Black Lives Matter, Not Paris


Upset that ISIS stole the spotlight away from their meaningless university protests, Black Lives Matter supporters took to social media in force over the weekend with a fancy new hashtag: #FuckParis. That hashtag and others were picked up with the zeal you only find amongst radicals, Islamic or otherwise. Some of the more disturbing tweets:

You really expect us to support a Country that still taxes Afrika for Colonial expansionism? Yeah, #FuckParis

It is illegal for a woman to cover her face in France……#fuckparis

#FuckParis those same motherfuckers wouldn’t give a fuck about these racist white boys over here terrorizing Black folks

If you a black celebrity and you send #Prayers4Paris yo ass should be shot. #fuckparis

And on and on.

It really makes you want to go out and march the next time one of their silly rallies comes to your neck of the woods, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to align themselves with a group full of this much hate, this much selfishness, and so much bitter rage that they can’t even mourn the deaths of their fellow human beings?

There has been some squawking done by certain liberals about how conservatives should stop characterizing Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. It should be clear, they say, that there is a big distinction between what they are doing and what ISIS is doing.

Is there, though?

Is there a big distinction between murdering police officers and murdering people at a concert? Or is the distinction in magnitude alone? Can we call BLM a mini-terrorist group? The JV team, if you will? The thing about that is…JV teams eventually turn varsity. As we’ve seen.

ISIS and Black Lives Matter may not occupy the same strata when it comes to terror, but they are more similar than they are different. Both of them follow a system of beliefs that lie outside that greatest of human capacities: the ability to use reason and rationality. They are fueled by pure emotion and propaganda, and they find followers of the exact same type. Followers who are looking for something external to make them happy. They aren’t willing to do the hard work of earning happiness, so they look for someone else to blame. And, if these tweets are anything to go by, both groups seem to be blaming the same entity; i.e., everyone who isn’t them.

Unlike ISIS, Black Lives Matter is still considered a worthy, sympathetic cause by millions of Americans. That will change. As sure as the day is long, that will change. When their efforts move away from being merely annoying and into the realm of being truly horrific, it will change. And it will happen. When you’ve decided that you cannot be happy unless you have everything you want, just the way you want it, eventually something’s going to give because the world just doesn’t work like that.

And when these things give, they make a hell of a mess.

  1. MAHB001 says

    As Glenn Beck pointed out… The agenda matters…

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  2. MAHB001 says

    If you think about it, kids these days are not taught how to logic things out. They are also taught that the ends justify the means, to lying is ok. So they are not able to come to a logical conclusion and they are willing to lie about it…

    What a waste.

  3. Russ says

    BS. You black pricks deserve a double tap to your ugly skulls!!

    1. runing says


      1. Russ says

        if you are going to try and insult me at least try and learn to SPELL!! K?? oh and btw screw you!!

        1. runing says


          1. Russ says

            you really make absolutely no sense. Please try and put a sentence together that isn’t
            unintelligible. btw, your caps lock is on. you sound like typical libtard hypocrite with your own foul mouth!!

          2. runing says


    2. Conservative says

      These are the selfish youth that are prime to be recruited by all the ISIS youth Obama is calling ‘refugees. They are bitter against the U.S. and anything that does not support their asinine agenda and they are vulnerable to join any rebellious enemy of the U.S. and our way of life. I should say our ‘way or life’ before Obama showed his true radical Islamist ties as well as being involved in the Muslim Brotherhood, filling his Administration with Muslims, supporting illegal aliens over our veterans and denying our right to practice our Christianity. Muslims certainly want no part of Christianity.

  4. CCblogging says

    Does anyone wonder why the leaders of the western world are pushing for the suicide of the western world by importing these murderous human impersonators? . This post explains their motive and their sinister agenda.The Globalist/Elitist powers aka our leaders Example: Barack Obama, have intentionally inflicted this mass Muslim invasion on the western world by turning the middle east into a greater hell. The leaders of America and the EU have destroyed stable regimes in the ME and created the vacuum now filled by IS. This instability is causing the Muslim exodus, some are coming to escape & many are coming to kill. Why are the Globalists doing this to us? To cause civil upheaval and fighting. Why? They want a reason to step in and declare Martial Law thus seizing total control of our populace.Then their wet dream of a UN world government can be shoved down everyone’s throat. BTW, UN Agenda 2030 is to be fully implemented in just 15 years.It destroys all nation’s borders, all American law. Our US Constitution will be worthless paper under this UN world government. Educate yourself on this very real threat to our freedoms!

    1. Kurt Hanssen says

      You are so corekt.

  5. Patriot068 says

    BLM.are SCUM!# they hijacked a hoorable movement and are NO BETTER THAN ISIS!! RACIST ASSHOLES!!! THIS attack wasn’t even aimed at them but they still have to inject their racist hate#!!!: I hope when ISIS does finally hit it against the DIRTBAGS who belong to this.BLM organization and see how long it takes Cops to respond or REFUSE TO RESPOND to protect people calling for the outright MURDER OF COPS

  6. Niko says

    Wake up everyone , in the grand scheme of things and living , it goes without saying “no lives matter” you live your life ,you do your best ,then you die.

    1. jeannemartin says

      They must have brain washed you to make such a dumb statement!
      All lives matter! When the BLM group realize they are not the be all and end all of the universe and that Obama is not the king of the world, maybe we can all live together civilly and defeat our real enemy, ISIS.
      Your life matters because you do your best as do most of us.
      We all matter and can all contribute to the welfare of our country!
      Don’t ever sell yourself short!

  7. Sandy says

    This is what happens when you give a lot of media attention to people like this group. They feel entitled to our attention, respect, and sympathy, when all that they are earning is our shame and disgust with their selfishness and demands of entitlement. Others have it rough too, but you don’t hear everyone else putting up so much of a stink. Most of us want to live in peace and not churn up the past over and over again to gain attention. It’s time to move on folks.

    1. Thomas R Bunnell says

      they are useless NIGGERS that’s why.

      1. runing says

        I AGREE

    2. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

      They need to block media from terrorist attacks and the mass shootings. All it does is spread hate. Of course people ban together also, but reporting it after the fact doesn’t accomplish anything life saving. We need media to help us ban together for good, but giving recognition to killings just gives others ideas that also hate.

      BLOCK NEGATIVE MEDIA! Spread positive, life saving good deed news to help promote love.

      1. kotoc says

        I wholeheartedly agree, Michelle!!! The main problem is, the media doesn’t get attention unless it’s a scandal, murder, rioting, chaos, politics, etc., etc. … THAT’S the problem. Nice things, like saving animals from abuse or neglect to place them in a loving home, or organized groups of people banding together to clean up a slum neighborhood doesn’t have the hype they need to generate $$$.

  8. MILES E DRAKE says

    Where is General Phil Sheridan when we need him?

    1. Thomas R Bunnell says

      where is the KKK when you need them??

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Dead and gone, Thank the good Lord!!!!

        1. Thomas R Bunnell says

          never had these problems when they were around

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Where they during the Watts riots?
            Hiding under their bedsheets and bed!!!!
            Cowards the lot of them.
            You must be gay
            If you belong to the KKK
            “Boy! You got a pretty mouth” said the inbred homosexual klansman

          2. Thomas R Bunnell says

            where were you during the watts riot ?? hiding like the coward I think you are, mother fucker. me I was standing in line with other troops. while your NIGGERS friends were throwing every thing they had at us, piece of fucking shit, do your self a favor, do not reply back to me

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Ooooops, I just did………

        2. Thomas R Bunnell says

          you are a fucking asshole, its assholes like you who cuddle the useless niggers

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Your a chickenShit wanting the Klan to fight for you. Let’s introduce a white hate group w/a black hate group. What kind of logic is that? If BLM was all that bad, were are the police? They showed up in Watts, Selma, Ferguson. The KKK did not show. Where do you inbred people come from? LA, or Lower Alabama?
            Grab a bed sheet, Bubba, and a few PBRs. Help will be along shortly.

  9. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

    they are nothing but sewage swill like the filth in our wh

  10. Gunflint Roseberg says

    When will they start holding up signs all lives matter ? Until then, screw all black thugs. And news for all those black radicals…Odumba is only black when he can use you to stir the pot. Wake up.

    1. bayman61 says

      First they have to prove that black lives actually matter to them by stopping all of the blacks killing blacks that happens every single day.

      1. Glenn H says

        As long as they are killing each other I’m good with it, the more the merrier!

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says

          With all the different ethnic groups we have in America, This group is the only one that cannot seem to fit in ? Why is that ?

          1. Glenn H says

            Just look at Africa; If it weren’t for the British occupying them they would still only have mud huts to live in!
            I don’t think it was ever in nature’s plan for the negro to be assimilated into other cultures, they can’t compete!

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Except in professional sports, we dominate the whites. Y’all can’t keep up!!
            With the exception of NASCAR and Hockey, most white people will follow a almost all black sports team, why? Most white people aren’t that athletic to make the team.

          3. Glenn H says

            Mark you are absolutely correct, but the same skills you need to excel at most sports are also the ones that your ancestors developed to survive in your home country!
            You see it was necessary to run very fast and jump high to escape lions and leopards and such, even the neighboring village when they decided it was easier to eat your ass than catch game!
            I wouldn’t trade my skill set for the ability to bounce a basketball or make it as a wide receiver, you see I can build stuff and provide for my family in the real world!

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Didn’t they have bears and wolves in Europe? They eat people too.
            I think Asia has tigers too. They aren’t that athletic.
            Here’s something that has puzzled me for years.
            Black attracts light and heat
            White kind of repels it.
            Why did the black folks end up in Africa? A hot climate
            And the White folks ended up in the colder climates?
            I’ve always thought is should of been the other way around.

          5. Glenn H says

            Mark you got me again,except for the tigers; They are why kung-foo was invented, haven’t you watched those old movies where a little China Man can jump into the air, kick someone three or four times in the head and magically land 40 feet away!
            There is no tiger on earth that can handle that shit!
            As for the bears and wolves, I guess I’ll have to think on that a little while!

          6. Mark Clemens says

            If you think about our natural place on the food chain, humans make EZ prey. We have no real claws, teeth, poison glands, nothing for a good offence or defense. Sharks think we are tasty too…….

          7. Mark Clemens says

            What is your vocation? I was an Explosive Engineer. Then I started playing bass in bars. Now I rent my self out for session work. I’ve also been on 7 major US tours, and 4 in Europe. Wish I could tag along to Australia or Japan with someone……….

          8. Glenn H says

            Mark, what I thought started out as some kind of argument has in fact turned into a pleasing debate which I have really enjoyed!
            I was a ornamental metal fabricator, My work can be seen in the Battle House Hotel in Mobile Alabama,(bronze handrails) in Houston Texas,(1910 Court House restoration), handrails,(nickle silver) replacement window bars for the lower floor that was originally the jail and many other less notable projects there!
            The Statehouse in Topeka Kansas where we built several ornate stair wells with very intricate railing and several other less notable projects such as water jet aluminum grills that were used to cover openings inside the building!
            Me and a friend built and installed the new entrance way to the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC, I was especially proud of that!
            Then I led the group that consisted of me and my son Joseph as we built all the bird resistant grills that protect the capitol dome in Washington DC, I also designed and built the odd corner brackets that allowed our company to repair the capitol dome from years of neglect!
            I have extensive work down in South America at the largest sugar plantation in the world, it is of all things four subway entrance ways, all aluminum and glass!
            I miss my work but my feet gave out and my heart began to have problems and so I am now disabled, after several surgery’s and more than a few stays in the hospital I was advised to just stay home but after more than 40 years of productivity this isn’t a life I would wish on anyone!
            I now feel somewhat useless!

    2. tubesaft says

      Black lives matter unless they do the taking like in Baltimore, Chicago, etc. White lives only matter while they feed, house, educate, employ blacks. If they are so smart let’s do away with affirmative action and need to pass the same tests without a bell curve.
      Learn to smile.

    3. Conservative says

      Don’t just blame it on the black thugs. It looks like an equal number of white thug youth are joining them in this movement. I guess they feel guilty that they had white parents who raised them. “Just too much ‘white privilege’ for them to handle.

      1. John Norton says

        no they get payed to be there

      2. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Hummmm… Do we call them thugs, white idiots, misguided twits, or kids with more money
        & time than brains. Were always going to saddled with Left Wing Nuts. Whether there’s a cause or not. Remember G I Jane…? I have not forgotten..

      3. Mark Lahti says

        No. They are just to lazy, drugged, and stupid to have an identity of their own. If you look around they have nothing of their own to identify with. They have no style, music, opinions of their own. They dress like the blacks even down to the dropping of their pants to show off their boxers. Their music is that of the black ignorant rapping bs where they denagrate women, authority, police, society, and everything else. They have lost their identity to the black mentality. It is unfortunate but there you have it. So to see them lining up with the blacks in their hate filled protests of anything they don’t like is not such a stretch. Ask them what they are doing there and you will not get a coherent answer. Hell, ask any of them anything about what their real cause is and you won’t get an intelligent response. It is all so insane that they are caught up in the insanity to the point that they don’t know why they do what they do but that it is something they think is necessary. Even if they can’t articulate it.

  11. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    These low intellect college students are demonstrating that regardless of the propaganda….ahhh…education they’re getting, they’re still mental midgets.

    1. Gunflint Roseberg says

      AGAIN they want to lower the college test standards, again American intelligence loses..

      1. CJOD says

        Education standards can’t get much lower.. US was producing a dumb-down system in the 60’s .. if US education was better these ppl would have learned how to SPEAK English, construct better sentences and use better grammar.. but NO they doos the wuz matr and curse to get attention… if they new how to properly discuss issues and listen to opinions and views of others .. then they MAY be taken seriously… but not at this level… Home schooled first graders have a better chance of a good job when they are 17 without college than these people

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says


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        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          People?..Entitled slobs.

      2. tinkerunique says

        It starts with “Common Core” in grade school – a government indoctrination program.

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says

          Sorry..Do not agree…It starts at HOME….Differences between Right & Wrong, Good & Evil are started at HOME. . Common Core was a failure, the Government cannot take the place of a good Home foundation, which is the CORE of one’s being. We have rare cases of exception, but they are rare cases.

          1. tinkerunique says

            I was referring to public schooling. It is assumed that PROPER values should be taught at home – like it used to be. Social Manners were also taught in school (when I went to school). NOW, it seems to be “ME FIRST”.

          2. Gunflint Roseberg says


          3. Joyce Dixon says

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          4. Btty says

            Its both. Kids have to have a good foundation and start in life but when you hand them over to the government school system they are indoctrinated and common core is part of the dumping down process. We home school all four of our sons and their sat scores were leagues ahead of the kids in public schools. Our kids debated better and were socialized better. HOME SCHOOLING IS THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOUR KIDS.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
            along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
            Karl Marx

            Mr. Trump! Defund our univershitties and colleges. They are marxist indoctrination centers teaching hate towards America.

          6. Suze says

            public school curriculum has supported what is taught at home.

          7. Linda Spoon says

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        2. AKLady says

          The many lies told about Common Core border on insane. The point of the program was to insure everyone recieved agood education.

          Common core woild have been a blessing for my children. As a military family, we moved frequently, and lived in many parts of the country. We had no choice but to enroll our children in private school when we were transferred from Alaska to South Carolina. The South Carolina schools equated to being put back a full year. Luckily, our oldest child was old enough to take the GED and go on to college.

          1. Suze says

            There were some good things about Common Core, but too many liberal history rewrites and questionable ideologies perpetuated in the curriculum. Also even liberal teachers hated the test centered format which forced them to teach to the test.
            Fastest growing educational forums are group homeschooling using online formats. Even if parents work, there are teaching cds that are downright addictive for kids, get them involved early and just amazing for cognitive learning. This is where all the innovative educators have gone.

