Cheney Claims that Obama is the Worst President in His Lifetime


Former Vice President Dick Cheney told CNN’s Jake Tapper last night that he believes President Barack Obama is the worst president we’ve had in his lifetime. “I fundamentally disagree with him. I think he’s doing a lot of things wrong.”

It might not come as much of a surprise to see someone as ideologically opposite as Dick Cheney to make such a comment, but his is a voice among millions who seem to be ready to write off the nation’s first black president. Though Cheney doesn’t support impeachment in the same fashion as Sarah Palin, you can tell that he opposes it not so much on fundamental grounds but on the basis that it would prove a distraction. “It’s like the impeachment of Bill Clinton did,” he said on the program, “everybody could get geared up to have a big fight over it but it wasn’t going anyplace.” It is in a comment like that where you understand you’re listening to a true statesman, a real conservative American who gets it.

Cheney’s comments echo a recent Quinnipiac University study which found that the majority of respondents consider him the worst president since World War II. In a poll phrased like that, you may as well rewrite it to say the “worst president of all time,” as few Americans today have a firm enough grasp on history to pick one from before their lifetimes. This is a damning legacy for a man who was once regarded as the one true messiah, and it will be an unfortunate cloud hanging over the head of the next serious African-American presidential candidate.

Even so, there’s no question that he’s earned the title. His stimulus failure will go down in history as one of the most mismanaged, debt-increasing disasters to ever hit the American economy. Only those with what old gypsies call the sight can tell you what would have happened if we took a hands-off approach to recession, but it could have hardly been worse than what we’ve been left with in the aftermath of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Combine that with the doomed Affordable Healthcare Act, and you have two major pieces of legislation that history will regard as utter and complete failures. It’s tough for a president to come back from that, yet there are still those in the left wing who decry Republican obstructionism! Ye Gods, can you imagine what Obama’s America would look like if the House just let him have free run of the place?

Cheney and Palin no longer command much respect in the mainstream media; the left has long since relegated them to cartoon-villain status. A major political comeback is unlikely for either of them (though it’s doubtful that Cheney would want one), but there are always trueblood conservatives waiting in the wings. Our country needs them now more than ever, and in the wake of these disastrous eight years, something tells me even the media won’t be able to keep the next one out of the White House.

  1. Ralph says

    I would have to say that Dick has been the worse VP in my life time.

    1. justdooit says

      I would have to watch too much TOOB…

      1. Ralph says

        I would have to say that I have one “TOOB’ in my house (if you are refering to a TV) and I do not have cable TV. I would also have to say that I’m both a CPA and PM for a large international Construction firm.
        I would have to say that you do a pretty good job of assuming things and proving what happens when people assume things.

  2. James A. DeHart says

    He is correct; I know the truth may hurt, but reality is reality.

  3. John Mauldin says

    I agree

  4. Clyde Garrett says

    Chaney should be able to recognize political weakness. Well, maybe not. Look at his accomplishments.

  5. Don says

    How could anyone disagree that he is the worst president(poor excuse for a president)that has ever sat in the white house? He doesn’t have a clue as to how you properly run a country.

    1. Sam says

      I don’t personally agree that he should be sitting in the White House. I want to see a REAL birth certificate that everyone agrees is authentic. No some BC that is computer generated!

      1. gordon says

        I AGREE,but it will never happen, with all of the CORRUPTION, COVERUPS AND LIES and NO ONE with a BACKBONE to do anything about it will let him continue taking our country to HELL!!

        1. Francesca Thomas says

          Corruption, Cover ups, and Lies. Oh my!! Who would have thought One Black Man and One Jewish Man had the power to weaken life as we know it. We all know why President Obama first was put in the plan and it was to just sit down and fail. And after 4 years he was tired of asking and starting telling people what to do. I especially liked the part where old Mitt and young boy was running for President and VP.. And during the first debate the older guy Biden left that boy speechless. This wasn’t supposed to happen the Repubs. cried after 4 more years of asking whose on second. Thus Gridlock where the people who had the time and money to waste telling us whose at fault. And the people who could not afford to lose one thin dime of their Very Meager checks were left by a majority Repubs.. And will someone PLEASE tell that Drunkard of the House to sit it out. He’s not gonna sue Obama and maybe Cheney can give him the hook-ups on a heart and liver.

          1. gordon says

            Yes, you got it RIGHT, nothing coming out of this MUSLIM administration but CORRUPTION, COVER UPS AND A BUNCH OF LAIRS. The MUSLIM is so stupid and has NO CLUE to know his A$$ from a hole in his head that he has to learn what is going on in this country on the NEWS or the NEWS PAPER when he can find someone that can read and tell him what is going on. Other wise your RAMBLING ON tells me your a MORONIC IDIOT like the residence in the W.H. and his administration!!

          2. John Davise says

            gordon:Another leftist who dares not think for himself. Tries to corral enemies of obama and his sweinish collection of communist democrats and republicans, by childishly accusing people with intelligence of being with the obama zombies. Of course gordon is an obama zombie practicing a crude form of distraction.

          3. gordon says

            WRONG on all accounts, try making just a little sense with your mumbling!!

          4. John Davise says

            Most idiots mouth oner-liners or something they copied from obama propaganda. You fit that profile. You are a schmuck with no swartz. In other wise a typical fiend of black racist candidates. You nose is so brown that its brighter than the rest of you.

          5. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

            BUT, just think of the HUGE MESS the next president has to clean up.

          6. dmttbt says

            I agree. I probably will not be alive long enough to see how history plays this out, but I am sure people will be saying, ” how could the people have been so blind and ignorant.” Now we have the blacks arguing with the whites and the Christians arguing with everyone and the women arguing with the men. What do those things accomplish? Nothing!

          7. William Hofmeister says

            You have one party so corrupt and debased that they don’t care who they run as long as they can keep power. You have another party so hung up on finally the perfect candidate that they eat their own in fighting over it. No wonder we can’t elect a leader.

          8. Chico Hinojos says


          9. Chico Hinojos says


          10. pmbalele says

            I have never seen dumb people like you and many Repubs and TPs. You agree with Cheney when you know caused Iraq II war without WMD. We would not have ISIS now if we had left Sadam alone. Sadam had controlled those morons from North of Iraq. You and other morons forgot that Bush and Cheney did not want Bin Laden dead for oil. Cheney and Bush wanted to sell part of NY coast-line to Yemen king, but Democrats stopped the sale. We would have been in real trouble if Bush and Cheney sold NY. Obama went and got Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi guys and many more. There is no 911 or killing of people in this country since Obama took office. The economy is booming people are back to work; gas is now $1.58 gal. We are now seeing heaven in American again. Let us enjoy life before Obama leaves office. I hope Hillary will take over the rein. If you morons do not want to enjoy life, then jump in the lake.

          11. John Davise says

            Psychological research has begun to hint at the “onsanity gene” that seems to haunt females and she-males alike. Your comments are perfect feminist evidence in the form of drooling babble and echolalia, much ado signifying nada…nothing!

          12. Carol Chadbourne says

            Listen, woman-hater,,,quit generalizing…you are disgusting. AND, you sir, have said NOTHING…nada, rien, non….regarding subj. at hand. sexist.

          13. brianjconway says

            GFY Carol you half-witted crone.

          14. Carol Chadbourne says

            And, just WHO was talking to YOU? MYOB and MGFY….DAVISE mumbles a lot about nothing.

          15. dmttbt says

            Sir are you a complete idiot? We are under the rule of a man who should have gotten his birth certificate from the people who get them for the illegals. It would have been almost believable then. When you suggest that do they let just anybody be in political power without checking their identity, yes undoubtedly they do. Bill Ayers blew up buildings at the post office and police department and he is still proud of it and gets to be a professor at one of the universities. He as and is one of Obama’s friends and I think Holder was in on those actions back then. Please find an honest politician. Tell us who it is. If you can’t tell us then none of them should be reelected.

          16. dmttbt says

            Sir if I were you and trying to defend Obama and clown side kick on the debates, I should say commend them rather than defend them I would think twice.
            if you recall in the first debate between Romney and Obama, Obama looked like he had just lost his best friend he was beaten so badly. In the 2nd debate however he made a come back. He had the commentator back him up and say the lie he told was true, something about he came out with a statement the day after Benghazi happened and said that it was an act of terrorist. The commentator backed up Obama and then later in that week it was found and even admitted to by Crowley the commentator. Hardly anyone paid attention at that point, the damage had been done.

          17. brianjconway says

            Are you done? You still need an enema and to get your head studied. Go back to Media Matters ya bugwit ya!

          18. Carol Chadbourne says

            So far….all you have done is spew insults….I don’t believe you know what the hell is going on…but, it sure isn’t being an American…STHU.

          19. Chico Hinojos says


        2. jetmagnet says

          Lies that are concocted by the GOP. None have been proven because it’s a strategy to win elections, except you morons are to dumb to understand it.

      2. Don says

        I totally agree.

      3. 1American1st says

        It wasn’t even a Birth Certificate that the WH released. It was a Certificate Of Live Birth which can be issued to a baby born anywhere. BCs are issued for babies born in hospitals.
        Wasn’t it convenient that some Democrat Obama supporter purged O’s mother’s passport in 2008 which would have proven her dates of travel between Africa & the USA. Why did they do that in 2008? No cover-up on the part of Dems in 2008 to run a foreigner for prez, right? I bet it could be recovered from a government computer server with computer forensics, but like the IRS, the backup was probably “lost”.

      4. Francesca Thomas says

        Do you want to see “Arnuld Scwhatit” birth certificate TOO? I don’t see anyone questioning an actor running California who also had an illegal having his illegal. No it wasn’t Reagan Nancy would not let him!!!

        1. David in MA says

          go back to school and study civics.

        2. John Davise says

          Francieca: You are a racist too aren’t you Francesca. You hate whites, especially Germanics so you make fun of their names. As a commie-black racist you have a license for that, eh? But we peons are not afforded the same carte blanche. Pigein-fraud

        3. Ken says

          You don’t have to be born in the US to be a governor, only a naturalized citizen. To be POTUS you MUST be born in the United States. Someone obviously failed American History and Political Science, huh Fran? If you are going to post you should at least pull your head out of your a$$ so you can see what you are doing!

          1. brianjconway says

            Ken. You are on the right track but it is not necessary to be born in the United States as long as at least one parent is a US Citizen. Otherwise every baby born to military couples overseas, diplomats overseas or even businessmen or construction workers overseas would be ineligible. Pushed to the limit, if you and your pregnant wife were on vacation and she delivered prematurely your baby, child of two American parents would be ineligible.

          2. William Hofmeister says

            Natural born citizen, one of the requirements for President, is one born in the US or have US parents. Obama can be both a natural born citizen and also have a phony birth certificate. The two are not mutually exclusive. A naturalized citizen goes through the citizenship process and can hold many offices, but not that of President or Vice President. It would be interesting to see if that precludes holding any of the other offices in the line of succession or would you merely skip over them if something happened to the President, etc and succession came to them. Barring a major catastrophe it is doubtful we would ever put that to a test.

