Build a Wall Around L.A. and Make Hollywood Pay For It


Hollywood liberals are difficult to stomach under the best of circumstances, but the election of Donald Trump has turned them into a rabid band of anti-American whackos who will say or do anything to feel important.

Maybe it’s because Trump himself was a celebrity before entering politics. Maybe it’s because they were so invested in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that they can’t believe America chose a WHITE GUY to be president. Maybe it’s because no one in their elitist bubble would vote for a guy like Trump, making it impossible for them to understand those who did. Whatever the reason, they are clearly on a mission to embarrass themselves and the country.

Here are some of their most ridiculous reactions to the 45th President of the United States:

Madonna, at the Women’s March in Washington – “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Indeed? Perhaps the Secret Service should pay the Material Girl a visit in the coming days. It used to be frowned upon for activists to stand up in front of 100,000 people and advocate terrorism against the United States government.

Ashley Judd, at the Washington March – “I didn’t know devils could be resurrected, but I feel Hitler in these streets.”

Dollars to doughnuts, Ashley Judd could not give you five legitimate facts about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

Chrissy Teigen, on Twitter – “Can u guys feel it? America is great again all of a sudden. It’s so weird. He was right!”

This shows the contempt with which these celebrities view the average Trump voter. Despite lacking any sense of intelligence or history themselves, they think American conservatives are being blindly led astray by wishful thinking. Were people like Teigen making sarcastic “Ooh, look at all this hope and change” comments on the first day of Barack Obama’s presidency?

Michael Moore, online – “Here at the inaugural. A tragedy for democracy.”

Yes, what a tragedy to see the duly elected president sworn into office. If there is any hindrance to our democracy, it comes from these leftist protesters and celebrities who are sowing fear into the fabric of the culture.

A few years from now, it may be a little harder for Islamic terrorist organizations to plot against the U.S. It may be a little harder for criminals to get across the border. It may be a little harder for women to kill their unborn babies for the sake of convenience. It may be a little harder for other countries to rob the American piggy bank.

That’s what these celebrities are fighting against.

Don’t forget it.


  1. Justin Seine says

    Madonna, at the Women’s March in Washington – “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Wouldn’t a statement like this made by anyone other than a self-absorbed, self-obsessed, has-been liberal end up in jail?

    1. gotabgood says

      And what about all the hate/threats that having been following the Clinton’s for decades?
      With that way of thinking enforced, the whole rightwing would have been in jail!!! That isn’t counting on all the hate rhetoric against Obama.

        1. Justin Seine says

          Where I Seen This Before?

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            From the Democrackhead racist liberal thug party in San Fran sicko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. lenati says

          amen exactly correct

        3. Mark Plenn says

          Truth always finds it’s way!

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Thank you we dont twist, lie, pervert or spread propaganda like CNN * & The liberal racist party!

        4. Mark Plenn says

          This pile of gas is older than I and I’m older than dirt. How is he still in congress, we need term limits.

      1. Justin Seine says

        Yeah and what about the Clinton body count??? Do you know why Bernie went away without a fight and backed Clinton? See Below:

        1. lenati says

          Absolutely 125 % correct. check my reply yo gotabgood ??

          1. John Somers says

            It has been widely understood THAT is why Comey the FBI head stopped the investigation. After agents saying there were acts of a criminal act Comey turned around and said there were none. That is when almost 1/2 of the agents were ready to QUIT.

          2. Retired says

            That is why Sanders did not run as Independent.

      2. lenati says

        Please spare me I have never heard one threat about the Clinton’s . Although multiple mysterious deaths of the conservative right.

        1. tbs says

          Explain yourself please and proof too??

          1. John Somers says

            He can’t offer a shred of VERIFIABLE proof.

          2. Gerry Costa says

            The proof is out there and will become public soon enough. Just because you libtard/demoTRASH aren’t adult enough to admit the clintons are more corrupt than any crime organization this country has ever seen and obozo fit right in with them. You refuse to face the facts that obozo was the worst president this country will ever see and clinton & kerry the worst SOS we have ever had. We tolerated 8 years of corruption, flooding of illegals and radical muslims trying to take over this country, obozo and his muslim rgime’s promotion of violence against law enforcement, an apology tour for America being America. You people need to take your whining and crying and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and grow the hell up.

          3. glorybe2 says

            Oh yes, that BLM is really evil. Anyone actually wanting to manage public lands must be evil. Those lands should be wide open to chaos and crime with everyone being totally free to despoil them.

          4. Mark Plenn says

            LIBERAL RATS never have proof, only feelings!

          5. Janet Julien says

            Mark, you don’t need to insult the rats that way.They were put here for a reason, the Libturds were NOT

          6. Mark Plenn says

            Janet you’re right rats have a service to render, but the scum that has crossed over in to Europe is another story. If you beg you must be compliant, not loutish. These so called home less people (mostly males of military age) are loutish and ungrateful.

          7. Janet Julien says

            There is also the scum that just recently vacated the White House after 8 years, and all his BLM friends

        2. Mr Rollo says

          Explain what you are talking about. Name some deaths caused by the conservatives. Also, name the conservative who is the murderer.

          1. glorybe2 says

            How many wars have we had with conservatives leading the pack? Bush, baby Bush to name two and then we had good old tricky dicky in Vietnam.

      3. Ronnie says

        And here comes the Democrat troll, go visit your libtard web site leave us alone we don’t care about your opinion!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          That’s a fact, Jack!

          Also it’s completely troll bullshit. We are very interested in opinions and especially ideas from of the loyal opposition here, but not stupid hate speech.

          Boy these libertard clowns sure are giving the President a chance to get everybody together aren’t they?

          You are right on the money brother Ron. Let these disrupters go elsewhere and dry up and blow away.

          1. John Somers says

            I keep telling them, they now have the option to move anywhere they choose and I would be VERY happy to chip in and rent the Front end Loaders to help them Pack.
            I for one would consider that money well spent, anyone else??

          2. ABO says

            Where do I send my contribution to aid in their speedy departure?

        2. Mark Plenn says

          Lizzy Warren is their poster child!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Mr Rollo says

            Yes, Fauxcohontas. This bytch will be the banner of the demoncraps party of the Satan.

        3. glorybe2 says

          My creation of CHUMP will stick to Trump and he is thin skinned and it will begin to eat at him as more and more people call him Donald CHUMP.

      4. Mathew Molk says

        Yea, but they got that hate the old fashioned way. They earned it. Just go ask the wives and Mothers of those killed overseas because of their ineptness,,,,and ask the families of those killed and wounded by moslems in this country too.


      5. Philomena says

        Read the book “Hillary’s Secret War” if you can find it. Also look up Barbara Alice Wise on line and read what happened to her.

      6. Mark Plenn says

        gotabgoofy: BACK UNDER YOUR ROCK, NOW!

      7. Anika Voin says

        When you have as high public profile as Madonna, your words and actions carry a lot more weight and have much farther reaching consequences than those of average public. So people of her celebrity status must be held to a higher standard when making public comments. Spreading hate and inciting terrorist attacks is not Christian, Jewish (whom she pretends to be) or American. It is unbecoming of a public figure in any civilized society

        1. gotabgood says

          Pussy grabbing is ok though?… we will elect him president for his behavior… and crucify Madonna..

          Ahhh you say, I heard her say this on video… well… Ahhh back to you… I heard Trump say those things AND MORE on video.
          Your video explains intent and mine don’t?

          1. Jack says

            Madonna and your Clinton news network what a great source of information LOL to Quote your destruction of the Kings English .

          2. gotabgood says

            You want to talk destruction?????? Have “Apprentice” release the videos of Trump back stage while he was there…. then you will see destruction..

          3. Jack says

            What kind of response is that ? You should check your smoke detector .

          4. Marilyn says

            Like all libs they drink too much kool Ade!

          5. Marilyn says

            How hypocritical! You libs wanted a rapist back in the White House, remember Paula Jones who was paid off by the Clinton’s to keep Billy Boy out of jail. Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers and the list goes on. He was also President when he was doing all his cheating on Hillary. Yet, who gets picked on, Trump. What’s wrong with this picture?????

          6. gotabgood says

            “Picks on Donald”? Are you for real?

            If you can say what you did with a straight face.. you have been caught, filleted and pickled and put on a storage shelf.

          7. Marilyn says

            Like most libs, “let’s ignore what Bill Clinton did, that way it didn’t happen”, we’ll stick it all on Trump. Where have you been? You talk about pickled and on a storage shelf. Get out of your jar and look at the REAL facts!!!!!

          8. gotabgood says

            First we have to decide what did Bill do? Other than the BJ.
            I am so ready to get YOUR REAL FACTS…… not so much your “Alternative Facts”. Just send me the web address.

          9. Jack says

            Gotabgood gotahaveheadinass where in the world do you get your so called facts ? CNN Clinton news network ? you must be Rodney Strughs boyfriend .

          10. Marilyn says

            Poor Madonna, picking on someone with so much class!

      8. SCSOCAL says

        And you know who the people are that were threatening the Clinton’s? Really?

        1. ABO says

          Typical of gotabgood. He’s got all of his baseless accusations but absolutely nothing whatsoever to back any of it up.

        2. glorybe2 says

          Precisely! If the Clintons were as evil as the people on this thread claim they would have all been in a shower in a death camp instead of being here to lie and whine like babies.

          1. Jack says

            And you know the Clinton’s , I first met them in 1981 at a “gathering” I guarded for our so called armned forces ,it was a disgusting “play” nothing but a S&M show for dignitaries at the time I thought I was pretty opened minded but this was beyond any thing I had ever seen and Bill and Hillary were applauding louder than anyone in attendance. I was not ablevto stomach thevso called show I also had to attended a debriefing afterwards I can not confirm more deni (BS) they we’re disgusting then and more so now.

      9. mac12sam12 says

        If there was any threats to the Clintons the FBI would have investigated it. It’s the emotional liberals who are the violent ones.

        1. gotabgood says

          HOMELAND SECURITY… bush’s baby.

          With growing concerns over domestic radicalization
          ranging from Islamic fundamentalism, right wing extremists, white supremacists,
          local police officers have struggled to distinguish between those who simply
          hold extreme ideologies and those that acutely intend to commit violence or
          incite others.


          Of greatest
          concern to U.S. authorities are some followers’
          beliefs that they are allowed to use armed force to resist arrest and
          fight police.

          Federal law
          enforcement agencies only recently began focusing their efforts on tracking
          this growing movement, as previous efforts were hampered by politics. In 2009 DHS published a report warning of the
          growing threats of right-wing extremist groups, but Republican lawmakers,
          joined by some conservative Democrats, criticized the department for being politically motivated
          (even though most of the research work for the report was done under the
          Bush administration).


          A U.S. civil
          rights organization that tracks hate and bigotry says that the steady growth in
          right-wing extremist groups is worrisome. “The radical right caught fire last
          year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic
          changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism
          across the nation,” writes Mark Potok of theSouthern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).


          Baldwin, a leader of the right-wing extremist

          Patriot movement, recently
          moved to Kalispell.

          His new ministry includes
          local white supremacists.


          Right-Wing Pressure, DHS Now Has ‘Just One Person’ Dealing With Domestic

          By Ben
          Armbruster on Jul 27, 2011 at 1:16 pm

          Former DHS Domestic
          Terrorism Analyst Daryl Johnson

          CNN reports this week that terrorism experts are warning
          that the “threat of domestic terrorist attacks in the United States similar to
          last week’s fatal bombing and assault in Norway is significant and growing”:

          The greatest threat of
          large-scale attacks come from individuals and small groups of extremists who
          subscribe to radical Islamic or far right-wing ideologies,
          said Gary LaFree, director of the National
          Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, or START.

          Ackerman said nationally, law enforcement has
          been focused since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001
          on the threat of Islamic terrorism, even as the threat from domestic
          anti-government groups has been growing.

          “Some people believe we have taken
          our eye off the ball when it comes to domestic right-wing extremists,”
          he said.


          I could go
          on.. if you have doubts look up extremist for yourself..I gave you reports from
          homeland security thinking you would trust something bush started.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            There is no right wing extremism. Did you see republicans rioting after Hussein Obama was elected twice? It was the democrats causing riots and property damage on inauguration day. OWS was democrat endorsed and they caused hundreds of millions in property damage. Emotional liberals are the rioters. Trump will flush all the liberal ideologues out of HS because all the alphabet agencies were partisan under Hussein Obama.

          2. gotabgood says

            No that is true….
            You just go in a church and kill doctors.
            You blow up buildings.
            You send threats..
            You go into Democratic youth camps and kill all you can..
            No wonder DHS has labeled you home-grown terrorist..
            Your way is so much better and so much more peaceful..

          3. mac12sam12 says

            How often have doctors been killed? Payback’s a bitch. Blow up buildings? McVei hated the government and had no party affiliation.

            Te DHS was infiltrated by liberal ideologues. The new terrorist group id BLS and the rioting liberal snowflake terrorists. Remember all the republicans that rioted after Hussein was elected twice? Me neither.

            Liberalism is based on emotion, liberals are emotionally immature and we see that everyday. Remember the OWS riots? Remember the riots outside a Trump rally in Chicago?

            Remember the democrat embraced OWS riots that caused hundreds of millions in property damage? Liberals are terrorists.

      10. Lyndau123 says


        1. gotabgood says

          JUSTIFIED may mean something different in the rightwing ranks… fits right in with “Alternative Facts”..



          verb (used with object), justified, justifying.


          to show (an act, claim, statement, etc.) to be just or right:
          The end does not always justify the means.


          to defend or uphold as warranted or well-grounded:
          Don’t try to justify his rudeness.


          Theology. to declare innocent or guiltless; absolve; acquit.


          to make (a line of type) a desired length by spacing the words and letters, especially so that full lines in a column have even margins both on the left and on the right.
          to level and square (a strike).

          verb (used without object), justified, justifying.


          to show a satisfactory reason or excuse for something done.
          to qualify as bail or surety.


          Printing. (of a line of type) to fit exactly into a desired length.

          1. Marilyn says

            Guess Lewinsky slipped your mind. It was all made up. No one tried to impeach Clinton for getting a BJ in the Oval Office. All us conservatives made it up. Oh, dear, please forgive us.

        2. Marilyn says

          This guy is too far gone and like most libs thinks by ignoring the facts, it will go away.

    2. lenati says

      Absolutely I understand they are investigating her. Enough of these hollywood elites. They are so obsessed with equal rights & women’s rights etc they why were PRO LIFER’S not allowed to join their march [not that I would want to] just saying. It is all about the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

      1. tbs says

        Liberals hate and doom is what they show! How depressing they are in their negative thinking!
        Life is tough enough without these weirdos making it more so!
        But then … Remember that is who they are doom and gloom! ??

