Cali Governor: Pendulum Swinging Back Towards Democrats


California Governor Jerry Brown, whose liberal policies have mired his state in economic disaster, claims that after a stumble in 2016, the Democratic Party was poised for a major comeback. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Brown said that 2018 would be a watershed year for America’s lefties.

Brown said there were a “number of factors” that led to recent Democrat losses. “Certainly,” he said, “the Republicans had something to do with it. The barrage, the relentless drum beat of opposition that has been well-financed by the Koch brothers, by Republican activists, that’s been relentless. I think the Affordable Care Act was stigmatized. It was very large; it was very new, that became a big problem.

“And I also think just the historic turn when Lyndon Johnson won overwhelmingly to Goldwater people were writing, and I read it at the time, that the Republican Party was gone,” he continued. “And then it comes back, and the Democratic Party comes back. So the nature of our business is that swing of the pendulum, and it’s definitely already swinging back toward a non-Republican kind of future.”

Brown undermined that prediction, however, by admitting that there were significant problems within his party.

“Leadership has not been clever enough, or strong enough, or perhaps visionary enough,” he said. “It takes a certain vision – how the hell do we get out of this? And it takes some political skill at the same time.”

He said that the party was too fragmented as well.

“I don’t know who this Democratic base is,” he said. “It’s shifting. The segments of our party are highly differentiated.”

Well, if that’s the case – and it is – then it’s hard to see how the pendulum could be swinging back to the Democratic Party. Maybe it’s swinging back to where the Democratic Party USED to be, but the problem there is that the party isn’t going to be there to pick it up. They’ve moved way over to the left, and the pendulum stick simply isn’t long enough to reach. The base has gone absolutely mad, driven there by a combination of insane social media echo chambers and a mainstream media that has turned Donald Trump into the Antichrist. You can’t build a political movement of any strength on a foundation of total madness.

  1. Texascat says

    Hey Gov, don’t hold your breath. bald head hippie!

  2. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

    Never happen Gov Bronw your liberal ignorant policies have destroyed America!
    See the democrats!

    1. berg1928 says

      Kindly go take a nap!

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
        1. berg1928 says


          1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          2. Kol says

            YOU are so stupid you can’t even come up with anything new, can you, nitwit??

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Kol u r ignorant and a dummy like Obama you Liberal Moron…look @ you a disgrace and fool makin ignorant hateful posts loser lolololol!!!!!!!!

          4. Kol says

            LOLOLOL!!! Hateful posts???? Well, here you go… LOOK AT YOURSELF!!!


          5. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          6. Kol says

            You are nasty and rude. What for?

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You are Ghett O and ignorant I don’t blame you I blame yo Parents for raising your Ignorant Liberal ASS!

          8. Kol says


          9. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          10. Kol says

            Day -27: Trump Kisses Putin’s Ass Again – TrumpTimer – Medium


            Dec 24, 2016 – Donald Trump — seemingly unaware of the nation’s questioning of his relationship with Vladimir Putin after public comments by each, …

            Why is Trump kissing Putin’s ass? – Facebook


            In our opinion: 1) Trump allegedly owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million … to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government.

          11. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            No its obama and soros you suckin their asses asso

          12. Kol says
          13. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

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          14. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          15. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


          16. Kol says
          17. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You Liberal Moron!

          18. Kol says

            Poll: Majority of Americans think the Trump presidency is a failure …


            5 days ago – Donald Trump has been president for 200 days, and the majority of Americans think his administration has been a failure, according to a new …

            The failed Presidency of Donald Trump might be good for America …


            Jul 19, 2017 – Donald Trump has utterly and completely failed as President. He has had help. The Republican Party has completely and utterly failed with him …

            Trump’s “America First” campaign is already a total failure: He has …


            Jul 25, 2017 – Six months into his presidency, the failure of Donald Trump’s “America first” approach is evident. For one thing, America isn’t first anymore — it’s …

        1. Kol says

          Republicans slam Trump for failing to condemn ‘Nazi ideas’ after white …

 › News › World › Americas › US politics

          3 hours ago – Donald Trump has condemned the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” during clashes between white supremacists and anti-fascist protesters in Virginia. … This sparked outrage among some leading Republicans with Senator Orrin Hatch writing that his brother …

    2. DAlnB41 says

      NOT THE PARTY – – The Party Leadership!
      The party members have little to n say; they are just expected to stay mute, back what ever the party leaders say and do!
      The Democrats NEED to take action to replace their party leaders before it is too late. The thinking Jerry Brown has the right answers shows how absurd the party leaders are; we would not be in the mess we are now had they done the right things with Obama in office, They would be working to help resolve our problems rather than spending their time whimpering, sniveling and blaming others for the problems.
      AND LOOK AT THE WAY BROWN has failed his state; took it from bad to worse; – – but then he now has Janet Napolitano there to aid and abet his ignorance, greed and misaligned agenda!

      1. Bob Morton says

        The democratic party hasn’t stood for the ideals they once did eons ago. They no longer value the same issues. I’m a native Democrat Californian but moved in 1994. I’m a proud Republican and I’d be ashamed to move back. Look who your Senate and House leaders are! Your illustrious GovernorJerry Brown started out following in his destructive father’s footsteps and he has now surpassed him. The destruction of CA is imminent unless the people that love CA try and take it back and the Democrat party that once was. Good luck. This is Bob’s wife.

    3. Kol says

      Donald Trump threatened to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea.

      STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t provoke nuclear war with North Korea!

      Donald Trump is making us all more unsafe with every war-mongering comment, tweet, and threat. His rhetoric threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” is exacerbating a dangerous situation, putting the people of Guam–and everyone around the world–in grave danger. While a nuclear North Korea is a real concern, the answer must be diplomacy-first, not a rush to a potentially devastating nuclear war.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

        Don’t mess with America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a Real President now!

      2. Lisa Meyer says

        OH SHUT UP! and take your sniveling rant to the correct page!

    4. Lisa Meyer says

      I think the pendulum swung and hit him in the head.

  3. Recognizing_Truth says

    While most of the left has moved on to stage 2 (anger) and some have jumped to stage 4 (depression), Gov. Brown is locked in stage 1 (denial) in the Kubler-Ross model for dealing with grief:
    denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

  4. Mt Native says

    Keep dreaming moonbeam. The rest of us outside Calimexifornia don’t want our country to end up like Calimexifornia. I do sympathize with those conservatives who have to live there due to jobs & family. Not everyone can just pick up stakes and move to another state.

    1. hollygreen9 says

      I too am a Montana native, and sure as hell wished I could be back there. I live in Idaho now, and am quite displeased to see so many Californians move here. I know that it is the same as in Montana and they are driving up the cost of housing (and taxes). I recently got my county tax bill and immediately called the assessor and bitched. They lowered my taxes. I guess it pays to bitch.

      1. Mt Native says

        Good job with the tax bill. Yes sometimes it does pay to bitch. I hear you about Californians moving in. They leave California because they don’t like how things are done and then they try to change where they moved into what they just left. Does that sound familiar – “refugees” leaving their homeland only to try to make this country just like their homeland? I have read about all the things going on in Idaho because of those people and that is just unacceptable! I have lived in Chicago, back in the late 60s early 70s and then moved to Phoenix and lived there before returning to Montana. I won’t live anywhere else. I love Montana.

        1. TrueAmerican says

          MT Native, I too have lived in many other places, Phoenix, Florida, I even lived in Commiefornia for a few months, Always come home to Montana, Won’t be leaving again.

          1. Mt Native says

            Good for you!!!

        2. Lisa Meyer says

          Mt Native… Can you please tell me what is going on in ID that has been caused by Californians moving there?

          1. Mt Native says

            Sorry but I don’t live in ID. Read what hollygreen9 said above as apparently she does.

          2. Lisa Meyer says

            Oops, sorry! I meant to post that Repy to her!

          3. Mt Native says

            Ha ha that is funny. No problems.

      2. TrueAmerican says

        Holly I’m from and in Montana the wacked out Commifornians have really only invaded Missoula, the Bitteroot Valley, Bozoman and Kalispell there are a few scattered around but they don’t get up in arms and want to change the state like the ones in Missoula, the once beautiful city is gone now it’s just full of LIBturds.

      3. Lisa Meyer says

        Hollygreen9…I am in CA right now, but I want to move to ID. I am a conservative whose vote no longer counts here in CA because of the liberal overload in this state. Are your politics changing there because of the influx of Californians? And would I be welcomed there as a conservative who values America, American values, the Constitution, and freedom?

        1. hollygreen9 says

          I have to admit that if so many Californians were not moving here, you would be welcome. The traffic has gotten horrendous, my taxes have gone way up, my car insurance has gone up, just due to the influx. I am retired and really can’t afford much more. I am really afraid that the Californians are bringing their bad ways with them. I was stationed in California for a period, and could not wait to leave. If you come, don’t get crazy with the amount of money you spend on a home. This is considered a poor state. Just out of curiosity, what makes you want to move here?

          1. Lisa Meyer says

            Originally, I wanted to move to CO. because I have family there. I went to visit them last year, and they basically said everything you have just said. CO used to be a red state not that many years ago, but too many liberals from CA have moved there and it is now solidly blue except for the rural areas. Plus they became a sanctuary state a year or two ago. So I set my sights towards Idaho because I used to visit my aunt there every summer in the mid 70’s to mid eighties. I remember the people being so friendly, I loved the scenery and all the recreational opportunities there. I do remember even back then they didn’t really care for us “Flatlanders”. I (did) want to go somewhere that the summers are milder than where I live now, and someplace where I could have a little piece of land to call my own.
            You are right about prices there skyrocketing. I have noticed while perusing the real estate sites that property has gone through the roof! My aunt bought 400 acres just out of Council, ID. in 1970. It was commercial land, and I think they gave about $180K for it. That same amount of acreage now costs half a million or more!
            I don’t need but a half acre or so, but even that is hard to find for a reasonable price. Like you, I am on a limited income, so I don’t even know if Idaho will be an option now. I plan to visit there in Jan. so that I can look around and see what is available, and find out what utilities, groceries, gas, etc cost compared to where I am now. Your reply has helped me in some regard, and I thank you for answering.

          2. hollygreen9 says

            Groceries are not bad, but thanks to Obama, the electric bills are going way up. The natural gas is VERY reasonable, thanks to Montana Dakota utilities. The price for homes id somewhat reasonable yet compared to California. I have to admit that the California drivers are quite rude, and still drive like they are on I-5 in rush hour.

          3. Lisa Meyer says

            Good to know groceries aren’t bad. I do like to eat every now and then, lol. Can you explain Obama’s hand in making the electric bills go up? We are used to high electric bills here because we get rate increases every year, thanks to PG&E blowing up a gas pipeline several years ago, killing 8 people. The lawsuit cost them millions and of course, you know who is ultimately paying for it. My bill has gone up 40% over the last few years. I prefer gas appliances, but one has to have lights and A/C here in the summer. That might not be a problem there, though.

          4. hollygreen9 says

            Obama’s war on coal has made electric rates go up due to pending coal fired power plants being shut down. Hopefully, they will continue to operate now that we have trump in the white house. (He digs coal) You have to know that Idaho has state income tax and sales tax. I didn’t know that when I moved here, and it kind of ticks me off. By the way, as for bad drivers, this is the only state that I have been in where the idiots stay stopped at a green light for a few minutes.

          5. Kol says

            Green lights stay green “for a few minutes”???? That’s pretty bizarre! Are you really sure that you know what you’re talking about!

          6. hollygreen9 says

            You are a dumb ass troll! Can you comprehend what you are reading?

          7. Kol says

            You look the dumb ass when you say people stay stopped at a green light for a few minutes! And you’re a troll, too!!!

          8. Lisa Meyer says

            I see. Like you say, maybe since Trump has helped the coal industry recover a bit, that the rates will go back to being reasonable once those shuttered plants get up and running
            Being from CA., I am used to sales and income tax. Our problem here is that in some of the counties, the sales tax is higher than the average state sales tax because cities have added their own percentage to it. So you have to be aware of that when you travel.
            Drivers sitting at green lights too long are probably texting. Does ID have a law against being on your cell phone while driving? CA. does, but no one pays any attention to it because the fine is stupidly low if you get caught.

          9. hollygreen9 says

            Yes we have a law about cell phone usage while behind the wheel, but unfortunately most people disregard it. One law that we don’t have is requiring motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. My older brother was killed on his motorcycle years ago, and he was wearing a helmet. It is tough tangling with an 18 wheeler that turns into you.

          10. Lisa Meyer says

            I am so sorry about your brother. That is awful! The same thing happened to my roommate. 18W turned in front of her also. She wasn’t killed but seriously injured to where she had to have 2 back surgeries, plates and screws, several less radical procedures, and will be on pain med the rest of her life. Also lost a good paying job and now lives on SSD.
            The thing I hate seeing more than anything is TRUCK DRIVERS ON CELL PHONES! They need ALL of their attention focused on the business of driving when they are at the wheel of an 80 ton rolling wall.

    2. berg1928 says

      So,kindly explain why thousand keep coming to our state – and I mean legal, native born Americans.

      1. Mt Native says

        Well whether it is actually thousands or not I don’t know. And no I can’t explain why anyone would want to live there other than the weather and beach. The traffic is horrible, prices sky high, the economy is failing and you have a $1.6 billion budget deficit so you tell me why people by the thousands are moving there. I realize there are areas in the State that aren’t bad to live in but not in any of the metropolitan areas.

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          Berg tends to exaggerate a bit.

          1. Mt Native says

            I wondered about that thanks for the tip. LOL

        2. Bob Morton says

          I miss the beaches and my family and friends in CA. Things weren’t like the way they are now when I was growing up. I have lived in TN since 1994 and had only been back to CA once when my father died in 1996. My mom, 3 sisters/spouses/kids and some friends still live there but I would never go back. We bought a house in TN for less than a garage you could rent in CA. All of the cost of living has become so outrageous. My husband, son and I moved because of the high cost of living but everything else has become so much worse since 1994. I also changed my political party in 1994. This is Bob’s wife.

          1. Mt Native says

            I am glad you are out of CA but sorry you still have family there. I never lived there although when American Airlines closed all of it’s reservation offices I had the opportunity to move there back in 1976. I passed. My husband moved back to Montana in 2012 as he couldn’t afford to live there after his wife passed away. He has no desire to ever go back, even to visit.

          2. Bob Morton says

            It’s funny, my step-father retired from American Airlines in 1992 in CA (Long Beach area). He and my mother moved to TN in 1993. My stepdad passed away in 2012 and my mother moved back to CA to be near my other sisters. Her ashes will be returned to TN and scattered among my stepdad’s in a memorial garden when she passes. My son was born in 1976. A few similarities. This is Bob’s wife.

