CNN Anchor Praises Dallas Shooter’s Courage


Have they finally jumped the shark? The mainstream media has presided over an assault on America’s law enforcement community for almost a year, and CNN has been amongst the loudest voices. But even considering this pattern, viewers were shocked on Saturday when anchor Fredricka Whitfield had the temerity to praise the man who shot at Dallas Police.

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters,” said Whitfield in a discussion with a visiting legal analyst. Whitfield said this before wondering if suspect James Boulware had outside help, but there’s nothing to explain why she thought he was deserving of this praise.

After being called out by a legion of offended viewers, Whitfield offered a half-apology the next day. “Yesterday, during a segment on the Dallas Police Department attack, I used the words ‘courageous’ and ‘brave’ when discussing the gunman. I misspoke,” Whitfield said. “I in no way believe the gunman was courageous nor brave.”

But that “apology” leaves many to wonder what she really meant. How does one accidentally call someone courageous and brave if that’s not what they really meant? Whitfield’s real mistake was to assume that she could say something so outrageous without running into a backlash.

That mistake is much more understandable. CNN and the other left-leaning news outlets have made hundreds of shocking statements about police since Ferguson. Very few of them have inspired any backlash at all, unless you happen to frequent media watchdog sites. They are ignored by the mainstream, ignored by executives, and passed along. After all, the decision to call the Dallas shooter “courageous” fits right in with their narrative. They certainly believe that of Michael Brown.

Whitfield should actually be celebrated. Let’s pull back the curtain. Let’s see what these liberals actually think. That’s the beauty of “mistakes” like this. We get a glimpse behind the scenes. We get to hear what they really believe. If they brought this kind of candor to their newscasts more often, the American public would recognize them for what they are: a collection of liberal radicals who want to inspire a full-scale revolt against the system. Tell people that they are being violently “oppressed” enough times and they’ll begin to believe it. Instead of looking for ways to improve their own lives, they’ll look for ways to change the country.

And change it they will. The more violence there is, the more excuses the government will have to come in and take over. We tried freedom, they’ll say, and this is where it got us. Now we’re going to try something else. This is how democracy dies, and people like Whitfield are complicit in its murder.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    Proof positive that the term, “shit-for-brains” still exists and the best way you’ll be able to see that she’s just another radical, doing it Soros’ way…

    1. Krazeehors says

      Amen, Michael!!!

  2. Andrew Owens says

    She needs to be fired for her comments.

    1. Al says

      Anti police? Chee.. She’s a fool.

    2. LadyGreenEyes says

      The problem is deeper than one talking head. The ones that control the media (and there are a very FEW who control so MUCH), are of a mindset that would praise what she said, because it fits their agenda. When the emperor can destroy lives, not a lot are willing to speak out about his clothes.

  3. standforfreedom says

    Typical for the Clown News Network!

  4. Earn nest says

    I’m often hearing the term cowardly act to describe truly brave acts.

  5. peter says

    She’s the CNN anchor. They should put an anchor on her and drop her to the bottom of the ocean where she belongs because CNN isn’t going to do anything to her. That would ruin CNN’s non reputation.

  6. abobinmn says

    Fire the stupid clam!

    1. Jarhead says

      Please stop insulting clams….they are much smarter than this fruitcake.

  7. Standandfight says

    That is exactly why our country is in the shape it in.

  8. BOONE says

    As long as these dim-witted liberals have jobs that they are not qualified to have, (reporting, teaching, etc.) we will have to be faced with their dumb ass remarks. Look at what our children are becoming.

    1. sparkysr15108 says

      What else would you expect from a low life, like ted turner owned corp.????

  9. S Boles says

    I hope the next time this mulch for brains needs some help she calls a crook, because the police will be busy protecting those that deserve it.

    1. Al says

      Right. Black people are police officers too. Stupid woman.

