Big Job Growth in Tennessee – Except All the Jobs Went to Immigrants


According to new findings, virtually all of Tennessee’s job growth over the last 14 years has gone to immigrants both legal and illegal. The Center for Immigration Studies, a non-partisan foundation, this week analyzed the more recent government reports on employment in the state. Their report rebukes immigration reformers who claim that illegals are only taking jobs that natural-born citizens won’t do. Not only has all of the net increase in Tennessee’s employment sector gone to immigrants, but it has done so even as natural-born citizens accounted for 60 percent of the state’s population growth!

Steven Camarota, the Center’s Director of Research, added commentary in the group’s press release:

“It’s remarkable that any political leader in Tennessee would support legislation that would increase the number of foreign workers allowed into the country, given the relatively weak job growth in the state and the large share of working-age people not working.”

Camarota refers to the notorious Gang of Eight immigration bill that is still hanging around the House of Representatives after being passed in the Senate. Both Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker – Tennessee’s Republican Senators – voted for the bill, exposing themselves as the RINOs they are. The problems with the immigration bill are too numerous to list, but one of its worst effects would have been to double the amount of foreign workers allowed past the border. It would have also granted legal amnesty to millions of illegals already in the country. How this would help the United States or Tennessee is a question unanswered by leftist Republicans and, of course, Democrats.

Consider some of the policies advocated by the immigration bill and compare them with the news that all of Tennessee’s job growth has gone to immigrants. It provides for an expedited citizenship path for illegals already in the country. It calls for system reforms that will make it easier for foreign STEM graduates to get a fast-track to citizenship. It demands better work visa options for low-skilled workers going into agricultural fields of employment. With this kind of bill on the books, is there any doubt that the millions of natural-born Americans will find it ever harder to land a job?

As of right now, Lamar Alexander is still favored to win over his primary challenger, State Representative Joe Carr. However, as we saw in Virginia earlier this year, early polling doesn’t always tell the whole story. There, too, many observers believe that Eric Cantor’s weak stance on immigration was exactly what cost him the election. With this news about Tennessee’s job growth hitting the media at the worst possible time, we could very well see history repeated with Carr and Alexander.

Beyond Tennessee’s politics, though, these numbers illustrate the lengths to which liberals will lie about immigration. And they act as a splash of cold water in the face to any Republican or conservative who doesn’t think immigration is the single biggest issue of national security. Make no mistake about it, our economic health is as central to our country’s strength as our military. If we deliberately allow either to weaken, we jeopardize our way of life and the very fabric of the flag. If liberals want to paint that position as racist, so be it.

  1. jetmagnet says

    This article is ridiculous! What americans want to clean toilets and pick fruit??

    1. zookeeper216 says

      I clean my own toilet and I pick my own damned fruit, not my fault if your lazy.

      1. Len Tippett says

        Thanks for setting these people straight by getting directly to the point. The only thing I could add is if our government was not handing out so many entitlements this laziness would be cured. Government has no degree of sanity left.

        1. Jon Willey says

          You confuse sanity and principle with unscrupulous politicians.

          1. Len Tippett says

            I can’t offer much argument to your comment either, as after the first two years as a politician, they have no scruples or principle. Another reason for “term limits”.

          2. Harvey Melton says

            term limits should be set for all that represent the people.including judges in order to prevent them from legislateing from the lifetime appointments for anyone.the vetting process for the highest office in the land on down should be and could be vastly improved.permanent caps should be placed on all and any political contributions.also no foriegn contributions in any form, ever.there are many depts. and agencies that should be done away with immediately.and after so many votes of”present” these individuals need to be disqualified as being a nonactive participant in the govt process and sent back home without further benefit. and ex politicians need to be barred from being a lobbyist after thier service has ended.and any of their relatives ,friends and associates should be barred from being lobbyists. PAC(political action committees)should be investigated thoroughly if they do not meet nor come up to standards then they should be barred and banned.there is a whole lot that could be done that is not even currently being considered. after all this would entail a real effort in favor of their constituents-we the people. but that would not enrich the greedy politician, so it is not and will not be happening anytime soon.

        2. David Fowler says

          Americans used to do this work that “Americans won’t do”. Both my and my wife’s families used to be what were called “fruit tramps” and followed the harvests. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that although I can remember picking a little cotton for spending money when I was younger. The main reason the Americans won’t do this work any longer is welfare. Why go out and do stoop labor when the government will pay you not to?

        3. zookeeper216 says

          Everybody thinks that these people just clean toilets and pick fruit and that’s just not true. They also take factory jobs that pay good money. The company pays them and cashes their checks, no paper trail. I’ve seen twenty two in a three bedroom apt. The women file for welfare and food stamps and none have to prove citizenship. Our state approved $14 million dollars to teach 14 thousand illegal kids to speak English. I think that money could be better spent somewhere else.

      2. carmelboy says

        Not our fault your a felon with NO respect for our countrys laws you deliberately broke to ger here! Glad you have trees to pick fruit from!

        1. joe_heathen says

          Justify your silly comment, proving that it is true by citing facts and sources. You oughta return to 5th grade to learn how to spell and construct grammatically correct sentences.

          1. chamuiel says

            All you have is name calling and insults.

            Someday, even you might be able to grow up and have an adult conversation.

        2. zookeeper216 says

          What? I was born here. I have a lot of respect for this countries laws which is more than I can say for the people who broke them to get her, dumbsh#t. As for picking my own fruit, you get a better price when you pick you own. Of course you probably didn’t know that.

      3. joe_heathen says

        Where does jetmagnet assert that he is lazy? Provide documentary citations to legitimize your allegation.

        1. chamuiel says

          By you and jetmagnet both working as paid trolls shows that you are both lazy.

        2. zookeeper216 says

          He thinks it’s fine for other people to clean his toilet and pick his fruit. Chances are he doesn’t want to pay a legal American to do this for him. He wants an illegal because then he can pay less.

    2. livefree1200cc says

      You’re ridiculous, most of the illegals aren’t doing those jobs either

      1. Stash Holly says

        That was the point of the article and the clown was just spouting some liberal crap he learned in school between smoking joints and watching Jackass. Now for the really bad news. How much do you hate your children? Do you need a real life example of Americas future, look no further than Ukraine. They allowed a large population to fly the Russian flag, celebrate Russian Holidays and when Russia invaded Crimea and Eastern Ukraine the Military removed their Ukraine uniforms and slipped on the Nation they held Alligence too Uniform, RUSSIA. Hello Mexico and the STEALTH INVASION. If we did it in reverse our people would have to learn Spanish and we would get no financial support, but in America we GROOM our enemies now. It is a FOOLS PARADISE and like all Communist Democrat Ideas this is going to kill Americans.

    3. Robert E Boltz says

      Plain stupid and Lazy that is you, look into the mirror

    4. joe haire says

      don’t you belong on the MSNBC web site?

      1. jetmagnet says

        I don’t watch MSNBC, I get my info from research and my news from NPR.
        I’m an independent, remember? Stupid people watch only news that bolsters their beliefs.
        If you follow that path you might as well be a “Trained monkey” The misinformation is exceptionally bad with Fake News Channel. I found so many errors or partisan slanted news I decided with the courts who deemed it “entertainment” not news at all. Rush blimpo got sued with the same result…it’s entertainment no informative or accurate news.
        If you what true insight and pragmatic overall view you listen to both sides of an argument , do your research and formulate your own opinion. What I’ve found out about (especially conservatives) is they make up bullshit just to substantiate their hypocracy and there’s no doubt in my mind they are fed multiple doses of bullshit to keep them in line and protect the interest of wealthy donors who contribute to their constituents in congress ( like puppets) for their own monentary gain.

        1. joe haire says

          you call NPR independent? poor start for an opinion. I’ve read your posts before. You are an obvious liberal. None of your arguments are “independent”. You are elietist and very angry. You call people with a different viewpoint “stupid”. Your indictment of conservatives is self serving. A follower of Barak Obama is the real trained monkey. It would be refreshing to hear a liberal Obama supporter admit that they suport Marxism & Islam. There is no doubt that Obama is both. Conservatives make up bullshit to substantiate their hypocrisy?? I am an independent and reject your self serving bullshit. I watch all news sources, except that I cannot watsh MSNBC any longer. Their hatred and hypocrisy is to much to bear. They are elitist, arrogant, smug, & angry. Cannot get an intelligent opinion from them. You are on this website for one reason, to spew your onesided rants. I have urged you , in the past, to do a real study on the Tea Party of Boston Harbor. I can only assume that you have rejected that request. You would learn the real reason that we rejected the British oppression and sought real freedom. I was at Berkeley i 1960 and saw first hand the anarchists and marxists staging riots and blowing up buildings. I learned that those people were just selfish self deluding jerks who later became stock brokers and embraced capitalism wholeheartedly. Phonies, one and all.

          1. joe_heathen says

            Prove, with documentary citations, that President Obama is both a Marxist and an Islamist and that he is using those values today as President. Ah, the refreshing sound of crickets . . .

          2. Greg says

            The Muslims have said they plan on
            destroying the US from the inside out, what better way to start than at
            the highest level – through the President of the United States, one of
            their own!!!!

            Who is Barack Obama?

            Probable U. S. presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama was born in
            Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black MUSLIM from
            Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya and Ann Dunham, a white ATHEIST from Wichita,
            Kansas. Obama’s parents met at the University of Hawaii.

            When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father returned
            to Kenya. His mother then married Lolo Soetoro, a RADICAL Muslim from
            Indonesia. When Obama was 6 years old, the family relocated
            to Indonesia. Obama attended a MUSLIM school in Jakarta. He also spent
            two years in a Catholic school.

            Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim. He is
            quick to point out that, “He was once a Muslim, but that he also
            attended Catholic school.” Obama’s political handlers are attempting to
            make it appear that he is not a radical.

            Obama’s introduction to Islam came via his father, and this influence
            was temporary at best. In reality, the senior Obama returned to Kenya
            soon after the divorce, and never again had any direct influence over
            his son’s education.

            Lolo Soetoro, the second husband of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham,
            introduced his stepson to Islam. Obama was enrolled in a Wahabi school
            in Jakarta. Wahabism is the RADICAL teaching that is followed by the
            Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the western world.
            Since it is politically expedient to be a CHRISTIAN when seeking major
            public office in the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has joined the
            United Church of Christ in an attempt to downplay his Muslim background.
            ALSO, keep in mind that when he was sworn into office he DID NOT use
            the Holy Bible, but instead the Koran.

            Barack Hussein Obama will NOT recite the Pledge of Allegiance nor will
            he show any reverence for our flag. While others place their hands over
            their hearts, Obama turns his back to the flag and slouches.

            Please take note that this was a “rumor” spread by a Senator and the rest of this cannot be confirmed or denied. (where have you heard that before)

            Since it is politically expedient to be
            a CHRISTIAN when seeking major public office in the United States,
            Barack Hussein Obama has joined the United Church of Christ in an
            attempt to downplay his Muslim background.

            Why isn’t there a record of a Baptismal Certificate since he claimed to be “Baptized” into the “Christian Faith?

          3. chamuiel says

            Why don’t you prove that he is not?

            ah, the refreshing sound of crickets.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            He ain’t no JET MAGNET, I don’t think he even owns a PAPER PLANE!!!!! IMHO he talks more crap than a herd of constipated elephants……
            He might be one of Obama’s kin people. I think hes the Drunk Unkle…….

        2. mac12sam12 says

          You believe what your masters tell you. NPR is government funded and also has a left wing slant.

          1. jetmagnet says

            There’s no slant when you are an independent voter, it’s either right or it’s wrong and NPR is more accurate!!

          2. chamuiel says

            You have never been right or accurate in your life.

            You are a paid troll for the Democrats/obama/ soros.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            You are as delusional as your avatar. NPR, government funded.

        3. chamuiel says

          NPR? There is no difference between NPR and MSNBC.

    5. Stash Holly says


    6. nowhererose says

      yes ive done those jobs willingly, but I cant find ANY jobs because of the wetbacks, Russians and Asians who now given jobs I am WILLING to do.

      1. ikwuakor says

        Just because you are willing to do the job does not mean you are (more) qualified to do the job

        1. chamuiel says

          It does not me he is any less qualified, either.

    7. Harvey Melton says

      i do and have done many jobs that even illegals wouldn’t do in order to provide for my family, i have worked in rendering plants where they cook rotten dead animals along with their maggot ridden guts to make animal feed, dog food etc. i didn’t see one immigrant/illegal there ever. but i did it in order to pay the bills and feed the family, i’ve picked fruit, bucked hay,gathered rocks from farmers fields, painted, built fence, etc whatever it took to get my family taken care of, don’t be so self righteous telling us that we as responsible people no matter whether we are americans or not that we are lazy, you are just parroting a feel good pass the buck worn out line of bs.what have you done to take care of your family?would it be anything that could be done or would you be choosy as to what it was ?

      1. jetmagnet says

        Well good for you, but most people in south florida wouldn’t do the jobs these people do, like pick fruit 12 hrs a day for $4 an hour. They are an integral part of many communities especially Texas where white conservatives hire them in droves…gov perry knows this that’s why he got booed in the 2012 debates. The fact is cubans did this and they transformed south florida and many became wealthy. Mexicans and central americans in the south are doing well and adding to the economy. They’re not on welfare or bumming off the govt. If they don’t have a steady job their out in front of home depot looking for work every morning. I don’t see any americans or blacks out there, because it’s hard work. They’d rather stand on street corners and panhandle. I don’t know where your from but come down to south fla and see for yourself.

        1. James Vanhoosier says

          they wont leave the 7-11 in Va. for less than $15 an hour, no tax no s.s. payed by them.

          1. jetmagnet says

            It’s a free country and equal opportunity under the constitution, so good for them.

          2. James Vanhoosier says

            they don’t have the protection of the constitution since they are not citizens of the United States

          3. chamuiel says

            Not for illegals.

        2. chamuiel says

          How long have you been delusional? Do you hire the illegals to pick your fruit? Is that why you know so much about it?

    8. chamuiel says

      The only thing ridiculous is you. Too bad you are too stupid to know that.

  2. bobby says

    Of course, in this Country all jobs go to immigrants, at one time or another we all fit that description, that is unless you were an American Indian.

    1. Robert E Boltz says

      Bobby , it is the illegal is what the subject is about, pay attention !! if you are not aware of the problem of illegals check out the daily news.

      1. bobby says

        Absolutely right, illegals are a problem today but we all have to ask ourselves, how many of our ancestors came here illegally? I don’t think anyone can answer that.

        1. Robert E Boltz says

          Bobby, on that point I will agree, but this country can not continue to let every one come who would like to do so, not obeying our laws is the issue, the main point is our Government is not enforcing the laws ,  we Have many needs for our poor and needy with out letting several million who are in the same category  as our poor. I do not have answers neither do our Leaders or are Government! Thanks for your reply , have a nice day sendemail any time!

        2. jetmagnet says

          Exactly what is the problem illegals are causing? Because millions of cubans came to the US illegally and have a made a major impact economically in the US.
          What about hatians? They came here illegally and have contributed economically.
          In south florida mexicans and others work hard and own businesses and some are illegal. They are hired because their not lazy, work all day at lower wages and show up everyday unlike americans. The cubans did the same thing…they worked for americans,learned from them and started their own businesses. The problem with baggers is they see everyone as a threat…which is true because alot of americans are Lazy, they charge too much money and the quality isn’t much better.
          People have the same midset when they go to walmart. Do they check to see if the items they buy are from china? No they buy them because their cheap.

          1. Brenda says

            Lawlessness, a drain on the welfare system, crowded school conditions, extra cost for interpreters in class rooms, heavy increase on the medical community, disregard for our legal system, demands for rights not legally theirs i.e. voting, and now with the influx of Central American illegals reintroduction of diseases we have all but eliminated in the United States.
            Many of the Cubans

          2. jetmagnet says

            Bullshit! When you stop getting your information from the The FAKE NEWS CHANNEL. and findout the truth I will consider you worthy of conversation. “Those people are vaccinated, when they get here and they have no diseases ok? You act like this is the poorest country in the world and nobody is making any money and we never had any immigration. You think people who immigrated here had no illnesses? You people go against the church when you refuse people in need. Many churches are helping these people along with baptist ministry. You people or so full of crap that you hate innocent children and babies…real disgusting people you are. Glad i don’t vote for the garbage you represent. Go live in your little cynical rat hole…the rest of america doesn’t agree with you. These people work harder than lazyazz americans who don’t want to work, there’s plenty around here. One more thing, all the people you crazies hate aren’t going anywhere. There’s always going to be welfare, because there’s millions more people than jobs, that’s a fact and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Put that together with your stupid
            Protect fetuses by starve the poor ideology. We have so many orphans now we have to put them in unsavory homes and it cost millions in tax money because fruitcakes don’t believe in abortion. You people are sick puppies.

