Bush’s Plan: Thwart Democracy, Buy the Nomination


A few short months ago, Jeb Bush was in prime position to secure the Republican nomination. He had name recognition, an excellent record of conservative leadership in Florida, and plenty of wealthy donors lining up to contribute to his war chest.

But even before Donald Trump came into the primaries like a bull in a china shop, Bush was struggling to connect with voters. Conservative critics jumped on his pro-Common Core position and his weak stance on illegal immigration. His defensive arguments did him few favors. And there was a prevailing sense that Americans in general had seen just about enough of the Bush family.

Since then, watching Jeb’s campaign has been like watching helium slowly leak from a balloon. His poll numbers have fallen into single-digits, and he’s demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for putting his foot in his mouth. Whether he’s talking about giving blacks free stuff, the Iraq War, or how Americans should be working longer hours, he’s a liability in front of a microphone. This is a guy who is somehow both more offensive and less exciting than Trump. At least when Trump says something outrageous, he sounds like a guy who is just telling it like it is. When Bush does this stuff, it comes off like he slipped and forgot he wasn’t safely ensconced behind the doors of his country club.

Even with all of this, reports say that the Bush camp is still confident. Why? Well, even though some heavy-hitting donors are vowing to defect if Bush’s poll numbers don’t rise, he’s still got a war chest in excess of $100 million. “They are prepared for a long, grinding fight and being the last person standing,” said one fundraiser.

And that might be the most disturbing thing about the Bush campaign. He’s not out there trying to win people over to his unique conservative vision for the country; he’s waging a war of attrition. As long as the money doesn’t run out, he’s good to go. If this primary plays out according to his plan, giving him the nomination simply because everyone else went broke, then something is seriously broken with our democracy.

The media has it backwards. Donald Trump may scare the faint-hearted with his unfiltered take on politics, but Bush is a symbol of what’s really wrong with America today. With John Boehner stepping down as House speaker, conservatives have a chance to truly take the GOP back from the elite. But if Jeb wins the nomination, we’re back to square one. Let’s use 2016 to rock the boat.

  1. MAHB001 says

    No more big government….

    Both parties have become indistinguishable and it is time to impose term limits, on the entire mess.

    If they will not do it, the public should do it for them.

    1. donemyhomework says

      Boy do I agree with that.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Many intelligent people laugh at the hopeless masses who glom on to silly slogans like “Hope and Change”, repeating it mindlessly as though just saying it will actually do something.

        But those same people laughing at the masses about “hopiechangie” then turn and just as naively cling to ideas such as the CON-stitution “protects them”, that the problems in the government are because of “liberals”, that “terrorism” is organic and a legitimate threat to our country or people, that “Russia is the enemy” and that the way to “get ahead” is to “work harder and smarter”. Forget the facts. In fact, IGNORE the facts, deny the facts !

        Those fairy tales about “working hard” “freedom isn’t free” etc. are simply the next step up the ladder of lies from “hope and change”. They are lies and slogans that have been presented as “news and intellectual thought” and “politics”.

        As long as those in control can convince those THEY control that we, the “controlled”, are “in charge” there is nothing for us to rebel against. You don’t rebel against yourself.
        So the CONTROLLERS spend endless time and effort selling the masses ideas about “go get yours” and freedom and “threats” from all sides that only “government intervention and regulation” can ever hope to “solve”.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          I see they let you out of the rubber room again. When you are allowed computer time, why don’t you just stick to selling bridges you don’t own or collecting for a fake charity or something?

          Your ramblings are not appreciated. You’ve got to be brain dead not to get it.

          1. Croco Dile says
          2. Jimmy Quick says

            Another selfie? I see. Pretty pathetic existence.

          3. Seldena says

            You are a sick person!!

          4. Croco Dile says

            You were looking at Jimmy the Quick, Seldena.
            He is the sick.

          5. Seldena says

            YES! I am sorry if I made a mistake and replied to you. Forgive me please!

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Why don’t you two spawn more welfare, section 8, handout receiving scum!! Or, just let planned parent hood sell off their body parts. Then you can buy more cheap vodka and crack!

        2. Gerry Costa says

          Damn — you talk a lot but never say anything.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Maybe it’s just too much for you to comprehend ?

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            Our comprehension is not at issue here.

            Maybe you were just born with a squirrel’s brain and that’s the best you can do?

            You know, some sort of like reverse evolution might be at play…

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Croc-a-shit. The DNC jackal short bus is here. I take it you are one of the slug x or y generation slobs. You twerps can’t get my Mc Order right, give me correct change or keep the restrooms clean, yet you demand and feel “entitled” to $15 per hour.
          “working hard” “freedom isn’t free” etc. are simply the next step up the ladder of lies from “hope and change”. Really twit??.. Laughable……that says it all about your libTURD ass.

        4. donemyhomework says


          1. Croco Dile says

            I did not write for you, boring guy.
            Do your homework !

        5. LastGasp says

          Off the meds again, eh?

      2. Jimmy Quick says

        Jiberish is just Hillary Clinton in a man’s body. If term limits are revamped as they should be, immediate family (including spouses, current or past) should also be prohibited from running for the office of the president.

        If Bush somehow wins, he will be the fourth term of his father, which if anyone can recall, wasn’t all that good.

        Overall the Bush family has been a dark chapter in America’s history with a cloud of suspicion around everything they touch.

        Let’s close the door on this boob and move forward for a change.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says


        2. Michael Stewart says

          I think we should get rid of term limits. As long as voters are willing to elect a person they should be president.

          1. Mister B says

            We should repeal the 12th amendment and have presidents chosen the proper way. http://www.freedomformula.us

          2. Bud says

            And the “proper way” would be what?

          3. Mister B says

            With the original electoral college. http://Www.freedomformula.us

          4. Bud says

            We have the Electoral College now.

          5. Mister B says

            The Electoral College today is a rubber stamp for for the popular vote. It was much different when it was first in place, prior to the 12th amendment. http://www.freedomformula.us

          6. Bud says

            The Electoral College SHOULD be a rubber stamp for the popular vote in each state.
            P.S. I clicked your link but have no time to read through a web site.

          7. Mister B says

            The shouldn’t be but the are, so we get a bunch of greedy jerks as Presidents.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            I would place a couple of qualifiers on that.

            1) If they have violated the constitution in any way whatsoever, they should be immediately removed from office. An independent sequestered panel of prosecutors should be convened, not congress to investigate and settle these matters.

            2) If the national debt has been raised even the smallest fraction under their presidential term, they should be disqualified from ever running for a second term.

          9. worn out 123 says

            This debt is a disgrace to every congressman and woman, not to mention the president and every one of his appointments.

          10. Jimmy Quick says


          11. al.k says

            We don’t elect the president, we get to campaign and waste time and money for some hood that bows to the money powers, they don’t even write their own speech.
            their speech writer is a professional speech writer tells us what they think we want to hear, term limits should definitely be imposed on all government officials and they should be drug tested regularly.

          12. Bud says

            Oh, good grief. You vote for a slate of electors which will vote for the candidate of your choice. It is extremely rare for an elector to fail to vote for the candidate he is supposed to vote for.

