Clinton’s Reassuring Email Reassures No One


Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in serious trouble and everyone knows it. Her earlier hopes that the email scandal would just go away have been dashed. Every week, the news gets worse for her. This week, after being forced to turn over the private server she used during her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton sent out a special email to her supporters. The long email said it was “nonsense” to believe that she endangered classified information through the use of her off-site email system. It provided a link to a Q&A page that promised to lay out the facts of the situation. But the email and the Q&A page do little to address the most recent – and most damning – evidence of improper communication.

The closest Clinton gets to explaining the worst of the controversial revelations comes here:

Clinton only used her account for unclassified email. No information in Clinton’s emails was marked classified at the time she sent or received them.

This is consistent with what the campaign has said from the beginning, but it isn’t consistent with what investigators have turned up over the past week. According to them, there were at least two emails sent by Clinton that were labeled – at the time – Top Secret. Insiders say that the discovery of these emails led to the FBI’s decision to finally confiscate the server itself. That server, we are told, was wiped clean by professionals before being handed over to federal authorities.

About that confiscation? Clinton says:

Again, when information is reviewed for public release, it is common for information previously unclassified to be upgraded to classified if the State Department or another agency believes its public release could cause potential harm to national security, law enforcement or diplomatic relations.

Oh, well that’s a non sequitur answer if ever there was one. This isn’t about information retroactively classified any more, Hillary. The cat is out of the bag. On at least two occasions, you sent emails containing information deemed Top Secret. Not later. Not this week. At the time. And that is the allegation you must explicitly address if you want your supporters to calm down. Because right now, your candidacy is in serious jeopardy.

Of course, there is no explanation that will suffice. At the very least, Clinton is guilty of endangering national security for selfish reasons. Even if her reasons turn out to be innocuous, she should no longer be viewed as a legitimate candidate for president. And if they turn out to be less than innocuous…well, she may be headed for a room quite a bit smaller than the Oval Office.

  1. MAHB001 says

    If Hillary Clinton did not talk about classified information while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was not doing her job….

    If she did talk about classified information and it was through her server….. She broke the Law.

    So the Democrats do have a choice… Incompetence or Felon?

    1. jim scofield says


      1. MAHB001 says

        You got that right..

        1. jim scofield says

          That is the only thing the Dem Party can offer
          is Incompetent Criminals.

          1. MAHB001 says

            They certainly have the market monopoly on old white privileged socialists politicians.

          2. jim scofield says

            If You haven’t heard the song The Band Played On
            by Joe Walsh You should give it a listen it pegs the
            Dems. 100%

          3. MAHB001 says
          4. jim scofield says

            unfortunately there are also some in the RNC who
            fall into the same boat

          5. RufusVonDufus says

            I tried listening, but could not put up with the noise!

          6. jim scofield says

            then try reading the lyrics

          7. TAM44 says

            Well killery clinton is obama’s peer, she sure emulates him to a tee, obama breaks our laws and so does she.

          8. jreg9304 says

            DIDN’T YOU KNOW THAT IT IS A DESTROY AMERICA CONCEPT brought on by none other than the corrupt democratic party and the other party is under their thumb…

    2. william g munson says

      Well let not forget when you cover up and hide facts and lie about it that makes it TREASON

      1. Croco Dile says

        Screaming TREASON is just playing inside the system. THEIR system.

        The power structure needs people to believe that the way to solve problems is within the system. That is the KEY to the whole puzzle. The system is run on game theory. The status QUO knows that as long as people are working IN the system, nothing fundamental can ever change.

        How much evidence has to be accumulated? The government never shrinks. The people are ignored. The debt just grows…..
        As long as you are trying to “get back to the constitution” or get “someone else” in Washington, you will lose “the game“. Period.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          T R O L L ALERT !!!! TROLL A L E R T !!!

          1. supergun says

            Is it red, green, blue or black.

          2. Croco Dile says

            You are alerting ME that you are a troll ???!!!
            What a true idiot you are, Witz !

          3. jreg9304 says

            now,, that is a real troll

          4. Gerry Costa says

            You have that right – Michael. Oh croc – of – s!it is a real joke.

        2. Deby says

          Wait, WHAT?????? Nonsensical post. Please stop

          1. supergun says

            Thats funny. But we do have the idiots that visit every once in a while.

          2. Croco Dile says

            Nonsensical only for brain damaged….. Is your brain damaged ?

          3. Deby says

            you wish, but yours, definitely yes.

