Can Paul Ryan Live Up to the Hype?


If you listen to Republicans in Washington, Rep. Paul Ryan is the political equivalent of Clark Kent, ready to duck into a phone booth and emerge as the super hero they need to unite the splintered House of Representatives. And now, after weeks of flattery, Ryan is ready to finally take to the skies.

“I am ready and eager to be our speaker,” Ryan said in a letter to Republicans this week. “We can show the country what a commonsense conservative agenda looks like.”

Of course, Superman never needed to have his conditions met before agreeing to save the day.

Technically, neither did Ryan, though he did try. Upon announcing that he would bear the burden of becoming the most powerful Republican in the country, Ryan said that there were a few stipulations standing in the way. One, he wanted support from all three House factions. Two, he wasn’t going to fly all over creation raising funds for the party. Three, he wanted to change the rules so that hardline conservatives couldn’t demand his removal.

Ryan secured the support, and his fellow Republicans are presumably willing to let him work the Speakership position without turning it into a drain on his family.

On the third condition, though, he failed to secure any firm assurances. Freedom Caucus conservatives, still skeptical of Ryan’s superhero status, wanted to maintain some power in case Ryan turned out to be Lex Luthor…or worse, John Boehner 2.0. Even so, the conference’s members voted to support Ryan by a two-thirds majority.

There’s still to be an open House vote on the 29th, but the results are all but academic. Assuming that Ryan doesn’t come down with a case of McCarthy Blunder Disease between now and then, his path to the position is clear.

The question is: Can he live up to the hype?

Ryan was tapped not because he’s a fierce conservative who will run roughshod over the Democratic Party, but because he’s the guy that everyone kinda likes. In a party with increasingly deep fractures, he’s the only one who has a prayer of securing some weak form of unity.

It should probably worry conservatives that Ryan was universally endorsed by the top three Democrats in Washington. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have all praised the former vice presidential candidate.

Ryan may not be Boehner 2.0, but it’s clear that he’s far more amenable to bipartisan compromise than the rowdy members of the Freedom Caucus. He’s won their support by promising to only bring major bills to the floor if they are supported by the majority of the GOP reps, but he may have a different definition of the word “major” than the hardliners.

In any event, compromise isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a bad thing the way it’s been used by the Republican leadership. If Ryan can outline a real strategy that uses compromise as a tool to push conservatism forward, he’s the right man for the job. If he views compromise like the last guy – fight and fight and then completely surrender at the last minute – then someone better have some kryptonite at the ready.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    They’ve ALL ducked into outdoor shit houses and ALL come out with their own line of SHIT! I no longer trust ANY damned politician!!!

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    2. MAHB001 says

      DC is s cesspool of corruption, it is only a matter of time before one ends up corrupt.

      Term limits for their own good.

      1. maxx says

        Way too late for term limits. The immediate problem demands more immediate actions.

        1. MAHB001 says

          We must continue to try….

          Term Limits is a possible solution, even if it is the American People that imposes them via voting,.. (that is if our votes are still counted.)

    3. movingwaters says

      Believe it or not, there are a few really good ones; genuine statesman who can see clearly and are not political prostitutes. Pray for them.

      1. Bruce Wayne says

        paul ryan took 5.1 million dollars to give away american jobs and you can bet that he’s also taking money for the open border policy to give american culture to anyone who wants to come here and take our jobs with tax payer support against the wishes of those very taxpayers………….paul is about taxpayers without tax payer representation…………

        1. movingwaters says

          I spoke my opposition to Paul Ryan/taxpayer funded economic and cultural suicide in another post. The subject of the article is Paul Ryan. I should have specified to you that Paul Ryan is NOT one of the “genuine statesmen who can see clearly.” A lot of Senators are whores with 3 day workweeks and the ability to incorporate family and friends into their rape of the American people. It was probably better in the early days when Governors of a state selected the Senator. That plan probably made Senators a little more accountable to the public.