          13. VanceJ says

            your NUT’S, that is the problem we have now, because no term limits breed’s what we have now.!!!!!

          14. Donald H Sullivan says

            Americans have a habit of complaining about an elected official, but come election time they get amnesia and vote the crook right back in.

          15. Bud says


        3. Mister B says
          1. Kathryn Caldwell says

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        4. Patti1947 says

          I agree that Jeb Bush is NOT the man we want for the next President, but neither is HILLARY. She is so corrupt and would be another Obama all over again. She is such a liar and hypocrite and I trust her as far as I can throw her. Let’s try an outsider to Washington this time. This country needs help badly. It is going to take years to repair all the damage Obama has done to it. This is coming from a FORMER democrat. The way things are going in Washington, we are going to be blown to bits with a nuclear weapon thanks to Obama and Kerry’s great Nuclear deal. Wake Up America…. We are being taken over.

          1. worn out 123 says

            I agree. No more socialists! I like Dr. Carson, too.
            If you withdraw $10,001 from your bank they are required by law to notify the Fed.government. Even $5001.00 cash withdrawals are requested by govt. that banks notify them. Persons stopped with cash on them have it confiscated and not returned. America has stopped being a free nation when one can no longer have ones own hard-earned cash in his/her possession.
            Our phones are being monitored. Our texts are being read as well as metadata recorded. BELIEVE IT!

          2. jetmagnet says

            He’s an uncle tom and has no experience. He’s a bigot and will never win in a general. Hillary will win, although both conservatives and democrats love sanders. Only candidate for the middleclass and working man. The rest are bought by billionaires and have no ideas or stupid policies that no one wants.

          3. worn out 123 says

            We have a plethora of your “experienced” politicians. They have given America an $18,000,000,000,000 ‘official’ debt and mean to cut social security people have paid into all their lives. Time for new blood. VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT! Socialism is the back door to communism. Look to failed nations of Europe; France – in economic trouble with a Muslim problem, Spain – Economic woers, Italy has a strong communist party and are in worse economic trouble than either France or Spain, Greece – Where half the people work for government, is in great shape, huh? “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” . . . . Winston Churchill.
            This why people fled Europe to come to a land of freedom from the likes of Europe, comrade.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Socialism is what all countries have and we need it. The opposite is fascism, which is what you’re all about. Hitler would be proud.
            You talk alot of shit with no substance or intelligence. Let’s get down to facts and i’ll show you like all the rest how stupid you really are.hahaha!

          5. worn out 123 says

            Socialism benefits the too lazy to work like yourself by driving away the impetus necessary to encourage a work ethic. Herein I offer this tiny truth of business: Money follows the path of best treatment. I’ll spell it out for the bumbasses such as yourself who cannot comprehend its meaning. The rich will move their money to the nations that tax their wealth better thasn socialist nations. Ireland, for example, has a 12% tax on corporation profits and you’ll see the flags of our businesses flying there today as a result of socialist overtaxtion today if you bother to raise your eyes that high. Just recently BK merged with a Canadian corporation giving them the lower rates of Canada. Socialism NEVER benefits the working class as it is they who end up paying for the centralized governments giveaways to the too lazy to work. Eventually socialists run out of other peoples money and all suffer as the GNP reverts to decades past while the country continues falling into an ever deepening abyss of national debt. Socialism is the back door to communism. You are an incapable of intelligent conversation, spewing forth falsehoods and intolerable speech. F.O. you obtuse S.O.B. Your “facts” constitute nothing beyond false and misleading B.S., comrade. “The goal of socialism is communism.” . . . . Vladimir Lenin. You could only “show” a mirage built upon half truths, falsehoods, and inventions of you’re puny intellect consisting of failed socialist policies which inevitably lead to communism. You have already shown your azz. It ain’t pretty and working class people do not want to see more of it, thank you. Cut your crap, comrade. You are a communist, period, end of discussion.

          6. jetmagnet says

            So tell me where you get 40 million jobs? Math a problem? Israel has socialism, why not complain about them. Do you hate americans?
            What about social security and medicare? Veterans benefits? Should we toss all those millions off social programs? See you morons complain about everything and offer no alternative. You praise the GOD of capitalism and Trickle down scams that are supposed to create jobs/ Where’s the jobs? How do we bring jobs back? You have no clue do you? You peeps brains are on talking points with no substance.

            I Remember when the last Republican president was in office?
            Aug 2008 –
            334,000 jobs were lost.
            Sep 2008 – 458,000 jobs were lost.
            Oct 2008 –
            554,000 jobs were lost.
            Nov 2008 – 728,000 jobs were lost.
            Dec 2008 –
            673,000 jobs were lost.
            Jan 2009 – 779,000 jobs were lost.

            And of
            course, in 8 years under Bush they created MINUS one million private sector jobs
            when normally 23 million would be created… and were losing 800,000 jobs per
            month as Bush headed out the door with 60,000 closed factories under him…
            along with destorying14% of our economy and screwing the entire world economy, a
            17 trillion los in asset just in the USA and 1/2 of what little private sector
            MFG left, in bankruptcy… They turned a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus into 6
            trillion in new debt and handed the next guy 12 trillion in projected

          7. worn out 123 says

            Whine and snivel about past presidents to resolve all the miriad of shortcomings of a current president. Obviously, this is the new standard by which you would set and have the citizens toil under. THIS is the best you’ve got?
            Under this administration we have race division, rioting and murder in the streets, class division, ALL NEW JOBS GOING TO ILLEGAL INVADERS, lawlessness, wide open porous borders, government sponsored avoidance of immigration laws, (flawed as they are are still our immigration laws) massive unemployment (if u simply count the hopelessly under and un- employed which you so adroitly ignore). None of this is desireable unless one plans to nationalize industry under a socialist/communist government as has been the plan beginning with healthcare from his first days in office. ** From the ashes of chaos will rise the glory of communist oppression.** There is a tape in existence which I and many others have seen where O. openly states the path to a single payer (socialized medicine-the scourge of healthcare) is his sought after goal, but will take time, he admits. The ACA is a first step, designed for failure as it most certainly will. It is merely laying the groundwork for nationalizing ALL industry by a highly centralized, intrusive, all powerful government. Washington D.C. is a cesspool of avarious and power for both party leaderships. Whatever keeps them in powerful positions, whatever gains them personally, whatever is selfish and adds to THEIR betterment is that which propels government officials today. The statists ob both major parties care nothing for the cause of freedom or justice today. Gone are the hallowed words of J.F.K.,; “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”
            When this nation was founded life was hard. Almost no one had any wealth and a tyranical government was threatening. People stood for liberty. All gave something while some gave their all for the cause of liberty which you freely give away. You American (if you actually are) communist sow.
            “I know what course others may take. But as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” . . . . Patrick Henry.

          8. ted j says

            your comment shows that you are just another fool, deceived by the lies being perpetrated by the MSM..we as a nation have no place for a socialist in public office…what this country needs today is people that are TRUE Americans, ones that love God and follow his teachings…Ben Carson is a great man of morals and strong convictions who loves America…

          9. jetmagnet says

            Unless you ignorant peeps can answer me something that’s reality based you’re just another pea in the conservative POD.

