nobody said she was a “vision”, they said she was a “sight”.

          5. Verity says

            Interesting eyebrows also.

          6. Larry Miller says

            That face and a glass of buttermilk would back the Mississippi River back into Canada. lmbo

          7. Cranky Steven says

            See them and be afraid… be very afraid.

        2. Barack_OnumbNuts says

          She has the same Orthodontist as King Kong. You don’t recognize the social attraction?

          1. Cranky Steven says

            Oh, please. King Kong is much more attractive than Queen Dong. He has a better orthdontist too in my opinion.

    2. Buyerbwear says

      That’s an insult to pigs everywhere. She and her evil POS (ooops, POTUS, my bad) are just vile, hateful creatures hell-bent on turning the population into their own personal slaves and guinea pigs. They are no different than Hitler and his henchmen.

    3. Uzoozy says

      Tom, take a hike,Dumbass BHO , ERIC H AND MICHELLE are an asset tobthis nation m go show your temper to the ass that you are.

      1. Barack_OnumbNuts says

        Tom? I theen u made da puddy tat maaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Wewee maaaaaaaad!

      2. jbombznabombz says

        well if you consider corruption,lying,deceitfulness an asset you got a point.lets see Benghazi,the VA scandal,fast and the furious, letting 5 terrorist assholes go for 1 traitor,oh and on that subject no problem getting that 1 traitor back for them murderers but1 soldier makes a mistake and crosses the4 Mexican border with his guns and well………..

      3. proudtexan62 says

        YOU are the A*S, Uzoozy and you fit right in with the “assets”!!!

        1. Uzoozy says

          Go and live in Crawford house. get out of the world.
          Bush spent 5oo days there in 8 years,

          1. proudtexan62 says

            I didn’t realize you were his social secretary. Where did this number come from instead of our of your deluded liberal mind. Give us the source for this information. And, even if he did, he wasn’t doing it on the American Taxpayer’s money and he was still running the country from his Texas White House, not playing golf. Crawford was HIS HOME, not a $3000 a night lavish suite in a hotel somewhere in the world with an entourage of 100 people there to be their servants!!!

          2. Uzoozy says

            Look at the internet you will find GW was more than 500 days at Crawford. He wasted the costs at Camp David and spent over 20 million plus in renovating his ranch. Security cameras , upgrading water supplies and electricity Plus untold amount upgrading Waco airport, the roads leading to his house.
            Comparatively 3000 per night was cheap.

          3. proudtexan62 says

            Give me a link to the internet which shows all this information from your deluded mind. You have none because none of this ever happened. I guess you liberals smoke dope all the time because this kind of false information could only come from mind that was bent with drugs.

          4. Uzoozy says

            I am not your mama to show things to educate your self.
            Google the item and you will be told.
            My mind works fine, but truth seem to upset you.

          5. Verity says

            Bush also had heads of state visit his ranch. Lots can be done in a quiet setting like a big ranch. I thought it worked out very well..not only for Bush, but for us….as he could really relax with his guests and re-coop.

          6. proudtexan62 says

            Yes President Bush did a lot of REAL WORK at his ranch in Crawford. Obama does no REAL WORK whether on one of the 18 vacations he has taken since taking office or when he is in Washington.

      4. Robert E Boltz says

        UZ your comments are so stupid , if you really think this last post is true, you need Mental Health HELP ASAP!

        1. Uzoozy says

          At least I have ACA to fall back into.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            ACA… oh you mean A Clueless American, right?

            I do suggest that BHO chose his own sword to fall forward on.

    4. Uzoozy says

      Mr.Barrack Hussein Obama is and educated and respected man and Michelle the perfect wife for Barrack.
      Better than the last guy in office,

      1. Verity says

        You mean Michael of course.

  2. Betty Hall says

    has anyone ever seen potus eating PORK?

    1. Deborah G says

      I haven’t seen it but rumor has it he does like his “pork” LOL

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I’ve never seen him eat anything. During the BP OIL DISASTER I did see both Obama’s in front of a giant Sea Food Buffet in New Orleans, strangely neither one ate anything. Even after the President said how good and safe gulf sea food was……..

      1. Deborah G says

        he doesn’t eat NON Halal[Muslim APproved] food especially in public

      2. infadelicious says

        barry likes steaks, tube steaks

        1. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

          Look at Mitch, in the background: “I wish he looked at me like that!”

          1. infadelicious says

            isn’t Mitch spelled with a B? barry closes his eyes, i am sure

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Looks like he might swallow too.

        3. Shep Schultz says

          If the Wookiee weren’t watching his left hand would be lightly stroking the ventral side of the distal end.

          1. infadelicious says

            I refuse to post a picture of THAT 😉

          2. Shep Schultz says

            Don’t worry. That subject is very well covered in the internets…

        4. squeak says

          He should know how to work that ” tube steak “, don’t you think ? Look at that huge mouth ! LOL !

    3. Brenda Harrell says

      Nope, they are muslim pretending to be Christian. There is a site you can go to http:www.(youtube).com/NaturalizedNotNaturalBorn–TruthMatters. Don’t use the parenthesis. It is showing Obama saying in his own words, he is a muslim and he was born in Kenya not Hawaii.

  3. Deborah G says

    Very simple solution open a sandwich stand right off school property where the kids can toss the money and the vendor tosses back REAL FOOD

    1. Marsha says

      That would be a good option if schools allowed the kids to leave campus during school hours. Don’t think that is happening in most places any more. The govt. doesn’t need to be in our school lunch programs any more than they need to be in our health care.

      1. Deborah G says

        They won’t let them go because of liabiliity. My suggestion was one right on the other side of the fence so to speak

      2. taliesin319 says

        Buy them a false book. Pack it with emergency snacks or home prepared food and send him off good to go. Better yet, Get every parent who is angry let them carry food with them crash the caffeteria at lunch time photograph the slop. Give the kids the food and bring enough snacks to pile plenty on each table. if and when the cops arrive. Fall to the floor and go limp. Take one of those oh so great pages from book of the Hippie and black and every other kind of activist in the 60’s.

        1. Verity says

          When I was in high school I only ate in the cafeteria once. The food was horrid and the building was anything but quiet and relaxing. I live in So. Ca. I bought a few things at the outside snack bar and ate outside under a shady tree. If I had to be back at school, I would do the same.

      3. Uzoozy says

        Food in school controlled is a good idea, you want to eat rubbish go home and eat.
        ACA is the best thing to happen for millions.

    2. Poorgovnworker says

      Ms ODUMBO has that covered too, they are not allowing and food stands within walking distance of middle and high schools.

      1. Deborah G says

        zdo I hear Black Market sandwiches. Hmmmm sounds like a Capitalistic Business opportunity if ever I saw one

  4. Mark Clemens says

    I never really liked school lunches. A lot of the time I did not like 3 of the 5 items. My lunch was 35 cents, what does a school lunch cost today?
    I really can’t comment because I don’t know what they feed the kids or how big the portions are.
    If you really care about your childrens future send them to a Privet School run by a church. Make sure first, the church’s doctrine is in line w/your beliefs. The children are the future, don’t let the government water them down, like they do everything else. You only have one chance to properly educate your children, don’t blow it!!!

  5. Bob Barton says

    Common Core and food menu’s,just getting the future population ready for the plantation.

    1. Maggiemae says

      You got it!!!! Along with everything else they’re trying to control….healthcare, speech, religion, etc. People better wake up by 11/4 and make some drastic changes away from that plantation mentality.

      1. tod says

        FIRST OF ALL SHE IS A HE !!! YouTube : ( History of the Hidden Kingdom – TOP SECRET )

      2. Maggiemae says

        I never specified – he, she or whatever. The problem remains the same, irregardless of the person or persons. Nothing is ever about just ‘one’ person. There are always more on the sidelines projecting the same stuff.

        1. Randolph Rivers says


      3. Uzoozy says

        Vote Democratic.

        1. Maggiemae says

          Not a chance in he!!. I love my freedoms too much! Not willing to buy into the plantation mentality.

          1. Uzoozy says

            They were put into the plantation, sexually and physically its was not whitey

          2. Joe T says

            who were ’em cuz

          3. defiant1 says

            or the communist philosophy………

        2. jbombznabombz says

          oh look ANOTHER moron that hasn’t learned from the past 6 years of Democratic control you must really hate this country seen as how you would have people running this country that want to destroy everything that this country was built on,DEMOCRAPS want this to be the next communistic be fair I’m not happy with the republican side either.

          1. taliesin319 says

            They are not the Democrats your grandfathers were. They are Marxists, aka, Communists too dumb to know that Communism never worked and Marx spent his time cadgeing meals and hanging out at the British Library to keep warm.

          2. jbombznabombz says

            neither of my grandfathers were democraps, just to let you know.

          3. taliesin319 says

            Well some of those Democrats landed on the beaches of Normandy,
            Omaha, Okinawa, Tarawa, fought the battles of Wake,Midway and Montecasino. They lived through Depression and war and did not survive Dr. Spock. Too tired to teach their kids the values they came up with. The Depression drove good men into that party because one of them pointed out that we as a nation had to stop running scared. After the war when prosperity gave opportunity, all they wanted was for their kids to have an easier life. They made their lives entirely too easy. Their kids gave them the dirtiest words in their mouths.
            We now,have. thanks to the Democrats who evolved as ‘ the babyboomers ‘ THREE GENERATIONS OF WOEFULLY EDUCATED, entitled snots who when the bottom falls out will curl up with pacifiers in their mouths prey to any who would destroy them.

          4. Cranky Steven says

            The sooner they become prey and eaten alive, the better. Eboma’s Ebola will finish off any who excape the predators. Good.

          5. dhwilson58 says


          6. taliesin319 says

            Thank you. Americans are good. Too good to allow the Marxists to define us. We need to ridicule the last 2 generations until the very sound of us sends them flying to the textbooks to see what we are talking about. by now some of them must surely know that no thinking person has anything but disdain for grown men and women with virtually no critical thinking skills and little skill at articulate speech and cogent thought.

          7. Combatvet52 says

            And we go back 4 generations not a democrap among us.

          8. Glenda says

            Please don’t tell Paltrow, she has never read a book, knows nothing about history, and reads from a Script like Obama and Michele and most of Hollywood.

