Biased Media Trying to Hide the Truth of Town Hall Protests


As we’ve discussed here before, the line between liberal, biased media and fair, ethical journalism isn’t always as cut-and-dried as the phrase “fake news” makes it seem. While there are examples of journalists who twist the facts so egregiously that they wind up publishing fiction, the media’s tricks are usually much more subtle. They’ve let their hatred of Trump get the better of them in recent months, but they usually understand that they have to protect the illusion of objectivity if they want to maintain the trust of their readers.

So they play little games with the facts. You can’t necessarily accuse them of lying…but let’s just say, they know what they’re doing.

These town hall protests greeting Republicans all over the country last week are a prime example of “fake news” wrapped in a blanket of truth. It is a fact that these protests are happening. It is a viable news story, both locally and nationally. This is something that is shaking up the political world, and it would be journalistic malpractice not to cover it.

Here’s the problem, though. If you get all of your news from the usual mainstream media sources, you would have a very skewed idea about these chaotic scenes.

From USA Today: “Riled up by a Trump administration agenda targeting immigrants and Obamacare and concerned about Russian influence, voters have been trying to get their representatives’ attention in sometimes-rowdy town hall meetings this week.”

Later in the article: “In Arizona, Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans, said they plan to meet with constituents.”

Later: “Sen. Chuck Grassley […] held a tumultuous town hall Monday in Iowa Falls with constituents shouting questions about Russia and health care.”

Constituents. Voters. Crowds. Protesters.

Do you see the trick?

We’re using USA Today as an example, but they stand for all the rest. In story after story, the news media is trying very hard to avoid telling their readers that these people are liberal activists. Whether they’re paid or unpaid, organized or organic, is beside the point. The point is that by using neutral terms like “constituents,” the media is trying to give you the illusion that these protest crowds are a healthy mix of Republicans and Democrats who are suddenly turning on the people they voted for. And if you don’t think that’s what they’re doing, just imagine how they would characterize these protests if Hillary Clinton had won and people stormed into Democrat town halls demanding answers. You would NEVER see them referred to as “voters” or “constituents.” They would exclusively use terms like “conservatives” or “Trump supporters” or “radical right-wing agitators.” If you doubt this, feel free to look back at the way the media covered the Tea Party.

Thankfully, there are still reporters out there with a sense of integrity. Even in the liberal swamp of MSNBC, we got to see Hallie Jackson pry the truth out of Ted Leiu, a Democratic congressman from California.

“These are organic, grassroots protests you see from across the country,” Leiu said.

“But congressman, there are groups though,” Jackson said. “I mean, you don’t deny that there are groups of more liberal activists who are helping to organize some of these protests at town halls?”

“Well, yes, there are groups that are organizing people to show up at town halls,” he admitted, “but these are people who are constituents of these members of Congress.”

That’s fine. No one’s trying to deny their personhood or their right to protest. But if we’re going to pretend they aren’t partisan – that they’re just politically-neutral “constituents” – then how about some balanced reporting? If 300 “constituents” show up to a town hall, that means thousands stayed home. That’s a pretty strong endorsement of the Republican agenda, no?

You’ve got to watch these folks in the media like a hawk. Their deceit is often beyond anything a simple “fact check” can find…and that’s what makes it so effective.

  1. Justin Seine says

    When you do not have a viable sales pitch you will lose sales unless you come up with a viable one that people of average intelligence or better will buy. That takes creativity and hard work. They easier way is to attack your competitors message with distortions, disruptions and lies. Why the mainstream media wants the USA to become a nation of outstretched palms is beyond me. Strength and prosperity cannot co-exist with socialism. The only ones who truly benefit are those in charge. Winston Churchill said it best: “Socialism is the equal sharing of misery”.

  2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says


    1. skisok says

      This newsletter is fake news and this room is loaded with fake Americans. I think most are Ruskies.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        And Liberals, democrackheads and progressives…I agree

  3. Justin Seine says

    When you do not have a viable sales pitch you will lose sales unless you
    come up with a viable one that people of average intelligence or better
    will buy. That takes creativity and hard work. They easier way is to
    attack your competitors message with distortions, disruptions and lies.
    Why the mainstream media wants the USA to become a nation of
    outstretched palms is beyond me. Strength and prosperity cannot co-exist
    with socialism. The only ones who truly benefit are those in charge.
    Winston Churchill said it best: “Socialism is the equal sharing of

    1. ecogal says

      you just answered your own question: the only ones who benefit are those in charge.

    2. slk5 says

      about 30 years ago, played a board game called lie, cheat and steal…it was about politicians!!!

      1. Brad says

        I played that game once. It was a lot of fun. Your right about its contents.

    3. woeisi says

      The reason they do it is because they believe in globalism. One world government means that the elitists in power will rule every aspect of our lives. It’s called Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be destroyed. How better to do it than by using “useful idiots” to do their job. The media is the vehicle to drown out dissenting voices.

      1. Mary Brumley says

        Great that you brought that to attention! The YouTube video I watched was AGENDA 21 EXPLAINED, by John Anthony.
        It was a rude awakening, but I am glad a poster named “Tiger” gave the link. One could even download the Government’s plan on this “sustainable development.”

        1. glorybe2 says

          Nonsense and fear mongering from the right wing again. There is no one who believes that a one world government can take place for several centuries. Nations have trouble not dropping nuclear bombs on each other. To think they are all going to hold hands and become one any time in the near future is idiotic. We will be lucky if we do not exterminate the human race with all out war.

          1. says

            Once again you are ass backwards… It’s the democrook libtards that are fear mongers…Wake up and get with reality…Moron

          2. desert fox says

            Look, you put a psychotic lying thief up as your standard bearer and she was recognized for what she was—you lost! Suck it up buttercup! Your riots and demonstrations are showing the world what the demoncratic party is!

        2. Craig Vandertie says

          Sorry!, that should have been in response to woeisi’s comment.

  4. Morton99 says

    Actually the DNC wants you to think that the massive protests are just a few activists making the world think that liberals are just throwing a tantrum because they did not win.
    That is in fact why the liberals did not take the Tea Party seriously enough – they also played down the effects of Tea party activism – and suddenly they lost power. It will happen to the Republican party too –

    1. headonstraight says

      Not sure what you mean to say. Don’t you mean “RNC”?

      1. Morton99 says

        Yes, good catch – I will correct it.

    2. John Somers says

      NOT at least for the next 8 years it won’t.

    3. richardwfaith says

      Well, it really should happen to ALL political parties, or more precisely, to the Globalist CABAL which owns outright and covertly operates BOTH the RNC AND the DNC, thus producing a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM which MASQUERADES as a “two-party” system, for the purpose of creating and maintaining a counterfeit illusion among the electorate that we have a SO-CALLED “choice”. Do you know what political party George Washington was a member of?

  5. Murphmeister says

    One simple for solution for congressmen is to require every person show their picture i.d. at the door. If the person is not from the district, no admittance. Senators have it tougher, but if you aren’t from the state, you can’t come in.

    1. Mike says

      they actually are doing this in several of these and these individuals are in their districts.

      1. Paul Hertel says

        They need to show a picture ID and the staffers need to record names and addresses to verify who these people … good and bad … who they actually are . Then follow up with a mailing containing a survey about the event . That should help to weed out some of the riff raff .

        1. Ronnie says

          These are the reason why the left hates voter ID also, it gets in their way way of their evil agenda of disruption.

          1. greenlantern1 says

            Do butterflies have id?
            Hanging chad?

          2. glorybe2 says

            Yes baby Bush was elected due to fraud in Palm Beach County, Fl.. And here we have CHUMP with the most expensive home in the nation in that same county. And yes, Florida has a notorious scum bag governor who is right wing and corrupt beyond all reason.

          3. Aristophanes says

            I will take our “right wing and corrupt” governor any day over all the other governors. Governor Scott has done an excellent job. Not too many governors (especially demoncratic governors) can say the same thing.

          4. glorybe2 says

            Scott is equal to Heinz ketchup. He took the 5th 57 times when questioned about his medical insurance company.

          5. Doug Hixon says

            You ought to take the 5th and shut the hell up you retard it’s people like you who got all the deplorables elected in the first place so y’all just keep it up until the 2018 election and see how you fare then

          6. HadEnough says

            EXCELLENT !!

          7. skisok says

            I’m sure you’ll see a tsunami of changes in 2018 and the Trump train derailed.

          8. Doug Hixon says

            Trump train will be full speed ahead in 2018

          9. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          10. skisok says

            Oh. Someone touch a nerve you didn’t like moron! The only deplorable are people like you. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and jump off the Brooklyn bridge. The garbage men will be around to scoop up your worthless ass and put you where you belong.

          11. Doug Hixon says

            I see that you are the typical liberal have a smart ass answer for everything and of course smarter than everyone

          12. Craig Vandertie says

            Oh no, not another mind controlled loser, get yourself deprogrammed by a Conservative in the Psychiatric field, someone who does not suffer from being completely disillusioned and in a total state of denial.

          13. skisok says

            Not hard to be smarter than you.

          14. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          15. True Disbeliever says

            You sound like a perfect gentleman, hon. Glad I don’t know you.

          16. skisok says

            The feeling is mutual.

          17. skisok says

            Trump has been taking the fifth about his tax returns and ties to the Russian mob. If he were truthful, he would divulge his tax returns and prove that he has no ties to Russia once and for all as he promised he would do. I guess personal campaign promises don’t count.

          18. lin says

            At least trump is an American citizen. All else is fine with me.

          19. skisok says

            Still using that phony birthed claim that has been proven to be patently false created by the Rhinos. Nothing but a political stunt.

          20. Craig Vandertie says

            In a video Barack Osama admits he is not a U.S. citizen, and to anyone whose mind is not being controlled the video appears to be authentic.

          21. True Disbeliever says

            Please post a LINK to that video. Otherwise, apologize to everyone here and go away.

          22. skisok says

            Right. I can also photoshop videos. I only look at nonpartisan sources that are verifiable.

          23. Craig Vandertie says

            I suppose you are an expert of recognizing videoso that have been photoshopped.

          24. skisok says

            In fact I am.

          25. skisok says

            It’s one of my hobbies.

          26. FAITH47 says

            It was Obama on the video.

          27. Doug Hixon says

            What about your messiah Obummer’s entire past sealed and hidden from the world I guess that’s ok but only if you’re a liberal freak

          28. skisok says

            I see that Trump wants everything clamped down. No leaks of his illegal activities. How about he open up.

          29. desert fox says

            You know, demoncrat, if you kept your mouth shut and your legs crossed you’d be out of business.

          30. skisok says

            Hey kook. If you kept your mouth shut, there would be less fled in the world. You’ve made fly swatter companies rich.

          31. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          32. Aristophanes says

            Just like obozo divulged his college records? Oh wait, he spent millions keeping them hidden. Double standard skisok? Hypocrite

          33. skisok says

            Why don’t you find be some other fool to spread your lies to. They’re plenty of morons out their that believe that crap.

          34. Aristophanes says

            Wow. You really are that stupid. Instead of burying your head in your parents’ basement, why don’t you learn some things for yourself? Oh, never mind. I forgot for a moment I was “talking” to a liberal who has no desire to learn the truth. You just want to keep drinking obozo’s koolaid. Sad skisok really sad.

          35. skisok says

            Why don’t you change your moniker. Greeks are smart people and you don’t fit the description.

          36. FAITH47 says

            TRUTH HURT…

          37. skisok says

            It certainly hurts Trump and his followers. Every time his fake news are pointed out, he cries fake news. I’m not going to say that established media sources are always truthful, but Trump takes the fake for lies.

          38. Mic says


          39. Kenneth says

            So far as I have read for many years now, Songbird McCain; Butugly Pelosi; and every demon-rat has never divested themselves of their business interests and never produced an accurate tax(evasionable) form! Can you, as a loyal demonliber,
            make an excuse for the yearly NORMAL for demoncrat liers to forgo their tax forms made public? If you don’thave, in hand, their tax forms, shut up!

          40. skisok says

            Hey moron. Every Democrat and Republican President who has served in the last 40 years have in fact divested and and divulged their income tax statements. Drump is the anomaly. He has a lot to hide about his Ruskie ties comrade. So STFU.

          41. True Disbeliever says

            None of those people is president of the United States… but maybe you didn’t know that.

