Cali Dems: No Contracts for Anyone Who Bids on Trump’s Wall


Democrats in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley are working on legislation that would discourage construction companies from working on President Trump’s border wall.

San Francisco City Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced a bill on Tuesday that would bar her city from hiring contractors who bid on what is expected to be a multi-billion dollar federal project.

According to local news station KTVU, Ronen believes that any construction company that would bid on the wall is not compatible with San Francisco’s values. “Stick to building bridges,” she said, “not walls.”

In a press conference held in front of the construction corporation T.Y. Lin, Ronen appeared with Oakland City Councilman Abel Guillen, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, and several immigration activists to throw down the gauntlet.

She said T.Y. Lin, Hensel Phelps Construction Co., and the Tutor Perini Corporation were among the companies who had signed major construction deals with San Francisco and were also reportedly interested in working on the wall.

“By introducing this legislation, we are moving beyond symbolic protest and making it clear to companies interested in doing business with San Francisco, that we expect those companies to uphold basic principles of compassion and dedication to human rights,” she said.

All three companies have current contracts with the city, but Ronen’s bill would only affect deals that come up in the future.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee expressed his support for the legislation, according to KTVU.

“That wall is such a strong symbolism of division in our country that we don’t want to have anything to do with it, including contractors that want to work for the city,” Lee said.

It never ceases to astound us how gleefully Democrats are willing to blur the lines between politics and business. Whether it’s private corporations bringing political pressure to bear against controversial legislation – as we’ve seen in Texas, North Carolina, and Indiana – or politicians bringing pressure against corporations – as we’ve seen Democrats do with Chic-Fil-A, pro-life health clinics, and now construction companies – they will protect their ideology at any cost.

But it’s even more disturbing to see how far California liberals are willing to go to stand up for people who don’t even belong in the country. Make no mistake, these Democrats are actively working against U.S. immigration law at this point. They are choosing illegal immigrants over U.S.-based companies. They are choosing lawlessness over enforcement. They are choosing a borderless wasteland of drugs and crime over American sovereignty.

Choices like that have consequences. We hope California citizens are prepared to live with them.

  1. Justin Seine says

    Isn’t that an example blatant discrimination? But I guess it is ok to discriminate unless of course the contractors are illegal aliens. They will get a free pass! A typical position taken by those from the Land of The Living Brain Dead!

    1. skisok says

      It’s called State’s rights like in the Constitution.

      1. Skippy says

        You don’t know The Constitution very well do you. Go and study it before you wright a stupid comment.

  2. Justin Seine says

    The two finalist entries for the new California State Flag emblem have just been released and can be seen below:

    1. Deplorable wizard says

      I pick the one on the right…obviously the one on the left would be easier to use as a replacement for the bear but, the one on the right is more factual. Of course the man would have to be replaced with a gender neutral shim or he she and be of no discernable race.

      I also have a resolution to kalifornia’s problem with a wall on it’s southern border. Build it on it’s eastern border!

      1. Retired says

        The one on the right was 8 years of Obama .

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          1. ⭐️ Orphan says

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          2. Justin Seine says

            Oh No, Carol. You’ve got that wrong! It is only 97 cents per hour and
            it as billed as “A Jobs Program For the Chronically Incapable”

          3. donl says

            Didn’t i see you on the corner of Main & Jones? Nice mini.

          4. jreg9304 says

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          5. Whaledriver says

            She only does incall.

          6. ⭐️ Orphan says

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          7. Thinking-Out-of-the-box says

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          8. SILENTHAMMER says

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          9. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            That’s funny right there!

          10. Mathew Molk says

            Range rovers are a bitch to keep running and the parts cost a bloody fortune.

          11. Libs R Loons says

            LOL! ^^^
            Same spammer using the same stolen photo with 100 different names attached, like anyone would actually believe that chit.

          12. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            No one gives two SH**s about your Google crap! This space is for people who care about things!

      2. Murphmeister says

        Build a wall around San Francisco

        1. Deplorable wizard says

          In reality, it’s not the cities Trump should withhold federal monies from, it’s ALL federal funds to kalifornia – cities,counties and state. kalifornia would go belly up in mere days, dispite the supposed financial support of the millionaires and billionaires that claim they would cover the debt (which everyone knows is just lip service).

          That and gators in the Colorado river, border patrol and ice on every road out of the peoples republik of kalifornia, refusing exit to everyone registered as a citizen of that scum covered state.

          1. Linda Abernathy says

            Hmmm I’m thinking put a moat in front and back of the wall stocked with alligators!

          2. cdansreau says

            rattlesnake ranches would be cheaper.

          3. Linda Abernathy says

            Thats a good one too!

          4. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            No, they taste like chicken…MMmmmmmm good!

          5. Mary Brumley says

            Well! Now I understand something I saw in the early nineteen fifties. In my state then, rural schools still had outdoor bathrooms. There was a gallon jar of canned snakes in the girl’s bathroom. So now I understand why the snakes were “canned.” They taste like chicken!

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Naaaa,,,,High level radio active waste. They climb in and then out the other side and in a half hour their lpis fall off and they drop dead.

          7. Deplorable wizard says

            How about hiring north korean soldiers to sit stone faced every few yards, they’ve had lots of training and practice.

          8. cdansreau says

            Interesting. Make the wall out of a radioactive waste slurry that hardens into concrete. A surface that oxidizes into a radioactive powder. if the wall is damaged the particles roll downhill to mexico. the cartel has no experience in radioactive waste.

          9. buffalobob826 says

            If they do make it at least they would be sterile not able to have children.

          10. Republican says

            Good one…I’ve have been thinking the same thing Linda Abernathy

          11. Carol says

            Great idea!

          12. PatriotGal says

            FL will share with you. We have lots of them. Probably can find some pygmy rattlers, cotton mouths and pythons to include…no charge.

          13. SDofAZ says

            We do have plenty of snakes even some cottonmouths in our riparian water ways. But I and some other old timers have been suggesting aligators for years in the river between us and Mexico like Linda. But those in boats like the drug runners use need the wall and every obstacle we can use to stop their illegal entry into this country. And some US fishermen are shot and killed yearly on the waterways by hidden drug people supposedly on the Mexican side. I think flushing them out and returning the shooting favor would be appropriate. Drone em like ISIS. If Mexico objects, maybe it is time we take that gas station too. I do not believe Mexican authorities are NOT in league with the cartels. Does anyone? If they are not their government is extremely pitiful and I have lived here long enough to know it would not be happening if the federale was not involved. Their whole government is even more crooked than ours but NOT by much judging from the actions of DC and those in charge over the last decade and what has come into the light for all of us to judge them with!

          14. Whaledriver says

            After giving the idea of building a wall a great deal of consideration, I’ve come up with a far less expensive plan that solves at least two problems immediately.

            Instead of building a wall, excavate a very deep and wide trench (200-300 feet deep, 300-400 feet wide); fill it with high-level radioactive waste. No more nuclear waste storage problems, no more illegal immigrants, no more Mexican drug cartels tunneling under the border.

            Worse comes to worse, we can invite illegal, desert-dwelling Islamofadcists who cross into the United States from Mexico to enjoy the swim.

          15. Mary Brumley says

            Cool! Wishful thinking, but still a good idea!

          16. Whaledriver says

            The Chinese built the Great Wall — imagine the cost that went into that! It was successful, too!

            You don’t see many Mexicans in China, do you?

          17. ARCLight_Vet says

            If you watch the TV Series “Colony” look at the wall the aliens set in place… That would definitely be a model to work with…

          18. John Doe says

            I agree, their government has always been so corrupt, all the federales and police working for the corrupt government, just like their last several presidents. When I lived in San Diego (a beautiful place), I used to go down to Ensanada on various fishing trips, but on a few occasions when driving down there, you would get pulled over by one of their men in blue, and told they were going to take you to jail for a tail light lens or some lame duck excuse, but, if you just greased their palm with a $20 bill, they would let you slide, and the government never did anything to stop the fleecing of Americans.

          19. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, we Americans have awakened! Fear of D. Trump brought the corrupt politicians out of the woodwork didn’t it? They are still running scared of him.

          20. SDofAZ says

            And much like the cottonmouth you discussed in another post, they are dangerous and must be watched, voted out, and run off.

          21. Mary Brumley says

            I now live in FL and have learned about the snakes! The Copperhead doesn’t seem afraid of humans. I chased one out several times from under a porch where my grandchild was playing. Finally, I told my son he must just kill it. I personally don’t like to kill snakes, for they are just trying to make a living as we all must do. But, sometimes you have to do what you have to do!!!

          22. rev_dave says


            Maybe Piranha-condas! (They’re a thing, right?)

          23. Linda Johnson says

            Lol! There ya go!

          24. michael rodrigue says

            pirranahs, they only attack in schools

          25. Linda Abernathy says

            Hopefully some university professors!

          26. Mary Brumley says

            Don’t forget to add a few piranhas!!!!

          27. Gerry Costa says

            Great idea — now I know why you are the “wizard”.

          28. GoldenRetriever says

            Love the idea…how can we put it in motion?????

          29. Angry Republican says

            I can understand but there are those like me disapprove what they are doing in our state California. I love California and I would love to get out the liberals and conservative including the governor, LA mayor, and any other trash that are fighting to keep the Republican building the wall and shipping the illegal aliens out of our state California. You’re in the state illegally and in the country you need to be deported. And if you really loved your family you would have gotten your citizenship. Now your family will have to get over that you are being deported. If you’ve been here 2 years and over and have done nothing to get citizenship, All I can say goodbye and We Republicans won’t cry any tears for you

          30. Celina Carroll says


          31. Jim H. says

            Liberalism = Socialism = Progressives = Communism. And the Liberals are pushing for it and complete control.

          32. draftinging says

            You can use DLPC it shorter than Democrats=liberals=progressive’s=communist

          33. AKLady says

            Conservative = dropout = ignorance = selfishness = unemployment = war = increased poverty = single parent homes = expensive food ….

          34. Kyser Roksen says

            Liberal= anti American = anti Constitutional = anti mortality =
            Pro death to American = victory to Mexico.

          35. AKLady says

            You are already a danger to yourself. Please find a mental health provider before you become a danger to others.

          36. carla AMERICAN says

            aka, NOT THIS ONE ! We’re fighting for America and you know it. Please take it to the liberal website where you could possibly change and help some young child is that is being hurt by pedophiles both physically and mentally. Find their secret websites where we can go there and save them. California is trying to pass a law making child pedophiles legal.

          37. Whaledriver says

            While you’re dispensing advice, why not find a drug and alcohol center that will admit you?

          38. AKLady says

            You really need to follows your own advice.

          39. Whaledriver says

            Actually, I am tested for drugs and alcohol routinely as a part of my job, in addition to random tests, and if I were to be involved in an incident or accident. Don’t mind the testing at all — and welcome it.

          40. Lillyhammer Lip says

            You work at a distillery and a pharmacy? No wonder you are tested regularly. Now if you could only pull your head out of “where the sun doesn’t shine.”

          41. Ted Crawford says

            He simply works for a living. Your clueless response makes it perfectly clear that you do NOT! Monthly, random drug testing is mandatory throughout the working world. Of course it isn’t required for Welfare or government employees!

          42. Whaledriver says

            Spoken like a true liberal. No facts, all emotion..

          43. Whaledriver says

            The recess bell is ringing. Time to go back inside and sing your ABCs.

          44. Mary Brumley says

            Just WHY would you send a posting like this to Whaledriver?

          45. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            AK you can always leave the country, riot, be angry, torch yo hood….loser
            ha ha ha

          46. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Ak ru smokin demnocrack again did u vote for Crooked lying evil Hillary?

          47. Fortuneless says

            Muslims are lead by a homosexual and pedifile Muhammad…..Go worship him lesbo.

          48. AKLady says

            Spoken like a true Christian. No facts, all hate, all ignorance, all lies and topped with childish name calling. Amazing.

          49. Lillyhammer Lip says

            You keep talking to yourself. Why not take your own advice?

          50. Bella Gray says

            AKL is a Muslim, you will never get through to. She is major stupid.

          51. Kyser Roksen says

            I realized something is way off tilt.

          52. Bella Gray says

            I blocked her using the down arrow beside anyone of her posts.

          53. AKLady says

            If you had any intelligence, you would know how to block someone.
            If you had any blocked me, you would not even see my posts.

          54. Ted Crawford says

            Off tilt, indeed! Her picture is in the Dictionary under ‘delusional dingbat’! Note the wild hair, with the occasional sparks; the counter rotating eyes; the drool at the corners of the mouth; and the tiny puffs of smoke coming from the ears!

          55. Bella Gray says

            The Muslim IQ is in the 70 percentile, which puts them on the level of the mentally retarded, the Somali is on the 60-65. I’ve tried talking to her before, and you never get through to her. She needs locked up for her own safety.

          56. Kyser roksen says

            Or, you can just grind her up to make dog food.

          57. Ted Crawford says

            Actually she does for Stupid, what Obama did for Carter, makes it look wise by comparison!

          58. AKLady says

            Bella is a loving Christian, she is major hateful and unable to learn.

          59. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, AKLady is bad, bad news! If everyone would just block her she wouldn’t have so much fun being stupid.

          60. Bella Gray says

            Yep, I blockered her long ago.

          61. Deplorable wizard says

            Liberal – democrat = gender confused, generally confused, logicaphobe.
            Prime example: aklady.

          62. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          63. Fortuneless says

            Another dumb lesbian

          64. Deplorable wizard says

            Wow, another factless rant by a flaming liberal.
            Absolutely everything you just llisted after the word “conservative” equates to democrats.
            Again, you have proven yourselfe a MORON.