          9. Joe T says

            GLENDA…just 4 U……..hope you enjoy it!… regards, Joe T

            Speaking of the Hollywood lifestyle, G. Paltrow (actress?) is going to star in a movie….remember she just flirted and fawned over Barrack Hussein Obama (POTUS?) at a fundraiser at her home in CA…she won’t have to audition though they say…she’s a (his) shoe-in…..the name of the movie and she has the leading part is..wait for it….”COLOR ME BLACK”. copyright2014

          10. Ellie M F says

            Movie is a good name for her….what a ditz she is…She kind of did herself in…

          11. Michael Dennewitz says


          12. taliesin319 says

            Amazing. They have a few movies and begin to believe that their
            opinion is wanted and appreciated by the rest of us and half of them
            are so culturally impoverished they actually believe the sock puppet
            who has yet to show the world a single grade he earned is brilliant.

          13. ringostarr1 says

            The Democrat Party faithful all think that movie scrips are real life.

          14. grama18 says

            Watch out for the RINO’s

          15. proudtexan62 says

            OH, he’s been around for a while spewing his ignorance all over the internet. Jbombznabombz. Don’t bother to argue with him. He would argue with a brick wall because those government checks and freebies make him very defensive. He doesn’t care if American burns as long as those things keep coming!!!!

          16. grover rambo says

            Him and his kind will be in for a rude awakening when the govt. rules all parts of their lives, and the free stuff goes away!

          17. grover rambo says

            Both parties are the same! The republicrats are just a little more subtle about destroying the middle class! Both are wanting to take us back to the times of serfdom! Don’t be too quick to vote independant, cause there is not that much difference between them and demicans!

          18. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s a TROLL, Jim. You’re only entertaining his retarded ego!

        3. Robert E Boltz says

          Uzoozy , is on many opinion and subject site spreading hi BS , HE IS BRAIN DEAD so just reject his thoughts

          1. Uzoozy says

            Vote democracy and vote for Democrats.
            As suggested I have taken out all the bad thoughts and still love BHO.
            A light in darkness helps to see.

          2. Robert E Boltz says

            UZOOZY, THERE IS NO HELP FOR YOU I THINK Your thoughts are swayed by skin color rather than facts, I do not like Obama, not because of his skin , but because of his programs and destroying our country by acting like a dictator.

          3. tinkerunique says

            Znoozee seems to be the one to “pick up the soap” for ‘The Bummer’ from what I’ve seen of his/her past posts…. consistant no brains / follower / as told…….

          4. Ellie M F says

            Maybe then you should turn the light bulb on so you will see….Vote Republican…

          5. hiway280z says

            he is not informed. Won’t realize how it will be until he lives under it. Like the Cubans who wanted the leader and got screwed big time

        4. tinkerunique says

          ‘Snoozee – Keep up with the 0’bumbler/Muzzy hype please. It lets everybody know how deep you are being controlled by the head Dumocrap. WHY do you carry a bag of kitty litter around ? That stuff DOES NOT work for pig “doodoo”.

        5. defiant1 says

          You mean vote communist….

        6. Joe T says

          BARRY……… this you again………….you promised NSA and Michelle you would stop this anti-social behavior of spying on people…….some of these poor souls actually voted for U……..albeit in a stupor brain fog……………terminal!

        7. Ellie M F says

          Vote Republican we are sick of the Demos, they all had a chance to prove what they can do and so far its nothing…but a mess of Illegal Immigrants in our Country, diseased, murderers, criminals, juvies, no respect and rapists…in case you dear sir have any daughters…watch where the Illegal Immigrants are…

          1. ringostarr1 says

            Vote for CHANGE THAT YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! Vote Republican in 2016.

        8. Ellie M F says

          We already did vote Demo and decided we do not like Obama, his Staff and how Congress ran or should I say did to America. So now we will vote Republican for the American change. Do not like a non-American change that we have been put thru. Smarten up.

        9. Michael Dennewitz says

          Awww, not this asshole again!!

    2. Roy Austin Smith says

      She should be on a plantation hoeing cotton. She is completely out of place in the white house.

      1. Deborah G says

        movin on up

        1. CCblogging says

          to the eastside, to that big old mansion in the sky, Yea, moving on up…. Is that right?

          1. USA Lover says

            It was a deluxe apartment but that certainly wouldn’t fare well today for the Obuttheads

          2. Deborah G says

            LOL Pretty close shows are age I think.

          3. CCblogging says


      2. jim marcum says

        you don’t hoe cotton

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Really? Well, guess what, back in the 40s and 50s and earlier, we did hoe cotton to remove the weeds before it was ready for picking which was done by hand in those days. Be sure of your facts before you show your ignorance …..anywhere and on any subject.

        2. Ellie M F says

          She does…she hoes everything…even beets…

          1. jim marcum says

            i seen hydie hoe, I seen hoe, hoe, hoe, I ain’t never seen no beet hoe.

          2. Ellie M F says

            Then you have not seen it all.

      3. Uzoozy says

        These are not what other country heads say.

      4. Uzoozy says

        Your colonial attitude does not help the States. Roy you should be sent to Phudisville for training. The people in question were hung for breakfast entertainment. Pooped in the mouth by w…s.
        Cant blame them totally.’

      5. ringostarr1 says

        As one who used to do this work its called “chopping cotton” but you are forgiven.

    3. Cranky Steven says

      It ought to be called, “Common Gore” as that is what they want us to be reduced to using ISIS, illegals and the Obola virus.

    4. TAM44 says

      It can be stopped, don’t vote for DEMONCRATS

    5. jim marcum says

      I hope I get the job of preparing their food. wink wink

  6. Loving America says

    Arkansas trays are being cleaned up because good food is being served! Not Michele’s!

    1. Terry Rushing says

      In a way that seems to make up for the “gift” of “slick Willie” & company several years back. I hope the idea catches in other states.

  7. Loving America says

    the Country better kick Clinton in the ditch…she is a liar, a part of allowing our Citizens to be killed….and million of other reasons she does not belong in the Oval Office of America. Go into the voting booth, shut the curtain, and pull every “R”!

    1. Kay says

      That’s exactly what I intend to do, and I WAS a registered Democrap all my voting life but not anymore.

      1. Roger_T73 says

        Thank you.

      2. squeak says

        Smart Woman, WELCOME to our world, more & more Democrats are switching, what does that tell Washington & the American people?

        1. Alice Hallock says

          Will it be enough & in time?

          1. squeak says

            Alice & Kay , Us women need to stick together, right ? Yes, You did great & will put the nail in the Coffin when you vote Republican… sure hope no one is stupid enough to run as third party, that was one of our problems last election with Ron Paul & Johnson not getting out of the race when there was NO chance of them winning… there are some Democrats switching to Libertarian that are running, hoping to win that way… once IF elected they will revert to the Democrats ways… so when you vote & see Libertarian, vote with the R, Republican ! Charlie Christ is good in changing parties , but , to no avail, does not work ! Stay with us Alice Hallock & Kay, God Bless !

      3. WVF says

        Kay, I remember when Democrats were Democrats. If President Kennedy were alive today, he would be leading the country down a more conservative path than 90% of today’s Republicans!

        1. Kay says

          I couldn’t agree more, That’s why I was always a Dem until oloser got in office

          1. WVF says

            Kay, just about anyone would have been better than this Muslim Islamic extremist.

    2. WVF says

      Loving America, that is our last hope this November. If you are a conservative Republican, you had better not stay home, like three million did when Governor Romney was on the presidential ballot in 2012!

    3. Uzoozy says

      Its all a big GOP plan, Hillary will not agree, but I do.
      Millions have been killed by begotten people , at least women can get their abortions done.
      Go girl Go

      1. Fedupwiththefeds says

        What a shame we haven’t killed more Muslims. Oh but we are now…. and all of our bullets are covered in pig oil… I believe there may even be one with YOUR name on it!

        1. Uzoozy says

          Go ahead and do what you want. Islam islike the Phoenix it will rise like the madusa
          You could use your chit and you can reminisce you are at church

  8. TPS12 says

    When have you ever seen a government program that saved taxpayer money?

  9. lil-echoes says

    Who died and Made Michelle Obama czar’ina of the Food Tray??

  10. fred says

    The criminal nature of the criminal from Kenyan, does not allow for any logic or reason to enter the discussion of what our kids need. He just has his henchmen/women timpose what they want without any understanding or thought for the cost to implement anything that enters their tiny brains! Socialist robots just following orders of their “king”. Pure evil.must be dealt with harshly, jail is the only future for this criminal. Time for our leaders to recognize this and step up and file the papers for Impeachment in BOTH houses of Congress!

  11. Philip Allen says

    Take Michelle Obama lunch program and shove it where the sun don’t shine! That’s the problem with Liberal Democrats they want to try and tell us what to eat, what to say,etc. Well even the school kids have figured out they don’t need the Liberal Democrats and especially Michelle Obama telling them what to eat. Tell the Liberals Democrats to butt out of our business by voting Conservative Tea Party Republican in the 2014 election…time to get rid of Harry Reid as Majority Leader in the Senate. While I don’t 100 percent agree with the Republican Party it is the best way I know to Defeat the Liberal Democrats who want to destroy our country. Look at the shape it is in now. Yes I believe that John Boehner should be removed as Speaker of the House because he refuses to start impeachment proceedings against Obama and for making the statement he doesn’t get involved in immigration issues. This is absurd on John Boehners part because he elected to make laws on immigration issues as well as many other issues. If he doesn’t want to do his job the get the f–k out! Need I say More?

    1. Terry Rushing says

      I can’t say that I’m really wild about conservative hating Mitch McConnell either.

    2. WVF says

      Philip Allen, personally I think Trey Gowdy needs to replace tanning booth Boehner, until 2016, and then become the GOP candidate for President. Congressman Gowdy is a leader not a follower!

  12. alfy says

    the big problem is the kids don’t play outdoors.when i was a kid we played outdoors most of the dayand part of the evening running around playing cowboys and indiansbaseball whenever we could get a team together.we ran off a lot of calories.