          2. Justice says

            Faith MUST come before knowledge. Character must come before knowledge. To educate a man beyond his character is to produce an educated fool (Romans 1:22, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”). To educate a man who lacks faith in God is to produce an educated heathen. The public school system produces educated fools. Young children who should be taught about God are instead brainwashed with Evolution and worldly philosophies. I call Evolution, Devilution, and for good reason (Hitler was a big fan of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species). Communism, Nazism, Godlessness and Evolution are all synonymous in ideologies. Welcome to the public school detention-camp.

        3. Suze says

          thank God Common Core on its way out. Same thing with liberal universities. the biggest deterrent is future employers don’t want to take a chance and hire an activist who can wreak havoc. So they check online before they let them step foot inside.
          It’s better to keep the anti Western Civilization set out on the street where we can see them.

      3. Jarhead says

        Lib’s find it difficult to study with massive thick colon mucus covering brain/eyes/ears…..

      4. bayman61 says

        Why should the standards be lowered? Because they are too stupid to pass the test. How much more proof does anyone need? Those test are NOT made so blacks cannot pass them to keep them out. How in hell can that be done. I want some blacks to come on here and explain this to me. How do you make a test too hard for a black to pass? Come on, lets hear it. You are claiming that, now explain how it is done. NONE of you can answer this, NONE of you. I rest my case.

        1. kotoc says

          Actually, there are MANY black people who could pass, but they’re scattered all over the U.S. in small numbers in every location. The problem isn’t their skin color, it’s their willingness to feel that “entitlement” brought about by the guilt of what happened before the people living today had anything to do with even before their own grandparents were either born here or immigrated here… It’s for that reason alone that also empowered the election of who we now have as a President. Skin color.

      5. Marie Enloe says

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      6. bayman61 says

        This is why there are so many people having trouble dealing with agency’s that hire blacks. The blacks are too stupid to know what the hell they are doing. Like I did when applying for medical insurance through my state. Every single time I called, a different black woman answered the phone and there was trouble with my wife’s application and they had no idea what the problem was. One even told me the problem was that she had recently became a U.S. citizen. That she had to wait 5 years to get benefits after becoming a citizen. Which is a lie. You are automatically eligible for benefits when becoming a citizen. Can you believe that someone that stupid was working for a state agency? All of them sounded like they had just walked in off the street corner with their heavy ghetto accents. Most of them, I could not understand a word they were saying. One time I asked for their supervisor, and the woman told me the supervisor did not want to talk to me. Needless to say I was pissed so I wrote an email to the agency, complaining and within 15 minutes someone called me asking if there was a problem and I told them what I was going through with the people they had working for them. The woman who called me took care of my application and it went right through. This was after 6 months of dealing with these idiots on the phone. NONE of them knew what to do. And every single one of them were black. Idiots who are given their diploma just because someone thought it would help them through life. Whether they earned it or not. Ask you kids if there was anyone who graduated, that the rest of the class could not believe they actually did. Then ask them what race they are. I have dealt with blacks who could not spell and could hardly even write. But they did have a diploma. Question is, HOW did they get it? Affirmative Action. Another ignorant government program.

        1. kotoc says

          Purely because of guilt feelings of the white community. Trying to make it up to black people for so many years of their ancestors being slaves, picking cotton, by the white ancestors whom WE never even knew either.

        2. rolex1965 says

          I agree. My niece who is 8 years old came home and told her dad ” those ppl aren’t very smart and they ACT different. Their genes are not like regular ppl. Their I.Q average is under 70. Most can’t speak intelligent English. Most are LAZY.

          TRUMP 2016.

    2. bayman61 says

      It’s in their genes. Inhabitants of Africa did not evolve along with the rest of the world. Africans were content with sitting on their butt till they got hungry and then hunted their food, went back, the women cooked it and they sat on their butts again until they got hungry and repeated it all over again. Meanwhile the rest of the World studied and improved their minds.That’s why today they have such trouble taking tests that other races take and pass and the blacks fail. And to beat it all, they say the tests are made too hard for a black to pass. I would like for them to explain that one. That statement is just another example of their stupidity. Those blacks that go to college, the majority of them have not earned the right to go there, they are allowed to go just because of their color. They are allowed to go to college under the idea that it will improve their self esteem and it will help them make it through life. That it will improve their quality of life. Other races have to pass exams to make it into college. This affirmative action program is a failure. The blacks are proof of it.

      1. glenn398 says

        Wrong test as it needs to be on selling drugs, getting on welfare, best breeding program for more government benefits, how to cry poor me properly and where do I sell my food stamps so can buy drugs.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          If white people would quit buying drugs, we would have nobody to sell them to. Every fool knows the government does not give out food stamps any more. You might need to be the first to sign up for the class. Because people who stereotype, have no class. I don’t think all white people are as ignorant as you.
          Bet you racist white people wish your forefathers would of picked their own cotton, instead of kidnapping us from Africa to do their work. Now the whole nation is paying a 150 year old tab…….
          Ain’t life ironic?

          1. kotoc says

            If you would rather be living in Africa, then why are you still here?

          2. Mark Clemens says

            I was born here, made a successful life, and am enjoying my part time retirement /music career. My 3xGreatgrandfather was kidnapped somewhere in Africa, and shipped over here, to work till he died.
            Why are you here?

          3. kotoc says

            I was born here. I choose to stay here, but I’m not out screaming, looting, and rioting for WHITE rights or demanding privileges that I never earned. Do you really want to continue with this thread? You will lose in the end. I can keep on posting FACTS here if you like. If I were to say it’s time for an all-white Miss America (there is, of course a Miss Black America) you would call me a racist. If the United Negro College Fund were paralleled with a United White College Fund…. hello? RACIST!!

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Lay it on me!!!!!
            I reckon the media thinks black chicks are hotter.
            Why don’t YOU start a Miss White USA.
            The reason there is no United Caucasian College Fund, is because white people don’t care as much for white people. Nothing is stopping y’all from creating a white college fund.
            B4 you waist your time on racial job quotas, I’m sure we are in agreement there. It is unfair for the whites. Then again, whites made the law……

          5. Mark Lahti says

            As far as the UNCF goes I have always supported their motto “a mind is a terrible thing” when it is a black mind.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Let’s just look at the bright side.
            Almost all presidential candidates are promising free college to everyone.
            So we won’t need college funds anymore.
            By the way, any mind is a terrible thing to waist……is it not?

          7. kotoc says

            Waste. Not “waist”…..

          8. kotoc says

            The word is “waste”, not waist. My waist is in the middle of my torso. Or didn’t your education teach you how to spell? And tell me again who makes the laws, when it’s perfectly clear who is IN THE WHITE HOUSE??? We’re talking about someone who thinks he owns the entire world here, and you seem to think you are the one with the power because you’re black and worked a long time for a living??

          9. glenn398 says

            kotoc you are wasting your time with Mark as am sure he is just another black taking all he can get free and will never amount to nothing. Facts get in the way of these people so don’t waste your time.

          10. kotoc says

            Yes, I know. Thanks. I intend to do exactly that. …. Ignore him.

          11. glenn398 says

            So they are on a debit card system or whatever you want to call it, big deal as since have never been on the government dole probably unlike you don’t know all the systems. Yes we do wish we picked our own cotton because if we knew the future cost of turning you free would result in huge welfare costs, burning our cities, over crowding our prisons, huge ghetto building, criminal activities, breeding like rats and just basically worthless to society. You have proved your total lack of intelligence as if blacks had any Africa would be an example to follow instead of the total disaster it is. Lack in intelligence can’t be quoted by a black to a white as you people have proven you are first in that area. You are even last in high school graduation even against illegals that come here not even knowing our language. Of course some of the language you speak sometimes wonder what you are even saying or in what language, oh I know it is Ebonics.

          12. Mark Lahti says

            I’ll agree with all of that. Was going to post but you said a mouthful for the time being. He won’t give up of course but I’ll wait for a better chance to slap him up side his burry head.

          13. Mark Clemens says

            What did y’all expect after 150 years of oppression,
            “Thank you for the kidnapping, boat ride, and work?”
            Please Louise!!!!!!

          14. kotoc says

            Do yourself (and the people of the U.S.) a big favor and take that boat ride back to Africa, where we’re sure you will be much happier. You keep talking about it… hey, why not? You apparently don’t think you belong here, nor were your ancestors…. ok…. bye bye!!

          15. roy paul shields says

            Kotoc; A very to the point honest great post. Thank you.

          16. Mark Clemens says

            Are you crazy?
            Only a fool would move from here to Africa.
            Africa has been exploited, also I like law and order. This appears to be the last place with it..
            Y’all had it all……..Then gave the farm away. God Bless LBJ and the hippies of the USA!!!!

          17. worn out 123 says

            Absolutely the worst president of my lifetime. If it had been legal LBJ is the only person on this earth I would ever gladly have shot right between the dullard’s eyes.

          18. Mark Clemens says

            That’s what him or Castro did to JFK.
            Just think, if you would of killed LBJ you might of stopped all this nonsense.
            The Media would of crucified you, the government would of killed you, but there would of been no Vet Nam (60,000 lives saved), War On Poverty never would of happened.
            Yes Sir, you would of been an unsung hero.

          19. l.bell says

            2nd worst president.

          20. Margaret Dillon says

            Cater was worse than LBJ and we have one now that is worse than he was.

          21. Suze says

            Correct, second worst president. But he is being exposed, while LBJ still had enough professionalism around him to “dignify” this socialist/communist cancer. We are coming to a crisis here in America and in Europe where we must decide whether we truly desire to sustain Western Civilization verses the totalitarian caliphates. They get a foot in the door by exploiting our own liberties and minorities in order to bully and then oppress and then to overturn. It feels to me like the tables are turning again. I think we are witnessing the mask being pulled back.

          22. Jarhead says

            But LBJ was a great extortionist/crook and elected to the Senate only through FRAUD/DEAD VOTERS/ & CROOKED VOTE COUNTERS.

          23. kotoc says

            He’s ALSO the President that sent OUR troops to Viet Nam!! Oooh… here’s another little gem… remember “Hanoi Jane?” (Jane Fonda…. but of course you remember THAT little traitor…) We have LBJ to thank for that.

          24. OSAMA OBAMA says

            John “Band Aid” Kerry…..
            Kerry Protested Vietnam With ‘Hanoi’ Jane and ‘Radical’ Ramsey Clark

            On the campaign trail, presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry regularly
            boasts about his Vietnam War combat experience, which earned him three
            purple hearts, plus the silver and bronze stars.
            But the Massachusetts Democrat doesn’t much discuss what he did after
            returning home, when he became a much-celebrated organizer for one of
            America’s most radical anti-war groups and rubbed shoulders with the
            likes of ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey

          25. Suze says

            Have courage. The hippies, as you might recall, had some rebellious children who weren’t as enamored with their commune parents lifestyles and became the yuppies of Reagan, ushering in twenty years of a strong economy and conservative capitalism that benefited everyone. Racism was on its way out until the pendulum swung the other way again, which it always does, and we started to feel safe again, too much free time, and the commies gave it another go. But the revolt is from the right again, across the globe. History is the surest predictor. Many here in this country wouldn’t know this since the liberal public school teaches a redacted perspective. But all of that is changing.

          26. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Well done!!

          27. Suze says

            Can you feel the shifting right? To me it feels like an ocean wave that has all this strength at first pulling everything with it, all this debris… onto the shore, and it looks like that’s the way it’s going to be, but at that very moment another pull is already coming from underneath and it’s just as strong a force, no stopping it.

          28. Mark Clemens says

            The hippies lowered the social bar. Before the 1960s blacks were trying to live like the whites. Then the hippies started living like the blacks did in the 1920s. No social structure, broken families, slacking in education, poor housing conditions. Look how young white girls Tweet. Pure ghetto. Not everyone in the projects is black any more. There are just as many trashy white girls as trashy black ones. Why? Because they are like our culture.
            Be careful one of your relatives might try it. One of my granddaughters is married to a white boy. Once you go black, you never go back……….

          29. OSAMA OBAMA says

            L.B.J ??? “”I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for two-hundred years”-LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON

          30. Mark Clemens says

            Here’s a question to counter LBJ.
            What will the republicans do to get a majority of blacks to vote republican?
            LBJ did succeed………so far

          31. bayman61 says

            Plus they would not get welfare in Africa. That’s why African want to come to America. To take advantage of our system and sit on their azz like they do in Africa.

          32. kotoc says

            I agree with the “law and order” statement… you sure do have that right. (And I NEVER did like LBJ, or the fact that he made our troops fight in Viet Nam when we should have kept our noses out of it.) I was a child back in the ’60’s and had no comprehension of politics, or the reasons for any kind of war. World affairs are as confusing now as they always have been for me, which is why I would never have the desire to be a politician… no matter HOW much money they make.

          33. bayman61 says

            The people in Africa do not want the blacks that live in America to live in their country. There is no ” My brother” in Africa for black Americans. These blacks here are American, not African, like they claim. The Africans laugh at them when they say that. If they go to Africa and start calling them “brother” they will get humiliated and most likely their azz whipped.

          34. kotoc says

            That’s really sad. I’m sorry to hear that. I suppose racism exists even within one’s own race? Damn! I apologize.

          35. Dolores Wieland says

            African blacks are definitely a much better caliber than our American blacks. Met some on my travels overseas…….The ones I met are really likeable, work hard, non racist, and educated enough to have a decent discussion with

          36. glenn398 says

            There was a book written several years ago by a black professor who thought the U.S. was bad for blacks they way they were treated. So he left the U.S. and traveled back to his homeland in Africa. The last point of his book was thank God my parents were slaves and I ended up in the U.S. Guess once he travel thru his homeland it opened his eyes as just how bad it was in Africa compared to the U.S.

          37. kotoc says

            Don’t waste your time trying to argue with Mark Clemens… he just likes to make people angry and defensive. For some strange reason, we seem to be the targets of Liberals who have nothing better to do than to rile people struggling to make sense of why our country seems to be in a cesspool of corruption, lies, immorality and senselessness…. because it’s run by a bunch of greedy politicians that give OUR tax dollars to them in exchange for their votes.

          38. glenn398 says

            He talks like picking cotton was a real challenge but if those people had any brains back then they would have realized a monkey could have been trained to do such a simple job.

          39. kotoc says

            He should thank his lucky stars to have been given the opportunity to be a natural-born citizen of the U.S. No matter how much, throughout history, there have been people who have been slaves and did countless hours per day working for masters who weren’t always good to them… (remember Moses and the book of Exodus in the Bible?) we have done, as a nation, FAR more to further the interests of black people here in the U.S. over the past 70+ years than any other country would have.

          40. glenn398 says

            There was a book written by a black professor a few years ago and he was upset on the way blacks were treated in the U.S. as he saw it. So he decided to go back to his homeland where he thought he belonged. The last quote in his book when he returned to the U.S. was thank God my parents were slaves and I ended up being born in the U.S.

          41. Mark Clemens says

            Then y’all would have a ape problem.
            They made a series of movies about in the late 60s.
            Are you soooooo lazy, you want monkeys to do your work?

          42. glenn398 says

            No we wouldn’t as we can control as I said monkeys not ape’s both in breeding and how many we would need and they can’t vote. Guess you are talking about those stupid movies where the ape’s took over.

          43. Mark Clemens says

            Do you even know what made processing cotton a long drawn out task?
            The task was obviously to much for the plantation owners, or they wouldn’t of paid for kidnapping and importing slaves to do the work.
            Speaking of monkey brains. Have you watched the 1960s Planet of the Apes lately? Watch it, the Apes represent Muslim. The Orangutans even quote the Koran. They substitute the word CHRISTIAN for HUMAN. They show their prejudice hate towards humans, like the modern day Muslims do toward middle east christians today.
            You Smell Like a Human
            And think like a monkey………….

          44. glenn398 says

            It would be hard for one person to run a plantation so yes he would need many slaves. As far as those movies of plant of the apes wouldn’t waste my time watching such trash.

