Black Lives Matter? Not to Planned Parenthood


The Ferguson protests have attracted their share of high profile supporters, but none come across as cynical and hypocritical as the nation’s leading abortion factory, Planned Parenthood. When the company tweeted a shoutout on Monday afternoon, they couldn’t help but pay a visit to IronyLand by affixing the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. For an organization that has been at the forefront of promoting abortion to low-income neighborhoods, that’s a pretty rich sentiment.

Of course, Planned Parenthood doesn’t see it that way. They see their outreach efforts as improving society. Only in modern America could anyone see abortion as a way to improve the world, but these are the times we live in. Still, to those of us who haven’t swallowed the feminist line on abortion, the part Planned Parenthood has played in this country’s ongoing fetal holocaust cannot be ignored. And it’s hard to escape the fact that only 36 percent of abortions are performed on white women. It’s also worth noting that nearly 80 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities can be found within walking distance of African American or Hispanic neighborhoods.

I don’t agree with the uproar over the Michael Brown case, but I certainly agree that black lives matter. Unfortunately, I can’t quite understand how Planned Parenthood feels the same way. They may support equal justice for blacks in the country’s court system, but they certainly don’t think their unborn children matter. Since abortion was made legal in the United States, more blacks have met their death through abortion than by any and all other causes combined. Should we make sure police use the gun as a last resort? Of course. But maybe we should encourage black women – and women of any color, for that matter – to use abortion as a last resort as well.

Changing Tides

Thankfully, we may not have to. According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, abortion is quickly losing its popularity. 2011 is the last year with updated numbers, and it appears that there were fewer abortions that year than in any year since the early 1970s. Still, 730,322 abortions is a lot of blood on the hands of America. That a high percentage of these come from black and Hispanic mothers is a national shame that should rival the anger over Ferguson. But of course, in the twisted age we live in, only those backwards social conservatives would care about such a thing.

According to a recent report from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, more black babies were killed by abortion in 2012 than were born in the same year. That’s just New York City, where Planned Parenthood happens to be headquartered. Make no mistake about it, abortion is a personal choice and no politician or company can be blamed for a woman’s decision to have one. But when Planned Parenthood wants to really make a difference in black lives, they’ll get off their Twitter high horse and stop marketing death to women who don’t know where to turn.

  1. TOM P O'DONNELL says



  2. Angry American says

    I really don’t have much of an opinion when it comes to abortion, but feel that why bring an unwanted child into the world when they will not have loving parents. I neither support nor do not support abortion. I think that is something that is not my business

    1. marihia says

      It is NOW, with ovomitcare, I can live with abortion if done in the first trimester, after that absolutely not, but it also shouldn’t be used as birth control.

    2. mac12sam12 says

      There’s a line of people waiting to adopt children, abortion is a bad option.

      1. hopealda says

        I strongly agree. I am waiting to adopt!

        1. Deborah G says

          If you are white you will have a long wait

        2. OCDiver says

          KUDOS!! I hope it happens for you soon!!

          1. hopealda says

            Thank You.

    3. AttMore says

      You’re talking out both sides of your mouth……’straddling the fence’… my man/woman need JESUS….in other words….”Whose on the LORD’s Side”….p.s.-There want be “Excuses before the White Throne Judgment”……God Bless All True Americas and Israel…….

      1. KP says

        Jesus also gave us free will. I too believe it is murder, and feel ALL options should be laid on the table before a woman who is pregnant. But ultimately, it is the individuals choice to decide for themselves. Illegal or not. Murderers and other criminals obviously have no regard for laws. It is not up to anyone to force morals onto another person. You can not force a person to look to Jesus.

        1. AttMore says

          I was going by what ‘Angry American’ stated……So what you have commented on is toward what he stated….also you seem to be ‘straddling the fence’…with your comment…..’all options on the table’……..’To murder or not to murder,this is the question’…….p.s.-and the free will bit,GOD already told me this a long time ago….p.s.s-you need JESUS……God Bless and have a nice day….

        2. smogdew says

          It was intended that people would choose good over evil and God’s Commandments make abortion murder. What options? Are you murdering a helpless baby or not? I sure wouldn’t worry about anything a woman might go through…….
          And you are right, you cannot force religion on a person; but you might hope they seek God themselves…..As God said: I didn’t need your permission to make you but I do need your permission to take you to heaven.

      2. Diana Brooks says

        And that is exactly where the JUDGEMENT BELONGS. Before GOD not you or me!