          42. FAITH47 says

            How about Obama’s records? how come he sealed it. So he has something to hides.

          43. skisok says

            You need to check the facts out. Here are the facts.

          44. richardwfaith says

            How pompous of you to presume that everyone out here is so gullible as to take “factcheck” as a credible source for any real information!

          45. Aristophanes says

            Get over it glory. You need to stop listening to lame stream and do some research for yourself. Scott wanted to fight and the board said no. You are such a typical libtard. Do not bother getting your “facts” from reliable sources.

          46. skisok says

            It sounds like you don’t. I check with verifiable, nonpartisan sources. Oh wait, according to Trump no sources are verifiable except for the Trump controlled Breitfart news.

          47. ironbiker says

            how about the Connecticut Gov and his amber alert after he refused to help ICE,39 year old illegal shot and killed wife and abducted child,ignorant libtard11

          48. AKLady says

            He has killed a lot of people.
            He has made a lot of people homeless.

          49. FAITH47 says


          50. ironbiker says

            RAVING LIBTURD!

          51. Peggy Akin says

            Yes, glorybe2 is a Libturd.

          52. skisok says

            Raving kook!

          53. brooksandstreams . says

            Glorybe2…put your money where your mouth is dingbat and give us some real proof of your accusations.

          54. Craig Vandertie says

            FL is damn near as criminal state as CA and NY, people who are not U.S. citizens voting, those who are U.S. citizens too stupid to figure out how to cast their vote, dangling chads equals deadheads.

          55. rfrichey says

            If the most idiotic G-bore who ever posed as a Tennesseean had won his own state Florida’s electoral votes wouldn’t have mattered. Gore’s a good example of running on his dads name.

          56. Craig Vandertie says

            Damn!, are you stupid, it was all the illegal aliens who are too stupid to know how to cast their vote, or maybe people too stupid in general.

          57. desert fox says

            Illegal voters and dead people are the base of the demoncratic party.

          58. Craig Vandertie says

            You forgot people registered to vote in more than 1 state, but hold property or rent in only 1, I have always been a strong believer that in regards to any election other than Presidential unless you reside in a state, pay Sales tax and contribute to that state’s economy at least 6 months out of the year you should not have the right to vote in that state.

            You also omitted the family dog, cat, Hamster, fish, etc., etc., etc….

          59. desert fox says

            Totally with you, but would that allow Canadians who are here for six months vote in our election. Driver’s licenses in California are given to illegals by governor moonbeam. We have to sweep the registration books.

          60. Craig Vandertie says

            Unless you are a U.S. citizen, no!

          61. FAITH47 says


          62. John Topper says

            then pay your state and county taxes…the reason tax rolls aren’t current is because of a lack of funds, not fraud!

          63. desert fox says

            No, sweetfart, it’s because of the illegals that are being paid under the table and send their money to their families in another country and are not paying taxes.

          64. John Topper says

            that being the case, add Bannon and Trumps kids to the voter frauds!

          65. Craig Vandertie says

            You are a total idiot.

          66. John Topper says

            that’s bull….and the last I heard from the BUSH administrations 5 year study, voter fraud is a non entity. In the last election it was a TRUMP voter that was arrested for voter fraud!

          67. Phyllis Schultz says

            Actually Judicial watch just recently put out a report, in which the Supreme Court started a data base, putting in cases of people who have been convicted of voter fraud and cases where judges ordered new elections. They found 462 cases and 742 criminal convictions.

          68. desert fox says

            Bush, as he has proved recently has his head up his ass. Proof of fraud was found in Virginia—in eight precincts in one area there were 1,014 illegal votes found (there were an additional 125 precincts that they had not checked yet). As a demoncrat you have proved you inability to accept the truth.

          69. FAITH47 says

            Yes, butterflies has I’d. It was the color of their wings to identify them what kind of butterflies they are…

          70. AKLady says

            People who dare to not agree with you?

          71. John Topper says

            1. The left doesn’t HATE voter ID laws, we don’t like them:
            2. Because not all people have a picture ID;
            3. Or the where with all to get one.
            Think for a moment…do you need ANY form of ID to get a mail in ballot, or an absentee ballot? N O !

        2. TheSkalawag929 says

          What you suggest isn’t going to happen. The reason you won’t want to pay for it.

        3. David in MA says

          Get one of those scanners they use in hospitals they scan your medical cards with, view the scan as the license or whatever is being used and not only catch those who have no need to be there but have a record of their attempt at deceit.

          1. will says

            see if there are warants also mail it to police and they could get them before the meeting ends

          2. True Disbeliever says

            Assholes of a herd, flock together. You and will are quite a pair.

          3. Craig Vandertie says

            A wall between us and Cockroach Central with a foundation 100′ below the sand, 100′ high wide enough to run troop transport vehicles both ways, mounted machine guns, missile launchers, seriously discourage encroachment into the U.S. by those insects, equal treatment of Mexican citizens to that of the Mexican government towards Guatamalans.

            Truth about the reason the Mexican government requested large aerial drones from the U.S. governmenthe, they were going to equip them with automatic rifles or missile launchers to fly along Mexico’s border with Guatemala.

          4. David in MA says

            What does this have to do with verifying a persons right to vote?

          5. Craig Vandertie says

            Other than kicking them out and keeping them out would make likelihood of those not lawfully able to do so, nothing, just stating the obvious.

          6. True Disbeliever says

            WTF are you talking about? You need machine guns and missile launchers to deal with a family with children trying to get some food?

          7. Craig Vandertie says

            Let those Cockroaches go to their politicians for their needs instead of running from their problems, we owe those people nothing.

          8. True Disbeliever says

            Your post makes absolutely no sense. Scanning medical cards??? I suggest you lay off the sauce.

          9. David in MA says

            Which means your either a democrat or an illegal alien.

        4. David Stewart says

          Picture i.d.? Are you trying to take away their constitutional rights? It isn’t fair to require picture i.d.; per the Marxist Federal Courts! Maybe just show their E.B.T. card? They all have them, I’m sure.

          1. glorybe2 says

            If the state wishes to require ID cards then the state should pay for those cards. And by the way when we tried to get a national ID system up and running the right wing fought against it tooth and nail and claimed it was some sort of violation of their privacy.

          2. Aristophanes says

            You are confusing parties. “Right Wing” wants voter id. The demoncrats do not.

          3. skisok says

            The Democrats wants it to be easy enough for American born voters to vote. The right wing trash does not. I agree that every American born citizen should be issued a voter ID card at birth effective when they turn 18. Why are the rightees opposed to that unless they really want to take the vote away from some American born citizens who would most likely vote against them.

          4. David in MA says

            Then throw away your drivers license.

          5. Craig Vandertie says

            Yes, again guilty of breaking the law.

        5. AKLady says

          Riff raff?
          People who dare to not agree with you?
          Here we go, 1934.

          1. brooksandstreams . says

            AKLady my butt. Quit hiding behind the feminist name! Your malicious posts are the results of being brain-dead!

          2. Aristophanes says

            I do not read her posts anymore. I have blocked her. Too many stupid and malicious comments made by her. She is really as stupid as I thought so I do not bother anymore.

          3. AKLady says

            People who dare to not agree with you?
            Here we go, 1934.

      2. Murphmeister says

        But it limits the chaos and its not done by anonymous people.

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


    2. hmmathis says

      They also need to make sure that they don’t bring signs (many of them I’ve seen in “news” reports are nicely printed), megaphones and other unnecessary items in with them.

    3. woeisi says

      Excellent idea! Let’s watch these people scatter.

    4. says

      Yes… and no signs or megaphones allowed…also protesters that get in the face and impede or block the movement of government officials, cabinet members or anyone else trying to do their job…as with our education secretary… should be immediately arrested, charged and removed from the scene. STOP THIS MADNESS NOW !!!

      1. Peggy Akin says

        I totally agree. Lock them up.

        1. AKLady says

          Just like 1934 …

    5. greenlantern1 says

      Who INSPECTS the ids?

    6. MAHB001 says

      But then they wouldn’t be listening to the illegals… Aren’t we put on this earth to support illegals????

      You have a great solution, but as you know it is too logical for the PC crowd.

    7. Garys_opinion says

      True, I once wrote an email to Nanci Pelosi. The answer I got back was that I was not from her district so it didn’t matter. I answered that she was Speaker Of The House and that all Americans were in her district.
      I received no answer back.

  6. Mike W says

    Hillary said she loved Democrats “because they are mostly uneducated and easy to manipulate” Hillary called Obama “the foreigner” in the 2008 campaign. Bill Clinton called the Obama administration “an awful 8 year legacy”. Michelle Obama said of Hillary “she can’t even run her own house – how can she run the White House”. The democrats were not bothered by that – why the need to lie to them? They apparently are not paying attention anyway. Just say free and “Fish On!!”

  7. Eric Pearson says

    Hundreds of people around the country attended rallies today in support of Donald Trump. Using your logic, that means millions are endorsing Trump’s opposition. Your “politically neutral” readers are gullible sheep, but you can’t pull that shit on me. You’ve strung together a bunch of words that mean absolutely nothing.

    1. headonstraight says


    2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

      Wrong Bro wake up stop being bias TRUMP has more supporters then opposition Remember we Kicked yo Liberal racist asses!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mrpoohead says

    Maybe it’s a non-story – affects not even 0.1% of population. Hardly newsworthy outside of local paper.

  9. River blue says

    Republicans should start holding their meetings in private homes-by invite only

    1. Mike says

      so don’t meet with anyone from your area that disagrees with you? they are everyone’s representative not just the right’s.

      1. says

        If the left cannot behave like adults, then no, we should not meet with them. Any one who has tried to engage in rational discussion with a liberal, know that it only lasts a few seconds, and you are always a racist biggest.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Only if you are winning.

        2. John Somers says

          Plus the fact that IF you do have a conversation with a Lib. has anyone noticed that they all become experts on anything you say in order to make you feel like you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

        3. Mary Brumley says

          I have known some really nice, decent Liberals! When I interact with them, they appear to me to just have a few cogs missing in their brains. They lack the ability to use logic, and they appear to not be able to consider future consequences of their actions and beliefs.

        4. Bounderbob says

          What’s a racist biggest?

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        From their district, fine, not bused in from all over on George Soreass funded buses.

      3. Karen says

        If they would go there peacefully, and not to scream and act like wild animals and interrupt the speaker, it would be OK, but when these idiots INFRINGE on others right to hear their representative speak, they LOSE that right!! Disagree? How can you disagree with someone BEFORE you even know what they are going to say? They show up with disagreement, carrying their posters, screaming into megaphones! They don’t even want to HEAR what is being said, they may even AGREE with what is said, but they show up with the IDEA to cause problems and that is what they do!! You can call it what you want, but that is not just “disagreement” that is intentional chaos! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

      4. River blue says

        The liberal radical left aren’t interested in debating now- only in -search, disrupt and destroy–and to make the evening news

  10. Mike says

    this is exactly what democrats said of the tea party. they stated over and over they were just small groups of constituents and not representative of their districts and many lost their seats as republicans began to dominate. ignore it at your own peril.

    1. headonstraight says

      Hey, Mike–these recent protest meetings are not small groups of constituents by any means. I attended a “town hall” Saturday in Hoover, Alabama, a solidly Republican community in one of the reddest counties in the nation. The venue had seating for about 160, but at least 4 times that many showed up. The protesters were very civil and peaceable. A very small group of pro-Trump folks were there, waving “Repeal Obamacare” signs and no one bothered them. Southern ladies and gentlemen demonstrated how to peacefully–but effectively–“petition their government for redress of grievances.” That’s Constitution stuff!

      1. Mike says

        That is exactly how it should be. I am actually a liberal and am not a Trump fan, but I think when articles like this down play people legitimately protesting at town halls you do a disservice to everyone. Again I am a Democrat and I remember thinking the Tea Party was a joke and was being financed by the Koch brothers. Was it? Sure a little, but the frustration those individuals had was real and the Democrats did not respond to it and they lost hundreds of seats nationwide.

        1. John Somers says

          AND IF the Democrats don’t clean up their act they’re going to lose some more.
          The only reason they’re pissed is FINALLY We the PEOPLE have someone in the White House who is DOING exactly what he campaigned to do and the “GOOD OLE BOYS” club is closing.

