Betrayal: Can Breitbart Survive Steve Bannon’s Attack on President Trump?


With the publication of a new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff, all-out war appears to have broken out between the two major pillars of the MAGA movement: President Donald Trump and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

In a shocking turn of events precipitated by the early release of several excerpts from the book, President Trump has hammered Bannon as a good-for-nothing “staffer” who had little to do with his success has either a candidate or a president and even sent Bannon a cease-and-desist order, accusing him of violating a nondisclosure agreement he signed upon coming aboard the campaign. So far, Bannon has kept close counsel about the previewed excerpts, but he has not denied saying the things that have the White House enraged.

The excerpts were first published in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, where they landed with all the force of an atomic blast – no offense to Mr. Kim of North Korea. In the article, Bannon is said to have told Wolff that Donald Trump Jr. and other senior aides of the Trump campaign messed up bigtime when they agreed to meet with Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower last summer.

“The three senior guys in the campaign thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside Trump Tower in the conference room on the 25th floor – with no lawyers. They didn’t have any lawyers,” Bannon said. “Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately.”

When supporters of both Trump and Bannon initially got wind of the article, there were hurried cries of “fake news,” given both the author and the newspaper’s reputation. No way could Bannon have said these things. Hasn’t his website, Breitbart, been one of the main outlets screaming that the entire Russian collusion investigation was a hoax perpetrated by the Democratic Party? Why would they take that line if their CEO believes that this meeting was “treasonous?”

But when Breitbart itself ran a cover story highlighting the juicy parts of the Guardian article with no pushback whatsoever, it became clear that this was not, indeed, fake news. This was apparently obvious to the president as well, who quickly released a short statement bashing his former ally and his turncoat agenda.

“Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency,” Trump wrote on Wednesday. “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.

“Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn’t as easy as I make it look,” Trump continued. “Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country. Yet Steve had everything to do with the loss of a Senate seat in Alabama held for more than thirty years by Republicans. Steve doesn’t represent my base — he’s only in it for himself.”

Bannon himself only mentioned the controversy in brief passing on Breitbart’s Sirius show, denying that he was breaking with the president. “The president of the United States is a great man,” he said. “You know I support him, day in and day out, whether going through the country giving the Trump miracle speech or on the show or on the website.”

But is this a matter of “too little, too late?” Certainly it seems to be as it relates to Bannon’s relationship with Trump. But what will become of the hardcore MAGA supporters who turn to Breitbart for their primary source of conservative news? Well, if the early comments are any indication, Bannon may have finally crossed the one Republican he shouldn’t have. On Facebook and on the Breitbart site itself, the majority of commenters believe that Bannon is a traitor.

“Not sure what Bannon is trying to accomplish here, but it only helps the Democrats so what’s the point?” one of the top comments said. “Is he trying to have Trump impeached now? Stupid move no matter what’s behind it and maybe it’s time to quit Breitbart and stop listening to Bannon.”

We like much of what we’ve heard from Bannon over the last couple of years, but the fact remains that the American people voted for Donald J. Trump, not Steve Bannon. We won’t deny the influence Bannon and Breitbart have had on the conservative movement or the Trump ascendancy, but influence isn’t the same as ownership. If any one man is indispensable, it’s Trump…and we’re not even entirely sure of that. This is something that has grown larger than any one man or website or political office – a train running at full steam.

Step in front of it, and you might just get crushed.


  1. chucky001 says

    Quote from the article: ” If any one man is indispensable, it’s Trump…and we’re not even entirely
    sure of that. This is something that has grown larger than any one man
    or website or political office – a train running at full steam.” True, but it’s about to derail like the Amtrak train did in Washington recently.

    1. Retired says

      One thing for sure is you have been derailed for a long time .

      1. MAHB001 says

        Pot meet Chucky…

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    Let the circular firing squad begin!!!

    1. gotabgood says

      With Trump in the center giving the command to fire..

      1. bttrap says

        obambie has allready been in the center

      2. bttrap says

        gota you have been beatened up pretty good on this site you should look for another site to post your crap

    2. bttrap says

      what a stupid comment only a stupid democrap would come up with that

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        Is that why you up-voted me?

        1. bttrap says

          I have it corrected now

  3. gotabgood says

    Is this logical thinking, or is this code talk for the rightwingers??

    Trump Calls for Voter ID Laws After Dissolving Voter Fraud Commission

    If you can’t find something, you make laws against it??

    1. Retired says

      Because the commission was not doing it’s job and wasting Tax Payers money . It is part of removing waste and fraud in the Fed. Gov., but you can NOT see that .Your state does not follow voter laws by allowing Illegals to Vote and your state is not alone

      1. evangelinebrabant says

        If the Democrats were not such lying cheaters, they would not care about investigation of voter fraud.

        I live in California, the estimates are that, at least, a million illegals voted here.

        Remember, the Left does not care about the illegals, nor about the crimes they commit, they want them here for the votes.

        Kamala Harris, our newest senator, and Left-wing lunatic, said on election night she wanted all illegals to come here.

        Voter fraud, for those of you who like to lie about it and claim it never happened, is generally confined to the inner city precincts, controlled by the Democrats. People who die are never removed from the voter lists, so faithful party criminals (democrats) vote several times at several precincts.

        Mayor Daley of Chicago delivered 60,000 illegal votes to JFK, so that, and the illegal votes from Johnson’s Texas district put JFK into the White House – very narrow margin, but did the trick.

        Rampant cheating when Obama ran, plus voter intimidation by the Black Panthers.

        1. Retired says

          At least while Mayor Daley was alive and running his machine one could visit Chicago and be safe . It has gone down hill ever since . Ca. has joined the same slide down hill just like WDC and NYC . We will never get the truth about JFKs murder and by the time all comes out most could care less . We have political swamps all over the USA and not just WDC.

    2. bttrap says

      only when they are from the democraps

  4. MAHB001 says

    MAGA all the way baby!

    And I haven’t been to Brietbart for years now.

  5. MAHB001 says

    Proof that the President is surrounded by the swamp, and should not trust anyone….

    1. gotabgood says

      just remember who stock the swamp..

      1. MAHB001 says

        I wonder if you even understand who stocked the swamp?

        It was the people, you and I. We sent good people into the sewer and assumed that they would do what they were sent there to do.

        And what was it that they were sent there to do? Represent the people.

        And just how did the people abandon them? How did we let them down? We quit holding them accountable. Just look at the pathetic job the Democrats have done over the last 9 years at holding the Democrat party accountable..

        When 0bama and Hillary or any other Democrat politician lied to you, did you hold him accountable? NO! You of all people defend their lies. You denigrated those that actually tried to hold their politicians accountable.

        You have been used as a useful idiot. You want to mankind a favor? Hold your own side accountable for what they tell you…

        1. gotabgood says

          Oh No….. See Trump condemned Hillary for being connected to Wall Street and accused Ted Cruz of being in bed with Goldman Sachs.
          Look at his stock… and the list doesn’t stop with just these… it goes on and on… They put the guy in charge of EPA that his own state surpassed California on frequency of earthquakes, (fracking is OK in Oklahoma)
          First place I think all liars ought to be held accountable…. I mean fined/jail time.
          We have gotten to the point if they lie only 25% of the time that is good, NO it isn’t. And there is a big difference between lying and deceiving. Lying is telling everyone what a big crowd you had when it is easily debunked. Deceiving is what he told the workers at Carrier that their jobs were secure and he KNEW they weren’t!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Nothing you say is of any value if you cant hold your own politicians accountable

            What a hypocrite you have become.

          2. gotabgood says

            Do you need glasses? Is English your first language? Do you comprehend what you read…. I will copy and paste what I said..
            <b<First place I think all liars ought to be held accountable…. I mean fined/jail time. We have gotten to the point if they lie only 25% of the time that is good, NO it isn’t.

          3. MAHB001 says

            You failed to hold the Democrats responsible….
            Therefore your judgements can not be trusted when attempting to hold Republicans responsible…

            Bottom line, your double standards make your opinions as trustworthy as Goebbels.