          3. Mt Native says

            It is interesting how you run into people that have similar things in their background. Nice chatting with you, Bob’s wife. 🙂

        3. berg1928 says

          I agree about the metro areas, but I have always lived in Southern California either very near or reasonably close to the ocean – plus I had the advantage of buying our house in 1960 with the added perk of Prop 13.

  5. Justin Seine says

    Jerry Brown is suffering from and infusion of delusional confusion which will likely manifest itself in a cerebral contusion!

    1. Mt Native says

      Ha Ha, now not only is that funny but probably right on the mark.

    2. Swampfox1965 says

      Poor man is suffering from a recto-cranial inversion.

      1. Swampfox1965 says

        For those of you from Rio Linda, that means he’s got his head up his ass.

        1. Retired says

          Here I thought it was Obamas head ??

          1. rick meek says

            brown will fir obozo and holder…..

          2. doc says

            Naw,Mad Max’s !!

          3. ernldo says

            Maxipad watters?

          4. berg1928 says

            Grow up, ernido.

          5. ABO says

            OMG. Really, look who’s telling ernldo to grow up. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

          6. Lisa Meyer says

            berg1928 must be one of Waters’ loving constituents who keep re electing the criminal old hog…I mean, hag.

          7. ABO says

            berg1928 is nothing more or less than a pathetic, immature, coward that through it’s posts pretends to be an absolutely reasonable, centrist while consistently up-voting the most vile, disgusting, hateful trolls that post here. berg may also be, as you say, one of Waters’ loving constituents. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

          8. Mathew Molk says

            Not sure the nit wit is old enough to vote.

          9. Gigi says

            Mad Max Raging Waters

          10. Junior Bruce says

            They’d BOTH fit.

          11. Gary Smith says


      2. Diesel Driver says

        Are you saying he needs a plexiglass belly button to see where he’s going?

        1. Arnold Young says

          Naaa-he needs to turn his head around to do that. That would require to look ahead instead back. Never happen!!

        2. Junior Bruce says

          Jerry Darko? 😮

        3. Swampfox1965 says

          Absolutely! And he needs some plexiglass cleaner so his vision(?) is not impaired.

      3. Kent Wiggers says

        Most accurate Dx

      4. tjke says

        he destroyed California, everything President Reagan built up this creature destroyed

        1. BuddyBoy53 says

          And he did it twice!

          1. gvette says

            LOL>.you are correct. Just goes to show you can’t fix stupid!

          2. Junior Bruce says

            It shows that stupid must be genetic?

          3. gvette says

            So it would seem!

          4. Junior Bruce says

            I just wanna say that I apologize to everyone for what I sometimes write to others (libbies) here. I just can’t stand going down this same ‘ol road, year after year, with the prices of everything going through the roof, and these people protecting criminals and themselves, yet throwing us to their dogs with retarded promises and excuses, I can’t help but wanna piss them off in return. I was born here. I hate to watch MY home fall to the enemies of reality. They live in a backward state of thinking.

          5. Lisa Meyer says

            I agree with you 1000%!

          6. ABO says

            And didn’t we all love hearing the fearless liar Bath house Barry, telling us “The cost of living hasn’t increased one thin dime on my watch”.

          7. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            He is a minion of Satan, he lies so effortlessly, and has ZERO remorse.

          8. ABO says

            Ain’t that the God’s honest truth, stewie.

          9. Mathew Molk says

            He lies alright, but I think he was actually that stupid to believe a lot of it.- The guy is nothing more then an affirmative action useful idiot scumbag and nothing more. PERIOD!

          10. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            He is openly racist and hostile towards whitey, that’s his entire way of thinking. He is a disgrace and by far the worst thing the USA ever had to deal with.

          11. JCluvsTrump says

            He does not worship Satan. Satan worships him.

          12. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            No doubt.

          13. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            From the party of psychopaths and sexual perverts……..what else would you expect from today’s Democrap Party?

          14. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            That’s exactly what I expect from the treasonous SHARIACRATS.

          15. ABO says

            Love the term, Stewie. it is tremendously descriptive and entirely accurate!

          16. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Thanks, please spread the term far and wide. I also use koranimals to describe the satanic inbred low IQ, violent Muslims.

          17. Kol says

            Gee, I know a few Muslims — distant extended family. They are much more respectable and better people than any anti-Muslim hater & bigot I’ve ever seen. A lot better educated too! Not bigots or narrow-minded and prejudiced people among them either!!! To them, acting like that is disgraceful!

            Anti-Muslim rhetoric is a threat to our democracy | TheHill


            Dec 17, 2015 – This rhetoric is not only hateful, but it in fact makes the individual complicit in these acts of hate.

          18. gvette says

            I know how you feel. That was part of the reason for electing Trump. Trouble is, Washington doesn’t want it fixed!

          19. Rodney Steward says

            And someone needs to straighten out Mueller and fast, he’s over stepping his bounds!

          20. gvette says

            Not going to happen Rodney. This is all by design. Think about pulling a jury from people that don’t like Trump. He got very few votes from DC.

          21. Rodney Steward says

            I think they have an idea of what will happen if Trump is put out, and that’s probably by design also!!

          22. Kol says

            One ting that will happen is that 100s of millions, maybe even a few BILLION people all around the world will celebrate and dance in the streets while they cheer!!

          23. meangreenMarine says

            Kol, you are one ignorant anti-Trump wing-nut! The 100s of millions have already voted
            for Pres. Trump!

          24. Kol says

            meangreenMarine — you sound like yyou are kind of “touched” in the head — people all over the world do not vote in U.S. elections! LOL! Your powers of “comprehension” seem a little bit daft.
            Re-read what I said, jackass. Then try not to hee haw so loudly next time, donkey!! LOLOL!

          25. Rodney Steward says

            And your spelling sux!!

          26. Blue Note says

            So does his ignorant left wing thinking.

          27. Rodney Steward says

            LOL, absolutely, a true idiot!

          28. Shivers says

            He copies his insults verbatim from one person to the next. I’m not sure what his issue is, muslim? inbreeding? low IQ? perhaps a combination of all three.

          29. Rodney Steward says

            Try ALL THE ABOVE my friend, and on top of all that, he’s GAY!!!

          30. Shivers says

            forgot that one!

          31. Rodney Steward says

            🙂 🙂 :-)……..

          32. Frank W Brown says

            You could always just STFU asswipe!

          33. Kol says

            Use a LOT of mouthwash first and you can kiss mine!

          34. Donna Baskett Peternell says

            Don’t bother arguing with it. You will get no where. Some people like him left his brains in the cesspool.

          35. Kol says

            You act kind of snotty, nasty and STUPID. What for?

          36. Shivers says

            Kol is a sad little troll, although, I am impressed that he can cobble a somewhat coherent sentence with such a low, low…almost non-existent IQ, perhaps his mom helped him?

          37. Front Sight says

            Yes, because they live in North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and most Muslim countries.

          38. undunder says

            You’re probably right. There’s a lot of ignorance and self serving stupidity in the world. And oh the short shortsightedness. If the swamp can do this to Trump, they will have set the precedent going forward and they can and will do it to anyone who crosses them. Like it or not, Trump won and to destroy him is wrong and dangerous for our democracy. This is a slippery slope and once we forget how our democratic republic works, what happens. Like Reagan said, if America falls, there is not other refuge for democracy (paraphrasing).

          39. Kol says

            Here’s how the U.S. Empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse-according to science

            June 30, 2017 by Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC, Post #244.



            Accessed on 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC.

            Reporter: Travis Gettys.

            Please click link to read the full story.


            According to a University of Hawaii at Manoa sociologist, the United States “Empire” is living on borrowed time. Professor Johan Galtung, who correctly used modern analytical tools to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union and the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, believes U.S. power, reputation, and influence will decline rapidly under President Donald Trump. Galtung says his original prediction of 25 years for the collapse of the United States has been reduced to less than 20 years, thanks to the past policies of President George W. Bush and the isolationist/protectionist stance of current President Donald Trump. Galtung adds that the final gasp of the U.S. Empire will come as an extreme right-wing political philosophy takes hold of America and transforms the country into a fascist state.

            Professor Galtung bases his predictions on a model comparing the rise and fall of 10 historical empires and on what he calls “synchronizing and mutually reinforcing contradictions.”

            Galtung says the future of our country is grim and foreboding:

            “American fascism would spring from its capacity for global violence, a vision of exceptionalism, a belief in an inevitable and final war between good and evil, the cult of a strong state leading that battle, and a cult of the “strong leader.”

            “Galtung said all of those elements presented themselves during the Bush era, but he fears fascist tendencies could sharpen under Trump as those cultists lash out in disbelief at the loss of American power.”

            “The sociologist identified unsustainable economic, social, military and political contradictions that would eventually topple the U.S. as a world power.”

            “Overproduction relative to demand, unemployment and the increasing costs of climate change would weaken the U.S. economy, according to his model.”

            “Galtung also predicted that rising tensions between the U.S., NATO and its military allies, coupled with the increasing economic costs of war and the political conflicts between the U.S., United Nations and the European Union, would also diminish American power.”


            Professor Galtung offers a chilling look at what our nation is becoming. We are overextended, amazingly ignorant about the real world, and woefully unprepared to confront our adversaries. Our national leadership ignores the advice of our allies, squanders our resources in endless wars, and refuses to confront the truths of science, technology, and economics. Time is running out to address our weaknesses, both foreign and domestic. If we’re unable to confront the challenges of a multi-dimensional world, we will collapse of our own accord and join the former Soviet Union as another historical relic. As it stands now, the future no longer belongs to us.

            For the latest trends in geopolitical intelligence, strategic forecasting, terrorism, politics, and cybersecurity, please visit my daily intelligence briefing at:


            For more information on the above topics, please check the blog sidebars. These news feeds are updated daily.

            Opinions expressed in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

            Thanks for joining us today.

            Until next time,

            Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest



          40. safari1024 says

            It is laughable trying to equate this article with true science. This is the opinion of a sociology professor, not to be confused with actual evidence in any possible way. And to postulate that part of the apocalypse that will bring the downfall of the US in the next two decades will be the rising cost of climate change, just shows how far out in left field you will find this theory. If this is the kind of drivel that informs your intellectualism, that would explain the nonsensical content of the majority of your postings.

          41. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            You fucking moron! IF that happens it won’t benefit you! lmao….I hope for Christmas you wake up and find lumped Kol in your body bag I mean stocking…

          42. skisok says

            It’s impossible to try to reason with the morons in this room. The analysis is very plausible and is based on historical events. I’m concerned about where our country is headed under the jackass in office and unfortunately, many in this room have been duped by Trumps paid supporters and the Russian infiltrators. And yes, I have seen Russians on these posts.

          43. Kol says

            Agree with you totally!

          44. Rodney Steward says

            Your spelling is still off today, “ting”, maybe he’ll bomb the he$$ out of NK first!!!

          45. Kol says

            Maybe when one hits NYC he’ll be at Trump Tower.

          46. Rodney Steward says

            As long as it’s NYC who cares, toooo many immigrants anyway!

          47. Kol says

            That’s really sick!

          48. Rodney Steward says

            Got to clean up that rat hole some how!!

          49. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            It would be poetic irony and justice if Kim Chia Pet destroyed the demshit voting base!! LMAO!

          50. Rodney Steward says

            Absolutely!! 🙂

          51. Kol says

            Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says controversial …


            Jan 31, 2016 – RIGHTMINDS: Does a low IQ make you right-wing? That depends on how you define left and right As scientists discover how to ‘translate’ …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and …


            Dec 20, 2015 – Researchers have found a possible explanation for why certain people are prejudiced: they’re less intelligent. Children with lower general …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and Mail

   › Life › The Hot Button Blog

            Feb 3, 2012 – Children with lower general intelligence are more likely to become prejudiced as … explain is brought about by adopting right-wing ideologies.

          52. skisok says

            It’s a fact that Trump got the uneducated vote. They are easily duped.

          53. Kol says

            And after 6 months in office Trump is still duping most of them. It’s unbelievable how naive and/or stupid so many of them are!

          54. Frank W Brown says

            Just like YOU!

          55. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Maybe one finds you first. Then again, if the nukes miss…we’ll be looking.

          56. skisok says

            I think NK is pointing one at your house. It would clean up America.

          57. Allyssa says

            And most of them will be either Muslim or Chinese communists.

          58. Kol says

            Typical anti-Muslim bigot stupidity — there are no Muslims in that part of the world. Only Chinese, Koreans, Russians, Japanese, Mongols. Try to educate yourself, cyka! LOL!

          59. Allyssa says

            Are you absolutely sure of that? Muslim is a religion, not a race and there are a lot of Chinese, Mongol and Russian Muslims, as well as Afghan, Turkmen, Kazak and Uzbek Muslims. Try to educate yourself, won’t you?

          60. Kol says

            No, “Muslim” is not a religion. “Muslim” is the Arabic word for a follower of the religion known as Islam. Muslims actually are rather rare in China and Mongolia. The Russian population is between 15% and 20% Muslim. I have extended family in Russia who include a few Muslims, so I am quite well educated re: Muslims and Muslim Culture. I’ve lived there with some of my family a few times for a few months at a time. I’d suggest strongly that YOU are the one who needst to educate YOURSELF! 🙂 Your anti-Muslim deliberate ignorance and anti-Muslim bigotry do NOT look very smart!

          61. Shivers says

            Troll, troll troll your boat gently down the stream……la la lalalalala..

          62. Shivers says

            Kol is a very dumb one, clearly muslim, clearly stupid. My only dealings with these idiots is to piss them off, best way is shut them out, then watch their temperatures soar!

          63. Kol says

            “Shivers” is a fucking idiot… typical anti-Muslim stupid bigot and HATER… deliberately ignorant… and a little bit nuts.

            I am NOT Muslim. I’m American, U.S.-born and I have extended family in Russia who include a few Muslims. And they are all much more intelligent, much more respectable, and much better people than any insane, damned idiot like this “Shivers” jackass.

          64. Shivers says

            Only muslims are as easily triggered as you are. I always enjoy watching you losing your shit. Thanks.

          65. Shivers says


          66. Kol says
          67. Kol says

            Hey, Shivers, here’s a fantastic Muslim place to go play “tourist”… I’ve been there a couple of times to visit extended Muslim family. Educated people and I bet they’re worth a LOT more $$$$ than you are!

            Ufa ( Уфа ) – Bashkir and Islam Capital of Russia – YouTube

            ▶ 3:47


            Oct 21, 2011 – Uploaded by RussianDefender100

            Ufa, the capital and largest city of Bashkiria. also the industrial, economic, scientific and cultural center of the …

          68. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Sure!!! – every raping murdering muslim overlord will dance a jig, then fuck your wife and kids while putting you to death.

          69. gvette says

            If Trump is out, I don’t think you’ll like the results!

          70. Rodney Steward says

            Pretty sure about 3 million people won’t like it!!

          71. gvette says

            That’s a conservative number, Rodney. When you tell half the country their votes don’t count, it might get ugly!

