“Careless” is Not the Word For What Clinton Did


Knowing he couldn’t describe Hillary Clinton’s actions as “negligent” without running into a discrepancy between the law and his recommendations, FBI Director James Comey chose to characterize her email choices as “extremely careless.” A concern for voters? Perhaps. But not a concern for the Justice Department.

The American people are left to conclude that, as long as an individual does not specifically intend to sell national security secrets to our enemies, they can treat classified information however they want. Leave top secret missives in the break room. Post sensitive intelligence to your blog. As long as you didn’t “intentionally” sabotage national security, you’re fine.

Well, that’s not actually the standard, and anyone other than the presumptive Democratic nominee would be held accountable for what Hillary Clinton did. We all know that.

But even if we accept that the standard is what Comey says it is, Clinton is still guilty. Because there was nothing “careless” about the way she set up her email system. In fact, she went out of her way to cautiously and deliberately thwart State Department rules regarding the use of email. She relied on multiple private servers, warned agency IT staff to look the other way, and failed to abide by regulations requiring her to turn her emails over at the end of her term. None of this happened by accident.

Furthermore, her tried-and-true excuse regarding classified emails is threadbare and ridiculous. As Paul Ryan put it in a Washington Post op-ed: “It wasn’t just Clinton’s job to know what was classified – it was her job to decide what was classified. As secretary of state, Clinton was granted original classification authority, which gave her power to determine what is top-secret material.”

Not only does this erase the legitimacy of her “it wasn’t marked at the time” excuse, it turns that excuse against her. It’s like eating raw chicken and then blaming Purdue when you get sick. It was your job to cook the thing, idiot.

Ryan is currently pressuring intelligence officials to block Clinton from receiving security briefings. Presidential nominees are traditionally allowed in on these briefings after the conventions so they aren’t scrambling to catch up after the election. Ryan says that Clinton’s history should disqualify her from enjoying that privilege.

But that’s really small potatoes. After all this, Clinton isn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

The larger issue is her judgement in general. The larger issue is that she really didn’t make a “mistake” in the first place. She made a conscious, active choice to prioritize her privacy and convenience over national security. It’s that choice that should seriously worry voters.

  1. brooklynjoe says

    But after all is said and done, “Sleazery” get’s away without criminal charges yet again!

    1. grafra102 says

      brooklynjoe: IT’S NOT OVER YET!!!

  2. Elly says

    All I can say is God Bless America and help us all if this woman is elected to the White House. I see it as the end of this once great nation. Obama’s has almost destroyed our country but he’ll leave it up to Hillary to finish his agenda.

    1. pmbalele says

      i love the Clintons back to the WH. You remember the glory we had during Bill Clinton as president. We had a surplus. Bush II squandered the surplus. Now did you hear Trump pick today? Pence – ugly, short and fat man. Trump left Ms. Rice in the cold. Better for Trump to pack up and go home to NY to his wives. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence looks like a retard. Look he short and fat like Trump. Compare that with Obama pick – Joe Biden. Both are tall and good looking. Americans love to elect good looking presidents. Trump/Pence ticket is done a failure. GOP might as well fold and go home. Let’s prepare for Hillary to take over from President Obama. Vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am

      1. SDofAZ says

        My but you are one hard core lemming! Follow that thought and the fools who think they will have a smooth ride like you are in for one awful surprise! Can’t argue about rino mismanagement though. The career politicians are unaware of the word “BUDGET” on either side of the aisle!

      2. JDW says

        You might want to find out where Billy Boy got the “balanced budget”! Not so happy about the vp pick… If you like the Clintons, take a long vacation in venzuela and let us know what utopia is like!

        1. greenlantern1 says

          Remember “Deficits Don’t Matter”?
          Remember Dick Cheney?
          Gingrich spoke out against that?
          Remember Nixon’s “revenue sharing”?
          Did Gingrich ever speak out against that economic nonsense?

          1. JDW says

            The spiral never seems to end. Deficits do matter, we are at the precipice of no return. Who cares, just give me my bennies!!
            Dickie, two screws loose and the third broke off???
            Nixon, by todays standards, he was a saint. Bad advisors synonymous with McNamara and Kissinger and the crap from Cronkite. All of it to conform to the agenda. Yippi ya hey!!!!

          2. Tired... says

            Nice try, but truth simply doesn’t matter to these people. They are unable to see
            more than one side to any issue.

          3. JDW says

            I wonder, how would they like to live in third world conditions, zenzuela for instance!!!!! Killing dogs, cats, rats, mice, even cockroaches just to survive. Where is my bennies? How about the confiscation of property and goods to support these people. Gotta 3 bedroom house and only using 1 or 2 bedrooms, you are forced out. Get the idea.

          4. Bolt says

            Dear JDW,

            You forgot the first step–for those who had a vacation home or second home, those second homes were confiscated first. When that was not good enough, they then started taking the houses that were larger than those who owned/lived in them were taken.

            And BHO and his Cabal let slip a couple of times that Venezuela was a good model to strive for. There was a video shot that showed Venezuelan troops shooting people at a voting station during the election to name Hugo President for Life. I saw that video once before it was censored from US news. Van Jones at his finest.

          5. JDW says

            Short and sweet!! The end results would be poverty, hunger, no civil rights. We are very near that precipice now. A no vote for Trump is a vote for the Venezuelan way of life. That is what the NWO and Clinton have for us.

          6. Bolt says

            Well, JDW,

            It has started all over again. I am being called all sorts of vile things by the HRC army. They don’t get that I have been called everything that they can think of.

            My bottom line is very clear: I am an American from the South. I am a mixed race American. I am an equal opportunity accuser American.

            You interested in discussing ideas, ideals and principles, I am your guy. Oh, I am Catholic and have taken on more tan my share of priests for their failure to teach from the Bible and their Liberation Theology baloney, courtesy of the Society of Jesus. No, I do not let them get away with it, either.

            Fidel and Raul are Jesuit trained. Gotta love it, right?

          7. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            In the beginning was it John Adams who was very concerned about the Society of Jesus being in United States?

          8. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            I am not aware that John Adams had raised a flag about Jesuits, but it would seem to me to be a bit of an anomaly. Why? Because John Adams was a quintessential statist who believed himself to be morally and intellectually superior to us poor folk who felts that we could do just fine on our own. Just think, you had who was considered one of the brightest in the independence movement (Jefferson) espousing the view that “less government is better government” and you have the New Englanders a la John Adams of the view that they knew what was best for us.

            Nothing has changed. John Adams may have warned about Jesuits, but Adams had his own Jesuit-like solution from the top. I see little distinction.

            And while Jefferson maintained the then current facade of slavery, his personal actions regarding Nancy Hemings and her brother spoke of a quite different solution.

          9. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Dear Bolt.

            I found a little something online about this.at americamagazine.org. As you probably know, after the death of Adams’s wife, he and Jefferson began a correspondence which continued through the remainder of their lives.

            Adams was concerned about the reappearance of the Jesuits He was concerned that they would come in swarms in disguise. He wrote “If ever there was a body of men who merited damnation on earth and in Hell, it is this society of Loyola’a.”

            Adams was a freethinker. The Jesuits were founded on obedience. That obedience was to the Catholic Church, a foreign power. Their mission was a counter-reformation and reassertion of Catholic political power. This was of concern to him for these reasons for fear the Church would become so powerful that it would assert political power over the United States Nevertheless, he concluded that this country was compelled by its system of religious toleration “to offer them an asylum”.

            Adams was not in favor of any one religious or other faction taking over the United States, as far as I know. He was a New England Protestant, but I am not aware he ever advocated that his sect take over the government. Please share a reference for me to read if there is evidence otherwise.

            And as to Jefferson, please expound on your view that he had another solution. Do you mean he freed them?

          10. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            Thanks for the cite. I know that Adams ans Jefferson had a long rivalry and corresponded. I also know that Jefferson swore that he would outlive Adams, which he did,…by a matter of hours.

            I also am somewhat familiar with the Jesuits and their history in the New World. Interesting that Adams would use “asylum” in reference to the Jesuits. I am going to pull Malachi Martin’s volume on the Jesuits to see if there is anything about Adams’s concern. Martin wrote extensively on the Jesuits. I was looking for my copy of “The Jesuits in the New World” the other day but could not find it. I do not recall having loaned it out and it is not a subject of broad interest, so it must be “hiding” from me.

            Again, thanks for the cite.

          11. joe says

            geeze get a room you two ha ha ha ha

          12. Bolt says

            On slavery and Jefferson, take a look at the tome, “The Hemingses of Monticello.”

          13. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            I have reviewed only a handful of your very informative posts.

            You demonstrate a remarkable understanding of the dangers that we face. If you are from the Northeast, or were educated in the Northeast, your balance is even more remarkable

            I will be on the lookout for more of your contributions.

          14. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Dear Mr. Bolt,

            I am a native of the Upper South where I have always lived and was educated.

            I am so concerned about America. If Hitlery were to win, it would be enough time for another lawless administration and compromised Republican Congress (bought and paid for the same globalist corporations and banks that Hitlery works for) to probably damage U>S> beyond repair. I am doing everything I can to try to educate people. Donald Trump is a good man. He Speaks frankly and
            courageously.. If he is able to get control of our border, restore the rule of law (including immigration laws regarding whether we let anyone in and , if so, who and for how long,and also ICE picking up people who are here illegally and either deporting them or detaining them pending adjudication if they choose that path) and renegotiates the trade deals that are sucking manufacturng, jobs and money out the US, that be a YUGE step in the right direction.

            We have to move to protection of the principles of our founding documents or we won’t survive. There other things that must be accomplished (tax reform, repatriation of capital and manufacturing, exposing the corruption that is in furtherance of destruction of this country, etc. These things will happen, I believe if Trump is elected, and ai believe he will.

            Your thoughts?

          15. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            I am a Southerner. With the exception of periods in Europe (Spain) and Middle East, I have only resided in the South–five states with significant activity in all but Florida and South Carolina.

            My education, experience and professional history are very broad–science, foreign affairs, languages, national security… I am trained in common-law, civil law, maritime/Admiralty, socialist law and international law, so comparative law is a strength. Have written documents in Spanish for legal effect and have translated documents from Spanish and Portuguese.

            I guess that I would qualify as a bit different from your average elementary schooler, since that is when I began self-education on communism and fascism, and Spanish. I began the study of Islam about 10 years later. The means/ends methodology is a principle that runs through all three. All three drive toward an oligarchy of favored elite. All three control by fear and coercion. Lying is simply a propaganda tool. Each has as its end the goal of eliminating those who disagree or in any way pose a threat.

            I have a reading list for anyone who aspires to become a leader in America. I presented the list (42 volumes only) to my Congressman; he admitted to having heard of only one and having read none. I doubt if my Congressman is much different from anyone else inside the Beltway, which is a sad statement.

            It is not a good idea for me to better identify myself. I just have to stay below radar to the extent that I can.

            I am not sure about DT, but I am certain about HRC. If she somehow is elected, we will never recover. BHO, Bush II, Clinton I and Bush I (in reverse chron order) have done so much damage already that we may not be able to recover. The only chance is to elect DT, so make certain all your friends and acquaintances know what is at stake–put simply, 4-5 Supreme Court appointments are at stake and we cannot allow the Dems to take back the Senate.

            If you get a chance to see any of my posts on immigration policy, the effect of illegal immigrants and NAFTA on the economy, it may provide you more ammunition, if you do not already know.

          16. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Where are yur posts on immigration policy, the effect of the illegal immigrants and NAFTA on the economy? I believe I understand it but I would like to see what you wrote.

            How is HRC army after you and for what?

          17. Bolt says

            HRC–I lived in the classified world for a good part of my career and I was responsible for handling and maintaining classified material. I know what the regs are, I know the documentation that a cleared person must sign and I know the training. I was in charge of investigations, set policy on investigations and trained investigators on proper procedures. I have on numerous occasions set out those requirements and expectations and the HRC trolls have spared no ammunition–false as they always are. That is one example.

            Another example relates to my warnings about BHO and the fact that we should ignore what he says and watch what he does–classic liar in the means justify the ends model. I was called all sorts of things then, “racist” was among the mildest. I started those warnings in August 2008 with detailed explanations, none of which were based upon race. He is a liar not because of his race.

            You will simply have to go back and search reports dealing with immigration issues to find my posts. I do not have time right now to write another post, but maybe later.

          18. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            I did not get notice of this post Found it because I looked to see if my repy to you about Dept. of Ed. was visible. Didn’t see it . Did you get notice of it? It’s the one that it wouldn’t let me post until I ‘tricked’ it.

          19. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            I received the Dept of Education post.

            I have received no “deleted” or “removed” notices of my posts. I stopped commenting on NewMax reports because everything I posted was “removed.”

            I routinely have “pending” notices from The Gatestone Institute,” I suspect because they have a broad international readership and almost anything I post about Sharia and Islam and their relationship/conflict with Western Civilization could be considered Islamaphobic or hate speech.

            It has amazed me that a “free trade” idea has morphed into thought police in about 3 generations.

            My classes on EEC law had no English language material, because the official languages were French, German and Italian. Of course, I picked French. My professor was French, also.

          20. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Mr. Bolt,

            I see you posted something about yourself. The citation I sent was from a Jesuit publication. It was the same as my memory of the point.

            I am nominally Episcopalian (Church of England in the U.S.). Don’t participate. Have attended Orthodox Catholic Church once a few weeks ago. I am considering getting with it because it is is the original church. The worship service has never changed. It is not Rome and has no one like pope t the top. I am not allowed to share iCommunion yet, of course, but there is no Confirmaton .Children born into the Church partake from the time their parents hold them up so they can do so (toddlers, I suppose). That’s pretty cool. The Church I went to has a few Syrian refugees in the congregation, who got here on their own without any assistance from USG, which is too busy importing as many people as possible who are incompatible with our system of govt, our culture and values. The better to kill us. But guess what? We have guns which we will not surrender. The refugees have a lot more problem killing here than in the “gun – free zone” of Europe, although there are plenty of gun-free zones here, which is stupid. Later.

          21. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            In Orthodox Church, children receive communion because they are baptized as infants and Baptism and Confirmation are simultaneous. If you notice, a baby receives communion as the priest touches the lips with Host dipped into the Chalice.

            I view as one of the great mistakes of the Church is the declaration of a state religion. Christ’s message is clear.

            Good luck in your conversion experience.

          22. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Yes, I understood that you are accepted into the Church upon baptism as an infant and that is all that is necessary. Beautiful. And the priests may marry. Mine is. And the Nicean Creed is the original, leaving out “the Son” in the second paragraph. I need to hear again the reason, although I understand it was added by the Western Church.

            The priest asked me why I thought I wanted to convert. I told him the
            Episcopalians don’t believe in anything. He simply repeated same. We have some (obviously Christian) Syrian refugees in the congregation. They got out with zero help from USG. Had enough money and/or family help. I’ll ask if Church helped certain people related to people in the congregation.

            Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on that as it goes along.

          23. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            p.s. Apology for the redundancy.

          24. Bolt says

            For some time I believed that the Roman Church would revert to married priesthood. But there has been such corruption over the history of the Church of Rome, that I am afraid that it is in trouble. A Jesuit Pope just one Pope away from John Paul II who warned about the fact that Liberation Theology is a Communist Front. And then he comes out spouting garbage like global warming and income equality.

          25. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Big time. I never considered the Roman church for several reasons but Liberation Theology is one. (yes, I agree on the communist plot, It’s communism dressed up to look like Christianity.)

          26. Bolt says

            I even had one Jesuit out of Georgetown tell me that “modern day communism is not all that bad.” My response put a chill on the night–he had been invited to dinner and this was an after dinner chat. I was living in Northern Virginia at the time. I reminded him of Budapest, Cuba, Prague and Angola, which was in full swing at that time. I did bring up the 260 million dispatched by the Chinese and Russians.

          27. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Expand on declaration of state church. Do you mean Church of England?

          28. Bolt says

            Any “official” church, whether Catholic, Church of England, Church of Sweden. Whatever. When there is a collaboration between the church and any government, they come up with ideas like “Divine Providence” to rationalize any act of the monarch.

          29. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Agreed. Gives government cover for any outrageous or arbitrary action which inevitably means heavy attempts to restrict and suppress freedom. That’s why First Amendment protection against state religion is so important. Also, the Church of England and Episcopal Church here don’t believe anything. I don’t believe people have forsaken God. They have forsaken the “believe nothing” religious, spiritual and moral bankruptcy of at least that church and don’t know where to turn. I think,also, the socialism of the evil eu has sapped the people.

          30. Bolt says

            Falls Church, one of the oldest parishes in America, rejected the changes that were forced upon them. I do not know how the battle has finally ended, but Falls Church refused.

            I lived in Spain in the early ’70s and the churches were empty except for old ladies dressed in black with mantillas. They were called “beatas.”

            In many locations in Europe, the pastor or priest is a civil servant.

          31. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Are you talking about Roman Catholic or Episcopalian parish in Falls Church?

          32. Bolt says


          33. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Thanks. Know about the young adherent to “the religion of peace” who hacked a pregnant woman to death in a town in germany? A guy came down the street driving a BMW. Saw what was happening and ran the young barbarian down. So the “refugee” was bloody and on the ground when the cops arrived. (Will they now ban BMWs and excuse the hack double murderer because he “couldn’t control himself because it was Sunday” or something equally stupid?)

            WAKE UP, GERMANS !

          34. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            I have explained the basics of the mandate of Islam numerous times. You need to know that the world is divided into Believers and Infidels.