        1. AttMore says

          Yes I can judge…..Matthew 7:16 “Judge them by the fruits they bear….”I can’t judge if they are going to Heaven or Hell,but I can ‘judge’ them by their fruits…..p.s.-so I suggest you go read your BIBLE if you have ONE…….p.s.s.-you also need JESUS,miss busy body,since I was talking/typing to kp(small print intended)…..God Bless and have a nice life:(

    4. Deborah G says

      WHY? because it is a gift from God. The parents if you can call them that need to be either educated or offer them sterilization or tubal ligations FREE

    5. Kirsten Longhibler says

      most people with these kinds of problems like you describe, angry person, needs to have a vasectomy, it is cheap, easy and painless and no pregnant wives girlfriends and no innocent unborn s killed

      1. OCDiver says

        So by your statement, what you’re saying is that it’s all the man’s fault and it’s all his responsibility. What about the women that spread their legs allowing the men to inseminate them?? Shouldn’t they bear some of the blame and responsibility as well?? Don’t take me wrong, I’m not taking away from your point, merely pointing out the other side of the problem, men don’t have abortions and it takes two to do the deed. Women can get their tubes tied as well or go on the pill.

        1. Ronald Starkey says

          Ever hear of condums?

          1. OCDiver says

            What’s that got to do with my asking Kirsten why in her opinion men are the only responsible party to abortion problems? But to answer your question,
            Of course I have, but I don’t need them, I know how to control myself and keep it in my pants. Unlike others.

          2. Ronald Starkey says

            If only everybody was like that. Read your answer to Maggiemae: Right on!

          3. OCDiver says

            Just re-read my response to you, my apologies for sounding a bit disrespectful, and also thank you for your service I also forgot to say that in my first reply to you. I hate it when I do that!!

          4. Ronald Starkey says

            You can’t be disrespectful when telling the truth and thank you.

    6. hiway280z says

      You must have an opinion you just gave one. Your for abortion

    7. OCDiver says



    8. Diana Brooks says

      Right on!

    9. Bob Sims says

      Murder is everyone’s business. You have taken the coward’s way out.

    10. Jarhead says

      How about adoption Mrs. Angry?

    11. billdeserthills says

      Well do you think a woman should be in control of her own body? Seems to me like it should be her decision. I agree, why bring any more misery into the world than we already have. Abused kids grow up & abuse their kids. Why make the situation even worse than it is now?

  3. blackhawk132 says

    What bothers me is when a woman gets an abortion and LOOKS at the baby they just allowed to be ripped from their womb can do so and not cry their eyes out. That makes them as guilty of murder as is the doctor ; If you can call him one .
    We have slaughtered more children than the Nazi’s did . Even more that some States have in population . Am I the only one that sees this ??? It is MURDER . There is no excuse to kill them with so many people looking to adopt a child.
    I have 5 children with 18 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren . How could we explain just how we murdered one of them.I pray God forgives you who choose to abort a beautiful child .

    1. Tom S says

      blackhawk132, you are right on! Who gives women the right to kill a man’s child?? She is not the only one she hurts wasting her life getting to that point, she’s wasting the babies life. Is there any responsibility for anything with some people?? Oh yeah, going to cash their gov’t check.

      1. Krazeehors says

        Then WHY the HELL are the MEN not standing up for their child???? Most of the people who know me on this site KNOW that I have spoken out MANY times about the FACT that my first child was STOLEN from me in a California “Reproduction Counseling Center” AFTER I tried to get out of their THREE times before being drugged and having my baby — conceived by rape that I wanted to give up for adoption — RIPPED from my belly by a doctor who told me to “shut the f*** up” or he “would knock me out.”

        It happened. I have never lied about it. My story has never changed. And, I am NOT the only one in this country who has experienced the EXACT SAME THING.

        I am now a mom and a grandmom. Yes, my son is in heaven with God and many family members who went on before and after him. What I wonder is whether or not God will ever forgive those who did this to me and so many others.

        Knowing that the only unforgivable sin is UNBELIEF, I believe that if those people accept and proclaim the name of the Lord before they die, he will.

        1. Tom S says

          Krazeehors, you have a very valid point. And I agree with you. You, obviously, are not among the many who don’t care. I am saddened by your experience. I was speaking solely about those women who don’t care about their child. There are indeed many of those quack Doctors who do just what they did to you, just to make money. It’s all about the dollar. If they don’t repent of their ways, they will surely take their ways with them when they die. They won’t have a chance to put it before them to the throne of heaven and the Great Redeemer. Greed is an evil thing.

    2. KayO says

      Planned Parenthood has mastered the tactic of telling these women that the baby is a blob of tissue or protoplasm, has no feeling whatsoever, and isn’t alive at the time it’s aborted. Many if not most of these women are not heartless. Those Planned Parenthood folks hold their hands, hug them, tell them that it’s ok-the baby isn’t alive, etc. Yes-women who have had abortions are guilty, but they’re also hurting. Many of the women on the front-lines fighting against abortion have had one and know by experience. Make that prayer a sincere one.