          1. Mike says

            Yes he is benefiting the rich just like many believed he would. He has more Goldman Sachs former workers in his cabinet than ever in our history. He has already passed an executive order to diminish the fiduciary responsibilities of financial advisors so they can return to screwing over the middle class. He also gave big business a nice win by signing an executive order allowing coal companies to pollute streams and lakes because I guess We the PEOPLE don’t need clean drinking water. And don’t forget he will be unveiling his tax plan soon which if it is as he campaigned will be the largest windfall for the top 1percent this nation has seen while the middle class get virtually nothing. Yes Trump is really helping We the PEOPLE, of course I assume We the PEOPLE only refers to the top 1 percent because if you are not in that category so far he is doing nothing for you.

          2. richardwfaith says

            Said the class-warfare ideologue.

          3. Mike says

            is it not the same when you have a president taking from the poor and middle class to give it to the rich? Why is this ok but not if the rich pay more?

          4. richardwfaith says

            Auuughhh! More class-warfare propaganda! And I am in a perfectly neutral position to call you on it too, because I definitely AM NOT “rich”. What little I actually HAVE can be taken away from me in a heartbeat by communists. Furthermore, Trump has taken NOTHING away from ME.

          5. Mike says

            Propaganda? really? how so please explain. the gap between the top 1 percent and the rest has never been wider than it has been over the past several years, but its class warfare to mention this, but its not class warfare for rich individuals like Donald Trump to take away or limit social safety net programs.

          6. richardwfaith says

            When the government plays Robin Hood (Popeye would have called it “Robbing Hood), the government is STEALING. Calling stealing “social safety net programs” is like putting lipstick on a pig.

          7. Mike says

            So when the federal government takes from the middle class and cuts Social security, medicare, or Medicaid that is alright?

          8. richardwfaith says

            Trump has neither the ability nor the desire to make the sky fall. There was more reason to think that obamA would have done such things.

          9. Mike says

            Trump’s cabinet appointees have expressed their desire to make Medicaid a block grant system to the states and to privatize social security. Many on the right complain that Obama was trying to give too much away, but now you are expressing that he would have been the one to actually cut entitlement programs like social security and medicare? Trump currently has expressed plans to increase military spending by 54 billion and to do so will cut 54 billion from programs that largely go to the middle class and the poor. In addition, Trump plans to continue to pile on the debt with a massive tax cut which will largely go to the richest 1 percent, a wonderful gift for himself and his billionaire cabinet friends. THe last time we gave a huge tax cut to the rich what happened? the great recession. when we do not learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them.

  11. SouthernPatriot says

    As I travel around about 1/4 of the country in my business, I hear on the radio about protests and words like “constituents” and phrases like “people disgruntled with your Republican Congressman’s stands on immigration, health care, and President Trump…” I have seen the same signs at various protests and when the protests are held within driving distance of one another, I see some of the same people at each. There may be some local radical Democrats protesting, but many are professional protesters.

    1. Karen says

      I don’t hear ANY democraps complaining about this PAID representation of their views!! They just expect someone else to do their dirty work while they sit back and watch Oprah or The View on TV!! What? Wait….is that the casino calling my name? Fu@k protesting, I gotta go gamble!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

      1. skisok says

        I’ll bet that you bet all of your money away.

    2. glorybe2 says

      We don’t need professional protesters and no one is paying anybody. The majority of adult Americans are out to hang Chump by the heels and they will not be stopped.

      1. Aristophanes says

        Go back to your parents basement and get some more koolaid. We will take our country back from you communist socialists!

        1. Peggy Akin says

          You are right and Bernie Sanders is the worse.

          1. True Disbeliever says

            Peggy? May I call you Miss Piggy?

          2. skisok says

            I think Putsy is a better name.

      2. Peggy Akin says

        Oh yes their are paid Protesters.

        1. True Disbeliever says

          How the hell do you know? Show us your checks! (Did you capitalize
          “protesters” because you’re aware of how important they are to a democracy?) I’ll bet you thing spelling Obama as Obuma is cute… or you just don’t know how the hell to spell.

          1. Peggy Akin says

            I don’t get checks to protest Trump”s speech’s. If your so unhappy. leave our Country and take Hollywood with you. If your such a great speller why did you say “bet you thing Qbuma is cute.” I taught school for twenty three years, I’m educated and know how to spell and I also know your a stupid :LibTard tjhat doesn’t love our Country like Trump and the GOP do.

          2. skisok says

            Why didn’t you
            Leave when President Obama won 2 terms if you hated the way the country was run then. I see you’re still here.

          3. Peggy Akin says

            I didn’t say I’d leave like all the Celebrities did. I had hope someone like President Trump would be our next President and clean up all the messes you LibTards have created to ruin our country. Your beloved Obama wire tapped Trumps phone during the campaign and I pray he’s sent to jail.

          4. skisok says

            Hey corruptfart. You didn’t like it here when he was President so you could have left. I’m not leaving and never said I would. I will do everything I can to restore our country to greatness once this bozo is out of office. May not be for long with all of the scandals he and his cabinet are involved in. He’s not only a crook but also an incompetent. I’d much rather see Pence running the country than this bozo.

          5. ZACAL says

            What part of “Trump is hear to stay” don’t you understand. After watching Obama “dictate” every rule in the book for eight long miserable years, Trump leaving office will never happen. America needed an administration full of successful businessmen to straighten our government out. Both parties had reached a stalemate, our country is in a downward spiral to ruination. Wake to hell up, you are promoting “stupidity”.

          6. skisok says

            He’ll be impeached. That’s my prediction. His dealings and traitorous acts with Russia will be his undoing. You’re right about 1 thing. Our country is now in a downward spiral to ruination following this election. Trump is totally incompetent. He couldn’t even run a business let alone a country. He is also corrupt. The only thing stupid was his running out great country and those that voted for him.

          7. ZACAL says

            You’re prediction is a completely biased liberal view. The democrat “leadership?” has you fooled as they do everything possible to stop Trump from governing. He’ll get through this mess. I think he should fire every Obama holdover, life government employees who are democrats and still loyal to any democrat. And I truly think the hammer is about to come down hard. Businessmen don’t tolerate in- subornation on the part of in unloyal employees. These lifer employees must have the ability to be true and loyal to the elected president. Believe me, there will be indictments for the mishandling of classified material, leaks and interfering with the governments business. Trump and his staff are used to cleaning up dishonest employees and leading them to the door. Just you wait and see. One other thing you are misguided on, Trump has done more in the first month than any president in my lifetime. I’m 79. Try to get yourself un-brainwashed, “big league, quickly”

          8. Peggy Akin says

            I’m not a Corrupfart. I’m an educated lady that has five children, nine grandchildren. I taught school for twenty three years, two of my sons are successful Attorneys and two Grandson’s are Attorney’s. All very successful and voted for President Trump as Obuma was destroying our Country. Trump is no Bozo nor are his beautiful children. He’s smart and has appointed an amazing Cabinet. I want to hear what you have to say in four years. At least I put my real name out there and have nothing to hide. What are you hiding besides not having any brains?

          9. skisok says

            I’m no libtard fat lady. I’m also educated, engineer, and retired after 40 years of working 31 as an engineer. Anyone who would vote for that idiot for President has nothing between the ears. He is destroying our country and our Constitutions Rights. If you were really a teacher, you would know the Constitution, but you were probably either a substitute or fired after 23 years because of incompetence. Im not doing anything different than you. That is a phony name and pictures.

      3. lin says

        New York Times article pointed out 51 liberal organizations supported by George Soros, including Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers.

      4. Retired says

        The educators union along with liberal Universities a behind the disturbances at town hall meetings plus with the uneducated free loaders living off of the Government Teet..

      5. will says

        you will fail you should start plan D or is it E F or G and thats a call to arms LGBT will be your leaders

    3. Peggy Akin says

      Many are paid Protesters by Soros that Obuma is organizing. Jail both or them.

    4. skisok says

      Well I suspect that Trumps cheerleading staff are the best that the Mercedes can buy. I also see the same cheerleaders with the same signs at Trump’s lovefests.

  12. Morton99 says

    To suggest there is an organized conspiracy that manages all of these protests is kind of dumb. While there are organizations involved with protesting, most of it is genuine anger. If organizers were so successful it would be hard to argue why the actual elections had poor vote turnouts – where the rewards of a win were so much greater.

    1. says

      I know you are a snowflake but Ill try, “follow the money!” it all leads back to Sores or the DNC. Also, even though minorities are to dumb to get an I D , AD’s should be checked at the door. How many of these constituents are really fall under said rep?

      1. Bounderbob says

        You should read your message before you click “post”; otherwise the readers would get the impression that you’re just blabbering. That certainly was my impression.

        1. richardwfaith says

          The substance of John’s comment is right on the money, but I must sadly agree that his presentation needs work.

      2. John Somers says

        There IS a tape that actually caught a DNC member stating “We get a bunch or under educated protestors and PAY them $25.00 . They would be willing to get in those shit Republicans faces and taunt them until they punch a protester because all the cameras will be there. They even taught the how to do it.

    2. Francisco Machado says

      An excellent point, but it overlooks that opposition to one side does not automatically translate to support for the other side. Obama created an eight year disaster, particularly for his Democrat party – upon which the states have turned their backs. That makes it pretty hard to develop strong support for his policies outside the ideologically indoctrinated true believers, who are up-front noisy but hardly an army (hence the necessity of bringing in outside agitators). O.K., we fired him and hired another contractor to fix up the damage and redecorate the Presidency – it’s always easy to stir up opposition to change, especially when the change negatively affects radical instigators and a politically ignorant and easily influenced group affected negatively (or so they are told) by the changes. The history of Europe (including Western Russia) from the Franco-Prussian war to WW II holds important lessons on the effect of radical instigators and the destructive utilization of instigated riots. Or just the history of the BLM movement.

      1. Morton99 says

        I disagree. Obama’s popularity is soaring as is popularity for Obamacare as many begin to wake up to the fact that they may become uninsured. The simple fact is that Hillary Clinton split the Democratic party. Some of that was caused by demonizing her, and some of it was true. I did not vote for her.

        1. Francisco Machado says

          Obama Balkanized the nation – rather diligently, I might add. Hillary inherited that problem and Bernie aggravated it. It was a problem for her, but she didn’t create it. The problem for which Hillary was responsible was her history, and – no matter whom she blames for it – it was she that created that, and she handled the problem very poorly. Demonizing? Take her complaints about all the email dirt coming out just before the election – She did that. If she’d surrendered all the emails when requested in digital form, (or if she’d utilized the State Department mail) the blowup – if there was one – would have happened far before the election and not had the trickling out piece-by-piece effect that kept it in the news. Not that I can think of anyone in the Democrat hierarchy myself, but it’s damning that the Democrat party could not find a candidate with at least a few reasonable successes in their portfolio and a whole lot less baggage than Hillary.

          1. Morton99 says

            America needs a progressive government if it really plans to lead the world as a beacon of hope and human values. It got a sort of robber baron instead. I liked Bernie but he was too much of an isolationist to win with the sort of mandate that is really needed. He may well have won the rust belt though, instead of Trump.

            By progressive, I do not mean socialist in the colloquial (and rather ignorant) sense – an issue caused by mindless propaganda spewed out from those who have all the assets and like things much the same as it is right now.

            The absurd claims by Trump that he can fix an economy that has large chunks of obsolescence – may sell well on the campaign trail – where the idiots are so longing for that that they never bother to ask how, or check the how with real economists, But you cannot turn that kind of dilapidated infrastructure into anything at all without massive re-education – and investment over another generation.

            I am absolutely not in favor of creating another class of dependents like factory workers who have been lied to by years of politicians seeking votes, that they can bring jobs back. Well politicians rarely do anything for an economy but wreck it. But we cannot abandon this poorly educated working class without offering them some very basic support AND a real way out – even if it is one that may take two decades and require very hard work from these people to make the adjustment.

            I could go on – but all Trump will do is accelerate the demise of America – as nothing will really be done to fix the problems – and the trickle trickle of US profits striking out in search of more competitive production sites will go on.
            The sort of candidate that is needed now is someone like the Washington State AG – Ferguson – a man who really does have the energy, and the education and smarts to solve real problems.

            And we watch in horror as Trump dithers around with the fascination of fascist solutions like a Frankenstein model being re-fitted with more powerful batteries – and lethal weaponry.

