Clinton Dealing Race, Sex Cards With Enthusiasm


Hillary Clinton, now facing an extraordinarily close race for the Democratic nomination, is getting bolder about playing racial and gender-based cards leading up to the Nevada caucuses. In a speech in Harlem this week, Clinton said Republicans were flirting with racism in their attempts to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

“The Republicans say they’ll reject anyone President Obama nominates no matter how qualified. Some are even saying he doesn’t have the right to nominate anyone, as if somehow he’s not the real president,” Clinton said. “You know that’s in keeping what we heard all along, isn’t it? Many Republicans talk in coded racial language about takers and losers. They demonize President Obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe.”

Clinton, who realizes that her success in the southern primaries will come down to building a rock-solid advantage over Bernie Sanders with African American voters, said that Republicans weren’t just interested in stealing the president’s vote away.

“Across our country, Republican governors and legislatures are erecting one barrier after another that make it harder for black people to vote,” she said. “It’s a blast from the Jim Crow past, and we need to call it for what it is.”

While hammering the racist theme, Clinton hasn’t forgotten to highlight her own victimization. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she was asked if the U.S. was ready to put a woman in the White House:

“You know,” she says with a sigh, “I really don’t know. I think it’s gotten better. But I think there still is a very deep set of concerns that people have, which very often they’re not even aware of or they couldn’t articulate. There’s nothing overt about it in most instances. People are very convinced they want to vote for the right person. And then . . . you know, you get little hints that maybe they’re not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position.”

And so this will be the story of Clinton’s campaign, especially if she wins the nomination. If voters don’t turn out for her, they must not be “comfortable” with a woman as president. If voters rally around Republicans, they must want to bring back the days of Jim Crow. And if anyone between now and then criticizes or opposes President Obama, well, it’s obviously because he’s black.

Don’t Democrat voters ever get tired of this kind of pandering?

  1. MAHB001 says

    I would say to the Democrats….

    What goes around comes around. Karma is funny that way.

  2. MAHB001 says

    Hillary’s election. or should I say coronation, is only designed to be close. The controlling interests of the Democrat party do not want it to look like a coronation.

    The problem is, Sanders is bringing in such large crowds that it is hard to imagine, Hillary winning at all.

    The fixing of the election requires a close vote. It has to be believable, and the People have to buy into the results without questioning the results.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Sounds like it is about time for Bernie to be offered a free hunting trip to Texas. Obama will even provide extra pillows.

    2. Gea says

      Both Hillary, B. Hussein Obama and John Kerry are traitors of America and should be in jail for treason…why are those traitors still buzzing around?

      1. MAHB001 says

        Because they control the process… Justice is no longer blind.. It is firmly anchored in a liberal ideology.

  3. Tiger says

    OK now here is a clip from Arthur with Dudley Moore, one of my favorite movies of all time and this scene if you watch it goes to him trying to put the letter holder back together and says in a drunken stupor, “It’s a Goner”, that is Hillary she is a “Goner”.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Hilarious, that is what her campaign has become…

      Hillary still has the MEDIA in her pocket. The MEDIA was able to cover for both 0-bama and Hillary during their inept handling of the Benghazi tragedy. That white washing by the MEDIA allowed 0-bama to get re-elected, and Hillary to utterly FAIL at a 3am phone call with little political ramifications.

      I wish she was a goner, but I got a bad feeling about this election.

      1. Tiger says

        ;p Glad you enjoyed it. I have always said that Hillary will not be the candidate and I believe with the Socialist climbing and today surpassing her numbers, the Democrat Party cannot and will not have a Socialist candidate. The word alone still leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of most grown-ups in this country. That will leave the door open to put Biden in.

        She is gone and now she has had two coughing fits and we know from her doctor that he wanted a doctor to be with her on the campaign trail. She won’t make it.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I think you are right, the coughing fits are real, but she will use it as a way to step aside. That is, if she can let go of that kind of power.

          1. Tiger says

            Going to get into some real funny, funky, monkey business maybe another pillow is in order.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Hey Bernie, you’re next on their list!

          3. Tiger says

            Perhaps if I were Trump or Bernie I would be really careful where I slept.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            What you eat, what you drink, what you touch. everything.

          5. Tiger says

            Pretty easy to oft someone really but the wrong one’s getting it.

          6. Angry American says

            Kind of hard to get her what with a the SS protection she has

          7. Tiger says

            Maybe a stray pillow.

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            If Chris Kyle hadn’t been “taken out”, one shot would have done it!! Where are all the excellently trained SNIPERS when we really need them??!

          9. Tiger says

            There is a mystery one downrange taking out leaders in ISIS, he already took out 3. Then there is the British sniper that recently at 3,000 feet blew the head off another ISIS leader who was giving a class on decapitation.

            Indeed when did our country stop with killing off bad guys with a single shot.

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            With the long list of those that “conveniently” disappeared, and I have my own thoughts on Justice Scalia, Mr Trump REALLY needs to be constantly looking over his shoulder!!

          11. Tiger says

            They say is is and wears a bullet proof vest however sad that the good guys or those that appear good have to duck.

          12. Mark Lahti says

            The vest is a waste of time and money. If you look back at all those “hits” it is almost always a head shot.

          13. Tiger says

            True that and again there was a time when America pretty good at those shots for the bad guys in other countries.

            We have grown soft.

          14. ringostarr1 says

            Do you think that Bill infected Hillary with the AIDS virus and she has pnemonia?

            Come to think of it Bill is looking a little gaunt, maybe he has Pneumocystis pneumonia or (PCP) the pneumonia associated with HIV.

          15. MAHB001 says

            Being silly like that and taking things to the extreme in an attempt to belittle others is yet another trait that you share with our liberal friends. .

            Hillary’s cough is no doubt caused by the amount of talking she is doing on the campaign trail. Whether it is caused by your theory of AIDS or mine by talking too much, the cough is real.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Just toss her a milk bone, feed her a can of Alpo and give her a begin strip. Maybe she’ll curl up in the corner and take a nap.

          1. Tiger says

            Well if her health keeps going down she might take a dirt nap.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            We can only hope. I love women, but do not consider Mrs Clinton a woman. I feel it would be an insult to my mother, wife and daughters to put her in the same class with them. Hitlery is a self serving scum-ball just like her husband the philandering Bubba!

          3. Mark Lahti says

            We couldn’t be so lucky.

          4. Tiger says

            LMAO seems there is a pretty good chance that her health going to surface and she will stand down.

            That leaves Bernie who the Democrats will not allow to run, the word Socialism may not ring a bell with youth today but it rings out loud, clear and strong to the older folks.

            I personally believe Biden will be the candidate.

          5. Mark Lahti says

            Well then come November we will have to choose between two clowns. Unless the republicans have a brokered convention also.

          6. Tiger says

            I don’t see the Republicans as clowns. I have kept track of Cruz and Rubio and though Trump rough so was Patton and others who took care of the enemy.

        3. Angry American says

          One can only wish she doesn’t make it, either way preferably by making this a better world with out her in it

          1. Tiger says

            Her health getting worse now. She won’t be the candidate.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I would love to see her carried by six to her 6′ deep hole!

          3. ringostarr1 says

            Bernie looks like he has one Left foot in the grave and his other Left foot is on a nanner peel and you clown car jockeys are fretting over Hillary’s health. Give me an iffing break.

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I am considering buying a young piglet and naming it Hiilary in her honor. She says she has always tried ti=o tell the truth, but left out the fact that she has always failed. Give me a break!

      2. kassa1 says

        Obama was not reelected his election was fixed and so will Hillary’s . Hillary’s playing the same old card she play 20 years ago when Bill t Hillary’s playing the same old card she play 20 years ago when Bill was in.

        1. MAHB001 says

          That is exactly what I have been saying for years now. I agree with you. The elections are fixed…. At a National and local level.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          —-Joseph Stalin

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            And that is the head of the Communist snake, George Soros.

          2. Gea says

            George Soros is NOT a Communist but had made money on currencly speculation which made him filthy rich. Perhaps he feel s guilty and had gone gaga in his old age…Obama managed to bamboozle Soroa with his sweet words…

          3. Beeotchstewie says

            You need to research who Soros really is if that is what you think. He sold out his own Jews to Hitler in WW2. He has been banned from Japan and some EU countries for trying to manipulate elections, He also has been funding Black Lies Matter since its inception. Look much closer please.

          4. Gea says

            Geroge Soros was born in 1930 and was 14 years old at the end of WWII. His father manages to hide his Jewish identity and was not deported with other Hungarian Jews in 1944 toward the end of WWII but was a real estate agent selling Jews apartments, as Jews were being deported. George Soros has a very confused identity as he hid to be a Jew to survive WWII. He also hated communism and escaped to the West when Communist party in Hungary came to power. After the fall of Communism he gave lots of money to the radio free Europe and other worthy causes.

            George Soros at this point probably had been bamboozled by Obama who is a total fraud who speaks nice code worlds and Soros fell from them as did 70% of American Jews who voted for this traitor B. Hussein in 2012. George Soros seams to be embarrassed to be a Jews and never did anything for the Jews, which is not that unusual…there are other Jewish fools, such as Chomsky and J-street, who fight for the human rights of everybody but not their own people.

