Christmas Miracle: CNN Host Stands Up for Trump Administration!


We weren’t expecting a Christmas miracle to come so early, but a full five days before the holiday, we got to see none other than CNN’s Jake Tapper stand up for the United States and, more specifically, the Trump administration on his program. In an unprecedented moment that seems destined for the television hall of fame, Tapper blasted the nations that voted to condemn the U.S. for moving its official embassy to Jerusalem.

“Remember yesterday, how United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the U.S. would be taking names of countries that supported a resolution critical of the Trump Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?” Tapper asked.

He delivered the bad news: 128 countries chose to ignore that warning and vote against the U.S. in a vote on Thursday. Only 9 countries ultimately voted to stand beside us, raising the ire of the Trump administration and, unexpectedly, fueling Tapper’s anger as well.

“Among the 128 countries that voted to condemn the U.S. on this issue were some countries with some rather questionable records of their own,” Tapper noted. “‘The U.S. imperils global peace,’ says the representative of Venezuela, a country in a humanitarian disaster with violence in the streets, an economy in complete collapse; citizens malnourished and children being turned away from hospitals; starving families joining street gangs to scrounge for food. On what moral platform does the government of Venezuela stand today?”

Whoa! Condemnation of the socialist Venezuelan paradise on CNN? But Tapper wasn’t even done! He went on to slam Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and China for daring to criticize the United States from a claimed platform of peace, stability, and human rights. This is the kind of moral sensibility we’re used to seeing from Fox News, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a CNN host speak with this sort of clarity. And he wrapped up his argument with a point about the UN General Assembly that CNN viewers were probably surprised to hear.

“According to U.N. Watch, which monitors the United Nations, the United Nations general Assembly, from 2012 through 2015, has adopted 97 resolutions specifically criticizing an individual country, and of those 97, 83 of them have focused on Israel. That is 86%,” he said. “Now certainly Israel is not above criticism, but considering the genocide of the Rohinga people in Myanmar, the lack of basic human rights in North Korea, the children starving in the streets of Venezuela, the citizens of Syria targeted for murder by their own leader using the most grotesque and painful of weapons, you have to ask: Is Israel truly deserving of 86% of the world’s condemnation?

“Or possibly,” he continued, “is something else afoot at the United Nations, something that allows the representative of the Assad government to lecture the United States for moving its embassy?”

A remarkable moment for Tapper and CNN. It doesn’t quite make up for the avalanche of fake, biased news they spewed this year, but we’ll take what we can get.


  1. Retired says

    Too late for CNN to save it’s soul .If Clinton – Bush or Obama had said the same thing about moving the Embassy it would have been praised .

    1. gotabgood says

      Jerusalem has always been a hot spot or since the 40’s anyway… well no, they have been captured, destroyed, rebuilt throughout their history.

      1. Retired says

        And it will never stop until the end of time .

        1. boone1 says

          The end times are now here my friend.

          1. Retired says

            Yes we are getting closer to self destruct .

          2. justanagent says

            It certainly seems that way but I believe we are getting closer to redemption…after a few very bad years.
            2 Peter ch 3: That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:

            3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

            4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

            None of the end time prophesies could be literally fulfilled until Israel was reborn and Jerusalem was in Israeli hands. A countdown has begun. A covenant / peace agreement will soon be negotiated. It will allow the Temple Mount to be shared and provide for the building of a third Temple. I do not believe that the one who negotiates the “covenant” will be the one who “confirms” it , but that is conjecture on my part. Of the rest I am certain. I’m not asking anyone to believe this. I’m just asking that skeptics take note. Be patient and watch as events play out. Then do your own “research” to see what’s coming next. Just remember that God has His own agenda and His own timetable. We cannot know all of the details pertaining to exactly how He will work His will but we have been told enough to know that the time is near and what to expect as it approaches.

          3. Retired says

            Nicely written . One problem , we still have too many SATAN rulers World wide and a few should be in the nut house .

          4. justanagent says

            That’s because Satan is the “god” of this world, but he is running out of time so he is ramping up his activity. It’s going to get worse before it gets better and, if you are a Christian, your faith will be tested by persecution and deception. The reason we were told so much about these times is to equip the generation that would experience them with the knowledge needed to understand them. No previous generation could have even begun to comprehend how end time prophesies could be literally fulfilled. Even the prophet scribes to whom they were given made it clear that they did not understand them. They just wrote what God told them. I believe that the end time prophesies are a special gift to one or two generations that can understand them in light of the times in which they live. The knowledge is there, but one has to seek it.

          5. AKLady says

            Israel Hands was an 18th-century pirate, also known as Basilica Hands. He is best known for being second in command to the infamous pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard.

        2. AKLady says

          That mythology is probably the justification being used for the continuing violence.

          1. Retired says

            Who left the gate open at the Zoo again so AK could escape ????

          2. LM61 says

            Animals like AK should be sold to China… she/he has said, “I am an attorney”, “I am a veteran”, “I am a surgeon”… WTF, make up your mind…what we know for sure is that AK is an absolute liberal troll. Love beating this zoo animal with the conservative stick! LMAO🇺🇸

          3. Retired says

            AK is a knower of all and master of nothing except BS .

          4. LM61 says

            I originally thought AK was a paid troll however, now I think he/she is just a frigen Libtard with no common sense, no understanding of anything and a self vision that no one else shares….love me some liberal tears!

          5. backtofront says

            All she does is blather absolute nonsense. No other purpose in life apparently.

          6. AKLady says

            Prove it ..
            Cite and link.

          7. David Kledzik says

            No, she serves a purpose, it’s to collect her welfare check every month. You’re welcome AKSlut.

          8. Retired says

            Try paid left wing Moderator .

          9. worn out 123 says

            AK is a pathological liar. Makes it up as he/she goes.

          10. LM61 says

            I totally agree! Some of the mechanical responses are like the Google Alexa we have here at home… “Alexa, act like a retarded liberal troll”… “Yessir, I am AK, I get paid to moderate and spew nonsense, I am Batman!”…LOL

          11. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          12. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            BYE FELICIA!

          13. David Kledzik says

            LMAO….. Good one LTAV.

          14. AKLady says

            Prove it. Citations and links.

          15. AKLady says

            Conservatives are programmed computers who cannot adapt to change.

          16. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            You again, BYE FELICIA!

          17. AKLady says

            Who is Felicia?
            Is that a character on the junk TV you waste time watching?
            Why don’t you try improving your mind … switch to a channel that improves the mind, read a book …

          18. AKLady says

            Retired, on the other hand, is so bereft of knowledge, he does not know how to research. The Internet is simply a toy for his pleasure.

          19. Retired says

            What ever you say ROBO TROLL , knower of everything and master of nothing . Internet has a lot of garbage in garbage out ,just like your posting and our media .

          20. David Kledzik says

            Yup……. Uh wait, no, she knows nothing, and is full of BS

          21. AKLady says

            Apparently, you have never known anyone who has held two academic degrees.

            Here is my educational credentials:

            BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            J.D. George Washington University.
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
            CEU – University of Wisconsin
            CEU – University of Alaska

          22. LM61 says

            On the contrary…many people have more than one degree however only the weak of mind and low self esteem have to display their credentials online to make up for some perceived shortcomings like being a DEMONCRAP! Fvck off AK, you are not worthy of any more of my time and congrats for being duped by the Kenyan twice…
            we’ll fix that!
            MAGA TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🖕🏼

          23. AKLady says

            Sewer language. So impressive. Just not the impression you desired.

          24. LM61 says

            Mechanical reply… BYE FELICIA!

          25. AKLady says

            There are thousands, if not millions of women named Felicia …
            Is that supposed to be an insult?

          26. LM61 says

            Look it up…
            BYE FELICIA!🖕🏼

          27. Retired says

            You live in the sewer , so what difference does it make to you . NYC trash Troll .

          28. AKLady says

            Spam — posted spam comments or discussions

          29. Retired says

            Bragging about yourself again !!!

          30. David Kledzik says

            AKLady, and I use that term “Lady” loosely, doesn’t have any degrees, or special training, unless you call hitching up and pulling the icewagon a profession. An unmitigated liar.

          31. kris littlefield says

            I think what you mean AKLady is that you spent time at these indoctrination centers. This helps explain your messed up Liberal mind. No wonder you’re so screwed up.

          32. AKLady says

            Tell that to the next physician that saves your life, or that of a family member.

          33. Retired Marine says

            Physician, heal thyself.

          34. AKLady says

            From what? To fit your sordid, sad world filled with hate for everything you do not understand? Frankly, when it come to male issues with homosexuality, I see a great deal of fear and anxiety — all built around the insecurity of ” am I man enough”. Alexander the Great was homosexual. He is unquestionably one of history’s greatest military leaders,

          35. Retired Marine says

            Wow, you took a LEFT turn on that. For you to talk so much about that subject you must be way too turned on by Hillary. You must have a massively low self esteem to go off on a tangent that has nothing to do with my reply. Seek help little mind, you severely need it.

          36. AKLady says

            It has everything to do with your replies.

          37. Ladd says

            I have met MANY academics, and only a very few have any sense beyond the drivel they memorize in the notion it is “knowledge”, I observed over the years. Unfortunately, when they become enamored of their “vast knowledge” they close their senses down and act like utter fools.

          38. backtofront says

            Indoctrinated idiots.

          39. AKLady says

            I suggest you visit a plumber the next time you need antibiotics for an infection.
            After all, drivel doctors memorize is not “knowledge”.
            Oh, and that building you live in, it will fall down because those things engineers memorize is drivel, not knowledge….

          40. Retired says

            You need a roto rooter to clean out your system as it is not functioning , plumbing backed up and no place to go .

          41. Retired Marine says

            The plumber would be far more worthy of trust than you.

          42. AKLady says

            Were you so badly wounded that the Navy doctors were not able to make you whole again? Ia that why you are so angry at the world? Or is it that you carry the aggregation gene like so many in prison for violent crimes?

          43. Retired Marine says

            See, now you can tell jokes. My wounds were all in front, and the Corpsman was talented as were the real Doctors. You seem to know a lot about prison, been in one much?

          44. AKLady says

            Another senseless attempt at insult. Maybe you should read up on the genetics of violence.

          45. AKLady says

            Please do just that, the world would be improved with one less hater in it. The doctor, bound by oath, would have to treat you, The plumber can just walk away.

          46. Retired says

            All correspondence courses and no degrees, courtesy of Uncle Sam .No retired MD. living next door to Palin like AK claimed .

          47. AKLady says

            “Let the doors be shut upon him, that he may play the fool no where but in’s own house.” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet

          48. Retired says

            I see AK escaped again . Time to call the zoo keeper .

          49. AKLady says

            Thank you.

          50. David Kledzik says

            And tell them their jackass has escaped again. But they would probably tell you that they would pay you to keep her/it, because they are a family friendly zoo, and don’t want to scare the children.

          51. Retired says

            The Term Zoo in the medical field is known as the Nut ward . Children are not allowed to visit .

          52. Retired Marine says

            And Balaam’s ass spoke, and named itself AKLady.

          53. AKLady says

            Now he switches to Biblical insults.

          54. David Kledzik says

            Sarah Palin would kick her fat arse.

          55. Retired Marine says

            Wow, you must be about 110 years old to have those credentials.
            Do you really expect anyone to buy into that tripe?

          56. AKLady says

            Wow, you must have never talked to a college counselor or signed up for classes. Well, that shows how little you know about education,
            I tested out of the BS. Yes, you can do that, if you have the knowledge, Both New York State and Connecticut have accredited programs that permit that to be done. Also, once you have a degree, you can obtain a second one — at the same level — by taking just the core courses. If you work really hard, you can finish two at the sometime …

          57. Retired Marine says

            Whatever, you’re only fooling yourself, frankly I don’t give a rip if you said you were also POTUS, in fact add that to your credentials.

          58. AKLady says

            Why don’t you visit a college web page and see what is required for a degree. Then, maybe you can tell me why all the “supporting” classes would need to be duplicated to obtain a second degree.

          59. AKLady says

            If you are not an animal, you must be a vegetable..then again, you could be a mineral.

          60. Retired Marine says

            Indeed, so would we all.

          61. backtofront says

            She is actually a half wit.

          62. worn out 123 says

            Just a clever and habitual “story teller”.