          72. Rodney Steward says

            I know it will, and like we were talking about earlier, that just may be the plan!

          73. gvette says

            If that’s their plan, it’s a bad one!

          74. Rodney Steward says

            I agree, many are not going to like the ending!

          75. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Especially when you consider that that half of the country is the half that bought all the guns during the Obummer years.

          76. gvette says

            LOL…good point!!

          77. Kol says

            Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS


            Feb 4, 2016 – Since 2002, right-wing militants have killed more people in the United States … Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS ….. inadvertently—identified themselves as aligned with the dangerous radicals.

            Homegrown Terrorism and Why the Threat of Right-Wing Extremism Is …


            Jun 4, 2017 – The number of violent attacks on U.S. soil fueled by far-right ideology has spiked—and they should be recognized as what they are: terrorism.

            Rightwing extremists involved in nearly a third of terror referrals …

   › World › The far right

            Jun 20, 2017 – Almost one-third of all referrals to an anti-extremism programme are for people feared to have extreme rightwing views that could turn into violence, figures show. … Of 402 arrests entered on the national terrorism arrest database between June 2016 and May 2017, 34 – 8% of the …

          78. Mic says

            I would make a comment, but some liberal would try to kill me if they knew.

          79. gvette says

            You mean you’d commit suicide by shooting yourself twice in the back of your head?

          80. Kol says

            Why don’t you demonstrate how to do that!?!!

          81. gvette says

            Hey, I just ran acrossa list of Omuslims accomplishments.

            Here are a few things obummer did:First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

            First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

            First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

            First President to violate the War Powers Act.

            First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

            First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

            First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

            First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

            First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

            First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

            First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

            First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

            First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

            First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

            First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

            First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

            First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

            First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

            First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

            First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

            First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

            First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

            First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

            First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

            First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office.

            First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.

            First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

            First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

            First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

            First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

            First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

            First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

            First President to repeat the Holy Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth

            First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona).

            First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.”

            Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion. (Thank God he didn’t get away with THIS one.)

            First president to allow Iran to inspect their own facilities.

            First president to have blood on his hands from Benghazi to the assassinations of several police officers.

            First president to trade 5 terrorist for a traitor

            First president to facilitate the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons.

            First president to light up the White House in rainbow colors to honor men that lust after other men’s rear ends.

            First president to put young children in danger by forcing states to allow men in women’s restroom and showers.

            First president to marry a man.

            First president to allow crack cocaine in the White House.

            I could go on for days but you get the point.

          82. Kol says

            The usual right wing BULSHIT!

            DERP! LOL!

          83. gvette says

            You DemonFUCKS just hate facts!!!

          84. Kol says

            You must be the first one in your family born without a tail.

          85. Kol says

            So stupid you don’t know how stupid your nonsense looks???

          86. dneth2 says

            Make that number: over 63 Million voters won’t like it!

          87. Rodney Steward says

            THANKS, I love those numbers much, much better!! 🙂

          88. Kol says

            True, then it’ll be Pence The Dense!!

          89. Frank W Brown says

            At least Pence has measureable IQ, unlike you!

          90. Kol says

            I’m sure mine is much higher than your double digits.
            LOLOL! That’s obvious.

          91. Frank W Brown says

            What, you HAVE an IQ, that’s laughable, it’s obvious yours is ZERO!

          92. ABO says

            Kol’s IQ is easy for him to remember Frank, it’s the same as his shoe size.

          93. Kol says

            LOLOLOLOL! If we add your two IQs together it’ll be a negative! LOL!

          94. Donna Baskett Peternell says

            Oh come on Wise up. You are going to learn the hard way.

          95. Kol says

            Вы действуете как идиот. Зачем? Я смеюсь над тобой!
            So what education do YOU have? You speak how many languages?

          96. Mathew Molk says

            Me too,,,,Pigs will be doing aerobatics everywhere. Aint gonna happen. This too will pass. (Think about it, Where are they going to get 67 senators to vote to remove the President. – All it takes in 34 to vote against and it’s over. This BS is going nowhere.

          97. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            But it takes up time before the 2018 elections.

          98. undunder says

            Republicans are as bad if not worse than democrats. At least with democrats they are up front about being liberal loonies. But republlicans…they talk a good talk when running for office and get to DC and just look at what they become. They’re mostly a bunch of lying snakes. As for Mueller, words cannot describe the contempt I feel toward that creature. Doesn’t seem to have a gram of integrity or ethics about him. And the republicans..they just sit by hoping Mueller takes Trump out. They are despicable. They clearly want him gone (Voters be damned) but are too cowardly to admit it out loud. Save a few like John McCain but does he even count for a republican? Really? I think not. I still come back to the injustice system in that only well connected political elites can expect justice to look favorably upon them. Just look at Hillary. Blabbermouth Schults, the DC leakers. Lymch. Holder. ETC.

          99. gvette says

            Trust me, I’m not sticking up for republicans. They will help Mueller remove Trump. I remember Mueller as being the guy that took the records from Solyndra, to protect Barry! Politicians only know us at election time! Especially if you’re willing to give them money. That’s both sides!

          100. Gen11American says

            I believe only 7% or less of the vote of DC Swamp Dwellers went to Trump, but then DC has been issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens since 05/01/2014, so that gave the DC Swamp Rats 2.5 years before the presidential election to register just as many illegals as possible. Since the District of Columbia is totally Democrat-run, and Obama was squatting in the White House, trying to damage the US as much as possible, with total impunity, who was going to stop the Demos from committing voter fraud? The House Government Oversight Committee perhaps? Perhaps Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Or maybe FBI Director Comey? Yah, right! NAME ONE CORRUPT RAT WHO HAS BEEN INDICTED DESPITE ALL THE UNBELIEVABLE REVELATIONS OF THE PAST TWO YEARS! The DC Swamp Rats protect each other and don’t give a rat’s a….s about the American public except at election time, and once the votes are in, and they’ve won re-election, they forget who pays their salaries until the next election rolls around. Congress totally suck, our liberal judiciary totally sucks, the lawlessness of half our populous sucks, our immigration system totally sucks, the validity of our elections suck, and the voters of this nation totally suck for allowing everything to get so far out of kilter by electing Obama twice that our entire ship of state sucks!

          101. gvette says

            You are correct. That’s part of the reason we elected Trump. Trouble is, congress is now the problem. They don’t want it fixed. Either side of the isle!

          102. Kol says

            Poll: Trump’s approval down to 33% – CNNPolitics –


            Aug 2, 2017 – Poll: Trump’s approval rating down to 33% ….. President Trump’s approval rating is at its lowest point yet in the Quinnipiac poll; A majority of …

            President Trump’s Approval Rating Is Worse Than Any Other … – Time


            Jul 21, 2017 – Just 8% of Democrats approved of Trump’s job performance during the second quarter, but 85% of Republicans did. Approval ratings have …

            Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Lowest Ever, New Poll Finds | Time …


            May 19, 2017 – President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest … President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low in Yet Another Poll.

            Donald Trump approval rating now worst of any president in history …

   › News › World › Americas › US politics

            Jul 16, 2017 – Donald Trump approval rating now worst of any president in history, poll … emails but my son Don is being scorned by the Fake News Media?

            Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Yet Another Low – NYMag


            Jun 7, 2017 – Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Yet Another Low … President Trump’s approval rating has fallen to an abysmal 34 percent, a new low in Quinnipiac University’s national … 4 Worst Blood Pressure MedsVibrant Health Network.

            Donald Trump Has The Lowest Approval Rating Of Any New President …


            Jul 21, 2017 – Donald Trump Has The Lowest Approval Rating Of Any New … President Barack Obama averaged 62.8 for the first six months, but 47.9 percent …


          103. gvette says

            LOL..means nothing. As we watch what’s left of your DemonRAT party blow up!

          104. Kol says

            One way or another Trump will be gotten rid of… it’s merely a matter of time. Of course, it may not matter a whole lot because we’ll end up with Pence… just a different pile of dog shit on the carpet! LOL!

            13 Predictions on How Long Trump’s Presidency Will Last – NYMag


            Jun 25, 2017 – In the end, I don’t believe Trump will be impeached, or found guilty of a crime. My gut tells me that when the fire gets hot enough, he will make a …

            Donald Trump’s Impeachment Odds Are Up: Betting Sites |


            Jul 12, 2017 – After Donald Trump Jr’s Russia emails, betting site PaddyPower has upped their odds of … Trump Impeachment Odds Spike After Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Emails …. Bill Gates’ Prediction Will Give You Goosebumps.

          105. gvette says

            LMAO….you love all those liberal rags! They are as dumb as you are!

          106. Kol says

            Pot. Kettle. BLACK1 lol!

          107. gvette says

            Who ties your shoes for you? you’re to stupid to.

          108. skisok says

            Who makes decisions for you. You have no sense of reasoning. They’ll put you in a rubber room right after they put Trump there.

          109. gvette says

            Well I make my own. You must be Kol using a different name!
            As for reasoning, what’s your skill set? I’m sure you do what ever the left tells you to do.

          110. skisok says

            I’m neither a leftienor a rightie. I’m middle of the road and make informed decisions.

          111. gvette says

            My guess is, you voted for Killary.

          112. skisok says

            Your guess is wrong. I didn’t vote as I didn’t like what I saw. Only a moron would vote for Trump. And I’m guessing that you voted for Trump.

          113. gvette says

            Actually it was fools that voted for Killary, The gal that wanted to destroy the energy business.

          114. Kol says

            Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says controversial …


            Jan 31, 2016 – RIGHTMINDS: Does a low IQ make you right-wing? That depends on how you define left and right As scientists discover how to ‘translate’ …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and …


            Dec 20, 2015 – Researchers have found a possible explanation for why certain people are prejudiced: they’re less intelligent. Children with lower general …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and Mail

   › Life › The Hot Button Blog

            Feb 3, 2012 – Children with lower general intelligence are more likely to become prejudiced as … explain is brought about by adopting right-wing ideologies.

          115. gvette says

            Would you get the niggers dick out of your mouth, so we can understand you.

          116. Kol says

            THAT’S RACIST! – YouTube

            ▶ 0:05


            Jul 18, 2011 – Uploaded by anarkojucca

            That’s Racist Kid (Original video & audio) … Black Woman has Child with Racist White Man! – Duration: 9:04 …

          117. gvette says

            Is that anything like Barry’s mom, the porn queen fucking all the niggers?

          118. Kol says

            It’s like the night your mother got knocked up with you at the whore house. Ever figure out which one your “daddy” was?

          119. gvette says

            Now see. There you go again. No proof of what you say, but there are still links to Barry’s moms porn sites. You can’t win. Facts are always on my side.
            All you have are lies.

          120. skisok says

            You have no facts just lies.

          121. skisok says

            Come on now. Can’t you come up with non partisan sources?

          122. Kol says

            Donald Trump racist – The Root


            Donald Trump, Racist-in-Chief: Here Are the 10 Most Racist Things He’s Done So Far.

            30 Of The Most Outrageous Donald Trump Quotes – Marie Claire

   › Entertainment › People

            When Donald Trump gave a commencement speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, … Don’t worry, his racist outbursts aren’t just directed at Mexico.

            Is Donald Trump really a racist? – Quora


            Is Donald Trump “slightly” racist? > The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.H. L. Mencken That’s not …

            Is Donald Trump a Racist? – The New York Times


            Jul 24, 2016 – Donald Trump and his father, Fred, in 1973 at Trump Village in New York … HAS the party of Lincoln just nominated a racist to be president?


            Sign Your Name: Impeach Trump – It’s time to fight back.‎


            There’s no question about it: Donald Trump is violating the Constitution.

          123. gvette says

            LMAO…you voted for the raciest. Remember, two of Killary’s heros are, Margret Sanger, and Sen. Robert Byrd. He was a recruiter for the KKK.
            Now these are facts, not fiction like you post.

          124. skisok says

            You’re a good example of the flip flop on ideology. Your racist remark is proof of that.

          125. gvette says

            Awwww, did I hurt your little feelings telling the truth about Barry? Every day, he looks in the mirror, and it’s a rotten black man staring back at him! I don’t call black people that. Just gay Muslim boy Barry!
            Dictionary meaning of nigger: A contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person.

          126. skisok says

            You didn’t hurt my feelings as I’m not black. Just pointing out the turning of the tide of the two parties. The Democrats used to be the racists. Now the Republicans fit that bill. You’re a prime example.

          127. gvette says

            You think I don’t like black people. Well, you’re wrong. There’s only two niggers. Gay, Muslim Barry, and fat assed crooked Maxine Waters!

          128. skisok says

            Idle you liked black people, you wouldn’t be such a fu**king racist by calling them that. Your so stupid that you thought your social security number was your zip code.

          129. gvette says

            Funny coming from someone with a single digit IQ

          130. Kol says

            Right wing extremist FAKE NEWS website.
            Kind of snowflake-y! LOL! And very “commie”!!

          131. gvette says

            I told you to get that niggers dick out of your mouth. The study was done by a university. You can’t see past that dick in your mouth.

          132. Kol says

            Why is racism considered ‘right-wing’? – Quora
            The right are more conservative and believe in the power of the individual, which … Because racism stems from differences i.e. ‘they’ are different to ‘us’, and the …

          133. gvette says

            I do this this just to irate you. In history, I guess you missed the part about DemonRATS owned the niggers, and republicans set them free.

          134. Kol says

            So far all you’ve done is make me laugh out loud at how disgustingly stupid (or stupidly disgusting) you are! LOL! Filth like you really make right wing extremists look “great”! LOL!

          135. skisok says

            That’s true, but that’s before Republicans and Democrats did a flip flop on ideology.

          136. gvette says

            Not really. DemonRATS still hate our country, and Trump is trying to save it!
            Gay boy Barry is a DemoonRAT, that did all he could to sink our country, and had filthy Killary of gotten in, she’d a been Omuslim on steroids!

          137. skisok says

            Trump has sold our country out to Russia for his own public gain. Don’t you ever talk normal or do you have a lisp.

          138. gvette says

            LMAO…you’re said some pretty stupid thing over the past few days, but that one has me rolling on the floor in laughter! Care to share your proof of that statement? Remember, It was Killary that facilitated the sale of our uranium to Russia, and her hubby getting millions for speeches he made in Russia! Stop using your DemonRAT talking points. They make you look dumber then you already are!!

          139. skisok says

            The proof is already in hand. The investigation is not going to reveal what already hasn’t been until they complete unmask all of the crimes involved. I guess the raid of Manaforts residence is not proof enough or Kushner’s emails implicating him in trying to secure Russian support for the election or Trumps looking into pardons for his staff and himself not to mention Sessions sudden lapse of memory in meeting with the Russian embassador or Donald Trump, JRs recent revelations or the Trumps pick for Secretary of Defense having business ties with the Ruskies. I think we’ll soon see Trumps connections with the Russian mob. Perhaps you are a mob member and will also be implicated as the jackass you are.