          5. Angry American says

            Not to mention that he has tried to ruin a couple of countries with currency manipulation too

          6. Gea says

            Elections are not fixed but most people do not inform themselves to vote sensibly, based on issues… There is also a strong RACE card being played to prevent picture ID which will eliminate lost of fraud currently going on with Democratic voters. We must have PICTURE ID, or we will have massive cheating…

          7. Beeotchstewie says

            What do you think when Soros owns BOTH all of the electronic voting machines and the company (Scytl) in Spain that Obama signed up with to count our votes. That is a pretty easy road to collusion if you ask me. Ask yourself why we should send our votes overseas to be counted in another country, with no oversight.

          8. Gea says

            Soros is an old gaga, who clearly wants to have influence before he dies…Unfortunately he had chosen wrong guy…a traitor, because of B. Hussein Obama’s gift of gab.

          9. MAHB001 says

            I believe the elections are fixed… The “fixers” use your fact that most people do not get informed and things like the race card to sway public opinion..

            Bottom line, Who counts the votes? I firmly believe all the MEDIA hype and debate shows are nothing more than a distraction. All the fixers have to do is get the population to THINK that the results are going to be close. Once that is done, they do not need to actually count the votes.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            The elections are fixed….

          10. 67N20 Army says

            Elections “are NOT fixed” ?????? WOW,,, Eisenhower told us in 1954 that they “ARE fixed” !!!!

          11. 67N20 Army says

            Eisenhower told us in 1954 that “we” did not elect our pResidents, that they are selected for us !!!

          12. MAHB001 says

            I did not know that Eisenhower was aware of the corruption… very interesting.

            That sounded like a warning. Wish people had listened.

          13. 67N20 Army says

            Yes ,, me too ! People today do not realize what`s “TRULY” coming down ! We need to have a Military (Gen.) man as President. I`am tired of “LIARS”,, whoops,,, I mean Lawyers,,,,

          14. kassa1 says

            This is for the pour pose of brain washing the useful idiots into thinking the is what the people want and voted for, you know that the rigged elections belong to the people .

          15. MAHB001 says

            The only way I know to fight it is to spread the word. If the American people know about the fix, they will not stand for it.

      3. ringostarr1 says

        I have a horrible feeling about this election it if we don’t wake up and give Donald Trump a “Boot to the Head”.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Will it really matter who the Republicans put up against the elite Democrats?

          Actually, it is the people that are putting up candidates against the elite. And the elite collude at the top.

          I think I see your point, if the elites do not accept Trump, then they will fix the election for Hillary, even though it is the elite Republicans turn to put a puppet into the white house.

          Is that what you are trying to say?

    2. gingergirl says

      Thank you, Tiger – I appreciated that. I loved Dudley Moore, and miss him terribly.

      1. Tiger says

        Ahhh welcome you and me both. My best friend and I brought in every single New Year with Arthur never stopped making us laugh.

  4. Croco Dile says

    Don’t worry.

    ALL those Crooks will get planty of voters behind them.
    People will never learn.

  5. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Just the fact Hillary is running for Office goes to show how Low the Standards of the United States have sunk. Then to adding a good dash of ignorance, their are those who still think she would make a good president. Really ? It now turns out that Hillary Clinton has also accepted campaign contributions from Jane Fonda, who once posed in a North Vietnamese gun emplacement. Every Vietnam veteran needs to be aware that Hanoi Jane Fonda is funding Hillary Clinton’s political career, and that Hillary Clinton is knowingly and willfully accepting Fonda’s support. Hillary Clinton has also taken money from filmmaker Michael Moore, who has praised the terrorists who are murdering our men and women in uniform while cutting the heads off helpless prisoners like Margaret Hassan “Minutemen.” In combination with Bill Clinton’s credibly-alleged acceptance of illegal campaign contributions from a hostile foreign power (China), Hillary Clinton must be regarded as a security risk to the United States. This is the type of people Hillary have surrounded herself with.

  6. elmcqueen3 says

    Barack Obama pulled a good one on black folk…he convinced them he is black…which he is not…he is 50% white….41% Arab…and 9% black…and he come from a fine mixture of African slave traders…a “cracker” if you will…but the media didn’t want to point that out to the public when Obama was running for the presidency…black folk may not have voted for him if they knew…sadly they still don’t know or they just don’t care as long as Obama remains the great pretender they are happy.

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      You must be a “DNA expert”! Where did you come up with those percentages? obuma is still an idiot no matter what, but I am just curious……..

      1. elmcqueen3 says

        lol…Like everything else…we learn from the news media…from spokes people and listening to persons we trust in telling us the truth…or at least a semblance of the truth…right or wrong…none of us are in the position to know the absolute truth…we have opinions based on all of the above…in answer to your question Obama’s DNA was posted in an article which I picked up on the Internet…That being said if you take a close look a Obama’s facial features they are not entirely black…but more Arab looking…of course Arabs come in all shades of color including some that appear much like black Africans and others who appear to be more white like the Saudi’s…This is a personal observation and an opinion…nothing more.

        1. Francisco Machado says

          Aryans, which Hitler considered to be the basis for the Master Race, originated in Persia, which is now called Iran.

  7. jim says

    I am not concerned about a women President . I am concerned about this criminal with no credibility that seems to attract the ignorant voter with her rhetoric .

    1. Tiger says

      I don’t want a woman president and I surely don’t want Hillary who was tied at the hip with O on Benghazi.

      She is a Progressive and so is O. There is not even a Democrat running for president.

      1. Sarajwallace3 says

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      2. 7papa7 says

        The only reason that she is using the race and sex card is because that is all she has. She has no plan to make America better, no plan to defeat isis, no plan to improve the economy etc. I would not have a problem with a woman president there could be some good ones, just look at Israel for examples but the should be post menopausal because of what the body goes through at that time and as a nurse and a lady I’m sure you know what I am talking to. I had no problem when Gov Palin was the VP pick and actually thought she was far more qualified than McAmnesty. My preference overall would be a proven Conservative man but I could accept a Conservative woman. The reason I prefer a man is overall are driven by logic whereas women are very often driven by emotion. That is the way God designed us. Thanks for your service Tiger.

        1. Tiger says

          Welcome for my service did what most do figured my calling being a nurse. Also come from big military background.

          You have hit the nail on the head with this post and I agree 100%.

          We don’t have any Queen Elizabeth or Margaret Thatcher around. Didn’t like and still don’t like Palin though.

          1. 7papa7 says

            Palin for me is a head scratcher. There are some things I very much like about her and there are some things that make me wonder what planet she is from. My service was in Vietnam. I was the first in my family to be in the military and very possibly the last because of health issues with my boys.

          2. Tiger says

            Well Bless you and sorry concerning your boys but I have two sons and one too old to volunteer plus has bleps on his lungs and my youngest had bad heels from an accident so my son’s watched me go to war. They have many military friends, their father retired Lt. Commander Navy, but I only have one grandson the rest girls and don’t know what will come of them.

            I studied Palin and didn’t like anything I found out about her. I didn’t know who she was but as the time goes by I see that her critics were 100% right about her. She is all about Palin. Loves the limelight. Always wanted to have her own show on TV and mean to the bone with those who dare to oppose her.

            Not liked in Alaska by the Natives and no friend to wildlife.

  8. Austinniceguy says

    It’s not just the Demoncrap voters who should be tired of this lying, cheating POS trash. The world should turn our backs on her forever. She has proven repeatedly that she will lie, cheat and steal her way into or out of any situation.

  9. Roy Fredrichsen says

    Her campaign says a lot when her most enthusiastic supporter carry signs saying “Hookers for Hillary” and says the opposition is racist. Never mind she has been caught in lies before.

  10. paulrph1 says

    The things she backs does not unite the country but divides it. She is not a healer but and obstructionist to what this country needs most. Healing. But she thinks somehow her thoughts will get her elected. But I could never vote for that woman, never in million years. Not even for dog catcher.

  11. Bruce Kellar says

    Weak people are in a state of constant discovery about ways to cover up their inadequacies. Rather then to correct or revitalize ones own lack of suitability for any position they most often demonize those who occupy the position. Look at your workplace and possibly your own self. Sadly much of America panders to this poor me and damn him philosophy.

    1. Tiger says

      And with the new generations coming up it will be worse.

      As to me and my working conditions I am an RN close to 30 years and pretty much in Charge after my first year on a hospital floor, back then you had to work 2 years on a hard working Medical floor before you could “Specialize”. Soon as I finished that I moved on up the ladder to the top paying fields.

      You are right what is missing today is people don’t have the ambitions they once had, they don’t dream big anymore, they just settle into a pity puddle. I been very rich and I have been very poor but I always was happy inside and looked ahead and had a plan to better my life.

      1. Francisco Machado says

        Perpetually increasing regulations and laws governing business, productivity, and taxing success kills ambition. Kids can’t even open a lemonade stand or go around soliciting business to shovel people’s walks in some places. There is a concerted effort by government to quell ambition, to thwart it and punish it, to require licenses for it and government reporting of it – in detail and in triplicate. The effect on the productivity of the nation is so predictable that it cannot but be said to be a deliberate Government attempt to strangle economic growth. Hillary proposes to expand upon Obama’s “successes,” which she touts as “progress.” She promises to strengthen the EPA and increase taxes on business, even thought high taxes and regulation are the reasons businesses are failing or leaving the United States. Obama’s “equality” has widened the wealth gap, the income gap, resulted in half the people being unemployed (especially the Blacks, whom he’s “helping”), doubled the national debt, increases ethnic divisiveness – and he’s proud of it. We live in interesting times.

