BIG WIN: California Drops Bogus Charges Against Pro-Life Investigators


Fully under the thumb of the abortion racket known as Planned Parenthood, California prosecutors were compelled to bring charges last year against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the investigators behind the Center for Medical Progress – the pro-life group that exposed some of the organization’s most despicable practices in a series of undercover videos.

While the videos should have led to charges against Planned Parenthood for their illegal scheme to profit off the sale of fetal tissue, liberal Democrats who depend on the company for donations saw things another way. And if they had to make a choice between prosecuting their cash cow and upholding the First Amendment…why, that’s not even  a choice! NOTHING is more important to a California liberal than protecting abortion, and those priorities were made clear when they attempted to put Daleiden and Merritt in prison.

Thankfully, California hasn’t managed to divorce itself completely from the law of the land. A San Francisco Superior Court Judge ruled Wednesday that 14 out of 15 of the criminal charges against the CMP investigators were without merit and were to be dismissed without further delay. The decision was a huge victory for pro-life advocates and a huge blow to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who was doubtlessly hoping to use this case as a launching pad to bigger and better things. The case was personal for Becerra, who has a long history of supporting Planned Parenthood and the expansion of abortion rights. Thankfully, a sad day for Becerra is a very good one for defenders of free speech, to say nothing of those who find Planned Parenthood’s deceptive practices abhorrent.

The judge dismissed the first 14 counts, which prosecutors brought against the pair for each of the undercover interviews they conducted. And while this is a big win for CMP, pro-lifers, and the Constitution, Daleiden and Merritt are not quite out of the woods yet. The judge left on the table a leave to amend, meaning Becerra can come back with revised charges that may or may not be accepted by the court. He also, of course, left the 15th charge – a conspiracy to invade privacy – hanging in the balance. Even so, the lawyers in the case, including Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel, were pleased with the results. In an interview with LifeNews, Staver said it was a proud moment for both his law firm and his clients.

“This is a huge victory to have 14 criminal counts dismissed,” Staver said. “We will now turn our attention to dismissing the final count. Sandra Merritt did nothing wrong. The complaint by the California Attorney General is unprecedented and frankly will threaten every journalist who provides valuable information to the public. This final count will also fall.”

You have to wonder if this prosecution was really even meant to succeed, or if it was merely contrived to take the heat of Planned Parenthood and make it look like their exposers were, in fact, the real criminals. Merely drummed up to serve as a warning to anyone else who might want to show America the truth about this diseased organization: Think twice, because we have very powerful friends. This is the criminal justice system being used as a partisan tool, and we’re glad to see that their scheme is failing.

  1. Joseph Gutowski says

    Justice in California, how refreshing.

    1. mustangsallyann says

      Under the current climate, me thinks some judges are finally beginning to worry about holding onto their jobs as well. Hurray for all of the unborn babies they’ve exploited for money!! When all’s said and done, I hope we see charges filed against these morbid and very sick people.

      1. 2Deep4_U says

        You’re the REAL Sicko.
        You MF are not pro-life you’re simply Anti-abortionist, after the child is born you don’t give a GOOD Goddamn about what happens to them.
        Just a Bunch of Pathological Liars and phonies.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Take your meds. You are coming unthreaded.

          1. 2Deep4_U says

            The truth remain the same regardless of who is willing to voice it..
            The FACTS don’t change.

        2. remuda says

          “…Pro-Life or Anti-abortionist…”? Inseparable…!
          First one is…Spirit…!
          The second is…Mission…!

          Your second ‘premise’…”…don’t give a GOOD (*****) about
          what happens”…? Methinks thou needest a refresher…in…”Sicko”,
          Thou sicko 2Deep4_U…!

          Your address to (“MF”)–and attack on ‘mustangsallyann’…shows your membership in that long standing ‘nether world club’…(PCFF)
          ‘Pro-Choice Free Fornicators’…

          Ergo, this study list may be…’2Deep4_U’

          1. Jonathan Brooks says

            Well said, Remuda, but 2deep may also be a member of the Black Market for Baby part Snacks for satanists. He may have been salivating over those livers and kidneys.

          2. ABO says

            Very well stated, remuda. Unfortunately the abysmal idiot with the matching IQ and shoe size won’t understand a word of it.

          3. 2Deep4_U says

            FU you’re an Ignorant MF.

          4. remuda says

            Ah yes…”more bad words, Daddy…”

            “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff.”
            – Cicero


          5. 2Deep4_U says

            When shit is shit call it Shit.

          6. 2Deep4_U says

            Pro-life and Anti-abortionist is not the same at all, you Dumbass MF.
            Anti-abortionist pretend to care while the baby is unborn, once it’s born they Don’t give a fuck what happens to it.
            Pro-life means you love that child from the Cradle to the Grave no matter who it belongs to.
            You IGNORANT,Racist, Misogynist Asshole……STFU

          7. remuda says

            Pro-Life and Antiabortion is all in the mix (AND NOT RACE), in case you haven’t read the law(s) involved. And apparently you also don’t get the prime issue in the law–bluntly–NOT ON MY FED, STATE, COUNTY OR CITY DIMES &$$…for PPH Cretins…and those who ‘drive’ them. And THAT means my tax money for y’all in Rio Linda, and otherS for which this is ‘2Deep4_U’ to comprehend as you continue your psychotic rants in your native tongue of “EXPLETIVE”.

          8. mustangsallyann says

            If one is old enough for sexual relation’s, they’re old enough to pay for their own birth control or abortion.

          9. 2Deep4_U says

            If one gets sick they should be able to pay for their own hospital bill but what if they can’t pay for it Then What?
            Just let then DIE?
            Stop Talking outta your ASS and use your Fucking brain if you have one….. MORON

          10. 2Deep4_U says

            Grow up Bitch and stop complaining about Bullshit.
            The military waste your tax money.
            Corporate welfare waste your tax money.
            Greedy evil politicians waste your tax money all the fucking time.
            You really are a Ignorant Stupid MF.
            I’d much rather pay for abortion than to feed and take care of a child for 18 years that Nobody wants….
            You are Talking outta your ASS.

          11. berg1928 says

            Such a distinguished post from you. Feel better now?

          12. 2Deep4_U says

            The TRUTH hurts doesn’t it.
            DEAL WITH IT…. MORON
            Yeah, I feel GREAT.

          13. remuda says

            Sounds a bit like ‘Hodgkinson’s’ disease…
            Perhaps more than a bit…

          14. 2Deep4_U says

            So said the DEVIL

          15. 2Deep4_U says

            Sounds like you have DUMBASS MotherFuckers Disease…moron

          16. remuda says

            Hey bro, same Momma…?

          17. berg1928 says

            You so-called pro-lifers don’t get it. Pro-choice means just that: CHOICE.
            It doesn’t mean pro-abortion, it means a woman should make her own decision and you can’t make that decision for her.

          18. remuda says

            Pro-choice means abortion, decided upon by that woman, her doctor (if willing) and their confessors…OK?

          19. berg1928 says

            Pro-choice doesn’t necessarily mean abortion. It also means giving birth. Choice means having the ability to choose between two or more what-evers. Why is pro-choice so hard for you to understand? I understand that you don’t want to pay for an abortion. The world is full of tons of things I don’t want to pay for!

          20. 2Deep4_U says


          21. remuda says

            The expression “Pro-Choice” was invented in 1974 as an escape from the responsibilities of bringing life into the world after promiscuous sex resulting in unwanted pregnancies. It means “ABORTION”…PERIOD.

            “…the word “pro-choice” was not documented until 1974, a year after the Roe v. Wade decision. Proponents of abortion rights gradually adopted the term “pro-choice,”…”



          22. berg1928 says

            Doesn’t matter whine was invented or made popular . . . “pro” means for and “choice” means just that. And quite often, pregnancy is the result of married couples having intercourse and their choice of contraception failed – and that is not promiscuous sex.
            And there is nothing happy, cheerful or gleeful about the word “gay” – another manufactured word that used to have another meaning altogether.

          23. 2Deep4_U says

            Oh stop BITCHING you ain’t paying for a DAMN thing.
            If my tax money can be used to pay for Racist Misogynist Crooked Cops to Murder Unarmed Black people and get away with it.
            Your taxes can be used to pay for an abortion if it’s needed and the mother can’t afford it

          24. DAlnB41 says

            The days when we had the right to make our own decisions has passed. America is no longer the America we once knew; it became totally obvious when we were told we no longer had an option on what doctor we would use or buying health insurance other than give up our jobs, move into cardboard houses and let the government pay for our insurance for us by forcing everyone else who is willing and working for a living to help pay for those who decide it is better to let the Pelosis’ and Schumers’ tell us what we think and what we will and will not do!

          25. 2Deep4_U says

            HALLELUJAH, finally someone with brains..

          26. remuda says

            full of mush…

          27. 2Deep4_U says

            That’s better than being Full of Shit Like Your Dumbass

          28. mustangsallyann says

            Dang, I’ve got the idjiot blocked but just noticed by your post that he must be ranting at me. LOL While it may be a good laugh, unblocking to read it just isn’t worth the hassle. I wonder how he feels about talking to a wall since that’s just what he’s doing, I haven’t a clue what he’s posting these days. Do yourself a favor and block him just as 100s of the rest of us have. LOL In any case, thanks for your support of those that think killing babies is evil and should be a crime, unless there’s an emergency that necessitates the procedure. And you’re correct. Grasping facts or the use of any common sense is as you said, 2Deep4_him.

          29. 2Deep4_U says

            You can’t block me Asshole, I AM GOD.
            Just 2 Goddamn Deep For your Ignorance.

          30. billdeserthills says

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          31. 2Deep4_U says

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          32. 2Deep4_U says

            Talking to your Dumbass is no different than talking to a Damn Wall……. MORON

          33. 2Deep4_U says

            You think???? Who gives a damn what you think? I God damn sure don’t.

          34. remuda says

            ” It still might be true that those with greater verbal fluency, even though they also have greater taboo fluency, swear less because they have the lexical database required to actually express themselves in other ways.”

            Here’s a little light reading for you, ‘bro’…


          35. 2Deep4_U says


          36. remuda says

            C’Mon, sweetbabes, you can do better than that..
            “You’ve lost that luvin’ feelin’…wo…wooo…”

          37. 2Deep4_U says

            FU and your Worthless Ass momma…
            Is that better?…. MORON

        3. mac12sam12 says

          So kill the baby so we don’t have to worry about it later?

          1. ABO says

            That pretty much sums up the liberal clown’s intellectual capacitymac12sam12.

          2. 2Deep4_U says

            I don’t answer questions I ask them.
            I’m GOD, remember?

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Apparently no one else thinks you’re God because you don’t have one up vote which tells me everybody thinks that you’re a jerk.

          4. 2Deep4_U says

            Who gives a good Goddamn what a bunch of Racist, Misogynist, Ignorant ASS Holes think?
            Certainly not GOD…..LOL

          5. mac12sam12 says

            You are the typical hive mentality lib bot. Have any thoughts of you own? It’s also your party who started the KKK and came up with the Jim Crow laws, retard. Can’t change history!