      1. Diana Brooks says

        Right on and they are often hurting when they make the decision as well! That wonderful boyfriend,abusive man in their lives have deserted them and there is no where left to turn. If a teen , parents have thrown them out of the house, or at times a baby just is not a financial option even for married couples.

    3. Deborah G says

      SPot on. There is NOTHING “planned” except murder, there is Nothing being “reproduced” as they claim a reproductive right, there is only true evil and the liberals have killed off so many black children they should be shuddering. Do they? no they elevate criminals to Martyrs,thugs to victims and kill babies. THAT is the DISGRACE of the left. May God have mercy on them, I sure don’t

    4. OCDiver says

      The only unforgivable sin is Blasphemy (and by scripture there are two degrees of Blasphemy, you can blaspheme the word and it shall be forgiven, but to blaspheme God there shall be no forgiveness .. paraphrased from Mark 3:29 KJV). Like you, I’m sickened to the depths of my soul for what they do. But in reality, it’s their body and they do have the right to choose what they’re going to do with it. I wish, as you do, that they would go full term and give birth to the child and put it up for adoption, rather than kill it. Yes, it’s murder. Yes, it’s repulsive and reprehensible. But if I expect them to respect my rights under the Constitution to the freedom of religion, to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, etc.; then it’s incumbent upon me to do likewise and respect their freedom to choose. “…… Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”. Romans 12:19 KJV.

      1. mremale says

        So why does their “freedom to choose” end when a baby is born? You rationalize that it is their body but we are not talking about their body, we are concerned with the other body inside their womb. Also, they have the same rights under the Constitution that you have so it is not a trade-off. Your argument is a non-sequitor.

        1. OCDiver says

          It’s “non sequitur” not “non-sequitor” and my response was to blackhawk132, not Diana Brooks. Therefore your statement is moot. However, in an attempt to clarify what I was talking about. Yes, they do have the same constitutional rights that you and I do, that was never an issue. If you had really read my statement and fully understood what was said in it, you would have known that I was referring to both bodies, not just one or the other. Bottom line, no matter how repulsive, reprehensible or disgusting we may find it, a mother has the right to choose what she is going to do. Either have the baby or not, put the child up for adoption or keep it. And those decisions are between her and God, not us. It’s arrogance and exaltation to think that we have the duty or responsibility to stop another person from doing that which we wouldn’t do ourselves. As long as what they are doing isn’t interfering with our liberties and freedoms, or breaking any written laws, then let them live as they choose.

          1. Tom S says

            I do disagree about the Mother having a right to willingly destroy another body. The ONLY ONE who gave the Mother a choice WAS NOT THE CREATOR. Her choice was manufactured by man’s wisdom, NOT GOD’S

          2. OCDiver says

            And God will be the one to judge her for that choice. Just because we choose to obey God, doesn’t mean we have the divine right to condemn those who don’t. Especially in a (supposedly) free country. Otherwise we make ourselves as guilty as the radical Muslim jihadists that are hell bent on “killing the infidels” including you and I.

          3. mremale says

            Thank you for pointing out my egregious spelling error but why not avoid the abortion question by practicing birth control or avoiding intercourse when fertile. Those are much easier choices to make and will not create long lasting emotional problems of guilt and regret.

          4. OCDiver says

            I agree wholeheartedly with you on that, but that is still a choice that they themselves make and here in America, as distasteful as it is to us, the laws written by man permit them to do that.

          5. mremale says

            Yes, OC I agree and note that you avoided saying she had a right to slaughter the innocent babies, but rather pointed out that she has been permitted to. It is an important distinction.

        2. Tom S says

          I like your statement mremale…

      2. Tom S says

        Very good point OCDiver…

    5. Diana Brooks says

      Are you aware that possibly as many as 25% of pregnancies end in spontaneous natural abortion before the woman is ever aware they were pregnant?

    6. Diana Brooks says

      Unless it is late term there is nothing to see

      1. Jarhead says

        LOOK again dummy!

        1. Fedup says

          They knock you out when it’s done. They never get to see anything. I had to take a friend that was raped. They require you to have someone bring you and take you home. At least the one she went to did. I would imagine the process is the same all over. At least I hope so. I couldn’t imagine seeing the end product.

          1. Krazeehors says

            NO, they do NOT “knock you out.” Yes, someone has to take you there and back. Yes, I thought I was going there so I could talk to someone to help me know what my options were — and the ONLY option I was EVER willing to consider was adoption. I was RAPED, but I was STILL not willing to force my child to pay the ultimate price.

            I had NO pain medication, NO anesthesia, and I FELT every second, EVERY pull, EVERY tug of MY child being RIPPED out of me. After it was over, I was in shock, along with every other person in that so-called “recovery room.” And I have NEVER completely recovered. ONLY when I see my son at the end of my life when I am taken home to heaven will it be over.