          10. sharon says

            Because Obama is a stinking fascist, and those who back him are no different.

          11. jetmagnet says

            Actually, you basturds are fascist. You want everything your way, that’s fascism!

          12. jetmagnet says

            Carson is a meek poosie with no experience. His ideas suck. He would bring us back to a 3rd world country. There would be massive job losses and white slavery..people working for peanuts.

          13. Jsph Hiagan says

            YOU….are one sick puppy

        5. Sluggo D. Mann says

          Google: Prescott Bush and see what he wanted for the country. Smedley Butler, USMC, Major General put a stop to a desired takeover of the US by corprations

          1. stephanie wilson says

            prescott?? really?? i’m sure your ancestors are saints right?? puh lease. judging people by what a past ancestor did is absurd. i’m no jeb fan either btw.

          2. worn out 123 says

            I can agree with your statement in general. I am not a J.B. fan either. My fondest goal is to see J.B. polling under 1%.

          3. Bud says

            That is true. After all, the father of Saints John, Robert, and Edward Kennedy was a Hitler sympathizer while he served as the U.S. ambassador to the Court of St. James under FDR.

        6. stephanie wilson says

          your demonization of bush’s family is nothing but a cheap shot.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Really? And you know about the Bush family? Perhaps you are willing to share your personally knowledge and tell us all how they went from being prosecuted during WWII as Nazis to controlling the CIA and eventually controlling the entire country.

            Maybe you can tell us how Herbert handed off the presidency to Clinton so he could keep his boys out of prison for bankrupting two savings and loan banks.

            You might also want to tell us all about the Bilderburg Foundation and it’s inner workings.

            No, I don’t think you know anything. I bet you don’t even know that Obama is a cousin to the Bush boys, do you?

            It’s a joke to watch people like you act like they know something. Why don’t you do a little reassert and get back to me?

          2. worn out 123 says

            You’ve done your homework, I see. Invader loving, common core advocate J.B. is aligned with the NWO. No thanks.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            We need to drum Bush out of the race.

          4. Bud says

            You first. Out of the human race, that is.

          5. Bud says

            You might also want to check into how the father of Saints John, Robert, and Edward Kennedy was a Nazi sympathizer while he served as the U.S. ambassador to England under FDR.

            Why don’t you worry about the here and now rather than what someone in the Bush family may have done decades ago?

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            It not decades ago. It’s now you moron. ALL the BUSH people are trash and so are Kenedys’ for that matter.

            The idea behind the founding of the USA was to put an end to royalty and dynasties for all times. No more tyrants bending the rules to suit themselves and their cronies.

            I suspect you have a vested interest in seeing Bush in the seat of power or you wouldn’t be so impassioned.

            Hopefully, this go round will be different. I can see your boy sneaking in through the back door as a running mate but right now “the winds of change are a blow’in” and its not in your favor.

            So, tough toenails BUD. Why don’t you go suck your thumb and cry for your mommy?

          7. Bud says

            Since you seem unable to do little more than name-call, do not respond to me until you have something of actual substance to say, and not what you “can see” happening.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            Aw, the truth has hurt his widdle feelings. Well grow up Bud, you may learn something yet.


          9. Bud says

            Yes, I may well learn a great deal. Probably not from the likes of you, though.
            Have a good life.

        7. Jsph Hiagan says

          Not true……The worst Republican is 100 times better than the best Damn-0-crap!!!!!!!

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I wish I could concur, but fact is the Bush family supports the Clintons and Jiberish is only in the race as a counter balance to Hillary. I hope they both get knocked out in the primary, but that is a lot to hope for.

      3. Croco Dile says

        Those in charge make sure that, for the most part, nothing that you see is as it is PRESENTED. The game is always the same. For GOOD reason. When a very small percentage of the population controls the system and virtually all the assets, they know the biggest weakness they have, is the people they control figuring out who is doing exactly WHAT to them. So they stay hidden and they make it very difficult to figure out who they are and what is actually happening.

        This site is doing a great job pointing to the PUPPETS of the system only ! Never expose the CONTROLLERS !

        People just refuse to see !

        1. Gerry Costa says

          Since you have this all figured out, and I do agree with some of it, where are your ideas for fixing this dilemma ????? I believe we need to rid our govt of ALL career politicians and set short term limits on all public positions just for starters.

          1. Croco Dile says

            A starting point would be to understand that what we see around us is a GAME.

            THEIR game !


          2. Gerry Costa says

            I am very well aware of that fact . I have been involved with enough politics and have experienced some of their ” games ” . But there has to be a way to stop or at least bring these games under control. I believe the ONLY thing we can thank obozo for is that he woke the American people ( at least some ) up to the fact of how corrupt, inept and greedy these politicians really are.

          3. Croco Dile says

            Obamao is very good for the oligarchy.
            He left a lot of people demoralized.

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            Dude, you’re like an old women. All complaints and no solutions. Just think of how much nicer it would be to visit this site and not have to look at your incompetent posts.

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            Pay for performance is the only way that any large system can function. Any person who violates the constitution must automatically be ejected and replaced. The over all goal must be the operation of the most efficient government possible, pay off our debt, bring business back to the USA and make jobs for our people. Why would we get rid of anyone who can do all that. They need to get a bonus and begged to stay.

          6. Gerry Costa says

            I would agree with that – Jimmy except that career politicians have proven time and time again they CANNOT be trusted. They are in this to line their own pockets NOT to serve America and it’s citizens. They are crooked from their first term on and if we can’t trust them why would we put them in office ??

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            I think you need to take this out a little further. Under my plan, it would be illegal for members of the government to receive any money from any source without full disclosure and that would include any accounts controlled by that person or that persons trust or any other financial instrument or third person.

            In other words, if you take the job, you only get paid from your employer. Anything else will be suspect. That ends the career path for power hungry politicians who are looking for ways to cheat the people out of their hard earned money, and stiff penalties need to be accessed for employees who attempt to hide their illegally gotten gains.

          8. Gerry Costa says

            I like that idea. If we could only get it implemented through the very people we are trying to get under control. Sounds like a good plan to me.

          9. Jimmy Quick says

            Go around them. Call a for a constitutional convention.

            A powerful president could set up a web site for the regular people to propose amendments to the constitution. After a period of public debate and redress, the general public is given a period of time, say 30 days, to vote on that amendment as crafted.

            If an amendment as written is approved by 70% of the general public, then it moves to the board of governors for a vote. If the amendment should fail at that time, all governor voting will be published of the same website from which it was generated.

            Then governors who voted against the will of the people can be recalled and removed from office.

            Once all active amendments have been properly put forth, the convention is called and the governors are already committed to vote as they previously had done or to be removed from office by the people of their state.

            My number one pet peeve is “No more executive orders”. If it’s not a law, you can’t do it.

            Number two, enforce all laws. If it is found that a law is obsolete, remove it from the books through proper legislation.

            Number three, form a secret committee to review and comment on all supreme court rulings including the cases they refuse to adjudicate. If it is found that an justice has violated the constitution in any way, put the evidence before the general public to be debated and voted upon. If a majority of the people vote remove, the particular case in question is negated and rescheduled and that faulty justice is then immediately removed and replaced.