          6. 2Deep4_U says

            That’s a bunch of Shit and you know it, because the Republicans today are the Democrats of Yesterday
            History may not change but people DAMN show change.
            That is the Very Confusing Face of white Supremacy , that’s why it’s always necessary to know and Understand white Supremacy because if you don’t it doesn’t matter what else you think you Understand it will only confuse YOU….. DUMBASS

          7. mrpoohead says

            No, Trump’s pre-election rhetoric was basically the same as Hitler’s.

          8. remuda says

            So…that’s your new name…?!
            But y’spelled it backwards, as usual…dyslexic dodo…
            This time, flush, drop the lid and turn out the light…

          9. 2Deep4_U says

            Your momma didn’t have much brains did she?

          10. remuda says

            Ah yes…”more bad words, Daddy…”
            “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff.”
            – Cicero


          11. 2Deep4_U says

            You And Cicero are Full of Shit

          12. 2Deep4_U says

            So just let them be born to people who don’t want them, then fuck them after that?
            Just let them suffer?

          13. mac12sam12 says

            Too bad they didn’t abort you. You’re an angry old man.

          14. 2Deep4_U says

            I was never born I have always been here.
            I’m GOD remember?

          15. mrpoohead says

            An’ you! Wait you look like an abortion.

          16. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Hey – wtf – it’s one libtard vote we won’t have to contend with.

          17. 2Deep4_U says

            I don’t answer Questions I ask them, I especially don’t answer STUPID questions like yours.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            People that only ask the questions are also the ones who know the least. You must be a liberal and being a liberal means that any opposing views are called hate speech. At least you snowflakes have your safe spaces!

          19. 2Deep4_U says

            FU, We just have a Low tolerance for PURE Conservative Bullshit.

          20. mrpoohead says

            People who ask the questions want to know more or are trying to bring it out into the public sphere.

            So, why are you devoid of facts? No schooling? Why are you so ignorant, the world is an interesting place, not scary. Why is your head so shiny? Why do you only offer up hyperbole and BS – why never any facts? Why do you never get anything right? Why is that boy wearing a dress that looks like it went out of fashion in the 50’s? All these and so many more – please include reference sin future, I have got to the stage were I believe nothing you say and thankfully can disprove most of it without even looking things up.

            Are you going for the Bruce Willis hair look or camp George Michael?

        4. Jonathan Brooks says

          2Deep, since you are a partisan douche, you may not care, but the information exposed is NOT that Planned parenthood is doing abortions, but they are selling the parts to make big money, which is a crime. Furthermore, they were keeping babies alive after the abortion, so they could keep the parts as fresh as possible, which is infanticide. This was what was exposed. babies harvested, and parted out like chickens or Buicks. If you dig this, you are sick in your head.

          1. 2Deep4_U says

            You’re talking outta your ASS.
            You gotta be a republican no body else could be that Stupid.

          2. berg1928 says

            not true

          3. Mary Brumley says

            If it is “not true,” then present us with your “truth.”

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            true Moron

          5. 2Deep4_U says

            Lying MF

          6. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            true liberal pos!

        5. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

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          1. berg1928 says

            Are you still here with your foul and vulgar posts? Try writing without your usual illiterate rants sometime.

          2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          3. berg1928 says

            Go back to your crib and suck your thumb.

          4. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          5. remuda says

            Okee Dokee, Hokee Pokee…
            Try this…as y’all ‘does’…

          6. mustangsallyann says

            Believe or not, Bill Maher just told his liberal peer’s off and called them a bunch of babies among other things. Google it, you’ll get a kick.

        6. Mare says

          OMG are you serious? God, take a pill and check yourself into an insane asylum

          1. 2Deep4_U says

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          2. mac12sam12 says

            Old guy, do they know you’re in the computer room?

          1. 2Deep4_U says

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          2. 2Deep4_U says

            Lying MF

      2. kassa1 says

        You got to remember the federal judges are placed in office, not elected and 70% of them are Marxist leftist Democrats. Which means they make laws instead of uphold laws. These are the judges in the end will create a Civil War in this country, by their activism.

        1. mustangsallyann says

          Trump’s been doing all he can to ensure replacements are conservative and that seems to be sinking into their very think brains now. They can be removed from office for illegal behavior such as creating laws that blatantly violate the constitution. They either learn that laws aren’t for the purpose of pleasing a few, that the constitution is to protect the religious right’s of citizen’s and that catering to a select few generally leads to discrimination and the violation of the rights of the majority. Obama did more than a few things that violated our constitution and it appears (hopefully so) that Trump feels that’s no longer acceptable, and it isn’t. As much as they’ve tried to sabotage him, they should be afraid as that little game goes both ways and as we’re now seeing with Hillary, it seems Trump is finally fed up. Whether appointed or voted in, most Dems in office should be very worried now. Finally dropping these bogus charges speaks volumes, for this judge at least.

          1. kassa1 says

            The problem lies in is they don’t fear they keep doubling down and doubling down as if they were winning.

          2. mustangsallyann says

            That’s what got my attention. They just eased up on the travel ban issue as well and both are just to quick for me to trust. They’re not trying to be civil, they don’t suddenly have the warm fuzzies for Trump, but there’s some reason. It might be wishful thinking but I’m hoping they’re finally scared. WHICH, of course, would only happen for another dirty little reason. LOL In any case, if Trump has to turn tables and go after Hillary to make it stop, you do what you’ve got to do. She’s making it hard for herself. All of this nonsense is wasting our money and time and it’s time to get ‘er done!!

          3. kassa1 says

            Trump needs to quit messing around with these people he needs to go after Obama, Lynch, holder, rice and Hillary. I would turn the tables on them because I hold the reins of power and they want to keep screwing with me at bear down on him and you wind up getting rid of 95% of the Democrat party want you brought all the dirty laundry out!

          4. mustangsallyann says

            I admire Trump’s patience which I believe will only make it worse for Dem’s before all’s said and done. He had no intentions of going after Hillary but has now changed his mind and that’s just what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you. Whoever goes down, and I believe we’ll see some, they brought it on themselves with their arrogance. People mistake kindness for stupidity which is usually their downfall. I think they’re so full of themselves they believed nothing would happen. I’ve no doubt they’re about to find that Trump isn’t stupid, he was trying to be kind. It’s their own danged fault they climbed on that plank when they didn’t have to. Some people are just really hard learner’s.

          5. kassa1 says

            No the thing is they expected the one world order money to take care of them as they have for promoting their agenda, also they had their help of the whores that are owned by the one world order called the media. So these people have plenty a help keeping them out of prison as it takes lots of big money to shut people up and look the other way , And if they don’t there’s always accidents there’s always robberies they go bad there’s always people commit suicide and there’s also been induced architects, so you see, I really doubt if anyone goes to jail!

          6. mustangsallyann says

            My unwavering faith is with God. There’s already been a lot accomplished that many thought would be impossible to turn around, when God obviously stepped in to help His obedient children out. Trump’s EO protecting the religious right’s of people and businesses in the very beginning was just one of them and it was a top priority just as soon as he moved into the WH, that’s God. Ending the forced LBGT indoctrination of our children in schools, again God. Ending the federal funding to PP, God. Illegal’s now fearing the consequences of jumping fences and swimming through ditches to enter our country now, once again, God. And we’re just getting started with those several things. While I don’t think Trump is the most religious person out there, I do believe God chose him for a particular job. I also know that the more we bring Him back into this country, the more of the protections we once had will be returned to us again. He’s just been patiently waiting for us to welcome Him back. While I’m certain that those who continue to spit in His face will continue to have a rough time, I’m just as certain that His obedient children are about to see huge changes for them. With so many ungodly people running this country now, I wholeheartedly believe we’ll see someone end up in prison before all this nonsense is over. We were all given free will so will all deal with the consequences of our choices, good or bad. With the zeal God has already shown in putting things back together for His children, you can be sure this is only the beginning of all we’ll see when He is done. God can and will do, what none of us can.

          7. kassa1 says

            Let’s put it this way Trump has more respect for God in the last Muslim that was in there. I believe God has acted in this whole process and he continues to act every time the left it’s another defeat. In the very end the left will be defeated as evil , As in the end evil never outweighs good ever.

          8. mustangsallyann says

            I knew I saw a big difference in him. I just learned he became a born again Christian about a year ago. God bless and protect him on his wonderful new journey. And God bless and protect his family as well. :o)

          9. DAlnB41 says

            110% with you.
            I can not agree with his all to frequent off the wall comments about other people but of all we had to pick from representing both parties, he was the only one I felt comfortable in marking my ballots for.
            I had an interest in Sanders as an option if any of the others on the GOP ticket beat Trump out. Sanders though was too much like Hillary in his promises to everyone for “free to all – let the government pay for it” campaigning.
            The media supporting the Democrats wants to give the impression our national problems are the results of Trump; our national problems were with us before Trump filed for the Presidency; he did not create these problems, he did not bring the problems to the White House – he inherited them from the past 12 years of failed leadership and personal agendas in the White House and a congress that was content to just set back and let things happened as it did.
            The Obama mindset of “do nothing and the problems will go away” created a mess that will take us another 50 years to fix.
            Today, the democrats want to make a lot of noise but have yet to offer any help, any suggestions, any hand in clearing up the mess! Democratic leaders are selling their party down the creek; they are making fools out of themselves and ruining the Democratic party.
            The more they snivel, point fingers and blame others, the better the wins the Trump White House seems.
            We can not expect Trump to win everything he tries no better than we expected or got from any other president. With the flack he has taken from the democratic leaders, the democratic backed media, and some of the GOP members, it is truly Amazing that he has been able to get the success he has. By this time Obama had thrown in the towel and just walked around smiling, making speeches, golfing, hoping someone would follow his comments, golfing, White House parties, fraternizing with Hollywood, pointing fingers and blaming others for our problems, more golfing – and, as we are finding out more and more everyday – – hiding essential facts from the American people.

          10. mustangsallyann says

            I get so irritated with all of the complaining about Trump’s accomplishments, or lack of, so far. He’s done more in his first 4 months than any other pres. I can remember and he doesn’t have the option of twinkling his nose. People complain about everything, good or bad. I wasn’t his biggest fan but Hillary would’ve finished the job of destroying us. The more they attack him now, the more I wonder why they’re as frightened as they are. If they have to be such bullies, they have to be hiding something a lot bigger than we can imagine. He gets more and more of my support every time they attack and hinder his attempts at fixing anything. He also won big points with me for his EO protecting our religious freedoms almost immediately. O had no right to encourage religious persecution of Christians, something we were guaranteed in the constitution. O didn’t care about the constitution or laws, his goal of our becoming a muslim nation was his agenda and he was heck bent of making it so. I thank God for pulling the plug on that one. He made certain to stop that agenda for at least 4 more years and hopefully 8. Although I do believe it’s going to be much longer than 8 years before we allow the Dem party to become our leaders again.

          11. Kol says

            Anti-Muslim bigotry?!? Wow! Thats’ certainly very “Christian” of you!!

            Obama was NOT Muslim; he merely had one parent who was. And he made no goal of making America a Muslim nation. Why do you LIE about that???

            What Does the Bible Say About Bigotry? –


            Luke 6:20-8:3 ESV / 16 helpful votes. Helpful Not Helpful. And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the …

            What does the Bible say about racism, prejudice, and discrimination?