            To the Infidels, the mandate is as follows:

            1. Convert, failing which,
            2. Enslave, failing which
            3. Kill.

            The Muslim world is further divided into men and women and apostates, those who are not sufficiently Muslim. They are treated just as if they were Infidels. Women have no capacity with permission from husband or family.

            These mandates and division are key to the substance of the Koran, Hadith and all other authoritative Islamic writings.

            I did not know the role of lying in Islam until I spent the better part of 2 years there during the early 1980s. It was explained to me by an Indian Christian that I did not understand and could not understand until I learned that a Muslim can tell me something today and tomorrow deny that he had said what he had said and tell me something 180 degrees in the other direction. I was told that Judeo-Christian principles do not apply. This is a propaganda principle common to Islam, Communism and Fascism.

            Now you understand why I advised people not to listen to what BHO says but to watch what he DOES.

            When I learned about the role of the lie in Islam, I came back and pulled my formal study materials on Islam–surprise! There was not the slightest hint of taquiyah or dhimmitas in the books. Don’t you think that those small deviations from Judeo-Christian morality might have been important to point out?

            UK is out of EU in self-defense. Sharia is irreconcilable with UK traditions, customs and common-law, which together with the Magna Carta, form the organic (constitutional) law of the UK. Sharia is no less unconstitutional in the US.

          35. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            yes, I know these things. And Koran is not in any order that can be discerned without intense study or going to someone who has already figured it out. Those verses or whatever they call them from the time in Medina are older and the ones from when in Mecca more recent. And the perfect all-knowing one says in one verse that if he makes a mistake he will correct (not in those terms). it. Therefore more recent spewing trumps the older teaching. And the more recent ones are the more violent ones because then they are strong enough to make war and win, whereas in Medina they were few and had to “make nice”

          36. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Another adherent to the “religion of peace” has blown himself up. This time in a wine bar in a small town near Nuremberg, wounding 12 people. German police said it was a “device”. Yeah. iit was a device allright! Why can’t they call it what it is? They are trying to keep the German people from saying this is enough and doing something about it like finding somebody to run against and beat Merkel and start mass deportations and close borders. So what is it stinks of Nazism? The EU construct is german It’s older than the Nazi era , but they picked up on it and intended for that to be the outcome of wwii -and -, surprise ! – it is ! So if the EU glpbalist crowd are not actually Nazis, they are their successors.

          37. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            My conclusion all along is that in ultimate objective of communism and fascism are indistinguishable. The rhetoric may be different, but the result is an oligarchy enforced at the point of a gun and all threats are either removed or suppressed. You can call it anything you want, but the result is a statist, top-down, total control. States mean nothing; there is no Constitution; there is no state sovereignty. The GOP campaign slogan for the 2014 election was “we can do it better.” What is “it”?

            Go back and take a look at all the decisions expanding the scope of the “Commerce Clause.” Go back and take a look at the redefinition of “navigable waters of the United States.” Instead of capable in fact of carrying interstate commerce, navigable waters are now those “capable of being made navigable.” Like the New River. And now the EPA has been given jurisdiction to regulate everything that “effects navigable waters.”

            Why is there a Department of Education at all? Can you think of a single accomplishment? Sex education in kindergarten? Carter identified a problem–states are not doing the job of educating, so they need help. And ever since the Federal Dept of Education has been helping out, test scores have markedly gone down.

            ERDA morphed into the Department of Energy (DOE) with the purpose of eliminating (reducing) our dependence on foreign oil. For many of DOE activities, the closest they actually get to “energy” is in the name. Another Carter invention.

            I could go on for a long time. What is NASA doing manipulating climate data? Don’t they have enough to do?

            You may already have thought about many things like these. You are an independent thinker, clearly. If you are a woman and an independent, critical thinker, you are a very small minority. If you are under 40, you should be placed on the endangered species watch list.

          38. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Dear Bolt.

            I have always thought there is no difference between socialism/communism and fascism.The rhetoric may be different , but the results are the same –croncapitalism at the top and socialism for everybody else with a 2-tier system of justice system. No matter which is successful, the results are the same as you point out.

          39. Bolt says

            Here is the down and dirty summary of a sound immigration policy:
            1. Immigration is controlled to admit only those with needed skills. The only exception is those whose achievement and knowledge are internationally renowned. Publications in perr-reveiwed journals helps.
            2. Those seeking entry are vetted to make certain that no criminals or those with communicable diseases are admitted–hence quarantine you have heard so much about.
            3. Those seeking admission will not project to requite public assistance–aka welfare.

            The establishment has ignored these sound, overarching principles of our immigration law for years. The result:
            1. violent crimes–rape, murder, armed robbery. There are those who would argue that the incidence of violent crime by illegals is low–so what! They are here illegally and any violent crime is a failure of leadership to enforce the law protecting citizens and those here legally.
            2. Disease that has not been seen for decades–treatment resistant TB and other diseases like ebola and zika–but also enterobacter, a disease totally unknown that has shown up in public schools–appears much like polio. When I worked in labs in the ’60s and ’70s, the expected life of a Mexican man was about 45. That was because of the endemic disease–parasites, viral and bacterial infections tat eventually decreased their lifespan.
            3. Welfare rolls and other public assistance has driven some private medical services to close–LA along, per a series of investigative reporting stories, stated that the net impact on the LA alone was more than negative $2 billion–they do not pay taxes, they send money that the earn that is not taxed and they are on public support. And that is just LA metro.

            We could go on and on. But that is the short story.

          40. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            yes, and president has wide authority. no leglal problem with banning people from countries with “radical islam” or all muslms temporily or even permanently.

            I propose moratorium on ALL immigration and after borders established and enforcement of existing laws for a period of time that our immigration policy be as you outline together with some type of muslim ban be put in place.

            Winston Churchill: “Islam in a man is as hydrophobia in a dog.”

          41. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Dear Bolt,
            Sorry about that I didn’t mean to post that yet.

            Our government departments, etc. should be decreased for at least 2 reasons:

            (1) Those whose functions are not found within the Constitution should be abolished by Congress until and unless those functions are added as federal government obligations by constitutional amendment.

            (2) Departments and commissions, etc. which are harmful to the country and /or its people should be abolished. At the top of my list is the Department of Education. It is the Department of Anti-Constitutional Government and Indoctrination. Look at the young people who shout down (or worse) people expressing a point of view with which they disagree and the anti-American teachers and professor- and I use those two terms loosely.

            Trump has said that he would abolish the Department of Education (by which I assume he meant he would work for a bill he presents to Congress for same).
            I might suggest a bill to abolish authority for certain functions of said department – the ones most harmful. if that might have more chance of passing.

            Administratively, he could neuter Education and other choice Departments, agencies, commissions, etc. by abolishing positions therein and terminating the people in those positions. There would be no successful lawsuit by employees who were terminated in this manner..Commerce should (except the National Weather Service and why is it at Commerce anyway? ), This could and should be accomplished across the federal government.

            The expansion of the commerce clause, which has been legitimized by the Supreme Court, should be contracted legislatively. It’s time for a showdown with the Supreme Court. Nothing in the Constitution gives 9 unelected people with lifetime appointments the right to be the final arbiters of our national life.
            I believe the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Marshall declared the Court to be the arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution. I don’t think there’s ever been any push-back against this, but it is b.s. Compliance is a matter of “comity” anyway because the Supreme Court has no means of enforcing its decisions against the President of the United States and the bureaucracy he manages and the manner in which he executes the laws. The Supreme Court should be reined in – permanently. That’s for another time.

            It appears that we are in agreement on the major issues and problems that face us today.

            One more thing. This idea of allowing “everyone” admission to state colleges and universities must end. There must admissions tests with standards. The “college kids” who know nothing except indoctrination talking shouts (otherwise,points) may be a result of this policy. Not everyone should be in higher education. We are not created equally. IQs differ and therefore ability to absorb and learn. People with IQs in the lower to mid 80s , unlike smarter people, believe their point of view is correct and therefore you can’t convince them to consider another way of looking at things. Maybe there are a lot of these people in the groups of students shouting down invited speakers at the school? (The equality spoken of in the Declaration of Independence means equality under the law and is incorporated in the Constitution and our laws.)

            i whis I were 40 ! LOL.


          42. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Dear Bolt,

            Our government departments, etc. should be decreased for at least 2 reasons:

            (1) Those whose functions are not found within the Constitution should be abolished by Congress until and unless those functions are added as federal government obligations by constitutional amendment.

            (2) Departments and commissions, etc. which are harmful to the country and /or its people should be abolished. At the top of my list is the Department of Education. It is the Department of Anti-Constitutional Government and Indoctrination. Look at the young people who shout down (or worse) people expressing a point of view with which they disagree and the anti-American teachers and professor- and I use those two terms loosely.

            Trump has said that he would abolish the Department of Education (by which I assume he meant he would work for a bill he presents to Congress for same).
            I might suggest a bill to abolish authority for certain functions of said department – the ones most harmful. if that might have more chance of passing.

            Administratively, he could neuter Education and other choice Departments, agencies, commissions, etc. by abolishing positions therein and terminating the people in those positions. There would be no successful lawsuit by employees who were terminated in this manner..Commerce should (except the National Weather Service and why is it at Commerce anyway? ), This could and should be accomplished across the federal government.

            The expansion of the commerce clause, which has been legitimized by the Supreme Court, should be contracted legislatively. It’s time for a showdown with the Supreme Court. Nothing in the Constitution gives 9 unelected people with lifetime appointments the right to be the final arbiters of our national life.
            I believe the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Marshall declared the Court to be the arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution. I don’t think there’s ever been any push-back against this, but it is b.s. Compliance is a matter of “comity” anyway because the Supreme Court has no means of enforcing its decisions against the President of the United States and the bureaucracy he manages and the manner in which he executes the laws. The Supreme Court should be reined in – permanently. That’s for another time.

            It appears that we are in agreement on the major issues and problems that face us today.

            One more thing. This idea of allowing “everyone” admission to state colleges and universities must end. There must admissions tests with standards. The “college kids” who know nothing except indoctrination talking shouts (otherwise,points) may be a result of this policy. Not everyone should be in higher education. We are not created equally. IQs differ and therefore ability to absorb and learn. People with IQs in the lower to mid 80s , unlike smarter people, believe their point of view is correct and therefore you can’t convince them to consider another way of looking at things. Maybe there are a lot of these people in the groups of students shouting down invited speakers at the school? (The equality spoken of in the Declaration of Independence means equality under the law and is incorporated in the Constitution and our laws.)

            i whis I were 40 ! LOL.


          43. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            i acchieved having it posted by erasing the phrase introducing the body of the communication.

          44. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            This site will not allow me to reply ro your most recent reply to me. It said I have already made this comment which I have not! What does that mean ?

          45. Bolt says

            Dear Elizabeth,

            I do not know, but I have been surprised that we have been able to continue a dialogue that has little relationship to the topic.

            I think the moderators viewing our posts believe that we are contributing. That could be a reason we have not already been deleted. I have been “deleted” and “removed” a number fo times and I do not participate in ad hominem attack or use profanity. It is all about ideas, ideals and principles. I have concluded that some mods simply disapprove of civil discourse if it offends their sensibilities.

            If you dare share an e-mail address, I will introduce myself and we can better discuss.

            BTW, I had a list of proposed cuts in the Federal government–an initial list of about 11, starting, of course, with the Department of Education.

          46. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            How about you share an email address and then I will share mine.

          47. Bolt says

            I cannot share mine on any site. I know that these sites are not as “private” as they might like for you to believe. If anyone were able to put together my posts, there is a real possibility that someone would be able to connect the dots.

            If you are concerned about the same thing, we will just have to do the best that we can on catch as catch can basis.


          48. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            you are smart. see if you can guess mine.

          49. Bolt says

            Let me know if you get something with a “Try this one out.”

          50. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            I am concerned about idjuts and weirdos. I bet you put the”r” and the big g together and that’s it.

          51. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Did you find my Clues which are about writing it?

          52. Bolt says


          53. Elizabeth Raynor Short says


          54. Bolt says

            I still have received no return to sender messages (any caps in the address?) , so somebody is getting notes they have no clue about.

          55. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            no caps. one word no period after the r

          56. Bolt says

            That is what I believe I sent. May be lost in cyber space.

          57. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            i don’t have it . try again and let me know when you have.

          58. Bolt says

            Look in junk.

          59. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            no”try this one…”go to amren.com To “Attacker in Nice Had Support of Several People, Poilce Say” let me know you are there.

          60. Bolt says

            There now.

          61. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Leave me an answer.

          62. Bolt says

            I see no facility associated with site and am not a subscriber. Zero comments to the article and I cannot get to original without subscription. I do see that they are located in NVA.

          63. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            I don’t know what that means. It does not require membership ! I don’t get it. you pick one.

          64. Bolt says

            I don’t either. I see no link to comments at all.

          65. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            go end of text. you’ll see facility. and for you last one.

          66. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            it’s last one.

          67. Bolt says

            When I go to report, there are links to several locations, but no place to comment or access comments. There is a note at the bottom — “We welcome comments…” But there is no place to sign in or comment.

            Then at very bottom there are 3 columns “Quick Links,” “Ar Archives” and “Latest Tweets.”

          68. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            OK. Go to PatriotNewsDaily.com and click on first on left.
            Facility below text. I am there.

          69. Bolt says

            aol will help get you to a secure communication server.

          70. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            I guess I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say about the lighting (bolt)and (sea) etc. Do you have enough now to get me?

          71. Bolt says

            I sent you a message. It should arrive unless we have a crack in cyberspace and it just keeps heading out to Atari.

          72. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            ok, but didn;t understand what you meant about the (sea), etc. go there and see
            me again.

          73. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            I’ve been trying to explain what globalism is and its dangers to individuals I choose for awhile. (MINE IS EASY. You almost have name. one is initial and other part is big one,) I choose hateful toward DJT posts, cruzbots and those that seem like idiots. I’ve even had a few “thank yous” which has been pleasantly surprising. What kind progress do you thunk you have made with your posts on different subjects?

          74. Bolt says

            When dealing with those who are not interested in considering anything but what has leaked into their closed minds, it is difficult to make any progress. I have had a few also thank me for helping them to understand the dangers of statism, Agenda 21, NAFTA, attacks on Judeo-Christian/Western Civilization etc.

            When I explained to one HRC/Progressive that there is no ultimate difference that distinguishes the favored elite of HRC and the favored elite of RINOs, he admitted that he had never thought of it in that manner. From my bunker, I believe that we need to shine the light on all of them.

            I was called a “moron” by some guy who had no clue that “Full Faith and Credit” never applied to marriage and divorce. I cautioned him about calling anyone a moron and gave him a reading assignment. I never heard back from that guy. (I tried 2 initials and have received no return yet)

            I had an other running dialogue with someone I felt was conflicted about Islam and the point that he was trying to make that a small percent of the 1.6 bllion Muslim believe in Jihad. The last time I saw a survey, the estimate was 15-25% favored Jihad/Extremist/Violent spread and Sharia. 15-25% of 1.6 billion is a lot of people. I know Persians and Turks who do not espouse any of that and are good Americans. Does that mean that they will not have children who adopt the Jihadist mandate? Who knows? But Sharia and the Constitution are not compatible….period. I can only hope that the seeds that I was planting had some benefit for him to take a critical look at what is going on.

          75. greenlantern1 says

            I have listened to Nixon!!
            Your side?

          76. Tired... says

            What does that even mean and how is it related to my response?

          77. greenlantern1 says

            We have had ONE, convicted, attorney-general!
            Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
            We have had ONE VP that made a plea bargain!
            Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
            We have had ONE president that ACCEPTED a pardon!

          78. Tired... says

            Thanks! You did an outstanding job of proving my point about inequality; one side is punished and one is not (but neither side is clean). See my previous post.

          79. greenlantern1 says

            Did John Mitchell get a trial?
            Spiro Agnew?
            Oliver North?

          80. Tired... says

            There are ways to punish people that don’t involve a trial, but if it make you feel better we can use the phrase “held accountable.”

            However Mitchell did get a trial and went to prison

            Spiro Agnew, as you noted, accepted a plea deal (as part of the legal process).

            Oliver North was convicted of 3 (out of 12) charges in 1986 and his convictions were overturned by a federal judge in 1991

            Hillary…where to begin? Honest people know that Hillary, at the very least, should be ineligible to have a security clearance. This fact should render her practically ineligible to serve as President (how can she have access to the nuclear football or security briefings if she doesn’t have a security clearance), yet she is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

          81. greenlantern1 says

            Were the WATERGATE TAPES classified when President Nixon ordered Rose Mary Woods to erase then?
            “Honest” people?
            Should Elliott Ness have asked for a character reference from Al Capone?
            Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattallah?
            Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, he is behind bars!
            The charges?
            The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!

          82. Tired... says

            What exactly is your point?

          83. Bolt says

            Dear Tired,

            My recollection is that Agnew was prosecuted for corruption that occurred during his tenure as Governor of Maryland. It just turns out that at that time, Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois were vying for most corrupt state political machines. I don’t think much has changed, except that California has been trying to catch up. Is there anything that these states have in common?

            And all of you folks from New Orleans who are complaining for not having made the first team? You are still junior varsity, just like ISIS.

            Now on to the “tapes” and John Mitchell. Obstruction of justice, was it not? And perhaps perjury for Mitchell, but I am not sure.