          65. AKLady says

            I’d rather be a moron than a ignorant, hateful, so-called conservative

          66. Deplorable wizard says

            Duh, gee, got me there, golly i feel bad. . .

            You definitely do fall in the…mmmoron category. I’m glad you finally admit it.

            [Apologies to the stutterers out there]

          67. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you, especially the name calling.

          68. Deplorable wizard says

            So calling someone
            ignorant and hateful is ok.

            Typical liberal schizophrenia. You need help!

          69. AKLady says

            Wow, another factless rant by a flaming conservative.

          70. Deplorable wizard says

            Obviously your dope
            smoking junkie cow ass can’t think for itself.

            Why are you here?

            I don’t mean on this comment section of a conservative online news feed, . . .

            I mean, why are you here on this planet? Go ahead, toss the rope over the beam, you won’t be missed.

          71. AKLady says

            You are so afraid the others will find out,
            Don’t put off tell them an longer.
            Hae you decoded how many you are going to ask to the church and how many for the reception party?
            You need to make the decisions. We have to give the order to the caterer.

          72. AKLady says

            Ignorant is a factual observation.
            Hateful is a factual observation,
            “Troll” is a childish slur.

          73. Deplorable wizard says

            Ignorant and hateful are wistful opinions only and aimed to be used as insults. Being that your opinions do not matter, neither do your feeble attempts at insult. And you are the one using “troll”.

          74. Bella Gray says

            What is so irritating to me is that communism is illegal in America, and it should have been snuffed out immediately the second one ugly head popped up. Instead none in Congress did a thing, for fear of losing their jobs, so they failed to do their jobs. We need Congress to elect a community to go after communists, which would take outvthe entire Democrat Party.

            You need to see this. THIS VIDEO IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE SHOWN THUS FAR. It explains what I have been trying to tell people for years now. I only just discovered it, and it matches exactly what my research has been showing.

            Soros is a Communist as are the Democrats. I have posted and shown people repeatedly the proof that they are. Now look at this video made decades ago by the KGB warning us about what is happening in America. Now understand that this is the first I have seen the video, yet I have been warning repeatedly what my data shows, and it shows exactly what this KGB agent is telling you! It is exactly what I have been warning also. This is what the Communists are doing to the left in America. They have been programming our youth for decades. They are now suffering from ideological subversion, what I called Stockholm syndrome. Yet it is so much worse. Do take the time to see this video.


            Our government is now investigating Soros. When is an animal at its most dangerous? When it is going down! Soros makes his fortune by collapsing economies. His list is extensive. Obama, Soros’ puppet, is ratcheting up his subversive activities. Obama seeded our government with spies before he left office. We all know that by the leaks happening through the intell. agencies. POTUS just accused Obama of having planted listening devises within the WH. I have no doubts whatsoever that he is right. I do not show you even a fraction of the data I have collected on what is happening. Even foreign governments are coming out telling about the destruction Obama caused in their countries, and that is a side issue.

            The citizens of the EU have begun resisting Soros and the multi-culturalism that is destroying their countries. Yet Sweden is not only allowing it to destroy their country, they are purposely continuing to flood he Muslim refugees in, while they are taking their last breath. Even their people tell me themselves they believe their county will be the first to fall to Islam. This is the height of ideological subversion suicide.

            Add in that Soros is all but the walking dead, he is so old. He has nothing to lose in his dream to crush the free world. A dream he has been working toward for 70 years! Understand he is a Jew from the German concentration camps, who worked against his own people. He said ON VIDEO, it was the happiest days of his life! He trained at the Nazis hip. He has been using the Nazis playbook on us for decades! He will use everything in his arsenal to bring us down if he can—if we cannot stop him.

            People we are in serious trouble.

            SOROS MEDIA, SCHOOL/UNIVERSITIES and THUGS: Liberal Globalist Billionaire *Soros: according to Media Research Center (MRC), George Soros, the puppet master of CNN, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, has spent an astounding $52 million building the “Soros Web”—a vast array of organizations and associations dedicated to advancing socialism. [He is also involved in planning and payoff for rioters.] George Soros runs the Open Society Institute and the website; and he contributes heavily to many organizations that ideologically are aligned with leftist causes, including, and He is reviled abroad for his shady efforts to foment revolution and collapse currencies. His foundations have been accused of shielding spies and breaking currency laws, and he’s invested over $400 million in institutions of higher education to promulgate and teach his extremist ideology. His funding has been rising dramatically since these numbers, even into the billions. He has 32 BILLION DOLLAR to use against us. His son is spending an equal amount toward our destruction.

            COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS: FILES SHOWING COMMUNISM AS IT INFILTRATED THE DEMOCRAT PARTY This is a hard read, but at least skim it down to Sen Ted Kennedy and then begin reading some. You will soon understand that the Communist own the souls of the Democrats. By the way Communist is illegal in America. They were set into place after WWII and never repealed although some tried. It also violates the Constitution, Article VI, the Supremacy clause, as Communism is an alternative form of government.
            The Communists and Democrats are it thick

            SOROS NATION KILLER — This is who is leading your chains: Soros is a nation killer. A large part of Soros’ multibillion-dollar fortune has come from manipulating currencies. Soros has used those billions to finagle economies and topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. Known as “The Man who Broke the Bank of England,” he initiated a British financial crisis when he destroyed the British pound, has wreaked havoc on the Malaysian ringgit, and is called an “economic war criminal” in Thailand. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused him of bringing down the nation’s currency through his trading activities. Russia has a warrant out against Soros for crimes against their country. A French court convicted him of insider trading – his profits for committing these atrocities was multiple billions of dollars. Soros has driven millions of people into abject poverty; all to increase his personal wealth and force the common man into the slavery of Communism. Soros’ owns the Democratic Party. In 1988, Soros was asked to join a takeover attempt of the French bank Société Générale. He declined to participate in the bid, but did later buy a number of shares in the company. French authorities began an investigation in 1989, and in 2002, a French court ruled that it was insider trading as defined under French securities laws. He was fined $2 million, which was the amount that he made using the alleged insider information.

            WESTERN SOCIETY MUST FALL — See their leader pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes speaking for himself about our destruction.
            George Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established


            The West Must Fall Before World Govt Can Be Established via Play Tube Free

            BILL O’REILLY
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          75. Lillyhammer Lip says

            The liberals have gradually only allowed themselves to be called socialists and progressives because those words (by them) seem to convey definitions of something that they are not. They are reluctant to call themselves communists or allow anyone to call them that. But they are coming around to it. One need look any further than the Obama administration with Van Jones who admitted he was a communist after someone pointed out his affiliation after Obama appointed him for a position in his administration. That term still reeks of negative connotations dating back to the 1950’s. But our educational system is glossing over or completely eliminating any mention of what communism is in history or government studies. Now why do you suppose that is? Sweep it “under the rug” till those in power and of that persuasion truly have control of our government AND our people.

          76. Scuttlebutt says

            Yeah—-what this idiot -itch said. Whats a matter with you stupid Kalifornians????? anyway? Are you Americans first or Californian’s first? I am an American, wherever I happen to live—-first.

          77. Mary Brumley says

            Good food for thought!!!!!!

          78. jovert51325 says

            In your nightmares.

          79. Karinjsdalazar says

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          80. Mary Brumley says

            You are correct!!!

          81. Carolyn Good says

            But could she be any worse than Trump?

          82. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            She would be worse then Obama the jive talkin Liberal moron and liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You America we got a Real President TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!

          83. calhar says

            Beware of the tall dark stranger>>>>>

          84. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Beware of me !!! bratha

          85. Fortuneless says

            You dumb lesbian

          86. carolyn good says

            You dumb fag.

          87. calhar says

            You tell em dummy>>>

          88. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Try this on for size, Donald Trump is a horses ass but Hillary is a horses ass AND a criminal.
            Donald Trump is MY president and I am a happy old man because we elected Mr. Donald Trump and not Hill Billy.

          89. Ted Crawford says

            As a bullet wound is worse than a paper cut!!!

          90. whoselineisitanyway says

            Carolyn: go back on your meds.

          91. Mary Brumley says

            It is possible that her “meds” are meth.

          92. eddyjames says

            Even worse than Obarry.

          93. jovert51325 says

            There is nothing wrong with Trump. She is not even in the same league.

          94. Mary Brumley says

            Carolyn G., you really, really HAVE to be joshing us!

          95. usncb says

            Oh !! Come on now get real.

          96. Bella Gray says

            They don’t see themselves as anything, not Americans, not Californias. They are Globalists, so the entire world’s poor will flood in here, all the murderers, the lowlifes, as well; and of course they are all indigents who will be put on your taxes. So then of of course CA will be forced to pay for all these scumbags you don’t give jacksh?t about. They drive down wages, so CA will be losing probably half their income. Don’t look to the rest of us, because we don’t give jacksh?t about these lowlifes and didn’t invite them in. We need to stop all welfare. No freebies and those scumbags won’t have a draw to come here.

          97. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            I was born in Los Angeles, raised in Bakersfield, CA. and still live in Southern California and I love California but I am an American FIRST.
            We need to give the California state government the bums rush, right out the door but there are too many liberal democrat illegal aliens here.
            The problem here is liberal democrats. When you say democrat what you actually mean is illegal alien. Democrat=Illegal alien.
            Deport all illegal aliens and their families and make California great again.

            Have a Nice Day Real Americans.

          98. J_in_TX says

            I was stationed in SD in the mid-’70s when Moonbeam was governor the first time. I left in ’78 and went back again in ’94 for a couple of months. Went back again to work with the Marines in ’13 and ’14. I’ve always liked CA and think it is a beautiful state. It’s too bad the politicians have screwed it up so much and keep making it worse. I will not go back again unless the communists are removed from office and real Americans reverse the anti-American, unconstitutional laws.

          99. Mary Brumley says

            I visited a friend in Bakersfield fifty-three years ago. I liked that town.
            Then I was taken to LA and the smog hurt my eyes. I was shown a tent city! I was astonished.
            Apparently CA has had problems for a long time.

          100. Janet says

            Don’t blame all Californians as there are many of us who support our country and our President plus have a much more conservative view of things. We do vote and try to enlighten others, but we can’t fix stupid. The problem is the high concentration of Liberal idiots in the large cities and various parts of the state. I too feel unrepresented and struggle with the idea of leaving my home state for somewhere way more sane. I am not alone in my feelings and if we could get rid of so many of the idiots I would be the first to celebrate. I am also in favor of President Trump withholding all Federal Funding to CA and/or exploring ways to end this madness by enforcing any laws applicable that might even remove those violating them from office. They can start with Governor Moonbeam and work on down!

          101. Tina McDowell says

            Born and raised Californian, educated, white woman, absolutely aTrump supporter, working in healthcare for 35yrs, and a handicapped individual. I pretty much break all the stereotypical Trump bashers expectations, so don’t lump all Californians in the crazed liberal pot, please. There are a large number of Trump-ers in this state who are farmers, ranchers, those who help feed this nation. Yes, withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities, government slush/wasteful depts, but not from the rest of the hard-working legal Americans who happen to live and work in this beautiful state. The Dem government in CA has resulted in our waterways/roads/infrastructure being in the mess that it’s in!! Let’s get some strong conservative American Californians to fight FOR our state and get the liberals outta here!! I’m not giving up on CA that easy!!

          102. Deplorable wizard says

            Oh, I completely understand but,until you get the numbers to vote out the scary bitches that are the ruin of the state, you either get lumped in with them or fight tooth and nail to fix the damn problems.

          103. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            Nine calling.
            How very impressive.

          104. Bob 1401 says

            Problem, the uneducated will still vote them back because it was the Republicans that made the mess.

          105. AKLady says

            Pray tell, if you get your way, how are you going to eed your family?

          106. Mary Brumley says

            If President Trump could do that, I hope he does do it.

          107. Huck Finn says

            I am a Washington State resident and I feel your pain! This whole left coat is full of liberals progressives,especially in the metro areas like Seattle-Tacoma, Portland,Los Angeles,San Francisco.etc. We like you have a lot of conservatives in certain areas.but the big cities where the liberals hang out are a pox to our nation. Ii is a disillusion of max proportions,to continually fight this garbage,but fight we must. Thank God for our forefathers recognizing why we needed the electoral system to fight these megopolis liberal areas or we would be under Communism or Sharia law right now!

          108. AKLady says

            What is a “left coat”?

          109. Deplorable wizard says

            Probably relates to “nine calling”, dumbass.

          110. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          111. J_in_TX says

            Those of us with intelligence know it is a typo and is left coast. I guess you couldn’t figure that one out due to your lack of education and low IQ.

          112. phil says

            There always will be another jerry brown

          113. Vince says

            Thank you Celina it is good to hear from a cali. That has common sense. You guys out there have to come together and vote these led fools OUT OF OFFICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

          114. rick meek says

            We support ya’ll but – CA tries to lead and influence other states and the a-holes that govern them —- We gotta start somewhere and CA is target one…..

          115. carla AMERICAN says

            Communist liberals are listed everywhere. Simply have American Military remove them ! Demand American Military!