  10. MILES E DRAKE says

    This should help to remove all doubt that there is another communist revolution well underway in this country, as close to our national jugular as 1968 only this time more likely to be effective because the communists have the media and the government on their side. After Richard Nixon stopped the last Leninist surge in 1970, they reorganized and went underground, taking control of the academy and the media and accomplishing in a Kenyan village and a Wellesley dormitory some significant recruiting success. We are in all likelihood going to have to fight them in the streets and on the beaches; every free American citizen who does not want to be a Mexamericubazuelan subject had better give some thought now to emigration or resistance if and when the need arises.

    1. Krazeehors says



      I LOVE IT!!!

    2. peanut butter says

      Mexamericubazuelan. That’s a good one! LOL
      It would have taken me all day to come up with that one!

    3. Mark Lahti says

      If and when the need arises. I am armed and ready. I’d say more but you know how it is with the watch everything they say group. Just let it be known that there are a lot more of us out here than they think. A lot more with more brains than me as they choose to keep their mouths shut until it’s time to answer the call.

  11. S Boles says

    The reporter is real cute, but I bet if you held a light behind her head, you could see her eyes glow. The process was once called “Candeling”



  13. RobertNorwood says

    Terrifically bad choice of words. I suspect someone like her says something like that because they have no real world experience with the subject. It just goes to show how far out from reality these people are.

  14. John Wilson says

    Clearly said what she said, trying to candy coat it makes it worse. We as a nation of law abiding citizens should not tolerate any such ravings to honor law breakers who assault our first line of defense the police. God bless Police Officers and God Bless America.

    1. Krazeehors says

      Amen. Perhaps she knows the woman who masqueraded as black for years before being found out and was forced to resign because of her fraud.

      Apparently, lies, lies and more lies are now acceptable in this country.

    2. Old goat says

      I support the police. I would hate to live in a society without our police. However! They are not my first line of defense and they should not be yours.

      1. fred says

        To be honest neither have i for about 8 years! i got out of some investments in ’07 and never looked at MSM news since! 100% Bullcrap, all of it!

      2. delbert balling says

        You got that right!

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Well said! Watch out for those muSLIME goat “lovers”

        1. Jack says

          YOUR last two(2) words,,Makes me wonder if,Obama has accepted the two(2) goats,he has been offered for his sixteen(16) year old daughter ??

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            The PMIC is a professional goat humper….and those 2 girls aren’t really HIS daughters. He’s a fag, and so is his husband mooseshell!

          2. Jack says

            We obviously are in TOTAL AGREEMENT..

          3. Mark Clemens says

            If she’s not a virgin, does that mean she depreciated to one goat?

          4. Jack says

            Your wording(s),make it appear WE are on the same”page.”

      4. Laurence Almand says

        Indeed. Read the good book DIAL 911 AND DIE for an analysis of police “protection”. Keep in mind that law enforcement agencies have no duty to protect individuals as such. They operate AFTER the crime has been committed, not before – i.e. after you are dead.

    3. jim_wright says

      Stop watching CNN. They do not report honestly and they have been in the bag for the Democrats for years.

      1. Joe T says

        Ghostwriter communique’
        parallel time 19:01
        Input Info

        The pursuit of eventful truthful is paramount and will
        prevail the United States of America sans BS.

        In retrospect:The father of “lies” Barry Soetoro
        aka Barack Hussein Obama aka the black POTUS has damaged the integrity and
        stability of the USA specifically by his words and actions 24/7 deleteriously
        and egregiously to a fault, sans cause.

        Fox News is the most trusted national news channel. And

        The Washington Post Mar 9, 2015 – Fox News Channel beats out
        CNN for America’s most trusted cable or broadcast news coverage, and MSNBC lags
        far behind, even among …

        Fox News most trusted? Sort of –…/fox-news-...

        Politico Mar 9, 2015 – A Quinnipiac University poll released
        Monday states that Fox News is the most trusted television news network in the
        United States, which …

        Poll: Fox News most trusted network – Nick Gass – POLITICO…/fox-news-…...

        Politico Mar 9, 2015 – Fox News has the most trusted network
        and cable news coverage in the United States, according to a new Quinnipiac
        University poll released …

        Poll: Fox News most trusted news source for ‘accurate ……/poll-fox-news-……

        The Week Fox News: Fair and Balanced — and, according to a
        new survey, the most trusted news source around. Tucked inside a big Brookings
        survey on immigration are …

        Fox News Has Most Trusted Cove – Quinnipiac University……...