            Anyway, let us address the tapes issue:
            HRC’s lawyers reviewed and destroyed material that was subject to subpoena. They acted as the judge in making the determination to destroy or not. FBI already admitted that they had reconstructed material that was “erased” but which was responsive. Even had the FBI not found responsive material, the lawyers should be under investigation for destruction of evidence and failure to comply with a subpoena. Sound like John Mitchell? Sound like erasing tapes? And they used milspec overwrite software to make certain that nothing could be retrieved from what they had. Wow! Is there any intent there? Comey said that there was no evidence of intent to act improperly? The very process that the used that resulted in destruction of the electronic records is criminal by most standards.

            John Mitchell and his role as lawyer for RMN.
            I do not know if you paid any attention to the different ways that Brian Pagliano and Chryl Mills avoided answering questions. Pagliano took the Fift Amendment. Cheryl Mills refused to testify on te basis that theb information sought was subject to attorney-client privilege.
            Mills was chief of staff for Clinton and is also a lawyer. A couple of principles here–a person wearing is subject to different standards depending on what hat is worn at the time of the communication. If acting as chief of staff, the facts are fair game. If the communication takes place in the context of an attorney-client relationship and the communications are therefore understood to have taken place in such context and confidentiality implied, protection is afforded. Lastly, crimes are not afforded the protection of privilege. In other words, if what Mills was involved in with regard to the communication was in any way related to the commission of a crime, the communication is not protected.
            Who decides? Judicial Watch must now file a motion to compel to reach the information. Mills will then be obliged to provide answers to be reviewed by a judge, or likely in this case, a magistrate judge, who will determine if the communications should be considered privileged. And then, if they are not considered privileged, the only way then for Mills to refuse to answer is Fifth Amendment. What a tangled web we weave.

          84. Tired... says

            I agree and also understand that neither side is clean; the only difference is that Republicans usually own up to it eventually and face the consequences, while Democrats typically respond with it’s not my fault, it’s not a big deal, or the vast right wing conspiracy is out to get me.

          85. Bolt says

            Dear Tired,

            You have identified why I describe myself now simply as an American. Also, an equal opportunity accuser. I deal with each person as an individual and hope for strength of character in people so that they do the right thing. It is not hard to discern right from wrong, but liberals now take the view that there is no right or wrong, just actions, and there is no truth.

            I have had some interesting discussions with liberals along these very lines. I wish I had videoed some of them; they would gone viral. In one, as college professor accused my of being a Bush supported because of the ideals were were discussing, and my point of view. Her view was that “there is no truth,” that it is what we say it is and can change on w him. The discussion went downhill very fast for her and that is when she accused me of being a Bush fan. I quickly disabused her of that opinion, too.

            But that is what they believe. They apply truth standards, such as they are for them, to everyone else, yet they cannot be guilty of lying because there ris no truth. Man, what a universe to live in.

          86. Tired... says

            Exactly! However we can bring sanity back by confronting the lies, regardless of who tells them. You pointed out the intellectual dishonesty of the professor and she didn’t like it…good for you!

          87. ABO says

            The only point greenlantern1 has is the one that sits atop his empty head.

          88. joe says

            Did you know you are wrong about everything you ever say including anything you don’t say? yes I am afraid it is true. I really hate to be the one to break it to you but I could not stand to sit here and watch you embarrese yourself any longer. There is no need to thank me I am just that kind of guy you are very welcome, have a wonderful day you are truly special.

          89. ABO says

            I appreciate your efforts to instill some intelligent reasoning here but as you can see, the subject is entirely lacking the ability to apply basic critical thought to it’s myopic mindset and therefore doesn’t get it.

          90. ABO says

            Easy, Tired. You’re confusing him with all that common sense and logical thinking. He’ll never get a word of it. Typical lemming.

          91. mac12sam12 says

            Nixon was impeached because an office was broken into at the Watergate Hotel, and he also attempted to use the IRS to target his enemies. Obama did and does use the its to target his enemies and also use the NSA to spy on those that speak out against him.

          92. greenlantern1 says

            John Mitchell was JAILED because of a third rate burglary?
            Agnew’s resignation had nothing to do with bribery?

          93. mac12sam12 says

            As far as corruption goes, Nixon and Agnew were lightweights compared to Hussein Obama.

          94. greenlantern1 says

            Prefer Limbaugh?
            Wasn’t Kissinger on Nixon’s staff?
            Ever hear of corporate welfare for the likes of Trump?

          95. JDW says

            Push come to shove, I would take ole “tricky dicky” over hilda-criminal. Kissinger, he is an elitist, NWO to say the least. His crap got a lot of GI’s killed. The sob still has standing because people still buy into his crap. We are rarely privy “to the rest of the story”!!! Trump, I definitely will take Trump over hila-criminal…..

          96. mac12sam12 says

            Then why hasn’t Hussein Obama stopped corporate welfare? He could have done that his first two years when he had both houses full of democrats. Wall Street and the corporations owns the democrats, just ask Hillary.

        2. pappy450 says

          If I remember right “his” “balanced budget” came From OUR “Social Security Fund”
          You know the one that was SUPPOSEDLY in the “lock box” that Johnson “opened” to put in the “general fund” .

          1. JDW says

            Ding! Ding! Ding!!!! How about that? You win and now you can buy me a beer! Ha Ha… Now, the excess collected does not stay in the fund nor is what interest it may have earned, it all goes into the general fund and becomes part of the unfunded debt. And SS is now shared with all kinds of folks who never put a penny into it. The SS fund once had trillions in it.

      3. gerryg says

        Well, your out of luck if you elect Hillary. I would say she is not attractive in the least!

        1. grafra102 says

          gerryg: it is hildawitch, let’s get her a broom!!!

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            Now, now, grafra102…to refer to Hillary as “Hildawitch” is an insult to witches. Then again, maybe we should just throw a bucket of water on her to see if she melts.

      4. Letterman007 says

        What looked gorgeous d for Clinton was what Ronald Reagan did in his presidency and Bill cashed in then he got AFTRA , taxed your social security, among other screwed up stuff he took upon himself to cash out n on the American public!! He was broke when he started but when done rich with your, mine, and all your relatives money! Bill Clinton is a joke!

        1. pmbalele says

          What – when done rich with your, mine, and all your relatives money! Bill Clinton is a joke! Where are you living in this Big USA? You capitalize of what you have to get ahead. Bill and Hillary capitalized of what they had and people, including me, went for it. I do not regret contributing to Clinton Foundation. I still will do it in the future. I love the two. They are pure Americans like President Obama. They see Americans as Americans not Black or White. That is why Americans love President Obama and Michelle Obama. They are true pure Americans. Now here is your challenge. Change your mind now and join me to vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. You will spare your heart.

          1. docd777 says

            You need to cut back on the Drugs,Troll-ee!You`re becoming more incoherent with every response!You need to spend some of your Clinton bribe money on your family and less on the K2 Marijuana,Molly and Heroin you`ve been smoking!

          2. pmbalele says

            Do you know that is exactly what I missed in life -K2 Marijuana,Molly and Heroin using. I used to drink beer about 30 years ago until I got my children in this world. I stopped. That is why I have plenty of time to write to you. I do not drink or use those drugs – whatever they may be.

          3. Letterman007 says

            Typical Clinton supporter, brain dead!! Blind also!

          4. pmbalele says

            i am not paid for supporting the Clinton or the Obamas. I just love these people as they are. And if you’re a woman now, please vote for Hillary. She will preserve your rights as a human being. TPs and REpubs want this Country to be under Sharia law.

          5. Letterman007 says

            You couldn’t pay me enough to support Killary and her band of convicts! You are deaf dumb and now blind. Go back in your hole or rock you came out from under and dissapear!

          6. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, if you were paid for supporting the Clintons or the Obamas, given your general ineffectiveness, you would starve to death for lack of funds. And there you are again, blathering about “TPs and Repubs” wanting “this country to be under Sharia Law.” Give the fact that Obama was so enthralled by the Muezzin’s call to prayer from the minaret, I think he would be much more inclined to Sharia Law than ANY “TPs” OR “Repubs”.

          7. Elly says

            Oh, I’m now sure you are delusional. Obama has increased our country’s debt more that the previous 43 presidents combined. Your head is so buried in the sand. Read the REAL news. Obama has brought this country to its knees and Hillary will only carry on his agenda to totally destroy this country. I would never join you in voting for Hillary. She is an evil woman.

          8. Matthew V. Brown says

            Oh, yes. Bill Clinton capitalized on being a serial adulterer, from whom no White House intern was safe. And Hillary Clinton capitalized on being a Saul Alinsky acolyte. And they both lie like a Persian rug. So to call them true Americans is to insult ALL Americans.

      5. viking nation says

        I think your mixed up It’s not Trump that has many women ITS BILL Clinton moron

        1. Letterman007 says

          When Bill Clinton stated he did not have sex with ” that” woman, he wasn’t talking about Monica!

          1. viking nation says

            OK say it wan’t her What about all the other women that has come forward, Are you going to say they was All lying? Come on You know IT I know Bill Clinton is a Big Horn Dog Look Up Bill Clinton affairs / Then look up Bill Clinton Ogry island / Let me know what you think

          2. Letterman007 says

            I cringe when that lying b—- is in the same state as I am! She wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her!!

          3. viking nation says

            This what I been saying Bill Clinton is a horndog & his Wife Hillary is one of the bigest lying Cons in politics Look At this Also—>http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/20/video-shows-hillary-clinton-lying-for-13-minutes/

            In a message dated 7/16/2016 5:07:50 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:
            “http://www.inquisitr.com/3108141/bill-clinton-allegedly-flew-on-pedophile-j effrey-epsteins-sex-jet-with-trafficked-girls-26-times/” (https://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo)
            _Settings _ (https://disqus.com/home/settings/email/?utm_medium=email) (https://disqus.com/home/account/?utm_medium=email)

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ (http://disq.us/url?impression=7edd6f12-4bb2-11e6-ae2e-002590853080&forum=2769809&thread=4985942536&url=http ://www.fixthisnation.com/conservative-breaking-news/careless-is-not-the-word -for-what-clinton-did/#comment-2787233511:_VlmgjlbeIpFytP7uqBF464SMGI&varian t=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=2787233511&type=notification .post.registered&event=email)

          4. Dolores Wieland says

            Stupid Americans, especially women, still want that lying., thieving, murdering idiot in office.

          5. viking nation says

            I agree, I hope everyone can see just what kind of woman whats to run our country.Tell everyone you know about Hillary.

          6. Dolores Wieland says

            I’m passing the word…also on my timeline.

          7. viking nation says

            Great to hear & I will do the same.

          8. viking nation says

            This is what I been saying Bill Clinton is a Horndog & his wife Hillary is one of the bigest lying Cons in politics She isn’t for Gays at all & she lied about Gun fire over her head when in fact She was greeted by a little 8 year girl Theres 13 minutes of Hillary’s lies on a Video on YouTube. She is playing her supporters She thinks their all fools. Check out YouTube Hillary’s 13 minutes of lies

          9. VanceJ says

            That’s because they are fools.!!!

          10. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            Monica did what Hillary could not! LOL

          11. Diana Kat says

            Now that is the Truth , The only Thing Hillary can do well is Lie…… and deceive people.

          12. bdcorvette says

            Monica and Hillary have one ting in common: when they do what they do, their lips move and their mouths open.

          13. worn out 123 says

            A blowjob vs a con job.

          14. glock 19 fan says

            Har de har har! I hear that the Dems left a bad taste in her mouth.

          15. Katherine sienna says

            You mean Monica did what HiLiary can never be able to do? One thing for sure Monica is far more prettier than HiLiary/Pocahontas/michelle, the downside of Bill’s over indulgence made him look older an weaker than a 120 years old.

          16. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            Well she like Obama didn’t fool me cause if you listen to them both you can see right off the bat who they truly are Con Artist And Liars. Obama Con You People And You Can’t Admit It. Hillary has Already Been Caught In A Liar By The Coal Miners In Virginia. She Will Finish America If She Becomes Our Next President . If You Can’t See That Then You Deserve What She Does To Us.

          17. VanceJ says

            Ya, but the rest of us don’t.!!!

          18. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Exactly people are brainwashed believing Crooked Hillary is a pro american.

          19. jimmy midnight says

            If it’s a disease, I definitely have it. I regard “Conservatism” as a form of mental illness.

            But the graphic’s amusing, anyway. Thanks.

          20. VanceJ says

            Sorry your sick, get well soon.

          21. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            He’s very sick.

          22. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Evil Democrackhead liberal disease is a sick, mentally erratic behavior once you catch it like you did…there’s no hope for ya ….now go play with your Liberal racist thug friends you moron!

          23. jimmy midnight says

            When you call me that, smile.

            Better yet, fix up your prose until you’re conscious about avoiding calling people, “that.”

          24. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Jimmy noontime go back to sleep….and say your little liberal chants Crooked evil Hillary 10 times!

            We comin 2016 PRESIDENT TRUMP whether you like it or not!!


          25. joe says

            Its OK you are sick you do not know any better and you are too much of a coward to accept reality

          26. Katherine sienna says

            Yep he probably had never had sex with KiLIARy.

        2. bytheway4 says

          pmbalele, you need help , you are insane, they should lock you up with the habitual liar, hillary.

          1. viking nation says

            You Won’t admit the Truth your a moron look up Hillary Clinton lies on youtube, Also look up Bill Clinton Orgy Island Or be a moron all your life

        3. The Old One says

          And at least trump has them one after the other. Not all at the same time. But then again I would too if I were married to HRC

        4. greenlantern1 says

          Want to compare divorces?

          1. viking nation says

            How can you compare a divorces To Bill Clinton Cheating on his wife? Trump never cheated on any of wifes, In fact all of them Still talks very good about Trump Theres no comparison To a cheating horndog.

          2. viking nation says

            Also Bill Clinton is Still cheating on Hillary She’s call the Energizer Mistress I hope now that you seen with your own eyes that your still not thinking of voting for Hillary How could you after all the proof?

          3. greenlantern1 says

            Trump is also praised by Newt Gingrich!
            Faithful husband?

          4. viking nation says

            So Trump was praised by Newt What are you saying? Newt is a republican Why wouldn’t he be praising Trump? The one story of Trump cheating with a porn star Stormy Daniels was pulled & it was pulled by many other papers Because Stormy Daniels said her self it was a untrue article.

          5. viking nation says

            Also the site that said Trump was cheated was called “The Dirty.com” Come on you can’t believe that site.they said that to sell their site. Anyway when Trump was with Daniels he wasn’t married at the time. What really happen was he seen Melania & wanted a date with her & she turned him down because she thought he was dating Daniels He wasn’t & that turned into this huge lie of him cheating. It Never happen.

          6. LiberalismaDisease!!! says
      6. Garys_opinion says

        The surplus was caused by Newt Gingrich’s ’96 congress. Bill Clinton fought that budget tooth and nail, then took credit for it when it worked out.
        Then Obama came along and doubled our national debt by 10 Trillion Dollars, which your great grandchildren will be paying on.
        Not everybody’s as stupid as you think, and those are mostly Democrats. So go peddle your B.S. to those low information voters who don’t know any better!
        By the way, I assume you are talking about Condoleezza Rice, and not Susan Rice, Or maybe Big Ben’s rice. In any case she made it clear that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Washington D.C.

      7. docd777 says

        Hey Troll, there is no US politician more detested and disrespected than Hillary, the Benghazi bungling,Morsi-mongering, Syrian saboteur.What a series of mistakes, and poor judgment!Don`t forget the theft of the Haitian Earthquake relief money-the split was 90% kept by the Clinton foundation and 10% to Haiti.
        Her record? A DISASTER!

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you read Trump VP – Pence. Pence is known to be a racist, sexist, bigot and a loser. So put loser with a loser – you get losers. Trump may as well go to his wives in NY. It is not worth defending Trump after mistakes to mistakes. Pence is so ugly and short.

          1. docd777 says

            Dopus, Pence was an excellent Pick.Now he can name Gingrich as Chief of Staff and he`s off to the White House.Hey, just think for once, if justice is eventually served,you`ll be able to visit Hillary in Federal Prison.Trump will be in the White House and Hillary will be in the Big House!

          2. pmbalele says

            Trump lost the WH job today after naming Pence as VP. All Repubs and TPs are wondering what happened Trump made such a mistake. Pence is a racist, sexist, bigot and wants this country to be run like a Sharia country. Women will be in the kitchen as baby-factories. If a woman commits abortion, she will be put in prison – that is per Trump and Pence law. American women are now done- they are now about to be in Kuwait – Sharia law.

          3. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          4. pmbalele says

            Tell me about it. Repubs and TPs are now crying – they have lost the WH again. They hate Pence for being a sexist, racist and hypocrite. Poll in Pence state is 67 negative and 34 positive. Now you tell me if Trump/ Pence ticket will survive. No.

          5. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            TRUMP is winning by 3pts over Crooked Evil Lying Hillary!!! hahahahahaha lmyassoff @ pmbalele the liberal rat lol

          6. Elly says

            And where did you get all this information, or is it just thought up in your moronic mind?

          7. pmbalele says

            It is all over the internet. Repubs and TPs hate Pence. Trump would have been better of if he chose Paul Ryan as VP. Or he could have chosen me – the unbiased guy.

          8. LiberalismaDisease!!! says


            TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABYYYYYY WE COMING TO TAKE AMERICA BACK & MAKE IT GREAT AND KICK OBAMA OUT! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/755fb57a76b24d0ab3631a48c28056a6705d526e0a03262b0adc8af88fdae2ff.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c512c1ebfae4bd9f192802c20a494da5db5ac34200b0299a9fa0f8f55ba8b0d9.jpg


          9. Matthew V. Brown says

            If it were “ALL OVER the internet”, I think I would have run across it. And if Trump were looking for someone “unbiased”, I doubt if he would choose a Hillary acolyte like you, pmbalele.