          140. gvette says

            I guess you forgot that Russia was a strong ally during WW-II. Funnier still is, fat Maxine Waters has Russian investments.

          141. Kol says

            Russia is a marvelous country. I’ve enjoyed it immensely whenever I’ve spent time living there for a while with my extended family in several different parts of the country! Really fun people too!

          142. skisok says

            Show the proof on Hillary. You don’t even know who owned the uranium. Idiot. It was owned by Canada.
            As far as Trump is concerned. I guess they have no proof to raid Manaforts home. He probably already shredded everything there anyway, but they can’t get a court order unless there is good reason. I guess Kushner’s email implicating him in trying to seek Russian support in winning the election is not proof enough. I guess Trumps former Secretary of Defense’s business ties with Russia that he lied about holds no water. I guess Donald Trump jr’s revelations mean nothing and papa Trump helping him prepare a lying response has no merit. Nor does Session’s meeting with Russian officials slipping his mind has no bearing nor Trumps seeking advice on pardoning his staff and himself. Ooh. I see Watergate II coming soon but this will be even worse and more far reaching. The investigation will reveal everything when it is concluded including Trumps business ties with the Russian mob and since you support him, you must be part of the mob as well. If I were you, I’d make a run for it to be in seclusion in South America to avoid a lifetime of solitary confinement with your other friends there.

          143. Kol says

            As I said, you are a RACIST!

            The Rise of the Alt-Right and Racist Political Trolling – The Atlantic


            Sep 14, 2016 – But most of the trolling done online today, particularly by groups that …. and all the other alt-right activity what it is: dumb racism. … playing his right-wing-populist commentator character, performed a feature called “The Word.

          144. skisok says

            The study is faulty. It says led by Democrats but says nothing about the House and Senate in that state. The House and Senate in Pennsylvania fir instance, has been controlled by the GOP for 6 years. In fact they had full control for 4 years until the last gubernatorial election. Taxes are low in Pennsylvania but the governor assumed a large deficit. So sure, it is led by a Democrat, but the truth of the matter is that the budget is developed by the House and Senate and the deficit existed before the state was Democratically led. Not to mention that the GOP raised the gas tax under Rendell to one of the highest in the nation. This was done prior to Wolfe. This study dies not account for this.

          145. skisok says

            Don’t like Pence either but at least he knows what he’s doing. Trump doesn’t have a clue.

          146. Kol says

            Pence could be more dangerous in the long run if Trump is impeached and Pence gets to the Oval Office. Trump seems to be sort of an airhead when it comes to politics and what a U.S. President is supposed to do. Scary!

          147. skisok says

            Congress, the Judicial Sydtem and even Trump appointed Cabinet members are to blame. Trump is running out of people to blame. He’s up shits creek.

          148. gvette says

            Trump doesn’t have a full cabinet. The demonRATS are blocking them. Oh, and when it comes to blame, remember your gay black boy blamed everyone else.

          149. skisok says

            He fired half of his appointments or they resigned due to his flip flops hesbroken the flip flop record of all time.

          150. gvette says

            LOL..even at that, he’s still done more for America, then gay boy did in 8!

          151. skisok says

            You’ve got to be joking. There haven’t been as many scandals since Nixon and we are the worlds laughing stock. People argued against voting for Clinton because they were afraid of a nuclear war with Russia. Looks like the Trumpster will do so with North Korea.

          152. gvette says

            I guess you think a blow job from Barry, might stop Kim from launching a rocket that might hit the US. LOL…If you remember, It was billy Clinton that gave them the money to build them. He said, I think it’s a good deal.
            As far as a scandal, what scandal? You mean the one about the Russian collusion that Killary started as to the reason for her loss?

          153. skisok says

            They were given weapons by Israel and the US warned them to discontinue the relationship.

          154. D Books says

            Nobody will do that just like they didn’t do anything to hitlery or her husband or maxipad waters the lying thief or any others. I am very concerned that they will take the time to plant something on Trump or one of his staff members or family and that will start up real trouble!

          155. Rodney Steward says

            EXACTLY, it could get real bad fast!!

          156. undunder says

            yep. I smell essence of Scooter Libby and the slimy prosecutor in that investigation.

          157. Rodney Steward says

            With a little Clinton and Soros!

          158. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            that’s exactly what they are doing.

          159. pappy450 says

            EXACTLY!!! It is GREAT to hear someone ELSE actually “gets it”…. It is hard for PRESIDENT TRUMP to “fix” the mess in D.C when the whole place is full of corrupt characters trying to BILK the taxpayers out of their last dime to better themselves. As I have stated before…They are ALL TERRIFIED that PRESIDENT TRUMP will CURB all their POWER, CONTROL, and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that FUND their “cushy” lifestyles, and RETURN the POWER and CONTROL back to where it should be in the first place…. with “WE THE PEOPLE!

          160. gvette says

            Always remember. Those in Washington like how they live. What they really like is, we pay for it. They don’t want Trump to fix anything!

          161. Kol says

            Poll: Majority of Americans think the Trump presidency is a failure …


            1 day ago – Donald Trump has been president for 200 days, and the majority of Americans think his administration has been a failure, according to a new …

            Poll: Majority of Americans think the Trump presidency is a failure


            1 day ago – 200 days into Donald Trump’s presidency, the majority of Americans think his administration has been a failure. Veuer’s Nick Cardona …

            Poll: Majority of Americans Think The Trump Presidency Is A Failure


            1 day ago – 200 days into Donald Trump’s presidency, the majority of Americans think his administration has been a failure. Veuer’s Nick Cardona …

            59% of Americans think Trump’s presidency has been a failure – Axios


            2 days ago – Most Americans (59%) believe Donald Trump’s presidency thus far has been a failure, while 36% say it has been a success according to a new …

            200 Days In, Most Americans Think Trump’s Presidency Has Been A …


            1 day ago – 200 Days In, Most Americans Think Trump’s Presidency Has Been A … Monday say Trump’s first six months in office have been a failure.

          162. gvette says

            Quoting from left leaning sources is funny! AOHELL? Give me a break. When Tump is out, he still has crowds that are large. When killary was out, she couldn’t fill a phone booth!

          163. Kol says


          164. gvette says

            Awww, poor baby. Miss your gay Muslim buddy!

          165. Rodney Steward says

            He sure does, he starts that Derp mating call !! 🙂

          166. gvette says

            He’s typing something right now! I’ll sure it’ll be good!!!

          167. Rodney Steward says

            He’s been wide open today!!

          168. gvette says

            LOL..well, living off Omuslims welfare, and working in his neighborhood brothel, where I’ve heard he does a great job with his hands, he’s got plenty of time!

          169. Rodney Steward says

            HA, HA, HA, think he buy’s a lot of hand cream and chap stick!

          170. gvette says

            With his Obama EBT card!!

          171. Rodney Steward says

            LOLOL, bet he’s wore that thing out!!

          172. gvette says

            LOL..I’m sure that’s true!

          173. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Only if it’s covered by NobamaCare, which will be out of business in a year anyway. Molina Medical and Anthem both quit the exchange recently. Good.

          174. Rodney Steward says

            LOL, NobamaCare will be totally gone soon, guess he’ll have to use hand soap or shaving gel!!! 🙂

          175. Kol says

            It’s incorrect to use an apostrophe when you write “buys”!
            HA, HA, HA, … …

          176. Kol says

            They used to say that at the whore house where your mother got knocked up with you!!!

          177. Rodney Steward says

            Well she done a great job, just look at me, Straight and not QUEER, didn’t adopt 2 queer boys, and I’m proud of her! 🙂

          178. Mathew Molk says

            DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

            I blocked this dizzy jerk months ago.

          179. gvette says

  , and a lot of others. It’s just amusement for me! He’s dumb as a stone, just like the rest of Barry Omuslims followers!!

          180. Kol says

            Actually the word’s in the dictionary… and describes youre mentality.

          181. safari1024 says

            Actually, the word is a favorite of liberal trolls and losers. In your case you’ve completed the sweep.

          182. Kol says


          183. safari1024 says

            Feel free to call me whatever you wish. I will refer to you as uninformed, and likely to remain that way.

          184. Kol says

            Why don’t you educae yourself… look up the word “derp” in a dictionary or online. It is not “calling” you anything. It describes what you post.

          185. safari1024 says

            I know what it means. If you refer to someone in a negative light, whatever the verbiage, that is referred to as calling someone something. It would be foolish of you to suggest otherwise. Describing your posts would involve words such as nonsensical, illogical, or devoid of reason. I will continue to refer to you as uninformed, as that sums it up neatly. Please educate yourself and learn how to spell educate.

          186. Kol says

            More derp.

          187. safari1024 says

            Typical little troll. When faced with reason you respond with drivel.

          188. Kol says

            As a know-it-all how come you don’t know how annoying know-it-alls are!? Your keyboard must be floating in SNOT that dribbled all over it as i ran down your chin while you typed. Clean it up!

          189. safari1024 says

            Wow! The true level of your intellectual bankruptcy comes through. No wonder so many of the commenters here have blocked you. But not me, I show my kids some of the more ridiculous posts to educate them on the type of uneducated, pseudo intellectuals that try and convince reasonable people that they have all the answers. You’re today’s poster boy.

          190. Kol says

            How many languages can you (or they) speak? Got much education? They going to get any REAL education,… or just taught to be dumb asshole jerks like you?

          191. safari1024 says

            Your English is horrendous, so I am surmising that it is not your native language. I know multiple languages, at different levels of proficiency. My English skills are better than yours by a country mile, so I am hoping that is not your best language. My son has his degree, and owns his own business. My older daughter is in her last semester for her Ed. degree, and my youngest just graduated from high school, on the Honor Roll. How many kids do you have? Are you married? What legacy do you plan on leaving, other than trying to insult people online?

          192. Kol says


          193. safari1024 says

            You intertwine a decent comment with your old standby after I shared with you a bit of my family information based on your own questions. Now I am starting to wonder about your mental stability. You can say “derp” a million times, and it still doesn’t make you appear intelligent, only limited in your thought patterns.

          194. Kol says

            Ты действуешь как полный идиот. Зачем?

            Ulug’bek Rahmatullayev – Jonim | Улугбек Рахматуллаев – Жоним …

            ▶ 4:12


            May 9, 2013 – Uploaded by RizaNovaUZ

            Официальный сайт: Подпишись на новые клипы RizaNova @ Google+

          195. Kol says

            I have an adopted as an adult son in Russia who is Lezgin from the Russian Republic of Dagestan, the village of Tsakur. He speaks 4 languages and has a university education. Will any of your offspring ever be able to do that well??? (And, hey, they are MUSLIMS!!)

            LEZGINKA DAGESTAN – YouTube
            ▶ 4:23
            Dec 3, 2013 – Uploaded by LezginkaTV
            Kismia – сайт для серьезных знакомств, помогает найти надежного человека для создания крепких и серьезных отношений.

          196. safari1024 says

            The number of languages one speaks is not an accurate gauge of their intellectual prowess, nor a predictor of their potential for success. I have known many people who were multi lingual who were not especially intelligent. The immersion of a person into multiple languages can have great benefit, or little benefit at all. What I have taught my children to do is to think for themselves, to not follow the herd, and to question all that seems questionable. I am not sure why an adult needed to be adopted, but if there is anything positive to be gained for the young man, then it could be worthwhile. I am not sure why you highlighted his religion, as that has not been the focus of this conversation. If you thought it would shock or offend, then you were mistaken.

          197. Kol says

            You are very impressed with yourself.

          198. safari1024 says

            Actually, I am seldom impressed. For a moment it seemed like you were actually going to act like a human being, but apparently you couldn’t keep up the charade.

          199. Kol says

            There’s certain nothing about you that’s impressive. Just snotty remarks and insults and personal attacks on other people you don’t even know, have never met and know absolutely nothing about. Smells like that’s all that you’re even capable of.

          200. safari1024 says

            What would make you think I would want to impress you. I know enough about you to know that your statement is a projection of yourself and your behavior. Kol’s favorite words are derp, idiot, stupid, bullshit, jackass, snotty, and various ways to call a person’s mother a whore. You are a liberal Democrat shill, and incapable of independent thought. The links you provide are overwhelmingly taken from left wing publications that wouldn’t know neutral, objective journalism if it hit them over the head. You rail against me as being a “know it all”, but you regularly correct people’s grammar and spelling, calling them stupid along the way. That makes you a hypocrite, plain and simple. Truly intelligent people listen to other points of view with an open mind, weighing the information on it’s merits. Your mind is closed and immersed in self worship. As the famous quote goes, ” you’re a legend in your own mind” No need to answer, you have nothing of interest or intelligence to offer.

          201. Kol says

            Republicans slam Trump for failing to condemn ‘Nazi ideas’ after white …

   › News › World › Americas › US politics

            3 hours ago – Donald Trump has condemned the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” during clashes between white supremacists and anti-fascist protesters in Virginia. … This sparked outrage among some leading Republicans with Senator Orrin Hatch writing that his brother … –

          202. Kol says

            Trump is failing faster than any president – The Washington Post


            Jul 17, 2017 – Republicans have lost their heads, while other Americans abandon Trump.
            Poll: Majority of Americans think the Trump presidency is a failure …


            5 days ago – Donald Trump has been president for 200 days, and the majority of Americans think his administration has been a failure, according to a new …

          203. Kol says

            He’s much better educated than you. Much more respectable too. Not bigoted. Not a hater. Considers that lowlife.

          204. gvette says

            That’s an assumption on your part. As from your posst, you’re a typical DemonRAT. Dumb as a post!

          205. Kol says

            Nyet! That’s a valid observation after watching you perform your little freak show in these forums.

          206. gvette says

            LMAO…I post facts, you suck Muslims dicks. Big difference!

          207. Rodney Steward says

            Consider it QUEER!!!!

          208. Kol says

            How many times do I have to flush before you go away?

          209. Brian Bowes says

            And we are supposed to believe this poll, If the MSM would actually be honest and tell the truth to the American people about what President Trump has accomplished I believe that the numbers would be reversed 59% success 36% failure but instead they just bash and lie which is becoming quite obvious to all Americans even the democrats just a matter of time and it will blow up and completely destroy there party to many old school Americans that do not want NWO or globalization I guess they call us red neck deplorables but 100% American USA USA USA USA

          210. Mathew Molk says

            Same pollsters that came out every Monday for 9 months and said Trump will implode by Thursday,,,,then at the end these same fools said it was going to be the cackling witch by a landslide. – Want to see a real poll? Look at how Trump supporters were undefeated in all the run off elections.

          211. Kol says

            Show this devastating list to Trump supporters who think their candidate is sticking to his promises

            So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you?

            1. He told you he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “beautiful.” You bought it. But he didn’t repeal and he didn’t replace. (Just as well: His plan would have knocked at least 22 million off health insurance, including many of you.)

            2. He told you he’d cut your taxes. You bought it. But tax “reform” is stalled. And if it ever moves, the only ones whose taxes will be cut are the wealthy.

