Clinton and Obama Plot Strategy to Defeat Trump


According to a report from the New York Times, Hillary Clinton and her strategists are building a plan to defeat Donald Trump in the general election – and it could include some support from President Obama.

As voting returns make it more and more likely that both Clinton and Trump will be their respective parties’ nominees, the former secretary of state is worried that defeating the businessman might not be as easy as she once thought. While some Democrats continue to believe that Clinton will triumph over Trump in a landslide, the real estate magnate’s soaring poll numbers prove he’s not just a flash in the pan. And since he has already emerged from multiple “scandals” virtually unharmed, the Clinton machine has to wonder if there is anything they can say about him that hasn’t already been said.

Making things worse, the difference between the excitement levels surrounding the Democratic and Republican primaries could not be more obvious. Voter turnout has been dismal thus far for the Dems, while the Republicans are breaking records left and right. If Democratic voters carry this apathy over into the general election, it may be Clinton who finds herself on the losing end of a landslide.

While Clinton is planning to attack Trump on his temperament, his sexism, his business record, and everything else under the sun, she could face the same problem his Republican challengers have run into: namely, she’s a politician. And no matter what kind of case she makes, that will always be true. Put aside her email scandal, her dubious foreign policy record, and her reputation for dishonesty. If the American people are looking for an outsider, she’s going to be in trouble.

Worse yet, Trump’s biggest problems in the primaries could become his greatest strengths in the general election. Suddenly, his mixed record on conservative issues could make him a viable alternative for the white Democrats who are singularly unmoved by Clinton. Some, including Trump, have even suggested that he could take states once thought to be safe ground for the Democrats.

To stop him, Clinton’s campaign has even reached out to the president. Obama has already made some tentative remarks about Trump, telling reporters that he continues to believe that he will not be president. The Times article says that Obama has “gleefully” agreed to present Trump as someone incapable of doing the job.

But that’s a double-edged sword as well. Obama’s word is worth less than nothing to Republican voters, and Trump can use Obama’s condemnation as a selling point. Clinton has successfully dominated among black voters by wrapping herself in everything Obama, but he’s not nearly as popular among the rest of the public. She could be backing herself into a corner.

At the end of the day, Clinton’s path to the White House may be determined less by her campaign and more by the Republican Party. If they align against their own nominee, Trump will need a miracle to win. If they decide it’s better to win than to disavow, though, we could be on the verge of the most stunning political upset in American history.

  1. Croco Dile says

    The strategy was implemented looooong time ago !

    Make Americans FAT !

    1. Cotton says

      Then they put the Amerifats on a couch in front of a large TV, where some random person tells them how they should think! Or, they can watch the Kardashians, they might fancy that kind of braindead entertainment.

      1. Luciledcoppock says

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  2. Mixa. says

    Finally, Russians and Americans have found common ground. We both agree that Obama is a “Schmoe”.

    1. kbfallon says

      The fact that he is PALS with Fat Al Sharpton and had him at the Whitehouse about 100 times –you are who your cronies are…. as my grandma used to say.

  3. MAHB001 says

    I say let the dreamers dream….

    Clinton will go to jail, a Republican will go to the White House.

    The American people will take back their Country.

    Caution folks, the national election is rigged and unless we do something about it, none of our votes will be counted.

    1. gingergirl says

      “. . . . the national election is rigged and unless we do something about it, none of our votes will be counted.” I agreed wholeheartedly, and feel that we MUST make our voices heard. We MUST demand a paper trail for electronic votes, voter ID, and NO intimidation at the polls. How could any American disagree with this? This is our country, our future for our children, and we must not take lightly that the left will do anything to win this election so they can continue on down their destructive path. The very essence of America is at stake! Make your voice heard – loudly and often!

      1. MAHB001 says

        The MEDIA feeds us our expectations, (It is going to be close) and sure enough the election turns out 52% to 48% and NOBODY questions it.

        Time to start questioning it…. All the while, the socialists plot.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

        1. Maccabeus says

          The voters are on to the revolting MSM as being in the tank for any Democrat. I say ignore them. They should all go back to journalism school to learn that their job is to objectively report facts and expose lies that could harm the country. They get an F in that department !

          1. MAHB001 says

            I say join the boycott.

            It is not enough to ignore the MSM. They really don’t care that you have left, as long as they can influence those that do watch their programs they will continue to lie, cheat, misrepresent, and lead the lemmings down the rosy path….

            Mad As Hell Boycott goes after the source of their money and boycotts the advertisers that support the MSM.. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

          2. KingDon says

            First they would have to find a neutral, unbiased, and honest journalism school to go to.

        2. rfrichey says

          I’ve always found it ironic that Jimmy Carter spent so much time in other countries trying to insure their elections were on the up and up, and his party has turned more corrupt than any of the countries he monitored.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Perhaps he was on a mission to learn how they fix elections to bring it back here for the Democrats.

      2. Ace Dragon says


      3. Barbara duTreil says

        Gingergirl, You are so right on!! This election is so important, but I think it is so rigged
        by the democrats because of the CLinton machine, it worries me that all of this energy
        is being wasted – I hope I am wrong!

      4. KingDon says

        Indeed, Americans do not disagree with any of this. But, those attempting to overthrow the country and the constitutions are not, in fact Americans. They have no desire to be Americans. Their sole objective is the destruction of America and replacing it with something more to their liking. Don’t you remember hope and CHANGE?

      5. VIRGINIA BESS says


    2. Sharon Bauerle says

      What do we do about it??

      1. Retired Marine says

        Become election judges in your district.

      2. MAHB001 says

        I am not sure what the solution is. First it has got to be a realization by a majority of the people that the system is rigged. So spread the word and keep spreading it.

        Next, get involved locally in the election process. These creeps work in the shadows, and if we eliminate the shadows they can not work.

        If you live in CA try supporting this site.

        Or nationwide support:

        And lastly, take a civics course in self governance… This one was really good.

        Stay informed, as that is the best armament.

      3. rfrichey says

        Hope something happens to Hillary, like she quits ventilating. I can hope can’t I because she’s never going to change. She is despicable.

    3. phil says

      You suggest Bernie will make things good??

      1. MAHB001 says

        Hardly, Bernie is a socialists. He will only make things worse. All Bernie offers is false promises that he can not fulfill.


        1. The Grump says

          Hey, just like the current swineturd.

  4. MAHB001 says

    The elite plot the destruction of America….

    Never give up, never give in.

    1. VIRGINIA BESS says


  5. 83ragtop50 says

    OBummer and Killary won’t have to lift a finger to defeat Trump. The MSM will have a field day reporting all of his past discretions. The guy is a walking time bomb for the GOP. I wish he had run as a Democrat, but he knew that he could not out-left Killary and Bernie so he suddenly had an conversion and became a conservative. What a joke. The sheeple are in for a big surprise. god help the USA.

    1. lou says

      No body watches MSMBC

      1. 83ragtop50 says

        I did not say MSMBC.

        1. lou says

          MSMNBC happy it’s the same MSM Chris Mathews, Van Jones Sharpton a bunch of idiots

    2. kbfallon says

      Well the people are who want him…and F–k who the GOP wants…..RUBIO? a 1/2 term junior senator who is bought and paid for. Who’s brother in law was one of the biggest Cocaine dealers in Florida–Rubio got him his highly coveted realty license…nice for setting up some stash houses. So who would do a better job with the choices we have before us?

      1. Deby says

        Listen carefully–ANYBODY but killary.

      2. 83ragtop50 says

        Rubio is just another mouthpiece for the Washington insiders. His rise in the GOP is similar to Obama’s on the Democrat side. He has no principles other hoping to be cute and glib enough to get nominated. I will take Cruz over Trump any day.

  6. lou says

    The Worst President ever and The worst Secretary of State ever are going to send a message that Trump isn’t qualified thats got to be this biggest joke since Obama’s hope and change

    1. meangreenMarine says

      If anyone knows about being unqualified to be President, it would be the current occupant of the
      White House followed closely by his former Sec. Of State!

      1. Tiger says

        And it is unqualified voters who put him in and are trying again to do their worst.

        1. ThelmaJHarrigan says

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          1. MAHB001 says

            flagged again scum puppet.

          2. Marvinas2 says

            Also the result of Obama voter fraud! It’s all a lie!

        2. TexRancher says

          That’s what voter fraud is for!

          1. Tiger says

            Vote once, twice and often. One woman in Florida bragged she voted 6 times for O.

          2. jimwilson81 says

            And she is awaiting trial for voter fraud

          3. Tiger says

            I wish I would have to look it up. If they tried all those that did this the court system would be backed up for decades.

          4. Chelsea Schwartz says

            “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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          5. Darlene says

            Great—-So GLAD TO HEAR THAT….

          6. Dan Menard says

            That illegal and she needs to be prosecuted, now!

          7. Tiger says

            They never touched her she was Black.

          8. Giorgio Benhana says

            why do you think he was against voter registration. Make one vote per person? preposterous.

          9. Tiger says

            Right on.

          10. Richard Trundle says

            I remember that ONE,and nothing was ever done about it either,I guess OBAMA wouldn’t let them.

          11. Tiger says

            There is a bad moon arising.

          12. Tiger says

            Of course not. How many others did the same? O did not win the last election I don’t believe it for a minute.

          13. Richard Trundle says


          14. Halftrack2 says

            Trump is the master of voter fraud… University fraud, etc..

          15. lou says

            Those who are whining were failures There to stupid to make any deals and by the way no one twisted their arms in going there

        3. Richard Trundle says

          The dems use dead people ID to vote again. I don’t know they can do this. But I do expect Obama and GANG to try too get it where the ILLEGALS can VOTE. That is sorry and low down. But it’s the Democrats way. Hillary should be in prison instead of running for president. This country has 2 sets of LAWS 1 for VIP’S and ! for normal citizens,such as us. We would in prison now for along time. But they won’t GET BY GOD ON JUDGEMENT DAY. THAT’S A FACT.

          1. Tiger says

            Indeed O is pushing his illegals through the Supreme Court and now with Justice Roberts turn coating on us it might just happen. Strange how Scalia’s death such an opportune chance for O.

            Scott cleaned out and up Florida’s voting places and found 35,000 votes by dead people and others. Yes they cheat and they will pull something vile.

            Good post. ;p

          2. Ed Shick says

            Ohio does not need dead mans votes, We have Somalians Voting!

          3. Tiger says

            Feel for all of you. Going to get worse before it gets better.

          4. Ed Shick says

            Next come the Syrians , We need to be issued to Americans a Voter ID card with your Information and a picture , But what is important is ether a Bar Code or a Magnetic Chip when you recieve your Ballot and then you vote one time , One thing that happens with OHIO IS WE HAVE 30 DAYS TO VOTE and some people have a winter home in Florida and they vote here and then co to Fla. and vote Again . You are right it has got worse in my Lifetime !

          5. Tiger says

            You are right about the voters who stay here for the Winter and something needs to be done before this next election. Florida and other states where people Winter.

            I suggest we do like the Iraqi did. Make them have a dot on their fingers. One that takes a long time to fade away.

          6. Richard Trundle says

            BLAME IT ON OBAMA:::

          7. Barbedwire says

            MN has the largest population of Somalians… it’s how Franken was elected a 2nd time. What a mess.

          8. Ed Shick says

            I know you have more than Columbus , We are second I think and most bad things happening here the Muslims are some now involved ,I am sure you are like I am wishing they were Long Gone , They sure have no good values !

          9. tchr says

            Thank heavens!!!!!!! I have just found two other people who are informed. The Democrats used NAMES to add votes who never existed, never were born, never died, no SS#. Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, the gov’t, news media, 100 times worst than the Mafia ever was. Gun running, drug smuggling, money laundering. Time for WE the PEOPLE to take control to save the USA. They take our guns. Say good-bye to America, the greatest country in the world. I for one will fight. I believe Trump is our only chance to save America. The middle-class is being pushed down with the unfortunate or poor. Shut the border, get the murderers, rapists, pedophiles out of this country. Put our gov’t in prison. Take back our country. The gov’t has been pulling the wool over your eyes. Take off your rose-colored glasses. See the world as it REALLY IS.

          10. 1Clara2 says

            VOTE FOR TRUMP…VOTE FOR TRUMP…this comment is more for those who will read it than for you, sir. Just trying to do my part to get him into office and all that vermin out of our WH.

          11. tchr says

            Why are you against me? I’m for Trump.

          12. 1Clara2 says

            I’m not against you. I was just taking the opportunity to back up your opinion with a little political comment of my own.

          13. tchr says

            Oh, OK. Thanks for backing up my opinion. Sorry, I took it the wrong way. I just read that Romney’s niece has control of the tickets for the debate tonight. I am sure there will be a lot of booing against Trump. Romney, Clintons, Bushes, Soros, etc. are all Bilderbergs against Trump.

          14. Ed Shick says

            They try and tell us how little Voter Fraud we have and they are not telling us the whole Truth , They should be making some tough laws but they would rather send you a letter asking for Money to Help end the Voter Fraud , I have sent letters with Ideas before the 2012 Election and again in 2014 and still trying ,, We need a card like a Credit Card with a Bar Code or a magnetic Chip that can be scanned and then the Ballot issued , It should Contain a Picture and Information on the Voter which must be an American ! If you like the Idea send it to you Congressmen

          15. tchr says

            Thanks, great idea. I will contact one of them. I have one who is a Democrat who has answered every e-mail that I have sent and every petition that I have signed and been sent to him. I’m an independent. I don’t like what either party is doing. I will do whatever I have to do to stop the NWO and save my country.

          16. Ed Shick says

            Thanks but once you start you can spend a lot on Postage and the one thing that bugs me is voting is a state right , but In Ohio we have a 30 day voting period and so some people vote in OHio and head fo Fla, Then they vote again as they have a home there also

          17. tchr says

            Our voting system is screwed up. What happened to people being honest? Everything is really different today than when I grew up. Those were the good old days.

          18. Ed Shick says

            When I retired I was asked to be a Poll worker and I loved it , then I got moved to a different Poll in 2008 and people were voting that did not have a proper ID , a Utility bill just does not cut it , and we had Drs. wives come in and bring friends to help Them Vote ,they could not hardly Speak English ,then kids with out of states drivers license who were going to school in a different state , but grew up here ! I have quit as health just does not cut those long hours , but it just is not what it should be !

          19. tchr says

            I know what you mean. Take care and God bless to all. I will pray for you and yours.

          20. Darlene says

            EXACTLY.. YOU HAVE SAID THE TRUTH..Deception, Disgusting….

          21. Darlene says

            I grew up in the 60’ Dad alway’s said tell the truth, be a person of your word, and pay your bill’s on time…..the kids today have not grown up with any moral;s or value’s

          22. Darlene says

            Thank-you for your effort

          23. Marvinas2 says

            So what’s wrong with getting people to vote with dead people’s IDs, when the President is carrying a dead person’s (Harrison J. Bounelle) social security card ?