            Is there any Biblical basis for judging a person base

          12. Kol says

            You Are Literally Too Stupid To Insult – YouTube
            ▶ 0:04
            May 30, 2015 – Uploaded by Just 10 Secs Vid
            Edited from the video source (Watch it for full version) : EPIC MOVIE INSULTS ..

          13. Kol says

            You “enjoy speaking with loving and kind people”??? As an anti-Muslim bigot what is “loving and kind” about YOU??? That’s rather two-faced for a supposed-to-be “Christian,” wouldn’t you say?!?

          14. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You enjoy being a racist Liberal B*! You low life liberal thug ghett O

            two faced Atheist racist pig! Double minded liberal pos!!!!!!!!!!!!


          15. Kol says

            You enjoy being a SNOT-nose dumbass annoying people in public forums. Typical right wing extremist bitch or bastard.

            You Are Literally Too Stupid To Insult – YouTube

            ▶ 0:04


            May 30, 2015 – Uploaded by Just 10 Secs Vid

            Edited from the video source (Watch it for full version) : EPIC MOVIE INSULTS ..

          16. billdeserthills says

            We need to get rid of George Soros–He is the bastard who spent a billion trying to get hillary elected & he is the reason why muslims are being sent to every civilized country

          17. kassa1 says

            You on top he is the tip of the iceberg it’s the part of the iceberg that you don’t see is what you need to worry about.

          18. billdeserthills says

            I quite disagree–Cut the head off the snake and snake is dead
            His cronies don’t work for free–Easier to off one big POS than
            a million little pos’

          19. kassa1 says

            You see Soros is not the head of the snake is you never see the head of the snake, he is like the Wizard of Oz you seen the great no powerful Oz but you never seen the water behind the screen.

          20. billdeserthills says

            He’s close enough for a town this size, it’ll let the rest of the evil know we’re looking for it–Then the gov’t can seize his assets, they’ll help balance our budget

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      As well as highly unusual.

    3. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      Don’t expect justice in California to continue.

      I have lived here for 76 years and I know what will happen next time around.

      The liberal baby killers in this state will find a way to continue their murders with or without undercover exposures as Center for Medical Progress did.

      President Trump needs to give my home state government an enema, cold and high.

      1. bendecido says

        I understand that coffee enemas are the best. Just saying . lol

        1. Mary Brumley says

          I think it would be excellent to use coffee enemas! Then the Liberals can drink the coffee that comes out after cleaning them. It would be a win-win situation.

      2. berg1928 says

        I have lived in California for 88 years and I disagree with your statement. My home state does not need an enema, thank you very much.

        1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

          I did not say the state needs and enema, I said our state government needs an enema. Big difference.

          1. remuda says

            Sorta think an enema is the right thing for much of the ‘freebee’ population…or maybe it’s already happening…

        2. remuda says

          88? I’m impressed. Only been here since ’62 when it was the “Golden State” that we all ‘saluted’. Now…it ain’t coffee…
          it’s Kool-Aid…

        3. 2Deep4_U says

          I love California…….

      3. DAlnB41 says

        I lived there for 8 years and found it to be the poorest managed state I have ever been assigned in or lived in.
        Every year I would get a letter from Sacramento telling me I was $1000.00 short on my California Income Tax. I worked for the federal government and ALL my taxes were automatically taken out of my pay. Sacramento though would argue and threaten me in spite of my sending them the pay slips showing the reductions. Facing threats from the state I would end up paying and the next year I would go through the exact situation again. The only difference, in spite of pay raises and promotions, was the date on the letters; the accusations and demands were the same; always $1000.00. When I gave up and threw in the towel and moved out of California I got a notice that my property in Sacramento had filed a lean against my California property due to failure to pay back taxes. I then had to fight them again – I ended up ignoring them after a while and I never heard another ting form them. I suppose if I ever go there I will be jailed like the boy in North Korea – that’s okay; I have no desire to ever be in California again!
        – – – – California government is all screwed up! Money hungry, power hungry, and most criminally aligned government in the country!

  2. Skippy says

    This is good news out of California for a change. The major news networks have done undercover video of companies that they thought was doing something wrong. That’s why these charges are so wrong.

  3. Front Sight says

    Conspiracy is a tacked on charge indicating a conspiracy to commit a crime; however, the charges (which were the alleged crimes), were dismissed. They should have been dismissed “with prejudice;” however, this IS the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornia. At least, it was a temporary victory. I hope it’s not hollow.

    1. Vince says

      Soo correct

      1. 2Deep4_U says

        STFU and stop spreading Ignorance and Stupidity.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          We leave that up to the lunatic fringe that comprises the democRAT-ICK voter base.

        2. Vince says

          Hay deep shit f-u

          1. 2Deep4_U says

            I told you to Shut Up, ASS Hole

    2. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

      Califruits’n’nuts is an insane asylum with statehood.

      1. 2Deep4_U says

        And you’re the King NUT.

        1. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

          The only thing that’s deep about you is the depth of your stupidity.

          1. 2Deep4_U says

            Just 2Deep4_U MF.

      2. kassa1 says

        You were absolutely right sir I’ve been waiting for God to put California in the ocean for a long time, is nothing but a sodam and Gomorrah!

  4. gotabgood says

    What about the lives of our disabled???
    Test your heart….

    1. ABO says

      Great little tantrum, dimwit. Now try real hard to say something intelligent for a change.

      1. gotabgood says

        If you watched the video and you come back with that remark….. you are clueless, heartless and soulless….. don’t pack a coat.. you won’t need it where you are going.

          1. gotabgood says

            Yes it was!!

          2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Sorry Crooked Hillary lost and so did your common sense Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!

            TRUMP WON & Crooke lying Hillary still claims shes a victimn lol

          3. gotabgood says

            Never truer words were spoken..
            The rightwing CAN’T win without cheating, lying, gerrymandering, voter restricting, turning to alternative facts and getting outside help from another country.
            You are king of LIARS.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Voter fraud helps the democrats not the republicans.

          5. gotabgood says

            Is that the reason for “True the Vote” and ALEC And a whole bunch of gerrymandering trips to the courts and MANY was told NO!
            And I said nothing about voter fraud, personal voter fraud is almost non-existent..

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Illegals vote in sanctuary cities, who do you think they’d vote for? Not a republican. That’s about 5 million fraudulent votes. When then old hag demanded a recount, all the fraudulent votes benefitted her. We have a new administration now.

          7. DAlnB41 says

            Sanctuary cities will also give sanction to terrorists if they know harboring them will bring a few more dollars into their communities.

          8. mrpoohead says

            Any proof? No, why – despite investigation election fraud minuscule. Funny as!

          9. DAlnB41 says

            Hillary set the mindset of a lot of young people and a lot of women voters; we will be burdened for years and years
            with the results of the “promises” she made to them when she ran for president. For those who recall her promises when she ran for U.S Senate in New York you will recall similar promises she made to us; promises made but NEVER CARRIED OUT! That is one of the main reasons why she never got my vote; lies, promises, promise anything to get another vote. Promises that reflects her lack of responsibility, honesty, integrity and weak integrity.
            For those who were looking for a free life style, free education, free housing, free meals, almost free medical coverage – lust let good old Uncle Same take care of us attitudes; that is what Hillary was promising! She knew well there was no way these things could ever be without some way of obtaining huge increases in taxes and fees so the government can pay for it.
            It worked to get her a lot of votes but the votes that really counted were the ones from people who were better informed, knew Hillary’s shortfalls and failures and her constant lies and blaming of others for her failures. It was those voters who made the deference in the end.

          10. ABO says

            If you actually believe that then you are even more delusional than I had originally thought.

          11. gotabgood says

            All it takes is one rock to get a hornets nest all riled up…. in this case Russia sent many rocks far a wide to 29 or 33 states… I imagine 4 or 5 of those are swing states.. the rest right down into the thick of things in Trumps base…… you know… the deplorables….


          12. ABO says

            Go back to your rubber room you pathetic moron.

          13. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          14. mustangsallyann says

            If Russia did anything it was to release info on Hillary that should’ve been known all along. They didn’t interfere with the actual #’s in any way. I know you posted this two days ago but if you’re staying current, you’ll see several of Obama’s minions have now admitted it started with O, he knew about it all along and did absolutely nothing, all of this before Trump was ever involved. Hillary is her own worst enemy and started chaos while having extremely dirty hand’s of her own. It will now backfire. Instead of going home to relax after her loss, she’s now put many in the Dem party at risk and guaranteed, some will now go to prison. Just an FYI so you don’t think I was biased. I’m an independent conservative that didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump. I refuse to vote for the lessor of two evils, which is how I felt at that time. But after he won and they became such violent bullies, I knew there’d be a reason and now it’s being discovered. It’s true, the one that yells the loudest, is usually the guiltiest. I didn’t like O, didn’t vote for him one time, but when he won it was only right to respect the outcome. Dems yelled so loudly because of fear of discovery. Bush graciously led O, then went home and shut his mouth. The fact that O, Hillary and cronies can’t do the same is very telling in itself.

          15. gotabgood says

            Investigations are just starting… the crime runs so deep, the AG had to rescue himself, people have been fired, the lawyers are having to get lawyers


          16. mac12sam12 says

            Can you say Al Capone’s safe? If there’s anything there I’ll let you eat my underwear.

          17. gotabgood says

            and you fillum you eatum..

          18. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          19. berg1928 says

            Real America is composed of many political and religious beliefs. Sorry to disabuse you of your mind set that yours is the only way.

          20. berg1928 says

            Same old, same old from AST.

          21. mac12sam12 says

            Explain how.

          22. DAlnB41 says

            The campaign stages were crowded as GOP candidates took their places and made their sales pitch to voters last year.
            Among those on the stages were several who were currently serving in political positions and some who had in the past been in congress or served as state governors. What ever their current or past status though they had in some way been involved in creating the current status of our nation. A status that we should have never been subjected to.
            Millions and millions of Americans out of work while millions and millions of illegal aliens were being hired. Obama’s labor department stated that 3 out of 4 jobs in America was gong to immigrants. Riots and murder on our streets, schools and playgrounds were occurring at an alarming rate. Equality for the numerous races in the United States had reached a low after efforts in the past forty years had stabilized it; suddenly there was no respect for anyone, no respect for our government, no respect for our judicial system; the American dream was no longer – America had dropped a long ways.
            We are now seeing a turn around in SOME of the problems but everyday on TV we can see increased efforts to create MORE hate, discontent, fear and confusion throughout the country.
            Those who have been in government in that past 12 – 20 years and now were working to win our support have BEEN A PART OF THE PROBLEM! They were in positions to stop the creation of most of our problems today. Giving them an opportunity then to step up and into the White House would have been absurd; they have had the opportunity to fix or help fix our problems but they did nothing when they were in a position to influence or help in keeping America great!
            Our problems were well known before Trump announced his intentions to run for the White House. He did not create these problems and he did not bring the problems into our government; he inherited them from Obama.
            Most of us in the past would accept the outcome of the elections and put our support behind the winner of the elections. We saw it as an obligation to support our elected representatives when we could and to voice our opposition when we could not. Not thru violence and hate, not thru obstructionism, not by refusing to DO SOMETING, certainly not by creating greater problems.
            We elect and send representatives to Washington to attend to our nations business and the best interest of the American people.
            That though is no longer happening.
            We do not see elected representatives working together to debate and work out mutually accepted results. We are not seeing representatives earn their wages; they instead are quick to stand around and point fingers blaming others for our problems BUT NOT doing a thing to help fix them.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          I watched the video. They were being loud in a government building and should have been removed.

