Beyond Ferguson: Lessons We Shouldn’t Forget


The left wants us to learn one set of lessons from Ferguson, few of which are found in the facts of the case. We need to crack down on police brutality. We need to understand that blacks are still oppressed by white government authorities. We need to modify the justice system so that verdicts reflect public opinion. But these aren’t the lessons any sensible person will take from the crisis. Here’s a look at some of the things that we shouldn’t soon forget.

The Media Lies
We should have already learned this one. It was established in the case of Trayvon Martin. But if there was any doubt left, Ferguson eliminated it. I’m not sure if it’s driven by leftist ideology or a search for ratings, but the media botched this one big-time. Pundits arguing that an injustice had been done outnumbered Wilson supporters by at least ten to one. Even after all the facts were in, this hasn’t changed. Once the media gets its claws into a narrative, nothing as silly as evidence is going to change it.

Don’t Count on the Cops
As tired as I am of hearing the media excoriate the Ferguson police force, the night of the grand jury’s verdict made one thing abundantly clear: you can’t always count on the cops to protect you. Even though there were thousands of police and National Guard troops at the ready, more than 20 businesses were set ablaze on that first night. Reports in the days leading up to the decision showed Ferguson gun shops experiencing booming business. At least some of the city’s residents knew they could only count on themselves when things got hairy.

Don’t Fight the Cops
There’s a time and a place for disobedience, but it’s never a good idea to instigate violence against the police. This isn’t a moral proclamation; it’s simply a statement of fact. I know “reality” isn’t popular with the left, but it wouldn’t kill them to mention once in a while the series of bad decisions that Michael Brown made on August 9th. Of course, that would go against the new leftist philosophy of “never blame the victim,” an ideology that guarantees we will never rid the country of rape, domestic violence, black-on-black crime, and any other maladies that could be mitigated with a little bit of education. We wouldn’t want the notion of personal responsibility taking root, my god.

Racism Is Bad, Regardless of the Racist
Anytime a white person complains of “reverse-racism,” they are met with an onslaught of liberal outrage. You can’t be the target of racism, the left says, you are the oppressor. It’s time to stop letting 3rd wave feminism dictate the terms of the conversation. Racism is racism. And it doesn’t matter if it’s hatred of blacks or hatred of whites, it needs to go. The more we concentrate on what divides us, the less focus there is on what doesn’t. Is a colorblind America really possible? Not as long as the Al Sharptons, MSNBCs, and Barack Obamas of the world have their say.

  1. Yadja says

    Yeh like when your POT..US sends his Attorney General and his Racist Inciters your gonna have a riot.

    So moral of the story….when you have a situation that looks like O is going to jump it arm yourself to the teeth or leave town if possible.

  2. Maria castro says

    They want to intimidate the police, now they are going to really get away with murder, if they are black or they are from the cartels or the latino gangs. In God We Trust but keep your gun handy.

    1. Yadja says

      You think maybe this is all part of the grand plan of O to paralyze the people of this country and give the advantage to the minorities he is bringing in by the millions?

      1. Maria castro says

        It might be worst than that. I heard RUMORS that they were training militias in Cuba, Venezuela and other Central and South American countries. I don’t trust this man, and is hard to predict what he and “them” are cooking, I don’t discard any possibilities. Is very hard, near to impossible, to get rid of tyrannical dictatorship and we are there.

        1. Yadja says

          We already have militarized police departments and O has gotten rid of all the Generals down including Admirals.

          But we are home, millions of us, plus keep in mind how big America is. I live near rivers, forests, Springs, plenty of wildlife, waterways to the ocean and guns. Look at this from a birds eye view. It would take a very long time to take this country over. When in Europe I heard stories of villagers hiding in the mountains and caves and sending seekers into the towns at night. A 15 year old blind teen started the French underground. This is not as easy a task as many think.

          The big cities, well they are going to get it first but the wilderness, if you have ever driven across this country is vast and that my friend will take more than drones. The caves and valleys and forests are vast and there will be survivors.

          1. Maria castro says

            I have thought about it. You are correct, this is a big country and there are places were you could go, but I am not that young and have family that needs me. They

          2. Yadja says

            I know dear and such is the fate of many of us. But don’t give-up yet. When push comes to shove things will happen fast and furious and there will be survivors and fighters.

            Remember also, Europe is watching and the world. If he does anything rash the US is toast in world politics and opinion and who knows maybe some will help us.

          3. Maria castro says

            Thank you for your comforting words. I am strong, and willing to fight, I suffered a lot under Castro’s dictatorship, I despise the communists. As Europe is concern, I have a place in a little set of islands…but they are close to you Know Who…and they are coming in their boats and also invading those islands. Europe is having a lot of economic problems. I have family in there. I would rather stay in my quiet neighborhood in where I have lived more almost 50 years, I bought when I was very young, middle twentys, same house, most of the same neighbors, lots of wonderful and sad memories, my parents are gone, that is half a century.

          4. Yadja says

            So sad is it not when we look to the fight our ancestors had and how we are so lucky to be in America. Who knows maybe Americans deserve what they are going to get. They have forgotten their roots and can not recognize a Dictator anymore.

            Many will leave this country just as always happens. My grand ran an underground to get elites and Intelligentsia out of Communist countries. My people paid a heavy price.

            You are a wonderful addition to this site and you need to tell these people your story and keep at reminding them what we are up against. We have a boat and we know how to survive and we can leave and protect ourselves to the death.