            Why did you approve of Trumps tactics during the primaries? Because you and the Left thought Hillary could easily beat Trump….

          4. gotabgood says

            You flat out can’t read!!!!!!!!!!!!
            First place I think all liars ought to be held accountable…. I mean fined/jail time. We have gotten to the point if they lie only 25% of the time that is good, NO it isn’t.

            Where in that sentence does it say does not apply to Democrats????

          5. MAHB001 says

            Right back at cha…. Can I make myself any clearer?

            You failed to hold Hillary and 0bama accountable for their lies….

            You can not be trusted to determine what a lie is….

          6. gotabgood says

            “You failed to hold Hillary and 0bama accountable for their lies….”
            O’Wise One…. do tell, how I can hold anyone accountable… including YOU!?!
            I have no idea what you want or what you are talking about…. Do you hold Trump accountable for his lies? If you do, what are you doing? Or do you feel he doesn’t lie?

          7. MAHB001 says

            quit being a hypocrite. Trump has not lied to you.

          8. gotabgood says

            I am an American…. Trump lied to me.
            The way you put it… Neither has Obama or Hillary lied to YOU!

          9. MAHB001 says

            You are a communist sympathizer, promoting communism in America…

            Prove that Trump lied to you. I have already proven that 0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi.

          10. gotabgood says

            NO! I am promoting a USA before Reagan,,, and we might as well add Nixon in the heap, he was the one who flipped our healthcare over for profit only..HMO..

          11. MAHB001 says

            There are supposed to be three equal parts to the Government, while HMO’s were created under Nixons time, it was the Democrats that controlled congress that did the work…

            Once again, you can not find fault in the Democrats, yet find fault only in Republicans… Why?

          12. boone1 says

            Democrats are like muslims the only good one is a dead one.

          13. bttrap says

            what’s that got to do with bengazie?

          14. Retired says

            It is called selective use of information , they do not like the fact Democrats with Congress cut Embassy protection funding and Hillary slept through the call . Some say she was drunk that night or maybe had some bad Columbia .

          15. bttrap says

            thank you

          16. Retired says

            Why not tell the truth and go back to the Murder of JFK and Scum bag LBJ .

          17. Bill O'Neil says

            You would have to go back to “Ike” to find a Republiklan POTUS that did not do major damage to this country.

          18. niknar says

            How true!

          19. Patriot says

            gootabbad… you are the enemy of the state and need to get out of this country you stupid fool.

          20. MAHB001 says

            Here is proof that Obama and Clinton lied about Benghazi:

            Obama marched out on
            the public stage and lied all of us stating that Benghazi was caused by anger
            related to a video when in fact they knew all along that it was an Al Qaeda

            The real question is when did Obama realize that the attack
            was Al Qaeda? He was not lying before his enlightenment if he really thought
            the attack was caused by the video. So,
            when did he know?

            Note that Bush was not lying about WMD’s if he truly believed
            that Sadam had WMD’s.

            September 2012

            9/19/12 day 8: In this video Obama admitted that by 9/19 he
            knew it was Al Qaeda /watch?v=58LrJJMxSM4 time 3:11

          21. gotabgood says

            First I cannot believe we are STILL discussing Benghazi, 5 years after the fact… 11 investigations.. NOTHING FOUND IN ANY OF THEM!!
            Now we want a play on words if the video played a part in the violence.
            Why don’t we talk about your congress cutting the security budget BEFORE BENGHAZI.. and your congressman saying we had priorities!! Evidently those priorities did not include the 4 American lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Not this much of a fuss was played on 3 “letters” that 100000 + people died… WMD.
            You do realize Benghazi has had more investigations AND ON GOING, where 4 people were killed than the real 9/11 where 1000’s were killed.
            I deeply suggest you get a life. And start accepting the “truth” as it is presented to you!!!
            BOTTOM LINE.. he did not lie.. he said your magical words, terrorist on first news conference, information was still coming in..
            Forget it… no matter what I say you are stuck neck deep in your BS and will not budge..

          22. MAHB001 says

            When denial is all you got, gotabot denies…..

            Did you listen to James Comey lay out the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, and then make an completely absurd conclusion at the end?

            Do you think he would do any different for 0bama?

            Bottom line, I proved above that 0bama knew and lied about Benghazi.. Your denials are as silly as Comey’s conclusions about Hillary.

            The significance of this lie is that I was forced to give 0bama and the Left the benefit of doubt until he was a proven liar….

            0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi. PERIOD.

          23. mrpoohead says

            Were you privy to all the info? No. Was Comey? Yes. Get over it dummy!

          24. bobails says

            You’re kidding right? You actually cited the NY Times as a fact check source?? Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha lol. The shrine to all fake news!

          25. bttrap says

            they need to hear what hitlery told the mothers of the men that were killed waiting for help from hitlery don’t foreget what she said IT DOES’T MATTER

          26. Retired says

            They have blocked hearing when something like that is presented .

          27. bttrap says

            because it shows their true colors

          28. bttrap says

            too bad it wasn’t them that were there

          29. Retired says

            If you have crocks investigating crock ,what king of results do you get ????

          30. boone1 says

            You get your info from the NYT damn you are a low info voter and a useful IDIOT for the lazy democrats.

          31. evangelinebrabant says

            OMG. You have gone too far.

            Obama and HIllary both, lie every time their lips move.

          32. bttrap says

            obanbie lied about where he was born and hitlery lied about bengazie

          33. Retired says

            Obama biggest lie was calling ISIS JV and then there were the red lines !!!!

          34. URWorstNightmare says

            No! He’s lied to 300 million plus Americans and that includes you. The wall, if built, will be paid by the American taxpayer.

          35. evangelinebrabant says

            And the benefits we reap will make it all worth it.

            Decline in Incurable diseases, unbelievable crime and corruption, welfare, impact on our schools and our prisons, the dilution of the capitalistic work ethic that epitomizes the United States and saves the world – all from people who had longer to make it than we had, and can’t manage it.

          36. MAHB001 says

            Trump believed that he could make the wall happen and get Mexico to pay for it…

            I believe that if he had allies within Congress that Mexico would have ended up paying for the wall.

            Besides, this jury is still out….

          37. bttrap says

            he doesn’t lie the media lies

          38. Michael Dennewitz says

            Gottabedumberthanshit musta’ gotten tired of strokin himself. Hey bitch! Can’t you find some kiddies your own age to play checkers with?😆😁😂🤣😃 So glad I blocked you months ago, bitch!! 😆😆😁😂🤣😃😄😅

          39. URWorstNightmare says

            If you had really blocked him why do you keep responding and like a child with a temper tantrum?!?

          40. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Mah: he lives a lie. Block them for he adds nothing constructive to any topic.

          41. MAHB001 says

            He used to sway people to the Left with his lies and deceptions… Ignoring him only helped him… I just couldn’t look the other way while this bully pummeled the unsuspecting.

            But I do know exactly where you are coming from…

          42. URWorstNightmare says

            Gotabgood, they’ve already have you branded and they refuse to listen because you include Trump on your list. It makes very little difference if you include the Democrats, Antifa or left-wing Commies on that list. Why even waste your breathe speaking to this WALL (pun intended) of Trumpeteers? My eyes aren’t closed to what you’re trying to translate on your post but to them it’s pure русский. Keep trying if you’d like. That’s your first amendment right.

          43. skisok says

            Where in that sentence does it say it doesn’t apply to Republicans and especially Trump the granddaddy of all liars.

          44. gotabgood says

            Sorry… I misread your post… forgive me..
            I have a terrible cold and my eyes are watering… I guess I should quit

          45. SD of AZ says

            They were counting on the fraud machines!

          46. MAHB001 says

            He has been weighted…. Pretty much everybody thinks this way…


          47. MAHB001 says

            NOT JUST fraud machines…

            They have ways of injecting thousands of fraudulent votes into close precincts in order to get the numbers to go their way…

            I know of people that have witnessed it here in CA.

            I think the method varies based on the part of the country they need to sway.