          3. chamuiel says

            Those people are not vaccinated when they get here.

            yes, you are bull shit, and putting out more of it.

            Who would want to be worthy of a conversation with you.
            Who would want to come down that far?

            osama hussein obama is trying hard to make this country into the poorest country in the world, and you are helping him.
            fruitcake liberals do not believe in adoption.
            thanks for clarifying that.

            thank obama for the fact that there are many more people than jobs.
            Again, why are you such a sick name caller?
            When you get down to it, you have nothing but name calling.
            You are the proverbial 10 year old School playground bully who has never grown up.

          4. Brenda says

            I feel sorry for you and your refusal to see what is happening. The illegals coming from Central America are infected with several diseases as reported by the Center for Disease Control, not some news program. When you have to resort to such comments and name calling, you have lost the debate.

          5. jetmagnet says

            Really? Try calling the CDC and findout for your self that it’s bullshit, ok? Go to people who’s job it is to protect the country.
            According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all legal immigrants must be screened and approved before entering the

            The agency states on its website, “The health-related grounds for inadmissibility include persons

            [1.] who have a communicable disease of public health significance,

            [2.] who fail to present documentation of having received vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases,

            [3.] who have or have had a physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior, or

            [4.] who are a drug abuser or an addict.”

            If you google CDC illegal alien diseases, you only get reports from all the fruitcake websites, like the daily Liar, brietbart, none from legit sources. See this is why you peeps are ill informed. According to the CDC the illegals have no threatning diseases. It’s a cop out by rightwingies who don’t want to look cruel for throwing children and babies under the bus sort of speak.
            Show me any CDC report that says anything about contagious diseases by aliens. I’ll wait here for your answer LMAO!

          6. chamuiel says

            Haitians? Yep, trayvons girlfriend has impacted everything.The Haitian Mayor of a Democrat northern city who just went to prison has impacted that entire city.

            Baggers? Again, why are you obsessed with gays?
            why are you an i9nfantile name caller?

            were you the School playground bully when you were 10?

        3. Luvthablues says

          Very few, the vast majority were legal immigrants who came to America through New York harbor during the 18oo’s and early 1900’s. Read your history bobby!

          1. Harvey Melton says

            and the message on lady libertys book does not apply in this day and time,that statue was a gift to this country from france way back in the ellis island days.and it has produced what is was after. but now there needs to be serious immigration control and our borders need to be closed and controlled.we have had and seemingly have the money for everything else under the sun, so i know we have the money to get this border/immigration issue under control.

          2. joe_heathen says

            My great grandparents entered the United States through Canada, one at Seattle and the other at North Dakota. And they became citizens and workers very quickly. In so many words, NewYork City wasn’t the only port of entry.

        4. Mark Clemens says

          All of my ancestors came here before this was the USA, and killed Indians. Maybe we should play a new game COWBOYS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS……….

        5. James Vanhoosier says

          I can my family has been here since 1639 ,no United States.

      2. Harvey Melton says

        the illegals wouldn’t be such a problem if the current immigration laws were enforced.and out of the billions wasted the borders could have been fixed long ago.but we have a small group of elitist in this country, along with the bleeding hearts that desire these illegals so they can be hired at a very low wage.the politicians desire them to be here in order to build a voter base and in doing so, they then get these illegals hooked up to all the welfare benefits they can get them, which is no exspense out of the politicians pocket but rather the taxpayers pocket.then the politician proudly says to the illegals see how much we care about you? now if you would just vote in our favor even more good free things will come your way. same old time long ago i worked at a factory where there would be illegals working there and immigration would raid the place,these illegals would scatter like cockroaches when a light was turned on, but it didnt matter after a little while they would be back rehired under a diffirent false name, you would go up to them and call them by thier old name and they would then tell you thier new name.and none of these people paid taxes,which was a reason many were always racking up as much overtime they could in order to make a buttload of money to send back home to the el banco,many of them have told me that for a small amount of money they could go back and retire nicely, that for 20,000 they could get quite a estate with all the ammenities, it is greed on both sides that will prevent and hamper real solutions to the illegal immigrant/open border problem.

        1. Robert E Boltz says

          Harvey AGREE WITH YOU , We have a government that does not enforce the laws!!

    2. david b cordick says

      i just thought i would mention to you, the indians, were the first ones to the country. they were americans until they got here

    3. Jeanne Stotler says

      First Indians crossed the upper continent, from what is now Russia, into what is now America, read History books, second when my ancestors came here in 1620 and 1685, this was called “new world”, they fought for Independence from the King of England, which was 1776 when a Declaration od Independence was signed, the war continued for another few years and resumed in 1812, Birthday of this country is 7/4/1776, and with the adoption of the Constitution, we had LAWS, read it, Immigration is controlled by Congress not the President, although the one in WH now seems to think he has powers over riding it.

      1. James Vanhoosier says

        My family came here in May 1639.

    4. chamuiel says

      immigrants? The subject is illegal aliens.

      as a troll you = epic fail.

  3. Sylvester Jones says

    Illegal immigrants you mean.

  4. Sue Nicholai says

    Part of the problems are Americans have had it good for so long that we want to do only what we feel like doing and expect the government to take of our needs. Just look at young people,you see it clearly,a few really who work for what they got but over all people who just want to take what others hard work has reason crime rates are climbing,a big par of the problem with this country is the way of thinking we have allowed to blossom in this find it from the poorest pelple to the richest

    1. Harvey Melton says

      one problem i see often is young people wanting to come into a job at top wage meaning that the people there who has been there for a lot of years has topped out on their hourly wage then these young people expect the employer to start them out at that same high wage, if they are qualified because of education fine. but many of the ones im talking about have no more than a high school education.we have a educational system where even the teachers have changed the color of the grading pencil from red to some other color because red is considered a threatening demeaning color,then they are graded on such a huge slanted base curve as to give all a equal grade so no feelings will be hurt etc. these kids have everything handed to them, so naturally when they go out in the real world they expect to be handed over and above everyone else.and the older workers are increasingly discriminated against mainly because of their age,so they are filtered out in whatever ”legal” way the employer can.when i was a kid, i saw employers discriminate against my dad when he reached a certain age, he had all the experience, often more than recent college grads, but due to his age, only in the 50’s he was deemed to old never mind his knowledge and experience, he was willing and able to do the job but the employer was biased against him and this same thing happens today.or they would tell him that he was ”overqualified” for the is management that always comes out on top they can fire you for any reason by labeling it as something that will not get them penalised under the law. and in the same way their hiring practises are the same, they have been playing the game for so long that it is rare that they ever end up in court over breaking any law.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Here in Tennessee, if you graduate High School you get the FIRST two years of State Collage for FREE. Our Gov is proud of this and he is campaigning on it. So if you have kids approaching High School age, and are a little strapped for cash. Move here to Tennessee. If they graduate High School, the state has their first two years of collage for FREE. Plus our State Assembly is 85% republican. What more could a parent ask for?
        If you do move here, tell them I sent you.

        1. Harvey Melton says

          well that is indeed a good thing but i am way too settled here for that kind of move.this is the kind of positive help that needs to be given in every state that can afford it.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I’m not hacking on you, but I think you hit the nail on the head about whats wrong w/America.
            “I’m way too settled”
            I think thats why politicians are getting away with what they do to us. We are to settled in our lives. With the Government sending good paying jobs overseas, talking about altering The Bill of Rights, runaway spending, Spying on US. We should all be in the streets of Washington DC with Pitch Forks, Torches, and Shotguns demanding things be made right, and the people seated in federal government be exiled from this country. I hear Cuba needs young ambitious leaders. ……….

          2. Harvey Melton says

            the later part of your comment will happen sooner or later. both sides are waiting out the other when it comes to first moves.i truly believe that if it was to happen where people rise up in such a way that the rouge elements in this govt would turn tail and run. that is the way most bullies are when confronted they back off especially when you throw the first punches while they are busy bragging.obama is no kind of leader now how is he going to be one later?

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I believe both (all 3) parties are out to rule us. One wants to outsource the good paying jobs (Republicans, the Tea Party is good w/this too). The other (Democrats) want to alter the 1st and 2ed amendments of the Bill of Rights. The only reason I go along with the R’s & T’s is because I’d rather be poor and FREE, than a working slave in fear of my government. We’re Americans for God’s sake! Why cant we have a Party that will PROTECT our JOBS and CIVIL LIBERTIES?

  5. RoboticEng says

    If your up early and drive through Brooklyn, NY you will see no less than 500 Mexican and Hispanic Illegals on almost every corner with a tool belt waiting to get picked up by pickup trucks on their way to a job site these are carpenters and others it is like a fixture this has been going on for years and I am being kind at the number of 500 I only go down a few streets it may be in the thousands

    1. James Garbe says

      Have you seen their work? They are NOT carpenters, they are butchers. Let them work on your house. Not mine!

      1. RoboticEng says

        Hey james LOL No No I didn’t say I would let them work on my home no way I agree

      2. Wayne says

        don’t even let them paint your house…unless you like the graffiti look?

    2. Wayne says

      they used to do that, here in San Fran. , but I don’t remember what law made it illegal???

  6. Dirty Daug says

    This has all got so bad that we even have a President who is an ILLEGAL, but he won’t work, lies all of the time and takes lots of vacations using American’s money.

    1. ikwuakor says

      First off… How is he illegal? Based on what facts? And if he was really illegal, which all of you people fighting for it since he got in, don’t you think he would have gotten taken out of office by now…

      So what would you think of a president who took statistically more vacation days than Obama, lied about weapons of Mass Destruction which led us into a war and signed into law “The Patriot Act” which is taking away all of your civil liberties and turning the US more and more into a police state? What would you think of that president?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I think Bush sucked so bad, the people elected Obama. Obama keeps the patriot act and the war going. I’m telling y’all BOTH PARTIES are out to RULE The People. I live in Tennessee, I’m not buying this article. Before 2003 we had a lot of Hispanics working here, now not as much. Also this article is a few days late if Fix This Nation wanted Senator Alexander primaryed out. We had our republican primary Thursday August 7. Lamar won, in case anybody is wondering……

        1. ikwuakor says

          Just because they are Hispanic does not make them illegal…

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Well legal or illegal work around Nashville is so spotty most Hispanic folks left town. Also a few years back (maybe 2004) a Auto Parts Manufacture got busted for having a “employment verification trailer” that was making FAKE Social Security and Green Cards, so they could hire illegal immigrants for like $4.00 a hour. These weren’t floor sweeping or toilet cleaning jobs. I believe they made fenders or doors for Nissan trucks.
            But hay! Good news, the government allowed that manufacturer to make those parts over seas. See how silly it is for the foreigners to come over here for work, when we will ship the jobs to them…….
            Must be the welfare they are coming here for.

          2. chamuiel says

            Just because you appear to be alive does not make you intelligent.

        2. chamuiel says

          yeah, the rino lamar won, unfortunately.

          What is wrong with you people in Tennesse?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Don’t classify me with them, I voted for Carr. To be honest I NEVER heard or saw a Lamar commercial. I’ve been from The Smokeys to Memphis and only saw 5 Alexander for senate signs. If he weren’t the incumbent, you’d never know he’s seeking office. I wonder what he does with all that campaign money? In case your wondering, he believes MONEY=SPEECH. Odd my money has never said a word around me….
            I think if a Congressman hears money talk, they must be on hard drugs & need to step down. Before they hear more “Voices”.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        Now i know you are really educated in the wrong direction so you said your not an Obama supporter but you stick up for him, that smells fishy why doesn’t he lay out all his records like i do when i have to pass a security gate, I was born and raised in this country and served and still i have to go through BS to get on a flight, i had to show my life history to renew my drivers license and my wife as well had to prove she was married to me after 57 years, so wht your saying it’s OK for Obama but not for me that i am American.

      3. hankthetank says

        And the ( Bush ) family is gone,in the past isn’t he, no more Bush’s no more Clinton’s an no more Obama’s, also no more democrat’s!! I am an independent with NO brands of any kind!!

        1. ikwuakor says

          Okay. What is your point? We are still facing the reprocussions of the Bush. If you can’t even understand that, then, there is literally no point in having a conversation with you.

          1. chamuiel says

            Why are you still so worried about Bush?

            Isn’t it time you turned your attention (short tho it may be) to hussein obama?

          2. ikwuakor says

            Do you know why people still focus on Bush? Have you people ever wondered why? It is because the day that Obama took office, you all forgot that The one thing that both parties had in common was that we felt that Bush needed to be out of office and was an awful president. You all forgot that Bush ever existed. You all were saying Obama was the worst president of all time a month into his presidency. That is the reason. You all forgot where this country was when Obama took office.

            Listen to it from MCCain’s own mouth.


          3. Wayne says

            now, now…

      4. chamuiel says

        The lying liberal Democrats like you would not take an illegal alien out of office.

        heck you voted for him, 14 times.

  7. Combatvet52 says

    This is The Obama way kill the jobs for American citizens and give it to the illegals,

    “illegals are only taking jobs that natural-born citizens won’t do” that’s a crock of BS.

    1. nowhererose says

      I do the same jobs they do and I do it better. but a wetback invader will find steady work before I will

      1. ikwuakor says

        From this comment I already know you don’t do it better…. Because you would complain just as you are doing right now

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Who’s side are you on or is it because you are an illegal

          1. ikwuakor says

            I don’t have to be an illegal to not be on your side… Just educated

          2. Combatvet52 says

            That’s your opinion now you just slapped me and others on this site as not educated like you, i can just imagine how many friends you have, good luck.

          3. ikwuakor says

            At first I was actually commenting on nowhererose about education but I will turn my direction towards you. Actually, I am not even a huge Obama supporter. I can honestly look at both sides and see criticism in both. But, if you want to stew around in your own hate, that is up to you. Blaming a group of workers who are trying to make a living instead of the corporations and owners that are looking at all profits is the issue. Cheap labor for people who won’t sit around and complain is what they want… Sorry… That is your “American Dream”

          4. Richard Adams says

            Let them make a living in their own country.

          5. hankthetank says

            Ikwuakor, should fix his own country,not tear ours down!!

          6. chamuiel says

            Anytime some starts saying “I am not”, or start listing their bonafides as you just did, one can be pretty sure they (you) are lying.

          7. Richard Adams says

            You’re not educated you’re a moron. Or a demoncrat.

          8. hankthetank says

            there are lots of educated, democrat’s! that is why we are in this mess!! the democrat’s!!!

          9. ikwuakor says

            We are in this mess because of the democrats? Please do not make me shut up your entire argument. Please give me a situation that is much worse from the bush era? Unemployment, stock, health care, foreign policy and image etc. Now, understand. I am not even saying that Obama is a great president because he has bothered me with what he did with Monsanto and the whole Osama killing debacle. But, in all honesty, the country is in a better position that it was when bush got into office

          10. chamuiel says

            Under Bush, I had a job. Under obama many people do not have jobs.

            you are the one who needs to start thinking clearly and shutting up.

            We have an ongoing recession,the country has never had as large a deficit as it has now, 7 million are now on Medicaid, the highest numbers ever are on food stamps, Many millions more than ever before are on S.S.I.,millions more are drawing a welfare check, the southern border is being over run by disease carrying illegals, No country in the world respects hussein obama, every thing he touches turns to crap, and yet

            you have the audacity to lie and say the country is in better shape now than under Bush

            How long have you been a lying paid troll?

          11. ikwuakor says

            Really? Haha. Under bush you had a job? Well, do you still have a job? I like how you referred to other people not having jobs under Obama instead of your own situation. Also, in your logic. People under Bush did not have jobs and under Obama people did not have jobs…. What’s your point. Where was the state of the country under Bush? How about you listen from MCCain’s own mouth during his acceptance speech for the Republican Party cause I know you ALL have extremely short memories.


          12. Wayne says

            better in some respects…worse in others.

          13. ikwuakor says

            That is a cop out. Be specific. In what areas?

          14. chamuiel says

            Yep, you are an educated dolt liberal.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        I believe you the commentator below must be an Obama supporter. I see it where i live all the landscapers are Mexicans and the foreman is an Irishmen with a degree in engineering no less, but he runs the company very well, try to talk to one of the workers is a lost cause tell them one thing and they do something else.
        So we revert to the man in charge the foreman.