      5. logicrules says

        It’s laughable to watch the teabillies spew their usual hate. If it weren’t for hate they would have no emotions at all.

        And then there are the ‘birthers’ (teabillies). Trying to understand their stupidity is beyond all reason. Somehow they believe that anyone can get elected without a thorough check of their identity. Their home school teacher must have been on constant hiatus.

        1. carroll wood says

          this is what is stupid, so many think O is our first black president, and he is only a HALFBREED

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            Not even!!…a quarter of this and a quarter of that…and another quarter of this and that.

        2. William Hofmeister says

          One, home schooled do seem to do better on testing from college entrance to the national spelling bees. Another sad comment on how bad public school education has sunk. Two, Obama has shown that yes you can get elected without a proper vetting with liberal media support. Three, you don’t have to be a birther to believe the photo shopped birth certificate is legitimate. But it does make you wonder why millions were spent in legal courts to suppress it for so long.

      6. Chico Hinojos says


    2. brianjconway says

      Or a Kool-Aid stand Don

      1. Don says


    3. Chico Hinojos says

      any bad name fits him,any cursing at him applies excellent,summit ALL in 1 word,EVIL

      1. Don says


    4. jetmagnet says

      Dick cheney is a war criminal and should be executed! While he made millions with Haliburton on the Iraq war he’s responsible for 5000 dead young americans and Bush is responsible for 911.
      Obama on the other hand is the best president in the last 30 yrs and history will show that.

      1. Don says

        When did they let you out of the nuthouse? I hope they capture you soon and return you to your padded cell as I fear you could be a danger to society.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Your just jealous- and the stupid comment you just posted proves my point- that teabags have no intelligence and rely on ticky-tacky insults lol

          1. Don says

            At least I have enough intellect to know when to use your and when to use you’re. Touche!!

          2. William Hofmeister says

            At least now we know who they had in mind when they invented the phrase “dumb as a bag of rocks”.

      2. William Hofmeister says

        Your ranting I duly noted and ignored. Drink much kool aid?

  6. Get Real says

    Takes one to know one…

    1. rosieb47 says

      1Uncle is right. Carter, Clinton, obama and LBJ were all terrible and cost America a lot of money. Obama has a love affair with Air Fiorce One. I think Harry Truman was an excellent president and Ronald Reagan.

  7. John says

    Anyone with a little sense of history knows that Obama is definitely the worst president of my lifetime and perhaps American history. He is not a leader and he does not love America and he is doing everything he can to make us a third world country. I just can’t believe his approval rating is still over 40%, shows how stupid American people really are. I don’t listen to anything that guy says he is so out of touch while he robs this country blind with his or Moocheles vacation entourage.

    1. 1uncle says

      It shows that too many people are getting welfare and fraudulent disability checks.

      1. Sam says

        People on welfare should be made to do tasks to earn their keep. There used to be street sweepers and other tasks that are now done by machines. But these folks out to work and do those jobs. Sweep streets, clean parks and other menial tasks that no one wants to do by hand.

        1. gordon says

          YES, there are many, many things through out our nation that needs attention, picking up litter along our highways, painting over all the VULGAR SIGNS all over every wall in our cities and towns, taking drug tests to make sure $ not used for that purpose and other tasks. Make sure they earn instead of a FREE RIDE while laying around on their DEAD A$$!!

        2. 1American1st says


          DemonRats keep telling us we need millions & millions of Illegal Aliens to pick American crops.
          How about deporting all the damn Illegal Invaders, then require Welfare recipients to “pick the crops” in order to collect their checks.

          1. 1American1st says

            Almost forgot, move them to California & Florida while they’re on Welfare. That’s 2 Democrat states who promote poverty & welfare and have plenty of crops.

          2. William Hofmeister says

            Move them all to California and then give it back to Mexico. It would solve as least 60% of this country’s problems.

          3. 1American1st says


          4. Roy linderholm says

            Damn good idea

          5. RedRiverD says

            That’s a GREAT idea…..

          6. John Davise says

            You are thinking. That is not permitted…The PC police.

        3. Yehoshuafriend says

          The ACLU blocked that program when Regan was President. Shalom!

          1. 1American1st says

            President Reagan actually came up with the “Workfare Not Welfare” idea when he was Governor of California.

          2. John Davise says

            Craplom on you, hypocrite and ignoramus. That’s simply not true.

        4. nan7274 says

          MAKE THEM “VOLUNTEER” to get a check…..having them do “tasks” runs you into Unions for “street workers” etc…..but there is no such restriction on “volunteering” to help the old or sick or whatever!

        5. tlc1532 says

          Drug test them too! If a worker has to pass a drug test to earn the money, the welfare recipients should darn well have to pass a drug test to take it.

          1. brianjconway says


        6. WVF says

          Sam, that won’t work, because BHO would piss off his union members!

          1. David in MA says

            Then form them into groups, two can baby sit while the others work.
            Those who work can chip in to pay the babysitters……Then welfare can make up the difference in pay to what is “normal” for the area. AND, if a man is a single parent, he can get in on the aforementioned, if not !! NO check, go to work or starve!

        7. RedRiverD says

          How about roadside cleanup? That is a job that ANYONE can do. And welfare recipients should be first in line…..

          1. brianjconway says

            The liberals would claim that it is too reminiscent of chain gangs.

        8. brianjconway says

          And if you can’t find work for them, make the bastards sit in a room for 8 hours a day. That’s the problem they have gotten used to having no structure in their lives. They live like nomadic natives in a modern well ordered society and wonder why they don’t fit in.

      2. hora says

        Sure are and many are illegals Mexican, over 50% are fraud like disable 20 years old? give me a break, a lot must force go to work or NOT eat.I live with my girl friend, 65 and 66 we both sick and disable and we must support her daughter and boy friend, no paid rent and Gov support lazy.

        1. John Davise says

          There are 70 sanctuary cities in the US that have been importing illegal aliens for 30 years and none have ever been interfered with. They transport the illegals from Mexico, but many are africans, then give them free medical care, free social security and free housing, and a job where they can goof off all day. Of course the money to support those smarmy new “amelicans” was and is robbed from us taxpaying citizens. Change your names to Gonzalez or ML King, or Mandella and you will gravy train for the rest of your life.

      3. Combatvet52 says

        As far as disability check as you can see i was a combat vet, also got hurt on the job back in 1995 hurt my back and legs a judge made a decision in my favor well the attorneys for the insurance company and the workmen comp attorneys sat down and gave me the shaft the case is still not closed but i’m very confident that i will not see any payout they appealed and i lost (GEE I wonder why,) everything i have i busted my butt for no help from anyone or the government, I still walk with my head up high I’m proud i served my country and I’m not on the DOLE. Oh the other issue is the purple heart been fighting for it over 61 years still trying.

        1. gordon says

          Try writing your Senator or House Rep. in most cases they WILL go to bat for you!! I have seen and heard of several results on the favorable side in my home state. Good Luck & thank YOU for your service.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Your quite welcomed, i wrote to about 20 senators and congressmen plus two presidents, state attorney generals no dice it’s been in the hands of the Commander of the Purple Hearts since 2004 still can’t get anywhere with anyone.
            I’m caulking it up as a very bad experience I’m 82 maybe they will find in their heart to give to me when i’m 90 if i make it, i believe it was about 4 months ago a WW2 vet here in Florida at 93 they finally gave it to this poor soul.

          2. RedRiverD says

            Better late than never I suppose, I remember reading about that person.
            BUT, I say you gave for your country, your COUNTRY needs to give back to you….

          3. gordon says

            AMEN & AMEN

          4. David in MA says

            “Better late than never”
            By no receiving the Purple Heart a person loses out on a lot they are entitled to.

          5. John Davise says

            RedRiver you are an ignoramus. We have no country. Its a one party, black racist-communist-moslem, dictatorship. No one will miss you when you join that great shepple herd in hell. Your evil ignorance nullifes even pity.

          6. gordon says

            Sir; by all means you should hold your head up high and be very proud. I am very proud myself to be able to converse with a Combat Veteran, America has a lot to be thankful for as many millions have served and died for the freedoms we so often take for granted. I had 4 kin folks who served in war 2, one didn’t make it home, so we have a lot to be thankful for and for each and everyone’s service. Actually I was talking about getting help in fighting your insurance & comp. from your reps. I would fight with everything and tool available. Take care & God Bless

          7. John Davise says

            What a phony, she-male idiot and brown-noser. gordon there is not a brave or noble bone in your fat body. But you have the time to puke out you rant. I would not be here myself if I was not in the hospital recovering from wounds acquired when stupidly serving in the US military. I am out now. I don’t want to make the world safe for obama and cretins like you.

          8. gordon says

            Sorry to hear about that, you have a sever MENTAL PROBLEM go back and hide in your SEPTIC TANK!! Have a great day.

          9. John Davise says

            Most vets never get helped. But I assure you that obama’s new black army, which you never heard of, will be organized in his third term and the incompetent military will be mostly disbanded. The new army will be composed of 700,000 black gang members and it will be pimped as the black elite guard. They will get the best of care, that is assured.

          10. John Davise says

            Are you crazy. I know hundreds of vets who get nothing from any of those crooks in Washington. I could tell you a lot of facts to look up as verifying evidence. But why waste time with a doofus?

          11. gordon says

            No one asked for your SEWAGE SPEWING input. You need to climb back in your SEPTIC TANK where you can continue to feel sorry for yourself. Keep your head above the SEWAGE or you will keep getting S%!T for brains.

        2. RedRiverD says

          I too am a Viet Nam DAV USN…..
          You SHOULD get your PH and anything else that you gave for your country.
          The least the country could do is give back to YOU an honorable VET…..

          1. Combatvet52 says

            It just seems like a never ending battle, thanks for your service brother vet.

          2. John Davise says

            That group you belong has been revealed as a public rip off charity. I do not think that you are a combat vet.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            You disgusting POS if you were along side me on the front line and see your buddies ripped apart you might think different your nothing but a scumbag talking like you do, you don’t believe you can go screw yourself i have no use for AH like you.

          4. Carol Chadbourne says

            Well said. And thank you Vet for your service. Both my children were in service. My 50 y.o. daughter was in the Army, in Germany, …she served 2 tours. My Son, 45 was 26 yrs in AF with 2 deployments to Iraq…he’s now among Prattville, AL finest. He was in Spec Ops…..scary. That pos you were referring to above, has probably never seen a day in the life of our Military!

          5. John Davise says

            You are a vet eh? What did you do, clean commodes and burn crap? As a combat vet, I don’t like the 90% vet majority, none of who fought or spilled blood, to pretend that they “served.” You were a federal employee in the navy, at most.

          6. Combatvet52 says

            You are one sick bastard when someones blood is spilled all over you think different MORON, my buddy Mike was killed the first day in Korea and Strech was killed 2 months later, and you don’t believe your a sorry azz. you don’t like the 90% tell that to my two cousins that were shot.