            3. He told you he’d invest $1 billion in our nation’ crumbling infrastructure. You bought it. But his infrastructure plan, which was really a giveaway to rich investors, is also stalled.

            4. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses, along with former lobbyists, lawyers and consultants who are crafting new policies for the same industries they recently worked for.

            5. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. But he created the most chaotic, dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, in which no one is in charge.

            6. He said he’d close “special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors but unfair to American workers.“ You bought it. But he picked a Wall Street financier Stephen Schwarzman to run his strategic and policy forum, who compares closing those loopholes to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

            7. He told you he’d “bring down drug prices” by making deals with drug companies. You bought it. But now the White House says that promise is “inoperative.”

            8. He said that on Day One he’d label China a “currency manipulator.” You bought it. But then he met with China’s president and declared “China is not a currency manipulator.”

            9. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. But then he bombed Syria.

            10. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. But in his first 6 months he has spent more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama did in the first 3 years of his presidency. Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business.

            11. He said he’d force companies to keep jobs in America. You believed him. But despite their promises, Carrier, Ford, GM, and the rest are shipping jobs to Mexico and China.

            12. He said he’d create coal jobs. You believe him. He hasn’t. But here’s what he has done: Since 1965 a federal program called the Appalachian Regional Commission has spent $23 billion helping communities in coal states fund job retraining, reclaim land, and provide desperately needed social services. A.R.C. helped cut poverty rates almost in half, double the percentage of high-school graduates, and reduce infant mortality by two-thirds. Trump’s first proposed budget eliminates A.R.C.

            This article was originally published at

          212. Rodney Steward says

            Not his fault congress is not doing their jobs, the Dems are still looking for Hellary!

          213. Kol says

            Sounds like another SOB story.

          214. Rodney Steward says

            It’s called Kol, BS!!

          215. Kol says

            Sounds like your SOBbing again…

          216. safari1024 says

            Poll: Hillary leads by a commanding margin and there is no path for Trump to win the Presidency. – “All major polls before Nov. 8”
            Polls are inaccurate, misleading, and irrelevant.

          217. Kol says

            Hillary DID win the POPULAR VOTE. She got 2.9 MILLION more votes. The electoral college sham was used to put Trump in office. Polls are accurate despite right wing baloney about them.

          218. safari1024 says

            Only ignorant people that do not understand our system rant on about the popular vote. This country is not a democracy, it is a republic. The electoral college is in place to ensure that all states have a say in electing our Presidents. Polls clearly stated that Hillary would be the winner by a wide margin. That didn’t happen. The polls were inaccurate. That is logic in it’s simplest form. If you can’t understand this basic premise, then perhaps you should not attempt to have conversations that are beyond your capacity.

          219. Kol says


          220. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            You’re using the same corrupt and LSD-drenched crystal ball that predicted Hillary couldn’t lose. Break out your Taro cards.

          221. Kol says

            You sound like a blithering idiot. What for? Why not try to talk sensibly instead of like the typical right wing extremist braying like a jackass with dumb insults and snot-nosed remarks, etc.?!?

            Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says controversial …


            Jan 31, 2016 – RIGHTMINDS: Does a low IQ make you right-wing? That depends on how you define left and right As scientists discover how to ‘translate’ …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and …


            Dec 20, 2015 – Researchers have found a possible explanation for why certain people are prejudiced: they’re less intelligent. Children with lower general …

            Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs – The Globe and Mail

   › Life › The Hot Button Blog

            Feb 3, 2012 – Children with lower general intelligence are more likely to become prejudiced as … explain is brought about by adopting right-wing ideologies.

          222. undunder says

            And Trump should start with taking away their taxpayer subsidized health insurance. Let them get their insurance on the obamacare exchanges. Nancy Pelosis’s face surgeries and botox are probably covered. she could have paid for a head transplant by now. Probably would have been money better spent.

          223. pappy450 says

            I have written President Trump on the White House website AND “tweeted” him too..I encourage others that want to try to make a difference, to also do so.
            Won;’t hurt to try!

          224. Mathew Molk says

            Let’s MAGA Pappy!

          225. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            DO It OFTEN. Aside: Sessions and McMasters have to go. Judicial Watch found that the Sessions’ DOJ redacted all of the talking points from Lynch’s (AKA Elizabeth something or other) and clinton’s tarmac conversation. Why would he do that? And they have found emails from McMasters to Soros. Time to cut them loose, or worse.

          226. pappy450 says

            “They” are doing what they are because they are ALL “swamp dwellers” …. terrified that PRESIDENT TRUMP is CURBING their power, control, and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that FUND their CUSHY LIFESTYLES, and returning the CONTROL and POWER back to where it should be…. “WE THE PEOPLE” BTW, SOROS, and his “family” (that are following in “daddies” footsteps) should be arrested, tried, convicted and hanged for TREASON. AND ALL of his “organizations” located in the U.S. should be shut down, assets frozen, and confiscated. (send the money to the Disabled Veterans for their care)

          227. Kol says

            Elderly Vets Could Face Benefits Cut Under Trump Budget |


            May 24, 2017 – President Donald Trump’s budget proposal would cut a major benefit for … “If you end the (Individual Unemployability) payments for veterans like this, …. It’s filled with bureaucracy because the VA doesn’t like the program so is …

            Trump Blocks National Veteran Group on Twitter – NBC News


            Jun 13, 2017 – A group representing 500000 military vets and families was blocked Tuesday … debated that doesn’t affect military families and vets,” said Fischer. … there are several other accounts — like @subtrump and @unfollowtrump …

          228. Kol says

            Donald Trump Is No Friend to Veterans | New Republic


            Feb 2, 2017 – President Donald Trump loves veterans, or at least that’s what he would have us believe. … Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Matter … freeze—even a temporary one, like Trump’s executive order—inevitably affects veterans.

            Donald Trump, who never served in the military, goes after Senate …


            Feb 9, 2017 – And as he defends the first military mission he approved, Trump, who did … fellow Republican John McCain, a decorated Vietnam veteran and former POW. … Trump, who once dismissed McCain’s time as a POW, saying “I like people … …long he doesn’t know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our …

            Trump’s ‘major meeting’ on veterans affairs doesn’t happen – POLITICO


            Mar 18, 2017 – Memo to Mark Zuckerberg: So You Want to Be President . … Trump’s ‘major meeting’ on veterans affairs doesn’t happen … Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, sitting to Trump’s left, immediately indicated he would not be …

            Trump’s anti-LGBT Army secretary nominee thinks veterans like me …


            Apr 21, 2017 – Trump’s anti-LGBT Army secretary nominee thinks veterans like me have … members, doesn’t reflect the spirit or direction of the military I know.

          229. Mathew Molk says

            But we do, and they will get another boot in the ass come the next election. We got them on the run and they are in full panic mode since last November.

          230. gvette says

            So far you are correct. Trouble is, with this lack luster congress, things can change. I hope not though.

          231. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Washington DC makes the 5 Families of NYC look like the Boy Scouts.

          232. gvette says

            I agree.

          233. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’m damned sure with you on that Junior, but there are MANY things to worry about. For me (and I’m sure, thousands others), I’m a Vietnam vet. My TOTAL healthcare is thru the VA. At the clinic here in Orlando, they now have many muslim Drs and RNs working there. If one doesn’t die from the affliction he goes there for, I’m certain the muslims will hurry it along! HEY MR PRESIDENT ! I MEAN, WTF??😣

          234. mholdcraft says

            Also shows how ignorant some voters can be to put Brown in office the second time. I doubt California will ever recover financially from liberal, Democrat Party rule.

          235. gvette says

            You are correct. CA has nearly a trillion dollars in unfunded debt. Funny thing is…they just keep on spending on stupid crap!

          236. PoorPitifulPearl says

            Many of Kalifornia’s problems stem from Gov. Moonbeam’s liberal reign of error. He just loves Sanctuary Cities, spending money willy-nilly on welfare for illegal immigrants, programs his backers love for the kickbacks, and the biggest flub of them all, not re-inforcing and repair the huge dams in the state, along with his feel-good policy of protecting the delta smelt to the detriment of the farmers and growers of fruit and vegetables in that state. It won’t take long before that state can’t grow anything except for liberals and progressives who love to pat themselves on the back for how tolerant they are, all the while screaming and rioting against common sense and dignity. Funny how that works. Do you think it may be a virus they are passing around? They all need re-education…not the kind to be found in the “Kalifornicate” on our western coast, however.

          237. gvette says

            His thinking, is sinking their state. One thing he doesn’t tell you is, there unfunded debt, that’s nearly a Trillion dollars now. He got money to fix a dam, and spent it on illegals instead. I guess on the left coast, that’s call forward thinking!!!

          238. Kol says

            Total derp.

          239. Kol says

            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…………. _.·´


          240. Don Lindsey says

            That picture is exactly what you are.

          241. Kol says

            So KISS IT!

          242. Kol says






            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)


            ……….”…………. _.·´




          243. DAlnB41 says

            I thought when people were saying Schumer was an ass I did not realize it was so big!

          244. DAlnB41 says

            We can all now add those in Charlottesville onto our lists; I bet it turns out to be the same bunch the DNC and Hillary Clintons campaign team was hiring to create disturbances and violence at the Trump rally’s! They will do anything they can to take the American peoples eyes and minds off Hillary Clintons crimes and the DNCs loss’ in the last elections!

          245. Kol says

            Why do Republicans LIE so much?

            Why Do Republicans Tell Such Obvious Lies? – Mother Jones


            May 6, 2017 – While we’re setting the record straight: AHCA was posted online a month ago, went through 4 committees, & has been scored by CBO — twice.

            Why Republicans dutifully defend Trump’s most ridiculous lies


            Mar 27, 2017 – So every time Trump says something ridiculous, Republicans have to ask themselves: Do I help him on this or not? Some lies he tells are …

            Republicans lied about healthcare for years and deserve punishment …


            Mar 22, 2017 – They lied and lied and lied and lied about healthcare. Now they cannot do what they lied and said they could do.

            Why conservatives are more likely than liberals to believe false …


            Feb 2, 2017 – Conservatives’ vulnerability to accepting untruths didn’t apply equally to all false claims: When lies suggested dangerous or apocalyptic …

          246. gvette says

            You mean like the economys that the DemonRATS kill?

          247. Kol says

            Thank you for yet another example of Republican LYING. You’re one of the best!

          248. gvette says

            Is that why the DemonRAT state of CA has almost a trillion dollars in unfunded debt?

          249. DAlnB41 says

            They have yet to come up with anything to help fix the mess Obama left for Trump. They work overtime trying to make it appear our problems were created by Trump; they must have had to set their clocks months and years ahead in order to let them accept the fact our problems were here BEFORE TRUMP TOOK OFFICE!
            They now do everything they can to keep the nations attention away from the Hillary crimes, the DNC Leadership that was caught and thrown out of office preceding the elections, of Clinton/Trump debate questions to Hillary before the debates, and now – watch it end up the DNC hired the thugs that started the riot in Charlottesville, the same thugs they were hiring to interfere with the Trump campaign events.

          250. Lisa Meyer says

            Brown has a lot of wealthy D backers. Plus, most of the young Berkeley and UCSF indoctrinated people voted for him because they weren’t around, or weren’t old enough to know what damage he did to this state his first two terms in office. He shouldn’t have even been able to run for a third term due to term limits, but a loophole in the law made it possible.

          251. undunder says

            Can they not read and research? Since many are not working, they certainly have time.

          252. Lisa Meyer says

            They just vote like their liberal professors tell them to.

          253. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            that’s their final exam.

          254. Lisa Meyer says

            HA! Good one!

          255. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I’d like to slip a loophole around his neck………………

          256. Lisa Meyer says

            Yes, along with the idiots that put the loophole in the law!

          257. TruthBeTold says

            I”ll bring the loophole.

          258. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I’ll Tailor the fit.

          259. Mic says

            Yeah a loop hole that one of his judicial appointees interpreted

          260. Lisa Meyer says

            Or one of his legislative bootlickers…

          261. TruthBeTold says

            Brown is a living loophole.

          262. Lisa Meyer says

            I think you spelled (loop)hole wrong. 😉

          263. DAlnB41 says

            Don’t forget Janet Napolitano, who was Obamas Secretary of Homeland Security when our Immigration program became so screwed She is now highly influential in the California College system. She is trying to sell a program that originally was estimated to cost several million dollars but now reportedly has reached the billion dollar mark; something to do with consolidating student records in one place; a ready made recruiting list for the Democrats. Bet they go after federal money to get it on! , and she has also taken a stand to protect ALL ILLEGALS who want to attend the schools/colleges she has anything to do with. It is no wonder California is so broke!

          264. Lisa Meyer says

            You are absolutely right! I wish she would have stayed on the east coast. All we needed out here was one more illegal- loving liberal to join the educational system out here.
            You know what the stupid thing is? As broke as the California college system is, those idiots will probably adopt her plan. Then tuition will go up across the board and the only people who will be able to afford to go to college will be those that the government (read TAXPAYERS) are supporting. I: Illegals, anchor babies and refugees. Then it really will be true that there will be no white people qualifying for high paying jobs.

          265. Kol says

            Another white supremacist? You don’t believe in EQUALITY for all? Yep, like GWB said re: the U.S. Constitution, it’s only a GD piece of paper, eh?

          266. Susan Short says

            Californicate holds the patent on ignorance in this country!

          267. grinnie says

            Gvette….take a look at the list of “elected officials”, the majority whom are from So. Cal. and it’s easier to understand. Nor Cal doesn’t have a chance and we’re the ‘red’ section.

          268. JCluvsTrump says

            SECEEDE NOW!!!!

          269. Lisa Meyer says

            Not gonna happen. CA is already over a trillion dollars in debt. It is surviving only by the fed subsidizing it. It.cannot survive under it’s own crushing weight.

          270. JCluvsTrump says

            Well, one way or another we should cut them off. All that money going to illegal alien criminals so they can kill our children. Disgraceful.

          271. Lisa Meyer says

            If you have any suggestions, send them to Trump and Co. They already tried to cut off funding to sanctuary cities, but once again, a liberal circuit Court blocked them from doing it. And Congress weasels won’t take up the fight.

          272. TruthBeTold says

            Wait! Not before I move out of here!

          273. Lisa Meyer says

            Neither do we here in the central valley! I was really hoping that the State.of Jefferson movement was going to be successful with their secession plan. I would have moved up there in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, the laws of secession were against you. Just as they will be when CA tries to do it.

          274. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            The joke is that all the Nobel Prizes that have come out of UC-“Moscow” have been in Physics, chemistry, economics etc., but the idiot journalism and poli-sci morons think they share those achievements by osmosis. Here’s an example of just how stupid those idiots are:

          275. Bruce A. Frank says

            CA will be the next state to demand a Federal bailout. It should be denied…unless a conservative oversight individual is appointed with absolute monetary decision power !

