Christmas Words From a Legendary President


Surrounded as we are today with endless calls from the left to strip Christmas of everything but its secular symbols – and sometimes even them – it’s inevitable that the greatest of holidays should be mixed with a certain amount of nostalgia and malaise. Though the vast majority of Americans still believe in “Merry Christmas,” nativity scenes, and the birth that gave meaning to the holiday, it sometimes seems as though we are only a few years away from losing the last connections between Christmas and Christ.

At a time like this, it may feel better to cast our minds backwards. Ronald Reagan brought the theories of Barry Goldwater into the mainstream, shedding his history as a middle-of-the-road Hollywood actor to become a powerful voice for conservative thought. He brought honor back to both the White House and the Republican Party, and he continues to inspire a generation of Americans who believe this country is more than just another piece of land.

In 1983, Reagan spoke of the time having passed from an historic day in a little town called Bethlehem. “Nineteen wide centuries have come and gone. And today [Jesus] is the centerpiece of much of the human race. All the armies that ever marched, all the navies that were ever built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon Earth as powerfully as this one solitary life.

“I have always believed that the message of Jesus is one of hope and joy,” Reagan continued. “I know there are those who recognize Christmas Day as the birthday of a great and good man, a wise teacher who gave us principles to live by. And then there are others of us who believe that he was the Son of God, that he was divine. If we live our lives for truth, for love, and for God, we never need be afraid. God will be with us, and He will be part of something much larger, much more powerful and enduring than any force here on Earth.”

In two short paragraphs, Reagan bridged the gap between the believer and the nonbeliever, the atheist, the Christian, and people of all faiths. Not only do his words echo with the meaning of Christmas, but they demonstrate why he was seen as the Great Communicator. Reagan wasn’t just the president for a couple of special interest groups. He wasn’t just the president of a particular race or creed or political party. He was the president of the United States, and his mission in that role was to help us maximize our potential.

But even a great president like Reagan must take a backseat to the infant born in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. There may come a time when all remaining remnants of our country’s Christian heritage have disappeared, but there are those of us who will never forget that we are God’s country first and foremost. These are dark times, surely, but His followers have faced worse. American spirit – true American spirit  – will not go quietly into the night.

  1. adrianvance says

    Why must there have only been one Ronald Reagan. We would think his shadow would cause other like men to come to the fore.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and good sense.

  2. crazyfreddie says


    1. Pamela Craghill says

      Crazyfreddie, absolutely spot in with what you say. It could not be put any clearer. It is the Americans fault. You have people crash into your twin towers and then make one of the President. You have communists, who have killed more people that the wars we have had did. In England we have a communists son Ed Milliband as leader of one party and you hoard his brother David Milliband in your country working. But just now the Muslims are your biggest worry. Especially the one in the Whitehouse. He has the power at his fingertips to ruin your country. Yes, wake up Americans and reverse what you have done, before it is too late.

    2. Hang Hall says

      crazyfreddie…You are spot on and others may see you as extreme but if they would just realize WHAT is really going on and as you have said and I have told people WAKE THE H#!! UP!!! This comfortable life we have is going to end and soon. As I have told people, those in Washington think this money train will last FOREVER but when this whole country goes down where is the money? We have been warned.

    3. fred says

      Their race is taught to lie cheat and steal by any means necessary, pure evil and should be sent from US permanently.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Thank you for displaying your Racial Understanding Right around Xmas Time.. Very Christian of you.

        1. fred says

          And you’re welcome you PC, race-baiter, now go get out of my country you coward! It’s idiots with tiny minds and ?? like you that have ruined MY country while i worked for a better life you were becoming so PC you lost your manhood and probably something else as well, Go put on a dress and work for Hill’s campaign, moron! You are why we need a cleansing in this country.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Yep about the Response I would expect from a Tea Bagger… you are pure scum

          2. fred says

            You will never earn the right to label me scumbag! Go crawl in your corner like a good gay man does when he’s confronted with the truth. We believe in freedom on a level playing field, and you believe in rewarding the weak for being mutants like you, now you know what to do, don’t you…and get your freakin’ worthless hand out of my pockets scumsucker

          3. Rick Rogers says

            You lable yourself Ahole… Its People like you that make me Regret the 10 years I spent in the service in the middle of nowhere.. I served when Reagan was commander and chief and the people in our unit were always talking about when he was going to get us in a war and get us killed .. It was only 2 republicans presidents Later some of those friends of mine actually did get killed. So yes if you think your better then someone else because they have a different Skin color then you are Scum of the worst kind. See there is this little LIne in American History about ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL>>. guess you for got that part.

