Campaign to Take Down Rush Limbaugh Uncovered!


If there’s anything liberals love more than the First Amendment, it’s completely trampling it whenever someone says something they don’t like. Such is the case when it comes to Rush Limbaugh, who has been at the center of a concerted campaign to take him off the air for more than four years. Yesterday, The Daily Caller revealed new information about the liberal activists at the helm of this campaign, one of whom is an executive vice president with Media Matters.

According to DC’s report, others involved in the conspiracy included a former Kent State university professor, a writer for DailyKos, and several other Twitter users who consolidated their power to “Stop Rush.” Without question, though, the primary group leader is Angelo Carusone of Media Matters.

According to Limbaugh’s team, these ten individuals are responsible for “nearly 70% of the tweets targeting Limbaugh’s advertisers.”

Oh, liberals, when will you ever stop…

Why do these people get so irate when they hear conservatism in the media? Half this country is subjected to liberal crap every time they open the newspaper, watch a movie, or flip randomly through the channels. Yet whenever there is just a single outlet or two where conservatives can hear someone speak their language, you have people wanting to throw it off the air!

Rush Limbaugh was Fox News before Fox News was a thing. On the air in syndication throughout most of the 90s, he was the only place conservatives could go to hear the truth about this hugely-popular guy in the White House named Bill Clinton. He’s been a mainstay of conservatism ever since, notably being one of the few voices on the right in 2008 who would dare criticize Barack Obama. At a time when most Republican lawmakers (and John McCain) were paralyzed at the thought of being called racist, Rush threw caution to the wind and told the truth. Whenever there was liberalism to be found, you could always be sure that Rush would weed it out.

But, no, liberals can’t have that. They can celebrate their values-shattering programs like Orange is the New Black, they can tell blatant lies about the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and they can steal money from the American people to keep PBS’s propaganda well funded, but they can’t make room for conservatism. The most they’ll tolerate is the little blonde chick on The View, and even that’s pushing it.

When it comes to your Rush Limbaughs, your Sean Hannitys, your Glenn Becks, your Ann Coulters, your George W. Bushs, your Sarah Palins…well, then you must either be called out as a demon or mocked relentlessly. There is no respect for traditional American values in the coastal media, and they see anyone who touts conservatism as either a fool or a monster.

Fortunately, any advertiser that chooses to put a spot on Rush’s program knows what they’re getting into and are unlikely to be dissuaded by a small group of libtards.

Can you imagine what this country would look like if liberals had complete control? It chills the blood.


  1. 2399molly says

    What Sondra F—- and her thugs have done is illegal but nothing will happen. Threatening Rushes advertisers is being done by the administration and putting this prostitute out there to demean him and others is disgraceful. What is Congress and the Senate protecting that they are allowing Freedom of the Press to be demeaned. It has to be something in their pass. We need more honest politicians in both parties that actually speak their minds and not distance themselves from this illegal administration. We also need news media that tells the truth. Obama has gone after everyone who has opposed him. He is vindictive and a Muslim who has demeaned our Republicans, Tea party and everyone who opposes him.

    1. hepette . says

      its too bad you are so ignorant you still refer to PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA as a muslim your post is filled with lies

      1. hepette . says

        hen Bush began his first term in January 2001, total nonfarm employment was 132.47 million. When his second term began four years later, it was 132.45 million, or effectively zero job growth.

        Obama’s first term isn’t technically over yet, but so far, employment has risen from 133.56 million in January 2009 to 134.02 million in the latest report, for December 2012. That’s a net gain of about 460,000 or 0.3 percent. As paltry as that is, it beats Bush’s first-term performance.

        Purists might argue that because of the one-month lag in the official job numbers, it would be more appropriate to judge each president’s first term from the February figures rather than those for January. But that gives Obama an even bigger edge. From February 2001 to February 2005, the economy created 164,000 jobs, for a 0.1 percent gain during Bush’s first term. From February 2009 through December 2012, the economy created nearly 1.2 million jobs, a 0.9 percent improvement.

        [READ: Middle-Class Taxes Just Went Up]

        Each man can point to extenuating circumstances that harmed the economy during his first term. For Bush, there was a modest recession that ran from March 2001 through November 2001, punctuated by the 9-11 terror attacks in September of that year. The dot-com meltdown, one cause of the recession, took years to subside.

        Obama took office during the worst financial crisis since the Depression, as companies were laying off workers by the thousands. His first priority was stabilizing the banking system to prevent another depression. During Obama’s first month in office, employers shed 800,000 jobs.

        1. hepette . says

          these are facts. of course you right wing loony tunes dont believe in facts.

          1. Devandander says

            Here’s some facts while you argue about how great your admin is. We are almost 18 trillion in debt. Keep fighting each other while both sides laugh at you and take your money. Both sides only care about winning and don’t care about you. They will use all tactics to divide and conquer.

          2. hepette . says

            first of all it is NOT both sides…………..yes we do not have a perfect govt but if you think for one minute that it is going to get better by electing a repuke/bagger then you have a screw loose.

          3. Gary Iampaglia says

            I very, very rarely listen to Rush. Now, that being said, what is a repuke/bagger. Did your mother help you with that one? You can make your point without saying things like that. Then maybe people will take you seriously.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            In the words of the great Ronald Reagan ( a real president), there you go again. Repuke/bagger and a loose screw. Shame on your parents for raising such a vile little creature.

          5. jackw97224 says

            heh, heh, heh…yeah, this hepette surely makes one long for a retroactive abortion law.

          6. Donna Hardin says

            How long can you people keep using BUSH to cover up 4 your boy Obama’s mistakes? I guess if he were to trip and fall it would somehow be Bush’s fault! Seems there are FACTS that the far left need to hear as well!

          7. hepette . says

            you are telling lies about obama all the time. you cannot stand the FACTS PERIOD.

          8. mldld says

            keep on wallowing in your adoration for your hero Obama. The cool aid must be good,,,……

          9. hepette . says

            waaaaaahh just cant stand the facts can you?

          10. mldld says

            You are a mouth piece for your little boy Obama…..

          11. mac12sam12 says

            Don’t mind the facts, it’s the low info libs that are annoying.

          12. kathy says

            The cool aid comment. Can’t even spell it right. How many teeth do you have mldid?

          13. mldld says

            Nasty, nasty, hope you feel better now. Never went to school in America, but I can speak several languages, miss Kathy. And by the way I am legal.

          14. imbog says

            Your an idiot =my apologize to idiots

          15. hepette . says

            you cant even make a coherent statement

          16. mac12sam12 says

            Here’a a coherent statement. Go to the Huffington Post, they would embrace your stupidity. Coherent enough? Trolls are fun!!

          17. Seldena says

            ALl military said they would be voting Republican–They all hate obammy!!!

          18. hepette . says

            doesnt matter——–where were they in the last 2 elections? duh

          19. Addie Smith says

            Not where I live – at least 75% of the military in my area would never vote for a republican. The 25% or less that would vote for republicans were raised in the Confederacy and don’t have very much intelligence.

          20. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Calling names again? Need another reminder of “personal attacks”? Your words sweetie. You may want to eat them.

        2. Timk says

          Hipo heppete.or wtf ever your name is…Just Keep drinking the Cool-Aid

          You Believe this Muslum Salesman…I Have a BRIDGE for sale Too…
          Wake Dafuq Up!
          VOTE RIGHT NOVEMBER 2014
          Semper Fi’

          1. hepette . says

            you are sooooooooooo stupid tht you believe tht he is a muslim. how did you ever get into the service?

          2. mac12sam12 says

            On his school application in Indonesia it says, born in Kenya, religion Muslim. He constantly defends Islam and if you think he’s Christian, you’re delusional. He’s probably rolling out the prayer rug and facing Mecca as we speak.

          3. squeak says

            tht is spelled that… how did you ever get out of School with that kind of spelling ?? Hypocrite

          4. kathy says

            Coo aid . . . .ya, when the ignorant have nothing else you bring out the koolaid.

          5. Timk says

            Typical DemoCRAP…Starts Name Calling..
            Go Read a Book.
            VOTE RIGHT NOVEMBER 2014

        3. Mark Clemens says

          The reason for the Jobs exodus is because Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama refuse to reimpose tariffs, and our jobs went to the cheapest labor force. It’s not as if the companies went out of business like in the 1930’s. What we have here is a government policy styled depression. Nothing like FDR dealt with.,…

          1. jackw97224 says

            Protective tariffs loot A at the expense of B. Check out Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson and then see The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It.



          2. Mark Clemens says

            Sometimes whats good for freedom,.isn’t good for business. Sometimes whats good for business isn’t good for freedom. …….
            The Protectionist movement of the 1880-1900’s saved America’s infant industry of its times like steel, and other manufacturers. To the cheaper European products
            Don’t be so cheap, every dollar you think you saved up front, buying a cheap foreign import, will cost you in the rear, in paying welfare benefits to the unemployed American families.
            Come on! You can afford a extra buck to buy that 6 pack of communist underware, to keep an American Family off Welfare…….

          3. jackw97224 says

            When you read Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson you will discover the error of your opinions and the mistake of or your ad hominem attack.

          4. jackw97224 says

            So businesses are set up and run by people. So you seem to be saying that some of these people should not be allowed to run their businesses. Is that correct? If so, then you are saying that you or someone else should run those businesses thus denying freedom to choose to those whom you decide are not qualified.

            The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is
            best.” – Thomas Sowell

            Freely choosing not to be supercilious, I choose to decide what is best for me and not choose for or dictate to others.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            I never said anything like your trying to make out. If someone starts a business here they should run it. The Government should try and help keep said business state side using tariffs, like they did in the late 18th century. Tariffs are a choice based consumption tax. If you buy products MADE in USA you avoid the tax, if you buy junk made over seas, you pay the tax. Same goes for Manufacturing. If you make it in USA no tax added to your product. If you make it overseas you pay a tax. I have no idea what your talking about someone starting a company then someone else running it???
            What does that even have to do with Tariffs?

          6. jackw97224 says

            Don’t you see that you are saying government should use force to keep business here? Do you not see that government must first loot A to satisfy B? Do you not see that taxes are evidence of government force? Do you not see that it is the power of “money”/taxes that is the source of politicians acting to assist or restrict businesses? Do you not see that previous acts or sins do not justify future acts or sins? What exactly are proposing that government did in the late 18th century, i.e. the late 1700s? BTW, protective tariffs are damaging; they are no helpful, as they effect the looting of A to satisfy B, engaging government in legalized plunder. Consumers are harmed by protective tariffs as they are forced to pay more than world market prices, i.e. protective tariffs are one leg of mercantilism which was one of the reasons the colonists rebelled against England. So many specious arguments. Not all products made overseas are junk! If you pay more for Americans made products, then your argument of not paying the import tax is totally blown out of the water, in fact even with the import tax you are probably getting as good a product at is made in USA and for less. No disagreement on food quality as China does a poor job but then Japan did a poor job on quality and then turned around and actually produced better quality products, especially cars and trucks, than did Ford, GM, and Chevy. And just look at all the electronic gizmos that are produced overseas; they are excellent. Oh, and the American politicians, commie/socialists in the majority, have driven businesses away and with them jobs due to oppressive regulations. You are suggesting that government regulate/control/run businesses via protective tariffs and more regulation. You are proposing denial of freedom to entrepreneurs. You want more control and less freedom. Do you not see it?
            Take some time to read Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson; it is on the WWW and then read Hazlitt’s The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It (inflation is coming, bet on it). Then head on over to Marc Stevens’ NoStateProject and then read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Yes the government should make it less profitable to manufacture over seas. It keeps our people working and off the welfare. I reckon you don’t mind paying other peoples bills through social programs. As for your little revulsion history lesson. It may be so. Here’s a historic fact, the SECOND Act passed by George Washington’s congress was to impose tariffs. If the founders didn’t have a problem w/foreign countries paying a tariff to sell stuff here and add to our treasury, whats your problem?

          8. jackw97224 says

            No! Government should not use force to assist one at the expense of another as that is criminal. Stop looting A (taxpayers) to satisfy B (welfare recipients as that is just plain criminal. Your argument of paying other’s welfare is efaulty as you assume that government should use force to loot me to pay for welfare. Your argument is fallacious, i.e. it does no logically stand the test. Again, you assume that the use of force to impose a tariff to assist some American merchants is just. It is not. Remember England used force to impose mercantilism on the colonists, i.e. the English forced the colonists to pay above world market prices for their finished goods and forced the colonists to sell their unfinished goods at below world market prices. Washington or the congress were thus doing with tariff just exactly that against which they rebelled. The problem is that I don’t see the use of force to compel anyone to pay more than the market presents, but you believe it is alright to use such force. We thus disagree on the use of force and on sanctioning government/politicians to use force to compel behavior, i.e. I am for freedom of choice, or as Milton Friedman says, “Free to Choose,” while you believe in the use of force, i.e. in sanctioning politicians to enslave me so as to impose your opinions and that of course is intolerable.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            ….You misunderstood me (I hope). I want to use tariffs to protect American Jobs, that keeps more people working and off of welfare. How has tariffs ever added to welfare? Your adding words I’ve never used. Back during the PROTECTIONISM movement, there was no such thing as welfare. Those links you put up went to Ludwing (how ever it’s spelled) Institute, the pages were taken down. There for I see no connections between tariffs and welfare.
            Really, how does protecting, and adding American Jobs add to welfare? It should increase the work force decrease welfare recipients. Also if you don’t want to pay the tariff, just buy or manufacture in the USA. Its just that simple
            Your just worried about paying a buck extra on that 6 pack of underware. Don’t be such a cheap skate, your country is depending on you………

          10. TexasStomp says

            Mark the only way to revive American industry is NOT to put high tariffs on foreign goods. It’s to slap union leaders back to their senses and quit jacking the price of American made goods up so high average consumers can’t justify the extra cost.

            We don’t by cheap foreign T-shirts because we prefer them. We buy them cause we are not prepared to pay $15 bucks for an American made T-shirt just to mow the lawn in.

            We refuse to pay $30K for a pos American made car that won’t go 50K miles without major repairs when every foreign car will go close to 100K miles on nothing but regular maintenance.

            When American brands start costing only slightly more than cheap foreign brands and last as long or longer, the buying public will start to shop American. Until then, consumers are not going to throw hard earned money away just to line union coffers.

          11. jackw97224 says

            @TexasStomp, Clemens does no seem to respond to logic; he does not understand simple economics and he does not understand that each person should be free to make his own decisions. Mark believes he should have the power to dictate who buys what, when, where, how and the price he must pay and from whom he must purchaase his goods and services. Mark is blind and he is dangerous and he is spreading his lies. I have tried to reason with Mark but he exhibits a closed mind and he will not read the articles that refute his foolish iedas. In short Mark is lost and no amount of logic will help him.

          12. jackw97224 says

            Mark, it is not the purpose of government to help one at the expense of another. A protective tariff does just that; it protects one group at the expense of the consumer; it deprives the consumer of freedom of choice! Thus the protective tariff is welfare for some so-called producers who cannot compete on the world market. That makes those “producers” and politicians conspirators in the looting of consumers and taxpayers for the benefit of those “producers” and politicians. As I mentioned there are many examples of the failure of government intervention in the market via protection: Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930, Yacht luxury tax of 1991-93 and the Steel Tariff of 2002. Oh yes, and it is the Ludwig von Mises Institute and well worth the time to peruse. In the end I must be free to choose and you are trying to force me to choose that which pleases you and you exhibit no shame in sanctioning the gvernment/politicians to impose your beliefs on me, sanctioning the politicians to craft tax law and tariffs to benefit some at my expense and other’s expense. I just don’t see that as honorable as I would not force you to act in a way that I prefer nor would I ask anyone to force you to do so.

            I don’t see how anyone has the right to take a vote to sanction the politicians to use economic or lethal force against you to control your person and property. I don’t see that as a virtue or a right; I see it as a crime. Politics is violence; it is the use of force (see The Law of Love and The Law of Violence – Leo Tolstoy).

            “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin

            “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one withanother, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” ~ H.L. Mencken

            Apology for the bad links so I went back and checked them and updated those that are out of date.

            No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority (
            The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens ( or
            Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
            The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Hazlitt (
            The Law by Frederic Bastiat
            That Which is Seen and That Which is not Seen (
            Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies (

          13. Mark Clemens says

            I’m not intended in the Global Free Trade, that is the problem. The whole global free trade is a UN Global Wealth Redistribution
            JOBS=MONEY=WEALTH. Were on goes the other two always follow. You cry about A (you) paying for B (Welfare) thats domestic redistribution of wealth. Yet you have no problem sending YOUR dollars to COMMUNIST CHINA, just

          14. jackw97224 says

            Question: Do you have a right to force me to obey your opinions?

            Question: Do you respect my right to decide how I spend my money?

            Question: Do you believe it is justice to use politicians to force me to abide by your beliefs?

            Logical fallacy: Who says Free Health Care should be imposed by force? Certainly no me. Hence you start with a false premise and thus your argument is fallacious.

            Logical fallacy: Wealth doesn’t necessarily equal power but how wealthy people use their wealth is powerful. Who says that wealthy people should be denied the freedom to choose how they spend their money? Not me! I favor freedom to choose. Better to look at how politicians have regulated business to the point that they leave and take the jobs and taxes with them. Triffin’s Dilemma: Industry is destroyed at the source of money creation (witness the consort of the Fed Bank and congress/politicians and the inflation (theft, destruction of the value of money). Witness Gresham’s Law: Bad money (fiat currency) drives out good (gold and silver coinage).

            Yes, indeed I have on many occasions read the commie/manifesto.

            What you are describing is what the US has been doing since 1913 when the Fed was created. The Fed Bank and fiat currency have paved the road to destruction and it is the congress/politicians that have led to the near 200 trillions of unfunded liabilities/debt. The Fed Reserve Act facilitated the creation of fiat currency and the mounting debt. The commie manifesto preaches control of the monetary system by government; the very government to which you appeal for more control via tariffs and taxes and restrictions on freedom of choice.

            Commie Manifesto:

            5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

            We call it the Federal Reserve which is a credit/debt system nationally organized by the Federal Reserve act of 1913. Almost all local banks are members of the Fed system, and are regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This private bank has an exclusive monopoly in money creation which in reality has ended the need for revenue from taxes. So why do they tax? To FOOL YOU into thinking they nneed them.

            Finally, you admit that freedom of choice is not in the best interest of Americans and that pretty much ends any further discussion. You believe in dictatorship and I don’t. I would never go door to door with gun in hand and demand anyone turn over his wealth, but you would or you would be comfortable sanctioning the IRS and police state functionaries to relieve me of my wealth. On this basis you have discredited yourself. I’m sorry for you.

            I plan to live my life by freely choosing goods and services depending on quality and price. I surely abhor anyone dictating to me what I can or cannot choose or have or purchase as that would be dishonorable to all the people who have sacrificed so much to win and/or preserve. I it unconscionable that I would disrespect the people who did so much to preserve my freedom to choose.

            Again you make the fallacious assumption that the fault lies with me. You are wrong. It is your US commie/socialist government that has paved the way. Economics is just explaining to you your mistakes. Government force, intervention, has caused the disequilibrium that exists in the world. To deprive me or anyone of making his decisions is reprehensible; you are a dictator and you propose to decide for me how I can live; frankly, Mark, your position is not just dishonest but it is evil. Good day to you, No more communications until you at least read the selection of articles and books which refute all those fallacies that have poisoned your ability to reason. To make progress you will have to recognize that using force to impose your beliefs is not moral or ethical.

          15. Mark Clemens says

            We all are forced to live a certain way. The rules we live by are called LAWS. I’m not crazy about them, but I obey them. Are you lawless? We are all forced to obey congress’
            Opions. It’s called RULE of LAW.

            It’s your money, if you want to support communism that’s on you. I think it’s a poor choice, and a waist of money. Why are you in the USA? Your dollars are worth more in China, plus you’ll get your commie junk cheaper (no shipping fees)

            Well you are using politicians to make me abide by your beliefs. Hiding behind them actually (We have no real tariffs) Your kind of politicians made these laws. Maybe it will be my turn next……
            By your statements do you think your above the law? Sounds like it to me. You and your politicians are FORCING me to send my money to the COMMUNIST, via FREE TRADE. Is that fair? I don’t like communism so why do you force our market to be flooded w/communist junk?