          63. backtofront says

            I’d leave out the “clever.” She just repeats over and over again her crazy thoughts and never hears what others have to say.

          64. worn out 123 says

            Block AK. I have.

          65. David Kledzik says

            Me too. Oh snap the hashtag #MeToo. Lol

          66. AKLady says

            What does that make you … a crumb of wit?

          67. Retired says

            Not a she , a old goat heard keeper .

          68. David Kledzik says

            No that’s giving her way too much credit. If her brains were gunpowder, she wouldn’t have enough to blow her nose.

          69. Retired Marine says

            That’s a ranking too large by half…LOL

          70. DemoclitsRMentallySick says

            Heck, I thought AK escaped from the straight jacket and asylum that was double bolted from the padded room.

          71. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            LoL…they don’t come much whackier!🤪

          72. DemoclitsRMentallySick says

            In addition, I think all the tax cuts we’re going to receive this year should be taken from the libs and donated to the wall. It’s only fair…and besides, they’d be hypocrites for keeping, cashing and spending that money.

          73. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Do you realize your intended insult is actually a compliment?
            It would require a lot of intelligence and ingenuity to do as you have suggested.

          74. DemoclitsRMentallySick says

            That’s why you’re a qualified ‘effing flake…because you’re too stupid to realize we’re all laughing at you.

          75. AKLady says

            Yes, I am aware that self-Imposed ignorance is very sad.
            I am also aware that those who engage in it must justify their ignorance in some way. Hence, to cover their embarrassment, they insult others.

          76. DemoclitsRMentallySick says

            Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. PUKE!

          77. Retired Marine says

            You can get help for your condition, it would require an enormous amount of time and effort, but it can be done. Good luck, and seek help soon.

          78. AKLady says

            Was DI Seavy at PI that mean to you. I’ve been told my counsin worked miracles with the disciplinary platoon, Of course that was back in the days when guys died in boot camp …

          79. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            🤣🤪🤣🤪👏🏼👍🏼💪🏼 AK effing flake! 🤣

          80. AKLady says

            Uncle Same paid my way through medical school.
            In return, I served six years in the military, including two combat hospital; tours in Vietnam. Like many other educated people, I hold two doctoral degrees.

          81. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            WoW! BYE FELICIA!

          82. AKLady says

            I had to look that insult up.
            I don’t watch junk television or spend money on trash movies.

          83. Retired Marine says


          84. David Kledzik says

            Just be sure to disinfect your stick when you’re done, you don’t want to pass on any stupidity that might have rubbed off of AKLady/libtard in the process of the beating.

          85. jazzthefactspls says

            Mythology or not, you, I and everyone will face judgement when we die. Are you ready to meet your Maker, the Almighty God?

          86. AKLady says

            You missed the point, entirely,

          87. jazzthefactspls says

            So madame, what else is the point to your existence on earth when the afterlife is what you need to think about?

          88. AKLady says

            I have no concern about the afterlife, none whatsoever.
            Why do you?

          89. jazzthefactspls says

            Because I do care about your soul. 😌

          90. AKLady says

            If you live your life the way it should be lived, you do not need to worry about the afterlife. I have no concern, whatsoever.

          91. jazzthefactspls says

            So you are not afraid if a truck ran over you today?

          92. AKLady says

            None in the least.
            Are you living in sin?
            Are you evil?
            Are you concerned there is no “afterlife”?
            Why do you worry?

          93. jazzthefactspls says

            If you are not worried of being run over by a truck then life is meaningless to you. I do not believe you do not value your life at all because you have not ended it yet.

          94. AKLady says

            Anxiety disorder van be treated.
            Why would one who take appropriate care waste tine worrying?
            We are born, we live, we die. Some live longer than others.
            If you worry, you will miss so many of life’s experiences.
            I would bet you have never been scuba diving.
            I would put assume you have never jumped out of a plane.
            …. or climb3d a mountain, probably never even a tree.
            How about drive even 100 mph.
            Have you even flown in a plane?

          95. Ladd says

            You never HAVE any rational or cognitive points to get. As usual. AK whatever you are maybe a 47 — that would fit your diatribes….

          96. AKLady says

            Suggest you repeat English grammar class.

          97. Retired says

            AK is a old hermit living in the past that turned Muslim .

          98. David Kledzik says

            You mean 47 IQ right, because 47 is being too generous to her.

          99. Stephen Pettine says

            On the contrary, your use of the term mythology is obviously moot.

          100. AKLady says

            You also missed the point, entirely.

          101. Retired says

            You got the point when SATAN pocked you !!!

          102. Robertfantelli Fantelli says

            Are you vying to be crowned the Queen of Sheol ?

          103. AKLady says

            The bottom line is, insults only hurt when they come from someone I respect. I’ll let you know when, and if, you ever qualify.

        3. gotabgood says

          One more time we agree.

          1. AKLady says

            I thought better of you.
            There seemed to be a glimmer of intelligence …

          2. Ladd says

            Yeah — and I would bet that you believe that idiocy about the “unused 90% of our brain” that would be so powerful if we could use it. A STUPID assumption indeed.

          3. AKLady says

            You make assumptions.
            Others credit proven science.

          4. Retired says

            Science also proves you belong in a nut house .

          5. Robert Russell says

            I think we all should get on the smart pills.

          6. AKLady says

            They are called books.
            Stats and reviews document that men don’t read as much as women.

          7. Retired says

            That is a lot more than you will ever have . gotabegood just plays dumb and can make more sense than you ever will .

          8. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          9. Retired says

            About time you admit to the truth .

          10. Ellen says

            Maybe you should slow a glimmer of intelligence yourself. If you cannot, then just shut up and hide in your cave.

          11. AKLady says

            Your post advertises your level of intelligence.

    2. SILENTHAMMER says

      They are vampires. No soul to save.

    3. hopespringseternal says

      Those above named “leaders” would NOT have had the courage to do that.

      1. pineapple says

        No Cajones!!

    4. backtofront says

      Perhaps not Bush. Remember how the media was all over him ?

      1. Retired says

        No where near what they are doing to Trump . Bush went along with Clinton protecting Freddy – Fanny – Sallie and the Bankers , both knew the financial crunch was coming with all the people who lost jobs and benefits . The 0 down payment on a home was a bad brain child .

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    Not that hard to figure out. Tapper’s Jewish back-round is the trump card in this scenario.

    1. Retired says

      So what are you saying ,Bill O’Neil is anti Jewish ????

      1. gotabgood says

        Really? You ask that question of Bill based on his statement?
        You either do not comprehend what you are reading or you don’t know situation in Israel.
        Did you know that Chuck Schumer praised Trump for his move?

        1. Retired says

          I am well aware of the situation in Israel and surrounding areas .Just like Bibi is in a whirl of trouble . The US has the right to move its Embassy in any country , but I do not think we have the right to name a countries Capitol . Schumer like other elected Jews in WDC care more about Israel than the people here in the US . Just look at what they add to bills, called pork . Like the ACA and now the Tax law is riddled with pork that will not be brought out into the open .

          1. chucky001 says

            What pork did Schumer put in the tax bill? The Dems were not part of it at all, and they unanimously opposed it. Show us what port he put in it. Any pork in that bill is from the GOP.

          2. Retired says

            You just proved what a IDIOT YOU ARE ,The Demon Rats rammed the ACA TAX BILL through without knowing what was in at as long as they got their pork into it . If you would have paid attention there were Republicans that only voted for it if their pork was in it .But you are to busy spreading bullshitsky .

          3. gotabgood says

            You really show your ignorance when you talk without any knowledge of the subject…
            ACA took months to pass WITH INPUT FROM THE GOP!!!!!


          4. Retired says

            Is that why no Republicans voted for it ,jut like no Democrats voted for the so called tax overhaul ,which will turn out to be a shuffle of how the IRS collects the money for the country to live on . That 1.5 trillion deficit is based on ten years but yet it expires in 2025 ???? Funny how things are presented ???

          5. gotabgood says

            That is true, no republicans voted for it..EVEN after they added 188 amendments. Plus Heritage Foundation was the creator of the plan, Romney adopted it while governor, and as soon as Obama got it… it was all of a sudden a bad plan.
            After it expires ONLY for the middle class, who they will find themselves paying more taxes, while the filthy rich enjoy their permanent tax cut… funny how you presented only half a truth.
            AND all this works fine providing the rich will reinvest in jobs, hiring, wage increases… and here is what they had to say….



          6. Retired says

            I have asked before did YOU read the actual Bill or just what our fake media puts out ???? Last week it was said to end in 2025 and today the Media rag says it will end in 2028 . It will be like the ACA things will pop up and some will say how did that happen . One calls it Overhaul ,another calls it reform , when it is a actually a shuffle as to how taxes are collected . Now try and deny this .

          7. gotabgood says

            First place it was not Schumer that moved the Embassy… it was Trump.. get your stuff together..

            You “made” this LIE about pork before… you were called out on it, asking to present the bill with the added “pork”… you never did.. and now you are repeating the same LIE.
            Truth is meaningless to you.
            You rattle off bullshit, not checking ANY facts… hell you don’t even list National Enquirer as your source…. AT LEAST THAT WOULD SHOW SOME EFFORT…. YOU DO NOTHING.

          8. Retired says

            You missed what some in the Senate did , if the bill was to be passed . I want this if you want my vote . It was in all the rags you claim to read . YOU are FULL of Ca. Bullshitsky , are you a member of PEElosi’s team ????

        2. jill says

          Go to : http://www.Paul McGuire.US Listen and pass the information on to everyone regardless of their party. Please tell the young American’s. Listen and you will understand what the One World Order is. This is the direction the elate are trying to take us.

      2. Bill O'Neil says

        Statement of a simple fact always throws you for a loop.

        1. Retired says

          One thing for sure is you are out of the loop .

        2. chucky001 says

          I’ts to be expected, Bill. He’s obviously in the throes of early-onset dementia. In fact, he’s already sundowning when he sits down at the keyboard.

          1. Retired says

            Got any lumps with the poop you just posted , better be care full lumps can choke you .

    2. bill14729 . says

      I see your comments all over the place, your the problem in America and as I always tell you Move to Mexico with that said I wish everyon a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and You Bill O’Neil Screw your Political Correctness

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        It always amazes me how injecting a bit of truth into the conversation makes you tRump cult members start to foam at the mouth.

        1. Retired says

          Yes your posting proves foaming at the mouth , only yours is brown .

          1. chucky001 says

            And yours is white. From sucking off the 1%er GOP donor class. Consider having cum gutters installed.

          2. Retired says

            No need for that as I will make out under the bill and it is only good for 7 years .

          3. Da7wqzaDwY says

            If anybody knows about sucking off, it is you ignorant obamabaggers. I’m sure that you’re still pulling his ass hairs out of your teeth.

          4. jill says

            This is the one world order plan. The same thing that is happening in America is happening all over the world. Go to: http://www.Paul McGuire.US and listen… educate yourself and pass the information on to everyone regardless of political party, friends and especially to our children and young adults.

          5. jill says

            Please, Please review and pass on to everyone. This will give you knowledge and understanding as to what is really happening regardless of what political party you are associated with. We have all been lied to. This is the plan of the one world order.
            http://www.Paul McGuire.US

          6. Retired says

            OWO is part of the UN -IMF – IMG -World Central Bank and Bilderberg Society . All you have to do is look at the names .

        2. jill says

          Please, please go to: http://www.Paul McGuire.US to see what is really happening. Inform everyone you know.

      2. jill says

        To understand what is happening in America and the world go to:
        http://www.Paul This will give you a true understanding. Pass it on. Tell everyone.

    3. jill says

      You really want to know what is happening to America and around the world?
      Go to: www. Paul
      and you will have a better understanding of what is really happening..

  3. chucky001 says

    Well it seems CNN does agree with you right wingers some of the time. So will you give them credit for that? I don’t think I’ll hold my breath. But that does not mean that Tapper is right. It was a STUPID move on the part of Tweety Pie to recognise Jerusalem as the capital. Not only did he get nothing in return from Netanyahoo for this (like reining in the settlements to promote peace with the Palestinians), but he unwittingly managed to fire up a particular group of folks. No, I ain’t talking about his idiot base, or the evangelicals, or the pro-Israel lobby. I’m talking about ISIS, and their lone-wolf sympathisers, who will now be inspired to carry out new attacks on US interests on behalf of their fellow Muslims. Lone wolves, who will be IMPOSSIBLE to stop, because according to the Trumpster, the FBI is in shambles, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are planning an attack on one of Tweety Pie’s hotels or resorts as I write this. Resorts and hotels are easy targets and as we have seen before, attacks have been carried out successfully with many casualties.
    I would have also condemned this move by Dolt45. For being stupid.