            For instance here in CA, the people at the top are corrupt. I suspect they simply collect all the votes, hold back a few key precincts and as they total the votes in the precincts that they do not control, they inject just enough votes to put their needs over the top.

            Notice how all things tend to win at a margin of 52% to 48%? With the MEDIA drumming how close it is going to be, nobody questions.

          48. skisok says

            The fraud machines are Siemens manufactured who are big contributors to the GOP.

          49. SD of AZ says

            Good try skisok! But facts are pointing towards the DNC dem wits and their donors particularly Soros. Their minions are the ones being prosecuted for voter fraud with the illegals these days. But I will admit the rinos are suspect as well. Damn funny McCain won in 2016 because by then he was on the legal citizen’s BS list in AZ. I know of no one who voted for him against Ward.

          50. SD of AZ says

            Another point here is Soros manufactures voting machines as well. Hum?

          51. ernldo says

            He’s stupid enough to make me think its actually bathhouse hussein trolling…

          52. MAHB001 says

            🙂 plausible.

          53. laulau says

            First of all, just because you say they are liars, doesn’t make it so. Back to the crowd size……. Trump was right. They published photos of his crowd BEFORE half of them got there, just to slam him. Later photos showed a full crowd…all the way to the next building. You shouldn’t believe what you WANT to believe.

          54. SD of AZ says

            Always was. I finally blocked him.

          55. bttrap says

            good for you I’ll probably also block him but I like his comical comments he makes me laugh

          56. ernldo says

            Become? gottabeGay has been brainless since his anal birth….

          57. MAHB001 says

            Gotabot is a useful idiot….

          58. skisok says

            When will you hold yours?

          59. MAHB001 says

            I am part of the Tea Party and have been for years…

            suggest you wake up, put away the bigotry and start holding your Elite Democrats responsible for their actions.

            You have a pathetic track record so far.

          60. Retired says

            You die hard Ca. Demon Rats never give up with spreading hate and destruction with the garbage . Just look at your own state as to how low it has sunk on the political field and you want the whole country to follow .

          61. gotabgood says

            Not that it makes any difference…. I do not live in CA. I did live there for about 14 years. I am registered to vote in another state.
            YOU, me and the USA needs California!
            That may be a pill hard to swallow… but as Yoda would say, “swallow it, you must”.


          62. MAHB001 says

            I am not sure that it is good for America to be associated with CA anymore.

            The only reason YOU need CA is that without CA the Democrat party would not stand a chance without their electoral votes.


          63. gotabgood says

            Sometimes cartoons work to show truth and sometime ignorance.
            Could USA stand to lose 13.3 % revenue? Most of the red states who are on government welfare would strongly disagree.
            Then we have the food input…
            Expensive and grainy. California produces a sizable majority of many American fruits, vegetables, and nuts: 99 percent of artichokes, 99 percent of walnuts, 97 percent of kiwis, 97 percent of plums, 95 percent of celery, 95 percent of garlic, 89 percent of cauliflower, 71 percent of spinach, and 69 percent of carrots (and the list goes on and on). Some of this is due to climate and soil. No other state, or even a combination of states, can match California’s output per acre. Lemon yields in California, for example, are more than 50 percent higher than in Arizona. California spinach yield per acre is 60 percent higher than the national average. Without California, supply of all these products in the United States and abroad would dip, and in the first few years, a few might be nearly impossible to find. Orchard-based products in particular, such as nuts and some fruits, would take many years to spring back.


            And in case you don’t like Gods perfect food for you, veggies, fruit, nuts..
            CA has its beef input also..
            Top 5 states that raise cattle and calves as of Jan. 1, 20173:
            Texas – 12.3 million
            Nebraska – 6.45 million
            Kansas – 6.4 million
            California – 5.15 million
            Oklahoma – 5 million


            We have covered revenue, food sources….. I am sure shipping import/export would also be in the mix. AND HOLLYWOOD!!
            What I am saying, CA is needed and to say otherwise is stupidity..

          64. MAHB001 says

            Could the Democrats stand to lose 50 electoral votes? not a chance.

            While the United States may like the revenue, I do not think that the Feds see CA as a positive… We are after all in debt.

          65. gotabgood says

            And take away CA and you would be MORE in debt, they produce a lot of revenue…. and the very least your red welfare states would suffer.

          66. MAHB001 says

            You are assuming that CA is a net gain, but with CA being in debt, we are a net loss to the Country.

            And those businesses are LEAVING CA by the thousands… They are going to less communistic states.

          67. bttrap says

            is that why jerry is asking for help?

          68. Retired says

            They sure are not good managers of the states money if they are soooo productive ????

          69. G.Mann says

            If California is so rich…. WHY IS IT BANKRUPT? Pay your debts in full, live on your income as a state, THEN come brag about “How Rich You Are”…

            California hasn’t paid it’s own way for decades… it can’t generate enough tax revenue to cover what it spends. People are leaving by the hundred of thousands, businesses and leaving by the thousands… look it up, and publish THOSE facts.

          70. bttrap says

            I would agree with you on the fruit and nuts from calf.

          71. evangelinebrabant says

            And, we give 34 BILLION a year to illegals from Mexico and further south.. They get everything free here, and they get to vote.

            And, since everything is free, they get paid for work under the table and therefore pay no income taxes, as compared to legal Hispanics who are severely impacted by this criminal element from Mexico.

          72. gotabgood says

            First I hope they do away with electoral votes, but even if you keep them, the same could be said of Texas as you say about CA.
            But Texas isn’t as deep of red as it use to be….
            keep messing with Medicare and SS and Florida will also become bright blue.

          73. MAHB001 says

            Doing away with the electoral votes would be doing away with our Republic, and creating a system that would easily be controlled by a central government… Say a communist Government….

            But on a lighter note, the Dems would not only be losing 50 electoral votes… They would have lost enough votes that Hillary would not have “gotten” the popular vote….

          74. gotabgood says

            What happen to one person one vote?
            Why should a group of people who can be persuaded to vote for me?

          75. MAHB001 says

            We are a REPUBLIC.. At least we used to be.. Look it up.

            A Democracy is nothing more than a Kingship ruled by the majority… Mob rule in other words.

          76. SD of AZ says

            The lunatics in charge of the asylum scenario. What a dream? Nah, the opposite but where the dem wits want this ship to go. Vote em out and push for the voting reforms. Time to take the steps to spread draining the cesspool of the turds to the states as well. Enough is enough. And call ICE in CA if you want anything done to these freeloading criminal illegal aliens! Go directly to them as concerned citizens. Help ICE find these dens of illegal aliens. ALL of them are criminals.

          77. Deb says

            We are against sanctuary states. Why does people hate Session for fighting mj. state laws. They are both federal laws. Shouldn’t they be changed federally or inforced whether we like them or not.

          78. SD of AZ says

            I don’t believe the ones who resist now hate Sessions but they like the new pot situation. And, surprise, we have a DOJ who is not for the pot freedom franchise for the states. And Sessions is saying the feds, (though Bozo ignored enforcing the drug enforcement laws during his administration and Bozo did not get rid of the laws on the books), are going to enforce them now.

            Bozo selectively enforced the laws he wanted to enforce and ignored the rest. He also tried to make his own laws and got the agencies and the judicial into that frame of mind as well. He not only ignored the drug laws, he ignored the immigration laws as well. And he paved the way for more drugs in this country via every source including the Iranian Hezbollah delivery system so his Iranian nuclear bomb deal would go through.

            Hope that explains why so many dem wits and rinos are upset with Sessions enforcing the laws concerning drugs that are still federal laws that do take precedence over state laws when they are in conflict. Another rampant problem Bozo left for this administration to fix. Bozo was utterly worthless!

          79. G.Mann says

            Democracy: TWO wolves and ONE sheep, voting on what’s for dinner.
            Republic: One well armed sheep, inviting Two wolves to eat all the grass they want.

            U.S.A. ….. Constitutional Republic ….. Act like it folks.

          80. MAHB001 says


          81. evangelinebrabant says

            Big difference, actually. A democracy (democrats) believe in the supremacy of the group. A Republic (Republicans) believe in protecting the rights of the individual, with a written Constitution.