          45. Mark Clemens says

            Why would the plantation owner not heir local people to work the land?
            Owning a slave was a rich man’s game. For the price of one slave, the plantation owner could of hired a few dozen people to do the work. White people run from hard work.
            Here’s a true but funny fact.

            Around Green Cove Springs Florida in the late 17th century, some white dude from Philadelphia was going to start a plantation. Somewhere along the way he bought 6 slaves, and thought they would clear 50 acres in one years time plus build shelters. Well, they got 5 acres cleared. No shelters were ever built.
            Mr. Philadelphia freed his slaves and went home…….

          46. glenn398 says

            Back in those times there really wasn’t a lot of local people to hire and aside from plantations in the south a lot of people in the country were trying to start their own small farm and get a land grant.

          47. Mark Clemens says

            Say it isn’t so!!!!!!
            White People were looking for a government hand out????
            I reckon one could say, they were the first people to receive government assistance. An independent person would of just bought the land, from another land owner.
            You said it, not me. White People started government hand outs.

          48. glenn398 says

            Try to not twist what I am saying as the government in order to settle the west gave out land grants. It came with regulations that had to be followed in order to keep the land. Your so called handouts come with no such restrictions.

          49. Mark Clemens says

            As you pointed out, whites have no loyalty to anything but personal gain.
            You know a lot of you have brought it up, the blacks were sold by other blacks.
            Now your own kind is selling you out for political gain. So in my eyes whites will sell out their whole culture for personal gain. Just as quick as the black slavers sold individuals for personal gain.
            About the welfare, if someone throws free money, food, housing at you. One would be a fool not to take it. Not to mention the person who excelled the welfare state, was a white man (LBJ).

          50. bayman61 says

            Kidnapping? More proof of your stupidity. The blacks in Africa sold those blacks to the white man. NO ONE was kidnapped. Stop watching movies that have no research. Plus, where would you be living if it was not for slavery? In a grass hut with a dirt floor, hiding from someone who wants to cut your arms off?

          51. Mark Clemens says

            You are the stupid one. You had to wait until another racist posted that statement. I doubt you could out score a 12 year old hoodrat.
            If no Africans were kidnapped, how did we get here? Free Boat rides?
            How do you know I would be living in a grass hut?
            You must have ESP
            You make the rest of the white people look stupid……

          52. Frank Mondana says

            Really? Your argument might carry more weight if you could get through at least 1 sentence without gross errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

            For a visual, imagine someone ranting to a 4th grade class about sexual devients and the downfall of America due to sex…
            …..while jacking off and blasting the kids up front is the exact same thing as ranting about a stupid race without any ability to write.

          53. glenn398 says

            Is that the best you can come up with? Jacking of, kind of shows your intelligence.

          54. nauseateme says

            Wow! I cannot up your post in any way!

          55. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I just did asshole!

          56. nauseateme says

            Where? I hear you are known as “The Turd”. Why is that?

          57. IMSweetOlBob says

            Another repetitious repeating of a lie. White people did not kidnap anyone. Your fellow blacks did that and sold them to Arabs who sold them again. Slavery was wrong then, and it is wrong, as practiced by the muslims today.
            Slavery was outlawed in the South but not in the North as a political move. People who never owned slaves and are abhorrent of the practice owe you, who were never slaves, nothing.
            If it hadn’t been for slavery, however despicable it was, where would you be today ? It’s time you faced the fact that there are more racist bigots who are black than there are who are white.
            Most white children,as were mine, were taught that blacks deserved respect and were equal. If succeeding generations feel differently, and are afraid or intolerant of Blacks, it’s because of people like Sharpton have taught them to be.
            That’s the truth and the truth is not Pee Cee.

          58. kotoc says

            Absolutely true. Why doesn’t he see it, and claims to be educated?

          59. Mark Clemens says

            Mark Lahti says I’m educated, I’ve never made that claim.

          60. Suze says

            No, you certainly have not made that claim.

          61. Mark Clemens says

            It’s called SUPPLY and DEMAND
            If their would of been no US market, their would of been no kidnapping by blacks, or Arabs You kind of overlooked 90% of slave ships were owned by Europeans (white folks) 100% of the buyers were white plantation owners.
            If you buy something immoral or illegal, your money makes you just as dirty as the people actually doing the deed. Kind of like sending money to ISIS. The person might not shoot the gun to kill, but they bought the gun and bullets for someone else to do the dirty work…….

          62. l.bell says

            Wrong 28% of slave owners were black . They used their slaves in the textile industry and general labor. Look it up its all in the library of congress.

          63. Mark Clemens says

            White people made terrible slaves.
            That’s why there were only 28% black slave owners. The white slaves made them broke.
            Also the Muslims use to raid the British and Spanish coast for white slaves to sell in Syria and Egypt. But the white slaves were such poor workers, the Muslims moved operations to Africa. We are in much better physical shape than the whites.
            Look at sports, with the exception of NASCAR and Hocky. We dominate in every physical sport. Why? Because we are made for endurance.

          64. l.bell says

            So you are saying that we should work you to death as slaves. Roger that confirmed.

          65. Mark Clemens says

            Good luck with that!!
            I’m 75, you won’t get much out of me. Spend your money on a strong young buck, and a hot chick. Hell I don’t think I’d fetch fifty cents in my shape.
            But what ever you do don’t buy white slaves if you’re growing tobacco. They will smoke your crop up. George Washington had this problem one season, after the war. He had to “Put them down” Vowed to never buy a white slave again. Naturally George Washington being who he was. The rest of the slave owners followed suit. Put their white slaves down, and stick with the black ones……

          66. Suze says

            White slaves could run away and blend in with the populace.

          67. Mark Clemens says

            Do like the Romans did, brand them.
            The Romans (white people) enslaved all survivors who resisted them. Regardless of race.

          68. Suze says

            What kind of branding? It’s very eerie even to think about.

          69. Mark Clemens says

            Dealing in humans as a commodity is erie in its self.
            How about a big S on their forehead? Just like a cow.

          70. Suze says

            Voting for a government which enables dependency is a slave mentality.

          71. Suze says

            well, all righty then. Now is the time each person will have the opportunity to demonstrate how really self reliant they are, how solid their relationships are with people they can trust (which is NOT the government), how many skills they have developed. The real stuff.
            It is going to demand more than physical strength, and sadly so many minorities who have become even more dependent by this nanny government are in terrible shape on every level.

          72. Suze says

            well, I guess you can only regurgitate what you have been indoctrinated by. You hate Americans and whites, that’s for sure, and we cannot expect any reasonable discourse from an uneducated tool.

          73. Mark Lahti says

            Another good reply to the N who refuses to grow up and appreciate the good life he claims to have earned without any help. Ya like that’s gonna happen.

          74. Mark Clemens says

            The word has 5 more letters. Let me help you.
            See there are 5 letters after the N.
            I can’t stand a racist with no balls, like you.
            There is a racist term for you DK
            Oh! You don’t know what a DK is, because I didn’t use all the letters.
            Dumb Kracker, and that’s Kracker w/a K.

          75. Mark Clemens says

            Hard to say. My mom’s family immigrated here around 1900 from Egypt.
            Maybe if my dad’s great great grandfather wouldn’t of been kidnapped. His family might of saved enough money for passage to America at a later time……..

          76. Mark Lahti says

            Here we go again. Like it’s all the white folks fault that all the little N’s are not the ones on the street corners selling their garbage to other little N’s. You gotta be one of the most vocal fools that can not or refuse to see the truth right in your face. Unless, of course, that you are content in the retelling of all the lies that you folks use to justify your pathetic little lives.

          77. Mark Clemens says

            It’s called SARCASM. One must have a sense of humor to get it.
            Also, are you to dumb to spell nigger? Or do you think just using the N doesn’t make you sound like a racist. Those little Ns are those children you Saved from abortion. I thought you loved all children…..
            Now buy a big bag of dope off my granddaughter before we burn your house down!!! (sarcasm, are you catching on yet?)

          78. justagramma says

            These attacks are short term gratification, leading to years of NEWLY ignited racism in young whites were it did not exist before. All students can detect anyone who was admitted to their colleges with deficient academic achievement. It is no secret, and it is almost impossible to fill that deficit while also keeping up with new classes. These students were promised something they can’t actually get without more accommodations. Other students, who are studying hard and have all their lives cannot respect those who have not earned their place. That includes Legacies.

          79. Suze says

            the universities which perpetuated these liberal policies are now reaping that harvest and will have to decide whether they will allow the tail to wag the dog. But ultimately, it all comes down to who is going to hire these activists? I mean, would you?
            So, these anti Western Civilization activists then protest these institutions as well. Until like in the seventies, those who created the real work force lose incentive for doing so, the parasites lost their “host” and by a landslide voted in Reagan.

          80. Joyce White says

            Mark Clemens,For your information, White Americans did not kidnap your ancestors . It was other black Africans and Arabs who initiated slave trade. In fact, warring African tribes often sold the defeated prisoners as slaves to other tribes. When the slave trade came to America plantation owners were quick to take advantage of the opportunity. But there is one thing you should realize. Many Black farmers also bought black slaves. It wasn’t just white folks.When the Civil War ended, all former slaves were given the opportunity to return to Africa if they so desired. Many went, but many chose to stay. I am pretty damned sure you never picked cotton in your life, so quit carrying them bales around. What was done was done. And it was a shame to humanity, but it is over. Get past it. Stop wallowing around in the “po’is’ me” pitty-party. Stop bitching and help your people make something of themselves besides protesters and rioters. You sound like an intelligent person. Try being a voice of reason instead of slamming “whitey”

          81. Mark Clemens says

            So buying us on the auction block in Savannah was ok?
            That is blood money.
            Do you have kids, siblings, parents?
            Here’s a little unknown statistic
            In the USA the two best places to get kidnapped are
            Phoenix Arizona
            El Passo Texas
            Tonight 10 people will be kidnapped from these cities. Taken to Mexico, for God knows what.
            I’m assuming you are white.
            What if your parents go to one of these cities for an anniversary.
            They meet a few white dudes who seems “Cool”
            The group has a few rounds of drinks
            Someone in the group “Mickeys” your parents drinks.
            Your parents wake up slaves in Columbia.
            Because they were originally kidnapped by white people,
            That makes their bondage ok? Or did they have it coming, for not paying attention? Or is this scenario just wrong?

          82. kotoc says

            You really need to check your spelling if you want to appear intelligent with your responses.

          83. Mark Clemens says

            I’ve got you for that. You don’t seem to have a job, so someone has to task you.
            Also, I’ve been doing it on purpose to agitate you, and a few other people. And it seems to be working!!!!!!
            You are so EZ to play. You have not really made any valid or invalid point today.
            Except for my grammar errors.
            Mrs. Howard, is that you?
            Do you still have that red pen?

          84. kotoc says

            How much are you being paid, troll?? Yes, you got a rise out of me today, but no more. From now on, I’ll ignore you. Bye bye!!

          85. Mark Clemens says

            Millions of Dollars, by the Ted Cruz campaign, we are weeding out the racist vote.
            Good knight!!!!!!!!
            Did you see the spelling error?

          86. Suze says

            You are the one being played here, how much time you put into your lengthy answers here and on other sites. What really gives you away is the same sentence structure to the same argument verbatim, some look cut and pasted.
            I mean if this is going to be your full time engagement you will need to get some fresher material little Markie boy.

          87. kotoc says

            I have LOTS of things to do, but for some reason I derive a bit of enjoyment in the “cut and pasted” information that I’ve gleaned from other sources and sites to prove to the trolls who get their jollies by posting nonsensical garbage here how foolish they are. Also, just FYI, I am not a “Markie boy.” I am a 56 year old woman.

          88. Suze says

            I apologize for mistaking you for the Mark Clemens poster. I also think it is worth reading other writings. A mistake, Kotoc.

          89. kotoc says

            No apology necessary, but accepted anyway… I am also sorry that I came off as being somewhat rude in my response. You make a LOT more sense than “Markie boy.” LOL!

          90. Suze says

            We’re good.

          91. justagramma says

            That was unnecessary, and stupid. Mark had a point. It is true. It is like a cheating spouse; it is never forgotten by the wife. Blacks (wife) are determined to make sure their kids never forget. It is their (her) revenge. Make sure the grandkids know what Granddad did, and “all men are like that”. It is the built-in excuse for failure. It is a treasured legacy passed on with determination, long after G-Grandpa is dead. Revenge is their legacy and it will destroy all of us, because the Dem Plantation, now under the control of International Socialists have tapped into that legacy, and are funding and organizing the energy of hate. BLM is being funded by the Soros Group.

          92. kotoc says

            You sound like someone who knows from experience what it’s like to have illegitimate children, and very bitter about it. Of course, you’re entitled to your “fair share”…. aren’t you??

          93. justagramma says

            I believe I was talking about how some women deal with a cheating spouse, not illegitimate children. Don’t know where you got that, but missing the main point is a problem Dems have.

            My point is many blacks TREASURE the resentment they have over their ancestors’ servitude. Funny sidebar: Some have found on “Who do you think you are?” that their ancestor OWNED slaves. There were a couple of thousand who did own slaves. They are stunned, but rally quickly, saying they had to in order to compete. Nimble excuse makers!

            White little kids are busy studying and expecting to take care of themselves and their own children someday. In another house, mama is telling her child how mistreated she and they are, and that nothing will work for them, and the gov. needs to give them more. We will never get past slavery.

          94. justagramma says

            It is as though most black mothers knit little shackles for their babies instead of soft booties. Instead of cute songs and riddles, they teach their own hate. White students are non-plus when their elementary school friends start to pull away and self segregate in high school. It is sad. As for the kids in the ghettos, they marinate in open hatred toward whites and Asians, AND when you marinate, you cannot get that flavor out.

          95. Roger K says

            The muslims and your own people sold you.

          96. Mark Clemens says

            No shit?
            So if people of your race (white I’m guessing) sell you to ISIS to be a sex slave, that makes it ok?
            Are all white people this stupid?

          97. kotoc says

            You seem to be determined to bring out the WORST in black people’s attitude. If I were you, I’d just shut the F up and learn a few FACTS about the current events before posting anymore.

          98. Mark Clemens says

            Well, I’m not you. Thank God!!!!
            What facts am I stating wrong?
            Oh, by the way. You’ve been on this all day. Don’t you have a job, or are you using an Obama Phone? Or do you goof off on the company dime?
            Hell I played on 3 different demos today. What have done today?
            Besides envy me????

          99. kotoc says


          100. Roger K says

            People of my race didn’t sell me so blacks better smartin up.

          101. Mark Clemens says

            I see you have troubles comprehending text.
            I never said anybody sold you, I asked “What if someone of your race sold you into bondage, would that be OK?”
            Seeing you dance around the subject like a politician, you must agree w/me. HUMAN TRAFFICKING is wrong. Regardless if you buy or kidnap.
            Here’s an FBI statistic
            Most people are kidnapped by people of their race……..

          102. Roger K says

            Ifn this or ifn that preposterous questions with no real real

            relevance. Thankfully, no o

          103. Roger K says

            If this or if that, crazy logic. No one in my race sold me. Muslims, Jews and blacks are eligible for this abomnination.

          104. Mark Clemens says

            Looking at your replies, you seem to be for slavery, if people kidnapping the victims are of the same race.
            It would be ironic if one of yours gets kidnapped.
            You think like a typical ISIS Man. Kidnap everyone who is not like me, mind set. You have a primitive mind, to live in such an advanced society.
            Are all white people as selfish as you??????
            “And Jesus wept”

          105. Roger K says

            What If is dancing around a subject matter.

          106. scott says

            fuk you liberal nigg-r dik sucker,if nigg-rs would quit selling drugs there wouldnt be any for anyone to buy would there dumb kweer fuk and nigg-rs are 95% of the crime rate as-hole not whites or anyone else.