          116. rick meek says

            Sorry girl – remember the lefties want a military coup and LE martial law installed – but there is the Posse – comitatous act but it wouldn’t stop a lot of people

          117. Bob 1401 says

            2/3rds of the voters now are registered Democrats. They have modified the constitution that for the foreseeable future, only DEMOCRATS will be in the U.S. Senate, and most State offices.
            The problem is the Democrats do not want to educate the poor and they want to get rid of the middle class. The Robin Hood temporary State Income Tax was made permeant by the voters. 1/3 of the population is on welfare. The Democrats that have super majority love to give a way entitlements that make them appear to look good for the poor, but the state laws are against the poor. A California Minority Republican State Senator introduce a bill to help the poor.
            The article states the facts well how the Democrats are two faced. Looking ahead, CA has more to lose now and I don’t see anything positive while they raised tuition 5%, but find all kinds of funds to help people in America that are not citizens or here legally. They love to say we are all immigrants, but my grandparents came here legally and through Ellis Island.,

          118. red110306 says

            It doesn’t matter if they have been here for 30 years. Illegal is illegal. Come in the country the correct way. Get in line and apply. Allowing any of them to stay and get citizenship would be the worst thing we can do.

          119. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, illegal is illegal! To let the illegal aliens stay is totally unfair to those waiting legally and patiently in line to come to America!

          120. red110306 says

            I also believe that their attempt to enact legislation based on a company willing to work on the wall, is discriminatory and illegal.

          121. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, it is discriminatory, most probably illegal and very unethical.
            But, this kind of thinking and behavior is certainly typical for the Libs. They have no sense of fairness, and no logical thinking skills.
            I like to call them “stupid,” but most aren’t. They just can’t think ideas and issues through to see the logical bad ending circumstances of their decisions.

          122. Wayne_63 says


          123. AKLady says

            Problem: California cannot afford to deport illegals.
            Almost every business in the state would become bankrupt.
            You could not afford to put food on the table.

          124. Mary Brumley says

            It would be good if you could get the Libs out, but I read that many Conservatives are leaving. Their choice state to go is TX.

          125. survivor33 says

            I have relatives in Calif and they are certainly not liberals. But they have to live there and are ashamed of the people running it and also the paid protesters. However, I agree the people running things are a bunch of greedy scum bags.

          126. Laddyboy says

            Ditto for the State of Maryland!!!!!!!!!!!

          127. phil says

            You get out while your home still has value.

          128. Whaledriver says

            Can’t wait until California exits the United States. Hope it slides into the sea. How rich that idea is. Take a state, fill it with 25 million liberals. Then have it drop into the ocean when the “big one” hits. What doesn’t go into the ocean will get wiped clean by the tsunami that follows. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?!?

          129. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            But how about us conservative Republicans, real Americans, what are we supposed to do since we can’t afford to move. I know, let’s do our best to rid ourselves of liberals and this useless state government and then start over with real American’s in Sacramento.

          130. Lilly Putney says

            What have you been waiting for? This has gone on since your Gov. was in office for years and they was stupid and put him back in to finish the job he started years ago. I have no simpathy for those who keep being stupid.

          131. Jim H. says

            Stand up to that Governing body. Protest, file a petition! Signatures in petitions get things done and crooks out of office!

          132. Bob Morton says

            I was born and raised in California. I was born in 1952 and moved from California to Tennessee in 1994 with my husband and son. California wasn’t as bad in 1994 but it was heading in the direction it is now. I actually moved because of the high cost of living. I still have family and friends there so I have mixed feeling about about the state itself. I don’t want any harm to come to them. I do not really discuss politics with my sisters but I believe that they vote for who they think is best qualified for our country. They don’t vote for just one party. My mother unfortunately voted for Obama because she was suckered in by the “we need change” campaign from Obama. She hates the Clintons as they’ve been crooked since Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas (and before) when there was that land scam and, of course, The Clinton Foundation. Hillary was fired from her first job as an intern for unethical behavior. My mother voted for Trump and has complete faith in him and his campaign promises as I do. It’s the stupid liberals that are hindering him every step of the way. They had vowed to try and stop anything he tried to do after he won the election. It’s the first time that the Democrats have told the truth in a very long time – they are keeping their hateful promises. I do think California should be defunded – let the Hollywood celebs support the illegal aliens and open up their gated communities that were built to keep bad guys out. They can welcome them in with open arms and let them rape and murder their children. I am still hoping for the “smoking gun” that just might wipe out the Democratic party or at least put a huge hurt on the leaders. As far as building a wall around California, maybe we can herd all of the far left hateful liberals and illegal aliens (not the legal immigrants) in one area and build a wall around them. We can’t blame and punish the good people.

          133. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, the Libs are hindering our President. I am just hoping the Conservative Democrats are noticing this. If so, we could do some house-cleaning in 2018.

          134. Mathew Molk says

            i know there are plenty of good patriots in Kalifornication, just you are outnumbered by illegal and dead voters. Maybe we need to start some kind of a fund to assist you guys with moving like they did years back with people who’s jobs were lost to foreign competition We could call it the Kalifornication refugee fund. I’m sure you would be welcomed in stated that have no earthquakes, mudslides and wildfires. .

          135. Celina Carroll says


          136. Whaledriver says

            A lot of liberals claim that Cajuns aren’t very smart. Anyone who can get 3 million liberals who can’t swim to live in a city 12 feet below sea level, located smack-dab in the middle of an area where hurricanes routinely move through is a goddamn genius.

            Same applies to California.

            California leaving the United States will immediately solve this nation’s political problems, as will either rupture of the San Andreas fault or the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Twenty-five million liberals all trying to learn to swim at the same time! Only problem is this: how do we get o’dumbo, Hillary and Billary to move to California?

          137. rev_dave says

            First, Celina – typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is considered shouting in ‘internet etiquette’ (if there is such a thing). Just so you know.

            Second, you have my sympathy. It’s hard to move out of state over politics. I live in an east coast liberal enclave, and it’s as commie as Beijing. I’ve been trying to get out for years and can’t get hired away. I don’t have the funds to just go and then find a job. And it’s not like my roots are that deep – I don’t own real estate, and would take a decent job in most any town in the US – but the US economy is just still in the pits and it’s hard to find a good job, period.

            On the other hand, I do not want to stay here (I despise commies and their liberal acolytes, and it ain’t gonna change here), so that particular anchor is yours to drag around. You still have my sympathy, but on this account it’s for your inability to commit to leaving and not for the difficulty of getting out.

          138. Mary Brumley says

            I am so believing that President Trump and his team will bring many jobs to our nation. That is the single most important issue to me. I’m retired now, but I so hope that for the working age folk!

          139. ROCKY333 says

            The reputation of San Francisco and L.A. doesn’t leave much room for anything but “Damaging remarks”.

          140. Linda Johnson says

            It will eventually! That place is so much like Sodom & Gomorahg! I They are so liberal & so against God’s laws!

          141. John Somers says

            Now there’s an Idea !! I may be able to get some shipped there from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. That would be a good start.

          142. Christian_Patriot7 says

            We have more gators than you will ever need here in Louisiana!

          143. SDofAZ says

            The la la land as noted below has some regular people who are not liberals. I sympathize with them. I think pulling the funding for the state will flush out the liberals who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Once CA no longer has the money, things will fall apart fast and then whatever else is necessary as in the national guard, etc, should be employed if the libtards and their elected tools continue their unlawful plans. Jail for the resistance just as they would have done to us if we had organized and told BO we would not comply with the laws he selectively enforced. BO is still haunting Arpaio, a good and lawful sheriff.

          144. Jim H. says

            Agreed. The Conservatives need to apply a petition to have them removed from office and/or stop them from passing such bills or laws that may lead to or aid in the detriment of funding for the State of California. They can also petition any laws/bills which may limit employment opportunities.
            File the petition and present copies to the Capital and other higher entities of Government in the U.S. and force the issues at hand.

            California legislature is not above Federal Law.

          145. AKLady says

            Californians pay $11 billion in federal taxes.

          146. Deplorable wizard says

            Kalifornia receives, as of feb this year, $368 billion in federal aid.
            So there is a $357 billion dollar gap.
            Kalifornia’s been operating in debt, as are 49 of the 50 states, to the current tune of a little over $400 billion.
            Conservatively that gives them months before they scream “uncle”.

          147. Craig Vandertie says

            CaliMexifornia has nowhere near that kind of wealth, the Federal government has been keeping CA afloat for decades.

          148. Angelswatchingoverme says

            Cut off all their funding sounds better than building them out of the country…

          149. John E Strom Jr. says

            Arrest and jail every mayor and councilman/woman and the governor of California. Fly them to Gitmo and hold them there

        2. Linda Abernathy says

          Build a wall around California!

        3. rfrichey says

          The SF city supervisor remarked to construction companies to refrain from working on a multi-billion dollar federal funded project. Our president should make sure that federal money is spent where it’s appreciated. Screw that bunch of fruits and nuts in SF.

          1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            I agree, and I live there! It’s a beautiful state, but the Government makes it ugly! I would move, but I am too old now to do it. But I agree that Trump cut off funding to the “Sanctuary” idiots!

          2. rfrichey says

            I agree it is a beautiful area, but so are the mountains surrounding and the river running through Choo-Choo town. I just read where our county is growing faster than the rest of our state, I’m just hoping we don’t get too many liberal idiots here. Our city is also listed as an affordable city to live in. I feel for you being trapped there. Who would have ever thought it?

          3. Christian_Patriot7 says

            California is a lovely state. Visited there in mid 90s.

          4. Jean Hamann says

            Well, it has changed immensely. I came here, back then, every year to sell Xmas trees. It was great. And I came back to live, a couple of years ago, from Oregon. And I am leaving soon to go back to Or. I will say, the cost of living is very cheap, and the weather is great. But sure a lot of crazy libs. As far as crime, it is everywhere.

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Like I said, Many true American patriots in Kalifornication. Guys like you, Jeff that are willing to pay the price to do the right thing.

          6. ARCLight_Vet says

            The solution would be to withhold ANY Federal Funds from the State of Kalifornia, and use them to Pay for the construction costs of the Wall…. AND ANYPLACE that supports sanctuary cities or states also have their Federal Funding withheld and used to pay for the WALL…

          7. Darius the Mede says

            That’s a proposal already in the works in the government. I’m all for it. Shut off all the funds, all the medicaid, etc. Let the “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” foot their own bills.

          8. Mathew Molk says

            There, That would make it unnecessary for them to bar contractors from working in San-Fran- Sissy-Co. No money=No projects=No Contracts.

            I’d give them like 90 days before they called “uncle” , but by that time all of the tol line contractors will have moved out of the stateand would be working on projects elsewhare funded by the formerly Kalifornication money…..This is the WRONG Prez to be pulling this shit on.

        4. John Somers says

          Why stop with frisco? Build a wall around the ENITRE State !!

        5. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Then fill it with water.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Dig down about 1000 feet and set off a big ADM (Atomic Demolition Munition) and make a great big subsidance crater where those bastions of communism used to be.- The ocean will take care of it for us. (More wishful thinking)

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Another great idea.

        6. OldHighlandGuyOne says

          Build that wall around the entire bay area all the way out to LIvermore and perhaps up to include Napa. Now let’s do another wall around Lost Angeles.
          There, I feel better, back to my coffee.

        7. Darius the Mede says

          Better yet, Help California secede from the union. Then they can become the “sanctuary state” they want to be. Hire the Trump contractors to build a wall around California, then see how well they do. Perhaps tariffs for all products from California. Visa’s from all who would visit from there (at a special cost to the Californians). Think of the money it would save the United States, if we didn’t have to pay for all the illegal immigrants that enter California.

          1. Jo Ann Cooper says

            The Fed will never let that happen. They aren’t going to give up all the important military posts in Cali. I don’t see them as a ‘gift’ to the new ‘nation’ just to give them a head start in their own defense.

          2. Darius the Mede says

            Solution: close the bases, bring all the equipment back to the USA. Just think of all the work that would be available to American citizens, re-building the bases in the US of A

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Yea, And no body that DIDN”T bit the wall would get an RFQ.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Strip them and move them to other states. Nothing spookier then an abandoned Air Force Base.

          5. ARCLight_Vet says

            All they have to do is 1. Reinforce the bases in Nevada, New Mexico, and any state bordering California. 2. Install a 30′ wall around California with Gun Turrets. And 3. Hire Veterans that got screwed over by all the State Legislators. They’ll keep them all out in addition to the illegals with extreme prejudice. I’d even come out of retirement to get a crack at some of those idiots…

          6. Jo Ann Cooper says

            I might agree but places like San Diego & Long Beach Naval shipyard would have a very hard time launching battleships from Nevada!

          7. ARCLight_Vet says

            They can move up the coast to Oregon or Washington…

          8. Mathew Molk says

            And hey, You have 90 days to leave the state if you want to retain you US citizenship…I love it but it;s just wishful thinking. Both session and stripping citizenship like that is agin the constitution.

            Sure would be nice, though,wouldn’t it?

        8. Darius the Mede says

          Heck with building a wall around Frisco, build a wall around the entire state!

        9. AKLady says

          Walls keep people in as well as out.

        10. Craig Vandertie says

          All along the 3 west coast states.

        11. Angelswatchingoverme says

          That’s what I was going to say, build it right around California, they can go be part of Mexico….if they want to become American they will be welcome back

        12. Fortuneless says

          The city by the gays..

      3. TexRancher says

        Let one on the left just represents a place for the mourner to park his bicycle!

      4. brucefandrews says

        Yes that way California could experience real world, life without money from the Federal Government and without the rest of the United States of America. A wall protecting the States East of communism.

        1. Wendy Mantooth says

          Love your comment…couldn’t have said it better myself!! Maybe an earthquake will take out the liberal brain dead snowflakes!!

      5. tCotUS says

        Yep…The Right One…

      6. RockinOn says

        All the way to Canada include Oregon and Washington State also, There is some gorgeous country in all three states, but the Liberalism is destroying the sanity!

        1. Gerry Costa says

          Perfect !!!

        2. Carol says

          HC herself! And then wonders why “I’m with her” lost and is a 3 time loser!