        3. brianjconway says

          Listen closely. It’s amazing what a congressman can do. When a govt. agency including the military gets a congressional inquiry things can happen. They know the congressman is the guy who votes on their budget. Also, most states have an office of veteran affairs or similar, contact them also. If you stick to one avenue, it is easy for them to stymie you

          1. Combatvet52 says

            My concern is with like 6 different government agency’s it’s a long haul to get things done, thank you for your input.

      4. Gloria Najhawan says

        oh yeah…and people who really need it, cant get it.

    2. gordon says

      Very, Very well said, I would add the MOST CORRUPT with NEW SCANDELS WEEKLY, his entire Administration!!

      1. WVF says

        gordon, since BHO has just over two years of his faux presidency to try to destroy America, I estimate that we will only have to endure about 50 more crises/scandels, but We the People will survive along with this great union!

        1. gordon says

          I HOPE & PRAY our country is still standing strong after the MUSLIM finishes trashing it. I have some VERY STRONG DOUBTS.

          1. WVF says

            Gordon, I fully understand your doubts and concerns, but what the Founders left us was a nation which would withstand enemies from the outside and those from within. This is the first time of which I’m aware that our country has been this so seriously infiltrated by a true anti-American at the top, but we will withstand these attacks by these Muslim cowards. We must stand together and strong!

          2. gordon says

            You are right , but my fears are like you said, we are being seriously infiltrated in our government by MUSLIMS & COMMIES. Also the borders wide open makes it frightening to who and what is lurking in the shadows and the government will not do anything to secure it. I am sure if the public really knew what is coming into our country they would march against D.C. and demand closed borders. I think that is our biggest need at present. I notice your signature as WVF, Mine could be WVG also. Wild Wonderful!! Just wondering. Take care & God Bless

          3. WVF says

            I agree, gordon, that the border is our greatest threat to national defense, and the Muslim-in-Chief wants it to stay the way so that his evil Islamist killers can enter our country unmolested. The next two years are going to be long and very trying, but We the People will prevail! BHO is like a tree bore which has entered a 235 year old tree and is now doing its best to destroy that tree from within, but he and they will fail! We still have a living God on our side, and if He be for us, who can stand against us?

          4. gordon says

            Yes, we have a living God on our side, but HE will not stand idle for much longer with America spitting in HIS face on a daily basis. We have murdered 60 million babies in the name of women’s rights, QUEER marriages, don’t use the word ( gay) QUEER suites them better, Queer ordained ministers in the pulpit, numerous churches not preaching HIS word being a bunch of feel good devils dens and some churches saying the Koran is equal to the Holy Bible. No God is slowly taking HIS blessings out of this country, remember SODOM & GOHOMORA . Lord help us. We have even turned our backs on Israel and for that we will definitely pay dearly!!

    3. hora says

      You forgive a first illegal and criminals president, and not believe any poll, if he are real with 25% of approve are to much,you must remember we have domestic enemy all liberals, be will doing any thing for destroy, are no friend of no one, only another liberal, but a true be will come in November.
      Dems can’t believe and accept a true, majority of American refuse Dems, with all atrocity now more American hate Dems. In November loose a Senate majority be will historic win for opposition, but Dems from politic became criminals and need clean from USA Politic, but I was said, must taste some medication, some sorrow, some agony we suffer now, some discrimination, in especial all minority, after must change a rules, benefit are only for whites conservatives, and will must prove are.All liberals business must suffer to until go out business, liberals must be a small minority who must suffer to a core, plus ban liberals from power and politic.Nobuma and all Dems must be prosecute and jail.

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        It’s astounding to me how many people who believe this nonsense also cannot speak or write English. Looking over the posts here, one gets the impression that whatever portion of the US hates Obama is the most ignorant and poorly educated segment of our country…I guess that’s not so surprising after all.

        1. David in MA says

          Don’t you mean those who support Obama, not hates him…..?

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            David in MA proves my point….he can’t compose a single sentence without a grammatical error. Mind you, good grammar alone doesn’t guarantee clear thought processes. The absence of it, however, is pretty clear evidence of ignorance.

      2. nan7274 says

        Where do you come from? You do NOT speak English!!!

    4. dogonahog48 says

      It it federal tit the 40% come from.

    5. danny kimbrel says

      obama is a fag ,seriously and moochelle is a transgendered person, so obama can be butt pumped by his “wife” who more than resembles a man and the real question is who’s kids are they touting as their own since transgendered people have no vagina to give birth from ?

      1. David in MA says

        Marxist rent a kid?

    6. David in MA says

      40%> That about equals the Obama phone crowd in numbers.
      America is hostage to the ignorant!

    7. susanwho says

      He’s just a George Soros puppet…Valerie Jarrett is the real prez…he does whatever she tells him to do. And she’s Iranian.

    8. brianjconway says

      Leader? He couldn’t lead a dog to a pot roast. 40% favorability? Yep, all the loafers, commies, and other non-productive people on the dole. Vacations? A world class scandal while Americans struggle this boob and his wretch of a mate have blown over 100,000,000 on vacations on our dime. how many vacations a year does this guy get? Vacation from what? Fund raising? It’s sure not from work. Put a n*****r on horseback and he’ll ride to hell every time

  8. 1uncle says

    Yep, Carter and Sick Willie were bad but Pinocchiobama and LBJ were the worst the most costly and damaging.

    1. Keith Brockmiller says

      Roosevelt was right up there too. Did almost exactly the same thing. Made the great depression last until WW2

  9. Yadja says

    Let me cement that statement. What would America and the world be like if Obama not president.

    First speech as POTUS would not have been made to the Middle East.
    An apology tour and a statement that America was no longer a Christian country would never have happened.
    Sanctions on Syria and Iran would have remained in place.
    The Gitmo Tribunals would not have been stopped and the terrorists, who already admitted their guilt, would have been found guilty and punished.
    Gitmo would not be closed.
    5 terrorists would never have been traded for a deserter.
    The deserter would have faced the military for his desertion.
    The Rules of Engagement downrange, would never have been changed.
    No Miranda Rights would be read to those caught downrange killing us.
    No terrorist would be brought to America or N.Y. to be tried.
    The Major who killed 13 on the Army base would have been called a terrorist and those who survived would get the monies they deserve.
    Gadafi and Mubarak would still be in place, kingpins of the Middle East that kept Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood at bay. Even if Mubarak had been deposed he would not have been replaced by Morsi without the influence of Obama.
    Benghazi would never have happened because Gadafi would still be in charge, if it did it would not have had the same outcome.
    The 20 SEALS killed in Afghanistan while being flown downrange on an old Chinook by order of the WH would still be alive.
    The Ukraine would most likely have joined the E.U. and prospering.
    The immigration fiasco would have never be because our Federal Laws would be enforced and our states would be allowed to protect themselves and not sued by the feds.
    Our economy would not be in the tank.
    Our National debt would not be 17 trillion.
    The pipeline would have been put into play.
    The Coal companies would still be in business.
    Obama care would not exist.
    Our Congress would not be on the verge of being usurped by a Monarch who used executive orders to write law.
    Our federal agencies would not be armed.
    Our Army and Navy would still be strong.
    Our nukes would not be downsized.
    There would be no talk of redistribution of wealth.
    Israel would not be fighting for her life.
    No American dollars would go to Hamas and Gaza.

    These are just a few realities that we as a Nation need to face and understand that we have had the enemy within the WH and he is not through yet.

  10. denniscerasoli says

    Because the racial divide has widened we may never see a black President in our life time again as whites still make up nearly 70% of the population.Also Hispanics are not as black friendly as some may think so thee may be a Hispanic President long before another black one.

  11. MrSwingGuitar says

    What utter nonsense. You give credence to the utterances of a man who, as vice president, got us into two unwinnable wars and to the precipice of a second great depression. He comments on a president who has done an indifferent job of extracting us from those two conflicts, but whose actions have quite possibly saved us from total economic chaos. Would it be better to have less national debt? Absolutely! G. W. Bush and Cheney’s actions to vastly increase spending (particularly on war) while cutting taxes on the very rich started us on this spiral. The “doomed” ACA seems to be working pretty well, despite the clear wishes of the author of this article to the contrary. Obama, as he manages to wind down the war machine, is lessening spending and beginning to cut deficits. I’m no particular fan of the current administration, but the Bush Cheney years are clear favorites for worst president in living memory.

    1. jscarano7 says

      what if it were one of your family member in the twin tower in 911 will you still feel the same way as you feel now about bush,you should do some researching on this issue,oh by the not a bush fan, when one commits a crime they should be held accountable,4,000 thousand american’s were murdered in 911,i suggest you unlock your brain,where in big trouble in this country

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        As it happens I did know one person who died in 9/11, what’s your point? Invading Iraq, which had NOTHING at all to do with that attack, has cost this country trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives and also hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. And what was achieved by this invasion? We have set up (in place of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, which as least was Iran’s enemy) a government just as venal as the one it replaced, and one almost certain to be overthrown by…wait for it…Islamic extremists. So, all those lives and all that money have put us MORE at risk than we were before. Great job, Mr. Cheney! I nominate you for not only the worst vice president ever, but one of the worst human beings ever.

        1. jscarano7 says

          yes we did achieve in iraq people were free from tyranny,etc, until mr obama became in charge, gave iraq to the worst terriost known,more worst than suddam hussein an obama freed the most five top terriost leaders, to kill more american’s i can go on an on don’t have the time, you have a lot of words with no meaning, open your eyes my friend,this goes much deeper than you can imagine focus on obama your freedom is slowly slipping away an than some, i feel where in for a rude awakening give me a break

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            ?????????? “iraq people were free from tyranny,etc, until mr obama became in charge, gave iraq to the worst terriost known,more worst than suddam hussein”. Disregarding the lack of grammar and the poor spelling, perhaps you’d like to explain what on earth you’re talking about? Nouri Al Maliki has been prime minister in Iraq since 2006 (before Obama took office), so I presume that’s not who you are speaking of. Maliki, by appointing only Shiites to important posts and by the extreme corruption of his regime, has alienated the Sunni population, which has led them to ally themselves with ISIS, who are Islamic fundamentalists akin to Al Qaeda, and who will likely topple his government eventually. Okay, there’s the actual situation, now please tell me what YOU were attempting to communicate. Take a couple of extra minutes and see if you can’t use good enough grammar to get your point across. Thank you.

    2. LastGasp says

      Typical blind progressive socialist argument. Blame it all on Bush. You wrote “The “doomed” ACA seems to be working pretty well,,,” “whose actions have quite possibly saved us from total economic chaos.” and ” ,,,is lessening spending and beginning to cut deficits,,,”. Where do you get your information? Or do you just make up what you think sounds good? Exactly the opposite of what you said is true. .

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        Last count: 7 million people signed up for ACA, pretty much on schedule..doesn’t mean you have to like it, but “doomed”??? When Obama took office, you may recall, there was complete economic terror in this country due to the real estate meltdown and its concomitant effects. Since that time, the stock markets have rebounded (reached new highs, in fact), housing is far healthier and the job market, while still poor, is better than 2004. Somehow you think it’s okay to cry “foul” for mentioning the wretched Bush/Cheney presidency despite the fact that Cheney is the one spouting this foolishness above. Nominate who you will for “worst president”, Dick Cheney wins the contest for “worst vice-president” in the history of our nation.