          10. Matthew V. Brown says

            If it were “all over the internet”, as you assert, I would have probably come across this information. And “Repubs and TPs” do NOT hate Pence. I thought he was an exceptionally good choice. And the day you can be considered unbiased WILL be the day pigs fly.

          11. azabigail says

            Elly, sounds like pmbalele is desperate to find the right words to try to convince voters not to vote for Trump… But when the only other choice is Hillary/Obama politics and agendas, his pathetic attempts to convince anyone who has their mind set on Trump are tossed out.

          12. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Elect me crooked evil hillary will lie, steal, cheat and commit fraud!



          13. pmbalele says

            We love this person. Did you her dancing with the Masai in Tanzania? it was fun.

          14. Matthew V. Brown says

            She should have stayed in Tanzania with the Masai, pmbalele.

          15. Matthew V. Brown says

            “ALL Repubs and TPs are wondering what happened Trump made such a mistake [sic]”? “Pence is a racist, sexist, bigot and wants this country to be run like Sharia country [sic]?” Pmbalele, do you just make this stuff up as you go along or does your invisible spirit-guide whisper this in your ear? If it is the latter, I suggest you look to the Roman Catholic church for a competent exorcist…

          16. Rosech Levy says

            Well, I personally hope she never get to prison except for a day before being hanged or shot for treason, ditto Billy Bob, Pelosi, and a few others!

          17. IAmAProudAmerican says

            How much did Hillary pay you to write that junk?

          18. pmbalele says

            Nothing. I love the Clintons. They see people in this Country as Americans. Not like Trump or Pence. These are bigots, racist and women mongers.

          19. cardmaster1 says

            They see people in this country, including you, as”useful idiots”. If you paid attention you would know that. If you PSID attention you would also know of all the dead bodies left in their wake, two Recently who were scheduled to testify against them within days of their deaths!! Take the damned blinders off and Open Your Eyes!! The Clinton’s are as crooked as a mountain toad in Chile!!

          20. Elly says

            Liberalism is a mental disorder and you certainly fit the bill.

          21. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          22. grafra102 says

            pmbalele: THEN GO FUCK THEM!!!!!

          23. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            The Clintons are liars and phony’s like you! Real America see Liberals as ignorant low energy pigs! Hillary is evil. pathetic, low energy and a Fraud like you!!!


          24. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Beware! Someone will be coming after you…with a butterfly net.

          25. Matthew V. Brown says

            “Women mongers”? In comparison to Bill Clinton or even the Kennedies, Trump and Pence would be rank amateurs. The Clintons see people in this country as meal tickets and enablers.

          26. IAmAProudAmerican says

            I continue any republicans who are bigots, racists or woman mongers (whatever that is) but I do know many liberals who become very upset when you don’t share their same opinion.

          27. Diana Kat says

            At least he doesn’t lie to the Americans about National Security and laughs at us. OH and what do you look like Kardashian. ? You need to go get a life. somewhere , maybe like in some fantasy World, cause your still living in a Fantasy.. hahaha !!

          28. pmbalele says

            Did you say I am living in like in some fantasy World? This is real world. I have everything I need. I have a woman who keeps me in shape. Find a man who will make your life easier. You seem to be unhappy. One thing though – please join me and vote fore Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          29. Rosech Levy says

            Sounds like your woman is a slave to you. Hmm.

          30. pmbalele says

            My dream woman. That is she is.

          31. Matthew V. Brown says

            You have a woman who “keeps you in shape”? Are you familiar with the term “sexist”? Any woman, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, would consider you a raving sexist.

          32. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            We know you’re a happy fellow. Afterall, ignorance IS blissful.
            Oh, and I’ll vote for Hillary….when pigs start wearing burkas and attend mosque daily.

          33. pmbalele says

            What – when pigs start wearing burkas and attend mosque daily? Are you talking about Repubs and TPs who fate to hate Beyoncé’ and Kim K because they show their thighs to young girls? FoxNews anchors, who are conservatives whine about Beyoncé’ and Kim. They want these two ladies to cover their parts. And would believe the same people at FoxNews are accused of harassing and want to sleep with women there. These people at FoxNews are fat, ugly and old. They want to have sex with them. That disgusting. It is the Repubs who want Sharia law. In Wisconsin Sharia law is already in place.

          34. Matthew V. Brown says

            Let me see, Brett Baier is not fat, ugly or old, and he is happily married to his wife, Amy. Shep Smith was once married, but appears to be gay and is living with his partner. And he is not fat, ugly and old. Then there is Greta Van Susteren. She is not fat, ugly or old. Bill O’Reilly is probably the elder statesman at Fox News. And while he might be oldER, he is certainly not fat or ugly. I could go on, but why should I? You must enjoy spewing nonsense, pmbalele. You don’t appear to know any more about Fox News than anything else. Also, regarding Beyoncé and Kim K: I doubt that they are showing their thighs to girls, but I also don’t think that either of them are particularly good role models for young girls, either. And, again, Republicans do not support Sharia Law, and Sharia Law has not been enacted in Wisconsin. It has been enacted in Dearborn, Michigan, however it has NOT been enacted statewide. As usual, pmbalele, you either are incredibly misinformed. or you can’t read, or you can’t research your way out of a paper bag.

          35. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Thanks Matthew, sometimes the idiotic ramblings of fools like pmbalele just leaves me speechless.

          36. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, I would not call pmbalele a “fool”, as Jesus did not approve of that. I might be inclined to say, however, that pmbalele makes the foolish people of the world look like intellectual giants.

          37. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            LMAO. Are you drunk?

          38. Katherine sienna says

            Voting for Hiliary at 9 am then 10 am and on and on till the polls closed THEN go back in line for food stamps. Sound good.

          39. Progressive Republican says

            “At least he doesn’t lie to the Americans about National Security and laughs at us.”


            The only thing he hasn’t lied about is how he’d like to bang his daughter.

          40. Katherine sienna says

            You are one sicko probably sicker than Bill Clinton. So anyone who is proud of their daughters and praised their beauty or intelligence was a pervert? You need help.

          41. Progressive Republican says

            You need to quit mistaking you sphincter for a necklace (choker?).

            Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

            Yeah, no need to finish that thought.

            Then there’s this pleasant little dropping from 2013 where in host Wendy Williams asks, ““Ivanka, what’s the favorite thing you have in common with your father?”

            Either real estate, or golf,” Ivanka replies.

            Donald?” Williams prompts.

            Well, I was going to say sex, but I can’t relate that to…” He trails off, gesturing broadly at his daughter who laughs, desperately and silently.

            He’s been saying stuff like this about her since 2006. “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.

            And this little nugget from 2003: “She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body.”

            So just how does that make me sick?

          42. Katherine sienna says

            That didn’t make me sick like you because I have a simple mind set. People misspoke all the time, he just wanted to imphasize her sexiness and he was proud of it. Some men proud of their daughters for going to Harvard law school some don’t have a brainy daughter but very sexy and pretty then what makes them proud they tell you right out. Yes it’s inappropriate to drop those lines to some “self made perfected men” but I am simple I don’t suspect anything wrong. Besides, the one who is hypocritically pretending they have kept the morality as their life’s GPS are the pedophiles or porn addicts. I don’t trust people by their jokes I look at what the person has committed her crimes ( corruption the nation security and personels for her own gain, killing own military & soldiers to lie about their failures to protect Americans & more. The lists are endless ) believe what you have, nobody cares. We look at the facts only and those facts are hiLIARy and Bill were under investigations one crime yo another since they surfaced as governor of Arkansas. They got away because they were Harvard thugs not poor educated black lives on the streets robbing convenient stores, killed. Do you not think if the media had a dirty mind picking up those improper remarks they would not put that on their front page or ridicule every night on their shows as if they were the morally perfect human ?????

          43. Progressive Republican says

            A ‘simple mindset’ for a clearly simple mind.

            It’s truly sad to see someone lie to themselves the way you have just justify your b.s.

            One need not have a dirty mind in order to pick up on inappropriate remakes like Trump’s about his daughter.

            As to your last question, corporate media is not about to bite the hand that feeds it.

            Not that you actually answered my question or anything…

          44. Progressive Republican says

            You need to quit mistaking you sphincter for a necklace (choker?).

            Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

            Yeah, no need to finish that thought.

            Then there’s this pleasant little dropping from 2013 where in host Wendy Williams asks, ““Ivanka, what’s the favorite thing you have in common with your father?”

            Either real estate, or golf,” Ivanka replies.

            Donald?” Williams prompts.

            Well, I was going to say sex, but I can’t relate that to…” He trails off, gesturing fairly broadly at his daughter who laughs, desperately and silently.

            He’s been saying stuff like this about her since 2006. “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.

            And this little nugget from 2003: “She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body.

            So just how does that make me sick?

          45. Rosech Levy says

            Sorry, but you have the wrong Pense because the one being considered as Trump’s VP is all the opposite and well know for his acumen, his Christian faith, his love of America, his accomplishments in Congress and governor, not a sexist nor bigot (do you even know the meaning of these words because they sure do fit you for sure)!

          46. pmbalele says

            What he is of Christian faith! Those are most dangerous people. You remember Swaggart and TV evangelicals. They are mostly fake – to get women. I do not trust these people. They are not even ashamed to lie. Well, Trump and Pence should get along. They both many women.

          47. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          48. pmbalele says

            What PENCE and TRUMP are both over 6 ft. tall? you’re lying again. Pence is 5 9 – a small guy in this country of the giants. This is embarrassing to this country if Pence goes abroad. Hillary is perfect as she is.

          49. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          50. pmbalele says

            I am Catholic and I was about to be ordained. Thank God I met this woman and I am happy and feel like I am in heaven now. So please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          51. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            God thanks HER.

          52. Matthew V. Brown says

            You are Catholic and were about to be ordained? Thank God you got married, before you were ordained and infected a congregation with your erroneous thinking.

          53. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Hillary is embarrassing this country with lies, hate, propaganda and fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary is perfect as a Phony lying Fraud!!! You moron!


          54. pmbalele says

            That is my angel whether you like it or not. Did you see the polls today. Hillary is ahead by 13 points in red states.

          55. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, you are known by the company you keep, pmbalele. But that’s OK. You would probably look good in orange, too.

          56. ponomo says

            In the end of the campaign…..Trump 75 of the overall vote…Hillary in prison.

          57. Matthew V. Brown says

            Pence is 5’11”. That is one inch short of 6 ft. tall. Good grief. Are you TOTALLY incapable of doing research? Try using Google. It might save you from making idiotic statements.

          58. Matthew V. Brown says

            Pence is 5’11” tall (yes, that would be one inch short of 6′). Good grief, pmbalele, you are totally incapable of doing research? If Pence goes abroad, he would tower over Vladimir Putin, who is only 5’7″ tall. Francois Hollande is also 5’7″ tall. David Cameron is 6’1″ tall, however, so he is a whopping 2″ taller than Pence. You are the embarrassment, pmbalele, NOT Pence.

          59. Matthew V. Brown says

            Pence is “known to be a racist, sexist, bigot and a loser?” By whom? If it is by mentally deficient people like you, pmbalele, then I am not worried.

          60. pmbalele says

            Recent polls from his state.

          61. Matthew V. Brown says

            There are NO recent polls from Indiana that indicate that Pence is “known to be a racist, sexist, bigot and a loser.”

          62. Matthew V. Brown says

            Pence is not “known to be a racist, sexist, bigot and loser”. And you think he is “ugly and short”? Well, that tells me a lot more about you than it tells me about Pence. In fact, given the rest of your comments, you have simply encouraged me all the more to support Trump/Pence. I would not seek you out for advice on who to vote for, but the next time I am looking for a court jester, I will be sure to look you up.

      8. Francie26 says

        Your only claim to reality is your membership in the Blithering Idiot Club, of which you are a Charter member.

        1. pmbalele says

          The more you flipper your mouth the longer your noses get. So you better join me and vote for Hillary – the most qualified individual for the WH job now. Eight years from now we may put you or your buddy on the ticket. Now it is Hillary turn.

          1. Susannadanna says

            Hillary’s “TURN?” This is not a primary school game. Just because Arkansas crook Mrs. Clinton has been the most ruthlessly ambitious female we know, just because she’s managed to stay in the public eye for umpteen years, just because she lost the Democrat nomination to Barack Obama, NONE of this qualifies her to be the US President. She was a lackluster senator, and a horrible Secretary of State. Makes you wonder if she deliberately trashed her duties out of resentment at the post being no more than a “consolation prize” from Obama. This election, it’s the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S TURN!

          2. pmbalele says

            What did you say -Mrs. Clinton has been the most ruthlessly ambitious female we know? You must be married to Repubs and TPs. These treat women as 3rd class citizens who should have no ambitions in life. They think women should be in the kitchen as baby-factories. That is coming in State with Repubs and TPs as governors. They are turning states into Sharia state. Wake little girl – vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          3. cutterguy says

            you have reps confused with mooslimes

          4. pmbalele says

            Repubs and TPs are Sharia people.

          5. Skyhawk says

            You have to keep on proving your ignorance.

          6. Matthew V. Brown says

            He can’t help himself, Skyhawk.

          7. joe says

            I think he has proved that pretty well

          8. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Being deliberately provocative will not help you shed that STUPID label you wear so proudly.

          9. Rosech Levy says

            Wow! Never have seen any Republican woman treated badly, but Shillary hates women and treats them badly as those raped/seduced by Billy Bob, and pays her female staffers 38% less than her male staffers, and has no self-respect or honesty and maybe not even a soul!

          10. pmbalele says

            Watch out your filthy language. You may end up paying damages for defamation. Jesse Ventura is now rich by $100,000,000 he got as defamation from a widow.

          11. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          12. VanceJ says

            Nope judge took it away, obviously you don’t know squat about ANYTHING.!!!! pure ignorance.!!

          13. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Ru still smokin Democrack? You are really ignorant and low energy!!!


          14. Matthew V. Brown says

            Rosech Levy is right on point. It is really too bad we can’t sue you for being an idiot. Then again, as they say, “You can’t get blood from a turnip.”

          15. Matthew V. Brown says

            What Rosech Levy stated was accurate, and was hardly “filthy”. And for her statement to be considered “defamatory”, it would have to be demonstrated that her statement caused a “damage” to Hillary’s reputation in the community. I doubt that Rosech Levy’s statement could damage Hillary any more than Hillary’s own statements and actions. “Generally, if the defendant can prove that what he or she said or published about the plaintiff was true, the plaintiff will lose the case. In the case of defendants like certain media outlets (e.g. newspapers), the plaintiff must prove the statement was untrue — the media defendant is not required to prove its publication was true to defend the case.” Hillary wouldn’t have a case against Rosech Levy, pmbalele.

          16. The Old One says

            Hillary is the only one taking donations (or rather down payments) from countries that not only treat, in their own laws, as no more than cows. Have you ever heard of donations by Saudis and other middle Estern Countries ?

          17. pmbalele says

            You make me sick. Did you want Bill and Hillary to steal from US government and banks here. We donated to Clinton Foundation on our volition. Nobody came and forced us to donate. Please crow in your bedroom and sleep. Or go to your mother to be re-weaned.

          18. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            “A fool and his money….”
            Yep, whoever coined that phrase must have had your photo in front of ’em.

          19. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          20. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          21. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          22. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          23. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          24. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          25. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          26. VanceJ says

            Sorry your sick, but you KNOW liberalism is a VERY bad sickness, and you have it in spades.!!!!!

          27. pmbalele says

            Thanks. Why can’t join Jimmy Swaggart. He loves to mix up with you.

          28. Matthew V. Brown says

            Jimmy Swaggart? How did he get in this conversation, pmbalele? “Free association” is a dangerous practice to engage in in public. My major wasn’t in psychology, although I took courses in both psychology and counseling. I would have to say that you are showing the signs of a diseased mind. Does paranoid schizophrenia ring a bell with you?

          29. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says

            DIRTY MONEY LYING BITCH CLINTON ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM76zDP5MMg

          30. Matthew V. Brown says

            Wow! Good posts, TEXAS CONSERVATIVE! As the saying goes, “Don’t mess with Texas!”

          31. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          32. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says
          33. joe says

            can I borrow 20 dollars?

          34. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          35. pmbalele says

            You’re from Texas? These are bullies of women, Blacks and racial minorities. You guys killed Scalia. You tricked him by inviting him to a luxury resort and then you killed him. So you think Scalia case is done. We are not done yet. We are coming there to investigate his death. How dare you separate him from his wife? I was in Lubbock about a year ago. Some moron Texan came and asked for my ID because I was in hotel only White people are accepted. Please vote for my Angel Hillary on November 8.

          36. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          37. pmbalele says

            Are you the guy from Texas? Texas people are dangerous. They killed Justice Scalia. They did not like him because he conservative. I am scared of Texans. Did you tell you I was in Lubbock rich people hotel when I was confronted as what I was doing there as a Black man. Thank God the owner of the hotel threw the guy out. I do not trust people from Texas.

          38. Skyhawk says

            You are worse than brain dead. You are insane.

          39. pmbalele says

            Would you – They shot Kennedy, Scalia and now we have trouble finding who is going to protect us if cops are being killed. All these sins are caused by Repubs and TPs. They have people with open-mind.

          40. Matthew V. Brown says

            Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, pmbalele. And if you are capable of reading, Lee Harvey Oswald defected to the Soviet Union for a period of time. He was born in New Orleans, LA, so he could hardly be blamed on Texas. His political preferences leaned toward Communism. NONE of “these sins” were caused by “Repubs and TPs”.