            Our jobs went overseas due to deregulation, also we deregulated the housing industry and Wall Street. Look how that turned out TARP, Bail Outs. If corporations are people, People have to live by rules (laws) So should Big Biz. Unregulated Industry/ business always seams to go amuck.

            My loyalty is with the Constitution of The United States. Not to a bottom line or unreasonable trade policies. Your economics and patriotism are way off base for the good of our country. Your economics are spot on for greedy communist sympathizers.

            Most of your links want to download my files, what up w/that? The two that didn’t were New World Order Economics. They are all for communism.

            By USA not having tariffs, you are imposing your will upon me, is that fair?
            Well this should end our conversion. Tell Chairman Mow I said “High”
            He’ll know what you mean………

          16. jackw97224 says

            [Force is not freedom. Regulated freedom is oxymoronic! You obviously don’t understand anarcho-capitalism and don’t see the difference between commie/socialism anarchy. So may I suggest you read the short link from Llewellyn Rockwell]

            and then get his book, Against the State and you will discover facts that you
            are missing.]

            [Well, I am free to choose? Why are you here? Are you here to use force to obey you? If so you are a disgrace to all those who fought or ostensibly fought to preserve freedom to choose. ‘Tis you ol’ boy who are the disgrace and dishonorable. In fact you evidence a wish to impose your tyranny on me and all the millions who do not share such dishonorable beliefs.]

            [Fallacious! I don’t use politicians to force you to do anything. They are not “my” politicians. I don’t participate in schemes of looting you to satisfy me. I don’t twist any arms or legs and I don’t appeal to anyone to harm himself by paying twice the world market price for his goods or services! But you do! Before answering your questions, please Lysander Spooner’s No Treason
            No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority and then prove there is a contract by
            which you or me or anyone is compelled to submit. Then spend a lot of time with the NoStateProject and Marc Stevens’ videos. You obviously have not acquired the knowledge provided by Spooner and Stevens and that discredits your arguments.]

            [I am not forcing you to send money to any nation to which you freely choose not to. In fact you refute yourself and your own arguments of buy American made if you are sending money to foreign countries Tell your politicians whose departments buy foreign goods and services to only buy American made stuff and thus effectively double the income tax to pay for those items, which then removes money from the taxpayers who then cannot freely spend those hard earned “dollars” in their local communities. Just go out and do what you preach; just buy American products and be happy. You really need to read Frederic Bastiat”s essay: That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen. You will find therein refutations to your fallacious beliefs and I’m tellin’ ya, you are no Frederic Bastiat, intellectually speaking.

            And BTW, “fair” is subjective, just like “beauty.” It is a dynamical variable with temporal and geographic properties (time and place). You mistake is not recognizing this fact. There is no such thing as a “fair tax” or “fair trade” as they reside in the mind of the beholders. What is “fair” in your opinion would or could be unfair in another’s opinion. The key is not to ASSUME that your opinion of “fair” must apply or be forced on anyone. You fall way short in this realm.]

            [I don’t force any market to be “flooded” with any good or service. You obviously don’t understand freedom of choice. You are a liar!]

            [No! Understand Triffin’s Dilemma: Industry is destroyed at the source of money creation. The politicians created the Fed bank and fiat currency
            in Dec. 1913 and inflation has driven us to perhaps nearly 200 trillions in
            unfunded liabilities (debt). It is government/politicians and their “laws” that
            have plunged us into debt and this is the very “law” of which you hang your hat
            upon. How many people were slaughtered in the wars that “your” government and your “laws” provoked and financed? You are looking at symptoms of the “cancer” or “disease” and not the root cause and as with any patient, either he will recover on his own or he will die, notwithstanding the actions of the “physician or politician” to treat those symptoms. You have serious defective reasoning and all I hope to do is help you rid yourself of the ruinous commie/socialist philosophy. Mises said socialism is the philosophy of suicide and commie/socialisms goal it to use force to control economies, which is just what you believe. How ironic that you denounce commie/socialism but believe in using
            their very philosophy to deny freedom to choose.]

            [You are free to choose and I would never tell you that you must choose my way. I am for truth and honesty and reason. You seem to have a problem with my freedom to choose and denounce me for freely choosing and then attack me for my freedom of choice, which then is a backhand slap at all those who ostensibly fought to preserve that freedom of choice. In fact your appeal to “good” is not justice. The “patient” is sick and treating the symptoms will
            no effect recovery. Your suggestion are to treat those symptoms instead of
            addressing the root cause. You do not see that the fiat currency system is that
            root cause and it “cancer” has been killing the US since 1913. In fact, it is
            your attempt to perpetuate the commie/socialist US government and their laws that have condemned us to the economic abyss.]

            [Again with the lie! I never impose anything on you. You are free to choose to purchase anything you want, I just don’t think it moral for you to impose your beliefs on me. I already explained previously that “fair” is subjective depending on time and place and it is up to the parties to the transaction.

            And again, it is not me that desires to impose by force any of my beliefs, it is you. ‘Tis you ol’ sport who is following the Commie Manifesto, not me. I don’t want government intervention. I don’t want government to force you to behave. I just want to be free and not a slave. BTW, Mao has been dead for a long time.]

            Head on over to the Ludwig von Mises Institute and get some of the book, short ones, like The Law by Bastiat and start educating yourself and shedding all that fallacious propaganda, indoctrination and brainwashing that the MSM and the government schools and the unions have handed you. Be sure to read Lew Rockwell’s short missive:

          17. Mark Clemens says

            I see your not a man of your word. You said you were not going to reply to me, for some to damn long reason. Just because you cry over and over the same thing don’t make it true….
            I saw your comments on Abe Lincoln. How wrong! I’m starting to think you want to bring slavery back. How can you not like Abe? He freed a whole race of people. That’s cool shit!!!!
            Don’t bother to reply.

          18. jackw97224 says

            Yes, when you slander and spread fallacious arguments, I felt compelled to respond. The truth was spoken by all those I mentioned and more; it is you who is so blind that you will not even investigate the resources I supplied. As for Lincoln, i explained he denied the 1st paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, he denied the colonists and in fact stabbed them in the back, he refused to take Winfield Scott’s advice and simply say Wayward sisters, depart in peace. And Lincoln got nearly a million American slaughtered and only a scoundrel would claim such evil as justified and BTW, tell that to all those slaughtered, their families and loved ones. Oh and what about all the contributions that those people would have made nd their children and grandchildren and on and on? ‘Tis you ol’ sport who harbors orrupt beliefs. ‘Tis you who is the scoundrel. ‘Tis you who believes in the se of force to make other people behave as you believe. ‘Tis you who harbors upercilious nonsense. Now get on over to the Mises Institute and read and study and flush out all the nonsense and lies that have poisoned you and stop spreading the economic fallacies that have been debunked for well over 70 years.

          19. Mark Clemens says

            Well, if the slave owners would of just freed their slaves, there wouldn’t of been all that killing and blood spilling . Instead of blaming the man who freed the negros, why don’t you blame the people who oppressed the negros? The real blame lies with the Plantation Owners.
            You probably want to repeal the 13,14,15 amendments, so you can exploit slave labor, to go along w/your communist labor. You are a pathetic user.
            I see how you look at people as commodities. Your economics is based on “Poor old me” not what’s best for our country. By the way me “Forcing tariffs” on poor old you, is like the government forcing you to pay sales and income tax. Actually tariffs could replace income tax……..
            Only a KKK Low life wouldn’t like Lincoln

          20. jackw97224 says

            Faulty logic. If the murderer just didn’t have a gun then the victim would not have died. The “if” arguments are infinite. Fact is, at the time slavery was legal. Each state had the right to secede, just as the colonists had seceded from England and they certainly would not have put their necks under the heel of a central government that could reimpose the same kind of power of which they had just shed. Lincoln violated the constitution and the Declaration of Independence but the southern stated did not! You are confusing the argument. I do not excuse slavery but I also do not excuse Lincoln. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! Play the BLAME Game all you desire but it does no alter the fact that Lincoln was wrong and he forced the issue of his fallacious belief that the “union” must be preserved at the expense of the freedom to choose and the right to secede.

            Again with the lies and inferences. You don’t seem to have read Lysander
            Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority or you would not
            be trying to attribute the 13, 14, & 15 amendments repeal lie to me. This is the kind of logical fallacies that get you booted in any debate, i.e. you lose for introducing lies. You are a liar Mark! Sorry for you.

            You assume I look at people as commodities. I never said that and I don’t. You
            are a liar and have exposed yourself for all the readers to see. Good for all
            that you have outed yourself!

            Again you use emotional pleas and not facts. Define “good.” Like “fair” the term “good” resides in the mind of the beholder, it is a function of time and place. Your assertion that i don’t want good things for everyone is a LIE. But I don’t
            believe that a child who does wrong ought not to be punished. Tough love is a
            fact of life. I do not believe in a nanny state that loots A to satisfy B, which you have attempted to justify.

            Any use of government to force you to pay me is of course wrong. So we need to get government out of the looting A to satisfy B criminal schemes. A phase out of SS and Medicare and unemployment insurance and obumma/pelosi “Final Solution” Health Care criminal schemes would be a good start and on the road back to independence and self responsibility and away from dependence and slobbering, slop-at-the-trough, suck-at-the-golden-teat stinkin’ abhorant, naggar slavery!

            Again you come with the tariff nonsense. I already explained the fallacy and
            gave you 3 examples of why such tariffs or luxury taxes have failed in the
            past, i.e. they caused damage by looting A to satisfy B and the governments had to repeal them.

            Mark I can’t help you out of your illogical abyss but I have recommended the article and books that can help you if you will open your mind. By all means you really must read Frederic Bastiat’s essay: That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen.

            I can’t emphasize this enough. You need to get with a group of free thinking Ludwig von Mises Austrian Economics people and you will be rewarded. I know it is not easy to break the indoctrination and propaganda and brainwashing spewed by government schools and MSM and commie/socialist politicians. I too fell for the rubbish but began to shed the lies in my late 30s and now many years later I am satisfied that most of those lies have been dispatched. Dismiss the poisons of logical fallacies and the truth will set you free.

          21. Mark Clemens says

            People are not suppose to own or enslave other people. That mistake had to be corrected. Since the slave owners didn’t voluntary free their slaves, Abe had to break out the big guns, and kick their ass.
            You don’t want people” forcing” anything on you, but you defend the Old South with their slave ways??? Jesus has a word for that……
            Hypocrite. If you defend slave states right to own slaves, how can you not look at people as commodities (especially the blacks)?
            All your anti tariff stuff are lies. Books of failing economic theories. Since 2000 we have stopped tariffs. Our economy has went to shit. Thats a fact, not theory. You are the liar, enslaving SOB. Keep talking let the world see how black your soul is.
            Ps. Since you defend slavery, why did you spell “Nagger” instead of nigger? We all know what you mean. Were you trying to be politically correct? It also shows you have no backbone.
            With all that hate and wanting to destroy what our forefathers built. Are you…..
            A. Obama
            B. George Soros
            C. A Koch Brother
            D. Grand Klan Wizard
            E. Paul Ryan
            F. Harry Reid
            G. IsIs
            H. Some no name bigot

          22. jackw97224 says

            You are repeating your logical fallacies.

            [In 20-20 Hindsight, you are correct about not owning slaves. But, that was not the belief of many and many still believed the old Testament admonishment to treat one’s servants (slaves) well.

            The idea that the mistake had to be corrected is fine. But, that does not justify Lincoln’s selfish beliefs and his getting a million or so Americans and perhaps that many slaves killed or starved. You still make the mistake of assuming that slaughter was justified. There is no justification for murder and that was what Lincoln caused by his actions. He had a choice and he took the evil one, the one that Satan wanted, not the one that Jehovah God wanted. Your assumption that Lincoln had to create mass slaughter is fallacious and repugnant to the Declaration of Independence at its very first paragraph. You have never been able to deny that the colonist who won their independence would then allow the central government to do to them what they had just terminated. You have lost the debate and you can continue to beat your gums but it will not change the fact that you cannot refute the Declaration of Independence! Lincoln was forcing his beliefs on the south, and that refutes your argument.]

            [The “law” was what it was. I am not a hypocrite to say that the south followed the law.

            Tis you ol’ sport who is lying and slandering me. The southerners had the right
            under the law, the constitution. They had every right to leave the union when
            others refused to follow the “law” and the constitution as explained above. Of
            course I do not defend slavery and abhor slavery, such as tax slavery and
            tariff slavery that force me to pay above world market prices just a the
            mercantilist vicious economic system of the 17th and 18th Centuries which eventually led to the separation from England. Again, I don’t look at people as commodities. You are lying to the audience. Shame on you; I don’t. You assert “hypocrite” but then you resort to an escape by using “if.” That is a mark of a scoundrel, a very dishonest person. The states had the right under the constitution and laws. I did not say they were right to have slaves. Big difference, bucko!]

            [Liar! The books are truth and it is you who does not comprehend Austrian Economics and you evidence total rejection of the truth printed in those publications. I dare you to write books that can logically and honestlyrefute the economic facts so well analyzed and reported by the likes of Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt, Hayek, Eugen Böhm Ritter von Bawerk. If you take the dare you will be roundly and decidedly rebuked if not destroyed by the people who know economics. The kind one will set you straight but others will slice and dice you for your fallacious assertions, for you use of a myriad of logical fallacies.

            If you really understood the evil of the fiat currency system and how it is one of
            the root causes of the economic catastrophes since 1913, you would curb your
            tongue but you are bereft of knowledge, you are ignorant and that of course is
            no crime but baseless assertions based on ignorance is harmful. Socrates was
            forced to drink the Hemlock for the baseless lie that he was corrupting the
            minds of the youth, but you sir, are using your ignorance to corrupt the minds
            of those who lack knowledge and for that you are a very very bad person. Some fine day your errors are coming home to roost and it will be fun to listen how fast you change your tune. Oh, and I never said the economy wasn’t in trouble. It happened a long time ago, try reading Garet Garrett’s The Revolution Was.]

            [Again you sling ad hominem and that loses you the debate. Sometimes
            it is useful to use words or variations to emphasize a wrong. I of course never
            said “naggar” slavery was “right.” You dishonestly and deceitfully attributed
            that to me. Everyone who reads with discernment knows you are a deceiver and the shame and sham is all yours. You assume and then you apply your assumptions without checking and verifying. You have not done read the books and articles that I have recommended or you would know that your thoughts on this topic are fallacious.]

            Oh and BTW. dont’ care for Soros but he realized early on that the Brits were crooks/counterfeiters and he knew they would have to admit their criminality by submitting to a devaluation of the Pound and that of course would mean and did cause destruction of the people’s savings and investments and salaries and pensions. So Soros identified the criminnal Brit bankers and shorted the Pound and made a tidy fortune because he caught the criminals. Oh and Soros helped wreck a company at which I was once employed. So stop with the lies; you don’t know the facts and are deceiving those who are not able to see through your lies. Oh and be very careful because right now i see you as Satan’s helper and the day will come when you will have to answer.

          23. Mark Clemens says

            Thanks. I bet three people $200 each, you would reply w/in 6 hours, and your reply would be over 100 words. You know what, your last reply was longer than the Gettysburg Address! See you gotta love Lincoln to be that long winded…..
            Here’s a historic succession fact:
            Lincoln got his opinion on the states must stay united from President Andrew Jackson, when South Carolina wanted to succeed from the Union during Jackson’s Presidency. It was Jackson’s opinion that the union would become weak if states would be allowed to succeed. So he declined South Carolina’ s request.
            So when South Carolina asked Lincoln to succeed Lincoln was justifiably in line with President Jackson. Also Jackson loved tariffs, and hated big corporations.

          24. jackw97224 says

            It is not “succeed” and it is not “succession!” I believe the words to which you were searching iare secede or secession. It is a logical non-sequitur as to where Lincoln got his fallacious reasoning. Indeed, though I like Jackson’s stand on the Central Bank and standing up to that criminal Nicholas Biddle, Jackson was wrong. As I keep having to explain, colonists chose freely to terminate the relationship with England and English economic yranny and they would not have then denied that freedom to themselves after the revolution. You just don’t get it and I know it is a waste of my time to try and help you but your allegations of falsehoods will not be accepted. It doesn’t make a spit in Hell what their opinions were, the fact is that both Jackson and Lincoln would have been booted by the colonists as those two denied the very reasons for separations: Freedom of Choice, no mercantilist criminal economics imposed by force, i.e. Jackson and Lincoln would have been Tories in 1776, using your “reasoning?”

            If anyone loves income taxes or tariffs, he admits to loving the use of government/politician force to loot A to satisfy B. Note that at least with sales taxes, one has the option to buy or not. Even with a direct tax impose on the states, the people have some options as to how taxes will be imposed and can refuse income taxes and property taxes and go to simple sales taxes. Some will find a way to avoid sales taxes by growing gardens r raising livestock or poultry or trading goods for services. Also, people can really choose politicians who respect their moralities and ethics and remove those politicians who evidence the loot A to satisfy B criminal disease.

            You have lost the debate because you have a shallow inspection of the facts and you allow your bias to corrupt your analysis of the facts. Sorry for you ol’
            sport but you are in a very “black hole” of disingenuous excuses from which I doubt you can escape. At the resurrection, this will all be unraveled for you and you will have another chance.

            Oh and BTW, you failed to answer my three questions and they are phrased so as to elicit only a simple yes or no; no wiggle room for you to try to weasel your
            way out by resorting to “straw men” or non-sequiturs, to which you exhibit a habit.

            1. Question: Do you have a right to force me to obey your opinions?

            2. Question: Do you respect my right to decide how I spend my money?

            3. Question: Do you believe it is justice to use politicians to force me to
            abide by your beliefs?

          25. Mark Clemens says

            Wasn’t Jackson a continental line solder? Did he not lead our army to victory in 1812-1814? I’d say his opinion is patriotic and in line. So was Lincoln’s. The Founders dropped the slave ball. They should of phased it out by the 1820’s or 30’s in the Constitution.
            I answered those 3 questions 5 posts back. Can you not understand what you read? You even replied about me trying to use compassion to justify my point.
            You like sales tax, but don’t like tariffs? You have some queer logic. Tariffs are a choice tax, like sales. Buy USA stuff, pay no tax. Buy foreign junk pay the tax. See poor old Jack gets a choice.Our treasury is $17,500,000,000,000 in the red. We can’t worry about poor old you, the victim of freedom! Get use to it Jack, your going to pay some kind of tax till you die. Live w/it and learn to love it. I win all these discussions, based on what has worked in the past to preserve American Jobs. Versus your failing economic trade theories. Your funding the Communist Empire through Global Redistribution of Americans wealth. Not to mention your increasing our welfare state. Every job that goes overseas, adds 3 people to the welfare. So in fact your the one who is moving your money (A) to the welfare state (B). Your just blind to see it, because your The American Victim. Poor old Jack is sending his money to Obama’s Welfare State, and is to dumb to realize it……

          26. Mark Clemens says

            If you would of called Jackson a Torie, he would of cut you down were you stood!

          27. Mark Clemens says

            WEALTH does equal POWER
            Name me one poor politician
            (Poor is having less than $100,000)
            Name me one poor country that is powerful.

          28. jackw97224 says

            My comments in square brackets[]
            I’m not concerned in the Global Free Trade, that is the problem. The whole global free trade is a UN Global Wealth Redistribution scam.

            [“Free Trade” by definition is notcontrolled. So you are making the mistake of thinking that “Free Trade” is controlled by the UN and that is a logical fallacy. Now if you want to play 1984ish Orwellian “new speak” game then have at it ol’ sport.]

            JOBS=MONEY=WEALTH. Were one goes the other two always follow. You cry about A (you) paying for B (Welfare) thats domestic redistribution of wealth. [It is CRIMINAL to use the “LAW” to steal; it is immoral to sanction politicians to take that which you cannot honestly earn!] Yet you have no problem sending OUR dollars to COMMUNIST CHINA, just so you can save a buck or two.
            [This is a logical fallacy in that you attempt to denounce free choice. I have no
            problem paying someone for value and I am the only one who determines what I value. ‘Tis you ol’ sport that needs a lesson in logic. Where and when and how and on what I spend my hard won money is not of your concern; you don’t have any right to tell anyone what he does, unless of course you treat all people as your stinkin’ naggar slaves!] That really makes me question your judgement. FREE TRADE is like FREE HEALTHCARE. [Again with the logical fallacy. Obumma/peolsi “Final Solution” Health Care is a loot A to satisfy B criminal scheme; it is not “free” as someone else pays for it, i.e. someone slops at the trough/sucks at the golden teat while someone else has his wages looted. Free trade has no dictatorship. You don’t get to sanction politicians who will be winners and who will be losers. You get your arrogant hand slapped.]
            Somewhere, Somehow, Somebody on down the line will have to pay for your savings.
            [So you deny me the right to save. What an idiotic thing to say. Are you my slave master? Am I your stinkin’ naggar slave?]
            Do you realize WEALTH = POWER the more money and jobs we send to China makes the Communist stronger and the Free weaker?