    1. Retired says

      See what a sucker you are , the US does not control where Israel calls its Capitol . Bibi is in a whirl of Shits in Israel right now , he might even get voted out come election time . Even Putin has competition in his election . Trump had no competition in his election ,even the polls were off . If you had any Brains you would know that the Jews in Congress are Democrats , so why are they crying ????

      1. George Robinson says

        Retired……………………..a long time???????then you didnt see the numbers in the election in 2016…………..Hillary got 3 mn more votes than Drumpf………butit was the EC a collection of old white men who voted Drumpf in…..not the voters………….almost as stupid as how it is done in communist countries………….voters numbers dont count

        1. Shayne Jenkins says

          Yeah… Good thing the electoral college is there to keep the peace, eh?!

          1. George Robinson says

            The EC is nothing toshout about, the only modern industrialised country to still have such a dead as a dodo system…………dont people votes count any longer in the USA………..then dont bother with elections every four years a waste of time and money…………….money…… whos lending you money now…….$123 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities……WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Shayne Jenkins says

            Ya know… That’s what makes us a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. I choose NOT to live in Kalifornia and don’t want Kalifornia’s laws dominating everything I do outside the state of Kalifornia. The EC gives EVERY state a close-to-equal say in the elections. Every person’s vote counts – In their state. There are what – seven states? – that if the popular vote were at the national level – would control the outcome of the election every time, negating the voices of the other 43??!!! Fair, NOT!! That’s why the system exists – To level the playing field for EQUAL REPRESENTATION!! I don’t know how you equate the EC to national debt or who loans me money, so “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” back at you!

          3. George Robinson says

            But you guyd are always bragging that the USA is the top democratically run country in the world……….what a fcuking laugh

          4. Shayne Jenkins says

            OK. So you’re NOT a US citizen. You are NOT posting from in-country. You have NO stake in our elections. This much you have just stated. So why the Hell are you even vested in this conversation?? We’ve ALWAYS been a constitutional republic, always will be. That’s the bare fact. Live with it, especially since it has no bearing on your measly existence! Run along now…

          5. George Robinson says

            I am not a US citizen nor do I live in the USA………………BUT………… this website is a WWW website………… do know what that means, it is read across the planet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not all humans have a computer, BUT, the USA is only 5% of the world so my guess is that at least 10 times the US population could read this article if they wanted……….so perhaps you can run along and play with the toys santa brought you

          6. Retired Marine says

            That would be a Democratic Republic, look it up and amaze your friends.

          7. George Robinson says

            You call the Republic………..democratic, shouldnt that be republican republic

          8. George Robinson says

            Go and get fcuked

          9. juneausr says

            I can tell you are a democrat by your foul language….is it really necessary?

          10. George Robinson says

            So sorry to disappoint you little faggott,I am not an American, not a democrat,nor do I live in the sheighthole call the USA

          11. mac12sam12 says

            You live in Sweden, the new Middle East, Euro trash.

          12. George Robinson says

            How is that 300000 refugess, 46% muslims. sweden population 10 000 000………hardly, didnt they do % ages at your school

          13. mac12sam12 says

            Per capita, Sweden has the highest refugee rate in Europe. Enjoy! Tell your women to dress modestly, in Islam if a woman is not modestly dressed she’s asking to be raped.

          14. George Robinson says

            For one you tell the truth……but……only about 46% are muslims, many from Syria and African countries are christians and many are catholics, but nowadays we are only taking in between 20-35 thousand a year, and many are leaving, many are getting jpbs, especially in the hospital sector, these are not stupid or ignorant people, and is a6 yr can learn Swedish in 6months, thats damned good, Swedish looks like English but every letter sounds different, and Swedish women have no problems of how they dress……….the refugees go to school……….ALL of them regardless, and are taught Swedish customs……..

          15. Shayne Jenkins says

            Yep… Can’t put forth anything worth a damn, revert to this. I’ll just take your statement as a wish for good tidings!

          16. Retired Marine says

            You don’t know that is the reason( your wife) she is always tired? Incredible.

          17. George Robinson says

            Not married

        2. anAmericanByChoice says

          You talking about the 3M fake votes Hellary got? Yeah, thought so. Dems are experts at denying Christ, but boy!, do they excel at raising the dead when they need the extra votes, or just multiplying them! AHAHA!

          1. George Robinson says

            Dont be so fcuking ignorant, the numbers are there for all to see……………

          2. Shayne Jenkins says

            You only see what you want to see. If you dig for the truth, you’ll find answers. You’re just another lemming who can’t think for himself. Good thing you have someone to think for you, eh?

          3. jimdaddy says

            Those votes were almost all in two states. Commiefornia and New Moscow. Take these two states out of the voter equation and the fat little piggy lost!

          4. George Robinson says

            But it wasnt the peoples votes that matter……….EVER…………its that bunch of senile old white men who decide………….just like they have been doing so since 1786

          5. jimdaddy says

            Every state no matter how big or small gets equal representation in electoral college. So all American voters can be heard! France and Germany are together bigger than all other Eu countries combined, so would you like them dictating all Sweden does?

          6. George Robinson says

            My god, you really are stupid………individual states……are state in the USA, Spain, Portugal Poland Sweden are individual sovereign countries in Europe. my god you are thick

          7. Retired Marine says

            Never studied in grade school? Can you find a map of the USA? It will define our States for you, that’s why we are the United States

          8. George Robinson says

            The US map sure I can find it, its made up of over 100 different nationalities, lots of Japs and chinkies and illegals

          9. Retired Marine says

            Sadly still suffering from DKS.

          10. Retired Marine says

            So LOOK at the damn numbers, just what the hell is wrong with you?

          11. George Robinson says

            Popular vote
            Clinton 65.9m – 63m Trump
            48% 46%
   whats the point of having an election when they are rigged behind closed doors——–

          12. Shayne Jenkins says

            You look too closely at the numbers reported by the Clinton News Network and affiliates. Shillary’s numbers were actually quite lower. The only one to rig anything was Shillary. As your country is quite a bit smaller, you don’t have states that are larger than it is, and you probably don’t need an election system like ours (probably have a useless monarch, too), you don’t need this election tool. But, then again, you aren’t a part of this system. You don’t understand it and probably refuse to learn anything about it. Either educate yourself or see your way out the door.

          13. George Robinson says

            THose numbers are on 100s of websites across the world…………..are they all lying fcuking tird

          14. Shayne Jenkins says

            Again, just another lemming. And it’s ‘turd’.

          15. George Robinson says

            I know how to spell……problem is cos i have a non US IP address I am easily banned

          16. Shayne Jenkins says

            So…. You’re scared, too? Maybe your country should grow a spine and allow freedom of speech??!!! Oh, yeah… First Amendment… We got that covered.

          17. Retired Marine says

            Give him a break, his knees are sore from the last time someone threatened him.
            He of course agreed to ANY terms of surrender.

          18. George Robinson says

            Like I said,your press bans people who use strong language, so fuck you turd

          19. Shayne Jenkins says

            Our press? Man… You just can’t win!

          20. Retired Marine says


          21. jill says

            Go to: to understand what is happening…be the watchman on the wall….sound the alarm.

          22. George Robinson says

            Not that fcuking religious tird……………..

          23. jill says

            Have an open mind and just listen. If you don’t like the religious parts just discard. You will find a lot of information that would be of great value to you. By the way I am not religious, I do have an open mind and even though I don’t agree with everything I find that I can learn something from everyone. Even you! I learned that you can’t spell, anger quickly. and miss a lot of opportunities by passing judgment to quickly, being stubborn and hard headed.. Listen and see why the UN is being invited into Chicago. Very interesting.

          24. George Robinson says

            Spelling is a problem when one is in a hurry, a Swedish keyboard and writing in English………many letters are shuffled about and we do have 29 letters

          25. George Robinson says

            Every person who comments on forums miss spells at times even you do….and I have to contend with a Swedish keyboard…………not all the letters are in the same place

          26. jill says

            You are so right, we all misspell sometimes and that is understandable. However, the words that come out of our heart shows who we are. All around us is anger, hatred, and despair. We all feel it but we have the choice of how we are going to let it effect our lives. I meant no harm sending you the first message. I just hoped that by listening you could really understand what is happening in our world today. It’s everywhere in all countries and if America falls the whole earth will go with it. We will all be slaves to the New World Order. People just don’t know.

          27. George Robinson says

            I dont agree with what you say……Iff America fails!!!!!!…….the rest of the world is strong enough to survive, even now Chinas economy is bigger than the USA, dont worry American wont fail

          28. jill says

            That’s ok, we don’t have to agree. What’s happening in America is happening all over the world. It’s called the New World order. Today what is good is bad and what is bad is good. The elite and their party are doing everything they can to destroy President Trump because he is talking a stance against the corruption that has and is taking place. Have you noticed that the more they investigate President Trump, the more truth comes out about the corruptions and who the persons are. Why do you think that is?

          29. George Robinson says

            Happening all over the world………….what is happening all over the world…..yet all you can talk about is America and Trump………America is only 5% of the world….wake up!!!!!!!

          30. jill says

            I have WOKE up…

          31. George Robinson says

            Not interested for one second

          32. mac12sam12 says

            Did you know that illegals vote in sanctuary cities? There’s your 3 million votes. In this country we vote by county so the whole country is represented and not just LA and NYC Trump won 2626 counties to Clinton’s 480. Trump won 30 states to Clinton’s 20. Enjoy your refugee population, sucker!

          33. George Robinson says

            If your crappy voting system allows “”illegals”” to vote,then thats your problem………even in India they have a 100% secure system, a voting card and personal ID, once in the system, no one else can vote with that number… guys are always saying how perfect the US is……….you do have huge problems,DONT YOU

            People living in poverty…………….42 300 000
            People receiving food stamps……41 000 000
            People with no Insurance………….31 000 000
            People on medicaid………………….74 000 000
            Total number on benefits………….164 000 000

          34. Retired Marine says

            Not possible to be 100% secure. But your BS is old.

          35. jill says

   explains the One World Order and how it’s working in the US. Please pass this info on.

        3. mac12sam12 says

          Those numbers come from liberal policies. Unlike you, we have a leader who isn’t accepting any refugees from the Middle East. We don’t want the same problems that you have. Good luck!

          1. George Robinson says

            Al lthe murdering and destruction that the USA has caused in the MENA countries, its not surprising that the actual number that apply for admission into the USA is very very low……………..11000 for one year……….anyway you already have over 6 million muslims……… very careful

          2. mac12sam12 says
          3. George Robinson says

            WOWWIE, I am really scared, reading all the bull excrement Mona wrote, some of the details are going back years, also written by The Daily Caller………..and Glenn Beck……is he still alive………..3 yrs ago He wrote an article all about the terrible Muslims that were coming into Sweden, he had personal photos of scores of muslims taken at a train station outside of Malmö……which doesnt exist, even had photos from Stockholm, Dec 16th, with greem lawns and flower beds………….I mean, Stockholm always has deep snow from Nov to March…………your American reporters are such big liars, they make up stories and you gullible yansk with few braincells believe them …….and now this one MONA, sitiing in her little office making up stories……….it is so laughable……….but you believe her, even if she has never set a foot on Swedish soil………..and that I know, a quick check online with customs……….I do have some very good contacts, takes on 2 minutes…………dress mdestly……its anything down to -30C

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Is it against the law to criticize a muslim who rapes and gropes women, or is that politically incorrect and racist? PC is Europe’s problem. A continent loaded with girly men.

          5. George Robinson says

            And as well know it is not against the law in the USA to grope women………….Drumpf brags about having done it…….all men do it he claims,and its not against the law in the USA to rape 13 yr old girls………at least 300000 raped girls give birth to babies every year in the USA, and it is glorified in several TV series……………..

          6. mac12sam12 says

            So locker room bragging offends you? Did you go and rat to the coach if you heard that talk? Do you have safe spaces to retreat to? You make excuses for Islam, a religion that treats women as property and executes gays. So you’re either for Islam or you are for women’s a gay rights. Which is it?

