Beheadings, Bombings, and Bluster: Why the Real Islamic Threat is Cultural Invasion


As the world braces for another major battle in the war on terror, the real threat of Islam continues to make progress in the form of cultural assimilation. Muslim immigrants and refugees from war-torn countries don’t participate in anything resembling what most people would call cultural assimilation, of course. Liberals tells us that we must invite people of different faiths and backgrounds to our country to ensure a rich and diverse America. What Islamic transplants do, though, is something more like cultural invasion.

For the liberal idea of multiculturalism to work, you have to believe in the willingness of immigrants to adopt their new culture just as we adopt parts of theirs. But, as we’ve seen all over the world, this simply doesn’t happen. Muslims want nothing to do with Western culture. In fact, they go as far as to fight it, claiming that it is disrespectful to their beliefs and heritage to even suggest that they attempt to assimilate.

In 2011, British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out against state multiculturalism in a controversial speech. “Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream…We’ve even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. So, when a white person holds objectionable views, racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious frankly – frankly, even fearful – to stand up to them.”

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone on record, calling multiculturalism an utter failure. Australia, Spain, and much of Europe has seen the first-hand effects of what happens when these cultures run up against the values of Western society. Instead of embracing their adopted homelands, these Muslims segregate themselves ever further, eventually radicalizing into what we see on the ground in Iraq.

American Politicians Have It Wrong

President Obama and his predecessors have always been careful to delineate the difference between being at war with terrorists and being at war with Islam. But there is no other way around it – from a cultural standpoint, the West is most certainly at war with Islam. When it comes to the most radical among them, we have a military that’s more than capable of the task. When it comes to the subtler war, though, we’re still far behind the enemy.

Every Christmas, we get to witness how far America is willing to bend over backwards to make sure no one feels excluded. For two hundred years, Christmas was openly celebrated. Only for the last twenty years have we let the left force multiculturalism on us, replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” and other weaselly greetings. Meanwhile, see how many concessions predominately Muslim countries make for their ethnic and religious minorities. Hint: none.

When engaged in a war of this kind, the winners aren’t the ones with the biggest guns but rather those most unwilling to compromise. Think about the average Muslim and then think about the average American politician. Who do you think is going to blink first?


  1. CCblogging says

    The Moderate Muslim Is A Myth. All Muslims Have Jihad In Their Hearts.

    1. bloodaxe says

      Muslims are lowlife scum. Murderous, vicious, cruel and primitive savages from hell.

      1. Marilynn Reeves says


      2. Dave Williams says

        ….and those are their GOOD points….

      3. lha says

        Look for Winston Churchill’s firsthand comments regarding Muslims after spending several years among them,and being an astute student of history[not the trash that’s taught today].

    2. lha says

      Read history! When the muslim armies invaded Europe,they removed the steeples from century old Church buildings and put minarets on them,and made all but the dead convert to islam. Look at the Baltic Countries to see the consequences of this occurrence. Centuries-old differences are fought over after 600-700 years. Serbs,Croats,other factions have been fighting over affiliations from centuries ago,with no end in sight! We,in the Bosnian-Serb “war”,took the side of the muslims,and they blame us for that!! Nothing can be done for people who have no logical course of their existence but to invade, CHANGE,and conquer.

      1. CCblogging says

        Since Sep 11th 2001, I have read all about Islam and it’s hideous behavior in history . Muslims are subhuman barbarians and a waste of good oxygen.

        1. Ludlow Porch says

          They are Roaches with AK-47!

          1. ricktenny says

            Ludlow, I like your phraseology.

          2. Debra says

            And big knives.

    3. Cranky Steven says

      Plus blood on their hands.

      1. CCblogging says

        Lots of it!

        1. Cranky Steven says

          Their own, not childrens’!

          1. James Moe Morency says

            Children as well! Shot in the street or beheaded for being Christians.

  2. Mark Clemens says

    War on Terrorism is BS. Terrorism is a battle tactic, not a country, not a religion, not a race/group of people. Our Congress is SPINELESS. The $5,000,000,000 Obama wanted to arm our enemies, was TUCKED AWAY in a Bill to keep the government running. Thats so all the War Mongers in congress could say they had no choice, to look good for Mid Terms.
    Why didn’t some Republican Senator or Congressman grow some balls and separate the two concepts ( keep government running, vote up or down on sinking $5,000,000,000 in the Middle East Sands)? What does one have to do w/the other, to be addressed in the same Bill? Why didn’t the Republicans shut down the government? Sending $5,000,000,000 to people who want to kill us is a damn good reason. They pussyfoot around last year and shut the government down for “Principal”. What happened to republican principles? Oh yea, it’s recess time. They had a 5 week vacation, now after 2 weeks of selling us out, they need more vacation time?????
    Anyone who reelects an incumbent is just as much a traitor as Obama……..
    God Save America. We have one of the biggest incidents of STUPID the world has ever seen……

    1. bloodaxe says

      We are governed by liars, cheats, thieves, cowards and fools.
      They were elected. Some repeatedly.
      We the People are well & truly f–ked.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        It’s time for everyone to forget about work. Grab some Torches, Pitch Forks, and Guns. All of The People need to descend upon Washington DC and literally detain Obama, Congress, SCOUS. Give them a choice (make them vote one last time) EXILE or a good old fashioned HANGING. Plus we demand they give us 3/4 of their money ( after all they stole it from OUR TREASURY) Then pick people from random to fill the vacant possessions until next election cycle. Make Term Limits Law, Do away w/Citizens United. We have to stop big money in our government. Look who the Oil Arabs put in the White House.,……

        1. Seldena says

          if we have an UPRISING- We will suffer even greater. WHY? This is just what obammy is wanting so he can declare MARTIAL LAW!!! Then we will NEVER get rid of him. Stay calm and cool with patience and i know how hard this is. obama says Americans are too stupid to know what is going on– So don’t fall for obamas tatics to rile us up. We need to be smarter than him at his own game!!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            The Checks and Balances have broken. The government ain’t gonna fix it, Voting don’t seam to work anymore. It’s The People’s Civic Duty to remove the stewards of the Constitution. …….
            Obama goes too. I don’t care if he cries HATER, RACIST, ALLAH AKBAR all the way to the border or gallows……..

          2. mldld says

            I would agree with you but Mr Clemens is right … it is to late to be smart, brutal force I am afraid will be the answer…..