            Let us ask the Almighty it does not come to that.

          5. Maria castro says

            yadja….I retired and had to sell my boat. Maybe it was a mistake, but that was years ago, I could never thought we were going to be in this chaos. In God We Trust and pray he has mercy on America, they never appreciated what they had.

          6. Yadja says

            They lost their way and it will take a hard lesson to bring them into understanding.

          7. ward says

            Believing that Patriotic U.S. Citizens will not give up to tyranny & will transform the thinking of the libtard’s after they realize what the tyrant wannabe dictator is doing to destroy the U.S. internally..! Freedom & Liberty will prevail over tyranny deceit !

          8. Maria castro says

            In God We Trust.

          9. Marilyn Stern says

            There are many patriots in our country who realize that registering a gun is tantamount to saying “here I am, come and get me”. They can also see the so called “writing on the wall” though there is a concerted effort to keep nefarious plans a secret. This administration is the most foul we’ve had and has set some things in motion that will not be easily overcome. They have been exacerbating race relations since day one. and this administration has not just opened the door to illegal immigration, they’ve put up a welcome sign. Most illegals want to establish their own little country within the United States. They fly their native flags and do not honor our country and it’s traditions. But the Muslims, millions here illegally, AND legally, thanks to Obama, will not be content to establish their own little country, along with prejudices and customs that sicken most Americans, within the United States. Instead, they want to take over our country, and Obama has given them an amazingly complex foothold, starting with having Muslims training on our military bases, via the United Nations. With their “no loaded guns” policy and Obama beefing up what he calls “HIS” Homeland Security (the director of Homeland Security is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood) we are in a very vulnerable position. They are well organized and I pray we will be ready for them.

          10. Yadja says

            Excellent post and I see where you know where the cow ate the cabbage and which end it is going to come out of and where it will fall.

            Nobody where I live registers nothing.

          11. Maria castro says

            Excellent post, you see the writing on the wall.

          12. LastGasp says

            “A freeman can be killed, but never conquered.”
            -Robert A. Heinlein

        2. Laurence Almand says

          Those are not rumors. Cuba has been training soldiers for the past 50 years. Socialist Venezuela and Colombia are ruled by drug lords and criminals, who would like nothing better than to infiltrate and cripple the USA.

          1. ward says

            You left mexico with the druglord dictators & U.S. wannabe dictator that he is destroying the U.S. internally by letting them infiltrate the U.S and giving them amnesty ! What in hell is treason if this isn’t the most obvious crime in the U.S. !

          2. ward says

            The crimes Kennedy stopped bo is giving back to create his dictator regime … !

        3. Jimmy King says

          Are you REALLY THAT Stupid???

          1. Maria castro says

            I am not a liberal. The liberals have an average IQ of 80, if that much, that is why they need a Tyrant to feed them, clothed them, pay for their phone and their rent, that way when he says come, stay, down, attack, riot, burn, destroy, kill, you do it so willingly, you have no choice, they are providing for you and helping the fools to get rid of their babies so we have more latinos, that tend to have hypocritical vassal tendencies.

          2. Jimmy King says

            You’re just another wet back. Tell Bill Gates he has an IQ of 80

          3. Maria castro says

            who cares about Bill Gates, mine is closer to Einstein. I came LEGALLY in a plane.

          4. Jimmy King says

            Yeah,, Maybe my garbage man Carlos Einstein

          5. Maria castro says

            ok … the plane boss, the plane.

          6. greyfox says

            She said average, average, average, don’t you know what average means? Your comment validates her point.

          7. LastGasp says

            Why are you here?

        4. greyfox says

          Nationalizing the police would be a good start, don’t be surprised if Obama is going there. Control the controllers and you’ve got it made.

          1. Maria castro says

            But if born in the USA he runs the risk that some might still feel Americans when it comes to shovel. Is easier if he gets people that hate us and this country.

      2. Conservative says

        Get real, Obozo is not trying trying to help the blacks. He is TAKING advantage of them and using them. That is the Democrats way. Make all blacks feel that they are being picked on and need ‘Big Daddy Government” to keep them on the Plantation where they can be taken care of because the liberals need to brainwash them into believing they need to be taken care of as if they are all retarded.

        1. Maria castro says

          and he is pushing them to get abortions, giving them all the facilities, he wants illegals, they play more as vassals. They will knife you on your back, they are patient and play fox, but he feels he can control them and illegals know how to wait for the right opportunity.

          1. ward says

            My personal belief that bo definitely fits the description of the anti – CHRIST or is a poor example of any humane treatment toward people ..! His muslim, black or any foreigner support that contributes to his destruction of U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom,Rights & Laws is very obvious with his unjust E.O’s & abuse of power …! Tyrant instigating dictators will meet their deserved doom on earth or in hell … !

        2. Yadja says

          And please tell me where at any post I said otherwise.

        3. ward says

          Dictators have to have their duped & stupid slaves & that is his black tyranny plan..! Doesn’t matter that he is 1/2 but pisses him off just like Hitler being1/2 Jewish and they both hated their mother that should have flushed them down a toilet @ birth or aborted both of them for the good of humanity … !

      3. A Lee Lowe says


      4. LastGasp says

        Naw,,,whatever gave you that idea?

        1. Yadja says

          Yeh LOLOLOL somethings are just obvious even to the naked eye.