          276. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            What’s that movie line?? :”Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.” Let ’em apply for suspension of disbelief instead,

          277. Lisa Meyer says

            Trump does not like Gov. Brown. I think he will oppose any effort to bail CA out of its own mess.

          278. Kol says

            Trump does not like anybody except himself and people who kiss his backside while he craps in their face!! LOL!

          279. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            TRUMP is loved by Real AMERICA Trump loves America you love trash and filth you pos!!!!!!!! Go back to the Ghett O in yo thug face!

          280. Kol says

            Donald Trump kisses Vladimir Putin on wall of Lithuanian restaurant …


            May 14, 2016 – The poster alludes to a famous 1979 photo, showing Soviet leader kissing his East German communist ally.

          281. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          282. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          283. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Nope I will never shut up!!!!!!!!! loser Heres Yo Crooked Hillary Blow up Doll
            enjoy Perverted Liberal!


          284. Kol says

            Brain farting again, eh? Which end of your digestive tract?

          285. JCluvsTrump says

            Illegal voters. Could not have done it any other way. The people who pay the taxes certainly would not agree. Socialist Democrats must be exterminated.

          286. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Judicial Watch recently posted a YouTube video which started out informing about how Session’s DOJ redacted the talking points of the “conversation on the Tarmac” (the one where Lynch used an alias to attempt to cover her tracks) but towards its end announces that virtually every major city in California has more registered voters than it does adults eligible to actually vote:


            IT appears that the illegals (or other democraps) could easily vote using the names of the deceased, especially given that all of the municipalities are “Sanctuary cities” as well. There is a newer video which deals specifically with Calfucktard’s voter fraud potential:


          287. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            You mean the collective (ahem) “genius” up there at UC-ISIS (or should it be UC-Stalingrad?) can’t fix this? Who knows?? – -Maybe they get the first Nobel Prize for Disturbing the Peace……

          288. GuardianFlame says

            The Genius’s you are talking about are only smart in their collective fields…not in common sense nor anything else. In fact, they are backwards in everything else. Sad that these are the people who are instructing our kids. Guess it’s time for Parents to get on the other side and inform our kids that “Wisdom” doesn’t equate to knowledge — two different things!!

          289. Allen Rogers says

            They are fast going the way of Venezuela and Puerto Rico – two progressive disasters. Now the people are going to get a state run Obamacare shoved down their throats.

          290. KJHanover says

            illegal voting did it.

          291. Gary Von Neida says

            Were it not for the illegal votes He would not be in the office.

          292. melmack 1 says

            LOL, would that include the voters !!!

          293. SouthernPatriot says

            Stupid is as stupid does. Moonbeam continues to ruin a state with huge natural resources, favorable climate, and many advantages. When a demented Democrat is running your state or city you will be living in hell eventually.

          294. Kol says

            Why do the Southern US states seem more bigoted, less Christian …


            First, may I address the “traditionally pro slavery” part of your question? Originally, all 13 colonies were pro and practising slavery, which continued as colonies …

          295. Kol says

            Lies I learned as a Southerner: Racism, the Confederate flag and why …


            Jul 15, 2015 – Lies I learned as a Southerner: Racism, the Confederate flag and why so many white Southerners revere a symbol of hatred. Myths about the …

            A Complete Guide to All the Kinds of Racist Southerners – Jezebel


            Jun 22, 2013 – The assumption that the South is full of racist people like her is … DISCLAIMER: I grew up in the South and left, so I won’t be offered any jobs as …

            I’m a Black Southerner Who’s Seen Racism All My Life. Why … – Politico


            Jul 1, 2015 – But that doesn’t make them racist any more than black Southerners are … That’s why it’s so frustratingly tiring to live here, among people who …

          296. Kol says

            Today’s South is boldly moving backward – Reuters Blogs


            Jun 18, 2014 – Today’s South is boldly moving backward … The distinctive American region known as the South had truly begun to vanish. …. The Northern states, so progressive and forward thinking, chased their jobs in heavy industry to …

            What went wrong with the South? | Facing South


            Nov 3, 2015 – And it’s not just a Southern problem — it’s an American one. … was most apparent in the agricultural South, and so people in this region went to …

            The Dumb South | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson


            Mar 11, 2015 – I imagine some dude on the TV in a jersey and a backwards baseball cap, holding a football … And so can the rest of the country. … The energy put into simplifying the modern American South into an easy punchline could be …

            Is the South a Nation of Toothless, Ignorant, Racist Rednecks? | HuffPost


            Mar 18, 2012 – I used to be a campaign consultant, so I understand the hows and … The South is an American subculture defined by regional history, … (such as legalized discrimination, backward populism, and its one party political system).

            As the South Looks Backward


            Jul 10, 2015 – There is a problem with the South, in the way we tell the story of our past, and … Similar moments fill our news pages and television screens so regularly … the headquarters for racial hatred and white supremacy in America.

          297. gvette says

            LOL..yes, and to think they want to leave the US, and be on their own.

          298. Kol says

            Very true. You are irreparable!!!


            Trump is failing faster than any president – The Washington Post


            Jul 17, 2017 – Republicans have lost their heads, while other Americans abandon Trump.


            President Donald Trump at Six Months: A Failure of Leadership


            Jul 18, 2017 – Neil Gorsuch was an uncontested layup for President Trump. Gorsuch was a replacement for Antonin Scalia hand-picked by The Federalist …


            Trump’s “America First” campaign is already a total failure: He has …


            Jul 25, 2017 – Six months into his presidency, the failure of Donald Trump’s “America first” approach is evident. For one thing, America isn’t first anymore — it’s …

          299. gvette says

            LMAO…you read your far left rags, and then believe them. I’ll bet you believe in global warming too.

          300. Kol says

            Why Republicans Still Reject the Science of Global Warming – Rolling …


            Only one major political party in the world denies climate change, and it’s in … “It’s an open hostility to science and evidence and facts that are …

          301. gvette says

            LMAO…remember Al whores predictions? None came true! Now what’s funnier still, Al Whore’s house leaves a bigger carbon footprint, then anyone else. You DeomRATS will believe anything.

          302. Kol says

            Al Gore made mistakes. That has no effect on the FACT that 97% of the scientific world supports the reality that global warming/climate change are happening. You can spin and twist all you want to — your stupidity won’t alter REALITY. Enjoy your delusional state!

          303. gvette says

            The model they used was based on incorrect information. Then again, you’re a DemonFUCK so you wouldn’t get that. DemonRATS do the same thing with scientists, as they do when they go judge shopping. 97%?

          304. Kol says

            You’re acting like a total idiot… again. What for?

            Ты действуешь как полный идиот. Зачем?

          305. Kol says

            Your keyboard appears to be floating in a green puddle of SNOT again. Don’t let it run down your chin and dribble all over when you
            type your posts. It makes you look ikky!

          306. Kol says

            Climate Change Facts – 11 Things You Need To Know –‎


            11 things you need to know about climate change.

            Ocean ProtectionDeforestationClimate ChangeGet Involved

            Search Results

            How do we know? – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Evidence


            This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric …

            ‎Causes · ‎Scientific Consensus · ‎Global Ice Viewer · ‎Graphic: Global warming from …

            NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming


            Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global Warming. Current news and data streams about global warming and climate change from NASA.

            Global Warming Facts, Definition, Causes and Effects | NRDC


            Mar 11, 2016 – A: Here’s a simple definition of global warming. (And yes, it’s really happening.) Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has …

            ‎How You Can Stop Global · ‎Are the Effects of Global · ‎Air Pollution

            Top stories

            Here’s What Trump’s Team Has Gotten Wrong About Climate Change So Far

            The Weather Channel · 1 day ago

            Letters: Criticizing Cardin’s anti-boycott measure, the gluten lawsuit and global warming facts

   · 2 days ago

            11 terrifying climate change facts in 2017

            Wired UK · 2 weeks ago

            More for global warming facts

            9 ways we know humans triggered climate change | Environmental …


            We’re the ones who burn fossil fuels and clear trees that absorb carbon dioxide, sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

            How To Stop Global Warming: Top 50 Things to Do.


            Global Warming has many Causes but only One Solution: it’s YOU! Turn Green your Lifestyle Now, ENTER HERE to learn how. You will also Save Money!

            Global Warming Fast Facts – National Geographic


            Jun 14, 2007 – Global warming, or climate change, is a subject that shows no sign of cooling down. Here’s the lowdown on why it’s happening, what’s causing …

            Global Warming Fast Facts – Latest Stories – National Geographic


            Global warming, or climate change, is a subject that shows no sign of cooling down. Here’s the lowdown on why it’s happening, what’s causing it, and how it …

            Global Warming Facts and Figures | Center for Climate and Energy …


            Global warming facts and figures data to explain the scientific evidence for human impacts on the climate system.

            Climate Change – National Geographic


            Learn about Climate Change. … a myth, hoax or a conspiracy among scientists. As we argue about the path we take, let’s recall the facts that compel the journey.

            What Is Global Warming? | Global Warming Facts – Live Science


            Global warming — the gradual heating of Earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere — is one of the most vexing environmental issues of our …

          307. Kol says

            Anthropogenic climate change/global warming? The idea is supported by 97% of scientists. They probably are a lot more educated than you are! LOLOL!

            The 97% consensus on global warming – Skeptical Science


            Scientific consensus on human-caused global warming as compared to the … on the subject ‘global climate change’ and ‘global warming’ published between 1991 … Neither do I doubt that the overwhelming majority of climatologists is agreed …

            ‎The 97% consensus on global … · ‎Available on the SkS Graphics …

            Scientific opinion on climate change – Wikipedia


            The scientific opinion on climate change is the overall judgment among scientists regarding the …… They have concluded that the majority of scientists support the idea of anthropogenic climate change. In 2004, the geologist and historian of …

          308. undunder says

            Voters in CA deserve it for electing the dumbtard twice knowing he is a liberal a$$.

        2. Junior Bruce says

          Reagan closed the mental hospitals, that these looney left politicians need to BE in! Thanks, Ronnie Baby! 😕

          1. Rodney Steward says

            No sense in wasting on money for something that there’s no cure for, a lot like aids!

        3. Junior Bruce says

          Reagan closed the mental hospitals that these looneys should be patients in! Thanks Ronnie Baby! 😕

        4. JCluvsTrump says

          As Earnest T Bass would say ” CREATERE!! WHO ARE CALLING A CREATURE?!?!

        5. Swampfox1965 says

          With respect to our Constitution and the country it fostered, you cite the opposite ends of a spectrum: conservatives like Reagan build while liberals like Moonbeam destroy. It’s a story that keeps being repeated, but liberals are so hell bent on destroying everything that they just can’t see it.

        6. Angelswatchingoverme says

          that is why he keeps those illegal aliens there…they are his voter base…he should be removed so the mess can be cleaned up….

      5. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

        Not to mention the fecal variant of craniolithiasis

      6. TruthBeTold says

        Excellent analysis!

    3. Kol says

      Donald Trump threatened to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea.

      STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t provoke nuclear war with North Korea!

      Donald Trump is making us all more unsafe with every war-mongering comment, tweet, and threat. His rhetoric threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” is exacerbating a dangerous situation, putting the people of Guam–and everyone around the world–in grave danger. While a nuclear North Korea is a real concern, the answer must be diplomacy-first, not a rush into a potentially devastating nuclear war.

      1. Arnold Young says

        The reason we are where we are is because that idiot bho had no guts to face ol’ kimmy boy. It has to be done either now or later after he has dropped a few nukes on us.

        1. Junior Bruce says

          Or MAYBE he WANTED lil’ kimmie to eventually gain access to nukes and missiles? All he had to do is NOTHING and just give him more time, which he did just that. Now, I hear that he likes to go spend time in Indonesia, OUTSIDE of the U.S? He’s probably sitting over there eating popcorn and watching?

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Logical, but I don’t think the affirmative action snot ball was that smart.

      2. John Williams says

        In case you have forgotten, slick willie has been the “diplomacy” route, had he did his job when he had the chance we would not be dealing with this now. It was predicted at the time of clinton that we will revisit this problem in about 20 years, well hello here we are. Diplomacy does not work on mad men like little fat boy and it does not work on insane islamic idiots. I do not like the thoughts of any war, but you simply cannot let the world be held hostage to these kinds of people.

        1. Nihle65 says

          So your saying to just roll over and let the jelly roll kim do what he wants to do? Guess you dont have a spine in your back Are you related to obama???

          1. JB says

            I think he was saying just the opposite….

          2. Nihle65 says

            Rite on. Was meant for kol comment. My bad

          3. mholdcraft says

            Slick Willie is Obama!

          4. John Williams says

            You show your age, slick willie is we willie clinton.

        2. Nihle65 says

          Sorry john. my comment was for kol not you…

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Ask Nevil Chamberlain how that “Peace in our time” shit worked out with Hitler?

      3. berg1928 says

        If el trumpo provokes a war with North Korea, there will be no winners. Yeah, they will lose, but our losses will be so terrible, what kind of life will we have? And the rest of the word will suffer huge losses as well.

        1. ABO says

          So we should all just take the cowardly approach and hide our heads in the sand and hope the problem just goes away??? Just what I expect from you berg. This problem would not exist had Clinton, Bush and Obama stood up to Kim instead of simply ignoring the problem.

          1. berg1928 says

            Yeah! The problem wouldn’t exist because we’d all bee blown off th face of the earth. Them/us/everyone else. Did you ever read “On the Beach”

          2. ABO says

            Some interesting twists on the usual spelling of simple terms there berg but anyway, you seem to have missed the point that history has consistently showed us that when evil dictators like Kim Jung In are left to their own devices they are far more likely to bring about horrific damage to others than is the case when they are confronted with the possibility of determined resistance.
            Most who have read and understand our history understand the vast difference between the likes of Winston Churchill versus Neville Chamberlain.

        2. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          Trump isn’t provoking War you Liberal idiot N korea is and it keeps shooting missiles keep watch the Fake New you fake news poster ha ha what a moron you are!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            That is EXACTLY where the NWO Marxist (AKA democrat) party is at now. After the next election it will be all over but the shouting for the NWO Marxists and RINOs in this country.

        3. Mathew Molk says

          So what was you MOS and what branch were you in, pencil Neck?

          Like we said when we got back to the world from Vietnam. If you aint been there then shut the fuck up.

      4. capnjack43 says

        We are only here because Obama was such a piss poor President and negotiator (or a shill for the communists). The same will be happening with Iran. Wake up you ignorant SOB.

        1. Kol says

          Thanks for the LAUGH!! I’m American, U.S.born and I have extended family in Russia. Over the last almost 20 years since I located them I’ve spent several long periods of time living over there for a few months at a time with ones I’m close to. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen there is watching Russia’s Communist Party get on Russian TV and brag and boast very loudly about how they are Russia’s “Republican” political faction today. They’re very right wing and very conservative! Hee hee hee!

