Bullying Report: White Students At Risk


According to a new survey by the Department of Education, white students between the ages of 12 and 18 are more likely to report being bullied than blacks and Hispanics. While the survey finds that, overall, bullying incidents are down compared to 2011, government officials insist there is still room for improvement.

“Even though we’ve come a long way over the past few years in educating the public about the health and educational impacts that bullying can have on students, we still have more work to do to ensure the safety of our nation’s children,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

The survey found that 24% of white students said they had been the victim of bullying while only 20% of black students said the same. 19% of Hispanic students reported being victimized while 9% of Asian students said they had been bullied at some point in 2013. The survey also found that girls were more likely to report bring bullied than boys.

Any guesses on how the media will report this survey? Anyone care to take a stab at how those reports would differ if black students reported being bullied at a higher rate than whites? The safe bet is that the liberal media will go out of their way to ignore the racial component of the survey. Some intrepid reporters may draw attention to it, only if they can find a way to spin it towards their usual idea of social justice. For instance, “privileged” white kids may have a broader definition of bullying than black students, thus meaning we still have work to do when it comes to informing black students that they are being victimized.

Regardless, a survey like this gives the Education Department the mandate it needs to call for further federal interference. And because there has been an uptick in social media bullying, you can count on Democratic politicians to press for more school oversight when it comes to what students are doing outside of school. And if schools don’t have the resources to monitor Facebook 24/7, then the feds will just have to ask for more tax money to make it easier on them.

Or perhaps this is just the opening Duncan needs to push for “public boarding schools,” an idea he dropped at a violence summit this week. According to Duncan, there are “certain kids” who would be better off in school around the clock. He cited the danger of street violence as a good argument for schools that never let their students go home. That might work for students who live in gang-infested neighborhoods, but for nearly a quarter of white students being bullied and victimized at school, full-time boarding might not be the best plan.

And for parents concerned about their children’s safety, private alternatives and homeschooling are looking better by the day.

  1. ladyofperpetulmotion . says

    All I have to say is that this doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Ms_V says

    Not surprising at all. The biggest racists in the country are among the black population, everyone knows it, but they won’t admit it. It is the elephant in the room.

    1. Patriot068 says

      They think they are entitled!! Which is BS then automatic my call the race card!! Their was s school I just read about recently that the African Americans are allowed to act like thugs _g hoodlums _& no reprecussion s for their actions_! What a crock of crap!! Little hoodlums grow into big criminsls because they aren’t held accountable!! I say give them all a 1 way ticket to AFRICA!! NO RRTURN TRIP! I’ve heard that true Africans can’t stand the USA African Americans!! See how long they last in Da homeland lol

      1. Ms_V says

        I have heard the same thing about Africans not liking what is going on with African descendants here, guess they have more sense over there. An interesting fact: only about 30% or so of blacks in this country are actually related to slaves – guess that kills that reparations thing. Disgusting, all of it.

        1. Jim Horn says

          Non-African-American Peace Corps volunteers in Africa fare much better than blacks. American blacks who went to Africa with the Peace Corps tended to be obnoxious, pushy, and abusive towards native Africans. Whites are acceptable to Africans because they are different and tend to be more humble and willing to accept Africans as they are.

          White volunteers enjoy better relationships and success while American blacks’ relationships with Africans often suffer and their projects often fail.

          1. Ms_V says

            Interesting point. The black community will never believe it, though–too bad, because they can’t change what they won’t acknowledge

          2. Nastasyana says

            Just like you in the “White Community”.

          3. Ms_V says

            Poor nasty, you don’t want to admit the facts because they threaten you — which is the problem. You are a racist in the extreme, and a hater beyond even that. Just a nasty liittle troll, set free from the barry democratic plantation. Do you know that the southern democrats went to war to keep their slaves? And here you are, simply crawling back to your democratic massa’ as fast as you can, to take whatever tidbit they hand you – you do whatever you’re asked, no questions – just like the thugs in the streets of Baltimore. You are sickening.

          4. festmatt5440 says

            Ignornat ‘ lefty ‘ ; can ‘t stand to hear the truth .

          5. DivineEncounters says

            Who is your “Daddy”? The Whitey. Without whom you would not be sitting so pretty, have so many rights and so many programs because it is not your Black brothers and sisters who are working and paying the bulk of taxes.’

          6. Jim Horn says

            The problem is with the black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse who are parasites who promote hatred of whites and milk millions out of both whites and blacks for their own personal gain.

            There are thousands of good, decent, black leaders who do tons of good but are overshadowed by a few race baiters.

          7. glenn398 says

            Nastasyana you are the perfect example of why we have problems with black people no matter what we try to do for you. There isn’t much we haven’t done to try and get black people to advance but guess it take two things you don’t have, intelligence and ambition.

          8. Jim Horn says

            Please don’t lump all of us whites in the same basket. Some are dolts and some of us are capable of thinking and responding.

          9. glenn398 says

            Jim you haven’t figured out yet this man is a total idiot? He claims to have 2 degrees yet has said nothing but how impossible it is to get ahead because of the white man. Problem is the majority think just like him and no doubt the tax payers paid for his degrees.

          10. Jim Horn says

            Some degrees aren’t worth shit, especially those from liberal schools where all one needs to do as attend some classes pen some inane words, and get your degree from a professor who is likewise another idiot just collecting a paycheck plus bonuses for each student she or he passes.

            When I was an HR manager, most resumes with alphabet soup letters after their name plus the names of some liberal colleges warranted a quick sweep of that piece of garbage into a burn bag. That was my “due diligence” in protecting my employer and assuring that better qualified people received the proverbial nod, even some who had no degrees but years of progressively more impressive work accomplishments.

          11. glenn398 says

            You must have had the same problem I had though and that was being forced to hire some of them as the government forced us to get our percentage or else no one else could be hired until the quota was filled.

          12. Jim Horn says

            Yup. But, then I controlled their job assignments…. Heh heh heh

          13. glenn398 says

            Trouble I had was finding a job assignment they could handle and assigning a technician to a janitors job wasn’t in the cards. Then again wasn’t sure if they could handle the janitors job properly.

          14. Jim Horn says

            I assigned them to jobs where their bosses were raging a-holes; to jobs where they were incapable of succeeding and doomed to failure, etc.

          15. glenn398 says

            I spread them around but then had to listen to my supervisors tell me the problems they were having with them. As far as jobs they were incapable of doing didn’t have to do any of that because there wasn’t much they could do in the technical field. My supervisors did bring some in both black and Mexican as they didn’t know what to do when they told the supervisors during the rating review they couldn’t be fired because they were a minority. Just told them yes I can as there is no shortage of minorities will just fire you and get another one just like you to fill the spot. They really didn’t have a come back for that one.

          16. Jim Horn says

            Those returning African-Americans go back into their community and try to teach others that blacks need to change themselves from within before they can advance, and are very frustrated by the responses they get.

          17. Nastasyana says

            Wow! Where did you find that information? I would think that Africans still might believe in white superiority, while black americans know from our experiences how inferior most of you really are.

          18. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Grass huts and spears.

          19. Nastasyana says

            Obviously you’ve never been there.

          20. glenn398 says

            That was an advancement for them and they really haven’t move forward from there.

          21. DivineEncounters says

            Please provide the statistics to show the Superiority of the Black Race over the Whites.

            I believe the Continent of Africa remains a World Shit Hole with hordes of Muslims taking them to task while Europe and all areas of the world you have Whites has made a place in history that doesn’t include poverty and death.


          22. Nastasyana says

            I do not believe in the superiority of any race. Have you ever visited the continet of Africa which is made up of 54 countries? The whites in the history of Africa created poverty and death through their rape of the continents natural resources and the enslavement of its people. White Europeans have created death and poverty for indigenous people on every continent- Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, North America even in Europe- Remember the holocaust? That’s what comes from thinking you are superior and at some point whites while a minority in the world will become a minority on these continents. Lucky for you, people of color tend to be forgiving.

          23. vietnam6871 says

            Another idiot statement – where did you get your degree? There were many more blacks in the slave trade in Africa than whites. And it continues today in the Muslim world (primarily) along with Asians (particularly Southeast Asia) and Hispanics. Not exactly white. I admonished you before – back to the history books again.
            I remember the holocaust and we killed or tried and hanged those involved. Don’t see anything like that happening across the Muslim world and yet not a peep out of the likes of you. Always point your finger at the whitey – well guess what, it won’t work anymore. You and your like are going to continue to get more and more pushback and we don’t care anymore – rot in hell. Until you start working on your fatherless society, union run horrendous school systems that are no more than babysitters until the kids are old enough to push drugs, removing yourself from the Democratic teat, and my list could continue ad nauseam, I don’t want to hear your crap anymore – and I am not alone. FIX YOURSELVES!!!

          24. Nastasyana says

            With your limited knowledge, I presume you don’t have a degree. I have a few. When blacks riot because they think they have a reason to protest police brutality, they are “thugs” in “gangs” When white bikers kill each other, they are bile clubs engaging in an “altercation”

            This quote is so true. “Hypocrisy is the mother of all evil, and racial prejudice is still her favourite child”

          25. Phoebe Isley says

            Nastasyana…please be sure what you comment on. I don’t have any prejudice against blacks but you are comparing the continual rioting of the “black so called thugs in gangs” to an occasional (in fact very few) biker gang riot. It’s like comparing apples to tuna fish. I am not trying to demean in any way but I am just basing this on facts not just to make anyone feel bad. You are talking about an occasional outbreak to one that is continuous unfortunately with the blacks. Notice I am not saying African American. You are either an American or not. You can’t be both. Sorry but that truly is a fact. Either be proud you are an American or you are more than welcome to leave. I say that to anyone who wants to be both American and something else. God Bless America.

          26. al says

            Why don’t you go to work and get off this web-site. I get sick and tired of seeing your face and hearing your rants and rage. If you would shut up and let some other people voice their opinion it would be great.

          27. glenn398 says

            Facts must bother you

          28. vietnam6871 says

            Two degrees, engineering and business. With your degree of hatred you are doomed. It must be hell just hating all the time.

          29. Nastasyana says

            You are the one who hates…haitians.

          30. glenn398 says

            Haitians another example of total disaster run by colored people and nothing but a shit hole.

          31. glenn398 says

            How much did your degree cost us tax payers I wonder as hardly any of you pay your own way.

          32. Jim Horn says

            When black thugs and gangs riot, they don’t care who they kill. When the bikers riot, they are careful about just killing one-another.

          33. John Henry Bicycle Lucas says

            Yes, Jim, and it is getting more and more a rarity thank God. It is only like 1 to 5% of the bikers are into that. The biker community is really not what people think it is.

          34. Liz says

            The Holocaust™ was a subterfuge. The Germans wanted them DEPORTED to Madagascar, not exterminated. They, along with non-Jews, died in the camps due to starvation and disease. Germany and other parts of Europe were bombed so badly from the war, destroying many roads, rail lines, and bridges, that they couldn’t supply the camps with enough food and medicine. One million, not the exaggerated “six million”, perished.

            The REAL holocaust was the Holodomor against the Ukrainians and what communist Stalin did. But the Jewish-run education system has been brainwashing us for generations and only teaches us about our atrocities instead of our contributions (art, science, etc).

            The Japanese almost completely wiped out the native Ainu people and forced them to assimilate. The Arabs enslaved Africans LONG before us, held them for over 1,000 years (not 400 years like us), and had European slaves as well, who were called “Saqaliba”. The word “slave” comes from the word “Slav” due to so many Slavic people, who are WHITE, being under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, which has a horrible colonial history. They pillaged and conquered multiple countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They still occupy the Greek city Constantinople to this day, under the name Istanbul. They also committed genocide against the Armenians. The Mexicas, aka the Aztecs, enslaved and practiced human sacrifice on many surrounding Native American tribes. The Mohawks conquered the Huron tribe in the Beaver Wars. Irish people were enslaved by the English. One of the first, if not the first, American settlers to own black slaves was black himself – his name was Anthony Johnson. In 1860, only 400,000 Americans (which was less than 2% of the population at the time) had slaves. 3,000 of those slaveholders were black. Many of the slave ships belonged to the Jews. Although slavery is now illegal worldwide, it is still mostly practiced to this day in Africa and South Asia. Most European and first-world countries don’t practice it anymore. The person responsible for the most deaths in history was a Chinese communist named Mao Zedong. Other Chinese communists occupied Tibet. Pol Pot wiped out 2 million Cambodians during his reign. What about what Genghis Khan and Saddam Hussein did? Israel is currently conquering the Palestinians, using illegal phosphorus bombs on women, children, and the elderly.