          24. Ed Shick says

            Do you think Obama is getting the dead Mans Social Security Check as I think the man that had the # he used was born in 1890’s , Whatis the deal on our Social Security change on May 1 , I went to S.S. office in Lima and they said there is nothing to it ?

          25. maxx says

            If you are referring to HR 1314 that can affect payments it is pretty unlikely unless you and your spouse are of widely differing ages and both file for SS but then one suspends it. It’s a way to stop some “double-dipping” of sorts that certain people have figured out how to do.

          26. Ed Shick says

            That was the bill I was referring to , I’m 87 and my wife is 80 , Thanks for the reply , It’s more than I got going to S.S. office and spending the Morning , But that was kind of an education , Most people in there were pretty Young , I sat next to a man that was 43 and had twelve kids and was to sick to work ,My biggest problem is with my Former Employer for over 40 years who lost all of the stock I had bought , but that happened 15 years ago and I have about given up hope , They always said do not put all your eggs in one basket and I pretty much did !

          27. maxx says

            87? You have me beat by a few years but HR1314 won’t affect you or me either. I worked for a company for 22 years and invested in it’s stock which was worthless when I retired at 70. I watched as the stock was manipulated by company brass with all their insider trading and stock option shenanigans. I gave up on the stock market (mutual funds) because no matter what I did I always lost money. I had a private 401K and unfortunately it has to be held by one of those guardian outfits. It is invested in cash so gets literally no interest but at least the principle is steady. Some hot shot investor tries to get me to put it into stocks and I refuse because I know what will happen if I do it. Been there, done that.

          28. Ed Shick says

            Hi I worked for Ford Motor Co for 39.8 years , and was 2 mos away from being 65 ,They called me in the Office and a Doctor , not our Regular plant Doctor said I would not live more than a couple of Years so they put me out on Medical ,I had about 400,000 in Stock ,but I enjoy working so I went and got another Job with less overtime as most of the time at Ford I worked 12 Hrs. A day and 7 Day weeks , Then in 2000 I got my statement from Fidelity where they had moved my stock and seen it had dropped in Value by 30,000 in last Quarter , so I called and both Ford and Fidelity said I had no stock , It was lost and they would work on it , They found it over 6 Years later but by then it was worth a Dollar and 75 cents a share , At Eighty I had enough Medical Problems I retired again and since I have been trying to get answers about how much I had lost ,I could not even get a pin # , I would write letters asking for some thing in Writing as maybe I could declare it a loss , They would call and say I should have kept my Check Stubs , I had not , Then I sold it when i lived in McAllen Texas , place I had never been , Then on the last working day of last Year a lady Called and said She was forced to lie to me but She says she wanted to be right With God , She told me how much I had invested what it was worth when I moved it to another Company , what my loss was , and she said to write it down which I did , I asked her if she knew what had happened to the 20 dollars a share that they sent to Stock Holders when they devalued There Stock , That she had no Knowledge of , This from the company I had thought was the Worlds Greatest since I as a Child ! Live and learn , Do not put all your Eggs in one Basket ,

          29. maxx says

            Wow! I am really sorry to hear about what happened to you. Yours is a story that should be seen and heard by the public. Threatening Ford and especially Fidelity to go public with what went on many times gets their attention because it will have the potential to give them some “bad P.R.”, and they hate when that happens. If you have a Fox TV station in your town they usually have what they call “investigative reporters” that would probably love to dig into this for you and air such a story. I never had anywhere near the amount of company stock but when I officially retired I was surprised to find out that every purchase I made, even though I did not have documentation or certificate numbers was available from a third party company that worked as an audit firm for the employer. They even had records of stock spits etc. that I had never knew about. My employer in that case had been bought out or merged with another company so finding that data was a miracle. But it was available. If I were you I would contact the SEC and see if they could help or at least point you to some company that Ford used to oversee their stock activities. Please don’t just let it drop. You deserve to know everything that you did and what Ford and Fidelity did to you.

          30. Ed Shick says

            The last working day last year was Dec 18 , A lady called and told me she had to ignore or lie to ma and several others and she asked me to forgive her but she gave me the Amount I had paid for the Stock , What it was worth when I got it and moved it and What my actual Loss was , But she would not write it out and put it on paper ,I HAVE since contacted the Dept of Labor and they said it is a shame that some Employees ,do not get together and file a class action Suite , He said there are a lot of Good lawyers in DC, I have been opposed to hiring lawyers and from a Child of about 10 thought ford was the greatest and over looked many things , but I worked at a dealership in High school and worked for a Ford dealer till 80 and I always thought they would get it taken care of as I have been keeping in touch since may of 2000 when it got lost , Now I ma where it would be nice to have so I could help my own Family They are what I worked for ! I have contacted a lawyer now that I have a little to work with, Ford said one time i should have kept my pay checks , I did not ,but I think I have very good figures now , They say on a loss you can only use 3000 dollars a year , so If I can I will be dead long before i can Use it

          31. maxx says

            I don’t think the Dept. of Labor is too interested in Fords stock purchase plan. That’s why I think you should contact the SEC or have your attorney do it. The SEC doesn’t look kindly on companies and brokerages like Ameriprise, Fidelity and others because these outfits are parasites. You certainly had enough stock that you deserved to be treated with more integrity.

          32. Ed Shick says

            I should have got more concerned before now , but they keep telling you on the Phone what they are doing ,It was what i was counting on for retirement , But wondr if it did not get stolen , No one to day in Ford remembers when it dropped it’s stock value from 48 Dollars a share to 28 and we were supposed to get 20 Dollars for each share it was about 2006, but that was at a time when they could not find my stock ,

          33. Ed Shick says

            They worked hand in hand with each other as my Adviser from Ameriprise explained what she could learn , It is some thing that after having 54 Ford Products and most years getting your friend’s X plans from You and my family are for most part driving Fords , They just got to me and that hurts , I over looked a lot it’s a big Company and the last letter i wrote to where the drpt of labor gave me an Address in World hdq , The Reply which was on a different subject came out of Orlando Florida , on Ford paper ,but unsigned , Now to see a record of our pension deposits we should go on internet and get a pin number , I tried and all I get is Invalid E-mail and pass word , It’s the one i have used since my boy sat me up on the internet and pass word a couple of letters and My army serial #.I will go out to plant early this week!

          34. maxx says

            Yours is a “priceless” post. I love it. Isn’t it also true that there are about 7 SS#’s related to his name or aliases? So many red flags. So few investigations.

          35. Ed Shick says

            It will be like Hilary , they know she should be on Trial but she is in there Click , and even if brought to Trial , Obama will pardon Her!

          36. Richard Trundle says

            WE wait till Obama leaves…………

          37. Richard Trundle says

            IT’S OBAMA’S fought::::He NEEDS IMPEACHING,I been on my congress about it all year. How many have contacted THEIRS>>>>>

          38. 1Clara2 says

            I’ve heard that people are on to the multiple voting scam. They’re using their cell phones to photograph the corruption. Way to go!!!!!!

          39. Ed Shick says

            When Barry was an Acorn Worker , and working for Alice Palmer she ran for Illinois State Senate and made it , with Barry using names from Tombstones in South Chicago ,, Alice was a Communist with a Card , She liked little Barry and sent him to Russia where he attended Patrice Lumumba Univ. He was a great student and has been backed by the Communist party and even got an Adviser to keep him doing what he could to Hurt America and the Middle class , and Christians , If we had a Congress Obama would have been on trial for Treason ,You go to Chicago and did something to get an Education even Alice now knows he is a Creep and She hates the ex acorn Kid , he took her job and then with help he went Quickly to our President and his Adviser keeps him Communist , a Russian Spy??

          40. Halftrack2 says

            The two who are responsible for vetting Omuslim are Pelosi and Reid..Two of Trump’s favorites candidates to support with donations…

          41. Bob Marcum says

            Richard, I agree with you, as best I can determine the intent of your statement. However; I think you might want to proofread your comments, before hitting the send button,. No offense, friend; Just a friendly suggestion.

          42. Giorgio Benhana says

            through Acorn that allows dead people to vote multiple times.

          43. Ed Shick says

            And Obama worked for ACORN in Chicago under a Communist , Alice Palmer and she got him a trip to study Marxism and Communism in Moscow ,Then he came home and took her Job as Illinois state Senator and with help of Voter Fraud he has been Our Muslim Islamic Commander in chief ,unbelvable ! Not the nation that I went to Combat For !

          44. Richard Trundle says


          45. pappadave says

            This just in: We have positive proof that Osama bin Laden is DEAD. He just registered to vote in Chicago.

          46. Richard Trundle says


          47. Phyllis says

            One of the ways is absentee balloting. They watch the obituaries and make an absentee ballot with a fake address and insert it into the file cabinet that holds the absentee votes. They have found as many as 18 people in one county purportedly voting from ONE house years ago. That has gone on for years/

          48. Richard Trundle says

            IT WON’T STOP AS LONG AS THE DEMOCRATS ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE. That’s how they will get too stay in it. Until the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE STOPS IT.

          49. Darlene says

            WHO —is the Department of Justice anyway ? Are you sure there is one ? There was Eric Holder who covered for all of Obama’s deceitfullness, and then Obama put Loretta Lynch in the–who he can control—after he took Eric Holder out of office–so he wouldn’t have to be responsible to go to court and testify about Benzingotti and the gun smuggling he and Obama were involved with…

          50. Richard Trundle says

            LYNCH said yesterday she has the proof that HILLARY did the Emails on her desk. But didn’t say what she going to do about it????????????

          51. Darlene says

            Obama will tell disreguard it…and nothing will happen—–they cover for each other–Obama covers for HIllary—they are both Wicked and deceitfull, Obama wants Hillary to be President so he can control..her and implement his plan—in destroying America……bringing in all the Muslims and Refugee’s, FOR THE One World Order..under Muslim Shariah Law..then we will be getting our heads cut off

          52. headonstraight says

            Get ready to welcome your next President, Ms. Clinton, in January 2016! It will happen!

          53. Richard Trundle says


          54. Darlene says

            I am sure they will rig it…so TRUMP WON’T WIN–Clinton is a deceitfull, Witch, and Obama… the Muslim and Clinton want to take America down

          55. Darlene says

            That is the Truth—–

        4. coneyro says

          Unqualified voters are indeed going to do their worst, by voting EITHER Trump or Hillary in.
          There is not one ounce of honesty between either of these two frauds.
          Our country is in big trouble now.
          No excuses anymore. Clinton, among other traits, is a liar and a criminal. Trump, as was shown this week, is an egotistical sociopath, and mentally unhinged.
          Distrust and abhor both if these miscreants.
          Don’t agree with much of Sander’s political agenda, but at least he is transparent and honest about his viewpoints, and doesn’t curse or degrade his opponents. He is, what he is, good or bad. Carson, unfortunately, is out. That man had class.
          Clinton and Trump share the BS award of the year.
          They are creeping me, and a lot of people out.
          Hillary belongs in the BIGHOUSE, Trump belongs in the NUTHOUSE.
          ‘Nuf said….

          1. Tiger says

            The Establishment is going crazy trying to take Trump down. He is no Bilderberg Group member or a Globalist. He is using his own money, doesn’t listen to the GOP, pays for his own campaign, no Lobbyists taking him one way or the other, no CEO or Wall Street, nobody stopping his mouth.

            When the RINO made it clear they were with O by giving him everything he wanted after we trusted them and expected them to stop him at midterms, the people were shocked and disappointed. Then this and we know Trump is on the right track.

            Trump for 2016

          2. Ed Shick says

            You are very right , We need a man who puts America # 1 , and when people get money from some one then they owe them a favor , Our Fore Fathers wanted to make America Great and some went Broke doing it , Actually when i was drafted and in Combat as a medic I think I was getting 138 dollars a month and I did not go take a vacation !

          3. Tiger says

            A Medic toughest job in any war, thank you for the service. Sadly when you guys come home you can’t challenge the Nursing Boards, bad news cause you all are far more qualified than most nurses when it comes to ER nursing.

            Money talks and morals walk. Agreed.

          4. Ed Shick says

            When I went in the Service ,The last thing I thought of being was a Medic , When McArthur and Gen. Almond went North , We did not have time for Shooting with the Cold and Wounded ,I came back to my factory Job , but my first wife and second also were nurses and my 2 daughters , son is a pharmist and have a Grandaughter studing to be a Doctor , so some how they got in medical field , Every now and then I think of what we did in Korea , Mash was a Neat TV show but not to real We did not have Hot LIps!

          5. Tiger says

            Good family history appears you impressed upon them.

            As to Hot Lips she was there in Shield/Storm and this war and as an Army Reserve nurse who served in two wars we were MASH. Gota be to survive.

          6. Ed Shick says

            Well now I guess it is time to say great Job , It is something that was great for memories and some of the best buddies you will ever have , Sadly most of the ones I kept track of are now gone , I guess when you get in Your eighties you just visit Doctors and they charge more than the 138 dollars a month I got and they do not get shot at , It was probably better than the 40 years I spent at Ford .

          7. Tiger says

            Well I sure am happy you are here and posting you are a gem. Every poster I have read who is over 70 are great.


          8. Tiger says

            Thank you for the compliment. Yes I remember us telling one another what we did and saw would bind us to one another til the end of time. And it does.

          9. Ed Shick says

            You are right , They say once a marine always a marine ! I think being in a Combat zone and having great Friends you never forget ,what it is to have people that will not leave you behind.

          10. Tiger says

            Same in every military organization, always friends war or peace. My father a Marine, believe me that saying is true.

          11. Ed Shick says

            As a Nurse, I am sure there are some that you do not forget , We mostly stopped the bleeding and they went to a field hosp , But there was a few I have always wondered if they made it home and had a good life , but you did not even know their names ,It was quite an interesting life and mayb i should have re enlisted as Ford was so much back stabbers , My officers in the military treated me great !

          12. Tiger says

            There were many good officers and then there are those who think since they went to Academy they know it all. Nothing like experience and the wise leader delegates to those who are the best at their jobs. Then lets them do it. The Chiefs run the Navy, the Sergeants run the Army that is for sure. A good officer is a good listener.

          13. Ed Shick says

            That kind of holds true in Industry , They come up with changes and that is on paper but it is the Hourly workers and skilled trades that makes it work and the top salary Workers brag how they did the job and once you retire you are nothing !

          14. Tiger says

            Yes it does. Can’t name the times as an RN someone took my idea, ran with it and took the credit.

            Happens in my husbands company all the time. He has a BS in Technology but opted to downsize his job and he is constantly telling me how that happens daily in his company. The technicians do the work and the boss takes the bow.