    1. Terry Rushing says

      Guess what? Now there is talk of removing swings from the playground due to some CDC report / study that lists swings as a major cause if injuries at school. ( Knowing the CDC and their proclivity for “cooking the books” I put no faith in their “study”.) “Today children we are going to do government prescribed sit-ups for your plat time.” Bet that would go over like a poot in a diver’s helmet, just like the mooshell menu has.

  13. Americans Wake Up says

    Hey people- listen up! Moochelle has no authority to MANDATE anything. She is not a government official- elected or otherwise. She is just a leech attached to the sucker that is feeding off the tax payers.

  14. WiSe GuY says

    Proof: Monkeys won’t eat that crap.

  15. Get Real says

    When the Mooch is unhappy; I go into my ‘happy dance’…When she is miserable; hand springs!!!

  16. Yadja says

    She is not an appointed official. She is not a nutritionist. She is nothing but the wife of O. Her children go to Private Schools, their lunch menus have been posted by people on this site, how dare her insist the children of this country eat the rabbit food, devoid of nutrients and protein needed for a growing body while her’s get the best.

    Hopefully her program will be kicked to the curb and she will also be kicked to the curb.

    1. infadelicious says

      let’s hope she fares better on her new game show

      1. Yadja says

        LOLOL don’t know where you and a couple of others get this stuff but I salute you.

      2. squeak says

        Welcome back, good to hear from you, along with your hilarious pictures, keep em coming !

        1. infadelicious says

          I am still around squeak. They can’t get rid of me that easy. 😉

      3. No Strategy, No Peace! says

        What’s it called? “Name That Subversive!”, perhaps?

        1. infadelicious says

          snicker………..;-) how about Pin the blame on the Honkey. or What’s my Lie? or the 17 Trillion dollar question or the price is right, cause the taxpayers are buying………….

          1. No Strategy, No Peace! says

            You owe me a new keyboard for that. LOL!

          2. infadelicious says

            i can’t buy you one, but you can win one on Wheel of Misfortune ;-0)

          3. squeak says

            LOL< LOL you haven't changed, that was a good one, laughed til tears came … you were right on it !

          4. infadelicious says


          5. Conservative American Voter says

            Time to get a bigger wheel of misfortune…

          6. Deborah G says

            hahahah love your snarkey humor

          7. infadelicious says

            It’s a gift ;-). It’s snarkalicious !!!

          8. Deborah G says

            It IS a gift! Makes a grown conservative weep with Joy hahahahah

    2. Terry Rushing says

      What would happen if all the students began bringing their lunches to school and refusing to dine of the prescribed stuff? I’d say that a month of this would bring on a change.

      1. Yadja says

        Don’t think they have stopped children from bringing their own lunches however; I do remember a story where they were checking the lunches and one school threw them out if not up to snuff and gave them a school lunch. I will have to look that up.

        But this is a good idea.

        1. David C Kelder says

          The school officials should be charged with child abuse and theft. Are school officials allowed to dispose of kosher items and force kids to eat non kosher or go hungry. What about other religious foods? The government has no right to dictate lunch menus. In the school were I volunteered, the lunch times varied a great deal so kids were allowed to bring snacks to be consumed at specified times depending on their lunch schedules. BUTT out Michelle.

          1. Yadja says

            Excellent and exactly.

          2. Deborah G says

            Well her “BUTT” is so big she needs a lunch room to turn around

          3. Barack_OnumbNuts says

            Well her “BUTT” is so big it can be Photographed from outer space.

          4. Deborah G says

            Well her “BUTT” is so big she needs a fork lift to get it off the floor

          5. JobRon says

            DeborahG: Remember Nobummmmer referred to Michelllllle as MICHAEL at least three times. The way he is built shows she is a HE. Her adams apple shows as well as the bulge between the legs. I agree with you that the BUTT needs some help out of the WH, along with the POS POTUS with him/her

          6. Deborah G says

            I am well aware and I’m glad someone else thinks along the same lines. Look IF they were in private life they could live like that that NOT in the WH

          7. Verity says

            Forensic experts….you know those folks who can identify anyone and anything by their bone structure say that ‘he’ is a ‘he’. You know, it really matters naught to me…I just feel that honesty is always the best policy. Honesty is respected. Sorry to say, but I do not respect the couple who are now occupying our White House.

          8. ringostarr1 says

            Her butt is so big that when she hauls bass she needs to make two trips.

          9. 22Myopinion37 says

            She says nothing about GMOs they are putting in our food, that is not healthy and worse than the fat at least they can diet and live a long heathy life

          10. teriquajones says

            I am shocked the Obama’s have not mandated Halal food in public schools. They have made sure every other aspect of public school is Muslim-friendly. Although it would be healthy for our kids; I think the cost of grass-fed, organic meat would be huge! I really anticipate a lot more changes at the end of Obama’s second term..
            worse than he has done already.
            I think he will implement every costly government program he can push past congress. Maybe at the end of 2015; he will demand public schools serve Halal food in large portions.
            I hope Obama is under close watch for the rest of his term. Congress need to put on their grown-up panties and stand up to him. Or, one of our Veterans should finally see Obama for what he is; a domestic terrorist who is hellbent on destroying the United States (in which case, I think it’s legal for them to kill him).

          11. proudtexan62 says

            ARE you kidding? They don’t eat that food.

          12. Deborah G says

            My guess is next we will see HALAL compliant food and forget the Jews and Christians

        2. Kay says

          You’re right Yadja, my grand-daughter took her lunch to school because she was tired of drinking water with her lunch, and the school threw out her drink (right in to the trash can), don’t think for one effing minute they didn’t get a piece of my mind, and were told they had no right to discard perfectly good anything that was sent by her Mother just because the lard a$$ in DC wants it that way.

          1. Yadja says

            LOLOL good for you. They both are wearing their welcome out with even their own party in this country, but then again he is not a Democrat, he and Hillary both have said openly they are Progressives, maybe soon they will get their just deserts and I don’t mean cake.

          2. squeak says

            More Parents & Grandparents need to do what you did… She has no right to demand these schools to change the kids diet, she is NOT elected in any office… why doesn’t she feed her kids that garbage ??

          3. Deborah G says

            Because they don’t “EAT ” lunch at that fancy school they “Dine” and they have gourmet chefs prepare it. Look up the menus online

          4. squeak says

            Thanks, will do …

          5. Verity says

            I still question who and where those kids came from. Anyone else?

          6. squeak says

            Heard they were adopted… can’t say that is true !

          7. Terry Rushing says

            What sort of response did you get to your outrage, did it cease and did the school hold your child up to ridicule because you called their hand?

          8. Deborah G says

            f-ing Nazis! Since when do we abbrogate our rights by walking into a “PUBLIC” school?

          9. taliesin319 says

            Way to go !
            Wish she would haul herself, her mother, and her daughters over to Mecca to the Haj., meet up with ISIS, don burkas, learn arabic and send for daddy to come and rescue them. If nothing else there would be a chance to make Mecca a sea of
            fused glass. No chance of the family getting hurt, the ransom alone would bankrupt all western Civilization.

          10. Kain says

            WTF?? They threw out something from home? Where do you live? Good for you for raising hell!

        3. Deborah G says

          They “gave” them nothing they SOLD them a school lunch and then made the parents pay while embarrassing the kid because they couldn’t afford food.

          1. Elizabeth Fortin says

            The parents should send the school a bill for the cost of the lunch they threw out and sue for “emotional stress and embarrassment” that the child was forced to endure by their callous treatment.

          2. Deborah G says

            I believe one of the Christian legal firms donated their time

          3. Yadja says

            That is the compassionate Lefies for ya.

      2. Roger_T73 says

        GREAT IDEA!!!

      3. Alice Hallock says

        They have tried but there are now laws against that. They take the home food and through it away.

      4. Deborah G says

        A lot of kids can’t afford to bring lunch and that is their one dec ent meal of the day. They don’t have a choice if she feeds them rabbit food that’s what they eat

      5. jbombznabombz says

        The schools would probably start throwing away the lunches.I work as a custodian at a school and have seen first hand teachers throwing away bag lunches that they deemed unhealthy and pretty much telling the child either they eat the school lunch or go without.And here’s the not so funny funny thing three lunches about 40 to 60 kids per lunch I bring out the trash bag after EVERY lunch and each bag weighs about 30lbs or so.that’s a whole lot of wasted food and your tax money going into the trash.Not that I blame the kids I’ve eaten the school food a couple of times and it’s disgusting.

      6. ringostarr1 says

        Graze is a better verb for the green crap masquerading as food today in most school lunchrooms.

    3. Uzoozy says

      I saw the menu, its healthy and nutritious, better eating this and become slim.
      70 percent of kids are obese .
      Well done Michelle Love Ya.

      1. Yadja says

        I have not only seen the menus but the food that is served in many states.

        A leader does best when they lead by example. The military taught me and common sense told me never ask those under you to do what you yourself won’t do.

        Bad job Michelle unless your children eat the same food along with your family.

        Shalom? Your Jewish? That explains a lot American Jews love Democrats even when they see a president going against their Holy Land.

        1. Uzoozy says

          They need to be taught a good lesson, its coming soon. Holy land belongs to the Palestinians . The Christian population is on a regular basis starved and may soon be extinct

          1. Yadja says

            Really??……how do you figure that when there were no Muslims during Biblical times. You do know that Muhammad was born thousands of years after the Jews were a Nation, with Jerusalem as their capital and David as their king? Muhammad was born 600 years after Christ was crucified. So how you figure what you are saying is true?

            By the way there is no Palestine. Look at ancient maps of the lands during Biblical times, the name of the area was not Palestine.

            Yes once again as you Muslim barbaric less than animals did during the Crusades you are doing once again throughout the world and the Middle East. However I would not count on victory yet being as you were turned back and destroyed during the Crusades and the world just might surprise you.

            Nothing in the Holy Lands belongs to Muslims. You did not exist. It is all Jewish. The Temple Mt et al.

          2. Uzoozy says

            Palestinians do not define religion. There are thousands of Christians in the middle east.
            Prophets from the event of time have been Muslim.
            They prayed to one God like Muslims do.
            Maps have been made to show power and territorial areas, not religion.
            Jews should go back to where they belong, Germany, Poland, Holland etc., Palestine is for Palestinians only

          3. Yadja says

            I see what a pitiful and misguided and uneducated person you are and I really am sorry to see you posting such tripe.