        1. Tiger says

          An old ploy played out several times in the past, same script, same type of players, same foundations and undercurrent working on it.

          Stalin’s Russia.

  12. jimmy midnight says

    The level of hatred for Obama seems to me impossible to explain without including an element of race animus, probably unconscious.

    1. GREYGHOSTCSA says

      So if you don’t like him because you think he is one of, if not the most incompetent president we have ever had, not to mention the question of his eligibility, that we are racist for doing so because he is mixed race?

    2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      There’s that, and then maybe, because he flat out, an ‘Idiot’! And, I consider myself a racist! I am not at all, politically correct, and will not bend to the PC police because they are idiots also!

    3. Gea says

      B. Hussein Obama is a total fraud, who grew up in a privileged white family in Indonesia and in Hawaii…his father side is Arb Muslims mostly…who were slave owners and not slaves, as he pretends…to be African American/

      If he did not have pigment he would have been booted out of power in 2010..pigment protects his fraudulent man. I voted for him in 2008 because I also believed this narcissistic sociopath.

    4. Gea says

      I do not deal in hate…It would be lovely if B. Hussein Obama goes for a permanent Haj to his Saudi king to whom he bows as some kinds of vassal.

  13. Albert L Biele says

    Hillary talks about blacks, like they’re a different species, but the blacks are wising-up. The dem’s have been rah! rah-ing! the blacks for 60 years, but nothing has changed. The blacks I know are pretty smart people and are tired of being identified as people who can only survive with a democratic-crutch. If you continue to tell anyone, over and over again, that their deficient, they’ll probably start to believe that their deficient. Instead of putting the fire of dissension out, Hillary stirs it up, pitting the races against one another. She could have done plenty when she was a senator, or Secretary of State, but she didn’t. Now that she needs the votes, she is prepared to make everything right with the blacks, just like the dem’s did these past 60 years. What the blacks in poor neighborhoods need are jobs not handouts. I say; stop giving illegal immigrants jobs, until all America’s are once again fully employed, and stop talking about blacks like they’re a different species. God made one race, and that’s the human race, get used to it.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Forward that to Obama, he needs a lesson in reality.

      1. Gea says

        B. Hussein Obama needs to be shipped over to his Saudi king for a permanent Haj and never come back…


    2008 – If you are white and don’t vote for Obama you are a racist. 2016 – If you are a male and don’t vote for Hillary you are anti-feminist. Can someone out there tell me honestly what qualification, other than it’s time we had a female president, does she have?

    1. joe says

      None at all so no point in even looking into it, she was not qualified to be anything but the wife of a rapist.

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      Well she does have the same ability to lie publicly that Obama has.

      1. 67N20 Army says

        NOW,,, Wait a minute,,,, I saw her on TV this morning and she told us (with a big smile on her face) That she has NEVER told a lie to Americans. !!! LOL,Lol

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Don’t you just love it when she is talking and when the lies are flowing her head is nodding up and down. Is she trying to convince herself or her audience that she telling the “truth”/ lies?

          1. 67N20 Army says

            When she`s bobbing her head up & down,, I believe she`s operating the pump in her head that inflates her ego more & more !!!
            OORrrr,,,, maybe she`s dreaming of “Huma” !!!

    3. Tiger says

      They can’t people have tried and failed. But then what qualifications did O have?

      Ya know what I mean it is a trend now in this country.

      1. jeannemartin says

        Oh, but Obama was a community organizer! That carried a lot of weight along with his black skin! So he was a shoe in!!!!

        1. Tiger says

          I know where I would like to put a boot in. ;p

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            No, don’t! The lil halfbreed faggot might like it .. 🙁

          2. Tiger says

            OK then “A Boot to the Head” as Monty Python so aptly put it.

          3. Tiger says

            Here is the video this would be my last Will and Testament to O.

    4. Gea says

      Obama is total fraud and so is Hilary Clinton. we must develop thick skin and not be afraid to call stupid names… I speak out and do not care if somebody calls me stupid names.

    5. jeannemartin says

      None!!! Vote Republican!!!

      1. ringostarr1 says

        No jeannemartin, vote a straight Republican Ticket and carry 50 more voters just like yourself to the polls with you on election day. That’ll give them a proper “Boot to the Head”.

  15. junkmailbin says

    Sexist lesbuan hate monger defrnts white president. Is she defending The first black oresidet ( slick willie the rapist) or the half and half gay dude married to man in skirts

  16. Gerry Costa says

    That is all she has. She has no credibility or accomplishments to rely on. Everything she has done has either been a disastrous failure or done by complete corruption. I can’t even believe the low life demoRATS would want her as a candidate.

  17. JIMBO says

    Anyone that would believe anything Killary has to say needs there brain checked.

  18. papa doug says

    Adolf Obama has no room to talk. He and his minions have made it all about race, if you don’t agree with him you’re a racist. He wants to take the light off the fact that he’s a muslim socialist. Now there’s a combination for ya. He also wants everyone to forget that he thinks he’s above congress and the courts so he plays the race card every chance he gets.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      I think he has had to get a few new platinum ones as the magnetic strip wore off from him using it so often.

    2. Angry American says

      Well he self identifies as being black, so who are we to think differently?

    3. The duck says

      And uses his minions to play the race card. Holder did that in a speech to the NAACP. “Now we can pick and choose the laws we like and uphold.” Then his agencies make regulations that benefit special interest groups. Obamo speaks with a forked tongue.

      1. Gea says

        They should all be in jail and nowhere near power, as they are destroying America.

    4. champion2211 says

      The Muslems will take care of Obama as he is queer and they don’t like queers.

      1. Gea says

        His Saudi king may use him. While adult homosexuality is punishable by death in 10 of the 56 corrupt, dysfunctional and overpopulated Muslims occupied countries, Islam ITSELF condones pedophilia, boys molesting, polygamy, rape, misogyny, beheading of “witches” etc.

        In Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan men have their “chai boys” for sexual enjoyments as long as they do not have facial hairs. B. Hussein Obama is an exquisite combination of incompetence and pro-jihadi and pro-Communist ideologies which do not belong to any country where people respect liberty, justice and human rights. Obama is working very hard to destroy both FIRST and SECOND amandement of the US Constitution.

        1. ringostarr1 says

          The rational of Obama’s Mohammedan allies in Afghanistan is this:
          “Women are for babies, boys are for fun.”

          1. Gea says

            Apparently, Muslim men in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan prefer young boys to young girls for their sex fun. It is possible that all those ISIS and other terrorists are mad as hell as they were humped by old Muslim geezers when they were young and could not fight them. Especially if those young boy grow up believing that they molesting was fault of America and Jews…

            There is also poetry of these pedophilic passions of the Muslim men ,comparing young boys butts to peaches. No wander that you have all those Muslim young men wanting to blow themselves up to reach Muslim Paradise with 72 virgins…Maybe that nis what happened to Barry Soetoro when he lived in Indonesia?

      2. ringostarr1 says

        Obama is also an apostate who was born to a Mohammedan Father which means that he has no choice in being a Mohammedan anymore than Ted Cruz has a choice in being Canadian. Then Obama converted to Christianity. Obama in-other-words would be treated to a very close hair cut in any Mohammedan Country with Sharia Law. So I guess that we are stuck with him.

    5. Michael Dennewitz says

      She and the PMIC will end up causing the biggest racial war in history…. with the help of geo soros, of course.. GOD HAVE PITY ON THIS ONCE MIGHTY COUNTRY. FORGIVE US FOR WHAT WE’VE ALLOWED IT TO BECOME AND HELP US PLEASE!!

      1. Gea says

        Do not be so pessimistic. We survived Hitler, and Stalin and we will survive this danger of the Ideology of Islam and its proponent and promoter in the White house, B. Hussein Obama.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Really? Here are today’s voters….

          1. Gea says

            Educate them! If we all start educating our families and friends, we may get somewhere…

      2. ringostarr1 says

        People who vote for charlatans like LBJ, Carter, Obama, the Clintons and yes Donald Trump are the ones who are to blame. It won’t help you now to call on God. Instead don’t elect another politician like Trump or Hillary to take over where Obama left off.

        1. jeannemartin says

          Who do you suggest we vote for?

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Spot on Michael!

    6. Gea says

      Everybody needs to develop thicker skin and do not worry what demagogues and follower sof B. Hussein Obama call you. US Congress should have moved this traitor from power long time ago…after his speech in Cairo University in 2009 where he insisted that member of his Muslim Brotherhood sit in the front row. The guy is a total fraud who has a gift of gab do deceive nice Americans.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        You can’t fool Arabs though, Egyptians saw right past him.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Put a frikken burqa on that witch, and mute that crappy music!!!!!

    7. Gary Smith says

      He is a racist and she is a sexist

  19. Art Hock says

    The desperation of a lying, cheating, evil, felon at it’s worst. The Democrats have 2 of the biggest losers ever imagined with Sanders nothing but a welfare mooch for most of his life.

    1. Tiger says

      And the saddest thing of all the have a Socialist running to be the head of our Republic.