          15. Ed Shick says

            There were several things that happened , One of the first , I turned in what was a faily simple solution to a Problem on our Cam grinders , They called me in office and as they said it could be Patened would I sicn away Patent rights and if I would I would get a maxium Award , Six thousand and a new Car , ABOUT A Year lter I got a 57 Dollar award ,But they got me worse on there stock buying Plan , They lostit for over 6 years while it dropped from about 90 Dollars a share to a dollar ,75 cents ,I’ve hard this has become common place , My retirement changed a Lot !

          16. Tiger says

            Wow Ed you did get a truly bad break. I write poetry, have since 8 years old, once I allowed a poem to be published, they took my name off it and they paid me nothing. Never sold another poem or song.

          17. Ed Shick says

            I was a Ford fan from very young , Built a couple of Roaring Roadster’s probably they were before your tme but I had an uncle that had The John Deere Dealership so between farm and that kept me Busy and in High school I worked parts dept on Sat at a ford dealer and then was a charter member of NHRA ,and then came Korea , and home and got married , First wife got Lupus and was on research in Cleveland but passed away on her 39th Birthday , Two daughters with Shirley then in a couple of Years remarried and had 2 Sons , Now I’m just old , but over all very lucky , Some of what I remember most was the time in the Army and Maybe I should have stayed in , Tommorow I get my teeth removed , Have a good Day ! I never played with a Computer till after i was 80 and one son gave me his old one!

          18. Tiger says

            What a life you have had Ed. What a life. In my close to 30 years of being an RN I have never heard a dull life story. People are incredible. You are a very interesting man. Sorry you are losing your teeth. I never really got into computers until coming back from this war.

        5. louann says

          Unqualified people? Your speaking to millions of Americans.what are you the smart one?really?ok smart ones your going go make America great? Shut the mouths of the stupid people. Steal there vote. Wow! let people break our boarder laws? Let terror come? Can’t wait to see our new American. The smart people will take care of us.

          1. Tiger says

            Unqualified voters were those illegals, dead people and those who voted more than once and we as a country know in every state that happened. Unqualified voters to you people today and uneducated are those that are for Trump. So what is your problem?

            Trump isn’t for any of what you say that is Hillary, Cruz’s wife, Bernie , O and all the Liberals. Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, Christians, Evangelicals, Veterans, Military all coming together to stop the insanity.

      2. Angry American says

        Two biggest losers since I started voting almost 50 years ago

        1. gonzales27 says

          Yes indeed

      3. Gary Smith says


      4. midwestDick says

        Unqualified? Are we talking about the guy that failed to stop 9/11, the worst invasion onto American Territory since Pearl Harbor, started and lost two unnecessary wars for his own personal glory, and failed to stop the worst economic crash since the great depression?
        Not so much eh. We are talking instead about the guy who mopped up the mess and set the nation on the road to 7 years of consistent growth, no invasions and no new wars.
        Makes sense to me.

        1. bandit says

          midwestDick . . . you surely are one !

          1. hmmathis says

            MidwestDick is short for midwestDickhead.

          2. rfrichey says

            Or just short !

          3. ringostarr1 says

            For someone so tall, midwestDick sure has small hands. But you know what the ladies say about men with small hands?

        2. hankthetank says

          YOU LIE AS MUCH AS BOTH OF THEM!! Bush # 1, started 0ne war, Kuwait; Bush #2 started,two wars Afghanistan & Iraq !!! NOW obama started around 5or6!!! he gave money for Kenya to get rid of English rule, then he gave money for them to invade Sudan; he helped overthrow the leaders of Tunis ,& Tunisia; then Egypt; then Lybia, then Syria, then Yemen And don’t forget ( Benghazi ) ( Fast & Furious )Gun running to the drug cartel !! want me to go on, by the way, the leader he overthrowed, Tunisia, they are now on their 4th leader !!! I am 84 yrs. old !!!

          1. midwestDick says

            Nice list. But no boots on the ground. Many dead, All opponents.
            Bush wars, on the other hand, many many more dead and lots of Americans.

          2. gonzales27 says

            That war was approved by Congress,both parties approved it,and made claims that Sadam had to be removed from power,slick wiillie clinton is on record several times stating that.

          3. midwestDick says

            You mean Hillary, who was most certainly for both Iraq and Afghanistan invasions. That may be the main reason Obama cleaned her clock in 2008

          4. gonzales27 says

            That’s the one but Kerry said he was for it before he was against it,maybe that is Hillarys position now?

          5. Mic says

            Congress is as corrupt as the senate as the POS . If u think any of these clowns r better than the rest u have been duped . We the people need to fire the lot of them and start over . Is Trump any better ? I hope so , but probably not . Time may tell if Hitlery is already slated to b the next POS which I feel it may have already been decided .

          6. Rick says

            Don’t forget she’s the Butcher of Benghazi !

          7. Darlene says

            yes that’s right—-

          8. gonzales27 says

            You are right

          9. Richard Trundle says

            OH YES THE CROOKS WILL PULL SOME DIRTY TRICKS. She should be in prison for what she done on the emails. She sold the USA down the RIVER.

          10. Marvinas2 says

            Also approved by the United Nations Security Council.

          11. gonzales27 says

            Yes it was,thanks

          12. MootsaGootsa says

            Poor response, one must look at the long term consequences of Obama’s actions., By the way there are many boots on the ground.

          13. TheSkalawag929 says

            We should look at them like Republicans look at the long term consequences of the Reagan administration’s actions?
            You know, cutting and running in Lebanon, Iran Contra and propping up and arming Saddam Hussein.

          14. Mic says

            His drone program is killing countless civilians . Some 80 Pakistani’s mostly innocent civilians . He is a coward and a traitor . And anyone who fallows him is the same . But don’t worry dick ‘cuz u r on his blue list of fellow traitors . Only us who actually see his crimes r subject to his abuse .

          15. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Ah! But you now see how his “Leading from behind” has affected the military and the economy. His ideas of creating more jobs by consulting union leaders went nowhere because unions live on the workers paychecks. They have NEVER created any jobs.

          16. mac12sam12 says

            More military have died during Hussein Obama’s reign, not to mention the fact that he’s responsible for the Christian genocide in the Middle East.

          17. Darlene says

            that is the truth

          18. Richard Trundle says

            You can get a list of all that was lost on computer,if you know where too look. Now look at it like this,suppose the USA sit on their BUTTS after Pearl Harbor was bombed. WHERE WOULD BE TODAY,thank about it. But no-one would have life everyone ENJOYS TODAY. Thank before you comment. I know where the list is of everyone that was killed in ALL OUR WARS,from the first one TILL NOW. You will be surprised. CHECK IT OUT.

          19. gonzales27 says

            Check the bottom of the Atlantic ocean,you will probably find them.

          20. Richard Trundle says


          21. rjet43 says

            You are a obozo but kisser! my son in-law has been to afgan twice and is about to go back! Again stop smoking that stuff!! Troll!!

          22. Retired Marine says

            You are proof that you can’t fix stupid.

          23. 1Clara2 says

            I see. As long as we don’t have boots on the ground, we’re not responsible for all the dead people in all those countries. Is that it? As far as I can tell, “O” is complicit in those deaths which is tantamount to having started those wars himself.

          24. Richard Trundle says

            Well lets see here,we lost 279 troops in the gulf war 90-91,the shortest war in America History. But IRAQ LOST THOUSANDS. If IRAQ HAD GOTTEN FULL CONTROL of Kuwait you would wondering when you was going anymore GAS. You can fine all the lost people of all wars on computer if you know how to do it.

          25. headonstraight says

            “you would wondering when you was going anymore GAS.” Gee, Trundle, could you put that in English?

          26. Richard Trundle says

            YOu don’t thank if IRAQ got control of the world OIL SUPPLY,you could just go down and get GAS at WILL DO YOU. AND YOU CALL ME STUPID. WOW

          27. Progressive Republican says

            Where did mD lie?

          28. ampar wingate says

            md lied when he opened his mouth

          29. Progressive Republican says

            Well, if you completely ignore the fact that nothing of his I’ve seen here is in any way inaccurate, then sure.

        3. steppenfetchit says

          The short answer would be no. We are talking about Obama and HIllary. If you want to talk a bout not stopping 9/11 look no farther than William Clinton would would no give the order to kill OBL. The economic crash was the result of corruot laws written by a corrupt politicians and the complicity of the fed and bankers. I have no idea where you are getting your numbers on growth in this administration. Did you find them on Hillarys’ server?

          1. midwestDick says

            The Federal reserve open markets committee releases a quarterly GDP growth report, available online. All quarters since March-June 2009 are positive.
            About OBL;Clinton tried but missed. Bush also failed to kill him. Obama did that.
            Last, the corrupt politicians of whom you speak include George Bush and the Republican Congress that has been protecting and enabling crooked Banksters since hankthetank was a young man.

          2. Mike Albertone says

            Politicians on both sides are corrupt. Don’t try to paint it like it is just the Republicans.

          3. rfrichey says

            What makes you think mid short dick found anything on Witch Hillary’s server? He probably couldn’t track Jumbo in the snow, but you can bet our enemies found everything they needed.

          4. Tricia Harris says

            Great response! I love the “Did you find them on Hilary’s server?” line! PERFECT!

          5. says

            TRICIA; CRUZ WILL WIN. Especially when people find out how many Liberal ( very liberal ) so called Christian churches and folks are in this world / country.

        4. rfrichey says

          911 had been in the plans for at least 2 years when it happened and I don’t need to tell you who was asleep at the wheel. Maybe he wasn’t asleep, maybe he was in the oval office being serviced by someones teenage daughter. The truth of the matter is if he had been aware that the FBI and the CIA were not working together like a real leader would have, then maybe he could have nipped it in the bud as old Barney Fife would say. As far a Hillary goes, if that witch ever told the truth the world may explode.

          1. Tricia Harris says

            Exactly right! Clinton was told that black ops had OBL in their sites and could have taken him out in the mid 90’s, and Clinton didn’t have the balls to take bin Laden out – guess he was using them for other activities in the Oval office.

          2. rfrichey says

            Funny and true.

        5. MootsaGootsa says

          No new wars? Obama has bombed 7 different countries, where have you been?

          1. midwestDick says

            Sorry mis-spoke. I meant — no invasions.
            Meanwhile, most of Obama’s detractors think he’s not bombing enough. God bless Rand Paul, but where did his sane approach to international conflict get him?

          2. MootsaGootsa says

            I personally will be voting for Gary Johnson this election. Too bad the two main Parties will do everything to stop that.

          3. brooklynjoe says

            Playing with his Midwest Dick?

          4. Retired Marine says

            Now that’s funny…LOL

        6. TAK1 says

          Nope. The Iraq War was totally stupid and unnecessary but the US won that war, Obama lost the peace. All Obama did was surrender the gains made, toppled Egypt, toppled Libya, and is trying to topple Syria. The middle east is totally on fire, he mopped up nothing. A stupid stupid war. Obama wanted the job so it is difficult to blame him for screwing up something he wouldn’t have done, a no-win situation. Can’t blame Bush for 9-11 without blaming Clinton also, they were both naive.

          The economy is bad. 50% unemployment in black youths, record number of people not working, median income going down, record food stamps. The thing that keeps it propped are the 0% interest rates but the lucky few who can take advantage. The middle class is truly suffering.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            All of what you said is true. What Obama really meant to say was “Change that you can’t believe.”

          2. Progressive Republican says

            How did the U.S. ‘win’ that war? By da shrub’s signing SOFA thus making another mess for his successor to clean up? How is that victory?

          3. TAK1 says

            Oh, we won the ground war. It was over in months, Hussein was out, new govt in place. But it was a stupid idea and never should have been done! Obama inherited a bad situation but he wanted the job so he can’t complain. I would have pulled out too, we have to learn that once kick ass we cant occupy these countries for 30 years, so dont go there in the first place. So yes, He lost the peace that dumbass W created. I am mostly agreeing with you and I voted for W twice! Dumb move on my part in retrospect but Gore or Kerry? No way.

          4. Progressive Republican says

            The “peace that dumbass W created” was largely fiction. Nobody thought it would last after our forces pulled out except idiots.

            One cannot lose what was never there.

          5. TAK1 says

            Exactly right! Do you just want to find something to disagree about? We feel the same way about it. We invade a country, we kick it to crap, there is “peace” only if we stay. That is what I am saying too. So let’s not do it in the first place. We need a strong military to defend us, we do not need to take out Hussein, Qaddafi, Mubarek, and the guy in Syria. Those are their countries, we should leave them alone.

          6. Progressive Republican says

            Nothing there for us to argue about certainly. In fact, America’s foreign policy post-WWII has been at nearly catastrophic. It seems like most of our meddling has come back to bite us in the ass; yet hawks keep putting us back in there or elsewhere we shouldn’t be.

            One could wish they’d learn but it would, at this point, be unwise to count on it.

          7. Darlene says

            EXACTLY—–I Agree—-

          8. Tricia Harris says

            Well said!

          9. Retired Marine says

            Damn well said.
            Semper Fi

        7. Mic says

          Dick , u r about the most ill informed dick I have heard to date . Obummer has put us in the toilet , not defending Bush because he was an establishment pawn . But the other guy who u refer to as giving us 7 years of growth ? Where do u get yer info CNN ? If u actually r human and not a computer program ( r u ? ) u r as blind as u r a dick .

          1. ringostarr1 says

            He is not ill informed, MD is just pure evil and any real American, from either the GOP or the Democrat Party should band together and buy MD a one way bus ticket to Syria, then accompany him to the bus station..

        8. Progressive Republican says

          No. By ‘unqualified’ they mean ‘not-a-white-Republican’ which, I know, is needlessly repetitively redundant, but wtfe right?

        9. Rick says

          No invasions! What do you call illegal aliens,Muslim terrorist and Syrian Muslim terrorist and Thor Biggest supporters our Muslism president his Muslim Administration Muslin Enablers Kerry, Polosi,Reed, Bahner, Ryan, the Comunist press and career politicians!

        10. Tricia Harris says

          The planning for 9/11 was started while Bill Clinton was President because after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center Al Qaeda KNEW that Clinton was a spineless coward and would do NOTHING TO STOP THEM! Bush was president for less than 9 months on 9/11 – it’s not that Bush failed to stop it, it’s that CLINTON provided the incentive for it to happen to begin with. Obama is the one who has sent the country into an ever greater mess than we have ever seen! You are obviously an ignorant Democrat if you believe the garbage you spouted above! By the way, we have had bombings and are being invaded now because the POS TRAITOR occupying the White house has invited the terrorists and THEY ARE HERE! I HOPE YOU ARE AFFECTED BY ONE OF THEM FOR YOUR STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE – BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU WE HAVE A TRAITOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

          1. says

            100% right on and well put doll.