          3. jbombznabombz says

            the downside is we have the greatest military,do you really want to fight our own military?Seldena is right about that MARTIAL LAW,we’d be fighting our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins.Though I do believe some would side with us,it would still be catastrophic American bloodbath.Although the thought of 2 more years of Oshithead who by the way doesn’t even know how many states there are in this country is 1 UGLY THOUGHT!I think Oshithead should go to Africa and check on the ebola situation,that I would think would be a justifiable vacation for him and his “wife”?

          4. Red_the_Dismayed2015 says

            He’s going to his birthplace –correction, his “ancestral home” — Kenya, in July. Maybe they’ll keep him?

          5. Lynn Todd says

            Nice try Seldena, but your website address does not work, only gives us a blank page.

          6. Seldena says

            on was a mistake. Did you go to this and hear what he said?

          7. Jeff Brooke says

            Nonsense, If Mr. Hussein Obama tries to impose martial law, that is just confirmation an uprising is the right thing to do.

        2. Anne Bradley says

          It makes for a great daydream, I’ll tell you that. Things will go forward fast once the corrupted dems are no longer in power in the Senate. The marshall that has the power to arrest Obama is in the Senate and it has to be approved by Senate.

        3. Lynne Green says

          REMEMBER THE PATRIOTS MARCH ON Washington?ThAT million people that vowed NEVER showed up and only 500 other people managed to make a show.I heard that Obama said if they came he would order misses to be shot into the crowd of people.If we all do it at least WE WOULD GO DOWN FIGHTING. I CAN HAEDLY BELIEVE THIS IS GOING ON! I AM A BORN FREE AMERICAN!

          1. Lynne Green says


        4. Red_the_Dismayed2015 says

          “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.”

      2. Anne Bradley says

        You couldn’t be more right about that! if we just survive until November elections, I believe the people will elect the right ones to solve this. Democrats have dug a huge corrupted hole and let them fall into it. Republicans need to take over right now. I voted for Obama – twice! So busy in my life that I had to rely on media. I had no idea what a liar he was, but one day I looked at the White House facebook and saw many comments about Obama’s REAL life. He was arrested in Russia in 2005, for instance. Charge was treason. Obama’s Chicago planners got the ‘help’ he needed to get out of that mess and Senate made it quiet so no one would know when he was running. And who was majority in Congress? Democrats! See what caused the problem? Republicans are doing all they can to get the right people in these jobs to fix this nation.

      3. Ludlow Porch says

        Keep the FAITH!

    2. Seldena says

      I said the same thing. Why one bill for two separate scenarios? Did they not have enough of paper? this is the way somethings have to be done to get what both sides want in a bill in a bi-partianship way is all I can figure. Makes no sense to me.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I’m down w/James Madison, all Bills should be worded as simple as possible. He warned us about Big Bills and Morally Challenged Politicians like we have today. There should be a law limiting Bills to 25 pages (I think I’m being generous) . the Constitution, it plainly states what the Government and People can or can not do. Look at the last 5 amendments how wordy they are compared to the first 13. Number 14 is wordy, but deals with a lot of issues. Then look at #15 it simply states what #14 was saying in parts I and II….

    3. Anne Bradley says

      The congress is NOT running away! You have to understand the political and legal process. Whatever Congress Acts on and sends to the Senate gets denied because they are fulfilling the Obama Dream of taking down our country. You must understand what “you snooze, you lose” means. They cannot reintroduce the same Act when it is denied. So for many circumstances, what’s the point? Until Senate gets majority republicans, they have to go along with Obama to avoid a sequester. Clinton taught Obama how to cause one, since Clinton did that for over a month when he was President, getting media to blame Tom Daschle. NO it was not Congress – it was Clinton who caused it because he wanted his way! Congress is not now sitting on their hands. You obviously know about the Benghazi hearings and investigation. The problem is Hillary learned tricks of the trade shortly after her graduation from Yale. And she returned to her husband-to-be in Arkansas with her bag of tricks once it was full. She just up and left, claiming Bill Clinton sweeped her off her feet. Give me a break. We are lied to a lot through media. Lack of accountability is commonplace in the Obama Administration. There are more suspicious deaths in this country than ever before because of Obama! There are more suicides than ever before because of Obama! Yet he creates bogus programs to make himself appear to be convincing. The only thing he convinces me of is his need to be removed from the White House! Did you notice his new rape prevention program? And his claim to also taking the pledge? He is gay! Michelle is a man! Their daughters are adopted! Remember when he said he was against gay marriage and it should be between a man and a woman? See what I mean? If you want the links to this info, I will post them, but I have posted them several times. Just let me know. I will do it again. I researched. I did not create them.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Did it ever occur to you BOTH Parties are out to RULE The People? Maybe the Republican incumbents have been tasked to crash our economy? Maybe the Democrat incumbents have taken the task to get rid of our Civil Liberties? They both are playing Bait and Switch. If we throw out all the incumbents out at once, that would throw the establishment off balance, may stop this foolishness. For the first 8 years we had majority Republican leadership. What happened? The economy crashed, and has NOT recovered yet. They invaded the wrong country, now we have a ISIS problem due to destabilizing Iraq. Why would I want more?
        Exactly what is the GOP going to do for the USA? I haven’t heard anything other “Vote for us”

    4. mldld says

      yes, the mother F… bomb should be used on washington. We need a radical clean up….

  3. Wiseguy says

    Quit listening to that fucking nigger!

    1. Evermyrtle says

      I thought that this language was prohibited, was definitely not allowed. I wonder why some people cannot carry on a conversation without using filthy words that most would wash out our children’s mouths if they are caught using them, and here these words are allowed on our supposedly decent blogging sites. My posts are often deleted for muse less offensive words, for bluntly speaking the truth..

      1. bloodaxe says

        You get the Goody-Two-Shoes of the day award. Congratulations, you splendid fellow.

        1. Evermyrtle says

          As long as it is for GOD and not Satan, who cares??? HE is who I am working for against Satan. I am only as good as I can be, which is not much. My shoes have nothing to do with anything but I do have two of them. Thanks for the nice thoughts, anyway!!!.

    2. bloodaxe says

      Which one?