          2. Fedup says

            I took my friend in 1998 in Reno and they knocked her out. She was totally asleep during the entire procedure. I’m not saying that you are wrong, I’m just saying what happened with my friend. I sat with her in recovery so I could be there when she woke up. I’m so sorry that you went through that. I can’t even imagine what you went through.

          3. Tom S says

            May God Richly Bless You

          4. Krazeehors says

            Thank you. He already has. I was saved from a drunk driver in 1998 and will undergo my 14th corrective surgery on Tuesday, and my third spine surgery. My life experience has taught me that He is NOT finished with me yet, and I am using the time I have been given to write a book, speak out about the reality of abortion, advocate for the rights of military sexual assault survivors, and speak out against lax drunk driving laws in EVERY state as well as at the Federal level.

      2. Krazeehors says

        You are a complete idiot who has obviously been brainwashed by Planned Parenthood and the other abortion advocates out there.

        I heard my son’s heartbeat at 21 days. A baby begins moving as soon as the heart starts beating, whether the mother can feel it or not. It is NOT “indigestion.”

        I ALSO got to see my granddaughters sonograms at 18 weeks. Trust me there WAS definitely “something to see.” It was a miniature version of who she was at birth and who she is now at nearly ten years old.

        How you, as a woman, can say “there is nothing to see” is beyond me. I suggest you take a class in anatomy and reproductive education.

      3. mtj3134 says

        this has to be one of the mot stupid comments ever…..
        and on Christmas Day

    7. Jarhead says

      Roe Vs. Wade was based on LIES, just like the Affordable Health Care Act……LIES, LIES, LIES

    8. billdeserthills says

      Don’t you think there are enough homeless and parentless children already in society? Some folks just want more and more, I would prefer to cut down on the amount of human misery & suffering that already exists today.

      1. blackhawk132 says

        Then you mean there will be no more homeless children so the solution is to rip those beautiful babies from a non caring so called mother ; Right.
        CUT DOWN was a very cold word.
        Babies have nothing to do with poverty . It’s a HUMAN life and is being used as birth control . Give the child to an adopted couple . What gives anyone the right to destroy life. There WILL be a future time when they will have to answer to God for their lack of humanity . BUT your probably an atheist so it wont matter ; However if your wrong and you DO meet God ; Then what ?????

        1. billdeserthills says

          I agree but there isn’t enough money or qualified people to care for any more kids. Plenty of parents are abusing their kids right now, what kind of life is that?

          1. Krazeehors says

            Wow. You are one cold-hearted sob.

          2. billdeserthills says

            Who has the money or the attention to take care of all these unborn children? There aren’t enough folks to take care of the kids cps has right now? I’m a realist, you can call it whatever you want.

          3. Krazeehors says

            So am I, but this is NOT about “realism.” This is about EUGENICS whether you want to believe it or not.

            It is ALSO about EDUCATION. Our schools are teaching our kids about their “sexuality,” but they are NOT teaching them about the CONSEQUENCES of that sexuality because we have become a society where life does not matter.

            It ALSO is not about CPS.

            If you are going to teach your kids about their sexuality and what Planned Parenthood, the rabid atheists out there, and others about what I have heard being referred to as their “GOD GIVEN RIGHT” to “enjoy” that aspect of their lives, then you also have the RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that they know about birth control —

            And, abortion should NEVER be used as birth control.

            Also, if the atheists and others can tout “God given rights” when it is convenient, WHY do they continue to also deny God when THAT is convenient.

            You cannot have it both ways.

          4. billdeserthills says

            I can, see I don’t have any kids

          5. Krazeehors says

            Well, that explains your complete lack of compassion.

          6. mtj3134 says

            How about teaching girls to keep their knees together ?
            Or no welface out of marriage ?
            Or no welface, after two children ?
            Worth a shot ?

          7. billdeserthills says

            Sounds good to me, I thought we already tried that?

          8. Krazeehors says

            How about teaching men and teenagers to keep it in their pants??

            Can’t blame this whole issue on girls.

            I suppose you could, but that doesn’t hold water.

          9. mtj3134 says

            No one is blaming it all on the girls, but, in the chain of events it is the girl who gets pregnant and ( many times ) has to make life changing decisions when she is simply not ready to.
            The man can walk away and good luck to getting payments or him being a good father.
            Holds water from where I am sat…
            Teach the girls to keep their knees together… and its a win win

          10. Krazeehors says

            How about we teach ALL of our children about ABSTINENCE???

            It takes two to make a baby. You can’t blame this all on the girls.