          1. ABO says

            What would you expect from gotabstupid and Time Magazine, mac12sam12?

          2. gotabgood says

            If you were handicapped and no way to make a decent living, let alone pay for decent healthcare, your means of transportation was a wheelchair… they threaten to take your livelihood away… what would you do? Pout?

          3. mac12sam12 says

            It’s a farce set up by the democrats, no one there lost their healthcare.

        2. ABO says

          I watched the video, moron. I am disabled myself having suffered a major stroke in 2010 and l was given the most incredible run around by the liberal elite here in my home state of Vermont, including The Great Bernie Sanders who referred me to the “Vermont Council on Aging” where I was informed that as they had not been contacted by The Senator they could not provide any advice or assistance. At least with the Republicans you know where you stand, the liberals just lie, twist and spin, so don’t give me any of your liberal BS you pathetic moron. Go spread your political manure somewhere else, like HuffPo where there are plenty of brain dead idiots like you that will buy every sick, twisted word of it!

          1. gotabgood says

            First I want to say I am sorry for your disability, second, I hope you don’t think this AHCA is going to help you.
            Every body has a story… few tell the truth as it happened. Some exaggerate to high heaven. Some lie about everything except that something happened to them.
            From one of your own..

          2. ABO says

            Well I want to say that I’m sorry for YOUR disability as well particularly as mental disorders are so difficult to deal with and Obamacare will likely no cover your rubber room. What a pathetic, two faced sniveling sleaze you are. I honestly cannot imagine how you manage to live with yourself. You and your Lefty slimeball buddies disgust me.

          3. gotabgood says

            I was trying to show you a little decency…. but you are like a rabid animal.. you need to be taken to a veterinarian to be quieted like the rest of the suffering animals.

          4. mustangsallyann says

            I hate to tell you but ACA wouldn’t have helped him either. Anyone with a serious illness was doomed under ACA as well. I’m a cancer patient and we’d lost our ins. because of ACA at the time of my dx, so had no choice but to look into it. Thank the Lord I had another alternative since one important clause under ACA was one med for one illness. Just one of my med’s was $17,000.00 a week and that didn’t count chemo, radiation, surgeries, etc., etc. Without the VA, I’d already be gone. I’m sure ABO would’ve had the same problem. I’ve already had over $1,000,000.00 in care and it won’t be done anytime soon. With ACA we’d have nothing and would be residing under a bridge now. With the VA, we haven’t had to sell our oldest son and still have our home and belongings. God blessed our family and in doing so, enabled us to bless others, which is just what we do with all we’ve saved. I’ll go to Him for assistance, the government cares more about what’s in their pockets, than they do the population that puts them there.

          5. gotabgood says

            I do not like arguing/debating with women. I do not like arguing/debating people that are sick or disabled and especially people with cancer. Cancer came to my home also, 3 times, not to me, yet.
            But I know what we had BEFORE ObamaCare was a helluvalot worse that ObamaCare. You talk about getting insurance, it was IMPOSSIBLE with preexisting conditions, my ex-wife was diabetic. and if you cost too much, they would kick you off the plan. plus they could raise the rate at anytime, of co-pay, deductibles and premiums.
            Now for the people that write in about how their premiums have gone sky high, their deductibles through the roof, or like you can’t get coverage… I just find it hard to believe that… unless you make over $250,000 a year..
            Here are some charts…


          6. mustangsallyann says

            I don’t mind talking with anyone as long as respect is shown. Those that love taking dives to cause trouble, I block. As long as we’re cool on that, it doesn’t matter that I’m a female with cancer, or that you’re liberal and I’m a conservative. :o) In fact, I wish everyone would just stop, realize it’s getting us nowhere and get down to the business of something productive.

            For me, it was pre-existing since we’d lost our ins. before my dx and the premiums, deductibles, etc. under ACA would’ve destroyed us. With my care closing on 2 million now and ongoing, even at $250,000. a year, you’re still in dire straits. Don’t forget that word ‘ongoing’. You still need to have a home and necessities. Did you grasp that one $17,000.00 a week for 52 weeks all by itself? That was for one trial drug no one but the VA would pay for. Although we now have private ins. I stay with them and let them bill our ins. co. I’ve seen proof of where I get the best treatment and have no desire to trust any of the thieves and liars that are my other option. So yes, it may have helped healthier people but it didn’t help with the most serious illnesses and that’s my point. I’ll tell you a little story. I’m in my 50s and my baby sister was 38, we were both dx’d with cancer within months of each other. She had to use ACA while I didn’t. Since she couldn’t afford a platinum policy, she had to take what she could afford. On April 18, 2017, we lost my younger sis and I’d even been dx’d with a second cancer while she hadn’t. As bad as they say the VA is, why am I here and why is she now gone? I got trial drugs that she was refused. Shouldn’t that have been the opposite? You’ll never see me promoting that mess. I don’t ever want anyone to go through the pain it brought us.

            I agree, they needed to straighten out the ins. co.’s, they pull some pretty dirty stuff. They make enough money to handle pre-existing just for a start. But ACA isn’t sustainable and people have died because of it while still going bankrupt. Wasn’t that just one more of the goals with ACA? People get affordable ins. so they wouldn’t end up losing all they’d worked for and living in cars, etc. Now that wouldn’t have happened with me but it’s sure happened to a lot of people using ACA. The VA is now treating more people than ever in history because it’s not affordable for many people and if there wasn’t that option, the rest of you would have an even bigger mess, and your costs would be even higher. With all of the horror stories about the VA, they’ve prolonged my life and our horror’s came from ACA. So yes, there’s a lot to fix but ACA isn’t the good answer, especially for those with life threatening condition’s.

            Please forgive me but I can’t continue with this now. It’s still way too raw and way too hard. I’m happy that it helped some but from personal experience, it destroyed others. What’s needed is something equitable for everyone and not the select few that suffer with the flu or a cold. You say you have cancer in your own family. I pray it doesn’t visit you again and you never have to learn just how flawed it is. Better yet, I pray they come up with a fix that helps everyone. I also apologize if my post is flustered, it’s hard for me to stay clear and focused under the circumstances. I’m confident that you understand. May peace and good health be with you always.

          7. gotabgood says

            I did not ignore your post… I wanted to wait until in the right frame of mind to respond. It is hard to go from someone calling you every name in the book, some sub-human form of life to someone that is serious.

            I too agree we should spend our energy from fighting each other to fighting what is going on in our political realm. it is bought and paid for, or I should say. being bought.

            I have been taken care of by the VA, in fact the very same hospital that made national news as being the worse. Phoenix, AZ. I went there and never had a bit of problem. and it seems you are satisfied with the VA also.
            Right now I am not covered by anyone or any plan, including VA. The VA where I am living only takes care of the service related issues. So I have no insurance. AGAIN…. last time I was without insurance, I ended up in a bankruptcy court.

            I have never been on ACA. I have read mostly good reports about the system. When it first came out, they had been working on it for 11 months. What I understand is they wanted something close to single payer (Medicare), or similar. But the GOP wanted nothing of that. There was a total of 210 amendments, with 161 being accepted. What that means is we got a watered down version of what we wanted. Quite unlike AHCA, where they have had 8 years to work on a plan , but tried to ram rod something through in just 100 days, with no amendments.

            ACA, was the best thing we have ever had…. it was a set of rules that insurance companies had to go by and if they could meet those rules… well, that is how most lost their insurance and doctors, because they had junk insurance to begin with.

            I am sorry for your loss and your sickness. I do know what you are going through… My mother had breast cancer, which goes throughout the body. It ended up in some organs and her bones. Her bones were perforated, she rolled over one night and broke her arm. She was in prolonged agony. It was hard to watch her. Two years of bed ridden and died in a hospital, but even then, she was a fighter, they cut her oxygen off…it was a nightmare to watch her gasp for air..
            My Father and Grandfather both had prostate cancer, nether of them suffered like my mother, but both went through hell.

            Our health insurance is full of scammers… I hate them for what they do to the people… I hate them for filling their pockets with money while people are dying.
            I hate this administration for what they are trying to do to the healthcare system… instead of trying to make ACA better and repair what is wrong.. it has been around for 7 years, they should know the weak points and the strong points…. so much easier than scrapping the whole thing to start over again.. and for the most part it is a tax break for the rich. I even have Tucker stating as much to Paul Ryan…. Ryan just shrugged his shoulders.
            Sorry didn’t mean to get political.

            I have lived in China and the Philippines. Philippines is a poor country and cannot do much on its own. China, however is doing plenty, they are building the country anew. And with modern buildings and airports. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Our education is falling apart, we cut things that are needed… Our country needs the people to pull together to stop the raping of our resources… stop fighting each other to look around and see what is happening… what we are let happen…. we don’t even care if Russian hack into our system… that was an attack on USA.. and we say, oh well.
            Sorry for being long winded…. Our country needs us to fight for our country and not each other.

          8. mustangsallyann says

            I know you didn’t ignore my post and were trying to be compassionate. I’ve read your posts and know you’re not a mean and awful person, we all get overwhelmed and angry at some point or another. I’m dealing with one of my own and am so happy it’s a rarity. :o)

            I’m so sorry you’ve dealt with the same issues in your family. I guess you figured out my sis still isn’t easy for me to talk about yet. Seeing what you’ve dealt with in your family breaks my heart that much more. So today I’ll cry for the loss we’ve both dealt with and tomorrow I’ll get it together so I can address the rest of your post. I just don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you either. It made my heart ache for you also and I hope there’ll come a day when we all remember we’re not dealing with computer screens, we’re dealing with people behind them.

            God bless you my friend. I’ll speak with you again later. :o)

          9. Kol says

            You sure do come across very two-faced depending on whom you are talking to. LOL! Talk about hypocrisy — GEESH!

          10. mustangsallyann says

            Two-faced my behind. I don’t like you and you don’t deserve my respect or compassion. Grow up, you get what you give. If you want to be respected or treated with compassion, you need to learn to do the same. You attacked me, not the other way around. I get along with 99% of the people here and if that’s not the case with you, that’s your problem not mine. I told you I’ve had plenty of positive communications with other liberals and now you saw it’s true. That’s because you’re an arse and they aren’t. What would be two faced is my treating you as if I liked you and then talked behind your back. That’s not my way, I prefer to say it to the person instead. You’re clueless and have no ability to use critical thinking. Hypocritical would be my trying to hide my disgust with you while the real truth is I’ve put it in writing for everyone to see. They know I don’t like you but know my feelings toward everyone are honest and sincere. They know if I didn’t like them either, I’m honest and say so. Most see that as an asset, what to see is what you get. I’ve no reason at all for a hidden agenda. Unlike you, I learned at a very young age that keeping track of so much deception is too hard to keep up with so you might as well be honest from the start. Too bad you didn’t learn that also, it’s why you’re constantly tripped up with all of your lies so easily. If you had a clue at all, you’d know it’s you personally and I don’t throw the whole bunch out because of one nasty, moldy apple.