            [Big logical error. Have you never heard the old sayings: Kill them with kindness or you catch more flies with a teaspoon of honey than a quart of vinegar? Do you not see what is really happening in China? China is acquiring bits of freedom and will one day shuck the shackles of commie/socialism. Better to keep communications and trade open than to use force to prevent it. You don’t seem to understand that the use of offensive force is wrong. Your use of protective tariffs is offensive force, it is not defensive force. The Chinese do not force me to purchase their goods; I do so because they are cheaper. If you want me or anyone to buy American, then produce the same goods at the same price and quality. You do realize that the labor wage disequilibrium is an artifact of the criminality of the fiat currency system don’t you?]
            Why do you think the world sent their money here? Because we manufactured stuff.
            [And then they awoke and realized they could make the stuff with better quality and at a lower price and that is the truth that honest economics teaches us. Do you not know that the Chinese turn right around and buy US Treasury Bonds? Do you not see that if we produced the goods at a competive wage rate then we would not be importing Chinese goods?]
            Since USA and Western Europe stopped tariffing in 2000
            (WTO) BOTH ECONOMIES have went down hill.
            [Logical fallacy. You draw a false conclusion. The absence of tariffs do
            not cause economic catastrophe! It is government interventions that cause
            unbalances in the free market. You really should read that excerpt from Henry
            Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson to begin to see the mistakes of your
            opinions. You have been called out but you keep digging your “black hole”
            deeper. When you open your mind you will see that the protective tariff is just
            plain ol’ commie/socialism and we saw what happened to the former Soviet Union after about 71 years or so; it collapsed!]

            Why do your links want to download my files? My phone security App tells me this
            [I have no clue as to what you are talking about]

            Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto? [Yes, numerous times] Karl
            Marks suggests sending jobs abroad for two reasons.

            1. To make a poorer tax payer
            [Really? Did Marks state that for all the workers to see? I think you are deceiving the readers on this one.]

            2. To become dependent on foreign goods.
            [Again with the fallacy. Did Marks tell the workers they needed to rebel so that they could become dependent on foreign goods? This is moronic assertion; it is

            Both are designed to bankrupt the treasury
            [All fiat currency systems collapse because they are criminal. Get a copy of Ralph Foster’s Fiat Paper Money and you will eat your words. Did Marx want to bankrupt the treasury? No! He wanted power! And as you said, power and money are related. You refuted your own argument!]

            Right now we owe $17,500,000,000,000. To me this free market stuff ain’t in our nation’s best interest, or even working like Former President Clinton said it
            would add jobs to our economy. Instead from 2003-2009 we had a exodus of
            6,000,000,000+ Manufacturing jobs and still counting . Running for cheap
            Communist Labor. How does this help our economy, freedom, or treasury? [We are not in free market and that is the point I keep making and you don’t seem to get. In a “free market” you could not impose protective tariffs. The US has been running a counterfeiting scheme; we print “dollars” and get real stuff, tangible wealth in return. The Chinese and others have been stuck with this crap for years and then as we inflate the currency, we loot them even further by devaluation of their existing holdings of US currency. ‘Tis you ol’ sport who wants to perpetuate the looting mechanism and who wouldn’t be angered by people who debauch the currency?]

            “If you can’t defeat your enemy on the field of battle. Defeat them on the
            field of economics. The results will be the same, w/out all the blood
            shed”-Karl Marx

            So how much more of the economy do you plan to send the Communist?
            [So long as they produce goods of equal or better quality than you, I will buy them because I am still free to choose. We are winning by trading and communicating. China is bursting with people who want to build and trade and that is the best way to deal with an aggressor, i.e. show him that it is in best interest to acquire you ethical and moral system of freedom of choice. Restrictions or force only antagonize and such aggression is never received well. Protective tariffs are aggressive and thus antagonize.]
            If you are honest and open minded you will read the documents I have provided you. Try Frederic Bastiat’s That Which is Seen, And That Which is Not Seen.

          29. Mark Clemens says

            Leave me the fuck alone. I do not agree w/you, you do not agree w/me. Can’t you see, I don’t care what you say. As I. First stated “Whats good for freedom might not be good for business. What’s good for business might not be good for freedom”
            Things must be balanced. You are for business, I am for whats best for my country. We are on opposite sides of the fence. Neither one wants on the other side. Can you not see this?
            I’m going to sum up all of your economics and all of my economics differences in a phrase so EZ to understand. The most inbreed hillbilly will get it:
            Just because we both look up the same bull’s ass. Does not necessarily mean we are going to see the same thing……
            Can you now please leave me the Sam Hell alone?

          30. jackw97224 says

            I am for freedom to choose, consumer, business, enrepreneur, worker and if anyone has a complaint he can plead it and prove how he was damaged or injured. What law says “things must be balanced?” The free market is a dynamical variable but does a better job of balancing if not acted upon by politicial intervention. It is better for everyone if his freedom to choose is respected. Your may think you want what is best but you only want to impose your beliefs. As I’ve pointed out: The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.” – Thomas Sowell I know you are not qualified to dictate what is best for anyone but you alone.
            No one is forcing you to behave but your beliefs betray the your desires to impose your views on others in a dictatorial manner and that is condemning. Call Red Eye Radio and try your foolishnes on protective tariffs out on Eric Harley and Gary McNamara and they will help you see the the complete fallacy of your beliefs.

          31. Mark Clemens says

            You better start telling Sarah Palin all that bull shit. She’s having END IRS abolish the 16th Amendment rallys. You know how the government raised money, before income tax. With all that political targeting, she’s against domestic income or any taxes. That leaves tariffs. The Tea Party is about to sink your ship. You know they like the way our Founding Fathers conducted business and ran the government. As I said the Second Act passed by the First Congress was to impose tariffs.
            Sarah Palin can fire up a crowd.
            Now, please leave me alone. If you want to keep tariffs gone, your gonna have to take on Mrs. Palin and the Tea Party. I’m just one person
            Good night
            Good by
            Good riddance
            My state has cyber stalking and harassment laws. Don’t make me impose arrest on you…….

          32. jackw97224 says

            I’m not harassing you. You don’t have to read my comments.
            But there is an old Maxim of Law the he abandons the field of battle loses by
            default. I freely choose not to default.

            Good for Sarah Palin. The income tax and IRS are denials of freedom of choice. The income tax is imposed by force and coercion and is dishonorable to the people who founded this nation. The IRS is the most evil agency ever created by man as it operates under the cover of law just as the NAZIs, commie/socialists and others. Your arguments are childish gibberish as a
            simple sales tax leaves people free to choose while the other taxes are imposed by force from which one has no choice. The nation ran fine without the income tax as it was small and operated with direct taxes apportioned to the states. Sarah will not “sink the Tea Party” and no it is not my Tea Party; once again you step into your own mire by making assumptions. Did no one ever teach you the error of making assumptions? Hey, I didn’t say the congress was justice. If you read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority you would know they were wrong, i.e. they started out on the wrong foot; they allowed the love of money to overrid good sense and freedom of choice; just like you. You don’t have to read my comments; you are free to
            choose. You too are free not to get back in touch w/me again and that would be just fine.

          33. jackw97224 says

            Protectionism is welfare and it is achieved by looting A to satisfy B. Portctionism encourages dependence and not independence. A subsidy encourages inefficiency and not efficiency. I sent Red Eye a notice that you do not conprehend the logical fallacy to which you are so attached and asked them to review the error of protectionism. If you want protection, ask the Mafia and they will be pleased to help you out for a price…they will tell you what you are going to buy and what you will pay and to whom. So cut the pretense of sanctioning government/politicians to act as your “Mafia like” thugs and just hire the Mafia to impose your beliefs; you clearly do not see how utterly evil it is to deny me my right to freely choose; you desire to treat me as your stinkin’ naggar slave and that is immoral. Now read the first chapter of Economics in One Lesson if you have an open mind.

          34. Mark Clemens says

            Jack, I politely asked you to leave me alone!
            Mrs. Palin is the one about to sink your ship. Maybe she read our exchanges.
            Please go educate her, she might need a good laugh too…….

          35. jackw97224 says

            You were called out and you failed to show. Red Eye is waiting for you to try and sell your bogus, illogical and dictatorial protective tariff rubbish. Freedom of speech and freedom to choose are the natural rights which you deny. It is wrong to deny one freedom! If one chooses poorly, then he will be held accountable but it is patently offensive to the very America you claim to support to preemptively punish him by denying him freedom of speech or freedom to choose his vendor of undershorts or anything else. You lost the debate long ago but you will not admit that simple truthI provided you many sources who are or were acknowledged as experts on economics but you refuse to study. Sorry for ou ol’ sport.

          36. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t care what your think tank of talking heads think. Any how the IRS has pissed off the conservatives, and Sarah Palin is rallying to end IRS and any domestic taxes.
            That only leaves trade. DC has to have revenue. There for, I can sit back and watch tarriffs and jobs come back. She has real political clout. You are waisting precious time talking to me. As you pointed out, it’s not my decision to make. The Government will decide, not me. So you better start selling your bull shit to the Republicans and Tea Party. They will see this done. You hide and watch……….
            I don’t have to debate, the government is starting to come to it’s senses.

          37. jackw97224 says

            [Well, if you don’t care then cease responding! The IRS
            has pissed off millions who believe in freedom! Good for Sarah and the end the
            IRS and income tax groups as that is a step in the right direction to end the
            century of stinkin’ naggar slavery to elitist politicians and their overseers
            on the plantation state.

            Trade is fine so long as you and other don’t interfere
            with anyone’s freedom to choose.

            A national and state and local sales tax of say 1,1,1 %, respectively, might provide an acceptable protection racket that would not be too onerous. BTW, you really should read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, wherein he discusses the Dutch and their limitation of tax to 1%.

            To use your own words, money is power. Taking a few thousands of “dollars” from everyone by the elitist politicians concentrates power in their hands. As you well know, Lord Acton (1834-1902), British historian, originally wrote:
            “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men
            are almost always bad man.” So why would you feed the “cancer” or “disease”
            with any kind of tax or tariff? Seems you are positing a destruction of the
            very country to which you profess great love.

            Don’t think the politicians are coming to their senses but you are free to abandon this thread and then perhaps get back to me in 10 years and we can review. Remember this, government is a corporation – O’Neal v. Wake County, 196 NC 184]

          38. jackw97224 says

            One more thing, The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 imposed stiff import tariffs. As a result other nations had difficulty selling their products and thus could not acquire the funds by which they could then purchase American goods, which then that tariff act exacerbated the Great epression. When foreigners could not purchase American goods, then American ompanies cut their business and thus jobs. BTW, I have read some of your other comments and have given you some thumbs up, but not on using government to force behavior.

          39. Addie Smith says

            Yes, I agree, government should make it less profitable to manufacture overseas and should also make it very difficult for companies and private individuals to avoid taxes by shipping their money to offshore banks.

          40. Mark Clemens says

            Thank you!
            I was starting to think I am the only one who believes this.
            God bless you for a short response……

          41. jackw97224 says

            @Addie, take a look at Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority and then run on over to Marc Stevens’ NoStateProject. I don’t believe in dictatorship by one or by a few elitist politicians. I don’t see sanctioning them to use force against you or me or anyone so as to impose anyone’s beliefs. I see voting to sanction politicians to loot A to satisfy B as a crime. There are people like Mark Clemens who believe in the use of force to make you or me or 300+ million Americans bow to his beliefs and to hell with anyone who just wants to be able to freely choose. There are many like Mark Clemens who believe they are so righteous that they are better off deciding for you or me or millions others how they should conduct their lives. In short there a many Mark Clemens who by their own admissions desire to deprive us of our free wills and treat us as their stinkin’, involuntary naggar slaves (the terms are used to emphasize the utter vileness of such supercilious beliefs).

            Dangerous Words: I Believe in Freedom, But . . .’


            September 30, 2014

            Editorial By Richard Ebeling

            Can Interest Ever Be Repaid in a Credit Based Society?

            The devaluation of gold

            July 15, 2005

            Paul van Eeden


            Oh and BTW. Clemens is so full of himself that he is blinded to the truth about economics and he has refused to answer my simple yes or no questions with simple yes’s or no’s. And he has refused to read the ample missives that refue this fallacious economic gibberish.

          42. jackw97224 says

            Welfare is evidence of looting of A to satisfy B, which is legalized plunder. What you posit is that one must be extorted by American producers so as not to be extorted by commie/socialists who run the welfare system. Logical fallacy exposed.

          43. jackw97224 says


          44. Mark Clemens says

            Perfectly logical statement. Capitalism is a by-product of Freedom. Capitalism can not exist w/out Freedom, but Freedom can exist w/out Capitalism. American economic history has proven how tariffing can help flourish our domestic economy 1880-1921. In 1919 or 20 Former President Wilson reduced our tariffs, on his way out. Thinking income tax would catch the tariff revenue slack. Nine years latter the Great Depression set in.
            In 1998 or 99 Former President Clinton entered USA in to the UN’s WTO. Our economy is crashing again, in the same fashion.We reduced tariffs to 26 European nations. Since both sides of the “Pond” had the same wages & benefits, this was a so-so idea. There was no incentive to move manufacturing (you wouldn’t save much, if any) because both market places were about equal. In 2000 the WTO invited China to the party. The Chinese are dirt poor (they still eat dogs & bugs),and work for token wages ($1 hour or less, and no benefits) There for the manufacturing on both continents moved to China (manufacturing always goes to the cheapest labor it can find). Free Trade always hurts the richer nations (USA, Europe) and helps the poorer nations (China, India)
            You keep bringing up the mercantile trade system. You should know that would be impossible on a global scale. You have to have 3 things in place to make it work:
            1. Secure trade routs
            2. No barriers
            3. Level Currency
            Number 3 would be the problem. Look how difficult it is for Europe to keep the Euro stable. The only reason mercantile trade works for the USA, is because we imposed it here from DAY ONE. Also all of the states belonged to one government, so the lack of domestic tariffs didn’t hurt the treasury, and helped American commerce move freely.
            All of the European, and Asian countries have treasuries centuries old. They don’t want to decrease the value of their money.
            All your literature is old theories the modern economy has proven wrong over the past 14 years. Unless you are concerned in growing THIRD WORLD COMMUNIST economies at the expense of the USA Free Trade is a waist of our time and money. Even though you saved fifty cents on that pack of underware, you are paying waaaasy more for it when you factor in Welfare and other social services. Free Trade is what’s putting your money (A) in to the welfare system (B).
            Here ends your first real economic lesson.

          45. jackw97224 says

            Like I said, you have been called out. Try your “ideas” out with the Red Eye fellas Eric Harley and Gary McNamara and they will uncover the fallacies in your emotional pleas. Also, try your protective trade nonsense out on your idol, Rush LImbaugh.

          46. Mark Clemens says

            You don’t comprehend what you read. My economic ideas aren’t even mine. They belong mainly to Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, William McKinley, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, US Grant. I don’t talk theory, I state undisputed American economical historical facts were tariffs have help nurture infant American industry and employees to prosper. How lack of tariffs has led to American job loss and poverty. I don’t care what Limbaugh thinks, he’s nothing more than a right wing propaganda mouth piece. He says, what he gets PAID to say…..
            The only Rush I listen to, is the Canadian rock band. You might try listening to their LP Trilogy 2112, Hemispheres, A Fair well to Kings. Moving Pictures is another good one.
            As much nonsense you have said about Free Trade, I’m starting to think one of 3 things
            1. Your a paid mouth piece (waist of $$$, no reasonable decent)
            2. You have some “Skin” in overseas manufacturing, and don’t want me to stop your gravy train
            3. You are Rush Limbaugh

          47. jackw97224 says

            And all those people made mistakes in holding opinions that are anti-Freedom of Choice. Here is your intro to logical analyses of Economics by Henry Hazlitt.

          48. Mark Clemens says

            “Never argue w/a fool in public. It is difficult for on lookers to distinguish between the two”-Mark Twain
            I have come to the conclusion that you will never agree w/my economics. You are FOOLISH to think I would ever agree with your economics. I don’t care what kind of names you call me. Actually name calling shows desperation, lack of reasonable decent, facts, or character
            Jack, one last time….
            Free Trade is oppressive to the American worker. Now leave me alone. Get outside and make some Trade partners.
            Oh, I read an article Y-Day that Mrs. Palin wants to do away w/the IRS and start taxing the IMPORTS. You know what that means…….. TARIFFS and the Tea Party!!!!
            You might want to share your insights w/her. After all, I am just a explosives engineer, and humble musician. Mrs. Palin has waaaaaaaaaaaay more political clout than little ole me.
            Please don’t call/reply to me any more. I may not agree w/you, but I get your point….

          49. jackw97224 says

            Mark, you may continue to spout your arguments from false premise but you only harm yourself in the eyes of the readers of this document. I have given you many references to people of far far greater intelligence than you or I will ever posses and yet you refuse to read and study. Sorry for you ol’ boy. My comments are in square brackets [].
            Perfectly logical statement. Capitalism is a by-product of Freedom. Capitalism can not exist w/out Freedom, but Freedom can exist w/out Capitalism. American economic history has proven how tariffing can help flourish our domestic economy 1880-1921. [Fallacy! This is not proof!] In 1919 or 20 Former President Wilson reduced our tariffs, on his way out. Thinking income tax would catch the tariff revenue slack. [Fallacious reasoning! A tariff is a tax and people are still compelled to pay the price and thus are slaves to the
            politicians and that put the fork in the heart of your arguments, i.e. you can’t
            escape the fact that you want to use politicians to impose economic slavery and thus you have exposed yourself as a slaver no different from those prior to the Civil War! The shame is on you.] Nine years latter the Great Depression set
            in. [Again with the fallacious reasoning. The absence of tariff did not cause the Great Depression. This kind of assertion is moronic and just pure lunacy. It was the FED bank and fiat currency that fueled the Roaring Twenties and led to borrowing beyond the means to repay. You are disingenuous to the nth degree. Exceptionally brilliant scholars have debunked your defective reasoning and I gave you the links to help you weed out your foolish ideas but you are a recalcitrant, a closed mind, individual and are your own worst enemy.]i

            In 1998 or 99 Former President Clinton entered USA in to the UN’s WTO. Our economy is crashing again, in the same fashion.We reduced tariffs to 26 European nations. Since both sides of the “Pond” had the same wages & benefits, this was The only reason mercantile a so-so idea. [You evidence a lack of knowledge on mercantilism. So let me set you straight: Mercantilism operated by forcing the colonies to sell their unfinished products at BELOW world market prices and it forced the colonists to purchase their finished goods at ABOVE world market prices. And they rebelled. Mercantilism imposed destructive tariffs in both directions. ‘Tis you ol’ sport who is totally in error on the issue of protective tariffs and American history attests to the truth as I have just apprised you.] There was no incentive to move manufacturing
            (you wouldn’t save much, if any) because both market places were about equal. [But you want to use protective tariffs to move manufacturing and that means dictatorship. You have exposed yourself as supercilious and again as a slaver and that of course then exposes your duplicity!] In 2000 the WTO invited
            China to the party. The Chinese are dirt poor (they still eat dogs & bugs),[Well, thank you for exposing to all readers that you are a bigot! Chinese are “dirt poor and they eat dogs and bugs.” The Chinese may be suffering under communism but are still managing to work their way out of their “black hole,” unlike you. The Chinese are a race of very very high intellect but lots of smart people fall for fallacies, just like you.] and work for token wages ($1 hour or less, and no
            benefits) There for the manufacturing on both continents moved to China (manufacturing always goes to the cheapest labor it can find). [Triffin’s
            Dilemma: Industry is destroyed at the source of money creation. Think the “Rust Belt.” Think the FED-Politicians consort to created fiat (counterfeit)
            currency. Think a business has a duty to pay its investors, pensioners and to
            do so keep costs low. Labor is the greatest cost of running a business.
            Business is just reacting to too much government intervention. Free Trade always hurts the richer nations (USA, Europe) and helps the poorer nations (China, India) [Bald face lie! Freedom doesn’t hurt anyone. What you fail to discern is that the US has held hegemony on the fiat currency criminal monetary operations since Bretton Woods (oil must be transacted in “dollars” hello! As that hegemony declines you are going to get the economic lesson of your life as regards the crookedness of using force to control purchasing. Did you never learn that the “Black Market” functions as a “balancer” to the dictates of government bureaucrats to loot the consumers? If the taxes are trifles, then there is no need for a “Black Market” but when the taxes or tariffs are egregious, then the “Black Market” asserts itself and thus provides feedback to the politicians of their crookedness. Have you any knowledge of a feedback amplifier?]