          41. J.B.Jacobs says

            The cops are being killed because of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter thugs marching down the street chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and “What do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now”. When you are promoting this kind of garbage, you will always find some deranged fool who thinks he will be some kind of hero if he does it. These people are promoting terrorism and should be arrested and tried as terrorist.

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Texas didn’t shoot Kennedy, a left wing Cuban sympathizer shot Kennedy. Left wingers should own firearms because they’re too emotional

          43. joe says

            yu need a lernin to speek kerect did yu drop out ov skool

          44. Matthew V. Brown says

            Certifiable, Skyhawk…

          45. Matthew V. Brown says

            “THEY” killed Justice Scalia? Try reading https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/texas-sheriff-releases-report-on-supreme-court-justice-scalias-death/2016/02/23/8c0bdb0c-da82-11e5-891a-4ed04f4213e8_story.html
            And the majority of Texans tend to be conservative, pmbalele, so it is highly unlikely that “they” killed Scalia because he was conservative.
            Oh, you can read, can’t you, pmbalele?

          46. pmbalele says

            Now you agree with me that Scalia was murdered and the report agrees. ” Poindexter told Dominguez that he wanted to report the death to the U.S. Marshals Service, but Dominguez said that it was under his jurisdiction!” Scalia was no resident of Texas – He was a federal figure. Where was his wife; his secret service and close relatives? How could Scalia accept gifts when his job did not allow him to? And why up to now the Fed are investigating? You better clamp your mouth. FBI may visit your home to explain Scalia’s death. I am a Democrat; but respected Scalia despite of talking down about Black intelligence. I hope we will get a good and admissible report about Scalia’s death. I not satisfied.

          47. Matthew V. Brown says

            No, I DON’T agree with you “that Scalia was murdered” and the report I cited does NOT agree with that assessment. I have nothing to fear from the FBI, but you might want to watch out for those “nice young men in their clean white coats” because “they’re coming to take you away! (Ha,ha)”

          48. pmbalele says

            That is the problem for having gone with too many women – Trump. His brains were poisoned by having too may women. How dare he have Pence when he known Pence own state hate him. Last election he cheated on the ballot and won by 3 people. Now do you expect to add anything to Trump. Please give up. Join me and vote for Hillary.

          49. joe says

            you need to tighten that tinfoil hat the waves are still making it through to your brain.

          50. mac12sam12 says

            I love conspiracy theories!!

          51. joe says

            you are a LIAR you are not even black wow something is wrong with you.

          52. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            You’re from Liberalism. You low energy racist hateful Democrackhead moron!!! We
            will throw your demon Crooked evil Lying Hillary in Jail….where she belongs you idiot!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/97a83c0363d97cbd0d375e9219d7c41b4fbd4b3e4c2c628fc41b2d97108f5a58.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e5438480a77621ae44e661eb8ff6a205e1396ab5d65bdf919c26ac9b1faafdd.jpg

          53. Matthew V. Brown says

            I have lived many years in Texas, and have been to Lubbock many times. There are NO hotels in which only white people are accepted. Also, Texans are not bullies of women, Blacks, OR racial minorities. You are more likely to find that in small communities in the Northeast, and even there it is rare. I think the Texan that asked for your I.D. showed uncommonly good sense (If you “look” anything like you “think”, that is). And as it is not my custom to vote for “fallen angels”, Hillary will not be getting my vote this or any other year.

          54. joe says

            You are truly delusional I think you need some milk

          55. Katherine sienna says

            Barks like a bitch ” woof woof woof” even my dog doesn’t bark as strong as hers.

          56. Susannadanna says

            Hillary acts like American women are second class citizens. T’ain’t so! But championing the Left’s version of “women’s causes” (many immoral, by the way) is how she intends to win the female vote and become the first WOMAN president. Leftists have no other tactic to offer than classic, communist divisiveness, and promises to favor their favorite “underdogs.” It could be blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTs. or all of the above. “Oppressed minorities” are who today’s Democrats cater to. And Hillary is the Dem’s Top Caterer. TRUMP for AMERICA 2016 – 2020! HIS policies will help the whole country!

          57. Katherine sienna says

            You are right, they even cave in to black lives matter ( both Obam & hiLIARy ) they don’t care about the police who protected them before they have their carrying weapon secret service men

          58. VanceJ says

            Somebody take off your strait jacket again and let you lose ?

          59. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yes, you understood Susannadanna. Mrs. Clinton IS, in fact, the most ruthlessly ambitious female to have sought political office. That is inarguable.

          60. pmbalele says

            What – Ms. Clinton is ruthlessly ambitious female to have sought political office. You said that with President Obama. That is exactly what we Demos need. We want Hillary to stop these chaos causing people in Congress. Did you see how they treated Comey when asking him about the e-mails? You would think Repubs and TPs are sinless. Repubs are racist, women – mongers, sexists, bigots and ruthless. Now they will meet their equal. Please vote for Hillary on November 8

          61. Matthew V. Brown says

            I NEVER called President Obama the “most ruthlessly ambitious female to have sought political office”, although Bath house Barry maybe be a little light in the loafers. And you say that “Repubs are racist, women-mongers, etc., etc. ad nauseam” and now they will meet their equal? So you are agreeing that Hillary is a “racist, woman-monger, sexist, bigot, and ruthless”? Well, at lease you are right about Hillary…

          62. siridh says

            It’s Obama and Hillary that want to bring in “refugees” peppered with ISIS. Hillary’s the one that has taken tens of millions from Muslim countries through the Clibton Foundation. I wonder what they’ll want for that? You’re just spouting lies.

          63. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            OMG!! Stupid is as stupid says!!!!

          64. pmbalele says

            That is what Wisconsin workers in private and government sectors called me. I had warned them not to vote for Repubs and TPs. When these came into power they stripped all benefits of workers and women in Wisconsin. The same people came to me whining: “we wish we listened to you-we have elected a tyrant as governor. Now governor walker is calling Wisconsin workers as ISIS. Trump has promised TPs and Repubs will bring a lot of Eastern women here. This is where he gets wives. You American women will be left in the cold without men to marry you. You better listen to me. I have gone through a lot seasons. Please vote for Hillary.

          65. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            With all due respect, there is no way in Hell I’d vote for Hillary. She is incompetent, untruthful and a murderer. Just no way!!

          66. pmbalele says

            You will be soooooriee! Trump is going to dump as an American woman and will go to Eastern Europe to get another wife. How do you like your candidate leaving American women to solve problems of women in Eastern Europe. Dump Trump.

          67. joe says

            what planet do you come from , where is your spaceship parked and do you come in peace?

          68. cutterguy says

            The only WH she should be in is a lesbian whore house.

          69. Rosech Levy says

            Qualified? HOW? No accomplishments, not even one, apart from her greed for money and power, and getting our men killed in Benghazi. She has done nothing to warrant any thing except be shot or hanged as the traitor she is. The Clintons are well know for being against America and its freedom, so I suspect you think that way too.

          70. pmbalele says

            What – she is greedy for money and power? You have to learn how to live in this Country. Everybody is greedy and loves power. Even the janitor loves and power. Have ever gone to court and found the janitor working in the rest-rooms. He will kick you out if he is working there. And if you resist, he will call police on you. Everybody in this world loves power and is greedy.,

          71. Matthew V. Brown says

            Really? EVERYONE is greedy for money and power? I really must tell that to the students who graduated from seminary with me and went into the ministry. None of the students I knew were either greedy for money or power, nor have they come into money or power. Hillary Clinton is a crook, a liar, and abused the women her husband abused. She went after those women with a vengeance. Oh, and regarding janitors working in restrooms: of course they keep you out while they are cleaning the restroom. Otherwise the restroom would NEVER be cleaned. So that hardly demonstrates that they are “greedy and love power.” Good grief, pmbalele. Quit while you’re behind.

          72. The Old One says

            Given the choice between Hillary and the devil himself, anyone with an IQ would vote for latter. But then again you have to have an IQ.

          73. Gale says

            HRC is no doubt a sociopath. That’s what you want running this country? She has taken millions of dollars from Muslim governments whose female populations have no rights.

          74. pmbalele says

            What – She has taken millions of dollars from Muslim governments? You must not be from this Country. Trump is building high rise in 5 Muslim countries; and there you are cursing about the Clinton. You’re a hypocrite.

          75. Bettyj9553 says

            He is not taking money for favors.

          76. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Why don’t we find you and deport your liberal thug ass to Saudi Arabia you MORON!

          77. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            TRUMP is comin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          78. Matthew V. Brown says

            Trump is doing business in Muslim countries. He is not taking political donations from Muslim countries. There is a difference.

          79. J.B.Jacobs says

            It all depends what “is’ is.

          80. Houdini50 says

            all of you liberals and demonrats can all go to hell, suck a dick or eat shit for all i care. you people are brain dead. or have no brain at all. thank God Jesus will come shortly and get me off this corrupted garbage of a planet.

          81. pmbalele says

            What – we “people” are brain dead? You have to learn a lot about Repubs and TPs. Do you know why Trump nominated Pence. Trump was told he had to find a male with dummy brain – so that he was boss around. Pence has IQ of 86 and Trump has IQ of 99. Now that tell you why Trump wanted a dummy. Did you hear FoxNews people calling Trump a family man? The guy has 3 wives and is looking for another one because the present wife is gaining weight. Pence is religious freak who want to jail poor mothers for having kids. Now this the same guy who hates women who abort. Repubs and TPs are in trouble this season. They did not have smart candidates. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          82. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, pmbalele, I don’t know about anyone else, but you certainly seem to be brain dead. And where did you get this ridiculous information about I.Q.s or why Trump nominated Pence? A Cracker Jack box?

          83. LiberalismaDisease!!! says
          84. J.B.Jacobs says

            “The most qualified individual for the WH job now”? That’s what Obama said. Your name is not Pmbalete Obama, is it?

          85. pmbalele says

            Our Savior Obama got it from me. Now it’s Hillary turn. She is our Angel.

          86. ScranunSlim says

            Qualified based on what — her address?

            Benghazi’s already made mincemeat of her brag in 2008 that she was uniquely qualified to answer that 3:00 am phone call about another terrorist attack.

            Watch Abuela Alinsky spin her sniperfire yarn and tell me that she doesn’t belong in the Loony Bin.

          87. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Were I you I wouldn’t talk too much about “qualifications” Mr. SPN Code 28B

          88. ScranunSlim says

            Your argument that my being a former Marine lieutenant means I can’t call him “Prezidunce Benghai O’Selfie” because it violates the chain-of-command was turned into swiss cheese last night.

            I heard not one but at least FOUR Honorably Discharged CIVILIANS skewer the prezidunce, the highest ranking one being Army Lt. GENERAL Michael Flynn, former head of the DIA.

            You’re a gasbag who doesn’t know what he-she-it is talking about, some bilge 
            posing as a lawyer (case law, prima facie, etc.) but who can’t even understand simple terms like “Honorably Discharged” and “CIVILIAN”

            Wait until your Thorazine kicks in before ya post stuff.

            P.S. Let’s make our $1000 bet with our CASHIERS CHECKS payable to the “Marine Corps League”  Our Detachment
            paymaster had to check my DD214 with HQMC before he could get me my PLM (Permanent LIFE Membership) so it should be easy for him to inform you that, “MCL PLM XXXXX has demonstrated for me that his Disqus ID is “ScranunSlim.” Additionally, I can certify that he served as a Marine lieutenant, and AS AGREED, will now deposit the check I received from Disqus ID “Craigslist” to the MCL account.”

          89. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            “I heard not one but at least FOUR Honorably Discharged CIVILIANS skewer the prezidunce, the highest ranking one being Army Lt. GENERAL Michael Flynn, former head of the DIA.”

            Sure ya did Mr. Could Barely Last One Tour of Duty, sure, whatever you say (that is if I believe your claims at all). You realize people can read between the lines here

            BTW Flynn is an embarrassment looking for attention in the press and eying political runs for himself- you’re being pandered to and frankly you’re as much as an embarrassment. Kissing up to a dirtbag and a constant business failure like Trump just demonstrates a completely nonexistent moral compass, and a tendency to be impressed by shallow BS.

          90. Matthew V. Brown says

            Please go back to Craigslist, Redshirt1. Trump is by far the better choice than Hillary Clinton. And I wouldn’t mention “nonexistent moral compass” unless you are supporting someone other than the Clintons. When you look up “nonexistent moral compass” in the encyclopedia, you find Bill and Hillary Clinton pictured as the exemplars.

          91. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            How about this Matthew, instead of cracking wise how about you find one time that an investigation into the Clinton Foundation found nothing but complete transparency and a whole lot of partisan allegations that fail to be substantiated?

            Sort of what happened with the email server thing, save for Clinton admittedly demonstrating an ability to properly vet the competence of her IT staff

          92. Matthew V. Brown says

            I don’t think I have discussed the Clinton Foundation OR the “e-mail server thing”. My primary concern with Hillary is, and always will be, the Benghazi disaster. By the way, having read your posts, I don’t think you have a lot of room to talk about ANYONE else “cracking wise”. Find a new hobby-horse to ride, Craigslist Redshirt1. The one you are currently riding is worn out.

          93. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            You’re still harping on Benghazi when even the GOP’s own committees found absolutely no wrongdoing on anyone’s part and absolutely no dishonesty on anyone’s part? OK sure I take your intelligence seriously at this point

          94. ScranunSlim says

            More Snivel Drivel from Tinkerbell like your calling me “Mr. Could Barely Last One Tour of Duty.”

            I scrupulously refer to my tour as 11 and not 12 months because of a month I spent out of harm’s way attending Officers Embarkation School.
            One Yawwn Kerry in the naval services is enough.

            I’m still gloating over your your tiresome stolen-valor- pawnshop-Mameluke shtick leaving you DE-THONGED for about the 10th time

            So, Princess Erroneous, I REPEAT — let’s make our bet with $1000 CASHIERS CHECKS payable to the “Marine Corps League”

            Our Detachment
            paymaster will inform you that, “MCL PLM XXXXX has demonstrated for me that his Disqus ID is “ScranunSlim.” Additionally, I can certify that he served as a Marine lieutenant, and AS AGREED, I will now deposit the $1000 check I received from Disqus ID “Craigslist” to the MCL account.”

            PUT UP OR SHUT UP, TINK!

          95. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Uh huh, were you worth any of what they supposedly invested in you in training you to be an officer and a pilot, they wouldn’t have let you go. If you were any good at the job, if you had any business even mentioning you served online, you’d have lasted longer. You got in just barely long enough for something to put on your resume, you have no integrity.

            I have never lasted less than 16 months at a job, and only left as I had something far better lined up. You can’t say the same Mr. SPN Code

            Kerry actually served and was wounded, and you’re chiding him for not being a pussy and sucking it up like a man. Again, you got out as soon as you could- you’re pusillanimous, kitten, trying to play Frank Castle online

          96. ScranunSlim says

            Remember – it has to be a $1000 CASHIERS CHECK payable to the “Marine Corps League.”

            U gonna put up or shut up, Tinkerbell. I’m trying to save you airfare so you don’t hafta fly, as you put it, “across the nation,” (from Jerkwater, ND to Quantico, VA.)

            re: Kerry
            At least my C.O. never chewed me out the way Yawwn’s did with a line right out of A Christmas Story: “YOU COULDA PUT SOMEBODY’S EYE OUT!” (Yawwn had tried to blow up a cache of enemy rice with an M79 “blooper,” wounding his Brahmin butt.)

          97. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            I could care less about if you served or not; lol@ you for thinking I care. You obviously do, which is why you still respond to the same posts months later. I doubt anyone this thin skinned to make it through Army boot camp, let alone would have been accepted into Quantico.

            Everything you post reveals you to be completely shallow, completely partisan, willing to sell this nation out to someone with no integrity just because he hates the same people you do or votes the same way you do, and completely dishonest about your personal experience. Politics is sport for you, it’s as serious as the Super Bowl to you.

            Having served doesn’t mean you “can’t” criticize the President, but the way you do demonstrates an over the top lack of maturity and wisdom that comes from being working within an organization like the US Marine Corps… which again, even at times I willing to indulge your fantasies, makes it apparent that your efforts aren’t valuable to anyone else depending on them, like what happens in a team. Adults don’t invent childish nicknames for someone just because they disagree with how they perform their job.

            Your Kerry story never happened.

            You’re just a boy playing man online, that’s why this is about.

          98. ScranunSlim says

            Remember – it has to be a $1000 CASHIERS CHECK payable to the “Marine Corps League.”

            U gonna put up or shut up, Tinkerbell. I’m trying to save you airfare so you don’t hafta fly, as you put it, “across the nation,” (from Jerkwater, ND to Quantico, VA.)

          99. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Again there shall be neither putting up or shutting up from me, but I see you shall continue to respond, proving me correct.

            And I see you do nothing to refute my interpretation of things- you were asked to leave the Marines, if you ever served. Anyone worth keeping stays for a lot longer than one deployment. I’m curious, what was your actual SPN code, did I call that? LOL how quickly did they peg you as being unfit for promotion? Or maybe having a half-Black guy as your CnC was the issue?

            So yeah even when I pretend I believe you, I still beat you

          100. ScranunSlim says

            Ahhhh, the last death-rattle gasp of snivel drivel — the race card!

            Wrong again, Tinkerbell.
            Really touched that 5 of my black Marines asked me to be in a picture of them in their flashiest Saturday Night duds.

            And my “roommate” for several months was S/Sgt
            (E-6) Acuña. Care to guess his ethnicity, Mr. Midwest Whitebread Liberal Milquetoast?