          2. Francisco Machado says

            Just as well you don’t mean “Socialist” when you say “Progressive” since Socialism is a government ideology and Progressivism is a philosophy that Big Government that controls all aspects of society is the path to Utopia. There are quite a few Republican Progressives, although the Conservatives refer to them as RINOs. The association between Progressivism and Socialism is that a Progressive government is essential to implement Socialism – it cannot be imposed without considerable government control, likewise Communism. the Republican Progressives tend more toward Corporatism, which is government control of the business and trade economies much as Obama does with his EPA, taxes and regulation. Free market is the opposite of that. The Left prefers to call this Fascism, which fits – the differences between Fascism and Progressivism are only semantic; both are Big Controlling Government philosophies. Empirically, the U.S. economy fared far better when there was much less government control. Also worth noting is that Government is very, very expensive and we have, as of last October, one person on some government payroll for every fifteen citizens of the U.S. – which we obviously can’t afford.
            Obama, campaigning and when elected, promised a glorious recovery from the Progressive policies of his predecessor and, empirically, failed dramatically to deliver. That and an additional ten trillion in debt with nothing to show for it, and he’s left his successor with some monumental problems – the economy, the illegal foreign nationals and the Obamacare disaster – in other words, as you have artfully put it, that “dilapidated infrastructure” – the controlling administration agencies that have practically stalled the economy for eight years. I’m not at all confidant that Trump’s approach to solving these will succeed and I see some potential serious flaws in his foreign trade philosophy, but the Democrats certainly need to share the blame – look who they nominated to run against him! What a pair to have for the election.
            “Re-education” – that calls for some defining. What’s the original “education” that’s getting the “re-” treatment? the Trump administration appears to be taking measures to improve education by introducing some competition into it – via school choice. One hopes he will get rid of the Common Core and halt the decline that has dropped the nation’s education level year by year.
            What convinces you that Trump is going to continue – even accelerate Obama’s
            American Demise? he even seems to be reversing it somewhat already (although I’m not so sure I see the future off his current method on the long term – I suppose that will be open to adjustment as circumstances change).
            I’m really curious about your comment “dithers around with the fascination of fascist solutions” – Trump appears to be in favor of reducing government control, reducing the regulations and strictures placed on business and on the people – that is the polar opposite of Fascism or Progressivism. He promises (sure, political “promises” – we’ll see) to reduce the size of government – that is the opposite of Fascism.

          3. Morton99 says

            Mr. Machado,

            I am willing to discuss your points but first lets expose and dispense with the false political axioms that you attempt to use to legitimize your argument.

            I am using ‘progressive in a literal sense, not one that has been pigeon-holed as a bucket for socialism by conservatives.

            I also find your definition of fascism as a leftist definition for ‘Republican corporatism’ to be meaningless pseudo intellectual hubris.

            Finally the idea that competition in education will improve it is a very grandiose assumption. In my book – education is an absolute – and should be driven by facts that are balanced so as not to teach an opinion that usually reflects the prejudices of the teacher.
            When you introduce the concept of competition in education you are making an open invitation to ideologues to mold the minds of the young in a political way.

            Now that I have dispensed with your very narrow opinions lets deal with the points you have tried to make.

            The rot set in during Reagans term in office. His tenure introduced government deficit financing – which was like mining gold for all the administrations of both parties – that followed. He also inadvertently funded Islamic terrorism by using Bin Laden to destroy the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Then he abandoned this enervated organized Muslim militia – anger followed, Pakistan became destabilized and Al Qaeda was formed.

            From that moment on, US foreign policy makers failed the USA. I will give GHW Bush a lot of credit for trying to shore up this damage and resisting the temptation to occupy Iraq, unlike his son. He also brilliantly advanced the theory of shared responsibility for managing stability on this planet. That by the way was the end of this new approach – hawks and bluster continued with all administrations until Obama.

            A series of US Administrations blundered on, running up trillions in war debt and resolving absolutely nothing. It came to a head with George Bush – who assembled a really terrible fiscal management team which as we all know was the straw that broke the camel’s back and ended with the US teetering toward bankruptcy, and the world in an even greater mess from fiddling than ever before.

            Enter Obama – who miraculously stopped the bleeding and reset the US on a course that would restabilize an almost wrecked economy.
            No, he was not a magician. There were some consequences to the fixes that were not good. For example, the Quantity Easement strategies actually worked propping up the nucleus of the core of US influence – the stability of the US dollar. The not so good by product was to make the rich even richer and stagnate the middle class incomes.

            Obama also took on civil rights and dealt with some very ugly idosyncracies that enraged conservatives that hated to have to acknowledge the rights of gays. However, he read the nation accurately because that was a majority view.

            Then there was healthcare that was literally heading for a total trainwreck in 2008. He achieved a part of his vision – it was a compromise – with not any help from conservatives – who even now – after 8 years of complaining cannot even agree on what healthcare SHOULD look like. Personally I think that to treat healthcare as a profit center with consumer choices is really kind of absurd. Most consumers are clueless about what to choose, and are unable to forsee what the future might bring. And then – if they miscalculate – they run the risk of bankruptcy and end anyway.

            A good government in a capitalist economy is one that confines itself to managing a free and open marketplace. In the USA both parties have indulged themselves in attempting to manipulate this market by allowing monoplies to exist and pretending that they do not. Examples would be ownership of the airwaves, cable TV markets, oil companies, intensive corporate farming, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare insurance companies – and a good number more.
            Why do they do this ? Well the people’ representatives need money to run election campaigns and so they sell legislation that benefits these companies in return for campaign contributions.

            Enter Trump – a supremely unqualified candidate for the job he won. Crude, rude, grandiose, blustering and bragging. Poorly educated and thin skinned. But he presented himself as one of them – to millions of displaced workers who were running out of hope. And he squeaked out a victory. I will give him persistence though – for achieving what even he thought would probably be impossible.
            His latent fascist sympathies: well I do not think that Trump has much grasp of political ideologies so I would not suggest that he is aware of his preferences. However with Miller, Bannon, Cohen and Gorka – to name but a few – advising him – none of whom have much time for democratic consensus and with Bannon a self proclained Leninist – it is a fascist advisory panel with a clear admiration for Putin – a man who has revived Leninism and branched directly into modern fascism.
            For more on their common beliefs read some Aleksandr Dukin.

          4. Francisco Machado says

            I think you are not in a good position to refer to anyone else’s opinions as “narrow. We’re not going to reach any middle ground, as you favor a “Mother Washington” approach to government where the federal government is responsible for the comfort and happiness of each individual citizen – necessitating a Progressive government powerful enough to compel the private sector to pay for it – a sort of National Feudalism. I favor a federal government limited to the Constitutionally delegated powers and responsibilities, other issues being the responsibility of the states or the individuals as stated in the ninth and tenth amendments. There were, as of last October, 22,235,000 persons on some form of government payroll. That’s one taxpayer supported person for every fifteen U.S. citizens. Not workers, citizens. You are free to consider that inadequate; I think the government undertakes far too many things, without which we did, in the past, survive and flourish as a nation. I’m still curious about your appellation of “Fascist” to Trump: Mussolini and Franco are universally known as fascists, and the fascist character of their government was the centralized control of every factor, as our Progressive policies give us with Common Core, Obamacare, control of business and industry with the administration’s rapidly expanding controls and mandates, Obama’s proposed Nationalized Police, subsidized non-competitive energy generating, etc. Whether Trump does or not (we’ve been down the Primrose Promises small-government path before), he promises to shrink government, reduce regulation and controls – and has already commenced to do so. How can “Fascist” (or Progressive) be applied to someone who is moving away from centralized government control? Regarding your “Progressivism” comment – I specifically stated that Progressivism is not socialist, is not a government ideology, that there are Republican Progressives. It defines the philosophy of big, powerful government, centralized control. I only said that a Progressive government is necessary to implement socialism.

          5. Morton99 says

            “I think you are not in a good position to refer to anyone else’s opinions as “narrow. We’re not going to reach any middle ground, as you favor a “Mother Washington” approach to government where the federal government is responsible for the comfort and happiness of each individual citizen – necessitating a Progressive government powerful enough to compel the private sector to pay for it – a sort of National Feudalism.”

            I have not indicated any such preference.
            I do however believe that the Federal Government must hold all institutions (including the States) reponsible for their Constitutional Duty as mandated in the 14th Amendment including the Citizenship Clause, Privileges or Immunities Clause, Due Process Clause, and Equal Protection Clause. As you should know, this gives the Federal government sweeping powers to implement civil rights laws and a host of other issues including the right to participate in free and fair elections – an issue that has been under considerable scrutiny such as gerrymandering which is arguably totally illegal, as it is designed to deprive sections of the electorate their rights.

            ” How can “Fascist” (or Progressive) be applied to someone who is moving away from centralized government control?”

            You cannot be seriously suggesting that any US Federal Administration has ever really moved away from centralized control. Yes, the Republicans love to talk about that – but that is really only when they feel they have a satellite of States run by Republican Legislatures.

            If you look at what they have proposed even under this facade they constantly equivocate about what the Constitution requires regarding the division of powers. Frankly most scholars have accepted the fact that decentralization is far more of an ideological mantra than anything resembling a pragmatic way to run the USA. You cannot have radically different laws between States with no borders, allowing citizens to shirk responsibilities or free load on other States. You must have consistent entry and exit laws for non citizens, taxation, security, marriage, welfare, enlistment and so on. But beyond all of the equivocation the President alone has the power to call for some kind of martial law and simply suspend all rights claimed by the States and even the Bill of Rights.

            Fascism as Putin has implemented it – includes using puppet presidents as in the Ukraine – that give the facade of independence which really fools no one. I would suggest that we play by the same rules here in the USA – including the extra thing that we have not discussed – empirism. Make America Great again is not something that can logically exist in isolation of a global community.

  13. randy jackson says

    Leftstream Media:
    Enemy of the Citizens of the United States of America!
    Lying, truth twisting maggots

  14. Henry Smith says

    1st Academy awards mistake in 88 years? Tell me the left isn’t in an absolute tizzy about the likelihood Trump will drain the swamp and devistate their drag on America.

    1. Paul Hertel says

      From what I read …. viewership is way down on these type of events . That should be a wake up call to these Hollywood scum bags that the next 8 years they will be on the outs with the mainstream . There are no more ” John Wayne ” types left ….. just a bunch of self gratifying faggots.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      I stloe this from someone else and cannot recall the original source, but I agree with the author 100%.

      Dear Hollywood celebrities,

      It’s time to wake up now. Get this! The only reason you exist is for my entertainment. Some of you are beautiful. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some of you are so convincing that you scare the crap out of me. And others are so funny you can make me laugh uncontrollably.

      But you all have one thing in common. You only exist and have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it. Nothing else!

      You make your living pretending to be someone else. You play dress-up like a 5-year-old. Your world is a make believe world. It is not real. It doesn’t exist. You live for the camera while the rest of us live in the real world. Your entire existence depends on my patronage. I crank the organ grinder, and you dance.

      Therefore, I don’t care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your opinion means nothing to me. Just because you had a lead role in a movie about prostitution doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be a prostitute. Your view matters far less to me than that of a someone living in Timbuktu .

      Believe me or not, the hard truth is that you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer, and you cease to exist. Once I am done with you, I go back to the real world until I want you to entertain me again.

      I don’t care that you think BP executives deserve the death penalty. I don’t care what you think about the environment. I don’t care if you believe fracking is bad. I don’t care if you call for more gun control. I don’t care if you believe in catastrophic human-induced global warming. And I could care less that you supported Hillary for President. Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something pretty or scary or funny.

      And one other thing. What was with all this “I’ll leave the country if Donald Trump wins”? Don’t you know how stupid that made you sound? What did you think my reaction was going to be? I better not vote for Trump or we’ll lose Whoopi Goldberg? Al Sharpton? Amy Schumer? And several more. Leave. I don’t care! And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Oh by the way, is Clinton returning any of the money you so generously donated to her election?

      Make me laugh. Make me cry. Even scare me. But realize this, the only words of yours that matter are scripted — just like your pathetic little lives. I may agree with some of you from time to time, but in the final analysis, it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment.

      1. Tiger says

        I was so excited when they said they would leave but so sad when they didn’t.

        1. Mary Brumley says

          The one that disappointed me the most was Ruthie, our Supreme Court Justice! She PROMISED she would go to New Zealand. So it appears we may have a liar in our Supreme Court.
          I just posted the link about Agenda 21 to a poster above! Thanks for that link.