            You keep bringing up the mercantile trade system. You should know that would be impossible on a global scale. [Lie! The Brits imposed it on the colonies as I have repeatedly explained and you persist in your fallacious claims to the contrary!] You have to have 3 things in place to make it work:

            1. Secure trade routs
            2. No barriers
            3. Level Currency

            Number 3 would be the problem. Look how difficult it is for Europe to keep the
            Euro stable. trade works for the USA, is because we imposed it here from DAY ONE. Also all of the states belonged to one government, so the lack of domestic tariffs didn’t hurt the treasury, and helped American commerce move freely. [What do you mean by “Level Currency?” Do you or anyone have the right to impose your choice of currency? How about just let the free market decide, i.e. how about letting people decide what they trust? Would you deny anyone to choose freely what he wants? Who says that keeping any currency “stable” is the right of anyone? The wage and price stabilization Act of 1942 failed and continues to fail. You obviously can’t get it through your head that it is wrong to deny free markets. You don’t need a master to tell you how to live your life and for sure it is immoral to sanction anyone, any politician, to tell others what they must pay fro anything. Your arrogance on this issue is plain for all readers of this dialogue and it is condemning.]

            All of the European, and Asian countries have treasuries centuries old. They
            don’t want to decrease the value of their money. All your literature is old
            theories the modern economy has proven wrong over the past 14 years. [Actually that is a fallacy. Economics does not lie but people like you will try to twist history and economics to bend in your emotional and ignorance driven beliefs. If you would apply yourself and read and study all the references I have provided you, then you would see the error of your ways.] Unless you are concerned in growing THIRD WORLD COMMUNIST economies at the expense of the USA Free Trade is a waist of our time and money. [Again with the foolish assumptions. I don’t want to restrict anyone. We all do better if each does better and in fact communists are doing better and as they heal themselves they realize the benefits of freedom and that is good for all. Why hinder people who are in this attempt to free themselves from the communist criminal dictators? Beating people down is just plain evil and you really need to examine your foundations as you exhibit a severe immorality in this respect.] Even though you saved fifty cents on that pack of underware, you are paying waaaasy more for it when you factor in Welfare and other social services. Free Trade is what’s putting your money (A) in to the welfare system (B). [Total illogic. Total fallacy. You are attacking the symptom of the “disease” and not the root cause. You premise your argument on the assumed validity of welfare and that is where you are wrong. Welfare is wrong when it is imposed by looting A to satisfy B and then you propose protective tariffs to save jobs so that the taxes generated therefrom will be paid to help people who are unemployed and to collect such taxes and tariffs by looting A (the consumer) to satisfy B (the welfare recipient. You have exposed yourself again as illogical and immoral. Sorry for you ol’ sport but you have exposed youresl as ignorant, not a sin, but then you attempt to corrupt people with your fallacious and ignorant ideas and that is immoral, especially when you were provided the documents that prove you are mistaken and worse.

            Here ends your first real economic lesson. [Read the referenced
            documents and discover just how wrong you are about economics. Did you ever read Frederic Bastiat’s “That Which is Seen, And That Which is Not Seen?” The readers of this thread are waiting to see if you put your money where your mouth is. Did you call Eric and Gary at the Red Eye Radio and tryout your protective tariff assertions? People are waiting. You have been called out. Failure to do so is default as a Maxim of Law.]


            [Capitalism Defined:
            An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development occurs through the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

            Contrary to your assumption, the use of force to impose a tariff cannot be proved because you have no evidence of what would have happened absent the tariffs. In short you have attempted to launch a logical fallacy. You are repeatedly mistaken. As I pointed out to you, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff was a disaster as were the steel tariffs or more recent memory. You are just plain wrong. Sorry for you. I have tried to help you out of your self-imposed and narrow minded “black hole” but you are blinded by your emotions. There are none so blind as those who will not see.]

          50. Mark Clemens says

            There is a movement in China right now, to make eating dogs illegal in China. The Old members of the Communist Party are good w/eating dog, and told the movement to bad. One quote was
            “When I was raised we had two dogs a season. One to guard the door, one for the kettle” said a communist party official.
            If you don’t understand what a level currency is, how can you be for Free Trade, or any trade for that fact? Let me help you, one last time:
            In the United States we HAVE a level currency. A dollar is worth a dollar from Key West Florida to Honolulu Hawaii. Hamilton put this principle in action from day one of the United States birth…..
            Over in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, each country on said continent has it’s own currency, worth different values. An example would be the English Pound is worth more than the French Franq. A level currency makes it EZer for merchants to pay each other. You being a student of mercantile trade, you should of known this. See how faulty your arguments are? Yes the whole world has the right to impose the type and value of the currency you use depending on were you are at. Unless you barter goods for goods to get through this world,..
            You old chap, are the fool.
            I’m gonna take Mark Twain’s advice on talking to fools like you
            ” Never argue with a fool in public. It makes it difficult for on lookers to distinguish between the two”
            In short leave me alone……….
            I will NEVER see things your way.

          51. jackw97224 says

            The Mafia runs protection rackets and they are not good for freedom and they are not good for the private businessman but they are “good” for the Mafia. Using force to deny the freedom of choice market is a loser and it is enslaving, teaching people that they can be dependent on the use of political power to favor some at the expense of the consumers and their freedom to choose and select those goods and services that are within their means. Justification of protectionism is tantamount to justification of slavery, i.e. you would impose your beliefs so as to protect some businesses at the expense of the freedom to choose of consumers. That of course is immoral and teaches dependency and slavery. Your comment “don’t be so cheap” is an ad hominem attack and you follow it with a logical fallacy. You assume that welfare is justice and in fact it is not as it keeps people in slavery. Do you not see that when the slaves were freed after the Civil War that they traded one set of masters for another? Witness the devastation that welfare has wrought on the blacks? Witness the black ghettos and the drug and all other crimes and the disproportionate black inmate populations. In short you attempt to justify protectionism because of welfare when in fact both are evil.

            You remind me of the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” The difference between us is that I would never sanction the use of political force against you to make you do anything, but you have stated that you would use political force to make me comply with your beliefs, i.e. you would use force to make me your slave because of some illogical and misguided self-righteousness. I suggest that you listen to all 10 episodes of Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose series on YouTube. If you are honest and open minded you will discover the errors in your opinions. If you read the missives by people of great intellect that I have listed, then you will abandon you corrupt and untenable opinions as they are commie/socialist to the core and thus not Christian. Give it up Mark, the preponderance of historical and intellectual analyses have shown that protective tariffs are destructive, notwithstanding your protestations to the contrary. The use of force to impose your beliefs is immoral. Just tryin’ to help you dig yourself out of the “black hole” into which you fell.

            Link to Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose 1st episode

          52. Mark Clemens says

            You apparently can’t understand what you read, or that was a weak attempt to twist my words. Go back and read it again.
            I never said protectionism adds to welfare. I said YOU add people to the welfare state every time YOU send a job overseas. Every job YOU send away and leave the workers behind the workers end up on welfare, because there are not enough jobs to go around.
            YOU are enslaving people to social programs because YOU refuse to help keep their jobs here.
            YOU are responsible for the Ghettos, Drug abuse, Prostitutes, Large Prison Populations, Oppression to the unemployed.
            When YOU take away someones livelihood you oppress them. YOU deprive the unemployed the freedom to earn a living, because YOU sent all the jobs overseas.
            YOU and your Free Trade are the true oppressors.
            WTF does the Civil War and emancipation have to do with tariffs? Free Global Markets keep the American Negro enslaved to the government through the welfare state. We need to Protect their jobs to emancipate them from bonds of welfare! Not add to it because of cheapskates!
            One more thing, you should not stereotype people. Not all people in the Ghettos, On welfare, In prison are black…..
            Oppression is not prejudice…….
            Here ends your second real economics lesson……………

        4. Super Syl says

          Interesting “facts”….These are the propaganda that only the uninformed and ignorant people would believe! If you want to count all the people that are now working 30 or less hours per week, re introduced to the working public as “full time” new workers, then keep drinking the Kool-Aid until you die of Kool-Aid poisoning ! There are real people out there suffering because of the dictatorial rule of king Obama! Some are working 2 or more jobs just to maintain what they worked so hard for before king Obama began dictating what they could & could not do! Other’s are letting their credit cards, etc. go just so they can survive! Have you not read the “facts” that there are more people behind in their payments & bankruptcy, etc than at any time in American history?!!! Thank you Obama! When you take your head out of his butt & their traitor like ideologies, then maybe you would see!

          1. Seldena says

            Going to get worse. obammy wants Americans laid off and ILLEGALS hired. That is the plan for amnesty!!

          2. Mark Clemens says

            When the Labor Unions fall, and minimum wage drops. These immigrants will lower your present wage. They come from lands were $1 a hour is big money.

          3. Anne Bradley says

            That way the illegals will vote democrat.

          4. hepette . says


          5. mac12sam12 says

            Weren’t you just talking about name calling? Emotional much?

          6. Fedupwiththefeds says

            repuke baggers always make personal attacks when they know they dont have a leg to stand on. do you have anything of consequence to add to the conversation? i didnt think so therefore stfu.

            Your words sweetie. If the shoe fits…..

          7. Anne Bradley says

            It is tragic so many are apathetic, when we as a people should have been building our vigilance since 911.

          8. kathy says

            Ding ding ding. . . . You win the internet of the day award for the first koolaid comment. When you use that reference it means you’ve got nothing, no dog in the fight, no leg to stand on. It means you are an idiot. Congrats.

          9. Super Syl says

            Like I said, either uninformed or ignorant!!!! You could qualify for both!

          10. Addie Smith says

            I wish Obama was the dictator you right wingers accuse him of being – he would have already had all of you that have disparaged him, his family, and the office of the President, put to death.

        5. imbog says

          37 MILLION workers working PART time and not making it. The unemployment rate looks good because there is no more statistics on how many have given up or don’t qualify for unemployment. Obama is a liar and the media is covering his Muslim rear end. Year 2008 ” if i am elected president the unemployment will not reach 8%.= Well dummy it went OVER 9 %. To say we are better of than we were 8 years ago is a LIE You are a typical democrat that ignores the truth and thrives on lies

          1. Mark Clemens says

            The real question should be:
            Are you better off than in 1999?

          2. jackw97224 says

  ;_ylt=A0SO80yV2yxUudgAYYVXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzYWNsbmpzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDQ5NF8x?qid=20110121203828AAxbl0E And add up the worse responses and don’t forget that “abount the same” means in nominal terms but when inflation adjusted it means worse off!

          3. hepette . says

            your whole response is negated when you call him a muslim WHICH HE IS NOT.

          4. mac12sam12 says


          5. squeak says

            Lets put him being a Muslim aside… he is still the WORST SO CALLED PRESIDENT this Country has ever seen… he will go down in history as such… he has brought this Country to its knees , he has down sized the Military to an all time low.. he is the cause of Iraq going backwards, worst then ever, by taking our troops out when the Commanders warn him not to do… ISIS was waiting in the back ground because Obama gives the enemy what this Country is going to do & not do, that is his sneaky way of letting the Muslims know our strategy , when did a President of this great nation ever do that ? MILLIONS of people are without jobs, if they do , it is minimum wages, part time, or unemployment… millions lost their homes, filed Bankruptcy, the list goes on & he is still continuing ” his way or the Highway “, Going against the Constitution… using the Pen & Phone, doing it on his own without Congress… the list is huge… time will tell if & when he pays the price for his Treasonous actions ! God only knows !

          6. kathy says

            Please explain how he has brought this country to its knees. My investments have nearly doubled since he took office. My home has recovered all of its value+, interest rates are still low enough for people to get into the housing market, no one can be denied health insurance because of preexisting conditions, UE is down, news jobs are being created daily. What a not to like about all of that. Should we go back to the recession under Jr?

          7. squeak says

            Where in hell do you live… it can’t be in this Country, that is for SURE… can’t you read besides being stupid… I stated in my above comments what he has done, that, KATHY, does Not make a dent in all the Treasonous acts he has done… so don’t come on here & pretend you are doing great with all the BS you spewed on me. I know it, YOU SHOULD know it, AMERICA Knows it & above all OUR MILITARY knows it… WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID ??

          8. Addie Smith says

            First of all – our military and DoD budget are way way over-bloated. We could cut the defense budget by 70% and it would still be over-bloated. We need to get every military person out of every country and not allow any re-ups. We need to quit with all the war mongering (the right wingers love to war monger).

            Next – ISIS is thanks to Daddy Bush and Baby Bush – they are the ones who insisted on invading these countries and causing all of the present day, as well as past, strife in the Middle Eastern countries.

            People who lost homes – most of them were living well above their means and should not have been living in million dollar homes when a 100 thousand dollar home would have sufficed. Bankruptcies – most of them were either people living way beyond their means or else due to a bunch of destructive medical bills that they should have never had (i.e., we should have had a single payer health care system decades ago).

            We don’t need that pipeline to rape Mother Earth more – why are you republicans always wanting to rape Mother Earth?

            The sooner the republican party is extinct the better this country will be.

          9. squeak says

            ANOTHER SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT that has caused the exact problems she is trying to blame Bush & the Republican party for, same old BLAME GAME, LIES they are famous in telling because they have NOTHING to brag about ! They have been incompetent as a Party, in fact are known as Enemies with-in ! Most of them will be gone 2014-2016, REID, PELOSI, Holder, Clinton, Jarrett, Obama, YUK !

            As far as ISIS, YOUR President knew about them 2 years ago, he was breifed on them at that time, his remark, he called them a name referring them to Junior Varsity boys… Yea right, they sure fight like young boys, don’t they… he has NO concept of ANYTHING, his know it all attitude, my way or the highway, did nothing about ISIS { reminds me of Slick Willie that refused to do anything abut Bin Laden , 9/11 could have been prevented, now, that was Clinton’s fault { and you want to blame Bush?

            The people that lost their homes are because of DODD,FRANK.. it started in the Clinton Administration ,continued into the Bush administration til Bush put a stop to it when he found out what it was doing to the Housing… DODD & Frank made the banks loan the money to people that should never have gotten loans while Dodd & Frank were lining their pockets… they should have been convicted & sent to prison, but when it comes to the Democrats they sweep everything under the rug, a well known fact the Democrats are famous for ! I had to laugh at your know it all statements like, people living beyond their means,had a lot of destructive medical bills that should of never had… we should of had a single player health plan DECADES ago, what an Oxy Moron… YOU are the typical SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT, spend other peoples money, spread the wealth whether you worked for it or not ! How is it working for you with all the freebies ?

            You are a wacko Environmentalist also, wow, are you ever talented { NOT TO BE PROUD OF BY ANY MEANS }, we don’t need the Pipeline & rape Mother Earth ??? Are you for real ?? Where have you been, {besides drooling over Obama } the last 6 years with this Traitor in office ? I beg to differ with you, WE DO NEED THE PIPELINE, why ? For one thing we need to be independent from the dependence we have with all these foreign countries that DO NOT LIKE US VERY MUCH, ONLY OUR AID & MONEY .. this would Also bring JOBS that are desperately needed because of this Administration ,full time jobs has gone by the wayside , another reason people are filing bankruptcy, losing their homes, etc, in case you do not know it this Country ,Constitution has been just about destroyed, again, your PARTY is the cause of it !

            Wake the hell up, you have it ALL WRONG, YOU ARE CONFUSED with a MENTAL PROBLEM… it IS YOUR PARTY that NEEDS to be EXTINCT, it is destroying this GREAT COUNTRY, CONSTITUTION, FREEDOM, MILITARY, HEALTH CARE & the AMERICAN PEOPLE, DID YOU know that, well YOU SHOULD !! Now you try to have a nice day, I am sure it will be hard for you with your Conscious bothering you, but, do try !! (: > )

        6. Seldena says

          This is not about BUSH!!!!!!!! Obammy OWNS everything for the last 6 years –he is in the wh you low IQ libertard!!

          1. hepette . says

            repuke baggers always make personal attacks when they know they dont have a leg to stand on. do you have anything of consequence to add to the conversation? i didnt think so therefore stfu.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            You point out personal attacks then call us, ”repuke baggers?” Liberals are such nasty little gnomes.

          3. OCDiver says

            and libtard demoncraps don’t?? “repuke baggers” isn’t a personal attack?

            quit being such a hypocrite and wake up

          4. Dave R says

            Part time minimum wage jobs don’t count bonehead. Give me some % on how many of those jobs were middle class with a living wage. I bet you don’t know the difference between a Walmart job and a manufacturing job. About 25 dollars an hour.

          5. hepette . says

            whats that got to do with personally attacking me?

          6. Dave R says

            My apologies, Just having a bad year in CA

          7. hepette . says

            sorry hope things get better for you

          8. hepette . says

            no problem………hope your days get better!

        7. Bill Senior says

          hepette, go crawl back through the “slime/shit hole” you came from and shut the hell up … will ya! Your so f**king ignorant like most of you illiterate “libtards” .. you have no clue as to what did happen, what has happened and what’s going to happen, that your a pitiful non-human POS who should be quarantined from Civilization!!!! How much of the 17+ Trillion America’s Debt are “Nitwits” like YOU owe???? Spewing your lies, non-facts and totally out of touch reasoning is a danger to this Country, the same as Obama!!!!!!!!!!! WTF Up or Check out and take the rest of the Illiterate Obama Voting low-life MFer’s with You!!!!!

          1. hepette . says

            psychopath alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Wow. Can we say hypocrite? Here’s another reminder:
            repuke baggers always make personal attacks when they know they dont have a leg to stand on. do you have anything of consequence to add to the conversation? i didnt think so therefore stfu.

            Ready to give up yet?

          3. kathy says

            And you know that they don’t have a clue the minute that they bring out the sugary kids drink that they suckle from their baby bottles. You know it’s true because in any group it’s the tea billies that barely have a full set of teeth amongst the whole group.

          4. Bill Senior says

            Your the Psycho … you POS Libtard Low-Life Ignorant Bastard, eat shit and die …AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        8. mac12sam12 says

          typical msnbc BS. We have the lowest workforce since 1978 and we now have a much larger population. 300,000+ a feel apply for unemployment. (BLS). 13 million businesses have gone bankrupt and if you counted the people stuck in part time jobs or who have given up (because there are no jobs) real unemployment figure is 15%. Obama will be the first president to have a net jobs loss, more fired than hired. It’s not all bad though. He received the gun salesman of the year award!!

        9. Anne Bradley says

          You fail to consider the traumatic event that was history breaking – 911, which caused a great blow to our economy. Big difference between Bush and Obama!! Obama is plotting and planning! Bush had to be in “fix” mode all while he was in office!

        10. OCDiver says

          When all else fails …….. BLAME BUSH!!!! what an obtuse buffoon you are!!!!

        11. Ronald Mastropietro says

          Then why such a low participation rate? Please explain.Kind of like explaining how obama sent back more illegals, without showing how they changed the way they count them. I’m sure you believe he drilled more oil than any other potus, even though he has a negative drilling permit number, Just to correct your statement on when the recession started, it was the beginning of clintons last year.

      2. RMCSRET says

        hepette and why does your boy wear his muslim ring and never seems to bring
        Christian leaders to the White House and just brings in MUSLIMS. Additionally why does
        he demand that FBI, Military, etc. must take all references to ISLAM out of there manuals?
        GROW UP.

        1. Addie Smith says

          I’m an old woman; but, if I were the POTUS, I wouldn’t want anything to do with a bunch of backwards, out of date, old fashioned, prudish, totally irrelevant Christian leaders (most of the Christian leaders you refer to are republicans which I wouldn’t want anything to do with either).