          11. Tom S says

            I think you perhaps don’t get it billdeserthills, ANY part of ANY creation was created that way in the beginning by the Creator. ‘Creation’ doesn’t get the right to destroy what the Creator Created. It’s like an old Model T trying to remove it’s own spark plugs, without Ford’s assistance. Neither can the pottery bowl tell the potter how to spin the bowl. IT’S ALL BACKWARDS in this world. God gave man the right to procreate, but not to destroy part of what God designed in the beginning to be brought to life by the man. IT IS NOT THE LIVING MOVING UNBORN BABY that procreated.

          12. billdeserthills says

            Personally I believe the state should license prospective parents, before they have the chance to breed more unwanted/unneeded children. That would put an end to abortion except in cases of rape. Now we just need to find a way to temporarily block folks from becoming pregnant until they are state certified

          13. Krazeehors says

            Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler and Margaret Sanger? You start “licensing prospective parents” and you open the door to the engineering of a master race.

          14. billdeserthills says

            I don’t see any other way of breaking the cycle that welfare families share. You must know that there are simply too many needy children, even without taking account of the illegal alien kids who keep coming across our borders. Nobody in any country can afford to raise all the kids that currently exist. Nor can the abusive parents be weeded out. At least if some mode of testing existed, folks could be more sure that these offspring were truely wanted and well cared for, instead of simply becoming “chips” in the game of winning more & better handouts from the govt.

          15. Krazeehors says

            Study WWII you freaking moron. You are quite obviously not old enough to remember it OR to have EVER studied it in school.

            I suggest you begin with the program called:

            Nazis: Evolution of Evil.

          16. billdeserthills says

            Hey I know all about WW2, you come up with a workable idea that is fair to everyone involved and doesn’t reward the people who are abusing our welfare system, genius.

          17. Krazeehors says

            A workable idea?

            Bill Clinton HAD a workable idea. It’s called Welfare to Work, and Ovomit eliminated it as one of his first acts in office. He ALSO sent people from Health and Human Services to all areas of the country — including small towns that had always depended on each other — to sign people up for welfare and food stamps who had no aspirations to ever collect any government benefits. THEN, he started paying them so much money that they could make more by NOT working and living on welfare that looking for and obtaining even a waitressing job not worth the effort.

            Why did he do this?

            Because if you control the people’s livelihood, you control their lives. It was a lesson he learned well from FDR.

            Clinton was not one of my favorite presidents, but under his presidency, welfare rolls actually declined.

            We need to get rid of this piece of crap entitlement president and shut down his liberal agenda. I pray the latest election has done at least a little toward stopping that.

            We need to stop generational welfare, get rid of the illegal immigrants by making it impossible for them to make a living here, and get Ovomit and those who would emulate him out of the White House in 2016.

            We also need to educate our children and get rid of Common Core. Re-introduce a strong work ethic, encourage churches to help those in need like they did before Ovomit, and convince people that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

            Murdering the unborn is NOT the way to go. Neither is the engineering of a Master Race, which is EXACTLY what you are advocating. Every child has a purpose. Every person on this earth was put here by God. What they do with those lives is their free will.

            You and your ilk have no right to interfere with that.

          18. billdeserthills says

            I don’t know about your ilk comment but I still think a woman has the right to decide. I’m not in possession of a uterus so it’s not my decision. I think the govt should just start sending the extra kids to your house, accause you are soo smart. Maybe you can teach them how “Every Sperm is Sacred” and “Every egg is good” c/o Monty Python

          19. Krazeehors says

            “Ilk” means others as reprehensible as you are.

            One of these days you will grow up — and you can be any age (not just a young person) when it happens. If not, you will grow old and even more bitter than you are now.

          20. billdeserthills says

            You are funny, I’m already all grown up. I’m not bitter, I have no kids.

          21. mtj3134 says

            If a man wants to keep the child, he is overridden and the woman’s opinion takes priority.
            Then the man has to pay for 18 years, if she chooses to have the child.
            Strikes me as a tad unbalanced… the man has no rights, but has to pay…. totally fair and equal !!!

          22. billdeserthills says

            The man had the first right of refusal, he also had the right to wrap that weasel. Declining that buys him the right to pay for the childs upbringing.

          23. mtj3134 says

            Really ? I thought they both had the first right of refusal ? And can not the mother to be, insist on wrapping ?
            You are much too simplistic….
            Write or wrong, if the girls respected themselves, and there was no access to abortion or welface, do you think there would be as much unwrapped sex going on ?

          24. Tracy Tripp says

            Very well said! God bless you!

    9. Krazeehors says

      Those women do NOT get to “look at the baby they just allowed to be ripped from their womb.”

  4. ONLYJB1 says

    Birth control. 99.9 percent effectual! 3 forty ounce beers cost more than one month of birth control pills! Having unprotected sex is like playing with a loaded gun. STD’s and aids, nothing to play around with!