          11. Kol says

            Your behind is two-faced? That’s a good one!

          12. Kol says

            When it Comes to Hateful Internet Speech, Christians Are the Worst …


            Jul 17, 2014 – The Internet is clearly a place for a lot of hateful people, including hateful Christians, to sound off. If they are anonymous, they can be the worst …

            Yes, Christians Spew the Most ‘Hateful Internet Speech’ — Charisma …


            Jul 23, 2014 – When it comes to hateful Internet speech, Christians are the worst. That’s the headline of an article by Washington Post columnist and OnFaith …

          13. Kol says

            Susan McCann – Sunday Morning Christian – YouTube

            ▶ 3:41


            Oct 29, 2011 – Uploaded by ronhagenees

            Susan McCann – Sunday Morning Christian. … Susan McCann – Sunday Morning Christian. ronhagenees …

            Harlan Howard-Sunday Morning – YouTube

            ▶ 3:27


            Aug 31, 2010 – Uploaded by MyCountryJukebox2

            Mix – Harlan Howard-Sunday Morning Christian.movYouTube · Harlan Howard – “I Fall To Pieces …

          14. Kol says

            My, my, so “Christian” of you! Now run off to church — It’s Sunday morning!!!

        3. mac12sam12 says

          You can’t protest in a public building.

          1. gotabgood says

            What would you do if you were disabled and about to lose your healthcare…and maybe a small amount of money since you can’t work?

          2. mac12sam12 says

            They aren’t going to lose their healthcare. It’s the young healthy people that should be working that will lose it. You do know that the ACA is failing, right?

      2. Rummy C says

        him say something intelligent? surely, you jest


        1. ABO says

          Sorry, I do realize how utterly ridiculous that is. Just being far too overly hopeful I guess.

      3. gotabgood says

        Something real intelligent….
        You are brainless and you are nothing more than a windup puppet. Not a original thought ever escaped that cavity that was made for a brain.
        Like a puppet you only say what you are told to say..

        1. ABO says

          Listen you dimwitted moron, nobody, that’s NOBODY tells me what to say or what to believe. Unlike you who constantly spews the typical, pathetic liberal propaganda that you thrive on I research what comes from both sides and particularly the independent voice from the middle and make my own decisions based on critical thought and logical analysis, things that you have absolutely no concept of. You regularly prove to everyone that you are entirely incapable of examining evidence and drawing logical conclusions base on said evidence. Much easier to just quote the latest leftist propaganda and attempt, in your abysmally pathetic fashion, to pass the ridiculous crap off as fact. Good luck with that, Moron.

        2. ABO says

          Have you been attending some sort of ‘special’ school that instructs you in the finer points of becoming a completely incompetent dimwitted dolt??? Rather than examining evidence from both sides and independent middle ground sources you are absolutely satisfied to simply accept whatever ridiculous trash propaganda your favorite trash leftist website spews as absolute truth. Apparently you have graduated your ‘special’ school with honors and have become a prime example of one degreed, professional idiot, entirely incapable of examining evidence from both sides and particularly the independent middle and drawing logical conclusions from such evidence. Congratulations, Moron.

        3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

          You are a Liberal retard brainwashed Democrackhead hateful ignorant low energy pos! Now go spread yo Liberal hate, lies, evil and protest and Riot!

      4. clem says

        I blocked this ass troll (gotabgood) Not sorry I did.

        1. pappy450 says

          I too, block his ass on a regular basis, but he keeps going from site to site because it seems everyone is doing the same…. GOOD! Keep up the good work!

        2. ABO says

          I generally don’t like to block anyone but gotabestupid is just so dimwitted and obnoxious that I did just now block him/it.

    2. mac12sam12 says

      It’s their right to protest but not inside a government building. The cuts will affect people who are healthy enough to be looking for a job not the disabled or the poor. The disabled are just another group that the democrats are exploiting and it’s all for votes and power and not that they give a crap.

      1. gotabgood says

        Instead of your opinions… here is what the CBO said of the bill passed through the house… the senate is actually no different.

        23 million fewer people would have insurance under GOP health-care bill, CBO says
        The current Republican bill to repeal and replace major parts of Obamacare will lead to 23 million fewer Americans with health insurance coverage by 2026 if it becomes law, the Congressional Budget Office projected Wednesday.
        Most of the reductions in coverage would come from people on Medicaid, the joint federal-state program that covers primarily the poor, as well as from people enrolled in non-job-based private individual health plans.
        The controversial bill also would “tend to increase” average premium prices of individual health plans by about 20 percent relative to the current law in 2018,
        Older people would still pay much more for their insurance under the GOP bill, up to 10 times as much as the premiums that would be paid by young adults, and more than nine times what they would pay if Obamacare staying in place, CBO said.
        The new report reflects the projected effects of several amendments that were made to the bill before that vote, including the so-called MacArthur Amendment that opens the door to “skimpier” health plans and higher charges for people with pre-existing health conditions in some states.

        CBO: 23M fewer insured under revised GOP health care bill 8 Hours Ago | 02:44

        The current Republican bill to repeal and replace major parts of Obamacare will lead to 23 million fewer Americans with health insurance coverage by 2026 if it becomes law, the Congressional Budget Office projected Wednesday.
        By 2026, there would be 51 million uninsured Americans under the GOP bill, known as the American Health Care Act, compared to the 28 million people projected to be uninsured if Obamacare stays the law of the land.
        Most of the reductions in coverage would come from people on Medicaid, the joint federal-state program that covers primarily the poor, as well as from people enrolled in non-job-based private individual health plans.
        The controversial bill also would “tend to increase” average premium prices of individual health plans by about 20 percent relative to the current law in 2018,
        However, starting in 2020, premiums in different states would be affected in different ways by the bill because of an amendment that would allow states to obtain waivers from current Obamacare rules mandating the design of health plans, and barring insurers from charging less-healthy people higher prices, CBO said.
        Waivers sway premium forecasts
        Older people would still pay much more for their insurance under the GOP bill, up to 10 times as much as the premiums that would be paid by young adults, and more than nine times what they would pay if Obamacare staying in place, CBO said.
        The agency also said that starting in 2020, the individual insurance markets in areas in the United States containing one-sixth of the nation’s population would “start to become unstable” because of the bill.
        “In addition, premiums would vary significantly according to health status and the types of benefits provided, and less healthy people would face extremely high premiums, despite the additional funding that would be available under H.R. 1628 to help reduce premiums,” CBO said.
        “Over time, it would become more difficult for less healthy people (including people with preexisting medical conditions) in those states to purchase insurance because their premiums would continue to increase rapidly,” the report said.
        The CBO’s report comes three weeks after the House, by a margin of just a single vote, passed the AHCA with strong encouragement from President Donald Trump and his administration. (He really cares, right? WRONG)
        The new report reflects the projected effects of several amendments that were made to the bill before that vote, including the so-called MacArthur Amendment that opens the door to “skimpier” health plans and higher charges for people with pre-existing health conditions in some states.
        Dr. Andrew Gurman, president of the American Medical Association, the nation’s largest group of physicians, said, “Today’s estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office show that last-minute changes to the AHCA made by the House offered no real improvements.”

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Keep the ACA? People can’t afford it and it’s nothing but disaster insurance. $6000-!2,000 deductibles and copays is not a good deal. The insurance companies are also pulling out. I would bet the farm that you’re a free rider.

        2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
    3. mac12sam12 says

      They should have bulldozed them.

      1. gotabgood says

        Kiss my ass
        were done!!

    4. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
      1. gotabgood says

        Hey People…. especially disabled people…. “AmericaSupportsTrump”….. he doesn’t think disabled people are real Americans….

        1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

          Hey People gotabgood is a liberal hater of America and Trump. He spreads Fake news, lies, propaganda and hate against Trump and Real America! Hey Real America gotabgood is a hater and enemy he is a liberal fool….

          Watch this liberal disgraceful fraud who spreads fake news, lies and hate watch him closely people!!!

  5. Jean Langford M. says


  6. Jerry Del Vecchio says

    How could PPH expect an expectation of confidentiality in a public restaurant? More harassment and opportunity to cause financial harm to those seeking the truth and then having the audacity to publish it.

  7. Tiger says

    The Judge must not be living in Cali just flying in daily for the work. Conventional wisdom says he is rare.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      Agreed!!! Have you ever gone onto The Hill website? The topics are VERY fast moving but a bunch of fun!!! Just be ready to be typing in sonic mode as the lines move very quickly. Great seeing you on here and hope to see you over there!! Have a great day.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        And full of insane liberals that are fun to taunt and ridicule. The little dears get so irate due to being so emotionally high strung and not very intelligent.

      2. Tiger says

        Well thank you but my dear I( am banned from the Hill. LOLOL I wear it as one of my many badges of banned from.

        1. Austinniceguy says

          I’m banned from a bunch of websites myself, LOL!!!! I too, wear those like badges of honor. Have a great day!!!!!

        2. Rodney Steward says

          I know the feeling, I’ve been ban from Liberty Headlines and Newsmax, and so much for Liberty, and Newsmax is still WAY TO PC and they love Hellary!

          1. Tiger says

            I have lost count of the sites I am banned from, they are under the sad belief that they can ban Free Speech but the facts are for every site they take over new sites open up and there is always the international news sites.

          2. Rodney Steward says

            Exactly my friend, we’ll find somewhere to run our mouths! 🙂

          3. SNOWDIN says

            I have been banned from many websites as well. I was labeled a Robot on the Alex Jones Website. Disqus moderators will withhold my comments from being posted. It is not the Website. Disqus is the problem. Disqus is run by Progressive Liberal Commies.

          4. Kol says

            You act like an idiot. What for?

            And as to you silly buzz word, “Commies,” I’ll tell you this… I am U.S.-born American. I have extended family in Russia and I’ve spent a few long periods of time actually living there to be with a few wom I am close to. And when I’ve been in Russia I’ve often seen that Russia’s Communist Party today likes to brag that they are Russia’s “republican” political faction now. And they are very conservativ, very right wing extremist. That’s a good laugh!!!

          5. Tiger says

            Really didn’t know that. My posts go through only on certain sites. You must be one Hell of a poster for Freedom.

          6. Brenda Sinclair says

            BANNED FROM NEWSMAX<<<<<THEY ARE NOT INTO TRUTH SPEAKING AMERICANS AND I AM ONE I AM AGAINST CHILD MURDER/ABORTION AND happy we have a president who believes all babies deserve a chance at life if a mother does not want the baby think of millions of couples who want to adopt

          7. Brenda Sinclair says
          8. 2Deep4_U says

            Now show me what a 5 , 7, 3, 10, 13, 16, year old child looks like when it’s not properly taken care of because nobody ever wanted it, nobody even you cares about it, nobody feeds it and protects it from predators and perverts.
            Show me what it looks like when it’s on it’s way prison or the electric chair.
            Show me what it looks like when it’s homeless at 2 years old .
            You Stupid BITCH.

          9. remuda says

            Now, that’s more like it, Bro…! Yer really on a roll here…up close and personal family experience…eh?