      How different can those two things be. I know Communist and Socialists been chipping away at our country all this time but never thought I would see them get so far that a Socialist is actually acceptable to run for president and the “Stupid” have not a clue what will happen if they get complete control.

      1. Gea says

        We have “no child left behind” and “race to the top” both designed to make money for Bush and Obama buddies but dumb down our education. Our children are becoming test taking macnhines and do not know how to critically evaluate reality.

        1. Tiger says

          Actually I live in Florida and the “No Child Left Behind” gives needed medical care to all children through the state and many poor who can’t pay for operations for their children, even lower Middle Class use it. I really don’t see how that could make any Bush money.

          I don’t put the Bush family anywhere near the O and his destruction to not only America but all around the world.

          I will agree the Public Education system taken over long ago by Communist/Socialist and matter of fact someone wrote a book on the people in the education system and what they intended. Wish I could remember the name. Neil Bortz brought it to attention.

        2. Tiger says

          Here is the book I was speaking of. It broke out and told about the department of education and it’s deliberate plans to dumb down our children and breed good little minions.

      2. Art Hock says

        Right on Tiger. And all the non-working welfare losers and illegals will be voting for these two morons who are trying to make America a third-world country.

        1. Tiger says

          And they will soon enough realize that Socialism is wonderful til you run out of other people’s money and the wealthy run out of your country.

      3. ringostarr1 says

        Tiger, are you counting Donald Trump as an International Socialist or a National Socialist?

        1. Tiger says

          Guess you don’t listen very well. Seems the Democrat Party running a Socialist, name of Bernie Sanders.

          1. ringostarr1 says

            Nein, The Democrat Party is allowing an Independent Party Candidate (Sanders) to run in the Democrat Party Primary.

          2. Tiger says

            Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist???????????????????

            What are you deaf, certainly dumb and blind?

  20. bdcorvette says

    Race and sex are all she can talk about because they are all she has to offer. The bottom line is that she is an intellectual light weight, shallow and boring. No wonder Bill wanders.

  21. David Byrd says

    Hillary knows to use the race card in support of a failed leader but it is just to defend herself from Obama saying go ahead attorney lynch and prosecute Hillary take her security Clearecession for her email scandal simply a liar trying to cover her criminal activities.

  22. Donnie Buchanan says

    We are not “uncomfortable” with a woman. Palin was widely accepted but McLame put a bridle on her and wouldn’t turn loose. If he had, we would likely have won that election. What we’re uncomfortable with is a lying, two-faced, hypocritical rug muncher that’s only interested in money and power.

  23. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Hillary has NOTHING bad too say about obuma! He is the WORST President in history according to most polls, and the most disliked and, she has NOTHING bad too say about him? I think she must be sleeping with him or some other such thing! Either way, she is still a liar and a thief! She must NOT BE ALLOWED TO BECOME THE PRESIDENT!!!

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      She is supposedly more attracted to females.

  24. jimmy midnight says

    Inept? Our whole world will still be paying a price for G. W. Bush’s dipstick machinations a generation hence.. Poor performance is obviously in the eye of the beholder.

    Fly the Stars ‘n’ Bars up in here, and also claim you can’t possibly embody some unconscious prejudices? Really? I leave it to more race-conscious people to draw distinctions about mixing.

    1. AKLady says

      Thank you. You make America proud.

  25. joe says

    He never has been a real president it is a fraud a liar a traitor and a pig molesting muslim. As far as that whore Clinton I have my fingers crossed that she gets to sit in the electric chair. That lying POS is a traitor just like obammyrat and anyone that is for her must have severe brain damage or be a welfare monkey only voting so they keep getting their free chit.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      Your bigotry embarasses all Americans.

      1. Effenexes says

        Gee…you better ask Hiliary. She wouldn’t know how to know truth if it jumped up and bit her on the both. That has certainly been documented. Peers you’re not an American with that last statement. You must have been looking in the mirror when you made it.

      2. joe says

        Why are you out of the kitchen you dizzy eyed trollop

        1. AKLady says

          Save yourself the effort.
          I am not impressed by your childish insults.
          Yoi really need so new matierial — you’ve becomee very boring.

          1. joe says

            Excuse me sweety what gave you the idea that what you think matters to me. You are here to entertain me do not forget that now how about you go bake me a pie, you would like that wouldn’t you, sure you would you were born to bake.

  26. Effenexes says

    I didn’t know Benghazi was a coded word.

    1. AKLady says

      Yes, it is coded for a lie claiming Clinton killed those people.

      1. Effenexes says

        Oh Gee…Another George Soros paid troll who is having a willful determination ignoring fact from fiction. George is going to want his money back because he usually insists his flaming radicals have a modicum of intelligence, which you happen to fail miserably. Don’t get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance?
        Fact: Everyone knows who was in charge regarding Benghazi/

        1. AKLady says

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          1. Effenexes says

            Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth? Get Real AxAdy.

  27. Bob Ware says

    Aaaah! She has returned to her old lying self again. Divide and conquer on lies since she cannot win on legitimate merits! The DNC has everything rigged and Bernie is spending himself into the Duped Ones poor house without realizing it.

    1. AKLady says

      Are you really that foolish?

      Even very poor people are contributing to Sanders.

      This country is fed up with government of corporations, by corporations, for corporations

      .This ocuntry is fed up with government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich

      1. Bob Ware says

        Look at how the Dems Super Delegates work and tell me that is not rigged. They can vote anyway they please. They do not have to vote as the voters mandate at the lower Delegate level. It does matter how the lower level voted. That’s what counts however they can vote as the DNC dictates or as they personally wish to. They represent no one but themselves. On the RNC side their Delegates must vote as the voters told them to vote. I don’t care how rich or poor you are. You’ll donate to the candidate you like if you want to.
        Based upon your last line about how the country is fed up with a gov’t of the rich for the rich, corp for the corp, under those great days, especially under the Great President Ronald Reagan the country on a whole and the individual citizen was far better off than what we have under your democratic/socialist obama. Look at the unemployment numbers and those reemployed are severely under employed in terms of lost income and job skills. Corp’s. under obama are still fleeing the country and hiding billions in foreign countries as tax shelters as those countries start to collapse under islam.
        You ignorance is worse than astounding! It’s pure democratic/soclialist! That’s the problem. Ben Carson is the answer!

        1. AKLady says

          I hate to burst your bubble, but your education is markedly lacking.
          We the People do not elect a President.
          We the people have never elected a President.
          We the people cannot elect a President — the Constitution does not permit it.
          Do you even know how your state’s Electoral College me,ber are selected?
          Oh, and foolish one, Saint Reagan tripled the national debt.

          Further, Congress makes the laws and spends thw money — not the President. YOU ELECT CONGRESS.

          Then, there are the two Bush wars — he tried to match Reagan spendingm but only doubled the debt. On the other hand, he murdered millions of innocent people.
          You really need to learn how your government works.

          Learn how your country actually works.

          1. Bob Ware says

            I was not referring to the rigged Presidential elections. The Electoral College is a farce that never should have been created. I was referring to the caucusing events into an election to get to a Presidential candidate.

          2. AKLady says

            The Electoral College was a necessity when it was created.

            Presidential electors in contemporary elections are expected, and, in many cases pledged, to vote for the candidates of the party that nominated them — not the candidate the public voted for.

          3. Bob Ware says

            This system we have is so out dated thus broken it needs to be replaced with a popular majority win by the people directly. Right on the EC but it needs to go. It’s no longer needed and it is not a good system.

          4. AKLady says

            That change would require a Constitutional Amendment.
            Keep expressing that need to your elected federal representatives.

          5. Bob Ware says

            We all need to do that. Will they do it? Probably not. We have to try.

          6. AKLady says

            Yes, we all need to do it.
            Problem is that most people assume it would do no good.
            They do not even try.
            Women marched for the vote — an Amendment took place.
            Then there was the 1960s — racial discriminaiton became a crime.
            Gender discrimination is still legal.

          7. Bob Ware says

            All points, so true.

          8. Bob Ware says

            I know how it works. You need to learn how to interpret what you read. That’s probably why you are a member of the racist dem/socialist party … You don’t know any better.

      2. Bob Ware says

        Very poor people such as myself are contributing to Ben Carson because he is the man with the answers. Read his detailed issue plans which are not feel good sound bites and blurbs/blogs. They are lengthy and well worked out. I hope you have time. The country does not have time for another foolish dem Presidency.

        1. AKLady says

          I’ve read and listened to Carson’s bigotry and hate. To Carson, Islam is terror and nothing else. Carson is a bigot playing to a base that considers bigotry to be a right, not a wrong.

          1. Bob Ware says

            Take your dem/socialist blinders off. He is talking about the terrorist threats. He met last Thanksgiving in Jordan with the Syrians. They told him we do not want to come here or to any other country. Help us build a safe haven in Syria with the worlds militaries so we can receive humanitarian aid and start over. We’ll contain ISIS here the best we can from within. Just keep the, away from us.
            Bigotry and hate is the corner stone of the DNC. Ignorant black voters are duped into voting for their own suppression. Other races are told whites are evil so vote for me. They end up being oppressed to. Who is the DNC “me out for votes? The biggest racist hater of all — Clinton and you and others will vote that liar into office. She needs to be in prison and she is headed there, like it or not unless the other racist country dividing, society dividing muslim in the caliphate house (formerly the White House) in DC orders Lynch to not prosecute. He probably will since she is a fellow racist (look at how she divides and oppresses) of the DNC … Divided Now Conquered Party. Face reality. Carson is not a bigot and full of hate as you state. You are believing your own DNC racist BS! Wake up!