          7. George Robinson says

            Not at all,I never thought about it for one moment until the live chatting by Drumpf on that bus was sent across the work…..and the words LOCKERROOMs are typical American……..and I have nothing against Islam, the majority of Muslims do not follow the way you Yabks think they do, they are very ordinary people who love life, their children and are very easy to get on with……….we never ever talkabout different religions,yet you Yanks that is all you can blabb about how terrible they are…….you reallyshould look in the mirror and see just how much violence and destruction and killing has been caused across the world by ONE christian nation……….the USA…………and you know that to be the truth yet you are blind to the facts

          8. mac12sam12 says

            The refugees are exactly as you see. They go to a country and accept their welfare and then disrespect the culture of the hosts, and in Europe if you complain about it you’re called a racist. Not much 1st amendment over there!

            Our president, Donald J. Trump knows that ISIS is among the refugees and the terror stats prove it. Going to tell me there’s only about a 100 death again through Jihad?

          9. George Robinson says

            One reply to you, you are not worth one more minute of my time, you are a brainwashed fuking turd…..BYE

          10. mac12sam12 says

            I won that debate!

        4. Ray says

          Hey dipshit, those numbers you so brainlessly throw out culminated from 2008 to present. It will take some time to reverse that damage. Are you one of those numbers you just puked out there? Do you receive gimmies from my hard work ? If you do..shut that shit hole just below your lip. If living here is so terrible then leave before someone else makes that choice for you. Pinhead.

          1. George Robinson says

            Sorry to disappoint you dikkhead I dont live in the USA, why did you assume that

          2. Retired Marine says

            That explains why you actually think you have a set of balls. Come here to ANY VFW post and spout your bullshit, you wouldn’t last a hot second. Stay where you are, I’m sure the muslims enjoy using you as the “Marriage Practice Boy”, and I am equally sure you enjoy it.

          3. George Robinson says

            You are babbling again or are you typing with three thumbs and your dick

          4. Retired Marine says

            There you go, always talking about dicks. That all you can get?

          5. Ray says

            Well dikhead you should keep your pathetic brainless thoughts to yourself, I’m sure where you come from most people are much like you to meddle in other’s affairs other than your own, fortunately for you your far away, here you would be considered just another load of what comes out of the toilet. do us a favor and walk out into a crowded street.

          6. George Robinson says

            Meddle in other peoples affairs………….and why not,the USA has troops stationed in 182 countries across theworld and the USA has started 201 wars and conflicts since 1945 murdering over 40 million humans………….NOW……………if that is not meddling inother peoples affairs………….then you are a braindead Yankee jerk

        5. Retired says

          You would cry like a little baby if every election was won by a couple of states . When our election system was set up ,the people were smarter than what you are . Now where is your list of Corporate WELFARE which is much higher than people welfare .Funny you left wing nuts do not want to hear about that . No commercial building is built without some Gov. aid anymore Whether it is housing complex or ware house buildings to manufacturing .

          1. George Robinson says

            You must have me mistaken with someone else, I dont live in the USA……….U S A ……Unbelievable Stupid Assholes

          2. Retired says

            Yes you are , forgot for a minute that you actually are the OLD Swedude .

          3. Retired Marine says

            Oh such wit!!! A smart mouthed coward still living, you never see that anywhere….

          4. George Robinson says

            YOU are still living……….and there I rest my case, it was getting heavy

          5. Retired Marine says

            Oh such wit!!!!!!! Using the old “I’m rubber your glue” defense. Wow am I impressed! Grade school defense, I am not surprised.

          6. George Robinson says

            What is GRADE SCHOOL……….typical American I believe……

          7. Retired Marine says

            Yes very typical. Jealous?

          8. George Robinson says

            Jealous of your grade school system…………the USA is nowhere near the top across the world……and Sweden is not either

          9. George Robinson says

            Not in the USA,you just exist from one day to the other, hoping that you are still getting benefits to live off

    2. Shayne Jenkins says

      Oh my… The sky is falling….

      1. jill says

        Go to: to understand the One World Order.. This is what’s happening now. Be the watchman on the wall and sound the alarm to everyone especially to your family. Please, please listen!

  4. gotabgood says

    Here is the REAL miracle… that you believe what Trump says and does…
    Will you believe the CEO’s…. the ones receiving the giant portion of the tax cut???

    1. jill says

      They are all part of the illuminate, the elate. They care nothing about the human race. Their purpose is to control the people all over the world. This is the working of the One World Order. Educate yourself, people are being set up to fight among themselves and it’s happening. Go to: and you will get a better understanding of what the one world order is and what they are doing all over the world. Please pass it on, to everyone…be the watchman on the wall…all our futures depend on it.

  5. George Robinson says

    Wow, itis a miracle…………..miracles happen once in a life time

  6. Wayne Smyer says


    1. jill says

      Go to : Understand what the One World Order is and how it is in full operation and has been since the 40’s. Be the watchman on the wall and share with everyone especially your kids.

  7. donl says

    I don’t buy it, CNN is not all that American.

  8. William Doty says

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’ll always remember Obama congratulating Jake Tapper at the White House Press Corps Dinner a few years ago for ‘giving up journalism’ and joining CNN. That was the only time I had ever heard him speak the truth as well.

    1. Rex Whitmer says

      Hey today’s news, he just gave a very good cover for Trump! Trapper did that is!

  9. Pacman5 says

    Now all CNN and MSNBC do is tell us the democrats will sweep both houses in a wave in the 2018 election. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. They are desperate and will try anything. The American people know that a return of the democrats will mean socialism/communism in this country and they reject those worthless idiots. What a corrupt media we have in this country. Just like Russia or China or Cuba.

  10. zrevtom says

    even a broken clock is right twice a day, waiting for the second one. Maybe Trump IS DOING
    Naw asking too much.

  11. M J says

    Christmas Miracle: CNN Host Stands Up for Trump Administration!
    Cut All Trump-Opposer Nations’ Funding! Put Them Over The Proverbial Barrel, and Make Them Dance To Our Tune – The Tune Of Right And Freedom!

  12. Lamar Carnes says

    Thank you Mr. Tapper for telling the truth and standing up for the USA and also the Trump Administration. It is refreshing to see the light come on when things have been so dismal over the past year or two! Have a great New Year! Not sure if this going to continue but a good word from any source is always progress!

    1. jill says explains the one world order. Started in the 40’s and is continuing. Please pass it on…

    2. DAlnB41 says

      Sounds to me like he stepped out of his “paid personality” and quite possibly into what he really feels. These talk show hosts are paid WAY, WAY too much for saying what their networks want them to say; truth, honesty, duty, responsibility and PERSONAL VALUES means nothing when it is as easy to buy ! .

    3. Janet says

      Regardless of how late it is, I am very happy to see at least one reporter wake up and see the light, if only on this issue. I would like to see us continue to be a member of the UN because of the forces that work together from other other countries with the US to be peace keepers; however, I would like to see much of the monies that we support the UN with and that goes to other countries that show no respect for us but help support them remain in the US to be used to pay down the National Debt, to repay Social Security and Medicare, and to help with housing for people from the homeless, to seniors, to disabled, to poor being built as the token low income housing among those being built is more than I can reasonably pay as a senior and still take care of other living expenses like utilities, medical, prescriptions, food, .. Fortunately, I rent a granny unit from my kids which is still costly when it comes to rent and utilities, but is way under rental prices in this neighborhood (town or county). I would have to move somewhere else if it was different.

  13. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

    Good for you Jake for seeing what is really behind the seen, the new world order U.N. is being exposed the U.S. should walk away from it!

    1. Marie Mitchell says

      Ronnie…”scene” not seen.

      1. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

        Go screw yourself lady school teacher, you got the point! you must be perfect to spell check everyone!

        1. Ladd says

          Do you need to be such a boor? Spell check does NOT point out errors except to YOU. Apparently you ignore it, as well as manners, LOL.

  14. Get Real says

    Tapper knows where the ‘momentum’ is and is not…He is just trying to crawl out of the grave CNN has dug for itself…

  15. John Williams says

    Keep in mind, this is where your democrats would like to take you, “‘The U.S. imperils global peace,’ says the representative of
    Venezuela, a country in a humanitarian disaster with violence in the
    streets, an economy in complete collapse; citizens malnourished and
    children being turned away from hospitals; starving families joining
    street gangs to scrounge for food. On what moral platform does the
    government of Venezuela stand today?” good old socialism touted by the left, oh they won’t come right out and call it that, unless your Bernie, but nonetheless that is exactly what they want.

  16. Combatvet52 says

    If Jake Tapper can turn the whole CNN around which I doubt, this would be a better world…….they really have one that speaks the truth.

  17. MAHB001 says

    I often wonder if the agents of Communism within the Lefts MEDIA have souls or if they are just hollow non-thinking Soros tools.

    Jake just showed me that they might….

  18. Allan Scott says

    WOW! You’d think that CNN would fire him for telling the truth. Who knows, maybe they will.

    1. Rex Whitmer says

      He can always walk over to FOX and find work! Some of their recent hires aren’t all that good!

  19. Allan Scott says

    I believe that he left out a few countries like Turkey and a good half dozen countries from Africa.

  20. standforfreedom says

    Finally someone from CNN who understands the what is going on in the un. This all started when the last pos in the White House became Anti- American, Anti Israel and pro everything muslim! Time to stop paying the UN Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. George Robinson says

      Isnt it terrible when the USA cant decide what happens in the UN….all the money you pay…….when you pay, even on Dec 13th this year the USA still hasnt paid her fees,,,,,,,,so how much does the USA pay if and when she pays…………this is what you guys pay……….

      The current U.N. regular budget calls for $5.4 billion over two years, thats $2.7 bn a year.

      By a formula based on the size of a country’s economy and other factors, America’s assessment is set at 22 percent, or about $594mn that is $1.82 per capita year…………..only 22%………. or about $594mn that is $1.82 per capita year……… dollar 82 cents per citizen of the USA per year

      Germany 14.5%……..316 mn dollar, which is $3.95per capita

      Sweden contributes, $82 mn, $8.2 per capita per year

      1. MissouriMule says

        Gonna get even worse for the UN also since President Trump just cut fees going to them by 250 million! Rightfully so, I might add. Suck on THAT, commie!

        1. George Robinson says

          Like your arrogant big headed and vile gobbed fcuking Wussie tird that you are

          1. MissouriMule says


          2. George Robinson says

            You will YAWN,ifthe USA conti nues her attitude towards othercountries and people across the world, you may well find yourself isolated, nobody wanting to visit the USA and no country allowing Americans in

          3. MissouriMule says

            So, how’s that immigration policy treating you people in Sweden these days? Heard the rapes have doubled since your open borders policies went into effect. Also heard that in 15 years, natural born Swedes will be the minority in their own country. Sounds good, don’t you think?

            There’s 6 million more refugees staging to descend onto Europe in the next coming few years, thus, turning it into a third-world shithole. Wonder how many more will be making their way into Sweden? Lots, I hope!

            The point is, who the fuck WANTS to visit there? Europe is dead!

          4. George Robinson says

            What you have read on US and UK websitesis very different to the actual situation here, we DONOT millions here, perhaps at most 300 000 refugees, 46% of which are Muslims……….so what you hear or read is just garbage, believe me, as I work with these poor people daily, and I might add, not one Swede has been killed by a refugee in years, years, whereas 33000 Americans die from bullet from a gun………………EVERY YEAR

          5. MissouriMule says

            That’s right, so be sure to never bring your stupid ass here because we shoot for real…we don’t just shoot our big mouths off, like you! 🔫

          6. George Robinson says

            No worries,I wouldnt set one foot on US soil, a country full of yellow bellied wussies with big gobs

          7. MissouriMule says

            Easy to say such things when you’re across the ocean.

          8. George Robinson says

            Tis isnt it, a bunch of yellow bellied wussie Yanks…… a bunch of yellow bellied wussie Yanks…… a bunch of yellow bellied wussie Yanks

          9. Rex Whitmer says

            You really like those Germans don’t you? It must have been an awful shock that they lost the war. Most of the Nazi know it all’s found out that THEY were not the brightest kids on the block after all!

          10. Retired says

            You are more AFU than the Brits and French with the love for Muslims !!!