    3. Fran says

      Is your comment a form of prayer….or best you can offer. I know sticks and stones can break ones bones but words cannot hurt them. Hmmmm!! How can one Stop listening to that “nigger” if all the other types that Voted him in???? and would probably do it again. Stupidity reigns in America..

    4. Seldena says

      Please ! I feel the frustration with obammy as much as you do! But that type of language is bringing yourself down to his level. You are more intelligent than him and I know you can use good, clean adjectives that describe him. Those last two words do not. First he is a zebra; this is what we call a mix of white and black. think about your words before you comment. You show us you are a WISEGUY!

    5. Robert Young says

      Sir, your post, the choice of words you use, makes me have great doubt that you are a wise guy.

    6. Dave Williams says

      Look, everything that the POS POTUS does is absolutely HATEFUL, no question. But by using racially inflammatory language, all you are doing is damaging the right’s chances of saving what remains of this country. The left LOVES to paint right-thinking Americans as ignorant racists; why give them justification? Second, if the right can win over 50% of the black vote in this country, the DemonRat party is done, FOREVER; alienating those potential votes is really, REALLY not a good idea.
      Bottom line: you can’t really blame or hate King Zero for the amount of melanin in his skin, since he had nothing to do with it. In future, it’d be more effective to hate his POLICIES, which he DOES control, and which anyone with two brain cells to rub together MUST hate.
      Please take this criticism in the spirit of friendship in which I intend it.

    7. Dfm says

      I believe in free speech, but he’s truly, a bi-racial Devil worshipping -Arab Sunni Muslim;) Muslims have to be praying/soliciting to/for the Devil (aka Allah) to give them strength to kill for him (the Devil). Furthermore, if you turn the word Allah backwards, the word then is Halla: which is a fictional Kingdom, depicted in the film “Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne” lol…and Halla can also mean: A man who lives in England and is very fast, good looking and has a Big “cOOk!”;)

  4. James Andrews says

    No doubt about it!

  5. Evermyrtle says

    If we do not stop the income of these antichrist evil Satanists we will be infested with them and our children and grandchildren will have to deal with beheading threats, and many being carried out. The only thing that cans stop it, if we continue to ignore it, is the return of JESUS CHRIST and get read for that one, IT IS COMING, OUR ONLY CHOICE “BE READY!!”

    1. Anne Bradley says

      Don’t form a Christian caliphate. There are many fakes! My father was killed rather than helped when he was sick! The nurse suffocated him right in front of me and I kept telling him to stop, running to admin staff that refused to respond, calling police which laughed! My brother staged this by conspiring with a child-molesting priest who was not successful with getting my father to die by pushing him on his side to make the chest tube stab his lungs! My father had previously written that priest a note and told him not to see him anymore and probably reminded him he would have to answer to God for his crimes, because my father believed he was a child molester, based on his behavior. Fr. David Bentley from Albany, NY WAS a child molester! My brother conspired with that scum. My own mother did! I believe in God, but don’t diagnose everything as an anti-Christian problem. Don’t claim Christianity is what will save us all. I am glad it may be working for you and believe our nation should always be defined with Christianity as our main religion, just as Saudi Arabia (for instance) has Islam. I respect that and frankly I have met Islamists and Jewish people who are more “Christian” than Christians are! To torture my father as they did marks them as murderers, yet no one is held accountable because the court systems are corrupted. Especially where I live in New England. Why not support the need for ACCOUNTABILITY? Obama is gay, Michelle is really Michael (a man!), Obama has no legal citizenship, and so much more! I have posted many links on Disqus. If you want them, let me know. I hope your response will land in my email.

  6. johnanaguski says

    During WWII the Japanese were put into camps it may be time to do this with muslims if this isil threat widens.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      We still have a Jap Camp in Cookville.

    2. crustyone says

      Gitmo is a good place.

      1. johnanaguski says

        I agree.

      2. ward says

        crustyone ; Three feet below pig crap would be better …!

    3. Ludlow Porch says


  7. Mad Scientist says

    Don’t look for that joke of a Constitution to save us, any more than that nonexistent god character whom proved itself nonexistent in that great Holocaust of World War II and on those bloody rice paddies of Nam to intervene with some of that miracle jazz. Ha, grown-up kids don’t recognize fairy tales after they reach puberty…

    This same Gov is a reflection of many past governments whom the people a.k.a peasants, never controlled. Ours is planning a mass genocide on us all very soon. Thus, our cities shall resemble these horrific images amplified 100 times, for the so-called RULE OF LAW no longer applies in American politics…

    The Sheeple are fast asleep now in every large and small population center across the country, for they foolishly trusted their leaders to do the right thing once too often, and got shafted in return every time (curve this economic crushing influx of penniless peasants coming to America in swarms, and secure that fucking border) HA, they won’t even make an effort to do just that! Yes, just as the Jews in Nazi occupied Germany believed Hitler was a friend at first, many of us fully understand the grave danger we are all now in…

    1. bloodaxe says

      ….we see it coming but can’t do a damn thing to stop it.

      1. Mad Scientist says

        Yes, it’s like the people are following a script which leads them to their own demise……

  8. Mad Scientist says

    Coming soon to America, Holocaust # 2

  9. Cornville says

    Everyone in the world has a choice to either live in peace or tear the world into pieces. Apparently Islam is a religious belief that demands that we tear each other into pieces. Christians and Jews have lived together for hundreds of years in the USA and elsewhere in total harmony, why cannot the Moslems do the same? We all worship the same God.

    1. Jim says

      NO!!…..We do NOT “worship the same God”!!!!! Muslims worship “Allah”, “The Moon God”.

      1. Cornville says

        Allah is the Arabic word for God. Early Christians used the same word for God as well as Jews. Where you come up with Moon God is completely wrong. Take the hate out of your eyes and see the truth.

    2. crustyone says

      It’s not a religion as Christianity and Judaism are, it’s a cult.

    3. Robert Young says

      Cornville, where did you get the idea that we all worship the same God? Our God is known by many names but none of them are Allah to the best of my knowledge.

      1. Cornville says

        You might not worship Allah as your God, but millions of Muslims do. Allah is the one and same as Adonai or Elohim is to the Jews, and Jehovah is to Christians. Many Chrsitians mistakingly believe that Jesus Christ is the name of God and nothing can be further from the truth.

  10. joe haire says

    vote for no incumbents!!