          4. jreg9304 says

            there is beauty in large people also, but this pic is a little extreme… talk about diabetes and having a heart attack…

        3. RufusVonDufus says

          This photo perfectly captures how D.C. pol’s feel about the electorate, and that includes all parties. We have allowed this and are now suffering through it. Electing a non D.C. person is our only hope and there are a few running this time. Put your support behind one of them and stick with it. Cleaning out D.C. will be difficult and will take a good bit of time but let’s not give up!

          1. Croco Dile says

            It’s a false hope !

            If you want to know why, read this site :

      2. theseer says

        The fact that she tampered with evidence by wiping her server clean
        is definitely criminal…a felony!!!
        She first REFUSED to give her server up!!!
        Had she not had alot to hide she would have given it up when asked.
        She had it 4 mos…to have it totally wiped clean….
        They have found some emails where it shows she committed felonies and TREASON!!!
        Hillary and Bill are both associated with over 49 murders and so-called suicides!!!
        Those deaths were Never investigated….
        I would assume the genius tech that wiped the server clean…has a few copies
        that would be publicized if he too surcumbs to a sudden death.
        OF TREASON!

        1. Ddenney1 says

          Be fair did YOU want to see THAT in Yoga pant-suits???

        2. champion2211 says

          But yet some idiots still see her as a great lady. They are falsely mistaken. but would like a woman president. A woman president might just be a good idea but an honest and up front one would do fine. But this one is nothing but a criminal, thief, murder and a horendeous liar. There is more also but that’s all I can see now. If you vote for Hillary you are just voting for Socialism and terrorism. That way you don’t have anything anymore. You can’t buy property, a house or really anything else if thee governmentg doesn’t want you to have. They own everything including you.

          1. Nina says

            I agree with you 100%!!! As you can see by my pic I am a woman! ;-)) it would be nice to have one for prez BUT not just for the sake of having a woman for prez!! That is totally ridiculous!! Sell out our whole country……. Again…… For this bimbo!!!!! That’s just plain crazy!! We need to get our county back after Obozo if at all possible. That WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN if the lying cheating crook Killery was allowed anywhere near OUR White House.

          2. RufusVonDufus says

            A good one would be Carly, but the dems want a short, fat, stinking pig of a slob!

        3. Roger Short says

          Richard Nixon was forced out of office, in disgrace, for far less than what she has done!

          1. jreg9304 says

            he sure was, but that was an delicate time in history and just after the viet conflict…

          2. Nina says

            I get that……. BUT ………. This is a pretty damn delicate time in history also!!!!!!!!!! If we don’t take our country back now it’s gone forever!!!!! I think that qualifies don’t you???? Now you know that will never ever ever happen with bitch face Killery!! She’s Obozo in whiteface!!!!!

          3. jreg9304 says

            she is the bastards evil white twin and if you want to get technical, her real name is HOGHEAD… ESPECIALLY WITH A FACE LIKE HERS ,,YOU CAN SEE THE LIE LINES….

    3. Ddenney1 says

      Which ARE qualifications to be a Demon Rat!!!!

      1. supergun says

        Be a dumb a$$.

    4. Tony Donaldson says

      Incompetent felon. World’s dumbest criminal.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Those are two highly sought after traits that the Democrats look for in their presidential candidates…

        1. pmbalele says

          You asked for a GOP candidate; and you got him -Trump. Republican women love him. Look, when Kelly tried to defame Trump, FoxNews almost fired her. I have told women to stay away from GOP.

          1. supergun says

            The GOP had better wake up and listen to what the people are saying. They have been in the bed with the democrats too long. They are going to get burned if they don’t get off their asses and start doing something.

          2. jreg9304 says

            they are already burned!! BURNED OUT………..

          3. supergun says


        2. supergun says

          Destroy. Defeat.

    5. Bob Morgan says

      Spot on MAHB001.

    6. RandyLeanear says

      Incompetence or Felon? How about BOTH!

      1. MAHB001 says

        That is what she is, incompetent, and a criminal all wrapped up in one saggy old politicians body.

        1. jreg9304 says


    7. MIKE6080 says


  2. Warpaint says

    So sick of the ruling class blowing smoke up our rectums, I dont care that powell did it too, he should have been brought up on charges as well. And as for hillary, didn’t you get enough when slick willy was running things??? NO BUSHES AND NO CLINTONS we have had enough of both!

    1. MAHB001 says

      Enough ruling class bullshit.