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Wouldn’t you just love to give the bitch in the picture a right jab right in the nose?

        4. Deplorable wizard says

          That is the shame of it, the beautiful countryside, but after they die off from lack of federal funding, we’d get it back.

      7. A natural born American says

        My ‘vote’ is also for the pose on the right as the Californication replacement flag. It’s gender neutral, you find gazillions of women dressing as men nowadays making it impossible to differentiate; the pose also makes it impossible to determine race.

      8. loafing says

        The eastern border of California shutting them out completely and selling it to Mexico and call it Mexifornia.

        1. Carol says

          Another great idea!

          1. loafing says

            Carol, maybe we could it off along the eastern border and sink it or set it adrift They probably wouldn’t know the difference. Of course we would have to give the right wingers a message, similar to what the Lord gave to the Israelites when he set them free from the Egyptians by the Passover, in order for them to get away from there.

        2. DonMann says

          Mexico and the Cartels already own it. The la raza infiltrators are the majority of the cA Legislature and are working on protecting their countrymen. For the Mexicans, it’s a power grab, they have always been a 3rd world fringe group and now finally have a majority.

      9. Mike Russell says

        Believe both would make for excellent target practice!!!!!

      10. True Republican says

        There are lots of Republicans that are appalled and these liberals and conassertives are doing to destroy California. Don’t punish the ones who voted for the best President of United States of America President Donald John Trump which I voted for and stayed up all night watching the polls from the real news KTLA. I yelled so loud that I think I woke up my Neighbors oh well too bad

        1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          Thank you! live in California, and I am A proud and true Republican!

        2. Deplorable wizard says

          After applying for a visa, and properly properly vetted, you would be allowed to move. There would be homes and jobs, definitely enough to go around, especially once we start deporting progressives from other areas of the United States to kalifornia.

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Again, I know there at tons of Honest people in California but what are we to do? I have been goofing all through thing but seriously, how do we cut the NWO Marxists, moslem,and illegals off at the knees without hurting you good people too. They will just keep going until the whole country is under sheria law.


      11. John Somers says

        I’LL VOTE FOR THAT !!!!!!!

      12. Darius the Mede says

        I personally like the one on the right. It is a more accurate description of what California must do so they can be “real”.

      13. Phyllis Schultz says

        Cut off all federal funding to California, and arrest those responsible for the debacle.

      14. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

        I agree and like the one on the right as well!! Also agree with wall on the on the eastern side of California. Nothing goes in or out just like the wall will do. Let’s just make our country having 49 states instead of 50. If we need to do that with others so be it. We need to think about our country FIRST. These ILLEGALS need to go as they are costing our country MORE than they are saving. Also go AFTER these companies that want to hire these ILLEGALS because they will work for less. NOT true as we are paying their way AND they are making money on the side. Shut these companies down as well!!

        1. Deplorable wizard says

          Also, place money transfer tariffs on ALL personal transactions of U.S. dollars sent to mexico. It is estimated that more than $100million dollars flow to mexico via wire transfers alone, duty free.

      15. Mary Brumley says

        I very much like that idea!

      16. Bella Gray says

        There are no she’s or he’s, they are its. You know that gender neutral ?

    2. Retired says

      Looks like your tipical Demon Rat .

      1. truth says

        Pelosi and Weinstein.

        1. Carol says

          Don’t forget Reid, Water, Feinstein, Schumer, etc.

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Don’t forget boxin’ bell

    3. RockinOn says


    4. george briar says

      yeah the one on the right fits the democratic party and the one on the left looks like fake hero Johnny McCain hiding from the Viet Cong he believes are trying to recapture him.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Hey, we were at war with them but all they wanted was their own country just like us. I’d help them take him back,,,,,,Just one problem. They wouldn’t take him back on a bet.

    5. Ray C Carter says

      Love it! No matter what I may want to write, I can’t top your pictures.

    6. Whaledriver says

      Should have had one flag with a huge snowflake on it.

    7. Germansmith says

      Please. Keep to the subject
      Your family pictures, save them for Facebook

      It does not matter who wins the bid….the wall will be build by Mexicans . I do not expect blacks or the lazy entitled children of the whites to be out in the desert doing real work.

      Better that way, that way they know where to build the tunnels underneath the wall and make money to buy boats and come back and forth quicker since Trump is also cutting the budget for the Coast Guard…..

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Man, for a guy that never had a job where he had to work up a sweat on you sure know a lot about the construction business….Instead of always looking like a damn fool I suggust you go look up the Davis Bacon act of 1931. – The wall will defintly be a prevailing wage job an in case you didn’t know, prevaing wage is the same as the union wage/benifit package, besides, you actyally thing the unions would just sit by and let illegals take their work?- You got to be on drugs.

    8. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      LOL! They look like liberal democRATs across the 57 states.

    9. PatriotGal says

      I vote for the one on the right- totally symbolizes the thinking of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

    10. Jim H. says

      Ben Dover! Lol

    11. John Doe says

      You know, several years ago I thought of getting some plastic injection molding company to make a clear, silicone plastic belly button so that all the liberals can see out of when they’ve got their heads so deeply implanted up their asses.

    12. Roger Short says

      GREAT! Either one would be very appropriate!

    13. Mary Brumley says

      Thank you! LOL I needed a good laugh tonight!

    14. Whaledriver says

      California was going to choose a white flag, but that is now in use by the Republic of France.

    15. Whaledriver says

      Cali Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown chose a white flag as the new official flag, then someone reminded him that the Republic of France is already using it.

    16. Scott says


  3. ⭐️ Orphan says

    What CA is doing is illegal but then again it’s nothing new. Sue the heck of CA if this happens. Better yet move the company to another state, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and then bid on the wall. CA is to stupid to see they are and have been chasing out real citizens and business for decades.

    Let the Hoolyweird rich stars support the entire state!

    It will collapse under its own weight. Then once if does force CA to secede. It will be a third world in no time. Build the wall around CA. Shoot them onsite if they try to escape into the USA.

    1. Bobi King says

      They’ll be needing our help when they slide into the ocean or N. Korea targets them.

      1. ⭐️ Orphan says

        Too bad!

  4. Mr. Patriot says

    WE DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT NY OR SF CONTRACTORS ANYWAY SCREW THEM ALL and every frigging Dummycrat owned contractor in the country.. Just seeing what these people want to legislate proves that they are not Americans. Why don’t they all move to China or N Korea where they have totalitarian rule!

    1. skisok says

      The way things are going in this country, you won’t have to move there. Soon Russia and China will be ruling here courtesy of the Donald.

      1. Skippy says

        More like thanks to the Clintons!

        1. skisok says

          Your hero is mostly responsible. At least the former administration sanctioned Russia while your hero embraces them. Do you really think he cares about the US or for his own pocketbook?

          1. Skippy says

            You liberal like to rewrite history. Let’s see The Clinton administration gave the N Korea and the Chinese advance rocket technology. That’s your hero. Stop spreading your lies. By the way Obama did that kicking and screaming to put forth those sanctions.

          2. skisok says

            You idiots take credit for that and I’m not a liberal.

          3. Skippy says

            You’re a mindless liberal drone. By the way I wasn’t for Trump in the primary, but voted for him to keep Hillary out of the White House.

          4. skisok says

            And your IQ is the size of your shriveled up penis. And for the record, I am not a liberal. I’m better than any liberal or conservative. They both put a stench in the air every time they talk.

          5. Skippy says

            You have an IQ of a rock!!!! Actually that’s disrespecting a rock. You’re nothing but a mindless liberal drone.

          6. Bobi King says

            . . .and quite an ego, it would seem!

          7. skisok says

            And your a stupid Trumptard. You don’t even know what a liberal is. You’re in the wrong country. Move to Russia with your comrades.

          8. Skippy says

            I’m about to educate you, now pay attention. Go look in a mirror and that’s what a mindless liberal drone is.

          9. Mathew Molk says

            Has anbody ever seen such a universal bad rap of anybody else here.

            Not one single person supporting RejectShitBurner

          10. WakeUpAllAmericans says

            As you Do !

          11. Mathew Molk says

            OK,,,,Then you are at best a NWO Marxist useful Idiot. You aluded to having a security clearance, which we know is a lie, but I can gaurn God Damn tee you one thing. – If you were investaged right now because of the venimous false statements you make here you couldn’t get a clearance to be a shit burner in Vietnam.

            In fact that is you new handle here


          12. Bobi King says

            Many of us did just that. Dodged a bullet there, didn’t we?

          13. Mathew Molk says

            OK,,,Balls out NWO Marxist, but I don’t see you ever getting past the useful idiot status that you have now.

            And one more thing. – If as you aeluded to *God Dammit.

          14. Skippy says

            Let’s also not forget that Hillary Clinton let all of our enemies access to our most classified information that was stored on her privet server. There are former military men and women behind bars for far less crimes against the espionage act.

          15. skisok says

            There is no evidence that classified information was compromised. If so, prove it.

          16. Skippy says

            The FBI director said himself that it was gross negligence in handling of classified material. That is all that is required to be criminally liable. I know this because I was in the military and held a clearance. There people in prison for far less than wat that woman did!!!!!!!!!!!

          17. skisok says

            Yes he did say that it was gross negligence but he never said that it was compromised. That is not enough to be held criminally liable. You have to show intent to distribute classified information to enemy opponents. That standard was not met nor that the information was compromised. Now typically for something like this, you receive a mark on your record and are admonished. I also know this because I also worked for the military and had a high level clearance.

          18. Skippy says

            I don’t believe you. I had to read and sign that I understood the espionage act. Any mishandling of any classified document could put you in prison. I know someone who is in prison because they forgot one peace of classified information on his laptop during transit. Another words he didn’t properly wipe the hard drive before he came back to the states. So tell another one while that one cools off.

          19. skisok says

            Personally, I don’t care what you believe Trumptard. I know where I worked and what I signed. And I also knew I could not disclose anything that I worked on for 10 years. You also need to learn how to speak English properly.

          20. Skippy says

            What ever drone. You probably didn’t understand what you signed, being a mindless liberal drone. We were told about people that were in prison for gross negligence in handling of classified material. Most were mistakes, but they did go to prison. It doesn’t just need intent to distribute to the enemy to be guilty of the espionage act. Why don’t you go and read it, if you can read DRONE!!!!!!!!!

          21. skisok says

            You need to make English your first language dimwit. You are so stupid that you never made it past the first grade. And you’re such a terrible liar that you are approaching the level of our liar in chief who can’t tell a good lie. I read what I signed many moons ago shitface and I know what the consequences are. If you can’t read English, move to Russia with your comrade.

          22. Skippy says

            Aww the mindless liberal drone is throwing a temper tantrum, it needs to crawl back into It’s safe space back in It’s Mom’s basement. Does it need It’s BABA or Pacifier?

          23. ernldo says

            He probably has a booboo bear….

          24. Skippy says

            LOL ? good one.

          25. Skippy says

            By the way Obama is the biggest liar and chief since Bill Clinton. Maybe he’s even bigger liar than Bill Clinton was.

          26. loafing says

            Skippy, did you notice how when they start losing a discussion, they start name calling and using profanity. He ran out of what few words he could remember so that becomes his response.

          27. Mathew Molk says

            I do too, but not from loosing. I talk like the construction worker i am grom the git and all times there after.

          28. Skippy says

            Yep, and notice he or she or it hasn’t responded back. I think it’s fun exposing these mindless liberal drones.

          29. ernldo says

            You brain cell has been over worked, give it a rest, dullard……You look more stupid with each lame post!….Try HuffPo, there are plenty of soft headed morons that’ll buy your swill….

          30. Libs R Loons says

            Hahahaha…no doubt “skisok” needs to stick with HuffPo and the rest of that flock of flaming fairies!

          31. loafing says

            Skippy a thousand thumbs up for you.

          32. Skippy says


          33. ernldo says

            Typical demotard drone, as soon as he gets his useless a$$ handed to him, the insults ensue….

          34. Mathew Molk says

            You worked, shit. You are obviously just a kid. And 10 years yurass. In the millitary you cannot revieal classified info EVER unless they decire to seclassify it.

          35. skisok says

            Furthermore, he shouldn’t have been carrying classified information on his hard drive unless it was encrypted.

          36. Skippy says

            That’s the point brainless wonder. If I remember correctly it was encrypted, but since encryptions can be broken that’s why they have to be properly wiped before they leave.

          37. Mathew Molk says

            Look dunderhead. There are TONS of government owned computers WITH encrips, that any 12 year old kid can hack (You should easily relate to that one)

            Further, nobody said anything about being able to read whateve it was on that hard drive. Just the fact that he was carless and didn’t get it off the machine is more then enough to get him an all expensis paid vacation in Kansas.

          38. TexRancher says

            Right again!

          39. Gerry Costa says

            I’ll bet that someone’s name isn’t clinton either.

          40. WakeUpAllAmericans says

            Yea…Right…were you also selling Bridges ????….. You said: “That standard was not met nor that the information was compromised”…..And what was your Source ??? The Propaganda that you have Read !!!!…Wake Up !

          41. skisok says

            Unlike your moniker, you need to wake up.

          42. WakeUpAllAmericans says

            Hey there Du Ba….Get t F Out of Amer…..I am Only Replying to tell you I will never give you the sanctification of ever Acknowledging you Again !

          43. TexRancher says

            Wrong! It didn’t have to be compromised, the act of carelessness is enough! She violated established protocols in her handling sensitive information. That’s enough. She ought to be in Leavenworth NOW!

          44. Mike Russell says

            Plus she was suppose to turn all e-mails over when she left office which she did not. That alone could show intent to distribute.

          45. Whaledriver says

            What planet have you been on?