    2. Conservative says

      This will just delay the police from responding to their calls and doubting anything the witnesses to a crime says because they are now known as blatant liars. It’s really a shame that Obama, Holder, Sharpton, etc. got involved because now everyone, including good decent blacks will be judged by the actions of the liars and thugs. Once again the Thugs in the White House have done more harm to blacks and set equality back 30 years all under the guise of ‘caring about them’ when all the Democrats have ever done is make blacks feel inferior and unable to make good lives for themselves.

  3. noel1234 says

    I think that their should be no white,pink,orange,or black cops in Ferguson. Let all the blacks riot and protect themselves from the rioters. Let the black panthers (which Holder likes),or the black muslims patrol the streets but no government money

  4. tomw says

    Bringing Sharpton to the White House, as an adviser, is as bad as a white president bringing in the grand wizard of the KKK to advise him . This man has put race relations back 50 years.

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrnakhan, Eric Holder, and our President have been seen doing the latest Ferguson Motown dance step:

      1. Jimmy King says

        But there’s no racism anymore, right?

        1. tax man says

          Only from the black side of town. Whites accepted reality back in the 60’s and whites like to obey the laws. Seems like all the racists are just trying to keep themselves relevant so they can continue to make a lot of money and get favorable government treatment. But we are ALL equal now and there is equal opportunity for all races, colors, creeds, religions and sexual orientations! No more discrimination, just what you are willing to work for. We all work side by side with everyone, same pay, same benefits, same homes, same cars, same everything. Anyone who is not working is not working by choice. Anyone who does not have a good skill and earn at least $40,000 a year is doing this by their own choice. The jobs are there, but you may have to move to get them. Look at Texas, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota. Lots of oil jobs in the US if you want to work, that all pay well. No excuses – get off welfare and support yourself and your family.

          1. A Lee Lowe says

            Not equal whem muslims are forcong their wsys on us and we allow it.

          2. ward says

            Guess who is behind that force to support his muslim brotherhood for their support & all the illegals for his created wannabe dictator regime of tyranny racism ..!

          3. ward says

            Very well written post but the part you did not mention is the opportunity to advance yourself to any position & salary you want to work for is only available with the U.S. Freedom of individual choice & ambition …! The socialism is nothing but a lazy ones scapegoat to let someone else control your life with all being equal in life but never a chance to better yourself with your own talents or ambition with out the dictators approval & how well you sucked …! The U.S. is & was created on freedom of choice & individual Rights that had to be worked into action not a given by freeloading … !

        2. ward says

          That must be like all the truth they spew makes these 5 the non liars for racism so all people are created equal unless they say not or create a looting riot for crime… !

        3. crystlfire62 says

          I have one name to mention. The “Black Panthers”. They threatened voters at voting booths and there were numerous videos showing this. Holder dismissed them all saying that there was not enough evidence. Funny when a video showing a white police roughing up a black, a video is all the evidence liberals need! HYPOCRITES!

      2. stephanie wilson says

        this is uncalled for. there are many ways to rip the president, but this just feeds into the ”conservatives are racist’ narrative. sharpton & his ilk are scumbags, yes, but come on man.

        1. hankthetank says

          You hit the nail on the head! EVERY one you named are RACIST

          1. stephanie wilson says

            thanks! very true!

        2. ward says

          THESE FACTS ARE FACTS of the”5″ that cannot be ignored if justice prevails..!

          1. stephanie wilson says

            excuse me?

          2. ward says

            NO EXCUSE … or your not EXCUSED from truth & facts; what is your problem..? These 5 racism creators are the problem for a racist created dictatorship from hell..!

          3. stephanie wilson says

            what are you whining about?

          4. ward says

            What are you bitching about ….. ??

          5. stephanie wilson says

            i asked a serious question, instead i get a wise ass answer. why?

      3. Charles Bittle says

        They are all good dancers.

        1. ward says

          These 5 are not worth the good powder to blow themselves to hell .. !

      4. Geoffrey says

        Hysterically funny!

    2. Juan TwoTree says

      Right on!! I think the lesson to be learned is: Don’t rob/steal, don’t get convicted as a juvinile for murder, don’t smoke dope, don’t challenge authority, go to school and do homework at night rather than roaming the streets like a night rat looking for trouble, don’t hit a cop, EVER and keep your loud, filthy mouthed big trap shut……you don’t, well, you can see what could happen, either by a cop or by a concerned/good citizen!

      1. tax man says

        And remember to dress appropriately, like a human being, not a convicted felon or someone who want to show off their butt. And remember, most employers do not hire people with weird hair, tattoos, piercings, sloppy clothes, bad teeth/metal in your mouth that does not need to be there, etc. Realize appearance and respect are about 90% of what people see you as. Do NOT ever associate with any gang for any reason – it is guaranteed to get you killed young or spend a lot of time in prison – no value at all to joining or associating with any gang.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Nicely put tax man! Nicely put….but, do you even think the majority of these high school or college kids een listen?

        2. LastGasp says

          Especially progressive Democrats!

      2. hankthetank says

        NEVER put your self in the place of a man,unless you want the pain!!

    3. emag says

      Yep, isn’t that something? I think by now Sharpton has replaced Biden. Don’t see him much any more. But Al is there every day. Its really disgraceful. The biggest race agitator in the White House as an advisor.
      Remember the cases he was involved in: Tawana Brawley, causing the city attorney and police their jobs. All turned out a huge lie. That was not the only case, there was the Duke LaCross team, horrible for those kids accused, which of course was a lie again.
      And now he is a presidents advisor. That tells you everything.