    3. dmttbt says

      Mr. swinger the WMD in Iraq were used twice by Sadam Hussein ,once in the Kirds and then again on someone else. That is why we thought he had them. If he fooled the USA he also fooled other countries as well. He shipped the WMD to Syria. That was just confirmed again recently.
      Let me ask you this, we are going to release 2.8 billion dollars to Iran on the condition that they continue doing what they have been doing that we have asked them not to do. Why don’t we pay that 2.8 Billion dollars to secure the border as immigration law requires?
      If you like the way this country is going under Obama, I am proud for you. That means you like unemployment rate they have to lie about as well as high job loss and high illegal immigration as well as the so called increased deportations and the high rate of abortion. You must also like the first quarter GDP at -(2.9 %) that is negative in case you can’t tell.
      Do you also like the fact that Obama said that the national debt at 6.9% when he was running for president the first time that he called unpatriotic and he has it at 17.9 trillion now. If that is what you think is good then you should be happy.
      I believe the enemy who bombed the world center the last two times had trained and were financed by Iraq. Even if that were not true, when people were saying we were doing it for the oil, I thought well that will be great. It is time we did something that makes sense.
      Obama is bad he is not a natural born citizen of the united states and the birth certificate he came up with two years after being president is a fraud.

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        I just found your picture in the dictionary under “gullible”. The US government had reliable information that there were NO WMDs in Iraq before we started the war, but Cheney wanted to make billions for Halliburton which you and I are still paying for. Even if one strictly practiced realpolitik and left morality out of it, our incursion into Iraq has been a disaster. It’s cost thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi ones (I realize someone with your mindset likely doesn’t give a damn about that, but it’s more that Saddam Hussein managed to kill in his long time in power) and resulted only in chaos, a government just as corrupt as Saddam’s, and the extreme likelihood that Islamic fundamentalists will take over when we totally depart. By far the largest engine driving the increase in the national debt has been the war there and in Afghanistan, coupled with trying to clean up the horrible economic mess that Bush/Cheney left us with. Why does it not surprise me that you’re stupid enough to also be a birther?

  12. boysenberry says

    Not just in his lifetime, but in the lifetime of the United States of America.

  13. Elad says

    I’m surprised Cheyney didn’t say Obama is the worst person in his lifetime, ’cause that’s what I would say.

  14. Betty B. Stafford says

    I think he’s absolutely right!!!

  15. denniscerasoli says

    And just to add I don’t think the issue is an entirely black thing but more so a system of Government thing.In my view the black population by and large would be open to socialism as this President seems to be taking us in that direction and he still has well over 90% of their vote but only make up 12 to 13% of the US population so it won’t be enough for another black President as Afro Americans are in decline as others grow.This is statistically accurate.

    1. Sam says

      Yeah, next will be a mexican as obamy has opened the flood gates for ILLEGALS to cross over the border and take over the USA!

  16. Saltporkdoc says

    I was especially caught by the statement that Obama has done extreme damage to any future black presidential candidate’s chances.This one statement is the encapsulation of perhaps one of the biggest tragedies of Obama’s legacy! So many well qualified black candidates will now have a long, undeserved uphill climb to gain credibility and support.

    1. Sam says

      Thing is; obamy is ONLY part black. Mommy dearest was white (so we are told) and daddy was a Brit….. Not even a full fledged US citizen. And born where?????

      1. danny kimbrel says

        Kenya as told by his maternal grandmother before she was murdered by guess who?

      2. RedRiverD says

        BHO, 50% White, 43% Middle Eastern (Muslim) & 6.25% BLACK…..

    2. jerry bouchet says

      Rightfully so think about it there has never been 1 successful black leader in the history of the world. The blacks like to say Nelson Mandela was a success but it isn’t so even the blacks of South Africa said he was a terrible president and that they were better off financially under apartheid.

      1. David in MA says

        mandela was a terrorist!

  17. 1LTLos says

    I cannot believe that his rating is still over 40% because at the rate that this government has seen fit to lie, it lies about everything and I believe his ratings are also a pathetic lie — No one approves of this president as he has failed to preside and has willfully damaged 90% of our countries population. His ratings are probably 10 to 08% favorable. I disagree with Cheney in that impeachment is the instrument to remove a totally worthless president – Clinton was a screw up and another prez that embarrassed our nation and the office but the level of destructive harm by Obscumbo is deliberate and his removal is necessary – not simply a distraction. Every day he is in that office he breaks something. Nixon and Clinton only hurt themselves. Obama is an enemy of every American. I get it! Most Americans get it – which is why we did not vote for this worthless pile. But it behooves our nation to remove this cancer.

    1. Rovanton says


  18. dmttbt says

    We all know that he is the worst president in history. He told everyone what he wanted to do when he ran the first time. He wanted to change the way the country is run. He wants to destroy the economy, destroy the currency, and destroy the people. Then people reelected him. Find the idiots who elected him and have them get him out of office now. I mean now. Not after impeachment, or by letting him retire instead of going to prison where he belongs. The bad politicians when caught are let go by the fact that they loose their job. Then they draw retirement. That is not right and we all know it.

    1. Sam says

      You can’t tell me that the second time around the election wasn’t fixed. Better than a 100% turnout is unheard of. At least in my lifetime……

  19. Dogchat58 says

    He is one hundred percent correct.

  20. rebapiper says

    He more than just the worse President. Obama is the most Dangerous of all the Presidents. I though the clintons wore the most Dangerous, bill hiding behind womans skirts, hitlary using a cry of poor. her daughter has the bank account and she is off limit to the press. So is chelsea hiding the money, what money that is still in the country and not in foreign banks or did chelsea steel the money, but I don’t think she could get rid of Billions of dollars just that.
    He is the worse and the most Dangerous and if something isn’t done to correct what he is doing we could all wind up Dead,Dead,Dead. now that he can use Cuba as a home base to hit us with missiles.
    There is no country that would allow themselves to be left without a missile defense, this country face this problem everytime the demoRats or progressive are in the WH.
    One of the reason’s I don’t like Newt Gingrech because he could have exposed the clintons if his hand we not in the cookie jar. he waited till he was forced out of office to speak on the Dangers this country was in. He could have walked into the WH if he only did the job he was put in office to do.
    now he wants the WH, a little. Everyone that sat back and allow the clinton to put this country in danger should have been tried for Treason and American and the rest of the World would not be facing these dangers now.
    obama cuts back on our arsenal, Putin builds his and helps other countries as well to build their arsenal.
    So what was really going on with all those meeting in Russia,hitlarys many trips,obama,and now Kerry.
    Ukraine didn’t happen over night, and what’s happening to American didn’t happen over night. the clinton laid the ground work for obama.

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      I hope and pray that you only recently attempted to learn English, as your command of it is non-existent, much like so many others who have posted here. If you truly love this country, don’t you owe it the favor of mastering its language? If, however, you’re a native born American and just happen to be incredibly stupid and ignorant, never mind, as you’re then beyond hope.

  21. Robert4709 says

    I strongly disagree that Cheney is a conservative. I do agree that he (Cheney) states that current president is the worst in his lifetime, he is the worst president in my lifetime that is for sure, I am 64 pushing 65. I keep wondering why the republican leadership (for lack of a better word) keep trotting Cheney out like he is a spokesman for republicans??? Cheney is a RINO. I just hope the republican party will have a candidate that all republican voters will get behind and support (2014 and 2016) If their is another replay of 2012 then I fear that by default their will be another democrat in the white house. When we have people who are normal republican voters stay home and refuse to vote because their favorite is not nominated we will get what we get. I just hope this does not happen again. Is history doomed to repeat itself yet again??

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      I’m torn between disgust at the fools like you who dare to brand anyone who departs from their incredibly narrow minded view of “conservatism” (which, as avowed by your folks has NOTHING to do with conservatism, but is rather radical and fascistic) and delight that folks like you are tearing the Republican party apart. There have been responsible good men in the GOP (Eisenhower, for example), but in recent years they have fielded a sad lot of candidates indeed. Perhaps another party will rise from the GOP’s ashes, one that actually includes those possessing brains this time.

      1. Robert4709 says

        If you don’t like the opinion or myself and millions like me then maybe you need to stop reading this Fix This Nation. I can never remember in any recent time Sir that any Vice President or any Former President gave any opinions after leaving office, they usually are happy to be out and done with this job. Cheney has been giving opinions about the current administration for a long time now and it is time he shut his mouth and keep his opinions to himself, he is one of the reasons that we are in the mess we are in. He is someone who has made a fortune on war, this war, his war. George W. Bush does not give and will not give his opinions on that. So just because you have some man-crush on this man Cheney does not make you right Sir. The original article was about Obama and should he be impeached. You made it into being about Cheney. WTF?My comment was why is Cheney still talking and giving his opinion.

        1. MrSwingGuitar says

          Are you kidding? I think both Cheney and Bush are war criminals, and I’m delighted that they’re so afraid of being hauled before an international tribunal that they don’t dare leave the country. What I WAS talking about was the idea that anyone who doesn’t tow whatever ideological line a speaker is promulgating is considered a “RINO”. Mostly, this term is used by extreme right wingers to brand anyone who departs from their particular view of doctrine. A healthy party embraces a breadth of opinion. My quarrel with Cheney, in particular, doesn’t have to do with his political principles (I don’t believe he has any), but with his disregard for what is good about this country, his embrace of torture (which puts our citizens at greater risk of the same sort of treatment), his rank profiteering at Haliburton, etc.

  22. Charles David Edinger says

    Vice President Cheney, who was integral to the greatest economic miracle since Ronald Reagan corrected the mistakes of Johnson/Nixon/Ford/Carter in 18-months, knows whereof he speaks. President Bush & Mr. Cheney engineered a US economic recovery post-9/11/2011 that prevented the collapse of the global economy & resulted in an extended period of economic growth, employment expansion & stabilization after the worldwide toxic shock of the 9/11 terror attacks.

    The mainstream media misled the American people with continuous attempts to smear & marginalize Mssrs Bush & Cheney, but under their leadership the US enjoyed economic prosperity & won two wars against enemies sworn to our destruction. Obama has managed to completely screw up an economic expansion that had run since Mr. Reagan’s first term, with minor cyclical recessions that were easily overcome & to un-win two wars that Bush & Cheney had already prepared for Status-of Forces Agreements & exit. Proving having grown-ups in the White House is a berry, berry good idea!!! CDE

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      Hahhahahahhahahh….”Vice President Cheney, who was integral to the greatest economic miracle since Ronald Reagan”. The miracle was that we got rid of him before he and his puppet W. managed to totally destroy our economy. What exactly was the state of the economy when they left office? For example, what was the Dow Jones average then compared to now?”Won two wars”???? What wars were won? We invaded Iraq for no good reason whatsoever, installed a government at least as venal as Saddam Hussein’s and set the stage for an Islamist takeover there…just brilliant. In Afghanistan, when we finally pull out all our forces, does anyone want to lay a bet as to when the Taliban takes control again? Get off the drugs, Mr. Edinger, you’re making no sense.