          1. Tiger says

            Oh so glad you are spreading the word about Agenda 21, I do the same with many of others posts and links, together we do good work for out party.

            Ruthie was caught again on a video talking somewhere and making uncalled for remarks about these times. She needs to go but they need to go nuclear on Trump’s judge pick before this bunch does anymore damage.

          2. Craig Vandertie says

            Did Ginsburg seriously say she would move to New Zealand if Mr. Trump was elected POTUS?

            The old bat had better leave before someone buries her mistaking her for a corpse.

          3. Tiger says

            She surely did and she said more than that which she should be Impeached for, Supreme Court justices can be Impeached.

          4. Peggy Akin says

            Yes, get rid of the old, stupid Hag.

          5. True Disbeliever says

            You wish that you had half the “old, stupid Hag’s” brains. Still having a problem with capitalization, I see.

          6. Craig Vandertie says

            Oh yes, she has such a sharp mind she falls asleep during a hearing.

          7. Mary Brumley says

            I have often wondered exactly why there isn’t a term limit or at least an age limit on the SCOTUS? What do you think about this subject?

          8. Craig Vandertie says

            Personally I do not believe SCOTUS should have the last say, rulings should be scrutinized by this nation’s most well versed Constitution law professors.

          9. Mary Brumley says

            I agree!
            However, the present-day trend seems toward re-interpreting the Constitution into meaninglessness meanings!

          10. Peggy Akin says

            Mary, your right. I think they should serve two terms like a President does. Or at least has to retire at age 80.

      2. John Somers says

        VERY WELL written !!
        I would even chip to rent the frontend loaders to help them pack quicker.

      3. Libs R Loons says

        Excellent! ^^^
        Copying to email around and repost…..and thanks!

      4. Peggy Akin says

        This is one of the best scripts i’ve read describing Hollywood. Boycott their shows and awards so they won’t make their millions. They don’t deserve them. Yes, leave our Country like you said you would. I’ll come help you pack and drive you to the International Airport.

      5. True Disbeliever says

        The people you are referring to happen to be citizens of the United States! Are you? They have the same right as you have to voice an opinion. What do you do for a living when you’re not shooting your mouth off? You don’t exist in my world, period.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          You really hurt me with all that hate. You must belong to the KKK or the democRAT Party not that there’s any difference.

      6. Craig Vandertie says

        Bravo, how eloquently put, a fantasy world with phony people, it pretty much is a severe illness that appears after 20 years for the average person that moves there, 5 or 10 for those who are fortunate enough to get commercial roles or very minor parts in television or movies.

        In a week, maybe 2 they’ll make you a star, weeks turn into years, time goes so fast, and all the stars that never were are washing cars and pumping gas.

        Such is the pathetic life of a CaliMexifornian.

    3. True Disbeliever says

      Trump IS the swamp.

      1. Henry Smith says

        Sorry no Academy award for you. What flavor coolaid do you drink?

    4. Craig Vandertie says

      We can only hope, now the Demoncommiecrats are slandering AG Sessions due to him speaking with Russian diplomats which was perfectly appropriate in his capacity as a U.S. Senator, it was before Mr. Trump picked him as AG, nothing illegal in doing his job.

      1. Henry Smith says

        I suppose we can give the lawyers more to do by feeding the lefts frenzie for fake news. Plenty of lefties spoke with Russian diplomats as well. Shame on them!!! We all know lawyers drive our economy for the better right? To hell with making shoes or producing something America can sell abroad. The left feeds off of unprodcutivity in so many splended ways. Uncanny!

  15. headonstraight says

    Since when does the term “constituent” connote political neutrality as this article is naively and erroneously asserting? A constituent may be partisan or non-partisan. The term “constituent” simply means a person living in a given Congressional representative’s district and depending–hopefully– on him/her to represent the constituent’s interest, whether that constituent is an extreme liberal or a raving right winger or anything in between. Scarcely ever have I encountered on this web site such a shallow premise as the one that argues that “constituent” is somehow a smokescreen terminology to blur the “true nature” of a protest activity. Weak stuff there, fixthisnation!

    And as if that were not shallow enough, we also get THIS adjuration:

    “But if we’re going to pretend they aren’t partisan – that they’re just politically-neutral “constituents” – then how about some balanced reporting? If 300 “constituents” show up to a town hall, that means thousands stayed home. That’s a pretty strong endorsement of the Republican agenda, no?”

    No, it is not. Here fixthisnation seems to have concluded that the thousands staying home, either with insufficient conviction to show up or with conflicting obligations, are some kind of barometer of sentiment opposite that of the 300 more highly-motivated constituents, a conclusion in no way proven merely by this kind of meaningless numbers game. Besides all that, it seems a bit demeaning to imply that readers of USA Today or this fixthisnation piece can’t figure out for themselves that when 300 people showed up for a congressional representative’s town hall meeting, the majority of his several hundred thousand constituents were not there.

    How would your preferred headline read, fixthisnation? Something like this perhaps: “300 Partisan Protesters Storm Town Meeting; 500,000 Others Stay Home.”

    Give me a break!

    1. songstress250 says

      I am a Trump supporter; originally, I was a “never-Trumper”, until he was our candidate, and until the Truth about Hillary’s antics were brought to light. Now I believe that President Trump is our only hope in turning this country into a safe and Constitutionally-bound nation. However, I agree with you on this one, head. FTN really made a weak stretch in contrasting the number of protesters to the number who stayed home. This is probably the weakest article I’ve ever read on this site.

  16. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    Manipulation at best.Yes we have to police the press and simultaneously manipulate them into doing what they don’t want to do.Like tell the truth.

    1. skisok says

      You’re right. You are easily manipulated.

  17. soldier for liberty says

    Civil war is the only answer to restore the republic. Hang all of the communist thats what is going on wake up America.They use our constitution against us!

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
      1. Michael Dennewitz says


        1. headonstraight says

          No surprise there. It is just the kind of puerile crap that would set you tingling.

      2. richardwfaith says

        Can you put up one of soro$$$$$$ getting impaled?

      3. Peggy Akin says

        Totally agree.

    2. Mary Brumley says

      We can thank Bammy for being the best gun salesman of the century! Civil war would be terrible, but it may become necessary if the elites and libs take down President Trump.
      I don’t think they can, though. I think if the libs keep showing their smelly backsides, more conservative Democrats will be getting on the Trump Train!

      1. glorybe2 says

        CHUMP is already a done deal. The proofs are in hand and the cases are being finalized. He may well end his life in prison. He has already conspired to obstruct justice. We have him cold.

        1. Ed says

          WOW! you take the cake for being an IDIOT. God forgive me for calling you a name which I do not like to do, but you sir need to wake up. Google what laws your great illustrious Obama broke (75) or so.
          Who should be in prison???
          And what has President Trump done that justifies prison, besides trying to correct all the wrongs that have been implemented by our illustrious so called leaders.

    3. Bounderbob says

      Now that’s a real braintwister. Isn’t the constitution what we all agree gives us our rights? How is it being used against us? Or a better question, who is us?

      1. Craig Vandertie says

        By twisting the intent of the sentiments of this nation’s founding fathers that is how they use the articles of the Constitution against the people.

        1. Bounderbob says

          Ok, can you give me two specific examples. Thanks

  18. Gammi2Anna says

    I find the efforts of the MSM trolls to ‘hide the truth of town hall protests’ to be as ridiculous as it is unnecessary. Did they all miss the part where WE, the American people told them they have no control of what we think or believe, based on the fact that we now know that they are infamous only for their “Fake News” and attempts to control our world of politics by using their own collection of lies and manipulation and did I mention “FAKE NEWS”? Wake up Fakers, WE the people have slapped you across the face with an open hand that is stinging all the way down to the tip of your tightly curled up toes. Surely you realize that we now know you to be LIARS with an agenda to derail OUR POTUS, Donald J. Trump. If you have any anger issues that you’d like to address, you should turn your revenge tactics on Hillary Clinton, her campaign staffers and the entire Democrat Party. After-all, it was Hillary that did more to get Donald Trump elected President than any campaign strategy he or his campaign staff could have ever done. Let me remind you if you cannot remember just exactly when the tide turned for us. It came within minutes after Hillary Clinton decided that referring to Trump supporters as ‘old, under-educated, stupid, white Deplorables’ would be a good statement to make. She even bellowed out her horrific “horse laugh” after the statement, which makes anyone within ear shot want to plug their ears with putty so as not to ever be exposed to that sound again in their lifetime. Then the Democrat Party and their paid supporters thought more name-calling was the way to go. And it was, if becoming LOSERS faster than they could spin their demonic heads around was their goal. Oh, and helping ensure that Donald J. Trump did indeed become our President. I’m not sure how any of the MSM trolls or the Losers feel, nor do I care. What I care about is the future for our children and grandchildren, the prosperity and safety of America and the lone man that promised that he could ‘Make America Great Again’. President Trump has already done more work to improve the outlook for each of us than the Democrats did during the entire past 8 years. My advise for to the MSM outlets is to do your job as dedicated, honest journalist or suffer the wrath brought by the Deplorables who can and will ignore you right out of the world of politics and directly into the world of irrelevance. Remember it is the Media that needs us. We do not need the Media. Especially since they have been confirmed as LIARS with a biased agenda.

    1. John Somers says

      Simply AWESOME.
      IF people would STOP buying their RAG papers and watching the broadcasts and subscription and ratings went down the tubes they MIGHT wake up but that’s doubtful.

    2. John Somers says

      we do HAVE ONE SAVING GRACE, a FEDERAL Judge in Georiga has found CNN GUILTY of reporting FALSE information about the Mortality rate of babies as 3 Times the number than the entire Nation WITH MALICE!! The Lawsuit the CEO of the hospital intteiated WILL GO FOEWARD.
      I just hope the rest of them will see this and clean up their act.

    3. True Disbeliever says

      Why do you think the media is called the “fourth estate” and is mentioned in the First Amendment? I guess Fox news and Breitbart are all the “media” you need.

      1. Gammi2Anna says

        I don’t need any particular “media” source to keep me informed. All one needs to do is listen to all sources of information which I and the majority of American citizens are concerned about. Our country has become the joke of all Nations, with no respect or regard for how we respond to threats, basically because we were reduced to appearing to be the floor mat for the world. I’m certain our brave and wise Fathers of the Constitution did not write any Amendment that allowed the media the right to use bias and propaganda, to be used to garner favor for one particular political party. The media has taken on the persona that it is their job to skew the facts in order to control the publics thoughts, ideas and/or beliefs. If you want to live in a mind-controlled society, then stay with your sources. As for me and my family, we prefer to use our own powers of listening, not being gullible enough to believe all the hype the MSM trolls spit out and always, not passing judgment, making decisions or jumping to conclusions not supported by common sense. If we believed what the Media reports are putting out there now, I can’t imagine that any of us would be sitting on our hands and allowing such dishonest politicians to be stealing our lives and future. If so then we are the Fools.

  19. ZACAL says

    “Fool me once, your fault” – “Fool me twice, my fault”. Give me a break – the media daily tries to fool America and it’s people. Proof we’re not fooled anymore, We elected Trump. Case closed.

    1. Phoebe Isley says

      YAY YAY ZACAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Peggy Akin says

      Thank God.

    3. skisok says

      Trumps days are numbered. The noose is closing around him with the various scandals and the unconstitutional form of government he’s trying to lead. I think Pence will soon be the commander in chief.

      1. ZACAL says

        You are stuck on, we really didn’t lose the election. Please allow me to explain very gently the actual results of the 2016 presidential election. “you lost the FUCKING election.

  20. Cynthia Allen says

    we had a loud group of protestors organized thru the energy justice league. our township made an ordinance to restrict to township taxpayers only. the trouble with the paid protestors, they have no solution other than to insult and disrupt. hope more taxpayers insist the local elected find measures to limit the hateful confrontations and concentrate on doing the job they are elected to do. if the protestors don’t like it, then publish their personal phone numbers in the papers, like energy justice did, protestors back down when treated the way they treat others.

    1. Bounderbob says

      Do you have rentals in your township? If so, do you exclude renters from your meetings?