          1. RMCSRET says

            Yea sure Addie you would much rather have a RADICAL MUSLEM CLERIC so he
            can get Sharia Law instituted so you and the rest of the women in AMERICA
            can wear Burkas and not be allowed to drive or even go out in public without
            a man. I really know that is what you want right?

          2. Mike Stern says

            The only people who want Sharia law put into place in this country are the militant right-wing bible-thumping clerics that you want invited to the white house. They (and you, apparently) want women to remain barefoot, in the kitchen, and not do much except what their husband or father tells them to do. You only seem to think of women as incubators for your children, and unable to decide what happens to themselves or their bodies. Sharia law? You have no right to say anything about what you wish to impose on women, douche-bag!

          3. RMCSRET says

            You the idiot are so sad that you don’t even know what you are saying.
            First Off if I wanted my wife barefoot and in the kitchen I am doing a bad job
            since I am the one at home and cooking and doing dishes. Secondly If I were to
            tell my Georgia Cracker what she should do or not do I might find something over
            my head. So Idiot why not look up what Sharia Law really is and then try and
            have a Realistic and smart conversation with other people.

          4. Mike Stern says

            I’m sorry, but I prefer to talk to smart persons, not those that get every single thought in their teeny-tiny brains from Faux Noose. Perhaps if you did a bit of INDEPENDENT research, you would know what you are talking about instead of having your thoughts filtered by the haters like the guy we want to give “the Bum’s Rush!”… or, do you want ME (the lefty pinko) to give you some indication of where to do your research (here’s a hint: use Google, if that’s able to sink down to your single neuron). …and don’t ask me to explain what a neuron is. You can use Google for that as well.

          5. RMCSRET says

            So I once again state that you the IDIOT should do some real research. If everyone was to believe what is on the internet we would all be like you, BRAIN
            WASHED and an IDIOT.

          6. Mike Stern says

            Brainwashed? I’m not the onethat hears and believes every one of Limbaugh’s lies. I do independent research, and don’t get my information from biased sources, whether they lean Republican or Democrat is irrelevant, as long as you are able to discern the facts from the lies. The “Hush Rush” movement started when The Yo-yo produced libelous lies about a college student who testified before congress. But, I suppose that your brain, like rushes is filled with fat instead of brain, and you think that his non-apology was to prevent the coming lawsuit, and that Sandra Fluke was actually what the liar said. Try looking at the following URLs: ,,,

            Do I need to give you more? These were found with a google search for “Rush Lies List” You should get enough to convince you to support the “Hush Rush” movement. The buck stops when people like you start thinking that those lies are God-given Absolute Truth. Take any one of his controversial statements and look up the truth. It isn’t hard, and if you are as intelligent as you say you are, you should be able to figure out that Rush Limbaugh is Radios most blatant liar. If you end up thinking anything different, Then you actually do have a teeny-tiny brain that has less neurons than a flatworm.

          7. RMCSRET says

            Just one question Mikie, does GOOGLE Srub anything off of the Internet? YOU
            the bright one might just like to answer and at least know the answer to that
            little question.

          8. Mike Stern says

            Here’s a quote from a site that pointed out 35 pieces of hate and misinformation:

            “Rush Limbaugh embodies conservative values. He hates women, the
            environment, immigrants, minorities, the poor, homosexuals, and anyone
            who dares to stand up to him. Republicans have been listening to Rush
            Limbaugh for far too long. So long, in fact, that they have been
            swindled by a draft dodging, pill popping, college drop out who has been
            married four times, into doing everything he tells them to do. If a
            Republican even so much as dares to cross him, Limbaugh takes them to
            the woodshed until they backtrack. He takes to the airwaves every day
            and spreads vicious lies, hate, and misinformation to create new
            followers. His propaganda has damaged America’s soul and is tearing it
            apart day after day. If Rush has his way, there won’t be an America left
            for anyone, and that’s why he must be yanked off the air. So that
            hateful, sexist, racist, and stupid remarks such as these disappear from
            the American landscape. Limbaugh tries to hide the seriousness of his
            remarks by calling it comedy, but Rush isn’t a comedian. He’s a


      3. squeak says

        Ignorant must mean telling the truth because if it didn’t you would not respond with YOUR lies & stupidity… he IS a Muslim, told by his wife & him that he is… even if he didn’t say it, it is Sooo obvious that he is by his speeches, how this Country has come to its’ knees, why he will never call the enemies, ” terrorists “, the list is huge… where in hell have you been for the last 5 years ??

        1. hepette . says

          from snopes–
          To be clear, Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago. Furthermore, the Indonesian school Obama attended in Jakarta is a public school that is not and never has been a Madrassa.

          1. FreeBird says

            snoopes is full of smelly fecal matter. His mother married a muslim in INdonesia. He converted to Islam and was educated in a madrassa. His mother left and dicvorced this guy and moved back to Hawaii where his grandparents sent him to Punahou as a foreign student as he had an Indonesian passport.

          2. Kent2012 says

            and while in Havieee came under the tutelage of commie granny and grandpa and that davis african commie….then went to USA mainland and studied, as a foreign student, under commies there….wow not much else to say except he is a rag loving commie….from africa….

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Reverend Wright said obama joined for political purposes and he doesn’t attend church now. Shalom!

          4. Moose says

            Snopes leans left or don;t you know that or much else ??

          5. 2399molly says

            Snopes is run by a husband and wife in California who have been proven to be a farce.

          6. hepette . says

            actual facts please—-cite yours.

          7. Michael Clemente says

            ARE YOU ALRIGHT?

          8. hepette . says


          9. jobird says

            You actually believe snopes?? Come on hepette,seriously???

          10. Daniel Mason says

            so… Obama flies to Chicago every sunday for chuch services? To be “committed” you get “involved” with your church and its activities. It takes more than just “joining” a church. Americans have never seen any commitment to Christ by Obama or his wife!

          11. hepette . says

            if being christian and saying the things you do make a christian then i will never be one. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE DUH

          12. Larry Knapp says

            Obama is a muslim period…

      4. imbog says

        You have been watching MSNBC haven’t you? I watch all the so called news channels and MSNBC is by far the worst at telling the truth. They all act like they are going for the hollywood award for best acting and tell lie’s after lie’s. They did a government survey and found the average IQ of the democrat is 78 and for the republican it was 126.

        1. hepette . says


          In both the Senate and House, Democrats were significantly smarter than Republicans when looking at just the top 1%, and more likely to attend an “elite school.” Specifically Harvard. Among Democrats, 15.1% of Senators and 12.4% of House members attended Harvard. Among Republicans these percentages were 8.9% and 1.3%, respectively.

          Research has indicated that individuals who are politically liberal are more likely to have higher ability than those who are politically conservative inAmerica (Kanazawa, 2010) and Britain (Deary, Batty, & Gale, 2008). However, this finding pertained to voters rather than political leaders those people had elected. This study demonstrates that in America, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have a higher percentage of Senate and House members in the top 1% of cognitive ability and Democrats had a higher ability and education level, on average, than Republicans.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            You think obama is smart? You’ve really lowered the bar. Obama is the smartest man in the room when it’s only him and Biden and even then, it’s a toss up.

          2. Anne Bradley says

            I saw a cartoon of Obama standing at a urinal, waiting for the teleprompter to tell him where to put it, but there was a puddle on the floor.

          3. OCDiver says


          4. Kent2012 says

            herpisette gets her info from climate information from the same source..

          5. OCDiver says

            Psychology today?? SERIOUSLY???? ROTFLMBO!!!! Only weak minded, feel sorry for my self wimps buy into that psycobabble bullshit!!!

          6. squeak says

            If only true, YOU wish ! You Sir are a Joke, to the point it is laughable with your comments coming from a Liar, which the Socialist Democrats are very good at… thanks for making us laugh !

          7. cathat says

            If these democrats are so smart, why do they go to liberal universities to be brain-washed? Is that also where they learned to be such liars? democrats cannot stand facts and prefer to demonize anyone they disagree with. They have been trying to destroy this amazing Country for a long time and I will die trying to keep them from doing it. They have destroyed just about everything beautiful about this Country, including our healthcare and education system. These selfish liars refuse to know or speak the truth and the few Conservative media outlets must be protected. All other liberal outlets, and there are many, are ignorant a-holes who hate America and what it stands for. What they will get out of a destroyed America, I have no idea and they don’t either. Because of them, we may soon be a third world country.

          8. kathy says

            If the Rethugs are so smart why do they go to conservative universities to be brainwashed? Is that also where they learned to be cheats? Rethugs cannot stand facts and prefer to demonize anyone that they disagree with. The Rethugs are doing a pretty darn good job of destroying everything good about this country including the beauty of our natural areas with fracking and mining. Because if the Rethugs we will soon be a 3rd world country.

            There fixed that for ya pussy. You’re welcome.

          9. cathat says

            Keep drinking the socialist kool-aid, Kathy and pretty soon all your rights will be gone. It’s people like you, who are responsible for the the usurper in the WH and the destruction of the U.S.

          10. kathy says

            Luv it when you use the koolaid comment. It means you’ve got nothing else in your quiver. You also have boogey me under your bed. Better go take care of the. BOOOOOOOO!

          11. Michael Clemente says

            LOVE YA

          12. cathat says

            You’re right when you say I have a boogey under my bed and it is you and other ignoramuses like you, who haven’t a clue where this Country is being taken. All you socialists are the boogies and I hope you will wake up before all our rights are destroyed. Your rights are at stake here too, dummy. You libs are so brainwashed that even facts don’t matter.

          13. kathy says

            Oh please mr pussy please share with us what rights we are losing? I haven’t lost a damn one.

          14. cathat says

            Oh, you have….You’re just too stupid and brainwashed to know it.

          15. kathy says

            When then please enlighten me you most intelligent master knowledge of all things I need to know. Name one! Still got my gun, my investments are nearly double, gonna retire early in just a few months with a pension, a nice healthy IRA, SS and no debt. Please tell me what I am so stupid about. You can’t do it pussy cause we haven’t lost any rights. If Obama wanted your sorry ass gun he’d already had it. He know you need to compensate for your small body part.

          16. Addie Smith says

            The only rights that are being taken away are the rights the republicans are taking away from the people.

          17. squeak says

            Socialist, Communist are the likes of you… what a shame this Country should reek with the stink of people like you… my belief , what goes around ,will come around, soooo be careful !

          18. Donna Hardin says

            I’m with you CATHAT but you can’t reason with Liberals! Name calling it’s all they know how to do! That,and WHINE!

          19. kathy says

            Name calling is a trait of the lefties? REALLY? Next weekend when you are at one of your teabilly rallies please read all of the misspelled signs calling the POTUS names.

          20. Kent2012 says

            Have you noticed that socialists and communist never have created a “nirvana” on their own ground…they always steal from those that have worked hard to create something tangible and when the commie clowns hear these folks complain, they eliminate them…..

          21. cathat says

            You have hit the nail on the head. d.c. is giving away everything that hard-working Americans have worked for. They can’t get the ILLEGAL ALIENS and muslims in the U.S. fast enough.

          22. Addie Smith says

            I’ll take socialism over the right wing fascism.

          23. cathat says

            Can’t even comment on such stupidity.

          24. jackw97224 says

            Yeah, poor Addie evidences a lack of information, but I took a chance and spent some time to get her thinking about things and connections that she seems not to know.

          25. jackw97224 says

            Look up the Wikipedia discussion and definition of Fascism and then go back and tote up how many years the Democrats had control of the government and then note that commie/socialism infected and infested the Democrat Party in the 1920s and 1930s and then remember how all those commie/socialist social welfare programs, SS Medicare, Unemployment Ins., and obumma/pelosi “Final Solution” Health Care schemes based on looting A to satisfy B have delivered a 100+ trillion or so unfunded liability on America. And remember National Socialism was Fascist.

          26. Michael Clemente says


          27. squeak says

            Love her, are you a sicko also, we have several of them already… not too many smarts !

          28. Donna Hardin says

            You are a typical,miserable,far left mouthpiece!!!

          29. Kent2012 says

            since your hot dog has gone on the fritz you can now enroll in kenyan boy’s unaffordable health care destruction act for free and they evil hospital corporations will create a new taco for you and the same GOP Real American taxpayers that are paying for your operation will throw in free birth control pills….heaven forbid that you would get pregnant…..

          30. Michael Clemente says


          31. cathat says

            Even if What you say is true, which I doubt….Smarter doesn’t mean a thing if you have no common sense, which most destroyercrats don’t have. They care nothing for the Country and will stoop to the lowest of lows to stay in power. Just about everything bad happening in this Country is due to you progs.

          32. hepette . says

            another repuke/bagger who just wont accept the facts. and you still didnt say where u got your lies from.

        2. Addie Smith says

          Yeah, what part of the government did the survey – the right wing teabillies? Reputable scientists have discovered that a conservative’s brain functions on fear, hate, and lies and that a liberal’s brain functions on truth, love, and facts. And, hate to burst your bubble; but, family of 3 here with very high IQ’s and we’re liberals – hubby and I turned even more liberal after seeing how the right wing is destroying this country and we are way more liberal than we were just 6 years ago – our son has always been very left leaning and we’ve become very left leaning (we used to be moderates but have seen the lunacy from the right wing Christofascists, teabillies, and the like).

      5. Mark Clemens says

        Personally, I call Obama worse…….

      6. Seldena says

        You are the ignorant one that evidently does not know that barry was raised in ISLAM and he and his father are SUNNIS and barry is part of the muslim Brotherhood! yes, his father was also a member of the Communists party and is now dead and cannot see how he raised his son to be a good MUSLIM!!!

        1. hepette . says

          pls prove this lie if you can….from some place other than faux news.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            A dig at FOX News points to your low information status. Al Sharpton is probably more your speed.

          2. kathy says

            The interesting thing about FUX news viewers is that they don’t know that they’re stupid.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Liberals and vulgarity walk hand in hand. FOX #1. I bet you know tons about prisons and Anthony Bourdain! You low-infos are too much!

          4. Michael Clemente says


          5. Kent2012 says

            she has to sneak into the computer room when her islamy hero is out with his buddies practicing decapitation techniques…..

          6. Donna Hardin says

            Typical FAR LEFT comment!

          7. kathy says

            Typical FAR RIGHT comment! There, fixed that for ya Donna. You’re welcome.

          8. Kent2012 says

            interesting thing about commies is they think that the hard work that capitalists and conservatives perform should all be credited to them….other leftist twits, such as one of your heroines max headwaters, from crapafornia believe in sharia law for the USA…we all will benefit from that…have you gotten fitted for your burka yet ??

          9. kathy says

            “Sharia deals with all aspects of day-to-day life, including politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, sexuality, and social issues.” Sounds the direction that the Rethugs are taking this country. You might want to reevaluate your thinking Bozo.

          10. Kent2012 says

            only democommie twits consider sharia and your poor attempt to suggest that those of us who believe in conservative economics, smaller government, a strong foreign affairs policy, a strong military, and capitalism based on Christian values of hard work and personal responsibility are “thugs” is an example of disinformation. That is the type of hype and bs that is disseminated in the college classroom and other arenas where the democommie $luts are doing their best to appear to be Real Americans instead of subversives…..and it is failing miserably…bozo

          11. kathy says

            WOW Kent – you are really out of touch aren’t you? Here in WI the Rethug/Teabillies are doing every single thing that is part of Sharia Law. Maybe you ought to try a different new source. FUX just isn’t working for you anymore.

          12. Addie Smith says

            The only people that believe in the agendas outlined in Sharia Law are the republicans – they want Republican Sharia Law installed ASAP – they will stop at nothing to oppress and repress people – the do not believe in people being in control of themselves without the oppression of religion. And, don’t even go there with me – I’m an old woman who can work circles around you – I’m an Episcopalian married for almost 40 years to the same man who is a Roman Catholic and our adult son is an Episcopalian, so we are Christians – true Christians – Christians who don’t try to shove our beliefs down other people’s throats like right wing Christofascists always do.

          13. Kent2012 says

            been listening to your messiah kenyan boy too much…oh and chrissy “tingle legs” matthole…of course sharia would not be too bad, it would allow me to be back in control of what is going on instead all the communists and women like the ball less african pretender….

          14. mac12sam12 says

            My dearest pig, Fox news has a democrat and a republican view on every topic, fair and balanced, get it? You get strictly a liberal view and have become indoctrinated and you dare call anyone stupid? You walk in lockstep with failure, hence, your low info status.

          15. kathy says

            “Fox news has a democrat and a republican view on every topic, fair and balanced” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            Aren’t you a little old for fairy tales? Sorry I guess I was basing that question on physical age rather than mental age. Carry on – you are not out of your league. How often do they allow you out of your playpen?

          16. mac12sam12 says

            I guess you’ve never watched Fox so how would you know? You sound really immature and like most liberals, hostile. I feel bad for your husband/life partner.

          17. Guest says

            “I guess you’ve never watched anything but Fox so how would you know? You sound really immature and like most teabillies, hostile. I feel bad for your husband/life partner.” There, fixed that for ya Mac. You’re welcome.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            Hostile, angry, name calling is the calling card for liberals. You sound very unhappy. Satisfy your hubby and buy him a goat BAAAAA

          19. kathy says

            “I guess you’ve never watched anything but Fox so how would you know? You sound really immature and like most teabillies, hostile. I feel bad that you very likely have never had a life partner including a dog. Can’t imagine how anyone would put up with your attitude and your mouth.

            There, fixed that for ya Mac. You’re welcome.

          20. Guest says

            Never mind that last part. Doubtful that you even have a partner of any type including a dog. Can’t imagine that anyone would put up with your crap.

          21. Kent2012 says

            damn Mac, al is probably at mach 2 is he not ??? hell he is the first african “johnny on the spot” when ever any african criminal gets shot…

          22. Moose says

            Snuck Fopes and yourself. Now there’s a selfie I’d like to see !

          23. FreeBird says

            read his book idiot heptte he talks about converting to Islam after his mother married an Indonesian and he converted to Islam. He studied in a MAdrassa. One has to be a muslim to study in a madrassa. Dumb azz libtards spout the party line line robots without doing a damn bit of research.

          24. hepette . says


            “Question: Was Barack Obama ever a Muslim? He says no, but the Associated Press found records that showed Obama was in school as a Muslim living in Indonesia and the Obama campaign can’t explain why. Maybe it doesn’t matter if Obama were a Muslim back then, but it does matter if he’s not telling the truth about it now.”
            –, June 2008.

            The Republican consultant who helped sink the 1988 Dukakis campaign with his infamous “Willie Horton ad” is using his attack dog skills against Barack Obama. A web ad created by Floyd Brown, founder of a conservative political advocacy group called the National Campaign Fund, accuses the presumptive Democratic nominee of covering up his Muslim past. The ad relies on a mixture of half-truth, innuendo, and dramatic headlines rolling across the screen to depict Obama as fundamentally “untrustworthy.”

            The Facts

            As with his 1988 ad attacking Michael Dukakis for being soft on crime, Brown has grounded his assault on Barack Obama on a seemingly solid fact. It is true that the Associated Press reported, in passing back in January, that Obama was “enrolled as a Muslim” in a Catholic school in Indonesia in 1967. He was six years’ old at the time. The bulk of the AP article was devoted to rebutting rumors that the Illinois senator had attended an Islamic madrassa while growing up in Indonesia.

            Documents viewed by the AP showed that students attending the Fransiskus Assisis Catholic school were registered under one of five different religions: Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic or Protestant. Obama, then known as Barry, attended the school from 1st through 3rd grade as student 203. He later enrolled in Public Elementary School Menteng No. 1, a school incorrectly described by the Washington Times Insight magazine and Fox News as an Islamic madrassa.

            The Brown ad misses out key facts that cast a very different light on Obama’s Muslim connections. At the Catholic school, he was required to participate in Catholic rituals and pray four times a day. Teachers quoted by the Chicago Tribune said that he was probably registered as a Muslim because this was the religion of his then-Indonesian step-father, Lolo Soetero. Like many Indonesians, Soetero was a rather lax Muslim who drank and did not abide by the strict tenets of the faith.