      1. phyllisjmurphy says


    2. Ddenney1 says

      Condy, Powell both did it but no one ever said they used it for government business! They had a government email plus a personal email for two different reasons! Besides I live by IF your friends commit treason do you want to commit treason???? I agree with you HAD enough of both!!

      1. RIYADHMIKE says

        Monica gives Bill a BJ, does Hillary….?

        1. Warpaint says

          Yeah but it smells like tuna….

          1. kbfallon says

            more like a can of fishworms that sat out in the hot sun for a few too many hours….

  3. jim scofield says

    The Server that she turned over which was scrubbed is not the one
    she should be worried about. It’s the one used for back ups She didn’t
    know about That is about to be turned over to the FBI.

    1. Kent2012 says

      hope that you are right…of course it could have hundreds of emails that could have compromised the USA or citizens in delicate or dangerous situations and what would the ho’s followers say?? most would simply say it is time for a woman president, what ever that means..the others would be hoping for more handouts and some new interpretations of the constitution that suggest that other “rights” for the downtrodden have been located in the constitution and more presidential mandates are pending that will rectify this horrible discrimination…

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Geo Soros will bail her out !

        1. Ddenney1 says

          He probably has EVERY email of EVERYBODY in the administration cc Valerie Jarrett

        2. Btty says

          If she’s convicted of anything Obozo will pardon her. Sickening!!

        3. RMCSRET says

          Nope Obama will be doing that duty since the evidence will start coming back to
          him if he dosent.

  4. Russ says

    this coyote ugly hedge hog is gonna look great in her new striped uniform sitting behind bars. witch!!!

    1. Kent2012 says

      I was thinking of the get up that you have get loaded into before they hook up the wires…

      1. jaybird says

        That is the old way, then give lethal injections now. They should bring back the electric chair.

        1. Kent2012 says

          or the firing squad, most government agencies have enough ammo to last until 2025….

          1. Richard Nicoletti says

            I really prefer hanging.

          2. Lance Lucius says

            No, that is an honorable way of execution. Hanging, is not.
            Semper Fi

        2. theseer says


        3. gonzales27 says

          I like public hangings

          1. jaybird says

            I would like to see them fried.

          2. gonzales27 says

            I could go for that

          3. jaybird says

            I would like to see the prison officials strapping all that stuff to their body, let them sit there and think about all the stuff they did to the American people for awhile and then throw the switch, God help me for thinking that way.

          4. gonzales27 says

            No, that would be a prelude to what she will get in hell

        4. Warpaint says

          With as many people as we have on death row we should have electric bleachers, tell em their going to see a game and zzzzzzzzt,
          400 at a time no waiting.

      2. Tony Donaldson says

        Will she stand still for the delousing? How do you delouse a louse?

        1. Kent2012 says


    2. gonzales27 says

      Yes and I want a pic for my desk,will pair up with Obama when they get him

    3. Btty says

      It would be a great sight to see but it will never happen. Unfortunately its just a dream.

    4. kbfallon says

      I can picture it now..the look on Hillarys face when some big dyke chick named Ralph tells her she wants her salad tossed……hehe

  5. jaybird says

    And still the brainless women grin and pose with her in public. The college women aren’t even interested in finding out about the “real Clinton’s”. I am a woman and it just frustrates me to no end that they are willing to act like this and show it in public. Do we need to put more interviewers on the street to ask them questions and then correct them when they say they are for her to show them how dumb there are?

  6. don76550 says

    A server wiped clean is in itself a crime, obstruction of justice. Clinton belongs in jail.

    1. gingergirl says

      You know, Don, I was thinking the same thing! Since she did wipe her server clean, she should be arrested! Period. End of story. She shouldn’t be worrying about running for president as much as she should be worrying about her near term freedom!
      I am so sick of our government. . . I know there are a few good ones in there, but most are so corrupt – ugh!

      1. Ddenney1 says

        Cruz 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. TexasRider says

        At one time we had “Statesmen” now we have “Politicians.” I take a true Statesmen over a Politician any day.

        1. gonzales27 says

          Where can you find one?

          1. jreg9304 says

            next time you take a dump, just look down before flushing…. none of um are worth a sh-t….!!!!!

          2. TexasRider says

            @gonzalas27…..Youc an’t find “Statesmen” at all any more.

          3. gonzales27 says

            Not in the US

        2. jreg9304 says

          politicians are like salesmen and how do you get rid of a salesman? tell him too get bent…

    2. tubesaft says

      Was the company that scrubbed her server cleared for top secret? That should be another cause of action. If the scrubbers are indicted for having top secret emails ( and no security clearance) they too should be tried. Even might get some more info on Hillary that way.