          One name for the Speaker position has never surfaced. Mark Meadows of my own state courageously opposed the Republican establishment. He lost a subcommittee chairmanship that Boehner had to reinstate only because of pressure/phone calls from the public. No doubt he would be divisive as he does represent the people. Congress can’t seem to function without the slow suicide of “compromise” of the American people’s hopes to even survive. So I would take a divisive but courageous “greener” Congressman over one who has had many years of playing the system. I would prefer Gohmert over Ryan by a mile. Also Brat from Virginia. One name that never comes up is Walter Jones from NC. He is eminently sensible, and a genuine real deal Christian who is wise. All that said, I do believe that a truly good Speaker who represented the people would have family or themselves murdered by the powers that be. That is why I said we, I, really should be increasingly faithful in prayer for the good ones.

          1. maxx says

            As you say there are many people more conservative than Ryan but a true conservative is NOT what the GOP wants. You are absolutely right about senators being elected or appointed by the governor of each state. When that was the law a bad senator could be fired; unlike now, no matter what they do they can’t even be impeached. The 17th Amendment is what took a states authority to appoint federal legislators away from the state government. This is the one that took accountability of members of Congress to their constituents away from those constituents.

          2. Bruce Wayne says

            OK, well then since you brought prayer into the conversation, I would add that the bible encourages us to pray for all our leaders “that it might be well with us”, yet, praying for some of these crooks is just so difficult…I think God may have a way of correcting the crooked ones when we pray for them. As for Paul Ryan, I think God might put lots of guilt on his mind. But I just have given up entirely for voting for any of the republicans……….and they seem to be changing tracks even more as they lose support from conservative people.:

            For instance, conservatives went right along with what I call the slave trade agreements that sent millions of tax paying, healthcare supporting jobs to china and mexico. And after those jobs went, as people went completely broke and homeless by the millions, the Republicans seem to be surprised at how many people now look toward government for social services for housing, food, healthcare and education.

            Then, most republicans repeatedly allowed tens of millions of illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. so they can have taxpayer funded slaves working around their ranches. And again, these people coming in tend to have two to three times the size familly as traditional Americans and they also tend to look for and expect social programs to support them…………the end result of all of this betrayal is a massive move toward socialism which will then lead to communism and worse as the socialists will then buckle down on freedoms and overpopulate our country with poor people so, like hillary, they can have poor people to champion.

            as for good senators being elected by the governor, take rhode Island and the recent debacle which stole 75 million plus taxpayer dollars for an insider deal which seemed to target the taxpayers from the very start……a huge state rip off of taxpayer dollars in a cruel game under the direction of republican Governor Carcieri and then another governor Chafee, who never even seemed to know that he was not a real conservative. Neither of those governors were or are capable of electing a good senator in this state of sanctuary cities.

            I went by a local mall last month and there were about ten migrants painting the outside of this outdoor mall… It was very obvious that they were likely all illegals and one knows that higher up there is some American contractor pocketing huge dollars to employ these taxpayer funded slaves………these jobs would normally go to AMericans who pay taxes and support their family’s but those people can not generally get the help from social programs which seem to be reverse racist oriented by public officials who enrich themselves while betraying white AMericans.
            The best we can do is record in the annals of our history such betrayals so that later when one asks what happened to the U.S., we can point to these greedy monsters of which Paul Ryan is a willing participant.

            Watch, by next year at this time we will be being flooded by Islamic radicals from Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Indonesia as we let our government get away with the worst betrayal of modern times……………Obama and Hillary should be in Jail and Kerry should be in Handcuffs………..

            I get to the point of thinking it would be healthier to not read the news at all.