            There were no Muslims in the Biblical times.

            You are clowns whose leader was a pedophile, thief and murderer. Aisha was 6 when he married her and 9 when he bedded her. Muslims still marry 6 year olds, come into the Light of this Century or go hide in caves just get out of America, Europe etc.

          4. Uzoozy says

            Jews marry 3 year plus one day old girls today in US
            Wake up and smell the shit.

          5. Yadja says

            I believe your turban is too tight and squeezing what little is left in your brain. I can prove what I say with articles but you are as full of chit as a bear in the woods who just raided a Camper Convention.

          6. infadelicious says

            no such thing as palestine. FAIL

          7. Uzoozy says

            You are a rotten and sick person, bare footed and pregnant is the only place for you. Crusaders killed people,they were murderers they killed around 9 million people and to you seems OK. Take a hike and go back to Phudisville.

          8. Yadja says

            LOLOl no I am an informed person who knows you are spouting the same nonsense that I have come across over and over.

            I am fixing to educate you pass it on to your deranged Muslim friends. Barefoot and pregnant? My, my, my you are a crazed little soldier of Jihad aren’t you?

            After Muhammad conquered Hawazin and Thaqif Tribes and won the battle of Hunayin he began to move beyond Arabia. He then wrote letters to all the known Potentates of his time and told them embrace Islam and you will be safe. He wrote to Emperor Heraclius of Byzantine, Chosrocs King of Persia, Caesar Emperor of Rome, Negus King of Abyssinia and every other despot.

            Before his death he told his followers to take Islam to the world via the sword. They went after people who never threatened them. Cypress, Rhodes, Crete, Sicily, Christian North Africa, Spain, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and were at the gates of Europe when the Pope called all religions to come together to rid the world of the scourge that had destroyed over 7 Crusades millions upon millions of people and icons, churches, Temples etc.

            They did and they won and you shut your filthy mouths and stayed in your place until now and you got feisty in 1979 and it has gone from hijackings, kidnappings, barrack bombings, ship bombings all the way to 9/11 and now this.

            Over the ages of it’s expansion, from it’s beginnings in the 7th and 8th centuries some 250 million people have been killed in wars and persecutions by Islam.

            Your like roaches and every now and then we have to exterminate you.

          9. Uzoozy says

            Your a carbon copy of a typical Islamaphobic person.
            Between the Christian rulers/dictators, they killed 290 million. Islam is a religion of peace, though a billionth part may be bad, all else are holy people.
            My mouth is clean unlike your filth spewing mouth .
            9/11 was an inside job, ask the Jews that were clapping and rejoicing on the Jersey shores.
            Who dunit.

          10. Yadja says

            When I read such babble out of the mouths of the likes of you I wonder how it is we are having such problems eliminating all the Terrorists.

            Your morons.

          11. infadelicious says

   Look at this subhuman filth…………

          12. squeak says

            They are acting their IDIOT, CRAZY selves… it is laughable to watch these Mental Midgets with their rags on their head, the women haven’t got an ounce of brains, because the men control them in every thing they do & say… when you walk by then they smell like GOAT, a foul smell, TRUE STORY… they hang out at Wallmart, when I see one , I push my cart down a different Isle, YUK !

          13. Yadja says

            When you are all shuffling off to Mecca and Medina somebody needs to put a huge Holographic image up in the sky showing Muhammad wallowing in the mud with pigs, covered with pigs blood and eating bacon.

            That should do it. All you are so out of touch with this Century you will probably throw yourselves into the sea like Lemmings or have a huge decapitating party…..on each other.

            We had all kinds of ideas to drive Hitler insane and over the cliff being as he loved porn so much maybe we should look at psychological warfare with you savages. Pig blood should be the new perfume for all us infidels.

            I also remember a magician during WWII hid an entire fleet of ships from the planes via mirrors. With your mentalities it can’t be that hard.

          14. infadelicious says

            sounds like your brain has been a wee bit starved of oxygen. Was your mother also your dad’s cousin or sister?

          15. Uzoozy says

            Keep your perceived superiority and hate for all except yourself to your self, the world has no place for you bigot

          16. infadelicious says

            right back at ya’ mohammed. Jews are going back to where they belong..back to Israel, beautiful Israel that they have transformed into a lush peaceful place surrounded by bloodthirsty islamic nutjobs.

          17. Uzoozy says

            Zionists are the intruders into an peaceful and holy land.
            Its the American tax payers that have made Israel what it is today.
            God is just and justice will prevail in the end, which is coming soon over there.
            Like JC the prophet , who has been coming back since his ascension to heaven.
            Stolen fruit always takes good.

          18. infadelicious says

            muslims turn every land they take over into a cr*phole of subjugation, pedophelia, rape, incest and backwards stoneage living standards. Jews are coming back to Israel and making the land useful and living with others in a civilized manner,not like some knuckle dragging jihadi lobbing missiles at innocent citizens and hiding behind children and the skirts of women

          19. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

            Muzzies do that for the children, though, so all’s forgiven.

          20. Yadja says

            There are pages after pages of Noble Prize winners in Medicine, Technology and Science all Israeli’s. Look up and see how many Muslim pages of Noble Prize winners there are. LOLOL

            Israel lives as Gaza dies due to hate. You are a barren people. Barren of fruitful enterprises, growth, knowledge and being a useful part of the entire world.

          21. Uzoozy says

            People from the east taught modern man everything they know now.
            Gaza was another genocide.
            That’s what you have learnt ?

          22. Yadja says

            By the time Muhammad was born great civilizations had already come and gone. Religions had been in place and great advances in Science, Architecture, Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Philosophy etc not much left for you ragheads to claim. Matter of fact Muhammad forbade any of these studies including art, music, musical instruments etc.

            Gaza is a Refugee camp and always has been. In 2006 it was considered the Third largest in the world. The Jews and Arabs were run into it by the Jordanians. The Jews were taken up by their own people and your people, a mishmosh of Arabs were left behind. If every Refugee camp tried to claim legitimacy as a State we would have a fiasco on our hands.

            Genocide? You are madder than a March Hare and ten times more dangerous, where in the world do you get such thoughts? The Holocaust claimed the lives of 6 million Jews how can you possibly think your little Third World gathering of useless beggers has had a Holocaust?

          23. Uzoozy says

            Holocaust was performed by a Christian not a Muslim.
            Your bigoted mind needs a rest

          24. Yadja says

            Nobody said Holocaust was caused by Muslims but the Mufti and the Islamic forces fought side by side with Hitler for the annihilation of them.

            Hitler was not a Christian, this is an old and warn out ploy. He hated Christianity and stopped going to church many years before WWII. His father was an atheist and Hitler hated the Jews and blamed them for the economic problems in Germany. Easy scape goats. Then when things were getting tough for the Jews he offered them, at a price, a way out of Germany and back to Israel. The Jews had been going back to Israel clearing the swamps of bugs and preparing their homecoming.

            You are as full of chit as a Christmas turkey is full of stuffing. No my mind needs a rest from the likes of you.

          25. Uzoozy says

            Hitler was an Christian all the way, so was Stalin, Mussolini ,Tito, Franco and the cult, Christianity has proved to be a cruel religion.

          26. Yadja says

            What is cruel and unusual punishment is to read your posts.

            To say you are uninformed is an understatement, to say you are certifiably insane having drank from birth some strange concoction that rotted your brain is called Islam.

            So since I am not a masochist I will not read anymore.

          27. Uzoozy says

            Good riddance to bad rubbish

          28. Yadja says

            Yes I am good and saying good-bye to putrid rubbish.

          29. Uzoozy says

            now go and do what I recommended.

          30. Yadja says

            And hopefully your goat will do as I recommended and return the favor as your bent over praying to your Sun god Allah.

          31. Fedupwiththefeds says

            How’s that Vaseline coming? You haven’t said if you’ve requested it yet. Maybe you like it without. At least you and your lover boy have one thing in common….

          32. Uzoozy says

            Take your vaseline and go to Church and get both the service,physical and spiritual

          33. Uzoozy says

            Go anf FYS

          34. Yadja says

            And may the goat you F return the favor while you are bending over praying.

          35. Terry Rushing says


          36. Elizabeth Fortin says

            Such sweet words from someone who professes to want peace in the world.

          37. Uzoozy says

            Its fun .try it.
            It has nothing to do with peace, peace is in your mind, I am blessed to be in peace.

          38. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            No, those fascists were not Christian. Nothing that they did came out of Christianity.

            If you want peace in the world, then start with injecting large quantities of anti-stupid into yourself.

          39. Elizabeth Fortin says

            Hitlers mother was Jewish. See any parallel to OB whose mother was white? They hated their mothers.

          40. Yadja says

            Tons and this O is as dangerous, as cunning and as destructive.

            This Ebola fiasco smells bad, like death to many Americans and a funeral is int the planning with all the trimmings. Understand in a new post from Tea Party that the Border Guards are saying CDC is with them and those sick illegals are disappearing and they have not a clue where to.

            Most likely to be put into all the states that are against O.

          41. Deborah G says

            Your sick mind need a lobotomy. The Jews are God’s Chosen people to live and rule Israel. get over it you camel humping pile of rancid pork rinds

          42. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            There’s no brain in uzoozy to lobotomize. Cut that skull open and you’ll see a tape recorder on continual loop mode regurgitating what its’ imam said at the last gathering of terrorists.

          43. Deborah G says

            These Islamic recruiters are all over the internet trying. BUT they haven’t run across the strong conservatives who will wipe their kind of the planet.

          44. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            No, the Holocaust purveyors were not Christian. Now you’ve proven that you lied to us before.

            You certainly make the case, though, that if stupid could be converted to energy, you could single handedly power large cities.

          45. Deborah G says

            You “learnt” nothing you miscreant get out of here where decent people know the filth of your Islam

          46. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            No, people from the east didn’t teach modern man everything they now know.

            Apparently you are saturated in shear idiocy.


          47. Deborah G says

            revenge is a dish best eaten cold and we’ll be serving you cold cuts pretty soon.