          4. fred says

            We had a word which described an idiot like you in the Military, if you truly were there at any time on the front lines, you would not be here now to be making a fool of yourself! Adios buckwheat, you are a racist btw, and a little education on how to use spell-check would go a long way in making you seem a little more intelligent than you are. Sadly, you are lacking in both education and training, a very sad combo…

          5. Rick Rogers says

            You really should stop with the stolen Valor comments. I don’t think you were ever under fire like I was and believe you would wet your pants at the first shot. You opinion of me and my military service means Nothing to me. The people I served with know who I am and what I did so some redneck Ahole is not going to effect me in the least. The good news is you and your ilk are dying out. The Majority of Americans don’t believe the Trash you spill out of your sewage Mouth. So your going to be come the Minority a lot sooner then you think. Thank god.

          6. fred says

            You were maybe working on the chow line, spitting in the Officer’s (my) food, however, from your lack of understanding of everything it is to most of us to be Patriotic, you are just a miserable excuse for a sub-human and my comments about the truth probably have you spewing waste from all your orifices just like the BS coming from your mouth! I thought you were told to go cry in your corner, and learn at least to spell, bozo! I will only have a good laugh when you spew forth in the future “doughboy”, so go infect another site with your disease and leave this one to the grownups.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Gee Fred I only see you here don’t see any Grown ups. oh and just so it does not go over your head not counting you as a grown up.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you for proving with each and every word you are truly the scum of the earth. Your truth seems to come for FAUX NEWS. You know the company that when to court to argue it was their right to lie in news broadcast. Your worst then that pretender of a President that let 220 Marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers die for nothing in at the Marine Barracks in Beirut and did not go after the people Responsible. And you want to stand up with a group that tries to claim that the Benghazi attack was the worst think to happen in their lifetime.. Some how I think the Families and Victims of 9/11 and of the Marine Barracks Bombing would Tend to disagree with you. YOU have demonstrated the very basis of what a racist is. If you don’t agree with someone you classify them as Sub Human. Which By the way is exactly what Hitler Did with the Jews. Nice to know your in such company. So Fred.. Don’t waste my time just go to your KKK or Neo Nazi Meeting where you can feel like your superior to anyone that does not look like you or agree with you. Because one of the major pieces of serving in any branch of the military is the understanding of Honor and Duty.. Honor to the people you serve with Honor to your Country and the Document it is founded on. Which you sir (that hurt calling you sir) have no honor and no sense of Duty to anything but your twisted version of what The United States is. I know your type you were the ones that Did the Bare Minimum during your time then pulled out their little Short Timers Cartoon helmet so you could count down your days left in Service with your crayons.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            oh my god how did I miss that.. Your not Fred Your “Frank Burns”.. Why does that not surpise me.. Or as we use to tell our fresh out of Basic Recruits.. Don’t call me Sir I am a sergeant I work for a living.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            We had a word for you in the Military too.. Actually two words.. Complete Asshole.

          11. mtman2 says

            Woodrow Wilson gave us IRS/The FED WWI w/Versaille leading to WWII

            You do seem to mean well but it was FDR+Truman that gave 1/2 the world communist controlled regimes(200+million murdered) and the pathetic U.N. allowing no more victories for the USA just temporary police actions.

            JFK+LBJ+Dems congress gave us Cuba, Panama, Vietnam, “The Great Society” raiding SocSec(costs more than all OUR wars, w/3% more poverty now anyhow).

            Carter gave us Fed. Dept of ED. now 17th in world ranking+sinking, weak military, faux energy crisis, economic malaise and a disheartened nation.

            Clinton waltzed away from Somalia, blew up Bosnia, 16 U.N. resolutions w/Saddam- 3 calling for forced removal, then refused Osama directly or nixed kill-hits 6 times= handing the problem him to W along with a fudged recession, along all w-computer keys missing and dinnerware//silverware stolen.