        Quinnipiac University Mar 9, 2015 – March 9, 2015 – Fox News
        Has Most Trusted Coverage, Or Not, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds;
        Tina Fey, Dennis Miller Top Choices …

        Here’s the Real Reason Fox Is More Trusted than Any Other…/heres-the…...

        Mediaite Mar 11, 2015 – Here’s the Real Reason Fox Is More
        Trusted than Any Other News … ET: Fox is now running promos touting the
        “most-trusted” study findings: …

        Fox News is the most trusted news network: poll | New York…/fox-news-is-the……

        New York Post

        Mar 9, 2015 – Fox News is the most trusted national TV news
        network, a poll released Monday found. Quinnipiac University asked 1286
        registered voters …

        The most trusted name in news is … Fox? « Hot Air

  15. jim marcum says

    They hire news people for the quality of their beaver shots not their education

  16. jk9267 says

    How about driving her crazy like the gang stalkers do to people they put on a list?

    1. Jarhead says

      She is already CRAZY……or drug addled.

  17. fred says

    If this horrible sub-human was given justice, she would NOT have a job at all, BOYCOTT CNN now! Too bad she wasn’t in the line of fire when this shooting went down!

    1. jeannemartin says

      I wonder if she were in the line of fire when the shooting went down would she still call the shooters brave and courageous or would she just run for cover??!

      1. fred says

        we can only hope that darwin would be right and she would catch some lead!

    2. Old goat says

      Are you kidding? I never watch CNN nor any of the other non-news networks.

      1. fred says

        To be honest neither have i for about 8 years! i got out of some investments in ’07 and never looked at MSM news since! 100% Bullcrap, all of it!

  18. juneausr says

    They are so busy hiring the pretty people they forgot to test for intelligence.

    1. Jarhead says

      OR common sense or civility.

      1. Krazeehors says

        Or the presence of gray matter in her head.

  19. Dennis Derstine says

    I don’t think it could have been said any better. (Reply to Michael.)

  20. Shauna says

    CNN should fire her, if not, then I hope every police officer puts her on the “DO NOT HELP” list. She is a dumb TWIT! She is nothing more then liberal trash/scum……

  21. gepops58 says

    More dumb ass remarks from overpaid liberal idiots plus you just cannot fix stupid!

  22. Cindy Poling Hannon says

    Her father was black. Sooooo she can’t think without putting a racial spin on it. Sad, why can’t people see beyond race. I had to read a bio to find out her background and happened to see her fathers race.

    1. Susan Agati says

      Race has no part in praising shooting of police officers. We do have some bad ass cops, but on the whole they put their life on the line daily. She almost, as the one in Delaware, justifies wrong doing.

  23. don76550 says

    If a shooter walked into CNN and blew away a bunch of those left wing lying propagandists, should be praise the shooter for his courage! After all that wouldn’t amount to much more than flushing a toilet.

  24. WhiteFalcon says

    She illustrates the height of the Communist News Network’s intelligence. She is the standard moron that you see on CNN.

  25. daveveselenak says

    This is a surprise coming from – C – ommunist N – ews N – etwork, hardly? There will be no headway made against this communist regime and their State-run, fifth column media unless they are identified as who they really are as I have just done! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  26. Butch Miller says

    Let’s continue to praise evil and condemn good.. Have all of these liberals totally lost their minds or their sense between good and evil…!!! All it takes for evil to win is for good men and women to stand by silently and allow it to happen…!!!

  27. Gene says

    Misspoke = I am a left winger liar and spew any idiotic thing that cross my disturbed mind. Oh, and I hate white people, guns, American history and the Constitution.

  28. B. Zerker says

    The shooter ‘… courageous and brave…’? More like suicidal! As for Whitfield, stupid comes to mind.

  29. joevet says

    In her haste to be fully “PC,” she has exposed the ridiculous nature of the Left’s philosophy. It is pure madness. What kind of mental midget falls for this type of dogma???