          2. AKLady says

            Fact for you to consider — most minorities vote Republican.

            He has admitted to attemptd murder.

            Then there is this glating ignorance “My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.” Anyone who has watched PBS is aware that the pyramids are actually solid stone except for small burial areas.

            During an interview with the Miami Herald, Carson admitted that he was not well briefed on the so-called wet-foot, dry-foot policy that determines which Cuban immigrants are allowed to stay and which are immediately deported.

            His knowledge of the Framers and the Declaration of Independence is documented to be totally inaccurate.

            As for the American people, he stated “Many of them are stupid, OK. But I’m talking about overall,” His statement about Germany disarming the people was also inaccurate. He also denies that racism exists.

            Then there is this unconstitutional statement: “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,”

          3. Bob Ware says

            Here are three points I live by in the political world:

            a) any politician who agrees you 100% of the time is a liar. (follow them across their campaign trail and you’ll hear it)

            b) I need to agree with a large percentage of a candidates views to support them. (I have educated many politicians over the years, local & federal levels)

            c) I am by political beliefs a Libertarian. I look at a candidate and if the Libertarians don’t meet my issues I’ll look elsewhere. Right now I found it in Ben Carson overall. I don’t like some of his major points but to date I still like a large percentage of them.

            muslims to lie to all non-muslims to aid in the submission of the infidel. This is permitted in islam.

            The Cuban differences? Well, no one is perfect.

            Unfortunately racism does exist. He is wrong on that view point. I wish he wasn’t.

            Well as for the pyramids he can claim what he wants. It’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. That is equal to an Egyptian saying the Arlington Cemetery in No. Va. is just an American plantation burial site ‘in my opinion.’ Who cares? It is not here in Egypt; and the pyramids are not here in the U.S. . It really doesn’t matter in politics.

            Past, no charges filed. He has changed his ways for the better. What real difference is that from a war? The end result is the same. Death. In his case death did not happen. It’s not an issue to me.

            His muslim comment was referring to a muslim who would not assimilate to the U.S. life style thus the Constitution. The problem here is that islam and the U.S. way of life are incompatible. All infidels, muslims included, are to be put to death. muslims in the U.S. government are infidels. They insult allah unless they have been ordered by a mullah or other religious official to do so in their take over plans ordered by allah. Taqiyya is the tactic of islam when one is working on taking over the country they are settling in.

          4. AKLady says

            All Muslims do not lie.

            Tha is no different than the hate the murdered over 8 million Jews in German concentration camps.

            Ignorance cannot be irrelevant when it come to someone who would be a major player in America’s government. Carson performed surgery on people — he is supposedly nan educated man.

            Many Americans live their lives as is dictated by their religion. Catholics are forbidden divorce. Jews keep sabboth on Saturday, not Sunday. The Amish refuse to fight in Americas wars — not even when our country was attacked.

            You data on Muslims is totally false. An infidel is a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one’s own. Government office does not equate to an infidel.

            Allaj is simply the Arabic name for God. The same God worshipped by Christians and Jews.

            Taqiyya is permissible in situations where there is overwhelming danger of loss of life or property and where no danger to religion would occur thereby.

          5. Bob Ware says

            Allah is not the same god Christians worship. We could probably argue that until all times ends)
            As for Taqiyya when you look as far as you did, you are correct. However when you look farther (into the Hadith where Muhammed explains otherwise) you’ll see that the taqiyya is authorized, even mandated when needed.
            If you look at gatestoneinstitute dottorggg for 6587 carson-taqiyya-dissimulation by Raymond Ibrahim 9/28/2015 will will read in the 2nd half of the article the Hadith policy on taqiyya which is the direction/instruction muslims are to follow. The article isn’t drawn out in lengthy double speak but it does get right to the point.

          6. AKLady says

            Ignorance is said to be bliss. You seem very blissful.

            Islam is an Abrahamic religion. It has the very same roots as Judaism and Christianity. Muhammad led his people out of idolitry. The most important historiographical source for the origins of Islam is the work of al-Tabari.

            I suggest you improve your education through valid, historical documents rather than the ranting of a Coptic Christian who confuses the religious with terrorists.

            I suggest that you inform yourself about these terror home-grown Christian groups:

            Alpha 66 and Omega,
            Army of God
            Aryan Nations
            The Covenant
            The Sword
            The Arm of the Lord
            Ku Klux Klan
            The Order
            The Silent Brotherhood
            Phineas Priesthood

            When you have done that, come back and talk to me and we can discuss the International Christian terror groups, such as .The National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

          7. Bob Ware says

            I never said Christianity does not have its extremists. The Hadith commands muslims for islams sake. Islam takes and distorts what it wants out of the Christian bible and mixes in their own ways. Muslims and Christians have fought for centuries and this will never stop until muslims prevail 100%. allah is not God. The Hadith does command the use of lying (Taqiyya) for islams sake. They even claim at times that mohammed walked with Jesus which is not true. The mohammed who started this islam, that is the islam of now, was born about 570 – 600 years after Jesus was crucified. Islam of old, what you are referring to, is not practiced today except for maybe by the now declared infidels. Okay, that’s not good. These people who will not take a stand publicly against these hijackers of their belief are a major piece of the problem. islams credo is Convert or Die. Like it or not American muslims are infidels by islams own decrees. The U.S. way of life is an insult to allah…their false god/Satan. A “good muslim” cannot be a U.S. citizen nor participate in the U.S. government or way of life. Muslim converts to Christianity do speak publicly about the real koran (in Arabic) and it is NOT the same book as the English koran. The real koran is a very violent teaching and it is different from the English version to weed out the real muslims from the western area infidels.
            Save OUR country. Get off the DNC bigoted bandwagon and save this country from those evil dems. Sure there are some good dems out there but they are not in charge these days. They last decent Dem was JFK. The worst is that foreign agent, infidel muslim-in-chief obama. I’m glad I never voted for him.

          8. AKLady says

            The Bible is no different than the Koran when it comes to death.
            Suggest you go back and refresh your knowledge.

            There is one Koran. Like the Jewish and Christian Bibles, it has been translated into many languages.

            Why do you feel a need to tell lies about the world’s second largest religion?

            Yes, save our country from people like you who want to destroy it. FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS THE BASIS THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED UPON – ALL RELIGION.

          9. Bob Ware says

            I’m not lying. You just can’t grasp the truth.
            You a wrong on the korans also. There are two. Listen to the Arabic converts to Christianity, including the ISIS executioner convert. Get your head out of the DNC sandbox and listen to the truth.

          10. ABO says

            No point trying to get through to AKLady, Bob, she has absolutely no concept of reality but believes herself to be possessed of some sort of supreme intellect.

          11. Bob Ware says

            It looks as if you are right. She may be related to Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry or some other currently high ranking dem or the current dem party member. Thanks ABO.

          12. AKLady says

            You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

            Abraham Lincoln

  28. R. T. says

    And why should they have that attitude , IT”S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY , When we pass it YOU will know what is in it .

  29. daveveselenak says

    Fuk that ole ugly commie whore! The rubber has met the road: we have and have had for some time now a two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy. The fact remains that if we are to retain what iota of freedom that we have left then we are going to have to risk dying for it and to deny this is to be naïve or chicken-sh^t! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or laydown and continue to take it up the azz! Armr=============================?, WHILE YOU STILL CAN BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS IN 2016 BECAUSE THE Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” had said that Trump won’t be president which means in his doubletalk that no one else will be president either! He is a demonic psychopath that I am beginning to believe is the Anti-Christ because everything he does is anti-Christ and pro-Islamic! His False Prophet, that being “Dope Francis” is already on the scene! I have a question for the Dope Francis that accuses Trump of not being Christian: why aren’t you saying the same thing about the Muslim-Marxist jihadist that has enacted legislation promoting abortion – killing of life – and so-called fag marriages that are both sins in the eyes of God? You, the Marxist Jesuit False Prophet should go back to your “Walled” sanctuary and shut the hell up and stay out of politics; by the way, you should have told those terrorists and illegal aliens that they should obey the law and not break it, you False Prophet SB!

    1. AKLady says

      You mother must be so proud.

  30. Conservative says

    Hillary, the She-Wolf: a woman becomes a she wolf out of necessity to survive in the rational jungle of life. She feels there is no other way to make it through.
    Who knows when it started but living with a sexual predator who must have made her feel ‘less than’ and yet feeling too needy to get rid of him so she defends him.
    Unfortunately, Hillary must have felt all women had the same feelings and needed ‘someone like her to save them’.
    In any event, Hillary is mentally ill, her lying, cheating, pretending, denying her own emotions, hating that she NEEDS Bill and now she realizes she must depend on another man, BARACK, to save her and give her the confirmation she so desperately needs.

    1. AKLady says

      “I, ___, take thee, ___, to be my wedded husband/wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge pledge myself to you.”

  31. TAM44 says

    The clinton’s are corrupt and will do anything for power.