  11. rtryon says

    Any universal religion will have to be wrapped in notions of peace and love. No doubt most Muslims get that without realizing that they don’t see the error that keeps it as a totally male dominant culture that both sexes learn from birth and five prayer sessions per day is what Allah determined as ideal. That the males kill each other so fast that they have to service multiple wives is accepted so that expanding their population can be perpetuated until they outnumber all others.

    Notions of Jihad come to the minds of the most dominant males who claim religious rights to lead with calls for actions to prove their leadership. Thus we now have allowed ISIS or ISIL or any other sect that claims leadership via not just murder but total use of terror and atrocities to prove their superiority!

    Unfortunately, they need evidence of enemies helping some get a free pass as martyrs to Heaven! When those being slaughtered resist, they have their evidence to use to convince more Muslims of the need and opportunity for martyrdom! The book “Son of Hamas” by Mosab Hassan Yousef shows how a Jewish counter-terrorism agent paid to help the author learn, and a curious college student let him discover the greater beauty of a less than perfect for most of us peaceful religion called Christianity.

    Our problem is to find the way to expose this truth to the leaders of Muslims. It took the extreme circumstance of learning to survive- the most basic instinct of all- in Gaza for such discovery to happen for Mosab Hassan Yousef. His example story, if read by Muslim men, might help; but, that is unlikely to happen! Furthermore, it took the mind of one suffering in Hamas to want to learn.

    Odd as it sounds, the only real hope to eliminate the threat of Islam is to contain its two main groups and find a way for them to decide that they must eliminate their own apostates before confronting what they call us as infidels; and pray that they destroy each other leaving none to want to nuke the rest of the world. Such a solution is hard to arrange and avoid one of the two branches that argue over which one is correctly replacing its dead prime leader with one anointed by Allah or the one by inheritance!

    I suspect that Obama would like to be declared the one to be selected by both as the returning Imam. I am not hoping for such to happen.

  12. Shauna says

    The left is hell bent on destroying this Country with the pc crap, and doing a good job. It’s WAY past time to start playing the game. They can’t handle it when you use the same narrative…call them out! push back and don’t take any crap. boycott, demand a teacher be fired if they are teaching crap rather then text book, rain hell if they remove a flag or refuse a soldier..It’s up to us to stop this.

  13. Mark Clemens says

    About all these ISIS Decapitations. We have a couple 100 Muslim war criminals in GitMo Bay. We could start decapitating them. Tell ISIS We will stop when they do……..

    1. john robel says

      Hell Yes, film some interrogations with hungry hogs doing the work.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Kind of my thinking John. If they don’t abide by the Geneva Convention rues, I see no obligation we do either……..
        We should decapitate one during the World Series seventh inning stretch…..

        1. LastGasp says

          That would certainly help the old attention span problem. I can see the new half time show on Super Bowl Sunday!!!

          1. OCDiver says

            Time to start fighting fire with fire!! Piss on the ACLU and their “cruel and unusual punishment” bullshit!!! 100,000 to 1 … for every 1 American or American ally head, they lose 100,000 ….. we’re 300,000 behind, start rounding them up!!! PUBLICLY!!!

    2. crustyone says

      Make them bathe in pig urine.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Your heart’s in the right place! But that was crazy funny………
        Then could we cut their heads off. We are already TWO behind……..

        1. LastGasp says

          Film them swimming in pig’s guts then bury them without cleaning it off.

    3. OCDiver says

      Nice thought, but it won’t work. They would consider them martyrs and claim they’ve gained their 72 virgins. Just do it and be done with them!!

    4. Anne Bradley says

      That is not a realistic comment. If you respond to Obama’s releasing 3 dangerous ones for an AWOL soldier whose father is a member of Muslim Brotherhood, then I would agree.

  14. Joseph E. Rathjen says

    Great post and the truth. Look at what just happened in the Army. Muslim soldiers are now allowed to wear Turbans and beards, but Catholic soldiers have to hide their bibles. How knee-bending is that?

    1. john robel says

      A POTUS with balls could change the army with his pen and cell phone.

      1. OCDiver says

        Ever noticed that Michelle doesn’t wear mini-skirts? Pretty conservative for a liberal don’t ya think?? I’m wondering …… could it be that barry doesn’t want us to see her balls??? the ones he’s jealous that he doesn’t have???

        1. LastGasp says

          ROTFLOL! Well said!

      2. Ludlow Porch says

        We have one of those running. His name is Donald Trump!

    2. crustyone says

      I even witnessed a male in civilian clothing performing one of his “prayers” on the edge of the parade field in front of the post headquarters of a military installation.

    3. Anne Bradley says

      Yet Muslims claim they love Catholics, as a tactic to bond with them so they can build a hate for Jews, which will never ever work. Additionally, after Sandy Hook Massacre, the pope resigned. Adam Lanza had been molested by a priest when he was six. Adam was a quiet young man and the fact local media tried to frame him as a monster only makes them the typical lying monsters they are, to serve wants of corrupted politicians and bureaucrats. Adam Lanza did not fire 250 rounds off in less than 10 minutes! Not even a super-human could do that! No doubt he was kidnapped and killed and the kidnappers did the shooting, dressed in the same costume as they had dressed Adam in – including painting his face and skin green! People told me this as they were listening to their police scanners! Obama planners got the pope to resign and got Pope Francis because Pope Francis fits Obama – Obama likes the sex offenders, the child traffickers – and anything that can make money through crimes! Obama is the most dangerous leader in the world right now and I hope we can survive to the upcoming election so republicans can take control of the Senate. It will be the only solution to this – in order to fix this nation.

  15. Elll says

    Cheep way to stop most muslims: If you Machmud – no planes trip, Let them sit in their countries with camels and their wives with mutilated privates. No Subway, Buses, Trains as well.

  16. JIMBO says

    Very well spoken and I believe you speak on behalf of the majority of Americans, Republican and Democrats alike, Thank you for your sincerity, Keep up the good work.

  17. Seldena says

    Multiculturism is a failure when that different culture decides to not conform to the host country and their values, language, etc. hispanics need to learn English and we should not have to learn Spanish! Our laws ought to be obeyed!

    1. crustyone says

      The language issue is minor compared to the threat to America and American lives here and abroad.