          48. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            Now that is the real sack full of bovine excrement. Apparently there is a lot more where that came from, your muslimness.

          49. jbombznabombz says

            you are and were a waste of sperm.

          50. Elizabeth Fortin says

            The Jews made it a beautiful, fruitful land. They are jealous and they just want to take it over and turn it back into a desert wasteland like they live in now.

          51. Yadja says

            LOLOL let me get this straight, you come on here, bigoted, historically ignorant, telling me I belong barefoot and pregnant and you dish it out but can’t take it when you get blasted out of the water by me and infadelicious.

            The world has no place for you and your ilk and everyday in the International news you see where they are telling you so.

          52. Uzoozy says

            I see it, news is controlled and is manipulated to show one side of the story.
            Leave them middle east alone and peace will prevail.

          53. infadelicious says

            you stay in your own land and do not contaminate Israel. They are civilized. You need to come out of the stone age. Here your wife translates what I said so even you can understand

          54. Uzoozy says

            Israel is not a good country, so lets leave it till the next genocide.

          55. infadelicious says

            that statement pretty much sums up how retarded and/or mentally ill your people are. They only want Israel ( in your words, not a good country) because the Jews are there. The Jews have made the land lush and beautiful whereas your people would destroy everything and not grow food, you would concentrate on who your next enemy is that you can behead or murder, which children and women you can mutilate and rape and basically live satanic lives. That is not good. I’m going with the Jews. 😉

          56. squeak says

            You are going to give me a heart attack, I laughed my head off, TOO FUNNY !

          57. infadelicious says

            that’s one of my favorites. LOL.. I don’t want you to have a heart attack, we need need all hands on deck the next two years.. I’ll pace myself. ;-0)

          58. squeak says

            LOL !!

          59. noprogressive says

            the only way the middle east will ever see peace is when all of you camel dick sucking pedophiles are gone. Right now you got your guardian angel mooselam in the WH but his days are numbered and so our yours when we get rid of him you are next

          60. Uzoozy says

            I am very much sane and open minded, I studied Christianity and it left me with a very bitter taste. Nothing is God sent, the Gospels are man written with thousands of contradictions People meeting someone and recognized as JC. Xtains just believe for belief sake, nothing there to write to heaven about.
            In three years of preaching JC could not have spoken the millions of words.
            Read the Gospel by James and Mary and you may learn a thing or two.
            Don’t tell me I have read the bible, I can assure you did not.

          61. Yadja says

            I am a student of religions and ancient civilizations. Read the above mentioned along with the Dead Sea Scrolls etc. Archeological finds are daily proving the Bible to be true. Over 50 kings named in the Bible proof of their existence has been found with their stories matching the Biblical stories.

            The Dead Sea Scrolls are identical to 5 books in the Bible. You are nothing more than a denier of the facts and I don’t have time to educate you. I suggest you play with someone who can’t see the camel dung for the palm trees.

            Yes you are indeed bitter that I will agree with. By the by read the Qur’an, Hadith and studied the life of Muhammad not to mention the Gospel of Judas and the Gnostic Verses along with the Lost Books of the Bible and the Catholic Bible and some of the Torah.

          62. Uzoozy says

            The usual BS however good luck and thanks for the compliments.

          63. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            Yadja is beyond Bachelor of Science and she is light years ahead of you, idjit.

          64. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            You’re more blatantly stupid than your earlier posts indicated. Is there more where that came from?

          65. Kay says

            NO,NO,NO, oozy ass the world has no place for your effing ass, why don’t you go to Africa where all the ebola shit is going on.

          66. Deborah G says

            No there is no place for Muslim slime

          67. Yadja says


          68. squeak says

            LOL !!

          69. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            She was both and dropped baby uzoozy on its head a few times.

          70. JobRon says

            Shillary’s AWU: you gave the perfect definition of how to make a baby buggy. LOL many times as I read that.

          71. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            I aim to make it as fun as possible, whenever possible.

            It’s hard to imagine how else to deal with the plethora of fools that put a communist in the white house, but I’m open to suggestions.

            Baby buggy. Now that’s some good material. We’ll have to work that up.

          72. ringostarr1 says
          73. infadelicious ? says

            Hi ringo, this post is a year old, just curious why you are replying now? I am well educated on islam. I was a so called “islamophobe ” before it was cool.. Here is Geert wilder’s 2008 film Fitna…he is a Dutch member of paliament who has head death threats from the religion of peace for many years. They tried to ban the film.. People should look at it and show their children. The documentary shows the words of the “:holy” koran and next to the horrific and barbaric events that they inspired in the followers of allah.

          74. ringostarr1 says

            I had business dealings with people of the Mohammedan persuasion back in the 80s and 90s. So I may have a better understanding of the Mohammedan mind than most Americans. And if there is any group that they dislike more than they dislike what they call Crusaders, that group is their fellow Mohammedans.

            Me against my brothers, my brothers and I against my extended family.
            My brothers, myself, and my extended family against the other Arabs, and finally me, my extended family, and the rest of the Arabs against the world. If you ask me a heck of a way to run a rail road.

            What made me post was your comment about marrying into your own family. Something that Americans just can’t wrap their mind around.

          75. Shrillary's All Washed Up says

            The so-called *palestinians* never had a valid claim on the land. There is no legal or historical basis. Squatters’ rights don’t exist where they aren’t codified.

          76. jbombznabombz says

            Hey Uzoozo I was wrong your not crazy your a ******* IDIOT!

        2. Deborah G says

          he’s a muzzy

        3. Elizabeth Fortin says

          He’s not Jewish, he’s a fake like the ob is a Christian. Both are Dumbocrats and mussy’s.

      2. Mare says

        that’s because of too many carbs, processed foods and not enough protien. Salads don’t biuild muscle.

        1. Uzoozy says

          Let them eat the good stuff in School and you can nullify the diet by giving them cheese cake at home.
          As long as you keep shut.

          1. Mare says

            how about the government staying out of the schools period and doing what they are supppse to do- defend and protect the constitution.

          2. infadelicious says

            how bout you “keep shut” ok mohammed?

          3. squeak says

            LOL, LOL, that is what i smell when I pass them at Wallmart… YOU DID IT Again, LOL !

      3. infadelicious says


        1. squeak says

          She has a big enough mouth , she just about has it all in… what a HYPOCRITE she is , do as I say, not as I do… LOL !

      4. m. kelley says

        What ever happened to choice in this country? Uzoozy if that’s your choice than fine but what gives her the right to change the food menu for anyone other than her family. If she thought it was that great her kids would be eating it and don’t say they are in private schools because she could send it with them after all they are the president’s kids. It’s sad because most goes in the garbage and it’s costing taxpayers a fortune but what’s another billion! My daughter has to take food when she picks up the kids because they are starving and none of them are overweight. Obama gets in office and one by one he’s taking our choices or trying like hell to. I’m just a grandmother & great grandmother and it kills me to see what we are leaving for them. HOW SAD!!!!!!

      5. squeak says

        Did you say SALAMI ? Hmmmm ?

        1. Uzoozy says

          You cannot read its SHALOM

      6. Deborah G says

        F you, of course you love her you Muslim scum. No we don’t LOVE her we can’t stomach that shim

        1. Uzoozy says

          Take TUMS

          1. Deborah G says

            Tums wouldn’t work to eradicate the pond scum in the White House and the Islamic threat off the face of the earth.

      7. jbombznabombz says

        you really are crazy these kids are not eating the food that these schools are providing ,when every bag of trash has 30 lbs of food in it and there are only 40 kids in each of the lunches what is getting eaten?and besides that how about you “Uzoozy go to a PUBLIC school and have lunch there one day and see if YOU can stomach their GARBAGE.AND BELEIVE ME IT’S GARBAGE!

        1. Uzoozy says

          I have been to many school lunches and FYI they are delicious and healthy.
          Take a break

          1. jbombznabombz says

            well good for them schools but whether you like the food or not doesn’t matter it’s the lids that matter and once again I am a custodian for a schools I bounce around from the elementary schools and the high school where I live and well like I said before when a 30 gallon trash bag is filled at the end of 1 lunch which only has roughly 40 kids there is something WRONG with the food,and again I have eaten the school lunch on a few occasions and do not blame the kids for throwing the food out it is gross 90% of the time.

          2. Uzoozy says

            The school lunch are great and kids enjoy it much more.

      8. Larry Miller says

        Oh my heart was broken to think you had left this post. I was missing all those dumb ass comments that make me laugh.
        Thank goodness you are back. Come on please keep the humor up. Makes my day listening to ignorant, uneducated spew from a horses butt.

        1. Uzoozy says

          I cannot let your heart be broken for too long.
          My facts do not do so well because do not want to hear the truth.
          People just wash their hands in the flowing stream without blinking.
          Camel, Horse, goat butts and shit has been their for ever come back with a new one.

      9. ringostarr1 says

        This just in from Michelle and Barry’s own Center for Disease Control:
        “In November 2015, CDC researchers released new national data on obesity among adults and youth (Ogden et al., 2015). According to that report, approximately 36 percent of adults and 17 percent of children and adolescents are obese. The release also compared obesity prevalence by gender, age, and race-ethnicity.” Uzoozy, as you were saying????

    4. ringostarr1 says

      Well she is a disbarred lawyer if being a disgrace to your husband and daughters means anything.

  17. Irvan says

    That THING

  18. Irvan says

    That THING, Michelle Obama, is sticking her/IT’s nose where it does not belong. I wish someone would determine her/ITs gender decisively.

    1. Deborah G says

      DNA tests on BOTh of them would reveal a whole lot

      1. Terry Rushing says

        Lots of luck on that. We can’t get school records, passport or real birth certificates from this faker.

        1. Deborah G says

          No luck I hear they follow them around at parties to make sure no one gets a glass or silverwear.

      2. Fedupwiththefeds says

        It would never happen. Then we might find out that they are actually brothers!!!

    2. Terry Rushing says

      Who cares about the gender of Moochelle? The point is, why has her individual ideas been forcibly inserted into the lunch rooms of public education? As for the Obama’s consuming pork, muzzies don’t do pig meat; the only pork for them is from the taxpayer trough.