          1. capnjack43 says

            Perhaps you do not understand the difference between the right wing and left wing in Russia and this country, we are exactly opposites as far as politics are concerned. I therefore question your tall tale.

          2. Kol says

            I know a great deal more about Russia than you do. I’m American, U.S.-born with extended family in Russia located some years ago. I have lived there several times for a few months at a time. I know Russian History quite well., and I know the language. And I’m very aware of Russian politics today So question our own nonsensical tall tale, my friend.

            My Russian family city …

            About 390,000 results (0.64 seconds)

            Search Results

            Barnaul ( Барнаул ), Siberia – YouTube

            ▶ 3:25


            Jan 18, 2010 – Uploaded by RussianDefender100

            Barnaul – is the Administrative Center of Altai Krai and the 4th Largest City … Walking in Yakutsk – Oymyakon …

        2. Junior Bruce says

          Obama put us all right where he intended to. BECAUSE he’s an America-hating muslim and the libbies bought his lies, so they voted for him. This is ALL the fault of those who voted for obama.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Maybe before last Jan 20th,,,,He has been having cows since then, The only thing left of his filthy legacy is bim bam boma care which even the NWO Marxists (AKA democrats) want replaced with something better. .

      5. DAlnB41 says

        It is doubtful the North Korean people will ever stand up against the fat Guy but sanity would suggest that in order to prevent the disastrous outcome of war in North Korea the people there take a stand against the threats coming from their country leadership.
        If North Korea starts this conflicts Americans MUST be ready and callable of swift and decisive action not only for our sake but the sake of the North Korean people, South Korea, Guam and most of the world. That is why many of the countries have already voiced concern and support in stopping the mad fat man!
        North Korea, as most of the world saw the United States make mute threats and warn against aggression toward the U.S. and other nations but then do little when the warning was ignored; remember the Red Line In the Sand? North Korea is just dumb enough to think that we will keep drawing lines In the sand; THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Trust me,,,,we,,,and the ROK Army are ready to exterminate the pest. He hasn’t got a chance.

      6. mac12sam12 says

        It’s not Donald Trump that’s threatening to blow up the world. When has NK ever been diplomatic? Should we send in Hussein O fanny first?

        1. Kol says

          You sound like your usual air-headed self. LOL!

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Who’s threatening to blow up the world, Skippy? Trump of Kim Jong Un. You’re so low info.

          2. Mike says

            Trump has already threatened today that our nuclear arsenal is “far stronger and more powerful than ever before” so both of them are now threatening nuclear attacks.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Again, who started it all? hint..hint..It wasn’t Trump.

          4. Mike says

            I totally agree with you on that Kim Jung Un has and North Korea has initiated this conflict many times over. The issue from my perspective is that when you start bringing up nuclear weapons that is going too far. North Korea is developing nuclear weaponry, but China and Russia already have them and if this goes down that path we cannot be sure where they will fall. I may not be a Trump fan, but as Obama found out when you start to draw red lines or give tough talk without backing it up you make the Presidency look weak. I don’t want President Trump to back this country into a corner over North Korea and the use of nuclear weapons.

          5. Junior Bruce says

            With OUR technology, I’m not afraid. Besides, China AND Russia BOTH agreed that north korea should be sanctioned along with the rest of the U.N’s votes of 15-0 in favor of sanctioning. If north korea sends another threat/missile, the President Trump has EVERY right to send one back. Tit-for-tat? ESPECIALLY since north korea just threatened to bomb GUAM? WHAT’S IN GUAM? NOTHING. I think that IF north korea does something stupid, Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, most EVERYONE will be onboard with us bombing them back into the stone age. When you see these countries calling their people home, that’ll be the sign that we’re locking and loading. Get ready for a REALLY BIG RIDE? 😁

          6. meangreenMarine says

            What’s in GUAM? Thousands of American Military personnel and their families and a significant number of our Military Aircraft!

          7. Junior Bruce says

            So? 😁

          8. gvette says

            How can you see anything, with your head still up the Muslims ass.

          9. Kol says

            Donald Trump threatened to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea.

            STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t provoke nuclear war with North Korea!


            Donald Trump is making us all more unsafe with every war-mongering comment, tweet, and threat. His rhetoric threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” is exacerbating a dangerous situation, putting the people of Guam–and everyone around the world–in grave danger. While a nuclear North Korea is a real concern, the answer must be diplomacy-first, not a rush to a potentially devastating nuclear war.

          10. gvette says

            Here’s a fact about how great your nigger was.

            We have the final nail in the coffin of President Obama’s economic reign. Not only is the average annual growth rate of just 1.48% during Obama’s business cycle theweakest of any expansion since at least 1949, he has just become the only President to have not had even one year of 3% GDP growth.

            An average annual GDP growth of 1.48% during Obama’s two terms…

          11. Polecatmtn says

            Do not use that disgusting, demeaning term! Shame! You may not like nor have supported Obama, I certainly did not agree with his policies and I am a hard core conservative. But to call him a Name lie you did if Idiotic and racist.

          12. gvette says

            Awww, did the truth hurt? Where I come from, we call him what he is! You keep sucking on political correct. I’ll laugh at you.

          13. Lisa Meyer says

            When you post garbage like that, it makes you and everyone else on here look exactly like what all the liberals claim we are… RACIST BIGOTS!
            PC has nothing to do with it. I am as far from PC as you can get, but your comment was out of line.

          14. gvette says

            He(Obama) is what he is. I’d call him that right to his face.

          15. Lisa Meyer says

            So, now, unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the liberals on here, that SOME HERE are racist bigots. Sad. But I disavow a blanket condemnation.

          16. gvette says

   want to see bigots? Look no further then the blacks! If I offend you, I’m sorry. Then again, some fit it to a tee. Omuslim, and fat black Maxine Waters!

          17. Mathew Molk says

            You show me someone who says they are in no way prejudiced and I’ll show you a damn liar! – We are humans and putting this crap on front street is precisely the way to destroy it. Hiding is (like you obviously do) is the way to keep it going and strong forever)

          18. Lisa Meyer says

            What did I hide from??? I certainly didn’t hide from calling a racist bigot out. Apparently, I struck a nerve with more than one, and you are right, racism does need to be called out and put in the spotlight.
            You can hate Obama, hate his policies, and hate what he did to this nation. But when you come on to a public forum with your false bravado and your macho big man BS, you show your ignorance, lack of education, and immaturity, and you lose all credibility, while lowering yourself to the same level as those who call Trump names just because their candidate lost and they can’t deal with it like adults. . I assume there may be some black people here that might take exception to posts of a racial nature, even if they agree with you otherwise. But then, you obviously don’t care who you offend, so I’m wasting my time.

          19. Mathew Molk says

            PC has EVERYTHING to do with it Lisa….Just how many black associates do you have? – and how many actual friends do you have that are negros? When you work with then every day you know the good people from the kooties. Just like white folks. There are goos and bad and I have no problem calling the bad ones what they are…(And even the Afro people I worked with and see today call the dregs “niggers”. They like them a lot less than any white person I have ever known.

            Quit trying to make something out of nothing,,,,like the snowflakes do.

          20. Lisa Meyer says

            I have black friends and co- workers also. And most black people I know would tell you that It is PC for one black to call another ” the “n” word. For them to do it, in the majority of cases, is a cultural thing, signifying brotherhood or friendship. The way gvette used it, and apparently the way you do too, it is a racial epithet, and you are both brave sitting there at your keyboards saying that you would say that to any black guy’s face if you had the chance. I dare you to go to any black neighborhood and do it. Better yet, say it to one of your black friends/co-workers in a serious way and see what reaction you get. I doubt they will be as benign as you think they will be.
            Secondly, the only one trying to make something out of nothing here is you, since my original post was not to you, but you decided to put your two cents in anyway.
            And lastly, you don’t need to preach to me about PC. I live in CA. They invented it.

          21. Mathew Molk says

            It is what it is,,,,and the word “NIGGER” dose not necessary have to indicate race.

            Quit talking like a snowflake. PC is dead, my friend. Say it like it is in now. Get with the times.

          22. Mathew Molk says

            That half honky puke is only a small part black. – He even lies about that.

            We are moving forward on a lot of fronts right now, though. There was a LOT of damage done by that SOB but, dispite what you hear on CNN we are now the #1 producer of Natural Gas and LNG and are exporting and driving the Russians out of the natural gas business and even “Paris Accord” France has increased imorts of our filthy coal by 200% since the President was inaugurated.

            I’m sure they will cook the books downward bit there will be a very good looking GDP figure this year,,,,even with the numbers altered by the never Trump assholes.

          23. gvette says

            You are correct. Our coal exports are up. I wish I could remember the number. Sorry.

          24. Nihle65 says

            Trump has a set of balls and will not back down from kims threats. Obummer on the other would have been sucking on kims left nut. Get what im saying??? Trump has guts and the balls to do something. Obama is and will always be a pussy that runs with his tail between legs…

          25. Paul Puebla says

            For those who think we should use diplomacy with dictators, here are headlines and the first few paragraphs from a British newspaper nine months after I was born. September 30, 1938

            ‘Peace for our time’ – Chamberlain
            The British Prime Minister has been hailed as bringing “peace to Europe” after signing a non-aggression pact with Germany. PM Neville Chamberlain arrived back in the UK today, holding an agreement signed by Adolf Hitler which stated the German leader’s desire never to go to war with Britain again.
            The two men met at the Munich conference between Britain, Germany, Italy and France yesterday, convened to decide the future of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. Mr Chamberlain declared the accord with the Germans signaled “peace for our time”, after he had read it to a jubilant crowd gathered at Heston airport in west London.

            (Hitler didn’t keep his signed promises made to Neville Chamberlain in September of 1938. A year later the German leader derided the agreement as just a “scrap of paper” and invaded Poland on 1 September 1939.) The German leader stated in the agreement: “We are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe.”

            Two more example of heads in the sand follows:
            Cambridge College Union meeting a motion by Arthur Ponson on March 1927: “That lasting peace can be secured only by the people of England adopting an uncompromising attitude of pacifism”. The motion was passed by 213 votes to 138 and attracted no public attention. (Strange what can happen when the enemy won’t adopt the same attitude.)
            Oxford Union debating society of Oxford University in England on February 9, 1933. The motion, “that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country”, was carried by 275 votes to 153. It is one of the most widely reported and discussed debates conducted at the Oxford Union.
            Throughout England people, especially elderly people, were thoroughly shocked. Englishmen who were in India at the time were dismayed when they heard of it…. ‘What is wrong with the younger generation?’ was the general query”.

            Before 9-11 Americans found almost incomprehensible someone would crash airplanes into buildings, killing themselves and slaughtering thousands of people. Today, it is equally unfathomable to many Americans how a tinhorn dictator, oceans away, poses a nuclear threat to the United States.

            Edmund Burke said more than two centuries ago: “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.”

          26. Kol says

            Why do you constantly obsess over Muslim asses????

        2. Junior Bruce says

          Send dennis rodman back over! He can distract lil’ kimmie again with his balls?

      7. Jim Strong says

        Only a dumb as Liberal would make a statement like that.

        1. Kol says

          Only a dumb ass like “Jim Strong” would type and post “dumb as” when he meant to say “dumb ass”!! Hahaha!

          1. Jim Strong says

            How about only ass holes like Kol the Liberal, would think that was funny.
            Hahahaha moron.

          2. Kol says

            Pahol nah xui, durak.

      8. gvette says

        moveon. org? LOL..George Soros!

      9. Justin Seine says

        And why did he threaten to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea? Could it possibly be related to this?

        Kim Jong-un’s state newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, vowed the US would “never
        escape the mercilessly annihilating strikes” from the Korean forces as
        it warned Donald Trump to remove his military bases from the South.

        Are you suggesting that Mr. Trump follow the lead of the Obama administration in its dealings with a nuclear Iran??

      10. Junior Bruce says


        1. Kol says

          Top stories

          Poll: Trump’s approval rating sinks to new low

          The Hill · 22 hours ago

          Trump at 200 days: Declining approval amid mistrust

          CNN · 1 day ago

          Trump’s Base Shrinks, Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

          New York Magazine · 23 hours ago

          More for trump approval rating at lowest

          Trump’s approval rating plunges to new low, poll shows –


          6 days ago – Trump’s approval rating is down 7 percentage points from the 40 percent rating he received in a similar survey in late June. It also stated that …

          Poll: Trump’s approval rating sinks to new low | TheHill


          22 hours ago – President Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time low in a new poll amid losses in support from key demographics. Trump’s approval rating is …

          Poll: Trump’s approval down to 33% – CNNPolitics –


          7 days ago – Poll: Trump’s approval rating hits new low …. President Trump’s approval rating is at its lowest point yet in the Quinnipiac poll; A majority of …

          Presidential Approval Ratings — Donald Trump | Gallup

          Low point, weekly average, 37, three times; last on Jul 31-Aug 6, 2017 … Donald Trump’s Presidential Job Approval Ratings — Historical Comparisons …

          How Popular Is Donald Trump? | FiveThirtyEight

          FiveThirtyEight is tracking Donald Trump’s approval ratings throughout his presidency.

          Trump’s approval rating slumps to new low – CBS News

          7 days ago – One poll’s approval rating marks president’s lowest since his inauguration in January.

          Trump approval rating stuck near record low – CBS News

          Jun 15, 2017 – President Trump’s approval rating remains stuck near the lowest point of his presidency, according to a host of polls released in the last several …

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          Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low |

          7 days ago – A new national poll from Quinnipiac University shows that Donald Trump has hit his lowest approval rating and highest disapproval rating since …

          Trump’s Base Shrinks, Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low – NYMag


          1 day ago – That first figure is Trump’s current approval rating in FiveThirtyEight’s poll of polls — and, also, the lowest approval rating that the president has .

          1. Junior Bruce says

            ALL FAKE NEWS! 😁

          1. Junior Bruce says

            Fake news! 😁

          2. Kol says

            Fake news!? Another stupid right wing buzz word. LOL!

          3. Nihle65 says
          4. Mathew Molk says

            Bird legs obama>

          5. Nihle65 says

            More like bird flu obama… Lol…

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Having been one of those Dogs I pray to God it never happens, but my successors are more then ready and able to flatten the fat guy and the whole North Koran Millitary.

          Go with God my Comrades. We are 1000% behind you.

      11. Lisa Meyer says

        You’re posting under the wrong article, idiot! Stay on topic, per the TOS’s. Take your rant to the correct page!

      12. Junior Bruce says


      13. meangreenMarine says

        It may come as a shock to you, but the U.S., through the United Nations, instituted
        an International boycott of trade with North Korea! The Chinese and the Russians, the primary traders with North Korea, have signed on to that boycott! China buys 90% of North Korean exports! That’s called a Diplomatic initiative!
        I doubt that Kim Jung Un will be pleased with not being able to sell his oil and other
        N.K. Products! However, a person who had his Uncle killed in order to get his position and, more recently, his Brother, in India, in order to keep it, isn’t going to give up easily!
        Our President just showed this Dictator that his threats, if carried out, would result in his demise!