          3. movingwaters says

            Both parties are led by totally evil globalist traitors who are intent on bringing the NWO out of the chaos, hunger, disease and famine that they cause so they can insist we have a NWO of global tyranny with them and their legislation writing global megacorporations controlling all the resources, including human, on the planet. People and nations will have to give up their self determination and go along with the Communist hypocrite Poop Francis. This is happening rapidly. I don’t disagree with anything you said, except for I have been keeping up with Congressional actions for a very long time, and I know for a fact there are good ones. The problem with America is complacent Americans and their PC brainwiped offspring. Less than 2% of conservatives write/call/email Congress on even the most major issues, like OvomitCare. Funding has to come from the House of Representatives, and voters could make a difference there. Conservatives got real active against McCain’s shamnesty about 10 years ago. We worked hard, and we killed it with less than 2% of registered voters being active. If 5 % of voters would have kept up with at least one or two issues on the honest news sites, we would have a different country. But they won’t. America is dead. I contact my reps less often than I used to because I think it is not effective having the same old voices being heard. Don’t blame you for feeling like it might be healthier to avoid the news. I only get mine on the better sites of the internet. People who actually rely on Fox News as being anything more than a little bit better than the competition have my sympathy. I won’t watch it at all. Last month I nearly canceled my internet. Soon, I will. The Bible is more fun.

  2. MAHB001 says

    It will only take one or two days to find out if Ryan represents the people or the establishment.

    My bet is he represents the establishment.

    1. movingwaters says

      It doesn’t need one or two days. Ryan represents the establishment. He is for incentivizing the flooding of the USA with people who do not share our values, but expect handouts from the monies that should be going to Americans who have either paid into the system for decades or paid with their blood and body parts for our trumped up wars.

      1. jackrussell says

        And, he is HORRIBLE on 2nd amendment issues. Voted to uphold D.C.’s gun bans, voted for mandatory trigger locks. Voted that guns taken out of pawn had to be registered. Nothing conservative or even Republican about those positions.

    2. Jimmy Quick says


      1. MAHB001 says

        I feel you are correct… The system is corrupt, Politicians now control the machine and no longer need the people to impose their will…

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        Joseph Stalin

        Spreading of truth is the most effective thing I can think of.

      2. maxx says

        Bingo! The program that Obama and Lynch just took to the U.N. is proof of their plan for us.
        The “safe cities program” invented by Obama is all about using the U.N. military arm to become the global police force right here in America. Obama has flooded the country with illegals that are coming for handouts and when they don’t get them they will show their true agenda; crime and chaos. Obama and Holder have been ginning up “racism” since 2009 with the help of the media and Sharpton & Jackson Inc. The DOJ is already controlling many local police departments. The Black Lives Matter is just part of that show. Search the web for “safe cites program”. As reported recently by Breitbart the Canadian press has exposed the U.N. plan that is now in place to come to American soil with the invitation of Obama circumventing Congress again. Any military force that invades American soil are our enemy. Obama has no authority to do any of this but he continues to move ahead. He only has until Jan 20, 2017 to finish his destruction of America. I’m sure the Blue Helmets are just giddy waiting for Obama to cause enough chaos that he can declare martial law and invite them in.

        1. movingwaters says

          Obama promised to have the most transparent administration ever. I feel that he is living up to that promise. He told the low infos that he wanted a domestic army as big as our standing army, and no one blinked. He said he did not like the Constitution because it did not allow for redistribution of wealth, and America voted to let him redistribute all over the world. I guess they thought he was putting other people’s money in their pockets. He said America is one of the biggest Muslim nations in the world, and he has been bringing that about the entire time in office. He said we have 57 states. I am sure we will soon found out the names of the new ones. He promised that under his administration your electric rates would necessarily “go through the roof”. Recent EPA rulings to further cripple coal, which provides 40% of our electricity, should soon steadily accomplish that. Many elements of OvomitCare won’t go into effect until 2016. I have read them and understand why that was expedient for him.

          The thing about the NWO totalitarian elites is that they appear to have some kind of perverted moral system, like Satan, that requires your cooperation in your demise. They tell you what they are going to do to you, but you have to have “ears to hear”.

          1. MAHB001 says

            0bama lied about the transparency too…

            It would be safe to say that 0bama has never told the truth about anything… Including his silly birth certificate.

    3. maxx says

      You are absolutely correct. I have been watching Ryan for years. His voting record is proof he is a RINO. He claims he doesn’t want the job. That alone is a lie. He has been salivating over the Speaker position for years. His current actions is just good old political theater. He talks the talk but has never walked the walk. Romney chose him as VP running mate because Ryan was a little more conservative than Romney and that isn’t saying much. Ryan will continue the march to Obama’s tune.