    Anyone especially a woman backing this lying, disgusting, untrustworthy, irresponsible, irrational, self-centered, obnoxious, overbearing, heartless, hateful, evil, vile, dangerous, security risk, b—h, killery clinton are nothing but a hot pile of hot steaming obama. They are not worth a damn walking riding or flying and want to destroy America.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
      Oh, and here in America we capitalize proper nouns.
      Your failure to do so advertises ignorance.

  32. Cameron Triplett Sr says

    Liar, liar! Pants suit on fire! She’s too busy posing for photos to tell the truth!

  33. AKLady says

    We the People do not elect a President.
    We never have.
    We cannot.
    The U.S. Constitution does not allow it.


    Apparently some people need a Civics Class refresher. These men did no have the popular vote:
    The Electoral College elects the President.John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamine Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush (twice)

  34. Gea says

    There is nothing wrong woman President but Clinton is enabler of a sexual predator, Bill. No smart woman would take her as a proper role model. I know hundreds of women who could all do much much better then Obama…who should be removed from power as a traitor.

    1. snowyriver says

      Bill C. himself has stated that Hillary works both sides of the sex thing.

      1. AKLady says

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        1. snowyriver says

          These are facts. Lets read the Constitution. We come to ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 10. Congress shall have the power to define and punish….. Offences against the Law of Nations.

          We perhaps should read the Law of Nations, to know the power of Congress. Didn’t we just overthrow a tyrannical King? We better see what power our Congress has.

          OK having read the Law of Nations now back to the Constitution. We come to to ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5. No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.

          Didn’t we just read who was a natural born citizen was in the Law of Nations..Yes it was in Book 1 Chapter 19 article 212, ” born on the land with both parents as citizens of that nation”. Now we have a question. Why is obama in the White House and why are Cruz and Rubio in this presidential race? NONE are natural born citizens.

          Isn’t our Constitution the supreme law of this nation?

          While we are on this subject, lets go to amendment XIV .. No person shall be a Senator or Representative , President or Vice President of the United states who has been engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States… Isn’t flag burning insurrection and rebellion? I have heard from the mouth of the current resident of the White House that he and Michelle attended numerous flag burnings.

          1. AKLady says

            Misquoting proves nothing — you left out important detail.

            “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations”
            The U.S. Constitution requires only one parent be American. It does not require birth within the U.S. borders.

          2. snowyriver says

            YOU left out the most important phrase of all…. “natural born citizen” .. Sorry to have bothered you, my father told me never show an ignorant person they are wrong, they will hate you.. if you tell an intelligent person they are wrong they will thank you when they look up the facts.

          3. AKLady says

            I left nothing out. I simply expanded on your post.
            Pkease increase your reading comprehension.

    2. AKLady says

      Read the vow carefully. Some Christians still follow their faith.

      “I, ___, take thee, ___, to be my wedded husband/wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge pledge myself to you.”

  35. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    I would accept many women as the President, just not one of the old women like Rodham who is looking for more access to the people who control the countries money so she and Bubba can fill their pockets with even more ill gotten gains. The question at the end of the article asked if democrats ever get tired of this pandering. Apparently not or they would shut up their politicians. Has anyone actually ever met an intelligent democrat voter? That would be as rare as their unicorns and flying pigs.

    1. AKLady says

      So, you prefer unecessary wars that kill over 4,000 American men and women?
      Wars that have mained and crippled many of our military?
      Wars that have over-burdened the Veterans Administration?
      Wars that killed over 500,000 innocent men, women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan?
      Two of them, costing $1 million per day — each?
      Two of them which dobled the national debt?
      Two of them which are continuing to add to the national debt?
      Just what we need more of.
      Not to mention a Mexican First Lady.

  36. Angry American says

    I don’t mind a woman being president, just not that one, the hildabeast that is

    1. AKLady says

      Name calling is just so infantile.
      While I will not vote for her, I do point out that she is the sole contender with actual Whitehouse experience.

  37. Ellen J Coates says

    WHO CARES.——neither one is going to win. We the people are fed u with then same old crap. We ant a REAL LEADER———-TRUMP——–Is the only one that can save us————–GO—-TRUMP—GO

    1. Austinniceguy says

      GO TRUMP GO!!!!

    2. AKLady says

      Trump worships the God Profit with Greed.
      He is a taker, not a leader.
      As a casino owner, he takes money, not earns it.
      As a slum lord he made poor people homeless.

  38. Gea says

    The sexual lives of politicians are of no interest to me, if they are not pedophilia or rape or polygamy,. However, lying about being gay (as Obama does by marrying a women) or about rapes of a husband who is a sexual predator IS important, as it indicates lack of integrity. While everybody lies to cover up some embarrassing moments in our lives, Clinton, Obama and Kerry lie to cover up crimes theirs or their Muslim Brotherhood friends.,

    1. AKLady says

      Freedom of Religion is the basis this country was founded upon. Islam has been in America since before it became a nation.

      The first casualty in the American Revolution was a Muslim — a freed slave named Crispus Attucks. He died at the Boston Massacre.

      The first country to recognize our Nation was Muslim – Morocco. The Treaty between Morocco and the United States remains in effect – has been in effect over 200 years.

  39. Austinniceguy says

    Had she been in the deep South pandering to the black contingent there, she would have suddenly developed a deep southern drawl and would also have gone so far as to pander to the listeners that the GOP was treating the country like their own plantation. She’s done it before. The sad thing is that the people in the audience either don’t care that she is using then or, are too stupid to know the difference. If they are too stupid it’s because that’s the way the demoncraps want to keep them. Stupid and on welfare.

    1. AKLady says

      You have watched Gone With the Wind too many times.
      You might try some fact for a change. There has been a five-year, lifetime limit on wefare since Clinton was President. The only two exceptions are age and disability.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        Wrong again!!! You perhaps YOU should do a bit of research before posting your moronic “facts”. The federal government gives states the flexibility to impose time limits. That can be 60 months, less than 60 months or, no time limits at all. In many cases where the time limit is reached, the case is simply transferred from a federal case to a local case where the recipient continues to receive the funds. Once again, you failed to land a decent point and succeeded in making an ass of yourself for accusing ME of watching Gone With the Wind. Read this link so you’ll at least have that much education…You’ll see your “only two exceptions” are equally wrong as the rest of your response. Also, you should look on Youtube, you’ll see how her Southern drawl appears and disappears as she sees fit.

        1. AKLady says

          Your article, maybe you should have taken the time to read it in its entirity. As I stated, the only exceptions are age and disability.

          “Nationally, at least a quarter million TANF cases have been closed due to reaching a time limit since 1996.”

          “The law prohibits states from using federal TANF funds to assist most families for more than 60 months.”

          Source: “An Update on State Welfare Time-Limit Policies and Their Effects on Families”

          1. Austinniceguy says

            And maybe you should have better understood what you read, it states that the fed moves the cases to state levels where many cases continue receiving welfare. You’re really reaching on this one. Look up statistics on how long people remain on welfare currently. You’ll find you’re fighting a losing battle. ESPECIALLY in Chicago, Detroit and, most of the South. It is widely known and accepted that there are MANY career welfare families in those areas. I suppose you will also dispute the 450,000 wetbacks who have received subsidies for the OlBluegums ACA care? You really are woefully unaware of the realities. They have claimed more than 750,000 million dollars in subsidies that you and the delusional, moronic left want to keep a secret. Just like WELFARE.

          2. AKLady says

            You need to increase your reading comprehension. There is a five-year lifetime limit on “federally” funded welfare — period, end of that discussion.
            What you claim went out with the Clinton administration. There are no “welfare queens”.
            Maybe you should use your head for something other than growing hair.

            Deny healthcare to illegals and you put the nation at risk of an epidemic.

            Also, you might want to learn what the ACA actually says. Claimed what “subsidies”? Those subsidies apply to paid healthcare and are credits allowed on federal income taxes. They apply to paid health insurance premiums.

            Try some fact instead of rumors.

            Oh, and by the way, food stamps are welfare for farmers. The program is dministered by the Department of Agriculture. I fhte poor can’t by food, farmers lose income.

          3. Austinniceguy says

            You’re such a true moron. You adjust your narrative as you go along because you just can’t stand realizing you’re wrong. I chair a retail group that follows certain patterns of spending and we have tracked families that have been on welfare for DECADES and, some even follow in the footsteps of their parents. It was I who pointed out that the fed may have a 5 year limit but, families manage to stay on the tit as long as they choose. And, as far as putting the nation at risk of an epidemic therefore WE should for out 750 million dollars goes, that was your most moronic statement yet. The argument you created was that we should then apply that money toward keeping those law breaking wetbacks OUT of the country. There are laws that they should be forced to obey toward getting into this country. Until they do so, they should NOT be entitled to ANY subsidies. And, the subsidies you claim are applied to paid healthcare and are credits allowed on federal income taxes is more of your delusional blather. The illegals don’t pay taxes and that is a well known fact. Where are you getting this BS? If they paid taxes and played by the rules you demoncraps wouldn’t have to defend them so fiercely. You just don’t accept the fact that they are leeches on our society. Your final statement on food stamps was incomprehensible. You might try not getting drunk before taking to your keyboard. Now the argument is over.

          4. AKLady says

            “You know …” If I have a $ dollar for every time someone repeated that bit of hate, I would be as rich as the Koch Brothers.