            Family…or ‘significant other…?

          10. cbliz says

            So, with that reasoning in mind, should we kill all those 5, 7, 3, 10, 13, 16 year olds because life sucks for them? Also, you are projecting that every single mother who gives birth to their “unwanted” child would automatically give it a crappy life. You would be surprised how many would fall in love that very moment they lay eyes on their baby. Not to mention fathers, who have not even been given a chance to perhaps love and care for a child that the mother does not want. Furthermore, sometimes life hands us a bunch of crap. Pain and suffering. But if it was so bad, everyone with pain and suffering would kill themselves. The majority make it through and learn valuable lessons. Some do not, but at least they all had a chance and a choice. Bottom line is this…. no one has a right to choose for any child if it wants to live or die, no matter how unwanted they may be. So please. Not everyone is as weak-minded as yourself.

          11. 2Deep4_U says

            Every time you Open your DAMN mouth more Stupidity and Ignorance Fly out.
            STFU and no one else will have to Know just how Goddamn fucked up you are….. MORON

          12. Kol says

            You Are Literally Too Stupid To Insult – YouTube

            ▶ 0:04


            May 30, 2015 – Uploaded by Just 10 Secs Vid

            Edited from the video source (Watch it for full version) : EPIC MOVIE INSULTS ..

          13. 2Deep4_U says

            Lying piece of DOG POOP

          14. berg1928 says

            This is lie! A 12 week old fetus is not as developed as the picture tries to show. Google for info and a picture of a REAL 12 week old fetus.

          15. Brenda Sinclair says

            i am a nurse practioner of 15yrs and have delivered babies, i have seen many misscarriages of all week of a child. it is a human being with a heart beat just like yours, it has rights to life, if a mother does not want her child there are millions of couples on a waiting list to adopt the baby give it love and care WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE THE RIGHT OF AN UNBORN BABYS RIGHTS TO LIVE FROM THEM TO DO SO IS CALLED MURDER IN THE EYES OF GOD, BETTER TO ALLOW AND ADOPTION THAN LIVE WITH AS A MOTHER YOU MURDERER YOUR BABY.

          16. berg1928 says

            I can’t tell if you are calling me a murderero r if you meant to type murdered . . . . in any case and FYI, I’ve never had an abortion. I was pregnant twice in my life and had an eight pound baby, and then, a 9 pound baby – both healthy and now adults. BUT, I am pro-choice and that means that YOU do not get to decide for any other woman what is the best decision for her.

          17. Brenda Sinclair says

            any woman who has an abortion willingly committs murder of her unborn child, that mother has a right to her life, but she has no right to murder the life of an unborn child with a beating heart,the baby is a human being though unborn,that baby has a God given right to life, there are millions of couples on a waiting list to adopt a child so murder is no excuse when she stands before God on judgement day

          18. berg1928 says

            You have the right to your own opinion, Brenda, but let’s face it: a fetus is actually a parasite in a woman’s body. It depends on the host body for nourishment and oxygen. As for standing before God on judgement day, if a child is meant to be born, it will be born. If a fetus is lost due to a miscarriage or abortion, that also may be God’s plan. Either way, it is NOT your decision t make.

          19. Kol says

            GO F*CK YOURSELF

          20. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          21. Kol says

            Nope, sorry, you can’t French Kiss my ass… your breath stinks too bad!

            You Are Literally Too Stupid To Insult – YouTube

            ▶ 0:04


            May 30, 2015 – Uploaded by Just 10 Secs Vid

            Edited from the video source (Watch it for full version) : EPIC MOVIE INSULTS ..

          22. Kol says
          23. Kol says

            Your psychiatrist just called. He wants to increase your drug dosage and put you back in the rubber room. Get your smelly ass back to the asylum, bitch!

          24. mustangsallyann says

            I googled the proper photos and I still knew it was a baby. Little fingers, toes, nose, translucent eyes and skin but there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s a baby. If it’s so benign, why won’t PP allow it to be shown to it’s patients?? They’ve been asked to show the patient videos and have refused. They even require videos with breast augmentation as well as most medical procedure’s now. Dang, you even have to watch one to get contact lenses. Come on now, you know why they won’t, just like the rest of us. Half of the young girls there from fear or insecurity about the future would turn around and walk out. My niece was 1 1/2 lbs. at birth and just graduated from college. Babies have survived weighing under 1 lb. If that doesn’t bother you, that’s on you. But don’t try to bs the truth, it’s murder.

          25. 2Deep4_U says

            A child born into a world where nobody cares about it is Better off DEAD.
            A young lady recently Drowned her twin boys in a bath tub at 3 years old, when asked WHY she did it she responded that she did it because Nobody loved them and Nobody loved her.
            An Abortion would have been a Blessing in this case.
            STFU and stop spreading Ignorance and Stupidity… MORON

          26. cbliz says

            What difference did it make then? Either way, they died. Let’s celebrate, shall we? Since, that is so much better for them. Again, there will always be crazy people. We cannot base our decisions on the acts of a small minority of mentally ill.

          27. 2Deep4_U says

            I wish she had drowned Your IGNORANT ASS instead…….You IDIOT MF

          28. 2Deep4_U says


          29. Rodney Steward says

            You are so right Brenda about NEWSMAX, and a lot of people would love to have one of these babies and the picture below at 12 weeks, I had no Idea they were that developed, I an surprised!! SO SAD!!

          30. Brenda Sinclair says

            I AM A NURSE PRACTIONER,i have seen miscarriages at all stages of pregnancies i know what the baby looks like, if any of you dared watch a video of a baby being cut to pieces and see the baby in pain, you would then know abortion is the worst kind of death anyone can experience. how could anyone accept an abortion means one leg, one arm cut off the head crushed, the body parts sold. you have to be a child of satan to ACCEPT MURDER OF A HUMAN BEING A BABY

          31. Rodney Steward says

            This is so sickening, everyone involved in this from the mothers to the doctors will have to answer to the good Lord above for their crimes!! Gonna be a lot of people!!

          32. mustangsallyann says

            They aren’t quite that developed but it doesn’t matter. It’s a baby, looks like a baby, google the correct pic’s, they’re still babies and you’ll know it.

    2. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

      And the EPA is not protecting him even though he’s an endangered specie.

      1. Irenesreese says

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        1. berg1928 says

          I’ll be SO happy when you quit posting this stuff in so many places.

          1. remuda says

            Funny how these little GoogleAds crop up. Must be conservatives who have taken time away from their busy jobs to post these “good news” pages…as they’re surely not libtards who only take freebies…

      2. mustangsallyann says

        I think some are finally feeling the fear of no longer having a political position and paycheck. It’s sure not due to them suddenly having those warm fuzzies for us, ya’ think.

    3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Good one Tiger and undoubtedly true. Reverse carpetbagging like that perfected by democRAT-ICK politicians.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you my friend a compliment from folks like you does my heart good.

        1. berg1928 says

          I have to ask, Tiger, are you in or from California?

          1. Tiger says

            Nope lived in California as a child growing-up for 6.5 years. My father a Marine stationed at Camp Pendelton.

          2. berg1928 says

            I lived about 15 miles from Camp Pendleton In a smallish town called Cardiff by the Sea. I’ve been in Camp P. many times and have always had tremendous respect for our Marines. My dad was a 30 year Navy man. So what are we? Military brats?

          3. Tiger says

            You bet we are. Good stuff I think. Traveling as much as we did made me well rounded and I don’t get attached easily to people, places or things. When I served as an Army Combat Reserve nurse since 1988, went to war learned what was essential in life and all the other stuff is just stuff. Family and friends what matters.

    4. berg1928 says

      No native Californian calls California “Cali”

      1. Tiger says

        The shortened version is easier for the dumb asses that have taken it over.

        1. berg1928 says

          I don’t know about that, Tiger. I’ve known so many people who came from out of state and they never said Cali, either. I think it comes from people who have never been here and like to call the state and all the natives bad names.

          1. Tiger says

            Well most people with a lick of sense knows that not all people who live in California are stupid or bad because we saw the thousands who backed Trump at the rallies there. They are like every state run by Demonrats they need to vote those guys out.


          2. gotabgood says
          3. Tiger says

            But here is the problems for all of you living there. I feel like others do, keep it there we don’t want it.

          4. berg1928 says

            You guys leave our San Diego Police alone!

          5. Tiger says

            You have La Raza and you have serious problems, you are being totally destroyed paying such money for these illegals.

    5. EE says

      Of coarse he doesn’t, who wants to live in Cali? After visiting the Trees, a beach, a drive along the shore, and a few national parks it’s time to split before it splits. In the last few years more than half a million escaped. What’s left gets Dumber & Dumber.

      1. Mary Brumley says

        EE, you really do have a unique way of choosing your words and turning your phrases to paint vivid pictures. If you had been in a writing class of this retired teacher, I would have really enjoyed teaching you! You are a creative writer.

        1. EE says

          Unfortunately I’m in La,La land #3 outside of Chicago surrounded by democrats of which a few are starting to wonder why they hate Trump. I’ll make a deal with you, meet me at the bowling lanes and I’ll give you bowling clues while you guide me writing about it. Should be fun.

          1. Mary Brumley says

            The expression “Old teachers never die; they just lose their class,” is so very true. I still look for children to “teach”!
            Still, if you weren’t so far, far away, I would bite on that deal!
            Also, you are already far ahead of me concerning creative writing.

      2. Tiger says

        I lived in California growing-up for 6.5 years, my stepfather a Marine and we left when I was 13 due to the insanity then. We lived in San Clemente and as a child we played in the abandoned mansion overlooking the sea that eventually became Nixon’s home.

    6. justagramma says

      A trial on that would also dredge up the content of the videos, force those recorded to testify and be cross examined. The power of Planned Parenthood got to the judge. Protecting PP was more important than punishing the video producers.

      1. Tiger says

        The power is now adays with the bad forces. For sure. CAIR has given in on many a case for fear of their evil being exposed. Evil doesn’t like the light.

  8. Rummy C says

    PP is nothing more than an evil funnel of taxpayer dollars to democratic coffers. The federal funding must stop immediately. If you want an abortion, pay for it. I am not interested in paying. I HOPE THOSE SMUG BUTCHERS ARE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS


    1. Barbara Lewis says

      That has been my stand along.

        1. 2Deep4_U says


          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            What else do you have in your diet?

      1. 2Deep4_U says

        It is not Murder you DUMB SOB, anymore than Masterbation is murder.
        You all are some Real Sick MF.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Obviously your mommy should have stuck with BOB?

    2. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

      One of the other evils is the funneling of “charitable donations” toward politically agenda’d ends. One of the biggest culprits in this is the United Way, where over 30% of chapters are headed by someone either entrenched in a local leadership role in democratic politics or someone who has recently stepped down from that role. How many “charities” do you know that have had 3 major financial scandals over the years and still continue to exist as a charity? To me, it is nothing but a $6 Billion/yr demturd slush fund. IT goes hand in hand with the Clinton Foundation (and other political charades, including the McCain Foundation) and that demturd Congresswoman from Florida who was just arrested for pilfering hundreds of thousands to millions from her “charity” for champagne, travel and lord only knows what else.