      1. Cynthia Allen says

        yes sir, we do have rentals. it is my experience that renters do not get involved in township politics, which is a shame. For some reason they think because they don’t pay land taxes, somehow this issue doesn’t affect them. It certainly is an eye opener when you get paid protestors in your town. Right or wrong, these pro’s are in your face, screaming, finger pointing and disruptive. When they posted phone numbers in the papers, that’s when I called them out. No sir, you don’t want these folks in your meeting. I believe in different opinions, I don’t like feeling they will actually slap a person who isn’t following their party line. Now I consider them thugs. Uneducated thugs. I’m glad they were called away to act out somewhere else. Which also amuses me, they haven’t any real connection to the cause, just the money trail.

        1. Bounderbob says

          You only answered half my question. In your original post you implied that renters would not be allowed in meetings, is this true?

          1. Cynthia Allen says

            no. all are welcomed. the problem in a rural area is that work comes first. another problem is that when the protestors started, no one believed anyone could act, believe that way. They thought reasonable people talk thru problems and compromise. this isn’t how it went. because of this, it is my belief that is what brought out the voters. and yes, some never voted before (age 60+), some switched parties (long time party members) and I guess you know who they voted for. I only feel bad about the misconception of the white, rural, fly over people. we are educated, which is why we voted our delegate 1st, and president 2nd. we are to busy to participate in the riots we see happening and teach our children civics, manners, and the art of negotiation.

          2. Caribou "Dumped" Barbie™ says

            Just wow.

  21. J.B.Jacobs says

    If the media cameras would quit showing up there would not be near as many protests. Like when John Lewis and those other cry babies sat on their fat rear ends on the floor like 3 year old brats throwing a tantram fit not long ago. Lewis said “they would be there till hell froze over”. After a while, the cameras left, hell froze over, and Lewis and the other brats left. They would not have been there to start with if the cameras were not there. The last rally that Trump had, I watched it on Fox News. I turned it over to CNN just to see what they were doing, guess what, they were showing the protesters and that was about all they were talking about.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      The paid protestor groups are actually coordinating with the media to make sure everyone’s there for the stage-shows.

    2. True Disbeliever says

      Can you please explain why an elected official is holding a campaign rally? He needs the adoration of the deplorables. It’s his life’s breath. Why the hell don’t you see that?

      1. J.B.Jacobs says

        He is telling the people what he is doing and he is doing more in a month even though the Democrats and media has done everthing they can to stop him,than Obama did in eight years. Why the hell don’t you see that?

  22. GrizzMann says

    All part of the Alinsky (Democrat) play book.

  23. Karen says

    If a political party member has a D behind his name, we(as in intelligent Americans) already know that when they speak, they are stretching the truth(as in lying)!! That is how we get our entertainment these days is to see how they try to spin the truth when they talk! As my Savior, Jesus said, “the truth shall set your free!” but, it is our choice to KNOW/BELIEVE the truth!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  24. Fred Russo says

    The MSM has been destroyed by Trump. They will never be taken seriously again and for that Trump has succeeded if he does nothing else!!!!!! Originally coming from NJ i have suffered at there hands for over 30 years of lies i will be a Trump fan till the end of time. THANK YOU SIR!!!!

    1. Mary Brumley says

      I will always be a Trump fan also! He awakened us to the “Corruption” we call our Government!

  25. Michael Dennewitz says

    Mr Trump needs to bar ALL of the media from any gathering and tell them all, “Blow it out your ass boys!” ???

  26. Teleman119 says

    People need to have hung onto and conserved the common sense moral identity they were made with to navigate the waters of the spin and deception of the modern deviant driven MSM. Only the weak minded immoral who ares for Communism and Islam are attracted to the lies and promises contained in their anti-human ideologies.

    “The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed and educated than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.” — President Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807

    “It’s not that our liberal friends are so much ignorant, it is that so much of what they know is just not so.” – President Ronald Reagan

    “The people can see the hate and dishonesty” – President Donald Trump to Time Warner/CNN Fake News reporter Jim Acosta 2-18-2017 during a press conference.

  27. PWe72 says

    If all these whiners from both sides who spend all their effort moaning about the ship of state being aground would get off their fat arses and help bail or push we’d be well afloat and making headway in no time.

  28. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

    Most of them ARE requiring ID to prove attendees are actual constituents. I think it’s hilarious myself, when it was the T-Party doing the same thing y’all thought it was great! (T-Party stands for the American Taliban Party….they’re after the same goals as the Taliban). Rep Blackburn in TN tried to claim that most of the protesters at her “Town Hall” meetting came from outside the district. She had 3 people checking ID’s at the door. When the Media reported this lie, she changed her story real fast and started spewing about the Dishonest Media not treating her Fairly! This is the lesson Republicans learned from Sarah Palin; lie through your teeth…when caught, change your story again, then blame the Media! It Works, now we are Making America Hate Again! To think, Your “Way of Life” is now protected!

  29. Gerald Sparacino says

    Well, when you have Killary challenging republicans to have town hall meetings, I knew something was smelling rotten. Now I know why!

  30. soldier for liberty says

    Globalist is code for communist

  31. liberaldisgust says

    Liberals are the brown shirts of America , they are American ” National Socialists ” and willing to do anything for their agenda …. be aware of who ” they ” are and what they are willing to do ….

    1. River blue says

      Anything to make the evening news. Radical liberals –love–to see themselves and their friends on TV

  32. glorybe2 says

    You just used a fake news tactic. So three hundred activists turned up but thousands stayed home is about as stupid a remark as can be made. The vast majority of people never attend town hall meetings for any reason. To imply that people that do not show up support Trump is propaganda.
    Here is where it is at. Millions of very loyal Americans clearly and correctly see Trump as a huge hazard to democracy and our nation. We consider removing him from office a radical, national emergency. And yes, every day more and more people see through the nonsense and become involved in the process of getting the psycho out of government and we are holding all republicans feet to the fire who do not eagerly assist in the effort. That little covert 60 million dollar gift from Russia is the second huge revelation this week. We have a crook in the white house.

    1. KKmoderate says

      You people are so transparent:
      So “three hundred activists turned up but thousands stayed home” is a direct quote from the article. I don’t see anything wrong with this statement. It is entirely accurate.
      Then your post begins inserting assumptions such as “The vast majority of people never attend town hall meetings”.
      Your spin “To imply that people that do not show up support Trump is propaganda”. Who ever said supporting Trump was the motivation of those attending? YOU. So there it is “Fake News” just as you labeled it.
      The rest of your rant against the duly elected President Donald J. Trump,, (I love saying that) is just that, a rant.
      I hope you and your “loyal Americans” can look up “sedition”, it applies to you.
      The $60 million you refer to is innuendo and gossip. No facts are in place. Just Rachel Maddow trying to make up something for her news broadcast and you are all eating it up with a spoon. and then labeling President Donald J Trump (I love saying that).

      1. glorybe2 says

        The deed transfers as well as the prices paid for the 100 million dollar home are a matter of public record. Trump purchased the property for 40 million and immediately turned it over to a Russian who never spent a day or even set foot on the property for 100 million bucks. It was a fast and dirty way to put 60 million in Trumps hands. The mansion was absurd and in need of repairs so it was bull leveled leaving a vacant lot. Those are facts and not part of the fantasy bubble. Further, you try to imply that a lot of people turn out for town hall meetings. Do you think that even 1% of the population of a city turns out for such meetings. Getting three hundred people to a town hall meeting normally only occurs when there is rage or crises at hand. So yes, getting three hundred angry people at a town hall meeting is a huge warning that something is very, very wrong. If you don’t believe the facts on that property deal i am certain that Palm Beach county has well kept records including prices paid as well as taxes levied on the property.

        1. KKmoderate says

          So Trump bought it in 2004 for 41.35 million, flipped it on July 15, 2008. and 7 years later decides to run for POTUS. That’s hardly a crime. It’s what he did for a living. Why does it condemn him in 2017? Because it was purchased from an American and sold to a Russian? Sorry the culpability has to be more clear than any of that! I can’t see the Russian connection to the Trump administration here and certainly not a nefarious device to put millions into his pockets. “It was a fast and dirty way to put 60 million in Trumps hands”, if you were not so stupid I’d go on but really? I’m laughing at you, hysterically laughing
          I never “try to imply” anything, glorybe, I say exactly what I think and I think you are the one guilty of reading into things and, like Rachel Maddow looking for a story that just doesn’t exist.
          So stop spouting off about town hall meetings and your intimate acquaintance with them. I don’t believe you know the first thing about which you blather!
          So “if you’re certain” about Palm Beach County’s well kept records do yourself a favor and look up some facts before you bother the intelligent people again.

  33. Jo Ann Cooper says

    These protesters are merely exercising their right to free speech? NO…They are going way beyond that! They are taking those very rights away from the people who legitimately want to hear what their Congressman had to say & their rights to ask him or her questions that are on their minds. They aren’t there for the 1st amendment rights…They are there to make a scene & disrupt & ruin the meeting for we, the people! It’s wrong & should be stopped!

  34. denniscerasoli says

    This should be simple for anyone of average intelligence,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on and i think that Trump has their number.What Trump needs to do,is follow through on everything he ran on the best he can.These town hall meetings are meaningless if Trump just does what he said he was going to do and the silent majority will respond in the next election,not complicated.

  35. soldier for liberty says

    Globalism ,Globalist all code words for communism!

  36. Jmanjo says

    The media is not being fair! They are definitely on the liberals side and you watch the Sunday morning news shows and see the reactions of Chuck and George when a Republican catches them at a moment when they know they are behaving with extreme bias I also notice now that NBC will leave out Comments on some of their release so the opposition cannot point out their transgressions. Point being: The Navy Seal that died during a raid in Yemen! You see where his father is slamming the raid ala th administration. What you don’t see in print is there was intelligence gathered, the mission was planned from the bottom up, and the Navy Seal would never had have had that take on his mission. This is liberal persuasion and taking advantage of a grieving father.

  37. soldier for liberty says

    The left or Democrats , liberals, progressives ,globalist, are just modern day communist! The war continues and will until there is a victor. Rise up Patriots and defeat this scourge once and for all!!!!

  38. daveveselenak says

    I WAS LAUGHED AT FOR SAYING TWENTY YEARS AGO THAT we had a fifth column, State-run propagandist media but alas my deduction was prophetic; I also deduct that REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION against the Godless, Satan worshipping NWO-elitist power mad ghouls that are in control of most world REGIMES! Armr========================= ? – – – – – , we will be needing them unless you are comfortable being a serf to the State and living a life of misery and squalor while these reprobates wine and dine on our dimes, living the lifestyles of kings and queens as they currently are doing!

    1. Airborne869 says

      Meryl Streep spends a few hours before the camera and makes / not earns / MILLIONS of dollars and then preaches SOCIALISM…! ! !

      1. daveveselenak says

        Isn’t that amazing! These fools are so full of themselves with false pride that they think of themselves as gods, trying to be little gods as they have turned their backs on the one true God; hence, God has left the Left with reprobate minds that can not or will not discern EVIL from GOOD nor the TRUTH from a LIE and that is why they hate the Truth and worship the lie just as their god Satan does!

        1. True Disbeliever says

          Go take your nap, Dave. God is watching. I’d hate to be in your hate-full shoes.

          1. daveveselenak says

            Truth hurts … so be it! There is nothing wrong with hating evil, the problem nowadays is that sheeple are more than willing to accommodate it – such as yourself, Lefty!

      2. KKmoderate says

        Meryl Streep is a legend in her own mind!

  39. Deadeye says

    We all know these people are plants!….will just make it easier for us conservatives in future elections! They don’t FOOL anyone! keep up the stupidity!

  40. James Langham says

    Can’t wait to see the result for the millions of repub’s, who will lose their insurance coverage, have deep cuts to their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps etc. Looking forward to seeing you in the Soup Kitchen lines.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Can’t wait for the FBI to knock on your door after you threatened Trump’s life, Nate-the-tranny Smith + 100 other troll accounts.

  41. pappy450 says

    The “manual” on how to disrupt the town halls has been posted on line and is MUCH is directly from Alinski’s rules for radicals. It has also been proven that many of these so-called “constituents” are NOT from the area and are bused in to just cause “problems” and stop the proceedings. They only have ONE agenda… DISRUPTION. This is a SOROS/oscumbag/DNC-funded operation and should be STOPPED.