          82. bttrap says

            one person one vote is right but you included calf. that had illegal voters in that case it should be one illegal vote one year in jail

          83. evangelinebrabant says

            It is believed that possibly millions of illegals voted here in California – the ones from south of the border to whom the state gives 52 Billion a year in freebies and benefits.

            WE give them Driver’s Licenses, which is all you need to register to vote.

            The latest? You can commit burglaries here, get caught, and get a “ticket.” and get back on the streets with no trial, to resume your burglary career.

          84. SD of AZ says

            But if you are a legal citizen the same rules do not apply, correct?

          85. MAHB001 says

            The LATEST is that if you are an illegal immigrant you can commit MURDER with a firearm stolen from a park ranger on a dock by the bay and get off with time served.

            While I can’t protect my own home without going to jail if I do so with a firearm.

            When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

            I believe you are correct, millions of illegals voted here in CA. and they don’t even know they voted… The Elites voted for them….

          86. SD of AZ says

            Hey, all the states have to do is end the voting of illegals for that particular event. Hillary got the illegals to vote including DACA. Does anyone at all doubt that especially in the states of dem wits? That is another reason the cleanup of voting has to happen. It is proven, illegals did vote illegally. With the published number of 11 million in the US but closer in reality to 30 million what a surprise they voted. Hum? Especially after Bozo made sure they could and even encouraged them to vote during the campaign.

          87. MAHB001 says

            It is illegal for the illegals to register to vote, let alone vote….

            I don’t think that the illegals even know they are voting, or that they have even registered to vote.

            I believe the Elites Democrat Uniparty in CA has registered truckloads of illegals without their knowledge. They are also voting for these people as well.

          88. bobails says

            No..just gotta seal the borders to keep Texas and Florida RED

          89. evangelinebrabant says

            I live here; Bad and getting worse.

          90. SD of AZ says

            Hold on kiddo, the DOJ and ICE will be all over the sanctuary state especially this year.

          91. MAHB001 says

            Me too, but I have only just began to fight.

            If you can support

            Become a poll observer, it is your right.

          92. SD of AZ says

            Funny thing about CA. Even with every illegal alien voting illegally Hillary did not win. Again, there are more of us than dem wits and their minions. And these days the shift is even more noticeable. They lose every way. The more they lie, deceive, obfuscate the further winning goes from their grasp. The party selected and supported and bought by Soros has been a losing party since they sold out to the NWO and the enemy within! But Soros does not cease his relentless drive to turning the US into a third world shit hole as evidenced by these paid posters for the libturds. 2018 is going to be a MAGA year for the conservatives. There are a lot of replacements for the rinos and dem wit politicians. Since their message has not changed and they are spreading the money thin it is going to be another losing election year for the libturds. Maybe they should seriously look at changing their management? Ya think?

          93. MAHB001 says

            Hillary was so far behind that all CA could do is put her over on the popular vote…. Remember they need to control key polls throughout the swing states…. CA is not a swing state…

            Here is the thing about CA, I believe Bernie won. When Hillary gave her two speeches here in CA, she had about 200 people attend each one. Bill Clinton gave an OPEN speech in San Diego at Balboa Park and about 150 people showed up…

            But All of Bernie’s speeches had between 3k to 5k attending. Standing room only… Hillary didn’t even win the primary in CA… She was given it, by the controlling Elites of the Democrat party.

            These people are NOT above disenfranchising their own… And I know that a good portion of the Bernie supporters didn’t vote for Hillary.

            So anyway, Hillary needed about 3 million extra votes to push her over the popular vote total… So, the CA party gave her a bone.

          94. Retired says

            Might as well add Oregon and Washington . On the East cost let NYC sink into the Atlantic .

          95. MAHB001 says

            People in CA will suffer if the nuts are successful as secession.

            But the People of the United States will benefit.

          96. Retired says

            Maybe Trump needs to build that wall on the Ca. border so the loonies can Not move east .

          97. bttrap says

            do you wipe your butt with all the charts you have?

          98. evangelinebrabant says

            Much of that is offset by the huge amounts of federal money we receive, and it relates to the unbelievable, high cost of living here.

            Furthermore, we have a huge military presence in Californian, a big part of the financial picture.

          99. Patriot says

            You are too far gone to see the truth….. The picture of the Inauguration was taken hours before the actual event and most people were not there yet.
            See how you were lied too again.
            You just can not see how good the economy is doing and people like you would rather shoot themselves in the foot rather than except Trump as their President. If you don’t like him why don’t you just get the F out of our country you socialist prick

          100. bttrap says

            very good advice for gota

          101. Deb says

            I saw live panning on Cspan and there was no white to be found just people.

          102. Patriot says

            I am sorry Deb, but could you please expand on your comment, I am not sure what you are saying.

          103. gotabgood says

            He also lied about this…… WHY?????????????????????????
            What does it prove, except that he lies without reason!!!!


          104. George Matyas says

            When you learn the difference between your blind support for your side and the hate for the other side , you be able to understand how this country should be governed. You seem to totally forget that this is a ” government of the people by the people and for the people” That means that all the elected people work for US, not that the citizens work for the Government. The government has only the powers that “WE THE PEOPLE” gave them. So for your foolish belief that there is a difference between a “LIE and a DECEPTION” you are sadly miss taken, they are both dishonest attempts to make you believe that something is true when it is false. That is why this country is in such a bad state and it will get a lot worse. When respect is lost between each of us, than all is lost, and no one will be happy with what then happens!!!!!!!!

          105. gotabgood says

            Instead of you yelling LIAR….. tell me what you think I lied about.
            The post you are replying to, what am I to prove to you?
            Those in the photo are Trumps pick for his office.
            Scott Pruitt came from OK and his state has surpassed CA in earthquakes
            Oklahoma now has more earthquakes on a regular basis than California. Are they due to fracking?

            Tell me why can you just yell out LIE and prove nothing and I have to prove everything to you????

            Is it a lie when I tell you that Paul Ryan is after Medicare and Social Security?
            It is time you get off your butt and do some checking into the guy you so admire that you will follow him over the cliff… which you are in many avenues.
            Trump and his whole administration is NOT FOR THE PEOPLE!!!
            This tax cut where he told you it was going to hurt him and his buddies…… IN WHAT WORLD ARE YOU FROM THAT YOU WOULD BELIEVE SUCH A THING!!!!!!??????

            Do you ever check anything out he says or do you soak it up like a dry sponge to his tinkledown plan???

          106. bttrap says

            now show us the chart for democraps that were bought under soreass

        2. Mathew Molk says

          As a rule I NEVER voted for an incombant, In fact in local and state government if I ever so much as heard someones name Iits puts 2 strikes against them.

          And so far my side 0 The Trump Train, is doing just fine.

          1. MAHB001 says

            As a rule, I never voted for an incumbent either.

            In general, being a Conservative in CA, I have been disenfranchised since I started voting.

          2. SD of AZ says

            To some extent what you have said is true particularly in some states like CA. Sorry you are stuck there. But Trump was elected and that does set some of what you have posted in doubt. There are still enough of us when necessary to overcome their fraud machines though obviously not in every jurisdiction. It is our job to help the organizations out there now going after these fraud machines. But then you know that Mahboo1. Good luck. I think CA just brought the wrath of MAGA down on their heads. We shall see.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I believe the reason Trump was elected was because of the timely release of the Project Veritas videos. That type of exposure would stop voter fraud while the spotlight was on the subjects.

            The videos have top DNC operatives confessing to voter fraud just weeks before the Election… The entire apparatus was driven underground as the people did not want to get caught committing a felony. Note that since then the Democrats have been crying Russian Collusion as a diversion. I believe that the apparatus is back up and operated exactly as planned for the Judge Moore votes…

            The thing is, IT IS NOT DEAD…. That type of corruption goes underground for a little while while the spotlight is shinning, but as soon as darkness falls, the rats are back out.