            MAO’bama is just the cherry on top, with sycophant senate, gonna be $20-billion in debt, ISIS w/no real back up+he was warned, Iranian civilian push for freedom he ignored, pulled treaty missiles from Poland- allowing Putin reign in the Ukraine, lies on top lies, broken economy, double energy costs, record joblessness, broken border control, decay on moral stance, VA debacle and ACA nightmare
            ie- a total embarrassment and the world knows it; many lives have already been lost due to his incompetence both U.S. military and multitudes of innocent civilians, as a result with many more to come for decades ~!

          12. Rick Rogers says

            ok lets address this from Historical Fact not party rhetoric

            FDR and Truman where president during WWII and by the end of the confict the American People were tired of War and the only way you could stop those Communist Regimes your talking about would have been to have marched on Moscow. And we were very outmanned at that time.

            Cuba Revolution started in 1953.. which just so happens to have been during Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower term in office. Kennedy is the one that stood up against Cuba becoming nuclear armed Military base of the Soviet Union. There are plenty of Papers that show that Kennedy was not going to expand the Vietnam confict if he had lived. Not going to justify Johnson but his own plate was rather full with Civil Rights movement at the time.
            Social Security was Raided by Reagan and Bush Jr.. They were the ones that transferred money from the program to other parts of government to pay for their agenda’s
            So Your arguments were right down the party line but I did find it interesting you ignored “Ike” who was the last TRUE Republican to hold the White house and Also did not even Mention Nixon at all. Reagan and Bush combined held the White House for 12 years. in a row. If the Dept of education and Energy was so Terrible why did they not do away with it. They had the votes to do it in congress but never did anything toward it. But lets be Truthful about one thing here. The Level of education is not falling because of some Department of the Federal Government its. Falling because there has been a relentless decrease in the amount of funds and Resources devoted to education. When a Teacher has to pay out of her own pocket for class room supplies that she Is not going to be reimbursed for then there is something wrong. When The First thing cut by State and Federal legislators is Education budgets are you really surprised that Testing Scores have gone down in place of other areas. When you have no standard of education are you surprised when the Majority of College Freshman have to take what amounts to High school level classes because they are not at a College Level when they enter their first year?
            The Energy Crisis was started during Nixon’s Term. NOW THAT Was an IMPERIAL PRESIDENT. He was also the one that Suggest Wage and Price Freezes on the economy something that if happen today The GOP would SCREAM ABOUT.

          13. mtman2 says

            Most ALL your attempts at facts are absolutely wrong with no real underlying grasp of what it all emanated from. You need to study WAAAY more history, yes no potus is perfect but in your meaning well for the socialist Dems shows you are not up for objectivity.
            You really are mistaken very badly on most points and seem to have no real desire to be correct. The GOP has NOT held congress since the 50’s til 2000, then the RINOclass just blew it. (This is the 1st reason for the rise of the TEA Party then BHO+ACA 2nd). WE will see after next week what’ll take place!

            Until this potus running roughshod over the Constitution others weren’t ‘kings’ either but had to deal with Dem congress’s.
            It’s doubtful you will learn anything true or not- from dialogue but have ulterior motives for the hate you’ve shown. I’m busy with authoring historical publications not debating known facts.

            I will say this though::
            U.S. Ed. has so much $’s thrown at it as be 3-4 times that of the top nations students. U.S. homeschoolers+ privates crush the public schools and there no big $’s thrown at them. Charters+vouchers are the ticket! The NEA could care less for “the children”. I will give you this in parting- Waiting for Superman, is a good point of reference

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry but I don’t agree with any of your conclusions because when you look at them based on the numbers(economic, Polling, Congressional Budget office) none of them are close to the actual events. Its a very simple fact. No major advancement Social or Tech or Economic has taken place under a Conservative. The Very nature of Conservative is “maintain the Status Quo” You don’t get advancement by Status Quo. Conservative appear to worship at the Altar of capitalism and its been proven without government oversight that Corporate interest are the Fox watching the Hen house.

          15. mtman2 says

            You’re welcome to your Progressive delusions, good luck+happy New Year ~!