            Your medical knowledge runs at a negative balance.

            In the past five years we have had 5 or 6 small measles epidemics. Those were brought about by the ignorant parents that refused to vaccinate their children. Some children died. Some became blind. Some suffered brain damage.

            Every winter we have a flu epidemic. Some die. Some become so disabled that they cannot work.

            The health threat from people crossing the border are not what we know as childhood diseases. You see the international relief organizations have done a good job at vaccinating children in third-world countries.

            No, the health theat. comes from poverty diseases such as TB, dysentery, malaria, leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminths and trachoma, etc. …

            Diseases you probably have never heard of.

          5. Austinniceguy says

            You REALLY are a moron of epic proportions. First of all, not all parents of those children are ignorant, many have religious beliefs and, as far as I know, we still honor those beliefs, unless you’re Shitlery Clintoris or OlBluegums. Then there’s your incredibly stupid comment about the flu. Every year they come up with a vaccine and, every year they make up excuses as to why they didn’t get it right. As far as those other diseases, I have heard of every one and then some but, like the ZIKA virus, scientists and doctors have to start somewhere. Since you are such an authority on vaccines why hasn’t AIDS been eradicated? Why is the ZIKA virus spreading like it is, since international relief organizations are doing such a great job? You’re like the fat, ugly chick at the dance who has to be right about everything because that’s all she has going for her.

          6. AKLady says

            Science and religion do not mix.

            Religion does not prevent disease epidemics — science does.

            All viruses mutate — they do so rapidly. No excise, simple scientific fact.

            The flu vaccine activate the immune system — safely. Regardless of the virus strain that becomes active, the vaccine provides increased immunity.

            Simply put for those lacking the science — the fly shot will increase your immunity no matter which type of flu is going around.

            Why has there not been as AIDS vaccine developed — there is no profit to be made? Vaccine development is expensive. There would not be a sufficient number of users.

            Why has a Zika vaccine been introduced? Same answer, no profit to be made. In most people, the Zitka often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a mild form of dengue fever. Infection has been mainly limited to Africa and Asia.

            There has been one virus eradicated — smallpox.
            That came about as a result of universal, compulsory vaccination.

          7. Austinniceguy says

            That is NOW the most moronic response you have posted. AIDS vaccine would not be profitable? Laughable. Better to let millions of people die? You should be very ashamed of yourself for posting that comment. You really are a deranged moron. As far as the Zika virus is concerned ask any of the mothers of children born with microcephaly just how “minor” the symptoms are. You really let everyone know just what an absolute idiot you are. Thanks.

          8. AKLady says

            You have just pointed out exactly what the left-wing has been saying for decades.

            Welcome to the world of common sense.
            Welcome to reaity
            The right-wing is full of deranged morons.

            The U.S. healthcare fee-for-service is a for profit business.
            That is the sad fact of American life.
            If you find that reprehensible, maybe you should talk to your elected representatives about making a change to national health care.

            The ACA is a step in the right direction, however, it does not take the profit out of the equation.

          9. Austinniceguy says

            Even MORE moronic!!! Wow, will you never hit the bottom in moronics? You really live in a delusional pie-in-the-sky world. It would be a true favor to this world if you just dropped dead in the next 15 minutes. The ACA is a nightmare that I hope is fully repealed for the damage it has caused this country. You are a truly fucked up cunt.

          10. AKLady says

            Save your insults for someone who appreciates your opinion.
            You might want to add to your knowledge base through education. Thus, reducing the number of times you embarass yourself before the world.

          11. AKLady says

            Oh, and Austin, illegals pay taxes — the same taxes you pay.

            If you bothered to use the head on your shoulders for something besides growing hair, my last statement would have made sense.

            Federal welfare, i.e., Supplimental Security Income (SSI) is a program administered by the Health and Human Services Agency.

            Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is adminstered by the Department of Agriculture. It is part of the farm aid bill.

            Before insulting people based on ignorance and bias try doing a bit of research. You have an Internet connection — use it to educate yourself.

  40. jackhy says

    If only Liberal Dems would wake up and see the real side of Hitlery for all her baggage including Slick Willie they would not want the Clinton’s back in power to further the damage done by O’Bungle and his Admin.

    1. AKLady says

      Infantile name calling.
      Most give it up by the 1st or 2nd grade.

  41. Ellen J Coates says

    TIGER——-THE SOCIALIST RUNNING IS A DEM NOT A REP make sure you Vote right——

    1. AKLady says


      : a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies

      It does not exist in the U.S. It is not the first step to communism.

      1. Ellen J Coates says

        No it its not. It is that you give the Govt all your money & they take care of you——-

        1. AKLady says

          Ignorance is bliss.

          1. Ellen J Coates says

            You are right——-

          2. AKLady says

            Then why do you not educate yourself?

          3. Ellen J Coates says

            You are Wrong & I am Right on this subject.

          4. AKLady says

            Socialism: There is nothing more feared and hated in America.
            You love socialism and you use it everyday, and you may not even know it! It may have even saved your life. Socialism is taxpayer funds being used collectively to benefit society as a whole, despite income, contribution, or ability.

            Let me list a few ecamples of the Socialism you enjoy and approve of:

            Highways and roads.
            The military.
            Public libraries (A Jeffersonian socialism).
            Police departments
            Fire departments
            U.S. Postal Service
            Garbage collection
            Public landfills/dumps
            Farm subsidies
            Social Scurity
            Public Schools (Another Jeffersonain socialism)
            Business subsidies
            VA Healthcare
            That is just a shoert list.
            If you need additional educational material, let me know — the list is quote long.

  42. champion2211 says

    Clinton will try anything that she thinks will garnish her more votes. She is scared to death that she will not get the nomination. She doesn’t deserve anything but about 50 years in Prison could cure. No time off for bad behavior.. You can already hear her now. Do you know who I am????? Let me outa here. And so on. I do hope she loves her new digs. She deserves every minute. Oh you can see Obama from my cell. He is at the male prison right over there.

  43. apzzyk says

    Well, she is right about the racism. The Gov of AL closed all of the places one could get the required ID to vote, but then re-opened them for 1 day a week, and no Circuit Court could let this stand. Then the AG of AL told the clerks that they did not have to give same-sex marriage licences, so it will just be a short time until he can no longer practice law, and if that is a requirement for office, he will be out. Then, NC was ordered by the SC to redistrict because there were two districts that were almost entirely black, and this diluted their votes. The list of qualifications for voting GOP that is posted on my refrigerator starts with you have to be a bigot, and from all appearances, that seems to be true. There has been no, and never will be, a GOP candidate that comes out in favor or a realistic new immigration plan – the xenophobes have won this, but that will cost all of them the hispanic vote in the fall.

    I can see it now, The Donald will get the GOP nomination, and so there will be debates between him and Hillary and Bernie, and so when he has to reveal the details of any of his plans, he will blame the moderator, and that will not fly with the general public. So far, on the GOP side, there really have been no debates on the issues that are important to people, just a bunch of first grade name calling, where the ‘fact checkers’ come out within hours about how they are all 90% BS. The exit polls in IA showed that the people who went to them went with one candidate, but would not vote in the General Election for any other. Then there is always the possibility of another ‘spoiler’ entering the election at the last minute just as Ralph Nader did in FL, which cost Gore the election – could we have the return (again) of Ron Paul and his claim that the US currency will go to hell? In the last election, NPR interviewed a prostitute at a legal brothel in NV, and she said that she and her co workers were going to vote for Paul. Thought about the bumper sticker “Prostitutes for Paul”, but never had them printed.

    As Robert Reich wrote the other day, we really do not have a real GOP any longer, but just a bunch of warring tribes which have mutually exclusive agendas, who just happen to be united by a common enemy who will not actually be on the field this year.

    By slander and bringing up the distant past and trying to make a big deal out of Benghazi, all of the focus has been on Hillary, to leave Bernie out-flanking the entire group of GOP candidates. Trump already came out an said that wages were too high. At his hotel in Vegas they interviewed a worker from there who had another similar job across the street at twice the pay that he got from The Donald. Is this going to set well with the low wage voters? Then, there was the Pope, who was probably responsible for Boehner’s resignation. Pope Francis agrees that he is a progressive who is trying to pull the church up to where its members are on the social issues, while the GOP is sticking to their guns. Then there is the attempt by the Conservatives to drag Israel in as an issue that does not appear to have any traction, but Sheldon will contribute.

    Also, it is possible that many of the things which the GOP has supported to get votes in the past will go negative on them. Having an A rating from the NRA may become a minus; the war on Planned Parenthood is already a minus with a majority of the people still thinking and voting that in at least some cases abortion should be safe and legal. We have, again, heard nothing from the ‘Log Cabin” Republicans, which have probably become a swing vote.

    Then there is the rejection of diplomacy by all of the GOP candidates, none of whom have come out and said that it should be our first step in solving disputes. Their motto seems to be ‘lets make more enemies”.

    1. AKLady says

      The Alabama Department of Publoic Safety has never been open only one day a week.
      They are the agency that issues ID Cards.