        1. jdelcjr says

          The more they spew their hatred, the more they lose elections. Many liberals just don’t get it and never will but some are beginning to see it for themselves and they helped Trump win this election. We’ll see how many more seats they lose in Congress and Senate in the near future. If they don’t change their rhetoric and their attitudes, they stand to become completely irrelevant. They’re in perfect position for that right now. Its not possible for someone so intolerant of me to try to preach tolerance to me. They confuse tolerance with their own “white guilt”. There’s a big difference.

          1. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            You all are so misinformed and have been so played by Trump. Your the ones who think you are owed something because you’re white and Christian. Did you know the numbers of practicing Christians throughout the world has been declining for decades? More so since the truth about all those priests sexually abusing our children? it wasn’t bad enough that they were preaching lies to us, was it..

            You talk about the hatred that liberals spew – “…You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye….” Matthew 7:5

          2. Mary Brumley says

            Oh, dear! I do we don’t have another AKLady blossoming!

          3. liberaldisgust says

            You’re the hypocrite , reread your posts … you denigrate everyone who disagrees with you , maybe that eye thing is something that goes two ways , maybe you should take your own advice ….

          4. irene says

            Francine, do you not realize that these “Hollyweirds” are obama/clinton supporters due to the fact that they also belong to weird “sexual” habits like “pizzagate”? Hmmm?

          5. teachersaide says

            Haven’t heard the latest news, that the MOST persecuted religion in the WORLD is NOT Islam? It’s Christianity! Also, for all the hoop-la over bias against Muslims, it’s really ODD, that the people MOST subject to Bias in the Western world are those of the Jewish Persuasion! YOU might want to check out HOW many Christian Copts have been assaulted, raped, murdered, or blown up in their churches, in Egypt, since Mubarek was overthrown!

          6. songstress250 says

            What group should I count you in on, Francine? Liberal? Or Leftist (the extreme, hate-filled, accusatory, hypocritical, rioting, looting, foul-mouthed, misinformed, spoiled, mis-educated ~~yes, Not un-educated~~ bigot? Do you have Any Idea Why there are fewer Christians?? BECAUSE WE’RE BEING SLAUGHTERED!!! Wake Up!!!!! Have you ever bothered to Read the Qur’an? Do you know who Dr. Bill Warner is? You are arrogant because you think that the American way is to let Any Muslin “refugee” into this country at the expense of our values, beliefs, and Safety. You’ve been fed a Crock, girl. Do you know who George Soros is? Oh yeah…you dismiss that by calling Anything that you disagree with either “Fake News” or “Just another Right-Wing conspiracy theory.” Uh-huh. YOU’RE in with the crowd who takes Christians’ rights away while truly believing you can love and hug and care about and sympathize with and coddle and defend Muslims into being peaceful and sharing our great country with all of its Citizens (Black, White, Mexicans, all the states of South American, Japanese, Chinese, and ALL others who are here to assimilate). And that Includes illegals who are here for a better life! HOW DARE you accuse me and other Christians of not only just being White, but that we feel we’re OWED something! It is people like YOU, Francine, who are taking our rights away. You are the EPITOME of Arrogance. It is the people You hang with, the people You believe, the people who are so out of control they can’t see straight or reason, that AREN’T AFFORDING US THE SAME RIGHTS THAT YOU DEMAND WE ALLOW FOR REFUGEE MUSLIMS! This is NOT about feeling Owed; this is about wanting our basic rights as Citizens of The United States of America. We employees in the library system in this country can no longer display Christmas trees because we might offend Muslims (yet are required to display books on Islam, Kwaanza, Chinese and Spanish, and more, during the Christmas season). A Christian couple lost their bakery business due to legal fees because the gay couple who were getting married were refused when they wanted a cake for their wedding and so sued them, with the help of Leftist organizations; A restaurant owner had to take a sandwich sign down outside of his store, because the Muslims threw a stink about him advertising a special on bacon, which resulted in a loss of business (and so money). I could cite Many instances where, because of people like YOU, Christians defending their right to practice THEIR religion, and Left-infected kids are beating up other kids who are trying to express their right to free speech, and Pastors giving in to marrying gays (even if they feel it’s wrong). Who in hell are YOU, to lecture ANYONE about being “misinformed”, feeling “Owed”, or to have the Audacity to cite Scripture?? Your dribble and accusations are all Twisted. You are immature and sniveling to connect all men of the cloth, all Christians, all Catholics, etc.,etc., to the Sick men who desecrate the Lord House by getting their power and jollies from pedophilia. You are the Classic Indoctrinated Fool, who speaks Not from a place of Reason or Intelligence, but from a grade-school level of understanding of what is going on around you. YOU are part of the flock, and I don’t mean church.

        2. Roger Short says

          Liberals are the ultimate haters, and they have the audacity to call the conservatives haters!

        3. Francine Ellen Carraher says

          hahahahaha You guys are really funny, putting the democrats and others who don’t agree with you down the way you do. Smh. You think Trump gives two hoots about you or your problems?? Just like him, his promises are not based in facts or reality. He will not keep any of the promises he made – sure he still wants to build the wall, but look who’s going to pay for it, and it’s not Mexico.

          History has proven so many times, that this Nation has always been better off economically, financially and socially, when the Democrats are in power. More jobs, less inflation, etc. You want to blame President Obama for the loss of jobs – it was not him, it was new technology and automation, and yes, your unwillingness to educate yourselves with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to fill those new, and higher paying jobs.

          Okay, Trump is going to bring back fossil fuel, resulting in irreparable damage to our environment and personal health and well-being. He doesn’t care as long as his pockets get filled. Yours won’t, except with medical bills you can’t pay.

          You blame Obama for the problems in the insurance industry – premiums so high you can’t afford them. Hey, I understand, I’m there as well, not as bad as you, but it affects me too. However, Obama is not to blame – the greed of the insurance industry AND THE REPUBLICANS – are really the ones to blame. Fact is, premiums where on the rise long before the ACA, and continued to rise. Any health insurance carrier must have healthy policy holders to finance those who are not. That’s why the mandate became part of the ACA. That is just how it works. Now I’m not saying that’s good – it’s not – but that is the facts.

          Now, if we could figure out a way to limit the insurance industry from raising their premiums to unsustainable levels, for which we get even less coverage, and still have EVERYONE covered, don’t you think that would be better for all? The insurance industry is the middle man – that’s another step (or several) in the “added value” process (that and the shareholders). Somehow, we need to get rid of the middle man and go right to the patients and medical staff. Sorry guys, but a real National Healthcare program is the only viable answer. I am, however, open to other suggestions.

          1. letsthinkharder says

            Francine, your diatribe with statements like, “History has proven so many times, that this Nation has always been better off economically, financially and socially, when the Democrats are in power.” demonstrates that you are either misinformed, uninformed, lying, or you are a Marxist trying to spread Marxist propaganda. Since I don’t know you, I can’t say which it is. You sound like an angry ex-catholic too, but that’s another issue. Barrack Obama shamed President Bush by pointing out that in 8 years, Bush added almost 5 trillion dollars to our national debt. He said, “That’s unpatriotic. That’s unacceptable”. But in the same amount of time President Obama increased our national debt by over 10 trillion dollars! I don’t have time for an in depth history lesson here but do you really think that adding 10 trillion to our national debt, makes our nation better of economically than adding 5 trillion?

            Do you really think that we’d be better off if the government took guns away from law abiding citizens making them easy targets for anyone who wants to do some damage? Are we better off now that we’ve made it easier for Iran to become a nuclear power through Obamas nuclear deal with them? Is it good that the IRS was able to target and harass businesses just because they were owned by conservatives, or that the Justice Department was complicit in illegally walking guns over the boarder to Mexico in the “Fast and Furious” disaster that resulted in the loss of untold innocent Mexican lives, as well as the life of US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry? Are we better off because we were told by our State Department that the radicals who attacked the compound in Benghazi, and murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, were responding to a YouTube video, even though then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew, and e-mailed her daughter that it was an “Al Queda-like group” I could go on and on. This is not a compilation of events spanning decades of failed or flawed Democrat policies, all these things happened under Barrack Obama, the former “Community Organizer” aka “Social Agitator”. In addition, he has engendered more hatred of whites by blacks than any president in history. One of the promises of Obama, was that under his presidency, things were going to get better for the black communities in our country, because “white privilege” was no longer ruling the day. But instead their lives got even worse, and all he did was use his office to fan the flames of anger and hatred. Do you really think things are better than they were 8 years ago. I’m willing to give President Trump my support, and hope he doesn’t make too many mistakes. But lets face it, the last 8 years have been a disaster.

          2. Mark Englander says

            I want a wall around my city “Charlotte NC” to keep you guys out. I’ll pay for my part as long as you promise it will work better than the southern border wall does. Please do it now !!!!!!!

          3. Rummy C says

            We found a way to keep the insurance industry from raising premiums to unsustainable levels. It’s call Obamacare. It drove 90% of the insurance companies right out of the business. The state exchanges, all modeled and managed by bureaucrats, mostly democrats, busted. And, it did not take long either. Taxpayers left holding the bag. That’s your insurance utopia, debt and destruction, because, as you say, we should be willing to accept less coverage for a little more money. That is just code for “spread the wealth.” No thanks. Not interested. AMERICA FIRST

          4. Sandy Miller says

            Oh Francine, you’re so annoying and you make me cringe when I read your posts. It’s embarrassing.

          5. kotoc says

            Francine, you have your head stuck so far up your ass, you’ll need a surgeon to help remove it!! You don’t get it, do you?! And what’s WORSE is, you don’t WANT to understand why it is that Trump won. You liberals are writhing with anger and confusion and you can’t cope. Your little bubble burst… and you’re the loser.

          6. liberaldisgust says

            Your first sentence proves progressive liberals live in an alternate reality … what you blame on Conservatives is straight out of The Progressive Playbook …… the reality of Progressives is there’s a Totalitarian kicking and screaming to get out and tell everyone how they have to live and think ……

          7. Scott says

            Thats a good start Francine. You did not show complete hate of people with other views. This is what you call headway: we are not supposed to be enemies.

          8. Sonny says

            Francine, are you serious? Jesus, you are living in a bubble!

        4. FloridaBoyee says

          This is the way they have been taught and educated!

      2. John Somers says

        I have read somewhere that the Secret Service HAS opened an investigation into this because it threatened the life of the President, the comment was made AFTER Trump was sworn in. NOW with someone with BALLS maybe these idiots will get more than a tongue Lashing and a slap on the wrist.

        1. sox83cubs84 says

          Throw that Hollyweird slut in the slammer!

          1. Roger Short says

            You got the slut part right, that’s for sure!

          2. crazyfreddie says


          3. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Judge not lest ye be judged the same. Slutbag.

          4. Mary Brumley says

            We ARE known “by our fruit.” That is not being judgmental to notice a person’s “fruit.”

          5. kotoc says

            Absolutely right!

          6. Sandy129 says

            That’s right Mary, God said it was so.

          7. liberaldisgust says

            Yet , you judge ……

          8. dolly says

            As you just did, liberaldisgust. We all make judgments about many things, including about other people. Sometimes our judgment is on target, sometimes not. Still we judge thinking our judgment is correct, without admitting to ourselves the judgment we made should not have been made without learning over time if our judgment proves to be accurate or inaccurate.

          9. Brady says

            deferance between a s and a w, w gets paid

          10. ABO says

            Hey, now there’s an idea!

          11. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Now come on. She’s not a slut – but you sure aren’t anywhere near as successful or wealthy as her. Just a little jealous are we????

          12. sox83cubs84 says

            Jeez, are you ever a lockstep Communist liberal! She threatened the life of the President…the Secret Service is taking her comments seriously, even if you’re not. Secondly, if she’s not a slut, then why was she offering people blow jobs during the campaign if they’d vote for Hitlery? You’re pathetic, just like the Hollywood slut.

          13. Juan TwoTree says

            YOU, Francine, sound just like that whore/slut Madonna! May ‘crabs’ infest your crotch again!

          14. wac4761 says

            Who said they ever left????

          15. irene says


          16. Texas Belle says

            How do you know she is not a slut?

          17. The Old One says

            Remember that in the land of the blind, the one eyed (slut or otherwise) is king or queen

          18. Terramom says

            Her wealth has nothing to do with it.

          19. liberaldisgust says

            That’s like me saying your jealous of the drug dealer and his success ….. and Madonna wouldn’t be successful if it weren’t for people who confuse entertainment and entertainers for real life …..

          20. wac4761 says

            you are right she is not a slut!!SHE IS A WHORE SHE SELLS IT SHE DOES NOT GIVE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          21. teachersaide says

            I’ll take Sanity & Personal Responsibility, OVER HER version of “success” any day of the week, & twice on Sunday.

          22. Sonny says

            I don’t think you’ve been paying attention.

          23. The Old One says

            Better yet, sell her cheap (or for what she is worth) to Isis, so that she can perform her promise. I doubt they, even them, would accept such a slut.

          24. Brady says

            Like to buy these hollywood types for what their worth and sell em for what they think their worth. Could pay off the national debt.

        2. Francine Ellen Carraher says

          There is no investigation opened. No one’s life was threatened. She only said she ‘thought about it for a very long time…but it would do no good…” That is not interpreted as a threat under the law. Thinking anything is not against the law. She did not actually plot or verbally threaten. No law was broken. Trump doesn’t have balls, and we are not idiots. You on the other hand….

          1. The Old One says

            Trump, At Least, has two balls, unlike the previous president. But I am not denying that between Obama and moooshoo, they might have two of those, but only if combined.

          2. Abby701 says

            What she did was awaken the minds of the gullible; they would take her comment seriously and our President would be the target of a wacko. Very unladylike and very rude. But that has been her trademark for ages.

          3. liberaldisgust says

            Keep saying your not an idiot , someday you might actually believe it ….

        3. Brady says

          Yes but don’t send them to jail, inmates have suffered enough.

      3. ABO says

        Liberals go on and on about how inclusive and tolerant they are but their actions prove otherwise. Their actions tend to show them to be the very definition of bigotry. A bigot being one who hates another based on the fact that the other is in some way different, whether by way of appearance or a difference of opinion. Watch the news film of the DC protesters and see their outright bigotry on display for all to see.

        1. Francine Ellen Carraher says

          In fact, ABO, you and your friends are behaving exactly like bigots. Welcome to the party asswipe.

          1. teachersaide says

            REALLY? Somehow, I missed the NEWS of ALL those conservatives rioting in the streets, burning/looting stores, overturning cop cars, spitting on people entering a hotel where a political gathering was ongoing, etc, during the LAST 8 YEARS, when Obama was tearing DOWN this country!