        11. James Brooks says

          you are a dick for sure.

        12. mac12sam12 says

          No, we’re talking about two people who have turned the Middle East into chaos as well as Europe with all the recent refugees. We’re talking about Obama and Hillary. Record low workforce participation, doubling the poverty rate and the food stamp roles and a shrinking middle class. Obama also has the worst GDP quarters than any other president. And we’re talking about you, one of obama’s clapping seals.

        13. hangem'high says

          Where Bush failed is not perusing the terrorist in to Iran and knocking out their headquarters and head terrorist Allahkaawmeanni , but Obummer would have screwed that up on purpose too!

        14. rjet43 says

          please stop smoking that SH!.you have no brain left!

        15. Marvinas2 says

          If you believe the fairy tales published by the current usurper.

        16. Richard Trundle says

          HE is still trying to finish up the ones that were there when he got elected. When they pull the troops to early without finishing the job. You will go back.

      5. gonzales27 says


      6. Conservative says

        Sadly the qualifications today for so many is the color of one’s skin.
        O.K. we had our black president, we may soon have our first female president and next we will have to have our first transexual president. Unfortunately, this is where some people place their values. No wonder the entire world laughs at us, uses us and thinks we are just a bunch of stupid sheep with stupid leaders.

      7. 1Clara2 says

        LOL…thanks, Marine, you read my mind.

      8. Andrew says

        You’re absolutely right.

      9. Eleanore Whitaker says

        What’s the matter…no woman wants anywhere near you slugs?

      10. Halftrack2 says

        Low information voters put Omuslim in the White House…..NOW the same low information voters are Trump zombies and are about to make the same mistake…Again…

    2. sherri palmer says

      Trump can volley back and say that Obama is not elligble to be president because he was never vetted! and has sealed documents to hide his background! He can go on and on about Hillary but just let her burn in her own fire! Hillary and Obama should be locked up…imagine America with a bunch of overt ly corrupt heads of state!

      1. Angry American says

        And she is still facing indictment,I wonder what is taking them so long?

        1. hankthetank says

          They want to do it right, & get the other 50 !!

        2. ringostarr1 says

          Obama is attempting to time it so that the FBI can arrest Hillary at the Democrat Party Convention in Philadelphia then lead her away in handcuffs. With all the noise that The Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan is making about Hillary not being qualified for President, I halfway look for Obama to nominate Farrakhan.

        3. fred says

          The kenyan’s “justice dept” headed by another criminal… post holder…go figure why she isn’t sitting in an orange jumpsuit in Federal Prison right now!

      2. wandamurline says

        I can assure you, Trump will not be a Romney….if she fires at him, he will let her have it with both barrels….he told her not to start the woman sexist thing with him….she did it anyways….he attacked her can’t keep it in your pants husband to the point, that the Clintons “didn’t want to talk about it anymore”….and she has not been spouting off as much as she was. I personally think it would be a free for all wrestling match and she would lose and that is why the lamestream commie news are telling everyone that The Donald cannot beat her….because they really believe that he can and they and the lying loathful Republican establishment are peaing in their pants….they are scared to death. I will vote Republican regardless of who gets the nomination because we cannot afford to allow Hildabeast to get to the White House….she will dessiminate America and all of our freedoms…you know the ones that we still have left.

        1. marlene says

          TRUMP most certainly can and is probably the only candidate who can.

        2. rfrichey says

          I disagree with you, before the old witch can destroy America you will see a revolution of major proportions. The only way I see the witch being elected is if the GOP is stupid enough too not get behind Trump. The GOP big dickheads are trying everything they can think of to keep Trump off the ticket. My family has been GOP since before the Civil War and that wasn’t the thing to do around here at that time. If the powers to be screw Trump they will lose a whole lot of Republicans and that will be the end of the GOP. Just watch and see if I’m right on revolution and the GOP.

        3. ringostarr1 says

          If Trump is the nominee then Hillary will be elected. There will be a Democrat Majority in the House and Senate starting next year. President Hillary Clinton will nominate Senator Elizabeth Warren or else Obama to the Supreme Court and America will never ever recover because we will be paying tribute to Russia, Cuba, and Red China for the next 500 years.
          marline, Trump has never nation wide defeated Hillary in any poll and currently she is leading Trump and pulling away from him in most states. It is what it is.

          1. rfrichey says

            If that happens it will time to clean and oil your weapons.

      3. patriot says

        We already do have corrupt heads of state

      4. hankthetank says

        THEY both are murderers, ( Benghazi ) and more !!!

      5. Rick says

        Send em to Gitmo!

      6. fred says

        Trump has always had “skin in the game” neither of these two treasonous frauds has ever held a real job in their lives! Oh sorry, hillary was fired from the only job she ever had, the Watergate investigation, and the kenyan was a “community organizer” for a Mob Boss in Chicago! My mistake, i guess you could call those jobs…

    3. pineapple says

      Subj: Hillary in Beaumont, Texas

      The trip to Beaumont with only 6 people at the airport, whom she ignored, was widely reported. I have no idea with whom she met, but this article appears to be accurate.

      This is true. Go to channel 12 Beaumont Texas. It happened on Jan 6,2016.

      This is for real . Story appears on Beaumont TV station Channel 12

      According to the Beaumont newspaper and reports from a

      couple of Beaumont TV stations this really

      happened. (January 6, 2016)

      Hillary Clinton made a campaign

      stop yesterday in Beaumont, Texas. Only six people were

      there to greet her. Her security detail outnumbered her

      supporters by quite a bit. She wouldn’t talk, wave to or

      even acknowledge those there to greet her. As bad as that

      is, it’s not the real story here. The real story is who

      she took a private meeting with. After landing, Clinton

      headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was

      greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of

      Pakistani origin. The event was held by Pakistani

      businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately

      $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it “one of the

      top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this

      country.” She’s bought and paid for by

      them.Spread this far and wide. You will

      not see it on national news but this is what is going


      1. Retired Marine says

        Well her girl friend is an Iranian married to a Weiner, what can you expect?
        All kidding aside, she is a traitor along with the odicktaster, and need to have a reconing.

      2. lou says

        She must have received the profit from Poppy seed sales

      3. Kenneth Fichtl says

        She not getting her votes from legal citizens

        1. KingDon says

          Maybe Obama can get them legitimized, registered, and taken to the voting booths in time to help her. I can smell an executive order coming to handle this!

          1. Kenneth Fichtl says

            When one party says they will support the chosen one of the other party the 2 party system no longer exists It is going to get worse from here. It is months away the process is being ignored intentionally

          2. Rick says

            Impeach that POS already! Where is our Rebulican Congress and Senate!

          3. The Grump says

            And smell is correct. Everything the POS does smells like manure.

        2. Ed Shick says

          In Columbus the Somalians voted every Day with help to get Obama in for another term and I think that happened across our Nation , We do not need 30 Days to vote , but we do need voter ID cards that are for Americans only and have a Picture , Ether a Bar code or Magnetic Chip that can be scanned the one time you VOTE !

          1. Kenneth Fichtl says

            never happen You think Somalians know anything about freedom?

          2. Ed Shick says

            They had Buses to take them to the Polls which are not staffed properly with the 30 Day voting time and the bus driver can help them Vote and then it’s Free Pizza !

      4. aschark says

        That’s not surprising. How’s this:
        Hillary’s Chief of Staff, while she was Secretary of State, was Huma Abedin, a muslim. Huma started with Hillary in 1996 as an intern. Here’s a little background on Huma: her husband is Anthony “snapshot” Weiner (who was running for the Mayor of NYC, until his messaging of his naked body to females – TWICE!). What I don’t understand is their marriage. Huma is a Muslim, and Weiner is a Jew. I thought that a marriage like that would lead to an honorable killing, but not in this case. Could it be that there’s a connection with someone in a high position? Well, Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, is the co-founder and spox for the Muslim Sisterhood, the female side of the Muslim Brotherhood. Could Huma and her mother have some influence on why Hillary is siding with Muslims? Your call.

        1. hmmathis says

          Sounds like both Clintons were hitting on interns!

        2. hankthetank says

          She is part of the shadow gov. she went every place that Hillary did, also Valire Jarrett, over sees obama !!!

        3. Almay says

          Interesting thought. Could it be that Hillary has become a Muslim too?

          1. Ed Shick says

            When she dies does she think she can become one of those Virgins that Muslims think they get when they go to there Paradise , They do not believe in Hell ! Surprise , Surprise!!

      5. VIRGINIA BESS says


        1. lou says

          Only 3 people showed up to vote she won 2 to 1

        2. pineapple says

          It’s not surprising that Hillary carried Texas, in spite of her Muslim associations. After all, Democrats elected a Muslim for President, not only once, but twice.

          1. Ed Shick says

            Maybe, Maybe Not ,He was into Voter Fraud when he was still in Acorn, ask Alice Palmer?

    4. supergun says

      The article also mentions the many scandals of TRUMP. They did not put the author’s name of this article. How convenient. Just write bold a$$ lies. This is yellow journalism.

      1. marlene says

        Not one bully attacker against TRUMP has ever provided anything to substantiate the truth or relevancy of their back a-wards priorities.

        1. supergun says

          I look at the election of obama. As much stuff that was known about him and as much stuff that was not known about him—–We never saw the lies and smear campaign against him like we are seeing of TRUMP.

    5. Progressive Republican says

      Who said anything about da shrub and his girlfriend Condi?

    6. 3ronald1 says

      My thoughts exactly. Which president has been less qualified than our current one? I am sick of the political crap these days. We need to clean house in D.C. We need to get back to the meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights – our founders were brilliant men apparently. The rules/laws they set forth in our beginning as a country are as effective today as they were then.
      Eliminate the Electoral College, too. As I see it, the cronies in D.C. have twisted the rules to manipulate the system to elect whoever they want, and the “will of the people” be damned.
      Stop the voting fraud – it will be rampant in this election, as it was in 2012.

    7. jaybird says

      If that doesn’t work he will join Clinton’s 40+ people that can’t talk anymore.

    8. OSAMA OBAMA says

      I liked that we gained 7 more states.

    9. Conservative says

      Hundreds of millions of good, highly intelligent men and women in the U.S. and the best they could come up with is Obama, Killary, Obama. Lying, corrupt crooks who care about nothing but themselves. Sadly, the House and Senate are both made up of these low-lifes who are voted into positions of power over all of our lives.
      Sadly, this is why no Democracy has ever lasted more than a few hundred years.
      “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That, and millions of people looking to get something for ‘nothing’ and people who are bitter because others have more than they do, continue to vote against their own best interests for a quick fix which never really materializes.

    10. Andrew says

      I’m with you one hundred percent Lou.

    11. Eleanore Whitaker says

      He’s better than you will ever be. That’s why HE is the president and you are one of his bowel movements passed yesterday.

    12. daveveselenak says

      Yeah, I have to laugh too because the state-run, fifth column media doesn’t consider the Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his former ole ugly commie whore Hillary the Pillory as the most unqualified but then again you have to realize that these two demonic forces were put in there to take down America and replace it with a “TRANSFORMED AMERIKA” – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, to deny this is to be a fool and a serf of the State living a life of misery and squalor which they have intended for every American while they, the NWO politburo live the life of the Kings and Queens that they are currently living on the public dole! Armr===============================?, freedom doesn’t come free, an installment payment is due! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    13. dhartley231 . says

      Odumbassa worst president ever , Iou got that right. The lying, cheating, stealing, and killing POS hillary clinton will continue odumbassa path to destroying the US economy (TPP). She is also pro vaccine and totally against the second amendment .



    1. Ace Dragon says


      1. TAK1 says

        So what do you think causes the problems if not people?

        1. KingDon says

          Same question I had. Space aliens maybe?

  8. Elizabeth Valentino says


  9. Angela Worden says

    We truly need to “Fix this Nation” and we aren’t going to do it by continuing the policies of the current administration.

  10. markypolo says

    The same MORONS that voted for Obama will vote fro Clinton. Democrats have sh!t for brains and that always remains the same. when we let lazy jobless morons ( including all government workers) vote, that became the Democrat Party.

    1. MAHB001 says

      That is EXACTLY what they want you to believe. I think 100% of the morons could vote for Bernie, and the results would be the same.

      Hillary counts the votes.

      1. markypolo says

        “Hillary counts the votes”. LOL, that nearly killed me!

        1. MAHB001 says

          Do you think the system is rigged? I do.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          —-Joseph Stalin

          1. Cotton says

            The states are the ones that count the votes. Which states do you believe are corrupt?

          2. TAK1 says

            Its the local officials who count. They can be corrupt. There are several caaes of voter fraud since 2008, all Democrat. So we dont trust Dems.

          3. Cotton says

            So only Democrats have done any gerrymandering and manipulation and Republicans are all white knights of honor to our society? I don’t think so.

          4. TAK1 says

            That’s your conclusion, not mine. I am not talking about gerrymandering and manipulation but outright voter fraud, admitted to in court, since 2008, by Democrat officials in local precincts. I don’t trust Republicans either.

            if you care to look (or google it), here’s one:

            Here’s another:

            My point is, the state certifies an election, local officials manage and count the votes. Undoubtedly Republicans have done it too, but based on my research, not as often. I don’t care what you say about it, I am not a Republican anyway. nor a Democrat. You jumped directly to party, have at it, I am not a partisan activist.

          5. Cotton says

            And here is a republican site talking about recent voter frauds of their own party.
            The truth is that even though it is rare, it still happens for both parties, I do not deny that, but to say that it is mostly Dems is pushing it. Why does it matter anyways? Voter frauds is always done by people that are just hurting their own party.The Democratic and Republican party in no way support it.

          6. MAHB001 says

            My home state is California. The election system is as corrupt and so is the system that controls CA.

            This is how it works in CA.
            The MEDIA is controlled by Liberals.
            The Unions are controlled by Liberals.
            The vote counters are controlled by liberals.

            So the first thing the MEDIA does is call the election close. This sets the serfs expectations.
            Then the MEDIA uses polls to verify their predictions.
            As the serfs vote F, the MEDIA continues to set expectations with the “counted” results…
            Sure enough the liberals cause/politician/tax law gets passed.
            By a margin of 52% to 48%

            Conservatives go home and lick their wounds.
            Democrats do a liberal happy dance.

            Nobody questions the results, nobody even questions if the votes were actually counted.

            How do you think Democrats get more taxes passed in CA?
            Nobody votes for them…

          7. Cotton says

            California is one of the most liberal states in the country, but to blame it on manipulation instead of public opinion is just a poor excuse. If you want to go to some place without liberals I would suggest going somewhere in the deep south.

          8. MAHB001 says

            Even CA own surveys show that its politicians are more liberal than the population is. But, yet again, you spew exactly what the MEDIA wants you to spew…

            Last year the group Election Integrity Project proved that there is corruption at the polling locations and vote counting place.