            These government employees have forgotten who their bosses are and our constitution is the law. It should either be respected as having full authority over these people or we need to stop pretending we are an honorable nation.

          10. worn out 123 says

            “. . . . stiff penalties . . . .” This to include 10 years prison terms.

          11. Jimmy Quick says


        2. donemyhomework says

          I’d like to have a copy of the list. Who are the controllers.

          1. Croco Dile says

            It seems you missed what I wrote !

            Read again : “…..they stay hidden and they make it very difficult to figure out who they are and what is actually happening….”

          2. donemyhomework says

            Nice picture.

          3. ted j says

            no it is not hard to find out who they are… just google the NWO.. and see who are the members…it might awaken you….

      4. jetmagnet says


    2. Mary Green says

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      1. joe says

        Get out of here you worthless troll go bake something

    3. James Maxwell says

      We, the voters, have that power, unfortunately to many stay at home in their Lazyboy loungers
      and just curse what is happening rather than getting up and voting to make Change in the
      way thing s are done. Until the VOTERS wake up and realize their vote may disappear if the
      do not get out and vote thing will never change. The welfare crowd know his and make sure
      to turn out on election day to get more freebie from the TAX Payers and bottom feeding

      1. SickofPC says

        Whether you vote or not your vote is being counted as a vote for the Democrat. They reached maximum efficiency in 2012 when they changed most of the votes for Romney to votes for Fuckbama. The 2016 election has already taken place for the most part with your votes going to Hillary Clinton. If necessary, the software will be revised for the Democrat candidate.

        1. James Maxwell says

          O’muzzie and his “bath house” friends are doing all they can to create a civil war
          in the United States so he clan declare martial law before the election. Even
          then it will be a tight race for which individual will survive the battle. And sadly
          it may well come to armed conflict in our Nation to restore our rights as Americans.

          1. Jorge Molina says

            I have always suspected obumer’agenda to create chaos so he can implement martial law and become the supreme dictator ayatollah obumer.

      2. joe says

        The elections are not honest it does not really matter what the majority of people want all that matteris is what those in power want they pick the president we have NOTHING to do with that process its all lies . They try to make the braindead portion of the population think that their vote matters when in fact it is meaningless.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Your statement is true ONLY if we allow it to happen.

          I feel we must keep on sounding the alarm of a rigged election so that the couch potato electorate understands that their votes really are not being counted.

          The only way to fight this type of corruption is to shine the light of day on it, and hope the people have enough brains and common sense left to see through the smoke screens.

          1. joe says

            The problem is I think most Americans at least the ones with functioning brains already know the elections are rigged. You of course have the dim witted liberals that either are too stupid to see this or just deny reality but what do we do about it. As long as corrupt people are in power they will continue with the same old lies and deception. So I think we already have more than half the country that knows how corrupt the political system is, we vote the lying republicans in and they stab us in the back. So even if you vote for someone that says they will fix things then never do. If we can start recall elections maybe that would tell these liars you better do what we tell you to do, it worked in Colorado. Would those elections be honest though, not if they started actually working and we were able to remove some of these criminals from office , that would change in a hurry. I don’t know the answer I do know one thing however stock up on arms and ammo. I think eventually it will come down to this, hope I am not around when it does but I wont be caught un armed if it does. The fore fathers saw this could some day be an issue and the right to overthrow a tyranical government belongs to the people of this country, if obamyrat is not a tyrant then what is a tyrant.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I kind of feel that we are sitting around watching another Hitler come to power.

            If you want to know why the German people were complacent during the rise of Hitler, you could study today’s society and get a very good idea.

            I do see hope, more and more people like you have it figured out and those that have it figured out have to be compassionate and tell those that don’t have it figured out.

            Keep thinking about a solution, as the saying goes, Never bet against a pissed off American….

            0bama and the left sure are pissing off a whole bunch of people.

          3. joe says

            I know what you mean, most people I know can see it but then again I tend to not associate with the left wing liberal type, most of my friends have jobs and don’t expect free stuff from the government. As long as we have the free loader portion of society they will always vote dumborat they do not want their free stuff taken away, the rest of the country means nothing to these people as long as they can sit on their lazy butts and collect welfare, you will never get them to look at ANY issues. These are the sheep of the country the ones that would certainly follow a Hitler like person which is what obamyrat is, right off the cliff. This is why that rat traitor wants all the illegals here and now the Syrians they are guarenteed dumborat votes, mean while the republicans just do nothing they want the cheap exploitable labor for their rich corporate donors that give them the money they need to stay in office because that is ALL they care about. This is why we need to ELIMINATE the job title of career politician and put strict term limits in place. It why we also must put strict laws on the lobby industry to prevent the purchasing of political figures. Lastly we need to get control of the media out of the hands of a few wealthy individuals and get some media not controlled by them in place, the media spews nothing but lies and the less educated people in this country just suck it up as facts.
            This all has it’s origins in the schools however the liberal teachers pollute the minds of children from a very early age and they end up for the most part growing up to be sheep just like their parents who only reinforce the insane liberal ideas most teachers push. Its a huge problem and we need a major change to fix it which to me means a whole new kind of person in the political world, a person like Trump. We have lived with decades of lies and broken promises from the political rats to expect they will ever change is to have no grip on reality at all.

      3. Pamela says

        And whoever the democrat nominee will be will go wake up a bunch of dead people out of their grave along with illegals and immigrants to vote! I actually believe that Obama lost both elections, but they were fixed.

    4. Will says

      Funny thing….we, the public have elected representatives who are supposed to be our surrogate voters, but it turns out that they cut the strings as they move inside the DC beltway. They have control of all the controls which should have been separated long ago and placed in the hands of an oversight body disconnected with those birds! What they tell us is either well controlled information or well controlled disinformation about how they are working in our best interests, keeping us in the dark. Not sure exactly what the best solution is but this one seems to be unravelling and becoming increasingly entropic. I would still say single term elections is the best alternative yet on the table.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The moral majority can no longer be silent on the sidelines…

    5. SouthernPatriot says

      Thirty years ago we worked with other interested patriots toward that goal. It would take a huge amount of money and a huge volunteer force to be successful. The status quo is so entrenched in the two party system remaining as it is. A constitutional amendment is truly not possible until there is a calamity which unites enough voters. The only other method is to work on a state by state basis. A success in one state would embolden citizens in other states. So far, it appears the state most likely to pass term limits on its own U.S. Senators, and Representatives would be Texas or another southern state.

    6. Terry Rushing says

      A convention of states (Article 5) could clear a lot of things.

    7. Mister B says

      We need the 17th Amendment repealed so that senators will do their jobs of protecting the power of the states. It would bring the size of government down in a hurry. http://www.repeal17now.org

    8. jetmagnet says

      End citizens united, and do away with lobbyist. All contributions should be from individual donors.
      That will peel back the skin of these candidates and show who they are really for.

      1. MAHB001 says

        No loopholes for Unions, Planned Parenthood type companies and special interests groups, either.

        The problem is that liberals want their cake and want republicans to give their up…

        Got to be equal for both sides… And they can not agree on that.

        1. jetmagnet says

          If you like that then remove tax free status from churches and political groups. If they have views on government and influence they should pay taxes.