          107. Mark Clemens says

            Say what????
            You wanna suck a big thick black dick? I’m sorry, I don’t swing that way, butt I know a few rappers who do. So you wanna be a player? They will play w/you.
            They say I can’t spell, you can’t even spell nigger or fuck properly. Shows lack of balls, and stupidity on your part. Can you not read a public bathroom wall?
            You know most of the drug dealers I see here in Nashville are homeless white people standing on street corners, pretending to sell news papers.
            Do you personally know any black drug dealers?
            I know 5 white ones.
            As captain Kirk once said
            “Scotty beam me up, there’s no intelligent life here”

          108. scott says

            go hang yourself retard even your mother hates you fagg-tand its a fact all you filthy nigg-rs are the drug dealers and criminal cock roachs of america as- licker.your to dumb to tie your shoes or pull your pants up nigg-r.your scum of the earth.

          109. Mark Clemens says

            You know why all the Black dudes wear the saggy pants around you?
            Because they know you like to suck black dicks, so they ready for your cum drunk racist homo ass.
            Leroy say you are ladylike, and don’t spit!!!!
            You probably have more black children in your mouth and ass than 100 public housing complexes put together.Blow Boy.

          110. scott says

            only thing worse than being a nigg-r is being a kweer nigg-r.your the bottom of the pile loser.have fun in hell

          111. Mark Clemens says

            How do you know I’m going to hell? You might want to pick up a bible. Read First Timothy Chapter 1 versus 1-7 should do. God is probably frowning upon you right now.
            There is one thing worse than being black. Being you.
            I can feel your hate. It makes you weak and stupid. Free your mind, the rest will follow…………….Kracker

          112. scott says

            im right about you being a kweer nigg-r and im right about you going to hell because jesus says so.real simple just like you as-hole.enjoy hell.try reading these dumb nigg-r,leviticus 18;22,romans 1 18;32,1 corinthians6;9-10,mathew 7;21,john 5;28-29,malachi 3;5 start with dont get to pick only the onesyou like as-hole.

          113. Mark Clemens says

            You are just a low life hateful racist.

          114. scott says

            oh,got you with the facts again you simple minded liberal puke.go hang yourself,do america a favor.

          115. Thomas R Bunnell says

            put a rope around their neck and swing

          116. Terry Riggs says

            Having never been on any form of government or state assistance program, I did not know the “food stamp” no longer exists. I thought they still used them. It would hinder the ability to use them for other than food. How do they receive the funds today? BTW, I am Native American and have worked for everything I have today. I have had only 3 jobs my entire life. I also quite school and have a GED. I later attended college (I was 36 years Old). I was required to take an excessive number of “Leveling” courses because I did not have the knowledge, Especially in Math.

          117. Gerry Costa says

            The ironic part Mark — is that the caucasians did NOT kidnap your ancestors, if in fact you are connected to Africa in any way shape or form, Africans put their own people into slavery and sold them to whoever had the money to pay and they did NOT have to be caucasians. You need to do some research before posting very old ” ohh poor me ” propaganda .

          118. Mark Clemens says

            Yes, I have been told that 5 or 6 times, on this thread alone.
            So if a white person kidnaps your children,parents, siblings and sells them to ISIS for slaves. Does that make it alright/just in your eyes? Because they were kidnapped by people of the same race?
            Also, if you spend money on something immoral as slavery, even though you just bought the slave, but did not kidnap them. Still makes you scum.
            Just like kiddy porno. They put the people who make it, and the people who “just” watch it both in prison.
            How dumb can you be?
            Didn’t your parents raise you any better? If not, they done you a disservice.

          119. Gerry Costa says

            WOW — what does your tirade have to do with my post ?????? All I wanted to make clear is that most blacks blame the wrong people but then again like liberal demoRATS they never want to know what the real truth is, it is easier to just blame whitey no matter what. The only people who have a bitch in this country is the American Indian but they are not whining and crying they are getting wealthy with casinos.

          120. Mark Clemens says

            What is TIRADE?

          121. NativeAmericanMan says

            Hey Mark,

            Read some actual fact based history about slavery, BLACKS Sold BLACKS to the Arabs, It went on for Centuries, LONG before America. So neither Americans NOR Whites started the slave trade. At least you Do realize that it was over 150 years ago. SO . . . you nor anyone alive here today even know anyone who WAS a slave. NO ONE owes ANYTHING to blacks because of what happened back then.Thugs deserve to be put behind bars no matter their race and the bullying ignorant snobs of the black lives matter movement are going to end badly.The best way to meet God is on your knees in Prayer, on the other hand the fastest way is to threaten Me or Mine w/ bodily harm. So protesting civilly is fine, but when the mobing and rioting starts ALL bets are off. O’ yea take “Yo 150 year old tab” and stick it some where the sun don’t shine!

          122. Suze says

            what on earth are you talking about? government dependency on food stamp equivalents has skyrocketed. With nearly 40% unemployment, it has become impossible to sustain. It’s liberalism, not blacks. It’s the evil exploitation of blacks we all need to look at.

          123. bayman61 says

            They DID NOT kidnap you. Your own kind sold blacks to white men. Plus whites were not the only ones to have slaves. The first man in America to own slaves was a black man. Look it up, if you know how. Plus you would not be lucky enough to live in America if it was not for the slave trade. Look at what you have here as compared to what you would have if you were in Africa. Plus look at what you COULD have if you worked for it. Oh, blacks do drugs too, numb nuts.

          124. 1Clara2 says

            FYI: Most of the blacks that were taken out of Africa to be sold as slaves had been captured by the leaders of various African tribes. Those chiefs wanted the money they were paid for each man/woman they could produce. A few people may have been kidnapped, but most had been caught by their own species. Sad, but true. As far as the responsibility for this horror is concerned, those of us who are alive today had nothing to do with it. The people responsible for the slave trade have been dead for over 100 years; so don’t come to me with your accusations and epithets. No one in my family, now OR then, had anything to do with it. Plus, unless you can run your family tree back to a particular tribe in Africa, and can prove that a forebear was brought here or anywhere else to be a slave, you need to stop using the pronoun “we.” Just because my ancesters came from the UK doesn’t mean I’m responsible for what Henry VIII did to his numerous wives.

          125. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Who enslaved you to begin with??? Rival tribesmen, musilme slave traders????

          126. rolex1965 says

            I bet your one of them you moron. EBT cards are welfare and fool stamp in one. The race of lazy ghetto folk knows dat.

          127. Mark Clemens says

            Did you figure that out, all by your self, or did you read someone else’s post?
            Since you knew that, I bet you are lazy and collect EBT handouts.

          128. Dolores Wieland says

            Mark Clemens…For your information…your people sold your own people to the whites. Put the blame where it should be…

          129. Mark Clemens says

            …….So let me get this right.
            Since blacks were kidnapping blacks, the whites felt compelled to buy them?
            Why else would black people kidnap black people by the dozens, unless there was white trash with a fist full of gold to buy them? Your people created the market. Also, not 100% of the kidnappers were black, white people tried to cut the middle man out. And there were southern white boys, crossing into free states to kidnap free American blacks. Also over 80% of the slave ships were owned by Europeans (white folks).
            Some of you people have a backwards ISIS mentality.
            Exactly what is your point?
            It’s OK for people of the same race to kidnap people of their race, then sell them into slavery? If not, why make the point?
            Or are you just parroting the other 10 people who have told me this?
            All of y’all who say that, must NOT be Christians. Jesus spoke against slavery. Mohammed is all for it. I see who most of y’all are with.
            “And Jesus Wept”

          130. Dolores Wieland says

            Blacks kidnapped blacks in Africa before it even got to America…It’s in their nature…..We are not talking 1800’s here but 1500’s and before…Read your history and not the PC crap.

          131. Mark Clemens says

            So what is your point?
            Since you never answered my question, I see you have a Islamic state of mind, justifying slavery and all.
            How bout this:
            Romans (white people) enslaved all (black, Asian and white) who resisted.
            So in your eyes, it was OK for the Romans to enslave white people, since they are white too?
            Did I go back far enough?
            White people are abusers, it’s in y’all’s DNA

          132. Dolores Wieland says

            I think you are racist. I don’t and never did condone slavery in ANY way,shape, nor form. What our ancesters (yours and mine) did has no bearing (or should have no bearing) on our society today. Remember. in Africa, your race cannibalized its own people before the whites were even in the picture…If white people are abusers, black people are murderers.

          133. Mark Clemens says

            Black people are murders? White people murder on a global scale
            Attempted genocide of the Jews, by the Germans (White people)
            Attempted genocide of Indians by Western Europeans (White people)
            Both World wars were started by Europeans (White people)
            KKK a white hate group
            Skin Heads white hate group
            Spanish Inquisitions (White People)
            Charles Manson (White person)
            Ted Bundy (White person)
            I can go on for weeks talking about the white man’s blood trail

          134. TexasStomp says

            “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is that good men do nothing.”

            Don’t you think it’s time for all good men and women to take off the “color” glasses and adopt the Japanese philosophy:

            Fix the problem, not the blame.

        2. Margaret Dillon says

          I am disabled so my low income has forced me to live in downtown areas in the midwest and southwest for the last 20 years. Everything that you say is true – I see it every day. People sell their electronic food stamp cards in exchange for cash to buy drugs, even though getting caught doing that or selling drugs is a felony and they will never again be eligible for food stamps or HUD housing of any kind, either section 8, charity owned, or privately owned that receives any HUD funding at all. This condemns them to living in homeless shelters or on the streets and unable to get a job for the rest of their lives. That and having spent time in prison are the main reasons there are so many homeless. I see people of all races on the streets caught in this situation, and they did it to themselves.. It is really a sad state of affairs.

          1. glenn398 says

            Yes and the problem is people like you that really need good help rarely get it and the people that scam the system seem to have no trouble getting everything. If it wasn’t for the scammers there would be a lot more money for those that really needed it.

        3. bayman61 says

          Exactly right.

          1. glenn398 says

            As you can see we are being racist by not giving them the proper test.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I’m black, and I’ll score higher on any test you take.
        I’ll shoot down your white supremacist theory, just like Jessie Owens did Hitler!!!

        1. Justice says

          The general public in nearly every First World country is bombarded by a steady stream of cultural propaganda indoctrinating them to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion with only a few ne’erdowells spoiling the soup with the occasional suicide bombing and that holding any opinion to the contrary is no better than burning crosses on a lawn while wearing white sheets. Specific terrorist incidents are watered down in news coverage, which attributes group terrorist attacks to the repressive policies of First World nations, and lone attacks to mental illness, as much as possible.

          Despite this constant bombardment of brainwashing, common sense generally guides the majority toward the truth, even if they are unlikely to speak it in public or be heard if they do. In some parts of the world such as Europe and Israel saying it is illegal. In the United States it is not yet illegal, but risky, particularly in some contexts. While Nidal Malik Hasan, while working for the US military felt free to express his sympathy for the terrorists, had any of his American colleagues stated that Islam itself is a terrorist ideology, they would have been shown the door, no matter how desperate for medical staff the army might be. The same political correctness that necessitated ignoring Hasan’s hatefilled ravings toward the United States as another uncomfortable incident, would have snapped its jaws shut in an instant on any straight talk about terrorism

        2. kotoc says

          I’m pretty sure that bayman61 is fully aware that it isn’t ALL black people who fit that stereotype. It’s just a general sweep of the ones who are making the news with BLM, and the ones who don’t know who the fathers are of their babies, and then abort their babies, or collect heftier welfare checks because they keep having them… for profit. It’s a serious attitude problem that unfortunately there are many black people have, and the statistics are something that you can’t refute. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve known MANY people “of color” that I’ve enjoyed being with, and have been good friends with, that do NOT fit that stereotype. However, I have a serious problem with Muslims. Their “Allah” is Satan in disguise, and they are KILLING people in the name of their so-called “God”. THEY are the enemy now. I say we should all band together against THEM!!!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            If you think the welfare state is to big, support abortion. I think there should be a abortion clinic w/in a mile of all public housing. Who are the anti abortion crowd saving? The Future Michael Brown’s. Where do you think most of the BLM crowd came from, Martha’s Vineyard? No the projects.
            Bayman61 sounds like a regular red neck bigot to me…….

          2. kotoc says

            I gotta tell you, I disagree. ALL lives matter, even the ones of the unborn babies, no matter WHO their mommas are, or how irresponsible they are with their sexual habits. There are always alternatives to abortion. For one thing there’s a thing called CONTRACEPTION. It comes in many forms. Simple to use, inexpensive, and doesn’t harm anyone… and it’s the responsible choice for those not wanting to become pregnant. There…. now wasn’t that an easy choice? No harm done to anyone.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Lotta people on the right are against contraception drugs.
            Just keep letting the welfare state grow. Then complain about how the people you “Saved” 20 years ago act. Saving an unborn child is only part of creating a productive human being, the other part is educating the child.
            Who will be teaching these kids? Their slut mothers, and public schools. Neither of them know what their doing. So stop crying about how those precious children y’all saved 20+ ago act. YOU didn’t take the time to raise or educate them, y’all left that job to sluts and the government. And now it’s a problem………
            Isn’t life ironic?

          4. kotoc says

            I don’t think you understood the concept of contraception and responsibility. I didn’t mean to imply that ALL women who get pregnant while using contraception measures (condoms, the pill, etc.) but that sometimes it’s God’s will that a new life is welcomed into the world. The only argument that you seem to have here is that irresponsible behavior should be tolerated, condoned, and funded by the taxpayers.

          5. Mark Lahti says

            That’s not it at all. If you read all of his other comments you will see the truth of his rhetoric. He is what he thinks is an educated black person. Because he has achieved some modicum of success in life through education and employment that he is smarter than everyone else. Yet when you read between the lines he is just another spoiled black that used the system to get somewhere and then never learned the lessons he was being taught. Of course the other possibility is that with a liberal education in our reeducation institutions of higher unlearning he has learned the propaganda that they put forth as an education. It is obvious that his attempts to blend into a civilized society is blocked by his black mentality and his inability to assimilate. Basically he has not lost his black gutter up bringing that makes him hate anything white or civil or just society. I almost feel sorry for him if wasn’t for his exhibiting his hate and negative attitude.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            I never used the system for anything. I worked my way up the company latter.

          7. Mark Lahti says

            So you think. Keep on trying to convince us of your competence and ability. Maybe it will help you to believe it yourself.

          8. kotoc says

            I think with your education, you should be able to spell “ladder.”

          9. Mark Clemens says

            I never said I was educated, that was Mark Lahti. Giving someone his psychological profile of me. I reckon high school in the 50s went further.
            Shit!!!!! Mark Lahti thanks Is is educated. Whooo Hooo!!!!
            Who would of thought….. just think Jesse Jackson says I B a Unkle Tom.
            Thank you and I will correct the mistake

          10. Mark Lahti says

            Talk about uneducated. You were the one claiming so much education. Try reading your own posts once in a while. And my aim here is not to spell check or grammar check all the fools who brag so much here. And look who is profiling here. You are making claims that never came from me. You continue to exhibit the ignorant fool that you are here. It is the continued example you show that all can see just how ridiculous you look every time you put forth false, misleading, and lying comments. Keep up the good work. All can see just how much a fool you are.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            I only told one person I would out score them on any test.
            You read between the lines, gave someone a two bit psychological profile on me. You are the one who said I was educated. See when you read between the lines, there’s nothing there, but blank space. You just assumed I was educated, why? It’s beyond me. Maybe it’s because you over think shit, think you found stuff that just ain’t there. Hell, you don’t even gave the guts to spell nigger. Shows what kind of spineless son of a B (you know the other 4 letters?) ITCH You really are. I bet you start bullshit and have your friends clean up the mess.
            That’s my two bit psychological profile of you.
            Two Faced

          12. kotoc says

            Do you have a dual personality here, Mark?

          13. Mark Clemens says

            Damn you slick,
            I’m really Mark Lahti. I enjoy arguing with myself.
            I’m surprised nobody else caught it!!!!!
            Three Stars, and a Tigers tail for you.