            Now why don’t ya do the manly thing and post an apology for what you said about Lt. General Flynn?

          101. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Yeah none of that happened, and nothing you’ve posted refutes a single thing I’ve posted- the Marines don’t want you around adding f-tardery to their organization; you were never a valid Marine to begin with. Did you know that even people who aren’t white have first and middle names too? Not sure what assigning a non-officer rank to a random ethnic-sounding last name is supposed to prove, other than you think only 5 people in the whole country use the internet… yet another reason you think the most easily forged document in use today (the DD-214) would be convincing to anyone on its own

            Face it, even if you were a member of the US Marine Corps, you admitted that you couldn’t take the heat, yet you want the world to think you could. Even if I were to believe a word you say, you did bare minimum and now you want the respect that someone who actually succeeded in the Marines would earn.

          102. ScranunSlim says

            Sounds like you’re back to caring about my “pawnshop Mameluke” right after you said you didn’t care (whether I served or not).

            Try to find a clinic – they’re doing wonderful things for schizophrenics these days.

            In the meantime, just write that $1000 CASHIERS check, Tinkerbell

          103. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Heheheheh nah I’m just bored and all my other pwn’d b*tches have a learning curve

            Thank you for passively conceding that you are unworthy to be a Marine

            I’ve even pointed out to you that my whole point is to get you to respond, and you do

            $10000 says you respond to this post, and future posts from me deflating your claims about yourself

          104. ScranunSlim says

            Don’t be modest.  You can brag that your Loony Loop rants inspired Gary Larson to draw that cartoon of a shrink listening to his patient and writing on his notepad, “Just plain NUTS!”

          105. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            I’ll start an LLC you can draw your cashiers check for… predicted you’d respond and you did. Of course we all know that unemployable washouts like yourself will never see 10k in your lifetime so I’m not going to get my hopes up

            An obvious loser is you… and one without honor or any value to the Marines

          106. siridh says

            Hilary’s TURN? What makes her qualified? Logging miles as SoS? Accomplishments? Does staying married to a man who cheats on you incessantly simply because you hope

          107. joe says

            wow vote for a felon and a murderer you really are disturbed

      9. Cindy Meyer says

        It was a coverup for the surplus in our economy! Read up on it before shooting your mouth off! You like a criminal and a liar and a sell out and greed that Washington is now? Wow don’t vote in November! Clinton was fortunate to be president during the “.com” era and Clinton did NOTHING

      10. Tom Jones says


      11. Betty Hanner says

        elly were have you been living what you have not heard about bill rapeing them girls while he was presdent if you have any kids what are saying to them it all right for him to rape them women

        1. pmbalele says

          Do you have $1 mil for defamation. That is what Bill is going to sue you for. Do you have proof that he raping girls while he was president? No you don’t. Girls were attacking him for his good looks. So please ask your mother is she has $1 mi to pay for damages.

          1. Betty Hanner says

            you can not sue some one whois telling the truth and you know I am all them women would not tell the same he mited about that one women give him a blow job he said that wasent sex I don’t know what else you would call it unless they got a new name for it

          2. pmbalele says

            Look, how many Trump has sued so far for defaming him. You have to be careful. Jesse Ventura got $100,000,000 settlement for being defamed. this a country of laws and people take advantage of lay people.

          3. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Trump is a strong man, business savvy, a True Real American man, Tough,
            Pro American, no nonsense TRUMP is Great I love Trump! A true American man and a great fighter….Vote Trump!!! he will Crush crooked evil Lying Hillary!!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1cb6cdc216929b172198105a4d2f520a6f921eef85e22a91f2a7087d2bc7250b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c512c1ebfae4bd9f192802c20a494da5db5ac34200b0299a9fa0f8f55ba8b0d9.jpg

          4. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Do you have 2 cents of common sense you Liberal idiot?

          5. Matthew V. Brown says

            In order for something to be defamation, it would have to be untrue. And I can guarantee you that Billy-boy would NEVER want something like this to make it as far as a court trial. His dalliances are almost as legendary as that of the Kennedy brothers.

      12. cardmaster1 says

        You are delusional!! SMH!!

      13. bytheway4 says

        pmbalele, you sure need a few shock treatments, your mind is fried We do not want a murderer , a habitual liar, a communist,a muslim and one that hates America.. She wants and will get NWO, just say good bye to America if she gets in.

        1. pmbalele says

          Sure you’re perfect. How many women have you slept with. I guess twenty if you went to college with drunks.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            I went to college “with drunks”. I have slept with ONE woman during my ENTIRE life. She decided to go sky diving, and her shoot didn’t open. I’ll leave it to you to guess the result. I dated a few more times, but never again had sexual intercourse. Now I am elderly, and live alone with my dachshund Fritz. And I agree with bytheway4. I do NOT want Hillary (or her boyfriend Bill, OR her girlfriend Huma Abedin) anywhere NEAR the White House, you incredible twit.

          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, pmbalele, I don’t pretend to know about the sexual proclivity of bytheway4, aside from the fact that he seems to display uncommonly good sense, but I do know that I “went to college with drunks” AND drug users, and I have only slept with ONE woman my entire life. One day she decided to go skydiving and her shoot didn’t open. I don’t think I need to describe what happened to her. It took me awhile to date again, but I never slept with a woman again, you unbelievable twit.

          3. ponomo says

            pmbalele dated Obama in junior high school and had great time listening to his diatribe …along with HIS BS.

      14. Rosech Levy says

        You have a seriously terrible brain problem, pm, and need to see if you can find a brain that fits your skull, because it is obvious you hate America and wish to see it turned over to communism by Shillary or any other DNC candidate. Why not pack up and move to a country that better suits your lack of political common sense. Any of those still in the EU
        would be a perfect fit for you and yours.

        1. pmbalele says

          Of all people who hate communism is me. I hate communism and socialism. i love and adore capitalism. I had a business for 15 and loved to be boss to myself. So I adore capitalism – but not Reagan or Greenspan capitalism the “Trickle-down capitalism. That is what caused the 2008 melt-down. Banks and the governments were dry of money. People, lie Romney had shipped heir money abroad leaving people here jobless and then they laughed at fellow Americans as lazy and welfare loafers. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          1. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            As usual, pmbalele, you show an marked inability to research. I suggest you read http://blog.acton.org/archives/86542-did-president-obama-save-the-world-from-a-great-depression-probably-not.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw_LG8BRDb1JTxm8uP_UwSJADu_8pWknnyujDa940kA4fBn1LPc6BaU2AIkEmu-Y3HxrqophoCwUXw_wcB
            Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and subprime mortgages undoubtedly had a great deal to do with this melt down–NOT “trickle down capitalism”. And who was a great supporter of subprime mortgages? Note http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/12/hey-barney-frank-the-government-did-cause-the-housing-crisis/249903/ “For most of his career, Barney Frank was the principal advocate in Congress for using the government’s authority to force lower underwriting standards in the business of housing finance. Although he claims to have tried to reverse course as early as 2003, that was the year he made the oft-quoted remark, ‘I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation toward subsidized housing.’ Rather than reversing course, he was pressing on when others were beginning to have doubts.” You can hardly blame the ineptness of Barney Frank on Republicans. Based on you clear bias and inability to do research, I am “disinclined to acquiesce to your request” to vote for Hillary. That would be “NO!”

      15. Richard Frick says

        You pmbalele are a sick animal. Slick willie was only interested in raping any female in sight while killery was busy stealing the White House contents. Neither one did anything to improve our economy and GWB did not act on his own with a stacked deck of congreesthieves pushing the welfare agena. The chum boy has only acted to destroy the country with his pothead ideas and standing with muslims against the USA..

        1. pmbalele says

          Do you mean Bush II had only acted to destroy the country with his pothead ideas and standing with Muslims against the USA? If that is the case I agree with you. Bush had a lot friends in Arab countries that he forgot to invest in his own country. I hope you were alive in 2008 when Banks and federal government were bankrupt. Romney and his rich friends had shipped their money to foreign countries. You remember John McCain had to suspend his campaign to come back to DC to vote for billions to restore money lost by your people – Repubs and TPs. Please vote for Hillary on November 8.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            Bush II stood with Muslims AGAINST the U.S.A.? Where on EARTH do you get your information–from conspiracy theorists? And you think that the financial problems in 2008 were exacerbated by where “Romney and his rich friends had shipped their money”? The problems in 2008 were caused by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac upending. I explain that a little further below.

      16. Lady B says

        Your one dumb Asshole. Your probably someone who thinks Hillary is going to give you everything free if she’s elected. Hell, she won’t do a thing for you or anyone. Get a brain moron.

        1. pmbalele says

          Hillary will give you and me freedom to establish or continue to own my business. I do not need her money. Get out that bubble and think for yourself. I see you’re married to a Repub or TPs. These see you as their slave who should stay in the kitchen as a baby factory. Please vote for Hillary

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            pmbalele, I already have the freedom to establish or continue to own my own business. Why would I vote for Hillary to give me something I already have. And I am a Republican, and a Tea “Partier”, and I have been a feminist for years. I was responsible for bringing Gloria Steinem to speak at my college. I didn’t agree with all of her stands on issues, but I did respect her.

      17. The Old One says

        Good looking most certainly. In a gay parade.

      18. Son Shine says

        God drive out the enemie in this person. Amen

      19. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


        1. pmbalele says

          Once Hillary gets in the WH she will pardon herself for the sake of this Country.

          1. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            She will never win anything you del https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e5438480a77621ae44e661eb8ff6a205e1396ab5d65bdf919c26ac9b1faafdd.jpg uisonal Liberal fool! She will be put behind bars where she belong you low energy Moron!

          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yes, a President could pardon himself or herself, but I doubt whether even Hillary Clinton would be so abysmally ignorant. The hue and cry that would arise from this kind of hubris (which I am persuaded even most Democrats would consider stepping over the line) would irreparably divide this country. Some might even consider this a crime against the country, in which case it would be an impeachable offense.



        1. pmbalele says

          What – are we are picking our presidents by their looks now? Yes. And also we prefer president with an IQ of more than 130. Pence has IQ of 89 while Trump has IQ of 99. That is why Trump WH bid is now DOA.

          1. TEXAS CONSERVATIVE says


          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            pmbalele, some have estimated Trump’s I.Q. to be in the 120-130 range (not 99). I haven’t found anything that gives Pence’s IQ. I guess you will just have to wait until November to determine whether Trump’s White House bid is DOA. But even if you are Madam Arcati, I don’t think at this point you can make an accurate prediction as to who will win.

      21. Elly says

        Sad to hear your comments. The Clinton’s are evil people, pathological liars and have certainly pulled the wool over your eyes. I guess you are brainwashed and don’t follow the news.

      22. Gale says

        So you judge the quality of a leader by their looks? You are an idiot! We all know the path the tall, skinny one in the WH has lead us down, the path to oblivion. There isn’t anyone uglier and dumpier than HRC. What is with the “Queen Elizabeth” wardrobe anyway! Vote Trump!

        1. pmbalele says

          Vote for whom – Trump? The guy as an IQ of 99. Compare that with Hillary whose IQ is 145. In fact that has reflected on Trump choice. – Pence. Pence has IQ of 86. Trump wanted a dummy as running mate. Pence is hated in his own state. How can Trump then win is both are hated by their own people. You better join me to vote for Hillary on November 8.

          1. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Crooked evil lying Cowardly hateful Hillary!

            Throw her in Jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            I don’t know WHERE you are getting these I.Q. numbers, but my I.Q. is 165, and that is one reason why I will NEVER vote for Hillary, regardless of her 145 I.Q. By the way, I.Q. as measure of intelligence is not used much anymore, since it is not a good predictor of academic performance (or any other kind of performance, for that matter). Standardized tests are more accurate, and I scored 95-percentile or above on the standardized tests I took. And Trump is not hated by his own people. Pence may be hated by some in his state, but he is loved by others. It seems to fall along party lines. I would not vote for “Hellary” if she paid me.

          3. pmbalele says

            Trump/Pence ticket is done. We are sorry to report to you. How dare Trump to have Pence as VP. We are told Trump sons picked Pence. Now Trump is paying or it. He lost the WH just after Pence coming into the scene.

          4. Matthew V. Brown says

            Good grief, pmbalele. Get help, please. Professional help.

      23. Ben Ghazi says

        Are you part of the Clinton whose job it is to post negative junk? Troll.

        1. pmbalele says

          I told you I just love the Clintons. They are true Americans. They give me the air of the Obamas. Obamas are true Americans who see people not their color. You’re GOPer. Most of people in TPs and Repubs are racists, bigots, hypocrites and liars. Get out of that bubble and join me to vote for Hillary on November 8.

          1. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            I told you the Clintons.are true American lying fraudulent disgraceful fools. They give me the air of deceit. lies and ignorance!!!! Obama is a disgrace and hater!!! Obama see people color his color and nobody else the community racist bro is a hater of America a fool!!!!. Democrackhead Liberals are racists, bigots, hypocrites and liars. Get out of that bubble and join me to throw Obama out and throw Crooked Hillary in Jail where she belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9bab522ddaef76aa586a287af91b737cfc2c2231a01dafe9cb1e93f2123cc26f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/755fb57a76b24d0ab3631a48c28056a6705d526e0a03262b0adc8af88fdae2ff.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/688b17cc674df92646e3e56d7a246bf43a73b1047bd0d76f614bec3a1bf06349.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/97a83c0363d97cbd0d375e9219d7c41b4fbd4b3e4c2c628fc41b2d97108f5a58.jpg

          2. pmbalele says

            I wish Obama was running again. But I can live with Hillary as my president. Good days are here again.

          3. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

            Obama is a fool and ignorant socialist! He is a traitor! Crooked Evil lying Hillary will NEVER be President


          4. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, good days are approaching, as the Obamas will soon be leaving the White House. And as I firmly believe that Hillary would be Obama in white face, I would not even consider voting for her. I am not suicidal on any level, pmbalele.

          5. Matthew V. Brown says

            “Most of people [sic] in TPs and Repubs are racist, bigots, hypocrites and liars”? You are so predictable. You are one of the Democrats sheeple, pmbalele. Maybe if you had read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, you would understand why so many of us shudder to think that Hillary could make it to the White House.

          6. Matthew V. Brown says

            The Clintons are “true Americans”? The Clintons and the Obamas are just political opportunists. And before you go there, I don’t dislike the Obamas because of the color of their skin. I just don’t like their politics. I would have been thrilled to be able to vote for Dr. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy. pmbalele, how is your knowledge of Shakespeare? Do you remember the quote from Hamlet “The lady doth protest too much, methinks…”? The fact that you keep harping on “most people in TPs and Repubs are racists, bigots, hypocrites and liars” is beginning to make me wonder whether it might be YOU who is the racist, bigot, hypocrite and liar. And again, no, I will not vote for Hillary…EVER.

          7. Matthew V. Brown says

            Yeah, I bet the Clintons give you the air of the Obamas–and that air is stale and polluted.

      24. ltlolady says

        Well if good looking b.o.and J.b. Is your choice enjoy your live if h.c. gets in because this world will be a hell hole. Good choice.

      25. Bettyj9553 says

        The democratic party has evolved since then. We have problems now that we didn’t have when Bill Clinton was presidents. But, nevertheless, Bill Clinton was corrupt. Now we have Obama and with Hillary pandering to so many Muslim Countries for money, don’t expect our country to be in better shape. She won’t do a thing to keep us safe. The next attack could be you or your kids.

      26. Angela Worden says

        Rice didn’t want the job and said so.

      27. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


      28. J.B.Jacobs says

        I am glad to see the Hillary supporters are ranting and raving about Trump picking Pence for his Vice-president. They are scared to death of Trump. Sounds like they might be scared of Pence too. Couldn’t beat that !!!! I would have really been worried if they liked Trump picking Pence.

        1. pmbalele says

          We are scared to death of Trump- I guess you did not watch FoxNews today. They are whining why Pence for VP. They say is short, fat, ugly, a racist, sexist and hypocrite. This will be the same as Romney/Ryan ticket. Ryan lost in his home state.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            Given your previous comments, pmbalele, you are just the kind of person I WANT Trump to scare! Regarding Pence: Trump picked him, and that is good enough for me.

          2. pmbalele says

            Trump was shining alone – but after picking Pence, Trump luster is gone. Even right wingers are now crying as what went wrong with Trump. Actually Trump wanted to withdraw Pence. But it was too late . He is just wasting his time now. He should wait another 8 years to run. Sorry about that chief!

          3. J.B.Jacobs says

            Who is they? Just because nobody wanted Romney or Ryan has nothing to do with this election. Both are losers. That’s why they won’t support Trump. Ryan probably will when he realizes that the people want Trump and he may be thrown out of office after the election. After all that’s all any of the establishment politicians are interested in is getting re-elected.

          4. pmbalele says

            What did you say – Ryan probably will when he realizes that the people want Trump. Only 40% of Repubs and TPs want Trump. Why can’t you give up and join me to vote for Hillary. GOP is dead like Romney/Ryan ticket.

          5. J.B.Jacobs says

            When you split the votes between 17 people and you still get 40% of the vote is amazing. Hillary only had to run against one and still barely got more votes the Sanders. If Trump had had only one to run against, he probably have gotten 75 or 80% of the vote. He received more votes than any republican in the history of this country even after running against 16 other candidates. Hillary may be in jail when the general election comes. The investigation about her lying under oath to Congress is not over yet. Is that what you want a president who lies under oath. If you don’t vote for Trump, you may not have anyone to vote for.