    3. 2Deep4_U says

      Yeah, if a child is Hungry let them starve you’re not interested in feeding them.
      You’re a Dumb Ignorant sick SOB

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Never in my life have i ever seen a democRAT reach into it’s own pocket to contribute to any charity. It would be as rare as seeing one of the unicorns you lunatics claim to have as pets.

        1. berg1928 says

          You must live in a very cloistered environment or have on blinders if what you say is true. Open your eyes, you might be surprised.

      2. Rummy C says

        Oh 2 Stupid with such a limited vocabulary. I do not know what hungry and taxpayer paid abortions have to do with each other. Obviously, neither do you. I have a master from one of the leading state universities. I am neither dumb, ignorant nor sick. I am a successful business person with money in the bank, bills paid, a nice big house, and a Mercedes. All

        1. 2Deep4_U says

          Then you must be a DUMBASS SOB with a Degree, there’s a lot of that going around…..LOL
          When children are born they have to eat and be taken care of and if the parents can’t do that then someone else must do it.
          If you’re bitching about paying for an abortion then we know goddamn well you not going to take care of that child for 18 years, you Ignorant MF.
          I have everything I need and I worked like Hell to get it so STFU about shit you know not a fucking thing about.
          Silly MF

    4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Don’t they refer to the practice of funneling money from the taxpayers to liberal causes back to the RAT party as ‘money laundering’?

    5. mustangsallyann says

      Surprisingly, abortion clinics are closing down or being forced to close in record #’s now. Once they investigated the deaths and errors requiring hospitalization, most of them were doomed. They should be held to the same standards as other medical facilities but that doesn’t seem to be their concern. As long as some overwhelmed young girl puts the money in their pockets, they don’t care if you bleed to death on the floor next to the table. They need to close every single one of them.

  9. Fedup65 says

    Lets see, what good can we say about a state that has produced Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters, & “Pinhead” Moonbeam Brown? I can’t think of anything good to say. What happened to the secession of Californication?

    1. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

      Don’t forget the Karda$$shians and the OJ verdict. Secession? They haven’t even fixed that Oroville dam leak yet because Clown Brown started asking for federal money. They’ll secede the way Rosie O’Strap-on will move to Canada: Never.
      I keep thinking it’s been over 20 years since the Northville quake and roughly 30 since that one in Oakland ended the World Series. Aren’t they about due for a massive geological upheaval. Hope it absolutely obliterates Berkeley when it finally hits.

      1. berg1928 says

        How nice of you to wish such evil on those you don’t even know.

        1. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

          Tell me “berg” : did you know the guy who had his skull fractured by that bag of antifa scum Eric Clayton at the Berkeley Freedom of Speech Rally? Do the racists who sniped cops under the guise of BLM know the people they murdered? Did that asshole from Illinois personally know the Congressmen he was shooting at? All the violence, bodily injury and property damage since the primaries has been at the hands of your shitheads libtard friends, buster. Stop trying to claim moral high ground when you and yours are the lying murdering propagandists of our time. And there is a big difference between wishing for an earthquake – which I have no control over – and executing a violent/murderous plan with malice of forethought, which your crowd is becoming rightfully well known for. You are all worthless scum, from Kathy Griffin to Depp to Eddie Griffin to Sarah
          Silverman to Fellarca, to SnoopDog, etc., etc. etc. Attempting to incite murder and mayhem is in itself a capital crime, and that’s what all your bullshit clones are doing under the guise of “comedy” and “free speech” – – you know what I mean don’t you? – The freedom of speech that was extended to Ann Coulter by Berkeley. You’re a miserable fucking hypocrite, and I make no claim to tolerance: I am sick and tired of all your libtard bullshit.

          1. 2Deep4_U says

            Racist murdering white cops created BLM by constantly GUNNING down Unarmed Black Men and Women for NO Damn reason.
            You get what you pay for.
            What go around come around.
            Your chickens will always come home to ROOST.
            You make your bed you lay in it.

          2. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I worked in prisons for 8 years and NEVER saw anyone there who didn’t belong, though they ALL scream their innocence. Before they got there, they were doing what every other “NO DAMN REASON” was doing. You made your bed, and it smells like a funeral to me.

          3. 2Deep4_U says

            That’s because you’re a Dumb Ignorant Racist Misogynist Crooked Redneck Trailer Park trash MF.
            You Stupid MF you were most likely an In mate, but than again most people who Work in prison are low life Douche BAGS who can’t make it in a real job.
            Sick SOB

    2. berg1928 says

      And yet, thousand come to California from other states every year. They come for the mountains, the redwoods, the mountains, the beaches and oh, yes, the temperate climate.

      1. mustangsallyann says

        I grew up in CA. and even as a teen I knew I’d never raise my children there once old enough to start having them. Once I became an adult, my bags were packed and I left. We visit occasionally but I’ve never regretted raising my children elsewhere. Those with values, morals and the tiniest bit of common sense would never raise their families in a place with no morals, no values and no common sense. Those pouring in now are doing so because of the readily available drugs or it’s some young kid looking for fame, which is also a miserable, drug filled existence. In fact, where we live now is being swamped by all of the Californian’s wanting the heck out of there. They’re looking for those values, morals and common sense that seems to be totally absent there now. But I can’t stress enough at how thrilled we’d be if they’d go back to where they came from.

        1. 2Deep4_U says

          Pathological Liar…..

    1. Austinniceguy says

      And the loons from the left have done a MARVELOUS job at each of the 5 “referendum on Trump special elections”. Proves you guys can’t win to save your worthless party. LMAO!!!!

    2. mac12sam12 says

      BS. The polls are from MSM and you’ve been duped. Hillary in a landslide anyone?

      1. AntiGOP says

        What does Hillary have to do with it…what a fucking idiot…

        Your the ones that are duped…

    3. Resbo says

      His disapproval rating could go to 100%, as long as he keeps accomplishing what he promised and keeps the Conservatives winning more political offices! Please take time out to go have yourself a HISSY-FIT and relieve yourself!

      1. AntiGOP says

        >>>>And exactly what has he accomplished what he promised
        Which one ???

        Watch you won’t post any…

        >>>>and keeps the Conservatives winning more political offices

        I RED areas…ok…with the help of the Russians of course…

        1. Resbo says

          I will dispense with mentioning the Stock Market and simply list these few items.

          President Trump decreased the US Debt in his first 100 days by $100 Billion. (President Obama increased the US debt in his first 100 days by more than $560 Billion.)

          The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high in this period which were the best numbers since 1983 under President Reagan.

          President Trump added 298,000 jobs in his first month alone (after President Obama said jobs were not coming back!).

          Housing sales are red-hot. In 2011, houses for sale were on the market an average 84 days. This year, it’s just 45 days.

          Illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trump’s Inauguration.

          NATO announced Allied spending is up $10 Billion because of President Trump.

          After being nominated by President Trump, Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and sworn in as Supreme Court Justice in early April.

          The President has signed 66 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations as of April 19th, including:

          * Notifying Congress of a strike on Syria after it was reported that the country used gas on its citizens.

          * Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.

          * Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.

          * Enforcing regulatory reform.

          * Protecting Law enforcement.

          * Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.

          * Defeating ISIS.

          * Rebuilding the military.

          * Building a border wall.

          * Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.

          * Approving pipelines.

          * Reducing regulations on manufacturers.

          * Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.

          * Exiting the US from the TPP.

          In addition to all this, the President has met with many foreign leaders from across the globe including Xi from China, Abe from Japan, etc.

          The President also pointed out numerous times that the MSM (Main Stream Media) reports only on a made up Russia conspiracy story and ignores these accomplishments. These actions are making the majority of Americans aware of the tremendous bias in the media in the US and abroad. This too is another major Trump accomplishment.

          Winning, Winning, Winning!



          1. AntiGOP says

            It’s all exaggerated bullshit…


            >>>President Trump added 298,000 jobs in his first month alone

            Then they fell dramatically since… back to normal…the hype effect.

            >>>> (after President Obama said jobs were not coming back!).

            Obama never said that…

            What he did say was “Some jobs ‘are just not going to come back'”

            That’s just one LIE…

            And yes we see you were able to copy and paste as anyone of your low intellect should be able to do…

          2. Resbo says

            Mr. Anti, of course you have to consider facts as being “exaggerated,” otherwise you would have to return to your safe space to have a hissy-fit. You are correct ,as far as the information I sent you is concerned, I did copy and paste it simply to show you that I wasn’t making it up. That “exagerated BS” consisted of just his first 100 days in office!

            The Trump investigation turned out to be liberal hypocritical wishful thinking, but now the investigation is turning to the Obama Administration (Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, Hellary Clinton, etc., etc.)! There is ALREADY evidence that Rice illegally revealed some names, so let’s see where this will take us! I believe it will PROVE that the Obama Administration was the worst and most COSTLY this country has ever had!!!

          3. AntiGOP says

            I believe it will PROVE that the Obama Administration was the most COSTLY this country has ever had!!!

            Do you have some proof to that statement ???

          4. Resbo says

            The National Debt was around $10 Trillion when the Obama Administration assumed office and almost $20 Trillion when he left. Look at the records and you will see your “proof”!

          5. AntiGOP says

            Resbo you are somewhat correct…close enough…it was $11 not $10

            What did you expect the debt would do when Obama took office???

            Vanish !!!

            But before you answer that…you might want to make sure you know exactly what happened and how we got to the $10 Trillion first.

            Jan 20 2000 this country had a $1.4 Trillion SURPLUS with a 5 year trajectory of $4-5 Trillion.

            What happened????

          6. Resbo says

            I’ll accept your $11Trillion figure because it is close enough for government work! Now, tell me how long it took to get to that figure. It took the first 43 presidents AND two World Wars to get us to that point. Then Obama(#44) was elected, and since he had not even managed a lemonade stand increased that debt to $20 Trillion!!! Please tell me what he spent that money on. What do we have to show for it (other than debt)??? Is it possible that he donated it to the Clinton Foundation?

          7. AntiGOP says

            Ok…so now your saying the entire $20 Trillion is Obama…right??

          8. Resbo says

            Mr. Negative (Anti), you have just proved my point that liberals lack “COMMON SENSE” (or perhaps you do not have any mathematical skills)! Re-read my post. What I said was: The first 43 presidents of these United States gave us a debt of $11 trillion (your figure) and Obama (by himself) ADDED $9 trillion (+). Then I asked you what Obama had spent that $9 trillion on, obviously this was what caused you to stumble.

            I suggest you just sit back and watch how Trump continues to DRAIN the swamp, including Obamas immoral policies, and makes AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


          9. AntiGOP says

            There is ALREADY evidence that Rice illegally revealed some names

            What evidence where????

            President Donald Trump’s claim that Barack Obama’s national security advisor, Susan Rice, broke the law to spy on him is unfounded, say Republican and Democrat lawmakers who have seen the classified reports the White House cited as evidence.

            A report last week revealed Rice had unmasked the names of Trump associates who were swept up in U.S. foreign surveillance. Trump told The New York Times in an interview in early April that Rice might have committed a crime. “It’s a bigger story than you know,” he said, “I think that it’s going to be the biggest story.”

          10. Resbo says

            Susan Rice herself has already admitted illegally releasing names and I believe the Obama Administration has admitted her guilt by placing her records in th Obama Library where they cannot be accessed for five years. If she were innocent or these records would not expose any other culprits why would they need to be protected?