            More importantly, the Brown ad attaches far too much importance to an entry in a ledger written under unknown circumstances more than 40 years ago. The Tribune report notes that the ledger entry was “rife with errors.” It listed Obama as an Indonesian, gave an inaccurate name for his previous school, and made no mention of his mother. It is unclear who wrote the ledger entry, which can be viewed at the school but is unavailable on-line.

          25. FreeBird says

            he was never in a catholic school. His father was a govt official and a Muslim. For his mother to marry the guy she converted as did he. he did study in a madrassa. read his book, he was not allowed to go to a catholic school as it would have cost his step father his job.. u obummer lovers really need to get your facts right.

          26. hepette . says

            you are so ignorant to keep falling for faux news bs. heres the truth!

            from politifact——you need to cite where you got your lies from

            Obama attended an Indonesian public school

            By Angie Drobnic Holan on Thursday, December 20th, 2007 at 12:00 a.m.

            An anonymous e-mail makes a number of specious claims to promote its Manchurian Candidate-style conspiracy theory, including, “Obama was enrolled in a Wahabi school in Jakarta. Wahabism is the RADICAL teaching that is followed by the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the western world.”

            Like many Internet smears, the e-mail starts with a bit of truth before lurching wildly into fantasy. It’s true that Obama’s father was from Africa, and Obama has said his father was born a Muslim. Obama’s stepfather was from Indonesia, raised a Muslim. But there’s no evidence that either man was particularly religious as an adult — Obama’s father is sometimes described as an atheist, while his stepfather drank alcohol, forbidden in Islam. Obama’s American mother, Ann Dunham, rejected organized religion, according to several accounts. Obama has summed up his own faith history by saying he didn’t grow up in any particular religious tradition. (Obama’s mother, father and stepfather are all deceased.)

            Obama lived in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather from 1967 to 1971, approximately from the ages of 6 to 10. In 1971, he returned to the United States and graduated from high school in Hawaii.

            “Madrassa” is an Arabic word for “school,” but Americans generally understand the word to mean a school where anti-Western Islamic ideology is taught. The e-mail says the school taught Wahabism, a “RADICAL teaching that is followed by the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the western world.” Westerners typically understand Wahabism to be an austere form of Islam based on a literal reading of the Koran. So is that the type of school Obama attended?

            No. Indonesia is a Muslim country, and Obama attended a public school there, which taught a small amount of religion. CNN, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune investigated the e-mail claims by visiting the school and interviewing former teachers and students who were there at the same time as Obama. These investigations found a public school where students wore Western clothing and prayer was a small part of the curriculum. The Chicago Tribunereported the school was “so progressive that teachers wore miniskirts and all students were encouraged to celebrate Christmas.”

            PolitiFact found no on-the-record sources able to substantiate a claim that the school taught Wahabism or any other form of austere Islam. The great preponderance of substantiated evidence indicates Obama attended a public school that taught a small amount of mainstream Islam. The news reports say that Obama’s registration form indicates his religion was Muslim, but there are errors on the forms and it seems reasonable to assume that he was registered as Muslim simply because his stepfather was Muslim. And it’s worth noting — as the chain e-mail does — that Obama also attended a Catholic school in Indonesia for several years.

            So while the e-mail gets a few things right, its contention that Obama attended a madrassa that taught Wahabism seems to be a wholesale invention designed to frighten voters. We rate the claim Pants-on-Fire .

      7. Marilyn Stern says

        A big deal was made of Obama taking his oath of office on the Bible Lincoln used for Obama’s first Inauguration. For his second Inauguration no mention is made of a bible, or anything else, but pictures show Michelle holding a Bible and a Koran. The Koran is on top of the Bible and Obama’s hand is on the Koran and not touching the Bible. The pictures are there. All you need to do is look.

        1. hepette . says

          that does NOT mean he is a muslim. jeez. you are ignorant and buy it to faux news lies………….

          When Obama was sworn into office, “he DID NOT use the Holy Bible, but instead the Kuran (Their equivalency to our Bible, but very different beliefs).”

          — Chain email on Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 in

          Obama sworn in on his Bible

          By Angie Drobnic Holan on Thursday, December 20th, 2007 at 12:00 a.m.

          An anonymous e-mail says Barack Obama took the oath of office for the U.S. Senate on a Koran, the holy book of Islam. We thought it would be odd if that were true, since Obama is a Christian. In fact, it is wrong.

          The e-mail also spells the book’s name “Kuran,” though usually it is spelled Koran or Quran.

          Two press reports from Obama’s swearing-in ceremony in January 2005 mention specifically that Obama took the oath of office by placing his hand on his own copy of the Bible. The Barack Obama campaign also confirmed that it was a Bible and that the book belonged to Obama. Vice President Dick Cheney, in his role as president of the Senate, administered the oath.

          After being raised outside of any particular faith tradition, Obama became a Christian in his mid 20s and is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. (Obama gave what are arguably his most extended remarks on his faith at the “Call to Renewal” religious conference in 2006; read the speech here .)

          We suspect this false claim was inspired by the 2007 swearing-in of Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., an American convert to Islam and the first Muslim elected to Congress. Ellison used a Koran that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, borrowing the rare book from the Library of Congress.

          It goes without saying that Ellison is not Obama. And with its intent to inflame, we find the e-mail’s allegation not only false, but Pants-on-Fire wrong.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            “The future can not belong to those who slander the Profit of Islam”-Barack Obama
            By that statement, who’s side do you think he’s on? The Christians??????
            …..Sweet Jesus, help us!!

        2. squeak says

          I would ignore this Mental Midget, you can not deal with liberals, ONE TRACK MIND… they go against everything you say… The Majority of people believe he is a Muslim, It has been a known fact from day one !

      8. john robel says

        Obama is on record stating “he will ALWAYS STAND WITH ISLAM”!! Muslim brotherhood members are in the obamunist cabinet. Barry soetoro will never be my president.

      9. dixie williams says

        wake up , the signs are all there.

      10. Anne Bradley says

        There is overwhelming evidence now, hepette. Stop believing in Santa Clause. Obama is the most dangerous leader in the world right now. He is an agent of ISIS!

      11. Moose says

        Does your post name have to do with a virus ?? Just asking, LOL !

      12. Noreen M Anthony-Tabar says

        Obama may not be per say a practicing muslim, but he was taught about Islam, and is a sympathizes with the muslim. He believes that Islam is a peaceful religion when it has a history of violence.

        1. hepette . says

          UM DID YOU EVER HEAR OF ALL THE RELIGIOUS ”christian wars” and all the blood they shed? what a hypocrite.

      13. Michael Clemente says


        1. hepette . says

          HES NOT A MUSLIM STOP LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

      14. Larry Knapp says

        I was forced off this web site because I stated that Obama was a muslim and that he was a danger to America. I still say Obama is the worst danger America has at the present time.

        1. hepette . says

          too bad you were able to get back on………

      15. Noreen M Anthony-Tabar says

        He did said, he would side with the Arabs and Pakistani, if it came time to put them in concentration camps.

        1. hepette . says

          can you give a reference for that? one that doesnt come from faux news?

      16. Larry Knapp says

        You have that mixed up. Your Buddy Obama is the liar. He is also a muslim. Obama is a worthless pile of crap. He is trying to help his buddies in Syria And Irac.

        1. hepette . says

          he is not a muslim period. and you are an ignorant idiot if you think so. stop listening to faux news and maybe you could learn the truth.

          Allegations that Barack Obama secretly follows Islam, or that he is the anti-Christ of Christian eschatology, have been suggested since he campaigned for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and have proliferated since his election as President of the U.S. in 2008. As with conspiracy theories surrounding his citizenship status, these false claims are promoted by various fringe theorists and political opponents.[1][2] U.S. bloggers and talk radio hosts have particularly promoted the theories. Despite the fact that these assertions are false, belief of these claims in the public sphere have endured and, in some cases, even expanded duringObama’s Presidency according to the Pew Research Center, with over one in seven Americans (including one third ofconservative Republicans) labeling him as a Muslim.[3][4] wikipedia

          1. Larry Knapp says

            Obama is a muslim now and always has been. I don’t know about the anti Christ but I wouldn’t doubt it. He is biggest liar that ever walked in to the white house. Proof of where he was born will be announced in the near future. And then we can boot him out of the white house.

          2. hepette . says

            Barack Obama is a “radical Muslim” who “will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”



        2. hepette . says

          Barack Obama is a “radical Muslim” who “will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”



    2. hepette . says flush rush—hundreds of thousands of people signed. the potus isnt doing it—everyday people are.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Why you wanna “Flush Rush”? I’d be afraid he’d stop up my toilet, you must have a huge toilet to flush him down………

      2. Seldena says

        Only the low IQ dumb as a rock, cannot take the truth would sign such a thing!

      3. mac12sam12 says

        Rush Limbaugh really upsets liberals because he has their BS philosophy nailed. I love watching emotional liberal’s heads explode!

      4. Addie Smith says

        I was one who got in on every possible petition and campaign to Flush Rush. He is a vile, evil, blowhard who has duped all of his listeners – he knows the listeners are very low intellect, fearful, hateful people and he plays right into that.

    3. mldld says

      Well, Obama has no time for ISIS but you can bet he has dirt on every congress person and senators and generals, right up his alley as community organizer. Just has he did on Petreaus. Obama has no decency, hi is a cunning little man.

      Thank God for Rush and all outspoken conservatives ……

      1. Anne Bradley says

        Obama is an agent for ISIS. He makes time. He knows everything about them, for sure! He pulled American troops out of Iraq so his religious thugs could slaughter the civilians. They really have to be stopped! Had Obama stopped them then, they would not have been able to increase in numbers. There were about 5-10 thousand then. NOW, it is estimated they may total 100,000 now!

        1. mldld says

          I am afraid you are right, sad to say….Everything is wrong in This Beautiful USA.I hope there are enough of us to vote this evil out in 2014 and 2016, and yet again you have individual who do not understand the true meaning of Liberty……

      2. Addie Smith says

        If Obama has dirt on every congress person, senators, and generals, that’s right up my alley. I’m an old woman; but, no matter who it was I had interaction with in all of my jobs, I always made sure I had something on everyone so that they couldn’t take me down at all without me destroying them completely. I’ve destroyed a few co-workers in the past due to them not doing what I wanted so I blew the whistle on them. Even family members have not been exempt – I always held something over the head of family members of both myself and my husband in order to get what I wanted. Sure wish I could have extracted money as I wouldn’t have to worry at all ever about money.

    4. Anne Bradley says

      Some people should rally together and giver her a taste of her own medicine – out twitter her! Contact HER advertisers, etc.

  2. Loving America says

    Well we need to stop the liberals at the polls! They have been brain washed for so long they are able to
    see or know the difference. They think everything they want done is legal and right. They will find out when the Conservatives are leading this Country again and everyone is prospering and the Nation is back
    in shape without the liberals tormenting mankind! Hang in there Rush! Plenty of prayers are arriving in Gods’ Heaven for the fall of liberals and crime in all all their made up ways!

    1. Noreen M Anthony-Tabar says

      But it is people like George Sorts with money who has money and has controlled Obama. Tax the rich, Andre isn’t even a citizen. Obama is a puppet/slave to this hater of jews Soros.

      1. Anne Bradley says

        Soros – if that is who you mean, is from Indonesia, not Jewish. A Muslim. If you have not seen this film, I would suggest it to you, “Dreams From My Real Father” which can be rented on Amazon for a few dollars. Info Wars sells the DVD if you want to buy it, but Amazon does also.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            As much money Soros got picking Jewish bones clean, you would think the old bastard would like them……
            If you turn on your own people, how can the world trust such skum?
            Oh yea,
            Good old fashioned greed……..

          2. Disgust says

            soros is a disgrace to humanity. Is there someway to get rid of him.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Bullets, Knives, Arrows, Bombs, Poison……
            You get the picture?

          4. Kent2012 says

            strangulation, hanging, fire pit….

          5. Mark Clemens says

            You got it. Now go out there and get that old codger……….

          6. Addie Smith says

            And you think those greedy old SOB’s the Koch Brothers aren’t evil as hell? If you don’t, then you’ve been had by the likes of Limpballs.

          7. Disgust says

            Keep up the kool aid and when you maybe start thinking you’ll find obamanation and thugs are TRAITORS.

          8. Ron Warren says

            Yes. With his present agenda he is headed for a very hot swimming pool. Hope his embalmer outfits him a very thick
            asbestos swimsuit. That should give the anti-God Leftists something else to laugh about.

        1. sunshinegirl says

          Anne Bradley this movie of Dreams From My Real Father is a real eye opener if people want to really know what and why!!

        2. Noreen M Anthony-Tabar says

          Yes Soros, George (auto correct). He is a Hungarian Jew and not an Indonesian. Obama who was raised in Indonesia, an as a Muslim. You are mistaken on on Soros and Obama.

          1. Anne Bradley says

            THAT Soros, which you fail to cite, was born in 1930. Ann Dunham married a man close to her own age and moved to Indonesia. Watch the film Dreams of My Real Father on Amazon if you care about the real facts. Also look at the links I will share in a separate reply. I keep reposting them but people like you come out of the walls and have no clue about anything and I wonder if you even care. Apathy is what will destroy this nation.

          2. Noreen M Anthony-Tabar says

            Who the heck is Ann Dunham? Soros lived in Hungary, then his family moved to London, check that fact out. You are still convinced Soros lived in Indonesia. Obama was in Indonesia, like I said in my last comment. Obama father was a muslim, but Obama isn’t practicing. But, he is a sympathizer for Islam. I say kill them all muslim, until they come to an understanding about other people and religion being around. Soros wants to have power and remove our Constitution. That is why he paid for Obama, and now is paying for Hillary to do the same. Of the community is in charge of everyone, not individual rights. Look at Soros bio on his website.

          3. Anne Bradley says

            Excuse me. Barry Soetoro is his real name. I mixed up the names. I apologize. The Soros you are mentioning, I believe is the billionaire who is known for funding terrorism. Barry Soetoro was rich, but not as rich as Soros. Soros helps Obama. helps Muslim Brotherhood, etc. I think we are on the same page now. Forgive me. A FB friend posted Barry Soetoro’s Columbia University ID. His name was Barry Soetoro on the ID AND he was entered as a foreign exchange student. He never repatriated himself, which means he is an illegal President.

          4. Ron Warren says

            Anne that’s what some of us have been saying for six plus years! Question: WHY ISN’T THE CONGRESS INVESTIGATING THIS SUSPECTED FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY? Hmmm???????
            We the People are waiting for an answer. WE hired you/elected you to oversee the nations business. What’s with this not producing anything????

          5. Janet Innes-Kirkwood says

            Here is your version of tolerance? See why you are a parody of yourself.

          6. Ron Warren says

            By now you likely have discovered Noreen that the late Ann Dunham was Barry Soetoro’s Mother. Apparently Ann Bradley confused the two names Soros and Soetoro. George Soros is a Hungarian Jew. Barry Soetoro is a Kenyan.

          7. Ron Warren says

            Instead of Soros, you might mean Barry Soetoro which is Barack Obama’s original name. George Soros is a Hungarian Jew by parentage. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, was born in Kenya. He is Kenyan by nationality, not an American. He was for a time a FOREIGN STUDENT in the United States.
            His academic records will show that. So now we know why Barack Obama does not want his school records released. He is a fraud. He never officially qualified for candidacy for President of the United States. Nor does he want his Birth Certificate revealed–he was born in Kenya. The fact he keeps his records out of the public’s eyes establishes the fraudulent activity. If he is in fact a real American citizen, born in USA then he has nothing to be concerned about. The ball is in Obama’s court to prove he’s a US citizen. He was born in Kenya. Mr. pResident you cannot prove me wrong. Try!

        3. Becky says

          How wrong can you get? Soros is a Jew and aided the NAZIs in sending many Jews to those death camps.

          1. Ron Warren says

            George Soros is of Jewish parentage. He is an atheist. Check him out on Google.

          2. Becky says

            Yes, I am well aware of exactly who Soros is, Ron. I think you might have meant to be replying to Anne. Happy New Year to you.

        4. defiant1 says

          Anne, you have Soros mixed up with Obama……….

        5. Ron Warren says

          George Soros, American, was born in Hungary 1930. He is of Jewish parentage, not Muslim or Indonesian. Check him out on Google.

      2. sunshinegirl says

        With Soro’s getting older to bad he doesn’t just kick the bucket.

        1. jackw97224 says

          Yeah, is would be helpful if only he kicks the bucket and gives the world some respite for a short while.

      3. Mike Stern says

        It’s really tough to say that someone is intelligent when they don’t even know the names of the opposition’s main supporters. I do know my opposition’s money men: the Koch brothers. They were instrumental in starting up the “tea party”. Their father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society. I completely agree with the “Tax the rich” strategy, but it has been blocked by the repugnican congress. The best way to tax the rich is to do away with “Welfare for the rich”. Make capital gains and interest above $200,000 taxable as regular income. Stop allowing corporations to have tax credits that are so large that they pay zero tax, yet still use the American infrastructure. Do not give any tax credits to corporations whose headquarters are not in the USA. The republican party is a slave to the Koch brothers.

        1. Anne Bradley says

          Wow, that’s the first time I heard that the Koch Brothers started the Tea Party. Brietbart was making his claim to fame as a founder. He stole a lot of files and I bet he helped Snowden. Tea Party is also savvy on the internet and will do a lot of aggressive things to people. They have to me. Doesn’t make them any more right. All they are, in my opinion, are help to Obama’s Plans – Obama Planner Plans, I should say – since he is just their puppet. Boy! I need to do more reading up on this! I notice they had their “Inaugeral Action Conference” in Chicago. And yes, I see the Koch Brothers were the actual founders. Thank you for pointing that out.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Out congress should impose Tariffs, so overseas manufacturing would be less profitable.,,…….

          1. Mike Stern says

            Tariffs have to be very carefully thought out, not like the one the republicans imposed… G.W.Bush wanted to make U.S. Steel more profitable, so he imposed a tariff on (inexpensive) imported iron. The U.S. manufacturers looked at their bottom line, and VOILA! decided that manufacturing overseas using that inexpensive iron was more profitable. U.S. Iron sales dropped, and U.S. manufacturing jobs moved to other countries. But the manufacturing corps made out like bandits, which was the repugnicant plan in the first place.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Everything our government does should be thought out. I don’t know the details of his tariff. In my opinion from only what you state. He should of tariffed the steel it’s self, not just one ingredient. I do know the WTO made him take the tariff back. I can’t recall why……
            Also I know of only other way to get jobs back here. Everyone work for $1 or less an hour……

          3. Mike Stern says

            I’ll go along with the $1/hr wage, if you also include lawyers, doctors, politicians, skilled workers, technical workers, middle management, corporate officers and board members. Oh heck, as an incentive to work hard, give management $1.25/hr and officers $1.50/hr. Also make certain that any “capital gains” that exceed salaries go into a general fund so that all get the “benefit” of the wage. Since politicians only work about 50 days/year, and seldom put in more than 6 hour days, getting something like that past any legislature is completely… assured

          4. Mark Clemens says

            If prices would drop to 1950 or 1960 levels that might not be a bad idea, but if we all took that kind of wage cut and prices remained the same as now. The whole nation would be screwed. We have learned BIG BIZ can be very sneekey. …,

          5. Ron Warren says

            At $1.00 an hour for ALL workers the PRICES would have to drop too. Then a $20,000 new car would cost only $500.00.
            A dropping tide lowers ALL boats. Remember economics.
            Food for $1.68 a pound would then have to cost no more than 4 cents a pound. Can the economy stand that? Whee! Gasoline would have to drop to five and a half cents a gallon. I’m for lower prices too. Deflation is good in theory!

          6. Ron Warren says

            So then you prefer the USA switch completely to Socialism then Communism eventually. That way we can equally spread the misery.

    2. Addie Smith says

      Conservatism is on its way out – conservatism is the ideals of backwards, out of touch, out of date, outmoded, old fashioned, and totally irrelevant people who want to regress back at least a century. We will not allow right wing regressives try their BS at the polls (I thankfully don’t live in a stupid right wing state and I don’t live in a state where we have to deal with right wing jerkoffs at the polls because we vote either by mail-in or drop-off ballot and we vote in the privacy of our homes without having to deal with right wingers at all). Liberalism will push conservatism off the planet one way or another.

      1. Akmed Bernie Madoff IV says

        I bet you are not even American so much of the Leftist Coast Trash
        are from foreign lands and have no concept of what its like to be American.
        That’s why the coast and cities are so full of Vermin.
        Now you go sodomize yourself like a good LIL tramp Marxist and do not breed!