          16. Rick Rogers says

            You would not know the truth if it punched you right between the eyes (which I am sure there are large numbers of people that would be willing to raise there hand to do that. )

          17. fred says

            Your welcome to try, hand to hand combat was my specialty in the training unit I supervised, so if you’d like to try, I’d love to crush you like the obese vermin that you have shown yourself to be.. poof, you gone…

          18. Rick Rogers says

            ha.. just like a Tea Billy Cant win an argument with facts so you think you can intimidate someone with some made up skill set.. You have shown your true colors you traitorous homophobic Rascist Coward so stop embarrassing yourself.

          19. mtman2 says

            Nah, he’s not a TEA Party member WE are proud of and then you go right ahead and label decent patriotic folks as a sodomite perverts, what’s Christian about that.
            This is after calling Christ-mas…………. Xmas.
            I am not a pervert or “pure scum but am TEA Party Patriot, you should reconsider how you address hotheads like Fred, it doesn’t help further discourse?!!

          20. Rick Rogers says

            I show Fred the Respect he Deserves.. WHICH IS NONE. As for Xmas.. Its from History.. The X stands for the Greek Letter CHI which was used with the First Printing presses because each later had to be set by hand.. Here..

          21. Rick Rogers says

            Mtman2 I am all for intelligent discourse but I have yet to see anyone in office under the Banner of the Tea Party that is willing to engage in Intelligent Discouse. they proved that last year with the government Shutdown. If they did not get their way they were going to take their ball and go home.

          22. mtman2 says

            That’s false, the shut down if you really look at the underlying facts is a MAO’bama’s attempt to put the GOP in between a rock and a hard place; besides that didn’t shut anything down that the Far-Left Dems didn’t go out of their way to do special. Of course you do know all this anyway; the lo-lifes even tried to shut down the WWII outdoor memorial to blame it on the Right………….didn’t work and WE didn’t give in to his commie plans either! And commie is the word for all his mentors, his entire family, FMD, Ayer’s, Jarrett’s, Wright, and most of his appointees; Alinskeyites of the 1st order.

            Far as Xmas goes yes I know about it but most don’t, and those that hate anything about God, Jesus ans Christmas commonly use that desript, that is observed fact.

            And you still labelled me along with millions of others in the TEA Party that won’t tolerate socialism run rampant, as homosexual perverts, not conducive to any intelligent dialogue online. But you won’t do it person only once, be concerned with you not hothead Fred. He didn’t make you insult everyone else, you did that ~!

          23. Rick Rogers says

            If they are commie or socialist they are some of the worst at it in history.. Didn’t Corporate Profits hit an all time high just last week.. Also Didn’t the Dow jones reach that point as well. So you have Corporate profits thru the Roof the Stock Market thru the Roof.. If they were commie I would think that would not be the case.
            As for Fred… He and I have had almost a year long verbal Feud because he is a fake and A poser that tries to pump up his supposed military Record and he belittles those of us that were actually out there serving.
            You can’t have your beliefs and your views. but the thing is your “rights” end at the end of your nose. or Your Rights end when the infringe on my own. The Term Tea Bagger is one I picked up from under educated Tea Party members at Rally’s that said they were TEA BAGGING FOR JESUS.. SO don’t believe me if I just repeat what they said. Besides those clowns that hang tea bags off of their hats are asking for it. I will grant you that you could be the except to the rule but the Majority of Tea party Members I have meet or had contact with online can’t seem to make any comments that don’t include a Racial or Sexual Slur. For them I have nothing but contempt.. I mean doesn’t alarm you that your “party” is attracting the Dregs of society. (Klansman, Neo Nazis, White Supremacist) if I was in a party that all of a sudden was attracting this people to join I would serious start to question what exactly I was standing for and why was is so attractive to those groups all of a sudden.

        2. crazyfreddie says


          1. fred says

            Thanks freddie, can’t escape the ignorance wherever we go it seems!

    4. Wanda Newman says

      we can not have a revolution because if he calls foe marshall law we can not get him out of office under maeshall law we need to get out and vote. Read the book LEFT BEHIND! God Bless

    5. ward says


  3. Arizona Don says

    Ronald Regan was a great President and was certainly needed after Carter intentionally messed up both this nation and our life experiences. As well as the rights of many to pursue happiness. We now need another great President, perhaps even more so, after the obama tragedy taking place as we speak.