          11. AntiGOP says

            >>>>I will dispense with mentioning the Stock Market and simply list these few items.

            Is that because it’s on it’s way down…

          12. Resbo says

            If todays performance is considered ” down” I hope it doesn’t stop!!!!

          13. AntiGOP says

            Here’s a good one on your list you all like…
            >>>>Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.

            President Trump’s first actions – the federal hiring freeze.

            How did it work out for you all…

  10. just me says

    You people really believe this bull

  11. AntiGOP says

    Lawyers usually bring many charges into court and then withdraw the ones that most likely won’t stick.

    Keep in mind…you only need one to stick to get jail time.

    So this blog topic is Bullshit…

    1. TaintBiscuit says

      I think you are sugar coating things, you are just tired of losing.

      1. 2Deep4_U says

        I think You are a Delusional MF

        1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
        2. TaintBiscuit says

          Says the pickle smooching Twink

  12. Michael Dennewitz says

    I never thunked it possible.. ?

  13. Ron says

    Reopen case against pro life employees.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      Why? because like the elections the outcome isn’t to YOUR liking?

      1. pappy450 says

        Maybe he is one of the dimwits that runs one of these “centers” and his “profit margin” from the loss of sale of baby parts has ruined his “business”. And he will NEVER get that new Mercedes-Benz car he wanted. (those EVIL “pro-life” people)

        1. Resbo says

          Pro-lifers are Not evil, they are DEPLORABLE (per Hillary)!

          1. pappy450 says

            I guess you mean a “deplorable” just like ME. (and PROUD OF IT!)

          2. Resbo says

            Thats right! I proudly wear the DEPLORABLE name also!!!

  14. Austinniceguy says

    Good, it’s the FIRST positive thing to come out of the land of LOONS in a very long time. The better news is that with Justices Kennedy and Ginsberg looking like they’re getting ready to retire the SCOTUS is going to be solidly conservative for the next 20-30 years and there’s nothing the loony left can do about that.

  15. VirgoVince says

    NEVER should have been ANY charges placed against the investigators!!

    1. 2Deep4_U says

      No, they should have been Shot in the ASS.

      1. Metoo says

        Your the only one getting it up the rear.

        1. 2Deep4_U says

          How about your momma? Don’t for get her, that’s where you come from she shit you out like any other TURD.

  16. TaintBiscuit says

    A lot of winning going on lately

    1. Resbo says

      Trump warned us!

  17. Linda Jordan Whitaker says

    I used to live in California and I am thrilled that the mainly leftist state has come down on the side of pro life!

  18. Jim Colon says

    Planned Parenthood needs to be completely defunded and hopefully when the Federal budget is reviewed again in the fall of this year Trump will have the courage to stop giving them ANY of our tax dollars. Unfortunately, he will have to stand on his own, since most of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate don’t have a backbone. It is truly sad that the Party I have supported for over 50 years is filled with a bunch of wimps.

    1. Resbo says


      1. 2Deep4_U says

        Amen, you can STFU too

        1. Resbo says


          1. 2Deep4_U says

            You’re welcome….

    2. 2Deep4_U says


    3. rocky says

      I have never understood how this ‘For Profit’ business got into the Federal Coffers in the first place. I would really like to know just who, of the feds’ , signed the allowing document. I know there is one out there… this is the Gov, you know.. everything is documented.

  19. Grabber says

    Mr Barcera should thank our Lord every day that his Mother didn’t choose to make him another Planned Parenthood product.

  20. underthewire says

    I will never spend a dime in CA………………And strongly encourage others not to as well.

    1. berg1928 says

      Good! Stay away. We already have too many people here.

      1. teachersaide says

        YOU may feel that way, but I’ve been seeing MANY “Visit California” ads on TV, and it’s been going on for YEARS! Gee, Think they need OUR Money? Just to make sure that YOU are happy, I will NOT be spending money in CA, for the foreseeable future. There are too many really nice places in the USA, that are NOT as expensive, NOT as crowded, have cleaner air, nicer people, & they don’t treat “normal” people like they are the “scum of the earth”!

  21. My country says

    How can you invade a public place open for business?And how can Planned Parenthood give donations to the democrats when it is the taxpayers money they operate on ? The real culprits are still killing and selling those human parts they say is not human !

    1. 2Deep4_U says

      Question, Are you really that damn Ignorant?
      Answer, YES
      You Always have Raw material- Conception
      Work in progress- Months after Conception
      Finished Goods- Many months after Conception till Birth.

  22. Larry Brule says


    1. Resbo says

      There ie NO such thing as COMMON SENSE in anything involving liberal politicians in California!

  23. David in MA says

    Another political money laundering operation?

    “liberal Democrats who depend on the company for donations”

    Congress votes to give money to PP and PP makes donations to the democrats????

    1. Resbo says

      Yes, it is!

  24. Jmanjo says

    Caliornia AG needs to be investigated for putting his personal political objectives ahead of the California best interests. He should be removed for abusing his authority.

  25. truthseeker53 says

    GOOD!! God’s folks win one in lucifer’s arena.

  26. DAlnB41 says

    Okay, that’s done and for the betterment of the State of California.
    NOW – we need to make a major push to get Pelosi out of our hair.
    She brags about the length ot time she has been in office, and that MIGHT be something to brag about except – – Pelosi has been a player during that period and no one can dispute the fact iir nation has been in a downward spiral during that period.
    She may be able to brag about her self but she has to include a long time with very kittle significant achievement, if any, or real accomplishment. Maybe I’m her early days but in that past eighth to 12 years she has been more of a waste of tax payers money than anything. She has ben a part of a weak leadership involved more as followers of a bad White House agenda that has failed the Democratic Party.
    For the Democratic party to have a comeback they need to get Pelosi and Schumer, and most of the party leadership out of the way, They have been in office for far to long, have lost touch with the real world, and, they have lost an ability to reason, to debate, to work with others.
    She, Schumer and McCain need to find a small island to settle onto and get out of politics!

    1. mustangsallyann says

      Even Cher said Pelosi needs to go. Maybe some of them are starting to see exactly why they’re being crushed. Regardless, Cher is still an idjiot.

      1. DAlnB41 says

        Watch Pelosi come up with some excuse as to why she decides to drop out of politics; her excuse it will have nothing to do with the fact people are tired of her, fed up with her ignorance and insults and want her gone.
        Looking forward to seeing her, Schumer and McCain all boarding a plane out of the United States with no intentions of every returning!

        1. mustangsallyann says

          You know she won’t be honest about it. It doesn’t matter, we know what’s happening anyway. But before that plane ride, some of us are hoping to see them chained together for that great perp walk. You can then have them after. LOL

  27. PoorPitifulPearl says

    I just wonder if our Great and Wonderful God will allow the spirits of all those aborted babies to come back to accuse their murderers, including the women who had the abortions, at the Second Coming. The commandment “Thou shalt not kill” isn’t just a suggestion. It applies to all killers, except in self-defense, including defense of country or the innocent in other countries–for those who think war is evil. From the moment a child is conceived, they receive the spirit of life and a conscience that will be developed as they grow, depending upon the guidance of their parents. I ache for those unborn….but I know that God has a plan for them, as well.

    1. berg1928 says

      The bible says that Adam didn’t become a living soul until God breathed the breath of life into him.

  28. Kenneth Jones says

    Well, somebody finally said it: The abortion lobby IS a racket! It’s about time. Now how about a RICO investigation?

  29. Whaledriver says

    It’s obvious that the state’s response in this case is a not-too-subtle warning to others: catch us in a scam and we’ll take away your freedom and cost you millions.

  30. Avatar says

    whatever happened to “being responsible”? If the parents (?) find they are not able to care for a child and have the sense to abort rather than a ‘drain on sociaty’, so be it. Instead of making it illegal, there
    should be a place where it is legal and they should pay for the abortion. An unwanted embryo does not automatically become a wanted one and the decision is not up to the government; hence “pro-choice”.

  31. Paul Anderson says

    Shedding the innocent blood of a child, can be traced back to the ancients, and the consequences are always the same. The natural law of reaping and sewing, are as sure as the gravitational laws that effect all of mankind.

  32. ONLYJB1 says

    I’m simply flabbergasted! The district court of San Fran no less? Of course there was never a possibility of a case. I’m sure all of this BS cost these 2 investigative reporters a boat load of money. I so hope the lawyers that brought this frivolous lawsuit, will be forced to compensate the 2 defendants.

  33. Paul Anderson says

    Disregard for authority, a spirit of rebellion, which lives in the heart of mankind: a cancer which eats at the very foundation of societs. If not destroyed, the whole of society is morally corrupted .

  34. rdells says

    Miscarriage of justice – sickening

  35. AKLady says

    More lies.
    More brainwashing.
    More temper tantrum and foot stomping.
    What a wonderful world this would be if everyone just minded their won business.

  36. Alan404 says

    Seems a crying shame that law abiding gun owners in California get the short shrift they get from the same courts.

  37. says

    In my opinion the doctors and the executives should be charged with murdering those babies, they are murderers and should get the death sentence.

  38. Mike W says

    So the Snowflake Republic finally figured it out. Good now they can claim it was their idea all along.

  39. TPS12 says

    They had no case just tried to intimidate. A wise judge for a change.

  40. Katie Jones says

    The Democrat party has sold their soul for money! They certainly don’t represent their voters!

    1. AntiGOP says


  41. desert fox says

    Becerra was born the ass hole method….his mother took an enema and spread her legs and he is the result of the dump. And he still smells like what he is….a POS,

    1. 2Deep4_U says

      Goddamn lie.

    2. AntiGOP says

      another PAINT SHOP PRO

  42. rick meek says

    NOW – turn the tables —— Charge them (CA) with malicious prosecution – malicious intent in the use of the law – malicious intent – libel – slander – Do like they do – every POS thing ya can and something will stick…..

  43. carla AMERICAN says

    The reporter’s should sue in retaliation for attorney’s fees, libal, lost wages, slander, unlawful charges.

  44. Gale says

    *uck california and the sleaze bag liberals in it

  45. Gale says

  46. says

    The injustice system is as corrupted as the rest of government, and with few examples of justice to point to since the previous fraud in white house appointed every liberal liar loser he knew to bolster the war against justice. Thank God we have a law and order president in office, and hopefully rules will change and these liberal bought and paid for judges can be flushed out with the DC swamp rats, known as demonrats to me. The system is broken, PERIOD, for these two to be charged with this many counts is abuse of power by CA AG, and he too should be drained from this swamp of corrupt government we have seen come to the surface over past decade. WAKE UP AMERICA

  47. computerjockey says

    The prosecutors have already said they plan to refile charges….

  48. real talk 1 says

    In the end they all lose America will have it’s day and there will be know stopping her !!

  49. teachersaide says

    For those of you who are NOT aware of this, California is one of the few states that will NOT publish the number of abortions they perform every year, and it’s been that way for at least 5 YEARS!

    1. AntiGOP says

      teachersaide • 17 hours ago
      >>>>California is one of the few states that will NOT publish the number of abortions they perform every year

      WHO THE FUCK CARES !!!!!!

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