          1. MAHB001 says

            comparing pp to a religion? you are nuts.

          2. jetmagnet says

            Planned parenthood saves lives and helps millions. Anyone who would attack it is Satans disciple. Comparison? No, but how are conservatives helping poor men and women? Give me a list of any conservative group that serves people for free.
            You don’t want people to have healthcare from the government , so what’s your plan? You peeps have no plans period. The republican Healthcare plan- “don’t get sick” If you get sick die Quickly. We should be a selfish nation right? Maybe if conservatives ran the the country they could change the motto, “In God we trust” To “Go Fuck yourself”

          3. MAHB001 says

            Planned parenthood slays lives you mean, and ensures sex without parenthood responsibilities for millions….

            You have fallen victim to the lefts ideological subversion. You are incapable of seeing good in people, in America, or your fellow countrymen. Unfortunately you are a useful idiot.

            What has happened to you :30
            And what will happen to liberals in general after the regime you fight for is in place, is described at 2:46


          4. jetmagnet says

            Planned parenthood is another War against women and will cost the party of Hate in 2016. 7 million women have used planned parenthood and 1 out of 5 women or men have used planned parenthood in their life. It’s a loser for the tiny rightwing fruitcakes!

          5. MAHB001 says

            who are those 7 million going to hate when they find out that they have been lied to?

          6. jetmagnet says

            Just ask them , their on TV blasting republicans for trying to take away healthcare they need. See the GOP is hated by millions of people. Because they like to think they are Supreme white beings and like to fuck people out of money healthcare, housing. What’s your plan for 40 million on welfare? Brother helping brother? hahahahahahaha! I’d like to see you fake christians taking people into your homes and feeding them, especially blacks and hispanics. I mean you government and want it so go away. One third of the jobs are government jobs. So if you eliminate 2 pts from GDP what will happen? LMAO How will the government take care of 40 million on snap and 100 million laid off government employees? Who will find jobs for 140 million , YOU?? So you want lower taxes too! Who will pay for the military and all the other government depts that make this country great?

            What isn’t hilarious is your belief that waving the Constitution around
            should gain for you anything more than a punch in the face since you spit on
            it at the same time you hide your worship of oligarchic oppression behind it. You are doing your best to destroy America AND the Constitution and
            haven’t got the slightest clue what you’re talking about…but you’re a real good little deformed dog who is willing to energetically yap at anyone your
            favorite propagandists need to destroy. Fools just like you all over America
            are destroying America with ignorance wielded like a sledgehammer. When the empire turns on you, though, as you finally realize the fruits of your
            stupidity, everyone will simply turn their backs and walk away as though you don’t exist at all.
            Here’s a novel idea. If you want the government to
            enact more laws restricting birth control, sex education, abortion, same-sex
            marriage, and drug use, among other things, it makes you pro-big government, it
            doesn’t make you a “don’t tread on me” small government libertarian. It also
            makes you a colossal hypocrite, plain and simple.

          7. jetmagnet says

            I asked for a LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a list of conservative groups that help poor people…

          8. MAHB001 says

            even if I gave you a list you would not accept it, It is well known that conservatives are far more generous with the poor than the left.

            Conservatives give with their own money, liberals somehow take credit for giving by FORCING other to give,,,, Socialism is that way… just a form of slavery.

          9. jetmagnet says

            Trust me conservatives are selfish stingy basturds. How many have signed up to the Gates foundation where they give their entire fortune away> LMAO
            Your biggest baddest Billionaire The Koch Suckers donates money for tax breaks by giving to institutions who name bulidings after them.
            There are No charitable conservatives.
            Also you peeps are symbolic morons- You say you want 40 million people off the government. Since you peeps are fake christians- we all know you selfish basturds wouldn’t take care of these peeps, the sick , hungry disabled. Now if we took them off the government are you and every other bagger going to take in an feed a few black people and hispanics? I mean you say that’s the alternate of the government ,right? You peeps are so laughable.

          10. MAHB001 says

            you are not trustworthy. all you have is insults and deflections. reading beyond your name and that silly tortured clown is far enough to dismiss the rest of your post.

    9. Angry American says

      They certainly are not going to pass term limits on them selves, it needs to be put before the people otherwise things are going to remain the same

      1. MAHB001 says

        agreed, we must self impose term limits,,,,

    10. jetmagnet says

      Well one party is for the good of mankind and americans, and the other is for tearing it apart and destroying the planet. I’ll take the latter.

  2. MAHB001 says

    I believe that both parties (and the MEDIA) have been taken over by Socialists/Communists. Democrats are out and out Socialists/Communists, the Republicans rule via crony Capitalism, which IS socialism in disguise. Both are the same, it is impossible to tell the difference.

    If this is true, then Bush’s plan would definitely be to thwart Democracy and buy the election.

    But I see the elite doing this in a slightly different way. We the People assume that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, when it comes to counting the votes….

    What happens when both are on the same side????? They are counting the votes people! They decide EVERYTHING!!!!

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    Joseph Stalin

    1. Morton99 says

      I guess that psychosis has taken you over more or less completely.

      1. MAHB001 says

        At :30 seconds Yuri describes what has happened to you.

        At 2:46 Seconds Yuri describes what is in store for you … Sorry, I am at a loss to help you and your liberal friends.


  3. Jack says

    BUYING(!!),,that’s NOT NEW(!!),,CORRUPT POLITICIANS have been BUYING nominations and general ELECTIONS for DECADES)!!!!)

    1. Ammy says

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      1. Observant_One says

        You could make more than that on your back.

        1. joe says

          ha ha ha ha ha ha

      2. joe says

        How much do you charge Ammy

    2. Joe the Nobody says

      Hold on now. Clinton is doing the same thing just like Obamboo did. Can’t stand anyone of them!

      1. Jack says

        “I don’t understand your first(1st) three(3) words”Hold on now”,My comment was”Generic”,it included anyone/everyone,who falls under/within the REALM(S) of CORRUPT POLITICIANS..,,

        1. Joe the Nobody says

          Sorry Jack I missed your point. I’m in total agreement with you.

          1. Jack says

            Joe,no”biggie”,,the whole article was funny,but not laughable but that is politics in today’s America.Money talks in today’s elections,and campaign expenses should be limited to $10000.00,,with donations at only $1.00 per person…Also compliments to your last five(5) words in your first comment above,I can’t stand the either.Have a good one..

  4. william russell says

    Hey jeb please get this message the grass root voters do not want you or any other washington politican. We someone from the outside who will be honest and live up to the promises they make. We do not want common core that you are pushing along with you love to all all immigrates to come to the usa and everything else you stand for. You can have all the money ion the world but will not change the voters minds now or next year. No more bushs and no more clintons

  5. Joe the Nobody says

    Bush, your a moron…pure and simple. You say ALL the wrong things, ALL the time just like your brother. Go away!

    1. Unique says

      The apples do not fall far from the tree.

  6. Elizabeth Craine says

    Bush is not entitled to the nomination or the Whitehouse. I will not vote for him.