          11. Shayne Jenkins says

            Yet you’re the scared one…

          12. George Robinson says

            Scared of yellow bellied wussie Yanks, what a laugh

          13. Retired Marine says

            Good thing we saved your cowardly ass in WWII. You wouldn’t have the guts to say something this stupid face to face, a ball less wonder is all you are.
            What a blowhard.

          14. George Robinson says

            The USA did not save my ass in WW2, my country was not at war, but we did rescue and take care of 100s of US and UK aircrews, many were buried in a very special USA cemetery still here and well looked after

          15. Rex Whitmer says

            Wonder how they got there Georgie? I guess you liked Nazi’s? Putin’s been looking at Scandinavia for a while. That’s where the White Russians came from!

          16. Retired says

            No they ran away from the queers in Sweden like George the former Swedude .

          17. Shayne Jenkins says

            As they are in MANY countries around the globe. Don’t think you’re that special.

          18. George Robinson says

            But we are

          19. Retired says

            Could not get a visa or pass port to leave the shithouse you call home .

          20. George Robinson says

            I do have a passport, but I couldnt get a visa to come to the USA as I used to work in Iran and have Iranian stamps in my pass

          21. Retired says

            So the sand crabs got to your brain cells ???

          22. Retired Marine says

            That doesn’t pass the smell test. Tell the truth about the massive increase of assaults on women in your country, the real increase in homicides due to your rampant muslim immigration. Tell about the fear your women feel when they must use public transportation and are constantly assaulted by your imported muslim thugs. As for guns, get the correct stats AFTER removing the number of deaths called suicide by gun, and readjust your numbers.

          23. George Robinson says

            You have been reading US drap reports, refugees have not killed one Swedish person, and total killed this year by gangs with guns is 20………about 33000 die in the USA from gunshot wounds…….I know homicides, suicides, accidents etc etc etc ,that why I state the above…..still an awful isnt it, dont you like each other…..and about 8000 ex vets also commit suicide……….why is that are they not worth care and attention……and here are some huge numbers…………..UGE UGE UGE

            People living in poverty…………….42 300 000
            People receiving food stamps……41 000 000
            People with no Insurance………….31 000 000
            People on medicaid………………….74 000 000
            Total number on benefits………….164 000 000

            …bet they make you proud to be an American

          24. Rex Whitmer says

            For certain not too many Swedes are veterans and so forth. There’s almost as many Swedes in the world as there are Americans in New York City! Your figures for the USA are entirely erroneous. Until Obama came along and tried to make the USA a Socialist (Communist) nation, the Americans had the opportunity to decide what they wanted and do it for themselves, and we mostly got on quite well excepting for those whom didn’t like to work. We have charitable organizations who’s donated funds are almost twice Sweden’s entire budget, but for the most part we have control of most of what we work and earn Don’t know how Sweden gets by on a three or four day work week.

          25. George Robinson says

            Sweden hasnt been at war since 1812, although we do do a lot of peacekeeping out in the world, you will recognise them, dont dress in battle gear and no weapons, and its true weare o ly 10 million here is sweden but we do have a very high average wage…..round about $57000, we have no min wage system, a work week is 37.5 hours, 35 days vacation with full pay each year, maternity leave 460 days with full pay, but of course the USA has charity donations, but remember your population is almost 33 times ours…….education is completely free,high school university, free healthcare and medication,and last year after offtakes my income tax was only 18,2%, no state tax, no county no city tax,no property taxes…….sounds pretty good to me

          26. Rex Whitmer says

            Yes, I read a rather lengthy article on Sweden a few years ago. Had to do with your nation, your food and your customs. It called you a socialist nation, and the description jibes, at least somewhat with your personal comments. With our previous president and his socialistic cabinet, we gained a awful lot of citizens whom seem to believe that they have the right to everything whether they earned it or not. Perhaps the Swedes have a different attitude towards work. The article did mention though that not all your citizens were as thrilled about having to work, and they still were fed and cared for.

          27. George Robinson says

            Ifthe article called Sweden a socialist nation then the article was wrong, the definition in a Social Democracy,and like i posted that is how swedes live, most workers belong to unions that safeguard the workers rights,and we do get so much paid vacation, and other benefits,but nobody gets benefits if they refuse to work for a living

          28. Rex Whitmer says

            If it looks like a duck quacks like a duck and smells like a duck, it’s probably a duck, no matter what someone else calls it.

          29. George Robinson says

            Then you are as stupid as the duck…………shows how much you think you know about Sweden…..and in my opinion as a Swede……… are as ignorant as most Yanks are

          30. George Robinson says

            If you have worked in Sweden you get unemployment benefits first from your union about 82%, then after 300 days the govn pays the benefits about 65%,but to get this money you must do some kind of community work, if you refuse you get no money………….I know myself just before retirement,

          31. Retired Marine says

            That is a load of BS. The numbers you present are unsustainable, except of course you have no military and depend on other nations to keep you safe.
            You sure are smug though, comes with being toadies.

          32. Retired Marine says

            Proud as can be, your numbers are still skewed as you do not add the illegals in this country, and generational welfare bloodsuckers. So tell me what your countries numbers are in comparison, and please account for the population numbers difference.

          33. mac12sam12 says

            Your numbers are really skewed. In your Euro trash country you pay a 30% tax with another 30% in hidden fees. You people have no money.

          34. Rex Whitmer says

            The 33000 are only in Chicago George. Hardly any anywhere else in comparison, not counting Las Vegas. If you love Sweden so much, I’m sure they’ll welcome you there. Look at the so called refugee’s (invaders) there now!

          35. George Robinson says


          36. Retired says

            Mean like the garbage and lies that you post !!!

          37. George Robinson says

            Everything to you is garbage even the crap you shove in your gob

          38. Rex Whitmer says

            Hey George, Putin’s been trying to get a hold of you. Says he has a good reward for your imagination.

          39. George Robinson says

            Piss off faggott

          40. Retired says

            No you are the fagot living where they are supported .

          41. George Robinson says

            You do know what a faggott is

          42. Retired says

            Yes YOU .

          43. Rex Whitmer says

            I guess you just exposed your own intellect with that comment George! Get your head out of the sewer!

          44. George Robinson says

            Get fucked cunt

          45. Shayne Jenkins says

            Classy…. You represent your country well…

          46. Retired says

            That is the old Swedude who has had a dozen name changes over the years ,but the BS has not changed .

        2. George Robinson says

          See you altered your numbers………….MissouriMule
          Gonna get even worse for the UN also since President Trump just cut fees going to them by 250 billion! Rightfully so, I might add. Suck on THAT, commie!

          ……………and I am not a commie, I am a conservative

          1. Statesman Patriot says

            Okay, you’re not quite a commie. You’re a Socialist, just short of a commie!

            After reading your rants, I am pleased to see you have no desire to come to the US. You have far less liberty and freedom that we do. And you fail to realize that with liberty and freedom comes risk.

            I fully agree with MissouriMule and with Retired Marine….Semper Fi

          2. George Robinson says

            Not acommie, nor a socialist…….and you are right I have no desire to go to the USA…………but you are wrong about freedom and liberty, as my passport can get me into every country across the world…………even yours, whereas an American passport wont get you into perhaps as many as 40 countries, the odd communist ones and of course the Muslims one that the USA has been at war with or still is…..but……..if you are US military you can get into almost every country on the planet…..but not mine……..and that Iam 100% sure

          3. Statesman Patriot says

            You are hilarious! You obviously have no idea what the differences are between socialist and communist. Sweden is a socialist nation in many many ways.

            Well don’t worry your pea-brain to overload. I have no desire to come to your country either. I wouldn’t feel safe knowing the likes of you are lurking in the shadows.

            I’m sure your piss-ant little country will one day ask for help and we will just have to say, “Told you so!” And we will have a good laugh again as you beg.

          4. George Robinson says

            So how is Sweden a socialist nation when we have more of the industries etc etc etc is private ownership than the USA does…………unless you know better……….adnas far as us asking for help, he have managed since 1812, and at the moment we have a good budget surplus and a very very strong trade surplus………….and our borrowing rate is at about 40%, the USAs is wellover 100%……….

          5. Rex Whitmer says

            Well, let us know how you feel in a few years when you receive the new order and will either convert to Muslimism, or pay a heavy fine (that your government won’t pay for you) or die.

          6. George Robinson says

            One can always live in hope, there are some lovely women here, slimand very good looking,not like the obese sods you have

            and here are some Iranin beauties

          7. Retired says

            Which one are you in the top picture .

          8. George Robinson says

            But you must admit there are some beauties in Iran

          9. Rex Whitmer says

            As it so happens, she resembles the slim women you picture and Is about 5’9″ but you’d never better tangle with her! When she was a lot younger a guy tried to rape her! He was lucky he could still run away when she got through with him!

          10. mac12sam12 says

            That’s an old photo from Iran because since Hezbollah took over they’re all in burqas now. Get a recent photograph.

          11. Statesman Patriot says

            If Georgie and Sweden ask for help, let’s just send pork.
            Georgie has probably already converted to Allah!

          12. Rex Whitmer says

            Lets see, wasn’t it Sweden that a killer a few years back killed a whole lot of youngsters who were on some sort of vacation. I’m pretty sure it was Sweden.

          13. Rex Whitmer says

            Sometimes google is right, sometimes not.

          14. George Robinson says

            GOOGLE is but a search engine, and only searches for what you ask it

          15. worn out 123 says

            You are mistaken. America is not at war with Muslims. We just spanked some a little. We may find another skirmish with N.K. unavoidable, but, not a true war. You’ll know when America goes to war, believe it. America has no plan to go to war. We just like to keep a lid on things around the world. When you’re the big dog you get your way much of the time. That’s how the world works. Just be glad America is the big dog today. Geographically, you’re close to Russia aren’t you?

          16. George Robinson says

            I think you will find that Alaska is close to Russia than I am

          17. worn out 123 says

            I think you’ll find the difference is that we can handle Russia. The much vaunted Russian Navy is no match for ours.

          18. George Robinson says

            True you do have a large airforce………mostly crap, Sweden Gripen F39 flew rings around the US fighters in the recent NATO exercises in Scandinavia

          19. worn out 123 says

            Riiight. Just ask the Iraqis, and ask ISIS. — We can drop one on your rooftop and the first evidence you will have of us being there will be the explosion. Our U.S. Navy can put a six hundred lb. missle through your kitchen window from 1500 miles away. Not that we would have any reason to do so. Peace through strength.
            We didn’t have air superiority in V.N. or Iraq. We had air DOMINENCE!

          20. George Robinson says

            What you are saying ………..its like a hollywood film, you dont know, the US airforce doesnt know where I live so stop dreaming……….and I can assure you the USA or any other country would be in for the shock of their lives if you thought you could take Sweden, we do still have the odd airfield, but most ofout fighters still use tiny tiny tiny enclosures in the dense forests, that have a small road out onto the highways……….even I dont know where they are until a highway is closed off for 10 minutes………..and whoosh……a gripen 39 takes off, they are faster and more manoeurerable than your latest models

          21. George Robinson says

            A very interesting comparison between the USAs F35 and the Swedish Gripen 39………..both come online during the past 4 to 6 yrs

            Gripen39E….Loaded weight: 8,500 kg (18,700 lb)
            Max. takeoff weight: 14,000 kg (31,000 lb)
            Sweden expected to disperse its aircraft in case of an invasion, which meant that the aircraft had to be able to operate from 2,600ft by 30ft strips……….ordinary 2 lane roads are wide enough
            flyaway price of $43 million.
            Top speed 1522mph

            F35….Loaded weight: (22,426 kg)….49,441lbs
            Max. takeoff weight: 31800 kgs…..70,000 lbs
            ..Max power takeoff would be sufficient for most operations on 8,000 ft Runways
            cost $85 million per unit
            Top speed 1200mph

          22. worn out 123 says

            Sounds awsome. How many air wars has Sweeden won?

          23. George Robinson says

            You only have 5000 planes thats one plane for every 65000 Americans we have 592 planes,thats one for every 16900 Swedes…ha ha we have more than you

          24. George Robinson says

            But the F15 has 2 engines, and it costs more than you said……………F-15K: US$100 million (2006),could cost a lot more now if itis still made…….and dont mention muslims we are discussing planes

          25. Retired Marine says


          26. worn out 123 says

            I could you more, but then, I’d have to kill you.