    Only obama knows if his intentions are honorable or if he actually intents to destroy the freedoms of the American people and inject communism or some other form of dictatorship in place of our constitution. However, it becomes more and more obvious each day he cannot hope to be successful. Resistance to his promised fundamental transformation has become extreme and will increase over the coming two years. Most now realize his promise of hope and change was and is a promise of change that offered no hope.

    It will be difficult for America to claw its way out of the abyss obama has created but it will!

    With the knowledge that freedom is inherently tied to
    faith, the freedom to worship as one sees fit is guaranteed within our

    Without freedom there may be no faith allowed, without
    faith in God there is no freedom.

    Despite the fact so many within the government are
    trying to do away with both our faith and rights we must persevere and preserve
    all our rights. With the help of God we will.

    The United States of America has more than one thing
    to make December 25, a special day of celebration. The birth of Christ and the
    “beginning of the end” of the revolutionary war and our victory over English
    tyrants that got government out of our faith and afforded us our constitution.

    We now have other battles to fight regarding freedom
    and our right to worship, each of us in our own way and we must not allow
    ourselves to be dominated by a tyrannical government. From any source foreign
    or domestic.

    The birth of Christ as well as the hand of God in the
    win over the Hessians, yes we have much to be celebrating this day, but in these
    trying times let us NOT forget what those things are. And that we are Americans.

    Our constitutional rights are slowly being
    stripped away as our once praised government, by and for the people, becomes
    more and more tyrannical and with those rights may go our right to worship as we
    see fit. God could soon be outlawed here within the United States of America.

    Without our Constitutional right to live and worship
    freely, and pursue happiness, many other rights would no longer exist.

    1. Hang Hall says

      Arizona Don, Thank you for your comment and I beg you to continue. This Revolution will only start when enough lazy Americans are put out of their comfort zone. As the joke has been said: “It is a recession when the neighbor is out of work but a depression when I am” It will happen sooner and when the 2nd amendment is abolished then it will start and it is being worked on 24/7 by our transparent President.

      1. Arizona Don says

        I will not quit I do not surrender. I am a 75 year old disabled veteran. It is difficult for me to understand how the current administration is doing and getting away with this fundamental transformation. When announced those attending cheered blindly as I saw it. He has not to this day described what he intended to transform this nation into, but they still cheered. If anyone noticed they also cheered when he announced his civilian police force as well funded and trained as the military. He never explained that either! Consequently, he must have seen a need we have never had before here in the US. I did not see it unless it was to be of his making. It now appears it is.

        1. ward says

          The police state he is creating just like WW2 Hitler gestapo tyranny black booted thugs .. ! This appears to be his intent with the open borders for the illegal criminal foreigners entry that he can create his own police & military support for his all out wannabe dictator regime..! These created racist & illegal scandals are obvious treason against all U.S. Citizens Freedom & U.S. Constitutional Rights … !

          1. Arizona Don says

            I know. The sad part is so many Americans do not know or understand the effect of the brown shirts and SS during the mid thirties and early 40’s (I include the SS because they murdered the brown shirts when hitler began to fear their authority and power). Even the brutality of the hitler Third Reich Our children have been dumb-down in our places of indoctrination that were once our public schools and universities of higher learning. The current dictator here in the US realizes as did hitler getting the children is paramount in transforming a nation. If America does not soon wake up we could be defeated from within and our freedoms destroyed. Anyone who cannot see what is happening is part of the problem.

        2. Hang Hall says

          Arizona Don you are a genius, I talk with people about that third Army Obama mentioned and most just ignore it. Then it is mentioned about the Park Service, TSA, IRS, and other Government agencies being armed that were not ever before. This whole administration is a house of cards, a charade, nothing is real and the American People let this happen of course there are other factors, like Soros and other money makers to fund this. It has been put out there for us to read and be informed but so many have not comprehended the facts. It will be a struggle but with God’s Grace and the will of the righteous we will survive. Please keep up with your comments you are an inspiration.

        3. mtman2 says

          Unfortunately Don, “useful idiots” are a worldwide reality but they do not actually
          do the work of the backbone of the nation but feed from them one way or another.

          1. Arizona Don says

            I know it is both sad and true.