            Last year the LA County Registrars office succumbed to pressure from EIT and forced the Registrar to remove 15,000 dead people and 30,000+ duplicates in LA County alone.

            In addition they found about 2,400 people that voted in both San Diego and LA County.

            I might add, the system fought this group throughout the entire process.

            This type of corruption disenfranchises both Democrats and Republicans. It no longer matters what the people want, it only matters that they think they are being listened to.

            The manipulation goes far beyond what has been exposed.

          9. Cotton says

            Even with such voter fraud it would consist of a very meaningless percentage of votes. The real reason the California has been a blue state for a while is that the population of likely voters has a higher percent of Democratic than Republican voters. You can view those stats here:
            Most regions of California has a democratic dominance as well, which you can view here:
            As said before, maybe you should move to the deep south so you don’t have to complain about how you are a minority in your own state? Or you can complain about it on the internet, that works too.

          10. MAHB001 says

            Here is the big picture on how I am CONVINCED the fraud is used.

            I believe the MEDIA, UNION, Schools, Big Businesses, Churches, and BOTH Political parties are controlled by Liberal Progressives.

            This group has been called Liberal Progressives, Socialists, Social Democrats, Ruling Elite, RINO’s, Controllers, Bilderburgs (sp), Soros, Communists, Liberals, and many more names. For our purposes lets just call the “Elites.”

            The elites have infiltrated all sections of our society and are following the agenda items listed in the book, “The Naked Communist.” As proof, try to refute that the Democrat party hasn’t adopted every item on the list. Or consider that most can’t tell the difference between the two parties…

            The important part is that the elites control the MEDIA, the MEDIA controls public opinion. Again, try to put together an argument that the MEDIA isn’t leaning left, and using bias by omission to spin all news in favor of liberal causes.

            The elites have spent YEARS dividing the Country in two. First off, divided we fall, but just as important is that when divided, they do not need to inject near as many votes into “the voting machine” to make a change.

            In fact, I think the entire job of the MEDIA is to convince the public that it is going to be close.
            So the MEDIA calls it close.
            As the MEDIA reports the actual results of the people, the elites inject votes where and when needed to come to their chosen outcome.
            Sure enough the chosen outcome wins by a margin of 52% to 48%.

            Nobody questions the results because the MEDIA has been telling us that it was going to be close for a long time. We are ALL conditioned by their propaganda.

            This is exactly what is happening in CA. EIP has documented the corruption.

            I know it has happened on the National scale as well. It was the Republican elites turn and they chose Bush. It was the Democrats Elite turn and they chose 0-bama. (thanks for nothing)..

            Now it is supposed to be the Elite Republicans turn but they can not control Trump, nor Cruz…. I think the Republican Elites will chose, Hillary, a known entity that the elites can control. Or at least has the same goals for the Country as the elites… Hell Hillary is an Elite….

            I think the ultimate goal of the elites is a one world order, under Agenda 21. That means the destruction of our Constitution, and our liberties.

          11. Cotton says

            Liberal Progressives? Infiltration? Keep your conspiracy elsewhere, thanks.
            I shouldn’t have even bothered replying to this, but too late now.

          12. MAHB001 says

            These are no longer conspiracies, they have been outed as the truth…

          13. Cotton says

            Because your “truth” has definitely been widely accepted and successful. And especially how “successful” your website has been at stopping the liberal media and elites for the couple of years it has been running. I know! Let me fix your website slogan you have here..
            “A BOYCOTT THAT WORKS” *note: Has not actually worked for the entire time it has been running.

          14. MAHB001 says

            You think your silly little insults will stop me?

            Sure the site hasn’t been as successful as I wanted, but not because I haven’t tried. The site will work, it has worked in the past, and as long as we still have freedom and Capitalism in the US my site will work.

            Good things happen to those that don’t stop trying.


          15. Cotton says

            No, you only post your site on these third-rate-extreme-right sites. Your reach is incredibly small.

          16. MAHB001 says

            Suggesting I should wade into the filth you come from?

          17. Cotton says

            Why don’t you ask your political questions at, or Much higher quality of discussion compared to these types of places.

          18. ELAINE MARZANO says

            What are you still doing here if you think it is not good. you go your favorite one . My we would not want you to miss the higher quality of level of discussion . have fun.

          19. Cotton says

            I would miss all your lovely replies to my comments, though.

          20. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OH that is different. That is ok I am getting kind of used to you. I am sure you are being a little tiny bit not nice.

          21. MAHB001 says

            Thanks, that is actually helpful.

          22. markypolo says

            Definitely rigged. Washington is just one big cess pool of Crooks and Thieves.

        2. rfrichey says

          B!tc# can’t count that high, she has a mental illness that prevents her from telling the truth and counting.

  11. phil says

    Clinton and bernie both complain about the condition of the country. Who do they think caused this mess? It was their policies thats created this.
    Wake up America!! We are about to loose it all over a couple of commies!!

    1. Gary Smith says

      a choice between a liar and a socialist. Trump is not a good choice but he would be better than them

      1. Barbara duTreil says

        I agree Gary!!

      2. phil says

        Not so sure about Trump. I’d rather see Cruz put our nation back on coarse

        1. rfrichey says

          I prefer someone who was raised on baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and grandma from day one.

      3. marlene says

        A candidate who is better than every other candidate IS a good choice. TRUMP 2016

  12. lakehead2 says

    The worst President we have ever had is plotting with Hillary to keep the “peoples choice” from becoming President? What has our Country become under this “president”?

    1. Virginia Hornibrook says

      Obama’s the worst President we’ve had since Carter and killer Hillary will worse. Maybe the idiot Hillary will make Obama or her rapist husband secretary of state ad you know Obama doesn’t want to leave the white house he needs to go back to Kenya where he was born if anyone was illegal to President its the idiot I’m the white house now why the think he sealed all his papers er can’t let killer Hillary in the white house see how much more furniture and dishes they can steal this time they haven’t returned what they took the class time vote Republican help save America again at

      1. Deby says

        no, the plan is, when killary gets the job, she nominates obozo for the Supreme Court-are ya with me?–I heard this little scenario right before Justice Scalia passed-fits their scheming to totally undo America, ya think?

    2. kbfallon says

      They know that TRUMP is going to knock down their house of cards-smash the 3 card monty taxation-level the sand castles……and worst of all—-F-up Obananas/Clintons legacy of lies and the public will know what they have been doing to us and the way they are selling our country to the Chinese and whoever else has money…!

  13. pmbalele says

    What Clinton and Obama plan a strategy to defeat Trump! People should know this article is written by a hypocrite right winger. It is the Repubs and TPs that have been wielding a strategy how to defeat Trump. GOP leaders have tried to block Trump’s nomination at all costs, even if it meant losing the presidency to Hillary Clinton. They know Trump threatens all the establishment GOP leaders’ cozy deals and entitlements. He’s a threat to the lobbying class! He’s a threat to the consultant class! He’s a threat to the globalists!” Here is best one – GOP establishment would rather suffer through four years of Hillary than to have an outsider be president like Trump, who is beholden to no one! Republicans are hypocrites. All these years, Repubs and TPs have been telling us they want to cut tax, scale the government to bones. But want to go to war nobody wants to over-bill the government and people of this Country. I love it when they prefer GOP candidate to lose for Hillary. That is exactly what people have been thinking all this time. We are better off with Hillary, our angel, than any of those morons calling one another as liars. What a day to see Hillary taking President Obama!

    1. Angry American says

      Why are you so anti American?

      1. pmbalele says

        You mean not in Repub or TP is anti-American. You make me sick. I have been enjoying my life because of success President Obama has brought to this country. You might have not been born when in 2008 this country was bankrupt. Romney and his rich friends had shipped their money abroad leaving people here without jobs.

    2. Deby says

      what a bunch of crap-but not surprising since you a rabid leftist tool.

  14. del says

    Old sorpss

  15. del says

    Old soros will put rigged machines in for crook clinton

  16. Debbie says

    Isn’t that strange He was just meeting with Sanders guess he is covering both sides.

    1. Retired Marine says

      Where and when? Not saying you are wrong, but do you have a bit more information? I’d like to see it for myself. Call me a cynic.

      1. Debbie says

        Read back in your news clipping, He met with Sanders in the White House approx. 2 weeks ago. In a closed door meeting.

        1. Retired Marine says

          I can’t find anything on that, I do know that Sanders met with The Odicktaster in the white house a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t find where Trump met with anyone at the white house. If you could send site information I would appreciate it.

          1. Debbie says


  17. Wayne Thorson says

    How many of you watched that Republican debate Saturday night. I watched it and I thought I was watching the 3 stooges Larry, Moe and Curly. Talk about slap stick comedy I thought it was great. I can’t wait until the next Republican debate. It is scary to imagine that one of these clowns might become our next President. The only person on that stage that looked presidential was the Governor of Ohio. I don’t think Hillary is going to have any problem getting elected. I believe the Republican party is finished. When the majority of the Republican voters support candidates like they have for this election it is scary.

    1. kbfallon says

      Well -you get your one vote wayne..use it wisely. And start practicing saying “President Trump…and I can’t believe they locked up Hillary”. Its rolls right off the tongue. Trump has the goods on that raggety azzed woman –they sucked up to him many times to get some money from him and they had to get him in their loop as they say to get the funds. So-the fun will begin when she starts to quiver when they debate and that info comes out .

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        Yup and you will find out it will work both ways.

  18. kicks says

    The Clintons are the worst perverts and criminals ever to decorate a chair in the Oval Office, I believe Trump will make a great president, it will be much easier for him to achieve than some of the challenges he has already overcome. Go Donald !

    1. Barbara duTreil says

      So very true – they should be in jail for what took place many years ago and still they are
      around and getting away with – I hate to say it – murder!!

      1. rfrichey says

        Why do you hate to say murder? Where’s John Wilkes when we need him?

  19. John Schëar says

    There exists today a president who lied and connived his way into and through over 7 years of failure and his clone Hillary who can claim even fewer successes than Barry. Did we NOT learn anything? Do we want another Barry practicing his deception but dressed as a white, old woman?

  20. MAHB001 says

    Both should be in jail.

  21. Patriot47 says

    You forgot to include the RNC.

  22. G.Mann says

    The only vote Hillary deserves is at her treason trial by the jury.. “Guilty on All Counts” …..

    Any questions?

  23. Evan says

    The photo above, showing clinton and obama, represent the
    worst this country has to offer! Neither should EVER represent
    our government!

    1. rfrichey says

      Wasted opportunity!

  24. Tiger says

    Toro Feces the only thing O is plotting is getting Clinton into an orange jumpsuit so he can put his trained Primate Biden in.

    1. Deby says

      I wish that were true Tiger-but I don’t know-Lynch just went on TV yesterday and pretty much said there will be no indictment of killary right now. Guess we have to wait until the new Republican president and his new attorney general get situated to get any sort of justice for her treasonous ways, but hey, I can wait, as long as it happens!!!

      1. Tiger says

        Ahhh up down and all around isn’t it? But I heard today that Comey is going to take her down by releasing every single thing they have on her and saying there will be a mass exodus from the FBI.

        Boy howdy and a do do.

        1. Deby says

          God I hope so!! Comey “seems” to be on the ball on this, but I have been disappointed so many times when it comes to justice -ie Gowdy dropping the ball with respect to the Benghazi testimony– that I will hold my breath until it actually happens.

          1. Tiger says

            I can sympathize with your feelings I am there also.

            Prayed for years for somebody to take O down, Trump appeared. This is the last showdown.

          2. Deby says

            you got that right sister! time to go for the GOLD!!! the Repubs HAVE to take this election or America as we knew it- is gone.

          3. Tiger says

            You know it, I know it, the people in my hamlet know it, either the election box or the bullet box.

            They can make the choice, I and my family ready either way. No more it is done or America is done.

  25. Retired Marine says

    I laughed so hard at the headline I almost puked. What a no-brain trust. They are getting their collective of two brain cells to work in conjunction with each other. A new movie “Really Dumb and Dumber”.

  26. Marvinas2 says

    Also, you can’t discount the voter segment to which Obama and Clinton are pandering – voters who have been taught to not think for themselves, who can’t or won’t bother to read or do research, who just listen to the loudest voice who promises them the most free “stuff”. Between those voters and the rigged elections (voting machines that can’t record correctly, black panthers guarding the doors, etc.), you can’t assume any kind of results.

  27. Abinadi says

    We need to get the democrats out of the White House. If not, we will have another President that does nothing to help us. Our Dollar is about to die our economy is a disaster we are so far in debt we may never recover. Trump may be our only hope. We need to band together and make this happen.

    1. 32eagle says

      you got that zipcode right !!! Absolutely !!!

  28. Eduardo Macaya says

    Wowww !!! The establishment most be so happy, every thing is going their way once again they most be euphoric about how they distort and confuse the masses with their outrageous strategies to maintain the status quo. Trump and Clinton both belong to the same establishment, in reality Hillary was supposed to be the chosen one this time around, but just in case the establishment needs to be sure and Trump is the assurance that they needed to maintain and protect their assets.The new convert from progressive to conservative raises to save the Republican Party. It’s been a fantastic move to once and for all destroy the conservative movement in America. What a masterful plot, no wonder the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer, no wonder America doesn’t look anything like what our founding fathers created with so much blood, treasury and sacrifice. Now I don’t say God bless America anymore, I say God safe America from what is coming…..

  29. R. T. says

    obumba is helping not thinking Trump will be President , he also thinks Islam is a peaceful religion , isis ( isls to him ) is losing , A police officer shouting a THUG trying to kill him if he’s black it’s Racist , and we don’t need boarder security !!!!

  30. 32eagle says

    why would Hillary consult a failure-because she is a failure-and together they can make Trump an easy breezy winner all over this USA come election day

  31. wandamurline says

    If the Republican Party tries anything to stop Trump if he gets the nomination, then they might as well kiss their party goodbye….it will be a repeat of the Whigg Party when the Republican Party took it over.

  32. Maccabeus says

    The people want real change this time, not the fake “hope and change” garbage Obama tried selling to us in 2008. Hillary most definitely does not represent change. She is very old news and represents the same old, same old…basically a third Obama term. Add to that the fact that she is under an FBI investigation and may have broken the law and lied about it, how can any self-respecting American with a shred of integrity vote for her? No thank you from this voter. Trump has many negatives too but if it comes down to a choice between him or Hillary, my vote will go to Trump.

  33. bobjonestwo says

    Mike Huckabee put it best when he said that this is a peaceful overthrow of the government. Americans are fed up with the policies from The Bush clan, the Clintons and especially Obama that have destroyed this country. Plain and simple, the people have had enough. Trump 2016. Hilary for prison 2016 and throw Obozo in too.