        1. Mike Stern says

          You really hate people who vote, don’t you. I’ll bet that you are a (closet) member of the Westboro Baptist Church, by the way you type your slurs. Why do you denigrate vermin since that’s a step upwards from cesspool scum like you? But calling you cesspool scum is an insult to cesspool scum perhaps you are not the scum after all. You are the real thing.

  3. donl says

    For me it’s all the more reason to listen to RUSH!! And Mark Levin!.

    1. squeak says

      Love them both… truth prevails !

      1. jim says

        Yes RUSH and MARK LEVIN are great there is also MICHAEL SAVAGE he is also great to find out what these libtard pimps are trying to do to us TRUE AMERICANS

        1. 7papa7 says

          I can’t deal with Savage, he is an even bigger egomaniac than oreilly or obama.

          1. jim says

            You are right Dr Savage is full of his self,but he seems to tell what is going to happen before things do.It seems he can see in the future ,which I know he can’t.

          2. 7papa7 says

            He does have good information usually but I can’t take more than about 2 or 3 minutes of his over sized ego. I feel the same with Neil Bortz and a few others.

          3. Tiger says

            Savage is an immensely intelligent man and he is dramatic and he is outrageous, but I don’t see him as being an egomaniac.

          4. 7papa7 says

            Listen to him unless he has changed everything always comes back to him. I remember when he was banned from going to England. He went on and on and on about that for weeks. It was all about him. Listen to how he deals with anyone disagreeing with him he gets livid because it is always about him. Yes I believe he is a huge egomaniac.

          5. Tiger says

            I like him. I enjoy him immensely and love his books they are so ahead of his time and right on.

            But of course you are not alone. Many don’t like him.

        2. Tiger says

          All great men and Savage too Dramatic so doesn’t get the spotlight he deserves.

      2. jackw97224 says

        Oh, I gave you a thumbs up, but I disagree with Levin on a few things. I no longer eulogize Lincoln as he imposed his belief that the union must be preserved and against what was written by the colonists in the first paragraphe of the Declaration of Independence. The colonists would never have put their necks under the heel of a powerful central government, especially as they had just thrown of the shackels of the vicious, mercantilist, English government. And worse, Gen. Winfield Scott pointed out that Lincoln had 4 options of dealing with secession and the last one: Wayward sisters depart in peace. But Lincoln got nearly a million men and women slauightered and the nation and the world was deprived of the productive efforts and perhaps a few major discoveries absent these people and all their progeny from there on. So, with due respect to Levin and his dad and their views of Lincoln,
        As to Levin’s constitution modifications, I think Lysander Spooner was correct in his No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority. There never was a contract to allow or sanction the use of force by politicians to make me behave for them. Also, over at the No State Project (Marc Stevens) you will find that no judge, politician, IRS agent or attorney has been able to answer the question: What factual evidence do you have that the constitution and law apply to me just because I am physically present in some geographical location? I have never heard Levin provide such factual evidence. Again, on the constitution issue, I disagree with Levin. However, I still listen to Marc because he brings useful information and analyses of political and historical events.

      3. Tiger says

        Wish that were completely true and O would be asked to Stand Down.

    2. 7papa7 says

      The more they try and force him off the air, the more popular he gets. Let them keep it up, they are great advertisement for him. They act like if he should lose a sponsor it would not be replaced so fast it would make your head spin. Oh well let them continue with their exercise in futility, they are only failing miserably like they always do.

      1. Michael Clemente says


        1. 7papa7 says

          Agree, Rush is great and he has a way of presenting the truth that even libs can understand. Rush for president.

          1. Kent2012 says

            mikey and ram it in do not agree with you 7….I think that they are trolling from the coffee shop… you think their latte is ready ?? along with that little frenchy foo foo cookie ??

          2. 7papa7 says

            Bottom line–I could care less what liberals think, they don’t bother me or effect my life one little bit.

          3. Angry American says

            I doubt very mudh that Rush would ever even think of running for the office of POTUS, why should he the pay cut alone would be massive somewhere around 49.5 Million per year, I know I wouldn’t even give it a passing thought

          4. 7papa7 says

            I know he isn’t going to run for president. One of the reasons is because of what you said about his finances. Presently he makes more by accident than probably 98-99% of the country make on purpose. In reality I think that he is in a far more “powerful” position doing what he is doing, educating the country.

          5. Ron Warren says

            Well stated 7papa7! His “Advanced Conservative Studies” are far superior to what one can get on one of today’s campuses. “El Rusbo” lectures truth, not theory. It’s about time we have some “Academic Freedom” (Academishe Freiheit) in America.
            Rush presents the “alternative” to mainstream liberalism and is greatly welcomed. If Rush is so “bad” then why is his annual income so high? Looks like somebody considers his analyses of value. Keep him at the golden EIB microphone. Don’t waste his time and talent in the Oval Office.

          6. 7papa7 says

            Rush has a way of putting out the truth simply and humorously. He is very knowledgeable, concise, humorous and right almost 100% of the time. He is indeed a breath of fresh air in lib land.

        2. jackw97224 says

          Now this is where I agree with you. How odd.

        3. Angry American says

          If you did that they would resort to what they always do & go off subject to their talking points. I just love it when they start with all the indian BS that they do so well. I know a guy that I really thought was a little conservative until he brought up the indians for some reason that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. My answer to him was, Huh? After I said that he repeated what he said & I also repeated, Huh?

      2. marlio says

        Yes, they seem to not learn from their mistakes and run through the rat maze over and over and never find the way out!!!

        1. 7papa7 says

          They are basically stuck on stupid and their is no cure for that.

      3. Ron Warren says

        Liberals disliking Rush is like the gays declaring war on Chic-fil-A. The restaurant raked in over a million extra in revenue just because of the rant and then McDonald’s in turn invited the gays to boycott it too. Amazing what happens when a minority tries to essentially make a river flow backward. Some people never learn.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Like the old expression goes, you can’t fix stupid.

    3. ramrodd says

      the controlled opposition…talking about a guy who was groomed for his job..
      Limbaugh is the phony right wing

      1. defiant1 says

        your opinion is just that, yours!

        1. ramrodd says

          how can you trust any of these people after what has happened
          to the USA over the past 25 years…
          Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin are pushing an Article V to open
          the US Constitution but refuse debate from christian conservatives that are challenging them..

          etc etc etc

          1. marlio says

            Prove it

          2. ramrodd says

            These guys openly admit wanting an Article V con con..
            they also promote Heritage, are blood brothers of CFR Ruperts
            phony right Fox News..

            read – P Huidah, Kelleigh Nelson, Charlotte Iserbyt,
            Devvy Kid on Newswithviews


          3. Mike Stern says

            ??? Prove what? That we want to give Rush the “bum’s rush”? …or that Obama is an American Christian? or something else? Please explain much more clearly, or you might be taken for a know-nothing conservative.

          4. Mike Stern says

            Actually the hot air hosts stopped pushing for a con-con when they found out that most of the states that have called for an Article V convention have called it specifically to overturn Citizens United. The Conservatives that have been against the push for a con-con have been against it because it might become more “LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE” than it is. LOL

          5. ramrodd says

            lets hear that from Levin…he shows on Fox News but nothing
            is ever mentioned..
            these people have been called out and have run!!

            Look how Limbaugh supports Freedom Works and Heritage..
            Fox News is owned by a CFR, open borders Rupert….

            THE PHONY RIGHT……..

        2. Mike Stern says

          the opinion is his and a great number of other people. We outnumber the hate faction. People who love Rush Limbaugh hate the United States of America. They say that they love the constitution, but don’t support equality when it comes to color, religion, or gender. They are filled with bullpucky, and that’s all they spew out of their mouths.

          1. Kent2012 says

            hey mikey it is obvious that your hot dog has failed you…your messiah, kenyan boy, has the answer in his unaffordable healthcare destruction act that he and the democrapos built just for parasites….now you can get yourself a brand new taco built courtesy of the Real American taxpayer and we will throw in free birth control…we sure do not want you to get pregnant do we….

          2. BIGOTIST says

            whatta xpect from a jew???~

          3. imbog says

            Your mixed up , you have the wrong channel, you have been watching the “”anything but the truth”” MSNBC channel.. stop being so negative and be an American for a change

          4. Mike Stern says

            Imbog, are you implying that in one of his broadcasts, Rush has professed love of blacks, women (for anything other than sex), Mexicans, people who get social security, people who didn’t have the means to get medical insurance before Obamacare, children, or gays? I am sore a-maze-ehd!!!!!

          5. Ron Warren says

            imbog please allow me to drop a note. As you and many others posting here have discovered, there are some who for unknown, strange reasons harbor hate against anything and everybody considered “conservative.” Especially note the vocabulary and language they use. They are filled with hatred. They are of all people miserable. They want to pull the happy, well-adjusted
            ones down into their sewer. They absolutely detest the fact that some people are “better off” financially, socially and spiritually than they are. They are living their own self-made hell. Hopefully they will be able to overcome their handicap. Best to you and to America in 2015!

          6. Ron Warren says

            We should know a liberal has to throw the race, sex and religious BS into the ring. Hate is the essence of the Leftist mindset which turns everything backward to fit its agenda.

          7. Mike Stern says

            You are completely correct. The race, sex, and religious BS is plain bullshit. But I am not the one putting the bullshit into the mix. Sorry, but the BS starts with Rush Limbaugh and his pundit cronies. Hate? Like the hate that Kent2012 has posted? Hate like the BS that comes out of Limbaugh’s anal orifice every time he speaks?

          8. Ron Warren says

            You, Mike Stern, are filled with hate for America generally and conservative values specifically. Your vocabulary regarding an orifice tells me much about you. I uphold Christian teachings, the Constitution, and Equal Justice Under Law. Those are the ideals upon which this great nation was founded as summarized in the Declaration of Independence. Whenever anyone speaks out against Socialism, a proved failure, the Leftists come out and scream their hatred against supporters of democracy.

          9. Mike Stern says

            This country was founded by freethinkers, not necessarily Christian freethinkers. That means that if you want to put YOUR religious “ideals” into law, you also have to put other religious ideals into law. And, you are so wrong. I fought for this country. I love the United States and the constitution. I only hate those that would force me and the people I love into slavery to YOUR “religion”. You are the American version of the Taliban, and Rush Limbaugh is your Ayatollah.

          10. Ron Warren says

            There there. Do you feel better after your explosive release.
            I hope so. You must be a miserable bloke. If you fought for this country and love the Constitution why do you perform here like a brat having a tantrum. Your assumptions about me are not on track. You flew off onto a rant on something you know nothing about. I say, cool it dude. You’ll have a stroke with your blood pressure hitting the ionosphere. God Bless America
            and ALL true Americans and accept our thanks for giving us this wonderful land and its Founders

      2. Kent2012 says

        trolling again

        1. ramrodd says

          whats it like following blindly!!

          1. Kent2012 says

            have no way of knowing, you, on the other hand seem quite competent….any advice lemming….

          2. ramrodd says

            its not about me sheepie.. time to find new heroes other than
            the controlled opposition..
            proof is all around but you would rather be fooled..

    4. ramrodd says

      the controlled opposition

    5. marshmil says

      Perfect response donl. Lefties support only parts of the Constitution that enhance their positions.
      They deplore anyone disagreeing with them to the point that they want to delete the part about freedom of speech and of the press. They also scream “separation of church and state” yet they
      want laws enacted to prohibit others’ right to religious freedom. Hyprocrisy in classic form. We get what we vote for and at present we have a national train wreck thanks to the low informed who supported a Kenyan amateur, inexperienced impostor in the white house, two Lefties in the Senate, one from Nevada and one from California then another in the House from California.
      It’s past time we got serious and support candidates who strive to keep the ship of state from ramming more entitlement, immigration and debt icebergs.

  4. James Ebinger says

    is there not enough rubbers for the flicker if not just do blow jobs

  5. Loving America says

    Liberals are like the Romans before the fall of Rome! America has a conservative Leader call God and when He gets tired of all the murdering in the World and at Home in America and all the sass against Him
    and His Kids….He will show these people and He will stop them in their tracks!

  6. Loving America says

    Congress needs to stop and halt Obama in his tracks and stop the penalty if someone has no insurance….someone please start the Petition so everyone can sign it and get it to Congress! If they cannot afford insurance it is just plain and simple they cannot pay their fines and these fines are not Law Worthy! No one has the right to penalize Americans but the Courts. Down With Obama and his ruthless
    ways and laws.

    1. squeak says

      Great idea, you should get Millions, that is how many are suffering from what I hear !

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I’ll sign it!

      1. Seldena says

        Another libertardo that can’t stand the truth!!

  7. Loving America says

    All of the breaking of morals will be punished and the liberals do not have the mind to know this! Conservatives God can help us stop all of this immorality and stop the ones who are asking us to go along with their emotional outpouring of their sinful ways wanting the rest of us to go along with it all. Pray! god will deliver America…we cannot sit idle and do nothing to stop the iberals rules and laws that is coming forth…we have to act against it all and prayer!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      You know heaven is a dictatorship, not a Free Republic, Like in the USA, Also God is Oriental.
      Just letting y’all know, so nobody will be shocked…… (if you make it)

      1. Seldena says

        God is a spirit. You can see a spirit, uh?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          You can’t? Hu…….

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Your god is half black and half white and loves him some Reggie!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Nope, he’s a short, thin Asian looking dude.
          You’ll see on judgment day……..

  8. WhiteFalcon says

    This great “democrat” party that is all about tolerance is the most intolerant organization in the country. They are total hypocrites. The have tried to run
    Rush off the air before and failed miserably and I believe they will again. They are so afraid that he will tell the truth about them that they simply can’t
    stand it. They act like and indeed are commies, fascists, and Nazis. That is why I refer to them as the commionzaicrat party. That is what they are and I believe in calling it like it is.

    1. Addie Smith says

      The only fascists are the republicans – their agenda is identical to the Nazis of Germany.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        Fascists, commies, Nazis and socialists are all the same thing, which is a great big all powerful government that controls everything and owns everything and the average person is feces. The opposite of that would be anarchy. The so called democrats in this country are actually socialists and commies, etc. The current Republican party is, as I call them prequently, the cave-in party and in the end they will not oppose the commies and Nazis in the so called democrat party. They are accessories to the crimes that are done by the so called democrats, and they do a lot of their own. Both partise need drastic reformation.

  9. hepette . says

    whew and the sooner the better—what a nasty filthy human being he is.

    1. Wapitiman says

      When you pull your head out of massa’s butt and really look around you might bump into real Americans.

      1. hepette . says

        you are nasty and filthy too—birds of a feather………

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Liberals, nasty name callers, YUCK!

  10. squeak says

    I thought Sandra the sex advocate for” FREE” contraception s was in her own little world after all the treatment , photo ops, going as far as campaigning for Obama, invited to his inauguration, a star, from some whacky women & the Socialist Democrats, Obama … It wasn’t a helpful publicity for this Country & the Po0litians, it was SHAMEFUL, Embarrassing, very personal subject that she brought out for the whole world to laugh at, which they did … the only thing it did for her was showed what kind of a woman she truly is ! Don’t worry everyone, Sandra or anyone will never bring Rush down, they have tried for years, it will never happen… YOU GO RUSH THE MAJORITY OF AMERICA LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO, GOD BLESS !

  11. Yadja says

    They tried to stop the Limbaugh Talk Show downrange during this war but the soldiers raised Holy heck and they did not. Rush is going to be around, this won’t work.

    That is one tough picture of Rush all in leather, never thought much of him on the attractive scale but this is one good hot picture.

    All he needs is the Harley.

  12. DustyFae says

    Freedom Of Speech being attack is the worse harm the Democrats are doing

    1. skw says

      pigs dont like muslims either, in the Bible they ran over a cliff just to get away from the crazy muslim.

      1. DustyFae says


      2. William McClure says

        Ma’am, You’ve got it wrong ! Jesus isn’t Muslim. He is Jewish. And those pigs were filled with demons. Sorry.

      3. skw says

        I know Jesus was Jewish, you are right, but I was just trying to say pigs dont like muslims either.

    2. Jimmy King says

      Do you have ANY idea what the First Amendment even says?? Private citizens boycotting businesses who support Rush does not violate the first amendment Are you really that Stupid?

      1. sirgareth says

        The trouble is that boycotting one of Rushes sponsors simply doubles and triples their business. Chick Fil-A is a case in point. Their business exploded after the communists (Democrats) tried to boycott them.

        1. Jimmy King says

          Sirgareth, I’m not advocating for boycotting anyone. I am merely pointing out that the moron who wrote this article (and many of the posters) have NO IDEA what the First Amendment is

      2. DustyFae says

        The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

        Look who looks stupid now—-right to peaceably assemble—–This looks like boycotting to me..

  13. tax man says

    Actually this Media Matters crap lets more folks know about Rush and friends and thus drives up their ratings and thus their advertising dollars. Kinda self destruction. Better they spend their money on fighting

    Conservative Media than directly giving it to the liberal candidates.

  14. Ray Heffley says

    Rush has protected the rights of all people by defending the constitution. Liberals could not survive without Rush’s help by protecting their right to speak. Now the fact they only speak lies is a different matter.

  15. skw says

    Love Rush, where else will we get the absolute truth. Rush and Fox News. The only place that has the nerve to tell what is going on is definitely Fox News and Rush. Liberals must have something wrong with their brains.They dont know truth from lies. If they would just read the constitution, ten commandments and the bill of rights an awakening might happen.

  16. Combatvet52 says

    They don’t like what Rush says, the old saying is TS liberal AHoles.

  17. johnanaguski says

    The liberals will stop when we stop them.

    1. Addie Smith says

      You will not stop us from trying to get rid of the vileness of the likes of Limpballs.

      1. johnanaguski says

        Keep trying addie banging your head against the wall until it gets softer than it already is. 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech is included.

  18. Timk says

    Or This Could Be The End Of Conservatives.
    Semper Fi’

    1. Addie Smith says

      The end of conservatives can’t come soon enough.

  19. W. Coyote says

    It’s hard to imagine how anyone who has children could pay any attention to Rush. When you consider what he did to Chelsea Clinton when she was 12 years old, you can easily see he has no conscience, class, or credibility.

  20. imbog says

    Tolerance for all EXCEPT conservatives.

  21. Fred Campbell says

    Thank God for Rush (and Dinesh D’Sousa).

  22. John Williams says

    Rush is just like the Tea Party, when the message is working the liberals attack because that is the only thing they can do; facts and statistics are not on their side the only thing they have is lies, innuendos and slander. The more and greater the attacks the more you know you are making an impact.

  23. Jimmy King says

    Do the morons who write this stuff actually know what the First Amendment says? “Congress shall make no law…..or abridging the freedom of speech” Private citizens contacting corporations to tell them they won’t buy their products because the corporation supports biggots and homophobes does not violate the first amendment. Corporations who decide they no longer want to back an individual because of their speech, is FREEDOM you fucking MORONS

    1. Mark Clemens says

      What’s wrong w/being homophobic? Thats FREEDOM of SPEECH. It’s my God given, human right, to dislike a group of people I choose! I’ll say it here and now,
      Homosexuals are nasty, and carry diseases. They are loud mouth sissyfied bullies! It’s their way or they will pout and cry racism. When did being sexually confused, become a race issue? One is not born homosexual like one is born a skin color.
      You are born, and stuck w/your gender & skin color. Being homosexual is a choice, just like being a smoker, drinker, or druggie……..

      1. Jimmy King says

        Mark if you feel being homophobic is your right, then by all means enjoy it. I don’t have a problem with you being whatever you want to be. Rush can be what ever he wants to be too. But people can say, I don’t agree with that, and if Corporation Y, is going to support Rush, they are free to tell Corporation Y that they will no longer buy their products. And at the end of the day the free market will dictate whether it’s better business for Corporation Y to support Rush, or disassociate their products with Rush. THAT’s Free Speech. But this article is calling that a violation of free speech and THAT was my point.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Well this ain’t an real news article. This is a Right Wing Propaganda site, the Left has them too. It’s all part of a grander scheme.
          Let me suggest you reading a little 86page book “The Communist Manifesto”
          Then you should clearly see both parties have teamed up, for 6 tasks:
          Divide people, by any means (both)
          Crash Economy (R)
          Engage in Endless War (Both)
          Restrict Civil Liberties (D)
          Depend on Foreign Products (R)
          Bankrupt Treasury & Social Help (D)
          Take a read and compare for your self……..