          4. SD of AZ says

            True but it has to be stopped or at least every new version of it that rears its ugly head. And we should never ever stop being watchful but there are metrics that are measurable to confirm it is happening and where. Thus the reason the feds and the JW are filing suits in the counties where it shows it is a likely possibility. And we do need to boot the illegal aliens out of this country ASAP. That takes care of about 30 million potential illegal voters! And the penalties need to be tougher when caught either enabling the illegal voters or just voting as an illegal.

          5. skisok says

            Some of Trump’s cabinet were signed up to vote in more than one state. Now that’s voter fraud at the top.

          6. MAHB001 says

            Not unless they ACTUALLY voted in other states like the DNC was and is….


          7. skisok says

            Do you know gorvs fact that they did not. I’ve yet to see any evidence of fraud amounting to more than a dozen cases and some of them were in Trump’s favor.

          8. Richard Start says

            It is going to surprise some people but keep watching CA and you will see a conservative movement growing in that State! Now it is mostly in the Northern end but I’m getting indications it is slipping south. One day the Liberals in that State are going to wake up to a different reality, it may take another year or two but it is coming!

          9. SD of AZ says

            I hope so, I was born in San Diego and still have some relatives there. But it has changed drastically. They have trashed a beautiful state.

          10. See Janus says

            Possibly, but it will be too late for the southern part of the state.

          11. niknar says

            Well, if you never vote for an incumbent, then you’re not going to vote for many Republicans, since they hold all the levers of power.

          12. MAHB001 says

            Elites hold all the levers of power… I don’t think the Elites are either Democrats or Republicans… Best figure this out and try to understand.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressive Big
            Government Communists.

            Big Government = Communism

            The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

            Of the People, By the People, and For the People,


            Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the

            This is Communism. The elites are the traitors.

            There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the
            people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          13. niknar says

            The biggest wolf in sheep’s clothing is Trump, but there’s nothing he’ll do that you won’t excuse.

          14. MAHB001 says

            He hasn’t done anything that needs to be excused yet… Except.

            Since President Trump Took Office:
            –Unemployment Has Fallen To A 17 Year Low
            –Over 1.9 Million Jobs Have Been Added
            –The Stock Market Has Gone Up More Than Six Trillion Dollars
            –ISIS Fighters Have Been Reduced From 35,000 To 1,000
            –New Home Sales Have Soared To A 10 Year High

            unlike our last President, Donald Trump’s sacrificing his own wealth to
            make this country great again and prosperous for every American.

            Trump Has Lost $600 Million In Net Worth Since Taking Office – Forbes

            To top it all off, he’s donated EVERY PENNY of his presidential salary
            equally between the National Park Service, Dept. of Education, Dept. of
            HHS’ Fight Against Opioids, and Maintaining Veterans Cemeteries.

          15. Mike says

            First unemployment has fallen but it was heading in that direction by Obama. Obama actually created more jobs in his last year in office than Trump created in his first year.
            Trump is playing the long con. As he said to his friends and patrons at Mar a Lago after the tax bill passed: “you all just got a lot richer.”
            The stock market is doing well although you must have been ecstatic with Obama as the stock market grew 235percent over his time in office, the third largest increase in our nations history.

          16. MAHB001 says

            The economy including unemployment was dismal at best under 0bama..

            The upticks of the Economy and unemployment that you see at the end of 0bama’s reign is nothing more than the light at the end of the tunnel.

            People realized that the era of 0bama’s communism was finally going to end.

            Go TRUMP… #MAGA

          17. Deborah Pratt says

            ‘O’ realized it as well. He spent his last two weeks in office ‘messing up’ everything he could and laying ‘land-mines’ and ‘booby-traps’ for when Pres Trump came into office!!! He was hoping to cause Pres Trump to fail but, once again, Pres Trump has proven too smart for him. The ‘liberals’ only real ‘whine’ is how ‘long’ it’s taking him to make head-way. Even that falls short of being taken seriously!! With all the work involved in cleaning up the ‘mess’, and all the childish resistance by the Dem ‘losers’, he has still managed to accomplish more in his first year–in a ‘positive’ sense, than ‘O’ ever did in 8 years. Of course, point being that ‘O’ never intended anything ‘positive’ for this country from the ‘get-go’!! The only time he publicly ‘did’ anything positive, was to cover up all the ‘negative’ things he was doing, when it was threatened to being discovered by the public!! Hillary’s ‘battle cry’ was also his—‘keep them uninformed and unaware’!!!! It’s the ‘Liberal Way’!!!

          18. MAHB001 says


          19. Mike says

            As usual the facts escape you. The unemployment rate fell by over 50% under Obama during his time in office from a high of around 10 to where it finished at 4.7 percent. If you wish to use the u6 rate that is fine as well as that fell from a high of 17.1 percent to 9.2 under Obama. In addition this does not change the fact that Obama in his last year in office was a better job creator than Trump was in his first year. Obama created 2,240,000 jobs in his last year compared to 2,055,000. Again as usual the facts do not back up the reality of his Presidency. Of course Trump barely is working as the President. He begins his day in the Oval office at 11am, far later than other Presidents. He has also played more rounds of golf in his first year than any previous President in our history and gone to his clubs costing the American taxpayer over 46million dollars in his first year alone.

          20. MAHB001 says

            The Lefts putting lipstick on a pig is getting tiring and old…

            Play with the data any way you want, but your smoke screens do not fool me.

            The American People suffered under 0bama’s regime. I look at my reality, not your communist loving, American hating spin on reality…

          21. Mike says

            Numbers do not lie unlike Trump who does. I understand as a Trump sheeple you are unable to actually look at facts, but try to do so as you may actually learn something new.

          22. MAHB001 says

            It is not the numbers that are lying, it is your interpretation of those numbers that is a lie.

            The conclusions that you on the Left come up with are done so with double standards. And those double standards are just lies.

          23. Mike says

            Numbers do not lead to misinterpretation; Fact Obama created more jobs than Trump. Fact Trump has golfed more and works less than any president in recent history. Fact Trump has cost the American taxpayer over 46million for his gold outings in his first year.

          24. MAHB001 says

            Numbers DO lead to misinterpretation, especially when you intentionally ignore all numbers that go against your ideology.

            If you dig into those numbers you so gleefully quote you will find that the people INCOMES dropped under 0bama. What was happening is the people were losing full time jobs and part time jobs were being generated to replace them…

            I have come to the conclusion that people like you on the Left are broken. You can no longer accept or understand data that goes against your ideology. So you can keep putting lipstick on your pigs… I am not listening to your garbage.

            Donald Trump gave up an incredibly comfortable lifestyle to make this country great again. But he’s persecuted and prosecuted every day by Democrats and the liberal media, just for fulfilling his promises and reversing the damage caused by decades of inept leadership.

            Since President Trump Took Office:

            –Unemployment Has Fallen To A 17 Year Low
            –Over 1.9 Million Jobs Have Been Added
            –The Stock Market Has Gone Up More Than Six Trillion Dollars
            –ISIS Fighters Have Been Reduced From 35,000 To 1,000
            –New Home Sales Have Soared To A 10 Year High

            But unlike our last President, Donald Trump’s sacrificing his own wealth to make this country great again and prosperous for every American.

            Trump Has Lost $600 Million In Net Worth Since Taking Office –

            To top it all off, he’s donated EVERY PENNY of his presidential salary equally between the National Park Service, Dept. of Education, Dept. of HHS’ Fight Against Opioids, and Maintaining Veterans Cemeteries.

            Funny how the numbers don’t lie…..

          25. SD of AZ says

            Mikey is another AK alias. Waste of time. These trolls have to be paid and as they accumulated blocks to all the BS they move to another name moniker.

          26. MAHB001 says

            I did not know that… In the end, it is very safe to lump all these trolls into the same pot. Thanks,

          27. SD of AZ says

            I call if cooking the books. Many administrations have been doing this including the rinos and the dem wits. And done by corporations, it a crime and there are punishments for the deceits but not our government. Hum?

          28. URWorstNightmare says

            Your reality makes you a dreamer. Please report to the nearest deportation center. Chances are you are the commie who spends too much time watching RT.