  8. Philip Allen says

    jetmagnet will think this article is rediculas when America goes completely under and our President declares MarshalL Law and you lose everything you own including but not limited to your liberty and your freedoms. The illegals will eventually bankrupt America by having them Medical Care, Food, Clothes, Welfare, Education, Housing, and the likes, It must be nice to go to a country and get all of these things for free. Surprises me millions of people aren’t coming across the borders with benefits like these, but don’t worry my friend these days will come to an end when America can’t keep up with the cost no more. Then everybody will be broke and living in poverty. Socialism never works because when there is not enough money to give all the free stuff everybody wants then it all caves in and you have massive poverty. Do you think America can’t go broke? Think Again! yes America can go broke and that’s just where Obama is heading us to, down the path of destruction and by the time the college students that has listen to all their liberal professors bad mouth the capitalistic system and how the rich should give everything to the one’s that are to lazy to work and the rest of the liberals including Obama that think redistribution of wealth is the way to go, you’re wrong. It’s like the blind leading the blind…the liberals will continue to believe that what they are doing is great until America is destroyed and nobody has anything, America will be like Greece, Portugal, etc. in ruins and chaos. You will see! Need I Say More!

    1. joe haire says

      jetmagnet would hve you believe that he is an independent thinker and is unbased. just the opposite is true. He exhibits a true hatred of America in every sentence. He would rather criticise than offer reasonable solutions. He is what Lenin & Marx would call a useful idiot!

      1. joe_heathen says

        Please quote the President with four or five examples of when he states that he hates America. Why do you hate America?

        1. Cher says

          It is in his actions

          1. joe_heathen says

            Be specific. Don’t hide behind unprovable generalities. Or is your comment an example of your intellectual breadth?

          2. chamuiel says

            why is your comment an example of your minds shallowness?

    2. Greg says

      You forgot to mention that if he declares martial law then he can remain in office as long as he declares that martial law exists. Did you also hear about him signing into law (secretly I might add) HB2847. This alone may completely destroy the american economy. Did you also know about the Socialist agenda that is about to destroy the education of our children called “Common Core”? Many, many liberal states have already adopted it. It , mentions only in passing, things like President Lincoln and how bad he was for america. He “deserved” elimination! How our Founding Fathers were nothing more than White Supremacists bent on conquering america with a supposed “lousy and bigoted” Constitution and Bill of Rights. About how the U.S.A. was the “real cause” of WWII and Hitler was only “misguided and misunderstood” about Only in America was their such a thing as Slavery. Never mind all of the other Continents and Country’s that also enslaved people. Regardless of their color. That being Muslim is the only true way and that only the Islam religion is the way to heaven. Gee, I wonder where all this came from. Like I said….do not believe just me. Do your own research. You’ll be amazed just how short lived the American way of life is. Just remember, we were warned.

    3. hankthetank says

      And the rich WILL still be rich!! they will not redistribute their wealth!! I told Obama, I’m still waiting for him to give me 1 million of his money!!!!!

  9. carmelboy says

    Gringo Mexicanos and Central American INVADERS NEED to be rounded up with force and deported to THEIR countries..their Motherland the needs to be billed for all costs!!!!!!!!

    1. ikwuakor says

      What about the legal immigrants? Also, you do realize that illegal immigrants do come from ALL over the world. Not just Mexico. Just saying…

      1. banjojack says

        The overwhelming majority of illegals come from Mexico, followed closely by Central America. No other nationalities even come close to their numbers.

        1. AnneCameo says

          So, HOW MANY does it take? Two? One?

        2. Harley J. Spoon says

          And fewer of them have come across our Southern border since Obama sent a record number–in multiples–of border patrol personnel to the border…and since he has sent more illegal entrants back home–even more than Reagan, Bush1 and Bush2–by a long shot…

          Who was it that signed an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants (allowing 12 million plus to stay in the US) into law back in the 1980’s? His name was Reagan! Where were all you hysterical right wing goons then?

          1. banjojack says

            I am neither hysterical, nor am I a goon, slick. I never said anything about Reagan. Even so, there were only about 3 million illegals then. That does not make Reagan right, but it does make you mistaken. The figures for deportations are cooked just as creatively as the figures for unemployment.There are now far more illegals in this country than before. Obama does not bear the responsibility alone, but neither is he the enforcer you claim.

      2. dwalk says

        it’s NOT the LEGAL immigrants that bother me…it’s the ILLEGAL immigrants.

        many of these ILLEGAL immigrants are gang members, known criminals, and now they (The administration) is finally admitting now terrorists have, and are, infiltrating; they also carry diseases we have long ago eradicated here in the US.

        while the movie “Red Dawn” is fiction, with the southern border, especially, being as porous as it is…it’s entirely possible that enough terrorist organization members could get into the country to mount attacks…

        we need out borders secured.

        1. James Garbe says

          “it’s entirely possible that enough terrorist organization members could get into the country to mount attacks…”
          Why do you believe that this is not already the case?

          1. hankthetank says

            You are right, they are already here!! take a look at; MN- MI – Tenn- TX – AZ – CA ,that is just a few that I know of, their are many more!!

          2. AnneCameo says

            Yes, they are here: 2 of the refugee Somalies, given citizenship, living in MN – were killers of the 60+ Christians at the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya last year.

          3. Wayne says

            in San Fran. MS13 killed father and two sons

          4. smogdew says

            While Michigan (Grand Rapids mainly) is the nesting area of thousands of Islamists,
            Minnesota is home for Islamist Somalis – and as hateful as Arabic Islamists are, Somalis beat them hands down……they are almost totally non-compliant and unafraid of anything – (police etc.) – they are also twice as ignorant as their fellow
            Islamists – and that’s saying something.
            Every now and again you read about Somali Pirates (off the coast of their homeland).
            When Obama went on vacation (an hour after his inauguration), the Somalis boarded a private boat and took two hostages; along came a US destroyer who thought it could help…Somalis (3 of them) had their hostages on a small boat; destroyer put 3 snipers on the fore deck and wired Obama as to what they should do (they were in international waters and could not make a move on their own). It took Obama, who was in Hawaii, FOUR days to get back to them. Long story short, the Somalis were killed (only took 3 bullets) and the hostages freed.
            Showed what a genius we have for a Commander in Chief.

          5. Harley J. Spoon says

            Provide the unbiased news reports of that story, smogdew!

            What excuse can you make for GWBush who had been president for 8 months when 3000 people were slaughtered by Al Qaeda on US soil on 9/11/2001? He was warned incessantly, you know, by the Clinton people and his own staff…

            What excuse can you make for Ronald Reagan causing the slaughter of 241 US military personnel at the Beirut Airport in 1983? It was Reagan who deployed those military personnel to an unprotected location and then ordered that their weapons not be loaded. What did Reagan do in return? Shortly thereafter, he ordered the Americans to leave Lebanon with their/his/our tails between their/his/our legs and made us look like a “paper tiger”. That was the moment when the Islamic Jihadists knew they had us by the gonads…BTW, Reagan had more US embassy personnel in the Mideast killed than any president in US history!

            Just a little history for the educationally challenged right wingers who inhabit this site in their purposefully ignorant state deliriously enjoying the bliss of their ignorance…I’m sorry for imposing on your bliss! But, in the national interest, it had to be done!

          6. Johnnie says

            If you are a liberal a leftist then why would you be on this site?

          7. ikwuakor says

            I am a “liberal leftist” who is educated enough to research both sides of the argument no matter how absurd the ideology seems…

          8. Joe T says

            Ghostwriter communique’
            parallel time 14:33
            Input Info Liberalism
            We let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.
            February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder
            As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery
            The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

          9. Fran says

            Don’t forget Benghazi….why was that left Unprotected?????

          10. shamu9 says

            Here’s a News Flash for ya,– Harley J Spoon [Up Yer Azz!] Every time a Republican does Anything to a Sand Monkey, You Coward Azzed Libs, and the American “PRAVDA” News Media, HOWL Like your nuts are caught in a Vise!

          11. Pete36 says


          12. ikwuakor says

            And you sir is as useless as well

          13. marihia says

            you are a better fit, in the useless department.

          14. blackhawk132 says

            Who does say dat ,Yo

          15. Bob Sims says

            Is? don’t you mean “are?” Where are you from? Are you that uneducated? Just asking, because you lose intellectual credibility with the poor use of language.

          16. Bryant Hill says

            …You too. Talk about poor language. Never end a sentence with a preposition. “from”

          17. Bob Sims says

            First of all, I wasn’t commenting to you, so mind your own fucking business please. Secondly, if I came across too educated, he most likely woundn’t comprehend. Thirdly, where the hell are you FROM (lol)?

          18. Bob Sims Slurps says

            Firstly, keep those lips firmly planted around my schlong. Secondly, playing an undereducated nitwit fits you well. Thirdly, I currently hail from Motel-6 with your mother, but only for the next half hour.

          19. Angry American says

            Good for you I dislike people that are the language police too

          20. Angry American says

            So if you ask someone, Where are you from? what word should be used after that? Would you use the word buddy? What if they are not your buddy, just asking English was not my strong subject in school, but was OK in spelling just the rest of it was boring to me. lol

          21. Michael Dennewitz says

            Excuuuse me? Bootlips don’t like to use good phraseology. They have a fkubrdibg language all of their own. Try listening to a couple of Haitians driving cab here in Orlando. HA!;

          22. Bryant Hill says

            …And YOU even more so

          23. Sgt. York says

            Hay there muzzie lover best you move your ass on

          24. ikwuakor says

            You can’t make an intellectual argument when you spout out general, racist, uneducated jargon like “sand monkey.” You are useless and hopeless because you so lost in your own own bigoted ignorance that you sound like an absolute buffoon any time you open your mouth. You have made no points besides racist generalizations with no facts to back it up. There any many more people in the Middle East and of the Islam faith then there are in the United States and Christianity as a whole and we hear about a select group of them that are generating horrible crimes yet you call the entire group a “Sand Monkey.” You wonder why people hate this country from around the world and the threats to the world are not the ones in the Middle East but pure scum like you who orchestrate their beliefs in the most ignorant and extremely uneducated manor. You truly are worthless to the bettering of society and have no room to place any judgement on whAt is wrong with the world because YOU are whAt is wrong with it…. That is why I said there was no point to get in a conversation with you because you are to far gone from the grasps of reality

          25. shamu9 says

            I’ll match my education and degrees with you any time, Lib Troll!!

          26. Bob Sims says

            When some people, me included, have had enough, due to our anger and frustration, we let all hell break lose, verbally speaking. For example, I have nothing whatsoever against a white man or a black man, but I despise a nigger regardless of his color. Do you have a problem with that?

          27. Bryant Hill says

            Islam is NOT a faith, but an Ideology.

            Seems there is enough ignorance to go around for all of us.

          28. Arminius says

            Islam is a faith since at it’s core you must believe that Allah dictated the Quaran to the Prophet.

          29. Arminius says

            You see boy, thery don’t hate us around the world and the deas are receding; the President and his slaves say so. Six years and he broke it, so he owns it.

          30. Michael Dennewitz says

            People don’t hate this country. They hate assholes like you that think they have the right to limit everything a man says. It’s okay for a black to kill a white. It gets covered up really fast. But for a white guy to kill a black, look out folks, your whole damned town is going to burn. And your sorry ass wonders what brings on racial tensions? Things like that have been happening for eons and this is why billions of whites prefer the names Velcro heads, boot lips, nigger and a few more like them. The biggest percentage of crime today is committed by your sand monkies, or whatever name you choose to go by, so why don’t you climb back up in your damned banana

          31. ikwuakor says

            Blacks kill whites and get away with it and it has been happening for eons? Haha… Please find me sources where this has happened. I have one for you in the other direction. It’s called….. Wait for it…Slavery! Remember that whole thing? Wait… Actually I think that is what you were referring to.. Blacks enslaved whites… That’s correct. Billions of whites? First off, do you even know what a billion is? The only thing that would be a billion people are the amount of people that would refer to you as “old” and “senile”

          32. sandman says

            Ok maybe not “eons”, but for the last 20 years or so since all the PC BS has started! Just one example, where was it now? Wyoming? where a black cop killed an unarmed white man/boy/thug and “nothing to see here folks move along now”, but have a white cop kill an unarmed black man/boy/thug, in a town called Ferguson………..

          33. Pete36 says

            They hate us because we whip their asses if we have a good leader.

          34. Angry American says

            So sand nigger isn’t supposed to be used to describe then either. Funny because if you use that phrase everyone know exactly who you are talking about

          35. mixplix says

            Provide the unbiased news reports yourself for the charges against Bush.

          36. carmelboy says

            Were not talking about Bush and as is said “do two wrongs make a right”!!!? Obama is far worse then Bush in every way, and I, unfortunately voted for him the first time!

          37. Pete36 says

            I miss George.

          38. maxparrish says

            Don’t get water up your nose.
            None of those presidents blamed and pointed to the administrations behind them for two terms.

            The certainly didn’t try lying about everything as their go-to knee-jerk reaction. The first World Trade bombing took place on Bill Clinton’s watch, so we could go round and round.

            You want to insult people, but you are guilty of the same. Tu quoque

            I think it’s easy to absolve behavior from people you agree with and demonize behavior from people you don’t.

          39. Billy says

            Surely you jest, oh wise one…did you forget about your dear leader clinton, who, refused to take bin Laden when he was handed to him by the Sudanese? There may not have been a 911 if your dear leader had been leading. Get a life man. It’s obvious that NO ONE regarded these whack – jobs as being as dangerous as they were. To place all the blame on Bush is disingenuous at best. You sound exactly like a partisan hack that you are, and nobody really pays any attention to people like you anymore. Libtards…when will they ever learn and just STOP whining.

          40. abc__jps says

            that was because he was screwing in the Oval Office

          41. marihia says

            clinton was handed old bin baby on a platter and failed to take action.

          42. blackhawk132 says

            Someone please tell this liberal that G W Bush has not been our President for 6 years. Bush did it was Obama’s 1st Exec order. Time to give up the ghost .

          43. Michael Dennewitz says

            Give it up dude, the liberal sand monkeys are set in their screwed up, Islamic minds. Only a hollow point can cleanse their terrorist thinking, provided it was dipped in pig’s blood.

          44. Bob Sims says

            I only wish to add one objection to all that you otherwise correctly stated, and that is the part about Al Qaeda and 9/11. I hope you don’t think it was really that simple, planes taken over by men with mere box cutters, piloted by those same men who were unable to even properly fly a Cessna in flight school, making flight maneuvers that fateful day that even experienced pilots with military fighter experience said they could not do, kerosene fires (jet fuel) burning at 1500 degrees maximum when it requires 2600 degrees to melt steel, and molten steel was seen and reported by firefighters in the basement, as was thermite found in the debris, building 7 falling at free fall speed, exactly like a controlled demolition, with only minor sporadic office fires and never hit by any plane. And the list goes on and on and on.

            Other than that, you were right on point.

          45. Bryant Hill says

            How about WE look at your failures jack ass.
            Bet we’d find out what a loser you are as well.

          46. Angry American says

            My only wish is that you learn to hit the reply button so we all know to whom you are replying to

          47. Arminius says

            ‘He was warned incessantly, you know, by the Clinton people and his own staff..’

            Hey lefty. Care to support that with cites. Probably not. It’s too late for bullshit to defend the president. He’s a proven liar and by inference, his shrinking supporters.

          48. Michael Dennewitz says

            Shiittt, you don’t even have to read any further than your first paragraph to KNOW that yer an ass sucking liberal lover. Next thing your sorry ass will do is start pointing out all the “nice” shit the HNIC is doing in DC! Where the fuck do you liberal damnsocrats come from???

          49. sandman says

            So the Iranian hostages were released because R.R. was weak? Stop spoon feeding US BS with a twist of the truth.

          50. Mary95 says

            Oh, we’re definitely not all uneducated. We actually know that we haven’t had any perfect presidents and don’t like many things Bush did. But guess what, Today, we are here, right now and Obama is president. When he studied law, he only did that to learn how he could break the laws. A fine job of breaking as many as he possibly can break too! ONLY the Congress has the power to make laws, Not the president, Not the Justice Dept, Not any of the created agencies presidents have created…None of them have the power to create any law. Everything has to be approved by Congress First. Our Congress had got to grow a spine and fix this mess. Tyranny is just around the corner, not to mention all the chaos the Comminust Revolution, Al Sharpton, etc, and others are pushing for their ‘movement’. Maybe the Ferguson people would like ‘Police Free Zones’. It’s a thought. There are terrorists waiting for the signal to come down on us. It’s unbelievable, but unfortunately, it’s real.