  30. Ira Radnick says

    Unbelievable. I never thought anyone could be as stupid as this chick. Does she still work for CNN? Perhaps she ought to take at run at politics as a career. She sounds qualified, at least to be a perpetually losing candidate. Reminds me of the excuse for a mayor of Rochester, NY, the other week stating that we ought to have our own demonstrations following the Ferguson riot. Or the other excuse for a mayor of Baltimore suggesting their police force ought to give their rioters some room to destroy a few things.

    1. danny kimbrel says

      just goes to show just how ignorant the mayors really are, calling for violence when it is not what is needed, what they should have called for is volunteer firearm owners to come to the cities rescue and put the lawless scumbags down for the count !

  31. MAHB001 says

    In other words, “I in no way said anything that was not politically correct.”

  32. Girlie58 says

    Not surprising! The fact that she is black and works for the racist network CNN! Has anyone ever seen anderson cooper interview a conservative? Absolutely no respect. Don’t nean to get away from the topic. Just saying, the mentality is all the same at cnn, abc, cbs, and msnbc. Their minds are in the gutter.

  33. Gray_Doug says

    There is no misspeaking here. Praising lawlessness on the air is a deliberate act, especially when it’s before you in hard copy and on a teleprompter. I worked in broadcasting. I looked at the copy before reading it. This young lady had every chance to raise opposition to the copy before opening her mouth on national television. No. She was lock, stock, and barrel in what she said.

    If media and journalism become Pravda, they’ve sold their soul, their values and morality, their American allegiance, their duty to the “whole” truth, their impartiality to the facts, their duty to protect the Constitution, and their name to a new master. They no longer defend the nation when they jump in bed with the enemy of freedom and liberty.

  34. Archie Cogollos says

    Wow!!!!…they crucified Williams…What will happen to her…???????..She’s a new kind of stupid…Espn girl..not a woman…a girl shoots her rude mouth off…and she disappears…… news on this Bimbos ill conceived remarks…what did the Mayor, Police Commisioner or Governor have to say…????

  35. Observant_One says

    CNN’s form of their special stupidity. She is not to be trusted with a mop.

  36. jyrine says

    Only a Liberal would say something that stupid.

  37. J_R_K says

    So why do we keep hearing about how unfair America is to women?

    The proof is in … even extraordinarily stupid women can hit the big time and make a great living in American…. as long as they’re not junk yard dog unattractive..

  38. Wilbert Jennings says

    She said what she said and probably meant it so why dose she still have a job? A cop doing his job was forced to retire but she keeps hers. Sounds racist to me.

  39. Robert Morrow says

    Personally I have not believed any New Medial in 60 years as they are all totally corrupted and never tell the truth and total distort the news just for ratings or their personal agenda. This idiot should of been fired on the spot, but that will not happen as she fits right in to their thinking of left wing idiots and Rhinos.

  40. jakex_iii says

    wonder how she would feel if the shooter fired upon her house. Bet she would be on 911 like SOS.

  41. ed28 says

    Fire her sorry affirmative action, ignorant ass.

  42. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    I can understand why she is called a CNN anchor, she is as intelligent as a boat anchor!

    1. MAHB001 says

      Why did you have to insult boat anchors?

  43. wapitihunter says

    There is a mistake here. Left wing media has been making false statements since the first Clinton campaign not since Ferguson. Look at the Obeyme campaign.

  44. Joseph L. Light says

    If ever the time comes that she has a problem and needs the help of the police; get there about two hours late. Poor sick idiots..

  45. G.Mann says

    I make the suggestion that police should consider simply walking off their job. Don’t support us, we don’t wish to work here.. goodbye.. Defend yourself.
    Mayor of Baltimore,, want to turn loose the rioters with free reign, then prosecute the police… goodbye.. Defend yourselves.
    Nothing presses a point home more quickly to a liberal than a violent personal attack from a street thug.. The conversion from “anti gun” to “Gotta have one to defend myself right now” is nearly instant.
    What would they do if ALL the police simply walked away? Reality is a harsh mistress.