      2. ward says

        Believe the majority of U.S. Citizens & even dems are seeing that bo is a tyrant muslim marxist & wannabe dictator that is destroying the U.S. internally with his criminal E.O’s .. !

    2. ward says

      Carter & bo have a lot in common for screwing the U.S. Citizen & the U.S. fundamental freem & Rights but bo is the worst wth out a doubt.. ! AT least carter was not a wannabe muslim, marxist dictator, just a very ignorant libtard socialist .. !

      1. Arizona Don says

        In my opinion I do not think Carter would hurt anyone or anything intentionally. The big difference between Carter and obama “is” even though Carter’s acts were intentional he (ignorantly) thought he was helping the nation. But obama’s is intentional and he has no intention of doing anything for the nation because he hates America and considers it colonialism, at least he perceives it to be and that is all that matters to him.

        When the uniformed, misinformed and under informed American voters put him in office they were so apathetic they thought it made no difference who was elected as long as it was a Democrat and he made so many promises which they fell for he “was” elected. Considering he did make the promises and did “not” make good on them proves he knows (knew) what needs to be done and also what the American people want. That fact alone proves his actions are, besides being adverse to most Americans and the nation, absolutely intentional. The fact that he may have been elected with fraud and even with foreign money is important but not at this time. The reason being not everyone who voted for him was coerced in some way or bribed and therefore, the voters contributed to the current problem willingly because they did not care or did not realize the extent of the obama threat. Furthermore, it is doubtful most do even to this day. The culprit, once again is apathy.

    3. mtman2 says

      Whether the ner’ do well potus is being personally intentional(his higherups are) to bring the nation down; it -IS- being done regardless, and a whole lot more than he are the problem.
      Most of the senate did nothing except go along with this loser, as well as, agency bureaucrats, most unions, all card carrying commies and Muslims, welfare rats, even most medical people.

      Tho the TEA Party-Patriot movement emerged as a result of the seriousness detected w/him.
      Tho most are still ‘sleeping’ as the water we’re all in comes to a boil ~!

    4. bjones41 says

      Amen Brother! The Lord is still on the throne, and prayer changes things!! We can only pray that we will have another “Reagan” come 2016.

  4. FloridaJim says

    Coolidge fixed the Wilson boondoggle, FDR was fixed by World War #2m and none of his policies worked at all, look up Morgenthau’s quote on FDR’s failures. Reagan fixed Carter and whom will fix Obama? I believe Scott Walker is the new Coolidge with a great story in Wisconsin of fighting union thugs, Obama’s DOJ, U of Wisconsin radicals and winning 3 elections in 3 years putting Wisconsin in the black and reducing Unions to whipped puppies…sounds like a man for our time doesn’t it?

    1. Arizona Don says

      It can certainly be said Coolidge and Reagan were unusually good, if not great presidents. Although Scott Walker is not recognized at this time as a potential front runner by most conservatives his record speaks for itself and there are others also none of which are front runners at this time. But it is early. He would be a good choice and I agree he does have that greatness potential and not just for financial reasons but his leadership qualities are outstanding as well. If we conservatives look for another Reagan or Coolidge we will be disappointed. It is the ability and qualities we must seek in a candidate.

      In any case the USA does not need another Bush or Clinton. Each are totally out of the question!

      1. Pete Curtis says

        You are correct! If Scott Walker runs, I intend to work for his election.
        My ancestors have fought in every war this country has waged since 1812. My father and his brothers fought in WWII and Korea. My brother-in-law and myself toured Vietnam. My son was in Desert Storm. There are hundreds more, but the point is made: I am an American! I was born here, educated here (when the schools still taught English, Math, History, Civics, Science, and other such subjects from yesteryear), and I am a rabid supporter of The Constitution of the United States of America.
        I despise the un-American, anti-American muslim obomination currently in the White House. This hideous monster such be impeached, indicted, and place on trial for high treason immediately. Every single one of his cadre of “czars” should receive the same punishment.
        Getting away from the current disasters. Scott Walker knows you can’t pay debts with “Monopoly money.” He knows better than to use one credit card to pay another. He will not continue borrowing money from nations who hate us, knowing we cannot pay even the interest.
        In addition, Scott Walker understands the importance of placing highly qualified individuals with strong ethics in positions of leadership and influence. He understands the need for a strong military and a strong police force, supported by courts who will enforce the law without bias of any kind.