      1. Charles David Edinger says

        Thanks for your very silly comment. It is fascinating how completely you & Ralph have internalized one of the “Big lies” created & perpetuated by the Progressives of the American Media. It confirms some statistical work I provided several months back confirming, based on recent voting patterns & the long established connections between economic success & general intelligence, that the average Progressive is approximately 1.5SD lower in General Intelligence than the average American Conservative & 2.5SD lower than the average libertarian. This often renders Progressives like yourself unable to distinguish between reality & incredible “Big Lie” strategies propounded by the not-so-stupid purveyors of false information that supports counter-factual information. Joe Stalin used the Big Lie for the first time in the 1930’s when he claimed he had not created the Ukranian Terror Famine that killed over 10MM Ukrainians. Stalin’s supporters in the Roosevelt Administration supported his claims, as did the American media, led by Walter Duranty of the NYT.

        it is fairly simple to refute the Bush fantasies u & Ralph parroted so well. I’m an economist & a grown-up, so I learned a long time back not to ever take statements in the Obama White House Pressroom or from the Ministry of Truth that the US Media has become at face value. Try reading John Taylor’s book, GLOBAL FINANCIAL WARRIORS, or at least skimming it some. You’ll discover that post-9/11 the world economy was about to implode due the the inter connectedness of the world’s financial markets & economies. Only strong leadership from Mssrs Bush & Cheney, & incredible execution by their free market-oriented economic team prevented a global economic cataclysism. Mr. Bush, as you may not be aware, is a Harvard MBA & successful entrepreneur & Mr. Cheney had already served as a very successful CEO…I believe Mr. Obama was a “Commuity Organizer” & a

        1. Charles David Edinger says

          a lawyer who represented slum lords in Chicago’s ghetto neighborhoods. Fortunately Obama was still voting “Present” in the Illinois Senate when 9/11 happened.

          But on the economic comparisons of Bush/Cheney vs Obama/Biden, try looking at the economic statistics from various US government agencies, which are available online at no cost. You’ll find that not only did the Bushies bring the nation back from the recession that began in Clinton’s last two years, but was hidden by the media, but under Mr. Bush’s leadership we recovered from the 9/11 disaster, saved the world economy & produced five years of solid economic growth & low unemployment, with America respected by our allies & feared by our enemies. During that time Mr. Bush warned the Congress 26-times about the time-bomb that had been created by Clinton, Frank & Dodd during the Reauthorization of the Community Reinvestment Act in the mid-1990s, & which eventually led to the banking liquidity crisis of 2008. I would explain how that happened but I doubt you would understand it anyway. When the Democrats retook Congress in 2006, any chance of addressing the problems of the Freddy Mac & Fannie Mae securities that were loaded with 10-year “Interest Only” liar loans disappeared, since Barney Frank & Chris Dodd, who were the creators of the original problems were back in charge of the House & Senate Banking Committees & their priority was covering up their involvement. So the bogus mortgages began defaulting right on the schedule the Bushees had had warned about

          1. Charles David Edinger says

            & the rest, as we say, is history!!!

            Obama & his cronies used the unnecessary crisis to steal almost a trillion dollars in bogus “stimulus projects” from the American people & low information folks like you have never bothered to find out what really happened during the period we’re discussing!!! Not surprising, but your response to my original post was hilarious!!! CDE

        2. MrSwingGuitar says

          You’re a laugh riot, Mr. Edinger. First of all, while I’m not a billionaire, I’m QUITE financially secure, with assets over $2 million. I’d be willing to match my intelligence with yours any day. Odd you should mention Mr. Taylor. Taylor’s recent research has been on the financial crisis that began in 2007 and the world economic recession.
          He finds that the crisis was primarily caused by flawed macroeconomic
          policies from the U.S. government and other governments. Particularly,
          he focuses on the Federal Reserve which, under Alan Greenspan, a personal friend of Taylor, created “monetary excesses” in which interest rates were kept too low for too long, which then directly led to the housing bubble. Describing George W. Bush as a “successful entrepreneur” is very amusing. His family connections enabled him access to the oil business, but his company nearly went bankrupt..he was also investigated for insider trading concerning this. He later was a figurehead executive for the Texas Rangers, once again based on his family name rather than any business skills. Bush was also a heavy drinker and is alleged to have used cocaine. Cheney WAS a successful businessman, if you view success strictly in terms of dollars. He also was (and remains) a callous, venal ideologue. His idea of foreign policy seems to be “Whatever I believe is the only way to believe. Get out of my way or I’ll kill you…well, maybe I’ll just torture you and put you in prison without charging you with anything”. Bush and Cheney did more to ruin the international reputation of the US than any previous administration. They also directly implemented policies that very nearly crippled the American economy. Naturally, it’s impossible to truly project what would have occurred without the economic stimulus that Obama instituted…perhaps things would have miraculously healed themselves. At the end of the last Bush presidency, however, the economy of this country was in a truly sorry state. Presently, it’s in a reasonable recovery. If you wish to maintain that the economic genius John McCain would have done a better job, you’re free to do so…it might get you laughed out of any sensible conversation, but it’s certainly your right to believe it.

          1. Charles David Edinger says

            I’m not particularly interested in who u r, but do find it interested that u r unwilling to post under ur own name, “MrSwingGuitar”…I guess when one posts really inaccurate stuff, it may be best to hide behind a fake identity. But let’s not spend time focused on either of us, since it is our ideas that matter & yours don’t really make sense.

            First of all John Taylor, who is a colleague, analyzed the 2008 bank liquidity crisis in a fascinating work, GETTING OFF TRACK, & Thomas Sowell, one of the last two generations’ most accomplished economists & the author, with Milton Friedman, of President Reagan’s brilliant economic plan, did the same in his work THE HOUSING BOOM & BUST. Neither Taylor nor Sowell has anything to say that tracks with your comments. My own research, which remains proprietary, has been vetted by the investigators of the Fanny/Freddie debacle & it is exactly what happened…but I’m sure you’ll prefer to stay with the MS/NBC fantasies. Good luck.

            The predictability of your ad hominem attacks was hilarious & they demonstrate you have never created or run a growing start-up business, which I have done multiple times. Anyone who has done anything in that area knows that failures often exceed successes but that real entrepreneurs persist, as Mr. Bush clearly did, & he succeeded in creating a solid business leadership record, about which you clearly know nothing. I don’t generally judge other people’s lives, but if I were an Obama-drone I would be careful about critiquing Mr. Bush’s successful struggle with substance abuse, since Obama admits in his ghost-written autobiographies that he abused alcohol, marijuana, & cocaine, & stumbled through his very privileged adolescence stoned out of his mind as the leader of the Choom Gang. Mr. Bush was an Air Force Reserve fighter pilot during that period in his life, which means he was regularly drug tested & passed each time. By the way, one explanation of Obama’s inability to make effective decisions is that he severely damaged the prefrontal cortex of his brain during the critical period where it should have been maturing, which recent studies have indicated is a common problem of youthful drug abusers. Of course Obama was also a drug dealer in Hawaii, California & New York, but that is a character issue rather than something affected by his cognitive disability.

            Your comments on Mr. Cheney are the whining, insubstantial jealousy of someone who is grasping to knock down a really accomplished American public servant, presumably to distract attention from your own loser “heroes.” Barack Hussein Obama had his own autobiographies, for which he received a grant to complete, ghost written by his close friend Bill Ayres, an unrepentant domestic terrorist who wealthy & influential Big Daddy managed to get him off multiple murder charges for which he should have been executed. Obama himself has an outstanding career as an Alinsky-ite “Community Organizer,” an unaccomplished Adjunct law lecturer, a lawyer for Chicago slum lords who resigned his law license rather than face disbarment & an Illinois state senator who mostly voted “Present” except for blocking laws that might have saved the lives of aborted children that were born alive. He also may have served half a term in the US Senate, but he sponsored no important legislation & mostly campaigned for President, like he does now. Has anyone told him he cannot run again??? He should know that as a self described “Constitutional Scholar,” but it has never been certain he is one, since every educational record in his life has been sealed tighter than Michelle’s thighs.

            As for Mr. Cheney’s success at Halliburton, it basically speaks for itself to anyone who knows the slightest bit about business. Halliburton is the world leader in the fields it competes in, which are many. Your attributions of statements you allege to have been made by Mr. Cheney are simply lies that even MS/NBC would never broadcast…they never happened “Mr.Guitar.” Are you in therapy, by the way??? Might be an excellent move on your part!!!

            Finally, your economic statistics are pure crap…total distortions after I took the time to tell you where to find the real numbers, so I have to infer you intended to lie about that too. And please, it’s simple to confirm that virtually all of Obama’s “Stimulus” went to pay off his political contributors & most of that taxpayer money disappeared into bankruptcies & “Green Energy” sink-holes. And yes, the private economy would have healed itself with tax & regulatory cuts, but like FDR, that other famous incompetent American President who delayed the recovery from the Great Depression by at least 8-years, Obama has presided over the weakest recovery in American history. If one subtracts the incremental economic growth provided by the fracking revolution in the energy industry, which Obama has tried to block, Obama would have already maintained the second longest economic depression in American history, but since you reside in a fact-free world I suspect that is news to you, “Mr. Guitar.”

            Since Our Dear Leader, Slow Joe Biden & all their purported economic advisors are Keynesian fantasy believers, virtually anyone would have handled the US economy more effectively!!! It would be difficult to find anyone who is more economically illiterate than Obama in the developed world. OK, maybe Hillary Clinton.

            I suggest you work on improving your ability to lie effectively, since you have no facts or logic with which to make your case…just like Obama. And Mr. Guitar, no one ever laughs me out of any conversation. Even idiots like you recognize when they are massively out-classed intellectually, but unfortunately you don’t even know what you don’t know!!! As a result no one, and especially me, cares at all what you have to say. But I’m sure you’re used to that Mr. Guitar…otherwise you might sign your name to your comments. CDE

          2. MrSwingGuitar says

            What a joke….tch tch-ing about ad hominem attacks on W., and then repeating known lies about Obama. Tell you what: you present factual evidence that Obama resigned his law license to avoid indictment, and I’ll not only print my name, but my address and phone number. As to why I don’t use my name on pages like this, that would be because I’ve been threatened with violence numerous times by your “patriotic” compatriots who believe that the essence of Americanism is to silence all dissent. Guesswork about whether a different tactic might have been more effective in combating the economic maelstrom that faced us circa 2008 is pure supposition, but your lack of reasoning ability doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend this simple fact. The idea that you think economics is an actual science proves that you’re a fool. Oh, yes, that’s an ad hominem attack as well, but I’m sure you consider that telling me that I’m stupid and in need of therapy don’t qualify as such. That would, of course, be because you’re also a hypocrite.