      4. SCSOCAL says

        Why didn’t these same women marching on Washington do it while Obama was in office?
        Why didn’t he do something to help them?? Because they hate Trump and Conservatives.

        1. Deplorable wizard says

          They didn’t march because the commie soros didn’t fund protests then, he funded the obamanation.

          1. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Soros didn’t fund anything. Hey, but Trump admitted to filling his rallies with “paid actors.” Guess not enough real people liked him at all. He literally has to “buy” supporters. Did you get your check from him???

          2. Bert Webb says

            It’s truly mind blowing when you have a woman who was Co planner I’m the women’s march is a Muslim law loveing woman she wants sharia law enforced and with that it totally takes away all these rights women have. I wonder just how many women truly know this and if they had would they still have been involved with it. I am just asking for it worries me. Fir women to blindly following others without doing their own research. I am not into politics so I keep my opinion on these to myself and say this is america where you can have your own belifs

          3. Deplorable wizard says

            Really? Do you honestly believe the outright lies you write?

            It’s even been reported by your “news” agencies, cnn, msnbc, etcetera. george soros publicly pronounced that he was “donatating” $90 million dollars to various groups to protest in Washington DC. He has admitted to funding numerous campaigns locally and nationally as well as anti Trump protests during his campaign. He was a major contributor to the clinton campaign as well as a major contributor to the clinton foundation. His list of atrocities is quite lengthy as is the list of dummy corporations he uses.

            This is all public and common knowledge.

            That rock you live under must be huge.

          4. John says

            You remind me of Hillary the Bitch with all the lies

          5. Janet says

            He’s not lying! Look it up!!!

          6. Janet says

            Sorros didn’t fund anything? Where the heck do you live under a rock! He’s funded more than 50 organizations! Get a friggin clue!

          7. Fedup says

            Is that why there were maybe 100 people at Hillary’s rallies? Or how about Kaine? Maybe 20 people showed up, most of them journalists. Trump had to turn people away because so many people WANTED to be there. Have you even looked at a map of all the counties that Trump won? Why are you people so against a President wanting to put the citizens of this country first instead of one who cared more for the non-citizens and refugees? Why don’t you invite them into your home, feed them, clothe them, and pay for their medical and schooling? Come back here in a year and tell us how that worked out for you THEN we will have a conversation about how “terrible” it is to put America FIRST. Be sure to leave your front door wide open and put a welcome sign in your front yard.

          8. liberaldisgust says

            More Progressive altered reality ….. statements based in fantasy or misinformation …..

        2. glorybe2 says

          Some people can tell a good president from an ego maniac who is a rapist as well as a self admitted person who commits sexual assaults. Apparently the Russians have him cold as he was caught doing his thing in Russia. We don’t know if it was with male or female children or both.

          1. songstress250 says

            “glorybe”, huh? You have no interest in learning any truths about those statements. Once again, fooled by the media who didn’t even cover the Facts. You have no desire to learn the Truth by investigating. It’s easier to spew ignorance, intolerance, and to swallow lies when that “evidence” has been Proven false. If you weren’t so hate-filled and lazy, you would know that.

          2. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            That’s so funny, that you would imply that – you who believes the con-artist Trump and every word that comes out of his mouth.

          3. songstress250 says

            Here’s the difference between you and me: I do Not believe Every word that comes out of his mouth. Some of it is based on emotion and the fact that he’s been attacked by you and the media since the day he won the nomination. He’s not charismatic, like your savior; he’s not an entrenched politician; he actually loves this country; But you are not used to transparency. You are used to a charismatic speaker, a divisive Ex-prez who has convinced you that some people are victims while others are out to get you. President Trump tells it like it is, even if he can, at times, be gruff. Instead of accepting the fact that Hillary lost due to her own actions, you spew unsubstantiated rhetoric. Instead of intelligently and earnestly trying to understand what happened and why it happened, you behave and interact with those who decided to push back against idiocy and naïveté by condemning a man who has sacrificed so much to help this country. You treated the Ex-prez like a god who was here to save us. I suggest you look at the True facts, coming from the government itself during Obama’s reign, instead of listening to the media. They are panicked and frenzied because This President has called them out on their lies that are not based on Fact. I feel pity for you. You are so engulfed in hatred that you can’t even see reason. You even blame the Left’s abhorrent behavior by saying that’s what we expected you to do. Good one. Don’t take responsibility for your actions. After all, that’s what your savior did. President Trump is a liar? The Ex-prez promised unity, compassion, helping the poor, helping blacks, bringing hope and prosperity, and blahblahblah. NONE of that came to fruition. “He’s not that good looking either”?? What does That have to do with Anything? But you’ve proven one of my points: you have been taken in by a charismatic leader who put members of BLM and The Muslim Brotherhood in his administration. Have you even bothered to research what these people stand for? You’re too rapt with how compassionate you think he is to welcome people of all those who supposedly stand up for those who are disenfranchised. Go to their own websites, and make an effort to actually read Their words and maybe you’ll get a clue. Oh, no doubt Obama was good at what he did. If you’re concerned about Russia, Putin and Soros are dancing in the streets, because this is exactly their goal. People setting fires in the streets, destroying businesses, spewing hate, disrupting unity, believing rhetoric that is flat-out False, and denying that our election process is valid. Reread your post beginning “Nope, he’s not.” You are using the same words that the lame street media uses. Learn to think for yourself. “But you give us so many reasons to hate you all.” You people accuse Us of having no compassion, that you’re coming from a place of love. Oh, yeah. This “Pro-Choice” matter is Not about telling you what you Have to do with your bodies. This is about no longer being FORCED TO FUND IT. You will have Plenty of donors without tax money from those of us who do not believe in it. You support LGBT’s who, though they comprise a mere 0.2 percent of our population, are demanding to use whatever bathroom They choose. You kill a Christian’s right to say no to doing business with a gay couple who wants a wedding cake because you disagree with that Christian’s Right to her own beliefs. President Trump is a fascist? Do you even know what that word means? Do you know what socialism or communism imposes? People like You are the reason this President was elected. You only want free speech for those who agree with you. And lastly, for now, please write in Detail why you “strongly suspect” that President Trump is a bisexual. Your Kool-Aid has turned poisonous; you might want to stop drinking something can backfire on you.

          4. Antogeny says

            Wow!!!! I so agree with you, songstress250, but I couldn’t have said it so well!!!

          5. Mary Brumley says

            Thanks! At least no one here can ever say that the truth hasn’t been presented in a clear, concise manner!

          6. songstress250 says

            Antogeny & Mary, you are very kind.
            Thank you both, and God Bless you.

          7. Mary Brumley says

            I admire you for taking the time and energy to get the truth our whether or not the Libs will even try or want to know the actual truth. I have mostly given up on trying to reason with him/her after I realize that that particular person is unreachable. I either just ignore or block.

          8. Terramom says

            Songstress, that was a thorough analysis of what has happened and why Trump was elected. Beautifully said!

          9. john says

            Carraherandcommiecrats – You come to this site because its the only place you can find intelligent people.How about we give you Calimexornia. Then all you commies ,queers,trannys,negros’s,mexicans , asians and Jewish actors can rule supreme. Heh, good luck………..

          10. liberaldisgust says

            As opposed to you who is so thoroughly indoctrinated in progressivism , you are the pot calling the kettle black …..

          11. Janet says

            Oh and Obama didn’t have an ego? Aren’t you kidding me! Obama is a narcissist!

          12. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Nope, he’s not. Doesn’t fit the profile at all. Trump, however, is indeed a “grandiose Oh ynarcissist” with psychopathic tendencies. Oh yeah, he’s a pathological liar to boot, and has been his entire life. Talk about vain too. He’s not that good looking either, and I strongly suspect he’s bisexual.

          13. Janet says

            BS! Obama is definitely a narcissist! All he can do is talk about himself. Over 100 times in one of his speeches. Trump has accomplished more in a week than Obama did in eight years. Time for you Dumbocrats to worry about your own party because it’s so out of touch will the American people.

          14. glorybe2 says

            Janet he accomplished absolutely nothing. His executive orders were to get political attention and will be stopped in the courts and in congress. He did manage to lie quite a bit as he always done. For example the president of Mexico refused to meet with CHUMP so CHUMP announces that he and the president mutually agreed not to meet at this time. His nonsense about a 24% tax on goods made in Mexico entering the US is a joke. Mexico could easily shut off all sales in the US that cross their borders or tax the devil out of anything imported from the US. There is also a tactic that Mexico could charge $50. per person for any tourist seeking to drive or fly into Mexico. Since many people must cross over into Mexico as their property will be divided by that fence it would be a horror story for the US. That would also mean that all products from S.America bound for the US would have to come by ship or air craft that did not violate Mexican air space. Prices for you would sky rocket. Most produce in this nation comes through or from Mexico. Mexico is holding a batter poker hand than the US is.

          15. glorybe2 says

            I suspect he is gay myself. He was an unusually good looking guy in his twenties and can not live with his sad sack, current appearance which I have said alternately is due to his father being an orangutan or maybe everybody emptying the orange dust at the bottom of the Cheeto bag over his head.

          16. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Not gay, I think he swings both ways. He’s just too effeminate in some of his mannerisms. Whenever I watch him talking, my eyes are always drawn to his hands. If the video had only been of his hands, no sound, no other part of his body, you would most likely think they belonged to a woman rather than a man.

            I met him once about 30 or so years ago. I was visiting my grandmother in Manhattan, and we were standing outside a building with a personal friend of her’s, a lovely Mexican woman who had legally immigrated to the US when she was around 20, and who happened to work for Trump. He came out of the building (now known as Trump Tower), came up to our friend to say hello. She introduced us, he reached to shake my hand, and I stepped back and nervously said hello. There was something very creepy about him that sent chills up the back of my neck – no way did I want him to touch me in any way, shape or form. Call it instinct, or a gut feeling, but there was something about this man that I just knew was not right. Call it whatever you like, but I had always felt it was pure evil. I believe that to this day. He is the only person I have ever met in my life that I have felt complete and utter hate for. Hate is a very ugly thing, and I don’t like the feelings it invokes at all. But this man….

          17. Jack says

            What kind of drug induced ride are you on? no one on this sight believes that you were ever close to him let alone met him.

          18. songstress250 says

            Once again, you are proving that you are a bigot. You are preoccupied with your “instinct…gut feeling.” President Trump is Not gay Or bi. But I would think that you would be Thrilled if he were, because you would Assume he would coddle you Liberals and dismiss all who question your behavior, your intellect, your warped reality, your motives and your pitiful lack of reasoning. You are Judging him by his mannerisms and ignoring his substance (which you don’t understand and hate Anyway). Your comments and behavior represent what Leftists call “bigoted” and “homophobic”. I “suspect” that you don’t take much time on checking yourself when it comes to dealing with Facts, and with being honest with yourself about where you get your fabricated and twisted information. Yet another difference between us: My suspicions are based on your commentary, but Yours are based on indoctrination, inability to discern substantiated Fact from rhetoric, untruths, and the Lame Street Media.

          19. Raz says

            If you would replace the name Trump with Obama you would be much more accurate.

          20. Abby701 says

            Francine, you have been indoctrinated very well. Sorry if you got the wrong facts and think they are correct, I pray that God will open you eyes an deliver you from your blindness.

          21. glorybe2 says

            Obama never showed any signs of having ego. Of course we never know what goes on between a man’s ears. Trump on the other hand has hysterical fits over trivial items and he can’t control himself. Today Congress proposed a bill that would disallow our president from having first strike authority from our nuclear devices. The people in the House and Senate on both sides are worried about CHUMP’S mental stability and thus he could only authorize the use of nuclear weapons after we had been hit by nuclear weapons. That would mean that our generals and admirals will not obey a first strike order.

          22. Abby701 says

            Thisis heresy; the liberal left take and you are trying to further this crap!!!!!

          23. Juan TwoTree says

            You are obviously talking about ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, Glorybe2!

          24. Abby701 says

            That statement has proven to be false and you are furthering the lie.

        3. Francine Ellen Carraher says

          But you give us so many reasons to hate you all. Why complain about it – we’re only doing what you want and expect us to do. Congratulations, mission accomplished. Now go shut up.

      5. Lilly Putney says


      6. Francine Ellen Carraher says

        Republican retard. lololololol No Modonna is not under investigation. You guys, really, you like to tell lies almost as much as your failing President Trump and his lame VO Pence. “Build a wall, a great wall, a beautiful wall. Who’s gonna pay for it? MEXICO. NOT NOW NOW EVER. We warned you, but you won’t listen. SMH.

        You also seem to think that all “liberal democrats” are Pro-Abortion. Uh, we’re not. Most of us are pro-choice. I would never choose abortion for myself, nor would my daughter, granddaughters or great granddaughter. Nor would my grandsons want their girlfriends or spouse to choose abortion if there were other reasonable options. I know a great many democrats who feel the same. That is what I taught them as they where growing up. However, although my family would not personally choose abortion, that does not mean that we feel it may not be the choice of others, nor do we believe that we have the right to tell them what they can do or not do with their body and reproductive rights. We have had friends and relatives that have found themselves in unfortunate, and sometimes tragic, situations that required a choice be made, albeit one that they really didn’t want to make. We gave them our love and support and stood by them in their individual decision. I can recall one young girl who was pulled in two very conflicting directions after a rape. Her religious values and her emotional distress, destroyed her – she committed suicide. Her family still is paying for that – as is her church. They convinced her she was damned regardless of either choice. I personally hope they rot in hell forever.

        Making an educated and thoughtful choice, that is not based in fear or shame, would have been a better option. But her family wouldn’t even allow anyone to talk to her about adoption. Don’t you think that would have been better for all involved? For many, they truly feel abortion is the most appropriate solution for them. I don’t have to agree with that, and neither do you. it is, however, that individual’s choice to make, and rightly so. A sin was committed upon her body by a rapist, and then another by her family, and still another by her church. Add your opinion and contribution to that, and you too will pay for that sin come Judgment day. it’s a lose-lose situation.

        1. Deplorable wizard says

          I have read several of your posted remarks today, mostly in effort to see if there is a glimmer of intelligence and possibly hope.

          In short, you need extensive psychotherapy and should seek it fast.

          To expand, you cannot be called a parrot for your cause because a great deal of your ranting obviously is worded from a deeply and emotionally disturbed view of the progressivist propaganda. In fact, you are the perfect progressive pawn, able to ingest lies at an alarming rate and spew forth a tirade of falsehoods and hatred that would truly make hitler and Mussolini proud. Your complete ignorance of the topics has no bearing on your willingness to excrete massively the most ridiculous absurdities on the matter. Absolutely amazing.

          I do have a couple questions for you though, if you don’t mind.

          Do you hold public office? If so were you elected or appointed?

          Do you pay taxes on your tampons?