    1. FreedomTrainUSA says

      Jebby Bush is on my Written list in the Large Category of those I WILL NOT VOTE FOR…

      1. Elizabeth Craine says

        My support is for Trump! The establishment is using Furino and Rubio to dilute the votes. That way Bush can win with 20% of the vote. No way will I vote for Bush.

        1. FreedomTrainUSA says

          We need to get so strongly behind Donald Trump….that all these Establishment RINOS are totally Shut Out…..

          1. Croco Dile says

            Those in charge believe that if the people are stupid and docile and crazy enough to submit to this system, well, then THEY HAVE IT COMING ! They feel justified to pound you some more.

            The “best” way to get what you want is to convince everyone ELSE that you are completely on board with the whole “golden rule” thing, while you secretly screw them over to get what you really want.

            And people seem to be happy to be screwed.
            That is actually the BEST system…. for the oligarchy.

      2. Robert E Boltz says

        Ft agree we have had enough of Clintons , Bushes , to last a life time.

  7. marlene says

    A CHIP off the old blockheads who have been communists for generations. All are members of the CFR. Smaller government, less crap.

  8. Philip Allen says

    Jeb Bush needs to run on the Democratic Ticket because he is no Republican and is damn sure not a conservative. He supports Common Core and want illegals to have Amnesty. He also praises John Boehner Speaker Of The House and said he did a good job. I agree he did a good job at giving Obama everything he wanted and selling out to the Democrats. If this is who you want as President Jeb Bush then you can expect more of the same. More illegal walfare, Higher debt, More Crime, More Socialism, More Debt, Fewer Jobs as he’s an establishment politician. He will lie or say anything to get into office if he has to buy his way in. Don’t vote for Jeb Bush for President in 2016. I voting for Trump because I really believe he can bring jobs back to America and I truly believe he cares and wants to really make America Great Again. He’s about the only one I feel I can trust and doesn’t use a teleprompter!! If we don’t vote the right people in office this time…I believe America will never be the same again because the majority of politicians are destroying our country and our liberties and freedoms. Need I Say More?

    1. SickofPC says

      You can also run Carly Fiorina as the Democrat she is. She is a liberal plant to help ensure the Democrats success.

  9. 1PierreMontagne1 says

    Only naive voters believe the election isn’t fixed
    The fix was evident in 2112 the polls were nearly opposite the ballots cast
    And if the ballots dont declare the back room favorite than it will be corrected with the electoral college regardless..

  10. chuck stanford says

    To tell you the truth. I was leery about having another bush in the big house again.

  11. peter says

    Jeb’s deep pocketed backers should save their money because Bush is going no where

    1. tom says

      please be rite jeb bush was a nightmare in florida and still is hes all about the same direction weve been going downward

  12. James Maxwell says

    It is getting harder and harder to distinguish between the “Professional” politicians who make a living
    screwing up our country from one party to the other. Bush is one of them who is not worth the
    powder to blow his ass out of town. But he is typical of the politico in office today, trying to ride the
    family name to power and money. To bad he did not do a very good job in Florida when he was

  13. Oscar Y. Harward says

    Jeb Bush continues to flip-flop on most important issues. What is his position on the issues? It is most likely different today from 1 week ago.

  14. HankBar says

    We owe Trump great gratitude for bringing the illegal alien issue to the table and forcing everyone to address it. His tax plan is no different than what we have now. Tax the rich who already pay more than their fair share. If his demeanor was different he might have the makings of a president, but his demeanor will not change. What you see is what you get and it does not fit the Oval Office. Only three people left worth considering. Fiorina, Cruz, Carson.

    1. SickofPC says

      You are wrong. The only alternative to Donald Trump is Ted Cruz.

    2. kbfallon says

      Phony Fiorina is absolutely no different than Clinton…period! They both lie faster than a horse can trot. Don’t fall for her feel sorry for me crap and all the lies she spews…..everything she has or had was handed to her by her rich and powerful daddy and hubby….she earned none on her own. liar is what she is and a phony.

      1. HankBar says

        I suppose you think Jeb received nothing from his powerful daddy.

        1. kbfallon says

          I agree…and he looks like a fish out of water sometimes, like Clinton-think its all about them. It’s almost beyond belief that some of the candidates think they are fit for the potus position—its almost always about the money-who has it to waste on failed attempts to become one of the most important people in the world…..I have followed her miserable record for a long time as I took a hit with HP investments. Trump is the only one running to help the country and not to help himself…in my opinion.

    3. joe says

      carson is a racist pig

      1. Morton99 says

        Fiorina is a failed CEO – and you can see why – she lies constantly. And Cruz does not even qualify to run for President.

        1. joe says

          I agree in fact ALL career politicians are liars and that is why they need to go and it is why we need a guy like Trump in there who is too wealthy to be purchased like rat traitor obammy that is in there now. It can not get any worse and the politicians have proven time and time again that they are liars and can not be trusted so let’s try something different.

  15. CCblogging says

    No more Bushes, No more Clintons and No nutcases like Bernie Sanders for president.

  16. Mynickelsworth says

    I think Mr. Bush should drop out of the campaign. We need a really true Conservative and the best one I see, at this point, on the big long list of contenders is Sen. Cruz.

  17. siridh says

    There are a few running on the Republican side that I won’t vote for — Jeb “Act of Love” Bush is at the top of that list. They run him, they lose. I realize they don’t care, but they lose.

  18. Patriot47 says

    I am no longer amused by the sheer number of people that believe we still have “elections”.

  19. jdbixii says

    Given the policies of Bush I and Bush II, the very notion of an administration under Bush III is pretty frightening. The world is now what it is because of the policies which were implemented after 9.11.01.
    Whether the current mess is the responsibility of Obama or not, the world would have been better off
    if Bush II had declared a total moratorium on all immigration, stopped all tourism, all trade, all shipping and all airline flights to and from all Muslim nations in response to the attacks, stationed troops on the Southern border to seal it effectively, increased security at all ports of entry and made the U.S. safe for democracy, rather than attempting to export it to the Islamic world which has no appreciation or historical heritage with a fundamental understanding of the implications of freedom which is based in a faith and trust placed in God and like-minded people. The weakness of diversity is the differences which form a justification for fear. These are NOT overcome by increasing diversity. These are overcome by strength in unity in the commonality of faith. A common language and a common religion are necessary to transcend the differences of race, ethnicity and culture which create uncertainty and fear. Just ask Bush III!

  20. Rich says

    Its like both parties are in a contest. Who can give my stuff away the fastest.

  21. artarlo1 says

    BUSH GO HOME and listen to MAMA

  22. Gerry Costa says

    As soon as I heard about his stance on both amnesty and common core – I wrote him off very quickly. He is just another status quo rino who will continue on with big govt and the downward trend of our country.

  23. Seldena says

    Bush just wishes he could fund his campaign like Trump! Thank goodness he cannot! Common core, amnesty–NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just quit Bush!! You and Hillary are a joke!!