          14. Mark Clemens says

            Actually you caught the mistake,and he didn’t.
            You have a sharper eye…..

          15. Mark Clemens says

            Damn, you have poor reading comprehension. Let me try again.
            If you/we stop the hoodrats from breading the nation would not have a mass group of people wanting freebies. They would of never been born.
            Kind of simple isn’t it……..

          16. kotoc says

            “Lotta people on the right are against contraception drugs.”…. these are YOUR words, not mine. YES, we would like to stop the breeding of people who cannot afford children, or they would be an “inconvenience”. That is what contraception is for. And “the right” is exactly that…. right.

          17. Mark Clemens says

            As long as people have sex organs, they will use them.
            I’m all for birth control, any way, before or after conception.
            Stick to your guns, in 20 years you will be the minority. Due to your low birth rates, and the exhilaration of project minorities birth rates.
            What was that George Strait song…….Give it Away
            I think the white of Obama makes him dumb.
            Look what y’all done in just 450 years.
            Found two undiscovered continents
            Settled both of them
            Took lands from it’s native people
            Built a great USA
            Came up w/countless inventions
            Won two World Wars
            Invented the A bomb to keep peace
            Then y’all throw it all away, for the Black Mans vote
            Your white politicians sold y’all out for political gain.
            Keep them black baby mills pumping…….
            Not all black people are as kind as I am to whites.
            Look at Jessie Jackson. He hates y’all. One day his kind will become president.

          18. Mark Lahti says

            Sounds so dam simple when you put it that way doesn’t it? And just how do you propose we stop them from breeding? Sterilization? Just like the rest of you useless so called educated black super stars (in your own minds). Lot of talk, no action, but blame on someone else. That will get you a lot of stars on your ego board. NOT.

          19. Mark Clemens says

            Mr. Smartie Pants
            I said we should put an abortion clinic with in one mile of all public housing, instead of making abortions so difficult to get.
            Also we could put a time limit on freebies. Raising a child isn’t a 18 year medical condition, hell me and my wife raised 11 all by our selves. No stamps, welfare check, just my paycheck. I left home in 67 for 4 years, sent money back home every week. LBJ screwed everyone in the USA.

          20. Blogengeezer says

            Now you are demonstrating some logic. As an intercity steel truck driver, I worked daily with the hard working dock handlers {men] in a core city. Majority of them very big, very strong, and black.

            One thing noticeably different back then, sanity. In order to survive and enjoy some amenities, a job was necessary. For any charity, the Churches demanded some semblance of decency and responsibility.

            There was absolutely NO minimum wage. Everyone was paid in relation to what they were required/capable to do. If they did not like the conditions, they quit and immediately began work elsewhere, another location, another business where they were more satisfied.

            You may recognize the routine, the endless dock chatter told of better pay, better conditions and exactly where… networking. Competition was used to advantage by those savvy in their trade and work ethic.

            Majority of the men that I associated with daily, were quite proud of their pictures of …hold on… ‘Their Families’. Traditional Families with role models, morals and “Faith’. I was very privileged to see pictures of the kids and wives accomplishments during their proudest times.

            Along came ‘The Great Society, War on Poverty’ [is it won yet?] that subsidized Feral Relationships with their predictable, spawn of perpetual dependency addiction. That sector of today’s society that is responsible for the disproportionate percentage [in comparison to percentage of population] of crime across the USA.

            Abortion,as you noted, was proposed/instigated/subsidized by the elitists, to curb the, at one time deemed frivolous, recreational sex birth rate. As if it was all some sort of panacea for the coming Socialism that we are seeing today.

            Interesting that the crimes and violence are also disproportionate in relation to ‘their own’ neighbors, neighborhoods, acquaintances, friends, families [Feral relationships are now strangely counted as ‘family’?].

            btw, Research who provided the slaves to the traders, before assigning blame. Research how long, how many centuries.. and longer….. the ‘slave trade’ was historically ‘business as usual’, before assigning blame.

            Research which tribes were ‘slavers’ and which tribes were their historically acknowledged ‘product’. Research which slaves survived the longest, in which countries to which they were sold. Hint, the USA, with all of it’s detractors and flaws, offered by far the greatest opportunity for life expectancy, if nothing else is even considered.

            What people did/do with their opportunities, just as today, were their own choice. Back in the day…

          21. FreeBird says

            thats what the founder of Planned Parenthood thought as well easier to eliminate the black race

          22. Mark Clemens says

            You should be onboard then, or do the trashy white girls hold you back?
            Have you been to the projects lately? The ones in Nashville are about
            65% black, 35% white. Those white girls are picking up the hoodrat culture rather well. Go to Twitter, damn near all young white chicks tweet in Ebonics.
            Fly High Freebird
            I bet Ronnie Van Zant would not agree with a bunch of stuff you posted today.

          23. FreeBird says

            My dear wife keeps me in check and my girls were raised right not like thise bimbos u described. Bottom line we are all Americans and we should live together. If we cant and folks act foolish they will get it where they stand regardless of color

        3. FreeBird says

          fool, there is no white supremacy. What century are you referring to? the 1600 or 1700’s??? Since 1863 Blacks have been free. Get your education and get your shxt together. Yall hate whites for your own shortcomings. Education truth, honesty strong character and hard work is the equalizer. Everything else is just BS. No one except a few have everything given to them. We all have to work and compete for t. Every African American I know and am friends with has gotten an education and busts their azz they arent whiners expecting a free handout. if u r so smart get on the stick and get your medical degree or law degree or any other along with advanced education and be like Condi Rice, Ben Carson Hermain Cain or the guy running BET. They dont whine and cry about unfairness They bust azz and make a difference. Get of dope quit whoring your women out get real quit being a chump and bozo

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I’m in the 20th century, and you?
            The Southern Whites made us second class citizens until the 1960s.
            Most are dumb, because that’s how your system works.
            Free Toby, but let’s not educate him, let’s not teach him to read, count money.
            About the law degree thing…..I’m 75 and retired, with my own retirement check. Why would I go to college this late in life?

          2. kotoc says

            Welcome to the real world… it’s a state of mayhem here, and you still want to differentiate between black and white. You still want to stir up the embers of racism. You out there screaming that BLACK LIVES MATTER, when people all over the world are dealing with a lot more problems than BLM… that’s truly pathetic.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Not in one of my posts have I said, I’m w/BLM, nor have I said I’m highly educated, but I seem to have brought out the grammar teacher in some of you.. Y’all assume a but to much.
            Also let me bring to y’all’s attention,
            I’m the only one on this thread, so far. To start a hashtag #GodSaveParis From something bad. You and the rest of your pals are defending slavery.
            Shows where, who’s heart is at.

          4. IMSweetOlBob says

            C’mon Mark ! Quit your bit*hing and do something positive. Like start telling Black youths to start speaking English. Tell them that showing your butt isn’t cool. Tell them that being a welfare Mommy or a Baby Daddy doesn’t make them a big adult and is really showing their total lack of morals. Tell them that learning something doesn’t make them “too white”.
            Tell the criminals in Ferguson and Baltimore that destruction and looting and arson are not good excuses for stealing something to alleviate the feeling of anger they are supposed to have. Tell them that a bad attitude when stopped by Police for whatever reason is just as liable to cause them trouble as it will if they were white.
            Tell them to gt the damned chip off their shoulder and to put that shoulder to the wheel of learning something to make their lives better, just as white kids have to do.
            And foremost, tell them to stop expecting “whitey” to feel guilty about their lack of intelligence and expecting him and the government to keep them for life for free.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            I’ve tried most of that. The saggy britches kills me too.
            I got a half ass funny saggy story.
            I was in Atlanta in 80 something kicking back w/my wife.
            She was hungry and wanted to eat something in The Underground.
            We were staying at a Best Western on Peach Street. This is about a 25 minute walk.
            About 3/4 to The Underground we passed a Street Brother strutting like a rooster w/boom box in his ear. He passed us, my wife looked back, and started laughing.
            I asked What’s up? ( knowing hommie was the joke somehow)
            She said Turn around and llook at his belt line
            There it was the saggy britches, but he had on, in line, and color cournaded
            5 pairs of silk boxers!!!!!!!
            Red, White, Blue, Green, Gold.

          6. FreeBird says

            No one made u 2nd class U decided what was occurring by dumb crackers was ok. The military was / is an equal opportunity employer as is the Fed govt They will also educate one. Glad u get your check but everyone needs an education. its never to late. it your life is over what about the millions of young black kids who think dealing and pimping is the way to get a head.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Like a bunch of newly freed unarmed slaves were going to March on a courthouse somewhere in the 1860s south, and demand their rights and education. That’s rich!!!
            Look at your amended rights 13-15. It took three amendments to the constitution to get it though the southern states skulls that
            1. Black People were no longer property (13)
            2. If your not properly, you have same rights and freedoms (14 part I)
            3. Men of all colors who are citizens get to vote (15)
            All paraphrased.
            Now really anyone w/half a brain would think #13 should of covered it all.
            If your a Free man, you get to vote like everyone else.
            Let’s not forget the Jim Crow laws were in effect from 1864-1964.
            Good ole fashioned southern Second Class Citizen Ship……

          8. FreeBird says

            Sir I grew up on military bases in the 50s and 60s. I grew up with Black Americans. There we judged people not on their color but on their character, honesty, abilities, truthfulness of their word honor, as well. We were all Americans in a foreign land. Everyone had the same chance for education . In sports it was all abilities. Fortunately I was good enough to play with my black associates. but a lot wernt and got cut. Those cut, the whites, still supported the team. Why? it was our school and our school pride. Every kid I went to school with went to college or into the Armed forces where they were educated while getting paid. All were successful. None got into dope or pimping all made great lives for themselves. All could vote. A bunch still live in the south and never, I repeat never got crap from the crackers. That u had a hard time it appears to have made u bitter and resentful. Very sad. U were only 2nd class in your own mind

          9. Mark Clemens says

            I grew up in North East Mississippi in the 1940s-1952.
            It sure wasn’t like the military base you are describing. Back then the military had a higher standard of conduct than people on the streets.
            My Grandpa was called “Boy” well into his 70s. My daddy too.
            I was really glad when my daddy got a steal mill job outside of Pittsburgh.
            All that “Boy” talk stopped. The people there had the kind of outlook you describe, but unfortunately the word nigger flew around like in Mississippi.

          10. FreeBird says

            Sadly it still does but it applies only to white and black whose actions and behavior warrant it. Course when k hear blacks calling each other that I have to wonder

          11. Joyce White says

            Mark Clemens, Can you tell me why it is okay for blacks to call each other nigger but not for white people to do it. I have a black friend who calls lazy blacks ‘porch monkeys. What do you think abut racial slurs from your own people? Is it not demeaning when it comes from another black person, but is when spoken by a white person? I have trouble understanding that mind-set. I was raised and taught my daughter that there was no color line. There were only people.She was 12 yrs old before she realized that my 2 black friends weren’t her aunts She had always called them auntie Bertie and auntie Rosie.Her school friend told her they couldn’t be her aunts because they were black. So, there is always someone who can’t leave things alone. Anyhow, I wondered what your take was on that

          12. Mark Clemens says

            It’s not ok to call someone a racial slur.
            I’m guessing poor education, lack of personal respect are the main two reasons.
            The reason you can’t call black folks nigger w/out incident is because the white man were the oppressors. Y’all never walked the slave mile. The ghetto people do allow Hispanics to call them nigger w/out incident.
            If you really want to call black people nigger w/out incident, you have to marry a black person. Are you up for that? We like white girls, they aren’t as violent as the Sisters are.
            Racism is weird………..

          13. Joyce White says

            Mark Clemens. I am 83 yrs old, Been a widow for 15 yrs. My daughter is 57 yrs old. I am not in the marriage market. I had the best man a woman could have and I miss him every day. No, I never walked the slave mile, honey, but you didn’t either All you have is stories from the past just like I have with my Native American Great grandpa. You know, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian. Round them up and put them on a rez. make them dependent on the government for everything they need. You know “We’re from the Government, we’re here to help” So when the soldiers came to the stronghold and stripped them of their rifles and knives. My grandpa and a friend escaped. soldiers herded all the men of fighting age on the train and took them to Florida. So many of them died in the swamps from lung fever.My grandpa made his way into Canada. He lived with the Cree Indians for a while then got a job working for a wealthy farmer. So every one has some part of their past which was bad, either by misfortune or choice. You and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving

          14. Mark Clemens says

            I winter a lot in St. Augustine. There is a 400 year old fort there. It’s been used for everything. Around the 1870s-1890s it was used to incarcerate Indians. Seminole and Apache mostly. Geronimo was held there, so was Osceola, he actually starved himself to squeeze through the bars to escape.
            I wonder if your people were incarcerated there too?

          15. Joyce White says

            He didn’t know where. Just some of his cousins and uncles were on the train. He never saw them again. He didn’t know if they lived or died. He became part of the Cree Indian tribe in an adoption ceremony(blood ceremony) He drove a buggy for the farmer to a local whore house. He would sit in the kitchen while the gentleman was with the “ladies”. He met a young girl who’s mother was one of the “ladies” they fell in love, They were married in the Indian village. She was 15 and he ‘counted 30 winters’ as he called his birthdays. They had 2 children. She was Irish, their daughter married a Scotsman and had 2 children, My father and my aunt.. My father married an Irish/English girl and of we 3 kids, I was the eldest, 1 brother a year younger youngest brother 3 years younger. My mother died when she was 21 from R.A., it was depression and dad didn’t have a job and we were evicted for not being able to pay the rent. He let us be adopted by family members. My great aunt adopted me; her son adopted one brother and a cousin adopted the other brother. Life was hard for all because jobs were scarce and money even more so. but they opened their hearts and homes and made room for one more. My family is all gone now. even my brothers. But I am still here so God must have some reason why I am not gone yet. Maybe I’ll find out one of these days.It has been nice talking to you. Hope I haven’t bored you with my ramblings .. God Bless you, brother

          16. Mark Clemens says

            Not at all, a family history is worth telling.

          17. Mark Clemens says

            Happy Thanksgiving
            May the peace of the Lord be with your family and friends.

      3. CJOD says

        I am a product of living in the South during the 1950s -1960s I saw the marches fights and strife people were going through to get out of the gettos and segregated schools.. the ppl I saw wanted to make their lives better.. Martin Luther King was a great man & died to make the black community safer and better.. all these brats are doing today is spitting on the graves of their grandparents parents and good black leader who paid the price so todays blacks could have a chance for a better life…
        Today, all these BLACK LIVES MATTER nutcases want is a free ride and a seat on chair where they can cash a welfare check & eat off of EBT Cards paid for by hard working ppl who are more worthy than they will ever be.
        The one person they have to blame other than themselves is their OBAMA he promised them FREE STUFF just to get elected.. now he has forsaken them and they don’t have sense enough to realize he is a trader. He cares more about illegals from MX & Terrorist and anyone in the USA.
        You want your lives to matter black people? Stop whining and get your butt in gear get a REAL education and stop expecting something for nothing… if you don’t wise up you’ll never get out of the slum have a job all you’ll do is sell drugs, buy drugs & be a statistic.
        I have a number of wealthy Black friends with college degrees .. I see many rich well educated black people on television.. why not look to those ppl as role models and not sewer rats.
        By the way you had also better realize the POLICE are there for YOUR protection as well Stop creating problems and looking like fools… become adults NOW

        1. glenn398 says

          cjod there isn’t much free stuff they don’t already receive so don’t know what else Obama could have really given them.

      4. Suze says

        though I agree that affirmative action is a failed policy which perpetuates weakness, I do not agree with any race being stigmatized as “stupid” in their DNA. The evil is in the communist ideology which exploits racism and human weaknesses. Don’t let yourself be played into racist thinking by these communists. Check out some of our great American economists who are black. Obama hates the liberated black American and has done his best to race bait and demoralize them.