          Does your family have anyone that went past the 3rd grade?

          Is your family tree really just a single, skinny branch?

        2. glorybe2 says

          I knew a female Jehova’s Witness that was confined in a psychiatric ward and received visits from their church staff. In essence they told her that strong faith and prayer were what she really needed so she checked out of the psychiatric hospital, went home and after a couple of days murdered her child with a trash bag. She could not be tried for her crime as even though she readily and repeatedly confessed she was deemed incompetent to testify against herself. Without that confession there was no evidence to convict her. But as usual, those least qualified to utter an opinion caused that murder by their advice and narrow world view.

        3. songstress250 says

          Liberals are preoccupied these days with history. I suggest you research Margaret Sanger. She was the founder of Planned Parenthood. She began giving abortions and fighting for her legal right to perform them because she Wanted To Decrease The Proliferation of Blacks. And look…Have you noticed where most of their clinics are currently located?? In Poor, Minority neighborhoods. And it is CRUCIAL for you to know that LESS THAN 1/2 Of ONE PERCENT OF ABORTIONS ARE THE RESULT OF RAPE OR INCEST. That organization is NOT interested in caring for women; it is interested in MAKING MONEY. The average abortion costs about $1700. Now multiply that by an Average of one abortion every hour, every day, every year. And I suppose you dismiss the revealing videos of the undercover investigator that filmed the administration and employees discussing the selling price for baby parts. Well, girlie, they were REAL. I also think that women Libs and “Pro-Choice” advocates Assume (there’s that word again) that those of us who are “Pro-Life” have never had an abortion. Have You? Do you Know what those women are left with? The womb Used to be the safest place for a child. Now it’s a bloomin’ War Zone. Women are using abortion as a contraceptive. Why do you think that is?? Because Planned Parenthood and all others who support abortion have been desensitized to the reality that they are committing murder, and because it’s legal. I would be reasonable in saying that if it were illegal, many women would think twice about not using contraception and about having the next abortion. Misguided and/or uneducated women are lost in screaming for their rights. How DARE you speak of “Judgment Day”!!!

          1. songstress250 says

            Oh, and by the way, it is ignorant to think that there are only two choices. I Truly feel sorry for anyone who is in the darkness deep enough to end his/her life. Have you heard of “Hope Clinic”? They council the mother AND the father AND relatives regarding their choices. These angels care for them All. I would Urge you to educate yourself about this alternative. It would take a thousand words to list and explain everything they do For The Whole Family. Oh, and by the way, that “church” ought to be chastised. THAT kind of “spiritual guidance” is what kept me out of churches for much of my life. But abortion is Not about making a decision on keeping it or killing it; it is about protecting your body so that you don’t have that decision to make. And if you are a Survivor (not victim) of an evil deed, it is loved ones and community involvement’s responsibility to help that women be educated on other alternatives. Unfortunately, most Pro-Abortion Liberals, ESPECIALLY Planned Parenthood, Don’t Want these women to be exposed to viable choices that include clinics and Some educators teaching them how to be self-sufficient, how to learn to love themselves, how to learn self-worth which will help you make wise decisions, and how to Feel accomplished and independent…That would spoil their cause.

      7. Bimbo Macaraff says

        Nothing new here, always been so. During WW2 they had a communist problem and were many investigations of them.The wonderful Lucille Ball could feel the spy radio broadcasts in her fillings in her teeth and reported those traitors. Hollywood has always had communist faction.

      8. Jan Kolacy says

        It was not a women’s march at all it was a Soros paid march of hate Trump. Paid 90 million to 50 organizations to achieve this. The woman’s march pro life had no hate only love. Where was the media to listen to their speakers? Because they all knew Trump,is with them the media was against them. Blowing up the White House is what they want to print screaming paid women makes more News in their eyes. Disgust in Americas eyes

      9. whisper says

        Women are the BIGGEST BACK STABBERS!!!

    3. tbs says

      Of course it would!

    4. Tiger says

      I feel sure she has and if you listened closely to her speech she was reading the word “battle” and other key words came up. She would be more than happy to see our country at war from within, she would, as all of them would gladly see all of us rounded up and put away. They have no desire to compromise or to be accepting of anyone or anything but their way. They are the “Bowel Movement” of the Left while we are the “Trump Movement” of the Right.

      1. pappy450 says

        I still haven’t figured out what in the HELL they were “protesting” about. All I have read is that most of these “protestor groups” were bought and paid for by SOROS and his “organizations” to further division in our country and attempt to carry on OSCUMBAG’S COMMUNIST MUSLIME “agenda”. Maybe a few “arrests” and JAIL TIME would be in order to stop this CRAP.

        1. Tiger says

          You and me both along with millions of sane people. Yes Soros and O and H all still at it and won’t stop til stopped. I am very disappointed that after talking to Comey Trump is keeping him. Unless Comey made it clear what he was up against with O because he did send mixed messages so maybe now he will go on with his investigations and under a real president will get the job done.

          1. pappy450 says

            I am hopeful, that under a TRUMP administration, Comey will NOW be able to more freely start proceedings to prosecute ALL these CRIMINALS that were “allowed” to do anything they pleased because OSCUMBAG had “decreed” they could not be held accountable for their CRIMINAL ACTS. There is indeed a new “sheriff” in town that will NOT put up with the shenanigans.

          2. Tiger says

            Hopefully since Comey really did throw that election with that letter to congress just before voting saying oh wait it is on again we got more on H. Then withdrew, I had said like the POW in the Hanoi Hilton that sent messages via their blinks and much they didn’t say Comey was doing the same. So maybe now, since he knows who is the culprits and who threatened him etc he will act.

            But Trump better make sure he is protected when and if he does. Or Trump has too many fish to fry right now and can’t get into a pissing match on why Comey needs taken out.

          3. pappy450 says

            I believe Comey actually DID have more “dirt” on HITLERY and was more than likely given an “ultimatum” to shut up, or else by OSCUMBAGS henchmen, or Hitlery’s. Maybe he just wanted to continue breathing. You have seen what happens when people go against HITLERY and OSCUMBAG. (heart attacks happen, planes crash, woman “loses” her life preserver and drowns after plane crash, people commit “suicide” by bullets to the BACK of their heads by two different caliber rounds, Etc. etc.) These sort of “events” need to be actually “investigated” instead of shoved under the carpet just because the people that commit or have them carried out have MONEY.

          4. Tiger says

            We sure will find out. Maybe he saw his chance to help clean out the Swamp with Trump in charge. He did call Trump and tell him there was nothing any Russians did to change this election. Hey today’s briefing at the WH was fun, Trump now has International reporters there and some were Russian. LOLOLOLOL thought I would crack a rib laughing.

          5. Retired says

            Have you found anyone that changed their mind because of Putin . I have not heard of one other than what the media put out.

          6. Tiger says

            Nope but I know plenty who opened their eyes when Comey laid out the sins of Hillary.

          7. Retired says

            Those that never worked with security clearance issues would not have understood what was going on.

          8. Tiger says

            You know that is true but being military I remember being briefed on signs when captured.

          9. Mr Rollo says

            I find it interesting that 99.9% of all celebrities are liberal communists. I also find it interesting that 100% of the communist celebrities are multi-millionaires. What is their point?

          10. Tiger says

            Submission. As the history shows it is all about submission to them and destruction of the mind/Soul and bodies of us. Same old game different day.

            Yes my friend you put it it right.

          11. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Really, you really think that?? So not true, and not communists either. Trump and his cabinet and family on the other hand, are becoming more like Nazi Germany every minuite.

          12. Mr Rollo says

            I have blocked you, communist Troll from Hell!

          13. organic granny says

            There was no need for Russian intervention…it was never part of the big election plan. IMO Soros-hillary thought they had taken care of the vote totals, but they didn’t allow for the immense margin of Trump votes.

            Go to and read about fractional votes and remotely controlled voting machines. Watch the Fraction magic video.

          14. Tiger says

            Thank you yes they didn’t really even try, this was a huge eye opener to all of us. Right like the Brexit, Cameron and others laughed at the voters, mocked them and said they didn’t have a chance. but they won their freedom from the EU although like our Congress filled with slugs and Progressive/Communists along with One World Order folks, they are in a fight for their lives.

            I remember the voters calling in to Rush and other shows all over the country saying when they voted Trump the machine flipped to Clinton. So people stood their ground and refused to leave until the machine fixed they demanded paper ballots. They went to the crowds outside and told them what had happened so everyone was asking for paper ballots.

            Then when this recount started the Dems lost even more because they found ballot boxes cattywhompass so a hand could reach in, along with people who worked the polls telling the news they were asked to bring ballots, blank one’s to the people in the back room and saw through the door small window the people filling out those ballots. Plus remember during the last election the plane carrying the Military’s absentee ballots crashed. Now the Left screaming has Trump saying OK you want an investigation into voter fraud you got it.

            Already teams from all over America have for years now been on top of voter fraud this time they can maybe clean things up once and for all.

          15. organic granny says

            15 states used older SOROS company-owned voting machines. Did you watch the video at the link? Shows and explains how local election board guys switched out hard drives before and after the voting took place, not to mention remote access to the realtime voting machine totals.
            Election teams have NOT been on top of this. That’s why Hillary was so calm during election day voting and so completely distraught when the numbers came in that evening. She thought they had rigged the machines so she would win no matter what…but they could only go so far before anomalies would appear, such as more voters than are registered in a precinct, etc. There was no way the dems could have predicted the huge numbers of votes Trump would receive, and his leads were so large that there was no way the machines could be set to make up the difference.
            But don’t think for a second that the machines are accurate and unrigged.
            Remember, there has never been any voting machine reported to switch a vote from a dem candidate to a republican one.

          16. Tiger says

            Love the last line and my husband has a degree in Technology and knows computers etc inside out and he said the same thing you say about the voting machines.

          17. Tiger says

            Even Clapper made it clear there was no Russian intervention that changed the votes or did anything to the machines. Assange is the one who put out the Leaks and he hacked into our government at age 16. Also Comey called Trump to tell him there was no Russian intervention, of course he had to walk that back most likely in fear for his life.

            Trump keeping Comey after talking to him. Comey a walking encyclopedia on the corruption and if he sings many will not like the song.


          18. Tiger says

            This is the third of these videos and the others I sent you were I and II.


          19. Tiger says

            Wow I like the site you gave me. Excellent.

          20. Janet Julien says

            Hitlery has not been tried and exonerated yet so Comey can investigate her all he wants until he feels he has enough evidence to convict her, no matter how inconvenient it might be to her and Slick Willie.

          21. pappy450 says

            Not only THAT but the “pardon” from oscumbag didn’t happen, SO she IS indeed vulnerable to prosecution (and SHOULD BE) ALL “parties” involved should be investigated, tried and Jailed. Time to DRAIN THAT SWAMP!

          22. Janet Julien says

            Actually, it’s WAY PAST TIME to Drain the Swamp

          23. pappy450 says

            Agreed! BUT the swamp was PACKED full of muslimes by oscumbag,huma, and soros. The time is NOW to get RID of all those INVADERS infesting our Government and I believe the PRESIDENT TRUMP and his administration are up for the job!

          24. Janet Julien says

            That’s what I’m praying for also

          25. Retired says

            First there are a lot of federal judges that have to be appointed by Trump plus the SC appointment.

          26. Janet Julien says


          27. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            No one was ever able to get any dirt on her – because there wasn’t any, fool.

          28. Marilyn says

            What about Benghazi! Her private server and deleting thousands of emails after being told they were evidence? That’s just the tip of the ice berg. She should be in jail. These are facts not hearsay!

          29. Francine Ellen Carraher says

            Comey is under investigation – he’s one of the criminals. Along with ALL THE REST OF THE REPUBLICANS.

          30. sox83cubs84 says

            That could well be. There’s no telling what type of threats Comey might have received from operatives of Ovomit or Queen Cankles.

          31. Tiger says

            Well we darn sure know the kill list of those going to tell on Killery was 6 people long. Weights on the neck, bullets to the back of two people’s heads deemed suicide, one guy riddled with 28 bullets in a robbery on the way to the FBI and nothing taken, he was one of Assange’s people. So maybe Comey will come clean to Trump and tell all. Did you know Sessions still not in office? Trump has no administration. This is ridiculous.

          32. Janet Julien says

            At least six people, there’s probably a LOT MORE

          33. Tiger says

            Most assuredly and I am sure they are not through yet. Comey best to watch his back. They know he is a walking encyclopedia on the rot and who is rotten.

          34. Janet Julien says

            Probably not, there are at least two more generations after Slick Willie and Hitlery to watch out for. Chelsea may no longer have the Clinton name after she married but she still has the Clinton blood and so do her children.

          35. Tiger says

            Boy Howdy ain’t that the truth they should be sterilized to assure that our Republic stands.

          36. Janet Julien says

            That’s for darned sure and what is worse is that I’m related to them. Slick Willie is my fifth cousin on my Dad’s side

          37. Retired says

            Lynch needs to go as well as other Obama appointments and that will take a few weeks, it will not happen over night like many think.

          38. Lyndau123 says

            I sure hope you are right! Comey was a puppet of Obama’s and Clinton, not a doubt in my (and millions of other’s ) SANE minds! Let’s hope he returns to sanity and brings BACK some credibility of the FBI~!

          39. Tiger says

            I agree. I was stunned. I believed in him. I read so many good things about him. Well just gotta trust Trump he hasn’t done us in yet.

          40. Justreal says

            I don’t think has an agenda to “do us in”. He’s stepped up to drain the swamp and truly make America great again. If he does us in he’s defeating his purpose.

          41. Tiger says

            Agreed nothing he has done shows his turning on us only doing what he promised us and more.

        2. RICHARD says

          Protests should be outlawed. If one wants to protest do it the correct way. Write and call you’re Reps and Senators.

          1. Janet Julien says

            Go back and re-read the First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

            Protests, IF they are peaceful, ARE permitted since the protesters are also looking about the government redressing their grievances. BUT THEY MUST BE PEACEFUL OR THEY ARE IN VIOLATION. And threatening to blow up the White House is anything BUT PEACEFUL.

        3. alexandra says

          All those women don’t know what they were protesting either. Just a bunch of fools following people like these useless so called celebrities. Why don’t they try following God instead? It would certainly be a better example than those foul mouthed women!

          1. pappy450 says

            The only thing they were “following” was SOROS MONEY that paid them to “protest” and then leave all their garbage in the streets. (usual LIBERAL mentality)
            I expect if they even HANDLED a Holy Bible, it would probably burn their demonic hands.

          2. Justreal says

            I say boycott the celebrities against Trump and support those celebrities who are bold enough to stand up for Trump. I sure am. They wouldn’t be who they are without our support. We sure helped drop the ratings for CNN by boycotting them. It’s time for anti-Trump celebrities to take a seat and boycotting them will force them to do so sooner.