      1. Seldena says

        I wasa just making that one point. You are exactly correct. Allowing muslims in our country and allowing one to run for office was the beginning of our downfall. China has no MUSLIMS! They do no allow them in their country! I really like China for this. Australia, after the terror plot was found out, are booting all MUSLIMS out as well! Wish we had taken the same course. BUT, The United Staes tries to have everybody here unlawfully!! That is why the Democrats want the border to stay open! ILLEGALS to take jobs away from Americans–cheap labor. Money!!!! The LOVE of money is the ROOT of all EVIL! The Democrat Communists Party proves this scripture!!

      2. Anne Bradley says

        Language – communication is what keeps us informed and also allows us to be on common ground when communicating. So I disagree with you. English SHOULD indeed be enforced as the main language. It has taken a back seat with Obama because he is working on collapsing our country. He is a criminal and the most dangerous leader in the world right now.

  18. adrianvance says

    Islam declared war on us in 622 AD! How long does it take us to get it?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will be on the right track.

  19. Robert Young says

    There is no moderate Muslim. The Koran does not allow this. Muslims are required to live by the Koran in its entirety, including the conversion or killing of non-believers(Infidels). Islam is NOT a religion, it is an ideology and those who chose to practice it and the Sharia Law it entails have no place in the United States and must be barred from entering it and those here expelled from our Country.

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      I’ll go for that. We should start about ten years ago.

  20. Seldena says

    A Conservative will close the borders and secure them. A conservative does love America and the Constitution of laws. Vote all the Communist Democrats out of office. They are behind obama changing this coutry just as Hitler changed Germany! 3,000 soldiers in danger of bringing the ebola virus back to America? obams sneaky way of not having to use gas!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Did you not see yesterdays vote? 70 some senators voted w/Obama (someone had to be Republican). The Republican Controlled House sided w/Obama first (my sorry ass Rep. Dejarlaes didn’t even vote, he’s a R. Is he worthy to go back?) When will y’all see BOTH PARTIES are screwing us? There is no one party looking out for you, small biz. They just look out for who can cut the biggest check……..

      1. OCDiver says

        But we have to start with the demoncrats first, then replace GOP with Tea Party or Independents that prove their worth

        1. Mark Clemens says

          With out hesitation, with out mercy, with out Political Prejudice PLEASE Vote who all you can OUT OF OFFICE. If the Challengers know the only reason they are in DC is because of a mass exodus of incumbents. It might scare them into doing whats right, instead of who will donate (BRIBE) to them the most.
          Most challengers campaign war chests are bare compared to the incumbents. So they might figure Congress ain’t for sale any more.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          The Tea Party is a joke. If they were serious about being a Political Power. They would separate from the GOP, and have their own primary’ s. This primary with the GOP is what is killing the Tea Party. Y’all split the GOP vote and the GOP splits the Tea Party’s vote. Thats why both parties are weak……

          1. OCDiver says

            Agreed, I’m not tea party but lean more towards their Taxed Enough Already issues, the GOP career politicians (Boehner and the like), are only interested in helping their own retirement and next election. We need fresh minds in there and the tea party is way better than the libtards. The way I see it (this is totally my thinking too mind you, I have no proof of this) the Tea Party means well, but they’re too staunch in their opinions, they wanted to help the GOP but ended up making a mess of things. Like you said … if they really want to do the right thing then they need to either be more cooperative with the GOP or break off.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Yea, but the Free Global Markets and Fair Tax stuff is what keeps my support at bay.

      2. Seldena says

        Yes, I did. But what I am trying to get you to see is that there are Conservatives in the GOP that really does care about America’s wrong direction and the people! Did you watch the debates on immigration when the Republicans DID NOT leave town? They passed 2 immigration bills that would CLOSE, SECURE the borders and stop DACA. In those debates Democrats were all for the ILLEGALS. They called Americans stupid and to get out of the way! I have never heard a political party (all of them) be so ANTI_AMERICA in my lifetime. Then I learned over 70 of them are aligning now with the Communists Party and wanting socialism along with obama.Are there some in the GOP insane as the dems? YES! But not all! This is why the Republicans have to take the Senate in Nov. and in 2016. A Constitutional Conservative has to be elected in 2016 for the WH or we will be Germany in 2017!!

    2. crustyone says

      The politicians love the benefits they receive when they remain in their seats. They obviously care less about their constituents.

  21. b glad says

    The only moderate Muslims are secular Muslims who are Muslims in name only, just like the only moderate Christians are secular Christians who are Christians in name only.

  22. ABBAsFernando says

    VILE LIBERAL SCUM are EVIL to their rotten core! Useful Idiots have been brainwashed for decades to believe SOVIET DISINFORMATION as TRUTH. This DISINFORMATION was developed to frame individuals and groups. Like Viet Nam Veterans for instance. Fools continue to believe this LIE to this very day.

    SOVIET agents pretending to be “educators” have infested America’s secondary public schools brainwashing children to believe their LIES.

    As for MUSLIM SCUM I suggest using the method VLAD the impaler used.

    Sharpen pikes, dip them in Pig’s Blood, impale Muslim SCUM alive and then hoist the Bastards into the air. Then feed their worthless carcass to DOGS and PIGS to become SHIT. This is their WORST NIGHTMARE.

    1. crustyone says

      I’m really not in favor of these scumbags “decorating” and stinking up our beloved land with their foul carcasses. Their primitive and murderous behavior currently drives them to public hangings and other acts of savagery in their homelands–it appears they possess no productive values since they spend so much time being destructive (good reason not to allow immigration by such a group).

      1. OCDiver says

        Who says we have to use Vlad’s methods here? Do it over there as a warning to them not to come to the US. Then send the pictures to the ones here as a warning to behave themselves and conform to OUR way of life. Our laws are NOT sharia tyranny.

        1. ward says

          Better to get them out of the country ..! There is no way to change their murderous ignorance & dictatorial tyranny whims & ways so why try to be congenial with the scum bags from hell …?

      2. ABBAsFernando says

        Well, where ever we do it. DO IT! What ever it takes to force them to BEHAVE!

      3. Marilyn5555 says

        I think we need to go back to BASICS:

        HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…… it worked once in our History…

        Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so “Black Jack” told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.

        Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs’ blood. This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs.

        All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others. This brought a stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.

        Pointing a gun into the face of Islamic terrorists won’t make them flinch.