    1. richardwfaith says

      So? Why not extradite soro$$$$$$ AND HIS SONS ALONG WITH HIM to a foreign country that is willing to prosecute him? And, I don’t want to hear any whining about a SO-CALLED “need” for an extradition treaty. Such a treaty obligates a country to extradite, but the absence of such a treaty does NOT obligate a country to abstain from extradition. We need to maintain an unshakeable focus on the need to dismantle the soro$$$$$$ empire.

      1. pappy450 says

        I think you know the reason why…… MONEY (bribes) He makes sure all the people in areas of POWER are sufficiently “compensated” so he won’t have to worry and they will “look the other way”

        1. richardwfaith says

          What’s cool about terminally-ill patriots is that they don’t give a damn about money.

      2. Bounderbob says

        Richard, a foreign country would have to request that we extradite someone, we can’t just kick them out. Yeah I know a lot of people on this site would like to kick others out of this country but where would it stop? I read a post the other day suggesting we kick out all Muslims and non-Christians. That would reduce the population by over half, who would then pay taxes to support our military or any other programs?

        1. richardwfaith says

          Your reasoning on extradition is fine, but perhaps a “request” for extradition could be “requested” and we could “graciously cooperate”.

          1. Bounderbob says

            What’s your comment on the rest of my post?

          2. richardwfaith says

            I decline to comment on the demographics part of your comment not because of either agreement or disagreement, but simply because I don’t personally know the numbers.

          3. Bounderbob says

            Fair enough, thanks.

      3. Craig Vandertie says

        Have you seen the photographs of that treasonous dirt bag John McCain hobnobbing withe the Rothschilds of Europe, who knows how many Globalist there are whoes sole purpose is to enslave the vast majority of the human race

        Contrary to what some idiot posted about a NWO being at least 200 years off he is completely wrong, unless something is done to prevent wicked people with money from controlling world governments, economies and labor markets we will all be enslaved.

        1. richardwfaith says

          No, I have not seen the photos you mentioned, but the content you refer to does not surprise me in the least. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the globalists are at WAR with us, and that the quickest way we can LOSE that war is by maintaining denial of its current and ongoing existence. mccaiN is an obvious tool of the puppetmasters.

  42. Michael Brown says

    Notice the REAL Republican voters who voted for these politicians and their agenda are quiet and civil and ignored. I’ve yet to see anyone from these town halls who are furious that they never had the opportunity to have their questions answered. If someone can’t be quiet and wait their turn and be civil have them removed immediately.

  43. Jean Langford M. says


  44. junkmailbin says

    I have a raving liberal hissssssssssssspanic illegal alien lover as a congressturd.
    I am very much the odd old white veteran at the town halls if he has one.
    I get the , where did he come from look by all.
    I do not disrespect anyone but I do ask questions that expose the real anti america anti white agenda he has

  45. Libs R Loons says

    I was following the comments yesterday on a story about the “protest” organizers being caught-on-tape telling their Soros-paid recruits to “Dress like a conservative so nobody will stop you…..protest outside for the media first, then go inside and disrupt”….and yet they claim this is “organic” and grassroots” when it’s in fact the polar opposite.

  46. Donna Morken says

    The demos just can’t stand the fact that they were beaten fair and square. If the conservatives had done this to Obummer can you imagine the ruckus that would have been made. Where do these people get the money to go around and do this it has to come from somewhere? Is it Soros or the DNC. probably both is my guess. I think the American people are seeing through this and then there will be less demos than ever [good thing]

  47. Rick D. says

    Another example of “fake news” and the lame-stream medias attempt to undermine Trump. These scumbags have no class and consider anything underhanded to be fair game. These morons need to dive back into their toilet bowl where they call home!!

  48. Elizabeth Lewis says

    Yes there is a tendency on the part of journalist to insert by their choice of words a slant Fox has been doing it for years. They are royalty and passing off opinion as news. In my state of Tennessee Marsha Blackburn did do an id check for she wanted to restrict the attendance to those that agree with her. I live outside Memphis and there was no opportunity for me to let my voice be heard. I would welcome an organization that would help with this. The opposition is grass roots. Tea Partiers want to portray it as not the case but it is.

    1. KKmoderate says

      I am confused..please clarify. Marsha Blackburn did an ID check to ” restrict the attendance to those that agree with her.” How can a position be ascertained with an ID check?
      Did you pre register to attend and ensure a space for yourself? Are you in her district?
      If you mean she did an ID check to make sure those attending were from inside of her district and not paid protesters welll???….
      I did not look at her lists to be able to comment but if she asked for advanced registration and it proved people were enrolling to agitate welll?…..
      I Googled the story and it seems she did not have adequate space reserved for all who turned out, they were left outside, and so she scheduled 3 more meetings.
      The slant looks entirely of your making to me.

  49. DonRS says

    Know the enemy! The media’s once subtle bias has, fortunately, become so blatant they have exposed themselves. Yes, the subtle bias remains, but it is being overwhelmed by their positively OBVIOUS lies and misrepresentations.

    Sadly, many conservatives, unaccustomed to the rough and tumble which energizes Liberals, are reacting negatively to Trump’s style. They are very much like the frog in the pot of cold water with the fire turned up (now three quarters boiled), but it happened so gradually, they didn’t notice!

    The “turn the other cheek” approach has allowed the liberals/socialists/communists/progressives/thugs/Atheists/Democrats to reach this advanced stage of DESTRUCTION of our once great nation. This is our best and last chance to stop the EVIL engulfing our country.

    Conservatives MUST STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK! The price of failure is too high.

    Thank GOD for TWEETS!

  50. skipfoss says

    If you believe these protesters are just constiuents I have a bridge I will sell you in down town NY, and yes Omuslime is behind these meetings he and OFA(Obama Fu-ks America) and all the other bull shit orginsations that are set up to fight everything the President wants to fix , they want to protect Omuslimes Legacy what ever the hell that is> Can any one tell me what his legacy is????????

  51. MarcJ says

    The Agitation and Propaganda organization of the
    Democrat (Marxist) Party consists of our Main Stream Media: ABC, NBC, CBS,
    MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune,
    Boston Herald, and literally hundreds of local newspapers, television and radio
    stations; then we have Google, Facebook, and Twitter in the hands of our
    “progressives”; on the other side there is only Fox (sometimes) and American
    Spectator, National Review (also sometimes).

  52. Korean says

    Just another lie and spin.

  53. Statesman Patriot says

    The MSM truly feels they should control all that happens and how all citizens think.


    As they say, “Words matter!” And the media knows exactly how to manipulate those words to control public opinion.

    Demonicrats understand the media twists and turns because that how they think, with much manipulative hypocrisy in what they say. They are complicit in the lies and fake news.

    Unfortunately, the media is not required to be licensed in any manner. They can say and do anything they want under the guise of the 1st Amendment. Yet, the 2nd Amendment requires government licensing to carry a firearm?

    More damage can be done to our liberties by the misuse of word than the misuse of firearms and that’s exactly how the MSM wants it. Words and comments can continue to cause damage as no one can legally do anything. You can yell, scream, curse, mock, or threaten as long as physical action isn’t displayed. But, if a person uses a firearm improperly, consequences are immediately applied to that action and the misuser hunted down and disciplined upon capture. (Unfortunately, just the carrying of a firearm, without any active misuse, may be considered a crime!)

    Even the ACLU has told me how they recite the sequence of the “Bill of Rights,”……. 1,-, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! They will defend all but the 2nd Amendment.

    We have to regain our country and I believe we have begun that journey with the election of President Trump. Then we have to get the media back to reporting the news rather than editorializing their news.

    Truth will prevail but only if “We the People” demand it.

  54. Paul Anderson says

    Control of the media’s dialog, is one of the primary goals, the Soviet Union spoke of in the 60’s. Even today, they continue to influence the media, as well as 144 other goals. Their infiltration of the educational system, has greately effected our nation in a negative way.

    1. Valor says

      The Marxists have also infiltrated the bureaucracies.

  55. Ron C says

    The MSM propagandist’s are not Journalist’s, or they would tell the news fairly…they never do! They have the templates given to them by their Globalist owner’s and that is what that sell….period!

  56. richardwfaith says

    Much of the mayhem is being financed by soro$$$$$$. He needs to be dead. If he were dead as of two hundred years ago, that would not have been too soon. soro$$$$$$ is wanted for financial crimes in other countries, and Trump really needs to have soro$$$$$$ extradited to one of those countries on the double, whether or not we have extradition treaties with one or more of said countries. That takes the blood off Trump’s hands and off America’s hands, but still gets the job done. Sanitary!

  57. Tiger says

    This is like an elephant hiding behind a mouse, are you kidding me? We know who they are a simple search on Google or whatever and you can find all the sites recruiting and setting up riots and protests and for crying out loud, these people have signs that are not homemade.

    Won’t be long before this comes to a nasty head, like a pimple on the tip of one’s nose.

  58. greenlantern1 says

    Ever hear of Nixon’s “hard hat” riot in New York City?
    70 Americans, including 4 police officers, were hurt in that!
    Expect Rush Limbaugh to report it?

    1. Tired... says

      First question: Was Limbaugh broadcasting during Nixon’s term?

      Second question: Are you talking about the riots where 200 construction workers who were organized by the AFL-CIO attacked about 1,000 students who were protesting the Kent State shootings? If so, what is your point?

    2. tom says

      Don’t you find it funny where you have to go back almost 45 years ago to make a point of saying conservatives hurt people. while all the rest of us have to do is go back a few months, even a week or two and at times any day to show how liberals always hurt people who disagree with them. If you go back far enough in time you can always show some point you want to make…it’s not relevant but you can make a point. Nice try though.

  59. dahniuru says

    I’m in Oregon. It is a very liberal environment, and is physically dangerous for anyone who is not showing insane anger at Trump. Town hall meetings are definitely not safe for Conservatives. If you even ‘look’ conservative you are in danger of being both verbally attacked and physically attacked. I stopped going. My voice of Independent Thinking isn’t welcome either.

    1. Bounderbob says

      How do you “look conservative”?

      1. Norman says

        You “look conservative” by not looking like a hideous, radical punk; i.e no nose rings, no tattoos on your face and neck, no green hair, no tongue piercings, no eyebrow piercings, no split tongue, no straw hair, no black lipstick, etc.

        1. Bounderbob says

          I saw some “Bikers for Trump”, they failed some of your tests.

    2. richardwfaith says

      Unfortunately you’ve been intimidated into giving up. That’s what the perps wanted from you in the first place.

      1. Valor says

        Exactly! If we are too cowardly to stand up to these cretins, we don’t deserve the freedom we will lose to the authoritarians who wish to be our masters.

        1. richardwfaith says

          I wasn’t scolding Dahniuru; I was only nudging Dahniuru to go back and try again. The enemy excels in terms of perseverance; we must respond in kind or preferably much better.

    3. Joseph Carrilho says

      Please don’t “them” do this to you.

      Listen to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” again…….

      Click on the blue one with white print.

  60. Deplorable Lanie says

    Please do not call the lame-stream-media “Journalists”. Journalists are fair and un-biased. They report the news, not only the stories that they want heard. They check their facts BEFORE publishing anything. And when they make a mistake, they own up to it, they admit it, they apologize for it and they tell you what steps they are putting in place to make sure they do not make the same mistake again. CNN and NYTimes have been making the same mistakes over and over and over again. They are not checking facts BEFORE they publish. If it is anti-Trump, they believe it and they publish it.That is why I stopped all lame-stream-media years ago! No CNN, no MSNBC, no nightly news, no newspapers NOTHING! And I don’t miss it one bit!

    And I am sick of the Liberals and their paid protesting. You can always tell, because the “protester” never knows why they are there. I have seen interviews with these so called “protesters” and when asked why they are there, they all say the same thing “I’m really passionate about this issue” the kids “protesting” the travel ban could not even name ONE country in the ban. They will say something inflammatory like Trump is really racist. When asked to give one example, they stutter around and can never quite come up with anything. When asked if they would protest no matter who enacted the ban, they enthusiastically say YES! When the interviewer then says “so you were here in 2011 when Obama enacted the same exact ban?” They say “uh um uh whaaat???” It is just ridiculous! Arrest George Soros. When the money dries up, so will the fake protests!

  61. Valor says

    Anyone with a brain can see these are organized protests. These noisy bottom feeders have no purpose other than destroying the American political system to fit their one world, one party rule agenda. Most of these “protesters” have never had an original thought of their own. They are nothing but lemmings.