    3. Conservative says

      This is what happens when the Government’s Indoctrination Centers (schools) have been teaching ‘political correctness’ and pornographic sex education instead of how to read, write, spell, do math, etc. Then they enroll in colleges and have to begin with remedial subjects. Apparently this hasn’t helped, they do not want to take exams so, as always, they find scapegoats, Administrators, Professors, etc.

      1. CJOD says

        If Blacks an other young ppl who feel disenfranchised had better look in the mirror around their homes and if they have parents take a deep breath & realize THEY are responsible for their lives not Uncle Sammy the Church or the school.. Students & Parents are the ones who need to wise up shape up grow up and take responsibility now..

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          NEVER HAPPEN! We have been “fundamentally transformed”

          1. robo says


          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hey, it is Robot stooge!

          3. Suze says

            All evidence to the contrary.

            But keep in that bubble as long as it lasts.

        2. Conservative says

          Unfortunately, their parents have lived the same ‘plantation’ life and passed on their bitterness and hatred so it is what they pass on from generation to generation. LBJ said ‘I’ll give those ni**ers so much welfare they will be voting Democrat for 200 years. Looks like the Democrats idea of keeping blacks dependent is working.

          1. CJOD says

            Right Dems encouraged young black girls to get pregnant & the hell if they were married Dems gave them an increase in monthly $ to support their sin. Now we see the results of children having children & not one of them had the education to know any better.. Only TAKE TAKE TAKE cauz it’s my right to stick it to da man & uncle sammy

          2. rolex1965 says

            And the very low I. Q. of the race thinks it’s the conservative whites. They breed like rabbits and expect whitey to support their off spring.

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says


      2. Suze says

        the very sad reality of the liberal policies which depend on a dumbed down populace, is their party becomes the ill equipped one, cannot compete in the workplace, and consequently become more dependent on government. Of course, this was the intention of liberal government, but they have failed as meanwhile conservatives who increasingly reject the public/liberal dumbing down are on a whole other homeschooling track.
        I hope we are seeing a shift now in the American consciousness, because teachers, regardless of unions, hands are tied in this current climate and this can’t be sustained much longer. All government dependent communist programs ultimately consume their own.

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    5. Suze says

      The universities that have perpetuated this mindset now are being over run and consumed by them. Parents paying for their child’s education are watching this, but even more than that, big corporations and future employers check out internet files for applicants history, and NOBODY wants to hire an activist. Princeton, Harvard, Boston University have already been flagged by future employers. IN fact the more liberal the university the more likely these graduates won’t be team players.

    6. Stephanie Jackson says

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  12. Brenda says

    Race baiting idiots that think they are entitled to be the only news worthy event. And, when the attention distracts from their made up complaints they react like the children they are.

  13. AlanWH says

    If “black lives matter” so much, STOP ABORTING your Children or Shut Up!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      ………So you want the welfare state to grow?

      1. AlanWH says

        No, I want the Culture of DEATH to End. “All they that Love Death, Hate ME, says GOD.” Proverbs 8:36

  14. Kurt Hanssen says

    NObama, and Killary created ISIS, and B L M the last with the help of Sharpton, in return NObama forgive the 5.M. Sharpton owe in back taxes. What a crooked world we live in.

  15. zrevtom says

    I hear that Black lives matter, the truth is black do not really matter much, you see blacks have no problem killing other blacks so apparently those black lives dont mean a thing. Black womens lives do not matter either for when they get pregnant and cannot remember who the father is because they have no self respect and will accept any and all black penises to fill their little holes and accept all that WHITE SPERM, the color not the color of the mans skin. Black kids lives do not matter because many have no real home life so there is no support or loving mother and father to give them the self respect they deserve because the Black man walks away from the woman whose name he probably doesnt remember anyway and if he leaves her a little baby then he runs and finds another and another, the woman dont want a baby, it will spoil her fun of sleeping around and partying so she throws it away like a worn out pair of shoes but a baby is not a pair of shoes. Such is the thinking (or lack thereof) of the Black lives movement, they look in a mirror and see a black balloon, it is full of hot air, no thinking, no substance, no feeling, nothing but hot air, by the way there are more colors of human beings in this world other than Black, but people like you cannot see because you are filled with hate much like ISIS, their hate forbids them from seeing the beauty in this world, the many different cultures that make up our planet and the billions of lives who contribute to it. ISIS eats its own, it kills Muslim women and children and men who dont follow their strict rules, it murders and rapes anyone who wont convert and makes slaves of them. Todays blacks talk about past slavery, maybe they should go visit ISIS territory and find out what real slavery is all about, but no you stay in this country and protest against the very people who are keeping you safe. Oh by the way ALL LIVES MATTER to Humanity and maybe when you and Obama wake up to reality instead of Fantasyland we will welcome you back to the human race, BUT it wont happen because you cannot change STUPID and you guys have it in Spades.

  16. Gerry Costa says

    blm —— KISS MY ASS !!!!!!!! You are an organization of radicals formed just to create more hate, more division and violence. You don’t represent the Black community, you represent everything the real community stands against.

  17. SouthernPatriot says

    When I see BLM at abortion clinics located on the edge of traditional black neighborhoods and march and hold signs and provide brochures and counseling for the black women who go to these baby butcher shops, then BLM will begin to live up to their name. When BLM march in Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta, and other large inner cities, declaring they will see an end to black on black crime and murder, then I will begin to believe BLM is living up their name…

    Until then, the radical self centered racists and bigots in BLM are also liars.

  18. Dennis Derstine says


    1. runing says


      1. Dennis Derstine says

        No idea, but I tend to believe all life matters.

  19. Standandfight says

    Black lies matter you think your so f@#kin oppressed take your black @s# back to africa and get that POS president to.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Why don’t you take your white ass back to Europe? And take Hillary with you!!

      1. Standandfight says

        Why should I my forefathers settled this country before they drag raggedy black asses over here.

  20. RMCSRET says

    The best thing to do with this set of THUGS is to IGNORE them. Anything other than that is playing right
    into the hands and the hands of there funders. This is exactly what Obama, Hillary, Steyer, and Soros
    want the majority of people to do in this country. Notice they got upset when the News Media was
    putting all there attention onto something else. Well Shut them completely down and just ignore them

    1. kotoc says

      That’s exactly what I was about to say. Just ignore them. If we keep paying attention to them, or if the media keeps mentioning “Black Lives Matter” it’s like throwing fuel onto the fire.

      1. RMCSRET says

        And setting the COUNTRY ON FIRE along with it.

  21. melmack 1 says

    Nothing but BOTTOM DWELLING SCUM!! They cannot be educated so why are they in college. Wait, I know, the ACLU said they must be there…just to show a black face…no other reason …except to disrupt and destroy.

  22. bill sexton says

    This is welfare at its best. Black folks have been given everything free from the time they come into the world until they die. Now they believe they are entitled to comfort provided by others. This will be their destruction. Uncaring, hurtful attitudes will cause their Black community to disintegrate and fall apart even further than it has already. The world is watching the participants of black lives matter. Your actions of hate and racism lowers you to appear no different than disrespectful children. Your filthy mouth and terrible attitudes give one reason black unemployment is sky high and children in black communities are being raised by single parents. Is it any wonder why there is “white flight” away from the inner cities?

  23. Debbie says

    Your Parents should be so proud. My Tax dollars that are paying for their school should be taken away now, Send they home maybe they can work at a fast food place and fuss because they want 15.00 per hour. This nation need to grow up. this is what happens when you have a nanny state, and you have people that start giving in to everything they want.

    1. Conservative says

      You are correct. We are in deep trouble if Hillary is elected and walks in Obama’s footsteps. When people elect politicians because they want more ‘freebies’ the Country suffers as well as those who receive the freebies. We surely have dumbed down American youth. The very idea that the U.S. is 24th in the world on education. Yet we continue to destroy of minds of our children beginning in pre-school It’s just the Communist way. Make them stupid and they are easier to control.

      1. kotoc says

        “Make them stupid and they are easier to control.”
        You sure got that right!! I’ll even venture to add one more thing … DISARM them, and you have a MUCH easier population to control.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        You have the Obama and Hillary thing backwards, Obama is walking in Hillary’s shoes.
        (All puns intended)

  24. Debbie says

    Parents get control of your kids, Or did you grow up in the 60’s and they learned from you.

  25. Karen says

    I agree “black lives matter, but so do white lives, brown lives, ALL LIVES!! Until the “BLM” people get this, they are just making noise!! The more they harp about this crap, the less respect they are getting! If you want to rally about something, do it about ALL people, we ALL have problems in life! No one has it “perfect”! Some people try to act like they do, but they are just fooling themselves. Oh, maybe the few “ELITE RICH” who want to use ALL of us to gain their power, but when you put your trust in money/power, guess what? You may THINK you are something but when they die, they can’t take it with them and where they are going, it would/will burn up anyway! And then THEY will have to PAY for all the sin that they thought was the “GOOD LIFE”!! I would rather be poor and save my soul, that rich and lose it!!

  26. I Love God with all my Heart! says

    Didn’t Black Lives Matter, start in Missouri? Didn’t they have help from the new black Panther’s? Isn’t the Black Panther’s set up by Muslims? Somebody please tell me I’m wrong?

    1. Deby says

      you are correct-sorry!

    2. Suze says

      No, you are right that the Black Panthers (Muslim) movement is behind BLM, funded by Soros (Obama-Muslim) and is part of this Isis network. They hate America and Western Civilization. I wonder if they realize how many supporters they are alienating by this unnatural response.
      But as attacks happen in this country and each state starts pushing against those (BLM, Muslims)who want to overturn our rule of law, our justice system, our way of life, they will go down.
      And it’s a shame, because the legitimate civil rights movement is taking a serious blow by having allowed BLM to hijack their cause. Coming off as brats. I mean nobody is listening to them right now and their acting out is just showing their true agenda.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      I think you are right.
      I like your handle.

  27. Bob says

    This is the product of Affirmative Action. Blacks are only proving how much dumber they are than any other race, but anyone with common sense already knew this.

  28. Deby says

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest people! It is so OK to label Republicans “terrorists” but so NOT OK to rightfully hang that title on BLM-who represent the low-life scum of the earth entitlement types. They are true terrorists-but ok by the lefty libs whose head-up-their-ass ideologies fuel this behavior. obozo the clown and his entire clown car of commie radicals MUST GO.

  29. Busterak1 says

    These are college students? they can’t even make change? Wow STFU because you are known to the world as a bunch of cry babies who blame everyone for your failure to launch ! Just a suggestion, go look in the mirror and your problems will be revealed ! You all are starting to get offensive and you say Fuck Paris well buddy Fuck Black Lives Matter you all are a bunch of whiney bitches ! Black Lives Matter is a want to be Terrorist group that needs constant attention or they Cry ! Do something with your lives and stop listening to whoever is telling you all this crap ! PRAYERS TO PARIS AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF FRANCE ! I HOPE YOU FIND PEACE AND THE TERRORISTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR !

  30. Art Hock says

    This proves that there are a lot of morons in the colleges and universities who have no business being there. This was bound to happen when idiots with a grade point average of less than 1 can go to college on our dime.

  31. jdbixii says


  32. tolate2412 says

    Wake up you black angry young men its not the white boys you have to worry about ‘its you ‘your responsible for 93 % of ALL CRIMES against your own black race’ 50 % of all crimes in the nation ‘and your only 13 % of the nations population’ you should all be ashamed of your selfs’ everyone fears your neighbor hood including your own black race’ why because you prove every day what you are’ The GOOD black people of this great nation don’t like what your doing’ STOP being puppets fore your black leaders that play you every day just to benefit them selfs’ wake up and go be a real man’ its easy to be lazy and cause trouble and take from people that which don’t belong to you’ and then complain’ because here comes the police’ and lets not forget the good black people know how to respect the police thats why they don’t get in trouble’YOU think because your black that you should be able to break our laws and get away with it I don’t think so’ Quit being puppets.

  33. paulrph1 says

    They are not there for the education and why would we want to upset the apple cart. They are there for the protests. Criminals they all be and they want to be able to continue in their crimes and everyone is too turn the other cheek. Well lets us all give them the anal cheek. If they want everyone to think black lives matter then let them act like black lives matter. Live the laws, get a job, get an education, forget the hand outs, the freebies, quit the riots, quit the destruction, quit being agitators, protesters, instigators.

  34. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

    This world is going down hill from the top of Pikes Peak. Just to put it in black and white terms..Hate =Death. And Love=Everlasting Life

  35. Dave says


  36. Ddenney1 says

    Which is why this “movement” will PASS too!!!!!!!!!!

  37. bayman61 says

    First they have to prove that black lives actually matter to them by stopping all of the blacks killing blacks that happens every single day. Lets hear some of you blacks explain this to us. Blacks kill blacks every day. Not whites killing blacks everyday. Why are you ok with that? There is not a word from you when that happens. But on the RARE occasion that a white kills a black, you go nuts? Explain that to us. Crickets in the background. What, nothing? Lets hear it. Come on. That’s what I thought.

  38. k9sgt says

    nothing new here just these racist idiots keeping up a chants and crying about skin color rather doing like the rest of us and working for what we have.So Shut the hell up and get jobs you bums they’re out there otherwise we wouldnt have 10,000 Mexicans a day crossing the border to come to work.

  39. Suze says

    Black Lives Matter is aligning themselves with Isis and alienating sympathizers by this response. They might as well be shouting “Allah Akbar” like those Isis sympathizers did yesterday during a moment of silence in the Paris stadium.
    Perception matters in the PR race, and BLM are really blowing it. When the world is in crisis, our lives threatened, it becomes very clear who is part of the problem and who is part of the threat. Saying “F__k” Paris when Western Civilization, including Russia, is coming together to fight this common enemy is suicidal to the BLM movement. If Black Lives Matter, this is the time to prove it.

    Muslims too are going to have to be very very clear about whose side they are on here. they can’t just keep criticizing those who are suspicious of Islam as the problem. This is their chance to PROVE they are NOT part of this attack on Western Civilization and would be the first vital step toward reforming the Muslim faith.
    This is the pivotal time for people to choose whether they are with us in this fight or they automatically make themselves the enemy.

  40. EdStone says

    No dumbass, ur ass should be shot. U would want the world to feel sorry for your dumbasses if this happened to Africa or to you idiots. We don’t feel sorry for you and would love to ship you back to where ever you and obumass came from.

  41. John Norton says

    black lives do matter but you laze negger black/white/brown dont you wont it handed to you how in hell made you specell there is alot of black ppl that or dam good ppl

  42. Curtis Jones Jr says

    Black Lies Do Not Matter, Black People do matter. Thanks to obama and Lynch, Holder and Clinton they think they are special. Black Lies Matter is a hate group sponsored by the Demon rats.

  43. robert prir says

    black lives matters is the same as isis they were organized by Obama , Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton, they are no better than isis and they to should be considered terrorist and this prove they are terrorist and shoud be treated the same….. Obama should be impeached…. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  44. Wildeagleone says

    I know that the FBI is terribly busy but if they can spare a couple of their agents, I believe it would be worth while to start an independent investigation into the lives of these American Made Radicals and weed out the worst of the worst for the good of the good

  45. Charley C. says

    I agree 100% Mr.Douglas.