    4. Al Bell says

      The first clue was he wanted to change the rule to suit and protect him from being removed. As for the family unfortunately it comes with the job, pursue another line of work if that is his true feelings, tell that to a military person and see what responses we give you as you vote to send us to war. MY FEELINGS ARE HE’S NOT THE PERSON WE WANT IN THAT POSITION BY HIS OWN ADMISSION.


      1. MAHB001 says

        Thank you for your service….

        1. Al Bell says

          TY & It was my pleasure

      2. daveveselenak says

        The people are on their own, Moscow West couldn’t care less about “US”! He is one of them; what we have is a two-headed, one party oligarchy totalitarian regime that is out to enslave the dumb-(m)asses and they are 95% there and only need the confiscation of our guns to achieve that last 5%! States should start forming militias in order for these now elitists to start fearing us = FREEDOM, what we have now is us fearing them = TYRANNY! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=================?! mInr, NSA!

      3. small girl says

        Al Bell First of all thanks for you service. Secondly, you are 1,000 per cent right. this is worst that what they had…he will PROVE that with a month…nothing by a brainless demo, What a waste . Now, we the people of the USA, will continue living under the dictatorship we have been this past seven yrs and the murdering of the innocent will continue and their profits on the body parts of these unborn angels. SOOOOO unacceptable…might as well turn the next four years again to them.

        1. Al Bell says

          TYVM, again my pleasure. The saying of “Don’t wake the sleeping Giant ” has woefully been ignored by the Liberal, Progressive, Socialists in America. The head of the DNC couldn’t even answer the question of what’s the difference between a Socialist & a Democrat. Bernie Sanders is an openly running Socialist and the GOP is no better. We have several Congressman that ran on Conservative platforms and switched quicker than an afternoon Thunderstorm. Senator Tillis from my state was one of the fastest to turn. Take for instance the Terrible Trio who have helped almost all of POTUS’s agenda: LYNDSEY GRAHAM~ SC, ORIN HATCH ~ UT & JEFF FLAKE ~AZ, they were the ones to allow Loretta Lynch to continue the Obama/Holder agenda driven DOJ. Then Tillis has moved right in step with them, in fact there’s a committee made up of those 4 now (unbelievable) . It would have happened at some point in time because the LEFT feel they know what’s best for all of us better than we do and the RIGHT just keep playing pacifists and believe they as well know better than us what’s good for us. Obama has just exacerbated the timeline by his actions/inactions, EO’s & agenda. (Sorry I digress) . The Giant silent American masses are slowly getting organized and openly challenging things as well as other actions being taken, the majority of us Veterans take our oaths very seriously (We are coming together with other Patriots of the U.S.) and will help to ensure protection from ALL ENEMIES: DOMESTIC as well as Foreign, just because we no longer wear our uniforms doesn’t mean we quit defending our Country . Americans are finally speaking out loud and meaning it on TERM LIMITS, NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS! The Giant is awakened, it just takes some time to get that big of a body up, coordinated & moving forward but when it is it’s a force like no other. Keep the faith, challenge your Representation at all levels, remind them THEY ARE OUR VOICES NOT THIERS & THEY CAN AND WILL BE REPLACED OR JAILED IF NECESSARY! It’s time for America to retake its former Values, Principles, Greatness and World Leading Powers once again! If it TAKES TEARING DOWN OUR GOVERNMENT AND STARTING OVER USING OUR CONSTITUTION, then so be it. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS SAW THIS COMING (to a large extent) That’s why our Constitution was written the way it was and there are plenty of us readying and willing to enforce the 2nd Ammendment as written (paraphrased) to FORM A WELL REGULATED MILITIA TO TAKE BACK OUR OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT. Ryan and the rest of them can go try to find a real job and see how they survive and how much family time they have when working 2 or 3 jobs to support those families. They’re elected SERVANTS OF WE THE PEOPLE & THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THAT! (Sorry so long winded small girl & anyone who reads this )

          PS ~ As a sidenote The House of Representatives has not and was not scheduled to work a 5 day work week the entire year of 2015

      4. Swampfox1965 says

        He’s not the person we need, Al, but he’s the one we’re gonna get. Like the Republicans versus the Democrats, the real conservatives in the House caved to the moderate/liberal wing of the party.