          51. Sgt. York says

            What a liberal dunderhead you are. Ovomit has comitted more and worse crap by letting millions of Christians die as this is his desire being the muzzie he is

          52. Betterhave says

            I think you have Grand Rapids confused with Dearborn, MI which has the largest Muslim population in the U.S.

          53. sherri palmer says

            correct, it is called Dearbornistan

          54. azabigail says

            LOL ….Dearbornistan!

          55. smogdew says

            Yes I did, thank you for the heads up.

          56. Angry American says

            What about Detroit I think they have loads of them there, that and illegal Mexicans most drawing benefits that the left has deemed them entitled to. Is that why the muzzies have mandated that they have 11 kids each, to max out the money stream?

          57. Angry American says

            I live in Anaheim Ca. & we have a very large muzzsie population. I think they have spread out all over America. Is that so we don’t realize just how many of them are really here? When you exit the 91 frwy there is a large mosque to greet you, can’t miss it with their walled off compound

          58. Bob Sims says

            Genius, you say, sarcastically of course? Allow me to sugar coat our Commander in USA Values Destruction, in Chief. He is a pathetic, sorrow, treasonous, deceitful, lying, obstructionist, Muslim apologist POS (Piece Of Shit). Hope I didn’t overly sugar coat it, as I only trying to be objective.

          59. Michael Dennewitz says

            Bob, you forgot to include HALF BREED SAND NIGGER!! heeheehee

          60. azabigail says

            Same thing with Benghazi. Obama’s priorities, and reaction time to the most important issues concerning the welfare of America, it’s sovereignty, citizens, etc. are a hair short of null and void, if not completely missing. But to do something like bail out corporations so their elite can get bonuses, and to ram an Obama’s government owned, socialistic, healthcare mandate down the throat of America, or negotiating a trade to release terrorist leaders, for a traitor / deserter, he is on spot before it even gets started. He ,either, just doesn’t want to do what’s right for America, or he can’t.

          61. smogdew says

            It’s ‘he just doesn’t want to do what’s right for America’. He had an agenda when he was running for pres. (backed by Soros, Alinsky and Obama’s educational and other entrenchment in Communism, Marxism etc). This country is the last thing
            on his mind as is evidenced by his years in office. In his first speech as pres. and talking about health care, he made a comment about the military and said,’ Why should we pay for their healthcare, nobody asked them to join”. I knew then, it was all over but the writing but held out hope he would be impeached. (I am a former military wife and have realized over the years he has beaten them to the point where morale is at it’s very lowest. I think their approval rating for him is about 12% and that takes into account Muslims who have joined the service – ).
            He is absolutely surreal – that the Republicans haven’t drop kicked him into the Potomac is beyond me.
            If you don’t know anything about it, look up Agenda 21 (being pushed by the UN) and the Bilderberg Society….then jump in bed and pull the covers over your head.

          62. Harley J. Spoon says

            Provide documentation, AnneCameo! Nobody believes you without verifiable documentation!

          63. Craig Watts says

            Take your pick… relatively old news… over a year old, but it’s still frustrating to know this gang member had been in trouble before and was left on the street until he killed the father and sons. Had they deported his ass like they should have, this could have been avoided.

          64. marihia says

            what about the verifiable documentation of the illegal usurper that’ posing as a president, you really are one of those useful maxist moron’s

          65. Harley J. Spoon says

            Well, hanthetank, Obama has:

            (1) put more armed and equipt border patrol personnel–in multiples–on the border than any president in history…

            (2) deported more illegal border crossers–in multiples–than any other president in history.

            (3)has obeyed the law that GWBush “proudly” signed in December, 2008 that
            requires that children under 17 from two borders away have a hearing in
            US immigration courts before being deported.

            Where were you hysterical freaks when the Southern Border of the US was being crossed by more illegal entrants from Mexico, Central and South America in
            history during the presidency of GWBush?

            Where were you hysterical freaks when Ronald Reagan signed into law a provision that gave 12 million (at least) illegal entrants amnesty?

            Where were you when the US Chamber of Commerce (Republican front organization) was–and still is–lobbying congress and presidents to provide a comprehensive worker permit for Mexican and other immigrants to cross over into the US to work at jobs Americans won’t take; sweatshop jobs with terrible work
            conditions and way below a living wage?

            You hysterical freaks on the right wing don’t know what has gone on and is going on in your own neighborhood, much less what has gone in and is going on on our Southern border. You listen to the Republican “BIG LIE” and voraciously consume
            it as if it was homemade chocolate ice cream! Is it because you are
            purposefully ignorant or are you really that stupid???

          66. Craig Watts says

            Your numbers are skewed… this administration counts ever person turned away from the border as being sent back (which no one else ever counted), and the personnel and equipment he put on the border has resulted in an increase in personnel coming in? Obviously, no one is doing their job, including ICE personnel who sit in their air-conditioned offices playing games and watching porn. As for the amnesty Regan signed into law… there were only about 4-million in the country and only about half would have been eligible… if they applied. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pub.L. 99–603, 100 Stat. 3445, enacted November 6, 1986, also known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, signed into law by Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986 also required the government to secure the border. Mazzoli was a Dem, Simpson was a Rep. The Dems wanted the amnesty, the Reps wanted the border secured. The Dems got their amnesty, but afterwards refused to provide funding to secure the border… and now we are where we are… some 11-million more looking for amnesty and still no hope of securing our border. As for the “jobs Americans won’t take.” Most of the employers pay far less than a living wage, but are allowed to get away with it because the regulations are not enforced. Americans are still on the hook for Medicare, Medicare, Social Security, and personal income tax which many of the illegals pass on since they are more often than not paid in cash. Working the fields? I did that. Construction, dishwasher, hard manual labor… yup. Not every American falls into the category you and the media have established for them. But they are tired of watching their payroll go to taxes to support illegals in this country. If they want to come and make a better life for their families… fine. But don’t expect financial incentives courtesy of the tax payers who are also trying to make a life for their families.

          67. Merle Dickey says

            Your numbers have been proven wrong. And if you think the country is safe and Obamass is doing a good job then hopefully you will be one of the first to be put in a Fema camp.

          68. theseer says

            Regan stated on national tv that he was wrong to have given amnesty to those millions of illegals!!!

          69. Michael Dennewitz says


          70. Peatro Giorgio says

            Ah up date the list of states now suspected of having with in their borders terrorist groups now stands at all 50 that According to the head of the FBI.

          71. Doug says

            No….I absolutely believe that is the case.
            Here in Manassas, where I live, there are now THREE ‘terrorist training compounds’ (Mosques/I-slamic schools), one off of Mathis Ave. (I-slamic “community center”), one off Euclid (muzzie gathering place), and I just saw one off Gum Springs Road in far western Prince William County as seen if driving into Loudoun County (I-slamic school).
            Americans are being overrun by this middle-Eastern terrorist society that calls itself ‘muslim’, all because the Founding Fathers thought to add ‘religious freedom’ to our Founding Documents.
            Now, granted, all muslimes aren’t terrorists, but all terrorists ARE muslimes, even the homegrown ones convert to the sick, twisted cult of Pedophile-Mo before committing their acts of destruction to the US or our allies.

          72. Harvey Melton says

            the alphabet agencies know all about them yet have they done anything? and if not, why not? no action means they are part of it.that they approve them being where they are at. and just how many of these interior based radical islam’s are citizens? i would venture to say -none-zero-the fiasco at our southern border set off by our very own nero, has allowed many more terrorist into the country im sure. but you see obama wants all this chaos happening while he makes a clean getaway.but when the currency that he cheated so hard to obtain turns overnight worthless well wont he be pissed?the joke is on him because of his very actions.

          73. Wayne says

            The US is not a pro-deterrent country. SOMETHING must happen FIRST, before any action is taken…

          74. Craig Watts says

            I believe the only reason our border is not secure is because not enough people died in the 9/11 attack.

          75. Finkster says

            Right on Doug. But the Founding Fathers gave “us”, our ancestors, Freedom of the Christian Religion. Not the Apostate Church of England controlled by the King as being superior to all the other Christian Faiths. There was no Citizenship given to any other religions at the time of our Revolution and Federal Constitution. Not even Jews were given Citizenship until the 1790’s. And as a Blessing to GOD’S chosen people of the Old Testament. That’s what Christians do.

            But it was not for no other religions from around the world. According to our Founding Documents and each State Documents. You could not hold no political office unless you were a professed Christian and took the oath of Office with your right hand placed on a Bible.

            We are a Christian Country. We just have been deceived and have had Unconstitutional Law passed to do it.

          76. Michael Stewart says

            This is not a Christian nation, There is nothing in the constitution that states this. Christians are just as bad if not worse than Muslims. Ask all those women who were burned at the stake for being a witch just because they told a man no. Ask natives of South America who were forced at gun point to convert to Christianity. Ask the 40000 Christian, Jew, and Muslims women and children who were slaughtered by the Christian Crusaders. Jews have caused more problems in society than any other religion. They are not anymore gods chosen people than my dog is .

          77. Finkster says

            What you need is Comprehension skills. You have no idea what a Christian is.
            And you definitely have no idea what the United States founding was all about.

          78. Kent2012 says

            mikey and harwy are disciples of marx and lenin…

          79. Craig Watts says

            You apparently need some educational training yourself.

          80. Finkster says

            That’s exactly what I have been doing. Educating myself from learning the Historical Document. Maybe you should try it. It will enlighten you.

          81. Craig Watts says

            What would be the subject of inquiry? The fact Woodrow Wilson sold the country to the banking cartel by establishing the central bank, the fact the 16th amendment that forms the individual tax code was never actually ratified by the states, that Muslims have been in this country since the 1700’s, that Jewish merchants owned the majority of the African slave ships coming to America and the Israeli Government still supports a large white slavery trade in Israel, that separation of church and state is not mention in the Constitution, that religion has always been a tool used by the ruthless to tie the commoners to their financial causes, or the fact our founding fathers professed religious teachings they were not willing to uphold when their livelihood was on the line?

          82. Finkster says

            Woodrow Wilson confessed the fact that the Central Bank was wrong after he was stupid enough to support it. He was just another Progressive of that ERA when the Progressive movement was still quite young. Educated Elites that wanted to run and economy that was far from Free Market Capitalism. The rich families of the past have used their wealth to by Politico back then just as today. And when they couldn’t by politico they moved to mafioso techniques in and out of government. Rich families back then are similar to Crony Corporatist as today. Increasing Market share by using Political Crony’s to pass Law that benefits them.
            A lot of this Progressivism comes from the Fabian Society. And it is very similar to what we had under the Royalty of Britain for over 150 years. People are to stupid to slow down and think, that we lived under British Rule for 150 years here in North America. And most of this Tyrannical Governance comes out of the British and other past Royal European Nations Elite Education Systems long before they were able to implement the Federal Reserve Central Banking.
            It was by design, by the wealth of Europe and the Greed of Wealthy Families right here in North America. The British wanted back the wealth they were making off the Colonialist and they found a way to do it when they could not beat us in war. World Trade was where the big money was being made.
            Check out the Roosevelt Family and their wealth being made through the trade of Opium. And how FDR was a Nazi Socialist by Nature and a Cocaine Addict through out his terms in office until his death. Sounds very similar to the modern Politics of today. It’s all about the money and the power to control who makes the wealth and where the wealth is made, and who gets to keep the wealth.
            Why do you think we have Redistribution of Industry to other countries around the world. There is so much to learn that they never taught us in Public Schools and Universities. That’s why there is government involvement in education. To train the masses to be subversive to government. All anti Liberty and very Unconstitutional. And most Americans are to stupid to see it.

            Start there and get rid of the Anti Semite garbage. GOD BLESSES THOSE WHO BLESS HIS CHOSEN. And even if the modern Nation of Israel is not the Chosen people as a lot believe. GOD still has a plan for that land area in his prophesy.

          83. Craig Watts says

            I’m not anti-Semite… just pointing out a few facts. As for the current white slavery trade… Amnesty International has been fighting for the rights of those caught in the net for decades. Recently, the Israeli Government started cracking down on it for fear of losing US support since it was being brought to light.
            As for the Nazi supporters… Big Daddy Bush (GW’s granddaddy) was one of them back in the day, as was Ford. There were plenty more of them… and communist supporters too.
            As for the redistribution of industry about the globe… it’s one more attempt to raise debt… the bankster’s means of control… trying to get control in countries where they do not yet have it. That’s why we went to Iraq and Afghanistan, and are surrounding Iran. It has nothing to do with weapon systems… its about getting oil and getting everyone to accept the currency the banking cartel is trying to push onto the rest of the world. If it happens, we'[re all doomed. At the present time, and it might sound crazy, but Iran, China, India, Russia, and even the Taliban may prove to be the last best hope for our freedoms at home. When the petrodollar collapses, only then will we have a chance to get our nation back. Elections won’t do it.

          84. Finkster says

            You’re thinking, and that is what counts in this modern world of Greed and Evil that will do what ever it takes to fulfill that greed and garner power. The Debt of the Western World is unmanageable and will take generations to pay off.
            That tells me that our Progressive Liberal Ideologist in government are up to evil in the 1ST degree. What happens when we cannot pay our debt? Higher Taxes and more personal Debt for citizens. And believe it or not WAR. Debt is the main reason for most conflicts since the beginning of time.
            It order to maintain the status quo we as a nation will be deceived to join other nations into a Cashless Society. With all the modern technology growing across the world, we will be forced into it.

            “””It’s the only route government will have to go, besides major conflict, or both. “””

            But where is the all the Gold? The FED was implemented in 1913 and by the time WW2 was over all our gold was basically gone. Since then our money has become valueless as compared to before the FED. While we the citizen continue to be assaulted with Inflation each year. While the FED was Implemented, if I have studied the history correctly with basically less than a million dollars and loans to the FED. Look at the Billions they have earned basically from nothing.

            We as a nation are in a world of hurt and our grand kids are going to pay the penalty. All the while the Progressive Liberal thinks their Socialistic Economics will solve our ills. JUst in the last 12 years we have spent more under Bush & Obama than we have the last 225 years.

          85. Harley J. Spoon says

            You are so right, Michael…The following book, TABERNACLE OF HATE by Kerry Noble, ought to be a book in every junior high, high school ad college library in America.. It should be required reading before any kid graduates from high school or college…I knew Kerry Noble at one time in the 1990’s…

            A short review that every potential right winger should read:


          86. Kent2012 says

            ? mental illness personified.

          87. Finkster says

            Anything the Southern Poverty Law Center supports throws up the BIG QUESTION. WHY? So when you read the Right Winger Preachers Un Biblical writings, keep in mind what GOD word really means.

          88. blackhawk132 says

            What’s next ? A trip back to Adam & Eve ?

          89. Michael Stewart says

            If all terrorists are Muslims what does that make of groups such as FARC which is in Colombia, the Communist Party of Nepal Maoist or Shining Path in Peru? None of these terrorist groups are Islamic and have anything to do with Islam.

          90. Doug says

            I’m sorry, I should have clarified, those that are intent on the destruction of the United States are terrorists. And of those terrorists, ALL of them are muzrats!!!
            I’m not sure, but those terrorist organisations you mentioned, are they trying to take down “the great Satan” like the muzrats are?

          91. Harley J. Spoon says
          92. Craig Watts says

            They’re not all Muslims… some are actually banksters, bought and paid for politicians, and the less freedom minded sheep of the DemRep Party. And yes, they really are the same in the long run.

          93. Harley J. Spoon says

            What about the COVENANT, SWORD AND ARM OF THE LORD and such ilk using Jesus, The Prince of Peace, as a reason for terror? I wonder if any of these right wing nuts who inhabit this site have ever read the following:


          94. shamu9 says

            Yeah Yeah Spoon-Man, we all Know that you libs Worship Satan!

          95. Craig Watts says

            Oddly enough… the less violent religion.

          96. Craig Watts says

            So you point to a groups of hateful fruitcakes and expect us to draw rational conclusions? I wouldn’t care if they did their deeds in the name of Winnie the Pooh… a nut job is a nut job.

          97. Craig Watts says

            They are probably off-shoots of the Democratic Party. 😉

          98. Harley J. Spoon says

            Read Kerry Noble’s TABERNACLE OF HATE. It exposes the Christian madrasas where “terrorism” was taught in the name of Jesus, The Prince of Peace…It is a true and very interesting story of how a Christian family in Dallas was looking for a Christian environment in which to raise their children. They found what they thought was such a place in the hills of Arkansas. Instead, they were brainwashed by a fanatic who deemed himself KING DAVID OF THE OZARKS and whose kingdom was the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord..CSA…THIS WAS ONE OF MANY SUCH CHRISTIAN MADRASAS in the USA…There are still many such institutions in the hills of the USA..