          3. Charles David Edinger says

            Mr.Guitar: So you are showing yourself to be a coward as well as an Obama-drone & liar!!! Ad hominem attacks are only identified as such when they can be shown to be false, as in not based on facts. None of my observations about Our Dear Leader can be proven false, because they are all factually based. You will never allow yourself to admit that Obama’s records remain sealed, that he resigned his law license in Illinois under duress, that his law practice primarily served slum lords, that he lied to the American people about Obamacare & Benghazi & having used the IRS to attack his political enemies & that he violated the 1st Amendment by having the NSA harass the press & that he planned the current crisis on our southern border & advertised in January for contractors to transport 60,000-illegal minors to destinations around the US, & dozens of other unconstitutional & illegal actions while violating his oath of office. Why???

            My guess is that you are an Obama-troll in the pay of Organizing for Action, but you may also suffer from the schizophrenic-like condition known generally as Obama-derangement syndrome. You & your fellow sheep require an authoritarian “Leader,” & since Hitler, Stalin, & Mao are gone, Obama looks like a good bet to fill that role. He is already trying, at times successfully, to undermine the US Constitution he swore to uphold & he tries to gather power to himself at every opportunity. By suspending any direct connection to objective reality, which most of you Lefties deny even exists, you are able to ignore the multitude of crimes I outlined above & deify someone who has failed at everything he has ever attempted & who now insist America fail along with him.

            Hannah Arendt & others have studied the syndrome you appear to suffer from & it is more common that most would believe. The German people followed Hitler & the Nazis, the Russians allowed Stalin to murder tens of thousands of his own people in pursuit of a fantasy Utopia & now Obama seeks the same kind of control over the free people of America. He will fall short, thank God, but it will not be because he has not tried or because you & your fellow sheep haven’t supported his every overreach.

            On the hiding your identity issue, your whining excuse is pathetic. Don’t you think the Fascists of the Progressive Movement threaten free thinking Americans constantly??? And they have used the coercive power of the Federal government to enforce their attempts to throttle dissent!!! But after a while any real American recognizes that bullies & book-burners like Obama must be resisted or our great nation will go the way of the weak semi-democracies of Europe. Sign your name to your work & even if you are wrong, which seems likely, I will defend your right to be an idiot!!! I am a libertarian, & we’re funny that way…we believe in individual freedom, free markets, protection of private property rights & limited government, all because they are the only things that have ever worked. Grow a pair & defend what you think you believe. Just an idea. Charles David Edinger

          4. MrSwingGuitar says

            You’re a fool and a liar. In my last message, I offered to give all my personal details, despite violent threats from morons of your political stripe. All I asked was PROOF of one of your contentions: that Obama was forced to resign his Illinois law license under threat of indictment. Instead you bluster and prevaricate. Guess what, Jack? You’ve got nothing, nothing but lies and character assassination. But of course YOU’RE not making ad hominem attacks because…um..because….why was that again? You maintain that if they are true they don’t qualify, yet you give no proof of even this one instance I mention. I have plenty of respect for people whose political ideas differ from mine. I have no respect for weasels like you who spread lies and innuendo. Okay, here’s another chance for you: What books is it that Obama is burning? I’ll be eagerly awaiting your answer. One more thing-I find lots lacking in the Obama presidency. I’m very upset with his use of drones, his continued waste of lives and money in Afghanistan, his toadying to Monsanto, etc. Compared to you and the fools the GOP runs for office, however, he’s a paragon.

          5. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’m not sure where my reply to your message above has gone…perhaps it takes a while to show up. I’ll only add here that your whining about how the economy was in such great shape until Obama took over and has plummeted ever since (what planet ARE you on?) is belied by the very company for which you work. I quote “In November 2007, Merrill Lynch announced it would write-down $8.4 billion in losses associated with the national housing crisis and remove E. Stanley O’Neal as its chief executive”. While I’m sure the office of president is a powerful one, I fail to see how Obama could have made your firm incur an eight plus billion dollar loss BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE. FIscal mismanagement by the Bush/Cheney administration combined with the almost unlimited avarice and unscrupulousness of those in your profession seem far more likely causes, but then, I don’t have a degree in economics.

    2. Ralph says

      “who was integral to the greatest economic miracle since Ronald Reagan”
      What planet do you live on????????????

  23. Fl_Mike says

    Fl_Mike –
    I can top that one, I go back to the F.D.R days – Obama is doing a great job at what he come into office to do, which was to destroy the U.S.A from the inside out. Destroy the Military, Jobs, health care, income & allow crime to increase.

  24. DanPasser says

    I completely agree with Dick Cheney, and I am almost 60 years old. Obama was elected primarily by idiots who should have no legal right to vote because they are on public assistance for life, instead of holding a job and earning a living, in combination with young voters who were taught all the communist crap and fascist, leftist clap trap putting down America’s honorable, and remarkable birth. The guy in the White House, a former drug user, who graduated past pot, was elected for one two-pronged reason only: He is a power crazed fascist, and he is a mulatto. Remove either of these two elements, and the insane mass media would never be fully supporting his lawless, immoral, pathetic and sorry self. He is America’s first affirmative action president. His Harvard transcript should have been made public under FOIL, many years ago. Even now, we should be able to see his Harvard transcript. Sadly, and I would think without legal authority, it is considered to be a secret from the public domain. Hopefully, he is our last affirmative action president. How about supporting a brilliant man for president, such as Dr Ben Carson? Ted Cruz is also a great choice, as is Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and some others. Yes, I voted for Mitt Romney, (of course), and before that, I voted for John McCain, (of course).

    1. John Davise says

      Your solution you brainwashed republicans, is to “Elect a BLACK
      president we can trust.” You are that racist, and that mentally ruined.
      You want a republican black president because you are now black racist.
      You had one black racist president, who may yet be dictator for life,
      but you did not learn a thing. Now you want a republican black dictator.
      You republicans are punks for the democrats, their racist ideology is
      yours. Your heads are on the line because the republican party must be
      erased since its leaders are all racist democrats!. A human being, a
      white human being realizes that there must never be a black president
      again, or a republican president or a democrat president AGAIN! We must
      have a new white political party that carves out its own freedom and
      right to life, and rejects such idiots as you. You are losers! You have
      lost since WWII. You turned your backs on patriotism. Now you seek to
      embrace the most racist and socialized race in the world…the black
      race, as your “winner”. You think that any phoney conservative with A
      BLACK SKIN must be president. Their brains, ability, dedication and
      proven life of service to the Constitution, you will ignore… and lie
      about. DAMN YOU Black racist toadies and liars!

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        Hey folks posting on here….these are your ideological brothers (“John Davise” and company). Now, he’s stupid enough to not realize that when you say that you just want a good black president, you’re actually saying that you’d possibly vote for someone DESPITE his skin color if he was as politically troglodytic as you. As someone who voted for Obama twice (despite disagreeing with many of his policies) because the alternatives were laughably poor, I can tell you that the vast majority of his votes weren’t as much for him as against the morons who were his opponents, and that the color of his skin was supremely unimportant. While I’m certain there are many people who dislike Obama’s policies who aren’t racists, there seem to be way more folks out there who hate him because of his race than who voted for him because of it.

        1. John Davise says

          SwineGuitar is a racist communist pretending that he has objective judgment. Actually he is a mental defective and an utterly useless ignoramus living in a schizoid fantasy land. As a racist he must prove at every turn, that he is a brown-nosing, pro african and therefore on the high ground, above all other species. He pretends to have reasons worthy of consideration, but those pseudo reasons are encapsulated in only one racist value, skin color. This masochist, harboring a psychopathic dedication to his own guilt complexes, will accept anything, including death, as long as his boss is black. This guy is a phoney too, he is either black or a half breed mutant (and therefore his behavior is predictable), like all blacks he is racist and murderous in his drive to humiliate white men and boys. The only way to deal with him is to throw him in a pit with a knife and then jump in after him. A crazy person who is so insanely biased and hate-filled is not reachable by reasoning. He will lie, exaggerate and threaten, even murder to win. Bring it on you racist socialist ignoramus,insanely stupid, half wit pig.
          Swineguitar depends on yahoo to delete my thoughts and to distribute his idiocy as a mindless disciple of every living and dead black-racist, communist, extant. When I run across scum like this, I flexibly adapt until I can get him alone. But remember, that is a waste of time. This creature in nonredeemable and he and his horde of other swinescummers(sic), are dedicated to engineering our servitude to them and their black masters. That is the first step to white Genocide. The question is not one of living amicably or “equal.” They will always want more and more, and they seek it for free, as paid tribute from us. But since they need food and shelter, guess who they have decided to provide it to them? All of those poor white fools willing to give 75% of their hard earned money to provide a wonderful world for those evil greedy socialist parasites to flourish, multiply and continually prey on us. This is a cultural war to determine if 80% of America (white) will become the slaves of 15% (blacks and renegade communist whites and moslems). The answer is,You have pushed us too far. There is no room for compromise!

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            Seek professional help.

          2. John Davise says

            Response to Swineguitar: The last message from a tird sinking below the surface. A snide accusation? Or perhaps an invitation to the “help” that he got. Oh Gosh, ots good eh? You don’t have to think any more, the media does it for you.

      2. RedRiverD says

        Whoever brought “RACISM” into this conversation?
        It was NOT a racist issue until you brought it up…..
        You must be a white, liberal, socialist “friend” of BHO…..

        1. John Davise says

          RedRiverD and Swineguitar are tirds of a feather. It is a racist issue red butt, you claim that every black racist crime is “legal payback,” not racism? You are one of millions of worthless, evil cretins that have swilled into this country during the past 20 years!

          1. RedRiverD says

            I do NOT know you John Davise,
            BUT I am a caucasion, American DAV from Viet Nam era.
            I do NOT claim that every black racist crime is “legal payback”. I get extremely outraged by the blacks that think it is okay to break the law “for fun”. Just because they can and their HNIC (BHO) gets away with it. Actually black crime IS a racist issue, by ALL means…… We do NOT racial profile, but when 65% of crime is done by blacks…. What can I say, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it must be a duck……

        2. mac12sam12 says

          Race conscious people are usually skin-heads or liberals.

      3. Frank Andrews says

        John, I honestly believe you should go back to your seat and have the nurse bring you another dose of those wonderful HAPPY pills that were prescribed for you! It seems the
        last dose was a little bit short in strength or perhaps you just need a larger dose! Oh!. by the way. Doc says your room is ready and they’ll lock it for you when you get in!

      4. omegaman says


    2. John Davise says

      And now , as a loyal republican drone-stooge, you accept the media’s biased view that c arson is a benevolent race blind GENIUS. You don’t have the sense of a magpoe, as your voting record apprehends. You, in your little bitty heart, want the media to say, “DanPasser is alright, he voted black, he’s “probably” not a racist.” And you will be one with afrocentrism and your voyage of indoctrination is forming up. Another correction idiot, OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST. You call him fascist because the word communist is not PC. You she-male cretin.