            White people were also the primary victims of possibly the deadliest pandemic in history. The bubonic plague, aka the Black Death, wiped out nearly half of us in the 14th century.

            You guys are NOT forgiving. You constantly whine and moan about the past, blame us for your woes (as well as everything else under the sun), and are violent toward us on the streets (Knockout Game). Many white people these days are taught to not see race and to feel self-hatred and guilt. We have blonde hair, red hair, blue eyes, and green eyes – whereas everyone else mostly just has dark hair and dark eyes. We’re the REAL people of color. And they say WE need “diversity”.

            Want to know who’s oppressing you and keeping you down? The Democrats. They have been running the poorest and most dangerous cities in America for DECADES. Detroit has been Democratic-run since 1962 and now it looks like something out of a third-world country. Yet, people still vote for them. It truly defies logic. Democrats, regardless of what race they are, think that blacks and Latinos are so intellectually inferior that they need affirmative action and other racial quotas (not hard work) to get them into college and hired. That is an example of Cultural Marxism, which is a communist ideology from the Frankfurt School.

            And you advocating us becoming a minority in our own countries and being ethnically cleansed is advocating GENOCIDE.

          35. mangins says

            Too bad they can’t do the same for you.

          36. glenn398 says

            The whites tried to civilize you people and built large cities which when they left you people couldn’t even run a business that had been built for you. Too bad you were so weak any race of people could overrun you.

          37. Jim Horn says

            I lived in Africa for over four years. The whites did not enslave Africans. They bought slaves from the Moslems who did the enslaving.

            Some of the Europeans worked to educate their charges (who often were bought slaves who were later emancipated) and this is seen now with better managed nations such as Kenya and Nigeria (although that country is being torn apart by Islam). Other Europeans, you are right, were harsh and brutal.

            The Moslems of Africa refused to accept edeucational opportunities brought by Europeans and chose to remain savage and ignorant. This is part of the basis for the 1960’s war against the Ibo Tribe in Nigeria because they were considered the lowest caste (by the Moslem enslavers), who became the educated workers who administered the country for the British, and ran the place after the British left. It took just a few years for the non-Ibos to rip the place apart.

          38. mangins says

            Divine — consider short simple sentences. Your diatribe is very difficuly to follow.

          39. Jim Horn says

            We are all equal except for our complexions. Islam is the evil that plagues much of Africa.

          40. glenn398 says

            They are superior in rioting, fatherless babies, welfare, prison population, criminal activities and crying poor picked on me

          41. glenn398 says

            Yes we are as we haven’t matched you in criminal actives, prison population, ghetto building, don’t know who the daddy is, burning, percentage on welfare, single black family households, last in high school graduation, am sure I have missed some but that is enough for now.

          42. glenn398 says

            Jim their projects probably often fail because they aren’t intelligent enough to teach the Africans anything anyway.

          43. Jim Horn says

            Glenn: They are usually well educated, talented, and highly motivated young black Americans. They run into opposition from local natives/blacks who resent their trying to teach them ways to improve their lives. It’s kind a like the old crabs in a bucket deal where all of the crabs are trying to get out, but when on reaches the top, the others grab it and pull it back down.

          44. glenn398 says

            Managed a crew of 80 technicians with several blacks and thought good will send the blacks into the black areas. Well stupid me found out had to send the white guys into the black areas as my black technicians were afraid to go into the black areas. Come to find out they were called Uncle Toms and it wasn’t just name calling they were aggressive towards them. Seems anytime a black wanted to make something of themselves the others like you said pulled them back but that was only their own people not anyone else.

        2. Nastasyana says

          Please explain how it is possible that only 30% of black americans are related to slaves. Where did you find this “fact”?

        3. DivineEncounters says

          That Reparations thingy will never go away. The younger generations are taught the history in a very strong way and made into little hate machines that will carry on the fight. Hate the Whitey till he diey.

          1. Nastasyana says

            Do not flatter yourself. Black people do not waste time hating whites. They simply think many of you are racist and ignorant and it is annoying that you have so much privilege in this country.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “privilege”= work, strive, create…..don’t blame, riot, act out…

          3. Nastasyana says

            That’s what privilege is. Being able to work
            Blacks have created and certainly striven to be acknowledged. However a racist America did not allow them to be recognized for their inventions and in most cases that had to have a white person apply for the patent.
            Invented By Black Americans
            air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949
            almanac Benjamin Banneker Approx 1791
            auto cut-off switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839
            auto fishing devise G. Cook May 30, 1899
            automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932
            baby buggy W.H. Richardson June 18, 1899
            bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899
            biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875
            blood plasma bag Charles Drew Approx. 1945
            cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971
            chamber commode T. Elkins January 3, 1897
            clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862
            curtain rod S. R. Scratton November 30, 1889
            curtain rod support William S. Grant August 4, 1896
            door knob O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
            door stop O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
            dust pan Lawrence P. Ray August 3, 1897
            egg beater Willie Johnson February 5, 1884
            electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882
            elevator Alexander Miles October 11, 1867
            eye protector P. Johnson November 2, 1880
            fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878
            fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872
            folding bed L. C. Bailey July 18, 1899
            folding chair Brody & Surgwar June 11, 1889
            fountain pen W. B. Purvis January 7, 1890
            furniture caster O. A. Fisher 1878
            gas mask Garrett Morgan October 13, 1914
            golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899
            guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
            hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18–
            hand stamp Walter B. Purvis February 27 1883
            horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885
            ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897
            improv. sugar making Norbet Rillieux December 10, 1846
            insect-destroyer gun A. C. Richard February 28, 1899
            ironing board Sarah Boone December 30, 1887
            key chain F. J. Loudin January 9, 1894
            Lantern Michael C. Harvey August 19, 1884
            lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889
            lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897
            lemon squeezer J. Thomas White December 8, 1893
            lock W. A. Martin July 23, 18–
            lubricating cup Ellijah McCoy November 15, 1895
            lunch pail James Robinson 1887
            mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891
            mop Thomas W. Stewart June 11, 1893
            motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939
            peanut butter George Washington Carver 1896
            pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897
            phone transmitter Granville T. Woods December 2, 1884
            record player arm Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
            refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891
            riding saddles W. D. Davis October 6, 1895
            rolling pin John W. Reed 1864
            shampoo headrest C. O. Bailiff October 11, 1898
            spark plug Edmond Berger February 2, 1839
            stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt
            stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876
            straightening comb Madam C. J. Walker Approx 1905
            street sweeper Charles B. Brooks March 17, 1890
            thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960
            traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923
            tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886
            typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

          4. Nastasyana says

            Privilege = 40 acres and a mule. not discriminated against in hiring, education, housing.l And what bothers me is that you people are so ignorant of your privilege.

            Blame? You blame blacks for being uneducated when you denied them an education; for being poor because you denied them work. Most of this probably happened before your time which is why it is so important to read and understand history. Prejudice and discrimination has had a deleterious effect on the black race as a whole.Yes, many have overcome through hard work, striving toard goals and creativity but never privilege

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “you people”???? You racist twit! White libTURDS have dumbed down testing so that the slovenly, lazy can pass college courses and job testing. They have bussed kids so that the po’, po’ minority kids might learn. They have provided housing that become burned out ghettos. They have provided generations of welfare money to baby factories. Blaming is easier than studying, earning working……..”Most of this probably happened before your time” …EXACTLY So don’t blame me for your failures!!!!!

          6. Nastasyana says

            The slovenly lazy are not only black and that’s the point. “You people” want to paint every black person with the same brush and act as if whites are so wonderful and productive. Well they are not. I probably have seen as many slovenly whites in person as you have seen slovenly blacks on TV. You people do not go out of your way to get to know black people who do not fit the stereotype. Black people are forced to interact with whites many of whom are racist idiots. Through my work life i have been amazed at the number of white people in managerial positions, many of whom did not even have a BA. Someone brought them into the company and took a chance on them or they are related to somebody. Schools! I taught with lazy white teachers who wanted a job with summers off where they didn’t have to work too hard with these , “animals”, kids who could not learn so why try. My first Principal told me to just keep them in their seats. Some of the dumbest white kids were automatically put in the gifted class along with some of the mediocre asian kids. A lot of the blacks who live in those “burned out ghettos” moved in after the whites left them with the insurance. I am not a racist and i don’t know what a “twit’ is. However, I am sick of “you people” acting as if your race is so superior and white skin is so great. There are beautiful whites and ugly whites, there are beautiful blacks and ugly blacks, there are smart blacks and ignorant blacks, there are smart whites and ignorant white and so on… I am sick of you people dumping your paranoia and inferiority complexes on black people. FIX YOURSELVES!!!!!

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Same old blame whitey crap! FIX YOURSELVES!

          8. glenn398 says

            How can we get to know black people when it isn’t safe for a white person to even go into a black area.

          9. glenn398 says

            If you are so under privileged how did you get your degrees?

          10. glenn398 says

            Whites built this country and all you people have the ability to do is tear it down just like Europe.

          11. glenn398 says

            I thought the years the forced me to pay taxes for these people were reparations.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        I’ve got news for you! 99% of the blacks in this country ARE NOT OF AFRICAN ORIGIN! The best example of this is right here in Orlando!! If Mears Transportation hires 100 drivers for their taxis, 87 of them are black and THEY ARE FROM HAITI! They’ll stand around at the coffee shops, speaking Creole. By all means, they should ALL be referred to, simply as blacks.

        1. USCBIKER says

          News flash for you – ALL Caribbean slaves were brought from Africa originally. The first European explorers found Indians as natives but exterminated them in the Caribbean islands. That’s why only Central and South America has “indios”

          1. Nastasyana says

            That is Michael “Dummowitz”. He lives in his own world of history. And, here he is complaining because he cannot get a job driving a cab. I would not want to drive with him after hearing some of his comments

        2. Patriot068 says

          yeah I know but they like to think they are! Funny thing is is that true Africans hate the self proclaimed bardic an Americans lol .
          I’m also sorry for your troubles & the Taxibdrivers!! I absolutely hate Haitians!! I guess you can chalk that up to Able Manner & Uphold Democracy when we were picking them out of the ocean then taking them to huge detention centers in Gitmo then taking 350 at s time and forced repatriation at the end of a gun. They were 99.9% illiterate, stunk, etc I have a very bad taste in my mouth because of the ignorance & shit they pulled. Not one tree grows their & you can smell Haiti before you see it ( smells like ass) port au prince is a Sithole!!!
          Meanwhile after that we pickedvup Cubans and they acted civilized. We picked up drs, lawyers, bankers, mothers, fathers, teachers hell even the most Georgous woman I’ve seen we picked out of an intertube! They mostly spoke English, were nice and helpful. The Haitians left our flightdeckna shithole, they pissdd & shit all over. And we had to decontaminate after every run & was all had 2 be tested after every repatriation.
          I feel for you. And next time they speak creole or French creole chopped up I would speak out loudly

          1. Nastasyana says

            “I hate Haitians, I hate Muslims, I hate… “and you call me a hater? I don’t hate anybody.