      1. Jimmy King says

        Its, Lacrosse and Sharpton had nothing to do with that. That was a white prosecutor in Durham NC

        1. tax man says

          It was a white prosecutor who was up for reelection and was going to get sorely beaten, so he used this case to get the support of the black community in Durham here and it worked. He got reelected but there was absolutely no truth to the story, just a black whore druggie who is now in prison for murder, arson and numerous other charges. But Mr Sharpton and his cohorts did everything they could to agitate the situation and keep it in the national news. They even gave the lying felon “victim” a full scholarship to college – room, board, car, books, lots of money! But when the truth came out they were long gone and would not dare show their faces in Durham again! The prosecutor was fired, disbarred and held accountable, went bankrupt and lost a case by the falsely accused boys from Duke. The racism cost the City and County of Durham millions in damages, millions more in legal fees, and millions more in lost revenue and lost tourism. And Sharpton was a big player in the process! It was the Jesse and Al Pony Show! Bunch of real losers there.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            I remember seeing/watching that case you are talking about here in Cheynne. I saw those boys and felt terrible for them, the news coverage, the whole situation. Damn, I wish there was a law that would have riot incitors, racist having to pay all legal and punitive damages for such situations. Break that BS Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson so called churchs and them. However, as you have probably seen on TV, Sharpton owes $4.5MILLION dollars in back taxes he has never paid…and he was in there playing Monica with Obama in the White House. Reports today said he has visited 83 times!! I can’t remember the guys name but a high official of Obama’s, Geitner maybe, that said he only visited Obama 2 times in his 4 years in office and one of the visit was for an Easte Egg role for their kids!! And Sharpton can get on Obama’s calendar 83 times in 6 years!!! BS!

          2. ward says

            Now the racism deceit has moved to D.C. and is advising the W.H. infiltrator how to criminally screw the U.S. Citizens out of their Constitutional Freedom & Rights !

        2. hankthetank says

          But the black woman did, she started the whole thing!!!

          1. ward says

            The “5” black power creating racists will never be criminally indicted as long as a congress & the courts continue to do nothing to stop their destruction to the U.S. Constitution & Laws while the master liar continues his unjust E.O’s of treason !

      2. tax man says

        Yes, all the LIARS and RACISTS meet regularly at the White House these days.

      3. greyfox says

        He’s a democrat, what do you expect.

    4. ESQ says

      Amen Tom!

    5. lil-echoes says

      When one is desperate for someone taking your side, Sharpton is all too willing to do that. His hatred for the white race is quite telling for a lot of blacks.

  5. Jena Smith says

    I don’t understand why they let the national guard just sit while they had been called up several days in advance of this mess. The officials just stood by and let the businesses be burned and looted. Who made the call to not call the national guard????

    1. LastGasp says

      Who gave the call to stand down is the question. Who is good at that sort of thing? Who has the the power to do that? Two guesses, the first doesn’t count. Hint,,,,,,his initials are B.H.O.

  6. Florio Vino says


    1. LastGasp says

      Impeachment doesn’t work on an illegal alien. Arrest and deportation to Gitmo does.

  7. WhiteFalcon says

    Here is another lesson: Looters should be shot. Arsonists should be shot, both regardless of race.

    1. Jarhead says

      And followed by a Double Tap.

  8. marilyn says


    1. hankthetank says

      WE need to shoot the lawless, & they will stop in their tracks, If you start shooting they will go home!! if they don’t then they deserve it!!!

  9. Samuel Clemens says

    The TRUTH is not racism. Al Sharpton must keep the myth of racism alive because he is making millions off of racism.

  10. Chad Toeniskoetter says

    Wow this is perfect! The truth in a nice simple short article!!

  11. dondehoff says

    The media needs to get out of their arm-chairs and get out on the streets and survey, say 100 blacks at random and ask the simple question, “What, in your opinion, was the biggest single “miscarriage of justice” during the Ferguson Grand Jury affair? I suspect such a survey will reveal that most all blacks still will voice the half dozen or so issues, that the Grand Jury already sifted through, one by one, and disproved. The reporter should have a partner, recording the survey via camera and voice recording. Then if the survey goes well, repeat it over and over again in different localities, and then on national TV, make the results known. This just might calm down the majority of the black communities. as I also suspect, just like our political parties, about 80% of them are very good people.

  12. Viperkat says

    The Aggressor is not always the racist, but that is normally the result. The media would have you believe that the Blacks are always the Victim. When does the Victim become the Aggressor? When the Victim goes beyond the point of defending himself from the Aggressor. Wilson was the Aggressor that initiated the contact, but Brown became the Aggressor when he attacked Wilson. When Brown started walking away, there was a neutral point, when neither were actively involved. Theoretically, Wilson, being the Law Enforcer, was the agitating force (of course, it was his job. Considering that he had a match to the Perp in the robbery, he was enforcing the law). The roles changed when Brown turned and charged Wilson. At that point (considering that Brown beat Wilson and tried to take his gun), Wilson became the Victim and he, properly, defended himself, legally. Brown was a big boy… able to do a lot of damage. What would you do under those circumstances? Wilson could not run, as his job was to handle this situation. He did the only thing left to do… Stop the Perp from committing further crimes. I don’t see any racial crimes in this affair.
    Brown instigated the entire affair by committing a robbery. Wilson what was required of his job… to serve and protect.