  25. Sam says

    Hands down, obamy beats out Jimmy Carter for being the worst. Both DEMONcraps but at least Jimmy was a likable guy. NEVER vote demoncrap as you run the risk of getting another like obamy……

  26. reagangs says

    I have the same opinion …. BHO and his progressive commies suck. Most of my friends agree …. so I’m labeled as racist ….. tough s**t …. that’s life. I did service in the late 1960s and fought the commie bastards and I have worked and paid taxes since 1960, so I can safely say the world and US of A have been going in to the gutter for the last 5 decades.

  27. JZAMACONA says

    I disagree with him, if the systematic destruction of America can be stopped with an inpeachment he should be impeached. It is a coward’s way out to say it would be a distraction, if it is, so be it at least the destruction would be slowed down.

    1. LastGasp says

      And it would bring everything out in the open so the Lame Stream Media would have to give it airtime. Low info voters would finally be able to see what has been done to the country.

    2. David in MA says

      I wonder if even the demonCrats are ready to throw this POS under the bus, might get some of the bums re-elected. And, lets face it, in socialism, the ends justify the means…bye bye obammy!

  28. Peter B. Duran says

    Peter.. Obama will left a legacy of being the worst President for past generations and for many to
    come. He shows to be out of real world en everything he deal with.

  29. J D S says

    When are people going to finally wake up to the fact that Obama is not the worst “president”, but something much more sinister? It’s very clear that he was planted to anyone who has eyes and can see past their nose. The most transparent “president” in history won’t even release a $20 hard copy birth certificate for vetting. Instead, he demands that we peasants accept his phoney records or we might be called that nasty term, racist, and the courts and all the politicians just go right along with it for fear of the same. To shore up the scam there is the corrupt liberal press and apparently about 50% of the population, who for a myriad of reasons are foolish enough to accept the charade, and either plays along somewhat reluctantly, or are wholeheartedly in the “down with America” camp. Just praying for Divine intervention, as there seems to be no other options on the table due to mass corruption, ignorance, and apathy.

  30. Sylvester Jones says

    He’s correct he hasn’t done anything but sell us out.

  31. Neil G. Oberg says

    I’m not a Dick Cheney fan but he is on target with his comment!
    The Obama administration has had no administrative experience with managing people and government objectives. This administration is despicable to say the least. Now that I’m thinking about this, Obama is a reflection of the people that voted him into office. These are the people that do not understand the “Constitution” and or the “Bill of Rights” bestowed upon us by our founders.
    We have a society of people that want to be taken care of, those who have this sense of “Entitlement” that
    believe we owe them a living.
    Along this same line, A number of congress / senate representatives are of the mindset that government needs to provide the welfare for those who can’t motivate themselves into prosperity. These memebers of congress are as despicable as those who do not want to put their life together.

    Neil Oberg

  32. Combatvet52 says

    “worst president of all time,” absolutely no doubt about it as a black man and a politician he is a failure has done nothing worthwhile put us so deep in debt don’t know if this nation will ever recover.

  33. Gregory Lesniewski says

    I am no fan of Dick Cheney, but totally agree with him on this one!

  34. dogonahog48 says

    He must be trying to cut Cheney’s Halliburton off the federal tit. They have been on that tit since Vietnam.
    Have to agree on the worse president part however. Then I think of Hillery. Would have been a toss up.

  35. Okwaho1 says

    I’m the same age as Cheney and I agree with him. Obama is the worst president in my lifetime. However, I believe that Obama is doing things the way he was programed to and by the fact that he is down right EVIL by nature. He wants to rule the world. His aspiration is to accend to the highest position in the United Nations and then declare One World Government and negate laws of all the countries and replace them with dictated UN Law, probably based on Sharia Law.. A lot of people think this guy is stupid and in some respects he is but he is a dangerous and evil being!

  36. wfc says

    So this is the guy who spent his entire tenure hiding in a bunker in Washington?

  37. hmmmmm says

    he’s the worst president in my lifetime too and in all of history and the least qualified to become president as well as the biggest loser of a president and able to lie his way in and continue the lying all through his presidency. Of course that the stupidity of the sheeple that voted for him not once but twice.

  38. DonCentTX says

    I’m older than Cheney and I say the same thing.

  39. John Davise says

    Your solution you brainwashed republicans, is to “Elect a BLACK president we can trust.” You are that racist, and that mentally ruined. You want a republican black president because you are now black racist. You had one who black racist president, who may yet be dictator for life, but you did not learn a thing. Now you want a republican black dictator. You republicans are punks for the democrats, their racist ideology is yours. Your heads are on the line!. A human being, a white human being realizes that their must never be a black president again, or a republican president or a democrat president AGAIN! We must have a new white political party that carves out its own freedom and right to life, and rejects such idiots as you. You are losers! You have lost since WWII. You turned your backs on patriotism. Now you seek to embrace the most racist and socialized race in the world…the black racist. You think that any phoney conservative with A BLACK SKIN must be president. Their brains, ability, dedication and proven life of service to the Constitution, you will ignore and lie about. DAMN YOU Black racist toadies and liars!

  40. danny kimbrel says

    He is not only the worst pre, uh illegal usurper in history, but he is a homosexual with a transgendered thing masquerading as his “wife” ! he also had his ex gay lover murdered along with his grandmother in Kenya for telling the world he was born there ! This deadly game with the infiltration of illegals invading our country will blow up in their faces, prepare yourselves for the coming war we will be engaged in soon.

  41. 1American1st says

    Cheney is certainly not alone in his description of Obama being the worst prez in his lifetime. Me, too!
    Obama relieved Peanut Carter of the title of “Worst prez in American History”.
    Lyndon Johnson wasn’t much better with his decision to American combat troops into the nasty jungles of Vietnam, killing 55,000+ American soldiers.

  42. Yehoshuafriend says

    Not only the worst Islamic Muslim imposter president, but also the most prejudice, corrupt, and dangerous! Shalom!


    Forget what is happening now, I am old enough to remember clintons first press release. There was the
    of the entire free world AND ALL the newsies had to say was there is the President of the United States and what is the MORON doing he is is taking his own notes on a laptop.
    I call that INEPT
    Good by and good riddance UNBELIEVABLE.
    I talk to many people and clinton/obama/carter
    is like a FRANKENSTEIN.
    And for all you young people back in 1980 A CAR LOAN WAS 19 1/2 interest , thanks to Ggood old . carter How would you pussys get a car now because by all standards your homes are at least 100 thousand try that at 19 1/2 percent. . By the way did you know carter is the ONLY president who has reported
    to see FLYING SAUCERS?, and
    while I am on a roll he is the only president that has written a
    song as AN ODE TO A FROG? Get real
    people get rid of the MORONS? .

  44. Milton W. Lowe says

    I am almost 76 yrs old & JFK the first President I voted for. I can honestly say Obama is the worst president in my life time. He should never have been elected both times he ran. I thing his ” crew ” did a lot of illegal vote buying & manipulating to help get enough votes to win. I think most who voted for him “wanted a black man who promised ‘hope & change’ & just didn’t know or research him enough to know the man.” He has proven himself to be a chronic liar & incapable & stupid in terms of being a true leader of America. His communist principles are far beyond me & are not right for this country!

  45. rog363 says

    My father, god rest his soul, fought in WWll to stop Hitler from doing to the world what this clown, that fools voted into office not once but twice, is in the process of doing to America.

  46. James Maxwell says

    I would suggest that o’socialsit is the worse occupier of the White House since our Nation was founded.
    He is not qualified to sit in the White House under any circumstance due to his birth in Kenya, the
    fact that he went to school in Indonesia where you must renounce all other citizenship’s in order to
    attend school. I am still waiting for the GOP to get off is backside and explain how they failed the
    American people and did not demand that evidence be provided to the American People to either
    prove his qualification or lack there of. Since no true documentation has been provided we all know
    that we have been lied to by our elected politicos.

  47. cmjavier says

    A statement of fact.

  48. tlc1532 says

    Can ‘t say I disagree with VP Cheney!

  49. WVF says

    From President Truman to the present, without a doubt, this faux president is absolutely the worst in U.S. history! This creep makes President Jimmy Carter look like an intellectual giant!

  50. squeak says

    Cheney, you are NOT ALONE, you have a lot of company…In my life time , Obama is the worst So Called President, He’ll go down in HISTORY as such !

  51. JoAnn Dolberg says

    This nation’s “first black president” is black-hearted; that is the only black that we see.

  52. John3:16 says

    I knew that he would be before the November 2008 election. It only took a little research to know that the man is a Manchurian.

  53. Larry Cummings says

    Immigration – stop welfare and food stamps and see how quickly those jobs Americans won’t take get filled with AMERICAN workers!

  54. RedRiverD says

    I totally concur that BHO IS, IN FACT” the absolute worst president to EVER (ILLEGALLY or otherwise) occupy the White House….

  55. SammysDad says

    No question, he is the worst in my lifetime, for sure. I can not, for the life of me, consider him my potus. His lies, arrogance and deception give me a deep sense of disdain for anyone who would support such a vile anti-American.