          99. shamu9 says

            Go to Cuba, Spooner, Castro need a new Minister of Propaganda!

          100. Craig Watts says

            We need not read the book… you already laid out the basis of the problem with the term “fanatic.” Fanatics and sheep… when mixed always lead to bad endings.

          101. Craig Watts says

            When the shooting starts, there are going to be a lot fewer rules of engagement, and the desert strip of their native home is going to start looking pretty good.

          102. Yadja says

            It is the case. There have been documentaries on the Training Camps, the Cells etc all over our country. Robert Spencer in the 80’s did a documentary on Muslim Brotherhood and it was 2 hours long. When Col. Ollie North was testifying before Congress for the Contra Affair, he asked for protection against bin laden and terrorists. They laughed at him and said there were no terrorists in America.

            Saudi Arabia warned Clinton about bin laden and even said they would get him and give him to Clinton but Clinton did not know where to keep him.

            In 1979 after the Shaw of Iran was replaced, by Carter, with Khomeini because he though a religious leader would be so much better for the country, all terrorism began in earnest.

            They are here, they have been here. Do a Google search asking how many Muslims in the U.S. In Virginia alone there are 75,000 and that is old numbers. Michigan is infected with them and they run the place. Look-up Dearborn. Look and see what they do there and how they control everything. Look up CAIR and see what they do and how they help every terrorist.

            They are in every infrastructure of our country. Even hold high positions in Homeland Security.

          103. Michael Stewart says

            Maybe you should read about Ayatollah Khomeni and the Shah before you comment on them. The Shah tortured 1000s of Iranians and was supported by the USA. The Ayatollah came in and set up a constitutional Islamic republic. Have you ever been to Iran? You can be whatever religion you want just dont preach it openly in public. I like that rule I am tired of evangelicals approaching me telling me i need to believe the way they do or I will go to hell. Evangelicals are the true terrorists. The only ones they can convert are the weak minded.

          104. Yadja says

            I have read about Ayatollah Khomeini and I have read about the Shaw of Iran. I also have read the Qur’an and studied the life of Muhammad. I also have read about Afghanistan when it was under control of the Russians and how we helped the people at that time to rid themselves of the Russians. I have studied Iraq and understand it’s history. The many tribes within Islam. I am not an expert on them but I know enough to know who is right and who is wrong and to understand that many countries have helped others who turned eventually to be enemies of everyone. It happens and has happened since the world began.

            I lived in Europe for 3.5 years and the Orient for 4.5, I visited a few Middle East countries but not Iran. I don’t preach on this site or any site. If you end-up in Hell it is of your making and appears you have the ingredients.

            Yes I see how many Christian, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, atheists, Jews etc are terrorizing the world today. NONE unless they are attacked and fight back. The daily International news is filled with terrorist attacks and none of the above are doing it. Name the terrorist organizations that represent the above. I will name a few Muslim terrorist groups, Al Shabaab, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muhajidin.

          105. Craig Watts says

            The only people we help during the Russian-Afghan War was our own ruling class and their corporate cronies. We created the Taliban with the help of Pakistan’s ISI, created Al-Qaeda with our boy Bin Laden at the helm, and then set to work destroying the freedoms of the tribes you speak of by supporting some of the most ruthless dictators we could get on the payroll.

          106. Yadja says

            Whatever…….guess you did not read my post and it would not matter because your dead set on what you believe and you are not open to any understanding of history and by the way, Japan was our enemy, they planned to nuke us, we beat them to it. They brutally killed our men and the POW camps were pure, unadulterated He!!. I know because my mother and grandfather were in them for the duration of WWII in the Philippines. The Cong were our enemies they killed thousands upon thousands of our soldiers, we are now what with them? How about Korea? Now we have South Korea but didn’t we fight a portion of them?

            No country is without it’s skeletons in their closet but I will stick with America any day and apparently millions agree because they are running into our country by the thousands daily and we are not running into theirs.

          107. Craig Watts says

            I read your posts, and you are right about the training camps, but what would one expect with an open border that precipitated 9/11 and hasn’t changed since. Yes, the Saudi King warned Clinton about Bin Laden, but we already had him on the payroll so he was no surprise. The Saudi King was also afraid of Bin Laden because he was against the King’s rule, which we have supported since the 1950’s for the sake of oil, despite our saber rattling in smaller countries to push the democracy flavor of the month down their throats, which is not the version we prefer here at home. You don’t need to give me a lesson on Afghanistan, I lived there for two years and have numerous local national friends there and here. The only reason the Taliban are fighting us is to preserve their way of life. They never had a central government prior to the Soviet Union’s attempt to give them one, and they’re not buying the one we’ve been trying to force on them over the last 13 years either. The fighting will stop when we leave, and not until them. As for the Al Qaeda, not a factor in Afghanistan. The Taliban have no intention of living under their rule either.
            Then there is the late and useless Shaw of Iran… our dictator who we put into power after the CIA instigated a military coup to take out the democratically elected government. His problem was he became too brutal for viewing on the six o’clock news, so he had to go. In an attempt to wash the taste of crow out of our mouths, we accepted the Ayatollah, well aware of what was probably going to happen, and it did. But then, what would you expect from a country we invaded three time in the past in order to hand the oil rights of the nation over to British Petroleum… particularly given the loss of their new won freedom at the time, and saddling them with the Shaw who’s brutal military regime killed hundreds of thousands of his own with the weapons and support we provided. Hell, we’ve been at war with the People of Iran for well over 70 years… and they know it. We want their oil, and they are threatening our world domination through the control of oil and the institution of a global currency to replace the failing petrodollar.
            You may be surprised to know our entry into WWI helped fuel the communist revolt in Russia. Funding Lennon to carry out the dirty deed and remove Russia from the conflict was the only way the Germans thought they could survive having to take on the US and its industrial capabilities.
            As for the Japanese…definitely a brutal group at the time, but no more so than what we’ve done to others, including the Cubans, Philippians, much of South and Central America, and just about anyone and everyone in the Middle East.
            While it is true, no country is without its skeletons, one would think that after all we’ve done to others we would stop trying to store new ones.

          108. Yadja says

            The world is a living breathing family of different Cultures, languages and their own beliefs and truths. Throughout history the problems have always been the greed of the leaders. More land, more territory, more power and the people pay the price tag with their blood, sons and body parts. So what difference does it make to quote Hillary. This time the saying fits. It doesn’t make any difference because nobody learns from it, there is always somebody like Islam who kills because it is told to from birth, or China with it’s Communism it won’t let go of, Korea with it’s insane leader, all over the world history repeating itself.

            As I said enemies become friends, friends become enemies, when people called for help there was a reason to help them, just as we did when Afghanistan was fighting the Russians, just as we did with the Iran contras, just as all nations have done since time immemorial. It won’t change, sadly, people will still be slaughtered for what their country and the rulers believe to be truth and so it will go until someday someone gets the mega weapon and uses it and we are dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

            Again, what difference does it make? We have to do what we have to do to survive, every nation has to. They never learned.

          109. Mark Clemens says

            Vladimir Lenin was the founder of Russia’s Revolution, and Communist Party.
            John Lennon was the founder of the Beatles………

          110. Craig Watts says

            Bad spelling… Lenin is correct… but had we not entered WWI, he probably would not have ever been released from prison in Germany to lead the revolt.

          111. Finkster says

            Again you have no Idea what you are talking about. You need work on Comprehension skills.

          112. Craig Watts says

            Every religion has its shitheads… Simple fix… believe what you want but keep it to yourself.

          113. Harley J. Spoon says

            Name them, Yadja! Put some meat on that bone you are selling!


          114. Yadja says

            Already did above. Do your homework. Easy to find.

            U-Tube on Terrorist Camps in America

            Documentaries on Jihad training camps in America
            Official “Homegrown Jihad”
            Terrorists Cells-Training Camps in America actual video
            Homegrown Jihad-The Terrorist Camps around the US, 35 of them


            Easy enough to find.

          115. Wayne says

            OH they’re here and cartel financed!

          116. Harley J. Spoon says

            Why weren’t you as gotch-eyed about the circumstance you assert above when GWBush was president? After all, he allowed more illegal border crossers into the US than any president in US history and only deported a fraction of those Obama has and is continuing to deport!

            Is it that you weren’t paying attention or that you are just plain ignorant? Maybe you are just another “BIG LIE” Republican who thrives on big lies, half truths, outright lies, innuendo, convoluted logic and glittering generalities!

          117. Kent2012 says

            another “no information” wizard…..did you get your numbers from the huffy puffy posty ? or from “tingle legs” chrissy matthole…..your messiah is a rag head loving communist…..

          118. shamu9 says

            Prove that The “Kenyan Kommie Klown’, “King ‘o Th’ Bongo Congo”, and “Caliph Of Amerika”, has deported ONE Wet-Back! I lived in Texas. They get a Bus ride across the bridge, to Reynosa, Matamoros, Piedras Negras, etc. visit their friends, AND- They walk back across the bridge, the Same Damned Day!!! Ask the Border Patrol. You Know, the Federal Police, that are supposed to Hide and Throw Rocks at the Cartel Soldiers Shooting at them! That’s on Orders from King Hussein, and his Grand Visirs, Eric The Red, Holder, and Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian “Maharani”.

          119. abc__jps says

            they are here now and will be building groups to attack us. These so called children don’t read or write or speak English but they know how to kill.

          120. Craig Watts says

            And we don’t go after them because…
            Well, because the banksters and ruling class are using them as the reason for the police state that us arising around us. Eventually, they will execute a mission and will point to them and say, “See. We are protecting you from them.”

          121. Fran says

            I would not be surprise to note that ISIS is among them??? part of Obama’s plan.

        2. hankthetank says

          That is what the last 4 Presidents WANTED,& Obama holds the record! # 1 spot!!!

        3. mperkins2 says

          I hate to tell you but they are already here. Our government knows about and allows the operation of their terrorist training camps here in our country. Their mosques are fronts for terrorist activity. We still need the border closed to try and stop the influx of illegals and any muslim that tries to get in. Our government has forsaken their duty, all for a fistful of dollars. Clean house up there and make sure we find candidates who will uphold and protect our Constitution and our rights and freedoms. In other words they just need to do their job according to how it is laid out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anything less cannot be accepted.

        4. Doug says

          Indeed, they have found copies of the Queer’an, prayer rugs, prayer beads, etc. in the trash left by the trash coming across our southern border.

          1. Wayne says

            take heed America!!

          2. Doug says

            America don’t care, the sheeple are too fat and happy with everything Maobama gives them.
            The ‘low-information voter’ keeps on voting demoncrat and getting what they want, leaving the independence minded American out of the loop.

          3. Harley J. Spoon says

            These are the ones who need to be left out of the loop:


          4. Harley J. Spoon says

            Is this your game, Wayne?



          5. Wayne says

            not me harley

          6. Kent2012 says

            harwe’s game is love the twits and hate those that want to have common sense and sanity returned to the WH instead of the african pretender and all of his commie appointees and supporters…

        5. Doug says

          The movie “Red Dawn” is indeed fiction, but we, as Americans NEED to start (or continue) arming ourselves with firearms that are not only unregistered, but have had their serial numbers filed off/scraped off/etc. to avoid having Maobama’s jackbooted thugs/UN thugs come to take your defense weapons.
          One scene I remember vividly from Red Dawn has Soviet commanders getting the names and addresses of everyone that owned firearms from records kept at city hall (what better reason do you need to keep your guns secret).

          1. Harvey Melton says

            nope they dont want your little pop guns, when and if they come to take your guns, instead they will come to kill you and whoever looks at them sideways, the guns are harmless without a live trigger finger and everything else live behind it.they have enough ammo and all kinds of toys to play with already.these first visitors will be the ”killer teams”sent out with this one task in mind.

          2. Doug says

            “Little pop guns” can do major damage, maybe not to a tank or an MRAP, but a 30.06 can take out an enemy from a distance of over a mile (when loaded with the right ammo.
            A .357 could stop an MRAP just by shooting the air brake chamber, the air leaks down, the truck stops.

          3. Harley J. Spoon says

            Was GHWBush a Moabama when he supported the 1968 Gun Law and said it “didnt go far enough”?

        6. Wayne says

          they won’t attack until situated strategically….which sending them to all corners of the U.S> is accomplishing….even to my birthplace..Hawaii!!!

        7. Harley J. Spoon says

          Well, dwalk, Obama has:

          (1) put more border patrol personnel–in multiples–on the border than any president in history…

          (2) deported more illegal border crossers–in multiples–than any other president in history.

          (3) has obeyed the law that GWBush “proudly” signed in December, 2008 that requires that children under 17 from two borders away have a hearing in US immigration courts before being deported.

          Where were you hysterical freaks when the Southern Border of the US was being crossed by more illegal entrants from Mexico, Central and South America in history during the presidency of GWBush?

          Where were you hysterical freaks when Ronald Reagan signed into law a provision that gave 12 million (at least) illegal entrants amnesty?

          Where were you when the US Chamber of Commerce (Republican front organization) was–and still is–lobbying congress and presidents to provide a comprehensive worker permit for Mexican and other immigrants to cross over into the US to work at jobs Americans won’t take; sweatshop jobs with terrible work conditions and way below a living wage?

          You hysterical freaks on the right wing don’t know what has gone on and is going on in your own neighborhood, much less what has gone in and is going on on our Southern border. You listen to the Republican “BIG LIE” and voraciously consume it as if it was homemade chocolate ice cream! Is it because you are purposefully ignorant or are you really that stupid???

          1. dwalk says


            i lived on the mexican border for many years…i was deluged nearly NIGHTLY with an onslaught of ILLEGAL immigrants.

            for you on the left who are, shall we say, “Challenged”, intellectually, let me ask…what part of ILLEGAL do you NOT understand?

            if you were arrested for a crime, would you expect to be PROSECUTED for committing it? i would…but then i tend to be rational.

            we have SOVEREIGN NATIONAL BORDERS AND HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO DEFEND THEM…there an an estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in the US…if our borders are “Secure”, how did so many slip thru? geeeee…if you owed the fed gov’t $23.87 cents in back taxes, the IRS WILL track you down and PROSECUTE you…yet…they can’t seem to secure our borders and locate 20 million ILLEGALS….

            like the typical leftist, when losing, resort to rhetoric and name calling.

            face it…obama is the worst president we have EVER had polls and facts verify it.

          2. Kent2012 says

            harwe and lead head and mikey are only able to take orders from their leaders over at the huffy puffy posty…having any understanding of any legislation, or who actually passed the legislation and what that legislation was meant to do is well beyond their comprehension….besides that it does not fit their program of bashing those of us who want the sanity of a balanced budget, legal immigration reform, the end of the aclu and the communist party USA and cair, the elimination of the communist clowns at the IRS and the EPA., no more late abortion, and welfare reform…..oh and the retaking of the high ground globally…..kenyan boy has made this country the laughing stock of all of the cesspools around the globe….

        8. Dawn says

          You are so right about everything on your comments…

        9. jetmagnet says

          No, they’re not gang members fella. Have you ever researched anything? The gangs originated in the US and the members are legal immigrants. They put them in jails. These americans gang members recruit in these places, they kids come here to keep from being recruited and the baggers send them back which turns them into criminals and then they come back as gang members. Thank righwing fruitcakes for our criminal problems.

          1. Kent2012 says

            yes those communist lovin clowns are fruitcakes and need some fresh batteries for their dildo$…..

        10. TORO says

          You are absolutely right dwalk. You left out the incurable diseases that are being brought in by these violators.
          The border patrol brings in 15% who are children who are supposed to have come in without parents for medical check up. The other 85% of the violators are allowed in without any medical or background checks. We should never patronize the American companies that hire Illegals or those that appear to be illegal.

        11. Dolores Adams says

          Reply to dwalk
          Just try to that obummr to seal the borders!! He’s out to ruin this country. He said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. Now this is probably what he meant.

        12. Bryant Hill says

          That’s “ILLEGAL ALIENS” mister.

        13. Michael Dennewitz says

          Shiiittt, the bastards are already here bubbah. Their leader sits on his throne in DC…

        14. Sgt. York says

          The song said it all America will give them the ol boot in the Ass.