  46. Kenneth Harwood says

    talk about total ignorance you black bastards cant even control your damn bull shit long enough to empithise
    with the lose your a bunch of self serveing fucks like your pigs shit bro in washington you want to go live like animal with the people that sold you go for it ass wipe trash most of you don’t even know who your dad is and a lot are lucky that you know your mom you want to run people down look in the mirror you damn sure aint slaves and never have been so stfu and try acting like the men and women your supposed to be try getting a job and work for something other than just yourselves you want respect try acting like it instead of shooting each other try working with each other you want to keep crying because of how you came here you really need to learn the facts your ancesters were sold out of the jungle just like they are doing now I cant say slavery was a good way but you aren’t the only 1s that were slave there were and are still white slaves in Africa and in Islamic countries so I guess we are the cause of that to you get welfare food stamps and housing all I ever got was told if I left my wife and daughter then they would help them but not me I have seen blacks get welfare all my life and not 1 time did I see a black man be told no they cant help him so where the fuck is my white privilege I guess I wasn’t white enough as a fair completed redhead and I wasn’t dark enough to get help I mean facts are facts I aint going to try and twist history aint it funny that you people are treated so bad here but I don’t see a damn 1 of you running back over to Africa to life sad you cant just except live the way it is and get over your selves and start trying to be a part of society instead of trying to keep trash it

    1. mm1251 says

      Not to change the subject but, you graduated from what school?????

  47. Larry Cowden says

    Those engaged in Black Lives Matter will soon find out that their lives are forfeit in this country! Until they can clean up the extreme violence of black on black crime, black on anyone else crime, they have no rights and no say! Because they refuse as a group to tackle those problems first and foremost, they show themselves to be what they truly are! BLACK NON American terrorists, an domestic enemy to be dealt with by any means warranted to end their violence. Forget the discussions and smoke screens they throw at the media about rights and equality! They don’t matter to them when they are killing, raping and robbing their own kind.

  48. John Adams says

    When is the BLM going to push against all the black on black killings in areas like Chicago and other inner city gang infested areas. I know it is a way of life for them, right.

  49. molly kennedy says

    Why would anyone take a group seriously when they use that language and it is all about them and no one else. Strange they want to treat others in the way they do not want to be treated.

  50. Daniel Minchew says

    If it wasn’t the White Man blacks would still be running thru the woods chasing Timba with a stick….:) 🙂

  51. psych warfare says

    The only way I will pay attention to this stupid, ridiculous movement is if they start getting beheaded or burned alive by muslim’s. Then we have a reason….I wonder if they will retaliate by looting and robbing the mosques?

  52. jimwilson81 says

    Now they are just being stupid. 123 people were killed!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      #FrenchLivesMatter too……….
      If it weren’t for the French navy, we might still be subjects of the bloody crown.

      1. jimwilson81 says

        Absolutely right! From my family history I know I am a combination of Irish, French, English and Spanish.
        I heard this morning over 300 were wounded as well as those who were killed. This is definitely a tragedy and one would think that everyone would be upset Apparently not.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          When they stir the pot of racist tensions, they must have our undivided attention 24-7 no matter who else has a bigger problem. Look at Jackson and Sharpton, they been babbling since the 1960s. We all wish they would shut up by now. I don’t keep up w/BLM, are they involved in this too?
          They are both low class, especially Jackson.

  53. daveveselenak says

    Al hell is about to break out in AMERIKA because this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, new Hitler wasn’t IMPEACHED long ago as he should have been! Him and his homo and lezbo commie minions have successfully “TRANSFORMED” America into what it is today – I hope the mentally disordered Leftists that supported this Devil’s Advocate are ecstatic with their “HOPE & CHANGE”! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – Armr==================================?

  54. Richard says

    #Fuck Black Life’s Matter.

  55. James Maxwell says

    Amazing how ignorant the demonstrators actually are and how corrupt their mental process is! Most of
    them come from fairly good families who have work long and hard to scrap up tuition to the colleges.
    IT is a real bitch reading all the government book on how to scam tax payer to pay for their attendance.
    and most will never graduate anyway, just party and throw temper tantrums when the spotlight changes
    and they are on camera ever day. I wonder how log the standards had to be for them to gain entry to
    any college? The only time they get “mistreated” is when they refuse to pull their pants up and act
    like civilize citizens who actually have respect for themselves and others. When you act like a mob
    of mindless morons you get no respect from anyone.

  56. mm1251 says

    The real movement here should be about the black people who have no respect for the rule of law. I would be willing to bet that in most of these confrontations that resulted in a death, it began by the black individual refusing to obey a legal order of a law enforcement officer. They themselves through their own actions, initiate the confrontation and by refusing to obey, escalate it. What should we expect from our police when these people ignore the law, just let them go? Maybe we should supply our law enforcement departments with chloroform to more easily and safely take into custody those who think themselves exempt from the law. Then the argument can be decided in a court of law, not on the street……as it is for most other people.

  57. Linda Shelton says

    Maybe the cry babies should join the rest of the world, or run home to mommy to tell her how poorly they have been treated during a major terrorist event in the world.

  58. Mark Clemens says

    #GodSaveParis From Islamic radicals
    #GodSaveParis From the politically correct
    #GodSaveParis From the Obama Administration

  59. Thomas M Quirk says


    1. kotoc says

      Could you be more specific, please?

  60. FreeBird says

    BLM = racist hate filled selfish ignorant petulant worthless POS.. Go to school to learn something not be used as a tool for nonexistent made up BS. Y’all are a disgrace to African Americans everywhere

    of this much hate, this much selfishness, and so much bitter rage that
    they can’t even mourn the deaths of their fellow human beings? – See
    more at:
    of this much hate, this much selfishness, and so much bitter rage that
    they can’t even mourn the deaths of their fellow human beings? – See
    more at:
    of this much hate, this much selfishness, and so much bitter rage that
    they can’t even mourn the deaths of their fellow human beings? – See
    more at:
    of this much hate, this much selfishness, and so much bitter rage that
    they can’t even mourn the deaths of their fellow human beings? – See
    more at:

  61. Glenn H says

    Everyone who would dare hold a sign that says Black Lives Matter and still post tweets like this should be given free portage to the African Country of their choice and forbidden to return to America!
    Obama has given us a black eye,pun intended before the whole world and we don’t need the likes of these embarrassing freeloaders further tarnishing our image with their hate and stupidity!
    Cut off their free money and free housing, end their participation in the EBT program, then maybe they’ll spend more time working instead of being stupid and causing trouble!
    There are many millions of black Americans that try and do it the right way, support themselves and their families, they’re not the ones holding the signs! They have proven to the world that the black race can be responsible and it’s past time for the rest of them to get off their asses and do the same!

  62. laulau says

    It was a mistake to elect a black man…never again…blacks are embolden to do as they wish with no response from our black president.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Why don’t the white congress impeach him?
      Did their balls fall off, or are they in on it too?

    2. laulau says

      The Democrats are oblivious as to what is going around them, and Congress needs the Democratic vote to impeach him. They don’t want to admit that they made a mistake in voting for Obama

  63. IMSweetOlBob says

    When are all you supposed Americans going to stop flocking to any left wing, demonstrating, radical bunch of tyrants and terrorists because they profess to be against all the rules of law and society and incorporate “Black” in their name.
    Like one of the mental giants printed on his sign in Ferguson, “Black mothers shouldn’t have to worry about their sons getting shot every time they rob a store. ”
    Is this your great mission ? Are you seeking to make yourselves above the law because you’re black ? Do you feel, like filthy muslims, that it is your RIGHT to never be insulted ?
    No such thing exists. And you will never force the American public to support or even tolerate you by killing Police officers and terrorizing colleges that have already carried the liberal Bee Ess of Pee Cee nonsense too far.
    I think the majority wants respect, but a faction of radical, Black, loosely formed groups like BLM wants Carte Blanch rights to do anything, legal or not, just because they are Black.
    It “ain’t gonna fly” !

  64. knowledgeisgood says

    George Soros (a WHITE MAN) has enough money to continue pushing their agenda for his own good, in the mean time, he will use them as his pawns. They are just to stupid to know they are being used.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Soros is as low as a body can go. Hell he made a fortune off the attempted genocide of HIS OWN PEOPLE.
      This is the man our president looks up to, no wonder he’s selling out the whole country from under us.
      I like Trump, because he uses his own money!!!!!!

  65. CMY says

    So selfish, even Dr. Carson thinks so…Why they do see what these terrorists are coming for all of us
    is very scary…

  66. dashandra monika says

    mmm…odd when i was in France a few years back. Blacks did not go around acting like apes like our society. They were hard working, well mannered, well dressed. The did not hold a grudge on everything and everyone.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      That’s because the French accept people of all colors. They never oppressed blacks. That’s why blacks in France act respectable, because they got respect.

  67. Betty says

    After reading some of the comments, I feel compelled to add a couple of my own.
    First of all, anyone who groups people together strictly by skin color and then passes judgement on them is a sure sign of that person’s ignorance and prejudices at best, but often because the person is small-minded and selfish him/her-self. I won’t name names, but this is definitely reflective of some of the comments posted.
    Secondly, learn actual history. Slave markets had been well-established in Africa and run by Africans for centuries before there even were Europeans colonies in N. America. Sad, but very true. Slavery has existed throughout the world and history in virtually every culture. In America, many of us are descendants of one enslaved people or another. So put the past in the past and move on.
    Lastly, grow up, accept personal responsibility, and stop blaming others for your own problems. Whining fixes nothing, but taking positive actions can accomplish wonders.
    My Thanksgiving wish for you: give thanks for what you do have, instead of complaining about what you don’t have. If you want something badly enough, earn it for yourself and then take pride in your accomplishment.

    1. kotoc says

      That is soooo sweet!! And what a lovely halo you have there, Betty!

      1. kotoc says

        I’m sorry if I came off as looking sarcastic, Betty….. the truth is, your attitude is a helluva lot better than most people’s, including mine. I’ve been very bitter about world events for a long time, and because I’m constantly being realistic, it’s getting harder and harder to look on the bright side anymore.

    2. wabbitno2 says

      I really do wish that your Thanksgiving wish would come true but I don’t see that happening. The blacks that have not educated themselves and believe the crap they have been taught for years or simply refuse to listen to anything else will continue to do what they do and sadly they get away with it. If the white people did this you would see a whole lot of different re-actions, sad but oh so true. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and God Bless

      1. Mark Clemens says

        You made bettys point.
        Happy Thanksgiving

  68. Ryan Gurganus says

    First of all this hatred and finger pointing has to stop! Don’t you see that America’s strength lies in her diversity? We have all races , religions, and creeds living together as One Nation and it baffles the rest of the world who can’t get along with their own citizens bcz of a thousand yr old dispute. This is why they hate and fear us around the world bcz we prove each day that we can accomplish the impossible. The sole mission of these hate groups is to cause us to turn against one another when we have come too far to take their nonsense seriously

  69. Steve Crawford says

    Sadly the actions of the BLM only represent a small amount of Black Americans. It gives these idiots a chance of being in their bastard form of limelight. I’m also disappointed that many black spokespersons have not censored their ghetto actions, and I wonder how many of the BLM group have registered to vote. Their action will alienate many Whites and Blacks Americans and foreign nations. However, I would like to know what are their objectives, so far everywhere they have appeared they have acted like a bunch of azz holes, especially those few fat light skinned disrupted females.

  70. justagramma says

    For every action, there is a reaction. Give SAT PityPoints to manipulate enrollment leads to unprepared students, leads to failures and dropouts, leads to further modification of class content, or teacher discretion unequal assessment and grades, just to avoid dropouts, which leads to a mindset of being ENTITLED to modified expectations based on race. ALL those who actually work hard and EARN the grades, get resentful. Add to that, these hateful, untethered, unmeasured attacks on fellow students that infects those achiever students with contempt. These are the future judges, doctors, politicians, CEOs, DAs..the future leaders of our nation. It is disastrous to those who are indulging themselves.

  71. Obie Miller says

    Covering one’s face used to be illegal here in the USA—or have we all forgotten?

  72. rayhause says

    They are just a sad group of blacks and are so stupid that they do not realize the wedge they are creating.

  73. Albert L Biele says

    The movement marches to
    collect donation. It’s just another rip-off. Don’t make the mistake of judging
    all blacks for the actions of a few. If the news media would stop covering,
    this movement, who are yet to inform the public what they’re marching for, they
    would totally evaporate. Obama has lite the torch of dissension between blacks
    and whites, rich and poor, and gender, as a distraction to his plan to destroy
    America. He’s a devious man who hates America and like a magician, needs the
    element of distraction to accomplish his evil deeds.

  74. ronpaynter says

    There is only one response to these assholes that think black lives matter is more important then the terrorist activities in Paris. These scumbag pieces of shit that believe only black lives are more important need to have their dead asses hauled over to someplace like Syria,Iraq,Egypt etc. and forced to live the mayhem those people have to put up with and then say the ONLY black lives matter. The biggest joke is that these fools think nothing about the black lives that are lost in such wholesome places as Chicago where so many more black lives are lost then we can imagine. And these suckers don’t pay any attention to that problem. Obviously the only black lives that matter are those that are involved with police shootings. These dipshits don’t know or probably,no not probably,definitely don’t give a damn that 3 times as many WHITE LIVES are lost in police shootings as black lives. We can only hope that these poor excuses for human beings meet their end very soon. They deserve it.

  75. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


  76. GlobalThinkTank says

    Well, when it comes to excessive force, both black, Latinos, and white are victimized. In fact, more whites have been killed by law enforcement officers over the past few years than the killing of blacks… so I would have to say the only thing I will support is, #AllLivesmatter

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Me too!!!!!
      Is all we need…….

  77. psych warfare says

    Apparently, ISIS doesn’t agree that black lives matter, either. They just attacked in Nigeria. Wonder how many heads were severed this time? So, will the college students say, #F**kNigeria now? IDIOTS! Also, isn’t it pathetic that concerned citizen’s such as anonymous, is doing more to combat terrorism, then our own gutless, spineless, president? To anonymous: God speed and I’m diggen it! Go ahead with your bad selves! 😉

  78. Paul Thomas says

    Take away their scholarships ,send them back to the places the rest of us live.

  79. Frank Mondana says

    I’m curious, do the regulars on this site make any attempt at critical thought? Anyone read, watch, or otherwise attempt to get views from multiple sources or views?
    I have never understood the mechanics of using blinders to avoid views that differ from ones own. If for no other reason than knowing ones enemies. There is no excuse in today’s world for wilfull ignorance.

    Worse are those who refuse to even skim articles or listen to anything that is wholly opposite of their worldview for fear of being brainwashed into casting off personal beliefs and becoming one of the enemy.

    The comments that will show up within minutes expressing outrage at my Commie, Liberal, Godless, PC attitude and typical Lefty attempts to excuse the BLM movement due to my weak and typical attitude that has made me buy into the lies of the black leaders will point out how much of the evil in the world is due to people like me…..

    ….even though I haven’t said anything about my position on the Left/Right scale. I haven’t attacked or accused anyone of being typically Conservative or Liberal. I haven’t disparaged anyone’s religion. I haven’t done any attacks on anyone for anything. There is nothing I’ve said here that gives anyone any indication of my political party affiliation.
    My whole point is simply asking why many of us simply don’t look at opposing viewpoints especially for topics that can be extremely complex which makes tunnel vision a liability and weakens arguments in support of ones views. At the same time it gives a giant advantage to the opposition who has studied all sides of the issue.
    OK, commence the attack!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Bless You,
      Now put ’em up!!!!

  80. Roger K says

    BLM movement are for mental midgets.

  81. Voodoo Daddoo says

    Black lives matter…….by the very words they call themselves and by the words they use, they prove they are just a racist, bigoted group of hateful, very unintelligent low lifes. obviously they go to our New
    World Order colleges.

  82. Jack says


  83. scott says

    since nigg-rs are 95% of the criminals killing other blacks,they should quit being thug scum and act human.or go back to the jungle where the apes belong

    1. Cotton says

      People like this still exist? What a world!

  84. Alleged Comment says

    You embolden racist Negroes when you put one in as your illegal leader. Now they have no fear of their white massa!

  85. openminded54 says

    Fanatics are fanatics regardless of race or religion. What do you expect? Our liberal, boarder line socialist society is breeding individuals who feel everyone else is responsible for their problems and they expect the Government to take care of them. And our colleges and universities have become ground zero for breeding these fanatics. We need to restore our faith based republic from the ground up

  86. jjmcl431 says

    Screw BLM and all the Black and White trash that support it.