          46. Mathew Molk says

            The one on Sesime Street.

          47. Roger says

            Go read the statutes about classified information. I think, if your pee-brained mind can even understand 1% of it, that you’ll find you’re doing nothing but making a JACKASS (the deemoncrapper mascot) of yourself, eh ?

          48. Mathew Molk says

            If,,,,and I say IF, the sissy bitch ever signed an agreement not to reveal information it was with sombody like 3-M where you agree not to reveal trade secrets. I’ll tell you one thing, though. He knows NOTHING about millitary classifications,,,,Like Confidential, Secrete, Top Secrete, and Crypto.

          49. Mathew Molk says

            You actually believe that the Ruskies didn’t take a vaccum cleaner to the cackling witch’s illegal server?

            And just how did the President give out senitive classified information to the Russians, or anybody else before Jan. 20th whan he had no such information? – The President has had illegal wire taps and other illegal survalience on him 24/7 before and since. They even know how mant times the President farted in his ionsleep.

            You cant have it both ways there snow flake. Your story that the President gave up classified information before he was inaugrated won’t hold water because he had no classified information. If you are trying to tell us he passed on sensitive information after his inaugguration won’t hold water wither because it means there were illegal taps on a sitting president and nobody is going to fess up about that.

            Back to the Play Dough, kid.

          50. TexRancher says

            Right! I was a lowly employee at the Kennedy Space Center for nine years with a clearance that would have been denied me if I had even a fraction of the questionable associations that Kenya Boy had! We were taught right off about protecting any and all information, we didn’t even have to sort it all out!

          51. loafing says

            Skippy don’t waste your time replying to this uninformed liberal. He is already totally brainwashed.

          52. cdansreau says

            Another point not mentioned is that any computer system storing classified information has to be certified for handling that level of data. This not only defines thing like encryption, network standards, memory partioning, operating system, marking of system. interfaces, system management, backups, etc. And also requires a visit to inspect and approve the normal usage and follow on inspections. As i believe you understand there is a defined and written set of requirements for handling classified information, There is also unwritten methods where the User tries to go beyond the written requirements to safeguard information. Some of this may be due to implications of new technology but indicates genuine cooperation. what the democrats have done could be called childish and immature but i call it criminal and treason.

          53. Skippy says

            It was his military issue laptop computer. He didn’t follow proper procedures, and wipe the hard drive. Now he’s in prison. He might be out now I don’t know.

          54. cdansreau says

            Hillary did far worse. letting uncleared people access to the server, letting massive quantities of emails be copied to Huma and weiners laptop, etc.. Not certain who the “he” is you are referring to but apparently someone in the military that made a security mistake and was prosecuted. Hillary after years of skating is basically giving the finger to ALL security procedures and laws. in my service days we did not have person portable computers but in later years in defense contracting we did have portable and networked computers and were concerned about the potential of hackers and stolen media. it disgusts me to see hillary staggering around free.

          55. Mathew Molk says

            Your telling me. – You so much as leave a secrete classified document on a desk while you go to the pisser and you are flirting with a stint in Levenworth.

            Isn’t it aamazing how these snowflakes with no real worls expseience know our business?

            And yes, Every singleelement of the crime was there but Comie Comey said it was OK because she didn’t mean it. ,,,,And how ’bout that uraanimum dead?

          56. Skippy says

            That liberal drone is a liar. He never held any kind of a clearance. He’s trying to make himself look smart, but shows how stupid he really is.

          57. gotcha1 says

            Tough to prove when she deleted the emails and had her henchmen stomp their cells phone into a thousand pieces!

          58. skisok says

            Like I said. There is no proof just wishful thinking.

          59. gotcha1 says

            I would hate to have you as a Supreme Court Jurist with that line of reasoning! How shallow!

          60. Tim Shepperson says

            There’s no evidence that there was collusion between Trump and Russia either, but you seem to be spewing that liberal propaganda. How about the reset button with HRC and Russia or the sale of uranium to Russia or the bamsters open mike statement to Medvied that once he’s elected he would be more flexable. You hand in there SKIS and keep buying into liberal media.

          61. Mike says

            the sale of uranium was approved by 9 separate government agencies. the state department was one but Clinton did not control the other 8. as for the trump campaign and collusion with Russia the investigation is ongoing.

          62. TexRancher says

            It’s already been proven that Hillary made that information possible for our enemies with her ILLEGAL private server that she allowed sensitive information go through!

          63. ernldo says

            That’s funny from the dolt that has NO evidence of Russian/Trump collaboration….The ignorance runs deep in you, loon….

          64. Linda Abernathy says

            Really? James Comey said she was reckless with email which is “normally” against the law! She claimed her head concussion from 10 years ago made her forget things (how convenient). Guess the head injury also was involved in her lack of doing ANYTHING to protect our military and ambassador in Benghazi. How does one go out of the White House as Secretary of State broke (according to her) and end up a few years later with billions. Oh wait, could she have possibly exchanged information with foreign countries who are also our enemies for money? Shes a shark and a dangerous one! We can address Obama at a later date if you wish………………..

          65. Mathew Molk says

            A head case, The perfect person to be President and have access to the nuclear football.

          66. Whaledriver says

            Actually, you’re dead wrong.

            The laptop computer owned by Anthony Weiner had over 100,000 emails to Hillary Clinton backed up on it by Weiner’s wife, who is Hillary’s lover and her chief of staff. The emails show the security classification on each.

            You lose.

          67. Roger says

            A$$HOLE !!!!!

          68. Marlene Jiannino Daley says

            You don’t pay much attention, do you?

          69. skisok says

            My attention span is excellent. I think you have a problem.

          70. Mathew Molk says

            Assbag. NOTHING about you is excellent.

            And double on you

          71. Bobi King says

            Clinton should be in prison if not just for destroying 3000+ emails that were under subpoena. No intent there, right?!

          72. skisok says

            Hey Daisey. Anyone who would believe this clown in chief pays very little attention to anything. Go back to doing your nails like a good girl.

          73. Libs R Loons says

            Sez the illegal tranny. ^^^

          74. TexRancher says

            Lets see; Who enriched themselves while in office and who has decided NOT TO TAKE A SALARY WHILE PRESIDENT? Obama, the community agitator, Hillary of the famous Clinton Foundation and oh yes, where did 6 billion dollars go while SOS? That’s right, Trump said he’s not taking a salary for himself will President. (Gee, after 8 years and can type President with a capital P)

          75. ernldo says

            “This is my last election,” Obama interjects. “After my election, I have more flexibility.”
            Bathhouse Barry 0bama to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, March 2012….

          76. Libs R Loons says

            Until something went sour on the Obama/Russian honeymoon and Obama decided to “sanction” Russia.

          77. Jim says

            I DO!

          78. Libs R Loons says

            If Trump ( a non-politician) cared for his own pocketbook the way democrats do, he would never have bothered to run for office on his own dime.

          79. Mike says

            He did not despite his statements to the contrary self-fund his campaign; He loaned his campaign the money and then paid back those loans using donations. All very legal, but not self-funded.
            There are about a hundred articles that show what he did. I only included one here. Again there is nothing illegal about this.

          80. Mathew Molk says

            Or anybody elses’ – He was doing just fine in private industry. I have no idea beyond a deep love of our country that he would have even though about running for ANY office. -And true to form,he started right at the top.

          81. Mike says

            Then why does Trumpcare take from the poor, elderly and middle class to give a huge tax break to the top 1percent?

          82. Libs R Loons says

            LMFAO….you just described Obamacare to a “T”, moron! ^^^

          83. Mike says

            Wow you are very misinformed. Obamacare raised taxes on the 1 percent to help fund medicare and obamacare. Trumpcare will roll back those taxes while increasing the costs for the poor, elderly and middle class.

          84. Jim says

            Because that’s what republicans do, take from the poor give to the rich.

          85. Jim says

            I don’t agree with Trumpcare! I only voted for him for a couple of reason’s and against dems. for a couple, except for those reason’s I knew he would make bad decisions, Trump care is a typical republican plan, fortunately there were enough better republicans to fight it.

          86. Gerry Costa says

            Are you ignorant enough to actually believe anyone here believes Russia is our friend especially PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!!!???????

          87. Mathew Molk says

            Now go back in your corner next to mommies laundryroom like a good little snowflake and play with you free Play Dough and be quiet. The grown ups are trying to have a discusson here.

        2. Bobi King says

          . . .and Obama.

          1. Skippy says

            Yep him too.

      2. Dale says

        That would be president Trump! The commander and chief. Have some respect. Like it or not. God bless this nation and those that lead. In God we trust

      3. JMICHAEL270 says

        That must be you on the California Republic flag……..very fitting.

      4. ernldo says

        Jeebus, have a nap…your stupid has reached a dangerous level!

      5. Jim says

        NO THEY WON’T!

      6. Mathew Molk says

        You back on the drugs again?

    2. Bobi King says

      Perhaps they’d find out what real tolerance is? OOPS! Guess not!

    3. pappy450 says

      Good idea!
      Just more “tolerant liberals” showing their true colors. Poor little snowflakes didn’t get their “queen” HITLERY so, time to POUT, kick their feet and scream like 2-year olds. They need a spanking and get put to bed without supper.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Or without ny federal grants.

        If they forced the entrie country to lower the blood alchol for DUI from .1 to.08 with the mear threat of withholding federal highway funds it should be a simple matter of putting somthing as serrious as scantuary cities backs to the wall by telling them their federal grants will be going to other states. – The people that are working on the Cali jobs will just move on to other projects in other states.

      2. Mr. Patriot says

        You’re first one agreed with me .. another contractor wrote me all upset. Thought I was talking about all contractors in general. I was only talking about the whinners.

    4. Mathew Molk says

      Woah, there buttercup. Most of the contractors I know, including myself, are hard core Republicians. We have wnough problems dealing with the democrat union leadership to go around. We don’t need any BS from guys that have no clue how things work in the real world.

      1. Mr. Patriot says

        WELL THERE ‘TWIKY’ I just so happen to know a little more than you think I do! You see, I owned my own company in AZ contracting with Dell Webb, Pulte, Lennar, Coventry Homes and a few more as a ‘contractor’.. My current company does work for all the casinos in LV, NJ, CA, LA, and Macau. So I do know what I’m talking about. You obviously need to go back and read the article because it was specifically addressing DUMMYCRAT owned businesses of which my comments were about also. I have no quarrel with any honest hard working companies, individuals etc. that are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

  5. grmetalman says

    We take all the illegals caught and put them on the construction crews and make them build the wall that will keep them out of our country. They will be our chain gangs

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Don’t be taking the food of American Tradesmn’s tables. – It will be built by Americans with American MAterials.

      1. grmetalman says

        You’re right. Guess it was a dumb idea

  6. JAKEJACOBY says

    The Mayor of SF should realize that he is not in the only city in the US. Why doesn’t he stand up for our country?

    1. Retired says

      Probably pimped by Pelosi .

  7. dog lover says

    Trumps gotta hold back there gov’t funding. Wait a minute how are the illegals gonna get they’re free entitlements.

    1. Retired says

      Hollywood can feed them with all the money that is there.

  8. firehawk69 says

    Calif. contractors will lose the the jobs and money, that’s all. Other hard working American who need the work will get the jobs. What can be easier than that…!!!!

  9. jgfsmf says

    There has got to be something illegal about this.

  10. Tom Fitzgerald says

    President Trump should pay for the wall out of his vast fortune. It is a sign of insanity to want a wall.

    1. Murphmeister says

      And Obama should have paid for all his lavish vacations which over 8 years cost us $20 million in transportation and security.

      1. Mike says

        why trump is not? the secret service had to request an extra 60 Billion for next year to be able to continue to protect president trump and his family. trump has already cost taxpayers more in his first two months with his every weekend vacation to Mar a lago than Obama did in his first year in office.

        1. Libs R Loons says

          In a word…..LIAR! ^^^

          1. Mike says

            actually all of that is factual. please feel free to look any of it up.

          2. Libs R Loons says

            Not wasting my valuable time chasing unicorns like YOU do.

          3. Mike says

            I will make it easier on you then. I mean I would hate a Trump sheeple like yourself to not at least be exposed to the truth.


            the first article is their request for more money.
            this article shows that it cost taxpayers for his first month of vacation travel. This does not include the cost of protecting Melania and Barron in NYC full time because they cannot move to the WHite House like every other Presidential family in our history.

          4. Libs R Loons says

            It really must suck to be a paid Soros troll, having sold your worthless soul just to perpetrate lies.
            Now excuse me while I go to a REAL job and make a pile of money.
            Good thing I don’t pay taxes in California to support YOUR sorry azz.

          5. Mike says

            Thank you for as always showing the intelligence of the Trump sheeple. Facts mean nothing to the Trump sheeple. You don’t want to look up facts or accept them when presented. it is always refreshing. also not a Soros troll, just someone with a little education that can still think for themselves unlike the trump sheeple.

      2. Tony Rowell says

        20 million , you are not even close

        1. Libs R Loons says

          Indeed, since the GAO estimated that the Obamas spent over 1 billion PER YEAR on WH perks.

          1. Tony Rowell says

            thanks,,, but you can’t make the libs believe it

          2. Mike says

            Please provide proof of this statement.

    2. Marlene Jiannino Daley says


    3. Libs R Loons says

      The insanity is manifest by anyone posting chit like that. ^^^

    4. Tony Rowell says

      the insanity is behind your eyelids

  11. Carl Looney says

    Great. They such laws to force discriminate against businesses will get thrown out quickly by the courts. Cities in the U.S. have no right to fight against the federal government enforcing its laws. California is done for. All the idiots from all over the U.S. with no roots and no reasoning ability have slid down to California. I left there a long time ago, and will not return – it would be nice place to live except for the plague of mental degeneracy running rampant there. The federal government should withhold giving contracts to disgruntled nincompoops, i.e., Californians. Cheers, losers.