          2. Patriot068 says

            I never said I hated anyone but Haitians and I believe I have earned that right from what I went through Natty. I don’t hate Muslims but I don’t trust them because of their teachings. The Cubans I have respect for. They stepped up & cleaned our decks for us. We weren’t supposed to fraternize with them but I more than once slipped m&ms & cokes to little ones. You would have thought ide given him a million bucks. The Haitians I did too but the dads would take them away & eat & drink their kids treats.. I felt the kids were innocents and piss poor planning by the Haitians building boats made to hold 100 people were packed with 300. And out of 300 we would find 25-50 dead ones .( you ever seen what 100+ deg heat does to a body!!!so yeah I can honestly say I have absolutely no remorse. For Hsititains after what I witnessed the men were the worst.
            The Cubans I could relate to as educated human beings. Once again we were told not to fraternize with them while on flight deck security but when you have a 2 or 4 yo who’s ryes are bugging out from fear because we carried guns so we slipped them candy & soda & their films cried because they had been told we were sub human yo them by Castro. & once we knew each oyhrrvwe became friends.
            I still remember the most beautiful girlbive even seen ! She was Cuban, we pulled her out of an intrrtubr as sharks _,_& barracudas surrounded them.
            I often what happened to her if she made it? Is she alive in the USA with kids etc.
            I just hope her 1st imolressions of Americans was a positive one!!.
            Alot of guys ( once the language barrier was broken) we were proposed to by Cuban women lol .
            Hell I would have if I already wasn’t married. & ohhhh boybdid they have tempers. If their kids got out of line it was ass whooping time.
            the Hsituians didn’t think twice about dripping browsers & crapping of peeing on the flight deck! ( ignorance at best) I could write book on here & unless you lived it you wouldn’t undrrtsnd it

          3. Nastasyana says

            Of course you would. The Cubans were white wealthy landowners escaping from a Cuba that had suddenly revolted against it’s racist, elitist, corrupt leader who gave them privilege while exploiting and abusing the poor.

      3. brabbie2002 says

        They will probably “capture” them. Sell them to the Arabs who will in turn return them to us as our problem to begin with. So we pay for our mistakes a thousand times over. How come the Irish are not complaining about being used as slaves in the US?

        1. donemyhomework says

          That is a good point. There aren’t a lot of people who know about the slavery of the Irish.

          1. Nastasyana says

            Please read the truth bout “Irish Slavery” so that you do not appear ignorant and naieve.

            ‘Irish slaves’: the convenient myth
            Liam Hogan 14 January 2015

            The conflation of indentured servitude with
            chattel slavery in the ‘Irish slaves’ narrative whitewashes history in
            the service of Irish nationalist and white supremacist causes. Its
            resurgence in the wake of Ferguson reflects many Americans’ denial of
            the entrenched racism still prevalent in their society.

            was with a heavy heart and no small amount of anger that I decided it
            was necessary to write a public refutation of the insidious myth that
            the Irish were once chattel slaves in the British colonies. The subject
            of this myth is not an issue in academic circles, for there is unanimous
            agreement, based on overwhelming evidence, that the Irish were never
            subjected to perpetual, hereditary slavery in the colonies, based on
            notions of ‘race’. Unfortunately this is not the case in the public
            domain and the ‘Irish slaves’ myth has been shared so frequently online
            that it has gone viral.

            The tale of the Irish slaves is rooted in a
            false conflation of indentured servitude and chattel slavery. These are
            not the same. Indentured servitude was a form of bonded labour, whereby
            a migrant agreed to work for a set period of time (between two and
            seven years) and in return the cost of the voyage across the Atlantic
            was covered. Indentured servitude was a colonial innovation that enabled
            many to emigrate to the New World while providing a cheap and white
            labour force for planters and merchants to exploit. Those who completed
            their term of service were awarded ‘freedom dues’ and were free. The
            vast majority of labourers who agreed to this system did so voluntarily,
            but there were many who were forcibly transplanted from the British
            Isles to the colonies and sold into indentured service against their
            will. While these forced deportees would have included political
            prisoners and serious felons, it is believed that the majority came from
            the poor and vulnerable. This forced labour was in essence an extension
            of the English Poor Laws, e.g. in 1697 John Locke recommended the
            whipping of those who ‘refused to work’ and the herding of beggars into
            workhouses. Indeed this criminalisation of the poor continues into the
            21st century. In any case, all bar the serious felons were freed once
            the term of their contract expired.

            “White indentured servitude was so very different from black slavery as to be from another galaxy of human experience,” as Donald Harman Akenson put it in If the Irish Ran the World: Montserrat, 1630-1730.How so? Chattel slavery was perpetual, a slave was only free once they they were no longer alive; it was hereditary, the children of slaves were the property of their owner; the status of chattel slave was designated by ‘race’, there was no escaping your bloodline; a chattel slave was treated like livestock, you could kill your slaves while
            applying “moderate correction” and the homicide law would not apply; the
            execution of ‘insolent’ slaves was encouraged in these slavocracies to
            deter insurrections and disobedience, and their owners were paid
            generous compensation for their ‘loss’; an indentured servant could
            appeal to a court of law if they were mistreated, a slave had no
            recourse for justice

            The prevalence and endurance of this myth is partly due to the fact that
            it is buttressed by two long-standing narratives. The first narrative
            comes from the arena of Irish nationalism, where the term ‘slavery’ is
            used to highlight the political, social and religious subjugation or
            persecution that the Irish have historically suffered. In this
            narrative, the term ‘Irish slaves’ refers specifically to those who were
            forced onto transport ships and sold into indentured servitude in the
            West Indies during the Cromwellian era. The ‘innocent’ usage of this
            phrase is, to a degree, understandable and its conflation with chattel
            slavery generally occurs due to a mixture of ignorance and confusion.

          2. donemyhomework says
          3. Nastasyana says

            Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, globalresearch.ca
            mostly consists of polemics many of which accept (and use) conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and propaganda.

            Apparently, contributors to globalresearch.ca consider information sourced from anyone who seems aligned to their ideology as reliable; during the 2011 Libyan civil war the site was an apologist for Muammar al-Gaddafi, reproducing his propaganda and painting him as a paragon of a modern leader.

          4. donemyhomework says

            It makes me smile. I like arguing with you. There are so many things that you and I disagree with. And it’s easy to get you riled up.

          5. Nastasyana says

            Yes, and it’s nice to argue respectfully with someone without name calling and insults. I am not “riled” I am “passionate” about certain things. Justice and Fairness are two of them.

          6. donemyhomework says

            Justice and fairness? On the continuum of a relative scale those terms are rather expansive. Which means that there is a lot of room for argument…let the good times roll…

        2. vietnam6871 says

          My last name starts with Mc and I am Scottish only because my clan happened to be in Scotland rather than Northern Ireland when they left a dismal life for opportunity in America. The Irish were in bondage in the Northeast. The Scots were in bondage in the South and the coal country of West Virginia. The Italians, Germans, Poles, etc., went through similar circumstances. The Chinese lived in hell while building our railroads and western cities. The blacks seem incapable of overcoming the “bondage mode”. All other races grasped the opportunities and greatly improved themselves. The blacks seem to have a genetic defect that prevents them from striving for better when they can, instead, be semi-comfortably enslaved, currently by the welfare state. They choose to be enslaved rather than putting every part of their being into improving their next generation as nearly all others have done. Now in my 70’s, I have been waiting all my life for black people to join the rest of us who have worked hard (to supply the dollars blacks are living on) and improved ourselves. MLK was their best hope, killed by a socialist who, most likely, was backed by the same (socialist)Democratic party that founded the KKK, was Jim Crow, was totally segregationist and allowed LBJ to create our current welfare system that has them more entrapped than they have ever been. I don’t believe DC has the balls to tackle and solve this egretious issue. Just as they won’t touch Social Security and other entitlement programs that must be reined in or we are doomed. The vast majority of elected officials have reelection as their major issue (and getting rich from insider information) and they will ride the wave and not even mention entitlements until it becomes a tsunami and forces us to start all over again. I wish to be dead by then. I have tried, and continue to try, my best to improve all people, only to be nullified by my own federal government.

          1. Masculist Man says

            The black family has been destroyed by the Dems. Meanwhile with the other groups the family was intact.

          2. Nastasyana says

            The black family was destroyed by slavery. Blacks were not allowed to marry. Their “wives” and children could be taken from them and sold. They were not allowed to be educated or to have business. When they were emancipated and tried to manage their own towns and business, these towns and businesses were destroyed. they were brainwashed to believe that they could not succeed and support families.

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            So what has happened in the hundred and sixty-five years since?

          4. Nastasyana says

            There are many blacks who have achieved. Unfortunately you do not see them in the media.. I wonder if you can imagine having someone take away your family, force you to work 12-14 hours a day in hot sun, beat you for minor transgressions, not be able to educate or provide for your children or keep them from being disciplined by someone who owned them. Can you imagine being “owned”? Not indentured and knowing that in 7-15 years you would be free. But knowing that for all of your life and the life of your children you and they would be enslaved.. 165 years have passed. That’s 4 generations. How many generations did it take for the white felons who landed in Georgia or the Irish and Italians who landed in the late 1800’s around the time blacks were just being freed and had the advantage of white skin and the ability to assimilate. Did you ever read a book, “Black Like me” where a white guy who did not believe the hype took a chemical to darken his skin. He was amazed at how badly he was treated. Job opportunities were advertised- No Negroes, After the war, when Levittown was built for returning vets, with houses selling for 7K, blacks could not buy. So really, it was not until the 60’s that blacks began having opportunities to go to any school, apply for jobs, buy homes, get mortgages, etc. Put yourself there in that time.

          5. vietnam6871 says

            You would be wise to put your damn slavery thing in the trashcan. No one wants to listen to that bull anymore. You have had your chance and have failed miserably. We are no longer listening to you. FIX YOURSELVES!!!

          6. Nastasyana says

            You don’t want to listen and many like you who could never have withstood the terror of enslavement. And you know that your white privilege however small it might be is a result of the enslavement of other humans. That is the basis of the racism in this country. FIX YOURSELVES!!!!!

          7. Btty says

            Your still a slave Natasyana but to dumb to see it. Your a slave to the very government you vote for. Look who you put in office, he is from the tribes that sold blacks like you into slavery. Yeah, that’s right and just a little history lesson for you. The first slave owner was what color Natasyana? Right again BLACK

          8. Nastasyana says

            too not “to” and you’re not “your”. whom not “who”
            And the first slave owner in the U.S. was not black.

          9. Btty says

            Oh, I think you better do more homework. Since I was never a English major I frankly don’t care. I’ll let you worry about my English okay? Thank you.

          10. vietnam6871 says

            You have never had to withstand enslavement. It is over, 150 years ago. The longer you play the race card and white privilege, the worse it will get for you. WE AREN’T LISTENING ANYMORE! You are trapped by the Democratic socialist machine and you won’t try hard enough to break that bond. We have nothing to fix but you certainly do – and it is not teaching your students to be socialists, which you are doing. To me your life is worthless because you choose to be negative rather than positive. Stop bellyaching and get a life. You are only 13% of the population and in pretty much of a self made mess. Nobody is going to break a sweat to get you out of it. They only want your votes. You must climb out of the cesspools of the inner cities, the drugs, the crimes, the murders. Fix yourselves, we have given up trying.

          11. Ms_V says


          12. donemyhomework says

            I read black like me. And I saw the movie. I always read the books associated with movies. Every one of them. And yes, the things that were done were despicable. And if I had any say in it, I’d contest to the point of War. Just because people are a particular skin color does not categorically stigmatize them into a particular group. However, on the other hand, there is a certain affinity toward a global cultural prescience. And as such, it is necessary to consider that factor when one finds oneself involved with social intercourse. It’s a sad time and it won’t go away forever. So what do we do now? There appear to be no reparations that CAN be done. So if I’m white, I don’t consider that it is my place to carry the baggage of something that happened a couple of centuries ago, I wasn’t there, and if I were there, I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I have now, Back to the Bullying thing, Schools are supposed to be safe places for learning. It doesn’t make any difference what Planet you come from. And it doesn’t make any difference who hates you or who likes you. It’s still supposed to be a “safe” place for learning.

          13. Nastasyana says

            I agree and that’s the point. Many who claim they “read” the article assumed that the white kids were being bullied by the black kids. As a former teacher, I do believe schools should be a safe haven. I think schools have gotten too big. There is not a sense of community in the school. No school song, No school cheer. No honor codes. As an Ed consultant I tried to get a school to come up with an honor code for student. The teachers could not be bothered. They wanted a code of conduct with punishment for infringement. A code of honor is how we as a school community will treat each other rather than what happens when you misbehave. Schools should have uniforms, that way no bare breasts on anyone. I think people have become very lazy in setting standards for their children. Witness kid shows which show how stupid parents are every time. AND it is not just black parents. My Asian friends are beginning to complain about their kids and my Indian friends talk of sending their girls back to India for the teen years.