      1. Ddenney1 says

        Plus her lawyer with the thumb drive!!!

        1. silvernotes says

          There are 3 thumb drives I think! Just plain dumb. ..and the company that cleaned her hard drive “migrated” her old data…which means there is an original copy of the hard drive somewhere. I am surprised the FBI, who visited this vendor, didn’t come up with it.

          1. Deepthink says

            Because they are trying to protect her??? Or because they don’t want any more murders of people who, at some time, were closely associated with the Clintons?

          2. gonzales27 says

            It is deep in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean

          3. silvernotes says

            Nah, someone is hanging on to it…..could be a couple different reasons I can think of! (;-))

          4. gonzales27 says

            Another dumb move if someone hangs onto it. What a great item for blackmail

          5. silvernotes says

            …more likely protection. There is a sorted Clinton history that goes back to the governorship!

          6. gonzales27 says

            Hope they hang her along with slick willie

          7. RufusVonDufus says

            It could be our next national holiday! Triple time!!!

          8. gonzales27 says

            Yea that would be great,time to celebrate

          9. jreg9304 says

            just think about this… just like dumb blonde jokes, when this all blows over, you will be reading redhead and brunette jokes as well…

        2. RufusVonDufus says

          This post and the one above are so true. Get the accomplices first and they will take you to the mother lode!

      2. RIYADHMIKE says

        No, they are not approved by the Defense Security Services (DSS) to handle US Government classified documents.

      3. RMCSRET says

        No one involved with that server or the cover up had clearances. Neither the company nor
        her Lawyer whom the State Department let control the Stick that Hillary had given him.
        That alone implements the State Department in the coverup.

      4. don76550 says

        Excellent point

    3. Ddenney1 says

      But but but what about her being a VICTIM of a conspiracy?????

      1. dinkerduo says

        Notice tho—she hasn’t uttered the words–IT’S JUST A “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY”–that term got sooooo old–now she’s saying the same thing using different words! I wonder how hard it is for her to NOT say that phrase!
        Thank God that there is still time to get to the bottom of all of this before the ’16 election–she won’t be in the running by then!!

        1. gonzales27 says

          Didn’t work before

      2. don76550 says

        She is a criminal, not a victim

      3. Kenneth Van Antwerp says

        That is so much Bulls**t

        1. silvernotes says

          No she and others around her have committed clear felonies and she should be prosecuted. Now we’ll see how much juice she really has. Clearly, she shouldn’t be a presidential candidate.

    4. Btty says

      Vote Killary for Prison!

      1. gonzales27 says

        Get’s my vote

        1. Btty says

          What pisses me off is that if this was anyone else they would already be serving time. If this was you or I they would have locked us up and thrown the key away. Look what they did to Gen. Petraeus! He didn’t do anything half as bad. I hope she rots in hell for all eternity. She can take her husband with her.

          1. gonzales27 says

            I agree

    5. jreg9304 says

      her husband also… guarantee he knew all about this going on and never said a word.. he is just as much at fault.. by the way i wonder if old willy is still grunting down lewinski’s throat…?

  7. Charles Adams says

    I think she guilty, but she will get away with it. We have candidate running brags he made money while he was broke four times. That candidate is New York City real estate agent do you think he gave anything to the homeless. Cinton and Trump are cast in the same mold. Circumventing the law while we pay. Trump and Clinton were budies not long ago. When you run for office you are politician Trump and Hillary know how to run the system. Any body that says they are not politicians is a liar

    1. RIYADHMIKE says

      She’s going to throw Mrs. Weiner under the bus. Bye, bye Ms. Huma of the Muslim sisterhood.

    2. Jonathan Brooks says

      Normally, Charles, I would agree, but I think we are seeing something unique in history, a true Democrat Mob war. Obama has started his own Mob, with Valarie Garrett as the capo de capo, and Obama is Tony Soprano, and the Clintons are Johnnie Sack and the New York Mob. Basically, the “Golf Run-in” was a mob sit down to discuss the conflict and attempt to stop the war, but the rage and raised hand of Bill suggests that Obama had just told him that Hillary was going down, and Jail Time was in her future.