        They welcome the chance to die for Allah. Like Gen. Pershing, we must show them that they won’t get to Muslim heaven (which they believe has an endless supply of virgins) but instead will die with the hated pigs of the devil.

    2. OCDiver says

      Vlad the impaler had it right!! But not all Viet-Nam vets are useful idiots; only the ones like john kerry.

      1. ABBAsFernando says

        Time to act.

  23. Dealerdeb1 says

    I am all for sending every Muslim back to their desert hellholes unless they assimilate even then I wouldn’t trust them.

    1. OCDiver says

      koran tells them to “deceive the infidel” never trust them just get rid of them

    2. ward says

      How can you trust the muslim, islam when their belief in the Quran condones murder & they will cut your head off if you do not believe in their cult from hell..? Islam is not a religion it is a cult..!

  24. moral antagonist says

    We have a muslim woman in GITMO that ISIL was willing to trade the beheaded ones for.Don’t you think we should chop her head off and send it to them soaked in pig urine?

    1. OCDiver says

      And slimy with pig fat!!

  25. Lizard says

    Its way past time to Man up and kick that Muslim azzzz out of White house then start cleaning up America

  26. DogWithoutSlippers says

    They are not here as Immigrants – they are here as Settlers!~

    1. LastGasp says

      They are here as invaders!

  27. OCDiver says

    Sure as hell ain’t gonna be the mussie!!

  28. loran says

    An excellent reminder which we should take to heart. How many more times must we let the people know how the progressive left has undermined the wellbeing of this nation politically and spiritually. We need these constant reminders over and over.

  29. Cranky Steven says

    Whether or not we are at war is not the question. Whether or not we will win is. There are so many PC, multiculturalists now that one cannot be sure. Deport all Muslems and America haters. Quit educating them at taxpayer expense to learn how to destroy us.

  30. SiRobertson says

    obama is a muslim brotherhood sunni terrorist. Why won’t anyone in DC speak up about this obvious fact? Same with Conservative media. Are they afraid for their lives and families’ lives? I would say, yes.

    1. Marilyn5555 says

      They’re afraid of being called a racist.

  31. Ludlow Porch says

    This Democrat administration thinks all Americans are Mushrooms. They can keep Americans, in the dark and feed us bullshit.

  32. George Loder says

    Staff: I realize that many intentionally violate the various points of the flag code (etiquette) to make a “statement”, there by exercising their right of free speech. I find this specific method of expression extremely offensive; i.e., over-printing (a crescent and star on the Flag of the United States.) as in the following;
    I am a retired Non-Commissioned Officer of the US Army, having spent 20+ years in service to that flag. I(and I believe that the vast majority of my fellow retired military servicemembers and veterans agree) expect to have my objection duly noted and corrective action taken. I also do not believe any offense was intended, maybe an over exuberance in the graphics department (possibly due to a generation gap) which, while understandable, is also forgivable, at this juncture.
    George J. Loder I (US Army Retired)

    1. OCDiver says

      Thank you for your service George.
      Although I’ve personally never had the honor to serve due to health limitations, I consider myself a patriot, and this graphic rubs me the wrong way as well. As you stated it’s meant by the graphics depart. to make a point, it’s clearly offensive and should never be done.

  33. eddyjames says

    Us or them, That is the only question you need to ask when having any dealings with muslims. Compromise ? They don’t, Live in peace together? Only if you are dead.

    1. OCDiver says

      or they are!

  34. Anne Bradley says

    Who wrote this? Obviously a coward that does not want to disclose his or her name! You are wrong! Don’t give me the pantiwaste Christianity line because there are Christian terrorists also! And they hide in their own figurative tunnels! That includes child-molesting, trafficking and murdering priests AND ministers! The dysfunctionalism in this country has to do with lack of accountability! President George Bush’s administration was trying to fix that. 911 put a wrench in a lot of efforts and also partially dismanteled his cabinet, due to the nature of the worst emergency our country has ever faced! They were attacking each other’s character on issues. Many problems were being fixed – to include the issue of accountability. Yet Obama took everything apart that was built and is ruining our country on every issue. With a sick economy, he has more power. He doesn’t want people to get jobs, he wants to collapse our economy. He lies on reports, and White House staffers are HIS puppets and he is puppet to planners. He was a poor student ALWAYS. He didn’t just smoke pot (on a regular basis) but he did drugs such as cocaine and many expect he has been using at the White House due to his purple lips at times. Look at the videos on and find out what the REAL Islam that is practiced by the majority, the faithful ones, is about! My father was a deacon in the Catholic Church. He was run out of town by siblings – made to drive 2,000 miles to find a home – and why? They used their fake Christianity, making dad look like he deserved it. My father, who sacrificed everything he had to raise seven children who only expected more when they were adults, especially when they messed up their lives. The priest who was trying to kill him was Fr. David Bentley from Albany, NY. I was the only one who went to the nursing home, traveling almost 2,000 miles myself, to help dad. I found many abuses by medical staff. Relaying them to relatives only caused them to be more anxious to make Dad die! They perceived it as a power struggle, even though I was calling them at MY expense, having no money. They blocked my application for unemployment also. Dad believed as I did, that Bentley was a child molester, he had such an evil demeanor and even broke into my father’s apartment when I was visiting Dad. The management told me about it. They went to the door and knocked and he turned the lights out! My father wrote a note and sealed it, telling me not to read it, but he wanted to tell Bentley not to see him again. My father believed by then that Bentley was trying to kill him to scrap up whatever he could take from him. I expect that was in the note also, but particularly about his obvious harm to children. So don’t tell me that all Islams are dangerous people! That is discrimination. I believe President Rouhani is fixing his country. I think it was good for China to kill ISIS members. And if you think a conversion to Christianity will fix barbarians who are sawing off the heads of even babies and children, you should not even be paid attention to, whoever you are!

    1. OCDiver says

      If a devout Muslim truly follows the Koran they can’t be trusted. Even the radicals boast that the Koran tells them to “deceive the infidel” in their eyes that includes you. So be careful defending the devil, he will burn you down.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I learned everything I needed to know about Islam on September, 11, 2001.

        1. OCDiver says

          The rest I didn’t really care about learning but picked it up by watching interviews of Intel. annalists and former Military advisers on FOXNews.