        1. Arizona Don says

          Scott Walker is exceptional and has great potential. I too will support him here in Arizona if he should be the candidate.

          I do not and will not support McCain in any run for anything although he proclaims to be conservative. He is not! He is not just a RINO which so many refer to him as he is progressive. He also was the co-sponsor of NDAA (a law that allows, centralized government to arrest and incarcerate American citizens forever without trial, on just suspicion, in direct violation of the constitution). For that I will never forgive him and neither should anyone else!

        2. mtman2 says

          All true as you say then you got to courts; 1/2 judges and justices need to to be impeached and replaced by those that will uphold their oath of office.
          If not these un-American charlatans will work to just reverse everything with un-Constitution rulings ~!

    2. supergun says

      Good Comment. Wish more Americans felt this way.

    3. ward says

      bo and his crony administration are turning the U.S. into a racist divided nation by his own greed of abused power & U.S. law violations to establish his tyranny race dictatorship … ! Obvious treason !

    4. tinkerunique says

      Speaking of unions, 0’bummer appointed the CEO of the AFL-CIO as the “advisor” for union / labor conflicts.

    5. mtman2 says

      Absolutely correct and Gov. Scott Walker is an American that could stabilize the USA.
      Only ALL the socialist garbage accumulated from Woodrow Wilson on til now CANNOT be
      fixed by any one president. All of it will take dedicated citizens decades of serious involvement
      hold first CANDIDATES then officeholders feet to the fire to clean out the garbage+built up mess~!

  5. Pamela Craghill says

    As an English woman, no one would get me to say, Happy Holidays. It is Merry Christmas all the way, for as long as I live. All it takes is you Americans to shout it loud and clear and not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

    1. Jerry Holloway says

      well with whats going on in europe today with the muzzies you better start doing as you say. But i do believe that what you say is true and will never say happy nothing when it comes to christmas its marry christmas or nothing around my house .

      1. Pamela Craghill says

        Jerry, too true we should. But we have weak leaders and the guy that was Prime Minister before him, the disgusting, evil Blair, opened the doors to the Muzzies and wherever he went, he carried the Qu’ran with him to read. He played happy families with Gadaffi and went to the sons house for holidays. Through that time he made deals for Gadaffi which is currently bringing Blair £41,000 a month into his bank. with a 2% on every order they make. He opened the door to the Muzzies and fooled everyone, even the Americans. Most people like you want these barstewards out of our lives. But our weak Cameron is not doing the job. You have your guns and can riot more than us, so get the Muzzie Barak Hussein Obama out of office. We follow what America does, so take the lead my friends and guide us to get rid of these lowlife as soon as possible. Merry Christmas.

        1. Jerry Holloway says

          Pam i know and i feel for you we just had a great mid term election but i hate to say but its going to take all war to get this devil under controll our congress dont get what we the people want done We tell them but it rfalls on deaf ears so when one morning they wake up and washington is shout down they will say hell they searous .

          1. Pamela Craghill says

            Jerry, Barak Hussein Obama will be harder than Ebola to get rid of and twice as deadly. I wish you well, but you need to take strong measure and act as quickly as possible, before he does too much damage.

          2. Jerry Holloway says

            Pam I’m afraid we are to late . the only way to stop him is to replace our congress he must have something on these people or a threat of there life

          3. Pamela Craghill says

            Yes, it is frightening Jerry. It is too late for our country also. The only way is a blood bath and that might come as we see our own countries sliding away from us. Once it is gone, there is no turning back, they will ruin it, just as they ruined their own country.

    2. MyronJPoltroonian says

      “Here here!”

      1. Pamela Craghill says

        Be strong Myron and stand up for your beliefs. We need strong people if we are to survive. A group of people are listened to, more than a single voice. We need to stick together and make our feelings heard/

  6. fred says

    Reagan was the last great President, and he did it by giving people REAL opportunities not limited by huge tax burdens and other intrusions into our lives and liberties. I believe there are many people who want this type of treatment again, and it’s time to scrap the “nannystate” we are in because of a bunch of greedy career criminals in Wash, DC. Maybe we should send them all their pink slips in the new year? I also think the Convention of States has much potential to regain some of the power we have lost incrementally over the years. Write your local news organizations and make others aware of this opportunity to turn our country around as i have this Holiday season! Your children and maybe grandchildren will thank you for doing so in the future.