          27. Retired Marine says


          28. George Robinson says

            Laugh at this comparison then…………

            Gripen39E….Loaded weight: 8,500 kg (18,700 lb)
            Max. takeoff weight: 14,000 kg (31,000 lb)
            Sweden expected to disperse its aircraft in case of an invasion, which meant that the aircraft had to be able to operate from 2,600ft by 30ft strips.
            flyaway price of $43 million.
            Top speed 1522mph

            F35….Loaded weight: (22,426 kg)….49,441lbs
            Max. takeoff weight: 31800 kgs…..70,000 lbs
            ..Max power takeoff would be sufficient for most operations on 8,000 ft Runways
            cost $85 million per unit
            Top speed 1200mph

          29. George Robinson says

            Not really defeat the USA just take over the country with millions of illegals, and get the lazy Yankee white slobs to work for a change

          30. George Robinson says

            Be were careful of what you wish for, now that you have military bases in all of the former USSR satellite countries that were “”freed””in 1990, and now many have US nuclear stockpiles as well………….all ready for your nuclear war…….well you are the only murderous nation in the world to use NUKES on civilians murdering 300000 in seconds

          31. Retired Marine says

            Good for you, you DO know a tidbit about history. Now, tell us why it was deemed necessary to use those devices. Truth only, not your liberal BS.

          32. George Robinson says

            Why, and you dont know, they were different types of nuclear weapons, and the US military just must know what was the difference, they were tested north of Las vegas………..but you guys just had to know what would be the effect on humans…………….and the proof was pehaps why NUKES were never ever used again on civilians

          33. Retired Marine says

            Name one country that would deny an American Passport. Just one. You are wrong about U.S. Military not being allowed into your country, on the contrary we are welcomed, gladly.

          34. George Robinson says

            US military were in the joint NATO exercise in Finland Sweden and Norway…………but that is an exception, for American civilians, they need a visa, just as Swedes need a visa to enter the USA………..

          35. George Robinson says

            This is what is so much fun with you Yanks, if you are not a Yank, a Republican Yank, then you must be liberal, or a socialist or a commie…………..I watch on occasssions US media News,,,,,,,and THEY are even funnier than you…….they really are

          36. Rex Whitmer says

            NO George, non Republicans are not socialists, though some of the younger ones whom do not yet fully realize what it is to be a SERF (a person owned by a government) whom are to lazy to do for themselves, do think it would be wonderful to spend their entire life in Mom & Dad’s basement watching TV and playing computer games, think it would be wonderful if the government would do the same for them. We have many (perhaps more than who now occupy Sweden) whom are decedents of hard working Swedes, and whom are now proudly citizens of the USA. Some of my wife’s ancestors actually were Swedes.

          37. LM61 says

            It appears English is your second language and as such, no one here gives two sh!ts what a non American has to say, especially when your facts are so way off base…the fact of the matter at hand is that the USA should revoke the privileges that the UN has in an American owned property. Furthermore, our President Trump should close the building, evict the UN, send them to Brussels perhaps, pull out of the UN, and let all the little tinpot dictators fight over the scraps that are left. The United Nations is and always will be the most corrupt body ever created. That in a nutshell, my foreign friend, is how we true Conservative Americans feel about the irrelevant and uninspiring nations of the world…yours included!

          38. George Robinson says

            Perhaps English is your 3rd language, cos you suck at real British English

          39. LM61 says

            You’re a Brit!??! I knew it! That explains a lot! Piss off you limey! How’s that for British English!

          40. George Robinson says

            So sorry to disappoint you, not a Brit…………….you do know of course than English is a language that is used by many many nations and is often language nr 2 in most schools across the world

          41. Retired Marine says

            Why is that do you suppose? The answer is that thanks to the USA, you are not speaking German, or Russian. You should just say THANKS AMERICA, for saving your country

          42. George Robinson says

            Sweden was not involved in WW2 so we were not saved by the USA, on the contrary 100s of US aircrews were saved by Sweden…..not the other way around…you really must study history or perhaps you are a know-all Yank

          43. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            LoL… USA, BACK TO BACK WORLD WAR CHAMPS! LMAO🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
            MAGA! TRUMP 2020 PENCE/GOWDEY 2024🇺🇸🖕🏼

          44. George Robinson says


          45. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            Such an easy triggered pvssy! Fvck Off Limey b!tch!

          46. George Robinson says

            Sorry, not a limey…….have another go………..but you are close

          47. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY! says

            LoL… USA, BACK TO BACK WORLD WAR CHAMPS! LMAO🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          48. George Robinson says

            Close the building, expell the diplomats……….its the American way of bullying people when you cant get your own way………….not only Murderers but also BULLIES

          49. Retired Marine says

            What a laugh. If we were the murderers as you claim, I can guarantee you would not be posting anything, anywhere. But being a magnanimous people, we allow you the liberty of being a complete boor, and you take full advantage of that.

          50. George Robinson says

            Actually I can say whatever like to anybody on any US website, and as Americans you cant do sod all about it……..US police, FBI,CIA, special agents……… cant gain acess to my country, you fucked up a few years ago, and that was that………..bye bye nosey friggng yanks

          51. mac12sam12 says

            We also get some big belly laughs watching you limp wrist liberal Europeans inviting all the refugees to your country. Your welfare systems are going broke.

          52. worn out 123 says

            250 million I believe.

      2. Retired Marine says

        Good, YOU pay it.

        1. George Robinson says

          I already pay 4 times what the average Yank pays

          1. Shayne Jenkins says

            What… The taxes you don’t have?

          2. George Robinson says

            The current U.N. regular budget calls for $5.4 billion over two years, thats $2.7 bn a year.

            By a formula based on the size of a country’s economy and other factors, America’s assessment is set at 22 percent, or about $594mn that is $1.82 per capita year…………..only 22%………. or about $594mn that is $1.82 per capita year……… dollar 82 cents per citizen of the USA per year

            Germany 14.5%……..316 mn dollar, which is $3.95per capita

            Sweden contributes, $82 mn, $8.2 per capita per year……………………………..

          3. George Robinson says

            What taxes I dont have

          4. Retired Marine says

            Well good for you, I’m sure the Muslims appreciate your support.

      3. Rex Whitmer says

        Still spouting your story? You’d best learn to read and see what it really says! Without the USA, there’s no UN. It’s corrupt with greedy leaders hands taking what they want out of the pot before any benefits to any other nation!

        1. George Robinson says

          No,No, What you really mean is that without the UN there is no USA………..and why, cos at the moment anything the USA wants to do to any people any country anywhere in the world, you always dress up in UN clothes, just to look official…………………..isnt that so?????????

          1. Retired says

            You are as sick as the poop being spread , Swedude !!!! Changing names did not change your AFU outlook .

          2. Retired Marine says

            Ok, now you’re doing really bad stand-up. The world would be in jackboots without the USA. Go do some more government issued hallucinogens, you are running low.

          3. George Robinson says

            When you finally decided to switch sides in 1942 and join the brits……..and we must no forget the Russians, they got to Berlin first,and then your wussie president sold half of Europe to the Russia, what a piece of shit Truman was

        2. George Robinson says

          Fuckoff turd

          1. Retired says

            Typical of you Swedude .

        3. George Robinson says

          The current U.N. regular budget calls for $5.4 billion over two years, thats $2.7 bn a year.

          By a formula based on the size of a country’s economy and other factors, America’s assessment is set at 22 percent, or about $594mn that is $1.82 per capita year…………..only 22%………. or about $594mn that is $1.82 per capita year……… dollar 82 cents per citizen of the USA per year

          Germany 14.5%……..316 mn dollar, which is $3.95per capita

          Sweden contributes, $82 mn, $8.2 per capita per year

      4. Retired says

        Why don’t you take the BS and put it where the sun don’t shine . Just like the crap you post about where you live along with all the Muslims .

  21. NovelDog says

    The UN has been fighting us over many issues, not just over Israel. Although they in general hate Israel, they also hate us and freedom as we know it, and they hate God as well. That is why they often vote against the positions we take…….because they hate us and do not respect us. Cut their free aid money and give it to our true friends and allies, or use it to rebuild our infrastructure or military defense! Don’t waste it on ungrateful back stabbers!

    1. Shayne Jenkins says

      The UN has long out-lived their charter and their usefulness. They are worse than owning a boat! Boat defined as a hole in the water you need to keep throwing money into…

    2. Retired Marine says

      They need to go away, the League of Nations, as I learned in school, sucked even worse. I once thought that, no more, now the United (arab) Nations has proven to be exponentially worse. Get them the hell out of our country. After they pay their parking tickets of course.

      1. pineapple says

        If they paid their parking tickets, we could pay off the national debt.

    3. Wesmo says

      The are especially using the climate change alarm agenda as a tool for destroying capitalism. Once the U. S. is destroyed the whole rest of the world will be under UN control. There is absolutely no empirical evidence of any climate change catastrophe for the future.

      1. pineapple says

        Climate Scientists Account for Volcanoes, Change Models Drastically

        By Benjamin Arie

        December 2, 2017 at 11:44am

        “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” That quote
        was made popular by Mark Twain over a century ago, but it’s just as
        applicable today… especially when talking about “climate change.”

        If you listen to climate alarmists, the statistics say the world is
        warming at an unprecedented rate, and it’s all the fault of humans.

        However, a new study by University of Alabama-Huntsville climate
        scientists found that studies used by other scientists made a glaring
        oversight: Their data didn’t take into account volcanoes.

        According to The Daily Caller,
        when scientists John Christy and Richard McNider re-calibrated
        satellite temperature data to remove the effects of naturally occurring
        volcanic eruptions, they found something stunning: The rate of global
        warming has been nearly unchanged in the last 30 years.

        “We indicated 23 years ago — in our 1994 Nature article — that
        climate models had the atmosphere’s sensitivity to CO2 much too high,”
        Christy said in a statement. “This recent paper bolsters that conclusion.”

        TRENDING: Watch: Kayaker Catches $100,000 Wreck on Video

        Volcanoes can dramatically influence the earth’s climate, but
        sometimes in ways you might not expect. We often imagine volcanoes as
        sources of heat, but when they erupt, the ash they spew can also act as an atmospheric layer that actually helps keep the earth cool.

        “Two major volcanoes — El Chichon in 1982 and Pinatubo in 1991 —
        caused global average temperature to dip as a result of volcanic ash,
        soot and debris reflecting sunlight back into space,” The Daily Caller

        Think of the volcanic ash as a windshield sun reflector that protects
        a car on a hot day. Particles thrown into the sky by large volcanoes
        shield the earth from the sun’s rays, and the earth stays cooler as a

        The University of Alabama scientists believe that this is essentially
        what happened 30 years ago. Because those two significant 1982 and 1991
        volcanoes occurred right around the time a major global warming study
        began, the eruptions skewed the data and made the result look more
        dramatic than it truly was.

        “Those eruptions happened relatively early in our study period, which
        pushed down temperatures in the first part of the dataset, which caused
        the overall record to show an exaggerated warming trend,” Christy said.

        “While volcanic eruptions are natural events, it was the timing of these that had such a noticeable effect on the trend

        “If the same eruptions had happened near the more recent end of the
        dataset, they could have pushed the overall trend into negative numbers,
        or a long-term cooling,” he said.

        That means that current climate models that predict dramatic global
        warming are most likely wrong, or at least highly exaggerated. They
        include temperature spikes that appear higher than they truly are
        because volcanic eruptions created a false baseline.

        RELATED: Scientists Compare Warming Projections to 15 Years of Temps, Found Projections Were Wrong

        As soon as those errors are removed, the global warming rate is
        suddenly very steady over the last three decades and does not seem to be
        dramatically climbing. Of course, that doesn’t help push massive economic takeovers or pad Al Gore’s pockets the same way as alarmist panic.

        Perhaps the real takeaway of this recent study is that science is constantly changing and being revised.

        If the experts didn’t realize that volcanoes were affecting
        conclusions for 30 years, what other “settled science” is actually based
        on false conclusions?

        In truth, science is never settled. Scientific facts are not a democracy, and a false “consensus”
        doesn’t actually impact reality any more than hundreds of scientists
        claiming the sun orbits the earth would somehow make it true.