    1. Alan404 says

      Interesting point you make, however remember this. Not so terribly many years ago, the people used to act in their own defense. I suspect that push coming to shove, they could do it again, or at least some could.

  46. Alan404 says

    While law enforcement is less than perfect, did you ever note the manifold imperfections of media?? If not, why? Otherwise, who is it that continues to wind and rewind these talking heads, or are they, like wristwatches of yore, self winding?

  47. Miss Mellie says

    She did NOT misspeak. She is a liar.

    1. peanut butter says

      It’s just her mindset. She believes it to be the truth.

      1. Miss Mellie says

        No. She’s a liar. If someone will lie to you; they’ll steal from you. Blacks do that routinely.
        My grandmother’s cook routinely stole from her: cans of Cristo; 5 lbs. sugar, etc. It’s born in them.

        1. tcurry says

          You sully the term conservative.Your grandmother’s cook is an American not a Black. You like your grandmother are probably paranoid. I am a conservative and if you were in my family I would disown you.

          1. Miss Mellie says

            Your opinion of me is of NO consequence to me. You are “eat up” with political correctness.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Never mind the faceless few Miss Millie. They have not courage nor manners. I can read your courage and your delicate manners. Keep on with the good fight dear.

          3. Miss Mellie says

            Really? WOW!

  48. Ddenney1 says

    Courageous and brave was her misspeaking???? Does that mean she actually did NOT know the meanings of the words??? I think it was in deed an accident!!! She accidentally told her true feelings so from now on there is no way you can say she is unbiased or a journalist but a propagandist!! I do not mind her opinion no matter how STUPID it is I mind her thinking she is a fair reporter!!!

  49. peanut butter says

    I don’t think the government will ever be coming in to take us over. There are too many people who still believe in the Constitution and they are ready to defend the freedoms that it gives us.

    1. Frank Andrews says

      I LIKE Peanut Butter

      1. peanut butter says

        Thanks, Frank.

    2. Mark Lahti says

      You just go ahead and keep on believing that stuff PB. When the SHTF and we have to step I pray that all those “too many people who still believe” are there and ready to step up.

      1. peanut butter says

        Liberty or Death, my friend, Liberty or Death. How about you?

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Exactly right. Liberty or death. I will not live in a society where I am not free to be all that God has intended me to be. Tyranny will not succeed here in this country as long as enough patriots stand up and are counted in the revolt against such tyranny.

    3. Roger Short says

      I think that it is just a matter of time until all HELL breaks loose in this country! The signs of it are very clear, and when you have an EVIL man like Obama, along with his cronies and the crooked politicians encouraging it, is is going to happen! The big question that I have then is, what will the police and the military do when it all comes down. Will they go along with Obama and the communists, or will they take a stand for true justice?! It’s a scary thought!

      1. peanut butter says

        I hope they ALL keep their oaths, but I’m sure many of them will accept whatever they have been indoctrinated with. But Oathkeepers are everywhere. And I KNOW every Southern boy with a gun is ready to at least fight for his life and his family, and most of them for the defense of the country as we knew it.

  50. QuanellEleven says

    Yet another hairhat PT1000 demonstrating the sensitivity and knowledge of the average negro.

  51. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    The Dallas shooter had courage. I wouldn’t praise it, but he had courage. America seems to be falling apart at the seems, while we can only go down from here as long as we ignore God, so where will we go from here, another rebellion? Already the NSA is gearing up for a fight at home with assault weapons, heavy machine guns and armored vehicles & to spare but if huge numbers rebel there will not be half enough of the NSA to stop this much less protect everyone! Let thospe who know God weep and pray between the alter and the door posts, pray for our nations salvation, before it is too late to save even a shred of our former freedoms.

  52. scott says

    get rid of the nigg-rs and 90% of the crime rate dissapears

    1. Joe T says

      Why would a person (black or white) work for a $1000 per month at Walmart per se’….
      when they can sell drugs (illegal) for a $1000 per day…………
      suppose the drugs (illegal) were made legal….a lot of people (albeit unfortunately) would cease to exist …………from overdosing/crime etcetera………..separating the chaff from the grain……..?????
      Tough love for sure…………..but sanity must prevail regarding the drug selling business $$$$$$$

  53. delbert balling says

    How can someone so beautiful be so stupid?