  34. kassa1 says

    I think you want to kiss her on the mouth one gay one lesbian wonder how that’ll work out ? Birds of a feather or Commies together.

  35. cherokeeman says

    They are all afraid of Trump and they know that he will shake up the “good ole boys network” once he gets into office.

  36. Becky Markley says

    I sure wish Trump would wear full body armor. I think this is my biggest fear….Dems/GOP’s assassinating Trump. What do we do people? This whole thing may end in a civil war like never before if it continues like this. I just pray that Trump makes it to the White House so he can give all of DC a really good house cleaning. No other candidate would stand up to these corrupt politicians, Trump is it, or we just continue on with our horribly corrupted government. I wish we could line up all the politicians and have the honest ones step forward so we can fire the rest. (how many do you think could step forward?) For the record, I did vote for Obama the first time around. I believed in him…but that went away about a year later. What a disappointment the last 11 years of politicians has brought our country.

    1. rfrichey says

      I’m afraid you’re right about civil war if something happens to Trump and I also think if Hillary gets elected there will be one. The good thing is that most of the chicken $#!t liberals are afraid of owning a gun.

  37. patriot says

    What a joke and like Obama had the ability to be President. And for Hillary her supporters are as ignorant as Sanders following. Haha. Cruz 2016

  38. supergun says

    What a laugh, hillary attacking TRUMP. she has more skeletons in the closet than bedbugs in a bed.

  39. Sinnie Kemp says

    How can Obama say about Trump that Trump is not up for the job and Obama is? He is the worse US president ever. What Obama does is destroying the country and dividing people; he runs the country to the ground even Bernie Sander would be better than him.

    1. rfrichey says

      Isn’t that the truth. What the heck has obozo ever done in his pitiful life? He’s terrible and is wasting good oxygen.

    2. Reality Check says

      lets examine reality.

      Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 16,000

      here is a right wing new source
      called FOX News telling you that you are LYING about my country AGAIN.

      “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

      The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

      Sounds like the United States is lucky Obama chose this path or we would be suffering like Germany that is on the edge of recession.

      1. Sinnie Kemp says

        My God, you must have been sleeping for the last 7 years to not knowing that we have 19 trillions debt and in reality we have about 25% unemployment rate.

        1. Reality Check says

          what does that have to do with that fact that we have improved 100% over the GOP administration?

          were you asleep in 2008?

        2. Reality Check says

          So lets examine the Debt for the low info con, shall we?

          Reagan was the first to TRIPLE the national debt.
          then Bush One DOUBLED the national debt YET AGAIN.

          then Clinton did a little damage and even left GW a SURPLUS.

          then Bush TWO added 76% MORE to the debt
          giving out a 1.7 TRILLION tax cut (now part of the debt)
          TWO wars that Obama had to pay for
          pushing through the Big Pharma bonus of ONE TRILLION in unpaid for bills that
          Obama had to pay for.

          Bush also gets credit for the first 1.4 trillion on Obama’ tab since that was a GW Bush administration budget.

          so low info con, without the GOP we would have a very small national debt.

  40. VirgoVince says

    WATCH OUT, Donald, you’re being stalked by a bunch of murderers, assassins, LIARS and jealous pols that don’t want to lose what they have, but can’t hold on to it!!

  41. kcwas says

    so this is one of those jokes again ….how many idiots are crimials in the white house… all that go long with these two …. and as for them trying to rig things well each time so far the news has said what’s going on but the dishonest fools still running for office and still holding an office … never used to be that way …what happened …WE HAVE OUR HEROES FIGHTING TO KEEP US FREE AND THEN WE HAVE POLITICIANS NOT EVEN CARING ABOUT THERE SAFETY …. YES WE NEED TO MAKE DAMN SURE TRUMP WINS …..

  42. jackhy says

    Good remark, Lou, and this “unholy alliance” is more than a joke. It’s an out right disgrace, but will be looked upon by the welfare masses as a wonderful union! So far, Hitlery has managed to amass a huge number of supporters who totally ignore her dishonesty, cronyism, and terrible record as Sec. of State as well as a past noted with criminal behavior. She will also continue to have the support of the liberal, socialist media for some insane reasons!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      American law: through a Supreme Court decision of 1894, Coffin vs. U.S.

      A lower court had refused to instruct the jury that “The law presumes that persons charged with crime are innocent until they are proven by competent evidence to be guilty”.


    2. Reality Check says

      “She will also continue to have the support of the liberal, socialist media for some insane reasons!”

      Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
      Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
      Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
      Post Office are Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
      The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
      our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
      Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

      shall I continue Jack?

    3. Reality Check says

      “So far, Hitlery has managed to amass a huge number of supporters who totally ignore her dishonesty”

      see Jack, the “dishonestly” is all in your brainwashed, conservative mind.

      Sec of state, she started the Iran deal.
      Probably get a peace prize for that one.

      Oh, and “as well as a past noted with criminal behavior”


  43. Garys_opinion says

    So the fix is in. It will be interesting to watch the FBI explain away her indictment.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Maybe you should learn how your country actually works.
      Law enforcement officers investigate crime.

      If they find what they believe is evidence sufficient to prove a crime, they arrest.

      The accused remains “innocent” until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

      1. 32eagle says

        somehow Hillary just is not covered by diplomatic immunity nor Teflon-we can still see what crimes she commits-she needs to confess-something Kenya Buckwheat has no balls to do

        1. AKLady says

          Name calling is propaganda.

  44. AKLady2015 says

    More propaganda for the right-wing minions.
    It is so sad to see how easily so many are brainwashed.

    1. bandit says

      I’m sorry , did you say something ?

      1. AKLady2015 says


        1. bandit says

          Yeah , back to sleep now .

          1. AKLady2015 says

            You never woke up.

  45. Magik says

    Well I guess the people have a choice . Do they want another Obama term ( increased government intervention , mounting debt , lower wages , increased illegal immigration , and more war ) headed by the most corrupt woman alive or is it time for a real change ?

  46. apzzyk says

    I see that the good old banner is still up about impeaching Obama, and after over 7 years of hunting it seems that no one has found the grounds, and he is far more popular than is Congress, and with this delay in even meeting with Nominees for the SC, Congressional Approval rates have probably hit a new low. It is not going to take much to defeat Trump – even the main stream Republicans don’t like him and are working on a way to defeat him even it it means a President Hillary. Trump still, among the general voter population, has much higher negatives than positives, and then there is the question of whether the supporters of other Candidates in the primaries will even vote for Trump. Exit polls at the IA cauces seem to indicate that about 50% of these will not. During the Presidential Debates, the only question is whether he will just sling mud instead of answering the questions. What’s he going to do, a Dan Akroid immitarion and for every answer he will just say “Hillary you slut!” The reason for the low turnout in the Democratic primaries is that to the vast majority of Democrats either would be satisfactory. I think that Bernie is too conservative. Would have gone to the caucus last night, but with vision only in one eye – thanks to not funding the VA by the GOP, my garden tractor lights are not bright enough – adds a new meaning to “If you don’t like my driving, stay off the sidewalk”.

    1. Reality Check says

      I am looking forward to what happens when Trumps Save SS and Medicare clashes with the GOP platform of privatizing SS and making medicare a voucher.

      Oh and the 35% tax on imports.
      GOP heads will explode.

      1. apzzyk says

        These just happen to be 180 degrees away what the real consrvatives have been wanting to do for the past 80 years. That was about the year that SS was made the law, and the same predictions were made about it by the conservatives that they currently make about the ACA – cost too much, ‘socialism’ etc. Then there is the ‘no new taxes pledge’ of President Norquist. Same with Medicare – cut the reibursement rates so that no providers could afford to take Medicare patitents – already happpend with Medicaide, and now well on the way with Veterans Choice.
        Real Conservatives are Free Traders – NAFTA – which cut govt revenues, and at least shipped some good jobs to Mexico – why the Janesville, WI, GM truck and bus plant closed, so with no UAW opposition, we got Speaker Ryan and the Ryan Budget plan which calls for cuts to ‘entitlements’ – SS, Medicaid, Vet pensions, etc. Taxing poverty.
        TPP will cut all remaining import taxes – GOP very favorable, Democrats very opposed – more manufacturing (high paying jobs) going to cheapest labor sorces, which are deductable from Federal Income taxes, if the company happens to pay any. Harley Davidson’s are already made in China, so are Briggs and Stratton, just to name a few.
        On Harley’s you would not know from the prices that they are made where labor is cheaper – more profit for stockholders, which is probably laudered through Ireland.

        1. Reality Check says

          you got that right.

          the question is, HOW do we FIX IT?
          Bernie will be a good start.

  47. Gary Von Neida says

    Two puppets conspiring against the N.W.O.’s biggest fear; America electing a non-puppet.

  48. jsa says


  49. jscarano7 says

    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016

  50. marlene says

    It will take more than criminal strategy of these two demon partners in crime to take down the only clean candidate in this race. TRUMP IN 2016

  51. MootsaGootsa says

    I agree, Cruz should announce on stage that he really wants the job but make it perfectly clear that if Trump wins the nomination he will be 100% behind him. Let Rubio be the fool and be the only one attaching him. Explain that the important thing is to focus on not letting Hillary become President. Than make his case.

  52. PayTheMan says

    News flash. Denver Broncos plot strategy to defeat Carolina Panthers! That is what happens in a competition… How is this news worthy? Fix this nation is trolling for anything they can get their hands on while missing so many big stories actually worthy of our attention.

  53. Reality Check says

    GO TRUMP 2016!!

  54. Reality Check says

    ” If Democratic voters carry this apathy over into the general election, it may be Clinton who finds herself on the losing end of a landslide”

    Democrats are happy with Hillary or Bernie.
    and besides, we have jobs and family to take care of.

    I have a mail in ballot.

  55. DustyFae says

    Koch Brothers stop supporting republicans party and fox news pulled away from Rubio.. something smelly fishy

    1. Reality Check says

      They stopped supporting the primaries.

      the GOP is imploding.
      maybe exploding.

      why waste money.

      maybe the Oligarchy will have Trump “removed”.

  56. bonni says

    For Obama to openly plot against saving America is Treason… right?

    Trump is more qualified than any other candidate..He has run a business and has global experience.

    The rest of them ?? a joke..

  57. mary saunders says

    Lou I agree, The hope & change was & is a big joke from Obama, Proud to say I did not vote for him.

  58. Albert L Biele says

    Strategy: Hillary will make sure that there is no voter ID, in order for her constituents to vote more then once, and Obama will cut a deal with Soro’s to rig the electronic voting booths i.e. pressing the Hillary lever is a vote for Hillary and pressing the Trump lever is a vote for Hillary!!!! We need paper ballots and voter ID to win!!! Rule of thumb; never vote for a liar, or a criminal!!!

  59. peter says

    Obama and Hillary don’t have to have a strategy because the crazy establishment republicans will ruin Trump and their own party without any help, those morons!

  60. JIM DALLY says

    wake up America the Washington cartel is worried as is OBOZO IF TRUMP IS PRESIDENT AND HE HAS A GOOD AG there could be a bunch that are fired and go to jail or prison

  61. TAM44 says

    Two lying corrupt pieces of human waste, barack hussein obama, and hillary rodham clinton who have broken our laws and let men die because of their dereliction of duty. The obama’s administration is the most corrupt in our history and has proven they have been destroying this country every since this fraud was placed in the white house by fraudulent means. The white house was already desecrated by the clinton’s and just seeing that rapist makes me sick to my stomach. hillary clinton trashed those women and stood by that sexual pervert and she’s more corrupt than obama . obama’s achievements, lying, disrespect for our laws and he’s broken 75, supporting his murdering muslim brotherhood, giving Iran a go ahead on their nuclear weapons plan by a stupid deal that only fools like obama, kerry. and the democrats love. trading terrorist for a deserter, there is just to many things this piece of human waste has done, and he should be in prison. hillary clinton’s has so much baggage she could start factory with all the corrupt stuff she’s done. hillary’s achievements is zero unless you count lying to congress, us, the families of those four men she let die in Benghazi because of her dereliction of duty. hillary has made our country worst just by being in it. she has shown she’s a huge security risk, and a danger to our country and our military. I’ll take Mr. Trump over clinton any day and twice on Sunday.

  62. ThelmaJHarrigan says

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  63. Roy Fredrichsen says

    O’Bummer & Killary are determined to destroy our Constitutional government by any means possible. O’Bummer thinks the Presidency is almost a Kingship where the President has MORE power than Congress with his pencil authority. And other fools want Clinton as President so Bill can play with more girls.

  64. James Maxwell says

    Yep both O’muzzie and Hildabeast should Justus roll out their political records and perhaps unseal
    the documents the are working night and day to keep from the eyes of the attorneys

    that want to review them for criminal intent and collusion.of course we all know they will never
    let that happen for fear of going to jail.

  65. Michael says

    Being a politician isn’t Hillary’s worst problem. Being a lying politician with absolutely no morals that doesn’t care about OUR country or people will be the beginning of her problems. She needs to be charged , along with the rest of her family under the Rico act and charged with the handling of secret government documents.

  66. TheSkalawag929 says

    Republicans are gearing up to write the Democrats’ attack lines for the general election this fall no matter who wins the Republican nomination.

  67. ZACAL says

    You say the very people who have sucked in the Rino’s, ruined our country are going to have a strategy to defeat Trump. The way the republican establishment is acting now, they just might get it done. Primarily because the voters have no idea how much big money is controlling our government. Big Big money I’m afraid to admit might just pull it off. They keep the voters in euforia, thinking their party of choice is great.

  68. fred says

    Shouldn’t they both be “plotting a strategy” to keep their treasonous, criminal butts out of Federal Prison?

  69. TexRancher says

    This Headline should have read; Clinton, Obama, Ryan AND McConnell plot to take down Trump!

  70. armydadtexas says

    Hillary Clinton shall be indicted and should it be found that Obama was also complicit, then perhaps he too shall be forced to participate in the PERP WALK. Gee, what a wonderful thought

  71. Debbie says

    I would suggest she choose which color jump suit she plans to ware.

  72. Larry says

    Only the criminal element would support these two crooks. It is hard to believe anyone with a brain would beleave a couple of felons should run the best country in the world

  73. Rock J. Dueck says

    I just hope someone doesn’t break in to the white house and steal the November 2016 election results. But there is probably a copy in Hillary’s e-mail so it would only be a small problem while she continues her impression of Richard Nixon: “I am not a crook!”.

  74. hangem'high says

    Well, the one thing you can say about Trump, and that is it’s the first time in eight years the Democrats and Republicans been bipartisan!

  75. Gary Kowalewski says

    These two both belong behind bars. Any American Citizen, with any education can see these two only care about themselves. Greedy and Corrupt . The Constitution means nothing to them,Go Figure!