  12. Murphmeister says

    Like Mexico, they have no walls in California which prompts one to wonder how they hold up their ceilings.

  13. tim says

    they bitch about human rights and dignity what about the ones here legally and the american people does there dignity and rights matter what about OUR SENIOR CITIZENS AND OUR VETERANS?????SCREW THE ILLEGALS LET THEM GO HOME IF THEY WANT HUMAN RIGHTS AND DIGNITY AND TRY COMING HERE LEGALLY

    1. Bobi King says

      When was the last time there was a sanctuary city for US criminals, not that there should be but in reality where’s the fairness on all levels? Now, I do realize that CA is a sanctuary state for the mindless and to be fair, both foreign and American.

  14. tim says
    1. WakeUpAllAmericans says

      Yes….for the existing walls that are already there, but there are many, many of miles that have no wall…so… a building we must go,a building we must go…hi ho the cherrio a building we must go !

      1. jreg9304 says

        Just, how old are you? moron!

        1. WakeUpAllAmericans says

          FYI….I’m 66 years old…and a PROUD Marine,been there,two tours…. your snot nose self needs to get a life ! and stop trying to be a Tough Guy…believe me you would not belittle yourself to me and the rest of the world if you had the chance to meet up with me. Alas, I wouldn’t waste my time or energy on a Punk like yourself…..btw I see that you refer to others as yourself ! I do Pity you, for you no not what you say * My sense of Humor (of which you have none) is a healthy part of staying young. *** as of this Reply I am BLOCKING YOU !

  15. Skippy says

    This is nothing new the Demorats acting like 2 year olds.

  16. Bobi King says

    Great! More jobs for those contractors who actually care about our county’s safety, you know, those who aren’t from a delusional state like CA!

  17. Lew Williams says

    Simple those companies leave California, like many others have done, California will then try to keep their workers out of the state, and then the equal protection clause lawsuits will cost the state billions,

  18. Tiger says

    HHHHHHAAAAAA, OOOOOOHHHHHH LOLOLOLOL hey dimwits whose lights are permanently out, money will talk and your cause will walk right out the door.

    Personally I think the 50,000 refugees Trump bringing here in 2017, if we allow it cause millions of us don’t want it and are going to raise Hell, half should go to you and the other half to Hawaii.

    While at it Trump should empty the prisons of all those Hispanic criminals and give them to you also.

    1. Tony Rowell says

      then extend the wall around ca.

      1. Tiger says

        They have built their own walls and those citizens living and paying taxes there, of which many are billionaires etc can live in it.

        1. Tony Rowell says

          yep, i’ll never go to ca. it can fall in the ocean for all I care

          1. Tiger says

            I am waiting for that event that Edgar Casey the phenomenal seer who was never wrong predicted. It is to fall into the sea. Horrible thought when you think of the good people there, but the facts are they have become an entity that has nothing in common with our Republic.

          2. Tony Rowell says

            I totally agree

  19. SouthernPatriot says

    Congress and President Trump need to begin removing federal funds from California cities and perhaps the state. All are already in a death spiral and the removal of these funds on an increasing basis would bring bankruptcy for some cities and likely for the state. May the creditors take valued assets and keep the pressure up.

  20. Goodforall says

    San Francisco values, are you freaking kidding me? You people have your heads so far up your backsides you will never ever see the light of day! I wish the good people of America would tell you all to go take a hike!

  21. donl says

    OK contractors, now’s your chance to get out of the land of Fruit’s & Nut’s. Bid Low to get the job then move your company out of state.

  22. TexRancher says

    Stupidity like this doesn’t come naturally, you have to work at it. If the brain dead in California want to continue chasing business to other States, have at it dummies! If I were in the construction business in Cal., I’d just open another in a different State bid away!

  23. Cookie Vranish says

    After the federal money is cut off from these sanctuary cities, there will be no projects to bid on! Bid on the wall! What these Democrats are saying is illegal and maybe that is a way to put them (city and county governments) in prison or just break them financially!

  24. Beth Heilman says

    Wow! Hitler also had his ideology and slyly convinced the German NATION by leading the people astray with a “better solution”….sounds like Mayor Ed Lee, City Supervisor Hillary Ronen and others in Oakland & Berkeley don’t give a hoot about the welfare and safety for the American citizens in the “sad state of California affairs” PUBLIC THREATS? Where’s the law enforcement in California? Sounds like the WILD WEST has come back to life…These people have been out in the sun to long!

  25. Tony Rowell says

    That’s fine , stop all federal money going ca. and make them pay for the wall through their state, or expel them from the union, we do’t need them anyway

    1. Mike says

      California residents contribute more in federal taxes than the state receives back so if you go that route the state actually prospers while the takers, the red states like alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana that receive more federal money than their residents pay suffer.

  26. Tired... says

    It is time to peacefully divide the country; let the nuts have their drug-induced Nirvana so that the rest of us can live in the real world. If this does not happen soon, then the nuts will overwhelm us and there will be no turning back. As much as I hate to say it, students in the public education system have been indoctrinated far too long for us to recover as a united country.

  27. Patriot1955 says

    Maybe we should build it around California.

    1. Walter Wood says

      You took the words right out of my mouth

  28. Thinking-Out-of-the-box says

    Those people in SF are not American…. !!!!!!!!! Why and how did they get in the USA? We really need to have classes on freedom and liberty for any who want to become US citizens… There is no freedom in what SF commies are trying to do in making laws like this..

    1. Mike says

      trump needs to sit in the first one so he can actually learn what is in the constitution.

      1. Thinking-Out-of-the-box says

        How about all of congress taking the class and any leaders in government from city level all the way up…..

  29. Beth Heilman says

    Wow! Hitler also had his ideology and slyly convinced the German NATION by leading the people astray with a “better solution…sounds like Mayor Ed Lee, City Supervisor Hillary Ronen and others in Oakland & Berkeley don’t give a hoot about the welfare and safety for the American citizens in the “sad state of California affairs”. PUBLIC THREATS? Where’s the law enforcement in California? Sounds like the WILD WEST has come back to life..These people have been out in the sun to long!

    1. Libs R Loons says

      All they care about are the illegal VOTES, not the voters.

  30. river says

    Build the wall …. deport them all…. Nothing short of martial law, the removal and prosecution of Moonbeam and his crony communists will solve this problem. This society has been indoctrinated by the government schools of CA…. not a nice place to educate future dead people.

    1. 2Deep4_U says


      1. river says

        I was born here, Kunte, come take it from me.

        1. 2Deep4_U says


          1. river says

            If I stole it… get off my property…. free loader… nasty greasers GO HOME!!

          2. 2Deep4_U says


          3. river says

            Now, now racist boy. Don’t be angry cause your ape like ancestors were conquered… there is training for you. I hear it’s free. You can peel a banana, cant you? Or perhaps, you would prefer to sit atop an music box while your master plays the organ in some back street ghetto?

          4. 2Deep4_U says


          5. river says

            Hey, 2Dumb4_u… have you crawled out from under the porch and bit the mailman’s leg today? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, you don’t like white meat.

          6. 2Deep4_U says


          7. river says

            Now, Now, 2Dipshit4_U….. let’s not be caustic. Maybe your mammy will let you out of the basement.

          8. 2Deep4_U says


  31. truth says

    Ca. just loves their ILLEGALS. They should become a Mexican posession and fall into the sea.

  32. tCotUS says

    The Dems have contracts alright..But not the kind that builds walls..They are one dangerous desperate Party..

  33. george briar says

    yes it’s hard not to agree that the democrats have destroyed California and are still trying to make it even worse. After the idiot Arnold left that didn’t have a clue what was going on it would seem even stupider clowns took over maybe even illegals are running it now. But the good news is we can see what’s going on there and keep it from happening throughout the country by voting out all the democrats when ever and where ever they run. they have become a n anti American party.

  34. Richard Bagenstose says

    tell them either build the wall or i sign an e/o putting border patrol right on the border , with orders to shoot to kill anything that comes across, one way or the other these democrats are going to pay for their stupidity, and all illegals waiting for hearings , will be held in shumers and pelosi’s house till trial

  35. jreg9304 says

    Anyone remember the movie, Escape from NY? The wall! Now that is what I found interesting. Build an identical wall all the way around the state of California. Isolate the state, totally and rename it the republic for illegal sanctuary. Ship all the illegals there and never let them out. An easy but costly solution, Cali, can have them all.

  36. firehawk69 says

    So the Calif. contractors lose money and jobs and those who want to work and earn money get it. Good thinking on the part of moronic California. That’s socialism looking out for the common folk…..not!

  37. Libs R Loons says

    Easy solution….cut all federal funding to California, and its commie-democrat leaders will fall on their own faces.
    The illegals will self-deport once Cali runs out of social services funding, and we keep our western US borders secure from China.

  38. Connie Alsip says

    Laughing at the desparate Dems. The Mexican firms are lining up, saying MONEY IS MONEY. Just more socialism, actually fascist BS from CA. ppfftt!

  39. randy jackson says

    As the exodus from Cali continues, reasonable people and business, continue to realize that living/working in the beautiful state of Cali has been overwhelmed with insane legislation, taxation beyond belief, horrid business atmosphere, sanctuary cities, neutered police, China like pollution, snarled traffic 24 hour/day, catered illegal immigrants, distorted values, Christ out of everything, $.10 tax on plastic bags at the grocery store, etc etc etc. The only thing that bordering states regret is that the fleeing Californicators bring the bizarre “Cali” crap with them and then demand that the relocation cities incorporate all the insanity they just fled. It is beautiful there, but beauty can be found anywhere. Personally I’ll sacrifice a trip to Disneyland and visit the Grand Canyon instead.

  40. ernldo says

    Cut Cullifornia off, build the wall between them and Nevada, Arizona and WhOregon

  41. patanzalone says

    CA is a communist state and should be cut off the map and sent out to sea. What a bunch of as—holes.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      I agree in sentiment, but if we did that, then our western border will be unsecured as well.

      1. kotoc says

        Good point! However, if they are, in essence, becoming an extension of Mexico, they should be treated the SAME WAY as Mexico. Just build a longer wall, veering away up and along the Arizona west border up through to Oregon.

  42. kotoc says

    I would simply say, “Fine… You don’t want to help, we won’t ask you to. However, keep in mind that for every person who we need in your area for the construction that, we (as a Federal Government) will subtract $2,000,000 from your Federal funding per year/per person that refuses.” Maybe that would change their tune?

  43. robert zuidema says

    I’ll bet that these people are prime suppliers of the illegal drug trade in the USA from Mexico and are getting rich from this!!!!

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Just like the Clintons did in Arkansas….where they’re now becoming persona non grata.

  44. Rick D. says

    Isn’t this illegal? I guess not since it’s Cal!! If the situation were reversed and a “liberal” contractor was being “blackballed”, this would result in mass hysteria and probably a federal investigation.

  45. Wayne Thorson says

    They put up fences to keep dumb animals in or out. There hasn’t been a prison built that a prisoner hasn’t escaped from. This is going to be more tax dollars down the drain.

    1. bttrap says


      1. Wayne Thorson says

        Two guys escaped from Alcatraz. They were never captured. Nobody knows for sure what happened to them.

        1. bttrap says

          the sharks got them

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            Tell ;me where you got your proof of that. The authorities would like to know.

  46. Jim says

    Man I hate these democrats! far as I’m concerned their traitors, they don’t want our democracy so their trying to replace it, they are making whites & black people a minority in our own country, they would give anyone & everyone a u.s. citizenship,their putting Americans in danger.

  47. Gerald Mitchell says

    This is Calif. and their people that continue to destroy our country and this does not suprise me. I just hope that Congress is smart enough to create a bill that will throw this decision and any like it for any state out the window. Who do these liberals think they are?

  48. Comanche7WL says

    I need to look further, but I think this type of discussion is a clear violation of Federal Anti-trust laws and any city official would be guilty.

  49. Clint Heinson says

    Mr Skisok ,Please refrain from being totally ignorant, if U want to be a lefty fool move to Calif. they need more idiots to fill out the welfare roles……

    1. Libs R Loons says

      I believe he’s already posting chit for Soros from there.

  50. marcus johannes says

    The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists , Arrogant Angry Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries , In The Bankrupt Socialist Third World Banana Republic of Mexifornia it is much much worse , What more proof is required that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder ???

  51. cdansreau says

    It may not be much of a deterrent. San Fran is about 800 miles away from the border and local firms selected for the wall may be located much closer than that. For that matter if all of CA somehow rejects a contract to build the wall the money will go to out of state contractors and possibly some from mexico have expressed interest but would need a US firm to subcontract under. the only thing they would do is draw money away from california, but that is not exactly new. Perhaps we can get additional funding to build a wall around san fran and its strangeness.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      No non-American Materials or labor – So it has been written, so it shll be done.

  52. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    photos are good. the state bird is the flying rat. any business bidding on the wall can incorporate in another state. move when the time comes.

  53. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    the home of strange diseases.

  54. Gerry Costa says

    This whole thing stinks of illegalities. This sounds like the politicians(I use that word loosely) are trying to take complete control over the construction companies in cali-gay-fornia. I do believe there are laws against that — oh wait — the obozo administration taught these dirt bags that they don’t have to follow any law they don’t agree with. This POS ronen should be tried for conspiracy and attempting to form a monopoly over the construction business in that state. How disgusting is this that these low life scum bags want to become the leaders of our country.