          29. MAHB001 says

            There you go again, projecting. That is older than the lipstick.

          30. SD of AZ says

            Geez, where do you get your facts, the Bozo prep sheet for his paid trolls?

          31. Mike says

            The information came from the Department of Labor. The numbers that President Trump himself said were very real after he started having a few good months of jobs reports. Unfortunately his numbers still were less than President Obama’s. I realize that the Trump sheeple have to block anyone who reports facts. They are hard for the Trump sheeple because they invariably show Trump as a lesser President than many of his compatriots.

          32. SD of AZ says

            Woops forgot to ask, you Ak’s alternate moniker?

          33. skisok says

            2 million jobs have been added each year for the past 7 years.

          34. MAHB001 says

            Record numbers of people unemployed and out of the workforce.

            Stagnant anemic growth in the last 8 years.

            First time in History that future generations will not be better off than their parents, happened under 0zer0’s reign.

          35. SD of AZ says

            This one too. New names but same style. I am blocking skisok and mikey. Yugh waste of time. And the same stale posts. Geez you would think their boss could give them something new once in awhile. Makes them oh so eacy to spot.

          36. See Janus says

            And the Obama’s gained $40 Million in net worth during their 8 years in office.

          37. MAHB001 says

            I would imagine that number is second only to the Clinton’s in net worth gain….

            The Elites did far better than any fat cat business Executive during the same period.

          38. SD of AZ says

            We disagree about the elites Mahboo1. They are NWO and that includes the rinos, the dem wits, the really mega rich like Soros and his ilk. They do not live exclusively in the US. And they are not necessarily communist or socialist or democratic or republic or tyrants/dictators, etc.. They might employ the tactic of socialism or communism or whatever but they are not anything but those who feel they are above the peons of the world in every nation. They might include politicians, mega rich, etc. but their politics consist of control, greed, avarice, god complexes that Soros has already publiclly admitted to, etc..

            Their end game is leading the world and being totally in charge of everything and everyone. That includes the governments that advocate the ideologies that enable their populations to submit by all means possible. Some government leaders do not even understand the devil and their masters behind them.

            And I have to add it is a sad state of affairs that these monsters are still around to reek havoc and play in the world sandbox like we are their toys.

          39. MAHB001 says

            “Their end game is leading the world and being totally in charge of everything and everyone.”

            I don’t think we disagree about the Elites. Everybody working for the State is my primary definition of a communist state….

            The NWO is just the World as a communist state…

          40. SD of AZ says

            Mahboo1 you are still stuck on the method of ruling. They will not be ruled under the umbrella of the country ideology or the direct rulers of the governments under their New World Order agenda. As with the EU today, they will manage the rulers like Merkel, Marconi, etc. of those countries or as noted rulers of the countries united by the EU umbrella and behind those front men and women calling the shots as they are today. Though I have to admit not everyone in the EU coalition is involved or actually supporting the NWO agenda.

            And their final model is feudalism and that is not communism because the NWO will not provide for the citizens, the citizens via their governments will care for them and the citizens will be as serfs at different levels but all working for the queen or king bees. They perceive themselves as far more than governance, Soros thinks he is a god. And I would bet they have already divided the world up among themselves theoretically. There is already some master plan for who manages Merkel and the rest. I think they are fairly obvious about it too. The old rumors about an elite group in charge even during the WWs might have had some basis in truth. And as I am amazed that we have not realized who and what we are dealing with until Bozo enlightened the US. It seems enough is NEVER enough for people of the ilk I am discussing here. And there is a big line of want to bes ready to join them.

          41. MAHB001 says

            SD of AZ,

            I see all of your points and believe they are valid. But still do not see where we disagree.

            The ultimate controllers may be NWO, and their end game may be feudalism and not communism… But at this point I differ to Hillary and say “what difference does it make?”

            Both require the destruction of the Constitution, which guarantees all of us certain inalienable rights that do not exist under communism or feudalism.

            The end game for America is the destruction of the Constitution, and the more people that we can get to understand this, the better.

            I use the word Communism because most people still fear it. They see it as incompatible with their way of life and still see it as something to resist.

            As I see it, the Communists used the Socialists as useful idiots to gain control. It very well may be that here in the US, the NWO is using the Communists as useful idiots to gain control..

            My goal if I had one is to alert the people who once were asleep that their way of life here in America is under attack.

          42. SD of AZ says

            You are doing a fine job of that mahboo1. I too think we are on the same path about the NWO and elites. The governance is just down to who owns the land and either way it is not the people if the coup of the NWO is successful. We are indeed under attack. And judging by the fact Trump is our president I think the nation is awake including the silent majority. Keep spreading the word.

          43. MAHB001 says

            Thank you.

            We have to focus on the Election process. It is corrupt, and the NWO is now in control of our voting results….

            We no longer can trust who is counting our votes, and it is my belief that those in control no longer count the peoples votes.

            At the very core of our society is the belief that we are in control with our votes.

            The Enemy is within.

          44. mrpoohead says

            Sad and pathetic – nothing is wrong with the voting or the counting. It’s a plutocracy dummy! Only big business is represented – both parties.

          45. See Janus says

            And we know for a fact that Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders joined the Communist party. Occidental College in Los Angeles “worships” Barack Obama, the site of his first public Communist membership.

          46. See Janus says

            Communism in practice where we have lengthy study periods is feudalism. The Marxian theory is the propaganda that sucks in the masses.

          47. See Janus says

            However, MAHB001 didn’t mean they were actual Communists, only that they use Communism as necessary to effect a totalitarian system.

          48. skisok says

            Trump will create a wave of Democrats moving from California, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey to red states with unintended consequences for conservatives. With the SALT bill, I see the gradual movement being accelerated.

          49. niknar says

            What would be the pull for Democrats to move to red states, when the environment in blue states is so much better for them?

            I can see some shift in certain states toward blue, such as Virginia, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, the Carolinas & Georgia, but there’s also been a shift the other way in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Indiana & maybe Pennsylvania.

          50. SD of AZ says

            And the states they are shifting to are watching them. Mostly city dwellers and they congregate. The locals know them and fight them. Once the illegal aliens are shepherded out of the US, their congregations should fall to manageable numbers. We outnumber them even with the 30 million illegals uniting with them.

          51. Richard Start says

            Keep voting! You are told your vote dose not count to keep you away from the polls but I’m picking up rumblings like yours from CA of a conservative movement picking up steam in your State! If you quit now it will not happen.

          52. MAHB001 says

            I will never give up, and never give in….

          53. Richard Start says

            I tried to reply to Mathew and did not catch his comment was directed towards yours! My bad! I Know you won’t give up, you are a fighter and I’ve been impressed by your work, even used it some. I’m not a paper guy.

          54. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for the kind comments.

      2. Retired says

        The swamp was created many decades ago and got worse after WW 2 . The Stock market is a legal way of stealing money from the public , the preferred stock holders never lose a dime while getting richer .

      3. Retired says

        Billy Boy through Obozo .

      4. bttrap says


      5. skisok says

        Yes. Trump.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      What I’ve ALWAYS said, right?😣

      1. MAHB001 says

        You got it.

    3. niknar says

      Yeah, poor Trump! Even the guy who told Trump how to reach you guys & thus how to win the presidency must be part of the swamp just because he told the truth about Trump.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Now gossip is the truth…. My how your standards have fallen.

        1. niknar says

          The only thing you will believe is anything that gives a favorable light to your Führer, no matter how decrepit he becomes. Everything else is gossip or fake news to you.

          1. MAHB001 says

            The only person using the F word around here is you…. Park the bigotry at the door.

            The Left failed to hold 0bama and Hillary accountable, they have proven that they are incapable of telling the truth from fiction.

    4. pineapple says


      There’s more to meet the eye when it comes to
      Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr.
      in June—with new evidence tying her to top-level appointees within the Obama Administration.

      Just five days after Veselnitskaya met with the President’s son, she was
      a guest of the Obama Administration at a House of Representatives
      hearing about Russia.