          3. alexandra says

            Justreal, I agree and like your suggestion. I shouldn’t have bundled them all up as Trump haters.

        4. gerald kaminski says

          you couldn’t figure it out because you are an idiot

          1. pappy450 says

            And it now appears to me you are another LIBERAL fuck-up. That doesn’t know his ASS from a hole in the ground.. (did I get it right idiot?)

          2. Mr Rollo says

            Communist Hitlery butt sucking lover.

        5. glorybe2 says

          Turn on your TV and watch the Rachel Madow show every night. She is on MSNBC and you will get some real facts instead of the lies the right wing thrives upon.

          1. Marilyn says

            That’s why MSNBC has the lowest ratings. Next you’ll be telling us All Sharpton is intelligent. The highest ratings are Fox News. Check it out.

          2. glorybe2 says

            First, it is a matter of public record that Fox testified in court that Fox News was not a news service but a show dedicated to entertainment and not accurate reporting of news. Since Fox made that claim themselves it can not be debated. Frankly educated people avoid Fox news the same way they avoid the National Inquirer or the Jerry Springer show. Talk radio is quite similar. It is 100% nonsense designed for a very uneducated listener. Your mind has been poisoned by propaganda designed to suck in the lowest elements in our nation and you are about to pay a huge price. Right now the vast majority of Muslims are friendly to the US. The policies Trump is putting in place will very likely create many millions of people from the Arab world to now side with their radical elements. Since there are 1.5 billion Muslims in this world that is not a trivial thing. There are roughly four Muslims for every American on this planet.

          3. Marilyn says

            Check the ratings, Fox News has been number one for 16 years. MSNBC has the lowest ratings and if any show equates with Jerry Springer its them. Ratings speak for themselves, can’t debate it!

        6. Francine Ellen Carraher says

          That’s Trump’s spin on it. All fake. There were a great many things being protested, killing the ACA, taking away women’s reproductive rights, destroying the environment by undoing decades of progress and creation of cleaner energy, just to mention a few. Wrap it all up in a ball and label it TRUMP. You really are that ignorant aren’t you. Ignorance will not help you justify your acts of betrayal to our Nation – you voted for the Devil Trump. He is not fit to be the leader of the free world. I’d tell that to him to his face. Can’t be arrested for insulting him. Or anyone else.

          1. pappy450 says

            Here we go “more FAKE” CRAP from another “liberal crybabie” GET over it, there is an “ADULT” in charge now. Better go hide in your “safe space, get out the play-dough, crayons. coloring books, hot cocoa you have four years (at first)to cry and scream. By the way, he has accomplished MORE in the past few days than OSCUMBAG did in 8 years. Have a good day…I SURE AS HELL AM!!
            Signed…. a “deplorable”

          2. Mr Rollo says

            That’s another communist Troll I blocked.

          3. pappy450 says

            Thank you! I did also..Tired of their senseless blather. These people need to go find a nice COMMUNIST country to move to and stay there. USA!

          4. Mr Rollo says

            Thanks. And Good for you! ! ! ! !

        7. glorybe2 says

          Soros does not have enough money to pay for this number of protesters. Not only are US cities seeing major protests foreign nations also have people in the streets protesting allowing CHUMP any measure of power or public office. Tens of millions of people are seriously protesting and it will build and build.

      2. SCSOCAL says

        Tiger – We are part of a bigger movement world wide. First there was Brexit, then U.S. and next it will be France, then Germany and then Italy and then Spain. People do not like what the socialist, One World Order are offering! They are rejecting it. The EU will collapse.

        1. Tiger says

          So good to see all the people that understand it. Yes you are 100% right and they misjudged all of us. I have been keeping up with the refugee situation in Europe and actually it is the catalyst for the tremendous Tsunami of a “Wakey Uppey” call. Eyes were opened as countries suffered the horrors of being totally invaded with hundreds of thousands of Muslim men from countries with Cultures of rape and death. Amen.

          May the Power that is everywhere in this world and has been since it’s inception through that power let a mighty roar be heard around the world through the people of this world who asked for the help from above.

          1. Retired says

            That is why you will see a political change in the EU like has happened in the US.

          2. Tiger says

            I fully agree and hear it daily from them.

          1. Retired says

            Another one of Obamas Sanctuary cities. I wonder how long before they kill the Mall of America.

          2. Tiger says

            Who knows everyone been awfully quiet from the Muslims, illegals to the BLM. Don’t know if they are planning a huge attack under Trump’s watch or trying to get out of the country before Trump’s Law and Order posse’ comes for them.

        2. Tiger says

          I could pull up video all day of riots all over Europe and at their borders and refugees and Muslims taking over villages in England and all over Europe, forcing Sharia Law.

          World we have a problem and all better admit it and fight it.

        3. Lyndau123 says

          And Liberals have not a CLUE! They are DANGEROUS to our nation, and our economy, and our DEMOCRACY!

          1. glorybe2 says

            Europe has had an emergency in trying to take in as many people as possible who are fleeing the wars in the Arab regions but those folks will be hard working and adapt to living just as others in Paris live. I do see one difference. In my area the poor must hide in the bushes to avoid arrest. Having more freedom the poor in Paris seem to be able to live right on the sidewalks. In south Florida you can be arrested for feeding a homeless person. Before you get into that rally around the flag nonsense stop and think. How free are you if you can be arrested for feeding the poor? Would you arrest Jesus Christ for handing loaves and fishes to the masses that followed Him?

      3. sox83cubs84 says

        That “bowel movement” is “diarrhea of the mouth”.

        1. Tiger says

          Amen that spells it out clearly and what came out of their mouths and what was on their signs was pure unadulterated outhouse overflow.

        2. Janet Julien says

          And a bad case of “constipation of the brain”

      4. glorybe2 says

        You may not understand that when people start believing in “ALTERNATIVE FACTS and live in a false reality that there is a point at which they need to be in a secured and healing environment.

        1. Tiger says

          Then someone is going to make a fortune starting up thousands of the secure and healing environments because this country filled with those in need of it.

          1. glorybe2 says

            Yes, both those that are ignorant and those that have mental health issues comprise roughly half of our nation. There is a certain point at which there is no difference between ignorance and insanity. And it is a fact that some college educated people have things like severe career demands or personal issues which consume them to the point that even with high levels of education they do become ignorant as time passes and new knowledge is not within them. That is why so many people could be spoon fed the lie that Obama was not born in the US etc.. Obviously many people have no proof of being a US citizen other than a birth certificate. There are even American citizens who never even had a birth certificate as they were born at home with no attending doctor at all. If a baby moves with family to another town there will soon be no way that any person can bear witness that they were that particular baby born back in the other town. Parents pass away and the only proof of citizenship becomes the fact that there is no proof that they were ever a citizen of another nation because no such proof would be true or verifiable in any way. Until very recently we could not even prove who the father of a baby might be. Yet how many on the right wing can actually think these things out in depth?

          2. Tiger says

            Enough to put a Real President into office.

    5. Jeanne Stotler says

      Doesn’t she live in Europe?? I laugh at these fakes, w/o most in USA buying/seeing their wares, they would be nothing. I am not against them having success, but they need to wake up, it’s us the DEPLORABLES that buy recordings, see movies and buy CD’s, THAT IS HOW THEY STAY RICH. They also need to have taxes reviewed, how much is in off shore banking?

    6. jjmcl431 says

      blowing things is a way of life for Madonna. that’s how she got her start,and stays on top of things because as far as her having talent it sure is not in making music.

    7. Roger Short says

      Just let one of the common folk say that when Odumbo was still in office, and it would be a very different story!

    8. pateboo says

      I’ll worry about Madonna later, HILLARY FIRST. I want three things out of Trump that he promised, ISIS, the WALL, and HILLARY in jail.

    9. glorybe2 says

      That is not a threat. She has simply said that it crossed her mind. However do not think for one second that many people are not considering or actually planning to strike back in violent ways. That chant of no justice no peace may have some real teeth behind it.

    10. MIKE6080 says

      she still has to give all those bjs that she promised

    11. Rummy C says

      The secret service replied to her proclamation with, “We have thought an awful lot about locking your bony, old ass up.”

    12. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      I agree that Mindless Madonna is a bit of a moron but I do not believe she would even come close to blowing up the White House….Even Mindless Madonna isn’t that stupid, at least I hope. As far as jail time for her, why bother. She is just a mouthy tramp, like a little dog…all bark and no bite.
      Just ignore her and Judd and Cher and Rosie and on and on…………
      Do nothing that will put $$$ back in their pants suits pockets. Ignore them and they will eventually fade away like a fart in the wind.

    13. GuardianFlame says

      In any other country, madonna would be inside a jail cell looking out –indefinitely. After a comment like that, I’m sure some CIA or HLS personnel have her in their sights, atleast for observational purposes. She certainly is full of her own self importance to say something so stupid…bet her smart fans are looking for another idol to worship that thinks before opening their mouth!

    14. Juan TwoTree says

      This filith b*tch rat fuk Madonna should be in jail!! Threatening OUR White House, threatening President Trump, his family and all of the U.S. American LEGAL citizens working in and for the White House?? Why isn’t the Secret Service all over this filthy whore and throwing her in jail and filing charges against her!!?? We can not stand for an anti-America pig sloth like her to get way with this crap! LOCK HER UP!

    15. The Old One says

      If you and I would express such a though, out loud like she did, we would all have been under investigation.

    16. jjmcl431 says

      just think what would have happen if a white conservative had said that at either one of Obama’s swearing in as POTUS? they would have been arrested on the spot for making a terrorist threat, threatening to kill the President and a hate crime to boot. but it is consider free speech when a liberal over the hill whore says it.

    17. Ron C says

      The so called authorities never investigate liberal democrat’s to the extent they do the average taxpaying citizens.

    18. GODBlessRealAmerica says

      LIBERALS Can’t be trust throw like a virgin or horror more like it Madonna in jail

    19. dino m. says

      remember, she’s the “material girl”, who must have felt somewhat “like a virgin” when she gave that speech. radio stations across the nation are now boycotting and not playing her music. I just wonder, how much “meat pole” did she smoke trying to get Hillary elected? she was promising oral sex for Hillary votes, after all!

  2. Jack says

    She should be charged with many crimes but it woni happen we just need to ignore these mindless side show’s

    1. lenati says


    2. Conservative says

      Ignoring them is the worst punishment they could receive. So desperate to be significant. They fail to think for themselves and even if they disagree they are so lacking in the courage of their own convictions they ‘go along to get along’. Only we the public can shut them down.
      Boycott Hollywood and all their sluts.

    3. Mark Plenn says

      If Ringling Bro,s hired her they’d have all the clowns they needed to stay solvent. Madonna is a waste of good air.

  3. Justin Seine says

    The Men’s march on Washington, while not quite as large as the women’s, was a bit more civilized.

    The Men’s march featured Michael Moore (Picture#1)

    The Women’s March featured the Grossman sisters (Picture#2)

    1. Mark Plenn says

      He wasn’t there but FATSO was!

      1. ABO says

        How does one get such a large pile of flab to stay upright for any length of time?

        1. Janet Julien says

          he kinda reminds me of Jabba the Hutt with two legs, only whinier

          1. ABO says

            Best description yet, Janet. Maybe we could call him “Bubba the Hutt”.

          2. Janet Julien says

            That’ll work

  4. gotabgood says

    “We want the facts Ma’am, nothing but the facts” (Dragnet)
    BUT.. we have this brand new set of FACTS!!!
    They are called

      1. Justin Seine says

        Where Have I Seen That Before?

        1. Mathew Molk says

          In Chicago about 10 years ago while he was “organizing” . Now he’s back at it again,,,on the outside looking in.

        2. James says

          GODBlessRealAmerica; That picture about says it all. However, I had to click on the ‘hidden picture’ icon in order for it to show!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      That;s for sure and you commies use nothing else. You lie when the truth would sound better.

      Go sit in your safe zone and suck up what ever free crayons and play dough that are left. The free stuff is coming to an end and we will be taking over your safe zones for the new ROTC buildings we have on the drawing boards

      Panic and lie all you want, but NWO Marxists made the endangered species list on Nov 8th of last year.

      1. gotabgood says

        Does that mean the welfare stops for corporations and states that can’t make it on their own also?
        And you welcome the fascist/authoritarian Trump… you did good

    2. Mark Plenn says

      And the democrats invented them BOZO gotabgoofy.

  5. Justin Seine says

    Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Who Didn’t Vote And Her Candidate Still Lost!

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Just an excuse to be out in the streets! Half these asshole don’t even have a reason to protest. Notice the white haired older guy with the listening device in his ear; is he the ‘honest press’ or an organizer?

    2. Marilyn says

      The biggest disappointment was Ashley Judd. Thought she had some class. Had no idea she was as low as Madonna

  6. Justin Seine says

    Madonna – The perfect role model for women and young girls…. Yep!

    1. Amandaakilgore says

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    2. lenati says

      disgusting liberal pig. No modesty or pride.

      1. Conservative says

        No modesty or pride….that’s typical of hollywood trash!

      2. Janet Julien says

        Let’s not insult the pigs, which are sweet and loving creatures, unlike Madonna

    3. Conservative says

      Looks like she shit herself!

    4. James says

      Just wondering; how many parents out there allowed their girls to go to a Madonna concert and never knew how disgustingly filthy the bitch really is?

      BTW; sure wish you had covered up that skanky crotch, who knows what has been stuffed in it?

    5. Mark Plenn says

      At least she shaved her crouch no real fem. would!

    6. GODBlessRealAmerica says

      Like a Vergin lol more Like a whore!

    7. Justin Seine says
    8. Marilyn says

      Her son who lives with his father in England, went to court to get away from her. He even knew she was a lousy role model.

  7. Homer says

    Make them pay by Not going to the movies….. You can wait a few weeks to see it for free from home and save some cash (extra ammo cash maybe) doing so.

    Don’t support these fruitcakes!

    1. lenati says

      exactly hit them in their pocketbooks boycott tham.

    2. Ronnie says

      I have been doing this for years, it is getting harder to look at these high dollar low life’s! It is almost to the point where I don’t watch movies with thes pies of shit in them GO TRUMP!

      1. James says

        I agree; I have been to only one movie for which I paid in the past 6 years, and that was “Hillary’s America”.

        1. Jeanne Stotler says

          Bought that movie on disc, saw America 2016, Most Tv shows and movies promote sin, according to the Bible, I watch reruns on TV, and NCIS, Blue Bloods and Law and Order reruns AND FOX NEWS.