          14. donemyhomework says

            Look…kids are going to be kids. You can’t keep that away from them. They’re going to learn from trial and error. That’s just the way that it is. You do your best to try to guide them. But mistakes are the only thing that you can really call your own. So let them make mistakes…and grow.

          15. Nastasyana says

            “Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way, Oh what’s the matter with kids today”- a song when I was growing up.

          16. donemyhomework says

            Perfect in every way??? I can’t think of anyone I ever knew, or went to school with that was perfect in every way. Perfect is a definition imposed by someone else on someone else.

          17. Nastasyana says

            It’s a song!

          18. donemyhomework says

            Yes…In a way, you could say that everything is a song. Farewell to Tarwathe. I bid you adieu.

          19. hangem'high says

            The democrats and the Reverend Sharptons, are telling them the same thing today! Amazing how much things change, they remain the same!

          20. hangem'high says

            So when are you guys going to quit living in the past and catch up to the 21st century?

          21. brabbie2002 says

            Don’t leave just yet. You are about to see history rewrite itself in the form of millions of pissed off American patriots that have said “Enough is enough!” Hang around for a couple of years. I am hoping and praying that our country will take the hint from Egypt and get these damn scoundrels out of the government and into prison or, for them, worse. I see that ovomit’s muslim brotherhood pal, the once president of Egypt, is up for execution! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

          22. vietnam6871 says

            Don’t worry. I have longevity genes and will most likely be around for another 25 years or so. If there is a second revolution, I will be part of it. So far I have seen all words but no action – that is what makes me sad.

          23. Nastasyana says

            When you start seeing action, you’d better worry. Our country could become a Somalia with some of the dumb ideas I hear on this site.

          24. OSAMA OBAMA says


          25. Nastasyana says

            I also have longevity genes. Mom is 104. No handouts no welfare, just pure intelligence and creativity.

          26. Patriot068 says

            I agree!! Time to start over. Enough of the rich A-holes entrenched in DC!
            Our founding fathers did not want a certain class of rich A-holes to have a monopoly in DC but it was for everyday films to be able to be voted into office no matter their skin color!
            I’m sick to death of our govt. They gives themselves raises far above the norm while the rest of the country struggles. Like single mother’s who’s life is hard enough. Or the military who either get 0 pay increase or a piddly 1% pay increase which is way lower than average those jack offs in DC give themselves!!
            How many govt officials live off sic _g food stamps to get by like JR military films do??
            Wanna see a bunch of shitbags cry & moan?? Then take away their inflated pay raises! & use the money saved to help the truly poor who deserve it.
            Time to clean DC if the corrupt good old boys & girls club!!
            I’ve had enough

          27. Nastasyana says

            Now this i can agree with. But it means really thinking about who you are voting for.Why do conservatives vote for these wealthy people who could not care less about the american people. Our education system is lousy. They send their kids to private schools and then tell us that college is not important. They are constantly cutting funds for single mothers who in some cases are working two and three jobs. Men cannot afford to support their families so they leave so that the woman can get benefits. Veterans fight for our country and when they come back home wounded and mentally damaged they have to fight for benefts. The government is determined by who you vote for. The reps in the house of reps control the money. Obama can propose all the increases he wants but if the House of reps says “NO” they won’t happen. We need to begin to vote based on the best interest of the middle and lower class and stop v oting to give the wealthy more money and privileges.

          28. vietnam6871 says

            Wow! Are you off base for a supposed “learned” female. You are clueless how the welfare system works. Men don’t marry because they have a number of women who have had their children and they show up evey month to collect their share of the welfare checks. It’s so much easier than working for a living. You want proof? I’ll drag you out into the ghettos and the countryside and you can ask them yourself. LBJ with his Great Society, “will have those “effin ni%%#$s” voting Democrat for the next 100 years – and he is halfway to being 100% correct. The Dems have done a marvelous job of entrapping blacks financially – most cannot escape because Carter’s public education has totally failed them. You apparently are a Democrat and hold yourself as intelligent yet you can’t see or refuse to acknowledge the following. The Dems are the KKK, the Dems are Jim Crow, the Dems are total segregation in the South, the Dems don’t care one bit about anything except the black vote and they have done a great job of snowing the black population and liberals in general. You are either dumb as a stump or intransigent. You might want to reread 20th century history, I thnk you missed some major issues.

          29. Nastasyana says

            Sorry. My husband’s PHD is in American history. I think you may have read about it in your tabloids but I don’t that you have read scholarly books on the subject. He wonders why I even bother to try to educate you dummies.

          30. Btty says

            He no doubt earned his degree based on color just like you if you even have one.

          31. Nastasyana says

            Do you have one? I am sure yours was based on color. Whites have always had preference (Affirmative Action). George W got into Yale based on a legacy and he was really dumb.

          32. Btty says

            I do Nastasyana. I happen to be a RN and have practiced for many years. My degree allows me to help others. Unlike you I have never been driven by the color of ones skin. I have had every color under the sunshine come for my help and I have never made a difference. However, I have seen since your messiah has been in office a huge breakdown in race relations. Don’t say it I already know your answer to that. It’s the same as all liberals. IT’S BUSHE’S FAULT! LOL I also hate to burst your bubble but George W happens to be quite smart and did not get into Yale based on his color. Now had you said family name I might have agreed somewhat.

          33. Ms_V says

            Hi Btty, I wouldn’t take that “stuff and fluff” offered by nasty too seriously. If she actually HAD a husband who had actually earned that degree, it would be written as “PhD in American History”, not “PHD in American history”– way too many errors to believe it, unless as you stated, it was directly tied to Affirmative Action, and then all s/he needed to do was show up to get the diploma.

            Interesting that with all this “book learning” in American History that the fool doesn’t know that the slave owners were Democrats, just like her half-black hero, barry.

          34. Btty says

            Hi Ms_V, Thank you for the heads up. I had my suspicions. Yes indeed it was the Democrats who were the slave owners and they still are. They are slaves to the very government they vote for. Blacks are worse off under their messiah in the WHOLE than they were in the 40’s. The really sad thing is the POS in our WH has ruined it for the really decent blacks that could have served our country with dignity, honor and integrity like Ben Carson, Allen West. No, they (Black) voters had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Have a nice day Ms_V.

          35. Nastasyana says

            Of course I know that southern democrats supported slavery and Jim crow. But as you revisionists say, “That was then and this is now”. BTW, thank you for correcting me (PhD). See, I do learn from others unlike you who stubbornly stick to your racist views

          36. vietnam6871 says

            Then stop trying. Your hatred negates anything you attempt. And, I am truly sorry for your husband.

          37. Nastasyana says

            I don’t have hatred. You do…remember the haitians.!

          38. Nastasyana says

            We met in college… a real accredited Ivy League college not a bible college. he was a History major and I was an English major. We both read and discuss ideas based on facts and not on anecdotes or what we heard on TV. We agree and disagree and do not call each other names. We accept each others opinions even when we don’t agree. We have been married for 30 years. We have high IQ’s and we are very intelligent unlike most of the people on this site.

          39. Btty says

            I beg to differ. You have shown a lot of hate in your posts based on two things. 1. The awful White race and 2. Those terrible rich folks. You know, the ones who work hard for a living and make a success of their business.

          40. Nastasyana says

            You must know a lot of people on welfare to be so knowledgeable. I don’t know any blacks on welfare, but obviously you must…or are they white?

          41. vietnam6871 says

            You know not one person on welfare? Proof positive – you are clueless. I deliver meals to them. Apparently you feel you are too good to stoop to help.

          42. Ms_V says

            I think it’s proof positive she’s lying out her a** about anything she says – typical of the barry lovers on these sites. Most of my black students are on welfare, and getting a free ride through school. Who worries about facts when they feel entitled to make up anything to support their claims–just like muslims. What a waste of air.

          43. Nastasyana says

            It appalls me that you might be teaching children. Hopefully you are a secretary or janitor.

          44. festmatt5440 says

            How did you get so stupid ”; in only one lifetime ‘ ?

          45. Nastasyana says

            I shared a world with people like you.

          46. hangem'high says

            I’ll give you an A for effort; I know it’s hard to realize you’ve been taken to the cleaners for so long to see the Dems air their dirty laundry, million dollar hypocrisies! They are what they are along with a few of those out of touch Republicans.

          47. Nastasyana says

            Your insistence on being right makes me think that it’s you who has been taken.

          48. hangem'high says

            No, just a patriot!

          49. Nastasyana says


          50. vietnam6871 says

            You are your single word utterance. What have you done to better America. I’ve founded 6 high-tech companies and provided incomes for many people along with developing some nice enhancements to nanotechnology instrumentation. As for seeing action, try two 9 month “vacations” in Vietnam. Once you have faced death it doesn’t affect you much anymore. It helps that I could put a 30-06 through your right eyeball at 400 yards if I had no alternative. America is being overrun by Marxists, the followers of Cloward and Piven and Saul Alinski (including Hillary). Their playbook is being used step by step including the dismantling of faith and morals (with very good use of the LGBT Marxists), overwhelming the welfare system (overloading the US economy), massive introduction of aliens who will not assimilate (Muslims) which is meant to break down the social structure even further, etc., etc., etc. Karl Marx would be so proud of the Manchurian Candidate in the White House. You of course adore him and that does render you useless.

          51. festmatt5440 says

            moron “

          52. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Aren’t you a Scottish-American?

          53. vietnam6871 says

            Since my paternal grandmother was Swedish and my maternal grandmother was Irish, I guess that makes me a Scottish-Irish-Swedish-American, or SISA for short. Not too bad since someone who was Portuguese-Irish-Greek would be a PIG all their life.

          54. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LOL! My comment was meant to illustrate that today, we are all hyphenated Americans. When our forefathers came here, they kissed the ground, flew the American flag, learned English and assimilated. Now, our land of opportunity is being destroyed by the vermin of the world. God Bless our forefathers and the morals ideals that once made us great.

          55. Nastasyana says

            So are you a Swish?

          56. vietnam6871 says

            Nope, but your supposed PhD husband is. You really can’t help yourself, can you. Trolls hide behind an avatar and spew negatives – Psychiatrists have actually labelled trollism as a mental disease. You are one sick puppy and your hatred for most everything that gives you a respectable living is all consuming. I don’t believe for a second that your mother lived to 104, just more BS spewing from your mouth. I do know one thing for sure, with hatred eating you from the inside out, you won’t come anywhere close to that age.

          57. donemyhomework says

            I like it. Your statement rings of truth and sincerity.

        3. Nastasyana says

          Because they were not slaves but indentured servants. they contracted for a certain time and their children did not inherit their indentured status. Did you study history in school? Did you go to school?

          1. vietnam6871 says

            And the blacks have not been slaves since the Emancipation Proclamation and they are in worse shape now than they were then. The Chinese had it worse so stop it with “the indentured servant” cop-out.

          2. brabbie2002 says

            Tell that to the Chinese that built our railways or the Irish. Yes, I went to school but I did not drink the koolaid about the “poor” blacks like you seem to have! Judging from your name, I am guessing you are paid by the government to get on these sites to foment trouble, you are a black person that thinks they are entitled to everything from cradle to grave, you are a democrat, you voted for ovomit because of his skin color and free phones, you are a liberal that hates Christians, Jews, etc, but follow the cult of islam. Yeah, you really do not have any right to tell anyone how they should think as you are one of the koolaid sodden followers of everything wrong with this country! As for slavery, maybe you should check to see who started the KKK, ran the Southern states, keeps you in welfare and doesn’t want any of you to escape the “plantation” of having to vote in the same bast–ds that keep you down trodden so your greedy little hands can draw a welfare check garnered from we tax payers that actually work for our living and goods!

          3. Nastasyana says

            Because I do not agree with you, you assume I am on welfare. First of all there are more whites on welfare than blacks. What makes you assume that i voted for Obama because of his skin color? Did i vote for Bill Clinton for his skin color? What makes you think I hate Christians and Jews? I respect all religions. If people want to believe those myths it’s fine with me. I pay taxes and work for my living.I am educated and I am also a critical thinker. I do not accept what I hear or read in the media without first researching the source. I believe that religion has no place in a nations laws- not in Iraq and not in America.