  13. JosephDygas says

    The public needs to wake up. The cops are not doing their jobs right. They allowed the riots to take place In ferguson without cracks heads or knuckles on the looters, arsonists and those who incited the riots like the father of the brown kid. worse yet, the Bosnian guy who was recently killed by several teenage thugs with hammers was not protected at all by police. The public needs to enact the castle doctrine law like Florida on a wider basis so that members of the public can take on these street thugs without worrying about lawsuits. Better yet, the police should issue a dead or alive bounty for these hoodlums.

  14. Barto says

    If Obama gets his way, I fear we will soon return to the days of the “Wild West” of which Charles Barkley spoke, for who in the world would want to be a cop in Obama’s world with advisors like Sharpton and with the backing of a “top cop” such as Holder. I think the best thing Obama could do for this Country at this point is RESIGN!

  15. STEVIETEES says

    It is just like Charles Barkley stated that if it was not for the cops, it would be the wild wild west in black neighborhoods! AT least Barkley knows not to bite the hands that protect you! He is an exception to the rule when it comes to the Black community! Why? Because he is wealthy and over 90% of blacks are not! And being wealthy, he has learned about the real freedom in this country ONLY IF THE LAW IS UPHELD! The only problem now is that Obozo has stepped over the line of the boundaries of the executive branch of the US Constitution! HE HAS NOW OPENED PANDORA’S BOX TO DICTATORSHIP POWERS OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH VIA EXECUTIVE ORDERS. If our current Congress(both House and Senate) DO NOT STOP HIM FROM THIS CONTINUED TREND, THE US WILL BE IN A LOT OF CHAOS WITH LAWLESSNESS DOMINATING OUR COUNTRY! Obozo has set the example for LAWLESSNESS IN THIS COUNTRY BY NOT UPHOLDING CURRENT LAWS, BY CREATING NEW LAWS VIA EXECUTIVE FIAT AND THE LEADER OF THE SENATE BLOCKING ALL LEGISLATION FROM THE HOUSE PROTECTING THE POS POTUS FROM CONGRESSIONAL ACTION. These dirty demorats have bought into Obozo’s agenda and are also to blame for the move toward totalitarianism! THERE WILL BE A REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY IF THIS TREND CONTINUES, THE GOVT CANNOT STOP OVER 200 MILLION GUN OWNERS IN THIS COUNTRY FROM NOT TAKING THIS COUNTRY BACK BY FORCE IF WE HAVE TO! ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF THIS POS POTUS IS THE NEW RULES HE HAS INSTALLED IN THE OBAMACARE THAT WERE SIGNED INTO LAW VIA EXECUTIVE ORDERS ON WEDNESDAY NITE BEFORE THANKSGIVING AFFECTING BUSINESSES WITH MORE THAN 100 EMPLOYEES!

  16. emag says

    Another thing we learned “don’t let Mob Rule take over our law”.

  17. Combatvet52 says

    Just remember who is in charge at this moment that’s why things are so horrible for everyone until we get all the CANCER out of Washington.

    1. Todd Driscoll says

      Please do not refer to the illness I am fighting as equal to the sickness that racism is to our country. Cancer is an illness that does not discriminate based on your skin color, Our government is! I would gladly take up the fight against cancer with my last dying breath but the fight for OUR country is lost. Don’t get me wrong, we are slaves to the big pharma company’s because their only goal is to keep us dependent on their “MEDS” to cure us, which will never happen, because it’s not profitable, and this administration will never allow racism to to die as it is profitable for them.
      As long as O and his buddies can keep us fighting with each other they can hide their illegal and traitoristic acts from site and we will all keep blaming each other for the problems in our country when the bottom line is that they ARE the problem. They will not leave on their own and as long as we are divided we are not strong enough to stop them, that is what they are depending on. Peace in America is not profitable, they know it, so they wont allow it.

      I feel bad for my children and grand-children because they will be left to deal with this mess after I am gone and I will not be here to protect them. My daughters were taught from a very young age that you must be able to protect yourself because the powers that be are not going to do it until you pay them, or until they figure out a way to make it profitable.

      So for those of you out there who are ready ask yourself this, What do we do now? Not tomorrow, TODAY! I don’t believe in the system of government that has been warped by the politics that we have allowed to fester in the closets and back alleys of our nations capitol, I believe WE should shut down the government, lets march on Washington and evict this man and everyone of the so called “public servants” . It’s time for us, as a community, to get together and put an end to the tyranny that is Obama and Sharpton and Jackson. I’ll meet you at the front gate of the white house, I’ll go first, and bring your guns cause we are going to need them. Who’s with me?

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Sorry about that i should have said get the R-T Sh-t out of the WH. I would love to march but my legs won’t let me plus other medical issues but i still shoot straight for an old soldier.

        1. Todd Driscoll says

          I will carry you on my back, if need be, all the way to Obama’s office! As a soldier I am sure your oath of loyalty to our country is very strong and at this point you KNOW that the same loyalty is not shared by the (I’m done referring to it as our government) dictator in power. Cant you just see the headlines, “WHITE cancer patient try’s to assassinate America’s greatest patriot, because he’s a racist and doesn’t like black people.” Al and Jessie would have a field day with it!!!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks Todd, i took an oath back in 52 to serve and protect America i have records as well that’s more than we can say for the IMPOSTOR in the WH.