  35. daveveselenak says

    Obaa-baa-ma is a Muslim-Marxist jihadist and why all these sissy, pseudo-intellectuals haven’t or won’t understand this is why jihad around the globe increases by leaps and bounds! The new Hitler is in power and must be made to facate the “Outhouse” ASAP! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mIm, NSA!

  36. paglee says

    Assessing the lesser of two evils, a dictator’s secular evil that is fighting an infinitely worse Islamic evil, Obama should hold his nose and extract some pragmatic concessions from Syria’s “elected” President Assad, who commands the Syrian Army. Air strikes could then be coordinated with those real Syrian “boots on the ground” that are already there, fighting ISIS with inadequate armament but intimate knowledge of the home terrain. U.S. ground troops may not be needed if common sense prevails over PC, and those real Syrians in the Syrian Army are aided in their battles against barbaric jihadist invaders from all over the world.

    Obama should also try to work with thousands of Syrian Kurds who recently escaped an ISIS onslaught that drove them from their homes in northeast Syria to seek refuge by crossing the border into Turkey. Syrian Kurds who also oppose Assad could be trained there or in Iraqi-Kurdistan and equipped to first fight ISIS, like their brave Peshmerga brethren, although training in use of modern weapons takes time.

    Meanwhile, being the best alternative currently available, the Syrian Army should be aided and utilized to support any upcoming air strikes

    1. OCDiver says

      Are you sure that the Kurds are Syrian?? I’m positive they’re in North East Iraq, not Syria. Assad is fighting Syrian rebels, not ISIS; the rebels are trying desperately to fight a two front war (Assad and ISIS), and I wouldn’t put it past ISIS to be infiltrating the rebels to get the guns, training and monies that we are supposedly going to be sending over there. If we do anything in Syria at all it should be enforcing a ‘No Fly Zone’ shooting down Assad’s fighters, and gun ships in an attempt to protect the rebels. nobama missed his window of opportunity to truly assist the rebels when he didn’t help them at their initial request for assistance from us, now they have too many al Qaeda and ISIS members in their ranks. Now we need to sit back and do as little as possible until the smoke clears. If the true rebels are able to overthrow Assad and break away from the terror groups that are over there, then and only then would I agree to helping the Syrian people.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        To me it sounds like Obama wants two fronts
        Iraq Kurds
        Syrian Rebels

        1. OCDiver says

          Sure appears that way huh!

  37. George Loder says

    Wake-up people; the “Jewish question” (of Hitler’s Nazi Regime) is back again– this time the Jews are joined by everyone who is not ISIS/ISIL. Do you have to wait until the death figures are the same to realize this? I’m not deeply religious but, if the Antichrist is not here yet, he is missing a damn good opportunity. I’d hate to think that the majority of mankind (regardless of color, creed, ethnic-background, and/or national origin) will standby (under the guise of “they-are-not-after-me” YET!) while a minority tells you that you have to convert to their version of God and worship in their manner or die. (If there is only one God, it makes no difference how you say His name or the manner in which you worship, Atheist, it should make no difference to you what/how others believe {as you say there is no God} but you are in the same boat as the rest of us, if you refuse to bail, then you may as well get out and walk, we’ll see how that works out for you.) Moderate people of Islam, you are included in this wake-up call. pre-cent wise (as per Wiki-) those following ISLAM are 23.2% (JUDEA-CHRISTIAN are .2 % + 31.5% = 31.7%, and OTHER [including ATHEIST] 30.3% + 15% = 45.3%) of the world’s population. Accordingly, it is said that the jihadist of ISIS/ISIL number less than .1% of ISLAM; WHY THEN, DO YOU NOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THEM? These people (ISIS/ISIL) have corrupted your religion and peaceful way of life.

  38. Harold Sammons says

    I’m putting up all the Christmas decorations I can afford and will have Christmas carrols, playing load and clear; if the muslims don’t like it they can kiss my a55!

  39. Michael Skok says

    Muslims think of infidels as worse than dogs. Is this why we invite them in? They believe it is the duty of the infidel to serve them. When they come here, they receive all kinds of public assistance. They think we owe it to them.

    1. OCDiver says

      Sad how we’re constantly being flushed down the toilet by our own government isn’t it!

    2. bloodaxe says

      Why are they coming here? Who invited them? Was there a vote on this?

      1. Michael Skok says

        The president apparently has the power to allow some of them in. Obama allows as many as he can. First he allowed the Pakistani Muslims to come in. Now he is allowing the Syrian Muslims to come in. He sprinkles them in all of our cities.

  40. Robert Brennan says

    We by arming the Syrian Rebels are making a great mistake. We are backing Islamist and adding to a greater Caliphate. I am willing to bet our allies in Saudi Arabia and Jordan will give no help. They help AlQuida, ISIS and numerous other snakes. I am afraid we are arming our very enemies.

    1. bloodaxe says

      There are no good guys among the Muslims. They are all bad, the only difference being some are viler than others.

  41. Ray Heffley says

    They are here. I don’t care what Obama say’s, the weight of his words lost impact long ago. Terrorist Radical ISLAM is the real Religion. The way they move through towns, forcing their religion on every man woman and child is the Jihad or mission of Muslims. They Lie about their intent as they move into your neighborhood and present themselves as peaceful as instructed by their leaders. When they are strong enough, their leader calls for the action of religious cleansing which means they go through the new territory and demand of all people there to convert, pay tax, leave or die. Why expect people to give up their guns? Because a new revolution is coming to America.

  42. sherri palmer says

    If one goes bad, we should send that whole family out of our country and that means every single relative. Politicians are idiots at best and just don’t know how to think and to think for what is best for America! It is time to get rid of them and the illegals! There is nothing “liberal” about accepting disease and cultural-less people and people who hate us, it has not worked and will never work! When the next president comes in, I hope!

  43. Ludlow Porch says

    This will do your body GOOD! Better than a glass of milk. More PRICELESS than any Visa card!

  44. ricktenny says

    We need to go back ten years before the first failed attempt on the WTC. That’s a time frame that should cover most plotters. Round em all up and ship em home. Rid this country of all who don’t check out sqeaky clean. Stop spending our tax dollars training their doctors to serve a population that can’t wait to die and go to their reward anyway. Close the doors on further immigration and be done with it.
    We have satellites they can see if a screws loose on your license plate. So let’s really use them. We have the worlds largest and advanced Navy in the world let’s use it. Put a ring around North and South America. If we don’t want it in, send it down to visit with osama. he must be lonely all by himself. Get every American the hell out of there. Put the pie eyed do-gooders on notice; if your stupid enough to go there do it at YOUR own expense and risk. I’m so sick of this crap. Hell I’m seventy and have been listening to crap about the Middle East since I was a Teenager. If our so-called President is so hell bent to embrace islam then let him go live there with his cronies when he retires. At least we won’t have to pay the Secret Service to guard his ass on top of his potUS pension.
    Boy I don’t know what got me so fired up. Just got madder the more I typed.