      3. carmelboy says

        But the bulk are from Meixco, that is irrefutable fact, go do the research!

        1. ikwuakor says

          Okay.. A bulk is not all and the media and many individuals only focus on one group making it seem like the only illegals are from Mexico. Also, how do you know the statistics? Have you even done the research?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Well how many people illegally immigrated here from Western Europe here daily? Probably not many, see there is no ocean between here & Mexico. The 90 miles from Cuba to Key West isn’t attempted a whole lot. I’m sure some people make the trip by hired boat though.

          2. Wayne says

            sure they come …but not at an IMPOSSIBLE amount to assimilate without GRAVE CONSEQUENCES!

      4. James Garbe says

        Your point? Unless they changed “Common Sense” while I was on vacation, illegal is STILL illegal!

        1. ikwuakor says

          The point is at no point do you people look at the corporations. That is like blaming the children who work in sweat shops. They want cheaper labor so they higher cheaper labor from people who won’t complain. What about your corporations that ship YOUR jobs overseas?

          1. James Garbe says

            Different point than the (focus) subject, but I agree wholeheartedly with this point you have made. E-verify is needed nationally. Cheap, fair and effective. Any employer that is caught hiring the undocumented should (not) face fines which they just laugh at. The law should read “Loss of business license”. I believe this would get more of their attention.

          2. hankthetank says

            That is the law they do not enforce,it needs to be upheld!!

          3. Steve Thomas says

            I bought stock in a company that invented a new technology, (scanner) that could detect forged IDs like DLs and SS cards. The stock dropped because no on needed/bought the product.

          4. Wayne says

            the U.S. govt. won’t use them….when by all rights it should be MANDATORY!

          5. Harley J. Spoon says

            Who in the US government said no to the “scanners”…Name them!

          6. charliebrown737 says

            I am a retired pilot and in the 70s was flying into Montana and a saw mill was burning slash (bark, limbs and other wood that was not good for anything)
            Every day the whole valley was covered in smog, smoke and fog, and some times it would be a week before we could land to bring in the passengers.

            The owner of the mill was paying a fine of $1,000.00 a day because he said it was cheaper than fixing the smoke stacks with scrubbers to clean up the air.
            Finally a Judge says enough, shut down the mill or the owner goes to jail. The owner spent one night in jail and then shut down the mill. One week later the mill started up and no more smoke. We could land there every day, that is how you fix the problem, put them in jail till the problem is fixed.

          7. Harley J. Spoon says


          8. AnneCameo says

            “hiring illegals” – another law which is not enforced. E-verify works, and fines or penalties could easily STOP the practice.

          9. Wayne says

            but in a sanctuary city like San Francisco…it DOESN”T WORK !!!

          10. hankthetank says

            You have a point, that is what happens, BUT corporations are illegals,they just hire them, that is against the law,that no one enforces;

          11. Harley J. Spoon says

            I wonder how many “illegals” the Koch’s hire????

          12. Steve Thomas says

            It’s hard to tell a company like Walgreens that they should not worry about trying to save 6 billion dollars a year in taxes.

          13. ikwuakor says

            It’s a vicious cycle and someone has to pay for it. Do you think it is okay though that the tax payers have to front the rest while everyone else has to front the cost?

          14. Harley J. Spoon says

            It depends on their gross sales and nets before taxes and after taxes…but first, let’s prove they pay $6 billion in taxes…

          15. chamuiel says

            They higher cheaper labor? Huh? How can cheaper labor be higher? I though it would be lower.

          16. ikwuakor says

            Hire… My bad

        2. Doug says

          Yeah, but have to seen the pic of the mexiturd holding the sign that reads, and I quote: “I may be illegal but I’m not a criminal”.

          1. Harley J. Spoon says

            There are a lot of corporatists who are “legal” but they are crooks!

      5. hankthetank says

        What’s that got to do with anything??? ( the word is Illegal )!!!

        1. ikwuakor says

          All I hear is about how people are taking YOUR jobs. The issue is all of you people put the blame out there that someone is not deserving of a job that you feel you rightfully deserve.. Says who? Stop bitching and go out there instead of saying that someone else is the problem. And the issue is all of you people are worries that SOME non American is getting a job over you

          1. zookeeper216 says

            Non-American as in a person who crossed over the border illegally to suck our tax money?

          2. ikwuakor says

            Or what about the American corporation known as Walmart that literally have been making billions by severely underpaying their employees by the outdated minimum wage as they live off of government assistance which is stealing your tax dollars. The biggest component on you not having jobs is not because of the illegal immigrants who literally are taking the jobs that you don’t want and would complain about but the corporations who don’t give a damn about you and only care about dollar signs

          3. chamuiel says

            Why do you not stick to the article subject, ole paid troll?

          4. ikwuakor says

            My issue is not with the illegals as much as the people employing them. You are blaming the sweat shop laborers more than the owners… Plus you understand why Mexico is in the situation it is in… Ever heard of Texas?

          5. Michael Stewart says

            If you are so upset about illegal immigrants taking your jobs why dont you go to Mexico illegally and take one of their jobs. I went to Brazil to do this and I made better money than what an American business would pay me,

          6. zookeeper216 says

            Maybe you should write to the cooperate head of Walmart and demand their employees receive a living wage. I did. These people WORK for their money. They are legal citizens of this country and they pay taxes on what they earn. I’d like to know what jobs Americans won’t work to pay their rent? I shoveled horse sh#t in hot weather, with a bandana around my nose to keep the flies out, to pay my house payment. People like you disgust me went you turn your back on legal American workers. If you love them so much you can move south of the border and live in their third world country, that way they don’t bring it to us.

          7. chamuiel says

            An illegal does not deserve a job in the U.S. If you think so, then you are no better than an illegal.

          8. Gary C says

            I think ikuakor is an illegal

      6. grama18 says

        They are Legal..

      7. Ddenney1 says

        Not talking about LEGAL immigrates !!!! The more the merrier they come hear to produce not leach!! When will the low income demon rats realize their jobs are being stolen out from under them too!!!

      8. Carl Mason says

        do you mean the ones with pass due visas, I’m from New Jersey where we are fourth of the 50 states with illegal aliens, we have a city called Pleasantville where the cost per student is $33000 and is now 41% Hispanic and that also means free pre-school for illegals.

      9. Yadja says

        The sad truth is, I lived in Europe for 3.5 years, the majority of the immigrants are coming form Third World Crappers, they have nothing to give America and they only are here to take. It is really difficult for Europeans to migrate here. But the Arabs are so welcome in our colleges while this country, under Obama, turns away Israeli scientists and technologists and will not allow them to come here for more education. The same can be said for Canadians who come here, they have great difficulty keeping up their visiting status.

        We as a nation are not doing ourselves any favors by bringing in these uneducated, poor, no speaking English and nothing to give into our midst. Obama has escalated it.

        1. Michael Stewart says

          I would rather the Arabs than the big nosed Israelis. This world would be better without Israel. I wish Iran would wipe Israel off the face of the map and make Jews as extinct as the dinosaurs.

          1. Yadja says

            So if Israel were destroyed today and every Jew were dead there would be no more Terrorism? The raping, mutilating, decapitating, hanging, impaling, stoning would be over?

            If all the Muslims were destroyed would the Jews be a problem? Would they do what the Muslims did? Would the world be free of terrorism?

            LOLOLOL the Israelis are beautiful people with all different colors of hair and eyes. It is the Arabs who have purple lips, dark skin and big noses. You are archaic.

            Go live with those you love so much we don’t need you in America.

          2. infadelicious says

            thanks for dropping by adolph. Your post is an excellent example of the type of thinking that needs to be wiped off the planet. You’re a hateful, bigoted, ill -informed chunk of lice. please don’t have children or go near them, but then again, from your posts, I am sure people don’t let you near young children or animals anyway.

      10. Fran says

        Just wondering??? How do the illegals come from all over the world??? are they walking across America’s southern border too??? How would they manage to come via plane or boat??? Fill me in. Thanks

        1. ikwuakor says

          By the numerous question marks I can tell that was more of a rhetorical question that you feel you already know the answer to, trying to make me look like the stupid one. You should really open up your mind and realize there are numerous ways to come here illegally. You do understand that you can purshase a plane ticket, come here and then never return back home, you would be considered here illegally… Or your green card or visa expires and you don’t go back home. These are ways you can be here illegally. Did I answer your rhetorical question for you?

          1. Fran says

            ikwuakor: I am truly sorry if you took offense at my questions. I am a senior lady and really did not understand how any illegal could get aboard a plane or a ship without being detected. Hope that clears you from being stupid.

          2. ikwuakor says

            The thing is you don’t have to start off by coming here illegally. You can come here legally but end up being here illegally if you stay longer than scheduled. Those people are considered illegal aliens. People need to understand the difference between illegal aliens and undocumented illegal aliens.

      11. shamu9 says

        They don’t encourage White Europeans To Immigrate! Whites have to apply and WAIT forever! “Ax” One! I would say, and bet my Last Money that over 90% of “New Americans” are Illegals!! Mexican/Central/South American Hispanics, and AFRICAN MOSLEMS. It’s “Barrack Of The Jungle’s” Plan!

        1. ikwuakor says

          I really want to get into this with you but you are literally one of the hopeless and truly idiotic ones on so many levels that it would be pointless to engage with you. Unless you are seriously a troll, I really have honest pity on you.

          1. shamu9 says

            See Ya in the FEMA Camps! Being an Obamabot Kool Aid Swiller won’t save you! BTW-, B.A. Social Sci, Fl. Atlantic U. retired Fl. Correction Officer, in the Max Sec. Youthful Offender Camp, for 17 years, I dealt with these CHILDREN on a 1 to 1 Daily Basis! W.T.F would I know??

      12. sallybelle says

        more coming from mexico than any where else.

      13. carmelboy says

        Do you realize, or are you truly OBTUSE, that nearly all of the ILLEGAL immigrants/invaders ARE from Mexico? Do the research before making such inane, retarded comments! Not any other country has as many ILLEGAL felonious INVADERS abusing the laws of the USA as has Mexico and Central Americ

      14. Nowell Sanders says

        Legal immigrants deserve the jobs they earn as long as they are not given special considerations above natural born citizens! Tennessee has seen exceptional growth compared to many states due to the number of well trained and hard working people that live in Tennessee!

      15. abc__jps says

        did you miss the key word its ILLEGAL the one who came with papers…No right to be here, not right to a job, no right to schooling, no right to health care, NO right period put them on a plane, bus, train and send them home. Take the kids with them and tell them to come back when they have a LEGAL right to come here. They come for what they can get not what they can give.

      16. lil-echoes says

        Yes… they come from every where… but MOSTLY from Mexico and those two countries below Mexico. Guat… and Venz… Mexico allows it.. cause they have to cross that Mexico border coming from those two countries to get here.. and Ride the Freedom Train to get to these lower states. They do NOT come once.. they come 4 or 5 times till they finally make it over the border. Watch the Border Guards – Border Wars – anything pertaining to the border.. and you will find out more. …..

      17. patsy1715 says

        They come BY way of mexico most of them.

      18. sandman says

        Just saying does not make it so, as for the Mexicans? all they need to do is walk over he border, but others? need a ride, for a long ways to boot! So any penniless Mexican can walk into OUR COUNTRY, but from the other areas you refer too? need to spend money to ride in an airliner, or ship, so penniless will not do! I will give you this though, the ones you talk about? they will probably fly or steam into Mexico first, so all they need to do is walk over the border. All I am asking for, is the powers that be insist on any others coming into OUR COUNTRY to do so as my own grandfathers /grandmothers did! like being required to have a sponsor sign for them, like at the time, go ahead and Google it and find out how it was done for a long time without all this pandering for votes! as that is all it is!

      19. carmelboy says

        Consider the overwhelming preponderance of those illegals coming from Mexico and Central America… not from other countries. These gringo Mexicanos have NO respect for the USA nor it’s laws, and neither does Obama a Kenyan imposter- American Moslem communistic/socialist!

      20. Angry American says

        Yes but the majority of them come from mexico & S. America, like over m90% of them & when you mention illegal immigration they are the ones that take the most offense, because they know this to be true

      21. Peatro Giorgio says

        I concur with dwalk. We all welcome legal Immigration. It is all illegals Those That entered our nation by means of deception evasion of border security or those that came an over stay their green cards, or visitors pass. Those all could an should be rounded up an thrown out either by force or by giving them a 48 hour time frame to leave on their own. If they refuse then use what ever force needed to obtain compliance.

      22. PLW says

        Legal Immigrants that followed our Immigration Laws are Legal… NOT the ones that Illegally crossed our borders !!!

        Obama still has not closed our southern borders, or enforced America’s Immigration Laws which hurts the Legal Immigrants as bad as all American Citizens !!!

        America is being dismantled and destroyed by our Inept / Incompetent / Self-Serving elected government Representives in Washington D.C !!!

        I only wish we had a President that protected and represented The Citizens of the United States of America !!!!

        May God Bless and Protect America, its Citizens, and the Free World’s Christians & Infidels !!!

      23. catherinedeanni says

        Yes but most are coming in thru Mexico except the muslins, which is coming in on visa’s that Obama has made sure in the last five years that 80% of all visa’s went to people from the middle east. Obama is building a new majority of low income Democrat vote’s who will help the party to do whatever they want.

        1. catherinedeanni says

          This is a plan to give away our country with out firing a shot, till you get enough people who will do away with the constitution and replace it with new laws.

      24. Btty says

        ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL I don’t care where they come from they should be deported immediately. They are law breakers! Your right they aren’t all Mexicans but they are all ILLEGALS. Remember what Mexico did to our MARINE? I agree they should all be deported to Mexico! Let Mexico spend money stolen from America to deport non-Mexicans to their respective countries

    2. morg says

      I don’t care where they are sent as long as they are removed from the US. A great deterrent would be to install a large number of circus cannons and propel them across the Rio Grande. Publicize that and they will stop plus the cost of exporting them will be almost nothing. Initially fire dummies so Mexico will know where to install the nets to catch them. Our problem is that there is absolutely no penalty for illegally entering the US. It should be swift and severe. Each one should be permanently marked in an always visible place, when caught. When I go to Canada, I am asked for full details about my visit including when was the last time I visited Canada, where I will be, and when I will be leaving. As a US citizen I am always quizzed at the border even after presenting my passport. I find it strange that this procedure exists for US citizens holding a valid US passport but the door is open to those who do not speak English.

      1. morg says

        By creating a path to citizenship for the illegals, it only encourages them. In order that families not be separated, the birthright citizenship must be eliminated and those children should be exported along with the parents. There is a legal path and the quota is set.

    3. sallybelle says

      it would be cheaper for us to bury them than pay for them the rest of their lives. I can’t hardly look at mexicans anymore, what a shame.

    4. rchguns says

      Good idea but, and that’s a big but, is not only illegal aliens that need to be exported and/or removed from our society. Any individual categorically refuses to put their beliefs and allegiance to some other country rather than America. America is a should always be the home of Americans commission point.

      For a moment think back to how this country was formed and the fact that the only people in this nation who really and truly have absolute unalienable rights when it comes down to being a true native of this country. Everyone but the American Indian came from someplace else and that’s what has made America great.

      The difference being that these immigrants came to this country in many cases with nothing but the close on their backs for the express desire for freedom. To be allowed to make the best life for themselves they can, to assimilate into American society both legally and culturally. These are the bedrock that makes this country great.

      All Hyphenated Americans are not and should not be recognized as Americans! If you cannot put your allegiance to America before any other allegiance to any other nation or culture then you are definitely not needed in this country.

      I believe that all is illegal aliens should be deported but that there needs to be a standard pathway to become a new American both legally and morally. Any group that demands rights from our government but yet refuses to place our government ahead of their supposed allegiance to other cultures and nations.

      Examples of what I mean African-American, Mexican-Americans, European-American, Polish-American, or anything else????-American. These individuals obviously put America second at best and probably further down on their list. If they persist in calling themselves these hyphenated Americans than they should be given a one-way ticket back to wherever that culture or that nationality comes from and their constitutional rights and their citizenship shall be taken away from them with the stipulation that they cannot be returned no matter what for at least 10 years and will not be allowed back into the United States within that 10 year period.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with an American Of African Heritage, an American Of Mexican Descent, an American Of Polish Ancestry, or an American of European Descent. These are the very people that can make America strong and keep her free. These people put America first and foremost as it should be there’s nothing wrong with remembering where your ancestors may have came from the keyword being FROM. Anyone who cannot see that and understand the difference should be removed from America’s soil. I don’t care where they were born because that’s irrelevant if you were born in any state in the union like Hawaii but yet you do not give your allegiance to America you don’t deserve to be here leave.