  55. Libs R Loons says

    California is known as “The Granola State”, because it’s full of fruits, nuts, and flakes.

  56. Richard Scott says

    They are POS


    California is such a PHYSICALLY beautiful state. What a waste. I feel a bit sorry for the people there who are NOT crazy. I guess there just aren’t enough of them to counter the liberals in S.F, L.S, S.D. Once, Argentina was a booming, prosperous country. Then the liberals and socialists took over. Argentina had arguably the BEST economy in the Americas at the time. All gone now. Poverty. Despotism. Communism. So….where does that leave California?

    1. Mike W says

      Same with France – they had it made – now they have a 40% income tax no jobs and all the benefits used up by refugees that won’t work – just look for the hand-outs.

  58. Mike Russell says

    Anyone with the name Hillary has to be CROOKED and from Calif she has to be down right ignorant, she needs to be locked up right along with the CLINTONS. California needs to hurry up and fall off in the ocean so the rest of us can get on with our lives without worries of their so called Ideologies and Bullsh** ways.

  59. Whaledriver says

    That’s rich!

    California makes it difficult for state businesses to bid on the wall’s construction. Given the crushing burden of tax rates and regulatory nonsense that state businesses must contend with, no doubt California will prevent companies in the state from bidding on wall construction.

    Thus, companies from other states will win the federal contracts and will use their own personnel to build the facilities. Ultimately, California gets only the money those employees use for lodging, meals, and fuel for their vehicles. The rest of the money — including that needed to buy materials, which will come from other states — leaves the state.

    Another brilliant idea from “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown.

    The very first wall should be built around Moonbeam’s mansion, the second around Sacramento.

    President Trump: I suggest that instead on building a wall, dig a very deep. trench, then fill it with high-level nuclear waste. Immigration? Gone!

  60. Concerned Republican says

    I can understand but there are those like me disapprove what they are doing in our state California. I love California and I would love to get out the liberals and conservative including the governor, LA mayor, and any other trash that are fighting to keep the Republican building the wall and shipping the illegal aliens out of our state California. You’re in the state illegally and in the country you need to be deported. And if you really loved your family you would have gotten your citizenship. Now your family will have to get over that you are being deported. If you’ve been here 2 years and over and have done nothing to get citizenship, All I can say goodbye and We Republicans won’t cry any tears for you

  61. Carol says

    Ronan you are absolutely CRAZY! And anyone that votes for this is definitely ANTI- AMERICAN. You are trying to take away FREEDOM! Who the hell do you think you are, the new dictator since the old dictator is gone, BO? WE THE PEOPLE want and demand a wall, so mind your own LAWLESS business and I hope you get voted out ASAP!
    ALL construction companies thru out California MUST BID on the wall……..then when the state needs any work they will have to pay more for an out of state company to do business. This ass MUST be taught a lesson, she has nothing else to do since she allows cities to break American LAWS. She is a law breaker herself and must be arrested and convicted for breaking her oath of office, the laws of the nation and taking away people of speech and being an anti capitalist. Ronan is disgusting, a disgrace, has no morals and no values!

  62. Frances Chute Quinn says

    more insanity from california. when they lose their funding for sanctuary cities and refugees stop coming in, california will be crying for the work. there are people willing to work on the wall for free wso who gives a care. somehow this strikes me as criminal to pressure these companies…blackmail!

  63. Terry says

    Time for the Federal Gov. to take over California and save us here that believe in America from all this law breaking and corruption . If they have can take over law enforcement in a city why not a state .

  64. Karen says

    Send ALL of the illegal aliens that aren’t criminals(that need to be deported immediately) to San Fran to live! If they refuse to follow the law, let THEM take in ALL of the illegals!! Then REMOVE the city from government subsidies and let them FACE REALITY!! They want to function independently of the law, let them suffer the consequences!! They are so scared they may lose their maids, yardmen, and cheap laborors, along with their free flowing drugs! Hell, a large portion of the population is probably making their income from distributing the illegal drugs that come in from Mexico, so the wall would cut off their income source!! I am just speculating, but there HAS to be a valid reason why these people would want to continue letting in these cockroaches(granted they are not ALL cockroaches but they all are BREAKING THE LAW)!! If I, an American citizen, break the law, I am charged/fined in a heart beat! The illegals(NON-CITIZEN) breaks the law, they get a free monthly check, free food, free housing, free education, free heath care, etc. and a hoard of idiots fighting for them, AT MY EXPENSE!! WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS!! They(illegals) are only taking away from YOU!!

  65. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    I live in California, and I am here to say that California HAS NO VALUES! It is a state that is run by IDIOTS! They think that everyone should think the way they do, and that is wrong! They do not think for all of us. Thank the lord that Moonbeam Jerry Brown cannot run for office again, but that leaves the other idiot, I certainly hope he does not run!

    1. Mike W says

      You left out the “”Four Stooges” – Pelosi – Boxer – Waters and Feinstein.


    Sounds like political blackmail and it should result in term limits for the perps. Limit their terms to time served.

  67. truthseeker53 says

    Cities and dimmercraps. The troublers of freedom.

  68. truthseeker53 says

    Hmm, any way to share this without the sick tomato picture?

  69. kassa1 says

    Any conservative or any business it would stay in California deserve everything they get, S California civil servants or anti-American, as they hide behind humanism to steal American people blind. Do you really wonder why the second amendment was written, as these terrorist, in government continue to put people who do not contribute to the system or the country, but steal from the backs of the middle class continue to commit acts of aggression through theft of the American people’s money, and disobey the rules of law of we the people.

  70. dux nobis28 says

    The looney left in Cali knows no limits elected officials who attemp to block construction of the wall should be arrested and tried for treason . Feel compassion for the American victims of Mexican crime!

  71. kteissere says

    And those companies that wish to help build the wall need to leave California as is Carl’s Jr. (headed to Tennessee). More tax dollars leaving the state assures an eventual collapse while they try to support all the illegals. We left California last July and have no regrets. It was once a beautiful sensible state but no longer.

    1. Mike W says

      I was in the Bay area in September. I was shocked at how bad it had become. I remember the last time I was in Cali if you tossed litter there was a huge fine. That place looked like that had given up on trash collection – garbage and graffiti everywhere – enough car parts pushed into the service lanes on the freeways to build a car. People passed out ( i think they were passed out could have been dead ) on the sidewalks and others just stepping over them and moving on. I remember the line from a Billy Joel song “is that all you get for the money?”

  72. roger dodger says

    1. Cut off all funding to Ca.
    2. Pass legislation that makes aiding and abetting the criminal aliens a federal felony, carrying a mandatory 4 year minimum sentence without possibility of parole.
    Let’s see if the liberal dem bloodsuckers want the illegal votes badly enough to go to jail for 4 years and then lose their voting privileges as convicted felons;.

  73. John Freese says

    California and New York. The two biggest liberal, communist and traitor states in the Union. Keep it up. You’ll get that fight so many of you have been talking about and wanting. You won’t like the ending. And as for all you citizens……….VOTE THEIR ASSES OUT and vote in real leaders, real Americans. Save yourselves the misery and the loss.

  74. nipita says

    Does this not sound like total dictatorship? It sure seems that way to me. How others

  75. Mike W says

    When you look at a map of 2016 presidential election results in California – almost the whole state is red (Trump) cities like L.A., San Francisco Oakland etc where there are large populations of liberals won with the aid of illegal voters – but – that leaves a lot of people who will tell them to F off and take the work if they can get it. California’s liberals with Pelosi – Boxer – Feinstein and Waters have driven the state to an over 1/2 trillion dollar debt. That equates to about $11,500 of debt for every LEGAL man, woman and child in the state. That is above and beyond all of the other taxes they will owe – state and federal income tax – property tax etc. Companies with high paying tech jobs are leaving everyday for greener pastures. Of course the liberals will blame someone else but the other Californians will be glad to have the work.

  76. Shelly Shannon says

    All Ronen’s defiance is doing is ruining their own state. My gosh, talk about a DICTATORSHIP, Ronen is “barring her city from bidding on a multi billion dollar project”. Just think about that. She is dictating to businesses what the can and can’t do because of her disdain for Trump. That is absolutely a dictatorship. She is doing exactly what she has accused our President of doing except she’s the one doing it.

    1. Brenda says

      But she is a democrat and it is alright for democrats to be dictatorial.

  77. PBHayes says

    California politicians will be the reason California fails completely as many taxpayers flee to live in another state or another country. The only thing keeping me here are my two brothers and one sister and they all plan on leaving soon.

  78. Brenda says

    Exactly what is it with the democrats? I understand that they have a deep seated resentment over loosing the election and that they hate President Trump. But does that hatred have to leak over into actually hurting Americans?
    I understand that they supported Obama’s agenda of flooding the country with illegal aliens and un-vetted “refugees” and that they were not opposed to his lawless actions. But, have they completely lost what little minds they possessed in their race to destroy the country in the name of inclusiveness?
    That wall is not a symbol of division, it is a stop gap for illegal entry into the country. A protection from the illegal human traffic, drugs, and criminals entering the country. It would not stop all illegal activity, but, it would slow it down and would allow for border patrol having more of an advantage.
    The democrats constantly parrot the human right aspect, but where is the human rights of the people that fall prey to the human traffic aspect? Why is it wrong to want to stop the drug smuggling operations, the stopping of cartel members freely occupying a portion of the United States.
    Where are the rights of land owners facing life or death situations caused by illegal aliens, or having their crops or livestock endangered?

  79. ARCLight_Vet says

    I guess these Idiots don’t realize they can be sued for “Restraint of Trade” by the Contractors.

  80. Francisco Machado says

    Since some construction companies/concrete suppliers reportedly expected to bid on the wall construction are run by Mexicans who are not illegal immigrants, this may place San Francisco in the position of discriminating against legal immigrants or against Mexican companies, some of which have also indicated they will bid on wall construction/materials supply. Since the wall will probably be a bigger contract than the SF jobs (and since SF is broke), this will favor companies not big enough to take on the wall project.

  81. Lilly Putney says

    When they build the wall just drop down on the State line between Arizona and California. Since they want to succeed from the USA this could be the first step. That way if the hollywood idiots want to come into the states they would have to have a visa and a passport with an expiriation date.Just like the idiots in Maryland who after that horrentous rape they still pasted the bill to be a sancuary city.Me I would be asking for all of their resigination.

  82. Pat Shurnas says

    Sounds like the biggest lawsuit in history, liberals don’t stand a chance!

  83. SDofAZ says

    It is time to pull the funding on CA. These fruits and nuts need to pay their own way. And we all know as a dem wit run state, they are BROKE.

  84. Jean Langford M. says


  85. MDPatriot says

    California Democrats brain-storming session that brought about this discriminating bullshit!

  86. daveveselenak says

    Man, I keep reiterating and rightfully so: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION to the successful Communist take-over of “TRANSFORMED & TRANS-GENDERED AMERIKA”, like it or not or like being a slave to the State and living a subsistence of misery, squalor and serfdom while the NWO-elitist politburo live the lives of Kings and Queens as they currently are doing on your and my dimes – it is only going to get worse! Armr====================================? – – – – -, we will be needing them!

  87. The Capatin says

    Think of it: US/Mexican border crossing at San Ysidro, California would become a vestigial ornament.

  88. Jim H. says

    Take the wall, it’s a guaranteed job for quite some time. And when their homes burn, a bridge needs to be replaced so they can go “act” in their cushy playtime, who are they going to call?
    When they do call, deny them what they denied you!

  89. My country says

    California elected idiots think they speak for all of California . Coming from the perverse place of SAN Francisco where anything goes including telling residents who they have to keep up and how they have to vote and not to obey the laws of the very country from the very people they are stealing from . The DOJ is going to step up and arrest these kind of people for they are breaking the laws of this country . This is the big reason why the democrats are holding off the nominations to prevent our laws . If companies allow this kind of censorship then they should be treated the same way SAN Francisco is without revrence to any of their needs . The wall has to go up and there are plenty of businesses who live this country .

  90. Natalie says

    “By introducing this legislation, we are moving beyond symbolic protest and making it clear to companies interested in doing business with San Francisco, that we expect those companies to uphold basic principles of compassion and dedication to human rights,” she said.
    When what she actually means is their moving beyond just whining about people who want to obey the law and don’t want to continue providing for millions of illegal aliens and making it clear that they intend to legally compel those people to do what they want, no matter how absurd and un-American that may be. She wants to force her ‘beliefs’ on others and uphold basic principles of tyranny and authoritarianism in San Francisco, an American city. Where you are free to do what you want, as long as it is exactly what they want, to callously dismiss millions of American citizens and actively work against them to benefit those who have no right to be here.

  91. lha says

    Do these morons not know that ANY Company can bid on Federal contracts? I worked in Commercial Construction for many years,and have traveled and turned down jobs to go all over the world from Dallas Tx. It is very likely that an out of State Contractor will get the General contract.

    1. KKmoderate says

      That’s just exactly right. The only people the California politicians can hurt are those in their own state. Way to go California! Cut off your nose to spite your face and deprive your own citizens of jobs?Fools.

  92. Mathew Molk says

    And just how do these these pencil necks intend to pull that one off?. It’s not only illegal as hell but the unions will just love it if the goofballs attempt to block union contractors from bidding ANY jobs. These guys have been known to express displeasure with explosives.

    Some diversity too. Thy are all about inclusion and diversity as long as you are exactly like them.

    This tom foolary hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the test of constitutionality.

  93. Walter Flatt says

    I hope and pray that Trump will issue an executive order to have all these people arrested or obstruction of justice and give them 10 years in the pen.