        How sad!!

        Another infuriated U. S. Navy veteran.

        1. Al Bell says

          Unfortunately you are correct Fox, this Government has long ago failed the sanity test! TYVM for your service & view.
          Fair Winds & Following Seas my fellow Navy Brother Veteran!

          1. Swampfox1965 says

            And thanks for YOUR service, Al. We may not be able to fight with ships and planes any more, but we can certainly fight with our keyboards.

            As CAPT James Lawrence, Skipper of USS CHESAPEAKE, said as he lay dying on deck during the War of 1812, “DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP!”

            America is definitely “down” right now, but she ain’t out!

            Keep up the good work!!

    5. Penny Fuentes says

      You are correct, he is establishment republican, who believes in controlling the conservatives, ryan is beohner jr.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I hope he is not successful.

    6. 7papa7 says

      He definitely is NO conservative. He endorsed the gang of 8 plan on immigration and he has voted to raise the debt ceiling for example. He will NOT be a good speaker and I expect him to bow at the alter of obama just as Boehner, McConnell, Reid and Pelosi have done. I expect the same ole cr@p we have had for 6.5 years.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I would say that he will have a rockier road than Boehner did if that is the case…

        The Republicans are fed up with corrupt politicians and doing something about it…

        The Democrats on the other hand think that Hillary being exposed as a liar is the best week of her life….

        1. 7papa7 says

          The republicans need to get there head out of there butts and put a conservative with a backbone in the Speakers chair. We don’t need a negotiator we need a fighter who will stand up for the conservative values that the republicans were built on.

    7. Raskin karen says

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  3. MAHB001 says

    All I know is it is time for the Republican part to be damned for doing things…

    We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t..

    Boehner tried not doing anything and all he did was support 0bama.

    Time to start making the Democrats own their policies.

    1. MikeS says

      If you pick a side on anything, you will be wrong and/or ridiculed half the time. If you do not pick a side (compromise) you will be wrong and/or ridiculed all the time.

      1. onelordwon says

        Certain things should NEVER be compromised, and because of it the NATION has been compromised.

  4. MikeS says

    I agree with those who are skeptical. Ryan is about compromise. The voters are tired of that. That was a boehner thing. He is also very shrewd about hiding things in the paperwork. The voters are not going to like that. I see alot of boehner only more dishonest.

  5. oudbob says

    Paul Ryan and those who vote for him are Rino scum

  6. MikeS says


  7. jscarano7 says


    1. onelordwon says

      As much as I stand behind 98% of what Cruz states, his voiced views, he is a World Banker Glibalist and a Bilderberger

  8. movingwaters says

    Please call your Congressman and say not to Paul Ryan. He is just another political fixer to implement the plans of the globalists. We have several people who would be better.

  9. James Glover says

    What in the hell is the matter with Republicans today. Get with the program people Ryan is not who we need as Speaker. He is just another party hack and Rino like Boehner.

  10. Bruce Wayne says

    paul Ryan does not care about AMerican jobs or culture. He is all for unlimmitted imigration or open borders where Americans pay for anyone who wants to come here in the form of much higher taxces and american job loss to foreigners……….Paul took 5.1 million dollar bribe to pass the tpp job loss proposal

  11. Gerald Smith says

    Ryan is a liberal in sheep’s clothing and not very well disguised at that. He has been a faithful Boehner lieutenant, always eager to justify/explain the latest GOP cave-in to Obummer, demonstrably soft on illegal immigration/amnesty, and he has failed to follow through on promises he has made such as repealing Obamacare. If he’s such a whiz with numbers, I can’t figure out why he hasn’t figured out that illegals cost our country billions of dollars annually.