    1. hiway280z says

      It is amazing with all the birth control available there are still so many unwanted pregnancies. Some use nothing to prevent pregnancy then just run and have an abortion.

      1. ONLYJB1 says

        And then they draw more welfare and EBT! Having children has become a business. Unfortunately most are being raised by the GREAT Grand Mother! This is truth! The mother a whore! The grand mother a crack head! The great grannie, old school!

      2. cumiadom says

        When you take an X-Ray of these creatures, this what you get.

    2. Diana Brooks says

      Unfortunately that is no longer true!

      1. billdeserthills says

        It certainly is True–You just didn’t see it

      2. mtj3134 says

        What a blinkered and denial world you live in

  5. WhiteFalcon says

    I suppose PP figures the more black babies they kill the better.

    1. Kirsten Longhibler says

      the democrat party, the first kkkclan planned this a long time ago, the plan was to kill the black population with taxpayer money, hence the planned parenthood ,the plan is similar to the jewish killoff by herr hitler

  6. arab says


    1. Deborah G says

      You sound like a good man. God Bless you and that child that he never forgets you.

  7. Maria castro says

    what about Detroit and Chicago?

  8. Timothy Bunn says

    What did Yeshua say about little little children? Yeah, I think this apply also.

    1. hiway280z says

      Nice to see so many now know the name of YHWH and Yahshua. I see it more and more lately. 🙂

  9. Maggiemae says

    I’ve thought about the same thing…..they abort their babies by the truck load but let one of them get killed and they are full of rage. Another issue that I don’t get. Why isn’t anyone, especially the black community, screaming about the MILLIONS of black being killed by blacks. Or how about the whites being killed by blacks. You don’t ever hear about that. Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder or Barack Obama on those issues….WHERE????? Until they can help their own communities with these horrid issues, they need to crawl back under the rock they came from. These 4 henchmen remind me of cockroaches that come out, destroy what they want and go back in their holes. If these people actually had a ‘leader’ none of what has gone on in MO or NY would have ever escalated to the extent that it has. Sick, sick, sick society we are in. Here’s the real horror story….WE HAVE 2 MORE YEARS of Obama! I hate to see the destruction we’ll have before his reign is over. I just pray that his reign will be over and that we will have an election in 2016. Trust isn’t exactly on my radar at this point.

    1. OCDiver says

      Speaking out about Black on Black and/or Black on White crimes doesn’t further their political, hypocritical, feel sorry for us agenda.

      1. Maggiemae says

        And therein lies the problem – in its entirety. And they dare call us racist. The ‘4 henchmen’ are the biggest racists you’ll ever find and now they’re enciting all the blacks against white people. I’m not shocked or surprised. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is being followed to the T. In order to control all the people, you have to make sure to pit them against each other. People that work together can’t be manipulated into the communism camp they want to create.

        1. OCDiver says

          I keep hearing “the race war is coming!”, pardon my language, but; “race war” my a$$

          If it hap …. WHEN it happens, there will be conservative blacks fighting right along side us, just as there will be nitwit whites fighting alongside them. So, it won’t be so much a “race war” as it will be a clash between ideologies as it was during the Civil War 150 years ago.
          As far as I’m concerned, with all of the turmoil that’s been going on in America the last couple of decades; Louis “Ferritkhan”, Al “Sharptongue”, Jesse “Jackstoned”, Jeremiah “Wrong”, Elizabeth “Warpathen”, and all of the others in that ilk that have been inciting riots under the guise of the 1st Amendment should be brought up on charges.

          1. Maggiemae says

            You are sooooo right on that…it will not be about color, but rather about ideologies. There are millions of great black people that are also conservative. I get emails from Mychal Massie….a Christian with conservative values that happens to be black….and there are millions of whites that are as liberal as they get. Hitler was a white man. While we may have had turmoil to some extent for many years, this administration has escalated it above fever pitch for the past 6 years and they’re just getting all wound up to finish their plot in the next 2 years. I would love to see that gang of misfits to society brought up on charges. That would make any conservatives day.

          2. Atheists says


  10. Barto says

    Planned Parenthood = kill the children before they are born. It seems they do a large business in the black neighborhoods yet they want to jump on the bandwagon when a young black thug gets killed by a cop. Aren’t they a clASS act.

  11. smogdew says

    With all the birth control available, this is so unnecessary. They are like rutting pigs – without a care…….. To think that you can get rid of an infant like you can a chicken is a disgrace on America – No matter what stage they are aborted, they go through excruciating pain; that should happen to the mother and the doctor/nurse/janitor who performs it. How can you kill another human – especially those who are so
    helpless. The 6th Commandment will prevail.