  8. maxx says

    If Platte River Networks did not completely backup Clintons personal server before wiping it clean it would be a miracle or the stupidest network company in the world. First, any server built within the past 10 years would not have “hard drives”. Consequently the reports of the server being degaussed (magnetically purged) sound highly unlikely. Servers are made up of an enormous number of memory chip boards which are superior to hard drives in that they do not contain “moving parts” like read/write head arms. This is mainly for speed but also makes them much more reliable. Chips are the same devices found in “thumb drives” They are called drives but there is nothing drivable about them.
    Then, companies that deal in information storage, information security and network operation can be sued by customers for losing data. Because this is a standard business practice no company worth it’s salt will take the chance of losing any data even if the customers wants the data destroyed. They cannot and will not assume such a risk, Therefore Platte River might try to cover for Clinton’s privacy but the data on that server is somewhere in Platte Rivers archives just to protect their own asses, Platte River backs up everything. When the email customers of AOL or Google or any other provider deletes their emails, then goes into the TRASH or RECENTL DELETED folder and deletes the email in these folders, the warning that states “this will permanently delete the selected items” IT IS NOT TRUE. Those emails are still stored on the providers servers and are only tagged as deleted with a date and timestamp. They are completely recoverable by the company. As far as the users are concerned, they don’t show up on your PC any more but believe me they still do exist.
    There are many companies that specialize in data recovery. They charge enormous fees to do it. The biggest issue they run into is tracking down where the data is, outside of the PC owners machine. Emails are probably the easiest data to recover because eve if you have a private email server a third party company manages its operation at least daily.
    I guess the service providers who tout their privacy policies and secure networks etc. still think people believe all the hype.

    1. RIYADHMIKE says

      I don’t believe Platte River was approved by DSS to handle USG classified documents.

      1. maxx says

        Probably true since everybody that should have known she was using a private email service/server claims they did not know. The government email system is there because it is secure (we are told). It I also automatically “backed up” and connected to the U.S. Archives because every government officials communications belong to the people even though much may be classified. They belong to the country not the individual.

    2. kbfallon says

      That’s why it took so long as they tried every trick in the book to be sure the stuff was gone–and tried to invent new ways….its all about damage control as they knew they would face all of this scrutiny at some point and did it anyway. The arrogance is astounding.

  9. Americans Wake Up says

    According to the law if she was using any server it was a crime to wipe it clean. She used this one for government business which makes it government property. Also by law a back up of all emails must be kept in a secure place. Broke two laws among the thousands she has broken in the past.

  10. 63Marine says

    Killery for prison 2016

  11. Elmer Fredrick says


  12. phyllisjmurphy says

    Hillary the Hun, psychopathic narcissistic liar doesn’t know truth from lying! Ghastly old couple, those greedy perverted creeps called Clintons! Remind me of that Romanian Couple executed for the kind of behaviors that the Clintons have perpetrated against America….

    1. Lance Lucius says

      Just like her boss, and husband. What a POS

  13. jcmoore2010 says

    not with the 60 emails found with classified information from her personal email server…she is such a lying bag of sh*t just like her husband. This country had better wake up and realize the dems have done a lot of damage to this country that needs to be undone. I believe trump is the right man to do just that, he doesn’t play politics, he speaks the truth in a straightforward way that all of america can understand.

  14. Michael Dennewitz says

    Damned shame they can’t lock her up in the same cell with the HTNIC !!!

  15. Lance Lucius says

    A scrubbed server, hmmmm, no impropriety there. Just ignore the man behind the curtain, Dorothy.

  16. farrightwing says

    Dittos Lance Lucius, jcmoore2010, MAHB001,

  17. BA DeMonte says

    If this were anyone other than a member of the political ruling class, that person would have already been arrested and jailed.

  18. ALLAN says


    1. BA DeMonte says

      The missing money is 6 Billion, not million. It probably got funneled to the Clinton Foundation through a dummy corp and into the Clinton’s pockets.

    2. Tony Donaldson says

      She used that money to by guns for the rebels in Syria. These guns were ran through Benghazi. She was going to be ratted out and the she let those folks over there get killed to hide the fact. Hang her from the highest yard arm.

  19. Ddenney1 says

    So Killary is the ONLY Secretary of State that actually did NOT handle ANY classified emails EVER!!!! Yeah I wouldn’t trust that B with anything important either SO of course she is running for president for the Demon Rats!!! You know the party whose HEAD of Propaganda Debbie Washer Woman Schultz can’t give a difference between Demon Rats and socialist!!! Or is it she can not say the word NONE!!!!!

  20. Niki says

    Burn the witch at the stake ! Traitor!

  21. jaybird says

    If anyone here does not receive “Freedom Works” in their e-mails, please sign up-there are petitions to sign. The one for Congressman Mark Meadows only has 6,000+ signatures. They need more signatures. We want John Boehner to “vacate the Speakers Seat”. Thanks!