  19. Charles Hargrave says

    If any American looks around at Obamas policies they will see this type of action going on,Obama and his wife are trying to silently take our rights away so when we wake up it’ll be too late,the right to choose is involved in the school lunch program,but the kids are too smart and know what they want,the parents need to scream about it but we never hear about that,the Obamas are involved in scandle after scandle and try to hide all of it from us and then the Dems get upset about being voted out of office and never change,the next time they are in control it happens all over again,come on 2016!!!!!!!

    1. Deborah G says

      Not so “silently” they have becomse brazen and take them in plain sight saying they know what is good for us.

  20. brabbie2002 says

    You actually thought this “trannie” queen wannabe was going to have a viable idea? I say when it’s two rent-a-kids have to eat the same slop it is trying to force feed our children, then we can VOTE on whether or not it has the brains and scientific knowledge to know what the he!! It is talking about! I would vote a resounding NO on that ballot!

  21. Combatvet52 says

    Why doesn’t this trash just go away and stop trying to tell our kids what to eat and what not to, she must eat very healthy it shows in her butt.

  22. Kent2012 says

    another “unaffordable something or other” from the african pretender’s close group of communists….”oh this is so good for the …..and of course this group will benefit…..and it will all be paid for with “government money”…..

  23. Combatvet52 says

    I grew up on Italian wedges and pizza and i’m 82 years old what the hell is this trash trying to prove, any problems i have are not from what i ate as a kid is there anything more STUPID than a socialist liberal dumbocrat.

  24. B Smith says

    More garbage from the Obozo camp. They have nothing else to offer. But, of course its the rest of us that are wrong, couldn’t be them.
    Its beginning to look a lot like Hitler.

  25. Brenda Harrell says

    We don’t want or need Sasquatch’s input into anything. Not lunches, not common core, not one thing. We the people can and will think for ourselves. All they need in place at school is PE. Get out of our children’s lives and ours as well. We don’t need the government for anything, except what they were put in place to do. Follow the constitution, follow the law, and defend America. Uphold your oath of office or resign. It really is that simple. Shrink the government and make our defense much bigger and maybe we could once again have peace through strength. We are the greatest nation on earth.

  26. jayleigh says

    May as well shred the United States Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights ’cause few in D.C. or the nation believe it means what it says. They seem to believe it’s a flexible document that can be overridden by a law that negates any one of the provisions of that blessed document! And, the POTUS praises the mosque from whence the beheader got his training and inspiration… what will it take to get us back to the purity of the US-C?

  27. fog donkey says

    Why does the press continually misspell this bison’s name? The correct spelling is Michael. It’s mate’s name is Barry Soetoro who cannot provide the public with a real birth certificate or social security number, not to mention all of their records are sealed at great expense to them, whatever they are.

  28. ONLYJB1 says

    Liberals advocating programs they would never follow in their personal lives?
    Say it ain’t so.

    Now, that’s funny! Unfortunately it’s TRUTH!
    Have YOU had enough yet? Do we need to reduce the federal government? Do we need to close down illegal, out of control and corrupt government departments? Is it finally time to hold all politicians accountable? Have YOU had enough yet?

  29. Savior says

    She really should get a real job, one that maybe she’s qualified for and while she’s at it find one her hubby is qualified for too, he sure isn’t qualified for the one in Washington.

  30. mallen11 says

    MO has no business in the lunchrooms of our children. She hates America and this is the way she is showing it. States rights come to mind. The Federal Government is to protect us from foreign invasion; not invade our schools or homes. The question; is anyone getting this arrogance turning around and offer food that is nourishing, palatable and energy giving. I remember having those kind of lunches when I was in high school. I can still remember the smell.
    Vote smart, vote conservative in November.

  31. moral antagonist says

    If they would limit what you can buy with food stamps a lot of the problem.Rather than serve a good meal to their families it is much easier to shove snacks and soft drinks at them.I have a daughter that is on food stamps and i have been on her case many times . You will find cokes allover the place .You will find junk food everywhere and her and her son are fat slobs.She could do much better .Like get a job that is a no no she wouldn’t get her entitlements any more.
    I used to help her out a lot ,but finally said it is time to help yourself .

    1. Janet Julien says

      When you’re on food stamps, you have less than three dollars a day per person to get food for a month (I’m on SSI/SSDI and get $81 a month in food stamps). Some people get MAYBE $15 OR LESS to help them with their food bills for the month so many times we’ll try to get the most calorie dense substances/penny we can and forget it if you’re on a special diet (i.e. sugar-free, no salt, low fat, low cholesterol, gluten free, etc). Usually calorie dense/ low cost means junk food. If the FDA would bring back the commodities program and give those foods to the ones in need, there would be a lot less use of junk food to try to make it through the month just to eat.

      1. David C Kelder says

        Junk food is not cheap. There are alternatives that are but they tend to not be processed foods.

        1. Janet Julien says

          Yeah, meat here is anywhere from $2.59/lb for hamburger and up for the non processed stuff before counting in the veggies, spices and stove time, while Banquet TV dinners are like $1.00 but loaded in salt and all the rest of the stuff that people preach against. When you’re limited in money, you tend to go with what will be the cheapest on the budget

          1. David C Kelder says

            Think high protein vegetables.

      2. moral antagonist says

        It seems like you like a lot of other takers out there seem to think you are expected to live on this $81.00 stipend for food stamos.The government gives you this to make it so you are able to be to buy more along with your ssi.It has never been meant to buy all of your food. However you do seem to be able to afford the internet and a cell phone .
        I am on soc security myself and i get along o.k.without food stamps and free phones .I also served my country and do not expect the give aways to live on .I just don’t buy what i can live without.

  32. Guy Cooper says

    Gee, this increases spending, obamacare increases spending, what’s gonna be next? Besides more million dollar vacations.

  33. usmcb10 says

    I have two grandchildren 9 and 14 both come in from school hungry.Fact is a kid will go hungry and will not eat what they do not like,How can they consentrate on their work when they are hungry?

  34. Kay says

    What the hell gives Moooochelle the right to tell parents what they can and cannot feed their kids, I think her pickaninnies should have to eat the same things in their precious private school

  35. KarenRuff says

    What is wrong with these schools. States have sovereignty. They need to stand up and flat out refuse to abide by the overreach of an unelected scourge on our schools. The “federal dollars” they “Might” lose came from the states in the first place and it cost more to comply with tyranny than to stand against it. If all the state–or at least the ones with people with brains–would stand together and refuse to comply, they would nullify this foolishness. And if you are really tired of the tyrannyin our schools, get your kids out. If you are intimidated by the prospect of home schooling, sign up for the mini-course at Sherman Institute and learn the nuts and bolts–how to prepare, where to look for materials and resources, how to meet the needs of your child and your family. It isn’t rocket science. It just takes people who are willling to apply themselves rather than just sit around and complain.

  36. Roger_T73 says

    The demon-CRAPs screw up everything the try to do thru the Federal Gov’t:
    open borders
    dramatically increasing the Welfare State
    guns for drug lords
    destruction of lois lerner’s e-mails
    attacking Conservatives with the IRS
    and on and on they go.

  37. Frick says

    IF I had a child they would NEVER go to public school!!!

  38. disqus_scuXcAwuuB says

    Why is anyone allowing her to change anything? She was never elected for anything, she has no authority to enact any law.. Just grow a set and tell her NO!!!!!

  39. marilyn says


  40. squeak says

    AH, Moochell, the Dietician that is fit for the farmers hogs… she wants our Children, Grandchildren to eat that garbage… feed it to YOUR KIDS Moochell, besides you have NO SAY in anything , you are NOT an Elected official, one traitor in office is enough ,THANK GOD !

  41. WhiteFalcon says

    What the kids need is exercise. They need to get away from the computer games and get into physical activity.Neighborhood schools are far better than the huge failures we have today. Kids could ride bicycles to and from school and that in istsel is a lot of exercise. They need to be physically active during recess at school. Basketball, softball, etc. was a great way to accomplish these things. PE class also helped a lot. Schools today have taken out all the physical activity they can and that is hurting the kids. Like many others, I have been in neighborhood schools and I have seen what we have today and I can say from my experience that the neighborhood schools are far better. The kids had better nutrition when they brought their own lunches to school as well. What the Government is furnishing is trash and the kids are not eating it. I don’t blame them.

  42. Mare says

    And we are shocked because? These are incompetent boobs and 2 yrs can’t come soon enough. If we can survive 2 more years of these race baiting, America hating, communist loving POS.

  43. Doris C says

    The main problem is this, The Obamas do not vet their ideas before making them happen. Almost all obama policies are the same as Mrs.O’s. Throw it out there before finding out the cost or the feasibility of implementing it .Obamacare a case in point. We still dont know anything good that has come from that.
    School lunch program just resulted in a lot of hungry kids, and a lot of wasted food. School lunches are not what is making kids fat. Its computer time instead of outside play,And heavy loads of homework that keep kids at a table instead of being outside doing stuff.

  44. Cranky Steven says

    Bad for Michelle and Barfy = good for America.

  45. Lizard says

    Wish Obamas would just mind own F—ing Biss and stop being control freaks

  46. 40Helen60 says

    People, wake up! Are you blind? Are you mature enough to make your own decisions? Well, listen up, as they told me in the Army, Michelle was not elected to any office. She does not have the right or power to force any school to feed kids what she dictates. She is nothing but the wife of a dictator who wants to see our children fail. She feeds her two: hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, candy, cake, sodas, Mexican foods; etc. While she stuffs her fat face and puts 40 inches on her back side, school kids are going hungry, can’t concentrate in school, and will soon refuse to go to school because that bully, that mean old wicked witch Michelle Obama is a lying hypocrite making unconstitutional demands. Parents, yank your kids out of school and demand Michelle butt out and mind her own d…. business. These are not her kids and she knows very little about parenting. She has no skills period, except to tell other people what to do and where to go. Every high school kid needs to walk out and refuse to return until school lunches are back the way they are suppose to be, not because this disgusting woman, who knows absolutely zero about what it takes to raise a child. She knows zero about what a child needs to help them. No, she just wants to destroy our school system and will laugh because they failed. I hope this message goes nation wide and maybe, just maybe I’ve given parents the fire they need to take back their schools for the future of their kids.