  56. John Davise says

    War Against White Male Youth

    Now the war against white males is a major schwehrpunkt of the afrocentric
    communist cultural war. Not content with subverting every moral institution of America
    according to the obama manifesto, the two chief forms of propaganda in the
    obamanation (the media and “education”) are wreaking havoc with the psyches of
    white men and boys. Girls and women were SUPPOSEDLY once second-class citizens
    in the nation’s schools. Leftist and media-zombie Americans responded with
    “concerted efforts to give girls and women the attention and assistance that was
    long overdue.” Now, after two major waves of feminism and decades of policy
    reform, women have made massive strides by educational thought reform combined
    with hate-slurs targeted against white boys. Of course they approve of Islamic “honor killingsd” of unprotected Islamic females because feminists are authoritarians too and all communist-racists stick together.Today the communist media claimsthat females, ” outperform men in nearly every measure of social,academic, and vocational well-being.” There is evidence that white boys
    are believing such lies because it is all they hear during their re-education
    in the white-male-hating prisons known as “public schools.” Thus white males are hammered with condemnation and fanatic pressures to become troubled and thus vulnerable to homosexualism and/or effeminacy, from thecradle to the grave. The psyches of millions of white males are being turned
    into loser mentalities.
    Christina Hoff Sommers contends that it’s time to take a hard look at
    present-day realities and recognize that white boys need help. Called
    “provocative and controversial . . . impassioned and articulate” (The Christian
    Science Monitor), this edition of The War Against Boys offers a new preface and
    six radically revised chapters, plus updates on the current status of boys throughout the book.
    Sommers argues that the problem of male underachievement is persistent and
    worsening. Among the new topics Sommers tackles: how the war against boys is
    harming our economic future, and how boy-averse trends such as the decline of
    recess and zero-tolerance disciplinary policies have turned our schools into hostile
    environments for boys. As our schools become more feelings-centered,
    risk-averse, competition-free, and sedentary, they move further and further
    from the characteristic needs of boys. She offers realistic, achievable
    solutions to these problems that include boy-friendly pedagogy, character and
    vocational education, and the choice of single-sex classrooms.
    The War Against Boys is an incisive, rigorous, and heartfelt argument in favor
    of recognizing and confronting a new reality: boys are languishing in education
    and the price of continued neglect is economically and socially prohibitive.
    Rake your child out of public school. Make him the smartest toughest, free
    thinking version of physical and mental hardness, yet experience by the
    communists. Teach him who his blood enemies are and why. Then teach him how to
    beat them!
    War Against White Male Adults
    Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young argue that white men have routinely been
    portrayed as evil, inadequate, or as honorary women in media-controlled
    popular culture since the 1990s. These stereotypes are profoundly disturbing,
    the authors argue, for they both reflect and create a hatred and thus further
    fracture an already fractured society. (Look at TV commercials.) In “Spreading Misandry,” they
    show that creating a workable society in the twenty-first century requires us
    to rethink feminist and other assumptions about men. The first in an eventual
    three part series, “Spreading Misandry” offers an impressive array of
    evidence from everyday life – case studies from movies, television programs,
    novels, comic strips( comic book authors are among the most communist of
    afrocentric-progressive thugs), and even greeting cards – to identify a
    phenomenon that is just now being recognized as a serious cultural problem.
    Discussing misandry – the afrofeminist-sexist counterpart of misogyny – the
    authors make clear that this form of hatred must not be confused with reverse
    sexism or anger and should neither be trivialized nor excused. They break new
    ground by discussing misandry in moral terms rather than purely psychological
    or sociological ones and refer critically not only to feminism but to political
    ideologies on both the left and the right. They also illuminate the larger
    context of this problem, showing that it reflects the enduring conflict between
    the Enlightenment and romanticism, inherent flaws in postmodernism, and the
    dualistic (‘us’ versus ‘them’) mentality that has influenced Western thought
    since ancient times. A groundbreaking study, “Spreading Misandry”
    raises serious questions about justice and identity in an increasingly
    polarized society. It is important for anyone in interested in ethics, gender,
    popular culture, or are just concerned about the society we are
    creating.Spreading Misandry …does make a convincing argument that, since the
    1990s, …Men, have become society’s official scapegoats and held responsible
    for all evil …Women are society’s official victims and held responsible for
    all good.’
    People like “Red Butt” claom that crimes by black racists such as rape and murder are not crimes, but payback, So they “don’t like racism” except when blacks are pimping it.
    Do not Fail to Confront The Liars of the Afrocentric-Left! Fight their
    relentless propaganda with ceaseless confrontational exposure and annihilation.

  57. R. Walter says

    He’s the worst president in history! He’s not worthy of the title. He truly is not a president. He’s a man that occupies the White House.

  58. USARetired says

    Dick Cheney is not the only American who dispises Obozo, who happwns to be an Illegal Immigrant also !

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      Are you truly as stupid as you sound? Let’s just imagine for a moment that your paranoid fantasies about Obama being born outside the US were true. As his mother was a US citizen, he would also be a citizen, not an “illegal immigrant”. Facts, however, seem to have no interest to those of your limited mental capacities.

  59. JimBob says

    And this comes from the WORST VICE PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!!

  60. runnindeer says

    Of course he is right. There has never been any other that compares to this one and everything about this one is fabricated. He is no leader he is a pretender who was fabricated to play at being President in order to allow the complete take down and dismantling of everything that America stands for and what our Constitution has enabled citizens to have , to be and to do. But Mr. Cheney must be aware that this Pretender in chief was (allowed ) to be president. There is absolutely no way on Earth that our National Security did not know that Barry Sotoro is not the Barack Hussein Obama that he would like all of us to fall for. Everything about him is pure unadulterated BS!

  61. Anthony Miller says

    Gee Cheney just figured that out? No wonder things are messed up.

  62. ccannon says

    Absolutely the very worst president the nation has had since its inception, there is not another president that could come even close second to this Obama screwup!

  63. subee7 says

    He is the worse, but he is the most dangerous. Watch him carefully as I believe he has more evil tricks up his sleeve. Hillary is almost just as bad and is very dangerous.

  64. jondarmes says

    Mr. Cheney is much too kind.

  65. jerry bouchet says

    He doesn’t need to be impeached he needs to be run out of the country. This man is the sorriest excuse for a human being that ever existed on the planet. It’s like he has been reincarnated from hell.

  66. Stealth Fighter says

    Don’t worry Mr. Cheney, You are not alone in your observations…..We only need more people(in DC) to come forth and admit it!

  67. stephanie wilson says

    got that right mr. cheney! miss you dude!

  68. David in MA says

    Cheney said: “I think he’s doing a lot of things wrong.”
    I say: Not when you look at his true agenda,
    Islamic Marxism in America.
    He is doing everything right.

  69. cathylovesyou says

    Obama’s problems are he is a narcisist, he is inexperienced, hired the wrong people, doesn’t listen to the right people, has an agenda that is hurting the country, and very divisive.. Obama is a direct example of the Peter Principle. Boehners suit and impeachment is a distraction and will take too long, he should resign like Lyndon Johnson only he did it in a better way, didn’t run. .

  70. Jane Wegener says

    I agree with Mr Cheney 100%. The question is how can we REMOVE him before he does any further damage to our great country. He is disabling our military at a time when terrorists are rising up across the world!! He is either a complete idiot or in bed with our enemies. IMHO it is the latter. WAKE UP AMERICA!!


    —————————–" AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE A PRESIDENT " —————————–

  72. Ramon Noches says

    Dick Cheney has made perhaps
    the boldest and most disingenuous statement of any Vice President; ever! He
    seems to have forgotten his role in planning an invasion of Iraq even before
    9/11. His part in the discombobulated crisis we now see in Iraq is as solid as steel
    and will be a part of historical discussion for decades to come. By eschewing
    facts, and other validated information, he plowed on with a grandiose scheme to
    convince the American Public and many politicians positioned in high places,
    that Iraq had a robust nuclear program, fashioning weapons of mass destruction
    including a vast arsenal of poisonous gases. Once carefully examined, all of
    his claims proved to be false which based on review by those familiar with
    nuclear physics claimed what they saw did not represent threats. His attack on
    President Obama, has become an all too familiar refrain for well over five
    years now. While president Obama has made mistakes, what he has accomplished —
    without the support Republicans in the House of
    Representatives, as they deliberately pushed against his most vital legislative
    efforts– is not only remarkable but truly of the highest order of
    accomplishments. I am sure Dick Cheney never mentions the cloister of 15
    Republican leaders who met at a dinner working meeting on the day of President Obama’s inauguration to plan a deliberate campaign first to tarnish his image, then to ensure no significant
    legislation under his administration got approved. (Those:Attending the dinner were House members Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Pete Sessions. From the Senate were Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Ensign and Jon Kyl. Others present were former House Speaker and future – and failed – presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and the Republican strategist Frank Luntz, who organised the dinner and sent out the invitations. Essentially President Obama
    has had to lead the United States of America without a House of
    Representatives; many who sling mud at him for not doing his job or for taking
    executive actions to keep things running. As Congress really has not done its
    job as almost their total focus has been to besmirch and disrespect the
    President at every opportunity; even as he saved this nation from a
    catastrophic depression, reawakened our vital automobile industry, and
    continues to act in a mature well thought out way to end our participation in
    two unwinnable wars–Afghanistan because we shifted our military might before
    that war was finished over to Iraq, and Iraq because we made a decision to
    completely dismantle Iraq’s government, both military and civilian which at the
    very least fed, then engorged existing hostile feelings. Imagine those career
    military and civilians losing years of retirement longevity, being forced to
    fend for themselves. Herein, is my opinion of Dick Cheney who now is
    desperately attempting to alter his place in American history. Today’s world is
    far too interconnected for that to happen. All President Obama is trying to do,
    is to save American lives, and reduce the trillions of dollars we have already
    spent with nothing to show for it. Those who claim we withdrew our troops too
    soon, do not seem to have a clue that those folks have raged religious wars for
    over a thousand years. Our role should be to take those actions that will optimize
    our security — which connotes using our military in more pointed situations
    when they arise; but no invasions.

  73. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group says

    Good story, but disagree with this country electing a Conservative again… least anytime soon. This has become an unidentified Communistic policy nation, meaning the masses of people under the influence of these policies don’t know it’s communism !! Right now, an avowed communist would have a better chance of getting elected than a patriotic Conservative. Doubt this ? Obama had the packaging and the smile and is a COMMUNIST and look where he sits !!! DO NOT BE DECEIVED AMERIKA !!!!!

  74. gangbuster says

    I cant believe he hasnt been inpeached yet.

  75. Carol Chadbourne says

    As far as I’m concerned, this evil person has NEVER been my pres. A Pres takes an oath to keep America safe, (he has stationed jihadists all over the country)…..The Constitution/ Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence….have given us rights which he doesn’t recognize, law of the Land…he thinks he is the law…erased separation of powers….he was tutored, mentored and supported financially to ‘change’ our beautiful and FREE country to where it is unrecognizable mess. He gives OUR monies to OUR enemies and snubs our Ally, Israel. NO JOBS, NO foreign policy, no growing economy, and decidedly NON-transparent with not a hint of veracity in his entire body. He is NO leader!

  76. Helen says

    Obama brings a new dimension to the word “WORST”!!!!!

  77. Kent2012 says

    The USA does not have a president at the present time….

  78. WhiteFalcon says

    Simply put, Ovomit is the worst exsuse that has ever been in the White House. Commieonazicrats knew that before he ran and they have protected him and defended him. They are as much at fault as he is. We should get rid of all of them in November.

  79. pmbalele says

    Cheney is talking again? Is he not afraid of being confronted for causing Iraq -ISIS problems? This is the same Cheney who advised Bush II to invade Iraq the second time. Bush left with 25% approval among Republicans and 12% overall. And here we have Cheney -a racist from Northern Wisconsin – puking such
    language. After all Cheney has a heart of a Black boy. We will demand the heart back if he continues to criticize President Obama. Cheney got us in this mess with Iraq.

  80. Jim Miller says

    Muhamed O has been deceiving this country since day one, he was a FAKE since birthday, as a Commander in Chief going to Bow before the Saudi King what is up with that????( the media recorded it ) he has betrayed our best allies and Americans as well, he is a full time scumbag full of crap a real DISGRACE TO THIS NATION; Cheney is right WORST PRESIDENT EVER

  81. bill says

    Worst president of a lifetime!? NO NO! Worst ever!

  82. Helen says

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is the FOOL OF THE CENTURY!!!

  83. Campbell1000 . says

    Cheney thinks so ???

    Who would have thought otherwise ?

    The economy’s taken off, millions more have health care, the deficit is down ….

    What could be the problem ???

    Oh right …. no wars ….

    1. HarleyKaren says

      you must be off your meds or are you a cloned obamabot?

  84. BoundlessExistence says

    Cheney is a worthless pos and when he dies there will be dancing in the streets!

  85. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

    I agree with Mr Cheney Obama is a disgrace he makes me puke on Liberal thugs ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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