  22. armydadtexas says

    Just the thought of the Clinton Cartel and the far left, finally being exposed for the slime that they truly are is good for the soul. America just might have a chance after all. But remember, the Clinton Cartel believes in the Scorched Earth Policy. Maybe the entire Socialist democ-RAT Party will fall along with the HILDA-BEAST. Oh well, I guess good dreams are permit able.

  23. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    I still remember how the Hillybillies CLEANED OUT Vince Fosters office after he committed sucide? by shooting himself in the BACK OF THE HEAD in a public park!

    1. Jonathan Brooks says

      He shot himself in the back of the head,in his office at an angle impossible to pull off ergonomically, and then, after he was shot, levitated himself sans shoes to Marcy park, without any mud on his body or socks. His shoes were still in the office. Sounds legit……..

  24. Alpha says

    Hillary has always been a follower and a liar. She would only bring America even further down than her commander in chief and her main goal (as a RED PERSONALITY) is POWER and MONEY, definitely not America. She has never proven to be a person of honesty, of integrity or having any conscience either. MAHB001 hits the nail on the head when he said, “So the Democrats do have a choice…Incompetence or Felon.” She also cannot get away with the fact she was in on the Benghazi disastrous murder of the American Ambassador 4 US Navy Seal’s deaths; one just has to read the “details” to see what torture Amb. Stevens had to endure before his life was snuffed out and then re-read the lies about her “boss” stating that this was caused by some remote Islamic D-rated film about Muhammed, his perverse ways, his violence et al. As her commander in chief in the WH stated that this was the reason for the uprising in Libya (and he KNEW) it wasn’t, she, Clinton, also went along with the charade showing no decency of character, no sympathy for Ambassador Stevens nor the Navy Seals and no remorse whatsoever like her big boss! This isn’t something to be sneered at; it cost these people their lives while this administration just went about their own pillaging of America, making money, engulfing power, lieing to the public, disseminating the American meaning and its Constitution and so on and so forth. If you look for more things this woman and this administration has done that is harmful all these years and who they are in communications with REALLY, than you will see an ongoing occurrence of betrayal by this 44th leader and his secretive and non transparent minion. Don’t even have to read the other comments, the truth is the truth!

  25. scubamass says

    They the FBI states her server was professionally wiped clean and that right there is a admission of guilt to wipe your server clean then hand it over is BS ! Just wiping it clean is a reason to lock her up ! If it were me I would be sitting in jail waiting to explain myself ! But this bitch still campaigns for President ! She is full of it , thinks we’re all stupid , and her crimes are more than this ask Larry Nichoals he states the Clintons paid him to kill 15-20 people ? That’s a big thing but no one talks about this !

  26. Mark N Starla Traina says

    Clinton’s Reassuring Email Reassures No One!

    Hillary Clinton claims only used her account for unclassified email!

    Saying that no information in
    Clinton’s emails was marked classified at the time she sent or received them. Knowing
    full-well that because Emails sent and received by the Secretary of State’s
    Office could be re-classified as Top Secret at any time in this World’s ever-changing
    Political Climate!

    About that confiscation?

    Clinton says: Again, when
    information is reviewed for public release, it is common for information
    previously unclassified to be upgraded to classified if the State Department or
    another agency believes its public release could cause potential harm to
    national security, law enforcement or diplomatic relations. –

    See more at:

    The NAAWP calls “BULL$HYT”, and claims
    that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put all of U.S. at risk!

    We are calling for her to end her
    Campaign for the Presidency of the United States, and begin focusing on her
    Legal, Ethical and Mental Health Problems!

    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP


  27. millerstwo says

    Definition of a ‘Sociopathic Liar’……
    “someone who lies continuously in an attempt to get their own way, without showing care or concern for others. These individuals are goal-oriented.”
    Definition of a ‘Hypocrite’……
    “a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.”
    Now who in the world could be so horrible a person as to harbor both traits, can you think of anyone?

  28. e michael says

    People like Obama,Hillary Clinton or Lois Learner from the IRS and other democrats have special rights and privileges that most other Americans do not.

  29. Carl Di Pietro says

    The Democrats will soon be dumping Hillary. In the latest news, the FBI has found 63 e mails that were
    rated Top Secret. Anyone doing what she has done would be in jail facing Felony Charges. No matter
    how much power her Foundation may give her, it won’t be enough. You can bet the elite Democrats are
    trying hard to replace her.