    1. Joe T says

      Delbert…………… is only skin deep……an old axiom…..her thoughts spoken proved it.
      best regards, Joe T

  54. Michael Skaggs says

    “Misspoke” is liberal talk for, “I still believe what I said. I just wish I had said it differently.”

    1. K J Van Kirk says

      You are mistaken. It’s lib-speak for, “I still believe what I said. And I said what I believe.”

  55. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Does anybody still watch this libTURD infested cesspool? I would bet that vapid slut drives a Prius with a “Co-Exist” sticker on the back. Why aren’t those printed in Farsi??

  56. Steve Crawford says

    What she said was right, the Dallas shooter had courage to take on the Dallas police, but he was ignorant, and yes he was brave but stupid to be a one man assault. Luckily no police officers or citizens were harmed. J Bowlware will not receive any awards for his courage or bravery, he received death.

  57. David Gearhart says

    She did not miss speak, the message from Obama his DOJ and the liberals is that the police are racist thugs who need to be shot.Their chants are quite clear as to who the bad guys are.

  58. larry says

    If only she were as intelligent and as patriotic as she is attractive! And IF the Communist News Network actually fed her those words on a teleprompter, someone needs to lose their job!!

  59. danny kimbrel says

    Maybe some ” brave and courageous” nut job should go to Communist News Network and throw some lead her way then watch her cry like an infant child !

  60. Sean Rickmin says

    Only from a liberal,she probably voted democrat.THANKS A WHOLE HELL OF A”BUNCH”FOR YOUR PART IN HELPING DESTROY AMERICA!!!

  61. Evidence8 says

    It’s awfully easy to see through the political leanings of the powerful owners of CNN, by their inaction in dealing with the First Class Moron. She made the stereotypical “Freudian Slip,” revealing her true feelings about this news event, and ONLY after the critical response begins, does she want to recant. She deserves far more than Brian Williams, who simply wanted to inject some level of intrigue and recognition into his own personna, instead of sullying an entire LEO Profession, coupled with encouragement of Criminal Activity at the level of a Terrorist Attack. Shame on this talking head, but MUCH MORE shame should be assigned to her handlers! They are simply not to be considered among American Patriots, anymore.

  62. dane says

    Fredricka Whitfield how would feel if he shot at you? You are a shithead to shoot at anyone who is not trying to hurt you ! Get your head out of Obama’s ass!

  63. Laurence Almand says

    The police are the people who protect dumbells like her from criminals, and she says a thing like that?
    Well, let’s see what she says when people shoot at HER house, or engage in a home invasion. When she calls the police for help, they should ignore her.

  64. Paul454 says

    She’s a typical liberal jackass without any sense of morality nor the Republic that was formed with morality as a baseline. The Communist News Network is irrelevant and has been for more than a decade. The lopsided liberal mentality is more annoying than it is challenging and usually offers NOTHING constructive for the population at large, save that which it emulates from Fox News! If I were a cop, I’d be tempted to back hand the idiot across the room! Just sayin…

  65. JIM says


  66. Edward J Baker says

    Whenever a lefty states a bald-faced lie, they take cowardly refuge in claiming they “misspoke.”

  67. Dolores Wieland says

    Should have been fired on the spot. No one misspeaks such negativity It was purposeful

  68. Wapitiman says

    One more reason I don’t watch CNN !

  69. Roger Short says

    I’m sure that she thinks that she is so pretty, and that her liberal shxt doesn’t stink, that she can say whatever she wishes! You ask, what did she really mean?! She meant what she said in the first place! What needs to happen to people like this stupid bixch, is for her to be robbed at gunpoint by some low life azzhole, and have her life threatened! Then have a white police officer come to the rescue, and shoot and kill the worthless piece of human crap that was threatening her, and then let’s see what she has to say about that!

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