    5. Juan TwoTree says

      I’m with you! It’s the ILLEGAL ALIENS that Prez. Obongoloid have sitting, just waiting(13-20MILLION), all over our country, to get natauralized, murderer’s, drug addicts/cartel members, pedophiles, robbers, rapists….Oongoloid continues to to destroy this nation with his Executive ILLEGAL Orders, going around Congress!

    6. Michael Dennewitz says


    7. 7papa7 says

      And whose fault is this. You kind of have to take the legals out of the mix but why hasn’t these companies been fined to a point where it is not worth it to them to hire illegals. Give them tax breaks for turning in illegals, and yes round the ALL up and deport them. Their cost can be deducted from the welfare we send them because you know that won’t stop.

    8. Dolores Adams says

      Reply to carmelboy
      Good luck on getting this to happen.

    9. Michael Stewart says

      What about all the Americans who go overseas and steal Jobs from the citizens of those countries. Almost 10% of the jobs in Peru and Brazil went to Americans.

    10. Michael Stewart says

      You can always go to Mexico or another country to get a job. You can get paid 70000 a year to teach English in Saudi Arabia.

    11. Sgt. York says

      Screw the damn billing just send any and all illegals without citizenship papers on a slo boat to where ever they came from. Americans need jobs not South American and Mexican job robbers. Are we Americans or ovomit puppets.

  10. loran says

    One gets what they pay for. It disturbs me that so many so called republicans cannot see their faces in their mirrors and keep on electing people who are not acting in their own best interests. These low information voters are more prevalent than I assumed.

    1. chamuiel says

      It disturbs me that Democrats keep electing people that are not acting in anyone’s best interest.

      Keep trying. You almost got it right.

      1. loran says

        I think you are partially correct. I believe that Progressives have highjacked the Democrat Party completely. If one has studied what Progressives are and what their ideology really is, then one would know that they really do believe wholeheartedly in their ideology to the point that it is a religion. So people who keep voting for these Progressives are either lazy, selfish people who are content to get free stuff, not caring who pays for it, or they are Progressives themselves who do believe in the ideology of creating an utopia and seeing their liberal partners continue to administer to the people of this nation. So they are just as passionate as conservatives who believe in liberty and freedom. Who will win this debate? I place my trust in the American people to do the right thing.

  11. Dempsey Coleman says

    I think it was Tennessee that had Sis Republicans Running against
    Alexander if so it is No Wonder he Won. We need Republicans
    to Wise Up and get togeher and decide on Only One to Challenge
    the Incumbent. We can Not Win if everyone is a Me, Me Candidate
    Either have an Intelligent Discussion and choose One, Flip a Coin
    or Draw Straws. But Six only makes for One Winner and the Six usually
    Loose. Please Stop Being STUPID

    1. jaybird says

      I have been saying that for a long time. We have a Libertarian that runs for all political offices and has not won in the last 4 yrs. which pulls votes from the Conservative letting the Demorat win. They don’t have the money to get their plan before the maj. of people so therefore not enough people will vote for the Independents, Libertarian or Conservatives unless they have money to campaign.

  12. nowhererose says

    as an American I will probably never find any kind of a job ever again. 0bama is a faggot piece of dog crap

    1. joe_heathen says

      Say, genius, prove with documentary citation that President Obama is a faggot piece of dog crap. The same could easily be said of you, loser.

      1. jaybird says

        If he is not one, he acts like one with what he is doing to our country.

      2. chamuiel says

        As well as you. The problem is with hussein obama and you, the name is true.

  13. disqus_oajLzmvtVa says

    Until the true UNITED STATES CITIZENS & all those who HIRE are aware of what is a true ITIZEN there’ll be no change in the hiring policy. It’s MONEY, MONEY, MONEY in there pockets.

    1. chamuiel says

      Hang in there. Someday too you will be able to make sense.

  14. ikwuakor says

    It’s funny how none of you focus on the LEGAL immigrants that are being employed… What it means is, step up your game and stop crying about why you don’t have jobs and be a go getter and get one… Just saying.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      I ask again who’s side are you on, where not talking about the legals it’s the illegals that is the problem and Mr liar in Chief keeps letting them come in and invade our country, my father came over from Italy when he was 16 went to school learned the language became an American citizen did very well for himself paid his taxes and was a true American, and all his sons which includes me as well served our country with honor WW2 and Korean War.

      1. ikwuakor says

        Okay… You serving the military serves what purpose for this conversation? Awesome. You served. What does that mean in regards to the immigrant work force…

        1. carmelboy says

          You need to get educated before anymore oral fartin!

        2. chamuiel says

          What does your concern for legals getting jobs have to do with this conversation?

          we are talking about illegals, and you are trying to divert the conversation to something else.

    2. Brenda says

      You may be just saying, but you are saying wrongly. The problem is not with the LEGAL immigrant, but with the ILLEGAL immigrant. It is exceedingly difficult to “step up your game” when many of the employers today are looking for the cheapest labor force they can find and care not whether they are legal or not.
      I worked for a national company in human resource once and their hiring practices left me puzzled. There was a ex-military MP applicant with a poor credit history and a Mexican applicant with a Social Security number of a deceased individual who could not speak English, guess who got the job. Yep, the illegal.
      So how do you suggest one “step up your game” under those circumstances?

      1. ikwuakor says

        What was the job they were applying for? Also, why are you blaming the workers. Blame the corporations whose only goal is dollar signs. You can’t be for the “American Dream” and against illegal immigrants at the same time… I am sorry. That IS the American dream. Profit and that is all they see. Look at Walmart for example… Billionaires by paying their employees such cheap wages that they have to live off of government assistance and nothing is being done about it…

        1. Brenda says

          Repackaging merchandise. .As for the “American Dream”, you have a rather commercial view of that dream. The American Dream does not encompass only commercial advances, but the ability to improve ones circumstances, to be able to enjoy a rather healthful and enjoyable life, to adequately provide the necessities of life for ones family, and an idea that no one can dictate fully the type of life we alive.
          And yes I can be against ILLEGAL immigration. If we, as a nation, refuse to enforce our laws, then we become a nation of anarchist. They invaded our country, snuck across our borders, and demand concessions for their lawlessness. So yes, I can be against illegal aliens.
          And, in case you missed it, the American Dream is no more and the “Dreamers” is nothing more than a political catch phrase for Obama.

        2. Cher says

          Yes you can!!! The American dream is for AMERICANS!!! Illegals have no right to the American dream. They have NO right to anything in our country. What do you not understand about illegal? If they want the American dream they need to immigrate legally.

          1. carmelboy says

            Thank you girl! Exactly right!

          2. Marilyn5555 says

            Or do their fighting in their OWN country like we did in ours. How come you never see Mexicans in the street protesting in THEIR country?

          3. Cher says

            Why protest when they can come to America for freebies

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Because the Mexican Government and Drug Cartels will gun them down in the streets.

          5. Marilyn5555 says

            OH! Silly me……totally forgot there’s THAT

        3. taffytee says

          Whoever you are: The American Dream includes and REQUIRES following US laws, especially IMMIGRATING LEGALLY. There is no “right” to everyone in the world to become US citizens NOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. They MUST obey OUR laws! We do not, will not hold respect for those who break our laws, and find that the blatant breaking by Lainos is especially offensive. My father was a LEGAL immigrant from a small village in the Middle East, many years ago and without social services and a law-breaking President, whose parents followed the law and came LEGALLY. No excuse for, no respect nor desire for ILLEGALS here.

        4. chamuiel says

          The American dream is not illegals getting jobs.

          Are you that stupid, or just pretending to be?

          1. ikwuakor says

            Did you not see that I had a comparison between the American dream and illegal immigrants… The American dream is profit. Meaning create the greatest amount of wealth. So that will be accomplished by shipping jobs overseas to a cheaper labor unit, paying employees minimum wage while the tax payers front the cost so the owners create billions (the Walton family) or hiring illegal immigrants who will not complain and pay no benefits for while paying a dirt cheap wage… Stop looking at the illegal immigrants on why you don’t have jobs but the corporations illegally employing them…

        5. Libertarian Soldier says

          Who made you the arbitor of what an American can and can’t be against or can and can’t be for?

          The only thing I’ve read in your post that speaks truth is when you said, “I am sorry.” Yeah, you are!

          First: What job was being applied is not the issue. Billionaires, including Walmart that employ people are not the main issue, here. They are just complicit because our political leadership tells them it’s OK to do and because it’s near impossible to compete in a global economy when your government punishes you for doing well and regulates you out of competition. That’s why business is going offshore and moving its headquarters to low cost countries that aren’t spoiled yet.

          While it is creeping into the consciousness of formerly, gainfully employed, part of the 30% out of the labor participation force, Walmart is becoming a reality for people that used to make a good living but can’t compete in an illegal alien, under the table, labor market . Walmart was never intended to be a place for a serious employee to make a living any more than fast food “restaurants” were. Walmart made it’s bones by hiring retirees to supplement their fixed incomes and they have a proven track record for advancing hard working employees on a “fast track” to management.

          Second: The two major forces pushing for immigration deform are agencies that push for cheaper labor and race based Hispanic groups. Both are special interests and they are thrilled to throw race and other emotion baiting accusations around. This issue is actually being manipulated by the real racists and race baiters for selfish reasons.

          Third, regarding your irrelevant, straw man argument about, ” Billionaires by paying their employees such cheap wages that they have to live off of government assistance and nothing is being done about it…”, how, then, does your apparent wish to flood the labor market with more unskilled labor that won’t contribute to the tax base and more women, with these men, and their children, whose only participation in the American Dream is that they only draw from it without contributing to it?

          What is your answer to a new, permanent underclass and an ever increasing number of able bodied, work aged adults locked out of the labor participation market, now 30%?

          With less people paying taxes and with the number of those considered “more disadvantaged”, with our federal government $18 Trillion in debt, spending money faster than they can borrow it, faster than they can raise taxes on a smaller group of people and faster than they can print it, what do we do about our disenfranchised citizens that will come to need more access to resources from a shrinking pie of resources?

          Did you know that we shut off immigration for about a decade and a half in the middle of the 20th Century? Do you even want to know why? “Assimilation”! Our culture and our Creed was becoming diluted, as it is now or you wouldn’t even be writing on this post.

          “Epluribus Unim”. You can find it on money, of all places. That is our creed; it means from many one! We aren’t getting the one. The term immigrant or immigration is not even in the Constitution. The correct term is “Naturalization”. With naturalization you don’t have immigrants blowing up our marathons or flying fully fueled, fully, civilian loaded, Commercial, passenger jets into densely populated iconic structures on our homeland!

          Naturalized Americans love our country more than the dumb 4$$es our schools mis-educate and they don’t bomb civilians. They live the American dream because they are not involved in identity politics and the politics of envy. They simply love what’s good about our country, mostly what used to be good about our country before marxist completely took over the once moral democrat party, before Post Constitutional America.

    3. carmelboy says

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA lol! No accounting for stupidity, I cannot be your teacher…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Marilyn5555 says

      What the hell planet have you been living on? First there just aren’t ANY jobs out there. At 59, and the first time in my life since I was 17….and with all the skills I have, I haven’t been able to get work for two years now. So STFU….since you CLEARLY don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!

    5. chamuiel says

      You can’t get a job, if there are none, just saying.

      Do you enjoy being a troll?

      I realize you will not answer that question, but one still has to ask such an obvious troll.
      why are you worried about the legals getting jobs?

      do you even understand the difference between legal or illegal?

      are you just being obstinate?

  15. Arminius says

    We may end up with an American St Bartholomew’s day. Google it. Eventually a people snap.

    1. Libertarian Soldier says

      If we continue with the manipulation of the populace, between left and the correct, by the $#!+ disturber-in-chief, in order to distract from the horrific way the country is being unilaterally transformed, violence will be beckoned by the instigator of the helpless, the disenfranchised, the employed, underemployed and unemployed, law abiding, tax paying, American born citizens so often unjustifiably vilified with unearned charges of greed and racism.

      If the populace of the left actually believes their leadership’s, cynical baseless accusations of malevolence of the correct minded, Constitutionalism of Conservatives and the low information republicans, just because they disagree with the leadership and the absurd accusations of the left wing-nut followers that are unable to discern reality for themselves, we are in Constitutional crisis and a St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre could ensue.

      We had a revolution with lesser grievances than we have today.

      “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time with the blood of Patriots…and tyrants.”–Thomas Jefferson

      1. Arminius says

        What Obama may discover is his options for violence could be severely limited. Not being very educated he never learned about military history. Poorly paid and abused armies tend to be unreliable when used against citizens. Ours might be less reliable (from his point of view) than he thinks. We haven’t yet reached the point of Führerprinzip (the oath is to protect and defend the constitution not the leader) then he would be depending on the police, DOJ Units like the ATF and his silly SWAT Squads attached to the BLM, the EPA, the Dept of education (my favorite) etc. Good luck in suppressing a nation of 340 million with that microscopic pastiche.

        1. Libertarian Soldier says

          The department of education swat squad! That’s rich! What’s crazy is that there is one!

          Must be the elite section of the thought police!

          1. Arminius says

            I have no sense of humor. I merely report. In this case the Dept of Education has been buying ammunition, weapons and tactical garb. I guess it might be expensive Halloween garb, or tranny garb for armed educators.

          2. Libertarian Soldier says

            No sense of humor, at all!

            Sorry if I offended. There was no challenge to your post. I merely thought it funny that the thought police might have a swat squad! You had to be there!

          3. Arminius says

            No offense. Besides, all the cabinet level organizations I named have SWAT teams.

          4. Libertarian Soldier says

            I’ve known that and have written about it for almost two years.

          5. chamuiel says

            Then why did the dept of education, S.S., the Post office and all those other depts. buy all that ammunition?

          6. Libertarian Soldier says

            Who rattled your cage? Did I address you with an argument? Did you actually read my post or did you just misunderstand it because your brain doesn’t work right? Miss your medication? Why in the world would you ask that question.

            Should I have used smaller words, given definitions?

            Run along! Grown folks talking!

        2. Juan TwoTree says

          Beautifully put!

  16. dmttbt says

    When Obama claims all those high rates of deportation, that may be because there are a lot more that need to be deported and also, just because you deport them doesn’t mean they didn’t turn right around and come back. Look at all the news lately about murders who were deported several times and then came back and committed murder. For those who say that the illegals are good workers, that is because you pay them a lot less and I have seen them act like they didn’t understand what 24″ deep meant, even after I marked a stick and gave that to them.
    He is doing the same thing on Iraq bombing, we promised them equipment and we did not send it and then we turn around and say we can’t understand why they can’t defend themselves. Obama acts like he just heard about ISIS in the past few days, if that is true he needs to resign, he needs to resign anyway.
    I also want to state that when our politicians and news people say we can’t close the border because it is too long, I can’t help but wonder how the other countries control theirs. For example try crossing in to Mexico. Short fence and high voltage.

  17. DogWithoutSlippers says

    The Russian Czar was overthrown because the people had had enough……..look what followed!

  18. zookeeper216 says

    274 nationalities cross the border every year, what’s the odds on one of them being a terrorist?

  19. joeupyours says

    liberal demoRATS will kill this country,joeupyoursMF’S!

  20. C K Johnson says

    Our government is so full of $hit. All of the jobs in TN was being done by locals. These illegal immigrants will work 50-60 hours and get paid for 40 hours. In construction they will have 1 Hispanic who gets the check. And he will have 50 to 60 Hispanics working for him. The boss pays whatever he wants. Nobody pays taxes or Social Security.The illegals get the jobs where ever they go. I lived in Rodgers Arkansas when there were no Hispanics living there. The Hispanics started migrating there and took over 75% of the local peoples jobs. Tyson has about 90% Hispanics legal and illegal. WalMart warehouse the same thing. All of these jobs were being performed by the local people. The Hispanics will work for minimum wages. And live 20 people in 1 house. I lived in Houston TX when the Vietnamese they would hire the man to work in the Circle Ks and his wife and kids would work there for free. We were getting all of the work done in the U.S. before all of these illegals started showing up.

  21. bsfurg says

    There Muslim army camps all over the USA, they need to get rid of them but they wont not with Obama the fake in the WH>

  22. Carl Mason says

    Fix this Nation in November,vote out all the Democrats and don’t vote any new ones in.

    1. msueh says

      and RINOs

  23. pysco says

    There is data that suggests that almost 51% of all jobs in border states went to illegal aliens..