          6. Matthew V. Brown says

            You must not be watching the same FoxNews that I have been watching.

      29. Katherine sienna says

        Hahaha, so stupid. Clinton’s job surplus DUE to Dot Com booms from Microsoft. All bill Lolita clinton did was looking for young interns and raking money for him with HiLIARy crooked on his side.

      30. John Williams says

        Let’s just look at your statement a little closer, you whiners always seem to ignore the FACT that during 6 years of slick willies 8 year term, both houses of congress were controlled by the GOP, slick was along for the ride, simply in the right place at the right time. Slick also got to ride the tech boom just before the bubble burst, the tech boom had the advantage of a true lower unemployment rate with high paying jobs. (more taxes paid because people were working not on unemployment and welfare, something totally lost on the current idiot in the white house) You fools are just bitter about your own stupidity for hiring a man with zero skills and are trying to cover up that stupidity by doubling down on another useless POS.

      31. VanceJ says

        What, you jealous ? Lol, only those fatter and uglier point fingers at others, you must be but ugly, your mind or lack of sure is.!!!!

      32. Katherine sienna says

        Lol, obum is a walking stick with funny ears and Joe is a goofy dummie. If you had no sense of intelligence look how tall Trump is and Pence is an average height nice looking man, by the way his wife looks like Angel walking beside Pence. Reminding everybody of how ” pretty ” looking michelle my belle beside jumping jack obama. How many plastic surgeries she has done with taxpayers money?

        1. pmbalele says

          What – Pence is an average height nice looking man? I briefly was in tavern and people were talking about Pence. I just listened at a distance. they described Pence as 5 9 and fat and ugly. I just left without interrupting them. They were drunk anyway. Drunk people tell the truth. We are also told Pence is a racist, sexist and a hypocrite. We will have another Paul Ryan who was defeated in his home state with RR ticket. That is why GOPers are crying what a misfortune this year has been to them. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          1. Katherine sienna says

            Vote for hiLiary? Never. I know she is a professional lying lawyer. Pence is no way 5’9″ and no way fat. He has 6 terms in congress before being governor that works very well for his state. So he is no junior congressman like paul ryan. Plus he used to be a radio talk show host so what else qualification needed to serve this nation after 71/2 years of chaos? He is not bad looking, he is average, not like brat Pitt or Michael more to the extreme but I like his nice classy look. And his wife is like having an angel’s look, kinda cute. Not so uncomfortable to look at like with michelle O. regardless she has many fixings.

          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            pmbalele, Pence is 5’11″tall, and is neither fat or ugly. He is also not a racist, a sexist, or a hypocrite. I don’t know ANY GOPers who are crying “what a misfortune this year has been to them”. Most of us are pretty optimistic. We have a good ticket comprised of two good men who are running against the lying, crooked “Hildebeast”. As usual, you are uninformed. And who on earth told you that “drunk people tell the truth”? Drunk people tend to tell you what they think with no reservation, but that does not indicate that what they think is the truth. And again…no, I will not vote for Hillary.

          3. pmbalele says

            I am not the one who started calling Pence short and ugly. It is the Republicans in a bar. They hate him just for being so short and ugly. I then heard he is religious fanatic. That is why he wants Sharia law in this country to stop Kim K and Beyonce’ and all starts showing their private parts. But that shows how hypocrite Repubs and TPs are to vote for Trump. Trump own wife is shown naked. And that is what you want for people in the WH – naked people?

          4. Matthew V. Brown says

            If you are a tee-totaler, what on earth were you doing in a bar? And Pence wants Sharia Law? Are you INSANE? It would make more sense to say that Obama wants Sharia Law. Incidentally, in the pictures of Melania Trump, she NEVER showed her “private parts”. And to make the statement, “And that is what you want of people in the White House – naked people?” is ludicrous on its face. As I have said elsewhere, pmbalele, get help–professional help.

      33. junkmailbin says

        you need to get your cranial rectal impaction treated.

      34. Katherine sienna says

        You forget to mention ” go vote at 9 am and again at 10am and again @ every hour until polling places close “. If you were Bill wouldn’t you love to marry a model then you don’t have to chase interns around like dogs in July ( as marrying to that short awful looking belly larger than shoulder Killiary 1/2 man 1/2 female dog literally called a B. ? )

      35. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

        I know you love corruption, hate, lies, perversion….
        Go march with the Liberal racist thugs! Be proud!


        1. pmbalele says

          Are you talking about Repubs and TPs now in prison for bribery? Most conservatives you see on TPs are corrupt, hypocrites and wife cheaters. I cannot fathom how women can be in party where they are treated as nobodies. Please tell me the secret why these women are in GOP.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            Which Republicans and Tea Partiers are in prison for bribery? A little documentation, please… And you want to elect Hillary Clinton, the wife of Bill, the Cheater-in-Chief? Women are in the Republican party because they are intelligent, not left-leaning lemmings…

      36. Dolores Wieland says

        Pretty stupid of you if you think looks trumps knowledge. or wanting to do what is right.

        1. pmbalele says

          You look too young for such language to come from you. Talk to your mother and ask her to re-wean you right.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            Wow! Dolores uses the word “stupid”, and you think she should talk to her mother and ask her to re-wean her? Are you DELUSIONAL, pmbalele?

          2. Dolores Wieland says

            No bad language from my mouth….and I can’t talk to the dead….

          3. pmbalele says

            You look too young to me to have lost your mother. Anyway, here is my request from you. Please vote for Clinton on November 8 at 9 am. Then I will adopt as my grandchild. You will be in good hands like Allstate. No swearing my house. I have 4 kids and non-of them swears.

          4. Dolores Wieland says

            Sorry Clinton has too much baggage as does her husband..

          5. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            I have great sympathy for those 4 kids, being the offspring of such a profound imbecile.

          6. pmbalele says

            Now you’re talking sense. How can those kids put up with so many Trump wives? Now Melania looks wrinkled already. Trump will divorce her. That is why Trump was considering Newt to be his running mate. Both would be chasing women in the WH. And TPs and Repubs are telling us Trump is family man. We are better off with Hillary as the only candidate for the WH.

          7. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Hard to tell if your stupidity is deliberate or inbred. I’m guessing the latter. Either way, you shouldn’t be allowed around children.

          8. ponomo says

            Are your 4 kids human?

          9. pmbalele says

            They have IQ of 148, 140 and, 150 and 138. So they are smart and they got 1/2 of their genes from me. Are you ready to be my grandchild?

      37. KKmoderate says

        Your post is vile and nothing more than a personal attack with no substance as to content and relevance. Pick up your big person pants and read the article…it’s about the criminal behavior or your appointee not the physical appearance of Mike Pence. You are blocked

      38. azabigail says

        Wow pmbalele, you are the epitome of kool-aid drinking Liberal Lemming ….F.Y.I… Clinton’s deficit hit during Bush, which was also reconciled through Bush’s, along with Bush’s budget.. Also, prior to GW Bush, Bill Clinton signed Nafta in, giving huge tax breaks to American Corporations for taking jobs FROM America and moving them overseas, into other countries. Then in the last 2 years of the Bush administration, beginning on January 3, 2007, the Democrats took power, in both Houses of Congress. Along with that, Democrats Barney Frank, took over the House Financial Services Committee, and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee. The Economic meltdown that occurred 15 months later happened in BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES under Democratic watch when they dumped 5-6 TRILLION dollars of toxic loans into America’s economy, from the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac(FM & FM) fiascoes. For years Bush had been asking Congress to reform FM & FM because he felt it was a risk to the economy, but Congress refused to, Barney Frank stopped it and even mocked Bush calling his concerns chicken little mentality. Another thing, budgets do not come from the WH, they come from Congress, and the party, (including Hillary Clinton) that controlled the budget since 2007 was the Liberal/Democratic party, and they controlled it 2007-2011. During this time, for the first year of Obama, the party still had to contend with Bush who got belatedly tough on spending increases, so they had to compromise on their intended spending amounts. But after that Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed Bush entirely and passed continuing resolutions until Obama took office, at which time they passed a MASSIVE spending bill to complete the 2009 budget, and even though Obama was just entering office he had been involved throughout the process as a member of Congress, then finally, as President he signed the bill. SO, getting back to George Bush…. the Democrats did NOT inherit ANY deficit from him, when the Democrats took power the deficit under Bush was the LOWEST it had been in 5 years AND the 4th YEAR of STRAIGHT DECLINE in deficit spending, SO the only deficit they inherited was that which the LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS, created themselves after they (again, including Hillary) took all power from both Houses. After that Obama spent billions, above the budget, of hard earned American tax dollars to bail out large Corporations, so they could give million dollar (and more) bonuses to their people. Even since he took office, Obama has projected a dislike for America, and for White men through his actions, and things he has said, and at times using his presidential influence to incite negative reactions against White Americans, among our fellow Black Americans. We have seen more racial, cultural, religious, etc., division, all at the same time, under Obama than ever before. America lost … it’s credit standing, trust among allies, respect and fear among enemies, a formidable military, hope of reducing it’s trillions in debt (which he created) unity among Americans, trust among the people of our current leadership top down, etc… I could go on but this post is getting long enough. Oh, and don’t forget Hillary has been there to support this break down, and weakening of America from the inside out, even while she has been doing her own part, Plus how could we ever forget the lives lost at Benghazi, the attempted cover up of the truth, and Hillary’s lies that she told to the families of some of the victims of Benghazi, about the cause of the attack

        1. pmbalele says

          Sure, that is what all Repubs and TPs say. But you have not talked to Greenspan who tells us that Trickle-down-economics or Reaganomics caused the melt down-and he wished he did not counsel Reagan with his that kind of economics. People like Romney shipped their money foreign countries. So their money was creating jobs in foreign countries; leaving people here jobless. The same people cursed why people were on welfare here. Thank God Romney lost. And that God Trump will lose. So to spare your heart from heart attack please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says
      39. Matthew V. Brown says

        Americans love to elect good looking presidents? Then you might as well resign yourself to the defeat of Hillary…

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you see Pence. He looks like a retard. He is 5 8; bad choice for American VP. All Repubs and TPs are crying as what went wrong. That is their problem for they have lost the WH again.

          1. Matthew V. Brown says

            pmbalele, if I were you, I would not be so quick to say that other people look like a “retard”, and, yes, I have seen Pence. And again you make a statement like “ALL Repubs and TPs are crying as what went wrong.” I am a Republican, AND a Tea Partier, and am pleased with the Trump/Pence ticket, so your “ALL” is, as usual, a radical and uninformed statement (although that tends to be par for the course from you). As to losing the White House again…well, I think we will have to wait until November after the votes have been counted to draw that conclusion. You must get most of your exercise “leaping to conclusions”, pmbalele.

          2. Katherine sienna says

            OMGoodness, open your cloudy closed mind to learn just a little lesson at a time bc I doubt you can learn too much. Today lesson is to look at youself and hiLIARy and bernie and E. Warren then Pence, who has the most scary face, big belly and 5 feet short that even a $12,400 jacket can’t make a difference? unless your look was worse than that, because I don’t know how your look is like? Pence and his wife have the most sincere, amiable and classy looks not vicious like all the Dems listed above.

          3. Matthew V. Brown says

            Pence looks like a “retard”? Has anyone told you how offensive the word “retard” is, in ANY context? Oh, wait…you are a liberal, so the words “bigoted” and “offensive” can’t be applied to you, I guess. You incredibly arrogant ass!

      40. mac12sam12 says

        We had a surplus because of Newt Gingrich, congress controls the purse. Clinton shut down the government because congress wanted to have a surplus. The surplus came from “borrowing” from SS and the military budget. Welfare reform was also Newt’s idea which cut the welfare roles in half. Trump isn’t short, he’s 6 Ft. 2 inches. Obama and Biden are good looking? Plugs, AKA Biden when he smiles he looks like an @sshole with teeth. Obama looks like a pitcher with two handles, and we all know who uses those handles. Give him some Reggie!!

      41. Cherie Lynn Davis says

        OMG!! You are many bricks short of a load. I’m embarrassed for you!

      42. joe says

        wow you are very sick do you need me to call someone for you

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you pass your History 101. If not then that explains. You cannot know that during Bill as president the country has a surplus. Bush II give away and I was late to apply for that money.

          1. joe says

            it is not nice to argue with the mentally disabled so I wont, have a swell day sparky

          2. pmbalele says

            I have good news for you. Trump is losing in Wisconsin. Wisconsin people do not like Trump shopping for women in Eastern Europe-leaving American women without males. Pence is a religious fanatics and Wisconsin people hate people who try to prohibit them from drinking their beer. So T/P ticket in Wisconsin is a re-do of R/R in 2012. Please ask Trump to pack up and go to his Trump University. Join me to vote for Hillary.

          3. joe says

            who tells you what to say in here little man

          4. pmbalele says

            We do not want women mongers in the WH. Trump, Pence and Newt are preparing to Eastern Trip for new women. They cannot stand American women-too smart and too strong for them.

    2. greenlantern1 says

      God takes orders from YOU?

      1. Elly says

        No, God does not take orders from me, however I don’t want big government taking away my freedom of religion. I’m thinking you must be an atheist. If you love having your tax dollars to pay for millions of illegals and tens of thousands more Syrian refugees, then go for it.

        1. Katherine sienna says

          He didn’t work. He got your money.

        2. disqus_5EnR2BZ95O says

          Religion is just a big con game. It justifies all sorts of atrocities.

          1. Elly says

            I accept your atheist views, but my God is for real.

          2. ScranunSlim says

            For each monster below, please list the corresponding religion AND its specific tenet that justified their murdering MILLIONS:
            -Pol Pot

        3. Conservative says

          Don’t be naive…..greenlantern1 doesn’t pay taxes, he lives off the taxes the workers pay into a crooked government who buys votes for those who are content living off the system.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            Right Conservative: Greenltern1 wants the Dem-O-Crap Killery and Obongoloid FREE handouts ‘Entitlements!’. He probably has never held a job since getting his GED at 33 years old.

      2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


        1. greenlantern1 says

          Our God??
          MY God is NOT YOUR God!
          The WORD OF GOD is NOT the BOOK OF MORMON!
          Ever read the BOOK OF REVELATION?
          Is God as good as HIS WORD or not?

      3. Katherine sienna says

        Did you ever ask God’s help? Guess not. Liberals fear nothing except entitlement or corruption taken away from them.

        1. greenlantern1 says

          I am a Christian!
          Unlike Karla Faye Tucker; I am not a murderer!
          I USED to be a Conservative!
          Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was John Mitchell!
          Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Spiro Agnew!
          Our ONLY president, to ACCEPT a pardon, was Nixon!
          CONDONE that?

          1. KKmoderate says

            Your point?
            Before I bring on Bill Clinton’s impeachment etc. Give me a chance!! Please do?

          2. greenlantern1 says

            Bill Clinton was our second president to be impeached.
            Andrew Johnson was the first.
            President Lincoln bolted, from the Republican party, to form the UNION party!
            He picked Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
            The RADICAL REPUBLICAN, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
            To call Lincoln a Republican is character assassination!!

          3. KKmoderate says

            Thanks for all that Green! I was going to have to research all of that information. Now I have it quick as lightening:)

          4. joe says

            who told you to say that and do you understand the words, yea thought so another cut and paste genius

          5. Katherine sienna says

            Whatever, come to think of the Nixon staff’s bug taping other campaign strategy ( which John Kennedy did too,so I heard ) it was yuuge then but today it would be a grain of sand in Sahara comparing to Bill’s Monica affair in the Oval Office, clinton foundation phony donations from foreigners while hiLIARy was Secretary of State ( conflict of interests ) hiLIARy killing spree soecially the Bengazhi’s, the e mails top secret leaks, the constant lies from both Clintons etc…. By the way did anybody understand why obama seems so hatred toward police? Today he can’t no longer NOT to condemn the violence of killing police in Baton Rouge but he still sympathize with the ” hate police ” criminal . Wonder if he ran into troubles with police “often” when he was young? He doesn’t seem to like police nor military not whites nor Netanyahu. Why’s that?

          6. greenlantern1 says

            Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattallah?
            Right now, thanks to Loretta Lynch and her DOJ, he is in custody!
            The charges?
            The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
            Did he use the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS, to further his murderous plot?
            Why did Trey Gowdy ask about that?
            Rush Limbaugh CLAIMS to have stand down cables.
            Why did he not show them to Trey Gowdy?
            What did he NOT know and when did he NOT know it?
            You claim to like the military.
            Ever hear of the Walter Reed scandal?
            Who was president?
            Who was Secretary of the VA?
            Our ONLY president, that ordered our troops to fire upon our vets, was President Hoover!
            Ever read about the BONUS MARCH?
            Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
            They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
            There gang leader was Cliven Bundy!
            Was Trump angry when Rand Paul met with him?
            Were the WATERGATE TAPES classified when Nixon ordered Rose Mary Woods to erase them?
            Our ONLY, jailed, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
            Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
            Perfectly clear?

          7. Katherine sienna says

            Sorry your history fast checks were exactly what the demonRats wrote in their lying text to maximize the truths to make murderous accusation while minimize hiLIARy killing, illegal conducts. Nixon’s controversy was peanut ( kennedy did the same and very sure Obam did worse ) Can’t speak to a liberal like Ann Coulter wrote in her book. No use, no time to waste. I have to work to pay for some of you “free obama I phones”

          8. greenlantern1 says

            Ever read of the “accidental” plane crash of Dorothy Hunt?
            Chuck Colson, not me, claimed that CIA sabotaged her flight?
            Art Bremer was the attempted assassin of Gov. Wallace.
            Who ordered his apartment to be salted?