    1. VanceJ says

      That’s what happens when a N**** get’s the power !!!! not a Black person but a N****.!!!!!!!

      1. 40Helen60 says

        Why is it, blacks can call ea other N***** but a white person can’t even use the word without being called Racist? They call a black who marries a white person Oreo. A black thug shoots and kills a police officer, they don’t say a word, not even the media will cover it. Or black out of control mobs can walk up to a white person and beat the crap out of them and stomp on them while they are down and defenseless and the police are afraid to call it a hate crime, but let a white mob attack a black and Sharpton and his bunch of bigots cry racist and they riot, burn, steal, and protest. I have a great idea. Let’s all white folks get the darkest tan we can, speak Ebonics or black slang, walk like blacks then when all hell breaks loose they can only blame themselves. I’m joking! It’s time to stand up to Sharpton and his bunch of racist bigots. I thought I had heard everything, but yesterday beats all I ever read. It is now racist to call Ebola, “Obola” It’s making fun of Obama and he’s such a cry baby he whines because people are making fun of him and his ugly wife. Well, as Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  47. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Michelle Obama, the control freak, cannot keep her nose out of where it doesn’t belong.

  48. WVF says

    Who is Moocher Moochelle to tell anyone what to eat? With a derriere more than an axe handle wide she has a lot of gall.

    1. squeak says

      She is a Phony Hypocrite… she was sure there when they were making UGLY people, she asked for the best one possible, this was the best they could do for her ! LOL !

  49. TOB46 says

    We need anther revolution and soon

  50. dahniuru says

    It’s all Bush’s fault anyway. And any disagreement with Michelle just means you’re a racist. She really just wants all children to slim down and look like her, and Al Sharpton…… What’s wrong with that?

    1. jim marcum says

      al looks to me like he’s got cancer OR AIDS

  51. daveveselenak says

    Fuk that ‘Drag Queen of Welfare’! He/She is as bad as her ‘arranged’ so-called husband or even worse! mInr, NSA!

  52. WileyPost says

    I just wonder if Obama’s kids are getting the same lunches as the “little people”? I wonder if Obama’s kids get in line to see the doctor like the “little people”? Elitists are all the same; What’s good for you is what I say..What’s good for me, is what I do…

  53. dashandra monika says

    remember back in the day when we had soybean burgers and blogona sandwiches with canned fruit? or we would dash off to mcdonalds and be late coming back to class slurping a big soda.

  54. dp52 says

    First thing they can do is take away the EBT cards. They buy crap for their kids and steak and lobster for themselves at our expense. They will never get rid of obesity until they hand out dried milk, oatmeal, cheese, etc. like they did when I was a kid. It was healthier.

  55. draftinging says

    Is that why she has such a fat ass…eating her menu

    1. Guest says

      her husband sure didn’t spread it out any. barney frank said it was the littlest black cock he ever sucked.

  56. Scott Mullen says

    This woman is nothing but a hypocrite.just like her useless husband nobama trying to push things on people that are totally unwanted and unnecessary.she is obviously trying to seem important,but she is the complete opposite.just go the hell away already.the least classy first lady ever.complete classlessness.

  57. Dianna Zerbe says

    let Michelle eat the food and the portions that our children are expected to grow and thrive on.
    what does the menu at her daughters school look like?

  58. frank says

    Let us solve the problem in November. Toss the no-good-nicks and cohorts out on their ass.

  59. onlyvato says

    She wants all Americans to eat like her, to eat tree bark & bananas.

  60. gutz22 says

    Did I miss something here? I don’t recollect any mandate that authorizes the ” First Wookie”to tell anyone outside of her house staff to do anything.

  61. Sammi De La Cruz says

    Were liberals are concerned it is always true, what they say is good for us they them self do not do or use. I hope a lot of liberals get voted out in Nov. and in 2016. I also hope some day we will have more choices then just Democrats and Republicans. Both are just the other side of the same coin and are not even worth the cost of minting them.

  62. jim marcum says

    my grand daughters school had grand parents day recently where we could go and have lunch with our grand children and then escort them back to their room. It was very nice. Now for the lunch. Hotdogs, fries, coleslaw, and jello. The hotdogs were on whole wheat buns (brown) and I didn’t think it would affect the taste that much but it did. I tossed mine so did grand daughter. The fries were O.K. we ate those but I don’t think deep fried fries are all that healthy. The coleslaw was very good but you only got like a tablespoon full to put on the hotdog. the jello I didn’t eat grand daughter said it was ok I guess the whole wheat bread is better for us but I still think it should be an option. offer regular white buns too just for us folks that are not up to eating all healthy just yet. other than that the lunch was OK. I drank water my grand daughter drank chocolate milk they did have a milk choice. not being political just being honest.

  63. CCblogging says

    Does mooch really have a Johnson or maybe her/him had their Johnson removed? I keep hearing she is one heck of a man!

  64. badger says

    Check the garbage cans at any school and you will find Michelle’s lunches in the garbage. Dogs wont even eat it.

  65. dhwilson58 says

    The stupid B!t@h only has himself to blame! He’s not an elected official he has no talking skills and his main agenda is to do nothing more than to screw with American kids and of course, make him and obullshit as much money from the tax payers as possible !!!

  66. jim marcum says

    I wrote a comment but it didn’t have any racial slurs or political idiotic one liners and I see it got tossed. I had just commented that I had eaten one of the school lunches recently and I gave my honest evaluation of the lunch and my little grand daughters. Sorry if sane truth is not what your looking for here.

  67. Ethel McClellan says

    This is still a free country, you should be able to take your lunch or eat whatever you want.

  68. cormans says

    I think any school lunch program is GOOD for the children and some things just have to be tweeked!! Like any new program> just work with it to make it better!!

    1. jim marcum says

      your name is corman? I wouldn’t support these people. they would like to have you attend a public shower.

  69. lois says

    yes you hoe cotton

  70. Phil F says

    The poor kids? Obamacare provides a delicious meal provided by the government. It took a while, but we even figured out how to cut costs. The new menu is called soilent green. We use the old people to help feed these wonderful little mouth breathers? ; )

  71. wapitihunter says

    “They hardly get any food at all,” one parent told the local news. “I was outraged when I saw that picture – I just didn’t even know what to say.”

    I know what to say. Get out of my school. A Tranny thinks it knows better than educated, degreed nutritionist? It wasn’t elected to anything. Government and Trannies need to get out of education. There is nothing in the constitution that allows this. It;s time for this administration to go now.

  72. Barack_OnumbNuts says

    Just because Moochelle and Obama frequently crouch over the termite mound while poking twigs down the vent for their lunch doesn’t mean the kids will like it. After all, a herd of monkeys don’t force their young to eat the same grubs, nut, and berries.

  73. badger says

    A waist of money and food. Just look in the garbage cans at schools.

  74. James W Parker III says

    School lunch programs should be at the discretion of the local school district. If the Federal government is involved, it should be ny providing blovk grants to states if it is felt to be necessary. The current system of blackmail by the White House should be prohibited.

    1. jim marcum says

      the federal government needs to get the hell out of education and what we feed our kids.

  75. norma says

    The Common Core Curriculum (mind control government style) is not to teach our children to become smarter than the Chinese, it’s a curriculum to dummy down our children. Check it out for yourselves. Please watch who you vote for, check out their religion, once there are enough Muslim in the Congressman and Senate, then we will wake up one morning under Shariah Law. Vote Republican and let’s get the Democratic party out to the White House. the first lady is not a lady, it is a man who has had a sex change but kept his prized jewels.

    1. jim marcum says

      are there any Muslims in D.C. politics now, except Obama?

  76. joeupyours says


  77. Van Hamlin says

    I think that it should be obvious to everyone; school food services is designed to break even over the course of the school year. Kids don’t have to eat the stuff oreven buy it, for that matter. Scools want to change the menu to better serve their customers while achieving the guidelines set forth by the school board. Michelle’s menu doesn’t fill the bill. One size dies not fit all properly. Besides, her kids don’t eat that crap at school.

  78. kirkmcloren says

    Michael has no qualifications to render an opinion on school menus.

  79. grover rambo says

    Michael dictates school menus while stuffing her fat face with hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes! With a big ol’ ice cream cone for desert!

  80. Combatvet52 says

    I bet she expects all the kids to eat the same crap she does, what makes her think that she is so healthy
    hogwash BS

    1. jim marcum says

      she can put a whole banana in her under bite and peal it with her tongue.

      1. Combatvet52 says


  81. American says

    It’s seems to be a Democrat thing. Nothing works, but it costs a whole lot more than they promised. However, I would note that the welfare state is doing gangbusters; the Democrats are good at that- I read where Medicaid is up 50% this year, apparently an Obamacare innovation.

  82. Mark Tallman says

    So, MOOCHelle, the whore from hell, is causing unintended consequences; the issue we are all forced to deal with due to most every single Democrat initiative in history. This stupid bitch has got to go along with her mulsim, moron (redundant) husband. I really don’t care how it happens, as their hero Saul Alinskley would say, “The end justifies the means.”

  83. noel1234 says

    It really is a shame schools are forced to give students food that costs more and is repulsed by the students. Costing the government and the state millions of dollars. Now the government is forcing the schools to teach illegals who do not add any money to the pot,great for law abiding people. This puts a strain in the school district and programs have to be sacrificed thus legal citizens who pay taxes get screwed. Next these these illegal aliens bring in illnesses that have long ago been eradicated from our society causing our children further harm. IT IS TIME WHEN AMERICA MUST THINK OF ITSELF BEFORE WE ARE A THIRD WORLD NATION.

    1. jim marcum says

      recall the satellite schools where, basically in black neighborhoods, housing projects, they went to the satellite school where about 50 kids attended this school total. all boys I think. but they had supposedly great results. this is no more than the old 1 room school that educated our ‘greatest generation’. That’s what we need to bring back. let neighborhoods build and educate their own children. create a school board and hire teacher/s etc. make the schools copies of our parents one room schools. sure there would be difference’s where rich area’s vs poor but that is the childrens peers and I think they would still be better off going to school with neighbors in a small setting with more parental control and no federal government control at all. my children are my responsibility not the governments. we could do a better job on our own keeping our own money within our neighborhoods.