  30. icw says

    What was she doing then as Sec of state? If she was not receiving/sending classified e-mail which is a part of her job, then she was not doing her job. she thinks all Americans are stupid. She should have stayed home and baked cookies then.

  31. Paul Dionne says

    I find it difficult to believe knowing how that family believes they are above the law. She didn’t receive or send classified messages, just as her other half didn’t have sex with Monica!

    If her claims were true, you know she would have turned over the server right when this issue came up, but instead she stalled until the server could be sanitized, as such action is called in organizations who deal with classified information.

    I retired from the military in 1994, and was stationed at the Pentagon, providing direct support to dignitaries operating there. We would wipe EVERY hard drive clean when we returned from the trips supporting the dignitaries. This was done to prevent accidental release of classified information. I’m very versed on the protocols used to prevent classified information to third parties, parties not cleared to see said information. Special software is used to perform this task, completely obliterating ALL information from the drives. I was privy to the same classification of information that she would see, and on a few trips we would travel with our dignitary as well as Sec State.

    During the time when Clinton was Pres, we had one dignitary that we would repeatedly have to take classified info from as he would attempt to read it on commercial flights, where he had uncleared individuals in the seats surrounding him. It seems odd, during the previous administration, the dignitaries were cognizant of the need to protect classified info, but some of the dignitaries under the Clinton administration, could care less about protecting the info from the public.

    In any case the issue here is, if Clinton DID NOT have classified info on her server, what would be the reason she would not have released the info sooner? To allow an agreed number of messages to be released each month, just provides a means to ensure the opportunity to review EVERY message, thereby having additional time to delete the classified info from the machine.




    1. RMCSRET says

      Paul if this is the only means of email and record communications that Hillary had then she would
      have had to have transmitted and received Classified documents. Her job as SecState would
      require that. In the Twenty four years in communications in the Navy I saw enough classified
      material from and too SecState to know this had to happen.

      1. Paul Dionne says

        I agree, so maybe you misread what I wrote. I’m sure there was plenty of class on her machine.

        1. RMCSRET says

          Hey Paul I agree with all you say. Evidently you where with White House Comms?
          Knew of few of those guys in my day. I used to be the one at ComNavTelCom who assigned the Birds in support of travel.
          My main point on all of this is that Hillary and her Crew knew exactly what they
          were doing when the stood up an UnSecure means of Communications. They also knew the types of communications that she was receiving and sending off
          of this server. They also knew that they were in violation of every rule out there
          when the kept this server in a Bathroom in Colorado and then stood up and
          said it was in the house in New York and was under the supervision of the
          Secret Service. There are so many, many lies out of this woman and her
          supporters it makes my head spin.

  32. LibertyBelle says

    Hillary is in violation of the 13th Amendment as authenticated by NH and validated it’s ratification. VA also verified they too ratified it making it law. No person with a title of nobility i.e. lawyers, may hold public office. That would include roughly 98% of DC, plus Governors, Judges etc. From Whitewater to the State Department she has left a trail of corruption as whistleblowers have finally awakened to the evilness perpetrated and embraced by so many who have blatantly betrayed America and humanity. Hillary’s emails are a distraction and the least of her’s and Bill’s evil acts as disclosed by their hired whistleblowers, I.E. Larry Nichols, for one. He exposed his part as their hitman to eliminate the 19 witnesses that were going to testify against them during the Whitewater hearings. America has been catatonic ignoring and even denying the corruption they so willing engage in. The truth shall be told and will set us free!

  33. 83footsailor says

    With this just being the beginning of the check – why is this DUMB BROAD still running for office. ?????

  34. Warrior7Princess says

    i don’t understand why this is only about Hillary. her bossobama, accomplice for the cover up, should have his name attached to this every time Hillary’s name is mentioned. Both should go down together over this.

  35. Gary Von Neida says

    Hello “cattle futures”, Savings and Loan Disaster, Strange deaths surrounding the Clinton’s terms in office–Hubble, Ron Brown, Vincent Foster, “body guards(?)———–the China connections?

  36. Jean Langford M. says

    FELON HOSS…..and yes BOTH….

  37. supergun says

    A person like this seeking the position of the President of the United States of America is scary. What is more scary are the morons who would vote for this thing.

  38. Kenneth Van Antwerp says

    Hilary lies and her husband and BHO swear to it. The perfect lying trio.

  39. jv says

    The thing that worries me is how far down the rabbit hole all of this with government goes. I could not even fit all of what I have seen and heard in a 1000 page book! The sad thing is they can change, alter and delete any email and documents they want. Freedom of information act does not really do anything. They can hide and cover up anything they want. We rely on whistleblowers and connected people more than emails.