    IF NOT,








  94. Joseph Schlag says

    Isn’t that a form of discrimination? I can not believe the democratic party would be intolerant of anyone. Is this the same party that says we must be tolerant of all people Gay’s, Transvestites, and illegal immigrants. But it is ok to discriminate against Republicans or conservatives. Kind of a double standard isn’t it.

  95. will says

    I hope these contractors sue the DNC and the dems who discriminate

  96. glenn398 says

    They didn’t have any problem when the wall was built along their border but now it is a problem.

  97. Michael Paul says

    The only way to stop this nonsense is to arrest Mayors, Governors, City Council people and anybody else that tries to prevent federal workers like ICE or border patrol from doing their job. Please let California secede from the union as quickly as possible and become part of Mexico and we can build a wall on the eastern border of California as well as the southern borders of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. California is useless to this country (at least Southern California). Let Hollywood and all the garbage people that belong to Hollywood become Mexican citizens. Let the federal government withhold as much money as possible from California until the normal residents rise up and get rid of Brown, Watters, Feinstein, Boxer and all the liberal garbage that is polluting this country. Let these clowns know this is a free country and a company can bid for any job it wants without being punished by the local government.

  98. ONLYJB1 says

    At ever turn a fight. This administration still does not have a full working cabinet! At ever turn a fight! The communist party in America are still attempting to destroy our nation. Their dreams of globalization and new world order has failed. Since our government is dragging their feet on that swamp drain, the possibility of American citizens having to step in and take over, is maybe becoming a reality! The communist in America CAN’T fight all of us patriots! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m sick and tired of the communist holding up real government. This is all brought about by soros money and clinton POWER! Yes, I said it! The clinton foundation is the head of this snake.

  99. Charlie says

    California still wants to rule the entire nation. The process is called californication. The southern half of this state is pathetic.

  100. Donomas Soir says

    You sons of PIGS, all you want is glory you will never get. Good this way no wetbacks will get to work on the wall!

  101. Stan Joy says

    They talk about compassion, well I never hear any of them give compassion about victim of the girl that was killed in California or the fourteen year old girl that was raped recently by illegal immigrants in Maryland, just north of DC. Where is your compassion for these and many others who have been raped, killed beat up and more. Where is your compassion. You people out there that condone this are sick. As far as I am concerned, send ALL the ILLEGALS to Cal. and all the other sanctuary cities and States. You deserve everything you get.

  102. KKmoderate says

    The left just cannot separate politics from any aspect of life at all! It’s obsessive and frightening behavior. I can’t even be involved in a civil discussion with most of these people. The ones who are sophisticated and can function independent of their politics won’t ever run for public office! We are doomed?

  103. TPS12 says

    There you go dems publicly use extortion against contractors to get their way. Very nice will it go unchallenged by the citizens?

  104. Patriot2theCore says

    Nothing wrong with new fresh ideas, but for crying out loud Cali, you need to learn when to apply the brakes. 1)If somebody is not a United States Citizen, they need to apply for citizenship or leave when their Visa is expired. 2)There are two(2) genders male and female; the only exception is those born with both genitalia! 3)welfare should help somebody get back on their feet not a lifelong crutch! I could probably go on…

  105. Al Wunsch says

    “…principles of compassion and dedication to human rights,” she said….” Compassion, human rights? This is discrimination against workers who want to work and shows a lack of common sense and American Patriotism.

  106. rick meek says

    Hmmmm – Glad I escaped CA when I was a kid and when they asked me to detail in CA – I TURNED IT DOWN —-thankfully the sane people have escaped and others will get the chance – in the meantime – I urge everyone to screw CA to the max……ESPECIALLY HOLLYWOOD….

  107. Justin Seine says

    And The Winner of the 2017 California Flag Emblem contest is:

    Submitted by Vern Foonman, Modesto, California

    Congratulations Vern!!

  108. rick meek says

    HUMANS —– an example of backstabbing weasels —— transformers movie….

  109. laulau says

    This should be a crime to tell people they can’t work on anything that the state that doesn’t like what they want to work on. Selfish to deny a workers rights because you don’t like the President.

  110. rev_dave says

    What phony-baloney grandstanding. First off, if she was serious, this woman would offer up legislation to cancel current contracts if the companies so much as bid. But she’s not.

    It also has nearly zero chance of passing. President Trump has already
    threatened to put an end to fed funds to sanctuary cities. If this does
    pass, guess which city will be the first one cut off the fed teat?

    And – construction is one of the industries where illegal residents
    still find work. So she’s just making enemies who could stop hiring
    them, and stick to only citizens. So she is hurting the very population
    her ‘sanctuary’ city is trying to help. If you’re an undocumented alien,
    this woman is going to hurt you. (Not only might you lose your job – but think what will happen when the loss of fed funds hits your ‘sanctuary city’. Welfare – gone. Free medical services – gone. Any kind of freebies that use fed money will be – gone. Protection from deportation – gone.)

    Last, only big companies will be bidding on the ‘wall’ job because a bidder has to have the capacity to do the job in order to win the bid. So the loss of local contracts in the future may be immaterial to them. They can still get jobs elsewhere, and given that they will likely get billions from a successful bid, can either relocate (taking jobs out of the city, BTW), or just close up shop and retire (also costing the city jobs). So there’s not much of a threat there – ‘cut me off from a few million in the future, so I can get billions today’? DUH!

  111. Deby says

    “By introducing this legislation, we are moving beyond symbolic protest and making it clear to companies interested in doing business with San Francisco, that we expect those companies to uphold basic principles of compassion and dedication to human rights,” she said. Really? So now all companies have to “feel” the same way about human rights as the morons running that city? Hmm… smacks of discrimination if you ask me.

  112. jdelcjr says

    Hows that for living in a free Country. Who”s the dictator now?

    1. rocky says

      Jerry Brown !!!

  113. Jon's On says

    Let’s see San Francisco values, you mean communism and socialism. Oh let’s not forget fascism. Not sure if it’s a value but sick and twisted come to mind. The city is full of morons and idiots. They have turned San Francisco in to a toilet. Great job!!!

  114. Avatar says

    PLEASE do not include those of us who voted for Trump and are tired of the Dems antics and anti-Trump activities; I wonder if they really know what they are rallying against!?

  115. Roger Short says

    I was taught, from a young age, that this was a free country, where we were allowed to make many choices, and not be ruled by the govt., or DUMB FUXK politicians! I guess those days are over, thank to the Demoncrats!

  116. Dave Campbell says

    Maybe businesses should consider not doing business with San Fransisco and see how that works out.

  117. NavymanBill says

    Simple-Give the contracts to out of state firms. Have them use as little of California vendors-water, food, tools etc, as possible. It will hurt the locals-which may in turn wake them up. I have lived in California five different times-the last time 1992-94, but it is very different now, and I would avoid going there unless I absolutely HAD to.

  118. Shayne Jenkins says

    I’d like to watch the legalities of such a law get, dare I say it, trumped?! More news for those dems, Frisco doesn’t sit well with MY moral compass, either! The People’s Republik of Kalifornia needs a severe legislative and judicial overhaul……

  119. draftinging says

    Put a wall totally around California, stop all forms of transportation into California, close all roads, put heavy arm border agents with military support, close all military bases, close all federal offices, stop all federal support to all cities,counties, state agencies, or any projects in California. Put and export tax on any products manufacturer or being sent into or out of California. California residents must have a visa and $5,000 per day on their visa to cover any of their expenses. Than let’s see how long it takes California to join the human race… Personally I could care less.I don’t think they can be human, without mean years of mental health treatment. I forgot all Ca. Senator and representative must all immediately return to Ca. Since the will know later be a state, they won’t be need in DC. Good by Ca you won’t be missed.

    1. rocky says

      No, no…. the north line is above Sacramento… north of that is the state of Jefferson !!

  120. Michael Anderson says

    This is certainly against their constitutional wrights but on the other hand sense when would a democrat care about the constitution

  121. Trumpprez2016 says

    How typical of the SICK liberals that are in San Francisco. How can these people even be allowed to pass such a bill!I am outraged over this. Please Prez Trump keep deporting I live in California and I thank you!!!!! Get the Liberals out of govt. they are ruining California!

  122. borecrazy says

    Changing the flag? Who’s bright idea is that? As for San Francisco and LA deciding anything for citizens of the state, no thanks! They can’t even decide things right for themselves!

    1. rocky says

      The ‘bright idea’ came from Sacramento… wouldn’t you know !!

    1. Deplorable Lanie says

      Ditto That!!!

  123. andrew says

    ????? San Francisco City Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced a bill on Tuesday that would bar her city from hiring contractors who bid on what is expected to be a multi-billion dollar federal project.

    Say What ?? It must be some mental disease related with the name hillary… whatthehell would a wall on the south border have to do with anything from Sandyfrancisco…

  124. dogtrainer1 says

    This is pure BS. Now those “elected officials” feel that it is their RIGHT to DICTATE, what Companies are allowed to do with their own businesses. Keep it up MORONS and soon, the only businesses and people left in California will be , illegals and others on welfare and the RICH who don’t give a rat’s ass about how the rest live and do business!

  125. James Southern says

    If Californias state or local reps or even just the construction community in California will not allow a contractor to reeve jobs or even bid for them if they bid on doing the Border wall project then those doing this should be sued by the justice department and the contractors being blackballed for bidding on a legitimate contract should be awarded the work the others are keeping them from bidding on. And those involved in the blackballing should be fired or stripped of their contractors licensing because that is unethical and illegal. The border wall is necessary whether the foolish people who want to make it a racial issue like it or accept it or not. It is not an issue of prejudice it is an issue of national security plain and simple and those who keep using political and emotionally charged tactics to lie about the issue should be sued for fraud. Get off the liberal and bleeding heart soap box and obey the laws of the land and allow the people in power to do the right thing. This wall is a must if we want to get to a point where we can control the flow of immigration as we are supposed to and deal with illegal aliens and criminals who are committing heinous crimes. People who are here without legal right to be here are already breaking the law. Some are very productive and should be allowed to go through the immigration process. Some are just surviving and not causing a problem and should be given work status but be required to return to their country for a certain amount of time yearly if they are not able to go through the immigrations process. Those who are living here and receiving government tax money for any reason and are here illegally should be immediately taken off the government dime because that money is there to help legal citizens of this country and should be used for that only. They also should be deported and given stipulations to follow before they are allowed to return even in a student or work capacity because they have not been productive and the government workers giving them the tax money should be fired because that constitutes embezzlement and fraud with taxpayers money. The alien should not be allowed to come back to America for 5 years unless they can prove they were unethical land illegally treated with inhuman treatment that they were singled out for by someone in their home government. At the end of five years they may be allowed a student or work visa. We also need to have a specific work visa of emigrant workers in which each worker who comes in to do migrant work receives a migrant worker visa but must be sponsored by an employer and also if they move to another job they must inform the immigrations agency nearest them. Also they must return home after their migrant season is over unless they have another job lined up and can get permission through immigrations to move on. Any Felony committed by any illegal alien is grounds for immediate and permanent deportation period. If an individual is displaced by war or civil war and allowed to live in America they shall be tracked from the moment they enter our borders until they are either allowed to legally become a citizen or sent home after the conflict is over but if they commit a felony they will be sent back to their homeland no questions asked. If they hold religious beliefs that have laws in total conflict with our constitution then they shall be informed that if they act on their laws, for example Shariah laws that allow for the murder of a wife or child who has been deemed by the Father/husband to have dishonored the family or him alone they will then be imprisoned for murder or deported, maybe be given the death penalty because that is not allowed here. if they assault or murder a female for not wearing a hijab, they will be imprisoned or given the death penalty because that will not be tolerated here. ETC. Jihad will not be allowed and any act of terrorism will carry the penalty of death period. I am not as the PC police have labelled me and others like me,”Islamaphoebic,” I just know what the Q’ran says about the US and Israel and I know we as a nation need to pull our heads out of the toilet and quit sniffing the sewage gasses permitting the land from the cesspools that are being created in our public schools and universities that THEY ARE CALLING BEING ENLIGHTENED. Garbage like this is why I am thinking about writing a book called,”Educated into ignorance.” Most kids coming out of high school have been indoctrinated into ignorance and globalism and have no respect for facts or morality because they are brainwashed into the new definitions of those words being spewed by the NEA and liberal establishment which only desire the end result of destroying the US by dumbing down the youth with pseudo-sconce and propaganda being presented as fact and revisionist history being presented as actual history when it is not it is just enough truth about the history to give it some factual basis and then twisted into many different lies to confuse and distort every single fact and issue in history to skew the minds of the youth and make them trust the establishment instead of being willing to find and believe the truth.

    1. rocky says

      I wan t a copy… no, five copies !!

  126. tom says

    Time to arrest these ass holes and have them face federal laws against the American constitution for breaking these laws and through them in Gitmo.

  127. paul says

    Why anyone would want to live in the most expensive, illegal alien infested and homeless capital of the country state is beyond me. It’s a beautiful state scenery wise, but it’s infested with the worst liberal scum on the planet. Secede please, can’t wait to see you gone. MAGA

  128. Paiute says

    I live in Mexico. The Mexicans want the work. Give Mexican companies the contract. Screw Californication. Mexicans can go to the states legally anytime. I have friends who do it right.

  129. USAnowMSAsadly says

    We need to get President Trump to extend the Wall up the east side of California.

  130. Kika68 says

    a snowflake is a snowflake is a snowflake

  131. Deplorable Lanie says

    Is she not aware that there is already a wall at the border between California & Mexico?

    I guess she didn’t realize that California already decided they needed a wall….but that doesn’t fit with her “values” or does it?

  132. <