  84. pmbalele says

    TPs and Repubs who challenge First Lady advice want their kids fat. You know what comes if you’re fat like Dick Cheney, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, etc –diabetes, heart problems and loss of working hours. If you’re fat you cannot enjoy life. TPs, Repubs, FoxNews and its anchors Sean Hannity and Bill O’rielly
    want people to die eating wrong diet. The military is having trouble finding people fit to fight for this Country because teenagers are becoming too fat. Please don’t vote for any TP or Repub on November 4.

    1. jim marcum says

      you are a phucking idiot

      1. pmbalele says

        I believe you did not hear this.Consumer Sentiment Hits Highest Level Since July 2007? This will make
        Repubs, TPs and FoxNews anchors such Bill O’rielly and Hannity pee in their
        pants. They don’t have WMD against President Obama. I knew people are feeling
        good about President Obama administration. I feel the best of my life. Do you
        know gas prices in my town is now $2.68 regular unleaded. Unemployment is 5.3% which is almost full
        employment. Banks, assembly plants, Manpower, auto plants and farmers are
        crying for workers

  85. Abacrombee says

    Trash cans eat well. Foods not fit for pig slop. You can bet the obama’ s girls are not eating it.

    1. jim marcum says

      we went to grand parents day recently and they served hotdogs on whole wheat buns. I know that is supposed to be good for you but quiet frankly it tasted like shit. I noticed as child after child and grand parent after grand parent tossed them in the trash. I tried a bite, I like hotdogs. I tried another bite. that was all for me, half a hotdog and I was hungry. the fries were o.k. I ate them they were just frozen fries deep fried. I drank water and that was lunch for me. When I took my tray up to empty it some kids in front of me were tossing the hotdogs with one small bite taken. I asked one of the cafeteria workers about the wasted food. she said the kids didn’t like the buns they ate good when they served hotdogs on white buns. what is better here. for the kids to eat white buns or throw the wheat buns in the trash? I think they should serve them at Kidwell Friends School in D.C. next week to see how they like them.

  86. TAM44 says

    Our government schools are breeding grounds for socialism and the destruction of this country.

  87. Loving America says

    Send sack lunches and quit crying over this ways of this terrible Big B! And….quit buying hamburers and fries from the public…cut back the soda pop and feed your children correctly! Send your children outdoors to play and trash the computer games etc or just all the kids to be on them so long everyday. You parents are to blame for fat kids and now you need to be forced to do something so the can get slim and trim!

    1. jim marcum says

      phuck you

      1. Loving America says

        Learn the proper English Language without nasty words…….

  88. tinkerunique says

    ANY government-mandated program for “the people” is unconstitutional. Just like 0-care and Common Core, AND they are getting away with it. ‘The people” are slowly being controlled by “BIG DADDY 0”. Many government departments have been armed, and many thousands of coffins are staged at different areas around this country. Martial law is close at hand.

  89. badger says

    Dictatorship is on the rise.

  90. Gayla says


    1. jim marcum says


  91. Glenda says

    This is just another way for this Administration to Dictate tto this Country. When Obama said ”change,” he meant he and Michelle, ”The Red Flag Runner In the Streets Of China,” would become Dictators. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech and Freedom Of Press would be gone and their Regulations would be implemented in their ”plans” to Destroy America. He would be the Golfer and she the Mover! He would fly off to Hollywood to play Golf and she would call Our Red, White and Blue,” the Damn Flag and fly off to China to run in the streets carring a Red Flag with her Communists Friends.

  92. Margaret Longoria says

    I am so relieved that I don’t have children in public schools at this time. If I did, I sure as heck would not follow any so called dietary or other advice that Michelle Obama spews out. The Obama’s are extremely poor examples of leadership.

    1. jim marcum says

      worst I ever seen. when he was running for office the first time I tried to warn people. I am a independent voter I think they are good and bad on both sides of the isle. but this guy and the protection he was getting from the press. they wanted a minority president so badly. of course if you were against him you were a racist same old card. now they got him and I don’t hear a lot of them spewing off at the mouth anymore.

  93. defiant1 says

    “Debating the merits of the program in a public meeting, one parent in the audience hit the nail on the head. “Michelle Obama put these things into play, but her children go to private school and they don’t have to follow these standards.”
    That says all that needs to be said–take a look at the lunch menu for Sidwell Friends School in DC and then comment on what Mama Obama wants the public school kids to eat………….here is the menu for today 10/14 for the middle and upper school at Sidwell Friends.
    October 14, 2014 MS/US
    Tortilla Soup
    Corn & Pepper Salad
    Deviled Egg Salad
    Mexican Shredded Chicken
    Warm Tortillas and Chips
    Mexican Pinto Beans
    Fresh Pico de Gallo & Corn Salsa
    Cilantro Roasted Carrots
    Spanish Rice
    Red Grapes

    1. jim marcum says

      My little Grand Daughter had:
      Hotdog on wheat bun
      French Fries
      1 Teaspoon cole slaw

  94. Deb says

    She’s an idiot and why would a school lunch program costs in the billions? Another scam taken from the taxpayers.

  95. hiway280z says

    feed our kids what hers eat for their school lunch. If you haven’t seen what their school “chef” prepares google it. They sure don’t eat their school lunch as the one forced down your kids throats.

    1. jim marcum says

      I googled that and I could not believe it. these Obama’s are dangerous. they think they are entitled to this kind of treatment. it’s like trash just won the lottery. they are blowing money on their selves as fast as I’ve ever seen. the vacation and travel time is around 60 million dollars. they spent 12 million dollars tax payer money on their daughters 15 year old spring break last year and I bet you another is coming this year. Right now they will be planning on spending Christmas in Hawaii with all the movie stars and rich politicians for at least 2 weeks. Moochelle will spend another two weeks in Colorado ski country with the stars while Barry plays golf in Florida. Folks we got a problem here. They do this stuff to impress people. We know they never lived this way before the white house. This is why Putin and other world leaders look down their noses at this laughable little clown. I read the other day Michael Jordan said he couldn’t play golf worth a damn. Just an appearance he wants to make. It scares me when people think they are royalty and this type of treatment is common.

      1. hiway280z says

        Remember when they give you the cost it does not include all the cost. Like the planes that fly beside them when they are in the air. The planes that carry helicopters, 40 limo’s for their trips where ever they go. The cost is much higher than told. She many times goes a few hours ahead of him. When they went to Paris she went taking along mommy and the girls. They stayed 3 extra days to shop. Then the white house had to send the plane and limo’s to go get her to take her back to washington.

  96. Okwaho1 says

    BOTTOM LINE: Michele Obama has absolutely no authority to dictate what our school children eat. You can bet her daughters don eat that food she dictates. School districts should tell her where to shove it and sue if there is any retaliation. She is not an elected official and should mind her own friggin’ business and butt her big ass out of ours!

    1. jim marcum says

      I’ve seen her daughters menu. google, Obamas daughters school menu, and read the article. the Obama’s kids have their Lunch prepared and catered by Chef’s each day, everyday. The daily menu I saw had about 20 items on it that they could choose from. The food is prepared at the school from scratch using local and the best ingredients. It is 5 Star Restaurant food for a kids lunch. When people think the way these people do it’s scary. Moochelle reminds me so much of Amelda Marcos the shoe queen. This women thought she was entitled to own over 1000 pair of shoes. Moochelle wears expensive designer dresses for every and all occasion. People when we kick them out of DC we should see that the dresses are burned. We owe these big feeling little people nothing.

  97. Jane Horton says

    She ( Michelle/Michael) or any other government official has NO RIGHT to say what can or can’t be served in schools. Her only opinion should only be expressed in the school their daughters attend. Get the government back where it should be…the country our forefathers founded was based on Christianity and for the good of the people….not the government. God Bless America !

  98. jim marcum says

    I can’t understand why the cost is spiraling. The kids show these lunch trays with 1 hotdog and a half pint of milk and 3 cherries. How could the cost be spiraling? The kids are complaining they are not getting enough to eat they have actually cut their lunches back so how does that cost more. As for Moochelle Obama I pray to God this person goes somewhere else and we don’t have to see her popping up to surprise the stars and jumping in front of TV camera’s anymore. I curse the damn media for lying like hell and making comments on her ‘beauty’. This women has a mouth that a work horse would envy. You could use her under bite for a snow shovel. I know beauty is only skin deep but she has no character either. She actually thinks she is somebody. The tax payers have picked up the tab for around 40 million dollars for these little dictators vacations and travel. I’m sure they are getting ready to spend Christmas in Hawaii with all the movie stars and rich politicians like Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner. Then on the way home Moochelle will stop in Denver Ski country, all the stars will be there, and complete her month long Christmas break. We got to flush these people.

  99. Loving America says

    Well Food she knows nothing about and diets is limited since we get glimpses of her quite often…she is a nurse and carrying bed pans, giving medicines, and patient care is what she should be about!

  100. Jimh77 says

    This woman just needs to SHUT UP. She has no freakin clue what nutrition is and needs to take her mouth out of the school system and for that matter just needs to shut up in general. We just don’t want to hear anything she has to say. Can’t wait till they are deported back to Kenya.

  101. Standandfight says

    She needs to make the menus for food stamp/welfare leeches. That will make their sorry @$$ go back to work if they have enough strength left.

  102. Elmer Goetz says

    Congress passes many laws that they exempt themselves from. This is something the new GOP majority could change before lunch on their first day in session.

  103. Michael Dennewitz says

    She/He should never have had a say in the matter. He should have stayed with football!

  104. Lee Berry says

    We’re going about this allllll wrong! For every $100,000 it is costing the school districts, we will take away 20 of Obama’s servants. Cuts need to be made – we start at the top! For every trip each make out of the WH, we take away 100 servants and 50 guards…etc.

  105. patricia lockwood says

    The meals she wants for the schools , way different then where her daughters go. Don’t expect same food, but enough to keep child full. Most schools , do a breakfast program ,but if you ever saw a picture of what she wants on plate, hardly nothing. And for some, the only decent meal they will get. She wants to starve the children, the witch, while hers eat well . Sorry, not fair .

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