          4. vietnam6871 says

            You really are clueless. Blacks are 16% of the population so, yes there are more whites on welfare than blacks but % wise there are nearly 4 times the % of blacks to whites. You try your stupid numbers game with me and I will shove it back down your throat. You are despicable, a black socialist preaching such to your students, our children and grandchildren. Damn you to hell.

      4. Julie Shoraga says

        Africa nothing. We want to start colonizing space. Let’s send them and all their mentally deranged liberal/progressive friends to colonize Pluto

        1. Ms_V says


        2. Nastasyana says

          Did you see the movie Elysium? Let’s send you there and we Americans will stop the pollution of our world and our society that your “advanced” civilization has wrought.

      5. Disgust says

        not african-Americans but nigge.. who do not deserve to be called Americans.

        1. Patriot068 says

          Lol I couldn’t agree more!!!
          Where in hell did African American slang come from??
          Hell send them back to Africa & see how Kong they last because true Africans can’t stand African Americans!! They hate & loath them. They think AA are over orivelaged whine bags!!
          WTF ever happened to calling themselves Americans like the rest if us?? Um not saying don’t be bit proud of your heritages but WTF how long ago did mist of their ancestors cine here??
          They blame whitey for ALL their woes! Instead of manning up and taking responsibility for their own actions!!!
          Most seem to forget that it was their own tribes who sold them for trinkets( shiny being)
          That was one way for the tribes to do away with undesirables, crooks, rapists and basic dirtbags & now their descendants are what were left with!!
          Look at the riots, looting, burning etc, don’t tell me that’s a civilized society!!
          I say ship them back & be rid if fhen

          1. Disgust says

            Send the nigge.s back and keep the Americans for nothing.

          2. Nastasyana says

            Why don’t you spell the whole word or do you not know how? Ignorant!

          3. Disgust says

            Spelled that way in order to prevent being censored, but it apparently applies to you.

          4. Nastasyana says

            So you are an expert on Africans- all 54 countries. My, my, you should write a book.

          5. Patriot068 says

            I don’t claim to be an expert but it’s straight out of history books (,before common core) and yrs tribal leaders did trade undesirables for. Trinkets. I’m not saying whites didn’t track down the afriicanns. But the slave trade can’t all be blamed on whites!! History seems to have left out the part where fellow Africans sold their own for bling

          6. Nastasyana says

            Their concept of slavery was not as evil or brutal as yours. They did not break up families or refuse education to their “servants”.

          7. Nastasyana says

            African American slang came from the combination of english Irish and an African language that was spoken on the plantation. Inasmuch as the Africans spoke different languages, they combined their language with the english spoken to them.Many of the plantation owners had been felons in england and ireland so their speech was not that refined. They taught the Africans how to speak english and some of the syntax remains not only among AA’s but also among poor southern whites.

        2. Nastasyana says

          So glad you’re not racist. How about those biker thugs. Friends of yours?

        3. Nastasyana says

          Why don’t you spell the word. Or do you know how? Your racist ignorance is showing.

      6. Nastasyana says

        Are you guys that dumb. The article did not sy that blacks were bullying whites. Read it again ….slowly.

        1. Patriot068 says

          We aren’t dumb;! It plainly states statistics that all teens have been bullied ! No matter what race they are!! I bet the reason the blacks are low is because they would pop a cap in the asses of people bullying them ( J/K)
          Ever notice how blacks congregate like crows?!? All stick together!! One minute they are fighting _& come together once one is picked on??
          Your right it did not say anything about blacks picking on whites but just read the news, watch TV etc.
          Kids being picked on because of skin color, dressing different, being book smart is a daily occurrence!!
          Ever seen the drip out rates per skin color??
          Crimes committed by certain people??
          People being picked on because of their skin color??.
          I have 1st hand!!
          What about gangs?! & certain colors in each??
          I fortunately belonged to a group of friends that our skin color did not matter but what we stood for did.
          Some of my fondest memories was belonging to a multi racial club where we all got along, liked the same things etc
          Seems we need more of yhst

    2. Btty says

      Your so right and it’s encouraged by our current administration and media. This administration has set race relations back to before the 60’s. This is what politics will do when it’s as corrupted as it is. Ourtrageous!

      1. ken29 says

        Btty: Not even close! More like back to before the 40’s. We really made a lot of progress during and after WWII, and some through the 60’s, but it surely has been downhill through the last couple of decades and during this administration.

        1. Btty says

          I hear you Ken. Your also right. I stand corrected. Thank you. I don’t see it getting better before it gets a whole lot worse. I don’t know how this POS in our WH can look at himself in the mirror. He has done major damage to our great country. Thanks again Ken.

          1. Patriot068 says

            King O was supposed to bring our country together no matter what color skin you have! He’s done nothing but stir up shit with the help of reverend All Sharpton. Until the day we all call ourselves Americans their is no hope!! Notice how its OK for blacks to shoot& murder other blacks in droves & do you see Al Sharpton their??? Hell nope. Bug leg a white cop shoot a thug then its all racial & Al’s right their making a buck!!
            If I was a white police officer I would refuse to patrol black neighborhoods!! Period!!

          2. Btty says

            Me to. Let them fend for themselves. They will learn real fast how to keep Sharpless out of their neighborhoods.

          3. Nastasyana says

            Really? What major damage.Here is a list of 10 of his accomplishments. You may not ;like some of them but I do and so do many others. America is about freedom to disagree.

            1.Passed Health Care Reform: After five presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance, signed the Affordable Care Act (2010). It will cover 32 million uninsured Americans beginning in 2014 and mandates a suite of experimental measures to cut health care cost growth, the number one cause of America’s long-term fiscal problems.

            2. Passed the Stimulus: Signed $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid greatest recession since the Great Depression. Weeks after stimulus went into effect, unemployment claims began to subside. Twelve months later, the private sector began producing more jobs than it was losing, and it has continued to do so for twenty-three straight months, creating a total of nearly 3.7 million new private-sector jobs.

            3. Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the financial sector after its practices caused the Great Recession. The new law tightens capital requirements on large banks and other financial institutions, requires derivatives to be sold on clearinghouses and exchanges, mandates that large banks provide “living wills” to avoid chaotic bankruptcies, limits their ability to trade with customers’ money for their own profit, and creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (now headed by Richard Cordray) to crack down on abusive lending products and companies.

            4. Ended the War in Iraq: Ordered all U.S. military forces out of the country. Last troops left on December 18, 2011.

            5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: From a peak of 101,000 troops in June 2011, U.S. forces are now down to 91,000, with 23,000 slated to leave by the end of summer 2012. According to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the combat mission there will be over by next year.

            6. Eliminated Osama bin laden: In 2011, ordered special forces raid of secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in which the terrorist leader was killed and a trove of al-Qaeda documents was discovered.

            7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry: In 2009, injected $62 billion in federal money (on top of $13.4 billion in loans from the Bush administration) into ailing GM and Chrysler in return for equity stakes and agreements for massive restructuring. Since bottoming out in 2009, the auto industry has added more than 100,000 jobs. In 2011, the Big Three automakers all gained market share for the first time in two decades. The government expects to lose $16 billion of its investment, less if the price of the GM stock it still owns increases.

            8. Recapitalized Banks: In the midst of financial crisis, approved controversial Treasury Department plan to lure private capital into the country’s largest banks via “stress tests” of their balance sheets and a public-private fund to buy their “toxic” assets. Got banks back on their feet at essentially zero cost to the government.

            9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Ended 1990s-era restriction and formalized new policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military for the first time.

            10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi: In March 2011, joined a coalition of European and Arab governments in military action, including air power and naval blockade, against Gaddafi regime to defend Libyan civilians and support rebel troops. Gaddafi’s forty-two-year rule ended when the dictator was overthrown and killed by rebels on October 20, 2011. No American lives were lost.

          4. Btty says

            Your pathetic if you truly believe any of that chit is good for this country. You haven’t the ability to answer of your own free will. No your so dumb that you allow yourself to be drawn in by liberal/Commie talking points. The really sad thing is you don’t have the ability to decipher the difference between truth and fiction. Keep drinking the Kool aid. You just showed everyone your IQ. Nice goin.

          5. Nastasyana says

            You’re = you are not “your”.. Do not presume to talk about my I.Q. You probably don’t even know what it measures. I think you are pathetic in your lack of knowledge, understanding and empathy for people who have suffered fro the bias and racism in this country. Yes, it is a wonderful country and would be so much better if people like you were not in it. Go back to Europe!

          6. Btty says

            Don’t start with the English BS. Okay? I’m not a bit interested. When people like you have no answers or want to distract you always turn to correcting our language. As for going back to Europe don’t hold your breath. We are not going to leave our country in the hands of people like you! We’ve had 8 years of people like you and take a good look at the damage you wreak. No, I have a better idea. Why don’t you go join your tribe in Africa?

    3. Sue says

      Maybe it’s because of Michele Obama being a third party spokesperson to start a race war between blacks & whites. She wasn’t elected into office – her husband was and his job is supposed to represent everyone and not just blacks. Ms. blubber butt should stop going to colleges and spewing her racism and hatred while living like a greedy, fat pig off the white man’s dime.

      1. Nastasyana says

        Oh!~ pshaww!!!

        1. festmatt5440 says

          ” m o r o n “

          1. Btty says

            Oh but wait! Hasn’t Natasyana harped several times about her degree? Gee, could the truth actually be showing? After all college grads use “pshaww” a lot now days. LOL

    4. MRHapla says

      Black self-hatred, massive inferior complex (well deserved) ,,makes perfect sense and explains all baked in cannibalism, murder, hustling and rampant abandonment they perpetrate upon each other.

      But hey,,,as long as it culls the herd,,,,

    5. Nastasyana says

      Blacks cannot be racist. They can be prejudice and discriminate but only whites can be racist because they profit from the “system”

      1. Ms_V says

        Nice try, nasty, but an utter FAIL. The only people profiting these days from this system ARE black. If you hate or love anyone based on skin color, you’re a racist. And, nothing could be more apparent about you, than that. Racist hater – stop making excuses for your disgusting behavior. You can’t change what you won’t admit. “Black lives matter”? Then stop killing yourselves, idiots! I have a news flash for you, racist hater, ALL lives matter.

        1. Nastasyana says

          I would not expect you not to FAIL. You are utterly intransigent.

          1. Ms_V says

            Lol! How long did it take you to find that word? Apply it to yourself as the lifelong racist and hater you are (and will remain) due to your inability to see anything other than color when you look at others. Your “black rage” is beyond boring and old, and based on nothing of substance. You and others like you have harped on something that whites in the north wiped out with their own blood. We are all sick of your whining – grow up, get a job, quick blaming everyone else for your failures. Don’t try to hand me that BS about how the black families were separated from each other 150 yrs. ago, yada, yada. So separated were the families of the Union soldiers who DIED so black slaves could be free–and those soldiers owed those slaves nothing–descendants of slaves should be THANKFUL, but that will never happen. That lame crap about how black families were separated 150 years ago is beyond ridiculous when black families as recently as in the fifties were stable and good, nothing like today . . . wait, I hear the bell ringing to bring the democrat slaves back to the barry plantation — better run, your massa barry may have more marching orders for you. You are a sickening, deceived mess.

          2. Nastasyana says

            You are an idiot!

          3. Ms_V says

            “Idiot” would more aptly and correctly describe you–something that crawls out from under a rock with the goal of finding blogs where you can gleefully make racial, hateful, bigoted comments to white people because they are white–utterly racist and despicable. Go back under your rock, slimy racist hater. You have nothing to offer anyone, unless someone wants to learn how to hate and riot in the streets. If you are a valid representative of your race, it is not surprising that “your people” are in the pathetic shape they find themselves. Grow up, little wet-behind-the-ear racist.

  3. George Cahonna says

    That’s where the Parents come in. Communications with their children is a must. The Children must be informed as to what to expect, how to deal with it & where they go for support. Parents must have the backbone to deal with it also. It’s time to take our schools back!!