          1. James says

            I watched “America 2016” on disk with a group in Ky. and was blown away by the corruption in high places which was there in open view, yet no one was doing anything to correct it. I hope and pray Pres. Trump will bring an end to it; although it will be a very harsh battle; as the libs have already proved!
            As for TV, I have not had TV available in my home since they went to HDTV. Even at that time I could see the perversion and corruption of truth being foisted upon the American public.All of my news now comes from conservative and independent sources, and even then I challenge and check everything I read and/or see! As a Who lyrics explicitly states “I won’t get fooled again”!

          2. Jeanne Stotler says

            I have seen with Libs, they are for most part Lemmings, I read a lot, and as a Nurse, I explore what is served to the public, rather than accept it as Gospel. Many today believe that the Gov’t. is infallible, Reagan hit the nail on the head, when he said, “I am from the Gov’t, and here to help you” No Run away from it. I pray for Our President Trump, that he will bring this country my family has fought and died for since the “King Phillip’s war”, through Korea and Viet Nam, back to it’s greatness

          3. James says

            The greatest thing we all can do for America right now is to pray for it! Pray that the demons which have been turned loose will be brought under subjection and that the human spirit will be guided by the Spirit of Righteousness!
            This country has gone downhill fast ever since the adoption of Roe vrs. Wade, and the removal of the Ten Commandments from the public forum!

      2. Homer says

        I sopped supporting them long ago also.
        25 or more years since i went to see a movie.

    3. Conservative says

      Who needs to see them anywhere. I believe they get royalties every time they are watched at home.

  8. Junior1950 says

    Funny thing. Madonna, Ashley Judd, Chrissy Teigen, Michael Moore, and most of the rest of the actors and actresses and left wing loonies who voted for obama and hillary lack one important thing that the rest of us possess—COMMON SENSE!!!!

    1. tbs says

      And respect! Because they have no respect for themselves! Poor things!

    2. Janet Julien says

      They are so busy making a living at “Make Believe” that they cannot function in the REAL WORLD.

  9. Richard says

    Madonna as well as Katie Rich from NBC all should be locked up if this were another Country they wouldn’t be alive they would be SHOT but then look who backed these people the Clintons and the Dumb Bo Crates and the liberal’s they should be thanking god that they live in America. The problem is they have lost respect for AMERICA why because America hasn’t had a real government since President Regan he was a movie star. Now America has a Billionaire who knows how to make money and make businesses grow this is what they are afraid of they want to keep America below them. but the Real American people are tired of the media Government Corruption and Liberals and our Corrupt Hollywood. Sadly they today don’t know how to make real movies only make remakes of past movies. Madonna YOU are a LOW CLASS PIG and if I was your parent I’d wash your mouth out with SOAP You need to leave the US and go to another country and see just how Great you had it here in the US. This is the matter with us we wanted better for our kids and we are paying the price Low life kids that hate America and for what she stands for. You didn’t even let some of your groups to show up like the Pro Lifer’s You told them they weren’t welcome so even your party is BIAS just like the media

    1. Marilyn says

      Katie Rich was suspended but not fired. Will be interesting to see if she comes back on SNL. Unfortunately, these Hollyweirdos are role models for our youth. You can see the negative influence they have. Pray this changes with our President.

  10. James Maxwell says

    Watching a Hollywood elitist speak is like watching many of the news channels. Full of sound and
    fury with no substance nor intelligence at all. If you take away the supporting staff, make up, special
    props and all the extras that go into supporting them in a movie they are not worth much except in
    menial jobs which are already filled by highly qualified people who are not afraid of hard work to earn
    a living for themselves and their families. The Actors and Actresses are only as good as the script
    placed in front of them at the moment.

    1. Janet Julien says

      Like the Bard said, their speeches are “Tales told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying Nothing.” Sounds a lot like the whole Libturd establishment if you ask me.

      1. ABO says

        Love the analogy, Janet. Well done.

        1. Janet Julien says

          Thanks, Shakespeare did have a way with the English language and the Scottish Play is one of his best

          1. ABO says

            MacBeth would surely be pleased.

  11. MILES E DRAKE says

    There is absolutely no doubt that the marxist-metrosexual left has started an open insurrection, intended to celebrate the centennial of Lenin’s victory in Russia by instituting a communist dictatorship in America. The nomenklatura in the American people’s republic will be the same collection of starlets, varlets and harlots that are now rioting and planning terrorist attacks. This revolution needs to be suppressed – marxists will probably have to swing from trees, metrosexuals and millenials will probably need more than a whiff of grapeshot and the prisons and nuthouses must be filled with coke-snorting wannabes, has-beens and never-weres. The Obammunist coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites will clearly stop at nothing to seize power, and the regular people of America who rejected their rule last November must not, either.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I’m with ya Miles, but we have suppressed them already. All they are now is a petty annoyance like they were all through the 50s and 60s. Their king and Queen are dead and Prince Sanders and Pocahontas are both on their way out too.

      Every day we grow stronger and the leftests grow weaker and look like bigger fools by the minute. They will remain in the background as the buffoons they are but they will never again be a viable force in this century. Even the MSM cannot save them now.

      1. James says

        Don’t fool yourself my friend and fellow patriot; Even if they were to stop their open protests today, they would slink around in the underground, turning as many proselytes as possible and bidding their time until they have corrupted more of our youth and deceived more ignorant voters; to the point where they can instigate open rebellion on a scale which will make all that we have seen already pale.
        There is an agenda being pushed here; and if anything at all is going to defeat it, it will be a total makeover of the education of young people and a heavy hand on any and all “fake news” sources!

      2. Fam4Evr says

        I would like to believe that, but you are forgetting to factor in one thing. Every year, the Public Education system and American colleges and universities churn out freshly brainwashed Commie/Marxist/Fascist/Totalitarian zombies of all stripes. The Aethiests, the Satanists, the Islamists and pro-Palistinians, the sodomites, the trannies, the new recruits for BLM, and a myriad of anti-white types that have been brainwashed into thinking that white people and Western culture are the root of all evil. If half of these drugged out whack jobs remember to vote, or sell their vote to a Democrat vote hustler, then Conservative candidates and their constituents will be in trouble. Something HAS to be done about the horrendous damage being done to kids and young people in the schools! It was bad enough that they are not being properly educated, but then when you add in the Progressive brainwashing they undergo, these young punks are resembling nothing more than brain dead zombies, and you can’t reason with them at all. They only parrot back the lies and talking points they have been programmed with. There needs to be some sort of basic civics test people have to take before being allowed to vote, or some way to weed out the clueless, and worse, the brainwashed, as they are a very real threat to America!

  12. Taladad says

    If she, Hillary and Bill would be sent to GITMO perhaps she could have a male friend.

  13. J.B.Jacobs says

    Look at the signs these people are carrying. I see about 3 signs about abortion, and the rest are about Trump. What did they say this march was for?

    1. Mark Plenn says

      So they lie, what do you expect from the commee bastards. They wouldn’t know the truth if it was carved on stone!

  14. rev_dave says

    How odd that these bozos all think this is ‘a democracy’. If they knew anything about civics or even just the Constitution, they would know that we live in a republic. But hey, you don’t need intelligence to be a celebrity – as they all prove to us over and over again.

  15. anibanib says

    Build a wall around America, so as to keep all Yanks in……….as soon as they leave their country they are Always getting up to some mischief

  16. Mama G says

    I love the idea of a wall round Hollywood even better…. and ALL dissident ignorant Hollywood stars should pay for it IN CASH. Madonna should be tried and jailed. She should be banned from the USA ans I’ll help her pack. Deport her to whoever will take her.

  17. Conservative says

    What ever happened to ‘when they go down, we go up’? What happened to ‘love trumps hate’?
    What happened to all that ‘love’ they preach about?
    Hypocrisy anyone???

    1. ABO says

      The liberal ideology is built on a foundation of hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit and hatred, Conservative. As I am sure you are well aware.

  18. Philomena says

    Are all Left Wingers mentally unstable?

    1. ABO says

      That would be a definite YUP, Philomena. Liberalism is a serious mental disorder and cognitive dissonance is one of its symptoms.

      1. Janet Julien says

        They need to have a brain to have a mental disorder

    2. Libs R Loons says

      Yes, it’s a requirement.

  19. TEA9876 says

    Remove the word up out of Madonna’s quote and you have the real soul of the woman.

    1. Janet Julien says

      I wish she’d do the world a favor and go blow up Mecca

  20. Tiger says

    I tell ya all and I believe many see it, we are “Divided” and it is so apparent and those on the “Bowel Movement” side want only submission from those on the “Trump Movement” side. They don’t even know what co-operation and compromising is and they never will. Their leader O and all those who have been ruining our education system from grade school to college for the last 40 years have done their job well. Those protestors were filled with youth. That is the new generations. Then the Women’s march, that excluded Pro Birth women proved again “Our Way or the Highway.” They will continue to take the “Low Way”, they will continue to show who they are.

    We see it in Congress. Schumer in an interview said the only way the Democrats will work with Trump is if he comes to their side. This is the Arrogance of these people. The Democrats when in Power never Compromised or worked with anyone. Again they went after their agenda like a Bulldozer and they didn’t care who died along the way.

    Defiant, Diabolical, Disruptive, Disagreeable, Distanced, Distorted, Disgusting and totally unacceptable in Trump’s America. We are and will remain divided. Personally I have no desire to try for bringing us together, oil and water don’t mix.

    1. Ron C says

      I would say…you covered all the bases on that post…

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you. I try.

        1. ABO says

          You surely do Tiger and your efforts are much appreciated. Thank you yet again.

          1. Tiger says

            Ahhhh sweet. Needed it.

  21. junkmailbin says

    Money does not cure rectal myopia

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Most liberals could not spell myopia, let alone know they have it!

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Think “Mr. Magoo”…………

  22. Scott Ezell says

    Maybe its because theyre stupid & naive.

  23. gerald Hughes says

    Yje liberal dem bloodsuckers are headed for a place where, talk doesn’t work.

  24. retired4ever says

    Perhaps these has-beens are still trying to find the spotlight; certainly applies to the sex for votes gal and Judd, didn’t know who the rest were, was or had been.

    1. Terry Rushing says

      From my perspective many of these “stars” fall outside the “has been” and into the “never was” class.

  25. Combatvet52 says

    I would say about 97 % of Hollywood sucks we do have a few strong conservative actors and actresses,
    that stupid c–t Madonna is the worse ( I want to blow up the White House ) she should be put in prison for that terrorist remark, and the other cue balls Hanks and Clooney both disgusting POS.

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Unfortunate that the Constitution allows a bit of leeway as to what is treason. Nothing stops the public from showing their displeasure, so John Q. Public go at her!

      1. Combatvet52 says

        I can’t stand the bitch………Build a wall around Hollywood and let them pay for it keep them out of politics.

  26. papa doug says

    Gee just think what might happen if we all reconnected with our family and friends instead of patronizing Hollywood elites movies. Sitting around the kitchen table playing board games with the family. Taking walks, playing with our kids outside, going to the museum or anything except watch movies and TV. Let the Hollywood elites entertain themselves, they seem good at that!

  27. Eleanore Whitaker says

    You asshole Corn Pones and Mutton Chops will get a wall..One between Dem States and your hick states. and we will be more than happy to never have to hear your mouths again. Oh and take your bag of shit pretender to the presidency with. His and his whores services will no longer be needed.

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Eleanore, such a beautiful name for such a shit faced RACIST!

      1. Terry Rushing says

        I can tell that she(??) is really high class by her command of the written language. I don’t believe I’d want to listen to her voice.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Mark Phlegm…Such a pukey name for such a teeny little prick.

      3. Janet Julien says

        Mark, What floats in the toilet bowl looks better

    2. Libs R Loons says

      Is that YOU, Hillary???^^^

  28. PBHayes says

    Pick any 100 so called celebrities in the American entertainment industry and you would be hard pressed to find 5 that are intelligent, informed and not just plain stupid. I don’t know a soul who listens to any of these idiots or spends money to watch their films or listen to their music which we used to call disgusting noise. To hell with all of them.

  29. Teleman119 says

    Actually I do feel America being great again already and it feels wonderful.

  30. Letterman007 says

    Throw a net over the lot of them and parachute then into a far off country, after you revoke their citizenship!

  31. Gary Smith says

    Good idea

  32. got my licence says

    I am still waiting for her to follow through with her promise to blow anyone who votes for Hillary. That may explain why all the riots( in cities that voted for Hillary) as these libs did not get their BJ’s. Madonna and Judd are over the hill and miss the limelight. They are full of anger and have become NASTY.

  33. jimdarnall says

    I agree with the wall around Hollywood. They definitely live in their own fantasy world.

  34. randi amundsen says

    Liberals are the worst. Just go to Europe and watch how the liberals have destroyed beautiful cities by letting Muslims and all the garbage of the world enter their cities.

  35. Rose Weleski says

    Madonna? She used to be one of my favorite singers. Stay in the recording studio – stay out of politics. From now on she’ll be boycotted.
    And now- just who are the deplorables? Sounds like a little frustration is setting in….GOOD! Demons tremble in the LIGHT! (Which is the “right.”)

  36. Greg Edwards says

    actor’s stupid lay off workers who found away to make money. they march to Washington on equal rights & women’s rights etc . they feel trump well only make thing worst for women. they already have this in place for women. this is the stupid part ! women should be marching for the removal of the 11 million illegal Muslims in this country who find imposing Sharia law a better way of life for American’s. sharia law takes away women’s the home of a Muslim man his women (can have 5 wife’s) are slaves to him. finely black matter’s will something to bitch about.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Indeed, considering that a woman in a burka waving an ISIS poster was falsely tweeting that women who convert to Islam would have to pay zero interest on loans. Soros funded over 50 communist and muslim groups to organize that women’s march.

  37. JC says

    Good people. If you really want to make a difference stop watching any production by CNN< CNBC, ABC NBC, MSNBC, The NY Times or any major city liberal newpaper. Stop going to the movies, especially the ones in which radical left actors pretend to be other people (this by the way is how they obtain the cache they enjoy. They become identified by the public with the characters that they protray… but I digress.)

    Encourage every Trump supporter that you know to tune them out in every way possible. Don't watch the late night comedians that bash Trump. Don't support thier agenda in any way. Don't buy products or services that are produced by their supporters.

    Email the press (TV, Print and every other form), call them out, send them letters and let them know that we are on to the fact that they are nothing more than liberal shills diseminating false stories and propaganda and were sick of it! Just tell us what happens and we will figure out what to think and what to do about it.

    After president Trumps 1st day in office they are spinning everything that has happened as negative. They legitimized the lunatic eruption called a "demonstration" in Washington this past weekend. Well organized by the same folks that organize all of the anarchistfests. George Soros et all.

    Also, do whatever you can to make sure that their chosen candidates for the mid-term elections are defeated. We need to help them loose eneough senators that they drop below 40 in the senate.