      Veselnitskaya was pictured sitting directly behind former U.S.
      Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, an Obama appointee, who had
      personally invited her to the event. McFaul, who served as ambassador
      between 2012 and 2014, was a noted anti-Putin critic—Russia’s state TV
      accused him of attempting to “overthrow” Putin on his second day in
      office, after he hosted opposition activists at the U.S. Embassy.

      It’s unclear what McFaul’s relationship with Veselnitskaya was, or why
      she was invited to a House hearing about Russia, but the timeline raises
      a number of red flags.

      The same day Veselnitskaya was slated to meet with Trump Jr. in New
      York, she ran into a problem: she was denied a U.S. entry visa.
      Veselnitskaya appealed her situation to the U.S. District Court of New
      York, and she was granted a parole letter that allowed her to enter the

      The parole letter was granted U.S. District Judge Preet Bharara—an Obama
      appointee who has emerged as a vocal Trump critic. Bharara was fired by
      the new President shortly after he came to office, and he has been
      especially pointed in his criticism of Donald Trump Jr. over the last
      two days.

      After being granted entry by Bharara, Veselnitskaya arrived at Trump
      Tower—but it’s unclear why, exactly, she had chosen to meet with Donald
      Trump Jr. Veselnitskaya herself appears to be a vocal anti-Trump
      activist—her personal Facebook is littered with anti-Trump posts,
      including one photo of her participating in an anti-Trump rally at Trump

      Her name was not mentioned in the initial email sent to Donald Trump
      Jr.—he didn’t know who he would be meeting with when he agreed to take
      the meeting—and it’s unclear why she, considering her strong opposition
      to the then-Republican nominee, would even be willing to offer secrets
      that could assist their campaign.

      While no concrete details have emerged to confirm the innuendo, it’s
      clear that there may be more to Veselnitskaya than meets the
      eyes—especially regarding her relationship to the Obama Administration,
      and why she as an anti-Trump activist would want to meet with Donald
      Trump Jr.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I think that Veselnitskaya was sent by 0bama to make Jr. look bad…

        1. skisok says

          Trump doesn’t need any help to look bad.

          1. Deborah Pratt says

            No, he has the MSM and all the ‘liberal’ snowflakes working hard at it day and night!! As far as we ‘supporters’ of Pres Trump are concerned–you’re all ‘Fired’!!

          2. URWorstNightmare says

            Quit whining Deborah. The Trump’s are human after all and have demonstrated how low in intelligence they can be if all it takes is the MSM or Obama to set them up. Geez, always looking someone to blame other than their own incompetence. Wake up and smell the idiocy.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Oh yes he does, and that is the only help that he is getting from the Elites in the MEDIA..

        2. URWorstNightmare says

          Don jr. did all that on his own. As Bannon stated he wasn’t all that bright. As a retired Naval officer I agree with Bannons assessment about the lack of intellegence regarding the meeting and having no lawyers present. Pure stupidity on their part.

          1. MAHB001 says

            To be clear I was talking about Don Jr…

            The Trumps were not politicians when they started this journey. One can expect them to fall for the traps of seasoned scum like the 0bama’s and Clinton’s..

      2. Deborah Pratt says

        More than just ‘feathers’ in this ‘chicken house’!!! ‘Paw prints’ all over the place!! Still, it seems an awful lot is being ‘ignored’!! Perhaps, all in ‘good time’ this ‘too’ will be exposed!!

  6. gotabgood says

    FIRE AND FURY…. sounds like a mystery…… or great criminal minds coming together…Ahhhh how about espionage, full of spies and secrets….. HEY! I bet it is about Trump!!

    1. Retired says

      Go back to the days of Sen. McCarthy , he was right . They railroaded him just like your type is trying to do to Trump .

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        McCarthy was a degenerate lying drunk that did much damage to the country before he was finally put in his place.

        1. Retired says

          They did to him what you are trying to do to Trump , too bad Nixon got the same raw deal and did not succeed in the crocket Demo Rats . This time Trump will succeed .

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            Oh, that would be such a shame to run a delusional, dangerous, serial liar (Trump) out of office!!!

          2. Retired says

            But you had no problem with Lying Bill and Obozo . Remember Obozo Called ISIS JV and now they are spread world wide thank to him . Trump may not be perfect but he has shown more interest into cleaning up the USA than the last 3 presidents . Just the war on Illegals and Illegal drugs is very important for the USA .The rest would fall into place if we had a honest media . If you don’t like the Change no one is stopping you to leave for one of those left wing countries .You are just like the Hollywood people that were going to leave if Trump got elected . So don’t let the door hit you in the rear as you leave on a one way ticket .Brazil or any other South American Country would be a good place for your type .

          3. bttrap says

            very good post and to the point. we do need to send these people like bill to one of these countries for them to see what they don’t understand what these muslim countries want to do to christians. he should also read the koran to see how the muslims treat women and children

          4. Retired says

            Thanks ,to many are afraid to tell the way it is . Even south of our border and South America they abuse their women .

          5. bttrap says

            thank you

          6. Bill O'Neil says

            Just keep shoveling that Russian Troll Farm BS. You are well suited for it.

          7. Retired says

            You just can NOT handle facts , the Russian troll farm BS started with your friends in the Demon Rat Party .

          8. Bill O'Neil says

            More fake news.

          9. Retired says

            You would NOT know the truth if it hit YOU with a 4×4 ,that is what a media guppy you is .

          10. bttrap says

            that sounds more like obambie but we finally got rid of that lieing muslim

          11. Joseph Carrilho says

            Your diaper needs changing.

          12. Bill O'Neil says

            Your response is typical of a low-life maggot eating gutter-rat.

        2. bttrap says

          now we need to put obambie and hitlery in their place with mccarthy

    2. bttrap says

      it should be about obanbie it would be more believe able

  7. gotabgood says
    1. bttrap says

      put this B.S. back in your comic book and craw back under your rock

  8. ForrestByers says

    Donald Trump makes Machiavelli look like a piker!Check out Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog and get the lowdown on what is really going on. There is apparently a whole Lotta distraction and misdirection, of which this article is an example of! No I won’t give you a link. Hunt for it. It’s worth the effort. God And His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ are definitely in charge ! Humbly, in the name of the great Redeemer, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

    1. PatriotGal says

      God certainly had His Hand in our electing OUR PRESIDENT Trump who is leading our country to economic greatness, her full leadership role and back to honoring Him by PRESIDENT Trump being pro-religion and pro-life. God bless Justice Gorsuch, OUR PRESIDENT Trump, and our beloved America.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        And now, if PRESIDENT TRUMP would just get rid of all the mooseslimes that the VA has been hiring!??? I’m a disabled Vietnam vet and they’re treating me like shit since I refused to be examined by a mooseslime doctor! 😣☹😢

    2. evangelinebrabant says

      Too bad you do not really understand Machiavelli.

      1. ForrestByers says

        Explain it to me !

      2. ForrestByers says

        Did you do the comparison? Go ahead, I dare you!

      3. ForrestByers says

        My comparison was a compliment and not a insult to the President,indicating hie superior insight and intelligence , in other words , it is not bragging if you can walk the talk which obviously ,the President can and more importantly does!

  9. Mathew Molk says

    Bozo the clown as chief straightest? Guess that explains how we got stuck with Jeff the Inert Sessions and not mucking out all the obomites from the various agencies where they were planted in by the NWO Marxists.. . ,,,,,What I can’t explain is how the President stuck himself with Bannon.

    Well everybody makes a boo boo and now with a hearty “YOUR FIRED!” the Prez has corrected a major one.

    Hey Sessions – Youre next (I hope)

    1. evangelinebrabant says

      Needs to be Mueller.

  10. Mike says

    So Bannon speaks a little truth about our incompetent President and the right turns on him in an instant? of course makes sense because the Trump sheeple must delude themselves that he is doing a fantastic job.

    1. niknar says

      It doesn’t matter what Trump does or who opposes him, these people will take his side regardless.

      1. Mike says

        Of course the Trump sheeple have lost the ability to critically think about our incompetent toddler in chief Trump.