    1. OCDiver says

      Just remember that through repentance even violating the 6th Commandment is forgiven.

    2. Atheists says

      Wow!!! You are a big say that should happen to the mothers and doctors and nurses but right after you say “how can you kill another human being”.Such angry and hateful thoughts and wishes,maybe you should pray and ask your God for forgiveness if not then come judgment day you can explain how so hateful and wanting of murder you are.good luck getting in hypocrite.

      1. smogdew says

        Why should evil prevail?

        1. Atheists says

          I’m no fan of people doing mean or cruel things.but by you saying those people should suffer as you did,that in itself is evil.only someone who wishes pain and suffering onto others to me is evil.As the story goes when Jesus Christ was being beaten and tortured he didn’t curse them or wish the same thing to happen to them,he simply forgave them and asked his father to do the same. As Christians I would expect the same since by your religion in the end God is the only one to pass judgment.I don’t believe people should be using abortion as a form of birth control i also believe that in certain circumstances it is necessary. If all of you that oppose it so strongly then you should try and educate the people who are abusing it.dont condem the doctors or nurses be mad at the parents and government for not teaching them right and wrong or not teaching responsibility or at least showing or providing alternatives to birth control.

  12. Combatvet52 says

    I read most of these comments IMHO a lot of women must learn to keep their legs closed, I’m not talking rape that’s another story who ever does this terrible act should pay with his life.

  13. Arizona Don says

    I do not support abortion but in the case of obama I could have made an exception!

  14. Proud US vet/American says

    Let me be very clear on this issue! I am 100% against abortion, period! But, it is the right of the mother to choose, and no one elses. Is it murder? Is it wrong? Is it a terrible legacy for America? YES!! But, if you look at other countries from around the world, America isn’t even close to being the worst for this.
    China’s abortion record is 10 times, 20 times worse than ours-no one is crying(PPH) over them. No one(PPH) is fighting for the rights of those millions of Chinese abortion deaths!
    So, let’s get the focus where it belongs-on the entire world. The solution isn’t banning abortion, it is before the pregnancy happens! Education! Sterilization! Birth control! Adoption! These are the measures of prevention that need the most focus-NOT abortion!
    (PPH)-planned parenthood

    1. Kirsten Longhibler says

      planned parenthood never help with any birthcontrol metods, they want the killing business it is a billion dollar business the more they kill, the more billions

      1. Proud US vet/American says

        This was the point I was trying to illustrate-but I guess I missed the mark! Maybe they(Planned Parenthood) should change their name to “Anti-Parenthood”, it would suit their image better!

      2. Gwynn Ingram says

        You don’t know what you’re talking about! I was 14 when I ran away from home and repeated sexual assaults from my father.I was on the streets and the only thing I knew in the beginning was sleeping/sex with a guy so I had a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep…somebody directed me to planned parenthood.They helped get me on birth control pills and supplied them free of charge.Without that help until I could work and learn better and take care of myself I can’t imagine how many illegitimate babies I would have ended up with.Don’t open your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about!

  15. Diana Brooks says

    Well some of that can be blamed on the BC s they are handing out! TRYCYCLING pills are to low dosed to work well! Add in the possibility of missing one and you have unplanned pregnancy! In the 80s Orthonovum 1/150 s were the choice pill they WORKED! My daughter took them, no problems! I was working in OB/GYN then. Abortion is something that is a very personal choice and often a very agonizing one! I often wonder how many of those who complain about it ever stand outside a clinic and say ” don’t do this, I will support you, even the rest of your children throughout your pregnancy! I will provide everything your entire existing family needs while we wait together for its arrival ! I will take this child into my home and raise it as my own regardless of deformity,addiction,genetic disorder or any other problem it may have and give it a forever home! No exceptions no questions asked!” I really doubt anyone ever has. I don’t approve of abortion as a birth control method but I certainly don’t feel I have a right to choose for someone else. Going back to the Indian proverb of ” walking a mile in their shoes”. Problem as I see it is not properly counseling as to the lifelong affects of repeated abortion and what can happen to future reproductive health when they DO DECIDE to have children. EDUCATION is the KEYWORD both about UNPROTECTED SEX and STDs and that SEXUAL ACTIVITY carries RESPONSIBILITY. Just speaking from the point of one who has seen and heard it all, from parents and kids!

  16. adrianvance says

    Planned Parenthood was originally founded to reduce the number of black babies born.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  17. Gidge713 says

    Not only at Planned Parenthood but in Chicago where more Black kids are being killed by more Black kids than the White cop on Black people in the whole country. Ferguson and other places carry signs that say Black Lives Matters and Save our kids, but these signs will not show up in Chicago. Wonder why, any suggestions Sharpton and Jackson.