    1. MAHB001 says

      You mean where the parents used to come in….
      Now that parenting has been delegated to the State.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Got that right again MAH. I don’t remember the exact figure but the vast majority of black households (and I use the term households loosely here) are single parent households. Almost exclusively the mother (or grandmother in many cases) in charge of “raising” these children. It never works. The evidence is seen everywhere. As for the state doing any parenting. That remains to be seen. The governments idea of raising these kids is to just throw more money at the problem and hope they continue to vote democrat. It is a losing proposition that will never improve the lives of these people. That is why they continue to pander to them and allow them to get away with everything they do. The idea that the government is afraid of being called racist is a fantasy. They could care less. They only want to continue to develop the enslaved black population. They will do the same to the illegal immigrant population as well to enslave them as long as they continue to vote democrat. It’s all about the power and money. It’s always about the power and the money.

        1. MAHB001 says

          The socialists are ready to take the children from cradle to grave.

          Home school the children and grand children you really care for…

    2. donemyhomework says

      And a little self defense training doesn’t hurt either.

  4. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Its doesn’t surprise me since all of the things that is going on in our country today.

  5. pineapple says

    Maybe these young bullies are influenced by a government that bullies. For example, conservative groups were bullied by the I.R.S. Israel was bullied by the Obama administration. Military officers were bullied and purged by the Bully-in-Chief. FOX News is being bullied by the same Bully-in-Chief, who has become very adept at using his bully pulpit to cow those who dare to disagree with him, including Elizabeth Warren and others.

    1. Ms_V says

      I think you’re right. Things have gotten much worse since the loser has been our (choke) president.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        He’s not our president.! He’s the TERRORISTS IN CHARGE ! :–)

        1. festmatt5440 says

          You betcha ” ; he doesn’t have any papers ‘.

      2. Paula says

        You mean Captain Chaos and the American Jihadists!

        1. Mark Lahti says

          In the military he would be referred to as the HMFNIC. I really don’t want to spell it out for you here but give it some thought…..you’ll figure it out.

    2. Paula says

      If your heroes are criminals, then crime is the way to honor them.

      S.L. Hall. Twitchy

  6. Archangel says

    The survey found that 24% of white students said they had been the victim of bullying while only 20% of black students said the same. 19% of Hispanic students reported being victimized while 9% of Asian students said they had been bullied at some point in 2013.

    It is apparent, according to this survey, that Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are in need of additional Bullying in order to bring “The Liberal Lunatics” and “Progressive Communists” vision of equality into equilibrium!

    1. Nastasyana says

      Actually, it said that many blacks and hispanics are not aware of being bullied. Racial epithets and discrimination by whites is “de rigour”.

  7. cjg says

    About time to equalize that and if u have not figured out how then take the beating. Do it time to remove the assholes permanetly

  8. WiSe GuY says

    Segregate schools, problem over

    1. Ms_V says

      Yes, you may be right. In the seventies, it was all about desegregation, and it has been a nightmare ever since.

    2. d66cmorris says

      Only blacks can have segregated schools. If white folks do it it’s illegal.

      1. Nastasyana says

        yet you do it anyway and get away with it.

    3. robert h siddell, jr says

      That would rocket the academic and social achievements of the government discriminated group.

    4. MAHB001 says

      That is a true wise guy answer! 🙂

  9. Terry Rushing says

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and what is now called “bullying” was present then also. It was a sort of rite of passage and I think that with few exceptions nearly every kid experienced it and dealt with it, then moved on. Is the matter more intense today or are adults intruding into what was “training” for kids learning to deal with a world that is often not so nice?

    1. Ms_V says

      I teach in a community college – this is not your mother’s bullying going on (I grew up at about the same time you did). We just had two students square off on the tennis courts, with guns. It’s a whole new world. Bullying has become assault (or worse), in many cases.

  10. scott says

    if america would get off the political correctness communist crap and start beating and elliminating these nigg-rs like they need to be,then the 90% black crime rate would drop,as would the 90% drop out rates in school,80% welfare rates,90% shooting rates etc,etc.liberals have taught blacks they can do anything they want because of their color.time to end it.

  11. Patriot068 says

    Yeah I’m white & was bullied by minorities until I kicked their asses, then we became the best of friends. My oldest 2 sons were picked on for being the only 2 whites in an Indian Reservation school. I told them don’t start it but if you have to fight then end it. Needles to say I spent many a nights in the principals office defending my boys!! I told the principal either take care of the issue or my boys would. Needless to say my sons soon were done being picked on and accepted into the school and made some awesome friends. I sldi stuck up for my classmates who were mixed races who were picked on because they were mixed race, I made some awesome friends and was able to look beyond the skin color. More people need to judge a person by character instead of the color of their skin color. You just might be giving up a best friend

    1. chamuiel says

      So, first of all they have to pick on you.

      then you have to beat the snot out of them.

      Then you become BFF’s.

      got it.

  12. robertmccabe says

    Just get the sheepskin and laugh all the way to the bank.

  13. d66cmorris says

    Those white girls need to learn how to safely carry and use firearms to protect themselves as soon as they’re legally able to do so. they’ll be surprised at the effect it has on bullies.

  14. jimdarnall says

    This seems to be the norm these days. In reality people like Obama and Al. Sharpton are stimulating this racist push against the police and whites in general. Racism against whites has grown substantially with this current administration. Sadly many innocents are paying the price.What’s just as bad is the liberal media bias against all of white America.

    1. Nastasyana says

      The bias is not against all of white America. It is against you racist ignoramuses. Some of my best friends and members of my family are white, So I certainly do not hate whites. But evidently, you pretty much hate blacks.

      1. jimdarnall says

        Well you are so far wrong in my summation. My best friend growing up and all thru school was black. I in no way hate blacks. I am specifically talking about certain people in Obama and Sharpton that have created more problems as racist than most others. Even several well known black leaders have spoken out against those two for creating a more devisive situation between blacks and white people. In my day this is called stirring the pot. Any group of people that look for any excuse to loot, rob, injure others and destroy property have a real problem. This can be any color but to constantly fuel the file with ignorant and hateful remarks from the likes of Al Sharpton is not good behavior. It is people like him that need to also be held accountable.In most cases people with level and calm heads can get a lot more things done. We as Americans should be better than what has happened from these riots.

        1. Nastasyana says

          So you don’t like Sharpton. I don’t like Cruz or McConnell. Other whites say racist things. I don’t heare anyone talking against them as being divisive or stirring the pot.

          1. jimdarnall says

            I can only say that at these cities with the recent riots there was only one major figure intentionally stirring th he pot. I don’t even have to say the name. He makes a living at doing this. Again I will say that he was criticized by several of his peers for again being devisive. Yes, there are others both black an white that do things like that but he is the one major figure that seems to thrive on it. Again I will make the observation that other blacks, including pastors, and sheriffs have made their plea to him to stop making things worse. Yes again I will agree their are many that stir the pot but in this case the one main figure remains the same. The last thing I will say is this. There are a few folks out there that are quite well known and instead of trying to pull people together they seem most obviously to want to be divisive. That’s not good for anyone. If you can’t agree with this then we apparently can’t agree.

  15. MAHB001 says

    Racism goes both ways…. People are bigoted, the left far more than most.

    1. Ms_V says


      1. Morton212 says

        Give me a clear example of liberal bigotism.

        1. Ms_V says

          Get dressed.

          1. Morton212 says

            I am dressed. Can you not provide an example ?

          2. MAHB001 says

            How about this for a bigoted statement. I copied it from this guy that posts under the name “Morton212”, and it is in regards to Sarah Palin….

            “she was basically an Alaskan housewife”

            I see you gave up on the pasty morton212 picture.

          3. Morton212 says

            Palin laid claim to some journalism – but rapidly dropped that credential after being stripped of credentials by Couric. I am not demeaning the role of a housewife – it is a very valuable function in the American family – but not one well geared to running the most powerful nation on earth.
            Please correct me as to any other laudable skills that she may have.

          4. ken29 says

            Morton: I think I’ll assert that “the role of a housewife” is better “geared to running the most powerful nation on earth” than being a “community organizer” and that is probably exaggerating the value of a community organizer.

          5. Morton212 says

            I am sure you would. The problem is that Sarah Palin never got beyond being a housewife – unless you count her failure as a Governor – whereas Obama managed to get a law degree cumlaude at Harvard – and get elected to Illinois Senate, the Federal Senate and to then to become President of the United State – none of which is a cake walk.

          6. ken29 says

            Morton: I repeat, my comments are an assertion, as are yours. In my lifetime I have observed many and read about many more housewives who actually achieved very worthwhile accomplishments that would have qualified them to become President. I won’t assert that Sarah Palin is one of those, but I do assert (assertion again) that Liberals, the Liberal press, and you did not give her a fair shake. Similarly, you assert, without proof, that Obama “managed” a cumlaude at Harvard and that it is not a “cake walk” for a Democrat from Chicago to get elected briefly to the Illinois Senate and briefly to the Federal Senate where he contributed little to either, and I will assert, with six years of confirmatory evidence, that none of those achievements or becoming President has shown any correlation with being qualified.

          7. Morton212 says

            I could not disagree more. One of the tests of a Presidential candidate is his (or her) ability to withstand withering pressure on their confidence and ability to control a situation which might make them at least uncomfortable.
            In that vein I commend Chris Wallace for his interview on FOX with Rubio. Rubio got flustered when he tried to avoid answering a simple question.
            Sarah Palin flopped really badly on these tests. That is not a good omen for the leader of the Free World – the job of the President of the United States.

          8. ken29 says

            Morton: Thanks to the Constitution, we are each free to be bigots of our own choosing. You choose to believe what you want and I’ll do likewise. I believe that Sarah Palin is not a serious candidate for President so your evaluation of her abilities as President are irrelevant. I believe your criticism of housewives is incorrect and unwarranted. I believe that the current President has repeatedly failed to withstand pressure of all sorts when the situation caught him without his trusty teleprompter and has repeatedly failed to control situations he promised during his campaigns to control. I believe he was totally unqualified when he got the job and he has shown little understanding of fundamental leadership and little improvement in his leadership shortcomings during six years of experimenting with the fate of the nation. I believe he has shown repeatedly that he (as he stated during his campaign) considers the Constitution an obstacle to achieving his goals and evades it at every opportunity. I can’t imagine a candidate who would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, as he vowed to do, that would not be an improvement.

        2. Goodforall says

          Eric Holder on the Black Panther voter intimidation case, “I can’t prosecute my own people”. Want some more? There are plenty of examples.

          1. Morton212 says

            Yes try giving me a real one. Here is a credible account of your Holder example:

            ‘Attorney General Eric Holder finally got fed up Tuesday with claims that the Justice Department went easy in a voting rights case against members of the New Black Panther Party because they are African American.

            Holder’s frustration over the criticism became evident during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing as Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) accused the Justice Department of failing to cooperate with a Civil Rights Commission investigation into the handling of the 2008 incident in which Black Panthers in intimidating outfits and wielding a club stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia.

            The Attorney General seemed to take personal offense at a comment Culberson read in which former Democratic activist Bartle Bull called the incident the most serious act of voter intimidation he had witnessed in his career.

            “Think about that,” Holder said. “When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people,” said Holder, who is black.

            Holder noted that his late sister-in-law, Vivian Malone Jones, helped integrate the University of Alabama.

            “To compare that kind of courage, that kind of action, and to say that the Black Panther incident wrong thought it might be somehow is greater in magnitude or is of greater concern to us, historically, I think just flies in the face of history and the facts.,” Holder said with evident exasperation.

            In a series of questions and comments earlier in the hearing, Culberson insisted that race had infected the decision-making process. “There’s clearly evidence, overwhelming evidence, that your Department of Justice refuses to protect the rights of anybody other than African Americans to vote,” the Texas Republican said. “There’s a pattern of a double standard here.”

            “I would disagree very vehemently with the notion that there’s overwhelming evidence that that is in fact true,” Holder replied. “This Department of Justice does not enforce the law in a race-conscious way.”

            Rep. Chaka Fattah, a Democrat from Philadelphia, said the Black Panthers “should not have been there.” But he said the GOP was making too much out of a fleeting incident involving a couple of people.

            “The most unethical thing a person can do is make allegations based on absolutely nothing,” Fattah said. “The only issue of race is singling out this particular decision…That this rises to national significance is bogus on its face.”

          2. ken29 says

            Morton 212: “Rep. Chaka Fattah, a Democrat from Philadelphia, said the Black Panthers “should not have been there.” But he said the GOP was making too much out of a fleeting incident involving a couple of people.” So “a couple” doesn’t count as “a real one”? How long do you have to act like a bigot before you qualify as one?