  11. Michael Dennewitz says

    These bastard dumbasscrats just won’t give up, eh? And as long as geo soreass is filling their pockets, it will never end. STILL far too many oslobba holdouts operating inside our government that need “dealt with!” 😣

    1. bttrap says

      I’m waiting for soreass to see the other side of dirt

  12. Paul Otts says

    Breitbart has been a force for Conservatives for as long as it has been in business. I believe Andrew Breitbart is rolling in his grave over what Bannon is doing.

  13. Michael Dennewitz says

    Keep your friends close, your enemies even closer. At the flip of a coin, THE ONE CAN EASILY BECOME THE OTHER!! 🤔😣

  14. charliestogner says

    was an admirer of Breitbart and visit the site although I find it to be too cluttered and making me think of grocery store tabloids. I like Trump and think I understand his ‘style’, brashness, lack of ‘civility’ or whatever else you want to use in describing him. I was a somewhat admirer of Bannon and was willing to give him a position of respect in what I was lead to believe was his influence in Trump’s election.
    However, not only am I a veteran newsman of nearly 60 years but operator of the only known nationwide network of cable TV programming sites not subject to ‘equal time’ rules of FCC. I was prepared to share how this is possible with Bannon but NOT NOW. I’ve spend over 50 years as a professional political consultant ranging from doing strategy and/or media for everything from the smallest local office to work congressional campaigns, as well as managing the campaign for a GOP candidate.
    “Kiss and Tell” in this business is the ‘kiss of death’. Apparently Bannon doesn’t realize that for whatever reason he leaves a campaign or ‘falls out’ with a candidate, the person he hurts the most with this current behavior is himself and sadly Breitbart news. If he still represents this operation, goodbye.

  15. URWorstNightmare says

    Stephen Miller is next.

  16. W. Coyote says

    Don’t believe a word you read on Breitbart?

  17. My country says

    Bannon was doing the work outside for the president .And Bannon is a great strategist.But something went terribly wrong after the hijacking by the democrats in the election of Alabama.I think the president is listening to the wrong people .Theres evidence of that with DACA . Although the votes show Moore won I think they gave it to Jones any way which says that’s how they are going to steal every election . Brietbart will come out on top because it was a lot of Breitbart patrons that put Trump in .And Bannon will be on top again if he and the president will let their egos go .Both want the same thing .But the problem is they are both the same .When either one gets attacked they fight back really hard .And this is the kind of stuff that takes away from getting America back on top . It’s just fodder for the democrats who are the problem not the President or Bannon

  18. niknar says

    So which one will you be siding with, the true believer or the billionaire corporate executive who is expert at speaking people’s language & riling up crowds, but other than throwing a bone every now & then to those crowds by harming some group they hate, habitually supports only policies that help corporations & billionaires while hurting everyone else?

  19. Michael Dennewitz says

    All the more reason for Mr Trump to have mucho, MUCHO protection, 24/7. I mean, look what happened to the Kennedys!😣😢

  20. Richard Start says

    Like the piolet who found his aircraft suddenly flipped upside down on a low level bombing run we need to hold off on reacting to this and let more come out. He knew it was imperative to turn the plane right-side up or he’d drift into the ground and die. Step one was gain altitude which meant pull back on the stick but upside down that would drive him into the ground, waiting allowed him time to think it over long enough to push forward on the control stick. Once he gained enough altitude he flipped his aircraft over and left Japanese airspace. It happened in WWII. Wolf’s book doesn’t line up with other reports or news so there is an indication he is just making money off of an opportunity. If we wait this out to see what comes out next there is less chance we’ll crash and burn making knee jerk mistakes.

  21. Eric Pearson says

    And now Bannon has issued an apology. He’s either trying to save his finances or he’s in fear for his life. Or both. Doesn’t matter. It’s too late. They’re all going down.

  22. Angelswatchingoverme says

    Has any other President in history been treated any where near as badly as Trump? His goal is to turn America back to it’s greatness….for this he gets kicked in the teeth for it. He’s not even taking a salary for crying out loud….He spent his money during the campaign….he’s not beholding to lobbyists. Look at the stupid media…this is like trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Instead of working with Trump and doing everything to help him…they work to derail him…I have a hard time trying to understand what is the matter with these idiots….along comes Steve Bannon….any respect I had for Steve Bannon is out the window….he really is a traitor…..I hope he and his book both go down. if he some how thinks he will shovel Trump out of the Whitehouse, to make way for his presidential run…he had better think again…traitors and back stabbers don’t make good presidents…

  23. Dr. Terry Sumpter says


  24. Tiger says

    Another Dossier’, with the Ult Left, even with the author saying on the first page it is his version of the truth, then on page 10 giving a sort of Disclaimer, the FAKE news says they don’t care, what kind of country do we live in now? When Main Media admits it doesn’t care if it is a lie or not? Gutter Snipes and Pimps for the One World Order, just like Hollywood they are hating on the first POTUS to ever keep promises and be so successful in one year that he shames every president before him.

    My guess is that they are going to all fall off the cart long before Trump does. We see it daily. Who is mental? Think on how they have gone full rabid and foaming at the mouth? The Truth is Out There, it can’t be denied and as long as we have as many knowing the Truth as we do, they will Crash and Burn.

    Bannon has already realized that he set his own ass on fire, and took Breitbart with him. He is now talking that the author of the book, misrepresented his words also. He is also praising Trump.

  25. Jeff says

    It’s not enough that this President is fighting off the left and the swamp, but as we knew was true, their wolves in sheeps clothing hidden amongst him, and the fact that it’s his own People is sad to see, I pray President Trump succeeds, if he should fail, the conservatives and the right can kiss this nation goodbye, and I mean that sincerely, you need only look to the soon to be Republic of Californication, to see the writing on the wall, there putting there elite up front, moving their pawns into position, and as we speak there attempting to pass legislation that will allow them to circumvent Federal Law, baring Federal Law Enforcement and all law Enforcement as well, from going into certain places of business or worship with in Californication to make an arrest, not to mention there attempting to allow the former golden State to become a tax safe haven for all the rich to bypass the Federal tax code, but only after the Bankrupt State makes sure it gets it fair share of your earnings, what a way to attract the rich…. lol….truly ass backwards thinking by corrupt politicians and that jackass Gov. Brown who is leading the former State right off a Cliff literally, if we allow the rest of this great nation to follow suit, we will all be damned, you know when you wake up bright and early in your town to the smell of bleach and disinfectants, having to be sprayed, to literally clean the faeces off the ground from the homeless and addicts who use the streets and sidewalks as bathrooms, in your hometowns where English is no longer the predominant language and Education is a thing of the past, well your no longer living in a Golden State, now are you……Smh!

  26. Beverley Estes says

    You should have called the FBI??? There is so much evil, deception, lies, going on how do you know the FBI would be of any help, AS God Sees it, OR just more junk to work theough andthings get messed up into more evil???????

  27. See Janus says

    The USA is not at war with Russia/Soviet Union (USSR). Thus, meeting with foreign officials in a business conference room unless the object or subject is the destruction of the USA should not be
    a problem. Getting information should not be a problem. We have the Clinton Crime Family making tens of millions ensuring that Russian obtained more than 20% of the US uranium supply when uranium is a protected war resource. There has not been a single piece of evidence that suggests that the Trump side of the meeting requested any wrongful actions from the Russians. The Cold War is over. Propaganda continues. Interference continues, but what proof is there that the Trump side requested any acts of sedition or harm? That’s right, None.

  28. Gerri says

    I suggest Breitbart distance themselves from Mr. (and I use the term loosely) Bannon or they will go down with the sinking ship he is. What a fool he turned out to be!!!!!

  29. marvin james says

    What a sad thing to try and do to the wining President from the former. Hillary should spend time in the can along with her husband Bill, the chief pedafile and former President along with the other former President Barack Obama for being just plain stupid.

  30. Asperger_Gal says

    And how do we know Bannon isn’t somehow mixed up in Andrew Breitbart’s demise so he could take over? I have no idea. Just wondering out loud how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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