  24. Cherie Lynn Davis says

    Something that seems not to be discussed often, except during election cycles, is voter fraud. I believe it is a huge problem and probably has been an issue in elections for some time, growing worse in 2008 and forward. Until we implement voter identification cards or something of that nature, the problem will never be solved. As it now stands, voting machines can be pre-programmed to vote a certain way, no matter how a citizen votes, and in some instances, certain factions are paying for people to go to the polls and vote a certain way. Another scenario is illegal aliens voting and in some cases, people casting multiple ballots. And then again, how are absentee ballots counted? Can we be sure they are being counted fairly or even at all? It depends on who is counting them and whether or not we can depend on their honesty. With the availability of technology at our disposal, there should be a reasonable way to accomplish a fair and viable way to track every honest vote, even if it takes setting up a Voting Board in every state to coordinate with a Central Voting Commission located anywhere but Washington, D.C. Until steps are taken to insure that our votes are correctly counted, we can never be sure that the person who is declared the winner, actually IS the winner.

    1. Morton99 says

      Voter fraud is a non issue. There is simply no evidence of a single Federal election where fraud has caused the wrong outcome. And watchers and attorneys from both sides have staked out every State where tampering has been suspected.

      1. Croco Dile says

        And election fraud is totally unnecessary because ALL politicians are working for the Matrix.
        What is the point of manipulationg the outcome ?
        Any outcome is welcome !
        The whole election thing is a FRAUD.

        1. Morton99 says

          When you allow huge amounts of institutional money into the system to pay for an election campaign – or – allow billionaires to buy elections – you do have a fundamental problem that is anti-democratic.

          1. Jarhead says

            And print ballots in 46 different languages….DUH!

      2. Cherie Lynn Davis says

        Hello: So it is back to us again. I would like to think that we can agree to disagree on this one. There were instances in Ohio where it was a known fact because they had people admitting to it on TV (one guy said he was paid and voted 72 times) and one lady, who also admitted it publicly, went to jail for voting multiple times. Common sense tells me that if it happened there, it is logical to think that it happened elsewhere. And how do you suppose that a certain polling place in Philadelphia did not have even 1 vote for Romney in the last election? Just not possible in my humble opinion.

        1. Morton99 says

          Read more carefully what I wrote.

          1. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            I just came across this. Very disturbing.

            Hidden Camera: Hillary Campaign Using Photos of Trump to Illegally Register VotersIn this latest video from Project Veritas Action, Henry Engelstein – a Hillary for America Fellow, who in a previous video had boasted that he was chastised by a librarian for openly displaying a Clinton sign while conducting voter registration in the library, is captured on hidden camera illegally registering voters.

            As you can see in the video, the illegal conduct of Clinton campaign workers such as Engelstein is a recurring offense. This video shows Engelstein bragging that “There’s like hundreds and hundreds of people, and I just flash a picture of Donald Trump on my phone and they all sign up.

          2. Morton99 says

            That is not illegal.

          3. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            I will admit that I am not an expert on election laws so I cannot argue this point with you right now. I think that election laws may vary from state to state though. I will try to find out what Nevada law dictates in this regard.

          4. David Nichols says

            Your caveat that fraud has not affected the outcome may give you comfort, but it is absolutely unprovable since you have no way to know the extent of the fraud…
            No level of voter fraud should be tolerated.
            If I steal a few steaks from Walmart, it won’t affect Walmart’s continued existence, but it is nonetheless theft–deserving of punishment.
            Your position is the classic “Nothing to see here folks, move on”. AKA denial…

      3. David Nichols says

        As any thinking person knows, no evidence of fraud is not the same thing as no fraud…
        Those committing fraud will go to some length to cover their tracks, don’t you suppose?
        And there has been plenty of evidence of voter fraud and suppression…never imagine that what has been exposed is all there is to find–think “iceberg”…

      4. Jarhead says

        Baloney…..go back to LBJ…….Duvall County, TX……..dead voters.
        In short: massive corruption is nothing NEW!

  25. Al Hope says

    Jeb Off! No invasion seditionist, including Carly and Ben, shall be at the top of ticket. Trump, Cruz and Santorum are the only supportable candidates on invasion reduction.

  26. McKallarkie says

    George W Bush, *Vote for my brother.”
    Bill Clinton, Vote for my wife.”

  27. wildeagleone says

    In my book, Bush is nothing more then SCRUB B(R)USH to be gathered up and discarded

  28. David Nichols says

    Well, if Jeb Bush is planning on winning the GOP nomination by outlasting all other contenders by virtue of the size of his war chest, how is he planning to defeat Donald Trump..?

    1. Morton99 says

      I suspect that Trump’s polling will start to subside before the end of the year. He is the classic (wannabe) emperor with no clothes.

      1. David Nichols says

        Preferable in any case to the current “emperor”….

  29. HarryTC says

    MAHB001, you hit the nail right on top of the head. If you ever read any of my comments, you will consistently see me state “DemoRepubs, when I am not pointing out that the Democratic Party no longer exists. I was a Democrat, but when the Democratic Socialist membership joined the Democratic Party, they pushed successfully to modify the Democratic Platform to have the same goals as the Democratic Socialist Party Platform, item to item. So you will read me stating that the Party is the Democratic Socialist Party. The Party I belonged to was the Party of the Working Middleclass, not the entitlement class as it is now.
    The so ,called “Tea Party is well within its Rights to rename their Party, Democratic Constitutional Party which is what us “crazy’s” want. Imagine that, we are called crazy because we love freedom, especially from a tyrant Regime like the Obama Muslim Regime. He points out why he was NOT eligible to be President du to the fact that he NOT a “natural born citizen ” and per the Constitution, that is REQIRED. Some will say to you, that was changed, but Constutional changes MUST pass both Houses, and be voted on by the legal citizens, which did NOT happen.
    When a Conservative President is elected,he will very likely move to remove ALL of ObamaCare and it’s titanic new taxes. It’s looking like Trumps tax plan or the “Flat Tax” plan is the only way American legal citizens can regain our Country without a civil war.

  30. SaneZidane says

    One possible scenario could be that if Bush does manage to buy his way into the RINOS Anonymous nomination, turncoat Mitch MConnell who is beholden to the greedy corporate moguls and the corrupt chamber of commerce, will insist that he appoint Rand Paul as his VP running mate. God help the United States of America if so, but I can’t imagine the American people will follow that money trail in any way shape or form. Sorry Mitch…you have been Trumped.

  31. adrianvance says

    The Bushes are very liberal Republicans. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  32. TAM44 says

    No more clinton’s or bushes, or obama’s, we’ve had enough BS to last a life time.