  24. Peter B. Duran says

    Remember that Obama said he will spread the wealth. Well probably some of you unemployed Legals and unemployed Americans voted for him. Well what’s happening now is that they have jobs instead of you, but anyway, it is sad to say. but you are now helping to spread the well and shearing your unemployed status according to Obama Agenda.

  25. adrianvance says

    Hey those are future Democrats dummy! Pay attention!

    Google, “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

  26. worldwatchman says

    Deport, impeach, follow the Constitution. NO Executive Orders to get around it.

  27. smogdew says

    ….”reformers are claiming immigrants are doing jobs natural born citizens aren’t”…….has been the farming situation in this country for decades. You sure don’t expect our poorer element to bend over to pick strawberries, lettuce, climb trees for citrus fruit and in the HEAT of the day-Heavens. They have Welfare and can sit home and watch TV.
    We have a Farm Workers Union here – these people earn every cent and more of what they are paid.
    Obama wants to raise the minimum wage; wrong idea but if the markets that benefitted from the labor of
    all these hard working individuals would ante up another penny or so for a bushel of blueberries etc., perhaps the laborers’ lives would improve. Of course then we have the manufacturers marking up their products and the supermarkets doing the same. USA – Land of Greed.

  28. WhiteFalcon says

    Go and talk about that to your nearest congressman, senator, and/or state legislator, in Spanish.

  29. Yadja says

    When the “Have Nots” see their welfare checks, food stamps, medical care et al going down in benefits they will begin to complain and perhaps see what the cause is. Of course, the Democrats will fill their heads with brochures sent to their homes, the way they did this last election, I got them at my house and I am an Independent, saying that it is the Evil Republicans fault.

    These immigrants are not educated, they don’t speak the language, they don’t have money, they have nothing, they came and come here with their palms up waiting for the freebees. The only jobs they will be able to get are Minimum wage and that means millions who are out of work now and supplementing their pay or unemployment by working Minimum wage jobs, will be out of work. Because I have no doubts that if they are not employed that this president will take out his pen and make sure there are so many in every work place.

    Serves the entire nation that voted for Obama right. Elections have consequences and right now the Blacks who voted for color only are going to see they are not that necessary anymore because the Progressives have a new and constant flow of Democrat voters. They will care for them with loving hands.

  30. jim_wright says

    This kind of problem could be taken care of with one change to two existing laws. We have laws limiting employment in this county to citizens and LEGAL immigrants with a very low fine for employing ILLEGAL immigrants. Change the law to a penality of 1,000,000.00 for each ILLEGAL employed. The same applies to rental housing. There are two criminals involved here, the first is the ILLEGAL immigrantand the second is the person who employes or rents a place to live to the ILLEGAL.

  31. anestat says

    Most of the immigrants in Tennessee are muslim. Numerous new mosques are being built in the state.

    1. it'sthatbad says

      I have heard about that…………they are moving in like a Cancer taking over cities every where………Dearborn, Michigan is just one of the Cities they use that as a headquarters to bring in more muslims and then send them out to other cities to start more colonies………..they are in the process of trying to turn our country into a muslim state………..slowly but surly………….it seems to be working………………..NEVER TURN A BLIND EYE TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING………..

  32. sturgis says

    Hey, we have a immigrant in the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. barb patton says

    Legal immigrants and full blooded Americans do not have a snow balls hope in hell – the Tsunami is spreading rapidly to all states.- and that is what the liar in chief wants for amerika

  34. abc__jps says

    If they have legal papers they can apply for the jobs. If you hire a illegal then you need to be fined $100,000 per hire and this will stop. Stop all welfare, health care, food stamps, housing of the illegal family and they will have to go back where they belong. If they are so interested in freedom then let them work as our ancestors did to build a free county in their own land.

  35. jetmagnet says

    I’d say that’s due to two things. Conservatives in Tennessee like hiring immigrants and Americans in Tennessee would rather go on welfare than work a crappy job that pays peanuts. Tennessee is a conservative state and bagger states have the most people on handouts. lol
    The problem with rightwing hypocrites is they say they are against immigrants, but hire them. It’s like the stopping drugs. Until you stop the people who keep buying the drugs and the US insatiable appetite for them there will always be drugs. As long as tennessee allows conservatives to hire immigrants then they’ll see this happen, It’s the same in Texas or anywhere else. People want cheap labor and americans don’t want to clean toilets or pick tomatoes. In fact surveys prove americans donot want those jobs!!

    1. Joe T says

      Thanks for the erudition

    2. jim marcum says

      a close friend of mine ran a construction business in Texas for many years. he told me he never hired 1 Texan or American. all his workers were illegal Mexicans and he paid day wages so he never paid any S.S. on them or taxes it was up to them to pay their own taxes which they never did.

  36. loran says

    Of course they take more jobs. Most employers are looking for people who will work for the lowest wage.
    Not only that, but they are looking to have to pay out as little as possible. Therefore, they hire those that won’t be eligible to the company for Obamacare. That’s capitalism folks. Now this is why the left loves to push off all these illegals onto the job market. They want to destroy capitalism and what better way to do it. So let’s not fall pray to this idea that we need new immigration laws. We do not. We need to enforce those laws already on the books. So the next time you read about or hear a so called Republican/Conservative talk about creating new immigration laws, think of them of who they really are, Progressive liberals. A progressive is not just limited to the Democrat Party.

  37. sallybelle says

    who cares anymore, the republicans might have helped fight this and secure the border, but they are not going to take back the senate and hillary the war hawk will be your president. You can write off the rest of the USA and what freedoms we still might have. Obama is paying $1,000,000 to start tracking twitter accounts for racial remarks. What ever he gets going now hillary or anyother dem will finish. The republicans lose the senate, they might just as well save our taxes and quit.

  38. draftinging says

    I told you all in Tenn. when I lived there not to vote for Croker & Alexander, They sold you out just like I said, they would. You vote for them…just live with your vote…or start a max letter _____ & and tell them the won’t be going back to DC if they don’t know which side there bread is butter on.

  39. jim marcum says

    that’s why our corporate fascist government has turned their backs and allowed the flood at the borders. the corporations ordered them to because they want cheap labor here so when they pretend to bring their jobs back to America it will be in a right to work state with Mexicans doing the work. thanks a lot

  40. jim marcum says

    most country’s deny employment to immigrants if a natural born citizen can do the work and wants the job. America is the only country i’m aware of that allows anyone come here from anywhere and take your job.

  41. Taking care of business! says

    Don’t limit Tennessee when it’s nation-wide.

  42. kkkahn says

    Check out how Australia deals with this issue. They have a massive influx of people from the Middle East and S.W. Asia, who are kept OFF-SHORE until their cases are heard. We should follow AUSTRALIA’S example. Yes, I am the grandchild of immigrants who came through Ellis Island in the 1920’s.
    I’ll be more than happy to help LEGAL immigrants, but will turn in ANY illegals I discover to CBP.

  43. jim marcum says

    I have been considering moving to Costa Rica or Honduras when I retire. To decide I have been doing some research and reading their laws. I noticed that in neither of these countries I will be able to work unless I perform a job or service that no natural citizen there can perform. Why do other country’s government protect their citizens and in the U.S. our government are sold out whores. Pimping themselves to corrupt American corporations seeking slave labor. Cutting huge tax deals for mega wealth and squeezing the workers out of the middle class. Also after reading their laws and doing some calculations my wife and I will be able to purchase National Health Care there for around $138.00 a month. That is based on a fairly comfortable retirement sum. That is 100% Health Care and Prescriptions. Now here in the U.S. with what is considered good Insurance I pay more co-pay and prescription difference than the 138.00 in Honduras or Costa Rica. Don’t be lied to folks these are great hospitals and Doctors and the same meds you get here. As a matter of fact both country’s have longer life spans than the U.S. and are ranked higher in health care and yes U.S. citizens do vacation there for medical procedures, dental work etc. because the full cost there is cheaper than their copays here.

  44. adrianvance says

    And guess who wants to let millions more come in? Give you a hint, his name begins with an “O.”

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  45. dhwilson58 says

    Hey obullshit is responsible for them Son’s aBitches being here in hordes but every employer that hired them is to blame! I will spell it out; hire them- they will stay- no work, they will leave! If they start stealing- gun them down !!!

  46. dhwilson58 says

    LEGAL immigrants is another story, Welcome to America, thank you for coming over here the right and legal way, just like tens of thousands before you did !!!

  47. lil-echoes says

    News for who ever wrote that. These illegals aren’t ONLY taking jobs the others wont take.. they are SELLING DOPE… one would be surprised at the cities they have invaded and pushing dope… owning new cars… more than my old clunker…. They move into neighborhoods like roaches who’ve found a food sourse of good eats… People are blind to what they are doing over here. They think the jillion who have crossed our borders are nice people who are here only to take those jobs… News for you.. they are not.. a lot are nice and honest people.. but most have no skills other than pushing dope or getting paid from some scum who is hiring them to bring more illegals into the country.
    One needs to watch Border Wars, Border Guards, or anything pertaining to the Border.. and you will see the evilness of their ways… They trample and trash the ranches they cross.. kill their cattle, and destroy or steal what some ranchers have. People don’t realize the danger that is surrounding us… and especially since Obama opens the gates to let more in here ….. ONLY for future VOTES… Open your eyes, People… before it’s too late… You need to vote for someone who wants to CLOSE our southern border…. not OPEN the gates to it.

    1. jim marcum says

      who could we vote for? Obama has let them all walk right in and paid them out of American safety nets, welfare, wic, housing etc, etc. Bush let them walk right in and gave amnesty to a few million of them, remember he carried the Mexican vote and won the presidency. the ‘billary’ will let them march in same as her hubbie ‘willie monica’. the only candidate for pres that I have heard mention closing the borders was RAND PAUL. so that is who I am voting for.

  48. Dale Langsdorf says

    Not only should immigration be limited for unskilled workers, but for college grads as well. Companies can, and do, hire educated foreign nationals for less than they would pay US college grads. As a result, a college education in the USA no longer means a better future for our youth. Nowadays it just means lots of student loan debt.

  49. Bluto Blutarski says

    America is being destroyed by about 100 people from some billionaires of non US heritage and a little punk boy in the White House. About 10 senators and 3-4 US millionaires all who are pouring money into dems who want power and care little for their countrymen to destroy American as it is now. Kill them tonight. About 2-3 days later things would be back on track.

  50. blackhawk132 says

    Don’t worry . Obama will fix this truth . He will pass a law that all illegals can’t get a job paying more that $3.00 an hour for 50 years . Then maybe he wont have to lie to us anymore ; YEA RIGHT.

  51. Bryant Hill says

    Big Business hired all these immigrants both legal and illegal because companies could make bigger profits off their backs than American workers tied to Big Unions.

    Americans got greedy for more pay and more benefits and big companies finally said; Screw You American Workers—You aren’t worth your salt!

    Besides, these immigrant workers work much harder than many a lazy, big buck American worker with Union Bosses who make big bucks.

    Are you FINALLY understanding how it works American’s.

    YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOWED all these years of thinking you were somehow worth more than you really were…NOW, illegals have your jobs.

  52. jlp5871 says

    You must remember illegals allways vote democRAT allways never fail, Get accross the border and get registered quick by democRATS legal or illegal. LOCK AND LOAD

  53. adrianvance says

    This could, and should, backfire on the Democrats as the most severely affected people by a new flood of illegal immigrants, as this is sure to cause, will impact their jobs when new, younger, cheaper workers arrive.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  54. Bruce True says

    Typical problem we need to stop anchor babies,you either a citzen one parent either naturalized or Native in order to get a job or a legitmate work visa. If not that deport no chucking and jiveing around with it 60 days from the time they are picked up as an illegal for deportation. In order to be a citizen you must have assilmated to our Language which is english.

  55. Libya21 says

    More of your non-news leftists BS. Those natural born Americans you are counting are the children born here of other illegals who came here to get their free deliveries at US border hospitals compliments of the US taxpayer! It is high time that we declare “if you were not born here, or unless you came here legally with a visa, you don’t get a job or a damn red cent!”

  56. Goodforall says

    Get ready-I’m afraid we ain’t seen anything yet! The flood gates will be wide open-they will not control our borders and if you think we are broke now just wait. It’s going to get much worse and unemployment will continue to rise. Plus, the entitlements are going to go through the roof. I guess we now only have one choice to stop this traitor in chief before he completely dismantles our Country.

  57. adrianvance says

    Just wait until the hordes come in through Obama’s borderless border! Then we will have violence in the streets.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  58. adrianvance says

    With 12, or is it 14, scandals going when will we finally convene six Senators to go to Obama and give him the same kind of admonition or order that Richard Nixon got?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  59. Len Guini says

    First off, ALL those non-white, turd world trash illegals are MIGRANTS, not immigrants! IMMIGRANTS come to a land, mold it, shape it, make it a civilization with laws and a system and speak the same language. Migrants are nomadic scabs who migrate to an already established land and use it like a parasite to sponge off the welfare system and live off the host people and remain apart FROM the society instead of becoming part OF it.
    ALL non-white immigrants need to be purged from this country if we are ever to be strong and popular again and the first ones who need to be purges, by force if necessary, are the filthy zionists who control our media and hold political positions of power. Once we get rid of the money backing up the illegals and anti-American scum, we can easily clean up the rest of the sub-human animals like those in Ferguson and LA.

  60. edinflorida says

    Is this the hope and change you Liberals wanted? You didn’t get it from President Obama the first term in office so, what made you think you get it the second time you voted for him and were again deceived?

  61. Mary95 says

    If the govt wasn’t so corrupt, they would enforce the laws Congress has previously passed. That includes our dictator, I mean president.

  62. MILES E DRAKE says

    We are much farther along toward defeat in the Second Mexican War than we had thought, and it is clear that the Reconquista will not be limited to California and the Southwest. The plan is clearly annexation of much of this country if not outright Anschluss with Mexico and submergence into a world government. The native inhabitants of the country will go the way of the Ainu and the Australian aborigines, if not worse, if the invasion plans of this criminal regime are not opposed.

  63. adrianvance says

    OK, now tell us those are jobs Americans would not do!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  64. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    This is what you get for Obama being vote in to our White House Twice.

  65. adrianvance says

    Yes, and thanks to ObamaCare all those jobs will be for 25 hours, but counted as full time jobs so
    Obama can claim unemployment is under 6% when it is 51.4% if you do the math correctly.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  66. half human Kenyan says

    Obama has plans to stay after 2016. He will stay President for life
    He claims Sharia Law forbids him to hand power to an infidel

  67. Bud44 says

    If you think that those of us who are against illegal immigrants are hate mongers, what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand? I guess that our nitwit in chief, who is a “constitutional professor”! seems to tell us that we are a nation of laws only when it suits his purpose. This son of a bitch should be hung for what he has done to this country. If we hung all of the politicians who lie to us, who would be left to run the country?

  68. PLW says

    That is the Obama Administration that is taking such good care of the Legal American Citizens and Tax Payers as he employs His Illegal Immigrant Invaders with jobs in Tennesse with the help of His Liberal Democratic Progressives, Self-Serving Politicians, His Muslim Brotherhood Advisers, and Incompetent Czars….

    It seems Obama and his Liberal Democratics are full of hate regarding the United States of America and the Legal American Citizens, as they dismantle and destroy America’s economy and Freedoms !!!

    What has happened to our country, our American Congress, our judicial system ??? May God Bless and Protect America & the World’s Christians / Infidels !!!!

    Welcome to Obama World where ILLEGAL is LEGAL, LYING, and Unemployment for American Citizens is the New Normal !!!

  69. 1American1st says

    Same thing happened in Kalifornia.

  70. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Immigrants? No problem! ILLEGAL ALIENS? BIG PROBLEM. Of course, Oblame-o won’t enforce “E-VARIFY”

  71. Greg Larson says

    It’s well pass due that “Every Legal Born American Citizen find out who voted for this Mexican Fiasco and run them and their families totally out of the U.S.A. It may be getting time to brake out the guns and ammo

  72. Obie Miller says

    A great many republicans, like myself, voted for the RINOS, only because there was really no other choice, if we wanted to oppose the democRATS.

  73. Conservative says

    Maybe our Education System which has spent more time on political correctness than on actually education our children only the immigrants are capable of doing the jobs. We are below most Countries on the scale of education and today our spoiled kids want ‘safe places’ because they cannot possibly learn when they never learned the basic necessities. It’s just another way to suppress Americans and keep them voting for liberal, Socialist Democrats so they don’t have to work or learn.

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