  44. MarcJ says

    Hillary Clinton (the wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill) gave her “testimony” on the Benghazi murder cover-up. It was on a par with her grand jury testimony in connection with “the lost paperwork” showing her criminal acts while working in her Little Rock law office. She then had declared 145 times “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remember” in the course of that 2-hour “testimony” – that’s more than once every minute. The incriminating paperwork was held by her former lover Vince Foster in his White House office; a rather flimsily arranged “suicide” of Foster (murdered by a bullet in the back of his head) was accompanied by an illegal taking by the Hilary’s agents of those papers by breaking into Foster’s WH office. Two years later that paperwork was “suddenly discovered” in Hillary’s bedroom and was burned. When some mildly disapproving Republicans asked her why the administration found it necessary to lie about that Benghazi affair for several months she answered: “What does it matter now?” Well – of all those limp-fisted RINO’s there was not a single one with courage to say: “It matters because you, Madam Secretary, lied to the American people while knowing full well the truth”! Also, she had embraced the grieving family members of those dead Americans – what do you want her to do more? Otherwise the Democrats in that committee gushed repeatedly about “our best Secretary of State ever”. After all, she took the responsibility for those 4 murdered Americans – didn’t she? However, she did not find it necessary to resign her position; in other words it was just empty posturing. That Benghazi murder by some out-of-control members of the Obama-installed Libyan jihadist government has now been whitewashed forever. The purpose of that Benghazi outpost was to channel ground-to-air missiles to the Al-Qaeda led Syrian jihadist rebels (Sunnis like Obama) via Turkey. But the fact remains that the “Arab Spring” program designed by Obama to bring Sunni jihadist governments to Muslim countries was delayed there for a while. No RINO asked her this question – what was the purpose of that Benghazi outpost? What is worse is that in 2016 that criminal is the far-away favorite in the presidential elections.

    1. AKLady says

      I suggest you take up writing.
      Your post suggests as an author of fiction, with practice, you could make some money at it.

  45. jscarano7 says

    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016

  46. jimmy midnight says

    Thank you, Ms. AKLady. I guess you and I both know they’re just a little misguided. If our cohorts here aren’t my family members, or even yours, they surely are those of people we know well.. “Yes,cousin, the way we need to go is Forward, not way off to the Right. And when we arrive at forks, we’re generally best served taking the Left.”

    Keep on rollin’!

    1. Bob Ware says

      We’re best served going up the middle. Ben ARSON HAS THE ANSWERS. Look at Ben Carson’s site and read his issue detailed plans. These are not feel good sound bites or blurbs.

  47. jimmy midnight says

    Thanks for paying attention, Bob. I apologize for finding it impossible to take Ben Carson seriously.

  48. Jonathan Brooks says

    I sometime wonder if Hillary thinks her base is brain damaged. She plays the Obama race card, when she know like everyone else on the planet that his leftist politics and fixation on demagoging and obstruction of all things right is why he gets negative feedback in his nominees. His nominees are hard left pro-communists, and any other attribute they have is not relevant. We have had him send two of this kind to the Supreme Court, and the evil Republicans let them in. If it was a race issue, we would have less pass through.

  49. Sarajwallace3 says

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  50. Gea says

    Read Koran, Hadith and Sira-life of Mohamed ( and then read what John Quincy Adams said about Islam and Mohamed, who according to Sira-Muslim book on life of Mohamed, was a pedophile, polygamist, rapist, misogynist, looter, slaver and mass murderer who in any sane society would have been convicted for his crimes against humanity and not emulated by 1,600 millions of Muslim as “the most perfect human being who ever lived” and their beloved prophet fro whose “honor” they are willing to murder and die. Such a role model creates criminals all over the world who are now invading Western countries as their IDEOLOGY of hate of all non-Muslims had destroyed their 56 corrupt, dysfunctional and overpopulated Muslims occupied countries.

  51. Lindarhuber says

    ❝my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….two days ago new McLaren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a day ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Here:;/241➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsMedia/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:::::;/241……..

  52. 2 parrots and a dog says

    Benghazi. Enough said.

  53. coneyro says

    Yes, some people don’t want a woman president. However, more to the fact, the folks who aren’t in Clinton’s corner is probably because she has proven herself to be a liar, untrustworthy, and a manipulator. Her credibility is nonexistent.
    You may not agree with Sanders’ politics, but he has proven to be a man of integrity, and consistent in his views. He says what he means, and means what he says. No one has caught him in any hypocritical statements or evasions. Tells the truth, as he sees it. Doesn’t need to use vulgarity or unnecessary slanderous accusations.
    Cruz and other GOPers could take lessons, in this regard, from Sanders.

  54. Happy Guyz says

    In 2008 Hillary hammered Obama for suggesting “Reparations for Slavery” – she is now “Pro-Reparations” and has promised BILLIONS of tax dollars for the needs of the National Black Caucus and minority groups. She now supports “Reparations” – this Lady will say what ever it takes – Google “Hillary 2008 Reparations” read what she and Bill said then.

  55. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “Across our country, Republican governors and legislatures are erecting “one barrier after another that make it harder for black people to vote,” No you stupid liberal, we want it harder for illegals and non-citizens to vote!
    “you know, you get little hints that maybe they’re not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position.” LMAO! Stupid liberal, we just aren’t comfortable with YOU being in an executive position.

  56. Freedom fighter says

    Just because someone wants to see a woman president does not mean they should settle for ANY woman. Especially not THIS woman. People don’t dislike you because you are a woman anymore than they dislike Obama because he is black. They dislike you both because you are antiamerican criminals and traitors.

  57. T. VOGT says

    With that witch claiming to speak for women LIKE ME.. Oh HECK NO.. I wouldn’t vote her to judge a fart smelling test.. she couldn’t distinguish her or her husbands foul stench from the contestants !!
    I want a Female some day in the White House, who actually is a Lady.. but not some witch that already looted it once !! She doesn’t understand it’s the People’s HOUSE neither does Moochie fat a$$ they think its some prison or some other BS.. That everything is for them.. they get to walk off with it.. change the decor to early Kenya or down home PAST the good redneck phase to the dirty trailer trash phase..where they looted as they left and vandalized what they had to leave.. let her BACK IN.. when my dog lives there maybe we can let her in as the groomer Rotties don’t need much grooming they do however like to bite those that threaten their families or food bowls..

    Something both of those pretentious b*tches calling themselves ladies aren’t fit for the Honor of title Lady.

  58. kassa1 says

    The treasonous Clinton’s and the Obamas and the bushes all Ohta be in the gas chamber for what they have done to this country and our children’s future. Trump just spoke of a 20 page document the ties 911 to the Bush administration and Clinton administration and it says it goes all the way to the white house,and if this is showing to the American people it will collapse or political system as it is that corrupt from the White House through the judiciary with the stacked deck of kangaroo court judges put in there not for the good of the constitution but for the demise of it.

  59. TAM44 says

    Didn’t the clintons pull the race card crap on obama?, oh but they have a very short memory span and cannot remember anything wrong they have done and the people who’s live’s has been ruined or snuffed out. The clinton’s are just as corrupt as obama and none of the piece of human waste can be trusted. bernie sanders sucks and is as useless as teats on a boar hog.

  60. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    agree with Jim. A woman as president is not a problem as long as it’s NOT the hillercow!
    Britain and Germany have women as head of state

  61. DAlnB41 says

    How short memories are; how easy it seems to be to sway opinion. Black Americans and the Hispanics in America seem so gullible.
    Black Maericnas need to read back through history and consider the party that worked to free them and the efforts that have gone into seeing they have equal treatment in work, housing, schools, etc.
    It was a group of people from the Northern Sates who during the Civil War banned together to see that the slaves were given freedom and it was President Lincoln that stood with them to see that it became a reality. That effort has continued throughout our history. The biggest roadblock has seemed to be with labor movements, who, supported by the Democrats, has ignored much of the efforts, AND LAWS, that give blacks equal employment opportunities.became known as the Republican party. Labor movements are supported by the Democratic party and funded by the huge donations from Democratic supporters.
    The Hispanics need to do the same.; they need to look back at the very near past and see the nearly obvious “false” efforts of the Democrats.
    Obama has continually said he is going to see the Hispanics are treated equal to Americans. It was the Democrats, with the help of a few Republicans who wrote the Gang of Eights Immigration Reform Bill. That bill was passed by a Democratic Senate and died in a Republican lower house. The bill had as much bad in it as it did good.
    That bill was never intended to pass and be signed off on by the President. The Democrats were fully aware the bad in the bill would never let it pass through the lower house and the President would never sign it as it was written. It Did Though Create An Apparent Effort By The Democrats To Support The Hispanics While Giving An Impression The Republicans were NOT In Support Of The Hispanics. It did just that. The Gang of Eights Bill has been the biggest farce and most damaging effort to destroy any relations and efforts to fix the immigration problem in our country.
    The problem was developed in the Democratic party to destroy a relationship between the Hispanics and the Americans citizens.
    Obama, has continually swore he was going to fix these problems. Seven plus years later he is still saying he is going to! L:ool though at what he has done to make that happen. Anything he can claim can only be supported with “PASSIVE” comments and no positive action. He has appeased the Hispanics and the Black Americans with talk but no action.
    Now Hillary Clinton is running on the same comments and saying she will continue to carry out Obamas agenda.
    That agenda has included more lies, more passiveness, a total lack of anything more than talk; and both the African Americans and Hispanics are still in the background. The lies of Obama and Hillary Clinton will never fix the problems in America.

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