  45. desertcelt says

    If you buy that media blather about Islam being a peaceful religion, just open the Quran and browse a few pages. Over and over its about killing the infidel. Its as peaceful as Nazism. Wise up!

  46. junkmailbin says

    OK all you cranially rectal impacted liberal cumbyah folks, ISLAM IS AT WAR WITH ALL THAT IS NOT ISLAM. This is what Mootimid, the coran, and shirah law all say
    It is submit, pay to be a second third class citizen, be a slave, or be beheaded.
    What part of submit to allah or die do you not understand.
    Worried about upsetting a solemn? not not worry, they are always upset

  47. Cooleemee Edd says

    Maybe it is time to do more than just get concealed carry permits. Perhaps it is time to carry body armor and battle rifles in the trunks of our cars like the police do. Maybe it is time to prepare for war. Maybe we have had about enough.

  48. Yadja says

    It is the Crusades all over again and this time we can’t wait to let them take over half the world before we act.

    What are nukes for anyway? Time to make the place a glass factory. I tell you Bush Sr. sure put Hussein in his place when he invaded Kuwait. He sent the nukes out, surrounded the worm and said you use one WMD, chemical/biological/nuke on our people and I will make you a glass factory.

    Hussein understood that. So will these b@stards.

  49. Larry Cowden says

    I have no room for this multiculturalism and islamic trash. Those that do are doomed to having their lives and way of life permanently destroyed. There should never be any effort to accomadate them into this country. They will only bring their hatred and Jihad into our society and call it justice. Justice for them is buried face down in a pig sty facing west.

  50. marwa mrasel says

    Did you see some of little of what proves your BLAH BLAH BLAH. You are just talking about facts on what basics you refer. On illusion, bigotry, bias. BECAUSE what you say about the overall history and present is none real, and you couldn’t asseverate it, in as much as not real exist, but in you sick heart. Only to invective in obsequious and nocuous way against other whom you are abhorring!! Spread your thoughts in order to misrepresent to just show your antagonist as monster and moron, and cover about yours. That is it.
    The Jihad you and your audience are talking in in Islam historical, not to fight and brawl barbarically and logger headingly and randomly as nowadays wars; falling the bombs above innocent and civil people where are sleeping; killing whatever you get in front whether it is oldest, babies, children, mothers, women who don’t wear weapon,. That exactly nowadays wars’ behavior and that what the JIHAD in Islam’s history until now whom ever and have never done it before. Instead, you see this all in nowadays have been demonstrated clearly and the same in Islam’s past. If you have proof the opposite tell me and others. However if no proofs at all of the opposite (as you couldn’t support your BLAH BLAH), who don’t see through the

  51. marwa mrasel says

    Did you see some of little of what proves your BLAH BLAH BLAH. You are just talking about facts on what basics you refer?. On illusion, bigotry, bias. BECAUSE what you say about the overall history and present are none real, and you couldn’t asseverate it, in as much as not even real exist, but in you sick heart. Only to invective in obsequious and nocuous way against other whom you are abhorring!! Spread your thoughts in order to misrepresent to just show your antagonist as monster and moron, and cover about yours. That is it. The Jihad you and your audience are talking in in Islam historical, not to fight and brawl barbarically and logger headingly and randomly as nowadays wars; which are falling the bombs above innocent and civil people where are sleeping; killing whatever you get in front whether it is oldest, babies, children, mothers, women who don’t wear weapon,. That exactly nowadays wars’ behavior and that completely opposite the JIHAD in Islam’s history until now whom ever and have never done it before. Instead, you see this all in nowadays have been demonstrated clearly and the same in Islam’s past. If you have proof the opposite tell me and others. However if no proofs at all of the opposite (as you couldn’t support your BLAH BLAH BLAH), who don’t see through the mesh is blind or blindfolded.

  52. marwa mrasel says

    Did you see some of little of what proves your BLAH BLAH BLAH. You are just talking about facts on what basics you refer?. On illusion, bigotry, bias. BECAUSE what you say about the overall history and present are none real, and you couldn’t asseverate it, in as much as not even real exist, but in you sick heart. Only to invective in obsequious and nocuous way against other whom you are abhorring!! Spread your thoughts in order to misrepresent to just show your antagonist as monster and moron, and cover about yours. That is it. The Jihad you and your audience are talking in in Islam historical, not to fight and brawl barbarically and logger headingly and randomly as nowadays wars; which are falling the bombs above innocent and civil people where are sleeping; killing whatever you get in front whether it is oldest, babies, children, mothers, women who don’t wear weapon,. That exactly nowadays wars’ behavior and that completely opposite the JIHAD in Islam’s history until now whom ever and have never done it before. Instead, you see this all in nowadays have been demonstrated clearly and the same in Islam’s past. If you have proof the opposite tell me and others. However if no proofs at all of the opposite (as you couldn’t support your BLAH BLAH BLAH), who don’t see through the mesh is blind or blindfolded.
    JIHAD in legislation restriction principles not according to whim and notion. To vindicate self defense, and in the sake of Alla (God), with consideration of abovementioned and no devastation, ruin, ransack, spoliation and despoliation. Have you ever seen clean war like this ?!

  53. Roy Bryant says

    The first Muslim terrorist was “The Prophet” himself. His religion was spread by the sword from day one.

  54. Greg Taylor says

    Use what you know…pig blood poured liberally around mosques, pigs buried at mosque sites. They will be forced to leave. And keep it up till their gone!

  55. RuFus92 says

    Why in the world would you even entertain a thought along this line. He has been such a dismal failure as a leader who’s ego pictures himself as a great messiah and changer of things as they are, which he is but always for the worse, not one thing of betterment accomplished in his terms in office. A wasted peace prize and a worlg engulfed in war from the middle east to the streets of this country. What a waste of time monies and efforts.

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