  33. rchguns says

    .Remember the French Revolution? The people it had enough of career politicians and treated them accordingly. Maybe that’s what we need here

  34. joe says

    No more career politicians especially that empty headed moron Bush

  35. Phyllis Booth-Finnegan says

    This is the real issue that has been going on for Decades; the money and the reality. The money portion is rich people who have been able to BUY influence and have a say in our political process, yet, are making decisions as rich people, NOT based on any concept of the mass beneath them, or the reality in which that mass, lives. This is BOTH or ALL parties, they are barely different anymore, if at all. The reality portion, is where all the rest of us live, work, struggle, etc., The two worlds are polar opposites, complete opposites. So, you get these rich people, full of themselves, surrounded by idiots who tell these rich people how great they are, and that then makes them feel entitled to DICTATE what they think is best for the rest of the world, BUT really is more based on what keeps THEM wealthy, and protects thier bottom lines, NOT ours. They never have to suffer, they make sure of it, and couldn’t care less what happens to the rest of us…truly. Now that is not all of them, but it is most of them. So, they pool their money into a candidate THEY feel will best serve THEM and their money. Then they are astounded and cannot Fathom why they don’t win elections. They cannot understand why Speaker’s get forced out, and why outsiders are in the lead of who we voters will SHOW UP to vote for. So, they keep thinking in their typical, arrogance, and assume, us dumb voters, will calm down, see ‘reason’ and will eventually show up to the polls and vote for Bush like they expect us to. They don’t listen, and they don’t learn, ever. They should see that we aren’t interested in Bush; WE, us pee-ons down here, don’t give a (blank) how much of their money they put into this guy, we aren’t voting for him, period. You would think that they would have gotten the message when over half the party didn’t vote for Mitt…..over half, didn’t vote. You would think they would have seen the message with Eric Cantor being ousted, nope. You would have really figured they would have gotten the message in the 2014 slap down, nope…..they gave us Bush, anyways. Now the Speaker is out, and they still seem to think that over time they will wear us down and Bush will win. They don’t listen, because they are NOT Republicans, not a single one of them…..that’s why they attack all of us….these money people, democrat or not, are ALL THE SAME, and they all want the status quo. They will not get us to vote Bush into the WH, the same people who didn’t vote for Romney and even more, are not going to vote for Bush, so they either 1. Know that and want a democrat in there, or don’t care if we lose or 2. Are the stupidest and deafest rich people the world has ever known, because they don’t see that their voter base, will NOT support a mainstream conservative, anymore. They will be shocked once again, especially if they get a Socialist dictator in the WH. I know I will NOT vote, at all, if Bush is out nominee, same goes for Fiorina, who is a a hypocrite, because she attacked Barbara boxers looks, here in California, and the Democrats are going to use it against her…but she is acting like some victim, when she did it herself…we already have a female liar on the other side, no thanks Carly…..I will not vote for Christie, either, he’s not a conservative, he’s more of the same status quo. Same with Rubio, who lied on TV saying that they could only use the “nuclear option” IF we had a republican president. That is a lie, a lie, which means he is a tow the line guy, no thanks. Time to take a stand, even if that means not voting….or we will be helping to surrender our values and our country and will be responsible for what happens under another false republican.

  36. Mister B says

    Democracy should be thwarted. We’re supposed to be a republic.

  37. MARYSWEET says

    The only way we can take back our country is if a new conservative Speaker is elected. It CANNOT be McCarthy as he is just another boehner. Look at his record and it is obama slanted all the way and he almost always votes for whatever obama is pushing at the time. We need someone who will actually be able to accomplish something and follow the needs and wishes of the voters not their own personal opinion or financial windfall.

  38. Jon's On says

    Bush needs to get out now while he still has some respect. The more he opens his mouth the more respect flows out.

  39. jreg9304 says


  40. Nina says

    Bush has nothing to offer us. If he wants to do ANYTHING good for his country he will just walk away quietly!! Money be damned!!!

  41. daveveselenak says

    Really, so this is what our Republic has fallen to: the one with the most money inherits the kingdom; If the sheeple were paying attention as is required in our form of government then the message of the candidate would and should overcome the amount of money – most of which has become illegal just as our voters have – that a candidate raises! It is the message and that is why Trump is resonating so well with sane, patriotic people. The state-run, fifth column propagandists have turned it into a money race and the sheeple have bought into that lie! Look what all the big money recipients have done to this nearly dead Republic – ran it into the ground and turned it, or as our Muslim-Marxist jihadist would say, TRANSFORMED “US” into AMERIKA!

  42. ricktenny says

    I agree with it all. Putting Jeb Bush into the White House, aside from the stationary header, might as well be Bernie or Joe. I really like Joe. I just don’t like his political leanings. Jeb and all the others represented by big money silent backers can NOT attain the Presidency if you want The United States to continue. obama can not be allowed another term under any circumstances. Remember, just because he ordered it doesn’t mean it’s so. It’s all about The Constitution!!! Even for Constitutional Scholars…. As for the tactics of Bush, that is how the Presidency was won for the last 180 plus years. Nothing new. Here we have a candidate who’s a little rough around the edges. He is providing the big bucks from his own bank account. He’s extremely intelligent and he wants to make America Great. We now know one of his stances is a strikingly simple tax plan that takes us back to 1940. I grew up and lived those years and it was a Great place to be. It was life by The Golden Rule. It was good. I like it.

  43. fred says

    No more Bush’s! I don’t consider the NWO to be an inevitable future for all of us! I want US Sovereignty and Rule of Law with OUR Constitution! He is so far gone, he thinks he can fix something that is too broken unless a revolt happens and we kick the criminals OUT of OUR Government!

  44. Trisha55 says

    No more of the Bush family. This is the worst Bush of all and we don’t need him. It’s time for the RINOs to go home or change to their real party called Dems. No more common core, no more illegal immigration, no more funding private companies (i.e., planned parenthood), no more giving our enemies ANYTHING!!

  45. ccannon says


  46. wired says

    Bush and Christy and the rest of there Progressive buddy’s need to bow out just like BONER did because we the people are tired of being sold down the proverbial river by a bunch of lying ass holes !

  47. justagramma says

    This is pure nonsense. How can you support the single payer plan that Trump proposes. Give him a Dem congress and Senate, and he will roll on with just that. Rubio is the best choice.

  48. stephanie wilson says

    this is such a crock. you people are just as nutty as the left.

  49. JB Wright says

    Though I never felt like a homeland takeover was imminent under either President Bush, Like under the Obam-Islamist, I’ve seen enough to know we don’t need another Bush in the Oval Office.

  50. Kathryn Caldwell says

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  51. worn out 123 says


  52. Paladin says

    Right now, I’d settle for the ‘burning bush.’

  53. jetmagnet says

    Bush claimed he was nothing like his brother, but he’s showing he’s exactly like his brother, maybe worse.

  54. sharon says

    Congress is full of Obama’s regime, and losers of the Republican party who have been bought off by Obama and the NWO. We have no congress or senate, were on our own against the fascist Obama.

  55. rayhause says

    Due to Bush’s decline in the polls we are now finding that Rubio is soliciting his donors. Further, Rubio’s support for immigration is now starting to pay off his contributors, Toy’s R Us is now bringing in Indian labor and laying off Americans. And Rubio wants to be your President, I’m wondering just how many treaties he will support that will allow more H-1B Visas. He is sure making many out to a bunch of fools.

  56. rich says

    If the Republicans vote in that stiff it will be just as worse when the nation voted in that Kenyan! He should have listened to his mom and stayed the hell out of it. If he does somehow win the GOP nomination I will not vote. What’s the difference? Another liberal who would continue to run this country down or that jerk who would do the same thing?

  57. BichonLover says

    Time for Jeb to go home. He doesn’t have the “fire in the belly” to be President! We need someone with some gonads and he doesn’t have any!

  58. cae973 says

    Bush ..bought and paid for the the chamber of commerce….if bush or rubio gets the nomination my family and I will Not vote as we are sick of the same old bought and paid for candidates that do not represent us..we the people

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