  76. Pegasus says

    Oblamer has proven he has no ability to serve as POTUS! And, Hillary is as dishonest and conniving an evil wicked woman as it gets… Bill Clinton is of the same ilk! Oblamer and Hillary lie whenever they can to make themselves look good and will not tell the truth to the American People! They are complete disasters to America and a Hillary Presidency would destroy this nation!

  77. mrp15 says

    HRC’s and BHO’s dirty secrets are safe with each other because they watch each other’s back. He should be impeached for treason and she should be removed as a candidate for the same reason. Her own words should come back to haunt her, “No bank is too big to fail and no person too big to jail. How does she say that with a straight face? She should write a book, “The Art of the Liar.”

    1. Ed Shick says

      If you read Obama’s Koran it tells you it is OK to lie to get your way , Satan , Worship !


    Really, it would be GREAT if Obarrassment were to jump in and help Hil-liar! What has he touched that hasn’t turned to a smelly pile? Seriously, even Democrats are looking at another four years of the same-old-same-old and casting their gaze down. It’s ridiculous: Eight years with Obama and NO growth, ruined healthcare, $ 8 MORE Trillion dollars in debt, we’re the laughing stock of the world in defense and economics, he draws red lines in the …sand, the Crimean …anywhere, and the bullies just smear them and walk across. The “J.V.” ISIS is savaging its way through ALL the Middle East. To tell the truth, if Obungler DOES help Hillary, it’ll be a sight to watch. Hillary is imbedded in D.C. politics, and the only people who WANT her are those who want GIFTS, and the right to kill their own baby because they made a “mistake”. If Trump ISN’T the nominee, I’m going to have a helluva time voting for ANYONE!

  79. steve h says

    I hope Hillary has to do this from inside her cell. I really wish she has to do this from her cell while Obama helps her from his cell.

    1. AKLady says

      The presumption of innocence, sometimes referred to by the Latin expression Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies), is the principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty.

      In America that is the law.

      1. steve h says

        La De Da ………. I know some fancy words too

  80. donl says

    Well, Well, Well, a damned Socialist and a Communist trying to undermine a man who believe’s in everything America stands for, Freedom. These two loser’s have been trying to wipe out the Constitution for the last 7 year’s. No wonder the people are pi$$ed off.

    1. AKLady says

      Socialism is not Communist.
      Please learn the difference, you are embarassing America.

      1. donl says

        A Sociaists goal IS Communism. You sound as if you are one of the two.

        1. AKLady says

          Maybe you should try telling that to these countries, they do not seem to agree with you:

          India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand

          All modern, inidstrialized countries have mixed economies.

          1. donl says

            I assume that is the reason all those people want to come to a FREE country. Ever think about the people who came here to escape Socialism and Communism? I worked with some of these people, They Hate both systems.

          2. AKLady says

            Learn the difference between government and services.

            America is the only modern, industrialized nation which allows people to die, simply because they cannot afford to buy health care.

            Is that something you are proid of?

  81. OSAMA OBAMA says

    What happened to Putin’s boy?? Isn’t Burnice still running?

    1. AKLady says

      You are terribly confused, as usual.
      Then there is the childish name calling that is your norm.

  82. sue lenhart says

    Obama saying that Trump isn’t qualified to be POTUS? If I were Trump, I’d take that as an awesome endorsement and run with it! After all, the opinion only comes from the worst POTUS in American history (to those of us who know at least some of it, anyway).

    1. AKLady says

      Trump has zero legal training.
      Trump has zero government training.
      Trump believes — even brags — he can be a dictator.

      1. sue lenhart says

        Hi! I agree, Mr. Trump is not my candidate of choice for nominee for many reasons. And, I especially don’t want a dictator, of any stripe or qualifications! However, it is the most laughable thing ever to have someone like Obama publicly claiming to be an authority on whether someone else has the qualifications to be our President, when he himself obviously doesn’t care two hoots about being a good POTUS, himself.

  83. quiltenlady says

    Cruz will beat Trump because he is the right person for the job. He will get rid of Obummercare,and he will nominate a true conservative to Supreme Court, keep the 2nd amendment . Unlike liar Trump who is a real Democrats and supports Clinton and who is a good friend of.Trump also donated to the phony Clinton Foundation too ! Look it up you’ll find I speak the truth ! CRUZ 2016

    1. AKLady says

      More nursery school name calling.
      Cruz’s father has been a lifelong supporter of Fidel Castro.

      1. quiltenlady says

        You Moron he fled Cuba from Fidel Castro. Do research don’t just throw out you idiot brain waves ! You lied here go away ! POST ONLY THE TRUTH !

  84. Dick Ellis says


    1. AKLady says

      How is the Electoral College members selected in your state?
      Does your state law require them to follow the popular vote?

  85. Marvinas2 says

    Watch out, not for the Clinton/Obama MACHINE – but for the Clinton/Obama MACHINES! Voting machines, that is! Somebody needs to very carefully monitor the balloting and the handling of ballots during and after the voting process, to make certain that votes are going where they’re intended! That a TRUMP voting button actually registers for TRUMP; that paper ballots don’t end up in a gunnysack somewhere; that overseas military ballots aren’t discounted again because of “not arriving on time”. That New Black Panthers aren’t blocking the doors to the polling places. I would guess that that’s the kind of help Hillary expects to get from Obama.

    1. AKLady says

      How is the Electoral College members selected in your state?
      Does your state law require them to follow the popular vote?

  86. soldier for liberty says

    All rigged both sides the fix has been in for years. I vote for civil war 2016 clean house start over hang them all.

    1. AKLady says

      We the People do not elect a President.
      We never have.
      We cannot — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

  87. usncb says

    Good picture, There they are folks, Fag & Bag !!

    1. AKLady says

      Childish name calling and you expect people to value your opinion.

      1. usncb says

        I expect nothing from no one, I am entitled to my opinion. My Military record speaks for me . All combat vets have given you the right to ridicule whom you want. MOLON LABE

        1. AKLady says

          Get help for the superiority complex.
          I served my country — sewing combat soldiers pieces parts back together.

          1. MTnman says

            AK’s reply as chairman of the Dunning-Kruger committee.

  88. Freemanmd says

    Killary is not a politians, she is a rich spoiled white woman who will lie, threaten, and expect one of her followers to get rid of any problems she has that she can’t ruin.

    1. AKLady says

      “When You Resort To Name Calling, You’ve Lost The Argument” Anthony Watts

  89. daanerud says

    With a TRUMP win in November, the freedom will soon be ended.

  90. David Mangum says

    I’m surprised Clinton and Obama can wipe their own tails, without a little help.

  91. Alleged Comment says


    The negro and the white Negroes??. Haha… They’ll just cancel each other out and DT will slip right in.

    All hail the Donald!

  92. Gerry Costa says

    Voting for obozo or the witch is like saying — I HATE MY COUNTRY !!!!!!

  93. laulau says

    Well, the establishment GOP has been trying to take Trump out, along with the opponent candidates, the president, the president of Mexico, the UK, the pope, and he is still standing……. Good luck

  94. maxx says

    The 2016 election will have one really important thing that was not true in 2008 and 2012. Many states now have strong voter ID laws in place which involved long drawn out Supreme Court fights started by democrats. So at least some of the fraud historically used by democrats is out of play. Same day registration which was the biggest open door to fraud has also been dealt a blow for liberty. Newly registered voters votes will be considered “conditional” ballots and cannot be counted until the eligibility is authenticated. Voting assistance for any venues where absentee ballots are requested by groups or individual volunteers will now be scrutinized b additionally monitors from both parties to guarantee the ballots are delivered to and marked by the individual voter. Nursing homes were notorious sites of the volunteers not delivering the ballots but of them filling them out as well. If you are at all concerned about nursing homes in your town go to your local election commission and demand to get involved with this program. Volunteer to be a monitor. Better safe than sorry.

  95. Bill Miller says

    Who better than a cheating backstabbing theif like Obama to pull off a scam to try and oust a man like The Donald? obama knows he is a piss poor excuse of a man and a president. His idiotic Obama care is nothing more than extortion, buy health insurance or get fined yet this clown gets away with it, kind of like the mob telling store owners to pay a percentage of your weekly take or we’ll burn your store down. What if you can’t afford the premiums? So what. You’ll pay it or else. They’re going to rob you one way or another, like it or not!

  96. Giorgio Benhana says

    Obama never ran anything but was a lawyer for Acorn allowing dead people to vote to elect democrats. Nothing is ever said.

      1. AKLady says

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

      2. AKLady says

        “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”
        Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany.

      3. AKLady says

        “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
        Vladimir Lenin

      4. AKLady says

        “There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.”
        William James

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

  97. Chelsea Schwartz says

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  98. Halftrack2 says

    Why would Omuslim and Killery oppose Chump???? He financed both of them…They are 3 of a kind..

    1. AKLady says

      Kindergarten name calling.
      How old are you?

      1. Halftrack2 says

        Old enough to know a fool when I read one on facebook…#nevertrump

        1. AKLady says

          However, this is not facebook.
          If you wish to communicate wirh fools on that blog, you need to go sign in there.

          1. Halftrack2 says

            You are still an Obama/Killery/Trump supporter… I will sign in anywhere I want to… I will support and vote for Ted Cruz the Conservative Christian Candidate..

  99. Tex Irvin says

    all of this will be irrelevant when clinton ends up behind bars

  100. Combatvet52 says

    Obama destroys Trump rebuilds………….get out of his way he’s on the road to recovery of this Nation.

    1. AKLady says

      Exactly what has Obama destroYed?
      Always the accusations and insults, never one single fact. No one.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        For one the military……. I can’t list all the wrong he has done open your eyes.

        1. AKLady says

          I have hears that BS, over and over.
          BS is exactly what it is.
          Homosexuals hace always been part of the military. Now, they simply cannot be diacharged for beigng what God made them.

          Alexander the Great was not only homosexual, he also was what modeen society considers a pedophile. His abilities as a soldier are so greatly admired, much of his strategy has been taught in our military academies — and others throughout the world.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Forget the Homosexuals………. this useless guy fired 200 Generals because they didn’t agree with him.
            Barry, Clinton, Jarret, Holder all belong in PRISON if you can’t see the wrong they have done then you are one of them.
            Yes there were homos in the Korean war our company CO was one didn’t bother me he did his job and did well, I’m alive to talk about it.
            If you think the present administration is doing their very best for this country you better really open your eyes.

          2. AKLady says

            There are actually two lists that have been going around, one of nine officers and the other of over 200 supposedly fired by President Obama during his entire presidency.

            The list of nine is true and factual. All nine were discharged for “Coduct Unbecoming an officer” Such conduct includes “drukem benders” in Moscow; “use fake casino chips”; “forcing subordinatea to perform personal taks; “spusal abuse” …

            The 200 allegation is false.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            9 officers HA heres a list this is FACT this man is a destroyer……..
            Read this……

          4. AKLady says

            The mandatory retirement age is 62 for all military commissioned officers.
            Every officer listed on your link had reached refinement age.

            Next time, do a little bit of research instead of believing everything people tell you.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            No sense trying to deal with a liberal troll.

          6. AKLady says

            The law is what it is.

          7. Combatvet52 says

            What’s this got to do with Barry firing all the Generals and Admirals ……. (the law is the law ) only for some which i found out with my own experiences with state local government and the military, if you go to Mexico and come back as an illegal you get everything for nothing, I worked almost 60 years of my life served my country and every corner i turned was a disappointment, and from my union as well………totally unfair but thank GOD I’m strong enough to cope with all the BS.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          9. Combatvet52 says

            I embarrass America……… I think your head is on backwards I put my ass on the battle field for my country what did you do besides PROTEST

          10. AKLady says

            I put my life on the line to sew your pieces parts back togeather.
            My war was Vietnam.
            I served.

          11. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks for your dedicated service………
            As was Korea…….. Vietnam was another bloody battle lost some friends in that one as well.

  101. kay says

    A man who was not qualified for the office he was elected to is going to help the woman who is not qualified for the office of presidency to claim Trump is not qualified for that office. Hmmm….. now let us look at Obama’s record, doubled debt, healthcare destroyed, military weakened, released terrorist, released thousands of convicted illegal felons, our economy still in the tank, supporting our enemies, and good old Clinton right there with him. These are the people who think Trump isn’t qualified? Really? Both liars, thieves, and needing help to wipe their own butts and they are going to do what? How sad is that?

    1. AKLady says

      Not one of your statements is true — not one.

      Congress spends the money, not the President.

      Congress makes the laws — the ACA is a law.

      Military weakened? Where did you get that fool idea?

      Released terrorists? You mean the individuals who have been illegally inprisoned for years, without trials, and kept outside of our borders so that they could be denied our Constitutional rights?

      What released felons? You mean the people given life-sentences for minor drug crines — offenses which havw ceased to be felonies?

      Economy still in the tank? By the end of the Bush Administration, America was dropping 1 million jobs a month. Since Obama first year in officw, we have continually added new jobs.

      Supporting our enemies? Which enemies are those?

      Trump thinks he can run the government like he did his companies. He will either bankrupt the country or try to be a dictator.

      1. kay says

        Iran, ISIS, and then we have his funding his Arab Spring to get the Brotherhood of Muslims in power to name a few of our enemies he has funded, and by the way Iran still wants to kill us despite the billions Obama gave them. Gitmo terrorist he released against all advice not to and they have returned to their terrorist actions. He has cut the military, changed their ROE to no firing at the enemy until you are sure they are the enemy, not sure how you can be sure until the enemy kills one of our own or tries to, no firing at the enemy after 8 pm so you don’t wake anyone sleeping, Obama’s punishing American citizens in order to force the congress to pass his bloated budget thus doubling our national debt, by the way he blamed Bush when Bush ask for increase in spending but his increases are not his fault but congresses,. Yes he released thousand of convicted illegal felons from prison back onto our streets and that was in the news if you bothered to read it. Under Obama we now have fewer full time workers, and of the full time workers a lot are not even Americans, higher numbers on welfare and food stamp not to mention SSD and AAI. Our healthcare cost, for those unlucky enough to have to pay for it, has tripled to the point where if you pay for you insurance you can’t afford to use your insurance due to high co-pays and the thousands you have to pay before you get to pay the co-pay just to see a doctor you didn’t want because you no longer can see yours. Fewer people own their own homes, fewer make what they did two years ago or three years ago, and our borders are wide open with more and more illegals crossing while Obama imports Muslims he can not vet into our nation, which by looking to Germany, Sweden, and France alone should scare the pants off you as they are now paying the price for that same action. Face it. Obama sucks.

        1. AKLady says

          Not one thing you have said is true. No one.
          It is entirely propaganda.
          You have been brainwashed very well.