    1. Rick Rogers says

      He was last alright.. Last in Mental Health.. Last in caring for his Fellow American, The good news that be the time your gone in about 30 years or so Reagan is going to be seen as the Snake oil salesman he truly was. There was only one more Corrupt White house then his and that was NIXONS.

      1. fred says

        Nope the current “hope and change” gay man you seem to be working for is by far the most corrupt, if he were actually our president which he can’t be bc he was born in Kenya, like you wanted to be, tiny-brained agitator with ZERO facts correct! I think you are the one who is last in mental health, Mr delusional sociopath, race-baiter. Now go cower in a corner and cry, or take the short bus home from school, idiot. Maybe stuff your face with some junk food, you look like you are a pathological overeater too, not just a liar.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Fred you are still a racist scumbag but hope you had a merry Christmas.. Did you get the Assault Rifle and the years Supply of MRE’s You ask Santa for?

  7. says

    Jesus was not born in December. He was probably born in October but He did not celebrate His own birth.
    Reagan was good and our next president, to be inaugurated January 2017, will be good also. When Obama leaves office, we may realize that he was better than is being touted now. Be patient, he will leave January 2017. I hope that everyone had a merry Christmas.

    1. Jerry Holloway says

      You say jesus was not born in December . Then you say he was probably born in october what this shows is you dont know when he was born . But you will say for sure that he was not born in December and then go on to say that when the O leaves office we may see he was better than touted . Well when he leaves office and the next Pres. opens his life records that he sealed himselfe for all the world to see then and only then will we know who he really is and then we will realize how much he messed up not only the U S A but the world.

      1. says

        You might be right Jerry. I hope not but it’s possible. And I know that Jesus was not born on December 25, the original pagan day to celebrate the beginning of longer days.

  8. fearlessolotraveler says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Brethren and fellow Americans for your words of encouragement concerning our part in the on-going physical and spiritual well-being of our beloved Country!

    Reading your inspiring testimonies, I was instantly reminded of the quotation from John Adams, America’s second (and legal) President who said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and RELIGIOUS people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

    *Keep in mind this powerful excerpt from the above article: “American spirit – true American spirit – will NOT go quietly into the night.”

  9. arab says


  10. Michael Skaggs says

    Yes. I can remember when we had….a President!!

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Glad so see you memory is sharp enough that you can remember Just yesterday.

  11. Patricia A Thompson says

    Without the believers of Christ, who believe with their whole heart and confess with their mouth their belief that Jesus is God’s, only begotten Son, might not even exist now. The fact that this country was founded on the Christian belief and blessed of God for most of her 238 years, is apparently not even thought about any more, and may not have lasted this long. Yes, our country has changed and not always for the better. Because there seem to be more nonbelievers and more of the evils ways of the devil in these days: GOD IS STILL HERE. However, I believe America, as a whole, is under His judgment, because we are going in the wrong direction; away from Him. It will be more evident when He calls for His people, who believe in Him, to meet Him in the air.(1st Thessalonians 4-17) We think there is trouble now. When the true believers in Christ have disappeared “there will be tribulation in those days such as not since the beginning of the creation creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be,” (Mark 13:19) There is still time to choose to believe, in your heart, that Jesus is God’s and and confess with your mouth that is your belief, “For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:-13)

  12. ward says

    Words from a real U.S. President that U.S. Citizens have not had in the W.H. for the past 6 years ….!

  13. jim marcum says

    “Nancy Pelosi ?, sure I knew Nancy Pelosi, coldest piece of ass I ever had”, Ronald Reagan…

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says

      Said by an “Ass”, who’s proven they’re a “Piece of Excrement”.

  14. kicks says

    If we live our lives for truth, for love, and for God, we never need be
    afraid. God will be with us, – See more at:

  15. bobda says

    My biggest hope is that someone with the clear vision and strength of Ronald Reagan materializes out of the GOP. We never needed it more than today.

  16. hjjusa says

    I knew it was the big “R” as soon as I saw the headline.

  17. QuisPercusit says

    Any one out there know if there’s enough room left on Mount Rushmore for Ronnie?

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