          3. Morton212 says

            I would not use the word bigot lightly. It suggests a major problem of truth and fairness – a significant cultural liability.

          4. ken29 says

            Morton212: Bigot is not related to truth or fairness. Here is what Meriam-Webster says: ” a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices”. I don’t take bigotry lightly, but I believe that it exists, to varying degrees, in all of us (you included). Further the US Constitution provides each of us the freedom to be bigots in whatever arena we choose, as long as we don’t try to impose (tyranny) our bigotry on others – because that would limit their freedom.

          5. Morton212 says

            Backa at you – I am not attempting to compete with a dictionary as to the most precise meaning of bigotry.

            However ” a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices”. – is clearly not indulging in either truth or fairness.

            That is why I suggested that being pedantic about what constitutes bigotry should rise to a serious breach of character. As you suggested, we all have issues with instinctive dislike – rightly or wrongly.

        3. mac12sam12 says

          The liberal media smeared Sarah Palin and republican women in general. When Tim Scott won his seat the left called him Uncle Tom, the house negro and the republican lawn jockey. You actually believe there’s no bigotry on the left?

          1. Morton212 says

            Frankly Sarah Palin smeared herself. She was obviously unqualified to present herself to the public scrutiny that all politicians get. Are you suggesting that she should get a pass because she was basically an Alaskan housewife – who resigned her Governorship in return for getting corruption charges against her and her husband dropped ? She was just a way way out of her league.

          2. MAHB001 says

            NO she didn’t… She was a Governor. She was and still is more qualified than 0bama.

          3. Morton212 says


          4. Terry Rushing says

            Naughty, naughty. Now, don’t play with the trolls, it makes them mean.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            She didn’t smear herself. Even Van Jones said they lied about her to get Obama elected. That’s another smear, she resigned because it was costing the state of Alaska a lot of money with the lefts attempts to destroy her. The one that’s way out of his league is obama. She also had executive experience and was more qualified than the community organizer who’s turning the country into a progressive sh^t hole. He’s doubled the poverty rate, the middle class is shrinking and we also have 300,000+ a week signing up for unemployment. The ones being hired aren’t enough to keep up with population growth.

          6. Mark Lahti says

            Excellent post mac. The only problem is that it is totally pointless to try to argue with a troll. The are (as Rush refers to them as) the uninformed. One thing I do find interesting about this troll is the fake picture he chooses to use for his post. I don’t believe for one minute that that is anywhere near an accurate portrayal for who he really is, do you? Oh well, I find it best to let liars pick their own identity. I too believe Gov Palin was by far much more qualified than BO for any government position. Yet she was on the ticket for VP not P. The current VP although very qualified experience wise was also vastly underqualified in terms of intellect, common sense, and integrity. The problem with that election was the candidate for the Presidency. McCain, in spite of past good performance and his heroic military service, was not a true conservative or republican. He is a mockery of conservatism and republican values. I am also ashamed of the new majority we have in the house and senate via the last mid term elections. We sent these people to DC with a mandate that they chose to champion in their election promises and then laid down and rolled over like dogs before the master. It has now become obvious that we are headed to a new revolution to retake our country from the same type of tyranny that the early founding fathers fought against. It is way past the time for a new republic to take over and return to the republic that they started well over 200 years ago. I do believe that it has to happen this way and that we will have to shed more blood to protect and preserve the right to live the way the founders intended us to live. The road to freedom will always be paved with the blood of patriots on the path to greatness. God bless the USA and all freedom loving patriots.

          7. Morton212 says

            It s common knowledge that in return for resigning as Governor, the Federal government agreed to drop several corruption charges – which would have crippled her ability to govern, in addition to costing a great deal of money.

          8. festmatt5440 says

            How did you get so stupid ‘ ; in only one lifetime’ ?

          9. mac12sam12 says

            They couldn’t find any corruption in her administration, it was a witch hunt. Remember the NYT’s got a hold of her E-Mails and they had a 100 people going through them? The most scandalous thing they found was that she wanted a tanning bed. The left is all for women and blacks as long as they’re democrats, it was a smear campaign.

          10. festmatt5440 says

            Quit proving your ignorance ‘ , and stupidity ” .

          11. Jarhead says

            Hey Mac….Morton is a paid TROLL and not a very good one!
            Of course it could be he/she/it has been brain-washed, has had a sever brain-injury, and I would not rule out heavy drug user….Select any two.

        4. Rande Richnow says

          If you need a clear example with the plethora of evidences of it via Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, or the Savage Nation, then you are not honest or open and have your fingers in your ears. Hundreds of examples of “bigotry” are enumerated with skill and relevance on a daily basis on these shows. You might try listening to a few. If you still think there are no examples, then you are either a liar or just an idiot.

          1. Morton212 says

            If there are so many clear examples, why are you having a problem presenting even one ?

          2. Rande Richnow says

            time…don’t be lazy, if you have time look it up. I’m busy.

          3. Rande Richnow says

            I gave you a source.

        5. Jarhead says

          FOX causes poverty!

          1. Morton212 says

            What! I have never heard that said about Fox. It panders to ignorance, and is the least accurate of all media news sources.

    2. Morton212 says

      Give an example to show what you mean.

      1. MAHB001 says

        troll, one need only to review your posts to see the bigotry.

        1. Morton212 says

          Lets hope that with my guidance you will correct your nasty snide little ways.

          1. MAHB001 says


          2. Morton212 says

            No need – I shall do it remotely – no need to smell you.

  16. Morton212 says

    Considering the accuracy of these kinds of polls, the differences in percentages are insignificant between blacks, whites and hispanics. Once again a right wing rag is attempting to try and make racism against whites (frankly twisted and absurd) an interesting topic.

  17. Lastings says

    Hey all you dumb effing racists that make dumb racist comments in this thread; I’ve got a question for you. Does it say anywhere in that article that whites are being bullied by other races? Does it mention that one race is being bullied by another? (The answer is no, by the way. Judging by your comments, your literacy level may not be high enough to comprehend that.)

    Basically the conclusion that this comes to is that white girls get bullied more often than others. Wow. Big surprise. Did any of you numbskulls even go to high school? If you did, you would remember that white high school girls can be very mean. Especially to other white highschool girls that are less privileged or less attractive than they are.

    1. Goodforall says

      You must be totally ignorant to ignore the black on white hate crimes being perpetrated every day across our country. I guess it will take it happening to you to realize how serious this has become. You just continue to ignore the hard cold facts.

      1. Morton212 says

        You live in a delusory world. Black on white hate crimes, to the extent they even exist are miniscule compared to the other way around.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          That’s not correct according to the FBI website. Black on white crime outnumbers white on black crime by a large margin.

          1. Morton212 says

            Most crime in the black community is black on black. Get it right.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            As usual an ignorant liberal tries to twist the dialog to make it appear that they are right and then assume some “moral” high ground in the conversation. You just compare apples to oranges and tried to make the person you responded to look stupid. When in fact you are the one that is twisting the dialog and misrepresenting what was said. To reiterate and set the record straight. mac said that black on white crime outnumbers white on black crime by a large margin. That is a fact taken from FBI website statistics. Then you take a totally different statistic, i.e. black on black crime and use it totally out of the context of the conversation you were involved in. You are correct to state that most crime in the black community is black on black. They find it far easier to victimize their own people when they don’t have to leave their own neighborhoods to do so. So the animals are eating each other. That has absolutely nothing to do with the disparity between the black on white vs the white on black crime. It is a totally different subject. Not related in the least bit. Then you say “get it right”. I absolutely love it when you post on here and continually demonstrate how confused and oblivious to reality you liberals truly are. You consistently twist your “facts” and almost always reiterate the lies to try to belittle the people you choose to “argue” with. Too bad that most of the people on this and other sites like it can see through your BS. You would be fighting a losing battle if in fact that was your intent. But we all know here that your true intent is to try to rattle anyone that responds to your pathetic ranting. I have always told people that to try to reason with you it is a total waste of time. That ignoring you is the only way to deal with people like you. However, I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and getting my feelings out here for my fellow patriots to enjoy as well. Thanks for giving me that opportunity. Keep on spouting your stupidity for all to see so that they may get a kick out of it as well.

          3. Morton212 says

            You are wrong.

            No more than 0.7 percent (seven-tenths of one percent) of African Americans will commit a violent crime against a white person in a given year, and fewer than 0.3 (three-tenths of one percent) of whites will be victimized by a black person in a given year;


        2. festmatt5440 says

          ‘ delusionary ” f o o l “.

          1. Morton212 says

            I guess I hit a bullseye to get such a mindless angry retort. Let me give you a suggestion. Try checking your ‘facts’ before confusing them for ideology.

    2. Ms_V says

      From the Star Tribune, a Minneapolis newspaper:

      When Daniel Patrick Moynihan zeroed in on the disintegration of the nuclear family as the
      root cause of African-American poverty and crime in the mid-1960s, the
      out-of-wedlock birth rate for black Americans was 25 percent.

      Today, after a civil-rights revolution (culminating in the election of the
      nation’s first African-American president) and $15 trillion spent on a
      feckless war on poverty (the official poverty rate hasn’t budged), more
      than 70 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock.

      Consequently, unemployment and poverty remain far higher for blacks than for the rest
      of Americans. More disturbing, however, is the elephant in the living
      room that no one in the public eye seems interesting in addressing —
      appalling levels of crime committed by young African-American males.

      One reason the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair garnered so much
      attention was the unusual nature of a white man (“white Hispanic”
      according to CNN) allegedly accosting a black teen. Sadly, when it comes
      to interracial crime, the reverse is anything but rare. To wit:

      • New York City law enforcement confirms that a 62-year-old man has died
      from injuries suffered at the hands of a suspect who declared he was
      “going to punch the first white man that I see.”
      • Two women, aged 24 and 32, are gang-raped by a dozen youths in a Delaware park known for such brazen crimes.
      • An 88-year-old veteran of World War II is brutally beaten to death with
      flashlights outside a Spokane, Wash., lodge by two men between 16 and
      19 years of age.
      • Three wannabe gang members, two of whom were black, shoot down Australian college student Chris Lane “for the fun of it.”
      • St. Paul resident Ray Widstrand is nearly beaten to death via flash mob-style violence on the city’s chaotic East Side.
      • A 13-year-old boy is brutally beaten by three other teens on a Florida school bus, all captured on video.
      • Another 13-year-old is doused in gasoline and set on fire by
      perpetrators in Kansas City telling him, “You get what you deserve,
      white boy.”
      • 22-year-old Jody Patzner is murdered in cold blood by three teens for
      his bicycle in north Minneapolis — with hardly a mention of the
      suspects’ race by authorities or local media.

      Yet they are no statistical anomaly. While most violent crime is indeed intrarracial,
      26.7 percent of homicides where the victim is a stranger are interracial. And in 2008, the offending rate for blacks (24.7 offenders per 100,000) was seven times higher than the rate for whites (3.4 offenders per 100,000), according to the latest figures from the Bureau
      of Justice Statistics (BJS).

      Accounting for population differences, whites are simply far more likely to be
      victims of interracial crime than blacks. That, of course, didn’t stop
      Jesse Jackson from telling the Los Angeles Times at the height of the
      Zimmerman frenzy that “targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and
      ultimately killing us is big business.”

      The data, once again, suggest something quite different.

      In the mid-1990s, the Center for Equal Opportunity analyzed 55,512 felony
      cases filed in state courts for the 75 largest counties, representing 37
      percent of the U.S. population. The weighted data, taken from the BJS,
      revealed that juries actually acquit blacks at a higher rate than whites
      for 12 of the 14 types of crime studied — including murder, rape,
      robbery and assault. The only category that had a higher conviction rate
      for African-Americans was felony traffic offenses.

      To be sure, poverty is still a significant problem in urban America, and a
      failed war on drugs does have a disproportionate impact on communities
      of color. But neither can fully explain the troubling trend in black
      criminal behavior that only genuine leadership — and a little honesty —
      can eventually solve.