        1. Kol says

          If/when Donald Trump starts a nuclear war MANY millions of people in several countries most likely will die!!

    4. bluewarrior13 says

      Isn’t this the norm for Krazyfornia politicians? Lots of good people in California and no insult meant to them.

      1. Junior Bruce says

        It’s NOT normal, but it continues to keep happening. 😕

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Time to form he state of Jefferson up North.

    5. SouthernPatriot says

      Jerry must be smoking some of the stuff he smoked with Linda.

    6. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

      Must be all the “medical” marijuana………

    7. Michael Paul says

      That’s why they call him “Moonbeam Brown”

    8. dino m. says

      just let that pendulum keep on swinging back towards them-and hope that the blade has been sharpened. sooner or later they’ll come out like “julienne French-fries”!

    9. Bronx Boy says

      Bronx Boy

  6. Allen says

    Is that man really as stupid as he seems from a distance? I don’t live there so I only see and hear from a far, but I do not understand the words coming out of his mouth.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      He is even more stupid up close. His brain is nothing but dope smoke and STD cells.

  7. Irene Pfannenstiel says

    Dream on Dems. As long as you condone the death camps through Planned Parenthood and tax our citizens to pay for the death camps, the pendulum will not swing back to the Dems. And as long as you set up sanctuary cities to protect illegal lawbreakers, you will not win. The American people expect you the represent them. Instead you have chosen to represent and protect illegals over American citizens who are being hurt by the unlawful actions of illegals. Republicans are for vetting and allowing people into our country legally. Dems have been trying to divide and conquer, using race as an issue. This republican believes there is one race, the human race, and all lives matter. Anyone committing a crime needs to pay for the crime being committed. Dems just don’t think that way and, as a result, they are flawed.

  8. geneww1938 says

    Since removing God from the 2012 DNC platform the democrats can not tell the truth even if it is to their own benefit. Now being so anti-God, every candidate must be subjugated to the demand that they support murder of the unborn people. The value of a human life has zero meaning to them. The Democrats are aware that their Obama-Care is crashing to hurt the working class and they are doing nothing to salvage it.
    OK, now please tell me why I should vote for them.

  9. Swampfox1965 says

    “Governor Moonbeam” is a moniker he earned the hard way and one which he justly deserves.

  10. roboteq says

    Opinions of a senile has been. The actual facts are showing more and more rational American liberals are biting the bullet and voting for Republican candidates and supporting President Trump because they realize that President Trump is doing his best to support the major number of American citizens who are not on either of the ideological extremes.

  11. Justin Seine says

    He’s chasing the middle class to other states and replacing them with poor, unskilled, uneducated legal and illegal aliens. California is becoming a 3 class state. 1- The poor 2- The filthy rich and 3- The government parasites. The day will come when the filthy rich wake up and say “Hell, we’re supporting the other 2 classes. Maybe it’s time to move!”

    1. SD of AZ says

      They already are, who do think is moving all over the country. Certainly not the 1 and 3 along with the 4th moslime refugees that you forgot to list. Course BO spread them where ever he really hated the management as in conservatives. The rinos and dem wits are pals.

  12. TPS12 says

    You run criminals you abandon your own base and you have no message. Tell me again how this helps you in 2018?

    1. SD of AZ says

      Well said and quite salient points which if you will note, they do not address. Just more of the blah blah blah nonsense.

    2. America1st says

      Democrats don’t need a new message. They just need a new marketing slogan. I recommend they use this:

      Better ingredients, Better Pizza. Papa Johns

      and then emphasize their new economic plan – $15/hr minimum wage. Proven to work in Seattle and San Francisco? Not

      Democrats just never tire of losing, losing, losing.

      Trump: Making America Great Again

  13. Valor says

    He may be right, given the deliberate apathy of far too many Americans. Might as well give it back to the Demorats anyway. The Republicans are governing like they are still the minority party. The Demorats are still calling the shots. With the Radical Left now in control of the Demorat Party, the media, academia, the judiciary, and all entrenched bureaucracies Trump is just a bump in the road.

  14. pappy450 says

    The so-called “democrat” party is no longer..They should just as well come out and say it…”THE NEW COMMUNIST PARTY” is their “new” name THAT is why I refer to them as “democommies”/”rinos”

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I have been refering to them as what they are for quite some time now,,,,The NWO Marxist Party.

  15. Wes Tipton says

    Sorry moonbeam, but your wrong as usual, and still living in an alternate universe. The democrat/communist party of America is done, period. Until you stop the pc bullshit and understand that American does not want illegals on our soil you will continue to be wrong fool.

  16. SD of AZ says

    Don’t you love it when the dem wits lie and it is a real whopper! Caught Gov Brown, you have now been outed as a common dem wit politician, that would be a liar, cheat and thief!

  17. suzeeqbl says

    He wishes. Poor baby has had one too many doses of LSD that the 60’s avocated. Drugs do make things look good. Keep smoking Jerry. Maybe you will just go away in a delusional cloud. I wish!!!

  18. Lindy says

    What have the dems done in the last 8.5 years to better the life of the American people? The dems are continuing their agenda of putting the illegal first. Continuing their defiance of securing our borders by harboring illegals and some states are even using the taxpayer money of the American people to pay the illegal as a form of apology for being harassed by ICE. Americans are fed up with the left, and the push is on to decimate the dems until they are just a footnote in the history books. That also goes for the RINO’s that are undermining Trump and the American people.

  19. William Von Huben says

    Governor Brown and hos fellow democRATS are putting California in a big black hole bearing the tax payers if this state putting illegals before citizens and now they estimated 1.5 billion a year. Stop
    Robbing the road funds to give to illegals and then the stupid ass governor raises gas taxes .24 cents a gallon in the last four years and now doubling the registration fees. Know may be the citizens of this state are the stupid ass holes, letting the governor rob you. If a governor could by executive order reverse what Brown did and just ran on that and not allowing the stupid democRATS to not be able to use road taxs on only roads!

  20. Don Nuzum says

    The only pendulim swinging back toward the liberals is prosecutions

    1. Arnold Young says

      I can only wish!

  21. feduptohere says

    This guy must be smoking again. he wishes, or dreams, which is it! ~ Pretty soon Ca. is going to totally disappear and become a part of Mexico, and then he will be happy! Adios, Amigo

  22. Gen11American says

    When Rabid Rep Louis Gutierrez of Illinois recently declared that he and the Democrats are going to continue flooding in “Socialist voters,” (that’s Demo-code for undesirable illegal aliens) until they have enough to retake control of Congress, anyone with a functioning brain realizes that’s a declaration of war against our Constitution, against our voting laws, against the American people, and against American itself! Since the Democrats are deliberately using immigration to replace generation White Christian Americans with Third World Socialist SCUM, including Middle Eastern Muslims, every White patriotic American needs to totally reject the Democrats, and every degraded and unAmerican policy they stand for! Since their aim is destroying the economy of the US by flooding in millions of additional illegal aliens, the Democrats should be charged with malfeasance and booted out of Congress! Unfortunately, the politicians of both parties protect each others, so it’s up to the voters to practice term limits, and to boot virtually every Democrat out of Congress! 93% of them have been aiding and abetting the illegal alien and Muslim invasion of the US for nefarious purposes for DECADES! I don’t know how such horrid politicians have remained in office so long, but we’ll be finished if the Democrats use massive voter fraud to win the 2018 and 2020 elections. CRUSH THE DEMOCRATS INSTEAD!

    1. mcqueens2002 says

      It’s going to happen if your counter parts don’t take back your state and vote them out

    2. Nihle65 says

      Hell yeah, crush the RATS!!!

      1. Kol says

        Donald Trump threatened to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea.

        STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t provoke nuclear war with North Korea!

        Donald Trump is making us all more unsafe with every war-mongering comment, tweet, and threat. His rhetoric threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” is exacerbating a dangerous situation, putting the people of Guam–and everyone around the world–in grave danger. While a nuclear North Korea is a real concern, the answer must be diplomacy-first, not a rush to a potentially devastating nuclear war.

  23. Mary says

    IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD! JUSA LIKE THE RUSSIANS. Take deep BREATHS. Trump has it all under control. TRUMP 2020

  24. MAHB001 says

    Democrat Politicians like Brown are Communists and it is they who betray the Democrat people. The Politicians are counting on the ignorance of their constituency, just like they did in the passing of 0bamacare.

    Big Government is just another form of communism and regardless of how Brown tries to explain the losses, it is because the Democrat People don’t want communism either.

    United We Stand, Divided we fall…..

    1. TrueAmerican says

      well since Pelosi and her Hubby are Both Registered Communists I’m sure there are plenty more in the DemoRat party that are too but not saying out loud, we know Bernie Sanders is a Registered Socialist scumbag. how many more are ?????

      1. MAHB001 says

        Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = all are socialist/communists.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          NWO all the way, Baby…..We need to exterminate these pests.

          1. MAHB001 says

            They may be thinking NWO, they may be wishing NWO.

            But I think the Islamic Terrorists are using them as useful idiots.

            Our job is to expose these traitors for what they are… Communists.

  25. Jmanjo says

    Gov Brown doesn’t even know what a pendulum is much less how it swings! He is as ignorant as Maxine Waters, a perfect example of fools elected to office!

  26. Gammi2Anna says

    I agree completely with Gov. Jerry Brown. The Pendulum is certainly swinging back toward the Democrats. It will make my old heart so Happy to see how, when the Pendulum hits square under the chin of the Democrats, they are all knocked out cold. The Democrat Party has become the party of deceivers, cheaters and deny and lie corrupt politicians that would sell their Mothers heart for the price of one vote or one dollars. Greedy, Seedy and Needy. They cannot survive without Power. There is no place too dark or dishonorable that they will not venture into seeking support for their overzealous Ego trip. It is all about Me, Me, Me. Just look at how Gov. Brown himself has turned into a ‘professional politician’, without limits in what he will do to maintain his status. Yeap, the Pendulum is definitely swinging toward the Democrats. Lets just hope they stay as arrogant and dumb as they are right this moment so we can hear the joyful sounds, sorta like when the bowling ball rolls down the lane and hits the pins. CRASH……!!!!!

  27. A_Nobody says

    Old Moonbeam is still proving his stupidity.The party has obviously has obviously accepted the challenge of seeing who can say or do the most stupid things. SMH.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      Moonbeam got his brain from the same box of cereal that mcCain did. They wrestled for it, and each got half.

  28. Richard Dryden says

    That is certainly evidently, by the recent defection of West Virginia’s governor to the Republican party.

  29. Everett says

    Funny article, in one hand he talks about a return of the democrats and then he basically admits he doesn’t see how it can happen! Typical moonbeam!

  30. cathylovesyou says

    If the Democrats get back in, it’s the Republicans doing, They are gut stupid. Of course it will be a further disaster for America. To recover from Obama’s reign will take 20 years, and if the country fores back to the Communist we will never hear again from the Repubs for 20 years.

  31. rick meek says

    LMFAO —– brown is another one….rosenstein is another turd in the DC sewer spewing BS as usual…..Muellers record of cover ups and deferred prosecution speaks for itself – of course the millions were part of it….
    And of course — the Disgustocrats and Repukicans ARGUE that a special prosecutor and investigator IS NOT NEEDED for the dems because they lost the election and it’s all water under the bridge……Well – the crimes they committed are still BEING UNCOVERED YET UNPUNISHED and the DC sewer is doing it’s best to convince people to let it go…….LMFAO – Ya’ll are AFRAID TO BE TIED TO THIS BS —— HUH

  32. Patriot47 says

    That pendulum is the one from Edgar Allen Poe. Remember to duck, moonbeam.

  33. desert fox says

    I don’t think so…..the only way it is swinging back will be due to all of the illegals that he is giving more entitlements to. When he starts raising taxes as he did on gasoline he is hitting our pocketbooks to support his sanctuary state that is going down the tubes.

  34. Francisco Machado says

    As long as the Democrats stay glued to the policies that have lost them the House, the Senate, the states and the Presidency, they will have to depend upon the Republicans to surrender power to them, something they’ve done before and appear to be working on now by reneging upon the pledge to repeal Obamacare, the promise of which has “bought” them the votes that have given them he power to do it, that have given them all branches of government. Not that this, in itself, will bias voters toward leftist politics or candidates but it may incite the “Why bother voting for these people?” attitude among disheartened Republicans. The “We can do it!” enthusiasm put the Republicans in power and they are destroying that enthusiasm.

  35. Donald Lindsey says

    California druggies are at it again they are all brain dead

  36. NovelDog says

    Choices have to be made. Do you want to kill defenseless babies? Do you want to honor, and praise, queers, and lesbians? Do you want human trafficking across our open border? How about drugs that kill? Want higher taxes? Want anybody to vote, no voter ID? Want to be a slimy, no morals, slave state? If so, stay a Democrat, become a Dumb-o-crat, and eventually join the Scum-o-crats that you have for leaders. Or you could switch parties like I did!

    1. TrueAmerican says

      NovelDog, good job and welcome aboard

  37. Michael Dennewitz says

    And in the meantime.. THE VA IS HIRING MORE AND MORE MUSLIMS! WTF?? If one doesn’t die from his apparent illness, the damned MUSLIM doctors will gladly help it along. How about it MR PRESIDENT? WHY??? 😣🙁☹😢

  38. Lillyhammer Lip says

    Gov Brown needs a RECTALCRANIALOTOMY. He’s probably too dumb to figure out what that is (like other democrats). In another civil war he like others like him will be on the first casualty list. How can anyone vote to place people such as this man in position of authority/power? Or is it as long suspected that they have in fact STOLEN elections over much of the United States? Most ( if not all) that Brown spews out of his mouth is pure blather. He is a waste for the human race. The term POS fits him nicely. I DO NOT wish him well. He could die a slow and antagonizing death as far as I am concerned. He deserves it as do many others in the Democratic Party of socialists/communists.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      He’s a career politician. What do you expect? He even ran for president 3 times. Thank God he lost all three times, but those he lost to were only slightly better.

  39. Diesel Driver says

    Jerry Brown is a self confirmed liar.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      ALL POLITICIANS LIE! (Brown actually told the truth in that interview, for once in his miserable life.)

  40. jim says

    Democrats are so delusional . They live in their own reality and try to force it on the rest of us . This is where a Fascist dictatorship will evolve , if good people do nothing ,

  41. jim_wright says

    To answe Brown’s question, the base of the democrat party are the people who do not believe in personal responsibility and this country.

  42. marcus J says

    The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists , Arrogant Angry Hateful Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries

  43. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    Jerry Brown, my governor, your monastery is missing its village idiot…YOU!
    Please, please, please, retire, go away and take Nancy and Maxine with you.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      Term limits didn’t work on this d!<khead. We need to institute AGE limits!