  40. MILES E DRAKE says

    Any private citizen who delayed responding to a subpoena until all of the subpoenaed documents were destroyed would already be in custody. This is an open and, to judge by her conduct, impudent admission that she did everything she appears to have done and intends to continue doing it. A day must not go by in which the public is not reminded that she is the candidate of bribery, babykilling and Benghazi. The Congress must be prepared to impeach her for her past conduct as Foreign Commissar of the puppet government (we might as well use the Soviet terms, as that is what the regime is bringing back). If she can still get herself elected with Chicom and Soros billions and millions of illegal alien votes, she will be as illegitimate as Baby Doc Duvalier or her master’s new BFF Raul Castro, and the people will have both the right and the duty to resist her rule.

  41. Bob Stewart says

    Wiping the server clean is a crime in itself. Wiping the server clean after news that the server contained classified information is obstruction of justice. Mrs. Clinton should be prosecuted like any other criminal. This whole situation is exactly what is wrong with our country. If you are politically connected, you can avoid following the law like everyone else. This government is corrupt and the Clintons are the poster children.

  42. Dudley DoRight. says

    HITLER-ee for prison 2016.

  43. Robert Trusty says

    We all know she will never go to jail because of their double standards and that isn’t right.

  44. George Cahonna says

    The Emails Hitlery sent will come back to haunt her, if she gets to the White House. She must not get to the White House.

  45. Debbie says

    She did it to cover people in high places rear end. She will go down with her mouth shut. and The President will pardon her on his way out.

  46. Bob Barton says

    And i get admonished for having squash in a milk crate.

  47. champion2211 says

    If anyone believes the kaka that she spits out then you are for her. If not Trump is the obvious choice. He will stand up for us all and do all he can to bring this country and you back to the greatness it once was. That will take time, a lot of time but with Trump he works pretty fast as he isn’t a politician but a businessman that knows what he is doing. Even if he raises taxes to help pay off the huge deficit Obama has put us all in. Change and bring back God into our society again, remove the illegal immigrants and families back to Mexico from hence they came from. I could go on almost forever but for Trump without help from other Americans maybe all is lost. We all have to work together. For those that choose Hillary or the Democrat that they choose all will be lost as she thinks the same as Obama her mentor. She must think he is some sort of god but just a traitor that has been amongst us all and ruining our wonderful country. All that he has done along with Clinton needs to be eliminated. That is just one of the many things to help right our ship again. Just do your part in helping us all do the rest.

  48. TAM44 says

    The only way to appease the true American loving citizens is to put killery clinton in prison, she a liar and should never even be allow any where close to the white house again. America wants justice as we’ve seen what breaking the laws means to the democrat, zero. Just look at obama who breaks our laws and everything is alright with the democrats and rino’s, they are not speaking for us but against us.

  49. Roger Short says

    There are quite a few idiots out there, who sometimes like to show their lack of intelligence by disagreeing with me. The question that I have for all of you is this. Is there anyone out there who is dumb enough to actually believe what Hillary says?! I’d be curious to know!

  50. Gerry Costa says

    The only thing we need to be reassured of is that killery will be in prison by the end of 2015 !!!!!!

  51. peteserb says

    Much of the information would not be classified pending further review, However the secretary of state is thoroughly breifed on the classification procedure. If she was so stupid? Why did she have the server wiped clean by professionals?

  52. jreg9304 says

    Clinton and quite a gaggle of democrats and republicans are a very large hernia that needs too be operated on now not later… the damage has been done too the point of no return.. if one individual was America and you were this one person, how would you care for this problem???

  53. jreg9304 says

    now you are 100 percent correct..

  54. joespenthouse says

    She was acting as though she was missed, let me tell you something your the last thing America needs, we no your agenda is no more different then those of the fraud and phony Kenyan born obama, the only noticeable difference is, you are white, other then that we know you have plans to continue the destruction of this great country of ours.

  55. RufusVonDufus says

    The Clintons believe they can explain away the fact that Hillary had Chelsea and Bill shoots blanks. They think if you simply say it isn’t so then it isn’t so in their case and the brain dead fall for it. The definition of brain dead is “Clinton supporter.”

  56. Texas Belle says

    The question that hasn’t been answered is: If you didn’t receive or send classified e-mails where in the heck did you get classified material? It had to be somewhere. Why aren’t reporters asking that question?

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