        2. AKLady says

          In reference to your nonsense about employment — during the last 6 months of thw Bush Administration, America was dropping 1 MILLION jobs per month.

          Under Eisenhower, unemployment rose feom 2.6% to 6.6%.
          Under Ford they hit 9%
          Under Cartee they hit 8%
          Under Reagan they hit a high of 10.8%
          When Obama took office, thw UE rate was 10%, it has declied steadily to 5%.

          The unemployment rate trends of LBJ, Clinton and Obama are the only three since World War II that feature a steady decline When Clinton left office, UE was at 4%. Under Obama, UE has dropped from 10% to 5%.

          Morw jobs have been created under Obama than under Kennedy, Ford and Bush. The Bush Admonistration marked the begining of the longest and dwwpeat depression since the Great Depression.

  102. pappadave says

    They don’t need no stinkin’ “strategy.” I fully believe that IF Trump wins the nomination, he’ll THROW the election in order to assure a Hillary presidency, which has been his “strategy” all along.

    1. AKLady says

      Trump represents the new Hitler.+
      His ideas echo those of the Reich.

  103. Eleanore Whitaker says

    awwww You spiteful little boys and girls didn’t get McMommy to buy you your toy guns? You people are making fools of yourselves the fastest and easiest way possible…bitching and whining. arm yourselves so we can ram those guns as far up your butts until they come “outcher” mouths…get an education and stop drinking pollution water and eating BS.

    And maybe, it time to get off those lazy butts and get jobs? Or don’t you Mutton Chops and Corn Pone Kings with your Daisy Mae DogPatch Queens get your butts out of bed before noon?

    1. snowyriver says

      “Those that turn their guns into plows, will plow for those that don’t” Thomas Jefferson.

    2. snowyriver says

      These are facts. Lets read the Constitution. We come to ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 10. Congress shall have the power to define and punish….. Offences against the Law of Nations.

      We perhaps should read the Law of Nations, to know the power of Congress. Didn’t we just overthrow a tyrannical King? We better see what power our Congress has.

      OK having read the Law of Nations now back to the Constitution. We come to to ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5. No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.

      Didn’t we just read who was a natural born citizen was in the Law of Nations..Yes it was in Book 1 Chapter 19 article 212, ” born on the land with both parents as citizens of that nation”. Now we have a question. Why is obama in the White House and why are Cruz and Rubio in this presidential race? NONE are natural born citizens.

      Isn’t our Constitution the supreme law of this nation?

      1. AKLady says

        You arw ignoring thw inportant part: Congress shall have the power to DEFINE.
        Congress defined the U.S. citizenship issue a long time ago.

        1. snowyriver says

          When are you going to learn the difference in citizens and “natural born citizens”??

          1. AKLady says

            To become a citizen at birth, you must:

            Have been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; OR
            had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth (if you were born abroad) and meet other requirements.

            To become a citizenby birth, after birth, you must: Apply for “derived” or “acquired” citizenship through parents.

            There are two general ways to obtain citizenship through U.S. citizen parents, one at birth and one after birth but before the age of 18. The term “parents” includes: the genetic father, the genetic mother, and the non-genetic gestational mother, if she is the legal parent at the time of birth under the law of the relevant jurisdiction.

            There are a few additional details. Suggest you turn off conservative media and visit:

            I have a child who was born in Japan. She was an American cirizen at birth. She was an emergency delivery in a civilian hospital. I asasure you, she qualifies to be President of the U.S. by citizenship.

          2. AKLady says

            Take a U.S. Government course, it will savw you a lot of embaraasment.

          3. snowyriver says

            Do you agree?? What I have posted is fact??

          4. snowyriver says

            I received an email from an attorney .. perhaps you should read this.

            Some weeks ago, I began researching this

            issue for my own satisfaction. I did not look at Supreme Court rulings

            until toward the end of my study. I did as I felt must be done, and I

            believe that Scalia had already done, to determine the “original intent”

            of the Founders of our Nation when they utilized the term “natural born

            Citizen”. For those of you who may not have considerable experience

            in law, It may be of benefit in helping you to understand the issues

            without allowing your opinion to be swayed by favorable or unfavorable

            impression of any individual. For those with considerable expertise, I

            welcome constructive input. Without trying to resort to legalese, I

            have summarized my findings as follows:

            Those who want to defend “the Kenyan” and his like, are the most vociferous in misleading the uninformed public.

            You are free to vote for whomever you choose, however it night be wise to educate yourself first.


            through negligence, as well as fear of being called “racist”, and much

            to our regret, we have allowed an ineligible individual in the

            presidency at this time and it would behoove us to learn from errors of

            the past and hold firm to the intentions of

            the founders and conform strictly to the Constitutional requirements now and in the future.

            I have nothing against Cruze or Rubio personally but, from the legal

            aspect, IF THEY AR ELIGIBLE for the presidency then according

            to those same liberal opinions:an American woman can go Jihadi Jane,

            fly to Turkey, cross into ISIS territory, marry a Syrian terrorist, get

            pregnant and deliver the baby in Syria..That child is then eligible to

            run for President of the USA if it meets other residency and age

            requirements some day in spite of where it may be raised and

            by whom it may be educated in the interim.

            Not a good idea, nor the intent of the Constitution.

            According to some further libera l interpretations, the daughter of

            the 2015 San Bernardino, California terrorist attackers should also

            be eligible for these offices if she meets other residency and age

            requirements some day in spite of where she may be raised and

            by whom she may be educated in the interim.

            The orphaned daughter of the 2015 San Bernardino, California

            terrorist attackers is a “Citizen” of the USA.

            The girls father was a “Citizen” but the mother was not. The child,

            born to a “Citizen”, and an alien is likewise a “Citizen” but not a

            “Natura l Born Citizen”.

            They can not become “Natural Born Citizens” as that opportunity

            passed at the parentage and place of their birth. Their blood is

            tainted with that of a parent who was a foreigner and was subject

            to foreign authority, as is the child born in a foreign country or of

            a foreign parent subject to foreign authority from birth.

            (Similar to Cruz and to Rubio prior to his parent’s naturalization.)

            Unless these children’s parents become “Naturalized” prior to the

            child coming of age, these children remain subject to forei gn

            authority from birth until such time as they reach the age of

            majority when they might choose to remain dual citizens or be

            required to select for themselves by affirmation of one or the other.

            In the event the Parents become “Naturalized”, children under the

            age of majority are considered to become “Naturalized” also. It

            does not change the fact that one or both of their parents were

            not citizens at the time of their birth and they can not become

            “Natural Born Citizens”.

            The above instances explain why the founders required that anyone

            had to be a “Natural Born Citizen”, (as they understood the meaning

            of the term from Vattel) “born in the country, of parents who are

            “Citizens”” in order to be eligible fo r the Presidency or the

            Vice Presidency. (Please note that the Constitution uses the plural form

            in both “parents” and “citizens” indicating the intention that BOTH “parents”

            are “citizens” at the time of the child’s birth.)

            As they drafted the Constitution, the founders knew personally and

            clearly the dangers of divided loyalty, having just recently witnessed

            the effects of those very divided allegiances experienced by some

            colonists in the recently fought Revolutionary War.

            “The Law of Nations” by Vattel was the unquestioned so urce of

            legal reference at the time of the drafting of our Constitution. Among

            legal authorities of the day it was considered as much an authority

            on national and international law as the Bible was considered an

            authoritative source of religious guidance among Christians. The

            following is Paragraph #212 of that document and in his text it is

            followed by suceeding paragraphs which define lesser levels of

            citizenship and naturalization. The English translation of Paragraph

            #212 of his work is provided below.

            Emmerich de Vattel: “The Law of Nations” § 212. Citizens and natives.

            “The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society

            by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate

            in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born

            in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot

            exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the

            citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their

            fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to

            desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and

            it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering

            into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of

            it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and

            these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon

            see whether, on their co ming to the years of discretion, they may renounce

            their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born.

            I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a

            person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there

            of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his


            Historical researchers have studied this matter extensively and offer the following:

            “For further proof on the question of Vattel’s influence we only need to

            look at Benjamin Franklin. In 1775, he observed, the importance of

            the Law of Nations, on the Founding Fathers and he then ordered 3

            copies of the latest editions. The Library Company of Philadelphia

            which holds one of the three copies, lists the 1775 reference to this book, as

            “Le droit des gens,” from the publishing house of Chez E. van Harrevelt

            in Amsterdam, Holland,with a personal note to Franklin from the

            editor of this edition, C.G.F. Dumas. The fact that this particular

            volume that Franklin ordered is in French is significant, for at that

            time French was considered by the “family of nations” to be the

            diplomatic language, and the 1775 edition was considered the most

            exact reference of Vattel’s Law of Nations.

            There is no doubt that the Founding Fathers did not exclusively use the

            English translation, but relied upon the French original. On December

            9th of 1775, Franklin wrote Vattel’s editor, C.G.F. Dumas, “ I am much

            obliged by the kind present you have made us of your edition of Vattel.

            It came to us in good season, when the circumstances of a rising state

            make it necessary frequently to consult the Law of Nations. has been

            continually in the hands of the members of our congress, now sitting.

            Accordingly, that copy which I kept has been continually in the hands

            of the members of our congress, now sitting, who are much pleased

            with your notes and preface, and have entertained a high and just

            esteem for their author.””

            During the drafting o f the constitution John Jay (First Chief Justice of

            the Supreme Court) sent the following to George Washington:

            “Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to

            provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the

            administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly

            that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to,

            nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

            Many conclude that this was of influence in establishing the requirement

            in the Constitution.

            Ther e are those who attempt to deny that the “Law of Nations” was not

            a primary reference for Article 1 Section 2 Presidential requirement. If the

            Law of Nations was not the primary reference, WHY is it precisely referenced

            and capitalized in the original document in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 10?

            The Law of Nations is in fact incorporated into the Constitution by this act.

            Clause 10:

            “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas,

            and Offences against the Law of Nations;”


            Then in 1784 Hamilton arguing for the defense in the case of Rutgers v. Waddington

            extensively used Vattel, quoting prolifically from the Law of Nations.

            The Judge James Duane in his ruling described the importance of the new

            republic abiding by the Law of Nations, and explained that the standard for the

            court would be Vattel. He ruled that the Statues passed under the color of

            English Common Law, must be interpreted from the standpoint of its consistency

            with the Law of Nations. This concept of Vattel lead to the creation of the

            Judiciary branch of our government to insure that Congress could never

            legislate away the provisions of the Constitution.



            Supreme Court Cases that Cite “Natural Born Citizen” as One Born on U.S.Soil

            to Citizen Parents – (Note that “parents” is plural.)

            Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814)

            Shanks v DuPont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 242 (1830)

            Dred Scott v Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857)

            Minor v Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875)

            United States v Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

            Perkins v. Elg, 307 U.S. 325 (1939)


            a challenge will be placed by a party having legal “standing” and the

            Supreme Court will accept Original Jurisdiction and settle the matter

            promptly instead of dodging the question by devious means.

            It is a horrible miscarriage of justice when those treasonous individuals

            in our government, who truly hold “standing” to sue in the courts,

            choose not sue for enforcement of the Constitution so as not make

            waves in their constituencies. The issue of legal “standing” is truly a

            dangerous roadblock to justice. It defeats the efforts, of anyone

            who cannot show direct personal injury, to obtain judicial relief and

            allows unlawful activities to proceed unchallenged even if the courts

            can clearly see the wrong.

    3. AKLady says


  104. fred says

    Two criminals plotting how to remain in power of the greatest nation on the planet! They should be plotting how to stay out of Federal Prison!

    1. AKLady says

      The U.S. Constitution says no one is a criminal until they have been tried and found guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

      Apparently, no state or federal law enforcement agency agrees with you.

      1. jgfsmf says

        Do you really think your Hillary loving comments are doing any good? We just read those and think…..does this AKLady want to go on her or is she really the idiot she is making her self out to be?

        1. AKLady says

          In Article 3, Section 2, the Constitution requires that all criminal trials be heard by a jury.

          The 6th Amendment narrows the definition of the jury by requiring it to be “impartial.”

          The 7th Amendment requires that certain federal civil trials guarantee a jury trial if the amount exceeds twenty dollars.

          1. jgfsmf says

            Just the fact that she has done what she has, and freely admits it, proves she’s not capable of running this country.

  105. Gordon Miller says

    we can’t sleep peacefully at night until that witch is under indictment and seems headed for the scales of justice.

    1. AKLady says

      Childish name calling — it embarrasses America.

      Kindergartners are not allowed to vote

  106. Cookie Vranish says

    Watch the old folks homes and the mental health establishments. They will truck these people out and vote for them.

    1. AKLady says

      Why should the elderly be denied the right to vote?
      Your lie about mental hospitals is insane.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        AKL, mental hospitals do happen, elderly does happen. Everybody is entitled to vote. you said- so yourself. When you are too stupid to vote, some Democrat Operative does it for you! When you are to sick to vote or mostly blind, some Democrat Operative will do it for you. Of course, the vote will always be for the candidate the Operative chooses! Sorry AKL, that is the way it works!

        1. AKLady says

          Sorry Cookie, that is not how it works.
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?

  107. snowyriver says

    obama is such a wonderful gun salesman.

  108. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Those who live by their guns, die by their guns..or ..maybe their kids die first. So..let’s prove just how effective all that bitchy boys and girls CONservatism isn’t…Brownback of KS, Snyder of MI, LePaige of ME, Jindal of LA and Branstad of IA…states barely hanging on and their economies are in the tank. Then, there’s the coal ash pollution in Arkansas and West Virginia…yessuh all dem minahs jes loves dem coal jobs…How about the arsenic and lead in the water in NC for the past 2 decades? Sho enuf saved dem good ole good ole boys jobs…kills ’em all before theys reached de middle age..but what the hell?

    If right wing morons do not get up off their lazy asses and get REAL jobs like the rest of the country has…WE are not going to allow our states to hand yours more federal tax dollars when you won’t help yourselves. Your CONservatism is a CON game you fall for every time you idiots vote. Sorry..we advance with you or …without out. Who needs a bunch of no account lazy asses on our federal tax dole?

    Meanwhile, President Obama’s reduced unemployment from Bush’s 9.3% to 4.2%…the national debt is down for the first time since Eisenhower was president…but keep up your racist bitching…Morons with pea sized brains are always the first to judge others because

  109. Barbedwire says

    All that U.S. citizens can do… and it IS our responsibility to do: VOTE. And, unlike with Romney, which gave us a 2nd term of obama; GOP/conservatives must vote for the lesser of two evils. Even if the GOP nominee “isn’t your choice”… that individual will be 100% better than the old socialist or criminal old hag hillary. The voter turnout for conservatives is/can make the difference in the future of the U.S.A.

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