  18. pysco says

    Black leaders are worried about one punk, thug, criminal… But, they embrace abortion, its almost like genocide among black babies…. Idiots.

    1. AttMore says

      These so call ‘black leaders’,are race pimps,agitators,racist and demonic,my sisters and I call them,’the black kkk’….enough said….

  19. gin says

    they change as where and when they seem fit.

  20. Shadowwolf78 says

    A woman is allowed to have an abortion in this country. You have a problem with abortion, fine, don’t have one. But please do not throw your particular morals upon others (who may not share them) and say because you don’t like it, they can’t do it either. As an old joke goes, that’d be the same as saying you want to ban doughnuts because you’re on a diet.

    1. Atheists says

      Lol good one

      1. Shadowwolf78 says

        I’m not joking. I’m simply tired of people saying that others are not allowed to do something legal, just because they don’t agree with it, or because they feel that an invisible bearded man in robes would disprove.

        1. Atheists says

          I couldn’t agree more. Notice how angry and mean spirited the religious get over certain matters? They are so quick to call for the death of people instead of forgiving them like their God teaches.Religion can be so dangerous in the minds of the extreme ones.Be they Christian or Muslim they are quick to judge and call for violence.just look at the comments of most of the religious types on here.they contradict they foundation of what there religion is suppose to be(peace toward mankind, love,tolerance,forgiveness).instead of outlawing guns we should outlaw religion.its the number one cause of death and destruction since its inception.

  21. Mark Clemens says

    If abortion was illegal there would three times more protesters in Ferguson than now. Look at most of those protesters, all welfare babies, that cost us $100,000 from birth to 18 years, some stay on welfare for life. I don’t think we should breed the welfare state. A vast majority of those babies end up voting democrat, and vote for a living………

    1. TexasStomp says

      Eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger is smiling….with good reason.

  22. FloridaJim says

    Abortion was began by Margaret Sanger, a democrat, as a method to control the races, meaning kill off blacks as needed, her words. Since Roe v Wade abortion has murdered 85,000,000 babies 30,000,000 of them black if this isn’t anti black Obama is an honest man. Blacks have been used and abused by democrats in every blue state in the country look at Chicago which has more black on black murders than any city on earth and the Democrats do nothing!!!! Obama and race-baiters use race to distract from their foul policies no wonder Gruber called hem “stupid”

  23. alpambuena says

    these days you can almost by birthcontrol in candy machines…why are so many women getting pregnant and need an abortion….god is practically outlawed, self responsibility is considered racist, and the liberals have taken over the schools…..when you need an i.d. to vote, but not to get an abortion, when planned parenthood welcomes you and encourages you and makes everything so easy then abortions become easy, especially when abortion clinics are subsidized by tax payers money.

  24. Dan Rhodes says

    Killing of babies as they are being born is murder. Blood is being spilled and the United States is under a curse for doing this. We are now seeing judgment fall, as murder in our streets increase; the weather is extreme, and our country is broke. We will wonder at the many things that will take place in this country and the world. Repent and believe all the Words of Jesus.

  25. 2399molly says

    I remember hearing Martin Luther King speaking to a group of church members. He said one thing that has stuck in my mind. He said for the blacks to marry and multiply and that they would come into their own. That is not happening today and the black population has more abortions and less marriages than any other ethnic group. More of them on welfare and still living in the past. If they would disavow their leaders and turn to their churches, they would be a lot better off. Violence does not help, it only creates more chaos.

  26. Ron Beal says

    As most are aware, Eugenics had its origin in the USA. The records and experiment results were sent to Germany. After the war, their results and people were brought back to the states. Planned Parenthood does not have a single positive goal in its structure or planned mission. I am not a religious, Bible thumping, scripture quoting fanatic – but I am a Believer and God is real. The scripture does say, paraphrasing obviously, “…do not spill your seed onto the ground, but best to place into a prostitute. Do you not understand that your seed contains ‘life’?” The life referred to is the Life of the Image of God, created in the Garden, Book of Genesis. God only recognizes one form of Life, His Life, placed in Man. The Book of Life- “Alive” in the Earth- the Life of the Image has been quickened in a man because he has chosen to live by Faith- the provision of God.
    Having said all of that – I hope – I do not know- but hope there is a special place in Hell for the killers of our children.
    There is a statue of a baby in the fetal position and a monument to Bill Clinton in Odessa, Ukraine, located at the bottom of the “Steps” at the docks.
    ‘For the contribution of Bill Clinton in making the lives of the children of Ukraine better’. WHAT did the SOB do??? He ‘convinced’ the Ukraine government to allow abortions as birth control. The less children, the better off the remainder will be! Nazi mentality…. straight from the USA. Thanks President Bubba…

  27. dude says

    GOD will deffently repay them in the end that is diffent

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