    Lastly, don't become like them. Take the high road when you talk about them, but try to crush them politically. Be active.

    We live in a Democratic Republic not a Democracy (heaven forbid…). Majority rule is the kiss of death for any society. The vast majority have'nt a clue what is going on politically.

    The left have become the new NAZI's. If you have a different point of view they will try to destroy you in any way possible. Especially when it threatens there special brand of insanity. They are inclusive and tolerant only of people who believe as they do. If you are not one of them, you are the enemy.

    Used to be in America it was ok to have a different political point of view from others. For the extreme left, no way!

    Last point. The left's political paradigm, their political landscape has moved so far the the left in the last couple decades that from where they stand, everything looks extreme. Everything that is normal fir regular folks looks extreme to them. What the people on the left don't seem to realize that it is they that are the extremists. Not the rest of us.

    Lets make America Great Again whether they like it or not.

  38. garrylynn says

    Finally figured out what the theme is for the marchers – “Everything, and Anything, for Everybody” – excluding the 63 million who voted for Trump.

  39. MIKE6080 says

    build the wall up and down the whole west coast

  40. Horace Milstead says

    I would build the wall around the most of the state…..I would leave the southern portion open to keep their politicians happy but would cut off federal funding… wouldn’t take long for common sense Californians to wake up and take care of the problem….

  41. wiseone2 says

    Hey, get that bastard Saint Louis team rapist, Anus Stanley Kroenke to fork HIS blood money to help pay for it!

  42. Rummy C says

    Judd is irrelevant, out of touch, stuck in KY with no man and no friends. Her career is dead and obviously, so is her brain. She, madonna and all of the others who believe we really care what they think are delusional. The whole concept of their influence is a joke. Judd did not have enough sway for Hillary to even carry KY. I’m probably not going to follow some old burn out to the polls even if she is promising blow jobs for votes. Well… maybe not. I do not go to an entertainer for medical advice; and, I’m not interested in their political advice either. Typically they are poorly informed and out of touch. These are classless people. Their performances at the Saturday events are perfect examples of just how little class they have. They sound more like hitler than hitler. If I want to hear from an entertainer I will buy a ticket. Otherwise, I prefer for them to remain silent and out of the spotlight.

    1. Marilyn says

      Judd was dropped by her husband, race car driver Andretti. He’s remarried to a pretty blonde and has a child. Her problem, “hell hath no fury” and you know the rest. She’s getting older and sounds like a bitter woman!

      1. Rummy C says

        She only sounds bitter because she is.

        1. Marilyn says

          I stand corrected. Judd’s ex is Dario Franchitti.

          1. Rummy C says

            Regardless, he is out of that crazy house and much, much happier for it.
            America First

  43. bj veteran says

    Why do we conservatives expect anything different from these liberal/communist who are paid to protest and cause civil unrest against people who believe in American freedoms, even the uninformed people from the land of fantasy? I believe that if there was a concentrated effort on the part of the conservatives to boycott against anything coming out of Hollywood we could possibly shut their pie wholes as they would soon be looking for jobs instead of being afforded a platform to debase the best country in the world. GOD BLESS THE USA.

  44. Dan says

    Just proves Madonna is not only a slut but an idiot also.

    1. anibanib says

      Like you

  45. Dealerdeb1 says

    When women like these morons find out that life for ALL Americans has improved they will find another reason to behave like morons. The Perpetually Offend Hollywood/Liberal woman is getting tiresome. WHAT moron would bring a child to an event like that with women parading around in Vagina hats, vulgarity everywhere and the MAIN focus is on abortion?They are so classless.

  46. Dennis Derstine says

    Hopefully that big earthquake will hit soon, and all this will a distant memory.

    1. carl bebar sr. says

      maybe the floods will wash california, madonna, cher, streep into the ocean with rhe rest of the crap in california

  47. Eck says

    Madonna should be “[paid] a visit [by the Secret Service] in the next few days.” ???
    She should have been ARRESTED ON THE SPOT!

    1. anibanib says


  48. Observant_One says

    Many Hollywood “elites” are completely devoid of logical thinking, one might even say they are air heads of the first order. It’s okay to be like that as long as the public doesn’t have to see them, or listen to them. :-))

    1. Janet Julien says

      They CAN’T be “Airheads.” What’s between their ears is TOTAL VACUUM!! ;-D

  49. Bill Smith says

    Don’t waste your time venting here or anywhere else. When a celebrity “goes stupid”, simply ignore his/her future attempts at entertaining us. Make a list inside your head of those you want to boycott.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      LOL….hey, don’t dampen my fun!
      I come here because I like to smack-down liberals! ;-D

      1. Bill Smith says

        No reason we can’t do both. You keep on smacking and I’ll keep on boycotting.

      2. Janet Julien says

        Join the club!! XD

  50. crazyfreddie says


    1. Bill says

      Crazyfreddie, you just described all liberals!

    2. anibanib says


      1. crazyfreddie says

        YOU ARE A SWEET ONE !! ~~~~ LEZZIE

        1. anibanib says

          You are assuming that I live in the crappy country called Merca… wrong you are..but you are still a faggott

          1. crazyfreddie says


          2. anibanib says

            What kinda drugs are you on, or do you Always talk like this……….and in caps as well………trying to show off are you…………using all those extra keys….wow, you are cleaver……………can you write Words backwards as well…………

  51. daveveselenak says


    1. Janet Julien says

      No thanks I don’t want to wind up with a STD-Stupid Tyrannical Demoncrap

      1. daveveselenak says

        Thank you for my laugh of the day – who says there is no truth in humor?

        1. Janet Julien says

          I’ve found that humor tends to make telling points of arguments more memorable and I’m glad you enjoyed it

  52. KayO says

    Madonna and Ashley Judd were both ridiculous. Nobody can be that indoctrinated, so one has to wonder what their true agenda is. Madonna probably wants to sell albums, and Judd has talked about running for political office. Both should be ashamed.

  53. glorybe2 says

    Right now there is more reality in Hollywood than in the White House. I am not certain that the US and maybe not life on this planet can survive CHUMP.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Soros Troll Alert! ^^^

      1. glorybe2 says

        This very day CHUMP silently signed orders to stop any employee of the Dept. of Agriculture from releasing any information to anyone about anything involving the department. He also silenced many other agencies with gag orders especially concerning global warming. He also ended all contracts that the EPA has with businesses to help in cleanups, spills and everything else and issued a gag order. Some of these people have been ordered not to even speak to members of congress. Your freedom to know as well as your freedom to make an intelligent vote have been ended by comrade CHUMP. The right wing has murdered America and snicker if you like but this is going to cause huge problems in all our lives. How easy would it be for the millions who will resist this nonsense to do things like deliberately jamb roads and highways to keep people from getting to work? Do you think protests will be limited to women with pink hats carrying signs? If so you are a total idiot. This could easily turn into an all out, very violent revolution which could leave America in smoldering ruins and maybe with a foreign government taking control of our nation.

        1. Libs R Loons says

          “Chump”…..what are you- a perpetual 5-year-old? Or is it autism? ^^^

        2. Marilyn says

          I can tell you just don’t get it and are uninformed!

  54. GuardianFlame says

    And don’t forget to “boycott” all these clueless Leftist actress’ shows, movies, concerts, etc! By boycotting their performances, they lose $$ and advertisers! If they lose enough, their popularity fades, as do their performances.

    Let’s not keep supporting those individuals who believe America sucks. It’s time they learn the real truth about what has happened to our Nation — and how it is affecting their very own children/families. Maybe after a few courses on “who” popped the American Dream, these delusional people will realize they were supporting the wrong side. Crazy is what crazy does…Liberals are definitely CRAZY!

    The very sad thing is Madonna has kids who she will indoctrinate with her ignorant viewpoints. Hopefully, she will send them away to a Private school so they can be taught the real truths about this country, not the “make-believe” fantasies these disturbingly inept Hollywood types believe. In this instance, sending your kid “away” will benefit them, not hinder them! All Leftist should give this a try!

    1. Marilyn says

      Madonna’s son went to court to live with his father. He must be a very intelligent young man to know enough to get away from her.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Indeed he is intelligent. Who’d want a mother who performed like a stripper to get into the music field. Soooo embarassing for him. And her latest performances aren’t much better. Guess she only knows skank moves and has nothing remotely looking like talent.

        It looks like the son gets his smarts from Dad!

        1. Marilyn says

          Yesterdays paper announced that air head (Madonna) is trying to adopt two children from Malawi. Cannot believe anyone would allow her to continually destroy children’s lives. The worse example of a mother. Her actions and filthy mouth are alarming!

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Atleast “Madonna” herself won’t be raising those kids but her Nanny will. She is the worst role model for any little child muchless children from poverty and war torn areas.

            I worry what any Hollywood types teach their children because they may be good actresses and actors, but they aren’t in touch with real life…it scares them too much! That’s why they like to assume someone else’s identity and portray the life in the script. How else could they portray another life so well? And after portraying so many different roles, how can they remember “who” they as a person really are? That’s why so many have sessions with a therapist…to try to remember their true identities…many never find that real person inside.

          2. Marilyn says

            They also have no morals and anything goes. Most of them, I’m convinced are Communist. They have all made so much money in this country but are anti American. They feel entitled and really don’t care about the average Joe who work hard to take care of their families, they can’t relate. Only our President really cares and has no hidden agenda. All we can do is support him and pray that evil Hollywood goes away.

          3. GuardianFlame says

            You are so right. Hollywood types are a lost people with no respect for themselves and great amounts of greed and arrogance. That’s why obama fit in that crowd…he’s just like them but with no talent.

            There is one way to hit Hollyweird’s purse strings — don’t go to any of their events, boycott them and pass the word so others will do the same. If they don’t get enough viewers there isn’t enough $$ to pay the advertisers and if the advertisers pull out, the shows close.

            Since Conservatives are controlling things now, things are going to change for the better – some actors and actresses may survive, but many won’t. And anyone with a potty mouth like Ma-dimwit won’t last long in the public venue! Thank Heavens!

  55. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    It took over 60 years, but maybe Joseph McCarthy was right about those snobbish elites in Hollywood. Madonna, Ashley Judd, “Babs”, Rosie, Cher, Meryl Streep – all of the Hollywood Left, including the male actors, always seem to be against politicians/leaders in our country who want to make America stronger. Should we listen to Martin Sheen? Look at the ‘great’ job HE did raising his son! From Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro to Mikhail Gorbachev, Hollywood fawns over socialist world leaders. I encourage them to go and live in the countries of the socialist world, but please OFFICIALLY renounce your American citizenship – something your politics did long ago.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      The American communist elite that founded the Hollywood unions back in the 1940s knew that it would take several generations to slowly indoctrinate the public, hence anyone who wants to remain relevant in Hollywood has to spew the commie rhetoric.

  56. Leo says

    I think these morons forgot the concept that we live in a free America.

    1. anibanib says

      Free, ha ha ha ha

  57. gotcha1 says

    The best way to eradicate these infamous actors and actresses is not buy their products. We live in a capitalist society and they do as well. Take away their revenue they will go away or change their “tune”! I will not support their careers in fantasy land.

  58. Stikit says

    Hollywood needs a good’ol boycott…seriously. Avoid movies with big name actors, be selective. Don’t encourage them. Stay away from popular shows…and their products. Tune them out…turn them off. We don’t need them…and they don’t want us. Eventually, they will dry up…whither, and blow away. Resent them, as they resent us.

  59. Bernard Morningstar says

    Don’t you all remember the times when Bill Clinton got elected and when Obama got elected how conservative Republicans took to the streets and started fires, smashed windows called the new president Hitler? Don’t you remember the large mobs at the National Mall and in the cities saying they dreamed of blowing up the White house etc.? Oh wait, that didn’t happen at all did it?

  60. Pepot says

    Madonna if president Trump will not show leniency, she can be arrested anytime by police or secret service operatives. Saying she was thinking of blowing the White House where the US president and family lives is already a felony. The president by Federal act is protected from any threats. That alone will cost Madonna jail time.

    1. ABO says

      It certainly should.

  61. MikeTheTiger says

    It is time to beat the shit out of some protesters!

    1. anibanib says

      You couldnt beat an egg, youlittle yellow bellied wussie faggott

  62. Deplorable Lanie says

    These actors think that we care what they have to say about us or the decision of why we voted for the Man who wants to Make America Great Again. To all those who threatened to leave if we elected President Trump, I have one word for you; Bye! And to the “writers” who have been attacking Barron Trump. I’d like to remind you that he is a 10 year old boy, and you should be ashamed! All you in Hollywood who make all the public service announcements railing against bullying, but find it perfectly acceptable to Tweet nasty, mean remarks about a 10 year old, I heard a new expression the other day from someone in the Navy, and I believe it applies to you all. You’re lower than Whale sh!t, ain’t nothing lower!

  63. Pepot says

    US Code 18 protects the US president and family from harm and any threats against them. In that alone will cost Madonna her jail time. So shameful! A celeb was arrested and jailed for a wrong action.

  64. real talk 1 says

    I like the heading of the article we should put a wall around LA. and Hollywood they both are residents of California enough said !!!!

  65. letsthinkharder says

    We must remember, the people who claim to be democrats and liberals are generally neither democrats or liberals. For the most part they are either communist infiltrators spreading propaganda and attacking American freedom, or they are the useful idiots, that believe all the putrid propaganda that the communists feed them. Hollywood is full of them.They are like many of the millions of Russian citizens who were murdered by Stalin, who even until their dying breath were absolutely convinced that “Uncle Joe Stalin” was their hero, and was going to save them. We should have pity on them, and try to educate the few who are redeemable. (I know they’re out there because I was once one myself.) Lets also remember that although we expect President Trump to do a lot of good, he’s not the Messiah. And even President Reagan was once a democrat. So let’s leave the name calling, and vitriol to the liberals, and show the rest of the country that conservative Republicans are decent, respectable, honorable people, regardless of how much manure they throw at us.

  66. Roger Short says

    Build a wall around all of Calif.! It should be a country all its own! I saw where they are going to be coming out with a new breakfast cereal, and it’s going to be called California, because the entire state is full of fruits, flakes and nuts!

  67. BT says

    I’m glad to see these America haters identifying themselves publicly, and making fools of themselves in the process. I don’t think these people have matured past the early teenage years and that is certainly evident now.