      But don’t expect that anytime soon. Acknowledging that a “gangsta culture”
      is responsible for greater self-inflicted wounds among young
      African-American males than the remnants of racial bias is especially
      problematic for those whose careers are built upon finding a racist
      under every bed.
      Jason Lewis is a nationally syndicated talk-show host based in
      Minneapolis-St. Paul and is the author of “Power Divided is Power
      Checked: The Argument for States’ Rights,” from Bascom Hill Publishing.
      He can be heard locally from 5 to 8 p.m. on NewsTalk Radio, 1130-AM, and
      at jasonlewisshow.com.

      1. Morton212 says

        Mrs. V – you cannot with a straight face produce a script of the Jason Lewis Show and offer it as anything but a very right wing point of view. The man has a nickname ‘Mr Right’, pushed people like Glen Beck and has been totally wrong in his predictions about Obamacare. Statistics are the easiest data in the world to manipulate – so you might think twice abut endorsing the views of someone with so much baggage.

        1. Ms_V says

          Sorry, Morton (I do like your arab picture much better), who did you expect me to quote – barry, et al? I will leave that to you. I used to be a VERY liberal person in my younger days (at LEAST as liberal as you), until I saw what that mentality was doing to our country overall; i.e., the crime rates soared, wages went down, the gdp was shrinking, etc.. Then, I decided that sometimes, the old-fashioned ideas work best (for crime, national security, the finances of the country, the welfare of citizens, etc.) I will not ever agree with you, but if you keep it civil, I can at least discourse with you.

          1. Morton212 says

            I think that if you do more research you will find a marked correlation between poverty and crime. In times of affluence, crime rates plummet. I honestly think that there is little to no relationship between liberal attitudes and crime. In fact history bears that out; most emigration occurred from poverty ridden Europe that was crime ridden – with people trying to feed their families.

          2. Ms_V says

            I do agree with you that crime rates go up with poverty rates and that those rates decrease when happier times are present. However, there is another element to that idea – some criminals remain criminals, no matter how good the times are. Why? I have been told by some of my “forthcoming” students that they can make a lot more money illegally than they will ever make by working hard and doing the right thing, and they certainly do not want a job.
            So, no matter how much money that is thrown to them (usually by a liberal government), these folks will not stop being criminals. Is this a poverty issue? No, it’s a morality issue, and cannot be mandated. Conservative values (in an ideal world, nothing is perfect) would have intact families (fathers AND mothers are so necessary to a kid’s development), dad or mom working, and someone teaching the kids some morals (like thou shalt not steal) and integrity (like thou shalt not lie.) Black AND white families in days gone by, believed these very ideas, and they weren’t considered “conservative”, they were considered the norm.

          3. Morton212 says

            Whether you are right or wrong you pose a dilemma. We have no law requiring families to have a mother and father who have moral values, and you cannot punish the children from broken homes unless they are caught behaving criminally. Bernie Madoff came from a well to do Jewish family and stole $ 50 billion. His crime arguably amounted to more crime than a large American city suffers over a generation of crime.

          4. Ms_V says

            Bernie Madoff is a great example of someone that had no reason at all to become a criminal, but did so anyway–all the money in the world didn’t stop him from becoming the low-life he became. Too bad that along with all that money, a few lessons in right and wrong (morals) didn’t sink in, which really is my point. Moral behavior can only be effectively taught in my opinion, from within one’s family or church, not from government handouts. It appears to me that most cultures view this as being true.

            When people are repeatedly told that they can’t take care of themselves and that they need the government to do it for them (and handed free money), we are taking away their chance to EARN their own way into self-respect – this is essential if they are to be successful. They can’t earn their own way if they don’t know they are supposed to do it. They also will not understand why they should earn a living instead of being on welfare or a criminal, and will end up an entitled, whining individual, wondering why they are not “getting theirs.” How can these people know any of this unless someone has taught them something about self-determination and morals? That can never come from the government.

          5. Morton212 says

            I would suggest that to a very large extent, your moral fiber is something you are born with. Some people are by nature grateful for help, and kind hearted and honest. Others are bad through and through. In my own experience the worst offenders are often spoiled wretches, from wealthy families – that believe the world owes them deference. Conversely, the nicest I have known, came from poor families where they learned to give and to share.

          6. Nastasyana says

            But…Bernie Madoff was,..white…wasn’t he? Did he get government handouts? You certainly are knowledgeable about how people should act.

  18. USCBIKER says

    This is a BS poll. Most stupid kids can’t find their own asses with both hands. Whites are still a majority and are usually bullied by other whites. What parents need to do most is make sure their kids don’t go to a school where they mix with low class minority trash. That’s where you find envy and resentment that is more likely to fuel inter-ethnic bullying.

    1. Morton212 says

      On the face of it that may seem logical – but it breeds inferiority complexes and resentment. Integration on every level leads to opportunity and a way out of hopelessness. But that takes care and qualified guidance from those more mature.

  19. dittybop says

    White kids must start traveling in packs, and always carry a weapon of some sort, bear spray would work well, or a nylon knife. When they feel threatened strike first, a blow to the throat, a kick to the groin area or a fast upward thrust to the nose are all effective ways of subduing an aggressor ! Remember travel in packs the way the bullys do!

  20. Michael Skok says

    Is that why all the whites moved out to the suburbs!

  21. Mi espada says

    White boys have to quit acting like girls. Go to the gym. Enroll in martial arts.
    Knock the crap out of the first monkey that gets in your face. Stick together.
    Integration was intended to destroy the education system and spread crime.
    All of the melting pot crap is nonsense. No country can exist when darks are living among the civilized.
    Whites can live with Asians. Whites can live with non-mexican hispanics. But there is no living with negros or mexicans or third world darks. That’s just the truth. You would think that all of this chaos would be enough to convince even the most brainwashed of the liberal left, but there is no communicating with those that have been conditioned to hate their own.

    1. retona4 says

      Such racism from a terrorist.

  22. RLBufin says

    you dummies…IT IS THE PARENTS or lack thereof….that is basic to the
    problem of “un” educable children.

    The best of ‘teaching’ falls off their un-fertile minds like
    water off the policeman’s rain hat. The
    mindset of “black” will not accept the while man’s teaching – for
    better or for worse. You can’t pour water into a bottle with the cap still
    screwed on tightly.

    Teaching/Learning can only take place when the flow of info
    goes uninterrupted from the teacher to the student.

    Ingrained prejudice plus 24/7 TV plus cell phones plus ‘gang’
    mentality, plus preinstalled hate and self-hate and ingrained inferiority and
    disgust for self and life – make it impossible to “improve” the
    student by education.

    AND it is not the fault of the school; meaning the teacher or
    the text books..etc. etc.

    Passing laws will never change the parents/children’s mindset
    and make them internalize the teaching and benefit from it by changing their
    thinking and their own lives.

    THINK you dummies: What
    was it that brought hordes of people from Western Europe in the 1600’s to the
    Eastern sea board of the new world, of North America?

    WHAT was it that transformed that burley hoard of West
    Europeans into the Americans of the 1600’s – 1700’s. What was it. THERE WERE NO SCHOOLS – NO TEACHERS. Only
    dangerous savages and open country with plenty of game on land and in the

    change…..Here are some of the qualities of character that the early settlers
    from Europe brought with them to this new world.

    1. The level and quality of morality they had ‘before’ they
    arrived at the East Coast of America.

    2. The work ethic they already possessed.

    3. The close-knit family structure – of the immigrants.

    THE citizens of the cities with failing schools will never
    possess those qualities of character that transformed those early European
    immigrants into Americans.


    1. The citizens of the ‘failing schools’ areas; (FSA), have
    little or no moral underpinning – except
    ‘ “big dog eat little dog” and “survival of the fittest”.

    2. The citizens of the FSA abandoned any work ethic by decree
    of Abe Lincoln – in the Uncivil War. Working for the white man was a crime, a
    sin, and disgrace. SO the citizens of the FSA continued to live off the
    “mastah” (of the plantation) as they did in slavery times; except
    that now the new ‘mastha” was the Federal Government. IT WAS the natural thing to do. Each new
    generation of children were taught by their Grandpas and Grandmas those “slavery-time”

    3. There is no family
    structure in the FSA which can sustain and support each new generation of
    ‘children” born to them. As in slavery days, the children were trained to work
    for the white man and were ‘used’ by ‘the man’ for his own advantage. The
    male/husband/father never assumed any responsibility for the care of financial
    support of his off springs. This is perhaps the main “key” factor in the
    failure of the FSA program.

    However, today, as of old, the politicians “use” the citizens
    of the FSA in their scheme to ‘buy” their votes by giving them little trinkets
    and cute necklaces and cell phones and food stamps and only ‘token’ cash wages to buy their

    Each new baby was a financial blessing to the
    “mastah” and was rewarded with new trinkets and ornaments and free


    THE “Failing School Systems” of the inner cities of the US of A. For the powers that be still “use”
    the citizens of the FSA for their own personal benefit – especially buying
    their votes with goodies from the larder of the powers that be.

  23. Paula says

    Off subject: How come the word Privilege seems to proceed the word White? Never proceeds the word black or hispanic. Are the stinking liberals trying to convince me that there ARE NO privileged blacks? Every black in the obama administration can be called privileged. Every major, governor, fed’l and state AG’s. Every lawyer and every judge. Every black activist that has shaken down companies for years! Every time obama turns around he’s “creating” a new program for poor young people of color. There are organizations that whites cannot join (how about the black caucus), Total black network. The list is huge! But they are NOT privileged! This administration is gunning for the white race and will go down trying to subjugate us.

    Trying to eliminate the white race is NOT racist? I’m just sick of all this crap!

  24. ken29 says

    19, 20, 24 probably well within the probable error of the study – all “about the same”. It doesn’t report how many were bullied, only how many reported it – a crude approximation, at best.

  25. Rande Richnow says

    I must say this report is validation of my experience both as a student and as a teacher. This is precisely what I’ve witnessed in public education since 1970. It has gotten much worse in recent years, not just with Obama’s election, but before. The next generation has been so poisoned with the racist hate by their grandparents without having to live in it or fear it that they now act out and have become the very ones that their grandparents and great grandparents talked about if not in law, at least in practice and attitude, which leads to bullying.

  26. Spark1845 says

    REASON? White people TEACH their children. Yes. Things like manners and how to be kind to others. Blacks and Mexicans don’t do this as a rule. PERIOD.

  27. Spark1845 says

    When you have people like that Skinny PUNK Al Sharpton around the kids have no CHANCE. He is a PUNK just like Obama.

  28. Nastasyana says

    I read that MORE WHITES ARE BULLIED THAN BLACKS. I did not read that they were being bullied BY Blacks. In fact it says that in many instances blacks do not realize that they are being bullied Read for comprehension …open your mind to read for facts.

  29. The duck says

    Well Boarding schools do not guarantee safety from bullies either. Some boarding schools encourage it matter of fact. There is a military type academy near me that has just gone through a law suite for hazing new attendees as an initiation. I even attended a boarding school and saw first hand the bulling of a teacher. Poor woman had to retire to her room to hide out, in tears. So it is my conviction that since we have been forced to become politically correct and never mention God in our school system bulling had increased from 1950 to date. Oh we have had some years where there was a down turn but got ratcheted up again. There always have been kids that are prone to bully others and always will be. It does not matter how we legislate morals. Bullies have been and always will be with us. Prostitution has been legislated against in many states and sill there are prostitutes. So all we can really hope for is to become better able to control what our communities moral fiber is and accepts.
    Racism is learned and so is compassion. Create homes where compassion is the norm and reduce bulling and other social injustices including racism.

  30. DivineEncounters says

    Time for every young woman who is Caucasian to learn to kick ass and call names. Martial Arts good way to go. Builds a strong body, a good understanding of when to fight and when to walk away, gives you control over your emotions and if necessary you can give the enemy a swift message don’t tread on me.

  31. A Crying Shame says

    Anytime that government takes control of something it goes down hill fast.

  32. juan says

    America even in Europe- Remember the holocaust? That’s what comes from
    thinking you are superior and at some point whites while a minority in
    the world will become a minority on these continents. Lucky for you,
    people of color tend to be forgiving.


  33. glenn398 says

    Blacks do the most bulling towards whites and have since I can remember yet the schools completely ignore it and so does the media.

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