  18. Shauna says

    Al Sharpton and the rest of the agitators should be in jail. They are the most disgusting, low life, scum that keep division alive….SHAME ON YOU!

  19. bygeorge says

    Our alleged president held an emergency summit at the White House on Dec.1st, on the Ferguson problem (?), however Obama and Holder define it. I am reminded of the joke about the three wolves and a sheep discussing what they were going to have for dinner. The sheep is a white policemen!

    Obama’s convened panel of experts, all experienced in black urban rioting, focusing on the claims of black profiling and other crimes by white policemen, was anchored by no less then Obama’s best new friend, that grand illuminary of social injustice, the rhetorical genius of MSNBC, who didn’t know the difference between Ottawa and Iowa, the Reverend Al Sharpton. Eric Holder was the third wolf.

    Believe, that the next white policeman who kills a black hoodlum under any pretext, will first be eviscerated by the DoJ, lynched by the press and hounded into oblivion long before a Grand Jury can deliver a ruling. They will not take another chance with the system. They tried with Darren Wilson and lost. In losing, they turned their guns of hate on the Chief of the Ferguson Police with hidden threats of killings, etc. if Wilson wasn’t fired. The Police Department caved and made Wilson do so too.

    Other of Obama’s panelists included many of the usual suspects from the black community all fearful of losing their lucrative modes of income of race baiting if the killing of Michael Brown is actually accepted for what it really was, a youthful product of a dysfunctional black community, clinging to the deeply implanted philosophy that they are, and constantly will be, victims of white society. They stand nearly united as a race that refuses to assimilate into a successful American Society preferring instead to glory in their role of victims and the financial benefits that comes with it. The exceptions are ostracized as “Uncle Toms.”

  20. Ken Trefaller says

    Cameras for police is like putting a band aid on the wrong arm. The real answer is,(and it will take Presidential leadership,) plead with parents to teach their children repect for authority. Brown and Martin would be alive today if their parents had done the right thing in raising them.

  21. cjg says

    blacks are full of shit, if a ant walked cross ways with them it would be racial…. due to their stupidity
    of the black tribe of america that destroy and burn their own, if they were taken out we would not have the problem. between all the handouts and the lack of stupidity on their part because they don’t want to learn nor get a job we don’t need them. and they are not from africa, africa would not claim the dumb asses. you can’t teach stupid

  22. Ken Trefaller says

    Cameras for police is like putting a band aid on the wrong arm. The real answer is,(and it will take Presidential leadership,) plead with parents to teach their children repect for authority. Brown and Martin would be alive today if their parents had done the right thing in raising them.

  23. Obie Miller says

    We DO NOT need to modify our justice system to reflect public opinion! Like it or not, our form of government is that we have a “constitutional republic”, which is governed by the rule of law. The mainstream news media INCORRECTLY calls America a “democracy”. You don’t need to take my word for it — look it up in Webster’s Dictionary(or google it). That simply means that you have to obey the laws, even though you might not necessarily like them. Should you disagree with a law, and you are a legal citizen, you have an opportunity to vote to change it. We, as citizens, do have a right to peacefully protest, but not to riot, or break the law. Should anyone break the law, whatever penalty is established is to be enforced.

  24. Florio Vino says

    They all are S. D.S. and make up the demolition squad the provides the Obominator` with material for his speeches and don`t think that HE isn`t taking orders from THEM! If the KKK is revived, it might benefit the country overall in view of the FERGUSON INCIDENT, which probably DWARFS anything that the KKK did.!!

  25. EXNFLFAN says

    What we have learned from Ferguson? I’ll tell you what we learned, Cops are not allowed to protect themselves, Some “thugs” can get away with “burnin’ down the town”, inciting a riot is only breaking the law if you are white, White folks are ALWAYS wrong even when they are right, Black thugs are always right even when they are wrong, did we learn more than this? Damn right, Al Sharpton and the Thugs of Ferguson have set the African-American community back 200 years with this dumbass stunt they pulled. And the Constitution will live on for another 238 years because this kind of crap just gave it NEW LIFE! Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid ya’all listenin’?

  26. RedRightandReady2014 says

    #2 – Don’t Count on the Cops

    “The historically-sound notion that citizens possess primary responsibility for protection of their persons and property, is reflected not only in the clear intent of the Second Amendment, but as well in federal court decisions. For example, in 1981, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit noted in Warren v. District of Columbia, that “. . . government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular citizen.” This assertion was reiterated a year later by the Seventh Circuit, in Bowers v. DeVito, when that Court held “there is no constitutional right to be protected by the state.””

    Bob Barr, on, 12/03/2014

    Be prepared. Be trained. Be armed.

  27. stephanie wilson says

    you put it better than i ever could! awesome article! it is indeed sad that the leftist cowards don’t just wake up! political correctness is killing this country

  28. rchguns says

    First of all by the cameras on the police is an exceptionally good idea. The next thing the police need to understand is that they do not spend enough time training with their weapons. This officer should not a fired more than four shots.

    One that occurred in the car when the thug was trying to steal his is firearm.

    The other three shots should’ve been to shots to the main body mass and one to the head.