        Good scientists are always questioning
        and revising. When a group seems openly hostile to questions and
        angrily bitter against skeptics, the odds are they are on the wrong side
        of reality.

        1. Phoebe Isley says

          Good job pineapple! BRAVO

    4. Jane Tarzan says

      Well said NovelDog! Just think of all the good things that this aid money could do for our country, the senior citizens, poor citizens, children, our infrastructure and our economy.

    5. boone1 says

      Better then that disband the UN that will take care of the problem.

    6. pineapple says


    7. lerose55 says

      Move the U.N out of the U.S. next, they cost NY alot of money having them there.

      1. Ladd says

        Maybe, just maybe, if the UN were to be kicked out they can get rid of that onerous State Income Tax that they like to bellyache about the non-coverage for that in the new tax cut bill. That is NEW YORK’s choice and problem, isn’t it? Not one for the rest of the country to pay. It is a SHAME that it could only be passed by making the tax cuts to We the People end in a short time, the idiot Congress likes to think that the money they have been stealing from us belongs to them, and don’t want to give any of it up — typical of the malfeasance and idiocy of the fools in Congress, the ones still needing to be extirpated. ALL of the career politicians in DC are the “swamp” and must be rooted out and eradicated, perks and all, and retroactively. The crooks have NO right to pensions and such for such bad service, but they sure have voted them in for themselves!

  22. Valor says

    For decades we have needed to get the US OUT of the UN, and the UN OUT of the US!! And can you imagine? Some idiot Demorat Illinois State Senator has called for the UN to come into Chicago to help stem the violence there! How can anyone be so stupid and still draw breath? Want to stem the violence in Chicago? Start with dismantling the Demorat political machine there!

    1. George Robinson says

      And why is that, cos the USA hates to be told to HELP with OTHERS…………the USA does not help it hasstarted 201 warsand conflicts since 1945,murdering as many as 40million humans across the globe, and at this very moment you have military troops in 182 countries across theworld……………but not mine, Sweden, we threw your US wussie pigs a few years ago for spying

      1. Rex Whitmer says

        How’s your German Georgie? The Germans were working on the bomb in Sweden. How’s your Russian? Without the USA, the UN wouldn’t even exist.

        1. George Robinson says

          Not Sweden……………Norway at Rjukan….you really are quite stupid, and dont worry about Russian coming into Sweden, we are quite capable of stopping them just like we stopped yankee spies a few years back…they didnt know hit them

          1. Shayne Jenkins says

            You couldn’t stop north korea….

          2. George Robinson says

            We have good relations with North Korea,we even have an embassy there that helps those stuid gullible yankee turds who go on holiday there

          3. Rex Whitmer says

            Okay, Norway. There’s really a difference? If they’d ever figured it out, and they might have, had the not run Einstein out, it could have affected you as well! What in the world would the USA want to spy on in Sweden? Some one’s pulling your tail!

          4. Retired Marine says

            Sorry Rex, but there is a big difference between them.

          5. George Robinson says

            Nope it is true.What happened was,some US servicemen defected to Sweden, so you sent over some secret CIA agents, you know the kind,dressed in blackand wearing sunglasses, even in winter time and indoors………the CIA guys were arrested and their weapons taken, put in custody, then shipped out to the USA………and the funny thing the US said nothing,but it never happened again

          6. Retired Marine says

            Damned right your not from Sweden, they know how to fight. Your country could use some pointers, but they won’t let you into their country.

          7. George Robinson says

            You are mumbling again……….try reading your comments before posting,so much jibbbbbbbbbberish

      2. Retired Marine says

        You are a funny little chickenshit. Your country has sided with any nation that kicked your asses. Always has, always will. Bet you had a great time in school, especially in the ass kissing class.

        1. George Robinson says

          Shows just how ignorant youand you fellow jerks, think you know about Sweden……bet you cant find it on the map

          1. Retired Marine says

            I know about your women, your best export.

          2. George Robinson says

            You would be surprised as to what we export, wehave a very sizeable trade surplus, your is a deficit of about $700 000 000 000 , yes 700 billions every year, and as for your own industrial might, where is it……..whoops it is in China, even VOLVO AB owns or controls almost all of the heavy truck and bus companies in North America, and the largest car manufacturer in the USA is ………….BMW…………

    2. jill says explains the one world order and why the UN has been called to US. Please pass the information on. Sound the alarm….

    3. Retired Marine says

      The idiot mayor said the same thing. Blue helmets on American soil make great targets.
      Semper Fi

      1. George Robinson says

        With turds like you,its all about guns and killing

        1. Retired Marine says

          Yes, you might want to remember that. But first you would need a brain, so to insure your memory works cut and paste this entire conversation.


    Wait! Did Jake Tapper just make an overture to FOX News? Did he TOUCH someone “inappropriately” at a CNNMSNBNPR Fund-raiser? A little too much to drink, Jake? At any rate, welcome admission. Keep going, Tapper. See ‘ya on FOX next year!

  24. Michael Dennewitz says

    SCREW THE UN (un-naturals). Throw the bastards out of NY. WHO needs them??

    1. George Robinson says

      WHO need help from the UN, 100s of millions of humans across the planet, many in their present situation due to the USAs rampage across the world, you have troops in 182 countries across the world, and now since the fall of the USSR, you have military bases from the Baltic to the Mongolian border, and now many with nuclear stockpiles

      1. Retired Marine says

        You mean they NEED HELP FROM THE USA. Cowardly a-hole.

        1. George Robinson says


          1. Rex Whitmer says

            He’s right!

          2. worn out 123 says

            Whenever there is a “strongest” nation among nations that nation has an obligation to lead.
            Obama wants some global cabal in controll. America has never allowed another nation or group to override our U.S. Constution and Bill of Rights that has served us so well for so long.
            To blazes with globalism and a NWO. I immensely prefer our liberty to that of anywhere else I have heard of or seen.
            Did I mention the “NFL SUCKS”?

          3. bruce wickstrom says

            Well said worn out. These countries that voted against us are damned glad when the American flag shows up when trouble or disaster strikes. We were the answer to world problems. Also thanks for your comment on the national felony league. BW RVN 68-69

          4. Shayne Jenkins says

            Methinks there’s a comprehension problem here, as well….

          5. George Robinson says

            Me thinks as well

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Te comprehension problem is with you!

  25. equalizer294 says

    Don’t hold your breath hoping that CNN has changed.

    1. Californiasailor says
  26. rtwoods3 says

    Response to George Robinson, I would love it if no one wanted to come to the US. I would love it if every thing we buy was not from China or some other country. I would love it if people like you have to live with all the ingrates of the world. I would love it if not one more immigrant came to this country to be supported by the taxpayers here. I would love it if we just let all the mideastern countries and African countries fight among themselves and kill each other instead of Americans. I would love it if a pos like you, who thinks he is just so much smarter than everyone else, would just shut up.

    1. George Robinson says

      Wakey wakey………..the USA runs on other peoples money, you borrow money every second of every day, your trade deficit is $700billions a year, there are few products that the USA makes that other nations want or need to buy…………wakey wakey

  27. Retired Marine says

    What is most amazing is our reaction to a “News Outlet” telling the truth. Look at our surprise, we are amazed to see something that always should have been.

  28. Lynne Douglas says

    Money talks, and when the U.S.A. ceases to subsidize these countries who have the nerve to
    criticize Israel and in doing so criticize the USA for supporting Israel, then, and only then will
    tiny Israel stop being ruthlessly attacked from all sides. The U.N, has long ago outlived its
    original usefulness and no longer promotes anything resembling “world peace.” It’s time to
    stand up to the bullies of the world and stop putting funds in their waiting pockets.

  29. a fool says

    “I will bless them that you bless, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed.” Gen. 12:3

  30. drdavis says

    Well I must say it is a surprise and it appear Mr. Tapper has come to realize that President Trump and his team are doing the right things to help the USA not destroy it as our pass piece of work did over the last 8 years. Mr. Tapper I say thank you for standing upright and telling the truth and hope this is a wake up call for others of the fake news media to start looking and reporting truth. This has been one heck of a great year for our President and for him to have to fight off every Tom Dick and Bertha pathetic Democrat and then the Rhino’s of his own party to get these things accomplish to me is a miracle to me for it took much energy and knowledge and wisdom from above to be able to fight off all the awful things being spewed out of these left wring no good for nothing Democrats and fake news about him never seemed to take a tole on him. Our President Trump is a true fighting American for the people of the USA and our men and women in uniforms protecting us from the evil forces abroad and at home.
    I hope and pray that Mr. Tapper will be a true example to those fake news media’s out there that they have been doing the wrong and that the left winger’s are the ones trying to destroy our country in a big way. It is time for them to look at themselves and ask why am I supporting evils of the Clinton Crime family, the backstabbing FBI and the DNC and others that their sins have been found out. How can anyone stand up for these evils of crimes and the hypocrisy of the Democratic party.
    We must stand for our President at all cost and make sure that we keep the House this coming election year so the evil ones never surface again and then to take the Senate as never seen before.
    For 8 long years we have been traveling down a very dark and long tunnel of self destruction and finally we the people of the USA woke up and now we are beginning to see the light and coming out of the dark long tunnel of 8 years of haters of our country and way of life. God Bless the USA and GOD BLESS OUR President Trump and First Lady Trump and all his family and our White House. God be with our Congress men and women who stand up for our Trump and our USA.
    God Bless you Mr Tapper for doing the right thing telling the truth and hope that you will show the others of the fake news media that our President Trump is good for our USA not bad as our left wing obstructionist democrats would like one to believe… Thank you Mr. Tapper and Thank You Mr. President Trump for sticking to your promises and holding true to our USA. A true blessing you are and lovely wife and family. It has been a real ruff going first year but you made it on top of all the evils that were and are against you and this coming year I truly believe with in a few months people will stop hiding their true feelings toward you and your team and join in with the rest that want true freedom once again and to be able to think for themselves not having some democrat that is keeping the down.. God Bless us all and let the light shine upon those who want to do evil against us from with out and with in so that we may put them where they belong.

  31. Patriot says

    Hope and change from CNN? Let’s see.

    1. barbara says

      no way they will never change

  32. martin potashner says

    how long before cnn fires him

  33. Phil Beck says

    The U.S. does not hold veto power at the General Assembly. That group of elitists is simply a “do as I say, and not as I do”, “dog and pony show” cabal. “Aside from Israel, the only countries to side with the United States by voting no were Guatemala, Honduras, Togo, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru and Palau — mostly tiny countries heavily dependent on American aid… ”

    It’s the Security Council of the UN where the USA is dominant. That group has a useful set of goals and a better reputation for accomplishments. One thing is for sure, it’s no secret which nations are true believers in freedom and liberty.

    1. George Robinson says

      Tiny poor countries that get special aid from the USA ALWAYS do as they are told to in the UN,but as for the

      The Security Council
      Under the Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has 15 Members, and each Member has one vote. Under the Charter, all Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions.

      The Security Council takes the lead in determining the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression. It calls upon the parties to a dispute to settle it by peaceful means and recommends methods of adjustment or terms of settlement. In some cases, the Security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorize the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security.

      The USA is NOT dominant, each of the 15 members has ONE vote, it is possible that the uSA could try to intimidate other smaller countries

      1. Phil Beck says

        Yeah, the USA is dominant in the Security Council. “The use of force” is rarely if ever “used” unless we bring our blood and treasure.

        1. George Robinson says

          Like I said…………The USA is NOT dominant, each of the 15 members has ONE vote, it is possible that the uSA could try to intimidate other smaller countries

          1. Phil Beck says

            I read your comment earlier George. What good is a vote if you can’t back it up without the good ole USA?

          2. George Robinson says

            Like I said the USA is only ONE vote, and the USA is only 5% of the worlds area and population, so do try to stop believing that the world IS ONLY the USA

      2. Phil Beck says

        Not “dominant” you claim?
        Unless the USA shows up with their blood and treasure, what gets done?

        1. George Robinson says

          The USA is NOT dominant, each of the 15 members has ONE vote, it is possible that the uSA could try to intimidate other smaller countries

  34. Ronald Starkey says

    Tapper, doesn’t it feel great to report on the truth?

  35. don says

    With respect to Jake Trapper; Were not the last workers hired to work the vineyard paid the same as the first. I must say there are a lot of comments here that do not reflect this parable.