  12. Lorraine E says

    We do not need another RINO (rubber stamp of approval for BHO’s agenda) as the speaker for the GOP. What is wrong with conservative republicans that they would even consider Ryan? Why are they even considering a Boehner clone?

    1. maxx says

      Unfortunately there are not enough “conservative republicans” in either chamber to effect anything. Since 2014 we the conservative people have ben losing in the Senate and House because the democommies beat the republicans by simply filibustering everything. When the republicans tried that Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option to put a stop to that. McConnell has refused to do the same thing so consequently the democRats are still controlling both chambers and technically are the majority holders.

  13. proudtexan62 says

    I hate to say it because at one time I trusted Paul Ryan but he is definitely attached at the hip to the Establishment in Washington. I don’t think he is as much a coward as Boehner was and is but he could even be worse and that’s what is very concerning to me.

  14. Dee Glover says

    I say NO on Paul Ryan he is like Boehner……………

  15. Mike says

    He asks for too much – Ryan most likely establishment pawn

  16. gmhunt4 says

    The “true” Constitutional Conservatives will be sorry they supported Ryan as Speaker. He is a moderate at best and will be no better than Boehner. He will sale our Country down the river helping Obama every step of the way. Look for a comprehensive immigration bill, aka “amnesty” in the near future. He will pass the bill to take illegal alien out of all government documents, is in the house now

  17. Penny Fuentes says

    We must not let ryan happen, it is easier to stop him now than get rid of him after.

  18. Ken Trefaller says

    It Pelosi and Reid are for Ryan I want nothing to do with him. Wake up America

  19. daveveselenak says

    It depends on whose hype you are referring to, if it is the peevish little imp Reid and our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s hype then I would definitely say that he can live up to the hype and even surpass it!

  20. OWEN jhonson says


  21. Larry says

    Ryan is not a true conservative he is a RINO and will sell out the republican party and conservatives. Don’t let him dictate control of the House. NO NO NO!!!!!

  22. John Williams says

    you listen to Republicans in Washington, Rep. Paul Ryan is the
    political equivalent of Clark Kent – See more at:

  23. snowyriver says

    Paul Ryan is endorsed by Obama and Harry Reid. What does that tell you?

  24. pmbalele says

    How Repubs can put Paul Ryan as their leader. The guy is never tells the truth. During the 2012 presidential run, Paul lied to Wisconsin people that Obama had caused the Janesville plant to close in 2008. Obama was not even president at that time. And here they are GOP want to crown Ryan as GOP king. No doubt I now agree with Trump who calls Repubs as stupid people.

  25. robert prir says

    I think less of Paul Ryan than I do Hillary ….. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  26. Jimmy King says

    ONCE AGAIN, the party has caved. Is the republican party past its useful life?

  27. Marvin Zeichner says

    Those lousy polititions in Congress don’t represent the people anymore and haven’t for a long time.

  28. FreedomTrainUSA says

    He is a Boehner Clone….and will be Worse than Boehner….

  29. otoman says

    The fact that Boehner, Pelosi, and Reid are promoting him. I DON’T WANT HIM. And I trust Boehner less than I do Pelosi and Reid!

  30. rowleya says

    GOP has lost again

  31. onelordwon says

    Ryan represents Obama and the Progressive agenda PERIOD

    1. Reality Check says

      if Ryan is progressive, you must be Neanderthal.

      1. onelordwon says

        He is and if you can’t grasp that, you must be the backside of a mule

  32. Ken says

    a conservative from wi, Ryan is a waste of skin. Sensenbrenner is a good heads down worker. Ryan is just like rand paul. A yipping pup who does nothing.

  33. Greg says

    Paul Ryan is a Democraptic ASS KISSER!! He is a carbon copy of Boehner the TRAITOR!! No way should he become the Speaker of the House!!!!!!!!!

  34. dominke says

    He is another Boehner and most people that follow congress knows this. It is like every other action taken in congress to feed more BS to the people to keep them quiet.

  35. jalee says

    wrong person for the job.