    1. Todd Driscoll says

      I don’t understand WHY you think cameras on the police will help anything, It’s always “edited” footage that we are allowed to see. Why is it edited? Try filming a police officer with your phone when you get pulled over, the cop will threaten you with arrest while he has his hand on his gun. An edited video allows anyone who wishes to fill in the blanks with whatever imagination they have to twist the story to fit their own agenda. How about we just go back to protect and serve instead of detain/arrest and incarcerate?

      1. rchguns says

        Small solid-state cameras can record to a secure chip that cannot be altered. An officer comes on duty is issued the body cam and when he comes off duty he turns in the unit containing the chip or he loses his job.

        There’s nothing in this entire world that cannot be manipulated but the question is how many organizations would have the expertise to do anything but totally eliminate that recorded record.

        I would take it one more step further than ever police officer carries a firearm that firearm must be equipped with a recording device that is engaged as soon as the firearm is drawn. This alone would help training so much it’s unbelievable.

        As an ex-deputy Sheriff I can state categorically the odds are stacked against a police officer especially an officer alone. And in today’s sue happy world you could not pay me enough to be a cop.

        1. Todd Driscoll says

          I have nothing against a police officer doing his job and upholding the law, but personal experience has proven to me that MOST officers need to be retrained in what the law IS. At this point “I AM THE LAW” is what MOST of them see as their ticket to treat people as their underlings. Please do not “TRY’ to violate my rights just because you have a badge. I know my rights under the constitution and the only way THEY can violate them is if I allow them to, and when I don’t allow them to THEY will arrest me for “interfering” with an “OFFICIAL” investigation.

  29. sanford paris says

    Charles Barkley stepped up to the plate and told anyone interested that it was a black problem in Ferguson and elsewhere in the USA. He likened the protesters to scum bags. This is a message our president should have delivered some time ago were he genuinely interested in black people. Hats off to Barkley. Hope he’s just the first.

  30. A Lee Lowe says

    The business owners should take their money from insurance and leave. A chance for a new start. Let the thugs steal and loot each other. They must love the spirit of poverty. Go business owners go. Get online and sell. Hard to loot there.

  31. Saxondog says

    We may one day as a RACE realize just how manipulated the issue has become with the DEMOCRAT party,let’s simply ask ourselves one question my fellow americans,just one. When did WE THE PEOPLE decide to allow our Government to divide us based on skin color instead of NATION OF BIRTH like every single Nation on earth?,

    Consider Illegal Immigration,every HUMAN walking across the border is instantly HISPANIC? VIVA SPAIN’s CONQUEST OF SOUTH AMERICA because last time I looked,there were still MATIONS on the South-American Continent which have at least three separate racially divided Humans.

    Yet by Magically walking across our National Border the SKIN COLOR LABELING SYSTEM( Thank you Federal Government) completely washes away all traces of their heritage and they become HISPANIC


    Well I asked,who shall answer with a verified, date,time,and H.R.Number where WE THE PEOPLE actually had an opinion to voice about what exactly we shall be called?

    OK,Want UTOPIA,me to just not the typical SOCIALIST TYPE,here’s mine EVERY HUMAN BEING BORN IN AMERICA IS AN AMERICAN. STOPS all the bullshit day one. Because this SOCIAL DIVISION based on skin color is wrong,does not work,and will never unify our people,The American People.

    diversity does serve the POLITICIANS very well though, Nancy Pelosi is a prime example,who in this entire Nation would claim to be of the same RACE as that?WHITE? BLACK? OTHER?

    Well OTHER certainly could remain so she has a label,but for me. AMERICAN works just fine,and by the way it actually is the FACTS,SMART AND WHAT WE ARE.

    The guy from SWEDEN born in UGANDA is a prime example of the world,he is UGANDAN regardless of his “WHITE SKIN” and it seems to work in UGANDA that third world bastion of civilization,

    But here in AMERICA were simply TO FUCKING STUPID to realize just how STUPID the SKIN COLOR LABELS HAVE BECOME.

  32. joe joe says

    yeah! maybe we can get em all together and have a hanging in the W.H. lawn what a great day that will be start a the top and work down! the the American people can start all over !

  33. Curtis Jones Jr says

    This article is full of Bull shit. Blacks oppress Blacks and raise their children with no respect. Stop blaming the Whites for all of your own failures. Remember affirmtive action, how did that work out for you. It didn’t, it just made it harder for those that Did work hard to get ahead.

  34. David Gearhart says

    The lesson to be learned from Ferguson is that not even armed white police officers are not safe in a black racist community that hates white’s. If a white person tries to protect themselves they are then the criminal. There is no hate crimes for them to attack and kill you. Equal protection under the law doesn’t protect white’s.

  35. Timothy Bunn says

    And the sadness,it won’t ever be over.It’s a part of history,for good or bad. Who can see into the future? What has been done,and the words spoken can never be taken back or unsaid. What is the sorrowful part of it was and is a part of our Presidents’ life and history,and the millions of voters he abused who believed in him has changed. I think this evil of a mans nature took him over. There will be a book(s) written of these times. What is to become of America and all the evil nations coming against is. America may survive,if not those who don’t care about their homes and families have what they wanted. One thing is certain,the world has changed because evil has won for now. A simple man’s commentary.

    1. Todd Driscoll says

      Evil has only won because we spend all our time on the internet complaining and absolutely no time actually doing anything to stop this dictatorship that we have allowed to come to power.
      Again I say it, “It’s time we took back our liberty’s and freedoms from a government that in no way represents the ideas of this great country!” I can be in Washington at the front gate this afternoon, but I cant do it by myself, we must band together and take this country back from the “Fake representatives” that we have given power to and have made us the butt of every joke the world can come up to describe the “IDIOTS” that still believe that our government is “of the people and for the people.”
      I wonder what the National Guard would do if we set the capitol ablaze?