          9. Katherine sienna says

            Only know the few true facts about the clintons like 1/ victimized the 12 years old girl to win case for rapist when she was lawyer in Arkansas and viciously laughed at the girl behind door 2/ Vincent Foster mysterious death 3/ death of Bill’s intern worked at a coffee shop in Georgetown 4/ Bill’s Monica 5/ Bill paid over 800k to Paula jones 6/ Bill’s longtime love affair with Jennifer whatever 7/ hiLIARy illegally paid 2 salaries to Huma Abedin when she was Secretary of State 8/ Bengazhi 9/ e mails fraud 10/ tool money from foreign countries to her phony foundation while she was Secretary of State 11/ stole furniture from the WH ( so how many small valuable stuffs that she stole that can’t be seen?) 12/ conspiracy between Clintons and Loretta lunch and obama on e mails and Bengazhi 13/ lied to Americans about Bengazhi but told her chelsea different truth. Well, too many about the crooked clintons you just have to Google yourself, it may take you the whole year to read her corruption factual stories.

          10. joe says

            How large is your skull? just checking I do not like to argue with the less fortunate

          11. Juan TwoTree says

            Get off your crack pipe and black tar heroin, you piece of dog fecal matter stuck to the bottom of Killery PF Flyers!

          12. joe says

            You sure waste a lot of words there are starving children in Africa that would love to have those words and I am sure they would not waste them like you do you heartless monster.

          13. Juan TwoTree says

            Beautiful come back, Katherine!

          14. siridh says

            My goodness, you’re put out by that? And, you’re for Clinton? Whitewater, selling secrets to China, selling US uranium mine to Putin, Benghazi, setting up own server for State Dept. work, deleting 30k emails from said server; using State adept position to personally enrich herself. And those don’t bother you?

          15. Juan TwoTree says

            Sirdih” Greenlatern1 is obviously one brain dead and brain cell washed LibTurd that only believes in corruption, murder, lieing…..he is a worthless cause, like a piece of dog fecal matter on his front yard! He’s probably trying to figure out which end of the turd to pick up as not to get his fingers dirty!

          16. greenlantern1 says

            I used to be a REPUBLICAN!!
            I learned from the worst!!

          17. Juan TwoTree says

            Yeah, we suppose! It was probably “YO MAMA’ RINO loser…glad you fuk turncoats our OUT! Go order another truck load of sand!

          18. joe says

            You have not learned anything except how to cave in like a coward and give up your independence you funny little fellow

          19. mac12sam12 says

            Explain how progressive policies have benefitted anyone except the rich. crickets…crickets….crickets…

          20. Juan TwoTree says

            You are absolutely right! ..AND I QUOTE: ” Explain how PROGRESSIVE policies have benefitted anyone except the rich. crickets…crickets….crickets…” All the PROGRESSIVIES have done IS lined their pockets with illicit funds from our off-shore terrorist enemy’s, Hollywood phags, lobbyist, and crooked anti-American douche bags like Soros, as a beginning! All crickets or rather fuking cock roaches!

          21. greenlantern1 says

            Right now; thanks to Loretta Lynch and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is behind bars!
            The charges?
            The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!

          22. Katherine sienna says

            Loretta? The frog that got so rounded just few months after getting her AG job ( eating too much fat cash? )

          23. joe says

            You are a turdbucket

          24. ABO says

            Finished wit your childish little tantrum yet or are you still banging your head against the wall and stomping your hands and feet on the floor???

          25. ScranunSlim says

            Methinks “gweenwantern” is the familiar of the similar demented “Craigslist Redshirt1”

          26. ABO says

            Methinks you may just have a valid point there.

          27. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Nope, sorry, but it appears both of you have something in common, not belonging to Corps you claim connections to

    3. MarcJ says

      Hey you forgetful retard: Budgets were imposed by Gingrich! You remember how that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton behaved like a well-trained doggy while declaring that “The time of big government is over!”

      1. Ben Ghazi says

        “Retard” — Did you really mean

        1. Juan TwoTree says


      2. azabigail says

        Sounds like you’re confused.
        Gingrich isn’t up, a Elly probably agrees with you on Bill Clinton. Elly is not the one who’s a retard.

        1. Katherine sienna says

          People forger Bill Clinton did nothing except focusing on how to lie his ways out of sex trouble with Monica in the WH. He wagged to dog bombing Bosnia to divert his scandals, he was busy with his lawyer teams he did nothing for good. The DOT.Com created jobs great economy during the 90’s.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            And let’s not forget the sick-o ‘Slick Willy’ nd his RAPE of 14+ women since he was the ‘Top Dog’ of Arkansas. It wasn’t JUST Lewinsky. I hope more women will come forward and file a class action law suit against him. He is one dirty, pedophile dog who should be charged. Seems everyone forget or turns their heads about his rapes on the other women. Of course, I wouldn’t want to roll over and wake up with Killery next to me either!

          2. Katherine sienna says

            She would rather wake up with Huma. We really don’t care as long as she stops using AMERICA for their gains.

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Right Katherine… Huma is just as guilty as Killery!

      3. Jim Freund says

        And you never made any kind of sin, did you !

    4. Bettyj9553 says

      I couldn’t agree more.

      1. Katherine sienna says

        Pocahontas is a perfect match for crooked lying hiliary. Anyone could lie on their grandmother’s grave as being high cheek bone giving her the blood line of AMERICAN Indian is beyond crooked thug.

        1. Deborah G says

          When you have people like her and Hillary looking to control this country we are in deep shite

          1. Shaunte Ohl says

            <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be585p:….,..

          2. Rodney Tolbert says

            A lot of money for an “Escort”.

          3. joe says

            does she have a lot of sores on her back?

        2. Jim Freund says

          Indians tried to keep their word, but the white man spoke with fork toungues, as usual.

          1. 3ronald1 says

            I think you mean “forked (pronounced ‘fork-ed’) tongues”. But you are correct. What the “white man” did to the Indians was awful. They broke their word many times.

          2. Katherine sienna says

            And Pocahontas Warren tapped right into it, no bad things past without utilize them for their advantage per demonRats even to lie their way to jails. No jail for the clintins including chelsea if she later run.

          3. Rodney Tolbert says

            I think she is part Nazi as well.

          4. Katherine sienna says

            But she is no Indian american. HiLiary was also pretending she was someone from a state when she came to her rally by speaking their accents

          5. David in MA says

            Now we have a 1/2 white guy doing it.

          6. joe says

            Wow you must be pretty old, you where there huh. What is your secret to such a long life, it is turnips do you eat a lot of turnips?

        3. Paul Dean says

          Didn’t you mean Princess Lyawatha?

          1. ScranunSlim says

            or “Fauxchahontas.”
            Better yet – but I want royalties: “Iron Eyes” Warren, inspired by Warren’s glasses AND “Iron Eyes” Cody, the phony tear-down-his-cheek Indian in those anti-littering commercials of the 70s (?).

            Cody was from one of the fiercest tribes in the world.

            He was SICILIAN!

        4. Rodney Tolbert says

          Castro is now under investigation so he would be a great pick for her as well.

          1. Katherine sienna says

            Both could go to the same jail cell , save taxpayers money

          2. ABO says

            He’d fit right in with the Clinton Crime Family, Rodney.

        5. Bolt says

          Dear Katherine,

          Please, do me a favor and start calling what’s her name by something other than Pocahontas. There are two Native women who did extraordinary things–one was Pocahontas and the other Sacajawea.

          Pocahontas saved the life of John Smith when her father, Powhatan, the chief of the Powhatans, was going to burn him at the stake. She then converted to Christianity and married John Rolfe. She died in London. not long after they were married and is buried there. I know of nothing that what’s her name has ever done that could qualify as a Pocahontas moment. Why not just call her Elizabeth Warren?

          Most know the story of Sacajawea already.

          1. Katherine sienna says

            Hi mister Bolt, I was thinking about it since I love Pocahontas from the movie, she was a great AMERICAN Indian, however it reminds people the lies Warren told. I love the real Pocahontas the honest and brave girl. From now it’s the goofy Elizabeth Warren.

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Hey, Bolt! Warren ALREADY has that tag, long ago. Nothing wrong at all for Katherine or me to use the word Pocahontas! And thanks for the history refresher but we really don’t need it here. Maybe you can tell your story to a 3rd grader class in your community.

          3. Bolt says

            Dear Juan,

            There are so many people on these sites who wouldn’t recognize Pocahontas from Pokemon that I figured I had before provide a little background. Those who decided to tag a lying liberal (I know, I only had to say liberal) with “Pocahontas” apparently had no idea of the regard in which many hold Pocahontas. My apologies if you were offended.

          4. joe says

            which one is on the nickle

        6. JeromefromLayton says

          Well, it turns out she picked Sen. Kaine of Virginia. Gun Owners scored him an “F” on a scale of A+ down to F–. So, he’s not quite as bad as Senator Feinstein or Boxer, but close enough to be kind of stinky.

          1. Katherine sienna says

            HiLIAry would pick anybody that is crooked like she is. Kaine took money and free stuffs and favor from friend as governor of Virginia but he got the “passed” stamps on his forehead while bob McDonald did the same or less but being nailed and his law practice revoked.

      2. Jim Freund says

        Also the lies about phones being private. This world runs on lies ! So there is no finger pointing to one person in this world.

    5. jbrake says


    6. Paula says

      Absolutely she has promised to expand all of his policies that are in place which has been falsely reported to be short of miracle but the truth is all have been big fat failure so for her to promise expansion for any thing Obama continuously lies about every day should be on is own right illegal I know they are not ashamed of any crimes including moral ones but America has to wake up and stop her today

    7. 3ronald1 says


    8. Jim Freund says

      Are you forgetting about Reagan, and Mr. Bush, the reason why we got into this mess in the first place ? It is easy to drop into a hole then to clime back out !

    9. watchman48 says

      It’s not hardly fair to blame all of our troubles on Obama… We, all of USA has been traveling down the oath of destruction for well over 50 years or so… We allowed the teaching of evolution to our children, the removal of prayer and the pledge of allegiance to our flag, we have allowed the murder of approximately 68 million babies through abortion, it seem that most have accepted homosexuality and gay marriage… We have become corrupted in nearly every way possible and you think God should bless us? In no way will He bless US… But as the loving God that He is, He has been warning us for the last 40 years or so that we might turn from our sin to be saved… His warnings are clear to those of us who seek Him…. Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101.”

    10. Firewagon says

      Scary thought, Elly, since God has been kicked to the curb in this country, how sure can we be that He is “listening?” I know He is in control; however, He helped NOT in preventing our “Putz-In-Chief” from being elected TWICE….. 🙁

      1. Elly says

        Firewagon, you are right that God has been kicked to the curb, but please do not abandon your faith. I think He will makes things right this time around. We need to restore this country to the once great nation we were. Have faith and pray.

    11. junkmailbin says

      all the pins have been loosened by Ogayarab. Hilary will pull them out as her crooked charity gets the checks

    12. Carol Smith says

      obama has not destroyed this country. the right wing has.

  3. Joe Pewter says

    its a cue thats been going on since 1963..do some homework quit saying stupid ass comments ..its beyond talk

    1. Patricia says

      If you don’t like the comments…

      1. Joe Pewter says

        sound like ur fat

  4. TAM44 says

    hillary rodham clinton is beyond carelessness, it’s out right lying and full fledged corruption 100%. I cannot stand the lying clinton’s or that liar obama who is corrupt and breaks our laws too. The only one who will cast a vote for hillary clinton are anti God, America, our constitution and our military and our police.

  5. James Lowder says

    No she want make the same mistakes twice simply because they were not mistakes. They were deliberate acts to deceive the American people. Americans are sick of this special treatment for insiders in the elite circle of Washington. We demand answers and that the evidence be produced to Congress and a special prosecutor.

  6. DaveyJ says

    Hillary Clinton…..as Criminal in Chief of the USA! This is the end of the Democratic Party and the beginning of a revolution in the USA if she is elected! No American should be willing to tolerate her as our president!

  7. Magik says

    Her actions weren’t negligent at all . They were deliberate . She had full knowledge of what she was doing and why she was doing it . Destruction of the evidence ….. THAT is criminal intent .
    The office of the State Dept. Inspector General was left vacant her entire term for a reason .

    1. MAHB001 says

      Bill Whittle sums it up in the first minute of this video.


  8. dinkerduo says


    1. Stephen Korup says

      I Agree With You 100 % , and To Top it off the Attorney General did nothing but evade Questions when Questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee . I watched the Hearing today she wouldn’t answer Questions about Clinton’s emails or About her meeting with good old Billy on her plane . One thing that I did hear is that Clinton Lied Before the Senate Judiciary Committee ,and the Benghazi Committee . They have Formally Requested that the FBI open an investigation into her Lying ,but they leave this friday the 15th for 7 weeks Vacation so I don’t know what that means for the Criminal Clinton . I am Hopping that the American Public has Seen enough to Not Vote for Her ,she broke that Law Knowingly what she was at the state Department , we know She’ll do it if she makes it to the White House (GOD FORBID)

  9. Francisco Machado says

    That Hillary had the power “to determine what is top secret material” is somewhat deceptive. She could not, in some cases, “determine” that information wasn’t top secret. That determination belongs to the originator, who must declassify it before it can be released. A top secret from Gillard or Obama or Putin could not be determined by Hillary not to be secret – without repercussions, one of which would be that they damn well wouldn’t release to the U.S. State Department any further material they didn’t want released. Aside from the strong possibility that there’s information known by foreign interests by which Hillary could be held hostage, what foreign leader or even head of U.S. agencies dealing in confidential information will release to Hillary as President any information the security of which they consider highly critical? It’s hardly an issue of doubt whether she can be trusted – she’s a known quantity. She is definitely not someone who can safely be awarded a security clearance. No one with her record would receive one.

  10. tnetcenter says

    EXACTLY!!! HiLIARy’s actions were NOT careless, they were DELIBERATE! And THAT makes them CRIMINAL!! It was a DELIBERATE, CALCULATED action on HiLIARy’s part and she should be treated to CRIMINAL SANCTIONS on that basis alone!!!

  11. TAK1 says

    She IS above the law. In all 57 states. Period.

    1. Joe Pewter says

      mexico a state now?

      1. TAK1 says

        According to Obama it is.

        1. AKLady says

          The last perfect person died on a cross.
          Presidents are human beings.
          All of us make mistakes.

          1. TAK1 says

            True. I like the people who admit to them.

          2. barbara says

            Yes, we are all flawed. Hillary confuses honest mistakes with out and out lies.
            Jesus’s final words were, ” It is over.” A message to Bill and Hillary.

          3. AKLady says

            Actually, Jesus’ last words were: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”.

          4. Matthew V. Brown says

            AKLady, you might want to do a little more Biblical research. Matthew and Mark seem to indicate the final words of Jesus were “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani”…as portrayed in the movie, “Jesus of Nazareth.” After that, they record that Jesus cried out again in a loud voice, and He gave up His spirit. They do not record what Jesus “cried out”. Luke records that Jesus said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit,” or “commend my spirit”, if you prefer the KJV. And John records that Jesus said, “It is finished” (“tetelestai”), and that He then bowed His head and gave up His spirit. So, ACTUALLY, AKLady, the records differ slightly. If I were you, I would not be so quick to “correct” Barbara. I am sure that you did not intend to sound smug, but it sort of came across that way.

    2. grafra102 says

      TAK1: Where do you get 57????????

      1. TAK1 says

        Quoting Obama from 2008. He said he had visited 57 US states so far…so I guess he thinks there are even more than that.

  12. David Stewart says

    Number One: she’s cunning and sly, but not very smart Number Two: can we really prosecute someone who’s criminal intent may simply be due to bipolarism?

    1. bonni✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ says

      Senile and too many drugs is more like it.. Her and bill were big dopers in the early days..

      1. AKLady says

        The “Right” is now scraping the bottom of the barrel.
        The lies are becoming very desperate.

        1. Matthew V. Brown says

          Well, if the “Right” is scraping the bottom of the barrel, I assume the Right will eventually come across you. Your naiveté is rather desperate (“naiveté” is giving you the benefit of the doubt).

      2. bytheway4 says

        bonni, they still are.Htllary has a snort before lying , I mean before her prepared speeches.

  13. bonni✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ says

    She knew exactly what she was doing.. She was briefed on proper use of email etc.. she signed off on it.. this was intentional.. disregard for National Safety.. and Security.

    1. AKLady says

      Where is thw evidence for what you are claiming?

      1. TAK1 says

        Oh please…read Comeys statement.

      2. Observant_One says

        Apparently in some dark place on your person.

  14. justsay'n says

    God forbid Trump gets elected. He is far beyond careless and would be DANGEROUS to our nation

    1. tnetcenter says

      Actually, if you had a shred of intelligence, you’d be saying “GOD Forbid HiLIARy gets elected. SHE is far beyond careless and IS Dangerous to our NATION!!”

    2. Austinniceguy says

      How so? Has he left top secret information on the casino floor? You are an absolute moron for making you retarded assertions, moron.

      1. AKLady says

        He has a long criminal history — from money laundering to employing illegals.

        1. Observant_One says

          Do you have any references to these allegations?

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Criminal activity is public information.
            It is published on the Internet.
            If you are interested in fact, you will do the research.
            If you don’t care about a polititions previous activity, you won’t do the research.

          2. Observant_One says

            In other words you have any clue either. You are a liberal fraud!

          3. Observant_One says

            You have just proved my point, you don’t know anything either, but like most liberals you are just full of hot air.

  15. MuslimLuvChrist says