  36. Cookie Vranish says

    At some point, the media has to see the light! I realize they hire the dumbest people in the industry, but once in a while there will be a smarter person!

  37. Rob D says


  38. G.Mann says

    Here lies a true capitalist opportunity. CNN is broke, it’s ratings are in the toilet, it’s parent company is being sold, CNN is a liability to the sale..

    Let’s start a “go fund me” and raise capital to purchase CNN, Fire all the liberals working there, on camera, and re-write it’s journalistic charter to be CONSERVATIVE NEWS NETWORK.

    Reset the dialogue for the entire “lame stream media” by ONLY reporting the verified facts about the news and events… Actually return it to good journalism.

    Right now, it’s an empty shell with an FCC license…. Besides, think of the rating numbers we would get when all it’s talking heads and executives are lined up and fired on prime time….

    Who’s in…. any takers? Let’s do a Trump Turnaround on them…

  39. Will Higgins says

    Isn’t actually proof that CNN has been mostly to Trump and the negative converage is Trump’s own fault?

  40. Larry Brule says

    do i have a fever? am i sick? clown news said what?

  41. Thanh Nguyen says

    Countries that have voted against the US plan of Jerusalem must have ignored its good will to bring about among other thing development, prosperity and happiness to them at the expense of quite a part of American citizens still in needs. The US global assistance has been initiated from the sacred obligation of supporting the poor and under developed. Ungrateful nations that denied the bona–fide.action of the US seem to be unfit for the gains they have enjoyed.

  42. Harold says

    ‘moral sensibility we’re used to seeing from Fox News,’ Thanks for a little comedy break…

  43. justanagent says

    Sadly, most people today are ignorant not only of the thousands of years of Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the region known as Palestine they also have little knowledge of how the modern state of Israel came to exist. Revisionist history aside, here are the facts. There has never been a nation named Palestine. That term refers to a region once associated with ancient Philistia mentioned in Joshua 13:3 and from which it gets it gets its name. Following World War II it was administered by Britain under an old League of Nations mandate and was populated by both Arabs and Jews. On November 29, 1947 the UN General Assembly voted to partition the region between Jews and Arabs clearing the way for the British to begin withdrawing while the Jews organized a government in the portion allotted to them. That portion was much smaller than what the Jews were originally promised but they accepted the decision of the UN. The Arabs rejected it. On May 14, 1948, Britain withdrew with the expiration of its mandate, and the State of Israel was proclaimed by Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion. The next day, forces from Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq invaded. Miraculously the fledgling nation held them off and survived. Contrary to what many believe no “Palestinians” were dispossessed of their homes and run out of Israel. The truth is quite the opposite. Between the UN vote to partition in November 1947 and the British withdrawal in May 1948 the Arabs who lived in what would soon become Israel had a choice. The Jews asked them to stay and help build a new nation. Those who chose to do so became fully enfranchised citizens in the new state of Israel. Most would be surprised to know that today there are Muslim Arabs holding positions in the Israeli government and even serving in the Israeli military. Sadly, in 1948 the vast majority of the “Palestinians” responded to the Arab call join them in their war on the Jews. They were told that they would drive them out and take all of the land, but they lost. Following the Arab defeat in 1948 the “Palestinians” who responded to their call to join them in their war on the Jews became a people without a country and were consigned to refugee camps in what was then Jordan because the other Arab nations did not want them. The refugee camps were located in what we now call the “West Bank”, which is actually ancient Judea and Samaria. That area was taken by Israel in 1967 during the six day war primarily because Israel needed more defensible borders and some strategic depth. The “Palestinians” have actually fared better under Israel than they did under Jordan. Israel and Jordan are now at peace but Jordan has no interest in regaining that land as it would again entangle them in the Palestinian issue. If the Arabs had really wanted to create a Palestinian state in the “West Bank” they could have done so anytime between 1948 and 1967. This is all about undermining Israel by any means possible.

    1. Retired Marine says

      Spot on,
      Semper Fi

  44. BB says

    Tapper is Jewish. Like any CNN “journalist”, he will dabble in the truth if it “works”.

    1. Retired says

      When was the last time they were telling the truth ????

  45. marycruz says

    Bravo for CNN and the personal “courage” of Jake Tapper. Finally the truth is being said with a very good overview and understanding of the sad global situation. Finally, our good President is being acknowledge for his good work It all boils down to the Principalities of Good and evil. Evil appears to be winning but Good always wins as It was won for us on the holy Cross. Remember only a remnant of people will be saved. Truth is Truth if no one believes it and a lie is still a lie if everyone believes it. How refreshing to hear the truth from a member of CNN or anyone for that matter. Truly, it is the Truth which sets us as freemen. Peace can never come from man but from the Prince of Peace. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I shall begin again to listen to CNN.

  46. niknar says

    Tapper is right about this. The US (& Guatemala, by the way) is only recognizing reality by calling Jerusalem Israel’s capital. Israel gets an inordinate & unwarranted number of UN resolutions of condemnation, & it has since long before 2012 (probably since its existence as a sovereign nation).

    But the perception of CNN, especially Tapper, as being far left, is a misperception. CNN is quite centrist & mainstream in American opinion, & Tapper is known for being relatively conservative in many of his views.

  47. Calvin King says

    No, no, no. Don’t give money or aid in any form to our “true friends and allies.” Don’t give money to ANY foreign nation. We are in debt up to our ears. Every dime needs to be directed toward OUR needs and debt. We owe the world nothing. We have been carrying it since WWII. Stop doing it. The money often winds up in the bank accounts of despots and never reaches the people. How many other nations are providing aid to other nations? I suggest very few if any. How many came to our needs during and after the national disasters this year alone. None!!! Dependency creates dependency not loyalty. We have been and are suckers thinking we can buy loyalty and support. We even give aid to Mexico—and to over a hundred other nations. The future should be cash and carry only.
    It is the same with generous welfare programs in the U.S. Lyndon Johnson created a whole new type of slavery and once hooked on it withdrawal is painful for all concerned. We had better wise up or we will become bankrupt. Who will support is with aid then? Answer–no one. Our “friends and allies” will cheer.

  48. lerose55 says

    PULL our Foreign-Aid to the Countries that Voted against us. Put that money back into our Country. Then cut more Gov’t expenses.

    1. George Robinson says

      This is the problem with the USA, its all about us, fluck the rest of the world……….well the rest of the world is listening, and not buying US goods anymore, you have a yearly trade deficit of about $700 BILLIONS, and a gigantic debt of over $120 TRILLIONS including the unfunded liabilities ………and the biggest car manufacturer in the USA is BMW, a German car maker, most of the normal US car makers are either in Mexico or China

  49. Bob Otremba says


    1. George Robinson says

      Actually what the USA contributes is not all that much per capita

      The current U.N. regular budget calls for $5.4 billion over two years, thats $2.7bn a year. By a formula based on the size of a country’s economy and other factors, America’s assessment is set at 22 percent, or about $1.2 billion that is 3.64 per capita over 2 years……$1.82 a year

      Germany 14.5%……..316 mn dollar, which is $3.95per capita

      Sweden contributes, $82 mn, $9 per capita per year

  50. jazzthefactspls says

    The UN can move to Canada or Venezuela for all I care. Then Trump will build a YUUGE condo that will make even more money for us! MAGA!

  51. Robert Kahlcke says

    Jerusalem, Israel. PERIOD

  52. TCMrick says

    I’m always astounded when the media is applauded for taking the correct stand on an issue or when “whoa” actually tell the truth on an issue..

  53. Linda says

    Well folks,I’m surprised to say the least

  54. Suzu M says

    Wow! You watch, it will start to be ‘the fashion’ to defend the U.S. again. All these liberals have exhausted their unrighteous anger…they’ve got NOTHING, so now they will have to save face some-how. Jake Tapper is probably going to lead the way by this comment. OR, maybe he’ll be fired for his comment!

  55. Shelba Herring says

    Wonder how long Tapper will still be at CNN for his stand on Trump

    1. gotabgood says

      Probably longer than Shepard will last on Fox for his “stand of Trump”!

  56. Eric Pearson says

    Your typical hypocrisy on display. Tapper is a low life, liar until he says something you agree with. The “real” news is whatever you want it to be.
    There was no miracle at CNN. Their credibility doesn’t fluctuate with your mood.

  57. sluggo says

    Tappers’ Kool-Aide mug obviously ran dry for a minute or two.

  58. Bernadette says

    Thanks Tapper. At least there’s one person at CNN with a brain.

  59. David C. Lannan says

    Still waiting for someone to show me where Palestine is located on a map … that is what a lot of the fuss is over. And Tapper is right – many people who seem to think they have moral superiority support some of the worst leaders in other nations (praising their socialism or what?) and cultures who treat their women and children far worse than anything that goes on here… not excusing what happens here, but this is like the pot calling the kettle black … So I am all for stopping foreign aid to countries who 1) are not making any effort to help themselves and 2) wish death to America. They can hate us for free and we can use those funds to help people in need in the United States.

  60. Robert Russell says

    UN don’t like us but like our $ dollars take all the dollars and move to Germany Merkle would like that.

    1. George Robinson says

      OK so you pay 22%, but per capita its not very much………….

      The current U.N. regular budget calls for $5.4 billion over two years, thats $2.7bn a year. By a formula based on the size of a country’s economy and other factors, America’s assessment is set at 22 percent, or about $1.2 billion that is 3.64 per capita over 2 years……$1.82 a year

      Germany 14.5%……..316 mn dollar, which is $3.95per capita

      Sweden contributes, $82 mn, $9 per capita per year

      1. Robert Russell says

        In your thinking you are assuming billions are going to feed the starving people “wrong”. Very small amount goes to the people a vast amount goes for administration fees every one gets a piece of the pie it is all about $$$$. We would be better off dumping UN and investing in our own country USA.

        1. George Robinson says

          Perhaps thats how you have been told by your reppies who lie all the time, grow a pair and join the grown ups and listen and read, form an opinion of your own, and stop parrotting BS

        2. George Robinson says

          So what you are inferring is that UN money is wasteful……… am I also assuming that direst aid from the USA is better, and all of it comes to the people………..including the 6 paper rolls thrown by Pres Trump…………DUMP the UN then and each person in the USA will be $1.82 better off next year, and 100s, perhaps 1000s of Americans will be jobless

  61. Bonnie Chisenhall says

    CNN should have stood by our President from the beginning. I hope everyone can see how unfaithful they are. The media has treated President Trump really bad, not writing about the good he has done but LOOKING for everything else to say even if it has to be made up. Everyone should be glad we have a President that will help us, not lead us downward like Obama and Clinton would have been the same or worse.

  62. a fool says

    Only idiots watch CNN! Without facing up to and accepting that specific Truthful Knowledge, that problem could never be solved! Emotionalism are for the immature and unrealistic pedestrians!

  63. Mark says

    Good for him, it is like the Grinch grew a heart

  64. robert sanders says


  65. Yannik Anglehart says

    CNN, You’re Still And Ever Will Be FAKE NEWS!

  66. Beverley Estes says

    Gods right on Schedule with HIS plan. God is backing President Trump. Thanking HIS for who HE is and that HE is Authority of the whole earth and universe. I like it when HE says in HIS word that HE stands up in heaven and just laughs at man puny ideas. I for HIM and with HIM in all that HE wants to do as it will be right for all people, except the ones that hate HIM.

    1. George Robinson says

      You still dont see it do you………Trump is for………………………HIMSELF…………….he doesnt care a fluck about the common man and woman, he takes 3 months vacation a year……………all paid for by your stupid Yanks………and what does the average American get…………legally a few days unpaid vacation……………….nice country the USA……………

      People living in poverty…………….42 300 000
      People receiving food stamps……41 000 000
      People with no Insurance………….31 000 000
      People on medicaid………………….74 000 000
      Total number on benefits………….164 000 000

  67. My country says

    Maybe just maybe they see the hand writing in the wall .Americans are up for the fight .And with the stealing of elections lately it’s no doubt going to get nasty . And CNN is at the top of lies and provoking people to violence .Are better yet who at CNN is going to be arrested like The CEO of Google ?

  68. Ellen says

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jake Tapper. Some leaders talk like their country have been on the straight and narrow, especially with their people. Jerusalem was and still is the center of the Jewish faith.

  69. KatRob says

    That wasn’t about sticking up for the Trump administration but kissing israeli ass!

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