  36. ward says

    Police brutality is not the problem it is the criminal thugs that want to have the dictatorial power to steal & beat people for their wannabe all powerful gang bang drugged criminal freeloading violating all laws..! The continued protection of these criminals by bo & uses racism as the excuse for their crimes is the real problem for any justice application toward the crimes these race baiters are creating to destroy the U.S. !

  37. David C Kelder says

    Liberals say we should modify the justice system to reflect public opinion. I say hogwash. The justice system needs to follow the law.
    BTW Public opinion was overwhelming in favor of police using whatever force required to protest the businesses and the innocent people of Ferguson. Public opinion was not with the rioters and race mongers.

    need to modify the justice system so that verdicts reflect public
    opinion – See more at:
    need to modify the justice system so that verdicts reflect public
    opinion. – See more at:
    need to modify the justice system so that verdicts reflect public
    opinion. – See more at:
    need to modify the justice system so that verdicts reflect public
    opinion. – See more at:

    1. greyfox says

      Liberals only want to reflect public opinion when it suits them. Obamacare was not overly popular and still isn’t, that doesn’t seem to matter.

      1. David C Kelder says

        greyfox – You are right again. Public opinion is not with the rioters and looters ld constantly monitor our police to ensure they treat everyone fairly. Not many, but some op people for driving while black. They also stop people for driving while a teenager

  38. marilyn says


  39. Miller51550 says

    I have been ‘brought’ as a white male.. during the past 50 years of EEO.. LIBERAL PC..

    I have been ‘racially, age discriminated.. AND have grown tired of what LIBERALS, Democrats, and Rinos have done to OUR COUNTRY..

    The last six years under Obama and these same LIBERAL Brain Dead Zombies, will NEVER be undone.. in the next 100 Years.

    American Patriots.. need to take back America.. and do away with the PC Craziness that is going on.

    I thought with the 2014 Take over of the House and Senate that something would change.. But it seems those same old closed door deals are going on as for the last 75 years.

    When Racism is USED to justify destruction of Property, disobeying the law.. and the murder of innocents.. Then the Rule of Law must be refined… by removing all those LIBERALS in public office and in the legal system.

    Obey the lay or DO THE CRIME.. DO THE TIME..

  40. FloridaJim says

    Racism is a hammer used by democrats and race=baiters to remain in control of the black and now brown followers whom they have kept enslaved by The Great Society boondoggle for 50 years. Race-baiters become multi-millionaires and the blacks stay tied to their foul lies and abuse. Why are all the problems in black neighborhoods? Why do conservative blacks do so well, speak so articulately and enjoy the American Dream? Little by little the blacks are awakening to enjoy a life of responsibility not indebtedness.

  41. Florio Vino says

    IT WOULD IF IT WERE APPLIED TO THE OBOMINATOR` HE`S BEHIND THE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IN FERGUSON AND ELSEWHERE and sets the idiots out to do as much damage and looting as they can. Sorry, but I should have stated my point more clearly. But I am convinced and most I know feel the same way. Crap still sinks down from the top, if you know what I mean!

  42. David Gearhart says

    The new directive from Washington to the local police was that their job was not the protect and serve, but too enforce the law. Now Obama and Holder are creating distrust and made it impossible for the police to control Ferguson and withheld the National guard while the riots went on for over three months. They are making out as if the violence is coming from the whites to the blacks when it is the blacks that are attacking and killing whites. Obama keeps saying thing are going as planned. The scandals are not mistakes. Obama change may not be what you wanted. He is quite happy with his executive order control by passing Congress. We are not having one party control as we did, now we have one person control.

  43. adrianvance says

    “Don’t attack police officers.” It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  44. FloridaJim says

    One of the lesson from Ferguson, Sanford and New York is -when a police officer tells you to do anything do it and ask questions later. Had this been done no one would have died except those from the race-baiters who rioted to destroy black businesses….smart aren’t they?

  45. marilyn says

    rejection,blacks feel inferiior,blacks want respect,you earn that by your deeds,poor cops,give a person a badge and a gun tell them to enforce the laws,black cops need to be in black area to make the people happy, problem is they don’t enforce the laws against their own,seen it first hand, so what to do,good black people fear the black punks,yes they carry jobs will help solve the problems but obama has let them down,he pays illegal to work,screw the blacks go figure,did you vote for obama,big mistake

  46. marilyn says

    fine race of people,blacks are hampered by a small percent of lazy ignorant takers who make all blacks look bad,these folks are the rioters the ones who have done nothing but live off uncle sam, cops are sworn to protect society,who’s the problem,dumb blacks, so their leader is a mental midget who rakes in dough to make more problems,solution,shoot to kill ends all problems

  47. marilyn says


  48. crystlfire62 says

    How about dismissing the “Black Panthers” for threatening voters. There were several videos showing that but Holder dismissed it saying there was not enough evidence. BUT yet, the minute a video is showing a white cop with a black criminal, it is more than enough evidence for every lie liberals can make up…..HYPOCRITES!!~

  49. whoisshe? says

    Read on The Abolishinist Movement , first was Missouri, then South Carolina, then Vermont , all is true.

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