          1. Jimmy King says

            Read these posts. All of them going on and on about how this is a First Amendment violation. Every idiot on here is just spewing the nonsense they hear from Rush or the other fringe broadcasters. I was just pointing out the stupidity of it all

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Just like Ed Scholz, Rush gets paid well to spew his sides propaganda. Both have their fans. These are Rush’s people.
            Now-a-Days the MSM is to journalism is, as Professional Wresting is to Real.Sports.
            It’s all show, designed to agitate under educated people to see things in the party’s favor. If you believe anything MSNBC or FOX political news says, you are being brain washed….

          3. Jimmy King says

            Agreed. But if you think Homosexuality is a choice, you’re equally uninformed

          4. Mark Clemens says

            All sex acts are a choice. You choose who, and what you are going to do. Sex just doesn’t happen. Both people choose to do it………

          5. Jimmy King says

            Are you really that naive ? You think deciding between a blonde or a redhead, is the same as choosing a man or a woman? Seriously??

      2. wfc says

        somebody please pick up Mark and put him back in his playpen – he is getting delirious

  24. john says

    don’t worry rush! we got your back!

  25. Sharon Engstrom says

    I have never cared for Rush. He is to full of himself. I think he hurts more than helps the Republican Party.

    1. jim says

      If you don’t like Rush listen to Michael Savage

      1. Sharon Engstrom says

        I do and he seems much more sincere.

  26. Seldena says

    I listen to Rush everyday. he tells the truth and tells it like it is! I hope more advertisers join the Rush Limbaugh Show! Never let a liberal win, NEVER!!

  27. gretagarbo123 says

    Libs only believe in freedom if it’s people on their side of the aisle. A bunch of buffoons. I adore Rush and Mark.

  28. Bob Barton says

    Liberals would really be nice people if they had an lobotomy.

  29. jim says

    All these scum bag race pimp libtrads will never shut RUSH DOWN.all the pimps will be in jail and RUSH will keep on making HIS $46 million dollars a year.And all of U S TRUE AMERICANS will still be scum bag libtard pimps go to HELL

  30. Frick says

    Them commicrats are a bunch of sores. oh, excuse me, sore losers!!!

  31. Marilyn Stern says

    Recently read an article in “Fix This Nation”. It talked about people not voting because they are waiting for the “Perfect” Conservative. The last paragraph was the most important paragraph.

    “America didn’t change into a harbor for the worst progressive ideas overnight. It’s happened slowly, with those expanding programs worming their way insidiously into our lives over a period of years. If we’re to turn back the tide, it will also be done slowly. Moving the country back to the right will take time, like working on any big project. We get to the “perfect” conservatives by going through a few so-so conservatives first. To be a part of that, you gotta vote.”

    – See more at:

  32. wfc says

    Well I for one think the libs are seriously over-reacting – “know thy enemy” – it’s not that anyone really takes him seriously or that he matters in the large scheme of things – even his ‘conservative bro’s’ duck and cover when he spews the BS – but its good reading you have to admit – I check his blog every day – helps my digestion.

  33. clifford mckercher says

    RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH, Time to turn on rush radio, But first I have to go outside to clean libs off the bottom of my shoe.

  34. dixie williams says

    I love Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and Fox News it won’t happen they will never destroy these people they have to many fan’s so Harry Reid you and your evil democrats can just give it up.

  35. jlp5871 says

    democRATS. communist, muslums. LOCK AND LOAD.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      This time, can I shoot before I see the whites in their eyeballs?

  36. Ben Frank says

    If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you!
    I know over a dozen ppl that call, email and fax companies about dropping rush, here in the quad-cities.
    You can not stop us or silent us.
    Rush has his right to speak his hate and we have a right not to support the companies that support his show. The companies can chose. That is capitalism.

  37. daveveselenak says

    They’re not liberals, have’t been for eons, they’re fascists! Their intent is to take down what little is left of this nearly dead Republic! – confiscation of guns will complete their coup! REVOLUTION will be the Solution! mInr, NSA!

    1. Addie Smith says

      The only fascists are the republicans/conservatives/right wingers/TeaKlan. Be thankful I’m not POTUS – I’d remove every damned gun and anyone who objected would get droned.

      1. daveveselenak says

        Your a brain dead A-hole, to say the least! Keep supporting the Muslim-Marxist jihadist that has brought ebola to our shores – you mentally disordered evidently think that ebola will discriminate and only infect the conservatives? You and the Left are pathetic useful idiots and you are about to find out very quickly! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  38. Rick Rogers says

    Whats the big secret the have been campaigns to boycott sponsers of his show for years. This in a

    “FreedomWorks, a conservative group run by former GOP house leader Dick Armey is organizing the protest in response to a recent poll showing that Republican voters are open to the idea of avoiding progressive companies. The poll showed that favorability of companies dropped by half when conservative consumers discovered that the company supported healthcare reform and the stimulus package.

    “Tea Party activists are willing to tackle progressive CEOs just as they tackled progressive politicians. Judging by the results of the midterm elections, progressive CEOs should buckle up, because Tea Party activists are going to give them a very bumpy ride.”

    If the idea actually grows into a full-fledged Tea Party boycott, pro-Obama corporations targeted by the effort could suffer millions in losses depending on the strength of the movement. Certainly an incentive to at least put some distance between themselves and the Democrats.

    FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe says that the protest would even the playing field in which big corporations have a financial incentive for supporting big-government.”

    “For too long, big business elites have leveraged their special interest group politics to profit from the size and growth of government. The poll demonstrates that the days of easy money through back room deals are over,” says Kibbe.
    So what your saying is its ok if Tea Baggers do it but if they given a taste of their own Medicine then some law is broken and its some Major Conspiracy. Yea that sounds about like Tea Bagger logic.

    1. Addie Smith says

      There are a lot less republicans/TeaKlan than there are progressives/liberals.

  39. librtyship says

    The liberals absolutely hate anything that is decent, reliable and effective as such things do not fit in with their plans to turn our country into a third world dictatorship!

  40. jackw97224 says

    We need the list of names of the liberal/leftist/commie/socialist people who are out to deny freedom of speech. We need the names of these commie/socialists who deny “Free to Choose.”

  41. David Jones says

    Will always listen (EVERYDAY) to Rush have since the beginning! LIBTARDS ARE SO STUPID! They really got no one… because LIBTARDS have no good ideas…

  42. Anne Bradley says

    RL deserves to have his voice be heard, yet I would not consider him to be diplomatic and I feel he is a poor example as a communicator. Still, the subject matter he shares is valid essentially. And the bottom line is, we have a free country. These backdoor twitter messaging to his advertisers is dirty, unethical.

  43. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Heppette, you are a perfect example of an OBMABOT!.
    He claims he attended Harvard, BUT NOBODY can remember him
    HE says he is not a muslim but BUT HE was schooled at a MADRASS.
    He waxed lyrical about the sound of the muslim call to prayer!
    He may not be a practicing muslim, BUT it is abundantly clear where his sympathies are

  44. rayhause says

    This crap can become a boomerang if the sponsors want to side with the left, we’ll abandon them if they abandon Rush.

  45. suzeeqbl says

    Rush is the voice of reason. He stands up and is not afraid. We should all follow his example.

  46. jim says

    When the end comes and it will, sooner than most think, these people who support these phonies like George Soros’s will need to be the first to go — I think Rush is a little poppas, but he’s intelligent and I’ll give him all the support he needs to deal with that ignorant lot, Hillary, O-Bummer, Kerry, ” is their no end to the idiots on the Left ” These people couldn’t lead a blind man to water. I prefer men/ women like Allen West , Ron Paul, and Condelesa Rice, I believe they actually mean what they say. I’m wondering what our founding fathers would be thinking of the current people running this country. How could we allow this carpet bagging scum to take over our country and rob us of our freedom. We are just minutes away of that happening just call it national security and its gone, sad but true

    1. Addie Smith says

      So you prefer war mongering, hate mongering, fear mongering fools?

  47. stanbyk1 says

    Yes, good old Barry Soetoro, member of Pastor

  48. stanbyk1 says

    Yes, good old Barry Soetoro, member of Pastor Wright’s parish for 20 years. Remember Pastor Wright. he who said “God damn the United States. Very Christian man of the cloth.

  49. marlio says

    The crazy, dimwitted Liberals will never be able to take down Rush Limbaugh. Rush speaks for the American People and he’s intelligent, and well, the liberals, AREN’T!!! Mark Levin, and Michael Savage also speak for the American people and Sean Hannity to a great extent. Fox News tries to hammerstring Sean I think…

  50. WVF says

    Rush is right, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! Let them try to destroy Rush, because that will be the biggest mistake these commies have ever made! Rush is the best thing to ever happen to broadcast communications. ALL of the other conservative talk show hosts need to thank Rush on a regular basis, because if had not blazed the trail, we would never have heard of any of them. He is a liberals worst nightmare!

  51. greyfox says

    Rush is the man. The only one who tells it like it is and the libs don’t like it. They talk a good game but when it comes to the view from the right it’s game over lights out, we can’t have that. What needs to be stopped is the liberal garbage the liberal lies the liberal ruination of a once great nation. What need to be stopped is the liberal machine of corruption, the Pelosis the Rieds the Obamas the Holders. Therein lies the problem with America, not Rush Limbaugh. Hail to Rush Limbaugh, long may he be a thorn in the side of corrupt liberalism. Liberals and the MSM destroy anyone that dares to disagree with them, Rush has endured all
    of their attempts to discredit him and still tells the truth about them and they can’t stand it.

  52. Dr. Mike Huchital says

    Are we all getting this yet ? The Liiberals are lazy bastards…they went to Canada to evade the draft during Vietnam……..they could have served in another manner but chose to run. They were spoon fed by their parents, parked in front of the TV……and never worked a HARD day in their lives…had they, they would have great appreciation for what Rush says…instead they want free birth control… healthcare, free everything…..and expect someone else to pay for it….what about FREE…DOM . Just wait until the shit hits the fan….they’ll be crying for their Momas to come rescue them. To our entrepreneurs in this country…next time you consider to hire one of these punks…..get a complete resume’. Like what they did in their teenage years to contribute to the household… they have served their country..who paid for their education and who paid, with their lives for their freedom……hey why not try to live in Syria ?

  53. Moose says

    Someone has to counter the presstitutes and MSNBC. Turn about IS fair play unless you’re a libscum !

  54. Benjamin Marcoux says

    “Liberals”—what is ruining this country , “Liberals”—-what turns good into evil, “Liberals” —what destroys the Christian morals of this country , ” Liberals”—what you don’t want to become.

  55. sunshinegirl says

    If Liberals would campaign as hard on getting of Obama who is against America they’d be doing a job that is right. But instead they like hitting someone in the head for speaking the truth about what is happening to America. Go RUSH keep up the good work. You have just as many pulling for you as you have those that want to push you out.

  56. adrianvance says

    Rush Limbaugh is the one clear mind and voice in this nation. No one else has his perspective.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun with facts.

  57. Neil Firkin says

    Rush is a gift from above and he’s not going anywhere…we’ll take care of those liberals Nov. 4th and in 2016…they’re days are numbered.

  58. Diane Robinson says

    I fully agree with donl. There will be a terrible uproar is the left-wing liberals keep pushing this. I don’t they can’t bear hearing the truth, but they are able to convince the low-information crowd who listens to the garbage they spout on the main-stream media, who avoid any articles that reflect badly on their useless Democratic politicians. There are many of us who want the TRUTH and not a bunch of lies. With all the chaos that this president has caused because of his inadequate experience and lack of understanding the consequences it has caused, a few of his devout followers are waking up – hopefully they have enough sense not to vote for Hillary – another politician who has never been to war and showed her true colors during the Benghazi affair and loss of lives because she wasn’t doing her job so how can she possibly handle the presidency. When George Bush was president, they showed the death toll daily on t.v. but there have been more lives lost during Dumbo’s reign and the main-stream media complete ignores it. I, among many others are strong supporters of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. Michael interviewed a sample of the intellect of liberals that showed how dumb they really are. She actually thinks welfare is paid for by Obama – she obviously doesn’t know where hard-working taxpayers money is going. The government keeps getting larger and producing less and less services for the people they are supposed to support.

    1. Diane Robinson says

      Also, brilliant Harry Reid is spending precious time concentrating on changing the name of the Redskins when there are SO MANY IMPORTANT ISSUES FACING AMERICA. Does he actually have a functioning BRAIN?

    2. Addie Smith says

      There is not enough money on this entire planet to use to bribe me to vote for a republican – republicans are evil, vile, fascist putzes who are outdated, old fashioned, outmoded, puritanical, prudish, and totally irrelevant to the 21st century.

  59. kathy says

    Rush is nothing more than a fat, lying, drug addicted blowhard. Family values but married 4 x? It is absolutely unbelievable that he has the followers that he does. I guess it’s true that there is a fool born every minute.

  60. totherightofatilla says

    To quote Col. Nathan Jessup from “A few Good Men”, “you liberals can’t handle the truth”! Also as Rush once said, “the real meaning of the word liberal is coward, afraid to face the truth.” Keep preaching the truth, El Rushbo!!

  61. pjbthree says


  62. MarcJ says

    My standard comment about any political happening starts by this:
    “Liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, “social sciences” professors, environmentalists (whom I call Eco-Nazis), government employees union goons, Democrats, and other bottom-feeders, slime, and scum of this once free nation…”

  63. Becky says

    Liberals pretty much DO have all the control in this country. WHY do you think the United States is in the shape it is right now? We have been functioning under full scale Liberalism (Communism) since the 1960s. Ain’t life grand?

  64. lha says

    The rise and fall of the third Reich should be on the mandatory reading list at all schools

    so that young people can know the process that is happening here in the USA. Hitler started by registering guns,silencing dissent,then confiscating guns,and controlling all speech!!

  65. Scott Mullen says

    I have a theory of what is wrong with america.i am 40 years old,i never followed politics until about a year ago,and quite frankly, i did not care what was happening in america,or in the world in general.occasionally,i would see flashes of the latest world story,and maybe pick up on some sort of scandal,but never really paid any mind.then one day my girlfriend said i should start watching fox if i wanted the truth about what really is going on in the u.s.a. and the,i certainly regard myself as above normal intelligence,but i was stunned at my ignorance of politics in general,it truly scares me after all of the research i have done in the last year or so.i wasn’t sure if i was even democrat or a republican.well,now i know without a doubt that i am pretty far to the right,it is my belief that many americans are like i was before my enlightenment.the fact that the m.s.m. is brainwashing most ignorant,regular,everyday americans,is scary.we the people need to put a stop to this,and right away.the more i learn about the left the less i like them.frankly,something truly must be damaged in their brains to look at most things the way they do.also,the political correctness is another problem with this country.if you can’t even call something by what it is,it is seriously disturbing.myself,i say f.u. to p.c. just my thoughts.

  66. ramrodd says

    Rush, Hannity and Levin are the controlled opposition who are working to open the US Constitution
    thru an Article V….a Con con

  67. Robert Freedom says

    I present the biggest hammer you can get to squash liberals and it is FREE and and and Also google NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY and THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS and IS THE IRS PART OF THE U.S. GOVERENMENT? same question at Use it NOW

  68. ABBAsFernando says

    VILE LIBERAL SCUM FEAR those who call them on their PROPAGANDA. People like Sarah Palin, and others. Rush Limbaugh has been attacked before. Rush is very intelligent and this too will fail and Rush will be enriched.

  69. hepette . says

    it will be so good to get rid of this gutter tripe sleazebag!

  70. defiant1 says

    Media Matters is radical lefty trash, just like WaPo. No one will keep me from Rush and Levin, they are the most informative and educational of the lot! I started listening to Rush in early 90’s after his TV show. I credit him with helping me use my conservative core values to stand strong and fight a fraudulent work environment. Savage speaks the absolute truth with strong gut-level words and knowledge, although you have to understand his ego and his growling comes with……… We have the local Chris Plante Show mornings daily in DC metro, and he is terrific.

  71. ramrodd says

    These people are the controlled opposition who refuse debate in their push for an Article V
    to open the US Constitution..
    These are the same guys who have been undercutting the true numbers of illegal aliens
    in the USA…they been pounding the lie of 11-12 million illegals for years even after being
    informed of studies suggesting up to 38 million illegals here..
    These are the same guys who stood behind Premature/Unfair Trade Treaties shipping
    jobs from the US to all parts of the world..

    These are the guys who preach one thing while they do the opposite!!

  72. TwoEagles Solar says

    Leave Rush alone !

  73. Mike Stern says

    Let’s dump Rush, His offensive remarks are part of the neo-con hate propaganda against people of color, immigrants, people of non0standard sexual persuasion, women, older people, anyone of any religion other than bible-belt Christian, and anyone who has compassion for the poor and/or the handicapped. It is not against the first amendment to let his sponsors know that we won’t purchase products made by a company that sponsors his show. Obviously, you want to spread lies about liberals, but when people like me respond t5o your propaganda that implies that you actually LIKE what Limbaugh is saying, it’s a blow against you. CRUSH RUSH!

    1. headonstraight says

      A M E N !!!

  74. jackw97224 says

    Mark Clemens

    It was you who used the terms that the colonists used to
    express their disdain for Tories. So, I merely pointed out the fact of how you
    identified Jackson with Torie Terms. If Jackson were to have any embarrassment and
    shame, then he might have “cut you down where you stood.” Ya shot yourself in the foot ol’ sport. Ya trapped yourselfelf with your own words.

    Dangerous Words: ‘I Believe in Freedom, But . . .’—/

    September 30, 2014
    Editorial By Richard Ebeling
    Can Interest Ever Be Repaid in a Credit
    Based Society?

    The devaluation of gold
    July 15, 2005
    Paul van Eeden

  75. jackw97224 says

    Mark Clemens
    Time to money where your moiuth is.

    OK, here is the challenge, Call the Red Eye Radio fellas, Eric Harley and Gary McNamara, and try to sell your protective tariff idea. And let me know what day in October you are going to call. I am looking forward to an “October surprise.”

    Contact Information
    Red Eye Radio
    13725 Montfort Drive, Dallas, TX 75240
    Studio – 866-90-REDEYE
    Office: 972-991-9200
    Fax: 972-458-7107

    Website/Applications Support
    Show Feedback/Comments
    Show Host: Eric Harley
    Show ost: Gary McNamara
    Show Producer: Brian Kane
    National Advertising
    Affiliate Relations

    You are being called out dude any I am can’t wait to listen to you hear Eric and Harley debate you.

  76. Martin Mayberry says

    Rush rules and is correct in what he says!

  77. MARYSWEET says

    This is why it is so important for ALL conservatists to VOTE this November. It’s way past time to start getting the trash out of DC. Talk to all your conservatists friends and encourage them to vote. WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE GOING TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. Rush has put his neck out there all these years now we can thank him by taking out the trash in DC.

  78. mesaman says

    For facts uncovered by those with integrity, then it’s Rush Limbaugh. For manure for your crops then it’s the liberal media and you can name any number of manure heavy sites.

  79. Bob Barton says

    Liberals can’t distinguish the difference between the truth and BS.

  80. marlio says

    Rush supporters will not be dissuaded of their views by a few immature, snot nosed, ill informed, brats who have been reared by parents who employed nannies to care for them, because they were too busy attempting to pay a rat infested, corrupted game at the national level. Truth and goodness will prevail because most Americans, unlike obama are Christians and the truth will always prevail!

  81. adrianvance says

    This is not news. It has been going on since he began and it only makes him bigger as more tune in to see what so many are complaining about!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  82. Jeff Horton says

    The Liberal media and Antigunners also distort the story about the Santa Knifeman and Gunman. Talking only about the three that were shot. And the three whom were knifed by the same man never a mention. I guess in their eyes the deaths of the three that were knifed were less tragic. At least we hear another side from Rush. In fact it is a more sain broadcast.

  83. headonstraight says

    Do not take Rash Lamebrain off the air. He is good for too many laughs! His nutterances are downright comical.

  84. Tiger says

    There have been those trying to shut him down for years and the more they try the stronger he gets. When you have O and others mentioning him then you know he is rubbing their fur the wrong way and ours the right.

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