  36. D. Mark says

    He is pro-illegal immigration and he will cause more problems that solutions? VOTE NO FOR PAUL RYAN AS SPEAKER!

    1. onelordwon says

      He’s also Pro Gay and that means ultimately an attack on religious freedom

  37. Reality Check says

    FO the 40n members of the “Freedom Caucus” are just paid shills of the Koch brothers.
    if you look at WHO financed them in their campaigns, it was either Koch directly or a Koch super PAC.

    Tell me cons, HOW is that them working FOR YOU?

    “Club for Growth and Koch nurtured Freedom Caucus”

    Read more:

  38. adrianvance says

    Sadly, Paul Ryan is getting a big dose of the RINO virus in form of promises of great wealth, foreign number accounts, etc. Will he take them up on it. History says yes.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  39. HankBar says

    Ryan has demanded full support, so when he continues the lame Boehner legacy he can say, well you selected me, you knew my terms. You knew I was a snake when you took me in.

  40. Ddenney1 says

    What hype?? Bone Head shove ANOTHER DEBT CEILING down our throats and Ryano gets to cry foul for 18 months!!!! NO BACK DOOR deals!!! Why should congress give up the only leverage left with the purse!!! Debt and spending needs to be item by item to hold the Resident to SOMETHING!!!

  41. Swampfox1965 says

    Paul Ryan is not that much different from Boehner. I heard someone refer to them as “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    I fear we are for a long, devastating wait for January 2017.

    1. Swampfox1965 says

      “We can show the country what a commonsense conservative agenda looks

      Sorry, Paul, but after the depredations on our freedoms and liberties at the hands of the Obamanables, assisted by Boehner and company, we can’t afford a “common sense conservative agenda” — we need a radically conservative agenda to undo the damage inflicted by Obama and Company (including some RINOs).

  42. fred says

    I’m in the “anybody but bonehead-Boehner” camp…let’s see if Ryan is for the People or not…give him a chance, we may all be pleasantly surprised by his actions.

  43. pianobill says

    If Harry Reid wants him to be speaker, that’s reason enough that he SHOULD NOT be speaker.

  44. geneww1938 says

    Even if he could, he will not represent our interest in the Constitution, Our USA patriots, our legal working citizens and differently not the legal senior citizen who earned their promised full Social Security.

  45. Richard Daugherty says

    What is this complete JERK!! even doing in office??

  46. Master Blaster Pursel says

    left my 14 month old Son, and my wife of two and a half years when I
    went to Viet Nam for 12 months. I was in the Delta and we DID NOT have
    Email, texting, Internet, cell phones and limited access to a phone to
    call the States and IF you got an operator and IF she could put the call
    through, you could talk with your family. Representative Ryan your
    comments about time with your family sends a message
    of “Lack of Commitment”!! HAVEN’T WE ALREADY HAD ENOUGH OF THAT WITH
    THIS ADMINISTRATION AND CONGRESS??? Man up and drop out, like a man
    would do… While I admire you for wanting to be with your family,
    Military personnel don’t have that choice. If you are setting rules for

  47. Bender says

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  48. Al Hanson says

    compromise with the enemy is NOT acceptable…I’m afraid that his endorsement by pelosi and reed says way more to me than perhaps it should…but I expect ryan (a GOP elite tool) to push obutthead’s illegal amnesty along with tinkering with obutthead care rather than replacing it and other GOP elite shit like that…after all his money backers want cheap labor, and insurance companies want govt protection from losses caused by obutthead care….and we all know money talks

  49. Swampfox1965 says

    Boehner and Ryan = Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Not an iota of difference between ’em.

  50. Anthony Manzo says

    Paul I have one question for you.What are you a more loyal Republican or a more loyal AMERICAN. To HELL with the stupid conservative Republicans. ( when was the last time a real conservative Republican

    was elected president) Wake up Paul, the enemy is the Clintons. Remember it was Ross Peroit who got Bubba elected twice. If they win this time Adios to America and the stupid Republican Party. From where I stand the last part of that statement not a bad idea.

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