  68. roy paul shields says

    There is a long list of communisim in tinsel land; Madonna will hopefully do time for her threat on the white house; any American not associated with tinsel land would be in jail awaiting trial for her totally unAmerican threat; lock that filthy slut up;

    1. Janet Julien says

      Put her in Gitmo with the other terrorists

  69. Savior says

    Madonna why don’t you Pack Your Bags and Leave the U.S.A. but exactly where would you go, maybe Iran, I’m sure no other country would give you a Citizenship after this showing of your whatever, (Oh yeah everybody has allready seen it all), well maybe they’d take you in just long enough to pick you clean of your $$$$ and then you wouldn’t be allowed to protest…..I’d LMAO

  70. M Henderson says

    What I would like to know is that “Why do these Azzwipes think that they are so special and so Intelligent that they need to do the thinking for the rest of us” I mean they tell us how we should think,talk,act,believe Yes just listen to them they have all the answers or so they think! I for one do my own thinking decide how I want to act and couldn’t give a Sh*t less about how these Pieces of Sh*t act,think or the trash they are trying to spew to and on anyone stupid enough to give them the time of day!

  71. GB2179 says

    No More double standards! Lock the F’ing Bitch up for Domestic Terrorism.
    How can we allow this?

  72. bill14729 . says

    The people made them what they are and now the people should boycott them

  73. Gary Von Neida says

    Madonna should share a cell with George Soros just prior to His deportation as an alien combatant for financing the violance of the inauguration. Gary

  74. Lilly Putney says

    That Bitch does not even live in the USA and hasn’t for a long time. So where does she get off making that kind of statement? What all of us need to to is start a petion of people that should be arrested and send it around the internet and see how many signatures we get then send it to Trump.

    1. anibanib says

      Its very similar to Americans who live in American are Always making their gobs go as to what SHALL happen in other countries across the World, I say kill all Americans who dare to utter things about other people and countries………..Americans are like a plague like the black Death…..Death to all Americans

  75. Ellen says

    If these Hollywood elites would be required to support all these people that Trump wants to limit, or be subjected to the crimes these people commit, I am sure they will be singing a different tune. Right now all they are showing is their stupidity and lack of love for their country, the legal Americans and the legal process. May all their films stink.

  76. Garry A DeManty says

    Make sure Madonna is behind that wall in Hollywood and locked up.

  77. Bob Stewart says

    I don’t care if hollywood embarasses themselves, what I dislike is the media giving them any attention. All subversives care about is getting their warped ideology publicized and the media are willing partners.

  78. PatriotForever says

    Best news article and solution EVER! Let the inmates maintain their own asylum and cut funding to it. In addition offer to support ALTERNATIVE Production and Studio upstarts. Get rid of the alligators in this swamp

  79. junkmailbin says

    Wall off nSF bay area, Sacramento, LA and riverside basins. CA becomes RED, not illegal alien waco blue

  80. dux nobis28 says

    Why anyone make or female pays attention to this skank Madona is beyond me!

  81. Gary Von Neida says

    Face it, Doctor Savage is right: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER.

  82. R Monty says


  83. Jack says

    What we need is to not pay attention to the comments made by these so called people, they say they want equality for all people but only if you agree with everything they say, which can change in the drop of a hat . We the people of the united States of America need to stand proud not be afraid ,back or new president and take our country back, Donald Trump Michael Pence are the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time give support to them refuse to be taken in by the leftist fools, Demand punishment of those who spew hatred and insight unrest , Make this a country that it was intended to be, salute the flag be proud of it and the hell with those that don’t. DON’T TREAD ON ME ?

  84. CHARLES S says

    i’m good with LA hollywood paying for the wall….

  85. Paladin says

    Let ’em come under fire… As I have said, repeatedly, they’ll hide behind an armed conservative while their a$$holes stitch button holes in their underwear!!!

  86. AL says

    And keep them all in a padded cell

  87. dkuch says

    I have a published list of at least 32 of these wackoooos that said they would depart this great country if Trump got elected, OH!!! That is all mouth flapping not brain engaged!! Even old tax cheat Al Sharpton said he would leave the country. I wonder why he has not been put in jail for all of his back taxes he has got out of paying?

    1. Marilyn says

      Because Obama loved Sharpton. He was invited to the White House 86 times.

  88. Charley C. says

    Must be nice to be rich and think everyone hangs on your every word. To bad it’s a fantasy! You are the last person I would trust what you say ,You only want to be in the spot light and nothin more! Get a life!

  89. D Books says

    CA Governor Brown stated he was going to build a wall around CA if Trump won. WELL, WHERE IS IT??? I am sick and tired of these nitwits making promises they KNOW they won’t fulfill! They should be held accountable for lying to the world. Gotta start somewhere!

  90. justagramma says

    In Texas, we need a wall around Austin, with a doorway for those who are trapped with crazy ones. We then cede CA back to Mexico, and quickly put up a wall to keep illegal CAs out of the US.

  91. Marilyn says

    Did anyone notice Madonna reading from notes when she was speaking at the Women’s March? She is so dumb she couldn’t remember her speech.

  92. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    What can we do for our country not what our country can do for us.

  93. J.B.Jacobs says

    I doubt Ashly Judd knows crap about Hitler. She wasn’t even born when Hitler was in power. As far as Madonna goes, she needs to just go. Running her filthy mouth with little kids in the march shows how trashy she is. Threating to blow up the White House, should be enough to get her a life sentence at GITMO with the rest of the terrorist. Ther is plenty of room for her there. Obama made sure of that.

  94. progressivewatcher says

    All Trump supports should stop watching their garbage. If it hits their pockets they will change their tune!

  95. Donna J. Sarno Russomanno says


  96. AL says

    Not just LA but also the GAY BAY

  97. Jon's On says

    I’m still waiting for all the ones that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected to make good on their word. They are nothing but a bunch of lying idiots as they won’t even make good on their promise to lease this country. I think they are afraid that if they left no one would miss them.

  98. Sg Rz says

    folks…like i said before lets hurt their pockets….boycott their movies and presentations..pls spread the word and lets see how they r going to pay their debts…simper fi..we own our country n period.

  99. Sg Rz says

    lets give them the same medicine…….

  100. Texas Belle says

    Can you imagine what would have happened if someone had made such a statement just after Obama was elected? The Secret Service would have had that person in handcuffs in 5 minutes. Celebrities think they have free rein to spout hate and people will still “adore” them. Go climb in a hole somewhere, Madonna, and stay there for the next 8 years. See who cares.

  101. The Old One says

    Do it now, want to do it cheap ? Ask retired East Germans (VOPOS) come and build it. House them in Hollywood’s liberals mansions, come back in 2 month, charge them again for the destruction of the wall. Repeat until they understand the language.

    1. Jack says

      Well said although I’m sure most won’t understand your message, they don’t teach true history in schools anymore !

      1. The Old One says

        There is a say that goes along these lines: those who do not know the past are condemned to repeat it’s failures. Which is the equivalent of asking a donkey (pun intended) to have the memory of an elephant (pun also intended),
        (I am kind of proud making this relation between a donkey and an elephant)

        1. Jack says


  102. Dee says

    These people ( I won’t even call them woman ) are sleeze bags . Modonba has been a sl#t for ages , it’s a shame children have to see her and Judus . We need to not give these bums any t.v. time , I always change channels when they show Any of these lactors . There’s a place in Hell reserved for each of them

  103. Jan Kolacy says

    A handful of very rich celebrities completely out of touch with reality, think their opinions matter. They have not a clue about what has happened in this country in the last 8 years. They think they have haloes and a shining light surrounding them. People adore them. Sure some people feel exactly as they think, sadely, but the majority look at them with disgust. Because a person has the ability to memorize lines and act out a story line, does that make them above others? No it is a job. No more no less. They entertain us. When they stop doing this they are of no more value. A plumber who no longer has a wrench, a carpenter with out a hammer, a yard man with out a lawn mowers. Would be as useless as they have become.

  104. Apple153 says

    Question for Hollywood, how do you think money make you smart, we do not care what you have to say, you have morals of a pig. Please do not forget who PAYS your salaries

  105. tCotUS says

    Not all Hollywood is composed of snowflakes..WE must remember those who stood up in defense of the American voting system, & for what was right.
    And WE must never forget those who did NOT…We will never forget, we will never forgive..

    1. Marilyn says

      Jon Flight for one made a wonderful speech at our President’s inauguration.

      1. Marilyn says

        I put the actor Jon Voight and it keeps changing the spelling, Is that Google messing around?

  106. denniscerasoli says

    I like Trump and i can’t stand Madonna but lets get a grip.The fact is that Madonna isn’t very bright on civics and she was reading off a piece of paper and if the FBI and Homeland Security thought she was a threat to the President she would be in custody right now.She didn’t realize how stupid the comment was and there has been to much attention given to it which is probably what she was seeking.The person that needs to be watched is Michael Moore a Soros in disguise,these people are the real threats to the Republic and any of their ilk.

    1. Marilyn says

      Struck us so funny watching Madonna at the “March” trying to sound intelligent and reading every word she was saying from notes. She’s so dumb she’s scary. At least the other fool Judd could remember her speech.

      1. denniscerasoli says

        What i really found offensive was the other woman saying that Trump had sexual dreams about his daughter.I have three adult daughters and i have said things like wow when they were growing up and dressed to go out and for that woman to say that Trump dreamed about his daughter was way out of line.Madonna didn’t bother me much on her comment because she was reading off a script but it could cause some idiot to do something.They don’t think and their mouths are quicker than their brains,lol.

  107. HardingDies says

    Maybe we should build the list of the celebrities who dumped on Trump and have all Trump supporters boycott ALL of their movies, TV shows and guest appearances and watch their agents panic, their fans start to desert them and their bank accounts tank, as well as the gate at their movies. That would show them where the real power is and where the real America is.

    1. tCotUS says

      Good idea Hardingdies…Boycott their movies, boycott their sponsors.. Time they feel the wrath of Patriotic American’s.

      1. HardingDies says

        George Soros has already started a list of Trump companies and associates and the sponsors of his Celebrity Apprentice so the snowflakes can boycott all of them – let’s fight fire with fire. I would start it but am a computer and media neophyte and don’t know how to do it.

        1. tCotUS says

          Were All on the same page ..Lets go for it !

  108. Ron C says

    Why would anyone listen to pretender’s that live in pretend world’s…well unless a person is weak minded in the first place…

  109. whisper says

    They might as well leave the Union, as CHINA is basically in charge of all of them now…. HEE HEE I wonder if they will still expect the millions from the COMMIES they once received when they were working for the capitalist?

  110. liberaldisgust says

    The biggest problem being , the people who listen to these jesters and minstrels …. thinking they are so good at being who they aren’t somehow makes them extra special , they aren’t . It’s a pity people let then influence their lives as the do …..

  111. retired4ever says

    Living in LA I’d be in favor of a Hollywood wall, however I like Madonna’s suggestion better if applied to Hollywood instead, not all but certainly the majority.

  112. EH says

    The real answer to these imaginary self-postured ego’s is to NOT buy their products, and that means any films they are featured in, their recordings (across ALL media forms), magazines featuring these people, and not their concerts, and so-forth. Nothing shuts a person up like this crowd like taking away their source of income and influence! Just imagine that our youth would not be influenced by their trash talk and morals.

    And, if these unAmericans ever build a wall, anything they sell, whether self-produced or studio generated, whether it be recorded or printed, etc., they would be treated as a foreign nation and have to apply for import/export license and pay an excise tax on everything they produce. They would be withdrawn from any representation in our capital and Senate and Congress, neither benefiting from our school and higher learning financing nor British permitted to attend our schools and universities unless applying as a foreign national and be approved as a temporary visitor. Then, though there is much more, Californians would not be able to attain loans or get mortgages, nor visit family or vacation in the rest of this nation without a temporary visa AND Californian passport.

    This would only be the top of the “cannot do’s” for them. In fact, I would treat all prior threats and anti-Government comments, made before and after this Wall was erected, as enemies of the USA and subject to arrest and imprisonment if caught.

  113. rowleya says

    Build one around San Francisco too
    Every sanctuary City and County can be isolated for the protection of Us All.

  114. JC says

    Hollywood and most of the people that work there has never impressed me—I always thought that they were phoney—remember they are pros at being someone they are not—that’s their business—so you can go from there in forming your opinions of them—I have TWO words that describes them—-PHONY ASSHOLES

  115. rridgsr says

    Hollywood is like a huge septic tank that is full of Human waste Period!!

  116. AL says

    Most of those fools in Hollywood are just high on drugs

  117. Jim Smith says

    How does the LA area rank world wide in the number of Hispanic speaking people? Top 20? Will the mayor(s) allow English to be taught in schools? Will Trump actually shut off finding to this sanctuary area? Stay tuned, but not to CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. to learn.

  118. Barbara Ervin says

    More Hollyweird crap. There are a few ‘celebrities’ who have a little common sense but they rarely surface.

    1. Justin Seine says

      They know that if they spew common sense and show a true love for their country, they will be blacklisted and lose their livelihood. Sad but true…

  119. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long long time, and to come into this country they have to have a photo ID and a visa. And no exceptions.

  120. Deplorable Lanie says

    These “celebrities” are scared because we did not bow down to them and vote their candidate into office. So now they know that we are not listening to them when they speak “off script”. You see, many of them bought the fact that they were the character they played. They thought they were heroic or an agent of change in the world, or a super spy, or anything that they are not. They honestly thought that if they simply told us what to do that we would blindly follow them. They did not realize that we do not really want to hear them speak, or care what they think, because they are a bunch of entitled, egotistical, wanna be’s. And while they may have most of the country’s wealth, that does not mean they carry the country’s opinion. And we showed them that they are essentially powerless and can not tell us whom we should vote for.

  121. TPS12 says

    Have any of these fools offered to take less money for their performances or their movie parts and give it to the crews that make it all happen and make so little.

  122. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    Better yet, build a wall around Hollywood and boycott all the movies.

  123. gotcha1 says

    Talking about “bite the hands that feed you!” These people do not realize their income comes from the people they are spitting on! The best thing for these crybabies is for US to not support them financially. Can you imagine what that picture would look like, them crawling back pleading for US to go to their movies or to their concerts? Then all of a sudden reality hits them square in the jaw! They have burned a bridge they may not be able to rebuild!

    1. Marilyn says

      Starbucks is going to hire 5 to 10,000 immigrants to work for them. Fox News is asking people to go to Dublin Donuts.

      1. Marilyn says

        Why my spelling is changed I have no idea, is anyone else having this problem? I wrote Dunkin Donuts.

  124. Roy Fredrichsen says

    Let them withdraw or leave for a foreign country> Then they will find out what REAL depression is when THEY are considered THE foreigner that doesn’t belong in their country.

  125. Brady says

    If your going to get Madonna, didn’t she move to England chasing her man, who dumped her? Judd, now somebody tell me something good and smart about her, except she is related to the Judds. It’s amazing she even knows about hitler/ now the knowing about the devil, I can understand. More then likely the reason she’s stll around is, not good enough for God’ s house and Hell don’t want her.

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