  62. Leo says

    It is so sickening to see these loud mouthed protesters disrespectfully shouting down these politicians. There is absolutely no dialogue going on, just totally planned disrespect. I would like to see the politicians hold tele type conferences, where only one person is speaking at a time. I bet most of the ‘constituents’ have never been to a Town Hall before.

  63. Joseph Carrilho says

    Mainstream media? Even as a little boy in the 50’s, I “K N E W” there
    was something WRONG with TV news……..

  64. AKLady says

    Lies. lies and more lies.
    Which side tells the most?

    1. Norman says

      Which side tells the most lies? Your side, of course – the leftist demonicRATs.

  65. George Durdin says

    Reporting half of the truth is a LIE and deceitful. I’ve seen very little “objective” reporting from true journalist, only political propagandist and advocates for the progressive socialist party. True broadcast journalism went the way of Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley and has not been seen since the networks and cable news outlets were purchased by liberal progressive, globalist, mass entertainment and media corporations that are using them to manipulate the thoughts, opinions and votes of the American people.

  66. terrymengle says

    These groups of activists have learned their Alensky lessons well. They are funded by the usual suspects like George Soros and union thugs.The same ones that bankrolled activist “events” for the past few years. They have no cohesive message – just a collection of various groups calling for various actions. They just want to create chaos for the government. Communists used these tactics everywhere they eventually overthrew governments.

  67. mrpoohead says
  68. organic granny says

    Townhall meetings are not the place for protesters, signs, bullhorns, etc.

    These meetings are supposed to be a place to respectfully discuss concerns and to bring up issues that need attention.

    Turning them into chaotic free-for-alls should result in arrests of those who interfere with normal proceedings.

  69. Jordan48 says

    These PAID protesters who attack our patriotic leaders (not all are Patriots) do so because they are PAID $15.00 per hour ro do so by the Obamanation Cartel. George Soros has already been disclosed as backing the protesters who disrupted several Trump Rallys’. When some of the agitators wer bludgeoned by Patriots, which was well deserved, these spineless treasonous jackals backed off. The DemonicRats do not want a constitutional republic wherein the American people can thrive and grown strong as a people, as a unified nation.

    They want conflict. They want division and chaos. In this way they can develop an environment where they can overthrow our constitutional protections and draw this nation into subjugation by a NEW WORLD ORDER or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is the dream of these Jackals who swore a worthless and meaningless oath to uphold and defend our U S Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. However, they are the true enemy. They are the vile and evil force that desires to overthrow our nation and they do this because their evil and derranged masters have ppromised many powerful positions in the new heirarchy once this nation is subjugated to the NEW WORLD ORDER. (The Bush Dynasty advocates this New World Order) So does Obamanation who wants a Marxist Muslim nation ruled under Shariah Law and the Religion of Death, Islam.

    Yet, we who have faith in the Living God of the Holy Bible know that the Book of Revelation declares that there will be a One World Government that will bring to power the Anti-Christ. This is going to happen. What many refuse to realize is that NOT ALL nations of the world will be apart of the New World Order that brings the man of sin to power and lawless dominion. The United States does not have to be a part of this unholy alliance of nations. WE, the People, can stop this diabolical plan to include the United States as a part of their Satanic spawned desires.

    Do not be deceived. ALL who support this plan of One World Government shall be cast into the bowels of hell! This is a fact. No, I am not delusional nor am I a conspiracy theorist. The truth of what I say can be easily uncovered to those who doubt the verascity of my argument. The very foundation or framework of this New World Order has already been laid and exists today. Ten distinct regions, partitions, that segregates the world populations, Ten “kings” who have not yet received their crowns, for they have been promised, but have not yet received. Three of these traitors of mankind will be murdered. The Anti-Christ will take over their promised kingdoms. It is he who will kill these three “kings” who have no crown. Hear me when I say that the United States does not have to be a part of this New World Order. If we, who are patriots take action collectively, we can drive these jackals from our country. Look to the DemonicRats and some of the RepubliCon turncoats for our true enemies. These people are treasonous jackals. Before they complete their task of destroying this constitutional republic, many of them will be dead. Their souls shall be cast into the eternal fires of hell forever and forever.

  70. Bob Stewart says

    A congressman holds town halls for his constituents, so check voter ID cards to get in. If the person is not registered in the congressman’s district, don’t let them in. It is a town hall after all, not a national debate.

  71. albertbryson says

    I agreed that one must show ID at door and only allowed residents of that district for Congressman and that state for Senator. We must stop these liberal illiterate and ill behave people from protests.

  72. Jon's On says

    Typical left wing operations. It’s right out of the Alinsky playbook. Alinsky was a crook and a scum bag. He wrote a book which the liberals use as their bible. “Rules for Radicals” is the liberal playbook and just about everything the left does is in that book. They are in-American slimeballs. Along with the left wing media they make it look like nobody wants Trumps agenda. The truth is many want what he campaigned on. The left is ultimately about one thing: taking your freedoms away so they can have complete control over the United States. Case in point, look at all the regulations that came out of the Obama administration. Those weren’t by accident. They crave control and power and don’t care how they get it. That’s why their heroes are Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Pol Pot and other communist dictators. Some would probably be on board with Hitler as well.

  73. desert fox says

    I don’ buy any newspapers anymore….I don’t watch main stream media news except for local news reports. I am my own person and I don’t like to be lied to, lied at, and filled with MSM BS. The other side who has no moral caliber, no real patriotism, and their own immoral guidelines are showing their real colors with every riot, car burning, and the looters and demonstrators are showing the world what the demoncratic party stands for. What a disgrace. Keep it up and take a deep breath as your party goes down the drain.

  74. Carline D. Long Jr. says

    The media is totally Biased and we know it. Keep putting the word out and for sure most of us read through their BS.

  75. RsGoat says

    We can’t forget Saul Alinsky and Rules for Radicals was Obama’s go to play book when he needed to get things done and Saul worked with a variation on Machiavellian theory in his rule book so it would seem less harsh, “are these consequences worth those results?” VS the ends justify the means. It scales back the lengths at which a person will go to make change from blowing things up to agitating in a crowd at least. Other ideas he had was not to attack the idea but the person, once they are gone the idea dies with them. A few people can make a lot of noise in these groups which means writing to your representatives is still not a bad idea.

  76. Laddyboy says

    Good editorial.

  77. Kathy Schweigert says

    Great idea! Show ID!!!

  78. randi amundsen says


  79. Craig Vandertie says

    Damn!, we have at leastOh no, not another mind controlled loser, get yourself deprogrammed by a Conservative in the Psychiatric field, someone who does not suffer from being completely disillusioned and in a total state of denial.

  80. Craig Vandertie says

    We have at least 2 Oh no, not another mind controlled loser, get yourself deprogrammed by a Conservative in the Psychiatric field, someone who does not suffer from being completely disillusioned and in a total state of denial.

  81. Deplorable Lanie says

    Well then it is a good thing I quit the lame-stream-media years ago! They have been covering for Obutthead for 8 years, and now I wonder what they covered up for Bush before that. And I have had it with the Liberals/DemocRATs and their stupid fake protests and showing up and starting fights and yelling at our Congressmen when they have no business even being there. GET OVER IT! YOU LOST THE ELECTION! I seem to remember the same words coming from you 8 years ago. You didn’t see us pulling the kind of crap you are. So grow up! Get a real job! And quit getting in the way of President Trump MAGA!

  82. Ginger says

    I’m a former Democrat, now Independent, and I receive e-mails from both the left and the right, and I can confirm that there were e-mails sent out advising the activists on what they needed to do, so these were not “organic” protests at the town hall meetings. They were definitely contrived and done to disrupt.

  83. Kat says

    The mainstream media has no credibility, and they wonder why their numbers are down? President Trump has to do something to dismantle the farce known as journalism in this country. The day of investigative reporting is dead, the mainstream media employs tabloid reporters.

  84. rfrichey says

    The right people of America from the right side need to start doing the same whenever a demo-rat is having a town hall meeting. Of course, they would have to have an armed guard as the low life leftist would not respond peacefully like the right does. When the great obozo starts his much ballyhooed com back that’s when the right needs to really gear up and disrupt his every lying word. The sorry pos can’t be like all past presidents and sit down and shut up and let the sitting president do his job. In this case a job that has been neglected for the most part the last eight years, and when he did do something it was wrong for the real American people.

  85. Mike W says

    The biased media has no credibility left – they have tried to mask everything they can. They said what a great job Obama was doing when he wasn’t. They claimed the huge crowds at the Hillary conventions yet never showed photos because it wash’t true. They have worked as hard trying to make President Trump look bad as they did trying to make Obama look good. Recently President Trump was in Melbourne, Florida – over 10,000 people showed up to cheer – there were about 100 left wing loons protesting – but the news was all about one deranged kid that threw a block of wood at the motorcade in Palm Beach. When vice presidential hopeful Tim Kaine was in Palm Beach for a campaign rally less than 50 people were there and they were mostly press – dead silence from the media. The majority stockholder – so essentially the guy who calls the shots at the New York Times – is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim – that in itself should explain a lot.

  86. Craig Vandertie says

    islam is not a religion, islam is the worship of a 3,000 year old Arab moon/war god and those who embrace to ideology of this wicked “PAGAN” are a constant threat to those who do not, so yes all muslims should be kicked as far from U.S. soil as possible.

    1. laughing coyote says

      great idea

  87. Walter Flatt says



    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
    The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan US, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims






  88. headonstraight says

    Since when does the term “constituent” connote political neutrality as this article is naively and erroneously asserting? A constituent may be partisan or non-partisan. The term “constituent” simply means a person living in a given Congressional representative’s district and depending–hopefully– on him/her to represent the constituent’s interest, whether that constituent is an extreme liberal or a raving right winger or something in between. Scarcely ever have I encountered on this web site such a shallow premise as the one that argues that “constituent” is somehow a smokescreen terminology to blur the “true nature” of a protest activity. Weak stuff there, fixthisnation!

    And as if that were not shallow enough, we also get THIS convolution:

    “Whether they’re paid or unpaid, organized or organic, is beside the point. The point is that by using neutral terms like “constituents,” the media is trying to give you the illusion that these protest crowds are a healthy mix of Republicans and Democrats who are suddenly turning on the people they voted for.”

    No, the media are not trying to do any such thing. Once more, fixthisnation, “constituent” in itself, is a politically neutral term. The descriptions in the media candidly make it clear that the great majority of “constituents” of whom they write are constituents who have shown up to protest.

    No one is playing games with terminoology, no one except fixthisnation, that is.

  89. astrc says

    Legal Constitution Protesting is OK, however, when you, “interfere” with other’s rights, and order at “Town Hall” meetings or any other type of meetings, gatherings etc.. by using force, you are, #1. When told, to, “move on” “back off”, by an officer, and you refuse, you could be arrested for, #1. “Obstruction”, & “refusing to obey a legal order by a police officer”, or for , causing & “Inciting a Riot”, The Laws are written purity clear about this. It just takes, “Balls to enforce them”. And the previous Admin, failed to do this as they should have.

  90. Libertarian Soldier says

    These town-halls need to develop a policy to defend the 1st Amendment rights of those that are there to support the purpose of the town-hall meeting.

    Free speech is encoraged as long as it respects the free speech of others. When free speech is used as a weapon to stifle the rigths to free speech of another, the violators win. You can call it free speech to shout someone down, to disrupt and to interfere but it infringes on the rights of others.

    If I have a neighborhood watch meeting in my home, it doesn’t mean that the outlaws that live down the street can come into my home and shout me down. It’s my party and I can kick you out if you won’t live by the rules of decorum in my home.

    The best thing that can be done is to take registration of every attendee. It’s your town-hall and it’s your rules. That way, when you act despotically and decide to disrupt, interrupt and to step on the free speech of another, you may leave. If you won’t leave, law enforcement should be called in to assist.

    If your reasonable rules are posted, signed for, during registered and agreed to, prior to entry, you may enforce your reasonable standards as rules and decorum provide.

    The antidote to oppressive free speech is free speech. The way we respect the rights of others is to hold them to the same standards of respect. You know what to do. Stop letting these mooks overrun your party.

  91. Elizabeth Lewis says

    I call it Fox News Syndrome, but Republicans are upset when Fox does it

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