  87. CJOD says

    I worry that THEY will become hot targets for ISIS when it comes to US they are so determined to get their mugs on TV & show their stupid signs & chant their bogus words.. they’ll be ripe for the picking for the terrorists group.

    1. Jeanna Green says

      I worry more that they have been told for so many years, how they are victims that they will follow these so called fake religion idiots and help ISIS. Several in the BLM movement showed they were nothing more then terrorist when they started burning down their own city. For me, I will start to agree with them, when they start really caring about BLM, that they speak out against their own who kill more blacks than any other race combined. And on that point, they are like the terrorist, because ISIS kills their own including children. Its sad to think that these type of ill responsible people raise their children to have the same beliefs and morals as they have. Guess thats a way to end a race. Let them use their children’s lives and eventually they don’t have anyone to carry on their name. Just does not make sense to me. And our so called President wants us to understand them and accept them into America? REALLY? Well I guess they say the same thing every time a woman decides here to have an abortion, for no other reason than, just because it was not a good time for her. And that is just what I was told by someone stating they were from Syria, so please no hate mail over that statement.

  88. openminded54 says

    Reading some of the comments here,I see we have a bunch of racists, black and white, here. We are Americans. Let’s move forward and stop dividing ourselves. How can we work as one if we’re focused on the fact that, he’s black, or he’s white,or he’s Hispanic, etc. Are there bad cops, yes, but they are not all bad. Just like any large group/organization, you will have some bad apples. You pick out the bad ones, you don’t throw out the whole basket. We’ve had questionable shootings by White, Black, and Hispanic cops, involving White, Black and Hispanic suspects. The principle is that regardless of the race of the cop or the suspect, if it was an unjustified shooting full prosecution is required.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I agree, there are so many police officers from US Coast to Coast, they are like a race of people. True that, that there good and bad ones.
      The only way to keep them in line, is by citizens overview. With our video cameras. From some of the videos of people getting shot, the bad cops hardly ever look the cameras way.
      If you see any police action that’s uncalled for, or questionable. Take a video (discreetly) then post it on YouTube, then take the video to the newspaper, and TV Station. Most of these shootings would of gone unreported 15 years ago.
      If they spy on us, we should spy back on them…….

    2. Jeanna Green says

      I agree, but than it should stand if they are found not guilty and they should not loose their jobs like the cop in Ferguson. We have a system, and yes sometimes it gets it wrong, but more than likely it gets it right. But now we have a criminal in the White House that has released how many real criminals that have been found guilty by a jury of their peers and or Judge. THOUSANDS!!! Not because they were innocent. Not because of new evidence. No, because he thinks he is all knowing. I can tell you, he did not read any of their files or even ask. He just wanted to give his executive order pen a workout and break more laws while doing so. He cares not if they are guilty of the crimes they lost their freedom for. He cares not for the protection of the innocent. In my opinion, He cares not for anything that is good for America and her people. Just his communist agenda and the destruction of America as we all know her.

  89. tinkerunique says

    The “Black Lives Matter” thugs could be labeled as ‘terrorists’, butt 0’bumma won’t even call the Taliban, Al Qaeda, his Muslim Brotherhood, or Boko Haram terrorists. He calls them “Freedom Fighters”. Several OTHER countries have listed them as “Terrorist Organizations”. IF any group is black or Muslim, he will support their cause. <( NOT "for" the American people.)

    1. Mark Clemens says

      If anyone except Hillary wins, all those groups will go back to the top of the list.
      You know, electing Obama during a Muslim jihad is like electing a Japanese president in 1942………

      1. Jeanna Green says

        OMG you pegged it… What would we look like right now if we would have just opened our borders during WW1 or WW2, like Obummer wants to do with syria? Bet we would not be the free country we are known for.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I’m no military expert, but I do not think it wise to put the enemy in charge of the military. As bad as Hillary wants to be president, you would think she would brought up Obama’s
          Dual Identities
          Sealed birth and college records
          Living in Indonesia
          Mother Commie sympathizer
          Weird ass name
          Lack of experience
          In the 08 elections, same goes for McCain and Romney.
          I fear their is something way more sinister going on here than a personal grudge/hate Obama has for the USA. To many non Muslims involved here.
          It’s almost like they deliberately threw the elections to him. I think he’s just the first gun, and we will not see the real shooter until it’s to late.
          There’s a bad moon rising. To much snake oil and bad medicine for it all to be conquinsdence

          1. Jeanna Green says

            use to laugh at talk like that growing up…. Darn it!! Then I had to grow up and live in the real life. I agree that there is something big and it has nothing good in it for America and her People if we don’t open our eyes and then our mouths to stop this madness before we loose to many. To late to stop whats coming while we have a President who is on our enemies side most of the time. But boy is he great at putting down Americans and especially a Republican American. Heck the only thing he hates more than America is a American who is:
            Republican, News stations who dare to do their job, anyone who chooses The Constitution over his agenda, white, blacks if you don’t agree with him, Congress, Judges, The Rich (which does not include him or his wife), But most of all:
            Anyone who knows their Rights and are not afraid to use them!!!

  90. Sean Rickmin says

    Low life bottom feeders living off of decent people that work for a living,really reminds me of the islam loving president.There are three catagories of black people,and only one is worth their salt.Some white people,same thing.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      That Calvin finely got it right!!!!!!!!

  91. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Poor little entitled tar babies! They are the product of the current president who has done more to pit the races against each other.

  92. Ellen says

    How narrow minded can you be. The only thing that matters is them. Paris now and maybe later on,USA.
    But that is too much to think about, right?

  93. Charlotte Deneice Windham says

    Black Lives Blacks need to get a life,and go to work,work at college education,and Quit the damn complaining everytime they think they might have been insulted. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU THINK WHITES HAVE BEEN OFFENDED BY BLACK LIVES MATTERS. ALL LIVE MATTER,AND COPS LIVE MATTER YOU DUMB BLACK LIVES MATTER PEOPLE. Get off your offended me. Life has it’s up,and downs. Learn how to learn from it.

  94. tax man says

    These incompetent boobs bring this on themselves. They should change their slogan to “Idiotlvesmatter”
    Not quite sure when they stepped out of the intelligent gene pool, but they sure are ignorant. Makes you wonder how any of them ever got accepted to college? Well, there are many things more important than their make believe promotion of BLM. Maybe they should consider migrating to Syria if they really hate America.

  95. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is increasingly clear that “Black” Lives Matter is run by white people pretending to be black and is funded by white anti-Americans, communists and speculators who have shorted the dollar and plan to profit mightily from the collapse of the United States. This is an instrument of treason and subversion no different from the forces of Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War Copperheads, the German-American Bund, the Communist Party of Hiss and the Rosenbergs and the dope-sodden unsanitary hippies of the 1960s. Another 1968 is coming, and we will need the fortitude of Richard Daley, the wickedly funny but dead serious defiance of George Wallace and the courage of Richard Nixon to beat down yet another Leninist surge.

  96. kassa1 says

    As long as you got communist professors teaching that’s what you’re going to receive because people who have knowledge real knowledge that is our dangerous to the lights and to communism. You must first exterminate the mentally ill communist professors from the ranks of the colleges before you couldn’t take your country back. One of the Russian premiers One said give me one generation with your children and I won’t your country, well were there. They also said will take your country without firing a shot well they got your man in the White House and they own the Congress at least the Democrat party and have to Republican Party so it’s up to we the people with our children are to have any kind of hope for the future

  97. adrianvance says

    How fitting that this slogan is predicated on a lie. It all fits.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  98. Christine Cuneo says

    This is exactly what government indoctrination has gotten us. Nothing but black lies matter to a bunch of low life liberals.

  99. artarlo1 says

    Lets get this straight Black Lives matter is a Communist Controlled Org. who lead low class easy to lead fools to do their work. The so called professors who don’t show up for class and who have been educated (if that is what you call it) mostly are from the 60s 70s anti American hippie and yippie low class who were druggie and dirty slobs. Some who were given degrees to get them out of college are teaching today. The good kids who did not make trouble were shoved to the side. am I wrong ???? JUST ASK YOUR KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY.

  100. Debbie says

    This is about as low as you can go. This is the new Black Panthers, Second Generation. I wish there was a way to just look over them but don’t think it is going to happen. They are a disgrace to the American People. I hope your family is so proud, and the bad thing about it we the 47% are paying for most of their college, Cut the funding to the colleges that allow this in their schools,

  101. shemp says

    from the appearance of the protestors i have viewed these people dont dress like they have very hard they all seem to wear all the latest styles and brands and i dont think even one that ive seen appears to have working hands excuse me i seems to me that if they rather than spending their time playing but hurt they could put that time to better use working ,contributing to society getting envolved in real ways of creating solutions rather than creating more i dont think they realize even if we wanted to pay for their careers in life long colledge and their unending lists of expected entitlements i dont think they realize the money and resources arent like geico insurance there isnt a magical select your own price in the real world it doesnt work that way there is some poor stiff that has to get up five days a week and go to work which envolves going to and answering to bosses doing assigned duties spending generally eight hours following policies and proceedures set forth as part of the being employed and so on ,how can you expect these people to pay for your education so you can have a nice cushy job so you can look down upon the same people who paid so you could have that job dont be rediculous knock knock is there anybody in there?please forgive this unpuntuated possibly miss spelled letter.

  102. Gerry Costa says

    blm is just another phony BS organization formed to keep racism, violence and stupidity alive. Oh — and don’t let me forget also to keep people like sharpton, jackson and farrankan very wealthy by bilking their own people.Some day maybe — when obozo with all his racism is out of office we can start rebuilding togetherness instead of division.

  103. MARYSWEET says

    These are nothing more than ignorant, self absorbed spoiled brats who have no idea what life is about except for the privileged existence. They have been indoctrinated to believe what they are saying and it shows how self centered they are that they can’t even realize what is happening in our world. They live in a little bubble that only contains them and their idea of what their life should be and they hate everyone who isn’t like them and thinks like them. Oh wait, that is the muslim ideology. Are all these protesters muslims?

  104. Teapartyjoe says

    Really. Sounds like Black Lives Mater movement have some really close ideology to the Jihadist ideology, so maybe we finally can see what black lives movements ridiculous actions are not from educated students or faculty, but rather from idiot ideologies. They just want something for nothing just because they were born black in America.

  105. BigGoofyGuy says

    What a heartless group they turn out to be. I guess they think compassion is what they want but don’t want to give to others.

  106. ken29 says

    It’s appalling how rapidly the rabble that call themselves “Black Lives Matter” has morphed from the very reasonable ‘black lives matter, too!’ to ‘only black lives matter’. Last year about 200 blacks (5 per million), some armed, were killed by law enforcement . This year Islamic Terrorists have killed almost 2000 people (almost all unarmed civilians). That’s roughly equivalent to the number of military (“combat”) casualties in Afghanistan this year. Dealing with Islamic Terrorism should be an “All Lives Matter” issue.

  107. Sam Treesh says

    I don’t believe that blacks, [[ not what I usably call them ]] have brains that work right as they kill each other a lot,, and if they have a lot of money they kill themselves with dope or drink selves to death , I ignore them as don’t even see them,, none live with In 5 miles of me ,,not allowed,, I don’t hate them just don’t have any use for them in a restaurant I ask when they show me a table who is my server if they point to a black I say no,, put me elsewhere ,, but that is just me I still like it the way it was in the 19 30,s and 40,s and I do not ever speak to any , what for ?? in winter time I am in Florida in a gated and guarded place none allowed ,, but I do have a few in my company OH WELL here is my comment guess there is no law against thinking what ever I want to enough said,, bet I get some good comments on this one ..

  108. Daniel Clouser says

    From the comments made by the trash involved with this pathetic movement it sounds as if they are simply a bunch of fools with a victim mentality – fuck them – Their movement DOES NOT matter. Trashy niggers are all that belong to and are a part of that movement. ALL LIVES MATTER –

  109. Dale_G1 says

    As someone who works in retail…I say Black Friday Lives Matter Too!!!

  110. missourisam says

    militant blacks are itching to start a race war with the climate of hate and privilege being fostered by the Obama administration. The DOJ under Obama’s attorney generals have turned a blind eye toward crimes committed by blacks, and castigated police officers that were doing their duty. The Ferguson, Missouri fiasco is just one example. What they haven’t figured out yet is that in an all out war, they are greatly out numbered, and the sane blacks need to distance themselves from Obama and his muslim cronies in the White House, because if a race war starts they will be caught in the middle. They will be killed by the savages that are the radical racist on both sides. This tension is already getting black suspects killed or seriously injured because of the tension in the police ranks over unprovoked attacks on them by blacks. With the high state of violence against police now, officers are on edge. Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six is the new thinking of most officers now. It will only get worse with the BLM constantly trying to cause unrest, and stupid people buying into their rhetoric. BLM has just proved that they are heartless slugs that have never had a thought for anyone but themselves.

  111. Artie whitesel says

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  112. Suze says

    BLM is shooting themselves with this bratty reaction which is losing supporters They are aligning themselves with the anti Western Civilization movement expressing itself in Isis. Too bad, because the civil rights cause has some issues we really need to fix in this country, but it’s allowed itself to be hijacked by this Soros funded activist group, the kind Martin Luther King wisely knew would only perpetuate prejudice and racial division.

  113. James in Texas says

    It’s Racism, plain and simple! But, then again……………….What else have they got to put forth. They came out of the public schools as illiterates, and it is now obvious that they are just higher education illiterates. And all of us who have grown up in the actual real world soon found out that the “world” eats idiots alive! But, thankfully, learning the phase “Would you like fries with that order” is easy to memorize.

  114. millerstwo says

    No other people on earth are as ignorant and have less class than Americas Afrigan Etheopian’s including the ‘Afrigan-in-Chief’ Barry Obama himself ! !

  115. runnindeer says

    It is simply amazing that during the past week of the ISIS attacks and all of the rest of the national defense struggles all over the world, these black people are all angry because they don’t think they are getting enough attention.
    All week I have encountered angry black people. In every place that i have gone there have been faces of pure hate and anger that is as obvious as anything can be obvious. As for their reasons I am sure they could have some of the same complaints as everyone else now. But apparently they feel they have more. This BLM movement is what was done during the first half of the Obama aggression against America when the liberal Lunitunes helped begin the “occupy movement”. The Democrats use college protest, and all things radical and disruptive to gain their imagined support from various areas. Listening to black people use terms and phrases that literally say that they plan to wage war and their downright attempts to incite fear and anger and hate while they try to claim they are the oppressed and not the oppressor is beyond racist. It is criminal in nature and yet the Democrats not only sanction it, they applaud it and say more- more. Disgusting!

  116. FloridaJim says

    Selfishness to the extreme has become a trait in Marxist/Democratic circles it is offensive and wrong. Black lives matter no more than any life why not unborn babies or Muslim Christians?

  117. Kurt Moore says

    It seems to me that the TRUE racists are those in the “black lives matter” group who apparently are in the same league as the KKK and the Neo Nazis. They use the same tactics and statements totally void of facts. Those who scream “racist” the loudest are generally the true racists. “black lives matter” are not interested in equality, they want to eliminate anyone and everyone who is not “black”. Sound familiar?

  118. Dorothy Robertson says

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  119. bayman61 says

    Whites terrorizing black folks in Paris? Another racist lie. If that were true then how come no one knocked that black man out when he put that sign up?

    1. rolex1965 says

      Low I.Q. Folk thinks dat bed them way so it be dat way.
      They lives the fool stamp from whitey tax dollars. 85 % hang on the porch all day unless there’s some lootin to be done.

  120. rolex1965 says

    That race of them folk don’t have the I.Q to understand the problem. They want EVERYTHING for free. They kill each other so keep everything the way it is. The Libtard DEMOCRAPS will do anything to get the vote from this Low Info group.

  121. Aureliacook says

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